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seduced by a work colleague.

One Friday evening, after a busy day at work, Hilary and I were chatting in the staffroom ... turns sucking my cock, and then the dildo. By this time I was beyond caring, and when ... and into my mouth, and she continued to work it in and out. me sucking away, as ... ... Continue»
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The Work Colleague (Part 2 - Her P.O.V.)

The same storyline/situation as 'The Work Colleague', but from her perspective this time. Feel free to read them side-by-side!

I was still pretty new to the place, but I'd been there long enough to know that there was a cute guy working in the office adjacent to mine. I'd caught the odd glimpse of him through the window, and I thought I'd seen him looking at me too but couldn't be sure. From where I was he seemed like a fairly handsome guy, about 6ft tall and slim, not overly muscular or anything. But now I was about to see him close up for the first time and actually started to feel the butterflies as I approached the door and entered the office he worked in. I'd been asked to give him some paperwork and thus gave me us a first real opportunity to connect. As it happened, it was all too brief, and we didn't really talk much - he thanked me and smiled at me and I saw that he had kind eyes, which made me smile back at him warmly. I noticed that he smelled really nice also, a mixture of some sort of fruity aftershave and a fresh just-had-a-shower smell, which is always a bonus. As I walked away I could feel his eyes watching me the whole time, and I liked it.

After a couple of weeks of random encounters I happened to bump into him in the car park - not literally, that would have to wait a while - as he was unlocking his bike. I started to approach him whilst he was bent over and saw that he had firm, toned thighs and a cute ass that I wanted to pinch. He'd seen me walk over and I decided to take the bull by the horns and start a conversation with him, as the bicycle had given us some common ground on which to do so. I explained that I regularly rode at weekends (with innuendo abound of course) and that I was happy for him to join me if he wanted to. He was more than willing to accept my invitation, and we made our arrangements there and then before I watched him ride away. I took a lingering look at his thighs once more and imagined to myself what they would be like to hold. By the time I'd got into my car I felt a trickle of moisture slowly working its way out of my pussy, and I ended up driving just a little bit faster than usual, as I planned on having a play with myself and relieving my frustration one I'd gotten home.

I knew I had a good body, I mean, I wasn't stupid. But I wasn't one of those people who normally went out my way to highlight the fact. Most of my clothes were fairly conservative, but if I wanted to wear tighter jeans to make my ass look better and curvier, or low-cut tops to emphasize my breasts, then I would do. Today was looking like being a beautiful spring day and I was, after all, going to riding a bike so I figured a pair of shorts would do the job. I did a lot of dancing and cycling and I just knew he'd enjoy looking at my smooth legs and pert ass, even more than he'd done with the odd glimpse at work before now. I'd put on my favourite lacy panties, too, and pulled them up slightly so that he'd see them peeping over my red shorts, with any luck.

I got there before him, which was understandable considering I'd invited him to an area that was closer to where I lived than he. I only had to wait about 10 minutes, though, before he arrived. He too was wearing shorts, which I was happy about as I got to see his lovely thighs again. He had a T-shirt on also, which looked good on him as although he didn't have rippling muscles or anything, like I'd said before, it only served to accentuate his torso and arms nevertheless. We chatted for a while and I told him I'd lead the way as I knew some nice country lanes and paths that we could navigate. I also knew that there would be very few people, if any, about at this time in the morning which would leave certain areas all to ourselves, although I didn't mention this last part to him.

As we rode, he stayed by my side most of the time unless the paths got too narrow, in which case he would follow me closely. I knew I was giving him a major eyeful of my ass and lower back, and once again I was relishing the effect it was probably having on him. After a while I led him into a small area that was surrounded by trees on three sides, with the open side leading into a field and exposed to the sun. It was a place I'd come to many times as a young girl and throughout my teens, sometimes with friends but sometimes just because I wanted to be alone and appreciate the tranquility of the setting. We both got off our bikes and laid them to rest, whilst I laid a blanket down for us both to sit down and have drinks.

We talked for a while about various things, and he seemed to take an interest in the fact that I was a part-time dancer. I'd told him how I'd taken up dancing as a somewhat outlandish dare to myself to help conquer my shyness. It had certainly helped, I can't deny that, and so much so that I decided that I wanted to make the first real move in our new friendship. He'd just made a rather forward comment that complimented my physique, which I was keen to show my appreciation for, so I made out that I was leaning over for a drink from his water bottle but instead moved in for a kiss. I could tell he was initially surprised by my actions as for the first couple of seconds he didn't really react, but his surprise quickly turned into desire and he began to kiss me tenderly, using one of his hands to push my hair back behind my ear. At this point I was still on all fours, but he gradually fell back onto the blanket as I lied on top of him and we continued to kiss hungrily. I could feel his hard cock pressed against my crotch as I moved my legs either side of his as if to straddle, and I was certainly enjoying the feeling of it. I didn't stay in that position long before he was rolling me over onto my back so that he was now on top. I ran my fingers through his hair and worked them down via his shoulders onto his waist, where I started to pull up his T-shirt. He leant back slightly so that I could pull the T-shirt all the way over his head, and threw it to the side of us, whilst I admired his broad chest and smooth arms. I gently stroked the light hair on his chest and then clasped his waist, pulling him in for another passionate kiss. I then found his hand with mine and moved it up towards the bottom of my short sleeveless shirt, which he eagerly started to unbutton. I leant forward slightly so that he could pull my top off, and he brushed my hair behind my neck so that he could see my perky young breasts in all their glory. He then started to lick and suck my nipples, which were hardening by the second, as I fell back slowly towards the ground, all the time clutching his head. He worked on them for a good few minutes, every now and then moving back up to kiss me again. Oh, this was the wonderful life, and we'd only just got started.

I think he could've sucked on my titties for some while yet, and I certainly wouldn't have complained if he had done, but he decided that he wanted to work his way down my slender body instead, kissing my waist and then started to pull gently at my shorts. I instinctively arched my body slightly to help him pull them all the way off as he admired my curves and soft skin. I was loving the way he was controlling things at the moment, and only too happy to succumb to his every need. He then took my shoes off and sucked gently on my big toe for a few seconds - quite why this is such an erogenous zone I have no idea, but it was definitely something I was pleased he was doing, I know that much! He then started to kiss my newly-exposed upper thighs and didn't wait too much longer before bringing my panties off all the way also. He took a few seconds to just admire the view that I was presenting him with, before moving in to lick me out. And oh, how he licked me. You'd think he hadn't eaten for a month the way he licked and tongued and nuzzled whilst all the time spreading my wet juices around for maximium lubrication. He moved his mouth back up towards mine, eager to share my wetness with me, and we again kissed with hungry tongues. I was starting to crave his cock by now, so ran my hands into the back of his shorts and started to pull them off. My hands were now on his ass and I couldn't believe what a cute ass it was. I knew already that it had looked good when he had his shorts on, but feeling it for myself took me by surprise a little. Not only was it firm and smooth, but also had a wonderful squidginess about it that made you want to knead and caress it, which I did for a good minute. He had gradually worked his shorts all the way off while I was doing this, and he rolled onto his back so I could now take over.

I kissed his chest and waist lightly before working my way down to his cock, which I got hold of with my right hand. It was probably just over 6 inches long, but a lot thicker than average and very hard indeed. I was absolutely desperate to get this piece of rock solid meat inside me, but first I wanted to make sure I returned the oral favour he had given me, so I started to lick his glistening helmet and then with long, deliberate strokes I took more and more of his length inside my hungry mouth. He let out some soft moans whilst I proceeded to work on his member, looking up at him now and again with wide puppy-dog eyes. I figured that it was now time to get to the main course, and moved myself up into the straddling position before easing my way onto his hard shaft. I had really been looking forward to this moment and it was certainly exceeding my expectations at this point. My pussy walls were immediately stretched by his thickness, and I gently took more and more of his length inside me before starting to move up and down on it, gradually increasing my pace. I pushed myself into a more upright position, consciously pushing my breasts out a little more to maximise their perkiness. He then put each of his hands on my bottom and pulled me in slightly closer so that my boobs were bouncing closer and closer to his face. I felt his tongue flick at my nipples as they did so, so desperate was he to get a taste. I instinctively started to ride him a little harder, but then I sensed we were perhaps going at it a little too aggressively as he moved to flip me over onto my back and slowed things down a little. He probably hadn't fucked a pussy as tight as mine before and didn't want to cum too soon or anything, so I appreciated where he was coming from, so to speak.

Now he was on top of me, and we kissed passionately for a short while, before he started to rock his hips and sank his cock inside me once again. I brought my legs up and wrapped them around his, and put my hands onto his ass cheeks so I could feel them clenching and unclenching as he thrusted. I knew I was close now, and sure enough within a few more thrusts I came for the first time. As I did so, I dug my fingernails into his ass and he let out a moan, which was probably half pain/half pleasure but I'm sure he wasn't complaining! For me though, it was all pleasure, and my pussy convulsed with orgasm as the feeling spread throughout my body. As this was happening, he briefly paused with his rocking of hips, and instead focussed on kissing me tenderly whilst I enjoyed the moment. Fuck me, this guy really was turning out to be my dream lover!

After my convulsions had subsided, he manouevred me onto all fours so that we could fuck doggystyle. I'd always been happy with my ass, and with the way he nuzzled and caressed my ass cheeks, I knew he was too. Since I'd cum, my juices had flowed out liberally, and he was doing his best to lap them all up before sliding his cock inside me once again. He buried himself to the hilt and started to fuck me at a gentle pace, as I felt his balls bouncing against my upper thighs rhythmically. I turned my head to watch him as he thrusted, and he immediately leant over to meet mouths, all the time drilling me with increasing vigour. I didn't think it would be long at this rate before he came, too and, right on cue, he slowed things down, sliding himself out of my wet pussy and lying back down on the blanket. I took it as a hint that he wanted me to ride him to orgasm instead, and so I eagerly climbed aboard his hard shaft and pushed my boobs out once more, which I knew were driving him wild in their own irresistible way. By now the combination of the sun's rays and our uninhibited lovemaking had caused both of our bodies to have a glistening coat of sweat, and it was just turning us on even more to see each other looking shinier and smoother than ever. He stroked and cupped my boobs as I again started to bounce on his cock. I increased the pace, bouncing faster and faster, whilst he started to thrust his hips in sync in anticipation of our impending orgasms. He pulled me in closer and stared into my eyes as he pumped harder. This was all too much for me and I couldn't hold it in any longer, cumming for a second time and letting out a loud shriek as my pussy juices flowed once more, this time all over his shaft. Within a matter of seconds, it was his turn too, shooting his cum up inside me with frequent bursts as the countryside air absorbed his moans of pleasure. He kept his cock inside my still-sensitive pussy until he'd given me every last drop of his warm cum. As we started to kiss again, I could feel it slowly trickling out of my pussy lips and onto the base of his shaft, but still we held the position, lovingly staring into each other's eyes as if nothing at all was going to spoil this perfect moment.... Continue»
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Seduced by Stranger in Train in presence of Husban

In 2005 the incident happened, when I was travelling from Patna to New Delhi (India) in Shramjivi express. I was going with my husband on LTC to Rajasthan. We were in 1st AC compartment, and alone in the cabin. When the train reached Buxer, one gentleman boarded in the train and came in our cabin. He was a handsome man around 38 yr, 5’9” and a bit like muscular body. I was quite impressed with him. He said hello to my husband and smiled at me and sat on seat. As we were alone, me and my husband were sitting opposite on different seats. He sat near my husband.
After the train again started, my husband and he started some chatting on general topics. We come to know that he is Pradip Sexena, an executive in software company based in Delhi. He started calling me Bhabhi, which I was enjoying. It was around 1:00 pm, when lunch was served to him. We also open our bag and started lunch. We shared vegetable and sweet with him which he happily accepted. After lunch, my husband wanted to have a nap, so he gone to upper birth and slept. Now we two were sitting there. He came just opposite to me and smiled. I also reciprocated.
After 10-15 min of silence, he asked: Bhabhiji, kya ham kuchh bat kare, nahi to bahut boriat ho rahi he.
Mene kaha: ha, kyo nahi… He smiled and become again silent. I think he was not getting what to talk.
I asked: kuchh apne bare me batao.
He said: ab kya batao bhabhi, ye job bahut busy rekhta he. Bahut tour karne padte he. Kabhi yaha kabhi vaha.
Mene puchha: phir to bahut logo se milte honge. kyat um married ho.
He: ha, aur do bête bhi he.
Me: phir tumhari wife ko to bahut intezar karna hota hoga. With this he was surprised as he was not expecting such thing.
He: vo to he..par mujhe bhi to…uski bahut yaad aati he..par kya karu..abhi me karib 15 dino ke bad ghar pahuchunga. do din bad phir jana padega tour par.
Me: vo kya karti he..koi job..
He: ha…vo ek lecturer he..collage me..
Me: phir to busy rehati hogi..He smiled. Then again we did not talk for 5-10 min. I felt that he was staring at my blouse which was peeping out of my pallu. I got a bit excited and thought that I should tease him a bit. Casually, I adjusted my pallu such that my sari rolled on my blouse and both the points in blouse was visible now. I was looking out the window, but looking at him with tilted sight. He was continuously looking at my blouse. I felt he was curious for more. I looked at my husband who was sl**ping on birth over him. Then I got up from the sit and pulled towel from the upper birth. In the process, my pallu was slipped and fall down. He glanced at my boobs, I smiled at him and then adjusted pallu again and sat on my sit.
He: bhabhiji..aap kaha tak ja rahi he…
Me: ham log vaise Rajasthan ja rahe ..LTC par ghumne..
He: oh..bahut achha he…kitne dino ka programme he..
Me: yahi koi 5-7 din.. Then again he become silent for 5 min. Then I got up and moved out and went to toilet for fresh up. I returned after 10 min. By the time Mughal sarai station came. He got down to station. I sat on the seat where my husband was sitting as we had the two seat. When train was to start, he came back and sat near me (on the position same where he was sitting earlier). He looked at my husband, who was just snoring as in fast sl**p. I was sitting with both legs up and with back on window. He was staring me continuously.
He: Ek bat bolu bhabhiji, bura to nahi manogi..
Me: ha ha kaho…
He: aap bahut beautiful ho…(I think he was encouraged with my ealier gestures).
Me: accha…mujhe to pata hi nahi tha…(I smiled)
He: aap bhi na bhabhi..mera mazak bana rahi sach kah raha hu…mene aapke jaise aurat bahut kam he dekhi he.
Me: kyo eisa kya he…jo eisa kah rahe ho..
He: aapki khubsurti…aur aapka ye badan…(he just whispered)
Me: oh…(saying this I adjusted my pallu in such a way was revealing more than hiding).
He: aapke ye…(he my blouse with eyes)..
Me: Dhat…(mujhe sharm aa jati he..aur turn karke window se bahar dekhti hu). He becomes again silent for few minutes. But, I was getting a bit excited with his remarks, but as a woman I could not do anything more. A was feeling a bit dozy, so I closed eyes and tried to spread legs a bit, but tried to keep away from him. He understood and moved a bit away so that I could spread legs. In half spread position, I rolled to one side. My pallu got displaces and my full blouse was in his view. I took it as positive response, and placed his hand on my toe. I did not respond. Slowly he started to massage my toe and come upto ankle. I opened my eyes and looked at him. He removed his hand and looking other side. I again closed my eyes.
He again put his hand on ankle and started messaging there. After 5-10 min, I opened eyes and looked at him again and smiled. He also smiled and continued his act. I spread my legs a bit lower and now touching his thighs. I again seen him, but did not tell anything. Then closed eyes again. Oh, god, his hands were too hot and moving on my toe and ankle in such a way, that I could not explain about what I was feeling. Suddenly, he inserted his hand in my sari and tries to reach to my knees. I opened eyes and shrink my legs. I was feeling shame as he was going in my sari. He stopped it. Then he moved to other seat and started to sl**p. I cursed myself why I did not allowed him as I was also feeling good by his act.
At around 4:00 pm, my husband got up and also woke me up. He was sitting near me. Pradip was still sl**ping on other lower birth. Suddenly chai vala came…and my husband ordered for three cups. I looked at him. But he got Pradip woke up and asked for tea. He smiled and agreed. We three had tea together. I got up and from bag, I took some snakes and offered to Pradip. He readily took some and accidently ya intentionally he touched my hand in the course. I smiled and then offered to my husband.
He: namkeen to bahut tasty he…kya aapne banaye he?
My husband: Ha ji…ye sab to enhone he banaye he…bahut achhi achhi chije banati he.
He: phir to aap bahut lucky ho…bhai sahib…jo etni achhi patni mili eisa khana banati he.
My husband: Ha vo to he…(and he look to me).
Me: aap bhi na…bas eise he tariff karne lagte he…
My husband: kya me galat kah raha hu…(me sharma jati hu aur kuchh nahi kahti).
Tabhi mere husband..uthkar bahar jane lagte he..bathroom me. As he go out of cabin, Pradip suddenly come near me and sit on same seat, and tell me: Bhabhiji..aap to kamal ki ho…har tarah se..
Me: matlab…
He: matlab kya…aap etni khubsurat ho…attractive ho…ye badan he…aur sath me etna achha khane ko…
Me: oh…(smile). Pradip takes plate from hand and started eating..
Me: aapko bahut achha laga ye..
He: ha..aur kya…vaise ek bat kahu…
Me: kya…
He: (just in whisper)..aap bhi bahut namkeen lagti ho.
Me: Dhat..kaise bat karte ho…sharm nahi aati..
He: ek bat puchhu…
Me: Kya..
He: aapne bura to nahi mana..
Me: kis bat ka…
He: vo me kar raha samay…(and he winked).
I got ashamed and did not tell anything. He got a bit courage with this. He suddenly come to me and whispered in my ear: kya me kuchh aur kar sakta hu…
I asked: matlab..kya ..
Bina mere jawab ke intezar kiye..usne ek hath mere blouse par rakh diya aur left boob ko sahla diya..aur sath hi ..mere galo par kis kar diya. Me hadbada gai..aur usko dur kar diya..aur naraj hote huwe boli: ye kya kar rahe ho…sharm nahi aati..aur door bhi khula he…agar vo aa gaye to.. (I think he got the singnal with this that I am also interested).
But..he smiled and told: sorry sorry…ab nahi karunga.. (aur kan pakadne laga). I started laughing on his behavior and the way he felt sorry. Then my husband returned and sat on opposite seat. He also sat near him and they started chatting on general type of issues.
We also ordered for dinner along with him. At 20:30pm or so, Lucknow station came where the train stopped longer. My husband got down to purchase something. Pradip again got some opportunity to seduce me. He just closed the door (not bolted) and came to me. I looked at him with surprise.
He: bhabhiji, mujhe aapko kuchh kahna he…
Me: kya..
He: bhabhi..dekhiye..jab se ham mile he…tabhi se..mujhe kuchh hone laga he..
Me smiled and said: kay hone laga he..
He: me aapse pyar karne laga hu..
Me: achha..etni jaldi…par me to shadi shuda hu…
He: to kya huwa…phir bhi..kya me ek request kar sakta hu…
Me: bolo
Vo mere muh ke ekdam pas aa gaya..aur bola: me aapko kiss karna chahta hu..kya kar lu?
Me: Hey..kaise bat karte ho..aur pahle bhi kar liya tha tumne.
He: pahle to gal par kiya tha..(he placed his finger on my lips)..ab yaha…
I looked at him for some time with some anger..and then turned face towards window (as if I am looking, if somebody is seeing us there). Suddenly he turned my face and kissed very hard on my lips. And also rubbed over my left boob. No body from window can see as the light inside was dim and window glass were tinted. I enjoyed it a lot and wanting more from him. but he stopped and got to his seat. I looked at him with anger and asked: ye kya badtamiji he….
He: bhabhiji..aapko achha nahi laga kya.. I did not tell anything but looked out in window.
Then my husband returned with some chips and cold drinks. He offered the same to Pradip also who took it. Then dinner was served. We three took the dinner and started some gossiping. I was looking for some opportunity to further tease Pradip, as I was feeling very excited with his advances. After some time we close the lights and keep dim light.
At 11:00 pm, my husband wanted to sl**p. He got up and pulled his night dress and went to bathroom to change. I also got up and took water bottle to drink, and so, my pallu again dropped..and my blouse become fully visible to him. He did not want to loose the chance, and got up and caught me in his embrace and hugged me tightly and crushed my boobs on his chest. Then he pulled my mouth and kissed on lips. With hands he was squeezing my hips over sari. I could not do any thing…but to cooperate him. I felt his hardon..on my sari in front. and I was enjoying his act very much. As kissing was going on..i cought his hardon in hand and gave bit rub over the pant. Then we separated as we heard the noise of bathroom door.
This part is going on very long..hence I am stopping it here. The remaining in next part…which will follow very soon.

Seduced by Stranger in Train in presence of Husband. Part – II
This is a seduction story based on a event occurred with my friend Shushila, who is married with one daughter, 34, 36-29-38, fair and very beautiful lady. She was travelling with her husband for LTC to Rajasthan trip. In the same cabin of AC I class, they were accompanied with one handsome man Pradip 38, 5’9” to which shushila was attracted. During the course of travelling together, they get mixed up, and Pradip seduced Shushila and both got involved in foreplay. The further story is as below. The story is narrated by her which I am reproducing as such.
My husband return after changing his dress to night dress (Kurta and pyzama). Pradip and me were sitting on lower birth opposite to each other. My husband gone to upper birth just above my birth to sl**p. I looked at Pradip, who was very happy to see that, now he can do better with me as he got my liberty from my side. I also rolled the bedsheet and made arrangement for my sl**p on lower birth. Pradip was smiling as I looked at him, but I blushed as I was feeling a bit ashamed of what he must be thinking for me.
After 10-15 min, my husband slept and started snoring. I looked at Pradip what he was doing. Oh, my god, what he was doing? He opened his zip of pant and pulled out his manhood which was looking dark colored in dim blue light. It must be around 7” long with reasonable good thickness. I closed my eyes as if I am sl**ping and covered myself with bedsheet. But, I could not close for more time, and again opened to see what he was doing. He was just rubbing his tool and looking at me. As he seen me looking at him, he smiled and raised his tool to show me. I just smiled and again closed eyes. All of a sudden, I felt his hand on my hips. I opened eyes and found him sitting on my birth near my feet. His tool was still hanging in semi-erect position. I felt shivering in my body and feeling excitement between my legs. I started moving his hand on my body over the bedsheet from toe to my hips and pressing here and there. I did not respond.
After doing this for 10-15 min, and getting no movement from my side, he raised bedsheet from my legs and inserted his hand in my sari and started pressing my legs upto knee. He was looking at my face. he continued this and tried to advance above my knees and all of sudden inserted hand upto my panty. I got up and stopped his hand and pointed to my husband. He wishpered that he is sl** not think for him. He removed my hand and started trickling on my panty. I was enjoying his act. Then he removed his hand and caught my face and started kissing me very deep. Oh..what the man was…so good in kissing..inserted his tongue in my mouth and playing with his tongue. His hands were on my back and just rubbing there. I was just like in haven. He moved his hands on blouse and pressed my boobs while kissing continued. I could not believe the scene..a stranger is kissing me just below the birth where my husband was sl**ping.
I also wanted to enjoy it, so I caught his hanging tool which was very hot and hard by that time. Oh god, it was very thick. I do not want to compare with my husband, but still, it was better than him. He tried to open buttons of my blouse, but I stopped him. He whispered..Bhabhi, mujhe tumhare nipples chusne he…please. Mene bhi dhire se kaha . ruko thoda.
I got up from the seat, pulled my nighty from bag which was front buttoned. I asked him to go to his birth. But, he was reluctant. Then I got up, and went to bathroom to change. I removed my sari, paticot, blouse, and then wore the nighty. Then returned with the removed garments and sit on my birth. He already gone to his birth. Seeing me in the dress, he got very excited and come near me and started to kiss again. We were taking care for no noise to be there. I bend slowly on my birth and got in sl**ping position. He came over me and kissing me everywhere on my mouth, eyelids, ears, nose and ….I wanted to moan, but could not.
Then he lowered his face and sucked my boobs over bra and nighty. He opened button of nighty near bra and just lifted the bra. He was liking on my boobs and crushing nipples in teeths. Oh..that was great..feeling. My husband also do that sometimes..but in that situation, the enjoyment was on its peak..but what a unfortunate..i could not enjoy it by moaning. He continued this for about half hour and reached near my naval where he also trickled for 2 min. Then he reached near my panty. and sucked over the panty itself. Actually it was already dripping. I already had on orgasm.
Suddenly, I catched his prick and pulled it. He understood and reversed his position such that we were in 69 position. As he was playing with my pussy, I was with his lund. He removed my panty till knees and just kissing and trickling with his fingers. I was rubbing his lund, kissing, licking his head and also inserting in mouth. Also playing with his balls and hips. I was really in heaven.
Suddenly, we heard movement in upper birth. I afraid that my husband may woke up. But, he just turned other side and again started snoring. Pradip was very good in licking pussy. I got again orgasm and started to push him away. But could not. I f***efully moved his lund in my mouth and after few strokes, he ejaculated in my mouth. After this, we kept laying as such for 5 min and then he got up and kissed me again. I wiped his cum with towel and got up, adjusted nighty and gone to toilet. He followed me. I smiled as I seen him coming behind me. Near reaching toilet (from where nobody can hear us), he told: Bhabhi, me tujhe chodna chahta hu.
Mene kaha: ha Pradip, mera bhi man to bahut kar raha he..par yaha nahi ho sakega..
He: kyo. bathroom me kar sakte he..
Me: Nahi kisi ne hame sath dekh liya to bahut musibat aa jayegi..
He: phir..kaise…ye dekho mera lund tumhari chut me ghusne ko kitna utawala he..(I see his lund was again rock hard). I smile, but could not take any risk as my husband was with us.
Me: tum delhi me kaha rahte ho..
He: Rohini..kyo
Me: Ham log ek din delhi me rukne vale he. Dusre din subah Shatabdi se Jaipur jayenge. Paharganj ke kisi hotel me rukna he. Agar ho sake to vaha milna. Me phone kar dungi agar mauka huwa to…
He: oh, aap to bahut budhiman ho. I love you bhabhi, me jarur aaunga. mera mobile aap note kar lo.
I smile and then he returned to cabin, while I gone in bathroom. When I returned, he was sl**ping on his birth. I also slept.
We reached New delhi in the morning. Before departure, my husband and Pradip got their address and mobile exchanged. my husband also informed him that we will stay for today here in a hotel in Paharganj and if he gets time he may visit in evening.
We boarded in a hotel and got freshen up and had breakfast. Then we had a nap together for about a hour. My husband shown to have sex and we had very wild sex for about two hours. We were exhausted. But, still I was thinking of Pradip as it was a new experience in the train.
At around 2.0 pm after dinner, one of our relative (who was living in Delhi) come to our hotel with his wife. We had about one hour with them. The relative asked us to come to their home for dinner and also to visit some places in Delhi with them.
My husband told: it is fine that we will have dinner with you. But I have some work in Delhi for which I will have to go and it may take few hours. If Shushi want to go, I do not have any objection.
But, I shown reluctance as we have already visited Delhi many times. Then after sometime relatives gone. My husband told me that he is going for some business and will return in 3-4 hours. It was around 2:30 and I thought, I may call Pradip as husband will come by 5-6 pm. As my husband was preparing to leave, I gave message (SMS) to Pradip for immediate coming and gave hotel name and room number. I called me after 15 min that he is on the way and will reach within 10 min.
He came in half an hour after my husband left. He knocked on door. I opened. I was in the same gown which I wore in train. He came in and closed the door. I smiled, but he caught my hand and pulled to him and hugged me tightly.
He: on bhabhi, me kab se es pal ka intezar kar raha tha..
Me: ha bhi tumhare liye ….ab tum mujhe pura maza do apne es auzar se..(I catch it on pant and squeeze). Par aaj tum mujhe Bhabhi mat bolo..
He: ha meri jan, me aaj tujhe khub chodunga… and he caught my hips and squeezed very hard. My boobs were crushing against his chest and he started to kiss me. I also embrassed him tightly as he is a doll. His lund was touching my hole through a layer of gown. I lowered one hand and caught his lund and started rubbing it.
I pushed him a bit and got away, and sat on knees. Opened his zipper and pulled his lund out. Oh my god, it was brown with red head. I have seen it first time in full light. It was almost 7” and very thick and hairy all over. I loved that lund and kissed on head after pulling skin.
“oh..pradip..tera lund to kamal ka he…bahut hi pyara he…” I told.
“tujhe achha laga kya jan, to kar le jo chahe eske sath..roka kisne he” he told.
“ha mere raja, aaj to me eska kachumar nikal dungi…kal se esne pareshan kar rakha he..” saying this, I took it mouth and started licking all over. He was playing with my hairs. I continued to do so for 10-15 min and he enjoyed, till he ejaculated his load in my mouth. The he lifted my body in his hand and put on bed. He came over me and started kissing me on face and lips. Slowly slowly he reached to neck and then to cleavage. He unbuttoned gown from top and started playing and squeezing my boobs.
“Bhabhi, ek bat puchu” while playing with my nipples over bra, he asked..
“Bhabhi nahi…tumhari aaj ki biwi, rani, ya jo chahe kaho…aur chahe..” I replied.
“oh ha…meri rani…bade bade boobs ki malkin…ye batao..kya me tumhe shuru se achha laga tha kya..”
“ha raja, ye to tumhare he he…jor se maslo na..aur ye kyo puchh rahe ho..”
“kyoki, shuru se tune..mujhe line marna shuru kar diya tha..apne ye bade bade boobs dikha kar..”…
“ha raja, me jab shuru se hi tumse attracted thi..par kya karti..aurat hu na…”
He inserted his hand and opened the bra and then started licking on nipples.
I continues..”tum bahut handsome ho aur kisi bhi ladki ke liye kamdev jaise lagte chauda palti aur kadhi huwe muchhe..sine par ghane sab mujhe achha lagta he..”
“on jan..meri rani…tu mujhe pahle kyo nahi mili…” and he removed my nighty fully. I also removed panty.
“dear..ab mujhe chodo..tumhare lund se…me bahut der se intezar kar rahi hu”..He was also very excited to fuck me and his tool was ready and saluting. He pulled me to corner of the bed and lifted my legs in air and inserted his lund in my chut. Slowly he was putting pressure..and I was enjoying by lifting ass. He fucked me in doggy style also.
After he emptied his load in my pussy after 10-15 min of continuous fucking, we took rest for 10 min laying together in the bed. Then, he wore his cloths again, and I worn sari. Then he opened door. I informed my husband about his coming to our hotel. He also talked with my husband and said that he was passing through this place, so he called me and got the address. But, my husband told that he will come after one hour or so as he is busy. Then we ordered for some snack and tea and had together. After this, he again closed the door and fucked me again just by lifting my sari and paticot without removing any cloth. I did not wear panty that time.
He expressed that whenever he come to Patna he wanted to meet me. I agreed and asked him to inform me about his coming so that he can plan his visit in the presence as well as in absence of my husband.
This was a real story told by my friend. I am waiting for your responses. My e-mail id is I will also write the story, how I got shushila seduced and fucked her.
... Continue»
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Hello readers, I am Sahil Singh( a great fan of ISS and read the stories regularly after reading all the stories in here and I decided to post my story as well. I would like to bring to your kind notice that this is a true incident. I’m a 20 year old guy who loves to have sex.

This is about how I got seduced by an unsatisfied wife Anitha. I used to live in an apartment from my c***dhood and Anitha came into the flat next to mine a year back. She was newly married then and she got settled down with her hubby.
Anitha was very friendly in nature so she used to come over to my house and spend the daytime with my mom as her husband leaves to work as far as I saw they were a one happily couple her husband used to work for some software company and he used to take care of Anitha very well.
To describe Anitha she has a maintained her body very well with no extra fat and has a 36 D boobs, and a round ass. She wasn't of those plump females but took care of her body very well. She used to hit the gym regularly as time passed her husband got very involved in work as all the men do after marriage as a result Anitha wasn't getting too much of sex from him.

She seemed to be depressed with life and everyday she kept complaining to my mom
which I used to hear when at home. She had completed her engineering and so my
mom suggested her to divert by taking tuitions for school k**s. Anitha wasn't sure if that will work out so she wanted to start off with me. I was doing my engineering as well and though I wasn't bad at academics I was asked to take tuition from her. This way I had to visit Anitha's house every evening from 6-8
pm initially it was just the academic talks.

We had and our relationship was very formal slowly she started to open up with me and we started to talk more freely. This led to less academic talks and more of casual talks as I didn't have a girlfriend then I was happy to have some female to flirt with. We became so close that I started to share everything with Anitha and again she also did the same eventually she started to fret about her sex life to me. At first I was shocked as that was the first time I ever heard a female talk about sex life to me. She used to tell me that her husband is too much into work and he doesn't spend time and care for her and again he is postponing the k**s as he wanted to earn for like a year more. I felt bad for her and I didn't know what to say for that. So every day I would go to her home in the name of tuition but we sit and talk all crap. She always wears a tight t-shirt and a bottom or shorts but nothing below her knee. She would sit very close to me in the couch we will be chit chatting.

Anitha clearly had the intentions to have sex with me and she took every step in the relationship towards that once I had a holiday and so was chilling at my room. I got a sms from Anitha which read hey you free? Mind dropping in home? I’m bored. I said oh yea. I will and with that I left for her house. I knocked the door and there came her voice asking me to come in once inside I again heard her saying just give me 5 minutes. I will be back I said ok and sat down in the couch. After some 10 minutes she came out her bedroom wearing a white t-shirt and a denim skirt. I'd rather call it a mini skirt as it was too short her hairs were wet and I could also see water droplets in her thighs. I had my eyes fixed on her as she came towards me and sat beside me even then I was constantly looking at her. Anitha broke the ice what you gazing at? I was like nothing am sorry what took you this long? Anitha said I was in the shower. I had a hard on and wanted to cover it up as I too was wearing a shorts and so I took the cushion and placed it on my lap. We then started our usual talks and this time she seeing me in that condition she was more into flirting and finally we decided to watch some movie in her laptop as there was no good movies in the TV she invited me to her bedroom And I sat on the bed leaning towards the wall with a pillow on my lap just in case to avoid showing her my hard on. She thought I had the pillow to have the laptop so she came and placed the laptop on my lap and she sat to my right. She logged on the movie started to play.

It was the movie called Friends with Benefits. I had no idea what movie it was.
Anitha had a naughty smile in her lips and she sat to my right and she hugged my
right hand and rested her head on my shoulder. Anitha was adjusting her position
every now and then and every time her hug got bolder and tighter. I could feel her left boobs and there was an immediate hard on. Thanks to the laptop
and pillow then came the scene where Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis were sitting in her house and sipping beer and talking about relationships. All of a sudden the guy would ask the girl if they could have sex and he would again come up saying not serious relationships but just sex. I was like WTF inside and turned to see Anitha, she had her eyes glued to the screen and she moved her hands to my thighs. I was becoming too restless and even thought of leaving the room. So I tried to move but Anitha pulled me closer and she was in no mood to quit watching the movie then Mila Kunis would strip herself and she would get involved in hot sex.

I was in a point of no control that I immediately turned around and cupped Anitha's breast. She too responded by taking my other hand to her other breast and I was playing with them over her dress for quite a long time then I pulled her and placed my lips on hers. Anitha had closed her eyes and in sometime.
She opened her lips and she pushed her tongue into my mouth. We had a long kiss
and I came on top of her kissing and at the same time playing with her boobs. Anitha wrapped her legs around me and I was moving up and down and my hard cock over my shorts was touching her pussy over her panty and we had dry sex.
Soon I felt I had cum in my undies and so got up. I couldn't see her face so just turned back to leave. Just then Anitha came and hugged me from behind and
whispered in my ears where are you going? it’s not done yet saying so she turned me around and we started to hug each other very tightly and also our lips started to play.

I had my hand in her hips, pressed them and Anitha went mad with my touches
there. I then moved away and let my hands inside her t-shirt and touched her bare skin. Omg it was so soft and I was caressing her skin there. I then moved my hands from the top of her skirt inside her panty as well and cupped her ass cheeks. Anitha let out a moan and these were more than enough for me to get a hard on that my cock started to pain inside my shorts and it was longing to get out. I went wild with that, my kisses became wilder. Anitha realising my state pulled down my shorts and lifted her right leg and put it around my hips giving access to her pussy.

My cock was now touching her pussy over her panty. I pulled Anitha more closely
with the help of her ass. Anitha moved her hands into my t-shirt and was aressing my back. I took my hand from her ass and pulled her t-shirt up exposing and she lifted her hands in the air for to get rid of the t-shirt.
Now Anitha was standing with a pink mesh bra that barely covered her boobs and
her denim shorts. She was fair in color and her boobs were stiff. I couldn't keep my hands off this beauty that I wasted no time and her boobs in my mouth over her bra her nipples were so hard and stiff.

I then moved the cloth that covered her boobs to the side and sucked on her boobs was fiddling with her other nipple. Anitha had a sexy nipple that was not too large neither too small. It was medium sized with light brown areoles.
I started to bite her nipples and Anitha was moaning out and her hands were on my hairs and she pushed my head further inside. I then switched over to the other nipple and was doing the same for the next 15 - 20 minutes. Till now we never spoke a word but were busy with our foreplays.

Anitha then knelt down in front of me taking my cock in her hand and stroking it. It was already super wet with my juices. Anitha had a sexy look in her eyes and again that was full of lust. She had her mouth right in front of my cock as she was stroking and her mouth was watering to take it inside.
Anitha looked up to me and said shall I take it in my mouth and my hubby would
never allow oral sex. I replied I wouldn't say no to such a beauty from doing anything carries on with whatever you want and your hubby should be mad. Anitha then let her tongue out and she tried to pull back my foreskin and it was tight.
She then took it in her mouth and was sucking my tip making it wet and in few
minutes she succeeded in bringing back my foreskin. She then was licking the entire length 6" from front to back and was also sucking on my balls. Soon she started to take the whole length in her mouth. My cock was touching the deepest part of her throat.

Her wet hairs were coming in front giving her some difficulty in the blowjob. I moved her hairs behind and her face was looking so damn sexy taking my cock inside her hands were caressing my balls making me go wild. I was about to reach my climax so held her hairs tight and started to fuck her vigorously in her mouth and soon I released my hot semen in her mouth.
I had come in large quantity and Anitha couldn't swallow everything and some fell on her boobs and face. She then sucked my cock dry and told me that your cock is bigger in length and width than that of my hubby's. Anitha then got up and went to the washroom to clean herself and I followed her there.

She was bending down in the wash basin, cleaning her face and I stood just behind her touching her ass, hips and pulled down her skirt and panty in one go. Anitha's arse was so sexy, fair and had the right amount of flesh. I got an immediate hard on seeing her arse that I started to move my hands over hers caressing them And moving my cock over her arse cheeks making her horny as well which wasn't actually necessary as she was horny to the core. I was rubbing my cock in between her arse cracks and I was going wild. Anitha lifted her arse giving me more access and she was giving all horny reactions which I saw it on the mirror in front which were driving me crazy again.

Anitha still had the bra on her exposing her boobs though and I didn't like that piece of cloth on her. So I pulled her up towards me and removed the bra over her head. I took her in my arms and we were kissing like mad dogs. I pushed her behind and she had her arse resting on the basin and she lighted her legs in air to step out of the skirt and panty.

I then carried her in my arms and moved to the bed. I put her on the bed and jumped on her and were started kissing again and the kiss was wilder and we were kissing like there no tomorrow. We broke the kiss and Anitha pushed me down and I went down kissing her body all through.

I stopped at her pussy and opened her pussy lips with my left thumb and forefinger and inserted my right middle finger inside her pussy and started to finger fuck her and soon I had my 3 fingers inside and I was fucking her vigorously.

Anitha started to moan aahhhhhh yaaahhh. I then was playing with her clitoris still fucking her pussy and again I went on to suck her clitoris and that’s when she went really mad. Her moans were becoming louder and I was fearing if the sound may go outside since it’s an apartment.

I knew I had touched her G-Spot and was finger fucking her too fast and within few seconds she reached her orgasm and she'd come in huge quantity. Anitha then asked for my fingers and she sucked her juices from my fingers dry.
Anitha wasn't wearing her mangalsutra so
Me: Anitha where is your mangalsutra?
Anitha: I have removed it because I knew I would end up having sex with you.
Me: so why did you remove it?
Anitha: I will get reminded of my hubby.
Me: oh well I want to fuck you with the mangalsutra on you.
Anitha: do you really want me to wear it?
Me: yes and with that she rolled to the side of her bed and took her mangalsutra and wore it over her head. The mangalsutra was just resting between her boobs and she was looking sexy as ever in that and I told her that too.
Anitha you look super sexy all naked with just your mangalsutra. She blushed and
said thank you. I pushed her down on the bed and started to play with her boobs, and also kissing her lips. I was sucking on her lower lips and then upper lips and pinching her nipples as well.

My dick was at its maximum size and wanted to enter a pussy. I moved over her
positioning myself to enter her pussy. Anitha parted her legs and she too moved her ass and now my dick was right at the entrance of her pussy. I whispered in her ears oooff Anitha.
I couldn't believe this is happening. I am a virgin and you’re the first female with whom I had my first kiss and now am going to fuck this sexy babe." Anitha hugged me tightly and gave me a kiss on my lips while kissing she took my dick in her hands and guided it into her pussy.

It all wet and even though she is married for the past one year, her pussy was pretty tight and with few strokes I was completely inside her. All this while
Anitha was kissing me and now I broke the kiss and moved on to her boobs and was
fucking her in slow pace. I bit her nipples making her go mad with every stroke and I was literally chewing her nipples. The room was filled with sex and our moans. I fucked her in that position for some 5 minutes and I stopped and asked Anitha to come on top as I wanted to see her boobs shaking and her mangalsutra dancing as well.

We rolled over with my dick still inside. Anitha was sitting on my cock and I had my hands on her hips. She started to ride me and I moved my hands to her boobs pinching and playing with those. Anitha would bend down to kiss me. She rode me for another 10 minutes and asked me to carry on from there. Good I took breaks in between that I lasted long for my first time.

I again rolled over and came on top and started to fuck her at full pace. Anitha was moaning ooffff fuck me fuck me fuck me hard yea go on don't stop. I was getting wilder with that and was tearing her pussy with all my energy within 2 minutes.

I was about to cum and told her that am reaching climax and Anitha asked me to
empty it in her pussy with 3-4 strokes I emptied my load in her pussy and I also felt her reach the climax at the same time. I collapsed on her and she took me in her arms and we were there in that position for the 20 minutes.
My dick was still inside her pussy and at the end it started to gain erection inside her pussy only. I told her that I wanted to fuck her again. Anitha told me that its late now and her hubby would come anytime so it’s better we get dressed up and she would give me a blowjob instead so that even if the bells rings we will be safe.

I told her I’m not done baby and I want to have sex with you again. Anitha told me oh yes. I’m not done either it’s that we wind up for the day and we shall do it every day and my hubby isn't looking after me sexually. We then got up and Anitha was about to wear her bra and panty but I stopped her from wearing that telling her wear your t-shirt and skirt.

I have other plans saying so I wore the t-shirt and skirt for her and she put on my tshirt and shorts. We then went to the hall and sat down in the couch and switched on the TV and played some music just in case no one should hear our moans. Anitha then put her hand inside my shorts and pulled out my dick.
It was in semi erect condition and Anitha went down to the floor knelt down in front of me and straight away took my cock in her mouth. Anitha was sucking on my cock as well as playing with my balls. Anitha will take the entire length in her mouth and then lick it from top to bottom and suck on my balls and again take my cock in her mouth.

She was simply awesome in that and any man would go crazy behind her and fuck all her holes. It was only then I thought her hubby should be a dumb asshole to deprive such a sexy lady from sex life. After some 5 minutes I pulled her to me and made her sit on my cock which she happily did by lifting her skirt.
Anitha adjusted her arse to take my cock inside her completely then I lifted her tshirt and started to suck on her boobs then we locked our lips to avoid moaning sounds and Anitha started to ride my cock. Anitha rode my cock for some 5minutes by when she had her orgasm. I then stood up with carrying Anitha and made her lie down on the couch.

I went in between her legs and she put them on my shoulders. I bent down kissed her lips and started to pump her pussy very fast. This time my cock was touching her deepest part in her pussy and she was enjoying the fuck so as me. I fucked her for another 10 minutes and discharged my load deep inside her.
Anitha had her second orgasm as well then. We then got dressed up and was playing with each other's body for some time. It was only then Anitha told me that she is on pills and there won't be any pregnancy issues and again and I lost my virginity to hubby during college my friends used to have sex with their boyfriends and I never wanted too.

I was with one man policy you are the second guy in my life to see me naked, have sex. I was like Anitha are you feeling guilty over what happened between us? She told me not at all and I was sex deprived by my hubby and I wanted an alternative and again someone who's trustworthy.

I have been seeing you for the past one year so I thought why not seduce you and
have my desires fulfilled and I told her and I am lucky to have sex with the sexiest lady and I have seen in my life and I then got up to leave and Anitha came with me to the door and we walked holding hands and at the door we have a long kiss and I left for home.

I went in and crashed in my bed. I woke up 2 hours later had dinner and again went to sl**p at around 12:30 I got a call from Anitha and she said I am not done yet. My pussy still wants a cock and I tried having sex with my hubby but he crashed before I had my shower.

I told her I’m still thinking of u, your lovely ass, clean shaved pussy, big round boobs and those beautiful lips. I want to fuck your pussy like there’s no tomorrow. She then moved to the next bedroom and we had a long session of phone sex and I ended up masturbating some 3-4 times.

We decided to meet up tomorrow morning somewhere outside and have sex for the
entire day and so I gave the idea of going to a resort in the outskirts of city and she agreed to that and we hung up the call. Next morning at around 8 I left home as usual to college and picked up Anitha at the decided spot in my car and we drove to the resort.

Anitha had already done the bookings there in the resort and we checked in at
around 9 am. Anitha was wearing a sleeveless top and a knee length skirt and no
panty inside. Anitha had booked a suite in the resort and it was deserted from the resort and had a small private swimming pool once inside the room.

I carried her to the couch, made her bend down, lifted her skirt up and entered herpussy from behind. I fucked for some 10 minutes and it was only then we relaxed in the room and started our foreplays. We stripped each other and I sucked her pussy till she had 2 back to back massive orgasms.

I left her pussy alone only after she had cum twice. She then gave me a good blowjob and I sprayed cum on her boobs and face. We then went and jumped into the pool. I made her lean on the wall and started fucking her in the water and that was an awesome experience fucking my sexy lady in the pool.
I had sex with Anitha that day for like some 4 times. We then left home and we still have sex regularly. I will visit her house every evening on the pretext of tuitions for some 2 hours and we will have sex the whole time and whenever she has her periods, she would simply give me blowjobs and I would fuck her boobs. Anitha makes sure am satisfied with her and I too look to it she is satisfied with me and now it was last week when her hubby said he wanted to have k**s and he had sex some 2 times and both the times he got drained out easily leaving Anitha unsatisfied. She now wants to carry my k** and so for the past one week she didn't take pills after having sex with me.... Continue»
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Seduced By My Mother-in-Law

Seduced By My Mother-in-Law

Kimberly and I had been dating off and on for a few years during high school and into our collage years before we decided to marry. I loved her f****y and had always had an eye for her mom; I had always thought she was hot.

But due to her fathers bad health and we rushed the wedding plans so he could be there. It was a beautiful day and everything went great. Kim danced a slow dance with her father while I danced with her mother. I was a bit surprised when she cupped my ass during the dance; I passed it off thinking she was just playing, and d***k. After the dance we gave each other a polite kiss on the lips.

Unfortunately Kim's father passed away six months later. It was hard for all of us to deal with.

As time passed we grew closer as a f****y and I spent more time at Sharon's house (Kim's mom). It seemed as if something always need looked at or fixed and I was always called on to go over to fix it. It seemed that I spent more time at Sharon's house then I did at my own apartment with my wife, but even so it worked out Kim and I had conflicting hours at our jobs and I did enjoy fixing things.

One night Kim and I were sitting down to have dinner together at our apartment for the first time in months. As we ate dinner we talked about each other's day's events, and during the conversation Kim brought up our bills and the cost of the apartment and everything that went with it. I was confused until she suggested that we move into the house with her mother. This did not shock me, yes we were just making by on both our paychecks, but we were just getting started on our own.

I told Kim we would think on it. After dinner we cleaned up then cuddled on the couch with a movie then one-thing lead to another. I wrapped my hands around her waist then slowly worked up across her ribs to the underside of her right breast giving it a light squeeze. Kim pushed her ass back into my growing cock showing her approval. It did not take us long until we were both naked and Kim mounted me. She was riding my cock while I gripped her tits until we both exploded in an orgasm causing Kim to scream out loud. We collapsed together then rolled into a spoon position, as we caught our breath I said, "If we move in with your mom we may need to give this up, or you will need to be quieter and I would not like that." Kim did not say a word; we just drifted off to sl**p in each other's arms.

The following day Kim and I met Sharon for lunch at a local deli. We had the normal chitchat about what was going on in our lives, but really not touching on the issues. It was Sharon that really brought the question to bear she asked, " What would the both of you think about the idea of moving into the house with me?" Sharon went on to say, "There is plenty of room and it would help us all with bills."

I looked at Kim and I could see in her eyes that she liked the idea, so I agreed to move into my mother in-law's house. We worked out the plans to move and within weeks we were packing up and moving out of our apartment and going to the home of which Kim grew up in. Mind you I am not knocking it, it is a very large and beautiful home but I still felt odd moving into such a large house and with my mother in-law.

Things worked out better then I had thought, I still worked my hours and Kim still worked hers, and even though they were not the same we still found time to be close to each other and have sex. But like most things in life there was a change, first it was a change in our hours, either I had to work late or Kim did. Then it was that Kim had to fill in on weekends and next Kim had to travel out of town for the company. It put a strain on us both. I was feeling frustrated with it all to say the least.

Sharon was very supportive of the both of us and did not interfere in our lives. Of course she would offer "her" suggestions and such, but she never seemed to push them, more so she would just let us find our own way to work things out.

During one of the rare evenings that the three of us had time to sit down to dinner together, Kim informed us she had to go out of town for a week on business. I was not happy about this and the fact she had not told me before dinner when we were alone pissed me off. I knew that with her job that travel could come up, but I did not expect it so soon. I sat quietly during dinner at that point listening to Sharon and Kim chat about the trip. They both seemed to be excited about it.

After dinner I told Kim to go pack for her trip and I would help clean up after dinner. Sharon and I cleared the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Sharon then turned toward me and placed her hand aside my face as she drew me closer and kissed my cheek, than said "Thank you for your help." I felt a little embarrassed but passed it.

I then headed off to help Kim pack for her trip. I found her dashing around the room almost in a panic, tossing clothes everywhere. It was not until she heard me laughing that she stopped running around and she too started to giggle at herself. I walked up to her and we kissed and hugged deeply, and I could feel her relax in my arms. I then asked, "Can I help you pack?" I helped her clean the room and sort her clothes to pack and she felt much better. After packing Kim headed to the shower, and I took the opportunity to join her after a few minutes.

It was if Kim was expecting me, as I opened the curtain to the shower she had a smile on her face. I stepped in and we traded places to let the water cascade over my body. Kim had already had a scrunchie loaded with soap and began to lather me up, needless to say my cock was hard before but she made it hard as steel. I caressed her tits and pinched her nipples knowing how much this turns her on. Kim was ready to go to bed and fuck but I teased her more by slowly working my hands down along her sides and over her hips. I made my way to her pussy and slowly rubbed her mound, without warning I slipped a finger in, she was so wet and ready to be fucked, as I pumped my finger in and out she kissed me and begged me to take her to bed. We rinsed off then turned the shower off, stepping out we toweled each other dry, kissing and fondling each other.

Kim wrapped a towel around her body then headed off to bed, I finished in the bathroom the wrapping a towel around my waist then I too headed to the bedroom. I found Kim in bed and she had lite some scented candles, as I neared the bed she pulled the sheets back to reveal her naked body to me. The glow of the candles danced on her body, I dropped my towel and she could see my approval from my erection. I slowly slide into bed and began to caress Kim's tits thinking she wanted soft and slow, but she quickly showed me what she wanted. Kim pushed me down on the bed and went straight for my cock sucking me until I was about to cum, she then pulled off and mounted me driving her pussy hard onto my cock. She almost seemed to be possessed as she rode me, pounding her pussy on my cock as she gripped her tits. The site and feel of her pushed me over the edge and I shot deep into her walls sending her over the top also. The sounds she made were not what I was used to, but I liked them, she really let herself go and so did I. We drifted off to sl**p for the night.

The next day I had taken off work so Sharon and I could take Kim to the airport to see her off. We kissed and hugged Kim in turn, wishing her a safe flight then watched as her plane left the ground. Then Sharon turned to me and said, "Lets go get lunch, my treat!"

We went to what seemed to me a very high-class restaurant, someplace Kim and I had never been to before, but they seemed to know Sharon or maybe it was just there way. They sat us in a corner table that overlooked the waterfront; it was a very scenic view I thought. When the waiter come to our table Sharon took control, she ordered our appetizers and wine for us both; and then ordered our lunch, never asking me what I wanted, even so it all sounded good, and she was buying. As we ate lunch Sharon and I chatted and drank wine, I became very comfortable with her that afternoon.

We did not talk much on the way home and when we arrived Sharon gave me a polite hug and thanked me for a wonderful afternoon. I returned her affection and thanked her for everything she has done for Kim and I. We parted and went our separate ways. We really did not see much of each other for the next few days, mostly from our work schedule and part from the large house.

The days had past and Kim was to return the next day, that was when the call came in, and it was late in the night. Kim had to stay longer then expected and would not be home for three more days. I was very upset by this and Sharon overheard the conversation with Kim and I. After hanging up with Kim, I told Sharon of the delay and she could see I was upset about it. She tried to comfort me with a hug but I brushed her off and went to make a drink.

I had several drinks before I started to calm down, I knew it was not right to be angry but something just did not seem right. Sharon entered the room and asked, "Can I join you for a drink?"

Sharon was wearing a long blue satin nightgown of which clung to her body and showed her curves and erect nipples. She was a very sexy woman for her age, hell for any age! As she walked across the room I just stared at her hot body as she made her way to the bar to fix her a drink. She walked toward me and handed me another drink then sat down across from me. I gulped down the drink I already had in my hand then took a sip of the one she had made it was much stronger. Sharon just sat there looking at me sipping her drink and licking her lips slowly, it started to turn me on. Sharon spoke first, "Feeling better?" I just nodded, and then took another sip of my drink. Sharon went on, "I know the both of you are working hard and doing your best, and that moving in here with me has put a strain on the of you, I have not heard you making love as much as when you first moved in." She could clearly see the embarrassment on my face. "Don't worry," she continued, "Kim does not know. Besides sometimes when the two of you were making love I would sneak into the next room to listen and masturbate while you were making Kim scream with pleasure." I was speechless; all I could do was gulp down the last of my drink. Sharon slowly rose and walked toward me taking the glass from my hand she said, "Let me get you another drink." I finally spoke up and jokingly asked, "Are you trying to get me d***k and take advantage of me?" Sharon did not say a word until she handed me the drink, then said, "Something like that. You always had an eye on my body and I could see in your eye that you still had that lustful spark for me that you have had since high school, hell you wanted me then didn't you?"

My mind flashed back to the first time I meet Kim's parent, just seeing her mom made me hard, I had many a night fantasy's of her in my bed while jacking off. The touch of her hand on my leg jolted me back to reality, which made me jump, Sharon giggled and said, "You were remembering jacking of to me, weren't you?" The lustful look in my eyes told her what she wanted to know and her hand found that she still could make me hard as it slid up my leg to find my growing cock buried within my jeans. Sharon took control and undid my belt and zipper slowly pulling my jeans down and off. My cock made a tent out of my boxers and this brought a smile the Sharon's face. I sat up and finished my drink then pulled my shirt off tossing it to the floor. Sharon downed her drink as well then stepping back she took my glass and hers and headed to the bar. The sight of her made me even harder if that was possible.

Before she returned with our drinks Sharon turned on some music, it was soft blues/jazz and sounded great, returning to the couch she sat the drinks down on the table and started to do a slow dance in front of me. With her eyes closed she swayed back and forth as her hands caressed her body rubbing her hips raising the night gown to expose her thigh moving up to her breast's playing with her nipples making then stand out hard. I could not take anymore teasing, I started to stand up and Sharon opened her eyes and as quick as I had seen anyone move she placed her bare foot on my chest pushing me back down onto the couch.

Sharon looked at me and waved her finger at me saying, "Not yet lover!" She went on with her dance and began to do a striptease for me. She rubbed her hands across her tits and the lower to her pussy rubbing her satin gown against her folds. Slowly moving her hands back up taking time to glide across her body she reached up and lowered the straps from her nightgown letting it slip down catching on her hard nipples. Sharon looked me in the eye while she licked her lips and she liked what she saw. My eyes gleamed with lust and my cock was pushing through my boxers. She then gave a quick shake letting the gown fell to the floor exposing her tits and thong. I had always know that she had a boob job and maybe that was part of my lust for her, but when I saw them out in the open I could not believe just how hot they looked, I just wanted to jump up and suck them, Sharon had other ideas.

She stepped right up in front of me, so I sat up and placed my hands on her thighs then looking up into her eyes I hooked a finger into her thong and gently pulled it down and off helping her step out of it. Her pussy was in full view and eye level and dam did it look good. She was shaven but for a tuff of fur just at the top to tickle ones nose and her pussy lips were puffy and wet showing she was ready for sex. I reached around to cup her firm ass and pulled her closer to my face going right for her clit sucking it hard and fast, flicking my tongue over it. She was so wet I had not trouble pushing a finger into her pussy while I sucked her clit. I felt her knees buckle as she gripped my shoulders for support, and with the pussy cream running down my hand and face I knew I had made her cum.

Sharon collapsed on the couch be side me which gave me the perfect chance to fondle and suck her delicious tits, this brought her back to life. She pulled my body closer to her so she could pull my boxers of, as she did my cock caught in the waistband and sprang up slapping hard against her tits. Sharon gasped as it did part from surprise and part from the size, gripping my cock she said, "I can see now why Kim screams with so much pleasure!" She started to stroke my length with one hand and cupped my swelling balls with the other, and then slowly started licking the head. I could see the pre-cum trail from the tip of my cock to her lips as she backed off to lick them clean. That was when she took me whole into her mouth and down her throat and held me there, something Kim could never do. I almost shot my load right then, but Sharon knew how to pinch me off and stop me from cumming too soon. As she pulled off and gasped for air she stroked my saliva coated cock, looking up into my eyes with a lustful look she said, "Cum for me now!" Then sank her mouth back down on my cock sucking me hard while stroking me. This time she did not stop me, she wanted my cum so I gave it to her. I felt my balls clinch and the cum burst from my cock and down her throat, she did not miss a beat; she just sucked harder and stroked faster until I was done. It was then she slowed to more of a soft massage and licking me clean.

Sharon sat back and licked her lips savoring the taste of my cum as she looked at me with that lustful gaze. She motioned to our drinks and knew what she wanted right away; I knew I could use a drink right then. As Sharon sat up I handed her a drink and picked mine up and was about to take a drink when Sharon stopped me with a toast, "Here's to a long awaited night for the both of us." With that she clinked our glasses and downed her drink, so I did the same. She took my glass and sat it on the table with hers and as she turned her gaze went right to my cock, this brought a smile to her face, I was still semi-hard. "I see it will not take you too long to recover, so in the meantime you should lick my pussy some more to get me ready so you can fuck me!" My eyes got wide and my dick twitched, I thought we were done, but Sharon was just getting started.

Sharon positioned herself on the couch on her knees upon the arm of the couch with her body face down on the cushions, this left her feet hanging of in the air and her ass and pussy spread open and ready. I stepped behind her and took time to enjoy the view; slowly working a finger along her slit I could see a bead of juice trickle out. Catching it with my finger I brought it to my lips to enjoy the taste, it was then I went for the gold. Gripping both ass cheeks I spread her open and plunged in face first, literally my nose was in her ass and tongue in her pussy. I lapped away at her for some time, which drove her crazy, so I thought I would go one more by fingering her pussy and licking her asshole. As I slid my fingers into her soaked pussy hole I eased back with my face then dove back in pushing my tongue right into her tight ring. Sharon let out a yell then I felt her pussy contract then gush on my hand, I held my position slowing my movements until she had stopped twitching with her orgasm.

By now my cock was hard again so I stood up and nudged the head of my cock to her throbbing lips, not giving her a rest and pushed in, Sharon let out a deep moan as I penetrated her tight pussy walls. (I did not think of it at the time but she was as tight at her age as Kim was!) The position she was in on the couch was perfect for us both; she pushed back as I pushed forward, slamming into each other harder and faster as we got into a rhythm. Sharon started to wail and moan louder. Sharon started to really scream now and talking so dirty saying, "YES! Fuck me! Fuck me harder, give me your hard cock!" Her pussy was so wet I could feel her cream running down over my balls of which increased the slapping sound as they bounced off her thighs.

Sharon had talent, I could feel her working my cock with her muscles and I could not believe how great it felt. I must have been doing pretty good myself, soon Sharon let out a low guttural moan that sounded like it came from a horror movie, that was when Sharon said, "Oh God, I'm cuminggggggg!" I felt her pussy clinch hard on my cock but I still kept pumping, then I felt her gush all over the both of us. That was when I slowed my pace and took long slow strokes in and out of her pussy as her orgasm continued until it was done and she fell face forward onto the couch panting heavily. I looked at my hard cock of which was dripping with Sharon's cum and then I looked at the couch, it too was soaked with cum. I was afraid we had ruined the leather and my hard started to go down.

I did not even notice Sharon had stood up from the couch until she approached me, seeing my cock losing it's hard she said, "Oh No lover, we are not done yet!" Then dropping to her knees she took me into her mouth and sucked me back to life. While she did she maneuvered me to the couch and pushed me down so I was lying on my back with my feet on the floor. She now had me hard again and ready to go, that was when Sharon surprised me, she asked "Have you every fuck anyone in the ass?" She did not wait for a reply, she just turned her back to me as she straddled me, gripping my cock and guided it into her ass as she slowly sat down on it. I will admit, this was a first for me; Kim had never let me have her ass.

Sharon was in control and worked my cock with her tight muscles, I gripped her ass cheeks and helped her as she raised and lowered herself on me. I could not believe how hot it felt, much tighter then her pussy, but more friction; it did not take long until she had me ready to cum. As I started to moan more Sharon could tell I was close, that was when she said, "Yes baby, cum for me, fill my ass fill!" She increased her grinding and bouncing until I was about to cum, that was when she laid her body back on top of my chest grabbing my hands and bringing them to grip her tits. And I did jus that; I filled my hands with her tits and started pumping her from below shooting a huge load into her tight ass. Sharon pulled off, as I was still cumming, she dropped to the floor to catch the rest on her tits as she gripped my balls and sucked me clean making sure she had drained me
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Seduced by Neighbor's Son - Pt 2

After being seduced by Otto, my next door neighbor’s high school aged son, my life was rocked and my thinking changed. My husband Jerry knew nothing about what happened, but later that night he admitted that the idea of another man seeing me naked was a huge turn on for him.

That’s when I began to hatch a plan that would involve Otto, me and Jerry.

I didn’t see Otto for several days as he had told me that he had a new part-time job cleaning pools and that he started fairly early in the morning. One afternoon, I saw him come home from his job and called over to him. When he was close enough, I asked him how much he would charge us for cleaning our pool. I told him that we had a pool guy who did a good job and how much we paid him.

Otto told me that he would charge us half the price if there were opportunities for more rendezvous. I told him most certainly and got his phone number and told him that I had to talk to Jerry first about the pool cleaning as he made all of the arrangements for our current service.

I so wanted to jump his bones right there and then, but I knew we couldn’t let any of the neighbors see us, so I just shook his hand and he winked at me.

That night I told Jerry that our neighbor’s boy is cleaning pools and that he told me he would only charge us this much. Jerry was shocked and said that’s about half of what he’s paying the service. He asked how could we be sure that he does a good job and I told him that if he didn’t that we could fire him, tell his parents and re-hire the same old service. Jerry agreed and I gave him Otto’s phone number. I listened from around the corner as Jerry talked to him and arranged for what days and times to come and clean the pool.

After the phone call, I busied myself in the kitchen when Jerry told me that he talked to Otto and everything was arranged. He told me when he would be coming and I made a note on my calendar but I purposely wrote down the wrong day. My plan was to be sunning outside by the pool when Otto was due to clean the pool and let him catch me naked. Then I would tell Jerry about it like he asked and see what his reaction would be. That would determine if I moved ahead with the next phase of my plan.

Thursday morning rolled around and I showered, used the curling iron on my hair and then shaved my pussy clean. I grabbed a towel, some suntan lotion, my iPad with my music and headed out to the pool. I wasn’t out there more than 15 minutes when Otto walked around the corner of the house carrying his pool supplies. He stopped as he saw me and then walked up to me and told how great it was to see me.

I wanted to rip his clothes off but he told me that he didn’t have time because he had several more pools to clean right after ours and he wanted to make sure that he did a good job the first time for my husband. As he cleaned the pool, I told him about my plan and he asked if I was serious about trying to arrange for us to have sex in front of her husband and I told him that was my plan and asked him if he would like that. I glanced down and saw the bulge in his shorts and took that as my answer. I told him that I was going to tell Jerry that I wrote down the wrong day and that he walked in on me while I was sunning naked. I’ll see how he reacts and take it from there. I kissed Otto goodbye and he kissed my nipples. I almost had an orgasm just feeling his lips on them.

That night when Jerry got home, I waited to see if he asked about Otto cleaning the pool. We were finishing up dinner and I decided I would say something. I told Jerry that I thought he had said Otto was coming on Friday instead of Thursday. He asked if he showed up and I told him yes. Then I told him that since I thought he was coming on Friday, I was out sunning myself in the morning before it got too hot and was surprised when I suddenly heard him approach.

Jerry looked at me and asked if I was sunning with our without my bathing suit. I told him without. I explained that I had my music on and I was half asl**p when I suddenly saw him. I could tell by the look on Jerry’s face that he was getting turned on and the growing bulge in his pants also told me that I had his attention. There was excitement in his voice as he asked me what I did and I told him that I was startled at first and just laid there but then grabbed a towel and covered myself. He asked me how close the lad got and I told him close enough to get a good look at all of me. Jerry was practically salivating as he hung on my every word.

I told him that Otto was embarrassed and apologized but he was scheduled to be here. I went and grabbed my iPad and showed Jerry where I made the notation. I told him that I was sorry and hoped he wasn’t mad at me. He moved close to me, put his hands on my shoulders and told me he wasn’t mad and that he wish he could have been there to see it. I did a good job of acting like I was shocked at him and asked if it really excited him that much. He told me that he’s wanted to show me off for some time but figured that I would never go for it so he never mentioned it.

Jerry hooked and now I planned on reeling him in. I asked him how far this fantasy of his went. His face turned red, he looked down and then said his fantasy was not only to have another man see my naked body but to watch him touch me and even seduce me. In my mind I deserved an Academy Award for the way I acted shocked at this admission. Then I asked him if he really wanted me to seduce our new pool boy and he sheepishly nodded yes. So I asked him exactly how was I supposed to go about seducing him if I even dared to consider the idea.

As Jerry’s analytical mind began to work, he started unbuttoning my blouse and then slid if off of me. He unhooked my bra and started fondling my breasts. Jerry has always been a breast man. After sucking on both breasts he told me the next time he comes to clean the pool, be sunning again only this time don’t cover up and invite him on in. Still acting shocked I asked him what is the poor boy supposed to think. Jerry told me that most normal red-bl**ded hormone raging teenage boy would love the opportunity to see a gorgeous naked woman like me. I thanked him for the compliment and then asked if he was serious and how was I supposed to bet the courage to go through with this wild plan of his. Jerry told me to fix a couple of stiff drinks beforehand.

I know I had Jerry completely hooked and was reeling him in and now I was ready to land my catch. I asked him just what he expected me to let the lad do to me and he said that was entirely up to me but he wanted all the lurid details when he got home. My performance was going as planned and I asked Jerry what he meant by as far as I wanted and before he could answer I asked if that meant having sex with him. Jerry was now taking his clothes off, his cock was rock hard and dripping with pre-cum as he said that it was totally up to me if I wanted it to go that far.

I asked him how long has he had this fantasy and he told me ever since our wedding day when I bent down and one of my boobs almost fell out in front of everyone. He said he saw the looks on the faces of the his groomsmen and they were glued to my cleavage. He wished that my boob had fallen out and given them a show. I stepped back and just looked at him. He started to get scared and asked if I was upset. I told him that I was more shocked than anything.

Then he asked how I felt about this morning with the pool k** saw me naked. I told him I was embarrassed and then afterward I got turned on thinking about it and had to come in and use one of my toys. Jerry asked me to them imagine how much more of a turn on it would be if I saw the pool k** naked and he touched my boobs and pussy. I took Jerry’s hand and pushed down the front of my shorts so he could feel how wet I was. That was all it took to land my fish in my creel and I knew exactly what I was going to do.

Jerry yanked my shorts and panties down and sat me on the kitchen table and pounded my pussy with his extra hard cock. The entire time he was pounding me I was already envisioning my next encounter with Otto and I came hard. At the same time it felt like he deposited the largest load of seed in me that he’s ever given me.

On Friday, I had a brief chance to talk to Otto and filled him in on what had happened. I could tell he was excited. He told me that his parents were both working on Saturday and that he was planning on sunning himself in the morning. I told him I would pretend like I saw him for the first time and would get Jerry to come to the window to see and find out what his reaction was.

On Saturday, I carried a load of laundry up to the bedroom and started to fold the clothes. I looked out and saw Otto and waved to him and he waved back. I went downstairs and told Jerry I needed to show him something in the bedroom. When I took him to the window and pointed at Otto, I told him that was our pool guy. Jerry stared and said he looked like a hunk and I agreed. He turned to me and asked if I was had considered making his fantasy come true. I asked if he was serious and he said yes. I told him I would think about it between now and Thursday and would let him know Thursday night.

Every day Jerry asked me if I made a decision and every day I told him that I probably couldn’t make a decision until the moment was at hand and even then I had no idea what I would do. He was as eager as a k** the week before Christmas.

On Monday, I told Otto that everything was set but that just in case Jerry tried to be sneaky that we needed to act it out as if we’ve never done this before. Otto agreed and said he would try to move his other appointments back an hour.

On Wednesday, he told me that he had a hidden camera that sent a signal directly to his laptop and that he was eager to see what I would do. I almost panicked and knew that Otto and I had to give the performance of our lives in order to convince Jerry that this was the first time for both of us.

Thursday finally arrived and I was so nervous because of Jerry’s video that I needed the drinks that Jerry ad suggested just to calm me down a bit. After the drink, I grabbed my towel, iPad, sunscreen and sunglasses and headed out to the pool. Just like the week before, I laid back in the lounger and let me my legs fall open just enough to given anyone a clear view of my pussy. I turned my music on and waited.

Waiting for Otto to show up took forever. The seconds seemed like hours, but eventually I heard the click of the side gate. Peeking through my sunglasses, watched as he quietly approached. He stood near the foot of my lounger and was staring at my exposed and very wet pussy. After a bit, he moved back away and cleared his throat and announced that it was Otto the pool guy.

As planned, I took off my sunglasses, looked at him and told him to come on in and do his thing. He asked if I was sure and I told him that since he saw me last week that there wasn’t any reason to hide now. He nodded, slipped me a quick smile and then went to work on the pool. I continued to just lay there naked as he cleaned the pool. He was constantly stealing looks in my direction and was sporting a huge bulge in his work shorts.

At one point I went inside and got a glass of cold water and took it out to Otto when he was at the far end of the pool. As I handed it to him I whispered that we needed to really act the part because Jerry said he has a hidden camera on us. Otto grinned and thanked me for the water.

I reached down and put my hand on Otto’s bulge and he fakes a surprised look on his face. As my hand started to rub the outside of his shorts, I take my other hand guided the young man’s hand to my breasts. He acted tentative although I knew he was anything but tentative inside. With my hand over his, I pressed his hands into me breasts. Now I could see the look of lust in his eyes and knew mine must have been looking the same.

After helping Otto feel my breasts for a couple of minutes, I guided one of his hands down across my flat stomach and held it at the crest of my mound. I leaned into him and his lips met mine with eagerness. There I was naked in my own backyard with a high school stud feeling my breasts and mound and now I was kissing him, all the knowing that Jerry was watching us on his laptop via his hidden camera.

Next I knelt down, unfastened his shorts and pulled them and his underpants down to his ankles. His erect tool was directly in front of my face and wrapped one hand around it as I cupped his sac with the other. First a small kiss and lick along the side of his shaft, the bottom and top. Then I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and delicately licked the drops of his essence from the slit.

Looking up at the young man, I proceeded to take his tool into my mouth, at least as much of it as I could take until I started to gag. His eyes were burning with lust as our gazes locked and mouth began to slide back and forth on his large tool. He tasted so good and I increased my speed and suction, wanting him to drench my mouth with his essence. It didn’t take long before I felt his tool swell and his sac pull up tight. My fingers gently massaged his sac as within seconds he let loose a torrent of essence into my mouth. I wanted Jerry to know that I was taking Otto’s essence in my mouth so I intentionally allowed some to drip out of the side of my mouth, but the rest I eagerly swallowed.

I continued to suck his tool until all of this essence had been consumed. I stood up and kissed the young man. He took me in his arms and pulled my naked body against his naked tool. I lifted his shirt enough to allow my breasts to press against his muscular chest. As we embraced, I whispered that he’s doing a great job and he whispered back that I already did a great job.

Again I thought about Jerry watching us as I pressed my breasts against his bare chest and his tool, which was still erect rested between my thighs and against my lips. Otto’s muscled body felt so good against my own and I hated to end the show, but knew I must. I whispered to Otto that this is all for now, but if our performance has the desired effect on Jerry that I’m sure it will that next week we’ll take it much further. He whispered that he can’t wait.

We broke off our embrace and Otto got dressed, collected his equipment and left the yard. When he was out of sight, I did one of those tada poses towards the house for Jerry’s enjoyment. Then I collect my things and went inside, straight up to my bedroom where I grabbed one of my toys and fucked it to death.

About half an hour later I got a text message from Jerry telling me that he was so proud of me for going as far as I did and that he can’t wait to get home. I texted him back telling him that I hoped he enjoyed as it was the hardest thing I had ever done and that I only did it for him, but thinking to myself that I did it for me and if only he knew the truth.

When Jerry got home, he rushed straight over to me, picked me up in his arms and carried me to the bedroom. He almost had all of my clothes off me by the time he set me down on the bed and his clothes were a blur as they flew off his body faster than I’ve ever seen him undress. He held me in his arms and pulled me against him just like Otto had done this morning. Jerry’s tool was also positioned between my thighs and rubbing against my lips.

Our tongues entwined with each other as the passion rose. I hadn’t seen Jerry this sexually worked up since the first time we made love and I was loving the renewed attention. His hands were kneading my ass as his hips began to push and pull his took against my lips and thighs. His early essence formed a smooth lubricant between us. Then he asked if I enjoyed hugging the pool guy this way earlier and I told him I was embarrassed by my display but that it did turn me on.

Jerry’s hands moved from my ass to me breasts and asked me how I enjoyed having the pool guys hands on my tits and I told him it felt weird but I enjoyed it. Then his hand traced the same path from my breasts down across my stomach and cupped my mound just like I had guided Otto’s hand. Before he could ask me how I liked letting the pool guy feel me there I told him that it was very erotic having another hand resting there and Jerry passionately kissed me again.

I knew what was next on Jerry’s mind so trying to be proactive, I knelt down and took his tool and sac in my hands just like I had with Otto. My tongue traced the same path as earlier and then I took his tool into my mouth and began to suck back and forth on it. Jerry was so sexually worked up that in less than a minute I felt his sac pull tight and his tool swell. Then his essence began pumping into my mouth and I swallowed every last drop.

It had been some time since I had swallowed Jerry’s essence and I have to admit that I missed doing it. When his sac was drained, he pulled me to my feet and kissed me again. Coming up for air he told him that he almost came in his pants at work watching me suck the pull guy’s cock. I asked if he was pleased with my performance this morning and he told him it was the hottest thing he’s ever seen. he told me that he was so proud of me for doing that for him and that he knows how hard it must have been for me to do it. I thought to myself if he only knew how much I enjoyed it.

Then THE question came up and he asked me if I was willing to go any further the next time. I asked him what he meant. He put his hands on my upper arms, looked straight into my eyes and asked if I would consider having sex with the pool guy. Acting time again as I looked shocked and asked if he was serious. He told me he was and that he’s fantasized about watching me with another man and this would mean so much to him.

I looked down, f***ed some tears from my eyes and told him that I would really have to think about this before I could say yes or no. Deep inside I was thanking my husband for asking me to have sex with our hunk of a neighbor.

Even though I had just drained Jerry’s essence from his sac, all of the talk of me doing Otto turned us both on and he was hard and ready to go again. He wasted no time sliding his tool inside me and I was so worked up that I had a fairly intense orgasm just moments after he entered me. Jerry pounded me like a steam hammer causing me to have two more orgasms before he filled my womanhood with his essence.

Afterward we just laid in bed holding each other in the afterglow of love. No words were spoken for minutes and the only sounds I could hear were Jerry and I trying to catch our breath. Finally, I asked him what he wanted for dinner and he told me to get dressed that he was taking me out.

All I could think about the rest of the evening was telling Otto that I have permission to fuck him and that my husband wants to watch…
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Seduced By The Cosmtic Consultant

Seduced By The Cosmetic Consultant

My name is Marnie. I am a mature married woman, in occupations a mother and housewife and business partner, a wife and lover. This is my story.

I was shopping recently one week day at Westfield when I decided to take a break for a coffee in the foodhall. It was crowded, but eventually I managed to find an unoccupied table for two. I had only been sitting there for a few minutes, crowd watching, when a woman politely asking me if I minded sharing my table with her interrupted my thoughts.

The woman was outgoing, pleasant and very personable. She was dressed in a white uniform with a name tag for a cosmetic company. The tag indicated her name was Beth. She had short natural red hair, was slim in build, small in stature, with delicate hands. Beth wore little jewelry, earrings, bracelet, fine gold chain necklace but no rings. Naturally Beth was well made up, but not over done. She was attractive, but not a beauty, just interesting in appearance, around thirty years of age. We introduced ourselves, and began talking about the crowded shopping center, discovering our mutual interest in cosmetics.

Beth had finished her sales stint for the day in the big department store dominating the shopping center. She lived near by in an apartment and invited me back to her place to have a look and try out her company’s full range of cosmetics. I accepted her invitation. We found each other’s car in the carpark, and I followed Beth to her home.

The apartment was actually a two storey town house, tastefully but plainly furnished, where Beth obviously lived alone. With a cup of coffee each we made our way upstairs to a spare bedroom, which was set up as a stockroom. Beth showed me much of her range, applying make up to me to test various different effects. We were both at ease with each other, enjoying each other’s personality and sense of humor, both able to readily communicate with each other, appreciating our differences.

In discussing a range of body and massage oils I indicated that my partner giving me massages was an important part of my intimate life. Beth seemed very interested that I enjoyed massages, and the fact I thought my partner was rather good at it. She suggested that I might like to try out some of her company’s oils and, if so, she would give me a massage right now. I was a bit surprised, in view of our brief relationship, that Beth would make such an offer; and be serious and so reassuring about it too. Beth was a sales woman and she soon convinced me to give it a go. We moved to her bedroom.

Beth stripped the double bed back to the bottom sheet and placed a large white towel over the sheet for me to lie on. As I removed my clothing Beth hung my things in the wardrobe. I did think about leaving my panties on for the sake of modesty, and then thought that one can’t have a proper massage with clothes on. So as I stripped to the nude, passing my clothes to Beth, I never gave the issue another thought; not even when Beth was very complimentary to me about my figure, which I found comforting and flattering. Nor when Beth commented on how nice and smooth my shaved pussy looked. Nor even when Beth told me she too was going to strip to avoid getting oil on her clothes.

I returned Beth’s favor, hanging her clothes as she disrobed. Beth was quite slim, with tiny waist and hips, small breasts tipped by tiny pink nipples. I noticed that Beth was a genuine red head, with sparse blond tinged light red hair trimmed to the top of her vulva.

Beth had me lay face down on the towel on the bed. She knelt beside me and began a gentle but firm massage on my neck and shoulders. I discovered Beth had a wonderful touch, relaxing and soothing. We still quietly talked to each other, enjoying the shared intimacy of the situation.

As Beth slowly worked over my body she of course touched me with more than her hands; a caress of a leg or a thigh, nothing unusual, just part of the contact between two people in this position. As Beth’s hands began to work over my bottom the fire in those intimate nerve endings were first lit. Beth’s oily fingers strayed along the gap between my cheeks, gently and softly teasing the rosebud of my anus. Her fingertips did not linger there long, just enough to let me know my inner fire could be kindled by this touch. Next Beth’s hands, as she massaged the top of my thighs and the back of my legs, strayed across the rear of my pudendum. Her touch was light, unobtrusive, almost accidental, but nevertheless sensual and erotic.

Beth knelt between my thighs to continue her work. As her hands worked over the top and sides of my upper legs she stroked my vulva more often, just on the outside, across my smooth shaved skin. As the massage progressed further down my legs this erotic touch became less frequent. My toes are particularly sensitive, so I was able to equally enjoy the attention Beth gave to them, and my feet.

At Beth’s request I turned over to lay face up on my back. The massage began again with sensitivity on my face, eyes and throat; but when Beth touched my breasts the fires started burning a little more brightly in my nerve endings. I found the female hands on my nipples somehow very erotic, and Beth commented on hard and elongated they had become; the fact of her noticing and commenting added to my awareness, and growing arousal. Kneeling beside me, Beth worked the oil down across my belly, eventually reaching my pubic mound. The hands drifting almost accidentally across my vulva felt light and silken and caressive. I couldn’t help spreading my legs a little more to facilitate Beth’s touch. All the while Beth was talking softly, reassuring but exciting and stimulating; so that I wanted her to do whatever she had in her mind to do. Beth’s fingertips strayed past my closed slit, lightly parting my portaled lips, dabbing at the hood of my clitoris, slowly exciting it to erectness and exposure. Just when my arousal levels started to rise she moved on.

Beth’s attitude to the massage was different from my previous massage experiences; the guys always seem to be anxious to get to the act of penetration. The way Beth’s hands touched me there was no indication that this was a goal for her at all. The touch to my cunt was part of the touch to the whole of my body.

Again she knelt between my legs to work her hands down the muscles of both limbs until she reached my feet. My whole body felt relaxed, but stimulated; I felt fantastic. I was lying there daydreaming in the aftermath of the massage when Beth’s tongue first touched my pussy. She had lent forward from her kneeling position between my legs to lightly touch the outside of my slit with the tip of her tongue. It snail trailed along from my belly button, down my stomach, along my slit as far as she could get, to the crack of my bottom, and back again; slowly, wetly, erotically. My god, it felt so good. I opened my eyes, looking down at her, watching her. As she reached my belly button she looked at me in a happy dreamy smiling way, before starting the journey all over again.

Beth took hold of my ankles and lifted my legs, placing a thigh over either shoulder. Now when she bent her face to my pussy my legs were further apart, my bottom raised and turned up more from the bed, my gash more exposed and more accessible to her touch. My position felt totally vulnerable, but in reality I felt completely safe and relaxed.

Again the tip of her tongue touched me, now only travelling up and down the length of the slit of my vulva. Her fingers were on my gash, parting me, opening me up inside, exposing me to her mouth. My hands reached down my body to her head, stroking her hair, as she ministered her attentions on my exposed pussy. I felt her warm breath blow on me there. I felt her tongue dip inside me, touching me in my inner private sanctum where few women had gone before. Some part of my mind told me I shouldn’t be doing this; another voice inside urged me on, to take pleasure in this new experience, to seek lustful fulfillment with this new found intimate friend. It was the second voice I followed.

Her mouth found my clitoris. The sensations that swept my body were beyond belief. All of me responded to her gentle tongue strokes, her lapping, her sucking, and her soft nibbles. My clitoris felt super sensitive. The sensations in my body suddenly just simply exploded, an orgasm coursing through me from nowhere, ripping through me as I, without any premeditated effort or thought, sailed to the stars. Unbelievable!

As I returned to the reality of the bed I found Beth looking at me, her face happy and smiling. There were no questions from her about how good it felt for me, or any request from her for my reassurance about her performance on me. What a nice change! No male ego to be stroked.

Beth now moved her body so that she was above mine, straddling me, again her mouth between my legs, her own thighs on either side of my head. While I have experienced the sixty-nine position before, this one on one with another woman was not a frequent experience. I wondered about my ability to please her; in fact as I looked up at her pussy, only centimeters above my face, I wondered whether I would still like this at all.

The skin of her vulva was a lovely baby pink complexion and completely devoid of hair, except for a small trimmed clump near her belly. Her slit was slightly parted so that I could see the dark pink folds of her inner being framed by small neat labia. Her gash seemed to be so moist, and her clitoris stood erect and upright, proud almost. I could smell her, a faint pleasant waft of female on heat. As she lowered herself to me I touched her with my tongue. I decided to follow Beth’s lead, and do to her whatever she did to me. If it felt good for me I assumed it must also feel good for her.

As she, again, stroked her tongue up and down my groove so I too stroked my tongue along her slit. She felt wonderfully smooth and soft, pliant. I gently sucked at her clitoris, pulling at it with my lips, sucking it into my mouth. I coiled my tongue, like a miniature cock, and thrust it forward into the gripping muscular tightness of her vagina. My mouth was buried in the parted folds of her wet gash. Beth began to move her cunt over my face as she responded to my mouth. She seemed to know where to place herself on me, to ensure my tongue and lips concentrated on the spots where she sought stimulation. I wasn’t moving anywhere near as much. I was simply laying underneath Beth with my legs spread well apart, her face and mouth free to roam over my body wherever she wished.

My mouth couldn’t get enough of her. Part of me was fascinated with my intense desire to please her. I worked my tongue over and into Beth’s slit, mimicking her mouth on my own pussy. Her lips and tongue touching me in all the right places was quickly bringing me to another shattering thigh clutching orgasm that coursed through the whole of my body. In spite of intense pleasure I was, at the same time, aware that Beth too was orgasming over me. Her cunt was mashed against my face. My head was clasped firmly by the grip of her soft silken thighs. She was cumming on my mouth, and so close up I could see the muscular contractions within her vagina. It was a simply marvelous experience for me. Beth’s secretions covered my mouth, my lips and tongue. Her sexual aroma permeated my nostrils.

As we both came down from our high Beth turned around and lay beside me, holding me, gently hugging me, her luscious legs entangled in mine. Our bodies relaxed together. Our words were gentle, kind, caring, positive, content, but full of thrill and wonder. After a while, as we talked, Beth began to languidly caress my breasts and nipples. I almost didn’t notice her touch at first, she was so gentle. It was only when my body began to slowly stir in response that my brain began to register what was happening to me. I laughed with her as my nipples hardened, this in spite of the previous orgasms during the brief period of our afternoon together. Beth knew how to put me at my ease and quell any faint but brief thoughts of guilt. It was easy to agree to her suggestion that she tie me to the bed and let her dominate me as a new fun experience between us.

She used scarves to tie each wrist above my head to the bedhead. Similarly she tied each ankle, so that now I was spread-eagled, totally exposed, before her on the bed. While in some ways I was in a very vulnerable position I felt safe; Beth’s words of encouragement added to my feelings of security.

Beth knelt over my body and began to kiss and caress the sensitive and exposed parts of my body. There was nothing I could do to avoid her touch, not that I wanted to. I passively surrendered myself to the pleasure of the experience. I enjoyed her touch on the nape of my throat, on my areolae until my nipples hardened to bursting point, on the softness of my belly and navel, across my open wettening gash where I could feel my labia flowering, down the inside of my thighs. She certainly knew how to get a woman stimulated and hot. I could feel the love juices running out of my vagina, wetting my thighs and the crack of my behind. The reverie of our intimacy was interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. Beth quietly swore. The bell rang insistently. She quickly got up, donned a robe from her wardrobe, and promised to return very soon. We both smiled as she told me not to go away.

I could hear voices. It seemed the unknown visitor was angry, and not easily put off. The argument was taking too long and I began to wonder a bit anxiously what was going on. More than one set of footsteps on the stairs told me the visitor had gained entry to Beth’s apartment and was about seriously intrude on our intimacy. My anxiety levels seriously increased, but of course I was in no position to move. Into the bedroom barged a rather angry looking woman, with Beth right behind her. I gathered from the verbal exchange between the two that the intruder was an old flame of Beth’s who was somewhat upset that Beth was giving her attention to somebody else, namely me. While Beth was being apologetic to me I still felt a great deal of unease given I was on the bed in such a vulnerable position; though no fear, simply because the other person was a woman. Over some minutes relative calm returned to the bedroom. The unwelcome guest, Vera, seemed to make up her mind that she had to accept the evidence of the situation for what it was. Without so much as a by your leave Vera began to remove her clothes, dropping them in a heap on the floor. Suddenly I realised Beth and I had serious intrusive company, whether we liked it or not. Beth came to the bed and began to untie me. Vera told her bluntly to leave me alone, to retie the single knot she had managed to undo. I wasn’t to be left wondering for long what Vera’s intentions were.

Vera stood in a nakedly aggressive pose beside the bed looking down at me, visually examining my body with a critical sweeping gaze. Not one to be easily intimidated, in spite of the passivity and powerlessness of my position, I looked back at her; likewise critically checking her assets. Vera wasn’t very tall, had short cut black hair, brown eyes with just the right amount of eye shadow and neat plucked eye brows, and a handsome face. Her full generous lips looked quite good in a dark red mature lipstick. Her body looked in firm condition; though she tended towards heaviness in build she wasn’t fat, just solid. She looked recently tanned, all over, her skin a healthy complexion. Her breasts were large and firm but heavy looking; big round brown areolae tipped by elongated hardened nipples pierced by small gold bars. Vera’s belly was Rubensquely round, tapering down to her sex. She too shaved, leaving only a very small patch of short black hair at the top of her mound. Her thighs too were solid, parted by her aggressive pose, framing thick folded gold pierced labia poking out of her parted slit.

While Beth ineffectually bobbed nervously around in the background, still trying desperately to appease and retrieve the situation, Vera stepped forward towards the bed; and me. She knelt on the bed beside me, reached forward and gripped a nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. Her touch wasn’t gentle. Her grip was hard. The pain surged through the nerve endings at the end of my breasts, and seared into my brain. After the hours of previous pleasure the pain was initially devastating. Strangely enough after a minute or so, as Vera squeezed each nipple hard, rubbing them tightly across her fingers with her thumbs, the pain began to ease; to be replaced by a warm hot sensation that was almost pleasure. My breasts ached under her touch.

Vera let one nipple go and began to roughly run her hand down my belly, past my navel, over my wide open gash between my spread tied legs. Her fingers probed and gripped at my labia so recently fattened and swollen with pleasure by Beth. Vera let go of my other nipple and moved down the bed to kneel between my thighs. I watched her as she looked at my cunt; the anger had now gone from her face, to be u*********sly replaced with fierce unbridled lust. She looked up at Beth, who was standing mute beside the bed still clad in her gown. Vera told her to get undressed, and to get their toys out to play. Beth shed her gown and moved over to the wardrobe. After a few seconds she returned to the bed carrying a number of items that she laid on the edge of the bed.

Vera reached amongst the items, making her selection. She reached up across my body and quickly fastened a small metal clip on each hard nipple. The pain was excruciating, almost like a burn. My body involuntarily rocked and shivered as a wave of fire shocked and shot through my breasts. Before I could recover Vera similarly gripped hold of my tiny hard clitoris with thumb and forefinger, stretched it long and taut, and fixed another clip to it. The pain in my nipples was nothing to the pain that swirled through my belly as Vera let go. My legs, thighs and vagina all clenched together in spasm, as if trying to cast off the metal clamp. Vera knelt between my thighs and observed my body’s response. Slowly the pain passed, to be replaced with a fierce hot flush in my breasts and nipples, my belly and vagina and clitoris.

As the warmth of pleasure pain enveloped my senses Vera demanded Beth to pass her that bottle. Looking down across my body I recognized it as a lubricant. Vera dribbled copious quantities of the cold liquid over and across my vulva. Leaning forward she bunched up the fingers of one hand and dipped them in my open waiting cunt. My muscles clenched to repel this new intrusion. Her other hand stroked my lower belly, soothing me. Her voice lost its harshness, and she began to softly coax me to relax, to assure me that I was going to enjoy her, no matter what. As her clenched fingers twisted further into me, penetrating me well past my labia, actually forcing their way into my vagina, I surrendered. As more and more of her hand worked into me, aided by my now willing attitude and the effects of the lubricant, I began to actually enjoy the sensation. My vagina felt incredibly full, stimulated; my muscles began to contract on her hand’s inwards twisting thrusts. I began to raise my lower body to more readily accept and assist Vera’s efforts. Soon I could feel her fingers deep inside me, filling me up, her hand stretching my vaginal walls and outer membranes further than they had ever been stretched before. Her thrusting hand movement picked up speed and intensity as my body adjusted to the size, thickness and depth of this penetration. I began to enjoy this new unheralded sensation.

Vera undoubtedly noticed my response. She lent forward while still rhythmically thrusting her fist into my cunt and began to tongue and suck my clamped clitty. My body shook and trembled with feeling. A shivering, muscle twitching orgasm ripped through my guts and belly and vagina. I wailed my pleasure at the walls. My arms and legs twisted against their bonds. I was shattered by the intensity of this quick physical response to her touch. My woman’s body felt like that of a girl, as it succumbed so easily to these new intrusive sensations.

It was a blessed relief too when Beth released the clamps on my nipples and clitoris. All felt swollen and engorged as the bl**d began to freely circulate through these small but very sensitive extremities.

I was not allowed recovery time by this domineering bitch of a woman. She commanded Beth to help her retie my legs. As my ankles were released the sensation of freedom felt wonderful, but it was all too brief. The bonds were now fastened around the bottom of my thighs, just slightly above my knees; my legs though bent at the knees, were pulled widely and gapingly apart, so that I was more exposed than before, as fully exposed as I could possibly be. Vera f***ed a pillow under my backside so that my open gash tilted upwards from the bed, upwards towards her! She put a second pillow under my head so, as she said, I would not miss any of the action. Not likely; it was my body she was using and abusing.

Vera climbed onto the bed between my completely parted thighs, caressing my butterfly pussy softly with her fingers, adding a little more lubricant to my own natural moisture. She leant forward over me, placing a supportive arm on either side of my body, as if she was going to fuck me. She was! I looked up at the pleasure mask of her face as she slid her gash over my wide open gaping pussy. Actually her skin was soft and smooth and slippery, then I felt the rings of metal in her labia slide across my lips and clitoris. It was different; but oh it felt so good, so exciting. Vera began to grind and slide her pussy over me. Her ringed lips slid up and down and around me. Her head came down onto my breasts, and she sucked my nipples, each in turn to salivated hardness. My body now had all of her weight on it. Her hands grasped the cheeks of my bottom, so that she pulled me to her as she ground away at me, still sucking and gnawing my nipples. Quickly she began to cum, fierce groans rising out of her throat around my breasts, her grip on my cheeks vice like, drawing me fiercely to her cunt, grinding out a crescendo of orgasmic cumming on me. She collapsed across my chest and lay resting between my thighs. I looked down at her and saw the beads of perspiration glistening on her back.

It didn’t take long for Vera to stir. Rising off my body she commanded Beth, who remained very much in the background to this point in time, a passive voyeur, to introduce their special friend to me. Watching Beth, I saw her pick up a large pink penis shaped vibrator; except it looked very large; huge; long and thick. I begged her not to use that weapon on me; my vagina, in spite of having had c***dren, is not that big; certainly nowhere near big enough to accommodate the monster in Beth’s hands.

Vera of course encouraged, ordered, Beth to put it in me, my protests totally ignored. In spite of Beth liberally lubricating their friend and me it still hurt as she slowly slipped it inside me; it felt tight to the point of pain as it stretched the outer circle of my vaginal entrance, straining past my taut labia. In my pose I looked down over my belly, watching this b**st slowly disappear into my insides. Beth turned it on and that humming buzz, combined with Beth’s gentle hand action that caused the machine to touch me more erotically, began to remove a little of the physical and mental stress I had been suffering from this intrusion. In fact I began to marvel at how much of the vibrator’s thick length I could take as Beth fucked it smoothly in and out of my gaping cunt.

This pleasant view was removed by Vera climbing onto the bed, kneeling with her legs on either side of my tied up arms, straddling my face with her open gaping cunt, resting her hands on the bedhead, looking down at me, watching me as I looked up at her pussy, close up for the first time. Actually this new view distracted me from the thoughts I had been having of a permanently stretched oversized vagina.

I had never seen pierced labia so close in the flesh before. It was fascinating to see the two gold rings, one through each of her thick brown labium. At the top of her parted slit her clitoris was large, erect and red. With her pose I could see inside the entrance of her vagina, see the round muscular “O” of her love tunnel, fleshily red, dripping with clear stringy wet mucous; and smell the odor of sex wafting out of her. Vera lowered herself to my face, using her pose to place her cunt just where she wished to give it my attention. She planted her gash across my mouth. I couldn’t help but begin to tongue deeply into her vagina, to suck at her clitoris as it came within reach of my lips. Vera began to fuck my face, quickly losing her initial control, mashing her cunt down on my mouth and nose, masturbating herself on me.

While Vera’s sex occupied the greater part of my attention I was also conscious of the large vibrator sawing in and out of my pussy. The size of the thing Beth was pushing into me seemed to prevent me gaining any real enjoyment from its intrusion. As Vera briefly lifted her genitals off my mouth I asked Beth to get it out of me. It surprised me, and gave me considerable relief, when she complied immediately; without any interference from Vera.

I relaxed and really began to enjoy Vera’s pussy; it was a new experience for me; her pussy by its appearance, adornments, taste and closeness commanded attention. I wanted this to be memorable for me too.

As she squirmed and squished herself on my unturned face and mouth Vera untied my wrists from their bonds. It was great to have my freedom again, even though my arms were between Vera’s legs as she knelt over me. I raised one hand up to her chest, felt for a breast, and clasped her pierced nipple in my fingers. My other hand I slid in near my face and grasped her hard erect clitoris between thumb and forefinger. With fingers firmly gripping the pierced nipple against its jeweled insert and her clitoris I began to exert enough pressure to go beyond pleasure to pain. My brief recent experiences with this woman had at least taught me that. It was pay back time.

Vera didn’t pull away. She reveled in these sensations. She held my hand on her breast, making sure I kept it there. She thrust her gaping cunt down at my hand and face. With howls she began to cum, writhing, thrusting, groaning, sweating. Above my face her vagina began to contract, muscles clutching at my hand and tongue, her inner walls flushed red and engorged with bl**d, clear sticky mucous dripping and dribbling out of her onto my upturned mouth and tongue. It was like nectar to me.

As she came down off her cloud Vera collapsed across the bed. Freedom at last. I sat up and untied my legs, noticing now that Beth had been kneeling there at the end of the bed, watching us, masturbating. She had a glazed faraway look on her face. I knelt forward over Vera and kissed Beth, gently and tenderly; touching her lips, neck and breasts with my mouth. I placed one hand over hers between her legs, letting her movement become my movement, fingers splitting between hers to stray inside her open wet pussy, rubbing where she rubbed. She began to cum, her breath ragged and gasping, body gyrating on our hands, sailing to pleasure, eyes staring to infinity, sweat glistening on her breasts and belly.

We fell across the bed together, over Vera’s body, all enjoying the relaxation and revelation of our collective sexual release. Our limbs intertwined as we talked softly about the afternoon’s experience; all agreeing that the end result had outweighed the initial trauma between two old friends in new fresh company. It was in more than friendship we eventually stirred, showering and making up, dressing, ensuring we all looked as good at our departure as we did on our arrival. And we agreed to meet and have an afternoon together on a regular basis!
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Seduced By Neighbourhood Aunty Archana

This story is about how I was seduced by neighbor aunty archana for sex Archana aunty was around 30 years old very hot with big boobs, a hot ass and a sexy figure she is a horny bitch she was married and her husband was working in a software firm she is a mother to a c***d.

I used to work in marketing field once I was travelling I saw Archana aunty was waiting for a bus so I gradually I went and asked can I drop you aunty with a smiling face she said ok. While travelling we exchanged few words and at last. We reached and she said thanks and went in. there on whenever she use to go for shopping she use to call me to drop her once while riding my bike she started to hug me from behind wow! I just got stunned it was great feeling this continued for a month.

Gradually we were become close to each other and we had long duration phone talks One afternoon I got a call from archana aunty and she told that her husband and son has gone to their native place, so am getting bored can you please company me in the evening.
The evil started to run on my mind so I took 2 hrs permission from office and I went to her place she welcomed me at the door wow! She was wearing a low cut red coloured blouse with border saree, she was looking so beautiful.

I complimented her and she asked me to sit down and offered a coffee and I was staring at her partly visible boobs and I can't take my eyes away from her and we both sat there and she started chatting, she started to say that since 2 days I got severe back pain its not reducing at all so. I said why you can’t try some massage with some pain relief cream. So she said yeah but my husband is not in town and how will I massage myself. So I got some courage and I said aunty if you don't mind I can massage you. She stared at me and gave me a sexy smile and she went to kitchen and brought some oil and she asked me to come to bedroom. Hooo! I just got excited thought it was my day.

I planned everything I went into the room she was already lying in the bed showing her back and I went behind her and slowly I poured some oil on her back and I kept my hand on her back and started to massage and I got aroused after a while I asked archana aunty can.
I unhook your blouse hooks because it's restricting me to massage, without any hesitation she said ok within no time I unhooked her blouse. She was just in her petticoat I could not resist but somehow.

I controlled and started giving massage on her back she was closing her eyes and enjoying the massage with the moaning. Aaaahh after some 20 minutes and I asked how your feeling aunty she said yeah am feeling better please continue rohan. I got excited and I slowly untied her petticoat and I pulled it down now she was just left with pink panty, wow what a sight it was. I just sat back of her thigh and started to massage like a mad and my 7 inch dick was rubbing her buttocks. She was moaning like a sexy bitch aaahhhhhh. I made her to turn and I pulled her blouse and slowly removed her panty.

Now she was completely naked in front of me, her naked body was so gorgeous I just hugged her tightly and planted a kiss on her lips we were kissing passionately for some 15 minutes. I just grabbed her both the boobs and started caressing it, I was pressing her boobs I took it fully in my mouth and I started licking her hot nipples and I was sucking it like a baby and I slowly moved towards her vagina and parted her thighs her pussy was cleanly shaved. I was too excited to lick her hot pussy and I started to lick her pussy it had unique smell and I got hooked to it and I was licking deep in to her pink pussy.

I inserted my middle finger in her pussy and started finger fucking she was loudly moaning aaahhhh please don't stop come aaahh. I kept finger fucking and licking her pussy for around 30mts and she gave a loud moan aaahhhhhh. She started to cum all her juice flew into my hand and I licked and drank all her juices it was really tasty with very good smell she got up and ripped opened. My shirt trouser and my boxer and caught my dick and started stroking it, my 7 inch dick was very hard by now and she took my entire dick in to her mouth and started to suck my dick. It was heavenly feeling to get a blowjob from beautiful women.

She started sucking my balls and even took my both balls in her mouth, I started moaning loudly with pleasure and she kept doing it for some 25 minutes s finally I ejaculated a sperm in her mouth and like a slut she licked and drank every drop of semen. I pulled her up and started kissing her, we kissed each other for about 20 minutes and my dick started to rise and I said I love you archana aunty. I need you badly so she told am all yours baby fuck your slutty aunty harder as you can.

I got excited by her words and I pulled her on the bed and parted her thighs and slowly inserted my dick in her vagina and my whole 7 inches dick inserted in het pussy For the first time I felt my dick in a women's pussy it was heavenly feeling. I fucked her slowly initially but I increased my speed she started to shout come rohan fuck your aunty hard come aaahhhhh come on you bastard faster more faster aaahhhhh and I got really excited and started fucking her harder and I was about to cum.

I ejaculated a lot of sperms in her pussy and even she too started to cum in same time we both started to moan loudly, we were very tired so we started kissing each other and slept naked hugging each other. We woke up after an hour and I asked aunty I wanted to fuck your ass. I just love your ass please aunty and she said am all yours do whatever you want. I took out some oil and I applied in her ass hole and she applied oil to my dick.

By now we were ready for the anal sex and I made her in a doggy style position and I slowly inserted my dick in her ass hole. She started to scream loudly aahhhh it's paining no aaahhh but I was not going to give up she was feeling the pain slowly my fully erected dick was inside her ass hole and I fucked her slowly in the beginning then when she started to enjoy. I increased my speed she was moaning aaaaahh come on harder fuck harder aaahh. I was banging her ass like a mad dog for 30mts and I ejaculated in her ass I was so pleased. I took out my dick out of her ass but still my dick was covered with sperm.

She just pulled me and took my whole dick in her mouth and licked and drank all my semen and gave me dirty and lusty smile. Then we had some a passionate kiss and started saying thanks rohan and I never had a wonderful fucking session and my husband never use to satisfy me. I just enjoyed like a bitch thanks dear. From there onwards whenever we get a chance we use to fuck. Now I am in Mumbai ... Continue»
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Kevin Seduced by Mom and s****r

Kevin Seduced by Mom and s****r

Nancy’s husband Jim got up early, showered, dressed, grabbed his packed bags and headed to the airport. He had an early flight out for business and would be gone all week. She drove him to the airport and dropped him off like she did every other week. He kissed her goodbye, told her he loved her and would see her Friday night. Then Jim disappeared into the airport and Nancy headed for home.

Nancy had looked forward to this day for several months. She was excited, nervous and scared beyond belief. She knew that nothing would ever be the same in the house ever again. She hoped the day would go well but feared that it might go horribly wrong and destroy lives and relationships, but it was a gamble she had to take.

Arriving home, Nancy found her 18 year old daughter Michelle already working in the kitchen fixing breakfast. She asked if dad had gotten off okay and Nancy told her he had. Michelle turned and faced her mom, grinned and asked if they were really going through with the plans and Nancy nervously smiled back and said yes. Michelle bounded over to her mom and hugged her.

Moments later, Kevin, Nancy’s 16 year old son emerges sl**pily into the kitchen and greets him mom and s****r. Michelle looked at her younger b*****r, then back to her mom and smiled. Kevin had no clue what was about to unfold. As Kevin was focusing on getting the orange juice out of the refrigerator, Michelle stood behind him and lifted her nightie up high enough to reveal that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Before her b*****r moved, she dropped her nightie back down, looked at her mom who smiled back at her.

Breakfast was served the three of them sat down at the table to eat. Nancy asked Kevin if he had any plans for the day and he said not really. Then he said he might spend some time out at the pool but otherwise he had no real plans. Michelle said the pool sounded like a great idea with it being so hot outside. Nancy added that if her c***dren didn’t mind an old lady joining them that she might cool off with them. Kevin said that was fine, still sounding like he was trying to wake up.

After breakfast, Nancy went to change into something more comfortable and cooler. It was normal for her to go braless at home, but this time she put on a tank top that was a little loose on her and checked out the different angles in the mirror. From the sides, her c cup tits were clearly visible. Bending forward into the mirror also presented a clear view of her tits. Satisfied, she slipped on a pair of shorts that were very short and loose fitting. She sat on the end of the bed and spread her legs half way and she smiled as she could easily see her bare pussy.

Taking one final look in the mirror at her boldness, she opened her door and ventured out to the livingroom. Kevin was sitting on the sofa watching TV. He never seemed to notice how his mom was dressed as she sat down in a chair next to the sofa. She spoke to her son several times trying to get his attention, but his eyes seemed riveted to the screen.

A few moments later Michelle joined them and she was similarly dressed in a loose tank top and loose fitting shorts. She walked in front of her b*****r and sat down on the sofa with him. Nancy began to wonder if he was even conscious as he didn’t even give his s****r a second glance.

After several attempts, mother and daughter gave up trying to distract the young teen and headed off to the kitchen. They talked about how non-observant Kevin was and then discussed what their next plan of attack would be. Michelle suggested that they go about their normal routine and see if he noticed them or took any second looks. Mom asked what if he still doesn’t notice and Michelle giggled like a school girl and said that they could always go into the pool in what they were wearing and that once the clothes were wet, that he should be able to see their bodies. Nancy thought for a moment and asked what if they walked out to the pool with him already there and just took their tops off and dived in. They could always loosen their shorts so that they would slide down as they dove into the water. Michelle liked that idea and the two of them agreed on the plan.

At lunch, Kevin took a few extra glances at his mom and s****r, but didn’t say anything about their attire. After all, he thought, he’d seen them braless before and it was a hot day and they should be able to dress cooler and comfortable if they wanted. He also thought to himself how much he was enjoying the view, but didn’t want to let them catch him looking.

Without each party realizing it, a cat and mouse game was afoot. Mother and daughter wanted to be seen and Kevin wanted to see without them catching him seeing. Helping to clean up after lunch, Kevin stood just behind his mom at the sink and got a great view of her right tit. Even though he had seen her nipples poking through tops before, it was the first time that he actually saw her bare tit.

Once everything was cleaned up, Kevin said he was going to change into in swim suit and head out to the pool. Nancy and Michelle told him to go ahead and that they would join him in a few minutes. They did their best to look busy until Kevin wandered out to the pool and jumped in. Nancy turned to her daughter and asked if she was ready to do this and it was probably now or never. Michelle said she was ready, nervous and excited. Nancy handed her daughter some cold drinks to carry out and she grabbed some items to snack on and they headed out to the pool.

When Kevin saw them with the food and drinks, he told them the water felt great and that they needed to hurry and change so they could join him. Knowing he had just set up the perfect scenario for them to carry out their plan, Nancy faced her son and said they didn’t need to go in and change as she lifted her tank up over her head and tossed in onto a chair.

Kevin’s mouth hung open and his eyes bulged out as he stared at his now topless mom. Michelle immediately followed suit and lifted her top up and off and stood next her mom. Kevin remained motionless and speechless as he gazed upon his mom and s****r’s naked tits. It was a fantasy of his come true and for a minute he thought he might be dreaming. He dipped below the water and then back up, wiped the water out of his eyes and they were still standing there topless.

Nancy asked her son if anything was wrong and Kevin stammered unintelligibly at first. Michelle put her hands under her tits to show them off and asked if little b*****r approved. Finally the stunned teen responded ‘heel yeah, s*s, they’re great.’ Then he asked what’s up and why were they showing him their tits. Nancy said if he didn’t like what he saw that they could cover back up and he quickly told them ‘no, no, no.’

Then Nancy saw her son’s eyes drift from her tits to her shorts as if asking if they had anything on under them. She queried if he was wondering the same and Kevin just smiled and nodded. Michelle told him that if he really wanted to find out what they had on under their shorts, if anything, that he had to take his off first and toss them to them. In a heartbeat the teen yanked his shorts off and threw them at his s****r.

Michelle then motioned for her b*****r to come closer and he moved to the edge of pool right in front of his mom and s****r. Michelle told him that he had to do the honors. He looked at his mom and she nodded her approval. Looking up to reach for his s****r’s shorts, Kevin realized that he could see her pussy through the loose leg hole.

Eagerly, he reached up, grabbed each side of the bottom of her shorts and began to pull them down. The lower the waist band went the bigger his eyes got until they finally revealed his s****rs smoothly shaven pussy. From his lower vantage point, he had the perfect view looking straight up at her private of privates. When Michelle raised one leg to step out of her shorts, it partially opened up the lips of her pussy and then she repeated with the other foot.

Through the slightly rippling water, Michelle could see that her b*****r’s cock was at full attention and whether it was the optical effects of the water or not, it looked plenty big. She stared at the moving image of her b*****r’s cock as he stared up at his s****r’s pussy.

Then his mom told him that if he could stop drooling long enough that it was her turn. Kevin looked up at his mom’s shorts and again saw a waiting pussy through the loose leg hole. He asked her if she was sure this was okay to do and she smiled at her son and told him that it was perfectly okay. Like he did with his s****r, the young teen reached up, took hold of the bottoms of his mom’s shorts and pulled them down. Unlike his s****r, mom was not entirely clean shaven. As her shorts were pulled down, an inverted V, more like an arrow of blonde hair came into view. Kevin noticed how it pointed down to her pussy and without realizing it, he verbally said ‘nice.’ Nancy told him she was glad he liked it.

Kevin took a long look up at his mom’s pussy as she stepped out of her shorts, one foot at a time. The teenager was now staring up at his mom’s and s****r’s pussy, not believing this was happening or why. Finally coming to his senses, he asked his mom why they were doing this.

Nancy sat down on the side of the pool with her feet in the water and legs spread on either side of her son. He looked at her pussy and then up at her face. She told him that she and his s****r have noticed what a handsome young man he become and that they both desired him. Kevin wasn’t sure he heard that right and asked what she meant by wanting him.

Michelle, also sitting on the side of the pool, motioned her b*****r over between her legs. When he was close enough, she pulled his head straight into her pussy and told him to lick her. He didn’t need to be told twice as his tongue snaked out and slid along his s****r’s slit. Big s****r leaned back on her hands and moaned at the sensation of her younger b*****r’s tongue exploring her pussy.

Kevin didn’t notice that his mom had slid into the pool until he felt a hand take hold of his rock hard cock. He knew it had to be his mom as his s****r was still straddling his face. Michelle moaned louder as his tongue began to explore inside her cavern of lust. Kevin loved the taste of his s****r’s pussy as he licked on sucked on it.

Suddenly he was surprised to feel a set of lips engulf his cock. His mom had taken a deep breath of air and submerged long enough to begin sucking her son’s cock. Nancy couldn’t suck for long before having to surface for air and then back down she went. Each time mom went down to suck, her duration was shorter and shorter and she finally gave up trying to suck her son’s cock and began stroking it again.

Michelle was now moaning louder as her legs clamped around Kevin’s ears as her orgasm swept over her body. Her juices flowed heavily and Kevin drank in as much as he possibly could. It was the first time he even brought a girl to orgasm orally and he was quite proud of himself. When Michelle’s legs finally unclamped from her b*****r’s head, he came up for air, smiling like a Cheshire cat. She looked down and at him and told that was fantastic and Kevin agreed. Then she told him that she hoped his cock was equally fantastic and again another surprised look appeared on his face as he looked at his older s****r and then at his mom.

Nancy told him that she echoes what Michelle just said and that after she found out that it was going to be her turn. Then Michelle told him that before they go any further that they needed to see his cock out of the water, so Kevin pulled himself up onto the side of the pool and sat next to his naked s****r. She smiled as hungrily took in the view of his youthful 7 inches. Then mom moved in between his legs, grabbed her son’s cock and began vigorously sucking it.

Kevin just sat there watching his mother’s lips slide up and down on his cock. Without realizing he was thinking out loud, Kevin said this was a fantasy come true. Michelle told him it was a fantasy come true for her and mom also. He told his s****r that he had fantasized about this for some time but never dreamed it would really happen. Michelle said that she and her mom had fantasized about this for years also and decided that they needed to make the fantasy come true, but were afraid of him not taking well and what might happen because of it. Kevin asked if she was crazy to think that he would not like this and then he asked if dad knew about it.

Nancy stopped sucking his cock, looked up at him and told him that dad must never find out what has happened. If he did, he would divorce her and disown both k**s and reminded him about how strict and proper his dad was.

As his mom talked to him, Michelle slid into the pool and began sucking her b*****r’s cock. Nancy went on to explain that she loved Kevin’s dad very much, but he was a not a sexual person and she is. Ever since Kevin was born, he’s rarely touched her sexually and she’s been very frustrated. As she saw Kevin grow up and mature into a good looking young man, her desires for him grew. She happened to mention it once to Michelle and she said that she had noticed also and thought it was a shame he had to be her b*****r. That started their plan to seduce him.

Kevin’s head was spinning from the feeling of his s****r’s lips on his cock and what his mom had just tried to explain to him. He managed to ask how long they’ve been working on this plan and his mom told him about 3 months. Then she told him that if he wanted this to continue that he needed to promise to never tell his dad. Even though the teenager was looking more and more like a grown man, the youth in him surfaced as he crossed his heart with his finger, pretended to spit and said he promised.

Michelle could sense that her b*****r had to be getting close to ejaculating so she pulled off of his cock and told her b*****r to get into the pool. Then she leaned against the side of the pool with ass towards her b*****r and told him to take her now. Kevin moved in behind his s****r and started rubbing his cock against his s****r’s pussy. Michelle started moaning and begging him to put it in her. He was anxious as she was and he quickly slid himself into his s****r’s pussy. Mom moved up behind her son, reached down between her legs and started playing with his balls while he fucked his s****r.

His cock was already primed from being sucked by his mom and s****r and now the dual experience quickly sent him over the edge. His grip on his s****r’s hips tightened as the first burst of his white cocktail shot deep into his s****r. He pulled her tighter against him, driving his cock as far into her as possible as the next several bursts of sperm blasted against Michelle’s cervix.

Nancy loved the feeling of her son’s balls as they contracted and emptied into her daughter. She leaned into the back of her son while kneading his balls in her hands. Kevin felt his mom’s tits press up against him and that helped to keep him erect.

Michelle pulled off her b*****r and told her mom that it was now his turn and that Kevin was worth waiting for. Nancy knew that although he was still erect that it would take a little bit of time to generate another batch of cum so she climbed onto the side of the pool, spread her legs and invited her son to lick and suck her pussy like he had his s****r.

Kevin’s hormones were now in full control of the teenager’s body and he homed in on his mother’s snatch like a laser guided missile. His tongues made several quick swiped up and down her dripping slit before plunging into his mom’s pussy. It didn’t take him long to get past the taste of the chlorinated pool water and begin to relish on the musky juices she was so eagerly producing. Kevin thought to himself that his mom’s pussy had a stronger taste than his s****r, but it still tasted great to him.

His young tongue traveled all over inside his mom as he didn’t want to miss any part of her fantastic pussy. While his tongue was busy inside her, his mom took his hands and placed them on her tits and his fingers instantly started massaging and exploring them. From her pussy, Kevin moved up to his mom’s slit and started sucking on it hard and fast. He used his teeth to gently nibble on the tip of her clit and in less than a minute his mom’s body was wracked in the throes of ecstasy as her orgasm hit hard and fast. Kevin could taste the increased flow of his mother’s juices and he felt like he was drinking from a cup of forbidden wine. It was thicker than his s****rs but no less erotic.

Returning to reality, Nancy told her son get out of the pool. She moved over to a patio chair and told her son to sit down. She straddled his legs and Kevin watched her as she lowered herself onto his still hard cock. Mom was tighter than his s****r and this surprised him. Feeling her slide around his cock was more intense than his s****r and he attributed it mom being tighter. It was then that it dawned on him that his mom had just told him that his dad was not sexually active anymore and she hadn’t had a cock in her in years.

Tears welled up in his eyes as he realized that he was the first cock to be in his mom’s pussy in years. Nancy saw the tears and asked him if anything was wrong and he told her that he just realized that his was the first cock in her in years and that made him feel so special. Nancy leaned in and hugged her son, pressing her tits against his chest as his cock twitched with excitement up inside her. It was very emotional for mom as well as son.

Nancy then began to ride her son’s cock and Kevin held his mom’s tits as they gently bounced up and down before his eyes. The idea of having sex with his mom was mind blowing enough but to be able to see and feel her nipples between his fingers was something he had dreamed of ever since he started to notice that she was a woman and had tits. He became fascinated with tits by the age of 12 and did everything possible to steal a peak at his mom and s****r every chance he had. On several occasions he had quick glimpses of their tits but they were fleeting at best and only served to feed his appetite for more. He had seen their nipples poke through from beneath their tops, but never had he gotten a good look at them totally naked.

Now his mom’s tits were in full view for him and he was holding them in his hands and playing with her nipples. As his mom rode his cock and he played with her tits, his s****r moved alongside of him and placed her tits at mouth level. Kevin answered the unspoken invitation by taking one of Michelle’s nipples between his lips. The teen thought to himself that life just can’t get any better than this when they heard the back door close.

Mother, daughter and son and jumped and turned around, not sure who or what to expect. Standing there with a big grin on her face was Nancy’s s****r, Cathy. Kevin was starting to panic when his Aunt Cathy said that it looked like everything went according to plan and Nancy said it was. Kevin looked at his aunt and then back to his mom and asked if she was in on it and Nancy said that she and her s****r have always been close and talked about EVERYTHING. Cathy asked if young Kev was as good as he looks and Nancy told her that she was just finding out.

Cathy told her to continue by all means and that she’ll just make herself comfortable. She took off her top and shorts to reveal a very tanned and toned body with tits a little larger than Nancy’s. She had distinct tan lines highlighted her small aureoles and clean shaven pussy.

Nancy now bent over and held onto the patio table and told Kevin to get his cock back in her. The lad moved quickly and slid back inside his mom and began humping her, all the time staring at his aunt’s naked body. He grinned to himself as he just recalled that he was thinking life couldn’t get any better than this when in reality it did.

Staring at his aunt, Kevin felt his balls tighten. He grabbed a firm grip on his mom’s hips and he thrusted harder and deeper. Nancy moaned as she felt the first burst of hot semen filling her pussy. It had been years she had felt it and oh how she had longed for this. She savored every burst of her son’s seed and reached under her and massaged her son’s balls to make sure she got every drop of cum out of them.

When they had finished, Nancy stood up and told Cathy that he was much better than expected. Michelle echoed her mom’s proclamation and Cathy realized that Michelle had already taken her turn with her b*****r. Cathy walked up to her nephew and told him that she hoped he had saved some for her as she was also looking forward to finding out just how good this young stud was.

She saw Kevin staring at her tits and she smiled and told him that they won’t break if he wanted to touch them. His hands quickly moved up and cupped her tits. He massaged them before rolling her nipples between his fingers. Cathy moaned at his touch and asked Michelle if she had taught her b*****r how to fondle a woman’s tits. Michelle said no but that he seemed to be a natural. Kevin blushed and said that his girlfriend taught him how to be fondled without mauling them like many boys his age did.

Michelle laughed and asked him how Julie would react if she saw him here with the three of them naked. Kevin said she would probably join right as she was far more adventurous than he was. Nancy asked just how adventurous and Keven told them about the time that Julie had her top yanked off at a pool party a couple of weeks ago. Instead of trying to hide and cover up, she just remained topless in front of everyone.

Nancy said that as much as she like Julie that she wasn’t ready to share him with too many more at this time and they all laughed. All of the talk about Julie and feeling his aunt’s tits had brought Kevin to another erection and it caught his aunt’s attention. She knelt down and began sucking his cock. After only a few licks, Cathy said that she could taste Nancy and his cum and that she really liked it.

Cathy sucked her young nephew’s cock for a couple of minutes to help get the pump primed. Then bent over the patio table like Nancy had done and ordered the teen to take her now. Kevin moved in and found his aunt’s pussy to be very wet and not nearly as tight as his mom or s****r. Kevin leaned over the back of his aunt as he worked in and out of her and held onto her tits.

His leaning over her back made his cock rub more against his aunt’s g-spot and in a matter of a minute she flooded him with a squirting orgasm. The gush of fluid took Kevin by surprise at first until he heard Michelle exclaim that Aunt Cathy seems to be a squirter. Kevin released his grip on Cathy’s tits and now held onto her hips as he pounded her from behind. She had another orgasm without squirting by the time Kevin emptied himself into his aunt’s pussy. When she felt the first squirt of her nephew’s cum, Cathy announced to the others that Kevin is a squirter also and that he was squirting in her right now.

After taking his s****r, mom and aunt, Kevin needed a rest. He dove into the pool, climbed on a floating lounger and relaxed while the three ladies talked. His mind wandered as he still trying to take in what all had happened in the past couple of hours. His life went from the mundane summer blaws to lord of a harem. He watched the ladies sit and talk, still naked, wondering what they were talking about and what was going to happen next.

Without planning on it, the worn out teen drifted off to sl**p as he floated in the pool. About an hour later he woke up and was surprised to see that he was wearing his swimsuit. He looked over to the side of the pool and his mom and s****r were wearing their usual bikinis as they sat soaking up some sun. His Aunt Cathy was nowhere in sight.

Nancy noticed that her son was awake and teased him about needing to take dip in the water as it looked he had quite an arousing dream. Michelle giggled at the bulge in her b*****r’s swimsuit. That’s when it dawned on him that it had all been a dream and that life just returned to the same old same old. He felt like just sliding under the water and staying there. He also knew that he could never look at his s****r, mom or aunt the same ever again.
... Continue»
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Seduced by my kinky auntie and uncle

Seduced by my kinky auntie and uncle

Ever since I can remember I have called the lady who lived next door, auntie. She isn’t really my auntie but being bought up I was always told to call her auntie Serena and her husband uncle Mark. They had a daughter a couple of years older than me called Sarah.

Sarah and I grew up together and as young k**s we would play ‘you show me yours and I’ll show you mine’. As k**s it didn’t mean much but when I was 18 and she was 20 I’d love to have played that game again.

Sarah had grown into a reasonably attractive young lady, slightly overweight but lovely large tits which were always improved by wearing low cut tops.

I had now been wanking regularly and Sarah was one of my main wanking images. I would often watch her in her garden and stand in my bedroom watching her and wanking myself off.

I had finished school and it was the summer holiday. On a baking hot day and I went up to my bedroom hoping to see Sarah in the garden so I could wank while watching her. I was pleased to see her sunbathing but auntie Serena was also there. But even better was the fact that they were both topless. I hid myself behind the curtain and dropped my trousers and underpants and soon my cock was rock hard.

I found myself looking at auntie Serena as well as Sarah while I wanked. I was now wanking faster and I realised I was now concentrating more on auntie Serena than Sarah. As I shot my hot cum into a tissue my eyes were firmly glued on the ample tits of auntie Serena.

Later that evening I learned that mum and dad were going out for the evening with uncle Mark and auntie Serena. At about 7.30 the door bell rang and I opened it. Auntie Serena stood in front of me. She looked stunning. Her face was well made up and she had a wonderful low top on. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. She said, ‘Well are you going to stand and stare all night or can we come in’. I blushed and let them in. Mum and dad were not ready so I led them into the conservatory.

Auntie Serena sat opposite me on a swivel armchair. I stared at her legs as she crossed them. She was wearing deep red lipstick. I had an instant hard on. She slowly swung round in the chair. I was staring at her and she noticed.

My mum and dad came in the room. Mum asked auntie Serena what sort of day she had had.

‘Oh very lazy, I sunbathed in the garden with Sarah most of the day, didn’t I, Robert’ she replied.

I felt myself blushing. I thought, oh no, she must have seen me in the bedroom. I just smiled at her and didn’t say anything.

As they all went out, auntie Serena turned round and smiled at me and said, ‘Have an enjoyable time, while we’re out’. I blushed again.

I was very hard and knew I was going to have a wank while thinking about her. I turned the PC on and found a couple of photos of auntie Serena at a New Years Eve Party. I was immediately attracted to her bright red lipstick. I started rubbing my cock. In no time at all I was cumming while staring at her sexy lips.

I went to bed and when I woke in the morning with a hard on I wanked again imagining it was auntie Serena doing it to me.

Later that morning she came round and invited all the fimily round for a barbecue lunch. At about midday mum, dad and I went next door. Uncle Mark was in the garden lighting the barbecue and auntie serena I could see through the window was in the kitchen.

After a few minutes she opened the window and called out, ‘Robert could you give me a hand please’.

I went into the kitchen. She was wearing a low cut blouse that showed the top of her tits and a short skirt and sandals. The blouse was very flimsy and I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits. She wore lovely deep red lipstick. I so wanted to kiss her.

She said, ‘When you’ve finished staring at aunties tits again, can you take this salad outside first and then there are other things to take out.

I felt myself blushing as she caught me staring at her. She handed me the salad and I smelt her perfume. She leaned forward and said, ‘I’m not wearing any underwear today’.

I felt my cock twitching, I was getting hard. I took the salad outside and went straight back into the kitchen.

Auntie Serena said, ‘I think it’s about time that I showed you there’s much more fun to be had than just wanking. When your mum and dad have gone home I want you to come back here and I’m going to teach you about the joys of sex.’

‘What about uncle Mark?’ I asked.

‘Don’t worry about him, I’ll take care of him,’ she replied.

I couldn’t believe what she was saying. I ate the rest of my lunch and had trouble keeping my cock down.

I couldn’t wait for lunch to be over and went back home with mum and dad straight away. I told them I was going to meet some friends.

I was very nervous when I walked down the street and then turned back and went into auntie Serena’s house and rang the bell.

Auntie answered it and she was still wearing the low cut top and I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits. She let me in and kissed me on the lips. I loved the taste of her lipstick. She took my hand and led me into the lounge.

I was totally shocked and very disappointed when I saw uncle Mark and Sarah sitting there. Auntie Serena said, ‘Don’t worry uncle is fine about this, he likes to watch me fucking and sucking young boys. And Sarah, well you'll soon find out about Sarah.'

I was shocked to hear her say ‘fucking and sucking’ and also to hear that Uncle Mark likes watching her. As for Sarah, I couldn’t for one moment think what she was doing there,

Uncle Mark said, ‘It really turns me on watching your auntie with other men and boys so don’t worry, I’m really looking forward to it.'

Auntie said, ‘Now you need to get me undressed, start by taking off my blouse and now you can look at my tits as much as you like.'

I was trembling as I unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. I could smell her perfume and inhaled it deeply. Then I reached behind her and unclipped her bra and took it off. I couldn't take my eyes off her magnificent tits. Her nipples were so red and very big.

Sarah said, 'Mummy loves having her nipples sucked, why don't you suck them for her.'

Auntie said, 'Yes, suck and bite them.'

I bent down and took a hard nipple between my lips and sucked it. It felt wonderful as I sucked, auntie took my other hand and put it on her other nipple and said, 'Play with my other nipple, pull it, squeeze it as hard as you can, bite it, oh yes, that's wonderful, harder, do it harder, I bet you wish you could suck auntie's milk out of her tits, don't you?'

I loved the feel of her wonderful nipples and I realised that auntie was now undoing my belt and taking my trousers and pants down. Then I got a great sensation as I felt her hands on my erect cock. She started stroking it so gently and slowly, but I still thought I was going to cum.

I broke away from sucking her nipples as auntie said, you'd better take auntie's skirt and knickers off. She was still holding my cock as I unzipped her skirt and saw her small black knickers. I slid them down her legs and she stepped out of them. My auntie was now standing in front of me totally naked, but then so was I.

I looked over at uncle Mark and Sarah and saw that he was now undressed and Sarah was pulling a pair of ladies stockings up his legs. His erect cock was larger than mine. Sarah said to him, 'I suppose you want to smell my panties again.'

He replied, 'Oh yes please, let daddy smell his little girl's panties.'

Sarah handed him a pair of white panties and said, 'Here you are daddy, smell how nice they are, you'll be pleased they smell a bit cummy and a bit pissy as I've had them on all day,'

Uncle Mark held them to his nose and took a deep sniff, he loved the aroma of his daughter's knickers.

Meanwhile auntie and I were standing so close that my erect cock was touching her. She kissed me passionately on the lips. I loved the taste of her lipstick and I felt her tongue pressing against my lips. I parted them and her tongue darted into my mouth and we had a very passionate french kiss.

We so so close together that my cock was pressing against her. She parted her legs and my cock slipped between them. I started moving my cock back and forward between them and she whispered, 'Don't you dare cum yet.'

We stopped kissing and auntie sat down on the sofa with her legs wide apart and told me to kneel between them. I did so and she held her pussy lips apart and said, 'Now have a good close look at auntie's pussy, sometimes I call it my pussy and if I'm feeling very naughty I call it my cunt. Sarah calls it mummy's fuck hole or cum hole which I really love as it means she is feeling very dirty too.'

As she held her pussy lips apart I could clearly see everything. It was quite red and very wet. Auntie said, 'Slide you finger inside auntie's hole, slowly in and slowly out, oh Robert that is so nice, auntie loves to be finger fucked.'

The more I slide my finger in her the wetter auntie got, she was now groaning with pleasure and I was so excited that I thought I was just going to cum without doing anything.

Then Sarah, still just rubbing her finger tips up and down her father's cock said, 'Mummy, daddy is very very large and hard, harder than he's ever been, he's definitely ready to cum.'

'Don't let him cum yet, come over here and leave him alone, I need you to show Rob how I like to be licked,' auntie said to her daughter.

Sarah came and joined us and knelt beside me and still in between auntie's legs.

She said, 'See that little lump there, that's mummy's clit and when that's rubbed or licked or sucked it sends her over the top. Now watch what I do.'

Sarah leaned forward and started long slow licks of her mother's pussy, all the way from the bottom to the top of her pussy and when she got to her clit she flicked it with her tongue.

Auntie started moaning and groaning with pleasure as her daughter bought her to within a few seconds of cumming.

In the meantime I was reaching round Sarah and playing with her tits. They weren't as large as her mothers but definitely firmer. Her nipples were very hard. I didn't think I was going to last much longer and I started rubbing my cock against Sarah's bum. She said, 'You'd better not cum like that or mummy will be very disappointed.'

I stopped rubbing against her and watched closer at what she was doing to her mother. Auntie's pussy was now dripping with her juices and they were trickling out of her pussy and down into the crack of her bum. The look on auntie's face showed me she was in heaven. Suddenly she reached down and pulled her daughter's head tight against her and ground her pussy into her daughter's face and shouted out, 'Oh fuck, that's it, I'm cumming, lick my cunt, lick my cunt, oh fuck, that's it, I'm cummming.'

Auntie continued grinding her pussy against her daughter's face and gradually slowed down and stopped. She pulled her up towards her and said, 'Let mummy lick your face clean, let me lick all my cum off your face.'

Auntie kissed her daughter very very passionately on the lips and licked her face clean. As soon as she had finished she said to me, 'Now Rob, quickly, while I'm nice and wet, fuck me and shoot all your hot spunk deep into auntie's cunt.

I didn't need to be asked again and slid my throbbing cock all the way inside auntie's very wet pussy. I only managed to last a couple of minutes before I felt I was going to cum and I told auntie. She told me to shoot all my cum as deep into her as I could. It was a wonderful sensation as I ejaculated all my spunk into my auntie's wet and welcoming pussy.

Although I had cum I left my cock inside her and lay down on top of her. I loved the firmness of her tits and the wonderful aroma of her perfume and her cunt juices.

Auntie let me recover for a while and said, 'Did you watch Sarah closely as she licked auntie's pussy?'

I told her I did and she said, 'Good now you can do the same to Sarah.'

Sarah now sat where her mother had been sitting and I knelt between her wide open legs. She too held her pussy lips apart and I started licking her. Serena sat beside her daughter and sucked one of her tits and played with the other. I loved the taste of Sarah's very wet pussy and my face was getting wetter all the time. She smelt amazing, all cummy and sexy. I sensed she was about to cum and I found her clit and concentrated on it. Soon she let out a huge scream as she orgasmed all over my face. While this was happening uncle Mark sat watching us all and playing with himself. Auntie said to Sarah, 'I suppose we'd better take care of daddy, are you going to or shall I?'

Sarah replied, 'Oh let me please mummy, you know how much he likes me sucking him off.'

Now uncle joined us on the sofa and sat down beside me. Auntie knelt between my legs and Sarah knelt between her father's legs. Mother and daughter looked at each other and nodded, then both lowered their mouth's over our cocks. I loved the feel as auntie clamped her lips tightly round my cock and slowly moved her mouth up and down the shaft. Although I had only recently cum I soon felt myself getting there again. Sarah was doing the same to her father and in fact both mother daughter were moving up and down together.

Uncle was the first to cum and he shouted out with pleasure as he emptied the contents of his balls deep into his daughter's mouth. I was only a few seconds after him as auntie coaxed another huge orgasm out of me. I loved the feel as I came with her lipstick coated lips clamped tightly around my cock.

Auntie looked at her daughter and they moved closer and kissed deeply transferring the spunky contents of their mouth to each other. As they broke away it was a wonderful sight to see mine and uncle's cum trickling down aunties and Sarah's chin.

Now we all needed a little recovery time but auntie wasn't finished with me yet. She said, 'When you look out of your bedroom window and wank while looking at me what are you thinking?'

I said, 'I don't know, I just want to cum over you.'

'Well come on then, wank and cum over me now,' she replied.

She sat on the sofa and I stood in front of her and started rubbing my cock, slowly at first and then it got larger and harder and I speeded up.

Auntie asked, 'Would you like Sarah to give you a hand?'

I didn't need to answer as Sarah came and knelt beside me. She started rubbing my cock just with her fingertips. It felt so good, then she used her long fingernails. She used her other hand to squeeze my balls and all the time she was saying to me, 'Lovely big cock, I love wanking cocks and making them ejaculate over mummy. Cum for Sarah, cum for mummy, cum on mummy's tits.'

As my orgasm approached Sarah directed my cock closer to auntie's wonderful tits and soon I was spurting stream after sream of hot cum over them.

As I finished cumming Sarah leaned forward and licked her mother's tits clean. I was now totally exhausted and spent and we all cleaned up and I went home.

Now when I see auntie or Sarah in the garden I no longer hide behind the curtains and wank and I now go down into their garden and wank in front of them - that is if I don't fuck them.
... Continue»
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seduced by friends mother

I got my first experiance at 16, getting seduced by my best friends mother who was 55!
I must admit i was sexully attracted to her when i first met her, going home at the weekend to stay with my mate.
We were often alone in the house on saturdays, getting to watch tv ect, by him was a treat being able to shower or have a bath.
On many occasions his mother would come into the bathroom to get ready to go out downtown and it was on one occasion she came in only wearing her dressing gown!
I was in the bath and it was very difficult not to keep looking in the mirror only to catch a glimpse of her open gown!
She was standing still with her back to me when she turned round, looking down into the bath tub only to see i had got a hard-on, making a comment asking if i was ok!
There was her gown open to her waist, exsposing her big breast sitting cupped in her bra, i was speachless!
I was dreamed about here having big tits but to see them like this....
tbc.... Continue»
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Str8 Guy Seduced By A Tranny (ch1)

Str8 Guy Seduced By A Tranny (ch1)

For a str8 friend here at xHamster... who is a fan of my writing and when I told him I would write a story with him in it... I'm not sure he knew what he was getting into..

Chapter 1


To say I was nervous was a bit of an understatement... but I was also very, very excited. This was my first time putting it out there in a big way.

Back home, I had gone out a few times and was completely passable... I guess I should explain more...

I am Lexi, that is my girl name... I was born a boy, or I should say with a boys body... I love having a dick, and I love being a guy, but I really identify more with being a girl... I won't get into the details, the psychology, the physiology of it all, because there is lots to it... and it's not what I want to talk about.

Suffice to say, that I am absolutely gorgeous as a girl.. and I can say that... because I am pretty qualified to know what a hot girl looks like.
I have grown my light sandy blond hair to just beyond shoulder length.

I have a very feminine face, and have pretty good hips (very girly) as well as an ass that guys tend to notice from across the room.

You get the idea...

And... I should tell you... that I LOVE to suck dick... but equally as arousing to me, is the idea of seducing a straight guy. And that is where this story really starts.

Spring break - I know it is cliche', but well, seriously all those HOT bodies rubbing up against each other all in one place... hot sun during the days, swimming, surfing, lots of beach sports and action... all that sweat, all those pheromones... (shit I am getting turned on now, just thinking about it.) so, you can imagine it all.

My friends were all off doing their thing... mostly lounging around the pool, I tend to be more active, so I had been out on a jetski all morning... such a blast... as I was returning I saw a guy with a really hot body... he was walking with his shirt off by kind of d****d over his shoulder, his trunks were wet and he was walking back from the beach, I hate to be like over dramatic or anything, but it was like slow-motion - like you see in those cheesy romantic comedies... little dapples of moisture was dripping of his hair... and I watched as a drip slowly made its way down his tight hot chest, and I dreamed for a moment of licking it... of tasting the salt of him and the ocean water off his hot manly chest, and his nipple, and, down... his... belly.

Startled I shook myself out of my dream... and saw that he was looking right at me, I blushed, and he smiled. he smiled that was a good sign.

I said something to him, he said something back,and there was more to it than that...but, it was on... as simple and as complex as that. The beauty of the flirt, and the beauty of knowing what you want. And... the magic that is Spring Break, in Manzanillo. He was a bit shy... but I had some beers in my room, and we were right in front of the hotel I was staying, so we headed to my room (I had booked a room alone, he was sharing with a friend).

I could tell he was attracted to me, it was obvious... but, in honesty I did not know if he knew exactly what he was getting into... I suspected he didn't know entirely... hehe.

But... as we walked to my room, joking and flirting and... in deep... anticipation of what was to come... I knew for certain, he would soon find out exactly and ALL of what he was getting into...
... Continue»
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Tea Ladies

T Ladies Orgy
(T minus three weeks)
Mike Harris called it 'The Quickening'. He had borrowed the term from the film 'The Highlander' where
the quickening refers to the awakening of special powers that lay dormant in certain people until they
are triggered by a significant event.
Mike applied dramatic licence to the feelings that regularly overwhelmed him and called these feelings
'The Quickening'. Mike hadn't felt the quickening for two years; he thought that he had suppressed the
feelings for so long now that he would never feel them again. Of course he was proved wrong.
The feelings welled up and overwhelmed him without warning on the evening that Mike's wife
informed him that she was off the other side of the country for a month to visit her s****r and that she
would be leaving in three weeks time.
Mike had been married to his wife for over twenty years. Happily married; he had never been
unfaithful to her with another woman. But Mike had kept a deep dark secret for all those years. Mike
was a closet transvestite.
During his early life Mike progressed through the usual stages of inquisitiveness, experimentation,
clandestine pleasure, fear of discovery, and repeated suppression of the urge to crossdress that most
secret transvestite's experience.
In puberty he had discovered he had a fetish for lingerie and hosiery which quickly progressed from
using the sensual articles of clothing as masturbatory aids to the practice of actually wearing them. In
adolescence he moved on to secretly wearing female outer attire and footwear and then to wearing
makeup and a wig. By the time he was in his mid-twenties he could transform from a handsome
young man to a well-proportioned sexy transvestite in under an hour.
Mike did this quite regularly in his modest bachelor flat. He had plenty of girlfriends and a healthy sex
life, his girlfriends appreciated that he favoured them with gifts of sensual lingerie which he would
often request they wear during lovemaking; but they were totally unaware that Mike wished it was
him wearing the seductive attire and playing the role of the woman.
Mike had an extensive collection of pornography, mainly transvestite themed; he was not particularly
aroused by transsexuals although he had used the services of a transsexual prostitute once but found
the experience not particularly satisfying.
He liked to dress as a woman and look at magazines and videos of transvestites having sex with each
other or with male admirers. He hadn't summoned up the courage to consummate his desires even
though he had seen numerous advertisements for clandestine meetings in the magazines and on the
notice board of the sex shops he visited.
At various times during this period he had thrown out his collection of female paraphernalia and
pornography and vowed to live the life of a straight heterosexual male. Inevitably the urge would
descend upon him and he would find himself with a new female wardrobe and requisite accessories
and back in the same cycle of relief and remorse. This was the uncontrollable urge that he called the
He had met his wife at the age of twenty seven and married her the next year. They had no c***dren
but were happy. He gave up crossdressing and vowed never to succumb to those desires again. The
quickening struck him after three years of marriage and he soon had a collection of fetish clothing,
shoes, wigs and makeup which he wore when his wife was away and he was sure that she would not
discover his secret. This usually occurred during her frequent absences undertaking work related
travel or when she went to visit her relatives who lived interstate.
He would also take his stash of female paraphernalia with him when he travelled alone. The cycle of
throwing out his wardrobe and vowing never to dress again and then succumbing to the quickening
and acquiring a new wardrobe went on over the years. But he never strayed from the marriage bed.
Then in his late thirties an amazing thing happened! It was called the internet and before long Mike
had become adept at surfing the net for sites that catered to his peccadillos. He acquired an online
handle: Michele Nylons, and began posting pictures of himself dressed as Michele. He was soon
chatting online with other transvestites, crossdressers and admirers. He weeded out the loonies,
usually young men trying to come to terms with their sexuality, and conversed with experienced
transvestites and true admirers.
He bought a webcam and had hours of sticky fun having cybersex; but he yearned for the real thing.
Even during this period he went through phases of remorse and regret and took extended sabbaticals
from his online persona, only to succumb to the quickening and re-emerge online as Michele Nylons,
closet transvestite.
Finally, after years of anticipation, guilt and desire, he met up with another transvestite in a hotel
room in a nearby city. The sensuality of kissing, caressing and fondling another girl dressed in sexy
clothing, sensual lingerie, smelling of exotic perfume was awe-inspiring. The taste of their lipstick as
their tongues intertwined, the feel of their bodies clad in satin, nylon and lace rubbing together, the
sensation of finally stroking a hard penis encased in satin panties whilst the girl in her arms
reciprocated far exceeded any fantasy Michele had dreamed of.
Michele spent the afternoon delighting in experimentation and awe of her first encounter with another
crossdresser. Her name was Tracy and she taught Michele the enchantment of extended foreplay and
the total satisfaction and gratification that were possible in the act of fellating a long thick penis. The
first time Michele licked and swallowed the offered organ she knew that she had been missing out on
an amazing experience.
The two transvestites pleasured each other all afternoon until they could come no more. Michele didn't
think of herself as homosexual because she was with another crossdresser; she was just sexual! She
also didn't consider what she was doing was adultery. It was not Mike Harris having sex with another
woman; it was his alter ego Michele Nylons having transbian sex with a fellow transvestite!
Two men left that hotel room in the early evening totally satisfied; each carried a small suitcase full of
their girly requisites and promised to meet again online and arrange another meeting.
The remorse hit Mike halfway home and he pulled his car over to the side of the road as his body
shook with regret and self-loathing. He ditched his suitcase in a roadside dumpster and went straight
home and cleaned his computer of every trace of Michele Nylons and anything to do with her
transvestite persona.
This lasted three months and then the quickening returned with a vengeance and Mike resurrected
Michele who was soon arranging clandestine assignations with Tracy. Tracy introduced Michele to a
few trusted friends online, other transvestite and crossdressers, and soon Michele was a regular at
their secret transvestite meet-ups. Michele liked it when there where multiple partners; transvestite
orgies became a regular event on her calendar.
This small group of closet transvestites who met on a regular basis called themselves the Tea Ladies,
an aberration of T-Ladies. It was their little joke.
Of course Michele often had feelings of regret and remorse for living her double life but these feeling
were overpowered by feelings of lust and anticipation.
Inevitably the day came when Tracy invited Michele to a party where there would be male admirers
present. Michele agonised over this; she longed to be held by a man who appreciated her womanly
charms but she had some reservations. She knew that there were trannies out there that would only
go with other trannies but she had also chatted to many trannies online who related the wonderful
experiences they had had with male admirers.
She went to the party full of trepidation and anticipation. Michele was fresh meat and she soon had
the attention of a most of the admirers. She allowed a handsome mature man to lead her to a
darkened bedroom where he treated her with the utmost respect and reverence.
Fully clothed, Michele permitted the naked man to take her in arms and kiss her passionately. The feel
of his hardened penis pressing against her body unleashed feelings of femininity and lust. She was
soon on her knees attending to his needs.
When he lay her on the bed and hiked up her skirt and pulled her panties aside she felt apprehensive
and anxious; unsure of how painful this new experience would be. The man had already performed the
practical preliminaries of donning protection and copiously lubricating himself and Michele's entrance,
but she was still a little unsure as to whether she wanted to experience the ultimate transvestite
sexual thrill.
"Are you sure you want to try this?" the man whispered into her ear, his throbbing penis nudging her
puckered sphincter.
Michele nodded and lifted her legs up around his body and drew him to her.
It hurt! The man took his time and slowly penetrated her virgin anus stopping frequently to allow her
to accommodate the invading member. After a few minutes, interceded with muffled cries pleading for
him to stop followed by tacit gestures of encouragement, he was buried up to the hilt in Michele's back
passage. It took a while for Michele to get used to feeling of fullness but soon a delightful sensation of
pleasure began to radiate from her prostate gland.
In no time at all Michele was bucking away underneath the naked man as he thrust away. They
experienced a wonderful mutual orgasm punctuated with passionate kisses and much groping and
Michele was soon a regular at Tracy's parties. The man who took Michele's cherry introduced himself
as Steve; he and a few close friends were regular attendees at Tracy's orgies. Michele was introduced
to threesomes; foursomes, spit-roasts, facials, bukkake and all manner of perversions with the other
transvestites and admirers. She was a willing participant and eager to learn.
Michele still suffered regular periods of remorse and she would often disappear from the scene for
months at a time; but that was the nature of things in the subculture of closet transvestites. All of the
participants maintained anonymity and only used their online handles. The trannies all had women's
names of course, and the men used pseudonyms. Occasionally some of them would meet separately
for private trysts or threesomes but there were never any emotional attachments.
If a new girl joined their ranks the admirers inevitably paid her more attention initially; especially if
she was attractive. But the little group of lechers were very amicable and invitees were screened to
make sure that prospective members were suitable.
No one under thirty was allowed to join and although not of all of the trannies were attractive; they all
made the effort to be as femme as possible dressing up completely as women, including wigs, heels,
makeup and accessories. Hairy panty-wearers were not invited.
Not all the admirers were handsome either; but they were all clean and respectful of the girls. Firsttimers
and grandiose online cocksmen were denied membership to the Tea Lady club. Occasionally a
girl would meet an admirer outside of the group and if she thought he was suitable she would ask the
others if he could join in. Conversely; if one of the men found a mature transvestite who met the
group's unwritten code of conduct, she would be invited to participate.
The group met regularly at different venues once a month; they chatted online to find a date and
venue that suited the majority.
Michele remained a member of the Tea Ladies club for three years, occasionally taking sabbaticals
when her guilt got the better of her, but showing up again months later, her lust rekindled.
Some of the other girls did the same thing and sometimes they would simply disappear from the
scene altogether. Because of the anonymity, no one knew if the girl had simply stopped dressing or
had moved out of town.
And then one day Mike came close to being caught. An admirer named John bought a friend along to a
Tea Ladies get together without consulting the other members. It was customary for an admirer to ask
permission to bring a friend to a meeting and usually the prospective attendee was checked out
online; a picture was usually mandatory.
Mike had arrived at the venue early and had already transformed into Michele when John arrived with
his friend. The other transvestites were quite taken with the handsome man in his late forties and
didn't berate John for breaking their rules. Michele however was livid! The prospective member was
none other than a work colleague; a close work colleague! Luckily enough Michele looked sufficiently
femme that the new member didn't clock her; but she beat a hasty retreat to the nearest bedroom.
She stayed in the room only letting other transvestites come in but she couldn't enjoy the party
knowing that her anonymity had come so close to being broken.
Mike made the usual excuses to his wife to enable him to attend his Tea Lady parties. If it was an
afternoon meet he was on the golf course not to be disturbed; if it was evening meet he was going
down to the pub or the club with the boys and was not to be disturbed. It worked every time and
except for the odd occasion when he noticed he hadn't removed all of the nailpolish from his cuticles
he had never once come close to being caught.
His wardrobe and girly accessories were kept in trunk at the back of the attic. He would sneak up
there before a meeting of the Tea Ladies and select an ensemble, wig, shoes and makeup and put
them in a small suitcase which he then secreted in the trunk of his car.
Driving home from the last meeting of Tea Ladies Mike vowed that Michele would never emerge again.
He would suppress the quickening and leave behind the sordid world of closet transvestism. He had
come too close to being found out by his work colleague. Admittedly the colleague couldn't out him
without outing himself; but it was a risk that Mike was not prepared to take.
Later that week he threw out all of his girly goodies with the exception of his favourite brunette bob
wig with the crimson highlights and the black high-heeled sandals, he just couldn't throw them in a
dumpster; it would be sacrilege!
He had already wiped his computer clean; deleting his favourites, stored web pages, cookies, links and
anything else that might link him to his alter ego Michele Nylons.
And so it had been for over two years. Then.....................
"Really Mike; Sharon needs all the support she can get," his wife explained.
"I knew that arsehole was no good!"
She went on, explaining why it was imperative that she fly cross-country and spend four weeks with
her s****r, helping her through a messy break-up.
Home alone for a month! The quickening hit Mike like a sledgehammer! His mind raced as he thought
of the possibilities. He could take Michele out of hibernation and play with the Tea Ladies to his heart's
The work colleague who had turned up unannounced at the last Tea Ladies party had long since
moved on so he didn't have to worry about being clocked.
No! No! No! He had kept these urges and emotions suppressed for over two years; to let them out
now would be folly!
"Are you listening to me Mike!" his wife scalded, sensing that his mind was wandering.
Mike fought the quickening and smothered the craving. He would be a good boy!
(T minus two weeks)
Mike had been unable to concentrate at work; fighting the quickening took all of his energy. He was
sitting in his study explaining to himself what folly it would be to give in to his urges. Curiosity got the
better of him. Did the Tea Ladies even exist any more? Had they moved on or had the club dissolved?
Mike opened his windows messenger program. The icon was blank and said simply 'click here to sign
in'. Mike typed in Michele Nylons' email address and password. The icon spun around for a few
seconds and then came up with an alert: 'welcome back Michele you wish to
reactivate your account?'
Mike shut down his computer and left the study and went into the lounge to watch TV with his wife.
She droned on about her upcoming trip as he tried to concentrate on the inane soap she was
At 2am the next morning he sat in front of the computer screen and this time he clicked the 'yes'
button. The little green icon spun around for a minute or two and then took him to his profile page. All
of the information about Michele Nylons was stored there except for her picture. Mike had removed all
pictures and video from his PC.
But the links to Michele's favourite sites were still stored on her profile. Mike could find out if the Tea
Ladies still met by simply clicking the mouse. He was sweating profusely and his hands were shaking;
the quickening was wracking his mind and body. He snapped the power cord out of the socket,
violently shutting down his computer, uncaring of any damage this might have caused.
He staggered back to bed where he slept fitfully dreaming that he had transformed into Michele
Nylons and was standing in front of his friends, f****y and work colleagues who were all pointing and
laughing at him. He awoke late Saturday morning to find the house was empty; his wife had gone
He took a cup of coffee into his study and without hesitating he went straight to Michele's profile and
hit the link to the Tea Ladies website.
The Tea Ladies were still very active it seemed; he looked at some of the recent pictures in the photo
library and saw a couple of girls he recognised and a few he didn't; the same with the admirers. He
checked the blog and saw there was a meeting scheduled the day after his wife left to visit her s****r.
The quickening raged through him and in his mind he made the switch from Mike to Michele. She
combed the online photo library and found an old picture of Michele Nylons and downloaded it to a
hidden file on her computer and then uploaded it to her profile. In the photo she was wearing a red
miniskirt and a white satin blouse showing off a nice pair of legs encased in sheer taupe stockings; her
feet were clad in the same black and silver high-heels she had secreted away in the attic and she wore
her favourite brunette wig which was also secreted away. In the picture she was smiling seductively
through her heavy makeup.
Suddenly an IM message popped up on her screen:
'Hey Michele are you back in town?'
The message was sent by Steve who was online. Michele panicked and logged off and in her head she
reverted back into Mike.
"Shit! What am I doing?" Mike hissed to himself in the empty room.
(T minus 1 week)
The quickening had taken its toll on Mike Harris as he wrestled with the morality and his urges to
transform into the transvestite Michele. At times he thought he had won and at other times he found
himself lost in a reverie of mental pictures of Michele committing girly transgressions.
He finally gave in and one week before his wife was due to leave he logged back into Tea Party
website as Michele Nylons.
'Couldn't stay away?' an IM popped up on Michele's screen.
It was from Tracy. They IM'd back and forth for half an hour and Michele told Tracy why she had been
absent from the scene for so long.
'It happens to a lot of girls; especially the married ones,' Tracy IM'd back.
'Soooooooooo next Saturday?' Tracy's IM asked.
'I'll be there. Michele's back!!!'
And so it was; Mike gave into the quickening and made the decision that Michele would be uncaged
and allowed to exercise her transvestite peccadillos. Mike had to get cracking; there were things he
needed to do to ensure that Michele came back looking as good as she did when she left.
One of the biggest problems facing closet transvestites is hair. It doesn't matter how good a guy looks
dressed as a woman; if he has hairy legs, arms and hands it looks awful. There is nothing worse than
seeing a great pair of legs clad in sheer hosiery and then seeing a mat of hair on those legs as you get
Fortunately for Mike; he had always kept his body shaved. His wife had never really questioned why
he did this and in era of the metrosexual male it was not unusual for a man to do so. He did need to
defoliate some of his more intimate body parts and one of the first items that went on his shopping list
was 'Nair' hair removal lotion.
He put together his shopping list and three days before his wife flew out he went to a large mall in a
neighbouring town where he was unlikely to run into anyone he knew. Mike had done this before and
the old feelings of excitement and trepidation swept over him as he entered the shopping centre.
Mike made his first stop at a large grocery store. He threw some unobtrusive items into his shopping
trolley and then trolled the aisles for what he had really come for. He chose Nair hair removal cream,
moisturising makeup remover, facial tissues, makeup sponges, nailpolish remover and a couple of
pairs of good quality sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose and placed these articles under his the nondescript
sundries in the trolley. He then bought a three-pack of cheap pantyhose and a small bag of rice.
Finally he tossed in a package of condoms and a tube of lubricant. At the checkout he pretended to be
reading a shopping list as a prop as to why he had these items in trolley. He needn't have bothered;
the bored checkout-chick paid him no attention at all as she scanned and bagged the items.
Next he went to a lingerie boutique where he was waited on by a mature saleswoman who was only
too pleased to help him choose a selection of lingerie 'for his wife's birthday'. She made no comment
to the fact that Mike new the exact sizes of the items he wanted; he was simply a thoughtful husband
who new his wife's clothing size.
He took his purchases back to the car and braced himself for the next series of acquisitions. So far it
had been easy to explain any of the purchases to an enquiring sales clerk; but the rest would not be
so easy to explain if he was asked. It also meant spending a lot of time in the ladies clothing section of
a major department store where men were seldom seen alone.
Mike hit the store right after the lunch break when most customers would have returned to work and
when the staff would be at a minimum numbers as most would be taking a late lunch as the number
of customers thinned.
He fobbed off the attentions of a young sales clerk explaining he was browsing for some nice clothes
for his wife and would return later with her to actually purchase the garments. The relived clerk blew a
pink bubble of chewing gum and gladly retreated back to the music section where she was discussing
the merits of the latest releases from some inane rap band with another bored sales clerk.
Because Mike knew what he wanted and had been to this store in the past it didn't take him long to
make his selections. A nice A-line and a nice pencil skirt and three long-sleeved satin blouses in his
size were placed under a couple of T-shirts he had put in the trolley earlier. A lone woman browsing
the aisles was amused by his attentiveness to the sizing labels on the garments he selected. When he
held a skirt up to his waist to see if it would fit she smiled to herself bemusingly; but made no
comment. He made his way over to the accessories section and selected a small clutch purse.
Mike paid for the clothing at a checkout where there were no other customers waiting; the attendant
didn't even look up as she scanned the articles of female apparel being purchased by this mature
man; why should she give a toss?
Mike took these purchases back to the car; his heart racing. The most dangerous part of his shopping
spree was now over. He went back inside to another large department store and purchased some
cheap jewellery; he bought a couple of special clips to attach to his ears; they were designed so that
people without pierced ears could wear earrings designed for pierced ears. It was almost impossible to
get decent clip-on earrings these days.
He would have preferred to buy his makeup as individual items at different stores but he didn't have
the time to visit lots of shops and buy each item separately and put them in with innocuous
purchases. Instead he bought a complete makeup case; 'for his nieces birthday' if anybody asked. In
another store he purchased his favourite perfume 'Poison' and some ladies deodorant.
Two hours after arriving at the mall he had all of the prerequisites he needed; with the shoes and wig
he had kept hidden away in the attic he was now ready for Michele's triumphant return. He smiled to
himself, drove home and hid his purchases in the attic before his wife came home from work.
(T minus one day)
The quickening was now raging through his body and he couldn't wait for his wife to leave so that he
could try on his new purchases. That evening he cajoled his wife into wearing full makeup, nylons,
panties, a full-slip and high-heels during their farewell love making. His wife was used to him making
this request occasionally and didn't mind because she knew that it would extremely arouse her
husband and guarantee her at least two intense orgasms.
What she didn't know was that in order to build up to those earth-shattering orgasms, her husband
imagined that he was the one dressed in the lingerie and makeup that she was wearing, giving head
and being rampantly mounted and fucked.
Friday afternoon he dropped her at the airport and kissed her farewell and promised to keep in contact
and not wreck the house for the month she would be gone. She kissed him goodbye and pulled him
close, stroking his cock though his trousers she whispered in his ear.
"Be a good boy and I'll take care of this as soon as I return," she smiled wickedly at her husband and
pushed him gently away.
"If only you knew!" Mike whispered to himself and grinned as he watched his wife's sexy bottom and
long pantyhosed legs disappear down the concourse.
(T minus 12 hours)
Mike drove home and parked his car inside the garage. He locked the doors, pulled the blinds and
turned off all the lights except for those in his bedroom and ensuite. He climbed up to attic and
retrieved his newly acquired purchases and the small suitcase containing his high-heels and wig. He
lay them out on the bed.
He poured himself a large glass of Shiraz from the bottle he had set on the dressing table and took a
sip before beginning the task of transforming into Michele.
The quickening was coursing through his body and in his mind he clicked over and became Michele.
Michele often laughed when she read stories on sites such as Fictionmania about a man who suddenly
gets the urge to crossdress who simply slips into his wife's/s****r's/mother's/girlfriend's clothing and
shoes, finds a convenient wig and slaps on some makeup and looks magnificently feminine. What a
crock of shit!!! It takes an experienced crossdresser a good hour to transform; and that's with a lot of
the prep work done and owning clothing and shoes in the right size!
Michele carefully unwrapped her purchases and placed the wrapping materials in a large black plastic
garbage bag to be thrown into a dumpster on the way to her assignation tomorrow. She spread Nair in
the crease of her buttocks, the small of her back and in other intimate places on her body that she
couldn't reach with a razor. While the depilatory cream did its job she shaved the rest of her body with
her beard trimmer and removed every skerrick of nose hair from her nostrils. She trimmed her pubic
hair and her eye brows and then stepped into the shower.
Michele washed her body and rinsed off the depilatory cream and watched with satisfaction as small
clumps of hair disappeared down the drain. She shaved her legs, hands and chest with the safety
razor causing only a few small nicks. She was not a particularly hairy person anyway and now most of
her body was smooth; the remaining parts of her body had a fine stubble from the trimmer but those
parts of her body would not be on display.
She dried herself and carefully shaved her face; twice. Happy that she was prepared for a
transformation she put her makeup case on the dressing table and commenced her routine. She
sprayed her underarms with deodorant and the first tingle of excitement spread through her body.
Michele applied foundation to her face, ensuring that it went right up to her hairline and all the way
down her neck to the top of her chest. She smoothed it out and applied more foundation to the patchy
areas. She applied a generous covering of face powder on top of the foundation with a large brush and
set to work on the more intricate work.
Michele hadn't used makeup for over two years but she knew that the hardest task was to get her
eyeliner right. By doing this tricky part next she could wipe away the foundation and powder off her
eyes, reapply it and start again if she fucked it up. She didn't! She had delineated her eyes perfectly
with the black eyeliner. She went to work on her eyeshadow, selecting subtle pink for her outer eyes
and pale teal for the lids. She smoothed out and blended the eyeshadow and was quite happy with the
She rouged her cheeks and then applied a top coat of finishing powder which set the makeup and
gave her face a subtle glow. Then she painstakingly applied lashings of mascara to her eyelashes. She
looked at the selection of lipsticks in the makeup case and begrudgingly selected a tube of ruby-red
lipstick. Tomorrow she would use the two-coat liquid and gloss long-lasting lipstick; but as her lips
would not be coming into contact with another person tonight so there was no need to use the rather
difficult to remove long-lasting lipstick.
She carefully applied the lipstick and bit down on a tissue to set it and remove the excess. The tissue
was carefully placed in the large plastic garbage bag. She did not want to get into the habit of leaving
any evidence of her transformation where it might be found.
She looked in the mirror and was happy with the results; especially considering she hadn't used
makeup for so long.
"Just like riding a bike!" she sniggered to herself.
She took her wig into the ensuite and stood in the shower and took the wig out of the protective bag.
She brushed it out with a special wig brush that she had kept with the wig and flushed any errant
strands of hair down the drain.
Returning to the dressing table she carefully set the wig on her head and adjusted it.
She looked great! She probably wasn't 'passable' in the true sense of the word but she looked both
feminine and sexy. Her penis had started to harden a little and was becoming a nuisance so she sat
down and sipped at her wine until her erection subsided.
While waiting for this to occur Michele took one of the pair of cheap pantyhose and cut the legs from
the gusset. She put the gusset into garbage bag and carefully put equal measures of rice into each of
the legs of the hose. When she was satisfied with the size of the bulging rice-filled nylon sacks she
folded the nylon over and over and tied several knots in the toes of the pantyhose then she trimmed
off the excess.
Michele had just created two perfectly suitable substitutes for breastforms. She had owned several
pairs of silicone breastforms before but these would be an appropriate substitute until she could
acquire the real thing.
Michele looked at the lingerie she had purchased and made a selection. She would have liked to wear
the suspender belt and stockings: she put the lacy belt around her waist and adjusted the garters and
then she begrudgingly took it off. She would save it for tomorrow; no one would be requiring access
to her lower body tonight so she put the suspender belt aside and opened up a pair of taupe sheer-tothe-waist pantyhose.
Nothing compares to the thrill of pulling expensive hosiery up your freshly shaven legs and Michele
experienced the wonderful sensation of the diaphanous garment sliding over her toes, up her calves
and thighs and fitting snugly around her waist. She carefully smoothed out the hose and admired the
way her legs looked. She pushed her thickening penis under the gusset of the pantyhose and stepped
into a pair of pink satin boy-leg panties.
The satin whispered as it slid up her nylon-clad legs and little sparks of delight tingled along her
sensitive skin. She pulled the panties snug and after a few minutes adjusting them she pulled on the
matching brassiere. She adjusted the bra and carefully stuffed her makeshift breastforms into the
She looked at herself in the mirror and was pleased with what she saw. Ordinarily she would now put
on her outer garments but instead she sat down at the dresser and clipped on a pair of silver drop
earring, matching necklace and bracelets and fastened an ankle-chain around her left calf. She slid
three rings on the fingers of each of her hands and then stepped into her black and silver high-heels
and tottered precariously on them until she was able to recollect the ability to walk in stilettos. She
sprayed herself liberally with Poison and once again looked at her reflection in the full-length mirror.
Sexy bitch!
She sat down and painstakingly did her nails with ruby-red nailpolish which matched her lippy. She
touched up her makeup and adjusted her wig and commenced to take a series of shots with her digital
She started off posing modestly and progressed to more seductive and provocative poses, finishing up
with a few stroke shots for good measure. She was highly aroused at this point but she had ditched
her stash of porn long ago and had to make do with hand-relief as she watched herself posing in the
mirror. She carefully shot her load into a handkerchief so that she wouldn't stain her new lingerie. She
cleaned herself up and poured another glass of wine.
She stepped into a leopard-skin patterned pencil skirt that hugged her buttocks and thighs. A kickpleat
split the back of the skirt and Michele looked over her shoulder and checked out the tantalising
view of the back of her thighs in the mirror. Perfect! She pulled on a white satin blouse, buttoned it up
and tucked it into the waistband of her skirt. She adjusted the blouse and then closed the zip on the
side of her skirt. She checked herself out in the mirror and was well pleased with what she saw. She
was a hot, sexy, mature transvestite!
Michele spent a few hours prancing around in her high-heels getting used to walking in them once
more. She took numerous pictures of herself; some fashion shots and some downright pornography.
Finally she set the camera into movie mode and filmed herself still fully clothed masturbating to
Michele decided she would wear the same outfit tomorrow and carefully removed her clothing and
folded it carefully into the little suitcase. She left on her pantyhose and put the black lace suspender
belt and several pairs of stockings in the suitcase. She packed up her makeup and other accessories
and put them in the suitcase and then carefully removed her nailpolish and makeup ensuring the
tissues and wipes went into the garbage bag.
She hid the clothing that she wouldn't be taking with her tomorrow back in the attic and slid the
suitcase under the bed. She left on her pantyhose and slipped into one of her wife's satin full-slips and
went to bed where she dreamed of the girly fun she was going to have tomorrow.
The quickening had won out. Michele Nylons was back!
(T Day)
Mike was restless all day thinking about what he was going to get up to later in the evening. He took
himself to a movie to try to take his mind off it but he couldn't stop thinking about transforming into
Michele later in the day. The quickening was coursing through his body. The mature, well-built, female
attendant who took his ticket and led him to his seat in the theatre wore a nice close-fitting uniform
consisting of skirt and blazer and she showed a considerable amount of sheer nylon-clad leg as she
proceeded ahead of him guiding him to his seat. Mike admired the attendant's legs and ample
buttocks but secretly wished it was he dressed in the theatrette uniform. He was hard all through the
Returning home Mike made the necessary preparations required to transform into Michele. He shaved
himself twice; his face was smooth and unblemished. He trimmed away any rouge hairs that he found
on his body and before taking a long hot shower he evacuated himself, took an enema and inserted
lubricant inside his anus.
This vital but unsavoury necessity is part of the preparation seldom discussed on TV websites or in TV
fiction but the reality was if you want to enjoy anal sex you have to take steps to ensure that it is not
He stood in the hot shower and lathered his penis and he was tempted to give it a good stroking but
he did not give in to the temptation; Michele's penis would soon be receiving all the attention it
needed. He carefully painted his toenails with nailpolish before donning his socks.
Mike took the little suitcase from under his bed and dropped it in the trunk of his car. His hands were
shaking with anticipation. As he drove out of his garage and the automatic door closed behind him his
brain underwent a familiar transition. Mike was locked away and Michele emerged and took over. The
quickening was now almost tangible.
Michele parked her car in the street next to Tracy's house. It had been years since she had been here
but not much had changed. Tracy was in fact a divorcee who owned a small shop in a nearby shopping
mall. She was another part-time transvestite who liked both other transvestites and male admirers.
Living alone allowed her to use her small house for the odd party or discrete rendezvous.
Michele took her suitcase and pressed the buzzer next to Tracy's front door. Michele was early but she
had arranged with Tracy to arrive prematurely as she wanted to be transformed before the rest of the
partygoers arrived.
Tracy was already dressed and wore a tight-fitting business suit, tan seamed stockings and a black
bob. She was tottering on her highest of high-heeled pumps and wore lashings of makeup and was
surrounded by a miasma of perfume. She ushered Michele inside and closed the door.
"I'm doing my secretary thing today; hoping that I'll be f***ed to take some dick-tation," Tracy winked
at Michele who smiled at the double entendre.
Michele playfully pinched Tracy on the bum.
"I might let you take some dick-tation from me later," she smiled.
"Up the stairs; second bedroom on the right," Tracy nodded in the direction of the staircase.
"You're not getting any dick whatsoever until you get dressed," she teased.
Michele climbed the staircase and fond memories returned. She had been to parties at Tracy's many
times and had even been well and truly shagged a couple of times on this very staircase!
She went into the brightly lit bedroom and put her case on the bed and opened it up. She placed her
makeup and wig on the dressing table and lay out her clothes carefully on the bed. She sat at the
dresser and went through the same ritual she had done last night. She was so nervous that she had to
make two attempts to get her eyeliner right. Once she was made-up, bewigged, and bejewelled, she
stepped into the black lace suspender belt and slid a pair of sheer fully-fashioned stockings up her legs
fastening the suspender clips to the dark welts at the top of the stockings. She straightened the
seams and stepped into her high-heels and then finished dressing.
Her cock was semi erect and she had difficulty pushing it under her groin so that it wouldn't tent her
tight pencil skirt. She slipped out of the boy-leg panties and slid on a pair of red satin full-cut briefs
that effectively hid the bulge. The panties did not look as good as the boy-legs but they were still nice
and felt downright sexy.
Her panties did show a visible panty-line under her pencil-skirt but she didn't mind. In the world of
transvestite fashion a bit of VPL is actually considered quite provocative; admirers quite like to know
that a girl has nice panties under her skirt. Michele refused to wear thongs or g-strings; she found
them uncomfortable, impractical, and unsexy.
She sat down and painstakingly painted her fingernails listening to the growing hum coming from
downstairs. Other partygoers were arriving. Michele knew that there would be three trannies and
about six or seven admirers at the party which was a good mix. She didn't know the other transvestite
but had looked up her profile online. Her name was Teresa and she was a rather large lady in her
forties. In her pictures she was quite well proportioned and wore large breastforms and had very nice
legs. She tended to wear tight clothes and a little roll of puppy-fat bulged at her waist but she was still
quite attractive.
Michele sprayed herself liberally with Poison, picked up a clutch purse into which she had dropped a
few requisites such as cigarettes, condoms and lubricant and exited the bedroom and slowly made her
way down the stairs.
"Jesus Christ Trace; where have you been hiding her?" a rather large red-faced man asked.
He was holding a large tumbler of scotch and it was obviously not his first drink.
"Everyone; meet Michele," Tracy smiled as Michele stopped and posed, three steps from the bottom of
the staircase.
"Me want!" the red-faced man guffawed and blatantly started at Michele; his eyes roving over every
inch of her body.
"Welcome back honey," a mature handsome man stepped forward and took Michele's hand and led
her into the sitting room.
The man was Steve, a regular at the Tea Ladies parties. Michele felt comfortable with Steve and he
soon had her in conversation and had given her glass of wine. They chatted away amicably for a
while, never raising the issue of why Michele had been absent from the Tea Ladies for so long.
It was one of the unwritten laws of Tea Ladies that anonymity and discretion were paramount.
After a couple of minutes of idle chatter Michele noticed Teresa was kissing one of the other men and
stroking his stubby penis which was poking out of his flies. The man was struggling, trying to keep
cuddling Teresa whilst shucking out of his clothes. Eventually he broke the kiss and impatiently
stripped off his shirt and pants. Teresa went down on her knees and began to fellate the balding man
who was now dressed only in socks and briefs.
This was what the party was about after all; sure there would be lots of chatting, drinking and joking
but what there would be mostly was sex. A few of the other men began to strip and one of them stood
beside the balding man so that Teresa could suck on each of their cocks in succession.
Teresa was wearing a black leather mini, a long-sleeved tiger-print silk blouse, sheer taupe hosiery
and black high-heels. She wore a blonde, shoulder-length wig and lots of makeup. As her ruby-red lips
sucked on the two cocks poking at her face another man moved behind her and lifted her skirt. She
was wearing pink satin panties over pantyhose and the man stroked her arse and then let his fingers
slide under her groin and began to massage her cock through the layers of satin and nylon.
Teresa smiled around a mouth full of cock.
"Come on honey' let's go somewhere private!"
The red-faced man took Michele by the hand and pulled her towards the stairs. Michele went along
grudgingly; she was hoping that Steve would be her first. As she climbed the stairs, the man close
behind her began to paw at her buttocks and legs. He ran a finger up the seam of her stocking and
stroked the welt and then the bare skin above dark band of nylon. Michele's cock twitched in her
"God you've great legs girl; and a fantastic arse! I'm Ron by the way," the man said; his face inches
from Michele's buttocks as she mounted the last of the stairs.
Ron half pushed Michele into the bedroom where she had gotten dressed earlier in the evening.
Without further ceremony he pushed her down on the bed and fell on top of her. Michele could feel his
hard cock poking into her belly as he squirmed on top of her and crushed her lips with his, forcing his
tongue into her mouth.
Ron tasted of scotch and cigarettes but he was wearing a pleasant aftershave and a nice deodorant.
Michele responded to his kiss by opening her mouth and entwining her tongue with his. She put her
arms around him and lifted a leg and slid it along his flank. Michele knew what men liked.
Michele pushed her hand between their bodies and squeezed Ron's thickening cock through his
"Christ you've got me horny Michele," he gasped and began to tear off his clothes.
"Strip down to yer knickers girly!" Ron pleaded as he pulled off his shirt.
"I like to keep dressed; it turns me on," Michele smiled back and lifted the hem of her skirt to show off
her stocking tops.
"But you can take what you like," she smiled wickedly.
"Fuck!" Ron gasped and fell on top of her again.
His tongue resumed its exploration of Michele's hot wet mouth and his hands began to explore her
body. He hiked up her skirt and nestled the tip of his cock between her stocking-clad thighs and began
to hump her legs.
Michele could feel the heat of Ron's cock as he fucked her thighs; it was iron hard and throbbing. She
could feel a little wetness as the hard cock leaked pre-seminal fluid. He was gasping and moaning and
Michele didn't think it would be long until he came.
Ron pushed his cock between Michele's thighs and f***ed her legs open and began to push his cock
into the crease of her buttocks; only the fabric of her panties preventing him from his objective.
Michele was moaning now and her cock was hard inside her panties. She had missed this so much!
She wanted to be fucked!
"Protection!" Michele hissed.
Ron reluctantly broke their embrace and rummaged around in his pocket and produced a lubricated
condom. Michele reached into the clutch she had dropped beside the bed and extracted the tube of
lubricant. Ron was fussing with the condom wrapper frustratingly trying to extract the little rubber
jonnie and Michele smiled at the sight of the red-faced fat man, naked except for his socks, his stubby
hard-on wobbling as he tore at the condom wrapper.
"Give it here," Michele said and reached out and took the wrapper.
She slid a red-painted fingernail inside the tattered wrapper and sliced it open and extracted the little
rolled-up silicone tube.
"Kneel on the bed and I'll show you a trick," Michele smiled wickedly at Ron who quickly obliged.
Michele got on her hands and knees on the bed and approached him. She put the condom between
her lips with the little reservoir tip inside her mouth and then slowly wrapped her mouth around Ron's
quivering erection. As her mouth slide down his shaft the condom unrolled.
When her lips came to the base of his shaft the condom perfectly encased his hard cock. Ron held
Michele by the head and began to fuck her face and Michele reciprocated by slathering his cock. She
usually performed fellatio unprotected and the condom tasted a little sour. She placed her hands on
his thighs and pushed her face out of his groin.
"I've got something better," she smiled at him.
She took the tube of lubricant and generously smeared Ron's glans and shaft with clear viscous fluid
and then slipped a generous dollop inside her panties around and just inside her anal bud. She got
back down on her hands and knees and turned around and raised her generous arse into the air and
reached back and pulled up the hem of her skirt.
"Do me like a doggie," she giggled.
Ron stared at Michele's stocking-clad legs; the dark welts contrasting with the creamy skin at the tops
of her thighs, her ample tight buttocks encased in red satin, the dollop of lubricant glistened through
the sheer panty. Ron hiked Michele's skirt up further and pulled the gusset of her panties to one side
and waddled on his knees between her legs until his cock nudged her puckered opening.
Michele closed her eyes and tried to f***e herself to relax her sphincter. Ron's cock pushed forward
and Michele pushed back until the glans of Ron's penis penetrated her.
"Stop Ron; just let me get used to it," Michele pleaded as pain seared from her newly burgled back
She made herself relax and accommodate the invading member. She slowly pushed back and the
well-lubricated shank slid inside her until she felt her buttocks nestle against Ron's groin. Her anus felt
full with a dull rawness but as she slowly accommodated Ron's cock and relaxed an undercurrent of
pleasure began to radiate from inside her.
Ron held Michele by the hips and began to fuck her with long slow strokes. Michele was in heaven;
this was what she missed: the feel of satin, nylon and lace against her body, the taste of lipstick and
makeup, the scent of perfume, and the false femininity of behaving like a total slut.
Just then the door opened and Steve entered the room.
"Is there room for one more?" he grinned.
Michele, on her hands and knees being properly fucked by Ron, was busy enjoying sensations she had
missed for the years she had been out of the scene and just nodded.
"Spit roast?" Ron winked at Steve.
Steve dropped his pants and climbed onto the bed approaching Michele from the front. He was already
erect and as soon as cock touched Michele's lips she gobbled it up with relish.
Michele sucked and slavered on Steve's cock while Ron pounded in and out of her slick passage. It did
not take long for either of the trio to build up to climax. Ron cane first; holding onto Michele by the
straps of her garters and jackhammering in and out her tight hole; he ground himself against her
buttocks as he ejaculated inside her, filling the condom with hot milky seed.
Michele orgasmed almost immediately she felt Ron's cock pulsating against her prostrate; her semierect
cock throbbed and filled the front panel of her panties with sticky semen.
Sensing the other two had peaked Steve held Michele's head in his hands and fucked her face;
unloading stream after stream of viscous sperm into her mouth as she sucked slathered and
All three eventually spent their loads and began to slowly disentangle from one and other. Ron
dropped the used condom into a waste bin and fetched a damp cloth from the bathroom to wipe his
genitals clean and then got dressed. Meanwhile Steve let Michele lick his cock clean and he stuffed it
back into his pants. He kissed Michele passionately on the lips tasting a scintilla of his own spend on
her breath.
"See you downstairs Michele; I haven't finished with you yet," he grinned and left the room.
Ron came back and kissed and cuddled Michele for a few minutes explaining that he had to leave the
party but would like to meet her again, maybe for a one on one private session. Michele said she
would see and they swapped email addresses.
Michele kicked off her come-soaked panties and walked down to the bathroom. She closed the door;
cleaned herself up and re-lubricated herself. She went back to the bedroom and stepped back into the
boy-leg panties she had discarded earlier and then fixed her makeup. She combed her wig and
freshened her perfume and made her way downstairs.
Tracy was taking 'dick-tation'; sucking on a large cock that belonged to younger man, about thirty,
who was taking obvious delight in being fellated by the sophisticated transvestite secretary.
Teresa was bent over a padded pouf; her skirt on the floor and her knickers around her ankles while
the man whose stubby penis she had fellated earlier stood behind her and fucked her. His friend stood
beside him naked, his cock erect, eager to take the chubby man's place once he had come.
Michele grabbed a drink and was eventually cajoled by one of the other partygoers to stand in front of
Teresa and to let her suck her cock. The boys liked a bit of transbian action.
Michele left the party five hours later fully sated. She had come four times and her cock and anus
were a little sore. She had undressed and cleaned herself up, dressed in male attire, and in her mind
she transformed back into Mike a few minutes after she left the party.
(T plus one day)
The remorse, regret and self-loathing hit Mike like a ton of bricks. He really did like transforming into
the transvestite slut Michele Nylons, but the guilt and fear that overwhelmed him after giving in to the
urge was almost unbearable.
Mike Harris pulled over to a roadside dumpster and threw the small suitcase into it. There! Michele
Nylons was gone! He would never be tempted again!
At 3am the next day a car drove up to the dumpster in the dark quiet early morning and a man looked
around surreptitiously and then dumpster-dove into the bin and retrieved the suitcase.
The quickening was once again raging through Mike Harris.
... Continue»
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How I was Seduced by Older Women

Have you ever wanted to just do something really naughty? Well, I have. My name is Ambry, and I was divorced about 4 months ago. My ex was a scum bag that had no idea of how to treat or please a woman, if you know what I mean. Oh sure, we all want the bad boy when we are dating, but ultimately, they make terrible husbands and lovers. We lasted a whopping 9 months before I caught the bastard cheating on me with a filthy little skank from the grocery store. Well, I say good riddance; she can have the tiny dicked fucker.

The bad part of not having a guy is that my pussy hasn’t had any action since the divorce…and I really need some action. I love sex…and I do mean love it; all aspects of it in fact. I love having a man take me hard and deep any way I can get it. I also love to suck cock; in fact, I can nearly cum myself just from having a man tight up in my mouth before feeding me his delicious seed. Damn, just thinking about it now is making me wet. Well, this brings me back to my question: Have you ever wanted to do something really naughty?

Well, my current naughty streak started about 5 months ago in July. I was out sunbathing in my pool, all alone, when I felt like I was being watched. I glanced up quickly, but no one was there. The feeling kind of got to me though, so I went over to the back yard fence, and happened to see our 16 year old paper boy, Shawn, walking to the next house. Had he been watching me? I couldn’t be for sure, but the thought that this young attractive guy may have been checking me out immediately went to my pussy. I actually fantasized about him that night, imagining what it would be like to feel his young cock filling up my tight deprived cunt. I was only 28, but I was sure that I was old in his mind…even if I do still consider myself a very sexy woman. I laid there in my bed, completely naked, slowly teasing my nipples and clit as I imagined that sexy stud awkwardly fondling around on my body. I know at 16 a lot of guys have had sex, but for my fantasy, I was teaching that boy everything for the first time. I pulled a vibrator out of my drawer, and methodically began teasing it in and out of my pussy. There is something incredible about long teasing sessions that lead up to orgasm. I exploded with fire that night, but I also imbedded a fantasy into my mind that was not going to be easily forgotten.

The next day I decided to see if I could catch him peeking at me. I set up a small mirror next to my lounger by the pool. I had chosen a particularly skimpy bikini as well as a big pair of sunglasses. The place by the fence that he could have seen me was actually set in the midst of some bushes, so he would have been able to hide without being detected by cars that may pass by. This little stud was going to get a great show if he was really watching. Shawn came by every day around 3:15. I had already gone for a swim, and then applied a health amount of suntan oil to my body, especially my topless breasts, which were proudly open to the sky above. Sun tanning topless was something I had done in the past to turn on my husband…what a waste of time that had turned out to be. Today, it was all for Shawn.

My lounger was facing the fence so that I could watch for the paperboy through my dark sunglasses. The bushes may have hidden him from traffic, but I would still be able to see his figure through the slits of the fence. I heard the paper hit the front porch next to mine. My pussy was getting wet just wondering if he would stop and look. I dipped my hand in the pool with a loud splash, and then dabbed the cool water over my chest. I was hoping this would let him know that I was out there. It worked. I watched his shadow as he nuzzled through the bushes into his hiding spot. I made sure not to move; there was no way I wanted him to leave before the show was over. He couldn’t see my eyes because of my sunglasses, but I could see his as he peered through the fence; I swear I could feel his eyes locked onto my tits. I reached my hand in the pool again, and once again dripped the cool water over my breasts; this time though, I rubbed my cool hands over my breasts for added effect. I repeated the action a few more times, making sure that my little pervert was entertained. He was.

I was enjoying the exhibitionist side of me, and I wanted to take it further. I gathered up some more water, but this time I poured it over the skimpy piece of fabric that covered my pussy. To be honest, the cool water felt incredible on my anxious pussy. I didn’t stop there though. I repeated the action, but this time, I used my other hand to pull down the front of my g-string, making sure to allow Shawn to see the smoothly shaved pussy beneath; then I poured the cold water directly onto it. Shawn’s face was pressed tight against my fence, and I knew that he was not going anywhere. I once again repeated the motion with the water, but again opted to take it to the next level. I slid my cold fingers over my slit and began teasing my clit gently. I saw Shawn lick his lips as he started to fidget around a little. I figured his cock had to be hard as a rock by now, so he was just adjusting it for the rest of the show. My fingers worked slowly up and down my pussy slit, lingering a few seconds each time I reached my swollen tender clit. I was getting very close to cumming, but wanted to make sure that my little voyeur had a great view before I did. I stopped fingering myself just long enough to reach down and pull off my panties. I heard a gasp come from the bushes, but just acted as though I hadn’t. I spread my legs out on both sides of my chair, and then quickly began fingering my slit hard and deep. The fact was, I needed to cum. As I fingered myself, I noticed the reason for Shawn’s adjusting earlier. I could see his cock in his hand. He was fisting it at the same pace as I was fingering myself. That was all it took, and I exploded into a violent orgasm. I made sure to hold nothing back as I moaned and writhed in delicious satisfaction. Shawn’s eyes were wide open as I watched him tense up…I knew he had finished too. I laid there continuing to finger myself as I watched Shawn disappear from the fence.

I finally climbed up from my chair and went inside to shower up. The fantasy did not subside though. I masturbated to the thought of Shawn fisting his cock three more times that night alone. The next day, I gave him the same show all over again. But when he left, I decided to go out to his hiding place and see what he had left me. There was still a string of teenage cum running down my fence. I couldn’t help myself…I know, I know…I reached out a finger and caught the drizzle of still warm cum and placed it inside my mouth. It had to be the sweetest cum I had ever tasted. I don’t know if it was my lust or what, but I had decided at that moment, I was going suck that boy off and then fuck him crazy.

I had planned on “catching” him as he jerked off the next day, but rain hit, and the stupid storm lasted for over a week. As long as there was rain, there was no way to trap Shawn into masturbating for me. Then, my stupid boss changed my work hours, and I was f***ed to work afternoons from that point on…until this week. I have been fantasizing about Shawn for months now, and to be honest, he has been all I could think about. Christmas is just around the corner, and my boss changed all of my hours back to normal. I was doing fine about the Shawn thing until I heard him deliver my paper yesterday. I peeked out the window as he walked away, and I could swear that boy had been working out. He is not the same scrawny teen I remembered from the summer. I wonder if he did that for me. His ass fit tightly into his jeans as it swayed just beneath his coat. It was cold outside, and the snow was falling…this would be a great chance to invite the paper boy inside to warm up, and then I can give him his Christmas bonus.

It is 3:10, and I can see him walking down the street. I’ve got the fireplace cracking and I am wearing a very tight fitting low-cut sweater which proudly demonstrates my lovely 36D breasts. My black stretch pants are at least two sizes to small, and feel wonderful the way they are drawing their way up against my pussy and ass. Hopefully the outfit will have the desired effect. I have also pulled my long brown hair back into a thick ponytail, highlighting my soft smooth neck. I quickly open the door to greet Shawn, and he immediately smiles at me. He is beautiful. I mean it, truly a beautiful young man. He has gorgeous blue eyes that I had not noticed when he was hiding behind my fence. His cheeks bore some of the sexiest dimples I have ever seen on a man, joined by red luscious lips. His shoulders were broad and instantly I was imagining about what his cock must look like.

“Ummm…Merry Christmas Mrs. Scott.”

“Hello Shawn…Merry Christmas to you too…and its Ms. Ramsey now…divorced now…but you can just call me Ambry.”

“Oh, ummm, okay…Ambry. Well, here’s your paper.” He handed me my paper, but all I noticed were the big strong hand that gave it to me. “Have a nice day.”

“Hold on Shawn. Would you be interested in making a little extra Christmas cash? I was wanting to hang a few lights on my porch, but frankly, I’m too scared to stand on the ladder without someone else here. I’ll pay you $20 if you’ll help me.”

His response was very fast; as though he was worried I would retract the offer if he hesitated. “Absolutely Ms. Scott…ummm…I mean Ambry, but you don’t have to pay me, I am happy to help you. I just have four more houses to deliver to, and I’ll be right back.”

“Okay, you know where to find me.” I said, as I patted him on the shoulder before watching him run out of the door.

What was I doing? I was as gitty as a school girl, and I watched him through the window as he literally ran to deliver the last four papers. Within 5 minutes, he was back on my porch.

“All done Ambry, what can I do to help,” he said as he made his way back in to my living room.

“Well, I have a couple boxes in the attic, how about you hold the ladder for me while I get them?”

I retrieved my small ladder from the closet, and then had him hold it on the sides; it was intentional, I still wanted to tease my young stud a little first. As I climbed the ladder, I popped my head up into the small hole and turned my body to retrieve the box of lights. I glanced down to see Shawn only inches away from my pussy which was directly in his face. I fumbled around for a couple minutes to allow him to enjoy the fresh view of my tight pants. I even smiled as I caught him adjusting his cock through his jeans. I handed the box down and then descended the ladder slowly. Shawn placed his hand on the side of my thigh, innocently helping me down to the floor. It was taking all the restraint I could muster not to rip his clothes off of him right there.

I showed restraint though and went outside to put up the lights. I could feel him ogling my ass as he held the ladder for me; I was sure he would be able to see how excited I was getting from it. I had told him to call his folks to tell them what he was doing, clearing the next few hours of his schedule. The lights took about 30 minutes, giving me still plenty of time to give him his ‘gift’. After we finished, I invited him inside for a cup of hot chocolate. He graciously accepted.

I reached over and offered to take his coat for him. Did I mention he was beautiful? Beneath the bulky jacket was a man…not a boy…a man. He had a broad chest hidden by a snug fitting black t-shirt. His arms were large and muscular, and I could actually make out his abs through his shirt. And then there was that ass…it was incredible; perfectly planted in a pair of form fitting jeans. I placed his coat on the couch and invited him into the kitchen. For a few minutes we talked about school and sports. He was junior, and he had just started working out over the summer, though he was not actively involved in any sports. I offered him a few subtle compliments which seemed to embarrass him a little.

“So did you enjoy it?” I finally asked bluntly but kindly.

“I’m sorry…oh yes…very much, the hot chocolate really hit the spot,” he said, smiling back ever so innocently. But I knew better.

“No, I didn’t mean the hot chocolate doll.”

“I’m not sure what you mean then?” His face was inquisitive and almost a little nervous. I was sure that after all these months though, he had probably figured that I had no idea that he had masturbated while watching me at the pool.

“I think you know exactly what I mean Shawn, and it is okay, but I want to know if you enjoyed it.” My voice was a little more persistent, even though my eyes were still soft and kind.

“I really am sorry Ambry, but I don’t know what you are talking about?” He was getting more nervous by my pushing. “Did I enjoy what?”

“Oh baby boy, did you enjoy watching me play with myself by the pool this summer?” I waited with a naughty little grin on my face as pure terror came across his.

“Oh shit…I’m so sorry Ambry…I am so sorry…I just couldn’t help my…Oh shit!” He was so cute when he was flustered like this.

“Shawn…honey, calm down…I’m not mad at all. I just want to know if you enjoyed it?”

His face was so unsure of how to answer the question…or if he should answer the question. I could tell he thought it was a trap or something to get him in even worse trouble. So he just looked down at his hot chocolate and remained silent.

I reached my hand under the table and found his knee. He jumped as I gave it a little squeeze and leaned in closer to him. “I asked you if you enjoyed it. I really want to know. You aren’t in trouble, but I want an answer.” I said even more determined this time; my hand gently massaging at his knee.

Slowly he looked up from his chocolate, “Ummmm…well…yes ma’am, I enjoyed it a lot.” Sheepishly he lowered his head back down, waiting for my wrath to come down upon him like a hot anvil.

“I saw you masturbating Shawn…I even saw where you shot your sperm all over my fence.” He didn’t say anything, but I could tell he was scared and embarrassed…right where I wanted him. “I even know that you watched me on more than one occasion. Did you like watching me by my pool?”

“Ummm…yes ma’am,” was all he could reply.

“Did you like the way I played with myself; fingering my pussy for you?”

“Ummm…yes ma’am…” there was a short pause before he looked back up at me, “did you just say ‘for you’?” The look in his eyes was hopefulness that he had heard me correctly.

“Well of course Shawn, you had never seen me masturbate by my pool before that, had you? And surely you noticed that I had turned my lounger around specifically so you could watch as I stroked my fingers in an out of my pussy.”

“I ummm, just figured, well, you know…the sun moved or something.”

“No Shawn, I wanted you to watch me. I planned the whole thing. In fact, I thought about you the entire time I played with myself that day. You know what, I’ve thought about you every time I’ve played with myself since that day.”

His eyes got wide, and a small smile finally broke across his mouth. “Really?”

“Would you like to have another show Shawn? Would you like to see me naked again?”

“Are you serious?” his excitement was increasing as he became flushed in the face.

“Of course I am serious Shawn. You have no idea how bad I need a man to please me right now. Do you think you could take care of my needs for me? Do you think you could make me explode like you made me explode this last summer?”

“Well, ummm…I just…I have just well…you know.” He was embarrassed again, and once again holding his head down toward the floor.

“Shawn, are you a virgin?” The thought thrilling me more than he could know. He didn’t reply right away, so I waited.

“Yes I am…I’m sorry.”

“What on earth would you be sorry for?”

“Well, you were hoping you would find a man, but all you have found is a boy. I just haven’t had the chance to do …you know…that…with a girl yet.”

“Oh baby, that is sweet. But I have got an idea…What if I just teach you what you need to know?” His eyes got wide again. This was going to be wonderful. Shawn nodded in approval. That was all I needed.
I grabbed him by the hand and pulled him up from his chair. “I’m going to take care of everything baby,” I said as I led him back into the living room. “But you are going to have to trust me and do as your told if you want to become the kind of man that can take care of me.”

“I promise Ambry…I promise.” His shy affirmation just turned me on more.

I stood him in the middle of the room, and thought about where to start. Part of me wanted to rip off my clothes and the other part wanted to rip off his. I started thinking about how quickly a teenage boy that had never had sex was going to explode with a situation like this. I didn’t want him to get embarrassed if he came to quickly, so I finally decided that I would finally help myself to that teenage cock I had been fantasizing about for so long. “Don’t say a word Shawn, I want you to just enjoy what I am about to give you.” He nodded nervously as I slowly began undoing his jeans. I could see the bulge that was anxious to be freed. As I opened up the flaps to his jeans, I could see the large outline of his cock…he was getting more beautiful by the inch. I moved my hands to the sides of his jeans, and slid them down his legs. His cotton briefs were all that stood between me and his luscious cock. I grabbed the throbbing growth through his briefs and squeezed it once before stroking it up and down. Shawn couldn’t help but let out a series of approving moans. I had to see this monster though; it had to be at least 9 inches long. I pulled down his briefs in one quick motion, causing him to hold his breath for a moment. He stared down at me as I smiled up at him.

“You have a wonderful cock Shawn…absolutely wonderful.”

He smiled from the compliment as I leaned my face forward and took the thick head into my mouth. His pre-cum was just as sweet as I had hoped it would be. Its satiny texture coated my tongue as I slowly began working his cock even deeper into my throat. I could feel him shaking nervously as his hands came to rest on the back of my head.

“Oh fuck,” he muttered quietly under his breath as my hand reached up and cupped his balls, gently massaging them.

He tasted wonderful, and the thought of him exploding in my mouth had my pussy quivering with anticipation. I took him even deeper into my throat, teasing him with my tongue as I continued to tease his cock and balls with my hands. He was moaning even more, and I could tell he was getting close by the way his cock was not throbbing inside my mouth. I started sucking him faster and deeper…thrusting his entire dick down my throat.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he muttered out again, grabbing tight fistfuls of my hair as he gently began pumping his hips against my face. “ohhhhh…fuck….”

He started to pull away from me, I figured out of fear of cumming in my mouth, but there was no way I was going to miss feasting on my young stud’s seed. My hands moved back behind him, and I grabbed tight to both of his tight ass cheeks, then quickly pulled him tight against my face, forcing his cock completely into my throat. His body tensed up against me, and without any further warning he exploded his first spasm of cum into my eager mouth. I sucked harder on his dick, but not before pulling it out a little first; I wanted to savor every drop of his nectar. His cock erupted violently inside my mouth, spewing his cum over and over again onto my tongue. He tasted so good…I was intoxicated with savage lust as I continued to devour him. I could feel his legs shaking as his orgasm ripped through every inch of him. Finally he grabbed tight to me, trembling with pleasure.

“MMMMMmmmm…oh wow. That was incredible Ambry. I have never felt anything like that before in my life. I’m sorry I came in your mouth…I was trying to pull away.”

“Oh baby, you tasted delicious,” I said, still sliding his cock over my lips and tongue. “I would have been disappointed if you didn’t share that with me.”

“What can I do for you now…I really want to make you feel as good as you made me feel,” his voice so sincere and grateful sounding.

I stood back up and led him over to the couch. “Sit down baby,” I ordered. He did as he was told, and I took the control to my stereo and turned on a seductive CD I had ready for the occasion. Slowly I began to dance and sway with the music as I slid my shirt off over my head. I wasn’t wearing a bra, so I knew his eyes would immediately go to my breasts. He didn’t disappoint. My perk tits were standing proudly, and my nipples were already hard and erect from the excitement.

“They are beautiful,” Shawn whispered, lightly licking his lips.

“Shhhhh baby, just sit back and enjoy.”

I rubbed my hands all over my chest and belly, and then teased him by slowly twirling my hair over in front of him. I turned around and slowly gyrating my ass in his face before pushing my pants down off of my ass. I was sure he could see my pussy lips as I pushed my pants to the floor and stepped out of them. I extended my legs fully as I parted them a few inches from each other.

“Rub my ass for me baby,” I ordered.

Shawn didn’t say a word as his soft hands gently began to caress their way around my ass. He trembled a little, but that did not stop him from running a finger over my tender asshole, and then pushing it between my legs up against my slit.

“Mmmmmm baby…I like that,” I said, reassuring his exploration. “Don’t stop”. I held my ankles, giving him complete access to my ass and pussy. He was a fast learner. After only a few seconds, he had released some of his inhibitions and had begun really massaging at my ass and thighs. His fingers were rubbing gently around my asshole and down into my pussy. He even started to push a finger inside of me, gently thrusting it back and forth.

“Can I taste you?” he asked, sounding unsure of himself.

“Please baby, I would love to feel your tongue on my ass and pussy.” I half expected him to be turned off by the ass comment, but Shawn didn’t hesitate to thrust his tongue up against it. His warm breath immediately triggered sensations throughout my whole body. He started solely at my asshole, teasing and licking at it very slowly and gently. At the same time, his fingers were still working against my pussy; teasing my clit and thrusting tenderly inside me. I could feel my body quivering, and before I knew it, I was exploding with my first orgasm of the evening. Shawn took this as encouragement that he was doing a good job, and he began pushing his tongue into my asshole as he thrust even more eagerly inside my cunt. DAMN he was good at this. His attention did not go unnoticed, and within seconds he had intensified my orgasm into an even greater experience. I was finding it hard to keep my position, and finally had to push away to keep from falling down.

“Oh shit Shawn…that was incredible. You are going to do just fine as a lover,” I said, still trying to catch my breath. I sat down on the couch next to him and was startled at how quickly he moved in to suck one of my breasts into his mouth. He was a little aggressive about it, but to be honest, it still felt incredible. He eagerly feasted his way back and forth between my tits as his hand found its way back to my pussy. This little fucker sure knew how to use his fingers. He was probing in and out of my pussy one second and grinding perfectly against my clit the next. All I could do was sit back and enjoy the waves of pleasure that were erupting throughout my body.

Shawn hadn’t had enough though. He dropped to the floor in front of me, and tenderly pushed my legs apart. It was obvious that even if he was a virgin, this boy had watched some porn or something, because he was very meticulous about the attention his tongue was giving to my clit. He paid attention to every moan I made, and then repeated whatever he had done to hear it again. His hands slid up my body to my breasts as his face pressed lovingly against my pussy, feasting upon it hungrily. I couldn’t fight it any longer, and once again my body exploded in an even more intense orgasm than before. My hands locked back behind his head as I pulled him against my cunt, grinding my hips hard against his face. My nectar flooded from me, and my sexy stud feasted on every drop of it. I shaking and trembling beneath my lover, clouded from everything in the world except his attention.

I finally had to push him away because my body was overloading from the pleasure.

“OH FUCK I should have seduced you five months ago,” I said, completely flustered with lust. You are the best pussy eater I have ever encountered, and baby, you can do that any time you like; but now it is my turn to give more to you.” The fact was, I was so hungry for this young cock to fill my pussy.

I pushed him backwards, giving me room to stand back up in front of him. I grabbed him around the neck, and pulled him tight against me, and planted my lips directly upon his. I could taste my juices on his mouth, but it just made me hungrier for him. As my tongue explored his mouth, his hands explored my body. They were all over me, first on my breasts, then down cupping my ass, and then reaching between us and fingering my pussy again. He couldn’t get enough of me, and I had sure not had enough of him. Reluctantly I finally broke our kiss and moved over to the arm of my couch. I figured it set at the perfect height for me to be able to watch his young thick 9” cock fill me up. I reached out and grabbed his cock and led him in between my silky thighs. His massive dick felt so good as I stroked up and down it as I pressed the head up against my still tender slit.

“Fuck me Shawn…fill me up with your big hard cock.” I was sure he could hear the lust and passion in my voice. I had fantasized about this moment for five months. I needed to feel him inside me.
Shawn went slowly at first. His hands were on my hips and mine were on his. Gently he pulled himself inside me, allowing that fat thick head to press my pussy lips apart like never before. I bit my lip as this thick monster spread my open and f***ed its ways inside of me. Inch after inch he pushed ahead, forcing moan after moan to escape from both of us. I had always had a tight pussy, but after not being used for this long, I was sure I was squeezing that cock wonderfully. He paused for a moment to make sure I was alright, but I just dug my fingernails into his ass and pulled him closer to me. I wrapped my legs up around his waist, and then with one final pull, drove my body completely onto his cock. Impaled may have been a better word. I had never felt as content as I was at that exact moment. I just stared up at my beautiful lover as he began pumping that incredible love stick in and out of my quivering cunt.

After a few minutes of soft sex, the hungry young teenager came out to play. Shawn started increasing his speed, his hands grabbing tight to my hips like a man, and using his position to power drive that 9” tool hard and deep inside me. One of his hands was resting on my pussy, his thumb grinding feverishly at my super sensitive clit. His other hand was now on one of my tits, squeezing and twisting at my nipple until it was red and swollen. The stimulation and pain from my nipple was sending jets of sexual electricity directly to my cunt. I exploded in a series…yes, a series of magnificent orgasms. I was thrashing wildly under him on the arm of my couch. The harder he fucked me, the more violently my body erupted.
I could not believe this young buck was lasting so long. I guess that first blowjob had helped. But I could see it in his face that he was about to cum again. Though I was more than happy to let him fill my pussy with his seed, the fact was that I really wanted to drink more of his delicious cum.

“Cum in my mouth baby, I want to drink every drop,” my voice almost pleading instead of demanding.

“NOOOOO….please, I want to cum inside you…please can I.” His request was more convincing than mine, and actually made me long to give him what he wanted. I grabbed tight to his neck, and hoisted myself up on his thick member. His hands quickly moved to my ass cheeks, and he spun and pushed me hard up against the wall. I had never been fucked like this before. Feverishly he pounded in and out of my cunt as I did all I could do to ride that sexy stud. He grunted out in excitement as I felt his cock harden inside me and then fire a thick hot load of steamy sperm inside of me. He tried to slow down, but I fucked hard and fast on his cock. His knees were shaking, but I didn’t relent. I was treated to another fantastic orgasm before finally he fell backwards onto the couch with me still impaled on his cock.

“Oh fuck that was incredible Ambry. I don’t know what I did to deserve all this, but I am so glad you are giving this to me.”

“Oh no baby…tonight was all my pleasure. What time do you have to be home?”

Shawn looked down at his watch, and said that he still had at least two hours before anyone would really care. I was so lost in the lust of my new young lover; I decided that I was going to reward him with one more major treat before I sent him on his way. Slowly I hoisted myself off of his lap and lowered myself onto the couch next to him. His cock was softening a little, but was still semi-hard. Eagerly I thrust my head into his lap and began gently cleaning our love juice from it. His hand moved into my hair, gently massaging the back of my head as I lovingly feasted upon his cock. There was something about his flavor that had me captivated. Even with my own juices mixed in, I couldn’t get enough of him. I spent the next twenty minutes tenderly teasing his cock and balls with my tongue. I even snuck my hand between his legs and rubbed at his asshole for a bit. I could tell it made him a little uncomfortable at first, but before long, he even spread his legs to give me better access. I was curious how he was going to feel when I stuck my tongue in that tight young ass one of these days.

Shawn was hard and erect again before long, and I was eager to give him his last surprise.

“Shawn, baby, I want you to do one more thing for me tonight…do you think you are up to it?”

His eyes were soft and tender, and I could tell he was willing to try anything I asked of him. “Of course Ambry, anything you want.”

“I want you to fill my ass with your cock. Can you do that for me?”

“Wow…ummm…are you sure? I have only heard about that with pornos.”

“Shawn baby, I haven’t had my ass fucked in so long, I would love to feel your big thick cock inside of me.”

“Absolutely Ambry…if you are sure.” He was excited as can be at the thought of trying it, even though I could tell he was a little apprehensive.

I stood back up in front of him, and then pulled him to his feet. I went back to the arm of the couch, and turned to face it. “Come here baby…you’ll probably have to go slow at first…that cock of yours is huge.”
With that, Shawn moved back behind me and dropped down on his knees. Before I realized what had happened, his tongue was thrusting in and out of my ass, sending waves of pleasure all over me. I could feel his fingers working both of my ass cheeks, spreading them apart so that his face could penetrate me even deeper. Fuck he was good with that mouth of his. He must have tongue fucked me for five minutes before finally standing back up behind me…which was good, because I was about to cum again. The feel of that thick head as it pushed against my wet asshole made me excited with anticipation.

“Oh yeah baby, fuck my ass for me,” I whispered gently to him.

Shawn pushed forward, his thick head going inside easier than I had expected. The pressure actually felt great as he pushed his way inside me. After the head had finally popped in all the way, he moved his hands to my hips and began pulling back on them as he pushed even deeper inside of me. I tried to relax as he filled me up, but that thick cock was splitting me open. Deeper and deeper he pushed himself inside me. I had almost lost reality with the world again. It didn’t hurt, in fact, just the opposite, the pain that was there was so intense that it was exciting. I was flooding juices from my pussy, and only wanted to be filled up completely by my lover. I thought I owned him, but it was obvious to me now…he owned me. I would do anything to please him.

Finally with one last hard thrust upward, I felt myself completely impaled on Shawn’s shaft, and I couldn’t think of anywhere in the world I would rather be. He started moving in and out of my ass, having to hold tight to my hips just so he could move. It only took a couple minutes before all signs of pain had left, and pleasure was starting to take over. The fact was, I had only been fucked in the ass twice by my husband, and he lost his wad before he had ever finished penetrating me. Shawn was doing to me something no other man had done before…and I was loving every second of it. His hands moved down beneath me to my ass, and all of a sudden those hours at the gym were put to use; he hoisted my entire body up off the couch and began pumping my small frail form up and down on his shaft. The tips of fingers were rubbing perfectly against both sides of my pussy, sending even more electrical shock waves throughout my body. We fucked like that for a couple minutes before he lowered my legs down to the ground, and pushed my face down onto the arm of the couch. The wet spot from my pussy was against my face, but I didn’t care. Even faster and more aggressively Shawn pounded my ass from behind. He was grinding my pussy hard against the arm of the couch as he filled my ass deeper and deeper with his cock. I exploded in my first ever orgasm from anal sex. But it wasn’t my last. After about a minute, a second and even more violent filled my body. I reached my hands behind me, and dug my nails into Shawn’s muscular legs; that only made him fuck me harder. I felt like a rag doll the way he fucked me; his own personal fuck toy to abuse at will. He reached for a wad of my hair and pulled back hard on it as he thrust hard and deep as fast as he could inside of me. I felt his thick cock swell inside me followed by the warm slick sensation of his hot cum. He was not stopping though.

Harder and harder he fucked my tight ass, making sure to milk every drop of sperm inside of me. My body was still shaking from the orgasms ripping through it. His arms locked around my waist, and he turned around and sat down on the couch with me still on his stranded on his cock.

One of his hands reached down to my pussy as the other turned my head toward him. Our mouths met as we both allowed our bodies to finally relax from our orgasms. Shawn continued to play with my pussy and tits as our tongues danced together in contentment. I could feel my asshole still throbbing around the hard cock buried inside it. I wiggled around a little, enjoying the fact that he was still hard.

“I am yours Shawn…if you want me. I will never tell you no, and you can do absolutely anything you want to me.” I smiled and kissed him one more time.

“I like that…I’ve never owned a woman before….I think this is one toy I won’t get tired of,” he said with a smile and a wink before kissing me again.
I sucked Shawn’s cock one more time before he left. It took about 30 minutes, but I was rewarded with one last sweet dose of his cum. He promised to come back again tomorrow to “help me with some more decorating”. I do love my paperboy. ... Continue»
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How we started swinging by Dawn

As you know I am a little on the short side but quite well endowed in the boob department. Many of the ladies reading this will know that this is quite often a mixed blessing. I was well used being the butt of crude remarks in my teenage years and I suppose I allowed this to effect my confidence. Almost always going out wearing cardies, coats etc etc. in attempt to cover up, I suppose I must have cut an odd sight!
On the evening that I first met Joe, I was out with the girls, so was showing a bit more than I normally would. We were 'clubbing it' so were having a few drinks in a wine bar when Joe and his mates came in. There were about eight of them and one guy in particular was being especially boorish and crude, making loud personal remarks about any female he clapped eyes on, myself included. A friend of mine told him to grow up and a bit of a row developed. Joe basically half pushed half ushered his mate out of the door ( probably before the doormen bounced him out of the place ) and then came back to apologise. I suppose that was it really. We got talking, he offered to buy me a drink and before I knew it his mates had wandered off and so had mine. We went for a Chinese and even though he lived over the other side of the city, he dropped me off at home in his taxi. We swapped telephone numbers. Good grief, he didn't even try to kiss me. We parted with me giving him a peck on the cheek. Joe was certainly the quiet type of guy!
Up to this time I had only ever slept with two boyfriends and I have to say sex was hardly exciting. I suppose it was the classic case of two pumps ( three if I was really lucky )and a squirt. I had read my women's magazine and knew it should be better than this. One of the problems of being well endowed in the boob department is that the guys seem to be so fixated by my fun bags that everything else seemed to be ignored. With Joe, it was different. The first time I slept with him he was very self assured. He had a good body, that was obvious to me but he also had the first shaven cock and balls I had seen. In fact I had never heard of such a thing before and the first thing I thought was that he had some kind of pubic alopecia! But sex was great. He spent ages exploring my pussy and clitty with his tongue and stroked my nipples as he did. I was in heaven and when he finally slid that gorgeous shaven cock into me I exploded into a long overdue orgasm. He finished by spunking over my boobs and I loved seeing those strings of white jizz splashing onto my boobs.
Within a couple of weeks I had shaven my pussy for the first time - Joe adored this. My clumsy attempts at giving blow jobs got better - he adored this to. You might say I was on a sexual high or at the very least a very fast and steep learning curve! I finally got what this sex thing was all about! My self confidence was given a boost and this had an effect on all areas of my life. I became a lot more assertive at work and within months had gained promotion becoming the office team leader. Out went the cardies and without being tarty, made a whole lot more of my physical attributes.
I made the mistake of confiding in a friend about some of the things we got up to. " You want to watch those quiet ones" she said. She was horrified that anyone would shave their pubic hair and thought Joe was some kind of pervert. " He'll have you into that wife swapping stuff before you know it!" she warned. Well, I suppose she was eventually proved to be right about something!
We moved in together after six months and life was great. We were married within 18 months and I suppose the only draw back was the long hours Joe worked as a lorry driver. But it meant that we made the most of our time together. We both loved watching porn videos and looking at magazines. As Joe worked with other drivers who were often driving on the continent, he had access to the hard core uncensored stuff which in the mid 1980's was far better than the soft core fare available in this country. He bought a Polaroid camera and took pics of me which I enjoyed posing for. But as his interest in pic taking increased, he bought a decent camera and got the pics developed by one of those discreet services advertised in the top shelf mags. Call it narcissistic, but I loved seeing the end results of our efforts.
Joe asked me one day if I would like to pose for pics for another guy. I was a bit unsure about this but he said that it would be all totally professional and he would be on hand to make sure nothing untoward happened. On the day I packed some of my favourite lingerie into a bag and we drove the 20 miles or so to meet the photographer. The photographer was a keen amateur and looking at some of his work, I was eager to pose for him. He was a good looking guy and had a very easy going and chatty manner. His studio was in fact a converted garage next to his house. I posed in various outfits and the majority of the shots were topless ones and the occasional glimpse of my pussy. Within days we had the pics back and I was delighted with them. A few weeks later Joe asked if I would like to pose for some more and perhaps getting a little more risque.
This time Dean, our photographer, visited us and we sat around having a glass or two of wine before we started. Dean was as professional as the first time and I felt equally relaxed, perhaps more so after the wine! We retired to the bedroom and he snapped away. Joe was on hand to spur me on as I adopted various poses. I lay back on the bed, spread my pussy lips and their wetness displayed exactly how turned on I was. Joe got a couple of my favourite toys out and before I knew it I was rubbing my clitty as I worked a vibrator deep into my sopping wet pussy. I quickly came and looked up to see Joe, totally naked , hard shaven cock in hand climbing onto the bed. Oblivious to Dean I urged Joe to fuck me hard and he didn't need telling twice. Poor old Dean, ever the professional, he continued to click away. Joe sat on the end of the bed and I climbed onto his cock and Dean captured the moments as it slid into me. I was absolutely buzzing now and it's something I now call 'slut heaven'. I reached for Dean and began to snog him. He was wearing fairly light trousers which I slid down to release his hard cock. Well even professionals get turned on! So impaled on hubbies cock I set about giving Dean a blow job. He was obviously enjoying it and so was Joe. After a while Joe suggested we change positions. Dean was obviously prepared for such situations and reached in his bag for a condom. By now I was too far gone and wouldn't have given a damn if he had fucked me bareback. But he rubbered up and set about fucking me doggy style. So here I was, on the marital, bed taking another man's cock while I greedily set about sucking my husband's. Within a couple of minutes Joe announced he was about to come and releasing my self from Dean's attentions lay back. Joe wanked a huge load over my belly and tits as Dean, tearing his condom off did the same. I was breathless as I lay back on the bed, covered in spunk. Joe gave me a peck on the cheek. " Sorry darling, maybe that got a little bit out of hand!" "Nah!" I replied. " That felt real good".
I suppose that was a crossing the Rubicon moment. I talked with Joe about what had happened and we agreed that it was fun. If we repeated it would it effect our relationship? Very unlikely. For most of that weekend we were at it like rabbits as we were both so turned on about what had happened. Joe was away all week and he arrived back on the Friday afternoon. He rang me at work to let me know that Dean had the pics from the bedroom session and was it OK to bring them over that evening? I readily agreed and that evening Dean arrived. We had a few drinks as we looked at the album Dean had provided. I loved the pics and so did Joe. Needless to say we were all turned and pretty soon we were all on the bed together, except this time the session lasted a lot longer. Dean left in the early hours of the morning. I was bl**dy knackered and sore, but so, soooo satisfied! We repeated this one more time with Dean and it was just as enjoyable.
It was round about this time that Joe and Will became good friends. Will was a couple of years younger than Joe, in his mid 20's and was a work colleague. The worked in the traffic office under a rather bad tempered transport manager. Will was very good at softening the worst excesses of the managers actions. Most of the drivers agreed that if it weren't for Will, they would have told the firm to stick the job. Will always made sure that if Joe wanted weekend work ( paid at a much higher rate ) he got it. Equally he made sure that Joe got to finish early on a Friday if that's what he wanted. Well they did support the same football team so maybe that counts for something among the fellas! I met him once when I was out with the girls. I popped in to see Joe at the pub for five minutes and Will was with him. Nice looking guy and a friendly manner. One for the future I thought!
I was surprised when we came to move house, that Will, had offered to help. Well not so much in offering to help but the fact that he gave up his whole weekend without complaining. It was on the Sunday evening as we sat in the garden that we sat around having a few drinks after a hard days work. Joe was talking about his plans for the garden when I teasingly said about giving will some kind of reward for all his hard work. Joe was quick on the uptake and mentioned that he had shown Will our album from Dean! Well that was it. We went into the living room and I began to undo my blouse and unclip my bra. Will didn't need asking twice and pretty soon he was all over me, sucking and tweaking my nipples as Joe removed my jeans and thong. As I lay back on the sofa Will stripped off revealing a nice thick ( and shaven!) cock. He didn't need asking twice when it came to fucking me and pretty soon he and hubby were spit roasting me both eventually spunking their loads on my boobs.Lovely!
Will came to help out for the following few weekends as eventually we got the house to my liking. Needless to say, each day ended in a spunkfest for yours truly. But all good things as they say. There was very little work left to do and Will had met a young lady who was eventually to become his wife. Joe had also been offered a better job and so we lost touch. Within a year we had moved again and so that was that, or so we thought. We continued with our swinging activities and Joe had found out about a club in Manchester that held regular couples evening. As we lived in the Midlands it was a bit of trek but well worth it. The first couple we met at the club were into soft swing and we had a fun time with them. I had my first taste of pussy and was damn certain it wasn't going to be my last. We kept in touch with the couple and slowly began to widen our circle of swinging friends. Joe and I had a great sex life but this added another dimension. Sex with Joe was always great, sex with our friends was fun! We met with friends as the mood took us. Bringing up a f****y is time consuming and this also limited some of our extra curricular activities!
When the internet came along it gave us so many more options on the swinging front not least discovering new clubs. So on a weekend break from the k**s, we visited a club in the Midlands and bumped into Will and his wife Di.
We were gobsmacked and I could immediately see that Di wasn't certain who we were. Eventually the penny dropped and pretty soon we were chatting away like old friends, which for 3 of us is precisely what we were. We slipped away into a private room where we made friends in the best way. I played with Di as the lads watched. She whispered to me " I suppose if it wasn't for you two I wouldn't be doing this!" Then she thanked me getting to work on my pussy and having me coming within a few minutes. I of course reciprocated as Joe fucked me from behind. Will was feeding his thick cock into his wife's willing mouth. We finished up with Joe fucking Di as Will fucked me.
Needless to say we will stay in touch this time!

... Continue»
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Fun With Slutty Milf Work Colleague

I used to work in a big engineering company and we had a number of ladies working as administrators, ranging from stunners to munters.

One in particular was a single mum called Rachel, who worked part time around her f****y commitments. She was not a stunner in any sense of the word but then she wasn't terrible either. Having said that, she was a bit chunky and a didn't make much effort if the truth be told. In her defence though, being a single mum, she didn't have a lot of spare cash to lavish on clothes and stuff and she did always make sure she was clean and tidy and when you got down to business with her, she did always smell fresh enough.

Anyway, how it all got started was that one day, we got emailing each other about something work related and after going back and forth a few times, it started to get a bit frisky, but all within the bounds of decency and what have you, given that we were using company email services. After a bit of this, I picked up my desk phone and called her and we had a bit of an open chat about wanting a bit of adult fun over the phone to make the day go by. We both agreed it was fun, but this wasn't enough for me and I hatched plan to step it up a gear.

I left it a couple of days to let Rachel think I had forgotten about her and then called her.

Firstly, I wanted to check that she was at her desk (it was lunchtime again) and secondly I wanted to have a little flirt with her, to make sure she was still in the mood.

The next move in the game was the risky part, but it is always the part that makes the bl**d pump and the adrenaline flow. What I am saying is, I know she was flirting and everything pointed to her wanting some proper fun, but she hadn't actually made the first move and with what I had in mind, we could both be sacked, so the risks were very high, but so were the rewards.

Now, all the administrators used to work in one area, in little cubes, separated by those chest high desk dividers and I knew that Rachel would be on her own, as the other girls were all on lunch break. I stopped off at the gents bogs and worked up a nice hard on in one of the cubicles and then popped over to her desk. She was there working away at her screen, but said 'Hi' and carried on typing.

I said "Hi Rachel, I just thought I'd pop over and show you this" and with that, quietly unzipped my trousers and popped my still hard cock out and nudged her right upper arm with it. Her jaw hit the desk as she turned and saw my shiny helmet winking at her.

"Fucking hell, you're brave" she said under her breath, lifting herself up out of her chair to look over the top of the divider and make sure who else was about. There was a middle aged guy called Bob two cubes away, but his head was down and he was pecking away at his keyboard in a world of his own.

"Show us your tits then" I said slowly wanking my cock in anticipation and wiping a bit of pre-cum on her arm.

She had a shiny black t-shirt on, which she lifted up a bit and exposed her black lacy bra holding in her saggy little tits. I could just see her pink nipples through the lace, but I could also see the spare tyre of stretch marked flesh between her tits and her skirt waistband.

I reached down and slipped my hand inside the cup on her right tit and massaged the nipple, which hardened up under my touch. I pulled her shoulder strap down, so it allowed the cup of her bra to go loose and then pulled the thin lace aside so her right tit was fully exposed.

I gave her light pink nipple another tweak and then bent forward and gently sucked it, then flicked it with my tongue.

As I did this, I slid my hand down her flabby belly and stroked down between her legs outside her skirt, before delving inside the elasticated waistband and getting my first touch on the outside of her knickers. As I went lower, I felt the material of her knickers change from soft lace, holding in a fleshy belly, to a smooth shiny nylon. She parted her legs a little and my fingers felt the heat and dampness coming through from her soft fleshy pussy lips inside.

"We'd better stop this" she said "before we get too carried away".

"You're right" I agreed "but give this a quick suck before I put it away" I asked.

"You're fucking nuts" she said "we'll both be in for the high jump if anybody comes through that door" nodding towards the nearest door.

I had though of all this and we would have been ok, but I understood her nervousness.

I relented and zipped my cock back in and saw that she had dropped her t shirt to cover her tits, but her bra strap was still hanging down her arm.

"When can I fuck you though" I asked with a grin.

"I don't know, I've got things going on most evenings, so we'll have to see" she teased.

It went from there of course and it gradually got more and more common that I would pop over there at an opportune moment for some fun, with activities including me feeling her up, her showing me her underwear, me getting my cock out and wanking it for her and her showing me her tits. Whatever I said to persuade her though, she wouldn't get her minge out in the office, but she would show me videos she had on her phone of her masturbating with a rabbit type dildo.

I tried to get her to meet me after work, but because she finished at about 2.30 and went straight to get her offsprings from school, it was impractical.

I also know she had a few other guys on the go, that she considered 'fuck buddies' rather than boyfriends and she used to tell me about a few things they got up to, but it was all tame stuff if the truth be told and involved a lot of web camming or pic and vid swapping and dressing up. I think this stuff worked well as she had her evenings to herself once her motherly duties were finished, but clearly she had to stay in the house for the most part or get a baby sitter. She would never tell me what sites she used or send me any pictures though, I guess to protect her identity and obviously she didn't want naked pics of herself doing the rounds at work.

Finally after longing to get into her knickers properly, one day, she told me she had a problem with her wireless internet router and asked of I could advise her what to do with it. I told her I needed to look at it really, because without that I was groping in the dark. She was a bit hesitant, but agreed I should go to her place on the way home.

I often worked late, so I wouldn't be missed at home for an hour or more, but I still got away a bit early and was as excited as a dog with 2 dicks, by the time my trusty sat nav took me to her semi detached council house on the outskirts of Southampton. I saw her old Fiat outside by the kerb, so knew I had the right place.

It was a summer evening and despite not having my suit jacket on and having removed my tie, I was still sweating as I walked up the garden path, through the mass of abandoned bikes and scooters and the like. I remembered that she would have been to the school and picked up the k**s a bit earlier, but in no time at all, I was in and she was telling me they were out of the way, playing round at their friends house.

"That's handy" I said, putting my arms rounds her and kissing her on the lips for the first time.

"Isn't it!" She replied, opening her mouth as she said it and giving me the chance to slip my tongue in.

Within seconds, I had her top up and was gently squeezing her boobs through a red bra which was unpadded shiny nylon with a lace trim around the top of the cups.

"Before we get carried away are you going to look at my router" she asked between deep breaths and slobbering kisses.

"Is there really something wrong with it I asked" disappointedly.

"Of course, and I need to do some camming tonight" she said.

By this time I had unhooked her bra and her saggy little tits were there on full display and I had released my hard cock from my trousers and was nudging it against her belly. With regret, I drew back and agreed to look at the router first.

"Ok, how about you go and slip on the PVC nurse's outfit that you told me about, while I look at it for you"? I asked

"I'll go and put something nice on for you, but I can't promise the nurses outfit" she replied and disappeared off up stairs, after showing me where the router and her laptop were and making sure it was unlocked.

It only took a few minutes to reset the router by powering it down and back up again and a few seconds more to make sure I was connected to the Internet.

Now to take out a bit of insurance in case this all turns sour I thought, opening Windows Explorer and hunting for the stash of self pics that I knew would be there somewhere. They weren't even hidden, but then why would they be, I thought to myself as I opened up hotmail and logged into my own account.

I sent a few at random, that clearly showed her face and all her body parts, before shutting hotmail and deleting the recent history to cover my tracks.

Now for the fun.

I quickly slipped my shoes, socks, trousers and pants off, so I was there just in my office shirt, with a couple of buttons undone, then sat back down to view Rachel's sexy pics and be ready with a nice big hard on ready for when she came back down.

Most of them were stills of her sitting in the room I was in, probably taken with her webcam and the quality wasn't great, but with a bit of delving, I found a nice series she had taken herself, I guess in her bedroom, using a mirror and showing various outfits getting removed a bit at a time. I was impressed more with the range of gear she had than her body, but it wasn't all bad. She had very prominent inner lips and I couldn't wait to get to see them in the flesh.

I was just rolling through them and slowly wanking myself off when I heard her coming down the stairs. I swivelled the chair so I was facing her and spread my legs so my shaven cock and balls were fully displayed to her when she came in.

The outfit she had chosen essentially a schoolgirl outfit, which consisted of black shiny thigh high boots, black hold up stockings, black mini skirt and white blouse, with a loosely tied striped tie. She had no bra on, but I couldn't see what knickers she had on at that stage.

"What do you think?" she asked with a grin.

"Undo more buttons on you blouse so I can see your tits and then lift your skirt and show me your knickers and I'll give you an honest opinion" I said, taking the high hand with her.

She didn't hesitate and undid her blouse to the waistband of her skirt and pulled it wide apart exposing her saggy little tits again, then with one hand, lifted the hem of her skirt so I could see her white panties then started to squeeze one of her tits with the other, pinching the nipple and making it stand out.

I had my cock in my hand, wanking it for all I was worth by this time.

"Very nice indeed" I said, "now turn around and show me your arse" I instructed her, and she obeyed, bending over slightly and lifting her skirt.

I stood up and walked the 2 or 3 steps to where she was and pulled the white cotton material to one side, before slipping 2 fingers right up her slopping wet twat hole. She groaned as I slowing frigged her from behind and I was conscious of my cock helmet rubbing against the material of her skirt, as I reached round and squeezed her tits with my other hand.

After a few seconds of this, I had to get it into her and stepped back a bit, pushing my cock end down between her arse cheeks until I felt the hot wetness of her opening and then bent her over a bit and thrust forward, so I slid it up her barebacked. I dropped my hand from her tits to her big flappy pussy lips and parted them to get at her clit. I could feel my cock stretching her flaps as it bottomed out against her cervix and she moaned as I started to circle her clit.

I felt her knees go weak and she started to sag as she orgasmed and yet I was nowhere near ready yet, having had a swift one off the wrist before I left work to make sure I could last the distance, so I got her down on all fours and drove it in and out of her for all I was worth.

I had forgotten how wet young birds get having been dabbling with older ladies for a while and her juices were dripping off my bollocks after a minute or two of that.

As I started to get to the point of no return I smacked her arse a few times and the remembered she had told me she liked being called a slut and a slag, so I gave her a load of abuse, which I found I quite liked too I'll have you know and in no time, she was gushing all over again.

This time, her climax make her inner fanny muscles ripple and as she started to holler like a wild a****l, I shot a good load right up inside her.

Just as we got cleaned up, she heard the k**s in the garden and trying to get in the front door, so it was time to make my excuses and head off home.

Soon after, Rachel accepted a council house exchange to Exeter and I never had chance to give her another session, but it was certainly one of my many memories for the diary.... Continue»
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The Work Colleague

She'd only been working there for about a couple of weeks, and I'd only really been restricted to the odd glimpse through the window separating our offices. But even that was enough to know that she was something way above average. One person had told me that she was a dancer in her spare time, and it wasn't hard to imagine why. She'd got that sort of a body - slim, with a great ass that looked like it had reaped the benefits of many toned workouts.

But it was only when she first came into the office I worked in that I realised just how stunning she was. She'd come to give me some paperwork that I needed and I saw up close her amazingly smooth skin, and beautiful curves. Even though she wasn't drop-dead gorgeous, she was still pretty, with the kind of smile that made you think she was only thinking of you at that moment. I guessed that she was around 19 or 20, tops, quite a bit younger than myself, but the kind of urges I was feeling were making me feel younger anyway, perhaps reminiscent of a horny teenage boy who'd just discovered that he was into girls, so to speak. It's a cliche, I know, but she had the kind of body which would have looked good in anything, the sort of figure that would make it impossible for any heterosexual man not to think about sex just by looking at her, unless he were some Tibetan monk, or something, and even then he'd probably be considering a career change. The fact that she was wearing a sleeveless summer dress, with her bra straps quite visible, just added to my increasing heart rate, and minor sweating - something I hoped she wouldn't notice too easily. So, having accepted said paperwork, I gave her a smile, which she returned, and I subtlely watched her as she walked out of the office. Jesus, that ass really was spectacular - I could only imagine what it would look like bouncing up and down my cock, but hopefully it wouldn't be locked to my imagination for too long.

For the next couple of weeks we had random encounters, whether it be in the corridors or kitchen, and I kept noticing that she would give me that warm smile before looking away shyly for a moment, which puzzled me slightly. First of all, I was curious as to how a pretty girl with such an obviously tight and fit body could possibly be shy or lacking confidence in any way, but then I started to wonder whether she was in fact sending me subtle signs that she was interested in me. Surely not? I mean, I'm supposed to be the shy one, and she was clearly way out my league! But what if she was interested? I wouldn't want to miss a potential opportunity like this so I quickly decided that I would have to try and find out somehow.

That 'somehow' manifested itself in the form of another encounter, this time outside in the car park just as I was going home. I was unlocking my bicycle when she walked past me, wearing a pair of jeans that made her hips and ass look even more amazing than they usually did. She was actually the first one to start the conversation, saying that she liked my bike, and that she had wondered whose it was before now. It turned out that she regularly went for weekend bike rides, sometimes with groups, sometimes on her own and that she loved the liberating feeling that cycling gave her. Someone in my head was saying that she'd probably enjoy the liberating feeling of riding my hard cock also, but I tried to push these thoughts to one side as I kept my composure somehow. And so she asked me (yes, she asked me!) whether I would like to accompany her this coming weekend for a ride into the countryside near where she lived. I said that I'd love to, and we made arrangements to meet on the upcoming Saturday morning. We said our goodbyes as I struggled to come to terms with the reality that was engulfing me - 'A REALLY HOT GIRL HAS BASICALLY JUST ASKED ME TO COME OUT WITH HER!'

On the way to the meeting point that Saturday I was torn between trying to be as emotionally mature as possible, whilst at the same time wrestling with the bombardment of images my brain was throwing at me. I already knew she was as fit as fuck, but thinking about her toned, sun-kissed legs and perky breasts bobbing up and down during her dancing and cycling exploits was causing me to get a semi which lasted pretty much all the way there, until I f***ed myself to think of other, less appealing things in the interests of not completely embarrassing myself on arrival.

She was already there when I reached the destination, which I took to be a good sign. She'd decided to wear some red shorts that, sure enough, only served to accentuate her beautiful lower half. Before now, I'd only seen her legs up until just above the knee, but now I was getting a major eyeful and was worried that I would be 'on show' again before long, through my own cycling shorts. She looked spectacular, with the look of her silky-smooth skin only enhanced further by its glistening in the sun. She was wearing a sleeveless top, and this time I couldn't help noticing there were no bra straps visible, with her tits nestled snugly under the tightness of the fabric. I'd never been a fan of big boobs, personally, and instead these were just the size I liked - smallish but perky and prominent.

We chatted for a while before we set off and, because the area we were about to cycle to was more familiar to her than me, she suggested that I follow her once the paths narrowed, which I was only too happy to do. As we rode down a countryside pathway, I was once again getting more than a glimpse of her from behind, and I tried to tell myself to stay alert to the surroundings rather than stare at the small of her back, which was exposed due to the shortness of her top. Not only did her ass look more pert than ever, but her panties were marginally showing also, almost as if she'd purposely pulled them up to tease me, even though I knew it was purely because riding a bike increases the chances of that happening accidentally. I certainly wasn't going to complain about the view at this stage, and it wasn't the countryside I was looking at.

We'd been riding for about 45 minutes when she signalled that we should take a break for drinks, which we'd both brought along with us. I didn't really know where we were exactly, but all did know is that I hadn't seen any other people around for a good while. We'd broken off from yet another pathway into a small grassy area, that overlooked a small lake. In short, it seemed like the middle of nowhere, yet it was clearly a beautiful setting nevertheless. She spread out a blanket onto the grass and we sat down facing each other whilst taking long swigs from our bottles. We chatted about work for a few minutes, and then moved onto the topic of dancing which was of course one of her extra-curricular activities. It turned out that she had been dancing for about 7 years, and practised mainly with other female backing dancers for singers at a local theatre. She told me how it kept her fit and gave her a huge confidence boost despite being an otherwise relatively shy person at heart. I decided that now was as good a time as any to compliment her on her physique, slightly worried at how she might take it, as there was a danger that she might see it as me being pervy, or something. Thankfully, she gratefully accepted it, and at the same time brushed my leg with her hand, as if to consolidate the appreciation. After she'd told me that she thought I was a nice, kind guy, and was glad that she'd asked me to come along, she made a sort of playful gesture at my water bottle, wondering if I had any left for her seeing as she'd run out. I tried to ignore the innuendo in my head of her wanting more fluids, but there was to be no need as to my surprise she reached over for the bottle anyway, and stopped at the same time whilst almost on all fours. This was when she made the first move. Not me, her! She leant into me, and kissed me tenderly, still supporting herself with her hands. I moved my hands onto her waist and took some of the weight off for her, as she now lied on top of me, still kissing only now more passionately. She moved her legs to either side of me so she could straddle, and my cock was now starting to get hard as her crotch pressed against mine. Lots of thoughts were racing through my head, not least the fact that an extremely hot girl had made a move on me, which is something that had never happened before, and I was a touch worried that I might not be good enough for her. I decided to boost my confidence by rolling her over onto her back whilst I lied on top of her, taking control of proceedings.

She started to pull at my T-shirt and gradually worked it up over my head. I was no Greek God or anything but I was fairly happy with my body, and she seemed to like what she saw so far, running her hands over my torso and pulling me back down on top of her for another passionate kiss. She clasped one of my hands and brought it towards her top and I gladly accepted the invitation to help pull it off her. As she eased her way out of it, her gorgeous, long light brown hair dropped around her shoulders and partially covered her now naked boobs. Instinctively I used a hand to brush the hair away so I could get a good look at them. Even more instinctively, I leant in to kiss her perky nipples as she let her head fall back slowly towards the ground again. She clutched at my head as I softly ran my tongue around her areolae, watching them harden by the second. She let out an audible moan, which caused me momentarily to think about whether there was a possibility anyone could have heard it other than me. But we hadn't seen anyone else for a good while now, and I certainly wasn't going to let this worry me for more than a split second, I mean, it was going to take a lot to stop us from fucking ourselves silly now.

After I'd licked and sucked on her beautiful young breasts for a good few minutes, I worked my way down her body, kissing her softly on her stomach and curvy waist. I pulled gently at her shorts, and she arched her body slightly to make it easier for me to drag them all the way off. Now it was just her shoes and panties left, so I quickly pulled off her shoes and saved the best for last as I took a moment to kiss her silky-smooth thighs before I worked on bringing her panties off too. Now completely naked, she really was a thing of beauty. Her pussy wasn't completely bald, but instead there was a thin line of hair just above which for some reason I found made it look even more desirable. Again she put her hands on the back of my head as I kissed her gently on her inner thighs and moved my mouth slowly towards her snatch. She was already slightly moist, I noticed, and so I used my tongue to help spread her wetness around as much as possible, whilst using my own saliva to make sure she was well lubricated. Now I'd not had that many lovers up until this point, but this was clearly the prettiest pussy I'd ever seen, and I didn't want to stop eating it out.

But I eventually worked my mouth back up towards hers, and she ran her hands down my back and into my shorts. She seemed to be momentarily transfixed by my ass, grabbing and kneading it for a good minute before gradually starting to pull down my shorts. By now my cock was as big and as hard as it was ever going to get. I hadn't got the longest one in the world by any means, probably just above average, but I'd always been fairly happy with how hard it became when aroused, and its thickness more than made up for it in length. I rolled over onto my back to make it easier for the shorts to come off, and she moved herself on top of me, now doing the same to me as I had done before by kissing my body all the way down to the lower reaches. I watched her eyes as she got hold of my cock for the first time, and it seemed like they widened slightly as she discovered just how rock solid it was. I knew she couldn't wait to get it inside her, but first she wanted to return the oral favour I'd given her, proceeding to lick and suck with similar enthusiasm. She was circling her tongue around my helmet in just the same way I had gone to work on her nipples, and then she would move her head up and down with long, gentle strokes. Every now and then she would look back up at me with those smiling eyes of hers, and I kept telling myself that it couldn't possibly get any better than this. But it was about too, however, as she moved back up to kiss me and once again got into the straddling position. She got into the upright pose and pushed out her delicious breasts so that they would look as perky as possible, not that they needed any help. She got a hold of my cock and gently eased herself down on top of it, letting out a little sigh as it went further inside her. Despite her being a dancer and more than used to stretching her supple body on a regular basis, she had a surprisingly tight pussy, the walls of which fit snugly around my thick penis. I quickly decided that I just had to get a hold of that wonderful ass of hers, and so put one hand on each cheek as she moved up and down slowly on top of me. I'd always preferred slow and gentle sex to a rougher approach, and it seemed she did too, for now at least.

However, she gradually quickened the pace of her movements into more of a bouncing action, which caused her boobs to bounce too. They really were beautiful to watch, and I had the best seat in the house, with my eyes watching them from about a foot away. I leant in towards them to catch her hardened nipples with my tongue, as she moved herself towards it to assist me. My hands had moved around her slender waist whilst I felt her bouncing more and more vigorously. But I didn't want this to end yet, so I decided to slow things down slightly and switched her over so that I was on top and thus able to control the pace myself. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in tight for another kiss, whilst I slowly began to thrust inside her from above. A few seconds after she'd opened her legs to give me maximum entrance room, and had made sure I was all the way inside, she then wrapped her legs around mine as if to clamp me in. I had to take it slowly from here otherwise I was danger of blowing my load, and I think we were both enjoying ourselves far too much for that to happen just yet. She'd put both of her hands on my firm ass as I rocked my hips with hers, locked into this wonderful position. She gradually began to dig her fingernails into my buttcheeks and that's when I realised she was coming for the first time. Her panting became more audible until she let out a loud moan - if there were people around then she didn't care at that stage. I felt her pussy walls convulse around my shaft for a few seconds, followed by a small release of fluid that gradually started to trickle out. Quite how I didn't come myself at that point I'll never know, such was the tightness of her pussy at that point. Somehow I kept it together though and, after another passionate kiss, I eased my way out of our embrace and turned her over onto all fours. I'd dreamt of this moment since I first saw her walking out of the office at work - to get that sweet little ass of hers facing me and to fuck her doggystyle, and she was only too willing to oblige judging by the way she pushed her bottom out to get closer to me. But before I was going to sink my cock inside of her, I wanted to again get a taste of that juicy pussy, now even juicier since she came. So I used my hands on her ass cheeks to pull her twat open just that little bit more, and proceeded to work my tongue inside her once again, licking up the last of the fluids still coating her since her orgasm. I flicked my tongue in and out in rapid movements, all the time admiring the curvature and smoothness of her gorgeous ass. This was all buying me a bit more time of course so, when I'd decided that I was ready to go again, I brought her peachy butt into the ideal position and slowly buried my still-hard cock inside of her. At this point I was in dreamland, fucking a beautiful young woman from behind in the countryside on a lovely spring morning. There really wasn't much you could have offered me to make this day any better.

As I started to thrust with longer, slightly more f***eful strokes, she turned her head and did that cute little smile thing that had helped to make me so attracted to her in the first place. Whilst I was still pumping away, I leant forward over her and met her lips with mine as we kissed hungrily. I knew she wanted to use her hands to caress me at the same time but because she was using them to support herself she had to just be content for now with the drilling she was receiving. I could've quite easily ended it there and then but I'd decided that I wanted to save myself for when she was on top of me, so that I could stare into her eyes whilst we both came - that would be the ideal finish. So I pulled myself out and laid back down on the blanket, as she took the hint and clambered aboard me yet again. This time I fondled her breasts lovingly, which were now glistening with sweat caused by both the sun and our increasingly passionate lovemaking. As she got hold of my cock and guided herself down onto it, we both seemed to have the same thing in mind - that we would step up the pace a little. She started ride me once again whilst I synchronised my thrusting to coincide with her bounces, harder and faster than the first time she straddled me. Her boobs were now bobbing up and down beautifully, but then she leant over towards me a little more and pushed them onto my chest instead, in turn raising her ass slightly more. My hands clasped her ass cheeks as I thrusted inside her with increased vigour, which caused her to come once again as she let out a cry of ecstasy. I knew that it wouldn't be too long now before it was my turn and, sure enough, within a few more thrusts I was shooting my load up inside her already-soaking pussy. I spurted several times, seemingly more than usual, and didn't want to pull out as I made sure she got every last drop of my cum. As it happened, my cum didn't stay in there very long anyway, as it started to ooze out and down her thigh, all the time my cock still inside her as it gradually softened. We did indeed stare into each other's eyes and kissed for a little while longer, holding each other tightly and savouring the moment, oblivious to the world around us.... Continue»
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The Fiancée and her work colleague

Natalie had been working at her workplace for over four years. A new person had started and she didn’t shut up about him a neither did Laura. After several weekends passed since Dan had been working with Natalie we met and I was surprised at how skinny he was and Natalie liking him. As I’m 6’4 and 18st and Natalie usually likes the well built/big lads. He was 6ft and no heavier than 13st. We were having another one of our famous BBQ and had invited some of Natalie’s work mates round as well as mine. That night Natalie started discussing fantasies. It had been a while since we had discussed our sexual fantasies and hadn’t experienced anything since Laura. She started by asking whether it turned me on thinking of her with another man, immediately she knew it did as I had a bulge in my shorts itching to get out. I let my hand wonder down the front of Natalie’s shorts and knickers and started playing with her lips, she was so wet. I had never seen her this excited before over fantasy and to be honest she had never felt this wet during sex. As I glided my fingers through her pubic hair and rubbed her clit she started to moan. I asked her whether she wanted a larger cock inside of her pounding her pussy and she writhed in orgasm. After sex I asked if she had someone in mind and as I had guessed had already asked Dan to come over the next weekend. She had told Dan I wouldn’t be in a she wanted no strings sex and didn’t want anything to come between them work or in friendship he was just seeing to her need of satisfaction and thinking to myself which man would not take this offer. I imagine not many.

After a long week and many irritable hours at work I was frustrated as Natalie hadn’t given me any sex saving herself for Dan at the weekend I had been flirting with another TA I know this is wrong as I have a loving the fiancée but we are open to new ideas. Her name was Miss Brown. I didn’t usually go for small blondes but miss Brown is 5ft tall and petite has the same size boobs as Natalie but looking bigger as she was a little shorter and a firm arse. We had flirted and fooled around a bit but not as much as that Friday afternoon. We had headed out to my car for lunch and she had started rubbing my cock on top of my trousers. I backed away a little as she knew about Natalie. But after a phone call with Natalie she wanted to listen in without Miss Brown knowing, I put my phone in the phone holder and left the call activated but locked my phone. She started rubbing my cock again and unzipped my trousers she moved my boxers and started stroking my cock she leant over and started sucking my cock, that warm sensation of her saliva hitting the shaft of my cock. I couldn’t believe my luck my fiancée was on the phone listening in while I had my cock sucked by a beautiful blonde. She pulled down her pants and pulled my hands towards her pussy which I started to rub. It was soaking wet all ready and seemed a little easy for me to enter her hole. I started fingering her as she moaned on my cock I could hear Natalie moaning on the phone and surprised Miss Brown didn’t hear her. As Miss Brown neared orgasm she let go of my cock with her mouth and moved her fanny over my cock and slid it in to her I warned her that I hadn’t got a condom, but this didn’t bother her and she rode my cock in my car. As we both moaned in orgasm and cum together we both herd Natalie screaming in orgasm. Miss Brown asked if it was Natalie and said hi to her and asked if she enjoyed hearing me being fucked. She replied with “my fingers are all sticky I must have” they both laughed and Miss Brown left me to talk to Natalie. Natalie asked if I had enjoyed it and I muttered yes with embarrassment and Natalie replied with “I enjoyed it and my fanny’s still going to be tight for Dan” I said I love her and hung up.

When arriving home I began cooking when my phone rang I answered and it was Natalie saying prepare dinner for three. I prepared food and went for a shower after my adventures of that afternoon.

Natalie arrived home and fell through the door passionately kissing Dan they headed straight for the bedroom and the antics began. I followed up swiftly and took a seat in the corner of the room and Dan asked if I liked watching my wife being fucked by a bigger cock. I smiled and said go ahead. He pulled down his trousers and told Natalie to suck his cock. She did as she was told by Dan, I had never demanded anything of Natalie but she seemed to thrive on it more and became grossly interested in sucking Dan’s cock, he then demanded she got on all fours and begged for his cock, she did so and smiled at me. Dan then asked if I wanted to get involved but the only way I could touch Natalie is after I performed one sexual act on him. So I undressed and headed over to Dan and tweaked his nipples Natalie laughed and told me to stop being silly and suck his cock, “I’ve seen you do it with my vibrators” Natalie said. I got down on my knees and started sucking Dan’s cock with Natalie pushing my head backwards and forwards and Dan picked up pace as well. His cock was hard and started to swell up with pre cum as it dribbled into my mouth. His cock was around 8’ ½ inches and thick unlike mine which is the average 6 inches. His balls were huge as they hit my chin swinging backwards and forwards and had obviously saved himself for the weekend. He took his cock out of my mouth and ordered Natalie to ease herself onto his cock she did so with a moan and a groan as he entered her inch by inch. This was the first cock Natalie had had other than mine, and was taking it well considering mine looked shockingly small compared to Dan’s. She started picking up speed as she writhed in orgasm on his cock squirting a little as I climbed underneath her to gain access to her clit. Dan was picking up speed making Natalie have the longest orgasm I had witnessed, he took his cock out and stuffed it in my mouth and the taste was fantastic Natalie’s juices all over a cock, once sucking on his cock for a while he slowly started pushing into her arse she begged him not to but seeing her doing something I had never done was exciting and I pushed Dan into her and she moaned at the sheer size and was nearly in tears. But I pushed her up and entered her fanny and for the first time Natalie was being double penetrated and was starting to enjoy the sensation she was getting from the two cocks pushing in and out of her. Dan was growing in pace and ready to burst as he moaned and cum in Natalie’s arse. As I carried on fucking her fanny I could feel Dan’s cum dribbling down towards her cunt. I added my sperm to Natalie’s fanny as Dan’s was sliding in and out on my cock. Dan stroked my cock once I had finished and told Natalie to suck it dry and did this for both of us and Dan was beginning to get hard again after Natalie sucked his cock. As I was lying on the bed now I watched as Dan playing with Natalie’s cream pie fingering the cum in and out of her. He entered her fanny and started fucking her again and within minutes they was reaching climax again and Dan adding more juices to Natalie’s already full fanny. Natalie then asked me to clean her up only using my tongue and sharing it with her. I had done this with Laura and Natalie before and liked the taste of the cum sliding down my throat. I savoured the taste and shared it with Natalie and Dan. We headed for our bathroom and showered together kissing and fondling, we dressed and ate together and then Dan left.

Obviously the events that had happened earlier in the day had pushed Natalie over the edge and sent her wild for sex.

We snuggled on the sofa that evening and fell asl**p.

These events are all true and myself and Natalie want to share as it gives us great pleasure you enjoying our past experiences. We have many more and want to share them all. All comments are welcome and would love feedback on the writing side as I would like to improve where possible.
... Continue»
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Seduced by my Step s****r Ch.1

My parents divorced when I was 10 years old and my mother took custody of me. She is a great mom who is very caring and never sheltered me from the “Facts of Life”. After a period of time she put her loneliness aside and went out into the dating world. She fell in love with Bill and they eventually married. I just turned 18 at the time of the wedding and didn’t really give much thought that Bill’s daughter from his first marriage was going to move in with us after the school year was done. I guess she and her mother had enough of each other and she decided to move. I had seen pictures of Vanessa but had never met her. I always though she was a cute girl from the pictures that I had seen of her. I guess the pictures that I saw were a few years old because I only saw a rail thin brunette with bright blue eyes. She must have only been 14 or 15 in the pictures and she looked awkward like most girls that age. She was caught somewhere in the middle of womanhood and c***dhood. It wasn’t until later that I learned that she was about 6 months younger than me.

I had many pressing life events ahead of me, graduation and then college. I was lucky enough to get a scholarship to the state college in Albuquerque and my dreams were of studying business and maybe going to film school to learn about production. My love of film lead me to believe that I would immediately leave high school and head to N.Y.U. film-school and become the next Spielberg. My grades were good enough for the local state schools but I had to shelve my Big Apple dreams for the time being.

My mother (Lisa) is the nurse manager at the city hospital and between her and Bill they make a pretty good living. Our house is a pretty nice place, A Tri-level with a basement and 4 bedrooms and 2 nice living areas. Bill was nice enough to let me stake claim to the basement area and it was my domain. I never really had to leave. I had my own bathroom and a great office area for my computer and video editing equipment. Sometimes I would lock myself in my room and work on honing my skills as a filmmaker.

As graduation came and went I realized that I needed a source of income. Bill was a city manager and helped me get a summer job working with the parks department. I was in decent shape and my stint on the wrestling team would benefit me working out in the hot sun all summer. I came home from my first day on the job and I was beat. I parked my old, but reliable, Honda in the parking lot and dragged myself in the house. There was a note on the refrigerator noting that my mother and Bill went to pick up Vanessa and would be back later this evening. I was feeling pretty tired and the clock only read 4:30 so I decided to take a nap and wait for the parental units to arrive.

I woke about an hour later and realized that I needed to at least change clothes and look presentable for my new “s****r”. I threw on a decent polo shirt and some jean shorts and ran a comb through my brown hair. I had an idea that capturing the moment on video would be just the thing. I ran to my room and grabbed my Handi-Cam, and just as I grabbed it I could hear Bill’s SUV pull into the driveway. I walked to the door and started to film. I was not prepared for what I saw next. Vanessa was stepping out of the backseat of the SUV on the driver’s side and she looked stunning. She was about 5 foot 5 and looked to be about 115 lbs, her hair was a very dark brown, almost black, and it hung in a Betty Paige bob just about to her shoulders. She was wearing a form fitting white button down shirt and some hip hugging jeans that looked painted on. The jeans were low enough to allow for a nice view of her flat stomach. She had pale white skin that looked like porcelain. She looked up and her eyes connected with me. Her bright blue eyes pierced right through me. She looked a little pissed at the fact that the video camera was filming her. I pointed the camera towards the ground in a goodwill gesture and her frown began to wane.

“Come say hello to Vanessa.” My mother motioned me over.

I turned the camera off and walked over. Vanessa smiled at me and it was a smile that I will never forget. I wished that I had left the camera on to capture the moment. She gave me a hug that was more f***eful and warm than I expected. She had a smell that I also could not get out of my mind. A mixture of Calvin Klein’s Eternity and the faint scent of clove cigarettes. I thought to myself that Vanessa must have a wild side to her. I helped grab her bags and told her that I would help her unload boxes after she settled in a little. She was walking in front of me on the way to the house and she dropped her purse. She bent down to pick it up and I saw the tiniest black thong being exposed as she picked it back up. My mind started to swim at the thought.

A couple of hours later after Vanessa was shown her room, we all settled in for some dinner. Bill was kind enough to order some pizza as no one felt like cooking. Vanessa went up to change and came ready to move boxes upstairs. I caught myself looking at her a little too long to be normal. She was wearing her hair up in a pony-tail and a pair of short cut off black sweatpants that were rolled down at the waist. She wore a white tank top and the straps of her black bra were loosely moving around her shoulders. She smiled and walked out to the SUV. I was strangely silent following her and wondered how to start a meaningful conversation. She leaned into the back compartment and started handing me boxes. I stared at the muscles in her stomach as she reached further back to get the last box.

“Do you want to help me unpack after we get this stuff hauled upstairs?” she asked.

“Sure, if you want me to,” I replied.

“You can look at the rest of my underwear,” she said with a wink.

I blushed and gave myself away.

“It was kind of intentional,” she said.

“Intentional?” I stammered back.

“Yeah, you look pretty preppy with your polo shirt and all. I just wanted to check if you were gay.”

“Gay! Who, me?” I was making myself look like an idiot at this point.

We did a lot of procrastinating getting the boxes upstairs and by that time Bill and my mother already said their good nights and told us not to stay up too late. I sat on the freshly put-together bed and watched as Vanessa started to unpack. I sensed from earlier that she had a wild side and it became more apparent as she unpacked her boxes. She unrolled a “Bad Religion” poster along with a “Misfits” and “The Cramps” poster.

“You like old school punk music I see,” I asked her, sounding like the master of the obvious.

“The new so called punk music lacks balls and conviction,” she said.

“I could tell that you have a wild side the first time I laid eyes on you,” I blurted out.

“You have no idea,” she replied.

I felt brave and asked her if she had a tattoo. “Is it that obvious?” she replied.

“I can’t see one on you, but I kind of figured that you did.” I felt a little embarrassed and was sure that I was going to upset her.

“I know that you have to work tomorrow, so I will show it to you and then you have to leave. There are some things that a lady needs to unpack in private anyway,” she said.

“You don’t have to if it makes you uncomfortable,” I stammered.

She walked towards the part of the bed where I was sitting and started to roll down her sweatpants further. As she rolled them down I became aware that she was no longer wearing any panties and that she was clean shaven. I looked at the tiny black heart tattooed right above her slit.

“That’s fucking hot!” I blurted out without even thinking.

She smiled at me and helped me off the bed and out the room and closed the door behind me. I went to my basement room and watched her get out of the car on tape at least 20 times before I went to bed. I took out my frustration out on a gym sock and layed there confused and totally excited.

I went to work early the next day and didn’t have an opportunity to see Vanessa that morning. She was in my mind all day. She was unlike any girl that I had met before. I had recently ended a relationship and put my sex drive on the back burner. It came back with a vengeance after meeting Vanessa. We finished the job early and wound up putting in about a half days work before we were sent home. I was excited at the thought of seeing Vanessa with no else in the house. I pulled into the driveway and walked in the house and tried not to look too eager. Vanessa was doing Pilates in front of the T.V. in the den. She was wearing one of my white t-shirts which normally would have been far too large for her but she had tied the back into a ball and it exposed her stomach. She was also wearing some very tight purple boy-cut panties and had no shoes on. Her hair was in a pony-tail again and she looked like she was sweating quite a lot.

“Hello!” I said, while walking into the den.

“How’s it going?” she replied.

“I hope that I’m not interrupting anything.” I asked.

“I’m almost finished. So don’t worry about it,” she said.

“Do you mind if I sit down on the couch? I’m kind of tired even after a half day,” I asked.

“Go ahead; you don’t have to walk on eggshells on my account,” she said.

“I don’t mean to be so formal around you,” I said. “It’s just a new situation and I’m not sure how to handle it.”

She smiled and continued to stretch and move with the video workout on T.V. I pretended to read a magazine on the coffee table but I kept looking at her bending and twisting in front of me.

“I’m going back to my mothers for a few days to tie up some loose ends before settling in here for the long run,” Vanessa said.

“I’ll miss you,” I said, pretending to be over dramatic. “If you don’t mind me asking, why are you moving here to begin with?”

“It’s a long story,” she replied. “But to be blunt and short my mother doesn’t like my lifestyle and I don’t like her drinking problem.” She paused. “I’ll just let that statement be enough.”

“I don’t think that I ever told you that I’m happy that you moved in and I look forward to learning more about you,” I said not trying to sound to sappy.

“Thanks, I appreciate that,” she said. “I hope that you don’t mind that I borrowed your t-shirt, it was in the laundry room.”

“No problem, it looks better on you anyway,” I replied.

“Will you keep something for me while I’m gone?” she asked.

“Sure,” I said.

Vanessa untied the back of the t-shirt and let if fall just above her knees. She then pulled down her tiny purple boy-cut panties and crumpled them into a ball and threw them at me. I caught them and tried not to look too surprised.

“I’ll get those when I come back,” she said. She turned around and headed upstairs. I waited until she was out of sight to even look at the panties. They were small and silky to the touch. I could feel they were damp with her sweat. Later that afternoon she left with Bill back to her mothers and I would not see her for 3 days.


Vanessa was due back this evening and I could hardly wait. Work was a nice distraction from my new obsession. As soon as I got home I took a shower and tried to look presentable. Vanessa and Bill walked in the door and I could see in Vanessa’s body language that she was upset. She walked up the stairs without making eye contact and I felt disappointed. I looked at Bill and he smiled and said that she would be ok. During dinner Vanessa stayed upstairs and Bill did not elaborate much on the situation. He gave some hints that Vanessa’s mother had pretty much crawled into the bottle and was not coming out. I decided to head to my room and surf the web and watch some television. I guess I was pretty tired as I fell asl**p for a couple of hours on my bed trying to watch a movie. I looked at the clock and it was nearly midnight.

I thought I heard a slight knock at my door and wondered who it might be. I opened the door and it was Vanessa. She was wearing her hair up again and was wearing my white t-shirt. It was not rolled up this time. I could see the outline of her body against the t-shirt. Her pert breasts pressed against the fabric and I wondered if she was wearing any panties. I asked her what she was doing up and she said that she needed some one to talk to. I asked her why she was upset and I could see the tears welling up in her eyes. She told me that her mother called her a whore and that she tried to slap her on the first night she was there. I asked her why she stayed the entire time and that I would have come and picked her up. She smiled and said that she went to her old boyfriend’s house and stayed with him until today.

I felt a little jealous hearing that but did my best to not let it show. She looked at me and said that he was an ex and that nothing happened between them. I was surprised and relieved to hear that. I was also surprised that she would tell me that nothing happened between them. She sat on my bed and we made small talk and I showed her my room.

She said that she needed to go to the bathroom and I told her that she could use mine. She walked in the bathroom and didn’t shut the door. She confirmed for me that she wasn’t wearing panties when she lifted up the t-shirt to sit down on the toilet. The sound of her peeing gave me a tremendous hard on. I was sitting on the bed thinking of a way to hide my erection. She got up, flushed the toilet and walked towards me. She smiled a knowing smile and sat on the bed next to me.

“I believe that you have something of mine,” she asked.

“Yes I do,” I replied.

I walked to my desk drawer and pulled out her panties. I handed them to her and she put placed them next to her on the bed.

“You have seen a lot of me and I have not seen any of you,” she said.

I asked her what she wanted to see and she said that I should use my imagination. I took off my shirt and jeans shorts and stood there in my boxers. My erection was impossible to hide at this point so I turned around towards her. She looked me up and down approvingly and told me to sit on the bed next to her. She leaned in to kiss me and I kissed her back. I felt her tongue enter my mouth as I grabbed her knee. She pulled away and looked at me. I felt her eyes looking me up and down.

“Do you think that this is wrong?” she asked.

“I’m not sure what to think,” I said.

“I’m not sure that I care if it is wrong anyway.”

“We are both 18, so who cares?” I said.

She smiled and kissed me again. I felt her hands on my chest and I pulled her t-shirt off. Her breasts were soft and fit perfectly in my palms. I felt her hands push me down on the bed. She straddled me for a moment before moving down to the side of the bed where my legs were hanging over. I felt her tug at my boxer shorts and I lifted my hips so she could pull them off. Her hands grabbed my penis and I felt her tongue lick the entire length of my shaft. I looked down at just the right time to see her eyes make contact with mine as she took me into her mouth. The sensations of her mouth kept intensifying until I felt like I was going to cum. I grabbed her hands and pulled her up onto the bed. She straddled me with her back facing away. She moved her pussy right above my face and she continued to use her mouth on my dick. I saw the most perfect pussy I had ever seen. It was clean and smooth and her ass was amazing. I ran my tongue up and down her slit and she began to moan. I focused on her clit and she began to move her ass up and down so my tongue entered her pussy. I felt brave and licked her perfect little asshole. She moaned with delight and began to really work on my dick with her mouth. I felt my orgasm coming on and I began to spurt into her mouth. She didn’t pull away at all and consumed each spurt. As I came I kept working on her clit with my tongue. I felt her moans increase and she began to shake and tense up as her own orgasm released. When her climax ended she leaned over me and gave me a deep kiss. I could taste a little of my cum in her mouth and it excited me even more. I felt myself falling asl**p and she kissed me quickly, then got dressed and left upstairs.

I woke up the next morning and reviewed the events that had occurred. I could feel my feelings for Vanessa growing. I was happy that I had the day off and wondered what I could do to spend time with Vanessa. My mother and Vanessa were sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast. Vanessa was still wearing my white t-shirt. She looked up from her cereal and smiled at me. I smiled back but tried to appear aloof.

“Vanessa told me that you really cheered her up last night,” my mother said.

“I was glad that I could lend her my ear,” I replied, wondering what Vanessa had said to her.

“Can you take her shopping today, if it is not too much trouble?” my mom asked.

“I didn’t have much planned today, just some experimenting with my new camera lens,” I replied.

“Great, maybe she can help you with some filming,” my mom said.

“I’d love to film some stuff,” Vanessa spoke up.

“Bill and I are leaving for the conference after work. There are plenty of groceries in the fridge and money on the counter if you want to go out and eat,” my mother said.

“I’d love to eat out tonight if that’s okay?” Vanessa said while shooting me a knowing glance.

“That sounds good,” I said, looking at Vanessa as subtly as I could.

I had a quick bite to eat and prepared for the day ahead. I didn’t want to look too preppy while shopping with Vanessa so I put on a black t-shirt with some carpenter jeans and some dark work boots. I walked to the living room and found Vanessa waiting for me. She looked very sexy. Her hair was down for a change and she had on a dark shade of red lipstick that contrasted with her pale skin. She was wearing a tiny black cardigan sweater that barely covered the white tank top underneath. I couldn’t tell if she was wearing a bra at first glance. A plaid mini-skirt and with black boots completed her outfit. I looked her up and down and gave her a smile of approval. She smiled back and grabbed my hand and led me out the door.

We got in the car and I asked her where she wanted to go. I mentioned the mall and she laughed at me.

“The mall is not a good place for the clothes that I like,” she said.

“Where else is there to shop?” I asked.

“Second hand stores and clothing exchanges are the only way to shop,” she said.

“We only have one or two of those in town and they are not too far off,” I said.

We arrived at a second hand store and had fun looking at all the crap that no one wanted any more. Vanessa picked out a WHAM t-shirt that she loved and said that it would be a total statement. We were looking through a pile of clothes that had just come into the store. Vanessa found a dress that was black and had red roses on it. It looked to be about her size.

“That will make you look like a 40’s movie star,” I said.

“Really? Do you like it?” she asked.

“I love it,” I said.

Vanessa shot me a devilish grin and asked the clerk if they had any vintage lingerie. The clerk looked puzzled and pointed her to a corner of the store. Vanessa quickly game back to the counter and told me not to look at what she was buying. I told her that I would wait in the car. As she walked out I felt an uncontrollable desire to kiss her. As soon as she got into the car I leaned over and kissed her lips. She returned the favor and I could taste her lipstick.

“I want you,” I told her.

“I want you too, but you need to wait until Lisa and Bill leave,” she said.

I sighed and wished that I could move time forward 3 hours. Vanessa sensed my frustration and shot me a mischievous grin.

“Maybe I can find someway to make you feel better,” she said.

I gave her an inquiring look.

“Did you bring your video camera?” she asked.

“It’s in a case in the trunk,” I told her.

“Let’s do some filming,” she said.

We drove several miles out of town towards the power plant. There were miles of dirt-roads and mesas on the Westside of town. We parked on top of a tall hill. The Honda barely made it up. The air was hot outside as we exited the car. Vanessa took off her cardigan and I could confirm that she was not wearing a bra under her tank top. The hot breeze caused her nipples to stiffen and strain against the thin material. I was already filming the landscape when I focused the camera on her. She started to draw her arms over her chest but then dropped them and smiled at me.

“Are you getting any good shots?” she asked.

“Not until I turned the camera on you,” I said.

Vanessa looked at me with a very serious face that made my stomach flutter.

“You are beautiful,” I said.

She looked at me and her face saddened a little.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“A few people have told me that, but I don’t think any one has really meant it,” she said.

“Beautiful is too common a word to describe you,” I said.

Her smile returned and she walked over and kissed me. I was happy that I captured that moment on film.

“I really have to pee,” she said.

“Do you want to go back home and do it?” I asked.

“I’ll never make it that far,” she said.

“I’ll turn around so you can go if you want me too,” I said.

“I want you to film me while I do it,” she said.

I was surprised at her frankness and could feel my cock stirring as the words escaped her mouth. She walked closer to me and kicked off her boots. She hiked up her skirt but didn’t squat down. I saw a small yellow patch form on her tight white thong panties. The golden liquid began to snake its way down her right leg. The look on her face was one of pleasure and relief. The dirt began to clump beneath her feet as a small puddle formed. When she finished she walked towards the car and leaned against it like she was about to be arrested. I turned off the camera and walked behind her. I placed the camera on the roof of the car and put my hand between her legs. I felt the sopping wetness of her panties. My cock stirred at the sensation.

“Rip them off of me!” she pleaded.

In a state of complete arousal I tore her panties off in one swift motion. She jerked violently but I held her steady. I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down my boxer shorts. I lifted up her skirt and entered her from behind. She pushed against the car while I rammed into her. Her moans turned into loud gasps. I could feel the orgasm rushing through her body. As she finished I could feel my cum gushing into her pussy.

“I need you,” she spoke through her gasps. She turned around and I held her tightly not believing the experience I just had.

The sun was going down as we drove home. Vanessa looked a little tired and started to nod off. I looked over at her in a state of complete adoration. I pulled into the driveway and parked in the garage since we would be the only ones home. I looked over at Vanessa and she was still asl**p. I got out and walked to her side of the car. I opened the door and could see that she was faking it. I decided to play along and I reached over and unfastened her seatbelt and lifted her out of the car.

She felt good in my arms as I carried her into the house. I plopped her down on the living room couch and walked to my room to use the bathroom and change clothes. I put on a pair of loose sweats and took my shirt off. I walked out into the living room and noticed that Vanessa was gone.

“Hide and seek,” I thought to myself.

I started up the stairs and noticed that Vanessa was standing at the top. She had put her hair up in a ponytail again and was wearing a short blue terry-cloth bathrobe. The lights were pretty dim in the house but I could see that her legs looked shiny and wet.

“I have a surprise for you,” she said.

“I can only imagine,” I said.

Vanessa ran away to her room and I started after her. I walked into her room and saw that the sheets were pulled back and that there were towels on the bed. I walked up to her and gave her a hard wet kiss. I tugged at the belt on her bathrobe and threw it open. I could see that she was glistening in the light of her room. The faint sent of flavored lube hung in the air. I bent down and kissed her left breast and the taste of cherry filled my mouth.

“How much of you is cherry flavored?” I asked.

“I guess that you are about to find out,” she replied with a glint in her eye.

I started to lick every inch of her body. I turned her around facing away from me and I dropped to my knees. I licked each of her taut cheeks and pushed my tongue into her pussy.

“Lick my asshole” ordered Vanessa.

I obeyed and licked up and down her delicious ass. She had not missed an inch with the lube. She reached on the bed and handed me a bottle of clear lube.

“I want to be bad,” she said lustfully.

I pulled down my sweats and shorts as she crawled on the bed. I put copious amounts of lube on my shaft. I took the bottle and squirted more on her little pink butt hole. She was playing with her clit as I moved into position. I slid my dick up and down the crack of her ass as she moaned. The sight of her oily body in her dresser mirror aroused me even more than before. I gently pushed the tip of my dick into her ass. She moaned slightly as her ass accommodated me. I felt her push her ass further onto my dick. The exquisite tightness of her ass was somewhere between pleasure and pain. I let her control the pace and deepness of the penetration. We were facing her dresser mirror and she looked up and admired the scene.

“Fuck my ass!!” she blurted.

I quickened the pace and the depth and she started to moan even louder.

“Fuck my ass harder!!” she screamed out.

I could feel my orgasm build and wanted to hold on a little longer. I felt her body tense up as she began to cum. I squirted deep into her bowels as she went limp on the bed.

We both dozed off and woke up the next morning sticky messes. The sheets were sticking to us. We both looked at each other and laughed. I called work and told them that I would work the second half of the day. Vanessa stated that she was famished and that a good breakfast was in order. We mutually decided that a shower would definitely come first.

Bill and my mother were not due back until tomorrow night. So we decided to take advantage of the master bathroom. We giggled as our legs kept sticking together from all the cherry flavored lube that was spread around the night before.

“You smell like cough syrup,” Vanessa giggled.

“I really need to piss like crazy!” I moaned while dancing around slightly.

“Come over here,” Vanessa said. She walked into the roomy shower and dropped to her knees.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked.

“I want you to wash off my tits and my pussy with your hot piss,” she replied.

I was totally turned on by her order. I walked over to her and positioned myself in front of her. Peeing on demand was a little harder than I imagined. I looked down at her and a golden stream started to splash against her chest and run down her belly. She quickly turned over and demanded that I piss her pussy and ass clean. I have never pissed more in my life. I laid down flat on my back and asked her to return the favor. She squatted over my chest and began to let go. The hot liquid ran all over my body and enjoyed the look of relief on Vanessa’s face.

“We are totally perverted,” she declared.

“I have never done that before in my life.” I explained.

“I always loved the thought of it and it was better than I imagined,” she said.

I stood up and pushed her against the bathroom wall facing me. I picked her up and impaled her on my cock. She moaned with delight as I continued thrusting. I turned her around and picked her up and again impaled her on my cock. I was holding her up with both of her legs in a standing doggy style position. I faced the mirror to see the look on her face. She was about to come and her body was tensing up. Her release was very powerful. I had to prop myself up leaning back against the wall. After she came I let her down and she stayed on her knees and took my cock in her mouth. I quickly started to spurt into her mouth. She swallowed every spurt and grabbed me by the back of the hair and gave me a deep kiss.

After our shower adventure we were both feeling pretty sore. We ate breakfast with smiles on our faces and love in our hearts. I knew that what I was feeling was love. I looked into her eyes and saw deep pools of emotions and warmth.

“We should go out somewhere nice tonight since we didn’t eat dinner last night,” I said.

“That sounds great,” Vanessa replied.

I reluctantly got dressed and headed to work. Five hours of re-sodding a baseball field was not my idea of a good time. I was getting ready to walk out the door when Vanessa walked up to me.

“I have something for you,” she said.

“What is it?” I asked.

She handed me a small folded up piece of paper and put it in my shirt pocket.

“Don’t look at it until later,” she said.

She was standing with me near garage door wearing her blue terry-cloth robe again.

“One more thing,” she said as she ran to the kitchen. She came back holding a black magic marker. She pulled up my shirt and drew a small heart on the right side of my chest. “Only you will know about it.”

I gave her a deep kiss and walked into the garage. She quickly opened up her robe and flashed me before the garage door opened all the way up. I started my car and pulled away. I couldn’t imagine how much I was going to miss her as I pulled away. I almost forgot about the note she slipped me. Before I got out of the car I pulled it out and read it.

“I think that I love you, signed Vanessa. P.S. In case you were wondering I’m on the pill.”

I laughed out loud in a mixture of happiness and relief. I started counting down the hours until I returned home.

Laying sod was a pain in the ass. My arms were a little tired from all of the lifting. I drove home thinking about the heart drawn on my chest. I sped most of the way home. I opened the garage door and practically jumped out of the car. I walked into the house and noticed that most of the lights were turned off except the night light in the kitchen and a little light coming from Vanessa’s room.

“The wait seemed like forever!” I heard Vanessa yell from upstairs.

I started towards the stairs.

“Don’t come up! I want to make a grand entrance!” she yelled.

“Ok! I need to run to the bathroom and then change. Will that give you enough time?” I yelled back.

“That depends if you need to take a dump or not!” she yelled back laughing.

“Ok, that’s disgusting! Even a pervert like me has his limits!” I shouted back.

I walked to my room chuckling to myself. Vanessa had laid out a dress shirt and a nice pair of pants for me to wear. I smiled to myself and headed to the bathroom. Taped on my bathroom door was my trusty crusty gym sock. I felt more than a little embarrassed. There was a picture of Vanessa on my bathroom counter. It was a beautiful black and white headshot that must have been taken earlier this year. She really did look like a movie star from the 1940’s.

After I had preened and changed I headed towards the stairwell.

“Are you ready?” I asked trying not to yell.

“Yes! I’m on my way down,” she replied.

I looked up and saw her walking down the stairs. She was wearing the vintage dress that she bought at the second hand store. The red roses on the black dress looked stunning on her. She had a nice pair of high-heeled shoes on that matched her dress. She was wearing black stockings with the seam on the back. Her hair was raven black and curled in ringlets and her lips were a dark red.

“You look fabulous,” I told her.

“Thank you. I had a lot of time to prepare,” she said.

“You look great no matter what you do,” I said. She smiled at me and her eyes were afire even in the semi-darkness.

“I made reservations,” she said.

“Where at?” I asked.

“Taco Bell,” she said and stuck her tongue out at me.

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

We got into the car and drove to the only decent non-chain owned restaurant in town. We had a pretty decent seat near the back of the restaurant where the sound would not overwhelm us.

“What are we going to do?” Vanessa asked me.

“About what?” I replied, trying to get a reaction out of her.

“I think that we may have something good going,” she said.

“So do I. I can’t keep my mind on anything but you,” I replied. “We both just graduated, correct?”

“Yeah, I want to go to art school,” she replied.

“Where at?” I asked.

“On the East Coast hopefully,” she said.

“My dream is to go to N.Y.U. film school, but I need to focus and finish a few semesters at the U,” I said.

“I haven’t decided but the university is an option,” she said.

“Well we know what our options are, the only sure thing in my mind is that I want to be where you are,” I said.

“You are so going to get laid tonight,” she said giggling and smiling.

“Let’s go somewhere and accomplish that,” I said.

As were driving home the tension was getting pretty thick. I glanced over at Vanessa and she was glowing from the street lights. She looked over and smiled and began pulling up her dress little by little. I could see that she was wearing an old fashioned garter belt to hold up her black stockings.

“I have something I want to show you,” she said.

I tried to keep an eye on the road and an eye on her. She reached into her purse and pulled out a black butt-plug.

“Where did you get that?” I asked.

“I told you a lady has items she needs to unpack in private,” she replied.

She pulled out a small container of lube and began applying it to the plug. She hiked up her skirt and lifted her ass off the car seat. With a little maneuvering she managed to get it in. She sat with her eyes closed enjoying the sensations of the road.

“I want to be bad,” she said.

“That’s pretty obvious,” I said, trying to get a smile out of her.

“I want to be tied up,” she said in an even more serious tone.

My already rock hard penis twitched at that last statement.

“I want to be tied up, spanked, and then fucked!” she blurted out.

We pulled into the garage and got out of the car. As she walked over to the house door she bent over the car and hiked up her skirt.

“Spank my ass!” she commanded.

She was wearing a pair of sheer black ruffle back panties. I could see the butt-plug securely in her ass. I gave her a firm swat and she moaned loudly. We walked up stairs and to her room. On her bed I saw that she had tied several scarves to the bed posts. She walked towards the end of the bed and leaned over facing the bed posts.

“Tie me up,” she demanded.

I walked over to the bed and tied her hands securely to the bed posts. She looked down at the ground and motioned her head to some additional scarves tied to the floor posts. I tied her feet to those and she stood there looking at me lustfully.

“Spank me!” she ordered.

I pulled her skirt up and swatted her a good one on her right cheek. She moaned loudly. I reached between her legs and massaged her clit through her panties. She moved around wildly wanting more.

“Rip my panties off!” she screamed.

I did her one better by bending down and making a small tear with my teeth. I ripped her panties until her pussy and ass were exposed to me. I gave her a few more hard swats until her skin was bright red. I started to undress but decided to leave the room for a moment to let her anticipation build.

“Come here and fuck my ass!!” I heard her yell.

I walked in and used a free scarf to blind fold her. She became even more aroused. I pulled the plug out of her ass and squirted lube on my cock. I slowly pressed my cock against her asshole. It went in easily.

“Fuck me hard!” she pleaded.

Vanessa came nearly instantly after I entered her ass. I kept pumping away using her ripped panties as impromptu reins and could feel her tense up again. I felt a sudden rush of wetness hit my legs and she began to jerk almost uncontrollably. She came so hard that she squirted all over my legs!

“Put your cock in my mouth!” Vanessa cried.

I untied her and she dropped to her knees. She took my whole cock into her mouth without any hesitation. I exploded in her mouth and she greedily consumed it. I embraced her and looked into her eyes.

“I love you” I said.

“I love you too” she answered back.

We both said the words that we longed to hear. But where do we go from there?

The End???
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Seduced by Step s*s Ch. 2

Vanessa stood naked in the center of my basement room as I focused the camera. The light was soft and slightly back-lit to accentuate her form. Her supple breasts hung like swollen teardrops from her chest. Her raven black hair and pink nipples stood out against her alabaster skin. She flashed me a smile and then decided to look serious.

“What’s the purpose of this again?” She asked.

“Aside from filming you naked?” I responded.

“Yeah, Jackass!” She Said.

“I’m experimenting with lighting and the new filter I just bought for my video camera.” I said.

“You’d better hurry up. The parental units will be home shortly.” She Said.

“When are we going to break it to them?” I asked

“Later will be better than sooner. Right before we leave for the university and the fall semester starts.” She said.

It had been nearly a month since my Step s****r, Vanessa, had moved in. From the moment of our first meeting she changed my life and I knew that I loved and desired her. We had managed to keep our affair secret so far, spending every unattended moment furiously fucking and sharing our most intimate thoughts and feelings. The ruse was starting to become increasingly difficult to pull off, as our feelings towards each other grew. Every longing glance and veiled touch added to the frustration of bottled up emotions.

“I’m really looking forward to this weekend.” I said

“I don’t care if we even look at the University, just as long as we have some time alone.” Vanessa said.

“Your cousin, Sarah, won’t mind us staying with her?” I asked.

“I told her that you would be sl**ping in the spare bedroom and that she and I could share a bed.” Vanessa said.

“What does she do aside from being a grad student” I asked

“She is a waitress at a bar, and acts and dances in local theatre productions when she has the time.’ Vanessa answered.

I nodded in acknowledgement and turned off the video camera. I walked over to Vanessa as she reached for her clothes and pushed her onto the bed. Her blue eyes sparkled as she knew I was about to take control. Her ass was nearly hanging off the edge of the bed as I dropped to my knees. I looked at the tiny black heart tattooed above her cleanly shaven pussy. I moved my nose closer to her outer folds and breathed in the musky aroma. I felt my cock stiffen as I began to lap at her pussy. I felt her hands grab the back of my head and pull me closer to her. I used my fingers to spread open her folds and looked at her swollen clit. I blew a cheek full air onto her clit and I heard Vanessa let out a moan.

“Lick my butt-hole!” she blurted out.

I ran my tongue down her slit and pushed her legs up over my shoulders to reveal her tiny balloon knot. I brushed it slightly with my tongue and began to increase the pressure. I put 2 fingers in her sopping pussy and began to massage her g-spot while my thumb gently massaged her clit. Vanessa’s moans increased as I penetrated her asshole with my tongue.

“I’m going to cum!!” Vanessa yelped.

I felt her legs stiffen as the pleasure of her release shot through her body. The muscles in her stomach tightened and released as I felt the rush of her exquisite liquid come pouring out of her pussy and splashing against my waiting face. I watched in joy as the final waves of Vanessa’s orgasm left her body. She looked up at me with an exhausted smile.

“I’m glad that we discovered your special ability.” I said with a smile.

“Let me return the favor.” Vanessa said, looking at the bulge in my jeans.

“I’d love to, but have you looked at the clock?’ I said.

“Like I could look at it during that” She said.

“It is nearly 5:00 pm and I need to change the sheets and wash my glazed donut face.” I said.

“You are truly an idiot” She said smirking while quickly getting dressed.

We had little time to spare as I stripped the bed and threw the sheets into the washing machine. I had promised to cook dinner since I had only been working half days lately. The summer job that Bill had secured for me with the parks department was fun but due to the city’s budget problems I was regulated to part time only. Vanessa walked downstairs from her room wearing her black hair up in a pony-tail and a snug white tank top with tight black yoga shorts. We quickly started preparing a spaghetti dinner and managed to have it done and ready before Bill and Lisa arrived home.

Dinner was pleasant and unassuming. Lisa and Bill looked happy together, as usual, and it caused me to wonder how the truth about Vanessa and I would affect them.

“You leave for Albuquerque on Friday morning, right?” Bill asked

“Yeah, it is only a 3 hour drive so it won’t be too bad.” I responded

“I’m not sure that you should be driving your old car back and forth so much in the summer heat. You can take the Escalade, as long as you bring it back in one piece.” Bill said.

“Great, I appreciate it.” I said.

“I don’t trust to many people with Vanessa and my car so you should be honored.” Bill said with a wink

“I’ll take care of her.” I said trying not to reveal too much in my expressions

The next two days passed without much excitement. Vanessa had started working a few hours at the local independent record shop and was trying work as much as possible before our trip. The day finally arrived and we both woke up early and eager for our trip. Vanessa walked down stairs and looked stunning. She was wearing a red cardigan over a white button-down shirt and a knee length black skirt. She wore ankle high white socks with a pair of black penny loafers. I noticed that she was wearing a pair of black rimmed glasses that accentuated her blue eyes. Her lips were a subtle shade of red and her cheeks looked slightly flushed. Her hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail and her black bangs hung freely. My work with the parks service had caused my back and chest to fill out nicely and the charcoal black polo shirt I was wearing fit a little more tightly than usual. I had a new pair of relaxed fit blue jeans on with my traditional tan work-boots. I had cut my hair into an almost military buzz cut.

“You look good Jason.” Vanessa said sounding mockingly formal

“So do you Vanessa.” I said trying to keep up the charade

I lugged Vanessa’s extremely heavy suitcase to the SUV. I wondered what the hell she had packed; we were only going to be gone for 3 days. We pulled out of the driveway and hit the open road. Bill had left an envelope on the dashboard with 6 fifty dollar bills and a note reminding me to take care of his daughter. My suspicions became aroused. I wondered if Vanessa and I were giving off to many signals. I looked over at the passenger seat and noticed that Vanessa had already taken control of the CD player. Loud punk music filled the air as we shot down the highway and exited town.

We headed south towards Albuquerque and were on a desolate stretch of highway on the Navajo Indian reservation. Our conversation was light as Vanessa enjoyed the scenery and the loud music pulsating throughout the car. I noticed that Vanessa began rummaging through her purse and she pulled out what looked like a tube of lipstick. She glanced at me with that devilish look in her eyes.

“What is that?” I asked.

“It’s a Pocket Rocket.” She said with a grin.

“Are you on some secret sex toy testers list?” I said sarcastically

“Just try and keep an eye on the road if you can.” She said.

Vanessa popped the cap off the faux lipstick tube and a slight buzzing noise filled the air. She reclined the car seat as far back as she could. At this point I was glad the Escalade had tinted windows. She pulled up her skirt enough to display a pair of black panties with string ties on the side. I reached over and pulled on the string closest to me while she pulled the string on the other side. I pulled hard and her panties came loose and were in my hand. I struggled to keep my eyes on the road and to enjoy the spectacle that was unfolding at my side. She spread her legs and began rubbing the mini vibrator on her clit. Her moans began to increase as she continued to work on her clit. The mile markers were passing by as I struggled to keep an eye on the road. Her moans ended abruptly as her orgasm shot through her body. She looked over at me with a dazed smile. She unfastened her seat belt and leaned over towards me. Her hands reached over and began to unfasten my jeans and pulled down my zipper. My cock was freed by the expert use of her hands. I adjusted a little in my seat so my cock could stick our further from the hole in my boxers. She leaned over more and I could feel her lips at the end of my cock. Her tongue made fast little circles and I continued to drive as straight as possible. She worked on my shaft as best as she could in our awkward positions. She looked up and smiled then crawled into the back seat. I adjusted the rear view mirror and could see that she had spread her legs and was fingering her pussy. I looked for the nearest dirt road that I could find and pulled the car over. I quickly crawled into the back seat and Vanessa pulled me towards her. I entered into her pussy with ease. She was extremely wet and her hips bucked off of the seat of the car meeting me with each thrust. I could feel that I was going to cum at any moment. I felt the rush of my orgasm empty into her. She pulled me closer and whispered that she loved me. I held her in a tight embrace and kissed her deeply. I noticed that her glasses were a little fogged up and askew and started to chuckle.

We composed ourselves as best we could and continued down the road. A few miles ahead of us there was a State Trooper parked on the side of the road. I was glad that I pulled over when I did. After about an hour and a half we eventually got on the interstate and headed into Albuquerque. We pulled off onto one of the main roads that led to the university area.

“Sarah doesn’t live this close; she lives in the far northeast heights.” Vanessa said.

“I know. I just want to look at the school a little before we come back tomorrow.” I said

As I drove around the campus I became more convinced that sharing an apartment would be a smarter choice than living in a dorm. I wondered how I could make this happen and still be honest to Bill and my mother about my relationship with Vanessa.

After looking at the campus we headed towards Sarah’s apartment on the other end of town. The traffic was heavy as the afternoon began and we struggled to get across town without getting too lost. Vanessa pulled out her address book to confirm that we were heading to the right address. We pulled into very large and slightly fancy apartment complex.

“She can afford this place by waiting tables?” I asked Vanessa.

“She must get help from her parents I guess.” Vanessa said.

We entered her number into the speaker box and were quickly buzzed in. We walked to the right door and noticed that it was cracked open slightly. Vanessa took initiative and walked in.

“Sarah?” Vanessa said

“Just a minute! I’m getting dressed.” A female voice shot back.

I looked around that roomy apartment and saw a few foreign movie posters on the wall and a large television in the living room. I thought that she must make great tips to afford all this or she must do something else besides waiting tables. Just as I finished my thought Sarah walked out of her room. I was kind of stunned at what I saw. Sarah was a drop dead gorgeous blond slightly taller than Vanessa. She was wearing a very low pair of hip hugging jeans and a tight form fitting blue shirt that featured her large breasts and exposed her tight tanned stomach. Her hair was obviously an expensive salon cut that was bobbed just at the base of her neck and had bright high-lights.

“You must be Jason.” Sarah said while giving me a tight hug.

“Nice to meet you.” I said

“I have prepared the guest room for the both of you.” Sarah said with a wink.

“I forgot to tell you that she knows about us.” Vanessa said holding back a smile.

“Cousins never keep secrets from one another.” Sarah said.

I must have looked like a total fool as they both looked at each other and smiled. They hugged each other and looked pleased at my surprise. I lugged Vanessa’s suitcase into guest room as they both sat and talked in the small kitchen area. I plunked down on the coach looking at the apartment and wondered where the day and night might take me.

Vanessa and Sarah spoke in whispers in the kitchen area. I sat on the couch and watched music videos playing on the television. I would occasionally glance over at Vanessa and enjoyed the view of her cousin’s backside but tried be nonchalant about it. They seemed to have a close connection between them. Vanessa stopped talking to Sarah and made her way to the couch.

“If it is not too much of a hassle, we are going to take Sarah to work after we eat dinner.” Vanessa said.

“No Problem, are we going to pick her up too?” I asked.

“Yes, she is only going to work for about 3 hours and it would nice to see her perform.” Vanessa said with a smirk.

“Ok, But I’m not looking forward to an evening to musical theatre.” I said.

I sat around watching television while the girls got ready. My mind drifted to the events of earlier today and the memory of Vanessa pleasuring herself in the car. I felt a little aroused at the thought and hoped that I would be able to get her alone later this evening. I was enjoying my daydream as Vanessa and Sarah stepped in front of me. Vanessa looked great. Her hair was down and her lips were very red. She was wearing a tight fitting black shirt with a keyhole top that exposed her ample cleavage. She also wore an extremely short black skirt that exposed her shapely legs and stomach. Sarah also looked great; she was still wearing the low slung jeans and blue top but her face was made up and her blond hair and tanned skin contrasted with Vanessa’s. Sarah was carrying what looked like a make up case and a gym bag.

“Are you ready to go?” Vanessa asked?

“Let’s head out.” I said.

We ate at a Mexican restaurant in the middle of town and sat and relaxed after our filling dinner. It was nearing 7:30 in the evening and I wondered where the day had gone.

“We’d better get going. Sarah needs to be on stage by 8:15” Vanessa said.

“What kind of stage are we talking about” I said

“I’m an exotic dancer”. Sarah said with a grin.

“Really.” I said confirming my earlier suspicions

“I hope that it doesn’t make you uncomfortable watching me work tonight.” Sarah said.

“I’m looking forward to it, but how will Vanessa and I get in” I said

“It is the only totally nude club in town so they don’t serve alcohol. You can be 18 and still get in.” Sarah Said.

“Totally nude?” I said trying not to blush.

“Totally.” Sarah said with a glint in her eye similar to Vanessa’s

I tried not to appear too eager but I exceeded the speed limit as we made our way down town. We pulled into the clubs parking lot and were able to park in the gated area reserved for employees. The neon signs were not as garish as I had imagined for a strip club. We made our way through the back entrance and into club’s main floor. Bass heavy music pulsated throughout the club and I could see video monitors displaying some very hard core porn. Sarah sat Vanessa and I at a good table close to the stage and headed off to change. The club had not filled up yet because the night was still young but we could see lots of men and several couples seated and ready for the next dancer to take the stage. I could feel Vanessa’s hand on my leg as we watched the first dancer perform. She was a slim Hispanic girl with small breasts who seemed particularly amateurish. We watched as the next dancer, a voluptuous black girl, took the stage with authority. She worked the pole like a gymnast and she was showered with dollar bills from patrons eager to get a closer look at her. I sat back taking in the experience of my first strip club.

“Up next on the Stage is Ariel.” The club D.J. announced.

“It’s Sarah.” Vanessa said leaning close to my ear.

I recognized the song blaring from the speakers. “It’s no good” by Depeche Mode began pulsating throughout the club. I watched as Sarah walked out from behind the curtain and began prowling the stage. She wore an extremely short sheer black dress that barely covered the miniscule g-string underneath. Her technique at seducing the crowd was far more convincing than the other dancers. She was looking directly at Vanessa as she peeled the dress down revealing her breasts. Her body was toned without being overly muscled and her breasts were full but real, compared to the silicone enhanced bodies possessed by the majority of the other dancers. Vanessa pulled several dollars from her purse and walked to the stage. Sarah headed straight to her ignoring several of the more unseemly patrons on the way. Vanessa stood at the edge of the stage as Sarah turned her back and bent over to show her tight ass to the audience. She turned back to face Vanessa and slowly pulled her g-string down exposing her perfectly shaved pussy. She pulled Vanessa’s head towards her pussy just short of making contact. The crowd cheered enjoying the Sapphic display. As Sarah pulled back I noticed a small heart tattooed above her slit. It was nearly identical to Vanessa’s. The song ended and Sarah picked up the piles of dollar bills on the stage.

“What did you think?” Vanessa asked as she sat down at the table.

“It was definitely hot. She has a tattoo just like yours.” I answered

“Not just like, maybe you’ll see it up close in a while.” Vanessa said with a grin.

We sat at the table looking at the other dancers as they came on stage. None of them had the command of the stage and the presence of Sarah. We waited close to a forty five minutes as Sarah finally made her way to our table. She was wearing a tiny black bikini that barely covered her breasts and pussy.

“You were great up there.” Vanessa said.

“Thanks sweetie. I have already done 5 table dances since I finished on the stage.” Sarah said.

“Aren’t they like 20 dollars a pop?” I said sounding like a dork and a cheapskate.

“Yes they are, I need to do a few more to make it worth my while, after that I’ll treat you guys to a private.” Sarah Said.

“I’m looking forward to that.” Vanessa said answering my exact thought

Vanessa and I waited for Sarah to make the rounds again and watched as several new dancers made their way on stage. Vanessa drank several of the fruity beverages offered by the club followed by a bottle of overpriced water. Another hour had passed and Sarah finally made it back to our table.

“Let’s go to the private area.” Sarah said.

Sarah grabbed Vanessa and I by the hands and led us past a set of beaded curtains into an area that had several large bed-like couches. The glow of the black lights made the whole scene seem surreal. Sarah led us to small room that was far more secluded and private than the rest of the “VIP” rooms.

“Who first?” Sarah asked.

“Vanessa first, I want to watch.” I said.

“Typical male.” Vanessa said with a chuckle.

“I told the bouncer to turn a blind eye on us for a while since no money will be exchanging hands.” Sarah said.

Vanessa and I sat on the couch with Vanessa positioned on the widest area with her legs slightly spread. Sarah started to move to the bass driven music. She had an intense look in her eyes as she approached Vanessa. She straddled Vanessa and began to writhe in time to the music. Vanessa also began to look very serious. Sarah ran her hands through Vanessa’s hair and whispered in her ear. The music was so loud that I was unable to hear Sarah’s words. Vanessa began to move in time with Sarah and I could feel my cock begin to stiffen. Sarah took of her top off and brushed her breasts across Vanessa’s mouth. The girls continued to move in time as their bodies began to touch. Sarah stood up and walked towards me. Vanessa looked on intently as Sarah pushed me down on the couch. I was lying nearly flat on my back as the music began to change.

I could hear “Get Off” by Prince bumping throughout the room. Sarah seductively stripped off her tiny bikini bottom and straddled me. Sarah began to thrust in time with the music with complete abandon. I could feel the friction created by her naked body against my rock hard cock. I looked towards Vanessa and noticed that she was now standing and moving to the music. Vanessa moved closer and took off her skirt. She was wearing a tiny white thong that glowed under the black lights. She Stripped off her shirt and was wearing a sheer white bra. Sarah dismounted me and walked towards Sarah. She kissed Vanessa on the mouth while her hands explored Vanessa’s body. Sarah dropped to her knees and bit the top of Vanessa thong. Vanessa looked me in the eyes as Sarah pulled Sarah’s panties down with her teeth. I could feel my cock straining against my jeans and I badly needed relief. Sarah stood up and looked Vanessa in the eye.

“Let’s go to home and fuck.” Sarah Said.

Vanessa threw her panties at me and put on her remaining clothes. I grabbed the panties and could feel that they were soaking wet. Sarah ran back to retrieve her things and met us out back. Sarah and Vanessa got in the back seat and we headed home. I could see that Vanessa and Sarah were passionately kissing and their moans became increasingly louder. The familiar musky smell of Vanessa’s sex filled the air.

“Fuck me with your fingers” I heard Vanessa squeal.

At the next stoplight I turned around saw that Vanessa’s skirt was on the floorboard and Sarah’s fingers were buried in Vanessa’s snatch. We were pulling into the apartment parking lot when I heard Vanessa’s intense climax.

“Everything is ready” Sarah said in a husky tone

“Good. I can’t wait” Vanessa said.

As we entered the apartment Sarah disappeared into her room. Vanessa waited for me to close the door and as I turned around she dropped to her knees. I felt her unbutton my jeans and free my cock as she pulled down my boxer shorts. She took the entire length of my shaft into her mouth in one effortless motion. I could feel her hands massaging my balls as she quickened the pace and intensity of her mouth. I looked up and Sarah was standing near the couch wearing what looked to be a slick black vinyl bra and matching pair of crotch-less panties. She looked on as Vanessa continued to work on me. I could feel my cum erupt into Vanessa’s waiting mouth. She took my entire load but didn’t swallow. She walked towards Sarah and kissed her mouth. I watched as Sarah eagerly took my seed from Vanessa’s mouth.

“I love the taste of cum.” Sarah Said.

“Now you have to do what I say.” Vanessa said.

“I’ll do anything you tell me.” Sarah replied.

“Go into your bedroom now!” Vanessa ordered.

I began to strip of my clothes and followed Vanessa into the bedroom. I watched as Vanessa stripped naked and stood over Sarah on a blanket in the middle of the floor next to her large bed.

“Where do you want it?” Vanessa asked with authority

“On my tits and my ass!’ Sarah said obediently

“Do you want it?” Vanessa asked gruffly.

“Give it to me please. I need it.” Sarah squealed

Vanessa squatted slightly and I looked as a stream of golden liquid began to splash across Sarah’s waiting body. Sarah gave out a deep moan as the hot piss ran down her body.

“Turn over.” Vanessa said in a shuddering voice.

“I want more!” Sarah cried out as she turned over.

The piss splashed across Sarah’s ass and I could see that Sarah was furiously rubbing her pussy. Vanessa moaned as the stream began to taper off. I watched as Sarah appeared to be in a state of complete arousal and her orgasm shook through her body.

“I’m going to have Jason spank you until you pee. Do you want that?’ Vanessa asked

“I want that badly.” Sarah Said.

Vanessa lay on the soaking blanket in the middle of the floor as Sarah straddled her. I walked over and knelt down as the pair began to kiss. I slapped Sarah’s ass with a light blow to gauge her reaction.

“Harder!” Sarah and Vanessa said in unison.

I gave Sarah a hard slap on the fleshiest part of her ass.

“Again!” Sarah yelped.

I gave Sarah 3 hard swats and could see the piss gushing out of her pussy. I watched as it splashed onto Vanessa’s body underneath. Vanessa and Sarah were kissing passionately as put my hand between Sarah’s legs to feel the warm liquid pouring from within her.

“Ask him now!” Vanessa ordered Sarah.

“Please fuck me in the ass!” Sarah pleaded.

I could see a bottle of lube conveniently placed on the bed and moved quickly to meet Sarah’s Demand. As I applied the lube to my cock Vanessa and Sarah moved into a 69 position with Sarah still on top. I applied copious amounts of lube to Sarah perfect ass and moved into position. I could feel Vanessa leaning up and licking my balls. Sarah arched her back and pushed towards me as soon as my cock was at her puckered opening. I worked my cock slowly into Sarah’s ass relishing the wonderful tightness and warmth. I began working on a solid rhythm increasing the intensity of my thrusts.

“Fuck Her Ass!” I could hear Vanessa scream

Sarah began pushing back in time with my thrusting and I could hear my balls slapping against her soaking pussy. Sarah began to tense up and moan as her orgasm began building up. I could hear the sounds of Vanessa lapping at Sarah’s clit.

“Oh God!!! I’m cuming!!” Sarah blurted out

I watched the amazing sight of the muscles in Sarah’s back tighten and then relax as her orgasm shook through her. I was very close to coming and began fucking Sarah with hard a****l like thrusts. She moaned and squealed loudly. I came hard and grunted like a b**st. I felt my cum squirt deep into Sarah’s tight ass.

“That was amazing.” Sarah said as I pulled my weary cock out of her ass.

“Vanessa hasn’t had her turn.’ I said

“I have something planned for her.” Sarah said.

Sarah walked towards a trunk that was in a back corner of the room and proceeded to open it. Vanessa looked prepared and moved onto the bed. Vanessa lay on the bed face down and began to arch her ass in the air. Sarah began strapping on a large black dildo attached to a leather harness. I watched as Sarah admired her new appendage. It was clear that Sarah was now in charge of the situation. I was just a walk on in a play of unfettered carnality.

“Jason go to the bathroom and wash your dick Vanessa is going to need it in a minute.” Sarah said in a demanding tone.

I almost started laughing. I had never heard an order like that in all my life. I ran to the bathroom and proceeded to give my twig and berries a nice scrubbing. While in the bathroom I could hear the sounds of an ass being swatted and Vanessa’s moans echoing through the hall. I was witnessing the most amazing night of sex and depravity but in the back of my mind I wondered how a dork like me got so lucky. I walked back into the bedroom and could see that Sarah was pounding Vanessa from behind and had a nice handful of hair.

“Get underneath her!” Sarah demanded.

I got on the bed and Sarah and Vanessa stopped momentarily to accommodate me. I noticed that the large black dildo was in Vanessa’s ass. Sarah grabbed my cock and easily placed it into Vanessa’s waiting pussy. I began ramming my cock into Vanessa and I could feel the odd sensation of the dildo rubbing on my penis through Vanessa’s ass. Unexpectedly during the deviance Vanessa kissed me tenderly. I could feel that she was about to cum so I wrapped my arms around her and held on tight. Her body shook violently and I felt the juices pouring from her pussy. The sensation of wetness and the dildos movement caused me to cum quickly and I shot into Vanessa. Vanessa continued to lie on top of me as a spent Sarah flopped on the bed with the black dildo gleaming in the half light.

“I love you so much.” Vanessa whispered into my ear.

“I love you too. You mean the world to me.” I said

“That’s so sweet.” Sarah said feigning disgust.

“I hope for your sake, that you “Scotch Guarded” the carpet.” I said.

“Is he always such a geek?” Sarah asked with a chuckle

“Yes and that’s one of the many reasons I love him.” Vanessa said.

I woke up the next morning feeling extremely sore but with an odd feeling of contentment. I felt that I was now closer to Vanessa than ever. I didn’t feel the typical awkwardness that I heard came with threesomes. Vanessa had waked up earlier than I and had kissed my cheek before getting into the shower. She peeked her head into the bedroom and after noticing that I was awake she walked in with a tall glass of orange juice.

“Here you go sl**pyhead” She said handing me the glass.

“Where is Sarah?” I asked

“She left a few minutes ago for a jog.”

“She still has energy?” I said stifling a yawn.

“Yes, she is not a slug like you. You better get you ass in the shower we have to be at school orientation in an hour.”

“Oh shit, I better hurry up.” I said jumping out of bed.

I took a quick shower and got dressed. Vanessa was waiting for me and she looked very cute. She was dressed a little more preppy and conservative than normal. Her hair was down and slightly curled and she had her black rimmed glasses on. She was wearing a white button down shirt and a khaki skirt with brown sandals. I had my omnipresent polo shirt on, green this time, and loose khaki shorts. We looked like a cute couple as we loaded up in the car and made our way to the University.

The drive seemed to take forever. I was afraid of being late so I tried my best to hurry without taking unnecessary risks. I kept heading westbound on one of the main roads as I saw the on coming light change from red to green. As we drove through the intersection I could see a brown truck headed southbound with no regard for the stoplight. I did my best to maneuver out of the way. I heard a loud crash and the sound of breaking glass. Vanessa’s side of the car took the brunt of the collision. I saw a flash of white light and felt the burning sensation of deploying air bags. Vanessa’s glasses flew across the interior of the car in what seemed like slow motion. Her body jerked violently in an unnatural manner but she was held in place by her seatbelt. I felt my head jerk and hit the side of the door. The car finally came to a stop and I could feel the slow hot trickle of bl**d coming from a cut on my forehead. My neck was burning from the chemicals in the airbags. I looked over and noticed that Vanessa was not moving. I unfastened my seatbelt and got out of the car and noticed that the driver of the other car was still trapped. I could see bystanders at the intersection frantically dialing mobile phones. I hoped that the ambulance would arrive as soon as possible.

I ran to the other side of the Escalade and tried my best to pull on the passenger door. I could see that Vanessa was not moving and I began to feel panic rising in my mind. Everything looked too bright as the morning sun cast a surreal light to the situation. I tugged on the door as hard as I could and managed to pull it open. Most of the damage was to the center back seat portion of the car, but the impact had taken its toll. I looked at Vanessa who had a laceration on her side. It wasn’t bleeding badly but my mind began to swim. I grabbed her hand and she began to stir.

“Vanessa you have to stay with me.” I said choking back tears.

“Vanessa, it’s me Jason. Can you hear me?” I pleaded

I heard the sirens get closer and I began to feel extremely dizzy. Two fire engines and two ambulances arrived on scene and began to asses the situation. A paramedic sat me down on the ground and placed me on a backboard. They placed a collar on me to stabilize my neck and spine. I couldn’t see what they were doing to Vanessa and I began to feel panic over taking me. I was placed on a gurney and hauled into the back of the ambulance.

Hours passed after I was cleared by the doctor. I pleaded for the doctors to tell me more about Vanessa. All that I knew was that she was in emergency surgery and that my mother and Bill were due to arrive at any moment. Sarah arrived at the hospital and did everything she could to contact relatives and make sure arrangements were made for the car and lodging for my Mother and Bill. I sat in the waiting room trying not to cry and tried to fight off the worst headache I had ever experienced. The waiting was unbearable and I tried my best to relax. I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I rose and turned around and saw my mother.

“Are you okay?” She asked with tears in her eyes.

“I’m okay, I’m and so afraid for Vanessa.” I said.

Bill looked at me and I could tell that he was fighting back tears. He gave me a quick hug and looked me in the eye as if he knew that I had something to say.

“I am in love with Vanessa.” I said.

To be continued????
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