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sarah , amy and jake

sarah , amy and jake

... .

after jake had finished with sarah , he untied amy and said why do you fuck sarah now , amy had cum about 3 or 4 times just watching jake and sarah , and she ... ... Continue»
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Willie and Jake...

... cause I knew nothing about basketball. One spring evening Willie and Jake and I was hanging out at the bleachers, not the ones ... Let yourself go and relax, close your eyes and enjoy the feeling...'

I closed my eyes and let Willie and Jake do as they ... ... Continue»
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Amy and Claire

... happy to oblige and whipped off my jeans and boxers. "wow it is thick" said Amy, and then she laid back and closed her eyes ... my face. There on the screen was perfect video of Amy and I fucking ourselves senseless on the bedroom floor! The shot was ... ... Continue»
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alex amy and charlie

... panties were soaking with her pussy juices.

Between Alex and Charlie sat Amy. Amy was the quiet, sweet one of the
three. ... "Bye Alex."

"Oh OK then, bye."

Amy and Charlie did their usual walk, just circling the school. About ... ... Continue»
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... for bed.

"Now behave yourself," Annette said to Amy and Jake as she walked by their bedroom door.

"We will ... "Shit, that would mean that......"

"Yes that you will fuck Amy and Jake will fuck me," Annette whispered.

"That's crazy," Jim said. ... ... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote, Part III - Karma Chamele

... in the other direction at Sarah, his wife.
Sarah was much shorter than Jake and Petra, with broad shoulders and wide hips. She’d been ... back on the night before… Sarah really had been tired from work. She hadn’t wanted sex. And Jake had used his power to ... ... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote VI - Shenanigans

... that was d****d over the booth’s table.
Sarah sat next to Jake and opposite their daughter, engrossing herself in the ... having!”
Jake and Petra both started laughing and didn’t stop until a thoroughly disgusted Sarah had called for the check and paid at ... ... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote VIII - Oh Baby, Baby

... less awkward than Jake had expected. He woke up feeling rested, refreshed, and ten years younger. Petra and Sarah were already up ... “We were together and happy, and I wanted to stay with him forever.”
Sarah sat down across from Jake and grinned. “Ooh, ... ... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote V - Cruel Temptation

... welcome, as are suggestions and requests.
Sarah showed up while Petra was cleaning up, so Jake decided to let things rest ... out “doing stuff”. Sarah was relaxing in the recliner with a book. Jake made some waffles and sat on the couch ... ... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote XI - Misdirection

... long chapter, but I think it's worth it!
Jake and Sarah were reading in the living room when the doorbell rang ... into a giggling fit. Sarah watched them and frowned.
“I’m starting to regret this,” she said quietly.
Jake scoffed. “They’re ... ... Continue»
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My Girlfriend and My s****r...both want me! .

... my face to wake me up.

“Listen JakeSarah is pregnant…as you know already and we are going over to visit her ... for doing what I did. I hugged her back and rubbed her back.

Jake? You know Sarah is lying bitch…she is always trying to ... ... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote VII - Sweet Dreams

... and the creak of another door closing. Then he waited.
After a few minutes, Jake stopped time. He knew it had stopped because Sarah ... or even slow him down.
It only took a few seconds, and Jake felt himself pushing up against Petra’s inner depths. She was ... ... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote X - Underachievement

... bed.
She’d taken off all her clothing before getting started, and Jake found it hypnotic watching the way her breasts jolted each ... he kept teasing Natalia’s nipples, basically any time Saul and Sarah were looking the other way. It had been almost hypnotic ... ... Continue»
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A day on Amy's Boat

... with short blonde hair and blue eyes and all the guys loved her. She could of doubled for Sarah Michelle Gellar, but surprisingly ... Tommy's ass. (totally out of character for her). But for Amy and I, it is something we used to dream about in our ... ... Continue»
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Submissive and Willing

... gorgeous wife about the money you owe the casino?' Fran and Jake nodded affirmative, not wishing to add to the conversation. ... looked up at him from her kneeling position, and then Joey suddenly spoke.....and Jake gulped.

'Undo his zip, honey!' Did Fran ... ... Continue»
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dave, jake talk

... jeans off his legs. The older man's boxers stayed on, and Jake bent down to smell the cock on his father's boxers ... his table.

"Thanks, Dad," Jake said.

"Thanks, Matt," Dave said to Jake's Dad.

Jake and Dave rested on Jake's Dad's huge pecs, as the ... ... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote, Part XII - Exploration

... her heels to head into the kitchen, and Jake caught a tiny glimpse of something.. he ... .
Petra moaned into Katie’s slit again, and Jake got an idea. He thrust into his ... like tightness of her pussy let up, and Jake plunged deeper inside her. He felt the ... ... Continue»
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Jake fucks Janie (long but awesome)

... finger. She jerked spasmodically, moaning and groaning as she climaxed. Finally, she lay still, and Jake pulled his finger out of her ... and raised up and looked at her. She lay still ... ... Continue»
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Jake's Vacation

... she was enjoying an orgasm or not.

Although Jessie loved Jake and thoroughly enjoyed pleasuring him, she was focused

on her ... her assault on him was beginning to take its toll, and

Jake began to feel that familiar surging in his balls.

From ... ... Continue»
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Me and my bestfriend Jake part 2

... I saw a condoms and Jake asked me "you wanna use those?" I told Jake "I want you to cum on me Jake" so Jake went faster and harder this ... , it was a pleasure for me to suck it" then me and Jake went to the bathroom the same time we cleaned of ... ... Continue»
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