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perfect moment with Edith and Adriana again....

... . I suggested she rest her hands of my chest for support. Again she had trouble initially getting her movements right for her ... . Don’t say anything she said, just let me enjoy this moment with you; and fastened her mouth on mine. So I couldn’t say anything ... ... Continue»
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My s****r and Our Neighbors.

My s****r and Our neighbors.

I had finally done It and now the with the last debug finished, it was working perfectly, I had got 1 + 1 to equal PLUS 1, not two, my old Maths tutor would have a fit. I looked at the sign above my work station, 'A MACHINE DOES NOT THINK'
Let me explain, I write computer programs, C++ and I had been working on this one for a month and a half after a friend complained that just enlarging something was not good enough, you loose contrast, definition, everything goes blurry and when you are talking about pictures from the Hubble you want definition, It can take weeks to get the telescope in just the right position and costs a fortune to get it re-alined.
My program doubled the size of each 'bit' of information before the final transition to a picture, thank God for digital.I had told it to do, not think.

I had used a boom mike mounted on the roof and aimed into the woods behind our place and used bird songs as my source to confirm my work, they were pure sounds that I could overlay after the process, I still had the headphones on and was listening to the sound when I heard the bang, I thought it was the last of the summer storm that had just passed over.

That was so loud I had taken the phones off after the first crash of thunder nearly deafened me, I took the phones off again, just in case and realized it was coming from the front door, It wasn't a knocking it was a pounding.
One of the reasons s*s and I still lived in the old home after Mon and Dad had died was its location and its distance from town, few distractions, no door to door. I had better see who wanted what as most of my work was done from home, it could be business.

I opened the door and..., I looked at my s****r, she was soaking wet and holding a ruined umbrella out to me and had her small travel bag leaning against her leg.
"I wet", she said in a little girl voice, her lips quivering.

“M' Lady should take shelter when it is raining!”, I said using my best chauffeur's voice. We had played the parts of Lady Penelope and her chauffeur from the Thunderbird's since we were young. She wasn't only wet, she looked like a drowned rat

“I was taking shelter until this cheap umbrella turned inside out, the Car was not at the bus station when I arrived and I decided to walk, One needs to walk after 4 hours sitting in a plane”. My s****r had flown back from England but declined the offer of a lift from the airport.

“Me thinks M' Lady would better enter from the back verandah, I will fetch some towels and your robe, I will take your bag to the bedroom”.
We have a covered decking that is closed in for the winter firewood and the outdoor furniture, while the furniture is out, there is lot's of enclosed space.
s*s disappeared around the side and I headed to the bathroom to get some towels, I could not find her robe so I grabbed mine and headed to the back door.

s*s was unzipping her skirt, all the rest of her clothes were in a heap at her feet, she stepped out off her skirt and reached for the towel naked. This did not bother either of us, Mom and Dad had belonged to a nature club and had taken us along as c***dren, but I did notice something different, she hadn't trimmed her pubic hair and no tan.
“Does the sun no longer shine in England M' Lady?”.

s*s had wrapped a towel round her hair and was drying her breasts with another, she looked down and opened her leg's, she used the towel between her thighs.
“Apart from a couple of days here and there, I have been inside for six months. You don't know how much I have looked forward to sunbathing again, now, the first day I get home and it rains!, dry my back please”, s*s asked as she turned

I held the robe and she slipped it on, I went to boil some milk for her chocolate, "How was England anyway?" I asked, there was not a lot about her work she could tell me. As a partner in an international law firm, she dealt with some of the big hitters but it had been the same when I worked for our Government, the old saying, 'you don't ask, I won't tell'.

I finished making her drink and because she had not answered I took it to her bedroom, she was standing in front of the mirror brushing her hair, she had dropped my robe on the bed and was wearing something, sort of.
"What do you think?", she asked turning a full circle, it had no belt and it floated out from her body.

"Well, you look great and you can see through that and 'welcome home' by the way".

“You are supposed to see through it, It's a bed robe, I got it in Paris, I went over for a weekend and did some shopping, It feels..., nothing, it's there but it isn't.., I love it, W'at's you been up to?”, she slipped between England English and New York English.

I told her about my work and she asked to see, we went to my study and I pointed out why I was so long coming to the door, she put on the headphones and smiled when she heard the birds.

"How close are they?", she asked, I had been training the mike on a pair of doves I had spotted about half a mile away and told her.
s*s leaned back in my chair and the robe fell open as I leaned over and showed her how to change the direction of the mike.
"Stop, she cried, there's a Jay out there, I can hear him like he's in the room with us, can I play".

“M' Lady's clothes need picking up, would M' Lady like steak for dinner?, I will be back in a minute", she nodded her head, waved the edge of the robe in one hand and shooed me away with the other. The Regal Lady.
After our household chores were done and I had got a couples of steaks out I wandered back and by the look on her face decided not to say anything, she smiled and put a hand to her mouth, "Oh my, oh my goodness", she murmured, "yes".

I had no idea what she was listened to so I waited, "No you can't, well..., maybe,
if he's that big, oh yes, yes". I could not stand it any more.

“What are you tuned into”, I asked her, she put a finger to her lips, she moved her legs apart and gave a long drawn out yes.
I thought she had picked up a couple out in the woods having fun, this was a side of s*s I had never seen before, she took the phones off.
“You naughty boy, you have been listening to our neighbors, what else have you done, you are quite the centre of their attention, I mean, what they want you to do
and what they want to do..., I mean it's quite xxx rated”.

“What the hell are you talking about, those girls next door, they only moved in a few months before you left. I have only seen them a couple of times, what do you mean, 'what they want to do to me', have we got a couple of axe murderers next door?”.

s*s swung round on my chair with her legs open, the robe was a waste of time and her nipples were tight. This was all new, had she meet someone in Paris, I could not keep a single line of thought going.

“No b*****r Dear, they were having sex, very hot sex and you were the subject of their attention, they were telling each other what they wanted you to do to both of them, exactly, in detail, I think one is a lesbian and the other is bi but they are both interested in you, very interested and I don't think it's the first time. They have been watching you in the backyard and going into the woods, what have you been going into the woods for b*****r Dear?”.

I did not want to spoil the surprise I had worked on for her so I just told her about the birds I had been listening to. "Which birds", my s****r asked, I covered that question by asking how far she had turned the mike but she just laughed.
"I do believe you had no idea but now that we know, what do you think we should do, Invite them over, they are our neighbors?", she inquired, "I would like to watch what one of them wants to do, I don't think it's possible". s*s rubbed her breast.

“Come on, lets get dinner started, I'm hungry".

After seeing s*s and hearing what the neighbors wanted I was getting hungry too, the last time I had been 'out' was with my s****r before she left, she headed back to her room and I went to get the salad ready.
s*s had just come in when the front door again resounded to someone knocking.
"I just got home, no one knows I'm here so it must be for you"

Damn it, I wanted peace and quiet not Grand Central, I went to the door and s*s followed.
Well well well, it was the girls from next door, had they seen the mike pointed at there place I wondered.

“We are sorry to annoy you but we have a problem we can't fix, we don't have any tools”, this brought a little cough from s*s, “we need something stiff and flexible to clear the hole”. This started a fit of laughing and coughing from s*s.

“Sorry, I was not laughing at you it's just that this is the second time in an hour he's had to rescue a lady in distress, I got drowned in that rainstorm and turned up in a hell of a mess, I take it you have a blocked drain, lets start again, I'm Jane and this is my b*****r Dave”.
She got off that nicely I thought trying to keep a straight face, The taller of the two stepped forward to take Jane's hand.

“I'm Sue and this is Ann and yes the drain is blocked, I think it will flood the basement soon”.

“I've got some stiff flexible nylon hose in the garage and some waders", turning to s*s, "Would M' Lady mind waiting dinner until I have helped these ladies in there hour of need", then back to the girls, "would you like me to give you a hand?”.
Both girls nodded and said "yes please", I headed off to the garage to get the stuff while they looked at s*s as if to say 'what'.

I came back just as s*s was finishing telling Ann and Sue about the words I had used, all three were laughing and smiling like old friends, Sue asked where she could find a butler and I told her in my best England English, "I am a chauffeur M' Lady, not a butler, we do a lot.... more", s*s cracked up again and I tried to look down my nose at the suggestion that I was a butler, "if the ladies are ready we shall sally forth", I gave a small bow and said, "after you". s*s called out, "Bring him back in one piece please, I would hate to have to train another".

There was a pond around their drain and I could see leaves floating on top,"You need to clear the drain every now and then, the leaves from the woods tend to block things up", I suggested and poked the hose where I thought the drain was, It did not take long for the pond to disappear. Well, if s*s suggested inviting them over, why not.

“My s****r has just come back from England and will have lots of video, why not come over, we are going to barbecue some steaks, we can have a 'meet the neighbors', I'm sure s*s would love to share her video's”.

Sure and thanks came out at the same time. "What time?, what can we bring?", Ann asked.
"Why not now, we can have a drink and get to know each other, we have white wine, what do you like?".
I'll grab a bottle, Sue added, and went inside.

"Are we alright dressed like this, I mean..., like, we were trying to clear a drain".

“We's all hillbillys here living in the wood, an't got no dress code here, jus' com' on over, wh't ev'r yous got's fine”, It was Ann's turn to crack up, a good healthy laugh.
Sue came out carrying a bottle and pulling the door behind her, 'What' she asked.
“Get your dungress girl, we's gon'g ah vistin our hillbilly neighbors is wh't”, and started laughing as Sue smiled and asked if she needed her teeth or should she just gum it. Her hillbillys accent wasn't as good Ann's but hey, it looked like we had gotten lucky with our neighbors, happy and friendly, very friendly from what s*s had said, we all headed back home.

“Would you like me to light the fire M' Lady, you have guest's you should look to”, I asked my s****r when we got home, “I will chill the wine”.

“Are you sure we can't at least borrow him some time, just for a while”, Sue requested.

“I don't know, He's been in the f****y for a long time, He is certainly useful, does all those man things and is a whizz with his... fingers, He can get his tongue around those... words I have trouble with and He can cook, He's just so good...., I would be in a mess if He did not clean and well, everything...., I suppose if it was something special”.

I thought s*s was laying it on a bit thick but she was enjoying herself, playing with words, it was good hearing her laugh and to see her smile, she could not do it at work and she really could not in court.

The meal was great and we found we all had things in common, like trial bike riding, I did not want to tell s*s I had been in the woods laying out a trail for us until she was ready to ride, but after the meal, the drinks and the video I thought it would be a great way to get together with Sue and Ann again so I asked if they could bring their bikes over in the morning, that I had a surprise for s*s and they were welcome to join us.

Sue looked downhearted, maybe she had to work. "My front suspension is soft, I don't suppose you could pump it up?".

s*s had just taken the last of her wine and spluttered then coughed trying not to laugh, "Went down the wrong way", she explained, "sure, bring it over, Dave has a big pump, won't take a minute". She was going to explain that one.
We said our good-nights and I started to clean up while s*s loaded the dishes.
“Sue is bi and Ann is a les from what I heard, they both want your cock, badly, Sue, from her voice, wants you to play with her breasts and suck her, she wants you to suck them into your mouth, all of them, that why I laughed, Ann wants you to do some interesting things with your tongue but I won't tell you, let it be a surprise, but I would like to see how, they are a nice couple. Now, what is tomorrow all about".

“That's why it's called tomorrow, that's when you find out, now go to bed, you have had a big day and I don't want you to waste any time tomorrow sl**ping, 'love you".

It was warmer this morning and I got up feeling great, s*s worked hard to get her position at the firm and seemed to work harder because of it, today would be her day. I had walked a trail through the woods and then cleared away any branches, stones or rubbish, this was going to be 'our bike trail', I had put red and green ribbons on some trees to mark the trail and tried it, slowly at first then at a good speed. There were no big slopes but I had found 'the dip' and left it as it was.

I poked my head in my s****r's room to see if she was awake, she was, sitting up in bed with just a sheet covering one lower leg the other knee propping a law book she was reading, today the sight brought out a new feeling, not only could I see her body, today I looked between her legs, the lips of her pussy were red and full.

“Breakfast, what would M' Lady desire?, bacon and eggs or cereal and toast?”.
s*s looked up and then looked down, "Hummmm, decisions, bacon and eggs and do we have any sausages?, I would like a nice big one".
"Your wish is my command" and headed for the kitchen, while I was working from home I normally cooked.

After eating I changed into my lycra riding gear and got the bikes out, I had done the maintenance already wanting today to be free of hang ups and saw Sue walking her bike up the drive with Ann behind, these neighbors were not wannabes, the gear was not new but looked after, I mean their bikes, their riding gear was pretty good too.

Sue brought her bike to the entrance of the garage where I had put the pump.
"How hard do you like your ride", a nice play on words I thought.
"Can you pump it up a little then I can see if I want it harder, she smiled. Caught at my own game, I fitted the pump and brought it up to what I thought she would like, the bulge in my shorts was also coming up and I caught Ann peeking.

s*s came out and asked if we were ready, she always looked good but today in her skin tights, well this morning had been an eye opener, she looked the same except now she was black with red stripes.

"For the first time follow me and keep the green on your right, lets go".

Sue was the first to find 'the dip' and the rest was fun for the next couple of hours. We stopped for a rest back at the house and Sue got off and rubbed between her legs.
"I think I need a softer ride, how was yours", to her friend. Ann, who was rubbing her butt, replied, "I think I need a bigger seat, how was yours Jane?".
"Dave knows exactly how I like my... ride... and the trail is perfect, thank you Dave", she learned over and kissed me.

"Ohmygod I forgot, you did all the work and I, we have not thanked you, I think you should have a kiss from both of us as well", Sue winked at me and walked over.
This was not a kiss on the check, she put her arms round me and pulled me to a full, on the mouth, tongue probing kiss and did not let go. When we finally parted she told Ann to show her appreciation as well.

Ann had been watching the bulge get bigger as Sue and I kissed, she looked at s*s, got the slightest of nods and walked into me, I had to put one foot back to stop falling over and Ann moulded her body into mine before lifting her head to kiss me, my cock was now fully hard and pressing into her stomach, "Hey, not fair, I need a stump to stand on", she said. I leaned down and held her head and bent to kiss her, she leaned back so my erection was pushing on her pubic bone, that's when all hell let loose and I stood up, lifting Ann off her feet, I turned to face my problem maker, I knew what had happened.

s*s stood there with an empty bucket in her hand and a big smile on her face, "You were muddy from the trail, I just wanted to help".
Ann, still in my embrace laughed. "It will help him cool down as well", she added.

I love a challenge and the hose was just there, I put Ann down not looking at the hose but giving s*s the eye and picked up the hose.
“Me thinks M' Lady could be a trifle muddy” and let her have it. I turned the nozzle to spray and got Sue as well.

Ann cried, "Good, a wet T shirt competition, I always wanted to enter one" and moved into the spray, she held her arms to the side and moved her breasts through the spray as Sue joined her but s*s stopped the display when she took her top off, turned and bent over.
"If you would be so kind, there is mud in the crack".

Lycra is good, wet lyca is better and I had a front row seat to the best show in town, as I hosed my s****r down she spread her legs, this seemed like a signal to Ann and Sue as they took their tops off and assumed the position, three butts in the air, I did not want to play unfair so I gave them all a good wash, I then turned the nozzle back to jet and knelt down to get the angle right, s*s was first to get the new feeling and squealed, we had never played this game before but the way she pulled her cheeks apart and moved her ass I knew she liked it.

Sue was next, she must have looked at s*s because she moved in the same fashion but with Ann rubbing between her legs.
I moved closer to Ann as I directed the jet of water up between her legs, she did not move but bent further, I wondered whether the water would penetrate the lycra when my shorts were pulled down, my s****r had done it again. As soon as I was distracted she would attack and had grabbed the hose while she was at it.

"Come on girls it's Dave's turn" and aimed the jet at my hard cock, my s****r relented and turned it back to spray, "grab the sponge off the step and give him a good wash".
Sue and Ann looked at Jane and then at me, they must have decided everything was good, Sue bolted for the sponge and returned, "and don't forget to share", s*s said as she turned the hose off, "and I don't mean just between the two of you, I get a turn", as she wiggled out of her shorts then took my top off.

Ann had been watching us, she put her thumbs under the waist band and pulled her shorts down and stepped out.

She stood in front of us, she was the smallest of us but in perfect proportion, her nipples were enlarged and standing proud, aroused, her mound was bald.
"Are you sure?". Sue had stopped and was watching as well.

“Dave and I were going 'natural' with our parents when we were c***dren and have never seen the need to change, when I got caught in the rain yesterday I stripped in front of Dave and he gave me a towel, what would you have me do, walk through the house dripping water, we are okay with being naked in front of each other. I hope you are too because you are the best thing that's happened to Dave in a long time”.

I stepped up to s*s and kissed her, hugged her and looked at Sue and Ann. “You are also the best thing that has happened to s*s, I have not heard her laugh and just have fun for a long time. I think you got one of her court room speeches, they are impressive. I can never win an argument”.

Sue quietly lowered her shorts and stepped toward Jane. “This is the sort of love I wanted from my b*****r but never had", and embraced Jane and started to cry softly as I put my other arm around Ann and pulled her into our embrace, we stood there hugging until Sue quietened.

“ M' Lady's could do with some warm water and soap, would M' Lady's like the Rose or the Lavender?, I will get some towels.”

“Just a minute Dave, I owe the girls an explanation. Dave's computer work, well, he has made a new toy and I was playing with it yesterday. It allows you to hear very well is the simple explanation and I overheard your conversation, you were making love and you talked about the man next door.

I hope you don't mind, after last nights fun I decided to give Dave a push in the right direction, he got an eye-full of my fanny this morning and I think your outfits finished him off. Now, with the fun we just had his balls must be bursting, so, if you meant what you said, who want's to feel his cock inside her pussy and who want's to feel his tongue, I just want to watch, unless..., well, I did hear you say some thing else..., and this cock is looking pretty damn good at the moment standing between the three of us, we need to do something with it, I haven't shocked you have I?”.

Sue reached between us and took my cock in her hand, "I want it in my pussy, Ann would like to try if you are gentle, you will be her first man, it's Ann who wants your tongue and would like to give Jane's pussy her tongue, do you think we could all do at the same time?" she asked Jane.

"I told Dave I had over heard you, I did not tell him about all four of us but I did say I would like to try, why not just go one on one now. I have thought about a female lover and I think Ann would be a great teacher. one thing though, I would like it to happen in the same room, I think..., I'm kinky..., I want to watch, why don't we all dry off and I open a bottle, no, lets go straight to bed, I can see Dave is ready for your fanny right now. Do you really want to be on top and ride his cock like a cowgirl?".

s*s took Ann around the waist and led her inside and Sue, still holding my cock led me, “I really like your s****r, would you mind if I sucked her pussy, after of course.
I need to take care of my new friend first", and gave my cock a squeeze to reassure him, "I'm so wet thinking about him and it's not from the hose... but we may need to try that again too, believe me, that was nice”.

We followed Ann and s*s as they went straight into her bedroom, it had the biggest bed and watched Ann lay Jane on the bed and get into a 69 over her, Sue and I took the other side, Sue asked me to lie next to s*s and leave enough room for her legs and climbed on top, she held my cock and wiped it back and forward to get it wet.

"Next time we will take it slower, right now I want this big cock deep in my pussy". She put the head against her opening and tapped Ann on the shoulder, Ann, who had started rubbing my s****r's clit looked up at Sue and smiled, "You ok", Sue was still holding above my cock leaned over and kissed Ann, "I love you" she said and lowered herself.

Jane caught my hand in her's and squeezed.
We were all turned on, I knew I would not last long when my cock disappeared into Sue's pussy, I had underestimated how turned on the girls were, Sue slid her fingers to her clit and started a fast action on my cock, she was pulling on a nipple so I rubbed the other between my thumb and finger as she got faster, lifting from the knees and giving my cock the full length of her pussy, I was getting ready to cum.

I could not hold back when Sue dropped full weight on me as I was thrusting up, my cock jerking as my cum was delivered deep in her, I held the thrust as Sue rubbed our pubic hairs together. I could hear Ann telling s*s to suck harder, that she was cumming, I don't think s*s could say any thing as she had pulled Ann's hips onto her face and was buried there but her hand holding mine told the story and I tried not to spoil the moment for her as she crushed my fingers, when she eased her grip I gave hers a gentle squeeze.

Sue dropped down on my chest and kissed me. "Thank you, I love Ann but..., I... well, I like a cock as well and I want to share, I think it will bring us closer and after I tell her about him..., what do you call your cock anyway?, I know she will want him. I know you will be careful and not hurt her. Do you want to know what else Jane overheard?.
Ann wants, now we know who she is, she wants your s****r to hold your cock as he enters her, and she really wants you to tongue fuck her".

Sue ran her hand over Ann's leg and through Jane's hair, I felt Ann rubbing my thigh.
"I want to shave your s****rs pussy like I shave Ann's and I really do want to suck her, I think you will want to watch, maybe Jane would like to shave you if we all join in, it will fun, all of us together, Ann and I have been talking about you for awhile, there is lots we want to do and now we know, Jane can join us as well, she's sexy ".

After a naked lunch Sue and Ann 'streaked' home to get some dry clothes while I hung our wet gear on the line to dry and cleaned the bikes.
s*s and I had not bothered with dressing and she was bent over working on the flower plot to get the yard tidy, she was enjoying the sun as I sat on the verandah to oil the running gear. I thought of the hose and her bum, her legs spread.

"Do you remember the time with Mom and Dad when we where younger?" Jane called over.

"Which time, there were so many?", I replied.

s*s was quiet for a while as she finished the last plot and cleaned up the weeds then came over to sit beside me.
"I, well..., Dad used to kiss my fanny and lick me and he said Mom did the same to you. I played with his cock, did you play with Mom's pussy?".

I was stumped, yes I did remember Mom rubbing and kissing my cock but did not think much of it, I was younger at the time, was it a thing I had blocked or just put to the back of my mind. What was s*s doing bringing this up for now.
"I do remember some things, mainly good things and yes Mom did do that, yes she got me to put my fingers between her lips, why?".

"I think Mom and Dad wanted to watch us having sex, my busy legal mind has thought about it for a long time, it is the only reason I can think why they did it. Why they both had the same line of thought, why they both just about had sex with us but not, to get you and me into the sex thing. I haven't told you, but I get turned on watching porn. It could be where I got my kink for watching".

"We had a great time today and I really did want to watch your cock enter Sue, I...., wanted to hold your cock and I ...., I wanted... hell I wanted your cock in me, is that so bad, this morning I was thinking about your cock in me when you came in, I was so wet you should have seen it. I was going to put a finger in when you came in".

I looked at s*s, I really looked at her body as she sat there with her head back looking up to me, her breasts full and nipples standing out, her flat stomach leading to the curling pubes, her legs, strong and slightly parted, yes, she was my s****r but I realized she was also a beautiful sexy woman.

"I have thought about it and yes.. , when I saw you this morning I did think about your pussy and how good it would be to join you in bed but there was something missing, not something wrong but just.... missing, maybe we do need someone watching. Do we need another to tell us this is right, we should make love like Sue and Ann, do we need another cog to set us on the right path, like, I am getting hard here as you can see, your fanny and those big tits look good. Big question, do you want my cock, now?"

s*s turned around to face me and reached for my cock, "Fuck yes, I'm horny now and I want your cock, come on b*****r dear, let's fuck, right here in the yard, right now, put your cock in my fanny, right now I need that big cock filling my pussy, If you want to suck Ann's or Sue's pussy, well, you can, after you do me, fuck and suck me, give me your cock, little s****r is waiting. Sue wanted to watch us fucking".

To see Jane waiting for my cock was hard and I had to do something now, I had realized I wanted this as much as Jane and maybe our parents had started this longing a long time ago, now was the time to start the ball rolling, so to speak, I moved to her side and took her head in my hands and gave her a deep soul seeking kiss.

My s****r, my lover, we were bound together and now flowed together as one as my hands sought her breasts, her hands held my cock and we fell back to the lawn. s*s opened her legs and spread her lips, pulling my cock closer to her entrance, she rubbed my cockhead between her lips and pulled me in. Our bodies flowing as one in the joining, to be together heart and soul.

Her pussy was mated to my cock as I slid into a warmth unknown and the world stopped for us and us alone, Jane cried out as I touched bottom and I joined her with a cry of my own as the passion inflamed us both, this was meant to be, at one with my s****r.
How many times had we seen each naked, how many times had we been together with nothing between us, until the other day, the easy way of life for us, the caring, sharing way of life that had now become one. A beautiful fortuitous one. We had seen Mum and Dad making love or was it just having sex several times, maybe s*s was right, they had wanted us to have sex, they had wanted to watch.
Our bodies joined in the excitement of sex, more than just sex, the joy of loving, male and female, b*****r and s****r.

My cock felt harder than ever and Jane's pussy was throbbing with a life of it's own, holding me and gripping, not wanting to let go, I looked into her eyes, into her soul and knew love and knew the same was shining from mine as we kissed, we were one.

Time stood still, there was no hurry as this was meant to be, we were joined and nothing was going to separate us until we were finished, my cock was fully em-bedded and Jane was working her body to get everything I could give and giving everything she could give, perfect.

I slid out but without withdrawing and waited, Jane moved her hips and signaled to return, the rush was incredible, as if we had planed this and talked of all the possible ways this could happen, it just happened, it was perfection and more.

Jane and I were making love as if someone was giving directions, each move and counter move set in the most beautiful style, a tableau of pleasure, the long strokes of my cock and her hips, our bodies pulsed together to give the up-most return as we moved in that age old rhythm, there would be no going back, there was only the ultimate in front of us now.

Jane had spread her legs as far apart as possible and I was moving my cock as deep as possible as we climbed the final peak, we needed to reach it together.

"I love you Dave, together we are one".

"I love you Jane, together, we are better than one.

My cock pulsed and I could feel Jane's pussy clamp, we were going to come together, I pushed even deeper as Jane pulled me into her embrace and we flew into the heavens.

I have never cum so much nor felt so happy as with my s****r that afternoon and I think the same happened for Jane, there were tears in my eyes as I looked down at my s****r and I saw tears in her's as her body shook with the after affects of her orgasm.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Ann, crying and kneeling beside me.
"I didn't want to interrupt but that was the most touching moment I think I have ever seen, you love your s****r very much don't you?".
"I have and will always", as I looked down at Jane, she was smiling up at me. "And I love Dave, there will be lovers but there will always be our love, first and foremost, now give me a kiss, both of you..., my lovers".

Sue walked over with a basket of goodies, "What did I miss and who is going to help this good ol' hillbilly with a bucket full of food?, and Jane, you are definitely going to loan out your chauffeur to us..... Overnight".

Jane and I started laughing, we were buck naked and still joined in the sex position, my cock still hard enough to feel Jane tensing her pussy, Ann and I were playing with her breasts and I could feel Ann's fingers between our pubis. Our two partly clad neighbors were talking about food and my hire, it could not have been better.

"I think we had better join the neighbors in their state of undress", Sue said to Ann, "We don't want to be outdressed or overdressed for the party".

I looked at Sue, she had a thong and a boobtube while Ann had the smallest bikini possible, not much to take off. As the two girls stripped I kissed Jane and pulled out of that beautiful pussy and tried to stand, Jane got me again!

Lying there with her legs apart without a care in the world she grabbed my cock and said to the others "I'm full, who's next".

Sue turned her lust filled eyes towards my cock and then turned to Ann, "If we play with Dave's cock would you like to try to fit it in your pussy?, Jane will help I'm sure, she could hold it for you just the way we talked about".

Ann had the cutest smile as she came over and asked Jane if she could hold my cock, "I want to but I think I would like some help, it's going to be different from a dildo but I saw what you and Dave shared, I would like that, the gentle loving".

I thought about putting my cock in a virgin and got a warm feeling, not just hormones going overboard but a loving kind of feeling. Ann was trusting me and offering me something special. As my cock grew in her hand, the pressure was relieved by Sue suggesting a break for food and Jane giving me a slap on the ass and saying "Down boy, think of food first, lots of things for your tongue to do".

We spread a blanket on the grass and sat like any f****y at a picnic, the fact that we were all stripped bare did not come up as we tried Sues 'hillbilly' bucket of food, tasty nibbles, cheese and wine.

Jane asked the girls how they had come together which brought a laugh from Ann and a smile from Sue. "We both like sucking pussy and after a while you get to know what the other likes, so it's not hard to 'come together', but it started at school".

Ann said, "We were loners from out of state and taking the same classes, it just happened one long weekend".

"It was raining cats and dogs, we stayed inside in front of a big fire with nibbles and a bottle of wine and Ann curled up in my arms, just happened", Sue explained.

The next hour passed as we all told our stories and another bottle of wine disappeared, Jane told them of our parents, licking and sucking us, adding that this was why we were making love when they came back and Sue told us about her b*****r.
"I walked into the bathroom we shared and saw him, he was masturbating with his eyes shut and didn't see me, I stood there watching for a while, he had a nice cock, not to big, I wanted to watch his cock get hard, wanted to join him masturbating but when he looked up and saw me he yelled for me to get out. He shot his cum at the same time. I think he was embarrassed, he would not talk about it but told me not to tell Mum. I really wanted to do it with him, you know, just playing with ourselves.
I think he was thinking about fucking Mom, she used to walk about home in her bra and panties, I had seen him get hard, I thought... I thought I wasn't good enough".

Ann leaned over and gave Sue a kiss as I put my arm over s*s and gave her a hug.

"The day is new for us to write upon", I quoted, "There are beautiful things in the world for us to seek and beauty to hold", not according to the real quote but I thought it was good, Sue and Ann moved to either side of us and hands started moving.
s*s told Sue she could masturbate with us anytime she wanted.

I felt a hand pushing me back and did not resist, I was flat on my back, Sue and s*s were rubbing my cock as Ann stood, she slowly turned and took a wide leg stand over my head, she looked down at me, a disturbing smile playing across her lips. Her body was no less beautiful from the bottom as it was the front. Her pussy was a single, firm line, smooth, hairless and rosy pink leading back to her dark hole and lovely cheeks, her belly flowed up, flat and tanned, her breasts were round and full, her legs seemed to go on forever.
"Would you suck me first, please?".

Ann knelt astride my head and lowered her body so I could just kiss and lick her lips, she bent and joined Sue and Jane playing with my cock. I reached up to caress her breasts and she lowered her body allowing me a better contact with her pussy.

I circled my lips around her clitoris and began to gently pulse-suck against her. I steadily brought her deeper and deeper into the vacuum of my mouth, pressing the soft, flat of my tongue against her exposed clit. I sucked harder now, I alternated teasing her clit with my tongue in a quick circular motion, increasing the pressure with every passing moment with sucking her deep within my mouth, occasionally gently holding her between my teeth as I pulsed. She sucked in her stomach.
She had forgotten my cock. I read her body, watched her stomach muscles tense hard.

Her thighs closed and I relaxed my attentions a little before I suddenly sucked her deeply into my mouth, she lifted up then, I watched as she dropped her jaw and cried out with desperation. "Your cock, I want your cock now, Jane, please help me".

s*s was kneeling over Sue with her head between wide spread legs and looked up as Ann changed position to sit over my groin, she reached out and grabbed at my wet cock, closing her eyes and drawing a deep lung full of air through her nostrils, I guessed Sue was doing wonderful things to her pussy, Ann positioned herself above my shaft, Jane teasing the head between her lips, before whispering…"gently... now", and then reached for my hand.

I closed my eyes as Ann lowered her body and my cock slid into her pussy, I didn't want to move, not to spoil the moment for Ann as she took my full length, Jane squeezed my hand

I opened my eyes once more to watch her as she began to release tiny regular moans as she worked up and down on me. Her lips were soft and parted one moment, closed tight the next. Her eyes were shut and between her gasps and cries she took desperate breaths through her nostrils, teasing her lower lip mercilessly against her teeth. She sank down fully and rose again, I had no doubt that she was approaching her climax and as shock after shock fired through me, I knew I would find release with her.

She suddenly straightened her body, arching her back and pulling my cock even tighter against her, I pulled at her nipples. Her strong muscles gripped my shaft f***efully and she cried out. There was that moment of absolute and beautiful tension for us both, before we exploded simultaneously.

My mind swam as my cock pumped hot, sticky cum deep within her over and over again. It was quite simply the most sensuous experience of my life. Time and time again I spasmed, crying out as I came deep inside her.

As I began to slow I became aware that she was still in the throws of her own, intense climax, a full orgasm. She gripped hard and painfully at my chest as she cried out, thrusting her breasts forwards and moaning wildly, I pushed my cock up again.

She began to slow and then in time ceased her movements entirely. I looked up at her as she released a long, satisfied moan, her eyes still closed, but a soft smile of utter contentment playing across her lips, she had had her first man and it was good.

I don't think Sue and Jane had finished but they stopped and reached for Ann, Sue was kissing her eyes and mouth while my greedy s****r was kissing Ann's breasts, all three were hugging and crying and my cock was still tightly clamped in Ann's pussy and we stayed that way for a while, it had been a big day for all of us.
The sun was setting as we said our goodnights, Ann had not wanted to let go my cock and had kissed and praised him for giving her so much joy, Sue did not want to left out and had done a fair amount of kissing, sucking and rubbing but the day was done, I thought I could not get hard again.

I put the bikes away as s*s brought in the clothes. I retired to the lounge to drop into my easy chair, s*s climbed onto my lap and wrapped herself around me.

"Do I have to say thank you, for the track, for being so loving and gentle, for such a beautiful day, or can I just show you, I think we can get it up one more time, it.. I felt so sexy when your cock entered me, did you watch, did you see the head spread my lips and disappear up my pussy. I was sooo horny, my b*****rs cock sliding in. Oh, you forgot to suck me and I didn't get a chance before. Come on, let's go to bed, I'm not sl**py, yet, a nice slow suck might help".

"Yes, I did watch my s****r's pussy take my cock, you were sooo wet, I want you like that when I put my tongue in you. Do you really want a 'slow suck' of your pussy. Do you want me to..., can I lick your ass, you liked the water treatment this morning".

"By the way, Sue wants to be on top of me, licking me when I put your cock in her ass, she wants me lick both of you. She's one sexy lady, and yes, you are going to put your tongue in my ass. Come on, my bed, we have all night to catch up on all those years".

... Continue»
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Living with Uncle Jim pt. 3


Saturday morning I wake up excited and looking forward to the day ahead, I jump out of bed and head down to the kitchen, it's only 10 am but after a glass of orange I start cleaning up and making sure everything is perfect for Jim’s party.

Jim comes down around an hour later already washed and dressed in the usual light blue stonewash jeans that’s have a hole in the left knee and a blue tee shirt

"Morning baby” he says smiling at me

“You looking forward to later?" He asks surprising me with a kiss to my cheek and a squeeze round the shoulders

"Yes Uncle very much, I'm almost done in here” I say motioning with my arm around the kitchen and living room “then I will wash up and mop the floors before I start cooking the party bits"

"Good. Well… I'm going to pop down the pub with Tony, there is something I need to get from the landlord there, then we will be back to give you a hand with everything"

"No problem Uncle you just have fun, oh hang on" I say running upstairs and grabbing his present and card

"Here happy birthday I hope you like it" I breathlessly add as I run back down the stairs and jumping the last four steps

"Wow Jane” he says as I hand him the big box wrapped in light blue paper with happy birthday printed all over it.

“I haven't had a wrapped present in years" he laughs as he sits down on the sofa and rips it open

"Oh my god" he gasps lifting the box off his lap and examining it closely letting the paper fall to the floor

"Wow this is perfect" he adds looking up at my smiling face

"I'm glad you like it. The man in the shop said it has everything you need for a fishing trip" I say planting my bum next to him on the sofa, too excited to stand.

"It does. it’s amazing baby thank you so much" he smiles pulling me into his arms. I miss this, having an adult proud and happy with me. It shocks me as for the first time since being brought here the tears filling my eyes are tears of happiness.

"Jane? What’s the matter? Why are you crying?" he asks confused

"Sorry Uncle” I laugh

“I'm just so happy you like it" I say as I stand up wiping my eyes with the back of my hand

"You’re amazing you know that?” he smiles standing up and ruffling my hair

“And tonight with you here it will be the best birthday ever. You will make it perfect"

Maybe things are turning round now. Jim has been nice to me for two days now and he seems to really want me there tonight. About half hour later he gets a calla and leaves to meet Tony while I clean the kitchen and put some snack bits for the party into the oven. I put some rice to boil for the coronation chicken that is already done and waiting in the fridge.

‘Everything is going well so far’ I think to myself as I make my way up stairs to clean the bathroom and change the beds.

Not that the beds matter so much but with people coming round I doubt if Jim will want them seeing a dirty bathroom and I might as well do the beds while I'm up here.

About six I climb out of the shower and sit in front of my vanity mirror to start getting ready, I can hear Jim and Tony down stairs talking loudly and the sound of furniture being moved around. They have been back since four and helped me with the rest of the decorations. I start applying cream to my skin like I usually do making sure it’s rubbed in properly I pull my hair curlers from the draw and get to pinning my hair up as I curl it, lastly I put on my new French knickers and dress. As I clip the necklace into place I gently remove the clips letting each curl fall softly from its restraint down to my shoulders where they bounce gently before settling. I look in the mirror shocked at how beautiful I look, the black dress holding me firmly and swaying softly around my legs, the sparkly necklace tight around my throat and dangling down my chest stopping just between my breasts, the matching earrings sparkling behind my hair as I move. As a last touch I apply some cherry lip-gloss pick up my camera and take a quick picture of myself looking in the mirror before I head downstairs.

I find Jim in the kitchen pulling a can from the fridge; he looks quite handsome when he tries, the black leans and dark blue shirt a big difference to his usual clothes and not a rip in site. The place looks good as I look around the big kitchen. The table filled with food while Jim and Tony have filled the kitchen side and the bottom shelf of the fridge with grown up juice and beer, I see that Tony got his own way on the tequila front as my eyes all on the large bottle. I pick a sausage roll from the table and start to nibble it

"JESUS CHRIST" Jim yells as he turns round seeing me for the first time, making me jump and drop the roll

"What?" I ask looking around as Tony comes in

"Look at you, you look amazing" Jim says, his eyes traveling up and down my body, before slowly reaching my face.

"Is it too much" I worry as I bend at the knees to pick up the food I dropped

"Wow" I hear Tony whisper

"you look so god damn sexy Jane" he continues, the way he looks at me makes me slight uncomfortable, shuffling from one foot to the other, his hands resting on the top of his jeans.

"I wouldn't say sexy" I giggle trying to make light of it but still moving away and over to the other side of the table

"I'm only twelve, it's what you bought me Uncle it's not too short is it?" I ask pointing out what I thought the other day and hoping it doesn’t annoy him

"No! It’s perfect" he says moving towards me and sliding his hands round my waist, he pulls me firmly to his chest, his hands resting on my lower back

"Can I have a birthday kiss?" he asks leaning his face down to mine and covering my lips with his.

I try to pull away as his tongue slides into my mouth but as I do I feel myself come up against the firm warm chest of Tony. His hands slide up the back of my thighs and up my dress as Jim continues to kiss me run his big hands over my chest. Placing my hands on Jim’s chest I try to push harder but I'm trapped between them and I begin to panic just as the doorbell rings. Tony steps back away from me and heads down the hall with a frown on his face to answer it, Jim pulls away too but he holds me close for a second before moving his hands to my face and using his thumbs to wipe my lower lip then leaning down to kiss my forehead he ushers me to the front door to greet his guests.

Jim doesn't have as many friends turn up as I thought he would, it’s only a group really and they all seem to be men, why wouldn't he invite women? Or maybe he did, and they couldn’t make it. They all seem nice though and they all keep saying how beautiful I look especially Mr Jones who stops me every time I walk past with a tray of food or a drink to comment how I amazing I look.

"Come. Sit down with us Jane" Alex calls as he grabs my wrist and pulls me down next to him; he starts again telling really bad jokes to the men around us while Johnny pushes a shot glass into my hand

"I can't drink this" I say shyly

"Course you can. Hey Jimmy, you mind Jane having a drink with us?" he shouts over his shoulder to Jim

"Why not, it is my birthday" he laughs back loudly as he moves away from a man he’s talking to and walks towards us, he takes another shot glass filled with a yellowy liquid from Johnny and sits with us

"Bottoms up Jane. Come on it's my birthday.” He adds winking at me and knocking back the liquid, not wanting to look stupid I copy him and gulp the whole amount at once. A bitter taste fills my senses and I cringe as they all laugh

"Way to go Jane" they cheer making me giggle as they pass me another.

They only let me have two which actually suits me since I really don't like the taste. As I sit there watching and listening to them my mind starts to become muddled and I have to really concentrate on what people are saying.

"Here baby drink this water" Jim says as I take the glass and gulp the cold refreshing drink

"Don’t want you crashing out on us" he laughs

After a short while I start to feel like everything around me is funny and I can't stop giggling, I try to walk to the kitchen to get another glass of water but almost fall to the floor before someone catches me round the waist, looking behind me I see Tony smiling down at me

"Thanks" I slur at him giggling, his face starts to come towards me and I feel his lips gently press against mine. Without thinking I open my lips, allowing his tongue to caress the inside of my mouth while his hands move to my hips and lift me onto the kitchen side.

"She's mine remember" I hear Jim’s angry voice say as I feel myself being pulled back to the living room, things are becoming hazy as Jim sits me on the sofa beside him. Feeling dizzy I lay my head against the back of the sofa and try to concentrate on my breathing. Jim’s arms slide round me and pull me towards him; he lifts my face until I can feel his lips against mine. Just like before I open my mouth allowing him to kiss me. I forget that we aren't alone and don't realise everything has now gone quiet as everyone around us watches.

Cold Hands run up my legs causing me to open my eyes again and see Tony sitting there on his knees in front of me, lifting my dress and pushing my legs open. I try to concentrate on my breathing as things start to spin slightly; I feel myself being stood up and someone whispering in my ear

"It's time to unwrap my present"

I open my eyes to find Jim holding me up and unzipping my dress at the side, he slides the thin straps over my shoulders so it slowly falls and pools at my feet leaving me standing there in just my knickers. He leads me to the glass table and tells me to lie down on my back.

‘maybe I should, it might help my head’ I think as I lay down, the cold glass now sticky with spilt drinks presses against my naked skin. My legs are lifted high as someone begins to pull my knickers slowly over my hips and down to my feet.

Low moans fill the room as my legs are pushed open and placed flat against the floor either side of the table allowing cool air to blow over my now naked body and private place. The sounds of zips follow,

‘It's a strange sound Zzzzippp who would call it a zzzzippp?’ I think to myself giggling.

"Jesus Jim she's perfect" someone says from my left side

"Hell yeah" a deep voice I think belongs to Mr Jones adds from near my feet

Voices around me continue to say things as I feel something warm and wet moving slowly from my belly up to my chest, making me giggle again. I look down to see Mr Jones running his tongue over my body and someone I think might be George kneeling between my legs as he starts to lick my private place.

Suddenly Tony leans over my head and starts kissing my mouth while another mouth moves over my breasts.

"Jane baby open your eyes I have your present"

‘Oh my present, I want my present’ I think trying to move whatever's on me away but there's too many things. Opening my eyes I see Jim’s friends.

‘What are they doing? And why am I on the table? Is it bed time?’ I wonder

"Jane comes taste your present." I hear Jim say.

‘Oh my present’ I think smiling and looking up. I see Jim standing there upside down with something big in his hand it looks hard and funny with little lines going up it, why is Jim standing on the ceiling? I giggle. I manage to turn round with the help of various hands to find Jim has come back to the floor and standing the right way up which gives me a better look at my present.

Wait… No that can't be right. Why is Jim not wearing trousers?

I look up at him confused as hands grab me and pull me up off the cold table, pushing me to my knees in front of him. Johnny stands behind me holding my wrists against my lower back while Jim grabs my hair hard causing me to grasp. All of a sudden Jims private bit is f***ed in my mouth making me gag, I try to pull away but his hand in my hair pulls me back towards him with a moan on his lips. Something slips in my private place making me gasp again in pain.

Whatever it is moves in and out between my legs like Jim’s finger does when he’s checking me, after a while someone says something about me being ready. I'm lifted up again and pulled toward the kitchen. All smiling and laughing together they lift me onto the table knocking plates and food all over the floor, that's when I notice they are all naked;

Tony lifts and holds my hands above my head as Johnny and Mr Jones take hold of my legs to keep them open. I see Jim stand between my legs, his eyes directly connected to mine. I'm scared now fear and confusion over whelming me, I don't know what's happening but whatever it is I want it to stop.

"Uncle please… what are you doing?" I slur at him begging him with my eyes to stop whatever is about to happen, something deep inside me tells me it’s going to be bad and there is no going back. No stopping this…

"Since the day you got here I wanted this. Wanted you! and now… it's time, from this moment on you are mine, mine to take when I want, do what I want with, you are my slut" he says shocking me with his crude words, I look down to see his private bit coming towards me,

‘God no, he isn't is he? Oh my god he is’ I think to myself as everything clicks into place. ‘The way Tony has made comments about me, the way they look at me, oh my god the checking me, it was all lies. All of it was leading to this… my own Uncle wanting to have sex with me’

I feel like I’m about to be sick as I realise he’s moving closer towards me, his private place in his hand as he aims it towards me

"UNCLE N...." Something soft and thick is shoved into my mouth before Tony's hand follows covering my lips

"Shut it bitch” he growls at me as I look up at him, his face contorting into something dark and b**st like making me want to cower and hide

I feel a sharp pain unlike anything I felt before. It travels through my whole body, making me scream with all my energy and floods of tears to slide down my face.

“OH FUCK” Jim screams

I look down thinking someone must have stabbed me to find Jims private bit buried deep inside me.

‘Oh god no’ I think as I carry on screaming but the thing in my mouth and Tony's hand stop any noise coming out.

As Jim moves his body back and forth between my legs I try to kick my legs and to hit whatever I can but I'm held firmly, it feels like I'm being torn and everyone is laughing or touching their private place, I want to be sick I can taste it in the back of my mouth but I’m unable to spit it out

“Oh fuck baby you’re so tight, tighter than the others. God you’re perfect and you’re mine, I can feel your pussy squeezing me hard, it feels so good” Jim pants as he moves faster inside me, the pain is not as bad as it was but it still hurts, he pushes my legs up ordering Mr Jones and Johnny to hold them as he grips my hips and pulls me towards him with every one of his forward motions,

Tony leans over my chest moving both my wrists to one hand, his mouth captures my nipple as he sucks hard and reaches down to rub his free hand into my private place against my little knot

I try to beg them to stop but It just comes out as a mumble, closing my eyes I try to forget what’s happening to me, the shock of it as Jim pulls away from me and pushes me to my stomach before pushing my legs open again and thrusting hard and fast back into me. In this new position Tony removes whatever he shoved in my mouth and tries to push his private place in there instead but I manage to close my mouth quick

“Open your mouth slut” he says as Jake slides his finger between my lips and pulls hard causing a pain that makes me open them,
I'm pulled forward by my hair again as Tony fills my mouth with his large angry looking private bit

"Look at me" he growls at me, I can't see clearly through my tear filled eyes, but I make out his smile before his head falls back in pleasure. With hands everywhere I just want it over, I want them to leave me alone.

‘How could Jim do this to me? Let his friends do this?’

The pain between my legs gets worse as I feel Jim’s private bit getting bigger before a hot flood of something shoots inside me

"Move over my turn" I hear Tony say with glee as he pulls away from my mouth and starts to move behind me

"No" Jim says firmly

"What do you mean no?" Tony growls at him

"I mean NO, she's too tight. I'm not doing this like the rest! We take our time. Jane is mine. She is my niece; you don't touch without my permission. You don't get her unless I say. You got a problem you walk away now!"

Even on the table sobbing and my back to them I can hear the order in Jim’s tone. Loud and clear. There is no doubt in my mind these men hear it too and they won't go against him.

"Fuck sake James I need her pussy" Tony whines

"Take her mouth or use your hand"

"Fine not her pussy let me take her arse then" he tries to argue

"I won't tell you again Tony. Hand or mouth your choice. Ask again and you leave now"

Moaning Tony moves back to my mouth. Taking his anger out on me, he grabs my hair hard and pulls my head hard towards him

"Open your mouth bitch. You better suck me good or else" he growls

As I feel the same warm salty liquid thing I felt with Jim the other day coat my tongue I can't help gagging, I try not to swallow but the sudden drops of hot liquid pattering over my back and bum shocks me enough I swallow without thinking.

As his private bit slides from my mouth I look behind me to see Jim standing against the counter his arms crossed over his chest and watching as the others pull on their parts spilling their strange white stuff all over my naked body. I want to get up but he catches my eye and with a smirk on his lips gives me a shake of his head. After each one finishes they either step back or sit around the table,
“Perfect” I hear someone say from the corner, looking over I see Jake Jim’s youngest guest, lowering something big that looks like a camcorder. He can’t be more than twenty-three I think as he walks towards me and runs his hand over my body smearing in all the thick liquid that covers me before coming to stand in front of me

“You’re going to make a great subject Jane, you are an amazing actress. Playing the **** victim well but I could see how you enjoyed it” he laughs pushing his wet fingers into my mouth;

‘He can’t be serious can he? He thinks I liked this?’

“Well at least that’s how it will look once I have edited the film” he winks at me

“If anyone finds out about this, the video will show a girl begging us to fuck her.” Jim pipes up from the back of the room,

“No one will believe you” I look at him tears still in my eyes

“M…may I go to bed?” I ask just wanting to get out of here and shower

“No! you will sit with us for a while, just as you are” he answers taking my hand and leading me back to the living room having to hold me up as we walk, my legs now too weak to hold my weight.

My dress had disappeared and I have to sit there naked, I’m told to sit down and keep my legs open at all times. Tears fall from my eyes but no one notices or cares as they go back to talking and drinking only this time I seem to be the main topic as each pair of eyes flicker to me every now and then, moving all over my body and between my legs. Jim hand me a small glass of the same yellowy liquid I had earlier, I don’t think about it I just knock it back hoping it will help some way or another.
Every now and then someone will move to me and touch me or sit beside me and whisper something nasty and crude in my ear making me cringe, as Mr Jones does this he laughs telling me he is planning to have me every day at school some way or another

“It will be fun Jane, eating your pussy and you sucking my cock” he says making me cringe and feel sick all over again,

“Hey James think your little slut needs to get used to words like cock and pussy” he laughs looking at me

“She cringes every time someone says it”

Has Jim walks over to us I look at him realising that Mr Jones’ comment has caught everyone’s attention, he stops in front of me looking down at me smiling before sitting beside me and pulling me over so my back is against him and my legs are pulled up onto Mr Jones’ lap. He pulls my head towards him and loud enough for everyone to hear says

“Tell John you want him to eat your pussy Jane”

Fear builds inside me as everyone listens,

“Do it Jane” Jim adds as his hand covers my throat and gently squeezes warning me
“If you don’t I will send this video to all your friends”

“P…please, e…eat my…” I can’t get the last word out as Mr Jones opens my legs

“Say it Jane all of it, say ‘eat my pussy Mr Jones’”

“E…eat my p…p…pus…pussy mm…Mr J…Jones” I stammer out closing my eyes, I feel his finger enter me

“I would love to Jane but I need to know you really want me to, look at me in the eyes and ask me properly” he smiles

“I…I can’t” I whisper

“SAY IT JANE AND LOOK AT HIM NOW” Jim’s angry voice f***es my eyes open, I look at Mr Jones as I ask him to eat my pussy only slightly stumbling over the words at the end, he lowers his head and starts to lick me, I close my eyes again but Jim growls making me open them again and look at him

“Watch him Jane, watch Jones eat your pussy like you asked him to, watch his tongue slide into your pussy, feel him pushing it into your tight hot cunt, does it feel good? I bet it does doesn’t it. Do you want him to use his fingers as well like Tony and I did? Do you want him to make you cum like we did? You want it to feel good? You told me Tony made you cum that day in here, on this sofa. You enjoyed him licking your pussy,” he says loud enough for everyone to hear and make me feel embarrassed

“John use your fingers, make her cum she wants to” he adds to Mr Jones. As his fingers slide into me his thumb rubs over my little knot and my back arches, I don’t want it to. I hate that my body suddenly feels good

“See you like that don’t you Jane? You like him touching you, what else would you like?” he says laying my head onto his lap, “what about Johnny sucking your nipples? your big beautiful tits? Would you like that? Do you want it?” he asks stroking my face softly

I don’t know what’s happening but as Mr Jones continues to rub me and lick my private place I remember how good it felt when Jim and Tony did it before and I realise I want that again,
It slips out and I hate myself for it but as Johnny’s hot tongue sides over my cool nipple I don’t care,

“Tell him then Jane tell him to suck your big tits” Jim says

“Suck my big tits Johnny” this time I don’t think I just do as he says and as Johnny does I lose all control I had over myself

“What else would you like Jane?” he leans down his lips inches from mine and I feel and smell his warm, alcohol filled breath move over me

“Kiss me Uncle” I beg pulling him the rest of the way until his mouth covers mine just as my body explodes with pleasure, it course’s through me starting in my stomach and spreading through every inch of me.

My back arches and I moan continuously feeling the warm liquid spilling from my private place,

‘Is this what Jim meant about making me cum?’ I wonder as white lights of pleasure blind me behind my tightly closed eyes. I barely feel Jims mouth moving over mine but I can feel his hands gripping me firmly and a hard pressure on my upper back as it presses against his private bit.
As I start to come down my sense floods me as quickly as it left, filling me with the need to be sick at what my body just did and how it reacted to these men, disgust at myself for letting it, how could I enjoy these men doing this to me, how could I beg Jim to kiss me? My parents would be so disgusted and disappointed in me I realise making me feel even sicker than I did before.
I lay there panting, trying to get my body back under control as Mr Jones leans up over me smiling hard

“See Jane, you loved that, look at all this cum you covered me in.” he says lifting his face so I see it glistening in wetness. His mouth moves to mine and I taste the tangy sweet taste of the juices that cover him.

As the party winds down and Jim’s friends start to leave I’m kept on the sofa with my legs up and open for everyone to see and touch. By 4am it’s just Tony left and he shows no intention of leaving, he sits at my feet pulling my legs onto his lap and running his hands up and down my legs

“You know you can’t keep her to yourself all the time James” he says sliding his finger into me and sucking it into his mouth while looking at me

“I know, and I don’t plan to you can all share her but you have to see the reasons we couldn’t all do it tonight” Jim sits on the table watching my face

“I understand the others but you and me have been mates forever, why not me?”

“Tony this time is different, we won’t be able to explain it away if something happens to her, and we can’t just d**g her.” Jim replies with a sigh, his eyes moving to Tony as he tries to explain

“I know, I know it’s just…fuck man I need some young tight pussy it’s been too long” Tony’s fingers push into me all the way emphasizing his words as I gasp in pain

“Why not call Janice for now?” Jim smiles

“God man I said young not wide open and saggy” Tony stands up letting my legs fall to the sofa

“Well I suppose I better go, I will have to watch something for now. When?” he adds looking at me then Jim

“Soon I promise maybe tomorrow see how she is” hearing this I start to get worried as he heads to the door, as Tony leaves reluctantly Jim comes over to me and picks me up cradling me in his arms

“You will sl**p with me in my bed tonight Jane and you will do so every time I want you to! You won’t have a shower tonight I want you exactly as you are. I’m going to fuck you again tonight and make you come over and over. Know this though, you are mine. You will not let anyone touch you unless I say, if I tell you to fuck someone you will do it. Or I will make your life a living hell here” he says not looking at me and carrying me to his room.

As we pass the bathroom my eyes stare at it longingly but he doesn’t notice, when we get to his room he opens the door and lays me on the bed

“Tomorrow we will go to see Johnny and get you put on the pill so you won’t fall pregnant” at my confused look he continues

“Johnny is a doctor at the hospital, he will be checking you over every month so that we can keep an eye on you, don’t want you getting too damaged, and it’s not as enjoyable”

He lays next to me and pulls me towards him, I know there is no point in fighting this I have no way to get away from a thirty-five year old man especially in the state I’m in, though I am aware of everything now my mind is still muddled and hazy, I just want to sl**p.

“open your legs Jane” he says as he lifts me on top of his naked body, my legs slide down each side of his waist as he sits me on to his stomach

“lift up” he tells me as he lines his private part with my now open private place, he lowers me down on to him and I moan in pain. He doesn’t care as he lowers his hands to my hips and slides me up and down on him hard and fast

“Oh fuck Jane you feel so warm and tight, I’m going to fuck this little pussy every night and you’re going to love it, my own personal slut.”

His hands grip my breasts as he talks over and over about what he plans to do to me, as his right hand slides down my left side and over my flat stomach reaching my hip and pulling me back and forth on him, his thumb presses against my little nub making me moan and my back to arch again

“you love your clit being rubbed don’t you baby” he whispers as he presses firmly in little circular motions, again my back arches as he flips us over, my back now against the cool sheets. He lifts my legs over his shoulders and presses deep into me, holding there while he leans down and kisses me. Pumping deep, hard and fast the pleasure builds fast and explodes inside me with hardly any warning. I moan loud as the pleasure stays with me and builds again

“Come for Uncle Baby” he says as he pushes deep and I explode again. Not giving me time to come back down he throws me round and lifts me on my hands and knees “my turn” he says as his hand slides round my waist and presses my clit seconds before his private part fills me again, he rubs me near where he fills me before moving his hand and bringing it round to my bum, I gasp and try to move away as his finger rubs over my little brown hole but his hand hold me tight

“Don’t move” he growls as he spreads my juices from his finger around my hole, using his thumb he presses hard until it slides into me making me shout out in discomfort

“I will take this too, not today, but soon” he says as he thrusts into me and continues to press his thumb in and out of my bum. As I feel him getting bigger he moves his thumb away and pushes his hands firmly on my shoulders until my face is pressed against the pillows hard and almost suffocating me. He pounds harder as he screams his release finally falling on top of me.
Lying on his back he rolls my back to his chest and he slides his semi hard private part back into me, keeping us connected his right arm traps me to him.

“sl**p now baby we will continue this when we wake”

I don’t think it will be possible to sl**p as I silently sob my pain and anger out, I can hear his slow soft breathing turning into snores, I want to make a run for it but part of me is scared. Where will I go? This isn’t just my uncle r****g me this is a group of very intelligent upstanding men, Johnny being a doctor, Mr Jones a secondary school head master, Alex is a vicar at the local church and George is a policeman… these men are respected and they have a video of me that Jake plans to make look like I wanted this… no one is going to believe a twelve year old girl over these men. If anyone finds out they will be excused, me I will be hated and called names for the rest of my life. Amazingly with the help of the last drink I had I manage to fall asl**p.

The next morning I wake to find myself pressed tightly against Jim’s hot sweaty body, my head hurts as I try to move his arm and get up to use the bathroom. My body aches all over especially between my legs which feel hot and sore.
“Mm where do you think you’re going?” Jim’s sl**py voice says
“I…I need the toilet”
“Fine but come straight back here,” he says lying on his back and releasing me “just use the toilet that’s all”
I make my way to the bathroom, desperate for a shower but Jim has made it clear I’m not allowed one yet. I walk to the toilet and sit down. Pain moving through my body feeling like I have been to the gym all day. A Slight burning feeling moves through my private place as I use the toilet but I try to ignore it.
I make the mistake of looking in the mirror as I wash my hands, I can see slight red marks all over me as well as being covered in the same white crispy stuff I found the other day,

‘Oh my god, that’s what that was, Jim must have cum on me when I was sl**ping’ I realise feeling sick again,

This must have been going on for ages without me realising, Ben was right… how could I be so naive? All this time. I look down at my body and notice big hand shaped bruises over my hips.
I make my way back to Jim’s room fuming at all that’s happened,

“How could you?” I say as I get to the door, he looks up and over at me

“I’m your Niece, how could you pull that thing over me with your hand and spill your cum on my body while I sl**p?” I say raising my voice, not sure where this confidence is coming from.

He gets up and sits on the side of the bed

“Come here”

“No! How could you? I’m twelve and you do that to me, I trusted you and you let your friends do it while you ****D me” I shout.

He stands up and stalks towards me anger covering his face

“YOU ARE MINE JANE! YOU WILL DO AS I SAY” he screams, reaching me he grabs my upper arms


his hand comes flying at me and slaps me hard making me fall to the floor, I look up at him with anger and hatred as I put my hand over my now red cheek. He drags me up and pushes me over the bed his hands gripping my bruised hips and pressing his fully hard cock into me making me scream in pain

“You are mine and nothing you say or do will change that!” he growls as he thrusts in and out of me. I try to claw my way over the bed and get away but it’s no use he just holds me tighter on my hips. All I can do is sob as he uses my body like a rag doll, pulling me anyway he wants, however he wants. Pushing me in every position he can think of and thrusting onto me

“Tonight I will take this hole too” he warns me as he presses his thumb deep into my bum

“No… please Uncle don’t do this, you can’t do this… it’s not right!”

“Nothing I want is right Jane, since I was fifteen I have always wanted to fuck young girls. I found Tony and other friends that liked it too and since then we have done just that, each time d**gging them and dropping them at their door after we are done with them, careful not to leave traces. Then I met your mum, and she was so beautiful, I wanted her straight away. But she was always with that prick of a b*****r of mine; she never did like me no matter what I did. Then they got married and you were born, that first and only time I met you when you was Ten I realised something, I wanted you more than I have ever wanted any other girl including your mother. The fact you was my niece and it would be i****t was so much more appealing. I told all my mates about you that day. I told them what I wanted to do to you; we had fun looking at the picture I took of you. Then when you turned up at my door I thought all my dreams had come true. I knew I had to take it slow so much more riskier than the others, but you also have so much more to lose if you tell anyone” he laughs hard as he finally comes deep inside me

“Go shower” is all he says as he leaves the room and makes his way down stairs,

I stay where I am for a while digesting what he has just told me,

‘I’m not the first they have done this to. I know he mentioned something like that before a few times but it never registered in my mind. And he wanted to do the same thing to my mum! I’m grateful she stayed near my dad but why would they send me here if they knew? They can’t have known, not completely. Nan would have still been alive when they wrote the will she only died last year maybe they planned to change it but no one thinks something like that’s going to happen to them’ I think to myself

‘Wait…’ I think pulling myself up and walking round the bed while holding on to keep myself up as I open the wardrobe I take a closer look at the videos on the top shelf that I found the other day.

‘Megan, Rose, Kate, Lucy, Mary, Marie, Amy, Sarah, Lisa, Claire…’ the names go on for two shelves but I’m too weak to stay up realising what I have found, other videos, the other girls. I manage to pull one down with the name Alice on it; I open the case to find a DVD and a piece of paper that says
“Alice Johnson
Age: 15
Place: Forster Park (night)”

‘oh my god’ I think as I feel sick fill my mouth, I climb up and make it to the toilet just in time as I empty my stomach into it, tears running down my face I lean my hot forehead onto the bowl before sitting up and rinsing my mouth with water from the sink

“Found the DVDs I see” I hear behind me making me jump and fall back to the floor, Jim stands there holding the DVD in his hands and looking down at it with a smile on his face.

“You better have a shower,” he says as he walks away leaving me there on the floor.

I manage to get up and climb in the tub but I have no strength to stand, I pull the hose down and turn it on holding the hard spraying water over me as I sit there on my knees crying. I manage to wash myself a few times all over before I have the strength to climb out and make my way to my room.
I have to do something about this; does Alice remember what happened to her? Does she know what happened? Does she remember the men that did it? Does she have nightmares of them doing the things they did? All those girls, all that pain they had to go through. I try to think of something I can do before I remember that I’m now one of those girls.
I lay on my bed crying, not moving just snuggling up with my teddy and trying to make sense of everything that has happened all the things I have heard and seen since the weekend began. Jim ignores me most the day which suits me, but it also worries me, with his half promise to Tony last night about maybe having me today I wonder when he will come to find me.
I want to shut my door and hide under the covers but I know that will make things worse, it will give Jim an excuse to do something to me not that he seems to need an excuse to do what he has done so far, I have to face the fact this is happening. I can’t keep being dumb like I have all this time, I need to wise up.
I need to find a way out of this.
... Continue»
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Cheerleaders' Fun and Games Chapter 1

This is not my story,found it online and thought to share it with everyone!Enjoy!

Cheerleaders' **** and Torture

Chapter One

It was a crappy night out, raining, cold, all and all miserable. The funny thing is, I wasn't even supposed to be at the shop. It's my garage, but I have a guy that runs the place for me, and I usually sit at home "managing" from a far. It's a good life, I can't complain.

I was sitting at the counter watching some of the Monday night football game. I was in the shop trying to get a bunch of paper work done, and I ended up staying late. Everybody else was gone and wouldn't be back in till morning, and the game had already started, so I figured I'd stick around till half time, and then head home after that.

I was pretty pissed when I heard the knock on the window, I figured it was some idiot thinking I'd turn on the pumps so they could get some gas. I never would have answered the door but I knew they could see me behind the counter, since I'd forgot to drop the blind on the window like I should have.

When I got to the door I saw these two cute girls, all decked out in their high school cheerleading outfits, wearing those little white shoes, and the short skirts. The two must have been cold, they barely had anything on in the way of clothes, and the way it was raining, they looked like drowned rats, but cute little drowned rats.

I could feel the aching in my loins immediately as I opened the front door, hell, I thought I might get a blow job out of it at least.

"Thanks Mister, our car broke down and our cells don't work out here." I led the pair into the shop, making sure to close the blind so nobody else could see inside now.

"Do you think we could use your phone?"

"Well, what's wrong with your car, want me to tow it in and see if I can do anything with it?" The two girls looked at each other, they were so cute, and the way the rain trickled down their foreheads, I could almost imagine their matted hair having been caused by a long fucking session, at least I wished it had.

Even under the little vest of their uniforms I could see they both had great bodies, young, lithe bodies. They both looked to be about 17 or 18.

"What are you doing out tonight, its horrible weather." I had to make sure nobody knew where they were, or that they had called anybody yet about the car, my mind was already concocting plans.

"We had a football game in Ada, we drove instead of riding on the bus, and then on the way home, we must have turned down the wrong road, and, well we're lost." The girl was obviously a little scared. It only made my balls ache even more.

"What's wrong with the car?"

"I don't know, we were driving along, and then hit this big puddle, and it kind of died."

"Hum. Where's it at?"

"Well, it's down this road," she pointed to the west, "and then there is this sign with a big windmill on it, and we're down the road there."

"How the hell did you get on that road? It's a dead end that leads to nowhere." I had to do everything to cover up my smile, I knew exactly where they were talking about, and there wasn't anything up the road, nobody would have driven past them and seen them there."

"I don't know, we turned down there thinking it was the way to the highway, then we'd got to the dead end, we were coming back and hit this huge pothole puddle thing, and then the car kind of died." I could see the girl shivering as she recounted the story for me.

"Please mister, could you give us a tow and see if you could get it started." She pulled out her wallet and flashed a couple credit cards.

"So nobody knows you're out this way, and you said your phone doesn't work?" It was probably a little bit risky to ask so explicitly, but I had to know, and my mind was racing with plans. Like I said, I've got a pretty good life, I've got the only shop for a 20 mile radius, I do lots of work on tractors and farm equipment, I've got other people to do the work, so I have a lot of free time. I've had the place for 15 years, inherited it from my dad when he passed, and now I've expanded it to a huge business, junk yard, little bit of a dealership, you know, man of all trades and hard work equals success kind of thing.

"No mister, we got lost. We were following the team bus, but in the rain and everything, we kind of lost them. Our phones don't work out here." I knew there wasn't a cell phone tower for 50 miles, not many of the farmers had use for them so they were never built, to my great joy.

"We walked all the way here and didn't see a soul. Mister, we've got 3 friends still sitting in the car, it's cold out, could you please go pick them up? Please?" Though she was young, the girl obviously was well practiced in using the pouting look to get men to do things for her.

"My name is Pat." I extended my hand.

"I'm Tara, and this is my friend Lisa." Tara was probably 5'8", she had long straight blonde hair, at least it would be straight again when it dried. The way she did all the talking, I kind of figured she was the captain of the squad, probably the most popular girl in school, and girl most jacked off to girl in classmate fantasies.

Lisa, the other girl, she wasn't quite as tall, maybe 5'6", her breasts seemed to be larger, the curve of her outfit at least gave that indication. Lisa's hair was blonde too, but it looked to be via the hairdresser, and not natural.

"Hi, Tara, Lisa, I guess it's your lucky night. I should have been out of here a couple hours ago, but I stayed late to do some paperwork, and boom, you come along. Let's see what I can do for you." I had them in my grasp, I could see the relief in their eyes, they actually thought they had been incredibly lucky, in a few hours, they'd know the truth, that I was the lucky one that night.

"You said you've got three friends in the car still?"

"Yeah. It's cold out their."

"Well, I can't fit you all in the truck when I pick up the car, so do you mind staying here? Then I'll bring them back and see what I can do about your vehicle?"

"Oh that would be great mister."

"Here, why don't you set all your bags behind the counter here and I'll take you down into the lounge and you can warm up and relax. You can call your parents from there if you want." I handed each of the girls a towel from the shelf. I made sure that they left all their stuff behind the desk, even though I knew their phones wouldn't work here I didn't want to take chances.

"Just follow me." I led the girls through one of the "employee only" doors, then down into the pit, though they didn't know it was the pit, at least not yet.

"Sorry about the dirt and grime, this is a working garage and the lounge is kind of hidden away." I turned on as few lights as possible so they wouldn't get too nervous. When I got them to the pit door, I knew I was set. "Just head into the lounge and I should be back in a few minutes with your friends." I didn't turn the lights on till they were well inside and I'd slammed the door shut. I could hear them screaming instantly when they saw their surroundings, I loved it. I knew they were seeing the inside of the oil pit, the car parked over head, and I knew they had to know what was happening now.

I rushed upstairs into the garage. The girls' voices were shrill, and I could hear the fear clearly in their screams. I peered under the car, I could just barely see the two there. There was no way they could get out, the pit was a good 7' deep, and there was a car parked over top, so as young and flexible as they might be, they weren't getting out of there.

"Girl's" I tried to address them, but they were screaming loud and couldn't hear me. I let them wail for a few minutes more.

"Please mister, please, please, let us go, please…" I didn't bother to respond to their pleas, I just waited for them to go quiet. They continued to sob as I started speaking.

"Don't worry girls, I'll be back soon enough with your friends. I apologize that it's kind of dirty down there, but let me take care of your car, get your friends in line, and then I'll take you to a nice warm place, be patient. We'll have a good time after that."

"Pleaaaaasssseeee!" I could hear them crying out to me as I hopped in the rig and started off to pick up their friends. I guess it was a little cruel, but I turned off all the lights in the garage, only the florescent glow of the sign gave off any light at all. I can just imagine them huddling together. Hell, in a week or so, if everything goes right, I think I'll have those to do more than just huddle together.

I couldn't help but rub my dick as I drove to the spot where Tara said they broke down. Believe me, I've never done anything like this before. Oh, sure, I've got a blowjob or two from a grateful girl with a broken down car, hell, I fucked a couple, but I've never thought of doing anything like this. But the opportunity is just too damn good. I mean, five girls, five teenage cheerleaders at that, hell, how lucky can you get?

The car was right where I thought it would be. I didn't bother to turn on the flashers, and I cut the headlights as quick as I could, no use drawing any attention to myself, even though I know nobody would see me. The road connected to one of Old man Patterson's back fields, and there isn't a house for a mile around, the girls had done a good job getting off the main road for me.

I had to knock on the window, the girls in the car were too afraid to get out on their own.

"Hi there, my name is Pat, Tara and Lisa sent me to pick you up and see if I could get your car running back at the shop." I saw the ease flash over their eyes when I told them Tara and Lisa had sent me.

"Why don't you three go hop in the truck, the heat is on, it's probably a little more comfortable than the car. Just leave your bags in here though, there isn't a lot of room in the cab, we'll get to the station and straighten everything out there." I love trusting k**s. I was even more pleased that my three newest captives were equally as beautiful as the first two. I didn't get names, but there was another blonde, one of those tall thin girls, probably 5'8", and she was absolutely stunning, and seeing her, it was pretty damn hard covering up my erection. A whole world of ideas flashed through my mind when I watched her climb out of the car.

There was also a brunette. She was probably only about 5'2", maybe 5'3", though, when I get her into some high heels, she'll definitely look pretty hot. I couldn't tell for sure in the dark and the uniform, but she looked like she had big tits.

The third girl was a redhead, not fiery red hair mind you, it was more soft, almost a strawberry blonde, just the way I like them. She looked to be about 5'6", and her body looked incredible, thin, decent breasts, long legs. I'd sure got lucky, whatever school they were from produced some hot cheerleaders.

I walked the girls up to the cab and helped them up. I don't think they even minded that I touched their asses as I got them in.

"You can see if you can get something on the radio, you might be able to get a station, the two-way is down though." It was only down because I'd disabled it, I didn't want to give them any ideas at all to try and call for help.

It's amazing how fast you can get something done when you're dick is demanding you get the girls home. I got their car up on the flatbed in record time. I brought along a cover just in case. I knew I would dump the car in the junkyard tonight, then crush it tomorrow or the next day. I was already thinking about getting Jim—my manger—out to the house to help with the girls, hell, I might even offer him one of the girls for his own.

I hopped back into the cab, I didn't even care if they saw the bulge in my pants at that point, though I don't think they did.

"Hey girls, I think we're all set. I think I can get your car fixed tonight and then get you on your way." I popped the truck into gear and started off for the shop. I couldn't wait to get back.

"So we weren't properly introduced. Again, my name is Pat." The brunette was pressed so close against me I could feel the heat of her body. I 'accidentally' grazed her thigh as I got the big truck up to speed on the highway. The blonde spoke first.

"My name is Monique."

"I'm Emily." I liked the strawberry blonde already, and I loved the name.

"I'm Jayme." Taking a look now the brunette definitely had big knockers. It was hard to keep my mind on the road when I started thinking about what I could do to those tits.

"We should be back at the shop in a couple minutes." I'd already decided I'd take the truck and their car into the back garage, we used it for storage mostly, but it would be the best place to unload. Once I closed the door there wouldn't be anyplace for the girls to run, which was perfect.

I pulled the rig into the garage without incident. I'd decided I'd get them out of the truck and walk them over to the tool cage, it would be a good place to hold them till I got their car dumped in the junk yard.

"Girl's, I'm going to drop you off here for the moment, see that cage over against the wall? There is a door inside that leads to a nice lounge, that's where Tara and Lisa are. Then I'll get your car up on the hoist and see what's wrong with it. Okay?"

"Sure, that sounds good. Do you think we could call our parents to tell them what's up?"

"Yeah, that's not a problem, though I think Tara and Lisa said they were going to tell everybody where you were when they called home. There is a phone in the lounge, so you can call if you want anyway." I helped the girls out of the cab, copping a feel just for the hell of it, though soon enough, I knew I'd be able to do whatever I want with them.

I led the girls over to the cage, I had to undo the padlock for them, I don't think they suspected anything at all. I was such a gentlemen, letting them all go first, I don't think they had a clue what was up till I slammed the door shut and put the padlock back on.

"Whaaa…" Monique couldn't even finish her cry, it was classic. I think for the first time they realized that the cage was just that, 4 walls, and a fenced in ceiling, there was no door to a lounge anywhere.

"What are you doing, let us go. Where are Tara and Lisa???" The three girls were so cute in their little cheerleading outfits, I almost just wanted to stare at them for awhile, but already I was getting sick of their screaming. Jayme had hold of the fence and was trying to rip through it, but I knew she wasn't going to get anyplace.

"Let me take care of your car, then a little later we'll head off to my house for a good time." I knew it would make them scream more, but it was kind of fun. I liked making them even more scared, and I still had a lot to take care of before I could get them home for the real events I planned.

I hopped in the cab and started backing the rig out of the garage. My mind was racing. I already knew where I'd keep the girls till I got things really fixed up. I'd bought my house a number of years ago, the place was huge, and in the basement the previous owners had run a dog breeding business. There were still like 10 kennels down there, and a bunch of dog cages used for transport. I'm so glad now I'd procrastinated on getting rid of the crap. I'd been meaning to do it for years, but now, it turned out to be the perfect spot to keep them until I got the basement finished up just like I dreamed of. I think there are even some dog whips and leashes down there. I'll probably have to do some shopping on the net for all the other toys I'd love to use on the girls, but I think I'll have enough to keep them occupied for awhile.

I took their car out to the back part of the junkyard, really it's not even the junkyard, it's this fenced in area out by the trees. Nobody ever goes out there, and with the cover on, I should have a couple days easy to crush the thing.

After I dumped the car off and locked the fence up again, I drove back into the front garage and parked. I'd pulled all the girls' crap out of their car already, I knew I'd probably have to have a good old bonfire one of these nights.

I heard Tara and Lisa screaming in the pit as I moved their stuff from under the counter.

"I'll be right with you girls. I picked up your friends. They're doing fine, they're out in a cage on the back lot."

I walked into the office and got a huge duffle bag, I dumped all the girls' stuff in and then put it in my truck. It was going to be a tight fit in the cab, even though I had a quad cab. Hell, then I realized I might as well put the girls in the bed, I've got a cover, maybe the cold would get them a little more in the mood to behave when I get them home?

I went into the shop and grabbed a handful of nylon ties, they'd be good to bind the girls' wrists with.

"Hey Tara, Lisa, it's almost time to take you to my place." I could hear them blubbering in the pit. It was kind of fun to make them scared. I almost couldn't believe I was doing this, it's not like I'd planned it or anything, but when 5 beautiful teenage cheerleaders fall into your lap so perfectly, what else can you do? Serendipity, you've got to love it.

I went out to my truck and laid an old sl**ping bag in the bed. I had the nylon ties and I grabbed some duct tape to gag the girls' mouths' with. I'd already got all their possessions in the truck and hidden their car, I didn't have to worry about security tapes or anything like that. There are some nice things about living in a small town, crime isn't really a problem so we'd never bothered to invest in cameras, or anything like that at the shop. Well, crime was low, with the exception of me and 5 k**napped girls now.

I put my head under the car that covered the pit. I could hear Tara and Lisa balling, they tried to beg me to let them go, but I had no desire to listen.

"Girl's, it's time to head home. We're just going to have a little fun, and then everything will be all right." I lied, but it doesn't really matter. "I'm going to open the door to the pit, I want you, Tara, to come out first. Don't think about doing anything stupid, just behave and everything will be all right. I want you to walk to me, I'm going to put a nylon strap around your wrists and then gag you with a bit of tape. After that, when I call for you, Lisa, I want you to come out and I'll bind you too." I listened to them sob, it was joy to my ears.

"Have you girls ever heard of a tazer?" I paused, letting them think about what I said.

"One of the farmers left one here at the shop a time ago, it's for use on cattle. If you get any ideas, well, I'll have to use it on you, and I don't think either of you would like that." I held the cattle prod over the pit and pushed the rubber button, a glorious blue arc of electricity shot from the points of the prod. I don't know if I'd really have the heart to use it on one of the girls, but I think the threat was all they needed.

I went down to the pit and opened the door slowly.

"Tara, I want you to come through the door, walk towards my voice, keep your hands up behind your neck. Understand?" I could hear her sniffle out a response. I saw her shadowy figure move down the narrow hall from the pit. When she reached the stairwell I had her get to her knees. I was a little disappointed she didn't fight more as I pulled her hands into the small of her back and zipped off one of the nylon ties, I pulled it tight, I'm sure it hurt, but I didn't want her going anyplace. She tried to beg me to let her go before I put the tape over her mouth, but I really didn't feel like listening. With my hand up under her elbow I moved her up the stairway and left her at the top of the steps.

"Lisa, it's your turn. Be a good girl like Tara and everything will be all right." I saw Lisa emerge from the pit door. My dick was aching. I thought I might cream my shorts, but I managed to get Lisa bound and gagged without making a real mess.

Once I had the two at the top of the steps it was easy. I had the truck parked just out the back door where there were no lights. I picked up each girl and tossed her onto the rolled out sl**ping bag. Before closing the lid on the bed I decided to put a nylon tie around each of the girl's ankles.

I could barely see them in the dark, but I loved the gentle, desperate mewing I heard. I shut the cover on the bed and drove into the back garage, ready to pick up my three passengers from the cage.

I was damn near ready to blow with anticipation by the time I got to the back garage. I couldn't stop thinking about the two girls lying in the back of my truck. God they looked so cute in their little cheerleading outfits. I was having a hard time deciding which girl I was going to take first. I planned to take all of them in turn, and I hoped at least a couple were virgins still, but who knows anymore? If nothing else I'm sure none of them had been taken anally yet, and I can just imagine how tight their asses are. Oh I can't wait to hear them scream as I f***e my prick up their cute little butts.

The three girls in the cage were yelling when I pulled the truck in. I didn't even try to cover up my erection when I started toward them.

"What are you doing? What are you doing? Let us go, please!" Jayme's scream echoed through the large back garage. I couldn't wipe the smile off my face as I moved towards them.

"Girls, girls, I know you can't wait, but it's only going to be a few minutes more." I held the cattle prod up for all of them to see.

"Do you know what a cattle prod is?" I pushed the button and the spark arced from the two points.

"I want you all to get on your knees and put your hands up behind your head. I'm going to come in there and put a nylon strap around your wrists. Don't think about doing anything heroic, otherwise you'll get to feel this prod, and from what I've heard, it's not too pleasant an experience." I stood outside the cage waiting for the girls to put their hands up behind their heads. They were all sobbing, I loved the way their bodies shuddered. Monique was the first to obey, she hesitantly put her hands up behind her head, her gaze was locked on me the whole time. I knew then, looking into those big hazel eyes, she was going to share my bed tonight.

"Come on girls, be good like Monique and put your hands behind your head." When I pushed the button on the prod again, the other two girls moved their hands up behind their necks.

"Good girls. Now sit still and we'll get you home." I failed to mention it was my home, though I think they were getting the idea now.

They were all sobbing hysterically as I unlocked the door to the cage and walked in. Even if they fought, I knew I could overpower them. I'm not the smallest guy in the world. Yeah, I'm a little out of shape, but not too bad. I'm 6'1" and 250, I know what you're thinking, 250, that's more than a little out of shape? Well, put it this way, I used to be big into weightlifting, and I still put up my fair share, so it's not like its all fat, and I know I could take all three girls if I needed to, but I didn't think it would come to that. Not the way their bodies trembled, and not based on the volume of their cries, they sounded too desperate to put up that much of a fight.

I grabbed for Jayme's wrists and pulled them into the small of her back, the nylon band went easily around her tiny wrists and I cinched the plastic tight.

"Pleeeaaaasseee." She could barely stutter out the words. I tore off a piece of duct tape and sealed it over her mouth, I enjoyed the break from her cries. I rubbed her long hair and bent down to whisper in her ear.

"We're going to have a lot of fun princess, just relax."

I had hold of Emily's wrists, I put the nylon band on, pulling it tight so there was no way she could get out. Her lips were trembling, and the tears streaked down her cheeks as I put the tape over her mouth.

Monique's whole body shook as I put the plastic around her wrists. I reached around her and cupped her breasts through the cheerleading outfit, they weren't huge, but even through the fabric I could tell they were perfectly formed, and so young and taut. I pressed my hips into her back. I could hear her whimper louder as my hard cock touched her body. I cut another piece of tape and pressed it tight over her mouth.

"It's time for you to meet up with Tara and Lisa again, they're in the back of the truck." I helped Monique from her knees and started leading her out of the cage toward my truck. I let the tailgate down, then lifted up the cover on the bed. After the initial period of squinting against the lights, I loved the look of shock on Tara and Lisa's face as they saw Monique there, the tape over her mouth and her hands bound behind her back.

"I told you I'd go pick up your friends, I'll get Jayme and Emily in a second." I put my hand up between Monique's legs, I could feel the gentle bulge of her sex as I lifted her up into the bed. I helped her into position next to Lisa.

Stepping back, I loved the way the three looked laid out in the back of the truck. I wrapped a tie around Monique's ankles so she couldn't hope of getting away. I loved the way their bodies twitched uncontrollably in fear.

"Let me go get your friends and we'll get out of here." I hopped off the tailgate and went to get Jayme and Emily. They were still on their knees, their big eyes followed my every move. I helped them up and held their elbows tight, I pushed them towards the truck, my dick was about to explode. I was tempted as hell to just take one of them there, to drop those cute little panties and ram home, but even though I knew nobody would come in, I thought it wiser to get them to my house, then I could have all my fun in the privacy of my own place.

It was kind of a tight fit to get all 5 girls into the back of the bed. I'd debated whether I should put a blanket over them or let them feel the chill of the night air, in the end I decided to keep them a little warm, I tossed an old blanket over top of the three writhing girls.

I stood there looking down on them.

"Don't worry girls, we should be home in about 10 minutes. Believe me, I can't wait." I couldn't stop smiling. My brain was racing, all the things I'd ever fantasized about, now I was going to make it happen. I'd experimented a little with BDSM, I had a few girlfriends over the years that liked to be tied up, but it was all a game, they didn't really get into it the way I'd wanted too, that was all going to change now. I had five slaves to do with as I pleased.

I shut the lid on the bed of the truck and slammed the tailgate shut. I couldn't wait to get home.

I went through the shop one more time. I made sure that there were no sign that would make the girls' presence known. I took a look at the pit to make sure there was nothing on the floor, or that they wrote notes on the walls. It took awhile, I thought my dick was going to explode, but I just wanted to make sure. When I finally climbed up in the cab I was dying. I couldn't even stroke myself through my pants, I knew if I did I'd cream my shorts, and I wanted to save all my cum for my new prizes.

The ride home was terrible. I wished the miles would melt away, it felt like I was high, there was so much excitement and adrenaline running through my body I almost felt sick. When I finally pulled my truck into the garage I had to just sit there for a second, I couldn't believe what I'd done, I'd k**napped 5 girls, and soon, I was going to **** them all and keep them as my slaves. I should have felt guilty, but you know, I didn't.

When I got out of the truck I thought about getting the girls right then, but instead I went into the house. My two dogs were on me the moment I got through the door. I suppose they were a little anxious, I was a couple hours late feeding them. They were good boys, two big black labs. I'd got them both as puppies, and now, at 2 and a half they each weighed over 110lbs. Spike was the alpha dog between the two, and Shadow followed along obediently wherever he went.

I didn't bother trying to make anything up for them. I'd grilled up a couple steaks the night before for myself, I figured what the hell, I'd treat the boys to that, and then I could get my dick in Monique a lot sooner, since I'd decided on her. There was just something about her, the way she moved. There was an endearing nervousness that turned me on, I can't explain it.

After I'd dealt with the dogs it was off to my new prizes. I loved the way the five pairs of eyes followed my every move. With their hands and legs bound I had to slide the girls out one by one from the truck. First I put Tara over my shoulder and carried her down into the basement. I could hear her trying to beg, but the tape did an effective job of muffling anything she tried to say.

I carried Tara down the stairs, and then took her off into the unfinished side of the basement. I had a good 1500 sq ft of space, I'd debated for years what to do with it, but now it was perfect, I knew I was going to build my own dungeon to keep my pets.

I set Tara down on the floor. At first I was going to put her in one of the cages, but then I decided that the girls probably needed to use the bathroom.

"Now Tara, don't think about doing anything stupid, if you girls behave, you'll be all right. Do you understand?" The terrified girl nodded her head.

"I'm going to put you in the bathroom and then get your friends. I'm going to untie you, be smart, don't do anything stupid." I cut the nylon bands on her wrists and ankles. There was a bathroom on the unfinished side of the basement, obviously the previous owners had planned to finish off the apace, but never got around to it, just like me.

I shut the door and left Tara inside. I was able to make sure she couldn't get out by wedging the door shut. Only three more to go…

I was pretty damn tired by the time I got Jayme, Lisa and Emily into the basement. I left them all locked in the bathroom when I went to get Monique. I'm sure the later arriving girls might have liked some privacy when they used the toilet, but I wanted to get them all used to having no more rights but what I gave them.

Unlike the other girls I got Monique out of the truck and carried her into my bedroom. The dogs were barking and yelping at her as I carried her into my room, but they meant no harm. I laid Monique down on the bed and then got the dogs out. Seeing her there, bound as she was, I desperately wanted to fuck her, but I had to take care of the other girls first.

I grabbed the sl**ping bag and blanket from the truck and carried it down into the basement. I was pleased to see that none of the girls had taken the tape from their mouths when I left them alone in the bathroom.

"Did you all take care of your business?" I could see the tears streaming down their cheeks.

"Come on." I stood back and pointed the girls toward one of the kennels, they were for pretty big dogs, so they were about 6' tall, maybe 6-7' deep, and about 5' wide. I knew the chain link was connected well, it could handle 150lb danes beating against it, and I knew it could handle my new pets too.

I tossed the blanket and sl**ping bag into the cage in preparation for the girls.

"Go on, get in there." I could hear them sobbing louder as they got in the cage.

"I'll bring you down some water and something to eat in a few. You can take off the tape, though I don't want to hear any of your bitching." There was a part of me, something deep down that made me feel bad about taking the girls, but with the aching in my balls, I knew my guilty conscience wasn't going to win out.

I filled a couple gallon jugs full of water, then grabbed a bunch of granola bars and some apples for the girls. I knew they'd be fine until morning. The sl**ping bag and blanket were big, I knew they'd have to huddle together, but that kind of turned me on anyway.

Tara started to say something when I dropped off the food and water, but I only had to put my finger to my lip and she shut up.

"Have a good night sl**p girls. I'll check on you in the morning, then we can get to know each other a lot better." I left one of the lights on across the way, I thought it would be a little too cruel to leave them completely in the dark.

I made up a little dinner for myself and Monique. Nothing flashy, just some chicken and a salad, though I am a pretty damn good cook this was something just to tide us over.

Monique started whimpering when I walked in the door. I set the tray of food next to her on the bed, but I wasn't going to release her hands just yet. I lay next to her, I got close, I could feel her try to wiggle away, but there wasn't much she could do.

"So, are you hungry?" I could see her nod ever so slightly, her eyes were wide and locked on me. I ripped the tape from her mouth, she wailed out when I did, twisting her head side to side from the pain. She started to say something, but I silenced her immediately.

"You will do as I say, without hesitation. You won't speak unless I tell you to, and you won't do anything unless I tell you to. If you behave, I'll treat you well." She started to cry as I grabbed her breast, I softly massaged her mound through the fabric.

"Do you want something to eat?" She nodded. I grabbed a couple pillows and propped her up. I took a forkful of salad and brought it to her lips, I gave her a bite, then one to myself.

"When I have you trained, you'll feed me." I gave her a shot of juice, she drank it down greedily.

I enjoyed having control over her, even if it was just feeding her. I slid my hand up under her short skirt and ran my fingers over the bulge of her pussy. I didn't slide my hand inside her clothes, not yet at least. I knew that after I fed her I wanted to make her strip for me. I'd already formulated at least some of my plan. I loved the way I could feel her muscles tense as I moved my hand over her skin.

When we'd finished the salad, I rolled Monique over onto her belly. I cut the straps from her wrists and ankles, though she didn't try to even move when she was free.

"Get up, go use the bathroom, you've got 20 minutes. Don't think about doing anything stupid, got it?" I grabbed her by the scruff of her neck and lifted her head up so she was looking me in the eyes.
Understand?" Terrified she nodded.

"Good, get into the bathroom, make yourself look good." It didn't matter, she was naturally beautiful, and the fear, that was what had me so horny I couldn't even stand it.

The time seemed to pass so slow, I stared at the clock for about five minutes, but it felt like time was moving backwards. Finally I started cleaning up the place, I locked the phone in the end table, and hid away anything that my new pet could use to escape. I still had a lot of work before I could do the things I wanted to with my slaves in the house, but I'd have fun tonight, that's for sure.

I could hear her crying when I knocked at the bathroom door.

"Time to earn your keep baby." It was a little crude to say, but I was desperate, I couldn't wait anymore. I opened the door, Monique was cowering in the corner of the bathroom.

I'd already taken the liberty of stripping, and I loved the way her eyes focused on my prominent erection.

"Get out here slut." I motioned her toward me with my finger. The girl's whole body shuddered as she got to her feet. I thought she'd collapse to the ground the way her knees buckled.

I sat on the edge of the bed and took in the glorious sight of my new pet. I pointed to the floor in front of me.

"Strip for me cunt." Monique's hands shook so bad I didn't know if she'd be able to manage the act of stripping, but I was going to eat up her struggles.

"Pllleeeeasssse Mister." I think she was surprised how fast I moved, I was up and slapped her hard across the face before she even knew what happened. I grabbed a handful of her beautiful blonde hair and arched her head back so I loomed over her.

"I said strip for me slut. Don't ever talk back to me. If you don't strip, I'll do it for you, and I'll tell you this, you'll wish you'd obeyed me." I let go of her hair and sat back on the edge of the bed. My heart was beating so fast, the adrenaline was flooding through my bl**dstream. I can't explain the feeling, but I loved it. My prick throbbed in pure excitement.

Monique was crying as she started pulling down the zipper on her little cheerleading vest. What makeup she had left streaked down her cheeks. Part of me wished I had a camera set up, but the truth is I don't think I'd ever forget the image of her there.

Monique twisted her body out of the little vest. She pulled her skin tight shirt out of the band of her waist. I could tell she had nice breasts, nothing huge, but definitely nice, and firm.

Her stomach rippled in convulsions as she lifted the shirt up over her head. She tried to cross her arms over her sports bra, but I could already tell by what I saw, that I was going to have a great time with this girl.

I needed only to point at her little skirt to get her moving again after she'd hesitated, she undid the clasp and let the fabric fall around her ankles, leaving her standing there in her little blue outer panties.

"Come on, get it off!" Monique tried to delay all she could, but even she knew it was inevitable. She slid the outer panties over her hips till she was standing there in only her bra, and her cute sport panties.

I shifted my body as if I was going to stand, Monique yelped and jumped back a few inches. Before I had to say anything, she started lifting her bra over her head. She tried to hold it over her chest for an instant, but then thought better of it and let it fall to the floor.

I couldn't help but smile, I'm sure it made her all the more nervous, but I didn't care, I just knew I needed my cock in her mouth before I shot my load on the floor.

Monique's hands trembled so bad I didn't think she'd be able to get her panties to the floor, but she inched it down her thighs. When I saw her smooth, shaved mound I was in heaven. She jerked away as I got to my feet and moved toward her.

"On your knees!" I grabbed her by the neck and f***ed her to the floor. "Suck my dick slut!" I f***ed the head of my cock to her lips. I grabbed a clump of her hair in my hands and twisted till she screamed. "I said suck my cock cunt!"

I almost blew as I f***ed my prick in between her tight moist lips. I heard her gag as I f***ed all 8" of my dick down her throat. I felt her tongue moving over the bottom of my shaft involuntarily as she struggled for breath. I clamped my hands on the back of her head and held her on me till I thought she was going to pass out.

I only pulled out for an instant, long enough for her to gasp for breath before I slammed my hips forward and made her swallow me again. I knew I wasn't going to last long, but I wanted to get a couple good thrusts in before I blew in her mouth. I felt her hands at my hips trying to push me away, but with the urgency I felt to cum, nothing was going to keep me from having my prick deep in her sweet little mouth.

I felt it deep in my loins. I've never felt my balls contract like that. I felt the cum shoot from my dick, and it kept coming, my balls pulsed and shot a huge load deep in Monique's throat. I could hear her gagging as I held the back of her head tight, forcing her to take my whole length in her mouth. I didn't think it would ever stop, my balls jerked and squeezed more cum out, I bellowed out in a primal roar. I kept cumming so much it hurt.

After what seemed like an eternity I knew I'd spent my load. I looked down at my new prize as I eased my rampant cock from her mouth. I could see the cum seeping around her lips, and she started to cough up my seed.

"Swallow it slut, swallow it!" I arched her head back as she gasped for breath. "Swallow it down cunt!" I saw her big hazel eyes looking up at me, pleading, begging me to stop, but there was something a****l in my need to see her drink all my sperm down.

I let go of Monique's hair and let her collapse to the floor after she'd desperately swallowed all my cum. She lay in a heap sobbing as I went to the bathroom to get a drink of water. My balls still tingled.

Monique was still lying on the floor, in the midst of her cute little outfit, when I came back into the bedroom. I had to lift her off the ground and onto the bed.

"Get on your knees!" Monique pushed her ass into the air and got to her knees. I grabbed for her wrists and pulled them back to her ankles, spreading her legs wider I duct taped her wrists to her ankles, her face was f***ed down into the mattress. I pulled off her shoes and socks and left her like that. I loved the way her hair cascaded over her head and spread out on the bed.

I laid down on the bed next to Monique's head, she turned to face me, I could see the tears streaming down her cheeks. I pushed the hair out of her face.

"How'd you like that slut? Have you ever given a blow job before?" I saw her nod in abject humiliation. "Tell me, do you like the taste of cum?" I watched her close her eyes and stutter out the word no.

"Well, you'd better get used to it." I reached up under her body and pinched her nipple between my fingers.

"Have you ever had vaginal sex Monique?" When I heard her sobbing I knew the answer was no, and she knew I was going to pop her cherry soon.

"How about masturbation?" I didn't hear her response, but I didn't much care.

"Well, I'm going to make you cum Monique, you've been a good girl." I got up from the bed and walked to my dresser. I've always loved seeing women orgasm, so one of the toys I'd picked up over the years was a Magic Wand vibrator.

Monique did what she could to watch me after I plugged in the vibrator. I had the G-Spot attachment too, but I didn't think I'd need it, not tonight at least.

I heard her whimpering when I flipped the switch and the vibrator started going. I heard her squeak as I pressed the head of the vibrator into the folds of her sex.

"How do you like that?" I saw Monique's legs start to shudder as I moved the head of the vibrator up and down over her sex, her whole body convulsed when I touched the vibrator to her clit.

"Please…stop…please…" I didn't listen to her words, I pressed the head against her clit and gently spread her labia with my fingers. I moved my fingers over her sensitive flesh, I could already feel the moisture spreading from her pussy.

I flipped the switch on the vibrator to high and pushed it harder against Monique's clit, I could hear her cries growing louder.

"That's it slut." I got between her legs and let my tongue dart into her sex. I licked her, spreading her young flesh wide, tasting the pink as I held the vibrator to her clit.

Monique's legs started to shake, I could see her tits jiggling. I loved the mixture of want, and disgust in her movements. I could see her hips gyrating, pushing back onto my tongue, rubbing against the vibrator's head as she cried out, begging me to stop.

I f***ed a finger into her pussy, not deep, just enough to tease her body.

"That's it cunt, fuck me, fuck my finger." I could hear her start to pant, her nipples were hard and I pushed the head of the vibrator against her breast, she involuntarily groaned.

I slid my finger from Monique's snatch, it was wet with her juices. I f***ed my mouth over her pussy and started delving my tongue into her body and over her clit.

I could hear her moaning louder. With my hands free I reached up under her body and grasped her breasts, I twisted and molded her flesh in my hands, driving her on.

"That's it slut, cum for me!" I sucked on her clit, nibbling on the hard little bud with my teeth. I could feel her hips moving, I knew she was about to cum. I swabbed my tongue over her labia, pushing her to the edge, I wanted to hear her scream out.

"STOP, STOP, Please, stop!!!" I could hear the desperation in her voice, but that only drove me on further. I could hear her panting, her cries were like the screech of an a****l, the muscles of her thighs convulsed as she arched her head up and screamed.

I bit down on her clit, not hard enough to do damage, but enough so she could feel it.

"Cum for me slut, cum for me!" Monique wailed, her whole body trembled, I could see her leg muscles spasming…

I didn't even wait for her body to stop reacting. I pushed the vibrator against her clit again.

"God no, please, please, stop, please!!!" I know her pleas were sincere, but I wanted to make her cum again.

"Come on slut, I'm going to make you cum again." I milked Monique's breast, squeezing it like an udder as I moved the vibrator up and down over her labia. Her nipples were hard, and I loved the way they felt as I pinched them, making her scream in pain.

"Cum for me cunt." I let go of her tit and f***ed my finger into her pussy, not deep, but enough to make her moan. Her body was covered in a sheen of perspiration, it was gorgeous. I loved the way her tight little pussy throbbed under my touch, contracting, squeezing me. The vibrator buzzed against her clit and I knew she was about to cum again.

With my finger in her pussy and the vibrator on her clit I moved my tongue over her engorged labia. She tried to jerk away but there was nothing she could do. I could hear her panting, gasping for breath as she was about to orgasm again.

"Please, please, please…" I drove my tongue between her labia while I pinched her clit hard. I still had the vibrator f***ed against her body.

I've never seen a girl's body react like hers did to an orgasm, Monique screamed as her legs bucked, I thought she'd fall off the bed the way they contracted so hard. I could hear the duct tape making little cracking sounds as every muscle in her body convulsed.

"That's it slut, cum for me, cum for me!" I ran the vibrator up and down over the length of her sex, with particular attention to her clit. She screamed like mad, I could tell there was a part, deep down, that liked it.

Monique was still moaning when I got off the bed, I hurried to the closet and pulled out a leather belt. It was an old and well worn belt, but I knew it would do the job. It was a good inch and a half wide and I doubled it over so I'd have better control.

I don't even know if Monique saw me approaching, her body was writhing, I could see her forcing her chest down, rubbing her nipples against the bed spread. I don't know if she even heard the swish through the air, but I know she felt it when the leather struck her engorged labia. I would have loved to see her eyes go wide when she felt the bite of the belt, but I was too busy bringing it down again, almost in the exact spot as before. I heard her high pitched scream echo through the room as I kept bringing the belt down on her body, I didn't want to whip her too much, I just wanted Monique to feel the bite of the leather on her hypersensitive flesh. The sound of the belt on her skin was pushing me over the edge, I wanted to beat her more with the belt, but I couldn't hold out much longer.

I rolled Monique over onto her back. The way her wrists were taped to her ankles it spread her legs nicely. I brought the belt down on her tits a few times, I caught her hard little clit dead on with the belt, raising desperate screams.

I tossed the belt aside and climbed on Monique's body, my dick was hard and I was ready to blow again. She was still wailing in pain from the belt when I slammed my prick into her virgin cunt. I could feel her stomach muscles contract under mine. I drove my dick all the way inside her, till I felt my balls slap against her ass. I loved the way I could feel her thighs against my hips. I grabbed for her hair and clamped my mouth down on hers. There was nothing she could do, I slammed into her again and again, I couldn't help it, I wanted to hurt her as I fucked her. I knew she'd remember her first time forever.

I knew I was about to cum so I buried my prick full in her pussy. I felt the sperm flood her, my balls contracted, it was almost painful as I pumped her full of my cum, though I can't tell you how good it felt. I could feel her breasts crushed against my chest, I could feel her body shudder as she sobbed.

I don't know how long I laid there on top of her, my dick still hard and buried in the soft warmth of her pussy. I whispered into her ear.

"God you've got some kind of tight pussy. We're going to have a good time." I rolled off Monique. I ran my hand over her belly, and over her pussy, my semen dribbled out of her little cunt. Her hair was disheveled, her body was covered in sweat, makeup was streaked over her face, and I could still see her little pussy throbbing and twitching. The red marks where I'd laid the belt down on her tits were still visible.

With a knife and cut Monique's wrists and ankles free. Her legs flopped down on the bed, splayed wide.

I ran my fingers over her swollen sex, I could hear her moan as I slid my finger into her pussy.

"We're going to have a lot of fun babe. I'm going to fuck that pussy of yours everyday, and I'm going to make you masturbate for me, I love seeing you cum." I couldn't wait to get on the net and drop a couple thousand dollars on sex toys and bondage gear, but I'd wait till the next day for that.

"Get up, go into the bathroom, clean up, take a shower if you want, then we'll go to bed." I ran my hand over the inside of her thighs. "Do you want anything more to eat, or drink?" She seemed to disenheartened to react much, but I saw her nod softly no.

"Go, get in the bathroom!" I loved the way she moved. Even with the pain and humiliation she felt, she had a certain grace in her movements. She had the most beautiful legs, long, thin, gorgeous!

I went down and got a glass of water and some snacks, I needed to take care of my girl. When I got back up into my room, I could hear the shower running, I was pretty sure I could hear her crying.

I felt a little tingle in my balls when thought about the girls down in the basement. I wondered if any of them had got to sl**p yet? Really, it didn't matter, the longer they stayed up, the more ready they were going to be when I started in on them. I still couldn't believe it was all happening. When I woke up this morning, I never would have thought, hell, dreamed, that these 5 gorgeous teens would enter my life.

I heard the shower stop running, I couldn't wait for my girl to get out of the bathroom. I didn't have any more plans for her tonight, just to get some sl**p, but I couldn't wait to get her in the bed next to me.

After about 5 minutes I started to get impatient.

"Hey slut, hurry up, get your ass out here!" I heard her sob just a little louder, then I heard the door open. I was already on the bed, I had the sheets pulled back waiting for her.

"God you're a beautiful little whore." Monique had her hands crossed over her chest, and the palm of her hand trying to cover up her sex.

"No slut, arms at your side, never try to cover yourself from me, do you understand?" She nodded, a resigned, hopeless nod. Her hair was still wet from the shower, her nipples were hard and her breasts were absolutely gorgeous.

"Come here, get in bed." I motioned her over to me.

"Please…" I put my finger to my lip and she went silent. Instinctively she tried to cover herself again, but then I could tell she remembered and dropped her hands to her sides.

"Good girl." She sat on the edge of the bed. I grabbed for her elbow and pulled her onto the bed. She yelped as I twisted her arm, but I got her on her back.

"Give me your wrists!" She looked up to me with her wide hazel eyes.

"Relax I just need to tie your wrists and ankles, then we can go to bed." I took her wrists in my hand, I could easily hold them in one palm, I looped rope around one wrist, then pulled it around her other wrist, snugging them together so she couldn't get away. I didn't pull it too tight, just enough so it wouldn't come lose.

"Pick up your legs…" I could have crawled to the foot of the bed, but I wanted to see how flexible she was. Monique kicked up her legs until they were perpendicular to her body, I grabbed the back of her thighs and f***ed her legs down till her knees touched her breasts.

"Hold your legs like that." I looped more rope around her ankles till I knew she wouldn't be able to work it free.

"You can put them down." I lay down next to her, I could feel Monique try to move away.

"Don't move away from me, ever, I own you now. Let's get some sl**p." I pulled the covers up over top of us. I could feel her body shaking as I put my arm over top of her breasts. I whispered in her ear.

"We're going to have a lot of fun together Monique, just behave, and I'll treat you right." I flipped the lights off and closed my eyes resting my head on her shoulder. I could feel her heart beating, I knew she was uncomfortable with me holding her, but I didn't care. My mind was filled with all the things I needed to do. I needed to get the house in order and ready for my new cadre of slaves. I couldn't wait to get online and buy all the toys I was going to need. I could feel my dick getting hard and bulging against Monique's thigh as I faded off to sl**p easily. ... Continue»
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Sharing My Room With s*s: part 2

I woke up in bed next to my s****r Abby. My underwear, which had been left

around my knees last night, had worked themselves off overnight, and my dick sat

loosely under the sheets, just inches away from my still sl**ping s*s. I pulled the

covers back and noticed of few dried spots of my cum on the sheets. I

remembered the whole encounter, from her nervous fingers slipping into my

boxer-briefs to our mutual explosion. There could be no doubt this time of whether

the night before had been a dream.

I got out of bed and pulled on some pants. Abby started to wake up and look at

me. "We'd better get into the kitchen for breakfast. Mom expects us in there in a

minute." She nodded. The thought of Mom coming to get us frightened me, though

there was nothing in our room right now to indicate what we'd done without a real

investigation. I instinctively just wanted to keep everyone as far away from my

room as possible. My room had turned into a magic place, separate from the rest

of the world, a place only for Abby and me, where we went from just being b*****r

and s****r to something more.

We sat and ate breakfast, and I looked across the table at Abby. Even just sitting

there, her soft features were beautiful. Her long red hair was slightly mussed. Her

eyes and mouth made her look kind, her usual look of indifference or sadness

replaced with a slight glow. Her skin was smooth and pale, only broken with a

spattering of freckles on each cheek.

She was still in her pajamas, an old pair blue cotton with purple dogs printed on

them, worn thin and too small for her body. Water damage in her room a few

nights ago had wreaked havoc in her room, forcing her to share my room with me

and leaving only this old pair from going to the laundry service. The top was long-

sleeved with buttons down the middle, the fabric stretching around her causing

gaps to open between the buttons. This morning I noticed her nipples standing out

through the fabric, and I thought about how I slid my hand inside her shirt two

nights before.

On the front of her pajamas was a small line of white spots going down her chest.

Any other day I would have assumed she'd dripped some toothpaste, but this time

I knew it was from when my cum had shot off into the dark last night. Seeing it in

the light of the kitchen both excited me and made me nervous. Up until now our

encounters had been solely confined to my room, but now I was suddenly aware

that it couldn't just stay there. The effects of it would spill out into the rest of the

world, and we'd have to be very careful to not give any clue as to what was


We finished breakfast and got up to head back to my room to get ready for

school. My mom stopped me a moment. "Why don't you stay down here a while

longer and give your s****r some time to get ready in your room. It only takes you

a few minutes to get ready, and Abby would probably appreciate the privacy."

She went off to finish getting ready for work. I had no choice but to sit on the couch

and wait for a bit.

My mom finally left for work, and I headed to my room to get ready with only about

5 minutes until Abby and I usually left. I peeked in and saw Abby was just finishing

getting her things together to leave. "All ready," she said.

"Alright, it should only take me a few minutes." I headed into the closet to get

some clothes, expecting her to head to the living room. When I came back out, I

saw Abby had instead put her stuff down and was sitting on my edge of my

computer chair looking at me with a smile on her face.

"Mom said you should give me privacy, she didn't say anything about me having

to give you privacy."

I paused a second and then smiled back at her. I pulled off my shirt, and then

slowly slid my shorts off. Instead of getting dressed I just stood there a moment,

completely naked in front of her, my dick already fully hard. "I just remembered

that I need to check something for Social Studies class." I walked over to my

computer right next to Abby, and she turned her chair to keep facing me. As I

reached down to the mouse and clicked to some random news website, my erect

dick stuck out just inches from Abby's smiling face. With each heartbeat it pulsed


Abby casually placed her hand on the back of my thigh, and then turned her head

toward the computer screen. With her ear almost brushing against my shaft, she

said, "Find what you were looking for?"

"Uh, yeah," I said, mind not at all on the computer.

"Great. It's time to go, you'd better finish getting ready." And with her biggest

smile, she turned and slid out of the chair without touching me and left the room.

After school was over, I again rushed out to drive home with Abby. It was Friday

night, and I was hot with anticipation for what might happen tonight. Like the day

before I saw her standing near Mady and Cindy, her old friends who had turned on

her this year to join a more popular group of girls. I feared they were taunting her

as they'd done the day before, but as I got closer, I realized that Madison was

talking to her more normally, making plans for something.

"Ready to go?" I asked.

"Yeah," she said. She turned back to Mady with a polite smile. "I'll see you


We walked to the car, and she told me what had happened. "Mady said she

wanted to be my friend again. Apparently, Mady's boyfriend's friend Lance

thought I was cute." I couldn't argue with that. "She agreed to ask get me to go out

with him. If he likes me, I'll get to hang out with Mady and Cindy again."

My heart sank when she said this, not just for the possibility of loosing what we'd

just started, but also for her. Abby was having a hard time adjusting to high school

and making new friends after her problems with Mady and Cindy. This didn't

sound like a good idea to me, but I knew that Abby really wanted to reconcile. I'd

have to go along with it and support her anyway.

"We're going on a double date with Mady and her boyfriend tonight. They're going

to pick me up at 6 for dinner and a movie." I could tell she was nervous telling me

this. I think we both knew this could change how things were going with us, but

weren't really sure how yet. I guess I already knew that we couldn't have this

relationship forever, eventually one of us would move on.

"Well, I'm sure he'll like you. You're a sweet and beautiful woman," I said,

mustering every once of courage that I could.

We stopped by the mall so she could buy a new outfit and went home so she

could get ready. At six Lance picked her up. My highly anticipated evening now

left empty, I decided to go to the movie too. I knew it was silly to follow her, but I

still didn't trust Mady after the last few weeks and felt the need to protect Abby,

even if I embarrassed myself doing it.

I waited a while and headed to the theatre, wearing a hat low so I would be harder

to recognize. As I waited in line for popcorn, I saw Abby and the other three come

in and head in to get a seat. I got my popcorn and followed them in. The particular

theatre wasn't very crowded, but I saw Abby and Lance had sat a few rows from

the top. A row behind and several seats over were Mady and her boyfriend. I

headed all the way to the top without being noticed.

As the movie started, I saw Madison making out with her boyfriend. After a few

minutes, I saw him wiggle around in his seat a minute, and then her head

disappeared into his lap. No wonder she'd gotten popular so quickly.

Feeling more nervous for Abby, I watched Lance put his arm around her and

whisper to her. She seemed to be talking back nicely, but I could tell she was

tense. He kept pulling her closer and she kept trying to move farther away. I

decided to act. I slipped down to the row in front of them, and started walking by

as if I'd just arrived to get a seat. As I passed them, I pretended to trip and dump

my popcorn on them. "Sorry, sticky floors," I said. Lance brushed it off and turned

back toward Abby, not knowing who I was. Abby, of course, recognized me, but

didn't say anything. I walked past and headed back up to my seat to watch,

knowing she needed to resolve this herself.

After a few minutes, Lance got more heated in his talking. Mady, apparently

finished on her side, and moved down closer to them. Their talking was too low

for me to hear, until Mady got louder. "Don't be a bitch, Abby. Lance is my friend.

We're in high school now, for Christ's sake. Don't be such a prude. Why don't you

go home and play with your Barbies? She's still just a little girl too scared to be an

adult, Lance." Abby got up and practically ran out of the theatre. I got up and

followed as the other three kept bitching among themselves.

Outside, I was afraid Abby would be crying, but I found her surprising calm. She

walked with me to my car and headed home.

"He pulled his penis out right there in front of me. Mady had told him I'd give him a

blowjob. I couldn't do it, it was too gross."

"I'm sorry, Abby. Mady just got to high school and turned into a bitch, that's all.

Give it time, you'll make new friends who are much better than her."

It was already late by the time we got home and Mom was already in bed. We

headed to my room for bed. After her experience, I figured she was completely

not in the mood, so I decided again not to push her for anything. We walked into

my room and closed the door. Abby turned me toward her and gave me a tight

hug. I thought she was still bummed about Mady. "It's like I have to try so hard

around everyone to play the parts they want me to play. The only time I feel like I

can just be myself is with you."

"Real friends don't try and make you do things you aren't comfortable with or

ready for," I told her.

Abby pulled her head off my shoulder and looked in my eyes for just a moment.

Then she pulled in and pressed her lips into mine. We held each other and

kissed. Her tongue slowly slid through into my mouth, and I met it with mine. As

our tongues spun around together, she seemed to melt in my arms.

She pulled away after a minute, and then pushed me down onto my bed. She

leaned over and kissed me again, her hands unbuttoning and unzipping my pants.

She grabbed my waist on either side, and I lifted up enough for her to pull it over

my butt. Then she pulled the front of my pants and underwear out and down,

releasing my dick. She pulled back from the kiss and slid off my pants. She

yanked her top off, then reached behind her and quickly unsnapped her bra,

casting aside, before helping me pull off my shirt.

She leaned over and started kissing me again. Her finger, starting at my knee,

ran all the way up along the inside of my thigh, stopping just briefly at the base of

my dick before tracing it to the tip. I raised my hands up and held the back of her

head. My fingers slid down through her long red hair along her back to her waist,

then traced gently up her sides. Reaching her breasts, my fingers ran around the

edges. As she leaned over, her tits hanged down, nipples pointing at my bare

chest, and my hands slowly tightened around them. Her hand was fully wrapped

around my cock, stroking slowly.

She pulled away again, never taking her hand off my dick, she pulled her pants off

and sat down next to me. Hesitating only a moment, she leaned over and gave a

gentle, testing kiss to the head of my dick. Three more followed, each a bit longer

and a bit deeper. Holding me in her hand, she kissed down the length of my shaft

and back up again. Again on the head, she kissed more deeply, and I felt her

tongue start to flick across the tip. She continued, each kiss becoming more of a

slurp, her lips wrapping farther around me until my whole head was in her mouth.

Holding it there, she ran her tongue around one side, then the other. Her hand

started slow strokes along my length, and she started gently sucking, her tongue

rubbing against the tip.

I needed to distract myself so I didn't cum in her mouth right then. I ran my hand

along her back down to her ass, and gently caressed my finger along her crack.

She scooted back to give me better access and I leaned slightly to wrap my hand

around her. After briefly cupping her breast, I slid down her stomach to the fuzz

over her pussy. Her breathing quickened and she started stroking faster. She

paused a moment and ran her tongue up and down my shaft, then devoured my

head again. Her legs spread apart, and my fingers again touched lightly along the

fuzz and skin of her pussy lips. I found them spread far apart, her warm moist flesh

inside beckoning. My finger slid into her easily.

Despite the awkward reaching of my arm around her, I had no trouble matching

her quickening pace. My finger rubbed inside her as she sucked my dick, and she

quickly seemed to approach her climax. She starting jerking on my hand, and her

mouth let loose my dick. She breathed in and out hard with each spasm, but kept

jerking me off furiously. A moment after she pulled her head back, my cum shot

out into the air. Over and over she jerked, and over and over my dick shot loads of

cum onto us both.

When it was over, we got up to clean ourselves. She turned to me and smiled,

and I saw my cum spread across her face, with several gobs stuck in her hair and

a few lines almost seeming to connect the dots of freckles on her cheeks.

"In here with each other, its just us, and we be ourselves and just do what we feel

like and be together. We don't have to hold anything back." She reached up with

one finger and wiped my cum off her cheek.
I woke up slowly feeling something unusual. Usually I woke up feeling still groggy,

but today something was different. I lay there a moment, head swirling, and

realized what it was: a tickling sensation running up my thigh. It reached the leg of

my boxer-briefs and paused only a moment before I felt them be pulled up and

something slide in underneath. The sensation slid over the last bit of thigh and

started running up and down my slowly growing dick.

More awake now, I opened my eyes and saw my s****r Abby standing over me.

"Time to wake up," she said. "Its Saturday. Mom wants to talk to us about my

room." She ran her finger along my dick one last time, then pulled her hand out

and left.

Three nights ago a storm had smashed a window in my s****r's room, forcing me

to share my room with her until the damage was repaired. Having trouble making

friends at school, she'd turned to me for comfort. She had convinced be to share

the bed with her, leading to the three hottest nights of my life. Though we'd both

wanted it, our mutual nervousness and fear had nearly stopped us. Just last night,

Abby had been set up on a date by her former friend. The guy had tried to push

her too far and her friend had called her a prude. When we got home and into my

room, she'd shown me how wrong they were. Outside my room, we had to

pretend to be something else, but while we were alone in there, we could let loose

with each other.

Mom told us that in order to try to save some money on repairs, that she and I

would have to do some of the work. After breakfast we moved her furniture and

other stuff out to the garage. As we cleaned up, Abby discovered that her

computer wasn't working anymore. "The water must have shorted it out. Should

have had a surge protected on it," I told her.

"I need my computer to work on homework," she said.

"I'm sorry, dear. You'll have to share your b*****r's computer until we can get you a

knew one."

A week before, the very idea of anyone else getting on my computer would have

terrified me. No one, not even Abby and Mom, used to come into my room very

often and no one else ever used my computer. I, therefore, hadn't gone to much

effort to hide the porn I regularly viewed on it. If Abby so much as looked through

the folders in my bookmarks, she'd run across links to my favorite sites. After the

last couple of nights, the thought was somewhat exciting now. Even so, some of

those sites had some pretty nasty stuff on there, and I worried if it would be too

much for Abby. I'd have to try to clear some of it off today when she wasn't around.

As I set about starting on pulling the carpet out, the laundry service came by to

drop off Abby's clothes, newly cleaned after being soaked. She grabbed them

and headed into my room to sort through them. I worked alone in her room for

several hours pulling off the baseboards, definitely in to hurry to get her room back

together. Abby came in through the bathroom connecting our rooms wearing

some of her returned clothes. Even though it was a little chilly in her room from the

broken window, she wore a tank top and some shorts, her usual sl**p wear but

not around-the-house garb.

"Its so nice to have my clothes back," she said, turning in a pose in front of me.

The shorts were very short, and just a bit of the curve of her ass cheeks peeked

out at the bottom. Her tank top was white without a bra underneath. The bumps of

her nipples were clearly visible through it. "I moved stuff out of some of your

drawers into the closet to make room for my clothes." I nodded, trying not to stare

too much. She smiled at me and casually dropped both of her thumbs inside the

front of her waistband, pushing it down slightly. As I half-heartedly pulled at a

baseboard, she sunk the waistband lower until her I could see just a bit of her

short, curly, fire-red pubes sticking out the top. Holding it there a moment, she

said, "I was surfing the web for my English homework and saw you had some

interesting bookmarks on there." She turned and walked through the bathroom

back into my room. I got up and followed.

"Uh, what exactly were you looking at?" I asked, trying to hide the embarrassment

that was swelling within me, despite my excitement.

"Just some Literature study group forums," she said. I slowly came into the room

and cautiously peeked around until I could see the screen. It looked to be an

analysis of Hamlet. "This stuff here is pretty boring. Anyway, you'd better get back

in there. We'd hate for Mom to have to come looking for you." She pushed me

back toward the bathroom and shut the door behind me.

I headed back in a pulled weakly at baseboards, wondering what Abby was up to.

After a couple more hours it was late afternoon, and I decided to quit for the day. I

headed back into my room and found Abby lying on my bed, the computer

monitor switched off. "Find what you needed online?" I asked her.

"Yep," she replied. She lay back on the bed and stretched her arms behind her.

She opened her legs wide and pressed the bottom of her feet together. The fabric

of her shorts was pulled tightly across her pussy, barely covering her hole. On

either side, the gentle curve and fuzz of the outside of her pussy lips stuck out.

Before I could think to do something, she stood up and headed for the door. "I'm

going to go watch some TV for a while," she said. I breathed out in frustrated

disbelief, and she smiled slyly as she went.

I sat down at my computer desk and clicked on the monitor to find that my s****r

had left some browsers open. It was clear from the page titles that she had been

surfing from my porn bookmarks. The first page showed a series of pics of a guy

fingering a girl's pussy. The thought of my s****r looking at this turned me on, and

alone in my room, I slid my dick from my pants and pushed them to the floor. After

going through the pics, I clicked to the next window. In another series, a blonde

was giving a handjob. By now I was stroking my dick in a steady pace.

A movement in the corner of my eye made me glance up at the bathroom door,

which I saw was standing partway open. On the other side stood my s****r, her

hands behind her back leaning in to get a view of me. Seeing that I saw her, she

pushed the door open and stepped in, closing it behind her. "Don't stop on my

account. There's nothing good on TV so I decided to chill here for a bit." She sat

down on the bed behind me and stretched to look over my shoulder. "Oh, I liked

that one, too. After looking at that site for a while, that one was one of my


She reached around me and grabbed the mouse, clicking on the next window.

This series showed a brunette sitting next to a guy, leaning over giving him a

blowjob. I realized that it was almost the exact same position that we'd been in the

night before. She clicked one of the images. It was a close-up of the blowjob. The

girl gripped his dick in her hand and had it deep inside her mouth. "Maybe that

one will help you out." I looked up at her standing over me, then focused back on

the computer and started stroking again. She clicked back and selected another

image. While the girl was still sucking, the guy had reached around to touch her

pussy, much as I had done to her.

She slid her left hand up my shirt and pulled it up above my stomach, wrapping

arm around my chest. She clicked through a few more images. I looked up at her

again and saw her eyes gazing at my dick in my hand. "Enjoying the show?" I


"Definitely. You're having such a good time, I don't want to interfere too much." I

stroked a little faster, my eyes now locked on her face instead of the screen. I

remembered the sight of my cum splattered across her cheeks and hair. "There's

one more page I left for you," she said. It was a video. She hit play and let go of

the mouse, wrapping her other arm around my chest as well, still looking over my


In the video was a redhead. She had long hair and her skin looked nearly as pale

and soft as Abby's. She stripped off her clothes, leaving on only a pair of black

stockings. After a few poses, she sat on a bed and spread her legs apart. She

ran her fingers over her shaved pussy, playing with herself.

Abby reached her right hand down and ran her fingers along my thigh as I kept

masturbating. She traced up until her finger just barely brushed my balls, then

moved up and caressed the back of my hand as it moved. Beads of pre-cum

began sliding down the tip of my dick. Abby took her finger and wiped it up, then

brought it up to her lips. She closed her eyes and slowly and sensually licked it up.

She put her fingertip in her mouth and sucked off what was left, moaning slightly to

tease me.

I could hardly believe that it. For years I had known her as my shy little s****r who

always seemed uncomfortable. Around everyone else, she would hardly say two

words. But now in this room with me another part of her entirely seemed to be


Still watching her face, I noticed her eyes were back on the computer. I looked at

it and saw that now the guy had come in and was licking around the lips of her

pussy. Abby's hand reached back down to my thigh and quickly traced their way

to my balls. We both watched the video, and with me stroking had high speed she

took two fingers and lightly caressed around my balls. Her fingers rubbed a little

circle around my sack, then traced around the outside, stopping underneath to

tickle the a little more.

In the video, the guy had started flicking his tongue across her clit. Knowing I didn't

have long, I took my free hand and placed it on hers. I guided her thumb to the

base of my dick near my stomach, and then pulled her fingers on the skin right

underneath my balls. I squeezed her hand, causing her to tighten a grip in just the

way I often did when I jerked off. I released her hand and she held me, squeezing

firmly but not too tightly. I reached my free arm around behind me and grabbed

onto her bare shoulder.

Barely even aware of the woman cumming on the movie, I came hard myself,

splattering across my stomach. With each shot that spurted I felt myself pulsing

under my balls against the firm squeeze of Abby's fingers.

She kissed my neck, then ran her tongue along my ear. With her hand she cupped

my balls and squeezed them slightly. "Looks like you're totally spent. That's ok, my

turn can wait until tonight." She kissed my neck. "Maybe there's something on TV

now. You should come with me, we can find a movie." As she released my balls,

she ran her fingers gently across them and then up the length of my shaft before

turning away and leaving the room.

After dinner we sat in the living room and watched a movie with Mom. Half way

through, Abby left to take a shower and get ready for bed. My aided masturbation

took enough edge off that I managed to sit and watch the rest of the movie until

Mom went to bed.

Entering my room, I found Abby standing in the closet facing away from me

looking through her clothes. She was wrapped in her bath towel. Her red hair was

still damp and hung along her back. She'd heard me come in but had remained

where she was, only turning her head slightly to see me in the corner of my eye.

When she was sure I'd seen her, a soft smile came on her face. She closed her

eyes and tilted her turned head away from me, seeming to beckon me to her


I walked up behind her and placed my hands on her bare shoulders. I leaned my

head down and started placing kisses along her neck, working my way from near

her shoulder to just behind her ear.

She tugged the towel open in the front and let it fall to the floor, leaving her naked

next to me. She turned towards me slightly more, stretched towards me and

kissed me. For a few moments we stood there, and I enjoyed her soft lips melting

into mine. Then she turned and pushed me gently out of the closet.

I stood for a moment and just looked at her standing directly under the single light

bulb of my closet, much as I had seen her naked for the first time days before, but

without the same reservations. Her legs were long and slender. Though still young

and skinny, her body was tantalizingly round in her soft face, firm tits and ass. Her

skin was a pale, creamy white all over her body except for the freckles sprinkled

across her cheeks, shoulders, and arms. The white skin naturally drew attention to

the bright red color of her long hair and wispy pubes, which tapered neatly into the

fuzz covering her barely visible pussy lips.

She gave me a moment to stare. "Excuse me," she said, and then slid past me

out of the closet. She got onto the bed at the foot, then slowly crawled on all fours

up it, giving me a perfect view of her ass and pussy. Once at the head of the bed,

she reached over to the computer desk and started pulling up another website.

As she navigated the pages, clearly knowing where she wanted to go, she

wiggled her butt playfully in the air. She started playing a video and turned over

onto her back, her eyes never so much as glancing at me. Her hand went down

between her legs and started to pet her own pussy. Her finger traced around her

hole a few seconds as she stared at the computer, then began wiggling its way

between her moist lips and finally slowly plunged deep into her pussy.

In the video, a girl sat back in a chair with her legs spread. A guy kneeled down in

front of her and started to flick his tongue into her pussy. As his tongue touched

her, Abby's hips raised up slightly against her hand.

I got the hint, and didn't need to be told twice. I climbed onto the bed and rested

myself between her knees. As she continued staring at the computer and

fingering herself I took my hand and began caressing the inside of her thigh,

quickly making my way to the top. Much like she had lightly caressed my balls

earlier while I masturbated, I lightly ran my finger along the outside of one lip,

almost tickling.

I stretched up farther and began placing kisses along her thigh, retracing my

fingers. When I reached about an inch from her pussy, I paused. Though I'd

fingered her several times already, I'd never seen a real pussy this close before.

Most of the girls I'd seen online had shaved pussies with stretched out parts that

seemed to practically fall open. Between Abby's legs was something quite

different. Her flesh looked soft yet tight, lightly covered with the red fuzz that he'd

come to adore. Instead of falling open, her lips seemed to be pulling themselves

apart, revealing soft pink inside. I felt my breath warming the air between it and

his mouth. The part that drove me the most wild was the sweet smell, unlike

anything I'd imagined before.

Cautiously, I leaned in and lightly kissed her right lip. I paused just a second then

kissed the left one, then again, more deeply. I ran my tongue through her fuzz

against her flesh, again switching sides. After a few passes, my traced the inside

of one lip, and then I finally and deeply delved into the middle.

The taste of her juices was even better than the smell. She moaned lightly, then

released herself and moved both hands to my head, running her fingers into my

hair and pressing me into her slowly thrusting hips. I slurped across her, more

slowly than the guy in the video. After a minute, I turned my head a bit and started

deeply kissing her pussy as I would her mouth, with my lips pressing against hers

and my tongue delved as deeply into her pussy as I could get it.

She had clearly lost interest in the video. She pulled me by my hair and

repositioned my mouth over the top of her pussy. "Lick my clit," she moaned to

me between deep breathes. I flicked my tongue across her and, finding its place,

gently circled around it, occasionally flicking across. Her hips rose up more and

her back arched to meet my mouth. I brought one hand up and grabbed her ass.

I brought up my other hand to her pussy as I kept licking around her clit and slid a

finger inside her. I stroked against the texture of the inside of her vagina. Her

breathing again quickened along with her gentle moans, and I closed my lips

around her clit, sucking lightly. As I quickened my pace, I felt her ass clench in my

grip and, pressing my head more with her hands, grinded against my mouth. I

kept building the pace to a furious pitch, until finally she came. With each pulse,

her back arched, her ass clenched hard and her pussy squeezed my finger tight. I

kept sucking and stroking to meet each pulse and felt her juices flowing freely

down my finger onto my hand.

She finally relaxed and slowly released my head. Holding my finger inside her a

bit longer, I took my tongue and gently lapped her pussy around it, pulling in all of

her sweetness I could.

I brought my dick in gently between her lips until it touched them both, my tip just

barely in her mouth. I slowly stroked my cock as it sat there. Suddenly and yet

slowly, she closed her lips around my head. Her mouth opened again slightly, and

I felt the end of her tongue push against my dick, but only for a moment. Her lips

puckered out again and closed a little farther down around my dick, taking my

whole head into her mouth. She shifted her body slightly again and let out a soft

"Mmmm." I couldn't believe she was still asl**p!

Some impulse buried deep within her sl**ping brain caused her to start sucking

gently at what was in her mouth. I couldn't help pressing my dick into her mouth

just a bit further. With my fingertips pinching my shaft I made short, sharp strokes

on my dick. Abby's mouth sucked a little harder, and I felt her tongue press

against my head, rubbing slightly with each suckle.

I couldn't take anymore. I pulled out of her mouth and came. I turned slightly and

the first few hard spurts shoot across her back, a bit even reaching her ass. Much

of the rest dribble off my dick and fall onto her cheek, where part slowly slid down

her chin. She again moistened her lips and then closed her mouth.

I still worried what she might think if she awoke and found out what I'd done. I took

a tissue and gently wiped my cum off her face without disturbing her. With my dick

gradually softening, I climbed over her and snuggled up against her. She turned

again to her side facing away from me, and I pressed against her back, feeling

the warm wetness of my cum sticking on her back and ass. I lay there and

gradually drifted towards sl**p.

Abby shifted slightly again, her head turning towards mine. Just as I was nearly

asl**p, her soft whisper shocked me awake. My heart suddenly racing with fear

and regret, my brain finally processed the words she had said.

"Next time, spend more time on my pussy, and don't cum so fast. I was just getting

warmed up." She wiggled her bare ass against me until my dick nestled between

her ass cheeks, and then pulled the covers up over us.
It was Friday night, bedtime. Another week was over. Abby sat on the edge of my

bed in her pajamas, brushing her long, curly red hair slowly. She looked at me

standing naked, my dick a beam shooting straight from my body. At this point, it

only took the simple thought of my s****r to make it hard. Abby gave me a small

smile and kept brushing her hair.

I climbed into the bed behind and slid my legs under the sheets, my body and dick

facing her back. I touched her lower back as she kept brushing. I was a little antsy,

since we only had about 20 minutes together.

It had been nearly a month since Abby had moved into my room temporarily. For

the last two weeks, Mom had made me sl**p on the couch to give Abby more

privacy, clueless about what we had actually been doing. Since Mom would

sometimes check around the house late at night, I hadn't tried to sneak back into

my bed with Abby, giving my s****r and I little opportunities to be alone together

since. It had been a week since our last one, when we were aided in getting alone

time by Abby's friend Izzy, who had discovered and kept our secret.

On Thursday, the carpet people had come and put new carpet in Abby's room. All

the water damage had been repaired, and once we moved her stuff back in on

Saturday, she could move back in there. This would be her last night in my room.

Not wanting to miss another chance, I'd come up with the idea of telling Mom I

was taking a shower and sneaking into here with Abby after she'd gone to bed. I

kicked myself for not thinking of it earlier. So many missed chances.

Abby hadn't really been herself this week, or at least she hadn't been the relaxed

and playful Abby I'd come to know the last month. She was quieter, more distant.

"You alright, Abby?"

She turned to look at me. "Yeah." She obviously wasn't, but I wasn't going to pry

right now. She put her brush down, clicked off the light and laid down on her back

beside me. Our lips came together in a kiss, and I caressed her belly. As our

kissing became deeper, I slid my hand up under her shirt to her breast. As I

squeezed her, her hand moved to my thigh and gripped me. Her hand slid down

to my dick and gripped it and she began stroking it.

Not wanting to fall behind, I slid my hand down her front and into her waistband,

pushing past her hairs until they reached the soft flesh of her pussy. We stroked

on each other, and I began pushing my finger into her hole. She wasn't as wet as

she often was. In general she seemed a little more mechanical this time, without

the sense of abandon that she usually exhibited. Maybe she just needed a little

more time to relax and get into it. I figured this might be just what she needed to

get out of her funk. I slid my finger in and out shallowly, giving her juices a chance

to work up.

Raising her hips in the air slightly, she pulled her bottoms down and off and rolled

onto her side, facing away from me. As she scooted back to me, she reached

between her legs and grabbed my dick, squeezing it between her thighs and she

nestled her butt into my pelvis and stomach. I pressed into her, feeling her firm,

round butt cheeks spread slightly against me and my dick push between her

thighs. I wrapped my lower arm around her under her head, allowing me to rest on

that elbow and reach her breast. My other hand petted her pubes, and a pressed

a finger between her squeezed thighs along her pussy. She opened her thighs

and bit and stroked my dick as I slid my finger into her.

After just a moment, she pushed my arm back from her with her elbow and

wiggled her ass down my pelvis slightly, pressing the length of my dick along her

pussy. She again squeezed her thighs together and started rotating her hips,

grinding herself along my shaft. I could feel her pussy lips wrap a little ways

around me, now much wetter, with my head against her clit, her fingers pressing it

in harder. She slid her pussy along my length, her ass rubbing against my

stomach. With my free hand I grabbed her hip, steadying her and pressing her

harder against me.

Slowing the pace, she rotated her hips forward a bit more. With careful control,

she let my head press between her pussy lips. Each firm rock of her pelvis

brought my dick farther between her lips, until I felt the pressure of her pelvic bone

vanish into softness. The head of dick was now right at the entrance of my s****r's

vagina, dipping ever so slightly into it.

My body desperately wanted to just thrust, pressing my whole dick into her in one

move, but instead I completely froze, finding myself unwilling to take that step yet.

Despite everything we'd done together, the idea of actually fucking Abby had

never seemed possible. I never figured Abby would be willing, and though I'd

never even really thought about it consciously, the possibility of impregnating my

s****r terrified me. Even so, at that moment I knew that if she pushed my dick

inside her, I couldn't stop myself.

Abby held me there a moment, holding the tip of my dick ever so slightly inside

her. Suddenly, she opened her thighs, pulled herself off me and rolled onto her

back next to me. Both of us seemed in a state of slight shock, and we lay there

stiffly a minute, saying nothing. Finally, she grabbed me and hugged me tightly.

"What is it?" I asked her.

"I'm sorry, its just..." She trailed off. Was she upset about what had just nearly

happened? Though I had never had pushed her or even suggested it, had she

somehow felt pressured or obligated to go that far, but couldn't?

"It's okay, Abby. I never wanted to make you feel-"

Abby cut me off. "Its just, how long can we do this?" Her voice was a frantic

whisper. "We can't keep this up forever, always pretending to everyone else.

We'd never be able to lead a normal life."

"Oh," was all I managed. So that's why she was upset.

"We're supposed to graduate, move out of here, go to college, get jobs, have

families. How I do any of that if I just want to be with you? Our whole lives would be

a sham. We'll have to stop sometime. And being so close to you has just so...

amazing... that I know the longer we keep going, the harder it will be to ever stop."

I didn't respond, didn't know how to. I didn't want to stop, but I knew somewhere

deep down that she was right. Being with as close with Abby as I was now, not

just sexually but emotionally, had become so important to me, I knew that I'd never

want to give it up. But how could we live normal lives apart from each other,

always hiding our true selves from everyone?

We both sat up on the bed next to each other. I think Abby knew what I was

feeling. She hugged me again, and we held each other tightly.

"Tomorrow I'm going back to my own room. This may be time to let this go. Let it

be just a weird thing that happened during that weird time I shared your room, and

maybe we can both get over it."

I wanted to disagree, but had no arguments. I knew she was right. We simply held

each other, saying nothing, and savoring what may be our last moments together

the way we were.

It had been nearly 30 minutes since I started my shower, much longer than my

usual. I somehow managed to pull myself from her and went into the bathroom. I

stopped at the door and looked back at her pale skin in the dim light that came

from the bathroom. Her breasts were still covered in her thin camisole, her nipples

erect. Her legs were closed but even in the dim light her red pubic hair seemed to

blaze. She looked sadder than I'd ever seen her. I f***ed the images from my

head and closed the door behind me.

I slept poorly that night on the couch, thinking about her constantly. How hard it

would be to see her everyday, pretend I didn't feel the way I knew I would. Every

time I saw her in pajamas, every time she sat by the side of the couch, every time

she would look at me with sadness in her eyes, and I'd know she remembered it,

too... it would be hell. I couldn't even imagine her dating someone else, let alone


Somehow I managed to fall asl**p. They let me sl**p in until about 10 before

waking me to help with Abby's room. We pulled the furniture in from the garage

and brought her stuff out of my room. Trying to act normal while moving Abby back

was the hardest thing I'd ever done. We had all the main things set up by evening.

I went alone to pick up Izzy to bring her over for dinner with us.

"So, you get Abby's room set up again," Izzy asked after getting in my car.


"What's wrong?"

"Abby and I have decided to, uh, stop."

"Stop what?"


"What? Why?" I explained our reasons.

Her reaction surprised me. I expected Izzy to be saddened for us, but instead she

seemed genuinely angry.

"What does it matter to you?"

"You guys were awesome together!" It's what she'd said about us the week

before, when she'd watched and even given us instructions when Abby and I gave

each other oral sex.

I started to get mad back at her. Were we just playthings to her, then? Was she

just upset that her show was ending so soon? She didn't even have the decency

to pretend to care about her friend's broken feelings. I fumed at her until we got

home, but didn't feel like bothering to say any of it. If she was that shallow, then I

could just be done with her, now, too.

We got home and went inside. Around Mom, Izzy's demeanor changed suddenly,

and she acted perfectly content as she said she'd already eaten, and would just

go check out Abby's room until we were done. I could tell she was still mad as she

went in there.

After dinner, Abby went into her room with Izzy. Not wanting to be with either of

them right then, I went into my bedroom and locked both doors. It was again my

own personal fortress, and I wouldn't let anyone in there again.

I came out around 10 to let the dogs in. Mom was just heading to bed herself and

told me to take Izzy home. I walked stiffly into Abby's room. Abby was on her bed

and Izzy was sitting on the floor. Both seemed dour. Abby had clearly been telling

Izzy all about it.

"Come on, its time to go home," I told Izzy coldly.

Izzy didn't budge from her seat on the floor. "Come in here a minute and close the

door," she said.

"Its time to go-" I started to repeat.

"I'm not getting up until you come in here and close the door."

I wanted to just grab her and drag her out, but knew that was a bad idea. Angry, I

went in and shut the door behind me, intent on ignoring anything she said and just

getting her out of there.

Izzy calmed herself a bit and took a deep breath. "My mom died in a car wreck

almost 3 years ago. What I remember most about her is how much she and Dad

loved each other. It wasn't until she was gone that I realized how special it was.

They lived for each other. I've looked around at couples on TV, grown-ups in real

life, and I've never seen any couple that accepted and supported each other like

they had until I met you two.

"When my Mom died, it broke my Dad. Since then, he's worked harder, made lots

of friends, we've moved to a bigger house, gotten a better car, lived a life like

everyone thinks he should, but the whole time I could see he wasn't the same.

None of it mattered to him, not really. I know he loves me, but I could never fill that


"What I've learned is that if I ever find something like that, like what you have, I'm

not going to give it up. I think its better to build a life around one thing that really

matters to you, no matter how hard, than around a thousand things that don't." Her

voice had gone soft, the anger gone, as she poured out her heart. We all sat in

silence. She got up. "Alright, I'm ready to go home now."

When I dropped her off, I apologized for being short with her. I'd clearly misread

her anger.

"It's okay. Do you think what I said will make a difference?"

"I don't know," I answered.

I drove home, and thought about what my future would be without Abby. I'd had

only one real girlfriend before her, and it'd been nothing like what I had with Abby. I

couldn't imagine feeling the same way about anyone else. Izzy was right; I'd spend

the rest of life trying to forget, going through the motions of everything else. As I

went back into our quiet house, I knew what my heart wanted.

I pushed the door to Abby's room open slowly. She was still sitting on her bed

where she'd been. "Hey," I said.

"Hey, she said back solemnly. I closed the door and sat down beside her. "I just

don't know what to think. It just seems so impossible, but I think..." She sighed and

stared at the floor. I put my arm around her shoulder and held her. She looked up

at me. "Do you love me?"

Despite what I wanted, I didn't dare do anything that would push her towards a

decision she wasn't comfortable with and might regret. Still, I had to tell her what I

felt. "You're my s****r, Abby. I've always loved you, and always will, in a way I'll

never love anyone else. And now..."

Suddenly, Abby kissed me. Her lips pressed hard into mine, as she seemed to try

to push all her feelings of fear and anxiety. After just a moment of surprise, I

hugged her tighter and kissed back, and we sat with our lips pressed firmly and

stiffly into each other.

We gradually softened, kissing at each other's lips, and her tongue pressed into

my mouth. It was the most passionate kiss I've ever had.

She finally pulled back from me and we stared in each other's eyes. Abby yanked

her pants and panties off. Spreading her legs, she leaned back on her bed. She

put her hand on my head, and gently guided it downward towards her crotch.

"Kiss me," she said simply.

Our eyes still locked, I got onto my knees on the floor in front of her. Licking my

lips, I leaned right into her and placed a firm, wet kiss right in the middle of her

pussy. Our gaze finally broke as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back,

feeling my lips caress her moist flesh.

Abby was as aroused as I'd ever seen her. Her pussy was covered in moisture, it

lips visibly swollen. For the first time her smaller inner lips poked up above the

outer ones, laying slightly on the inner edge of her red fuzz. Her lips were spread

far apart, and I could see the darkness of her vagina inside. I dove my tongue into


Abby grabbed the back of my head with one hard and pressed me into her,

clenching her butt. She was trembling. I slid my tongue in and out of her as deeply

as possible, letting her juices ooze into my mouth.

Abby pulled me back from her head. "Take off your clothes." I stood up and

complied, stripping as quickly as I could. Abby rose from the bed and pulled off

her shirt and bra. Grabbing my shoulders, she twisted me around. "Lay down,"

she said.

I lay down on her bed, Abby wasting no time in climbing on top of me, straddling

me. She laid herself down on top of me, breasts pressing into my chest, her

mouth by my ear. I took a deep breath, smelling the lavender scent in her room

mixing with the sweet smell of her juices still on my mouth. My dick lay against my

stomach, and Abby lowered her hips onto me, again pressing her pussy onto the

length of my shaft.

Rising just a bit, she slid her hand between us and grabbed my dick. She slid my

head all around her pussy, our mutual moisture making everything smooth and

slick. She again brought the head of my dick to the opening of her vagina,

pressing my tip ever so slightly into her and pausing, as she'd done the night

before. I was practically holding my breath.

She pressed the head of my dick into her hole. My butt clench and I gasped;

surprised I didn't cum right then. She slid me my head in and out of her in slow

motions. I found my hips rising slightly to meet each one.

Holding my dick tightly in her hand, she pressed me into her further. My dick could

barely squeeze into her, and she gasped, pulling back just a moment. Slowly,

timidly, but steadily, she slid deeper onto my dick, letting her vagina stretch

around me. She pulled her hand back up to get it out of the way, and slowly slid

down me, until her pelvis reached mine. Spreading her legs as far apart as she

could, she let her full weight press into me, pushing my dick as far inside of her as

she could. I grabbed her by her hips and butt cheeks, holding her onto me tightly.

We lay motionless a minute, breathing and feeling. She was so tight, yet so warm

and wet, simultaneously pressing against every square inch of my dick. At that

moment, nothing existed except for her pussy and my penis.

She slid back off of me partway, every movement still slow and careful. "Go slow,"

she whispered in my ear.

Slowly, I pushed my dick a little deeper inside her again. I moved slowly and

shallowly, not pressing all the way in again yet and not pulling out. With each push,

she stretched a little more to accommodate me, and the movements became

slicker. I sped up slightly, letting my dick move farther back each time, until I was

almost pulling out of her after each thrust. I pulled back slowly until just the head of

my dick still hovered in her hole and held her there, enjoying the anticipation. She

was quivering.

I f***efully thrust into her, pressing my dick as deeply as I could get it. Abby

gasped breathlessly. Lost in my arousal, I began thrusting into her harder and

faster. I held her hips tightly and pushed her into me with each thrust, pulling back

each time to let myself slide along her a little more. She again spread her legs,

pushing herself into me with all her weight.

Our pace increased quickly. She was moaning with each of her quick, shallow

exhalations as she bounced on top of me. We quickly approached climax.

"I'm going to cum," I managed to say in heavy breath. I tried to lift her up and pull

out of her.

Instead, she wrapped her arms under my shoulders and thrust down onto me with

all her might, easily overcoming my weakened hands, her body starting to pulse

with orgasm. This last, deep thrust into her easily made me cum with her. Giving

up any resistance, I grabbed her ass and pulled her into me, both of us just

pressing and holding onto each other as hard as we could. My dick jumped inside

her with pulse after pulse, squirting my cum out. Her butt and thighs clenched

rhythmically and her vagina squeezed my dick, seeming to try to milk every last

drop of cum out of me.

I came down from my orgasm first, and continued pressing into her and holding

her tightly until she was done. Totally spent, we just laid there together with my

dick still in her pussy, letting all the emotions from our roller-coaster last couple of

days just fade away.

When she finally dismounted me, my dick was almost back to its normal size, only

slightly still erect, and damp from tip to base. She collapsed next to me on the bed

and cuddled up to my side.

Rationality slowly returned, and I found myself tense. "I'm not so sure that was a

good idea. I mean, what if you..."

To my surprise, Abby smiled at me. Crawling over to her nightstand, she dug into

it until she pulled out a small silver sheet and showed it to me. It had four rows of

punch-out pills, the first row already gone. "Izzy gave me these last week. She has

a whole bunch of them." I was elated, and all signs of tension vanished. Abby

cuddled back into again. The world suddenly seemed like a great place once


"I guess we've made up our minds, then?" I said.

She kissed my cheek. "I love you so much, b*****r. I never want to be apart from


We lay there until I was nearly asl**p. I finally got up, collected my clothes and

headed for my room through the adjoining bathroom. As I entered, Abby called

after me.

"Don't lock your door. You're still going to be sharing your room with me."
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I fucked my wife and her best friend together

I am Rocky Shrestha, 29 years now working on Senior Level in MNC. I have small home at Chabahil, Kathmandu with small happy f****y me, my wife, my daughter and my mummy. The incident happened one year back while Nepal’s Moist Party called 3 days strike in Nepal. I have that one night experience with my wife (Sujita) and her married best friend (Priya).

Sujita’s figure is 5 feet 4 inches long and it is 32-26-32. Priya is more beautiful and smart than Sujita and equally long and tall – but her chest and Ass are even greater and attractive as her lips. I often talk with my wife Sujita to fuck with different girls specially her best friend Priya in front of her. It was coincidence that Priya came to our home to stay for 1 week because her husband went outside of country and she was alone in her home while I and my wife were at home.

We had normal days and night for first 2 days. The 3rd day of her stay in our home and the 1st day of the strike, we three didn’t go anywhere and stay at home watching TV and chatted bla…bla…bla… After dinner I went to my friend place for our business discussion. I came back at around 10 PM and sat down on bed to watch TV.

We three sat there and chatted while we enjoyed the Coffee. I listened as the two friends reminisced about growing up. After a while they began talking about more intimate topics; specifically their sexual experiences as high-school and college girls together. I could feel the sexual tension start to rise! I knew that it was going to be a perfect evening, and that soon I would be fucking both these lovely ladies!

Sujita grabbed Priya’s arm and said: “Do you remember the time when you and I were about sixteen and got caught by my mother when we were naked in my bed and kissing each other?” I leaned close to Sujita; with shock, I said; “You BAD girls! . . . What are you talking about?……….. Tell me everything!” Priya’s eyes sparkled as she leaned over closer to me.

“You know, Rocky, if you want to hear that story, you’ll have to give me a kiss, first! I don’t tell that story for free!” Sujita made a demand and started kissing me without any hesitation in front of her best friend. We had a long French kiss. Then while I was kissing Sujita, I said softly in his ear that I want to fuck her and Priya together. Sujita looked at me first and then immediately go and said something in Priya’s ear. Priya left the room immediately without say anything. Sujita leaned her head close to me and start kissing me.

I asked her “what did you say to Priya that she went out?”

Sujita smiled and replied “Have patience a while!”

Then I removed all her clothes, her pussy was already wet. I took my tongue in her pussy and lick it. She was moaning with pleasure. Suddenly the door opened. We immediately split then I sat on bed. Priya came to room and sat in the Bed. Priya looked at Sujita and said “What you guys doing? You know I am here. Darling you promised to that your hobby is mine for tonight.”

I shocked that how can she ready immediately. I didn’t believe that my dream come true. I looked at Sujita first and then Priya. Sujita gave me naughty smile “today we both are yours. Can you handle both of us together?”

I din’t answer anything. “Do you want to fuck my best friend, Rocky?” she whispered; “I know she wants to fuck you!” My heart was racing as my hands found their own way to Sujita’s tits again. I touched them very gently and I could feel Sujita draw in a deep breath as she felt my hands beginning to explore her again.

“Yes!” I responded; “I would like to fuck Priya very much, and explore every inch of her body with my hands and mouth!”

I stood up, pulling Priya up with me and into my arms. There is no doubt that she felt my hard cock against her flat stomach, because she immediately buried her tongue deep into my mouth! I savored Priya’s warm and soft lips for a few moments as my hand caressed her well-shaped ass. When I came up for air, I looked at Sujita. She was standing there with one hand on my ass, and the other pressing against Priya’s back, helping Priya crush her body up against my engorged dick.

Sujita caught my eye and smiled. “You two look hot together! I can’t wait to watch you fuck my best friend, Rocky!”

I smiled and said: “you ladies planned this, didn’t you?” Priya looked pleased with herself, and glanced at Sujita. “Yes, we planned it together. Do you want to fuck me Rocky?”

“Sweetheart” I said, “you are about to receive the pounding of your life!”

Priya turned red but continued to look me in the eye. “I can’t wait to get a hold of your cock, Rocky!” Sujita took her free hand and rubbed it against the very prominent bulge in my Levis.

“You feel good enough to eat!” Priya cried.

I grabbed Priya from behind, wrapping my arms around her and sliding my hands over her perky little breasts. I could feel her nipples perking up and straining against her sun dress. I pinched them both, gently and nibbled on the back of her neck. A soft moan escaped her lips. Clearly, she was ready for what I wanted to do to her. I felt Sujita’s arms slide around me from behind; I felt her firm, full breasts pushing against my back. I was between two beautiful, willing women and the feeling was nearly indescribable.

Sujita slid her hands down my sides and around my waist. I felt her unbuckle my belt, and then unbutton the top button on my Levis. I gave Priya’s nipples another pinch, marveling at how they felt bigger, and stuck out further than Sujita’s. I stopped my ministrations to Priya’s neck and said to Sujita: “Don’t you think that Priya should do the honors?” I felt Sujita’s hands stop on the second button of the fly of my Levis.

“Oh . . . I guess you’re right, sweetie,” Sujita said “Priya, turn around and strip off my hubby’s jeans. I think you’ll be pleased by what you see!”

Priya wiggled in my arms with excitement and quickly turned around and wrapped her arms around my neck. She turned her face up to me and pulled my willing lips down to hers. I felt them soft on mine and opened them up to receive Priya’s probing tongue. She tasted sweet! I felt Sujita’s hands start to unbutton the second button on my fly and pulled away from that warm and wiling mouth.

Sujita walked into my view from behind me. She was nude and strutting! Her beautiful, full breasts bounced and swayed as she came into view. She trailed her left hand along my arm and then on to Priya’s head. “Go on, Priya,” she said, slowly twisting her fingers in Priya’s hair, “pull those boxers off and take a look at the most beautiful cock you’ll ever see!”

Priya slid her hands up the sides of my legs and settled on the band of my boxers. I was breathing hard and staring down at Priya’s beautiful blue-green eyes. Priya slowly started to slip my boxers off, but hit a road block when my massive erection prevented the elastic band from sliding effortlessly down my body. Priya quickly pulled the band away from my body and my cock sprung free in all its glory. Priya’s eyes flew open and she licked her lips. I could tell that she liked what she saw.

I smiled into Priya’s eyes and said; “Well, what do you think?” Nearly of their own volition, Priya’s hands reached for my balls and started caressing them.

“Ohh, Rocky! I love how your balls feel in my hands. Kamal’s balls are all harry and gross!” She looked up and me, then she looked over her shoulder at Sujita and said: “Can I suck them Sujita?”

Sujita chuckled and said: “This first part is all for you, sweetie! You get first dibs on his balls AND his cock!” Priya turned back to me and slid one hand onto the shaft of my rigid cock and gently started to stroke it. She leaned in close and I could feel her hot breath on my thigh.

“Priya, you need to get naked, like me, before you start blowing my hubby!” I heard Sujita say. “Rocky loves to play with my tits when I give him a blow job, and I’m sure that he’ll want to do the same with you.”

Priya gave my cock squeeze and released my ball-sack from her hot mouth. “Don’t worry, Rocky,” Priya apologized, “I’ll be sucking that delicious cock of yours in just a second or two! I’m going to make you so wild that you are going to explode in my mouth!” Reluctantly, she got up off her knees and grabbed the hem of her sun dress. She looked me in the eye and said; “I hope you’ll like what’s underneath this dress!”

I laughed and said, “Priya, I have secretly wanted to fuck you for years! I love the shape of your ass in jeans, and I have always enjoyed seeing you in that sexy Saree of yours; I know that I will love what’s underneath that dress!”

With that, Priya pulled the dress up over her head, exposing her pussy and then her tits to my hungry eyes. Priya looked absolutely gorgeous – I was not the least bit disappointed with was under that sexy sundress! My eyes ate her up! Priya’s tits were perky and her nipples were exactly like I had pictured them while pinching them. They were big and dark, sticking out proud and true, more than a quarter inch from the swell of her breast. I could not help myself and I sucked first one and then the other nipple into my mouth, while gently squeezing her breasts, each one nestled in the palm of my hands.

I stepped back a bit and looked down at Priya’s pussy. Not a hair was to be seen; she was clean shaven, like me! “Priya, you are so hot! I LOVE how we match!” I looked at her pretty slit closer and I could see the edges of her darker, inner labia tantalizingly peeking out from between her outer pussy lips. It took me a moment or two to realize that I was looking at an unbelievably large clit. I was fascinated. I reached out and cupped her pussy and slipped a finger deep inside her. She was hot and wet!

Priya tilted her head back. “Rocky, suck my nipples again!”, Priya pleaded.

I lowered my mouth to her tits and drew my fingers out her pussy at the same time to draw her close to me. I felt my cock slip between her legs and the shaft rub against her slit and that awesome clit. I got so excited that I lost my balance, and before I knew it, we had all tumbled ass over teakettle on to the bed, which luckily, Priya was standing right in front of. I landed on Priya and my cock seemed to have a mind of its own as it shot between her legs. I felt the tip of my penis penetrate the outer lips of Priya’s shaven pussy! Heaven! I went with the flow and drove my cock to the hilt into her juicy little pussy and heard Priya scream with delight! It was glorious!

Sujita tumbled down with us on to the bed and saw me make my first thrust into Priya. I looked at my wife and said; “I just shoved my cock into your best friend’s pussy, and I like it!”

Sujita’s face lit up”Wow,” she exclaimed, “you don’t waste time, do you, you stud!” She propped herself up on an elbow and I saw her beautiful tits slip over and hang in her best friend’s face. “Well,” she said looking down at Priya, “how’s my Rocky’s cock feel?”

“Wonderful,” moaned Priya. “His cock is so much stronger than Kamal’s. I’m already hooked on being fucked by it, and I haven’t even been properly fucked yet!”

Sujita looked at me and said; “Well, Rocky, beam her up! Let’s see you work that tool like I know you can.”

I looked back at my wife, smiled and said;”Thank you honey! I promise to fuck Priya until she is completely exhausted and can’t fuck me anymore; then, I’ll start on you!”

“Exactly what I wanted to hear you say,” Sujita cried.

I bent to my task and started to slowly stroke my cock in and out of Priya’s willing pussy. I could feel her juices flowing, hot and sweet. It was lovely!

I slammed my penis deep into her cunt and felt her pussy clamp down on my hard cock. She grabbed my shoulders and pulled me close. I kissed her on the mouth and felt her tongue slip into my mouth. I gently sucked on it as her hips bucked against my pelvis. She wrapped her long legs around my ass, pulled my dick deeper inside her and drew her tongue out of my mouth. At that moment she went taut all over and threw her head back and screamed.

“OH GOD, YES, Fuck me Rocky! Fuck my pussy! I’m CUMMING!!!”

I slammed my cock back and forth again and again right through her climax. Still I didn’t stop fucking her, but kept drilling her pussy with my rock-hard dick. Priya’s body went taut again and I could hear the sucking sound made by my cock slid in and out of Priya’s well-lubricated pussy lips.

“Priya, I love fucking you,” I whispered to her, “cum for me again!” She obliged me and I felt a gush of warm pussy juice shoot past my cock and balls. Priya screamed again and slumped back, breathing hard.

“Oh, God, Rocky, that was fantastic!”

“You’re not done yet, hun,” Sujita said. “Rocky’s just getting started, aren’t you baby?”

I pulled my still hard dick out of Priya’s pussy. It was dripping with her pussy juices.

Sujita slithered down Priya’s hard body, kissing her tits on the way down. Priya moaned. It was totally hot seeing Sujita suck Priya’s nipples, and Priya clearly loved having her tits sucked by Sujita.

Sujita gave each of Priya’s tits a last little nibble and then glided down to my cock and grabbed my balls. I spread Priya’s legs and buried my cock into her beautiful, bare pussy, slamming my balls against her ass, once again. Priya gasped and started moving her hips in time to my thrusts.

“OH…MY…GOD!” she exclaimed! “Your cock feels so good; give it to me some more!”

I continued burying my cock into her willing, hungry pussy, feeding it my six inches over and over. Suddenly, she exploded again! I could feel her contractions on my cock and felt her shoot some more girl-cum onto my cock.

“Shit!” I yelled! “FUCK! You are so hot, Priya. I want to keep fucking you all night!”

“NO WAY!!!” shouted Sujita. “I’m next, and don’t you forget it!”

While I continued to pound Priya’s sweet pussy, I watched Sujita expertly squeeze Priya’s breasts, pinching and sucking on her beautiful, full nipples like I had done earlier. God! Too hot to handle! I quickly pulled my throbbing dick out of Priya’s pussy.

I felt wonderful and was enjoying the moment and anticipating the renewed entry of my cock into Priya’s hot pussy when I felt Priya’s body shudder with delight. I opened my eyes to see what was giving her such pleasure that did not include my cock. Amazed, I propped myself up on an elbow to get a better look at those wonderful nipples. That’s when I noticed that my sweet wife had her head buried between Priya’s thighs!

“Sujita,” I exclaimed; “are you eating Priya’s pussy?”

“Mmrumph,” Sujita mumbled. “MmmmmmmmmHummmm!”

I just had to take a better look; I had never seen Sujita eat pussy before and I wanted to enjoy the experience from up close. I moved away from Priya’s side and slid down until my face was resting on her thigh; I could smell the sweet, yummy aroma of a well-fucked pussy. Priya’s aroma was more pronounced than Sujita’s; a bit sweeter, I think with a touch of earthy musk overlay. I could feel my cock throbbing and bobbing as Priya’s odor filled my senses; “clearly,” I thought to myself, “this little fuck-fest is going to new, unexplored heights and I want my cock to be fully involved!”

“Baby, sweet baby,” Sujita cried, “I LOVE the way you lick my pussy, suck my clit and fuck me with your tongue! You’re going to make me cum!”

“ME TOO!” Priya screamed; and buried her face into Sujita’s steaming, hot cunt. I saw both of the ladies’ bodies tense up and saw Sujita push her hips down on Priya’s face, while Priya thrust her hips up, slamming her slick, shaved pussy into Sujita’s waiting mouth. Both girls’ hips jerked and I could hear muffled moaning from each end of the gorgeous pile of woman flesh; clearly, both girls were having massive orgasms into the mouth of their best friend! I grabbed my cock and started stroking! This was way, WAY too hot! My heart was beating so fast that I thought it would pound right out of my chest! I needed to be part of that wonderful melding of those two beautiful women!

Sujita and Priya’s bodies were glistening with sweat. They had been working hard! I got on my knees above Priya’s head; my balls dangling, brushing her cute, upturned nose. I imagined Priya’s eyes flying open to see my shaved ball sack dangling above her lips, and was rewarded when I felt her hot lips grab my left testicle and begin to suck! I shifted my weight a bit, lowering myself closer to her mouth and was rewarded again as Priya deftly sucked my right testicle into her dainty mouth. She began alternating her attention between my two testes. Priya wiggled a bit and I felt her left hand grab the base of my cock and gently guide my massive, throbbing hard-on toward Sujita’s waiting slit. I held my breath while Priya expertly sucked my balls and slid my cock into Sujita’s pussy.

“OH…MY…GOD…” Sujita screamed! “Rocky, Is that YOUR cock? I guess seeing me fuck my best friend and her fuck me is a MAJOR turn on for you! I have never felt your cock so big and hard before!”

I shoved my swollen penis deep into Sujita’s cunt and felt my right testicle pop out of Priya’s mouth and slap against Sujita’s pussy. Sujita was right…my cock was absolutely magnificent; proud, erect and hard as a bar of steel. I marveled at how hot it looked slamming into Sujita’s wet and willing cunt.

“Baby,” Sujita lustfully panted, “If I knew that sharing you with Priya would get your cock so big and hard I would have seduced Priya years ago!” I heard Priya laugh over the slippery sound of my cock slamming into Sujita and my balls slapping against her pussy. I continued to thrust into my wife’s sweet pussy, but I knew I was in charge of my cock now, and there would be no further premature ejaculations. I’d cum when I wanted to, and for now, I wanted this fuck-fest to continue for hours!

“Yes, YES, YES, oh GOD, YES” Sujita cried out in passion! “Fuck me you big stud, fuck me with that rod. God, Rocky, your cock feels so good!” With that, Sujita came! And Came! AND CAME! I have never seen her cum so hard or so long! Her pussy clamped on my penis and would not let go! I could feel contraction after contraction wracking her body and the walls of her juicy cunt. Suddenly, I felt a rush of girl-cum flood her pussy and spurt past my swollen cock! Sujita screamed with joy! I felt the hot liquid spray my balls and the insides of my thighs. I knew that Priya was getting doused by her best friend’s liquid passion and that made the whole experience even hotter!

“Yum, Yummm, YUMMM,” I heard Priya exclaim. “OH Sujita! Your cum is so sweet!” she yelled! “I love it, give me more!”

I felt Sujita’s spent pussy contract again and one last spurt of pussy-juice shot out of her wet hole.

“Yes!” Priya cried! Sujita slumped down on to Priya; my still-hard cock sprung out of her well-fucked cunt, and I swear it bounced up and down like a spring board after a high-diver has launched themselves off for an Olympic Gold Medal winning dive. Sujita rolled off Priya and on to her back, spent; at least for the moment.

With my cock still standing at attention I felt Priya’s lips kissing my ball sack again. She was obviously still in the game! I lifted my leg and swung around to face Priya. I looked deep into her sparkling eyes, which were still filled with unfettered lust and said: “Priya, may I fuck your pretty, little, shaved pussy again?” I saw Priya’s eyes fill with additional desire and felt her hands fly to my cock.

“Yes, baby; Yes! I want that big, hard cock of yours in mine, and I want you to cum, deep, deep in my pussy! No, I NEED that big, hard cock of yours in my pussy!” “Sujita, I NEED your husband’s cock in me, OK?”

Sujita lifted her head; her eyes were clear and bright. She smiled at her best friend, lifted her hands up from the bedspread and gave Priya both thumbs up. I felt Priya’s soft delicate fingers grasp my massive hard-on. Her fingers could not reach all the way around. My cock was throbbing with desire and I again marveled at how engorged my penis had become. I was easily three quarters of an inch bigger in girth and a half inch longer than normal! Sharing sex with my wife and her best friend was clearly the best “male enhancement” product ever. I chuckled to myself and kissed Priya’s pretty face and eyelids. I moved over her face placing soft kisses on every rounded inch of her lovely face. Her beautiful blond hair was wet with passion and perspiration and the smell of Sujita and Priya’s pussies filled the air of the bedroom.

“You ladies smell wonderful,” I sighed! Believe it or not, Priya blushed!

“I always thought the smell of my pussy was too strong; Kamal doesn’t ever tell me that he likes the way I smell,” Priya said with a small pout.

“Sweetie,” I replied, “your pussy’s aroma is like ambrosia to me! Sujita, is it OK if I tell Priya that I love the smell of her pussy?”

“HELL,” I heard Sujita retort; “I love the way Priya’s pussy smells, and TASTES, by the way; so, yes, tell her the truth!”

“OK,” I replied, “Priya, your pussy smells sweet and musky and exotic, all at the same time!” “I think that next to Sujita’s pussy, yours is the most wonderful smelling pussy I’ve ever had the pleasure to grace my senses!”

“Liar!” I heard Sujita exclaim. “You like the smell of her pussy better than mine; I know it, because I think her pussy smells better than mine!”

“Oh, Sujita,” I chuckled, “you really know your husband, don’t you!” “Yes, sweet Priya, Sujita is right; your pussy is the best smelling pussy I’ve ever smelled, just barely in front of Sujita’s, though!”

We all laughed and Sujita propped herself up on an elbow. “Hey baby, don’t hog my girl!” Sujita shifted her body so that she was lying on the other side of Priya. She let her free left hand drift gently up Priya’s left leg, and slide between her thighs. I saw Sujita’s hand drift ever higher and settle on Priya’s shaved mound. Priya’s breath caught in her throat and her hips rose to press against Sujita’s hand.

“God!” I exclaimed! “The sight of the two of you together is almost too hot! Priya, tell me what you are feeling.”

Priya closed her eyes as if to heighten her other senses; “I feel a very warm knot in the depths of my pussy, throbbing with the beat of my heart. I feel Sujita’s nails gently scratching the head of my clit, sending little shock waves down through my pussy, into my legs and shooting out my toes!” Priya moaned with excitement and growing passion.

“Now, I feel Sujita’s finger slipping between the lips of my vagina and slowly entering me; now it’s two fingers, now THREE! OH, God, Sujita, Fuck me with your fingers” Priya cried! “I love to feel your fingers in me!” Sujita obliged Priya’s demand and started to finger fuck Priya’s swollen cunt. I could hear the sucking sound as Priya’s pussy clung to Sujita’s fingers as they fucked her. It was hot, both watching my wife finger her best friend, and hearing the wet sound of their love-making.

I kissed Priya’s sweet mouth softly and gently. I petted her perky breasts and pinched her hard, swollen nipples. I could feel her body rocking in time with Sujita’s finger-thrusts. My cock was doing its own little dance in time with the music of the girls’ love-making. Priya’s lips parted and I slid my hot tongue into her waiting mouth. Priya sucked on my tongue and I wished it were my cock. Making the best of the situation, and adding to Priya’s delight, I began to tongue fuck her mouth; thrusting it as deep as I could into her wet mouth and then withdrawing it, right to the tip at her lips, then thrusting into her willing mouth again. I kept time with Sujita’s finger fucks and together we played a symphony of lust with Priya’s sweet body.

I could feel Priya’s sucks at my thrusting tongue become more frantic and I opened my eyes to look at Priya’s sweet face. Her eyes were screwed tight and she was totally absorbed with the feelings going on between her legs and in her mouth! I was in awe of her glowing face and drew back from her to get a better look. Priya’s eyes flew open when my tongue left her mouth and she pierced me with such a passionate look that my heart nearly stopped beating altogether!

“Yes,” Priya cried! “Yessss! Fuck me Sujita! Fuck me with your fingers, SUCK MY CLIT! NOW!” I saw tears well up in Priya’s eyes and saw my wife’s head dip down so her mouth could suck up Priya’s swollen clit, which now looked to be nearly as big as my thumb!

“AHHHHARRRR!!!” Screamed Priya! The a****listic scream tore from her throat and pierced our ears. Priya’s hip bucked and heaved and as she screamed again, her pussy shot a load of girl-cum right into Sujita’s waiting mouth! What a lovely picture to be seared into my brain! My wife receiving into her open and willing mouth the juicy cum shooting out of Priya’s beautiful shaved pussy! Sujita clamped her mouth over Priya’s pussy and sucked up each explosion of girl-cum, swallowing each drop as it shot from her best friend’s hot pussy.

“Sujita,” I whispered, “may I have a drop?” Sujita looked up from her labor of love and smiled. Her eyes were hot and full of lust. She thrust herself over Priya’s body and planted her lips on mine. I felt a hot rush of liquid fill my mouth and knew that Sujita had not forgot to save me some of the feast! I savored Priya’s cum like fine wine, rolling it in my mouth and sucking air through it to increase the intensity of the flavor on my tongue.

My mouth was full of Priya’s hot cum and I was reveling in the sensation. She tasted salty and yet sweet, musky and earthy but light and sensual. I knew right then that next time; I wanted to take Sujita’s place at the fountain when it gushed, so that I could get more of this wonderful liquor of life! I swallowed a bit and then leaned over Priya. Priya looked in my eyes and opened her mouth. I planted a kiss on her lips and filled her mouth with what remained of her cum that I had not swallowed. Priya’s eyes sparkled as she received her cum into her mouth. She smiled and swallowed. How lovely!

“Thank you Sujita! Thank you Rocky!” Priya sighed. “You’ve surpassed my wildest dreams and wishes! I have been completely and thoroughly fucked; and I LOVE IT!” “Well,” I said, looking down on my poor, throbbing cock; so big and huge that each vein stood out in relief like jumper cables running the length of my cock, “I don’t think we’re quite done, yet!”

Priya smiled and reached one hand out to me, the other to Sujita; “Rocky, you promised to fuck me until I begged to be fucked some more; you’ve done that. You also told me that you’d fuck me even more after that; you’ve kept your word. Now, I’m telling you, you can fuck me as much as you are able tonight, tomorrow and any other day of the week, with Sujita, without Sujita. I know I want you and Sujita to fuck me as much as you are able, as often as you are able, because I have never felt as loved and complete as right now.”

I smiled at Priya and looked over at Sujita. She was crying! Big tears were flowing down her pretty face and splashing on Priya’s pretty tits. “Priya,” Sujita sobbed, “I promise that we will fuck you as often and as much as we can; together Rocky and I, or you and me alone, or you and Rocky alone!” I looked at the girls and they were both sobbing, Priya had sat up and was holding Sujita, Sujita was clinging on to Priya. “What the hell,” I thought and wrapped my arms around both lovely ladies and smoothed each one’s hair with my hands.

“I love you both, desperately!” I whispered. “But I’ve got a raging hard-on and I’d like to fuck you both again before blowing my load onto your pretty upturned faces!” Both girls broke away from my clutches and looked down at my cock. Priya’s eyes sparkled as she grabbed my massive erection; she turned to Sujita and smiled. Sujita reached out and grabbed my ball sack and squeezed my balls. Her eyes lit up and she, also, smiled.

“Cum on, Priya,” Sujita chuckled, “let’s give this cock of my hubby’s a ride!”

Since then, we had many occasion to get chances to have sex with her. We are also open for lesbian, bi-sexual girl to join with us to add-up spices on our sexual life.

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Me and uncle jack

callum woke up to the smell of pancakes and syrup. Yesterday was his last day of school. Now he was off for the summer. He yawned and stretched his thin, muscular frame. callum stood about 5" 9" and had a wiry wrestler"s build. His whole body was sleek and hairless except for the light brown patch above his cock. He threw off the covers, putting his feet on the floor. His oversized hands slipped through his long brown hair. He scratched the pubes above his big morning hard-on.

"callum, breakfast is ready, and don"t forget, you"re picking up your uncle at the airport this afternoon."

"Oh fuck!" he thought. He"d made plans with the guys, forgetting about his uncle. Well, he"d just have to call them and cancel. He hadn"t seen his uncle since he was a little guy; but always remembered him fondly. He checked his naked frame in the full length mirror, did a few muscle poses, and then turning to the side, and checked his morning hard-on. Now there was something to be proud of he thought, as he gave it a few loving pulls.

Seven and a half inches and thick as his wrist, was nothing to be ashamed of. Must have come from his mother"s side of the f****y; because the one time he caught his dad in the buff with a morning hard-on, there was only four or five inches jutting out. He took a couple of more pulls on his meat and went in to shower.

After woofing down eight pancakes and two glasses of milk, callum headed out to Beth"s house. He and Beth were friends since grade school. Beth knew everything about him. There wasn"t one secret he could ever keep from her. They hung out together until it was time to head for the airport. callum didn"t want to ask her to go with him and she felt a little left out; but callum wanted to greet his uncle alone. The fact was, Beth had been feeling a little left out for a while now. It seemed that callum spent more and more time with the guys lately.

The loud speaker announced a 45 minute delay in Uncle Jack"s flight. callum swore under his breath; this meant an hour and a half"s wait. He sat for a while watching the people; but got bored with that. callum browsed around the stores then stopped to get something to drink and read. After that, he had to pee so he headed for the men"s room.

The building was the oldest one at the airport and hadn"t been renovated yet. The bathroom was dark and the tile dingy. Hanging over the stalls were low wattage bulbs. The stalls themselves were made out of old corrugated wood that had been painted many times over. The mirrors were dull gray and lost their sheen. It wasn"t dirty at all, just old. You just had the feeling you stepped back in time.

He stood at one of the two urinals in the place. As he took his meat out of his pants, an older guy about 25 came in and stood next to him. He always had trouble peeing in public; and even pulling on his cock didn"t help. His cock began expanding. "Oh shit! What the fuck am I going to do now?" he thought. The guy next to him noticed he wasn"t pissing. He stepped back from the urinal, showing off his nine inch slab of meat, and continued to pee. callum, made an involuntary movement of his head and glanced at the big dick that had stopped pissing and started growing. Wow! He thought he had a big dick. He turned away quickly. The guy faced him and stroked it blatantly. callum couldn"t help but take a second look and the cock was at full erection now. He didn"t realize he"d licked his lips. The guy put his cock away laughing. "Fucking cock sucking queer," he said as he left the men"s room.

callum felt completely mortified. He turned to the sinks. The water wasn"t running. He checked them both and feeling like he would pass out, the bl**d having rushed up into his head, he ran to the toilet in the corner. It was for people with disabilities. The door slammed shut and he tried the sink. Water gushed out of the spigot. callum splashed his face with the cold water a few times; and started to feel better. He noticed his cock was still hanging out of the fly. A noise came from the other side of the door.

callum didn"t know what to do. What if it was the guy that flashed his cock? He couldn"t possibly face him again. Maybe if he stayed in the stall until whoever it was left, he could get away then. He went to sit on the toilet to wait. As he moved away, he noticed the wood wall had been eaten away. A good sized round hole had been worn smooth. He could see the guy in the only other stall, sitting with his pants down. Every time he glanced over he saw movement. Not being able to make out what was happening, callum"s curiosity over came his fear. He inched forward. He couldn"t see the man"s face, but he saw what the man was doing.

The man stood up and took off his shirt, pink with blue stripes running through it. His smooth naked chest flexed with muscles. He reached down to hold a big, fat, hard cock. Both his hands wrapped around it and the head still stuck out on its own. callum couldn"t believe it. With his eye against the hole, he watched as the muscular man started to stroke it. Every once in a while, the man let go and the straight thick cock bounced in the air as if it were saying yes, yes, yes. The man had already noticed callum watching. He leaned against the opposite wall and lifted the huge cock to show off his big fucking balls hanging low in their sac.

callums mouth went dry and he moved away to the sink. He splashed more water on his face, and cupping his hands, drank some. When he turned around, the huge cock stuck out from the hole he had vacated. The big balls hung down against the wall and the cock stood straight out from the hole. callum looked at the disembodied cock. He absorbed himself in the oddness of having a living cock seemingly unattached to a body. He walked forward. callum bent down to get a closer look. The cock pulsed and hit him in the face. "Well, are you going to suck me off or what?" callum"s jaw dropped. The world became unreal to him. His head spun and he shook it.

Here was this disembodied cock telling him to suck it. He bent forward again. "Well? Get on with it boy! Suck me!" callum lowered himself to a kneeling position. He stuck out his tongue and tentatively licked the cock head. He tasted the pre-cum. All of a sudden the cock pushed forward a little more and the cock slipped into callum"s mouth.

"Ummmmm!" came the muffled sound. callum bobbed on the cock and took more and more into his mouth. From a third he took half. From a half he took two-thirds. The cock head kept hitting the back of his mouth. He liked the taste of the cock flesh and texture of the cock itself. It was hard as a rock, yet supple and giving with a silky feel to the skin. The cock head would squish and then bounce back into shape. He was mesmerized by the whole incidence.

"Hold your mouth against the hole and let me fuck it k**." callum moved forward not quite pressing his lips against the wall. The enormous cock started to retreat and then slam into callum"s mouth. The wall of the stall shook. Then again it withdrew; and again it slammed forward. The man set up a steady rhythm. The wall bounced with a noisy beat, in time to the fucking cock.

"Oh fuck! Oh Fuck! Hold your head there k**. Here it fucking comes! Take it cock sucker. Take my fucking juice and eat it. Ohhhhh Fucking yeah!!! Fucking eat me. Suck my cum man. Suck it good you fuck." callum swallowed and swallowed some more. He ate the cum for the first time in his young life. At the last moment the cock head pushed past the back of callum"s mouth and plummeted down into the recesses of his throat. The last two loads shot deep within his cavern.

The man"s hands wrapped around the top of the wall and he hung there with his softening cock still in the hole. callum kept sucking as the cock softened. He felt it going into a flaccid state and realized he enjoyed the cock hard and soft. He thought, he never had such a good time. Slowly he let the cock go and stood up. The cock retreated back through the hole. The man quickly zipped up, put on his shirt, and left.

callum stayed a few more minutes, trying to figure out just what went on. He looked down at his pants and the wet feeling there. Fuck! Now he had cum in his pants. "Wow! He had just sucked his first fucking cock. Damn, it wasn"t half as bad as he thought it might be. The dreams he"d been having of other guys finally came about in reality. callum realized he would be late for picking up his Uncle and headed out of the men"s room with his sweater in front of him. He went to have his Uncle paged.

callum parked the car in the garage and entered the kitchen. His mother was cooking at the stove. "You"re late callum. Go wash your hands and set the table for dinner." callum did as he was told. His mother went to the stairs, "All right you guys, dinner"s ready."

callum heard his father coming down, his feet rumbling on the floor. His father walked into the dining room and behind him Uncle Jack. Uncle Jack was wearing his pink shirt with the blue stripes. "Hey Buddy!! How are you doing? You remember me don"t you? Say you don"t mind the fact that we"ll be sl**ping in the same bed do you?" callum went over and gave his Uncle Jack a big hug. "No Uncle Jack. I don"t mind at all." Uncle Jack felt callum lift his knee gently up between his legs, and wondered what that could be all about. callum couldn"t wait to tell him.


Two days had passed since Uncle Jack arrived. Both nights callum was nervous and afraid to do anything. They went to bed and Uncle Jack wore a tight fitting pair of Jockeys that outlined his big meat invitingly. His body was thin but muscular; and callum had a hard time relaxing with him. He ached to tell him that they did it together; but callum became shy and hesitant.

On the third night, Uncle Jack came into the bed room with a towel wrapped around him. He"d just taken a shower down the hall. callum lay on the bed watching him. "So little stud how was your day?"

"Oh it was alright. I just hung out with the guys messing around." Jack pulled off the towel and started to dry his hair. He stood facing the bed and continued to make small talk. callum stared at the monster dick hanging flaccid over the heavy big ball sac. He licked his lips like he"d done the first time he saw it in the men"s room.

When Jack pulled the towel off his head, callum quickly turned away; but not before Uncle Jack saw where he was looking. "So Karl, you dating any fine looking girls lately? At your age, I suppose they"re giving you a good workout huh?"

"I go over to Beth"s house a couple of times a week. What do you mean by a work out?" callum knew damn well what he meant; but if Uncle Jack was going to talk about sex, he wanted him to be specific."

Jack got a little flustered and looked at his nephew quizzically. He changed the subject and hopped on the bed naked. "Anything on the TV?" Jack grabbed the remote to turn it on. callum jumped up and hit the power button on the DVD player; but not before the credits of the movie showed up on the screen, "In The Locker Room".

"What was that callum?"

"Oh, nothing. I picked up a movie about sports, but haven"t looked at it yet."

"Why don"t we watch that? I love watching sports."

callum didn"t know what to do. He knew it was a porno flick. He saw the triple XXX and just grabbed one quickly. The guy at the flea market on the other side of town sold it to him with a sneer on his face. callum"s face had turned beet red and he scurried off, sticking the DVD in his pants and covering it with his shirt. callum hadn"t had a chance to view it since he bought it. "No, it"s probably just statistics on different teams. Let"s watch something funny."

He jumped back on the bed next to his uncle. Jack flicked through the channels and stopped on one of the summer sitcoms. He absentmindedly pulled on his balls as they watched the screen. callum wondered why he hadn"t put on any underwear. He copped a look every now and then. His uncle"s cock stayed flaccid.

Later, they shut the TV off. Jack rose off the bed. "I guess I"ll put a pair of skivvies on. I wanted to make sure my croquet set was dry." He chuckled at the joke.

"Boy Uncle Jack, you keep making statements like that and I"m going to start thinking you"re a geek."

"A geek? I"ll show you a geek!" Jack jumped on the bed and started to wrestle with callum.

"Uncle Jack let me go or I"m going to grab those naked nuts of yours." callum made a couple of moves on his uncle"s big balls. Jack easily evaded his moves and pulled down callum"s underwear. When he was naked, Jack held him down. "There you go callum, now we"re both naked.

"You"re perverted Uncle Jack." They both laughed and Jack let callum go. He got up to get some skivvies. "Uncle Jack we"re both guys and we"ve already seen each other. If you don"t want to wear anything to bed it"s fine by me."

"What? What the hell was I saying?" callum couldn"t believe the words he just spoke. "Hey that"s cool, callum. I hate wearing clothes anyway and I never wear any to bed when I"m alone. Thanks." They both slipped under the covers and shut off the lights. "You"ve got a pretty big piece of meat there callum. You must take after our side of the f****y "cause I"ve seen your dad"s. It"s okay but nothing like us huh stud?" callum turned on his side. His cock lurched forward in length. He was still shy about getting a hard on with his uncle.

"Yeah Uncle Jack. I"m glad I take after you." He managed to say quietly, a little under his breath.

Jack heard him any way and smiled. He turned on his side facing callum, his cock gently brushing against the boy"s ass. He put his arm over callum"s waist. sl**pily he muttered, "You"re a good k** callum." Jack dosed off but callum lay there wide awake. His cock kept growing until it was fully hard. callum was so horny, but after a while he too dosed off.

An hour or so later, callum woke up. He could feel his uncle"s cock, stiff and fat, pressing against the full length of his ass crack like a hot dog in a bun. He backed up against it and grabbed his own hard meat. Jack moaned and humped his hips forward. His body felt so good to callum, the boy pushed his entire torso up against his uncle"s smooth, muscular chest.

Jack turned on his back and pushed the covers down exposing his upper body. callum turned over onto his other side and looked into his uncle"s face. He looked a lot like his mother. The features were the same but a lot more masculine. He was quite handsome with his square jaw and high cheek bones. He touched his uncle"s chest; and followed the curve of muscle down, making circles around the dark brown nipples and then down to the deep set navel. He continued to look at his face to be aware of any change he might make.

Jack didn"t move. His breathing was normal. callum got braver and slipped his hand under the covers. He gently grabbed the enormous cock shaft in his hand and softly stroked it. He had to stifle the moan that begged to be released. Jack continued to snore softly. callum pulled the covers back a little more, just enough to look at the beautiful cock in the moon light.

He took a deep breath and leaned forward. callum pressed the fantastic cock head against his cheek. His lips kissed the side of the cock shaft. He turned his head and did it again to the other cheek, continuing to give soft light kisses to the extended part of the uncle he loved. callum moved down to the loose hanging ball sac with the monster balls nestled inside. He pressed his entire face into the man"s scrotum, relishing the smell fresh from the shower; and the manly aroma that moved up into his nostrils.

His tongue licked gently at the cock shaft, as he held it straight up in the air. callum wanted this cock so bad. He thought he could suck it all night and not tire of its flavor; the silky skin that shined from his saliva and the spongy cock head that beckoned him to taste its nectar. He swirled his tongue around the expanded cock head and stuck the tongue tip into the deep flared cock slit. The taste of precum liquid caught in the slit, made him moan involuntarily out loud. His uncle squirmed and his hand came down to cup his balls.

"callum, you"re awake," he mumbled. "What are you doing little stud?" He was fully awake now. "Oh shit callum. This is not...I mean this shouldn"t..."

"It"s okay Uncle Jack. We"ve done it before."

"What are you talking about?"

"When I picked you up at the airport and you thought I didn"t show up?"


"Well I did show up. I was a little early and they announced your flight to be late. I hung around checking things out for quite a while. Then I had to take a leak. You remember coming into the men"s room?"


"Well guess who was on the other side of the partition when you fucked my face?" callum Smiled, finally the cat was out of the bag. He felt great relief and pressed his lips against his uncle"s cock head for a soft sweet kiss.

"You mean.... You were the one? Impossible...I mean you couldn"t have...Wow! It was you, giving me that fantastic head in the john." callum laughed.

"I"ve been looking for a chance to tell you. Yours was my first. I was embarrassed, I felt shy, I didn"t want you to reject me." Jack"s mouth hung down gapping as he was told, then he smiled. "callum I couldn"t be happier buddy. I"m surprised as hell; but damn happy. I always thought you were a hot little stud. Let"s enjoy it and have some fun."

They rolled on the bed until they were opposite each other. Jack sucked the boy"s thick shaft into his warm mouth. By the look and feel of it, he thought it was a lot like sucking his own meat. It had been a while since he had been with another man except for getting a Blow Job now and then. Now he had a chance to do it with this beautiful sensitive boy.

callum followed suit and tried to do what ever his uncle was doing to him. They licked and sucked and kissed and licked and sucked each other"s dicks. Jack loved the young fresh taste of this boy meat. He moved down to the big heavy balls and sucked it into his mouth. It was big and filled his whole cavity. He slurped and rolled it around in his mouth for a long time. Then he did the other one. He felt callum doing the same thing to him in the same way. It was blowing his mind, among other things.

Jack was getting to close to climax. He pulled away from callum and rolled him over on his stomach. Spreading his legs, Jack shoved his face into the crevasse of delight. He sniffed the boy odor and ran his tongue up and down the ass crack. callum writhed on his belly, pushing his ass back at his uncle. Jack pulled him up to his knees and stuck his face under the beautiful mounds of his ass and started to lick and bite that area between the balls and ass hole.

He bathed his nephew in oral juices. callum rocked back and forth on his knees begging for more. He had never received a tongue job or Blow Job before. His mind went wild with emotions and desires and physical touches that made him whimper and itch for more. Uncle Jack knew this had to be good for the boy because he understood it was his first real encounter. He was glad it was him and not some unfeeling guy prowling the street just for getting his rocks off.

Jack slipped a finger slowly into the wet moist asshole. The boy pushed back on it. He continued to lick the outer ring; and slowly invaded another finger. Jack worked the sphincter muscle over and over until he felt it giving up the resistance. He kept spreading his fingers apart to stretch the entry. Jack leaned forward and pressed his muscular chest against callum"s smooth strong back. He reached around and took the giant cock in his hand and slowly stroked it.

callum began fucking his cock into his uncle"s hand. The feelings were driving him crazy. anything else that was going on became a blur in his mind. Jack placed the head of his hard shaft against the ass muscle. He kept up the stroke on the boy"s cock and pressed ever so gently. Jack bit and sucked callum"s neck which started another series of erotic feelings; callum felt no pain. He only felt full, full of his uncle"s cock. Jack only had the head in so far.

Jack inched the cock shaft little by little. He made short strokes back out and pushed a little further into the hot moist hole, Each time he made minute progress. It didn"t matter how long it took. He was not about to hurt this sweet k**. He pulled gently on callum"s big balls as he stroked him. callum loved all the feelings he was experiencing. He ass felt full and it also began an itch he couldn"t seem to scratch. He rocked back on the fat cock in his hot tunnel. After a while he was sliding most of the big cock shaft into him on his own. "That"s it callum. Move on it. A little more and you should have it all stud." callum pushed back harder as Jack pushed forward.

Finally the entire shaft embedded itself deep within the fuck cavern. Jack"s big balls rested against callum"s upper thighs. He stayed there motionless for a while as he feathered his palm over callum"s cock head. "Oh, Uncle Jack. Please, please fuck me. I need you to fuck me now." That"s what Jack had been waiting for, the boy begging to be laid.

He pulled all the way out to just the head and pushed all the way in to the hilt. Again and again he drew it out slow, watching every inch appear before his eyes. Then he watched every inch slide back in. Sweat dripped down his forehead. His muscles were strained and bulging from their workout. The hollow in his ass cheeks became more predominant as he clenched them each time he pumped the massive meat forward.

Jack was the vision of pure masculinity as he knelt behind the naked ass. The hair on his head was wet and dripping. Every muscle was covered in sweat and glistened in the moonlight from the window. Moon shadows played on his nakedness as he "porked" his nephew. The vision of his muscular naked body fucking the boy"s naked muscular body played over and over in his mind. It would stay with him forever.

Now was the time for the heavens to break loose and a choir of voices to sing out their joy for this union of man and boy. Yes, he was eighteen and being fucked for the first time; and his uncle was twenty-nine and showing him the joys of man-to-man fucking sex.

Jack grabbed callums"s hips and began ramming his fucking huge cock hard and unmerciful. callum met him pound for pound wanting every inch, wanting his big heavy balls, and anything else he had to shove in there. He gave his ass back with every inch his uncle plowed forward. Jack"s thighs slapped against thighs. His stomach slapped against the hard ass cheeks. They were both soaking wet with sweat.

"Here it is boy. Here"s what you wanted." He shoved his big cock up callum"s ass so hard, they both almost fell off the bed. callum backed up on it and squeezed his ass muscles as tight as he could. Jack"s cock exploded its thick creamy hot cum deep up callum"s hot ass. callum felt the hot cum splatter inside him. He wanted it to go on forever. His own cock jerked up and shot cum up on his chest so thick it congealed and dropped onto the bed linen. Jack held the huge monster cock deep up the ass canal, jerking and sputtering and shooting wads of sweet cum. The cock jerked on Karl"s sphincter muscle and his prostrate kept getting beat with each ejaculation. Every time the cock hit the prostrate callum shot another load of hot juice.

They both fell on the bed one on top of the other. Jack kissed and sucked callum"s neck as he ran his hands all over the sweaty body. callum"s head was spinning. It would be a while before he came down to earth again. Jack stayed where he was, not wanting to move. If his cock was still up callum"s ass in the morning He would fuck him again. The next week would be better then he hoped.

callum"s only thought as he drifted off to sl**p, "My Uncle Jack, what a fucker!"


Uncle Jack and I had a great time while he visited. I mean we sucked and fucked every night; and then rimmed, and gave each other Blow Jobs every morning.

He was a world traveler and over the next year, he sent me pictures of places he"d been and the hot hunks he"d met. I was more then a little jealous; but I do have to say that, the naked pics, he sent of those guys, did turn me on.

High school was over and I spent the next seven months working. I wanted to take some time off from studying before going to college. It was just a regular job; but it paid very well. I saved up a nice amount. It was around then that I started thinking about a vacation, before going back to school, when I received a letter from Uncle Jack. Of course it had the usual pics of naked guys hanging it all out.

Uncle Jack"s letter invited me to join him on an eleven day cruise, leaving Miami and going through the Panama Canal, up to San Francisco. It couldn"t have arrived in a more timely manner. I was having trouble deciding where to go; and nothing was permanent. I didn"t have anyone to go with; and going alone wasn"t as appealing as being able to share it with someone.

Of course I accepted; and the idea of seeing my Uncle Jack again, gave me a hard on. That night, I whacked off while looking at all the naked pics he"d sent me. The two weeks went by so slow, I began to think it was a trick and I was dreaming. My mom told me she was going to lock me in the closet until it was time to leave, if I didn"t relax. "Lock me in the closet? Little did she know I just got out of the closet." I thought. But she was right. I needed to do something to relieve the tension, and keep me from thinking about the trip.

I was already packed and everyday I checked my bag to make sure the plane ticket to Miami, that Uncle Jack sent, was in the side pocket. I"d already quit my job. My days were free. I guess it would have been better to stay on the job until just before leaving; but how did I know I would go batty waiting. To relieve tension, I drove out on the old state road that wasn"t used anymore except by truckers and a few travelers that got lost leaving the highway. It was nice and quiet being the only car on the road. About ten miles out of town I came upon an old ramshackle truck stop in bad need of repair.

There were five or six trucks and a couple of cars in the lot. An old wooden sign hung from a pole. The paint was peeled and faded from years of hard weather. It still advertised showers 50cents beds $1.50. From the looks of the place the prices hadn"t gone up. An old man, with a couple of missing teeth, worked the desk. I didn"t go in. I guess I was a little scared. Instead, I walked around the side and saw a building standing alone, about a hundred yards to the back. I was in bad need to take a leak and, just when I had decided to whip it out and pee right there against the building, I saw the sign "Toilets"

I went in and down a long skinny hall. The rug was worn and so dirty, the pattern had long since disappeared. The walls were in bad need of paint and the few pictures hanging there were covered in enough dust that you couldn"t see through the glass to the pictures. Having no windows, the hall was dimly lit by a couple of bare bulbs. I walked into the men"s room and up to an old long urinal hanging on the wall. For all intents and purposes the room stood fairly clean. I hung my cock out and started to pee. After I"d finished, I shook it and stroked it a few times.

I heard a noise to my right. I turned, and there was a glory hole level with my cock. A finger was sticking through, calling me over. I got nervous and excited, at the same time, as I went over. The guy on the other side of the wall said, "Let me suck it man." I pushed my limp dick into the hole, and felt a very hot, wet mouth encircle my shaft, sucking the entire soft dick into his lips. "Fuckin Hell Dude!" My cock had always been hard when someone sucked it. To feel this moist, hot, soft mouth enveloping my flaccid cock felt erotic as all hell. "Oh yeah man. Suck it." His mouth and tongue were like velvet sliding along naked skin. I wished the wall wasn"t between us, so I could grab his head and fuck his face.

This guy had to be sucking cocks for a good many years. He got me up and hard with his extremely wet mouth. He slobbered all over my cock. He swallowed the whole shaft down into his throat every time he went down on it. It wasn"t long before my hot nuts pulled up in their heavy sac. "I"m gonna shoot my fucking load man. Oh fuck, I can feel it cumming. Here it is man. Here"s my fucking cumahhhhhh!ahh!ahhhhhh!ahhh! Oh shit! Oh fucking shit!" I came deep in his throat, feeling his throat muscles squeezing the life out of my cock. He swallowed my cum, the throat muscles tightened, I shot my load. He swallowed, muscles tightened, I shot.

When it was over and he drank the last of my cum, I zipped up and left. Outside I waited for the man to come out. I wanted to see the guy that did such a nice Job on my meat. He came through the door. His body barely managed to fit through the door jam. He stood about 6ft/3inches in height. He was a big burly man with large muscles and a very hairy chest. He had a long beautifully trimmed mustache. A leather vest hung from his broad shoulders partially covering his naked chest. His stomach was slightly large and even though it wasn"t ribbed, you knew it had to be hard muscle. He also looked like he had a large apple in the crotch of his jeans. His white hair had a buzz cut, and a little longer on the sides combed straight back.

Although you could see he spent years in the sun, his face held few wrinkles. The skin was tan and smooth. I couldn"t believe that a masculine butch man like him had been down on my cock.

He smiled as he walked by and in a rich deep voice said, "If you"re still around a little later, I might take a piece of that great ass of yours." Then he kept going. Still around? What else was there to stay for? I decided to investigate the grounds a little further. Walking to the other end of the building, I went in the door. There was another long hall in the same condition as the other one. Half way down, on either side stood a door. One door went into a small, sort of locker room, beyond that were the showers. The other door led to a very large open room, with cots and mattresses. Again, the paint was peeling off the walls; but the cots were all made up with linen very neat and clean.

A few truckers hung around telling whoppers, and laughing like hell at the best ones. I had heard water running in the showers, so I went back to check it out. The lockers were old and dented and a few were without doors. I walked to the large arch and stood in the shadows peeking in. There were about fifteen spigots sticking out of the wall. Each had a place to put a bar of soap. Three men were in the far corner washing and talking. "When did you pull in Ben?" "About 20 minutes ago. I was talking to old Harry at the desk for a while. He"s got to be, what? A hundred years old? Anyway, his Grandson stepped out from the back. Cute k**, I"d like to get a hold of his sweet ass."

"Well, he"s old enough to bend over. Maybe you"ll get lucky." The guy called Ben was a little on the heavy side; but when he turned around, he swung a cock that was just my kind of meat. I"d only been out a few times since Uncle Jack and although the Blow Job I"d just gotten, hit about a ten on scale, I was still horny and felt a churning in my big balls. Ben soaped up his meat and slowly stroked it while looking at the asses of the other two guys. For a minute I thought I would be watching an orgy going on.

"C"mon Mike. We"d better get out of here before randy Ben decides to poke one of us." All three men laughed. As the two walked past Ben, The guy called Mike slapped Ben hard on the ass. "Just remember Ben, turn around is fair play." "When ever you think you"re man enough Mike, I just might spread um for ya." They all laughed again and the two guys walked out of the shower while I slipped into the dark corner and let them pass.

When they were gone, I quickly shed my clothes and walked into the shower. "Hey k**! How you doing?" "Fine, I was glad to find this place. I wanted to freshen up a bit." There wasn"t any need to tell him I didn"t live far. I faced the wall and stood under the hot water allowing it to beat down on my back so that the skin would shine in the light. My round muscled ass was one of my best features and it hadn"t been used since Uncle Jack. I could feel an itching just inside the opening of my hole.

I dropped the soap on purpose [no one drops soap by accident] and noticed him taking a long look. If I could have winked my asshole at him, I would have. "So where you headed boy?" He walked over to the spigot next to mine.

"I have f****y in the next town."

"Are you in a hurry to see them?"

"Not really. I"ve got time on my hands. Where are you headed man?"

"Name"s Ben; staying here tonight and headed west tomorrow. Early!" I dropped the soap again, only this time it slid under Ben"s shower. He just stood there facing the bar of soap. I hesitated long enough to see if he would move aside. He didn"t move or offer to pick it up and hand it to me.

I bent over, retrieving the bar, my face about six inches from his beautiful cock. I looked at it boldly, and then up at Ben"s face. As I started to straighten up, He pushed on my shoulders, took his cock in hand, and pressed it to my face. It was full and thick; but not hard yet. The thick soft length of it pressed from my chin to the top of my forehead. His low hanging balls, the size of extra large chicken eggs, rolled against my skin, underneath my chin. The first sounds of moaning escaped my lips.

"This is what you came for isn"t it boy? I thought I saw you peeking in just before Mike and Tony left. I bet you wanted to come in and have at all three of us didn"t you?" He put his cock at my lips and I opened my mouth, letting its softness lay across my tongue. It filled my mouth and I could smell his man odor with my nose buried in his pubic hair. The scent of the soap he just used and his manly aroma struck my nostrils, and I took a deep breath. I pushed my tongue against the under side of his meaty cock; and pressed it"s softness against the roof of my mouth. I loved having the weight of his cock laid on my tongue. When his cock got hard, it would stand up on it"s own without the weight. In this state, the feeling was a lot different; and just as wonderful as his hard throbbing cock would be in another minute.

I sucked the cock head hard and rolled my tongue all around its pulpy tissue. Now it was Ben"s turn to moan. He stroked my head and brought his hands down along the sides of my face. I felt his big cock grow in length and girth as it hardened. When it was fully hard, I moved down to those unbelievably large gonads. I licked and sucked, bringing one then the other into my mouth and licked and sucked some more.

Ben placed his hands under my arms and lifted me like a rag doll. When I was standing, he grabbed my legs and lifted my body up, pulling them around his waist, and pressing my upper body against the cold tile wall. With my legs wrapped around his waist, my asshole was left open and vulnerable to his cock"s invasion. He reached under me and grabbed his mighty meat, aiming it at my sphincter muscle. He moved his hips forward. I felt the expanded cock head at the door to my hot tunnel. He pushed gently, and the left over soap around the hole helped his entry. I felt his mighty cock head move past my love muscle and into my hot cavern. Ben started moaning again. "Oh yeah boy, I want you. I want my fucking cock deep up your fucking hole. You"re so fucking tight and wet in there."

Ben was very aware of just how tight I was. He moved into me gently, an inch at a time. I whimpered as each inch past into my body, letting me know how much my ass was made for this wonderful intrusion. My lust grew higher and higher. By the time Ben had all his big dick inside me, I was so ready to be fucked, wanted to be fucked. He started with short easy strokes as he pressed his furry chest up against my smooth one. He buried his face into the crook of my neck. I felt his slightly round stomach press into my hard one; and it was so erotic, to have so much of his body touching mine.

Ben lowered me a little on the wall and his thrusts became longer. I could feel all of his cock retreat to the cock head and thrust hard into my hole. "You like that fucker? You love fucking cock filling your fuck hole? You like my big fucking dick pumping into your ass, huh? You"re a fucking dick lover, a cock sucking pussy for a hard bone. You take it good too, you little fuck. Uh! Uh! Uh! Take my fucking cock." Ben thrust harder and harder into my hole. His sex talk turned me on even more and I tried humping back on his dick with every deep thrust. "That"s it, Ben. Fuck me. Fuck me good and hard. Pump that fucking cock in my ass. Common man, you can do better then that. Fucking fuck me man. Pound that fucking thick, long, meaty, hard fuck pole up my hot hungry ass Ben. You fucker! You"re a good fucking fucker! YEAH! FUCK ME GOOD YOU BASTARD!"

He pulled out and dropped my legs down. He spun me around and bent my torso over. "Grab your fucking ankles k**. Here comes the cock." Ben threw his hips forward with the weight of his body behind them. His cock made perfect aim and shoved up into my fuck shoot with one mighty movement. His big heavy balls slapped up against my upper thighs. His stomach made sucking sounds against my ass as he drove his thick cock shaft in and out of my hole. I put my hands against the tile and pushed back with every hard ramming movement into my butt. Yeah, this is what I wanted. This is what I hoped for. This was why I came for this ride out of town, a man sticking me like a stuck pig on his pole. Two men servicing each others needs. He needed to fuck and I needed to get fucked; and we were both getting laid.

There was no love here. There was no passion. It was just two men getting it on. Two guys rutting in the shower. Ben grabbed my hips and began slamming into me as fast as he could. I put my hands close together to cushion my head as it banged against the tile. Then, it happened. He rammed one last, ass splitting time Deep into my recesses his cum came to a boil. His cock expanded. His thick swollen cock head gave up the creamy white spice of life; and exploded his hot cum deep into my ass. I wanted to claw the tile wall, but my fingers wouldn"t dig in. I slammed my ass back so hard; Ben stepped back and took me with him, holding his cock deep in my warm tunnel. We stood away from the wall, Ben with his back arched, hips thrust forward, cock pulsing up my shoot, balls roiling in their sac releasing their sweet nectar; and I, standing up, pressing my back against his hairy chest, stomach muscles contracting, chest heaving, hard thick big fucking cock sticking straight out into the air, bouncing and spewing forth hot thick loads of cum onto the tile walls and floor.

I reached my right arm up and grabbed his head, pulling it down into the crook of my neck. He sucked and bit into my flesh, leaving a huge hickey, which sent shock waves down into my cock head issuing forth another hot load. If I could have kicked his fucking ass while his cock throbbed inside me you can be sure I would have. That"s how a****listic I felt at that moment.

When it was over, Ben walked forward and pressed my body between him and the wall. He kissed my neck one more time and let his big softening cock slip from my hole. "You are one hell of a fantastic fuck k**." He moved underneath the shower next to me.

"Thanks, I could say the same about you." I smiled, taking the soap bar and running it up and down my sore ass crack. Ben smiled back.

Heading home, I felt better and more relaxed then I had in two weeks. Three more days and I would have Uncle Jack right where Ben had just been.


Dad took me to the airport and stood with me while I checked in at the curb. After check-in I told him I would be just fine. He gave me a hug and told me to have a good time, then drove off. I went into the airport with a small carry on bag over my shoulder.

At the gate a good-looking guy behind the counter, helped me choose a seat. I told him this was my very first flight and could I have a seat where I could stretch my long legs out. He leaned over the counter and took a long look at my legs, and I"m sure, my cock, snaking down the inside of my thigh in the tight jeans, didn"t go unnoticed either. He smiled with one eyebrow slightly raised and then winked. "I see exactly what you mean. There"s an empty seat in first class. Since this is your first flight, why don"t we put you there so you can really see what it"s like to fly?"

Hey, that was fine with me. I didn"t know what the difference was anyway. On board, I showed the lady in uniform my seat number and she directed me to my seat on the aisle, just before going into another section of the plane. There was a wall behind the seat, but it didn"t seem to affect the way the seat reclined. I watched as the other passengers boarded. There were a couple of guys that I would have really enjoyed sitting next to. Once everyone was in their seat, we waited a while and a final passenger boarded. The guy that helped pick my seat came on board behind him and closed the door.

The man walked over to where I sat, excused himself, and squeezed by to plop down into the window seat next to me. I looked him over. "Not bad" I thought. He had very strong looking heavy thighs that bulged in the suit pants he wore. The same was with the shoulders and biceps stretching the dress shirt when he took off his suit jacket. He leaned across me handing the jacket to the young man to store away, excusing himself once again. The aroma of scented oil and raw masculinity wafted into the air and my cock nudged in recognition against my thigh.

I took him to be about thirty to thirty-five. His hair reminded me of the color of dried wheat in the summer sunshine. His green eyes, set wide apart, spoke of a no nonsense demeanor. The raw masculine sexuality of this man brought only one word to mind. STUD!!! in every sense of the word. I wanted this man. I was nervous, without a clue as to how I might approach this man that seemed unapproachable. My palms began to sweat and I rubbed them on the arms of the seat.

"Your first flight?" Did he speak? The voice, as rich and low as a bow moving across the strings of a cello.

"What?" my voice cracked, "Oh, Oh yes." Dummy, say something intelligent. "I"m on my way to meet my Uncle Jack. He"s taking me on a cruise." That was brilliant. Now he thinks you"re just a k**. We hadn"t even left the ground and I already made an ass of myself. "Oh, well I hope you have a good time." His smile put everything around us in a blurred haze. The drone of the plane"s engines and the chatter of everyone around us faded into the beautiful sounds of the cello. I felt weak. I know I was young, but I"d never felt anything close to how this man made me feel. What was I thinking? I didn"t even know this guy.

He got involved in his laptop and we didn"t talk much the rest of the trip. The good looking guy came by and served us drinks. He rubbed his crotch against my shoulder. "Oh I"m sorry. Did that bother you?" "No, not at all." We smiled at each other. Now I was eighteen and tasted my first drink. I ordered a vodka tonic, more to let the guy know I was of age then wanting to drink. Later, about half way through the flight, the man put his computer down and lowered the back of the seat. I had been listening to some jazz music but now I laid it down. "My name"s William, Bill... by the way, what were you listening to?" "Oh, some jazz. I like the older greats like Billy Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, B. B. King. It"s mellow and sad, in a nice way. I"m callum."

"Well callum, it nice to meet you. I wanted to say thanks for not trying to talk my head off. I had some important work to go over. Most people I sit next to on a plane always seem to want to talk and it isn"t always welcome when I have work to do." "That"s cool man. I don"t like to bother people unless they want to be bothered." Bill chuckled deep in his throat.

We talked for a while and then I dosed off. When I woke up, my head was on Bill"s strong shoulder. He seemed to be sl**ping too. I took the chance to really take him in. One of my hands lay next to his thigh. I could feel the heat of him as if steam were rising from his pores. The strong muscled chest rose and fell with his breathing. I had to control my desire to take my hand and caress that hard chest; and rub the nipple protruding through the shirt material. The aroma of him, once again made my cock lurch. An announcement came over the loud speaker that we would land soon. Bill stirred. "Wake up sl**pyhead we"re about to land." He spoke softly. I raised my head from his shoulder reluctantly. "Sorry, I guess I used you as a pillow."

"No problem. It felt good having you feel relaxed enough with me to do that."

"Well you"ve got a big shoulder to lean on. You must go to the gym a lot."

"Three or four times a week. I go after I finish work so it"s usually late. You know the gym on Tremont St.?"

"No! I"ve never been to a gym except in school. I"ll be going to college this fall and will probably use the gym there."

I didn"t want the flight to be over. I guess sometimes you meet people that everything clicks with but they just pass through you"re life. This must be one of those times. Boldly I let the back of my hand brush hard against his thigh. Oh my God, like fucking steel it was. Bill didn"t pull away. I did it again just to make sure. Again Bill didn"t pull away, and I could have sworn he pushed back a little. Don"t be ridiculous. This was a lady"s man all the way I told myself.

We were the first off the plane. "Here"s my card. When you get back give me a call and maybe we can get together so you can tell me about this great vacation of yours."

"Thanks Bill. I"ll do that." Coming out of the gate, Uncle Jack stood waiting. We hugged and Uncle Jack kissed my right on the lips, in front of the whole terminal of people. I turned to introduce Bill, but he was gone. I could not see him through the crowd.

The cab rushed us through the crazy traffic and to a beautiful hotel that overlooked the bay and Miami Beach. The room was painted in pastels and very elegant but tropical furnishings. There was a balcony and off to the right we could see the port of Miami. "Which one is the one we"re taking Uncle Jack?"

He came over and encircled me with his strong arms and nuzzled my neck with his face and lips. "Ours isn"t there yet. It"ll come in sometime during the night and be there in the morning." His hands slid down my torso and he grabbed my crotch. "Let"s get you out of these tight jeans. They must be uncomfortable after wearing them all day." He undid the belt and pulled down the zipper. Reaching down inside my jockeys, he gently squeezed my cock and nuts rolling them around in his palm. Now he pulled on the jean legs and dropped to his knees to take off one leg at a time. Uncle jack buried his face in my crotch, rubbing it all over my cock and balls.

I was usually the one on my knees in front of him first; but I placed my hands on his head and ran my fingers through his hair, enjoying the feelings that started coursing through my body. Uncle Jack sucked on my growing hard on through the jockeys. He licked and sucked until the wet material outlined my cock. I kept pushing my hips forward, wanting to shove my cock deep into his throat. He obviously wanted to sexually tease me. I had already teased myself on the long plane ride with Bill, so this teasing started bringing out the a****l in me.

My need to cum was at a very crucial point. I pulled on my own jockeys, sending them down past my crotch and ass cheeks. I grabbed my dick and Uncle Jack"s head. With one shove, my cock entered his mouth and f***ed its way into his throat. I screamed, "Oh yeah man. Good fucking mouth. Suck it Uncle Jack. Fucking suck it hard. I need to fucking cum so bad." I held his head and fucked his face like a man reaching the summit of Mount Everest.

I pounded my hips forward regardless of whether he was choking or not. I fucked his lips with a vengeance. My cock head tore into his throat and my big fucking balls slapped against his chin almost painfully. This was it. This was what men were for. To be fucking and sucking and tasting and shooting their cum loads into each other--real men doing real men. I pressed him back up against the rail and grabbed the top of it. Using it for leverage, I did body presses as I pumped my steel rod into his face. Uncle Jack grabbed my ass cheeks and helped pull my hips into him. He moved a hand into my ass crack and felt for the sphincter muscle. He rammed his dry hard finger as deep as he could up into my asshole. I screamed and let loose a thick hot load of cum.

"Arghhhhhh Yeah you fuck! Arghhhhhhh Eat it damn it eat it. Please! Oh! Oh please! Oh Uncle Jack. Yes! Yes! Oh I"m cumming. I"m cumming."

I felt the cum in my balls gather up and head through the thick shaft of meat. I squeezed my ass cheeks on Uncle Jack"s finger, trying to hold it in as long as I could. He used his finger to feather my prostrate and I blew the thickest hottest fucking load than I had shot in a long time. My cock kept pulsing in his throat and he kept sucking it all down. He took it all. He never let any cum escape his lips. He drank my nectar and wouldn"t let me back off. He sucked and ate my cum until there was nothing left and continued to suck until my legs gave way and I collapsed on the tiled balcony.

"Oh fuck Uncle Jack. I haven"t had a blowjob like that in such a long time--maybe never."

"I could tell you were all tensed up as soon as you got off the plane. You kept looking around as if you were meeting someone other than me. I figured we"d take care of your needs first and move on from there. "Thanks, Uncle Jack. I was looking around because I wanted to introduce you to someone I met on the plane, but he disappeared." He helped me up off the floor and we went into the room.

"Well, are you hungry callum? If you don"t want to go out I could send up for some room service. They usually have some very nice Cuban boys deliver." He smiled in that slight smirky way that always said "How about it baby." "No thanks. The flight made me so tired I"m really not hungry--not for food anyway." I tried smiling the same way he did. Uncle Jack laughed and I threw a pillow at him. He ran over and tackled me onto the bed, laughing and kissing.

"Uncle Jack, if you don"t mind, get out of my bed."

"Why?" He stood up.

"I don"t let any man into my bed unless he"s naked." I smiled and laughed with glee as he ripped at his clothing to get them off as fast as he could.

"I"m going to fuck you silly nephew. You"re about to find out what your uncle"s cock is for." "Well, hurry up. I think I already found out; but I want to know if you remember what it"s for." Uncle Jack jumped and landed on top of me laughing and biting my neck. His hard cock nuzzled under my balls making my ass twitch. He reached on the nightstand and grabbed the lube. "This is going to be a long session Karl." He entered me slowly. His cock filled my ass hole. The thick shaft pushed it"s way deep and deeper. I felt the big balls press into my ass crack.

Uncle Jack pressed his shoulders down into the backs of my thighs until his chest hairs tickled my nipples. His hips moved in a long slow steady rhythm. I could feel the entire length of the fat shaft rubbing every crevasse in it"s path. I felt my ass muscles give way to his cock head. I closed my eyes and in my mind could see Uncle Jack"s beautiful cock head and shaft making its way in and pulling out for reentry. He kissed my face, my eyes, my lips, in soft passionate caresses of love. Those full wonderful lips pressing against mine in loving exploring gentleness.

How I loved my uncle. How I loved all the things he taught me; and how he helped me understand myself. He never approached me until he found out I"d already sucked his cock on my own. Now he was making love to my body in such a gentle caring way. With every movement of his cock inside me I loved him even more. Uncle Jack fucked me for a long time. I felt the intensifying excitement. My cock had grown hard again. My prostate was being tortured in exquisite pleasure. He began to growl.

"Uphoof! Uphoof! Arghh! arghhhh! So good Karl. Your fucking ass is so good. Do you feel it Karl? My cock? Sliding in long and easy? You feel every inch of it?" he whispered in my ear. The feelings built. The excitement slowly climbed higher, and higher. I thought it couldn"t go much higher, that we were just at the top; but it kept climbing. When would we go over? When would we reach the edge and tumble over the waterfall spewing our cum together?

I could feel Uncle Jack"s cock expand; the cock head grow to hammer size. It was pounding slow and hard now, to the easy rocking rhythm of his hips. I could hear myself pleading, "Please Uncle Jack. Please fuck me harder. Please let me feel you shoot your hot cum inside my ass."

"You want it so bad. You"re so fucking hungry for it--hungry for my fucking cock; hungry for my fucking cum. You"re my little nephew cock sucker needing to get fucked; wanting my big ass cock to fuck you good."

He knelt straight up and pushed my legs as far as he could over my head. I watched him, watching his cock drive into me. He hadn"t quickened his rhythm; but he drove it harder, slamming his giant cock into the dark recess of my ass. Then Uncle Jack drove his monster meat in to his balls. His entire body began to shake. He pulled out to the flared cock head and rammed it one more time, banging my ass. I felt the explosion of his fucking cock, shooting thick wads of cum into my ass. I felt the thick loads pulse out of his cock head into my hot waiting hole. I closed my eyes and saw, in my head, his cock as it shot deep inside me. Tears came to my eyes with the need to have that wonderful cock like an army cannon popping off globs of cum up my ass tunnel.

Uncle Jack brought my legs down and lay on top of me. His full weight felt so great. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed everywhere my lips could reach. He rested his head on my smooth chest and kept his imbedded cock nice and snug inside my butt. I closed my eyes, listening to the sound of a bow moving across the strings of a cello.... Continue»
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I think the quote was that 'those that sit and wait' also get served...eventually. It was long in coming, but eventually I got all that I dreamt of, and more.

I had wasted my high school days, thinking that they were more for playing laser tag, video games, or hoops. I kept a basketball in my trunk and would stop at every unoccupied basketball court. Ironically, this did nothing for my resume, so my career after graduation didn't exactly take off.

Kicked out of my house at eighteen, I took a tiny studio apartment. I might have been hired by my own father or his best friend (my uncle), but both of them said they'd take my application and think about it. As a result, I had to get a job as a sporting goods clerk at a retail store...yes, THAT retail store. Blue smock and all, I had to sell 'authentic Indian' bows and arrows made in China. My parents were understandably 'proud' of me.

My social life was equally fulfilling; all the high school girls I'd hit on now asked me what I was doing and what my plans were. When I told them the truth, they kind of laughed or looked down and told me they had to run. You never saw so many people who had 'left water running', 'had a doctor's appointment', or were 'late for an operation'.

Without a real social life, my fantasy life fell back to the two stars of my youth: my mother and her twin s****r. They always appeared to be the soul of propriety, dressed like school marms. They were 39 but could pass for 25 easily. Okay, they had some lines around the eyes (crow's feet), some colors on their legs that shouldn't be there, and maybe a millimeter of looseness in a few places. That didn't change the fact that they were like living dolls, with Barbie dimensions.

I even watched my mom fit her twin s****r for a wedding gown. I wasn't moved by her 37 hips or 24 waist, but the 36 up top with a D cup did 'inspire me'. All this time I thought that it was just padding up there, but no: it was all mom and her s*s, all real.

I neared 18 and the mandatory move-out date. I couldn't help but notice that my mom and her s****r spent more and more weekend time all alone as so-called 'golf widows' (when husbands play golf and neglect their wives.)

The weekend before I was to leave home, I turned 18. I overheard my mom planning the next weekend's events with her s****r. I was shocked that my hyper-conservative mother was going to rent some adult films, get a case of Jack [Daniels], and order pizza, with a little 'surprise' for the delivery guy. I made a memo of all that and saved it.

My move-out went fine. Once I was fully moved, I summoned up my memo page of mom's plans for this weekend. I knew the exact time that mom was doing everything (her day-timer had plans for each hour). I figured that if I showed up before they called for that pizza, they wouldn't go ahead with it. If I played my cards right...

Among my meager possessions at the time was a great watch, a Rolex Mariner that my dad gave me. I treasured that even though, in reality, he'd bought it in Times Square for $17: a genuine 'Rolex Marimar'. Still, it kept perfect time and I got to mom's place at the exact right moment.

You never saw less of a welcome than the one that I got at the door. Mom and her s****r were there, wearing only bathrobes. On the coffee table were four glasses, a half empty bottle of Jack, a six pack of Bud, and three cigars.

My beautiful mom spoke in a slow, slurred tone; she normally spoke in a crisp, genteel, ice cold fashion. Slightly d***k, she actually sounded, dare I say, like a tramp.

I sort of barged in, saying that I had forgotten some things from my old room. My aunt was now seated, her face looking away in embarrassment. Like my hot mom, she sure filled out that robe nicely. Her silky smooth legs, like my mother's, glistened from a bikini wax. Both of them were barefoot and beautiful, their feet perfect with sparkling red toes and the identical gold love chain ankle bracelet on their slender right ankle.

I don't know why but their jutting tits and fantastic legs were one thing; that sleazy ankle bracelet was what really turned me on. I was more than ever determined to bed my gorgeous mother and her twin s*s. I wouldn't be content until they were both lying side by side, literally dripping out my potent seed. As it was, I had no idea that this happened to be my mother's fertile time. Her s****r had gotten synchronized to her over the years spent together, so she was primed too.

Dutifully, I slipped away into my old bedroom, which was cut off by the garage on the other side of the house. Satisfied that they were alone after the door to the garage slammed, mom and her s*s went back to their fun.

I waited for a half hour to let them get confident that I was settled in my old room. Then I quietly snuck back into the main house (an old one which we'd restored.) Literally tiptoeing, I got to mom's locked door which had a big, old fashioned keyhole. I got an eyeful, believe me...

On the large screen TV to the side of her bed, mom was playing a hard-core adult film. Meanwhile, I looked in shock as the two women of my wet dreams were nude, man, nude. My aunt and my mother were side-by-side on the old-fashioned bed on all fours. It had wooden posts at all four corners. By chance, the posts were at just the right height. As the women watched the film and moaned at the appropriate times, they were dragging their wet pussies against those bed posts. It was the hottest thing I'd ever seen.

At the high point of the film, when the actress and actor fake a simultaneous orgasm, my mom and her s****r went off too, like clockwork. After that, the film ended, the two women kissed and made out, still dragging those tender tissues down there against those lucky bedposts. Then they sagged to the bed, exhausted and spent.

At this point, I just couldn't hold back. I came into the room. My mother and her s****r covered what they could in false modesty, screeching about me coming in without knocking (and getting into their locked room?)

Me: "Wow that was quite a show. If I was a good son, I'd say that that was just one of those things. Like maybe I never saw anything, and leave it at that."

Mom: "Oh, God, thank you Jim. For a split second, we didn't know what to think. Let's just forget this, like it never happened."

Me: "Wait just a second...I said IF I was a good you've told me before, I am NOT a good son. I also ran and got a camera and recorded enough footage thru the keyhole to go viral on the web and make your hubbies go postal on you." [Thank God they didn't grill me, as in 'well, where IS that camera?']

You never saw more mortified, embarrassed and concerned women. They huddled on the bed.

Mom: "Okay, you sneaky bastard. What do you want? I think we keep about $500 in dad's safe. Will that keep you quiet?"

Me: "That's a start...but I want more. I want IT!"

My MILF mother and her s****r sat up at the end of the bed, cupping their oversized boobs with one arm and covering their blonde (real blonde) furry forests down there with the other. They were seething.

Mom: "If you think that Paula and I will open our legs for your worthless little worm, some 3 inch toy like your father and uncle's, you can go screw yourself. My advice is to take the money and run, you little bastard!"

Me: "You win; I'll take the money and leave. But just to show you what you're missing, let me show you what kind of meat I pack..."

Mom: "No, Jim...don't!! Please, we don't need to see your tiny equipment. We can look at our hubbies if we need a laugh...please don't!!"

Fortunately, I ignored them. For dramatic effect, I pulled back the jockey opening first, and then released the latch of my pants. Like an elephant trunk, my soft ten inch cock fell out, drooping down towards my knees. Both women gasped, my mom literally putting her hand over her mouth. My aunt licked her lips.

Aunt Paula: "You can do what you want, Sue, but I want THAT!! Enough of these boring DVD's and girl's only games. I could use a big healthy slab of meat in me and that sure looks good."

Well, there was no more chit-chat or debate. Almost instantly, there were four hands all over me. I was pushed on my back. My beautiful aunt was stroking my cock, her hand going up and down like a Ferrari's piston. Meanwhile, my supersexy mother was making out with me. I caressed her full breasts, doing my little trick. Instead of touching the nipples, I would caress around them. That always drove women wild. Sure enough: my mother soon grabbed my hand, forcing me to touch her pouting popped milk nozzles. A gentle pinch there set my mom off.

My aunt stopped her stroking of my ten inch manhood, jealous of my mom. She wiggled up to me and shoved an erect nipple into my mouth. I did my best impression of a nursing infant, suckling away at her thumb-sized nip. My aunt soon moaned in orgasm too. I thought that this was setting me on the road to ecstasy. But then, reality...

Mom: "Sweetheart, before this goes any further, I think you should stop. So far, we've just played around. If you had a condom, we MIGHT go farther...I don't know."

Me: "I don't want...I can't use them...they kill all feeling. I want you two to ride me bare back and now!"

Mom: "Dear, that isn't going to happen. I don't know if you know anything about 'cycles', but your aunt and I are at our peaks, so we risk getting knocked up...and you wouldn't want that, would you?"

Me: "What, knocking up two beautiful women? Heavens no, I'd be so ashamed. On the other hand: Mom, do you know where dad and my uncle are right now?"

Aunt Paula: "Let me cut in; they're at the Brocada Golf Course, doing the back nine."

Me: "More like the BACKDOOR nine...I never showed you this because I didn't want to start a fight. I intercepted it on the computer one day. He'd left his computer sign-in on by mistake, thinking 'sl**p' was off."

Mom grabbed the printout, read it, and showed it to my aunt. It was a liaison for the weekend. It kind of explained why father's interest in sex with her dwindled down to zero and why he and my uncle were such 'good friends'. Suffice it to say, the foursome my father joined was all-male and never ventured out of their hotel room for golf.

My mother looked at me and then at her s****r. There was that unmistakable and frightening look of a woman scorned.

Mom: "Well that's great; I sacrificed so much for his career. He's supposedly making big deals while hitting the links...Big deals, my ass! But, how can I hit him back where it really hurts?"

We all stood there in silence. Then I got an inspiration:

Me: "That's simple: the two of them obviously value you as their possessions: trophy wives. Let's take that away, right here and right now!"

Mom: "How can we do that?"

Me: "Simple: both of you get on your backs on the edge of the bed. This court is in session, we've already passed judgment, and here comes the judge!"

They were not certain that they wanted to go ahead with it. But with gentle prodding, I pushed back two of the most beautiful soccer moms that ever lived onto mom's king-sized bed. Before they could object I had their shapely legs up in the air and intertwined where they touched together.

Now it was just a simple matter of filling up two tanks. It only took a few strokes on my manhood to attain my full ten inches of steel hard cock. Both my mom and her s*s begged me. They cooed that they wanted to feel it before it did its manly duty--while it was still like solid iron. Their small society hands worshipped my huge cock, only stopping when I pulled away.

I went up to my mother, kissing her demure and lovely foot as it was suspended in the air. Dragging the oversized cockhead against the slavering lips of her wet pussy sent her into orbit with a noisy orgasm. She ended up with six, her s****r with seven. I went from woman to woman, each step of the way. I gave their clits proper attention, then sawed back and forth down both warm, tight, welcoming, soppy passageways.

Both of them let me know that they controlled those heavenly portals by using their muscles to grip, squeeze, and massage my manhood until I sighed in delight. My cockhead gently kissed their cervix at the deepest point of my efforts. When my babymaker touched my mother's innermost and deepest recesses, she moaned in yet another orgasm.

I stopped and picked up each woman off the bed. We kissed romantically, pliant lips meeting warm soft lips; a gentle tongue across the teeth, a shared breath, and a few words of love (to my mom.) Just as gently I returned each woman back for the final act in our play. The room was redolent in their favorite, Chanel No. 5. It was intoxicating as it permeated my senses...

As I began to complete my man-of-the-house duty, my aunt told me to stop. She wanted to feel me one last time before I was drained. Obediently, I went to her and offered my unit. She squeezed my love pole, feeling its strength, its hardness. Then she cupped and weighed my testes. They were enormous.

Aunt Paula: "My God, Sue! Your son is not only huge, his swollen balls are gigantic. Look at them! Each of them must hold a pint of potent seed. So much love, so much sperm, so many big strong babies. This really IS going to show those wimp dicks! Let's go, nephew! It's baby-time!"

I went up to my mom who gave me a loving caress of my manhood. She mouthed the words, "I love you" and "Give me a baby". Well, who was I to disobey my mother?

I pulled up the big oaken chair near the bed. Like taking some merchandise for sale at a store, I bent forward and reached to pick up my gorgeous mom. Holding her with ease (her lithe slim body was no problem for my strong arms), I lowered her onto my cock. She looked up and moaned in utter pleasure. I proceeded with the breeding, as her s****r looked on, using her fingers to entertain herself.

That poor old chair creaked and cracked as the wood was taking a pounding. I was using my mom like a love toy. Her eyes teared up in excitement, her arms desperately trying to hold on for dear life. My hands were at either side of her. When I felt her shake and moan in total delight, the big 'O' as it was, I dropped her onto my ten inch lancer. She struck my lap with full f***e, sending my cock all the way inside of her.

All of a sudden, we both popped open our eyes and just froze for a moment. I saw her eyes again slowly close as the first geyser from my cock hit home. She could feel every splash, every squirt, every drop, of my unbelievable tidal wave of spunk. It only took two minutes to cum inside mom, but they were the best two minutes of my life.

After a tender kiss and a silent 'I love you' from my dear mother, I lifted her off me and replaced her on the bed. Then, as if I was just sampling another item, I lifted my aunt and carefully centered her over that same cock.

Thinking about the baby or babies I might be creating, my cock obligingly restored itself to rock hardness. By the time my aunt was totally impaled on my long love pole, I was fully re-charged and ready. Nature somehow determined that procreation was going on and I needed more seed, a lot more seed.

To do that I had used my aunt's sopping wet pussy as a way to recharge my batteries. I held her out from me, only letting her touch me gently--brushing up against the very sensitive tip of my mighty manhood. Once I was back up to ten inch size, I slowly entered her, dragging my throbbing cockhead against the tingling tissues of her inner canal. She winced when I hit bottom, only to instantly change into full orgasmic pleasure mode.

I continued my little game, tapping on her deepest and darkest walls as I entered and exited her with more and more fury. My mother now helped out by making out with me. God, I was making love to one incredible sexpot while making out with her twin s****r. One of them was riding me 'bare back' while the other showed her gratitude for the colossal load I'd already emptied into her.

I pushed my mom away and took my aunt's face into my hands. We made out as I lifted off the chair, inserting myself even deeper inside of her. Finally, I came with even more f***e than I'd fired off inside my mother. No, she didn't get the pint of sperm-laden cum that her s****r got; Aunt Paula would have to settle for about a half pint of life-giving baby batter. It was fired into her with incredible power, though.

After that second woman, I was totally beat. I sagged back into the chair. For their parts, my mother and her equally gorgeous s****r made out briefly. They whispered plans for me, the future and the babies that might follow. Then they fell silent, fast asl**p.

I awoke an hour later for some reason. I looked up and then remembered our evening. Laid out on the bed asl**p were two gorgeous women. If Pamela Anderson had been one of triplets, then here were her two missing s****rs. What was most exciting, most inspiring, was this:

On the edge of the bed near both women, there were small waterfalls, leaving two big puddles. You could trace back the white gooey liquid to the side of the bed, then up their thighs and back to the oozing opening of their respective womanhood. The puddle under my mom was about twice the size of my aunt's as I'd really filled up her tank. Man, what a sexy sight.

The day that was just beginning was Sunday, the last day of that weekend their hubbies were away 'playing golf'. I proceeded to service both women half a dozen times, each. We weren't just taking a chance on pregnancy but ensuring it. So much seed, so much vibrant healthy sperm, such fertile wombs... It wasn't so much a question of 'if' but 'when'. Sure enough, sometime during our wild Sunday, both my beautiful mother and her twin s****r conceived.

Predictably, three weeks later, my mom got a call from her s****r. She'd tested herself and the tester turned blue. She was 'in the f****y way'. My mother told her she had to go...immediately. She rushed and got a home pregnancy test and was delighted to see that turn blue too. She called her s****r with the news.

The rest of the story played out quickly. At my suggestion, all three of us snuck up to see those husbands during another one of their 'golf weekends'. For $100, we got a room key from the maid and came into their room with cameras clicking and camcorders recording.

The divorces that followed were easy and fast. No court dates—the settlements were in camera, with non-disclosure agreements. For that, my mom and her s****r made out like bandits. They got their homes, cars, and 3/4ths of everything else.

The only other suspense was the fate of those fetuses. I dreaded the idea that they would turn to the big 'A' option now that they'd gotten all they wanted in divorce mediation. It came as quite a relief when my mom re-assured me that they were going to give birth to those babies (my aunt had one but mom was bearing twins of mine).

Oh, yes, about my exciting career in sporting goods, wearing that blue smock... As tempting as it was to return there, I gave them a fond farewell. I mean, between my (now) wealthy mother and her equally well-off s****r, I had two places where I could go and 'crash'. I also had three c***dren of mine to play with.

We settled down to a nice arrangement. My mother had her home, my aunt another one. Some weekends they'd get a married friend to tend to all the k**s at my aunt's while mom and her twin s****r 'tended' to me. That ended when that married friend delivered the k**s back early, seeing what was going on at mom's place.

On the next weekend 'alone', yet another married friend tended the k**s while mom, Aunt Paula, AND that 1st married friend were entertained by yours truly. I never thought that 'doing it' could become work, but with three, I had reached my limit and gone beyond. I barely had enough stamina to crawl over to the 'guest' and do her.

Well, I guess that I was up to the job, in retrospect. After several of those 'golf weekends', there were four new babies due during the next year, with the married guest having twins.

Within a year's time, the three became four when that other married friend joined in too. We were just lucky that there were two hospitals in that town so that no one could correlate the little baby boom that I had started.

Don't get me wrong; that was hard work, dealing with four beautiful but insatiable women. It was almost like a job. So to amuse the guests, I'd wear that old blue smock as I entered the room. Well, just that blue smock and nothing else.

While another f****y friend, this one married but over sixty years old, tended the growing torrent of babies in my aunt's house, we had our own little Super Ball in mom's place. I was exhausted at the end of the day, thankful it was only four ladies. It WAS four until the newest friend, an AARP member, also figured out our goings-on and wanted in.

Talk about a tough job, but someone having to do it...Well, at least I didn't have to worry about our new elderly member getting pregnant. As I write this, she's coming to tell me something. What...what do you mean it turned blue?

... Continue»
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Fun with mom and s*s in Italy

My name is John and I am about to tell you about the most exciting vacation or any two week period I have ever experienced. I am 19 years old and have one s****r named Susan one year older than me. Mom and dad; Liz and Bob are 40 and 45 - a normal f****y so far. Something that will enable the following story and its events to take place is maybe not surprisingly my penis. He is not an ordinary penis, dick or cock or whatever you may call him, he is big enough to raise eyebrows, big enough to cause fascination and most of all, pleasure to me and others. He measures just above 9 inches and is fatter than most competitors. It is quite a sight in full erection placed on my hairless swimmer body. I used to compete somewhat when I was in my early teens and maybe I could have been something with harder training, but never the less I continued swimming as good way of exercise. Swimmers wear speedos and speedos can be revealing. Swimming is a gender mixed sports, so each time I entered the swimming area there where people taking notice. I got very used to it, sometimes a bit awkward but sometimes really cool. We will come back to my dick later on.

Our f****y had always enjoyed traveling and this year we had booked a trip to Italy where we would rent a big villa on the country side with private pool and a really nice garden, at least if you looked on the images on the site and read the reviews. It sound expensive but in fact we booked the flight far in advance and then rented via a private accommodator off season in May. Susan would bring her boyfriend to so we would be 5 people going for two weeks.

Since neither me or s*s lived at home anymore we would all meet at the airport 1,5 h before departure. I had just started my studies to become an engineer so I had to bring some books, that I probably wouldn't touch during the two weeks away from school. It was a good gesture anyway.

I showed up at the airport 5 minutes late at the meeting point by one of the cafés there where mom and s*s were sitting at a table. "Heeey, Italy here we come!" I shouted loud with a smile on my face. The reaction from mom and s*s was not expected, they were usually really happy and positive people. "What is the matter, what has happened, don't tell me the flight is cancelled". "No it is not that" my mom replied. "Neither Bob or Brad will join us to Italy, so ti will only be the three of us going." She looked down, her face pale as ash. s*s also sat quite looking down to. "Hello, can you at least say why they wont join us?" Getting rid of Susans boyfriend Brad wasn't a big loss, but it was a shame dad wouldn't join us and I didn't really loved the fact of traveling alone with mom and s*s for two weeks. "Well, Brad decided he needed two girlfriends I read a Facebook dialogue between him and some psycho bitch that he had been fucking with" s*s responded with a really upset tone. "Ssshh!" mom said. "What, I can't be upset now? Maybe you should tell John about dads adventures with the neighbors Steve and Cathys daughter yesterday?". Mom looked up and said quiet in a sad tone. "Dad won't join us, it is quite a crisis since I encountered him together with her yesterday, we decided, or I decided that he is not welcome on our vacation". "So you say that both of you got screwed at the same time, that is almost funny" I responded, maybe a bit insensitive, but I was used to a really open dialogue with my f****y. "Idiot, this is so far from being funny, just because you only sit at home alone and doesn't understand how sad this is!" s*s yelled. She was not entirely true here, but how could she know that I beside loving online gaming also loved waving my cock to the webcam and letting the other swimming girls glance at my stretched speedos. Last year I had have quite a lot of experiences with girls, which was different when I still lived with my parents. "Yeah yeah, poor you, they are big idiots both of them, can we check in now?" I asked, and we started carrying out our bags to the check in counters.

We talked some more on the plane even though both mom and s*s' mood were somewhat affected by this. Italy, two weeks, sun, pool, no school and great Italian food - nothing could damage my good mood today! When we landed later in the evening and got of the airplane the warm breeze welcomed us.

The place we had rented was an old stone building that had been heavily renovated to hold modern standard. The garden, the pool and the view towards the ocean was fantastic. There where no direct neighbors that could see the garden so the place was really private. A small village was located 1 mile down the road which climbed back and forth from the ocean and up to where we would spend a great lot of the following two weeks. Me and s*s immediately switched to our swimming gear and jumped into the pool, the water was a bit cold but if felt awesome to cool down after hours of traveling. Mom took our rental car and drove down to the village to buy some groceries for dinner. Me and s*s talked some while swimming and diving from the trampoline, it took away some of the classic b*****r s****r rivalry, we always used to fight a lot when we where younger, but maybe time apart had good effect on our relation. "So two weeks with two weaning girls, how can I survive that?" I asked while splashing water with my feet. "The true question is how we will survive with a b*****r with total lack of emotion" s*s replied splashing back with her paddling feet. "Maybe you can seek luck down town, I mean down village, maybe there are some old Italian Maffia wannabes that you can seek comfort from." I knew that Susan with her long blonde hair and sharp eyes and slender figure would be treated as a piece of meat close to a bunch of pirana's. She looked really good and hot with her wet hair combed back. Both mom and dad had always worked hard for us to be able to workout or sport something. Susan had been quite good at volleyball and it was clear that all the deep squats and jumping had trimmed her legs and butt to perfection.

The day after we all got up one after another and had a really long relaxing breakfast on the terrace. We talked about what to fill the day and the coming two weeks with. We had some pre booked activities such as visiting a wine yard and to look at some old ruins that according to mom would be beautiful. The sun already had started to heat up the air and the pool looked so tempting. It was big enough to get some exercise in and I decided to swim a few lengths. When I was done I heaved myself up the edge of the pools realizing Susan had skipped her top, sunbathing topless lying there with her sunglasses on. I tried not to look to obviously but her young and slim body was like a magnet to my eyes. Mom was lying on her belly besides her with her bikini on, her butt was actually really hot, quite big but really firm buttocks. I had never thought of her in that way. "John, stop looking at my tits, get a girlfriend, okay!" Susan yelled. "You wish I would look at those oranges". "Both of you, stop and behave, we are on vacation which is suppose to be nice and relaxing." Mom said still lying on her belly. I walked by them to the outdoor shower where I rinsed of the pool water thinking of Susans body.

We had set up a job rotation meaning one of us would cook each day. That had been a trade of for mom and dad to pay for the entire trip. Today was Susans time to do the lunch preparations. Me and mom sat on one sun chair next to each other, we talked about the place we had rented and how satisfied we where. I asked if she had talked to dad which she hadn't, she just wanted to think of other things now and by the way it hadn't been a good relationship the last years, how could she be surprised. She asked my about my studies and if I felt satisfied with my student room and so. When sitting there I couldn't help looking at her body trough my sunglasses, she was quite something. Was it me getting older and more interested in older woman or was it mom spending more time working out, I didn't know. She asked about the girlfriend status and I said I didn't have one, which was true even though I was very satisfied with a girl that I used to see for pure pleasure. A girl from the swimming team that had gotten acquainted and possessed with my big friend. "But have you dated any or been with any girls at least" she asked. "Mom, is that your businesses"? "When dad isn't around I guess someone got to care for you honey". I decided to test how much she could take, it was always funny when parents tried to talk relations not really knowing what to say. "Well mom, it is kind of embarrassing and I don't want to talk about it really." "Come on , I have been in your age too and went to the same process before I met your dad. I know it can be hard to find someone, but you are smart and good looking with that swimmers body, so you will definitely make it." "It is not that, I have met girls but something scares them away when, you know, we are getting more intimate". "Are you rushing them? You cant be too persistent, that will scare them away. It is not all about scoring you know." I was a bit taken by her way of talking. "Okay, you asked for it mom, but they seem to be scared about, you know, my Johnsson, don't know why. I guess it is a bit large but it got to be something else." I saw mom getting a bit lost in her wording. "Ohh, but that shouldn't be negative for most girls, but maybe you should meet older girls or women, they would appreciate that more". That was true I though, some of the older girls I had met had been even more fascinated. "You meen MILFs mom?". "Jonny boy, come on, that is such a ugly word, I don't mean that old maybe, but at least older than teens". Mom is a true MILF i thought. "You are beautiful mom, so I don't see the problem with older women if what you say is true."

Later that day late in the evening a few minutes after I went to bed when I was lying there reading book about things to see in the region we were staying in, I heard a knock in the door which then opened, it was mom entering. She was wearing a night robe made of really thin silk with a waistband knotted over her belly revealing some of her figure.. "Hi there sweetie, you are not sl**ping yet?". "No I am reading about this awesome beach that we should visit some day." "Sounds wonderful! Mark that page for our breakfast session." She looked a bit insecure what to say. "I was thinking about that problem you told me about earlier today". "What do you mean?" "You know, that girl problem." Oh, my made up girl problem I thought. "Yeah what about it mom?" "Maybe if I had a look at it, your XYZ, I could help you out or see if you should get some help with it". "Mom, so you are saying you want to look at my dick, are you a doctor now?". "Nooo, but I am your mom and I have some experience." It felt a bit awkward but still a bit exciting so I obeyed and pulled down the sheet revealing my naked body. She scanned my body quickly and looked at it lying there soft to its side. Even in relaxed state it was of course above average in size but noting extreme. "It doesn't look that bad, I mean that eh, big." She took it in her hand and flipped it to the side like she was looking after something. "It is not like I have an erection now..." I said a bit cynical. "I can tell the difference you know, but if you can make it hard somehow so I know what those silly girls you are being refused by are facing?". You mean those silly girls that worships it I thought smiling to myself, I really managed her to believe my story earlier today. It was like I could see some fascination or hunger in her eyes. "I cant just make that happen like that, something must turn me on first." "Imaging some woman you think are sexy. Not your s****r, I saw how you looked at her today by the pool. That is not how you look at girls, okay. She is extra fragile after what Brad did to her, so you got to be nice. Maybe I should have said no to the topless swimming thing after all." "I think you are beautiful mom, and you said that I should maybe go for older women." "I said so, but I didn't mean myself of course, that is inappropriate." I thought about moms tits almost appearing through the thin fabric of her gown which turned me on, her jogging frenzy aiming for NY marathon had really trimmed her. A wonderful bubble butt and a flat stomach and tits that I had not seen but seemed being in good shape, maybe 75C or something like that. Suddenly my dick started to grow which was a quite fast process. "Oh, you managed to do it somehow" mom said. "Wow, it is really big John, so long and thick. Okay, I can believe it scares some girls". I was getting horny by this silly dialogue somehow, so I grabbed my cock that was lying on my stomach and bent it up so it pointed straight up. "Here mom, can you feel if there is something wrong." She took it carefully with only three fingers, like she was holding something fragile in her hand. I let goof it myself. "It can't believe it can be so hard with all this volume, I am having a hard time keeping it bent in this angle". "So it is scary after all" I said trying to sound disappointed. "No John, you cock, I mean your penis is absolutely normal, it is fantastic I would say." "It feels good when you hold it". "I hope you gives it regular exercise your self, until you meet some girl willing to do so for you". "You mean if I jerk off? Of course I do. In fact I was planning to do so before you came in". "You must promise not to tell anyone, but I can help you this time if it is okay for you, maybe you learn something that gives you more confidence after all" I didn't respond. She was sitting in the bed to the left of me and she grabbed it in her left hand while stroking it on top and down over the ball sack with her right hand. She dragged her left hand up and down slowly with her thumb massaging just below the top. "It feels so good, this is so much better than doing it alone mom" I said, really meaning it, she obviously knew what she was doing. "I am glad to here it, just be quite now and enjoy this John". I could here her breathing increase, and it was not from doing something physically demanding, she was enjoying this almost as much as I did. "Mom, can I feel your breast?" "Honey, I am already doing more than I should, so that is not okay." "Can I at least see them?" I responded. "Maybe tomorrow I will sunbath topless too, we'll see." She increased the firmness of her grip and the tempo. My cock had definitively reached it full size now. When I finally came mom milked every drop out very effectively, using both her hands squeezing deep down the root while letting it pump big loads over my torso while I panted heavily. "Oh honey, that feels so good, doesn't it? You really deserved that after being rejected by those idiots of girls." "Thanks mom, it was so good, I love you." She took some paper from the closest bathroom and wiped my torso clean. After that she gave me a quick kiss on the lips and left. I couldn't sl**p for a long time thinking of what I had experienced. I just wanted more.

The next day we went on a 2 hour drive to the beach I had found out about. Mom was driving and I sat in the front seat. Susan had plugged in her ear plugs listening on something on her iPhone. Mom asked: "Did you sl**p well?". "Yes mom, after your treatment I slept better than ever" "John! Quite, you can't talk about that, it was not right so forget it, I was just trying to give you a confidence boost which I now understand was wrong." "I think you liked it and would like to do it more" I asked knowing she didn't dare being loudly upset with Susan so close. This was really funny and exciting. Well on the beach we realized we were completely alone. We knew we had traveled abroad off season and that it would be less crowded, but coming to such a beautiful place alone was so relaxing. We folded out our blankets on the white sand and dressed to swimming gear. Both mom and s*s had their bikinis on so I was a bit disappointed looking somewhat forward to getting turned on, my devil horns seemed to have grown out so fast. I had brought my speedos instead of my regular swimming shorts. "You look like a nerd John, is it 1985 or what?" Susan said laughing. "Stop looking at me you pervert. One, better swimming, two, better tan compared to shorts." I also saw mom casting a glance at my crotch while I was talking. While taking the moment to absorb some of the sun I checked on the sports app in my iPhone to see results from last night, who cares about sports on a day like this I thought. Susan had brought a volleyball so she and I played the ball back and forth a while, she was of course better than me, but not that much since I had a good change in almost all ball sports. She enjoyed being better which I could give her since I had the time looking at her body in motion, damn! After some swimming and snorkeling we came back to mom who was reading a book in the sun. She said she would take a swim to. I looked while she walked towards the water. Suddenly Susan .. "what a hell,, why is some Tina calling you horseman that she want to ride again soon?" I looked at her realizing she must have checked my phone by mistake reading a SMS from the obsessed girl I had been seeing a while. "Stop looking at my phone!" I yelled. "Stop using the same model as me and tell me about this dirty stuff." "Okay, are you borne yesterday, she is not referring to classic horse riding, so forget about it, not your business." I replied a bit confused with my dick becoming a public celebrity. "How big is it" she asked more straight forward than I could expect. "Never mind". "Have you been lying to girls about your size, I guess this Tina will be disappointed when she find out about you." "It is over 9 inches so it is no fake I replied looking at her". "Shit b*o, that is horse stuff". Mom just appeared in front of us after her short swim. "iiiih, the water is not that warm, I think I will stay in the sun from now. By the way, what are you yelling about, can't you ever have a decent conversation?" "John is having girl issues the poor guy, apparently he is a bit freakish" Susan added. Mom looked at me a bit intimidated by the topic, had I said anything about last night she seemed to wonder. "Be nice, it is not easy to be a boy today". I sat there smiling almost getting a bit turned on by the attention. "Susan, you are just jealous after that Brad the wiener screwed you". She turned away muttering something before plugin in her music once again. Mom gave me a stern look. "John, will be nice and apply some sun lotion on my back and I will try to forgive you cocky behavior". I took some lotion in my hand and started massaging it onto her neck and back. Her skin was soft and firm as I continued down her lower back. "Thanks dear" she said and lay down on her belly once again. She unhooked her bikini strap and removed it on the side. It was possible to see some of the shape of her breast, but that was all. I went out to the water to get some swimming done, there were hardly any waves so the conditions were perfect for swimming. When I came back maybe 15 min later only mom was there now resting on her back instead revealing her breast, it shouldn't be a big deal but with everything else that had happened i got really turned on. Her breasts had a natural hang, her nipples average sized pointing forwards. I was very sure not many woman in her age had better body. "Susan went away to get us some food, she should be back in 10 minutes or so." "okay, nice I am really hungry" I said. "Well done getting that swimming done she said" I really have to get my act together and do some jogging this evening so I won't ruin all hard work at home. "You are in great shape mom" I said very honestly. "Oh thanks dear, being 40 and a woman is a hard battle against gravity" "I know, girls half your age in my school would envy you I can promise" "Okay okay, enough with the flattering, what are you trying to achieve John?" "I am just being honest mom" "You haven't told anything to your s****r yet I sincerely hope, I think you both acted so weird before" "I can promise I didn't tell her, but I must tell you that I am glad you fulfilled you promise sunbathing topless today, you have really nice breast." I was getting turned on by this conversation, it was like she was to. Like she thought it was wrong but couldn't stop herself. My cock was filling up making my speedos stretch out creating a large bulge. "This is crazy, I love hearing that from you, but you got to stop John, and please hide your, thing, before Susan comes back". "No panic, we will hear and see the car long before she comes here. Can you at least help me with the sun lotion mom?" "Okay, sure, lie down" I obeyed and felt my strong need for having more flowing in me, it was mom but I couldn't care right now. She started massaging the lotion on my shoulders, going down on my torso and arms. "You are also very fine John, all that swimming has been good to you" She continued down while I was watching her breasts move as she rubbed my skin. I was still super hard which I know she saw. After putting the lotion on my belly, very close to my crotch where my cock now was lying on my belly to the side which was the only way to fit in my speedos for the moment, she continued with my upper thighs, my legs and then my feet. She was actually massaging longer than needed but I didn't object since it felt so good, kind of reminding me of last night. "You have good hands mom, that feels really good, can't you do that thing you know, from yesterday" "No honey, I can't even though I want to help you, maybe some other time". We got interrupted by the sound of the car coming down the steep road. Mom put on a tank top and I put a towel over my crotch. Time for lunch with hunger for more than food.

Later that evening we made a really nice dinner with fresh groceries from the local market with quite a lot of red wine and chatter, the mood was really good and I actually managed to think of something other than sex. We talked about old trips and other f****y memories from many years ago. Mom got to bed before me and Susan and I was a little disappointed that my wishes for a copy of yesterday evening wouldn't take place. Me and s*s ended up in the big sofa to watch some crazy semi naked game show in the local language that we had a great laugh about. Topless girls in feathers and old Maffia looking men which was totally confusing. "What is this shit?" Susan asked. "I don't know, but I was thinking you would show up on screen any second now" "Ha ha, I would outpace those girls easy, I know you agree, and you could come in as the horse boy in the final, we would make quite a team b*o. Admit that you have fantasies about me, your eyes where all over me today" "Admit you have been thinking about my Johnson today" I responded and smiled. The heat was on. "Yeah, maybe, big cocks are fun and Brad was as you said not that much to cheer for" "Do you want to see it, that is only fair since you have been walking around topless half of the time" "You are grouch, how wrong isn't that" "I said that you can watch, not touch it." "Sure, show me" "Behold the great Johnson" I said and took him out of my shorts. It was half erect meaning it was almost full size but not standing. "Fuck me, that is a big one John" "Poor Tina, she must have pains" "No she is like a slave to it, can't get enough like most girls" I had already gone to far I thought. "Time for bed" I said and stood up putting my dick back. Susan followed me to the bathroom to brush her teeth to. We brushed without saying anything to each other but looking a lot at each other, there was a sexual tense in the air, like if both of us were thinking what would happen next. "It is totally wicked but my own b*****r have made me horny as hell" I got to go relieve myself now. "See you tomorrow" she said and walked of. I just stared as she walked away. After a while I went to her door and listened, I could her her panting since the sound isolation was so poor. She is actually lying there thinking about me and rubbing her self. I did the same in my bed before I went to sl**p. My dreams was erotic and filled with taboo fantasies. Mom and s*s, what am I doing?

On the third day we had plans for going to a bigger city to do some shopping and watching antique buildings and churches so to my frustration I had no time getting more interesting encounters. We didn't come home until late in the evening when it was dark. Sitting in the car a few hours and walking around a sunny town had made us all sweaty so there were of course need for getting freshen up. The house had two showers inside connected to the bathrooms and one outdoor shower by the pool. Susan went for one of the bathrooms that was located in the other end of the house close to her room. Me and moms room was close to each other and near the shower number two. You can go first John mom said and I didn't protest. When I was done I realized I had no towel so I called for mom. "Can you get me a towel?" I yelled. Footsteps was closing in and mom appeared with one in her hand. "I'll put it here" she said at the same time as I came out of the shower. "Oh sorry" she said. "It is okay, thank you, the shower is free now" I started to dry my self completely naked before her and she stood there wrapped in her towel watching me. "John, you are such stretcher of boundaries, I guess this is you way". She removed her towel and walked naked right by me towards the shower. The few second that she appeared naked only strengthened my thoughts about her body. I felt thrilled but also somewhat uneasy, I didn't want to upset mom or make her sad so I didn't know what to expect from now. When I was dry I went back to my room just to hang out, check my email and send some SMS to Tina or maybe some friend at home. The shower sound stopped indicating mom was done and after I while she walked into her room next to mine. It wasn't that late so I decided a evening snack was the thing to stop the murmuring in my stomach. Susan was also in the kitchen just wearing a t-shirt and some kind of underwear that wasn't possible to see. Her hair was wet and her nipples standing out, and I tried as usual not to look to much at her. I was myself only wearing a pair of boxers and socks. "That could have been the best shower ever" she said. "Yeah, I was covered with filth from today" "Nothing unusual for you though" she said smiling. "Watch it or you may end up in trouble or in the pool". The fridge was standing on the ground and she bent down to take out some oranges from the bottom of it which gave me a fantastic view off her ass and pussy lips since she only was wearing a string and kept her legs straight as she bent her upper body. Wow, I thought, is she playing with me or was that non intentional? "What are you looking at" she asked before she stood up again. "Eeeh, what, noting special, I am just thinking of what to eat" "I know what you like to eat you pervert, but at least there are some cheese and ham left for you." "Okey, you got me there, I guess you know my taste by now" "Yes it is pretty obvious". We both ended up in the corner sofa, Susan sat in the corner with her legs towards the tv, she had one leg up revealing all of her leg and almost her string to. I sat in far end having her to my left and tv in front of me. We ate in silence. Mom came in after a while, she looked at Susan and her a bit revealing posture, "Shouldn't you have a blanket or so, you must be freezing". "No mom, I am so hot that I don't want to cover up". What a way of expressing I thought. "Your not a k** anymore so dressing a bit more might be more appropriate" "What, we have both been running around with our tits hanging out in front of John, and that is okay, but my legs must now be covered". "Don't be so rude now, it is different on the beach" I just sat and smiled in the sofa enyoing the show, thinking of a move to stir up even more. "It is not funny" "What have I done, I am just sitting here listening to you hens gaggling, I was hoping someone could apply some moisturizer on my back since I feel the sun from yesterday, but that seems out of the question" "I'll do it" Susan said immediately. Mom frowned and sighed before sitting down in the chair next to the sofa. Susan went for the lotion and said that I should sit in front of her which I did. She started on my lower back. "Ouch be careful there" I cried out. "Cry baby, okay I will use my most gentle touch". She rubbed slowly my entire back and also my arms actually giving me a hard on which I don't think she noticed. "Oh your body is so nice John, you should cover up or mom will be upset" she said cynically while playing on my upper body with her hands and looking at mom. "Okay, I am tired of you both, I am going to bed to read something instead, see you tomorrow. Behave now both." We sat quite a while before I said, "Okey s*s, I can't take it anymore, what should we do?" "Sshh" She started to caress my stomach with her hands and feel my chest muscles. "I meant what I said to mom and I need this now". I placed my hands on her feet which was on each side of my legs and started to caress them slowly, she moved closer so her chest was resting on my back. She slowly moved her hands down over my crotch feeling my hard cock trough my underwear. "My good, it not real". I caressed her thighs, they where so tight and smooth."Your are so hot, I have been wanting to touch you all week" "I know, and please do before I regret it". The minutes that now followed was so electric and sexual that I still can feel some of it if I just think about it. I turned around facing her, the glow in her eyes was unmistakable. My hands felt her legs again and continued on the side of her belly up her back. She dragged her nails over my stomach and felt inside my boxers creating a massive sensation through my whole body. Her breast was smaller than moms but so very firm, Her nipples was hard and I felt them between my fingers, she moaned silently. We both thought about mom reading her book maybe 30 feet away down the corridor. We kissed intensely with our tongues deep down each others throats. She leaned back, "Here, feel how wet I am" she wispered. First I just groped her pussy over her string which was completely soaked, when I moved it to the side I could feel the perfectly shaped area between her legs. She panted as I rubbed it with my thumb. This woman, my s****r Susan, was maybe the most sexy thing I ever laid my hands on. I kissed her belly and lifter her t-shirt up to work my way up on her tits. When I sucked on her nipples she grabbed my cock and started to jerk it hard up and down. She guided it towards her pussy and I carefully pressed on into her. "Oh, it is almost to much for me, careful" I started pushing and pulling slowly in and out of her. She had a hard time keeping quite. "No no no, we cant do this" she said suddenly in a sad tone and pushed me away. " I ended up on my back and she lunged for me and started sucking my cock right away while she rubbed herself with one hand. I heard a sound and when I looked to the side towards the door it moved inwards, like as if someone just moved it. Shit, had mom seen us? "Wait listen". Susan stopped and we listened but couldn't hear anything and she continued, taking a great part of it down her throat. Suddenly she stopped again and sat up and moved over me. "I just got to feel it some more when I come" She sat down on my cock while she rubbed herself more. It didn't take long, only a few seconds until she came. Her body shivered and she closed her eyes. I just watched the show and tried to make her ride me so I could join her but she once again jumped of me."Your turn" she whispered and started sucking it again. After a minute I felt the energy of the orgasm flood in me and I tried to warn her for what was coming. She instead increased the intensity and kept sucking when I came. It was not easy keeping quite but sort of managed to just pant a lot. After a while she looked up, apparently she had swallowed all of it. "Sweet dream b*o', lets keep this to ourselves, right?" I nodded and went for the bathroom after a while. I could see that mom was still awake since light came out from her room under the door. Damn I thought, hope she didn't her, or see us.

That question was answered the next day at the breakfast table.

End of part one. Is there interest in getting a second part, which probably would be even more hard core. All feedback welcomed!
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b*****r in-law and I

Introduction: Let me start off by explaining just a little bit. I have written stories under a different name on here but can’t seem to get into the account any more. If you by chance like what you read. Look up b*****r in-law fixes more than cars.

I have been fooling around with my b*****r in-law for over a decade now and know that what we are doing isn’t right but it feels so damn good. In the middle of this sexual encounter I even said that I wish it didn’t feel so good and right. I fit perfectly in his arms. It’s like we were meant for each other. This man makes every nerve in my body come alive just with the sight of him. When I get his text every morning I smile inside. I do not believe that we are meant to love and stay with only one person. But society makes loving and being with more than one so taboo that the ones who seek pleasure outside of your marriage/relationship are doing something so awful we end up keeping it a dirty little secret.
I have always since as early as I can remember, loved the way sex make me feel. The sheer pleasure of being touched, desired, and loved, makes not only your body feel bliss. It touches your heart in a way that can’t be explained. Now I know that sex does not equal love. I have 2 lovers right now. Do I care about them? So I love them? Maybe care about in a since of love, but was not in love with. The man I am going to tell you about I am truly and utterly in love with. But know that we will and can never be together as a couple for he is my s****r’s husband. We never intended on it happening and we have fought the feelings for over 13 years. Since our first chapter in this thing we know as love. But true love like this is hard to stay away from. We do real good and only meet up once in a while. Heck we have gone over a year before and we live only about 15 minutes away. So I do give us credit for that.
Well enough of the boring talk, let’s get to the good stuff.
Ok let me see if I can get my thoughts down yesterday’s encounter has me all frazzled and truthfully I am very sore shoulders do not want to move. The insides of my thighs and my calf muscles are tight and achy. Even my crotch is quiet tender. But I don’t mind.
My husband of 8 years and together for 13 is away visiting his f****y.
I let my b*****r in-law know about this. And we were both ecstatic that we would be able to enjoy each other’s touch. It had been almost a year since we were truly alone and weren’t just stealing quick feels and kisses. The very last time we tried was a few months ago and we almost got caught. We didn’t even have a chance for penetration. Which I think added to the pleasure we gave and received yesterday.
We had been texting back and forth for days about an opportunity see I have c***dren and do not get the house to myself very often and so does he. We figured that yesterday might be our only chance so we jumped on it. It’s going to sound bad but I couldn’t wait for my oldest to finally go to work yesterday so that Michael could actually come over. I got up early. Smoked some grass with the neighbor, and then cleaned up the house. I tried keeping myself busy. My nerves were through the roof. I took a shower and choose a pair of black sexy half thong half boy shorts to wear after I made sure my body was completely clean and touched. I put on a pair of blue jeans and just a plain t-shirt. I may be a woman but I absolutely love jeans and a t-shirt. I brushed my long red hair and left it free flowing but put a hair tie on my wrist knowing that I would need it later. I texted him when the coast was clear. He must have been right around the corner because he showed up almost instantly. When he texted me back that he was here I swear my pussy jumped and I lost my breath. I came into the living room as he was entering the house. With a big smile on my face we exchanged hellos. I moved towards him and kissed him bodies mashed together our centers meeting right in the middle. We touched and caressed each other. I asked if we should go into the bedroom. He told me to lead the way so he could watch my ass. This made me blush.
We entered the bedroom and took over with the kissing and caresses. I moved towards the bed. Sitting down I eased back as he followed, His lips never leaving mine. He moved away from my lips and used his hands all over my body it was hard to determine where all the caresses and kisses came from he had my body on electric over load. I took off my shirt and he used his hands and mouth on my breasts and stomach feeling my center heat through my jeans. I bucked towards his hand. I swear I thought I might cum just by his touch. He moved up to kiss me again his body pressing against mine. I pulled his shirt up and caressed his hot skin. I reached down and was going to undo his belt but he had already done that. When? I couldn’t tell you. I worked his button open and unzipped his pants reaching in I cupped his already extremely hard cock, already moist with his overflowing pre-cum. I moaned in delight. He moved me back so I was laying back again undid my jeans and slipped them off leaving my panties. He took off his pants and because, I had turned the heat off in my room it was chilly. He excused himself to the restroom. I laid back and caressed myself, feeling my own heat through my moist panties. I asked him when he returned if he wanted to smoke a little. He took a hit and handed it to me.
He went right to work where he had left off his fingers soon found my wet hot center and he stroked me slowly teasing me ever so slightly I pulled him towards me again feeling our bare skin against each other’s, kissing my neck and ears. I wrapped my legs around his hips and grinded myself against his cock. He pulled off my panties and smiled down at what he saw. He went right to work with his mouth quickly licking and sucking me. He bent my legs back and lapped me from asshole to clit. Back and forth he dipped his tongue into my pussy. He focused on just my clit and it didn’t take long for my first orgasm. When my shakes subsided he went back to work at one point he sucked my clit as if it was a tiny cock this brought me off yet again. My body shook from head to toe. He lapped up my juices I told him I wanted to taste it he brought his face to mine and I sucked my juices from his lips and tongue. I tasted wonderful. He snuck his cock inside me with a quick thrust. Michael got into a quick steady motion bringing me off again he mentioned that he wouldn’t last long this way. I worked with him grinding my hips against him. He blew his hot heavy load deep inside my pussy. He collapsed on me and I held him inside me milking every drop. I could feel his cock spasm occasionally inside me and I squeezed down on him. He pulled out and rolled off me we lay there breathless.
I got up with shaky legs and went out into the kitchen getting him a drink. I walked back into the bedroom and handed him the glass. Walking around the other side of the bed I laid next to him. Cuddling up against him, I ran my hand over his chest. I ran my fingers through the thick soft hair that cover it. We kissed again slowly at first our passion grew and grew until I longer could stand it. I moved down so we were laying opposites I took his semi-hard cock in my hand and gently stroked it. He moaned in pleasure. This set me off even more. I went to work sucking his cock. Slow then quick hands touching and then not I could get enough. As I am doing this he has moved my legs gently apart stroking my hot spot. He crams 2 fingers deep inside me and finger fucks me hard and strong. He pulls them out slightly and starts slamming my g-spot the noise of fluid fills the air I do not spray but I fill his hand slightly as he brings me off. All the while I am still using my mouth on his rock hard cock. I move between his legs and start to tease him I start nice and slow. I am not in any hurry and want to enjoy every second that we have. I wrap my lips around his cock and slowly suck him in. using my tongue to help steady him as he goes in deeper and deeper taken him as far down my narrow throat that I can. It gags me slightly and I pull up this makes me a little angry and I go back down on him swallowing just a tad to help make him go in further. I change my pace and face fuck him. I tell him to grab the back of my head and fuck my face. He rams his cock hard and fast in and out of my throat. I pull up at one point and ask him to tell me what he wants I love being bossed around when it comes to sex. He tells me to get on it and ride him. I am almost just a bit reluctant but know that I will have his cock between my lips soon enough. I climb on up onto his cock and help him inside me in one swoop he is buried deep inside my soaking wet pussy. I ride him with a fury. Feeling every inch of his girth stretch my hot pussy. It doesn’t take long for the first wave to hit me and I shake all over him. Catching what little breath I can I ride and buck him with quick ass shakes and slow hip movements. I put my left hand on the wall directly behind his head. With my right foot planted flat on the bed I pull my ass cheek over slightly and grind down on him. Moving back and forth and up and down. All I can think about is how I don’t want this to end. I move off his cock and lap my juices from his cock and balls. I wet my fingers and run it over the hot puckered asshole slowly I insert a finger. I move it around ever so slightly. And slowly begin to finger him. I continue to suck his cock he tells me to get back on him. I ride him through yet 2 more orgasms. With some trips back down to his cock and ass. I lay breathless next to him and we talk a little as we regain our strength. He pulls me close.
I tell him that I want him to fuck me in the ass. I grab the lube next to the bed and hand it to him as he moves in behind me. He pours some over my ass rubbing it all over my ass and pussy. He inserts a finger and then 2 and then I’m not sure how many he had in there. When pleasure takes over you lose all awareness. He fingers my pussy at the same time this is like a bolt of lightning and I cum again. Bucking against his hand he cracks my ass. He never did end up fucking me in my ass.
There is always next time.
He moves up against me pressing his semi hard cock against my ass and my hot wet twat. Hands free he grinds against me. I growl at him to spank me. Smacking my ass lightly at first, I tell him harder and he lays a nice stinging blow to my right ass cheek. I move back on him and swallow his cock with my pussy. He cracks it again and again. He pushes my hips down lower on the bed and begins to rub against my pussy lips and clit I tighten my thighs together and cross my feet. I move with him and cum again. The sound of sloshing fluids fills the air. He moves his cock in and out of my pussy and over my clit in perfect rhythm as if he was reading my mind. Yet again I shake under him. He begins to shudder and I feel him swell inside me. Holding back, he slipped out. He begins to slowly work himself against my pussy lips and clit I worked my thighs together and using my toes against the mattress, we soon got into a lovely rhythm. As if he and I are swimming on land. He brings me off and I begin to tremble under him my legs tighten and cause painful surges through the backs of my legs. I gasp for air he brings himself to an almost stand still. He enters me again and plows me into the mattress. He pulls out again and proceeds to rub himself against me I feel him swell between my thighs and he lets loose ejaculating all over my asshole, pussy lips, and clit. He holds himself there. As his semen begins to cool and run down over me, causing little shivers and spasms to run throughout my body.
He lay down on his back and I snuggled up against him. My heart is over come with emotions of pleasure and guilt and I tear up a little, I’m not sure if he caught it.
We lay there enjoying each other’s company. We both don’t want this moment to end. We chat a little and I feel the stir of desire ripple through me as his touches become more sensual. I touch his legs with just the tips of my fingers, casually grazing his cock and balls. He tells me that it will be awhile before he can perform again, leaning up, he tells me that he want me to just lay back and enjoy myself. He slowly begins kissing my lips and face. And works his kisses and nips over my neck and ears. Shivers of delight cover me. He kisses down to my chest and teases my nipples with just whispers of touches. He begins to give in and slowly sucks a nip between his lips biting lightly and sucking gently I tell him to bury his face and he does. He holds my 42C breasts in his hands and alternates between them. I pull his head in further so he can suck as much of me as possible. I tell him to suck them like he would if he was drinking from a straw. He obliges with long and steady sucks. As he massages my other with his strong hands, he runs a casual finger over my free nipple as he continues to ravish my other. I can get off just by nipple stimulation. I whither under him holding his head hard against my breast. He smiles up at me with an evil grin. I lean down and kiss his moist mouth. Tongues intertwining I pull his tongue into my mouth with my lips. And suck it gently.
We kiss strong and long our hands caressing, and pulling each other closer. I must have him. He pulls away and kisses me down to my center. He kisses the insides of my thighs. Putting a little pressure on the backs of my thighs he pushes my legs back, he looks down at me, before his face disappears between them. The feelings in which he causes to run throughout my body, as his tongue and lips and hell his whole face are indescribable. It doesn’t take long for me to cum and cum and cum again I tap out basically and tell him I can’t take anymore. We notice the time and know that our time together would soon end.
We waddle I would say on shaky knees and feeling as if we are floating into the bathroom. I turn on the shower and we wash up. He more than I. I planned on taking a long hot bath after he left. We towel off and redress. He and I talk a little. We do not want this time to stop, but know all too much that it will. We say our goodbyes and he leaves.
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Life with Aunt and Uncle p 14 - 16

Part 14

Josh found his fingers slid easily into his Aunt's soppying grown up sex. The slippery heat was enough to make him tear his eyes away from his s****r being impaled for a moment at least. He had four fingers in his Aunt, buried to his thumb inside the hot opening between his her legs. The way she was pushing back at him he figured it wasn't hurting her so he kept pumping his fingers in and out a little as his eyes were drawn back to his s****r as she began to scream. He was a bit worried about her, when they had sex last night it wasn't painful but then again he was less than half the length of Uncle Richard.

Their Uncle had her pressed down on the bed, holding her in place by her shoulders and slamming down with his greater size and weight to pound his cock into her abused young sex. Richard knew she would be very very sore the next day but right now her well being was secondary to breaking her in properly and teaching her what her new place in life would be.

His lengthy meat sawed in and out of her while Beth and Josh watched from the armchair. Beth was just slowly fondling Josh, not wanting him to waste his boy cum yet. His fingers and his s****rs cries of pain and gasping moans were bringing her closer to her own release, the first of many for the day.

Slowly Mel's cries died off, her body adjusting to the intruder within her and her just becoming too tired to summon the energy to complain. After awhile she started to notice new feelings. The tingling tugging inside as Uncle Richard pulled back for another stroke, the wiry patch of pubic hair above his shaft that ground against her mons when he was deep inside her, the hot feeling of his breath on her neck as he looked down at her. Suddenly their eyes met and she realised that the entire time he had been watching her face, seeing the changes she went through as she passed through her pain barrier and into the new mysterious realm of womanhood on the otherside.

Richard began to back off a little, making shorter quicker thrusts which soon had both the young girl under him and himself breathing faster and straining towards each other. His engorged cockhead rubbed a special place just inside her opening and she locked eyes with him and smiled. In that moment she gave up, relaxing totally and giving herself up into his hands. Now she was his to do with as he wished. There were no other adults to care for her and Josh and it now sank in that this would be life from now on, fucking Uncle Richard and Aunt Beth whenever they wanted to enjoy her teenage flesh. Mel was a little suprised to realise she didn't mind right now although that was probably due to the fact that she was fast approaching another orgasm, brought on by the adult cock stretching her open and sawing back and forth faster and faster.

Her body arched beneath his as he thrust deep once more, holding himself against her and grinding against her clitoris. Inside her he spasmed, shooting his first load of i****tous cum deep past her cervix and into her fertile little womb. Her little exhausted pussy was feebly milking him before her eyes rolled up and she fell back limp on the sweat soaked bed.


Josh leaned forward, his attention captured by the final moments of his s****r being fucked deep and hard by his uncle. Melanie gave a few tired happy whimpers as Richard grunted and squirted his i****tuous adult cum deep into her hot well used 12yr old cunt. Josh wanted to cum too, but it was not his hand that was stroking his stiff 10yr old cock, it was Aunt Beth who had hold of him. She didn’t want him to cum, not yet. So all that the boy could do to express his excitement was to finger fuck his aunt’s slippery pussy. He used as many fingers as he could stuff into her, thrusting quick and hard, but not able to go very deep because he was sitting on her lap.

“Stand up now, and put your hands on my head.” Aunt Beth said in an urgent voice. The horny boy didn’t know what she had in mind but he quickly understood. As he stood up, she knelt down, assuming the perfect ‘I want to suck your cock position’. Josh smiled and thrust his hips forward eagerly when his aunt opened her mouth. Beth wanted to tease the boy, but she knew the horny p*****n was so close to cuming he would not last long. So she took his stiff little cock right into her mouth, she wanted to teats his cum.

“Oh god, yeaaa!” Josh gasped as he felt his aunt’s mouth warm and wet slurping on his cock. He held onto her head, fingers tangled in her hair as he felt his orgasm building fast. Aunt Beth grasped his tight little ass and moved his hips in a fucking motion as she sucked. Josh exploded yummy young cum into his sexy aunt’s hungery face.

Part 16

Beth drank down his tasty cum and buried her face in his groin. Pulling on his butt she jerked him against her face as he squealled happily as he came inside her for the first time. His boy cock was short enough she had no problem swallowing it all and she worked her tongue out of her mouth under his shaft to manipulate his balls and suck them in too. There was no way she could fit an adult males cock and balls in her mouth but it was little problem to completely take in her ten year old nephews genitals.

As his spasms subsided she kept suckling him, not letting his boycock soften and working his smooth balls in her mouth with her tongue. Pushing him backwards until his legs hit the side of the bed she lay him down and followed him without letting go of her latest toy.

Eventually she relented, letting the stiff little cock slip from her hungry mouth with a slurping sound. Smacking her lips she flashed her husband a grin before she mounted the bed and straddled the young boy. Lowering her own dripping cunt to his body she waited while Richard grabbed his stiff shaft and guided the four inches up into her. With a sigh she sank down upon him and ground herself against the boy as they lay next to his s****r who watched them through her glazed eyes.

"You get to cum in my cunt boy then your Uncle is going to bust your cherry once he has had a little rest. We are all going to enjoy that my sweet little thing."
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Joy with Charles and Alex

A story written on request from a very dear friend of mine.
Is it fiction? Is it fact?
Does it matter?

Chapter One

The sales girl stood outside the changing room and asked whether the items we'd chosen were ok.

"This black set is perfect mum." Joy said to me. "That basque looks a bit too tight on your boobs though, I reckon you need the next size up." I nodded in agreement.
"Can I try the size 12 please?" I replied to the girl. She said ok and disappeared back into the store to look for a replacement.

I turned around and allowed Joy to undo the zip at the back of the pink basque. As she reached the bottom of the zip it flopped forward and I pulled it off my boobs. As I did so I felt her hands slide around my waist then move up and cup my tits gently. I sighed with pleasure as she gently squeezed them and tweaked my hardening nipples. I felt a flush develop across my chest as the pleasurable sensations made their inexorable way to my pussy. "Mmmm, stop it Joy, you're making your mother horny again. You are such a bad daughter doing this to mummy. She giggled in my left ear and started to nibble on my ear lobe.
"But mummy, I know you just love it when I do this and this."
I felt her hand move down across my stomach and insinuate itself into my panties.
"See I knew it, you're so wet down there."
I laid my head back on her shoulder and revelled in the sensations as she began to gently finger my wet slit, her fingers sliding between the opening lips, teasing me and bringing my clit to a state of erection.
"No Joy, you're right I love it, but the girl will be back in a second and I don't want her to find us with your fingers inside me and me dribbling cum all over you and down my legs, god, I can smell me already."
She laughed and reluctantly withdrew her hands from my tits and pussy.
"Spoilsport, I'll just have to wait till we get home then, don't know if I can, it's made me so horny watching you getting naked and trying all these sexy things on."
I laughed in agreement and hung the basque on the coat hook beside my street clothes.

"Here you are madam, here's the size 12, I hope this fits you better." The girl passed the basque over the door of the changing room.
I quickly wrapped it around my body and turned to let Joy zip me up. When she'd finished I turned and looked in the mirror, I pushed my boobs up and snuggled them into the cups until they were comfortable. It fitted perfectly; the half cup bra top supported my double Ds and showed them off to perfection, the top of my areolas just peeping over the top.
I turned to Joy. "What do you think? Will Charles like this one?"
"Well I certainly do, it makes your boobs look even more fantastic, if I had a cock it would be bursting by now, just dying to rip it off you and push it between those lush tits."
I smiled at my daughter’s profanity but agreed with the sentiment.
"Yeah I love it too; I'm going to get this one. Are you sure you like the black set?"
"Yep, I think Charles will like it too. Maybe it will inspire him this evening."
"Oh bugger!" I replied. "I completely forgot, I need to text him and get him to cook something for us when we get home." I hurriedly sent Charles a quick text.
We dressed quickly in our street clothes, left the changing room and I paid for our lingerie.

"Where to next mum? Do you want to get anything else?"
"Yes, I do actually, let's go down the road to the Ann Summers shop, I want to get some more of that lube that I like, I've nearly run out. We could see if there's anything else that takes our fancy while we're there."
'OMG mother, you are awful, one minute you're the soul of discretion around me and the next you're taking me shopping to our local sex shop, what would Gran say if she knew how you were behaving?"
"I suspect she'd have a heart attack on the spot knowing her. She'd be even more shocked how depraved you and your s****r are. You know she thinks butter wouldn't melt in your mouth. In fact she'd be horrified if she knew that you'd lost your virginity at your present age let alone six years ago and with a girl too. You little slut."
"Yes mummy, but I'm your little slut and Charles's too soon I hope."
She linked her arm through mine and hugged me tightly, then turned her beautiful face up to mine and kissed me tenderly on my lips. I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I extricated my arm from hers and checked it.
"Ah good, Charles is cooking chicken breasts stuffed with pesto and wrapped in pancetta, how perfect, he knows we love that."
"Come on then mummy, let's hurry, I'm really hungry let's get your lube and go home for dinner."

Chapter Two

As we walked in the door, we could smell the aroma of the chicken roasting in the oven. As we took off our coats in the hall, Charles stepped out of the kitchen with two champagne flutes in his hand. "Here you are ladies, two glasses of fizz for my favourite girls." He handed us the glasses then ushered us into the kitchen/diner. The table was set with silver cutlery and our best crystal glasses.
Charles had surpassed himself; the chicken breast was wonderful, beautifully moist like the two of us as we sat at the table squirming in anticipation of what would follow the meal. The meal complete Charles sat back a look of self satisfaction on his face. "So ladies, what did you two get up to today, did you buy anything nice?"
Joy and I looked at each other, then turning to Charles I said, "Erm, would you like to see?"
"Yes please, I'd love to see what you spent all day shopping for."
"Come on Joy let's go and put our new stuff on and show Charles. Charles, why don't you go and wait for us in the TV room while we get ready. We’ll be about half an hour; we both need a shower too?"
We both giggled and went upstairs with our shopping bags.

We went into my bedroom and put the bags on the bed, then began to undress. I took off my pencil skirt and white blouse shrugged off my bra, then removed my damp panties, throwing them in the laundry basket.
“Hey what are you doing?" Asked Joy. "I wanted to check them out, mine are still wet from earlier, I wanted to compare yours and mine, see if we smell the same.”
She held my pants up to her nose then replaced them with her own. “Hmm not sure, here you have a try see what you think.”
She threw both pairs of pants across the room at me.
Joy you are an absolute pervert, where on earth did you learn things like that? Certainly not from me.”
“Lighten up mum, I was just joking, actually yours smell divine, a bit stronger than mine, but then you’re so much older.” She laughed as I threw both pairs of pants back at her.
“I think we could both do with that shower, come on we’ll use our shower it’s bigger than yours and we can scrub each other clean. You get in, I need a wee first. Use the wall spray. I don’t want to get my hair wet.” I responded.
“Erm, why don’t you get in the shower and do it in there, it’ll save on water.”
“OK, that’s true, as long as you don’t mind me weeing over your feet.” I replied.
She smiled broadly and turned on the spray, waited for about 30 seconds for the water to run warm then climbed into the cubicle. I looked at her as she stood there, the water splashing down over her breasts and down over her belly to disappear over her cleanly shaved pussy. I felt a mounting desire as I contemplated what would almost certainly be happening this evening. Me fucking her, Charles fucking her, her fucking me her fucking Charles and of course her fucking me and Charles with Me and Charles fucking our sweet perverted, i****tuous gorgeous sexy daughter together.
I could feel my nipples tighten as I watched her and felt the familiar, tell tale tingle between my pussy lips that signalled my juices beginning to flow.

I stepped into the double sized shower and put my arms around my gorgeous daughter, I moved my hands up and cupped her breasts in my hands and did exactly what she’d done to me in the shop changing room. I squeezed her small nipples and felt them grow to their full crinkled state of erection with my finger tips, I faintly heard her sigh of passion as I then nuzzled her neck, taking her ear lobe into my mouth and sucking it hard. She broke free and turned to face me, her smaller breasts sitting high on the slopes of my own stiff-nippled tits. Our mouths mashed together, tongues entwined we kissed like lovers rather than mother and daughter. Her hand cupped my bare pussy, her thumb twirling the small tuft of hair I liked to grow just above my clit. I shuddered with desire as her finger slid between my open lips and into my hot wet love canal. She started to finger me, first with one finger then as she felt my slick wetness, she eased another in beside it. I spread my legs wider and semi-squatted onto her hand as she plunged her fingers as far inside as she could reach. My god, I was so close already and she had only just started. I just knew this would be a powerful and very quick orgasm as my nerve endings responded. I felt it only right that I reciprocate the pleasure that she was giving me with her fingers and found that she was equally wet as I slid two fingers inside her. We both stood in an awkward crouching position our legs spread allowing full unhindered access to our pussies.
Joy broke the position first and dropping to her knees she parted my now gaping wet labia and pushed her tongue between them. She lapped like a dog on my cunt, her pointed stiff tongue teasing me from arsehole to clit in a relentless action that soon had me on the brink of my orgasm. My legs started to shake as I felt myself begin to cum.
“Let it go mum, let your piss go, piss into my mouth as you cum, let me taste your hot sweet piss as it squirts from your hot wet cunt, please mummy, please. Piss on me.”
The combination of my full bladder, my imminent orgasm and her debauched words of encouragement were too much. My orgasm swept over me and I felt my bladder begin to unload a strong stream of piss straight into her open mouth. It was just too much. I leant against the slate wall of the shower and spread my legs wider, squirting my piss. It gushed from between my cunt lips straight into her mouth. She struggled to gulp it down but due to its f***e there was a constant pale gold stream that ran down out of her mouth over her tits and down between her widely spread legs as she squatted at my cunt. She greedily gulped the last of my stream into her mouth as it finally lessened, all the while lashing my clit with her tongue. I felt an after-shock of orgasm then a third mini orgasm that left me breathless and panting, utterly spent.
My knees turned to jelly and I slid down the wall to sit, legs spread wide either side of her feet.
“Mmmmmm, that was so nice mummy, you tasted so good, I had a little cum just at thought of what we were doing, god it was so fucking horny, my mum pissing into my mouth as I finger fucked her and licked her to orgasm. Wow!”

I put my arms around her and pulled her close to me, feeling her hard little nipples scr****g across my own.
“You are such a bad little girl.” I chided her. “Where on earth did you learn such things, I didn’t do things like that until I met Charles and that was only 12 years ago.”

She snorted in laughter, “That’s what comes of a good expensive private education; you’d be amazed at some of the things I’ve learnt thanks to yours and Charles’s generosity. Come on, lets clean up and go and join him, he must be wondering where we’ve got to.”
“But,” I protested. “You didn’t cum properly. Don’t you want me to help you finish?”
“Are you k**ding me mum, Charles is downstairs waiting for us with his big cock, I bet he’s planning on giving us both some serious fun with that monster.”
I laughed with her, knowing she had made a very good point. “Yeah, you’re right come on let’s finish up here and get dressed for him, show him what he bought us.”
“Don’t forget the lube and the other thing,” She replied. “I’m sure he’s going to enjoy it as much as us.”

We towelled each other dry and both had a quick spray of perfume, my make-up had survived intact but Joy’s was wrecked, she quickly applied some eye shadow and mascara and declared herself ready. She looked fabulous, she was wearing her new black lacy bra, thong and suspender set; it contrasted beautifully with what was left of her summer tan, then slipped into a pair of fishnet stockings and a pair of my black patent porn-star heels.
“What do you think mummy, will he approve of his little girl?”
“Approve? Oh yes I think he’ll approve. Just take a look at the bulge in his pants, that’ll be a dead giveaway. You think he’ll like my outfit?”
“Like it, he’ll love it, as soon as he gets an eyeful of you in those hold-ups and heels with just that basque on he’ll cum in his pants.”
“Do you think I should put on some pants as well?”
“No way, you look so much sluttier showing off your pussy like that; we look like a right pair of sluts together.”

We tottered with difficulty down the stairs in our high heels. I turned to look at her and looked straight at her cleanly shaved and perfumed pussy clearly visible through the diaphanous material of her thong. Once again I felt a rush of desire at the blatant sexuality of my daughter.
We opened the door and posed in the doorway, Charles was sat on the blue leather sofa, a gin and tonic in one hand and his erect cock in the other, its bulbous head covered in a sheen of pre-cum.
“Ah nice of you two to join me, I couldn’t wait any longer, I heard you scream as you were cumming Alex and well, one thing led to another. You both look absolutely fucking lovely. Come on in and join me.”

Chapter Three

Joy turned and looked at me. “Are you sure you really want to do this mummy, we can stop it if you want to?”
I looked her in the eyes and saw the rampant lust burning there. “Stop it? Are you crazy, I can’t tell you how long I’ve fantasised about doing this and I know Charles has been dying to fuck you for ages. Come here you gorgeous sexy girl.”
I pulled her towards me and planted my lips hard against hers and slid my tongue hard into her open mouth. I felt her respond as she kissed me back enthusiastically.
Charles lay back on the wide leather sofa and started to stroke his hard thick cock at the sight of his wife and step-daughter swapping spit right in front of him.
We staggered sideways across the room and I dropped to the sofa pulling her with me. She put her hands out against the backrest then opened her legs and knelt down on the seat, her legs spread wide either side of mine. We continued our lustful kiss, our tongues plunging in and out of each other’s mouths.

I sensed rather than saw Charles move, all of a sudden he was stood behind Joy his hands reaching over her shoulders and under her bra to hold and squeeze her tits. I felt her take a huge intake of breath at his touch, then lean back, her head against his stiff cock, she turned her head and I watched as his erection popped straight into her widely open mouth, I watched her cheeks go in as she took a big suck at his glistening wet cock head and saw the look of lust sweep across his face. She continued for a couple of minutes alternately sucking and licking it. Feeling somewhat at a loose end I ran my hands down her smooth taut belly and insinuated my fingers under the waistband of her thong and down between her wet dripping pussy lips. She started to hump against my hand as I fingered her. I withdrew my wet fingers and stretched my fingers past her slit until I felt the tight pucker of her arsehole. I smeared her lubrication around and slightly into her hole with my middle finger then moved my thumb over her clit. I then started a three pronged attack on her. With each thrust of my fingers they went deeper inside until my middle and index fingers were fully inside her. Her hip bucking intensified and I felt both her cunt and arsehole constricting tightly around my fingers as she started to cum. She increased her sucking of Charles’s cock but was so far gone in her orgasm that she suddenly let it go and screamed out in passion as I felt her orgasm wash over my fingers. She twitched spasmodically against my hand and said, “Fucking hell you two, you certainly make a fucking awesome double act that was incredible.
“You ain’t seen nothing yet Joy.” Said Charles, as he gently picked her up by her hips until she was bent over in front of him. He looked in my eyes and said, “Are you sure this OK Alex? In 5 more seconds there will be no going back.”
I looked Joy in the eyes. “Are you OK with this sweetheart?”
“OK with it? If you two would stop talking you’ve got a daughter here who needs to be fucked if that’s OK with you?”
She laughed and we joined in as Charles pushed her forward. He lined up his cock with her widely gaping pussy lips and slid himself fully inside her in one smooth move. Her face was testimony to the pleasure of that thick cock as he bottomed out on her cervix. “Fucking hell Charles, that is really big, I can feel you stretching my cunt wide open, God yes, fuck me with your big cock. Let me feel what mummy has been feeling all these years. God I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted to feel this inside my cunt, fuck me Charles fuck your little daughter hard!”
As he was ramming his hard meat inside her she leant forward and spread my legs wide with her hands, then pushed her face towards my cunt, I gripped my ankles with both hands and pushed myself up against her mouth. She pushed her tongue forward and with every one of Charles’s thrusts, so her tongue pushed inside me until it felt like a small cock fucking me.
It seemed like no time at all until I heard the familiar sound of Charles’s growls of passion as he started to cum, his grunts were joined first with Joy’s orgasmic cries and then by my own as the sight of her being fucked by my loving husband and the feel of her invading tongue combined to make my cries of release join theirs, our first of many orgasms that we shared that incredible memorable night.
... Continue»
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The Perfect Amount of Pleasure and Pain

I woke up last Sunday in what I can only describe as a sex dungeon. I was bound in a Christ-like pose by chains in a dark room with no windows lit only by candles. I had no idea where I was or what was happening to me... all I knew is it made me more wet than I've ever been. A door creaked open behind me and two women wearing black latex masks... and nothing else. They were bound with ropes behind their arms and a third woman stood in front of them, holding a leather leash that was attached to both of their masks. The third woman was older, but she was so attractive. Just something about her made me crazy. She wore black latex thigh-highs and had a cigarette in between her red lips. Her black robe was open and I could see her big amazing tits. I subconsiously bit my lower lip to stop myself from moaning out loud. She noticed the gesture, and smiled. "I think she likes me, girls." she said in a sexy British accent. She went behind the other two women and took the leash off them and then said, smiling, "Have your way with her." She walked to the other end of the room and sat on a black stool. The two sex slaves approached me, one holding a candle in her hand the other holding a black studded rod. The removed my chains and guided me down onto a table. I don't know why I didn't resist... something about this situation made me want to be fuck like crazy. They chained me onto the table, and the girl with the candle began to drip hot wax on my tits. The pain was incredible. I felt like if someone touched my clit right now I'd explode. But they wouldn't give me any such pleasure. The other girl put down the studded rod and picked up a whip. She began to lightly whip my feet. She'd start light, but would increase how hard she hit until I let out a moan of pleasure. When she began to whip my legs, slowly going up my thighs, I realized that she was going to hit me in the pussy. The thought frightend me at first... however, after she whipped my inner thigh, I knew how bad I wanted it. The other girl poured some hot wax on my tummy, sending another sting of pleasure throughout my entire body. I craned my neck to see the hot older woman to see her sitting spread eagle on the stool rubbing her clit with one hand and grabbing a tit with the other, smiling and staring right into my eyes. The hot wax girl just kept on drizzling my torso with hot wax like the it was the jizz of Satan. I started giving out yelps of both pain and pleasure, half wanting to stop the pain and half wanting it to never end. The older woman stood up and said "Stop. She's had enough of you two." The sex slaves left my vision and went back where they came from. The woman walked up to me and kissed me on the mouth. When she was done, she put out her cigarrete right next to me ear and whispered "You're going to eat my pussy, and you're going to like it." Something about her breathy British accent made me so hot. She released me from my bondage and lied in my place, spreading her legs wide open. This was my opprotunity to get out, and yet I was so enticed to just get on my knees and eat her out. I couldn't help it... I got down on my knees and began to eat her out furiously. She moaned and writed in pleasure. I had never had a lesbian experience before, but I must have been doing a good job. She clame within a minute, and when she did she pushed me back with the heel of her thigh-highs. She stood up and told me to get down on all fours. I did, and then she made me lick her boots. As I did, she whipped me on my back, harder and harder. I wanted to touch myself so bad. She told me to stop and lie down on the table again. I did so eagarly, hoping it was my turn to come. And thank God, it was. She took out a new toy. It was just a black dildo, but it was the biggest one I had ever seen. She pressed a small button and it turned on. Before she put it in me, she chained me up again. After all my limbs were bound, she pressed the vibrating cock right on my clit and as I predicted, I exploded in an impossible amount of pleasure. She shoved the vibrating cock into me deeper and deeper. Every time she went another centimeter I wanted to scream out, begging her to stop. But I never did... because it felt so good. When I finally came, I was exausted. My body went limp on the wooden table and she walked away from me, tying up her tobe and lighting another cigarette. She turned to me and said "I'll see you tomorrow, darling." and she gave me a final wink before dissapearing.
I wish that day had never ended. As I drifted off to sl**p, I realized I would probably never come like that again. Not without that beautiful mistress to ensure I did. It was the perfect amount of pleasure... and pain.... Continue»
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4 Hands Massage with Sunny and Rose

If you haven't read my first two stories about my first Asian Massage Parlor visit with Lucy or my second AMP and prostate experience with Sunny, please do.

My prostate massage experience with Sunny had been on my mind all week. I called the massage parlor where she works and made an appointment with her for later that afternoon. When I arrived, Sunny greeted me and walked me back to the room. As we were walking, I noticed a girl coming out of the back room. Sunny, as I described before, was attractive but thicker than my normal type. The girl walking out was petite with a tight body and perky B cup breasts that were being pushed up out of the low cut black mini dress she was wearing. I asked Sunny "who is she?" Sunny frowned a bit and said "you want Rose instead?" She smiled when I replied "No, I want Rose too!"

She told me the 4 hands massage would be $90 for the hour. I let them know that I only had $150 total up front and they were ok with the $30 tip each. Sunny and Rose had a brief conversation in Chinese which I deduced was Sunny assuring Rose I was not law enf***ement. Knowing I was safe, they helped me undress when we got in the room. Rose pulled my t-shirt up over my head while Sunny grabbed my stiffening cock through my jeans. Rose undid the button on my jeans while Sunny unzipped my fly. Rose slid my jeans off while Sunny massaged my now hard cock through my boxer briefs. Sunny's hand moved down gripping the base of my cock and cupping my balls and Rose ran her hand along the bulging outline of my shaft. They dropped my boxer briefs to my ankles and Rose looked at Sunny and said "mm it is nice and big" while wrapping both of her hands around my engorged cock. I already knew this was going to be an unforgettable day.

Face down on the table with my cock pointed down between my legs, Rose moved to the head of the table and began a soothing back rub. I reached my hands out and began rubbing the back of her legs inching my way up under her dress and cupping her ass. Sunny wasted no time starting in on a light tease of my inner thighs and cheeks. As I spread my legs for her, I felt the first drop of warm oil land on the underside of my cock just beneath the head. The drops of oil continued up the underside of my shaft, and then onto my balls, and then into my crack. Rose was now gently rubbing oil on both of my cheeks while Sunny was now using one finger to lightly stroke the underside of my cock while slowly working a finger from her other hand into my asshole. As her finger from one hand slipped into my ass, she lightly rubbed the palm of her other hand on my balls while making circles with her fingertips underneath the head of my cock. That coupled with Rose's light touch of my ass while I was massaging her tight firm ass with both hands was the most erotic feeling I had ever experienced...until 5 minutes later.

Rose hiked her dress up to her waist and dropped her thong to the floor exposing her bald pussy. She moved around to the side of the table and slid her arms under my stomach lifting me up off the table and onto my hands and knees. They exchanged some more words in Chinese and then Sunny moved to the side of the table while Rose moved behind me. Rose reached under and began sliding her finger down from the tip of my cock, down to my balls, and then up into my crack where she began lightly pressing against the entry. Sunny now had one hand wrapped around the base of my cock and was lightly rubbing it with the other. Sunny used her pinky to lift up my ball sack and I felt Rose's tongue lick my perineum up to my ball sack where she gave each one of my balls 3 gentle sucks while sliding her finger all the way into my ass. Sunny was now stroking my oiled up cock with both hands. Rose was finger fucking my ass with her right hand, massaging my balls with her left, and licking the area in between with her tongue. They were stroking and fucking me in perfect rhythm for about 2 minutes before my entire body began to shake. Rose pulled her finger out of my ass and immediately replaced it with her tongue. While she was massaging my balls and rimming my asshole, Sunny was pulling every last drop of cum out of my cock with continuous rhythmic strokes. THAT was the most erotic moment of my life.

My head collapsed onto my arms in front of me and Sunny said "wow that's even more than last time" as I looked back at the enormous puddle of cum I had left on the table. I was telling the I was exhausted when Rose cut me off saying "we still have 45 more minutes baby". I stared at the clock in disbelief that it had only been 15 minutes. I wasn't sure how I was going to survive another 45 minutes but I sure wasn't going to quit either. I rolled over on my back and Rose began to clean up the mess from round 1. Sunny had ditched her shirt and bra and leaned over to let me suck on her giant titties. I reached out and pulled Sunny's pants down to the floor. Rose moved in closer and I pulled the shoulders of her dress down as she stepped out of it. I looked at both of these women who were seemingly on a mission to do nothing but bring me an hour of mind blowing pleasure and they couldn't have been sexier to me in the moment but completely different. Sunny is about 5'5" and around 140 pounds. She's not fat but she's thick with her huge natural 38D's, puffy eraser tip nipples with large darker areolas, a soft round ass, and a little cushion in the midsection before you get to her hairy but trimmed bush. Rose is about 5'1 96 pounds with perky little 32B's, small light areolas, little nipples that seem to always be hard, a firm tight little ass and a kitty that was waxed smooth as the day she was born. As I admired them for just a second, I felt the bl**d begin to flow back down to my cock. The girls noticed and figured break time was over.

Rose put a pillow down under my head and moved to the side of the table and began lightly applying running her oiled hands over my pecs, down my abs, and down to my groin bumping my dick and balls along the way but not grabbing on. Sunny moved to the head of the table to allow me to continue sucking on her tits. With my right hand, I gently slid a finger into Rose's tight little wet pussy. This prompted her to grab hold of my cock that was now rock hard and standing straight in the air. I reached back behind my head with my left hand and Sunny spread her legs allowing me to slide 2 fingers into her already dripping cunt. Both girls were beginning to moan with pleasure to the point where mamasan actually knocked on the door to tell us to keep it down.

Sunny pulled both of her knees up onto the table so she was squatting over my face. No invitation was needed and I immediately went to town licking up her pussy juice like it was the last drops of water in the Sahara. She moved into a 69 position and gripped my cock with one hand, reached down to slip her finger in my ass with the other and was licking the precum off my cock. Rose moved to the foot of the bed and moved one of her hands onto my cock and was stroking with Sunny while gently rolling one of my balls in between her index finger and thumb and sucking on the other. They kept me on edge for what felt like hours while I slid 2 fingers from one hand back into her cunt and started working her big fat clit with my tongue. I could tell she was barely keeping herself from cumming so I reached around with my other hand and slipped my index finger into her asshole. 5 pumps of that finger in her ass and she was dripping cum all over my face.

Sunny stood back up at the head of the table and told Rose to take my place on her back. In a move straight out of a cheerleading competition, Sunny had me position myself in a V with my hands and feet on the edges of the table where I could eat Rose's pussy from a 69 type position. She then moved back positioning her dripping cunt over Rose's face. I had my face buried in Rose's pussy, who had her face buried in Sunny's snatch. Rose reached up and started working my cock with both hands while Sunny was alternating between rimming me, finger fucking my ass, and sucking my balls. I could feel Rose's body tense up and so I slipped a finger into her tight pussy and finger fucked her until I felt her pussy squeeze my fingers before releasing a wave of cum. That put me over the top and I shot a rope of cum across Sunny's tits, a second rope hit Rose in the chin before she angled my cock down letting my cum drip onto her tits.

Without warning, the door opened and mamasan walked into the room. I was afraid we were all in trouble. Sunny was standing there naked with a streak of cum glistening across her tits. I was propped up naked with my semi-hard dick hanging in Rose's face with her naked on her back under me with a wad of cum on her chin and her breasts covered in more. Mamasan said something to Sunny and she looked annoyed. She half-assed wiping my cum off her tits, pulled her yoga pants and t-shirt back on and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and said sorry she had to go. Mamasan explained to me that a VIP customer that "helps them stay open" came in and demanded to see Sunny. She offered to refund half of the money I paid up front since there was still 20 minutes left in my session but I told her it was ok. Mamasan isn't bad looking for someone old enough to be my mom and my dick started to grow in her hand as she was helping to clean me up. She looked down and gave my cock a few strokes before playfully saying "you want mama to help take care of you big boy?" She laughed, gave my cock one last squeeze and then wrapped a towel around me for Rose to take me to the table shower. I was disappointed that it was going to be 1 on 1 now but it actually might have worked out for the better.

Apparently Rose had an appointment right after me and not wanting to go covered in sweat, my cum, Sunny's pussy juice, and her own cum, she surprised by stripping out of her dress and joining me on the table shower. She started soapy body slides and scissor slides rinsing the evidence of our activities away. I was rock hard by the time she had me turn over and she mounted me and began sliding her spread pussy lips up and down the underside of my cock. We both came at the same time and she aimed the tip of my cock so that her pussy lips were covered with my baby batter. She kept her legs spread there for a moment with both of us gazing at the mixture of both of our cum glistening over her smooth pussy. We rinsed off and headed back to the room to get dressed.

We were surprised as Sunny met us outside once we were dressed to tell us that their "VIP" had busted his load after a few strokes and he was already gone. She had this wicked grin as she told me how he kissed her when she went in the room and almost tore her shirt off to suck on her tits. I wonder if that guy liked tasting my ass and licking up my cum off her tits?

I've got plenty more massage stories to tell but I think the next one story I'll go back to my younger years a bit. There was the time I punched the v-card of my best friend's girlfriend, when I popped the anal cherry of one of my friend's little s****rs, or the hot little Korean that has fucked me during every relationship she's had over the last 12 years. If anyone has a preference, leave a comment, otherwise I'll just pick one and run with it.

Hope you enjoyed! Please comment and like if you did! Thanks! ... Continue»
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Night out with a twist

My wife and I made plans to have a date night, nothing special just a night at the bar. I get ready and wait for her to finish by sitting watching some TV, she enters the room wearing black heels and a sexy black dress that shows off all her curves, her breasts look as if they are about to pop out of the top of it. We drive to the bar just making casual conversation but I keep looking her up and down thinking about how sexy she looks. We get to the bar walk in finding that the only empty seats are at the bar, as we set down the bartender takes our order but also wishes the couple next to my wife a good evening and thanks them for coming in. He then gets our drinks for us. We set there just talking and watching the people around bar when I recognize an old friend, I excuse myself and go over to say hi. As I return to my seat I see that a man has come in and taken the seat next to my wife and they are talking so I just take my seat waiting for her to say something to bring me into their conversation.

As time passes and I listen, I can tell that he is obviously interested in my wife and she is not letting on that I am with her. At first, I start to get jealous but then I think maybe she just does not want to be rude, or maybe she likes the attention? The bartender makes his way back over to me and I order another drink then I get up and head to the bathroom. While walking away I hear their conversation turning from casual flirting to a more sexual nature, “ That’s it” I tell myself when I get back I am going to bring this to an end.

While in the bathroom my phone goes off, it is a text from my wife saying, “Don’t get mad, let’s have some fun, and see where this goes.” She has never shown any interest in doing something like this so I will defiantly play along; this is something, I have fantasized about. I return to my seat to see them doing shots and now facing each other. Their conversation is now just all sex and he continues to buy more shots. I listen, I can feel my cock begin to get hard and I wonder what she is thinking? Up until now, it was nothing but talk between the two of them but I can see that she is now rubbing his arm and he has placed a hand on her leg and pushing his hand towards her pussy. He now has her dress pushed up enough that I can the tops of her stockings.

Time passes and my mind is racing on what is coming next or if I should step in and end this somehow. I guess I was caught in all the thoughts running through my head that I did not realize that she had left and went to the bathroom that is when I get a text demanding that I come back to the bathrooms. I walk back to the bathrooms find her with a huge smile on her face. “I have never been so turned on in my whole life, my pussy is dripping.” I ask, “What’s next”? She just tells me I will get a text telling me what to do, she then gives a deep wet kiss and walks back towards the bar. I go to the bathroom then head back to my seat watching them do some more shots and some heavy touching. She is now setting on the edge of her seat with one hand rubbing a massive bulge in his pants and his hand is up her dress.

I order another drink and he orders them another round shots, that’s when she tells him that it must her last because as it is now she is going to have to call somebody for a ride home. I thought that’s my cue so I hurry and finish my drink and tab out. I see her get out her phone and texts me to meet her in the parking lot. However, before I could even get out of my seat I hear him offer to drive her home, I go ahead and make my way to the car thinking she will turn him down and be out in a minute or so. As I get in my phone goes off with a text telling me to hurry home our night of fun is not over, but stay out of sight.

I drive home thinking, what does she have planned, did she tell him I was her husband and I just left her and he is pissed? I get home and just stand there confused waiting to see what she has planned. I then see headlights pull up and get out making their way towards the door, they both talking and laughing as the door opens and they both come in. I hurry to get into a place out of sight but somewhere I can still see what is happening. He sits on the couch and she sits down facing him, I then get a text that says to keep watching but be quiet, I then see her put the phone down on the couch. He has already moved closer and is rubbing her legs she reaches for the bulge in his pants again and starts rubbing it. They begin to kiss and she lifts her hips so he can push her dress up over her hips revealing her stocking legs and that is not wearing panties. He then opens her legs so that he can finger her pussy. While he is doing this, she has managed to unzip his pants pulling out his erect cock and starts stroking it with both hands. They continue like this for only a few minutes when she stands and pulls off her dress and turns so that her back is facing him, she then slides down so that her ass is against his cock and starts rocking back and forth on it. By this time I have had my phone out for a while and have been recording all I can, I also have been fighting the urge to pull out my own cock and jerk off but I do not want to miss any of this.

He has now unhooked her bra to release her big beautiful D-Cup tits and has them in his hands and twists and pulls on her hard nipples he will also occasionally give her ass a slap just to hear her let out a pleasurable moan, “I love the way your cock feels on my ass she says”. That’s it I can’t stand it any longer I find a place to put my phone so that it will keep recording and I pull out my cock and start jerking off doing my best to not make a sound because I want to see how this ends. She has now stood back up but now bent over holding a chair in front of her and his face is buried in her ass; he rubs his hands up and down her legs as he continues to tongue her ass and pussy. He then stands and starts to finger her from behind and giving her ass a slap for fun, she then stands and starts kissing him while undoing his pants. His pants drop to the floor and she drops to her knees pulling his underwear down and taking his cock into her mouth.

She begins working his cock in and out her mouth while holding it with one hand and pulling his balls with the other. He grabs two hands full of her hair, holding on like bull rider does not want to fall of this perfect ride, he then tells her to get up and lie down on the couch. I am now close to blowing my load but am afraid I will let out a huge moan so I find a pillow lie back on the floor, bury my face in the pillow, and release my load all over my hands and stomach. Quickly I set back up hoping that I did not miss anything. She is now lying on the couch and he is standing over her fucking her tits, this does not last long before he is now just fucking her face. She moves her arms between his legs so that with one hand, she can play with her clit and with the other, she can massage the spot between his balls and ass.

Watching the way her hips are moving along with the motion her fingers in her pussy and his thrusts to her mouth I could tell she was getting close to orgasm, sensing that he knew that to he climbed off, he moved her hands and started licking her pussy. What happened next shocked me even more than all that had gone this evening, she moved so while he ate her she could tongue his ass. I mean we have done 69 but never like this. This sight made my cock that was already hard again begin to throb in hopes that I may soon get the same treatment. She then stops and tell him to “fuck me now!” He stands and she bends over holding the back of the couch as he positions himself behind her he pushes her legs open wider so that he can fuck her wet throbbing pussy. With one hand on her ass and the other holding his huge cock he slowly guides the swollen head past her wet lips, she lets out a very low sexy moan he continues to push the rest of his cock in. Once in he pauses slightly and then starts sliding his cock in out of her gaining speed with every stroke, he reaches forward grabs her tits not missing stroke. Her hips fall into a perfect rhythm with him and his movements; I can see she is now pushing her ass back towards his hips making sure she is taking all that cock into her pussy. Only a few more big hard strokes and he pulls his cock from her pussy and cum’s all over her ass and back. She stands push’s him onto the couch leaning over and taking his cock into her mouth sucking any remaining cum from it. She then gets into position over him to ride him reverse cowgirl style. He reaches down holding his cock as she lowers her pussy onto it and starts rocking back and forth very slow for a while but gaining speed. He reaches forward grabs her hips with one hand and slips a finger into her ass. I again cannot stop myself and start to jerk off this time though I am not going to cum; I am saving it for her. I hear sounds now coming from the room that I have heard before; she is getting close to cumming. I turn my attention away from myself and watch as she is now leaning back grinding her pussy down on his cock,her body starts to shake I hear her “ Oh god I’m CUMMING!!” She then falls forward letting out a deep sigh as he lays there breathing heavy too but still fingering her ass. She moves to get up but instead of just standing straight up, she pushes her pussy and ass into his face telling to clean her pussy the way she cleaned up his cock. He does as told; she then helps him get dressed and walks him to the door watching until his car is out of sight. She then tells me to come out of my hiding spot; I walk out from the dark with a huge grin and can only muster up the word “WOW!” She looks at me and says, now here is the best part, we are going to go shower and you are going eat me and then fuck me in the ass.... Continue»
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What Happened with Mom and me

This story happened when I was 28 years old and my mom was 46 years old.

As a 28 years old young man, I stood 5'5" slender built red hair and brown eyed. I worked in construction so it look like I worked out at the gym with my six pack abs and bulging arms.

My mom at 46 stood 5'1" slender waist flaired hips size b tits and a butt that was round and in porportion to her tits, with a dark brown hair that almost looked black down to the middle of her back. As a teenager, when her and I would be out shopping or taking care of buisness for my grandma and grandpa that we lived with at the time, I remeber hearing men whistle at her and watch her walk by them and mom would just give a blushed smile with out looking back at them.

At the time it made me a bit angry but yet I knew what they were thinking because I would think about her the same way and would have a jerk off in the shower with those i****trole thoughts about what I would love to do with her. I knew it was wrong with the way my grandpa would talk to mom about her and his b*****r needed to stay away from each other, even though him and his b*****r, wasn't our bl**d relation.

My dad walked out of our lifes when my s****r was 3 years old and I was 6 years old and my grandparents came and got us from Colorado and moved us back to Oklahoma with them in there (then) three room house. kitchen, livingroom/dining room, and bedroom. The bathroom was an outhouse just a short ways past the shed out back of the house.

My mom didn't remarry till I was 10 years old and shortly after him and my mom had a son together, her husband was killed in a car wreck whitch we had to move back in with my grandparents house again whitch by that time grandpa had added onto the kitchen to make it bigger and added a bathroom almost the same size as the kithen was.

After getting out of the army after Vietnam I went home to find that mom had moved into a trailer house that she bought and grandpa moved it onto his and grandma's land out behind the house, about 25 yards from the house. About three months later I moved to Colorado where my s****r and her husband lived and stared working for a construction company, and shortly after met my wife and got a place of our own.

After her and I were married a little over 4 years we had a baby boy whitch made me very happy. That all went to pot in a hand basket shortly after our son turned one year old. I came home from work to find her and my son had moved back to her mommy and daddy's but I had to find my own place to stay and an eviction notice on the table whitch puzzled me because I had given her the rent money, to give to the landlord, when he came by to collect it, and a notice that the phone was past due and set to be shut off if not payed with in the next ten days and I knew that I had given her the phone money as well ever since we were married, but yet these two notices said we were two months behind.

My s****r and her husband had long moved away to another state some were, so I contacted a friend of ours and they said I could stay with them till I found a place of my own, since I had to move out almost right away. So I spent a week boxing things up and moving them to a storage as the wife got the rest of her's and our son's things moved to her parents house. She told me she couldn't remeber where she spent the money for the rent and the phone that I had given her and she wouldn't tell me what made her want to be sepperated from me. I asked her to take a vacation with me so that we can maybe work things out to get our f****y back together again, but she said that 'she couldn't get off from work to do so'.

The owner of the company I worked for and I had gotten to know each other over the years of me working for him so he knew what I had walked into, the day after I got home to find my wife and son gone from our home and all. So two weeks after that day he told me 'Red' the nickname he had given me, 'take a week off and go on vacation, starting Monday and on Friday morning call me before you come back, to return for work and let me know how things are going with you at that time and I will also know, if I have a job offer for you, if you're up to it at that time'.

I had planed on taking a vacation but I was thinking of waiting till I had found a place to move to first whitch also meant that the job I was foreman over would be finished by then too.

When Saterday morning rolled around, I got up just as the friend's wife got her first cup of coffee, which was as soon as it was finished brewing, and got myself a cup and poured it full of coffee and sat down to drink a cup with her. we sat there talking and drinking our coffee for a little bit then her husband came in and filled a cup and refilled our cups then he sat down and we talked for a bit with him.

When we were finished drinking our coffee I gathered up my things and loaded them into my pickup and told them I would probably see them on sunday evening if not before then depending on what my boss had to say on Friday when I talked to him over the phone, then I got in my pickup and started my ten hour drive to Oklahoma.

I pulled into my grandma's driveway (my grandpa had died by this time) to see my mom walking from her trailer to the house as I came to a stop in the driveway. Mom stopped at the back door of grandma's house as I got out of the pickup and walked around the pickup toward her.

I walked over give her a hug and she hugged me back, "How you doing son?" as we took a step back to look at each other.

"Oh so so I guess. How about you and grandma?"

"The same as usual with her and I both I guess. Where is Marry and Ron?"

"Living with her folks. As I've told you, she's a momma's girl."

Grandma came out of the house then, "Well my heavens! What are you doing here?"

"You might say I'm on vacation for the week at least."

"Where is Marry and your son Ron?" as we were hugging each other.

"Living with her folks."

"Does that mean that you two are seperated for good or not?" my mom asked me as grandma and I stepped back from our hugging.

"Right now I'm not positive, but I think we are and what for I do not know. I'll tell you what all happened just over a couple of weeks ago when we get inside and a glass of tea if you have any made to drink."

Grandma turned and opened the screen door and stepped in with mom following her and as I closed the door behind us grandma said, "Have seat and I'll get us all some tea."

As my grandma got our tea, mom and I sat down at the kitchen table to see that not a lot had changed since I had moved away to Colorado then I asked, "Where is Lary (my half-b*****r) at tonight?"

"He lives with his girlfriend in the north part of town somewhere about ten minutes from Fort Sill."

"Have you heard from Linda (my s****r) since her and Mick moved from Colorado?"

"She calls me once every week to let me know where her and John are at and where all they have been that week."

"John? Who is he?"

"She hasn't told you?"

"I haven't heard hide or hair from her since her and Mick moved away from Colorado."

"Her and Mick devoriced almost a year after they left there and moved back here. About six months ago she married this John and he's a truck driver and she rides with him all over the United States."

Grandma sat the glasses of tea down on the table and sat down in a chair then said, "Now tell us about Marry and you."

I started telling my mom (Vallary) and my grandma (Mabal) about every thing from the time I walked in to find Marry and Ron had moved to Marry's folks house up to the last visit that Marry would have with me.

When I finished telling them every thing mom asked, "I probably shouldn't ask this, but how was ya'lls sex life?"

I looked at my mom with a shocked look because grandpa tought us that sex was to be behind closed doors and not talked about outside of the bedroom with anybody except with your spouse, "I have to say,,, I wanted it more than she did after after Ron was born, but I never f***ed her into. I was lucky to get it every other week after he was born."

"Did the two of you argue about it?"

"No we didn't. We didn't argue about anything really. The only problem I had was when her mom told me what to do or not to do, whitch then I would do the oposet of what she said I had to do or not do. Now Marry would do her best to do as her mom told her to do."

"Sounds like it's a wounder you two stayed together, what six or seven years?"

"Six years. I don't think they wanted Marry to even have a husband or even meet a man, or to have a boyfriend, with what she told me shortly after we met, like on our second date."

"Why you say that?" my grandma asked then.

"They told her what was wrong with ever boy that took her out or wanted to take her out on a date and that was before they even saw the guy and they did the same with me when she told them about meeting me and dating me. They told her I wouldn't amount to anything she would be asking to come back home all because I couldn't keep a job to keep the bills paid and as soon as she came up pregnet I would dump her like a hot potato."

"Sounds like you proved them wrong so now they are even madder at you for doing so and hoping you will dump her now with out her asking for a devorice."

I looked at my mom and said, "That is my thoughts as I drove down here today."

We sat and talked for a couple of hours catching me up on every thing, and me telling them about my work and all, and what the boss told me before I made the trip down.

My mom finally said, "If you want, you can come out to the trailer and sl**p in Lary's old bed since he's not here to use it anyway, unless you want to stay her with your grandma."

Just then as I went to answer her, the telephone rang and since mom was the closed to the phone she got up and stepped into the living room and crossed the room to the phone and answered it.

As mom walked toward the phone to answer it, I watched her and my membery returned as to why I thought of having sex with her when I was home as a teenager. The dress she had on was a summer dress that came to about half way to her knees showing off her smooth slender legs with a natural swing to her ass as she walked that made her dress to have that little bit of a swing side to side. I could feel my cock start to ster a bit as I watched her walk that short distance to the phone.

I heard her answe with a "Hello" then a short pause, "This is she." then I couldn't hear her say anything after that for a few minutes, then I heard her say, "He's here now for about the last couple hours." then a moment mom said something in more like a whisper that I couldn't make out, then silance, then, "Hold on a moment." mom then set the recever down beside the phone and walked back to the table, "She wants to talk to you. Sounds like she wants to work things out with you."

As mom sat down I stood up and went to the phone and picked up the recever, "Hello,".

"Jim, I want a devorice."

"Are you sure?"


"Okay, if that is what you want go for it and if I like how it reads, I'll signe it." I hung up the phone, turned, took one step into the bedroom, then one step to grandma's bed, turned around and sat down just to think about what just happened.

I heared grandma say something then I heard foot steps crossing the living room toward the bedroom, mom stepped into the room and sat beside me on the bed, "That was fast, mind telling me what was said?"

I told mom what Marry said and what I said, then with a slite turn mom reached out her arms to hold me and I give a slite turn and hugged her back as well.

As we sat there holding on to each other the way we were, my right arm was up aginst her left tit and I could feel her nipple starting to poke my arm. A moment later we pulled apart and my hand just grased her tit where I could feel her nipple through the matrial of her dress slide across the palm of my hand as she sat back upright more and I pulled my hand back to my side, "If you want to talk come on out to the trailer with me and we can sit and talk in private, and sl**p in Lary's bed as I sugested to you what ago."

"Okay, sounds like a plan." then we stood up and I followed mom out to the kitchen where grandma still sat at the dinner table.

"What's the deal?" grandma asked as she stood up.

"She want's a devorice, even thou I think her mom talked her into it."

"My heavens." shaking her head as to be saying no and picked up the three glasses and turned toward the kitchen sink.

"I'm going to sl**p in Lary's bed so if you need me just buss twice for me, if that is how you still do it get mom."

"Okay, will do."

"Do you need anything before we go out for the night mom?" my mom asked grandma.

I stepped out to go to my pickup to get my bags out to take out to the trailer with me. When I had my sutecases out and closed the door mom and I walked out to her trailer together listening to the night sounds and with our own thoughts.

When we stepped into the trailer, "Might as well go ahead and lock the door for the night, if you would."

"Okay." with the door locked I turned, "Are you going to stay up for a little bit?"

"I usually stay up to watch the weather on Saterday nights and if there is a movie I want to watch then I'll stay up and watch it whitch there happens to be one I was thinking about watching."

"Okay, I'll put these in Lary's bedroom and come back out and sit with you if you do not mind me doing so."

"I would love for you to sit with me, even if we just talk. But I'm going to change into my night clothes right quick first."

"I usually just sit in my whity tightys because I usually sl**p in the nude if it's okay with you."

"Your whity tightys will be fine and you sl**p how ever you feel like."

Mom went to her bedroom as I went to Lary's bedroom and I sat my bags down on the floor by his dresser, then I stripped off my jens and shirt, boots and socks, then jumped into the shower in the bathroom that conected to the bedroom. After getting out of the shower and drying off I pulled out a clean pair of my whity tightys, pulled them on then walked out to the kitchen and seeing that mom had some beer in the fridge I got one out, then I heared mom, "I'll take one of those myself please."

"You got it. When did you start drinking mom?"

"Oh, I don't know, it's been several years now but I usually just have one bottle about twice a week is all."

I went in and sat down on the couch and as mom came by me and sat down right next to me, I handed her the open bottle of beer that she asked for and seeing what she had on, I knew I was going to have a hard time trying to keep from getting a hard on and when she sat down right next to me, I knew then, I was going to be hard in no time at all.

Mom had on a thin robe that was just a bit shorter than the summer dress she had on moments ago and when she sat down, the bottom part slid off to the side of her left leg that was next to my right leg right up to the leg joint, at her hip and no sign of her having any panties on under it and no sign of a night gown under the robe either. At the top part where the rob came together in the front, left a deep V between her tits exposing the sides of each tit, showing that she had no bra on either.

We sat and watched the news and weather then while the sports news was being told, mom and I got to talking about how she remebered feeling when my dad walked out on us, and how she felt when Lary's dad was killed in the car wreck, then I told her how I was feeling toward Marry and how I feel lost not having my son Ron, when I'm off from work and on weekends.

Seeing that our bottles were empty mom said, "I feel like having another beer, how about you?"

"I believe I will." I went to reach out to take her empty bottle, but she beat me to it and took mine off the coffee table at the same time and stood up.

When mom stood up, her robe stuck in between her butt cheeks giving me a quick flash of the bottom part of her butt cheeks before slipping out and hanging natural then behind her, as she took a step toward the kitchen. The whole time we sat through the news and weather, I got the hard on that I knew I would get and I still had it, with our bare legs touching each other the whole time we were sitting there.

When mom returned and handed me another beer, I noticed that the belt that held her robe closed around her, had loosened up some but not enough to let the robe open enough to show anything below the belt but it did show just a bit more clevage, about another inch of her lower chest about where her chest and stomice met.

Mom sat down slitely turned to face me a bit more, bringing her left leg up and tucked her foot under her right thiy, and pulled the right side of her robe up over her, just enough to keep me from seeing any thing under it, while leaving her left thiy exposed, kind of like it was before she went to get us more beer, then she let her knee rest on my right thiy just above my knee.

"May I ask you a personal question son?"

"I guess so."

"Since we are adults."


"When was the last time you've had sex? I'm asking for no reason at all, I'm just wondering is all."

I looked at her for a second, took a drink of my beer, "I could ask you the same thing I guess. But to answer your's first, it's been just over a month now."

"Well if you were to ask me the same question, I would have to tell you, since a couple of days before Lary was born, give or take a day."

We both took a drink then and then in a very low voice I heared, "How I wish for it again."

What came out of my mouth then shocked me even, "You can have it again, maybe not with the same man thou."

With a surprised look at me, "You heared what I said?!"

"Yes I did."

"Now where am I going to find a man to love me as old as I am?"

"You're not that old mom."

"How old do you think I am?"

"Around thirty nine to forty with out doing the math right quick in my head."

"Why thank you, but I'm forty six. Now the question is still the same."

"From every angle that I saw you from, since I pulled into the drive and saw you walking to the house, up to this very second, you still have it going on like you did when I was a k**, right up till I left here when I moved to Colorado. I bet you, that when you go to town, men are stopping to have second and third looks at you and wishing they could have you at any time." then I shocked myself again, "I know I still wish that tonight since my teenage years."


"You heared me. You are what they call a milf."

"What is that?"

"It's a 'mother I would like to fuck' whitch means you are one sexy hot woman."

"Oh wow, mmm." mom took a moment to think about as she took a drink, "So you think that I'm that kind of woman, a milf?"

"I not just think it, I know it."

"To bad we are mother and son."

Shocking myself again with, "So what, if we are. You are single and an adult and if you're honest about it, you're more than likely horny, and I'm soon to be single and I will be honist about it, I am horny, it's just the two of us here now, so no one will know about what goes on this side of that closed door there or the other side of a closed bedroom door, so what is to stop us when the two of us are horny and need some stress release."

"Wow! Since you said it that way it sounds so easy, but,,, you left out the fact that we are f****y."

"Look at it this way, when you and dad were married to each other the two of you were f****y and then with Lary's dad the two of you were f****y, and the same goes for Marry and me."

"Okay, but the difference is we were not bl**d related."

"Not untill you had me any way whitch then made the two of you bl**d related, because I have bl**d from both of you so to speak, and the same goes with Linda, and Lary."

"You're bl**d comes more from your dad than me if membery serves me right from my school days."

"I think so too, but your bl**d feed me while you carried me for those nine months too. So in a round about way, the way I see it, I got your bl**d too, whitch made you and dad bl**d related then."

Swallowing her last drink, mom sat her empty bottle on the coffee table in front of us next to mine I saw the right side of her robe slide off of her knee giving me a view of her hairy mond between her legs.

"To be honist since you are about being horny, you are right I am horny, so... if you will not tell anyone,... kiss me to let me know how honist you are."

"No one will know from me." then I leaned toward her placing my hands on each of mom's shoulders with a slite pull toward me and I kissed her on the mouth, as I would a lover, then I slid my right arm around her pulling her toward me as I slipped my tougne between mom's lips.

Mom slid her left arm around me and her right hand went to my hard cock with a jerk of her hand, back off from my cock for a second, then as my tougne slipped into her mouth, her hand went back to my cock and she kept it there for a moment with moving her hand at all.

Mom's tougne started sparing with my tougne as I placed my left hand on her right tit and started giving it some light squeesing and pinching her nipple lightly but fermly, at whitch time mom started moving her hand up and down my hard cock whitch seamed to get even harder to me, even thou I didn't think it could get any harder.

After a couple of minutes of kissing we broke off them mom said, "Wow!" in a low voice, then went on to say, "I guess we need to shut off the lights and go to my bed where we can be more comfritable."

"Yes we do." then mom and I stood up as I grabbed the two empty bottles to throw in the trash as mom turned out the kitchen light, then we held hands as we walked through the living room, mom shut off the light and tv then lead me into her bedroom, where she turned on a bed side lamp, then we sat down on the bed and started kissing again.

As mom and I kissed like we did in the living room, we fell back to lay down while pulling mom over on top of me, at that time our hands started roming around over the others body.

A couple of minutes later, mom broke the kiss by getting up, pulling on her belt, then let her robe slide off fromm her shoulders to the floor. As she took her robe off I took off my whity tightys with out taking my eyes off from my mom and let my whity tightys lay on the floor next to her robe.

I had a feeling that my mom had a hairy bush from what I could see, after she set the empty bottle down just momentes before, and sure enough, when her robe opened when she untied her belt, her hairy pussy came into view. The hair was as dark as the hair on her head. As mom pulled the robe off her shoulders, her tits came into my view with silver dollar size aordas and eraser size nipples that stuck out about three qurters of an inch, with her tit having very little sag to them.

Looking at her nipples, I could feel them calling me to them so I reached up and took hold of her tits and give a light tug, whitch mom then stepped in and leaned over toward me. I took a tit into my mouth and started sucking on it while I fondled with the other one.

Mom wrapped a hand around to the back of my head and reached down with her other hand and started strocking my rock hard cock and moning as I sucked and played with her tits, going back and forth from one to the other.

A short time of sucking and playing with her tits, I took one hand and slid it down her belly to her bush then on down to her pussy lips, where I felt her juices getting her pussy lips wet and I could feel the heat coming out of her as well.

Mom pulled away from kissing and pushed me back down on the bed, then she kneeld down, looked my dick over some, "I think if membery serves me right, you are about an inch longer and about the same thickness as your dad was. He did have a thick cock just like you have." then mom licked up the under side from the base to the head then after a sweral of her tougne around the head, she opened up her mouth and took almost all of my hard cock into her mouth and down her throght.

I thought I was going to cum then, but I was able to hold off from doing so, I had never had any one take all of me in like my mom just did. she pulled back a little then started bobbing her head up and down my cock a few times, then she took all of my cock into her mouth and throught again before backing off all the way breathing heavy, "Wow, it's been a long time since I've had a good hard cock in my mouth like that, and you taste good too."

"Why don't you get up here and stradle my head so I can taste your hony pot while you suck my dick."

While mom strocked my cock I moved up to get more comfritable and to make it easier for her to get astradle of me too.

When mom got over me, I pulled her down to my face then starded licking and sucking on her pussy, spending most of my time flicking my tougne on her clit as I sucked and then dipping my tougne in as far as I could into the love canal, to get all of her juices that I could get, before sucking a fliking my tougne on her clit.

The whole time I sucked and licked mom's pussy, she sucked on my dick and moning and in a about two in a half minutes pulled off from my dick called out in a loud voice, "OOOO GODDDDD I'MMMM CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNgggggggggggg."

At that time I got a full mouth of her cum that tasted as sweet as I thought it would. I did all that I could to get all of her cum into my mouth with out sucsess. When mom finished cumming, she colapsed on top of me then rolled over to the bed beside me panting trying to recover her breathing, I turned over and around to face my mom and move up over her between her legs.

Mom opened her eyes with a smile, "Wow, no one has ever eat my pussy out like that in my whole intire life, not even your dad could do that to me." reaching up with her arms around my neck, she pulled me down toward her and started kissing me with more intense pastion than we did before, with my hard cock nudging at her love canal as I moved my hips up and down to slide my cock back and forth across her pussy getting it socked with her sweet juices.

While we kissed and after a few passes across her pussy with my cock, I felt her opening to her love canal and with a slite shift of my hips to change the angle of my dick, I pushed it into her pussy hole, "Oooo! Son take it slow, it's been so long since I've had a big hard cock in my pussy."

I slowly pushed my cock into her pussy and to make it a bit easier, I backed out just a little bit and then pushed back into her going a little deep each time I repetted the same move, till I had all six in a half inches of my rock hard cock in mom's hot wet pussy to the hilt.

When I was all the way in, I stopped to just soke up the pleasure and feel every bit of mom's pussy that I could and let her do the same as well, as to ajust to having a rock hard cock back inside of her after going with out for so long.

"Oh wow son, you feel so good inside of me like this, it makes me wish we had done this a long time ago."

"I wish we could have too."

I started a slow pull till just the head of my dick was inside of her pussy, then started a return trip back inside till my balls slapped at mom's butt then repeted the same move with just a hint of more speed.

As I pumped in and out of my mom's pussy I would speed up just a tad faster till I had a good rytham going, and after about five minutes, "Jim, fuck me faster and harder please... oh goodddddddd it feeeeeelllllllllssssssssssssss sooooo gooooooddddddd!"

"Fuccccccckkkkkkkkk me harderrrrrrrrrrrr,... faster damn, yesyesyessssssssssssss!" she moned as I picked up speed and slammed into her pussy harder, "I'mmmmmmmmmmmm cuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!"

I felt her pussy pulsing and squeesing around my rock hard cock, then I felt her cum on my cock, as her pussy musciles clamped down around my cock, causing me to feel my cum starting the cherning as it was starting to make its travel up my cock, "I'm cumming tooooooooo!"

"Yessssss filllll my pussssyyyyyyy with your cuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!"

That was it then, my cum shot out of my hard cock as I pushed into mom's pussy and she wrapped her legs around me and pulled us together, to make sure I didn't pull my dick out of her pussy as we cum together.

I think I shot more cum into my mom's pussy than I ever shot into any other woman, that I have had sex with in my life, at least that is what it felt like. I didn't think I was going to quite cumming there for a few seconds there, but I did finish, then mom's legs feel off to my sides and she colapsed underneth me then I colapsed on top of her, keeping my elbows under me to help keep most of my weight off of her, leaving my still hard cock inside of her pussy.

"Wow son! I didn't think sex could this good... I knew sex felt good,,, but not to that leval." as she was still panting trying to get her breath back to normal, "And your still hard inside my pussy? Your dad would be soft by now."

"The reason it felt so good, is because of the love we have for each other mom. It takes a few minutes for my cock to go soft usually cause it feels so good to be in a hot wet and tight pussy as your's."

"I must say, it does feel good to have a hard cock like your's inside of my pussy for sure. Even thou I do not think I can go another round right now." then mom turned her head toward her dresser, "Oh wow son, we have been at it for forty seven minutes. That is a first for me. Most of the men I've been with only last at most five minutes if that long."

"I must be one of the very few that can go as long as forty five minutes to two hours I guess, cause the few women that I've been with have told the same thing you just did." then I leaned down more, feeling mom's soft but firm tits pressing into my chest, and started kissing mom till my cock softened and came out of her pussy.

"I love you very much mom." as we brock from our kissing.

"I love you very much too son. I think I'm ready to go to sl**p now."

"Me too." I rolled over and sat up and helped mom get turned around so that her head would lay on her pillow, then she pulled me down with her.

"As long as it's just you and I here, you might as well sl**p here in my bed with me."

I layed down beside mom, then with one last kiss as lovers, she layed her head on my chest with my arms around her and one of her legs d****d over my legs, and we fell asl**p then.

We made love to each other every night having the best sex either one of us has ever had all week that I stayed there on vacation and for the next year that too since the boss wanted me to manage the new job that he landed in my home town there with a pay raise even.

Every year that I take a vacation I go to mom's and we have the best time of our lives every night.

Sorry to make this story so long but it was the only way I know how to give you an idea as to how it came about for mom and me to fall into the relationship we have.

Comments are welcome even ones to maybe help me be better at telling them if I think of another story to write about.

... Continue»
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My Perfect Weekend With My MASTER

Since i have met SUBSEEKER i have spent an awful lot of time dreaming and fantasizing about how things would be if there wasn't a vast ocean between us. Sometimes it's the only way i can make it through the day!
The following piece is ideas from several of these dreams and fantasies, and chats with my MASTER. As i have a rare weekend off this weekend my MASTER thought that this would be an ideal piece for me to write, that coupled with my reading material on xh over the last few days lol.
So here goes, and feel free to tell me what you think.
I would arrive at his place and he would take me immediately to his playroom. In there are many instruments of teasing and torture; whips, riding crops cat o' 9 tails, paddles, feathers, silky ropes and blindfolds, leg-spreaders, cuffs, collars, dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, butt pearls...........and the list goes on. You name it, it's there!
Now as this is my first time here i walk in and my eyes almost pop out of my head! i am filled with trepidation and beginning to wonder what i have gotten myself into!
"SIR?" i say in a small voice,"May i speak freely for a moment please?"
"What is it ariana?" he says looking at me with his stern face, though his eyes arer still twinkling, so i know i'm ok for now.
"i'm scared SIR. i've never seen so much stuff before in my life!" i tell him in my small voice.
"ariana," he says, "do you trust me?"
"Yes SIR"
"Do you love me?"
"Yes SIR"
"Do you wish to please me above everything else?"
"Yes SIR"
"Then keep all that in your pretty head and everything will be ok." He says gently and kisses my cheek, his beard tickles my face.
I take a deep breath, and start to concentrate on how pleasing my MASTER fills me with joy.
"It'll be ok" i think "he knows me, he loves me, he'll look after me....."
"Strip" He says
The f***e in his voice pulls me back from my thoughts.
"NOW ariana!" he says, with that very stern look on his face. i obey immediately.
"It's time for your inspection slut."
Even though i knew this moment would come i'm still nervous.
So there i am stark naked, feeling very nervous and vulnerable.
i start thinking, "What if he sees something he doesn't like? What if i've got something in my teeth, What if...........?" Endless things are running through my mind
And then it starts, he circles me a few times, feeling, pinching and smacking different parts of me as he sees fit. Even though i'm so vulnerable and nervous, i'm also incredibly horny! "OMG!" i think, "He's right, i AM such a slut!"
"Bend over and spread your ass cheeks slut," he says. I do.
He puts a finger inside my bottom, to examine it.
"MMM, tight ass, good whore." He says, then inserts a plug "You know I like your ass filled."
He then slides a finger into my pussy.
"Good, wet, tight and ready to be used" he says. He then procedes to slip in another finger and finds my spot, he rubs it, and i think i'm going to melt, then just as abruptly he pulls them out.
"No, not yet. Business to attend to first." He says. i'm left feeling alert, even more horny, and empty.
The rest of the inspection goes without a hitch, he likes what he sees. I'm so relieved!
"Now i want to see what i can do with you." He says. I gulp.
He leads me to a table in the middle of the room, then ties my arms and legs to the table legs so i'm bent over it with my legs wide open. He steps back and admires the view.
"Wow, i own one good looking piece of ass!" He says, i blush from the compliment. "Now, lets see what we can do here." i wonder what's in store.
He removes the plug from my bottom, and makes me lick it clean, i gag from the thought of where it's just been, and he chuckles to himself. He grabs a dildo and starts pumping it in and out of my pussy, whilst inserting two fingers in my bottom.
"No cumming whore!" He orders.
"Yes SIR mmmmmm" is my response.
"I mean it, you WILL be punished if you cum before I say you can!"
"Yes SIR, i know."
With that he takes his fingers out of my bottom, and has me lick them clean (more gagging), he then gets out his lovely hard cock, that i have been waiting an eternity to see, feel and taste.
He sees my hungry look and says, "Yes ariana, now you get one of your wishes." As he pushes it into my waiting and oh so willing mouth.
i give him the very best treatment with my mouth that i know how to, licking, sucking and nibbling gently his glorious cock and balls. It makes me so wet pleasuring my MASTER in this way, knowing we have both wanted it for so long! He moans in pleasure, and i can feel him twitching in my mouth, finally i am going to taste his delicious cum. i suck and lick as vigorously as i can, and will him to cum in my mouth so that i can drink every drop and show him what a good slut he has made me. Finally he does, and i drink it all, even though there is more than i can normally drink. He looks happy as he pulls out of my mouth.
"Such a good whore"" he says.
"Thankyou SIR" i say, i'm so happy.
He then unties me and attaches a long chain to my collar. He leads me to what looks like a dog cage, it has a duvet and pillow in it. He opens the door and instructs me to get in.
"If you hadn't been so good already I would have removed the duvet" he says.
He attaches the chain to the cage, and closes the door.
"You need to get some sl**p little one, I have friends visiting tomorrow, and you must serve us all."
"SIR? May i ask you something?" i ask.
"Yes, little one, what is it?"
"Could you please leave me a light? i'm in a strange place alone, i would feel better if it wasn't completely dark."
"Yes little one" he says granting my request, showing he cares. He dims the lights, closes and locks the door, and leaves me alone.
Even though i haven't cum, i'm happy that i have given him pleasure. I have no idea of the time, as there are no windows in the room. So i lie there thinking about things for a while, and finally fall asl**p happy.
So that's day one, i'm gonna write days two and three separately, so you don't have to read it all at once.... Continue»
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My Perfect Weekend With My MASTER

Since i have met SUBSEEKER i have spent an awful lot of time dreaming and fantasizing about how things would be if there wasn't a vast ocean between us. Sometimes it's the only way i can make it through the day!
The following piece is ideas from several of these dreams and fantasies, and chats with my MASTER. As i have a rare weekend off this weekend my MASTER thought that this would be an ideal piece for me to write, that coupled with my reading material on xh over the last few days lol.
So here goes, and feel free to tell me what you think.
I would arrive at his place and he would take me immediately to his playroom. In there are many instruments of teasing and torture; whips, riding crops cat o' 9 tails, paddles, feathers, silky ropes and blindfolds, leg-spreaders, cuffs, collars, dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, butt pearls...........and the list goes on. You name it, it's there!
Now as this is my first time here i walk in and my eyes almost pop out of my head! i am filled with trepidation and beginning to wonder what i have gotten myself into!
"SIR?" i say in a small voice,"May i speak freely for a moment please?"
"What is it ariana?" he says looking at me with his stern face, though his eyes arer still twinkling, so i know i'm ok for now.
"i'm scared SIR. i've never seen so much stuff before in my life!" i tell him in my small voice.
"ariana," he says, "do you trust me?"
"Yes SIR"
"Do you love me?"
"Yes SIR"
"Do you wish to please me above everything else?"
"Yes SIR"
"Then keep all that in your pretty head and everything will be ok." He says gently and kisses my cheek, his beard tickles my face.
I take a deep breath, and start to concentrate on how pleasing my MASTER fills me with joy.
"It'll be ok" i think "he knows me, he loves me, he'll look after me....."
"Strip" He says
The f***e in his voice pulls me back from my thoughts.
"NOW ariana!" he says, with that very stern look on his face. i obey immediately.
"It's time for your inspection slut."
Even though i knew this moment would come i'm still nervous.
So there i am stark naked, feeling very nervous and vulnerable.
i start thinking, "What if he sees something he doesn't like? What if i've got something in my teeth, What if...........?" Endless things are running through my mind
And then it starts, he circles me a few times, feeling, pinching and smacking different parts of me as he sees fit. Even though i'm so vulnerable and nervous, i'm also incredibly horny! "OMG!" i think, "He's right, i AM such a slut!"
"Bend over and spread your ass cheeks slut," he says. I do.
He puts a finger inside my bottom, to examine it.
"MMM, tight ass, good whore." He says, then inserts a plug "You know I like your ass filled."
He then slides a finger into my pussy.
"Good, wet, tight and ready to be used" he says. He then procedes to slip in another finger and finds my spot, he rubs it, and i think i'm going to melt, then just as abruptly he pulls them out.
"No, not yet. Business to attend to first." He says. i'm left feeling alert, even more horny, and empty.
The rest of the inspection goes without a hitch, he likes what he sees. I'm so relieved!
"Now i want to see what i can do with you." He says. I gulp.
He leads me to a table in the middle of the room, then ties my arms and legs to the table legs so i'm bent over it with my legs wide open. He steps back and admires the view.
"Wow, i own one good looking piece of ass!" He says, i blush from the compliment. "Now, lets see what we can do here." i wonder what's in store.
He removes the plug from my bottom, and makes me lick it clean, i gag from the thought of where it's just been, and he chuckles to himself. He grabs a dildo and starts pumping it in and out of my pussy, whilst inserting two fingers in my bottom.
"No cumming whore!" He orders.
"Yes SIR mmmmmm" is my response.
"I mean it, you WILL be punished if you cum before I say you can!"
"Yes SIR, i know."
With that he takes his fingers out of my bottom, and has me lick them clean (more gagging), he then gets out his lovely hard cock, that i have been waiting an eternity to see, feel and taste.
He sees my hungry look and says, "Yes ariana, now you get one of your wishes." As he pushes it into my waiting and oh so willing mouth.
i give him the very best treatment with my mouth that i know how to, licking, sucking and nibbling gently his glorious cock and balls. It makes me so wet pleasuring my MASTER in this way, knowing we have both wanted it for so long! He moans in pleasure, and i can feel him twitching in my mouth, finally i am going to taste his delicious cum. i suck and lick as vigorously as i can, and will him to cum in my mouth so that i can drink every drop and show him what a good slut he has made me. Finally he does, and i drink it all, even though there is more than i can normally drink. He looks happy as he pulls out of my mouth.
"Such a good whore"" he says.
"Thankyou SIR" i say, i'm so happy.
He then unties me and attaches a long chain to my collar. He leads me to what looks like a dog cage, it has a duvet and pillow in it. He opens the door and instructs me to get in.
"If you hadn't been so good already I would have removed the duvet" he says.
He attaches the chain to the cage, and closes the door.
"You need to get some sl**p little one, I have friends visiting tomorrow, and you must serve us all."
"SIR? May i ask you something?" i ask.
"Yes, little one, what is it?"
"Could you please leave me a light? i'm in a strange place alone, i would feel better if it wasn't completely dark."
"Yes little one" he says granting my request, showing he cares. He dims the lights, closes and locks the door, and leaves me alone.
Even though i haven't cum, i'm happy that i have given him pleasure. I have no idea of the time, as there are no windows in the room. So i lie there thinking about things for a while, and finally fall asl**p happy.
So that's day one, i'm gonna write days two and three separately, so you don't have to read it all at once.... Continue»
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Sukky Foxxe - f***ed to cum, over and over again


Sukky arrived back in Amsterdam on schedule. She had been right, Joe was not impressed that she was working into, and over Christmas. He would have been even less happy if he had known the true reason why, The Company wanted to wine and dine fellow businessmen, and they wanted Sukky to entertain them, with her company, or to put on a show for them. They wanted her to fuck them. Sukky was contracted . She’d been eager to sign that contract, and despite missing out on Christmas at home, was still eager, willing and happy to do the Companies bidding.

Halloween arrived. Sukky was driven into town. A tall sixteenth century Dutch town house was the destination. It was freezing cold outside, and she was glad when she was shown inside, and taken to the second floor. This was where she was to get ready. A case was on the bed, it had her name on it, written in Claire’s hand. Thigh length boots, red and black pvc, with a matching corset. The corset had no cups. There were no knickers, not even the briefest of thongs. Two wrist cuffs, with metal clips, like those on a dog lead, a strong dogs lead, with them were two more, which were for her ankles, also with fitted with clips. The leather was thick, with secure double buckles this completed the outfit. Sukky dressed in the outfit, placing her own clothes into the case. Sukky buckled the leather straps into place, and was ready, for what she was still to learn. She descended the stairs, and went to work. The house was in fact two houses, back to back, knocked through into one. It was very large by Amsterdam standards. The main dining room had been cleared for the guests. They were dressed for the occasion, in all sorts of fancy dress costumes. All were masked. Sukky circled the room, sipping the champagne she had been given. A tall man walked towards her, smiled, bent his head and bit her nipple, before running his hand between her legs. He smiled again and was gone. Sukky saw a couple in the corner of the room, she was sucking his cock. In another corner a woman fingered another woman. A gong sounded, and the people moved back from the centre of the room, leaving a space in which she found herself. A love seat, like the strap swing in the dungeon owned by Gary and Helen, was lowered. Sukky knew it was for her. She climbed into it, without being asked. The catches on her cuffs were clipped into place. A leg stretcher was placed, so her legs were held firmly, but wide apart. Very wide. Sukky knew was to be the plaything of the party. The music re started the seat swung gently back and forth. Sukky’s head was at waist height, her arse slightly in the air. She made herself comfortable, as best she could. Sukky felt herself becoming excited, a tightening feeling, and knew her cunt was moist. A couple, man and woman came over to her. He was dressed the same as the woman, including make up, and a bra, with see through knickers, and stockings and suspenders. Sukky almost giggled as she remembered the old Monty Python song. Without saying a word, the woman got her companions cock out from his costume. She rubbed it, until it was hard. She then put it in Sukky’s mouth, and whilst Sukky sucked, and licked it, so she rubbed her hand up and down the shaft, vigorously. The man came with a groan, after only a few minutes. Sukky swallowed. Then they moved off, still not having spoken, either to her, or to each other. Two women were next. They walked hand in hand. Company executives perhaps, middle aged. They stood by her ankles, and openly discussed her cunt. Then they parted her labia, and pulled the inner lips, so they protruded a little more than usual. Sukky felt something hard enter her. One on the ladies was pushing the handle of her whip into Sukky‘s pussy. It had a long handle, a very long handle, which was ribbed, and grooved. Sukky raised her hips to allow her better access, and a little more was pushed into her. Just when Sukky thought she couldn’t take another inch, it was suddenly pulled out. All of it, straight out, very quickly. Sukky gasped out loud. They both licked the handle dry. They walked away. At no time had either of them said a single word to Sukky. But then she was just one of the toys, to be used as such. Probed, prodded, licked. To have her mouth used, and to be fucked, in anyway they wished. Sukky was the property of The Company. And she loved it. Sukky was in the “swing” for just under an hour, during which time she gave ten blow jobs. Had her cunt played with, her clit licked, her arse was fingered, so many times that she lost count. But no one fucked her. No one made her come. The tightness in her stomach remained. Sukky could almost scream with pent up frustration, but didn’t. It didn’t matter whether she came or not, nor if she enjoyed being used. The Company paid her, and the Company expected her to fuck to its bidding. Coming was a bonus. Enjoyment was a bonus. But if she didn’t come, she did enjoy herself. Sukky liked being used, like being played with, and fucked. Being under the company’s control made it all the more exciting. She had no say in what people did to her, who fucked her, or how, or when. Perversely, she liked that too.
Sukky was un clipped from the “swing seat.” she looked up to see who it was. She was delighted, it was Ophelia. Sukky started to say something to her, but she said
“Time for catching up later, my love, now listen, I’ll tell you what’s going on.”
They had entered another large room. It looked to Sukky as if it was a casino, but there were no roulette wheels, no games of cards. At each table was a girl, dressed, or undressed really, exactly like her, even down to the leather straps on wrists, and ankles. Ophelia was dressed in the same way, like some kind of uniform. Sukky could see the room was full, perhaps one hundred and fifty people were in the room,. As she looked about, she saw there were many “gaming” tables. None were taking odds on red or green. At each was some form of sexual game being played out. At the far end of the room, away from where she had entered, was a stage in the centre of the stage was a St Andrew’s Cross, which stood empty, two large blank screens hung either side on the wall. She saw the two middle aged women, the ones with the long whip handle watch at one of the tables. Sukky saw for the first time a row of gyno chairs, all empty against a wall. At the stirrup end of each was a guy, chained by his cock, the chain passing through a Prince Albert piercing. On there knees they waited. At one of the tables was a screaming girl, Sukky saw her on a table, to the left of the stage. She didn’t look a day over f******n, The Company catered for all tastes, she was just another one. She was dressed as Sukky was, and strapped to an adapted bench. She was on her back, her back and upper body slightly raised. Her legs were pulled wide apart, and held by ropes, onto which her ankle straps were clipped. Between her legs a large lever, worked by an electric workman’s tool, which itself was clamped onto the table. On the end of the lever was large dildo, one of those twelve inch plus ones. The dildo was pumped into her cunt, in a series of rapid thrusts, followed by several slower ones. Sukky saw the slow thrusts were becoming less and less, the rapid ones more and more. A woman, in a long sparkly evening dress, like that of a croupier was keeping the dildo shaft lubricated. She begged to be released, her cries went un answered, and the dildo pumped ever on. Sukky wondered what the bet was that concerned the screamer. How long could she endure the machine fuck seemed the most likely, not till she begged them to stop, no she was begging now, no it would be until she passed out. The St Andrews Cross loomed across the room. “Time for a quick drink, then its your staring turn darling.” Ophelia said.
“My staring…” Sukky started to say, but knew she meant the St Andrews Cross.
Sukky drank her mineral water. The “croupier” at the screamers table, was paying out the winnings, the girl it seemed could take no more, and had at last passed out. Another would be brought to take her place.
“So what are the bets for on the Cross.” Sukky asked her.
“You’ll like this, first, how long your clit can be made to stretch, using the vacuum cap, you like that I seem to remember. Next how long it takes for your first orgasm. Then how many orgasms you have, then there is how long before you piss yourself. And last but by no means least, how long before you beg me to stop, or if not before you pass out.” She recited the list.
“You have to be fucking joking me.” Sukky said.
“No joke, that’s the betting options. And its being filmed, for use in some future movie. The screen you see, that’s so the audience can get a real close look, from any part of the room.”
“But how do they know when and if I come?” Sukky asked.
“That’s the clever bit. You are going to be wired up, with some electric sensor, nice eh!”
What had she said to herself in this very house. “I was just one of the toys, to be used as such. Probed, prodded, licked. To have my mouth used, and to be fucked, in anyway they wished. I was the property of The Company. And I loved it.” Sukky hoped she did.
The stage lights came on. The television screens burst into life, showing an empty Cross. A croupier appeared, and not just any croupier, it was Claire.
“Last bets please.” Claire called.
She looked good, standing there on the stage, all glammed up, her hair and make up immaculate. She was wearing, just like all the other croupiers, a long backless, sleeveless dress. Hers was red, others were silver, or blue, that sparkly material, made from sequins, which seem to catch all the lights, and reflect them back ten fold. The neckline, there was no neck line, the dress plunged to below her waist, her breast full, barely being held in place. A long split up the front of the dress, ended just where the plunging neckline ended. She wore a pair of contrasting knickers, sequined, and sparkling, but in black. Red heels, and she looked fantastic.
Then Sukky was being propelled by Ophelia onto the stage. All eyes were on her. Claire smiled at her, as Sukky was introduced by her to the crowd. Then she asked Sukky to turn and put her back to the audience, Claire bent her forward. The electronic sensor was inserted fully, by Claire into Sukky’s anus, a wire hung loosely from it. The TV screens showed it all, ten feet high. Sukky was then strapped to the St Andrews Cross, the clips on the leather straps clipping her into place, so she was unable to move, either her hands or feet. The sensor hanging wire would transmit to equipment, which would record her orgasms. Any fear she might have felt was gone, as Sukky knew it would. She was excited, as much by the forthcoming “torture”, as by the fact it was being watched live by so many people.
Claire announced “No more bets, please.”
Ophelia began the business which she was so good at. First to get Sukky “in the mood” she worked a vibrating wand over Sukky’s cunt. It felt good. Sukky clenched her bum, and that was converted into a series of scales into numbers, low numbers, later, everyone hoped the numbers would be in the high eighties, which would indicate Sukky was coming. There could be no cheat, the involuntary spasms’ in her bum would be picked up by the sensor, which Claire had pushed in, and now awaited some action to transmit. Ophelia having warmed Sukky up, considerably, rubbed her clit with her fingers, then when she had excited Sukky’s little button of joy, she placed the vacuum cap over it. The vacuum caught immediately, and her clit entered the vacuum. Claire looked at the time keepers clock, which like the spasm sensor, was digitally displayed on the wall behind Sukky’s back. Sukky felt herself coming for what was likely to be the first of many. Then the wave of pleasure washed over her. The sensor picked up her pleasure, and transmitted it to the screen. A loud shout from the audience indicate someone had just had a win. Her clit was by now getting longer, as it continued to expand into the vacuum. On it went. When Ophelia had done this to Sukky before, she had though it impossible that it should get go big. It got bigger even than Sukky imagined it could. Sukky screamed with pleasure, and pain. It was starting to hurt, but was still incredible sensitive. She screamed again, and Ophelia whispered in her ear,
“Just a little more honey, we are nearly there, trust me.”
It seemed an eternity, before the vacuum was pump was stopped. Her clit would remain in this vacuum until she was untied. The sensations continued running through her body, as her clit throbbed. Claire, bent down to measure how long her clit had grown. As she touched her clit Sukky groaned, and came again. The crowd cheered, which only seemed to make Claire glow with pride. She announced the length of the clit. Another cheer from a different part of the room, as somebody else made a winning. Sukky ached for the vacuum to be taken off, but knew it wouldn’t be. She was the property of The Company, to be used, and to be fucked, in anyway they wished. And she loved it. Tonight she was just one of the toys.
Ophelia was back at her clit. She attached a small vibrating bullet to the vacuum cap. It was purpose built, and fitted perfectly, into an indent in the cap. It was controlled by remote control. She stepped back, and stood beside Claire, a foot or so way. She moved the dial, and the bullet began to vibrate. Sukky came immediately, and then twice more in quick succession. She gasped with the intensity of the feeling. The crowd watched, as the digital read out told them what was happening within her body. No cheating was possible here, no faking it, as she did for the camera on occasions. Each orgasm was for real, and they knew it. The dial was turned higher, Sukky tried to arch her back, but couldn’t move, She tried to twist, but couldn’t move.
“Oh fuck, yes, yes, yes.” Sukky screamed at the top of her voice. Only the people in the room could hear the cries, the house was soundproofed. The buzzing increased.
“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.” Sukky shouted.
The audience too shouted “Fuck her, fuck her.”
Ophelia, obliged. She brought out a dildo, which she then attached to an electric ram. Sukky was to be machine fucked, like the screaming girl.
Lubricated, it was pushed into her cunt. A new ordeal was to be added to the buzzing bullet, and her agonisingly aching clit. It started slowly, with short, slow strokes, but even as she adjusted to it, felt the speed building up. Deeper it went, faster and faster, Sukky came again and again, even she had no idea how many time she had come. The digital read out changed again and again, keeping “score.” Sukky screamed for them to stop, but didn’t want it to end. It didn’t. Ophelia turned the buzzing bullet onto its highest setting. Sukky thought she would die. Then suddenly Ophelia stopped both the bullet, and the machine fuck. Sukky was euphoric, she had not had to beg them to stop. No one shouted out that they had won. It wasn’t over, there was more to come, much more Sukky realised. That thought, just the thought made her come again. The read out turned over again. The dildo was removed. As was the bullet. In its place, again made especially for the purpose, an electrode was attached to the vacuum cap.
“Here we go, love.” Sukky heard Ophelia say, as she turned the current on.
Claire watched fascinated. The audience was spell bound.
The current was turned up. Sukky came again, but was past being able to count them, Sukky existed on a high of sexual pleasure, as wave after wave rushed through her, from that little button of nerves, her clit. Sukky’s entire body felt so sensitive, Claire touched her face, it was soaked with sweat, and smiled at her. Just that light brush on her cheek was enough, the read out recorded another orgasm. The current was turned up, one more notch, and Sukky pissed herself, as the current surged through her clitoris. The crowd cheered loud enough to lift the roof. Some where in the room, some one had won on the outcome of when she would piss herself. Sukky was beyond caring. she was in a world of mainly pleasure, but pain as well. Her clitoris hurt, as if she had been kicked there. Her cunt just ached. Her nipples, cut them off please, they were excruciatingly painful. The “come” counter kept ticking away. Each time it recorded yet another orgasm the crowd counted the number off out load. Only one bet remained outstanding. The length of time Sukky could last, without begging for it to end. For this she would use the safety word, agreed with Ophelia before hand. That or pass out. Then the crowd did the unbelievable. They chanted as one for it to end. They wanted it stopped before Sukky was f***ed to beg. They were only just in time. Ophelia switched the current off. Then she released the vacuum. She removed the cap from Sukky’s clit, and as she did so, she tenderly bent and kissed her, on her most tender of spots. Claire, stood speechless. Then she too bent down, and took Sukky’s elongated clit into her mouth, and gently ran her lips around it. Sukky came again. Not for the first time that night Claire had made her come. The crowd roared with delight. Sukky was helped from the stage, carried really, to great applause. She was totally exhausted, drenched in sweat. Sukky was just one of the toys. And loved it.
Sukky recovered swiftly, after only half an hour, she was able to walk unaided onto the stage to great applause. she sat back in a gyno chair, which had been provided, the camera zoomed in on her clitoris. It was still elongated, but had started to shrink. Over the coming days it should go back to its normal size. Ophelia bent and licked it, pleasure surged through Sukky again, a little orgasm, just a small one. The read out clicked over again, she was still wired. Claire at the crowds insistence knelt and licked Sukky’s clit, oh so gently, and with great tenderness. The counter for the last time that night, clicked slowly, one last time. And then, it remained. Still.

Party Season

Sukky had the 1st November off. Ophelia lay next to her in their bed, just watching her as she slept. She could watch her all day, she looked so peaceful, and so lovely. Later as Sukky relaxed in a warm bath with her, Ophelia told her all the news, and Sukky told her hers.
“You’re spending Christmas with the Chairman.” Ophelia said, totally amazed. “Fucking hell girl.” They had a few scenes together over the next two busy weeks, then it was party time for Ophelia. She was then joining Sukky in Thailand, for the shoot. A late extra Christmas present for Joe, well maybe. Until then they soaked together in the bath.
The fortnight was hectic, just as Claire had said it would be. At its end, Sukky had chalked up another two videos. On her first free Monday, Sukky checked in with Claire. She hadn’t really spoken to her since Halloween. She had sent memos, but Sukky’s days had been full, scene after scene. The car Claire had arranged collected Sukky from the flat, and took her home at the end of each day. Even Sukky couldn’t but help, be where she was supposed to be, and on time. Claire looked embarrassed when Sukky walked into her office. In truth Claire had been avoiding her, avoiding this moment.
“Why the embarrassed look.” Sukky asked.
She looked away, unable to look Sukky in the eye. It took a few moments for the penny to drop. “Your embarrassed, because you kissed me on my cunt, and made me come, that’s it, isn’t it.” Sukky said louder than she should have.
Claire looked at her, her eyes watery, a tear ran down her cheek. “I don’t know what came over me.” Claire gushed. “I am so sorry, I don’t know what to say, now you’ll want another assistant, I know you will.”
“Now just you hold on there. One I don’t want another assistant, I have the best in the firm, that’s you. Two the fact that at a “party” organised by, and for The Company, you kissing me, is no reason for you to apologise, to me, or anyone else. Anyway, you’re a lovely kisser.”
“You really didn’t mind, I just couldn’t help myself.” Claire said.
“I really didn’t mind, really.” Sukky said, and meant it. “Right I’ve got five more parties before Christmas, when are they, I know you, know, and….”
Sukky stopped in mid sentence. Something was up, Claire was just trying to find a way of telling her. “You did have five parties, now you have five more.” She said. Then went on
“We had twenty five extra requests after your performance at the Halloween party, now everybody wants you at their party, doing that same show. Not the betting side, just the show.”
“Was I that good.” Sukky asked. Sukky knew it had been a knock out. Just her bonus for it, was incredible, some from the audience, and the rest from the company. Apparently there had been lots of very important clients there. Sukky had heard the two middle aged ladies, were s****rs, eccentric billionaires, who had following her performance invested very heavily in The Company. The Chairman was apparently over the moon. Claire had been too, her bonus was equal to almost half her yearly salary.
“Ok, when.” Sukky asked. She knew better than to ask where. That she would probably never know, nor whose party it was. Sukky didn’t need to know. The Company paid her, and the Company expected her to fuck to its bidding. And so she would.
“Don’t forget to put those bookings in your dairy, you are a part of the team now.”
“What, no I couldn’t, really, I mean, could I?” Claire stopped herself. “Could I.?”
“I don’t know, but Lynn is the party booker, I’ll find out.” Sukky said.
With that she went to find Lynn, the office dragon, who was deep down, really a sweetheart, if you approached her in the right way. Sukky told her she needed Claire, to accompany Ophelia and her to the parties when the St Andrews Cross show was included. Lynn said no, of course.
“Why, why can’t she.” Sukky pressed her argument. “She was part of the show, which has done The Company a little good, I hear.”
Lynn was eventually won over by my argument. “She’ll have to have weekly bl**d tests from now on, like you and the other girls. Last week she had her six weekly bl**d test, that we all have to have, that was fine, I’ll arrange for the Doc to put her on the performers list. Next outfits, that’s expensive, especially for just a few shows. But, Eleanor has just left us, she is about the same size as Claire, get her down to wardrobe, I’ll authorise any alterations. Is that alright for you.”
It was. Then Sukky asked “Why is a pretty girl like her not in front of the camera.”
Lynn, walked to the door, and closed it firmly. “This is not to leave this room, do I make myself clear.” She did, and it wouldn’t. “She came here, with her dreadful boyfriend, a couple of years ago. He’d taken some pictures of her, and wanted us to pay him for them. They were rubbish, the pictures that is. When he was told to leave, we weren’t interested, he went berserk. Broke poor Peters nose, then gave Claire such a beating. Then he left, never been seen since. Claire, well when she got out of hospital, she came to work for us, in the admin department. quite a story, but true. And not a word to anyone, understand.”
“She needs some decent photos taken, then she might make a great addition to the stable of us lovely girls, if I get Chris to do the pictures, would that be Ok?” Sukky asked. “I’ll pay.”
Lynn smiled. Sukky left Lynn, and went to find Claire. She was still in her office.
“Right lets get busy. First you have to see the Doc, bl**d sample.”
“I had mine last week, it not due again for another five weeks.” She said.
“It is if your doing parties, in whatever capacity.” Sukky said
She stood open mouthed.
“Then its wardrobe, your having Eleanor’s stuff, for the short term. Then make up, for your hair, and any waxing that needs doing. Ok. Then when I’ve seen Chris, you’re having a photo shoot, with him What you do is up to you. This will be your chance, if you want it, take it.”
Claire took it. She was placed one the performers list. Chris took some lovely pictures of her, toys included. Soon she would be in The Companies magazines. Eleanor’s outfits fitted if not perfectly, then well enough. Her hair was trimmed, and her quim was fully waxed.

At the first party, Sukky was to be strapped to the St Andrews Cross, just as before. It wasn’t to be a marathon session, Ophelia worked her magic, they were all dressed, as they had been on Halloween night, only this time Claire wore the same as Sukky and Ophelia, thigh length boots, red and black pvc, with a matching cup less corset. No knickers naturally. And the thick leather straps, for ankles and wrists fitted with metal clips, like those on a dog lead, a strong dogs lead, with secure buckles. Claire looked great in the outfit, her pussy newly waxed, with just a very thin line of pubic hair up the front. She wiggled, and flashed herself with abandon. She took an active part, sucking Sukky’s clit, with no hint of embarrassment.
The party was small, only ten or twelve people, men and women. They were masked, it seemed to be the in thing. Being small an intimate no restrictions had been placed. The numbers at Halloween meant it was not possible for every one to be checked with a bl**d sample. Normally, and that included this party, everybody was required to provide a health certificate. The Company did not want any of is property, to be infected with any diseases. They took great pains to ensure this, not always successfully. But then nothing is one hundred percent. The show ended, but they wanted more, a threesome, before joining them. Ophelia and Sukky had done this many times before, Claire was the new girl.
“I’ve never done it with a girl before, or with people watching, I am so nervous, I thought it was just to be the show.” She confided. “And I don’t really want to do anal.”
“Look what you want no longer matters. If they all want to fuck you in the arse, then they will all fuck you in the arse. You are here to be fucked, and to fuck for The Company, not for yourself. I’ll look after you.” Sukky said “Come on.”
Sukky took her head in her hands, and kissed her. Sukky moved her hand down between Claire’s legs, her cunt was already wet. Claire clearly, like Sukky enjoyed being on display. Ophelia joined in, kissing Claire full on the lips. Then they seduced Claire, licked her, fingered her, in the pussy, and the anus, until she had her first public coming. And noisy it was to. One of the guys in the audience, joined in. He kissed Sukky, and Ophelia, on the mouth. Not so Claire. Taking his cock in one hand, he pushed himself into her open mouth, her eyes had been closed. They came wide open, as his cock filled her mouth. Then she relaxed, and sucked him, and licked him, until he came. She momentarily didn’t know what to do, then she swallowed, like a good girl should. The night wasn’t over, all the men took turns, they were fucked in the mouth, fucked in the cunt, Ophelia and Sukky were both fucked in the arse. Finally, with Claire on all fours, she too had her first anal fuck. She gasped as he pushed his cock into her, then screamed as it was pushed fully in, then the pain passed, and a wave of pleasure washed over her, and she came, again, and again. It didn’t end there, whilst the guys recovered they pleasured the ladies, biting their clits, and probing their cunts and arseholes with our tongues. Claire did all this too. Then she was taken by thee of the guys onto the stage, whilst Sukky and Ophelia finished the ladies to their evident content. Then they had time to watch as Claire sitting astride one cock, leant forward, and receive another in her arse, her first double penetration, her gasp was lost, as she took the third cock in her mouth. Claire’s party season had got off to a good start.
The next night they were collected from work. Outfits in the boot. Claire, and Sukky. Claire was excited, this was what she had prepared others for, and watched them go off to, over the years she had worked for The Company. Claire’s pictures, taken by Chris, meant she was no longer an office girl, but was now a contract girl She had signed that morning. Now here she was too. She was very nervous. As she was now on the performers lists, her access to the client list had been withdrawn. She, like them had no idea where they were going. She would be on the Thailand shoot with Sukky. Sukky had another assistant, starting in the new year. In the meantime, Lynn was covering, temporarily, of course.
They arrived at the airport. Claire’s eyes wide with excitement, and boarded a private jet, and flew into the growing darkness. The flight wasn’t long, under an hour. Where they were, Sukky had no idea, nor did Claire. who was worried. Sukky reassured her. The Company looks after its property, she told her. And they were Company Property. Claire looked at Sukky, until that moment she hadn’t even considered that.
They were taken in a blacked out limousine to a mansion in the hills. Then shown to a large room, and told to change. They opened their cases, and took out the out fits. High heels, naturally. That was it, nothing else. Claire looked anxious.
Sukky said to Claire “Look, you’re a contract girl now, you signed the contract. You knew more of what was involve than I ever did. The Company pays us, and the Company expects you and me to fuck to its bidding. Coming is a bonus. Enjoyment is a bonus. We are going to be used, whenever they say, where ever they say. I like being played with, and fucked. I like being under the company’s control it makes it all the more exciting. We have no say in what people do to us, who fucks us, or how, or when. I like that, so will you. You are The Companies, to do with as they like, to be photographed, filmed, and to entertain who it decides we should entertain, and how, to play, suck, and fuck, whoever they say, when they say, and how they say.”
“I am sorry, you’re right, I have butterflies in my stomach, its just nerves.”
“My stomach is tight to, but its excitement, I have no idea what is going to be done to us this weekend, or by whom. I am wet just thinking about it.”
Sukky reached out, and touched Claire’s pussy. It was wetter than hers.
“You, lady, are going to do just fine, just fine, just try to enjoy the experience.”
They showered and then applied make up. They had been told to be ready for ten, it was ten minutes to go. They put the heels on. No sooner than they had done that, than the door opened, and a tall slender woman opened the door, and told them to follow.
In a darkened room, were a dozen or so men. All naked, all with erections.
“Viagra has a lot to answer for,” Sukky thought.

Still the party session was not over. Claire, she was turning into a party girl and like, Sukky could party all year. It had been decide, by whom Sukky had no idea, that Claire would stay with her and Ophelia, going to the same parties, until the new year, then after Thailand, she would have her own schedule. It was too late into the year’s schedule to make Claire her own schedule. There was no filming taking place, although Claire had made one video, a one girl, two guy one.
“Its not so bad, when you get used to anal.” Claire told them one morning.
“Really.” Sukky said. “I would never have thought it.”
They had a booking tonight. Sukky had to be in make up, they were doing her hair before she went for Christmas, with the Chairman.
They cropped it short, a little shorter than usual, Sukky thought. Her fanny was plucked as her nails were done. Nothing down there to wax, but the odd stray needed attending to. Two short hairs plucked from around her anus made her wince.
Sukky had been booked to do a party with Ophelia, but only two were needed Sukky took Claire instead. Sukky preferred parties to making blue movies. Ophelia, preferred movies. Don’t get Sukky wrong, She loved making videos, she just loved parties a little bit more, Sukky thought it was because you never knew what was in store, with videos, everything was pre planned, down to the last camera angle. Sukky was high on the thrill of it. She wasn’t allowed much else in the way of stimulants. No d**gs, not even a spliff, alcohol one glass per day, no more. No d***kenness, ever. She had known all this, it was spelt out in the contract, with every other facet of her life. No casual sex, she had never gone in for casual sex anyway. She could fuck Joe, when she saw him, which wasn’t as often as she’d thought it would be. Even he had to have a bl**d test every month. Fucking hell. No bl**d test and he couldn’t even fuck his own wife! Want a lover, ask permission first. Sukky was lucky, her lover was Ophelia, they had no problem with that. She was part of The Company, so fucking her was fine. Parties were her outlet she supposed. Even though they were selected for her. Each girl, or girls, or guy, had to meet the customers requirements. The customers were either businessmen who were in some way, or other connected to the firm, or people the company wanted to influence, or blackmail. Unless the party, or receptions as they were sometimes called was at the clients place, then they were filmed, sound as well. Even some clients house’s had been bugged. And The Company ran the parties at a profit, a huge profit, all tax free and hidden. The Company reached long and far. Sukky had no complaints. After six months, God was only six months, she was well off thanks mainly to the very generous bonus system, often she would get a “little something” from the client, as well as from the company. All very tax free. Her salary, that was taxed, but the accountants had been at work, and she paid very little to the revenue. The salary was invested, a wide spread, global to give her as little risk as possible. In the six months, she made twenty films, done dozens of stills shoots. She had been in one way or another fucked by over eighty guys, not including parties. She was beginning to loose count. Before she began modelling, and doing porn she had only been with a handful of guys, or boy’s including Joe, and Tom of course, she thought of the spotty teenager, behind the bike sheds at school, he didn’t really count, he came as he was about to enter her. Just made a mess in her knickers. Liz had been her only female lover. Now she had no say in who or when someone got into her knickers, not where, not even what sex, or age. Did she mind, fuck no, she loved it.
They dressed at The Company headquarters, near the centre of the city. As usual they had no idea where they were going, only why. The outfits gave it away. Cup-less corsets, no knickers, thigh high boots, she’d worn these very recently. The car collected them, long capes over their shoulders, to protect them from the cold North Sea wind, and the prying eyes of passers by. Destination was a brothel in the red light district. It was a very high class establishment, owned by The Company, and very exclusive. It had an outstanding restaurant, some of the best playrooms in Amsterdam, if not the world. They were taken to the lower floor, where a private party was underway. They were the entertainment, for the gathered business men. On the house. As soon as they entered Sukky felt a bad vibe. There was an underlying current in the room, it wasn’t good. Too many of the assembly had, had too much to drink. Sukky didn’t like it. Money does not guarantee good manners.
Claire had noticed none of this. To her this was yet another thrilling and exciting thing, to be tried and savoured. It should have been for Sukky as well, she was still anxious. One of the men, came over to where they watched, gauging the mood. He smelt of beer, and clearly thought he was gods gift to women. Sukky pitied his poor wife. He breathed fumes all over Claire, as he felt her up. Claire adjusted her position, so he could better finger her. He pulled his hand away, holding up the finger he had used.
“Look at that.” He slurred, “look at fucking that.”
Sukky looked, a sticky finger they used to call it at school, and guys like him, fucking wankers. Sukky wished Ophelia was with her, and not Claire. Ophelia would know what to do. They were here to do The Companies bidding, but fuck this, this was real bad news. For the first time since she had joined The Company Sukky was not enjoying herself. She was not taut with anticipation, no butterflies troubled her stomach. Sukky’s pussy, was suffering a drought, its first for many a long day, or night. She had fucked in videos, men and women, that she didn’t find attractive. That is the way of the business. What she found attractive mattered not a h‘pence. That she did her job did. So she’d fuck them, or suck them. Lay back while they came on her face, or tits, even in her hair. That’s what she was paid to do. And paid well, very well. At parties, she’d been frightened once, no twice. The auction had terrified her to begin with. Standing on what amounted to a slave block, being sold to the highest bidder. Whilst she might have been scared, she was also excited. Sukky could do nothing, but stand and be sold, and then what, in time she found out. Mainly, for her at least it was pleasurable. Sometimes there was so much pleasure that it hurt, agonisingly so, like at Halloween.. Tonight there was none of those things. Tonight there seemed to be only d***ks. d***ks to her meant only one thing. Bad news. Bad news, with v******e close behind. A brawl broke out near the bar. Sukky took hold of Claire’s arm, and edged away from what was to follow. What followed was the clubs security. Unobtrusive, always in the background, the d***ks were ushered out. Any spark of resistance, crushed. Security worked indirectly for The Company, they took no prisoners, nor any back chat. They were quietly efficient. The party, never re started. The manager saw to that. The car was re called, and they went home, an early night. Ophelia was still up, when Sukky got to the flat. Still in her working gear! Ophelia made the most of what the party goers had missed. Their loss, was the girls gain.

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Threesome with Husband and Wife

Threesome with Husband and Wife

It was a Saturday night and after a long hot day at work, I decided to go to the local pub/hotel for a well-deserved drink. It was a busy night with wedding guests mulling around before the evening disco got in to full swing after a big wedding from that afternoon.
Holding on to my pint, I headed outside in to the beer garden to see if any mates were about, it was as busy out there as inside and very little space left to sit. I spotted a table with a lone woman, her dress telling me that she was part of the wedding crowd and I asked her if she would mind me joining her at her table.
Her name was Jane and she was waiting for her husband Nick to come back from the bar with their drinks. It turned out Nick was a distant relative and knew very few of the other guests and were stopping the night at the hotel.
Nick eventually came back to the table with their drinks, quite a pleasant man and very chatty, just like his wife and we got on well together. When I finished my pint, I offered to get them a drink, to which they accepted.
Standing at the bar, I could not help but think of Jane, what a looker she was dressed in her summery dress for the wedding and the size of her breasts, what a lucky chap Nick was.
Sitting back at the table with the drinks the conversation seemed to flow easy between the three of us, I knew a little about them and like wise with me.
It was Nick’s turn for the round and Jane excused herself for the toilet at the same time. I could see them talking and looking at me from just outside the door. Whatever was said Jane looked pleased when she came back to the table and sat next to me, pulling her dress up her leg as she stepped over the seat. The dress being pulled slightly higher than needed up her leg, which I got a glimpse of.
It was another ten minutes before Nick came back with the drinks and Jane seemed to be getting more flirtatious with me even when Nick arrived back. I watched Jane and Nick look at each other as he sat down and he started the conversation off talking about Jane’s dress and asked if I liked it.
How could I tell him that his wife looked hot and her cleavage was giving me a hard on. Jane patted my leg as I complimented her on her dress, patting and squeezing the leg my cock was hiding down and growing bigger by the second. Jane now had the palm of her hand sitting on my cock, gently moving back and forth over it and the conversation changed to more about sex.
The drinks were empty and it was my turn, turning away from Nick as I stood up as not to let him see what his wife had done, I grabbed the glasses and covered myself up. Jane said she would help and she wanted to visit the ladies again.
The bar was packed so I went to the men’s, meeting Jane in the corridor as she came back out of the ladies and looking all sexy,
“Can you manage that thing by yourself” she asked cheekily as her hand rubbed up the inside of my leg
“I might have a struggle getting it out from down my leg, now”
Someone was coming down the corridor and Jane let go of my leg
“See you at the bar” she said
Getting served, Jane opened her bag and started routing around in it
“I’m getting these” I said looking down at her, I saw a pair of white knickers sitting in her bag that she fiddling with, just like she was trying to catch my attention. Then she smiled up at me.
Sitting back down at the table, Jane lifted her dress like before as she stepped over the seat, but this time she did not bother to pull it back down again. The nakedness of her legs on show to me as her hand slid up the inside of them, right up in to her crotch.
Nick was sitting opposite and smiling
“Do you like what you see” he asked
“Yes” was all I could say
“We were wondering if you would like to come back to our room for a drink, we nicked a bottle of champagne from the wedding before, that needs drinking”
What could I say but “yes”
Jane sipped on her drink while her other hand felt my leg, running her hand up to my crotch and making me jump as she felt my balls.
“Drink up Jane, its time I think” said Nick
“We’ll let her go first and give her five minutes” he added to me
Jane was waiting with two glasses of champagne as Nick entered the room first, kissing him a long lingering kiss as she give him a glass. Giving me the other glass, the palm of her hand squashed in to my crotch as she kissed me as well.
Jane broke off kissing me and sank to her knees undoing my jeans and pulled the zip down and pulling them and my boxers down off my feet.
My cock looked her straight in the face, its big purple head all swollen and angry looking, Jane paused looking at it as her fingers wrapped around it and she licked her lips.
Jane’s warm mouth was now wrapped around my purple head and I could feel her tongue working the tip of it. It wasn’t long before my pre cum was lubricating her lips as she slid back and forth and stroked my balls with her other hand and wet sloppy noise could be heard
I was so wrapped up with Jane sucking my cock I forgot about Nick her husband as he unzipped her dress zip and slid the dress off her shoulders, exposing her ample bosom that was squeezing together in her small white frilly bra.
Jane pulled her mouth off my cock, pulling her dress off each arm before squeezing her tits together around my cock. With her fingers inside her bra, she pulled her bra down off her tits letting them fall out.
Then squeezing them together again around my cock with her big hard nipples circled by her finger and thumb visible for me to see. Just watching my purple head popping out of her valley and seeing my pre cum sticking to her tits had me ready to cum and I was quite happy to cover her tits and her nipples if that’s what she want‘s.
Jane pulled back and stood up letting her dress drop to the floor, standing just in her bra under her tits she stepped backwards to the bed revealed more of her nakedness to me. She had a perfect body with a big hairy pussy that I had to touch.
Jane sat down on the side of the bed and apologized for the single beds, no double rooms were left. She lay back on her elbows and lifted her feet on to the frame of the bed, parting her sexy looking legs, her whole pussy was now exposed to me.
Sinking on to my knees and threading my arms under her raised legs, I could not resist from wanting to bury my head into her soft hairy pussy. As her legs parted fully her lips were revealed through a thicker growth of hair surrounding her pussy and her pink lips glistening with her pussy lube.
I licked her sweet tasting pussy lips of her juice, working my tongue in and out of her and up to her button.
Jane kept squashing and gyrating her pussy in to my face and let out little sharp moans.
I heard a belt being undone and a zip, looking up to see Nick pointing his big angry looking cock in to Jane’s face. Turning her head on to the side, Nick feed Jane his cock in to her eagerly waiting mouth.
Jane’s moans were muffled but louder and I slipped a finger inside her pussy feeling her warm wet inner walls. Her clit was big and hard as I sucked on it while my finger give her a good finger fucking.
A loud wet sloppy noise was starting to come from her pussy with every thrust of my finger and Nick was fucking her face just as fast. A warm wetness flooded her pussy and I could feel her muscles pulsing and contracting inside her pussy.
Nick pulled out of her mouth, letting her pant
“Fuck me” she cried
Raising from my knees and with her legs resting on my arms I slid up her body sucking on her hard nipples until my cock found her wet glistening pussy entrance, now it was time to fuck her.
Lifting her legs into the air as I lifted up on my arms, I felt my cock push open her love hole. Her lips clinging tight around my cock as I pushed it in, forcing my cock in to her tight pussy I could feel her legs tensing and pushing against my arms.
I was in and she give a gasp, slowly sliding back and forth she lowered herself off her elbows and on to the bed. Every push in to her felt as tight as the first, tensing her legs against me with every thrust.
Jane grabbed Nick’s cock as I bounced her on the bed, trying to pull him into her mouth and missed. His pre cum smearing across her face as his cock bounced up and down.
Jane’s pussy was so tight on my cock it would not be long before she had my juices flowing and fucking someone’s wife while he watched was a bit of a turn on as well.
She gasped on every thrust and her breathing was increasing to a pant, I think she is going to come. Now fucking her faster the bed creaked and her tits wobbled out of control
“Yes fuck me”
My rod of steel kept filling her pussy faster and faster, her hands were holding her tits together and my crotch was rubbing against her hairy pussy trying to fill the last few millimetres of her love hole.
Jane bucked and screamed wildly
“Fuck me, come in me”
The words set me going, any woman talking dirty and I cannot hold back. My cock twitched and heaved, shooting a fountain of hot, white, steaming, creamy cum in to this woman I had just met in the beer garden hours early.
“Fuck, fuck” she cried on every sharp breath
“I’m coming”
And didn’t I know, her fanny clung tight to my cock, lifting off the bed and her legs gripping around me, she had me wedged tight into her. My cock pumped in time with her fanny muscles filling her up to bursting point. Her lips forming a good seal until now let go, all that air I pumped in to her tight fitting pussy escaped, leaving a wetness between us.
Her muscle contractions still carried on, rippling away on my cock. Both of us not moving apart from heavy breathing we stayed coupled together until I wilted away.
Gently relaxing her legs I climbed from between her legs, my cock soft and limp and her pussy open and running with our cum.
Jane reached for Nick’s cock again
“Fuck me Nick”
I watched as Jane got on to all fours, her open pussy leaking long strings of our cum, wobbling her bum in the air, Nick guided his big looking cock into his wife and fucked her slowly, Jane moaning and gasping as he filled her.
“Come here in front of me” Jane said
There was a small gap between the beds and I sat in front of Jane on the other bed as she got fucked again.
Resting on one elbow she reached out for my limp cock, touching my sticky balls, Jane licked her lips.
Nick was pounding his wife hard now from behind and as Jane went back and forth, so did her hand around my cock, my limp cock was not so limp anymore. The noise of Jane’s wet fanny being fucked made me want to join in and I stood in front of her.
Her mouth opened wide and I had to judged the rhythm right or she could end up with two black eyes. I was inside first time, all three of us moving in time, Jane’s tight mouth around my cock making me rock hard in no time at all,
The look on Nick’s face said he was about to fill his wife but he slowed down to a steady pace. I could now feel Jane working on my cock, her hand twisting and turning as it slides up and down my shaft, her tongue licking my purple head.
Jane had me ready again, my pre cum lubricating her lips making a sloppy noise as I fuck her mouth. Nick pulled out of his wife, coming around to the front of her and indicating for me to swap ends.
Nick filled her mouth again as I saw her open pussy lips hanging between her legs, all red and wet with the pounding it has taken. Holding my cock, I ran the tip up and down her lips a few times before pushing it straight in, up to my balls.
Nice and slow as I penetrated deeper in to her pussy than before and then reached forward taking each tit in my hands. The size on her hard nipples squeezing in to the palms of my hand and the weight of her tits swinging as we both fucked her.
Letting go of one of her tits after some time of feeling and squeezing, I fetched my hand to her pussy finding her clit hard and enlarged and began circler movement with my finger.
If I was right she was about to come, making a V with my fingers I rubbed her clit up and down getting faster as her panting got faster. Just slowly sliding my cock in and out filling her pussy, she worked on Nick’s cock between her moans, her hand franticly wanking it in to her mouth.
I could feel her fanny getting tighter and her moaning getting louder, then Nick’s face winced. Filling his wife’s mouth full of his cum, she gripped my cock with her pussy muscles as her orgasm exploded inside her.
Still milking Nick’s cock into her mouth she panted between sucking, now it was my turn to fuck her. Jane’s fanny all tight again with her contracting muscles of her orgasm gripped my cock as I began to fuck her harder.
Nick now sitting on the bed in front of Jane, dry of cum watched as his wife got pounded again. Both hands on her hips I could bang her hard in to me with every thrust.
Jane kept moaning and panting from her last orgasm, a wet sloppy sound coming from her pussy filled the room as I kept pounding in to her. My next load of cum was still far away and I was determent to give her another fanny full.
Jane’s tits swung violently about, bouncing on the bed
“Go on fuck me, fuck me”
The stickiness of sweat started to form where I held her and between our bodies. Using the full length of my cock and pushing in to her as I pulled her tight on to me had our body’s slapping together mixing with the sound of her sloppy fanny. She was one hot woman.
We fuck like this, Jane gasping with every thrust for what seemed like ages but it would only be minutes. My cock pounding away in and out of her fanny like a steam train, all the time building my cum up to bursting point and I was about to blow.
My eruption exploding deep in the bowels of her fanny, to knackered to keep pounding away my cock filled her love hole from deep inside setting off a chain reaction.
Jane’s body tensed up against me, her orgasm had started, panting heavily her fanny nipped on my cock as it pumped and pumped my cum inside her.
Both of us stopping quite still, panting and trying to get our breath back, letting our orgasm run there course. She was sure to feel my cock inside her twitching as I could feel her fanny muscles nipping and clenching around my cock, making my orgasm last the longest I have knowing.
The smell of warm sex raising between us as I peeled my body away from Jane minutes after as my cock withered away letting a stream of cum and fanny juice seep out.
Noticing Nick still sitting in front of Jane stroking one big aroused cock fetched me back to my senses. I had just fucked his wife and fucked her hard while he watched.
Jane stretch over on to Nick’s cock on the other bed making her bum stick more in the air, her pussy lips more visible than before all red and swollen, covered in our love juice running down her leg.
She frantically sucked on his cock, her head bobbing up and down in his crotch faster and faster. Her whole body moving and bouncing about with more love juice leaking out from her pussy.
Jane pulled off, swinging around on the bed, she sat on the edge pushing her big tits together with her nipples sticking through her fingers. Nick stood up and pushed his big fat cock between his wife’s tits, his purple end popping out up her chest.
He fucked her tits like an expert, shiny pre cum lubricating his cock end as it slipped in and out of her cleavage. It wasn’t long before it squirted a long thin jet, shooting towards her neck then what seemed like bucket loads erupting like a volcano. Nick’s cock pointing to one side pumped and pumped creamy cum over one tits.
He grabbed hold of his cock milking it dry over the other tit, his cum running down over Jane’s fingers and her nipples. Jane sat there massaging hot creamy cum into her nipples, playing and pulling gently on them.
Grabbing my glass of champagne, I knocked it back in one as I was gasping for a drink, Nick got his glass as well and we watched Jane for another five minutes, one hand on her tit and the other playing with her fanny rubbing my cum in to her hairy triangle smiling.
She will remember this wedding for some time, I bet.
Jane got up went to the bathroom holding her hand between her legs, I found my jeans and boxers and got dressed to leave, Thanking Nick for a wonderful night, shook hands and left.

The End

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