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my old english teacher

Puppetmaster's Revenge [w/ my old HS Teacher]

... 's thrusts gained velocity and authority as he rammed my old English teacher against the glass. Her deep breath of exasperation ... your own ass," I demanded. These were my first commands directed to my old teacher.

My words didn't deter her as she hungrily ... ... Continue»
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my old english teacher

... pub as I knew he still taught at my old school in Brisbane . it was about 2 ... Mr.G I said its me Greg I was in your English class 4 years ago remember? oh yeah right Greg ... about his wife (who was also a teacher at our old school)he went quiet and then said ... ... Continue»
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My English Teacher

... every intention of fucking you. I just wanted to see my English teacher drinking my cum like you just did, I didn’t know librarians were ... at me and smiled. “I bet you never thought your boring old English teacher would be such a cock-slut, did you Dave?” she ... ... Continue»
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Fornicating with my English Teacher

... her “Ms. Ganelle”.

Ms. Ganelle was a 25 year old English teacher in training during my sophomore year in high school. She was about ... . No one could have known I was getting blown by my English teacher. In the unlikely event anyone put a key in the ... ... Continue»
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My English Teacher

... amazing beautiful woman sitting at the teachers desk. Not my regular english teacher. Apparantly he had an accident and this was a ... supply teacher.

She sat there, she was about 35-36, with short brown hair, gorgeous body and dressed like an old school ... ... Continue»
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My 11th grade English Teacher is a black cock slut

... everyone disliked me for no apparent reason.
Expect for my 11 grade English teacher Mrs. Glass.
She would go out of her way ... pounded
Her ass with the full length of my young black dick. My sexy English teacher
Ass hole opened up wide, the harder I ... ... Continue»
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I fuck an ex-teacher

... Dallimore is that you?" I spun around to see Mr Edwards, my old English teacher from The s****rs of Mercy, standing there holding a beer. Mr ... I came in. I was in turmoil. Here was the hottest teacher I'd ever had and had fantasised about for years but I was ... ... Continue»
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Going back to my old friend - part 1

... had been years since I had my ass treated by my old gay teacher in a way. Hein had ... idea to tell my wife I would visit my dad and an old friend this weekend...and ... , garterbelt and a nice lacy underdress underneath my normal clothing and for the 2.5 hours it ... ... Continue»
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How we began swinging.

... said.

"I have no idea," Kay said, "Lord Lucan?"

"My old English teacher."

"Really," Kay said genuinely amazed. "Which one is he?"

... to be fucked by four different men and her old English teacher sunk in.

She stopped for a moment and took ... ... Continue»
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Fucking my 9th grade English Teacher

... time after football practice and

homework playing my bass guitar!
I had this old hag English teacher named Helga Brown (yep, thats her ... had moved to, and that we would get a new English teacher, thats when he introduced Ms. Waggoner.

She walked ... ... Continue»
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My After School Special

... I figured, who the hell would? Hell my old man had been drooling when he'd met ... raised not to be a player or dog as my old man put it, I wouldn't fool around with ... brown eyes and perfect full lips as my favorite English teacher. Yes Miss Ross had been the ... ... Continue»
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The English Teacher

... Shakespeare? It’s a much easier read, in my opinion.”
“Candide was fun,” she replied ... tank top and short miniskirt.
“How old are you, kavita?” he asked her. ... she leaned forward, allowing her Stanford graduated English teacher a look down her tank top and ... ... Continue»
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pregnant teacher craving cock

... ."

Not only was I a 32-year-old English teacher. I’m a horny, unhappily married, pregnant teacher.

“I’m so glad you said it because my husband wanted me to lose ... ... Continue»
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English Teacher

... was 10 and
I measured my cock at eleven inches erect! I'm now eighteen years-old and
my dong has expanded to over ... my sexual curiosity was leading me to
seek further horizons.

When Mrs. Harrison joined our school as the new English teacher ... ... Continue»
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The English Teacher 2

... ago.”
“Who is it?”
“I don’t know.” He sighed. “My neighbor? Her co-worker?”
“Both.” When Mr. khan’s eyes threw ... and come inside of her. “Hey there, saleem.”


Kavita kapoor stepped out of the girl’s restroom, tugging ... ... Continue»
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Old English teacher adventure! Barry meets a very

... felt confident that Su was not just a worn-out, old fossil! In about 30 mins, we had the computer up ... teach English remember?”

“Mmmmm, I’ve always wanted to make love with a teacher!” I joke.

As I said this, I raised my body and hips, my cock ... ... Continue»
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The English Teacher 3


The sun, that had been ... they young?” she asked, arching her back.
“Very old.”
“Good.” She was near his lips once more. ... !’ as nails were being dragged ruthlessly across my back, so excuse me for accidentally manhandling you ... ... Continue»
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My Favorite Teacher

... old and a senior of my high-school. I never had trouble with getting good marks but in this year i became really bad in English ... to concentrate. The reason was Ms Peters, my new English-teacher, who just moved into my hometown. She was in her low 30s and ... ... Continue»
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Me and a very sexy english teacher called Miss fis

... and in Year 9 i had a very sexy english teacher called Miss fisher And she was well fit with ... Opens her leg's wide and i shove my cock up her cunt and she start Moaning ... saying your a Lot better than my boyfriend a Licking my cunt out.then Turn over shoving ... ... Continue»
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My Former Gym Teacher Made Me Go Bi!

... . I couldn't believe it, I was making out with one of my old teachers! My cock was now hard as a rock. As we were going ... into her mouth. To have my former gym teacher's cock deep in my ass and my cock deep in my best friend's mouth is about ... ... Continue»
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