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So what is my fantasy...well I suppose that being on this site is a bit of a fantasy in a way as I’m basically a straight guy who ... to take the final step and actually arrange a meet.

In my fantasy, I have arranged to meet you in a hotel somewhere…I get ... ... Continue»
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My Fantasy Backfired On Me

My Fantasy Backfired On Me

It was a Friday night and after another hard week at work for both of us, we decided to go out to a restaurant for tea, and later go on to another pub to dance the night away. I pick my wife Cathie up from work at 5pm, and drove her home, so she could change. I asked her to wear something sexy and revealing tonight. She knows I like her to show off a bit when we go out. My gorgeous wife is very slim, with a fuck me now body to die for (38D-26-36). She has green eyes and brunette hair, and with a smile that melts me every time. We’ve been married now for 13 years now, and I’ve been reading a few stories on-line recently, which I am fantasizing may happen for us one day, too fulfil my dream, of watching my wife being seduced by another man. The thought of it is such a turn on for me. On the other hand I can’t complain much otherwise because anything sexual, just between us two she is willing to try at least once.

When we got home, Cathie showered, and shaved her beautifully smooth silky skin legs, paying special attention to all her sensual parts, and got dressed into a revealing tight fitting dress, which showed of all her sexy curves. She pulled on some silky black stockings, which showed just a touch of lace below the hem of the dress. A sexy black bra, and a nice lacy G string. Her ample bosoms, were pleading to escape the confines of her dress, but that would happen later, I’d hoped. She squirted her favourite perfume, behind her ears, and neck, between her cleavage, and as an added bonus, just near the top of her inner thighs.

As we drove to the restaurant, chatting and listening to our favourite music, I dreamed of what this night might bring to us. When we arrived, we walked in to the dining area, and straight away I could feel all the eyes in the room undressing her as we entered, as she glided across the room leaving a trail of her perfume in her wake. But that is quite the usual situation wherever we go, with men and sometimes ladies, stealing that extra look as she passes. We had our meal, with a nice bottle of wine. All the time I noticed the men at the other table, were enjoying the view of my wife’s nearly naked pussy from under the table. I was going to tell Cathie, but I decided to allow the other fella’s to enjoy their meal instead.

While we were having our meal, I told Cathie about some of the stories, I had read on-line about men watching there wives being picked up and seduced, while all the time staying in the background and pretending not to know each other. But being there to protect her if needed. I suggested to her, that this sounded like fun, and we should give it a try. To my surprise, she quickly agreed. I told her that she could approach me at some stage when she had flirted with the other guys for some time, and invite me to join in on the party, when she felt the time was right.

After we had finished our meal, I took Cathie into the next room, for a game of 8 ball, so we could sober up a bit for our drive to the Tonsley, where we were going for a dance later. The room had several pool tables, and a bar, which were full of guys, with hungry eyes devouring my sexy wife, with their lust. I proceeded to rack up the ball, and being quite a good player, I am able to place the white ball exactly where I wanted too. As the game proceeded, I always tried to make sure that Cathie had to stretch over the table to take her shots. Of cause this had the effect of pulling the back of her short dress up, to reveal to them hungry eyes, glimpses of the top of her stockings, and the tip of her bum cheeks, barely covered by her G string. Several of the guys were squirming around, with obvious boners in their pants, as they gently rubbed their hard cocks, and stared hard at her nearly bare arse. I thought at some stage they were going to come over and throw Cathie over the table, and fuck her pretty arse right there. So after I sank the black ball, I said we better move on, before you have a line up of blokes.

Feeling refreshed we drove to the Tonsley Hotel, where our favourite band was playing that night. I parked our car, and allow Cathie to go in ahead of me. I waited a few minutes, and then followed her in, and headed straight for the bar.
To no surprise Cathie had already surrounded her self with a couple of potential studs. Both guys were fit, muscly, and had nice big shoulders, just how she liked them. They looked athletic and good looking, and their large build, made Cathie look like a little girl next to them. I was still sitting at the bar, when the fella next to me whistled and said “Damn that’s some fine piece of ass that just walked in.” I must say she did have a fine arse, and had sex appeal oozing from her. She looked really hot in her fuck me now tight and very short black dress showing the top of her sexy lace stockings.
They all moved to a table, and the guys had already bought her a drink, hoping to get her legs nice and loose, they hoped. As I was to find out later, their names were Mark and Tony. Now Cathie loves to dance and when she gets on the dance floor she generally only gets off it to have a drink or take a restroom break. So as soon as some good dance music came on she asked who wanted to dance. Before Tony could say or do anything Mark was already on his feet extending his hand to her.
Mark seemed to be a pretty good dancer and Cathie was enjoying herself. I took this as my opportunity and moved over to where Tony was sitting, and started chatting about that gorgeous girl they were flirting with. Tony and me sat and watched the two of them dance. He told me his wife was also a fan of dancing and that he would love to take this hot lady for a spin on the dance floor. He also said that it looked like they were going to be staying at this place, at least for now. He said he hoped to see more hot women like Cathie or maybe Cathie was willing to entertain all three of us tonight. He had not had any action in a while as Mark and him had been away from their Geelong wives on business in Adelaide. I asked him if his wife was okay with him having fun with other women. He told me they have an understanding going on. As long as he was honest about what he did and had done and she could do the same she was ok with it.
Looking up to see where Mark and Cathie were I could see the dancing in the middle of the dance floor when the MC stopped the music and said there was going to be a dancing competition. He wanted five couples on the dance floor and each of the couples should do a sexy couples dance. The couple that dances the most seductive and sexy would win a free dinner for two and free drinks for their table for the rest of the night. Cathie wanted to come sit down, but Mark kept her on the floor. After about five more minutes there were four other couples formed and ready to dance. The MC, again spoke and explained how it would go. First all five couples would dance at the same time and when the song was over the crowd would choose the two couples that they believed to dance the most seductive and they would have a dance off.
The music started and the couples started to dance. It was apparent that two couples weren’t that good a dancer at all. One seemed to be a German couple with a very nice looking blond woman with huge knockers. The other was an elderly couple from Holland. A third couple, I’d heard were dance teachers, so they were pretty good. The fourth couple were in there early twenties. The guy was athletic and muscular and the girl was a firecracker red head with green eyes, nice boobs and a tight ass. They weren’t as good dancers as the teachers, but they were way more seductive. The girl was really grinding her guy and sliding all over him. He was grabbing her everywhere and exposing lots of skin to the crowd. So yeah my guess was that the teachers, and the young tourist couple would be doing the dance off. But oh boy was I wrong. Cathie not wanting to be out done by put on a show like I have never seen her do before. Bending over letting Mark grind and grope her even lifting her dress up high exposing almost bare arse to everyone in the crowd. While she was grinding her arse against Mark’s, probably rock hard cock by now, he was cupping her ample 38D breast, as they swayed and grinded through the dance. It looked like they were making love right there on the dance floor.
Lots of people were snapping pictures of the action. Tony had taken out his brand new Go-Pro and was also snapping away and commenting of how hot Cathie and Mark looked on the dance floor. He couldn’t wait to get his chance to get his hands on her, as he and Mark didn’t mind to share the wealth. So after the first round of dancing the couples remaining and doing the dance off was the young tourist couple and Cathie and Mark. There was a little break before the next song; Mark and Cathie came to our table to get some drinks. Tony told Cathie she was a very good dancer and he would love to dance some with her after the competition was over. She readily agreed and said that she was looking forward to it, all the time pretending not to even notice, I had joined the table. The MC announced that they should get ready for the final dance off. This time it was a slow song. Both couples started where they left off. The young tourist couple were really going at it. The girl was opening her guy’s shirt to show of his abs to the crowd and as she was going down she was licking his chest and biting his nipples. This was looking more like a hardcore make out session then a dance. When the girl got back up the guy spun her around with her back to him. He then took hold of the bottom of her top and slowly started pulling it up over her head while she kept grinding her ass in his crotch. The girl had a very tiny white bikini top on. She had pretty nice looking perky 38C breast, well that’s my guess. Tony was now standing and taking pictures and the whole crowed was egging both couples on and to do more and more raunchy things. I don’t know what had gotten in to Cathie, but she wasn’t to be out done by this young girl. She also took off Marks shirt showing off his incredibly fit body with what looks like and 8 pecks set of abs. She then turned and let Mark unzip her tight little black dress and let it fall to the floor. She then kicked it up with her feet and threw the dress to Tony. Cathie was now dancing in her high heels, lacy stockings, lacy black see through lacy bra and her G-string. The young girl, her name I guess was Liz as I heard a group of their friend shout that name, danced over to the bar and asked the bar tender to spray her top with ice cold water. This showed off her now hard nipples, as the material of her white bikini top became see through. Cathie now jumped up and put her legs around Mark holding on to him with her arms around his neck planted a wet kiss with lots of tongue action on Mark. They danced on making out all over the dance floor, massaging her breasts and crouch in time to the music, Cathie then moved behind Mark, and began to run her hands up and down the length of his impressive boner, massaging him and rubbing her pubic bone into his back, to the roar of the crowd. That’s when the song ended. The MC was now asking the crowd who should win the dance off by determining for what couple the crowd yelled and hollered the loudest. Mark and Cathie won and got the coupons for the dinner for two that Mark gave to her.
They came back to our table and Cathie took her dress and excused herself to the restroom to fix her dress and make up. Mark ordered some new drinks for our table, which now would be free for the rest of the night. The drinks came and Cathie came back from the restroom, looking good, like as if nothing had happened at all. We sat down and drank when the music started to play again. Tony got up and told Cathie “Okay now it is my turn to dance with you.” Mark and I sat at the table drinking and watching them dance. Mark said, “Damn that Cathie is one hot lady, looks like maybe we are getting lucky tonight. I was rock hard while she was grinding on my cock. Sure would love to fuck that sweet ass of her hard tonight. Seems like Tony is enjoying similar treatment.” Looking at the dance floor I could see Tony pressing Cathie’s tight to his body and swinging his hip, grinding his crotch hard in to hers. I could see that Tony was talking to her but couldn’t make out what he was telling her, as the music was too loud to hear. Then a slow Salsa song came on and I could see Cathie dropping her head on his shoulder while he was kissing her neck and nibbling at her earlobe. When the song ended she kissed him deeply and they walked back to our table. She took a sip of her drink and then said, “Now it’s your turn to dance with me; what’s your name anyway. “Chris”, I said. All this time watching everything had given me a rock hard boner. “Hmmm, seems like you have been enjoying the show Chris. Does it turn you on that much watching me make out with your friends?” Damn straight I was turned on. I whispered back to her “Hell yes, never expected you would be doing all this. It is a total turn on. But don’t let the guys know you are my wife, just keep the charade going. They think you are one hot free spirited lady. Mark even told me that he thinks he is getting lucky tonight.” She then whispered back in my ear, “Well maybe he is, the night is still young and I am hot and horny and we haven’t been out in a while. So if they play there cards right who know?” Hearing her say that, I almost came in my pants then and there. Was my fantasy finally becoming a reality? The song ended and we went back to the table where Tony was showing off the pictures he had taken on his phone. We all looked at the pictures, some were really nice and some really raunchy. And the phone’s camera let him zoom in very deep on any parts of a picture. He edited one where Cathie was kissing Mark; you could clearly see her tongue inside Mark’s mouth.
It was around 2am when the MC announced that they were closing and that he hoped to see us all again soon. Mark immediately asked us to come to their hotel room to continue the party, as he wasn’t tired yet. Cathie briefly looked at me and then smiled and said “Sure I am up for some more fun. Let’s go.” We all got up and left for the short walk to there accommodation. They shared a penthouse room at a nearby hotel, there company was paying for it so they didn’t care that a room was more than $1000 dollars a night. The place was nice had a kitchen, bar and living room leading out to big balcony with a Jacuzzi. Two bedrooms with king size beds and a shared bathroom also with a Jacuzzi. In the living room there was a big ass flat screen and a nice Bose sound system. Tony went to the bar and fixed us some more drinks while Mark went to, what apparently was, his room and came back with his iPod and hooked it up to the sound system. He put on some soft music and grabbed Cathie and started to slow dance with her. Tony came back with the drinks and gave me one and put Mark’s and Cathie’s on a table. “Man this woman is hot, hope she knows what she is in for. You know what is the best thing of fucking a woman that is not your wife? You care less about her and are out to try things you normally wouldn’t do with your wife out of the respect you have for her. But with a hot girl like this, man this is going to be fun. I hope your wife doesn’t mind you straying a bit? Oh let me go get my camcorder to make some nice video. Give me your email so I can send you a copy of all the pictures and video footage I take.” As Tony left to get his stuff I looked up at Mark and Cathie who were now not so much dancing anymore but making out. Tony came back with his cam and said “Hey guys don’t mind me recording this for my pleasure later on?” Cathie answered him “No as long as I get a copy of it and I won’t find it on the Internet later!” Tony, “Sure I will send you a copy, just give me your email later, that way we can stay in contact. Maybe one day you will come to Geelong and we can hang out together with my wife.” “Oh sure that would be nice, and Mark could be there too?” Tony, “Sure why not!” Mark was grinning from ear to ear. He had told me earlier how much he wants to get into Tony’s wife’s pants.
While Tony started filming Cathie had her tongue down Marks throat and was taking off his shirt. I was sitting in a lounge chair sipping my drink and watching the action with a boner in my pants. Cathie was still fully dressed while she was slowly going down on Mark, licking, sucking and kissing his body all over. Paying special attention to his nipples. When she was on her knees with her face right in front of Marks crotch with his boner clearly visible, she started to un buckle his belt and undo his pants button. Slowly she pulled his zipper down, looking very seductively at him and at the camera Tony was managing. Her hand went into Marks boxers to fish out his 9” rock hard cock which was already dripping pre cum. Mark smiled at her and at me. “Yes baby suck this cock like the good little girl you are”, he said with a smile on his face. He grabbed the back of Cathie’s head and coached her to open her lips so he could get his cock down her throat. Cathie had other ideas. She teased him, driving him crazy. Slowly liked the pre cum from Marks cock and tasted it. “Hmmm that tastes good!” Tony busy filming also commented, “Nice, keep it going. What a hot chick you are. This is amazing. Mark fuck this chic’s throat good. Make her gag and choke on that big cock of yours.” I as sitting in the chair, uncomfortably, trying not to come right then. This was so hot watching my wife acting so sexy in front of me. This was a dream come through. And is seemed like she was really enjoying her role. The guys had no idea what so ever that they were on the verge of going to fuck my wife in front of me, making my fantasy come through.
After licking Marks cock all over and sucking each of his balls she finally took the big purple tip of Marks cock in her mouth. Mark moaned loudly feeling the heat coming from my wife’s mouth. “Oh yes girl that’s it, suck my cock like a good girl.” Mark’s moaning was getting really loud, and Cathie, seemed to like that because she started sucking him harder and harder with more enthusiasm. “Yes, I am your’s tonight, do with me as you please. All three of you guys. I want you all.” I know that if Cathie would keep going like that Mark wouldn’t last very long. It seems like he was thinking the same and pulled Cathie back up and turned her around with her back to him. He grabbed hold of her zipper and slowly unzipped her dress. Tony got around to record all the action and quickly moved back to stand in front of Cathie to record how Mark slowly let her dress fall to the floor. Tony asked, “Hey Chris get my phone and use it to take some nice stills of how we are going to use this sexy girl. Aren’t you going to join in with the fun?” Cathie tried replied, “Yes Chris you have been quiet, and don’t you want a piece of this?” I answered, “Yes I do, but for now I am enjoying the show very much!” Tony asked me to man the Go Pro while he got rid of some of his clothes so he could be more comfortable and join in on the action.
Here I was with a Go Pro in my hand filming my wife being loved by two guys that are complete strangers to her and loving the hell out of it. I need to think of something to thank her for finally letting my fantasy come through. Looking through the viewfinder, I almost let the camcorder fall. What I saw as one big ass 8” very fat, like a soda can, cock of Tony. Marks cock was maybe longer but Tony’s was twice the thickness. “Hey Cathie, I got something for you. Open really wide.” was Tony saying as he presented Cathie with his monster of a cock. Cathie looked up at him, “IMPRESSIVE, that is really going to stretch my tight moffie.” Tony just grinned and grabbed Cathie by the back of her head and pushed the huge mushroom head in her mouth. It almost looked as if he was going to tear open her mouth. Cathie moaned and groaned trying to get as much of the monster inside her mouth. “Yeah that’s it, take all of my cock down that throat of yours. Damn Mark you are right she is a good fucking cock sucker.” In the meantime Mark had completely undressed too and was now fingering Cathie’s dripping wet pussy making her moan around Tony’s monster, which was now balls deep, down her throat. “Yeah, I’m going to make you choke on my meat!” was Tony proclaiming as he pressed her head hard into his crotch while he pumped her face. Fucking her face hard and with gusto he smiled and looked at the camera saying “What a fine girl you are, not many women can take me all the way like you just did. Gag girl, gag on my cock!” Cathie could hardly breathe and slapped with both hands on Tony’s this trying to get free from his grip. Tony let go a bit, so she could get a bit of air. Gasping Cathie came up for air with a trail of spit and saliva dripping from Tony’s cock and her mouth.
Mark said “Hey man it is my turn now, this girl is ready to get fucked. She is dripping wet.” Mark pulled Cathie up and took her to one of the sofas and he sat down first then made Cathie sit on his cock facing him. Cathie helped him, lining up the head of Marks cock with her moffie hole. I had moved behind them to get a good shot with the camcorder. In the viewfinder I could see how Marks cock slowly penetrated my wife’s tight pussy with his big unprotected monster of a cock. Holly shit, in the heat of the moment I totally forgot to get Mark to wear a condom and it seemed Cathie didn’t mind or cared either. She was in the throes of lust and passion, wanting to get those big cocks to fuck her good. She was like a little k** in a candy store, calling Tony to come around the sofa in front of her so she could suck his cock some more. Tony all too willing hurried around the sofa and shoved his dick back in my wife’s mouth as she was now riding Marks 9” cock up and down. I had a good view of Marks unprotected cock going deep in and out of my wife’s unprotected pussy like a piston. Cathie was really moaning loudly now. She pulled out Tony’s cock and yelled, “Oh God, Oh shit, I am Cumming, I am Cumming.” As her first, of many, orgasms of the night hit her hard. While she was in the middle of her orgasm, Mark started to play with her butt hole with one of his long thick fingers. Cathie and I have had anal sex before, because I really am a butt man and love to fuck a woman hard up their ass, so she knew what was to come when Mark was pushing his finger inside her backdoor.
After she came down from her high, Tony said “Ok my turn, I want to have a piece of this sex goddess now.” Cathie got off of Marks lap and Tony put her on her hands and knees at the end of the sofa and got behind her, lined up his fat cock with her moffie and pushed inside her. I got a nice shot on the camcorder of Tony penetrating my wife’s freshly fucked moffie. “Oh fuck, this is nice, tight, wet and very hot. Cathie you have a great cunt. Chris you are really missing out, this girl is a really great fuck!” Mark had walked to the front of the sofa and pulled Cathie’s head up by her hair as she was moaning from the pounding Tony was giving her. I quickly went to the front to capture the action of Mark going to face fuck my wife hard while being fucked hard from behind by Tony. As Mark pulled up Cathie’s head he said “You like this hey Cathie? You love being fucked? You are a good fucking girl, but now I am really going to rough you up a bit more.” Holding her head up by her hair he said “Look at me Cathie you are going to love this!” Tony was still pounding away in her moffie from behind and smiling at what Mark was doing to my wife. “That’s it Mark, show her whose the boss!” I could see Tony spit some saliva on to Cathie’s butt hole and then rub it in with his fingers. Slowly he pushed first on then two fingers up my wife’s asshole while still pounding her pussy hard with his fat cock. Smiling at the camera and me he said, “I am now going to fuck this girl her asshole and make her gape like she never has!” I pointed the camera at my wife’s asshole, seeing her moffie now empty and already gaping wide. Tony pressed his super fat cock head against her butt hole and started applying pressure. Cathie was groaning and moaning hard as Tony pushed his 8”, soda can fat, cock in to her butt hole. After the head had past the anal ring Tony kept it there to let her adjust. At that moment Mark pushed his 9” back into Cathie’s mouth, pushing it all the way down her throat in one big push, flattening her nose against his pubes. He kept her head in place with both hands. Cathie started to gag and choke on his cock. Saliva was dripping out of the corners her mouth and her eyes were bulging and tears were messing up her mascara. As Mark pulled out she gasped for air only to groan hard because Tony now pushed his fat cock deep in her ass bottoming out balls deep. Tony said to Mark “Shove that cock of yours back into her throat, she is making too much noise.” Mark obliged and I got a good shot of my loving wife being spit roasted by these two guys. Both men got in to a nice rhythm, fucking my wife from both ends. This was amazing and my own cock was painfully hard watching all the action. After about ten minutes of this Mark stopped and said he wanted to try something else as he also didn’t want to cum yet. He told Tony to lie down on the sofa, and for Cathie to straddle Tony facing, Tony. As Tony took his cock slowly out of Cathie’s arse we could see her arse as nice big gaping hole. I filmed it and could see pretty far up her asshole, which was very erotic and hot. “Look at her gaping arse hole”, said Tony. He took his phone and snapped some pictures. Tony then lay down and had Cathie straddle him sliding his cock easily up her pussy. Mark now climbed up on the sofa behind Cathie and lined up his cock with her butt hole. Slowly he pushed his cock inside my wife’s arse while Tony was deep in her moffie. Cathie almost instantly came with a shattering orgasm that lasted for what was maybe five minutes. When her orgasm was subsiding Mark started to pound her hard and fast. “Oh yeah that is it girl, getting double penetrated by too big cocks. What a treasure you are. Your moffie and arse are going to be ruined for days.” The kept fucking her hard and Cathie was really enjoying the feeling of being so full and loving the fact of what she was doing to these guys. Cathie called out to me, “Hey Chris put the camera on the table and give me your cock. I want all my holes filled.” There was only so much I could take. So I quickly took my close of and presented my wife with my rock hard 7” cock. She immediately started to deep throat me hard and fast, licking my balls when I was bottomed out. I was in heaven. Tony and Mark both said “Finally he joins in the fun. Nice fuck right, Chris? Wish we had met her years ago. Well my wife was really doing a number on my cock and I know I wouldn’t be able to last very long; also I was really horny from all the action that had been going on. About ten minutes in the most amazing blowjob I yelled out “Fuuuucckkkk, arrrgggg, I am coming!” I blasted a very big load into my wife’s willing mouth. We haven’t had sex in three weeks because we had been so busy. Cathie sucked me dry like the cum hungry slave she now is. Mark and Tony could hold out much longer either and they both deposited big loads in my wife’s unprotected moffie and arse. As they blasted shot after shot in her holes, Cathie also came again hard. She was softly screaming “Fuck yeah fill me up, breed me like I’m your wife When we all came down from a nice afterglow and got off the sofa, Cathie went to the bathroom with Tony to clean up and Mark and I made some fresh drinks for us. It was getting late and still pretending that we didn’t know each other, I downed my drink I took my clothes and told Mark I had to leave. I walked by the shower door and I could hear some moaning. Bet, Tony was already getting seconds. Well I called out through the door that I was leaving and that I would hope to catch them all next week at the hotel.
As I walked out the door of the penthouse suite I was wondering if Cathie would soon follow me back to the car. I got back to the Tonsley to pick up my care and wait for Cathie. After about an hour, so I sent her a message on her phone, asking if she was alright. Cathie replied a short time later, that she was fine, and that she would see me in the morning, and to go home. I decided to leave our car in the car park, and catch a taxi home. The drive home was bathed in a haze of memories of the past night, and it was in the morning and there was almost no traffic. When I reached home I took a quick shower and went to bed. Cathie hadn’t phoned yet, so I sent her a message on her phone. “Hey babe. Thank you that was an amazing experience. When are you coming home?” Almost immediately a reply came back. “Hey honey, yes it was really fun. I should have let you have your fantasy become reality earlier. I really enjoyed and still am enjoying myself. These guys are FANTASTIC. Don’t wait up for me; I will be home in the morning xxx”.
Later in the morning, I woke up. I was alone and Cathie’s half of the bed was still unslept in. I took my phone to see if I got any messages from her, but nope there was none. So I got up and washed up, got dressed, and had a quick breakfast. I left a note for Cathie on the fridge saying I was going out for a bit, and would see her when I got back. While out, I couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing wondering why Cathie hasn’t come home or called me yet. I was a little worried. When I got home my note was still where I had left it. I added some more lines to the note saying that I got back home and she still wasn’t home and that she should message me when she does get back home. I had managed to get Mark’s phone number from him last night, and gave him a call. I suggested that we meet up at a local café, to chat about last night. When I reached the café, I was surprised to see both Mark and Tony sitting at a table already, with a bunch of other guys. I sat down and said “hi”. I Asked Mark at what time Cathie had left. He first looked at Tony with a devilish smile then he told me “I think it was about an hour ago. After you left last night, we did her one more round. We both sprayed her face with big loads. Look her is a picture.” He gave me the phone with the picture and I could see my wife’s face completely covered with lots of thick white cum. Her eyes were glued shot, there was cum up her nose and she had her mouth wide open completely full of cum. Damn that couldn’t be cum of just Mark and Tony. Impossible for two guys to have that much cum. They all stared at me while I was looking at the picture. I said “Damn guys nice picture, would have loved to watch you blast the face of that girl like that.” They all smiled at me and, and the other guys who were named James, Jake and Simon said, “We hear you Chris! At least you did get some of the action last night.” We finished our coffees, and I said my goodbyes, and headed for home.
When I got home I see Cathie’s car in the carport. I go inside and call out “Hi honey, I am home.” I hear her call out “I am in the bedroom, come here hun!” I practically run in to our bedroom to greet my wife. When I open the bedroom door I see her lying on the bed in a very sexy see through white baby doll nightie. “Come on the bed we need to talk” “Ok!” I said and jumped on the bed next to here. She gave me a long hot passionate sexy kiss and said, “I love you hun, but I have to tell you something.” After that hot kiss all I could say was “Okay!” Cathie then went on to tell me that after she went in the shower with Tony, he started making out with her and fingering her hot moffie and made her cum again. He then told her he wanted to give her a golden shower, something his wife wouldn’t let her do to him. He told her he was willing to pay her if she would let him do it with her and capture it on film. She told me at first she didn’t even know what a golden shower was and that Tony explained it to her. After thinking about it and hearing me leaving her alone with those guys, she got pissed and told him sure as long as he paid her for it. He said “he would give her $250 dollars if she let him do it and let him film it.” So they called in Mark to capture it all on film. He did but also joined in on the fun. Then they took a shower all three together was what Cathie told me. “But there is more, but Mark and Tony told me not to tell you but to look at the video he had put on some USB for you, so take a look at all the nice pictures that we had taken.” I told Cathie “Okay I will, but first I want to ravage my sexy wife!” So we started making out and kissing but then she asked me to stop as she was completely beat from last night and needed some time to recuperate a bit. Mark and Tony had left both her holes raw and sensitive. I was a bit disappointed but said it was fine and that I would go into the lounge to watch the video and check out the pictures. I got up leaving Cathie on our bed falling fast asl**p.
I took the USB and went to the lounge, and hooked up the USB and searching its contents, which had a lot of video files on it. I started the first one as they were numbered in sequence. This first one was of us at the Tonsley having fun, and of Cathie and Mark in the dance competition. I was already getting hard again watching the video playback and remembering all the fun. The Second clip was of Cathie dancing and making out with all of us at the pub. We were pretty d***k by then because of all the free booze we were drinking. Also there was a part where she was making out in the restroom with what seemed to be Tony. Tony was filming her while she was peeing on the toilet. Then he peed between her legs as she kept sitting on the toilet. After he was done I could hear him ordering to suck his cock like a good little girl. I saw her open her mouth wide and take his cock in her mouth and suck him and lick him good. It was a nice piece of POV video of Cathie sucking Tony’s cock and licking his balls. Then he jerked off ant told her to open her mouth and let him dump a load in her mouth but not to swallow. He jerked off over her face calling her beautiful, telling her she was a good lover, and Chris was really lucky to have such a sexy wife. I was astonished when I heard that. “How long had he and maybe Mark to known that she was my wife?” Then I heard Tony talking again “Hey Chris you are probably watching me cum in your hot wife’s mouth right now wondering when I knew she was your wife? Well one time when you went to the bathroom, Cathie told us about your little fantasy, and to keep the act going. Naturally I was completely game and when I talked to Mark he was also was also game. So yes Chris we are surely going to enjoy this. I wish my wife was as fun, willing and sexy as your wife.
The third clip was of Mark and Tony sitting in the living room and Mark talking on the phone. I heard Tony say “Call the other guys now, tell them to come over so we can have a gangbang. She is still in the bathroom freshening up and getting ready to leave. So let them hurry, we will stall her till they get here.” I then heard Mark talking, to what must have been James, Simon or Jake, the other guys I had met at the cafe.
In the fourth video, my wife was sitting on the sofa with a fresh drink in her hand talking to Tony. “Thanks guys for helping me fulfil my husband’s fantasy. I had a good time with both of you guys. I really like both your big cocks. You wife and Marks wives are lucky gals.” Tony smiled and replied, “Hey babe no problem and the night is still young we can have more fun. No need to leave yet. You unknowing husband is already home, probably replaying all the events of tonight and jerking off thinking of them. Stay a little more and finish your drink. Let’s get in to the Jacuzzi on the balcony. It’s a nice night.” Cathie said okay and Tony took her hand and they walked out to the Jacuzzi and got in. I guess Mark then handed the camcorder to Tony as I could see Mark also getting in the Jacuzzi naked. They were chit chatting and drinking and Cathie was making out with both guys. When you could hear a knock on the door. Tony got up while Cathie was sitting in Marks lap grinding her moffie on his boner. I then show the video switching to Tony’s naked arse walking to the door and looking through the peephole and opening the door to let in James, Jake and Simon. They all walked back to the balcony where Cathie was now riding Mark’s cock. I could see her surprised face as she saw three new men walk in on the balcony. Tony introduced them to her and told her they were his friends. They presented themselves to her with a smile. Mark then told the guys to grab drinks at he bar and come back to the Jacuzzi and get in. Tony was now filming Cathie’s face. “This was not in the plan Tony.” “I know,” replied Tony. “But hey we want to fulfil one of our fantasies too. That fantasy is gangbanging a hot sexy wife. Of some guy we know and taping it all to show him after. So yes babe that’s what is going to happen to you tonight or we will expose the whole plan to your loving hubby. Your choice?” At that point the other three guys came back, naked with drinks in their hands. The camera then panned back to Cathie who was thinking hard. “Okay” she said, “Chris has been wanting to see me used like a porn star for a while now, so lets do it. But guys I do want to enjoy it all, you can be rough but if and when I say stop it is stop, okay?” I could hear all the guys readily agree with her proposition. Mark then said ok, let’s take this party into one f the bedrooms where it’s more comfortable and Tony has already set up the extra cameras and lights to make it a really good porn shoot. I then saw Tony’s smug face in the camera, “Chris get your towels and lotion and sit in your lazy chair to enjoy the show we are about to put on with your hot sexy sweet loving wife.” That was the end of the fourth video.
One left to watch. It was already late at night by this time so I stood up and went to the bedroom to check on Cathie. She was still sound asl**p. So I went in to the bathroom took a big towel and some rubbing oil and went back to the lounge to watch the last video. First I passed through the kitchen and took a beer, which I gulped down in a second. Then I went into the lounge, sat down and started the video. The clip opened with Cathie getting fucked by the James, Jake and Simon. She was riding James big cock while Jake was pounding her ass and Simon was fucking her face hard like it was a moffie. I could see Simon slapping my wife’s ass hard and calling her a gorgeous. The camera panned to a behind view where I could see both James and Simon’s huge cocks rapidly slam in and out of her respective holes. And oh damn, no condoms. I heard Mark’s voice say “Fuck her, breed her, fill her with baby making seed. Hey Cathie you like it being fucked by three big cocks?” The camera switched to Jake slowly taking he big fat cock out of my wife’s mouth. His cock was all slimy with her saliva. Cathie was breathing heavy and answered Mark. “Yes I love this, I love being a fucked by four big cocks. Especially these ones.” Then she yelled out at Simon slapped her ass hard again. Jake bent down a little and pulled Cathie’s head up by her hair and asked her “What are you?” She answered, “A sex toy, a piece of fuck meat for you guys to do with as you please!” “That’ right girl” and f***ed his, what looked like a 9”, cock all the way down my wife’s throat making her gag, choke and almost puke. “That’s is girl take those cocks” was Tony calling out to her. He was now standing on the other side of Jake trying to f***e his dick alongside Jake’s. I heard James say, “I am going to cum in you darling. Take my seed like the good wife you are.” The image switched to where Simon got of Cathie to show how James slowly took out his 10” glistening cock from my wife’s abused moffie. As his cock popped out you could clearly see his cum trickling out of her gaping pussy hole. Mark was saying “Damn that is one of the hottest sites I have ever seen. Cathie you are one hot fucking woman. If and Chris don’t work out come visit me babe.” James got up from under neath Cathie. Jake moved in and started to fuck her moffie. It didn’t take long before Jake added another load of cum to my wife’s moffie. As soon as he got of her Simon took his place. He rammed in and out of her moffie like if his life depended on it. The guys were all egging him on “Fuck her, fill her with cum. Breed the girl. Give her a baby.” About five minutes of hard and fast pounding and he also deposited a large amount of cum in her moffie. Her moffie was now overflowing with cum dripping out and forming puddle on the bed.
The camera was handed to someone else as I could see Cathie on her knees in front of Mark and Tony. They were taking turns face fucking her moffie and her face. Smearing their dicks all over her face. “Yes suck me girl, take it down your throat like a good wife should.” That was Mark telling her. The camera panned to the three other guys taking a breather and watching the show. Then I heard Tony yell, “I am going to cum girl, open your fucking mouth. Open you eyes. I want to see your pleading eyes. Want to see you beg for my cum.” Than he blasted a large spurt of cum directly in to Cathie’s mouth and another and another. Also some went up her nose and in to the corner of her left eye. Mark pushed Tony to the side and started to cum all over my wife’s pretty, messed up face. I think he was deliberately aiming to shoot his cum in her eyes. Her Left eye was completely closed full of cum and her right eye was halfway close with cum. My wife’s face was a total mess. When the video showed James, Jake and Simon get up with raging hard-ons jerking of in front of my used wife’s face. All three of them added more cum to her mouth face eyes nose. She was completely drenched and dripping cum all over. The camera got to a close up of her face and I could hear Tony say “open you mouth, show us the cum in your mouth.” I could see her mouth was filled with the cum of five guys. “Now swallow and show us that you did.” I could see my wife swallow twice to get all the cum down, then Mark came with a spoon and scooped up more cum from all over her face and body and told her “ Eat it like a good and willing cum girl.” He was feeding her spoon after spoon of cum, till she was totally clean.
The guys all gathered behind her and Cathie said looking straight into the camera “Hey honey, hope all your fantasies have cum through. Mine sure did. I have been fucked in all my holes bread with baby making seed, pissed on, cum on, slapped, abused and used like the through sexy wife I am. Thank you boys for fulfilling both our fantasies.” Then all the guys yelled “Thanks Chris for letting us use your wife like our personal sex slave! We hope to do it again soon!” Then the picture faded to black and the text “The End” appeared on the screen.
I sat there in my chair totally exhausted with my own cum dripping all over my leg. I didn’t even touch myself and I couldn’t remember when I came. My cock was still hard and I was even hornier then before, if that was even possible. I got up and went to our bedroom, where Cathie was still asl**p. I started to kiss her and slowly opened up her legs and ate her totally used pussy and ass out. She loved it and we made passionate, but careful love till the next morning.
When I got up, I went to my computer to check mails and sure enough there was a mail from Mark. “Hey Chris, again thanks for the super fun time we had there. We all arrived home safe and sound. Your wife is a real treasure, hope you enjoyed the videos and pictures. I bet you did. I just finished showing my wife the video and she is now up for it. She wants to visit Adelaide on vacation because she said it looks beautiful. But also she wants to settle a score. As Cathie got to fuck her husband, she now wants to fuck Cathie’s husband. So buddy, are you up for another round of partying? Oh and check the link below in the mail and enjoy. Mark.”
I clicked on the link and the browser went to some adult swinger-sharing site. On the page were a whole bunch of pictures of my wife getting fucked and cum all over her face. Also there were links to two videos’ Under the comments section there were more than 500 comments of men and women telling how they enjoyed the pictures and videos. Some were saying all kinds of nasty things they would like to do with my wife and what a good wife she was. One dude said he hoped to see the baby pictures soon. I called Cathie, to watch the site; she sat down and read all the comments even answered some. She was now a through porn star.
The End, for now?

... Continue»
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My Fantasy First Time

It was hard to believe that it was finally going to happen, a homosexual experience. And, what made it even more amazing was that Alan was a virgin too. Neither one of us had ever been with a man before, yet we both had the same erotic sexual desires, ... What does it feel like to have a hard penis touch your lips? What is it like as I open my mouth, and let it slide in? How much will I be able to take? What does it feel like when Alan ejaculates in my mouth? What will it taste like. Will I be able to swallow? And, what about anal sex? Will I be able to stretch Alan, and give him the erotic pleasures he said he fantazies about? Will I be able to take Alan? All of these thoughts, and more, raced through my head as I waited for Alan.

Alan's wife was visiting school friends, so we would have the whole weekend, if we wanted to take it. But, coming out to the world wasn't in either of our plans. We had to be descret and keep our homosexuality a secret. So we were meeting at a hotel about 100 miles from Alan's home.

I shifted in the chair. Was anyone looking at me? Could they see my erection? Was I blushing?

I looked around the lobby. There weren't too many people there. No one seemed to be interested in me. The receptionist smiled ar me when we made eye contact. Then she went back to work, checking this and counting that.

I looked at the wall clock, it wass a few minutes after six. Alan should be here any moment. Again I thought about what we might do. I'm sure I blushed, and my heart was racing in anticipation of the weekend's activities! I was excited and scared at the same time, Waiting for Alan was driving me crazy! Damn, almost ten after. What if Alan changed his mind? I went to the business office, and logged on a computer. ... No message from Alan. That would be the worst, never meeting and never finding out what happened. I went to the reception desk to see if Alan left a message.

"No, nothing for you Mr. Ed," the cute receptionist said.

I went back to the large, over stuffed chair to wait some more. Maybe it wasn't supposed to happen. I felt let down. I'd continue to be curious, wondering, and fantasizing about meeting someone like Alan. I looked at the clock, ... quarter after. Alan changed his mind. I was pretty sure that's what happened. I understood. Having sex with another man is a significant thing. It's something that once done, can never be un-done. It's breaking the social norms. Maybe that was too much for Alan.

I felt a hand tap my shoulder from behind. "Are you Ed?," a plesant voice asked.


"I'm Alan. Sorry I'm late. There was an accident just outside of Stockton. I wanted to be here a little early, but sometimes it doesn't work out. Thanks for waiting. You want to get something to eat or drink?"

"No. I'm OK now. I've got some things to drink in the room. But, if you're hungry, I'll sit with you."

"I should eat, but I'm too excited right now. We can go to the room I guess."

I had to smile. It just hit me a little funny, Alan's words, "I guess." We weren't guessing any more. I stood holding my orange coat in front of me to hide my errection. Alan's touch brought all the feelings back

"OK. I got us a room on the third floor. Follow me," I said.

I was actually shaking, I was that nervous. Alan didn't say anything as we walked to the elevator. The silence was difficult. What do you say in a public place, where anyone could hear. We stood there silently waiting. It was the elevator bell that broke the tense quiet. We got in the elevator, and Alan pressed 3.

As soon as the doors closed, I had to say something! "I'm glad you made it. I was beginning to think you weren't coming."

"I don't think I could have not come. This has been burning in me for too long."

"For me too!"

The doors opened, and we walked to our room, 310. I swiped the door card, and opened the door to the room where we would live our fantasies and change our lives. I entered the room, and Alan followed. When the door clicked shut, I knew I had left my "straight" but curious life behind. I was about to become "gay."

I walked to the refrigerator, and took out a bottle of wine. "How are you doing?," I asked as I opened the bottle.

"Nervous. Excited. Anxious."

"Me too," I answered as I poured our wine. I handed a glass to Alan and raised the glass. "To us. May our friendship grow stronger with everything we do." We sipped the wine.

Alan toasted, "to the future. May this be the first of many days we share thodether."

We sipped a little more.

"Alan, if something isn't 'right,' tell me. We can stop any time. OK?"


"How do you want to start?," I asked.

"I don't know for sure. Lets just take it as it comes. Like we said, we can stop at any time. ... Let me take a shower first. I know that's important to you. You can join me if you want. But you don't have to. I just feel a bit sweaty after the drive."

"I showered about an hour ago. So, I might pass."

Alan stood up and went to the bathroom, and closed the door. I could hear Alan undressing. Especially, when his belt hit the tile floor. Again I thought, "it's really happening!"

Should I join Alan like in my A Meeting "Nifty" fantasy? No, It seemed Alan wasn't looking for our first act to be in the shower.

I heard the water start and Alan pulling the shower curtain shut. I was tempted to join Alan. But, it wasn't long, and the shower stopped. Would Alan come out naked? Or, would he put on one of the hotel bath robes?, I wondered. A few seconds later, I found out; he had a robe on.

"Feel a little better?"

"Ya. At least I stopped shaking."

"You too!? I was shaking from the time we left the lobby, until just a few minutes ago."

"Funny. We even have the same reactions. ... This is a big event. Isn't it?"

"Sure is!"

The robe moved a little as Alan's erection grew. I stepped closer to Alan. And he moved closer to me. We looked in to each other's eyes. There was trust. I held out my hand, and Alan held out his. We, touched, and then drew each other into a hug.

It was wildly different hugging a man than any woman I had erver held. No breasts, a firm solid body, and I could feel Alan's erection pressed against my own! Alan rubbed my back, and I tried to mirror his movements. It felt strange and at the same time very good. Alan moved his hands lower, and firmly held my buttocks as he pressed our lower bodies together, grinding our cocks agaist each other. It exciting me with every move. Our first ever "gay loving" had begun!

"Ed, Thanks for meeting. I like being able to finally touch you like this."

"You're welcome.... I like what you're doing too. It feels good."

"I want to 'feel' you Ed. May I?"

I whispered back, "Yes!, that's why we're here.... 'Touch' me!!"

With that consent, Alan started to unbutton my shirt. In only seconds, my shirt was completely open, and my chest was exposed and caressed by Alan's hands. Alan toyed with my nipples for a while. It felt strange and exciting. Moments later, I felt Alan lower my zipper, loosen my belt, and open the button on my pants. As I shifted my weight, gravity took over, and my pants dropped and rested around my ankles. Alan slid his hands along my sides, and then under my briefs and once again caressed my buttocks. This time with his bare hands against my skin. It felt good.

Seconds later, Alan hooked his thumbd around the elastic, pulled it over my errection, and lowered my briefs to the floor. As soon as they were around my ankles, I stepped out of my shoes, pants, and briefs. I only had my socks and open shirt on. My shirt was loosely hanging on my shoulders. Alan opened his robe, and we held each other again. Only now, it was skin-to-skin!

I looked down at Alan's penis for the first time. It looked very much like my own; cut, seven inches, and very hard. I ran my hands over Alan's chest, and then very smoothly moved lower until I touched his penis. The instant I wrapped my fingers around it, I felt a strong, wonderful, exciting, sexual wave pass through me. Touching Alan was more exciting than I ever expected. I moved a little to the left ant our cocks rubbed together, I wrapped my hand around both of our cocks, and stroked them. Amazing sensations shot through me. My first erotic fantasy was fulfilled, rubbing my cock against Alan's. I loved the feel of Alan's erection rubbing against my own. Incredible, strong, erotic, gay, sexual energy was passing between us. That was evident by the steady flow of pre-cum we were both oozing. Very quickly, the slick clear fluid was spread over our cocks until they both glistened.

Alan brushed the shirt off my shoulsers, and I did the same with his robe. We were now totally naked, eager to discover more.

Alan stepped back a bit, and gently applied pressure on my shoulders urging me down on his body. My knees bent slightly, and I kissed Alan's left nipple. It must have felt good, because as it hardened between my lips, Alan sighed in satisfaction. But, Alan continued to urge me lower. I knew what he wanted, and a shiver raced through me; I was nervous and anxious, but most of all, I wanted to do it. I kissed my way down, letting Alan know I was OK with his guidance on how to move forward. Before I knew it, I was kneeling on my clothes and the robe, looking straight ahead at Alan's erection. Another chill hit me. I was in that erotic homosexual position I had thought about for years, ready to take another man's penis in my mouth! I felt weak, excited, scared, and unsure of exactly what to do. (But, then again, I knew exactly what to do!) I trembled with excitement, and I felt my own penis ooze a clear drop of liquid excitement!

"I know you want to taste it, Ed. It's your greatest fantasy. Think about it, a real, naked, hard penis in your mouth! ... And, then ... my cum!!! ... I know you want that too. There it is, ..." Alan whispered, "take it in your mouth. You can do it! I know you can. I know you want to ... Do it! It's only an inch or two away."

There I was, naked on my knees with my own massive hard-on, staring at Alan's manhood. Lusting for his cock. I was sexually excited not by the sight or touch of a woman. Or, the feel of her soft breasts, or the desire to slide my penis into her slick, moist, and ready pussy. I was excited like never before, by the sight of a man, and the need to taste his cum! I was more interested in having Alan's cock in my mouth than in my own orgasm. It seemed that my erotic pleasure was coming from Alan's hard penis, and my desire to have him cum in my mouth! I felt like I might cum just by having Alan ease his penis in my mouth! I was trembling with excitement thinking about having Alan's erection penetrate my very soul. The image of every vein, the large, smooth, bulbous head, Alan's balls, his naked body were being burned into my memory. I looked at the head of his penis for a while and was amazed to watch a dollop of pre-cum emerge from the piss slit while I was watching. Alan's hard penis looked so good, so perfect. He twitched and an erotic chill passed through me as I moved a little closer. I wanted so desperately to do it. I had to do it. Had to feel it in my mouth, taste my first penis, and then his warm slick emissions!

Alan whispered even softer, "That's it Ed. You're just about there, sucking your first cock. ... Just kiss it. Kiss it anywhere. Let it happen. I'm here for you. Here to give you your fantasy. It's what you've dreamt about for so long. Now you'll have it. You'll finally know what it's like. My gift to you. ... Do it!"

I seemed to be in a trance, hyptomized by Alan's words. I moved as close as I could without touching. I puckered my lips, and kissed the base of Alan's penis. Instantly a shock wave of sexual energy ran through me. My face flushed red, and my heart skipped a beat. I felt myself changing, becoming truly gay, and it felt like nothing I ever experienced before. My own cock got a little harder and dripped as I kissed my first cock. The weight of not knowing was being lifted from my shoulders. It felt amazing! It felt good!! I wanted more!!! Shivers of excitement reverberated through me. The incredible forbidden pleasures of homosexuality were beig revealed!

Alan gasped with pleasure too. I heard him the instant my lips touched his shaft. "Kiss it again Ed, or maybe lick it. I need to feel your warm mouth surround my cock, and I know you want to do it. ... Ed, you're so close."

I kissed the shaft again, a little higher. This time my kiss lingered. I extended my tongue and licked the shaft. Again and again I kissed and tasted the private flesh of Alan's hard penis. Every kiss sent an erotic chill through me. And with each kiss, I moved just a little higher on Alan's penis. I was going to do "it!"

"Oh ya Ed. That's good! You're almost there, almost at the head. Another kiss or two and you'll be able to let it in your mouth. Then all you have to do is part your lips and let it in!"

Chills and erotic jubilation were surging through me. I was about to suck a cock, Alan's cock! I wanted to do it! I had to do it!! On the next kiss, I felt the prominate ridge of the head of Alan's penis against the corner of my mouth. I licked more of the side, savoring the feel of the ridge, and part of the head gliding across my tongue. With that kiss came my first tast of some of Alan's pre-cum that was flowing so nicely! It was amazing!

"Mmmmmmmm! You're so good Ed! Just open your mouth now, and let it in. Let it in! This is it Ed. Suck it. Taste it. You ca do it! I need it! And so do you!!"

I kissed the very tip of Alan's penis, feeling more of Alan's pre-cum ooze on to my lips. Then I gave Alan's penis a long lick across the entire head. I tasted a lot of Alan's pre-cum that time, it was warm and slick. Again I kissed the tip, and drew in more pre-cum. Then I parted my lips and extended my tongue to guide it in my mouth. I slowly drew the head in my mouth! I wanted to finally do "it" so badly! I felt the ridge graze my upper lip as I cradled the head on my tongue. At that moment, I closed my lips around the shaft. Alan's manhood was sealed in my mouth. I had a cock in my mouth, Alan's cock, for the very first time. More erotic chills surged through me! It was increible!!

"Ohhhhhhhh, Ed!! You did it. You're sucking my cock! ... Ohhhhhhhh, Ed that feels so good."

Alan put his hand on the back of my head, and urged me to take more. I yielded, and slowly took in as much as I could! It felt firm, but soft; warm, and increibly exciting to have Alan's shaft pass between my lips, glide along my tongue, and fill my mouth. I liked the way it felt!

"Ohhhhhhhh, Ed; that's so GOOD! So warm. So wet. SO NICE!! ... Don't stop!!"

I didn't want to stop. Now I moved with the desire to stimulare Alan as much as I could. I'd take it as deep as possible, and other times, cradle just the head with my lips, and move my tonge across the piss slit collecting the endless drool of Alan's pre-cum. A moment later, Alan's penis was rhythmically moving in and out of my mouth! I sucked Alan's cock for a few minutes, until Alan spoke.

"Ed, now you have to stop, or I'll cum! And, I don't want to cum yet! Please STOP!!"

I stopped. I slowly let Alan's penis slip out of my mouth. Sucking Alan's cock was exciting like nothing I had ever done before. However, I told myself that next time, I won't stop! I need to feel Alan's cum, his sperm, explode into my mouth.

Alan stepped back and moved to the bed, where he layed down. He looked so good on his back offering his body to me. I walked a little closer, and just looked at Alan. I couldn't help but notice the latest drops of pre-cum dribbling from his piss-slit.

"You're oozing."

Alan nodded as he caught his breath, and then opened his legs for a better view. I walked to the side of of the bed.

"Alan, you don't know how much I enjoyed having you in my mouth, and how much I need to do 'it' again!"

"I know. And, I need it too! This desire is so strong," Alan commented back. "But, it was going too fast."

I wondered why we waited so long to get together.

I put my right hand on Alan's knee, and my left on his stomach as I stood next to Alan. He seemed to shiver as I moved my hands closer to his penis. I moved my right hand along his leg, and my left downward over his stomach. Alan closed his eyes and took a deep breath as I gently caressed his balls with my right hand, and lightly caressed his shaft with my left.

"Mmmmmmmm. You're oozing some more," I commented as I continued to massage his cock.

"It feels so good, Ed. Men, or maybe you, really do know what feels better," Alan commented back.

"I think we want the same things, loving gay sex with someone who is interested in his partner's plesaure as much as his own. Or, maybe it's because we want the same things. We're both 'cock-suckers.' We crave the feel of a hard cock in our mouth or ass, and the fresh, warm, moist cum that it gives us! And that forbidden 'gay' experience!"

I continued to stroke Alan's cock. On the next up-stroke, Alan oozed an incredible amount of clear pre-cum. So much, that the head of his cock was completely covered. I ran my right index finger through the slick fluid, and Alan gasped. Then I leaned over, kissed the head, and then licked up all of Alan's emissions. I wanted to taste and feel Alan's cock in my mouth again. I pointed his manhood at the ceiling, opened my mouth, and decend on his penis, warming and stimulating the head with my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head, collecting all of the clear slick pre-cum. My own cock seemed to get harder the instant Alan's penis entered my mouth. When I pulled off of Alan's erection, I swallowed. More of Alan's sexual essence was part of me now.

"You taste so good," I said with a smile.

"Thanks. It feels so good. And there's something really amazing about being with you!"

I liked hearing that.

"I think it is amazing too!"

I slowly licked Alan's shaft from the base to the tip. It felt so erotic and stimulating. I surrounded the head of his penis with my lips again! Then I slowly took as much as I could as I decended on Alan's cock as far as I could. I caressed his shaft with my lips and flicked my tongue on the head. At the same time I caressed his balls, hips, and ass with my hands and finges. Again, I took as much as I could, and then didn't move for a while. I was savoring the moment, the experience; locking details away in my memory. In the days and weeks ahead, I would remember as much as possible and masturbate to the erotic spell of my first time with a man.

"Ed, that feels SO GOOD! If you keep that up, I'll cum very soon."

I slowly let Alan's penis slip from my mouth and continued to caress his penis with my hand, as I told him, "I want you to cum! I want you to cum in my mouth Alan. Just let it happen. Cum for me. Don't hold back. Try to cum if you can. Enjoy and savor what I'm doing! I want it! I need it!!" I slipped his penis back in my mouth. I needed to feel Alan cum in my mouth!

I felt my own penis uncontrolably twitch, and I'm sure drip some of my own pre-cum, as I slipped Alan's penis back in my mouth! I was going to be "spermed!!"

Alan didn't ask me to stop this time. As I continued to suck his cock, Alan seemed to moan and move with renewed passion and urgency. I was going to give him an orgasm with my mouth.

"Oh ya Ed," he sighed. "That's it! Oh, OHHHHHH! ... Here it cums, ... Oh, ... ED! AAAAAAHHHH I'M CUMMINGGGGG!!"

Alan uncontrolably moved his hips, and thrust his penis a little deeperin my mouth. I wrapped my lips around the shaft not wanting to loose any of his cum! As Alan moaned in extacy, I felt his shaft throb and expand against my lips just a little. A fraction of a second later, my mouth felt VERY wet as it became saturated and filled with a warm slick fluid, Alan's cum and sperm! It surged across my tongue, some hitting the back of my mouth. My heart stopped, and then beat rapidly. My head was spinning, and flashes seemed to be going off in my eyes. My mouth was warm and wet, and the slick cum seemed to tingle in my mouth!! I'd finally done it. All of the years fantasizing about doing it could not compare to this moment of actually having Alan cum in my mouth!! "OH MY GOD!, I'VE REALLY SUCKED A COCK TO COMPLETION!!!," I thought. Now I had that memory of sucking a cock and having it ejaculate in my mouth. I now knew the erotic satisfaction of a cock erupting in my mouth! It was incredible!! I swallowed the first load. Alan's sperm was in me. I felt it go down my throat! Again and again Alan ejaculated his war fertile sperm into my mouth. I took it all! Alan oozed a final time, and I held his penis in my mouth until the dribbles stopped and he began to soften. Then, ever so slowly, I pulled away still holding some of Alan's warm cum in my mouth.

Alan smiled at me, but I couldn't smile back without loosing some of his sperm. I only looked at Alan and moved closer. Our eyes were locked on each other. A bond was being made, as I moved closer and closer to Alan. When he was less than an inch away, we starred into each other's eyes. Alan didn't move. A second later, my lips touched Alan's, and I was eroticaly kissing a man for the first time. His lips were different than any woman's. I pressed a little harder, and our mouths were joined in a kiss, and our lips made a seal. Alan shivered a bit when I parted my lips and touched my tongue to his mouth. Alan parted his lips, and we kissed as lovers. I felt Alan's surprise when I eased some of his fresh sperm into his mouth. I remembered how erotic it was when my wife did it to me years ago. I wanted Alan to feel the same intense reaction. Alan didn't pull away. Our kiss lingering, and we exchanged Alan's cum many times as our tongues danced in each other's mouths. But, after a minute or two, the kiss ended, and we both swallowed the erotic elixir of our first gay act!

I rolled to my right and laid next to Alan. I looked into his eyes and wondered what we would do next?

I smiled and asked, "You OK?"

"Yes. But, I'm not sure what to do ..."

"Just relax. Enjoy the release of a good orgasm."

"It's just that after I cum, my desire is gone."

"I know. It happens to me too. It will come back. ... Was it a good cum?"

"Oh ya! I think it was the most intense experience since the first time I had sex. What about you?"

"It was incredible! I think my heart stopped twice, first when your penis touched my lips, and I kew I was going to do it. Then when you came! I sware, I felt it reverberate through me. And, your penis felt very natural and good in my mouth! I think you'll enjoy it too. ... Feeling any better?"

"A little. Talking is helping. What was it like when I came in your mouth?"

"It isn't like anything else I've ever felt. It was my goal to give you that ultimate pleasure, and to tast, feel, and experience male sex. I don't think the majority of men or women want their lover's cum in their mouth. But, I needed to feel it, taste it, and discover that part of me, and I guess I'm different because I wanted to swallow. It was my fantasy to do that."

"Yes, but what did it feel like? What was running through your mind?"

"I kept on thinking, 'this is it!' I'm finally having sex with a man, with Alan! It feels so good. I concentrated on the feel of the head and the ridge against my tongue, and the shaft sliding between my lips. I wanted it to feel good for you and it was awakening my homosexual desires. I knew you were just about there because you were letting me know what was happening to you. I liked hearing your comments. I wasn't surprised when you were about to cum. When you did cum, I felt your penis throb one moment, then the next my mouth became VERY wet with your warm slick sperm. A sexual surge passed through me the instant you came ..., VERY EROTIC! Like I said, I thought my heart stopped at that moment. I had to make that moment, our first act a part of me, so I swallowed! Part of you was in me now!!"

I reached over to Alan and stroked his penis, and it seemed to swell just a bit. Alan reached out and wrapped his fingers around my penis.

"That feels good," I said. "Feeling better?"


I rolled on my back and said, "do what you'd like. This is our day to discover."

Alan rolled to his left and caressed my body. It felt so good. Alan adjusted himself on the bed and brought his head closer to my penis."

"You want to tast too?," I asked.

After a short pause, Alan said, "I want to, but I am so nervous. And, I' not sure exactly what to do."

"Just do what you are ready to do. ... I was so nervous, and wasn't totally sure what to do either! But ... Alan, ... It was so incredible having you in my mouth. Your warm, firm erection felt so natural and good. ... And, when you came!!! ... AMAZING!!!!"

"Ed, I'm gonna try. It's so different being here, than when it was just an e-mail or looking at porn."

"I know. ... I also know that I'd regret not doing it tomorrow or the next day. It's what we've been thinking and dreaming about for years!"

Alan moved closer, and my heart skipped another beat. I needed to cum, and the thought of Alan trying it, and the possibility of cumming in his mouth was exciting. Not only for my own sexual pleasure, but because Alan had said it was one of his fantasies too. If he' do it, I thought that the chance of doing it again would be good. We would both be crossing those forbidden lines, doing what could never be undone. Alan had satisfied my greatest homosexual curosity by meeting today, and then when he; with caring passion, allowed me to suck his cock to completion. We were both "gay virgins" when we met. I easily imagined Alan backing out. His nervous anxiety was testamony to that. But now, wanting to "try" and experience it too, was exciting for me. I needed to cum, and I could return the incredible erotic satisfaction of homosexual discovery to Alan. Our "love" would only grow by sharing, learning, and experiencing the intense sexual pleasures we have fantasized about for so many years!

Alan kissed the head of my penis. I lost my breath, and my heart skipped another beat. I was sure Alan was getting the same flashes or erotic bliss I got when his penis touched my lips.

Again Alan kissed the tip, and then licked the head. I had to tell him, "that feels good."

I heard Alan with a soft satisfying moan, "mmmmmmmmm."

A moment later, I watched the head of my penis disappear in Alan's mouth! ALAN HAD DONE IT! And, oh did it feel GOOD!

I didn't want to break the mood, so I just laid back and enjoyed the glorious sensations of the first gay oral love I ever received. Alan was moving slowly. He'd just hold my penis in his mouth sometimes. I loved the warm wet feeling that surrounded my cock. A few times, Alan rubbed his cheeks, chin, nose, or lips against the shaft or the head, as I oozed in satisfying response. Alan also liked to caress my balls, and that sensitive area between the balls and my ass. It all felt so FANTASTIC!!
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My Fantasy Photoshoot

"Are you sure you want to do this?"
"Yes" replied my pretty young wife, "It's your birthday and I want to fulfil your fantasy." And with that she leaned in and give me a long smouldering kiss. I loved her so much!
"Ok, I'll make the arrangements for Friday night."
With that, she got up off the sofa beside me and headed off to the bathroom for her evening shower. I logged straight onto xhamster. I checked my contacts, and Derek was online.
"Hi Derek, you know I told you about my fantasy? Julie's agreed to do it! You interested in being the model??"
I had to wait a few minutes before I got a reply.
"Hi Dave, I was just having a nice slow wank over your wife,s photo's. Are you for real?! I'd love to help you fulfil your fantasy!"
"Yeah of course, its all for me, you,ll be getting nothing from it will you Derek! ;) "
We made the arrangements, Derek was gonna arrive at 8pm Friday. I was so excited!I couldn,t believe this was actually gonna happen after having been my fantasy for so long!

Friday night came, Julie was fresh from the shower and dressed in a pair of her tight fitting jeans and a crocheted style pullover. She was starting her second glass of red wine, helping her relax.
For those of you who haven,t seen my wife,s photo's, she's a 27 year old brunette, about 5ft6, 8 stone, size 8, with a beautiful pair of pert 34B breasts, topped off with amazing sensitive nipples. I have a fetish for her slender feminine hands and wrists. Her hands look so erotic wrapped around my thick cock, her slow sensual hand jobs are unbelievable!

There was a knock at the door, I opened it and in stepped Derek. Derek was about my age, 35, tall, well built and in possession of a 9 inch BBC!
"Julie, your model is here!" I hand Derek a cold beer, and ushered him to a seat opposite Julie.
"OK, just to run through the rules again," I said to both of them, "This is my fantasy photoshoot. I will be asking you to both pose in various positions, in vary states of undress. You can also improvise. But remember, there is one rule, The rule, NO PENETRATION!! You can touch, stroke, caress each others bodies with your hands, you can brush your lips over one anothers bodies, but no penetration, virginal, anal, or oral. Derek, if you can stick to these rules, Julie will finish you off with one of her amazing hand jobs, your choice where you shoot your load. Ok?"
"Thats cool with me Dave!" Derek replied.
I turned to Julie, she was nodding, but her eyes were fixed on the growing bulge in Dereks jeans. I smiled, and grabbed my camera. "Julie, why don't you help Derek relax a little." With that she slipped her slender hands up the back of her crocheted top and unclipped her bra, pulling the straps out down each sleeve before pulling her bra out from under her top. the outline of her bare pert breasts were clearly visible under her top, her stiffening nipples poking through the crocheted material. Derek made an audible gasp, and shifted a little in he's seat. He's cock must of been swelling. I smiled, turned my camera on. "Julie, why don't you go help Derek out of he's clothes. She got up, eyes still fixed on Dereks ever grow bulge, and stepped over to him, her breasts slightly swaying, and knealt between Dereks open legs. She placed her hands on he's knee's and slowly slid them up the inside of he's thighes. I started clicking on my camera, getting a nice close up as her delicate hands reached Dereks crotch, cupping he's impressive package. Her finger tips found he's belt buckle, and unhitched it, pulled down he's zipper, and with Dereks help, wriggled him out of he's jeans. Julie worked her slender pale hands back up Dereks dark muscular legs. Dereks thick meaty cock looked to be fully erect, laying horizontal across he's left thigh, snug in he's tight white boxers.
"Julie, tease him a little" I said. I zoomed in as Julie leaned forward, and started kissing Dereks cock through the material of he's boxers, slowly working her way along the thick shaft towards the swollen head. "Click, click" I was getting some great photo's already, Julie was looking so aroused, Derek looked in 7th heaven!
Julie slowly stood and leaned into Derek, brushing her braless breasts against Dereks cheeks, He's lips found one of her nipples poking through her top, and he chased it as she moved back and forth across he's face. "Click, click, click!"

"Derek, help Julie out of her top." He didn't need asking twice!He's hands grabbed the material at the base of her top and lifted, Julie helped, and she was soon stood there topless. There is something undeniably sexy about a beautiful woman stood in just jeans, "Click."
"Help him with he's shirt Julie." Julie reached down, took one of he's big hands in both of her petite slender hands and raised it to her right breast. Derek started to massage her breast as she reached down again and unbuttoned he's shirt, sliding it off over he's strong shoulders. Julie then unbuttoned her Jeans and wriggled out of them. Both Derek and I gasped, as I realised she had chosen my favourite knickers, a white thong, lacy and mostly see through, allowing a teasing glimpse of her neatly trimmed pussy underneath. "Click, click click!" Dereks hands slipped down from her breasts, down over her slim toned waist and reached around to cup her perfect bare arse cheeks, giving them a gentle squeeze, "Click"

"Julie, I think its time to set that cock free." She eagerly responded, bending over at her waist, thrusting her arse out me, her right hand slipping inside those tight boxers and encircling he's thick hard shaft.
"Oh Dave, It's so thick I can barely touch my thumb with my finger!" She grabbed the waistband of he's boxers and pulled them down, he's big angry cock springing free, with a grunt from Derek. The look of awe on Julie's pretty face was a picture... "Click, click!"
Julie sank to her knees again, grasping that thick shaft, thicker than her delicate wrists, and slowly started stroking it. Derek had already been oozing pre-cum, and soon he's shaft was sparkling with it as Julie worked her hands over he's cock, "Click, click, click"
She leant in and started brushing he's big shiny head against her cheeks, running the tip all around her open mouth. "Julie, remember the rules!!"
"I know, but I can lick can't I?" I nodded my approval, and focused my camera on her mouth, zooming in tightly. Out came her nimble tongue, and started to trace around the head of Dereks cock. A string of he's pre-cum stretched to the top of her tongue as she briefly pulled away, "click." She pursed her beautiful pouty lips together and pressed them against that big dark swollen head. Derek through he's head back, clearly trying to keep control. He was sweating profusely."Slow down Julie, we don't want him cumming yet!"

Julie backed out, and gently but firmly push Derek back so he was laying on the sofa. She then climbed on, straddling him and laid on top of him. The contrast of her milky white skin against Dereks dark muscles was amazing, her breasts pressed against he's chest, bulging out from under her arm pits, "click, click." She reached back and under her peachy arse, fumbling for he's cock. Suddenly up sprung he's thick cock between her thighes, the head clearly visible above her arse. She started pushing back against it, rubbing her pussy against it, burying her face in he's chest, "click." She reached back grasping he's cock again, and worked it into and through her thong, he's thick veiny cock held tight against her smooth cheeks by the material of her thong, "Click, click, click."

Derek reached down grasping the thin piece of material and started tugging it down. Julie obliged him, helping him remove her last item of clothing. She then raised herself up, kneeling above him, reaching down and took a grip of Dereks impressive cock, lifting it and starting rubbing it up and down her clearly very sodden pussy! Julie's pussy gets so very wet when she is aroused! "Click" It wasn't long before some of her juices were trickling down the length of Dereks cock. Her nipples were rock hard, standing out like bullets. Derek started massaging them, squeezing her pert breasts.Julie was starting to nudge Dereks cock against her pussy, her lips parting around he's head, "Julie, the rules!" Julie let out a big sigh as she released he's cock, it falling hard flat against he's stomach with a whack! She lowered herself down pressing her pussy against he's shaft and started to slowly glide up and down its length, smearing him in her juices, "click, click, click."

My own cock was unbearably hard by now, oozinng profusely, as I watched my sexy wife driving this well hung man wild. "Ok Honey, I think we need to take a break, let Derek cool down a little. Julie reluctantly clambered off Derek, her slender fingers lovingly trailing along Dereks 9 inches. Julie sat on her chair, naked, as Derek sat himself up, "wow, she's incredible Dave, So sensual, so intense!" I just gave him a knowing wink.

We all had a few more sips of our drinks, as we all cooled down a little, Derek was starting to fall to half mast, my boxers were starting to feel a little less tight, Julie's nipples softened.

"Can I suggest the shower next?" I asked, Dereks eyes lit up, Julie smiled and nodded. We had recently had a wet room fitted, with the shower effectively in the middle of the bathroom, giving plenty of space. Derek and I both followed Julie's naked arse up the stairs to the bathroom, catching glimpses of her pussy between her long legs. Julie turned on the taps, the water initially cold, causing goose bumps all over her skin, her nipples erecting immediately! She looks so sexy wet. Derek stepped under the shower, next to Julie, he's cock still at half mast, its head brushing against her tight stomach. Derek Started running he's hands all over Julie's wet body, I started taking photo's, "click, click"
Julie turned and backed up against Derek, he's now fully hard cock pointing straight up between her cheeks. Julie arched her back, looking up at Derek towering over her, and started to grind her arse against he's thick shaft. Derek reach around caressing her slim toned body, "Click"
I handed Derek the body wash, and he duly started soaping up Julie's body, groping her breasts, massaging her waist, and stroking her pussy. Julie was starting to whimper, biting her lip. "Please Dave.."
No Julie, no penetration" I said sternly, anticipating her question! She moan out loud and turn to face Derek, yet again falling to her knee's, grasping he's wet soapy cock, and started stroking him, "Click, click, click!"
After several minutes of Julie stroking, kissing, licking, teasing he's cock, Derek turned to me, "Dave, I'm not gonna last much longer!"
"Julie, finish him, drain him!"
Julie picked up her pace a little, she was level with he's mighty cock, its tip just an inch from her lips. "Where do you want to come, big boy," she ask Derek, "Do you want to cum all over my pretty little face?" Derek just grunted he's approval, looking down at her, her slender soft fingers grasping he's thick cock, working him. "Click, click, click, click"
Derek let out a low long moan, he's cock started to throb in Julie's hand, and second later a big thick rope of cum landed across Julie's right cheekbone. Three other ropes of cum soon landed on Julies face, I was just holding my finger down on the shutter button, catching every moment. Once Derek was done, Julie leant in and kissed he's cock, rubbing he's softening head all over her lips.

Five minutes later, Derek was dried off, dressed and heading for the door, a big grin on he's face. Julie was still under the shower, freshening up. I slipped out of my clothes, (not easy with my rock hard cock!) and stepped into the shower behind her. "Happy birthday Dave" she said with a smirk on her face. She grabbed my cock, and guided my to her entrance. No surprise I Slipped into her tight pussy with ease, she was so aroused, so wet, so hot. I pushed her to the far wall of the bathroom, and took her there, stood up, her climaxing on my cock within seconds. It wasn't long before I let out a loud grunt and flooded her pussy, my cum oozing out and running down her thighes. "Click"
We both spun around and there was Derek, stood in the doorway with my camera!
"Derek!!" we both shouted!!

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My fantasy!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been suppressed by this fantasy for far too long. This is my fantasy, hopefully yours also. I'm real. I'm not fat, a perv, or ugly. I'm pretty skinny and "cute" as I've been told. No age limit applies, just be older, please. I can be dominate or sub in this fantasy. A s****r would also work.

Back when he was only just a c***d, Aunt Doe, knew he would grow up to be a very cute, and handsome man. One day she thought. One day I’ll get my chance to truly show him how I really feel about him. As the years went by, Aunt Doe, would always stop over for birthdays, holidays, and even an occasional weekend or two just to see her nephew grow before his eyes (thinking, I’d like to see something else grow). After she left her nephew’s house, she’d immediately start fingering herself in the car on the way home. She’d be weaving in and out of traffic, but, knowing as nasty as she is, her finger was always inside and the other hand was on the wheel. She’d pull her fingers out and start sucking them, savoring her own juices wishing she could have her nephew empty his load inside her. As the years passed, when her nephew became a teenager, she’d always tease him. She’d wear a low cut dress, tank top, or sheer blouses, just to see his reaction. Since his parents were around, she always had a jacket on top of her revealing clothes, she knew better than that. To her surprise, he thought nothing of it. Does he not like me? She thinks to herself. I think I’m hot, why doesn’t he? He was always shy, but, around his auntie, he treated her like she was his own mom. He told everything to her instead of his own parents. He even told her the day he cheated. Not even his parents knew. She was always there for him, no matter what. She’s starting to think that nothing would develop and she’d have to masturbate with thoughts of him every night. Just a few days before going off to college, the parents and friends were all at his house. This is it, I have to let him know or show him that I fucking want his cock pounding deep inside my wet, tight pussy. People were snapping pics and he couldn’t get a chance to get away. Finally, in front of everyone, she grabs him and tells everyone that she needs to talk to him. Everyone knew that they were very close so they just carried on, not knowing that she was going to do something really naughty, dirty, and nasty. She has him against the wall, opens her jacket to reveal her hard nipples. "This is what you’re doing to me. You’re so damn cute." “Auntie Doe, but, you’re my aunt.” “I know that, and you’re my nephew. I’ve seen you grown up and I was always there for you wasn’t I? Well, I won’t be seeing you for about 4-5 years and I just have to do something so you won't forget about me.” She grabs him by the back of his head, and kisses him passionately. He hesitates, closing his mouth. She grabs his ass, nope, that didn’t work. She reaches around and sticks her hands down his pants and grabs his cock. That worked. He opens his mouth to kiss her back. What a great kisser he is with those full set of lips. She’s feeling his tongue and has her tongue down his throat. They kiss for what seemed like hours. “He says to her, Auntie, I’m going away to college and when I come home, maybe we can finish what we were about to start.”

While in college, they continue to email, she always knew how to get him to cum as well as herself. Phone sex is safe, for now, it'll do. She’s always dripping wet when they talk by email, phone, or text each other. “I can’t wait until you’re back.” “Auntie.” “Yes” “I have a girlfriend.” “What?!?” “Yes, I have a girlfriend. She treats me really well. We’re starting to develop something.” “Have you guys had sex?” “It’s not like that Auntie, we’re taking it slow. She’s a virgin and so am I. I’m only 19 (I’m not really 19, but, I can pass for it).” “I know.” “To tell you the truth , I’ve always wanted to be your first. I’ve been waiting for that day for so long. I want your cock inside my wet pussy. I want to feel your hands caressing my breasts, and nipples, and that kiss, I want you to kiss me like you did that day.” Several years go by of the same thing. They are revealing more about this taboo relationship and are carrying on the relationship daily hoping one day they’ll have each other. One day he tells his Auntie that he broke up with his girlfriend and graduation is around the corner. He’ll be coming home in a few months. “So , you’re finally there, you’re about to graduate, congratulations. I’m sorry to hear about your breakup” “Thank you Auntie Doe and about her, it just didn’t work out” “Just call me Jane.” “Okay Jane.” “Around everyone else, you need to still call me Auntie Doe.” “Okay.” “Did you have sex with anyone Auntie?” “No, I’ve saved myself for you. Honestly, I’ve thought about it, but I couldn’t do it. You’re always on my mind since that day you kissed me and I’ve been wanting more, I just couldn’t tell you, because it was so wrong. I’ve watched a lot of porn though. I’ve kept myself busy, LOL. When you get back, you’re stopping by my place first.”

The day has come, he’s going be on his way to her house soon. She prepares the bed with new sheets and has candles lit. It’s his first time after all. He saved himself for me. I can’t believe he did that. He really does care about me. Can I keep him as my lover she thought? Quite possibly. The doorbell rings. She’s wearing her favorite lingerie and has her toes painted to match her lingerie. She went through a lot of preparation for this day. He shows up in slacks, and a dress shirt. “Hi Jane.” “Hi.” “Come on in, have a seat, relax and I’ll take your coat. Do you want anything to drink?” “Just water. Thank you Jane.” “Hold on, I’ll be right back.” He’s so nervous, not knowing what will happen. He knew this day would come, but, didn’t think it would be this soon. He watched a lot of porn. He’s seen lesbians, older women, squirting, anal, and lots of toes and footjobs. He also wanted to see what it was like to lick on his Auntie’s clit and pussy. I wonder what she would taste like. I wonder if she’ll let me try out a few things and explore. Wait, what if I’m not that good? She comes back with his water. “Thank you Jane.” He gulps the water down. “Someone’s thirsty.” “I’m just a little nervous.” “Relax.” "Jane?" "Yes." "I bought these roses for you." "Why thank you, let me go put these in water." She has her lingerie on and her fuck me heels. Her robe is slipping off revealing her sheer lingerie. Her nipples are hard and her clit is a little hard. She comes back and goes to the couch to sit down. She’s got one hand on the couch, tilting her head and holding her head up. Her legs are crossed on the couch. He’s sitting there, almost shaking. “I won’t bite. Come here.” She grabs him and pulls him on top of her. The smell of her perfume, not too strong, just right. He’s instantly hard. “I guess you really do want your Auntie, don’t you?” “Um, yes Jane.” He doesn’t know what to do first. He was told by his friends about sex. He ignored all his thoughts. He gently holds her and they both are lying on the couch, him on top of her. He brushes her hair as he goes in for the kiss. He brushes her hair and doesn’t close his eyes.

They’re looking deep into each other. He gets harder and harder. She can feel it through his slacks. They continue to kiss as he reaches for her breast and cups them and slowly pulls on them. He moves away from kissing her to licking her neck and nibbling gently. He runs his hands down her legs and moves back to her pussy. He rubs her clit through her panties. “Jane, you’re so wet already.” “It’s because I’ve been waiting for this day and it’s finally here. You’re a handsome man and I’m going to show you how to make love to a real woman.” They both sit up and he takes his shoes, socks, and dress shirt off. She helps him all the way. He then removes his undershirt and she helps him with his boxers. “Don’t be nervous.” She lays him down and starts to suck on his rock hard cock. He’s brushing her hair with his hands and feeling for her nipples. He moans and moans. She’s slurping and sucking and teasing his balls. He moves up, to remove her robe, then her lingerie. They’re both naked now. He lays her down and he gets on top. He feels for her pussy. “Wrong hole.” “Oops, sorry Jane.” “It’s okay, I like that too, just not right now.” She grabs his cock as they’re kissing passionately to guide him inside her. The first thrust is a like a tidal wave of passion. “ Mmmmmm Jane, you feel so good.” He’s slowly penetrating her with slow motions and kissing her and sucking on her tongue. She spreads her legs just a little bit wider as she wants her pussy to be a little tight to feel him penetrating her and fucking her. He’s grinding his cock deep. “Oh yes, deeper. Deeper. This is what you’ve always wanted. Fuck your Auntie Doe.” “You feel so good Jane. Your pussy is so tight and wet. My cock feels so good fucking your wet and tight pussy.” Mmmmmmmmm She grinds with him. It’s like they’ve known how this day would feel and they’re in rhythm with each other. Her legs are wrapped around him. “Deeper. Fuck me harder.” “Yes Jane.” He’s fucking her passionately and thrusting harder and harder. She’s dripping wet and she knows she’s about to explode all over his cock. “Keep going, keep going.” “I’m about to cum.” “Me too Jane.” “Oh fuck me. Yes, yes. Harder. That’s it. Yes. Yes.” They both cum at the same time. He unloads his cum deep inside her pussy and she explodes all over his rock hard cock. “Wow Auntie, you’re really wet.” She doesn’t say a word as she just grabs his back close to her and her body is still trembling and shaking from her orgasm. To her surprise, he’s still hard. She wants to keep going, but, they need to take a rest. She just holds him close to her and they kiss passionately with him still inside her. “How was it for my first time Auntie?” “You were great, but, there’s more that I need to show and teach you. Like about that wrong hole, I’d love to give my ass to you.”... Continue»
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So I texted the wife my fantasy.

So the other night I was horny. Nothing new there, but I'm tired of masterbating. I decided to text the fantasy I was about to imagine and figured I'd wait for her reactions:

When she came home I made her read back to me the message while I fingered her pussy.

Text message:
"So the fantasy I had. We are having a few drinks. Bonfire. Friends are over and it's getting late. People are starting to get up and say goodbye. Couple people picking up chairs. You tell people don't worry about it we will get it. I'm sitting by fire sipping a beer.

You head into the house. You stumble along the way and I can tell you're well buzzed. You go to the bedroom and put on some sweats and a tshirt. I make my way towards the house as you come back to the kitchen. Standing at the fridge you are looking on the bottom shelf for a beer when you feel hands on your hips. You push back and nuzzle your ass against a hard lump. You say you feeling horny baby? A guy responds well actually I am. You are alarmed as you turn around and realize it's not me.

Just then I come walking in from the garage. You push away slightly and say baby! I stand there and you immediately laugh and say it was an accident.

I ask what you are talking about and you walk towards me and kiss me. I start giving you tongue and you break away nervously. Looking at the stranger you apologize and he says it's okay I like it. You laugh and look at me and I say to the man would you like to kiss her? You look at me and are irritated and smirking and say yeah right! I motion to him as he walks near you push away and say nooo! Quit playing around, it's not funny. Just then I lean in and kiss you and you kiss back. As you feel me grabbing your tit and another hand rubbing your pussy through your sweats. You are turned on and go to push back as you realize you are d***k and oblivious to your company. As you open your eyes you feel my hand creep inside your panties and start fingering your soaking wet pussy. You hate to admit it but this new situation has tested you and turned you on. That's when you see the stranger is fingering you while I kiss you. "

*at this point she is soaking wet. She would normally be pissed off at this point for even trying to get her to think about a situation like this. So I continue fingering her as I tell her to keep reading.*

Text continues:
"You are upset and angered but it feels so good and you realize I'm totally going along with it and you suddenly feel a bit at ease and a rush of adrenaline. You see me undressing and sliding off my pants as the other guy unzips his jeans and you see a large bulge in his boxer briefs. You think to yourself this is so wrong but your buzz is feeling good and you give in anyways. I'm kissing you and you're stroking my cock, while the stranger is fingering you and he pulls his cock free. You gasp and don't look at it. You look back at me and I whisper it's okay. Touch him. You hesitate and the grab him. You are playing with him. He is larger than me, and you feel the warmth pulsing through his shaft."

*at this point I am kissing her neck and playing with her tits. My cock is throbbing and oozing with Precum. Hearing her read my fantasy out loud while feeling her pussy drench itself. I start to mount her and tell her to keep reading. I slowly slide my cock in her while thinking of her in this situation of lust and d***ken primal urges.*

Text continues:
"I whisper in your ear.. I wanna see you fuck him. You say no! That's wrong we need to stop. I keep kissing you and tell you to relax and just enjoy yourself. It's okay I love you. I squeeze your hand and say now fuck him ;) you let your panties drop down and start to spread your thighs. You are now realizing how turned on all this is making you and fighting your inner voice. You also realize you are incredibly wet and only love once. You feel the tip of his cock as it slides along your lips. You want him, you want to feel him, you want to take him. He starts to penetrate you and you gasp and look at me. I kiss you hard and you feel me growing even harder in your hands. You are so turned on and can tell I'm getting off watching you get fucked by a hard, throbbing, thick, cock."

*I came deep inside her while imagining her taking a strangers cock between her thighs and milking it relentlessly. Someone come fuck her with me. She loved this story and came all over me minutes after finishing reading the last words out loud. ... Continue»
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Today I fulfilled my fantasy of sex with an older

This morning I got online and started checking out the latest uploads on Xhamster. The uploads were unusually nasty and they really got me incredibly horny. So around 11:30 I decided to go for a run. As I was running back up to my apartment building after my 4 mile run I met Frank at the door. Frank is the retired guy who hangs out at the complex swimming pool on hot days. I have talked to him at the pool quiet a few times. I love to tease him with my skimpy bikinis. I think he might creep some of the other women out a little, but I really like him. There always seems to be room at the pool by Frank, so I always lay next to him. Lately I have asked him to put sun screen on my back for me. He loves it. I love teasing him, so it works. I sort of feel sorry for him. He is been divorced for like 20 years and his two k**s don't speak to him. I joke with him at the pool that he can be my daddy as long as he does such a good job putting sunscreen on my back.

Anyway I am super excited to see Frank because it is really humid and I know I have sweat enough to make my skin look really good in my favorite running outfit. I really do tease Frank too much sometimes. Frank has groceries so I ask him playfully, ¨what is for lunch?¨ He says he just ate and asks me if I am going to the pool later. I can tell he wants to spend some time looking at me laying out. I can tell he stares at me behind his dark sunglasses. I tell him I would love to, but I don't want my tan lines to get any deeper. I tell him about a dress I'm wearing for a wedding in August that will show my strap lines on my shoulders and back. I tell him I really should just pay for a tanning salon, but I am too cheap to do that in the summer. I tell him if the deck off my apartment got any sun in the summer, I could just lay out there and get rid of my tan lines. But my deck is in the shaded side of the building in the summer. Frank tells me his deck is always in the sun all summer in the afternoons. I ask him if it is a private deck or can a lot of people see you? He tells me it is on the top floor and only one neighbor might see, but he doesn't think so. So, I ask...¨any chance of letting me use your deck for awhile today?¨ I smile. I can tell Frank realizes what this means as he says ¨sure...what time?¨" ¨How about 1:00?¨ I say. Frank agrees. I asked if he has a chase for me to lay on. ¨No, just a chair¨ he says. I tell him I will bring towels and lay on the floor of the will be better because it will make it more private.

I run up to my apartment, get a quick bite to eat, shower, put a fresh layer of pink polish on all my nails and head up to Franks. I didn't even bother putting on a swim suit. I just pulled on some cotton shorts and a cotton tank. I have a bag with all my lotion and three towels. Frank opens the door when I knock. He invites me in and I am kind of nervous, which makes me extra bubbly. He is a little nervous too. Frank shows me his is almost perfect. He moves the chair inside so I have plenty of room to lay out my towel to lay on. I have a second towel to rest my head on and a third towel to cover up with when I walk out and walk back in. Everything is is the moment I am nervous about. I ask Frank ¨will you put sun screen on my back?¨ He as done this for me before, but it was always at the pool and I always had a top on. Right after he agrees, I don't hesitate because I'm worried I might chicken out, I take off my tank and I'm standing there topless. I am really flat chested so no guy has ever had his jaw drop when they see me topless, but I have super perky nipples. I toss my top on his sofa and hand him the sun screen. I try to do this as naturally as I can. I turn my back to him and I feel his hands begin to rub my back. It excites me...a lot. Frank is old. I have always had a fantasy to be fucked by a really old guy. I feel like my fantasy might come true. I tell Frank to go extra heavy on the lotion because I don't want to burn the strap lines.

As Frank finishes my back, I tell him...¨I was hoping today I could get ride of all my tan lines.¨ After I say this I pull down my white cotton shorts and I am standing naked in Franks living room. ¨Could you put lotion on all my back, please?¨ I hear more lotion being squeezed into his hand. He starts at the top of my ass first. He is kind of tall and I'm really short. I can tell he will have to bend over some to cover my ass and reaching my legs will be really hard. So I say ¨this might help¨ and I walk over to his dinning room table and pull two chair out. I place the chairs about two feet apart and stand up on foot on one chair and the other foot on the other chair. This puts my ass at the perfect height for Frank. I put my feet a little further apart on the chairs, so Frank can see everything real well. Frank applies lotion all over my ass and starts to work down each leg. I remind Frank again to make sure there aren't any spots that will get burned. That is when he goes to work on my ass again. I feel his fingers run down the crack of my ass...spreading lotion as he opens my crack. I flinch when his finger runs over my asshole, my knees weaken and I mutter under my breath....¨Oh Daddy.¨ I think he heard me, but I'm not sure. Before I realize it I notice I have arched my back and stuck my ass him even more access. Frank never goes for my pussy, but works his way down each leg. By the time he is done, I am know my pussy is soaking wet.

¨There, that should do¨ Frank says. I jump down off the chairs. I am sooooooo damn horny I decide to go for it by saying...¨You did such a good job on my back, will you do my front too?¨ Frank doesn't even say anything, he just picks up my lotion and fills his hand. I pull my arms and shoulders back feel his hands land just below my neck. They are so strong and soft. I closed my eyes and felt his hands work all over my chest. I loved how he rubbed my nipples. All those times I teased Frank at the pool when I knew my nipples where poking through my was his turn! Frank spent a lot of time on each nipple and started working toward my tummy. I could tell he was having to reach down more than he wanted, so I opened my eyes and stepped up on the chairs again, this time facing him. My pussy was just at his chest level. He stopped and just stared at my shaved pussy like he had never seen one before. I spread my legs as far apart as I felt comfortable with on the chairs and felt Franks fingers lotion my pussy. I didn't hold back anymore...I moaned and started saying things like ¨Oh Frank...Oh, daddy¨ as he rubbed me. He did lotion my legs too, but he kept going back to my very exposed pussy.

Frank is done putting lotion on and I can tell he isn't sure what to do next. I can sense he wants me to keep taking the next steps. I get off the chairs and stand in front of Frank. He seemed to know how turned on I was because he wasn't surprised at all when I said in my most desperate voice...¨Please fuck me, daddy¨ Frank unbuttoned his shorts and pushed his shorts and underwear to the floor. He leaned down as I stood on my tippy-toes and we kissed. He tasted like coffee and it felt strange. I knew kissing him wasn't going to give me what I needed, so after one long, deep kiss I dropped to my knees in front of him. Frank has kind of a big belly so I didn't really see his cock until I was down on my knees. It was nice size...I thought they shrink or something when guys get older, but his was nice and full. Frank told me to follow him and we walked into his bedroom. Frank layed down on his bed. I crawled right on top of him, stradling his hips. I was so wet that sliding his cock inside me wasn't a problem. Frank raised his arms over his head and enjoyed me riding him. I rode him until I had an intense, deep orgasm. I could tell that Frank is in no physical shape to fuck me, so I knew if Frank was going to need me to get him to cum. After I got off his cock, I slide down and took his cock in my mouth. I love tasting my juice on a cock. I covered his cock in kisses. Frank was in heaven. I have always had huge ¨daddy issues¨ so getting Frank in this position gave me an opportunity to fulfill my own fantasy. As I kissed, licked and sucked Frank's cock I started saying ¨Does daddy like it when I kiss him here? and Here?¨, ¨Daddy, I love your cock soooooo much¨, ¨Daddy, Brooke needs to taste your cum sooooo bad....will you feed me...please daddy?¨ When I started working his balls I said ¨Oh, daddy I love your huge balls...can I suck on them?¨ as I took each one in my mouth and let my tongue tease them. ¨I love kissing your balls, daddy¨, ¨Do your balls love my kisses, daddy.¨ I was worried my calling him daddy so much might turn him off, but it seemed to make his cock even harder. Finally I stopped teasing and went to work on his cock. He started shooting a nice load of cum in my mouth in no time. I swallowed every drop and said...¨oh daddy...I love your cum soooo is soooo yummy.¨

Frank was a mess. He was breathing hard, sweating and at a loss for words. I played with his cock for awhile after he came...kissing it and telling him how much l loved it. Frank was pretty quiet except when I said, ¨Can we keep this a secret daddy...I don't think my boyfriend needs to know.¨ That made him laugh. Finally I told Frank I should probably get some sun, so I left him on his bed and went to the deck to lay out. Frank was asl**p by the time I left the bedroom. I spent about an hour laying on his deck. Laying naked in public (even though no one could see me) is a huge turn-on by the way. When I came in off the deck, Frank had his shorts back on and he was sitting watching TV. The two chairs I moved to stand on were in the same place I had put them. I asked Frank how his nap was. He said, ¨best nap I have had in ages.¨ ¨Hope I get some credit for your nap, daddy¨ was my response as I dropped my towel and started getting dressed. I took my time getting dressed...allowing Frank an extra long look at me. I don't know if I will do anything more with Frank. As long as he doesn't get weird about things, I can see having an occasional fuck with him. All options are open at this point. But I loved the fact that I could still taste his cum in my mouth when I left his apartment. Love you, Daddy.

Frank was a mess. He was breathing hard, sweating and at a loss for words. I played with his cock for awhile after he came...kissing it and telling him how much l loved it. Frank was pretty quiet except when I said, ¨Can we keep this a secret daddy...I don't think my boyfriend needs to know.¨ That made him laugh. Finally I told Frank I should probably get some sun, so I left him on his bed and went to the deck to lay out. Frank was asl**p by the time I left the bedroom. I spent about an hour laying on his deck. Laying naked in public (even though no one could see me) is a huge turn-on by the way. When I came in off the deck, Frank had his shorts back on and he was sitting watching TV. The two chairs I moved to stand on were in the same place I had put them. I asked Frank how his nap was. He said, ¨best nap I have had in ages.¨ ¨Hope I get some credit for your nap, daddy¨ was my response as I dropped my towel and started getting dressed. I took my time getting dressed...allowing Frank an extra long look at me. I don't know if I will do anything more with Frank. As long as he doesn't get weird about things, I can see having an occasional fuck with him. All options are open at this point. But I loved the fact that I could still taste his cum in my mouth when I left his apartment. Love you, Daddy.... Continue»
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My Fantasy Wife

My Fantasy Wife

I can't find a woman to hold, much less one to marry.
Whatever the cause, it is humiliating.
So I have a fantasy wife instead:
Every day her name and ethnicity change,
As well as her whole appearance,
But underneath the skin she remains the same:
A field scientist for the EPA,
local head of the Atheist Alliance,
and a professional photographer too.
She comes home tonight as a Hindu goddess
with shining brown skin and black hair
that falls to her knees when undone.
Her mouth is full and wide, with lips so kissable
I could become an addict. Her breasts burst out of
every garment she wears. She wears no underwear
and sits opposite me with open legs
as I serve her favorite curried dish for supper.
I ask her how her day went, and she analyzes
the office politics and asks for my advice: not because
she needs it, but to let me feel important in her life.
While I clean up she slips upstairs and puts on
a see through teddy and a bra with open spaces
for her big black nipples.
When I come upstairs she's warming up with a dildo
and tells me to suck her clit with enthusiasm.
How could I not? At close range I watch the dildo
collect sweet and salty juices and inhale her
unmistakable fragrance, eau de pussy. I ram my nose into her lips,
licking them too. They cling tightly to the surface
of the dildo. Each time she draws it out, her lips stretch a little more,


and her clit grows too, now two inches long. She grabs my head
and screams. After panting stops she says lovingly, “Danny, I love you
so much. You never fail to please me. I feel happy, kiss her,
and whisper something in her ear.
A photographer herself, she know why I like posing.
She hops up on the long dresser with the big mirror
on the wall. She drops her clothing and poses so that
every position shows her doubled – four titties, her cunt
reflected, her gorgeous face reflected, her ass too
shown to best advantage. At last she comes back to me,
her heavy titties bouncing as she walks; and then she leans over me.
I have my mouth on her nipple as she sits astride me,
the penetration slick and heavenly. I am inside you
again, my love, you are my harbor and my refuge,
my Goddess; inside you I belong.
Her cunt is very strong, in minutes she's drained me
while neither of us seems to move.
Afterwords she showers, and then we go to bed,
I spoon with her, a heavy breast in my hand,
Just like it should be.
She'll be gone when I awaken,
And once again I will be nothing,
A nothingness with memories.... Continue»
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My fantasy

I'm a happily married man of 30 years. My wife is very attractive, however, she could care less about sex. I still have a very high sex drive and desire for her. Needless to say, I end up taking matters into my own hand to satisfy my sexual needs. During these times I often fantasize about another man having sex with my wife since we don't have sex that often. Here's how things would play out.

First off, my wife and I would have to agree on whom she would have sex with. He would need to be clean cut and handsome. I would want his dick to be bigger than mine. That way she would know she was getting a good fucking.

We would arrange a time to meet at our lovely home. My wife would sit between me and her soon to be lover. While holding my wife's hand, I would explain to him that it's our desire to have my wife make love to another man. She has never experienced anyone but me. However, it's time for that to change. He is to let her fuck him first at a slow and easy pace. As things start to intensify, he can take over and finish things off in a more aggressive fashion.

At this point, I take her hand and place it in his. They rise together and walk slowly hand in hand across the great room, down the hall and into the master bedroom. From my vantage point on the couch, I cannot see into the bedroom. They disappear through the doorway, however, the door is left open.

They need a moment to ease the tension, as this is an awkward situation to say the least. They sit hand in hand on the edge of the bed. They begin to hug and snuggle to warm up to each other’s presence. They start to kiss each other with soft passionate kisses. Things are starting to fall into place. The experience is about to begin.

He now stands beside the bed and turns to face my wife. Slowly, he unbuttons his shirt to reveal his manly chest. Next comes the shoes and socks. He reaches for his belt buckle and zipper and begins to undo them. His trousers fall to the floor. Only one more piece of clothing remaining. The sexual tension and excitement are starting to build. He is partially erect as evidenced by the bulge in his shorts. My wife is feeling an uneasiness between her legs. Her love juice coats the walls of her pussy. He drops his shorts to reveal a dick any man would be proud of. He stands naked before her. Her eyes take in the sight of the manhood she's about to experience.

Now it’s her turn. She stands next to the bed as he sits. Being very nervous, she begins to disrobe. Before long she stands in her bra and panties. Just as she has done for me before, she turns away and unclips her bra letting it fall freely to the floor. Now she puts both thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slowly drops them bending completely to the floor until her panties are around her ankles. One leg is removed as the panties dangle around her ankle of her other leg. Exposed is her beautiful ass. She raises her leg and hooks the panties with her index finger and spins to face her soon to be lover. He now sees the sight I have seen so many times. My sweet little wife, completely nude exposing her tender little tits and pussy.

The moment is upon them. But first, my wife has something planned. She turns and exits the bedroom and returns to where I sit on the sofa. The thought and anticipation has gotten the best of me too. While they were stripping for each other, so was I. She finds me naked and half hard as she enters the great room. With a look of confidence, and without saying a word she walks to the sofa. With her panties still wrapped around her finger, she reaches out and drops them on my cock. Over the years I have developed a habit of masturbating with her panties and I greatly enjoy doing so. She turns and walks back to the bedroom entrance. Just before entering, she looks my direction. With a look of sexual arousal she says, "Have a good jerk-off". With that she disappears through the bedroom door. I hear the door shut and the lock click.

My emotions begin to run wild. My heart begins to race. This is it! My sweet little wife is going to have sex with another man. I feel jealous, excited, aroused and rejected all at the same time.

Now I return to reality. My head clears as the sound of silence sets in. I listen-nothing. About 30 seconds, which seemed like and hour, still nothing. Then I hear the sound of movement. Are they engaging in sex? More time goes by and I then hear the sound of pleasant laughter.

I visualize him laying on his back. My wife straddles him and slowly places her pussy over his cock. Her body slowly lowers itself on his long hard shaft. She sighs with relief as his large cock stretches her love hole. Gently she rides his shaft as they begin to laugh and giggle at the experience.

Again reality sets in. There’s another man fucking my wife in the next room and here I sit. I grab the panties and begin stroking my cock for all its worth. They are enjoying a good screw and here I sit with my dick in my hand. However, this time it’s different as I realize my fantasy.

Fast forward now. I hear heavy breathing and rapid movement. Then suddenly the words "get on all fours". He is reaching that magical moment and is now taking control. My wife does love the doggy style position as well as I do. She is now under his control. She lets out a gasp as he pokes her from behind. His abdomen slaps against her beautiful ass as his pace quickens. Both groan and sigh with relief as the climax takes place. Its over now. My sweet little wife is no longer innocent. She has experienced a needed and deserved fucking by a strange cock.

The entire event overwhelms me as my cock explodes shooting ropes and ropes of cum into my wife’s panties. I sigh with my own relief just as the two of them had done shortly before.

This is my ultimate jerk-off fantasy....
... Continue»
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my fantasy

My fantasy

A quick delve into the perverse part of me, all my other stories have been true but this is pure fantasy
Written by B.B

I am home alone and like any normal person I am watching some hard core porn and reading some very erotic stories, I have watched some lesbians licking each others juicy cunts licking and finger fucking until one squirts her hot juice in the face of her willing partner. This gives me extremely tingly balls as my cock grows in my trousers, I watch a man with a huge cock fuck this girls tight pussy until he fills it with come, my cock is now hard as I so want to go and lick his cum out of her tiny cunt.

I slowly start to rub my cock I can feel pre-cum leaking out of the slit, I take my cock out and collect the juice on my finger tip, I put it to my tongue, mmm yum I savor the taste, my cock gets harder the tingle in my balls increases.

I remove the rest of my clothes and lay on the towel on the floor my cock jutting up the head a deep red, I push my finger down to my hole I rub it around the edge, I lick the finger getting it wet, I rub again and f***e the digit into my ass. I wiggle it, loving the feeling; I push the 2nd one in and begin to bang them in and out of my arse. I reach out and grab the dildo it is thick veiny and long, my ass is tight but I f***e it in slowly gathering pace, my cock begins to grow again leaking more and more it tastes delicious. With my cock back to full hardness I know it won’t be long before my cum erupts from me.

Something catches my eye, fuck I think is that the k**s or the wife fuck have I been caught, I look again in the garden looking at me is a man and a woman, they are in work clothes but I can see they are enjoying my show, the dildo is still in my ass and my cock feels like it is at breaking point, I look into their eyes and carry on fucking my ass stretching it, god I feel full, the voyeurs enter the house through the conservatory they stand in front of me removing their clothes the woman is blonde mid 20s the man is about the same age she is down to white knickers and bra, she kneels before him and removes his pants his cock springs out, oh my it is bigger and thicker than the dildo. She takes it in her mouth wow I say what a fantastic cock I get on my knees keeping the toy firmly in my ass with the base on the floor, I ride this rubber cock. I pinch the woman’s nipple she moans through the cock, I remove her bra and fondle her tits some more, I push my hand between her legs, god her pussy is so wet I rub her clit hard and fast as the man fucks her face.
I take my hand from her cunt I taste the juice I smell her it is the best, I am in sexual heaven, I put my hand on his ass and tell him to fuck her throat, I massage his cheeks willing him on, I cup his balls he looks at me and I at him, he smiles this gives me the go ahead. I grip the base of his cock, I want to taste it, I can feel it throbbing, my mouth engulfs it wow it is big. I begin to work my head up and down the taste is similar to mine , I work him into my throat wanking him and sucking him.

The woman has taken the dildo and is ramming it in and out of my hole she spits on it to give lube and fucks me faster, she tells the man to come and fuck me, I do not object although my mouth is now empty.
She pulls my ass apart, I can feel the heat of his massive cock, I feel him at the entrance, he pushes in slowly at first, the pain is intense, still on my knees I look back to see my cock has shrunk out of fear I am sure but my cock is sticky with the relentless amount of salty liquid that has and is leaking out of me.
The cock in my ass is the biggest thing that has ever been in me and I am loving it I rock back and forth encouraging him to fill me, before I know it I can feel his balls against me, I have taken him all he starts to fuck me back and forth steady building a rhythm the woman has positioned herself in front of me I stick in two fingers, I suck her clit into my mouth as I fuck her velvety hole, I can see the juice running onto her star, I angle my head and lick her brown hole she cums and cums hard she is shaking her cunt muscles in spasm gripping my fingers she cums and she is squirting in my face, I can take it no more I have to cum. I get off his cock lay on the floor spread my legs he is back in me filling me, my cock is so hard it hurts, I tell blondie to suck me I want to paint her tonsils with my cum. She takes me in deep rubbing and sucking me, then it happens I am being fucked and sucked at the same time my balls are tight I erupt fill her mouth, she can not contain it, there is too much it spills out of her I unleash spurt after spurt, she hangs onto me as I writhe on the cock in my ass she kisses me filling my mouth with my cum, it is truly delicious, I cum back to my senses the pounding in my ass I can tell he is near, fill me I tell him fill me with your jizz do it do it know, his stroke is short and fast, I feel it spewing inside me coating my bowels, his cock comes out of me he is still spurting on my ever softening cock and balls.
Wow I say, what are you doing here I ask, your wife asked us to pop round to sort out the garden. Cool I say same time next week

... Continue»
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my fantasy....

Well, it would start off by me meeting you for lunch and we hit off by you saying that there is a party at my place for this labor day weekend and you live pretty close to me so i was thinking you should come....then you bite the lower part of your lips and smile because i have been staring at your lips as you spoke to me and i say ok, what time? You tell me the time and then i show up about 5 minutes early, and you have on a very revealing dress with cleavege just about to pop out. But not to revealing. Something that makes me think before i see the forbidden temple. Well the night goes on and everyone is d***k out there mind but i notice you were kinda sitting over by the kitchen, making people some of your famous drinks and i come over and ask do you need a hand making some drinks? You say," yeah that'll be great. I know most of the people in here and they can get pretty wasted. Everyone's staying here tonight because i'm not going to let them drink and drive from my place." Then we start making drinks and every now and then, we would make eye contact and smile at each other. Until i said enough is enough....i look really quick outside kitchen and i look at you and smile, i ask "you don't mind if i check to see if your doors are locked?" You say" yes i do mind"....... and smile back at me as i get closer to you. With a quickness i grab you and put you on your counter, kissing you uncontrollably and saying sorry about this .... I've waited all evening to just rip your clothes off like this. You tell me the same thing as our clothes come off and our bodies mash together, the sexual tension between us heats our bodies even more. We kiss each other uncontrollably and we embrace the passion of not knowing what's to come. As we move from the kitchen to the bedroom, (with everyone passed out at this point) we run past a few of your friends and they say " right on b*o, go for the gold..." In my head, I'm thinking, idiots.....gezzz. But as we go into the bedroom we throw everything off and continue where we left off at. Now i throw you on the bed and i jump right next you, so you roll over and mount me and say" i hope you ready for this..." Then i say, "bring it on, my lady." You slowly inch your way down on my stick and as you get lower taking my stick deeper inside you, you moan gently and i look into your eyes and tell you.. i got you. So you start moving your hips back and forth, bouncing on my stick taking it deeper and i start to thrust upward, making you take every inch of me deep in your honey pot. You moan with so much extasy... I start go even harder. I then in one motion, turn you on your back and say, tell daddy how you want it. I put your legs on up on my shoulders and with a medium size thrust, i make you take 95% of me deep in your honey pot. You grab my arms and clench real tight as i keep going, harder, pounding that honey pot faster, and faster. I grab your legs and tell you to wrap them around my waist. With each stroke, you move your hips back and forth/ back and forth. Then i slow it down and kiss you passionately as your body vibrates under mine uncontrollably. I feel every part of you shaking and i smile and i even see tears of joy come from your face and i gently kiss them away.
Well that's just day one of my fantasy. Stay tuned tomorrow or Thursday for day two of my fantasy. ... Continue»
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My fantasy starts with us being at a party

Posted on July 2, 2008 written by my previous gf Julie

…….. – fully dressed for the occasion in something very sexy and revealing, look good feel good I always say.

There are many gorgeous party a****l up for it people at this magnificent house (you know the sort where they have a parking attendant to park your car when you arrive) big drive, and Jacuzzi’s in every corner) and for once im not the shy little women that never grew up hanging around waiting for attention – im a flirtatious, lusty, beautiful fully sexy extremely confident girl on your arm, who everyone wants to give attention to, including most of the women. The boob job I had several months back has worked wonders, given me such a a confidence boost, im now a very rounded 36D instead of a 32A!! not big but natural and sexy looking and they feel perfect and I still have the most amazingly sensitive nipples thank goodness!

We arrive at the party, pockets full of d**gs, both looking extremely gorgeous and feeling as hot as an overripe Jalapeno chill! Full of confidence we stroll into the party and are greeted by all our swinging friends who have that “I wanna get sexy with you” aura around them. We have a few drinks, go powder our noses in the toilet, the hit the pink champagne (yes babes no beer or “ale” in my fantasy’s!) The music was pounding my senses, making me feel higher than I was already, everywhere I looked there was sexy hot chic’s and men that would look at me, undressing me and thinking really dirty, hot thoughts. All the while you were with me, feeling really proud that I’d changed so drastically and had somehow managed to get this magic confidence overnight. You were being perfect, giving me the correct amount of attention, while keeping yourself amused with everyone else, every now and then you would pull me aside, kiss me and tell me you love me, while poking your hand up my skirt and having a feel – by which time I was so wet (NOTE: bring spare knickers next time!)

A few hours later I went to the toilet to powder my nose, where I met a stunning girl, about my age, who was sexy yet had great taste and an amazing figure (tits but without a boob job!) we got chatting, within 10 minutes we knew everything about each other and clicked very much together, I could tell from her body language that she was hot too and wanted to feel even hotter. I suggested we go find out partners and introduce each other. We found you both watching two guys fucking several other girls in a room which was beautifully decorated with clean fresh clean day beds with lots of massive cushions, flowers everywhere, a massive d**gs table (help yourself of course!) and screens up all over the room showing very erotic fucking and masturbation scenes, oh and naked male and female waiters dressed in very little feeding our thirsty mouths. I walked over to you, put my hand on your hard cock and stroked it just as you always like, it was throbbing and I needn’t ask if you were turned on, as you had been so since the moment you arrived! I told you i’d met a lovely girl and want to introduce you. My new friend was caressing her husband at the same time, we then met up in a corner of the room and introduced each other.

I see from the look on your face that you really thought my friend was hot shit which pleased me so much that I had good enough taste to make you feel hot too. I met her fella, who was a talkative amusing good looking charmer, immediately there was a massive sexual tension between all four of us and we started exploring each other, all the time talking about what we do and don’t like and how horny we all felt!

You bent me over on the couch, then positioned yourself underneath me and started licking my pussy (in that way thats turned me on big time since day one), my friend (Angie) was lying next to me, were were licking each other and kissing while I hand one hand on your dick which was smothered in oil and the other hand was playing with her hot wet pussy. Her fella (Ben) had his cock between our faces and we were both licking it together.

Wow, I was so high from this and the d**gs its was an amazing feeling I was so overwhelmed, pleasure surely couldn’t get much better. I looked at your face and the look you gave me said it all, there was no need for words, you then whispered in my ear that you loved me and I reassured you that I was too having the most amazing time.

We were all so hot and wet at that point that it was time for a positional change (after i’d had several orgasms and we’d all had a just a little bit more Mandy!)

I was on top of Angie licking her pussy, while you fucked me up arse, while Ben was rather enjoying some hot mouth attention from Angie, we were all screaming in delight at the same time and there was plenty of moaning and groaning coming and going as we all had small orgasms, which were indeed building up and building up, so much I thought I was going to burst or die and go to heaven… t hot and sensual we all was, its was exactly as I thought it would be and so much more, well worth waiting for.

Orgasam after orgasm was had by all, but of course the thrusting of hot sex can of course take its toll on us mere mortals so we alll decided to take a breather in the form of a nice cool drink and topped ourselves us with some more of our friend Mandy. While we were doing that we started talking drooling about our fantasies that we would like to happen. One of my biggest wishes was to receive double penetration, something which i’d never dared done or been in the position to do before. Marco and Ben winked at each other and decided together that if I still badly wanted it they would make it come true for me and would be honoured to be the first to help me on way to making this fantasy come true. I felt very dizzy and overwhelmed at the thought that this could actually happen tonight. While the boys scouted about for a private place to make it happen, I talked to Angie about it (she been there before many times) and she said that it was wild, hot, horny and i’d never forget it! – surely this night couldn’t get much better! She also offered to film it for me and was quiet content to be the filmaker and watch my first hot DP, she said don’t worry about her, she would get a great kick out of watching me experience this for the first time and was happy for it to go ahead.

Marco and Ben found the perfect spot, a rooftop terrace with soft lighting, loads of candles, some uplifting lounge playing and the most amazing massive circular poster bed with silk and organic cotton voiles softly d****d around it making it look so inviting. To top it off the moon was full giving the whole terrace a golden shimmer which lit up all our faces and made our dilated pupils glow! Angie got the camera on the tripod ready while Marco warmed me up with some amazing licking my pussy and touching every part of me he knew made me quiver. I was hot and more than ready for it, Ben who’d been watching was more than ready for some action as was Marco – their cocks were throbbing, hot and well oiled. My pussy was dripping and throbbing in anticipation of what was to come. I lost my bum virginity to Marco and we’d always agreed that my arse would always be his and solely his. I started by climbing on top of Ben gently sliding myself on top of his hot throbbing wet cock, rocking up and down while marco played with my clit and licked my nipples in the way that only he knows how.

He then whispered to me, ok babes are you ready for this??? I knew this was going to be good, didn’t have any questions about that, but didn’t realise exactly how horny it was going to be – no words can best describe what my first time was like, but ill try to explain how I felt. Marco gently eased himself into my rear as he did that I could feel both of them starting to grind me in unison, my whole body tingling with extasy, the pleasure showing on my face and the moaning that came from my mouth was confirming the unconditional joy I was having, I really didn’t want it to end and cherished every movement, throb and moment they were giving me, the whole thing was absolutely perfect. Then to absolutely top the whole experience off, after a good 10 minutes of very passionate pounding they both screamed they were coming, surely this was just too good to be true that they could come at the same time, hearing them screaming had put me also on the edge of an orgasm……then in a frantic session of screaming, pulsating amazing pleasure we all had the most awesome 3way orgasm that words cannot even come close to describing…..WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW abosolutely fucking amazing – something I will never ever forget. XXXXXXXXXXX... Continue»
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Hubby Brings My Fantasy To Life ( Part 2)

For part 2 of my story to make the most sense, I hope you will go to our site and read “Hubby Brings My Fantasy To Life”. Over the years, Hubby enthusiastically helped me discover my “inner exhibitionist“. We are just returning home front a long-time fantasy of mine that Hubby fulfilled with flying colors -- a titillating 2 day CMNF car trip. Too much to summarize here… you should really just read it. ; )

It was dusk as we finally made our last turn and headed down our street. Past the neighbor’s lighted windows, past Randy walking his golden retriever, and there, finally, was our destination. If not for my Hubby’s hand softly stroking my clitoris, I had all but forgotten I was bare-ass naked and had been for the last 2 days and 1000 miles. But why were our living room lights on? And why was Dan and Jill’s truck in our driveway? And Steve’s, and Gary’s, and Jeff’s? And why did Hubby have that silly big grin all over his face? Something tells me our “wildest and kinkiest” time (see part 1) was not only not over, but had perhaps only just begun!!!

Our driveway was packed so we rolled to a stop in front of our house. I looked across the expanse of green front lawn to our living room picture window. The sheers were pulled so I couldn’t make out much, but I could see a lot more than 3 or 4 people inside. My heart was racing! Who are all these people and why are they here?

No one inside had noticed that we just pulled up. Hubby shut off the engine, turned to me and said, “Remember when you confronted Jim after you read my ‘Shy Wife Tied And Displayed’ story?”

“I’m truly happy the two of you made up and are still friends. Remember what you told Jim when he asked how you found out that it was him stroking you to that great, last blindfolded orgasm?”

“I told him I read it in a story that you put on a website on the internet.” And at that moment, the light bulb turned on… I told Jim the title and I told him it was on the internet. Then, I guess he did what any horny red-bl**ded guy with half a brain would do, he simply went to Google and searched for the name of the story.

“Yep. Jim came over to the house shortly after we moved 5 months ago. Dan and I were working in the garage when Jim pulled into the driveway, hopped out, and proceeded to expound on the virtues of both you and our website right there in front of Dan. Once he started describing some of your pictures in rather exquisite detail, that got Dan’s attention and he started peppering me with questions! I relented and we spent the rest of the afternoon pouring over our website. Since then, a select few other friends discovered our site and contacted me. And, Deb, I know you always keep saying you’re just an average wife and mom, but you are a sensation with these guys and you’ve seen the comments on our site. And, sitting here knowing you and looking at your amazing naked body, and thinking back on our last 2 days, I can only pinch myself to know that this is real and I’m the luckiest man world!” (Yes he said that, and yes I’m keeping him!!!)

I sat there quietly for a few moments taking it all in. Hubby was right… I was the one. It was me, the out-of-the-closet exhibitionist, who let the “cat” (my puffy pussy) out of the bag when I told Jim the name of Hubby’s story. I was also the one who mentioned that there was a website. And now, in this new moment, my God… I realized I wanted Jim to “discover” the story and see me again online. I looked over at Hubby and he smiled and nodded. Neither of us knew where this would end, but we knew where it was headed. And I knew I would be safe with him.

Images and posters from our site showing “every” inch of me flashed through my mind. It always makes my pussy tingle when I am messaging with someone who has really seen me in those pictures. Reflecting on what was about to happen, this girl was far more than tingling. I could feel my juices flowing from my growing arousal and we both noticed the powerful aroma of my sex. Hubby leaned over and kissed me deeply as his hand explored my oh-so-sensitive nipples. My little tattle-tails which had once again changed from pink silver dollar-sized to perky red gumdrops. I wanted so much more, right here, right now… but instead, showing great restraint, he leaned back, opened his door, smiled, and said, “I’m going in to see our friends now.”

I grabbed a couple Wet Ones and a couple Kleenex and quickly made myself feel a little more presentable. I found myself stepping out into the cool evening and the soft grass of our front yard… the soles of my bare feet reveled in the contrast from the burning concrete of the highway rest areas earlier today. I don’t remember closing my door, but must have. As the warm evening air bathed my naked body, I actually began to relax. I felt a wonderful peace as I stepped up the lawn toward our lighted front porch. Even my nipples relaxed back to their full size (that I’m kind of proud of, dark pink and just the right size for my 36C titties). After a few more steps my breasts and all the rest of me were now bathing in the bright light of our front porch. I looked back and saw Hubby thoroughly enjoying the view of my back side. His eyes widened as I smiled, threw out my chest, and pressed the doorbell.

Footsteps and excited voices… It was surreal watching my door open then looking into the face of our friend, Jim. Well, I would say “looking into the eyes” of our friend Jim, but his eyes were elsewhere and who could blame him! “Hey, I’m up here,” I k**ded, “ya gonna let a girl into her own house or what?”

Stepping through the door, I was treated to an entirely different kind of crowd looking back than the ones I became accustomed to these last 2 days. Yes, there was still the familiar tenting, but instead of shock and lust I saw warm knowing smiles, combined with clapping and cheering! I felt Hubby’s warm hand slide around my waist. He leaned over, kissed me tenderly on the neck and whispered in my ear, “I’ve never been more proud of you than I am this very moment!“

Just then the air conditioner kicked on and, between the cold air and the excitement I had a sudden unbearable urge to pee. As graciously as I could, I declared, “Hey everybody, I can’t believe any of this is happening! Listen, let Hubby tell you what we’ve been up to the last 2 days. If I don’t ‘properly’ relieve myself, more than one of us is going to be more than a little embarrassed (and yes Hubby, you can tell them about that part too)!” With that I excused myself and took the first proper piss I’d had all day. And it felt heavenly to really clean up.

From inside the bathroom I heard snippets of Hubby’s retelling along with intermittent oohs and ahs, punctuated with raucous laughter. Still naked, I stepped out of the bathroom and down the hall to the living room. I’d never been so aware of the gentle sway of my full breasts and it seemed everyone else was aware of it too! The only seat opened was on the sofa between Dan and Jill. She shocked me by grabbing my left boob and giving my nipple a good pinch! “We’ve been hearing a lot about these and seeing them online the last few weeks too. You know what everybody? It was worth the wait!” She exclaimed as she now cupped both breasts from behind and gave them a nice squeeze for all to see. As she squeezed, she said, “You’re a full C aren’t you girl? I’ve always wondered what that would feel like.” Exclaimed my perky A-cupped neighbor. Somehow she knew how sensitive my nipples are. I began to tremble as her hands went from massaging my breasts to massaging just my nipples. “Your nipples are so much bigger than mine, let’s see if we can bring them down to my size!”

Just as my eyes were closing I saw Steve, my business partner’s husband, stepping my way. He reached out and took my hand, much to Jill’s chagrin, and led me over to one of our recliners. The one facing the picture window. My next door neighbor Gary dropped a big fluffy pillow in the middle of the recliner then he and Steve then gently lifted me up and laid me back. Hubby’s best friend from church, Jeff, appeared at my feet with some lengths of soft rope (this was beginning to look more and more like a well-planned repeat of “Shy Wife… “).

I caught Hubby’s eye and we smiled. Steve and Gary slid a length of rope under my back and tied my hands to my side. Then they lifted and spread my legs while Jeff and Dan bound my slim ankles to the footrest. Just when I thought there wasn’t much left to the imagination, our church friend quickly wrapped another length of rope around my right knee, under the chair, and over to my left knee permanently spreading me wider than before in the apartment. This time I was a little more upright and my legs were spread wide open like a gyno exam chair. Then the air conditioner kicked on and my suspicions were confirmed as I felt the cool breeze blowing over and between my swollen inner lips and right up inside. Well, this would be one for the books! Every inch of my very aroused body was now fully displayed to our closest friends. The last things I saw before Jeff slid the blindfold over my eyes was Jim kneeling between my legs as Jill pulled opened the sheers and Hubby opened the front door.

Then I heard Hubby say, “Hey Jeff, we are all friends here. Take the blindfold off of her!” Thanks Hubby! I watched with fascination as Jim began by kissing my breasts, then my sternum, nosed around in my belly button (man did I squirm as that really tickled!), and quickly began licking my puffy pussy lips. My juices were flowing and Jim was lapping it all up. He licked slowly and steadily working his expert tongue between my wide opened outer lips and through my inner lips ending each pass with a swirl around my clitoris. God I remembered that skillful tongue and had fantasized about this moment many times. He didn’t insert anything anywhere, he didn’t have to. Jill and Jeff were masterfully sucking my tits like babies. And everyone else’s hands were exploring every other conceivable part of my body. The coup-de-grace was when I watched Hubby lube his index finger with my sex juice and insert it quickly into my exposed butt hole.

Every muscle immediately tightened, my hips dug into the chair, Jim yelled, “Here she cums!!!”, and that was it! He kept licking somehow and everyone else managed to keep doing what they were doing. I pounded our poor recliner with wave after powerful wave of ecstasy. Then I just lay there, smiling, totally spent. And I heard Steven exclaim, “My turn! Deb, I’ve wanted to see you naked and give you an orgasm since long before you and Sara became business partners.” I knew at that moment that our company trips were about to become a lot more entertaining!

One by one, I watched as Jim, Steven, Gary, Dan, Jeff, and yes even Jill (God she is amazing at cunnilingus!) each had a turn. Each orgasm as powerful as the last. After the sixth orgasm I lay my head back and closed my eyes.

I don’t remember much of anything after that. It had been a jam-packed 2 days and it completely caught up with me. Hubby said he signaled to everybody to pull their things together and head outside. He said I was an amazing sight from the street and I guess it was too much for Gary and Dan… they started beating their meat right there in the front yard. It was quite late and there was no traffic, so Jill was kind enough to assist all 6 guys (Hubby too), expertly relieving the tension in each swollen cock.

He said they all shared their “goodbyes” and “let’s do this agains” and headed back home. Hubby turned down our bed, untied me, and carried me to our room and tucked me in.

By the time I awoke the next morning, Hubby had long since left for work. But he left a note with a beautiful reminder about how I certainly wasn’t, nor would I ever be an average wife and mom. I still work on that to this day.

Our lives will never be the same… and I very much like where we’re going together!

All my love, Deb... Continue»
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My Fantasy Nights - Part 3

This is the third installment about how many of my fantasies have come true for me thanks to my loving wife. As noted in previous stories, my sex interests tend to be more kinky than my wife's, but she has been willing to try out some of the wilder things with me.

As I stated in the second installment, we had tried out some very mild bondage and domination recently, with both of us assuming the submissive position at various times. I really prefer that my wife dominate me and I wish that she would get into it a little more. I trust her and know that she would never hurt me. However, I do wish that she could go with it and get a little "bitchy" in her demeanor and be more demanding when taking the lead role.

Knowing my wife, I think that I would be willing to try most anything she would come up with. For example, I could never envision her requiring me to wear any women's clothes or whip me hard enough to bruise. She just is not into the kinky scene that much, and I do not think that I am either.

This story is different from the others in that we have not actually lived through it yet. However, I can always hope.

Early one Saturday recently, my wife surprised me with the statement that she would be taking charge for the day and night. If I was interested in "playing" that night, I would have to do exactly as she instructed. I did not have to agree, but if I did not, she would be having sex that night by herself, at least with her hand and a variety of vibrators. She also said that if I did agree, I would be subject to her desires and my primary function was her pleasure.

She knew the answer before she brought it up. As much as I would love to see her pleasure herself with a dildo deep in her pussy, of course I would agree. My fantasy is for her to be my mistress. My cock was already hardening at the mere thoughts of what she could possibly have in mind. Hopefully it would include her giving my ass a good work out and f***e feeding me a completely messy creampie. I was sure that no matter what direction the evening took, I would get at least as much pleasure as she was going to get from me. And if she took it to a level we had not gone before, it would be even more incredible.

She did not mention anything about her previous statement for a long while. The rest of the day, I kept a semi-hard cock and was drooling pre-cum constantly from just thinking about the possibilities. Later that afternoon, she said that she would like to go out to see a movie. I was to wear some loose shorts, because she might like to play with her "toy" while we were out. And oh by the way, she had a surprise for me - a satiny thong. Now I did not know where she got this because the only special underwear I had was a black pouch style g-string. I could not tell if they were for males or females. And how did she know my size. Great, now I would certainly be walking around with a hardon in underwear that might be for a woman and I would probably have a spot on my shorts.

We went to the movies and as we sat there, she never touched me. However, the torment of waiting for her to grab my cock kept me hard the entire movie. My mind raced. To prolong the agony, she told me to stop by a restaurant. Even more torment for my cock.

She teased me during dinner by taking off her sandals and rubbing my bare legs with her foot. A few times she also moved her foot up to my cock for a rub. She also licked her lips often, and always in a sexual manner. She knew what she was doing - my cock and balls ached from the excitement.

Finally, we finished dinner and drove to the house. As I was entering the house, she grabbed my cock and balls with one hand and my ass with the other. She said, "Tonight, these are mine." Instant erection again.

When we entered the house, she took me to the den and turned, looking sternly at me. She said, "As you agreed, tonight I am in total charge. For the rest of the night, you will follow all my instructions completely. If you do not, you will be punished. You are not to speak unless I ask you a question. Then, you may respond, but you will always address me as Mistress or Ma'am. Do you understand?"

I responded,Yes"

"Yes, what?"

"Yes, I understand"

"Well, I was going to let the first one go, but you apparently want to try me. I told you to address me as Mistress or Ma'am. You will receive five licks for that little mistake. Would you like more?

I lied and said, "No, Mistress." Boy she was getting into this better than I could have hoped. This was going to be good.

She told me to go clean myself "completely". I was told to shave my cock and balls and trim my pubic hair. She said that she liked her cocks "neat". Also, she told me to shave my face, since she preferred to fuck my face without any stubble. I retreated to the bathroom. I retrieved the clippers and trimmed all my pubes short. Next, I took a shower and shaved my cock and balls slick. Of course, I had to keep pushing my hard cock out of the way to finish. Lastly, I cleaned myself out with an enema. I made sure to shoot some KY deep into my ass, in case she wanted to give it to me deep.

After cleaning up, I put my gym shorts on and went back downstairs. Her reaction was immediate. "Did I tell you to put on those shorts? I want to be able to see how well you cleaned up and trimmed. That little mistake will cost you another five licks. Now get those shorts off."

I quickly took off the shorts. Now I was starting to get a little worried. If she was getting into the Mistress role that well, she just might give me a good thrashing. Now I had 10 licks total.

"Go upstairs and draw my bath. I will be up for you to give me my bath shortly."

I ran her bath and waited patiently for her to arrive. She came into the bathroom and stood in front of me, waiting. "Well, take my clothes off. I can not take a bath fully clothed."

Immediately, I removed her clothes and took them into the laundry room. When I came back into the bathroom, she had already gotten into the tub. She looked at me with a peeved look on her face. "First, the bath is too cold - that is five licks, and I did not tell you to put my dirty clothes away - that is five licks."

Oh, shit. I better pay attention to the details. I now had 20 licks coming. At least my cock was still hard.

I must have done all right with the bath, because she seemed pleased as she stood to be dried. After she was dried, she walked into the bedroom. The velcro cuffs were tied to the bed posts and a black thong was laid out on the bed. She told me to get on my knees and kiss her pussy, which I did eagerly. After a few licks from her asshole to her clit, she pulled my head away and told me to get the thong. She told me to put the thong on her; that was as close as I was to get to her pussy for a while.

Next, she told me to get a large towel. When I returned, she had placed an oversized pillow lengthwise on the bed. She took the towel from me and laid it over the pillow and covering part of the bedsheets. Then she told me to get the box of "toys" out. We have a box we keep our collection of dildos, vibrators, etc. in. I was instructed to get the cock ring from the box. I did not realize that she remembered we had that.

She told me to put the cock ring around my cock and balls and cinch it up. She did not want my cock going off until she said it was okay. She reached over to the nightstand and retrieved a condom and the jar of Icy Hot. She got some of the Icy Hot and rubbed it on my hard cock. Then she opened the condom and rolled it down my cock. She said that she knew my cock would be leaking and she didn't want me getting pre-cum or Icy Hot on the linens. It was a good thing I had the cock ring on, or I might have shot off right then.

She told me to get on the bed and lay face down on the pillow. I did and as she began to put the cuffs on my wrists and ankles, she told me what was next. She said that I had not been getting her off as much as she deserved recently and that she would make sure that she received what she needed. Also, she told me that was going to fill my ass up so that I would know how she had felt when I did her and that she would be "opening" my ass up. (I had told her before that part of my anal desires was to know how she felt receiving my cock. Also, as part of my domination session with her as the sub, I had stretched her pussy lips to the maximum and filler her completely.) She also pointed out that I had not followed directions and she would be administering my complete complement of 20 licks with her whip. This was what I had been dreaming of for months - she had decided to take complete control.

By this time, I was secured to the bed, with my ass and torso elevated. She went back to the toy box and got out the blindfold and a set of ear plugs. As she laid them on the bed, she said that she would put those on shortly. She wanted me to see the toys in my future. She got out the whip, which she slapped against her hand and smiled. Then she retrieved several dildos and vibrators of various sizes and a butt plug I had purchased. She also got out the massage oil, massage cream, and the KY.

She placed the blindfold over my eyes and secured it. She reached over and got the massage oil, pouring it down my spine to my ass crack. She began to rub the massage oil all over my back and ass cheeks. This was very relaxing and I moaned. She told me to be quiet or there would be more licks.

She poured some more oil down my ass crack and over my hole. As she rubbed it in, she slipped the first of what I was sure would be several fingers into my asshole. She massaged my hole and finger fucked me. When she was satisfied that I was lubed up enough, she put two fingers in and continued the fingering. At this point, she informed me that I would need my ass opened up completely to take all of what she planned. Oh God, this was going to be great!

A third finger joined the first two, and eventually a fourth was added. It felt incredible and this was only the beginning. I could tell that her whole hand was pounding me up to the thumb. I asked for her whole hand and she informed me that she would decide how much I would get, but she could assure me that I would be satisfied. Again, I was thankful for the cock ring.
She suddenly removed her hand and reached for a soft vibrator, which I heard her turn on. She rolled a condom on it and lubed it with some oil. She slid it completely into my ass and began to fuck it in and out. I moaned again and raised my ass off the pillow. She slapped my ass and told me to be still. That would be another five licks. She pushed the vibrator deep into my ass and told me to hold it in.

She said that I had better hold that vibrator in my ass while she gave me my 25 licks. She had opened my ass up and now it felt like she wanted me to hold this small lubed toy. This would be a challenge.

She reached over and got the whip. She told me to count out the licks as she administered them. She began to slap my ass (not too hard, not to soft, just right). I counted them out - one, two, three I felt the vibrator slipping out and squeezed down on it. Twelve, thirteen, f******n I counted out each lick. This was incredible! ! Finally, she got to the 25th lick and complimented my ability to accept my punishment.

She reached back and pulled the vibrator from my ass. She said, "You did so well with that, I think you will be rewarded with a larger toy." With that she reached over and retrieved a larger vibrating butt plug. She lubed it liberally with the KY and pressed the tip against my puckered asshole. She told me to relax, which I did and pushed out as she applied more pressure against the plug. Finally, my sphincter relaxed enough to accept the plug and it popped into my ass completely. The base was flared to hold it in place.

She said that that should keep me busy for a while. She was right, my ass felt filled, but I felt the plug beginning to slip. With that, I felt her get off the bed and she slapped me on the ass. She said that she was thirsty and would be back after she had a drink. I was told that I had better not let the plug slip out while she was away. With that, she put the ear plugs in my ears so that I could not hear anything

I waited patiently, laying bound with my ass vibrating away until she returned. I could not hear her come back into the room, but her arrival was announced by another slap on my ass. I jumped from the surprise. Then I felt her hand grabbing the base of the plug to remove it. I was again complimented for holding the plug in.

She removed one of the ear plugs and whispered in my ear. She was going to unbind me and turn me over. She began to remove the cuffs and when I could, I turned over on my back. My cock was throbbing and felt larger than it ever had in my life. She removed the pillow from under me, but left the towel. She rebound my hands and feet.

Next, she took the condom off me and commented on the fact that my cock was certainly hard enough to please her. She took a washcloth and wiped off the Icy Hot from my cock. She also loosened the cock ring. At this point she climbed over me and fed my cock into her juicy cunt with one quick stroke. She grabbed my nipples and began fucking me. I knew I would not last long with this and apparently she did too.

She climbed off me and retrieved a double headed dildo she had laid out. She lubed it up well and approached my ass. She told me to relax my ass and spread my legs. I did spread them as far as the bindings would allow. She reached down and held my ass open with one hand. With the other hand, she pressed one end of the dildo against my asshole. I pushed out as she pushed in and the dildo began to feed into my ass inch by inch. This might have been the best part so far.

When she had buried 8-10 inches of the dildo in my ass, she gave it a few strokes. When she tired of giving me a deep ass fucking, she climbed back up to my face. She removed my blindfold and lowered her cunt, which was opened in excitement, to my waiting mouth. I love eating her pussy and this was like the nectar of the gods. I sucked and licked her enthusiastically. As she approached orgasm, she grabbed my hair and pulled my face hard against her cunt. She began moaning loudly and spasmed repeatedly in a huge orgasm. Her cunt cream poured over my face as I lapped as much of it as I could. She held my face in her pussy until the spasms stopped and she sort of deflated as she let my head go.

When she had received all she needed from my tongue, she dismounted from my head. She retrieved the vibrating butt plug she had previously used and took out the nylon straps which attach to make it a strap-on. Now this was getting out of sight.

She stepped into the straps and pulled the dildo to her waist. Before she began, she let my feet from the cuffs and told me to hold my legs up. She was going to give me a good ass fucking. I had asked for this many times, but she had not wanted to go as far as a strap-on. I held my legs up as she pulled the dildo from deep in my ass.

She looked straight into my eyes and began to slowly slide the dildo into my ass. Both the dildo and my ass were still lubed, so it slid in completely in one stroke. She turned on the vibrator and began to stroke back and forth. This was more than I could have hoped for. As she fucked me with deep strokes, she reached up and touched my cock and tweaked my nipples. When she sensed that I was about to come, she stopped and squeezed my cock in her hands, stopping my orgasm in its tracks.

When she had fucked my ass for a while, she pulled out and took the strap-on off. She then reached up and untied my hands. She lay down on her back and told me to give her my cream. My pleasure, Mistress. I slid my cock into her hungry cunt and began to pound her for everything I had. After about 12-15 strokes, I could not hold out any longer and buried my cock as deep as I could in her belly. My cock pulsed and poured the largest load of my life into her squeezing cunt.

We lay together for a while and I started to get up. She said, "Where are you going? You are not through yet. Lay back down on your back."

I lay back down as instructed and she climbed back on my face. She held her cunt lips open and I could see my come begin to make its way out of her cunt.

"You made a mess, and now you need to clean it up." With that, I opened my mouth to begin licking as the first dribble of my come dripped from her cunt.

I began licking her outer lips and licking deeply into her fucked-open cunt. She must have been squeezing my come out of her, because it was pouring out. I had really pumped a load into her and now I was eating the entire thing. I licked her pussy until she had another orgasm. At that point, she was satiated and we cuddled exhaustedly for several minutes.

This was the last part of my total fantasy and she had done it all to me in one session. I am sure that my wife will surprise me further with other wild sessions. But those will have to wait for the next installment.
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How I explained to my wife my fantasy for upcoming

We were suppose to travel to Greece for holidays and i had to tell my wife my fantasy about it.
So this is what i sad to her and explained her in details.

Its our fourth day on the Greek sea, finally relaxed and happy to be together. We had a wonderful day on the beach, swimming, tanning, watched beautiful sunset. After dinner, we went back to our room to take a shower. Your body already is tanned and i cant stop looking at you! You look like a goddess, Greek sex goddess. My Aphrodite;) In the shower we already start to touch our self's, slowly rubbing your body with shower cream, admiring your curves, beautiful breasts. I can hear that u started to breath heavily. We started to kiss passionately, wanting it right then, my huge erection wants to penetrate u so much.But I suddenly stooped.

I want to prolong this wonderful feeling of excitement, I suggest to you that since the evening is still young, we should dress up go the bar for few mojitos. Actually i wanted to play a little bit. I told you to put on your smallest sexiest skirt u have and light shirt without a bra. Ah its a feast for my eyes! I don't know how I holding my self back not fucking you just then.
We are entering the bar, its a nice atmosphere there, light summer music, lots of young people having fun. As we enter i can see, how boys are checking you out, i don't blame them, you look stunning, hm the girls are checking u as well, but i think they are jealous on you.

We settled at some high bar table, ordered drinks and started to talk. Next to our table came to sit two young boys, we saw them in hotel already, they were in good mood for fun, greeted us and we started to chit-chat a bit.They were interested where are we from,what we do.. It seems they were young good looking Americans exploring the Greece, Josh and Mike. Its their last night in our hotel and than they are continuing.

After u came back from toilette, u took my hand and put your panties in my hand, ah...i was surprised, i think even the boys noticed the gesture and they were kind of red in their face.Ah the knowledge that your standing next to me just in that dress naked underneath made the bl**d rush in my body. I was slowly rubbing your back and my hand was falling down to your ass.. My fingers were playing with you.

We all had good time talking and after few drinks, we were more open to talk. Josh and Mike were talking how they had great time on the islands just that they couldn't find any girls to have more fun. Haha.. Than u sad loudly, ’you mean u didn't have any sex on your holidays? Not even a kiss or a hand-job? No bueno’ hah..i was quite surprised, boys as well to your openest, they were a bit shy..We were all laughing to it.

The waiter came to inform us that bar is closing already, time runes away. And since it was the boys last night on the island, they wanted to continue partying so they invited us to their room for another drink if we want. Uf i wanted just to go to our room and fuck you insanely, but you sad Ok lets go for another drink. While walking the stairs, my hand was playing with your ass and pussy from behind, I could feel you are wet. I was like that we should have one quick drink and than go to room and fuck. You sad Ok, and gave me the eye;) Hm...

In the room you started to dance a bit, rubbing your ass against my dick, the boys watching you, with lust in their eyes. Than you whispered to my ear ’Dear this is a perfect moment for a little fantasy come true, i am now ready to take my girlfriend slutty duties of satisfaction, I will give those boys a little hand-job for a treat’ Those words rushed thru me like electricity, my cock wanted to explode from my pants, i gave u the eye;) You turned to boys and told them that is unacceptable that they didn't have any kind of luck with girls and that you will treat them with hand-job.

You looking over at me with a smile I couldn't believe what is going on. You laughed and I saw your fingers tug at their jeans. Than u sad to them to slowly undo their jeans and slide them down their legs. I had to say it did feel good watching, but i was jealous as well and I was not sure what to do but yes, we should indulge our sexuality as opportunity opened. So i went to take our camera and make little dirty holiday photos.

The boys were confused, didn't know if your are k**ding, but they immediately took their jeans down,you could see their erection in pants .Drinking another gulp of wine you said, ’Quickly down witht boxer shorts ’,with hard cocks to escape out!
I watched as you slide your hand up their thigh and then your fingers began softly playing with theirs erected cocks.

You set on a sofa between the boys, and started slowly to stroke their dicks, which became bigger and harder with every stroke you made. You were looking at their cocks, than looking at me with dirty smile;) I was just enjoying the view. Your little hands on those hard big dicks, playing with them and commenting how you like their young hard dicks;) I could feel my cock bursting through my jeans
Boys were in heaven... Mike asked if he can touch your breasts? He was admiring them so much
U took them out from the shirt finally
Admiring glances focused your tits, those full cups and hard nipples looking fantastic
Now they are focused on kissing those hard nipples!

I came close to feel your pussy!! Your pussy drenched with juices for the ’sinful’ act we were committing with boys in a hotel room. You are so moist and wet, now i knew you are enjoying it to, not doing it just because of my fantasies, was great feeling. Couldn't believe its actually happening..
Than u sad you wanted to watch all of you playing with our cocks for you, finally i took my cock out and made few photos.
Hey josh started to touch your,,,never mind i see u are enjoying!

Mike had the tip of his hard cock touching your lips Your tongue started to play with the head of his cock.I watched you lean forward with your mouth opened. As your mouth closed over the head of mike cock and you began to suck hard pulling his cock into your hot wet mouth. You sucked his cock in and out of your mouth.
Josh is now licking your sweet wet pussy, i am just enjoying the view!
You are siting on that sofa sucking Mike while josh is between your legs licking, making circles with his tongue!

Mike couldn't hold it any more he grabbed his cock and drew it toward your mouth just as the first burst of sperm squirted from his dick and splattered across your tongue, mouth, chin, you were not surprised at all, your welcoming mouth took all the warm sperm and u licked the remains from his dick! Just that u told him that its to bad ’Now only Josh can fuck me’!l,
You got up and got into doggy style position and Josh slipped it in your welcoming pussy. the harder and faster he went the more i could feel the end of your throat on my dick.

Now I took the opportunity , took my cock in your hand and guided it toward the entrance o your wet pussy. Straight away you started to ride me quite furiously as you told everyone again that you needed a good fucking.
Then i trow u on the bed and start to fuck you, so hard, thrusting my shaft so fast in your pussy!

Than again i take u in missionary pose, fucking you and ordering boys to come both on bed
letting their big cock slap you right on the lips. You started sucking hem like never did before and moaning in pleasure while i was fucking you!
Put your tongue out love I sad and you did, As you encouraged the boys by telling them to’ make that big fat cocks cum for you’, you grabbed their balls and in massaging ..

The first few jets shot on to your cheeks with the rest squirting across your tongue and in your mouth, face and the last jets dropping onto your tits. You very covered in warm sperm, licking your lips with tongue and i was thrusting in you with such a f***e that made u moan and scream from ’sinful’ pleasure.
Finally i started to pour my sperm deep inside you, screaming from pleasure!

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My fantasy

MY fantasy is to be fucking used and humilated on tape by a bunch of men, I mean a FUCKING lot of guys doing anything they wish to me, while they filmed it, making me show my face and answer really personal questions like my full name, city, etc. Then them doing ANYTHING they wish with the video. I know some ppl will think this is wrong, but fuck it makes my pussy soooooooo fucking wet.... Continue»
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my fantasy...15

i am sitting on your couch
watching one of your porno movies
wearing nothing but a satiny thong...
it will be hours be4 u return from work
so i figure i have the place 2 myself...
as the movie gets more & more explicit
i start 2 absentmindedly masturbate
squeezing & stroking my throbbing cock
through the smooth material of my thong...
i am so totally engrossed in the movie
& in the feeling self-induced pleasure
that i don't even notice u enter the room...

then u clear your throat
& shock me right out of my fantasy...
i am stunned
& unsure of how u will react
as we are both cumpletely silent
4 what seems like an eternity...
then u finally walk over 2 me
& slowly undo your pants...
i am cumpletely excited
shocked & nervous
all rolled in2 one...

u stand right beside me
with nothing on but your shirt
& a wicked smile
& u say
" u look pretty hot like that !! "
i cannot believe what i am hearing
but your words thrill me...
then u whisper
" don't stop what u were doing !! "

as i start moving my hand again
pressing harder against my crotch
u move over closer 2 me
& moan
" wanna play with my cock 2 ??? "

i am really horny by now
so i reach out
& grab your semi-hard cock
& as i start stroking your prong
it instantly jumps 2 life...
your long & thick cock
gets me even more excited
& i reach inside my thong
so i can fully grip both of our tools...

u moan loudly
& i close my eyes
as i tighten my grip on your shaft
& pump u harder & faster
doing the same thing 2 my own cock...
my arousal is building & building
& from the way your cock is throbbing
i sense that u are growing more aroused 2...
i decide 2 just go 4 it
so open my eyes
& look right in2 yours
as i whisper
" do u wanna feel me suck your cock ? "
u groan
" i wanna see u suck every inch of me !! "

i reply by pulling u down on2 the couch
then sliding 2 my knees on the floor
& gently nudging open your thighs
so i can slide down between them...
i lower my face 2 your crotch
& begin slowly licking your rock-hard cock...
your erection throbs & twitches
as i run my tongue from the tip 2 the base
& then back up again & again & again...
that gets me even more excited
so i slip your entire length in2 my mouth
& i hear u moan softly above me
as i start rocking slowly back & 4th
so that your entire swollen length
slips in & out between my puckered lips...
u groan softly
" suck my cock !! suck my big fucking cock !! "

as u become more & more excited
u start thrusting your hips upward
pushing deeper & deeper in2 my mouth
& making your tasty tool fuck my face...
u are obviously getting very close 2 orgasm
& u grab on2 the sides of my head
2 thrust in even harder & deeper...
then your cock actually begins 2 pulse
the underside throbbing on my tongue
as u let out a long & low shuddering moan
& suddenly explode in2 the opening of my throat...
i am so cumpletely turned on
just knowing that it is my mouth
that has made u release your hot seed
that i am hardly even aware
my own cock has exploded as well
drenching my satiny thong with cream...
u moan
" drink it !! drink it !! drink it all down !!! "

the next morning
i wake alone in your bed
& as i roll 2 the edge of the bed
still naked
u walk in2 the bedroom
dressed in nothing but a pair of boxer shorts
with a huge bulge in the front
& a wicked grin on your face...
smiling back up at u
i pull u down on2 the bed with me...
u whisper throatily
" do u wanna play sum more ??? "
i moan
" i ALWAYS wanna play with u !! "

i roll over on2 my belly
as u run your hands down my back
all the way 2 my hips...
when u finally reach my ass
i push it upward just a little
2 let u know that u are free 2 roam
& hoping that u will take the hint...
growing more excited by the minute
i reach back 4 your tumescent cock
then twist myself around 2 face u
& slide down between your thighs
taking your thick cock in2 my mouth
& swirling my tongue around the shaft
as i draw u in deeper & deeper...
after a few deliciously slow swipes
i have u grunting & writhing in ecstasy
then i lift myself up on2 my knees
slathering your balls with my wet tongue
& cumpletely coating them with my saliva
as i gulp down as much of your cock
in2 my mouth as i possibly can
& u grunt again
as i slide your length over my wet tongue
& down deep in2 my cock-hungry throat...
as i begin 2 slowly bob my head up & down
your girthy shaft pulses & throbs on my tongue...
u gasp & moan
" i get so horny watching u suck my cock !!
i wanna cum in your hot fucking mouth !!! "

as i slowly slobber all over your tasty cock
i fondle your balls in the palm of my hand
& it does not take long 4 u 2 reach orgasm...
there is much more cum this time
than i remember from the last time
but it tastes salty-sweet & delicious
as i gulp & swallow every single drop...
when i finally pull my cock-sucking lips away
& release your still-throbbing erection
sum of your cream oozes from my lips
& runs luridly down on2 my chin
so i wipe it away with my fingers
then suck the last drops in2 my mouth...
i lick my lips lewdly & whisper
" i love feeling your cock inside my mouth !!
i love sucking your cock & eating your cum !!! "

i collapse on2 the bed
& u stretch out beside me
running your hands all over my body...
u play with my hard nipples
then reach down lower
& pump my cock in your tightened fist...
i do the same things 2 u
until u are once again big & hard
throbbing in my hand...
i whisper hoarsely
" fuck me !! fuck me !! please fuck me !!
i wanna feel u fill my ass full of hot cock !!
i wanna feel u fuck my tight hole full of cum !!! "

without saying a single word
u urge me up on2 my hands & knees
then i hear the lube bottle being pumped
& then a wet finger is massaging my tight hole...
even though u have touched me there in the past
this time it feels sumhow strange & different
& it takes me a few minutes 2 fully relax...
u are able 2 slip your entire finger in
defeating my futilely resisting anal ring
& then u begin thrusting it in & out
getting me ready 4 your big hard cock...
u grunt
" are u ready ? are u ready 4 my cock ??
do u wanna feel my cock inside of u ??? "
i moan
" oh yes !! i'm ready !! i want your cock !!
i wanna feel your cock in me !! FUCK ME !!! "

i groan loudly
as u finally move your hand away
& i feel it being replaced by your slippery cock
then u grasp my hips tightly with your hands
& guide the broad tip of your girthy glans
up against my tightly-puckered anal opening...
then so very ver slowly
with a gentleness that surprises me
u press deeper & deeper in2 my quivering butt
soon filling my tight ass cumpletely full of cock...
the moment u are balls-deep inside my horny hole
u began sawing your tool in & out of my tightness
fucking my ass the same way u fucked my face...
u pump in2 my wide-spread ass hard & fast & deep
as u continue 2 hold me tightly by the waist
occasionally letting out a long & low groan
as your sweaty balls bounce against my ass...
i moan & whimper
" fuck my ass !! fuck me full of cum !!!
i wanna feel u cumming deep in me !!! "

after deep-fucking my clutching ass
4 what feels like hours & hours & hours
i am almost delirious with pure pleasure...
the exquisite & wide-stretching feeling
of real flesh & bl**d cock-flesh
moving in & out of my taut opening
is just 2 totally intense 4 me 2 bear
& i explode on2 the sheets below me
after just a few minutes...
i scream
" i'm cumming !! i'm cumming on your cock !!
oh god !! i'm cumming on your fucking cock !!! "
as my ass-hole contracts even tighter
gripping your thick pistoning shaft tightly
i trigger your own explosive orgasm...
& after a few more pounding thrusts
u moan loudly
" i'm cumming !! oh god !! i'm cumming !!!
i'm cumming in your tight fucking ass !!! "
i feel your hot seed shoot deep inside me
lubricating my grippy ass-hole even more
allowing u 2 fuck my opening even faster...
as your cock starts 2 feel even better
deep inside my tight rear passage
i groan
" fuck me harder !! fuck me deeper !!
harder !! deeper !! keep fucking me !!! "
as u fill my butt with hot cream
the wet & searing heat is so intense
that i actually begin 2 cum again
screaming & writhing underneath u...
as i again drench the sheets below
u continue 2 pump in2 me as hard as u can
while i ride the wild waves of my climax...
your cock begins 2 soften inside me
& we both collapse down on2 the bed
& your body pins mine 2 the mattress
with your flaccid & rubbery fuck-tool
still buried deep inside my clingy hole...

( do u wanna ??? )... Continue»
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My fantasy

My for some hot, long haired, tanned, fit brunette to come slowly into my room as I'm half asl**p and gently pull the hair back from my eyes and kiss my forehead. She starts to pull back the covers and lays on top of me as we start to passionately kiss. She's moving from my lips to my neck to my nipples and back up to my lips and over to my ears. My hips start to move and I'm begging her to go down but she just teases me with a slight swipe of her finger on my pussy over my lace panties. The way she is laying on me I can start to feel her pussy on mine and I want to thrust my hips toward her but she pushes them back down. Slowly she takes my shirt off and traces her hand down my boobs and stomach, slightly tickling me and running her index finger right underneath my waist line. I just want her to go down but she takes her time with each little peck from my lips to my nipples down my stomach and then with her teeth takes off my panties.

Now she has full access but chooses to go ever so slowly. Kissing my belly button, my inner thighs and up and then FINALLY I can feel her soft lips on my soft welcoming lips. She kisses, kisses, kisses, and then takes her tongue and licks me from the bottom to the top like an ice cream cone. Her eyes look at mine and mine are begging her to keep going. She licks her lips to show me she loves the taste and does it again. Tantalising me, she flicks my clit and then slips her tongue inside me as deep as it will go. She's moving it around and I've never felt anything so warm in my life. She goes in and out and all I feel is the smoothness of her tongue and lips on my vagina. She comes out and starts to gently suck on my clit, with our eyes locked the entire time. I'm begging her to suck harder and flick harder and she finally listens. As her tongue moves faster and faster over my clit I take my hand and place it on her head, pushing it further into my pussy. With just a few more flicks from her wet, warm tongue I orgasm like never before and pull her face back up to mine so we can keep making out. I love how she loves my taste.

And that's just the beginning...
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My fantasy....

My fantasy......
I'd turn up at your door at your invitation, nervously clutching a bottle of wine as I ring your doorbell. An amazingly attractive older woman opens the door in her bathrobe.
She invites me in and as I turn to see her closing the door, she opens her bathrobe to reveal her amazing experienced body covered only by lacy, see through bra and thong.
I go to speak but she shhhh's me and walks towards me, pushing her body against me she kisses me, her tongue desperately searching for mine as my hands land on her waist, holding her sexy body against me.
Her hands run all over my upper body, pushing the jacket off my shoulders. As it falls to the ground, her hand glides over the bulging crotch of my jeans and grasps at my manhood.
I can resist no longer, my hands running all over her body, my lips travelling up and down her neck. As I look to release her breasts, she stops me. She tells me not to speak, but takes my hand and leads me to her bedroom.
She unhooks her bra and drops it to the floor. She takes my hands and places them on her breasts. Her nipples hard to the touch and she quivers slightly as my fingers brush against them. She pulls my head down to her chest and almost feeds a nipple into my mouth to be kissed, sucked and caressed. I slide my free hand down her naval to the softness of her underwear. My fingers search eagerly through the material to touch her dampness. Her breath quickens as my fingers push through her panties into her pussy.
At this she pulls my hand away and undoes my jeans, pulling them and my boxers to the floor. Her eyes light up at the sight of my hard cock, her hands wrap around it and she starts to stroke. I take off my shirt and throw it to the floor as her tongue makes contact with the base of my penis. Her wet, experienced tongue glides up my shaft and runs over the tip as she takes me deep in her mouth. I gasp she puts the tip of my cock to the back of her throat and out again. She picks up a rhythmic motion, sucking and licking as I lay back clutching the bed sheets, thrusting my hard on into her mouth.
Suddenly she stops, stands up and peels off her soaked underwear to reveal a gorgeous, shaved pink pussy. She lies on the bed next to me, kissing me passionately on the lips, she guides my hand to her tight, wet pussy. It’s so warm and moist, I immediately slip two fingers inside her as her hand wraps round my cock again. We lie there, writhing together to the rhythmic movement of our hands, when she pushes my head away from hers and f***es me down her body. My tongue instinctively laps at her clit causing her to moan and pull up on the two fingers I have inside her. Her pussy juices rub all over my face as I run my tongue up and down her slit, before diving into her pussy. This insertion causes her to grind on my face as I slowly rub my index finger around her anus. I bring my tongue south, and lick around her tight arsehole while putting two fingers back in her wanting pussy. She moans out, begging me not to stop as I f***e my tongue into her tight arse. I pull my face away and instead insert a finger from my other hand into her tight rear entry. She screams in delight and grinds on my three fingers inside of her.
She's begging me to fuck her, make her cum! I stand, pulling her to the edge of the bed, her legs across my shoulders as I slap my cock against her clit to tease her more before I plunge it deep into her wanting pussy.
It goes right in with no resistance, she's so horny and wet. I slide my cock into her at varying speeds before pulling out to the very tip where she begs me not to stop. I slam it back into her causing her to scream again. This time she's not letting go. She's grinding against me, I'm ball deep in her wet cunt as she says those magic words, I'm cumming! This only inspires me to fuck her harder, faster, deeper til she screams out in ecstasy.
She lies there panting while I stroke her pussy juices on my cock. She looks up, smiling devilishly and rolls over. She sits up on her knees, presenting herself as she tells me take her. I move forward, running my cock up and down her now even wetter pussy, but that's not where its going. I tap the tip of my cock on her anus as she calls me a naughty boy, At that I f***e the bulging head of my cock into her tight arse. She grips the bed sheets and moans as I slide the rest of my shaft into her. Slowly I slide in and out of her tight arse, struggling to contain my load. She begs for more, but she wants it deeper, harder. Who am I to deprive the woman. I start to fuck her as I did her pussy. Harder and faster all the time, listening to her moan is turning me on no end. I have to pull out of her arse before I cum too soon.
She lies there, utterly breathless but desperate for more. I lie on the bed as she straddles me. She guides my still hard cock into her begging pussy and begins to ride me slowly. I grab two handfuls of her arse, and rock my cock into her. Her tits swing against my face. I catch her nipple in my mouth where I nibble and suck on it. She rides faster, panting as she goes. The look in her eye is the sexiest I have ever seen on any woman.
She's riding my hard cock so hard the bed is in danger of buckling. I can’t hold much more, this goddess is turning me on so much. I tell her I’m about to cum, as the gets off my cock and thrusts it back into her mouth, telling me she wants to taste it. Her frantic tongue ensures its not long before I fire a mouthful of cum into her, she pulls up as the seconds spurt over her ample chest. She wipes the excess of her chin and smiles knowingly. I lie there motionless after the fuck of my life. With a cheeky glint in her eye, she thanks me for the wine, but apologises we never got round to drinking it. ... Continue»
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My Fantasy with you...part 2

....After you explode on my chest, I take your dick and suck the last few drops. mmmm You taste so good, a little sweat trickling down onto your shaft, I lick it all up. We lay on your bed, with me in your arms. Kissing each other and laughing about what we did to our friends on how we just had to leave. Little did they know that we have been sex partners for a while.
After we have are rested up, I go into the bathroom and start the water for a hot shower. You are lighting some candles for our Love making session. I call for you to come wash my back, you peek in the shower and see that my breasts are hard and that I'm all soapy. You join me in your kingsize shower. You reach in behind me and start rubbing the lather over my tits and down to my pussy. You then begin to lather my backside. Making special attention to my ass. Your hand slides inbetween my crack and making sure the bubbles are doing there job. On down my legs, the lather on your hands..caressing me gently. I turn around and begin to lather your chest and arms. Mmm how I love to feel your muscular arms. Nice and strong to hold me with. I begin to work the lather to your tummy and to your very soft cock. rub the soapy all over you and making special attenton to your sack.
As we rinse each other off, i bend down to take your cock inside my mouth. MMm a nice clean cock to suck on..I feel you growing hard. I just love that feel. As I stand up, you grope my tits and suck on them and you are rinsing the soap off my clit and ass. I"m getting excited again that you are touching my clit, just soft enough to get my juices flowing.
We get out of the shower and go to the bed to lick each other dry. Your tongue finds your way to my tits and to my torso. On down to my clit. My pussy lips are cool to the touch and soft under your finger tips. Gently you spread my lips apart and begin to lick my clit. I'm moaning and grabbing your head to pull you in closer and deeper. Your tongue is flicking away and probing my pussy hole. I'm begging to suck on your cock, you lay on your back and i climb on your fac and I began to suck n your cock.mmm it feels so good to be slowly sucking you and you slowly sucking on me. I pull up and turn around to slide down on your throbbing cock. Slowly, I begin to make love to your shaft. Slow thrusts up and down, you holding my breasts and licking and sucking on them. You pull me close to your chest and beging to pump me full of your shard shaft, we roll over and we make long hot passionate love, until we both climax together. We then fall asl**p in each others arms.
That is my fantasy with you...can you make that come true???... Continue»
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