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my famile vacation with mom

my famile vacation with mom

... summer and dad decided we were all going to Virginia Beach for a week vacation. My 38 year old mom ... vacation my f****y took together. I was 17 years old, almost six feet tall, still a skinny k** but my ... ***ed to take that one. My mind raced as I thought of the sl**ping arrangements, mom and dad in one bed... Continue»
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My Visit Home

... a real treat this vacation. While alternately fuck my pussy and my ass hole my Mom got up on the ... . My Mom came over & coated my lips with my creamy wet pink lipstick telling me that they enjoyed a ... My name is Shauna Riley I just recently visited with my parents, Rich and Beth at their home for a... Continue»
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SEXY SEXY s****r

... chaged into my boxers and went to bed with my s*s. about 3 am we heard mom and dad come d***k as fuck ... This storiy starts at the start of summer vacation me and my f****y just moved and me and my s*s ... to have some lunch and my s*s came in with my we sat down had some lunch then we watch a tv show and... Continue»
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... . My head was spinning with
excitement at what mom just told me. Tonight I was going to find
out ...
themselves. Mom told me to play with my nipples. I moved a hand
to my chest and pulled gently on one ... pulled away
telling me to relax and not pucker my lips. Mom put her lips
back on mine. With... Continue»
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I Love My b*****r

... pleasure himself.

I moved the crotch of my panties aside and started to play with my clit ... I thrust my fingers inside myself in time with each of his strokes, mindful of my maidenhead.

I ... losing my balance. I somehow managed to keep my eye lined up with the peephole, watching as smaller... Continue»
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College life spring semester 25

... on things and
to see if Mom enjoyed my pictures I had sent. Scrolling through, there was
an email ... .


Wednesday after a long day of class, I sat alone at my desk trying ... to
digest my notes and get them in some order when they were needed. For some
reason, I was just... Continue»
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the summer of 2002

... know what you think.

Xham origins: spunk85

When i was sixteen years old, i lived with my mom ... of strangers just turned my stomach. I just didn't wanted go.
"what else are you going do?", mom asked ... . But we still had 8 days. My first real vacation love was Alice, born in Kenya. And believe me, she... Continue»
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College life spring semester 26

... ?"

"Yeah, we're going to Mom's to grab my camping stuff..."

"Sweet as fuck, dude! When's ... and me. "Oh my God Corey!" She gave
him a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Mom, this is Matt ... ."

"Mom, I came back just to get my camping stuff out of the garage plus bring
back some... Continue»
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Adventures of the Taproot. Ch. 7. Aunt Barbara

... , and like both her s****r and my mom, she already had a nice summer tan. Barbara also had a wicked ... between her legs like he’s been doing it for years! What if my mom saw this! And what if my Uncle Jack ... then that I heard a giggling voice from the room next door. And it sounded a lot like my mom!

So... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #2 iCarly/Victorious #8

... iCarly/Victorious: Who I Did On My Summer Vacation Part 8

For Sam, getting back to Spencer's ... ."

"Of course, and how many of those was because you had to impersonate my mom?"

"Three ... imagine losing my cool like that... even with Trina, and God knows how much I want to strangle... Continue»
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Prom Night

... get to touch my feet, and Mom gets a husband without having to put up with his sick fetish ... it. You seem like a smart guy. You managed to hook up with my mom, so you’re probably not a moron ... I knocked briefly at the doorframe before poking my head into her room.

“Amber,” I said, “your... Continue»
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I slept with my boyfriends moms boyfriend (part 3)

... and there for food bathroom and gas ... We were following their friends. It was his mom and dad, my ... and a boy18) We sung silly songs to keep the driver up and slept and laughed in the car.
My ... myself with my partna is a turn on. Well i stuck my hand down his pants & stroked and stroked till... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #8: Blame It On Me #6

... you moved down to LA with me and lived with me and my mom, and it was just so perfect and romantic ... …" she groaned, laying back on the bed. "So, what… no sex for the rest of our vacation?"

"I don't ... are Trina's feet a thousand times worse smelling than my like 40 year old dad?

-How's the weekend... Continue»
Posted by FrankSinner 1 year ago  |  Categories: Celebrities  |  

Behind the Bookstore

... home to get ready for my shift that day. My mom, bless her overbearing heart, had washed one of my ... is being asked. The question in my case was answered based on the knowledge of an eighteen year old k ... **; not knowing what was really implied or how it would change my perception of sex. The question has... Continue»
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My Nurse, My Husband, and Me II

... to where we are today.

My s****r-Wife

Where I ended on my last posting is that Holly and I ... were doing our best not to kill my poor husband John with our sexual needs and desires ... through an angry divorce a few years earlier. My ex-husband had cheated on me and the way I found... Continue»
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... naughty girl; I think it's time to fuck my buddy's Mom..."

With that, he pulled me on top of him ... We are, by my standards, a pretty average couple. We are in our late forties, both very attractive ... beautiful c***dren, the youngest of which left home three years ago. My husband is a wonderful, kind man... Continue»
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Cumming to terms

... I got home from school to find mom in my room. She had completely cleaned it for me ... a gentle tap at my door. Mom stuck her head in.

"You still awake, sweetie?" She asked ... . My cock was as hard as steel, forming a tent in my boxers. As I locked the door, mom sat back... Continue»
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My Friends Daughter Chapter 2

... lived with me for a few months while working near my place, then had gone back home. She took a vacation ... Just to give you a bit of history on what has happened so far. My friend Karri and her daughter ... , with my semi-hard cock nestled in-between her ass cheeks, and my arm wrapped around her with my hand... Continue»
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A Thanksgiving Gift

... wanted to get there early because his mom always appreciated the help. He was 30 years old, a good ... .

He was reclined in the same spot she had just vacated, IN a few minutes he was moaning ... you too, my darling son.”

He picked her up carefully and lay her down in the shower floor, careful... Continue»
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A Stepmother's Sin - Chapter 6 - 4th of July

... with
my tongue when we get to the lodge. Would you like my tongue on your cock?"
"Fuck, mom, you're ... there are plenty of trucks on the road!” I protested, trying to grab my top back again.
“Mom, these poor truck ... at my
stepson. "Baby, I am dong this for you."
"I know, Mom. Cum for both of us."
"I'll try,'" I... Continue»
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