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my dads best friend

my dads best friend

... dressing gown , he invited me in and i did so . HIs wife was out .

my dad friend who was called ... imagened.

when i got up there was a note from my dad saying i needed to take a dvd round to my dads ... best friends house who lives down the road.

i did this and when i knocked on the door he was in his... Continue»
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My best friend’s father, Robert, was the bane of all my fantasies since I ... me mesmerized for the beginning.

I moved in to amy’s (best friend) house on my eighteenth ... birthday. My parents were going on a holiday for there honeymoon and didn’t want me to stay home on my own... Continue»
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My Best Friends Dad

... was shocked, i was 16 and this was my best friends dad. He looked straight at me and apologised, it was weird ... ' and knew that i would have sex when I was ready.

I was 16 and sl**ping over at my best friend Kerry's ... cumming, here i was 16 and cumming onto my best mates dads face... the excitement heightened... Continue»
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Me and my Best Friends Dad

... he and his dad, Thomas, were naturally very close. He was my pretty much best friend, so when my ... have been changed however, and future instalments may be pure fiction. Enjoy,

My friend Rob and I ... , enjoying the feeling of the sun on the back of my neck. I knocked on the door and his dad answered... Continue»
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My Best Friend's Dad

... likely what drew me to them. My best friend
through most of this we'll call "Christy" was one ... buck ass naked, and my lord I nearly choked, in front
of me was Christy, my best friends, fathers ... of this agreement I was not very close
with my dad what so ever. My dad always gave my b*****r everything he... Continue»
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My best friends dad (Flower Power)

... is the father of one of my best friends. Some of the story he told is complete fabrication, some ... My name is Emma or rather it isn’t; but you may have read story about me in which I was Emma. I ... surreal that I have to do it. My husband Dan likes the videos available on this site and I don’t object... Continue»
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My Best Friend's Dad

... half an hour until an idea struck me. I can go to Jarrod's house.
Jarrod had been my best ... "son" got me thinking what would it be like if he really were my dad? I sat there for a few minutes ... Tom, can you do nothing right? I am sick and tired of you doing everything half-assed." Dad wasn't... Continue»
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Dad,me and best friend.

... had ever done that and it took my best friend to make it happen.

I lay there breathing heavy ... oven, I could not control myself as I moaned softly cumming hard as my hips bucked with spasms, Dad ... felt my tit, I jumped with pleasure as I sat down watching my dad fuck my mate hard, I could see dads... Continue»
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My Best Friends Dad 2

... you, oh no, no, no, i would love to fuck you. But your my daughters best friend. Your father and i ... are best friends. They trusted me with you. I think of u as my daughter," the more he spoke the more he ... best seductress voice I took my free hand and lightly passed it down his body.Robert swiftly grabbed... Continue»
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dad`s best friend

... My Dad's Best Friend

After I had graduated high school, I used to make extra money ... by
house-sitting for my Dad's best friend when he and his wife were out of
town. Don was his name. He ... just being the hunk of hunks and my Dad's best
... Continue»
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Father's Love (My Best Friend's Dad)

... It was Saturday afternoon. Derek had invited me to stay for dinner. He was my best friends dad ... was like the dad I never had.

Me and Samuel were friends ever since we went to primary school together ... . Back then his parents were still together and I only thought of his dad as a nice man. But over... Continue»
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Dad's Best Friend

... I don't remember when it all started but I always had a crush on my dad's friends. Art was the only ... staring at my tits as he drove me across town. I knew I could seduce him and I really wanted to. I told ... then ran my hands up under his shirt and began to rub his nipples and I heard his breathing... Continue»
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Janice and her best friends Dad.

... . I slid my finger up and down my clit. Rubbing it in circles as my best friends dad had his way ... started to get up, to say goodbye to my friends dad, and I must have twisted too fast, because I ... . But I know we were still there when I heard Samantha, his daughter and my best friend, unlocking... Continue»
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Me and My Best Friend

... and then pulled my cock out. There I was sitting arm and arm with my best friend and my rock hard erection ... it.

One particular night during my week long stay we watched the porn as always and my friend ... .

A few more seconds passed and I opened my eyes and to my horror my friend was standing... Continue»
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My Best Friends Mother

... It was 1980 and I was very young. Even before puberty young. And I had a best friend named Eddie ... black hair, brown eyes, and was tall. Almost as tall as my dad. And he was the tallest guy I knew ... at my age. And being as young as I was, I only came up to Eves mid waist at most.

I like... Continue»
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My Best Friend (continued)

... ." "Your own dad?", I exclaimed. "Yeah, and my uncle and my b*****r and my ... reached around from behind me and grabbed my dick like it was his own. I was shocked, but at the same ... ;, he said.

As my stream started to dwindle, Pete pulled out his own cock and started peeing... Continue»
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My best friends mom

... My best friend, Robby, and I were over at his house one day, wasting away another summer day ... trading baseball cards and stuff. We were both the same age, and had been best friends all our lives ... and it was my mom, saying I needed to come home for lunch. After saying our byes, Robby and his dad took off. I... Continue»
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my best friends mom

we had just arrived at a local was sunday bruch with my best friend Mike,and his mom ... and dad,along with my folks and two s****rs.
we were in santa barbara,it was the summer of 1962 i ...
a mile apart,and were frequently at each others homes.our families bacame friends,and would bbq together... Continue»
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My best friends mum

... of my best friend, start to eagerly finger her increasingly pink and open cunt. Her long blonde hair ... of weeks with my friend Gary over the holidays, working part-time in a shop, and to spend ... , she stopped. Eyes fixed on her daughter's bedroom door; my friend's mum licked her lips... Continue»
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Mom And My Best Friend

... walked back out heading for the shop.

during the week Jay fucked my mom at least 4 times, how could i tell my dad my best friends fucking my mother ... We were on holiday in Corrnwall and my best friend Jay came with us, during the first night he kept ... admiring my mom whenever dad wasnt around, he also kept getting a good eyefull of my moms rarther... Continue»
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