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... hair and trying on different styles. I'll help you!"

"Thanks, Mommy. Ummm. Mommy?"

"Yes, dear."

"Can I wear one of your old ... so exciting – Grandma, Lisa, and I were with Mommy in the delivery room. I held Mommy's hand the whole time and felt every ... ... Continue»
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Milking Mommy

This is another story of F amily perversion and y oung i nsest. If these topics disturb you,do not read them!

Mommy and I had been fucking each other,almost every single day,for over a year. And when Mommy's "B aby B ump" started to show,we made the decision to move away. We agreed that living in a small town,putting up with all of the gossip and nosey neighbors just wasn't worth the hassle any more. And neither was Mommy going to work at her shitty job and me dealing with the assholes at my Jr.High School.

Between Our web sites and the on-line sales of our DVD's,We have been lucky enough to be making several thousands of dollars each month,and this made the decision to move all the easier.

So,when Mommy found a small,working farm,in a tiny community located in the northern range of the Adirondacks, off we went!

Since the move,every day Our sex life gets better and alot more kinky! In fact,Mommy calls Us "Fuck Crazy Cum Freaks!"!

The bigger Mommy's tummy got,the hornier she became. My cock was growing,right along with the rest of my body,and Mommy just couldn't get enough of me! We were fucking each other and making movies anywhere you could imagine. Hell! In the first two weeks alone,I fucked Mommy five different times in the mini-van,right outside the towns grocery store,library and City Hall all of which are located on Main Street! We never did take out any books and we only bought groceries twice!

Then one day, Mommy started to lactate. She was crawling around on all fours, naked in the garden while weeding and laughing at how the plants were tickling her belly,when she noticed it.

Calling me over to her,to show me,she got up and knelt at my feet. Seeing Mommy's arms and legs smeared with dirt,her distended belly poking out below those huge,milk filled breasts and her beautiful,smiling face almost made me cry with joy. I stared at her,mesmerized by the milkdrops that hung from the tips of each of Mommy's perfect nipples.

So there I stood,barefoot and naked in the garden,right along with her,as my rock hard cock pointed straight at her chin.

Gripping my cock with her left hand,Mommy pulled me close to her. Making me bend my knees a little,she stuck a milky nipple up and into the piss slit of my dick. I moaned out loud and almost shot my load right then and there! But then she began to squeeze her tit and milk shot up into my cock and all over my dickhead! I almost fainted from the sensation.

"Go get the camera,Baby!" she said,after sucking on my rigid,milk streaked cock. "We need to film this!" Mommy panted.

I was off like a shot,running with my dick flapping in the wind!

After grabbing one of our cameras from the kitchen table,I looked out the open back door and watched as Mommy waddled across the yard,her hands pressed into the small of her back,as she made her way to one of our movie studios that was set up in the barn.

My cock was jumping and flailing in all directions as I ran to catch up with her. When I did,she was already in the last horse stall.

Mommy looked at me with pride while standing naked in front of me. She was still pressing her hands into the small of her back and smiling. Her big,pregnant stomach pushed out even farther and her fat,elongated udders rested on top of it. My cock began throbbing and dancing about as I watched her,watching me.

Because Mommy she was right at full term,We had to work at it together,but we finally managed to get her into the breeding sling and stirrups. Her skin poked out of every opening between the straps as I hoisted her up with the electric winch. When she was securely tied and the sling locked in place, I spread her legs apart and lashed them to the slings chains with velvet straps.

I quickly lathered up her shaved cunt and asshole with lube. And since she was at my mercy,once again,I decided to finger fuck her first,then eat her pussy out until she came before filming what was to come.

I Love the fact that Mommy is a Squirter! And I do mean Squirter! I have collected over a cup of it before,and sometimes,when she really gets going,she just can't stop the flow!

My Mommy never disappoints me!

I finished eating her out and my face and hair were dripping wet. Mommy had squirted so much,I couldn't drink it all,so I held my face in front of her pussy,as she let fly with a stream of her cunt juice!

I returned to my job,but before readying the film equipment,I set out all of the toys I would be using,in this movie on Mommy. We had prepared well for this day! We had several different kinds of milk pumps (both the old and new types) at hand,vibrators,dildos,soft,cloth whips,automatic fucking machines, and one of our favorite things,an E-Stim Unit!

I completed the lighting and sound set up,then turned on the cameras.

I first approached Mommy with a pair of the old fashioned,hand held nursing pumps. They were the kind with small,clear plastic bags attached to the bottom of it and held inside a cup. Mommy's large,brown areolas made the fifty-cent piece sized suction cups look small. I had squeezed on the pump handle only twice when she suddenly squeeled out in pain as her long nipples bottomed out,plugging the hole and pinching them tight. I quickly broke the suction and removed the useless pumps,tossing them onto the table.

I could not help but gaze upon my wonderful Mommy. She is such a pretty little,Red Head! And Oh,So Kinky! My Mommy is So Fucking Hot and Always So Fucking Horny,I wanted to make this an Extra Special Occasion for her!

I stared at those beautiful,engorged breasts as milk began to leak,just a little bit,from the end of each hard nipple. I quickly made up my mind and picked up one of the horsecock shaped vibrators,then coverd it with lube. As I rubbed it over the very tips of her sensitive nipples,Mommy began to moan with pleasure. In a matter of moments,the vibrator was coated with a combination of lube and Mother's Milk. That's when I giggled and smiled at her.

"Don't You Dare,Baby!" she moaned. "Mommy can't take it! I'm not ready! Not today Baby! Please? PLEASE?! PLEASE DON'T! MOMMYCANTUUUGGH! FUGME! AIEEEEFUG!"
She screamed out as I placed the fist sized vibrator's head against her asshole and with one quick movement,sank it about eight inches deep up her ass!

"Don't lie to Me,Mommy!" I laughed. "You Love it! And I know you you want it! If you didn't,why did we give eachother enemas this morning? Now Take IT,You Slut! Who's My Slut,Mommy? WHO THE FUCK IS MY SLUT?!" I scolded her as I began to fuck her ass in earnest with the oversized vibe!


Placing the end of the vibrator in it's holder attached to the sling,I turned it up to High and walked away. Mommy couldn't see what I was doing behind her,but she could hear me.

I crept up to her and put a red,velvet hood over her head and face. She was thrashing about in the sling,impaled on a horsecock sized vibrator up her ass and totally helpless! She had no idea what I had in store for her.

I had taken out the E-Stim and hooked it up. I also plugged in the electric milking machine. It is the same kind farmers use on cows,but I have modified it. I can hook up one,two,three or four milking tubes,what ever I choose! I also had the tubes connected so they would empty into a steril,glass quart jar.

I went to work quickly. I placed the E-Stim's patches around her bald,winking pussy and vibe filled asshole. Mommy was so wet,I just had to get another taste of her cunt,so I bent down and ran my tongue between her cunt lips,making her cry out once more.

Filming MY LOVELY,SLUT MOMMY,in the begining stages of yet another orgasm,drove me wild!

I was covering her body with soft kisses as I finished attaching all but two of the E-Stim's wires. Standing between Mommy's creamy white spread thighs,I began to lightly slap and pinch her clit,until it became swollen and bright red. Her muffled moans and cries filled the old barn. And when I knew she was close to cuming again,I turned on the milking machine and attached a suction tubes to each of her teats.

Wanting to see and show the depths of emotions and range of expressions Mommy went through,I removed the hood that had previously hidden her beautiful face.

She screamed out louder for me to stop playing around,as I pulled first one,and then the other suction tube off of her squirting nipples. I teased her with them. Holding the tubes openings,until they barely made skin contact,I then pulled them away. I popped her hard,wet nipples in and out at least a dozen times,giving her a mix of pain and pleasure before I finally put them on for good.

I hit paydirt,big time! I could hear it as the suction drew forth spurt after spurt of Mother's Milk and began to deposit it,in loud splashes,into the glass jar,making my mouth water!

Mommy moaned,then began screaming and crying tears of pleasure. The milker was working on her swollen teats and the hugh viberator filled her ass,buzzing away non stop! I decided it was time to push her over the edge.

Hooking up the final component of the E-Stim machine to a strap-on belt,I warmed the six inch long,two inch thick metal rod in my hands. Turning the harness inside out,so the device pointed straight up,I inserted the metal rod fully into Mommy's vagina and secured it tightly in place around her thighs. I then attached the final wire to the patch over her clit,flipped the machines switch to "ON" and turned the dial up to what I knew was a "Safe Zone" for her!

Without warning,the rafters showered down dust and it sounded like they were cracking,as she convulsed in the sling! Inarticulate sounds,grunts mixed with partial words and screams,issued forth from Mommy's clenched mouth. Her body continued to spasm then broke out covered in sweat! Her breath came in short,f***ed gasps! Spit flew from her shaking head as her eyes rolled back into her head till all I could was the whites! Her long,red hair whipped back and forth,tying itself into knots and tangles! And the muscles in her arms,legs and baby filled stomach rippled as they corded up and then relaxed between each electrical pulse!

All four cameras caught every bit of the action!

This went on for about three minutes,then I became freaked out by her actions. I yanked the E-Stim's power cord from the wall and rushed to her side.

"Take it out!" Mommy groaned. "Please! Baby! Take it out of my cunt!"

In a race with myself,I undid the E-Stim's harness and removed the metal rod from her pussy. She made a quiet queer sound as I did this,it was like a cry,cough and laugh mixed together. I was reaching next for the vibrator shoved up her asshole,when she told me to leave it alone. "That can stay where it is for now,Baby. Just turn it to medium,will You?" so I did as I was told and began removing the patches I had carefully placed upon my mother's body.

I was in a state of shock. What could have gone wrong? I had placed the E-Stim contact points in the same places I had a hundred times before! Just like she had shown me to do! What in the world had happened?!

I untied her legs,uncuffed her wrists,removed the locks and began to lower her to the floor. When her feet touched ground,she breathed out "My tits,Sweety! Turn of the milker! But be careful! Don't spill anything!"

Cutting off the power and carefully removing the suction tubes from Mommy's tits,I was amazed at the sight of her areolas and nipples. They looked deformed! About half way down the big brown circles there was a ring,and from that ring,they were shaped like three inch long,fat cigars with her nipples jutting out almost another inch and a half!

"Bring me one of the tubes we just used and turn on the machine,Baby."

Mommy had regained most of her composure and noticed the cameras were still rolling. She sat in the Breeding Sling,like a Queen on her throne. Putting her legs back up into the stirrups ,she began teasing her clit and working the vibrator deeper into her ass.

"Can I do that for you,Mommy?" I asked "Or do you want me to eat you out again?" I was beginning to calm down myself.

"No,Baby. I want You to stand here in front of me but facing the wall."

I handed the milking tube to her,like she wanted and turned my back to Mommy.

"You poor Baby. Did Mommy scare you? I didn't mean to. I was in so much pleasure I couldn't take any more,is all. Here,let me hold you" she said, circling me from behind with her arms. "Oh No! Baby! Your Hard-On went away! We can't have that now can we?"

I could tell Mommy had positioned me so at least one camera could catch her rubbing her deformed tits on my back,smearing me with her milk.

Sitting behind me,she began nibbling on my neck and shoulders and then breathing in my ear. She took her free hand and began tickling my cockhead with her long fingernails as she continued rocking back and forth in the sling getting herself off again.

My cock began to harden and rise,when suddenly she shoved the opening of the milk slicked tube over the head of my cock and pushed it down as far as it would go!

She let go of the tube but the machines suction had a tight grip as it began to repeatedly pull me into it,then let go. The feeling was strange to say the least. It was fantastic! Not as good as Mommy's mouth,but different enough to be totally erotic! I kept getting harder and harder! Then I realised I was getting a blowjob from a machine!

I was so engrosed in what was happening,I didn't notice that Mommy had tied my wrists to the slings chains.

I felt her get out of the sling and duck under my arm. She walked around to stand in front of me. Watching as the maching sucked on her son's cock.

Mommy leaned over the table,picked up a pair of nipple clamps connected with a thin chain,and screwed them onto my nipples. I felt her tug on the clear plastic hose that connected me to the machine and the jar holding her milk.

"I'm going to have So Much Fun!" she growled at me!

I felt a wide fur lined leather cuff fasten around my right ankle,then she f***ed my legs apart till I she could fasten the other cuff around my left ankle. There was a wooden shaft keeping me from closing my legs!

I listened as she took a few steps away. I screamed when she turned the speed of the milking machine up! I was hanging by my wrists. It was now my turn to be totally helpless! Mommy came back to me,and I felt the E-Stim's strap-on harness go around my waist. She shoved the metal rod,covered in her pussy juice,straight up my asshole and clipped a wire to the chain running from nipple to nipple.

The world exploded in fire when she flipped the switch!

I hung there from the chains,twitching and jerking about! I was dancing like some possessed marionette puppet! I had no control over what my body did! I didn't realize I was screaming till my throat began to hurt!

Mommy turned off the E-Stim and I caught my breath. But the automatic milker kept sucking away!

"Mommy! I'm Gonna Cum! MommIIEEEEE!" She flipped the switch a second time! I never even knew when I came! It felt like I was lost! My mind spun out of control! Time had no meaning! Then I felt the sweet touch of reality again.

Mommy was laughing at me! "Isn't that Fucking Awesome?" she asked. "God,I LOVED IT! I can't wait till after the baby is born! We are going to have SO MUCH FUN,You AND I!"

I couldn't move. I just hung sweating and there breathing hard.

"I wonder how long it will take for you to cum again? I better turn this up some and find out!"

Before I could say anything she had the machine almost set to the max! I hung by my wrists,gyrating and swinging in partial circles for just under ten minutes before I blew my next load! It took almost another twenty before I had my third and final orgasm of the day.

Mommy took off the leg restraint and untied my wrists. She tied an old pair of spandex tights over her shoulders,across her big pregnant belly and between her legs to keep the massive vibrator in place. She then turned off the milking machine and carried the jar with the pumps still atached to the lid and my swollen cock,as she strained to walk back up to the house. She made sure I filmed the entire thing.

It took almost a half hour of Mommy holding ice against the metal tube and alot of pulling before my cock came out of the milker!

With my cock finally free,I filmed Mommy,as she made a big production of putting the jar with her milk and my sperm into the freezer.

"Oh,My! Will this be tasty or what?" she cooed at the camera "I can't wait to try it! Maybe my Baby here can give me a douch with it and then drink it from his Mommy's pussy and then spit it into her mouth? Would You like that?"

She asked if I was still filming. "Of course I am! You didn't tell me to stop did you?"

"Good! I want to be sure You get all of this! Give me the big pasta pot,will you please,Baby?" she was talking to me and untying the makeshift spandex sling.

I started to hand her the pot,but she told me to put it on the floor. With the pot between her legs she reached down and caught the horsecock shaped vibrator as she pushed it from her ass. Mommy turned away from me and leaned over the table,showing me and the camera her wide open gaping asshole and pussy. Standing back up and turning to face me again,Mommy clutched her sides and made one of the strangest faces I have ever seen!

"OhMY UGGGG!" she screamed and it looked like someone was emptying a bucket from her pussy!

"Did you get that,Honey? Did You?"

I just nodded my head yes and kept the camera pointed at her swollen,bright red cunt! Her clit was huge and stuck out like a thumb! She sat back down onto the kitchen chair and parted her legs. Her pussy was gaping open! It was twice as wide as her asshole had been!

"Hand me the phone,Honey. Make sure you get all of this! Hello? 911? Yes. My water just broke and I need someone here fast! I am about to give birth!"

She was having a contraction,so I yelled out the address into the phone,and sat on the floor with the camera's lense pointed at Mommy's cunt. The camera was still rolling when the paramedics arrived!

Six hours later we welcomed My happy,healthy,totally normal s ister/d aughter into the world!

Two months after that,we had to open another bank account for our business. Movie sales have never been so good!... Continue»
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If you are a parent you have probably read, or even own, What to Expect When You Are Expecting and other self-help parenting books. Many have been very useful over the years, as I raised my two c***dren on my own after my husband's premature death, when Crystal was four and Michael two. The books were helpful when I struggled to deal with my daughter's teenage rebellion phase and they were somewhat helpful as I dealt with my son's coming of age, although truth be told I let my b*****r help out with that one.

Yet, nothing in any book I have read could have prepared me for what I saw that one fateful day, because I am pretty sure there is no chapter called 'What To Do When You Catch Your Son Masturbating With Your Stockings'.

I sell real estate and for many reasons I am quite successful; I am hard working, a people's person and am still quite attractive. The three together are a lethal combination and I have made a very comfortable living for myself and my two c***dren. Sixteen years after Jake had passed, Crystal was in college a couple of hours away, and Michael, who just turned eighteen two weeks before the incident, was in his last two months of high school.

While Crystal was the wild c***d who did way more partying than studying and who brought me my first grey hair, Michael was shy, geeky and was way more likely to play some computer game than go to a party. I worried about Michael, who was academically very strong and already accepted by some colleges and all on scholarship, but was socially quite inept. He had never had a girlfriend and the only parties he had ever gone to were with his three equally socially challenged friends and included things like Lord of the Rings night, Star Wars night, the original and not the weak prequels (why does George Lucas attempt to write?), and most recently, at my house, the Harry Potter weekend, where they watched all eight movies, all the extras and made a list of the 100 things the movies got wrong (which they actually read to me very enthusiastically). Which brings me to what started it all....

I came home early after two appointments were cancelled. I slipped out of my heels and was going to my room to undress and shower when I noticed the light of my room was on, and I knew I hadn't left it on. Cautiously, I peeked around the corner and into my room. On my bed stroking his cock with one of my thigh high stockings was my son. I barely caught the gasp that was about to escape my lips. My son was jerking off on my bed and seemingly reading something on his laptop, as his moans of pleasure increased. I was frozen in shock and my legs felt trapped in cement; I couldn't take my eyes off my son and his shockingly large cock.

It was only a minute, maybe two, before my son moaned, "Oh yes, Mommy, suck my cock, be a good Mommy slut."

I couldn't completely hold in the gasp this time, as I realized he was not only masturbating using my stockings, he was masturbating about me. Luckily, he was clearly in his own fantasy world and did not hear my slight sound.

A couple of minutes later, including my son using my name three more times, he grunted, "I'm coming Mommy, swallow my cum." Seconds later his sticky white stuff shot out in the air like a rocket.

I quickly retreated back down the stairs, snuck out of my own house and to my car. I couldn't believe what I had just seen and heard. My son fantasized about me. I was mortified and doubly mortified when I felt an undeniable dampness in my panties.

Why was I wet?

Why was I suddenly so horny?

Did he really call me a Mommy-slut?

I shook the thoughts out of my head and pulled out of my driveway to see if a drive would let me put what I saw in perspective.

An hour later, close to when I was supposed to be home, I walked in the house and called out, just in case, "Michael, I'm home."

Michael called out from his room, "Hi, Mom."

I went to his room, the door open, and asked, while he was on his computer, "Want pizza?"

"Sounds great," he answered, completely unaware of what I knew.

It was hard to believe that what I saw just an hour ago was real. The rest of the evening was normal: supper, watching Jeopardy together and him going to his room and his computer while I watched television, planned showings for tomorrow and relaxed.

At bedtime, I tossed and turned, as the image of my son masturbating, and thinking about me doing it, refused to leave my mind. My vagina was tingling and although I tried to deny the temptation to pleasure myself, I eventually gave in. Closing my eyes, I fantasized, like I always did, of my late husband, the perfect man who left me way too soon. He understood my submissive nature in the bedroom, the polar opposite of my personality in public, where I was in charge and a no-nonsense woman. A feminist in most people's eyes. I imagined myself on all fours, the way he usually fucked me, so he could fuck whichever hole suited his fancy, as when we were alone and intimate he treated me like the slut I craved to be; yet, in public he was the perfect gentleman and husband, putting up the facade of a vanilla life, which was all anyone would see. This fantasy or reminiscing of the 'good times' always got me off quickest and I was close in only a few minutes.

As I got close to climax, my mind played tricks on me and suddenly it was not my husband pounding me from behind, but my son. So close to coming I kept pleasuring myself until the crescendo of pleasure washed through me and I heard my son order, "Come Mommy, come from your son's big hard cock!"

The orgasm was more intense than most I self-created and I collapsed onto my bed a bundle of sweat. As I recovered from the best orgasm in a long, long time, I gasped at what had turned the tide, so to speak. I couldn't believe it was my son replacing his father in the dream. I couldn't believe how hot and bothered it had made me both during the fantasy and what I saw him doing earlier today. After some thought, I realized it was a mixture of exhaustion, loneliness, missing Jake and shocked at seeing my son in such an intimate act. Comfortable with my conclusion, I drifted to sl**p and had the best rest I had had in a long, long time.


Next morning, as Michael came down for breakfast, I suddenly realized just how much he looked like Jake. Jake was more built, but he too was rather nerdy in appearance and hid his naughty sexuality quite well. Once my son went to school, curiosity got the better of me. I went to his room and flipped open his laptop. I typed in his password which was as predictable as could be, PrincessLeia, and searched the sites he was on yesterday afternoon. I knew this was wrong, and a major violation of privacy, yet wondering what he was reading or watching while masturbating about me was driving me nuts. His websites yesterday were mostly the usual geek sites, but one wasn't and there were a few of them, all beginning with Literotica. I had never heard of the site, but as I looked at the url's, I gasped. They were all stories about i****t, with titles like Making Mommy Mine, What Mom Doesn't Know Will Fuck Her, Pet Mommy, Riding on Son's Lap and Mom's Stocking Stuffer.

I wrote down the titles, not wanting to leave any evidence of my parental violation of privacy and logged out of the Internet. Curious, I searched the word 'mom' on his files and noticed a plethora of stories saved. I was shocked at the obvious revelation that my son wanted to have sex with me, or at least it was his biggest fantasy. Yet I could not even begin to fathom how to deal with this knowledge.

I logged out of his computer and realizing the time, headed out for my first showing of the day. Strangely, all day at work I couldn't shake my new-found knowledge, couldn't shake how obsessed I had become with the need to learn more.

Once my showing day was done, I headed home, oddly hoping to catch him in the act again, although completely unsure what I would do if I did or for that matter why I was hoping I did. I didn't want to have sex with my son, did I?

When I got home, he was downstairs gaming with his friend Frederick, the poster boy for geek if there ever was one. I ordered pizza for them and as they gamed, I fired up my laptop, curious to read the stories he had been stroking to yesterday.

As I read story after story, I was shocked at both the content of the stories and what the stories were doing to me. My pussy was on fire and my left hand slowly pleasured myself as I read each i****t story. Some of the stories had dominant sons seducing their mothers, while others had powerful daughters dominating their mothers, while others were more intimate in the sexual relationship between son and mother. I had never even remotely considered either of my c***dren in a sexual way, but yesterday's events, as well as these vivid, hot stories brought the thought that was now crossing my mind. I was close to reaching orgasm while reading a story about a son fucking his mom's ass when the phone rang. I grabbed the phone, leaving the bubbling just beneath the surface to simmer and then fade away, as I talked to my overbearing mother about many things, including the never ending conversation about finding myself a man. By the time I was off the phone, I was frustrated, like I usually was after a conversation with my mother, and thankfully no longer horny. Looking at the clock and realizing the pizza would be here any minute, I went downstairs to check on the boys who were still, as far as I could tell, playing the same game and in the exact same spots as they were when I left. I got the boys some drinks and couldn't help but notice my son checking out my legs as I walked away.

As I returned to the kitchen, conflicting emotions swarmed over me. The more I looked at my son, the more I saw his father; the thought that I turned my son on was both flattering and yet wrong...that being the case why was I not mortified by it? Deciding to test if my son was just turned-on by the idea of i****t or really obsessed with me, I decided to showcase my assets.

After the pizza arrived, I brought them slices on plates, being sure to bend down enough to give a quick flash of my breasts and, when moving up, showing just a quick flash of my lace stocking tops. Grabbing my own pizza, I sat on a chair to the left of them and, flipping off my four-inch heels and saying dramatically enough to make sure I got their attention, which I was pretty confident I already had anyway, said, "My feet are killing me."

Reclining my chair and leaning back, my silk stocking-clad feet and legs were on full display for both of the eighteen year old boys. As expected, my joining them caused complete havoc between them, as if these Mensa candidates' boys brains shut off the minute their erections grew. The thought that I had such power over young boys at my age was also quite a turn-on.

I already knew Frederick had a thing for me as he practically stammered every time he talked to me and could never look me in the eye, his eyes always staring at my chest. But watching my son attempt to take quick glimpses of my legs every few seconds was amusing.

Once I finished eating, I stood up and stretched in front of the two horny eighteen year olds, which allowed for my skirt to ride up more than socially acceptable and allowed my large breasts to be showcased in all their grandeur.

Once I assuredly had their cocks begging for release from their pants, I added to their situation by bending down to grab their empty plates lingering just long enough for each of them to peek down my ample cleavage. I dressed to impress on my job, professional but sexy, and leaving lots to the imagination, and I was still in my business attire that showcased all my assets.

Leaving the boys alone, I stopped where they would think I was gone, but was just in earshot. As expected, Frederick said, "Holy shit, Michael, your Mom is such a MILF."

"Fuck off," my son countered, clearly uncomfortable with his friend checking out his mom.

"Seriously," Frederick continued, "I saw both her stocking tops and her bra."

"No seriously, don't talk about my Mom that way," my son snapped, anger riding in his voice.

Frederick, a lot like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory, could not read social cues and continued, "Sorry man, but you have to admit you have a hot mom."

Snapping completely, Michael said, "Yes, I know my Mom is hot, I live with her and see her every day, but I am sick and tired of my friends and all the other losers at school talking about how they want to fuck my mom."

Finally catching on, Frederick said, "Sorry, Michael, I didn't mean to insult you."

Suddenly calm, Michael said, dismissing the topic completely, "Forget about it, let's finish this game."

I returned to the kitchen, flattered at my son's adamant defence of me and surprised by the crap he apparently had to deal with because I was his mother. I cleaned up in the kitchen, and dealt with the bills when Frederick left and my son went directly to his room.

I don't know why I thought this, but the first thought in my head was 'I wonder if he is going to jerk off'. The second thought surprised me: 'I wonder if I could see his cock again'. The third thought, which I quickly dismissed, was why I was excited by the thought of seeing his cock again? I was beginning to learn once my pussy began tingling, my moral compass quickly pointed due south. I quietly climbed the stairs and listened at the door, but could hear nothing. It was at this moment, my cunt tingling like it hadn't in years, that I decided I was going to make my son's fantasies a reality.

I took a deep breath and opened his door, but was disappointed to see him on his laptop completely dressed, although he did quickly, and guiltily, close his computer. I walked to his bed and sat on the edge beside him, my skirt again riding up just enough to tease, and opened with, "Michael, thank you for standing up for me."

"What?" he asked, genuinely confused and clearly uncomfortable. I didn't catch him in the act, but I had obviously caught him in preparation for the act, which the box of Kleenex beside him clearly insinuated.

"I heard what you and Frederick were talking about," I admitted.

"Oh, God," he said, his face flushed.

"I am really sorry if my looks have caused you problems with your peers," I said, my hand seemingly haphazardly going to my son's leg.

This distracted him greatly as he stammered, "I-I-it's ok. Better to have a pretty mom than an ugly one."

"You think I am pretty?" I asked coyly, as if I was shocked by this.

Still flustered, he answered, "Y-y-yes and so does every friend of mine and the majority of guys in my school."

"Well thank you, Michael. At my age such compliments don't happen as often as when I was a teenager and in my prime," I smiled.

"M-m-mom, I-I-I think you are definitely still in your prime," he complimented me, his face red as a tomato. I could see why he never had a girlfriend, he was nervous as hell just talking to me and I was his mother.

I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, lingering there just a second or two longer than I usually did, and said, "You know just the right words to say, my dear."

I stood up and said, leaving him with an insinuation he would not yet understand, "Thanks again Michael, you are turning out to be just like your father."

I left his room and counted to ten before re-entering and seeing him close his laptop second time. "Sorry honey, but could you be a dear and unzip Mommy," I asked, my voice syrupy sweet, and using the word 'Mommy' instead of 'Mom,' just a small, but subtle, change in our relationship.

He moved his laptop off his lap, paused for a moment clearly trying to figure out how to hide his obvious erection before he came to me. I turned around and felt his hands shake as he awkwardly unzipped my skirt.

I turned around and kissed him again on the cheek. "Thanks honey."

He sheepishly replied, "You are welcome, Mom."

I considered allowing my skirt to accidentally fall to the ground, but I thought that might give him a coronary and left the room. Back in my room, I undressed, and jumped in the shower where my shower head and I had a very intimate moment while I planned the seduction of my son.


One thing about me, is once I decide I want something I do everything in my power to get it. And once I had decided I was going to seduce my son, it was all I thought became an obsession and like most of my relationships with men...a game of sorts...where I controlled everything up to the main event before allowing my submissive side out to play.

After he left for school the next morning, I returned to his laptop and this time checked his favorites. Most were game sites, but there were three Literotica websites, as well as a pantyhose site. The first Literotica site was simply the new list of stories updated each day, the second was the top i****t stories by score apparently, but the third was the one that gave me lots of information about my son's kinks. It was a search engine with the following tags: mom, son, submission.

I clicked on the search button and was surprised to see 313 stories with those key words. I read a few, my pussy again on fire and came to realize what he wanted: his mom, in stockings, to be his personal plaything. It should have appalled me, yet instead all I could think about was my long dormant sexual needs being met like they hadn't since my Jake, Michael's father, died. I fingered myself to orgasm while fantasizing about my son becoming the dominant lover I had been searching for and craving for so long. After another great orgasm washed through me, I put his computer away after erasing today's browsing history, and headed out to work.

Staying in my business attire, I made supper and noticed Michael taking glances at my legs all evening. Once the dishes were done, I asked, "Michael, can you do me a big favor?"

"Anything, Mom," he replied like the sweetheart he was.

"Will you give Mommy a foot massage?" I asked with a warm smile, again using 'Mommy' instead of 'Mom', which I noticed was the word most used in stories of i****t submission.

Michael's face instantly went red and he stammered, "S-s-sure, Mom."

I grabbed his hands, entwining them together like a couple would do, and led him to the couch. I gently pushed him to the couch, sat on the other end and flipped my silk stocking-clad legs and feet onto his lap. I could read his nervousness written all over his face as he just froze.

I lifted my left stockinged foot and tapped his nose playfully. "My feet won't get massaged by themselves, honey."

His face ruby red, he stuttered yet again, "S-s-sorry Mom." He nervously grabbed my left foot and began to tenderly massage my foot. In seconds, I felt his member grow underneath my right leg. I couldn't resist smiling knowing what I was doing to my son.

I opened my legs slightly, not enough to be slutty and let him see my panties, but enough to get a glimpse of my stocking tops. We were silent for a few minutes as I watched him, amused at his concentration, massaging my feet. Finally, I asked, "Could you do my other foot now, sweetheart?"

"Sure, Mom," he replied, switching feet and not stammering this time, clearly enjoying the task.

I started the conversation. "So do you have a girlfriend yet, Michael?"

Instantly he was sheepish. "No."

"Why not?" I asked, "You are a great catch."

"Girls in high school don't think that," he sighed, continuing to massage my right stocking-clad foot.

"You are smart, sweet and very handsome," I complimented, slyly.

"You have to say that, you are my Mom," he pointed out, not taking my sincere compliment.

"Don't you do that," I said, scolding him.

"Do what?" he asked, startled by my sudden change in tone.

"Put yourself down," I said, moving my foot away and leaning into him for a hug, my hand accidentally landing directly on his stiff cock. My son's eyes went wide, but I didn't move my hand as I leaned in and whispered, slightly seductively, "You look just like your father and he was the sexiest man I ever met. You have the same eyes, the same smile and," I gave a gentle squeeze to his fully erect cock, "apparently you inherited something else from your dad."

Before he could respond, I kissed him on the lips quickly and stood up. Brushing my skirt back down, I said, "Thanks honey, your hands felt amazing on my aching soles, but now I am going for a shower." I started to walk away before pausing, turning around and pointing to his crotch, "you probably should look after that. I think it is about to burst."

My son stared at me in stunned silence as I left him high and hard.

For the second straight day, my shower head and I became very intimate as I continued thinking about the completion of my plan.


The next morning, I was dressed in a black skirt, a white blouse and beige thigh high stockings when Michael joined me for breakfast. We chatted casually about school until I stood up and said, "Dammit, I have a run in my stocking." I put my leg on the chair right beside my very captivated son, and slid the stocking down my leg. My son's eyes watched the entire removal. Changing legs, I took off the second stocking complaining, "I don't have any more in this color, so I guess I'm going shopping before my first showing." I kissed my son on the forehead and left the stockings on the chair as bait, leaving him alone as I headed out.

I waited five minutes and returned to the house hoping to catch him. As expected, he was pumping away on his big cock, with one of my stockings on his cock. I watched for a minute before walking in from behind and saying, "I forgot my purse, Michael."

He quickly pulled up his pants and stammered, "Oh my god, Mom, I am so-so-so sorry."

Hiding the growing desire to grab his cock, I replied, flirtation dripping in every syllable I spoke, "Oh honey, it is ok, masturbating is natural, I assume you did it last night. Actually, truth be told, I did it myself last night...twice."

"Mom!" he gasped, still frantically fumbling to get his pants on, my stocking still on his cock.

"And feel free to keep my stockings if that is your thing," I offered with a coy smile.

"Mom!" he repeated, still humiliated to be caught in the act by his mom.

"You have a stocking fetish too?" I asked, with a sexy smile on my face. "You really are just like your father," I said, grabbing my purse and leaving before he had time to respond.

I drove away, knowing another seed had been planted.

I returned home after lunch, flipped open his computer, went to the Literotica website and opened the story Making Mommy Mine. I left it on that story and returned to work, leaving giving yet one more tease for my son.

A long day of showings, including two last minute additions, meant I did not get home till after seven. I came in, slipped out of my heels, went upstairs and knocked on Michael's door.

I heard a very nervous voice say, "Come in."

I entered and sat on the edge of his bed and rubbed my stocking-clad feet. I wasn't even lying when I said, "My feet are killing me."

He was staring at my perfectly manicured feet and red toenails, unable to make eye contact with me.

I asked sweetly, "Michael, could you please massage my feet again, like you did yesterday?"

"S-s-sure, Mom," he stammered, standing up.

"Come to Mommy," I beckoned, my finger calling him over and my tone dripping with sultry seduction.

He shyly obeyed.

I moved up on his bed to lie on his pillows and ordered, as I patted the bed, "Come join me on the bed."

He did, never once making eye contact with me. He sat at the end of his bed and took my right foot in his hands and began massaging me. My legs were parted more than yesterday and if he looked up he would get a very clear look of my black panties...which after only a few seconds he did. He quickly looked away flustered. Over the next couple of minutes, he continued to take quick peeks between my legs as he continued the massage, his face redder than hell itself. I purposely would open and close my legs slightly to distract him. As he switched feet, I asked, "So, how was school today?"

He sighed, "Boring as usual."

"Any hotties on the horizon?"

"Not even on the radar," he replied, his confidence still non-existent.

"Why not?" I asked, letting out a soft moan from his massage, adding, "you sure have the magic touch with your hands."

Surprised by the compliment, he stammered, "R-r-really?"

"Yes really, you have me so relaxed now," I said, allowing another moan to escape my lips.

Just then my cell phone rang and I cursed to myself. I grabbed it and was asked if I could show a house in twenty minutes. I agreed and sighed, reluctantly getting up and saying, "Did you know that tomorrow is Nude Day?"

"It is?" he asked.

"Yep. I wonder how average people celebrate Nude Day?" I asked, my smile implying something naughty.

"I-um-I don't know," he answered, clearly rattled by the odd question.

At the door, I paused and asked, "While I am gone, why don't you check that Literotica site and read some of those contest stories and see what regular people do."

His mouth dropped like it would hit the floor, and I turned and left, a new plan formulating in my mind.


The next day, I scheduled myself off from 3 o'clock on, declining a 4 o'clock showing, determined to finish seducing my son. I got home, showered, dressed in only white thigh highs and an apron to cover my freshly shaved cunt, and started cleaning the house. At 4 o'clock, I put the casserole in the oven and was just making a salad when Michael came home. When he walked in the kitchen, he froze as he stared at me, my voluptuous breasts barely concealed by the apron. I asked, "Did you know what today is?"

He paused, trying to comprehend the strange sight of his mother almost naked. "Um...."

I explained, "It is Nude Day."

"There is a Nude Day?" he asked, still processing.

"Yes there is silly," I flirted, before adding, "Michael, you are eighteen and old enough to celebrate Nude Day with your Mother. So all clothing is forbidden."

Silence lingered for a while until he stammered, "M-m-mom, this is weird."

I pouted, drawing him in, "Don't you want to celebrate Nude Day with me? Or is your Mother to old?"

He stammered, "N-n-no home that is not it. It is just strange."

"Is it?" I shrugged. "I find it very liberating. It has been years since I went without panties." I quickly lifted the apron to give him a quick flash of my pussy.

"B-b-but you are my M-m-mom," he said, still trying to wrap his head around what was happening, his bulging pants already revealing the impact my body had on him.

"And you are my son. I have seen you naked many times, baby," I rationalized, before adding in my Motherly do-as-you-are-told tone, "Now get undressed, Michael."

"But you are wearing nylons," he pointed out.

"I did that for you." I smiled, walking over to him and kissing his cheek. "Like your father, you clearly have a thing for stockings."

I pulled his shirt over his head and offered, "Unless you want me to completely follow the rules and take the thigh highs off."

"N-n-no, k-k-keep them on," he stammered, shivering at my touch.

"Your wish is my command," I teased, unbuckling his pants, hinting at my submissive nature. He seemed to be holding his breath, so I reminded him, "Breathe, baby, breathe," as I allowed his pants to fall to the floor. His big hard cock was not completely held in by his very unflattering tighty-whities. "We have definitely got to get you some new underwear."

He nodded, unable to speak a word.

"Oh my, Michael, is that because of me?" I asked, my hand going to his cock.

"Oh God," he moaned and went even stiffer the instant my hand brushed his cock.

As I pulled down his underwear, his beautiful cock flopped into the open, giving me the eight inch salute. It took every ounce of my will power to not devour his cock then and there, but I wanted to make him wait a bit longer.

I stood up and went back to finish cutting the salad veggies. Michael hadn't moved an inch since I undressed him so I asked, "Can you pour us some wine?"

"Wine?" he asked.

"Today is a special day, Michael, you can have some wine," I smiled, my tone implying I was soon going to create his very own Literotica story.

He did as instructed, while I finished the salad and pulled the casserole out of the oven. I noticed Michael taking quick glimpses at me every time he could, desperately trying not to be obvious, when he was actually being the exact opposite. I suggested, "Michael, take a seat as Mommy gets your dinner ready."

He sat down and I brought him his plate. I went back and grabbed mine, and after putting my plate on the table, I took off the last piece of fabric that was hiding my breasts and just trimmed pussy. As expected, Michael stared, his mouth open, literally watering. I sat down and began eating and created conversation as if this was the most normal thing in the world.

"So Michael, anything exciting happen at school today?"

Trying to act nonchalant himself, he responded, "Aced my Calculus test."

"Excellent," I smiled. "You are such a good student and such a perfect c***d."

"Oh Mom," he said embarrassed, the crimson hue rising to his cheeks.

"Seriously, half the teenagers today are drinking, doing d**gs, failing school and having sex, but you are a good boy, aren't you?" I asked, my tone demure.

"Yes, because I am a loser," he pointed out, not insulting himself, but just stating the social hierarchy of high school.

"Well, Bill Gates was a loser too, based on your theory," I pointed out, before adding, "most of the so called cool k**s in high school end up peaking in high school and doing nothing with their lives."

"You were cool," my son pointed out.

"I'm not now?" I pouted, luring him in.

"Y-y-you are still," he stammered, desperate to rectify any implied insult, "I-I-I just meant, you are successful even though you were cool in high school."

"Aaaah thanks, sexy," I replied warmly, as he blushed at being called sexy, "but I am still successful partly because of my looks and not because of academic prowess like you will be."

"I hope you are right," he said, letting out a soft sigh that implied he wasn't convinced I was right.

"Plus," I added, the seduction moving forward at full throttle, "once the girls see your fucking cock you will have to beat them off with a stick."

"Mom!" Michael replied shocked.

Continuing my sexual flattery, I added, "You heard the saying it isn't the size that counts."

"Yeah," he answered, confused by my intent.

"That is bullshit and said by nice girls to keep up the egos of insecure guys with small peckers," I announced.

"Jesus Christ, Mom," he said, clearly bewildered by the conversation.

"Trust me," I continued, "I have had a wide variety of cocks, but your Dad's was the biggest and the best and your cock is bigger than his."

"I can't believe you are talking about my penis," he said.

"It's a cock, son. A big, and I am guessing, still really hard cock." I smiled, standing up. "Stiff," I continued moving closer, "cock," I finished, reaching him.

He stared at me speechless. Standing above him, in a position of authority, I changed the subject and started asking a few rhetorical questions.

"So you like erotic sex stories, don't you my son?"

He attempted to speak, but I interrupted his stammer, placing my finger to his lips, my big tits just inches above him, my slightly wet pussy directly in front of him.

"And you particularly like erotic stories about sons and mommies, don't you son?"

My hand reached down and wrapped gently around his, as expected, erect ready to burst cock.

"And you seem to have a rather major fascination with stockings too, don't you?" I stood back up, reluctantly letting go off his cock and placing my right foot on his leg, which also gave him a very clear, close-up-and-personal, look at his Mommy's cunt. "Do you like my thigh highs, Michael?"

So stunned, he couldn't even complete the sentence as the sexual attack on his senses overwhelmed him. "I-I-um-I-I-well-I...."

I grabbed his hand and put it on my leg. "Go ahead, son, feel Mommy's stockings."

He obeyed, obsessed, like a kitten with a string, by the silky feeling.

I moaned, "Mmmmm, Michael, your hand feels so nice on Mommy's legs."

A moment later, I put my foot back down and jumped up onto the kitchen table. He looked at me and watched as both my stocking-clad feet, reached his stiff missile. 'Stand by, Houston,' I thought, 'we have liftoff.' He shook at my touch and I, without a word, began to give him a foot job. My legs bent as they were, my trimmed pussy was staring my stunned son in the face, a gaping invitation if there ever was one.

As I slowly moved my stockinged feet up and down on my son's cock, he closed his eyes and apparently let his long held fantasy come true. In less than a minute, he moaned and warned, "Mom, I am going to come."

I purred, like the predator I was, "Come for Mommy, baby, come all over Mommy's stockinged feet. I wore them just for you, baby...everything tonight is just for you."

Simultaneously as I finished speaking, his white goo shot up in the air and most of it landed on my stockings, the rest on the kitchen table and floor. I continued the slow foot masturbation of my son until the last speck of cum was released.

I asked, my voice still syrupy sweet, "Did you like that, baby?"

Michael finally opened his eyes and looked into mine. "T-t-that was amazing, Mom."

"It's Mommy, Michael, isn't that what you want? A full-service Mommy?" I asked, lifting my foot to my mouth and retrieving my son's cum from my foot.

My son's mouth was again wide open in shock, as he watched the obscene act.

"Fuck, you taste delicious," I smiled, switching feet and retrieving more of his cum, before eventually saying, "Actually, I would love to get from directly from the source."

I fell to my knees as my son watched me take his cock in my mouth.

"Oh God," he let out the instant my warm mouth swallowed completely his still erect cock. It had been a long time since I had a teenager, since being a teenager myself, and was grateful for their quick recovery time.

I bobbed slowly up and down on his cock for a couple of minutes before taking his cock out of my mouth and saying, "Oh, I missed some." Continuing to set up the opportunity for him to take control, I leaned to the ground and licked his cum off the floor.

My son, finally catching on it seemed, said, with a confidence I had never heard from him, except for the time I watched him jerk off about me, "Mom, you missed some on the kitchen table."

A smile crossed my lips at the shift in him as I sat back up, still on my knees and looked at the table. Seeing some white goo, I asked, "Does Michael want Mommy to clean up his cum?"

"Yes," he replied, although not with the aggressiveness I had hoped.

I looked at him and said, my hand back on his stiff missile, "Mommy needs directions. Please tell Mommy what you want. She promises to obey every command like a good Mommy, a very obedient Mommy, a pet Mommy like in those stories."

He looked into my eyes, something he had avoided most of the evening, and said, "Clean up my cum, Mommy."

I instantly obeyed, using only my tongue at first to retrieve his white seed. I finished my sucking it up with my lips before turning back to him and asking, my voice as submissive as humanly possible, "Mmmmmmm, did I do good?"

A smile crossed his face for the first time as he finally realized the complete implications of what had just occurred and what I was literally offering him. He asked, slightly hesitant, wanting a final declaration before proceeding (he always was a linear boy) "You really want to be my Mommy-slut?"

I looked up from my submissive position and answered, "I want to be whatever you want me to be."

"Really?" he asked, still trying to accept his good fortune.

"Give me a command," I suggested.

He paused as if he was just given three wishes from a genie and really had to think about what he wanted. "Masturbate," he ordered, with a vague resemblance of confidence.

Without hesitation, still on my knees, I moved my left hand to my eager pussy and fulfilled his command.

He watched from his position of new-found power his mind clearly moving a mile a minute at the possibilities. I let out a moan, the sensation of obedience bringing enhanced pleasure and asked, "Can Mommy come, son or does my big boy have other plans for his Mommy?"

He was still clearly coming to terms with the amazing reality that this wasn't a wet dream or some computer-driven fantasy. I looked up at him like a lost puppy looking for directions, desperately attempting to guide him in what we both needed: me a dominant man, and him a woman to learn from. My moans increased and I warned, "Son, Mommy's cunt is getting really wet, I can't hold back much longer."

The last brick in the wall of resistance shattered, I watched as my son stood up, pulled me up and onto the table and, without a word, took was now rightfully his as he buried his face in my hot lava box. Instantly, I moaned, as my inexperienced son licked my already sticky wet pussy lips. Obviously being his first time, he was a bit rough and all over the place. I moaned, "That feels good baby. Part Mommy's lips with your tongue, baby."

He obeyed the instructions and on his own accord slowed down. For the next couple of minutes he continued to lick my pussy lips bringing a constant teasing sensation to me. I moaned, "Is this your first time eating pussy, baby?"

He nodded, but didn't quit what he was doing, clearly enthralled by the taste of my cunt. Every man I had ever been with and the two girls in college had always commented on my unique, sweet tasting pussy, although he would have nothing currently to compare it to.

"Well, you are a natural, baby," I purred, adding, "do you want to help Mommy come?"

"Yes," he mumbled, his tongue refusing to leave my snatch.

"Take my clit into your mouth, baby," I requested, "swallow it whole." Again he obeyed, and the minute my swollen needy clit was in his mouth I screamed, "Oh God fuck, son, now lick Mommy's clit, suck it hard, make Mommy come." He increased the pressure and my moans became louder as my inevitable orgasm began to rise. "Oh God, son. Make Mommy your slut, make me come and I am yours unconditionally, baby. Is that what you want, son? Your very own Mommy-sluuuuuuut," I screamed, as he surprised me by sliding two fingers without warning deep inside me. Like a veteran pussy pleaser, he hooked his fingers inside me and found my g-spot in seconds. On contact, I wailed and my legs stiffened.

The mixture of the pleasure of having my g-spot tapped like a drum, mixed with the long ignored desire of submission, twisted with the reality of the taboo i****tuous act I was willingly committing and I was a bundle of goo in seconds and babbling like a teenage slut. "Oh God Michael, you got Mommy, you got Mommy, oh fuck, oh fuck, yes Michael, uh, ah, uuuuuuuuuh, fuuuuuuck, Mommy's coming baaaaaaby, don't stoooooop," I screamed, grabbing my son's head to add even more pleasure on my exploding cunt. It was easily the best, most intense, toe tingling, leg stiffing, cunt dripping, mind numbing orgasm I had ever experienced. Pleasure pulsed through my very being and I knew in this brief moment of euphoria, what Heaven feels like: a brief moment of acceptance of what I had just done and what I knew I would be doing over and over.

My orgasm finally done, no nook or cranny untouched by his assault, I begged my son, with his fingers still in me and his mouth still devouring my clit, "Please stop baby, I have to pee so badly."

As his fingers left my cunt, I suddenly felt empty. As I pushed myself off the kitchen table, which I would never, ever be able to look at again and not remember the moment my life officially drastically changed, I stumbled, my orgasm apparently doing a number on my now jell-o like legs. I literally fell on my son's lap face first, his cock almost poking me in the eye. I promised, grabbing his very ready for action cock, "I will be right back to take care of that for you, son."

One firm squeeze and I left.

I returned a few minutes later, his cock just as hard and ready for action as when I left. I smiled, acting demure and sweet, "Did you miss me?"

My son took control like I hoped he would ordered, "Let's go to your room."

Acting coy, I asked, "And what do you want to do there?"

His words sparked the fire that had never completely flamed out after my orgasm. No smile crossed his face as he said, "I'm going to fuck you Mom."

"Oh my," I exclaimed, feigning shock at his words.

Attempting to be dominant, a skill he would need to work on as it sounded more like a request than an order, "Get your ass to the room, Mommy."

"Yes, sir," I answered, walking in front of him, my ass swaying back and forth, the perpetual tease continuing.

Once in my room, I sauntered to my bed and asked, "Is this where you want me, son?"

His confidence seemingly increasing, he surprised me as he demanded, his tone hinting at annoyance, using my full name like I had always done to imply he was in trouble when he was younger, "Betty Cheryl Lodge, get your ass over here now."

Startled, and impressed, I scurried to him.

His hands on my shoulders, he gently, but firmly guided me to my stocking-covered knees. His smile smug, one I had never seen cross his face before, he said, finally using the words he used while fantasizing about me, "I assume a dirty Mommy-slut like you Betty, knows exactly what to do with this."

Reaching for his delicious cock, I shifted into my sultry seductress MILF mode and smiled, "Actually, I can think of quite a few things I would like to do with this."

"Like what?" he asked, I think attempting to see all his options and just how far I was willing to go.

My eyes never leaving his from my subservient position I laid my cards all on the table, offering him four of kind. "I could give you another stocking-clad foot massage until your huge dick shoots your load all over Mommy's stockinged feet, or I could suck your delicious cock in Mommy's mouth until you coat my throat with your yummy cum, or you could slip that big fucking pecker of yours in my fiery volcano until you erupt inside me or you can get me on all fours like a pet, a pet Mommy, and do me doggy-style as your raging rod pierces my back door."

His eyes were big and wide as my shocking options were given. He finally spoke, although it was more of a whimper, "Oh God, Mom."

His cock begging for attention, I asked, my eyes hungry with lust, "What do you want Mommy to do for you, baby?"

His hands grabbed my head and guided me to his cock. I opened my mouth and took my son's raging hard-on between my lips. I slowly bobbed back and forth all the while creating a whirlwind of pleasure with my tongue and saliva. Although Jake loved fucking me, he said there was nothing he loved more than a slow burning blow job from his slut wife. I took pride in giving amazing, earth shattering blowjobs and I did the same with my son. I took my time making love to my son's cock with my mouth. Reading the warning signs of an orgasm on the build: the moaning, the leg shift and the subtle pulses in mouth, I went in for the kill as I shifted from a constant slow swirl to bobbing back and forth like some porn star cocksucking slut. As expected, the sounds out of my son's mouth got louder and he warned, "I'm going to come."

I instantly stopped and took his cock out of my mouth, again attempting to lead him into his role as dominant on our ever-changing relationship. I asked, "Do you want Mommy to swallow your cum, son?"

"Badly," he moaned, frustrated by me stopping.

"Just tell me what to do Michael. I am yours to use as you please," I smiled.

Michael surprising me, and apparently not a man of many words, he grabbed my head and shoved his cock back in my mouth, but instead of me bobbing on his cock, he began pumping his cock in between my lips, literally fucking my mouth. He grunted, as his orgasm rebuilt the steam I had slowed down moments ago, "Swallow my cum, Mommy-slut, swallow it all."

Seconds later I was rewarded with a warm load of my son's cum as it sprayed the back of my throat. He kept pumping in and out of my mouth, albeit slower, until I had savored every last speck of his addictive seed. Pulling out of my mouth, he apologized, "Sorry, Mom, I-I-I got carried away."

Still on my knees, I quickly responded sincerely, "Michael, you don't ever have to apologize to me, baby. When your Father was alive he was in charge in the bedroom and I was the obedient wife. Until I learned of your fantasy to fuck me, my submissive side had lain dormant, but when I saw you on my bed masturbating with my stockings and moaning my name as you came it all came flooding back."

"You saw me?" he asked, clearly surprised by this new tidbit of information.

I stood up, my knees sore, and continued, impressed his cock was still stiff, "I did and every moment since I haven't been able to stop thinking of your big cock." I again grabbed his swollen member and added, "This delicious fucking cock."

"Oh God, Mom," was all this academic genius could come up with, my sexual power to overwhelm still prominent.

"Do you want to fuck Mommy, son?" I asked, my hand gently stroking his cock.

"Yes," he moaned.

"Tell me," I said, explaining, "Michael, I am submissive like all those stories you have read. I am yours to use as you please." I leaned in and took his nipple in his mouth before adding, "When you please." I moved to his other nipple before adding, "How you please." Moving in to kiss him not as mother and son, but two lovers, my lips just inches from his, I finished with, "I love you Michael. I love you as a son and now I also love you as a Master. Let Mommy take your virginity." Our lips touched and our tongues began to explore each other's mouths. A couple of minutes later, tangled in a sweaty embrace as our hands explored each other as well, my son lifted me up and took me to the a husband would do on her wedding night.

Reaching my bed, he tossed me on the bed and roughly pulled my legs apart. A determination seemed to control his movements as he tried to become what I desperately needed. He asked, "Does Mommy want her son's cock?"

His cock rubbed up and down my glistening pussy lips and I moaned, "Oh God yes, please fuck Mommy."

He smiled slightly, tapping his cock head on my clit, "A good Mommy-slut can do better than that."

My stocking-clad legs wrapping around him and pulling him in, I begged, "Fuck your slut Mommy, son. Shove that huge fuck stick in Mommy's wet cunt. Pound Mommy hard."

His cock easily slid inside my inferno and I moaned loudly the instant he penetrated me, "Oh yes, son, thank you baby. Now fill Mommy's cunt with your cock."

Slowly all eight inches filled me and I watched as his facial expressions gave away how in awe he was that he was not only losing his virginity, but he was losing it to his mother. He paused, enjoying the feeling of my cunt wrapped around his cock. Slowly, he began to make love to me. It was slow and tender and he leaned forward and kissed me. The odd mix of dominance and romance was strange yet erotic and it only seemed to enhance the intimacy of the moment. His hands cupped my breasts as he began to slowly fuck me faster. He broke the kiss and began to smother my tits with kisses. He explored every crevice of my breasts with his lips, tongue and teeth all the while keeping a steady pace. Time stood still as I took my son's cherry and allowed him to explore his Mother's in ways society would detest.

It was over fifteen minutes before he suddenly pulled out and flipped me onto my side. As he repositioned himself, I teased, "Are you going to try the other hole now, baby?"

"Shhhh," he ordered, as his cock slipped back into my cunt. "I am not done with this one yet."

"They're all yours, baby," I moaned. Unlike when we were in the missionary position, this time he fucked me. He wrapped his arm around me, cupped my left breast for leverage and began thrusting in and out of me. His body slamming into my ass with each hard thrust into me had me hot in seconds and my nasty mouth returned. "Harder, baby, fuck Mommy harder."

He obliged, his cock somehow going deeper with each push. "You like that, Mommy?" he asked.

"Oh yes, baby, I fucking love it. Promise me you will fuck me again and again," I moaned.

His confidence clearly building, "Don't worry slut, I have definite plans for you."

"You doooooooo?" I moaned in surprise, the thought making me even hotter.

He fucked me harder, he fucked me faster and I felt his legs stiffen and knew I was soon going to get my second hole filled by his cum. Unlike the previous two courtesy warnings he gave before he came on my feet and in my mouth, this time he announced, "I'm going to come in you Mommy, I'm going to come in my slut."

His confidence a turn on, my orgasm was close to and I moaned, "Oh yes, baby, fill Mommy with your cum. Fill me with your seed. Make Mommy your cum deposit."

"Aaaaaaaaaah, fuuuuuuck," he grunted and I felt my pussy walls being sprayed which triggered my own orgasm.

"Fuuuuck, Mommy's coming too, baby." He kept pistoning in and out of me as we both quaked with pleasure

Suddenly, he pulled out, pushed me onto my back and shoved his cock shiny with my juices in my mouth. Although the position was awkward, I bobbed back and forth as best I could, desperate to prove my utter obedience to my son, my new Master.

He finally pulled out and collapsed beside me, sweat dripping down his forehead. Silence lingered for a long time as we both just allowed the afterglow of what we've done these past two hours to linger.

Finally, I rolled onto my side and said, "Michael, that was amazing."

Michael turned to face me too. "I can't believe it."

"What?" I smiled, "That you just fucked your Mom?"

"All of it; that you saw me masturbating; that you are submissive; everything we just did," he responded, clearly overwhelmed by it all.

I asked, "You don't regret it, do you?"

"God no," he replied, "I just can't believe how lucky I am."

"I am the lucky one," I said, my hand slowly caressing his chest.

"Oh Mom, I have fantasized about you all my life. But it never occurred to me that it was ever anything more than a fantasy," he admitted, his facial expression one of utter delirium.

"Was it as good as you fantasized?" I asked.

"God yes," he answered.

"Better than the stories?" I asked, my hand ever so slowly moving lower, to his now only semi-erect cock. Taking a quick glimpse at his cock, I wondered if it was on its way to slumber or was it again on the rise.

"I don't need the stories anymore, Mom, we just made our own," he pointed out.

I chuckled, "I guess we did." I looked at his cock, which was indeed growing again. "You are insatiable," I purred.

He shrugged, "My record is nine."

"Nine what?" I asked, unclear what he was talking about.

"I have came nine times in one day," he revealed.

My hand reaching for his almost fully erect cock, I teased, "Well, I am not sure I can do nine, baby, but I can definitely do one more and I do have one last hole for you to fill."

"You sure Mom?" he asked.

"I have never been sure about anything more in my life, Master," I replied, again stressing my utter submission to him.

As he sat up, I said, "The lube is in the drawer of the nightstand."

He reached for the nightstand and found my small collection of toys, which included a couple of vibrators and a butt plug. He paused and looked at me.

I shrugged, "It is lonely being a single Mother."

"Not anymore," he promised, returning with the lube.

I coated his cock generously, not having had a real cock in my ass in a couple of years after I briefly dated a co-worker. I got on all fours and presented my still very fine ass to him. "What do you think of my ass, baby?"

"Fucking awesome," he replied, as he moved behind me.

"Now go slow at first baby," I said, "your cock is pretty big for any girl's backdoor."

He slapped my ass playfully and said, "I thought I was in charge here."

I instantly played along. "Sorry, Master, do with your slut as you please."

"Good girl," he purred, which sent a chill down my spine, that being his father's trademark saying to me.

"Fuck Mommy's ass, baby," I moaned, as the tip of his cock pushed past my tight puckered entrance.

As he slowly went deeper, he moaned, "Holy shit, it is so hot and tight."

"All for you, baby," I moaned, as his cock slowly filled me.

"So fucking tight," he grunted, as the last couple of inches filled my ass.

His cock feeling so perfect in my ass, I finally allowed my mind to let go and be controlled like I used to all those years ago. "Fuck your cock feels so perfect in my ass, Master."

"Master," he repeated, "I am really beginning to like being called that."

As his cock began sliding in and out of my ass, I declared again, "Yes Master. In this house you are in charge and I am yours unconditionally."

"Fuck," he grunted, "you are so hot Mom."

"You are too, baby. You are a hot fucking stud, just like your Dad was," I moaned, beginning to buck back on his cock, wanting him deeper inside me.

"Bounce that ass on my cock, Mommy," he instructed. I obeyed, attempting to get in a constant rhythm.

"Good girl," he repeated the magic words, his hands slowly roaming over my back and ass.

"Oh yes, son, your cock was made to fill me," I moaned. I bounced back on his cock for an eternity, Michael having already came three times tonight. My knees ached, but I was determined to feel his cum coat my ass so I tried to go for the kill verbally. "Oh God, baby. I need your cum in my ass. I will do anything for it baby."

"What about Crystal, Mommy?" he said, surprising me.

"What?" I gasped.

"I want to see you seduce her so I can fuck her too," he announced, adding "I have always hated her condescending treatment of me."

"Oh God," I moaned, the sudden thought of my daughter and I in the throes of lesbian lust suddenly bringing me to a boil again.

"Oh God, what?" he asked, beginning to fuck my ass harder.

"Oh God, yes, Master, I will help make her your submissive s****r slut," I promised, as my hand went to my clit.

"Dyking out with your daughter is turning you on, Mommy?" he asked, now pounding my ass so hard each thrust forward had me falling forward.

"Yes, baby, obeying your every command gets me off," I admitted, rubbing my clit furiously, even as my mind played the seemingly preposterous notion of seducing my very strong-willed daughter.

As his cock tore apart my ass I desperately tried to push him over the limit. "Fuck, baby, do you want to see me eat your s****r's cunt?"

"Fuuuck, yes," he grunted, clearly close.

Pushing him over the edge, I asked, "How about if I fucked your s****r's tight ass with the strap-on I have from when I used to get fucked in college?"

That was the final straw as he grunted and I felt his cum filling my ass and fulfilling the tri-fecta of coming in all three of my pleasure holes in one night. As his cum coated my rectum, another orgasm washed through me as the idea of seducing my daughter bounced in my head, a ridiculous fantasy already becoming an obsession.

"I'm coming too, baby," I screamed, "Don't stop pounding Mommy's ass."

He kept the full frontal assault, until my orgasm finished pulsing through me and I collapsed out of utter exhaustion onto the bed.

I could feel my son's cum slowly leaking out my ass as my son joined me on the bed. Looking into each other's eyes, I smiled and said, "I love you, Michael."

"I love you too, Mom."

After a brief pause, I smiled, "So your s****r, hey?"


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Home Schooled by Mommy

"And this,My Sweet,is what a 'Pussy' looks like. So. What do You think?" Mommy asked,as she spread the lips of her glistening,freshly waxed vagina open.
I couldn't say a word,because I was still in shock. Mommy was actually showing Me Her Pussy,and all I had to do was ask!

"You had best answer Me,Young Man,or Today's lesson is over." She teased.

"Mommy,You know I think You're beautiful,and...Oh My God! Mommy...just look at it! I-i-it's Amazing!" I finally managed to blurt out. "Can I get a closer look? Please?"
"Oh,Sweetie!" She purred "I'm So glad You like Mommy's pussy! If You help me get back up,I'll let you look at it all You want to! In fact,You can even touch it!" She giggled. "And My titties! You can suck on my titties,too! Believe Me,Honey,I won't mind at all!"

I slid off of the bed,and ran over to where my very pregnant Mommy was laying on the floor. I tugged on her outstretched hands,helping her stand,then put my arm around her waist as we walked over to my bed. Mommy had just sat down,and I was about to join her,when my little si ster,Libby,threw open the door and came skipping into my bedroom.

Ever since last month,when I accidently walked in on her in the bathroom,as she was taking a piss,Libby never knocked. I couldn't help but think that She wanted a peek a my dick!

"Mommy! You're naked!" Libby came to a halt and exclaimed. Her confused gaze kept going from Me to Our pregnant Mommy,then back to Me again.

"Jeez,Dougy! You're naked too! How come?" She asked,and started sucking her thumb.

"Come here,Baby Girl." Mommy cooed. "Stop sucking Your thumb,Libby. Here," Mommy said as she leaned over,lifting her large,milk filled breasts,offering them to Libby,in an invitation for her to come and suckle. Something she hadn't done in years. Tentatively,Libby took the thumb out of her mouth,licked her lips and came over to the side of the bed,letting Me pick her up.

"Now Baby,You know how Boys and Girls are different,right?" Mommy asked,and sat Libby down between us.

Libby stared wide eyed at my hard cock,crinkled her nose and smiled.
"Yeah. We learned about all that stuff in Science Class. He," she began,then licked a finger,reached over and touched the head of my dick with it "has a peeners! And We have a veg-eyena!" and before Mommy could stop her,Libby stood up,dropped her robe and pulled her Princess Jasmine panties down. "See! Look at Mine Dougy! Just like Mommy's! Look at My Veg-eyena!" She laughed and fell over backwards bouncing onto the mattress.
Letting her panties dangle off of the toes of her left foot,Libby lifted her legs and spread them apart,showing off her sweet little slit.

"Mom?!" I began,but stopped when She said.
"Hush,Dougy. You should consider Yourself a Very,Lucky Young man! After all,it's not every day You get to have two beautiful,naked girls in Your bed,is it? Or is there something you're not telling Me?" She laughed.

"You...Mommy,stop teasing! How can We? You know...Do what We were talking about,with Her here?" I pointed at Libby and felt totally ashamed as soon as I said it. Between the look Mommy gave me and the hurt I saw on Libby's pretty little face,I knew I needed to apologize.

Libby was still laying there with her legs spread,but she had put her feet down,and by her crestfallen expression,I could tell that she was about to cry.

"I'm sorry,Libby. I didn't mean anything. Really! I'm sorry! Please stay." I told her. "You can join Us,if You want!"

"Are You sure?" they both asked in unison,then looked at each other,surprised.

"Sure I am!" I laughed "How often will I ever have two,beautiful,naked girls in my bed?"

"After today? Quite a bit,I'm sure! Maybe even three!" Mommy laughed,and laid back. Instead of lifting her legs,like Libby had,Mommy bent them and let her knees fall to either side. Instantly the lips of her pussy parted,and once again I could see her swollen clit poking out at the top of it.
And when I looked down at the crack of her wonderfully,ample ass,I noticed a large wet spot on the sheets where she was sitting,and that made my cock give another twitch!

Languidly reaching out,Mommy took Libby by the arm and half pulled Her over to her side. She then held up a milk filled tit,and told Libby to suck on it,but when Libby started to roll over,Mommy stopped her.
"Nah-uh,Baby. You keep laying on Your back. Spread Your legs again,too. Dougy needs to give You a proper apology. Now Dougy. You love your little si ster right?"

"Yes Mommy!".

"Remember how I kissed You last night,right before going to bed?" I nodded,yes. "Good. And do You remember how I used my tongue? Well,I want You to kiss Libby the same way. Right here." Mommy instructed.
While She had been talking to me,Mommy had slid her left hand down between Libby's legs and used her fingers to expose the inner lips of Libby's almost hairless pussy.

"Now,You Be gentle! But I want you to get Her nice and Wet! O.K.?"

Libby squirmed and giggled,as I licked away at her twat. She kept squealing about how much I was tickling her,but whenever I stopped,she would pull my hair and grind her crotch onto my face. It wasn't until I tried to stick my tongue up into her tight little cunny hole,that she yelped!

"Don't do that! Dougy,that hurt!" So,I didn't try doing that again. Even tho I really wanted to. I did however continue to kiss and lick her pussy until she told Mommy that I needed to stop.

"Why,Baby Girl?"
"Because,I,I feel,I don't know. I feel funny,Mommy. I..."
"Dougy,You see what I am pointing at? I want You to go between sucking on that little bump and licking it with your tongue. Will You do that for Me?" Mommy asked,then she rolled over on top of Libby. After pinning Libby beneath her gravid belly,Mommy put her knees between Libby's legs and opened them as far as She could,giving me the best possible view,of both of their gaping pussies!

Despite her protests,I continued to do what Mommy told me to do,and I went back to eating Libby out. It wasn't long before Libby was covered with sweat and grunting like an an imal. Mommy matched Libby's grunts with her own,and urged me on. Telling Me what to do,and praising Libby for being such a good girl,because Libby had reached down between Our mother's legs and instinctively began to finger fuck Her!

"You Want this,Baby Girl,don't You?! Oh,I know You do! Keep going Dougy,she's almost there!" Mommy panted. "We're Almost There! Yeah! God Yes! That's it,suck Mommy's titty and finger My cunt Baby! Fuck Your Mommy! Now! Rub Her clit,Dougy! Do It! Faster! The Both of You! Faster!"

My hand was blur as I rubbed my little si ster's love button,bringing her to her very first orgasm! "Now,Dougy! Now! Shove a finger up her pussy and keep on sucking her clit! Do IT!" Mommy yelled!

"OhShiFuhhhShit! Fuck!" Libby screamed,and hugged Mommy as tightly as she could when I shoved the middle finger of my right hand,two knuckles deep up into her maidenhead. I couldn't get it in any farther,because,try as I might,the walls of her pussy had clamped down so tight it trapped my probing digit within her! Libby was sobbing and pressing Her flat chest even harder against Mommy's milk filled tits,causing them to leak all over the two of them,and the bed sheets.

Libby eventually,relaxed enough for me to withdraw my finger from her vagina,and when I did,Mommy rolled off of Her at the same time. I stood up and looked down at their milk smeared bodies,and the smiles on my Mommy's and si sters' faces.

"You were right Mommy,that Was what I wanted! Know what else I want?" she sighed,and pointed at my cock,then giggled again. "Look at the size of it! Mommy,was Daddy's peeners that Big?"

"You mean when He was Dougy's age? No,Baby Girl. Dougy is much bigger. Imagine how big that fat cock of his will be by the time He can get a drivers permit!" They looked at each other smiling.

The two of them kept staring at my hard,twitching dick,filling me with pride.

"Come here,Dougy." Libby motioned to me. "Well? Come On! I want to suck on it! Evelyn told me her big si ster thinks that,that's the best!"
"Mommy?" I asked
"Do as She tells You to,Dougy. Come on. Let Your Mommy and little si ster suck on nice that big cock,of yours. You're going to love it!"

Libby and I helped Mommy sit on the floor and get comfortable. As I piled pillows all around her,Libby went to the bathroom then came back with a warm, soapy wash cloth,and began bathing the milk off of Mommy's belly.

"I feel like a Queen Bee!" Mommy laughed. "Come here My Little Drones. Service Your Queen!"

Libby took her Princess Jasmine panties and hung them over Mommy's right nipple,to catch and drops of milk that may leak out,as she sat between us and went from sucking on Mommy's left tit and the head of my cock!

Whenever Mommy's,or Libby's,mouth closed around the head of my cock,I thought I would lose it! But when Mommy began to deep throat me? I actually moaned out loud! I couldn't help it!

"I can't do that! That's not Fair!" Libby bitched,and then gently bit Mommy's nipple between her teeth and sucking on it as hard as she could.

"Shit! You Little Bitch! You made Mommy cum again! Look what You made me do!" Mommy mock scolded her,and pointed to Her juices as they dribbled out of her pussy.

"Just for that!" Mommy pushed a laughing Libby onto her back,then buried Her middle finger deep into my little si ster's swollen pussy!

Libby was screaming for Mommy to stop. She didn't. In fact,I had to stand there and watch as our Mommy taught Libby a very valuable lesson!

Mommy is The Boss!

I couldn't help it. I began stroking my cock as I watched My Mother bring My little si ster to another orgasm!

"Stop! God! Please Mommy,stop!" Libby begged her,as her body shook with one climax after another,until She laid,gasping for breath,at my feet.

Pulling a rust coloured finger out of my si ster's no longer virgin hole,Mommy reached up and stuck it into my mouth!

Greedily I sucked on it! I loved the salty and slight irony taste! And as I cleaned My mother's finger,She lifted Libby up and shoved My cock back into her mouth!

The Two of them took turns,sucking,biting,kissing and jerking on my cock,until Mommy said,"He's so close Baby Girl,Get Ready! Here!" Suck! "It!" Lick! "Comes!" and my toes curled when Libby squeezed my balls and I felt Mommy shove her wet finger up my ass!

I could feel my fingernails digging into the palms of my hands,it hurt so good! My eyes squeezed shut and I couldn't breath! It felt like someone had touched a burning match head to the tip of my cock! It continued to feel that way until the flow of my cum extinguished the flame,only to replace it with an icy sensation!

As I shot cum all over My Mommy and Si ster's face,my body convulsed! Time after time I emptied myself,not caring where the My cumshots landed! I just wanted it out gone! I wanted it out of me!

I was laying on the floor the next time I opened my eyes,and looked up at Mommy's,then I looked over at Libby,and a huge smile spread across my face.

Thick ropes of my cum hung in long strands from her lips and the tips of both of their noses! I laughed when Libby wiped a big dollop of my cum from her eyes and Mommy stuck a fingertip into her ear,trying to clean it out!

Milk flowed past my lips as I finally got to suck on one of Mommy's tits,but I stopped drinking long enough to listen when Libby raised her head from between Mommy's thighs and said, "Mommy? Evelyn told me that Her Big Si ster also likes Anal Sex. What's that?"

"Oh,Baby Girl! That My Dear is Lesson Number Two!"

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In the Kitchen with My Mommy

"Paul, honey, can you come into the kitchen and help mommy out, please?"

"What is it mommy?"

"I can't reach the flour and I really want to make us some yummy mommy cupcakes. Don't you want your mommy to bake you some yummy mommy cakes?"

"Oh yes mommy, OK, I'll be right there!"

I walked into the kitchen and immediately saw mommy in the far corner, reaching up for the elusive bag of flour. Her short white diaphanous gown didn't quite cover her round ass, so I could see the bottom of her cheeks, but couldn't quite tell if she was wearing anything underneath. She was, however, wearing matching white lacy stockings that hugged her legs and appeared to connect to a garter. Her large, soft, all-natural motherly breasts wobbled as she struggled to reach the flour. My cock became instantly hard and poked out of my boxers!

"Oh wow, mommy, that flour is really high up there. We'll have to try this together if we're going to reach it!"

"OK Paul, mommy's big boy, you know best. How should we do this?"

"You stand up against the counter and reach up, and I'll stand behind you and reach over you. Two is better than one, I think."

"OK Paul, sounds simple enough. So I should just lean up like this?"

"Yeah mommy, go ahead and bend over just a bit and I'll lean over you. That way we'll both be able to reach the flour.

Mommy bent over the counter slightly and started reaching up for the flour. Mommy bent over the counter in her very short nightie with her legs shoulder-width apart. My cock was so hard now and the innocent smile over her shoulder wasn't helping.

"I really want to help you get that flour, mommy, because I want us making yummy white cream-covered cupcakes!"

I walked up behind my mommy with the front of her waist pressed up against the counter and her round mommy ass pressed into me, and started reaching above her while rubbing my pulsating hard cock in between her legs. I was now completely hard, so I pulled my cock out of the front of my boxers and rested it right between my mom's ass cheeks. I then noticed that mommy was not wearing a thong to cover her pussy. I could feel the tufts of her pubic hairs rubbing against my cockhead, and I felt like I was going to explode!

"Are you close, Paul!? I feel like this is almost working."

"I'm getting very close mommy, but I can't get as near to the cabinet as I need to. Hmmmm, maybe...maybe if you bent over just a little more, I could reach over you higher!"

"Great idea, Paul! Let me just spread my legs open a little bit and bend some more for you so you can get up in there. Mmmmmm, I can taste those sweet creamy cupcakes now."

I pulled back from my mommy as she spread her legs open and quietly pulled the foreskin down off the head of my cock. I felt my mommy's pussy graze against my rock hard cock.

Mommy spread her legs and bent at the knees just a bit. Her large breasts were now resting on the counter, squishing her nipples and wobbling as she slowly bent to give me more room. My cock was now rubbing back and forth on my mommy's pussy lips as I continued to reach over her.

"Ohhhh I'm so close mommy. I can taste those gooey mommy cakes now too!"

Suddenly, my fat cockhead, oozing with precum, slipped right into my mommy's dripping wet pussy.

"Mmmm, oh yea, Paul, keep trying, mommy can tell you're close to reaching the flour! I'm so glad we're finally doing this together.

"Ohhhh, yea mommy, I'm so close." My cockhead rested inside my mommy's pussy as I continued to reach over her.

The hair covering mommy's pussy was glistening with her juices and a small strand dangled down from her bush. I had to go further.

"Mommy, maybe it's your nightgown getting in the way of you reaching! We're so close."

"You're right honey, I bet that's the missing link! Let me take it off and then we'll have those gooey cupcakes in no time."

Mommy stood up and slowly pulled her nightie over her head, my dickhead now falling out of her pussy and resting between her round ass cheeks. I then saw that mommy was only wearing a tiny string bra. Thin white threads hardly held up a frilly white piece of cloth that only stretched about a 1/2 inch over her hard elongated nipples. A matching white lacy garter was resting around her waist and on top of her round ass cheeks, connected by the garter straps I had noticed earlier. I could see the sides of her big round breasts from the sides as they slowly bobbled from removing her gown. It was clear that the top of her lingerie did a very poor job of concealing her large breasts. My hard cock lurched between my mommy's ass cheeks as she giggled innocently while reaching for the flour.

Her big, soft breasts swayed as we both reached up, and after a few seconds, she looked back at me and made a sexy frown, as if disappointed. My long, rigid cock was pressed vertically up between her slightly spread ass cheeks. Precum dripped off my cock, down onto her lower back and in between her ass.

"I've got an idea mommy! I still can't get close enough to the counter, so how about you turn around and face me. Then, I'll stand between your legs and reach up, and hand the flour down to you!"

"Between that and having my gown off, we're golden, Paul! I can't wait to have all that ooey gooey frosting dripping down my mouth after we eat these cupcakes!"

"OK mommy, turn around and spread your legs wide open, and I'll get in between."

My mommy turned to face me, jumped up on the counter and spread open her legs. Her large breasts bounced and swayed under the 1/2 inch-wide frilly top that just barely covered her nipples, and the triangle of blonde hair covering her pussy begged to be drenched in my cum. The strand of her pussy juices was still dangling from her pussy, but also spread down her leg.

I inched forward with my cock still hard and glistening. My cock was now just an inch from my mommy's pussy opening.

I reached up a few times as the tip of my cock grazed against my mommy's pussy. On my last attempt I stayed on the tips of my toes and left my thick cockhead resting just on the outside of her pussy lips, completely surrounded by tufts of mom's thick blonde bush.

Suddenly, mommy jumped up and my cock slid all the way up into my mommy's wet pussy, hitting her cervix, as I stood in front of her! Mommy looked at me with love in her eyes, smiled, and said, "Oh my, this is going to be the best way to make the frosting for our mommy cakes, Paul."

I was momentarily speechless and stood still as my mommy kept smiling at me with her hands on her hips, bent ever so slightly at the knees, and my cock hidden all the way inside her soaked pussy. I slowly pulled myself out of her, her hands still on her hips. Several long gobs of her pussy juices stretched between her hairy triangle and my hard cock.

"I just came up with another idea mommy! I'm going to put myself all the way inside of you again in order to reach as high as possible. I can already see that I won't be able to reach if I'm not all in you."

"You're right, Paul, I can see that now. How did my son get so smart? You just let mommy spread herself open and you go right ahead and slide yourself all inside me, and then get us that flour. Mmmm!"

My mommy reached down to her pussy and crossed her arms at her wrists right above her bush, reaching with opposite hands to spread her pussy lips apart for my waiting cock. Her forearms pressed her breasts together and she smiled back at me.

I slid my cock all the way into her pussy, touching her cervix again, and began to reach up to the flour.

"Ohhhhhhh, ohhh you're so tall and strong, Paul! I can feel you opening my cervix." She quivered. "Hey Paul, maybe you need something to hold onto with one hand and reach up with the other!"

"Genius mom! Your shoulder is too small, so I'll grab tightly here!"

With my cock buried deep inside my mommy's cervix, I grabbed one of her big breasts with my left hand, squeezed it hard, and reached the bag of flour with my right hand. Right as I squeezed her breasts and felt her hard thick nipple, I began to squirt cum through her cervical opening and right into her fertile uterus. Shot after shot of baby making cream flooded into her uterus. I continued to squeeze her breast with one hand and hold the bag of flour with the other.

"Wow, what is that mommy? Did I make the frosting?"

"Why don't you pull yourself out of mommy and I'll taste it and see! I sure hope it is."

I slowly slid my cock out of my mommy's pussy as cum poured out beside my dick, down her thighs. I slid myself back in and out a few times just to see what would happen, but my mommy just continued to hold her pussy lips slightly apart, smiling at me.

I finally pulled my still hard cock out of my mommy's cunt and as I pulled away a large strand of cum connected my dick and her pussy lips, while cum continued to slowly ooze out of her.

"Paul, I need to taste this to see if this is the frosting for our cupcakes. It looks like there's a lot of it dripping off you here." She wrapped her hand around my throbbing cum drenched cock. "So mommy is going to put you in her mouth to taste it."

"Brilliant! We make such a good baking team mommy."

I held the base of my still rigid cock as my mommy squatted in front of me. A long, thick strand of cum clung to her pussy as she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking.

"Mommy, what do you think? Did I find the frosting for our creamy cupcakes?"

"Yes, Paul, you found it! Great job! Ohhhhhhh mommy loves having all this creamy frosting in her mouth."

At that I started spraying my mommy's gorgeous face with cum. The first squirt landed on her lips, the second on her nose, the third on her cheek and the fourth right into her eye. The eye shot took her by surprise a little, but she didn't touch it as I watched her eye become bl**dshot.

My cum dripped off her face, down her lips and onto her wobbling, round breasts. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Oh My Fucking God, Paul!" We have so much frosting now! We can use that whole bag of flour and make as many creamy cum-cakes as we want."

My mommy was smiling at me, her face and breasts oozing cum. She stood up with her knees slightly bent and her ass against the counter, and she placed her thumbs on her hips and pulled her pussy lips slightly apart with her hands. Mommy looked down at her own pussy, and then looked back up at me and smiled with an open mouth while placing one hand over her lips. Her other hand stayed on her waist, pulling her pussy slightly apart as cum continued to drip out.

"Yea mommy! Now that we have all this frosting dripping off your body, I can't wait to make cummy mummy cakes with you."

A few weeks later, when mommy and I went to her gynaecologist, we found out that mommy was baking a bundle inside her uterus. Nine months later, mommy gave birth to a baby girl. Soon I'll be making frosted mini baby cakes.... Continue»
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Mommy's Boy

I'm the baby of the f****y. My Mommy's little boy! The only c***d left living at home can be a blessing. Let me tell you why.

When I was five,my father left us. In the middle of the night,He loaded up the truck,took my three teenage b*****rs and split. Just like that. That was eight years ago and it has been Mommy and me,ever since.

We do everything together. We go shopping,cook,do the chores,go out to dinner and the movies. We play games,go bowling,bath and sl**p together. In fact,the only time we spend apart is when I am at school and she is at work.

Last Wednesday,I had to call Mommy from the principals office at school. I had gotten into another fight. Some of the older boys overheard me telling a friend that I was staying home instead of going to the Jr.High,Fall Festival Dance. It was because I didn't have a date. So they began calling me names like,"fag" and "queer" and "baby dick". Then they started pushing me around. So I punched a boy in his mouth and my teacher sent me to the Principal's office. Again.

Long story short,Mommy left work and came to school to get me.

We didn't talk the whole way home. She hardly even looked at me,until we pulled up into the driveway,then when she did, Her big green eyes were filled with tears. "Go inside and set the table for dinner. I'll be in,in a few minutes." she said quietly.

I did as I was told. Then,peeking out the window,I saw Mommy sitting in the car. Her arms were waving around and her head was shaking back and forth. She was screaming into her cell phone and madder than I have ever seen her in my life!

I was upstairs in the bedroom,sitting on the edge of the bed crying,when I heard the front door slam shut. Then I heard the refrigerator door open and bottles clinking.

Mommy called my name as she came up the stairs. "In here Mommy." I sobbed. She walked into the bedroom,carrying a six pack of tall-boy beers,which was something she has never done before,and ruffled my hair as she passed me. Walking over to the dresser,she set the beers down and turned on the computer.

"Go get undressed and start the shower,will you,Baby? I'll be right there." she said. Her back was turned to me and she was wiping her eyes with a tissue.

I took my time undressing,dried my eyes and had just stepped into the shower when Mommy came in,finishing a beer. She was already naked. Mommy is very pretty and her fifty two year old body is still smoking hot.

Over the last year,I began getting hard-ons all the time. Lately it has been every morning when I wake up and every night as we lay in bed together. I don't ever hide them from her,because Mommy never says anything about it when it happens. She does get a big smile when she sees me with a boner,tho. And I can't help getting a hard-on when I look at her.

Mommy is five foot tall and weighs about a hundred pounds. Her hair is long,light brown,and super curly. She has a flat tummy,a tiny bubble-butt,clean shaved pussy and size thirty six B-Cup,perky tits. Each tit is almost nothing but a big,dark brown areola and long,stiff nipple.

Standing in front of me,She let the warm water soak over head first,plastering her hair down over her head,neck and shoulders. Taking the soap in her hands,and working up a lather,she began to wash me like she always does. But this time when she got to my hard cock,Mommy began breathing heavily. Something else she had never done before.

Stepping close,she cupped my balls in her left hand,gently squeezing them,and then she began to slowly stroke my cock back and forth,as she washed it.

Again,this was something new and I began to tremble. Turning me around,Mommy then lathered up the crack of my ass. She was washing my asshole with her fingertips and tickling my ball sack with her fingernails.

"Mommy? You need to stop doing that." I said.

I turned back around to face her,my cock sticking up and twitching crazily whenever water splashed on it. I looked at Mommy and saw her staring at my dick. There was a sad,little smile on her lips and I heard her sigh. "Oh. O.K. Baby. Go dry off. Then I want you to call Mario's and order us a pizza for dinner. Fuck it! Make it two,pizzas! The biggest ones they make and tell them to load them up!" Mommy knows how to cheer me up! I only wished I knew what to do for her.

Going into the bedroom,I noticed there were only three beers left. "Damn! She must have pounded the others!" I laughed to myself. I dried off and pulled my pyjama bottoms up over my throbbing cock. I called Mario's,from the phone in the bedroom,ordering dinner and then ran downstairs.

I heard Mommy as she left the shower. Opening the refrigerator,I stole a beer and drank it as fast as I could. Then before Mommy could come downstairs,I stole another beer and was slamming it when the delivery girl showed up. Reaching into Mommy's purse I grabbed the money and paid for dinner.

I was putting the change back when I noticed something bulging in the purse's side pocket. Opening it up, I saw a big,pink plastic cock! The sight of it made my dick hard again. I was rubbing myself. It felt so good. I wondered what jerking off felt like. All the boys talked about doing it but I didn't have a clue how to do it,or any time alone to try!

I heard a creaking noise from the stairs. Looking up,I knew I was busted. Mommy didn't say a word. She just stood there in her old,faded,pink ratty robe and smiled at me.

"I want another beer. Want one?" she asked.

I was already pretty buzzed but I said "What?! Really?! Me?! Sure,Mommy! What's the special occasion?"

"You'll find out." Mommy laughed. We sat at the table,looking at each other,drinking our beers. Suddenly,she slapped the table top and said "No more public school for you! Those Teachers and That Principal are all assholes! I used to be a teacher,so It will be Home Schooling from now on!" She stood up and stumbled a little as she went over to the frige and got another beer. I have never seen her drink more than four beers and I wondered if this was number five,six or eight!

"I don't want any pizza right now. Do you,Baby?" she asked.
"Not really. I'll put them in the frige if you want,Mommy." I said.
"Thanks." I heard her mumble.

I took another beer and she smiled at me. "Baby,are we getting d***k together? I'm kinda fucked up already! How about you? Sure you should drink another one?" Mommy laughed. Leaning against the table she untied her robe. "'s hot in here!" She said,flapping the robe open and closed. She wasn't wearing any bra! Except for the shower,or when we went to bed,Mommy always wore a bra! And she was wearing bright red,lace panties! Oh My God! When did she buy those!

"Be a Sweety and go get my purse for Mommy. Hurry now!" she waved her beer bottle at me.

I was stumbling a bit myself and my cock was hard as a rock,painfully rubbing against my pyjamas. All I could think about was my Mommy's titties and that big,pink plastic dick.

Suddenly,I started having dirty thoughts about my Mommy.

Visions of Mommy's clean shaved pussy filled my head. I wanted her to lay down and spread her legs so I could look at her pussy,up close! I have never really seen her pussy. Only the mound and the dimpled,slit between her legs. Now I wanted to stare at it,to touch it! Hell I wanted to lick it and shove my cock as far into it as I could! But I knew that wouldn't happen.

She met me at the foot of the stairs. The robe hung from her right hand and she took my wrist with her left. I openly stared at her tits. My mouth watered and I wanted to suck on her nipples! Instead,I said "Mommy? When did you buy those?" I nodded at her panties. It was a Thong! I have seen My Mommy's ass thousands of times,but now I wanted her to bend over and let me stare at it forever!

"Nice of you to notice. I got them when I bought the vibrator,Hunny. It was this afternoon while I was on my way to pick you up from school. Suprised?" She pulled me up the stairs. I almost dropped the purse!

We walked into the bedroom and I was shocked! The lights were turned off but candles lit the room. There was a strange,sweet incense burning and on the computer screen,I watched as a young boy about my age was getting his cock stroked,like Mommy had done to me earlier,by an old woman! She must have been in her seventies! I had just noticed what was going on,when streams of what I thought was milk,shot from the piss slit of his dick and began to land across her nose and shoot into her opened mouth! She then started sucking his dick mumbling "More! More!" in a thick German accent!

"Do you like watching that,Hunny? We missed the first part. That was the end of the second part,where the boy gets a blow job from his Grandma. I'll reset the disk to the beginning." Mommy was giggling like one of the girls in my class.

"A couple of weeks ago,I saw this advertised on-line as a "sex education" DVD. I bought it to show it to you,since you don't have a dad around,but after I watched a little bit of it at work this morning,I got a better idea!" She had wiggled out of her thong panties and held them up to my nose for me to smell.

"Hold these." she said pushing them in my face. Then she bent over in front of me and restarted the DVD.

As the introduction began,she jumped onto the bed,making the two of us bounce around and knock into each other.

"Come here!" Mommy was grabbing the waist of my pyjamas,pulling them down. Then she pulled the top up over my head and arms. Wrapping me up in a big hug,our naked bodies pressed together. She began kissing,then sucking on my neck! "Oops! Hickey!" she laughed. She then began sucking on my nipples! Chills flooded my body. My skin felt like it was burning and freezing all at the same time!

Then she crushed me in an even tighter hug and shoved her tongue deep into my mouth!

She held my face between her hands and continued to french kiss me. It felt like she was bruising my lips! But she didn't stop! Mommy was moaning "God I need a fucking! Will you fuck Mommy? Yes You Will! I know You will! You have to! Know why? Cause I'm gonna Fuck You! I'm gonna Fuck You till your cock can't get hard any more! I Know You Want Me! For the last Year Mommy has wanted to suck on her Baby's cock! I have wanted to let you fuck Your Mommy! But You are so shy! I can't wait any more! COME FUCK YOUR MOMMY!"

We were making out! My first time ever! With anyone! I was going to get to Fuck My Mommy! I couldn't be happier!

She was laying on top and grinding her bald pussy all over me.

Mommy's outer pussy lips had finally wrapped around the shaft of my cock,and she pressed her clit hard into my cockhead,as she humped away. And as she wiggled against me,her pussy lips,which were hot and dripping wet,trapped my cock between them!

I thought my head was going to explode. Instead my cock did! My body shook. The head of my cock tingled like I had been given a shock! It felt like my balls were pulled tight into my stomach! Hot liquid shot up between us soaking our stomaches and running down my sides under my ribs.

Mommy got up and slid back. Kneeling between my legs she started licking and sucking my cum wherever she could find any. Then I screamed and jerked about on the bed as she took my cock into her hand and sucked the head of my cock into her mouth! She was flicking her tongue side to side as fast as she could,then up and down and then she would suck it again! Flick and suck. Suck and flick!

My hands were pulling at her long hair! I had no control over my squirming body! Mommy was in total control! Gripping my cock with her thumb and first two fingers her hand was a blur as she jerked me off! My hips were bucking up and down as I felt another wave of pure pleasure fill me. My cock felt like liquid fire was pouring out of it! I was grunting and trying to f***e as much out as I could! Mommy's palm pushed up against my balls and she sank down,then pulled her head up! Her cheeks were sunk in and my cock was stretched as far as it could go! Only her lips held my dickhead in her mouth!

She parted her lips and my cock sprang from my Mommy's mouth slapping hard onto my stomach,making me flinch.

"AHhhhhh! Sooo Tasty! Now I'm going to teach you something every young man needs to know!" I had my eyes closed and gulped in breath after breath. I felt the bed move on either side of me. Above my head I felt the mattress sink and then the pressure of my Mommy's legs on my shoulders and arms. I opened my eyes just in time to watch as Mommy sank her steaming wet pussy onto my face!... Continue»
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Mouthful for Mommy pt.2 of Over Mom's lips

If the title bothers You,quit reading now.

A couple of months ago,I came in my Mommy's mouth for the very first time,and ever since that day,things have been pretty fucking wild at my house! My four little s*s ters have all become pussyeating,cocksucking experts! My Mom and Dad walk around smiling all the time. And most nights,for hours on end,our fam ily is spent in a big sweaty,pussy juice slicked,cum smeared,Mommy-milk covered, jumbled up pile! And WE LOVE IT!


I must say,I am always amazed by my Mother's control and composure in certain situations. Like earlier today for instance. One moment she had my cock in her mouth,lovingly sucking and drooling all over it,and the next she was answering the phone. Like it was the most normal thing in the world!

"No. I'm sorry,Jacky. I just can't right now." she sighed. "Why? I told You why last night. I'm busy dealing with two sick chil dren,Honey. I don't care if He told You He was going to stop by. You can call Him back and tell Him not to, Jacky. I said "I don't care!" Just call Him!" she said into the phone's receiver and hung it back up. I would be suprised if Jacky couldn't hear my cock slapping back and forth in my mother's hand,since Mommy had continued jacking me off while they were talking.

"Stupid Bitch!" Mom laughed. "I told Her last night...Oh! HuhHUMMmm! Yes, Megan! Huhhmmmmmmmmm,God! That's Wonderful,Sweetie. K-K-EEeep it Uhh-up!...To tell Paster Greg,Not to...Huunghhhh...come by today! That f-fat c-c-cow! Oh! Yes! Right there! Megan! UhHunghhh,Yeauhhh! Oh,Sweetie!" she exclained,digging her fingers into my ass,and then she squirted all over my s*s ter Megan's forearm and face!

While Mommy had been giving me a mind numbing blowjob,my little s*s ter Megan was laid out on the floor,naked,with her face between Mommy's knees and her fist stuffed into our Mother's cunt,giving her one hell of a fist fucking session! You see,once again it was "Play Time" at our house,and Mommy always insisted that we enjoy ourselves and our special time together. "Because The Fam ily that Plays Together,Stays Together!" she loved to say.

Now,before I get ahead of myself,I better go back a few hours and start at the beginning.


Today it was only Mommy,Megan,and myself at home. Dad had already taken my three other s*s ters over to our Grandma's for the week,and altho Megan and I were supposed to go with them,we had worked out a plan to stay home and keep Mommy company. So last night,Megan and I suddenly became "sick".

Our plot didn't fool our s*s ters,but it wasn't them we were trying to pull one over on,it was Dad. Megan and I had to promise our s*s ters that they could "Do whatever they want,whenever they want!" for them to keep their silence and we did. I mean,why not? It's all good! That only meant Megan and I would be eating and fucking ALOT of pussy for the next month! Why would We say "No" to that? Our plan worked too,but I think Dad may have had some suspicions.

Now,it's no big secret,to our Mom's relatives at least,that we are a fami ly of total perverts! Hell,They are too! She and her sist ers were all brought up the same way,and every one of them liked to keep the "Fam ily Tradition" alive and fucking! But to the rest of the World? Well,we're just a normal,quiet,mainstream f****y that likes to keep our private lives just that. Private.

Anyway. After Dad and Co. left,I got cleaned up and was headed back to bed,when I saw Megan in the hallway standing outside my bedroom door. She was naked,as usual,dragging her stuffed bear right along with her and sucking on her thumb. So I took her by the shoulders,marched over to my bed,and told her to get up on it. I watched her cute little ass wiggle back and forth as she crawled up to sit on the pillows.

"Get comfy!" I told her,as I went to my closet and broke out a couple of her favorite toys. The first one is a big,vibrating ball,covered with multi-coloured knobs. I bought it from Toys-R-Us for her last birthday,and she will sit on the damned thing till the batteries go dead,if I let her! The other toy she loves,is a purple,vibrating bullet about the size of Dad's thumb. I stole that when I was over at Cindy's house last month. Cindy is my s*s ter Karen's best friend,they had made the mistake of leaving me alone,so I went to her Mom's room,and rooted around till I found something interesting I could use!

I had just stuck the bullet up into Megan's tight little asshole and turned it on,making her squeel with delight,when Mom busted us!

"Well. I see You're feeling much better this morning." She laughed,while watching us. Mom was leaning her back against the door frame. Her fists were held against her naked hips,her legs were spread,and I could see the wires hanging down from the vibrator she had stuffed into her shaved,bright red,pumped up snatch. The wires were running to the garter belt around her left thigh,and the pussy pump was slung over her right shoulder. "Well? Move over,You Two! There's pleanty of room for all three of us!" she said,crossing the room and crawling up on the bed,tossing the pussy pump to Megan. "Now. Who wants breakfast?" Megan and I eack took one of our Mother's large,milk bloated tits into our mouths and began sucking away! "Oh! Babies! Mommy was dying! That feels so much better!"

Since Mommy had been pregnant with me,she has never stopped breastfeeding. And even after giving birth to five c***dren,Mommy has wonderful tits! They are huge,round and really don't sag very much. The circles around her nipples are about the size of tea cups and dark brown,and the nipples themselves stick out at least two inches! She really loves it when we squeeze her tits tight,with both hands at the base,then pull them forward as we suck on her nipples,stretching them out as far and as hard as we can! I wasn't suprised that
Mommy's pussy soaked through the pillow under her ass,and left a big wet spot on my bed. Hell,she does that all the time!

I had just taken Megan's head in my hands,and was licking off the milk that was around her lips,when I heard Mommy say "Oh Fuck!" I stopped what I was doing and looked at her. Her nose was scruntched up and she suddenly sneezed. The vibrator shot out of her pussy,landing between her knees! Megan and I couldn't help it,We started laughing. I watched Mom lean over and without any warning,she grabbed the wire and pulled the vibrator out of Megan's ass! "Hay! What's that for?!" Megan whimpered.

"I'm making room for this,Sweetie!" Mommy laughed,then worked two of her fingers deep into her slippery pussy,pulled them out,and shoved them straight up into Megan's ass! "Mommy,Mommy,Mommy!" Megan yelled and grunted.

I was on my knees,watching my mother finger fucking her own daug hter's ass,when Megan reached out. She was trying to grab my cock. So I moved forward till she could wrap her lips around the head of it. The faster Mommy fingerfucked Megan's ass,the more she moaned! Her moans were becoming so intense they were vibrating the head of my cock till I thought my balls were going to explode! I had to pull out before I came in her mouth!


To reward Megan for her good behavior,Mommy took the pussy pump and put it between Megans legs. She slowly pumped till Megan told her to stop. Then,after a few minutes,Mommy removed the pump from Megan's pussy and inserted a vibrating egg between her swollen pink lips. It disappeared with no hesitation,sliding right in! "Oh My Gawd! Mommy!" She panted and closed her eyes. She was lost in extacy! She slowly rolled from side to side and began laughing!

About an hour later,Megan laid on my bed,totally spent. Her little hands clenched and unclenched in my hair as I continued to suck on her clit and eat her pussy out. Her legs dangled over my shoulders,occasionally giving a feeble kick when another wave of pleasure coursed through her swollen cunt. "More. I want more! Fuck Me!"

I looked at Mommy,not knowiing what to do. Mommy shook her head "No". Megan hadn't had a cock in her pussy yet and Mommy wanted her to wait just a little bit longer. "I-I'm Sorry. I can't" I told her,and she started to cry. "Please!" Megan was now Demanding It! "I Want It Now!"

"Not Yet,Baby!" Mommy told her. "Maybe later. O.K.?" That's when Mommy made me get up and leave my room. I turned to look as they were hugging and I saw Mommy whisper something in Megan's ear.

I was downstairs when the Girl's came down and walked over to me. I don't know what Mom told her,but Megan was nothing but smiles! I was just taking a drink of water,and offered Megan the glass,when Mommy stepped up to me and told me to bend over. I knew what was coming,because I recognised the long,curved dildo Mommy had in her hand. Hell,she had used it on me more than she used it on any of my s*s ters!

I did as I was told and was immediately rewarded. God I love it when Mommy fucks me with that thing. And she was really working me over,too! My cock was hard and pointed at Megan's face as she knelt in front of me. "You're a Slut!" she told me. "Look Who's talking!" I laughed. "Yeah? Well You're the one getting his boy-pussy fucked! Fuck Him,Mommy! Fuck Him!"

"I have a better idea,Honey. How would You like to fist fuck Mommy's pussy?" She asked Megan. "Boy! Would I!" and Megan laid down,naked with her face between
Mommy's knees and without a word she shoved her closed fist up into Mommy's cunt,when she squatted down! I watched in awe as Megan's arm moved like a car's piston! She was fisting Mommy as hard and fast as she could!

Mom reached out and pulled me over to stand in front of her. I thought I would die! Mommy worked up a mouthful of spit and began to make love to my cock with her mouth! I was growing weak in the knees,my head began to ring and I was getting ready to cum,when the god damned phone rang! Mommy didn't miss a beat,she pulled her head back till my throbbing cock plopped into her waiting hand,and then she pressed down even farther onto Megan's arm. Mommy's fist was a blur as she answered the phone. She was jerking me off while talking to Jacky!


Mommy had just squirted all over Megan! But that didn't stop either of them. Megan kept pumping her fist into and out of Mommy and Mommy began sucking my cock again! She was cuming over and over. I could hear Megan's hand squelch,with every thrust. Megan was giggling and laughed out loud when she said "I made Mommy Rain!"

I couldn't last any longer! "Mommy! Stop! MOMMEEE! STOP!" And the bitch did.
I almost fell over. I was reaching for my dick when I felt Megan's hand try to close around my cock shaft. Their cheeks were pressed together and as Megan jerked me off,Mommy blew her hot breath over the head of my cock!

I watched them staring at the slit in the head of my dick and that was all it took! I couldn't hold it in any more! I came in five long spurts all over their faces! Megan wouldn't let go of me,and when I reached for her wrist Mommy slapped my hand away! I continued to watch as Mommy put her hand on the back of Megans head and move her forward. "Suck it,Baby Doll! Suck his cum out! Get a Big Mouthful!" She did too!

They looked at each other smiling. Then Mommy took my cock in her hand and wrung it like a rag! She placed the head of my spent dick in her mouth and gave one last,long,deep suck dribbling some of my cum down her chin and letting it drip onto her tits! When she did that,My knees buckled and I hit the floor.

When I regained my senses,I could hear a knocking. I laid on the floor looking up at my mother and s****r. I watched in horror as Mom stood up,took Megan by the hand and then walked over to door. My mother's face was covered with my cum! Megan had globs of it in her hair and cum was running from the corners of her mouth down her chin. Mommy's tits leaked milk with every step she took,her stomach and thighs was coated in it!

"Watch this!" She told me. Reaching down with her free hand she worked it between her legs,covering it in her pussy juice. Megan opened the door,and before I could do or say anything,Mom reached out and put her fingers into Paster Greg's mouth! Then I almost died when Megan opened her mouth and my cum poured out! "Hi!" she said,blowing bubbles with my sperm. "Wanna come in?"
***... Continue»
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Mommy's Drawer

It was kind of a dull rainy Saturday and Mom announced that she would be
going out to do some shopping for the afternoon. She asked if I would like
to accompany her, but up to that point I found her shopping quite boring -
and besides, I had other things in mind. But first some background. I was
then about 10 years old and by some crazy fluke had recently discovered a
unexplainable fascination with my mother's lingerie and, of all things -
her shoes. Mom was in her late 20s and although not beautiful, was a very
pretty brunette with a nice figure and a kindly manner. And she was smart
too. I often got the sense that she knew more about things than she was
letting on with me. I can't remember where my dad was that day. Perhaps
he was working. He always seemed to be working odd shifts at a steel mill
in our city. Anyway, my Mom kissed me goodbye and said she'd be back
around supper time, and told me not to get into any trouble. She was
always telling me this. I watched her get in the car and waved to her as
she drove away. I was already smiling as I thought about the afternoon

I walked into her bedroom and felt that same strange sense of mystery come
over me. It was as if this was a special place, because of some
unexplained mystery that resided here. I don't know, but I always felt a
tingle when I went into her bedroom. Her soft ever-present floral perfume
was in the air, mixed with a faint powdery fragrance. The combination of
those two smells came to be "my Mom" for me.

I gingerly approached her dresser, trying u*********sly not to make any
noise, even though there was no need for silence this afternoon. I knew
from previous visits that top right drawer was for her panties, the left
one for her brassieres and stockings, and the deep wide middle one held her
slips, girdles and pyjamas. I opened the panty drawer and looked for a
moment, feeling such a sense of wonder and excitement. Her panties were a
mixture of white and pastels, and all were silky, cold and slippery to
touch. I had always been partial to white, and today was no different. I
delicately lifted the top pair from the neatly-folded pile, opened them up
held them there before me. My face felt flushed and hot, and there was a
stirring in my middle. This was where my hesitation usually spoke up. I
knew that for some unknown reason, what I was doing or was about to do, was
probably wrong. I knew I had no business in her room. Mom would certainly
be mad at me if she caught me in here going through her drawers. But she
did say she was going to be away for the whole afternoon. And what could
be so wrong about looking through your Mom's dresser drawers for a while?
A quiet voice from deep inside me - one that I don't think I even heard,
was leading my actions. "I'll do it," I whispered to myself. I laid the
panties down, unbuckled my cowboy-style belt, and climbed out of my
trousers. I tossed them carelessly on the foot of Mom's bed, and then
stepped out of my undershorts. It felt strange to be this naked, and it
was almost as if I could feel the air moving around the room on my exposed
skin. The socks and tee-shirt were the next to go and they joined the pile
on the bed. No time for neatness. I took Mom's panties, and brought them
to my face. It felt so nice to hold them against my cheek, and to inhale
her scent and feel the cool touch of her panties. It felt like my heart
was beating in my throat by this time, and my middle seemed like a furnace.
I almost felt dizzy. I sought the label, trying to figure out front from
back, found it and slipped one leg, then the other through. I slowly
pulled the panties all the way up until they cupped me and covered my
middle. "Oh Mom" I thought, "they feel so good." I felt jealous for a
moment standing there, thinking that women could routinely wear such
beautiful things as these. It didn't seem fair. The feel of the fabric
brushing against me was so exciting and pleasureful. But I had a feeling
that there was something more at work here than just feel.

I opened the left drawer and fumbled through her nylon stockings. I
settled upon a newish-looking pair that had the word "taupe" faintly
stencilled across the bottom. I had seen Mom put on her stockings many
times before, and knew what I should do, but I was so unpractised and
nervous that I found myself almost struggling with them. It took some
squirming and some twisting but I finally managed to get them on. I was so
intent upon the struggle of putting them on that I was only now gathering
in the sensations of these stockings on my legs and feet. The pleasure of
the delicate sense of containment, and the coolness was hard to figure.
And although I was puzzled at all of this, I knew with out any doubt that I
liked it a lot. A whole lot. I looked at myself in the dresser mirror,
and strangely, it wasn't me who was looking back. It was almost like this
was someone else in the glass. I wanted more of the sensation of these
clothes so I walked a little bit within the limited space of the bedroom.
It was then that I remembered the closet - and her shoes.

I opened the closet door and lingered there for a moment deliberately
inhaling the smell of her, I suppose given off from the high heels and the
clothes that were hanging there. I remember puzzling there for a moment
over the word "pumps". I didn't understand this word, but Mom seemed to
use it interchangeably with "high heels". Anyway, I put this uncertainty
aside and once again took in the fragrance of my her closet - more of her.
This was so exciting but I was thinking that there is something missing.
Something more. What is it? My gaze eventually fell upon a particular
pair of her high heels sitting on the hardwood floor beneath the umbrella
of her dresses. The navy blue shoes had several thin leather straps across
the top - almost like a sandal, and a small tapered opening where the toes
would be. The heel was open but there was a strap that went around the
back of the heel and then around the ankle. It had a dainty buckle. I
bent over and picked them up - handling them as if they were in some way
holy. I backed up a couple of steps and sat on the edge of her bed.
Lifting my leg up, I slipped my foot into her right shoe. It fit so snug
and perfect. I struggled with the tiny buckle behind my heel, and after
tightening it was finally able to fasten it. It was a tiny replica of my
own belt buckle but I was unaccustomed to the dainty size and the
awkwardness of it being on the side of my ankle. With much the same
difficulty I finally managed to get the left one fastened as well.
Afterwards I sat there looking at myself, taking into view the stockings,
the high heels, the panties, and feeling the powerful flood of new
sensations. I sat there for more than a few moments trying to figure all
of this out. No answers came. Finally I put my hands behind me, pushed
against the bed and managed to get myself to a standing position. I closed
the closet door and looked at myself in the full length mirror. I saw
nothing above the waist of the person in the glass. I ventured a few
unsteady steps and liked it immediately in the high heels. I felt like a
different person. Reaching the dresser, I tucked my thumbs into the
waistband and pulled the panties up more snugly on me. I felt faint. I
felt alive. I felt very excited. My nyloned thighs rubbed when I moved.
The panties rustled against me. And the shoes held my feet captive to
their magic. Time seemed to stop for me. I felt so disconnected that I
almost didn't hear the car.

Suddenly reality snapped back. I dashed clumsily to the livingroom, opened
the sheer curtain and to my horror saw mom's car slowly coming to a stop in
the driveway. Dropping the curtain I ran back into her bedroom. My head
was spinning. I felt panic in my throat and my heart felt like it would
explode. What would I do? Escape was out of the question. For want of
some better plan, I slipped into the closet and closed the door. All the
sounds were muffled in the darkness there, and the perfume of her personal
odours was heavy. Heady. I was amazed that I could be thinking these
thoughts just seconds away from being caught by my mother. I heard the
front door open and she called out "Hi Honey. I was caught in a downpour
and got soaked. I have to change and pick up the umbrella." I heard her
kick off her shoes and followed the sounds of her footsteps. "Jimmie.
Where are you Honey?" How could I answer her? Maybe if I kept silent she
would think I went out to play. I knew she was looking for me through the
house. She was just outside the bedroom when she called out my name again.
By this time, the full sense of my disaster was upon me and I was afraid
and ashamed. Tears welled up in my eyes and I began to quietly cry to
myself. I heard her hand on the closet door, imagined the door handle
turning and suddenly there she was, standing in the blinding light gazing
into her closet. I think it must have taken a few seconds for the scene to
register on her. Her eyes finally fell on me, partially hidden in the wall
of her dresses, and what seemed like minutes went by before she put her
hand to mouth and said "Oh Jimmie! I was worried..." Through the tears I
saw the frown slowly build on her face and she bent slightly towards me and
said "Honey, what are you doing in mommy's closet? And dressed in her
clothes?" I turned my face away in shame and let the tears flow. I felt so
vulnerable and humiliated as I stood there before her. But strangely, deep
deep down within my feelings, I sensed a certain pleasure in all of this.
This really confused me.

She reached out her hand, took mine and gently led me from the closet.
"Come on Honey. Mommy'll give you a kleenex." She sat me down at the foot
of the bed beside my clothes. It was only then that I noticed how wet she
was. Her hair was hanging in limp curls and her blouse was transparent
from the rain. She was drenched. "I have to get this wet blouse off
before I get a cold" she muttered almost to herself. She turned and faced
the dresser mirror, unbuttoned her white top and slipped out of it.
Tossing it to the side, she grabbed a couple of kleenex and turned to me.
She bent over to me and gently dabbed the still flowing tears from my eyes.
Feeling somewhat more assured, I timidly lifted my eyes up towards her
face, but my glance was halted by the sight of her white brassiere, and her
breasts. I could not hide my interest in this part of her. I knew that it
was wrong, and that I was already in trouble enough, but I just could not
tear my eyes from the sight of her breasts. This was one of those
brassieres that look like a bathing suit - no shoulder straps, and low cut.
I remember whispering to myself the words, "Holy jeez Mom..." I guess she
heard me, because she smiled slightly and asked "Is there something wrong
with Mommy's breasts Jimmie?" She held her position there like that, bent
over in front of me, still occasionally dabbing my eyes. I mean, they
looked so... so nice, suspended there before me.

She stood up and turned to the mirror again and said to me, "You know
Honey, I will have to punish you for this. You went into Mommy's things
without permission." Then, almost as an afterthought she said, "But that
can wait. This bra is soaked and I'm freezing." She reached around behind
her and fumbled with the bra fastener. I knew I was still in big trouble,
but I couldn't help being fascinated by her actions. She backed closer to
me and said "Jimmie, Mommy's having trouble with this wet bra. Can you
unhook the strap for me?" Almost trance-like, I reached up undid the hook
without any difficulty. I released right strap, but for some reason hung
on to the left one. The brassiere fell away from her breasts and I was
left holding it as it dangled by a single strap from my outstretched hand.
She turned to face me, and as she bent over and kissed me on the forehead,
she smiled and said "Thank you Honey". Oh God. There they were again,
this time hanging there totally uncovered. Oh they looked so full and
round and inviting. She held that pose there, bent over like that, gently
smiling. I was hypnotized by her breasts. "I guess you've never seen
Mommy's breasts before have you Honey?" I slowly shook my head from side to
side while still holding her breasts in my gaze. I suddenly felt hot all
over. My heart was beating like a jack-hammer, and my face felt flushed.
Too much was happening too fast.

"You know Honey, when you were a tiny baby, Mommy used to feed you her milk
through her breasts." And slowly taking the reddish-brown part of the tip
of her breast in her fingers, she looked at me and said "You used to suck
right here, and Mommy's milk would flow into your tiny hungry mouth. I
liked that feeling Honey. Feeding you I mean. You were always hungry and
you sucked me so greedily." At this she edged closer to me until her left
breast was almost up against my face, but still not touching me. I could
smell her now. And I could smell her breasts. It was a new smell to me.
Almost metallic, but soft. "Jimmie, are you sorry that you went into
Mommy's things without her permission?" I nodded. "Then here, kiss Mommy's
nipple to show her how sorry you are." And at this she leaned even closer
offering her breast to me. The word "nipple" was new to me, but I figured
it out O.K. Boy I felt embarrassed. I mean heck, I was 10 years old, and
look what she was asking me to do. Anyway, I leaned forward and put my
closed lips against her breast and made the kiss sound, then backed my head
away. "No Jimmie. That wasn't a kiss. Mommy wants you to open your lips,
wet them and then kiss her there. Now do that Honey or Mommy's gonna get
mad. You are still going to be punished and if you don't do as I say now,
the punishment will be worse for you." I wondered how you could kiss with
your lips open. Everybody knows it's hard to make the kiss sound with your
lips open. Jeez. Anyway, I opened my lips, licked them with what little
moisture was left in my mouth, and laid them against her breast. "Now stay
there Hon. Open your lips more and suck gently on Mommy's tiddy. That's
how Mommy wants you to kiss her nipple." "O.K. Mom" I silently said inside
my head. I opened my mouth wider - like I do when I suck those big
ten-cent lollipops - and I sucked on her breast. I felt c***dish doing
this, but for some reason I liked this closeness with Mom. I sucked
eagerly, and even took more of her breast into my mouth as I worked her
tiddy in and out of my mouth. She must have like this, because she moaned
"Ohhhh Jimmie..." and reached around and cupped the back of my head and
brought me closer to her chest. I wasn't sure what was happening here, but
it was pretty clear that she liked it, and I was beginning to like it too.
"Oh Sweetie that feels so good. Now be a good boy and do my other tiddy
for me." She moved slightly sideways and I turned my head to her right
breast - or tiddy. I liked that word. It sounded nice to me. I began to
suck on that one even more than the other, and she was beginning to breathe
more quickly, and moan under her breath. She reached down and took my
right hand in hers, and making a cup of my hand with hers, place it against
her left tiddy. It was so soft, but firm and hot. It was nice to touch.
"Squeeze Mommy's tiddy Honey. Squeeze it hard for Mommy. Don't worry.
You won't hurt me." This brought even heavier and faster breathing and she
pulled me harder into her chest - so hard that it was almost hard to
breathe. But I continued to suck and squeeze her until my mouth and hand
were getting sore. Sensing this, she patted me gently on the head and
moved away. I released her from my mouth but still held her cupped in my
right hand. "That was wonderful Honey. You made Mommy feel very nice.
What did you think of that?"

My head was swimming. I stood up, and only then remembered that I was
still wearing Mom's high heels, stockings and her white panties. She
backed away from me and said "Now let me have a look at you Jimmie. You
know Honey, you'd make a sweet little girl." At this she extended her right
hand, and laid her pointed index finger on my nose. She held it there,
shook her head from side to side and said "You know baby, you were
naughty." Then she began to trace a line with her finger, down from my nose
to my chin, my throat and then she stopped at my chest. She flicked my
reddish brown spots, my nipples I guess, with her red-painted fingernail.
It sort of tickled. I wiggled slightly. Then she began tracing this
imaginary line again, moving steadily downwards across my stomach.

Part II

Her finger stopped just above the elastic of the panties. She hooked her
finger into the waistband, pulled it slightly and lifted her eyes to mine.
She must have seen the discomfort and uncertainty in my face, but I really
think she was enjoying this. "Hmmm Jimmie. What have we here?" I looked
down and for the first time noticed the hardness of my penis. Mom let the
elastic go with a snap and it caused me to almost leap into the air in
surprise. She bent slightly, cupped my testicles in her palm and began to
rub me there. "Do you like what Mommy is doing Jimmie? Does it feel
nice?" It was really making me excited. Everything in me seemed to be
throbbing, and this soft beautiful feeling was washing over me, almost in
waves that seemed to start in my middle and move out from there. I looked
down and watched Mom rub me there, almost detached as if she were doing
this to someone else. I saw that my thing had grown much bigger and was
pressing against the inside of Mom's panties, almost making a tent. The
pleasure from her rubbing was changing, getting more intense. I didn't
know how much more of this I could take. Suddenly she stopped and withdrew
her hand from my penis. I sighed. It was almost pain to have the touches
stop. In a blur she turned and sat herself down on the edge of the bed.
The next thing I knew I was lying across her knees on my stomach. "I told
you there was punishment coming Jimmie." With that she began to slap me
very hard across the silken panel that hugged my bottom. It stung more
than anything I can remember. Again and again. Each time she hit me my
whole body convulsed and I was flooded with this hot stinging pain on my
bum. Strangely she was also moving her legs in some way that caused them
to rub against the front of me. Suddenly the whole world clouded over and
some kind of wonderful feeling carried me away. The feeling came from my
penis I think and it was intensely beautiful. My panting from her spanking
now mixed with this other thing, and I was for a few seconds conscious of
the pain from her slaps, and of the pleasure feeling. The centre of me
seemed to contract intensely, again and again. I tingled all over. There
was a ringing in my ears, and my legs and hips felt strangely almost
electrified. And then it started to weaken in intensity, and soon
disappeared. I noticed that the spanking had also stopped. I lay there
limp across my Mom's knees, still panting, and sweating, my heart beating
fiercely. "Up you get Son. Come on. Stand up." It was hard to get up
from this position, but I was finally able to raise myself, with her help.
I faltered as I stood, remembering the high heels. "Now turn to me Son.
Do you know why I spanked you?" "Because I went into your drawers Mom."
"Not quite Honey. More correctly, because you went into my drawers without
asking my permission. I think it's cute that you care so much for Mommy
that you want to touch and wear her things, but you must have my permission
before you do this again. Is that clear?" "Yes Mom."

She moved me back away from her with a gentle push. My crotch felt cold
and wet. I think I frowned and then looked down at my middle. "My my
Jimmie, look at the mess you have made in Mommy's panties. " I thought to
myself that I am really in for it now. She gently tugged the panties down
over my hips and helped me step out of them. I looked at my penis,
wondering about all of this. It was still kind of swollen, but not nearly
as big as before. And it had this white slippery stuff all over it. Mom
took my penis in between her fingers and pulled me towards where she was
sitting. "Do you know what has just happened her Hon?" I shook my head
from side to side. "Tonight we will talk some more about this. Maybe at
bedtime. In the meanwhile, put these on or you'll get a cold." With that
she released me, then handed me a clean pair of her panties from the still
open drawer. I took them, by now totally confused but not arguing. She
reached into her other drawer and took out one of her long slips. one with
shoulder straps. "Put this on too." I must have looked afraid because she
then smiled at me. It was such a picture, Mom sitting there on the bed,
with nothing on over her and her beautiful tiddies hanging out. Me
standing there in her high heels, stockings and panties, now being offered
her slip. Holy smokes. This was weird. But it was also great. "For now
Son, you have my permission to dress up. Now leave me for a moment while I
get some things on myself. I'm freezing." She leaned over and gave me a
soft moist kiss right square on my lips. Wow. She never kissed me like
that before.

Part III

After a few minutes Mom came out of the bedroom wearing some different
clothes. I was easy to find because of the clicking of her high heels on
the floor. Walking around the house had taken on a whole new perspective
for me, and I was happier than ever before. She came round the corner in
the kitchen, saw me there and stopped. She smiled and shook her head
slightly from side to side. "My my. You do look cute." She walked over
and untwisted the shoulder straps of the slip. She said she was going out
again to finish her errands, and that she would be back in time to make
supper. She bent and kissed me, and without warning put her arms around me
and pulled me close to her in a tight hug. I liked being held by her like
this. It was a different kind of hug than I was used to, and I was
especially conscious of the press of her tiddies against me. Then she let
me go, and with her finger placed a kiss on the tip of my nose. "See ya
later Hon." I remember the feeling of affection, admiration and attraction
I felt as I watched her walk to the front door. Boy, what a great Mom.

When she returned from her shopping, she found me asl**p on her bed, still
dressed in her things. She woke me with a kiss on the forehead, and said
"Hi sl**py." It seemed hard to shake of the drowsiness, and as I took
account of my circumstances, I suddenly realized that I was still dressed
up, even still wearing Mom's high heels. Then the whole afternoon came
back, but at that point it all seemed a little too dream-like to be real.
In the meanwhile, Mom brought back a steaming washcloth and wiped my face.
I was more awake and finally decided this wasn't a dream It was real. Mom
told me to get changed back into my jeans and things, and to leave her
stuff on the bed when I was finished changing. She left me alone for a few
moments in her bedroom. I didn't want to put her things away, but I had
the feeling there would be more chances to enjoy Mom's clothes in the

Supper was uneventful, and even though I was still a bit aglow from the
afternoon adventure, I didn't say any more about it. Neither did Mom. She
was just like always. After the dishes, we watched some TV together and
about 9:30 I got up from the sofa to go and have my bath. Mom put her hand
on my knee, patted me there and told me she would run my bath for me and
call me when it was ready. This was not part of the routine, but since
nothing that day had been routine I just sat there and waited. Minutes
later she called me and I grabbed my PJs and went into the bathroom. The
room was warm and steamy and smelled really nice. "I thought you might
like a special treat tonight, so I ran your bath with a bit of my special
bath lotion. Enjoy." With that she was gone. I shed my clothes and stuck
my toe into the bubbles that were so thick and foamy. The water was hot
and it took a few minutes to finally get into it, but once I did it felt
great. The hot water, and maybe the stuff Mom put into the bath made me
feel so relaxed that I became drowsy. I think I even dozed for a few

Mom's knock on the door jarred me back to my senses, and she asked if she
could come in. She opened the door and came in already dressed for bed and
smiling. "Hi lazy-bones. Looks like you enjoyed the special bath. I
brought you a surprise. Your Dad just phoned and said he has to work a
double-shift, so he won't be home tonight. I thought you might like to
snuggle up in Mom's bed tonight. What do you say?" "Gee, sure Mom." "Good,
and to make it a real special visit, here's a pair of my favorite baby-doll
pyjamas for you to wear if you want." She bent down and gathered up my PJs
and walked out, humming to herself. I almost felt like pinching myself to
see if this was all real. I stood up and couldn't help laughing at the
colour of my skin. I looked as red as a cooked lobster. I guess I wasn't
used to spending so much time in the tub.

The baby-dolls that Mom left me were a pale blue colour, and were so silky
and slippery that they slid off the vanity onto the floor. I picked them
up and looked more closely at them. The top was a really loose kind of
shirt with many small pleats al the way around - almost like the tops
pregnant women wear. It had short sleeves and a round neck, and was
trimmed in ther front with a bit of lace. The bottoms were like old
fashioned bloomers - really loose with an elastic waistband and even
elastic in the bottom of each leg. They almost would reach my knees. I
slipped the top on over my head. The silky coolness felt welcome to my hot
skin and it gave me goosebumps. It felt so nice. Not like my PJs at all.
And the bottoms felt even better. Especially the way the top hung over the
waist and the two layers rubbed and felt so smooth. I was beginning to
feel that glow that I had in Mom's bedroom in the afternoon. I was getting

Mom was waiting for me in the kitchen. She made a big fuss over the way I
looked and we had a cup of hot chocolate together. Mom said that we would
jump into bed shortly after cleaning up the kitchen and brushing our teeth.
I wondered what it would be like to sl**p with Mom. I don't think I felt
much like sl**ping.

Part IV

Mom had the covers all pulled down neatly so the bed looked so inviting.
The small lamp on the bedside table made the room look very cosy and warm.
I crawled into bed on the side away from the door - that way the night
monsters would get Mom first. We laughed together at this joke. Then Mom
slipped in between the covers. She was also wearing baby-doll PJs, but
hers were more frilly and the material was thinner. I knew this because
you could almost see through it. She turned to me and smiled. "Well Hon,
are you ready for lights out?" And then she reached over and switched off
the lamp. We lay there for some minutes without speaking, and there was
almost an awkwardness about it. Like I was supposed to say something.
"Brrrr. It's chilly. Aren't you cold Jimmie?" I told her I was O.K. -
well, maybe just a bit chilly. "Move over closer to Mommy and we'll warm
each other." She rolled on her right side to face me and slipped in closer
to me so that we were almost pressed together. Her one arm was under her
pillow and she laid the other across my chest. She shivered again and
moved even closer, this time laying her left leg on top of mine so that I
was almost in a scissors made by her legs. "How's this? Warmer now?" she
asked. Oh I was definitely getting warmer alright. "Jimmie? You remember
what you did to Mommy today that was so nice? Remember when you kissed her
tiddies? Well, I have an idea. Let's play a pretend game. Let's pretend
that you are the baby and Mommy is going to feed you just like when you
were small. It would be nice for Mommy, and I think you might like it too.
What do you say Hon?" I said "Sure Mom", probably sounding a bit too

She rolled on to her back and told me to move her pyjamas top up in the
front. Leaning up on one elbow, I extended my hand across her chest
reaching for the edge of her top. I couldn't see where I was reaching and
accidentally brushed against her tiddy under the covers. She gave a
shudder through her whole body and exhaled sharply. "Oh Jimmie, do that
again. Rub Mommy's nipples there again." I moved my hand back to the same
spot and started to rub her gently through the material. Her nipples felt
pointed underneath the PJ top. And very warm. I tried to be gentle with
my touches, using only my fingertips. It was very nice for me. I liked
the touch of Mom through this silky material. And it made me feel
important to be able to please her with my rubbing. "Oh baby. Mommy
really likes this. You do this so well Jimmie darling. Do my other one
now Honey." Mom seemed to be really breathing kind of hard by now, and she
was squirming, moving her legs a lot - first bending her knees and then
straightening them, and opening and closing them. I almost thought for a
moment that something was wrong. "You alright Mom? I mean...." "Mommy's
just fine Jimmie. It's just that you are giving me so much pleasure. I
want you to suck Mommy's tiddies now. Can you do that for me?" "Uh huh
Mom. Sure Mom..." And with no hesitation I lifted the covers from her and
pulled them back, then moved the bottom of her PJ top up near her neck. In
the dim light that came from outside I could seem Mom's tiddies. They
almost looked like those melons she gives us in the summertime. I love
those melons. "Go ahead Honey. Suck Mommy now." I leaned over and took
her nipple into my open mouth. This time no instructions were needed. I
began to suck on her just like I thought a baby would - alternately sucking
and releasing. I wanted to get more of her tiddy into my mouth and so I
opened wider and sucked harder. "Oh God Jimmie. That's heavenly. Please
don't stop. Ohhh..." By now Mom was really breathing hard and she was
squirming all over. She was moving her head from side to side and moaning.
"Mom are you sure I'm not hurting you?" "I'm sure Honey. You're not
hurting Mommy at all." Then she did something very strange. She took my
right hand in hers and gently moved it down between her legs. Then she
started rubbing herself there with my hand. I was all set to ask her what
she was doing when she said "Honey, do this to Mommy just like I am doing
it with your hand. Rub Mommy here while you suck her tiddy." "O.K. Mom."
And so I opened my hand and started to rub her there between her legs in an
up-and-down movement of my hand. She was very hairy and wet there. I
wondered what this was. And I could feel the heat of her skin through the
cloth. She took my hand again and moved it down into the crack between her
legs. At the same time she opened her legs wider and slipped my hand
deeper into the wet crack. "Oh God. Oh Jesus Jimmie. That feels so good.
Suck Mommy hard. Rub me baby. Push you hand into Mommy there. That's
it. Harder. Now move it in and out. Oh Christ that's wonderful. Mommy's
very excited now Honey. Please. It's important that you don't stop until
I tell you. O.K. Darlin'?" I had never heard her say these things before,
or speak in this way, but I knew she wanted me to keep going. Then she
closed her eyes again and started to moan again. It was a whimper that
came from her throat, as if she was in pain, but I knew she wasn't in pain
so I tried to do it even harder for her. I loved Mom and wanted to please
her as good as I could. She pulled her hand away from herself and
awkwardly reached for me somehow. "Don't stop Jimmie. Mommy just needs to
touch you for a moment." Her hand slipped inside the waist of the baby-doll
bottoms and she took my penis and wrapped her fingers around it. Too many
things going on and I had failed to notice my hardness there. She started
to move her closed fingers up and down on my penis. It felt so good and it
made me want to stop what I was doing to Mom. "Jimmie. Quick, put your
hand inside my panties baby. Please. Hurry. Yes. That's it. Into
Mommy's crack. Push your fingers in. It's alright. It's O.K. Honey.
It's supposed to be wet. Push. Deeper. Oh! Yes! Yes! That's it. Oh
Jimmie. Oh! Oh! Come on Honey. Fuck Me with your fingers. Do it.
Yes! Yes! Push into Mommy. Ohhhhhh..." She was moving her hips up and
down real fast. I couldn't suck any more and had to take my lips away. I
think she noticed. She was still moving her hand on my penis and I was
to feel that glow that I had felt in the afternoon. I was getting dizzy
again. My middle felt so nice. My penis felt so nice. Mom reached her
left hand down and pushed my fingers further into her than I could dare.
Suddenly her whole body shook. Once. Twice. A third and fourth time.
Each contraction f***ed a small muffled scream from her. And suddenly my
world closed in around me and that magic feeling carried me away for the
second time today. I was floating in the air. Wave after wave of pleasure
swept out from my crotch. I couldn't help myself and fell onto Mom's
chest, lost to my own pleasure. "Oh Mommmm... I feel so good inside me
Mom..." I was by now pushing myself into her hand with my own thrusts.
Wet. It's wet down there. Feels so nice. And then I just sort of
collapsed like a limp noodle. I had no strength left. I felt weak, faint
and very satisfied. I moved closer to Mom and held myself tight against
her with my legs and arms. I just had this urge to be as close as I could
be with her. I wondered if heaven was like this.

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Mommy,Gramma and A Big Gooey Mess

Less than five minutes after Dad had left to go on his bi-weekly business trip,Mommy was standing at the foot of my bed. "Hurry Up, Sl eepy Head! Your Br others and I are all ready! I need You cleaned up and downstairs within the half hour! Come On! Get Up! Gramma's going to be here any minute now!" She cajoled me,then pulled back the bed sheet exposing my nude body!
"Mmmm,What a Nice Big Boner!" Mommy exclaimed. She stared at my package for a moment and then licked her lips. "And remember,NO Jerking Off,Young Man!" She added,wiggling a finger at me,then turned and ran from my room,giggling like a little schoolgirl!

It was pretty close timing,but I was clean,both inside and out,and standing in the den watching the video Mommy had put on for us,when Gramma came waltzing into the room.

"My,Oh,My!" She said,grinning at Me and my four br others,as we lined up for Her inspection. "Will You just look at how big You all have grown?!" Gramma sighed. She was torn between looking us in the face and staring at our peckers.
"Gladys! Never mind my bags,James will get those! I want Your skinny,little ass in here!" Gramma shouted,over Her shoulder.

When She looked back at us,I watched Gramma's gaze freeze on the movie that was playing on the T.V..

For the last two months,Mommy had been taking us out to Uncle Dennis' farm.
"It's about time You Boy's learned a thing or two about the Facts of Life!" She said "And what better way to learn them,than by learning them like I did! With some Big Ol Studs and Hot Some Wet Sluts! Of course Daddy's cock was my first, back when I was nine,but after that? It was, Farrrm Livin!!" She said in a mock country voice,and laughed,because when She said Studs,that's exactly what She meant! As for the Sluts,well that's what Mommy,Aunt Gina and our little cousin Cindy's pussys were for!

"OoOOoo,will You look at that! Your Uncle Dennis didn't tell me You had been out to his farm recently." Gramma bent over and ruffled my little br other's hair while asking "Ralphie? Is that Stud #19 You're sucking off? Very Impressive! And just look at YOU drinking all that cum! What a Good Little Fella,You are! Why,You hardly spilled a drop! Gladys! I said 'Get In Here!' Now!" Gramma's voice held a sense of urgency.

Mommy came running into the den,followed by one of the oldest,shriveled up old men I had ever seen in my life. This was James,my Gramma's long time Butler.

"Please set the bags over there,James. No,not there! Is that where I am pointing? Over There! By the Sofa! I swear,35 years in my employ and I still wonder if he understands english!" Gramma laughed and gave me a wink. "Well,I don't speak Chinese,and I'm too old to start now. Thank You James. You may Undress Me now." She said imperiously,while holding both of Her arms out to her sides. Limping over to where Gramma stood,James, very slowly,did as He was bid,and began to unbutton the back of Gramma's black dress.

It was always a thrill watching Gramma get undressed,no matter who did it. Her short,buxom frame was very well preserved,especially for being seventy two years old! Her overly large,42FF breasts,swung ponderously,but that couldn't be helped,and although she was wide through the hips,her stomach was not fat,and neither was her ass or her thighs. Gramma was still firm with muscle. In fact,whenever someone complimented Her on her physique,She would laugh and tell them; "It's all those horses I like to ride."
Little did they know what she really meant!

As James went through the process of undressing Gramma,My cock began getting hard. I looked over at My br others and noticed that she had the same effect on all of them too!

Mommy was standing behind me,pressing her small,flat titties against my shoulder blades. I could feel her long,stiff nipples rubbing against my skin and that made my cock spring to full attention!

"So...You didn't jerk off did you?" Mommy whispered in my ear.
"No! Not for the last two weeks! Just like You made Me promise!" I whispered back. "God,Mommy. When I finally do let loose,You're gonna get flooded!"
"I certainly hope so!" She cooed and kissed the nape of my neck. "With all that cum You have stored up,I'm sure that there's more than enough to go around!"

Gramma stepped out of her slip and walked over to stand in front of Ralphie,my youngest br other. "Thank You,James. That will be all. You may wait for my call back at the hotel." She informed him,then gave a little jump,because James had reached out and squeezed her asscheek.

"James! You cheeky little man! Just You wait! You're going to get the sack for that!" Gramma yelled.
"Thank You,Madam. I certainly look forward to it." He said and smiled at her back,before turning and walking out.

With her hands on her hips,Gramma stood there in front of us and said "Get over here and let me look at You properly,Gladys."
Holding Mommy at arms length,Gramma turned her around,looking her up and down. "Tsk,tsk,tsk. I swear. You're built just like Your Father was. Nothing but arms and legs! And You're too skinny! Even after having five,big,beautiful boys! Speaking of which...Come here Boys and give Gramma a kiss hello!"

Being the youngest,Ralphie went first. Gramma engulfed him between her breasts and kissed him deeply,while fondling his penis and nutsack. Even tho he was only el even years old,She and Ralphie could look into each other's eyes. Before letting him go,I watched her spread his asscheeks and tickle his asshole,making him giggle.

Then it was the triplet's turn. They were almost thi rteen. Willie,Steven and Bradley stood in a line holding hands. "Who's going to 'Say Hello' first?" Gramma asked. "You're all so much alike,I'm having a hard time telling who's who! But I know one sure fired way to find out! Bring me those dicks,You three!" The room filled with laughter as Gramma knelt down and swirled her tongue around the head of each boy's cock. Hell! She even got their names right!

"Now,don't think I forgot about You! Why,T.!" The lust in Gramma's voice was almost palpable. "Gladys! Would You just look at how big and fat this boy's dick has grown? Oh! Silly Me. I bet You Have 'Noticed'! And You've probably 'Noticed It' a lot,too!" She cackled. "Anything else I should know about,My Sweet? Hmm?"

"Yes,Mother. He can fuck Me for hours and He shoots More cum Harder and Farther than Daddy ever did! That,AND He's not even fi fteen yet! Satisfied?" Mommy said with her voice filled with pride and her arms wrapped tightly around my waist.

"Well no need to get defensive,Dear. I only commented." She said,then reached out with her right hand to stroke the length of my cock and dip a fingertip into the pre-cum that bubbled up from the slit. "Actually,I'm quite impressed! With All of these Fine Young Men! I know many a full grown man that would be envious of a dick the size of Ralphie's let alone T's! And since I'm being honest...If I were You,I don't think I'd ever get anything done, let alone off of my back! I'd just lay around all day long letting them fuck Me whenever they pleased!" This time Gramma laughed so loud and long that she had to sit down to catch her breath.

When She had regained her composure,Gramma inquired about our Dad. "He never has liked Me very much,You know." She told us. "He thinks I'm too snooty! Imagine! Me! Too Snooty?! It's just because I'm Rich!" she said,and flipped her wrist like she was shooing something odious away. "He's such The Socialist! If He only knew! Someday,I may just have to change His mind and show him How much Fun I Really Am!"

"The day You do That,Mother,is the day You make Me a widow!" Mommy laughed. "I can see it now. We're all together for dinner at the Four Seasons, when You quite matter-of-factly say; 'Darren? Would You mind coming over here for a moment? There's a Good Boy. Darren,I want to jerk You off until You Blow Your Load all over my salad. I'm certain Your Cum would be So Much Tastier than this Caeser dressing is!' Or, how about this, We're all at a Broadway Show when You lean over to Him and whisper in his ear; 'Darren? Gladys,The Boys and Myself were wondering which one of us is the Better Cocksucker. Be a Dear and Whip It Out for Me,would You please?'" We All fell out laughing at that!

While Mommy was talking,Gramma had sat on the sofa,spread her legs and began rubbing her clean shaven pussy,making it glisten with her juices. I was always amazed at the size of Gramma's cunt! Not only did she have long,low hanging pussy lips,she had a clit that stuck out from under the hood like a fat thumb! Thank God it ran in the Fa mily,because Mommy's pussy was almost identical! Oh, how I love eating Mommy's pussy! Her asshole too! It took almost everything I had not to run right over there and bury my throbbing cock deep inside Gramma's hot,wanton depths!

"Be a Sweetie,Ralphie,and open Gramma's blue bag,would You? That's right. Now bring me that package wrapped with the red paper. Oh,and the tube next to it." She instructed.
"A little something to start the party with." Gramma said and tossed Mommy the tube. "Go on! Open it!"

"Oh,Mother! You shouldn't have! This shit turns My Little Men into Sexual Maniacs!" Mommy had unscrewed the top of the tube and shook out about a dozen joints. She used the stand lighter from the table and lit two of them,passing one to Me and taking the other over to Gramma,so they could blow each other shotguns,while fingering one another's pussy. Taking the lead from Mommy,I lined the Boys up and did the same,blowing each one shotguns till My head was swimming and the roach was just too short to continue.

I also took the initiative and sat on the floor,with my little br others standing in a semi-circle around me,and began sucking, in turn, on their dicks.

"He's such a fine young lad." Gramma said between moans,as Mommy knelt between Gramma's legs,sucking on the lips of her pussy while rubbing Gramma's giant sized clit with her nose. "Look at how well He...oh! Yes Honey! Right There! Now use Your fingers! God,Yes!...At how well treats his little br others! Damn,Honey! I think I just came all over Your face!" She laughed.

Mommy pulled her wet,shiny face away from Gramma's dripping snatch long enough to do a backward somersault,which put her right into the middle of my br others and myself. She sc attering us aside,like so many bowling pins,then laid there with her head in my lap,laughing until she got the hiccoughs.

Gramma looked over at my mother smiling,and shook her head,then motioned for the boys to come over to her.
"Look what You did,Gladys. You interrupted Your Sons! That'll Never do!"

All four of my br others stumbled over to her,took a hold of Gramma's arms and legs,then together,they pulled her off of the sofa and onto the floor. I could hear the breath get knocked out her when her ass hit the carpet.

"Gently! Gently,Boys!" Mommy,chided.

Mommy crawled around me,laid down on her belly,and stuffed the head of my cock into her mouth as she watched her sons swarming all over her own mother,like ants on a cookie crumb!

After blowing me for a few moments,Mommy popped the pulsing head of my cock out of her mouth and shouted "That's right Ralphie! Eat that Bitches Pussy Out! Stick Your dick in her mouth Brad! Go On Stevie! You too Willie! Get in there! Somewhere! Anywhere! Make the old slut jerk You off! Cum on Her face Boys,She Loves that! Or, You can Roll Her over and Fuck Her Up That broad old Ass of her! Fuck! Do Whatever You Want to,to Her!" Stopping long enough to take a breath,Mommy grinned at me and said "Light Me another joint,will You T? That shit makes Me So Horny! But stick one end in my pussy first! Make sure it's all nice and wet,too! Let's Smoke Your Mommy's pussy,Sweetie! Come on,Let's Smoke it!"

Ralphie, Was like a Mad Man, eating out Gramma's snatch. I could tell that she was getting ready to have another orgasm too,by her grunts and how hard she was breathing. Well,that and the fact that her eyes kept rolling back in her head!


Ralphie may be the youngest,but he is no stranger to sex. Not at all!
I know this because two years prior,I had gone down the block to see if I could borrow Mr.Jennings' snow blower,and after getting no answer when I knocked on the front door,I looked through the garage door's window to see if maybe he was there instead. Boy! Was He ever! So was Ralphie! And Ralphie was naked!
I watched as Old Mr.Jennings,with his pants down around his ankles,had a hold of my little br other's hair pumping his cock in and out of Ralphie's mouth! At first I thought He was ra ping Ralphie,but then Ralphie stood up,turned around,bent over,used his hands to spread his butthole open wide,and said "Mr.Jennings it's almost time for Me to go Home! Hurry Up! You better Fuck Me fast! Before I gotta go and Your Wife gets back!"

When I questioned him about it later that night,Ralphie told me that Mr.and Mrs.Jennings had been using Him as a sex toy for over a year! He made me promise not to tell. Anyone! And I didn't. No wonder He was so good at eating pussy and sucking horse cocks!

As for The Triplets? Hell,they're just a bunch of little perverts! They not only suck each other's dicks any time they can,morning,noon and night,they were begging Mommy to let them stay for a week or two at Uncle Dennis' farm,so they could play with the pony's! Like they said,since they had been fucking each other for such a long time,they wanted something New and Exciting! "It's called 'Gettin' a Little Strange!'" Uncle Dennis said. "Guess they're just looking for Bigger and Better things!" He laughed

I wasn't really too surprised when Ralphie came into my room late one night a couple of months ago,and told me that He had just cum in Willie's mouth for the very first time,while Brad and Steve took turns fucking him up the ass! I told him that he should be proud of what he had accomplished and that if He ever wanted to do it again,He should just let Me know.
Later that night,after Ralphie left,to teach them a lesson,I had all three of them,Brad,Willie and Steve,in bed with Me! I made them stay there too until I watched each one cum in the other's mouth,and I got to give them all a group facial!

As for Me? Well,I really can't remember a time when Mommy Wasn't either sucking my dick,jerking me off or making me fuck her! I still remember the first time Dad went away for the weekend on a business trip. Ralphie was in his crib,in the corner of their bedroom,and while the triplets sl ept on the floor,Mommy sucked on my little dick till She got it as hard as it could be,then she made me stick it between her slimy,wet pussy lips. She squeezed me tightly with her thighs and started grinding her pussy against me,with my stiff little dick trapped inside it, until She came!

From then on,each morning, as soon as Dad left for work,Mommy would suck on my dick to get it hard and we would play our "special game". And it only got better after that glorious day,four years ago, when I flooded Mommy's womb for the first time with my cum! She said she hadn't been fucked that good by a Man,or so full of his nut-butter,since the last time Her Father fucked her,and that was the night before her wedding!

Fortunately,Mommy says that "Stud Sauce" doesn't count. Which is a good thing for me,because I may cum a lot,but even I don't cum that much!


I rolled my head to the side and watched as My Br others savaged our grandmother. There was no other word that I could think of,for what They were doing to Her! For their actions were ani malistically brutal!

Gramma was on her hands and knees,locked in a position somewhere between a crouch and a squat. Her floppy udders swaying uncontrollably about,occasionally grazing Ralphie's stomach,or slapping against his face, while He fucked her loose,sloppy pussy as hard and as fast as he could,and all the while,Stevie had taken Mommy's advice,and mercilessly rammed Her wrinkly,dark brown asshole full of his long,stiff,young prick!

At first I thought Gramma may be Talking in Tongues,but I doubt spirituality had much to do with it,because Willie and Brad stood in front of her,each one trying to cram his cock,deep into her throat. Both at the same time! I was surprised that the poor old Gal didn't choke to death or pop with all the Dick she had stuffed into her!

My b*****rs may be young,but what Gramma had said earlier,about how many a Grown Man would be envious to have a dick the size of Ralphie's? Well,that held sway for the rest of my br others too! Hell,I wasn't even fi fteen yet,and even My Dad said that I had one of the biggest dicks he had ever seen,and He had spent 20 years as a the Army!

My attention was yanked away from watching Gramma being ab used and degraded,by my br others,because Mommy began attacking my cock with a vengeance!

Lithe as a cat,Mommy swiveled her hips and straddled my face,shoving the inferno that was her pussy down,sealing it over my mouth and nose,fo rcing me to sup upon that which I desired most! With delight,I tongue fucked Her wholeheartedly,and continued to do so,even after her juices flooded my mouth, twice.

Unfortunately,it was then that I began to experience the tell tale feeling between my balls and asshole that informed Me that I was about to cum!

From beneath the long,swollen lips of her pussy, her jutting clit and the moist folds of her snatch,I tried to plead with Mommy to Stop! I begged her incoherently,but to no avail. She just wouldn't stop the maniacal jerking and sucking of my dick!

Mommy may have been fine gulping down the copious amounts of sperm I knew that I was about to issue forth,but not Me! When I came,I wanted it to be deep in My Mother's pussy,not in her mouth! I longed to fill Mommy's womb so full of my seed,that it would run unashamedly at first,and then slowly ooze from her satiated vagina with every move she made for the rest of the day!

Like a miracle,I got what I wished for!

At the very last moment,when I thought that I couldn't hold out any longer,my mother lifted her hips,crawled about and planted my cock so hard and deeply into her,I could hear the slap of the cheeks of her ass as they slammed down upon my thighs!

I'm unsure of who cried out the loudest,Mommy or Myself! All I know is that my head swam,my stomach and ass muscles clenched,and never before had I experienced such a violent orgasm! I lost count of the times I felt my ejaculate explode into Mommy's innermost self and I was sure that I had just got her pregnant!

I found myself being unable breath,because Mommy was laying full length on top of me. Gently,I rolled her over to the side of me,making sure that I kept my rock hard cock deep within Her. After repositioning myself and lifting her thighs so they were once again around my waist,I pistoned my cock into her for what seemed like hours,until another explosive orgasm rocked the two of us!

"Bravo! Dear Boy!" I heard Gramma whisper into my ear. "Well Done and Bravo!"

I opened my eyes and almost didn't recognise her. Gramma's short,curly grey hair was matted with my br others smegma,and it coated every inch of her face in thick,off-white globs. She fell over onto her back and I noticed that it wasn't only her face. Her entire torso and huge saggy tits were covered in the stuff!

"You're all such Good Boys! Gramma will have be sure and visit more often! Come Here Gladys. No. That's o.k. Honey,don't stand up!"

I glanced past Gramma and watched my br others, as they too, crawled over to where Gramma and I lay next to each other. Much to my surprise Gramma sounded like a little girl giggling when being given a piece of candy as she helped Mommy to her knees and then stuck her face,mouth open,between our mother's legs as a steady stream of my cum was fo rced out from Mommy's pussy!

Later,when nothing more of my cum dripped out from Mommy's gaping snatch,Gramma helped Mommy scootch down,until they were face to face,and that's when they locked together in a loud,squelching kiss.

"My,My,Gladys! Would You just look at the two of Us?! It's been Many a Year since I've seen such a couple of Nasty,Fucking Sluts,such as We Two! Why,For Goodness Sakes! We're nothing but a Big Gooey Mess!" Gramma laughed!

I looked at my triumphant br others,gave them a wink and thought to myself,"I couldn't agree more!"

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Mommy's Wanton Ass

My parents had gone out for a few drinks and an evening on the town,leaving my older b*****r,younger s****r and myself,to entertain ourselves at home that night.

The car wasn't even out of the driveway before my s****r was stripped naked and laying on the living room floor. Spreading both of her legs wide and wearing a big smile on her face,she yelled "Come and Get it! Let The Games Begin!"

My b*****r,Kurt,ran down the stairs,wearing only his socks,his hard dick bouncing up and down with each step. As soon as his feet hit the hardwood floor,he slid over to my s****r,got down on his belly and began eating her,sweet,young,hairless pussy out.

In my room,I had finally undressed and pelted downstairs as well,to join in on the fun. Karen,my s****r,motioned for me to hurry over and get on my knees so she could suck on my cock.

There we were. All three of us lined up on the living room floor. Naked as the day we were born. Every light in the room was on and all of the curtains open. We didn't even think about that.

I laid down over my s****rs face,my head resting on my arms on the floor,knees slightly bent,as Karen sucked and nibbled away at my cock. That was when I felt Kurt stick first one,then two fingers up my well lubed,willing asshole. God! That always feels so good. Kurt is an expert asshole finger fucker. As well he should be! He is the oldest after all.

It didn't take long for Karen to begin to squirm around and moan,so I knew Kurt was doing a good job working over her clit and vagina. Her breathing began to come in short gasps while she sucked on my pecker. Suddenly she t****d the head of my dick between her teeth,trying to shove her tongue up into my piss slit.
I love my kinky,slutty,little s****r!

"UngghFuuuuh!" she breathed out,as she came. Opening her mouth and letting go of my cock,she reached up around my waist and pulled my hips back,making Kurt's fingers go even deeper into me. I almost cried when he pulled his fingers out and shoved his tongue into my ass. "Yeah! Like that!" I moaned.

I was so into what Kurt was doing,I didn't hear the knock at the door. Karen was slapping at both Kurt and me,and telling us to stop,when the knock came again. Louder that time.

Wiggling out from under us,she got up and tippy-toed across the room,climbed up on a stool and looked through the peep-hole. She squealed "Stop! Stop it! Get up! Run into the other room! Hurry before she sees us!" Karen hopped down,ran back over to us and pulled at our arms.

We were running into the kitchen when I turned around and saw our neigbor,Mrs.Kelly looking in through the window. She was standing in the bushes! Mom had planted those there to stop just such a thing from happening!

I couldn't help myself. I turned to fully face the ol'bag and wrapped my first two fingers and thumb around my peachfuzz covered package and shook it at her!

Mrs.Kelly's mouth made a big "O" shape and her eyes flew open wide behind her glasses. Then she turned and fell over the bushes.

I was laughing when Karen and Kurt ran upstairs to get dressed. "What's She gonna do? The Old Bitch!" I yelled at them.

"You better get up here!" Kurt yelled back. "And bring us a spoon and the ice cream!" Karen called to me.

I hate it when we can't finish our games. So what if we have been caught a few times before by Mrs.Kelly. What sucked was,each time we were,Karen refused to play any more afterwards. Damnit!

I walked into Karen's room and Kurt was sitting on her bed,wearing his pyjamas. Karen only had an oversized t-shirt on and was teasing me,spreading her bright pink pussy open,as I walked across the room.

"Here's the fucking ice..." I started to say when the phone rang. I wasn't really sure why I did it but,I was feeling pretty wired. The head of my cock throbbed,my balls ached,I was all worked up,and I was kind of mad,so I answered the phone.

"What?" was all I said. The looks Kurt and Karen gave me were a mix of "Are you crazy?" and "What the fuck are you doing!". It was Mrs.Kelly. Of course.

"That's the last time I am letting you little perverts get away with doing what you were doing!" She breathed heavily into the phone.
"And what exactly were we doing?" I asked.
"You know perfectly well what! Parading around naked,doing Lord knows what else,and then you shook that,that,that Thing of yours at me....well! I am just flabbergasted! Shocked! I'm,I'm..."
"A Horny Old,Fat Assed Twat?" I shouted. Karen and Kurt tackled me and were trying to get the phone away as I kept yelling out "Bring that Old,Fat Ass Over Here,Mrs.Marion Kelly! I'll Give You What You Need! I'll shove my cock as far up that wrinkled, old..."

Karen actually yanked the phone cord out of the jack. Before either one of them could say a word to me,I ran down the hall and locked myself in my room. To hell with it! I had lost my hard-on and was too damned mad to play with myself anymore!

In less than an hour,I heard my parents drive up. I saw my dad hurry over to my mothers car door and open it,to help her out. Jesus! Mom was plastered! Our Dad had to help her walk to the house. He was trying to do it so the neighbors,especially Mrs.Kelly, wouldn't notice,but Mom was totally Fucked Up!

Mom began laughing and slapping at my Dad's hand around her waist. "Steven! Tat tickllzzz! Sop it! Sop iter I'mgonna wee! "Wheeeee!"" she yelled. "Wheee!Wheee! Lemme See! I Wanna See A Big Peepee!" Mom kept laughing and yelling as they came through the door.

All three of us k**s were standing in the living room as they entered. Looking innocent as the day is long.

"Thanks,k**s." Our dad began,his voice dripped with sarcasm. "We were at the bar,simply enjoying ourselves by-the-way,when Mrs.Kelly called your Mother. I still don't quite know what it was all about,but your Mom did seven shots of Jack in a row after she hung up! Now! What is going on?"

My mom broke away from my dad's embrace and stumbled over to where I stood. Placing her hands on my shoulders,she kneeled down and looked at me. One of her shoes had fallen off her foot and she gently shook me. As she looked in my eyes she smiled then removed her hands from my shoulders and in one quick motion,pulled my pyjama bottoms down!

Pointing at my dick she said "That is what all of this is about?" She was a bit cross eyed as she looked over at my b*****r and s****r. Then,leaning over so her hands were on the floor as well,Mom got really close to my cock and sucked the tip of it into her mouth,pulling it back as far as she could stretch it.

"Ellen!" My dad exclaimed and slammed the front door shut. "Jesus! What are you doing!"

Still on her knees,Mom went over to Karen and pulled at her t-shirt till it came off. Then She threw it on the floor next to the other shoe that she had kicked off.

"Ellen!" our dad began again.

"Shut up,Steven and get Na-Ked!" Mom laughed at him. "We do iss allthe time!"
"Kurt,honey. Take hose P.J's offn the three of you k**s undress your Mommy." she said while holding her arms up.

Dad was red in the face and shaking. "Don't You even think it,Kurt!" he snarled.

While dad was turned twords Kurt,Karen had pulled mom's shirt up and over head and was undoing her bra strap,as I reached up under her skirt and pulled her pantyhose off,revealing her bare pussy and long,slender legs. Kurt managed to dodge around dad and helped pull off Mommy's skirt.

"Honey! What the fuck are you doing?! What do You mean "We do this all the time?"" Dad exploded! His hands were clenched in tight fists and he stomped a foot on the floor.

"Whuhm I doin? Do't be dumb,Steven. Imm gett-ten Nek-id,Stoo-pid! Weez all gonna fuck!" she laughed and pulled Karen on top of her,licking a finger and then sticking it into Karen's ass crack,making her squeal loudly and then giggle.

"I!I forbid this,Ellen!" spit flew from Dad's lips. "Stop! This! Minute!" His foot slammed into the floor with each word.

My dad is not a big man,nor is he a handsome man. He has mousey brown,balding hair,stoop shoulderes and maybe stands five foot six inches tall. He wears glasses,weighs around one hundred sixty pounds and sports a slight paunch.

My Mom,on the other hand,is a Hottie! She is five foot two. Weighs around one hundred twenty pounds,has naturally bright,red hair(which she always wears in a long braid)and creamy white,unblemeshed skin,speckled with freckles. Her stomach is taut. Her waist is slim and she has a nice firm round ass and hips. Her tits are a little saggy but a beautiful 34 C.

"Oh p*o! Stebbhun. Join Us,or go visit That Mizrzzezz.Ol'Poop Kelly!" Mom was rolling from side to side on the floor. Her bright red patch of pussy hair displayed for all to see. "Come'ere Steeevy baby. Won't you Suck on these two Wet Cunts! Here We Are! Nibble,Nibble,Lick,Lick?!" Mom said as she spread her's and Karen's legs wide. Kurt bent down and fingered their snatches open.

Mommy's cunt was so wet,there was a puddle forming on the floor. Karen was moaning "Please,Daddy! Come eat our pussies!"

To my suprise and horror,my Father shook his head "No". I always thought,He was the One. The One that made Mommy into the Horny Slut she was! I had never asked Karen, but I was positive Dad,not Mom,had been finger fucking my s****r and letting her suck his dick. But no! I even thought He was the one that taught Kurt how to be such a fantastic cock sucker! In fact,I thought Dad was just waiting for my next birthday to do the same with me! I dreamed of it! Guess I should have asked some questions!

I watched as Dad walked over to the door and left.

Karen still laid on top of Mom so she rolled over and they began kissing. Karen would pull her head back from Mom's face and stick out her tongue,then Mom would stick out her tongue and they would dance the tips across each others! I think that is so fucking hot to watch! My Mommy and s****r making out!

Mommy motioned with her free hand,the one that wasn't busy fingering Karen's little pussy,and waved for me to begin the process of eating her snatch out. I could smell and taste the anal lube Mom had earlier filled up her asshole with,as I dove in!

Kurt stood by,almost patiently waiting his turn. In a few minutes,both my Mommy and s****r were shaking in unison. I could taste Karen's cunt juice dripping down,through Mom's pussy hair,mixing with my mothers own nectar.

This was all too much for Kurt! He shoved me aside and buried his face into our mother's snatch. The room was filed with the sounds of his lapping and sucking, and the smells of SEX. I walked up and spread Karen's ass cheeks,wide,so Kurt could get to her pink,tiny rosebud of an asshole. Then,as his face was planted deep into Karen's asscrack,I went to kneel down over Mom's face and fed her my twelve year old cock.

Her mouth was greedier than ever! I thought she would suck my dick right off of my body. "I want your cum,Baby. Cum for Mommy,but not yet! O.K.?!"

Kurt had stopped licking Karen's asshole and had started eating Mom's pussy out again. All of a sudden,Mommy came like a cow pissing! Grunting and moaning the entire time! Squirting all over Kurt and the floor!

An exhausted Karen rolled off of Mom and got on all fours,placing her forhead onto the floor,breathing hard.

Mom also rolled over and told Kurt "Time to give Mommy what she Loves! Fist Your Mommy's Ass! Use both hands,Honey! FIST FUCK MY ASSHOLE! HARD!". Mom and Karen were facing each other again. Karen raised a hand and started squeezing one of Mommy's tits. Pulling on her nipple till it almost reached the floor!
She kept doing this!

I slid under Karen and started sucking her hard,tiny pink nipples. Her body trembled and I couldn't help myself. I shoved my finger into my s****r's bald pussy and worked it around and up till I found her G-Spot with the fingertip, then I began pressing on her clit with my thumb. She came in moments at my touch.

"Uuuuuh! Kurt! Fist Your Mommy Up Her Ass! Izz What I NEEEED! Fuck My Azzzz!" Mom was yelling. "Use both hands! Thazzit! Yeaaaa,liiike thaaaaa! Fasser! Fassss-ter!" She scolded Kurt.

I worked my way out from under Karen and was kneeling behind her. I had just began eating out her asshole,when Mom's arms gave way beneath her,with a thud. Her tits were squashed on the floorboards and her face slid forward,as Kurt suddenly shoved both of his forearms almost elbow deep into her!

"Aaaahhh! Pull Out! Pull the Fuck Out! Now! Fuck My Pussy! Mommy Needs Your COCK! Stick it in ME!"

Kurt pulled his hands out and knelt there staring at Mommy's gaping asshole. We have both fucked Mom's ass, at least two times a week for the last six months, ever since the day Mommy had made me cum while giving me a blow job! But this was the first time things had been so wild!

Kurt moved up behind Mom and pounded his fat,fifteen year old, six inch hard cock into her red,slick,tight cunt,like a jack hammer. I was so turned on watching them,my cock throbbed and burned.

I looked down at Karen's bright pink asshole. My spit was leaking out of it and sliding down into the slit of her bald pussy. Suddenly,gripping Karen by the waist,I positioned my cock head up against her virgin rosebud and shoved forward. She screamed and tried to crawl away,but I held tight and pulled her back,spearing her with my cock!

She was so tight! I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. Her asshole began squeezing my cock even tighter than her lips did! Karen was clenching her anal muscles tight and then relaxing them,like she did when I fingered her! Oh God,did it feel awesome! I slid in and out of her asshole,slowly at first,then I began to build up speed.

Watching Mommy,and trying to match Kurt's thrusts,I soon found out that I couldn't keep up with his pace,without blowing my wad. My cock felt like lava was swelling and filling it! Karen was crying,but she kept telling me how much she loved it! "Fuck My Rosebud! Make me cum! Make Me cum again! More! I'm cuming!" And I watched as liquid leaked from her pussy.

"Fuck Me! Fuck My Ass!" My Mom and s****r said together,again and again,as they each orgasmed!

"Cum In Mommy's Ass,You Mother Fucker! CUM IN MEEeeee!" Mom screamed as Kurt tensed,pulled out of her cunt and rammed it home into Mommy's upturned ass! He shoved his groin forward,as far as he could,and shuddered like he had been electrocuted! I could tell he blew a massive load by the look of suprise on both of their faces.

I couldn't hold back much longer! Kurt was d****d over the top of Mom's backside,and she was sprawled out on the floor. She lifted her weeping eyes to me and said "Please? Can Mommy Have Yours Too? Will You Help Fill Up Mommy's Poop Chute?"

Karen crawled forward,and this time I let her go. My cock pulled out of her and stuck out straight in front of me! It shined with my spit and the lube juices from Karen's asshole! Karen then pulled herself over to continue kissing our Mother and suck on our Mommy's nipples!

Kurt rolled off of mommy's back,and as his cock plopped out of her ass,some of his cum trickled out to smear in her red cunt hairs.

Mommy raised her hips and ass as far up as she could,and Kurt spread her ass cheeks wide open, showing me her raw gaping holes. I sank my cock,covered with my spit and Karen's juices into Mommy's gaping asshole!

It took only a few dozen pumps and I began to lose control! It felt like heaven to my cock! I thought I would pass out! The hole my cock was buried in was hot,wet and slimy! It felt like her insides were on fire! The sides of her tunnel were spread wide,but they gripped onto my cock just enough to massage and tickle my young manhood!

Waves of pure pleasure sped throughout my body! My fingers and toes tingled and curled! The head of my dick was so hot and sore,and filled with pins and needles after assfucking Karen,I thought I may be bleeding,as stream after stream of my cum erupted,spewing and mixing with my b*****rs!

Mom,fell flat on her stomach,grunting and sobbing. Her face was between Karen's legs,relentlessy flicking her tongue over and around the tiny clit,as she fingered out my s****rs pussy. Karen may have not had my b*****r's nor my cock in her vagina yet,but Karens pussy is one of Mommy's favorite play toys!

"No more! Mommy! Stop!" Karen began to yell and thrash side to side,till Kurt shoved his cock past her lips and litterally down her throat. She could deep throat him with no problem,when she gave blow jobs,but this time it almost choked her.

He removed his clean dick,out of our s****rs mouth, and I saw he was actually getting hard again. So I crawled over to Karen and gently put my cockhead into her mouth. It was like sticking my dick into a vacuum cleaner! She wrapped her lips around the shaft and inhaled it down her throat,swirlling her tongue around the tip as I pulled out.

Mom finally stopped what she was doing and crawled forward,till she covered Karen's entire body,and trapped her underneath as she deeply french kissed her own daughter.

"Go get the candy dish,Baby!" Mom said to me.

I ran off,then returned from the kitchen and handed my mother the candy dish. "Gatheround!" she slurred. The whole time she was pleasuring Karen,Mom had been trying not to leak any of Kurts or My cum out of her.

Holding the dish between her legs and under her ass,Mommy tried to get her feet under her and rock back. She couldn't do it. It took both Karen and Kurt to get her up. Karen smiled as she squashed Mommy's tits into her chest with her hands,and pinched the nipples,tweaking them till they were dark red. Kurt pulled back on Mommy's shoulders till they succeeded.

I lost count as to how many times Mommy farted out cum. We three k**s were on our hands and knees,laughing and watching,as the Cum dripped and dribbled out of Mommy cunt for at least three minutes. Finally,she put the candy dish down on the floor and fell over onto her backside.

For months us k**s had to drawn straws for this treat. But that night, Mommy took the candy dish,filled with the tan and white swirled Love Juice,and poured it all over her face,neck and tits.

A large dollop of cum was just about to drip off of Mommy's left nipple when Karen leaned forward and caught it in her mouth. She then began to suckle like a little baby.

Kurt,latched onto the other nipple,licking and sucking away,leaving me at a loss.

Mommy motioned to me and I walked over to her, presenting her my hardening cock. She took it into her mouth and began to work her magic. Soon, my balls were tight and I felt the tingle begin. I was suprised that I could cum again,but Mom sure wasn't!

A motion at the window caught my eye. Mrs Kelly's face was pushed into the same window as earlier,till her nose was flat. Her glasses were gone and her old,naked,sagging tits swung back and forth,slapping into the window ledge. Behind her I saw my father's face! He had an evil grin as he hammered mercilessly into her from behind,while pulling at her hair!
"I'm gonna cum!" I watched her say,and my dad slammed into her even harder!

I pulled my cock out of my Mother's mouth,and shot my load into her eyes,at the same time my Father came into Ol'Mr.Kelly's cunt!

I knew this,because he gave me the "Thumbs Up!" and tossed her onto the ground while shaking the last few drops of cum out of his cock and onto her prone body!

Maybe I was wrong after all?!
... Continue»
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Mommy makes a messy part 2

just fantasy In this story everybody is over 18

My mommy is very attractive with nice looking tits that are full of milk nice round ass great legs and a tight wet pussy that cant get enough of my big hard cock.

Mommy: Mommy is so horny today baby. Come here and lick my wet pussy. MMMMM mommy likey, you such a good boy. Keep eating my hot dirty cunt, yes! That's it lick up mommy's fuck juices, keep eating!, lick my clit!, eat mommy's cum. such good little bitch boy.

Oh look your cock is so big and hard with precum staining your cute little panties. Naughty boy making a messy all ready."

fuck toy: Sorry mommy I'm just so excited and your cunt taste so good. Can I please clean your asshole now I wanna taste your ass so bad it's always so yummy.

Mommy: Of course baby since your being such a good little pervert I will let you taste it for a bit but then you have to fuck my horny wet pussy and spray your hot cum allover me like a good goo boy.

MMMM baby mommy has to go potty open your filthy mouth your going to be my toilet

Fuck toy: Thank you mommy

Mommy: Shut up bitch boy and start lick it suck the rest out now give mommy kisses. mmmmm mommy taste so good doesn't she?

Fuck toy: Oh yes mommy is so tasty I just can't get enough of your dirty hot body...

Mommy:Take off your dirty panties, give them to me i wanna lick all the precum out of the crotch. Why don't you you go put on some of you s****r clothes. Make sure you put on a pair of her dirty discharge panties and stuff one of her slutty bra's with the rest of her dirty undies so we can smell her nasty pussy while we fuck then put we will put them back in her draw it not like she ever washes the cum off them anyways... ha ha ha

I crawl towards my mommy in a pair of fishnet thigh highs a short denim skirt some wonder women boy-short panty's that are crusted with my s*s's cunt juices as well as having a nice brown shit stain in the back. A black lacy bra and a dog collar. I have a dirty blond wig on that has two short pig tails in the back. Written on my belly are the words mommy's fuck toy. I slide my cock out of the side of my panties and into mommy's hot wet fuck hole. Mommy coos and moans she love me and says so as she slips two of my fingers into her ass and puts one up mine. She whisper make love to your fuck whore mommy so mommy can make a messy....

to be cont.

Mommy is moaning fuck me baby fuck your mommy I can feel her wet fuck hole spasm on my big hard dick I sucking on her tit her milk taste so good I have a mouthful of it and spit it into her mouth she gurgles it letting some bubble up and run down the sides of her mouth. she swallows the rest and tells me she wants to taste more of her she has me remove my panty's and starts sucking all the cum off my dick. she kisses me and then we lick the crotch of my s*s's panty's. I'm back to fucking her now and she is getting really turned on she know my s****r will be home soon and can't wait for are nasty 3 some to start she squirts all over me spraying her hot nasty cum all over her slutty boy. Oh mommy thank you but mommy is too busy licking her cum up she wipes the rest up with my undies and has me put them back on she kisses me some more sicking her tongue in my mouth letting me taste all the mommy cum. so yummy then she pisses all aver me and has me wet my panties as well she lays under me you it drips all over her body mixing with some of her breast milk that is still leaking out of her tits.

Mommy has me sop up all the milk and cum and piss and wring it out into are baby bottles for us to warm up and drink later. She give me a pacifiers that has been is her ass for me to suckle while we wait for fuck holes to come home. That's what me and mommy call sissy some time.
Mommy says that I'm a good boy for eating up some of mommy's messy and for making a good messy my self but mommy isn't done yet

to be cont....... Continue»
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Mommy Time!

Prequel to My Silly Little S ister

Ever since I was fucked by Mom and Dad on Sunday,my Mom has been acting like a total Sex Freak! Then again,so has my Dad! He just won't leave my asshole alone. If no-one else is around,except for Mom that is,He keeps pulling my pants down and fucking my ass with everything from his fingers and cock,to veggies and dildos! He keeps calling it "Training Time!". I refer to it as "Heaven!" because God,I love it!

On Wednesday morning,after Dad left to go to work at the shop,I was at home with my Mother. My s ister,Chrissy,was heading off to school,the poor k**,but I had the day off because my Folks have decided to start Home Schooling me.

I was just getting out of the shower when I heard the bus stop in front of our house,so I looked out the bathroom window. I was just in time,and watched as Chrissy got on the bus and found a seat. She was still obviously crying. I began to feel kind of guilty because little Chrissy didn't have a clue as to why I was being Home Schooled and She wasn't. In fact,She had thrown quite a temper tantrum that morning over the entire issue!

You see,Chrissy was standing in the living room this morning,waving her pink backpack about and stomping her tiny feet. She realised it was getting her no-where but still She continued to scream at us. She kept it up until she turned red in the face and she began to get the hiccups. Suddenly,as tears were streaming down her cheeks,she looked first at Our Folks,then she looked me dead in the eyes,turned around and lifted her blue and green plaid skirt,mooning us with her faded pink Hello Kitty panties! Right after that she threw open the door and ran next door to the neighbor's house to wait for the bus.

I was drying off,thinking about Chrissy's cute,little,round pink "Hello Kitty" panty coverd ass,when I realised my dick was getting hard,and I mean really,Really Hard! I couldn't help it. The more I tried Not to think about her ass,the more I did!

Images of her naked little body were dancing through my mind. I imagined kissing her cute freckled face and that sweet,tiny ass of Hers. In my minds eye,I was shoving my tongue into her rosebud and then eating out her bald cunny and sucking on her love button,just like I had been learning to do to Mom! My dick throbbed and stuck out hard in front of me as I walked downstairs to get a drink.

Mom was vacuuming,dressed only in a pair of crotchless,red panties and a matching red bra that had holes cut out of it. This allowed her huge,brown nipples available for suckling! She is such a Randy Bitch! I noticed that she also had a small vibrator stuffed up into her snatch,being held in place by a black leather strap.

Mom turned the vacuum off and stared wantonly at my hard cock. She began licking her lips as she reached down between her legs and turned the dial on the vibrator up as high as it would go. "Come here,Honey" she said,her voice shaking. "Is this for me?" She asked. I couldn't tell I was thinking about Chrissy,so I smiled at her and made my cock bounce up and down.

"What do You think? I have the Hottest Mom in town,don't I! Who else would I be getting a stiffy for?" I laughed. "Oh,I don't know... Daddy perhaps? Or...well,nevermind" she began. "Is there something I can do for You?" Mom said,reaching out and pinching on the tip of my dick.

I jumped and swatted at her hand. That hurt,Damnit! "I needed something to drink before getting dressed." I laughed. "Well,So Do I!" Mom whisperd. "Go. Get some juice. I'll get something in a little bit." she moaned and I watched her eyes roll up as she began to shake with an orgasm. Mom could cum at the drop of a hat. Or an apple or a shoe! She was totally mulit-orgasmic and would get herself off whenever and wherever she could get away with doing it!

I got my drink and walked back into the dining room expecting to find her there. Mom was nowhere downstairs. I looked everywhere and couldn't find her! I smiled to myself knowing I would find her in her room surfing the net for some totally perveted shit. The kinkier and nastier the better,as far as I was concerned because except for a Playboy,I haven't seen any "Real Porn"! Very little was taboo for Mommy,or Daddy for that matter! But I was wrong. Mom wasn't in her room. She was in Mine!

A video was playing on my computer. It was of Her and Dad fucking in the garage! Dad was pounding Mom's pussy with the handle of a hammer! She also had one of the garden hoses stuffed up her ass! It looked like she was fucking a long,green snake! Mom stayed on her hands and knees kicking,her feet up and down while whipping her head from side to side. "Take it out! Take IT OUT! GODDAMNIT!" she screamed. Dad pulled the hammer out of her cunt but Mom was now pounding her fists onto the concrete floor. I watched as Dad left the scene and the image on screen suddenly got bigger.

He zoomed in for a shot of my Mother's belly. It was swelling up fast! Her stomach was huge and getting bigger! "Here comes the good part!" Mom panted,as she pulled me in front of her. "Watch this shit!" she sighed,working her vibrator in and out of her faster and faster. She gripped my shoulder in a vice like grip as another orgasm rocketed through her!

The image pulled back till Mom could clearly be seen in full view again. She had moved forward till her pregnant looking stomach rested on the floor. There was a loud "Whooshing" sound as Dad pulled the garden hose out of Mmommy's ass. Grunting like an an imal,Mommy's asshole suddenly shot water across the entire room! It was like a fountain! She kept her ass pointed up in the air and the water continued to lift in an arch! It hit the ceiling and then the wall! She was holding herself up off of the floor with her forehead as both of her hands pressed against her stomach! The flow of water stopped and Mom gasped quite loudly. I could see her face straining and then I watched in amazement as an apple flew out past her open ass cheeks! It landed a good six feet behind her,as it rode on another jet of water!

My face hurt from smiling and Mommy's face dripped with sweat! She took off her sodden panties and stuffed them into my dry,open mouth! I stood there,sucking on my Mother's pussy juice soaked panties,staring at the computer screen. I watched as time after time things issued forth from my Mother's asshole onto the floor between her feet! An Orange was next,followed by two ping-pong balls,a golf ball and too many gr apes to count!

Turning to face My Mother,I took her panties from my mouth and placed my hands on the sides of her face. We tumbled over the chair she had been sitting in,backwards onto the floor. My lips pressed into hers,flattening them across her teeth. I scooted down some and began chewing on her nipples! She was slapping my shoulders and arms till I grabbed her wrists. I scooted further down till her fat,bald cunt was in front of my face. Her long inner pussylips stuck out between her thighs and I began sucking them into my mouth. Spreading her cunt apart I then shoved my face into her sopping wet snatch and began sucking and licking at the gaping hole of her pussy as I fucked her clit with my nose! I lost count of the amount of times Mommy squirted into my mouth and all across my face into my hair! I only stopped because Mommy was pulling some of my hair out by the roots,and screaming at me to stop!

I jumped to my feet,my face slick and my hair dripping with her pussy juice as it ran down onto my chest. Reaching down,I took hold of the hands she held out to me,and I helped her up onto her knees. She smiled,looking up at me and nipped the head of my cock with her teeth. Without thinking,I slapped her on the cheek,rocking her head to the side. It was an instinctive reaction. I didn't mean to slap her,but Mommy must have loved it! She gripped my balls in one hand,yanking them down, and the base of my cock with her other. Squeezing my balls tight and holding my cock in a vicelike grip,she then began gnawing on the head of my swollen cock with her back teeth as she held my cock in her mouth!

Now it was my turn to pull Her hair! I couldn't get away from her devouring mouth! My knees were buckling and I was afraid she would bite the head of my dick off if I fell or even tried to move away from her!

Mommy finally relented and let go of me. She stood up,took my hand and led me back to the chair in front of the computer. Now the video showed Mommy being fucked by a miniture baseball bat as she laid on her back,on top of the dining room table. It was a POV from between her wide spread legs. There was a strange bulge stretching against the inside of her lower abdomen,and it could be clearly seen moving in a queer fashion every time Dad shoved the bat into her.

I leaned back as Mommy then put the chair into it's reclining position. Getting up and walking over to my bedroom window,she opened it letting a cool breeze fill the room. We could hear music floating on the air. It came from the Church two doors down the street,as the organist practiced for that nights service. "Oh! Isn't that nice? Old Mrs.Harris is serenading us!" Mommy giggled.

I looked at my mother and smiled. Mommy looked like an old street whore! Her mascara had run,blackening her eyes and streaking down her cheeks. Her red lipstick was smeared all around her lips,and some of it even stained a few of her front teeth. Mommy's once perfectly styled hair,now flew in all directions and was partially matted from her sweat.

Mommy's groans coming from the computer's speakers pulled my attention back to the action on screen. Dad had finished with the ball bat and was fist fucking her. Once again My eyes were drawn to the strange bulge in my mother's lower stomach. "You'r gonna cum watching this part!" Mommy cooed as she kneeled once again between my legs and started giving me an expertly performed blowjob!

My hips writhed in her hands and I bucked up and down into her hot,drooling mouth! Saliva poured from between her lips as she noisily sucked my cock. Removing a hand,she reached down between her legs and began fingering herself again. In just a few moments I could hear the squelching of her fingers as they worked her pussy into another wet,messy orgasm! Taking her fingers out of her vagina,she shoved them into my mouth. Greedily I sucked them clean,as I watched the video of Mommy getting fist fucked.

In the video, On-screen Mommy began bouncing her backside on the table as her moans became louder and louder. But Real Life Mommy had her mouth wrapped around my cock was humming along with the tune the organist played! Moans! Humms! Moaning! Humming! Screaming! Singing!

Mommy held my nutsack tight between her fingers as She began making up words to the song we could hear coming through the open window! She began to pull my balls down in a milking fashion,like a farmer would a cow's teat. She continued to tighten her grip till my scrotum turned dark red and my balls were trapped beneath her thumb and forefinger, stretching the skin across my nuts tight! My cock stood up straight in front of her smiling face! I was so close to cuming I couldn't stand it,but the grip she had on my balls stopped me from doing so!

My On-screen Mommy was now gushing a stream of her love juice as her entire body shook with an orgasm! She was screaming incoherently,lifting her head from the table top and looking down along her body at the camera. Her face began to turn red and blotchy and she was breathing in quickening gasps,then she started grunting while holding her breath! This kept going on for almost five minutes until every muscle in her arms chorded and the veins stood out from her throat and across her forehead.

"It won't be long now." the real life Mommy panted. "Keep watching,Baby!" she giggled again as her hand sped up and down along the length of my cock. That was when she also began to twist and wring my cock as she did this!

My On-screen Mommy suddenly did a partial sit up. Her face was beet red and she snarled,spit flying in all directions,while looking into the camera's lense pointing up between her legs. I couldn't tear my eyes off of what I was looking at! Something dark blue and red striped was pushing against the opening of Mommy's cunt-From The Inside! Her mouth was held in a rictus grin as she drooled on her self. The hole of her vagina began to spread wider and wider as bit by bit she f orced what ever it was inside of her out!

My Real Life Mommy started singing "Bringing in the sheaves,Bringing in the sheaves. I will eat his Cum while I'm bringing in the sheaves. Keep watching! Sucking on his cock,Sucking My Son's Cock. I GET ALL THE CUM! BECAUSE I'M SUCKING MY SON'S COCK!" Mommy sang,in a very loud voice! "Here It Comes,Baby!"

I couldn't believe my eyes! My On-screen Mommy,gave one final,loud grunt and one last,massive push and a Nerf Football shot from her cunt so hard into the camera it made my Father stagger several steps backwards!

Just as that happened,Mommy relaxed the agonising grip she had on my nutsack,clamped her lips around the swolen head of my cock and began sucking for all she was worth as her hand flew up and down!

I was So Turned On! I began clenching and unclenching my asshole muscles together. I fo rced as much bl ood and sperm into my cock as I could! Then I squeesed my ass cheeks and my stomach muscles tight,and without any warning to Mommy,Cum blasted from the head of my cock! I sent it forth flooding into her mouth! I could feel it! All of it! Before one spurt could clear the head of my cock into her sucking lips,another was following! I kept cuming,time after time! It felt so,fucking fantastic! I could even tell when it went from a thin,easy flowing liquid to a thicker,chunkier consistancy! I also felt the shaft of my cock swell and contract over and over as I emptied myself!

I have no idea why I screamed what I did as I unloaded my cum into my Mommy's mouth and down her throat. "Suck My Cock,Mz.Harris! Suck My Cock! You Want It,Now Eat It! Eat My Cum Mommy! EAT IT!"

When I couldn't cum any more,Mommy lifted her head,crawled on top of me and kissed me deeply! Our tongues danced and probed into each other! She pulled back and brayed a laugh,holding my face in her hands,as strands of my cum hung from our lips and fell onto my naked chest. It was obvious that Old Mrs.Harris had actually heard me because she stopped playing for a second and when she began again,it was in the wrong key!

"I wonder if the Preacher heard us?" Mommy laughed. Then she started kissing me again and sat on my lap stuffing my spit and cum covered cock deep up into her fiery,wet pussy!... Continue»
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Mommy Instructs

"Alright, son. You just keep sitting there on that bed and listen to me. I want to speak to you. Mmm. My my, just look at you. You are 20 years old. My sexy stud son. You are a grown man now. You're such a good boy to come back and visit Mommy from time to time. I thank you so much, but you have your own private reasons for coming to see me, don't you. Don't look away, keep your eyes on Mommy. Mommy knows your secret. Did you really think that I never noticed you staring at my tits so many times? You poor horny boy, it has been so obvious. Even today when I opened the door for you. Even now until right before I made you sit down. Momma, doesn't mind though, sweetie. I'm actually very flattered. Have you ever made your big cock cum about your momma's tits, son? Hmm? I hope so. Have you ever slid your big dick into a woman and imagined it was your own, sweet, Mother.

"I see that bulge in your pants, dear. I think it really turns you on to hear your mother talk about cocks and tits and cumming doesn't it? Does it turn you on to hear Mommy talk about dirty things? Yes, you are very horny. So horny for Mummy. Take off your pants. Yes, good and your undies too. Very good, my son, my man, my sexy stud. Take your shirt off too. Sit there hard and naked for Mommy. I can see that you're a little embarrassed, but you keep doing what I'm telling you and that's good. And you keep getting harder and harder. Most sweet boys would be sitting there with a red face and a shrunken little member if their Mommies made them get naked for them. You're such a good boy, staying hard for Mommy. Look at your cock, standing at attention for me. I'm so proud of you.

"Let Mother get really close and inspect your cock. Let Momma crawl over to your dick. Mommy's so close. Don't you wish I would take you in my mouth and blow your mind? Poor dear, you want it so bad, hmm? Look down Momma's shirt, stare into Momma's cleavage. Don't you wish Momma would let you touch her breasts? Let you put your hands all over her soft skin? I know you do.

How is it when mommy stands up? Watch my hips, watch Momma sway her hips. You sweet hypnotized boy. You're drooling over Mother aren't you? Take hold of yourself, now. Touch your cock. Squeeze it, sweetie. Masturbate for me. Show Mommy how you touch yourself when you think about her. When you fantasize about fucking me. Stroke your cock up and down. Pretend your tight grip is Mommy soothing your cock inside her body.

"Do you like it wet? Huh? You like it wet when you jerk your cock? Yes, I'm so close to you again. Feel my hot breath on your cock. Here, honey, here's some of Momma's spit. Mmm, oozing out of my mouth all over your cock. Your cock getting all slippery with Mommy's saliva. Hot saliva running down over your balls, getting a wet spot onto your bed.

"Take your hands away. Rest for a moment. If you cum too fast, you'll spoil all our fun. I want your nuts to ache with jizz. I want you to cum like a stallion when I finally let you blow your load. I want to make my son beg for that reward. Will you beg Momma for release? If you cum before I tell you, I will never do this with you again. I promise you that, dear. You must wait until I say you may empty those big swinging balls. Good boy.

"Start pumping yourself again. Hold out your hand. Make a cup for Momma to spit into and pour it onto your hard cock. Yes baby, ooze Mommy's saliva onto your dick and stroke yourself. Imagine it's Mommy's hot wet pussy that is on your cock. Get on your knees and thrust your cock into your fist like you would fuck my pussy. That's right, baby. Keep your hand still and fuck it. Don't you cum yet, baby. It is not time to empty those balls yet. Stop if you are about to cum. Oh, good boy, oh I caught you just in time didn't I? My horny guy need a rest? Such a sweetie, sit on your hands. Don't go near that dick.

"Are you calmer now? Ready to start up again? You can handle it right? No cumming? Good boy. Get at it, hold that rod of yours and pump. Pump away at yourself while Mommy tells you what she wants from you.

"Keep pumping your cock for Mommy, Mommy really likes to watch you. I love seeing my stud son jerk his cock for me. I absolutely love watching you pretend to fuck me. So you think I'm sexy, son? Good mommies don't fuck their sons, but you can cum about me as I cheer you on.

"Listen to me, you are going to cum for Momma. I can see you getting sooooo close. STOP. You will cum, but not quite yet. Relax and wait. I want it to feel really good for you. I want you to ejaculate so hard that you yell out without trying to. Just sit there and squirm in your horniness. Let yourself calm down a little bit.

"Oh, honey. Do you want to cum now? Huh? Yes, you do. Oh I know. I know that your cock feels so good right now and you just want to let it explode. Mmm, squeeze your hard cock for me. Slowly tighten your hand around it. Firmly, but not too hard. Now let go. Rest again. Mommy's driving you crazy isn't she? It would be fun for me to do this for hours. To make you cry with desire. To make you finally cum when you truly can't take it anymore.

"Don't worry, keep pumping yourself. I'm going to let you shoot your cum very soon. Mommy was just teasing you, sweetie. Here, son. Let mommy show you what you have been lusting over. Look at Mommy's naked breasts as I take off my shirt for you. I'm not wearing a bra today. You love this don't you. Mommy's tits are all yours to look at and admire. Look how they sway when I gently move my body. Masturbate yourself while mommy sways her big tits for you. Watch Mommy's big tits hang down as I crawl toward you.

"Do you like seeing my ass up in the air? There are lots of sexy things Mommy can show you aren't there. I have a secret for you. Can you imagine what it is? I'm also not wearing any underwear. Mommy would love it if you shot your load all over yourself while staring at my pussy. Will you do that for Momma? Oooh, good, sweet boy. I love you.

"Lie back and pump yourself hard. Let Mommy re-wet your big aching cock with her saliva. Mmmm, slide your hand all over your soaked cock as I lie back and spread my legs for you. Stare into Mommy's pussy and jerk yourself. Want to cum? Ready to blow? Come on, beg me to let you. Tell Mommy how bad you want to ejaculate for her. Tell me just how much you want to shoot your cum for me. That's it, good boy. You've been such a good boy for momma. Ok sweetie. Come on, it's time now. Cum for me, cum about Mommy. Yell out for me as your cum shoots all over yourself. I'm lying on your floor naked begging you to cum for me.

"Yes, you good loud cummer. That's just what Mommy wanted to see. Such a strong cumshot you made for me. You have such a good bunch of cum in you, dear. Let it all out for Mommy. Make yourself all messy as you stare at Mommy. Squeeze it all out of your cock, don't leave even a single drop behind. Mmm, was that good? Did you enjoy yourself, hon? Tell me it felt as good as it looked? Good boy, you made Momma so glad today."... Continue»
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Grand daughter, me and not her mom
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Lisa tells Mary to crawl over and lick her dads cock. Watching Mary pull her fingersd from her pussy as she moves down to the floor and hearing Lisa yell at her for pulling her fingers out of her cunt. "keep your fingers in your cunt mommy while you crawl over here. Mary moves between my legs and I watch her tongue lick over my cock head. Lisa looking down at her "MOMMY WANNA SUCK HER DADS COCK". There is Mary on her knees licking my cock, fingering her cunt hard and Lisa telling her NOT TO CUM and now looking at me "YES I WANNA SUCK DADDY, i WANNA SUCK MY DADDYS COCK". Mary licking my shaft and my cock head Lisa looks at me "YOU WANT MOMMY TO SUCK YOUR COCK GRAND DADDY". Looking from Lisa to Mary, I answer "I want your mommy licking my cock and balls while your mommy watches my cock fucking your sweet young pussy. Lisa slids over me with her tight ass toward me and I hold her ass as she slips my cock inside her hot wet cunt. Leaning back against me I look down her young body as I move my hips and feel my cock move deeper into her pussy. I feel her cunt juice covering my cock and running down over my balls. Lisa tells her mommy to lick my cock and balls. Mary leans down and her tongue licks the under side of my cock and across my balls as Lisa moves her hips and my cock pumps her young pussy. I slid my hands around Lisa and cup her tiny soft firm tits and begin pulling at her nipples as Mary licks faster at my cock and balls. Tell me grand daddy, "OH BABY I LOVE YOUR YOUNG SWEET WET PUSSY AND YOUR TINY TITS" "I LOVE YOUR MOMMY DOWN THERE LICKING YOUR CUNT JUICE OFF MY COCK" "I WANNA FUCK YOUR MOMMY". "I WANT YOUR MOMMY TO SUCK MY COCK AND SWALLOW MY CUM"."I WANNA FUCK YOUR MOMS CUNT, I WANNA FUCK HER MOUTH, I WANNA FUCK HER ASS, I WANNA FUCK HER WHILE YOUR MOMMY TONGUE FUCKS YOUR PUSSY"..I can feel Lisa as her pussy tightens while I keep telling her what i wanna do to her mom till her pussy tightens and pushes my cock from her cunt. My cock head rubbing her clit and Lisa moans out so loud as I feel her juice splash my cock. I hold my cock tight to her clit as Lisa cums over snd over. I watch as Mary licks faster to keep up with Lisa cumming.
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Mommy's Panty Boy, Chapter 1

My father left us when I was little, so most of the time it was just Mommy and me around the house. I always used to love looking up Mommy's skirts from as long as I can remember. It always looked so sexy and would always give me an erection. Sometimes I would peek into her bedroom when she was getting dressed.

I really love my Mommy. She is so beautiful and so much sexier than the girls my age. Actually, the girls my age are nothing but dorks the way they show-off their stuped piercings and tattoos making themselves look like something out of one of those old Boris Karloff movies grandma likes to watch.

But my Mommy isn't like that. I should know, I've seen her completely naked stepping out of the shower and there is not a tattoo or any other blemish anywhere on her whole body. And no stupid pieces of metal or jewelry to get in the way either. Her skin is so smooth and creamy white—with just a touch of tan from being out in the sun. Mom is in real good shape too, even though she's 38. She works out at the gym all the time and could easily pass for 28. She's about five ten, trim, and well-stacked. I think she told me sometime that she has a 37C. All I know is that they look firm and they bounce when she walks which I really love to watch. And, oh yeah, she has shoulder-length blonde hair.

All my buddies at school keep telling me how lucky I am to have such a beautiful, sexy mom. If only they knew how sexy she really was!

I turned 18 just yesterday (Friday), and mom took me out to dinner and dancing to celebrate. I felt so grown up, being the e****t of such a beautiful sophisticated woman. The fact that she was my mom made no difference at all to me. In fact I felt proud of her. She turns eyes everywhere she goes. But especially last night. She was really dressed! She had on a form fitting, silky black dress that went down to just below her knees, and it was slit up on one side clear up almost to her hip. She also wore heels and hose. And the side of the dress where the slit was showed off her stockings and garter straps. It looked so bitchin' sexy. And, when the angle was right, or whenever she bent over the right way, I could catch a glimpse of her white panties when the slit of her dress parted. Of course so did a lot of other people based on all the looks she got. Actually, her panties, the whole monty, kind of showed up a little bit anyway through her black, stretched real tight dress. So did her white bra.

I was the envy of the whole club, and almost every eye turned her way. I really felt grown up and important being the e****t for such a beautiful, sexy woman. But the best time of the whole evening was when we were dancing.

Around ten o'clock or so they turned the regular lights out and turned on a special dark lighting that made anything white stand out like it was florescent. So, this made it look like my mom's dress had completely disappeared and all you could see was her underwear. That looked so-o-o fucking sexy. It was really fun dancing the fast numbers with her and watching her move her white panties and bra this way and that in the lighting. But what I really loved were the slow numbers because then she danced up real close with her body right against mine. Mom is about an inch taller than I am, and in heels even a bit more, so when we danced up close her tits fit right on top of my pectorals. I felt like I was in another world, feeling her body move so sensuously against mine. The aroma of her perfume accentuated the other-worldly feeling making me feel like I was being transported on a bed of flower petals.

She was so warm, and felt so sexy moving in her slinky dress that was almost invisible under that lighting. Her white bra, standing out so sharply in the dark lighting gave me such a hard-on—especially the way she rested it on my chest. And, OMG, feeling her tits moving against my chest as we danced! She pressed her body in tight against mine, her arms around me, holding me close. The heat of her went right through me. And the way her hips and ass moved side-to-side as we danced sent tingles all over my body. There was no way she could not feel the growing bulge in my pants the way it was pressing against her crotch as we danced.

But Mommy didn't seem to mind at all. She just kept on dancing and holding me close. I got real brave and let my hands slide down from the small of her back to her ass!

Her face immediately turned bright red as she leaned back to look me in the eye. At first I thought she was going to scold me or something. But then her beautiful green eyes glistened and her face crinkled into a mischievous smile. I love it when she smiles like that 'cause it makes her nose kind of wriggle and wrinkle. She leaned back into me, much closer this time, resting her cheek against mine. When she ran her own hands down my back to rest on my butt I thought I'd go crazy. How could she not feel my cock suddenly get even harder as it strained against my trousers, throbbing against her increasingly warm crotch. Her warm crotch that was moving so sexily against my growing erection as we slow danced.

She let out a sigh, and the warmth and dampness of her breath scalded my ear lobe and made me tremble.

I can not describe how sexy it felt, having her ass move in my hands as we danced. Feeling her hands on my ass, feeling the heat of her crotch against my all too obvious, throbbing erection, feeling her tits move on top of my chest.

Towards the end of the evening, she gave me a kiss right on the lips. "It's getting late, son. I guess we'd better be going."

We walked to the car arm in arm. I played the gentlemen and held the driver's side door open for her. As she sat in the car seat and swung her legs in, the split in her skirt parted big time, and her whole skirt slid up and her legs parted giving me a nice bull's eye view of her panty covered crotch.

She caught me looking up her skirt, up between her legs.

"Oh, you naughty little boy you." She giggled and poked me in the stomach with her index finger as she brought her legs back together and swung them into the car. "Go sit down on your side."

I hung my heed sheepishly, and did as she said. But on the way home, I couldn't help but look at her legs as she drove---especially since the slit up her dress was on MY side so I got to see all the way up almost to her panties. Every time she had to apply the breaks, her thigh muscles would ripple just a little under her stocking. I tried to imagine what it would feel like to have my hand on her thigh and feel those muscles moving and rippling.

Mom began talking to me about school and stuff, but I still couldn't get my eyes off of her and how sexy she looked.

When we arrived at home, mom didn't wait for me to open the car door for her. I guess she didn't want to give me any more opportunities to look up her skirt. But, once inside before she headed off to her bedroom she gave me a big hug.

Neither of us said a word at first. We just held each other for the longest time. Then finally she said, "Thanks for the wonderful evening, Wendell."

"Thank you, mommy. It was your idea, and your treat."

"Yes, for your eighteenth birthday. You're my big man now." She kissed me right on the lips. It wasn't a sex kiss, but it wasn't exactly a mother-son kiss either. She let her lips rest against mine for much longer that the usual f****y good night kiss.

Her perfume enveloped me once more, transporting me out to la la land. I tasted her breath as it entered my mouth. My dick sprung to life again and began to bulge and throb against my trousers pressing against her crotch. God, I wanted to give her tongue so bad! But this was my mother for crying out loud! I felt her lips puckering once more against mine sending ripples of pleasure all through me. Then there was that sweet soft suckling sound as she kissed my lips strongly one more time. So, I gave her a little tongue. I just couldn't help it.

Her lips parted at first, and I felt her crotch grow suddenly warmer against my erection. Then she suddenly broke off the kiss, and pulled away from me with her face turning all shades of red. She turned and made a dash for her bedroom giving me a "good night sweetie" over her shoulder as she left me standing there in the front room.

I stood there perplexed for a few moments. The sweet aroma of her perfume lingered and still enveloped me. The sweet cherry taste of her lipstick was still strong on my lips and tongue. My lips still tingled from the sweetness of her kiss. My cock still throbbed from the closeness and hotness of her, and my whole body trembled from my overpowering need.

Needless to say, I didn't get much sl**p last night. My clothes still smelled of her sexy perfume, so I sat them on a chair near the head of my bed so her aroma could keep me in la-la land all night long.

My lips tingled all night long from the good night kiss she gave me. My cock throbbed from remembering the feel of her body against mine as we embraced, the feel of her body against mine when we danced, and from the way my Mommy looked in that slinky black dress under that dark lighting, with her white bra and panties swaying this way and that, and the way her body moved against mine, the way her ass felt in my hands. And, oh, yes! Those tits!

This morning (Saturday), I was the first one in the kitchen. I got mom's coffee ready, then sat down at the little table in the breakfast nook to eat my cornflakes and read a football magazine. Just to the side of the breakfast table I was sitting at we have a serving bar/counter top combo that extends out from the sink and wraps around parallel to the breakfast table. There are several bar stools arranged on the side of the bar facing the breakfast table.

As I was eating, I heard from behind me the "swish, swish, swish" sound of nylon stockings rubbing together as mommy walked from her bedroom towards the kitchen. I immediately stopped chewing my cornflakes so I could listen all the better to that sexy sound. I felt my cock grow hard against my gym shorts from trying to picture what her legs looked like all encased in those sexy nylons and how sexy they must make my mommy feel as they brushed together with each step she took: "swish, swish, swish."

Then I heard her heels clicking on the kitchen floor tile and hot bl**d surged through my body. My cheeks felt on fire. My mouth got suddenly dry.

Her perfume reached me before she did. I inhaled deeply, letting myself get carried away. I imagined she was embracing me closely and we were slow dancing, holding on to each other's butts.

Her hand on my shoulder sent chills all through me. She bent down to give me a kiss on the side of my face. "Good morning, Wendell, how did you sl**p?"

I swallowed hard, then answered. "Oh, I don't know mom, I guess I kind of tossed and turned." No way in hell I could tell my mother that I masturbated all night long just thinking about her. "And, you, how'd you do?"

"I kind of tossed and turned a little myself. I guess maybe we both had a little too much fun dancing last night." She gave my traps a squeeze, then swished on over to the counter top/bar. My cock quivered with each step she took from the "swish, swish, swish" of her nylons rubbing together and the click of her sexy heels on the tile. I watched her as she poured herself a cup of the coffee I had prepared.

"But it was worth it," I managed to say, giving her a smile when she turned back around.

Her cheeks turned beet red, but then her face crinkled up into that irresistible smile. "Well, thank you, Wendell." She tried to hide her nervousness by grabbing the paper off the countertop and pretending to read the headlines as she sat up on one of the bar stools right in front of my face.

Even though this was Saturday, she was dressed like she was going to work. In addition to the heels and hose she had on a silky red skirt that came down to just above her knees. On top she had on a light pink blouse. The material of the blouse was so fine and delicate I could easily see the outlines of her nice, sexy white bra underneath.

Still reading the paper she placed both her feet on the highest rung of the stool so her knees were way up and her thighs angled high. For a brief second as she positioned herself, I saw right up her dress. I saw her sexy white panties. Sure, I've seen her in her panties before, but this was just so much sexier—when you're not supposed to see it.

She crossed her legs making her skirt slide up a bit. I caught another nice glimpse of her panties before her legs closed together. You can't believe what a beautiful close-up view I got. I mean, sitting on the stool the way she was, her legs were practically right in my face. Needless to say I had forgotten all about my football magazine.

Her skirt had slid up her thighs so high by now that I could see the tops of her stockings and the garter snaps holding them up. She took a sip of her coffee, put the cup back down on the sink and holding the paper a little closer to her face she recrossed her legs flashing me another glimpse of her panties—and making her skirt inch up just a tad more. With each movement of her lush thighs, the silky smooth "swish" sound of nylons rubbing together made my poor hard-on throb all the harder.

And, oh My!, How gorgeous her long legs looked in those stockings. And, the contrast between the beige of her nylons and the creamy white of her upper thigh gave me an instant erection. Her exposed garter straps fascinated me. My eyes followed their trail from where they held her nylons to where they disappeared under her skirt. As my cock throbbed, I was seized by an urge to kiss her along her garter straps, having my tongue and lips go where her garter straps led me—into those secret mysterious places up inside her skirt.

As I stared at her gorgeous gams so close to my face I had pretty much stopped pretending to eat my cornflakes. My mouth was so dry and my heart beating so fast, the cornflakes tasted just like so much cardboard now.

Mom reach back down to the counter to lift her coffee cup up. As she took a sip, she once again uncrossed and recrossed her legs—much slower this time than before. I mean this was going on right in front of me, not a foot away. Naturally I stared up between her legs. What else was I going to do? This time I clearly saw the bulge of her mound caressed so tightly by her white panties--her beautiful white panties standing out so clearly in contrast to her red skirt. I knew I was drooling into my cornflakes, but I didn't care. I had such a raging hard-on. I wanted to BE her panties so bad so then I could cup her mound just like her panties were doing.

As she slowly closed her legs back together, she turned in the seat slightly as if to get better light on the newspaper. This move made her garter straps stretch out a little further and I thought that looked so friggin' sexy. Even if she was my mother I didn't care. She was one hell of a sexy lady.

Mom finished her coffee, then leaned back in the stool to set her cup back down on the counter top. As she did so, she uncrossed her legs slightly, lifting one up a little to give herself more balance. This opened up her thighs more than ever--right in front of me--and I got to see almost all of her crotch—her beautiful panty-covered crotch. I could even make out the darkness and the mystery of her slit behind the panties.

She caught me looking up her skirt!

Her face turned bright red. Then she grinned at me—her nose crinkling up like it does. "I don't know what I got all dressed up for. Today's Saturday isn't it?" She ran her hands down her thighs, smoothing out her dress.

"Y-y-yes, Mommy."

"And here I thought I had to go to work. Actually, I'm supposed to meet one of my colleagues for breakfast, then we're going to the mall. Maybe I'd better go change into something a little less formal." She scooted forward off the high bar stool, causing her dress to hike all the way to her waist as her feet touched the floor.

For a moment her panties were completely exposed all the way to her waist. Her crotch was not a foot away—directly in front of my face.

My bl**d throbbed in my blushing cheeks. My cock ached. I stared at the nice wet spot gathering where her slit was. The wetness made her panties almost transparent. Her slit clearly stood out. Actually, when she had slid off the bar stool it had caused part of her panties to indent into her slit showing me a nice camel toe. Her blond pussy hairs were starting to show through too.

The close, hot smell of her muskiness made me feel light headed.

All too soon she smoothed her dress back down, then she stepped over behind me. She bent down to give me another kiss on the side of my face. Her hands were so gentle on my arms as she touched me there. Her perfume filled me with sweetness—such a nice contrast to her muskiness I still smelled and that made my cock throb. She touched her tits lightly to my shoulders as she whispered in my ear. "Can you be a good boy today and mow the yard while Mommy's gone?" Her hot breath made me tingle all over—and made my cock twitch.

"Y-y-yeah, sure, mom."

She gave me another sweet kiss on the cheek, then turned to go. As she walked across the kitchen, heading towards the bedroom, her heels clicking on the tile, I again relished the "swish, swish, swish" sound of her nylon enshrouded legs rubbing together. And my aching cock throbbed in time to each step she took.

Somehow I managed to finish my cardboard-tasting cornflakes while mom was in her bedroom changing. Then I went into the living room to sit on the couch and finish reading the article in my football magazine.

I lowered the magazine when I heard mom come out of her bedroom. I was anxious to see what she had changed into.

She had changed her dress heels for pumps, but she still had her nylon stockings on. The silky, formal, red dress she had changed for a red latex micro mini. This skirt was so short that her garter straps were exposed almost to her butt. From the angle I had, sitting down on the couch, I could see a wisp of white panty peeking out from under her hemline as she walked. She had obviously changed her panties because there was no wet spot on these panties.

She had the same see-through blouse on—but with no bra this time. Her erect nipples poked through the flimsy material almost lewdly. She had left a few more buttons undone showing cleavage clear down to the top of her stomach. She had so many buttons undone that about the only thing holding her blouse in place was the way the thin material clung to her huge, erect nipples.

She walked towards me, hips swaying side to side, micro mini glistening and trying to hike even further up her thighs and hips with each step she took. With each step a hint of white panties winked at me. As she walked, her magnificent boobs jiggled this way and that like a couple of bowls of Jello. Her hard-on nipples danced and tugged at the flimsy material of the blouse.

She paused right in front of me. She looked down at the bulge in my gym shorts then crinkle smiled at me. "Well how do you like my outfit? I just bought this skirt last week." She did a couple of turns, moving her ass and hips so sexily as she twirled. I didn't know whether to look up her micro mini that seemed to hike up a little higher with each movement she made, or stare at the way her tits bobbed and chimmied under her skin-fitting blouse.

"M-m-m-mommy, you look so sexy in that outfit you're gonna get arrested."

"I'm glad you like it." She giggled and did a couple more turns, then bent down forward to give me a kiss on the forehead.

As her perfume enveloped me, I couldn't help but look down her almost wide open blouse. Her tits dangled so close like a pair of ripe peaches on a tree, I wanted to just reach out and touch them. No, I wanted to stick my face in there and kiss and suck them.

Her hands tenderly holding my cheeks, she kissed my forehead twice, lingering long enough to allow me plenty of time to admire her breasts dangling so close. Then, she brushed her lips down the length of my nose until they were planted on mine. This time, I didn't try to give her any tongue. I was afraid she'd pull away just like she did last night. So I just sat there frozen, and enjoyed the feel and the taste of her musky breath entering my mouth and the sweet taste of her raspberry lipstick on my lips.

We stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity, lip to lip, with our mouths slightly parted, just breathing into each other. Then her lips puckered into a motherly kiss against mine and she pulled away.

As she walked to the front door I watched her ass move under that stretched too tight of a skirt. She paused at the door and turned to smile back at me, her hips stuck out to one side so sexily. "By the way, maybe before you mow the lawn you might want to stick the wash in. I left a few things on my bed that need to be washed."

"Sure, mom."

She gave me another crinkle smile, and stepped out the door.

As soon as I heard her car leave the driveway I tossed my football magazine aside and made a dash for her bedroom. With hot, hormone engorged bl**d raging through my body and my temples pounding I entered her holy sanctum. There, d****d over the edge of her bed was the silky red skirt she had just taken off. Just above the waist line of her skirt was the pair of white panties she had just taken off! They were spread out to look almost like they were being worn, with the crotch side up, wet spot and all. Just above her wet panties was the sexy, white bra she had just taken off. It too was spread out neatly with the cones facing upward. They way the whole ensemble was arranged from skirt, to panties, to bra, it almost looked like a real woman was laying there.

Before I knew what I was doing I was down on my knees rubbing my face against her silky skirt, imagining that she was still in it. Her perfume was still strong on the skirt and I breathed deeply, letting it fill me up and carry me away to la la land. Then I stuck my head up inside of her skirt imagining she was sitting on the bar stool, and I was licking and kissing my way up her thighs. All the while my cock throbbed and ached for release. When my head poked out through the waist of her skirt I buried my face into her panties. Her wet spot was still warm and it felt so frigin' good against my lips as I kissed and sucked the crotch of her panties wishing she was still in them. The taste of her sex on the wet spot went right to my brain. I fondled her bra cones as I sucked off her panties—and then I shot my wad into my gym shorts.

I went into the bathroom to remove my shorts and clean myself off, then right back into her room I went. I found that it gave me an extra thrill to walk into her room while bare-fucking naked. I was tempted to rub my face into her wet spot again—it looked so fucking sexy there on the bed. Just the thought of it made me start to get hard again. But first I walked into her closet to rub my body against all the sexy, silky dresses she had hanging there. I really loved the way the slinky material felt against my skin—but especially against my cock. I was fully erect once more now as my cock plowed its way through from one dress to another.

I just had to find where she kept her panties. I walked over to her dresser and opened up the top drawer. Her panties were there all right. Dozens of pairs. Whites, blues, pinks, every sexy color you could think of. But that's not all that was in her panty drawer! There were also a couple of vibrators, and some nipple teasers. With trembling hands I picked a vibrator up and turned it on. It tingled me so nice and funny. But the thought that my mommy would get herself off with these sex toys made my cock just throb with aching need. It was just bobbing up and down in its eagerness to find pussy as I thought of where my mommy would use this vibrator thing.

I tried touching it to my cock but it was too much. It almost hurt. So I turned it off and put it back. I grabbed up a handful of her panties and laid back down on the bed and rubbed her panties all over my body. I took the damp panties off the bed and drapped them over my face---wet spot right on my mouth. I fondled her bra cones again, then rubbed the other panties all over my cock and balls while pretending to munch on her wet spot.

Suddenly I got a sixth sense feeling that someone else was in the room! I pulled the wet panties off my face—and there was mom standing in the doorway with one hand on her hips.

"Well, well, well," she said, a funny smile on her face.

"Oooops. Gotta mow the lawn" I said making a dash for the door.

But she wouldn't let me by. She grabbed me by the arm. "Oh no you don't young man! You just sit right back down and tell me what you think you're doing."

With head hung low I turned back towards the bed. I didn't feel like I wanted to sit on the bed with all the tell-tale evidence of what I'd been doing s**ttered all over, so I sat on a small footstool right near the bed. I still had a hard on, so I tried to cover it up with my hands as I turned to face her.

"Well, now, that's better," she said, shifting her weight to put her hand on her other hip. She looked so damned sexy even when she was mad. "Now tell me what this is all about."

"I-I-I-I-I'm sorry, Mommy. I thought you were going to be gone all day."

"My girlfriend backed out of our shopping trip, so I came home. It looks like I caught you having some fun didn't I?" She had a real funny look on her face, like she was pretending to be angry, but a trace of a smile flitted across her lips. Her green eyes flashed with what looked like hunger when she looked at the erection I was trying to hide.

I felt so ashamed, I didn't know what to say. But I couldn't take my eyes off her either, the way she was standing there with one hip stuck out to the side, and her hand on it making her chest stick out. Her nipples were bigger than I've ever seen them before, they pointed at me through her skimpy blouse like accusing fingers. And I could see her panties peeking out from under that micro mini she had on.

Now she was grinning at me as she walked right up to me. She stood right in front of me, not a foot away. She was so close the smell of her latex skirt filled my nostrils, but that smell was overpowered by another---the same muskiness I smelled, and tasted, on her wet panties. Only this was much stronger and it just made my poor fucking cock throb. Sitting on that low stool like I was I could look right up her skirt—and the crotch of her panties were all sopping wet—much more so than the ones I'd just played with.

I looked up at her tits and watched them heave with each breath she took.

She grinned at me real funny, like nothing I've ever seen before, then she said, "you really like playing with my panties, now don't you?"

"Y-y-y-yes, m-m-m-mommy," I managed to mumble. I mean how could I lie about it at this point?

"Well then, why don't you play with the ones I've got on?" She ruffled my hair, then with a little giggle, she turned around and bent way over, causing her skirt to hike way up exposing her panty covered ass which was almost in my face.

I couldn't believe what she'd just said. I didn't know if that was a real invitation of if she were just making fun of me. I was embarrassed, but I also wanted to touch her real bad. I wanted to run my hands all up and down her legs. I wanted to fondle her ass wriggling like it was right in front of my face. I wanted to reach my hand between her thighs and play with her panty-covered mound. I wanted to nuzzle my face against her panty-covered ass cheeks. But, instead I just sat there like a bump on the log, staring open-mouthed.

She reached back and pulled my hands away from my erection they were trying to hide and placed them on her nylon enshrouded thighs.

Electric jolts raced all through my body when I felt the sexy slickness of her stockings. My cock jumped and bobbed as I ran my hands up and down her sleek legs relishing the sexy feel of them.

With her long blonde hair cascading down to the floor, she looked back at me from between her legs and smiled. Then she stood back up inching herself even closer to me so that my face was buried in her latex skirt. The smell of the latex was really exciting—especially since it was blended with the aroma of woman sex I instinctively knew was coming from her cunt. I ran my hands up her thighs fondling the bare flesh between the tops of her stockings and her panties.

She let out a sigh and began playing with her nipples through her flimsy blouse. I stuck my hands up her skirt to fondle her panty-covered butt cheeks while kissing the rear of her stretched tight latex skirt.

"Ummmmmmmm, yessssss! Wendell, yesssss!" She moaned, tugging on her nipples all the harder while moving her ass back and forth against my face.

I reached a hand between her thighs to cup her mound. It was so nice and hot—and oh my God, how wet it was!

She let out a gasp of air when I touched her pussy. I figured she liked it so I started rubbing her there through her panties while kissing and rubbing my face into her latex-covered ass-cheeks.

Even through her panties I could feel her pussy getting hotter and wetter with each stroke. And my poor cock just throbbed and jerked up and down so violently I thought it was going to tear itself out by the roots.

She turned around then and pulled me to my feet. She crushed me to her body in a loving embrace and began kissing the side of my face. Her tits had exploded out of her mostly unbuttoned blouse and now naked, pressed against my chest. Her erect nipples were much bigger than before and seemed to bob and dance on top of my pectorals.

My cock immediately found its way up her skirt and touched against the steamy hot wet spot on her panties. I shivered and trembled all over from the forbidden sexiness of it.

"Oh, Wendell, Wendell," she sighed, "what ever am I going to do with you."

"W-w-w-what do you mean, mommy?"

Instead of answering she just planted her mouth against mine and the next thing I knew her tongue was sliding in between my lips. And it was the sexiest thing I've ever felt in my life. I felt like someone had just poured hot honey all over me. The electric shocks went right to my already screaming cock and it quivered and shook against her wet panties.

She lowered her hands down to my butt, and as she swished her tongue around inside my mouth driving me crazy, she squeezed my ass pulling me in tighter against her as she rubber her drenched panties all over my cock. When she pulled her lips away from mine, she reached a hand up to pull my head down towards her breasts.

I knew right away what she wanted and I quickly obliged. I dove right in kissing and fondling her gorgeous tits like an a****l. Unfortunately I had to bend over a little to mouth her breasts and this pulled my cock out away from her deliciously pussy wet panties. For a few seconds my hard-on bobbed and thrashed in the air as if angry over being separated from hot pussy. But it wasn't alone for long. The touch of her hands on my erection sent me to new heights of horniness. It was even hotter than her kissing me. As I sucked her big, sexy nipples into my mouth, she played with my cock and balls and I thought I was in heaven.

But I also felt like my balls were ready to explode from cum need and my cock was beyond ache. "Mommy," I said.

"Yes, dear?"

"I-I-I-I'm so horny it hurts."

"Ahhhhh, sweetie," she held my face between her hands and kissed me tenderly on the lips. "Mommy feels the same way you do. But would you like mommy to kiss it and make it better?"

"S-s-s-sure," I gulped, hardly daring to dream what she meant.

There was a small love-seat/couch against the wall right next to the bed. She scooted the stool up to the love seat and sat down on the love seat couch with her feet on either side of the stool. "Come here honey, and stand on the stool so mommy can make you feel real good."

I did as she said and my erection bobbed and shook only inches from her face. I felt her breath on my shaft and on my balls and it sent goose bumps all over my body.

She straightened her body up and with one hand fondling my ass, she held my cock in the other and lowered it down to her tits. She teased her inch-long erections against the tip of my shaft as if she were trying to fuck them into the little cum hole. Then she tilted my cock upwards and ran one of her nipples up and down along the bottom of my cock. Then she took both hands and pressed her tits inward with my dick caught in the crease between. With her hard-on nipples jabbing into my groin, and the silky softness of her breasts wrapped around my erection, she said. "Okay, Wendell, fuck me now. Fuck my tits."

I began pumping my cock up and down between her tits like she asked. With each thrust of my cock, the tip poked out through the top of her breasts and touched her waiting lips and tongue. It only took a few pumps, just a few seconds of that kind of treatment and I exploded shooting my come all over her breasts and all over her mouth. She swallowed, then licked my cum off her lips and chin, then cleaned the rest off with a Kleenex. "That was a good boy, Wendell. Now while you rest lets clean up the mess you made with all my panties and then we'll have some more fun."

After we put all of her panties and stuff away that I had been playing with she drew me into another embrace. She kissed my face tenderly and ran her hands down my back to fondle my butt. Her kisses became more urgent and she soon had her mouth planted over mine. She began French kissing me again as she played with my ass. She pressed her tits against my chest, her nipples stabbing into my upper pectorals.

I let my own hands run down her body until I was playing with her latex covered butt and sliding my hands up under that skimpy tight skirt to fondle her panty covered ass. It didn't take long before I started getting hard again, my cock rising up between her thighs. It trembled at the lush feel of the sexy soft skin between her upper thighs, then it shot straight up towards her sopping wet cunt in a sudden surge of horniness that surprised both of us.

"Ummmmmmmmm!" She exclaimed when she felt my erection slam into her wet panty-covered pussy.

"I guess we'd better take the rest of my clothes off, Wendell. Do you want to start with my blouse?"

"S-s-s-s-sure, mommy." With trembling fingers I began to undo the remaining buttons as my cock quivered and probed, trying to work its way through her sopping wet panties to the steamy treasure beyond.

Mommy tossled my hair as I undid her buttons. Then, smiling at me, she turned around so I could slide the blouse off her arms. She pressed her latex-covered ass up against my cock and played with her nipples as I removed her blouse. Free of her blouse she turned back around to give me another French kiss and rub her nipples across my chest. "And now for my panties." She made me kneel down before her.

"Y-y-y-yes, mommy." I pressed my face into her latex covered crotch as I ran my hands up and down her sexy, nylon enshrouded legs. I slipped my hands up under her skirt to fondle her ass while inhaling the sexy latex smell of her skirt mixed with the hot, steamy sex smell of her cunt. Out of the corner of my eye I watched her play with her nipples, pushing them this way and that and tugging on them between her thumbs and forefingers.

I pulled her panties slowly down her legs until she could step out of them, placing her hand on my head for balance. By the time I had her panties off, my head was down near her knees, so I looked back up between her legs to admire her sexy cunt framed by her ass, blonde pussy hairs, her thighs, and the whole sexy landscape framed by that latex skirt. Her pussy lips looked all red and swollen and her clit was poking out of its hood and pressing against her latex skirt.

"Okay, honey," she said as she sat back down on the side of the bed. "Come and stand here on the stool again so mommy can see how nice and hard your cock has gotten again."

I did as she said, my cock throbbing and bouncing right in front of her face. She looked so incredibly sexy the way she was sitting there on the bed. Her nipples all red and throbbing, and looking like they were ready to erupt from her tits. Her skimpy skirt was hiked to her hips and she had her legs parted so I could stand in between them. With her skirt hiked up like that and her legs parted her pussy stood out fully exposed from the bottom of her slit to the tip of her clit.

She began to gently fondle my ass while I stared at her pussy. Then, with one hand cupping my balls she kissed the tip of my cock sending electric thrills all through my body. The next thing I knew she was sucking me into her mouth! Oh, my God! Did that ever feel good! She sucked me all the way in until her nose was buried in my pubic hairs. She held me there for a moment, then she slowly pulled her head back, sucking so hard her cheeks caved in on the sides and I thought my balls were being vacuumed right down her throat. Then her lips were on the tip of my cock, and she took a deep breath through her nostrils and repeated the process. She continued to play with my balls and ass while sucking me back and forth, up and down.

Since I had already come twice in the last hour, I was not in any danger of premature ejaculation, so I just relaxed and enjoyed what she was doing to me.

"Oh, mommy, this feels so good!"

After sucking on me, and playing with me like that for a few moments, she stopped, and let go of my dick. She looked up at me. "Would you like to make mommy feel real good now?"

"S-s-s-sure, mommy, w-w-w-what do you want me to do?"

"I would like you to do this to me." She pressed my hard-on up against my stomach, then she ran her tongue up and down the length of it along the sensitive underside. Then she swished her hot tongue back and forth from the bottom of my shaft to the top, licking it side to side as she worked her way up.

And I thought I was going crazy it felt so fucking good.

Then she began flicking her tongue at the tip of my cock teasing the fucking hell out of it.

"Would you like to do that for mommy now, sweety?"


"Then why don't you just push that stool out of the way, and kneel down on this pillow." She reached over to her bed to grab a couple of pillows. She tossed one on the floor between her feet, and propped the other one under her back.

I was on my knees in an instant—right where I'd fantasized being for so many years, right between her legs. I looked up between her thighs at her glorious pussy. For a moment I thought how strange this situation was. That was the very hole I came out of 18 years ago, now here I am trying to find my way back in.

But I didn't think that thought too long. My cock was throbbing too much at the sight of her. Those beautiful, puffy, swollen red lips that looked so hungry. The opening between, all pink and gushing wet with her sex juices. The folds of tissue on top of her cunt with that big, horny clit of hers poking out—just like my cock, looking for action.

Trembling all over, I started out by kissing the insides of her thighs to gain my nerve. The sexy, smooth warmth of her inner thigh flesh was reassuring to me—as it was arousing. I heard her sigh, and glanced up to see her playing with her tits again and licking her lips.

"Yesssss, Wendell, yesssss, you are sooo good to mommy."

I kissed my way up her thighs until I found myself licking the lips of her hot pussy, just as she had licked my cock.

She scooted her ass to the edge of the love seat to make her pussy easier to get to. She placed her feet on my back and began rubbing them back and forth while I licked her.

"Ummmmmmm, yesssssss!" she moaned.

I worked my tongue all over her slit, just like she'd instructed me. And I found that it turned me on more than anything else I'd ever done in my life. Especially when she began to moan and rock her hips in time to my licking.

This made me feel bolder and more adventuresome so I worked my tongue in between her lips into her slit as if I were trying to French kiss her cunt. To work my tongue further inside of her I pressed my nose against her clit, then tried to curl my tongue back up to where I thought her G-spot might me. And she went crazy.

"Unnnnnnnghghgghgmmmyeesssssss. Oh, God, yes, Wendell, Ohhhhhhhhhnnggg." She moaned as she was really moving her hips now trying to fuck my nose with her clit and all the time tugging on her nipples like she was trying to tear them out.

How many men, I briefly thought, get to make love to the very orifice that they came out of? All the pain and trouble she suffered to bear me and birth me, I was now repaying with pleasure. And, that thought made me soar. I was a bird, a plane, at once flying high above, looking down at the scene, and at the same time I was a pussy eating maniac slurping away at her love hole.

Her sexy warm thighs clamped down hard against the sides of my flushed face, holding me to her. My whole world, my whole universe became her cunt and those sexy warm thighs clamped against my cheeks. I was an infant again and at the same time a god. This was the beginning and the end of all things. The whole universe was between her thighs in her cunt and my cock throbbed and ached to get inside there.

I was so engrossed in her pussy and in trying to give her pleasure I was only vaguely aware of her feet slapping spastically on my back as she went into her orgasm. The slapping of her feet on my back caused her thigh muscles to ripple against my cheeks, and that felt oh, so sexy.

I felt her hot sex juices gushing all over my face which only made me work my tongue all the harder. The hot, steamy, smell of her pussy was so sexy I felt like I was on a d**g of some kind. Her cunt smell and the smell of her latex skirt so close to my nose made me want to just mash my face even more into her cunt. I tongued her clit like she told me to, and this made her start flopping and thrashing on the couch, so I grabbed hold of her ass and mashed my face into her cunt and started sucking on her clit as hard as I could until she came.

"Ngnghnghngh!" She grunted.

When she finished coming, she pulled me up on to her lap and kissed me all over, licking her sex juices off of my face. While she kissed me and licked my face, I played with her tits, and she played with my cock

"I want you to fuck me now, Wendell," she said after a few moments of making out and playing with each other.

I stood between her legs as she scooted her ass as close to the edge of the love seat as she could. Then she guided me into her, and OMG how good that felt! So hot and so wet it was I felt like someone had poured hot honey all over me. I began pumping my cock in and out like a pro. She wrapped her thighs around my waist and rested her feet on my ass. The feel of her nylon-encased feet on my butt cheeks was so, so, sexy. It made me fuck her all the harder. With my hands planted on either side of her, I was kind of leaning into her at an angle as I fucked her.

With each thrust of my cock, her whole body moved and heaved. And, her tits, so close to my face jiggled all over. Her nipples, so erect, so red, and so sexy, I just could not resist. I bent my face forward just a bit and took one between my lips so I could suck her while fucking her.

"Yessssssss, baby, yessssss!" While I fucked my cock into her pussy and sucked her tits, she reached a hand down to play with her clit.

"Nggggggghhhhhhh" she moaned.

She began quivering all over and I knew she was about to cum, so I pumped her harder and faster.

"I'm going to cum Mommy!", i screamed with passion.

"Yesss baby! I want you to cum on mommy's face!". She jumped off my cock and kneeled infront of me.

"OHHH YESS!!!" I pumped all my warm semen all over my mother's face and lips. She smiles and began to lick it off with her tongue. She wiped her fingers in my cum and shoved her cum-laced fingers in her mouth.

"Ummmmmmm, such a sweet boy," she hugged me and kissed me all over my face, and I could taste the cum. "you fucked me so good."

She had me sit on the love seat next to her and we just made out for awhile. Then she sat on my lap, facing me and straddling my legs with hers. She fed me her tits and I gladly sucked and fondled them. "Play with my pussy too," she whispered into my ear.

So I reached a hand down under between her thighs to rub her pussy while sucking her tits.

"Ummmmmmmmyesssssss, sweetie, you make mommy feel soooo good."

Sucking on her tits and playing with her hot wet cunt like that made me start to get hard again---especially as I felt her getting more turned on. As she started moving her hips around to rub her cunt on my hand better, my cock suddenly shot up and slammed against her ass cheeks.

"Ahhhhhhh," she breathed into my ear. "That's what I've been waiting for. You sure are nice and eager, and you make mommy so hot when your cock rises up like that. Now mommy's going to fuck you like you fucked me."

She rose up a bit to pull my cock up to her pussy, then inserted it between her horny, swollen-red lips. She paused there a second, relishing the feel, then she slowly lowered herself down my shaft. And OMG that felt so fucking good. She repositioned her feet so she could bounce up and down on my lap while fucking herself with my cock.

I grabbed her by the buttocks and got into her rhythm, helping her fuck up and down on me. She leaned forward so I could suck her tits while we fucked, then she started working her crotch around in circles twisting my cock this way and that and I thought I'd go crazy it felt so fucking good. Having both just come, we fucked that way for a good half an hour before coming again.

After that she made me lay down on the bed and she taught me how to 69 each other at the same time. Several hours later after wall-to-wall sex we both realized we were hungry. It was past six in the evening so we stopped to make dinner. Then we had more sex well into the night.... Continue»
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Rubbing Mommy's Feet

Shortly after my father bought a camcorder, I did what any other horny, 12 year old oversexed crossdresser would've done...I put on a pair of hose and heels and started making naughty videos of me blowin' off all my buddies ;-) My parents found it though and chewed me out, but I never heard anything about it again. Two years later, I caught my Daddy getting his rocks off...WATCHING THAT VERY VIDEO OF ME WITH ALL MY BUDDY'S DICKS IN MY MOUTH! Right then and there, I thought, "I'm going to seduce my Daddy" ;-) I started prancing around the house whenever my mom wasn't around, sometimes naked, sometimes in hose and heels. Soon, Daddy and I were making love almost every morning as soon as mom went to work. Sometimes, after I got my Daddy's rocks off, I would go to my BFF Ashley's house and we would have naked fun with her Daddy before he went to work. Then, Ash and I went to junior high ;-)

When I was younger, I remember my parents getting a babysitter and going to their bowling league every Friday night. Our babysitter would always put us to sl**p around ten and I woke up bright and early Saturday morning. One time, when I was around 8, I woke up after being put to bed and couldn't get back to sl**p. I went to my parents room and I heard sounds...weird sounds...moaning and groaning sounds...male and female voices saying things that I didn't know what they meant, things like, "Fuuuuccckkkk yeeeesssss", "That feels so fucking good" and "Faster! Faster! Don't...fucking...stop!"

I opened the door as quietly and as slowly as I could. I didn't know or understand what I was seeing. I could only see naked bodies. I saw my mother with my uncle (my Daddy's b*****r) on top of her, her legs in the air. I saw my uncle (my Mommy's b*****r) with my cousin (his daughter) bouncing up and down on his lap, his head thrown back in ecstasy. I even saw the babysitter, with her skinny little legs in the air, with my 19 year old cousin fucking the perfect folds of her pink, hairless pussy, while another cousin fucked her little mouth full of cock. And my Daddy was watching from the sidelines with his 8 mm camera, filming it all!

From that moment on, I became obsessed with finding my Daddy's film reels! I didn't have to look very hard. Soon, unbeknownst to my parents, I had managed to set a projector set up, had a box full of film reels, and both parents were outside on a Saturday afternoon doing yardwork. I saw a lot on those film reels that day, but mostly, I saw Mommy in stockings, garters and high heels...taking cock after cock after cock...cum in her face and hair...dripping from her sweet pussy, ass and mouth...I don't know how many times I saw my Mother, in the middle of a room full of naked people, stick her foot in someone's face and say, "Suck my toes!" or "Kiss my feet!" And there was ALWAYS someone all over my Mommy's feet and toes! It didn't take long before I only wanted to know two things: how Mommy got to be a total foot slut and 2) do I get in on this action ;-)

My f****y had recently converted to Mormonism, however, and apparently, my parents had given up the swinger lifestyle. I do remember just a couple months earlier, however, when an uncle (my Mom's b*****r) and his two sons were in town. I walked into the bathroom and my uncle, his two sons (my cousins and my mother's nephews) were all naked, their cocks fully erect, and Mom was on her knees in front of them. She told me that she was just drying them off after a shower. Yeah right Mom!

Soon after my 14th birthday, Daddy had me dressing up almost every day, in hose and heels and entertaining my uncles...then my cousins...then Daddy's business partners...then Daddy's friends. One day, he had invited two of his male friends over, my aunt T (my Dad's s****r) had brought her 2 daughters (my cousins), and my BFF Ashley had invited her s****r and two of their female cousins. All in all, there were 3 males, 7 females, and one crossdresser. We had just gotten out of school and Mommy had to work until 10 pm that evening. As the clothes came off, the festivities began ;-)

We were in the living room, less than an hour into it, everyone licking and kissing, sucking and fucking when the front door opened and Mom walked in. She had forgotten something that she needed for work. While she was obviously mad, what was interesting is that she was mad that, while she was living by our new religion's guidelines, Daddy was still having naked f****y fun. I think she was even more mad that Daddy was playing with soft, pink pussies and hard, young cocks while she was singing hymns and praying...BORING ;-)

So Mommy and Daddy got separated and he got an apartment nearby. Daddy and I had been lovers for almost 3 months and were playing naked games almost every day: in the morning while Mommy was asl**p upstairs, in the afternoon while she was at work, and sometimes at night after she had went to bed...but only after we made sure that she was asl**p first! Now that they were separated, me and Daddy could only have fun on the weekends :-( Mom would drop me off at Daddy's on Friday around 6 pm. I would race to the bathroom, put on a slutty outfit, some hose and heels, a wig and paint my face up like a slut while Daddy finished dinner. I remained dressed like Daddy's lil sissy cumslut until Mom picked me up on Sunday evening around 7, usually playing with the cocks of whoever Daddy invited over in the meantime.

One night during the week, Mom had come back from a date with a guy from her work. My younger s****r was spending time with relatives in another state and I, determined to show how mature I was, insisted that I could hold down the house until Mommy returned. My mother and this guy had come in and quickly went upstairs. It was winter, it was cold and I had a fire going in the living room fireplace. I had walked upstairs to get something, I honestly can't remember what, when I saw Mommy's door slightly opened. Not thinking that they would be having sex with the door still open, I walked in on them. The guy was naked on his back and Mommy, wearing nothing but a black garter, stockings, and strappy high heels, was riding his rigid cock. I also remember thinking that his pecker was nothing compared to my Daddy's ;-)

Embarrassed, I put my head down, apologized and immediately left the room...but not before catching a glimpse of the pink folds of my Mom's sweet pussy...dripping juices all over his stiff cock. I ran to my room and put my ear to a vent and started listening. "Oh yes! Oh yes! Don't fucking stop! Your cock feels so good baby!" she said. Then I heard him, "Ohgodohgodohgod...I'm gonna fucking ccccccuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm." Then, about a minute later I could only make out parts of what was being said. I heard my mother say, "Are you sure?" "Can't you stay a little?" Then, I heard her door open, they walked down the stairs, they said some things that I couldn't make out and he left.

I went upstairs and Mommy was in the kitchen with a glass of wine. She was still wearing her black stockings and heels. She had on a sexy, slinky black dress, her thick black hair flowing down her back. Her eyes were so green that they looked like emeralds. And at only 4'10" and 92 lbs, she couldn't have came in a smaller, sweeter package :-) I could tell that she had already done some drinking. While I was 14 and my mother was 27, a lot of people expressed shock that my Mommy got pregnant with me when she was only 13 . But Mom was always quick to point out that while she gave BIRTH to me when she was 13, she actually got pregnant when she was 12 :-) And she was always quick to point out how much she liked sex too! In many ways, she was more like an older s****r than a mother.

"Why is EVERY...GUY...I MEET...a premature ejaculator?" she looked at me and asked. "Oh no! Not another one," I said.. "And the ones with big dicks that fuck ya till ya can't see straight are always married," I added with a playful smile. "You wanna talk about it?" I asked. She polished off her glass of wine, looked at me and said, very precociously, "OK, but only if you rub Mommy's feet." I smiled and said, "Yes Mommy." She handed me her glass and asked me to refill it and walked into the living room.

When I walked into the living room, I remember looking at the way the light of the fire danced on her long, smooth legs. Soon, her soft, stockinged feet would be in my lap, my hands on her tiny feet. I handed her her glass and she jumped onto her knees on the couch, slowly took the glass from my hand, put her finger over my mouth (in a ssshhhhh gesture), and put the glass of wine to my lips and said, "Drink" ;-) I did as I was told, then she took a drink, set the glass down on the coffee table, and layed down on the couch. I sat down as she lifted up her legs and she put her feet in my lap. "Take off Mommy's shoes," she said. "Yes Mommy," I replied obediently.

As I unfastened the strappy latch of her size 5 shoe, I marvelled at how glorious her feet were...the toes...the soles...the arches...everything...they were perfect. Then, I thought about how many times I had seen Mommy's perfect little feet being sucked and licked on my Daddy's home movies many times I had seen my Daddy, uncles, cousins, neighbors, etc., rubbing their hard dicks on her flawless many times I had seen her soft soles tenderly stroking cocks until her toes were dripping with cum ;-)

As I began to spoil my Mommy's precious feet and toes, she told me about another premature ejaculator she had dated who was kissing her goodnight. She started caressing his cock through his pants...GUY BLEW A FUCKING LOAD! Then, she told me about another preemie that made it passed her handjob...ONLY TO BLOW HIS LOAD AFTER JUST 60 SECONDS IN HER MOUTH! As I listened to my own mother tell me these things, about giving handjobs and blowjobs, about getting unexpected handfuls and mouthfuls of cum, as I caressed her soft soles and sexy toes through her silky pantyhose, my cock began to throb :-)

She said that tonight's guy had taken her to dinner, they made out and she gave him a little handjob (although not to completion) before they went into the restaurant. Apparently, she took off her shoes and put her feet in his lap once they were at their table but he didn't dare to take his cock out even for a pantyhose footjob! They made out in the parking lot after dinner and she sucked his cock as he drove her home.

As she continued to tell me these things, she continued sipping her wine, her feet fidgeting in my lap, it became impossible to hide my raging hard on! Soon, her little feet were playfully sliding up and down my thighs, the texture of nylon driving me absolutely wild. She gave me more wine. "Can you believe," she said, "that he turned down a pantyhose footjob? I mean, look at these feet!" she said as held her little foot up in the air just a few inches from my face. "Mom, I would NEVER turn down a pantyhose footjob from you...I mean...if you weren't my Mom...I mean...that is," I said awkwardly as she looked at me and smiled playfully. She said that while she was on her back and he was fucking her, she had stuck her feet in his face and told him to suck them. He made a sick face and said, "Nah, that's ok."

"What would you say if your Mommy stuck her feet in your face and told you to suck them? To kiss them?" she asked seductively. "I would say, 'Yes Mommy'", I replied with a smile. She smiled, took another drink of her her wine, layed down on the couch and lifted her foot mere inches away from my mouth and looked at me seductively. Without a word, I smiled, took her soft feet into my mouth and was instantly treated to the most glorious sound I have ever heard...MOM MOANING WITH PLEASURE AS I KISSED AND SUCKED ON HER TOES AND FEET :-) "Oh yes...suck Mommy's toes! Spoil Mommy's feet!" she exclaimed as she took a sip of wine. I don't know what was turning me on more, her toes in my mouth or listening to her talk dirty :-)

I began kissing them tenderly through her silky pantyhose. On the soles, licking each toe, sucking each one gently into my mouth, rubbing my face into their softness. After about 5 minutes, she excused herself to the restroom, I threw a couple of logs into the fire and I sat, with my cock as hard as steel, until she returned. What I had not expected, was for my mother to return wearing nothing but her black stockings, a black pair of panties and bra...her black, slinky dress nowhere to be seen :-) "I hope you don't mind," she said, "I had to get out of that dress." "I don't mind at all," I said with a smile from ear to ear. "Here, why don't you get comfortable too," she said as she pulled off my shirt and started unfastening my pants. A little taken aback, she looked at me and said, "Relax. I'm your mother. It's not like I haven't seen you before," she said with a smile. She left me in nothing but my boxers...and an erection that was beyond hiding!

"Where were we?" my Mommy asked playfully. "Oh yes. I had my feet in your face and you were kissing and licking them!" She jumped onto the couch and immediately had her feet back in my face, and I joyfully went back to sucking and kissing them. Now that her skirt was gone, I could see just what kind of an effect I was having on her, her black lacy panties dripping with the juices of her precious hole. She undid her bra and began pinching, pulling on, sucking and licking her own rubbery nipples, rubbing the soft mounds of her small, perky breasts.

As I continued working her toes and feet with my lips and mouth, she saw me looking at her crotch. She opened her legs wide and said, "You like that? You like seeing how wet your mother is getting? You like seeing what a filthy slut your Mommy can be?" I removed her pantyhose toes from my mouth long enough to say, "Yes Mommy". "Show me! Show Mommy how much you like it!" she barked. She told me to stand up, she jumped from the couch to her knees and in a swift motion, she pulled down my boxers, fully exposing my raging erection.

"Oh my, oh my, oh my, " she said with a smile as she lovingly and tenderly began pulling on my thick member . My mind was racing with thoughts as her slender fingers wrapped around my throbbing teenage shaft. As her soft, smooth, tiny hand stroked my cock up and down I thought, "Holy shit! I'm getting a handjob from my Mom!" We both took another drink of wine and she layed down and I went back to her feet. I was losing my mind as she tweeked her nipples as I sucked her toes. Soon, she was rubbing the mound of her pussy through her lacy black panties. Then her hand slipped under her panties and she began vigorously working the slippery pink folds of her gorgeous snatch. Her other hand was wrapped firmly around the shaft of my penis, stroking furiously. Then, she grabbed my hand...and slid it under her panties :-) I thought I was going to pass out as I put the palm of my hand on her hairless mound and began exploring her wet, slippery folds with my fingers.

Suddenly, she pulled her feet away from my face, AND LOWERED THEM TO MY CROTCH! I almost fainted from pleasure when she took my throbbing cock between he soles of her feet and began stroking me lovingly ;-) While I had given countless pantyhose footjobs to countless men, I had never received one. And I couldn't have asked for a softer, prettier or more talented pair of feet! Her soft soles and talented toes brought me to the brink of orgasm before laying on her back, pulling off her lacy black panties spreading her legs and saying four words: "Eat...your Mother's...pussy :-)" I did not need to be told twice! I buried my face between her legs and began licking up and down...gently taking her swollen clit into my mouth...playfully flicking my tongue into her pink, puckered asshole...the swollen lips of her pink pussy, glistening by the light of the fire. She threw back her head, arched her back and pulled my face into her crotch. As my tongue flickered around, in and out of her holes, all she could say was "Yyyyyeeeesssssssss!"

I had my tongue buried deep inside the warm wet lips of her pussy, my nose in her mound and occasionally rubbing her clit. She grabbed my right hand, put it in the crack of her ass, and said, "Rub my shithole!" Then, she took my left hand, put it on her pussy and said, "Rub my clit at the same time!" As I worked her pussy with my lips and tongue, my left hand was rubbing her swollen clit, my right hand rubbing her puckered poohole, I could tell she was close to cumming. I didn't know how much more I could take when suddenly, she leaned back on the couch, spreading her legs as she did so, and pulled me on top of her whispering seductively into my ear, "Fuck me son...fuck your Mommy's pussy."

My body was covered in goosebumps as my swollen, purple cockhead rubbed directly against her sweet, pouty pussy lips. She reached down and grabbed my pole, guided me toward her hole and said, "Push." I did as I was told and as I sank into the warm, wet, softness of my Mother, we melted into each others arms.

She was on her back in a missionary position for about 3-4 minutes, when I started getting some confidence ;-) Whenever I'm getting fucked by a bunch of guys, there's nothing I love more than being on my hands and knees. I told her to get on all a doggy. "Excuse me," she said. "You heard me," I said, "Now do it...before I make you bark like a doggy too," I said with a smack on the ass! She got on her hands and knees, I mounted her from behind, slid my cock into her pussy, started massaging and caressing her left foot with my left hand and started using my right hand to play with her asshole. She was close to orgasm as my cock slid in and out of her slippery pussy, my fingers were playing with her feet and asshole. Every now and then, I would reach around with my right hand and rub her clit (or tweak her nipples) as I continued to fuck her like a doggy.

She threw me off of her and onto the floor, on my back, cock sticking straight up in the air, and threw her leg over me, lowered herself onto my cock and began riding me reverse cowgirl. I reached down and took a stockinged foot in each hand and began spoiling her feet and toes with my hands as she spoiled my cock with the warm softness of her pussy. I reached up and began playing with her asshole, first, gently rubbing the puckered hole, then, slowly pushing in fingers. She began lovingly caressing my balls as she bounced up and down on my hard cock.

I could tell that we weren't going to last much longer so I threw her from my lap, layed her down on her back on the living room floor, legs spread wide. But as I mounted her, I rubbed the head of my cock all the way up and down the length of her slit, up and down the crack of her ass, against her tight, pink asshole. She looked at me like a woman possessed and said, "DO IT! FUCK MY ASS!"

I thought I was going to need some lube as I pushed against my her shithole, but luckily my cock had so much of her saliva and pussy juice on it, that it slid right in ;-) I reached down with my left hand and started sliding fingers in and out of her pussy while I rubbed her clitty with my right hand. As my cock slid in and out of her tight ass, my finger slid in and out of her slippery pussy, she stuck both of her stockinged feet in my face and I thought I had died and went to heaven!

As I furiously pleasured her feet, toes, pussy, and ass all at the same time, she began shrieking, "OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGOD! DON'T STOP! DON'T FUCKING STOP!" as she wrapped her skinny legs tightly around my waist and began thowing her head back...arching her back in wave after spasmodic wave of pleasure. As her body twitched and convulsed with the final throes of orgasm, soon it was my turn. As my movements became more out of control, she said 4 words: "Cum in my ass..." But I had my own plans ;-) As I felt the waves of pleasure began shooting through my hard cock, I pulled from her asshole and thrust my hard cock in her face. I had wondered what my mother's reaction would be to being presented with her son's hard cock that had just been up her own ass. But without the slightest hesitation, she took my cock, put it in her mouth, and began passionately milking me with her lips and tongue. It couldn't have been a moment too soon either because I put my hands on the back of her head just in time to pump her mouth full of my hot, gooey teenage cum, which she greedily devoured!

We went upstairs, kissed each other awkwardly goodnight, and went into our separate bedrooms. But I could not sl**p...I could not eat...I could not drink...I could not think about anything except what just happened. I remember feeling guilty, but I didn't know if it was guilt because I had just fucked my Mommy's mouth, pussy and ass or because I enjoyed it so much!

An hour had gone by when I heard her bedroom door open. I hear the floor creak. Then, my door opened. "Are you still awake," she asked. "Yes," I replied. She was wearing a black, sheer nightie, and it was very clear that she had nothing on underneath. She asked if I wanted to talk about what just happened. She told me that there was nothing wrong with two people that love each other doing what we had done. She told me that she loved me with all of her heart and that she would do anything for me. She told me that it was a mother's responsibility to teach her son how to be a man. She told me that while the bonds that attract men and women are strong, those bonds are even stronger when they are between f****y. And she told me that there is nothing more intimate, more tender or more loving than the bond that exists between f****y.

As I listened to her, my cock grew to full attention :-) I ran my fingers through her long, black wavy locks and began kissing her...deeply...passionately. Her body went limp as I embraced her petite body in my arms and as my Mom's soft, wet tongue danced around my mouth, she began caressing my cock through my boxers. I slid my hand into her nightie and began tweaking her stiff nipples, then her pussy. I took off her panties, stood up and took off my boxers as she spread her legs for my rock hard member for the second time that evening. She was already wet and her pussy lips were pouty and glistening. I pushed my cock head into her mound and as I layed down on top of her, I pushed my cock in all the way. She let out a gasp and as I began pumping her pussy, I thought about what she said. She put her pencil-thin calves on my shoulders, and as I began kissing her bare feet and sucking her her soft, smooth arms and legs wrapped around she moaned, "ohyesohyesohyes...don't stop...don't fucking stop"...her soft, wet pussy wrapped tightly around my cock. She pulled my face close to hers, so close that our foreheads were touching. "Do it honey! Fuck your Mother's cunt! Show Mommy how much you love my hairless cunt!" she encouraged me as she shoved her tongue into my mouth. I was slightly shocked yet completely aroused at her harsh language and as the volleys of cum began to launch from my penis, filling the very womb in which I was born, I pushed every inch inside of her. "Yes! Yes! Cum in Mommy's cunt baby...fill my pussy...FILL MOMMY'S PUSSY!" As I climaxed deep within her, she started jerking around uncontrollably, throwing her head back saying repeatedly, "Yes! Yes! Fuck yyyyyyyeeeeeesssss!

As I pulled my exhausted cock from her my cum gushed from her stretched out our sweaty bodies collapsed into each we kissed passionately and our tongues danced romantically in each other's mouths...I knew that I had never done anything more beautiful in my life. We woke up in my bed, in each others arms, and we made love once again, this time as the room filled with the light of the morning sun. After I filled her ass with my cum, she called into work sick. She called my school and told them that I was not feeling well. And we spent the entire day, naked, and in each other's arms :-)

When the evening began, we were just mother and son. Now, less than 24 hours later, we were full-fledged lovers. And now that I was getting naked (albeit seperately) with my estranged Mother and Father, my next task was to get them back together. Fortunately, my plan involved lots of nudity, lots of debauchery, and most of all, a neverending f****y fun fest ;-)

Love to hear from anybody that enjoyed this! Chow :-)... Continue»
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It was our first summer without our dad. He passed away of a heart attack last November. We hemmed and hawed for a long time before deciding to continue our annual f****y camping trip. For over twenty-five years we had spent the first week of August at Lake Wellenchuk as a f****y. It wasn't our only f****y ritual, but it was one we had kept up even as our lives got hectic with college, an almost wedding and the rest of it. So it was with a heavy heart, and only the third time since dad's funeral that we were all together again (the other two being one Christmas and Kevin, our youngest b*****r's high school graduation).

Before I get too carried away about the unbelievable weekend itself, I should tell you a bit about myself, my two younger b*****rs, and my beautiful mother.

My name is Jackson, although my f****y calls me Jacks, and I am 26 years old. I am the reliable big b*****r who has spent much of his life getting my middle b*****r out of trouble. I was married for three years, but got divorced a month before my dad passed away. They say bad things happen in threes and after the divorce and my father's death, I kept waiting for the third disaster to hit. Luckily, the third thing was rather small in comparison, a fender bender car accident on New Year's Eve. Any other year and that would have been a major disaster, but in 2010, it was just a fitting end to one fucked up year. My New Year's Resolution was to start living life to the fullest, spend more time with my f****y and meet a woman. I got a loan from the bank and made my dream a reality: I opened an Italian restaurant and named it after Dad--- Amelio's.

My second goal was partly achieved, as I moved back in with my Mother and youngest b*****r Kevin, although it was difficult getting much quality f****y time because of the long hours I worked attempting to make my new business a success. My other b*****r, Adam, had left in January on a six month 'finding yourself' trip through Europe and Asia. My last goal had been an undeniable disaster. I had only been on three dates, hadn't been laid in over a year. Although there were many prospects coming in and out of my life daily, I just didn't seem to have the time or energy to even attempt a romance. Lastly, I often tended to compare any woman I met with my Mother and that, I have learned, is never a good thing.

Adam was the loose cannon of the group. A wild one from the time he was a toddler, he hadn't really changed in his wild ways, even at 22 years of age. He took a year off college, dropped out (truthfully he was told to take a year off) and, after Dad died, decided to just travel the world. His goal was to sl**p with a girl from every country he visited and, according to his travel blog, he had accomplished that. He returned back just in time for Kevin's graduation and our trip. He was still exhibiting his usual easy-going attitude.

Kevin, my youngest b*****r, turned 18 in May and graduated high school with honours in June. He was the geek of the group, a do-gooder who was also a sweetheart to his long time girlfriend Elly. He would rather read than go out, but he greatly idolized Adam, in an almost unhealthy way.

Our Mom Cassie was 45 years old and still in amazingly great shape. She had always worked out and no one believed she had been pregnant three times. Her breasts sagged a bit, but she usually wore outfits and bras that kept them standing at full attention. I would be lying if the majority of my high school wank sessions weren't about my Mother. But like all guys, fucking their Mother is just a naughty fantasy they jerk off to from the time they learn to jerk off until the day they die. It is who we are. My Mother did pretty well with the life insurance after my Dad's death and had attempted to keep things as normal as could be.

The first night at the lake was, not surprisingly, emotionally exhausting. We had a campfire and just shared Dad stories. For awhile, seeing my Mother upset, I wondered if this had been a good idea. But the last hour, we shared funny Dad stories and the emotional bubble seemed to burst.

The next afternoon was a scorcher. My Mom, I should note, knows that she still turns heads. For example, the two-piece bikini she was wearing was something the average female teenager looking to get attention would wear. In truth, the minute I saw her come out of her room after lunch in the two- piece, my dick gave her a secret salute.

While at the beach, I noticed many guys, from teenagers to old pervs, checking out my 45 year old mother. I was both proud and protective of her.

The first slight hint of the evening to come, after my b*****rs went to scope out the chicks playing beach volleyball, was when we laid our towels down on the beautiful soft sand. Mom lay on her towel and asked, "Jacks honey, could you put some lotion on me?"

Dad had always done this in the past, and my dick rose to attention again just with the thought of touching my sexy Mother. I took the lotion, coated my hands and generously and gently lotioned my Mom's shoulders, neck and back. I then moved down and did her legs and feet.

Once done, Mom asked, her voice seeming just a tad flirty, "Jacks, could you please get really close to my bikini bottom, which is where I always burn?"

My erection begged for attention, so many of my stroke fantasies having started just like this. I put more lotion on my hands, which were slightly trembling, and rubbed lotion on my Mom's lower back, so low I felt the crevice of her ass cheeks. I thought I heard a moan escape my Mom's lips, but I assumed it was just wishful thinking. I finished by doing her thighs and again got real close to her prized possession. This time she definitely let out a moan.

"Thank you, Jacks, you have hands just like your father."

"You're welcome, Mom," I said, furtively adjusting my cock in my trunks.

My Mom caught my adjustment and smiled, "Is that because of me?"

I stammered, completely embarrassed, "No, I, um...."

My Mom, her tone soft and sweet, "It's ok, honey, when Dad lathered me up I often could feel his stiffness on me. I often thought he might just fuck me right then and there."

"Mom," I said, shocked by a frankness I had never heard from her.

She just smiled and looked back down and went on sunbathing.

Nothing else remotely interesting happened the rest of the afternoon, but I was greatly distracted. After touching my mom, all I wanted to do was touch her more. All my Mother-fucking fantasies came flooding back and, although it hadn't occurred to me yet that the fantasy could become reality, my cock was at full mast all day.

That night, around nine, after the four of us had all finished a fair amount of booze, Adam and Kevin said they were going to a party with some girls they met. I argued they should stay and hang with Mom, but Adam, thinking with his cock like he always did, said they were going out. Kevin was just trying to fit in with his cool b*****r and sheepishly followed. I called them assholes and they left.

Mom and I went out and started a fire in our very secluded and private cabin. We sat by the fire, on a two-person swing and drank even more. About half an hour after my b*****rs left, Mom clearly was past tipsy and well on her way to really intoxicated. Still in her same bikini, she asked, "So, Jacks, when was the last time you got laid?"

Beer sprayed out of my mouth. "Mom!"

"No, seriously. You have looked after Kevin and I since your father died. It's time for you to start thinking about yourself."

"Well, truthfully, work has been more of a hindrance."

"You work too hard," Mom suggested, her hand falling innocently onto my leg.

Her soft touch had me distracted and my cock woke up from its slumber. I stammered slightly, "I have no choice if I want this restaurant to succeed."

Mom's hand moved up just slightly, "I know, I know, it's just I want you to find a woman too."

"Women are exhausting, time-consuming and wallet-crushing," I sighed, remembering not so fondly my last couple of failed relationships and a divorce I was still paying for.

"The right one isn't," Mom suggested.

"Well I am still searching for her, I guess," I shrugged and finished my beer.

"You know Jacks, you look a lot like your father," Mom said, her tone changing.

"I know," I replied, having been told that for as long as I can remember.

Her hand moved up slightly again. I took a deep breath and felt her hand move and rest on my hard cock. "Hmmmm, feels like you and your dad have something else in common."

"Mom, I..." I began.

"Stop. I haven't had sex in eight months, and you haven't had sex in just as long I am guessing," she argued, her hand now firmly on my fully erect cock. Her face went pouty like a teen girl trying to get her way with her boyfriend. "Haven't you ever fantasized about Mommy?"

"I-um," I stammered, before finally thinking 'fuck it', "Mom I have fantasized about you since I can remember."

"I thought so," she whispered, her hot breath in my ear. Her hand rubbed my cock with a bit more purpose. "Do you want Mommy to suck your cock?"

I let out a grunt in acknowledgment.

Her tongue teased my ear, "I will take that as a yes."

She moved away from my ear and quickly unbuckled my shorts and pulled out my raging hard-on. "Fuck, I have missed the feeling of a big hard cock."

She leaned forward and took the head of my cock in her mouth.

I moaned on contact, in pure ecstasy, my lifelong fantasy suddenly coming true. I stared at my mom and her wet lips around my cock. Unlike most girls who sucked cock just long enough to get me hard, my mom sucked on my cock like she actually enjoyed it. After a couple of minutes of just teasing my head with her lips and tongue, she began to take more of my cock in her expert mouth. She continued the slow sweet style, taking just a bit more of my shaft in her mouth at a time.

I don't know how long she had my cock in her mouth before she finally took my erection out and requested, "Son, I desperately need to taste your cum. I don't mean to be crass or anything, but I love the taste of cum. Your dad used to fulfill this need. So please, I want you to shoot a big full load of your cum down my throat. Think you can do that for Mommy?"

Still feeling like a horny teenager from every eighties sex comedy, I just babbled a bunch of incoherent words that implied yes.

She took my cock back in her mouth. Unlike the slow tenderness of a couple minutes ago, this time she devoured my cock whole. She deep throated me and then bobbed up and down like a porn star. Not surprisingly, I didn't last long under such intense pleasure. I grunted, "I'm coming Mommy." A few seconds later I exploded my cum down my Mother's throat. Unlike most girls, she didn't miss a beat, as she continued the fast-paced assault on my cock, long after my cum had all been swallowed.

Suddenly with a confidence I didn't know was in me, I pulled out and aggressively pushed her onto the grass onto her back and opened her legs. I pulled her bikini bottom to the side and dove into my Mother's cunt. I licked her hairy pussy eager to return the favour and get her off.

My Mom's cunt was already sopping wet and within seconds of my tongue on her pussy lips, she got animated."Oh yes, Jacks, your tongue feels so good on Mommy's cunt." She moved her ass up and down attempting to fuck herself with my tongue. I continued to lick and heard her scream, "Fuck, Jacks, I'm coming." Seconds later I was sprayed by a river of juice.

I continued licking, eager to swallow as much of my Mother's juice as I could. Finally, she said the words I had dreamt about for years, "Jacks, I want you in me. Come fuck Mommy."

She quickly pulled off her bikini bottom to give me easier access to her pussy. I didn't have to be told twice. I quickly positioned myself on top of her and slid easily into her warm oasis. I moved in and out slowly and leaned forward to kiss her beautiful mountains of flesh, which were sadly still partially hidden by her skimpy bikini top. As I kissed and gently sucked on the top of her breasts, she moaned, "Does my son want to suck on the same breasts he once nursed?"

"Badly," I mumbled, my lips never leaving her body.

She leaned forward and slipped out of her last piece of clothing.

I just stared at her still amazing firm breasts and her big hard nipples. I instinctively took a nipple in my mouth and sucked on it. So focused on my Mommy's delicious tits I had stopped fucking her, my cock resting comfortably deep inside her. I took her other nipple into my mouth and resumed my slow fucking of my Mother. This tender intimate scene lasted over ten minutes before it was interrupted by the shocked words of my middle b*****r.

"Holy fucking shit!" Adam said, clearly shocked by what he was witnessing.

I looked up and saw my two b*****rs both staring at the sight of their mother being fucked by their oldest sibling.

Before I had a chance to speak, although I had no idea what I would have possibly said, my very d***k and horny Mother shocked us all. "Don't just stand there like a couple of wankers. Come and join us."

Adam, who had a reputation of fucking anything that moved, had no moral reservations about the fact that it was his Mother and was naked and his dick revving to go in a heartbeat. He walked over to my Mom and presented his rod to his Mother's mouth.

My Mother didn't say anything, but instead took her middle son's cock in her mouth.

My youngest b*****r stood motionless, clearly in a state of shock by what he was seeing. My cock was still lodged deep inside my horny Mother. I was in awe as I watched as Mom gobbled up my b*****r's, to my great pride, smaller cock. Kevin still hadn't moved.

My Mother quit sucking Dave's cock and looked directly at her youngest, eighteen-year old son, and ordered, like a Mother would scold her son, "Get your ass over here now, young man."

Kevin seemed to waken from his stunned stupor and shyly walked over to the i****tuous act that was currently taking place.

Adam attempted to help, "Get naked, man."

Mom looked at her nervous son and asked, "Don't I turn you on?"

Kevin finally stammered, "Y-y-yes."

"Then come join the party," Mom suggested before turning to me and ordering, "and you, get back to what you were doing to me."

"Yes, Mom," I absurdly replied, and began pumping her pussy again.

Adam said, "Kevin it's now or never. Time to lose that cherry."

Mom's face got even more excited, "My little Kevin is still a virgin?"

Kevin sheepishly whispered, "Yes."

"Well we better change that," Mom announced matter-of-factly. Kevin nervously undressed and as soon as he was naked, Mom pulled him in and took his cock, that was slightly larger than either of his older b*****r's, in her mouth. She sucked him like a horny slut desperate to get a cock nice and hard. Although Kevin's mind may have been contemplating resisting, his cock had other thoughts. Clearly horny and in charge, my mother, like a drill sergeant in charge of pleasure, ordered, "Jacks, take a break. Let's let Kevin feel what it's like to be with a woman.

I reluctantly pulled my cock out of my Mother. Mom ordered Kevin, "Lay down baby, let Mommy take care of you."

Kevin lay on the blanket and watched as his Mother straddled him and easily engulfed his cock inside her cunt. She bounced up and down, her beautiful tits bouncing in unison while she took her son's virginity.

Adam, not one to wait patiently, moved up and offered his cock to my Mother's mouth. My mom purred, "Oh Adam, you are such a dirty boy." Without another word, she took her middle son's cock in her mouth.

After only a couple of minutes of riding her son's cock, Kevin warned, "Mom, I am going to come."

Mom took her other son's cock out of her mouth and ordered, "Fill your Mommy with your hot seed, son."

Mom continued bouncing up and down on her son's cock and within a few seconds Kevin bellowed, "I'm coming Mommy!"

Mom milked her youngest son's cock, extracting every last drop.

As soon as Kevin was done, Adam ordered. "Move it little man, time for a real man to fuck our Mother."

Mom gave a slutty smirk, "You better not be all talk."

Adam flipped my Mother onto her back on the ground and drove into her, Kevin getting out of the way just in time. Mom instantly got animated, "You like fucking your Mother, don't you, you dirty boy?"

"I have wanted to do this for years," my middle b*****r growled between thrusts.

"Oh yes, fuck me son. Fuck me hard. Yes," my mother wailed.

Kevin and I watched our b*****r hammer away at our Mother, neither of us really believing what was happening. After a few minutes of hardcore fast-paced fucking, my Mother screamed, "I'm coming sonnnnn!"

This made Adam smile and he kept drilling her cunt furiously while our Mother's orgasm shook through her. A variety of erotic moans and screams echoed as an everlasting orgasm continued to pulse through Mom.

Finally, my b*****r asked, "Where do you want my cum, Mother?"

My mom shamelessly begged, " Fill me with your cum, son,"

Adam continued pounding Mom until his face changed and he grunted, "I'm coming Mommy." He buried his cock deep into Mom and shot his wad inside her.

Both Kevin and I were hard again and Mom, who clearly was insatiable, ordered, "Kevin come lay back down for Mommy."

I was disappointed. This had begun as an intimate evening with just Mom and I and now I was getting left out. Once Kevin was on the ground, Mom straddled him for a second time. This time though she ordered me, "Get over here, Jacks, and fuck your Mother's ass."

I couldn't believe it. Kevin and I were going to DP our beautiful mother. I quickly got behind my Mother, who leaned forward giving me easy access to her rosebud. I slid my rod between her sweet ass cheeks.

My Mom, clearly impatient, ordered, "Stop admiring your Mother's ass and fill it with your meat."

Needing no further encouragement, I slowly began to penetrate my Mom's rear. It was incredibly tight. Once half my dick was in her ass, she surprised me by pushing back and taking the majority of my cock in her butt. My Mother demanded, "Now stop being a fucking pansy and fuck your Mom's ass."

Slightly embarrassed by my Mother's scolding and determined to make her happy, like I had always attempted to, I began to fuck my Mom's ass. She leaned forward and began a very non-mother-son-like kiss with Kevin. I leaned forward as well to deeper fill my Mom's ass. From this position, I seemed powerful and began to thrust in and out of my Mother, giving an extra hard thrust each time. The hard thrusts f***ed my Mom to quit kissing her youngest son and move her hands out to hold herself up.

"Oh yes, Jacks, that's it baby, fuck Mommy's ass. Fuck it deep and hard. Yes," she moaned.

Her words were quickly muffled by Adam who ordered, "No reason I should be left out of this. Now suck my cock, Mommy slut."

I looked up, thinking Adam may have gone too far, but instead heard Mom ask, "And how do I compare to all the other sluts you have fucked?"

Adam shoved his cock in her mouth and said, "So far so good, slut. But let's see how you worship my cock."

I continued ramming my rod in my Mom's still incredibly tight ass and soon she adjusted and we were like a well-oiled machine. With each thrust forward, she deep-throated most of Adam's cock and when I pulled back, so did she. There was a bizarre symmetry to the triple penetration of our mother.

Having already come once, I knew this would be a marathon session. Perspiration was dripping down my face while I continued the fast paced ass fucking my Mother had demanded.

Finally, I could feel my cum bubbling and I, being aggressive like I learned my Mother loved, pulled out, and ordered, "Adam go fuck our whore's ass. I want Mommy dearest to suck the cock that just rammed her asshole."

Adam moved, seemingly impressed by his big b*****r for once, and my Mom looked up at me also with a look of wow-about-fucking-time. I shoved my cock in my lovely Mother's mouth and watched while she eagerly gobbled it up. Adam easily filled Mom's ass and again my mom was being triple-teamed by her sons and loving it. It took only a couple of minutes of my Mom's luscious lips around my cock to feel my cum bubbling again. When I knew I could not hold back anymore, I pulled out of Mom's mouth and shot my cum all over her pretty face. After the majority of my cum landed on her check, forehead and hair, I reluctantly pulled my slowly shrivelling cock out of my Mom's perfect cocksucking mouth. I collapsed on the lawn chair and watched my lovely Mom get DP'd by her two youngest sons.

Now with no cock in her mouth to keep her mouth closed, she got animated. "Yes fuck Mommy boys, fuck her like a dirty slut."My mother also began to bounce up and down, somehow keeping both cocks in her two holes.

Adam rammed her ass and gave playful spanks to her cheeks. "You know Mommy, this isn't a one-time thing. I plan to use you as my personal fuck-toy whenever I want. Is that understood?"

My Mother, reaching yet another orgasm, moaned in understanding, "Mommy will be a fuck-toy for all of my sons. Now make Mommy come."

Adam drilled our Mother hard and a couple of minutes later another orgasm quaked through Mom. "Oh my fucking God, fuck Mommy, fuck her like you do all your little tramps. Fuck, fuck, fuck you are making Mommy comeeeeeeeee!"

Once Mom finished her orgasm, Adam pulled out of Mom and shoved his rod in Mom's mouth. She eagerly sucked her son's cock and began to really bounce on her son's cock in her pussy. Adam grunted and pulled out, shooting a second load of cum all over our Mother's face. As soon as Adam was done, Mom got off Kevin's cock and gobbled him whole with her expert cocksucking mouth.

She bobbed up and down on her youngest son's cock like it was a race. It was so fucking hot. As soon as Kevin warned, "I'm going to come Mommy." Mom took her mouth off her son's cock and gave him a fast hand-job.

"Come on Kevin, come all over your Mommy's face like your b*****rs did," Mom requested.

Shy and reserved Kevin surprised us all when he grunted, "Take my cum, Mommy slut."

Seconds later cum exploded from Kevin's cock and coated Mommy's already sticky face. Mom took Kevin's cock back into her mouth and slowed to a leisurely pace.

A couple minutes later all three of her son's limp cocks rested and Mom crawled over to Adam and me. She took a cock in each hand. "You guys aren't done with Mommy, are you?"

"Hell no," Adam stated.

"Good," Mom said, stroking both our cocks.

Adam looked at my rising cock and said, "Are you ready for another round?"

My cock was fully erect again. I stood up, grabbed my Mom's head and began to face fuck my Mother. Adam high-fived me for the first time ever, and went behind our kneeling Mother.

Adam slid into my Mom's well fucked pussy and said, "Kevin, get that dick hard again. It is time to gangbang Mommy again."

Kevin stroked his cock and watched his older b*****rs use his Mother as a fuck-toy. Once he was hard again, he stood up and with a new found confidence demanded, "Move over Adam, it is my turn to fuck Mom's ass."

Impressed by the new Kevin, Adam obliged, and we repositioned ourselves. Soon Adam was in Mom's cunt, Kevin in her ass and my dick was in her mouth.

All three of us, having already exploded in or on our Mother twice, took our time gangbanging our Mother. Two more orgasms for Mom, and each of us shot one final load in our perfect and now fuck-toy Mother. Once we were all spent, my Mom lay on the ground, cum leaking from her pussy and ass, and her face sticky with her son's cum. She smiled in pure sexual bliss.

I looked directly at my beautiful well-fucked Mom, the one I had fantasized about my whole life. Then I suggested, a jubilant smile on my face, "Well I think we have started a whole new f****y tradition, a tradition that we will do many, many times. Gangbang Mommy!!!."


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How i became a mommy

As I stood there watching him drive away tears streaming down my face, I knew he was the one I wanted and I would do anything I could to make that little boy happy. It all started in a hot summers night in early august. I was sitting at my computer bored out of my mind playing a online chatting game lets just call it new life. I wanted to start a little f****y on there hoping that, that empty feeling like something was missing would go away. I had already had several c***dren on there but I wanted a Little mommy's boy. So I found myself at an orphanage searching for the perfect little boy, 3 hours passed of non stop disappointment, I was tired and my other k**s where signing on wanting me home to play, so I got ready to leave when I saw this cute little boy just a few yards in front of me, I figured I have already wasted three hours why not a little more. so I walked over to him and Imed him, His name was PJ we talked for hours that night it was a instant connection, and the more and more I talked to him the more I was drawn to him. We both had many secretes we where dieing to share with each other, I got very curious about him and decided to go ahead and read his profile, that's when I knew there was something different about him, he was 27 years old in real life but claimed to be little at heart, now I am very open minded and had many friends whom where "little at heart". I wanted to learn more about him but I was defiantly to afraid to ask him thinking I might scare him off or overwhelm him, so I took it slow I eventually noticed that he was like a open book he didn't hide anything. Whatever I asked he would answer right away and was honest about everything, I contemplated for thirty minuets on if I should go ahead and ask him just what he meant by little at heart, I decided to wait and let him come to me about that, PJ and I talked for a few hours, I explained to him that I wanted f****y role play, that meant he must play back I asked if there was anything he wanted out of this, and he replied "I want to be treated as if I was your baby, I want the whole experience" I had no problem at all doing that.

Over the next few weeks We spent every moment together, He loved to f****y role play and I finally felt complete. One night we stayed up talking till late, I wanted to know more about the adult side of him, He told me he didn't live alone but didn't say who they where to him so I assumed he had a roommate. I asked him about his goals in life and what he wanted, he then told me he wanted to find someone in real life who would accept him the way he is and would take care of him. I eventually asked him what he looked like so he sent me a pick of him. He was really cute, although you couldn't see much, it was of him in his car with sun glasses on, I didn't want to push it and ask for another one without the glasses thinking he might be self conchence about himself and wasn't ready to show me who he really was, I sent him a pic of me and he lit up, he sent me dozens of smiley faces and told me I was gorgus, IT had been a long time sense I had been complimented like that and I loved every moment of it. The next day He got on and I was Set in my ways that I was gonna get more from him, weather it be a pic or something else, That night I waited till the other k**s logged off for the night and it was just Pj and I, heh "PJ and I" I love saying that. I waited for twenty minuets after I had tucked him into bed and laid next to him before I finally asked him if he had a mic, he replied yes, I then asked him if he would like to talk to me, he got quite for a few minuets then replied yes. After sitting there for 3 minuets trying to play it cool and calm down from my excitement I hit the talk button and said hi, he got quite again, I waited then typed "can you hear me" he replied yes, I was so confused, he said he wanted to talk why wasn't he talking, I asked and he said he was shy, I giggled and hit talk again, "there's nothing to be shy about, just talk to me" I waited again, finally I see his voice dot turn green and I hear him say hi. I was instantly attracted to him, his voice just melted in my hears, it was deep but soothing.

After a few hours of us just talking on mic he finally came around and got over being shy, he finally told me he had to go to bed, I got quite and sad I wanted to talk to him more, But even more I wanted to hear him call me mommy, He said good night ill see you tomorrow, I immedently said wait, my hands got sweaty and I could feel my heart racing, I got so nervous but I needed to hear it, I wanted it bad, I finally got the courage and clicked talk " before you go I want something" he replied with "whats that" I could hear the nervousness in his voice I clicked talk again " I want you to say good night mommy, i love you" He got extremely quite, I clicked talk again "are u there" he replied "yes" I waited for four minutes I was just about to tell him never mind when I saw his dot turn green again, this time his voice was very c***d like and had an scared to death tone, " goodnight mommy, I love you" My face turned red with blushes, my heart melted my body got tingly and my toes went numb, I replied back "good night baby, mommy loves you too" I imedently heard giggles, those giggles are forever ringing in my head. I didn't sl**p much that night, tomorrow was Saturday and he was always on in the mornings every Saturday and Sunday. 9 am finally came and I got up and logged on first thing, and there he was just standing in his crib waiting for me to log on and get him out, I decided to go ahead and set up a private call, no answer. I saw him typing so I waited before asking why not, he said he wasn't alone that we would talk tonight. I wanted to know just who it was that lived with him. after two hours of f****y role play he said he had to go he had things to do that day he would be back that night, I as well had to things to do so I logged off.

That night I logged on, no PJ I was a little concerned cause he was usually on by now. 3 hours passed and he finally got on, he immedently imed me and told me he got caught up and that he wasn't alone tonight after all. I was curious as to why he couldn't talk to me on mic even if he did have a roommate, its not like we where doing anything bad. I talked to him in im's for a little then finally asked him why he couldn't talk to me, it took him several minutes to reply and I couldn't help but to notice hes hesitating on telling me things. he finally replied back with the most shocking news," I'm married" I felt my heart crack just a little, I'll admit I was crushing on him big time, I immedently got quite, I couldn't go threw with him anymore then just This online game. I am a magnet when it comes to attracting married men, I have been used and hurt to many times and in the end it always ends the same way, Me standing there holding my heart in pieces laying there in my hands. I tried my best to turn myself around and just continue on with him being my c***d on new life. It didn't work i found myself still falling for him, he had what I wanted and needed, and oh my goodness did I want it bad, I myself had a dirty little secrete and I couldn't blame him for not telling me....after all, I to had a finance, After a few hours of talking about him and his wife, I learned that he too was having problems with his relationship as well as I. I eventually got over the fact of him having a wife and moved on still very much falling for him. I eventually told him about josh and my situation and he understood where I was coming from and accepted it without hesitation.

The next day PJ didn't log on till that night, finally he was alone, I imed him and asked him if we could talk over mic, he without hesitation set up a private call due to my other k**s being around. mmmm his voice, its like music to your ears so soothing and comforting. That night we stayed up till 3 am talking, I noticed that in the previous nights PJ would do some flirting with me I didn't mind it at all But there was still something he was hiding I knew he liked being treated like a baby, but I never did understand why he liked it so much, We sat down at the table and began to talk, PJ got quite i new something was bothering him, I didn't want to talk on mic at the moment so i typed "pj whats wrong?" "nothing mommy" he typed back, LIES I knew he was lieing, "I know something is wrong, just tell me" PJ started to type but kept erasing it and typing again, after seeing him do that 3 times I finally told him he didn't have to if he was uncomfortable he replied back saying it wasn't that he was uncomfortable he was just worried that it would scare me away from him that he liked me and didn't want to ruin anything. I assured him that nothing he could say would make me turn away from him I was very open minded and didn't judge people by the life styles they choose to live. He Remained quite I finally spoke up "out with it pj, i know what you want and i might want it to but you have to tell me first. PJ just gave me a smiley face and said ok, I noticed he was typing something again so i patiently waited for him to finish, finally there it was the answer I was waiting for, He proceeded to tell me that he was in charge of a very large staff at his job and had to deal with lots of stress and hard choices, he then explained to me that he was a baby, an Adult Baby. I was in shock, I was expecting him to say he wanted me to cyber with him not that he was an Adult Baby, I've never really met an Adult Baby before, I've see them on the tv, you know the ones where they wear those HUGE thick diapers, carrying oversize binkeys with a lacy bib and did nothing but talk about using there diapers. I didn't know what to think, I was curious and definitely wanted to know more. I went ahead and asked him if he worn diapers he replied yes, I then assumed he used them so I shared my opinion on that and told him I thought that was gross but to each him own. He simply laughed and told me he did not use them, only whore them, boy was I revealed.

PJ then dropped what he was saying and asked me what i meant by "i know what you want and i might want it to but you have to tell me first", my face immedently turned red, I replied "nothing just forget it", pj was not one to just forget things, if something caught his interest he wanted to know every detail about it, PJ kept hounding me, finally i just came out with it, "I thought you wanted sex" I replied, PJ got quite again, finally he typed in "no, what would makes you think that" I paused for a sec then wrote, because you've been flirting and hitting on me allot, PJ laughed "I wont deny it, i do have a bit of a crush on u and some of the convos we have had did inspire me to have late nights even after we logged off", I was in shock....maybe he did like me after all, We continued talking about common interests over the next few hours . I was curious and wanted to know more about his baby side. The next day I planed on getting more info from him, I desperately wanted to know this guy I was falling for. The next day came and i decided to do some research on Adult Baby's they where nothing like what I had imagined and i don't know why but Ive always had a slight fetish of being treated like a c***d myself, but for some reason i was gaining a fetish for being a mommy, that night I logged on and he was on, I instantly invited him into a voice call. We started to talk about diapers first I wanted to know how often he wore them, why he loved them where dose he get them and who gets them for him. He said he didn't wear them often due to his wife not liken that part of him, he only gets to wear them when he is home alone.

I could feel myself getting wetter wondering if he was wearing them now. he said he loved wearing them cause it makes him feel like a infant and he felt the need to feel like a infant, I had no problem with that at all, something about the thought of a grown man in diapers turned me on. He told me hes to shy to buy them himself so he either orders them online or has his wife buy them while they are on sale. I never did understand why she would buy them for him if she didn't like it. We then started to talk about baby cloths, he told me he has lots, onesies footed jemmies, and regular toddler like cloths, at this point I was throbbing I could feel my clit swell it was begging to be touched, I could hear PJ's voice crackle as his breaths got heavier, I knew something was up but i didn't care I myself was ready to be touched, I slide my hands in my panties and began to play with my clit, it felt so good i needed him to keep talking so I kept asking him to describe his cloths and tell me when he would wear them, finally i said if I was with you What and when would u want me to dress you, Pj's mic turned off and he got quite, at this point I was to close to stop, i laid back and closed my eyes picturing the man i saw in the pic in a diaper and onsie, now only if i could remove those sun glasses. I got faster and faster, I rolled my hips along with my fingers i was on the verge of cumming, he finally came back on mic and giggled asking why I was asking him all of this, I came instantly after hearing his voice, I sat there calming down and cleared my thought, hit talk and replied "I was just curious" "oh" he said a few minutes past and I asked him what he was doing to that made his voice crackle and breath heavy, I wanted to let him know I knew.

"Nothing" he said quickly, I knew he was lieing and I wanted to push the truth out, "no really what where u doing,i know u where doing something just tell me" I heard him whimper just a little "I was jerking off" I got quite, I knew it. I just wished he would have let me hear him. I thought about it for a sec and just bluntly said "I wanna hear it" "really?" he said
"yea why not, obviously something I said turned you on so why not" he got quite again, "ok next time I will" he said. I was excited, I know knew exactly what he wanted, he wanted what I wanted. The next night he was alone again, and I was hungry for more, after the k**s signed off it was me and him again, I immedently started in on the baby talk, I knew that would get him going, after all he loved being treated like a baby right. there it was, I heard his voice change again his breaths pick up, "don't turn your mic off this time keep going I want to hear the baby cum in his diaper" that must have set him off cause within seconds I heard his mones get louder and louder ah ah aH AH AHHHHHH finally he came "awwww did baby get his diapey wet" "I love you mommy" is all he said, and that's all he needed to say, I fell and I fell hard. The next week was nothing but cyber sex, we just couldn't get enough, now I was only 20, and he was 27, I love older men, the thought of fucking an older guy was exstreamly hot, it was defiantly a turn on, my birthday was right around the corner, and I wanted something special, I had never been taken out on a real date, I met my finance when I was 16 we had been together scence then he was my first and only at that point, don't get me wrong I loved him but after 5-6 years of fighting and being treated like a toy you want more to life for yourself. that day me and the finance got into a huge fight, I told him to stop or he was gonna push me away, he never takes my threats seriously, this time I was sireouse weather I ended up with PJ or not, I was done. PJ knew that I have never been on a real date and I always ended up with pigs, He wanted to be different, he wanted to be everything I wanted and needed,

That night when I logged on PJ said he had a surprise for me to find a pretty dress and im him when im ready, I did as I was asked and Imed him, PJ Teleported me into his sky box on new life, I about cried, he set up a dinner table with candles on a green table cloth black chairs with big pink bows on the back, strains of white sparkling lights above the table, decorative plants around and sent me links with soft romantic music, We talked and dances for hours, it was the most romantic thoughtful thing anyone has ever done for me. We started talking about birthdays, he told me his and I told him mine, He asked me what I wanted for my birthday, jokingly I said you. He got quite then he asked if I really wanted to see him, My mind just froze so many things raced threw my head, my heart was pounding, my hands got sweaty again, could I do this? hes married, I have a finance, I had to, I needed to see him, he was just to perfect to be true, and if he is who he says he is, I cant just let him go, I need to know. I NEED to meet him. I couldn't bring myself to say it, so I typed it, "yes" We began talking about it more, He began to show me more about his baby side he showed me pics of all the outfits he had, that's when i noticed he had a few girly things and dresses, I asked him why he had those and hats when I found out that my little baby boy is now my little prissy baby boy. I wanted it all, but I didn't want to pressure him and he didn't want to pressure me, so we came up with safely words if one of us is moving to fast for the other, The next day he had everything set up and we planed for him to come down on my birthday, that quickly changed he had stuff come up at work and we needed to move it, so we decided the weekend before my birthday. That night I finally added him to my messenger outside of the game and found out he had a web cam. I wanted so bad to see him without the glasses and in his outfits, but mainly wanted him in a little dress,

As i sat there waiting for the messenger to finish adding him I convened myself to ask him for the webcam invite, I imed him and asked and surprisingly he sent me one, There he was, My little baby boy, I finally got to see him, all of him, Damn he was perfect, brode chest, puffy baby cheeks red with blushes dark brown hair, greenish bluish eyes, 100% perfect, and absolutely all mine. I couldn't keep my eyes off of him, I just sat there staring at him in awe, I knew what I wanted, and I was gonna get it one way or another, I began baby talking him, telling him how cute he was, and how much I would love to see him in a diaper, his face was now bright red with a huge smile on him, I slowly started typing "Can I see you in a diaper?" to keep myself from talking myself out of it I quickly pressed enter and waited, I saw him look down at his pants and back to the screen, he slowly unbuttoned his pants, my eyes now glued to that spot I felt that wet feeling again, at this point i was to far in to ignore it, my hands found there way into my panties again, i sat there and watched him stand up and pull down his pants, there he was, there was my little baby boy, standing there in his diaper, I shoved my fingers deep into my tight pussy hole, it had been a while seance me and josh had done anything It felt so good to have something in me again, I wanted to see it, I wanted to see his cock, I wanted to know what could be inside me at that very moment, I finally asked him and after allot of convincing He finally went and put on his dress and came back, before he set down I couldn't help but notice his diaper bulging out, He was hard and I wanted to please my little baby, so I voice called him and began telling him how much of a cute lil girl he made, and how he was making mommy's pussy very wet, I then asked him to rub the outside of his diaper for me, without hesitation his hand was there, I started to ask him if he wanted to cum for mommy, and he said yes very whiny, I went ahead and gave the ok for him to cum, my fingers now sliding in and out of my tight pussy faster and faster, I could feel my pussy tighten around my fingers I was close.

PJ poured baby lotion into his hands and slowly stuck it into his diaper, I sat there gazing at him watching his diaper move up and down, I slowed down my fingers and went the same speed as him, using my other hand I started to rub my clit, faster, I said, as I watched his diaper move faster "that's mommy's good little girl, squeeze that cock harder, your such a prissy little boy aren't you" his head leaned back and he started moneing with me, I picked up the pace and started pounding my fingers in me, "let me see it baby I wanna see that cock" I watched closely with anticipation as he pulled back his diaper letting his hard lotion covered cock pop out of this diaper, "mmmmmmm yes theirs my baby's cock, now pump it faster" I laid back into the chair and closed my eyes picturing his cock sliding in and out of me, there it was I was cumming, I began to mone louder and louder, this only sending my little boy nuts knowing his mommy is cumming thinking of his cock, he begins cumming as well. We both sat there, tired and worn out trying to catch our breaths, I looked over And there he was my baby boy, I knew right Then I was falling in love with him. I loved everything about him at that point, and knew that it was only gonna be deeper when I was to meet him that weekend.

The days passed slowly, the closer and closer it got to Saturday the slower the time seem to go. But it was here IT was Finally Saturday I woke up at 5 30 am scared and nervousness out of my mind, I tried to go back to sl**p but I just couldn't, I felt like a k** waiting on Christmas morning, In just 30 minuets my baby boy would be calling me leaving his house on his way to mine. I laid in bed as thoughts filled my mind, what if he doesn't like me? what if I'm not pretty enough for him? what if I cant be the mommy he wants or needs, I so desperately wanted to be everything he wanted or needed, I must have been lost in thoughts cause the phone rang, I looked at the time it was exactly 6 it had to be him, I grabbed the phone and answered it, "hey baby I'm calling to let u know I'm on my way" I could feel my stomach fill with butterfly's I was so nervousness, he lived exactly 3 hours away, so in just 3 hours I will meet my baby boy for the first time, I knew he was mine, all mine, he was submissive in every way and I knew that I could practically get him to do whatever I wanted, I just have to step up and be the dominate mommy, how hard could that be I'm already dominate I just had to get the mommy part down.

Three hours have finally passed and the phone rings its him "hey baby I'm like 12 minutes away" I start to panic but try so hard not to let him hear it in my voice "OK baby boo, ill be outside waiting for you" I hang up the phone and walk outside, the cool air blows on me, my shirt is thin material so my nipples instantly get hard, oh god now I'm really panicky, its to late to put a bra on, and even if i do its not gonna help much. I open my car door and I sit down, taken deep breaths to help calm down, I keep glance into the review mirror and I see tires one a red tracker enter my yard. This is it, my baby boy is here, he pulls up next to me and I look over, Hes still sitting in his car, so I exit mine and stand in front of it, I take a look at him and hes sitting there staring at me, as if I wasn't nervous enough, but to have him just sit in his car looking at me only makes my mind race more, I start thinking to myself, oh no, is he gonna just back out and leave, am I what he wants, Please let me be what he wants. He opens the door and steps out, and walks over to me, there he stands, the most beautiful man I have ever had the pleasure to meet, he truly was something else. It felt so good to be able to look into his eyes, they sparkled with innocents, he was absolutely perfect, We where both very nervous and didn't spend much time looking at each other, finally he broke the ice and gave me a hug, I can still remember exactly how he smelled, he soft skin on mine, the way I felt in his arms, it was just right.

We decided to walk into the house, by that time josh had already disapeard to his computer room so it was just me and him sitting on the couch, he pulled out two Ds's and handed me one to play Mario kart with him, we played a couple rounds as i noticed him scooting closer to me, my body started to shake my mind kept wondering, I had told him earlier to wear a diaper and a plain onsie under his cloths, and my mind just kept going back to that, impatiently waiting and wanting to know if he actually had them on, at this point Pj was sitting right next to me, I looked over to him and he leaned in and cuddled on me, It was perfect, I handed him his Ds and he put it away returning to cuddle with me, I wrapped my arms around him and held him tightly, he sighed with content, we stayed like that for a few minuets till I finally heard the words I was so desperately wanting to hear, he mumbles out shyly and quietly "can i kiss you?" I couldn't talk I just smiled down to him and shook my head yes, He leaned up and our lips touched for the first time, He has such soft plump lips, I got goose bumps and never wanted that kiss to end. I heard josh stat walking down the hall way so I quickly sat him up and waited for josh to return to his room, I looked over at PJ and saw he was staring at me again, only this time I didn't feel self conchence, I loved the way he was looking at me, I could see love in his eyes, And I started to see the c***d in him, It was time to take josh to work We all got into the car and he sat up front with me. It was a very awkward and quite ride.

I pulled into the parking lot to let josh out, as soon as he closed the door PJ said he was hungry how about some lunch, I said sure, we ended up going to subway and went back to my house to eat, we walked into the house and sat down at the dinner table and we started to eat our sandwiches, I couldn't wait any longer I had to see if he was wearing them I wanted to see my baby boy, so I asked him to stand up and take off his cloths, He did as told slowly he un buttoned his shirt i could see the top of his white onsie and noticed u could also see the top of his diaper sticking out of his pants under his onsie, i watched as he removed his belt and un buttoned his pants sliding them off slowly. My panties now soaked, and there he was my little baby boy Standing in front of me, his diaper fit him so perfect, he had the cutest little bubble but and that onsie fit him perfectly, I no longer seen A grown man in a diaper, I saw a c***d, his stance was perfected his facial expressions witch matched a 3 year old. I finally had him, He was MINE. PJ finished eating, and i took him by the hand and walked over to the couch and pulled out the bed, WE laid down and I pulled him up on my lap and held him. PJ grabbed my pinky toe "this lil piggy went to the marked" he grabbed the next "this lil piggy stayed home" I smiled and sat there quietly as he continued "this lil piggy had umm it hads ROAST BEEFS" he garbed the second to last, "this little piggy had none" he grabbed my big toe and said "this lil piggy went we we we" at that point it attack him with tickles and finished it for him. PJ giggled and turned his head gently kissing me again.

I kissed him back as I slid my hands down his chest, He knew I wanted him right then, He pulled me around and on top of him, I began Kissing him and rubbing the outside of his diaper I could feel his hard cock beneath my hand. I unbuttoned his onsie and slide my hand up it slowly un taping his diaper, Paused for a sec waiting for him to say no, nothing, so i kept going, finally i had his diaper all undone and his cock fully exposed, it was perfect, average size, very thick, and perfect shape, I knew he wanted it bad, his cock was dripping with precum I grabbed his cock and wrapped my hand around it, HE immedently stopped me and told me I needed lotion, He got up and got his baby lotion laying back down and handed it to me, I looked at him nervously wand poured the lotion on my hand grabbing a hold of his cock again, I began stroking him slowly, telling him he was a good little baby for mommy, My arm was getting tired and so i let him take over till he got to the point of him about to cum, I started kissing him, then his neck and back to his lips, I glanced into his eyes and turned my attention to his ear, softly I started to nibble on it, He announced he was close so I grabbed ahold of his cock and again and finished jacking the baby off, he came everywhere, all over his belly and my hand, I never did like the feeling of cum on my hands so I got up right away and washed it off returning to the pull out bed laying down as he cleaned up.

PJ returned and laid down next to me, he could sense I was very horny and wanted release, HE started to kiss me again, running his hands down to my thighs and up the my shorts leg holes, slowly and gently he slide my panties aside his fingers now finding out just how wet I really was, with ease his finger slide to my clit, as he gently rubbed in circles, now kissing him harder spreading my legs wider for him allowing him full access his fingers slide down to my tight whole as he slowly slide one in me getting me use to him, then gently added another one, I was out of control I couldn't hold back much longer i was ready to explode, he felt me tighten around his fingers and began pumping them in and out faster, my pussy walla began to throb my body began jerking and my mones came louder, i was cumming and i was cumming fast and hard, I begged Pj to keep going, I didn't want him to stop, I ended up cumming 3 times before He finally stopped. I laid there resting before going to clean myself up, That happened 4 more times before it was time for dinner, I needed to put PJ into a new diaper but had no idea how, so I grabbed one and let PJ show me how, I must always remember pee pee down or it will hurt. Pj decided he was gonna take me out for my birthday we went to longhorn, He was the perfect gentle man. I never wanted that night to end.

That night on the way to pick josh up from work, i heard my baby sing for the first time, He had the voice of an angel. I loved it when he song I felt peaceful and content. Now i have lots of beads hanging on my review mirror, and of course with him being a baby hes gonna play with them. Pj asked where I got them all and I told him Where I got each one and how much they meant to me, He smiled and said they where pretty. I reached up and garbed my favorite one witch was red with hearts on it, and I put it around his neck, he asked what that was for and I just smiled and told him that they where his now, and as long as he has them he will always have his mommy with him. I could see his eyes get teary and he grabbed the beads and held onto them tightly, that night after we got back home, I said goodnight to josh and found myself in the room with PJ I placed him in a Fresh diaper and He pulled out his faverate footed jemmies showing me them, I knew he wanted me to put it on him so I did, I laid down next to him and pulled him into me laying my head on his chest I could smell fresh baby powder and lotion coming from his diaper I fell asl**p on him.

That next morning, I woke up and got something to Drink and came back to bed, I noticed my baby had morning wood, so I reached over and started to rub the outside of his diaper again, his eyes filled with lust, He became whiny and restless, He wanted it and he wanted it bad, i unzipped his jemmies and reached into his diaper gently laying with him, his voice cracked and became whiny again, I heard him mumble "I want in you", I knew what he wanted but I ignored what he said and pretended not to hear it, I was scared and nervous, we hadn't gone that far yet, and it was only the 2nd day of meeting him, he rolled over and started rubbing the outside of my panties again, I spread my legs for him again, He leans in and whispers again "I want in you" I wanted it too at that point and i sure as hell couldn't pretend not to hear it that time, I looked at him and asked if he had anything, he slowly nodded yes, I looked up at the ceiling, I had never been with anyone besides josh, should I let him? I looked back to him and told him to get them, without hesitation he bent over me and grabbed the box handing it to me, I grabbed the box and opened it pulling out a strawberry flavored condom. I opened it and slowly rolled it onto his cock. I looked up at him and instantly took his cock into my mouth, IT was big, and my mouth was small, I had a very hard time fitting it in, I knew it was gonna hurt in my pussy I wasn't use to something that thick. I heard him grone and say ok ok he told me once before he didn't really like blowjobs they do nothing for him, I laid on my back and opened my legs for him again and gave him the ok, PJ climbed on top of me and positioned his cock at my hole and slowly slid it in, yup I was right, pain and lots of it, I asked him to stay still for a min till i got use to it, after the pain went away i nodded in approval and he starts slowly pumping in and out, It felt so good to have him inside me, i didn't have to pretend or fantasize anymore, I could actually feel it, I slowly ran my nails down his back and looked him in the eyes, He began pumping faster and faster, I knew he wasn't gonna last long i spread my legs as far apart as I could giving him every inch he could take, I was so close, PJ started to cum he pulled out, I was slightly disappointed but to in love to care, besides I had a plan for later, and I was gonna get mine.

PJ laid beside me and pulled me in close, I could smell sex in the air, but mostly I could smell baby powder I don't know why but for some reason that smell was just turning me on more, I was ready for round two, I rolled over to kiss him and start in again but I could tell my baby was to tired so I was just gonna wait and let him rest, after taken josh to work again we decided to go to the mall, IT was raining and a little cold, I loved the rain, The water just feels so good dropping on your skin, We walked into the mall and I reached over grabbing his hand, I loved the way my hand fit so perfectly into his, He had soft big hands. As we walked threw the mall He found the toy store baby's just love toys, We walked in and his eyes went big, so many different toys, from stuffed a****ls to toy guns, PJ started to tell me how much he loved trains and legos, but not the newer legos those suck, he loved the old ones, he told me how he had space ships and witch ones he was missing, I really wished i could buy the ones he was missing for him, I wanted nothing more then to spoil my baby boy, After looking at the toys we decided to go to the arcade, He told me how he owned some arcade games and vending machines and how he has them set up at his job, I Felt so proud of him, he was only 27 and has already accomplished most of his goals in life, Things an average 27 year old wouldn't have, I'm not much of one to play arcade games but I loved to watch, He tried a few and then came to the conclusion they where all rigged (mommy already knew that) but i wasn't gonna ruin his fun, Pj smiled at me and then said et oh looking down to his tummy, my baby was hungry, We walked into the food court and got him some food, as i sat there waiting for PJ to finish my mind kept going back to what happened just a few hours earlier, I could still feel his cock stretching my pussy, I wanted it again, I wanted to feel that feeling again, my body was tingling I just had to have it, I NEEDED it.

PJ Started to ask me if there where any arcades near by I smiled and said yes, i'm sure there are a few, He asked if we could go, "sure hunny as soon as your done" PJ smiled and said I am let me just get something to put the rest of this in and we will take it with us, i nodded in approval and patiently waited, We weren't going to go to an arcade, mommy wanted her baby and she was gonna get him, He came back and said he was ready, we got up and headed out to the car, I noticed i had left the lights on in the car and thought crap the battery is probably gonna be dead, We got in and thank god my car started, I backed up and started to head for the street, PJ asked how far away the arcade was, I smiled and told him, "where not going to an arcade baby doll" PJ looks at me with a sad face "Where not?" I smiled seductively at him, "no hunny where going home, I cant take it any longer I need you now" PJ's face went from frowning to a very big smile, His hand now reaching over in my seat as he placed it on my thigh, He now new I needed him and he wasn't about to let me off that easy, that little boy was evil, He slide his hand down my thigh playing with my knee, I don't know what it is but I have this thing with my knees, all someone has to do is gently and seductively touch them and I'm ready to go, PJ smiled and said "I've never had someone want me so bad they couldn't wait" only if he really knew. We pulled into the yard and came inside, I Grabbed his dress out of his bag and tossed it to him "slide that on baby girl, mommy is gonna go take a shower quietly sit and watch tv till I am done". PJ smiled at me and said yes mommy, I grabbed my towel headed for the shower, I could hear him in the living room giggling at the cartoons, my mind raced, my hands wounderd, I was so wet and sensitive to the touch, finished washing up and got out, dried off and slipped on my nighty and pair of panties, I walked into the living room and pj stood up and gave me a hug, "mmm you smell good mommy" I smiled at him, "thank you, maybe you can tell me if i taste good" PJ gave me a confused look, I grabbed him by the hand and led him to the bed, I laid back and opened my legs for him "mommy wants you to do something for her" PJ smiled, he new exactly what I wanted, He slid off my panties and laid between my legs, I could feel his hot breath now on my pussy, my clit twitched, I was ready, PJ parted my lips and gently found my clit with his tongue, I instantly let out a mone, His tongue now ravishingly licking at my clit. I opened my legs as wide as I could I wanted to cum so bad, Warm sensations paused threw my body, I could feel my pussy starting to drip "faster" I moned PJ was now Licking as fast and hard as he could, "you like licking mommy's tight little pussy" I asked, I could feel his voice vibrate in my pussy as he replied yes, that was it, I was there. I grabbed his hear and I pushed his head down into my pussy, my back arched and i started to jerk, My mones now as loud as I could get, I was cumming In his mouth, PJ licked up ever bit, sat up and smiled widely "I did good mommy?" I giggled and nodded yes "very good baby boy, very good".

I was still laying there trying to catch my breath, now week from cumming but I still wanted more, "Go get a condom baby" i smiled and said to him, PJ jumped up and ran off for a condom, he came back and opened it up quickly and slid it on after tearing his diaper off, at this point i knew my baby was ready to burst. I nodded and gave him the ok to stick it in, PJ claimed on top of me again and slide it in, this time it went in a little easier, my pussy still tightly around his cock, PJ placed one arm on the arm rest and the other on the back of the couch holding himself up, I wrapped my legs around him and He began pounding into me, I absolutely loved the way his cock felt in me, I opened my legs up even more I wanted it all in me ever single inch. pj looked down at me staring me in the eyes, he bent down and kisses me gently smiling at me, I ran my hands up his dress and around to his back gently running my nails down it, PJ was now pounding me as fast and as hard as he could, "dose baby girl like pounding mommy's tight little pussy?" His eyes widen as he mones out yes very whiny, he opened his mouth ah ah aH AH AHHHHHHHHHHHH, "good little baby, cum in mommy's pussy, fill her up" PJ collapsed on me. I wrapped my arms around him holding him tightly and kissed his head, "such a good little boy" PJ giggled and just laid in my arms, After a few minutes passed and he was soft, he went ahead and pulled out and got up, We both looked at the time it was 4 , he had to leave in just a hour, I got up and went into the other bathroom to clean up as he cleaned up, I walked out of the room only to find PJ standing in the middle of the kitchen, He smiled and said huggies as he reached out his arms, I started to cry again, I didn't want him to leave, but he assured me he would be back. We walked into the spare room and I sat him on the bed and laid him back to diaper him one last time, as he finished packing his things up, He turned and looked at me I should go ahead and take these out to the car, I nodded an ok.

PJ walked his things out to the car, as i sat on the bed, i couldn't take it anymore the tears just started rolling out, I tried so hard to hold them back, my baby boy just came into my life and now i have to watch him leave, I new he was coming back but that still didn't stop me from crying. I was shaken and trembling, I could feel my heart break and there was nothing i could do to stop it, PJ came back in and saw me crying, he walked over to me and wiped away the tears from my face "please don't cry mommy, ill be back, i promise" those words only made it worse, i knew he cared allot about me but i wasn't as sure if he felt the same way i did. He stood me up and hugged me tightly, looked at me and asked if id walk him out, I grabbed his pillow I remember begging for him to leave it here earlier, but he said he couldn't it was his favorite one, I said fine then ill just keep the pillow case cause it smells just like you, again he couldn't only cause his wife would be pissed her pillowcase was missing, I didn't mind him having a wife, cause I had a finance I cant be mad at someone for having something that i do, But i wont deny I was jealous, I wanted him for myself I wanted to be the girl he came home to everyday and the one who tucked him in every night. I knew i loved him, and always would. I walked him out to his car, he turned to me and grabbed the pillow, he looked at me, you know i wish i could leave u this, "i know" i said, he placed it in the back of the car, he turned to me one last time and wiped the tears away again, I looked at his cute little baby face and gently kisses his lips holding onto him tightly. PJ let go and said it was time to go. I garbed his door with my hand and waited for him to get in and then closed it, he slide over his seat belt and clicked it, smiled at me as he started the car and then blew me a kiss, As I stood there watching him drive away tears streaming down my face, I knew he was the one I wanted and I would do anything I could to make that little boy happy. And with tears streaming down my face I watched him leave. I walked inside and sat down on the couch where we just made love a hour ago, I couldn't stop crying, i cried for 45 minutes until I heard the phone ring, I got up and walked over to it and answered "hello?" and all I could hear was this c***d like voice,"I love you with all my heart mommy, I cant wait till I get to see you again".
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mommy its better then paradise


It was obvious that William was in a good mood when he picked me up from work. When I got into the car he had a big smile on his face. I took one look at him and said, "You look like you've had a good day."

"I got my first paycheck today, Mom. Here it is!"

He handed me his paycheck, I looked at it and said, "Wow, that's great!" His check for a week was almost what I earned in a month. I was really proud of him. When he had graduated from high school a few weeks ago he had started working in construction. The work was hard, but he was young and strong, and the job obviously paid well. "You deserve it," I told him, "you're a hard worker."

We had never had much money. I had raised William as a single mom, having gotten pregnant when I was in high school. We had lived with my mother, until she had died in a car accident when I was only twenty-two. From that time on, my son, William, and I had lived together in a small apartment. Over the years I had often held two jobs, so that I could provide as best as I could for William. He had never complained, and had always been a good son.

As we headed home that night we drove past a fancy restaurant that we always joked about, saying that someday we'd eat there. We knew it was too expensive for us, but it always gave us a laugh. This time as we drove by it William said to me, "Mom, I'd like to celebrate my first paycheck by taking you to that restaurant tomorrow night." I told him that he didn't have to do that, but he kept insisting that he wanted to. I was hiding the real reason I didn't want him to take me there, but he was persistent in saying he wanted us to go there. So I finally told him, "William, I'd love to go there with you, but honey I don't have anything to wear."

His response surprised me, "Well we can take care of that! I'm treating you to a new outfit."

"Honey, you don't have to do that."

"I know Mom, but I want to."

I could tell that there wasn't going to be much use in arguing with him, so I agreed, "Well, okay."

We continued on down the highway but when we got to the discount store where I usually shopped he went right on by. "William, you passed the store."

"No Mom, I want to buy you something nice." And with that he turned into one of the town's larger malls. "We should be able to find something in here," he said.

"Well you'll have to help me then. If you see something you'd like me to wear you let me know, okay."

"Sure Mom."

We strolled through the mall passing the window displays of several stores. William finally stopped in front of one, turned to me, and said, "That looks nice Mom. What do you think?" I turned to see what he was looking at. It was a two-piece outfit in black that was displayed on a mannequin. The top was a ribbed stretch top with short sleeves and a moderately plunging scoop neckline. The bottom was a nice skirt that wasn't too short, stopping a few inches above the knees.

"That's fine with me, if it's okay with you."

We went into the store where I picked out the two pieces in my size and we made our purchase. As we left the store I told William, "There's one minor problem. I don't have a bra to wear with this top. All my bras are white, and they'll probably show through this stretch top. Maybe we should take this back."

"No Mom," he replied, "we'll simply buy you a new bra. There's a department store just a few doors down."

Before I could respond he took my hand and started leading me. We made our way to the lingerie department where there were several bras on display at the entrance. "What do you think Mom, shouldn't one of those be okay?"

He was suggesting a lacy black demi bra. Besides figuring that a black bra was what I needed, he had correctly assumed that I'd need a bra with cups that wouldn't be visible in the open neckline. I told him that one of those would be fine. A clerk approached us and asked if she could help us. Before I could respond William told her, "She wants a bra like that one over there."

The clerk looked at William, then at me, and then back at William and asked, "What size?" William obviously didn't know the answer so he simply turned and looked at me. "What size?" the lady repeated, now looking at me.

"38D" I replied. I noticed that William glanced at my chest, and then turned his head away. I thought that he must be embarrassed to be here, with his rather buxom mother, buying a bra. The clerk went to a drawer and found the bra we needed. She also pulled out a pair of matching panties and asked if we'd like to get them too, telling us that they were half-price with the purchase of the bra. Again William took charge and told the clerk we'd take the panties too. As she headed to the cash register I turned to William and jokingly said, "I haven't had matching underwear since I was in high school. You're going to spoil me!"

"You deserve nice things Mom. I want you to be happy."

The salesclerk suggested we open a charge account and William agreed, particularly after he learned that one of the benefits of doing so was that I could get a free makeover. William thought that was a great idea, saying I deserved some extra pampering and attention. We even discovered that we would be able to schedule the makeover for the next day. William suggested I go ahead, saying it would make tomorrow night extra special. I agreed, made the appointment for the early afternoon, and we left the store.

As we walked past a shoe store I said, "Oh drat, I don't have any shoes to wear with these things. William I'm afraid this is turning into more trouble than it's worth. It's been so long since I've dressed up I think I've forgotten how."

"No problem Mom…outfit…underwear…makeup…shoes…Anything else?" he joked.

We laughed and headed into the shoe store. "I want to pick these out," he told me. As the clerk came over he said, "I need something here for 'shorty'." He often teased me, calling me 'shorty', even though at 5' 5" I wasn't really that short. It's just that standing next to him, at 6' 2" I was definitely shorter. He picked up a pair of shiny black shoes with four inch heels and joked, "These ought to get you up here to the higher altitudes!"

"If you insist!" was my mockingly self-righteous comeback. We were starting to get giddy from all of our shopping. I wasn't used to getting so many nice things at once. Anyway, I tried on the shoes, joked that I was going to get a nosebleed, and we made the purchase. The salesclerk must have thought we were crazy the way we carrying on. Having finished our shopping we left the mall and headed for home.

When we arrived at our apartment William asked, "Do you want to try everything on?"

I was a bit tired so I told him, "No, I've had a long day. I think I'll wait until tomorrow. I'm going on to bed." I walked over to William and kissed him on the cheek, telling him, "William, thank you so much for all the nice treats tonight. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow night". Then I went to bed.

I awoke early on Saturday, wanting to get all my weekend chores out of the way quickly. I was really looking forward to my makeover, trying on my new clothes, and going out for dinner. William had gotten up early because he'd promised a friend he'd help him move. I knew he wasn't going to be home until about 5:00 in the afternoon. By noon I had finished my housecleaning and took a quick shower. Then I headed to the mall for my makeover. The lady was very nice, took her time, and I was pleased with the results. William had left some money on the kitchen table in the morning, with a note telling me to use it to buy some cosmetics if I wanted to. I didn't really want to buy any cosmetics, but as it happened the clerk suggested that I have my hair done. She knew there was an available appointment because the lady after me had canceled her makeover and hair appointment. I didn't think William would mind, and it had been so long since I'd had my hair professionally cut, that I took the appointment. Also, before I left the department store I remembered that there was one more thing I needed--some stockings. While paying for them I giggled to myself as I recalled our teasing in the shoe store about whether I had gotten everything I needed.

When I returned home I thought I'd better start getting ready for going out to dinner. To relax I took a long bath, and shaved my legs. Since I'd just gotten it done, I took care not to get my hair wet. After drying off I opened the bags from last night's shopping spree and emptied their contents onto the bed. I picked up the black lace panties and put them on. I had remembered that they were bikini-style so I had trimmed the hair from around my pussy when I had bathed. I looked at myself in the mirror, saw the thin strips of fabric rise up over my curvy hips, and thought, "hmm not bad". I felt proud that my waist was as slim at age 33, as it had been when I was eighteen. The bikini panties also made my legs look longer, and I half-heartedly muttered to myself, "Don't call me shorty." I next put on the black lace demi bra. My smooth creamy white breasts contrasted with the dark lace of the black bra. The bra squeezed my breasts together, creating a deep cleavage. This further emphasized the fullness of my large breasts, making them look like they wanted to spill out of the cups of the bra. My breasts filled the cups so fully I wondered if maybe the saleslady had given me the wrong size. I took the bra off and looked at it. I read the label, 38D, and thought, hmm, I must have grown some! I put it back on and then sat on the edge of the bed. Picking up the stockings I had purchased I put them on. They were black thigh-highs with a lace edge around the top. Finally, I put on the black high heels we had purchased. Dressed in only the black bra, panties, stockings and shoes I strolled to the mirror and gazed at my reflection. It had been a long time since I had been able to fix myself up nicely and I thought I looked pretty good. I still weighed the same 120 pounds that I had weighed since high school. My figure was a true hourglass shape, with my large breasts tapering down to my slim waist, and my hips flaring out as they ran down to my shapely legs. I was also pleased with my new haircut. My long dark brown hair had always hung simply straight down my back. The beautician had cut it and layered it so that it reached just a few inches below my shoulders. The strands in the front cascaded down, resting just slightly above the top of my full breasts.

Being satisfied with my appearance so far I was now ready to try on the outfit William had bought me. I put on the ribbed top. Because it had a large scoop neckline I could stretch and hold the top open as I slipped it on so it wouldn't mess up my hair. Once I had the top on I thought, "Oh-oh, we have a problem. Why didn't I try this on at the store?" The scooped neckline was much more revealing than what we'd seen on the store's display. I thought to myself, "The mannequin was built like all those skinny models." I'd forgotten how slimly built they were. "This top's probably designed for someone with a 32A measurement, not someone as buxom as me!" When I looked in the mirror I realized that not only did the scoop top plunge so deeply that a lot of my bare smooth breasts and cleavage was visible, but that the stretchy material also tightly hugged the curves of my breasts, outlining them, leaving little to the imagination. I sighed and went ahead and tried on the skirt. It fit fine, being just tight enough around my waist, and just firm enough around my bottom. I kept wondering what I should do about the revealing top. I finally rationalized that it didn't really show any more cleavage than what you could see when you turned on half the shows on TV. I figured I'd ask William about it, and if he wasn't uncomfortable being out with his mother dressed this way I'd be okay. Not long after that I heard the front door open and I knew William was home.

"Mom, I'm home" he yelled.

"I'm back here" I answered. I heard him coming down the hallway towards my bedroom.

"Did you get your makeover" he called out as he was just outside my door.

"Yes honey. I did. You can come in. I'm dressed" He opened the door and entered the room. As he did so I turned to face him. He stopped dead in his tracks.

"Wow" he gasped "you look marvelous. Your hair… your makeup….your outfit." He stood there, looking me up and down until I felt self-conscious and started to blush. The only thing I could think to say was, "I hope you don't mind that I spent some of the money you left me to get my hair done"

"Are you k**ding" he replied, "it looks fabulous."

Then, remembering the plunging neckline, I asked him, "William, do you think this top is too revealing? I think these tops are designed for skinny models. I can find something else to wear. I don't want to embarrass you at the restaurant."

"Embarrass me!" he exclaimed, "why I'm going to be with the best looking gal in the restaurant…why would I be embarrassed. You look fabulous Mom!"

Feeling good from the compliment I said, "Why thank you William…you really know how to make a lady feel good!" I even did a little twirl to show off my new outfit, hairdo, and makeup. Looking up at William I realized he was still staring at me. I playfully clapped my hands together and said, "You'd better get cleaned up honey, our reservations are at 7:30".

"Sure Mom, he replied, I'll take a shower and get dressed."

As he headed to his room I went to the living room, sat down and started watching TV. The local news was just coming on when I heard William start his shower. When the news was almost over I realized that William was still in the shower. He's been in there a long time I thought, that's not like him. I got up, walked to just outside the door of the bathroom, and called to him "William, are you coming?" He didn't respond, so I called out again, "William, we're going to be late. You need to hurry up."

This time his response came back, "Uh, okay Mom, I'll be out in just a minute." I went back to the TV and waited. Shortly thereafter I heard him come out of the bathroom and go to his room. In about fifteen minutes he came out all dressed up in a sport coat and tie.

"You look nice son, but we have to go, we don't want to be late….That was sure one long shower you took."

"Uh, oh, I was just really sweaty and grimy from helping Bob move today. I've got the car keys. You ready to go?"

"Sure" I said. We got to the car and William opened the door for me. "Why thank you honey" I said.

"A lady deserves to be treated like a lady" he replied.

We got to the restaurant and were seated. The waitress asked if we wanted drinks. William only had a soft drink, but I ordered a margarita. To my amazement the waitress asked to see my ID! When I briefly hesitated she somewhat apologetically said, "By law we have to card anyone we think might be twenty-five or under. So I'll need to see your ID." I gladly complied as I could see William stifling a laugh. When she saw my id she was embarrassed and said she was sorry she'd asked, but that I sure looked a lot younger than 33 years old! I told her that she'd made my day! William said it was the makeover and hairdo. We had a good time at the restaurant, and even did a little dancing. A party of four attractive girls I guessed to be in their early twenties sat at a nearby table. I told William, "I'll bet you'd rather be out with those girls instead of your Mom."

"Mom, I told you, I'm with the best looking gal in the restaurant"

"Well, I'm with the best looking guy!" We looked at each other and laughed.

When we left the restaurant William once again opened the car door for me. But when he tried to start the car it wouldn't start. He raised the hood and worked for awhile and finally got it to start. However, in the process he got grease on his shirt, hands and forehead. Our old car was always breaking down, and I was frustrated that it had broken down tonight when the evening had been so special, and that William had gotten dirty fixing it. I felt my Cinderella evening was being spoiled. I was upset and grumbled, "This damn car….if I had a million dollars…….."

William tried to calm me down, and in a few moments asked me, "Mom, if you had a million dollars what would you do?"

"I'd buy a new car, that's for sure!"

"Well that'd still leave a lot left over! What would you do with the rest…what if you could make your wildest dreams come true?"

I thought a moment, and then answered, "I'd move to an island and sit on the beach all day soaking up the sun!"


Several weeks went by and William and I continued our daily routine. One day when I got home I found William packed, and he told me he had to go away for a few days. He said it was for a construction job so I didn't think anything about it. He called every night to check on me. After five days he returned and was waiting for me when I got home from work. "Anything exciting happen while I was gone?" he asked.

"Same as usual" I told him.

"Mom, do you remember somebody winning that big lottery last week?"

"Yeah, that's all people around here have been talking about. The winner was from right here in town. Everyone's trying to guess who it is, but the news said the winner wanted to remain anonymous."

William came over and sat down beside me, took both of my hands into his and calmly said, "Mom, I won that lottery". I thought he was joking at first, but as I looked at the expression on his face I realized he was serious. "We have fifty million dollars in the bank!" I was speechless. William proceeded to tell me that he had spent the past several days claiming the money, making arrangements for different things, and that he had indeed taken a trip. He then pulled out two airline tickets and said, "Mom I want to take you on a trip…to a special place."

I was so excited as we flew over the ocean to the Caribbean. When we landed William had a cab take us out into the countryside. It dropped us off at a villa that looked out over the ocean. The view was beautiful! The house was up on a hill, with about thirty stairs that led down to the beach. As we got closer to the house I saw a red convertible car parked outside and told William that someone must be here. He laughed, pulled some keys out of his pocket, and told me the car was mine! He must have been able to tell that I was puzzled so he proceeded to tell me, "Mom, this is your dream come true. This is your house on the beach. This is your car!" I felt like I was in a fairy tale, or was having a dream, but I realized that he was telling the truth! We went inside and he showed me around. "I hope you like it."

Dazed, I could only respond, "It's unbelievable!"

After touring the house William told me I had to see the beach and take a dip in the ocean. When I told him I didn't bring a swimsuit he said "no problem" and told me to check the top dresser drawer in my bedroom. He said the realtor had said she would leave an assortment of suits there. I found a red one-piece suit and put it on. It had a plunging neckline with a halter top that lifted my breasts, showing a fair amount of cleavage. The sides of the suit were cut high, exposing quite a bit of my hips. I thought surely there must be a less revealing suit in the drawer, but found none.

Coming out of my room I found William on the porch waiting for me. As we headed down to the beach William showed me a little gazebo that was part of our property. It was covered to provide protection from the sun while allowing you to look out over the beach and ocean. Taking up most of its space was a very large lounge chair. We made it to the beach and laid out our towels, sat down, and began enjoying the sun, sand and ocean. Both the sky and water were so blue it was hard to tell where they met. After a while I looked up the beach and saw a couple approaching. As they got nearer I noticed that the woman was topless. Her medium-sized breasts gently swayed as they passed by. I guessed the couple to be in their mid-forties. I turned to William and said I guess he got an eyeful. But he nonchalantly told me that the realtor had told him that nudity was fairly common on the island. We continued relaxing and tanning until I heard some noises. Another couple was approaching, but this time it was two girls. They appeared to be in their early twenties, and they were both completely nude. One was tall and slim, with short blond hair and small perky breasts. From the full patch of hair over her pussy it was evident that she was a true blond. The other girl was shorter, with long dark brown hair, and larger breasts. She had shaved her pussy, except for a narrow strip above her pussy. The two girls stopped no more than ten feet in front of us, were oblivious to their nudity, and asked if we knew the time. After William told them they continued on down the beach. When they were out of earshot I told William, "Now I know why you wanted to move here".

"Aw Mom, I didn't pay any attention to them."

"You mean to tell me you didn't notice them!"

"Not particularly."

I was a bit curious at his indifference so I questioned him, "Tell me William, which of those two girls did you like the most?" When he didn't answer I persisted with the question.

He figured he had to answer. "The brunette, the shorter girl."

"What did you like about her" I probed.

Without looking up he responded, "She was built more like you, with big boobs, I liked seeing them bounce as she walked."

I was surprised by his comments. Not knowing what to say I simply stayed quiet. Every so often I would glance at him through my sunglasses, but he seemed to be nonchalant about the afternoon. Finally he spoke up, "We'd better not stay out here too long on our first day or we'll get sunburned." We gathered up our things and headed back up the stairs. I again glanced out of the corner of my eyes, and thought I noticed William looking at my breasts which were gently bouncing up and down as we went up the stairs. I turned to look directly at him and he quickly turned away. I thought to myself that he wasn't really looking at my breasts, that it must have been my imagination, after all I was his mother.


My bed had been arranged so that as you lay in it you could look out over the ocean. It was very dark that night and I could barely see the rippling of the water lit by a pale sliver of a moon. I didn't think anything of it when I heard William come into my room and slip into bed beside me. I thought he was simply coming to say goodnight. "It's so beautiful here" I told him. I was laying on my side, with my back to him. I felt him put his arm on my shoulder and he started to gently caress up and down my side, from my shoulder to my waist.

"I hope you like it here" he whispered. I turned to face him, and as I did so he slipped his right arm underneath and around me so that I was in his embrace.

"Thank you so much for bringing me here William." I leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. Before I could move back his hand slid up to the back of my head. He pulled my head forward and kissed me gently on the lips. Surprised I started to pull away, but he held me tightly in his grasp, and kissed me once again, this time more f***efully. His tongue parted my lips and was probing to find my tongue. I was able to pull away and blurted out, "William, what are you doing?"

"Mom you're so beautiful." He pulled me back to him and kissed me again. At the same instant I felt his free hand reach up to my shoulder. Due to the warm night I had only put on a short satin chemise top. It took no effort for William to slip the thin shoulder strap down, freeing my large breast. He put the palm of his hand over my nipple, and closed his fingers over as much of my large breast as his hand could grasp. Then he started to gently squeeze and caress my breast with his fingers.

"You can't do this. What's gotten into you? Have you been thinking about those girls on the beach?"

"No Mom, I've only been thinking of you." His hand continued to fondle my breast and I couldn't help but feel a responsive tingling in my nipple which was beginning to stiffen. He began to rub and pinch my nipple between his thumb and forefinger, making it become fully erect.

"William, no." I commanded. He removed his hand and I thought he would obey my command. However, before I could speak again he lowered his head, and put his lips to my breast. He slowly parted his lips and I felt his warm wet mouth encircling my now rigid nipple. He flicked his tongue over my aching nipple and despite myself I let out an unexpected moan. He then proceeded to suck my nipple and more of my breast into his mouth. This couldn't be happening. I couldn't let it happen. "Please stop," I muttered, "we can't do this". William ignored my plea and continued to suck on my breast. I started twisting my body, trying to pull away from him. I suddenly realized that my motions were causing my chemise to rise up over my hips. Because I wasn't wearing any panties I knew that my pussy was exposed and was only covered by the bed sheet. I made another attempt to stop him, saying "That's enough William…I want you to stop." He pulled his mouth away and I thought he would stop. But instead he rolled me over onto my back. He slid his hand out from underneath me and in doing so he pulled down the other side of my satin top, exposing my other breast. With one hand he now caressed and squeezed the breast he had been sucking. His arm was d****d over my body, holding me gently but firmly down. Then he moved his mouth to my other breast and began sucking again. I was beginning to get confused. I knew I shouldn't be allowing him to do this, but it was feeling so good that I no longer felt like telling him to stop. As I watched him suck on my breasts I realized that he had been the last person to suck on them, but that had been many many years ago. My mind drifted back to the days when I used to nurse him and suddenly it seemed so natural to have my son sucking on my tits. I thought perhaps there would be no harm in letting him suck for a little while longer. I gently stroked my fingers through his hair, and whispered, "It's okay honey."

When William finally released my nipple from his mouth I became fully aware again of what was happening, and knew that I had to put a stop to what he was doing. After all, I was his mother! However, before I could say anything William moved up and slid his body over mine. At that instant I realized for the first time that William was nude. I could feel his rigid cock pressing against my stomach. My gown had gathered around my waist such that my pussy was completely uncovered. The realization of what William wanted hit me and I said, "NO, William…I can't let you fuck me." William paid no attention to me. I kept my legs tightly closed together. Then I started twisting my body, trying to get him off of me. As I tried to push him off, my legs spread apart slightly. This allowed his knee to slip between my legs. He was so strong he was able to pry my legs apart such that he could slip both of his legs in between mine. He then slid his body down so that his cock was now nestled against my pussy lips. My pussy was so slick and wet that I couldn't hide the fact that his fondling had greatly aroused me. "Please don't" I pleaded one more time. He was slowly rubbing his cock up and down over my pussy, coating his throbbing shaft with my pussy juices. I could feel my cunt getting wetter and wetter and thought this can't be happening. My hips were gently rocking as if they had a mind of their own. William raised up slightly and I could feel the tip of his cock pressing against my pussy, probing to find the opening it wanted to penetrate. "Noooo William" I half-heartedly whimpered. I knew this was wrong but the sensations I was feeling were slowly taking over. William pushed forward and eased the head of his cock just barely into my pussy. "Oooooh" I groaned.

William whispered into my ear, "Mom, I don't want to hurt you…I've never done this before."

Startled by what was happening I could only utter, "William, I've only done this once!" Now he knew, my only time before had been on that night long ago when he was conceived. He was a virgin, but I wasn't really any more experienced than he was! I could tell he was getting more excited. He shifted his weight and pushed more of his cock into my pussy. "William, you caaaan't fuuuck your mother" I moaned.

He replied, "I don't want you to be my mother, I want you to be my wife".

I was totally confused. I couldn't believe what he had just said. I couldn't believe what was happening. My son's first time would be with his mother, and he wanted me to be his wife???. Still, I felt an overpowering sense of sexual excitement that I couldn't deny and thought, once, just this once, I'd let him fuck me. I don't know which of us was most surprised when I slowly spread my legs apart and whispered, "It's okay William, just this one time."

William pushed more of his stiff cock into my now eager pussy. I gasped, "It's…..soo….big!" I could feel his massive virgin cock stretching the walls of my pussy. He stopped pushing, and I asked, "Is it all the way in?"

"No Mom, not yet."

"Go slow honey."

He proceeded to slowly ease his cock all the way in. I arched my back, and rolled my head back into the pillow, causing my tits to lift up as his cock slid further and further into my pussy. "Oohhhhh William, you're so deep inside mommy". I was overcome with lust. Years of pent up sexual desires and needs were suddenly unleashed. I didn't really remember anything from my only encounter years ago, it had been over with so fast. I decided right then and there to savor this time, and to make William's first time be as enjoyable as possible. William slowly started pulling his cock back out of my pussy. The sensation was incredible! He then withdrew his cock completely from my pussy. "NO!" I cried out. My exclamation must have confused him, making him think that perhaps I had changed my mind. He froze for a moment, until I urged, "Put it back in William. Honey, put your cock back in me and don't take it all the way out." Obeying my plea he once again inserted his rock hard cock into my hungry pussy. Slowly his cock sank into the depths of my cunt until it was once again completely buried in my pussy. I shuttered from the exquisite feeling of having a large stiff cock filling my cunt, and instinctively started rocking my hips. William responded by pumping his cock slowly in and out with long deep strokes. "Ooooohhhhhh, it feels soooo gooood" I moaned.

He groaned, "Mom, your pussy's so tight." He began to ram his cock harder, faster and deeper into my pussy. I responded by thrusting my hips upward, meeting him thrust for thrust. I planted my feet and pushed firmly back against his cock. Each downward thrust of his was met by a corresponding upward thrust of my own. It could truly be said we were fucking each other. I was fucking my son, and he was fucking his mother.

His body was pressed firmly against mine, my tits burning into his chest. He took both hands and encircled the outer edges of my tits and squeezed them together. Then he slipped his thumbs up to each of my nipples and gently rubbed them. "That feels sooo good William. I love the way you play with my tits." I was getting more excited and began thrusting upward even faster and harder. I wanted my pussy to love and caress every inch of his magnificent cock.

Remembering I wanted to make William's first fuck as enjoyable as possible I started questioning him. "Does your cock feel good in my pussy William?"

"Oh yes Mom."

"Do you like fucking your mommy?"

"Oh yes" he groaned and started pumping furiously, slamming his cock harder and harder into my pussy. His breathing began to get ragged.

As his cock plunged in and out of my pussy I realized that I was only moments away from exploding into the most climatic orgasm of my life. Every orgasm I had ever experienced before had been self-induced, but this orgasm was going to be the result of my son fucking me! I was completely caught up in the sensation of my son's massive cock sliding in and out of my pussy, and was just on the verge of cumming when William said, "Mom, I'm going to cum! Should I pull out, or can I cum in your pussy?"

At that moment there was no way I wanted him to pull his cock out of my pussy…it felt too good. I shamelessly told him, "Keep fucking me, William. It's okay, you can cum in my pussy. Fuck mommy. Fill mommy's cunt with your cum. I want you to shoot your load into my pussy".

My prompting put him over the edge and he moaned, "OH MOM. I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Oh yes, I'm cumming in your pussy. Oh Mom, it feels so good". His body began jerking and he lunged forward, driving his cock deep into my pussy as it began filling a woman's pussy, indeed his mother's pussy, with a load of cum for the very first time.

Seeing how excited he had gotten from his first fuck was more than I could handle. Feeling his cum exploding into my cunt, I couldn't hold back any longer. "Oh honey, I'm cuummming. Mommy's cumming. It's so good, so good. I didn't know it could feel this good. Oh William you fuck me so well….Oh. Oh. Oooooohhhhhh." I encircled my arms around him and held him tightly. At the same time, my pussy was in ecstasy. It quivered in excitement, contracting and squeezing my son's spurting cock, trying to milk every last drop of virgin cum from his pulsing cock.

We collapsed into each other's arms, both of us completely spent. Our hearts were beating fast, our breathing was deep. Slowly and silently we calmed down, and began to return to normal. Then it hit me. "What had I done! I had just fucked my son! What kind of mother was I! But wait, it was William who had started everything. He was about to **** me, when I consented to his fucking me! And what had he said…he wanted me to be his wife!" My mind was racing with questions. I was so confused. How would we be able to go on? I had so many thoughts to sort out.

William finally broke the silence, timidly saying "Mom…."

But before he could continue I abruptly stopped him. "Don't say a word William." I'm sure he didn't know what to think, but this time he obeyed my command. I needed to think about what had happened, and how to respond. What should a mother do in these circumstances I wondered. I didn't have any answers, but I knew I didn't want to make a spur of the moment decision that would undoubtedly affect the rest of our lives. I lay awake a long time, reliving the events of the night, with all the questions that needed to be answered running through my head. Tomorrow I would have to have a long talk with William.

"Aw Mom, I didn't pay any attention to them."

"You mean to tell me you didn't notice them!"

"Not particularly."

I was a bit curious at his indifference so I questioned him, "Tell me William, which of those two girls did you like the most?" When he didn't answer I persisted with the question.

He figured he had to answer. "The brunette, the shorter girl."

"What did you like about her" I probed.

Without looking up he responded, "She was built more like you, with big boobs, I liked seeing them bounce as she walked."

I was surprised by his comments. Not knowing what to say I simply stayed quiet. Every so often I would glance at him through my sunglasses, but he seemed to be nonchalant about the afternoon. Finally he spoke up, "We'd better not stay out here too long on our first day or we'll get sunburned." We gathered up our things and headed back up the stairs. I again glanced out of the corner of my eyes, and thought I noticed William looking at my breasts which were gently bouncing up and down as we went up the stairs. I turned to look directly at him and he quickly turned away. I thought to myself that he wasn't really looking at my breasts, that it must have been my imagination, after all I was his mother.


My bed had been arranged so that as you lay in it you could look out over the ocean. It was very dark that night and I could barely see the rippling of the water lit by a pale sliver of a moon. I didn't think anything of it when I heard William come into my room and slip into bed beside me. I thought he was simply coming to say goodnight. "It's so beautiful here" I told him. I was laying on my side, with my back to him. I felt him put his arm on my shoulder and he started to gently caress up and down my side, from my shoulder to my waist.

"I hope you like it here" he whispered. I turned to face him, and as I did so he slipped his right arm underneath and around me so that I was in his embrace.

"Thank you so much for bringing me here William." I leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. Before I could move back his hand slid up to the back of my head. He pulled my head forward and kissed me gently on the lips. Surprised I started to pull away, but he held me tightly in his grasp, and kissed me once again, this time more f***efully. His tongue parted my lips and was probing to find my tongue. I was able to pull away and blurted out, "William, what are you doing?"

"Mom you're so beautiful." He pulled me back to him and kissed me again. At the same instant I felt his free hand reach up to my shoulder. Due to the warm night I had only put on a short satin chemise top. It took no effort for William to slip the thin shoulder strap down, freeing my large breast. He put the palm of his hand over my nipple, and closed his fingers over as much of my large breast as his hand could grasp. Then he started to gently squeeze and caress my breast with his fingers.

"You can't do this. What's gotten into you? Have you been thinking about those girls on the beach?"

"No Mom, I've only been thinking of you." His hand continued to fondle my breast and I couldn't help but feel a responsive tingling in my nipple which was beginning to stiffen. He began to rub and pinch my nipple between his thumb and forefinger, making it become fully erect.

"William, no." I commanded. He removed his hand and I thought he would obey my command. However, before I could speak again he lowered his head, and put his lips to my breast. He slowly parted his lips and I felt his warm wet mouth encircling my now rigid nipple. He flicked his tongue over my aching nipple and despite myself I let out an unexpected moan. He then proceeded to suck my nipple and more of my breast into his mouth. This couldn't be happening. I couldn't let it happen. "Please stop," I muttered, "we can't do this". William ignored my plea and continued to suck on my breast. I started twisting my body, trying to pull away from him. I suddenly realized that my motions were causing my chemise to rise up over my hips. Because I wasn't wearing any panties I knew that my pussy was exposed and was only covered by the bed sheet. I made another attempt to stop him, saying "That's enough William…I want you to stop." He pulled his mouth away and I thought he would stop. But instead he rolled me over onto my back. He slid his hand out from underneath me and in doing so he pulled down the other side of my satin top, exposing my other breast. With one hand he now caressed and squeezed the breast he had been sucking. His arm was d****d over my body, holding me gently but firmly down. Then he moved his mouth to my other breast and began sucking again. I was beginning to get confused. I knew I shouldn't be allowing him to do this, but it was feeling so good that I no longer felt like telling him to stop. As I watched him suck on my breasts I realized that he had been the last person to suck on them, but that had been many many years ago. My mind drifted back to the days when I used to nurse him and suddenly it seemed so natural to have my son sucking on my tits. I thought perhaps there would be no harm in letting him suck for a little while longer. I gently stroked my fingers through his hair, and whispered, "It's okay honey."

When William finally released my nipple from his mouth I became fully aware again of what was happening, and knew that I had to put a stop to what he was doing. After all, I was his mother! However, before I could say anything William moved up and slid his body over mine. At that instant I realized for the first time that William was nude. I could feel his rigid cock pressing against my stomach. My gown had gathered around my waist such that my pussy was completely uncovered. The realization of what William wanted hit me and I said, "NO, William…I can't let you fuck me." William paid no attention to me. I kept my legs tightly closed together. Then I started twisting my body, trying to get him off of me. As I tried to push him off, my legs spread apart slightly. This allowed his knee to slip between my legs. He was so strong he was able to pry my legs apart such that he could slip both of his legs in between mine. He then slid his body down so that his cock was now nestled against my pussy lips. My pussy was so slick and wet that I couldn't hide the fact that his fondling had greatly aroused me. "Please don't" I pleaded one more time. He was slowly rubbing his cock up and down over my pussy, coating his throbbing shaft with my pussy juices. I could feel my cunt getting wetter and wetter and thought this can't be happening. My hips were gently rocking as if they had a mind of their own. William raised up slightly and I could feel the tip of his cock pressing against my pussy, probing to find the opening it wanted to penetrate. "Noooo William" I half-heartedly whimpered. I knew this was wrong but the sensations I was feeling were slowly taking over. William pushed forward and eased the head of his cock just barely into my pussy. "Oooooh" I groaned.

William whispered into my ear, "Mom, I don't want to hurt you…I've never done this before."

Startled by what was happening I could only utter, "William, I've only done this once!" Now he knew, my only time before had been on that night long ago when he was conceived. He was a virgin, but I wasn't really any more experienced than he was! I could tell he was getting more excited. He shifted his weight and pushed more of his cock into my pussy. "William, you caaaan't fuuuck your mother" I moaned.

He replied, "I don't want you to be my mother, I want you to be my wife".

I was totally confused. I couldn't believe what he had just said. I couldn't believe what was happening. My son's first time would be with his mother, and he wanted me to be his wife???. Still, I felt an overpowering sense of sexual excitement that I couldn't deny and thought, once, just this once, I'd let him fuck me. I don't know which of us was most surprised when I slowly spread my legs apart and whispered, "It's okay William, just this one time."

William pushed more of his stiff cock into my now eager pussy. I gasped, "It's…..soo….big!" I could feel his massive virgin cock stretching the walls of my pussy. He stopped pushing, and I asked, "Is it all the way in?"

"No Mom, not yet."

"Go slow honey."

He proceeded to slowly ease his cock all the way in. I arched my back, and rolled my head back into the pillow, causing my tits to lift up as his cock slid further and further into my pussy. "Oohhhhh William, you're so deep inside mommy". I was overcome with lust. Years of pent up sexual desires and needs were suddenly unleashed. I didn't really remember anything from my only encounter years ago, it had been over with so fast. I decided right then and there to savor this time, and to make William's first time be as enjoyable as possible. William slowly started pulling his cock back out of my pussy. The sensation was incredible! He then withdrew his cock completely from my pussy. "NO!" I cried out. My exclamation must have confused him, making him think that perhaps I had changed my mind. He froze for a moment, until I urged, "Put it back in William. Honey, put your cock back in me and don't take it all the way out." Obeying my plea he once again inserted his rock hard cock into my hungry pussy. Slowly his cock sank into the depths of my cunt until it was once again completely buried in my pussy. I shuttered from the exquisite feeling of having a large stiff cock filling my cunt, and instinctively started rocking my hips. William responded by pumping his cock slowly in and out with long deep strokes. "Ooooohhhhhh, it feels soooo gooood" I moaned.

He groaned, "Mom, your pussy's so tight." He began to ram his cock harder, faster and deeper into my pussy. I responded by thrusting my hips upward, meeting him thrust for thrust. I planted my feet and pushed firmly back against his cock. Each downward thrust of his was met by a corresponding upward thrust of my own. It could truly be said we were fucking each other. I was fucking my son, and he was fucking his mother.

His body was pressed firmly against mine, my tits burning into his chest. He took both hands and encircled the outer edges of my tits and squeezed them together. Then he slipped his thumbs up to each of my nipples and gently rubbed them. "That feels sooo good William. I love the way you play with my tits." I was getting more excited and began thrusting upward even faster and harder. I wanted my pussy to love and caress every inch of his magnificent cock.

Remembering I wanted to make William's first fuck as enjoyable as possible I started questioning him. "Does your cock feel good in my pussy William?"

"Oh yes Mom."

"Do you like fucking your mommy?"

"Oh yes" he groaned and started pumping furiously, slamming his cock harder and harder into my pussy. His breathing began to get ragged.

As his cock plunged in and out of my pussy I realized that I was only moments away from exploding into the most climatic orgasm of my life. Every orgasm I had ever experienced before had been self-induced, but this orgasm was going to be the result of my son fucking me! I was completely caught up in the sensation of my son's massive cock sliding in and out of my pussy, and was just on the verge of cumming when William said, "Mom, I'm going to cum! Should I pull out, or can I cum in your pussy?"

At that moment there was no way I wanted him to pull his cock out of my pussy…it felt too good. I shamelessly told him, "Keep fucking me, William. It's okay, you can cum in my pussy. Fuck mommy. Fill mommy's cunt with your cum. I want you to shoot your load into my pussy".

My prompting put him over the edge and he moaned, "OH MOM. I'm cumming. I'm cumming. Oh yes, I'm cumming in your pussy. Oh Mom, it feels so good". His body began jerking and he lunged forward, driving his cock deep into my pussy as it began filling a woman's pussy, indeed his mother's pussy, with a load of cum for the very first time.

Seeing how excited he had gotten from his first fuck was more than I could handle. Feeling his cum exploding into my cunt, I couldn't hold back any longer. "Oh honey, I'm cuummming. Mommy's cumming. It's so good, so good. I didn't know it could feel this good. Oh William you fuck me so well….Oh. Oh. Oooooohhhhhh." I encircled my arms around him and held him tightly. At the same time, my pussy was in ecstasy. It quivered in excitement, contracting and squeezing my son's spurting cock, trying to milk every last drop of virgin cum from his pulsing cock.

We collapsed into each other's arms, both of us completely spent. Our hearts were beating fast, our breathing was deep. Slowly and silently we calmed down, and began to return to normal. Then it hit me. "What had I done! I had just fucked my son! What kind of mother was I! But wait, it was William who had started everything. He was about to **** me, when I consented to his fucking me! And what had he said…he wanted me to be his wife!" My mind was racing with questions. I was so confused. How would we be able to go on? I had so many thoughts to sort out.

William finally broke the silence, timidly saying "Mom…."

But before he could continue I abruptly stopped him. "Don't say a word William." I'm sure he didn't know what to think, but this time he obeyed my command. I needed to think about what had happened, and how to respond. What should a mother do in these circumstances I wondered. I didn't have any answers, but I knew I didn't want to make a spur of the moment decision that would undoubtedly affect the rest of our lives. I lay awake a long time, reliving the events of the night, with all the questions that needed to be answered running through my head. Tomorrow I would have to have a long talk with William.


I woke up in the morning hoping that I had been dreaming. But as I looked beside me in the bed there was my sl**ping son, and all the events of the previous night came rushing back--I had indeed let my son fuck me. Knowing I needed to collect my thoughts I slipped out of bed, got dressed, and headed for the beach to take a long walk. As I strolled along the beach I confronted all the questions that had raced through my mind after William had fucked me. I walked, alone with my thoughts for a long time, and finally came to a conclusion. I knew what I wanted to say to William, so I headed back to the house. As I approached the house I noticed that the car was gone. When I got inside I saw that William had left a note saying he was going into town. I took a bath, and then waited for him to return. After awhile I began to worry about him, wondering what state of mind he might be in. Finally, I heard the car pulling up in the driveway. William came into the house, his head down, trying to avoid eye contact with me.

"William, we need to talk."

He blurted back, "Mom, I'm so sorry about last night. I know you must hate me. I..."


"I went into town and bought a ticket for me to fly back to the states."


"I'll leave you here and you can have the house and car, and be happy on the island."

"William, will you be quiet and just listen for a minute."

He sat down on the sofa while I was standing across the room from him. "I've thought a lot about last night. What we did, what we said." He was looking down, trying to avoid me. "I kept coming back to the same conclusion. There's only been one man in my life, one man I've loved, one man that's loved me and taken care of me, and that's you William. So my answer is yes, if you still want me to be, I'd like to be your wife."

He looked up at me, his eyes growing bigger. "Are you sure Mom?"

"Yes, if you still want that."

"Of course I do Mom"

"But William, you haven't even seen me nude before. You may not even like my body!" I teased.

"No chance of that Mom!"

"Well, let's see."

I had put on a simple pullover after I had bathed. While William sat watching I slipped one strap off one shoulder, and then the other. The pullover fell to the floor, and I was standing in front of William wearing only a bikini. I had put on the smallest string bikini that had been in my dresser. It didn't do much to cover my body. The top only had two small patches that were barely big enough to cover my nipples. For the most part, my large breasts were exposed. One string was stretched tightly between my breasts, connecting the two patches of cloth. Strings running around my back, and up around my neck held the bikini in place. The bottom half of the bikini was a patch of cloth just large enough to conceal my pussy. Two strings flared up over my hips to hold it in place.

Reaching up behind my neck I pulled the knot out of the string that was holding the bikini top up, and then I reached behind me and untied the remaining knot. The bikini top fell to the floor, and my tits were completely exposed for William to see. My nipples were already beginning to stiffen, and his stare excited me that much more. Now he could see everything, my large 38D tits were completely on display for him. He could see my large areolas, and my erect nipples. I next pulled the knots from both sides of the bottom of the bikini and let it drop to the floor. Now my son was staring at my totally nude body. When I had bathed I had shaved my pussy, leaving just a small strip of hair just above my pussy lips--just like the girl we had seen on the beach yesterday. I could tell my pussy was very wet and wondered if William could see how moist my pussy lips were getting. As I stepped toward him he stood up from the couch and said, "Mom you're beautiful."

We embraced, and then I said, "My turn." I lifted his shirt up over his head, and then ran my hands over his masculine upper body. Then I hooked my thumbs into the elastic of his shorts and slid them down over his waist, letting them drop to the floor. We embraced again. My large tits were pressing into his chest and I could feel his rigid cock pressing against me. I put my hands on his shoulders and pushed him down so that he was sitting on the sofa. Then I knelt in front of him. His beautiful cock was right in front of me. It was the first time I had really seen a man's erect cock. And what a cock! I was amazed at its size, it must have been nine inches long. I couldn't believe that William had been able to get all of that in me last night. I put my hand up to grasp it, but couldn't get my fingers all the way around it. Reacting to my touch William let out a sharp breath. .Slowly I started to stroke William's cock with my hand. I looked up at William who was intently watching my every motion. Our eyes met and we smiled. Then I looked back at the magnificent cock that was right in front of me. I leaned forward, stuck out my tongue, and started to gently lick the underside of my son's cock.

"Oh Mom..." William muttered. I continued to lick up and down on his cock coating it with the wetness from my tongue. Then I pursed my lips and slowly slid them over the tip of his cock and started gently sucking on William's cock. He gasped, and his hips jerked. I used my other hand to hold him down and continued to suck on his cock, bobbing my head up and down, while at the same time stroking his cock with my hand. I was giving my first blow-job ever, and I was excited to be giving it to my son. William's breathing was becoming heavier and he placed his hands on the back of my head. I figured he was going to cum soon. I wanted to taste his cum and was determined to swallow his entire load. As I continued to suck his cock I started stroking it faster with my hand and he cried out, "Oh Mom I'm cumming." He began shooting gobs of cum into my mouth as I sucked and swallowed as fast as I could, downing his entire load of cum. William's cum tasted so good to me.

William was still breathing heavy. I looked up at him and his eyes were closed, his head rolled back. He raised his head and opened his eyes and looked down at me. "That was incredible Mom." I smiled at him, satisfied that I had pleased him. I crawled up into his lap and was sitting crossways, with my ass between his legs. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him forward to give him a passionate kiss. We kissed long and hard, our tongues battling each other, exploring the tingling between us. When we pulled away William looked down at my chest. My tits were right in front of him. He took his finger and began to lightly trace around my areola. "Mom, your areoles are so big and sexy." He then began rubbing a nipple between his thumb and forefinger causing it to stiffen and get more erect than it already was. My nipples were protruding almost 1/2" from my tits.

"It felt so good last night when you sucked on my tits," I told him, thinking he would take the hint. Instead, William put both of his arms underneath me, scooped me up, and stood up and carried me towards the bedroom.

"Mom, I'm going to lick and suck on your tits till it drives you crazy! Then I'm going to kiss and lick your pussy until you cum!" His words almost gave me an orgasm.

I shuttered in excitement, and coyly asked, "Why William, are you going to eat my pussy?!!"

"If it's okay with you" he replied.

As seductively as I could I whispered, "Yes honey, I'd love for you to eat my pussy. No man's ever done that for me before. Please eat your mommy's pussy, please."

William's knees almost buckled from hearing my words. I could tell he was turned on by my lewd talking. He set me on the bed, and then laid down beside me. I was lying flat on my back, with my tits jutting up. My erect nipples were pointing straight up, stiff and begging to be sucked. William wasted no more time. Leaning over he put his warm mouth over one nipple. When his wet tongue rolled over my engorged nipple I let loose. "Ohmigosh, that feels so good...OOOHHHH."

He continued to suck on one nipple and then he reached up and gently pinched the other nipple. He took his other hand and placed it over my pussy. He could feel how wet I was. He took a finger and stroked between my pussy lips so that his finger was coated with my cunt juices. Then he took that finger and rubbed it over my nipple, coating it with my sweet cunt juice. He put his mouth on that nipple and began to suck, while at the same time he placed his hand back over my pussy. With one stroke his finger slid between my cuntlips and pressed against my swollen clit. It was more than I could take. The sensation of him sucking on my tits and fingering my clit put me in a frenzy. I couldn't hold back. "OH, William, I'm cumming."

My pussy started quivering and I could feel a flood of juices. I had been so excited it had only taken my son's sucking and playing with my tits to bring me to an orgasm! William removed his finger from my clit and sat there watching me. My body was quivering and jerking from the orgasm he had induced. I was slowly catching my breath, and looked up to see William setting at the edge of the bed. I closed my eyes and was relishing my orgasm. At that moment I felt pressure against my pussy and opened my eyes to see William's head between my legs. He was gently kissing my pussy.

"Mom, remember, I promised to eat your pussy." I couldn't believe that I could live through so much pleasure again so soon. I could feel William's tongue stroking my pussy, lapping up my cunt juices. He would start at the bottom of my pussy and slide his tongue all the way up my pussy lips, going up and down, lapping up my pussy juices. Then he would stick his tongue as deep into my cunt as he could, probing the walls of my pussy. His actions were getting a response from me. It felt so good I instinctively began rocking my hips to meet his tongue. He finally took his tongue and started at the bottom of my pussy, and then firmly licked all the way up until his tongue reached my clit. He pressed his tongue firmly against my clit and I jerked, and moaned, "Oh my god, William. It feels so good."

I started pressing my pussy harder against his mouth as I ground my cunt into his face. His tongue was swirling around my clit. It wasn't long before I could tell I was approaching another climax. I began moaning, "Feels so good, yes right there, oh honey you make my pussy feel soooo goooood." At that moment William reached up and inserted two fingers into my cunt and started stroking the upper walls of my pussy. "Ohhhhhh FUCK!" I cried out, and slammed my cunt hard against his face. His firm tongue pressed against my clit, and I exploded into another orgasm. "Oh William...I'm cumming again...You're making mommy cum again...Oh keep eating mommy's make it feel soooo good." I heaved up and down in ecstasy, breathing very hard.

When my orgasm had finally subsided William scooted up over my body. With his large hands he grasped the outsides of each of my tits and pushed them together, creating a deep cleavage between my tits. Then he pushed his face into the area between my tits and started gently kissing my breasts. He kissed and licked on my soft breasts, finally finding his way to a nipple. He slowly licked and flicked his tongue over my nipples, alternating from one breast to the other. He looked up at me and smiled.

"Do you like my tits?" I asked, already knowing the answer!

"Oh yes Mom. I love sucking on your beautiful tits."

"Come up here and give me a kiss." He slid his body up and our lips met and locked, our tongues began probing each other's mouths, darting against each other. William slid further up over my body and I realized that his cock was hard again. I could feel it rubbing against my moist pussy. I had never wanted to be fucked so badly in all my life. This time there would be no resistance, no hesitancy. I wanted every inch of his magnificent cock. I spread my legs wide apart and began rubbing my pussy against his rigid cock. Opening my eyes and staring right into his gaze I whispered, "William, please fuck me. Please put your beautiful cock into my pussy. Last night, as your Mom I didn't know what I wanted. Now as your wife I want you to fuck me with every inch of your cock." I continued to grind my pussy against his hard cock. William looked back at me, and then slowly raised his hips. He was positioning the tip of his cock to find the opening of my pussy. Slowly I could feel his massive cock entering my quivering pussy. As he eased his cock into my pussy I could feel it stretching the walls of my cunt. "Oh William, it feels so good. Put it all the way in. Be a good, .husband...and fuck me hard." I scooted my hips up to give him a better angle to shove his cock into my eager pussy.

"Mom, it feels soooo good. Your pussy's so wet and tight."

"That's it honey, put it all the way in." He gave one final thrust, and I could tell that my son's large cock was completely buried in my pussy. We held each other, motionless, for a moment, then we kissed. Then William slowly started pulling his cock back out of my pussy. "Oh gosh" I moaned "It feels so good." He had withdrawn his cock almost completely out, and then he reversed and plunged it deep back into my cunt. "Oh William...yes...that feel's soooo goood. Oh yes, fuck me honey...faster...harder. Oh your cock feels so good." I was thrusting upward meeting his downward moves, as we moved together in perfect unison. In and out his cock kept plunging into my pussy. He raised up slightly and watched my big tits bounce around as he fucked me. They were wobbling up and down, and rolling around, responding to the movements of his cock pumping in and out of my pussy.

"I'm going to cum Mom!" he yelled. Once again, like last night, he asked, "Should I pull out?"

"No William, fill my pussy with your cum. I want you to shoot your load deep into my pussy. Fuck me honey, oh fuck me." I was thrashing about under him, eager to have him fill my pussy again with his cum.

William lunged forward, slamming his cock deep into my pussy. As he moaned I knew his cock was spewing forth another load of his cum, filling my pussy again. He kept jerking, driving his cock deeper and harder with each movement, as he filled my cunt.

"Oh my gosh honey! You're making me feel so good. That's it...keep fucking me...oh your cock's so big...honey I can feel you filling my pussy with your cum! Fuck me William, fuck your mom, fuck you wife! I want to be your wife and have you fuck me forever!!!!"

I exploded into an earth-shattering orgasm and threw my legs around him holding onto him, pulling him deeper into me. The feeling was exquisite—my son's large throbbing cock was buried deep into my clutching pussy. I never wanted the feeling to end!

It wasn't long before I could feel his cum, mixed with my own pussy juices, oozing out of my pussy and dribbling down my ass.

William rolled sideways, pulling me with him. My leg was d****d over him and we snuggled facing each other, with his cock still buried in my pussy. We kissed each other and held each other tightly, happy with the knowledge that we were no longer just mother and son, but now we were also lovers. I realized that I really wanted more than anything to be my son's wife, and that no mother could ask for more from her son than for him to be her loving husband.

"I hope our honeymoon lasts forever!" I giggled softly.

William just smiled back and said, "I don't know why it shouldn't. You're going to be the most beautiful bride in the world."

We drifted off to sl**p in each other's arms.


It was late morning as we relaxed in bed after making love. Whereas the first time my son had fucked me I had been shocked and surprised, I was a very willing participant the second time we fucked. I had indeed enjoyed it very much and it made me realize how much I had missed out on by not having sex for 18 years!

We were exchanging little loving kisses when the phone rang.

"I'll get it" William said as he hopped up from the bed. He took the call and then returned to the room telling me that our shipment from home had arrived and that the delivery service would be bringing it later today. Before we had left the states William had hired a service to pack up the things we would want in our paradise home and have them shipped to us. There really wouldn't be that much as we had lived a very simple lifestyle before winning the lottery. Anyway, William told me that our things would be delivered this afternoon.

"Since we have some time, how would you like a picnic lunch down at the gazebo?" I suggested.

"Sure Mom, that sounds great."

"Okay dear, I'll fix us something and call you when it's ready."

I got up and went to the kitchen where I fixed us some sandwiches and put some beer in a cooler. I then headed back to the bedroom to pick out a bikini, and to tell William that everything was ready. I was still nude as I entered the room and I could feel William's eyes roaming over my body.

"William, everything is ready. Are you about ready dear?"

"Mom, I think I'll take a quick shower, then I'll be right there."

"Okay dear, I'll be waiting in the living room."

About ten minutes later William entered the living room where I was waiting. However he was a bit surprised to see me sitting there with only my bikini bottoms on. I stood up, walked to the table where I picked up the picnic basket and said, "Are you ready now honey?" Although I wasn't looking at him I could almost feel his eyes watching my naked breasts swaying as I moved about.

"But Mom….you're not going out like that are you?"

His concern over my nudity actually puzzled me for a moment as I responded, "Like what dear?"

"You know…..topless, Mom!"

"Well don't you like my tits honey?" I replied, now fighting back the urge to giggle.

"Well yes Mom, but…."

"And you've seen them before haven't you," I asked with a wry smile.

"Well sure Mom, but…"

"And didn't you say nudity was common on the island?"

"I did Mom, but…."

"But, but, but," I laughed, "I guess you want to see my butt!"

In one swift motion I removed my bikini bottoms, turned around and wiggled my butt. "Is that better dear?"

"Oh my gosh Mom, you're incredible!"

"Listen honey, I just want to make you happy. If you want me to be covered from head to toe I will be, but if you want to see me nude I don't mind being that way for you either. So just let me know what you want dear."

William's eyes slowly drank in my body. I could tell from the reaction in his swimsuit that he was getting excited from what he saw.

Finally he said, "You look just fine Mom….just like that."

"Are you sure dear?" I could see that his cock was hardening even more in his trunks.

"Oh yes Mom…I'm sure."

"Good, then let's have a picnic!"

I headed for the door. However before I went out I turned to William and in a more serious voice told him, "William, I think there is one thing we need to discuss. We have one little problem."

I could tell by the look on his face that he was afraid of what might be coming. Perhaps he thought the last twenty four hours had been too good to be true. However his fears were alleviated when I walked up to him, nuzzled against him, and playfully said, "I don't think you can call me Mom when we leave the house. For all that matters it might be best if you simply called me Cynthia from now on, no matter where we are."

He looked at me and automatically replied, "Okay Mom."

His response caused us both to break into laughter. As soon as the words had left his lips he knew he had already made his first slip. He thus cleared his throat, looked at me and distinctly said, "Cynthia, are you ready to have lunch?"

"Yes, William," I smiled back. It was going to take some practice but I knew we could pull it off.

We headed out of the house and down the steps to the gazebo. As we walked I deliberately put a little extra spring into my step. This of course made my tits bounce up and down, and I knew William was watching. I simply smiled at him as we were both aware of what we were doing. I truly liked being admired by my son and found it exciting that he liked to watch my tits bounce.

When we got to the gazebo I set the picnic basket down and turned to face William. I looked down and smiled at him as I could see that the tip of his cock was poking out above the waistband of his trunks.

"My my, what do we have here?" I giggled.

"Well jeez, Mom…." He tried to catch himself but couldn't.

I looked at him sternly, before smiling.

"Well jeez, Cynthia…it's just that you're so hot to look at!"

"Hmmm…I guess we'll have to do something to help you then won't we?"

I stepped toward William who was sitting on the edge of the chaise. Dropping to my knees I leaned forward and pulled his trunks down. His hard cock sprang out and smacked against my tits.

"It seems like this fella knows where it wants to go" I giggled.

I leaned forward and let William's cock nestle between my tits. Then I held my tits together as they smothered his cock.

"Would you like to fuck my tits honey?"

"Oh god yes, Cynthia."

We both smiled that he had gotten it right that time!

He started working his cock up and down between my tits. His cock head slipped through my cleavage and I bent my head down and licked the tip.

"That's it baby…fuck Mommy's tits." I taunted him by using "mommy" to excite and encourage him, as if he needed more encouragement!

He groaned, "That's no fair…Mom…uh, Cynthia."

He started to piston his cock faster between my tits. I loved the feel of his hard cock engulfed in my soft warm tits. My tits jiggled a little from his thrusting and I could tell that he loved watching. There was no doubt that my son was definitely a tit man.

As his cock slid between my tits I continued to tease it with my tongue. I would flick my tongue over his cockhead and slit each time it reappeared. He started thrusting faster and faster, his cock gliding smoothly between my large tits. I pressed my tits firmer around his cock and felt his body start to jerk.

"Oh fuck…Mo…Cynthia….I'm going to cum."

"Yes honey, cum for me"

I held my tits together as he pumped faster and faster. I looked up and our eyes met--the eyes of two lovers, mother and son, who only hours ago had committed to live as husband and wife. Without warning his cock burst forth with a powerful blast of cum, which hit under my chin and dribbled onto my neck and tits. I tilted my head so that I was looking right at his cock when another shot of cum hit right above my nose. I smiled as his cum splattered against my face and opened my mouth, ready to catch any more spurts. Sure enough William shot another spurt of cum that landed right in my mouth. As I closed my lips to savor and swallow it he hit me with even another spurt, this time right on my closed lips. I quickly opened my mouth and snaked my tongue out to accept this delicious glob of cum. Finally, I think we both thought his cumming was finished, as I let go of my grip on my tits. Panting we separated slightly from each other. William's still rigid cock was gently waving.

"Oh my gosh William, you covered me," I exclaimed.

But William wasn't through! As he backed away his cock spurted two more shots of cum onto my tits. We both started laughing at the cum shower he had given me.

I moved to sit in the chaise beside William and started to rake the lingering cum off my face with my fingers and then lick them clean. Looking at the cum covering my tits I started massaging it in, as I looked over at William who was still watching my every move.

"Do you think this stuff is as good as suntan lotion?" I teased as I continued to massage his cum into my tits, neck and even my cheeks.

"Oh I'm sure it is" he laughed.

"Well at least I know where I can get a good supply of it!" I responded.

Realizing our little escapade was over I moved away from William and started to unpack our lunch, placing it on a nearby table. We sat there without a care in the world and enjoyed a nice meal together. A warm gentle breeze was blowing and the waves were washing calmly onto the beach.

After our meal we both reclined in the large lounge chaises in the gazebo. I started reading a novel while William put on headphones and listened to music. We were both enjoying the afternoon when I heard the delivery truck pulling up at our house. Reaching over I tapped William on the shoulder and told him, "Honey, the shipment is here."

"I'll take care of it Cynthia." He beamed as he was proud that he had remembered not to call me Mom.

"Do you want any help honey?"

"Nah, I can handle it. And besides, I doubt the workers could get much done with you around." As he spoke his eyes slowly drifted up and down over my body, letting me know the intent of his comment.

"You're terrible" I replied in mock scorn, "but I'll stay here while you take care of it."

I continued reading my novel while William went to accept our delivery. It was now mid-afternoon and the full sun was taking its toll. Even in the covered gazebo it was getting warm. I decided that a quick dip in the ocean might be refreshing, plus it would help to clean off the residue of sticky cum from my face, neck, tits and even my pussy.

I hoped that William wouldn't mind if I went into the water nude. I doubted that would bother him, but there was always the chance the delivery crew might see me and I wasn't sure what he'd think about that. I figured that if I got to the ocean quickly that they wouldn't know which direction I came from and thus would have no idea that I was with William. I glanced up at the house and seeing no one I made a mad dash to the ocean, running right into the water.

The water was quite refreshing as it flowed over my body. I dipped down and submersed my head in the water. Running my fingers through my hair I loosened a tangle. "Oops, a spurt must have hit there and I didn't even realize it!" I thought to myself, realizing that the tangle was undoubtedly caused by William's cum.

I stood shoulder deep in the water running my hands over my body, almost as if I were taking a shower. As I softly rubbed my tits I thought about how good William made them feel when he sucked on them. Basking in the sun and water I reflected on all the good feelings my son had given me. My son, my husband…a smile came to my lips as I thought of how nice it was to have a husband. It had been difficult raising William as a single mom and I truly felt blessed to have a man who wanted me as his wife.

As these thoughts crossed my mind my hand brushed across my belly. One thought I had been suppressing re-entered my mind. As my hand slowly rubbed my stomach I thought, "What if I get pregnant. I don't even know if William wants c***dren or has even thought about it."

I shuttered in the water, thinking about the possibility of getting pregnant from my son. The shutter was not from fear, but from want and excitement. As a young girl I had always fantasized about having the perfect f****y: mother, father and c***dren. My young teen-age pregnancy had smashed those dreams. But now as I stood here, massaging my tummy, I thought to myself whether that dream might now be possible. The problem was is that I didn't know how to approach William on the subject. I couldn't decide whether to bring it up or wait to see if he mentioned it first. Surely he had at least given it some thought. After all, he had already fucked me twice, filling my pussy with his cum both times. However, I remembered that he had asked me each time if he should pull out or was it okay to cum inside me. Was that his way of asking? Perhaps he thought I was on the pill. But wouldn't he realize that that would make no sense considering I hadn't dated a man in 18 years?

Almost mesmerized I continued to softly stroke my tummy. I began to recall the way my tummy had swelled with William over eighteen years ago. Could that possibly happen again? I pictured William as a baby, nursing at my breasts, and felt a tingling at the possibility of once again nursing a baby. I surprised myself by giggling as I thought that if I did nurse a new baby that undoubtedly William would want to nurse on my swollen tits too. Thank goodness for having large tits I thought to myself, there'd be enough to go around! My nipples began to stiffen and ache as I considered the possibility of nursing both of my "babies."

Another thought entered my mind and my eyes flashed open. I looked up at the house to see if I could see William. It was like a revelation, but it really shouldn't have been. The thought was so obvious that the only oddity about it was that it had taken me so long to confront it.

"What if I'm already pregnant with William's baby?" I thought, "It may already be too late to ask him what he feels about having a f****y."

Even in the water I could feel my cunt getting wet and warm as I recalled how far William's cock had pushed up into me. I mean he had cum right into my womb! And if he shot as much cum into my womb as he did onto my body today it was only a matter of timing!

My knees weakened as I considered the possibility of already being pregnant, possibly carrying my son's c***d. Yes, we were going to live as husband and wife, but in reality he still was my son. A little b*****r or s****r, or oh my gosh, a son or daughter, of William's could actually already be at the earliest stages of conception within me. After all, it apparently was pretty easy to get me pregnant. I had gotten pregnant the first time I had fucked; William was living proof of that! So considering that William had fucked me twice already without any protection perhaps I was already pregnant!

I was still wrapped up in my thoughts when I heard the delivery truck leaving. The thoughts I had been pondering were replaced by the present moment. I looked up and saw William walking back down the hill to the gazebo. He saw me out in the water and waved. I waved back and began to walk back out of the water onto the beach. I walked up the hill and met him at the gazebo.

"Did everything arrive all right?

"Yes, there were more boxes than I thought there would be but we just stacked them in the spare bedroom."

"Well we can go through them later."

"There's no rush Cynthia," his eyes flashing mischievously, "we can go through them whenever we want."

"Okay honey," I replied smiling back at him, quietly acknowledging his correctly calling me Cynthia.

"The water is wonderful. You should try it," I told him.

"Well I did work up a bit of a sweat moving those boxes, so maybe I will," he replied.

I settled back into my lounge chair and picked up my novel to escape to the world of fiction. I glanced at William and saw him enter the water, and then he began diving into the waves. I enjoyed seeing him relaxing and enjoying himself. I wasn't ready to address the thoughts that were lurking in my mind. I knew that someday I was going to have to bring up the subject of our possible having a baby together but I was just not ready to discuss it with William. I told myself that perhaps it would be easier to discuss after we'd been living as "husband and wife" for a bit longer.

I finished a chapter in my book and set it aside. Scooting my lounge chair to the rail at the edge of the gazebo I positioned myself on my knees with my arms resting on the railing. I nestled my chin into my hands as I looked out over the rail at the beautiful sight before me. William had started back up to the beach and I raised up and waved to him. He waved back and I couldn't help but wonder if his eyes were looking at my tits that were swaying back and forth as I waved.

When he finally reached the gazebo William went past me and grabbed a towel and began to dry off. I returned to looking out at the ocean. The water was crystal clear, letting all the magnificent colors of the ocean shine through. The air was deep blue and the sandy beach was glistening white. Overhead beautiful birds sailed effortlessly. There was even a pair of dolphins frolicking in the water.

"William, come here, this is such a beautiful sight," I said as I invited him to join me.

"It sure is," was his response.

Puzzled, I looked back and discovered that he was looking at my naked ass.

"You're incorrigible," I laughed, wiggling my butt at him.

I turned and looked back out at the ocean but as I did so I felt William move onto my chair behind me. He moved up against me and I could feel his skin against mine. As I turned to look back at him I felt him place his hands on my hips and his hard cock brushed against my leg.

"Again! You're going to wear that thing out!" I teased him. Nonetheless I again wiggled my butt at him. The truth be known, I would never get tired of him fucking me.

I spread my legs a bit further apart and braced myself, holding onto the railing. William recognized my invitation and started to press his cock against my now wet pussy lips. I moaned softly as once again I felt the head of his cock ease into me, spreading my pussy lips apart.

"Oh god, that feels good," I moaned as I felt him pushing deeper into me. My wet cunt was accepting his cock, holding it tight.

"Oh fuck yes, it does" he murmured.

I tilted my head down and raised my ass higher, letting his cock plunge even further into my excited cunt. His cock went in deep, hitting my cervix. I briefly thought about what had been on my mind earlier and thought perhaps now would be the time to say something. But as William worked his cock in and out of my pussy I was overcome with the feeling of being fucked. Perhaps selfishly I decided that it would be better to discuss the possibility of pregnancy another time.

William started thrusting his cock harder into my cunt. I wondered if he appreciated the tightness of my cunt. Even though I was 33 years old this was only the fourth time in my life I had been fucked. I was sure that my cunt was as tight as any eighteen year old's.

My thoughts were soon addressed as William moaned, "Oh god, your cunt's so tight."

I could feel his massive cock stretching my hugging cunt and knew that we were both the recipients of exquisite pleasure.

William reached under and cupped my swinging tits. I moaned as he began to pinch my nipples. His hands moved all over my full tits that were hanging down for him. He squeezed them, rubbed them and pressed them together. It felt wonderful. All the while he continued to pump his cock into my snug pussy.

I groaned as I pushed back onto his cock. Being fucked from behind was of course a new experience for me…one I wanted to experience over and over!

William raised back up and held my waist as he continued to plunge his cock fast and deep into me. It was as if he was determined to drive it in as deep as possible.

"Oh my gosh, honey….oh fuck that feels sooo good." I could feel my cunt squeezing his cock, not wanting to let it go.

That thought stayed in my mind: "Not wanting to let it go." It was as if my cunt couldn't survive without his cock deep inside me.

But then another thought flashed into my head: "This could be the fuck that gets me pregnant!" I let out a little whimper and moan. Sure I might already be pregnant from William fucking me, but if I wasn't it meant that the possibility of getting pregnant existed each time he fucked me.

I was overwhelmed by the excitement that I could actually get pregnant from this fucking and I started cumming. My cunt spasmed and clamped down on William's cock. That was all he needed. He pushed forward, his cock plunging even deeper into my cunt.

"Oh god, I'm cumming Mom." In his excitement he couldn't help but revert back to calling me Mom. However we were both so wrapped up in the throes of orgasm that neither of us really gave it any thought.

I ground my cunt back into him as his cock pushed further into me than I ever thought possible. This time he didn't ask if he should pull out. He just held me tight and jerked into me, ramming his cock into my accepting pussy, filling my cunt with what I was sure was potent cum. I couldn't help but wonder at the moment if he had any idea that he could be getting me pregnant. If it was on his mind he certainly was doing everything he could to make it happen! He bucked and jerked over and over, relentlessly driving his cock deep into my cunt.

The thought of this i****tuous union and what could happen from it caused me to cum like never before. My cunt continued to milk his cock, wanting every drop of his hot seed. I wanted his baby-making sperm to find its way to a waiting egg.

"Oh baby, baby, baby," I moaned. I was sure he had no idea of the double meaning of my cries.

I wanted so badly just to tell him, "Knock me up, lover. Fill my pussy with your seed. Give me all your cum. Cum deep in me and get me pregnant."

Instead I let my pussy do the talking as it caressed and loved his cock. He kept spasming with little jerks as his climax slowly subsided.

Finally William pulled out and laid down beside me. "Oh my gosh, that was incredible!" he gasped.

"It certainly was" I replied as I nestled beside him. "I love you so much"

"I love you too" he responded.

As we lay there facing each other I knew our love as husband and wife was still just beginning. It would certainly continue to grow. There would definitely be areas where our love as husband and wife would be different from our love as mother and son. I reached over and caressed William's cheek and then leaned forward and kissed him. As I moved away I slowly ran my hand down over his shoulder, then to his stomach, and finally to his cock where I gave it a loving squeeze. I then slid my hand up over my tummy. I couldn't help but wonder if a beautiful baby would result from our love. I put my arms around William and held him tight. Perhaps I was already pregnant. If we kept fucking like newlyweds there was no doubt that I soon would be if I wasn't already. In any case I knew that I couldn't put off the subject forever. Soon I was going to have to see how William felt about being a daddy.


I went to bed early but had trouble falling asl**p. I kept wondering how William might feel about getting me pregnant. I tossed and turned a bit as I worried that he might be upset that I had not discussed this beforehand if I was already pregnant. Of course there was also the possibility that I wasn't yet pregnant. Then I worried whether he would be agreeable to getting his mother pregnant.

When I awoke I looked over and saw that William was still asl**p. I slipped out of bed and had a small breakfast as I looked out over the ocean and enjoyed the beautiful morning. Remembering the shipment that had arrived yesterday I headed to the spare bedroom where William had stored the boxes. I was surprised to see so many boxes there since we hadn't had that many possessions back in our apartment.

The first box I opened was marked "Mom's bedroom." I started to remove the contents, first seeing the pictures that had been on my dresser, then coming to a small box of inexpensive jewelry. When I got to the clothes in the bottom of the box I realized that there weren't very many. I hadn't had many nice clothes, mostly just work clothes, and apparently William hadn't told them to send too much. I wondered what I was going to do. Other than the clothes I had packed when we came I only had the bikinis the realtor had left for me. I was certainly going to need more than that. True we didn't wear much around the house, but I did have to go shopping sometime!

I continued opening boxes and setting things out around the room. I had gone through boxes marked for mom's room, living room, kitchen, and storage while leaving boxes marked for William alone. I figured he'd want to go through his own things. When I moved the last labeled box I noticed that the other boxes were different. They had arrived yesterday but they weren't from our apartment. Looking closer I saw that the return addresses on them showed they had come from Victoria's Secrets and Fredericks of Hollywood. Needless to say, my curiosity was aroused.

About that time William walked into the doorway. I looked up at him and smiled, "Good morning sl**pyhead."

He stretched and asked how long had I been up.

"About an hour is all. I started opening boxes from home."

"Yeah, it looks like you've been busy."

"Would you like some breakfast honey?"

"Sure Cynthia that would be fine."

We headed to the kitchen where I fixed him a simple breakfast. I sat down at the table with him, sipping on a cup of coffee.

He looked over at me and said, "I suppose you saw the boxes from Victoria's Secrets and Frederick's."

"Yes honey, I did."

"Mom," he slipped, "I knew you didn't have a lot of clothes before so I ordered a bunch of stuff for you. I hope you like it. But if you don't you can send it back or you can order more stuff. There aren't too many places around here for you to buy clothes so I figured ordering by catalog would be best."

"That's so thoughtful of you dear." Then I thought for a moment and asked, "And why wouldn't I like them? I'm sure you picked out nice things for me."

William's face turned a bit red as he replied, "Well, it's just that...most of the outfits are you know...kinda sexy."

"Honey, you know I don't mind wearing sexy things for you. But I hope you did buy me some things to go shopping in. I can't go to the village in a bikini and I don't want to create a scene at the market!"

We both laughed. "I think I picked a few things out that should be okay for that," William replied. He was finished with breakfast so he asked, "Would you like to see what I ordered?"

"Sure honey...let's go check it out."

I was eager to go back to the bedroom where the boxes were. I wasn't used to getting a lot of nice things at once and thought that this would be fun. William cut open the first box and then told me to go through it. The first thing I pulled out was a nice summer dress with thin shoulder straps. Holding it up I could tell that it would go to just about mid-thigh when I wore it. "It's lovely dear. I can even shop in it," I laughed.

I continued to remove more items from the box. There were a few more dresses, some nice tops and even some shorts. "You did well," I giggled. I stepped over and gave William a kiss on the cheek.

"That's one box down, five more to go," William said as he opened another box. Reaching into it the first thing I pulled out was a pink bra.

"Hmmm...that's pretty," I said. I soon discovered that there were a dozen bras in the box, with matching panties for each bra. William had picked out bras and panties in black, blue, red, pink, purple, yellow, and white. "What'cha one of everything?" I joked.

"Well I couldn't make up my mind. I figured you'd look good in all of them so I said what the heck!"

I continued opening boxes, holding up each item of clothing. There were some jeans, skirts, sweaters, more shorts, sexy tops, and even more bras and panties. William had even ordered some stockings for me. One box I opened contained nothing but shoes. There was everything from sandals to shoes with 5" spike heels. "You certainly know how to take care of a lady," I told him.

William opened the last box and then stepped back for me to go through it. The first thing I found was a black corset. That was followed by several garter belts and more stockings. I kept pulling out more and more lingerie. There were teddies, nightgowns, babydolls and more. I could tell William was a bit anxious as he awaited my response to his selection. I turned to him and smiled, then I walked over to him and gave him a deep passionate kiss, saying, "I can't wait to model some of these things for you honey. They're all so pretty. You make me feel so special."

"You are special. I love you soooo much."

"When would you like me to wear the lingerie honey?"

"I thought maybe in the evenings, around dinner time." He tried to hide his grin, "I mean I'd still like to see you in bikinis and nude during the day."

"Whatever you wish dear. But right now I'm going to put these things away, and try to figure out what I'll model for you this evening." I winked at him.

I spent a good part of the day putting things away. I was amazed that it took so much time to unpack considering I didn't think we had all that much. But being in a new environment I had to find a place for each item. At our apartment I could have easily relocated each item, but here I took my time to figure out exactly where in our villa I wanted each thing to go.

Late afternoon came before I realized it. At 5:00 I called out to William who was down at the gazebo that I was going to clean up and that dinner would be ready in about an hour.

I headed to the bathroom and decided to take a warm bath. As I slipped into the tub I started to recall the lingerie that William had selected and began to decide what I would model for him tonight. Reaching for my razor I decided that for most of the lingerie he'd purchased I would look sexier if I shaved my pussy completely. Thus I shaved my pussy again, this time removing even the small patch of hair above my pussy lips that I had left before. As I ran my fingers over my now smooth pussy my mind turned to earlier thoughts and I formulated a plan. Tonight I would ask William if he wanted to be a father.

I could feel my pussy getting wet from the excitement of what we would be discussing. As I slowly stroked my pussy I closed my eyes and thought what it would be like to be pregnant again. Unlike the first time when I was unexpectedly impregnated by a stranger this time I would relish the pregnancy. There was no one else alive that I would rather have get me pregnant than my son. I had no doubt that he loved me deeply and I couldn't imagine him not wanting me to have his baby. I continued to gently stroke my smooth pussy lips but as much as I wanted to bring myself to an orgasm I decided I'd wait for a climax with my husband later in the evening.

Getting out of the tub I toweled myself dry, slowly rubbing the soft towel over my soft skin. After I had dried off I took a bottle of perfume and put a dab on my neck and some between my breasts. I sat in front of the mirror and put on red lipstick to match my red fingernails, and applied makeup as if I were going out for the evening.

Walking into the bedroom I pulled open a dresser drawer and gazed upon the assortment of new lingerie. "Hmmm, I wonder which of these William would like to see me in," I mused. I giggled aloud as I concluded that he would be glad to see me in "any" of them. I thus reached for an ensemble like I had never worn before. It included a garter belt, stockings, stretch g-string, lace demi-bra, and a sheer robe—all in black. I had never worn a garter belt in my life but had heard other women talk about how their husbands loved them.

I sat on the side of the bed and put on the stockings, pulling them up over my smooth legs. I stepped into the garter belt and slid it up till it rested over my hips and then I attached the stockings. I briefly looked up and saw my reflection in the mirror. Seeing myself in only the garter and stockings made me feel sexy. My long hair was hanging down my back between my shoulder blades. My lips were red from the lipstick I had applied. And my large naked breasts stood firmly with no sag. Since most of my sunbathing had been done in the nude I didn't have any tan lines. In fact, I couldn't believe how tan my body had already gotten in the short time we had been on the island.

Glancing at the bra I saw that William had remembered my bra size and had ordered size 38D bras. My mind drifted again as I briefly wondered how full my tits would swell if I got pregnant. Perhaps then a 38D wouldn't be big enough!

When I slipped on the sheer robe I realized it was purely for effect. It did nothing to cover me since you could see right through it. And I certainly didn't need it for warmth or privacy. I knew that it was just one of those things that men liked, and there was nothing more that I wanted than to please my man.

I left the bedroom and entered the kitchen and realized that William was still down at the gazebo. As I was preparing dinner I heard the door open and knew it was him entering.

"William, is that you dear?"

"Yes Cynthia. Is dinner ready?"

"Just about honey."

As I was answering him I was heading out to meet him. When I entered the room where he was his eyes got big.

"Oh my gosh" he gasped.

I twirled around for him. "It's so lovely dear. Do you like it?"

"Do I like it? You look fabulous!"

I stepped closer to him and gave him a hug and a peck on the check. As he pressed against me I could feel his stiff cock. I playfully squeezed it and said, "Yeah, I guess you like it."

If William could have had his way he would have stripped me on the spot and fucked me then and there. I suppose he might have been a bit disappointed when I whispered into his ear and said, "Lets have dinner and then I show you how much I like it!"

All during dinner William couldn't take his eyes off of me. He particularly focused on my breasts. The black bra had pushed them together creating a deep cleavage. Furthermore the robe and bra were so sheer that I might as well have been nude. I knew William could see my nipples and half expected him to comment about how stiff they were. However if William was excited, he had no idea how excited and horny I was. There were so many variables to my excitement. I was dressing the sexy lingerie he had picked for me. Plus I felt a bit wicked as even though I tried I couldn't erase the thought that here I was in front of my own son, dressed like a wanton woman. And finally I knew that tonight was the night. That after our meal I would be asking him how he felt about being a father. I was pretty sure what his response would be but was just a slight bit nervous as I thought that it's not every son that thinks about having a baby with his mother. I worried just a bit that there was the slightest chance that he would say no—that he didn't want to get his mother pregnant—and if that happened I would be devastated.

I snapped out of my daydream when William said, "That was a fantastic dinner. There's a nice breeze outside. How would you like to sit on the porch and maybe have a glass of wine and watch the sunset?"

I smiled and responded, "I'd love that dear."

"Okay, I'll get a bottle and some glasses and join you there."

On my way to the porch I picked up an old f****y photo album I had left out. I took a seat on the large outdoor sofa and waited for William. When he arrived he handed me a glass of wine and I thanked him. As he sat beside me he asked, "What do you have there?"

"Oh, it's just some pictures from back home. Would you like to look at them with me?"

"Sure, that would be great."

He sat beside me as I opened the album to the first page where there was a picture of my mother. "Mom sure would have loved this place."

"I'm sure she would have," he replied. Neither of us stopped to consider how we would have explained to her how we were living there together!

I turned the page and there was the picture I wanted to show William—a picture of me holding a new-born baby. Of course it was William I was holding in the picture. It was hard to believe that the tiny baby in the picture was the same person who was now 18 years old and fucking me. I was also amazed at how young I looked. I smiled at William and said, "You were such a good baby honey, and so cute!"

He looked at the picture of him as an infant in my arms. "The perfect son," he replied. We both couldn't help but giggle.

I kept turning the pages. There was page after page of me with William as a new-born baby. My baby, who was now sitting next to me as a grown up young man. My baby who had told me only a few days earlier that he wanted me as his wife. My baby who was now my lover.

I took a deep breath and softly asked, "William can I ask you something?"

He replied, with no idea of what I'd be asking, "Sure, anything."

"Do you like babies?"

"Well I guess so. I haven't given it much thought."

He saw my eyes flash at him and that's when I think he got it. "Oh wow Mom," he slipped, "are you talking about what I think you are?"

Looking him directly into his eyes, making sure I could capture his response, I replied, "Yes honey. There's no other way to ask I guess. But would you like me to have your baby?"

I was so relieved when his answer was instantaneous. "Yes Mom yes, I would love for us to have babies together!" In all his excitement he had reverted back to calling me Mom. I didn't even think about trying to correct his misstep as I was sure it was the result of his being excited about the prospect of getting his mother pregnant.

"Babies" I giggled, taking immediate note that he was talking about more than one. I was so excited as I could see my dream of having a f****y was going to come true. Thoughts flashed through my mind at lightning speed as I pictured myself pregnant, my tummy swelling by the month, my tits filling with milk, nursing a new baby. I don't know that I had ever been happier.

I reached over and stroked William's cheek softly and said, "Well, I guess if we're going to have babies we'd better get started." I teased him, "So do you feel like fucking me?"

"Oh yeah" he moaned.

William stood up and then reached down and scooped me up. I realized he was going to take me to our bedroom. I put my hands around his neck as he carried me.

"I want to have your babies dear. I want to have lots of babies for you."

"Oh god" he groaned, and his pace picked up a bit. Quickly we were in our bedroom and he gently laid me down on the bed. I slipped off my robe and lay there in just the bra, g-string, garter and stockings. William quickly removed his shirt and shorts. I don't think I had ever seen his cock so swollen. Indeed the idea of me getting pregnant was as exciting to him as it was to me.

I started to unclasp my bra when he said, "Leave it on....please."

"Sure sweetie"

He then reached over and cupped my breasts through the bra. My nipples had been stiff all evening and I gasped as his fingers played with them. "Oh honey that feels sooo good!" He pulled my bra cups down under my breasts which caused them to sit firmly together. Then he leaned forward and kissed the tops of my breasts. Next he licked them, his tongue sliding all around my nipples. Finally, his tongue slid over my nipple and flicked back and forth. I knew that my pussy was never wetter than it was at that moment and I could hardly wait for him to fuck me.

William took his time though and continued to lick and kiss my breasts. When his mouth eased over my nipple and sucked on it I started to shutter. "Oh my god" I gasped. I was on the verge of cumming. All my earlier thoughts and then our later talk about getting pregnant had me so worked up that I couldn't hold back.

I was gasping, "Oh my god, oh my god" as William continued to arouse me. Just as I thought I couldn't take any more he slipped his hand inside my g-string and cupped my pussy. "Ooooohhhhhhh fuck." I moaned. No sooner than his finger slipped between my pussy lips then I started to climax.

"Oh my god....oh my god," I continued, being at a loss for words. My body started jerking and bucking. William began to work his finger a bit faster and just slightly deeper as my orgasm continued. While his finger sank into my pussy his thumb rubbed over my clit. My hips were bucking up wildly, my legs shaking uncontrollably. All the while William kept fondling my pussy. I was gasping in ecstasy; my tits bobbing wildly even though they were still held by the underwires of my bra. My pussy was creaming on William's hand like never before. I would certainly be ready for his cock tonight! "I'm cuummmiinnnggggg," I groaned. I shuttered and gasped, my head was twisting from side to side, my hips were lifting up and my legs were kicking wildly. Gasping for breath I could simply mutter, "Oh..ooh...oh," as my body was overcome with the sensation of an incredible climax.

My climax slowly started to subside. I didn't even realize how deep I was breathing until I looked up at William who had a bemused expression on his face.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yesss....that....felt....sooo....good," I hissed in between breaths. My body was still having little tremors as I caught my breath. "Oh my gosh honey...that was unbelievable," I gasped.

I reached for William and pulled him up to me and we kissed passionately. I was so ready to be fucked that I spread my legs apart and ground my pussy against him. His cock was sliding all over my very wet pussy. I could tell he was as eager to fuck me as I was to be fucked.

We were both so excited we really didn't take any time for foreplay. I whimpered, "Please," actually begging him to fuck me. He leaned forward and pressed the tip of his cock into my pussy. Then with one firm thrust he pushed his cock deep into me.

"OH yes," I moaned, as I felt his rigid cocking sliding deep into me. I responded by pushing back up to him, anxious to get his cock completely buried in my cunt.

We started fucking wildly, bucking to each other. Undoubtedly we were overwhelmed by the purpose of our union—to get me pregnant! William was fucking me hard and deep. I could feel the tip of his cock bumping my cervix. My pussy was creaming all over his cock as it plowed into me over and over.

"Baby, you feel so good" I moaned. "Do it honey, fuck me and get me pregnant."

"Oh god Mom." William started thrusting even faster. It was as if a primal urge had taken over. We weren't just fucking, and we weren't what I'd call making love, but the intensity of our coupling might best be described by saying that we were mating. For this time anyway William was a virile male determined to impregnate his willing mate. I didn't know if I was fertile at the moment but I sure hoped I was. The only thing in the world I wanted was for William's seed to shoot deep into me and send his baby-making sperm to a waiting egg.

I pulled my legs back as he continued to thrust into me. He raised up on his arms and looked down at me as his cock pistoned in and out of my cunt. My tits were wobbling wildly from the motion of our fucking. I raised my head slightly and looked down to see his cock. I could see my pussy lips spread wide, hugging his massive cock as it worked its way in and out. William took notice of my focus and he also looked down. Together our eyes beheld the sight of his cock sliding in and out of my cunt, both of us understanding the intent of our union, knowing that soon he would be shooting a potent blast of cum into me.

William dropped down and we held each other tightly as he continued to drive his cock into me. "Mom, I'm going to do it." he groaned.

"Yes baby, do it. Fill my cunt with your cum. Please baby. Knock me up, get me pregnant!" Those were the words I had been wanting to say all day.

I felt him stiffen and then groan. His cock slammed deep into me and he started cumming. I clinged to him tight, my arms around his back, my legs wrapped around him, and my pussy clutching his cock. William continued to groan and spasm, his throbbing cock blasting spurt after spurt of his potent seed into me.

At the same moment William started cumming I started to cum again. My hips bucked up uncontrollably as his cock plunged into me. My cunt milked his cock, desperately wanting to get every drop of his precious cum.

"OH FUCK" I moaned. "OH honey, you're doing it! You're filling my pussy!" My hips were gyrating madly as I was cumming, as I was accepting his load of cum. It was as if I was subconsciously trying to coax it into the depths of my cunt where I knew it would do its deed.

Our bodies slammed together wildly as he gave and I received. We held each other very tightly as we completed the act of mating. Only time would tell if a new life would start to blossom within me. But at the moment all I could think about were millions of his virile sperm swimming inside me, racing to start the process of conception.

William remained over me as we caught our breath. He started giving me little kisses on my nose, forehead, eyelids and cheeks. Our mouths met and we shared a probing kiss.

He broke away and said softly to me, "I love you, and I want you to be the mother of my c***dren."

"Nothing would make me happier," I replied. Then I continued, "But William there is one thing I guess I should mention. You know that you've already fucked me several times. So there is the possibility that you've already gotten me pregnant."

"I'd already thought of that Cynthia. And if that's the case it's certainly fine with me."

As he spoke I felt his cock start to stiffen again. Apparently the thought of having possibly already impregnated me was enough to excite him back to hardness. I smiled at him as I squeezed my cunt, encouraging him on. When he was hard again he started to fuck me again, but this time with slow loving strokes. We looked steadily into each other's eyes as he started sliding his cock in and out of my cunt. This time there was no rush. We both enjoyed the sensation of our second round. I continued to watch William's face as he started cumming again. I had a warm feeling in my heart as my husband filled my cunt with even more cum. I didn't know whether or not I was now pregnant, but I knew that at the rate we were fucking it would only be a matter of time.

William slid off of me but continued to hold me in his arms. I felt so loved by him. We chatted as we lay there. He had all kinds of questions about pregnancy and babies. I could tell this was going to be a fun and loving experience to go through with him. I had no doubt in my mind that he would be a wonderful father who would make my dream of having the perfect f****y come true. After awhile we both fell asl**p, still embraced in each other's arms.

The next morning when I woke up I had a definite glow about me. William was inquisitive and asked me, "Do you think you're pregnant?"

I smiled and replied, "There's no way of knowing at this point dear. But just the pure thought that I might be is so exciting for me." "But don't worry," I teased, "if I'm not pregnant we'll just keep trying...if that's okay with you!"

He laughed, "Uh, yeah, I think I can handle that."

A little later in the morning I heard a vehicle pulling up to the house.

"William, someone's here."

"I'll get it" he replied. I heard him talking to a man at the door and then he came in carrying some boxes. "It was another delivery," he informed me.

"It's getting to be like grand central station around here," I joked. "So what is it this time?"

"I ordered a computer and some stuff."

"That's great honey." I was so glad to see that he had gotten something for himself. He had always wanted a computer but we had never been able to afford one before. I didn't know much about them but knew that most of the k**s his age had had them for years.

He spent the next few hours setting up his new computer. I would check on him and he would show me the keyboard, the monitor, the printer and the computer itself. The last time I entered the room he was holding something in his hands.

"What's that? I asked inquisitively.

"It's a digital camera. It works with the computer. I can take pictures and print them out right here!"

"Cool" I replied. I was impressed by his new fangled stuff and was proud that he was smart enough to set it all up by himself.

He continued, "Here, it's all ready. I think the first picture should be of you."

"Me. Oh honey, I look a mess, don't take a picture of me now!"

He laughed. "That's what everyone says when you want to take their picture. But believe me, you never look a mess."

I smiled at him appreciatively. "That's so sweet of you to say. But how about if you wait till this afternoon to take my picture, after I've cleaned up?"

"Okay, maybe we can take some down by the ocean."

"Sure, that sounds great."

We had some lunch and then I took a shower. I remembered that William was going to take pictures of me so I picked out a white bikini to wear. I also decided to put on some make-up, something I didn't always do if we were going to be down at the ocean. And finally, to dress myself up a bit I picked out a pretty little seashell necklace of mine and fastened it around my neck.

It wasn't long before we were both ready to go down to the gazebo. William had filled a cooler and I could see that he had it and another bag containing his new camera.

"Can I help you carry anything honey?" I asked.

"No thanks, I can handle it."

We made our way to the gazebo and spread towels out and started to relax. "Are you ready to be the top model on the island?" William asked.

"Well I don't know about being the top model," I laughed, "but if you want to take my picture I guess that's okay! Didn't you say you wanted to take them down by the ocean?" He nodded yes to which I responded, "Well let me put on some lotion first before we go out into the sun."

I sat in the chaise and applied lotion to my shoulders, arms, legs, hips and mid-section. Turning to William I asked, "Can you put lotion on my back honey?"

"Sure" he replied. He sat beside me and rubbed lotion over my back. "That should take care of you."

"Thanks dear."

We strolled down to the ocean and I waited for William to get his camera ready.

"Okay, here goes" he advised me.

I struck a pose and heard the camera click.

"That should be a nice one" I heard him say.

He posed me several ways and continued to take pictures of me from different angles. After awhile he lowered the camera, looked at me and asked, "Do you mind removing your top?"

I had been expecting such a request and simply smiled at him and untied the strings to my bikini, letting the top fall away. I watched as he focused the camera and then he started taking pictures of me topless.

"Turn to your left Cynthia" he instructed. I followed his directions and he took pictures of my profile. My full breasts were exposed to the camera. I smiled at him as he took even more pictures.

"Now, lean forward, please?" He seemed a little embarrassed about asking me to assume different poses and I wanted to let him know it was okay.

"Like this dear?" As I leaned forward my breasts hung down and bounced together. Click, click, I heard the camera.

He seemed to be a little more comfortable now. I was surprised that I felt so comfortable. After all, I had never been photographed nude before. But if it's what my lover wanted I was more than glad to oblige.

There was no doubt that he was getting more comfortable when I heard his next request. "Cynthia, can you remove your bikini bottoms?"

"Sure dear." Without hesitating I untied the bottom and pulled it off. Now I stood there totally nude. I didn't really feel strange because we had been nude on the beach together before. But it was a bit different having my picture taken as I posed nude for him.

The wind was blowing my hair back slightly as William had me pose in numerous stances. He took pictures looking directly at me, pictures with me turned sideways, and finally pictures with me sitting in the sand with my legs spread. I had no qualms about the camera capturing my nude butt, tits and pussy as long as it was pleasing him.

The day went by fast and before I knew it it was dinner time. We headed back to the house and had dinner before we cleaned up. After finishing dinner I went to our bedroom to clean up. Being photographed all afternoon had been very arousing for me and I was longing for William to fuck me. I took a shower and afterwards proceeded to pick out some lingerie to wear for the evening.

Searching through my dresser I selected a light blue matching bra and panty set that I thought William would like. It held my breasts together and was so sheer that my nipples and areolas were visible through the bra, as well as my shaved pussy through the bikini style panties.

I walked down the hallway to the room where William was working with his computer. He had his back to me as he sat at the desk. I leaned forward and kissed his neck, putting my arms around him. As I did so I looked up at the screen and saw the images of me he had taken earlier in the day.

"Did they turn out okay?" I asked.

"They sure did. You looked fantastic!" Turning and looking at me he continued, "You look fantastic now!"

"Well thank you sweetie. Anytime you want to take pictures of me you just let me know."

"Okay," he replied, "how about now?"

"Now? You want to take more pictures!"

"Yeah, you look really hot in that outfit."

"Well, sure honey, if that's what you want." There was something about him wanting to photograph me that excited me. "Where do you want me to stand?"

"Let's go to the bedroom," he responded.

Together we went to the bedroom. When we got there I turned and said, "Okay, just tell me what you want me to do."

"Ok. Well first of all, just stand there by the bed and maybe raise your hands so that your wrists are pushing your tits together."

"Like this?" I tilted my body, shifting most of my weight onto one foot, and brought my lightly clenched fists up as my wrists pressed against the outer edges of my breasts. William didn't even need to reply. The response from his camera told me the pose was fine.

"Now, sit on the edge of the bed, okay? And maybe slip your bra straps down off your shoulders."

I followed his directions and gave him a pouty little smile as I sat on the edge of the bed and let my right leg bend to the floor while I curled my left leg up beside me onto the bed. I crossed my hands and rested them on my right knee. This made my arms press my breasts together until they looked like they were going to spill out of my bra.

"That's soooo sexy," William told me as he continued to snap pictures.

"Now stand up and slide your bra cups down under your tits."

I stood up and did as he requested, leaving my fingers hooked into the bra straps as I pulled them away from my breasts. I was beginning to get a bit amused that here I was so readily following the instructions of my son while he ordered me around.

"Okay, sit back down on the bed...please?"

I realized he was struggling to maintain his composure. His cock was swelling in his shorts, tenting them with his telltale arousal. He had me sit on the bed and spread my legs wide apart. Then he directed me to clasp my hands together between my legs and set them on the bed. This of course squeezed my breasts together and f***ed them outward. He focused the camera and took another shot.

He continued to direct me and take picture after picture. It wasn't long before he had me slip of my panties and pose in various positions where he photographed my newly shaved pussy. After numerous shots he seemed to hesitate as if he didn't know whether he should proceed further.

"Uh, Cynthia," he spoke, with some hesitancy. "Will with...uh...your pussy?"

He was nervously awaiting my reply. I simply smiled at him as my fingers slipped down to my pussy lips. "Like this, honey?"

He watched as I slowly slid my fingers up and down my smooth pussy lips. I looked him straight in the eye as I curled my middle finger into my pussy. I pulled my finger out and he could see it was gleaming with my wet juices. I smiled as I slid my finger back in and started to finger fuck myself as he watched.

Click, click, click. I could tell he was excited. But then I realized I was getting very excited myself. There was something about playing with my pussy in front of my son that was so hot. I thought to myself, "What kind of depraved woman am I? This is so naughty!"

Despite my thoughts I continued to finger my cunt. I lifted my other hand to my lips and licked my fingers. Then I started to pinch and tease one of my nipples. All the while William kept taking pictures of me.

As my body responded I started to rock my hips. I shuttered as I pushed my finger deeper into my cunt. Looking at William I could tell he was almost in a trance from watching the scene in front of him. I felt so wicked, playing with myself in front of my son, knowing that I was turning him on more and more.

I couldn't resist the taboo nature of the situation. As my fingers flicked over my clit I shuttered and gave a little jerk. I was building to a fever pitch. Out of nowhere I started to huskily taunt William. I could barely believe the words coming out of my mouth.

While looking at him dreamily I asked, "Do you like watching your mommy play with her pussy?"

"Oh god," he groaned. He was so worked up he couldn't respond any more than that.

"You know, this is the pussy from which you came," I teased him shamelessly.

"Oh fuck Mom." He couldn't take any more. He set his camera down for a moment and stripped his shorts down, releasing his swollen cock. The sight of his throbbing cock excited me even more.

"You want to put that big cock in your mommy's pussy don't you baby."

"Oh yes," he groaned again as he started to stroke his cock.

"You know what will happen if you put your big cock in me don't you baby?" Of course he knew, but he was so charged up he could hardly speak. Besides I answered the question before he had a chance anyway.

"You'll shoot a big load of baby-making cum in your mommy's pussy won't you," I teased unmercifully.

"You want to give your mommy a baby don't you?"

He couldn't do more than nod his head yes as he stroked his cock.

"You want to see your mommy's tummy swell with a baby don't you?"

"You want to see your mommy's tits get bigger as they fill with milk don't you?"

He was stroking faster and faster. I had never seen his cock so big, hard and angry looking. Plus, as I was teasing him I was fingering myself even faster, my hips rocking up higher off the bed. I couldn't take it any more when I begged, "William, fuck me, please. I have to have your cock in me. Please William, fuck me right now."

I laid back on the bed and spread my legs wide. William wasted no time as he moved to the bed and slid over me. My pussy was so slick that his cock was sliding all over it.

"Get it in me" I groaned. Not even waiting for him I gripped his cock and aimed it toward my quivering pussy. As I lifted my hips I felt his thick cock pushing into me.

"Yes, oh god yes. Fuck me. Fuck me and get me pregnant. Get your nasty mommy pregnant."

Again I was surprised at how brazen I was, but I was so hot that I had to have his cock, and I had to have his cum. I wanted him to plant his load of cum deep into my cunt.

Our bodies were slamming together. I gasped as I felt his cock plunging into my wet cunt over and over. My tits were rubbing against his chest. I spread my legs wide and reached down and gently cupped his balls, hearing him groan with pleasure as I stimulated him there. My fingers teased him under his balls and he thrust even harder.

"Give it to me honey. Give me your cum. Fill mommy's pussy....please."

William groaned and pressed forward, unable to hold back any longer. His body bucked into mine as he started shooting his potent cum deep into my cunt again. I shrieked and started to cum too. We clung together tightly, mother and son, connected together as William poured his life giving essence into my receptive cunt.

I encouraged him by saying, "That's it honey. I want your cum in me. You're my lover and I want it all." Then I repeated, "I want to have your baby...I want to have lots of your babies."

We stayed in each others arms for quite awhile as we both shuttered and jerked from little after shocks. I smiled at him and kissed him softly. He returned my kiss with a very passionate kiss.

"Wow, where did that come from?" I asked him a bit surprised.

"Its just that you were sooo hot."

"Well I hope you didn't mind the taunting and teasing."

"Yeah, it was terrible," he replied facetiously before he started to chuckle.

I held him tight as I told him, "Oh William, I do hope you get me pregnant."

He smiled as he replied, "Well, like you said, if at first we don't succeed we'll just keep trying."



We fell asl**p cuddled together with his cock still buried in my pussy.

The next day was more of the same, as were the days after that. We often had sex in the gazebo in the afternoon and I continued to model lingerie every night for William which always led to our fucking. We didn't always talk about me getting pregnant but I know it was always in the back of both of our minds.

Days turned into weeks. During that time William had become interested in boats. He often photographed sailboats and other boats as they went by in the ocean. One day he called to me as a beautiful boat went across the horizon.

"Isn't that a beauty Cynthia?"

"It's very nice," I replied. Then I continued, "Honey, you know what, you like boats so much, I think you should buy one."

"Would you go out onto the ocean with me?" he asked.

"Well of course I would!"

"To buy one we'd have to go to the city."

It was apparent that he had been giving it some thought.

"That would be fine," I responded, "Do you want me to go with you?"

"Of course, you've got to help me pick one out."

"Well I don't know anything about them, but I'd love to go with you."

Back at the house William called a marina and got some information. He then suggested that we go to the city for a few days. "The sales rep said I could look over some boats and he'd take me out in any I wanted. He even said if I picked one out he'd give me some instructions. They sounded very good. They said they'd give me all the training I needed to handle a boat in the ocean. Even though it might take several trips back there before I feel comfortable going alone."

"Whatever you think is best dear," I told him. Then I recalled something I had heard on the local radio. "William, I heard on the radio that this is spring break week. We probably won't be able to get a room at a hotel."

William replied, "I'm sure that we can get a room. I don't think we'll be staying in the same place that the college k**s stay."

"Oh, are you going to treat me?" I giggled.

"You bet."

William made all of the arrangements and in a few days we were pulling up to the fanciest hotel on the island.

"Will this do?" he asked with a grin.

"Well, I suppose I could get used to it," I replied in jest.

However when we got to the lobby we encountered some problems. The clerk waved his finger at us and said, "I'm sorry, but we don't give rooms to college students."

That brought a smile to my face. Did he think I was a college student? In any case William wasn't discouraged at all.

"We're not college students," he told the clerk.

"Yeah right" was the response he got back.

"No really," William replied, "we live on the island." With that William gave him our local address.

"Well I don't know," the clerk hesitated.

William next pulled open his wallet and handed him his American Express card. "Here, check me out. We really are from the island. There won't be any room damage, but I think you'll find out that we're good for it even if there was."

As the clerk headed back to an office William muttered a bit loudly, "Jeez, what's a guy gotta do to get a room in this place? Bring his mommy with him?"

He snickered as I quickly poked him in the rib with my elbow. "William!" I exclaimed as we both started to laugh.

It wasn't long before the clerk returned and very politely said, "Let's see, you requested the penthouse didn't you?" He motioned to a bellboy and directed him, "Take this couple to the penthouse suite." He handed William his credit card which he'd obviously checked and said, "Please, enjoy yourselves and have a good time as our guest."

It didn't take us long to unpack and I soon discovered that William was anxious to get to the marina to start checking out boats. I commented on several shops as we drove and told William I wouldn't mind checking out some of the local shops while he checked on boats. He told me that a lot of what he would be talking about today would be a bit technical so that I might as well enjoy myself and do some shopping. I could take the car and come back later and pick him up.

As we pulled into the parking lot I was amazed at all the beautiful boats. "They're all so pretty. I don't know how you'll decide!"

"Yeah, it might take awhile," William replied.

We entered the shop and a man came up to greet us. When he gave his name William told him, "I talked to you on the phone the other day. I'm William, and this is my wife, Cynthia."

My heart melted. It was the first time William had introduced me as his wife. I beamed with pride and excitement as I hugged his arm. It was our first introduction to the outside world as husband and wife and William had made it feel so natural. I wanted to tell him how much I loved him for making me feel so good. Unfortunately, the sales rep took over and it was time for me to depart. As I stepped to the car the rep yelled out, "Come back in two or three hours if that's okay." I nodded that that would be fine.

When I got back into the car I was suddenly on a mission. Although I had told William that I wanted to shop, there had been something else that had caught my eye as we had driven to the marina. We had passed a d**gstore. There weren't any d**gstores near the little village where we lived so we went without a lot of things. So now that I had the opportunity there was one thing I wanted to see if this d**gstore had—a home pregnancy test. I was two weeks overdue for my period and was fairly certain that I was pregnant. I had almost said something to William but had promised myself that I wouldn't tell him anything until I was absolutely sure. I traced the route we had taken and found the d**g store we had passed. It didn't take long for me to purchase a few items and head for the hotel.

Once I was back in our room I was a nervous fit just from being so anxious. I wasn't worried that I was or wasn't pregnant I just wanted to know which was the case. I followed the instructions for the pregnancy test and waited breathlessly for the results.

A big smile crept across my face. According to the test I was pregnant! I laughed, giggled and cried tears of joy. "Oh William, I love you," I said out loud to no one but myself. "I'm going to have your baby!"

I quickly hurried to the bedside table to get the local phone book. Even though the test said I was pregnant I wanted to make absolutely sure. I had passed a health clinic on the road and I looked up their number and gave them a call. They agreed to see me tomorrow and I knew I could go by there while William was looking at boats again. My only immediate concern was that I was so giddy that I was afraid William would figure I was up to something. I had to compose myself as I headed back out of the hotel and drove back to pick up William.

Pulling into the parking lot I waved at William and the sales rep. They headed to the car and I took a deep breath and asked, "Did you find one you like?"

"I've narrowed it down to three," William replied. "I want to go out in them tomorrow."

:"Sure honey, that would be great."

I scooted over and William got behind the wheel of the car. I cuddled up to him and he seemed to sense something. "Are you okay," he asked.

I thought quick and responded, "Oh honey, it was so nice when you introduced me as your wife. You don't know how nice that made me feel."

He put his arm around me and gave me a hug responding, "Well, you are my wife." I scooted closer to him and sighed.

As we drove back to town William said, "You know, we ought to take advantage of being here. There are a lot of fun night clubs. How would you like to go partying tonight?"

"I'd love that dear." I really wanted to go, but I was also somewhat relieved that we wouldn't be alone in the hotel room where I might blurt out the news that I was now aware of.

We had dinner in the hotel restaurant and then headed back to our room to get dressed to go out. I picked out an outfit that I hoped would blend in with the college girls. I was a bit nervous that I'd be side by side with them in the night clubs. I combed my hair so that it flowed fully down off my shoulders onto my back. I unpacked a little white half sweater and put it on over a white and purple-flowered bra. The sweater had a plunging neckline that exposed quite a bit of my breasts. It buttoned up with eight buttons between my breasts, and was cropped such that most of my mid-section wasn't covered. I next slipped on a ruffled lavender skirt that was loose and bouncy. I reached for some bikini panties but had a naughty thought. I wondered what William would think if I went without wearing any panties tonight. I had heard that some college girls do that and I thought well why not? I tossed the panties aside and headed out of the bedroom.

William looked at me and whistled. "Are you ready to go? You'll definitely be the prettiest and sexiest babe there."

I strolled over to him and whispered into his ear, giggling, "Flattery will get you everywhere mister."

We drove across town to a nightclub we had heard about. There was a long line waiting to get in. We parked our car and got in line. The place was packed with college students and I wondered again if I would be able to pull this off. The line moved along steadily. There was a group of four girls in front of us and six guys behind us. I chatted a bit with the girls while William talked with the guys.

One of the girls in front of me dropped her purse and objects started falling out of it and rolling around. She grabbed her cellphone and one of her friends grabbed her keys. A bottle of nail polish that had fallen loose started rolling toward me and I bent down to pick it up. At that exact moment a gust of wind appeared from no where and blew my skirt up. My naked butt and bald pussy were exposed to the guys in line behind us. I suddenly realized what was happening and stood up abruptly. I turned back to see a beaming William. Several of the guys were giving him the thumbs up.

He moved beside me and said softly, "No panties, that's hot. I like that."

"Well I didn't mean to put on a show for the whole neighborhood!"

"No harm done. And believe me, no one was complaining."

Nonetheless I was still too embarrassed to turn around and face the guys behind me. I could only wonder what their thoughts were. However I didn't have to wait long to hear one of their comments. William had turned back to them and one of them yelled out to him, "Your girlfriend is one hot mama." If he only knew, I thought as my face turned red, if he only knew. I stifled a giggle as the door opened for us to enter the nightclub.

We found a table and took a seat to the side of the stage where the band was playing. When it was time to order drinks I asked for a soft drink. William looked puzzled and asked if I was feeling okay. I told him I was thirsty from the warm night and only wanted a soft drink. I was relieved when he simply shrugged okay. Of course he had no idea that knowing that I was likely pregnant I didn't want a drink with alcohol.

The club got wilder as the evening progressed. It wasn't long before the DJ announced that there would be a wet t-shirt contest. I laughed knowing this was something that neither William or I had ever witnessed before. My laughter turned to surprise when all of a sudden I was being recruited to be a contestant in the contest.

"I can't do that!" I told the DJ.

"Go ahead, you can do it," William encouraged me.

I looked at him a bit surprised. "Do you want me to do it?"

"Well, only if you don't mind."

I could tell that he really wanted me to do it, and the crowd was chanting for me to go on stage, so I looked at William and said, "Well if it's what you want." His nod was all the prompting I needed. I winked at him and headed to the stage to join the other participants. All the while I was thinking, "There ain't no way I should be in this contest! I don't stand a chance with these young girls."

The DJ took us all backstage to a small room and told us to remove our shirts, blouses, tank tops or whatever and to put on white t-shirts the club furnished. Being the novice I was I started to put my t-shirt on while I still had my bra on. I saw the other girls taking off their bras and was relieved to see that they hadn't realized my mistake. I quickly took off my bra and slipped on the t-shirt.

There were about twenty-five of us competing in the contest. As we headed back to the stage the DJ announced that six of us would be winners, and that each winner would win one hundred dollars.

I watched as the contest started, not quite sure what to expect. As the first girl stepped up to the DJ he took a pitcher of water and poured it over her breasts. The t-shirt was immediately transparent. The girl waved her arms above her head showing off her breasts. I guessed that she was about a 34B and knew that if size was a deciding factor that I was in the running!

One by one the girls displayed their chests to the roar of the crowd. Finally it was my turn and I took a deep breath as I stepped closer to the DJ. I got the surprise of my life when he poured the water over my breasts. It was ice cold! I gasped and shivered and the crowd roared. My large dark areolas were instantly visible under the confines of the tight white t-shirt. But more than the fact that my breasts were so easy to see that I might as well have been topless was that the cold water had an immediate affect on my nipples. They started to stiffen and poke against the material, tenting the t-shirt much more than any of the younger girls had. The crowd was screaming, cheering and whistling as I walked from one end of the stage to the other. I looked over and found William in the crowd. He was smiling, proudly I think, and gave me two thumbs up. I smiled back at him, winked, and added a little bounce to my step. Of course this caused my large breasts to bounce up and down as I walked back to my place in line.

The judging was soon done. It was based on the response from the crowd and I was picked as one of the six winners. I figured the contest was over and started to leave the stage.

"Wait a minute," the DJ commanded, "you can't leave yet."

I was a bit puzzled as he walked over to me and said, "Now the six of you need to compete in the best tits contest."

I had a puzzled look on my face as he continued, "Yeah, you all need to go topless." He turned to the crowd and yelled, "You want to see these babes topless?"

Well of course they did. I started to resist but looked over at William and could tell he was okay with it and I thought well why not, they've pretty much seen my tits anyway. Plus my girlish pride had been pleased by being referred to as a babe.

The DJ took us to the back room again and gave us some instructions. He told us we would all need to remove our t-shirts. But then he told us we would need to remove our shorts or skirts too and parade on the stage in only our panties.

"I can't," I whispered to the DJ.

"Oh sure you can honey," he responded.

"No, I really can't," I pleaded.

He stepped closer to me and asked what the problem was. I hesitated and then told him I wasn't wearing any panties. He laughed and told me I wasn't the first one to use that excuse. Then he said it would be no problem, that the bar had panties they provided for just such occasions. He opened a drawer from which he retrieved a pair of sheer thong panties and told me to put them on.

I slipped off my skirt and put on the panties. The other five girls in the competition were now ready too. They all looked so young and I was a bit afraid that I'd embarrass myself competing against them. I casually glanced at each of them as I evaluated my competition. I quickly realized that I definitely had the largest breasts in the group. A couple of the girls were probably about 34B's, perhaps two were 36C, and a petite girl there was only about a 32B. I was suddenly proud of my 38D size but then wondered if the crowd would think they were too big.

Each contestant was called out to the stage individually. I could hear the crowd cheer as each girl paraded across the stage to the admiring gazes of the crowd. I was the last one to come out and when I came out on stage I was greeted by a roar. The DJ met me at the edge of the stage with a pitcher of water. I smiled at him, knowing what to expect this time. As he had before he poured cold water over my chest as the crowd cheered even louder. I was a bit surprised when he cupped my breasts and held them as he poured the water over them, since no one but William had touched me there for a long long time. In the excitement of the moment I was unaware that the water was running down over my body and down between my legs. What I also didn't realize was that the water running over the thong panties I was wearing was making them become transparent. As I walked across the stage my shaved pussy lips were easy to see. I looked at William who was cheering as loud as anyone and smiled meekly. I guessed he really liked seeing me on display. That thought encouraged me more and I mischievously put a bigger spring into my step. This of course again caused my tits to bounce even more, which inspired even more cheers.

The DJ told us all to lineup for judging, yelling out to the crowd, "Who's got the best tits?" As I stood there all kinds of thoughts ran through my mind. First of all, I couldn't really believe that I was basically nude in front of a large group of people. As I looked over at the other girls I was competing against I had several other thoughts.

I thought, "I wonder what they would think if they knew I wasn't an 18 to 21 year old college girl but a 33 year old, a 33 year old mother as a matter of fact! How would they feel about competing against me then!"

More thoughts flickered through my head, "I wonder what they would think about me not only being a mother, but a mother who lets her son fuck her!"

But the most intriguing thought for me was, "I not only wonder what they would think if they knew they were competing against a 33 year old, that is a mother who fucks her son, but that is also pregnant with her son's baby!"

I snapped back to reality as the DJ moved to me. The applause for me left no doubt that I was the overwhelming crowd favorite and I was declared the winner. I took the five hundred dollar prize and gave it to the other girls back stage, explaining to them that I didn't need the money. Then I dressed back into my skirt and sweater and went back out to greet William.

"Congratulations Cynthia," he called out to me.

I moved closer to him and put my arms around him. "I hope you didn't mind me being up there."

"I loved it," he said, "I always said you were the sexiest woman on the island and now I have proof." He held up a certificate the DJ had given him to give to me. It read, "Cynthia, Best Tits on the Island, Spring Break Gala."

"Hmmm, I guess I'll have to frame it," I joked. We both laughed and moved to the dance floor. We start dancing to the fast beat and I couldn't help but watch William staring at my tits as they bounced under my sweater.

"Like what you see?" I teased him. He knew what I was talking about and simply nodded his head.

The music changed to a slow song and he took me in his arms. In the dim light he let his hands roam over my body.

"Mmmm...that feels good honey." I pressed to him tighter as I felt his arms slide around me and pull me tighter to him. I could feel his stiff cock against me. I slipped my hand down between us and playfully squeezed his cock. "I can't wait for you to fuck me tonight dear." For the first time I saw him blush as I realized that the young couple dancing beside us had overheard me. "Oops, sorry," I whispered.

"Don't be sorry," he admonished me, "I don't mind anyone knowing I get to fuck the sexiest women here, the woman with the best tits on the island." He held me tight and then continued, "Are you ready to go back to the hotel?"

"Ready whenever you are."

We slipped out of the nightclub and got into our car. William decided to take a route back that would hug the coast for awhile. However he didn't realize that there was a drawbridge on the route, and just as we got to it we had to stop for it to rise up.

"Sorry, I didn't have any idea this was here," he told me.

"No problem." I scooted close to him and kissed his cheek. "Perhaps we can find some way to pass the time," I giggled.

We started making out like teenagers. It didn't take long for William's hands to start roaming over my body. He slipped a hand under my sweater and played with my breasts. Then he slid a hand under my skirt and fondled my pussy.

"Mmmmm," I moaned in his ear. Then I slipped my tongue into his ear and rolled it around. I could tell that even though he was surprised by the sensation that he found it pleasurable. And now it was my turn. I unbuckled his belt, unsnapped his jeans and slid his zipper down. I reached into to grasp his cock and was surprised. Just like me he hadn't worn any underwear!

He smiled at me and said, "Two can play that game you know." He further explained, "My cock gets so hard when you dress up so sexily I don't like it being confined."

My response was to pull his cock free and slowly stroke it. "Yeah, no use in keeping this big guy bundled up," I mused. Then I bent down and licked just under the head of his cock. "Besides, he tastes so good." My mouth opened and took in the head of his cock. I slowly sucked on it, rolling my tongue all around his cock head. He leaned back in his seat and groaned as I continued giving him a blow job. My mouth slid down and took in more of his cock, my lips tight around his cock, my cheeks indented as I sucked harder.

Slowly my head bobbed up and down on William's cock. It had been awhile since I had sucked him off. Every time I had tried to recently he had insisted that I let him cum in my pussy, saying he didn't want to waste any cum. I would giggle and tell him that he had plenty of cum to go around, but he insisted that it all be deposited in my pussy since he was determined to get me pregnant. All the same, I enjoyed sucking his cock and tasting his cum and I had missed doing this. So now I was glad that he hadn't stopped me.

My head started to move up and down faster as I continued to suck him. I felt him shutter as my hand encircled his cock and started stroking it as I sucked. I pumped his cock faster and pressed my lips tighter, determined to coax a load of his cum into my waiting mouth.

I heard William say, "Someone's watching."

I paused briefly and said, "What?"

"Someone's watching. The man in the control tower is watching."

"It's okay," I mumbled as I returned to sucking his cock. I stroked and sucked, faster and faster, humming on his cock as I sucked.

"Oh fuck," he moaned, "I can't hold back. Oh fuck." He thrusts his hips upward and suddenly started shooting streams of warm cum into my mouth. I was determined to accept it all, swallowing each spurt that shot into my mouth. All the while he was cumming I kept sucking and stroking his cock. I loved the feel of his body jerking and twitching, knowing I was giving him much pleasure.

I finally pulled away and sat up beside him. "Did you like that honey? I certainly did."

"It was great," he replied, "but I'm so sorry to have wasted it."

"Wasted it? What do you mean?"

"Well you know. I've only cum in your pussy lately, trying to get you pregnant. I'm sorry I couldn't hold out. It's just that it felt sooo good."

I was touched that he felt so guilty. "You didn't waste it honey," I softly told him.

He didn't pick up on my comment and responded, "Well it's just that even though I enjoyed that so much I had told myself I would only cum in your pussy until I knew you were pregnant."

Now it was me who felt guilty and I knew I had a decision to make. Despite the promise I had made to myself to not say anything to him until I was absolutely sure I was pregnant I didn't want him to be upset with himself. I looked straight at him and repeated, "You didn't waste it."

"What do you mean?" He still hadn't figured out what I meant.

I took hold of both of his hands and grinned, telling him, "William, I'm pregnant." It took a moment for it to sink in. He just looked at me for a few seconds. Perhaps he was a bit startled, perhaps it was in disbelief. Then I could see it register in his eyes, and a big smile came upon his face. He realized he had done it, he had gotten his mother pregnant.

"You're pregnant?" he exclaimed.

"Yes dear. I just found out today." I proceeded to tell him about taking the home pregnancy test. "It should be accurate, but just to make sure I have an appointment tomorrow. I wasn't going to tell you until after a doctor confirmed it. But there's no doubt in my mind that I'm pregnant. And you're going to be a daddy!"

I squeezed his hands and we simply stared and smiled at each other. We were in our own world, lost to the world around us. That is until horns started honking behind us. We hadn't even noticed that the bridge had lowered and traffic could move again. I leaned my head against his shoulder as William resumed driving through the city.

"Pregnant," he bristled, "I'm going to be a dad. And you're going to be a mom—again!" I giggled and smiled up at him as he sped back to the hotel.

When we got back to the hotel William held my hand as we headed up to the elevator. Once inside it he pulled me to him and kissed me deeply. "I love you. You are already the best mom in the world and you're going to be the best again."

I melted into his embrace, wanting him to hold me forever. When the elevator reached the penthouse and the door opened William suddenly scooped me up and carried me into our room. I felt like a bride being carried over the threshold. He had to make a trip to the bathroom—too much beer I teased him—and I walked out to the balcony that looked out over the city.

William soon returned and stepped up behind me. His arms encircled me and held me. I could have stayed in his embrace all night. I was enjoying the little kisses he was planting on my head, ear, cheek and neck. His hands gently stroked my shoulders and arms, finally encircling me. His hand slid over my still flat stomach and I grinned, knowing what he was doing.

"You can't tell anything yet," I told him, "it's too soon. But it won't be all that long before I start to show. Will you still think I'm sexy when my tummy starts to swell?"

His hands massaged my belly as he responded, "I'm sure you'll be the sexiest pregnant lady on the island."

As we giggled I felt William slide one hand up under my sweater. He began to fondle my breast, squeezing it, cupping it, lifting it and holding it.

"They'll get bigger too, and heavier also," I told him.

He didn't say a thing but just continued to play with my breasts. Finding a nipple he pinched it and pulled on it, making it grow even stiffer. I ground my butt against him and was surprised when he stepped back. However I immediately heard his zipper being opened. I still didn't have any panties on and soon I felt William lifting my skirt up over my ass and I felt his cock behind me. I grabbed hold of the railing on the balcony and spread my legs apart. My eyes closed as I felt William's cock rubbing against my wet pussy lips. I smiled to myself, knowing he was hard again, and wickedly thinking that every 33 year old woman should be fortunate to have a virile 18 year old stud to service her.

I moaned softly as William eased the tip of his cock into my pussy. I loved the feel of his thick cock stretching my pussy open and I moaned softly as he pushed in deeper. His hands gripped my waist tighter and he thrust his cock deep into me.

"Oh baby it feels so good." I sighed as his cock filled my cunt. It was right where it belonged, right where I wanted it to be. He started to slowly fuck me with long deep strokes. I pushed back as William thrust his cock forward, driving it even deeper into my cunt.

"How does it feel to fuck a pregnant pussy?" I teased. I surprised myself at how wickedly nasty I could now sometimes be. I was sure it was a result of having missed so many years of sex. Now I wanted to make up for every moment I had missed, and I had the perfect person to do it with. I knew that I would always let William fuck me whenever, wherever and however he wanted.

"It feels fucking good," he replied as he picked up the pace. "But...."

"But what," I asked?

"But it looks like I'm going to be wasting it after all," he laughed.

As I ground my pussy back onto his cock I replied, "Well I wouldn't call this wasting it. You're just keeping my pussy satisfied and happy."

William started thrusting faster. He reached around and began rubbing my clit. I groaned and felt my cunt start to squeeze his cock.

"Yes, yes, yes," I hissed as my cunt eagerly accepted his cock plunging faster and deeper into it. His finger started rubbing over my clit in circular motions. "Oh god," I moaned, "I'm going to cum."

William was close too. He started slamming his cock into me as my orgasm hit. My cunt muscles clenched his cock and he groaned as he started cumming into me. I wiggled my ass as his cock kept filling me. The sperm he was shooting deep into my cunt would once again race to find a waiting egg. But this time they would be too late. The deed had already been done. I was pregnant with my son's baby. .. THIS IS A FICTIONAL STORY... thks 4 reading
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Mommy Is One Fucking Kinky Freak part 1

I didn't want to disturb them, and I was honestly trying to be as quiet as I could possibly be while watching Mommy and Sean from the bedroom's doorway, but I couldn't help myself and laughed out loud at the shocked expression on my little br-other's face. He had just experienced his very first orgasm and was staring, in a kind of horrified fascination, as the cum exploded from the head of his red,thumb sized dick, and launched in one long spurt to splash full fo rce into Mommy's open mouth!

"What a good boy!" Mommy exclaimed,after swallowing the first mouthful of my br other's sperm. She then took him by the shoulders and pushed him over backwards onto the bed so she could keep sucking on his tiny,purple cock head.

Laughing to myself, I could tell Mommy was about to make Sean's first time just as memorable as she had for me almost a year ago, and the memory of that day still made my balls tingle and twitch!

Mommy had pinned Sean to the bed with her hands until his thrashing about became too much for her to handle. So, deciding to be of some help, I walked over, pushed Mommy off of him and grabbed him by the ankles.

"Don't move or I'll snap your knees. Got it, Bitch?" I warned him.

"Thanks,Honey!" Mommy giggled, then she stood up, took my face between her hands and french kissed me deeper and harder than ever before! I loved the idea of cleaning my little br-other's cum from our mommy's tongue and lips. Heck, fair's fair after all, right? I mean, with all of the blow jobs I had been making Sean give me, he had swallowed almost as much of My cum over the last year as Mommy had!

"Keep a tight hold,Sweetie! 'cause This Is Going To Be One Hell Of A Ride!" She ordered me, then got up and used her legs to hold his arms down as she lowered her shaved, wet, long, dangling meat curtained cunt over Sean's mouth and nose. "Yee Haw!" she screamed, and began to grind her dripping snatch all over his face!

For almost ten minutes I held my little br other's ankles and watched as he frantically ate Mommy out. The lil' fella sure is a cunt eating bas tard, I'll give him that, and he kept it up even after she began yelling "Eat Your Mommy's Cunt,Baby! Do it,Seanie! YES! SUCK MY CUNT HOLE!!! TONGUE IT! AAhhhh,YES! Don't stop! Eat That Pussy! Ungh! Suck my clit! Suck My Hole! Tongue Fuck Your Mommy! Mommy's gonna cum for You, Baby! Mommy's-Gonna-Cu-UH-UH-OHGAWD-UMMMMmmmm!!"

Suddenly, My mother quit wiggling about. She just sat there, panting as her long,sweat damp hair dangled over my little br other's groin. "Mommy's pussy tastes So Good! Doesn't it? You Love Mommy's cunt,don't You? You want more? Yes?! You Want More?!" she purred, and without warning Mommy reached out and grabbed Me by my upper arms. She was staring me straight in the eyes and smiling. "This Pup's not nearly as good as You are,Sweetie. God, I Need You to Fuck Me! I want Your fat, nasty cock thrusting deep up into my cunt! I want to feel your cum coating the walls of my Vagina and filling my Womb! But first..." Mommy grunted,tightened her grip and began pissing as hard as she could directly into Sean's mouth and down his throat!

Terrified that Mommy was going to drown him with her piss, I did the only thing I could think of, I reached out and pinched both of her nipples as hard as I could!

Red and Green Lights exploded behind my eyes when Mommy's fist landed upside my head, and I knew that I was in trouble when I felt her arm go around my neck, locking me in a choke hold, squeezing me tighter and tighter until the world grew dark.

When I finally came to, Sean was suspended from the racks in the ceiling by his wrists and ankles and his hard,little cock pressed against my lips.

"I think He wants you to suck on it,Sweetie. It's kind of hard to be sure with that ball gag in his mouth but, as soon as I shoved this dildo up his ass he got a hard-on! What do You think? Isn't it cute,Honey?" She asked in a very flirty voice.

What I thought was, "Mommy. You're One Fucking Kinky Freak!" What I said was "Yes, Mommy! I can't wait to suck the cum from his balls!" and I wrapped my lips around Sean's penny sized dick head and sucked his entire two inch long cock into my mouth, doing my best to make him climax as fast as possible.

"Aw, What good boys you are! Always wanting to please Your Mommy-Wife! That's right,Sweetie! Your Mommy-Wife!" Mommy exclaimed when I spit my br other's dick out of my mouth and screamed "What?!".
"Oh, don't be so surprised,Honey. You know how much I have wanted another baby since Your Father left Us, and now it's official! I quit taking those damned birth control pills the first time we fucked,Sweetie! And Now...You're going to be a Daddy! Isn't that Wonderful?! Just Think! We're Going To Have A Baby Of Our Very Own ! Now, Come Fuck Me,Lover! Come Fuck All Of Us!" She giggled and slid her cunt down over my cock. And when I felt my dick head press against the slit of Mommy's cervix, I blew My Wad!

What can I say? Like Mother, Like Son!

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