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mom and daughter

mom and daughter

... and she never let me give up. My 19 year old daughter and I were in bikinis enjoying the sun out ... and after breakfast she had suggested, "Hey mom, how 'bout joining me on the deck and getting some sun ... is thinner yet even bustier than I. As I looked, I realized I was admiring my daughter's stunning... Continue»
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Mom and daughter

... I had gone to visit Julie who I had been having sex with for about a year. She was a single mom ... with a 13 yo daughter. Julie and I went way back and we had our first sex together when we were 14 ... introduced me to my daughter Pam who was then 13. I had evidently made her pregnant before I left... Continue»
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mom and daughter

... Mom and Daughter

It happened when I was f******n. No, I didn't have sex at that age ... mom's fault.

You see, in our house, if the bathroom door is shut, that means someone is using ... a shower, and walked in on my mom, already taking a shower. Now, if one of my siblings had... Continue»
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Mom and daughter part 3

... to make sure the Mom knew her daughter was a total fuck slut and willing to please her Master in any ... daughter was initiated into the world of submission. I went over untied Mom and told her to get over ... Mother and daughter part 3

Over the next few days the only time I had was in the evening and I... Continue»
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blk mom daughter doggystye

... at her. We could always talk about anything. We have been more like best friends, than mom and daughter ... at her, mom brace yourself, in the last seventytwo hours, your daughter had pulled a dog fucking train ... cleaning the house, while I waited for mom.

She pulled into the drive, and headed for the door... Continue»
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Daughter was Big the Mom was Bigger

... hand rubbed my cock. She told me to be quite because her mom was getting ready for work and would ... .

I barely got going eating her ass when Tracy tensed up and stopped sucking my cock. "Mom, I ... thought you left for work?" Tracy said. "What are you doing little girl?" Tracy Mom said. "Mom... Continue»
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Mom and daughter submit

... Mom and daughter become my submissives

This started about six months ago with Sara, Mom and I ... and Mom close by in the chair, I asked if we were ready to begin their training as my Mom and daughter ... . The full Mom size 48d tits were exposed to her daughter and me. Nice I told them both now play with your... Continue»
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Mom Loves Not Her Daughters

... ?" The woman
seemed to accept that I was mom's daughter. Mom picked up the menu quickly
"I ... then, did you do anything like this with my daughter?"
she said and lifted up mom's white skirt ... IT SEEMED LIKE the ideal time. Amy was at school and mom had gone to shop
about an hour before. I... Continue»
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Mom shares her Daughter

... put Becky’s head in Sky’s lap again and the daughter brushed Mom’s hair off her face as I put her ... in a nice house with her sixteen year old daughter whom I had never met as we spent most of our time ... was moving around down the hall.
“probably Sky” she did not even seem worried her daughter was about... Continue»
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Mom and Daughter Bonding

... for the whole time. I often get a lift from my mom because it's so far away and she likes to swim a few ... to see my own mother. i was speechless and just managed to pass her towel. I'd never even realised my mom ... moms wet body and her hands massaging her body. When we got home I masturbated furiously and even let... Continue»
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Mom Fucks Pregnate Daughter

... Introduction: What happens when mom finds out her daughter is -preggers? She fucks her of course ... mom opened the door, and soft smile, and a warm greeting.

Kate was about forty but to Meg looked ... , and easily the hottest mom of all her friends moms. She had thick black shoulder length hair, firm... Continue»
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Mom like daughter

Mother and daughter become my bitches

This took place about 5 years ago now and started when ... within the next two weeks. Well I mentioned J6udy’s daughter Beck, short for Rebecca and this is where ... of some cash so about a week after Mom and I end I called Beck and invited her over to my apartment. She... Continue»
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Daughter Teaches Mom a Lesson

... The other night things changed in a rather weird mom and I were watching TV. Mom had gotten ... .
At that moment mom looked over at me and I knew she saw me looking into her robe. Well, there were at least ... that night a year later I came to the conclusion, as strange as it may sound, that my mom let me see... Continue»
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mom meets daughters college friend

... years and I am trying to get
my daughter through college. I have tried to keep myself ... was out on a date with an old
friend of mine. My daughter, Suzanne, was at home with
two of her ... pair of
light-blue bikini panties. My daughter had her jeans on,
but nothing else. Carol had... Continue»
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Mom like daughter part 3

... to make sure the Mom knew her daughter was a total fuck slut and willing to please her Master in any ... daughter was initiated into the world of submission. I went over untied Mom and told her to get over ... Mother and daughter part 3

Over the next few days the only time I had was in the evening and I... Continue»
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Mom & Daughter Go to the Beach

... my mom and me her f******n year old daughter. We never had much money but mom managed to keep a roof ... but then continued "You really are my daughter! I love sucking cock and it can be big turn on!" Mom said as her ...

Chapter 1

Mom and I walked along the beach and we admired the glow of the moon as the warm... Continue»
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mom and daughter

... .

"Maria, for dinner would yo-" Her mother stopped and stared at her naked daughter masturbating ... sorry Maria," she said, looking down away from her naked daughter and left the bedroom. Embarrassed ... pussy moisten from the thought of her daughter masturbating, with three fingers, deep inside... Continue»
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mom and daughter

... . She got up and sat on the arm of the chair, placing her arm around her daughter.

"Don't ... every word of it. Her mother smiled and leant forward and French kissed her daughter.

"There," her ... as soon as her daughter's breasts came into view.

"They are wonderful!" Proclaimed her mother... Continue»
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Mom & daughter / Sue & Colette

... in ecstasy, watching her mom eagerly eating her daughter's pussy & having this gorgeous teen sucking ... hard cock, watching the gorgeous mom & daughter fuck each other. They rolled around the floor for 40 ... .
Sue had a daughter, Colette, I was meeting her for the first time, she was 19 & home from uni... Continue»
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Mom & Daughter Cum Together Part 3

... Eating her daughter’s cunt had thrilled Pam. She called in sick, and spent the whole day lounging ... had decided that loved the slickness of her daughter’s cunt flesh on her tongue. She also decided ... tongue plumb the depths of the peach sweet teen cunt.

Pam had been waiting for her daughter... Continue»
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