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mom's roommate

Mom's Roommate

... you sweetie. Are you sure you're okay with being roommates with Mom?" Kristen asked with a smile ... whining, You're starting to sound like your little s****r."

"I don't think that's possible, Mom ... morning Garrett entered the kitchen to find his Mom at the sink on her cell phone. His s****r... Continue»
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mom's roommate

... Mom's Roommate

Doug gave his wife a final kiss before boarding the military aircraft.

"I ... . "I agree."

"Thank you sweetie. Are you sure you're okay with being roommates with Mom?" Kristen ... your s****r to ballet while your mom stays here and works her magic on our bedroom?"

"No problem... Continue»
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My Son's Roommate

... he was comfortable and that
all arrangements were satisfactory. We met his roommate, Tom. He ... seemed
very nice, and I was glad that Mike had him for a roommate. We visited
Mike several times later ... about his roommate. One night when I went to
bed, I was so distraught that I blurted out aloud... Continue»
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My Roommate's Dad

... all the time. Mike's
Mom is gone all day working, and Mike's s****rs are go to school all day ... think about so much, the one I dream about is my
roommate's Dad. Mike and I were assigned ... as roommates for our freshman
year. I was from Ohio, going to school in North Carolina. Mike was from
just... Continue»
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Mom's friends

... ntroduction:
Brad enjoys his mom's highschool friends
Finally summer holidays had arrived! Brad ... can bring Brad". Brad had stepped through the door while his mom, Evelyn or Lyn to her friends ... total freedom for the duration of the summer. "Ooohh nice! I guess a bit of moms tutoring paid off... Continue»
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My Sister's Horny College Roommate

... I was just a year younger than my s****r was when she went off to college, she was 19 and I was 18 ... and she had hers. Then I met her roommate, Diadra, DD for short.

DD lived in Clifton, only about ... a half-hour from our home in South Orange. So when my s****r would come home on vacation, DD would... Continue»
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An Affair with my Friend's Mom

... . At the hotel in Hawaii it was 4 to a room. My roommate Jon, a fellow trumpeter, and I shared a bed. Also ... mom Jackie. I was a little surprised they let us all room together but I guess I was an adult now ... building in my balls. “I’m not gonna last long” I said. “It’s ok, I had myself fixed after two k**s... Continue»
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Kitty's Roommate

... a roommate, since it was a two-bedroom, and I didn't want to foot the cost on my own; so one thing... Continue»
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Mom's Secret

... fucked some of my buddies moms, older s****rs, girls younger, older, fat, skinny, tall, short, just all ... more like my s****r than my mom. A very classy lady. She dresses nice all the time, has very prety ... to bust a nut in, woulld be my mom. I mean she is well educated, keeps herself in great shape. She looks... Continue»
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Mom's son

... neighborhood. I'm an
only c***d and mother and I have always been close.

About a year ago, Mom's s ... having her there, but I soon learned to
like Holly and enjoyed her company. She helped Mom
around ...
as I closed the door, Mom's car pulled into the drive-
way. When I came out of the shower, Mom... Continue»
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Stacy's Mom

... When I saw the music video for the song, "Stacy's Mom," on TV with Rachel Hunter playing the role ... with a couple of girlfriends as the neighbor`s daughter just got her driver's license. Vivian said she didn't ... in massaging Vivian`s right foot, my brain was trying to think of what Vivian might look like... Continue»
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Kyle's Mom

... sex. We answered no, then Kim asked if any of us had seen woman other than our mom or s****rs naked ... We were f******n and Kyle was my friend and lived down the street from me. His mom, Kay ... , was in her 40's about 5ft 6inches tall. Blond hair, boobs not too big or small, 130lbs and a really great... Continue»
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Marie's Mom

... Marie's Mom
For the past two weeks Marie noticed when she got home that her mother was already ... it and had missed since then. It was while she was in college and her roommate, Gerry, gave her her ... ."
"Justine Rogers?"
"Your roommate?"
"One and the same."
"When did this start?"
"My... Continue»
Posted by eprise01 10 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Interracial Sex, Lesbian Sex  |  
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Brad's mom

... porno videos.

My best friend in school was a guy named Brad. His mom
was fine as hell. She ... out much later then most
of the k**s our age, I thought it was because he didn't
have a dad ... and noticed that the TV was on
in his living room. I figured his mom must be home, I
figured that I'd... Continue»
Posted by kinghut 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Interracial Sex, Mature  |  
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Daughter's Roommate

... dorm at a California State University. After moving her things upstairs one of her roommates came... Continue»
Posted by IndieMe 4 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Hardcore  |  
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Mary's new roommate

... two months after we started our relationship Mary needed to take a roommate to help make the rent. She... Continue»
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Syd's college roommate

... ."
"Really, interesting."
"Yes, she was my roommate in college, Ann, she gave me my first orgasm."
"Very ... squirted and she was really excited and thought it was cool."
"Needless to say we stayed roommates all... Continue»
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girlfriend's mom

... not see how I could say no to that proposal, but she was still my girlfriend's mom... so:
"Hum well ... not lactate her k**s.. she wanted to keep her breast intact and perfect. By that time though, her ... was too damn good. At her age, after three k**s, her pussy was still incredibly thight. I took... Continue»
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Danny's Mom Makes Him a Motherfucker
by MuffDiver (

I was born ... is that she was a beautiful, desirable
woman to other men, but that she was my mom and
belonged to me ... , and not to them).

My earliest meaningful memories of my mom go back to
when I was about six... Continue»
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Mom's Pies

... "that's really smooth mom..

She laughed reaching into her purse for a little bottle. She ... to my mother's anus and flicked my tongue which almost entered her.

"Mom. You know ... her.

"Mom! No!" I laughed and pushed her away. "We can't fuck mom. that's... Continue»
Posted by hi1 5 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Mature, Taboo  |  
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