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matt babysitter

... 8-year-old little b*****r,
Brett. My name is Matt and I'm 18. I was really excited about ... but I didn't. Then he said,
"Come on Matt, please! I haffa go pee-pee."
"You have ... gently
pushing in on his bladder.
"No, Matt, come on, I mean it!"
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Babysitter Makes Me Lose Control

The k**s were screaming, and my wife was out back, smoking another cigarette. Sometimes I can't wait to get out of the house, even if it means spending more time with Shelley, who's been growing meaner and colder as we age.

It was going to be about ten more minutes until our new babysitter came by. The last one went to college last week—we'd used her ever since our oldest was born about six years ago. The old girl was so sweet, and was going off to study educational psychology. She was great with the k**s.

We found the new girl on Craigslist. She just graduated high school and she's 18 years old. She'll be here in about ten minutes. I hope she has those magical babysitter powers. The good ones can make the k**s stop crying before we even leave the house. Shelley can't do that. And I can't do it either... Don't get me wrong—I love the k**s. We have three beautiful small c***dren. Just a dad isn't the same as a mom. And I don't think Shelley has been that good of a mother to them. And she hasn't been that good of a wife to me. She used to be so fun, and sexy. We were just young punks in the city. Cut ahead a few years and she's so wrapped up in all the small town bullshit I was hoping we would avoid, gossiping on the phone and making enemies with other moms.

I've kept my body in shape—I'm 45 and muscular, with salt and pepper hair. I'm about 6'2. Shelley used to be a skinny little thing but after years of church bake sales, she's become unrecognizable.

The doorbell snapped me out of my thoughts and I greeted the babysitter.

"Hi! Are you Mr. Wilson?"

"You must be Tess."

The vision before me smiled and I lost my breath. My cock leapt to life the minute I laid eyes on this little babysitter. Tess was short and small, maybe 5 feet even. She had a compact body, super fit, and I wondered from looking at her shapely thighs and tight calves if she was a soccer player or a dancer. Her waist was impossibly tiny, her eyes were bright blue, her hair was wavy and blonde. I tried to avoid staring at her oversized tits, which sat high on her tiny frame, wrapped in a tight tank top, bra straps visible. I was hard. I'm not that good at gauging bra sizes but they must have been D's or E's at least. Her top was low-cut enough that I could see the tops of her huge boobs, and the soft flesh jiggled a little with all her movements. I would soon come to find out that she moved a lot, bouncing up and down when she talked, skipping instead of walking... She had to know the effect it all had.

"Come on in," I said. "We're just getting ready to go."

Tess bounced in, and the k**s came running to meet their new sitter.

"Hi guys!" she said, bending down to rub their hair and learn their names. In a few minutes she was in the back room, playing with them. Gone were the tears, the petty fights – they were just playing and laughing. So she did have the magic powers. Shelley came out from the back and grabbed her purse. She tightly asked if I was ready.

"Do you wanna meet the new babysitter?"

"No, not particularly." she said.

I shrugged. "Why not?"

"I don't know, John."

"Alright, then we can just leave," I said. "Let me go give her some quick instructions."

I walked into the playroom and was greeted by the sight of my babysitter's tight, perfect ass. She was kneeling and bent over, showing the k**s something. They were in rapture. I was too. Fuck, she was hot. Bent over like that, I could see the backs of her creamy thighs. I couldn't see her panties but I'm sure if I kneeled down too I could see them. I didn't. Instead I cleared my throat.

"Hey Tess, just a couple things," I said. Tess jumped up and came toward me, her huge tits bouncing up and down in her little tank top. I tried not to stare.

"Yeah?" she said. Her voice was so sweet and innocent. She looked up at me, her puffy, pink lips slightly parted.

"Um. Bed by 9. Emergency numbers are on the fridge. We'll be home around 11. We can drive you home."

"Alright! Thanks, Mr. Wilson! See you soon!"

The k**s jumped up and hugged my leg.

I shook them off and left in a hurry, hoping she couldn't see the bulge in my jeans.

That night, Shelley ignored me as usual. But during intermission I convinced her to take a shot of bourbon with me and after that she was much more playful, squeezing my hand and actually smiling at me.

"I'm sorry I've been hard on you these past few years," she said in a quiet moment after the play. Her eyes were starting to glaze over with tears. I grabbed her hand and we walked to the car.

"I know, baby," I said.

"It's just been hard. Having k**s. Gaining weight. Being away from my f****y."

I held her in the car while she cried. I loved her. She was my wife. We made a few promises to each other that night – to try harder, to be better. I felt good about our relationship for the first time in a while. When we got home, Tess had put on a big hoodie and was curled up watching TV.

"Hi Tess," Shelley said. "Sorry I didn't get to say hi earlier."

Tess jumped up and said hi. God, her smile was incredible. She had huge lips and bright white teeth—kind of like a young Julia Roberts. After a little hey-how-were-the-k**s chat, it was decided that Shelley would drive Tess home. I sat on the couch and exhaled. When Shelley got back, she crawled into bed with me and I put my arm around her soft, doughy body. She pressed her ass into my crotch but it took a while for me to get hard. Well... it took until I thought about our babysitter's tight ass and big tits. I thought about her lips wrapped around my dick, her blue eyes looking up at me. Then I got hard. Shelley and I had the best sex we'd had in five years.


Things were good between us for a while, and then one day I ran into Tess at the gym. I didn't even realize it was her at first. I was on a treadmill, admiring the curves of a blonde girl in front of me. She was on one of those machines where you sit with legs spread out on either side of a little bench, lifting weights above your head. Her tits were so big that I could see them on either side of her body from behind. Her tight ass was spread on the bench. I salivated wondering whether I'd be able to make out the lips of her pussy through her tight work-out shorts. It wasn't until this magical woman got off the machine and turned around that I realized it was her. She started rubbing her towel all over the weight machine. Her tits jiggled and swayed back and forth. I was mesmerized.

"Tess!" She looked up and grinned. She bound toward me and my cock sprang to attention. She was a little bunny with huge tits and huge blue eyes. There was something doll-like about her face. I wanted to dominate her. I wanted to make her my pet. I wanted to spank her and f***e her to take my thick, 9-inch cock in her tiny little pussy.

The guilt came over me just as fast as the lust did. Things were just starting to get good between me and Shelley.

"Hey, Mr. Wilson! How are you?"

"I'm good, Tess, how are you doing?"

"Good! Just trying to keep in shape during the off season."

We talked for a while longer. She was a soccer player, I was right. While we were chatting, she kept sucking on her water bottle and looking into my eyes. Luckily my hardening cock was hidden behind the front of the treadmill. I was too afraid to look but I thought I could see her nipples hardening under her sports bra. I had to get out of there. But the need to keep my cock hidden kept me stuck.

"So when are you gonna need me?" she asked, spinning a little and wrapping those big full lips around her water bottle.

"What!" I gasped.

"As a babysitter." She laughed. She knew how hot she was. She was driving me crazy.

"Of course. Well. Um. I think Shelley and I might be going to our cabin in a few weeks and leaving the k**s at home for a weekend. Would you be okay with staying over night?"

"I think so! I'll have to ask my daddy..." She winked. It was quick. But I swear she winked.


When we went away to the cabin for the weekend, Shelley and I had fun. Tess was happy to stay with the k**s and the k**s were so excited she was coming back. I was so nervous about seeing her but it was all fine. That is, until a few days after I got back. I was looking through the top drawer of my desk when I saw something unusual. It was a little jump drive, the kind you save Excel Spreadsheets on and trade with your co-workers. This one was pink. It had little hearts drawn on it in white-out. My daughters were too young to have stuff like this. It had to be...

Tess. Pictures of her. In a bikini, which barely held in her huge chest. Tiny triangles covered her hard nipples and the rest of her enormous tits were exposed. Tess in a white t-shirt that was cropped so high I could see half the bottom of her tits. Tess in that white t-shirt, covered in water so I could see her thick nipples poking through the material. Tess in the bathtub, with bubbles over her nipples. Tess in pigtails sucking on a lollipop. There were pictures of her totally naked, squeezing her tits together and smiling. Pictures of her holding her tits out with her hands, like she was presenting them to me. In the last picture, she was laying on a bed, her tits mashed against the sheets and her smooth ass up in the air. I could see her high heels behind her. I heard Shelley coming up the stairs and I slammed the computer shut, zipping my pants up quick and buckling my belt.

The next few weeks were a mess. My cock got hard as a hammer every time I remembered those pictures. How the fuck did she have those? Who took those? Who the fuck is babysitting my k**s? I couldn't believe this little nympho. My k**s loved her. They kept begging for her to come over and play.

I jacked off at work so many times. I was in a daze. I begged Shelley to suck my cock but she wouldn't. "I don't do that," she said. "Please, baby, please," I said. Then she'd get mad and go downstairs. All the hard work we promised went out the window. She hated me. She glared at me all the time. The more I tried to get close to her, to wrap my hands around her waist, to nuzzle her neck, to cup her ass while she heated up a frozen dinner—she ignored all of my advances. She didn't want me. I don't know why. Maybe she was just naturally cold.


The pictures of Tess kept me going. But I had to confront her about them. That was insane of her. What if Shelley had found them? She was coming over to babysit on Friday and I would do it then. I drove her home and had my chance.

"Listen, Tess," I started. "You're very beautiful but leaving those pictures in my desk was very inappropriate."

"I – I – I'm sorry," she said. She sounded like a little girl. Her voice was high pitched and so fucking sweet, quivering a bit. "I guess I misread... I thought you thought I was pretty."

"Tess, you're very pretty."

"And don't you think I have a pretty body?"

I cleared my throat. "Well, it doesn't matter what I think. I have a wife and I love her."

"So you don't like my body?"

"No, I do.. It's just that we can't."

"What if nobody finds out?"

"I can't."

"Nobody will find out, Mr. Wilson... I can tell by the way you look at me that you want it."

Her hand darted toward my crotch too fast for me to stop her. God she was good. I couldn't take my hands off the wheel because I didn't want to. Her hand was massaging my stiff cock through my jeans. I groaned. I whispered that she should stop but I didn't mean it. I fucking loved her. Those oversized tits, that tight ass. I slammed the breaks and veered over to the side of the road so fast the tires screeched.

"Come here," I groaned. Tess turned toward me and her fat lips met mine. I pulled her tiny body over to my side of the car and pushed her crotch down onto mine so she could feel my fat cock. I heard a little moan escape from her lips and I pressed her hips down harder. I grabbed hold of her tiny waist and it felt so fucking good, so tight and muscular and small. I mauled her tits over her bra while she kissed my neck. I pulled her shirt off and unhooked her bra, letting those huge boobs free. I pulled away from the kiss so I could stare at them. They were an incredible shape, high and so round on her chest. Her nipples were hard and thick. I bounced her up and down on my lap so I could watch them bounce. She giggled.

I don't know what came over me. Something about this girl made me think she was built for this. These thoughts gave me guilt as much as they gave me a hard dick. But it was true. She was built to take my huge cock, built to live in my lap, built to take care of my k**s and make homemade dinners and strip naked for me and dance and bounce her big tits and take care of my rock-hard dick.

I clutched her by her hair and pulled her ear over to my lips.

"Are you gonna suck my dick like a good little girl?" She nodded and bit her puffy lower lip. I tossed her into the back seat and climbed back after her. I unbuckled my belt and pulled my boxers down. My slutty babysitter's eyes widened at my huge cock. It was 9 inches and very fat. "I... I don't know if I can," she said.

"But are you gonna try?" She nodded and kneeled on the floor of the car in front of me. It was a tight squeeze but I had a nice car. Her lips felt incredible on the head of my cock, which was nearly purple it was so swollen. "Take your time baby," I said. She looked up at me and muffled something. I put my hand on the back of her head and pressed down. She started to bob her head up and down. I cupped her boobs and started to play with her nipples, which made her groan. This was heaven. I let myself relax as she bounced up and down on my dick. I rubbed her scalp and then I pulled her mouth off my dick and there was a loud pop. Then I slammed her head back on my dick. I thought she was going to gag but she was my little champion, taking a full seven inches of my thick cock in her mouth and throat. We kept going until my balls tightened up and I started to groan even louder.

"I'm gonna come in your mouth baby," I said. She moaned. "Keep going baby." After a few minutes, she was able to take all nine inches of my cock into her throat. I groaned and squeezed her boobs roughly. Bobbing back up, she looked up at me, her eyes glistening with tears from choking. That was all it took. I came hard in her mouth, pumping my semen into her throat in huge spurts. After I emptied my balls into her throat, my cock finally started to soften.

Tess wanted to stay down there, giggling and laying her flat tongue on the tip of my dick and cleaning me up with her mouth. I pulled her up to sit on my lap. "That was amazing," I said.

"You liked it?" She smiled. I kissed her and gave her huge tits a squeeze.

"Let's get you home."
Should I have told Shelley that our perfect little babysitter gave me the cocksucking of my life? Should I have told her that I jacked off to glamour shots of our slutty babysitter on my laptop whenever I got the chance? Should I have shown her the dirty texts she sent me? Maybe. I don't know. My guilt was strong, but my anger at Shelley was stronger. I guess she's always been this cold. I don't know why. And why hadn't it bothered me much before? Maybe I was just used to it. Tess entering my life was like getting hit with a warm, wet bombshell of kindness and care.

Tess and I had been texting every since the fatal night in the back of my car. The conversations usually brought me so close to climax I hardly needed to touch myself. One night I got her to send me pictures of her pretty little pussy. She didn't need much convincing.

I learned a lot about Tess through our texts. She loved our town, which she wrote was quiet and cute. She had a boyfriend, a quarter back on the football team who she wrote had a tiny dick and didn't know how to play with her big tits like I do. She told me she wanted to be a mom. She didn't really have any career aspirations - her s****rs went to beauty school, so she thought maybe she'd do that, but even that didn't seem great. She loved k**s though. She told me maybe she'd want to be a nanny or something... But really just a mom.

I texted her, "Your tits would be even bigger if you were pregnant..."

She texted back, "Would you like that?"

"I'd fucking love that, baby." I came all over my hand thinking about her pregnant belly, how much bigger her already huge chest would look.

The next time she came over to babysit, I was ready. I answered the door and she looked so incredible. Her tits were bursting out of her tiny v-neck t-shirt and I could clearly see her outrageous nipples. I wanted to pull down her shirt and start sucking them. Shelley was upstairs getting ready and the k**s were in the basement playing. I scooped Tess into my arms and pressed her chest up against mine. I gave her a quiet kiss. She melted in my arms and I grabbed her ass, clad in tight shorts, and pulled it in toward me so she could feel how hard my cock was for her.

"Hi, Mr. W.," she giggled.

"You can start calling me John."

My 18-year-old babysitter smiled and shimmied as she took her coat off. She pulled a sweater out of her bag and put it on, presumably to cover up for Shelley, who I could hear coming down the stairs. Even with the loose sweater on, Tess couldn't cover up her enormous rack. Her body was obscene. How did her male teachers handle themselves?

"Hi Tess!" Shelley said. "We're kind of in a rush but help yourself to anything while we're away. We might not be back until midnight or so." We were going to a charity function for Shelley's work. Neither of us wanted to go. But we had to. Shelley seemed pissed at me on the ride over. I asked her what was wrong but she didn't answer. Then finally after, ten stoney minutes, she let it all out.

"John, I just don't know if I want this anymore." I knew what she meant.

"Are you serious?"


That was the end of the conversation. It honestly wasn't even that surprising to hear. You could see the contempt on her face all the time. She didn't like this life we had. When we got home, Shelley went upstairs right away and I went to the f****y room, where little Tess was wrapped up in a blanket, sl**ping. She looked like an angel. I gently cupped her shoulder and she blinked a little. When she saw it was me she reached her arms up for an embrace. I pulled her toward me and held her tight. It felt so right. I set her down and gave her a long, slow kiss.

"How were the k**s?"

"They were great! We had so much fun together." Tess sat up so I could sit next to her on the couch and started telling me a story about the k**s. She took off her sweater and was speaking so animatedly that her chest was going wild, jiggling and bouncing. I could see her hard nipples. She wasn't wearing a bra and her huge boobs were still high on her chest. I was staring. I didn't pretend like I wasn't staring. She had me. She fucking had me.

I laughed and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her to sit in my lap. She finished her story, her tits coming to rest on my thick forearms. Again I bounced her up and down on my knee, which made her giggle. I could feel her boobs on my arms moving up and down and I could see a blurry outline of us in the TV. She looked so hot, cuddled up in my lap. I started kissing her neck and rubbing her thighs. She moaned. I ran my hands through her hair, squeezed her huge tits, played with her nipples, rubbed her pussy through her shorts... I grabbed her hips and rolled her hips around, making sure she could feel my huge cock through our clothes. She felt incredible to me.

Tess slid off my lap and got down on her knees in front of me. She bit her bottom lip.

"Can I take my shirt off, Mr. Wilson?"

I was fucking hard. I nodded. My slutty little babysitter's t-shirt was so tight that she had to pull hard to take it off. It got caught under her boobs. I moaned when her enormous tits finally came free. She came forward and unzipped my pants, and my cock sprang forward, almost hitting her in the face. It was like steel at this point, and at its full 9 inches. Tess smiled and licked the tip.

"I love your big dick, Daddy," she whispered. Then she inched closer and heaved her big tits into my lap. Using both hands, she wrapped her soft melons around my dick. The sensation was overwhelming. I had to lean back and close my eyes for a second. When I looked back down, Tess was grinning, moving her breasts up and down on my dick.

Shelley had never, ever done this. Partly because she just didn't have the necessary machinery. But even if she hadn't been small-chested, I don't think she would have done this. When we had sex, it was very straightforward. She never treated me to any special moves. But Tess fucking wrote the book on special moves—she was now licking the tip of my cock every time it came up through her incredible cleavage.

She was smiling and giggling, so happy as she got me off with her big tits. I was happy too. She started talking dirty to me. I was on the verge of cumming and could hardly fucking speak.

"You like this, don't you, Daddy?"


"You like fucking my tits with your big daddy dick."


"You get so hard thinking about good I am with your k**s, don't you?"

I groaned loudly.

"I love them."

I groaned again. She was squeezing her tits on my cock even harder now, moving her boobs up and down even faster.

"I want your baby in me. I want to be your slutty girl with your baby in me."

Another groan.

"I want to walk around town with a big baby belly all for you. I want everyone to know I'm your little slut."


"I want to have all your babies. I can't wait until you fuck me."

When she said that my cock exploded. The first rope of my cum hit her chin and neck, the second hit the tops of her tits, which were heaving up and down with her breaths. When she smiled at me, a third spurt hit her nipples squarely. She started to rub it all in, driving me crazy. She was such a bad girl, massaging her tits to rub the cum in.

I pulled her up on the couch to sit next to me. We leaned back and smiled at each other. I kissed her forehead and helped her put her shirt and sweater back on. I turned on the TV so we could watch it for a while and pulled a blanket over us. We both fell asl**p for a about an hour.

I was woken up by tiny footsteps. Fuck. It was my six-year-old daughter, who was padding through the kitchen to get herself some water. I nudged Tess. When she realized what was happening, she sat up straight just in time—Melanie walked into the room and said hi.

"Hi Mel, we're just watching some TV."

Melanie was so happy to see that Tess was still here. She put her water down and ran to my sitter. Tess gave her a huge hug, rubbing her back. In spite of how stressful this all was, it was warming my heart. Tess really did love my k**s. And they loved her.

"Are you sl**ping okay?" Tess asked.

"I had a bad dream," Melanie said, rubbing her eyes.

Tess patted the space between us on the couch and Melanie jumped up and started telling us about her dream. It all felt so warm and perfect. Tess and I consoled Melanie.

In a few minutes, I put her to bed, praying hard she wouldn't remember this in the morning. I'd have to come up with some kind of story, maybe about the car, or Tess's families. Then I drove Tess home, my arm around her tiny shoulders. She wrapped her arms around my waist. Before I could get to her house, she made me pull over and gave me a sloppy blow job from the front seat. It was quick and dirty, and I came when she deep-throated me. God, she was a good slut. My good slut.

I had to say something though. I knew I was being a killjoy. But I was cheating on my wife and I needed to be careful.

"Listen, Tess... It's very hot to talk about but I hope you know I could never get you pregnant, really."

She looked up at me with those big blue eyes.

"I know that, silly," she said, laughing a little. "I'm on birth control."

"That's my girl." I pulled her toward me and held her by her little waist, stroking the side of her breast. "That's my good girl."

She looked up at me and kissed my neck.

"I'll see you soon, baby."

She jumped out of the car and ran to her front door. I followed her tight ass bounce all the way to the door. My cock was hard all over again.

To be continued.
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Mom, Me and Matt

We can share

My s****r wanted my boyfriends cock. She told me one day after we had taken some photos of ourselves naked. I loved playing with the camera and using our bodies in unusual ways. Don't get me wrong, we are identical twins, 18 years old and 5ft 8, our bodies are the same right down to shaven pussies and you can do great things when posing in front of or around a mirror when both models are identical. We had inherited Mum's good looks, raven black hair and black eyes. I wasn't a professional but the photos were good.

We had fooled around as siblings do as they are growing, experimented with and experienced our bodies changes, shared dildos and told each other our best fantasy. Funny thing, we had different idea's about sex, we were identical s****rs but we did not need to dress the same, we did not like all the same foods and the sex, the sexual act, well, we were poles apart.
I liked his cock in my pussy or my mouth where my s****r wanted a cock in her ass or her mouth, go figure, left hand brain, right hand brain, as I said we were the same but different.

I had found a web site that promoted teen photos, not porn but close and we had quite a few shots in their gallery of us standing or lying together like a mirror image but with suitable differences, a mirage, where one of us has something just showing from a pussy and the other image doesn't, in the case of my s****r, it's her ass that has something showing. That's how it started.

I had d****d a white cloth over some pillows on the floor and arranged my s****r and set up the camera, I was going to join her in the pose lying on top, our legs intertwined, our pussies touching but our breasts the same and opposite, mine did not droop and hers did not flatten, our nipples would be just touching with her hands supporting me level with our nipples

A mirror image from the waist up but twisted from the waist down. In my minds eye it would take some figuring out just how the photo was shot. I went to the fridge to get some ice for our nipples, cheating. When I got back s*s was sitting up and putting a string of beads in her ass. She told me she wanted to be on top and and that just the end of the string was going to show, she was feeling horny, she just wanted something in her ass and had another string of a different colour for me, no beads.

I thought about it and decided to compromise, I bent over for her to put the string in my ass and told her to stay with the program or I couldn't set up the shot. As she lay down I moved the camera just a little to catch the light on her string and knew mine would show as well, I grabbed the remote and got in position. This would be a fast shoot as we would both have to strain a little for a good photo, s*s rubbed her pussy against me and smiled, go. I shot three frames, each time moving my elbows slightly. As I manoeuvred to get up s*s hugged me and pushed her pussy into mine, our breasts flattened as we embraced. I took a few more shots.

This happened at least once a shoot if we were lying on each other, one of us would get horny but the other would always respond. We kissed and I lifted my hips and reached between us, my hand trailing down her belly and through her legs. My fingers slipped around her lips and worked deeper until I touched the string. I held it and started pulling, back through her slit and I heard the beads as they popped out. I drew my hand further up her belly and, as the pressure released on my fingers I lowered my hips until our pussies were touching again.

We had rubbed pussies before and s*s lifted her hips and spread her legs wider, I felt the first of the beads flow through our lips and slowed the withdrawal. One at a time the beads bumped then passed our clits and I knew I was dripping on her pussy, the beads were wet and slippery. After a few more had tickled my clit I wondered just how many she had put in her ass, they were still popping out, I kept pulling anyway, I was enjoying the feeling as well as the kissing. I clicked the remote a couple of times.

It was after the last of the beads had slid between us that she dropped the boom.

“I want Matt's cock in my ass!...., we can both suck his cock and he can fuck your pussy, but I want him in my ass. Why can't we share his cock as well as everything else?”.

Matt was my lover of three months and last month had moved in with us, Matt and I had the bottom floor/basement, s*s one up and Mum on the top floor apart from this one room, our photo studio.

“Have you asked him?”.

“Of course not!, I wanted to know if you would share first, then I was going to figure out how to ask if you said yes. I haven't got to that stage yet, although, I have seen his cock. You should make sure the door is closed when you want to suck him, if Mum had seen what I saw this might be a three way talk, how do you fit that lovely big cock in your pussy?, it's huge....”.

“Probably the same way you would fit it in your ass, slowly. It is big..., not saying yes yet, but we could both suck it at the same time. Why don't you get your own cock..., I mean man?”.

“In this town?, who's left?. Could we just suck it together in the mean time, we have shared everything else, and anyway, he would be sharing us, your fanny, my ass, it's fair”.

“Mum was 'cool' when I asked her about Matt moving in and she hasn't had a date or gone out on her own for a while..., do you really think she would like Matt's cock. I think, well, if I share him with you and Mum, we will wear him out. Do you really want his cock in your ass?”.

“Hell yes, even if it takes a month to stretch to fit it all in, I want him to be our stallion and we will be the riders. Could you take it all the first time, I know we have some big dildos, but nothing like that!”.

“I'll think about it, come on, lets see what masterpiece we have created this time. You know what?, there are some sites on the web that have girls sucking cocks, as long as they are over 18 it's okay. If it happens, maybe I could make a video and yes, the first time I nearly took it all, Matt is so careful, he worked so slowly but I couldn't move, I was so full”.

s*s was rubbing my breasts as I plugged the camera into the computer and called up the program, she tickled my clit and had a sly look in her eyes. She was working me.

The second shot was the best, they were all good but when I zoomed in the detail was amazing.

The different coloured string gave it the right twist, our shaven pussies glistened and our nipples had just touched as I had changed the angle of my elbows. I cropped some of the background and showed s*s the finished picture. She named it 'Lovers in a Twisted Mirror' and I hit 'print'.

Mum already had a couple of our photos framed and mounted on her wall and was proud of our work. I thought this was our best, I couldn't wait to show her. A thought popped into my head, what would Matt think, I had shown him all of our work but this was different. Sexy..., yes, but this one went deeper, more sensual, the light on our bodies made them glow, the wet look of our pussies, the coloured strings contrasted against our tanned backsides and the smile on my s****r face, better than the Mona Lisa, and, I now knew what put it there. Matt's cock.

My s****r and I had never had a fight, it sort of never came to it. She was right, we had shared, I thought that had been the bond, the love between us and the sharing. Dad was an asshole and long gone and Mom had never had to stand between us, we had always gotten on together, I didn't want this to come between us. Could we share a lover...., there was enough cock to go around and s*s was right, there were few if any others left in town.

s*s came back from the printer, our most expensive printer, with the picture. There was no need for Photo Shop with this one, it was perfect. She put the picture on the board and moved back so we could both see. We both knew we would never do better and we both knew we would never send it to that web site. We just stood and stared at what we had created and felt good.

“I don't think I ever want my picture taken again, how did you know everything would come together while you could only see me when you set it up. Awesome s*s, is it just me or were we really wet. I know its me and you in the picture but I can't stop looking, it's like..., it's someone else. I can't wait till we make the video”.

“I think it's someone else because we two have become one, can ..., could you tell there are two people there, if you didn't know, apart from the string?. By the way, thanks for that, it adds the little extra I was looking for, it really makes you think and... I haven't made my mind up yet. I kind of liked having Matt's cock to myself, it's a lovely way to wake up in the morning, Matt cuddled behind me and his cock right through my legs, I can stroke his cockhead on my side and get him hard. I will show him the picture and see what he thinks about that, after all he is seeing you naked, I might even tell him the string is attached to beads, yours that is”.

“I can put them back in and you could get some photos of me pulling them out, you could show him that without saying anything, you can still keep Matt's cock to yourself in the morning, I only want him in the afternoon. Think about it, your pussy in the morning, my ass in the afternoon and Mum's mouth in the evening, one big happy f****y”.

“Come on, lets get dressed. You are not going to walk naked in front of Matt. You forgot about when I want to suck Matt, when can I do that in your busy schedule?. That's right, you wanted to suck his cock as well, when are you going to fit all this in and what about work?. Are we all going to be busy all weekend sucking and fucking?. You will wear him out!!".
"You had better think about it some more and remember, you are going to be a little sore for a while, he has got a big cock...., I know”.

I wanted s*s and I to look the same when we showed Mum the print and searched for the little black skirt's we had made last month for another idea I had had. They were more like oversize belts. We had cut the back shorter than the front and we could wear them either way, short in the front showed a little pussy, short in the back showed a little ass, we did not wear panties as a rule. I threw one to s*s and put mine on, dragged a T shirt over my head and shook my hair free.

I heard Mum come in the back door, I grabbed the print and s*s was on my heals as we ran down stairs. Mum was putting stuff away when we got to the kitchen, she looked up and smiled at our dresses. I handed her the print and we waited quietly. Mum took the print and moved over to the window for better light, she turned the photo this way and that, her smile got bigger.

"It's beautiful, you are both beautiful and this has highlighted that. How did you think of it, I have never seen anything like it. I know it's both of you but, the string, apart from the different colours, I'd swear this was a mirrored image, but the mirror stopped at your waist. Incredible, what are you going to do with it?. And what caused that smile?".

Now that I had seen the results and knew it was too good for that web site I wondered about a different way to show our work. This was a one off, I did not want to be a professional, f***ed to make so many a week, as good as, or better, my mind did not work that way.

I worked as a fashion designer during the week and it had prospects, s*s worked in a computer store putting systems together. 'Out of the box, plug an play' was her motto and she was good at working software solutions for the customers, again, with good prospects. Matt had landed a good job as a trainee engineer and helped the Little League on Saturday. Mum had a management share job at the Mall. Could we change what I now realized was the start of a pattern of our future lives?, we had been happy as we were. And now my s****r wanted my boyfriends cock.

"In the mean time it's yours, you gave me my first camera and helped s*s get her first computer, it's payback from your loving daughters. You have given us so much love and support over the hard years', this is the start of the good years'. I'll buy the frame and s*s will mount it for you".

Matt walked in as we were having a f****y hug and stopped. He had told me he still was not sure where he fitted in with the whole f****y and I had used the grown up word, partner, not boyfriend to show him. Mum waved Matt into our hug with the print. As he came closer and took the photo, he saw the content, he smiled and she put her arm around his waist.

I watched his eyes get bigger as he turned the photo upside down then back, he looked at s*s and then back to the photo, he stood the photo on its side then looked at me and..., I knew I would share. He liked s*s but he loved me. He turned the photo again, he was a 'point an shoot' type, the camera was either simple or magic..... but he loved what I could do.

I saw him squeeze Mum's waist as he blinked hard, maybe he had got something in his eyes at the field. He gave the photo back to her then I felt his arm tighten around me. Thank God s*s was between Mum and me, things might have gotten out of hand, so it was more of a surprise when Mum kissed him, not just a peck on the cheek, we had to talk.

The hug broke up, Mum went back to putting groceries away and s*s headed up stairs to change, her dress had ridden up in our hug and she was showing a lot of ass, I remembered what I was wearing as Matt and I went to our bedroom, I pulled the dress higher. I stopped and Matt looked back at me, looked down then back up and smiled.

Not a word had been said the whole time Matt was with us in the kitchen.

"s*s wants me to share your cock. She said I could have your cock in my pussy in the morning, you could put it in her ass in the afternoon and in Mum's mouth in the evening. She wants you to fuck her ass. I'm sorry, I didn't know any other way of telling you. I love you so much and I know you love me, I saw how you looked at her and me and I trust you. She asked me this afternoon after we took the photo, she has seen me sucking you and seen your cock, she wants it in her ass and asked if I would share. Do you want to. What should I do?". I blurted out.

"Come on in and shut the door this time. I want you to sit on my cock, that picture has made me hard, hell, it would make any man hard to see two naked pussies touching. Damn, that photo could go into Playboy's center fold it's so good, how did you do it, no, answer that later, when your mouths not so full".

I shut the door as Matt dropped his jeans, his cock was hard and sticking straight out. He did not even get his legs out before I was on my knees on front of him, he pulled my T shirt off. I pushed his hips and he fell back on the bed, I grabbed his cock and sucked it into my mouth. My teeth rubbed the shaft as I dropped further down holding the head to the roof of my mouth with my tongue and exciting the nerves under the tip. Because Matt was so big and I could not get all of it in my mouth, we had found this way gave us both the most pleasure, we had had lots of practice.

I started moving, up and keeping my tongue hard against the head until I could poke the tip of my tongue into his hole, bringing his foreskin up then pulling down as I sucked him back into the warmth. I held his foreskin down and used my teeth on his shaft again. One more time then I could sit on his cock. There were no groans, no, "yeah baby, suck my cock", we both knew what we wanted and how to please each other, that and the grin. I looked up to his face, the grin was there and I crawled between his legs onto the bed, dragging my tits over his cock and up his body. I reached between our bodies and pushed the head of his cock through my lips to my entrance.

Matt lay still as I sat up, he always allowed me to set the pace of taking his cock. I think that was the reason for the grin, the first time I sat on his cock we had used some lube but it had taken time for me to slide that beautiful cock in, I had watched, seeing, feeling every inch fill my pussy and when he had touched bottom there was still a bit to go. I had been disappointed I could not get it all in and it must have shown on my face when I looked up. His had a grin on his face. He looked like a youngster in a candy store with the biggest candy in his hand.
I loved that grin. I loved Matt and lifted my skirt again to watch, his purple/red head slipped between my lips and I held them open as the shaft followed, I don't think I will ever get tired of watching Matt's cock enter me. He put his hands under my bum and supported me as I lowered my body, his head propped up and watching our mating as well because now I could and did take all of his cock in my pussy. I think that made him happy, I was taking everything he had and could offer and he still had that grin.

Making love was still a long slow joining, no wham bam sex, long slow strokes where we both got the most pleasure. Sometimes it would pop out and we would start again, other times I would only have to move enough to roll his foreskin over his head inside my pussy and drop down again, sexual, sensual and pleasurable, and always loving as Matt played with my tits.

I could feel Matt's cock pulse and reached back to caress his balls with one hand, the other going to my clit, Matt had said that I should feel free to get my own pleasure as well, whatever I needed for a climax was okay. He told me that when I climaxed with his cock inside he could feel my pussy clamp him and it helped him cum and some times I squirted and got him wet.

He watched for the signs and pulled my nipples to help as I jerked on his cock. All the thoughts and the talk came crashing down as I shuddered and surrendered to my climax, Matt held his body still but his cock twitched and jumped in my pussy, one hand stayed on my breast and squeezed while the other pinched my ass cheek. For the first time he told me to fuck his cock.

The climax stopped and the orgasm took over, I felt hot and dropped hard on his cock, I moved my pussy back and forward, grinding our pubis together, my fingers pushed and rubbed my clit and I squeezed Matt's balls, wanting, needing to feel him cum with me, in me, he was so far back, I was so filled with cock, when Matt pulled hard on my nipple all the parts joined together with a blinding flash, I rocked with my first real orgasm as Matt sprayed my insides with his cum.

I tried to hold the experience as lights danced before my eyes but it was all to much. Headrush, I thought and remembered to breathe. I collapsed on Matts chest, images floated in my mind, I remembered a cloudberry I had eaten once, how the sweetness had taken my breath away, my first sight of a humming bird hovering and sucking nectar, nothing in life got you ready for your first orgasm, nobody could tell you what to expect and I thought no two would be the same, I looked into Matt's eyes and knew. It was new to him as well and closed my eyes.

We slept for a while and I awoke to the feeling of Matt rubbing my back while his jeans tickled my ass, he still hadn't kicked them off and I was in his bear hug, arms and legs wrapped around me. He kissed my eyes and asked, "Whats this", holding up a bit of coloured string.
"I found it in a most unusual place".

Oh shit, and the whole afternoon came back, what to say, what to do. I remembered the extra photos I had taken, was now the time to view them, with Matt, was now the time to talk. Could she talk the talk, walk the walk or would she chicken out. I had told Matt in that sudden explosion of words about her s*s, OH SHIT, I had said something about my Mother, Matt's cock in Mum's mouth.

"Come up to our studio and I'll try to explain". My little black skirt was still high on my body and Matt had stepped out of his jeans as I opened the door, naked was good. I hoped s*s had gone out already, one at a time. Matt followed as we made our way upstairs, the first floor was quiet. As we reached the second landing, Shit happened. Mum walked out of her bathroom naked and stopped, right in front of us.

We did not usually change floors at night and no one was prepared for this, Matt's cock was semi hard and Mum was looking, OH SHIT BIG TIME.

"I think you need to come to the studio with us Mum. I have a bit of explaining to do and I think you need to see why".

When I got to the computer and switched it on, I turned to Mum and Matt, could it get worse, Matt was harder and she was just short of taking it in her hand.

"You had better sit down, I'll try to start at the begining. When I first thought of the shot, s*s and I were going to be in the that position, then she came up with the idea of the different coloured string". I looked at Matt. "Her string had beads attached, I'll show you in a minute, and after the shoot we got playful, I'll show you that as well. The thing is, well, s*s asked if I could share you Matt, she had a grand idea. I could have your cock in the morning, she could have your cock in the afternoon and you, Mum, could have his cock in the evening, s*s wants it in her ass and Mum, she thinks you might want to suck it and I'm worried we will wear Matt out , OH HELL this is not coming out right, let me show you the pictures".

After I had scrolled through the photos and Mum and Matt had asked for repeats, I was wet and horny again so when she asked me if she could try Matt's cock in her mouth I had no answer.

"I would like to try it with you here, you should not have things going on without the other partner knowing. I can see the love you have for each other. Don't spoil it, keep it open. Now, can I suck this big cock?. Am I only allowed it in my mouth?, I have a hungry pussy Matt, it might bite your dog cock but I think you would like it, do you want to do it while your partner watches?. I like it when someone watches, would you do it slowly, enter my cunt inch by inch as your girlfriend watches and enjoys, she does want to share your cock with me".

Matt looked at me, not with the grin, more, 'what am I supposed to do sad look' and I loved him even more. "Go ahead, let Mum lick and suck your cock and if she wants to try to fit your cock in her pussy, just take it slow like you do when you fuck me, I want to watch your cock filling her. Remember our first time?, don't wait. Mum, you are about to get fucked, are you ready, open your legs really wide and close your eyes, I'll guide his cock in". I remembered what she had said, "I have a hungry pussy", well this dogs cock was about to see how hungry.

Mum sat back in the seat and opened her legs wider as I held Matts cock. I looked into his eyes and was ashamed. Matt was standing there and his cock had gone soft. "I can't do that, it has to be loving, I can't hurt your Mother, I'm... my cocks to big, I would hurt her like this".

Mom looked up at us, "Whats wrong, I can take it".

"No Mum, Matts right and I'm wrong, I'm sorry but he would hurt you that way, let him make love to you, he's so gentle and it feels so good, it's a better thing than fucking.
Matt always lets me decide how fast or how hard I want to ride his cock, he has never hurt me and has now shown he wouldn't hurt you, why don't you sit on his cock, let him show you a gentle loving, it's still sex, you are still going to have a cock in your pussy but it's soooo much better, wait till his cock touches the back of your pussy and fills you up".

Matt sat in the other chair with his cock standing up again, I took a hold and pulled the foreskin down as Mum walked over and knelt down in front of Matt. She put her hands on his thighs

"I'm sorry too, I got carried away with the sight of Matt's cock, maybe I was jealous of you having this big cock all to yourself, maybe your s****r's want's got me carried away. I would like to suck his cock, what did you say?, every evening, well..., but..., yes, if you want to Matt, would you make love to me, can I sit on your cock?". She touched the wetness from the eye.

The grin told me everything, Matt was going to have sex with my Mother and I wanted to watch, help, be apart of, I stroked Matt's cock, pulling the foreskin and told Mom how we made love. I looked at the pillows on the floor and saw..., Matt lying on them and Mom squatting over his cock. His big hands on her ass cheeks, supporting her weight, her fingers holding her lips apart. I began to see the photo, no, her hands on her knees and my fingers holding them apart, I could crop the rest of my body out, and just my finger tips showing on her breasts. I couldn't use the remote, not enough hands, a video, then pick the best frames. Low light, no, back light. I was somewhere out in left field when I felt Matt's hand close on mine.

"Slow down, there will be nothing left for Mum!, where were you, didn't you hear?".

Someone pressed the shutter and I was looking at the camera and not the view but I had to set it up before I lost the image, action. Mum had her head just over Matt's cock and her eyes were wide, looking at me. Why?, then it hit me. Matt had called my mother, 'Mum'.

I was nearly crying as I hurried through my idea to Mum and Matt, it was going to be as good, no, equal to the first. Matt had his grin and Mum kissed his cock. I felt like a director as I set Matt on the pillows and showed Mum how I wanted her, telling her that this was the best way to feel Matt's cock. I gave it a quick touch of my pussy and stood up, Mum got over Matt, I held his hands the way I had seen the picture, I told them not to move yet, I had to get the other memory card and set up the camera. When everything was ready, I knelt down beside Matt and explained the flow of action, just the start while the camera was fixed and how after that, everything had to be natural. I didn't want to spoil the feeling for Mum. Matt ran his fingers up Mum's inside thighs and tickled her pussy and I watched the grin get bigger as Mum spread her knees and began lowering herself. I started the camera and sat back to watch.

It was like I was watching Matt and myself making love, the same slow action as Mum lowered herself and Matts hands supported her, she opened her lips and guided the head to the entrance the same as I did, she watched the head enter and moaned a little as the shaft disappeared, her nipples hardened, I wondered if mine had then remembered Matt pulling my nipples, yes.

This wasn't a menage a trios this was mise en scene, staging a play
She finished taking Matt's cock, all of it and looked at me, her breasts thrusting forward as she changed the angle of his cock in her pussy, I mouthed 'yes' and Mum began to ride his cock. I moved my legs either side of Matt's head, he had lifted to watch and I supported him with my lap. He smiled up at me and touched my breast, I took his hand and put it on Mum's breast, I was letting him know this was for him and Mum but I did watch his cock coming and going, Mum was getting faster, lifting high and plunging down. I was mesmerized by the sight and thought about whether the camera was still running, would I, we, be able to watch it, again and again.

Mum's chest was filling on the up stroke and Matt was squeezing her breasts on the down. Matt was watching for the signs, just like he did with me, her eyes were shut when she slammed down and Matt pulled her nipples hard. I was feeling the pain she must be feeling and thinking that that must have hurt Matt when she cried out, YES. Matt pushed back into my lap and I saw his body tense. My god, they had climaxed together. No body moved but I knew Matt was still delivering his cum, I knew Mom's pussy would be clamping his cock. What I also knew was I had had a climax of my own. My own juice was running over my ass, had I squirted when Matt pushed back?.

Minutes passed as we lay-sat there, both Mum and Matt had their eyes closed but the heaving of their chests was slowing down, breathing settled and bodies relaxed, Matt opened his eyes and looked straight at me, a tear rolled down his cheek, I brushed it aside as we looked at Mom.
There were tears there as well as a big smile, we both leaned forward for a hug over Matt, we had always been a touching f****y but I knew this one was special. It didn't last to long as Mum yelped and pulled back, Matt had nipped her nipple and had that grin again.

"I don't suppose I could just go to sl**p here and now, just like this, you could throw a blanket over us!, I will keep Matt's cock warm...., somehow".

Matt sat up and wrapped Mum in one of his big hugs, it flattened her breasts but I didn't think she would mind, she was too busy kissing him, I liked the fact he was kissing her back. I quietly got up and picked up the camera. I had everything hooked up when I felt Matt's hand on my shoulder, I lay my head on his hand while his other stroked my breasts, even now he remembered what I liked after our loveing, Mum stood beside him with an arm around his waist, not quite touching his cock with her fingers.

"Hang on, we need to change places for the best view, I stood up. Matt, you sit with your legs apart and Mum and I sit on each leg, you can find things to hold and we can all see the screen that way".

We rearranged the seating, Matt had a breast in each hand and we could play with his cock or balls, I looked at Mum, she was a little flushed but I knew she had enjoyed the exercise.
I pushed 'start' and sat back. There was no 'the end' but the blue screen told the story, we had watched the whole ten minutes in silence, without even a nipple being squeezed. I hadn't even looked for a good frame. If you could bottle love and sell it, this was it. There were naked bodies, there was a sexual connection but this was far from porn. I had been right, you could not direct something like this, it had to flow naturally, you could not pay actors to have that grin, that smile, the look on Mom's face when the climax hit.
I looked at Mum and saw the tears again. How do you say 'I Love You' after seeing ' I Love You'.

s*s was going to be PISSED.

... Continue»
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The horny babysitter

My wife and I wanted a night alone together on the town about three months after the birth of our first c***d. We called up a nice 20 year old girl whom we had known for a while and asked her to babysit. She was more than happy to oblige.

When the babysitter arrived, my wife was still getting ready. I answered the door and had to control myself. I hadn’t seen the babysitter in a few years, and the time had certainly been good to her. She was absolutely gorgeous: short, dark hair; big, beautiful hazel eyes; cute, heartwarming smile; a slender yet extremely athletic build; tits that were large B cups but VERY perky; and an ass to die for. She was wearing a plain yellow t-shirt and some form-fitting denim shorts that stopped at the mid-thigh.

My wife came out front looking amazing. She has big beautiful eyes of her own – except hers were brown. She is about 5’7” with HUGE, natural tits and a hot, round ass. Her thighs are muscular, which makes for some fun fucks. She was wearing a scoop necked red top and form-fitting blue jeans. I was wearing some khaki slacks and a red polo shirt.

We left the babysitter the important info and went out to a wonderful dinner. Afterwards, we were more tired than we expected, so we came home. When we walked into the house, there was no one out front and the house was extremely quiet. We did notice, however, that there was muffled sound coming from the TV game room in the back of the house. After seeing that our baby was sound asl**p in his crib, we continued toward the TV game room. We walked back there to find the door halfway open. The 60” HD LCD TV was showing a pornographic film! Even more surprising, the babysitter had her bra, panties, and shorts on the floor. Her top was pulled up over her rack. Her right middle finger was frigging her engorged clit as her left hand caressed her left nipple. Her eyes were glued to the screen and she was gasping.

My wife and I could not believe our eyes. The sight on the couch immediately made my cock spring to attention, and my wife whispered, “Wow. This is hot.” We tried to sneak into the room quietly, but the babysitter heard us and jumped. “I…I…” she stuttered as she could explain absolutely nothing. My wife and I smirked as we watched her squirm. I could not stop staring at her red, puffy, bald pussy lips. My engorged rod stiffened even more than I thought was possible. My wife finally broke the awkwardness by saying, “Well…we could help her out a little bit.”

She turned off the TV and took the babysitter’s right breast in her hand as I took her left breast. We began sucking her stiff pink nipples as the babysitter moaned, “OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” My left hand went down to the babysitter’s wet taco to finger her, but my wife’s right hand was already there. My wife said, “You’re overdressed, honey.” Not one to argue, I disrobed as fast as I could. My wife did the same. When her tits spilled out, my already stiff cock somehow got even stiffer. As I removed my boxers, a loud “SNAP!” rang out as my rock-hard boner snapped up against my upper abdomen. My wife said, “Suck him off!” as she helped the babysitter get on all fours. I stood in front of her face. She slowly yet hungrily took my dong into her hot, wet mouth and sent me into a new level of ecstasy. As she did that, my wife slid into a 69 position under her and began licking her juices that flowed from her slit. The babysitter almost made me cum immediately as she jerked my shaft while teasing my glans, but I kept my composure and stayed away from blowing my load. The sitter did not fare as well, however, as her entire body convulsed in an explosive, screaming orgasm.

“I wanna fuck my wife,” I grunted. The sitter went over and straddled my wife’s face as I eased my cock into my favorite pussy in the world. I began thrusting my hips at light speed as my wife lashed the sitter’s slit with her tongue. As I continued banging my wife, the sitter and I leaned toward each other and passionately kissed. Our tongues circled one another’s in our mouths, taking us to a new level of passion. Apparently my wife was on the edge, because shortly after the sitter and I began our kiss, my wife started into a powerful, screaming orgasm. The walls of her love tunnel began convulsing around my quivering member.

“DO HER! NOW!” my wife ordered as her orgasm subsided. I pulled out and sat on the couch. The sitter faced me and straddled my rock-hard cock as my wife held it up in the air. Her soft, tight, wet, hot pussy felt like a silky vice grip as my cock entered her. She bounced on my cock like it was a pogo stick as my mind was completely blown. My wife stood up and straddled my face as I was ridden like a bucking bronco. I buried my head into my wife’s beautiful, brown, natural bush. My wife moaned from my tongue and also from the babysitter’s tongue as the sitter began to lick my wife’s puckering asshole.

After a few minutes, the women changed positions again. This time my wife was on all fours with the sitter on all fours behind her. I mounted the sitter and entered her pussy from behind as she continued licking my wife’s Forbidden Dark Hole. The sitter’s tight, muscular ass made a smacking sound every time I thrust my hips forward. Every now and then I heard a loud “SMACK!” as the sitter slapped my wife’s round, shapely buttocks. As I took in the amazing sight in front of me, I grabbed hold of the sitter’s hips and got into a f***eful yet steady rhythm. Both of the women moaned passionately as this hot session continued.

It did not take long for me to begin longing to fuck our sitter in the ass. I just knew that it would blow my mind. I wet my thumb and placed it on the sitter’s asshole with a small yet steady amount of f***e. Each of my thrusts into her poon f***ed my thumb into her asshole a little at a time. After about eight of these thrusts, my thumb was all the way in. My thumb felt my cock sliding by through her membranes with each of my thrusts. The sitter let out a guttural groan as I continued. I began finger-fucking her ass with my thumb at a steady pace, and the grunts that the sitter let out got louder and louder.

Finally I decided that I just had to do it. I pulled out and shifted my cock up to her anus. Her pussy juice was an excellent lubricant for anal, as I slowly slid my cock into her ass with no trouble at all. It was warmer and tighter than I could have ever imagined. “Oh my GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!” she shrieked. She stopped licking my wife’s asshole as I began pounding her ass with reckless abandon. She was on sensory overload and could do nothing else as I went to town on that hot, muscular little bum of hers. My wife slid back underneath the sitter and began ravishing the sitter’s clit with her tongue. It did not take long for the sitter to shudder into her second orgasm, this one more powerful than the first.

After this orgasm subsided, the sitter needed a breather, so I pulled out. The sitter sat on the other end of the couch so that she could catch her breath as my wife bent over the side of the couch right in front of me. I entered my wife’s tight asshole with the same amount of ease that I entered the sitter’s. Even though I had assfucked my wife several times, this time felt no different. She was just as tight as ever. “Fuck me! FUCK MY ASS!” my wife howled. My pace picked up due to this outburst of hers. It apparently gave the sitter a second wind as well, as she had slid underneath my wife in a 69 position and began sucking and licking my wife’s engorged clit. My wife’s grunting became muffled, and I looked forward to see that it was because she had buried her face into the sitter’s bald kitty. My wife’s tongue drove the sitter wild! Both of the women in front of me were grunting, moaning, and shrieking in the most erotic fashion. How much longer could I hold out with this hot sight in front of me?

My answer came quickly. An electric feeling enveloped my entire body. Suddenly I told them in a gasp, “I’m gonna cum!” My wife and the sitter both hopped off and knelt in front of me. I began jerking my cock as I aimed at the four luscious tits they were holding up for me to paint with my jizz. I must have emitted a half gallon as I glazed their donuts. The sitter then lapped some of my nectar off of my wife’s massive cahongas. I almost came again as my wife and the sitter swapped my cum in a passionate kiss. After a night like this, we decided that this sitter was more than welcome to return... Continue»
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Shelly and Matt (Mf-teen, inc, cons, rom)

Shelly and Matt

By SpectreOfHell

It was, in Shelly’s opinion, the most boring party she’d ever gone to. There was no one there even close to her age, just adults and little k**s running around making noise. The food was bland and the music was driving her nuts. And it wasn’t like anyone really wanted her around in the first place. The relatives had made all the expected comments about how much she’d grown, about her becoming a “little woman,” and now they ignored her. No one even noticed when she went outside and found a quiet place in the garden to sit.

That was the good thing about Uncle Harry’s house. The house itself was huge, and the grounds surrounding it were filled with cultivated trees, hedges, and flower beds. It was easy to disappear into the growth along one path or another. Shelly found a metal bench under a spreading chestnut tree and leaned back into the shadows, wishing a cool breeze would come up. She fanned the hem of her dress, wafting air between her thighs. That part of her anatomy, as usual, was hotter than any other.

“Puberty sucks,” she said aloud to herself. She looked down at her body, conflicted about what to truly think of the changes she’d undergone. At thirteen, she had somewhat larger breasts than her friends, something that the boys picked up on like dogs to a fire hydrant. They didn’t ache anymore, thank goodness. In fact, these days they felt good under even the slightest touch. She ran her hands over her chest lightly, shivering at the sensations her own touch created. Almost instantly, her nipples hardened, clearly visible through the bra and the thin material of her summer dress.

That, naturally, led her to want to touch other parts of her body. Well, why not? She was alone, after all. It felt wicked to run her hands over her thighs, pushing the hem of her dress up until her panties were exposed. She had nice legs, she mused, coltish and fair skinned like the rest of her slim body. Her eyes fell on the slippers her mother had made her wear instead of the heels she’d picked out, and her mood soured. Mom still treated her like a little girl, and it just wasn’t fair. She was a “little woman” after all. Hell, she was ALL woman if her body had anything to say about it. She’d been masturbating for three years by then, after all.

The sound of boys’ voices beyond the hedge made her shove her dress down hastily, and she sat up alertly. They were on a parallel path to hers, she realized, and she relaxed. “I can’t believe she showed you her pussy,” said a voice Shelly recognized. That was her obnoxious cousin Carl, fifteen years old and a total pervert. She’d caught him trying to peep through the keyhole while she was peeing only a few hours ago. The other voice, though, that one made the hairs on her arms stand up.

“You talk like you’ve never seen a pussy,” Matt said to Carl, just on the other side of the hedge.

Matt. Shelly shivered at the memory of her cousin. He was as beautiful as a man could get, even if he was only s*******n. He wasn’t on any sports team, he didn’t go around strutting, but he did have a quiet charm that made all the girls swoon over him. Not that he’d look twice at Shelly, though. She wasn’t exactly the cheerleader type, and they were cousins, after all. But still, she dreamed of Matt, wonderful handsome Matt, and fantasized about what his hands could do to her. Among other parts of his anatomy.

“Yeah, but she just showed it to you,” Carl was saying. Shelly could almost hear the little creep drooling. “How’d you get her to do it?”

“I didn’t have to do anything,” Matt said modestly. “She just did it. And it wasn’t like it was all that great to look at.”

“Are you k**ding?” Carl snorted. “Any pussy is worth looking at.”

“You’ve got it all wrong, man,” Matt said. Their voices were just on the other side of the hedge now, and Shelly slumped in her seat even though the boys couldn’t see over or through the growth. Matt said, “You can’t think of it as seeing pussy. The pussy belongs to the girl. You got to treat them like a person.”

Carl laughed. “How many girls have you fucked that way?” he asked.

“Plenty,” Matt said, angry now. “More than you, you fat virgin.”

“Fuck you,” Carl said. Shelly could hear him stomping away.

Matt called after him, “No thanks, faggot!” Shelly snickered and prayed Matt hadn’t heard.

So, she mused. Matt wasn’t a virgin. Just the idea of him on top of some girl, sliding his prick into her, made Shelly hot. She knew she should feel jealous, but she didn’t. Her pussy tingled, and she pressed the fabric of her dress between her thighs as she envisioned what Matt’s face must have looked like as he came, as he filled some girl with his cream.

The bushes rustled making Shelly jump again. She sat up quickly, smoothing out her dress. Matt appeared around the corner of the path, hands in his pockets, eyes on the ground. Shelly felt her heart thumping loudly in her chest. He was a god. He was so beautiful it made her want to…to…

He noticed her suddenly and came to a quick halt. “Oh, Shelly,” he said. “What’re you doing out here?”

“Same as you I guess,” she replied, managing to keep the excitement out of her voice. He’d remembered her name! Well, that wasn’t so odd, if she thought about it. They were cousins, after all. But still…

He gave her a lopsided grin. “Too much f****y, eh?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she agreed.

He nodded toward the bench. “Can I sit there with you for awhile?”

Shelly blinked. “I guess,” she said, and moved over for him. She was amazed at how calm she sounded. Matt took his hands from his pockets and parked himself on the bench next to her.

“I can see why you picked this place,” he said. “Nice view.”

“Yeah,” she said, looking out over the patch of garden in front of them. “It is a nice view. Quiet, too.”

“Beautiful,” he said. She glanced at him and found him looking at her. She blushed and turned away quickly. He laughed softly. “Sorry,” he said.

“It’s okay,” she told him.

“I shouldn’t say things like that too you,” he said.

“Because I’m not beautiful and you’re lying?” she asked.

He chuckled again. “No,” he said. “Because we’re cousins.”

“It’s okay to think I’m beautiful,” she said. “Even if we are cousins.” She was struggling to keep her emotions in check. He thought she was beautiful! Was he actually flirting?

“Thanks,” he mumbled. A moment later he added, “You are, you know.”


“Beautiful,” he said. He leaned against the arm of the bench, studying her. “Why don’t you have a boyfriend yet?”

“Who says I don’t?” she retorted.

“Do you?”

“No,” she said, and laughed. “You want the job?” Oh god, she couldn’t believe she’d said that.

Matt blushed a little. She didn’t know what to make of that. He said, “It’s been awhile since I last saw you.”

He’d changed the subject. Was that good or bad? “About a year, I guess,” she said.

“You changed a lot.”

“Good or bad?” she asked.

He blushed again, deeper this time. “Good,” he said. “Definitely good. You’ve, ah…grown up.”

Shelly laughed and gestured to her chest. “You mean these,” she said. She cupped them in her hands brazenly and added, “They’re huge, aren’t they?”

Matt stared briefly at her tits. How could he not? But then tore his eyes away. “I bet you get a lot of boys chasing you these days, huh?”

“Not really,” she said, slumping. She felt embarrassed. She was acting like a fool. “I mean, I don’t know. Boys only seem to want one thing. You know?”

“Yeah, I know,” he said.

“But you’re different,” she offered. “Right?”

“Probably not,” he said, grinning. She laughed. “What about you?” he added. “I bet girls are just as interested in sex as guys are.”

Shelly blushed, and the warmth spread all through her body setting off sparks. She started to protest, like any good girl should have, but the devil got her tongue and she said, “Maybe.” And it was Matt’s turn to blush a little. His eyes dropped to her exposed knees. Shelly almost reached for the hem of her dress to tug it down and cover her legs, but she made herself sit still.

It was true, wasn’t it? Didn’t girls have just as much sex drive as boys? It was the stupid rules of society that kept them from acting on it. A boy could fuck as much as he wanted and he was just being a boy, but if a girl did it then she was a slut. Matt’s eyes had moved to her breasts now, and Shelly felt even more warm. Her pussy was tingling and her nipples were starting to stiffen. Oh god! She hoped he didn’t see that. Then his eyes moved back to her face, found her looking at him, and his face turned red.

“Sorry,” he said, looking away quickly.

Afterwards, she wasn’t sure what made her say it, but the words, “That’s okay. I don’t mind,” just tumbled out of her mouth.

Matt looked at her face again. “But,” he said and fumbled a bit. “But we’re cousins.”

He didn’t point out the age difference. He didn’t tell her she was too young. It was the fact that they were cousins that bothered him. The tingle in her pussy exploded into full arousal and she had to press her thighs together. “Jeeze, Matt,” she said. “It’s not like we’re gonna get it on or something.” But there was hope in her voice.

What was wrong with her? She couldn’t honestly be flirting with her own cousin? But then again, why not? He was handsome, he was nice to her, and he turned her on. If no one knew…

“Matt?” she asked.

“Yeah?” he answered, a little breathless.

She put a hand lightly on his shoulder. “Matt, do you think I’m pretty?”

“Of course you’re pretty,” he said instantly, no need to think about it. Maybe he realized he should have hesitated because he looked away then and an awkward silence fell between them. Shelly made her decision between heartbeats. There was no way to know what could happen, or really what she even wanted truly to happen. But she couldn’t leave this stupid party without knowing.

“So,” she said, pushing out the words. “Who was it?”

“Who was who?” Matt said, turning back to her.

“Who showed you her pussy?”

Matt’s jaw dropped, then he laughed. He looked at the hedgerow behind them. “Oh, you heard that, huh?”

“Hard not to.”

“Well, don’t believe everything you hear,” he said.

“Come on,” she teased. “You can tell me. Who showed you her pussy?”

He gaped at her again. “Do you talk like that all the time?”

“For your information, I’m not a little girl, Matt,” she said. “I use all kinds of words. Pussy, fuck, shit, piss, cock…”

“Whoa!” Matt said, laughing. “Okay, I get it. You’re a woman, not a little girl.” And the sparkle in his eyes said he understood fully what that meant. “That was Carl being an ass. I don’t tell anyone about…you know, stuff like that. But he heard it from someplace else and wanted to know.”

“Who was it?”

“A gentleman never tells,” Matt said.

“But Carl knew,” she insisted. “Who was it?”

Matt blushed. “My s****r, okay?” He seemed upset now. Just a little anyway. “She isn’t wearing panties today, and she flashed me. Just playing around, you know?”

“Did you like it?” she asked.

“She’s my s****r!”

“Yeah, but did you like seeing her pussy?”

“Jesus!” Matt ran a hand over his face. Smirking, he said, “Yeah, I kinda did. She’s shaved down there, you know.”

“You dog!” Shelly laughed, giving him a playful shove. “Isn’t that i****t?”

“Well you know what they say,” he replied. “i****t is best!”

They both laughed, but it was f***ed, as if they both suddenly realized exactly what it was they were talking about. Shelly leaned back, making sure she pulled her palms over her lap just enough to hike her skirt up a little more. Matt’s eyes were drawn irresistibly to her legs.

“I’m not shaved, if that’s what you’re wondering,” she said. Matt jerked his gaze to her face, blushing again. Then he laughed.

“We’re cousins,” he pointed out, getting right to the point.

“You said it, though,” she pointed out. “i****t is best?”

“That was a joke,” he said, but he wasn’t laughing.

“Too bad,” she teased. Her heart was hammering in her chest.

“Shelly,” he began, then stopped.



“Come on. Say it.”

He licked his lips. “I was just wondering,” he said. “I mean…what would you do if…if…”


“If I tried to kiss you?”

Silence hung heavy between them. She could barely breathe. She tingled all over her body, and she wanted to grab him, to pull him to her, to…

“Why would you want to?” she asked finally. He shrugged, so she teased, “You don’t know why you’d want to kiss me?”

“Of course I know, Shelly,” he said. “You’re beautiful and…I…”

“I wouldn’t stop you,” she blurted.


“You heard me.”

He stared at her and licked his lips again. Shelly thought her heart my leap out of her chest. This was wrong, so wrong, and yet it was exactly what she had dreamed about, what she’d wanted. Would he really do it? Was he just k**ding around?

“If anybody found out,” he started.

“I’ll never tell,” she said. “Would you?”

“No,” he said quickly.

“Well then,” she said flatly. She waited.

Matt, for all his apparent confidence, didn’t seem to know what to do next. This wasn’t just any other girl, this was his cousin! This wasn’t just making out in the garden, this was i****t! And yet Shelly had done all she was brave enough to do to let him know she was ready for it, willing to do it, wanting it to happen. Finally Matt twisted on his seat, turning toward her, lifting an arm to put it around her. He hesitated before touching her.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Goddamn it, kiss me already,” she said in a fierce whisper.

The dam burst. Smiling, Matt leaned closer. His strong hand gripped her shoulder, his firm body leaned into her. She felt his breath on her face, fluttered her eyes closed, and tilted her head to accept him. Then his lips were on hers, soft and gentle, his tongue probing into her mouth, and Shelly moaned softly as she threw her arms around him, accepting the kiss and melting into him.

It was, she decided later, the best kiss she’d ever had. Even compared to kisses that came later, it was supreme. Partly because she’d wanted it, had dreamed about it for so log, and partly because it was so forbidden. He was kissing her. Handsome, sexy Matt was kissing her, holding her in his arms, tasting her lips and her tongue. When his hand slid up from her hip to her side, she tensed, knowing what was next. When his hand slid over her breast, she gasped, breaking the kiss. Matt pulled his hand away quickly.

“No!” she said. “No, you can touch it. Please.”

Confused, Matt carefully put his hand back over her breast. They were both staring at his hand, as if observing a delicate operation in progress. He squeezed the firm roundness of her pert young breast, and she felt her hard nipple pressing through the fabric of her dress into his palm. She groaned, he laughed softly in delight. “You have nice tits,” he said.

“Do you want to see them?” she asked. The words surprised her coming from her mouth, but she meant them.

“I’d love to,” he said. He looked around at the garden. “But maybe here isn’t the best place.”

“I think I know a place,” he said, rising. “Come on.” He offered his hand and she took it, letting him pull her to her feet. He towered over her as they embraced again, reminding her just how young she was, how virile a stud he was. He smoothed hair from her face, smiling, and his eyes shone like no other boy’s ever had when they looked at her. He wasn’t seeing a conquest or just any other girl. He was really looking at her, seeing her, the real her. Looking back on it later she realized that was the moment when she fell in love with him.

Matt led her by the hand down the garden path until they reached the open lawn beyond. He pulled her to the side, just out of sight, embraced her again and kissed her, bending over to do so while she rose on her toes. “Are you sure about this?” he asked.

“Please stop asking that,” she told him. “Where are we going?”

“On the top floor of the house there’s a closet at the end of the hall,” he said. “At the back of the closet is a ladder that goes up to the attic. We can be alone there and no one will know. No one will hear us.”

She giggled. He planned to be making noise? It made her pussy even wetter. “Okay,” she said.

“You go on up first, and I’ll come along after a few minutes,” he said. “Okay?”

“Okay,” she said again. He kissed her again, then he gave her a gentle shove out of the garden. Shelly hurried across the lawn, feeling as if everyone must be looking at her, knowing what she’d already done and what she planned to do. But no one looked at her, and for once her anonymity worked to her advantage. Five minutes later, she was climbing the hidden ladder into the attic.

It was a bit dusty here, and it was cluttered. It looked as if someone had been here many times plundering, exploring and playing with the things they found. There were trunks filled with antiques and bobbles, several pieces of furniture, and one window high on the far wall allowing just enough sunlight through to illuminate everything. But, she noticed, there was no place for a couple to sit and make out.

Shelly wondered if Matt was hoping for more than just making out. Her breast still tingled where he’d touched her. She imagined his hands on her bare skin, between her legs and inside her panties…yeah, she wanted that. She wanted to go as far as he would take her.

With that in mind, she got to work. By the time she heard someone coming up the ladder, she had used old blankets to make a thick pallet on the floor. She kicked off her shoes and lay down on the blanket on one hip, holding herself up provocatively. Matt’s head appeared through the trapdoor, and when he saw her he burst into a wide smile. “Sorry it took so long,” he said.

“It’s okay,” she told him. He climbed through and closed the trapdoor behind him. Then he pulled a trunk over on top of it. There was no lock, and that would give them privacy. Shelly shivered. Matt towered over her, looking down and smiling. Then he lay on the blanket next to her, his hand going to her hip to pull her closer. She giggled as their bodies pressed together. Then he was kissing her again, and any thought about consequence vanished.

His hand slid up her side and onto her breast again, the one he hadn’t touched before. She moaned into his mouth and clutched at him. His kisses moved quickly to her neck. No boy had ever kissed her neck before, and Matt was very good at it. Every caress of his lips sent shivers racing through her. His hand slid down to her hip, then a little lower. She knew what he was going to do, and by then she welcomed it. He slid lower onto the bare flesh of her leg, then slipped under the hem of her dress. As she slid his hand up her thigh, he pushed the dress up at the same time, until his hand rested on her hip again.

His lips moved to her chest, to the tops of her breasts. Shelly lay back, groaning. This was moving too quickly! All she’d wanted was to kiss him, to let him feel her…

Well, wasn’t that what he was doing, she asked herself? His hand caressed both her thighs, pushing her dress up to expose her pale blue panties. “You have sexy legs,” he told her.

“Really?” she asked.

“Yeah,” he said. “I’ve thought they were sexy for a long time.”

Considering her age, that might have disturbed her, but it didn’t. He’d been watching her for a long time, probably longer than she’d been fantasizing about him. That made this moment even more perfect in her eyes. His hand moved to the front of her panties. She moaned and parted her legs, wanting him to touch her.

He was feeling how warm she was there, how moist her panties had become. The odor of her arousal drifted to her nostrils so she knew he had to be smelling it too. He grunted and nibbled at her neck again, then her earlobe, then put his lips over hers again just at the same moment he pressed his fingers into the slit of her pussy through the fabric of her panties. Shelly arched her back and cried out into his mouth.

It was clear that Matt was losing control. His hand trembled as it pressed against her crotch. He fumbled a bit getting his fingers into the leg opening of her panties, then he pulled the fabric aside so that he could reach her lips directly. She hadn’t lied, she didn’t shave herself, but she didn’t have a whole lot of hair down their either. There was a tuft of curly pubes above her slit, and finer hairs moving down the outside of her labia, but the lips of her pussy were still smooth and bare, and as Matt now discovered, they were swollen and distended, wet and hot from her arousal.

The first touch of his fingers between the folds of her pussy nearly made her cum. The sheer taboo aspect of the act, the fact that she was with her dream lover and he was touching her, that his were the first fingers other than her own to touch her pussy like that…she was thrilled beyond words. Matt shifted his position so that he was more over her, so that he could bring his other hand into play. He squeezed her breasts, using his thumb to rub her hard nipples through her dress. His hand between her legs moved to cup her pussy entirely, and she felt a finger start to probe into her.

Shelly arched her back, lifting her hips, wanting that penetration. Matt’s finger plunged into her deeply to the last knuckle, surprising him. She had no hymen to stop him. If she thought that the absence of a cherry would upset him, she’d been wrong. He smiled broadly at her. His finger curled inside her and hit a nerve cluster she hadn’t known existed. She cried out and clutched at his arms, spreading her legs even wider, surrendering to him.

His finger pumped in and out of her, each time curling at the deepest penetration to hit that special spot, and within minutes she was crashing over the edge. “Matt!” she gasped at him. “Matt!”

“Go ahead,” he whispered. “Cum for me, Shelly. Cum.”

She exploded. It was the first time she’d had an orgasm from fingers that weren’t her own, and she was in heaven. She thrashed and flung her arms wide, wanting to embrace the universe as the start danced behind her closed eyelids and hot flashes of lightning streaked down her spine. Matt held onto her, helping her ride out the storm, letting his lips caress hers when it was almost over, when the breath was returning to her lungs and the world stopped moving beneath her. “I love you,” he whispered.

Her eyes flew open. Had he really spoken, or had she imagined it? He smiled, his eyes searching hers, but she didn’t dare speak. He seemed to understand, and his mouth moved to her neck, his tongue licking her skin and making her moan again. Then he was sliding down her body. She had expected him to mount her. To put his cock into her body and seek his own release. That was what boys wanted, and for the first time she was prepared to accept that, to allow it. But he wasn’t mounting her. He kissed her breasts through the fabric of her dress, then he moved lower quickly, planting more kisses on her thighs. He kissed her knees and her ankles, he kissed the tops of her feet and her toes. He nibbled his way back up, sliding his hands along her legs as he did so.

He grasped her panties by the waistband and tugged. Shelly obediently pushed her butt up off the floor, allowing him to slide the garment down her legs. She lifted her feet to let him remove it entirely, and when she lowered her legs again she allowed them to splay slightly. The air was cool against her soaking pussy, and she knew he could see it. For the first time, she wasn’t the slightest bit embarrassed to have a boy looking at her pussy. No, this was no boy. Matt was a man. A real man, and it was a man’s hands that slid over her legs, that put slight pressure on her knees to push her legs wider, and a man’s hands that probed at the soft lips of her cunt. He spread her labia wide, exposing the dark pink insides, and she shivered when he licked his lips. His eyes met hers again and held that gaze as he lowered his face.

No. He wasn’t really going to…but he was. She felt his breath on her pussy, rustling through her pubes, cool against the moisture she was secreting. “Matt!” she gasped, laying a hand on his head to stop him. But she didn’t want him to stop. She was simply afraid that he would taste her and be repulsed, that he would leave without finishing. He could sense that she was hesitant, but he had no qualms. He nuzzled against her pussy, his cheeks pressed to her inner thighs. When his tongue came out and touched her labia, Shelly arched her back and cried out. She quickly slapped a hand over her mouth to silence herself as his tongue pushed between her lips, delved deeply into her, and his lips quivered around her clitoris.

“Mmmm,” he said, obviously delighted by her flavor. Shelly drew her legs back so that her feet were flat on the floor and let her knees fall outward, spreading herself even more for him. Both her hands flew down to cradle his handsome face, and he gazed up over her belly as he french-kissed her pussy. He closed his lips and sucked her juices, he nibbled her clit delicately with his teeth, he swirled his wiggling tongue through her juices. Finally he raised his head to smile at her. Her juices coated his lips and face, and he smiled broadly as he told her, “You taste so good, Shelly.”

“Oh god,” she groaned, delirious. He resumed licking her, moving his tongue up to swirl around and around her engorged clit. His finger probed into her again, curling this time to press against the nerve cluster behind her clitoris. She’d read about that. Her so-called g-spot. And the stories were true. It was as if he were touching her soul. Ecstasy roiled through her like thunderclouds. She threw her head back and moaned loudly, no longer caring if someone heard or if someone found out. She’d found heaven in this man’s embrace and she loved him. God, how she loved him. She lifted her legs and rested her heels on his shoulder blades, urging him onward. Matt devoured her, drinking the juices that flowed from her, making wet sounds with his fingers in her pussy. She came like a bomb, screaming as every muscle in her body contracted and her pussy clamped down on his wiggling fingers. She squeezed his face with her thighs as she gasped his name over and over, adding, “I love you!” with each gasping breath.

Just as her orgasm subsided, he withdrew his fingers and replaced them with his tongue. She’d become wetter than she’d ever been in her life. She thought she might have peed herself when she came, but the delighted sounds Matt made as he drank everything he could told her that it was all juice. It was her cum. Her woman’s cream. As his tongue wiggled into her, his finger probed her asshole. Her juices had coated that, and his slick finger slid easily into her. She was too relaxed to resist, and she was glad for that, because it was incredible. She’d always thought of anal sex as dirty, as something that couldn’t possibly be enjoyable, but his finger wiggling into her rectum felt impossibly good. She had just cum, and already she felt herself creaming again. He drank it all happily, fucking her ass with his finger and her pussy with his hot tongue.

Finally she pushed him weakly away, spent for the moment. He crawled up beside her and kissed her, letting her taste her own juices. At any other time, she might have recoiled from his sticky face, but now she kissed him eagerly, delighted by her own flavor on his lips and tongue. “I love you,” he whispered again.

“But…we’re cousins,” she whispered back, as if in argument.

He laughed. “So?” he asked. “How do you feel? How do you really feel?”

“Oh god, Matt,” she said, pulling herself more tightly to him. “I love you. I really do. I want you.”

“I want you too,” he said, kissing her.

“I want you inside me,” she said when the kiss broke. “Please? I want you to be my first.”

He looked confused. “Your first?” he asked. “I thought…”

“I lost my cherry when I was a little girl,” she said. “I fell on my bike and bled…well, you know. But I’ve never had sex before.”

“And you really want me to be your first?” he asked.

“More than anything.”

“Even though it’s i****t?” he asked.

She nodded. “Please,” she said, gathering her courage to say the words. “Fuck me. Fuck me, Matt.”

Matt groaned and kissed her hard. Then he pulled away from her to stand up. She could only watch, numb and thrilled, as he opened his pants and took them off. His boxers went down next, exposing his cock to her eyes for the first time. She’d seen other cocks before, had held them and petted them, but his was beautiful. It was special. She struggled to sit up as he stepped closer. Her hand curled around his hot shaft, not even able to get fully around his girth. How would that ever fit inside her? She stroked him, knowing how boys liked it. But, she decided, this wasn’t a boy’s cock, it belonged to a man, and a man deserved more than a stroke.

Shelly gathered her legs beneath her so that she was kneeling, and that put her just high enough for what she wanted. Matt groaned as he watched her open her mouth. She licked the tip of his cock, tasting the precum leaking from him. It was salty, but she liked it. She’d never sucked a cock before, but she’d read about it, and she took the head of his cock between her soft lips delicately, allowing her tongue to probe his piss hole. Matt shivered and moaned, he lay his hands on her head encouragingly. She took more into her mouth, inch after inch, swirling her tongue against his shaft, tasting him, loving his flavor. He was musky and though his cock was hard it was soft at the same time, his skin smooth and velvety as it slid over her tongue.

“Shelly,” he moaned. “You have to stop. I might cum in your mouth.”

She stopped long enough to say, “It’s okay. You can cum in my mouth if you want to.” She could hardly believe those words had just come from her mouth, but she knew she meant it. She would be thrilled to feel his cock pulsing in her mouth, to feel his hot sperm splashing against the back of her throat.

“I don’t want to cum in your mouth this time,” he moaned. “I want to cum inside you.”

Shelly shivered. “Okay,” she said, letting his cock fall from her mouth, drooling saliva. She lay back again, spreading her legs, trembling. They had no condom. It didn’t matter. Shelly had been on the pill for six months. It was for her skin and to regulate her monthly, but she was so glad for it at that moment. Matt knelt in front of her, looming above her. Shelly spread her legs as wide as she could and held her arms open wide for him. He settled above her, keeping all his weight off her, and kissed her. He moved closer, and she felt the tip of his organ brush against the lips of her pussy. She moaned into his mouth.

Matt scooted closer until her thighs were d****d over his. She watched, shaking, her hands clutching her dress, as he reached between them with one hand. He guided the tip of his cock to her entrance, rubbing it through her slit a few times to pick up moisture. “I’m glad your cherry’s gone,” he said. “This won’t hurt you.”

She wasn’t so sure. His cock was a monster. He pushed forward, pressing the head of his cock between her labia. She felt pressure, almost painful, as his cock began to stretch her. But mostly it felt wonderful. She felt his presence above her, felt his manhood entering her, felt her pussy swallowing him, her body accepting him, and it was divine. She lifted her legs and dug her heels into his hips. “Are you okay?” he asked. She nodded vigorously.

“Don’t stop,” she begged. He pushed a little harder. His cock really was huge compared to her young pussy, but it felt like a homecoming. That was where his cock belonged, inside her and no one else. He grunted and pulled back a fraction, began to churn his hips. He was working into her slowly, a fraction at a time, filling her. Shelly moaned in delight as she felt her labia sucking at him as he withdrew, and felt her pussy expand as he stroked forward. She’d used fingers on herself, a hair brush, even a candle once, but nothing had ever been that thick or that wonderful. He was steel hard, and yet that stiffness was coated with rubbery softness and filled with vibrant heat. He was a vital presence above her, and she wanted to be mated with him more than she’d ever wanted anything.

He moaned again and pushed hard. He had half his cock in her now, and when he began moving back and forth, she moaned too. This was it. He was fucking her. She was fucking. Each time he pushed forward he would grunt, digging a little deeper into her body. She was wrapped around him, engulfing him, and the more of him she had inside her the more complete she felt. “Oh god, Shelly,” he moaned.

“Matt, Matt,” she grunted back at him, her body shaking each time he thrust into her. He shifted more weight to his knees and moved his hands to her hips. He pulled her body onto his cock as f***efully as he thrust forward. She yelped, but it wasn’t in pain. There were little explosions going off in ever nerve cluster of her body, especially concentrated where their bodies were joined. He pumped quickly, back and forth, pressing into her, and suddenly she felt the tip of his cock strike something deep inside her. He’d bottomed out in her pussy. She was completely full of him.

He paused them, panting, staring into her eyes. “You’re not a virgin anymore,” he said.

She laughed. “Nope,” she agreed. He eased back and plunged in again. Her tight pussy was milking him, and she was so wet that their union was making erotic squelching sounds in their crotches. He banged into her cervix again. It hurt a little, but the pain only intensified the pleasure he created within her. He fucked her slow and deep and hard, his body shaking as he squeezed her by the hips and she dug her heels into his sides. She grunted, feeling orgasm starting to sweep over her once again. “Fuck me, Matt,” she groaned. “Fuck me forever.”

“Oh god, I love you so much,” he moaned, shaking. She knew he was close, and she wanted to cum with him. Fighting off her orgasm made it sweeter, sharper. He banged into her cervix again. She pulled tightly with her legs, wanting every inch of him in her. He fucked her hard, banging stroke after stroke, his eyelids fluttering. “I’m gonna cum!” he hissed. “Shelly!”

“Cum inside me, Matt!” she squealed at him. “It’s okay! Cum in my pussy!”

Matt cried out loudly. He dove into her sharply and she felt his cock swelling, pulsing. The first hot splash of his sperm filling her was a surprise and a delight. She cried out with him and exploded, her body shaking violently, her legs tightening around him. He thrust into her again and again, pumping his seed into her. He crashed against her cervix again and this time the head of his cock managed to pass through it. The last inch of his cock was inside her, their crotches flush together, his heavy balls resting against her asshole. He came harder, his sperm jetting directly into her womb. Shelly screamed as the most powerful orgasm of her life consumed her. She blacked out momentarily, and when she came to she was still in the throes of orgasm. Matt thrust again and again, giving her every ounce of fluid he had, so much that it ran back out of her and dripped from his balls.

He sagged, finally spent, and she collapsed beneath him. He lay over her, kissing her feverishly, and she welcomed his weight upon her body. She ran her hands up and down his back and caressed the backs of his thighs with her feet. “I love you, Shelly,” he whispered. “I’m not just saying that, you know.”

“I know,” she said, smiling. “I love you, too.” A moment later she added, “When can we do this again?”

He laughed and rose up so he could look into her eyes. “Whenever you want to, lover,” he said.

She smiled up at him. Yes, she’d fuck him again and again before this reunion was over. She’d let him fuck her in the ass, and she’d drink his cum, and she’d do anything for him. i****t or not, they belonged together, and nothing was going to stop that. “When the reunion is over…” she began.

“Then I’ll be coming to visit you every weekend,” he said. “My college is only three hours from where you live, you know.”

Shelly giggled in delight. His cock had slipped from her pussy, softening, and a torrent of his cum followed it. “We need to get cleaned up I guess,” she said. “And then…”

“And then?” he prompted.

“And then we get dirty all over again!” she laughed. He laughed with her, and they tumbled into each other’s arms.... Continue»
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Meagan and Matt

I give my b*****r my virginity
I fell in love with my b*****r when I was in the eighth grade. I've always loved Matt, but when I was thirteen, I fell IN love with him.

At the time when I reached puberty, and my hormones kicked in, and all the other girls my age were going goo-goo over boys in our class, all my dreams and fantasies revolved around my b*****r, who is two years older than I am.

I had just started my senior year in high school, when on September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center was hit by two airliners. Matt felt he had to join up, to stand up for his country.

I was terrified when he joined the Army, because our father was killed in 1990 in Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. "Don't worry, Beanie, I'll be fine," he said, as I saw Matt off on the plane to Afghanistan, to participate in Operation Enduring Freedom.

"Beanie" was the nickname my father had hung on me, and I hated it. It was short for beanpole, because I was tall and skinny. I stood 5'7" in the sixth grade, and towered over all the boys in my class. Fortunately, I never grew any taller, but I was still skinny as a rail. My name is Meagan.

I was eight years old when our father died, and Matt was ten. Our mother was shattered and, unfortunately, she started to drink. Her drinking got worse, and by the time he was twelve, Matt took over the household responsibilities. He made sure we had food in the house, packed my lunches for school, and made sure I had clean clothes to wear.

I learned how to cook and do the laundry, so we were pretty much on our own. It fell on us to take care of our mother.

Matt and I always got along with each other. We never fought like some siblings do, and he never excluded me from anything he was doing when we were growing up. I was never treated like the "tag-a-long" k** s****r.

I was the perennial late bloomer. When all the other girls in my class were growing boobs, and flaunting them, I was flat as a board. My hips looked like a boy's, and I had no ass at all.

I wore a tee shirt until I was f******n, and then I wore a padded training bra, even though I didn't have anything to put in it.

My period did happen at the proper time, so there wasn't anything biologically wrong with me. I was mortified the first time I asked Matt to buy tampons for me, and he was probably just as embarrassed to ask for them at the store. After that, he always made sure I had some "personal" money.

Sex was never a subject that was discussed between us. Most of whatever I learned came from other girls at school. As skinny and titless as I was, I didn't have any first-hand experience. A lot of k**s at school made fun of me, and the boys all went after the girls with big boobs, so I never even went out on a date.

As my social life was non-existent, I made up for it by studying real hard. I was known as a "brainiac," a geek, a nerd. My only friend, besides Matt, was Karen Wenner, another nerdy type.

The difference between Karen and me was that she had really big boobs. And she'd let anyone play with them that wanted to. She was also the queen of blowjobs. She had stringy hair and a bad complexion, but half the guys in school had their first experience with her.

They never went out with her twice, but she didn't care, she made it up in quantity. She could tell you who had a monster cock, who had a teeny weenie, and how long each of them could last before they came.

The only physical contact we had with each other was when he would brush my hair, or I would give him a back rub after he'd put in a hard day's work. I had really long blonde hair and he liked to brush it and run his fingers through it. It felt wonderful. I did kiss him goodnight before going to bed, but it was just a s****rly peck on the lips.

I had blonde hair, and his was dark, almost black. Our Dad used to k** us that we must have come from different families. Matt was so handsome. He looked like Orlando Bloom, who was a major crush for a lot of the girls in my school.

He worked in a tire shop, changing big truck tires all day, and he'd come home exhausted. He would take off his shirt and lie face down on the floor, and I would straddle him and rub his back, digging my thumbs into his sore t****zius and deltoid muscles.

"You have wonderful hands, Beanie," he'd say between pleasure groans.

Matt had girlfriends, but they never lasted too long. I was really jealous and I hated them all.

The year before he joined the Army, our mother died of cirrhosis of the liver, so we were on our own. We had taken care of each other for more than five years, so there wasn't much change in our daily lives. We were sad, but kind of relieved at the same time, because she was so sick for so long. She just wasted her life away with booze.

The morning before he left, Matt brought in this big box with a red ribbon on it, and set it on the foot of my bed. The box had holes punched in it. When I opened it up, there was this beautiful little golden retriever puppy inside.

"Here's something to keep you company while I'm gone."

"Oh, Matt, she's beautiful. I'm going to call her Maggie."

I picked her up and held her to my breast. She was so soft and fuzzy. Her tail was wagging about a hundred miles an hour, and she covered my face with puppy kisses.

The day he left, I was a total mess. I put my arms around him and held him tight, and I couldn't stoop sobbing. He was leaving a huge hole in my life, and a hole in my heart. I knew he had to go, but I was still terrified.

"I'm going to miss you so much, Matt."

"I'll miss you too, Beanie." He took out his handkerchief and wiped the tears off my cheeks.

"I'll write you every day."

He turned and walked to the car that was taking him to the Army base. He waved to me out the window, and I watched until the car was completely out of sight. I scooped Maggie up and lay down on my bed and cuddled with her. I was still crying, and she licked my tears away.

I kept my promise and wrote a letter to Matt every day, telling him about school, everything I was doing, and about Maggie. He didn't write nearly as often, but I treasured each letter I got from him.

During my senior year, after I turned eighteen, strange things began happening to my body; I was actually starting to fill out! My breasts started to look like little cones, and I took the padding out of my bra.

My hips rounded out, my legs started to look shapely, and there was actual flesh on my butt cheeks. Before too long, I graduated to a B cup. I would dance around in front of the mirror and check them out. I could actually hold them in my hands. Wow, real boobs!

They stopped growing when I got to a C cup, which was just perfect for me. If I had gone to a tit store and picked some out, these are exactly what I would have chosen. I have fair skin, so my quarter-sized areolas are a pale pink, and my pink nipples stick way out.

My breasts are round and firm, and sit high on my chest with no sag at all. They have a curvy uplift that looks really cool when I turn sideways in the mirror. They have a nice jiggle when I walk. I wished Matt had been here to watch me grow, but he would really be surprised when he got home.

I treated myself to some really sexy underwear. Lots of satin and lace, and some bras that give me lots of cleavage. I also got some foxy night wear, a teddy and a chemise that are so sheer you can see right through them. I hoped I'd have the courage to wear them in front of Matt.

I quit signing my letters, "Love, Beanie," and started signing them, "Love, Meagan." I was a beanpole no more. I loved my new body!

All of a sudden guys started noticing me; I wasn't an invisible person any more. I started hearing remarks like "nice ass" or "great rack." I really filled up my jeans, and my boobs looked great in a tee shirt.

I went out on a few dates with different guys and had a pretty good time. I really didn't know how to make out, because I'd never seriously kissed anyone before, but I got the hang of it pretty quick.

I let a couple guys feel me up through my clothes, but when they went for bare skin, I pushed their hands away. I heard insults like "cock tease" and I was called "frigid," but fuck them, I was saving myself for Matt.

A year went by since Matt left. I graduated from high school, turned nineteen, and Maggie was almost full grown. She was a beautiful dog, and she went everywhere with me. She slept on my bed, and I wasn't quite as lonely.

I also broke my hymen. Summoning up all my courage, I went to a sex shop. I was totally embarrassed when I walked in the door, and prayed that nobody I knew would see me there. I had pictured some really sleazy man would be behind the counter, but there was a really attractive woman working there.

She asked if she could help me. "I-I'm looking for a, ah, um...." I stuttered, not being able to get the word out.

"A vibrator, perhaps?" she asked, smiling at me.

"Yes, one of those."

She showed me shelf after shelf of different vibrators. They came in all kinds of sizes, shapes, and colors, from little ones that go in your asshole, to a monster black thing that looked like it would be for a horse.

I finally chose one that the clerk said was the most life-like. I had never seen a real penis before, so I took her word for it. It was pink, and it had a distinct head on it. The saleswoman said that it felt just like a real cock. It felt soft, yet rigid, covered with a material called cyberskin. She told me how to use it to excite my G-spot. I didn't know what a G-spot was, but I would find out!

I lay down on my bed, pulled my knees up, and spread my legs wide apart. I lubed up the dildo, turned on the vibrator, and started running it all around my pussy. It felt really good on my clit, much better than my fingers.

Guiding it between my swollen inner lips, I took a deep breath and shoved it in. OWW! It hurt like hell for a minute, then the pain went away. I began to move it in and out, fantasizing it was Matt's cock inside me. The longer I did it, the better it felt, and I soon experienced my first vaginal orgasm. Now I had something else to look forward to. I found that G-spot too!

I hadn't gotten a letter from Matt in weeks, and I was really starting to get worried. He was stationed way out in the desert, and there was no way to communicate with him. As the days went by, I was getting more and more frantic.

One morning, Maggie started barking and running back and forth to the front door. I opened the door, and there were two military officers in dress uniforms coming up my sidewalk.

"OH GOD NO! MATT!" I screamed. My heart dropped to my feet. Matt can't be dead. He can't be dead. I started to faint, and one of the officers caught me before I hit the ground. They brought me in the house and sat me down in a chair.

Matt wasn't dead. He had been wounded when a roadside bomb had gone off under his Humvee. His best buddy, sitting next to him, had been blown to pieces, but his body shielded Matt from the worst of the blast.

He had a broken arm, a concussion, and his body was riddled with shrapnel. He was in a hospital in Germany, where he had undergone several surgeries to take the metal out of him. If all went well, he would be sent home in about two months.

I started marking days off on the calendar. I had done a lot of work on the house since he'd been gone; fresh paint on the walls, new curtains, new carpeting, and some nice prints hanging on the walls. There was a new leather recliner for him, and new upholstery and cushions on the couch. The whole place looked bright and cheerful. I hoped he would like it.

Finally, the day arrived. I had no idea what time he was coming home; he was getting a ride from the base he was discharged from. I was a nervous wreck, so I kept myself busy in the kitchen. I baked lasagna and a chocolate cake, both of which are his favorites.

Maggie let out one of "somebody's here" barks. I threw open the door, and there he was!

"Matt, oh Matt," I cried, and ran straight into his arms.

Tears were streaming down my face. He held me tight, and I could tell he felt something different. There were breasts pressing into his chest that I didn't have when he last saw me. He pulled away and looked me up and down. "My God, Beanie, you've grown up."

I punched him on the arm. "My name is Meagan, and every time you call me Beanie, I'm going to hit you again." I was wearing jeans and a tee shirt, and he could see that I really filled them out.

He started to laugh, and I hugged him again. He'd only been gone two years, but he looked much older, and much more mature. He had an inch-long scar on his cheek. He was wearing jeans and a tee shirt, too. I had expected to see him in his uniform, but he told me he had thrown that, and his entire duffel bag in the dumpster before leaving the base.

He came in and sat down. Maggie came racing into the room, put her paws on the couch, and dropped her favorite toy in his lap. He gave her a scratch behind the ears, and she lay down at his feet. My little "f****y" was complete.

I got two beers out of the fridge, and handed him one. I opened the other for myself. "You're drinking now?" he asked.

"I'm not a little girl anymore."

"Yeah, I noticed," he smiled at me. It was so good to have him home!

We had a couple more beers, and I asked him how it had been in Afghanistan. He spoke quietly for a while, talking about the heat, the dust, and the boredom, then he became quite emotional.

"It was awful, Bean--uh, Meagan. We killed people who didn't do anything to us, who had nothing to do with 9-11. They were different, they were there, and we killed them; men, women, k**s." He had an entirely different attitude about the military than he did when he enlisted. Tears started running down his face when he talked about the explosion that killed Keith Peterson, his best friend since grammar school, and wounded him.

I put my arms around him and held him tight. Drawing his head to my breast, I held it there and stroked it,running my fingers through his hair, letting him cry it out. I was filled with love for him, not just sexually, but for the man himself. He wasn't a boy anymore.

It was getting late, and I went upstairs and put on my sl**pwear, then joined Matt again on the couch. I had always slept in a tee shirt and boxer shorts, only now my body was different underneath it. I could see his eyes on me as I walked across the room; my braless boobs jiggled under the tee, and my nipples pushed out big dents in the fabric.

When I kissed him goodnight, my lips lingered longer than the typical s****rly kiss he was used to. He looked a little bit surprised, but he returned it in kind. I wondered if he could hear the buzzing noises or the soft moans coming from my bedroom.

The next morning, I was bustling around the kitchen, fixing breakfast. I was wearing the same things I had always worn, a tank top and cut-off shorts. Only now there was an ample amount of cleavage showing above the top. My shorts, like jeans are prone to do, had frayed a bit in the rear, and there was some bare skin visible through the threads.

I knew he was watching me, because when I looked at him, he would turn his eyes away and blush. When I bent over to put Maggie's dish on the floor, the front of my top pulled away from my body, and my tits were clearly on display, encased just over the nipple, in my sexy black lace bra. When I looked at him, he had put a napkin on his lap, but I could tell he had an erection.

I wanted to have an effect on him. I wanted so much to make love with him, but I wanted him to want me, to pursue me, to make me his.

I knew he was interested in my underwear, because I had carefully arranged my bra and thong panties on the top of the clothes hamper in the bathroom, and when I came back and looked again, they were in a different place. There was some thick, sticky fluid in the crotch of my panties. I had never seen semen before, but I knew what it was. The image of him jerking off and thinking of me, thrilled me to the core.

After dinner that night, I opened a bottle of wine, and we flopped out on the couch and listened to some music on the stereo. After drinking a couple glasses, I put my feet in Matt's lap and he started rubbing them, and we started talking.

"So, Meagan, how's your love life? Any boyfriends?"

"Nope, I've been on a few dates, but no boyfriend."

"So you're still a virgin then?"

"Hey, that's getting a little personal, isn't it?" I took one of my feet out of his lap and tickled him in the ribs with it. "Yes, I'm still a virgin. I've been saving myself for you."

He laughed when I said that, then he got kind of a faraway look on his face. He didn't realize how dead serious I was. When he moved my foot, his eyes wandered up my leg. My boxers were kind of loose in the legs, and he could see one lip of my pussy.

About two in the morning, Maggie started whining, and I heard shouting coming from Matt's room. He was thrashing around in his bed, sound asl**p, hollering "No, no, God, get him off me. So much bl**d, so much bl**d." He was having a flashback dream about his time in Afghanistan.

I lay down on the bed beside him and cradled him in my arms. "It's alright, baby, it's alright, it's only a dream." He calmed down after awhile, and I lay with him, spooning him, until he drifted back into a peaceful sl**p. My arm was around him and he covered my hand with his. I could feel my nipples harden, as my breasts pressed against his back. I fell asl**p, and stayed in his bed until early morning when Maggie whined to go out. I wondered if he knew I was there.

I came home from the mall with several shopping bags, one of which had "Victoria's Secret" printed prominently on it.

Matt looked up at me when I came in. "So, what did you buy?"

"Oh, just some clothes." I could see him eyeing the "Victoria's Secret" bag. "And, um, a new nightie." I thought hard for a minute. "Would you like me to, ah, model it for you?"


It was a sheer white babydoll, with narrow straps, and some lace at the bodice and along the hem. It was REALLY sheer. I took a big gulp of air, and walked into the living room. My nipples were hard and really poked out. "Ta da," I exclaimed nervously.

His eyes got really big. "My God, Meagan, I can see right through it."

"Do you like what you see?"

"You're my s****r, for Christ's sake."

"That doesn't answer the question. Do you like what you see?"

"Well, um, er yeah, but..."

"Judging from the tent in your pants, you like what you see."

His face got red, and I left him sputtering. But at least I knew he was interested. He looked at me much differently after that.

That evening, I offered to give him a backrub. I hadn't done that since he came home, and I knew how much he used to love it. He pulled his tee shirt over his head over his head, and his chest and abdomen were covered with scars from the shrapnel wounds. I wanted to kiss each one of them.

He lay down on a quilt I had spread on the carpet, and I warmed some massage oil in my hands and spread it over his back. He had put on a lot of muscle while he was in the Army. I gave him a thorough kneading, digging deep with my thumbs and fingers. He was virtually purring with pleasure.

When I finished, I turned my back to him, pulled my tee shirt over my head, and lay face down on the quilt where he had been. "My turn," I said, handing him the bottle of oil.

He was really gentle and tentative at first. "Harder, please, I'm not going to break." He really got into it, running his thumbs up and down both sides of my spine, working the muscles of my upper back. My boxers rode kind of low, down on the curve of my hips, and the upper swell of my ass cheeks rose over the top of them. He included all the flesh that was showing, and I about melted.
He hesitated a bit when he got to my sides; I lay with my arms over my head, and the sides of my boobs were prominently in view. His hand roamed over my ribs and back down again, then he finally gave in to temptation and included those too. I was squirming, it felt so good. When I sat up to put my shirt back on, I turned just a little bit, so he got a good view of the side of one of my tits. When I kissed him goodnight, I flicked my tongue between his lips.

Massage became our nightly ritual. Both of us were hungry for another person's touch, and each time we touched, we hit a little more skin. The next time, I tugged his shorts down a few inches, and traced his back muscles down to the top of his buns.

When it was my turn, he did the same thing to me. When he was finished, and still straddling me, I suddenly rolled over on my back. There were my bare breasts, staring him right in the face. I reached over, grabbed the massage oil, and squirted it all over the front of myself.

It was obvious what I wanted him to do. He started out massaging my shoulders, my chest, then my belly, avoiding my boobs. I finally took his hands and placed them right on them. His touch was so tender, so caressing, so loving.

When his hands skimmed across my nipples, they swelled up and got so hard, I thought they would burst. I took my fingers and showed him how I liked them touched. He rolled them between his thumb and finger, pulled them gently, and pinched them, quitting just before it hurt.

My whole body was on fire. My pussy was soaked. I writhed and bucked underneath him. "Oh God, Matt, oh God, oh God, Maaatt," I shouted, as I had a crashing orgasm. I lay back, sated, gasping for breath. He bent over and gave me a quick kiss and headed off to his room. The front of his shorts stuck straight out.

I slept in the nude that night; some nights I do that because it feels really good. Sometime, in the middle of the night, Maggie whined to go out. My mind was so preoccupied by the events of the evening, I forgot to let her out before I went to bed. I thought about putting a robe on, but I didn't, and walked downstairs stark naked.

She went out and peed, and I stood out on the back porch for a while, looking at the full moon. When I walked back down the hallway, Matt was just coming out of the bathroom. He looked at me up and down with a lopsided grin on his face. He watched my boobs sway as I walked, then focused on my bald pussy.

It's kind of funny; I spent years waiting for my pubic hair to grow, and finally I had this big silky blonde bush, and then I shaved it all off. When I looked at one of Matt's "Playboy" magazines, all the models had bare pussies. I figured, if that's what guys like, I'd do mine that way. I put the hair in an envelope and saved it.

I smiled at him, then walked up and patted his arm before turning to go back in my room. Hoping he was still watching, I twitched my hips provocatively.

The next morning we walked over to the community college. I had finished my freshman year there, and Matt wanted to go to college on the GI Bill. We took Maggie on her leash, and she pranced happily along beside us. On the way back, we held hands, our fingers interlocked with each other.

That night, when I had massaged my way down to his lower back, I made no pretense about tugging his shorts down just a little lower; I pulled them all the way off and went to work on his great buns. Judging from the pleasure sounds he was making, I was doing a pretty good job. I worked my way up is legs, and when I got to the top, I could see the underside of his ball sac and the outline of the two globes that it held.

"Okay, now, roll over on your back." I held my breath when he did.

"Is everything all right?" he asked, reacting to the expression on my face.

"Yeah," I gulped, "it's just that I've never seen a penis before." It lay between his legs, resting on his balls, surrounded by a mass of curly black hair.

I rubbed the oil over his shoulders, down his chest and his belly, carefully avoiding his pubic area. When I finished with his legs, there was nothing left to do, but to get to the heart of the matter.

Squirting some oil on his cock, I took it in my hand, and watched in fascination as it grew longer and got harder and harder. To this day, I don't think there's anything more exciting than watching a man's penis become erect.

I held it, and examined it from all angles, from the top, the bottom, and the side view. It was so much better looking and more well defined than the vibrator I had. The head was darker than the rest, and when I squeezed the bottom of his shaft, it swelled even more.

I started to stroke it, watching the skin move under my hand. Slippery with oil, I fisted my hand and worked his crown, watching as it slid up through my hand. Cupping his balls with one hand, I started pumping, all the way from the top of his head to the root.

"Oh, God, Meagan, that feels so good," he moaned. "Don't stop, don't stop."

I felt his balls get tight in my hand, and his cock jerked and spasmed as he came, covering his belly with his semen. He let go another spurt that just ran out of the little hole on top, and covered my hand. Watching a man come is another huge turn-on for me. Still holding his now limp cock in my hand, I bent down and kissed him. This time I put my tongue in his mouth.

When it was my turn for a massage, I just stripped naked, pulling my boxers off along with my tee shirt. I lay face down on the floor, and when he straddled me, I could feel his soft cock dangle between my butt cheeks.

He worked his way down my back. As usual his strong hands felt wonderful on my body. Then his hands were on my ass! I had no idea that was an erogenous zone, but it certainly turned me on. He kneaded and stroked, and I was rocking from side to side in pure pleasure. That crease between my cheeks, and legs rang all my bells.

Starting at my ankles, he worked his way up my legs. When he got to my thighs, his fingers brushed against my outer lips, which were swollen with my rising heat. My pussy was soaked with my juice, and I'm sure he could smell the musk.

I rolled over on my back, and his eyes took in my whole body. His cock started to swell to about half-mast, and I'm sure my body was glowing with the pure heat that I felt.

He now knew how to fondle my breasts, and he made me come again. His hands worked their way across my tummy, and followed the curves of my hips. Skirting around my pubis, like I had done with him, he started massaging my legs.

When he got to my thighs, I spread my legs a bit to give him better access. He couldn't take his eyes off my pussy, as my engorged clit peeked out from between my lips.

Finally, his hands found my mound. He cupped my center, and gently slipped the tip of his finger into my vagina.

"Put it all the way in, as deep as you can. Use two fingers."

"But you're a virgin, won't I hurt your, uh..."

"My cherry? Don't worry about that; I broke it myself last year with a vibrator."

He looked relieved, then put two fingers inside me and moved them in and out. It felt wonderful.

"Rub my clit," I gasped.

"I know women have one, but I don't know where it is. Can you show me? Show me how you like to be touched."

I drew up my knees and spread my lips apart.

"I've never seen a woman's, um..."


"I've never seen a woman's pussy before."

"I know you've had sex."

I've only been laid once, and it was in the dark." Somehow, I thought he'd been more experienced than he was. That would just make it all the more exciting for both of us.

"Wow, Megan, that's really beautiful," he said, carefully examining all my lips and folds.

"This is my clitoris, right at the top of my vagina. Watch this," I said, and slid the hood back so the glans stood out.

As I had with my nipples, I took my fingers and showed him how I liked to be touched. He gently stroked my labia, then moved on to my clit. He rubbed across the hood, then gently started tracing circles around the head.

"Put your fingers back inside me while you do that."

The combination of being finger-fucked, while my clit was being stroked, brought me over the edge, and the orgasm thundered through my whole body. He kept on going and I came again; milky white fluid seeped out of my cunt and ran through the cheeks of my ass.

When I could breathe again, I pulled his face down to mine, and kissed him tenderly.

"I love you, Matt." There, I said it out loud. To him. I didn't know how he would react.

"I love you too, Meagan."

"I mean I'm IN love with you."

"I know. Me too."

I lay awake, in my bed, for the longest time that night. What ever were we going to do?

At our next nightly "session," we just stripped naked before we started. When I straddled Matt, my pussy was right over his great buns. I made no pretense about it, I pressed my crotch tight against his ass, and started grinding against him. My heat was rising, straining for release.

When I finished with his backside and he flipped over, his penis, in anticipation, was hard as a rock. When I knelt over him, I pressed my swollen labia against it.

I didn't use any oil on the front side of him, nor did I knead any of his muscles. I stroked him with my hands, then gently raked my nails across his chest, down his belly, and through his curly black pubic hair.

"God, I love to look at your tits like that." I was leaning forward and they hung down provocatively. He filled his hands with them, and my nipples were already swollen and sticking out.

I kept my hands moving, teasing, all around his cock, but not touching it. It was throbbing, and a drop of clear liquid emerged from the tip.

Leaning down, I took it in my hand and ran my tongue from the base to the tip. When I got to the head, I sucked it into my mouth and worked it up and down with my lips.

"Tell me what feels good; I've never done this before." Karen Wenner, the high school blowjob queen, had told me what to do, but this was my first time.

"Everything you're doing feels good. Nobody's ever done this to me before." Another first experience to share.

Gently rolling his balls in one hand, I licked, and sucked, and bobbed up and down on his cock. He started moaning and moving his hips up and down. I put my hand around his shaft and started stroking it in time with my mouth.

"Oh, God, Meagan...I'm going to cooome...AHH..."

He tried to pull my head away, but I kept it there and sucked even harder as his thick cream filled my mouth. That was my first taste of cum, and I discovered that I really liked it. I swallowed it all.

Matt drew my face up to his, and kissed me deeply. I wasn't sure he wanted to kiss me when I still had his spunk in my mouth, but he put his tongue in deep, and I'm sure he could taste himself.

When it was my turn, I didn't even bother lying on my stomach. I was too turned-on to wait that long; I wanted his mouth on my tits and in my pussy. I wanted more than that, but we were building this up, one step at a time.

He used his hands like I did, to stroke and tease with feather-soft touches--over my breasts, down my tummy, over my flaring hips, and all around my nether regions. I was purring like a kitten.

His deep brown eyes radiated both lust and love. His lips replaced his hands, as he started kissing my boobs; the undersides, the subtle curve on the tops, and the valley in between.

His mouth was tormenting me, as he went all around my nipples. Finally, when I could hardly stand it anymore, he zeroed in on my aching peaks. He sucked a nipple deep into his mouth, suckling and tonguing at the same time.

An electric jolt ran straight from my tit to my clit, and when he slipped a finger into my wet cunt, I exploded. He switched from one nipple to the other, while moving his finger in and out of me, and I came even harder.

While I was gasping for breath, his mouth moved lower and lower toward my mound. I drew up my knees and spread my legs wide apart. He continued the teasing, kissing my thigh, across my mound, and down the other side.

Finally, he got to my center. His lips nipped and nibbled my swollen outer lips. When his tongue ran up and down my slit, I was going crazy. I took my fingers and spread my lips apart, giving him access to my most tender parts. This was the first pussy he had ever gone down on, but he needed no coaching. He licked my engorged minora around both sides, then gently sucked them into his mouth. He plunged his tongue into my tunnel of love and swirled it around and around.

My clit had worked its way out of the little burrow where it usually lived, and stuck out proudly, red, ripe, and throbbing. Matt's tongue found its way under the head, and he flicked it unmercifully, before sucking the whole thing into his mouth.

I shook, I shuddered, I fisted my hands in his hair and pulled his head even tighter against me.

"Oh, God, Matt, oh God, OOOOOH!" I filled his mouth with my musky ambrosia, as I had the biggest orgasm of my life. When I finally subsided, he kissed me deeply, and it was my turn to taste myself in his mouth.

For the next several days, we abandoned our nightly massage ritual. We went to the movies, took Maggie for long walks in the park, and went driving in the country.

We both knew where this was headed.

I wanted him desperately, but I was afraid of forcing myself on him. He told me later that he felt that, because he was my older b*****r, he didn't want to take advantage of me.

We spent a lot of time talking, reminiscing about our c***dhood, and our future educational goals. Matt wanted to be a computer programmer, and I wanted to be a nurse. We spent a lot of time talking all around what was really on our minds, and in our hearts.

Then, tired of waiting, I decided to take the bull by the horns. I put on my sheer white babydolls over a lacy thong, and walked into his room. He looked up from the book he was reading and his eyes got big. Although he had seen my body naked, there is something about the mystique of seeing through filmy gauze that is incredibly sexy.

I put my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.

"Make love with me, Matt, I want you so badly."

"I want you too, Megan..." and his voice trailed off.

"I hear a 'but' in there."

"But, I'm your older b*****r, and I should..."

I interrupted him before he could finish.

"Do you love me, Matt?"

"With all my heart."

"And I love you. We're both adults; we love each other. Are we hurting anyone?"


"Are we doing anything that will hurt each other?"


"Will you make love with me?"

"Oh, God, yes." He swept me into his arms, and there were tears in both our eyes.

We kissed for the longest time. Funny, we had gone down on each other, but we had never really made out. We made up for that in short order.



"I never did tell you how much I like that lingerie you're wearing."

"Then you're really going to like getting me out of it."

His mouth moved from mine, down my neck, across my shoulder, slipping one strap on my babydolls off. He kissed me across my chest, and down to the one breast that was exposed. When his mouth found my nipple, I pulled the other strap over my shoulder, and let slip to the floor.

I unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, and we stood together, chest to chest. His hands found both cheeks of my ass, and he kneaded and massaged them. His hard cock pressed against my stomach. I pulled his shorts down and took his erection in my hand.

My bl**d was boiling, my bones turning to jelly. Unable to stand any longer, I pulled him down on the bed, and he hovered over me. I quivered all over as his hungry mouth devoured me. I had the first of what would be many orgasms, when he sucked my nipples.

His mouth moved down across my tummy, pausing to tongue my navel, before skimming across the top of my panties. They were soaking wet, and the tiny triangle of lace was pulled up between my lips.

I slid the thong slowly down my hips, and his lips followed the slow descent. When I kicked them off, I drew up my knees and spread my pussy open to him.

He kissed, licked, and sucked every part of my hot, wet center. When his tongue found my swollen clit, I exploded, and flooded his face with my milky white juice. He gave me a moment to recover, and brought me over the peak again.

"Now, Matt, come inside me now. I want to feel your cock in me."

When he rose over me, I took his cock in my hand and directed it to my opening. Slowly, he slid the head between my lips, and my cunt started to widen to take him in. He pushed on, slowly, gently, until his whole length was inside me.

I had waited so long for this, for him. It's hard to describe all the sensations I felt the first time I had a real cock inside me. I was so hot, so silky slippery, so tight. My vagina pulsed as the muscles spasmed around him, holding him even tighter.

He plunged in and out of me, setting up a rhythm that I matched with my hips. "Ahhh," I cried, as I had a deep vaginal orgasm, squeezing his cock with a velvet vice-like grip.

"Oh, God, Matt, fuck me Matt, fuck me hard...faster...harder."

His back suddenly arched, and his eyes rolled back in his head, and he shouted my name, as he exploded, sending wave after wave of his hot cum into the deepest part of my cunt, setting me off once again.

Spent, exhausted, we lay side by side, cuddling and stroking each other's body.

"I love you, Matt."

"I love you too, Beanie."

I punched his arm. Really hard. And we both laughed until the tears ran down our cheeks.


That was ten years ago. We graduated from college and moved to another town where nobody knew our history. Maggie is twelve, and her muzzle is turning white. Every day our love grows stronger.
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Me, Matt and Mr. Spencer

Matt stopped at the store, he got a few bottles of wine and a surprise he says to me. I took the bag from him and looked inside. What did I see? Ha ha, there were a few packages of condoms... a French tickler, thick ribs and 2 glow in the dark. Then at the bottom of the bag was a long narrow box, white with big red letters: ANAL LUBE for the tightest asses.

“How did you know I like to get it up my ass?” I questioned. Matt was surprised with my question. “I wasn’t sure, but we also have a huge surprise for you later.” He said as we pulled into a driveway. Matt looked at me, kissed me and caressed my breast with one hand and gripped the back of my head. “Let’s go inside, I don’t know how much more I can wait” Matt said.

“About fucking time, the two of you shown up, I was beginning to think you stopped to fuck again,” Mr. Spencer yelled. I walked over to him and whispered in his ear, “I’m too freaking horny not to start again without you. I want to see what my boss has to offer me. I want you to see that I can handle a tough situation, having both of you.” I said, as I rubbed my eager hands over his shoulders, down his pecks and onto his throbbing bulge in the front of his pants.

Matt stood watching me seduce his friend. He set the bag in a chair and walked over behind me and held my shoulders. He whispered in my ear that he can’t wait to share me. “Mm me too, I so want to taste both of you.” I moaned.

“Lori, we are going to show you a great time, that you may never want anything to do with us again.” Mr. Spencer said with an evil grin. I finally was able to get his pants open and drop them to his ankles. His dick was thick, long and curved upwards. I groped his cock before placing my tongue at his base on up to the tip. The man shivered as I took him down deep into my throat and back out again.

Matt took his clothes off, then stood next to Mr. Spencer and held his dick wanting me to suck him too. I took turns sucking both their dicks, until I couldn’t feel my knees anymore. Matt picked me up in his arms and sat me on the dining room table. Mr. Spencer poured us each a glass of wine, while Matt undressed me.

I shivered when I saw my boss with no clothes. His arms covered in thick black tattoos, muscular arms, chest and legs. The man was a dream come true for me. I knew he worked out, but I had no idea that he looked this yummy. Matt’s body was close to being the same, but not as many tattoos. I love a man with muscular arms, a major turn on for me.

“Thank you Mr. Spencer,” I said as he handed me my glass. “You can call me, Mike, but when we are in the office or with other clients, its Mr. Spencer.” “Mm, Mike and Matt, the mm’s fucking me, I am happier now.” Then I took another sip of wine. Matt and Mike both leaned over to kiss me, when Mike spilled his wine on my chest.

“Let me clean that up for you, I’m so sorry,” Mike said as he leaned over to lick up his mess. I leaned back on the table for the ease of his tongue. Matt was watching Mike lick my nipple that he joined in with licking and sucking my other nipple. All I could think of, was how exciting this is. To have two men sucking on me and what else there is to come.

Matt’s right hand moved to my pussy, his fingers working their way into my slit and spreading my lips apart. I shifted my legs apart for more ease. Matt shifted to kiss his way down to my moist hot opening. He flicked his tongue at the tip of my hood and just traced my hot opening. Then working his flickering tongue over all of my hotness. He blew cool air over my hardened clit and flicked his tongue again. I shuttered as I began to have an orgasm. Mike lifted to watch Matt eat my pussy, then took his semi hard cock into his hand and began to stroke himself.

“I can suck that for you, sir” I said as I looked at him with hunger. Mike moved his dick to my opened mouth. I sucked him until his pre cum drizzled down my throat. “Aw your mouth is awesome, Lori, suck me harder. I want to fill you with my cum.” He said. I shifted myself to my side, lifting my right leg high for Matt’s convienice. Matt fingered my pussy as I came, then worked some of my cum to my ass.

He slid his pinky in first. He felt me welcome him, and slipped in another finger. As I sucked on Mike and with him moaning with building his orgasm, Matt sucked my pussy harder and fingered my ass with three thick fingers. I moaned with delight as Mike filled my mouth and throat with his cum. Matt moaned as I filled his mouth with my cum. The three of us were filled with excitement.
Mike pulled his cock from me and said we need to sit and get to know each other more. We walked to his f****y room area. He had a big screen television, couches and chairs with oversized pillows and cushions. A lot of pillows sat everywhere. On one wall was bookshelves filled with movies and books. I walked over to his video collection. He had them sorted by venue: drama, comedy, action and porn.

“Mm can we watch this movie? Missy’s missing action in her… I can’t read what’s she’s missing.” I said with a questioning smile. Mike put it in the player and sat next to me. We chatted about our likes and adventures in sex. The guys liked how I had been involved in a few gangbangs, in my teenage years. I told them that I’ve been daddy’s slut. That got Mike’s attention.

“Daddy’s little slut?” he said. “Yes, he caught me fucking my holes, then we fucked as a f****y a few times. Then when he and my mom got divorced we became a couple.” I explained how our sex life became more and how I fucked so many guys. “I fucked a whore once,” Matt said. “I picked her up, right off a street corner, when I was in college.” “I’m not a whore, Matt.” I said as I glared at him.

“I’m not saying you’re a whore, I’m saying I picked up a whore once. She had on a slutty school girl outfit and said she’d give me a blow job for $25” I opened the door for her and she got in. We drove to a dark alley and she sucked my cock til I blew my seed. She didn’t swallow, so I shot my wad in her face and all over her hair. I laughed as she looked a mess.” Matt said with laughter.

“Have you ever picked up a whore, Mike?” I said. “No, I’ve had plenty of sluts who like to fuck. I like young girls and older women. They are always impressed with my cock.” Mike said with a smile. “They aren’t the only one happy with your cock,” Matt groaned as he fumbled with his cock.

The movie started with Missy being fondled by a few guys, then her switching to suck on each of their cocks. After a few minutes, Missy was on all fours and one of the guys began to fuck her ass. She continued sucking dicks as one after the other, the men fucked her ass, then at one point, she was getting dp’d. “That looks like fun,” I said with an eager voice.

I asked Mike where the bathroom was. When I came back after cleaning myself up some, I seen Mike and Matt kissing. I watched from a distance before walking closer to see them stroking each other’s cocks. The two men were enjoying their actions. I quietly walked over and sat on a chair across from them. Their eyes were shut, I could see them French kissing and really getting into their sex.

I was getting turned on from watching them and hearing Missy get her ass pounded. I rubbed my stiff nipples, then began to rub over my swollen clit. When I began to moan, Matt and Mike stopped to see me and asked if I was enjoying myself. I explained that I was enjoying them play with each other. Then I explained how I used to watch daddy and my step b*****r fuck. I always enjoyed being with the two of them. I then told them how I used to watch the gay men at the sex shop.

“Gay and bi porn are some of my favorite to watch,” I told the men as they watched my finger my clit. “Well, let me find a different movie that we will enjoy much more,” Mike said. “We don’t really need any porn, Mike. We can do our own and give the girl some fun, right here in person.” Matt said as Mike began to walk towards the movies.

I got up from the chair and walked over to Mike and caressed his dick. Matt came up behind me and stroked my tits. Mike kissed me passionately and then reached behind me and stroked Matt’s shoulders. Matt looked up to Mike and began to kiss him. I’m squished between the men as they caressed me and each other.

I felt Matt’s cock get harder and was poking in between the crack of my ass. “Mm, your cock feels good, but would feel better buried in my tight ass,” I moaned. Matt pulled away from me, then pulled me towards the oversized couch. Mike stood to watch Matt suck my ass and pussy. I was laying on my back with my legs spread wide and high. I was holding my legs and begging for some fingers or some cock to fill me.

Mike walked closer and massaged my tits, then fed me his hard cock again. Matt, spread my pussy lips and sucked on my pussy hole as he rubbed my clit hard. As I gasped for air, I screamed that I was cumming. Mike pushed his way in for some of my cum. Matt moved over so he could have some of me. I moaned as Mike licked up my cum and fingered my ass with two fingers. Here again, I moaned with great delight. His fingers were thick and long.

Matt found the lube and squeezed some in my ass, as Mike slid in another finger to stretch me out. Within a few more strokes, Mike was filling my ass with his 9 inch cock. “Oh YES!!!” You feels so nice and tight, baby.” Mike let out. Matt sat behind me and rubbed my tits and kissed my neck. I was being seduced by one man and getting an ass fucking at the same time. What a feeling.
Mike fucked me into another cumming, then pulled from me. I got up to get onto my knees. Mike stood behind me and slid his dick in again. He alternated in my ass, then in my pussy. Matt let me suck his dick for a short time, then he moved to be behind Mike. He licked Mike’s ass, then slid his dick in his ass. Mike let out a loud moan, then rammed his dick harder into me.

Only a few minutes of this position and the three of us moved to the floor. Mike and Matt put down a quilt and gathered the pillows for more comfort. I sat on a pillow and watched the men make out. Deep kisses and holding each other’s cock. I played with my pussy, as they jerked each other. Matt had Mike get on his knees for some more ass action.

Matt spread his lovers cheeks apart, licked and sucked his ass before sliding his dick in for more fucking. I moved over to be under Mike. I stroked his dick, while he licked my pussy. It didn’t take Mike much time, before he was cumming. I had his cum on my face and across my chest. I rubbed the cum into my skin as he dined on my pussy.

Matt pulled from Mike’s ass, then said he wanted to be in mine, again. Another condom was put on and in he went. Matt put the French tickler on. I could feel the hard nubs rubbing my insides. Mike had me get just on my knees for him to stroke and play with my clit. I’ve had threesomes, but this one was different. At one time when I was into my ass fucking, I didn’t feel Mike playing. I heard Matt let out a loud grunt.

When I opened my eyes, I seen Mike straining to hold onto Matt’s balls, from between my legs. Mike’s face was priceless, eyes open wide and the “O” face of excitement. Matt pumped my ass harder and faster as he was having an orgasm and filled his condom. When he pulled from my ass, he jerked off the condom and Mike went in quickly to suck the remains of his cum from his cock.
The two men then kissed again, then kissed me. I asked Mike if he was ready to fuck my ass. He said he wants to fuck Matt’s sweet ass. Matt kissed me then excused himself for a short moment.

He disappeared down the hall. Mike and I chatted about our sex lives. He told me, he prefers men but he always loves to lick pussy. I giggled and said, “So, I’m guessing if I seduce you at the office, you will lick my pussy?” “Not only will I lick your pussy, but I will have no problem on fucking your tight ass,” he smirked.

“That sounds like fun. I like fucking on the boss’s desk. So erotic and fun.” I said with a smile. “Taking the chance of getting caught is so much fun.” Mike replied with, “Yes it is. How many of your bosses have you fucked in their office?” I told him about the time when I fucked the big boss during an interview. We both were laughing when Matt came in and asked what was so funny. Mike told him as he walked over to me to suck his dick.

“Mm give me that bad boy, I’ll make you nice and hard.” I whispered as I took him into my hands. I stroked his cock with one hand, taking a quick lick on his head, and working his balls with the other. Matt watched me enjoy sucking him that he groaned and said he wants to lick something. I felt his hands spread my legs apart, then nuzzled his head between my knees.

Matt pulled my hips down so I was sitting on his face. His licking and sucking my clit had me cumming again. I lifted a bit off his face so he could catch a breath and I was back down again. Mike was enjoying how I took all of him in my throat. “Not all women can swallow a huge cock,” Mike said. I pulled off of him and said, “No, no not all. Only the ones who enjoy sucking cock and can be relaxed at the same time.”

Matt moved me to lift up and laughed, then he slid himself more between my legs and his cock was rock hard against my thigh. I didn’t care if he wore a condom or not, I just slid my wet pussy onto his cock head and slid down. My pussy clenched around him and I was cumming quickly. I stooped over and began to suck Mike’s cock again. The faster I sucked, the faster Matt was pushing his cock into me. I came again and again, until Mike said he was ready to cum.

“Wait, I’m almost there,” Matt panted. The men wanted to cum together, how exciting. I’ve never had two men in two different holes get off at the same time. I held on to Mike’s thigh and stroked my erect nipple. As I heard Matt scream with ecstasy, Mike followed. Mike’s cum filled my mouth so much, that some of it was dripping down my chin. I quickly licked my lips and opened my mouth for mike’s approval.

When Mike pulled away, Matt pulled me down to kiss me. He then held me in his arms and asked if I was enjoying myself. I kissed him again and said yes, as I lay my head on his sweaty chest.

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Matt and His Teacher enjoying a naughty detention

Jenny Murray was 24 years old. She had 34D breasts, not huge, but she didn’t want to seem to appealing to students, so she just wore a plain white bra, a loose white shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a knee-length skirt with a small slit down the side, and her hair tied up in a loose bun, with a couple of stray locks, and she was proud of her physique and she knew that several of the later year boys found her attractive from the occasional glances and peeks when she bent down. Fresh out of finishing training to become a Biology Teacher, still on various courses on school holidays. She began her first year at the secondary school, teaching 11 year olds to 16 year olds GCSE Biology. She always had a rough time with the final years, they didn’t care much about learning seeing as they only had a few weeks left until their final tests and leaving, not to mention they were all trying to get in each other’s pants. The lads were worse than the girls though, they were a mere 8 years younger than her, and she was pretty lax with them in the last couple of weeks before the final test, instead of knuckling down like the other teachers she dropped study books all together, letting them do group activities and revise instead of other stuff. But there was one student who just kept taking the piss. Matt Jones was pretty much a man. He had stubble, broad shoulders, the slightest traces of acne he had earlier on, and played rugby for the school team, but in biology he was permanently mucking around, throwing paper balls, paper aeroplanes, splashing water from the taps, talking loudly and taking it too far.
Jenny was already having a bad day, her car had broken down on the way to work, and she walked home and found her boyfriend screwing her best friend. She was feeling depressed and suicidal, but she absolutely couldn’t take any liberties this early on at her work at the school, and if she messed up no other school would take her. Matt was having a ‘eraser war’ with the lad on the table next to him, throwing the little rubber cubes at each other. Matt meant to throw it at the lad, as hard as he could, but another girl in the class knocked past him, so it sailed through the air into Jenny’s coffee, spilling it all over her shirt and the paper she was reading. The room suddenly went deathly silent, a slow “Oh shit. . .” rang out from Matt’s mouth. The silence was deafening. Jenny looked up, seething with rage, something no-one in the school had seen before. “DETENTION!” She screamed, mopping up the quickly spreading stain from the table and her shirt, which was white and quickly growing translucent, and she didn’t want a load of pubescent teens seeing her breasts.
“Mrs Murray, I didn’t mean to!” uttered Matt.”
“I don’t care if you did or didn’t mean to, just get out of this classroom and wait for me by the teacher’s office!” snapped Jenny.
Matt picked up his bag and books, and walked slowly down the stairs, dejectedly, praying that none of the even harsher teachers asked him why he was there, knowing that if they did he would get another screaming at. Jenny finished mopping up as best she could, already starting to cool down, she felt sorry for the boy, she knew from other teacher’s that he’d had a tough time with mild dyslexia and a tough time at home, but that was no excuse for being so obnoxious. She knew she had over-reacted and was taking it out on the boy, but she wasn’t in the mood for pissing around. She told the class, “Stay here, get out your book’s and revise, I’ll send up one of the other teacher’s while I deal with Matt, if I hear that you’re not as good as gold then for every lesson until your final tests you’ll be sitting separated with only your notes and a revision guide.”
She picked up her bag and walked quickly, to catch up with Matt on his way down, so she could lecture him without the other teacher’s over-hearing, because the gossip would spread like wildfire. She saw him walking down the padded hallway, cursing her heels for being so damn awkward, she walked faster to catch up with him.
“What is up with your attitude Matt? You’re a good boy, you seem so nice without those other k**s around, and you can’t let them influence you. You need to grow a thick skin for college and university; you’ve had a hard enough time without getting into situations like this. You’ll be a man soon, you’re nearly there already and you can’t let this happen again.” She said to him as she drew level. Matt blushed at this, and looked down, catching a quick glance at Jenny’s breasts through the wet patch on the jumper.
“I’m sorry miss, sometimes I just can’t focus on the lesson, especially when we have so much fun with you as our teacher, and you’re really young and pretty so that doesn’t help at all.” He replied, praying she didn’t take any offence, but now it was Jenny’s turn to look flustered. “I, I . . . I’m flattered Matthew, but that’s no excuse for the way you were behaving, so let’s just go to the detention room, get this over and done with, you learn your lesson and hopefully it won’t happen again?” She replied, hoping she didn’t sound flirtatious.
“Umm, Ok.” he replied, his pubescent mind already thinking out erotic fantasies about screwing the school’s hottest young teacher.
Jenny made a fast pace towards the detention centre, her perky butt swaying as she walked, hypnotising Matt who walked a couple of metres behind.
As they arrived at the room, it quiet as a church yard. It was only used after school mostly, and it was completely soundproof, could be locked from the inside, the glass on the door was one way only; there was no windows only overhead lights. There was a small desk for the teacher on duty, three tables spaced a few metres apart, and a cupboard at the back filled with cushions and other soft materials for students with anger management issues.
“Sit over there.” Jenny said, pointing at the table closest to the desk. The table was almost brand new; there was no graffiti or gum under the table. Jenny observed Matt as he walked over, she could make out a large erect penis through his school trouser leg, which surprisingly slightly turned her on, seeing such a huge organ on a schoolboy. She sat down at the teacher’s desk, which had a cover on the front so only the lower half of her legs could be seen. As she sat down, she slowly pulled up her skirt, finding herself slightly moist from seeing the boy’s penis pressed up against his trouser leg. Jenny slightly began touching herself, extremely aware of the boy looking at, guessing if she was doing what he thought she was doing. She winked at him, and said “Sit in silence, raise your hand if you want to speak or go to the toilet.” Jenny enjoyed being the dominant f***e over a younger man, she was a very sexual woman, and would often masturbate in the school toilets towards the end of lunch period. She began to rub her vagina more vigorously, feeling her nipples begin to tighten as she reached her peak, playing with her clitoris. She was sure that Matt knew what she was doing, but that he was too afraid to ask. She smiled and winked again, and noticed that Matt had begun to rub the penis that she saw earlier, and this drove her over the edge. She pulled her skirt back to normal, stood up, and walked over to Matt. She told him to be quiet and not say a word, and sit back from the table. Matt couldn’t believe what was happening.
Praying that this wasn’t a mean trick, he pulled his chair outwards and turned slightly, so that he was eye level with Miss Murray’s belly button. She saw the erect penis straining against it’s cloth, desperate to be free. She put her finger on Matt’s lips, and gently undid his zipper. The mighty penis flung free of the trousers, breaking a button on his boxer shorts. It was a 7 inch uncircumcised perfect woman pleaser, it had a bright pink bell end and seemed to been have used little more than by Matt’s own hand. While keeping one hand over Matt’s mouth, she gripped the shaft, gently pulling it up and down, and spat onto her hand, lubricating her grip. Matt couldn’t believe his luck, getting jerked off by the hottest teacher in school, but he knew no-one would believe him. What happened next surprised him to no end. She spat once more into her hand, taking the other hand off his lips, and began to rub herself through her panties and skirt, with a brisk movement, she pulled down his trousers and boxer shorts, and threw them into a corner. She quickly moved over to the door, and locked it, and pulled the blind over the window, she was taking no chances of this satisfying of her needs and revenge on her boyfriend. She walked back over to Matt, unbuttoning her shirt as she went, to reveal the plain bra she used for school.
“Do you like what you see Matt? I hope you do, I doubt many 16 year olds get to see a 24 year old ex-model in lingerie in the flesh, and not on the internet”
Matt was too stunned to speak, his penis still proud in the air, he said “Wow, just wow. Those tits are amazing, and your body! Miss Murray, you are beautiful!”
“For today, you can call me Jenny, but only in this room, youmention this to no-one, you understand? I shall deny everything if you bring this up, and I shall come down on you like a ton of bricks! Understand?”
Nodding feverishly, Matt’s dick was starting to ache he was so hard. Jenny did a little strip tease for Matt, stepping out of her high heels, and slowly pulling down her stockings to reveal shapely legs, beautiful tits and an ass to die for. She turned away from him, and showed him her ass as she slid down her panties, which were black and lacy. She threw them at him, and turned slowly, revealing a small clitoris piercing and a shapely landing strip bush. She saw that Matt had removed his top, revealing a spattering of chest hair, and a small snails trail up from his pubic region. She kissed him, vigorously stroking his dick, thrusting her tongue inside his mouth, and took her tongue out, sliding and licking her way down, past his slightly stubbly jaw, sucking gently on his nipple before licking past belly button onto his engorged shaft. She began to take the tip of his penis in his mouth, up and down the shaft, slurping the pre-cum and sliding her tongue all along his shaft. He was groaning all the time she gave him head.
“Oh god, that’s awesome, that’s the best blowjob ever Jenny, keep going, please , please don’t stop!”
She salty jizz hit the back of her mouth as he came, spurt after spurt, but she kept swallowing the liquid, until eventually he ran dry and went soft inside her mouth, but she didn’t look up at all. Examining the dick, she said
“Wow, there was so much, I didn’t think boys could jizz so much. Do you think you’ll be ready to go again soon?”
As if to answer this, Matt’s penis started to swell again, but this time Jenny wasn’t going to let him do it in her mouth.
Jenny quickly said,
“Matt, get onto that desk, and take off those shoes and socks, sit on the desk.”
Obliging, Matt threw the rest of his clothes into a corner, and got onto the desk, his penis now fully hard again. Jenny shortly followed, all the time still fingering her cunt, but a finger was no match for a rock solid cock inside her, but now she was fully self-lubricated. Jenny climbed onto Matt, letting the penis slide inside her tight cunt.
“Holy shit Jenny, you’re really fucking tight!” Matt’s penis was all the way inside her, hitting her cervix, filling her up all the way. Jenny put her arms around his back, her back curving, and her legs hugging his waist, and then she began to grind against him, pushing them back and forth. She began to already feel herself warm up, her juices thoroughly flowing, and then she began to feel herself peak.
And with that, she squirted, and Matt wasn’t far behind.
“Oh jeeezus shit shit Christ!” Matt cried, cumming inside his biology teacher.
Their juices mixed together as they dribbled out of Jenny’s tight pussy, and they both groaned and sighed as she climbed off, smiling and satisfied.
“For a 16 year old, you’re a really good fucker. If you don’t mind, I wander if you wouldn’t doing this again sometime? Bet you’d like to do it in a bed or somewhere wouldn’t you?”
Matt was grinning from ear to ear when he heard this
“Are you seriously in doubt that I wouldn’t jump at another chance to fuck you raw?
Jenny also grinned at this, as she pulled on her panties and stockings, she said
“You’d better get dressed, the other’s will be wondering where we were. I’ll make sure to put you in another ‘detention’, sometime soon”. Winking as she said this, she walked out, brushing her hair, feeling the juices drying on her panties, she knew that she nor Matt would forget the best detention of their lives.

If the feedback from this story is positive, I wouldn’t mind writing another story for the good xhamster viewers, hopefully with less backstory and more fucking in the next story :D
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Missy My Babysitter is A Horny Little Slut

I couldnt believe I was staring at a picture on my computer of my 18 year old babysitter's naked pussy.

Leaning back behind my desk in my home office, maximized on my monitor, was a picture of Missy lying on her back nude with her legs spread, and a perfectly shaved, glistening pink pussy pointed at the camera. Wow. I mean -- wow.

It was the second of the fifteen pictures that I'd opened. The first pic, ME, had a nice smiling photo of her sitting on the bed wearing a bra and panties. And, of course, not just any bed -- MY BED. Well, my wife's and mine. Stunned at discovering fifteen .JPGs in a folder marked "PICTURES," which of course I hadn't put there myself, I raced to open the picture named PUSSY.JPG. And there was that teenager's cunt.

I closed the photo and hit "OPEN," and looked at the other names of the pics in the folder. TITS. TITS2. FINGERSINSIDE. PUSSYCLOSEUP. ASS1. ASS2. TOPLESS. Holy shit it was a smorgasbord of porn, and our two-door-down neighbor's daughter was the chef.

Clearly, she'd taken the photos in my -- our -- bedroom sometime when the k**s were asl**p. I couldn't wait to see the rest. There were a particularly enticing couple of them that I opened first -- DILDO1.JPG. And if this miracle wasn't enough, there was a photo of Missy spread on MY bed stuffing her cunt with MY WIFE'S dildo. I mean are you serious? OK, technically, Tammy hadn't used her dildo (as far as I knew) for a few years. Honestly, the only action I know it's seen has been the couple of times I brought it to rendezvous with chicks I'd first met on the Internet. But it did my heart proud to see Missy putting it to good, deep, wet use.

Ok, it's not just that I found on my computer Missy's nude pics of her fucking herself on my bed. You have to know Missy (and, right now, I'm sure you're wishing you did). She's, well, a prude. She always wears loose, baggy sweatshirts or blouses, nothing form-fitting ever, she has thick-rimmed glasses, keeps her hair pulled back behind her head. I swear, until I saw that first nude photo of her, I had no idea she had such above-average proportions -- looks like 34b or 36c chest over maybe a 26 or 28 inch waist and 36 or 38 inch hips.

(When I pulled up ASS2.JPG, I got to tell yes indeed, it was a nice round butt.)

But her, um, prudishness is perfect. My wife first used her about five years ago, and in the last year since Tammy has been saying late at the office for presentations and doing overnight trips to Corporate headquarters, I've had to fend for the k**s myself most of the time. Working out of the house helps, but Missy has been making good money playing pseudo-mom for an hour or two each day, or for a few hours when I have to go out too. (Ok, "have to go out" means, have somewhere else to be, you know, get it?)

So, it being late and the k**s were asl**p, and wife was on her way home, I raced to pull out my cock and I stroked off to a powerful orgasm staring at Missy's body. I put everything else out of mind and just stared at that young pussy taking a thick dildo and her fingers.

After the climax subsided, came the questions. WHY are these pictures here? Clearly she used my computer to process a digital camera's pictures, after she took the pictures in my room. So my guess was, she forgot the files were here. Or, maybe she wanted me to have them, right? Humm. But she's never once hit on me; never wore anything tight; this is kinda a big step, going from baggy sweats to nudity.

Once a year I have a brilliant insight, and this was that time. I opened my web browser and looked at the History list -- all the sites visited recently. And there it was; a bunch of pages on some chatroom site. I went to the log-in page, my heart stopping, hoping she'd put her password down as a default (you know, hoping she'd checked "remember my password"). Yup, the little vixen did. I hit "enter" and... I was in.

She had emails. Whoa baby. I pulled up Missy's secret stash of emails from her onlnie lovers, and there were about 15 messages. All were from males, and about 10 of them had guys sending their pics. Mostly cock picks (how boring -- but, by comparison, nice to know that my cock was definitely bigger than all the rest). The guys were all older, in their 20s at least, some as old as me in their 40s. Good to know the girl liked seasoned experienced men.

The last email really got my attention. THANK YOU THANK YOU was the subject-line; the author was "Jim Dandy" (oh very clever, huh). It looked innocuous until I actually read it:


Well... that speaks volumes, doesn't it? And, of course, I was instantly jealous of Jimmy. Totally insanely jealous. Just for kicks, I opened a previous email of his, and it had his cock pic. He looks late-30's, decent looking guy, about 6 or 6.5 inch cock. Not bad, but ... not me.

And, yes, right there on the spot, I wanted to fuck Missy myself.

I mean, I haev a right, don't I? I know her well; she didn't just meet me on the 'net. I have a bigger cock than this jerk, and she clearly does married men.

So now I needed a plan.

Tammy was pulling up to the house. Throughout our late dinner and as we lay in bed (of course NOT having sex), my mind was racing. How to fuck Missy? How?

The plan was pretty simple, actually. I created my own account on the website (it's free, thank god) -- "1HungGuy" -- ok not the world's most creative, but what's in a name. Then I put Missy's account on the site's equivalent of a Buddy list -- her name was "FlowerSweet" -- isn't that nice? And, I babysat that site.

I mean, I was on it all afternoon and late nights, every spare moment I could. Unfortunately, I realized, she'd probably be on it alot when she was babysitting -- meaning, when I wasn't home. But I also guessed she'd be there after school or late at night, so for about four days I was on it nonstop. Only, she was never there.

In the meantime, I'd seen her two, maybe three times. Still the prude. She hadn't said a word, nor made any indication that she needed to use the computer. (Months ago I'd given her unfettered access to it -- probably, in hindsight, a FUCKING BRILLIANT thing to do.) Just carried on, taking care of my 7 year old boy and 4 year old girl.

My visitations to the website slowed appreciably, more from disgust than anything else. I went on it in spurts, just time to time. Almost two weeks passed, and still nothing. My plan sucked, didn't it?

But you know how they say, you always find what you're looking for in the last place you look? (DUH -- think about it.) It was a Thursday night, about 8:30 pm, k**s asl**p upstairs and wifey out of town (again). Things were boring, I was actually in another brower window surfing a sports page when -- boing -- an alarm sounded and the software said "FlowerSweet Has Logged On." My heart was going thump-thump-thump. Wow.

I somewhat trailed her. She was in a general lounge room, not saying anything in the general chat. I let 10 minutes go buy, and started to think about what I should say. I didn't want to pounce right away. Her profile was thin -- just said she was in the categories of "female," 18-25 years old, single, and "adventurous." It was hard thinking of an opening line that didn't give away I knew stuff about her, but I had a very good idea of what I wanted to do.

Then, kind of at the last moment, she changed rooms. I tracked her down in, would you believe it, "Younger Gals 4 Older Men." Perfect. I logged into the room -- it was crowded -- and, in about sixty seconds, sent her the equivalent of an IM or PM or "whisper" or whatever other sites call it. I said:


and I attached to it a link to my personal pictures on my Yahoo! photo album -- four dick pictures.

Then I held my breath.

It sure seemed like an hour, but probably was only about two minutes. My mind was racing -- how long would it take for the pics to lead? Would she respond? What should I say as a follow-up if she doesn't? But my perseverance was rewarded with the beginning of a dialogue.


[Nice lie huh? I actually didn't lie in response.]


And I about had a heart attack. She attached to her message one photo of herself wearing just a thong, leaning back on a hotel bed. I instantly thought about "Jim" and the "motel" and thought ... damn I wonder if...


And BAM! there was a photo the guy took looking down at her ass and back, as she kneeled in front of him, taking his PENIS into her CUNT (or ass, hard to tell) from the rear. Damn. This girl was hotter than stolen diamonds.


Indeed she sent me another ... her face smiling up at the camera covered in jism. I mean, seeing your prudish babysitter's face


That too was an intersting revelation. So she'd done at least two guys from online; "Jim Dandy" and the guy in the picture. It was a whole new world with this different Missy. I was kind of getting tired of the head game, however, and with my cock absolulely throbbing in my pants, I went for it.


And blow me over, she didn't lie. She named our suburb exactly right.


Her answer came so quickly.


This was almost too easy, but after two weeks of waiting for this moment, and dreaming about it, it didn't seem easy whatsoever.


And I gave her another link to a page with a picture of me... naked... huge hardon... but... a full body shot, from head to knees. She'd see my face, alright, she'd have no doubt whatsoever who was sending her the pictures.

Now came the longest moment of my life. I didn't know if she'd log off freaking, or hide under her desk, or quit working for me, or what. This could have been unbelievable risky too, if I'd just stopped to think about it (with the OTHER head, which is SUPPOSED to be the boss), I mean just think of the personal damage that would come out if anyone knew about this . . . .

My hands and armpits were sweating profusely. The next exchange literally revised my whole outlook on life.


And now I gulped.


And if that wasn't great enough...


This was the hottest girl in my whole life, a fantasy coming true. My response was to suggest she call me right away; and I barely had time to even LOOK at the phone before it rang. I snatched it up, and she was giggling softly. I told her right out that this was weird for me, but I was so hard for her, and the Mrs. was out of town so yes I wanted to do her badly. Tonight.

Missy said she had some homework left, but would come over right away. We agreed the lie she'd tell her mom was I was going to help her with her math homework. (Wouldn't have been a first.) Now, I was concerned that my k**s -- who sometimes get up randomly in the evening -- might come down and interrupt or, worse, catch us. I suggested she wear something she can push out of the way but put on quickly, like her everpresent sweatshirt with no bra, and sweatpants with no panties.

She agreed, said "see you soon," and hung up.

Ever had one of those hard-ons (ok... I'm only talking to the guys here) that you can't wait to get off, but you don't dare touch? The worst thing in the world. I mean, I wanted to beat off so badly. Instead, I made myself busy. I checked on the k**s, they were sound out. I stripped nude and put on my own sweatshirt and loose jogging shorts. Finally I went back down and cleaned up my home office and desk.

Then I sat and watched the clock. It was 9:30 already. Then 9:40. 9:50. 10. 10:15. Fuck, I'd spent 45 minutes bolted to the soft sofa and my ass was aching.

The doorbell rang.

I tried to remain calm, but little peckerhead wanted to move at lightspeed. I strolled -- more like "sauntered" -- to the door, and let in the f****y babysitter. Only, she was no young girl tonight. She didn't have any makeup, had her hair pulled behind her head as usual, had her thick glasses on, and had on the boring sweats. But I knew she was all hot pussy inside and I just couldn't wait to jump her bones.

I led her by the hand (and what a soft delicate hand she had) to my office, where -- something I never ever did before when I was alone in the house with the k**s -- I closed and locked the door. I led Missy over to the leather loveseat and I plopped on my ass on one side, while she sat gingerly next to me.

Our eyes caught each other's, with her hand still in mine. I silently reached out and took her eyeglasses off of her face, placing them on a table behind the sofa. As I figured she'd do, she too reached out and removed my glasses. Another silent moment followed. I took a breath to say something profound, but fortunately, she opened her mouth first.

"So are you going to show me that big cock?"

I grinned. Man this was going to be fun. "Sure, if . . . you let me see those pretty tits first."

The dirty-blonde 18 year old smiled, almost grinning really, and reached to her belly. She grabbed fistfuls of her sweater and pulled it up to her armpits -- leaving it in place for quick retreat if one of my c***dren scared us. All I saw, though, were those two lovely teenage breasts. Hard knobby nipples, dark brown circles around them, firm well-shaped, pale-white boobs. Fleshy, round, pointy.

I grinned back and she let me reach a hand out, so my thumb could test the hardness of her nipple and my fingers feel the softness of her orb. Her back arched, inviting me, and as I lowered my face her hand cupped the back of my head. "Ohhh," she softly moaned when my tongue hit her nipple and circled around it with a wet lick. My lips quickly swallowed that tit and sucked it greedily into my mouth, lathering it with my saliva.

Fuck her big breast tasted glorious. I hadn't sucked an 18 year old tit since I was 20. It was perfect and smooth and tasty, and this dirty old man lapped at it in broad hungry circles.

After a few seconds of licking her breast, we kind of mutually sat up right at the same time, and her hand shot to the waistband of my shorts. "Let me see it know," she purred, crawling onto the floor. I laid back, stretching my legs together, and we both eyed up the massive bulge in my lap. Missy unpeeled my shorts as I lifted my ass, and she exposed my rockhard erection. I watched her face, her eyes, for her reaction, and frankly she didn't take her eyes off of my cock. I saw her light up and her tongue licked her lips, and I knew she wanted my 8 thick inches of manhood.

I have a huge cockhead -- like a mushroom, really, fucking bulbous. My shaft at the base has lots of veins and is so thick my wife could never get her small hand around it. So I knew, as a fact of life, that Missy was going to like my dick, even more than just by looking at pictures of it.

I was throbbing hard, the head was smeared with precum already. I leaned back now and spread my legs, giving the teenager room to crawl forward. Her own small hand wrapped around my cock, tightly gripping me at the base, holding it up right. I was so horny I started to undulate my ass up and down, pumping her hand a little, even as her mouth moved down. She now looked in my eyes smiling broadly, her mouth opened, and her tongue stuck out.

And the neighbor's daughter began to lick my cock.

Man it was sensuous. The chick knew how to do a man right. She licked gingerly from the tip, around the head, down the soft part of the shaft, around my balls, even to the tuff nut at base of my scrotum. Then she licked back to the top and swallowed the head. I was fucking ready to pump her mouth by now. I put my hands on my sides on the sofa, relaxing back, and tried to keep myself from moving too rapidly while the teenager started to give me great head. Missy's young mouth sucked my fat prickhead into her lips where her spit and tongue coated it all over, then she began sliding more of it into her mouth.

"Fuck baby yeah," I groaned instinctively watching my cock disappear into her mouth. Her jaw really had to open wide; she moaned, more from the surprise of knowing a cock could be this thick. Missy slurped on my penis, making loud suckling noises, her head and pulled-back hair bobbing up and down on my in slow, intense rhythms. I rotated my ass slowly meeting her pace, and as a few minutes passed, she had virtually all of my cock deep in her mouth and even penetrating her throat briefly each time her head bounced down. Her eyes were almost closed, more like she was wincing, and she seemed determined to get all of my penis into her mouth eventually. She had only one finger almost (not quite) meeting her thumb around the very base of the cock, right above my balls, while her lips stretched around the shaft worked their way lower, lower, lower, closer to her finger and thumb each time.

"Do it baby!" encouraged this horny old perv.

Suddenly we both heard a thump in the living room. Outside the study's door. Missy immediately pulled her shirt over her tits while I jumped up and pulled my pants back on. They stretched, but at least I was covered. "Wait," I yelled to whichever k** was outside, running for the door.

It was my 4 year old daughter. She looked so innocent in her jammies, rubbing her eyes with her hand. "Daddy I need water," she said, oblivious to our visitor sitting behind me on the sofa.

"Ok honey, then go to bed," I said hurriedly, looking back at Missy. Now our babysitter knew my k**s as well as I did, so she just sat relaxed on the sofa. I mean, it was very sweet -- Missy smiled at my daughter, then at me, giving me the warmth of knowing she was going to wait.

I got a drink for my daughter then led her by her hand back to her room. She asked, in the voice that always gets what it wants, for me to lie next to her while she falls asl**p. This was very bad timing; any other night, perhaps. Tried to talk her out of it I did. And failed. She started to raise her voice like she was going to scream, and I didn't want her waking her older b*****r -- he might be too confused by Missy's presence in the house. And tattle.

"Daddy stay!" came the insistent demand of the four year old. She was pulling me by my hand.

What could I do? I wanted to go downstairs more than anything in my life; my cock was still raging in my shorts. But fatherness overcame horniness. I laid down next to her, put an arm around her, and made DAMN sure my pelvis was a good distance from any part of her body.

I probably didn't breath. I know it seemed like time crept by so slowly. My daughter squirmed and wiggled, and the one time I tried to get up, she moaned in disapproval. Fuck. I was stuck there until finally, eventually, incredibly, she stopped squirming, breathed deeply, and was sound asl**p.

God that took forever. I jumped out of her bed (probably almost waking her) and literally touched only about two of the steps on the staircase as I bolted for the office. I glanced at a clock on the way; it was 10:50, I mean, I was probably in there at least 20 minutes.

I half expected Missy to be gone, or asl**p or something. But, instead, I was just blown away.

I opened the door to the study and saw Missy with her sweatshirt up under her armpits again, lying on her back on the loveseat, her sweatpants stripped off so that she was nude from tits down. She had one leg on the back of the sofa and one foot on the floor, and between her spread-eagle legs she was stuffing her vagina with two fingers. Deeply, I might add. Her cuntlips drooled juices and her fingers were stiff as concrete as the teenager pumped them into her pussyhole.

Her eyes locked onto mine, watching me watch her masteurbate. I immediately shut and locked the door (without looking at it). I took two feeble steps toward her, d**gged by the sight of her self-fucking. It became clear to me we weren't going to resume the blowjob, which was fine by me.

Missy's voice was both strong and weak at the same time. "FUUUCK MEEE!"

I stripped off my own shorts, my suddenly-empowered cock sticking straight out, and I jumped on top of her on the sofa. She removed her fingers and reached both hands back behind her head, making her back arch and her tits stick up. Missy pulled her knees back and split her wet pussy open for me to fill. Her eyes were on my cock, getting near her hole. I crawled over her more and put my hands straight in front of me, her body passing between them, one of my feet on the floor and my other knee on the sofa. I wanted her so unbelievably much.

The head of my prick touched her wet vaginal lips and we both shuddered. It didn't take a moment to find the entrance to her hole, that magical spot, and the magical moment when you know your cock is home. I immediately rammed it forward, and now I was fucking the girl.


The slut's hands reached down for my body, grabbing me by the hips. Her long luxurious legs lifted and hooked around the small of my back; she was sucking me in with her cunt and holding me there with her limbs. My arms were stiff, propping my torso up, and my legs strained to hold my ass in position to screw her tight young pussy.

I looked down and saw her half-closed eyes drinking in the yummy fucking. Those two big large pale tits, with their big tight nipples, jiggled on her chest as we began fucking. Down farther her smooth, flat abdomen contracted and warped as her young body began to take a beating from mine.

I was d***k on lust. My pelvis viciously slammed into her butt and the back of her thighs hard, making distinct skin-on-skin slapping noise. I knew she wasn't no virgin so I didn't think for a second about going slow. Having had to stew in my little daughter's room for 20 minutes made me an a****l, I was drooling at being able to fuck the 18 year old babysitter. God I wanted to give her the hardest, longest fucking of her relatively short life.

My eyes glanced at the clock on the wall. I projected forward and gave myself the goal of boning her pussy for at least 30 nonstop minutes -- decently reachable, based on my past experiences but factoring in that it was late at night and I didn't have the energy I would have had a few hours earlier in the day.

Missy's supple body bounced up and down with each f***eful thrust of my prick into her gripping pussy. The leathery, soft cushions of my sofa absorbed a lot of the fucking -- she was kinda like a moving target. Each time I pumped my cock into her vagina, burying it as far inside as it could stretch, the sofa cushions squished together under her and she sunk away from me. Then as I pulled back to ram her again, she bounced up at me. It was maddening, like a Sisiphean task; the more I tried to fuck her deep, the harder it got to fuck her deep.

But I was so fucking horny that I didn't stop or even try to shift positions. My erection was absolutely throbbing inside her young hot cunt. I felt my balls aching as they bounced around under me, even bouncing against her clammy skin. The head of my prick swelled ten times its size while the silky hot wet walls of her vaginal tube squeezed it deep in her body. I fucked her harder and harder, causing her pussy to squeeze and grip my cock like a fist.

Both of us were panting, staring at each other, gasping for air. Her face suddenly didn't look so young to me; she was a grizzled cockfucker.

I was in lust with her. "God you're beautiful," came my mutterings between short shallow breaths, "you're so hot ... Missy you're a great fuck."

"Fuck me!" she said, her voice throaty and full of lust too. "Fuck me with that big cock! I love your cock!" We didn't talk much other than that.

Missy reached to her sweatshirt, still balled up under her armpits, and pulled it off her body. God knows where she threw it. The bitch was totally nude now, like me, both of us getting off just fucking each other.

I hooked my elbows under her knees, prying her legs up and apart, allowing me to penetrate her deeper and forcing my weight on top of her. That pressed her more into the sofa, so she didn't move around as much. Missy squeeled when the head of my penis began bouncing off of her cervix, deep in the back of her cunt, applying pressure there and letting us both know that I was 100 percent filling her pussy.

I think I was even drooling, my spit kinda falling out of my mouth onto her body. Didn't really matter. She was squirming her young butt under me, her thin body thrashing in waves, rhythmically pumping against my oncoming penis. Her breaths were uneven, broken by short bursts of high-energy wails or sometimes low grunts and groans that extended over several fucks from my cock.

Missy reached back with both hands, above her head, making her back arch a little and her tits bounce more. She puckered her lips, looked naughtily in my eyes, and let out a long, sexy "Ooooooh!" I snickered and pumped her harder, faster. I could see her tits bounce with each thrust so I measure my fucking by how much I made those breasts move. Bang bang bang bang . . . god those teenage mounds shook for me.

With arms above her head, back arches, Missy put one foot flat on the floor, and the other foot flat on the sofa's seat at my side. Knees bent over, she had leverage now to pump too. Her ass came off the sofa entirely, her body was straight from hips to shoulders -- plowing her shoulders and head into the sofa's armrest. She ground her clit hard against my pelvis, smearing her juices on my skin, and rapidly pumped her butt around and back and forth and around again, drawing my adult erection totally deep into her vagina.

And that did it. I couldn't believe it, it happened so quickly, but she was so fucking hot. I felt my balls suddenly quiver, like an earthquake beginning to rumble. Holy fuck I was gonna cum.

I didn't think. All I knew was, it was way too fast. But she was so fucking hot. That first huge glob of cum was already about to shoot up my shaft. I didn't have time. I just pulled out of her pussy, grabbed my throbbing wet dick, and leaned up over her.

I saw Missy look down and moan, maybe she said something I have no idea, but it came. Oh fuck it came out of my cock. I pumped my penis, squeezing the juice out. My balls were screaming for relief, and my peckerhead was aching to spew. The first splotch of hot gooey semen jetted out and splattered on Missy's tummy. Before the second glob, I crawled up quickly, nearing her tits, and unloaded my jism onto a tit.

"Fuck!" cried the girl, lifting her head, watching my cock spurt glob after glob of sperm onto her pale white skin.

I too watched, seeing how much cum my balls produced, happily unloading my cum even though it was, by my standards, way premature. My hand was getting covered in both pussyjuice and my creamy seed as I jerked my shaft back and forth and drew out every last drop of cum.

Oh baby, I muttered under my breath to myself. As my orgasm ended, I stared down at the mess I made. The girl had ample amounts of my sperm all over her body, from neck to tummy. It was a fucking beautiful sight.

But I was kicking myself for cumming so fast. I wanted her to have more cum and cock than she'd ever fucked. My premature ejaculation was way below standard, and I needed to get her fucked some more. There was no question that I had to go eat her pussy right now, right away.

I crawled down her body and my gaze fell on her teenage cuntlips. It, and her creamy soft skin on her abdomen and thighs and butt, was all smeared in her pussyjuice. A heavy musty odor of girl sex intoxicated me. My mouth watered looking at that perfectly hairless, soft pink vagina. I'm tellin' ya, I fucked a few women recently, but I've never seen somethong so delicious and invigorating as my babysitter's twat.

Crawling onto the floor right in front of the sofa so I could put my mouth down to her pussy, I slipped my hands onto the velvety contour of her calves. Shit she had smooth, athletic legs. Very recently shaven, too. She pulled her knees back for me as my face neared her crotch, and her ass was still undulating in little circles. My hands slid farther up her legs to her knees, pushing her legs open more, making her mound stand out on her pelvis.

I put my mouth down, flicked out my tongue, and began to lap at the juices splotched on the soft skin of her inner thigh. Cleaning her off. Missy moaned and felt me lap happily at the top of one inner thigh, then the other, then even the folds of her butt below her cunt. That pussy was so juicy and smelly though, so my licking her skin was just an appetizer. Then I licked northward, up above her clit, nearing her treasures. The pace of her undulations grew faster, more intense. Her breathing grew louder. I glanced up and saw her firm, heavy tits heaving on her chest, those fabulous big fat brown nipples pointing at the ceiling.

Lightly, gently, the very tippy-tip of my tongue touched her clit. Tip to tip. Her body bucked for me, then she pressed her pelvis forward, wanting more. I didn't give in, instead flicking her clit side to side ever so carefully with my tongue stuck straight out. I made moaning sounds, feeling her body writhe in excrutiating anticipation. Missy lifted her head to look at me -- her eyes lustily begged for more. I continued to push her clit around with my tongue, rolling the tip of my tongue around the firm little fleshy knob, just gliding on its sensitive sides, around and around.

She reached down to my head, letting out a little yelp, wanting this cunnilingus very badly. I pushed more of my tongue against her clit, the tip of my tongue sliding into the crevaces of wet silky flesh around her clit, licking licking side to side. My wife's cunt wasn't even one percent this sexy or delicious. With more zest I plowed my tongue harder against her clit, almost rubbing it into her body, and in reaction Missy began to pump her ass into my face. She was trying to rub her clit against my tongue, almost masteurbating herself that way. Dutifully I ground my tongue hard against the clit, plowing into it to satisfy her urgent desires.

With her ass wiggling faster, I had to put both of my hands under her butt to keep my face planted on her pussy. Alright, I'll admit I wanted to fondle this great 18 year old ass -- round, smooth, soft. The last chick I'd slept with -- a 27 year old black DVA employee -- also had a round soft butt, and groping Missy's derrier momentarily made me remember a sweaty day in a hotel room with that African-American sextoy. But, mmm, this was a teenager's rump. Felt fucking great in my hands.

Sending waves of joy into her clit with my tongue, my lips moved down. I completely surrounded her puckered clit and sucked it into my mouth hard, where my tongue continued to wash over it coarsely. Missy moaned something gutteral, and she arched her back making her tits jiggle a little. Her pelvis was now rapidly jerking back and forth, and her motions became more feverish the harder I sucked her clit. I was really tugging on it just from the suction created by my lips, pulling at it hard, making it ooze juices into my mouth.

"Ohgodyes, Ohgodyes," the tramp began moaning. I felt both of her hands now grab my head, clamping on my short buzz cut. She was pulling my mouth into her clit -- or pushing her clit against my mouth, didn't matter. I could tell from her motions and moans that her orgasm was approaching. I suckled her clit faster. Wrapping my lips around my teeth, I pulled hard at her clit, squeezing it gently, then harshly licking it with a frenetic tongue. She was almost hurting my head from grabbing me so tightly, but all I focused on was her orgasm. I wanted her to have a huge explosive one. Harder and harder I sucked on her clit, touching it all around with my lips and tongue, until --

"OHGODYESSSSS!" Her young body exploded on me. I reacted as quick as I could. Right when her orgasm hit, I stuck my tongue deep into her pussyhole. I was greeted with a flood of her juices, instantly filling my mouth. I swallowed it as fast as I could -- I had too -- because another mouthfull raced right behind it. Then a third. Then a fourth. Man this chick cummed in buckets.

The stuff was all over my chin and lips and nose too, and as I stretched my tongue into her twat, my upper lip ground into her clitoris. Missy had her knees almost up to her tits now, both of her feet on the leathery sofa for stability, and she pumped her cunt hard against my face. Her orgasm subsided but her state of arousal increased as my tongue dug deeper into her wet silky box. I flicked my tongue around side to side, almost twisting it, making its presence felt. Her tight pussylips separated for my tongue to fuck her as hard as it could.

I began jamming my tongue into her, holding it out from my mouth, and bobbing my head so I tonguefucked her. She squeeled a little, but reached down again to pull my tongue back into her. She was aching to be filled.

Surprising her, I lifted my body a little, sliding my tongue back up to her clit, turning my face. Exposing the entrance to her cunt, I immediately jammed two stiff parallel fingers into her twat. Missy shrieked "YESSSSS!" and bucked her pelvis against my fingers. Her vagina was so wet and soft, my fingers easily sunk knuckle-deep. My other fingers pressed into her asscheek while my tongue revisited her clitoris, pushing it around.

I bent my two fingers upwards, jamming them against her G-spot. I found it cuz the moment I hit it, her legs shot outright -- almost kicking me -- she screamed loud enough to wake my k**s. Her vocalization wasn't a word, just a noise. Knowing I had her dead to rights, I pumped my two fingers as hard and f***efully as I could against her G spot, pressing up into it inside her vagaina, lapping equally f***efully on her clit with my tongue.

Candace screamed to a second orgasm. "OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD," she mumbled maybe a dozen times, somehow turning the phrase into a one-syllable word. "OMGD," maybe is how I should spell it, cuz that's how it sounded.

Her pussy gushed again, this time around my hand. I felt her cumsauce flood out and cover my fingers and palm, providing lubrication for me to fingerfuck her cunt a little harder. My arm and hand were sore even from fingerfucking her for two minutes, because I was all tensed up and really pumping them into her as hard as I could. As soon as I withdrew them I lowered my mouth back to her cunthole and shoved my tongue inside.

Missy's legs were hovering in mid-air, she was so sex-crazed she wasn't thinking to put them down. I put both hands on her knees and pushed her legs back again, spreading her pussy open to me as much as it could. That's when my nose got scent of her butthole, just a couple inches below.

With a naughty mind, I slid my tongue out of her pussy and licked down to her butt. Missy absolutely freaked (in a good way), reaching for my head and at the same time bellowing an expletive they don't allow on TV. My tongue found her young anus, all pink and tight, and with my mouth covered in her slimy vagina juice it was easy to slip my tongue into her ass.

Delicious disgusting teenage butthole. Tight, so fucking tight. My tongue barely got in there for a couple of seconds, it gave me a sharp piercing pain as I tried to buttfuck her. But her ass loosened after a couple moments and I began to slide my tongue into her ass more. My nose was pressed against the outer lips of her pussy; if I had a bigger shnoz I'd have been nosefucking her. As it was I just smelled her fucking and tasted her ass.

Her ass now well-lubricated and my tongue a little sore from plugging these holes nonstop, I pulled my tongue out and leaned up, looking down at her spread-eagle young body. Those two orgasms had left her entire body sweaty and messy, her long hair splayed randomly around her head and the sofa. Her big soft eyes looked up at me appearing both completely satisfied and desperately hungry for more.

With her legs still spread open, her twin cunt-and-ass orifices glowed ruby red. My one hand remained covered in her lubrication from her orgasm, so I stuck out one of those fingers and touched her butthole. Her eyelids half-closed, her body shivered, and she let out a soft girly "oooh!" She bit her lip and looked at me with a huge playful sneer, knowing what was next. Yup. I slipped that finger into her tight asshole and, man, her ass just sucked it in.

I leaned forward, putting an elbow on her tummy, bending my other hand back to her pussy. I stuck out my thumb and began softly rubbing her clit and the petals around it, while slowly digging my finger into her anus. Missy squirmed, purring for me, even grinning, feeling me filling her butt. Her clit must have been aching because she pushed it up into my thumb, trying to grind on it. I was licking her cum on my lips while I watched my thumb masteurbate her. As I twirled my thumb faster around her clit, rubbing harder, she closed her eyes and started moving her hips more and more rapidly in circles. Her breaths again got shorter, she was exhaling audibly with "uhh -- uhh -- uhh" noises. I could tell another orgasm approached.

Burying one finger deep in her ass -- not really pumping it, just leaving it in there -- I bent my face down again. Using thumb and finger, I spread open the lips around her clit to expose the little girlie-cock. I put the side of my tongue on it and went at it, furiously licking and pushing her clit in its place. "Yes! yes!" she screamed for me, and I saw her clutch the side of the sofa with narled fingers. Her body tensed up. Lick lick lick I went . . . and it happened. Her pussy leaked and soiled with another trickle of juices, she was having yet another orgasm for me. I continued licking her clit until I was sure she was done, then I pulled my finger out of her ass and leaned up on my knees in front of her.

I kept licking her sweet juices from my lips while I rose up off the floor. The horny young bitch was reaching down for my body, trying to pull me closer. I felt her grinding her obviously-throbbing clit against empty air, so as I rose up I leaned forward and pressed the hairy skin of my chest against her cunt. She purred like a kitten and her fingers clutched my torso under my armpits, and she began to hump my chestplate with her wet vagina. Down farther below I could sense my prick was fully erect again and wanting to fuck this eighteen year old slut. And Missy's eyes were begging for it.

Now on my feet towering over her quivering body, I leaned over her like I was gonna fuck her cunt again. But the sofa was so soft that I hardly seemed to get any leverage on her -- that's why I never like fucking girls on it. So instead of shoving my aching penis back into her vagina right away, I moved back from the sofa and grabbed her ankles. Missy grinned naughtily as she felt me pulling her body off of the couch. "On your knees baby," I mumbled just loud enough to give her direction.

I watched her slip off the sofa and twist her body so that her knees touched the floor at the same moment, right in front of me, at one end of the sofa near the end table. Jesus fucking Christ look at that teenage butt! So fucking smooth and pale white. Both buttcheeks were round, protruding slightly at me, around shapely not narrow hips. The moment she parted her thighs her glistening shaved cuntlips smiled vertically at me, beeds of cum and sweat saturating their exterior. And her puckered tight asshole was bright red from my brief intrusions a few moments ago.

Descending to my knees right behind her ass, I put both of my hands on her fine young hips and held her body steady while my peckerhead aimed for her pussy. Missy had her arms under her chest, her face and hair falling down into the sofa's cushion while she waited for me to take my position. Briefly she looked at me over her shoulder with the sexiest cum-fuck-me look in a girl's eyes.

Holding her firmly with a strong grip of her pelvis, my swollen head found the entrance to her twat and we both moaned at the feeling. Then without a fucking drop of effort I moved my ass forward and my penis started to slip again inside her cunt. She was so loose and wet, it was like being home again. And I was instantly ramming her HARD. Just like earlier, no little slow set-up. As soon as my cock was in there, I just shoved it forward as far as the slut could take it, until I felt my balls bounce off of her clit. Missy squirmed and squeeled a little, half from feeling my penis in her vagina and half, I bet, from my hands grabbing her ass and hips so tightly.

I think I muttered something meaningless as I started to pound her ass and thighs, making loud thumping noises with each thrust. I stared down at her round buttcheeks rippling as they took the beating from my f***eful thrusts. My penis was glowing red, swollen and angry, disappearing under her ass into her sweet cuntlips. Because she was bent over the sofa, her body couldn't move forward much at all, she was sandwiched between it and me, so she took directly the full f***e of my furious fucking. "Oh yeah! oh yeah!" I began to proudly exclaim when I got a good fucking rhythm going, driving the full length of my erection into her teenage pussy.

The smell of her ass filled my noise. Placing my palms firmly on her round 18 year old buttocks, I pried open her ass tightly, which made the ripples of my oncoming thrusts seem less effective. But the pressure on her ass from my hands and pelvis caused Missy to squirm even more, and I could hear her breaths shortening. "Uh huh uh huh uh huh," the teenager moaned under her breath each time I pounded my erection into her vagina.

What a lovely fuck. I let go of her ass and put one hand on my own hips, arm akimbo, and reached my other hand to her long flowing hair. My fingers wrapped through her hair at the base of her skull, and i tugged. Not hard, but enough. Her head popped upright, her back arched into the sofa, and her ass seemed to rise up to me. She screamed in delight "Fuck me yeah!" at the move, and I felt her ass push backwards to meet my oncoming thrusts.

Her cuntjuices were all over my balls and thighs, and her cunt was so squishy wet and lubed up that I could feel droplets of her juice splattering as I fucked her hard. My penis penetrating her drenched slit was making squishy noises, on top of the slap-slap-slap beat of my pelvis crashing into her butt and thighs.

Suddenly the phone rang. Fuck it! I ignored it, but hated the phone ringing with my daughter only recently asl**p upstairs. Missy was definitely ignoring it. I leaned over, still trying to fuck my babysitter was hard as I could, to see the caller ID. Holy shit, I said aloud, it's your mom Missy!

Four, now five rings. Missy looked back at me with puzzled eyes, although she kept pushing her ass at the thick cock fucking her cunt. I figured we didn't want her mom wandering over cuz we weren't answering the phone, so barely slowing down my fucking, I reached over to the end table and grabbed the receiver.

Trying to sound as composed as possible I nestled the phone between my ear and shoulder, putting both hands again on Missy's hips. I pushed her body forward hard against the sofa, so she could barely move at all, and CRAMMED my dick as hard into her cunt as I could. She let out a yelp. Keeing my cock buried deep in her vagina, I started to grind my pelvis against her ass, and she ground against me. Silent fucking.

"Hello?" I breathlessly spat into the phone, trying to sound composed. Her mom, however, was a little emotional. "IS Missy THERE?" It wasn't really a question, more like a direction to hand the phone over.

Trying to protect my evening fucktoy, I told her mom that she's right here doing her homework with me. Her mom almost cut me off. "PUT MY DAUGHTER ON."

Imagine the irony. I handed the phone over to the 18 year old, so she could talk to her mother, while I had my throbbing penis buried deep in the young girl's squishy cunt. It was almost sexier now with her mom on the phone while we fucked. Missy, also trying to compose herself, took the phone from me and lifted her torso off of the sofa. Her body rose, still bent over enough to take my cock in her cunt from behind, but high enough so that she had room to lean an elbow on the sofa to hold the phone to her ear.

"Hi mom," said the young vixen quietly. Not to cause her undue grief, I kept my throbbing, aching prick plowed into her vagina, but didn't move around too much.

I could tell the course of the conversation just from her half of it. "Yeah um he's teaching me ... things." (I didn't have to see her face to know she smiled at that.) "Um, just a little longer ... it's um hard stuff." At that one I had to supress a chuckle at my little comedienne.

With my cock in her pussy but her body bent up as it was, I wasn't getting in very deep and trying to remain noiseless was going to prove difficult. Missy sensed the predicament and solved it. She turned on her knees, taking me with her, and moved her arms and torso away from the sofa. Now parallel to the couch, she dropped down so she was on her fours on the floor -- knees and elbows. Dipping her shoudlers, she held the phone up against her ear in one hand, parted her legs, and had her ass way up high. I could start slipping willy in and out of her gushing slot with ease.

Slowly I started rocking her body, holding her hips again in my hands. She undulated with me. I moved forward and slipped my porksword as far into her muff as I could, her body leaning forward a bit as I did, then slowly I drew out of her and she rocked back with me. Forward... backward... nice slow fucking rhythm. Silent too.

"Um -- soon." She was breathless again, concentrating on the aching between her thighs. Whatever her mom was saying, Missy was trying to listen but just really didn't care. "Um -- yeah like -- five minutes ok? Soon mom." Another pause. "Yeah I promise I'm just ... getting stuff to come home now."

Damn if she couldn't hang up sooner. She reached back to hand me the phone, and I slammed it down on the base. As she pushed her ass up into the air I was swallownig a deep breath for more f***eful sex. "Cmon fuck me hard!" she panted needlessly. Her head was down facing the floor, she wasn't looking back or anything. All she could feel was my hands on her hips and my cock in her cunt.

My penis was enormously aroused, thick and pulsing and just filled with concrete. I was gonna fuck this young cunt until I fucking died of pleasure.

Instantly I shoved everythign forward that I had, slamming so hard into her body unexpectedly that she rocked forward and yelped. I loved it. I grabbed her with my fingers around her hips, pulling her backwards into me, and slammed hard again. "YES!" she screamed. God what a fuckslut. A third time I really concentrated and banged my pelvis into her recklessly, drawing another shriek of "YES!" along with a distinct slapping noise of my skin into hers.

"YES! YES! YES! YES" Her cries nearing the top of her lungs erupted every time I pounded my cock into her vagina.

I should have cared that Missy's screams were loud enough to wake my k**s, but when you have a naked eighteen year old on her knees bending over to take your cock in her pussy, you don't worry about details like that. I focused on the shape of her round buttocks now slightly glowing red from me slamming into her. I could feel her wet loose pussylips sucking my cock each time I thrust forward and pulled back. Holding her body and making her wince and scream with pleasure made me fuck her all the harder.

At some point she adjusted herself, spreading her legs a little farther apart, and moving her elbows apart too so that she was squarely resting on all fours. I thought about that stupid car commercial -- "wider is better" -- she now had a wider base and could better take my humping. Her ass moved down a bit from it, so I had to shift my legs wide apart too. But yeah, she now could push her ass back at me better, and I stuffed her cunt as deep as I could with each thrust forward.

Five minutes to get home, huh. We blew way past that. Missy ate her shrieks now and only muffled an incoherent stream of "uhh oooh uhhh ohhh oooh" moans from the nonstop pounding she was taking. What a trooper, too, having an adult male fuck her cunt from behind like this. I was going crazy with lust, trying to pound her into submission by screwing that tight teenage vagina until she begged me to stop. She never once looked back but just gripped the floor with her elbows and knees and left me total freedom to ram my rod into her body.

I seriously felt every pore in my body sweating. The perspiration was streaming down from my armpits, down my sides, and my abdomen and ass both prickled with wetness. My balls and abdomen and thighs, however, were equally drenched with a much sweeter ambrosia. The girl's cumjuices were all over me like a thick layer of lotion.

And I swear, she was so wet and fucked, it was like I could hardly feel her cunt any more. I fucked her faster and faster and deeper and harder, and it only seemed to make her wetter. "Rub your clit," I moaned at her, wondering if she was loosing sensation. I saw her shoulder dip and felt her reach under herself, and a fingertip touched my balls as I rammed forward into her. Missy squeeled loudly. "UH HUH!" came a shrill cry from deep in her lungs.

The girl had a huge orgasm around my penis. She'd hardly started touching her clit for more than two seconds before her entire body shook and shuddered and her cunt squeezed my cock even tighter. I intensified the cum by grabbing her hips and plowing deep into her pussy, leaving it in there, not humping just filling, so her pussy could erupt around my dick. It worked and she was so surprised that I left it in there, her orgasm was as vocal as it was physical. "Oooooohhh gawwwwwd!" came the single drawn-out shriek during the longest orgasm in recorded history. The youngster's pussy spasmed and quivered and gushed around my intruding pole for what seemed like 60 seconds, I have no idea.

As soon as I felt her sensations subdue, I began humping her again. Ramming her hard with the entire length of my shaft -- pulling out to the tip then thrusting back in balls-deep -- I screwed her cunt while Missy kept rubbing her clitty. She couldn't hold herself steady with only one elbow on the floor, but the feeling from her masteurbation plus my fucking was too good to stop. I now rocked her bent-forward body furiously with a****l thrusts, while her fingers rubbed circles around her clit. Missy had what I thought were a couple more orgasms -- tiny mini-cums, like tremblors after an earthquake, her cunt now so highly climaxed that her orgasms were blasting one after another.

I glanced at the clock. She was now about 10 minutes past her promised 5 minutes to get home. Shit, I'd been fucking her from behind about 20 minutes, or more.

Missy was crying, almost. Wailing softly with her cunt being savagely ripped apart by a thick adult erection. She stopped rubbing her clit and had all fours on the floor again; I could see both of her hands were spread open like crow's feet, giving her more traction to grip the rug and endure my fucking.

Then, I don't know what caused me to do it, I saw her tight little anus and immediately pulled out of her vagina. My throbbing cock was so wet in liquids that I didn't give it a second thought. I raised my pelvis, held her ass tight by spreading her asscheeks, and pushed the fat round mushroom of my cock to her butthole. Missy didn't hardly react before I started to poke her up the ass.

"OHHHHHH FUUUUUU...!" She shrieked so loudly and with such fervor that she didn't even finish the thought.

Big fucking mistake this was. That young ass was so tight and hot that the grip on my cock was death-like. From out of nowhere I felt my balls tighten and my muscles strain, and an orgasm was imminent.

I erupted with a scream of delight just as the first gush of cum shot through my tube. The head of my wet cock burrowing into her anus felt like it was being ripped open, and I sensed myself shooting the male goo hard into her butt. Instinctively I ground my thighs into her ass, going as deep as I could with hardly any fucking, and just flooded her butthole with cum.

My orgasm was almost painful. Her buttocks were so tight around me and my balls were so aroused. My prior orgasm on her stomach was nothing, absolutely nothing. This cum up her ass was just a gift from God. I was fucking blessed.

I pumped my seed meaninglessly in her pooper, wave after wave, holding her body steady while I cummed.

Then it was over. I was so drained I pulled out, my cock popping out of that ass, and I flopped backwards on the floor until my ass hit the carpet with a thud. I found myself staring at Missy's spread-open cunt and ass, her round soft buttcheeks now glowing red, her pussy drippign with juices, and her asshole a bright ruby red.

Both of us coughed at the same time, and both of us took a moment to gain our breaths. Missy fell over on her side on the floor, knees clamped together, her face looking at me emotionlessly. I leaned back and opened my thighs so my sweaty, smelly balls and ass could get some air. I was dripping from bellybutton to knees, with cumjuice and sweat smeared all over me. My cock glowed bright red too, glistening in the soft light of the lamps around the room. Missy's eyes were fixed on the cock that just fucked the stuffing out of her and loaded her butt with creamy cum.

"Oh baby," I finally groaned, "jesus--" I was going to complement what a great fuck she was, but stopped myself and reflected how my orgasm seemed to come too fast out of nowhere. Granted, it was after over 20 minutes of stuffing her from behind, but still, I had to act manly and macho. "Really sorry about that, hon," said this prevaricator with a frown, "I'm sorry I cummed so fast but your ass is so fuckin' hot."

Missy giggled at me like I was a clown. "Mr. M----- that was awesome," she purred to the delight of my ears. "Oh my god that SOOO great."

About the same moment in time I leaned forward to crawl towards her, and she rose up on her knees. Two seconds later our mouths met in midair, and our tongues slithered next to one another for a dirty sexual kiss. I felt her dainty hands wrap around my hips, and I took the opportunity to raise both hands up to her chest and cup her ample breasts. Missy moaned in my mouth; I sealed my lips on hers and pushed my tongue deep into her throat, licking every crevace of her mouth. She rose up on her knees to kneel in front of me, our bodies pressing together. Not having room to play with her titties I slid both my hands around to her sweaty back, then down to her equally messy ass. Fuck what a hot round ass. My fingers cupped the fleshy buttocks then groped at their ripe firmness. Meanwhile my still-throbbing cock pressed against her flat tummy.

Missy let my tongue ravage inside her mouth, then her lips puckered and she began sucking my tongue deep. I moaned in satisfaction, and she moaned back. Her hands grabbed my head and pulled me into her mouth, and she took her turn to shove her tongue into my throat. The teenager's long wet tongue poked around inside my mouth where my tongue chased it and licked it, sliding around it. Man, between groping her fine round ass and giving her a lusty French kiss, my cock was already burning heat.

Without breaking the kiss she laughed and said something like, "I really have to get home." We both giggled at her attempts to talk English with not one but two tongues in her mouth. Then I moaned, she moaned, and we kept driving our tongues into each other's mouths.

I slipped one stiff finger down her buttcrack -- it was one messy place to be -- and stretched it for her butt, wanting to rub some of the cum that might be there. But she squeeled and pushed her ass away from me, then a second later broke off the kiss. She was smiling at me with her eyes -- a deep, sexual stare mixing confidence with satisfaction. "God I'm really late," she groaned, clearly disappointed, "but I wish I could stay."

I nodded. "Definitely -- Missy, give me a few hours next time, you'll never be able to walk again." I hoped my assumption that there would be a "next time" wouldn't go over badly.

It didn't. Her smile turned to a grin as she stood up, buck naked, her body just as messy with liquids as was mine. "I can't wait, Mr. M-----," she cooed while reaching for her sweatpants.

As I watched her step into her pants -- hiding that divine teenage cunt and ass for the time being -- I giggled at her formality. "Now that we're fucking each other," I bemused, again inferring this would be an ongoing endeavor, "you can call me Jax, Missy."

The big-titted topless teen winked at me. "Ok Jax," she said with myrth, "and you can call me ... well ... you can just call me any time."

Both of us giggled, knowing that I would.

It was now already near midnight, her mom was going to be insanely mad. So what. After she dressed I led her to the front door of the house, where I scooped her in my arms again and planted another lusty perverted tongue-filled kiss on her young mouth. She kissed back not like a whore -- well, I guess they don't kiss do they -- but instead like an oversexed young woman who adores the men who fuck her.

Just before she slipped outside into the night, I put my head near her ear. "I'm really, really glad we did this," I told her with about a hunderd times more honesty than I ever give my wife, "you are incredibly sexy and beautiful and, baby, you are just about the hottest fuck I've had in a long time."

Missy wiggled her nose at me, in that school-girl sort of way. "Yeah," she said thoughtfully and softly, "you have a great cock, Jax, I'm gonna be thinking about it until next time."

Which would turn out to be a whole other story.

[P.S. If you are reading this, Tammy -- like you have a sexual thought anywhere in your scrawny body -- then all I have to say to you is, FUCK YOU.] ... Continue»
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The Babysitter: Chapter Two

Over the next few weeks, I could hardly think of anything but the idea of wearing girly clothes and how sexy it would feel. Every house I babysat at now, I would not just go through the underwear, I would dress up in it. I began to build up quite a collection of soiled panties stolen from the women of the neighbourhood. Some I would wash and return, others I kept as souvenirs.

It began to grow beyond just panties, babydolls, bras and basques. I began completely to dress in a feminine fashion with skirts and dresses and heels on my feet. I shaved, not just the beard that I had grown to try to look less weak and more manly, but also what there was on my legs and all my other body hair including all around my cock. My messy crop of sandy blond hair, I grew out until it was shoulder length.

Of course, these changes in my appearance were noticed by my parents and their friends who hired me to babysit at their houses, but nobody ever suspected the reason for my new clean-shaven face or hairstyle. I was confident that my growing secret kinkiness was completely safe from being discovered. I only ever engaged in my fantasies of becoming a cute girl when I was in a house totally alone except for fast asl**p c***dren. I had convinced myself that whatever I did then it was alright provided nobody ever found out about it. And maybe it would have been had I never been found out, but that state of affairs was not to last.

It was another Friday, which meant that Joe and Sara were off to a party, and once again I was around at their place to babysit the k**s, which, of course, really meant swanning around the house in a skirt and heels, imagining myself as the stereotypical cute teen girl babysitter.

My body was already soft and shaved from earlier on today. All I needed to do was cast aside my boring masculine clothes and slip into something altogether sexier. Fortunately, Sara had just the sort of thing I was looking for. I was pleased that she tended to dress younger than her age as I really wanted to go for a cute teen look. Rifling through her underwear drawer, I now knew exactly what I was looking for, having got to know it pretty well by now. A simple, virginal white lace thong and a matching bra were all I felt my pretty teenage persona needed. The thong felt amazing as it encased my already semi-tumescent cock and ran up my ass crack. I stuffed the bra with tissues to give me a little bit of a chest. Fortunately, I felt a slightly flat chested look made me look cute and younger than I actually was as a guy.

Next, I found a little grey pleated mini-skirt. Being slightly taller than Sara made the skirt even shorter on me, barely swaying at thigh level. I slipped the skirt on and gave a little twirl. I loved the feeling of having my long, slender legs exposed and easy access to my awaiting crotch. On top, I found a cute pink sweater that just fit perfectly, clinging tightly to my slight curves and narrow waist. For shoes, I chose a simple pair of four-inch heels that served to enhance the shapeliness of my feminine calves and thighs.

I sat before the mirror and went through Sara's makeup. This was the first time that I had done this and I was excited by the chance to make myself even more feminine than usual. I chose a simple touch of blush and mascara, wanting to make my pretty little babysitter self have a youthful innocent look about her. My lips I painted with a glittery pink lip-gloss that drew attention to my cute mouth and seemed more what a teenage girl would wear rather than a thirty-something mother of two. Finally, I styled my hair into two blonde pigtails either side of my face.

I looked in the mirror and it wasn't me looking back at all. No, it was Cassie, the cute teen in her tight sweater and short skirt. The hot babysitter who all the dads like to fantasise about but know they can never have. The one that looks so cute and innocent but has a dirty, kinky mind beneath that sweet exterior. I could barely believe that I could pass for that girl, but the evidence was right in front of me. I was Cassie. I was the cute fantasy girl!

Well, the very thought of that was getting me pretty hard, as was the feel of the lace thong around my cock, not to mention the short skirt. I began to rub my dick through the material of the skirt and my panties. I was concentrating intensely on the reflection, watching innocent but naughty Cassie rubbing herself through her skirt.

I licked my glossy pink lips and gave myself a naughty smile in the mirror. I lifted my skirt and pulled my cock out of my panties. A little drop of pre-cum glistened on the swollen head of it. I wrapped my hand around the shaft and began to stroke, letting out a little sigh of pleasure; my pretty, girlish face looked a sight with my mouth open, gasping in sexual anticipation.

And that was the moment when I heard the front door slam shut downstairs. Worse, I heard footsteps running up the stairs at quite a pace. I slid my cock back into my panties, or what I was rapidly remembering were in actual fact Sara's panties, and dropped my, or her, skirt back into place, smoothing it down and trying to cover my bulging arousal. I knew there was nowhere I could hide quickly enough, if anyone came through that door, I was discovered. My only hope was somehow to pass this off as a joke or something, anything but revealing how turned on I was by being so girlish.

As that thought passed through my head, the door opened and Joe burst into the bedroom. He staggered a little, obviously having d***k a fair bit, and did something of a double take when he saw me standing there, taking a moment to process who the hell this cute teen babe in his bedroom could be. After a moment's open mouthed staring, he recognised his wife's clothes, remembered who he had hired as a babysitter and put two and two together. All this time, I was just standing there paralysed with fear about what was about to happen.

"I came back from the party early," Joe said, by way of some explanation. "Sara was having too much fun without me." He paused and then ran his eyes over me again, this time his expression was not confusion but amusement and, I thought, I detected at least a hint of desire. "And it looks like you've been having some fun of your own, eh?"

"Um, yes, sir," I stammered, blushing red in a way that, had it not been for the panicked situation I would have been quite proud of, it only served to heighten my innocent teen look.

"Ha ha, sir, I like that." He leered at me, lust was definitely in his eyes now. "And what do I call you, sweetness?"

"Ca…Cassie, sir," I stammered again, in a high pitched girl's voice.

"Well, now, Cassie, there's no need to be nervous," he said, taking a couple of steps toward me so he was just a couple of feet away. "Me and your dad have been friends since you were just a little girl. And sweet little Cassie's been such a good babysitter for me and my wife. Maybe she deserves a big, thick reward."

There was no doubt about it now. He was coming onto me. My dad's good friend had caught me dressed as a girl and instead of reacting with anger, he was propositioning me. My dreams of being the cute, innocent teen babysitter girl all the dads fantasised over had come awfully true and now I would have to deal with the consequences. I was blushing bright red now and it wasn't just fear. I had to admit that the whole idea of this situation, one that, except for the cock beneath my skirt, could be right out of a porno movie, made me quite excited.

Even though a month earlier the idea of sex with another man would have seemed almost worse than anything, now it seemed to me a whole lot better than that man revealing I liked to sneak around the neighbours' houses dressing in their skirts and panties. It wouldn't just be the cushy job and extra cash that would suffer if that got out. Imagine how my parents would react, or my friends. These fears flashed through my mind, but part of it was just me rationalising the way I knew I was about to behave. I had taken on the persona of Cassie, the cute teen temptress, and I couldn't escape it now.

"Do you find me attractive, Cassie?" Joe had said, moving even closer to me. "You know I think you're such a pretty girl."

"Yes, sir," I gasped, nervously.

The truth was that I was starting to think he wasn't looking so bad. His body was in great shape for a man in his mid-thirties, he was toned and built and part of me was starting to get unhealthy thoughts about what he looked like beneath his tight shirt and jeans.

"Yes, you find me attractive, Cassie?" he smiled, again running his eyes with an a****l lust over my slender young body, "Well, how about a kiss for your dad's old friend?"

Before I could answer, he took me by my shoulders and pulled me to him. He pressed his lips against mine. Up until that point, I was still in two minds about how I was going to react but as his lips touched mine, I just melted into the kiss. I let out a sigh of pleasure and completely gave in to my desire to be Cassie the teen babysitter and to be kissed by my older employer. He pulled me close in to him until his hard body was pressed against mine. I felt so small and soft in his manly embrace. It just felt right to let him slide his tongue into my mouth and I offered no objection as his hands ran down to my bare thighs and began gently to stroke them. Each touch felt electric, my skin was alive with desire. I knew as the kiss broke that my body would do anything he wanted now.

He stepped back and stripped out of his shirt. His chest was really ripped, his gym-sculpted muscles beautifully defined. Then he slid his jeans to the floor. He was completely naked before me, holding his cock in his hand and jerking it off. It was only semi-erect but it was already pretty long and thick and it was only getting bigger as it got harder. I knew just from looking at it that I wanted it. My girlish transformation was complete. There was no denying that all the dressing up, playing, masturbating and eating my own cum, had all been building up to this.... Continue»
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Matt and Daddy cane me

This Fictional Story is written by Jennifer Jones and contains explicit sexual material and situations involving consenting Adults No reference to u******e persons is intended or implied. No reference to real Persons dead or alive is intended or implied.

I was sitting on the terrace under the cabana by the pool, reading one of my favorite erotic novels. When I read like this I put it inside a Business Reports magazine so Daddy won’t suspect anything. I was particularly aroused this day reading about a captured woman on a Pirate ship while they beat her and had their way with her when Daddy walked up and told me he was heading to the Airport to pick up a Business partner. I was in a dream world and wasn’t really paying attention until I heard him say it was Matt Johnson from Victoria. I jumped up and said really, Daddy laughed because he knew I had a crush on Matt but then he pointed a finger at me and said, look Jennifer this is an important meeting so I want you to be on your best behavior or I swear I will take the strap to your bare bottom right in front of Matt. I nodded yes that I understood but my mind was already making plans, this could be the opportunity I have been waiting for.

I watched Daddy driving down the lane in the Aston Martin and as he headed out onto the highway I headed up to my room to see what I could wear. I took out school girl uniforms that I had not worn in years but they just made me look silly then I saw it, a Brazilian style string bikini. It was flesh colored, had 2 little patches over my nipples, one little triangle over my pussy but as I gave it a tug it would slip in between my pussy lips and all but disappear, and from behind I looked completely naked, perfect I thought. I hurried down stairs and out to the pool. Daddy had taken the strap to me many times for cutting through his Den after swimming and dripping water on his hardwood floors, I figured that I would wait until they were about half way through the meeting and then bolt in and act surprised.

As I floated around the pool imagining what could possibly happen to me, I kept slipping a finger down between my legs and then I could hear the Aston coming back up the drive way. My heart starting to beat faster as I could hear them enter Daddy’s Den, oh it seemed like an eternity waiting for the right moment then I could hear them laughing and I figured that should do it. I jumped from the pool and dripping wet, bolted through the patio doors and into the Den. Oh I squealed I am sorry I didn’t know you were in here and Daddy just shouted Jennifer how many times have I told you not to get water on my hardwood floors and then he saw what I was wearing. Matt Johnson was also getting a good look at what I was wearing, his eyes were like saucers and I turned to him, held out my hand and said Hi Mr Johnson nice to see you again, he managed to mumble something. Daddy was furious, he said I told you to be on your best behavior so I am going to tan your behind right now in front of Matt. I pretended to be shocked saying oh Daddy you can’t spank me in front of Matt it would be too embarrassing and besides I am sure he doesn’t want to witness a young woman getting a bare bottom spanking. As I said this I turned and smiled at Matt, his face was flushed and he had put his briefcase on his lap to hide what must have been an ever increasing erection. Daddy knew what I was up to and was determined to take control of the situation so he opened his desk drawer and took out the dreaded strap.

Right then, I want you to bend over my desk and grab hold of the other side, I am going to beat some sense into you so you will learn to behave. Daddy stood to my left and taking aim and tapping the heavy leather on my still wet and virtually naked bottom he raised it for the first stroke. I did not have long to wait to hear that woosh smack woosh smack, oh that strap stings and the sound reverberates around the room. Daddy adjusted me a little so he could get a better target, then started again, this time faster, smack smack smack smack smack, ooooooh I moaned and turned to look at Daddy, I could see he was determined to make sure I remembered this one. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK oh he was whipping me harder than he ever had, please Daddy I howled please not so hard I promise I will be good. I tried to stand up but Daddy got Matt to go around the desk and hold me down, he put my hands behind my back and leaned on me so all I could do was lay there and take it. SMACK WHIP SMACK WHIP SMACK SMACK SMACK, on and on it went covering my whole bottom, hips and thighs. I was crying my eyes out, tears pooling on the desk when Daddy finally stopped. I thought it was over but Daddy had other plans, he switched places with Matt and told him to get the cane from the cupboard. Matt had a huge grin on his face as he approached me with the cane, I could see him in the reflection in the big mirror. He stood there for a bit admiring the very thing he had wanted for a long time, waiting for me to come of age, never knowing how to ask or approach me, not wanting to ruin a lucrative Business arrangement. Daddy shocked him out of his daydream saying get on with it man, Daddy knew how much I liked Matt and he had suspected Matt felt the same way about me and now he was going to make sure there was no doubt. Matt raised the cane high, I braced myself, and Daddy took a firm grip on me as the only sound in the room was the tick tock of the old clock on the wall, then that unmistakable sound of a cane slicing the air and then impacting firm female flesh. My breath was driven out of me and before I could recover, WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP, 5 more hard strokes one after another in rapid succession, I burst out balling, WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP. 6 more low on my bottom where it meets the thighs, I was howling pleading to stop, begging them to let me up but Matt was in a trance watching my swollen welted bottom and thighs bounce under the impact of the cane. Daddy spoke up and said 6 more and we will be done, Matt acknowledged that with a grunt and then placing the cane on the backs of my legs drew it back and WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP, I was screaming as Daddy made Matt stop because he had gotten carried away and lost count. He apologized but my Dad reassured him that he understood how and why it would be easy for a man to continue.

I slowly stood up still crying and sobbing loudly, I placed my hands on my beaten bottom and couldn’t believe that it felt twice as large with all the swelling. Daddy told me to go upstairs take a nice bath and get dressed in that nice cute pink summer dress he had picked up for me a few days ago because Matt would be taking me out to Dinner. And some times my Daddy really surprises me because he pointed to Matts obvious erection and discomfort and told him that the bathroom was down the hall on the left and he should take care of that before we go out to Dinner. I hurried upstairs and plunged into the bath at the same time I plunged my fingers into my waiting hungry pussy, it took but seconds for me to tense with my first orgasm. Laying there in the soothing bath, wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure sweeping over me I smiled at myself, thinking of Matt stroking his cock in the bathroom downstairs, my plan had come together nicely.

Upon returning downstairs and standing in the doorway with the sun light shining from behind and thru the cute little dress Daddy wanted me to wear, they both just stood there gazing at me. Matt approached me and gave me a big hug, Daddy threw him the keys to the Aston and said we better get a move on, dinner reservations are at 6:00 P.M. I told Daddy that I was worried I would not be able to sit down and Daddy said It was OK he had talked to the owner Raul and had explained my “situation” he was very understanding and will have a nice tall table set up on the balcony that we could stand at. I blushed with embarrassment, Matt and Daddy had a good laugh and as we headed out to the car Matt patted my sore bottom and whispered in my ear that after Dinner he had a idea for a lovely dessert that was calorie free, I blushed again.

That will be another story.
Jennifer.... Continue»
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my babysitter my teenage whore

My wife and I had been married for five years and had some good sex before our twin daughters were born, then our life in the bedroom began to taper off some.

It wasn't that Lisa wasn't attractive any more; she was hotter than ever with the few extra curves she put on after she had the girls.

I don't know if she was self-conscious about the ten extra pounds she had on herself or worn out from the girls, but she didn't seem as interested in sex as she used to be.

On a good month, I may have gotten laid barely once a week when we used to fuck five times a week for hours.

But I still loved her and our little girls, even if I was climbing the walls sexually. It had gotten to the point I'd jack off to porn films after they had all gone to bed.

Until Lisa hired Christy, a local high school senior, to baby-sit when the girls were toddlers.

Eighteen at the time Lisa hired her, Christy was one sexy-looking redhead, with firm, perky tits that weren't the biggest ones in the world, but they were also far from fried eggs as you could get.

She also had a nice athletic body she'd gotten from jogging and being on the cheerleading team (and what guy hasn't thought about boning a cheerleader?), and sexy green eyes.

The first night that Christy stood with the girls, Lisa and I had been invited to my boss' house and didn't want to miss the opportunity to attend the charity bash he was throwing, being I was up for a promotion anyway and wanted to make a good impression.

Lisa was incredible in the dress she wore, the few times she looked really hot, and it was all I could do to control myself from getting horny until after the party.

I had a feeling that Lisa wouldn't be interested in fucking, as usual, when we got home that night, though.

I wasn't even getting sex once a week from her by that time. If I was getting pussy from Lisa once a month by then, I considered myself lucky.

But with what would transpire when we came home later that night, it wouldn't matter.

Christy would end up more than my babysitter from that night on. But I didn't know it then until much much later that evening.

When we came home later that evening, I had gone into the house first to check on the girls and pay Christy for sitting with them while Lisa had been bullshitting with the neighbors she had seen outside.

"Kip," she finally said to me, "Would you take Christy home?"

I said that I would, but wanted to put on something more comfortable and cooler first. She nodded, then went to look in on the girls.

I changed into some cut off shorts with no underwear and a T shirt before I indicated to Christy that I was ready to go. She smiled and picked up her books, following me out to the car.

"Lisa's been really crabby lately," Christy observed when we were out of the driveway.

"Yeah, I guess the girls take a lot out of her."

"Thank God you guys didn't come in earlier or she'd really gone off."

"Oh? Why is that, Chris?" I asked.

" and my boyfriend Jeff were doing something on the couch."

"Having sex by any chance?" I said teasingly but at the same time letting her know I didn't really disapprove.

"Oh my God!" she gasped.

"Relax, Chris. You really fucked your boyfriend on our couch? God, Lisa would shit razor blades if she knew!"

"He was gone for a week and I was so horny," she shrugged. "And we can't exactly do it at either of our houses."

"This may be none of my business, Chris, but how many times do you guys do it each week?"

"Maybe three," she answered.

"Jesus. Somebody sure likes it," I teased again.

"You're a little young to be passing out pussy so freely in high school, aren't you?" I asked in a fatherly tone.

She giggled, saying they always used protection and that she liked sex, and then asked how often Lisa and I "did it."

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want."

"Chris, I'm lucky if I get some pussy once a month from my wife nowadays."

She then did something I never expected.

Christy then slid over closer to me and put her hand on my crotch, rubbing it gently.

"You know, I could do something about that. I don't have to be home right away, so we can pull over and do it somewhere."

"Chrisy, you're still a teenager in high school. I could get into a lot of trouble for that."

"I won't tell if you won't," she said huskily, not taking her firmly clenched hand off my dick.

With both the underlying offer to fuck me and her hand on my crotch virtually jacking me off, I felt a twinge of excitement in my stomach and all of my bl**d immediately rushing to my dick.

Still, I felt odd accepting an offer for sex from a teenager, even one as sexy as Christy.

"I thought you just fucked your boyfriend tonight," I finally said.

"I did," she said. "But it wasn't that great. High school boys never are, but like I said, I was horny. I'm still very horny and you said you and Lisa don't do it very much."

She had a point there. Besides, who would know if Christy and I went at it just one time?

I then looked for a remote spot so we could have our sexual tryst where we wouldn't be disturbed or caught.

I didn't have much success, but I did find one of those cheesy cheap motels that rented rooms by the hour.

Not exactly what I had in mind, but it was better than me worrying about being busted by the cops in the park while I fucked this still-wet, redheaded teenage girl and then explaining to my wife how I ended up banging our babysitter while our girls were sat home leeping peacefully.

I pulled into the motel, got the room and took Christy around the back to it.

Once we were inside, I locked the door and we fell onto the bed, fondling and kissing each other before she took her shirt off and was braless underneath it.

Those sexy, firm teenage tits were now on display for me.

"You like what you see?" she said, fondling them in her tiny hands.

"God, you got a nice pair there, baby," I said, taking one of them into my mouth as I gently squeezed the other.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," I moaned, sucking the other tit, then gently biting her nipples as Christy sighed and moaned while I enjoyed her tits.

"Ohhhhhh, Kippppp," she moaned softly. "Suck my tits!"

I worked a little more on her firm mounds before I took my mouth off of them, standing up to peel off my shorts and shirt.

In the meantime, she kicked off her shoes and dropped her skirt, revealing that she hadn't been wearing any panties at all!

No wonder she was fully dressed to leave when Lisa and I came home.

Now with a nubile high school senior totally naked in front of me, Christy was definitely hotter than with her clothes on, and my dick was VERY hard and throbbing now.

I stroked it a little, asking Christy in a teasing manner if she even knew what to properly do with a grown man's rock hard penis.

She certainly did. For starters, I got a blow job that totally blew my mind!

Back in the day, Lisa had given some great head in college, but teenage Christy had it down to an art by the end of her senior prom.

She sucked my dick from tip to base, back and forth, swirling her tongue around my dick head and gently biting my balls, before I'd gotten over five minutes of the best deep throat sucking I've experienced to this day.

"God Dammit, Chrisy, if you suck cock this great now, I'd love to be around when you're twenty one!"

She only winked at me, not missing a beat slurping my manhood.

"Ohhhhhhhh's been so long since I had my dick sucked like're so fucking good, baby...such a great mouth on you...suck that big cock baby girl!"

Her mouth stood on my dick for a few more minutes before I had to reluctantly take her off of it; if I'd let her keep it up and suck my balls, I would have definitely cum way too soon.

"You really liked that," she stated matter of factly, smiling at me.

"Baby, that is the best cocksucking I ever had! I couldn't even tell you the last time my wife did that!"

"I thought of something else to make you feel real good, too," she grinned before a surprise mounting my cock reverse cowgirl.

"Jesus, Christy!" I asked, both surprised and totally delighted.

"Doesn't Lisa do this either?"

"Not for a long time, baby," I panted as Christy had my entire throbber deep down in her surprisingly tight snatch, bouncing up and down.

"That's it, Chris, give my dick a good ride!"

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Kip!" she cried. "Your cock feels so good in me! Oh, Kip, fuck me!"

"Ride me, Christy," I panted harder as my hips bucked up to join her in fucking. "Ride me, baby, you're so fucking hot!"

As she pumped up and down on my cock harder, her tits bounced in time with our fucking. I reached up and grabbed both of them, pulling her down to suck her nipples as she fucked my cock.

She then let out a soft cry as her body began to shiver.

"You gonna cum, baby? Huh? Christy's gonna cum for me? You gonna cum for big Kip here? Come on, baby, I want you to let go a good cum for me while you fuck that cock!"

"God, Kip, fuck me!"

"Oh yeah, my little nympho is ready to cum!"

"Yes! I'm going to cum!" she finally yelled out as I felt her cunt quiver with her orgasm as it wrapped tighter around my long-neglected tool.

"Dammit, fuck me!" she cried louder. "Fuck your little tight babysitter slut!"

I then reached up and grabbed her by the waist, slamming her down on my cock to really let her experience a hard cum.

"Oh fuck me more, Kip!" she cried out, cumming hard now. "Fuck! I'm cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmming! Fuck me...fuck!"

It seemed she'd cum for a long time before her body finally relaxed, not taking her eyes off of me nor slowing down on my cock the entire time.

My dick still lodged deep into her pussy, I rolled us over until Christy was underneath me, then fucked her with every inch of strength in my body.

"Kip, yessssss!!! Continue fucking the shit out of my tiny pussy! Fuck!"

"Ohh shit, baby, you are so hot in bed! I love fucking your little pussy!"

"Don't stop," Christy panted, definitely enjoying my fuck pole in her snatch. "Fuck me more! Harder motherfucker! I can feel it down all the way to my belly button!"

I may have been twice this girl's age, but I wanted to teach her that even us older guys can keep up with the likes of Christy in bed.

And there was no question young Chris was enjoying every minute of her schooling.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh God, Kip," she cried, grabbing my ass. "Give me more of your cock! Fuck me mister!"

I fucked her missionary for several more minutes before I pulled out my cock and turned her over, entering her hot, dripping cunt again from behind and giving it to her doggy style.

"Somebody really does like to fuck any cock in sight," I said when I felt her about to cum again, gently slapping her ass.

"You're sooooo hot, Kip...oh, God, fuck me harder.. I'm going to cum again...fuuuuuuuuuccccccck ME!"

Christy then had another crashing orgasm; I felt her juices covering my cock as she came.

Again, I fucked her even harder and went deeper into her pussy just so she would have a great cum.

She came a couple more times while we fucked doggy, screaming at me to fuck her more, harder, deeper, faster!

"Jesus Kip, keep fucking the shit out of me! Fuck me baby!"

"Oh God, Chris!" I called. "You are so fucking great in bed! You'd make a great whore!"

"I'm your little whore babysitter, Kip!! Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me...FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!"

I was so into the hot sex Christy was so freely giving me, I almost didn't feel the cum working its way up from my balls and about to shoot through my cock.

Knowing she'd used a condom while fucking Jeff, I presumed they were practicing safe sex or they used them to keep Christy from getting pregnant. Or both.

But I didn't have any on me; being previously faithful to my wife despite the near-lack of sex, condoms weren't something I kept around.

I wasn't at risk for any STD, but I wanted to prevent Christy from becoming pregnant, so I went to pull out of her pussy when I felt myself nearly ready to cum.

"Christy...gotta pull out. Baby, I'm gonna cum everyhwere!"

"No, Kip!" she protested. "Fuck me more till you cum! I want you to shoot it in me! Cum inside of your babysitter's pussy!"

"Christy...oh God...I can't..."

"I'm on the fucking tired of guys cumming in rubbers--fuck me and shoot it inside my young pussy!" she cried louder.

"God Dammit, Kip, fucking cum in my pussy!"

"You want this cum, little bitch?" I asked, feeling better that she used protection and just in time as I felt the first shot of my load approaching.

"Give it to me, Kip. Give me all that cum you got! Fill up your babysitter with your hot cream! Cum in my tiny pussy!"

"Well, here it comes! I'm gonna nut! I'm gonna blow all of it inside your hot little cunt!"

My cock then blew what seemed to be an eternity of bottled up cum deep into Christy's box; I felt as if I was shooting wads of it in my babysitters pussy as she squealed with happiness feeling my hot semen pass between her teenage slit.

When I finally finished, I gave a couple more thrusts in and out of her cunt for satisfaction before I pulled out.

I never considered myself the fuck and leave type when I done women before I got married, but looking at the clock now, I realized Chris and I had fucked her for over forty-five minutes and I was due at home twenty minutes ago.

I would have to think of some flimsy excuse to tell Lisa, as common sense would say that "Christy and I stopped off at a cheap motel and had mind-blowing sex on the way to taking her back home to her mothers house" would more than NOT go over well with my wife.

I smacked Christy' bare ass and told her we had to get going. Then I went to take a quick shower to wash the telltale smell of seedy motel sex off of me.

"God Kip," she breathed I came out to dress and she already had her clothes back on. "You must have been really horny to fuck me that good!"

"You don't even know the half of it, Chris," I said.

Once we had gotten ourselves together, I left the key to the room and ushered Christy out to the car before driving her the rest of the way home.

When we got to her house, I leaned over and tongued her so deeply, paying her an additional $75 to the babysitting fee she'd made earlier that night.

She and her talent for fucking were certainly worth more than that, but I needed to go to the cash machine, so that was all I had on me.

"You already paid me," she said, looking confused at the money.

"Not for the good time you gave me tonight, baby."

She then gave me a lopsided smile. "Doesn't this make me a whore, getting paid for fucking my babysitting client?"

"Only if you want to be my teenage whore, baby."

"If you're going pay me this good to babysit AND to fuck the shit out of my pussy, consider it a deal!"

She then got out and disappeared into her mother's house.

When I got home, I told Lisa I'd run out of gas and since I'd forgotten my cell phone when I took Christy home anyway, I couldn't call Lisa since I was stuck in the boonies.

Thank God she wasn't interested in sex that night; I was too worn out from the good fuck I'd gotten from Christy. I slept like a baby.

Chris continued to babysit for us for the next three years and, of course, we usually ended up fucking quickly on the way home since I couldn't use the "ran out of gas" excuse with Lisa too often.

But when Lisa took the girls to visit her parents house one weekend, I more than made it up to Christy by us having some great sex in our marital bed all that weekend.

Somehow, Lisa never figured out I'd been banging Christy on the side during college, nor that I'd been paying Chris extra for giving me blow jobs in the car and pussy at the motel in addition to paying her for babysitting the girls.

The twins are teenagers now, but not a day goes by that I don't think of that hot nympho babysitter they had at little c***dren. ... Continue»
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Blondie/Dennis The Menace: The New Babysitter

Blondie/Dennis The Menace: The New Babysitter (Or When Dennis Meets Blondie)
by Sniper32

One Friday night Dennis was introduced to his new babysitter, a nice young
lady named Blondie Bumsted. She was a 35 years old friend of his mother, she
was a stunning 5'9, slimmed hipped, long legs, a nice ass and a perfect set
of 38c breasts.

Denise's parents Henry and Alice were going out for dinner and dancing for
their anniversary and would be gone most of the night.

Now as everybody knows Dennis is a handful to say the least, and as boys tend to be when there parents are way, get into the most trouble, this
night would be know different.

Dennis had been having these funny feelings in his private areas for awhile
and when he saw Blondie his hormones went into over drive, as she was as hot
as his mother and he just knew tonight was going to be fun.

So around 6:00 Blondie started to get dinner ready, Dennis asked if he could
help. She put him to work making the salad, Dennis kept bumping into her when
ever he could, brushing against her ass and when ever he reached across the
counter he would "inadvertently" brush his hand across her chest, after doing
this a few times Blondie's nipples were poking out quite nicely, but she was
quite innocent of Denise's advances and thought nothing about what he was
doing. She may not have understood but Dennis was getting very turned on by
all of this and decided to press on.

While she was standing by the sink washing the veggies, Dennis seemed to get
under foot a lot and as short as he was he could look up her short skirt and
see that she was wearing very brief white lace pantie's, not a lot of
material there at all. So he kept going into cabinets that she was standing
next to or in front of by crawling between her legs, his head kept rubbing
her pussy through her pantie's and she was getting very turned on by this but
she kept thinking to herself, 'He's only a k*d who doesn't know what he's

So after dinner was done she told Dennis that it was time for his bath, and
she went upstairs to get the tub ready for him, she filled up the tub and
Dennis got undressed right there in front of her and she got the biggest
shock of her life. Dennis was hung like a small horse, his cock was at least
7" long by 2" round while soft so she knew it would be much longer and
thicker when hard. So Dennis jumped into the tub and started splashing around
and getting Blondie soaking wet, her white blouse was pretty much see threw
by now, and her white lacy bra faired no better, Dennis could see her breasts
perfectly, and started to get very excited.

"Blondie will you please wash my back for me?" Dennis asked.

"Sure Dennis, turn around," as he turned around so she could reach his back
he splashed her even more. As she started to lean over to wash him, her hand
slide out from under her and she slipped half way into the tub, now from the
waist up she was soaked to the skin, but when she was slipping her other hand
had shot out to stop her from falling in even more it had landed right on
Denise's cock.

"OH MY GOD, Dennis it's huge!" she exclaimed.

Dennis then stood up in the tub with his cock pretty much at Blondie's eye
level. Being as he was very excited by now he was fully erect, he was at
least 11' long and 4' round. Blondie had never seen a penis that big in her
life, and her hand had a life of it's own, reached up and grabbed him and
started to stroke him.

"Oh that feels good" Dennis said "Why don't you get out of your wet clothes
and come into the tub and we can wash each other."

Without much thought Blondie started stripping off her wet cloths right then
and there.

"Wow Mrs. B you are as pretty as my mom, but why do you have hair between
your legs, my mother doesn't?"

Blondie was shocked "How do you know that your mom doesn't have any hair down
there Dennis?"

"Well can you keep a secret Mrs. B?"

"Sure, Dennis."

"Well, my mom has a bunch of pictures of her naked in a box in her bedroom
closet and last week I saw them, my mom saw me with them and saw my naked and
we've been having sex every day until my dad gets home."

"What do you mean your having sex with your mother?" she exclaimed.

"My mom saw my penis and just went nuts, she started to suck on it and then
I came, then she got it hard again and let me put it in her pussy until I
came again and she has been showing my different positions all week long."

"I was not to tell anybody but you are so hot and have the same look as my
mom when she saw my penis, so I figured I could tell you, but you can't tell
anybody else, OK?"

"OK I will not tell anybody else, so show me what you and your mom have been

"Do you want to do it in the tub or in my bedroom on the bed?"

"Well, lets start here and see were it goes, I must get that cock of yours
hard again."

So she starts stroking Denise's cock, up and down, slowly licking it from the
base to the top getting it all nice and hard, after a few minutes of this she
engulfs his now rock hard cock with her hot wet mouth, trying to take as much
of his cock down her throat as she possibly could. "Wow Dennis I can only get
about 3/4 of this huge slab of man meat down my throat."

"That's ok Mrs. B, my mom can only get it all the way down her throat about
1/2 the time, but it feels so good when you try to get it all the way in like
your doing, your throat is so tight, it feels like a tight glove is massaging
my cock, I'm going to cum soon if you keep this up."

So now Blondie starts deepthroating Denise's cock to the point were she's
starting to gag, but she is determined to get it all in, finally after about
5 minutes of this she gets it all the way down her throat.

"I'm cumming Mrs. B" Dennis hollered as he stated slamming his cock in and
out of Blondie's mouth. "OHHHHHHH" Dennis hollered, as he started pumping out
shot after shot of his cum down his babysitter's throat, blast after blast of
it, he was shooting off so much of it that it started coming out the sides of
Blondie's hot mouth and running down her chin, on to her breasts.

"Oh my god Dennis, I've never ate so much cum in my life, do you always cum
so much?"

"Ya, my mom said the same thing the first time, but yea I seem to cum a lot.
I also can get hard really fast after I do cum, over and over again. Mom and
me have done it 6 time in one afternoon."

"Really, well let me clean up in the tub and then you and I are going to head
to your room and see what pops up next," said Blondie with a wink as she bent
down in the tub's water to washing herself off when Dennis came over behind
her and started to rub her pussy and ass from behind.

"Oh Dennis you wicked little boy, you don't waste any time do you?"

"Well mom usually gets really hot and wet after doing what we just did, so I
thought that I would see if you were like that also." So Dennis started to
rub Blondie's pussy and clit quite vigorously, rolling his fingers up and
over her clit. "Wow Mrs. B you are really hot and wet, your juices are just
dripping out of you."

"Dennis that feels so good," Blondie moaned, "Start using you fingers inside
of me. Yeah, like that," as Dennis started with two fingers ramming them in
and out of Blondie's hot wet twat, faster and faster. "Oh yea just like that!
Oh right there! OH GOD!" she yelled as she started thrusting her hips and ass
back against Denise's hand, her legs started to quiver. "I'M CUMMING !!!!!!"
she yelled out, "More Dennis More, stick more of your fingers in there."

"Mrs B. swing around and sit on the ledge of the tub, I want to eat you out
while I'm fingering you, mom loves that, so should you."

So she swung around and sat on the ledge, and spread her long legs out wide,
Dennis got his head in between her thighs and put his tongue on her clit and
started sucking on it while he slide three fingers up in to her dripping
snatch and started pumping in and out, faster and then slow, then faster than

Blondie was in heaven, she couldn't get her husband to go down on her to save
his life, but here she was being eaten out by a pint sized pro, the likes of
which she had never been eaten out in her whole life. She was cummmming like
crazy, so after about 10 minutes of this, the nerves in her pussy and clit
were so sensitive she needed a break.

"Dennis stand up, it's time to get you hard again, so he stood up and slide
his semi hard cock between her lips, she started to suck and slurp on his
cock, playing with his balls getting his so very nice and hard again. Then
she reached over and grabbed the bottle of baby oil and put some oil between
her breasts, "Dennis have you ever titty fucked your mom yet?"

"No what's that?"

"Here place your cock between my breasts and rock back and forth while I
squeeze them together."

So Dennis started rocking and thrusting back and forth, and every time the
top two inches of his huge cock poked out of top Blondie sucked on it.

"Wow that feels great but how about you get down on all fours and let me show
you something that will really feel great."

"OK but take it slow at first Dennis, I've never had a penis that big before,
so go slow until I get use to it." So she got down, bent over the side of the
tub and Dennis started to slide his cock into one very hot, wet, and tight
babysitter pussy.

"OH GOD your so big," she said as Dennis got about 1/2 way into her pussy,
"give me a minute and then give me some more."

So Dennis started to slide his cock back out and slide it back in feeding
Blondie a little bit more with each thrust until he got it all in, then he
started pumping it back and forth, ramming it in to her, using long strokes,
every time he he slammed it into her his balls slapped against her clit,
the sensation of having a large cock in her nice tight pussy was seriously
pushing all of her buttons, she started to cum almost immediately.

"Oh Yeah! Oh Yeah, give it to me, slam that massive dick into my hot cunt,
Mmmmphhhhhhhhhh!!! Oh Dennis that feels so good, slam it in my hot hole,
faster faster, slap my ass!!"

"Mrs. B your hole is so tight and wet this feels even better than when I do
my mom."

"Well if you like that you'll love this," as she started to contract her
vagina muscles around his dick. This was an incredible feeling to Dennis, he
started to savagely fuck his babysitter's pussy, slamming his cock in all the
way in, then pulling it back out until just the tip was in her, then slamming
it back to the hilt. Blondie had never been fucked like this before and her
pussy was gushing her love juices so much that it was running down her legs.
Dennis started to pump load after load of his cum into her. When the first
load of cum hit the back of Blondie's womb she had the largest orgasm she had
ever had in her life, it had felt like Dennis had shot a gallon's worth of
cum into her pussy, as he continued to fuck her, his and her cum was now
running down her legs in a small stream.

Dennis finally pulled out of her ravaged pussy with a sloppy "plop", but was
still hard as a rock. Blondie asked him, "Have you ever fucked your mother in
her ass?"

"Ew that sounds gross Mrs. B" Dennis said.

"You don't know what your missing Dennis, some women really like that done to
them, like me. I love it, but you must always ask first before you do this as
most girls don't like it, or had a bad experience when they tried it, do you
want to fuck me in my ass Dennis?"

"OK, if you think you will like it, I'll try it for you," Dennis said.

"The first thing we need to do is oil up my hole very, very well as you are
so large and thick." So Blondie took the baby oil and had Dennis squirt a lot
oil in to her butthole. "Now normally we would cover your cock with oil for
extra lubrication but that piece of meat is pretty well covered with our
juices, so slowly put it in, very, very slowly."

Dennis was again behind her and slowly started to put the head of his cock
GOOD! A little more Dennis. Slowly inch it in there a little bit at a time.
That feels so good. OH YEAH! More, more! Go gently while pulling it in and
out. OH GOD!! THATS SUCH A HUGE DICK YOU HAVE!!!" she screamed as Dennis
finally got it all in her. "When you pull it back out pour some oil on your
cock and slide it back in, but don't pull it all the way out as that would
hurt my ass."

"Mrs. B your ass is so tight it feels like a vise around my cock," Dennis
said as he started to pull out of her ass until just the tip of his cock was
still in her quivering ashole. Dennis then poured some baby oil on the rest
of his dick and crammed his cock back into Blondie's now seriously ravaged
ass hole.

Blondie never in her life felt the feelings she was experiencing, she
started to have one big orgasm after another as Dennis rammed into her ass,
completely penetrating her with every thrust. 'This must be what it feels l
ike to be fucked by a horse,' she thought.

"Ung! Ung! Ha! He! Oh! Oh! Ow!" she screamed as her and Denise's cum was
being pushed out of her cunt from there first fuck a half hour ago, plus what
she had added to it from this awesome ass fucking that she was receiving.

"Mrs. B, I'm going to cum," and then Dennis let loose the mother of all
orgasms, completely flooding Blondie's bowel's with shot after shot of his
thick milky hot cum. Blondie had one more massive orgasm about the same time
as Dennis.

"Well, that was a lot of fun Mrs. B. Will you be my new babysitter from now
on?" Dennis asked as he pulled his now very tired cock out of her ass,
followed by a steady stream of his cum which was running down Blondie's legs
and forming a large puddle by the tub.

"Yes, Dennis, I will ask your mother if that would be possible, as I have
know doubt that I would be the best babysitter you ever could have. Now we
need to clean up and get this bathroom put back together before your parents
get back home."

* * *

Later that night Alice and Henry returned home to find Blondie and Dennis
sound asl**p on the couch, were they had fallen asl**p in utter exhaustion
after there marathon sex session. Henry woke Dennis up when he tried to
carry him up to his room. Dennis jumped up and gave Blondie a hug and said
"Next time you babysit me bring your daughter Cookie with you," and then
scampered off to bed.

Blondie and Alice both looked at each other with a "I know but I'm not saying
anything" look and then Blondie went home... Continue»
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Wife Dominated by the Babysitter

Fiction...blah blah blah… Usual disclaimers, you know the stuff by now…

Well, me and my wife Kim were on the way home from a night out with friends, the usual shit, restaurant, couple of drinks, me driving. As ever, she’s bending my ear about some nonsense that must only be important to women because I’m really not getting any of it, I’ve got bigger things on my mind…
You see, I’ve been shagging the babysitter for months now. She’s called Danielle, she’s 18, only short but with a frame to die for. Nice cans, tight arse, long dark hair, bit rough around the edges but that first time I drove her home and she offered to suck me off… well, that’s another story!
Now, me and Dani, we’ve been hatching a plan to give my wife a bit of a wakeup call, stop her being such a frigid, moaning bitch. So as I pulled into the drive my cock was already at half-mast in anticipation.
“Shit, sorry love,” I said. “I forgot to pick up ciggies, I’m gonna nip to the garage and get some.”
“Why?” She asked in her usual nagging tone. “It’s a filthy habit and you know I want you to quit. All that money you’re wasting…”
“Look, I’m not having this argument now,” I replied. “Just get out of the car and tell Dani that she can go home, I’ll be five minutes.”
“Fine,” Kim said, in a tone that meant anything but fine, sighing meaningfully. She slammed the car door behind her and I backed out of the drive, pulled up in front of next door and turned the engine off. Taking a deep breath, I got out of the car and closed the door softly, locking it with the fob. I walked slowly down the path to the door, staying out of the pool of light cast by the street light, listening to the muffled but raised voices coming from the open living room window. A couple more cautious paces and I could see into the room…
“I’ve told you before Dani,” Kim almost screeched, “No boys in my house!”
“I’m sorry Kim,” Dani began, before catching sight of me through the window. “Oh actually, you know what? Fuck it!” And with this she reached out with her left hand and grabbed Kim’s hair, swinging her right hand around in a slap that cracked against Kim’s cheek. Kim gave a little shriek and tried to step away but the hold on her hair held her in place while a second slap rocked her head back again.
At this point, Dani’s “boyfriend” Joe stepped up from behind Kim and grabbed her arms, forcing them down by her side with a bear hug.
“What?!” whimpered Kim. “What’s happening? Let go of me! Steve’s only parking the car, he’ll be in in a minute.”
“No he won’t,” replied Danielle, her hand still gripping a fistful of Kim’s red hair. “Saw him drive off didn’t I? Got you all to myself for a few minutes by the looks. Well, I say myself, Joe’s here as well.”
By this point Kim looked terrified, wide eyes, rapid breathing, nothing coherent escaping her lips as Joe’s big hand reached round and squeezed her left breast none too gently. He nodded in satisfaction and looked to Danielle for instruction. He was a big guy, 6’2” with short blonde hair and heavily tattooed, muscular arms, exactly the kind of man who Kim had always found distasteful and intimidating. His breathing rasped in her ear as he continued to fondle her.
“What do you think Joe?” asked Dani. “Would you like a blow job? Should this bitch suck your cock?”
“No, please,” gasped Kim, her head whipping left and right, clearly hoping for some salvation.
“Why wouldn’t you suck his cock bitch?” asked Dani, her sneering face an inch from Kim’s. “Not good enough for you? Or do you not like sucking cock? I bet that’s it, isn’t it? You don’t like sucking cock! Well, you better get used to it, because Joe likes his women to give him head, don’t you Joe?”
Joe just grunted noncommittally, me and Dani had chosen him from amongst her friends for his intimidating looks more than his brains, and had promised him a fuck into the bargain.
“You gonna get on your knees then, or do I have to help you?” Dani asked this in a quiet, almost conversational tone of voice but the menace was unmistakable.
“Please, you want money?” begged Kim, almost incoherent. “Don’t! Money? I’ll ring Steve, he’ll bring money. Don’t make me!” Tears streaked her face now, but Dani just shook her head almost sadly and slapped her hard, back and forth, before using the grip on her ginger hair to f***e her to her knees. The sound of a fly being undone brought a fresh paroxysm of sobbing but as Dani twisted her head round, Kim offered little resistance.
Joe’s semi-erect knob was at eye level to the kneeling Kim, and from my point of view it wasn’t incredibly impressive but from where she was, on her knees, afraid to give head at the best of times, it must’ve been terrifying.
“Open up bitch,” Joe commanded, pushing his cock forward. It bumped off Kim’s cheek as she turned her head. Danielle wrenched her head back around and gripped her jaw.
“Get it open Kim,” she commanded in the same menacing tone, “or it goes up your arse. Dry.”
“No….” begged Kim. As her lipsticked mouth opened to protest, Joe thrust forward and Dani pulled back on her hair and down on her jaw.
“Bite it and you’ll make me angry,” she hissed in Kim’s ear. “And we don’t want that do we?”
She used her grip on Kim’s hair to move her head back and forth as Joe found his own rhythm, grunting softly. One of Kim’s high heels had come off at some point and I looked at her stocking clad foot, toes bent back in an agony of terror. Well, maybe next time, you’ll not moan so much when I ask nicely I thought to myself.
After a couple of minutes, Joe’s thrusting became more insistent, and with a grunt he shot his load, the first couple of squirts into her mouth, the rest into her flaming red hair. Kim looked aghast, she wasn’t going to swallow the spunk in her mouth, but nor could she spit it anywhere, least of all on her precious carpet.
“Swallow it,” said Dani, almost conversationally. “Swallow it, and then kiss his bell end and thank him for cumming in your mouth.”
“Wha…” was as far as Kim got before Dani’s open hand struck her cum-splattered cheek. She gulped hastily, face contorted in distaste, as Dani looked at her jizz-covered hand. The short girl reached down and wiped the spunk off on Kim’s dress, a dress that’d cost me a week’s wage, making sure her hand lingered on Kim’s tit.
“You’re learning Kim, now give it a kiss and say thank you.”
Kim leaned hesitantly forward, her lips pursed, and gently kissed the shining purple helmet. “Thank you,” she whispered.
“Thank you for what?” Dani demanded, twisting her hair further.
“For cumming in my mouth!” Kim almost screamed.
“Better. Now, try it again, without me having to help you.” The tone Danielle used was encouraging, cajoling almost, and Kim responded to even this small kindness. She leaned forward and kissed the head of the cock in front of her and said, in a stronger voice, “Thank you for coming in my mouth.”
“It’s alright,” Joe mumbled, seeming almost embarrassed now as he stuffed his shrinking penis back into his jeans.
“Now, what are we going to do with you now?” Dani enquired, almost as if actually asking Kim’s opinion. “Ok, lose the dress.”
“Please,” Kim was begging again. “Just leave! No one has to know, I promise. Take my purse! Don’t make me!”
Dani sighed, let go of Kim’s hair and simply said “Joe.”
The big tattooed arms reached out and with casual ease ripped the black dress down a seam with one tug. Seconds later it was in tatters on the floor, leaving Kim on her knees in a lacy black bra, a small thong, black hold up stockings and one red high heel, mascara running down her cheeks and cum on her face.
Danielle reached down and slipped her hand into Kim’s bra, fondling her C-cup tit.
“Not bad for an old bird,” she said. “Steve’s a lucky man.”
In truth, Kim wasn’t in bad shape. She went to the gym a couple of times a week and her tits hadn’t gone south yet. She was just a moaning, sexless bitch who needed to be taught a lesson. You wouldn’t think it to look at her, but our sex life had dwindled to a roll on, roll off affair once a fortnight. This was why I’d started fucking Danielle, and it was Danielle who came up with this little game, saying she’d like to dominate my wife, teach her what a good little slut could do for her man.
Dani picked up a piece of the ruined dress and used it to wipe the sticky mess of Kim’s face and said, “We wouldn’t want you to get Joe’s spunk on my pussy now would we?”
Kim looked baffled by this until Dani started unbuttoning her jeans, sliding them down over her slim hips. “Oh god no,” moaned Kim. “I can’t. Not that.”
Dani sat down on the couch and spread her legs, only a thin layer of white cotton covering her tight, shaved cunt. She ran her fingers over the material, before hooking her index finger behind and pulling them to one side. I was as hard as a rock watching this from my position outside, and Kim stared fixedly at the pink lips between Dani’s tanned thighs.
“Joe, I think Kim needs some help,” said Dani as she lifted her top over her head. Her pert tits stood proud, nipples erect as Joe put his hand on my wife’s head and applied some pressure. Her face inched closer and closer, and eventually Kim’s lips met Dani’s and her nose bumped into the babysitter’s shaved mound.
“Good girl,” Dani said, stroking the red hair between her thighs. “Now, use your tongue on my clit. That’s it, oh I like that. You sure you’ve never done that before?”
Kim’s little pink tongue lapped hesitantly at Dani’s little pink clit, and the teenager took a double handful of my wife’s hair, guiding her head. Kim’s hands were on Dani’s thighs, her arse in the air, stockings and thong on full display, tits swinging gently in her bra as she got, as far as I knew, her first taste of pussy. Joe stood around like a spare part, looking speculatively at my wife’s raised backside. He stroked it gently, startling Kim, who darted forward and pushed her face into Dani’s cunt.
“Hah, the dirty bitch is getting into it!” exclaimed Dani. “Look at her, going at it like a pro! Eat it girl, eat my tight pussy!” Dani’s hands pushed her unwilling partner’s head away as she raised her cute little bum and slide her knickers down. “Might as well make it easier for you.”
This time Kim needed no urging, going straight back in for seconds. Shit, I thought, she’s actually getting into this! Dani writhed and moaned, fingers digging into the settee as the older woman brought her to orgasm surprisingly quickly.
Dani stood, took Kim’s hands and pulled her to her feet. My teenage mistress kissed my wife deeply, hands on her bum.
“Mmmm, I taste good,” Dani said with a grin. “I wonder if you taste good too?”
She quickly tugged Kim’s black thong down to the floor and Kim stepped out of them shyly, kicking off her remaining shoe. Dani pushed her gently down to the couch and knelt between her legs, one finger stroking the soft trimmed pubes inches from her face. Kim still looked in shock, face covered in mascara and pussy juice, a teenage girl between her stocking-clad legs. She’s never looked as sexy as she did at that moment.
Dani sucked two of her fingers for a moment, coating them in saliva, before she eased them into the folds of Kim’s pussy. A tremor went through my wife, a soft moan escaped her lips as the babysitter’s thumb stroked her clit. Dani’s mouth closed on a nipple, eliciting another moan, as her fingers pistoned in and out of an increasingly wet cunt. Dani kissed her way down my wife’s quivering stomach, eventually reaching her dripping hole. Young lips pursed and sucked her erect clitoris into position for a vigorous tonguing.
“Oh yes… yes… suck it… harder… faster… Oh Dani, eat my wet cunt you dirty little babysitter, make me come for you… OOOHHHH GAAAWWWDDD!!”
Kim exploded on Dani’s face, holding the younger girl’s head close to her bucking hips as she motioned for Joe to come closer. He’d been standing awestruck, jerking his cock back to life at these two beautiful women going at each other. As soon as he moved into range, Kim grabbed him by the cock and dragged him onto the settee where she could wrap her lips around his shaft. She went at it like a veteran, one hand wanking him, the other encouraging Dani to greater efforts between her thighs.
After another giving my wife a second orgasm, Dani lifted her head and asked bluntly, “are you gonna let him fuck you?”
My wife pulled back from the swollen prick in front of her face and considered it for a second.
“Have you got a condom?” she asked them both.
Dani nodded and produced one from her hand bag.
“Then yes, I’m gonna fuck him…. While I eat your little cunt.”
Joe rolled the rubber on as Dani sat back on the settee. Kim positioned herself between the babysitter’s legs and went to her task with gusto, kissing, sucking and nibbling the girl’s pussy whilst Joe got into position behind her. He guided his wrapped cock to the entrance to her cunt and pushed in with one smooth thrust, building to a rhythm which made my wife’s tits sway fetchingly. I figured that this would be as good a time as any to make my entrance.
I went to the door and opened it as quietly as possible, undressing in the hallway before padding softly into the room. Dani noticed me immediately and gave me a thumbs up and a wink, which made Joe turn. He missed a beat, unsure how I’d take him fucking my wife. I motioned him to carry on and moved closer, bringing my solid eight inches close to her face. She gasped and pulled away from Dani’s cunt, startled by my sudden appearance.
“Steve… er…” she stammered, unsure of what to say, caught literally with her pants down.
“Don’t mind me lovely, just carry on,” I said. “I never knew you had it in you!”
“It’s not how it looks… she made me…”
“You don’t look exactly unwilling to me, you dirty whore. Eat it, if you leave her hanging, she might slap you again…”
“You were watching?” Kim asked, even more shocked.
“Oh yes,” I replied. “I saw all of it. I saw you thanking Joe for his load, eating the babysitter out on the settee, asking Joe to fuck you… not like you at all. Makes a nice change actually.”
“Kim,” Dani said, authority in her tone. “Get me ready. Your husband is going to fuck me, and I want to be wet enough to take it easily.”
Joe’s rhythm was faltering, so Kim turned round and ordered him not to stop. He went back to it with a will, and she kissed my bellend and went back to tonguing the pussy in front of her. She wrapped her hand around the shaft of my penis and wanked it slowly for a minute before looking up at me and saying, “Why don’t you give Dani that lovely cock? She’s ready for it now.”
Danielle moved along a couple of feet and rolled over, offering me her dripping snatch. I grabbed my wife’s head, used her mouth to wet my erection and then left her to the fucking she was getting from Joe. I didn’t use a rubber with Dani, I never did, and I just rubbed my tip up and down her gash before I pushed firmly in. She giggled as she pushed back and our fucking soon became frantic, almost a race to orgasm. She beat me to it by seconds, trembling and shaking, moans muffled in the couch cushions as I unloaded deep inside her, the contents of my full balls flooding her. She collapsed face down on the settee, and I turned to see Joe pull out, the tip of the condom full of jizz.
Kim looked exhausted, almost ready to collapse from orgasm overload, when Dani turned round and said, arse still in the air, “Get over here and clean my cunt up bitch, it’s your husband’s spunk!”
Kim crawled over on all fours and lapped at the babysitter’s freshly fucked pussy, nose in Dani’s arsehole. She sucked and slurped my load out of her new mistress’s cunt, kissed each upturned, sweetly rounded buttock, turned round to me and said two words, two simple words: “Thank you.”
... Continue»
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The Busty Babysitter

Rachel was just pulling her coat on when John came down the stairs. He handed Rachel her payment in cash.

"Thank you, Mr. Greene." Rachel smiled in gratitude.

"You're welcome," he replied. "You deserve every penny. Kathy and I are very happy with you. There is no one that we trust the k**s with more than you."

"Thank you, that means a lot. I love them like they're my own. I would do anything for you guys."

Rachel was starting to blush and was having a hard time meeting John's gaze. For his part, John was having a hard time keeping his eyes away from Rachel's exposed cleavage. Did she realize what she was doing? It was bad enough that her breasts were over-large on her small frame, jutting out from her chest like a pair of ripe melons. Why did she have to wear such revealing clothing? John was glad that she wasn't meeting his gaze. He was embarrassed at his lack of self-control.

"Okay...I guess we'll see you on Saturday then." He cleared his throat and broke the awkward silence. How long had he been standing there trying not to look at her chest and not saying anything?

"Yes. I'll be here at six p.m," She managed to meet his eyes. "Bye, Mr. Greene." She grabbed her purse and hurried out the door.

Do all high school seniors dress that way? He wondered. He had to remind himself that she was eighteen and could dress any damn way she chose. She was an adult now, although just barely. John stood there for a long time staring at the closed door, until his wife called to him from upstairs.

"Coming, honey," he said. "Just turning out the lights and locking up down here."

John dreamed of the busty little babysitter all night long and awoke with one of the hardest, most painful erections of his life. His wife had already left for work and he resigned himself to a cold shower. Not that she would have done anything, John thought. He was running late himself and barely made it to work on time. It was a long day and it took John most of it to clear his head.

The week progressed at a snail's pace, but Saturday arrived at last. John's wife had tickets to the opera and although John couldn't think of anything he hated more, he resigned himself to his fate. It was bad enough that she always seemed to have a headache when there was a concert that John wanted to go to, but she expected him to attend all of her highbrow events.

The doorbell rang and John ran down the steps to open it. It was Rachel, and she couldn't have worn a tighter shirt if she tried. It clung to her chest like a second skin. Her giant, gravity-defying tits were straining to burst right through it.

"H...uh..." John stammered. He started to shake and cough just like the old man in that famous book by Nabokov.

Rachel giggled. "Can I come in?"

"Yes!" he exclaimed a little too loudly. "Sorry, Rachel. It was a long week and I'm exhausted." He stood to the side allowing her to saunter past him.

"It's okay, Mr. Greene." She gave him a long look before turning her attention to the c***dren who ran in from the back yard to greet her.

John went upstairs to finish getting ready. By the time he and his wife came downstairs, Rachel was busy playing with the c***dren in the living room. He noticed that she had put on a cardigan that made her clothes look considerably more conservative. Was that for his wife's benefit? Was she just trying to mess with him?

His wife was already out the door as John turned to give Rachel her final instructions. "We'll be back after eleven sometime. Is that okay?"

"Of course," Rachel replied, giving John a huge smile. "Um...would it be okay if you could give me a ride home? My car isn't running and my mom gave me a ride over here."

"Yes. That would be fine." John wondered if he could drive without sneaking glances over at her chest on the way to her house.

The opera was every bit as boring as John imagined it would be. He tried to put his arm around his wife a couple of times as they watched, but she brushed his hand off and gave him a look that told him how inappropriate he was being. In fact, he couldn't remember the last time she smiled at him, or laughed with him. He couldn't remember the last time they'd had a conversation that didn't entail her bitching at him for something.

He had been resigned to his fate for a while now. The marriage wasn't all bad and there had been glimmers of hope that it might get better and then of course there were the c***dren. They had tried counseling, but his wife wouldn't do any of the actual work once they got home. She refused to talk to him about any of the issues that were raised in their sessions. She had the opinion that she was right about everything and wasn't open to the chance that she could be wrong. He found himself thinking about Rachel during the opera and cursing himself for his thoughts.

At last the show was over. "That was an excellent performance, don't you think?" his wife asked as they made their way out to the car. "Much better than that awful Foo Fighters rubbish you listen to."

John thought it better to keep his thoughts to himself, and they drove home in silence. Why did she have to throw that little barb at him? As they pulled into the driveway, he reminded Kathy that he had to give Rachel a ride home.

Kathy snorted and then told him that he better not forget to pay her and not to wake her up when he got back. She grabbed her coat and went into the house in front of him, said a quick good-night and thank you to Rachel and disappeared up the stairs.

John followed her in the door, fished some cash out of his pocket and handed it to Rachel. She was just slipping on her flip-flops and smiling at him. She wasn't wearing her cardigan.

"How were the k**s?"

"They were perfect angels, just like always."

"No problems?"

"Of course not, Mr. Greene," she said. "They love me and you know that I love them."

John thought that an odd response. " know we both adore you and thank you for watching them. Kathy was exhausted or she would have told you herself."

"Oh, there's no need to apologize for her, Mr. Greene," Rachel answered.

That was another strange response. John was tired, though and didn't let his mind linger on it. "Are you ready?"

"Oh, yes. I'm totally ready." Rachel grinned at him.

John tried not to stare. Was she thrusting her chest out further on purpose? Her flat stomach was showing between the bottom of her shirt and her tight pants. John wondered if she was ever able to tuck her shirts in.

John looked away and opened the door letting Rachel exit first. They got in the car and John started the long drive to Rachel's house. She had been their babysitter for the past three years and that first year, Kathy and John took turns driving her home. It had been awhile since John had been alone in the car with her and he was having trouble finding something to say.

Rachel saved him the trouble. "How was the opera Mr. Greene?"

John could feel her gaze on him. "Oh it was fine," he lied. "Well, Kathy enjoyed it a lot more than I did."

"I bet," Rachel replied. "I'm sure you would have been much happier at a Foo Fighters or Def Tones concert."

" like the Foo Fighters?" he asked, wondering how she had come to mention two of his favorite bands.

"Yes. I love both of them, and I know you do too. You're really funny."

"I try," John replied, feeling out of some kind of loop.

"I was looking through your CDs on the stereo," Rachel finished, laughing. "You always get nervous around me."

There, she had said it. Rachel had come out with one of those cold hard truths that most people don't talk about openly.

"Don't say that. I...I don't," John fumbled over his words. Who was the adult here?

"I'm just k**ding with you. You're turning all red by the way," she replied.

John knew that he was turning red. This conversation was making it hard to concentrate on driving up the winding country road to Rachel's house. A flash of movement to one side, caught his eye and he realized he should have been paying more attention to the road.

A deer darted out from the trees and in front of John's car. He barely had time to brake and steer to avoid it. He managed to miss the deer but slid his car off of the road and into some brush on the side. Rachel screamed as the car came to a stop.

John's heart was racing. He reached across to grab Rachel's arm and accidentally brushed one of her enormous boobs.

"Oh, my fucking God!" she exclaimed, breathing hard and looking over at John.

"Are you okay?" he asked, staring into her big blue eyes.

"Yes," Rachel mouthed, without making a sound, staring back so hard at John that it almost hurt him to turn away.

John's eyes drifted down to Rachel's heaving chest as she fought to control her breathing. It was mesmerizing.

"We're okay," John said, lifting his gaze back to her eyes.

He squeezed her hand a little too hard. "We're okay," he said again.

Rachel nodded and squeezed back. Her little hand felt so warm and her skin felt electric against his.

John pulled his hands away as if they were burned.

"Let's see if I can get us out of here." He looked away from her, placing all of his concentration onto restarting the car. John was certain that if he had kept gazing into Rachel's eyes and squeezing her hands, he would have leaned over and kissed her, or more.

John got the car started and back on the road, resuming the trip. He found himself driving insanely fast even after their little mishap.

"Please, slow down," Rachel requested timidly, not looking at him this time.

His body was coursing with adrenalin, as much from Rachel as from the near accident. John took a deep breath, forcing himself to slow down. He got them both there in one piece. Rachel got out of the car and came around to the driver's side, motioning for John to lower the window. John sat there looking at her through the glass for a few seconds before finally lowering it. Rachel tilted her head forward just a little too close. John started to sweat. He couldn't move or say anything.

"Thank you," she said simply, smiling at him and then turned and ran into her house.

It was a long drive home, especially with a raging hard-on. John's house was cold and dark when he got home.

"Just like my fucking life and marriage," John muttered under his breath, as he locked up and went upstairs to bed.

The rest of the weekend was non-descript and Monday came just a little too fast. The following week was a long exercise in de-motivation.

John felt like his whole life was turning into Groundhog Day and the only thing he could think about was his barely-legal baby sitter. For God's sake, she was still in high school! Life used to be so much better and he never used to have deviant thoughts about young girls.

As the weekend approached, John decided that the problem was him. His whole attitude about life and his marriage and his career was the problem. He decided that, thinking about his babysitter was a direct result of his negativity. She was exciting and different. That was all. He would change and with his mental change he could change his life and his marriage and his job and everything else for the better. There had to be a way to break through to Kathy. She wasn't a bitch when he married her. She had changed somehow. He would figure it out and come up with a plan. He wasn't about to give up.

He made up his mind to make a concerted effort to connect with his wife again. Maybe she was cold because he was cold. If he tried hard enough and long enough she would come around again. He bought a dozen roses after work on Friday and made reservations for one of her favorite restaurants for Saturday night. When he got home, Kathy was standing in the foyer with two heavy bags and her hands on her hips.

"It's about time you got home." She glared at him.

"I...are you going somewhere?" He handed her the roses.

"How nice, but they'll be dead before I get home. You've got a black thumb," she said distractedly, throwing them down on the table in the foyer.

"What do you mean? Where are you going? You know I have to work tomorrow?"

"Yes. I know you have to work. Some of us keep calendars. I'm going to my s****r's for a few days."


"She just had surgery this morning."

"I knew that," John lied. He had forgotten all about it. "Is she okay? I didn't think you were going down there though."

"I wasn't, but she called and really needs me. I called Rachel already and she'll be here before you go to work tomorrow. I've got to go. The k**s are in doing their homework. No sugar this weekend. I should be back by Tuesday evening."

Then, without a goodbye or a parting good wish, Kathy was out the door.

"Well shit." John stared after her for a moment and then went in to see the k**s.

John and the k**s had a great night, playing the Wii and eating way too much sugar filled food and candy. It was the best night they had together in months. He hated to admit it, but he thought it was probably because Kathy was gone. She hardly ever seemed to have fun anymore.

The next morning John woke up late. The alarm hadn't gone off or maybe he just forgot to set it. Usually Kathy reminded him. "Damn her," John muttered as he ran into the shower. He threw on some clothes and ran down the stairs. He was immediately greeted to the scent of eggs and bacon wafting from the kitchen.

"What? How?"

"Oh there you are, sl**py head." Rachel leaned out of the kitchen doorway. "We thought we heard you coming down the stairs." She held out a cup of coffee to him.

"Uh...good morning Rachel," John said, taking the coffee. "I forgot you were coming over. I guess Kathy gave you a key?"

"No silly. I know where you guys keep the extra key outside. So I came early and decided you could use a good hot breakfast. That's yours at the table. Hurry up and eat so you aren't late."

"Wow. Thank you," John said sitting down at the table and digging in. He couldn't remember the last time he had eaten a hot breakfast at home. Kathy just decided one day that she was done cooking.

The k**s had already finished and were in the f****y room watching cartoons. John stood up and grabbed his briefcase and jacket. "I'm not sure how late I'll be Rachel," he said.

"That's no problem. Stay as late as you need to. We'll be fine."

"I'll call and order you a pizza if I'm going to be really late." John was now awake enough to really look at Rachel. She was wearing another skin tight t-shirt and he could see the outline of her nipples poking out. She wasn't wearing a bra. Shit!

Rachel laughed. Had she caught him glancing at her chest? John started to turn red.

"Don't worry about pizza, Mr. Greene. I'll cook something up. Just let me know when you'll be home. I love to cook, and I've got two really good helpers in there. Say good bye to your dad, guys," she called into the f****y room.

"Good bye daddy!" two little voices shot out in unison.

John felt a warmth in his chest. This was how f****y life should be. Then he caught is what you make it.

"Okay, then," John said. "Dinner's on you, if you don't mind."

"I don't mind," Rachel said, beaming at him. "Have a great day Mr. Greene," she called after him as he walked out the front door.

John turned to her. "Call me John," he said and headed off to work.

John put in almost a full day of work finishing up his quarterly reports. He would be happy if he never saw another spreadsheet or SQL query for the rest of his life. When it was nearly six, he called Rachel and let her know that he was on his way home.

"That's great, John," Rachel said. "Dinner will be hot and ready when you get in."

"Wow. You really are good," he said. "Thanks again. You didn't really have to cook dinner."

"Yes I did silly," Rachel said, giggling, and then hung up the phone.

John found himself smiling like an idiot when he got off the phone. She had a way of making him feel like an awkward k** fresh out of high school. He had forgotten to ask her if she needed another ride home tonight.

John pulled up to his house about forty minutes later and the door opened up before he had a chance to fish his key out his pocket. "Hi, John,"Rachel smiled at him. "How was your day?" It was really nice to have someone ask about his day for once.

"It was great," he said, meaning it. It felt good to get everything done and not have to worry about someone giving him an attitude when he got home late. "I'm really glad to be home though." That was the truth.

"Well I'm glad you're home too," Rachel said. She reached out to take his briefcase and carried it into the house.

John followed her into the house and was greeted by the unmistakable smell of spaghetti and fresh garlic bread.

Rachel placed his briefcase by the stairs and motioned for John to follow her into the kitchen. She had two plates on the table and two glasses of wine as well.

"Thank you. This looks wonderful."

"You're welcome. I'm a little nervous. I'm afraid you won't like it."

The both sat down and started eating.

"Rachel, this is so good. Who taught you how to cook?" John couldn't believe how good it was.

"My mom," she replied. "Well, she started me off, but I absolutely love to cook and I've taken some classes at the community college already."

Rachel picked up her glass of wine and took a big gulp and John snapped back to reality.

"Uh...that might not be a good idea," he said. "I don't want you driving home after drinking and I don't want your parents to think that we're...partying here or something. In fact, you probably shouldn't be drinking at all"

"I already thought about that," she said, sucking an entire meatball into her mouth.

John's cock twitched in his pants. What did she mean that she'd already thought about that?

"Drink up. It's really good," Rachel said, draining her glass and then filling it up again from the bottle on the table.

John did drink up. She had definitely picked the correct wine. He should know. He was known as a wine snob by his friends. He hadn't realized she knew anything about wine or even where his wine cellar was.

"That really is good," John said. "How were you planning on getting home?" he asked, changing the subject.

"I'm not," Rachel said simply, taking another drink. "I told my parents that you wouldn't be home till really late and that it would be easier for me to stay the night and get picked up in the morning."

"Well...I mean..."

Rachel cut him off with laughter. "You are so silly," she said smiling and gazing into his eyes.

"Well, let's finish up, "John said.

When they were done, Rachel went up to check on the k**s. John cleared the plates and started the dishwasher. Rachel came down a few minutes later. "Oh, I was going to do that."

"Not on your life," John said. "The cook never does his own dishes, at least not in this house."

"That's sweet, "Rachel said.

Was she tipsy already? John had only seen her drink two glasses but the bottle was empty already. "The k**s are already in bed and just waiting for you to say goodnight to them."

"Thank you," John said, meaning it. He bounded up the stairs.

When he came back down a few minutes later, he noticed another open bottle of wine on the kitchen counter. He was more than a little uncomfortable having an u******e drinker in the house, and even more so since it was Rachel. He went into the f****y room and found Rachel lounging on the couch. She had a glass for him as well.
"Here you go," she said handing it to him as he sat down on the far end of the couch, away from her.

"Thank you."

"Don't keep thanking me. You deserve it. You looked like you had a rough day when you walked in. It's time for you to relax."

She was right, of course. John just needed to relax. Rachel was going to sl**p in the guest room. Nobody would ever find out that she was drinking here and it was just time for him to relax. Maybe that was the whole problem with everything. Maybe he was so uptight that it was having a negative impact on every aspect of his life.

"You're right," John said looking over at Rachel. "It was a long day and I just need to relax." He picked up the remote control and turned on the TV. "What do you want to watch?"


John looked over at her as she sipped her wine. She really was beautiful, with the biggest blue eyes and most amazingly huge breasts on such a slim figure. His cock started twitching again.

John turned his eyes back to the TV. What the fuck is wrong with you John? He started flipping through channels quickly, before settling on Dumb and Dumber. A good comedy was what they needed.

"I've never seen this one," Rachel said.

"You're in for a treat then."

They watched the movie, laughing together at all the funny parts, and finished off the second bottle of wine in the process. John didn't realize how much he missed sharing laughter with someone.

Somewhere near the end Rachel had dozed off. John watched the rise and fall of her chest as she slept. He was entranced. He couldn't take his eyes off of her nipples outlined beneath her shirt. She truly was beautiful. Now he had a problem. He had to get her into the guest room. Rachel had definitely had way too much wine and John was feeling a little tipsy himself.

"Okay...let's find out how much you weigh," John said moving over in front of Rachel. "Time for bed...can you hear me?" He gently shook her but she didn't respond. "Okay," he said and picked her up.

She was surprisingly light; much lighter than his wife. Of course, it had been years since he'd tried to pick Kathy up for any reason. He didn't think it would happen again unless it was to throw her out the front door on to her ass. John found that thought extremely funny and struggled to contain his laughter.

Rachel snuggled against John's chest as he carried her up the stairs. His cock hardened and he knew what he would be dreaming about all night. He managed to get her into the guest room, and onto the bed. She was wearing shorts, so he didn't feel the need to undress her. He pulled the covers over Rachel and left the room.

"Whew...that wasn't so bad," John said as he brushed his teeth a few minutes later. He decided to sl**p in shorts, just in case he had to wake up for any reason and was soon fast asl**p himself.

He woke up to the wind howling outside. It was going to be a stormy night. He got up and checked all the windows and looked in on the k**s. Everything was as it should be and he was soon fast asl**p again.

He woke up a little while later. There was someone else in his bed snuggled against him and snoring peacefully. It was Rachel. When had she gotten into his bed? Why had she gotten into his bed? She was still fully clothed and he was too tired to care so he rolled over to the other side of the bed.

He did dream about Rachel that night. He dreamed that he could feel her large soft breasts dragging against his legs as she deep throated his cock. He dreamed that he was bucking his hips up, driving his cock deep into her mouth. He dreamed that she was drooling around his cock and slurping on it, moaning in pleasure as she sucked him hard.

John snapped awake. This was no dream. The covers were off and so were his shorts. Rachel's giant tits were pressing into his legs and he was thrusting his cock deep into her mouth.

"No...stop..." he protested. "You have to stop!"

This only caused Rachel to grab the base of his cock and take him further down her throat. Where had she learned to do this? He was going to cum. She was staring into his eyes and sucking hard; swirling her tongue around his shaft. She wanted him to cum in her mouth. It was too late to stop.

Rachel moaned as John flooded her mouth with semen. She kept sucking him until he was spent and then released him and sat up on the bed. John's eyes were accustomed to the dark now and he could see her clearly. She was even more beautiful and more perfect than he had imagined that she would be. Her breasts seemed larger without the confines of a shirt. Her nipples were thick and long.

"You're still hard," she said giggling and looking down at his crotch.

"I...yes...I mean no...why are you..." John stammered.

Rachel shook her head and crawled up over John, letting her breasts drag up his body as she did. It was too late for John to protest. Rachel took one of John's hands and placed it on one of her massive breasts. It was so full and firm and soft. He squeezed.

"My God," he whispered. "You're perfect."

"I'm yours," she whispered back, kissing him lightly on the lips.

She was rubbing her pussy on his cock. She was already dripping wet. He had both hands on her chest now, mauling her breasts. She stuck her tongue into his mouth and they kissed passionately. She gripped him and guided him to her hole and in an instant he was inside her. She was so wet and hot and tight.

"Uh...Oh fuck you're big," Rachel grunted. "Let me do all the work."

Rachel rode him furiously, sliding her body up and down his. Her giant, full breasts mashed against John's body. She was so tight. He was going to cum again.

"You're...I'm going to cum," he panted.

"Me too," Rachel grunted, staring into his eyes. Her body started to shake. Her pussy contracted around his cock, and she whimpered setting off John's own orgasm.

Rachel leaned forward, pressing her lips against his. He responded by sucking her tongue into his mouth and they kissed fervently as they finished cumming together.

Rachel rolled off of John and they both lay there panting and gasping for breathe.

"That was the best sex I've ever had," John said and then regretted saying anything at all. What are you supposed to say after mind blowing sex with your eighteen-year-old babysitter in the bed that you share with your cold, frigid wife? "I mean...I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything," Rachel said as she cuddled up next to John, dr****g her arm and leg over him. Her large, firm breasts were molded against the side of his body. She kissed him on the cheek and soon she was snoring again. John fell asl**p a few minutes later.

John woke the next morning with a start. He popped up into a sitting position, full of panic. What had he done? He looked around the room. It was empty except for himself and the bedroom door was shut. There was absolutely no evidence of last night's tryst with the baby sitter. Maybe it was a dream? As John yanked on a t-shirt and sweatpants, he knew in his mind that he had done something very, very wrong last night.

He all but ran down the steps and into the kitchen and stopped dead in the doorway. Rachel and the two k**s were singing a song about a bus and eating fruit loops between verses. It was the cutest thing John had ever seen. It had been a long time since there had been any singing in the Greene home. John smiled despite himself.

"Say, 'good morning, Daddy,'" Rachel commanded and k**s cheerfully did as they were instructed and then went back to eating their cereal.

"We need to talk," John said, motioning for Rachel to follow.

"Sure," Rachel said smiling deeply at him. "You can finish the movie after you eat," she said to the k**s as she followed John into the downstairs office.

He shut the door behind him, but Rachel spoke first.

"Kathy called."

"She did?" John kept himself calm.

"Yes. She called while you were sl**ping. She was a little surprised that I was still here, but thought that it was a good idea. She asked if I could watch the k**s tomorrow and Tuesday until she came home."

"I...well I was going to ask you but...I's not a good idea now. We need to talk about last night."

Rachel ignored John's comment and kept on going. "Did you know that I don't have school this week?"

"I didn't know that, but..." John countered. "It doesn't matter."

"So I told Kathy that I could, and she said you had early morning meetings both Monday and Tuesday and thought that spending the night in the guest room Sunday and Monday night would be best for the k**s."

"She did?" John was flummoxed.

"Yes. I already told my mom and she's dropping off a bag of clothes for me later today. We're all set."

"No...I mean, we're not all set." John said.

"Kathy asked me what we did last night."


"You heard me, didn't you?"

"Yes...what did you tell her?"

"What do you think I told her?"

John shook his head. Rachel wouldn't do that do him.

Rachel just laughed.

"What do you want for breakfast?" Rachel said. She smiled and left the room.

"I don't want anything," John said to himself. What was he supposed to do now? It was his dream come true and his worst nightmare. How could anything go back to normal again? Why would he want it to?

John decided to skip breakfast. He snuck a cup of coffee when Rachel was in tending to the c***dren and then went upstairs to finish his TPS report.

He had been shut off in his bedroom the entire morning without interruption when the bedroom door opened. It was Rachel with her bags.

"Hey you," she said coyly. "I didn't want to disturb you while you were working up here. Everyone is down for their naps and I thought I'd take a shower."

"Thank you," John said. "You really are great with them. They'd still be crying if I was alone here trying to put them down to sl**p."

"Well you aren't alone. You aren't alone anymore," Rachel said, peeling off her t-shirt.

"You shouldn't," John protested. "Last night was..." He was unable to finish as she stepped out of her shorts. She was perfect.

Rachel just giggled and locked the bedroom door. Her massive tits bounced as she walked towards John. He stood there frozen, his breathe quickening. Rachel changed directing just before she reached him and sauntered into the master bathroom. She looked back, motioning him to follow. John did.

Rachel had already started the shower. "I...I'm going downstairs to get" he stammered.

"I want you to join me in the shower. Please?" she walked over and kissed him hard on the lips, placing a hand on his crotch at the same time. He was already rock hard. She grabbed his cock firmly through the fabric of his pants.

John kissed her back, his hands roaming over her young supple body. Rachel stepped back. "Please?"

"Why?" he asked.

"Because I love you silly," Rachel said giggling again. She turned and walked into the shower.

John stared after her. Nobody beside his c***dren, had told him that in years. Could she even know what love was? Asking God to forgive him, he pulled off his clothes and entered the shower with Rachel. Last night was bad enough, but at this second in time, he was about to cross the line of no return. Maybe he'd already crossed it last night. It didn't matter.

Rachel handed him the body wash and sponge. "I really need you to get my back good," she said turning away from him.

John started to lather up her back. Just touching her was sending electric shocks throughout his entire body. He felt like his head was going to explode.

"Don't forget my ass." She winked at him.

John didn't. He couldn't imagine ever forgetting a perfectly round ass like hers. It just wasn't possible. He worked the soap over her shapely ass and thighs and down the back of her legs and then worked his way up the sides of her stomach and reached around to her enormous boobs. Rachel moaned and leaned back against him as he worked his hands over them.

"It's my turn," Rachel said turning around. John closed his eyes as this beautiful young woman cleaned every last inch of him, paying singular attention to his rigid cock.

They made out as the hot water washed away all the soap. It seemed to wash away all of John's doubt and shame as well. They toweled off and then Rachel led John back out onto the bed.

"Let me take care of this for you," she said dropping to her knees in front of him. "It's so big. You have no idea how full I felt last night. I didn't know I could feel like that."

"'s not that big...I mean..."

John stopped talking as Rachel engulfed his member deep into her mouth. She was good. She slid her mouth up and down his shaft, taking him deeper each time. Then she blew his mind as she took him so deep into her throat that her nose was buried in his pubic hair. John had never felt anything so good in his life. Kathy certainly wasn't capable of this. Hell, she wouldn't even give him a hand job anymore.

John looked down at Rachel and they stared into each other's eyes as she worked her wonderful mouth up and down his shaft. She was drooling around his cock and moaning as she sucked him. John only lasted a few minutes.

"I'm going to cum," he warned.

Rachel pulled her mouth off of his cock long enough to plead for him to fill her mouth with it. That was all it took, and he started pumping cum between her lips.

"Ugh...Oh God..."

Rachel kept on sucking and swallowing until John started to deflate in her mouth. She pulled her mouth away. "Yummy."

John collapsed back onto the bed. "Come here," he commanded.

Rachel stood up. "I'm right here."

"No. That's not what I mean. Come here. I want your pussy on my face. I'm going to eat you."

"Oh!" Rachel exclaimed and then jumped onto the bed, crawling over John's body until her naked sex was right over his face. "No one's ever done that to me before."

John pulled her down onto his mouth and started to lick her oozing slit. Rachel moaned and ground herself against John's mouth. "Oh Fuck! Eat me!" she squealed.

John pleasured her, licking and sucking on her clit. It had been years since he had done this, and he was going to make the most of it. She was delicious and her body was telling him that he was doing it right.

"Oh...oh....I'm cumming," she moaned as her body shook in orgasm. John kept licking and sucking her as she came. Rachel kept grinding her pussy against John's mouth. She rolled off of him a few minutes later, breathing heavily.

John looked over at her squeezing her hand. "Are you okay?"

"I couldn't breathe...fuck...that was so intense...that was so good....oohh."

They both lay there recovering on the bed, holding hands.

"I love you," Rachel said and then grabbed some clothes and a small bag of toiletries and ran into the bathroom.

"Shit," John said to himself, still savoring her taste on his tongue. "She really is delicious."

Rachel came out a few minutes later. "It's all yours," she said smiling at him. "I'm going to check on the k**s and what I've got in the oven."

She was wearing the tightest jeans that John had ever seen. They were a second skin, revealing every inch of her luscious ass and shapely legs. She had on an almost sheer white top with a plunging neckline. John could see her large thick nipples poking against the fabric. Rachel just laughed at him and left the bedroom. John's cock was semi-hard again. He shook his head and walked into the bathroom.

John brushed his teeth, got dressed and went downstairs as well. When he got there he could smell a roast that Rachel had in the oven. She knew her way around the kitchen for sure. She was outside playing with the k**s again. What was he going to do? Did she really love him? Was he going to leave his wife? What about the k**s? She was too young for him!

Just then there was a knock on the front door. John was surprised when he opened it up and it was his s****r. "Uh...Hi," John said, clearly surprised.

"Hey John," she said. "Well, aren't you going to let me in?"

Of course not, John thought to himself. My braless, barely-legal, illicit lover is out back playing with my c***dren and you want to come in? Instead, John simply said, "yes."

John's s****r, Wendy, was a few years younger than John and lived in Pennsylvania.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, just now noticing that she had a suitcase with her.

"Don't you remember?" She sighed and stared at him. "I told you I was heading out west for the writer's faire and that I'd be stopping by Sunday night. Don't tell me that you forgot?"

" mean yes. I forgot."

"Where's Kathy?"

"Well that's part of the problem. Her s****r was in the hospital and she left to help her out for a few days. Things have been kind of crazy around here, especially with work. It doesn't matter though. You're always welcome and we always have room for you."

"Well that explains a lot," Wendy said laughing. "Are you cooking? Something smells wonderful."

"Well, not exactly," John said grabbing Wendy's suitcase and setting it near the stairs. "Do you remember Rachel, our babysitter?"

"She's here? She's cooking?"

"Yes. It was all Kathy's idea."

"Of course," Wendy replied. "I see."

There was no love lost between John's s****r and his wife. "Come on out and say hi to the k**s," John said, leading Wendy to the back of the house.

As soon as the k**s saw John's s****r, they came running in from the back yard. "Hi Aunt Wendy!" they said in unison, smothering her in hugs and kisses.

"Hi," Rachel said sheepishly, standing in the doorway.

"Hi Rachel," Wendy said, arching her eyebrows, obviously shocked by Rachel's barely covered breasts. "Shouldn't...never you remember me from a few a few years ago? You've changed."

"Thank you," Rachel replied. "I do remember you."

At this point the k**s ran back outside to finish making mud pies and Rachel hurried along behind them.

"John, we need to talk," Wendy said angrily to John. "She looks like a slut and in front of the k**s."

"I was upstairs working and just now came down. I had no idea," he defended himself. His own anger was rising; or was it guilt?

"Okay...Christ, I'm sorry," Wendy said putting a hand on her b*****r's arm. "It's been a long drive and I'm a little grumpy. I was just shocked. I know that's how girls dress these days. Could you tell her to change shirts, for me?"

"Of course," John replied. "Why don't you go upstairs and freshen up. Rachel was going to stay in the guest room but it's all yours. She won't mind sl**ping on the couch."

Wendy just nodded and took her bags upstairs. John called Rachel in, but before he could say anything, she told him that she was going upstairs to change shirts and get her stuff out of the guest room.

"That was easy," he said to himself. Why did she have to make everything so damn easy?

John and Wendy spent the rest of the afternoon catching up and playing with the k**s as Rachel made dinner. "It's like having your own live in housekeeper," Wendy said as Rachel call from the kitchen that dinner was ready. John smirked. It was a lot more than that.

Dinner was great and Wendy started warming up to Rachel. They both kicked John out of the kitchen and cleaned up together. They were actually having a good time in there, joking around. John thought that it was nice to have the sound of friendly laughter coming out of the kitchen for a change.

When it was time to turn in for the night, Wendy apologized for taking the guest room and offered it back to Rachel.

"No thanks Wendy," Rachel replied. "I'm fine out here and these couches are very comfortable. I'll probably sl**p better than you."

John hoped so. He knew that he wouldn't be able to resist her if she snuck into his room tonight. He still didn't know what he was going to do? Just cut Rachel off and find another babysitter? Would she keep quiet? Did John even want her to?
John awoke in the middle of the night with a massive hard on. Well, that wasn't quite right. He awoke in the middle of the night to Rachel jacking him off to his full length and hardness.

"Rachel! What are you doing? My s****r is in the next room!" he hissed at her.

Rachel responded by taking half his shaft into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it. Soon she was bobbing her head up and down his thick cock, making wet slurping noises. John was unable to protest. The feeling was too good and the sounds of her sloppy blowjob were almost too much.

Rachel pulled her mouth off of his cock, drool running down her chin. "I missed you today. I felt like we had to keep our relationship a secret with your s****r here."

"We do," John said as Rachel pulled off her oversized t-shirt letting her monumental tits spring free. "Oh, my God."

Rachel got on the bed and lay back, spreading her legs. "I've never needed anything in my life as badly as I need you right now. I was going to ask you to make love to me but all I really want you to do is fuck me," she said pouting her lips for effect.

"I...Wendy" John stammered. His cock was impossibly hard and it hurt.

Rachel inserted a finger into her pussy and started fucking herself with it. "I need this to be your cock, lover. Your cock is much thicker and longer than my finger and it will pump me full of your baby seed."

In spite of himself he crawled over Rachel, squeezing one of her plump boobs as she continued to finger herself. Did she just say baby seed? He had filled her pussy up with his semen without using protection. He hadn't even bothered to ask her if she was on the pill. What if he got her pregnant? She probably already was. This was a nightmare. She was his personal whore of Babylon and he was helpless to stop himself.

"Please," Rachel whispered huskily. "Be my man and fuck me."

"I am your man," John said and thrust himself inside her. Soon they were sucking on each other's tongues as they fucked. Rachel was moaning into his mouth and grabbing John's ass, urging him deeper. Rachel was so tight and warm and alive. He knew in that instant that he would never give her up. They both came together, neither of them noticing Wendy watching from the doorway.

Rachel slept with John that night, only bothering to get dressed when his alarm clock went off for work. She took her time pulling on her pajamas and leaving his room.

When John finished dressing, he left the room and ran right into Wendy.

"John...we need to talk."

"What's up? I haven't had any coffee yet so don't make it too complicated."

"Oh this is going to be easy," Wendy said looking like she was about to unleash the fury of the world upon him.

"Okay, you've got my attention."

"I know that Rachel slept with you last night."

"Slept with me?"

"Don't make me say it. Goddamn you!"


"I saw you fucking each other's brains out last night. There! Do you understand that?""

John strode past his s****r and headed down the stairs and into the kitchen. Rachel and the k**s were sitting there eating fruit loops. He stood there for a minute, realizing that his little fantasy was soon going to be over. Rachel stood up as soon as she saw John enter the kitchen, and went over to the coffee machine. Wendy followed John into the kitchen and her and Rachel shared a look. It was a look that said that there were no secrets here this morning. They both turned and looked at John.

"Go finish your movie, guys," Rachel said to the c***dren. They both took off into the f****y room leaving only the adults.

"John?" Rachel asked. It was a question that really asked everything.

"John," Wendy said simply.

John started to sweat. He wanted to crawl into a hole. It was moments like this that defined who a man really was. He didn't want to be a timid little coward who cheated and lied.

John went over to Rachel and pulled her against him. Her massive chest squeezed between them, as he looked her in the eyes. "I love you," he said and kissed her passionately. She kissed him back, wrapping her arms around him.

They stepped apart, holding hands and looked over at Wendy.

"Well I guess that settles that," Wendy said. "Now, what?"

"I guess I'd better call Kathy."

"She'll be furious," Wendy said.

"I don't think so. She can have the house. She doesn't even like the k**s."

"You're being a little simplistic," Wendy said. "Life's way more complicated..."

John cut her off. "I see everything so clearly now. I'm tired of doing the wrong thing and banging my head against the wall. I've got to make a few phone calls."

John found Wendy and Rachel drinking coffee together in the living room, when he came back. He went over to Rachel and kissed her, sitting down next to her. She melted against him, eyes wide, mouth open.

"Well?" Wendy asked.

"I told her I was leaving her and that I was taking the k**s. I told her that she could have the house and that we'd work out visitation and that my lawyer would be in contact with hers. For once in her life, she didn't have much to say. She asked who would be watching the k**s and I told her Rachel would. She didn't say much more that that, except that she wanted all of my stuff gone by the time she got home."

"Where will you go?" Rachel asked.

"That's the wrong question Rachel," John said, grasping both her hands in his and gazing into her eyes.

"I just can't...I don't know how to ask what I'm feeling," she said. She took a big gulp as tears streamed down her face.

"I've just rented us a townhouse. You're moving in with me. You're moving in with us."

"Oh, John," she said collapsing against him.

"Oh, John," Wendy said. "Should I stay and help you pack?"

"Please," John and Rachel said in unison. Wendy did. John and his Busty little baby sitter made babies and lived happily ever after.

The End.
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Uncle Matt

Uncle Matt

My b*****r's oldest son is a sissy boy. It was something I always had my
suspicions about. It remained unsaid in our f****y, but I am pretty sure
that I wasn't the only one to have thought that. Even though my b*****r and
I live in separate towns miles apart, our families usually get together
about two or three times a month, usually on weekends. My b*****r has two
boys, Kyle who is thirteen and Joey who is eleven. My boy, Bryce, is
thirteen, too.

Kyle was always a delicate boy. He is moderately thin, but not overly so.
He has a willowy way in which he moves about. It is subtle enough; you
might not notice it on first acquaintance. By contrast, my boy Bryce has a
clumsy athleticism of a muscular boy; well, as muscular as you can be as a
just maturing boy of thirteen. Even though both boys were nearly the same
age, it was obvious which nephew was the dominant one, but it didn't
matter, the boys got along just fine and enjoyed each other's company.

It was when both boys reached twelve years old that I suspected something
more than c***dish play might've be going on. As you would expect, the boys
often express themselves physically. Bryce is often the instigator, but
Kyle plays along, just not as aggressively as Bryce. When Bryce tickles
Kyle, Kyle giggles unstoppably, frantically writhing about. Kyle's giggling
is quite high-pitched. I remember Bryce saying about his cousin, "he
giggles like a girl." There are many times during visits when I would hear
the boys up in Bryce's room giggling and goofing around followed by an
extended period of quiet.

I knew my boy Bryce had begun enjoying masturbation around age eleven. I
had seen him, unsuspectingly on his part, semiconsciously playing with
himself in his pants or bathing suit on several occasions. It was shortly
thereafter that I gave him "the talk" and told him that masturbation was an
activity that all boys enjoyed. I also told him about ejaculation and wet
dreams. I subsequently found out that Bryce began ejaculating at about
twelve and a half – laundry told the tale. After that I knew he was at
it regularly every day, probably several times a day, and I let him have
his fun.

Now all that is just preliminary information, the real story starts here. I
had been over at my b*****r's house on some nameless errand or another and
I was talking to my s****r-in-law who was in the kitchen preparing dinner
while I stood in the f****y room. While we conversed for fifteen minutes or
so, Kyle was sitting in a recliner involved in playing a videogame. Every
once in a while I would look over my nephew and, more often than not, I
would catch him looking at me and he would hurriedly turn his eyes back to
the television screen with a somewhat, I thought, guilty look on his
face. There were two specific things that I noticed: one; it wasn't just
anywhere that Kyle was looking, his gaze was directed towards the fly of my
jeans, and, two; I could see that Kyle was trying to hide the fact that he
had an erection pressing forward in the front of his nylon track
pants. After the third or fourth time I looked over, there was no doubt
about it.

At this point I think it only fair to inform you, the reader, that I had,
in my teen years, quite enjoyed casual sex with other guys, both older and
younger. I knew what Kyle wanted even if he didn't. I'm not going to be a
hypocrite, I wanted it too. I decided to do something about it.

"Hey, Susie, before I forget" I interjected in the casual conversation I
was having with my s****r-in-law, "I just remembered I have to pick up a
couple of tools that Bob has in the garage to fix my truck. Do you mind if
I go out there and look for them?"

She didn't object. I knew she wouldn't. I turned my head towards my nephew.

"Hey, Kyle," I said loudly, "Save that game and come out to the garage and
help me find something."

The boy looked surprised. I knew he'd be apprehensive about standing up
given the unmistakable boner in his pants. I didn't give him time to

"Come on," I insisted, "I need your help."

My nephew got up uncomfortably, turning away and pretending to put the game
controller away. I could see him try to adjust himself in his pants before
turning around. I felt a stirring of my own seeing the boy's predicament.

We went out to my b*****r's detached garage behind the house. It was quite
a workshop and I was envious that he could fit not only two cars inside,
but he also had enough room to fit toolboxes, benches, compressors,
etc. After going through the side door, I circled around the workbench and
my b*****r's rollaway toolbox. This would put both Kyle and me out of sight
if anyone were to come into the garage unexpectedly. I didn't waste any

"Come over here, Kyle."

I pretended to look in one or two of the drawers of the toolbox. My nephew
came over bit reluctantly. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that his
penis was clearly still half hard in his pants. When I turned around to
talk to the youngster he tried awkwardly to cover himself with his
hands. It only made things more obvious.

"Kyle ...?" I paused carefully.

"Yes, Uncle Matt?"

"Kyle, I want to ask you a question."

"Yes ...?"

"Kyle, why were you looking at my crotch in the f****y room?"

The boy's eyes went wide; his jaw dropped and he began to stammer.

"Uh-Uh-Uncle muh-muh Matt, I-I wasn't uh ... luh-looking ..."

I cut him off.

"Yes you were, Kyle," I said measuredly, "you were looking at my
crotch. Don't deny it."

"I ... uh ..."

The boy looked scared and desperately tried to come up with some excuse. He

"Kyle, kneel down on the floor," I directed with calm resolution.

I pointed to a spot in front of the rollaway toolbox. The thirteen-year-old
complied obediently, kneeling on the dusty concrete. I stepped in front of
my nephew and stood with my crotch a foot from his face. My cock had
lengthened and f***ed the denim to bulge noticeably.


The boy looked up submissively.

"Y-y-yes, Uncle Matt?"

"You want to see my cock, don't you?" I sympathetically inquired in no
uncertain terms.

The boy his lower lip shook slightly; his deep brown eyes were watery in

"Y-yes," was the barely audible reply.

I reached down and unbuttoned my jeans. Kyle held his breath.

I spread my fly and tugged my jeans and jockey shorts down. My veiny, cut
cock sprung forth, swinging on display before the kneeling boy. Kyle was
mesmerized. I erected in a series of throbbing, pulsing jerks. A sticky
drizzle emerged from my meatus and began dripping down the v-shaped wings
flaring on the underside of my glans.

"Kiss it," I commanded the kneeling boy.

Kyle looked up in a daze. I reached for him. His fine, straight strands of
delicate brown hair ran between my fingers as I cradled the side of his
head, pulling his opened lips towards my turgid shaft. The boy's nose
bumped the underside of my rod for a moment before I pressed his moist
mouth to my hot cock. I shuddered. Kyle slowly, tentatively kissed a man's
cock for the first time. I pulled him more firmly into my manhood. My
b*****r's son gave a muffled moan.

"Mmmph ..."

I f***ed him lower.

"Kiss my sack, boy."

He nuzzled my scrotum with a groan of boyish ecstasy. After a few moments,
I pulled him back. I gave him directions.

"Suck the head. Get it nice and wet."

My nephew grasped my thigh in order to pull himself up enough to get his
mouth down over the head of my erection. He hesitated only a moment, seeing
the slick ooze of my pre-come, before putting his lips on the purpleish
crown. Kyle lapped and sucked readily; his saliva ran down my hard shaft. I
suspected he had some experience at this sort of thing.

I pulled the boy off my cock and told him to stand. When he did, I gave my
next command.

"Turn around."

Kyle did so. He looked back with trepidation. Deep down I think he knew
what was coming.

"Bend over and put your hands on the edge of the toolbox."

After he did so, I reached for the waistband of his nylon track pants. I
pulled them down. Briefly, they snagged on the boy's erection before
falling to the thirteen-year-olds ankles. I lowered the boy's boxers,
revealing a completely smooth, boyish bottom. I felt a rush of heat, my
scrotum tightened, I let out a soft gasp at the sight.

"I'm going to fuck you, Kyle," I uttered, my lowered voice husky with lust.

It was a statement of fact as certain as the rising of the sun. I
positioned boy, spreading a cheek with my thumb. I put the tip to the
creamy entrance.

"Oooh," the boy cooed.

I pushed my thumb into the orifice. It clamped delicately shut. Kyle let
out another moan, half sensuous, half surprised. I f***ed my way in up to
my first knuckle. Kyle let out a different kind of moan.


"It's going to hurt at first, Kyle," I informed him, "that's just the way
it is."

I pulled my thumb from the boy's anus. I dropped my jeans and underwear
lower on my thighs. I stepped up behind my nephew and put the sloppy,
pointy head of my cock on the pouting pink star popping from the cleft of
his ass, guiding my rod with my right hand. I put my left hand on the boy's
shoulder and began to press my cock into the tight ring.

"Oh! Oh, Uncle Matt!"

His simple cry was that of surprise, of fear, of lust; it was an expression
of pure visceral sensation. It held conflicting desires; a want, a craving,
and a hesitancy, a wish to stop an inevitability that couldn't be
stopped. It was the timeless voice of the boy being taken by a man.

I pushed; the head slid in.

"Ohhh! Nnnnhh! Ow! Owww!"

The boy struggled on tiptoe, trying unsuccessfully to get away from what
was already a fait accompli.

"Try to relax, Kyle," I offered knowing it was no comfort.

"Uncle Matt, it hurts!" My nephew's voice climbed, the last word boyishly
high with emphasis.

"I know it does, boy," I groaned.

I fed in another inch.


"You're going to get it. You're gonna get what you want, Kyle."

"Uhhh! Uhhh!"

My nephew gave constant high-pitched groans as he writhed, skewered on my
cock. I could feel his asshole freeing up a bit, but I didn't have the
time to slow fuck the boy, he would just have to take it. I reached
forward, underneath the boy's thin chest with my right hand and pinched the
tiny nub of his boyish nipple.

"Owww! ... Uhh ... Uhhh!"

It was cry of pain that blended into a deep utterance of lust. I gave the
boy a moment to relax. When he did so, I simultaneously gave another
f***eful pinch of Kyle's nipple as a physical distraction and shoved the
fattest part of my cock through his stretched orifice.


The loud cry echoed in the garage.

"Ohhh! Ohhh!"

I could feel Kyle's anus spasm around my intruding manhood.

"Nnnghh! Please ... Uncle Matt!" came the plea, "No more!"

I didn't listen and stuffed the last inches of my pole, little by little,
into my nephew's rectum.

"Uhhn ... Uhnngh ... Uhhnn ..."

In to the hilt, I paused. I stood still and let a few moments pass.
Slowly Kyle's groans became moans. I knew the boy was mine.

"You want cock, don't you?" I intimately whispered to the slender youth
bent before me.

"Uhh ..."

"Don't you?" I asked salaciously.

I emphasized my question with a pump of my cock.

"Ohh! Y-y-yes."

"You were looking at my cock in the house, weren't you, Kyle?"


"Yes! Unnh!"

"It made you hard, didn't it?"

There came a sibilant confession, "Yesss."

I gave a couple of pumps, this time urged on by my own lust, not the boy's

"Oh, Uncle Matt!"

My right hand still under the boy's chest, I ran my left gently through the
long brown locks, caressing my b*****r's boy. Kyle gave little
open-mouthed gasps of ecstasy.

"I am going to give you my cock, Kyle," I promised the lad.

I knew I couldn't last long; enveloped as I was in the tight, hot furnace
of a boy's virgin bottom. I tried a slow outward stroke, but the thirteen
year olds anal ring clung tenaciously to the base of my shaft.

"Ooh! Uncle Matt," the youngster mewed.

I decided to bang fuck my nephew. I would just use inward thrusts to
bounce his ass on my cock; it would be easier on Kyle and, given how tight
my nuts were, it might give me a chance to last long enough to savor
deflowering the delicate boy. I ran my hands down the teen's thin flanks to
grasp the flesh of his obliques. I started giving the slightest, gentle
thrusts of my hips. Kyle's smooth bottom slid against my hairy pubes. I
gave deep groan.


"Nnnhhh," was the pure carnal response from my nephew leaning before me.

"Oh, Kyle ...," my voice trailed off in my erotic delirium.

I began to take the boy's bottom.


"Oh ..."


"Ohh ..."


"Ohhh ..."

I increased the tempo and vigor of my assault.

Bang! Bang!


Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Oh! Unc ... Uhhh ... Unc ..."

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Uncle Matt!"

The sensual, a****listic cries of lust uttered by my nephew enflamed my
desire. As I neared the acme of my release, I could feel the erect, wiry
hair on my constricted scrotum against the naked nates of my b*****r's boy.
I knew it was going to be too hard to hold off busting my nut for long. I
decided to take matters in hand to assure our mutual pleasure.

I slid my left hand down from the boy's waist and reached down between the
thirteen year olds legs. I made contact with a pointed, stiff arrow of
flesh. There came a sharp gasp.


I wrapped my fingers around the rampant penis of my nephew and began a
rough manipulation of the naked glans.

"Ohh! Ohhh! Uncle Matt!"

The boy went out of control.

"Come for me Kyle!" I ordered.

"Uhhh ... Uhhhh ... Uunnngghhh!"

The boy's penis in my hand twitched and spurted. I felt Kyle's tight anus
spasmodically contracting around my intruding shaft, pulsing repeatedly in
a timeless and universal rhythm. It sent me over the edge.

"I'm gonna come in your fucking ass," I cursed loudly through clenched

I could feel the bl**d pounding in my neck as I tried to restrain myself
from giving the slender boy full thrusts from my muscular thighs. I grunted

"Gngghhh! Gngghhh! Gggnnngghh!"

Restricted by the boy's tight opening, I grimaced as each searing discharge
exploded from my flared glans deep inside my nephew's ass. Kyle moaned
repeatedly as the stretched ring of his anus was tugged to and fro by my
swollen phallus.

"Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhhh!"

I held my breath through the last spurts of my spunk before exhaling in a
gasp of sheer satisfaction. As my pulsations dwindled, I ran my hand
soothingly over my nephew's back and bottom while I tried to catch my
breath. I had forgotten the intensity of fucking a teenage boy. I wouldn't
be as unmindful in the future.

Having regained my composure, I pulled back, drawing my half limp ramrod
from Kyle's red rimmed orifice. As the spent head of my cock popped free
of the boy's stretched anus, splashes of semen flew about. Most fell
either on the cement floor or into Kyle's dropped underwear; a few dots
stained my jeans. Kyle leaned against the toolbox, panting heavily.

I reached forward and pulled my young nephew's lithe torso to mine in a
passionate embrace. I kissed his neck and hair. I ran my hand down to
caress the boy's drooping penis and still half-tight scrotum.

"Oh ... Uhh ... Uhnnghh ..."

"Did you like getting dicked by Uncle Matt?"

"Oh ... ye-yes!"

"Did you like having my hard cock in your ass?"

"Uh – huh," was the breathless affirmation.

"I thought you would," I stated with restrained irony.

I released the slim boy from my embrace and turned him around.

"You can have it again if you want it, whenever you want it."

Kyle smiled shyly. I believe he may have blushed; it was hard to tell in
the dull light of the garage.

I pulled up my drawers and tucked my sloppy cock away as Kyle watched. I
smiled at him as I buttoned my Levis. That done, I bent down on one knee
and pulled Kyle's underwear and track pants up, pausing to admire the boy's
fine thirteen-year-old equipment before I tucked it away in his boxers with
a gentle pat. I glanced up at my nephew and we exchanged knowing smiles.
Standing, I finished pulling his track pants up to his waist and adjusted
them with care. I slid my left hand down the back of the boy's buttocks
under his drawers and caressed the cream smeared cleft between his taut
cheeks. I felt him quiver at my touch. I turned his chin upward and he
gazed at me with his brown eyes; the long dark lashes were clumped, still
damp from virginal tears.

"When you go inside, go to the toilet," I instructed, "Sit down and let the
jizz slide out of your ass. Wipe yourself real good, okay?"

Kyle nodded. I pulled my hand from the boy's pants.

"You'll have to hide your underwear from your mom and wash it later," I
continued, "If your bottom is sore put some Vaseline on your finger and
stick it up inside. The soreness will go away in a day or two."

"Okay, Uncle Matt," the boy said obediently.

I used the sleeve of my sweatshirt to wipe my nephew's watery spurts off of
his dad's toolbox.

"I'm thinking it might be hard to explain to your dad how this got on his
toolbox," I stated jokingly.


I could see Kyle blush this time.

"Look, I'll finish cleaning up in here and you go in and tell your mom I
found what I was looking for in the garage and that I'll call your dad

"Okay, Uncle Matt."

"Go on then. And Kyle ..."

"Yes, Uncle Matt?"

"You know I love you."

Kyle smiled and blushed a bright red.

"Go on now."

And off he went.

I fuck Kyle a couple of times a month now, usually whenever he visits. I
think my boy Bryce has had him, too.
... Continue»
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Heather, Matt and I....A bisexual adventure

Ever since Matt came into our lives, his big cock has been busy fucking Heather one night.and me the next, but it took a couple weeks and all three of us were full fucking hard....

Matt and I arrived home and planned on sucking each others dicks and fucking till we fell asl**p, but Heather had other plans...She was sitting on the couch in the basement wearing nothing but a smile....As we entered and looked at her she spread her muscular legs flexing her thigh muscles and running her hands over those big hard round tits and down over her abs dangling her red finger nails to her shaved little pussy....With " Well, hello boys to wanna cum and fuck me?.." she spread her pussy lips apart and slipped one finger in with a soft moan, then slowly taking that finger and sucking it slowly...

She licked her finger tips as she played with her cunt tasting her own juices and casually asking us to come over. We both stripped in record time and we're naked and hard by the time we got to her. Matt greeted her with a kiss then me the back to her, his strong hands cupped her left breastfeeding while I sucked the right, they kissed as I sucked Heathers tits then we switched she moaned softly as our bodies moved together in perfect rythem soon Matt was eating pussy and I was having our little slut suck my cock....Her red head bobbed back and forth hard and fast, and her slurping and muffled moans made me want to explode, but Heather being a great cock sucker sensed I was gonna cum and stopped just in time, and let out a loud high pitched scream and grabbed Matts blonde head and thrust her hips up as she cumm hard over is mouth and face...

I kissed Matt first tasting Heathers cum on my boyfriends mouth was so hott made my heart pound, it turned Heather on too with " Ohh fuck you two...There is nothing sextet than two men kissing...well maybe when you suck and fuck....your just hott u two.."she tell the two of us before breaking us up and kissing the two of us I got on my knees and took Matt in my mouth and sucked him till he was close, Heather watched, then did me till I was close. She stopped and layed back holding her tits together telling us the jerked off on her tits....waisting no time I cum first hard and fast with a deep groan, Matt immediately after me , we both stand there rubbing our stiff cock over her hard melons and spreading cum around.

We both go down and lick and suck up our mess the cum kiss each other then spit the rest into Heathers open cum hatch...She climbed on top of Matts thick cock and slowly starts riding and bouncing up and down and getting louder with each inch she took and yelling out how good his cock felt in her wet cunt...

I got behind her and licked her pussy as his cock disappeared in her hole...Every so often he would slip out and I would get a mouth full of cock, I would swallow my man's meat down then slide him back in my girlfriends pussy...
We made her cumm like a fire hose my face was covered in her juices and her pussy was dripping wet....

She rode hard and fast as they both moaned and screamed out there orgasim, Heather pulled up just enough so his mushroom head was just in her hole and pumped in a creamy white load in and over her swollen red pussy, and I was there licking and sucking up her cream pie and cleaning off Matts cumm soaked cock all with a hungry mmmmmmmmmm

It was my turn still swallowing cum and licking it from my lips I smacked Heather on the ass and told her " Ass up honey...your gonna get fucked doggy.." " Oh yeah, fuck me baby gimme your cock...fuck my sloppy cunt...mmmmmm fuck me!" She moans out half outa breathe in whiny but somehow strong voice....Matt positions himself in front and Heather goes to work on his cock keeping our super stud hard..I slide my stiff throbbing member into her quivering cum soaked hole...So wet and warm I push deep and full looking at my boyfriend, watching my girlfriends head work a big cock. Again her muffled moans, only turn to loud screams when she relised Matts cock...such high pitched moans to the point of breaking crystal! "FUCK ME...FUCK ME" She calls out as my cock pounds hard and fast in her pussy, my hands pull her hips back to match my thrusts...then suddenly I had no control it hit me like a title wave as I pumped I filled her with my cumm deep inside her honey hole.

We broke from each other all covered in sweat and outa breathe we stopped long enough to catch our breathe and laugh at what fun we just had....then Matt the super Cock says " were not done yet and got on his knees and swallowed my cum soaked dick slurping and grabbing my tight ass, fingering and sucking I got hard once more...He turned his attention back to Heather spreading her legs and pushing them back and diving in to give her a rim job...Once again Heather was moaning and groaning and telling us how much she liked it

We took turns licking and tounge fucking her ass till she was just right to fuck....Matt went first spreading her open making her gasp loudly, but still telling him to fuck her ads hard and deep, and he did. Then it was my turn my tight white ass pumped up and down as Matt rubbed and finger my hole....

We both took three or four turns before we switched up Heather bent over and gave me her ads doggy I was no inside her for half a minute when Matt was pushing his monster cock in my fuck hole...we were a chain, Matt was driving his hard and deep thrusts (the way I like it) he drove his 8 inch cock like a piston, pushing me into Heather....The whole room filled with raunchy sex sounds Heather and her high pitched moans, me with my deep belly groans and Matts fast grunts all with the sound of hips smacking asses...I first with a eye watering body quivering orgasum shooting a load deep inside Heathers ass. My hole tightened around Matts throbbing cock gripping him tight, and it wasn't long after her was filling me with his man juice.....

We stayed in position for a couple minutes before we broke and all kissed and layed there in the after glow of our orgasum. ...... Continue»
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Matt and me

In my 25th year I met matt we woked together,We became fast friends, we had ton of things in common our movies, music, food, gym and even the same taste in women.I even spent most night at his apartment, We quite often went out clubbing and drinking together, most of the time we went home alone, but sometimes we would go home with women and get laid. Ohter time only one of us.

On friday night Matt picked up a very sexy hott blonde, I slept in the spare bedroom, witch was tough listning to him fuck for hour on end, but I jerked off thinking I was in htere two, I had a fantasy of sharing a women with him, or even just fucking him.......

Matt didn't know I was bisexual and That I had such thoughts for him, I thought it might wreck our friendship,and didn't want that. Well on that particular evening Matt was with taht hot blonde killer body beautiful face, great tits and anice ass, and from the way is sounded she was wild. I jerked off and came but I was still hard and wanted more, I thought maybe if I quietly stood ouside his door I might see, or at the very least hear better.

As I come out, my heart pounded and mouth got dry with excitment, his door was open half way and could almost see everything, I watched and stroked myself carefully so I didn'd cum to quickly(I wanted this to last) I watched her long blond hair covering his lap and bob up and down as she sucked his cock. Her slurping sounds and his moaning just about made me blow it right there. I stopped and took a deep breathe as quiet as I could and looke again and there it was.....WOW Matts cock was huge! it had to be 9" or better, and thick wow! this girl took it all down her throat, she was gifted for sure!

My cock pulsed at the sight of his cock, Ohh how I wanted that, I wanted to be right where she was......I watched her suck and make him cumm, and watched him shoot cumm all over her tits with a thunderouse groan. my cock was so hard and throbbing trying not to cum, then to my amazment Matt went down and licked and sucked his own cum up and they kissed and shared!.....I couldn't hold anymore I quickly ran back to my room but not before I heard him say "I love the taste of cumm!" I stroked hard and fast shooting into my palm holding back the loud goan I squeezed the head of my cock getting every last drop out, then licking and swallowing my own juice........

The next morning matt was already up, he smiled and said good morning,we said our good mornings and had coffee in silence while watching the sports highlights. I broke the silence with "She was hott huh? wild?......" Matt smiled in his usual way and answered with out looking at me "You should know, you watched didn't you....." I was shocked and didn't know what to say "Uhmmm well......" "It's cool I've listned and watched you too, did ya like, she thought it was hot and so did I.......did ya cumm hard?" he told me and walked by me smacking my ass, with a laugh "I've gotta go out for an hour or so, you gonna be here when I get back? I hope so....and walked out the door.

I sat on the couch wondering if my wish had come true, or was he messin with me, I stayed and waited for him. When he come home we talked about our situation while walking around the apartment, probebly cause we were both had nervous antisipation of what was about to happen, I don't remember what was all said but after we talked for a while there was a nevouse quiet between the two of us then with my heart pounding I went for it.....

I leaned in and kissed him, soft and quick then we broke and stared at each other, then....Whammo we were like crazed a****ls kissing and stipping each other close off, breathing hard and kissing and sucking each others nipples my hands gropping him and squeezing his hard body, him do the same to me. I run my hands down to the big buldge in his underwear and felt the monster cock I wanted for so long, he groaned "Ohhhh fuck I've wanted you to do that for so long" My heart pounded with excitement and answered "Soo glade to hear you say that......"

We ended up in his room naked on the bed kissing and exploring each others bodies stroking one anothers stiff cocks, when I rolled on top of him and kiss my way down feeling his throbbing member rub aaginst my body till I my lips were about to touch his cock. He looked down at me and said "Do it, suck me.....( just then I w****d my lips around his thick mushroom head and slowly suck down the shaft, about 3")Ooooooohhh fuck yes, suck it baby mmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkk" I couldn't belive it I got my wish sucking Matts big cock, I thought "Im not stopping till he fills my mouth with cumm" To my surprise it wasn't long he throbbed and push my head down till I gagged (just past half way)rhen let me up, with just the fat tip in my mouth he sprayed cumm in me filling my hot wet mouth, with his creamy cum that I craved for so long. I stayed on him till he finished licking and swallowing every drop.

Matt then did the same to me I didn't last long either, he took my 7 1/2 inch cock farily easly, deep throating me and holding stopping right at the top, with just the very tip past his lips, his mouth open just slightly I throbbed my three big shots in his hungry mouth.....We moved to a 69 and contiuned sucking cock, and licking each others fuck holes, then fingering fucking one another. We stopped and we applied our lube to each other, I took him doggie first slowly sliding into his tight ass, he groaned and slide down on his belly as I layed ontop and fucked him slow an easy, kissing his neck and ear talking dirty telling him how much I wanted this and how good he felt. he started moving with me tightning his ass as he thrust back to meet me, the bed squeeking our moans were taking me to the edge........we stpped just intime and pulled out.......

He put me on my side and held his monster cock and rubbed it up and down my well lubed ass, then told me to take a deep breathe as he slowly pushed the head in I Gasped as he streached me, slowly pushing in, and stopping so I get used to the size of him. I've had cock before just not as big as him Wow, hurt a little but felt soooo good fuck yeah! after a while of getting used to him we started fucking slowly, the picking up speed till we were both comfortable. Matt made me scream loud his hands grabbing my side and my cock as he fucked, then he stopped and we switched.

He layed on hes back so he could watch me cumm,he said "Fuck me hard and fast cumm for me, fill me honey....(I fucked him hard and thobbed deep inside I screamed loud as I cam and pushed as deep as I could go and held myself there) thats it baby good boy fill me with cumm" Outa breath we kissed and he layed me on my back and slide his cock in me again (much easier this time) fucked me steady till I could feel him swell even bigger and call my name out and plundge deep in me, making me scream as he filled my hole with his cumm.........

Matt and I fucked most of the day, slept and woke up and fucked again.....My second man in my life and he fucked me the best never forget you Matt.

... Continue»
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The Babysitter's Secret

Author's notes: I first published this story on Literotica in April of 2007. It has since been republished on various sites, both with and without my permission. I am the original author of this work and can easily verify this fact if necessary.

This story is a work of pure fiction. All similarities to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

The Babysitter's Secret: Part 1

The story that I am about to tell you took place on a day that started out
very ordinary, but would end up as the least ordinary day of my life.
Until that particular Winter day, I thought I knew who I was. I was Peter
Fuller - respected educator, devoted husband, loving father. I had never
cheated on my wife, I had never lied to a friend, and I had certainly never
slept with a girl that young before (at least, not since I was eighteen myself). All of that changed within a matter of hours. But you know what? I wouldn't change what happened for the

In 1998, I moved to the small town of Emberton, Rhode Island to take a job
teaching biology and psychology at Emberton High School. I was
twenty-seven years old at the time. My wife Shawna had recently given
birth to our twin c***dren, Nathan and Johanna, and I thought the job would
at least provide a stable source of income. Little did I realize how much
I would enjoy teaching. It really became my calling and, for the last
eight years, it had been the single greatest joy in my life besides my

We had been in Emberton for about four years when I first met Jenny Rove.
She was the daughter of an old friend of mine from high school named Tim
Rove with whom I'd lost touch over the years. Tim and his f****y had
moved to Southwater, the town that bordered Emberton. He had seen my name
in the paper and gotten in touch. Our old friendship had been rekindled
and now we were closer than we'd ever been. Tim and his wife, Cassandra,
had three c***dren. Jenny was the eldest. When I first met her, she was a shy, boyish-looking k** who I always suspected of having a little crush on me.

It wasn't until Jenny was eighteen that she first babysat the twins.
Shawna and I had been wanting a night out alone but we needed someone to
watch the c***dren while we were gone. None of our regular babysitters
were available so Shawna suggested we call Tim and Cassandra to see if
Jenny would be available to sit for us. As it turned out, Jenny had so
much experience watching her own siblings that she was a natural for the
job. My k**s loved her and she loved them. Everything worked out so well
that Jenny became our first choice every time we needed a babysitter.

I never suspected where it would one day lead.

It was a particularly threatening Thursday night in early December when I
called on Jenny for the visit that would change my life forever. Shawna's
mother was performing in a musical put on by a local theater group and my
wife had decided to drive the two hours to watch and support her mother.
The k**s and I would have gone under normal circumstances but the
performance was being given two hours away and the next day was a school
day. I would have to be at work in the morning. There simply wouldn't be enough time. Shawna decided to stay overnight to avoid a late-night drive home so it would be just me and the k**s.

Then I received a last-minute call inviting me to an emergency meeting of
the Teachers' Union to discuss a possible strike. Despite the forbidding
skies, I couldn't just refuse such an important meeting. I couldn't leave
the k**s alone, either. I called Tim and told him the situation.

"Do you think Jenny could come and watch the k**s for a few hours?" I
asked. "I know it's a school night but I'm really in a bind."

"I'm not sure . . ." he said hesitantly.

"Please, Tim," I pleaded. "I don't have any other option."

"Alright," he said after another moment. "Let me go ask her."

I waited nervously. A minute or two later, someone returned to the phone.
It wasn't Tim, though. It was my favorite babysitter. "Hey, Mr. Fuller!"
Jenny said in her bubbly voice.

"Hey k**do," I replied. "So what's the final report?"

"My dad is just getting his boots on and then he's gonna bring me over,"
she explained.

"That's great, Jenny," I said. "Thanks so much. You're really helping me

"No problem! Oh wait, here he comes. See you in a few!"

"OK! Bye!"

I hung up the phone, then told the k**s what was happening tonight. They
were both thrilled that Jenny was coming over and could barely contain
their excitement. Twenty minutes later, the doorbell rang and I opened the
door to find Jenny on the steps outside my house. Her adorable, cherubic
face was haloed by copper red hair and freckles dotted her cheeks and nose.
Her green eyes seemed to dance.

I invited her inside and took her coat. Jenny was wearing a sky blue
angora sweater and a tight pair of blue jeans, both of which seemed
form-fitting to her lithe body. Although Jenny had been boyish when she
was younger, she was downright sexy now. I tried not to think about it,
but I couldn't help but notice how her breasts had grown from non-existent
to a medium C cup in just a few short years. Her face had become more
pretty and feminine. Her hips now had a lady-like curve. Her butt had
formed into a round, heart shape that I couldn't help but stare at as she
walked into the living room to greet the k**s.

"Hey there, you little munchkins!" she cried. The twins threw their arms
around her and Jenny hugged them tightly. She then launched into an
immediate tickle attack that saw Nathan and Johanna rolling on their backs,
laughing madly. I had to smile.

"I'm going now, Jenny," I told her.

"OK, Mr. Fuller!" she called. "Drive safe!"

"Thanks, Jenny," I replied. "Remember, if anything happens, call 9-1-1.
Or if it's not an emergency, just call me or your dad."

"I will. Bye bye!"

"Bye, Jenny. Bye guys."

"Bye, Daddy!" the twins called back in unison.

I cast one last, lingering gaze at Jenny. I was amazed at how she had
transformed from an awkward tomboy into a sexy nymphet who seemed to
virtually ooze hormones. She was on her hands and knees, tickling the k**s
again, and my eyes fixated at her bubble butt. My cock immediately grew
hard in my pants and, for a brief moment, I felt a kind of a****l lust rip
through my body. I suddenly wanted this eighteen year old girl more than
I'd wanted any woman in my life. But the moment passed. I walked out the
door, thankful for the cold, and climbed into my car to begin the drive to
the meeting.

It was already snowing when I arrived at the appointed location for the
meeting. By the time I left, about two hours later, it was coming down pretty heavily. The roads were treacherous as I drove home. In fact, by the time I reached my street, I was slipping and sliding so badly that I decided not to risk going down the driveway because of its steep incline. Instead, I parked on
the street, and gingerly walked down the front lawn to the door.

I opened the door quietly because I knew the k**s were probably asl**p by
now and didn't want to disturb them since their room was right above the
front door. I stepped inside and immediately heard strange noises coming
from the living room. Curious, I walked into the hall and towards the
living room door. When I peeked inside, I got the shock of a lifetime.

On the big screen television was one of the adult DVD's I kept hidden in my
study/office. It was pretty standard fare - a buff man nailing a woman
with fake breasts - and I rarely ever watched it. On the couch on the
opposite side of the room, I caught Jenny with her eyes glued to the
screen. With her left hand, she was fondling her breasts, which were
clearly visible since she had pushed up her sweater and bra. With her
right hand, she was masturbating furiously to the action on screen. That
wasn't the big shock, though.

Instead of her fingers digging eagerly into her pussy, they were wrapped
around a hard, pink cock that was sticking out of her panties.

Suddenly, things seemed to fit into place. I now knew why Jenny had been
such a tomboy when she was younger. I now knew why the Rove f****y had
made such an unexplained move from the other side of the country when Jenny
was younger. The only thing I didn't know was what to do next. In a split
second, I decided to sneak back out of the house without Jenny noticing me,
and then come back inside. This time, I would make a lot of noise and take
my time so that Jenny would know I was back and could cover herself up. I
didn't want to humiliate her if I could avoid it. But it was already too

"Mr. Fuller!" Jenny shrieked. "Jenny, I'm so sorry!" I cried. "I just
walked in a split second ago! I had no idea what you were doing!"

"Please don't be mad!" she replied, now sobbing. She was desperately
trying to stuff her erect penis back into her jeans. Meanwhile, she was
apologizing for what she was doing and pleading with me not to tell her
parents. "I just found it and I didn't think you'd be home so early and
. . . and . . ."

"It's OK," I told her. "I'm not mad at you."

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Fuller . . ."

"It's alright, k**do," I said, trying to calm her. "Just relax. I won't
tell your parents anything, I promise."

At last, Jenny got her dick back into her pants and pulled her sweater back
down to cover her chest. Hesitantly, I walked across the room and sat down
on the couch beside her. I picked up the remote and turned off the porno
movie. Jenny was no longer sobbing, but tears were still running down her
cheeks. Her eyes were red and her face was puffy. She wiped at her nose

"I'm not mad at you, Jenny," I told her. "There's nothing wrong with what
you did."

"Did you . . ." she began. "Did you see . . . that I have . . . that I'm
. . ."

"Yes," I admitted.

"This is so embarrassing," she said, sniffling.

"Don't be embarrassed," I said. "It's normal for teenagers to masturbate,
I suppose."

"But most teenage girls don't have dicks!" she exclaimed.

"That's true," I said. "Do you mind if I ask why you have one?"

Jenny hesitated for a moment, then began her story:

So I sat beside Jenny on the couch and listened attentively as she told me
the story of her life, how she had come into this world as a boy but
quickly realized that had been meant to live as a girl all along. As she
described the difficult times she endured as she came to this
self-discovery, she began to cry softly, and I u*********sly put my arm
around her shoulders to comfort her. She leaned against me and I couldn't
avoid noticing how soft and warm her body felt.

Jenny continued with her story, recalling how she had managed to come to
terms with her identity, and how her parents dealt with it. To their
credit, both of them were extremely understanding and concerned for their
soon-to-be daughter. Neither hesitated in making the decision to move to a
new town so that she could begin a new life as a girl without anyone
knowing her past.

"You're an amazing person," I told her with sincerity. "I can't imagine
the kind of courage it took to change your life like that."

"I knew I'd die if I tried to pretend I was a boy at heart any longer," she
said, sniffling away the last of her earlier crying. "This was who I was
meant to be."

"I hope you don't mind me saying this," I said, "but I never would have
suspected you were anything but a gen- . . . what was the word?"

"Genetic girl."

"Right. I never would have suspected you were anything but a genetic girl
in a million years. You honestly look like any other girl. No, not just
any other girl. You're even more beautiful and more sexy than most girls
who were born that way."

"Thanks, that's really sweet," she said as she turned her face up towards
mine. Her whole face seemed lit up by the compliment. "I think you're
really sexy, too."

"Jenny . . ."

"I know you're married and you have k**s and stuff, but sometimes I wish
you didn't so that you and I could be together." I was speechless and
unable to respond. "Do you ever think about me that way? I mean, what it
would be like to be with me?"

"Yes," I finally admitted. "I do sometimes."

Jenny closed her eyes and lifted her face closer to mine. I knew I should
push her away, tell her no, take her home and forget all of this had ever
happened. But feeling this nubile teenager so close to me, knowing how
badly she wanted me, I was powerless to do anything except close my eyes
and lower my face to meet hers. Our lips met in a tender kiss.

Jenny pulled her face away from mine and her eyes flitted open. I smiled
at her and she blushed. Then she reached a hand towards my face and gently
stroked my cheek. Her hand descended down my chest and torso until there
was no question in my mind about where it was going to end up. Her hand
came to rest right on the bulging mass inside my pants, already rock hard
from the feel of Jenny's body and the kiss we had shared.

She began rubbing me through the fabric of my pants until my cock, which I
thought couldn't possibly get harder, felt like it was about to burst
through the zipper. I groaned slightly and Jenny laughed softly. She was
a born tease, I thought.

Well, she wasn't the only one who could tease.

I stretched my arm out over Jenny's and let my fingers rest on her crotch.
Like mine, her erection was straining mightily against the denim of her
jeans. It was a strange thing to be touching another person's penis, I
think now in retrospect, but at the time it seemed totally natural to do.
Jenny wasn't a boy who happened to look like a girl; she was a girl who
happened to have the same equipment as a boy down there - equipment that
suddenly aroused my desire like I never thought it could.

For a while, Jenny and I rubbed each other in silence. Neither of us
wanted to speak, it seemed, for fear of breaking the atmosphere. At last,
I knew we would have to take a step further or else stop entirely and I was
not prepared to finish this yet.

With one hand, I popped the button on Jenny's jeans and unzipped her fly.
My fingers slid under the elastic waistband over her pants and the
reddish-gold pubic hair felt soft and silky against my skin. My hand
continued its expedition until I found her swollen cock. At my first
touch, Jenny's entire body began to tremble and a moan escaped her lips. I
wrapped my fingers around her shaft and began to stroke her gently.
Meanwhile, Jenny's hand had found its way into my underwear as well. At
the touch of her supple fingers, I closed my eyes and allowed the sensation
to overwhelm me.

Again, it seems like a strange thing in retrospect, but at the time I did
not suffer any earth-shaking notions of: "I can't believe this, I'm jerking
someone else off!" or "I can't believe I'm doing this with an eighteen year
old!" It just seemed to fit together so perfectly.

However, it soon reached that point once again where we had to stop or take
a step further. This time, it was Jenny who took the giant leap for the
two of us. She pulled my hand out of her pants and rose gracefully to her

She turned to face me, smiling mischievously, then in one smooth motion
pulled her sweater off over her head. She was now topless except for a
black bra. She reached behind her back, unclasped the bra, and allowed it
to fall away, revealing the most perfectly pair of breasts I had ever seen
in my life. They were lovely, round b-cups with pink nipples the size of a
half-dollar in the center.

She leaned over, grabbed the waist of my pants, and yanked them down to my
ankles. I compliantly lifted my feet so she could pull my pants and boxer
shorts off entirely. Then Jenny knelt down between my legs and pushed my
knees apart.

At first, I thought she was going to give me a blowjob right then but, like
I said, Jenny was a natural tease. She wanted to warm me up a bit more
first. She leaned forward and blew warm breath on the tip of my cock,
causing it to twitch erratically. Then she took a hold of my dick once
again and began to slowly stroke me up and down. She did it so
deliberately that it almost felt painful. I wanted so bad to shoot my load
but I couldn't at this slow pace.

Jenny leaned forward, placing her chest against my crotch, so that my shaft
was directly in between her breasts. She rubbed herself up and down
against my dick, pushing her breasts together on either side of it. This
again she did with deliberate care and slowness.

Finally, after an unknown amount of this exquisite agony, Jenny lowered her
mouth towards my cock. She opened her delicate lips wide and took the head
inside. Her lips sealed around it, then began to gently massage the flesh
as her head bobbed ever so slightly up and down. She worked for a while
just on the head, sucking it and wetting it with her saliva until her spit
was running down my shaft. She paused to lick it up by running her tongue
from the base of my shaft to the very tip, where my precum would form a
tiny, translucent line between my dick and her tongue.

Jenny increased her pace. Soon, she was sucking harder and faster, taking
more of my cock into her mouth each time her head bobbed down. I thought
she might have trouble with all of my eight and a half inches, but Jenny
sucked cock like a pro. She gobbled it voraciously while stroking the
lower part of my shaft with one hand and fondling her own left breasts with
the other.

"I'm going to cum," I whispered raggedly. I could barely breathe.

Jenny didn't remove her mouth from my cock, as I thought she might, but
instead looked me dead in the eye. Our gazes locked and held fast while
she continues to suck and stroke me for the final few seconds. At last, I
erupted. Jenny continued to beat furiously with her hand as I pumped shot
after shot of semen into her mouth. Jenny guzzled it all down without any
show of disgust or distaste at all. In fact, she seemed to become hungrier
and hungrier for it with each dose I gave her. By the end, she was sucking
futilely at the head of my cock, trying to coax more from me.

Finally, I began to go limp. Jenny pulled her face away from my crotch and
wiped a tiny spot of her cum off the corner of her mouth.

"Thank you for letting me do that," she said.

"Thank me?" I replied incredulously. "Honey, that was the greatest blowjob
I've ever received. I should be thanking you!"

"It wasn't the best," she said, blushing and looking away.

"It was," I replied. "You're amazing. I get the feeling you've done this
before . . ."

"No," she said plainly.

"Really? How did you get so good?"

"I spent a lot of time imagining what it would be like to suck you off,"
she told me. "Plus I have one myself so I know what feels best."

"That must be it," I said with a laugh.

"It's getting really late," Jenny said. "I wish I could stay longer but my
parents will be expecting me home soon."

"Wow, you're right," I said. "We'd better get dressed and get you home."

I stood up and helped Jenny to her feet. I picked up my boxer shorts and
pulled them over my legs, then picked up my pants and pulled them on as
well. As I searched for my socks, I watched Jenny as she dressed. She
buttoned her jeans first, then found her bra and sweater. Rather than put
the bra on, she stuffed it into her pocket, and pulled the sweater over her
head. She pulled her hair back, tugging it out of the shirt collar, and
let it fall over her shoulders.

Once Jenny and I were both fully dressed and ready to go, we made our way
towards the door. I stepped outside and was immediately hit in the face
with a blast of cold, snowy air. One look into the night told me what the
conditions on the roads would be like. It was suicidal for me to take
Jenny home tonight. She would have to stay over.

"Oh darn," she said with a very sardonic tone. I looked at her and raised
an eyebrow. "You and me. All night. The k**s are asl**p. Your wife is
gone. I'm hornier than I've ever been in my life. I think this is an
answer to my prayers."

"We don't have to do anything else if you . . ." I began.

"Yes, we do!" she exclaimed, laughing. "I'll call my Dad."

Jenny skipped away to the kitchen to call her house. A few moments later,
she asked me to come in, and handed me the telephone. I was nervous
speaking to her father, fearing that Tim somehow psychically knew what I
had just done with his daughter, but he was very understanding of the
situation. He agreed that it was complete reckless to drive and was very
grateful of my offer to let Jenny sl**p "on the pull-out couch."

When I was done, I handed the phone back to Jenny. She said goodnight to
her father, then to her mother, and then hung the phone up on the receiver.
As soon as it was down, she squealed with excitement, and threw her arms
around my neck. We kissed again, but more passionately and intensely than
before. Already, my cock was hard again.

"We just have to keep it down," I said. "We can't wake the twins."

"Those two can sl**p through a fire alarm," Jenny pointed out as she kissed
my face and neck.

"Good point," I remarked, "now let's go upstairs."

I scooped Jenny up and held her in my arms. She laughed and kicked her
feet excitedly as I carried her out of the kitchen. Up the stairs I
carried her into the room that I had shared for years with my wife and was
now about to share with a transsexual teenager. I have to admit that there
was some guilt about my infidelity, but I could not stop now, even if I
wanted to.

I placed Jenny on the bed, then climbed on top of her. I spread hungry
kisses all over her face, then on her neck, and of course on her delectable
lips. Jenny wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist,
clinging tightly to me. My right hand founds its way to her breast and
began to massage the tender flesh through her sweater. To my surprise,
Jenny pushed my hand away and drew her face from mine.

"What's the matter?" I said, suddenly frightened and disappointed.

"Go into the bathroom for a minute," she told me as she slid out from under

"Why?" I asked.

"Trust me," she said with a smile that let me know our fun was far from
over. "Go."

Doing as I was told, I climbed off the bed and walked into the master
bathroom which was attached to the master bedroom. I shut the door and
waited patiently for Jenny to do whatever it was she wanted to do. I heard
movement from inside the room but resisted the urge to put my ear to the
door. I knew Jenny wanted to surprise me.

A minute or two later, Jenny beckoned me back into the room. I opened the
door and stepped into the bedroom to see my eighteen year old babysitter
lying on her side, elbow cocked, head resting in her hand as she faced me.
She was dressed in a black babydoll with black fur trim and a matching pair
of g-string panties. The material was transparent so that I could see her
nipples through the top and, through the panties, her small cock as it
strained against the fabric.

"Holy God . . ." I breathed.

"I always wanted to wear something like this for you," she told me.

"But where did you get it?" I asked.

"It's your wife's," she explained. "I saw it when I came up here one time
to borrow a sweater. I think she must have been saving it for a special

"Well, this is a very special occasion."

"It sure is. Now don't keep me waiting."

I jumped on top of her and at once we were passionately kissing. She put
her arms around my neck, pulling my face closer to hers, kissing me with a
ferocity brought on by teenage lust. I was actually a little surprised
since, back when I was younger, girls her age weren't nearly so into sex.
Maybe it was the change in the social climate but more likely it was simply
that Jenny might be a teenage girl, but she had the sex drive of a teenage
boy and that's a f***e that's nearly impossible to resist.

I kissed Jenny's freckled face, then worked my way down to her neck and
throat. I planted hot kisses all over the tender flesh before proceeding
down to her collarbone. I kissed the bare skin of her shoulders, breathing
in the clean, pure scent of her skin. Before long, my hands were on her
breasts, and my mouth was on her nipple. It was poking through the flimsy
material of her lingerie and I licked and sucked the fabric eagerly.

Jenny wasn't satisfied with this so she unhooked the straps of the babydoll
and pulled the garment down to expose her perky, teenage tits. I wanted no
time and practically devoured the supple flesh. Her pale pink nipples were
hard as tiny pebbles between my lips. All the while I nursed and teased
Jenny's breasts, her hand was buried down between her legs as she rubbed
the palm of her hand up and down the shaft of her little, girly cock.

Unless you've ever touched or sucked the breasts of an eighteen year old
girl, you can only imagine how tender and soft they feel. True, Jenny
wasn't like other teenagers, but in this attribute she was all girl. I
kissed and licked every inch of Jenny's tits while she sighed and cooed her
enjoyment of the experience. I remembered her fondling her breasts while
she jerked herself off so I made sure to keep at least one hand on a breast
at all times. Every time I pinched a nipple, Jenny's frame shivered and
she sucked in breath.

"You really love having your nipples teased, don't you?" I asked.

"Mmm, yes," she replied.

"Maybe I could do a little more. Just let me know if it hurts."

I placed my lips over Jenny's left breast and kissed her pale, pink nipple
lovingly. Then I parted my teeth and placed them gently around the tip,
adding no pressure just yet. Jenny put a hand on the back of my head and
caressed my hair. I closed my teeth just a millimeter and Jenny's body
shook with delight and she dug her nails into my scalp.

I bit down again - harder this time - and Jenny's back arched, bringing her
chest closer to my face. She yelped in a mix of pain and pleasure. I
pressed my teeth into her nipple with a little more pressure and she was
soon panting wildly.

"Does it hurt?" I asked.

"Yes," she said. "Do it harder."

Who was I to refuse? I clamped my teeth firmly around Jenny's nipple and
she quickly covered her mouth with her hand to stifle a small scream. I
didn't relent and Jenny didn't mind. I bit and chewed her nipple for a bit
longer until Jenny's reactions seemed to be diminishing, then I moved on to
the other one. The entire process began anew and Jenny loved every second
of it.

After I'd tormented her nipples for a good while, I decided it was time to
move on from her breasts. I was nervous, I'll admit, but Jenny had done it
for me. Besides, I had come this far. It's not as if I had anything left
to prove.

I kissed my way from Jenny's tit to her sternum, then down her flat tummy
to her belly button. Soon only a thin layer of fabric lay between my mouth
and Jenny's penis. It was clearly visible through the flimsy material and
I took a moment to admire it. There was nothing intimidating about it.
Even questions I felt about my own sexuality were immediately erased when I
looked at the girl this dick belonged to. She was as feminine a girl as
I'd ever met.

"You don't have to do anything to it if you don't want," Jenny said.

"You sound disappointed," I replied.

"I just mean that I understand if it's too gross for you."

"It's not gross at all. I think it's beautiful. Just like you. But this
is so new tome."

"You don't have to."

"It's OK, honey. I want to."

I wasn't surprised at all to discover that I truly meant it. I was going
to suck this girl's cock and I wanted to do it. I kissed the tip through
the material of the g-string and Jenny trembled and moaned. Her cock
immediately stiffened, pulling on the material. I kissed down from the tip
to the bottom of her shaft and it got harder each time my lips brushed it.
When I reached her nutsack, I noticed that little flaps of skin were
sticking out on either side of the g-string in a way that was somehow cute
and endearing.

At last, I was ready for the real thing. I hooked my finger under the
g-string and pulled the material aside. Jenny's balls flopped free and her
dick sprung to full attention. She held her breath, perhaps waiting to see
if I would really go through with it.

She didn't have to wait long. Without a second thought, I wrapped my lips
around the head of her cock and held it in my mouth. It was warm and
meaty. I touched it with my tongue and tasted salty precum. My tongue
explored the underside of her cock head and found it smooth and delicious.

I opened my mouth wider and took another inch into my mouth. I could feel
the bl**d pulsing through her small prick and imagined that her heart must
be pounding as hard as mine. I looked up at Jenny and saw her watching me
with the tip of her pinky finger in the corner of her mouth. Her breasts
were rising and falling as she breathed heavily. I reached out and took
her hand in mine.

With that, I began giving the girl her first blowjob. At first, I just
tried to do it fast, like I saw women doing to guys in porno movies. After
a minute, though, I realized this was stupid. Like Jenny had said earlier,
I had one myself so I knew what felt best. I liked it slow and deep and I
hoped Jenny would to.

I took all of Jenny's cock in my mouth. It wasn't very big, so it wasn't
difficult to lower my face until my chin was against her balls and my nose
in her auburn pubic hair. I closed my lips tightly around her shaft and
began slowly bobbing up and down.

Jenny's response was immediate. Her body began to writhe and twist beneath
me, as if she were trying to find a more comfortable position, but
couldn't. Her fingers tightened desperately around mine and I squeezed
back hard to reassure her. I could only imagine the rush of emotions that
was hitting her, not to mention the hormone overload. I remembered my
first blowjob as an eighteen year old and thought she must be feeling a lot
of the things I felt - although the circumstances were quite different.

With my free hand, I cupped the side of Jenny's thigh, and rubbed it up and
down. With Jenny's free hand, she toyed with her breasts. We soon fell
into an easy and natural rhythm. Jenny moaned and sighed and gasped the
entire time, although she was always careful to keep the volume low.

I wasn't keeping track of the time but I know it wasn't long before Jenny
began to approach orgasm. After all, she'd been highly charged for hours
now and hadn't had any chance for release. I didn't back down but sucked
even harder and deeper. Jenny would thrust her hips up as I lowered my
head. I took my hand from hers and cupped her ass with both hands. As
Jenny thrust, I pushed her up until her cock was as deep in my throat was
it could get.

"I'm going to cum," Jenny said. She was sweaty and her face flushed. I
didn't reply but kept on sucking. "Are you sure you want to?" she asked,
divining my intentions. I only nodded and kept sucking.

Moments later, the deluge came. Jenny gave a shuddering sigh and my mouth
was suddenly filled with a creamy, gooey liquid. She sighed again and more
pumped into my waiting mouth. I swallowed it down quickly but I could
still feel the strange taste coating my tongue. A few more squirts
followed as Jenny emptied the last of her seed into me. I drank every last
sperm happily.

Jenny's body relaxed. Her cock went limp and slid out of my mouth. I
crawled up to lay beside her. For a moment, Jenny just lay on her back,
staring at the ceiling. Finally, she rolled over towards me, nuzzling her
head against my shoulder.

"Thank you," she said. "That was unbelievable."

"It was unbelievable for me, too," I told her.

"Are you sure you've never done that before?" she asked.

"Beginners' luck," I said. "I guess we both have it."

Jenny laughed at that and nuzzled closer. I put my arm around her and held
her tightly against me. While I lay there, holding this sexy, teenage
transsexual and with the taste of her semen still fresh in my mouth, I
thought about all the other sexual experiences of my life, wondering if any
could compare. The only thing that came to mind was my wedding night, when
I was so rapturously in love that every physical sensation felt matched by
an equally powerful emotional one.

But that thought made me feel guilty, thinking about my wife. I knew I had
come back too far to turn back, even if I wanted to, so I pushed the guilt
away. I would have time to hate myself tomorrow but I was going to enjoy
tonight no matter what cost I would have to pay in the morning.

Jenny was quiet. She hadn't stirred or said anything in a while so I
thought she might have fallen asl**p. I was about to wake her up, to have
her move down to the couch as I knew she eventually must, when she spoke.

"I need to feel you inside me," she said.

I swallowed. "You want me to enter you, then?" I asked.

"I need you to," she emphasized. She opened her eyes and looked at me
fiercely. "I need you to make me feel like a complete woman for the first
time in my life."

There was no way I could refuse. "Of course, angel."

Jenny extracted her body from mine and moved into a doggy-style position.
I made a vague comment about finding some condoms but Jenny stopped me
before I could complete the thought. She wanted my cock in her butt with
nothing in between.

I moved to a kneeling position behind Jenny. She reached back with one
hand and hooked the band of her g-string and pulled it down to mid-thigh,
exposing her firm, healthy ass to me in all its loveliness. I reached out
and gently caressed her cheeks with my hands. Her butt was milky white
with a sprinkling of freckles across it - absolutely beautiful.

I spit a puddle of saliva into my hand and rubbed it over my dick. I did
this repeatedly until I had no more saliva left. Once I felt certain I was
as well-lubricated as I was going to get, I shuffled forward on my knees,
bringing myself closer.

I spread Jenny's cheeks apart. Her tiny, pink butthole looked like a
glorious treasure that only I could claim. I ran my slippery wet cock up
and down the crack of Jenny's ass and she breathed airily as the tip
brushed against her expectant opening. It almost seemed to dilate
slightly, as if opening itself to me. My cock was now rock hard and I
resisted every urge to simply slam it inside her.

Instead, I pressed the tip against the hole, and gently pushed. I met with
resistance and didn't penetrate at all. I tried harder and Jenny cried out
in pain.

"Maybe we shouldn't," I said.

"No," she replied firmly. "Don't stop no matter what."

"OK . . ." I said dubiously.

I pushed hard again. Jenny cried out but quickly buried her face in the
pillow, stifling the noises she made. I suspected that it was not so much
discretion about the c***dren hearing, but fear that I would refuse if I
thought I was hurting her too much.

Finally, her butthole began to yield, and the cock slipped in. With that
progress made, I pushed harder. I felt Jenny's body shake as she began to
cry softly, the sound still muffled. I didn't stop, though. I kept
pushing until my cock was past her sphincter. At that point, all
resistance ended, and my shaft slid effortlessly deeper into her body.

When I was about six inches in, I stopped. Jenny lifted her head from the
pillow and looked back at me. Her face was wet but she smiled at me.
"Make a woman out of me, please, Peter," she said. I pushed my cock
farther in, wondering if her small body could take all of it in. To my
happy surprise, the rest entered without a problem. Once I was in up to
the hilt, Jenny let out a long breath.

Now it was truly time for me to turn this sweet girl into a woman. Placing
my hands on Jenny's hips, I pushed her forward gently and watched as inch
by inch of my dick appeared from between her tender cheeks. Once I was
about half way out, I pushed back in again. Jenny grunted but I continued
without hesitation.

This became our rhythm for the first ten minutes or so. I would pull her
towards me, letting my rod slide slowly into her, then I would push her
away, letting it slide slowly out. I could feel the tight muscles inside
Jenny's bowels loosening, which was a good thing. I couldn't begin to
really fuck her until I knew she was in no danger of any serious damage.

Jenny's body movement gave me the indicator I needed that it was time to
proceed faster. As I pushed, she pulled herself. As I pulled, she pushed
herself. Soon, she was pulling faster than I was pushing, and pushing
faster than I was pulling. Effectively, she was fucking my dick with her
ass, rather than the other way around. I began increasing my pace to match
her. My dick was soon moving in and out effortlessly, although it was
still deliciously tight in there.

As the minutes floated by, our tempo increased to a steady, rapid pace. In
and out, in and out, I pushed my cock in and pulled it out. Soon, my
conscious will no longer mattered, and my body was acting of its own
accord. Jenny's body too seemed to be acting without instruction.

Our perfect love-making continued for an unknown amount of time. My thighs
slapped against her ass and my balls bounced against hers with each
successive thrust until the room was full of the smacking sounds of our
frenzied passion and the air began to stink of sweat and other smells which
might have been unpleasant at other times, but not at all right now. I was
at last truly slamming my cock into her ass as I had been aching to do from
the beginning.

I looked up and down Jenny's body. Her babydoll had bunched around her
chest so I could see the smooth, white skin of her back. I leaned forward
and kissed the back of her neck without breaking my stride, so to speak.
Jenny turned her head and tried to kiss me, but couldn't quite reach. I
knew what had to be done.

I slowed my pace until we had both stopped, then reluctantly withdrew my
cock from her asshole with a sucking noise. I took Jenny by the thighs and
flipped her over on to her back with one movement. She bounced on the
mattress and giggled c***dishly.

"I want to see your face while we make love," I told her.

"We can kiss this way too," she said.

"That's right," I said. "It will be so nice to be able to . . ."

"Less talk, more cock," she said, cutting me off.

"As Her Majesty commands," I said.

Jenny was flat on her back with her knees up. I moved into a kneeling
position between her legs. Placing my hands under her knees, I lifted her
butt slightly off the mattress. I leaned my weight forward to keep her in
that position. I peeled off Jenny's g-string and tossed it aside. She
reached down to cup her balls and hold them out of the way while I
renegotiated my way back into her steaming hot bowels.

It didn't take long. Her hole was plenty loose now. My dick entered
without a problem and soon we were back to our old pace. The sounds of
humping filled the room once again. I admired Jenny's taut body, my eyes
wandering from her breasts down to her crotch. Her two little balls were
bouncing up and down each time I railed her and her cock slapping against
her pubic hair.

I gazed into Jenny's beautiful eyes, then leaned forward and kissed her on
the mouth. Jenny put both arms around my neck and held me there tightly.
Our tongues wrestled and fought inside our mouths while my cock plunged
inside her ass over and over again.

Jenny lowered her head back down to the mattress and raised myself back up.
She reached down and took a hold of her wildly-flapping girlcock. She
began jerking herself off almost as hard as I was fucking her. The sight
of this sexy nymphet stroking her dick, and the intense look of a****l lust
twisting her face, made my testicles begin to churn. It wouldn't be long

As I was drawing closer to my orgasm, Jenny began to pant heavily and she
pulled on her dick was hard, slowly strokes. Her body stiffened, then
relaxed, stiffened, then relaxed. At last, a white stream of hot semen
spurted out of the tip of her cock and splashed across her belly with one
glob even landing square between her tits. She continued pumping it and
more came out. I couldn't believe she had so much left in her after all
she'd given me to drink.

It was irrelevant to me, though. The sight of Jenny blowing her load was
enough to push me past my threshold. I pounding her ass furiously, feeling
my climax building. Finally, after agonizing seconds of waiting, I felt
the dam burst. I jettisoned my cum into her body, as deep as my thrusting
cock could go. Jenny gave a satisfied sigh as she felt the liquid oozing
into her. I didn't stop until every last drop was expelled and my cock
could no longer remain hard.

Sadly, I withdrew, until Jenny and I were once again two separate beings.

Soon, Jenny and I would step into the shower to clean ourselves off before
going to bed. Soon, Jenny would get dressed back in her normal clothes and
head downstairs for the night, as we both knew she must . . . just in case.
Soon, I would crawl into bed, alone, and wish Jenny was there with me, her
little cock poking against my leg as she snuggled against me.

That would all come soon. For now, I was content just to hold her close to
me. This girl, who only hours ago had been no more than a babysitter, was
now my lover and I knew would be my lover for as long as she wanted to. I
had known her for years but, in one night, she had changed my life.

"I love you, Peter," she said sl**pily.

"I love you too, angel," I told her, and kissed her on the forehead.

I did love her. What that would mean for the two of us, for my life, for
my f****y, I could only speculate. But now was not the time. I closed my
eyes, drew in her smell, and was content.
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Babysitter Dominates my Wife Again.

Fiction, etc, etc. The is a first part to this if you're bothered enough to read it.

I lay in bed the morning after, the daylight filtering through the curtains giving enough illumination for me to see my wife’s peaceful, sl**ping face. You’d never think to look at her now that she’d been slapped by the babysitter last night, made to suck cock and eat pussy, to suck my spunk from the babysitter’s freshly fucked cunt. A few days ago this would’ve been unthinkable, but it’d happened and she’d thanked me for arranging it.
I’d dropped the babysitter, Danielle, off home afterwards and come back to find Kim freshly showered and lounging in bed.
“So, you and that little slut cooked it up between you?” She made it sound almost like a question, almost.
I nodded, “Yeah, I guess we did. You mad?”
“No, not now. I was terrified at the time, but I guess it’s woken up a side of me that I might like to explore.”
“Oh yeah?” My eyebrows raised towards my hairline. “In what way?”
“I liked it, I liked being dominated,” she said, almost shyly. “Knowing it was out of my control, well, it turned me on.”
“You want me to arrange something else?” I asked.
“I think so,” she said. “In fact, yeah. Do it. Soon.”

So, as Kim lay sl**ping, red hair fanned out across the pillow, I slipped out of the bedroom with my mobile and made a call.
“Hello?” The voice at the other end sounded sl**py.
“Dani? It’s Steve.”
“Oh, hey. So, last night was fun!” She sounded pleased to hear from me.
“Yeah, about that…?”
“Oh, Kim not like it?” She sounded unconcerned.
“No, exactly the opposite. She wants more of the same, soon. Do you fancy babysitting again tonight?”
“Yeah, I think I can manage that,” Dani sounded mischievous. “Pick me up same time?”

We pulled into the drive of my house about 8.30, my cock already hard from the teasing Dani had been inflicting on me on the drive over. She reached over into the back seat, grabbing the overnight bag she’d told her mother she’d need because Kim and I would be out very late. I held the door for Danielle and she went through the hall and into the living room, where Kim waited on the settee. A bottle of wine (half the contents gone) was on the coffee table, along with two glasses and a bottle of beer. Without a word, Danielle poured herself a glass, drained it in one and said to Kim, “Get upstairs and get ready for me.”
Kim glanced at me and I nodded, and she left the room as I picked up my beer and took a drink.
“I’ll give her a few minutes,” Dani said. “Then I go up and the fun begins.”
“What about me?” I asked.
“Well, I guess you can sit in the corner and watch. But no joining in until I say so.”

As I sat and finished my beer, Dani stripped and started to root through her overnight bag, pulling out a nice set of lingerie, black lace bra and panties and hold-up stockings. These went on as I watched, trying not to lose my load in my pants, followed by a pair of knee-high black boots that zipped up the side.
I followed her up the stairs carrying her bag, my eyes fixated on her magnificent arse wiggling seductively a couple of steps above me. Danielle entered the bedroom first, I followed after and was greeted by the sight of my gorgeous red-haired wife sat on the edge of the bed in just a pair of plain white knickers, big tits on display, waiting for our 18 year old babysitter to use her for her pleasure.
“Leave the bag there,” Dani pointed to a spot next to the bed. “And sit in the corner quietly.”
I placed Kim’s dressing table chair in the corner and sat on it, watching the erotic scene before me.
“Kim, on your knees,” commanded Dani. “Beg to be allowed to lick me out.”
Kim slid from the bed, straight to her knees and asked, in a low voice, eyes downcast, “Please may I be allowed to lick your pussy?”
“Yes, slave, you may. Remove my panties and begin.”
Kim crawled the few feet across the room, loose tits swinging, hooked her fingers into the waistband of the lacy black knickers and gently pulled them over Dani’s hips, past her knees and down over the boots, revealing her beautiful, freshly shaven cunt.
“Kiss it, bitch. Kiss it and thank me for letting you.”
Kim planted a lingering kiss on the top of Dani’s slit and said, in the same low voice, “Thank you for letting me kiss your pussy.”
Dani took a handful of Kim’s red hair and pulled her face forward into her crotch, grinding her hips, smearing Kim’s nose and lips with her juices. “Lick it,” she commanded simply, opening her thighs slightly, and Kim’s tongue began to lap at her teenage clit, hesitantly at first, growing more certain with each stroke. Dani pushed Kim backwards on her knees, backing her up to the bed until she had nowhere to go, and then with my wife’s head tilted back and trapped between her thighs began to hump and grind on her face.
I was harder than anyone has ever been watching this, and just when I didn’t think I could get any harder, Danielle commanded, “Put your hand in your knickers and play with your cunt. But you will not come until I say you can.”
Kim slid her hand into her virginal white knickers and rubbed her moist pussy, her tongue going ever faster on Dani’s little pink clit. A soft moan escaped Danielle, and another, a shiver wracking her body as her first orgasm built. She braced her hands on the bed as she bucked her hips, riding Kim’s face. Her head whipped from side to side, long brown hair flailing as she came on my wife’s mouth, a second orgasm following the first and Kim’s hand worked her own clit.
“One more for me and I’ll watch you come,” said Dani, as she sat on the edge of the bed, legs spread. Kim dove in, head bobbing as she licked and sucked Dani’s pussy, both now moaning as they got near. Kim pulled her hand from her own cunt and stuck two already wet fingers straight up Dani, making the younger woman cum immediately, pussy walls spasming on her fingers.
Breathing heavily, Dani leaned over and kissed my wife on her juice-covered mouth and said, “Lie back and open your legs, let me see you work your pussy. But don’t forget, no cumming until I say so.”
Kim lay back, sliding her panties off and allowing her knees to fall open. She used a couple of fingers on her clit, slowly at first but building speed, occasionally dipping into her hole to lubricate herself. Each time she approached orgasm she stopped for a few seconds, Dani dragging out her torture for a good ten minutes before allowing her release. Kim redoubled her efforts, eyes rolled back in her head, whimpering as a shattering climax shook her body, watched by me, her husband, and my teenage mistress.
After a moment, Kim said, “thank you for letting me cum mistress.”
“You deserved it my pet. Now, be a good slave and bend over the bed.”
Kim did as she was told, bending over, feet slightly apart. Her head was turned, eyes fixed on me as I slowly stroked my prick. She licked her lips as she watched my purple head poking up from my clenched fist. Dani, meanwhile had reached into her bag and pulled out a big dildo, more or less a replica penis with veins and testicles, and a smaller vibrator. She looked incredibly sexy in her bra, stockings and boots as she slid the first few inches of the rubber cock into her mouth, moistening it for the task in hand.
Kim pressed back as she felt the tip of the sex toy touch her lips but Dani pulled it away, instructing my wife to ask to be penetrated.
“Please fuck me with your dildo,” my wife asked meekly, eyes still watching me wank. Danielle shoved the rubber cock all the way in with one swift push, the fake balls banging against Kim’s clit. My redheaded wife moaned, head arching back. Dani took advantage of this to grab a handful of that red hair and pull her back harder onto the dildo as she thrust it forward once again. A couple of minutes of this and Dani left the sticking half out of Kim’s dripping pussy and grabbed the vibrator. She flicked the switch and applied its buzzing tip to Kim’s erect clit. The effect was electric, my wife moaned, writhed and dug her fingers into the bed covers, shoving her hips back to press the vibrator harder into her. She reached one manicured hand back between her legs and grasped the dildo that still protruded from her cunt and started hammering at herself. Dani kept pressure on with the vibe, and just as Kim was about to come, took it away and ripped the dildo out of her gaping pussy.
“Whaa…?” moaned Kim, left hanging on the point of orgasm.
“You didn’t say please, did you bitch?” replied Dani, using one hand to keep Kim bent over as the other rooted in her bag of tricks, bringing out a paddle. “Pets who don’t say please need discipline,” as she brought the paddle round and administered a stinging slap to my wife’s upturned right buttock. A second slap to the left cheek, and then half a dozen more alternating between the now pinkly-glowing cheeks.
“Stand in the corner,” commanded Dani, pointing imperiously. “As punishment, you will not touch yourself as you watch me pleasure your husband.”
“Yes mistress, sorry mistress!” The meekness was back in Kim’s tone as she went to stand by the wardrobe, turning to face the bed.
“Why don’t you lose the clothes and join me lover?” the babysitter asked, licking her lips extravagantly. I needed no second invitation and shed my jeans and t-shirt in record time. Dani pushed me back onto the bed and knelt between my legs, gently cupping my balls as she licked the head of my engorged knob. She spat on the purple head, using her hand to spread it up and down the shaft. She spat in her other hand and reached over behind herself, lubing up her tight arsehole as she sucked and stroked my throbbing hard-on.
She kissed her way up my torso, giving each nipple a little lick in passing, eventually positioning her little brown hole over the tip of my penis. She grasped my knob, aiming carefully as she lowered herself slowly down. The teenager bit her lip as her weight pushed the head of my swollen cock past her sphincter, keeping steady pressure on as she expanded to fit me. After a couple of minutes, she began to move up and down, strong thighs and calves coping easily. I was never going to last long, not after what I’d seen, and her tight arse had my nuts tightening within a few minutes even at the slow pace. I reached up and grabbed her shoulders, slamming her down as I pushed up, going right in up to the balls as I shot, groaning, into her bum. A couple more convulsive heaves and I was spent, balls drained by the talented arse of an eighteen year old slut, watched by my submissive wife.
“Get on the bed on your back, pet!” commanded Dani, and Kim obeyed. “You’re going to suck this load out of my arse, and if you don’t do a good job, you’ll not sit down for a week,” she said patting the paddle on her open palm significantly. She straddled my wife’s face and began pushing my load out. Kim’s hands reached up, grabbing the buttocks my cock had so recently parted and squeezed them as my jizz trickled into her open mouth. She hesitantly extended her tongue, probing the hole in front of her, making sure it was all out.
“You’ve done well my pet,” Danielle smiled down at her. “As a reward, you can sl**p on the floor with my dildo while I share your bed with your husband and his wonderful cock.”
“Thank you mistress,” Kim said as she walked, arse cheeks glowing, to the wardrobe for a blanket.
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