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made my mom pregnant

I Made My Mom Pregnant

... It all happened two months ago when I was awoken with my dru nk 32 year old mom falling up ... what was wrong for him not to stop the night.

I quietly opened my door and saw moms light was still ... the door and saw the full beauty of my busty mom, blouse open and her tits were out over the top... Continue»
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fucked my aunt and made her pregnant

... Hi to all. This is madhu from Banglore. I am here to tell you about my sex experience with my aunt ... also agreed to come. We were walking deep inside the forest. As we both were walking alone, my cock ... noticed the tent in my pant. I slowly rubbed my cock on her ass. She didn’t show any reaction. She... Continue»
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Im pregnant with my boyfriends moms boyfriends bab

... selfish me. So... We talked about my boyfriend and his mom and how shes pregnant and I was upset. i ... already be pregnant with my boyfriends dad and if I wasnt, I could surely be now.
We fell asl**p ... on the road. He said my mom will love you.
Drove to his town 8 hours and his f****y is so warm, he... Continue»
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How I Fucked My Virgin Maid And Made Her Pregnant

... apartment. One day my mom told me to take krishna to our new house so that she could clean ... time to fulfill my fantasies so i made her sit on all fours and inserted my cock in her pussy ... in complexion. My cock size is 7 inches.

The slut of this story is Krishna.

She is a very sexy girl... Continue»
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All about me :-) Part 2

... time that they grew up in. My mom would walk around in just a bikini or her pantys & bra ... day i heard my mom tell Nancy,my eldest s****r that his dick was hers & she couldn't have any lol ... was so happy made my si*ter cum .
**** To be continued***
... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #1

... can't find your dad… I can't find my mom either."

"Well, I appreciate that, Savanna, but-"

"Get ... about, Savanna?!" Freddie practically shouted. "What did my dad say?!"

"Freddie!" Spencer said ... group now. "A game my father is playing for me."

"Then let's head upstairs and ask him," Spencer... Continue»
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The History of Kim, Part 13

... . I tol' him I mebbe' pregnant, already, but he say "NO SWEAT." "I tol' him you may be fodder for my ... wanted to keep my cum inside her for a while. She wanted to see if SHE could get pregnant, too ... that SHE (Kim) was pregnant! Kim looked at Mom AND me and asked how she KNEW? Mom told her some things... Continue»
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Katies Awakening 6

... about how and when to have sex because we don’t want you to get pregnant or worse get a sexually ... old classic, said Tom. Katie watched as Linda Love lace made Harry Reems’s cock disappear down her ... stopped and sat down on the toilet and said, that’s good my dear, I am going to watch. Katie stood... Continue»
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Blind Date

... not your mom.” said a girl’s voice, soft and lilting. “She just left a few minutes ago with my mom, so ... he had to do that day that made him reluctant to get out of bed. His mother had volunteered him ... , but a gentle tapping on his door caught his attention.

“Go away. Mom, 15 more minutes, okay?”

“I’m... Continue»
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Assgina for Angie

... on the bathroom door.

"Timmy?" I heard my mom call through the door.

Stifling a curse, I let go ... and then making a phone call. "Hey, Angelica, my mom said you called?"

"Hey, Timmy, are you doing ... Taurus pull into driveway. Looking out my bedroom window I saw Angelica pull her car up behind Mom's... Continue»
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Culture Shock 17/23

... that morning. Remembering what she'd almost done in those few minutes had only made her hotter.

A sl ... again, she'd sighed. Shaking her head, she'd made for the shower. She had to get ready for work ... she told her. "You sound like my mother. I'll be fine."

"What's his name?" Chelsea asked... Continue»
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Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 06

... holes or something?" Asked her mother.

"No mom. I had a football game with my friend James. I ... their baby girl. She was stun to see them when she had risen from her bed.

"Mom? Dad? What ... in a long white shirt and tight checker boxers on, giving both her parents a hug.

"Oh my god. Honey... Continue»
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... moms house. She sat at the dining room table talking my moms ear off. I kept supplying her ... with vodka and cranberry juice. Man could she drink. Around 11:30 my mom went to bed. I showed Inocencia ... hugged my mom goodbye. We got on the car and headed back to Trenton. We still hook up three or four... Continue»
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Dirty Jokes

... .

Q: How do you get a nun pregnant?
A: Dress her up as an alter boy.

Q: What’s the difference ... my dick? Never mind, its too long."
Girl: "Wanna hear a joke about my pussy? Never mind, you won't ... .

A daughter asked her mother how to spell penis, her mom said you should have asked me last night... Continue»
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Broken Bliss Ch. 8

... , but Faith had made it clear that I had done it solely for her. Over the last week, I had rarely seen my red ... , but sometimes they both needed a real cock. My half-s****r knew just where to get one.

"What about mom?" She ... after being gone all week?" I shook my head, knowing the answer. Mom was just as horny as Lisa... Continue»
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Megan Brown - Generations

... that good at reading herself and made a poor teacher . She could discipline the k**s but not much else ... left his former school under a black cloud . Apparently seven of his girls had become pregnant ... agree entirely” said Mr White, “I have my own canes and I use them often and very severely... Continue»
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When did Mom Start Wanting Me part 9

... made a doctor's apointment." then Sarua took another bite of food.

"Sammy's a dad and your a mom ... a bite of her food and started chewing on it.

After swallowing my bit of food that I had in my mouth ... marriage, I had forgot to take my birth control pill and had forgot to take it every day, like I had... Continue»
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... Mom was cooking dinner, I tapped on s*s’s open bedroom door and pushed my head into the room. I ... to me. And we were going to get to play the game…!

I bolted my dinner and even helped Mom clear up ... been a whole lot madder if I’d have gotten my s****r pregnant when we were both little more than c... Continue»
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My buddies Mom continued,

Please read the first part My buddies Mom to understand the continuality of events. Rachel ... body went limp, the nipples in my fingers went flaccid, and Rachel made a purring sound and gently ... at the same time.

It happened so fast; so many mixed feelings went through my head, Rachel, Lori’s mom... Continue»
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the thing we do when is not intended

... friday after work i went to see my buddy mark. we where chillin' having a beer and talking about ... but can't because carol is pregnant and he's getting married with her next month. i told him too bad coz i ... and head back to the patio where i smoke since carol is pregnant i don't smoke inside the house... Continue»
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