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made my mom pregnant

I Made My Mom Pregnant

... It all happened two months ago when I was awoken with my dru nk 32 year old mom falling up ... what was wrong for him not to stop the night.

I quietly opened my door and saw moms light was still ... the door and saw the full beauty of my busty mom, blouse open and her tits were out over the top... Continue»
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fucked my aunt and made her pregnant

... Hi to all. This is madhu from Banglore. I am here to tell you about my sex experience with my aunt ... also agreed to come. We were walking deep inside the forest. As we both were walking alone, my cock ... noticed the tent in my pant. I slowly rubbed my cock on her ass. She didn’t show any reaction. She... Continue»
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Im pregnant with my boyfriends moms boyfriends bab

... selfish me. So... We talked about my boyfriend and his mom and how shes pregnant and I was upset. i ... already be pregnant with my boyfriends dad and if I wasnt, I could surely be now.
We fell asl**p ... on the road. He said my mom will love you.
Drove to his town 8 hours and his f****y is so warm, he... Continue»
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How I Fucked My Virgin Maid And Made Her Pregnant

... apartment. One day my mom told me to take krishna to our new house so that she could clean ... time to fulfill my fantasies so i made her sit on all fours and inserted my cock in her pussy ... in complexion. My cock size is 7 inches.

The slut of this story is Krishna.

She is a very sexy girl... Continue»
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Smurfette's Absolution part3

... smurfs, made him the only human other thanChernov's father, Gargamel's mom, Johan, andPeewit ... Disclaimer: I do not own any characters that were created by someone else

Claimer: Go to my ... profile to view my characters

After driving just a few more minutes, me and Chernov were just about... Continue»
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A f****y Friend 7: Revenge

... had a k** without her actually getting pregnant. We lived our lives as happily as ever, putting my ... !

“Dad we need to talk…” I said to my father as he was eating his breakfast. “What is it son?’ he ... for spitting. “Well…, here it goes” I responded. I told him everything. How Artie made a video of me wearing... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #9

... him. "You knew my mom… and you didn't think to mention that?"

"I wanted… I really did ... said, remembering what Robbie, and Tori found together. "And I guess my mom was last ... crimes.

From the porch, Jade just watched him, her mind racing about the decision she had made... Continue»
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College life spring semester 33

... to get my ass pregnant," Corey

With the alcohol running in our veins, we started telling ...
stretch my ass and fuck me. I showered with the feeling of Corey's thick
cock making my ass sore ... said goodbye and exited out of the

My day was filled with running to the store to stock... Continue»
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College life 24

... for it?"

"Count my ass in," Kris said. "My mom asked me the other day what I wanted
for Christmas ... like you before in my life," Liz
said. "You share condoms."

"Better than getting you pregnant ... .

"Kris, I didn't think my Mom would be either but I think she understands we
are basically adults... Continue»
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Kirk Creek 2

... definitely made sure the water was cold.

Staring at my partially erect cock, I began to soap up ... in the dining room. I sat in between my dad and whore step-mom on one side of the table and Henry ... at the screen pretending not to notice his glare.

The sound of our parents (and my cunt step-mom's... Continue»
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The Greatest Gift Part 1

... already made plans. I just thought of how I would hope someone would react if my mother or s****r were ... my wash before most everyone else. I went back to my apartment and took a shower, ate, made coffee ... was not quite old enough to be my mom.
Thursday arrived and I was looking forward to a nice hot meal... Continue»
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Turning life upside down

... I had a daytime visitor. A tall skinny young french girl along with a huge belly courtesy of my ... meaning to Ken. Unlike my first time with him where I was the aggressor, he was the one expressing ... to be gentle as it's her first time. He made her bleed, he was gentle, it took a longtime for her... Continue»
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... My name is Stacie, and I've always wanted to be pregnant. Ever since I was a little girl all I ... fuller as well. My mom didn't think my belly would start growing any time soon, but I started to balloon ... I'll have a 10 pounder! Wouldn't that be great?
I'm at four months and my mom is worried because I... Continue»
Posted by jeromeodawg 1 year ago  |  Categories: Fetish  |  
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Latex Catsuit Sex

... from thinking about them. My Mom had a pair of latex household gloves that were transparent ... hard cock in my Sissy butt!!

We never made it to the bedroom! I laid down on the couch on my back ... it in me deep and soot your load so hard it squirts out my nose"! "Breed me, make me pregnant"!

His... Continue»
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pregnant emily pt 2

... . She's my step-mom." Ulysses explained.

Emily looked slightly confused; Devin was white and maybe 10 ... years older than Ulysses. He chuckled a bit and continued, "She married my dad when I was about 12 ... explained.

"No, no it's fine. And to be honest, she's technically not my stepmom anymore. My dad... Continue»
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OHGirl's Sinful Behavior

... mom having sex with various other men as I was growing up, those whom her and my father had met ... my mom was a whore at a young age and I had admired her sexual appetite as mine began to grow. She ... made me extremely wet and Mikey’s cock had pumped my soaked pussy for quite some time afterwards... Continue»
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... don’t gimme that,” he huffed back. “My gym coach in high school must have weighed like four hundred ... to the word, “you’re the only one with a vacant seventh hour.”
“That’s supposed to be my break!” she ... made it to college, she’d given up on being uncomfortable…but at this very moment she wished she’d... Continue»
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Cousin s****r's Lucisious Butt

... decided to stay only for 2 days as they reached the city, my mom called me and said they'll stay for more ... don’t disturb me”These words from Duli made me hornier and I pulled down my bermuda, as I ... inside your pussy makes you pregnant believe me duli just enjoy my cum she looked relax and i buried... Continue»
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Neha Found Herself

... convinced, “you sure? And I had made my mind to go for a breast surgery to reduce them to normality ... I hope you like it and thank you and enjoy and so here it goes my Neha always wondered why people ... that attention before and she was 18 years old and her chest was already as big as her mom yes

She... Continue»
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She likes women

... as I could because I was so fascinated with sex. My mom is a natural redhead with big boobs, and my ... education was pretty thorough even if it was based mostly on watching. And smell. My mom didn't have ... . Actually our parents were good friends, so us k**s sort of grew up friends, but my mom... Continue»
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