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made my mom pregnant

I Made My Mom Pregnant

... It all happened two months ago when I was awoken with my dru nk 32 year old mom falling up ... what was wrong for him not to stop the night.

I quietly opened my door and saw moms light was still ... the door and saw the full beauty of my busty mom, blouse open and her tits were out over the top... Continue»
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fucked my aunt and made her pregnant

... Hi to all. This is madhu from Banglore. I am here to tell you about my sex experience with my aunt ... also agreed to come. We were walking deep inside the forest. As we both were walking alone, my cock ... noticed the tent in my pant. I slowly rubbed my cock on her ass. She didn’t show any reaction. She... Continue»
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Im pregnant with my boyfriends moms boyfriends bab

... selfish me. So... We talked about my boyfriend and his mom and how shes pregnant and I was upset. i ... already be pregnant with my boyfriends dad and if I wasnt, I could surely be now.
We fell asl**p ... on the road. He said my mom will love you.
Drove to his town 8 hours and his f****y is so warm, he... Continue»
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How I Fucked My Virgin Maid And Made Her Pregnant

... apartment. One day my mom told me to take krishna to our new house so that she could clean ... time to fulfill my fantasies so i made her sit on all fours and inserted my cock in her pussy ... in complexion. My cock size is 7 inches.

The slut of this story is Krishna.

She is a very sexy girl... Continue»
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All about me :-) Part 2

... time that they grew up in. My mom would walk around in just a bikini or her pantys & bra ... day i heard my mom tell Nancy,my eldest s****r that his dick was hers & she couldn't have any lol ... was so happy made my si*ter cum .
**** To be continued***
... Continue»
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... eleven. My mom works the night shift then, so I won't be missed." Her pussy throbbed with the mere ... crashed through her and, before she could stop herself, made her yelp in pleasure.

Mere seconds later ... tousled blonde hair away from her sl**py eyes.

"Oh, ah... yeah, mom. Fine. Just a bugbite is all... Continue»
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Forever a Slut

... mom was a whore also. The whole f****y knew she slept with several different men besides dad ... by a handsome, 6', musclular guy.

"Wow! Your beautiful. Hi, my name is Brian." He said flirtingly.

She ... with a slight wave back. She made sure nobody else was looking at her (not that she cared if anyone else saw... Continue»
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Step Brother Business

I guess I started out like a lot of k**s back in the early ninety's. Mom
got pregnant by her ... and my dad decided he was tired
of trying to be a dad and went to the dance with someone else. Mom ... was
only 15 and so was dad when I was born. Mom, Dad and I tried to make it
living with Mom's folks... Continue»
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roll playing and benefits

... I might be pregnant. I feel strange. I nearly shit my self,
I am not ready for this. She ... a shower and robe. She washed my clothes, with in a week she had bought me clothes in my exact size ... body all over my leg; when all of a sudden I got hard. She knew what I was like as she had walked... Continue»
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Katherine Jackson

... took such a fancy to them kind, but somehow, them dark thick babes make my hillbilly dick just puff ... , but they was a few, and one by the name of Katherine lived right next to us. Her and mom was kinda friendly ... and mom all kinds a questions. “Why’s yore belly so big?”, and “how did that baby get... Continue»
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Cat’s Curiosity

... both girls' shirts. "As I was saying before the mom got here, I'm gonna let you get off on my body ... , the helpful blonde passing out.

"Sam!" Cat said with a gasp, heading for Sam. "You made Melissa go non ... , sitting beside the redhead on the couch.

"Well, you know about my 'friend'?" Cat asked, avoiding Sam's... Continue»
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Going to the Ballgame

... water dribbling down my inner thigh.

We prepared a spot on a patch of tall grass, and then we made ... on the phone, my mom always inquisitive and asking lots of questions (“Was that the ballplayer again? You ... . Besides, you won’t be sent down ever again.”

My mom and dad were quite taken aback... Continue»
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A quiet night, as usual.

... World Las Vegas, Teen Mom, Sixteen and Pregnant; anything to separate my mind from the world. My mind ... for their weekly Wednesday night sl**pover; Analese was out working late. I settled onto the couch with my ... it be, and what was going on. My hands were bound behind my back, my mouth gagged, and my eyes... Continue»
Posted by NeglectedMind 2 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Group Sex, Hardcore  |  

The Kiss 1

... , realizing the deal she had made with me. She Looked straight into my eyes and said: " OK daddy ... It was an early Saturday morning, waiting on my daughter Kelly to arrive. I have been divorced ... for about three years now and my daughter at the time was eleven years old. We both left on good terms... Continue»
Posted by robd1 2 years ago  |  
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Party by Tay'aria Ebony

... pregnant. When I told my mom she cried. I lied and said the father was one of the boys in my class ... at my friend Quay's house, but they didn't know that her mom was fine with us going to the party. Her ... and tied a bandana into a bikini top. I had snuck a pair of black heels from my mom's closet... Continue»
Posted by tayaria_fans 2 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, First Time, Taboo  |  

Home Early from work by chattysf

... middle aged mom. I was sexy once but after a couple k**s my breasts had grown to a full D cup and were ... .

“Mom, my balls are starting to hurt.” I stopped for a second to process it, and then realized he ... for him, explained I couldn’t afford to have him ruin my nylons. As I pull them off my son gasps “Mom! You... Continue»
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Quite the threesome, but not one I'd ever exp

... the wait.I couldn't begin imagining what sex w/ Yvette would feel like, but after that I made up my mind ... Mom's 34th birthday. Yvette looked as hot as ever, filling out her curves w/ age. For my 25th ... -C cup tits, and being a booty lover she revved my engines every time she went by my work-area. None... Continue»
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Steps****r's Conundrum

... pregnant. And since the first time, she had fucked the boy at least three
times a week. Each time he had ... .

Her step father, Lance, had married Heidi's mom when Heidi was 10. At first Heidi had ... a
difficult time sharing her mom with Lance and his two 8 year old fraternal twin son's, Francis
and Isaac... Continue»
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Defying my f****y part 6

... , but I ask that mom and dad don’t get mad at me. My life depends on it.” Both

parents nod ... confession made me realize that I have no right to be mad at this

woman. Like all the other women ... ****r when

in fact we are not bl**d related at all. My dad took her in after her mom ran away. Max... Continue»
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Adulterer Wife Diane

... was mad at my s****r and she didn't even know why.

That night I had a very intense sex with Dian. She ... to sea for 8 to 10 months durations. I inherited this job from my grampa and dad and I had to go ... Diane of cheating on me although I seemed to notice some changes in her sexual behavior with me. My... Continue»
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