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made in the war.

BtVS: Girl in the War

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Girl in the War

Faith said, "What do we actually fucking know? Somebody tell me the fucking fact right ... Faith's hips. It didn't even leave a mark, but it made Faith even hotter.

"I can man up," Faith said. "I ... ... Continue»
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made in the war.

... wanted me more, I moved back and forth as her jucies made my cock move easier, I felt it throb and boom I shot ... we ordered dinner and had a drink we got chatting about the night in the cinema, I said never had a bj like it since and ... ... Continue»
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Blonde In The Orient by loyalsock

... deficit !”
Marla had answered and ad in the New York New about fabulous money to be made in the Far East. She went for and ... interview, and found out that while not very glamorous, working the bars and ... ... Continue»
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The Bad Girls of History

... below the king’s in the palace. She dumped the hubby shortly after and became the official first mistress to the king. He made her the Marquise ... born. To be fair to Iva the name Tokyo Rose was coined by allied servicemen in the war and applied to any of a ... ... Continue»
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The Engagement Party

... me inside and led me to a spare bedroom already made up in the downstairs area which was a self contained flat for ... single mother – her teenage years spent during World War II – worked in the war effort in market gardens along with her mother. Her mother ... ... Continue»
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The Man was lost in his own world...

... made a pretence of washing his hands. He glanced up at the Boy in the mirror above the sink, and a barely perceptible wink caused the Boy, in the ... thick black curtains of the type he remembered as a boy in the war.

"Well," he told the Man with all-out ... ... Continue»
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After the War

... and how occasionally she would talk about his bravery during the war.

I got up very early on Wednesday morning, I ... a****ls in heat.

I stood behind my mom, the head of my cock pressing against her pussy lips. I never even made the decision. ... ... Continue»
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the story of Pornographic film

... at the risk of prison.
1950s: Home movies

The post-war era ... made in the 1970s in the United States to close down the pornography industry, this time by prosecuting those in the industry on prostitution charges. The prosecution started in the courts in ... ... Continue»
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f***ed in the park

... small and large woods and in these woods there are a few concrete war bunkers that stick out of the ground just over 2 feet ... swallow every drop of his hot sticky cum. He then made me lay face down beside him and I felt him climb ... ... Continue»
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Best in the world

... of her. With in time of going down her ray made lady cum once more, this time she grabbed the sheets shaking her ... beat like an drum at war. Ray pulled up to the girl with his window down, he lean in close to show his ... ... Continue»
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Sniff Addiction in the Chaldain Abyss

... look. He knew there was no point in resisting because he had already lost the war within himself. He looked. Passion rose within ... loved it all so much. His eagerness made him the most popular buttsniffer for the girls of Chalda and he worshipped their ... ... Continue»
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In the spa and jacuzzi with mum.

... . Although I'd love the thought of that I made out that she shouldn't and said no stupid, in your underwear its all the same. After about ... she splashed some back, now we was having a little splashing war when she stood up and tried splashing me but feel ... ... Continue»
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... bit with every movement she made.
“I don’t know.” She laughed cheerily, dried off, and wrapped the towel around her body. “ ... literally stop traffic. Stop the super bowl. Stop a fucking war. It bounced from side to side in her yellow shorts probably ... ... Continue»
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Prof. Davis in the Dark

... was your typical girl next door cute, which of course made her very sexy. Today she was wearing jeans and a ... darkness but I will then go across the room to turn on the red light."

"Like in a submarine in the old war movies?" I asked.

She giggled, but ... ... Continue»
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... leaving her panting and dazed on the green felt table. Her drool made a dark mark on the surface. Since her first young f*** ... fighting world war two, now she was getting completely ravaged in some shitty Los Angeles bar. 'I am whore!' The men all ... ... Continue»
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In the Garden

... in a six flat block near the University. Being so close to the school, many girls in the block were in classes. The only man living in the building lived in the ... and quickly pleasing herself were at a tug of war stalemete. A small puff of a breeze licked ... ... Continue»
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The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch9/P6)

... you to see a short time into the future. They will help you in the war that is coming." The Wicked Witch began to fade away ... made enough to replace it." Talika ran her fingers threw Dorothy hair, then looked at the big hole in the castle. She picked up the ... ... Continue»
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Summer in the 70's

... in front of her pool, and complain about how
shitty things had turned since the Vietnam war started
and so on.

She’d ... semen shot into my mother’s

We slept. The next morning, as she made me breakfast,
now primly clothed, she said, "I ... ... Continue»
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THE f****y "Caught In The Act"

... High School
The Travis f****y lives in a posh home in the hills of northern California. Dan
Travis, was made CEO of one of the largest corporations in the country ... ... Continue»
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... low in his throat as Baby Girl pushed her tongue out and made it snake into the corner of his mouth, breaking the seal ... he got to the point where the water no longer aided in weight adjustment, he set Baby Girl down and made her walk, much ... ... Continue»
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