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lesbian lovers

The lesbian factory

... best student. Now she's not only one of the best lesbian
lovers you well ever meet, but she's become a nymphomaniac. She ... flashed and she was watching a lesbian
porn movie. She changed the channel and it to played a lesbian movie. Each
channel, and ... ... Continue»
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The lesbian factory

... best student. Now she's not only one of the best lesbian
lovers you well ever meet, but she's become a nymphomaniac. She ... flashed and she was watching a lesbian
porn movie. She changed the channel and it to played a lesbian movie. Each
channel, and ... ... Continue»
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lesbian lovers

... said. "Ya just tell me" "I think I'm a lesbian." I failed to reply to her. The weeks went by ... ... Continue»
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The best sensual lesbian sex ever

... .Shit I'll just watch some T.V and read a good book about lesbian lovers a very intense book about lesbians taking a vacationon a cruise ship so ... ... Continue»
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... lovers. Although, it was the rougher, harder maleness that Caitlin enjoyed at times, too.

Caitlin's roommate this year was a lesbian ... , "what's not to like—making love to two beautiful lesbian lovers who just happen to be mother and daughter."

Carrie ... ... Continue»
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Train Three Sexy Slaves #16: Tamara-4

... Sunday up
The lesbian lovers do not know I expect another visitor for a few days and this time another lesbian

I will keep ... secret second sexy identity Tika!
The lesbian lovers will love it, although Alex longs for lovers with big BOOBs - Tika has ... ... Continue»
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The Body Shaper

... more as your
feminization progresses. We can be girlfriends; lesbian lovers. How
does that sound Brandi?"

I took all four ... out on a date. They
might even think we are lesbian lovers Brandi."

"But everyone will know I'm a guy. Just cause I'm ... ... Continue»
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Granny And Her Lesbian Cop

... haircut and male mannerisms and physique that screamed out I am a lesbian! I have been bisexual since college and Evelyn and I wound ... her butterfly shaped lips totally open and swollen as my lovers pussy reacted to my skilled tongue. I worked myself deep ... ... Continue»
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The Hospital Fling - A lesbian tale

... I have to draw you a picture ?”, answered the black lesbian.
Sue made a V with her fingers and made licking ... me”, said Sue suddenly very serious.
Soon the young lovers were well on their way to a third orgasm.

---------------------------------------- ... ... Continue»
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... excited, as if they weren't mother and daughter but two lesbian lovers, I watched them kiss in shocked silence. Had I not been there ... sexually hot for one another.

As if I had a built in lesbian meter, I could usually tell when a woman preferred her own ... ... Continue»
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The Fruit Flies (a gay and lesbian tale)

THE FRUIT FLIES (a gay and lesbian tale)
This story takes place in Paris in the mid- ... restaurants, as was reported in a Paris newspaper recently.
The two lovers were sucking each other with passion and there was no ... ... Continue»
Posted by mib14 1 year ago  |  Categories: Gay Male, Lesbian Sex, Voyeur  |  Views: 663  |  
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Heathyr Hoffman ghost hunters lesbian love story

... that period.” Georges offered a sly smile, “And, technically, I am a Lesbian as well. Lesbian being the English name for people from my ... with Elise’s as the brunette came from her phantom lovers.

As the aftershocks wore down, Heathyr felt someone kiss ... ... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter IX

... Charlene…”

Micki and Charlene weren’t just best friends, but longtime lesbian lovers. The busty couple always found time to do ... to lick my pussy good, Charlene”

“Isn’t what lesbian lovers do, Micki?”

They both enjoyed the delights of cunnilingus ... ... Continue»
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Shanti mounts Erin at at Mount Shasta

... drama action by worried moms.

Luckily, the young lesbian lovely looking lovers found a friendlier
small-town, in free-minded - we ... needs in her sexy snatch.

Let us wish the young lesbian lovers at least an orgasm a day.
The best recipe for ... ... Continue»
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Chapter V Lesbian Love & sodomy

... Great Lesbian Love and sodomy
Chapter V --- ---

Other stories to read: http://bisoumidomi. ... spinning I plopped down on them curled up against my two lovers embracing each other.

We remained silent for a moment .. before Sandrine ... ... Continue»
Posted by CinquantNERF 2 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Lesbian Sex, Sex Humor  |  Views: 549  |  

A Lesbian Love Story - Chapters 4 and 5 of 7

... need to thank my research person, she identiifes herself as a Lesbian and contributed to my knowledge of sexual pleasure between ... her cheek, everyone in the place knew we were lovers, but I was still a little uncomfortable showing it publically.

“Sara, ... ... Continue»
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Our New Life

... seeing was not two friends
greeting. These were lovers kissing the same way Mistress and I ... on to explain that they had been
lesbian lovers for quite some time. Their problem ... am thrilled that it means that I am a
lesbian. My body will never allow a man ... ... Continue»
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GERTRUD IN PARIS (A Lesbian Tale) Part 1.

... (A lesbian Tale) – PART 1
During the Occupation of some European ... only 30 but the two women were occasional lovers. Justine ran one store while Évelyne ran the ... Geneviève were at the bar at the lesbian club in Montparnasse when a woman asked Geneviève ... ... Continue»
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Lesbian Girlfriends on a Snowy Night

... Traverse City, Michigan, but tonight Alma was warm, Gretchen her lesbian lover for several months now had eaten her pussy with ... Gretchen slowed down; Alma renewed her slow thrusts into her lovers pussy, Gretchen then said “Alma, you are such a slut”, as ... ... Continue»
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Mother is a Lesbian

... woman in lingerie, made it
real. Her mother was a lesbian. A very active lesbian.

While the two women kissed, Alice, now sitting ... warmly.

But then, there were the others:

The three lovers lying side-by-side, masturbating, with Alice in the ... ... Continue»
Posted by majfred 2 years ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex  |  Views: 2506  |  
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