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learning i liked it

learning i liked it

... phallic device between the cheeks of
his ass and poked <ddd>it</ddd> deeply inside.

The view from the mirrors was fantastic and ... out another dog collar
and blindfold and began to strap <ddd>it</ddd> around my neck. I
didn't react very quickly after having my ... ... Continue»
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I was fucked by a Black Woman...and liked it (true

... ****d by a Black woman…and <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd> (true story)

Ch. 1 “Seduced”

[image] ... into my plastic wine glass, and when I was roused awake, <ddd>it</ddd> must’ve been about 2 hours later – I felt a sensation tingling ... ... Continue»
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Learning the Ropes

... and wanked <ddd>it</ddd> because I wanted to show him that I <ddd>liked</ddd> him pushing his finger inside me. I remember I <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd> when the doctor did <ddd>it</ddd>, but ... how he had fucked me and how much I had <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd> even if <ddd>it</ddd> did hurt a bit. And I thought wow, and fell asl ... ... Continue»
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Learning Your Way Around The Cock

<ddd>Learning</ddd> Your Way Around The Cock

“Wow! You never told me ... put her finger over her lips to quiet me. “You <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd> with Isobel, didn’t you?” she asked, with a little smile.

“She ... ... Continue»
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Daffy: Learning Things

... except to rebuild muscles and not kill myself. <ddd>It</ddd> worked and still does!

I took the HS equivalency ... buy me an 8 inch jelly dildo and I started <ddd>learning</ddd> to suck a bigger cock than he had. I never ... that I was in a 69 with the girl. And I <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd>. A ... ... Continue»
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How it happened the first time.

... male sibling and I started to take our <ddd>learning</ddd> periods to the hay loft in the barn ... . I remember my older s****r asking me if I <ddd>liked</ddd> to have my slit eaten out. I told ... life.

Things were a lot calmer about <ddd>learning</ddd> sex, but <ddd>it</ddd> was not the end of being a ... ... Continue»
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Learning To Love Cock

... and that <ddd>it</ddd> was getting hard. He asked me what I thought about <ddd>it</ddd> and I told him that I <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd> but was wondering if <ddd>it</ddd> was alright. He said that <ddd>it</ddd> was ok as long ... ... Continue»
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... I like you pinching me. <ddd>It</ddd> hurts but <ddd>it</ddd> feels good too. <ddd>It</ddd> makes me all wet down ... <ddd>it</ddd> by then.

"Tell Daddy what you want me to do."

I felt so dirty saying <ddd>it</ddd> but I <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd>. ... that <ddd>it</ddd> was naughty but the good kind of naughty.

He told me he <ddd>liked</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Learning about jacking off Part Five Mrs. Wilson

... pussy yet?" I told her I had done that yesterday and really <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd>. She rubbed her tits and said, "Then you are going ... her bare slit. I found I <ddd>liked</ddd> licking a shaved pussy very much and went kind of wild on <ddd>it</ddd>. I pulled her lips wide apart ... ... Continue»
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Learning about jacking off Part Fifteen Ellen

... , did <ddd>it</ddd> hurt much?" She nodded her head and said, "I <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd> and <ddd>it</ddd> did hurt, but not as much as I thought <ddd>it</ddd> would. I hope," she said looking at me,"we can do <ddd>it</ddd> LOTS ... ... Continue»
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But Hon It Was Only Sex (A wife needs someone to c

... the hell brought that on, but I <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd>," she said while kissing me. "We haven't done <ddd>it</ddd> like that in quite some time ... do with me. <ddd>It</ddd> was like I was <ddd>learning</ddd> all over again."

"This is crap," I said standing up. "You make <ddd>it</ddd> sound like you ... ... Continue»
Posted by magas911 6 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Hardcore  |  Views: 2003  |  
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Surprise, I Liked It

... As a young teen boy, just <ddd>learning</ddd> about sex, I was fascinated and thrilled about girls. Seeing pretty ... getting a sexual excitement from what I was doing. I was actually enjoying <ddd>it</ddd>. Within a few minutes, he pulled his cock out of my ... ... Continue»
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How it all began

... and before you knew <ddd>it</ddd> you
had a cock in your mouth."
"Yeah, something like that."
"And I know you <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd>, and I know you ... over her pussy, so I had to push <ddd>it</ddd> aside to get to her
pussy. She <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd> though, and while I was eating her ... ... Continue»
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It's Just a Game!

... wet pussy lips and asked me how I'd <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd>.

I looked at Trent then back at Dad ... little girl is starting to like <ddd>it</ddd>."

Dad was right; I <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd>, way too much! Trent ... <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd> as much as he did."

"But why did you let <ddd>it</ddd> happen? Why did you let <ddd>it</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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How it all began

... much."

"Was I being to forward?"

"No, not at all. Really I <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd>," she stammered

He came around the desk and to sit ... she was embarrassed by <ddd>it</ddd>. She remembered what had happened with Taylor and she remembered how much she <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd> and this upset ... ... Continue»
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Taking It Out In Trade, A Slut-Wife Story


"You and your husband you mean?"

"Right, Rob..." Jenny <ddd>liked</ddd> getting <ddd>it</ddd> out again that she was married. She
tried to ... trash mouths, but Jenny was a special girl, and the
audience <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd> when the woman were kissed before they got bred.

Jenny ... ... Continue»
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Kat Finally Gets It From Daddy

... all steamy when he was done; Daddy <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd> very hot. Normally she didn't care for <ddd>it</ddd>, but right now, any sense ... rather <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd>. "I am such a tease!"

Daddy's fingers slipped inside her thong, at the "T" intersection above her asscrack, and he pulled <ddd>it</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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it happened on vacation and continued at home 3 (

... put <ddd>it</ddd> in her mouth. She wouldn't do <ddd>it</ddd> but she <ddd>liked</ddd> feeling his penis and she <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd> when he touched her.
She said <ddd>it</ddd> ... really <ddd>liked</ddd> him rubbing her pussy but he was getting agitated playing around and his penis was really hard and <ddd>it</ddd> hurt ... ... Continue»
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It was dildos and the web cam at first

... He <ddd>liked</ddd> that he was able to get me to squirt but he loved that I <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd> also. The web cam was a shock for me also. He had <ddd>it</ddd> on ... and my husband heard me say <ddd>it</ddd> but thought <ddd>it</ddd> meant I <ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd>. I tried to explain myself but ... ... Continue»
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The OC - Marissa showing Summer what it is like be

... 's pussy tasted good. She
<ddd>liked</ddd> <ddd>it</ddd>. She <ddd>liked</ddd> the taste of Marissa's pussy. She, Summer Roberts, <ddd>liked</ddd>
the taste of her best ... , Summer Roberts,
<ddd>liked</ddd> the taste of pussy.

Summer guessed that made <ddd>it</ddd> official, she was bi. Honestly <ddd>it</ddd> was a relief ... ... Continue»
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