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la fameuse Rachel.

la fameuse Rachel.

... Rachel,une amie de ma mère, que je n'avais pas vu depuis 2 ans.
Elle habitait un hameau dans le Var à 2 ... minutes de la mer, la maison qu'elle avait hérité de ses parents.

Rachel avait fait ... et des articles pour des magasines.
Elle en vivait aisément. A son rythme.

Rachel vint... Continue»
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Slaves of the Amethyst (part thirteen)

... that was, and the thought filled her with dread.
In the cellars Rachel had not allowed the events ... through her exercises and still subjected to rigorous training tests. On Tuesday afternoon Rachel had ... in expectation of a far less welcome occurrence. She was standing at attention whilst Rachel read... Continue»
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Rachel takes it further...

... Ah, Las Vegas. We’d landed on time, and after going through immigration, had arrived at our hotel ... yourself silly while you do”.

“Look Rachel…”

“It’s ok Dickie, your little secret is safe with me ... – shopping that is?”

“Rachel, you know I can’t. I have meetings to go to…”

“Ok Dick, you go... Continue»
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Who Says Marriage Is Dull

... . Vegas ! I hadn't taken Rachel on a get away in quite some time. Las Vegas would be perfect! I would take ... .

Rachel and I had drinks in the limo as we rode down Las Vegas Boulevard to our destination ... Chapter 1

My wife of five years, Rachel, never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think... Continue»
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A Certain Perception (c) 2004 by Cherysse St. Clai

... . The look was very 'Las Vegas showgirl' - or 'Hollywood Whore'. Dita, the esthetician, read my mind ... of my ears. Consuela and Rachel, the two nail techs, applied acrylic sculptured fingernails ... on the door and windows. Gayle, Dita, Rachel, and Consuela all sang "Happy Birthday" to me, offered... Continue»
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The Bondage Whore, Chapter 5

... to face.

As Carmen circled the stock to face Rachel, she said, "Son las tres. No mas esta noche ... The Bondage Whore, by Rachel St. Clair, All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 5 - The Longest Night ...

Rachel finally started to calm down a bit, and stopped fighting the stock. She was trying her best... Continue»
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Who Says Marriage Is Dull

... have to think outside the box. Vegas ! I hadn't taken Rachel on a get away in quite some time. Las ... at her myself.

Rachel and I had drinks in the limo as we rode down Las Vegas Boulevard to our ... Chapter 1

My wife of five years, Rachel, never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think that things... Continue»
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Rachael - The Babysitter

... que je vais vous entendre. Je reçois la fille de Mme Walker, Rachel de rester avec vous, et ce est ... en sécurité, vous savez, avec la piscine ici et personne d'autre autour ... juste au cas où. Rachel ... . Bientôt mère a appelé à moi. "Jeff, miel, Rachel est ici. Je ai entendu des pas dans l'escalier, et la... Continue»
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Rachels Revenge


"...And hurry up with that coffee, Rachel."

"Yes, Mr Allcock.”

I closed the door ... and took it back into the office. I placed the tray on the desk and made to leave.

"Hang on Rachel ... the following week in Las Vegas. I dreamed a little, it must be lovely to just float off from England in a cold... Continue»
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... the remainder of the night
at a hotel in La Jolla.

Sunday morning Rachel and Julie strolled through ...
stories and photographs of themselves and told each other their
real names. R.W.'s was Rachel ... Walker. Then one of Rachel's letters
included her phone number. The night after receiving... Continue»
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The Klinik Chapter One

... Chapter 1.

Rachel Darian tapped upon the highly polished walnut surface of a long dining table ... by the end of the week Rachel?” An obviously nervous Ari Sonderberg wondered.
The clipped aristocratic ... across the length of triple insulated laminate glass separating Rachel Darian and her erstwhile... Continue»
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but was it REALLY all about the big black dick?

... service beyond the thunderdome mini skirt, rachel's boutique corset, capezio cropped frontline ... him off & checked my la perla thong, i saw just how differently i react to the thought of you... Continue»
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Rachel and the Nude Beach

... One of the young ladies I dated for a couple of years was named Rachel. She was 5’7”, 118 pounds ... and her face was quite pretty.

Rachel looked like a fashion model and I enjoyed the way all ... of this attention made Rachel very self-conscious as she did not like to be the center of attention. She preferred... Continue»
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... said anything or if they had I had been in la la land and hadn't heard it.

I sat bolt upright ... birthdays, like my aunts Sissy and Meg were on theirs, like my cousins Phillip, Rachel and Paula, all... Continue»
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... " så hon var inte heller i
skolan. Men jag gick o la mig igen. Efter ett par timmar vaknade jag o ... hon som en galning! Fan jag kommer
snart skrek jag, vart ska jag spruta!? Hon gick av mig o la sig... Continue»
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Ovilligt knull

... kompis fick spela själv. X la sig i sängen under täcket och frågade om jag var uttråkad, lite svarade ... la mig bredvod honom. Först låg jag ganska långt ner så han drog upp mig och lade mitt huvud på ... drack upp. Sen la jag mig på honom istället. Vi strulade, jag bet hans läppar och han hade sina... Continue»
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... e apertada..
continuo a suga-la.. chupo-a.. como-a..
ao mesmo tempo faço pressão com a outra mão ... cara..
e eu.. como uma criança com um chupa..
delicio-me a lambe-la até à ultima gota..
como eu gosto de te ter assim ;)... Continue»
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Campbell - Verleden, heden en toekomst 6

... een ladekastje en ze trekt de tweede la open. Patricia ziet allerlei speeltjes. “Heb je een voorkeur... Continue»
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Kåt invandrartjej

... stolt som en tupp när man hörde sådant beröm.
- Åja, så j-la stor är den ju inte, började jag ... släpp hela satsen i mig! Jag är så j-la kåt just nu, bryr mig inte om vad som kan hända, bara... Continue»
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Knull på campingen

... husvagnen och låste handbromsen på den.
Han la handen på mannens ena axel och log, det är alltid ... solande. Peter la sig på sin solstol och tog upp boken.
Han låt blicken växla mellan tjejerna och ... Petras hämtade sig. Peter drog sig undan lite och satte sig ner i sängen och sen la sig ner på rygg... Continue»
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