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kates master xx

kates master xx

... Her master opened the hotel room door and Kate felt her heart beat faster...this was going ... was told Kate watched in fascination as her master knelt down and she felt his tongue lick her clit ... exclaim over the wetness she had caused already. Kates master pulled her towards the mirror... Continue»
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The Fantasy House by loyalsock

... . One day, my friends Mary Kate and Barbara were over for lunch. As usually happens when several 30 ... Kate and she nodded silently. Our eyes met, and then the idea struck me.

"Why don't we pool our ... for a place here in town for shorter fantasies," Mary Kate added.

"Right... and Jodie is a real estate... Continue»
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College Days

... by saying I would be there and I’ll have a special surprise, signing off with xx. I phoned Tony asking if he ... grabbed her hands and made her crawl naked around the house, “oh please master make me beg for my ... and washed the dishes. “Tina come here” “yes master what do you want” put a coat on and go... Continue»
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The Trip part 4

... so I want you to behave” Joe said

“I won’t let you down master” I replied

I finished ... room “you won’t be needing any”

“Yes master”

“And make sure you apply plenty of lubricant”

I ... into the car, I looked out at the snowy driveway outside the cabin.

“Erm, Master, I don’t think I... Continue»
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The adventures of Holly Whore Part 2 scene 3: The

... : Meet me at Matt’s tonight 8pm, bring nothing and just walk in don’t knock, kk? xx
Me: Ok x

I ... his cum between us. I then took the final mouthful of spit and cum from Kate and swallowed.

Katie... Continue»
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Christine: Transgenderism.

... Sarah thought that Jacqueline was going to cry but she mastered herself and took a deep breath. “I ... or the other dependent upon the hormones generated by the body according to whether it has XX or XY... Continue»
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... older s****r Kate hadn't seemed a bit surprised by their open affection for one another. Because ... it had only been a few months that mom had send Kate to our grandfather's house for a week. After Kate ... session, being as rough or as gentle to what ever my needs called for.

Grandpa was a master... Continue»
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Adventures in Taboo 5

... and her hot milf mother Kate.. I was having more sex then a porn star and I was not even in Junior ... High yet.. This is when things stated to get weird with Shyla, Kate and me..

Every weekday I would ... call Shyla on the phone to talk to her.. Often Kate would listen in and we would have phone sex... Continue»
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New Neighbors 3

... into the master bedroom. " Now it's my turn to feast on your hot cunt."

Kate told Sue it had been so long ... Mom's perfect ass.

Kate slid the brownies in the oven and closed the door, she turned and seen her ... to look through his peek holes to see her.

Kate couldn't help but notice her son checking out her... Continue»
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One of my Favorite In(3st Stories

... ?" She jumped and turned towards her "master". "Is your

mom as pretty as mine?" He gave ... "masters" commands, feeling the pressure in her sex from the

powerful aphrodisiac in the air ... focused all attention upon

the "master". All sat straight, arched their backs, pressed... Continue»
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The Day we Changed (Complete)

... gave the only answer I could.
" I'm all yours, master."

The smirk was back, as was the firm ... .
"Thank you, master. I picked them out just for you."
"Now lose them. And the bra." 
I rested my head ... of that sounded a whole lot more frightening than my fantasies ever were.
"I'll be good master, no need... Continue»
Posted by ebonfire 1 year ago  |  Categories: BDSM, First Time, Hardcore  |  
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Act Naturally

... heard a noise emanating from the master bathroom and turned my head to the left to learn its source ... , Kate, would ever be friends with such a weirdo. But I could think of no other possible explanation ... of Kate's?" I asked cautiously.

The thumbs stopped pushing keys on the phone and the green hair slowly... Continue»
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my wifes story in her words, .

... for his masters now. and he found me online. hoped it was same lady. i asked if he had any woman ... to thier place. i told them to have some xx vids to watch and some coolers drinks or wine. ok.. i was so ... all kinda danced around. while watching the xx movie. we were still inthe living room.
jess kept... Continue»
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I know what you did !!! Part 3

... . Your 'Master'."

I clicked on the send button and sent the letter to my teacher. I went off line ... will be known as your 'Master'. From now on you will call me 'Master', do you understand Mrs. Graph? If you ... your husband will return home from his business trip. That is when you will be punished by your Master... Continue»
Posted by uranuscpl 25 days ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Mature  |  

The Photo Shoot

... to yawn.
"Kate, I'm going to sl**p, had a hard day at work, you coming to bed with me babe?" He ... .
"I'm Kate," I whispered and turned to Tommy.
"Tommy, we should really get going."
She quickly got ... behind him really quick.
"Jesus Kate, Tommy's right down stairs!" he almost shouted.
One thing's... Continue»
Posted by tjt5964 3 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  
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Kate's descent - part 2

... out. I guess that it looks really weird and you, and Kate, must think I'm scary. " She doesn't really ... talked about it and we weren't freaked out."

"I'm so glad. I haven't seen Kate this morning so I ... expect a mother to daughter chat will be called for this evening. "

"No, I think Kate is pretty... Continue»
Posted by johnboy290 4 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  
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step daughter 2

... .

Tammy went up to work on her homework and Kate asked me if I was feeling as frisky as I felt.I ... and went into our room at the other end of the hall.

As we got ready for bed,I peeked at the master ... daughter on the deck.Tammy was peeking in the bedroom window already.

"Ohhhhhhh I like that!!"Kate... Continue»
Posted by mikeron 4 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  
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Kate Gets a Puppy

... to her arousal. Kate thrust back to meet her Master’s strokes as best she could, but could not keep ... in a doghouse, and that was where she felt most at home. Kate had her pet, but ironically the pet was now her Master. ... Every morning, Kate started her day with a jog along the beach. The fresh sea air, the sand under... Continue»
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Die Schwester von Georg Genders Kapitel 1-36

... sie diesen Masten überhaupt ganz in den Mund bekam. Meinem Vater schien das wirklich gut zu gefallen ... man, ich glaub ich habe einen Kater", murmelte sie und raufte dabei ihre blonden Locken.

"Ja ... Luft empfing uns, und auch ich bemerkte, daß ich einen leichten Kater hatte. Eben noch im Zug... Continue»
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Anal Virgins

... to feature in the costumes of the young and cool. Kate sat alone at the top of a small hill, watching ... the hazy sky, peppering Kate's view with constellations she didn't understand, but loved all ... the same.

Kate and Ben had only met three months earlier, and has been going steady ever since. Kate... Continue»
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