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how i masturbate (true)

Fantasy Comes True

... were running through my mind. I couldn’t really fathom how cool Jacob had been about the whole thing. In fact ... though under any other circumstances your best friend asking you how to masturbate would seem completely weird, I didn’t care.
“Like this” ... ... Continue»
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My First Time With b*****r, Part 2 (True)

... everyone know that, while still a virgin, I did know how to masturbate. This was an area of expertise for me.

I used ... my mouth was pretty intimate, and I wanted to show him how much I loved him at that moment. Without hesitating, I ... ... Continue»
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How I masturbate - Pressing off

... ' between knuckle & heel over my urethra. I masturbate by working my fist with a rhythmic, rocking, massaging motion, ... up my urethra I keep pressing, squeezing, massaging. I masturbate right through the orgasm! It's excruciating but it feels ... ... Continue»
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HOW I MASTURBATE - Wet jerking

... hardness.

It's difficult to explain how exciting it is to watch myself masturbate. The reduced friction allows me to grip ... 039;m able to work my knob, something not possible when I masturbate dry.

It's delightful to watch my hand & ... ... Continue»
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how i masturbate (true)

i slipped my hand down the front of my panties and fondled my clit. i was already a little wet. further i probed, inserting two fingers, up as far as i could go. i pulled out my fingers and sucked my juices from them. i stood and pulled my short skirt off ... ... Continue»
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He Helped Me Masturbate

... we were talking on the bed and he asked me how my first time was and I said wonderful, a large smile spreading ... said “well sense you can feel maybe I should teach you how to masturbate?!” I blushed and said sure with enthusiasm. He pulled me ... ... Continue»
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Why and how I started crossdressing Part 1

... . Dan pulled his underwear down and began coaching me on how to masturbate him. I had never touched another penis other than my ... of my mouth. He said "Good girl, that's how you do it. That's how you suck a dick". I was so excited, and enjoying ... ... Continue»
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Nancy Friday Forbidden Flowers MORE WOMEN’S

... Daisy, Vi
CHAPTER EIGHT ...................................................... 255
DREAMS COME TRUE ...................................................255
Carolyn, May, Chessie, Rose Ann, ... in the
tub! That is how I masturbate too, and while reading the ... ... Continue»
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How I Became a Chastized Cuckold

... on the bed, completely naked.

"Did you masturbate in the shower?" she asked me.

"No ... our need for
something, no matter how strange it might be. Perhaps some ... ," I thought. What she was saying was true, I had finally slipped up
on something.

... ... Continue»
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The Craving - Must Read

... Sarah said to me.

I smiled. "They are, it's true. How is Kristie doing with everything?"

Sarah shrugged. "She doesn't talk ... on that. "I would thoroughly enjoy showing my daughter how to masturbate, how to make herself feel as good as possible."

"Is ... ... Continue»
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True Colour

... big time, because he started to masturbate more

I slowly rubbed my ... already suspected
earlier turned out to be true: he was completely hairless.

My fingertips ... and feeling
each other. I'm not sure how, but then it evolved into something ... ... Continue»
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... make myself cum."

"Go ahead, Mom, I want to see how you masturbate."

I dipped a finger in my hole and got it wet, then ... fun of. Accepting the people you love unconditionally is what true intimacy is all about. Does that make sense?"

"I think so ... ... Continue»
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mom sedcue son

... make myself cum."

"Go ahead, Mom, I want to see how you masturbate."

I dipped a finger in my hole and got it wet, then ... fun of. Accepting the people you love unconditionally is what true intimacy is all about. Does that make sense?"

"I think so ... ... Continue»
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... anybody had touched me sexually. I wasn't a
c***d. I'd learned how to masturbate earlier that year, experimenting in
the bath, and I knew some ... cocks when they
are infants. I don't know if that's true or not. I've never asked my

I felt Chris's ... ... Continue»
Posted by iamyourforever 3 years ago  |  Categories: Gay Male, Masturbation, Mature  |  Views: 5879  |  
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dad i have a question

... to Dad about everything, so I asked him how I could have an orgasm and how to masturbate, and finally I had him show me. We ... them for wanting what I think I could enjoy.”

“You're married.”

True. They're young. One of them is your daughter.”

She ... ... Continue»
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Mutual masturbation helped my friend walk

... my sex life; when and how my girlfriend sucked me, how I masturbate, how it felt while I was ejaculating and how much cum I made; His c***dhood ... the time. A real stud, made for sex I said. It was true but I was also trying to help him feel better about ... ... Continue»
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True. What I let men to do me for 2½ days

... coming was maybe too good to be true, that it couldn’t REALLY be ... like a GIRL instead of a person!

==============[ HOW IT ENDED

When it was all over late ... snow naked, lock the door, masturbate while looking at me through the window ... ... Continue»
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... sex. She taught her how to lick and suck pussy, how to
masturbate, and even how to shove a big ... you do things with him. Is it true
Becky?" She looked at him totally surprised, ... about this, and realized it was all true. She did want her
father to fuck ... ... Continue»
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... having such a good time; it was like a dream come true. The dream soon turned into a nightmare. "We’re all ... Jennifer responded. "Good. Now before I leave I want to see how you masturbate." Jennifer was stunned. She had never even considered telling anyone ... ... Continue»
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... and sat down next to me.

"I guess you've learned how to masturbate, huh?", she said with a slight smile. I just nodded, ... good to still be able to have orgasms."

"I guess that's true. I just never thought of somebody as beautiful as yourself needing ... ... Continue»
Posted by sexaddict66 2 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 7186  |  
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