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good Padosi

good Padosi

... getting off this time from the combination of getting good deep
penetration, clit rubbing, her tits rubbed vigorously against ... around quickly to see who had
said that.

The Good Neighbor (Part II)

Copyright 1993, by F. S. Yressu

When Barbara ... ... Continue»
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Good Babysitter

... me feel very good. I
mean I felt good doing it but not like earth moving good you

"So make me feel good and then I can make you feel good!" I said

What can ... ... Continue»
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... all.”

“Yes! Oh Yes! All of it. So good! Now fill me - so good.”

Charles humped me slowly at first, my ... ruddy and puckered slightly.

“Oh! Yeah! Got it good!” I muttered to myself, “Real good.”

I knew Charles must have left early and slipped ... ... Continue»
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... You going swimming?" he casually asked with a half grin.

"Very good, Tommy!" she said sarcastically. "What was your first clue?" ... you to it, k**do. I love massages. Been a good while since I had a damned good one like that!"

"I charge extra," he joked ... ... Continue»
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Good Slave

... of me he whispered “Good Girl, you’ve been a good slave” and kissed me ... would prefer just to call her X.” I replied.
“Very good Slave, I thoroughly approve. X, kiss your new ... ! It would also serve as a good reminder that a good slave must always be aware ... ... Continue»
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... them, and the softness of the tap seemed like a good sign.

"Yes," I half mumbled. "What ...?"

"Peter?" She called, sounding ... myself ejaculating unreservedly into her warm hand. That's how good it was.

However, as I'd cum only recently I managed to ... ... Continue»
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... in a warm embrace.

"Gosh, Mom! Was I really that good?"

"Words can't describe how good you were, Thad. And
you've never ... while your b*****r
fucks me! Oh, yes! That feels so good, so fucking good!
Wrap your lips around my little nipples! Feel how ... ... Continue»
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... around quickly to see who had
said that.

The Good Neighbor (Part II)

Copyright 1993, by F. S. Yressu

When ... do that? he asked
himself. We'll see.

The Good Neighbor (Part III)

Copyright 1993, by F. S. Yressu

As ... ... Continue»
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Being a Good Neighbor

... 're just making me crazy. Oh, oh, it feels so good, so good."

I began circling her clit with my tongue and she ... and it just feels wonderful."

"Good, I want to make you feel good, Vern, it makes me feel good, too. I'm really getting close, I think ... ... Continue»
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... my tight jeans like the ladies were always talking about.


Good thing you don't need much brain power or focus to ... his tongue long enough to whisper, "Make it good again, yeah, make it good again, Buck. Oh god, Buck, yes, do me ... ... Continue»
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Good Old Days

... And like I said. The
dirtier, the better!"

"Well, that's good, I guess," Erica muttered, moving a little closer
behind me.

"Wow ... to her first knuckle. "This feels
so good."

"It looks good too," I added, watching in amazement.

"Does it?" ... ... Continue»
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Round one good morning!

... i thought you could OMG it feels so good i grind back down on that dick even harder ... fingure into my pussy it feels so fn good.
All of a sudden im flipped on my ... my mouth and it tastes so damn good after such a good warm up round. After all it ... ... Continue»
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Good Slave

... please your master. So, you hold back...good slave. 4...5...6...each time the crop gets to ... know it's what you must do...good slave. Through the crop handle I can feel ... me to stop now, do you?...7...very good, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap..between ... ... Continue»
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Oh Daddy! your dick tastes so good

... baby girl's ass against his crotch was so good. God, he couldn't imagine how good it would feel to fuck a tight 18 ... daddy!"


"Oooohh, yes! Oh that feels so good, daddy!" She moaned rubbing her ass against his crotch, feeling ... ... Continue»
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My Good Buddy Cums Inside My Wife

... occurrence with my wife and another man.

I am good looking in very good shape middle aged. Medium height, brown hair, ... What would you do?" Then, "But I just couldn't."

Todd was good looking from my perspective. Just not anyone I was intimidated ... ... Continue»
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Good Things Come in Small Packages Chapter !

... has a fucking big dick that testes fucking good and I wanted more. I moved my hand ... yea!! That feels so fucking good!! Damm bitch your fucking good at this!! Take all ... had one more encounter then stopped for good and never talked about it. I moved away had ... ... Continue»
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DAWN BEING A GOOD BAD GIRL ``~~~~~long version

... inexperienced. A girl needs a little practice if she’s going to be good enough for her very own father. But she still wanted ... it to be – dripping from her well-used slit.

“Was I good, Daddy?” Dawn whispered through her exhaustion.

Daddy paused at the ... ... Continue»
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Squeak! Squeak!" Sounds of a good Whore!!

... you Mame.." she giggled. "All that for $20.00. That a good deal. I mean most prostitute charge allot more. Usually when I ... Now fuck me faster. Don't stop...Keep fucking me. That a good cheap hooker. Make me happy. Stop!!" I yelled. She stopped, ... ... Continue»
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Good Girl Gone Better

... to hurt anybody's feelings. Besides, it felt good. And in advance, No I never lost ... waited in the next room. They were gone a good 20 minutes before they came back. She ... her morals. She wanted to be the "good girl" again. I figured I would cool it for ... ... Continue»
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Good Girl No More

... first time by me and friends in "Good Girl Gone Better" for the whole torrid ... and a small compact muscular ass. She was good in the sack but being only 19 lacked ... facing sideways to us now so we had a good view of the seduction that was obviously taking ... ... Continue»
Posted by luv2sedcwife 2 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Group Sex, Voyeur  |  Views: 1687  |  
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