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forget my profile

My REAL life as an amateur cd superstar-see profil

... never forget when I saw myself for the 1st time when my makeover was done.see my 1st pic in motherload ... my profiles on alt and aff quickly became #1 in the ts/cd category.Over the next years I hosted ... Earlier,I wrote about what real cd sex was like.What I'm gonna say now isn't fiction.See my... Continue»
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Fucked in the local bar, Check my profile pics for

... stories are made up. I'm want you to know they are not. If you check the pictures in my profile you ... This story starts out at my boy friends house. It was just him and I. (A little background, he ... walked out with the only things I hadn't taken off, which was my stockings and panties. My tits... Continue»
Posted by down-onu 2 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Hardcore  |  
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A Couple of Checks on my Profile Wish List

... Greetings, All - if you've looked at my profile, you know I've listed a couple of things I've ... , neither of us could sl**p, and each chose to logon. I noticed a pop-up on my social media, so ... started messaging. That led to a video call, and that's how my wish list has gotten smaller.

Our... Continue»
Posted by goinstrong 4 years ago  |  Categories: Masturbation, Mature, Voyeur  |  
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My real fun which I will never forget

... I am sending another story about my encounter with Sunita my cousin’s wife. She is about 30 ... . It happens that my cousin and his wife Sunita came to our house as my cousin had to go on a business ... trip to another place for about 20 days and for the 20 days Sunita would stay with us.
Since my... Continue»
Posted by urpussysucker 3 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature, Voyeur  |  
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The night my girlfriend and I will never forget Pa

... I always liked the idea of my girlfriend being bred. Which is why I was open to the idea of having ... three or four black guys come over and have their way with my girlfriend. This originally was Anna ... , and Tim. I had never met Chris at Tim, but I could tell there were going to be a lot of fun and enjoy my... Continue»
Posted by pith 6 years ago  |  Categories: Interracial Sex  |  
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Sarah - my profile - all about me for real

... , which just happen to be my preference, to keep things at bay. Unfortunately a lot now faces south ... suppose being 44E and ample thighs with slim legs does help a little too.
Since I turned 50 my sex ... of hours a day browsing, both on my own and with my husband David. That keeps us both 'on fire'. We... Continue»
Posted by BBWSarah5545 1 year ago  |  Categories: Mature, Hardcore  |  
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Our first fuck for an audience

... . Look at the videos in my profile and decide for yourself. Would you watch if given the opportunity? I would. :)
... construction, and nearing completion. My wife is quite well endowed,(32D, and wore clothes that showed them ... at us. My wife asked if I thought they could see into our room, and I said I wasn't sure. Then I... Continue»
Posted by cack662000 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Masturbation, Voyeur  |  

My first online sex experience....(SPOILERS) I pai

... , run-on sentences or anything else I my mess up. Anyway, I have a satin clothes fetish. My ... . I had looked at her profile photos and know she at least owned some satin clothes, even though she ... with my satin clothes fetish?" She laughed and held up a "one moment" finger as she pulled box from... Continue»
Posted by Groomp 2 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, First Time, Masturbation  |  

Snowy eek-end

... is satisfied with his services.

She pocketed and kisses on the mouth my Master forgetting his role ... 6:00 Saturday morning, my Master called me for a weekend in the mountains, I had an hour to prepare ... for his taste and cancel my plans. At 07:00 happen to look at me with a "surprise"!

I quickly... Continue»
Posted by Justine_Virtue 1 year ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Lesbian Sex  |  


... could do now…I kept repeating this over and over in my head. It was done, and I couldn’t take ... couple of days of my life were now marred by that bitch…it’s as if she was still trying to fuck my ... was almost relieved when I pulled up outside of my dad’s old RV. I’d sold my old RV for scraps... Continue»
Posted by crazyxxxcash 2 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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Arpita – Wife At Stake

... think about that, my love and respect for you have already grown immensely after you took this decision ... profile was open and they were going through her facebook profile. She had a very cute profile ... looked at the tablets but didn’t move. “Don’t worry, these are fine, it will help you to forget and enjoy... Continue»
Posted by cuteb0y25 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Hardcore  |  

The Slut

... Last night a old friend called me up he seen my post on my profile stating " I need a good caning ... chatting and he found a msg were I was talking about how I was playing with my pussy and was going ... to be late and I didn't care. This made him even madder with me. He ordered me to strip to my panties... Continue»
Posted by Kyraisaslut 9 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Taboo  |  
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A Husbands Lament

... ebony staff.
Again as always my cock strains at my pants, precum wetting my underwear as it oozes ... from my tip at my excitement as I watch her hips hunch up to his stallion of a cock, trying vainly ... to. And the humiliation as I take my cock out and begin slowly jerking off while he enjoys my wife’s warm body, yes always... Continue»
Posted by Mrbigdick2014 1 year ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Interracial Sex  |  

Road Trip to Heaven

... it in your mouth!"

We both giggled together and then she came flying back into my arms! "Thank you, George, I'll never forget this!"

... Usually, I-75 from Fort Lauderdale to Naples isn't a very exciting ride. But as my car sped along ... think about cheating on my wife in real life. Being that she lived in Tampa, all I would really... Continue»
Posted by fotisampini 2 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, First Time  |  

The MILF Finder

... out imaging her ass wrapped around my 9 3/4 inches.

I printed out her profile and down loaded ... I dropped my boxer briefs onto to the bath room floor and opened the shower curtain. The water ... was just steaming as I put one foot on the top of tub and shot my warm liquid from my half erect penis... Continue»
Posted by lovethembigger 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature, Taboo  |  

Queen of Hearts

... before opening the window near my desk, to coax the outside in, to cleanse the stuffy office air ... , to linger near for the cool, damp breeze to finger my warm, dry face. April's weather was not on my list ... the groove at the base of my ring finger—a remnant scar from an absent, seven-year wedding band. My... Continue»
Posted by fotisampini 2 years ago  |  Categories: Mature  |  

Silky Sam pays me for fixing her computer

... forget something, or are did you want to pay me for fixing your computer?” Imagine my surprise when ... me a message or an invite, I’d be grateful. Enjoy the story and let me know what you think of my ... Saturday with SilkySam

I normally hate it when my wife tells her friends that I work on computers... Continue»
Posted by imornery81 3 years ago  |  Categories: Masturbation, Mature, Voyeur  |  
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The Sex Rehab Diaries: Rachel

... are."

I sighed and shuffled back and forth on my feet, wondering how exactly I was supposed ... sounds deceptively innocent until they get to know me. I was born a blonde, but often colored my hair ... at whim to suit my mood, and now it was a fiery red and spilled just over my shoulders in waves. I... Continue»
Posted by kap007 2 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Voyeur  |  
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You Never Forget Your First Kiss

... , Nigel, Nigel, my first kiss. How could I forget you?"

We were both twelve years old and innocent ... was looking for friends and landed on my profile page. Anyway, he did call and he still sounded like ...

The following is from my newest book, My Nude Cruise.

It was a busy and hectic day at work... Continue»
Posted by Tilly01 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Hardcore  |  
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She SHALL go to the ball

... in Birmingham, and I used to get my hair cut opposite the Aldi at a place called
Savva Savva. I mention ... this because a few readers know the area.

I can't remember the name of the girl who used to cut my ... .

I looked into my mirror which mirrored Charlotte's mirror, I could see part of her face, she... Continue»
Posted by DrVonWankenstein 11 months ago  |  Categories: Anal, First Time, Mature  |