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first time together

... had?

I sat back in my bed afterwards thinking about the first time we kissed. Several of us were on a friends boat ... it but it doesn't take away from how awesome our first time together was.
Whether to spare myself some kind of pain subconsciously ... ... Continue»
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First time together: Outdoor Pleasure

We've known each other for a few weeks, every time we talk online or the phone, our conversations simply flow. And... they typically end up talking about sex. I've heard about some of your incredible experiences. We discussed fantasies and even so much detail as to what exactly we like. Each time we discuss what really turns us on, I can't help but secretly rub my dick. I think you get turned on just as much, but we never seem to go as far as talking dirty and having phone sex. But each time we do talk, we seem to get to the sex part of our conversations quicker and quicker. The tension is building between us, even though, to this point, we haven't met. I think 'cause we are both married, we think we shouldn't get physical, and that's what's holding us back. Then again, it could be the fact that we are on opposite sides of the state. I know that as hard as you make me, if in person, I'm pretty sure I couldn't resist plunging all seven inches deep inside of you.

A couple of weeks go by and I tell you that I have a business trip planned to SoCal. The question in a chat session sits unanswered "Do you want to meet? Cup of coffee or something?" I asked, and I anxiously tap my pencil against the desk waiting for your reply. Meeting isn't as big of a deal as the delay is making it to be. You're delaying because you got a phone call? Or you're delaying 'cause you don't know what to say? Or you've maybe fallen and you can't get back to the keyboard? Then... I see it. "Yes!!!"

"Great... see you next week."

We talk a few more times between now and then. We go over the schedule of my day and I worked it so I have the entire afternoon off. We talk about going for a hike or even just go out for a picnic or something. This is a bit more than "just coffee", but we both seem totally into it. Have you noticed that our conversations, once laden with sexy and teasing talk, has become pure as fresh snow? I have. I think we are both a bit nervous as to what may or may not happen.

Then the day finally arrives. My morning meetings consisted of me fading in and out. I kept visualizing the topless photos you sent me yesterday. I stir in my seat as I feel my member slowly engorge.

"Hey, you with us here?". I'm snapped back to the meeting. 'Argh', I think to myself. 'I don't want to be here'. "Yes, lets go back over point 2 and 3..." My meeting continues with no one the wiser that I'd rather be about 60 minutes away from here.

Finally, my work day has ended. You told me to meet me at the park. Told me where to park my car and which trail to take to find you. This hour drive to the park feels like it's taking forever. I am excited to finally meet you for the first time.

You hear the sound of a car door shut in the distance and your stomach's butterflies flutter as you wonder if that's me. 'Why did I set this picnic up so far way?' you think to yourself. A few minutes pass, you check your phone again.. then you hear footsteps. You turn and see me for the first time as I round the corner. Our eyes instantly meet and lock in place. Smiles cross our faces as we take steps towards each other. We hug and briefly kiss. It feels like I know you, and you me. It is great to finally meet you. You look great in your sun dress. Your cleavage is daring me not to look, but I catch the occasion glimpse.

The plan is to sit on the picnic blanket. I see a basket, a bottle of white wine. It looks like a great setting to spend some time together. You start to tell me the plan… first some cheese and crackers with some nice wine, then you have some fruit… g****s, apples, bananas, etc… As you talk, I fade out as I can’t help but stare. That little, friendly kiss, has me buzzing…
You stop, smile and flirtingly say, “Are you paying attention?”

We sit, have some crackers and wine. The wine is great, as it is doing its job... relaxing us both. I think we were both a bit nervous. After conversations about our day, our spouses, this place, the conversation fell silent. Normal conversations would flow just like this also, then we would end up talking about sex. But just as the past couple of weeks, we both stop short. We may not be talking about it, I sense we are thinking it. I stare at you again for a moment, then motion for you to lean in... With my finger under your chin, I pull your mouth to mine, and instead of a quick 'hi-nice-to-see-you' kiss, we passionately share a open-mouthed kiss. Tasting each other for the first time. Growing increasingly intense. Tongues intertwined, heavy breathing; passion.

You pull away and say "Wow. That's one why to break the silence." Then you look down and see the outline of my cock straining against my pants.

"That's another way, too."

Reaching over, you trace the shaft through my slacks. I involuntarily moan. Pulling your mouth back to mine, we kiss again. You squeeze my cock through my pants, and I let out "Hmmm" as we kiss. You move your mouth to my neck and begin to stroke me. I feel you struggling for the zipper and with a little bit of my help, I feel your hand split the teeth of the zipper, reach inside of my boxers and find a throbbing cock.

You look up and say, "Did I do this to you? Did I make you hard?" You know you did, and I can only nod with approval, as you pull it out into the open air.

"Maybe you'll like it when I do this.." And then you position your face above my cock, letting your hair hang down, as to mask what you're going to do. Then I feel it. I feel your tongue slowly drag up my shaft.

I moan, "Ahhh... "

You wrap your fingers tightly around the shaft and give me another squeeze. Slowly you start to move your hand up and down, as you get to the base, you squeeze hard. With just your hand you are driving me wild. I can't see your face, but imagine you are intently watching my cock grow even larger, where the mushroom head fully expands and turns a faint shade of purple. Then I feel it again.... your tongue. It slowly circles around the base of the head.. tracing all the way around.

I hear and feel you moan as you place my cock inside of your mouth, letting it ride against your slick tongue. You take it deep while your hand again, squeezes the base extra hard. This is driving me nuts. You slowly slide your mouth off of me and begin to slightly stroke my now saliva slick fuck stick.

"Oh baby... you are really good at this..."

Then, my cockhead disappears between your lips again. You rhythmically piston your head up and down in time with you hand. I can hear slurps, moans, gasps mixed in with the birds chirping in the distance. I almost forgot where we are...

You continue to give me the best blowjob I've ever had... "Baby... mmm... I'm... ughhh... going... to..." and before I could finish my struggled sentence, you take most of me inside of you and suck so hard, as if you're trying to pull the cum from my balls... I feel and hear you moan. My balls tighten, my cock swells, I inhale hard, raise my hips up skyward and with a whimpering grunt, my cock convulses sending the first of many spurts of cum in your mouth. You hold your mouth tightly against my cock and ride me though my entire orgasm. I feel you swallowing each salty drop of my seed. My whole body convulses as you slowly pull your mouth off of my throbbing cock. We both gasp.

You crawl back up me and when our eyes meet, no words are necessary. My reactions told you how intense and incredible that was. You lower your mouth on mine our tongues dance wildly. I can taste the salty-ness of me in your mouth.

We turn over and continue to kiss like teenagers. I kiss your neck and move up to your ear. I pull on your earlobe with my lips and you pull me tighter. As I'm laying between your legs, I feel you pressing your crotch against mine. My hand moves to your left breast and kneads it. I lean up and kneel between your legs. You look great, laying there. Panting.

You have too much clothing on, I exclaim as I reach under your dress and reach for your panties. I slowly pull them down and off. They are soaked. I bring them up to my nose and inhale. This makes my cock, which as been just hanging outside of my zipper, twitch. I pull up your dress you resist.

"what if someone walks by?" you say. "That's part of the risk, don't you think.? Besides, you picked a good spot. We are pretty much hidden behind these trees and bushes."

I proceed to rest the folds of your dress on your stomach. Looking down, I see a perfectly trimmed/shaved delight. The lips are swollen and open like a flower. Normally, I'd rather work my way down there, but I don't think I can wait. I must taste you.

Positioning myself between your legs, resting on my elbows, you feel me nibble, kiss, lick up the inside of your left thigh. You pull the dress over my head, hiding me. Your skin is so soft. Then, as I near your wetness, I merely pass over it, inhaling deeply. As you sense my mouth is near, you raise your hips hoping to meet my mouth, my tongue, something... But I keep my distance. You next feel my mouth on your right inner thigh. Kissing, nibbling, licking. Back up to your pretty pussy. Again, inhaling deeply you raise your hips trying to find some stimulation. I hear you say "please..." I next place the tip of my tongue at the bottom of your dripping slit and then slowly drag it up, further parting your lips. As I approach your clit, I lightly graze over it lightly. I hear you gasp. I pull away and repeat.

Placing the tip of my tongue on your wetness and dragging up. You taste amazing. My cock hardens against the picnic blanket. With my fingers I trace around the outside of your lips. You are so wet. I again, press my tongue into your pink flesh and drag it up firmly. This time I stop near your throbbing clit. I begin to lazily lick with my soft, fleshy tongue the base of your pleasure button. Just the base... round and round. Your moans of approval fill the air. round and round. I flatten my tongue and you grind your clit against its soft, wet, spongy surface. Your hips rock as your pussy grinds my face. I feel your hands come down and hold my head in place. Your hips buck against me. Your moaning become panting, and then you feel two of my fingers enter your wet hole. I hear you gasp. I drive them in and out in time with your hips. Holding my tongue on your clit, fingers buried inside of you, I feel your fingers drive into the back of my head. With my fingers, I stop sliding them in and out. I instead press them against your g spot. Each time you rock your hips down, my fingers press against your swollen spongy g-spot. Your panting becomes gutteral now. I then purse my lips over your clit, and suck it between my lips.

Your hands come off of my head and grab the ground as if you're trying to stay on the earth. I hear you say "Oh.. My... Gaw.... d..." as you start to cum. I hear you hold your breath, stop moving for just a second, then without warning, your pussy contracts around my fingers and I feel a gush of liquid spew onto my chin, coating my mouth and fingers. I pull my mouth away from your clit as you convulse against my fingers. I feel you clamp down on me as each wave crashes against you. I pull the dress off of my head and look up to see your face filled with unbridled pleasure.. As your ride the waves, you try to catch your breath. Chest heaving, face flushed... leaving my fingers inside of you, I lean up and find your lips. Our kiss is passionate then you pull away to continue to catch your breath. Wrapping your arms around me, holding me tight as you continue to come back down to earth.

I roll over and lay on the blanket. We are both looking up at the sky. My dick is outside of my pants, throbbing wildly against the air. You look over and say, "Incredible! See that piece of flesh of yours", pointing to my pulsing dick. "I want that in me... now." You then get on your knees and point your dripping pussy at me. "Fuck me. Fuck me good."

Not one to miss a hint, I kneel behind you, unbuckle my belt and pull down my pants and boxers. With one hand guiding me in, the other on the small of your back. I place it at your entrance and tease you for a short minute. You look back and say "Fuck me. Feed my pussy your fucking cock."

With that I shove every throbbing inch as deep as I can inside of you. We both moan. Hands on your hips, balls deep, I can feel your pussy squeeze my pulsing cock. While, I want to savor this, a****l urges take over and I start to wildly drive my cock in and out of you. "Yes" you say between grunts. In and out, pounding against you. You're so wet, we can hear sloppy sounds with each stroke. My swollen head pistoning in and out of your tight pussy. I reach up and grab your tits. I pull down your top and bra exposing them to the warm air. They swing with each powerful stroke. Your nipples feel so good and hard. My fingers pinch each one, and I hear you gasp as you throw your head back. I pick up the pace... Pounding your sweet pussy at a strong pace.

I slow the pace for a minute. In and out. My hands back on your hips. In and out.

"You like my cock from behind Baby?" In and out slowly. I hear a "mmmrrph" escape your lips.

"You feel so good. I'm going to pump my seed inside of you."

"Yesssss, fuck me!!", you shout, not caring who hears.

I instantly drive my cock hard into you. In and out. Like a piston. Fucking you hard.
Our bodies slapping together. In. Out. In. Both of us grunting with each thrust as you push back to meet my cock. I feel I'm close and I squeeze your hips and pump even harder, faster. I hear your panting become frantic indicating you're cresting towards another mind shattering orgasm. Then without warning, I drive my cock in, pressing your hips forward and to the ground, pinning you against the picnic blanket. My cock swells then every inch violently shudders as cum erupts from the head and splashes against your cervix. I grunt loudly as I drain my seed inside of you. Spasming, panting, gasping... So involved in my own orgasm, I didn't immediately hear your gasping or feel your pussy contracting as you came in time with me. Our bodies are a heaving pile of flesh. A few more involuntary twitches from my dick and I slowly pull it out of your steaming pussy.

Laying next to you, catching my breath, I say "Wow. Great picnic!"

Comments not only welcome, but encouraged. :)... Continue»
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First Time Together

Ok, I’ll tell you about the first time Jenn & I got together. She is about 5'6" 140lbs with 36 DD tits and a full ass. She is curvy girl, a girl I can't break. I'm 5'7" 170lbs and I'm blessed with a thick eight inch cock with a head that is slightly bigger than a plum.

We had spent the better part of a month messing around; she’d blow me or I’d finger her during our lunch breaks. When we weren’t messing around, we were talking about our fantasies, our likes and dislikes during sex. It was during these discussions that I learned that she has a small **** fantasy, loves brunettes with big tits; she likes anal, facials and would love to be double penetrated. She learned I’ve been in several three ways, but had never been deep throated and that I had never had anal sex with a woman.

We finally decided it was time to fuck. So for our first sex session, we met at a hotel on a Saturday evening. She got to the room first and decided to surprise me at the door. When I arrived, she met me at the door naked and with a blow job. I didn't even make it in the room and she had my cock out and half way down her throat. She literally blew me with the door open for about three minutes. Finally, she let me in the room and allowed me to remove my clothes. When I put my keys and wallet on the night stand, I noticed she had brought her toys. She brought a seven inch gel vibrator and a nine inch dildo that was really thick. She said she brought them to put on a show for me. She is a giver.

Once my clothes were off, we continued where we left off, she on her knees with my cock in her mouth. She started out slow, planting kisses all over the shaft, then moved down and licked the balls. Jenn proceeded to coat my cock and balls in her saliva. As she licked and sucked, she stroked my cock with one hand and tickled my ass with the other; all while staring directly in my eyes. She had me so hot, there was no way I was going to last. I told her to slow down, which only encouraged her more. She grabbed my ass and started pulling me into her. She began to face fuck herself with my cock. I was at the point of no return and I grabbed her head and I began to face fuck her. This wasn’t the time for slow and teasing, she had driven me to the point where I was totally wild and losing control. I wrapped my hand in her hair and began pulling her head all the way down my cock. I was so lost in the moment that I didn’t realize that I was balls deep in her face. She had had slid her tongue out from under my cock so she was licking my balls to add extra sensation as I thrust in and out of your mouth. I held her face against my groin as I began pumping a huge load straight down her throat. When she started gagging, I realized that I had to release her. She pulled her head back, grabbed my hands and put them on the back of her head as she f***ed herself back down on my cock. She wanted to be gagged with my cock. Once my cock began to soften, she lifted her head, looking at me and slowly stroking my cock. She then asked me if I enjoyed my first deep throat blowjob.

As she stood, we shared a kiss and a hug. I massaged her ass cheeks as we swayed together in the middle of the hotel room.

TO BE CONTINUED…... Continue»
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Tiffanys First Time

I did not write this story ths is a true first time story

My first lesbian experience was with my next door neighbor, Maria. We had grown up together... and spent a lot of time with each other in the evenings after school. I was in the 10th grade when our first time together happened.

I had come home from school and was telling her all about this guy I had met. She went to a different school than me and had never met him before so she wanted to know all about him. Me and this guy had met at a party I went to that past weekend... and I had ended up going down on him. Maria had never seen a cock before her parents were very religious and hadn't allowed her to date anybody yet.

I knew where my dad stashed his porn magazines and decided that it was time she saw how things operated in the world of sex. The magazine we happened to find first was jam-packed full of lesbian pictures. I, myself, had masturbated to them many times before.

I had known for quite some time that I was bisexual preference... but I didn't know about Maria. I quickly sat it aside and looked for one with a man-woman experience to show her. However, Maria picked up the lesbian magazine and looked through it some more.

She asked, "Have you ever done this?" She was pointing to a woman who was eating out another woman. I hadn't actually been with another before, so I told her, "No." She said, "It looks like it would be more fun than being with a guy--less painful, I would imagine." I about died.

Instantly I became wet thinking about her going down on me. That's when I said, "Honestly, I would like to try it sometime." I knew my face was getting red, I could feel my cheeks burning.

She looked at me. She started to blush, too. We both knew my parents were at work for the next 2 hours, almost... and we both knew what was going through each other's minds.

I put down the magazine I was looking through and started looking through the lesbian one with her. As I sat close to her, looking over her shoulder, I knew I was going to have to make the first move--being the more sexually experienced one.

When I noticed she was started to move her hips a little, I leaned in and started kissing her neck. I could feel her trembling. I started to worry if she was ready for this or not... so I asked. She said she wanted it more than anything... so I continued.

I started to cup her breasts and massage them and moved my lips to hers. She was an amazing kisser! Soon, we had taken off our tops and bras. She let me do the moves first. I licked and sucked her nipples while I slipped my hand down her shorts and started rubbing her clit. She was really wet and warm. When she started pushing against my hand with her pussy, I knew it was time to advance.

I removed her shorts and panties and saw the juices rolling down her slit. I had never eaten out a girl before, but I knew how I wanted a man to do it on me--so I started there. I kissed her inner thighs first and worked my way towards her pussy lips. Her breathing was chaotic already.

I licked the outer lips first and could smell her musky warmth. I couldn't take it anymore... and moved my hand down to my own clit and started rubbing. I inserted my tongue between her lips and sucked on her clit.

When I was sure she knew how to move, I stopped and told her to take over on me. She copied all my moves perfectly... and in the end, we both came wildly.

From then on, we would get each other off almost every day. I still talk to her to this day--even though she moved away to college. We email, and when I get a chance, I go visit her... and eat her out.... Continue»
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first time together

We’ve just made it back to my flat.

My hands are trembling just a little as I unlock the door. I’ve held your hand and wrapped my arm around you on the way here…pulled you in for a kiss in a couple of dark, quiet spots, but now I know we will be alone, everything is tinged with anticipation.

The door opens and I pull you inside, closing it behind us. The corridor is dark, but I can’t even think about reaching for the light switch. I’m already putting my arms around you, pinning you to the wall as my lips find yours. Soft, gentle kisses at first, but it’s so hard to restrain myself…they grow more urgent, more passionate by the second.

I feel your firm, young teen body against me, squirming in my arms, as our tongues touch for the first time, an electric tingle runs through my body. My hands have already moved from your waist, without thinking, up your back at first to pull you tighter to me. I’m certain you can feel the growing bulge in my jeans, which is pressing into your waist.

I let my kisses linger, a little gap between each where our lips are so close…letting you wait for the next, seconds passing where I can feel the warmth of your lips, then they touch again and my body shudders ever so slightly. My hands have slid down now…past the small of your back and onto your tight little ass. I pull you hard into me, now I know you have felt how hard I am for you; your hand has moved from my back and chest to the front of my jeans. I groan softly as you rub over the mound there, I am throbbing for you, my hands tighten into a grip on your ass.

My fingers softly run up the front of your shirt, over your chest, my fingers tracing the outline of your breasts…then the first button of your shirt is undone. One by one, my fingers unhook each one, your back still against the wall, our tongues caressing as we kiss. Then my mouth moves down, across your neck, following the opening of your shirt, right down to the top of your shorts. My hands slip inside your shirt, cool on your skin as they explore your stomach…around your back…until they undo your bra.

Now my lips are on your neck, as I have you take off your bra, but leave your shirt on, the open fabric almost, but not quite, covering your perfect breasts. I kiss you, and let my tongue trail down over your collarbone. My hands brush the edge of your boobs, squeezing gently, as my kisses move right between them. I avoid your nipples at first, my eyes taking in how erect they are, as my fingers circle them. Suddenly, I let my fingers brush over one of your very hard nipples, watching the shiver it causes. I let my thumb play with it…while my tongue crosses the other, flicking over it lightly, again and again. I move to the other, this time my teeth bite down on it and my tongue licks over the end while it is trapped in my mouth.

Meanwhile, my hands have slipped down your flat stomach…and have undone your shorts…slipping them to the floor, followed by your boxers. My fingers are now pressing into your wet pussy through your pants, feeling them get wetter. I let my fingers slide into your underwear…but not touching your pussy yet…they brush along your skin.

I can’t resist any more, and pull you around to sit on the stairs. I spread your legs wide and kneel in front of you, pulling your pants to the side as my tongue slides across your skin. I delay the moment of my tongue reaching your clit…getting closer and closer…you can feel my breath on your wet pussy…until finally I let my tongue touch your clit. Just for a second, then it’s gone again, replaced by my fingers. They stroke you, pinching your clit gently while my tongue flicks it again and again.

I let go your clit, just to explore your tight little hole with one finger, then a second, sliding them into you past the knuckle, feeling how wet you are, and how your pussy grips my fingers. I let them slip slowly out, then push them back again, while my tongue moves back to your clit. My fingers and tongue both move faster and faster…I can feel your juices dripping past my fingers, down to your ass, while I penetrate your tight pussy.

I stop fingering you, taking my fingers out, covered in the wetness from your pussy, and I move one of them to your tight, virgin asshole. I let you feel it against your hole…then push it ever so slowly inside you, your wetness lubing my finger so it slides in nice and easily. I let you adjust to my finger inside you, before I add one more finger…stretching your ass a little this time, as deep as I can push them. I start to move them in and out of you slowly, still licking your clit as I do. After a minute, I move up to kiss your neck, nibbling on your ear as I whisper…the first words since we made it into my flat: “I’m going to fuck your ass this weekend…just like this… Now get on your knees for me sexy.”

I move up the stairs, to the landing where you are now kneeling. Looking down at you, I’m so aroused by the way you sit, in just your pants, with your shirt open, allowing me to see the way your boobs rise and fall as you breath. I feel your fingers at my jeans, as you unbutton them, pulling the zip slowly down over the bulge in my jeans. I moan as your hands reach inside caressing me through my boxers. My cock twitches inside at every finger tip which brushes it. I stagger slightly as you cup my balls, leaning back against the wall.

You follow me, moving up to kiss me…then kissing my neck and down my chest… Your lips cross my stomach and reach my waist, biting gently on my hard shaft through my underwear. Your mouth moves back up to my waist, your teeth grip the band of my boxers, nipping my skin gently as you do and making me groan. You pull on them, stretching them over and down past my cock, which springs to attention, right in front of you.

My cock throbs in anticipation, twitching in front of your face, until you finally touch it with your tongue, making me moan louder than ever. My hands reach down to hold your head as you lick and kiss my cock all over while I moan constantly. “Please,” I beg you, breathlessly, “please suck my cock!” I am rewarded by your lips sliding over the head of my cock, your tongue circling it, before you take my cock into my mouth inch by inch. I reach under your chin, gesturing to you to look up into my eyes, as you take the last of my cock until it touches the back of your throat.

I reach down to pinch your nipples between my thumb and forefinger, as you work on my cock, every movement of your mouth and tongue making me moan, and my fingers to tighten on you. I can’t take it for long, your tongue drives me wild as it rubs the underside of my cock, making me thrust a little into your mouth.

I reach down, pulling you up again, so I can kiss you hard, then I sit on the landing, completely naked. I pull your pants to the floor, tossing them to one side, and pulling you down onto my lap. I watch you reach down to hold my cock steady as you position yourself over it. I jerk and moan as you rub the head against your clit…my hands snaking around your back to grip your ass again, holding it until I simply cannot bear the sensitive movements of my hard cock past your clit.

My hands pull down, slowly but firmly, forcing you to sink down onto me, until I slide inside your tight, wet pussy, filling you gradually, until you are sitting on my balls. I start to move rhythmically with you, while you grind your pussy into me. My hands slip under your shirt, curling around your bare waist and pulling you to me, feeling your boobs against my chest. My lips find your neck, kissing at first, then biting into your skin as I bounce you on top of me.

I let you ride me for a little while, my body moving in time with yours. I wait until you have my cock fully inside you again, before I smack my open hand against your firm ass, hard. Hard enough, and without warning, to make your pussy tense around the base of my cock, making me groan and thrust upwards inside you. I don’t stop though, I leave a little time…but I spank your ass again, and again. Each time is harder than the last, and each time I enjoy our moans and I drive deeper and harder into you.

My breath gets quicker and more ragged with every time your pussy slides along the length of my hard cock, every time the head of my cock buries itself deep inside you. I can feel your wetness dripping down my cock, can feel my balls grow damp as I slide in and out of you, again and again, as our bodies move against each other faster and faster, with my hands now gripping your ass painfully tight. I kiss your neck as you moan into my ear, telling me to fuck you harder.

I f***e you up and down on top of me, faster and harder until I groan and whisper breathlessly in your ear: “I’m going to cum for you babe…will you swallow it all?” As you nod, I thrust into you one more time hard, then roll you over, sliding my throbbing out of your tight pussy, letting it rub against your clit as I do, and bringing it up to your mouth, letting you wrap your lips around it again, flicking your tongue over the tip and all around the head, tasting your pussy on every inch of my cock.

After you have taken my cock completely into your mouth, I pull it out, tapping the head on your waiting tongue, as I quickly wrap my hand around my cock, and with a few strokes bring myself to the edge of orgasm. “Open your mouth,” I moan to you, my legs trembling as I get closer and closer. I feel your hand stroking my balls, as your tongue flicks against the underside of the head of my cock, and it drives me over the edge.

I moan loudly, “Yessss!” almost shouting as the first spurt of my cum almost makes my legs buckle, hitting the back of your throat with a week’s pent up f***e. The second and third times my cum coats your waiting tongue, splashing all over it and into your open mouth, before I push my cock back between your lips, where it keeps cumming, more and more filling your mouth. Eventually the flood slows and stops, and I catch my breath. “Show me,” I gasp, and you open your mouth to reveal the pool of my hot cum, you’ve collected, while I run my sticky cock all around your lips.

Finally, I tell you to swallow my load, and I watch as it slides down your throat, leaving your mouth coated in my cum. I lean down to kiss you deeply, before I push my cock back into your mouth and tell you to lick my cock clean, and swallow every drop of my cum.

Eventually, after your tongue has run over every millimetre of my cock, and licked up every drop of my cum, we gather our clothes, and make it back to my room. It is only moments though, before you are in my chair, and I have turned on a porn video for you to watch, while I sink to my knees, and begin kissing up your inner thigh, while my cock hardens again…... Continue»
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First time

The wait had been near painful, we have been texting and phoning for months, life has a way of taking priority over fun. But the wait was nearly over, I had spent hours getting ready and taking my time driving to the hotel and I was still early, what am I going to do for 2 hours!!
You had text me to say you were stuck in traffic and would be a bit late, keep myself amused. We had been arranging this for so long it seemed unbelievable it was actually happening.
I booked into the hotel room to wait for you to arrive.
I redone my makeup wanting to make sure I looked perfect for... I ran myself a hot bath and tried to relax in the warm soapy water, I found myself thinking about what was going to happen and began washing myself gently exploring every inch of my own body letting my hands linger on my breasts tweaking my nipples and then trailing them down to my aching clit and my pussy, eyes closed imagining it was you.

I stopped myself from playing and making myself orgasm wanting to save myself for you. I slowly dried myself feeling the roughness of the towel against the softness of my skin, I took a while drying my pussy pushing myself ever closer to orgasm and then stopping knowing that nothing would beat the feel of your cock as it enters me for the first time. Time was going so slowly
I was lying on the bed naked, face down on my stomach when you came in to the room, you did not say a word you just undressed and you climbed overI could feel your cock already hard against my skin you began slowly massaging my shoulders and neck placing kisses down my spine, slowly rubbing my back and working your hands down my body.
You applied some oil, rubbing it into my soft skin, working your way from the back of my neck, across my shoulders, down my back and pausing for a moment on my arse, massaging both cheeks, then down the backs of my thighs and down to my calves, and then slowly you worked your way back up, massaging up my thighs, just trailing your fingers across my pussy as you worked your hands back up onto my arse, slowly kissing my lower back, making your way back up between my shoulder .
I was really relaxed gently moaning as you continued to massage me, slowly working down from my neck, over my shoulders and then teasing passing down the side of my breasts,working your way down the middle of my back placing soft kisses on my cheeks I was aching for you to take your fingers down to my wet wanting pussy but no your fingers were just out of reach. You concentrated on the massage still straddling me; the head of your cock would just touch between my arse cheeks as you massaged my back I could feel your pre cum on my back.
I could not stop myself opening my legs apart and lifting my arse up just enough for you to see my wet pussy, I was so wet and was aching for you to touch whispered in my ear that you had not even begun to work on me yet, but you will.
I tried to remain in control as this is our first time together we have not had sex, and I wanted to have a long night of fun. We spend a lot of time apart and have text sex, but tonight it’s the real thing.
You carry on massaging me as I reach around with one hand and start to stroke your growing cock, slowly I tease it by rubbing it up and down my wet pussy, but I keep stopping short of letting you push your hard cock deep inside me, this drives you crazy and you have to stop for a while so you do not cum..
After a while we began kissing you run your tongue over my lips softly biting them and then you move down my body to start kissing biting and licking my breasts. I reach down and dip my fingers deep into my pussy then rub them on my nipples so you can suck them tasting me.
I sink my fingers back inside me again and then I covered your cock with my juices and then I begin to lick, suck and caress your hard cock.
I find it so horny tasting me and you on your cock.
I climb over you my pussy and arse staring at you straight in the face I slowly suck your cock, You start licking my wet pussy. You push your tongue slowly in. You spread my lips apart and ease in a finger slowly fucking my pussy; pulling it out and tasting it then pushing it back in then you continue to eat my pussy.
I am pushing my pussy back and forth as I continue to suck you.
You grab my arse and spread my cheeks and stick your tongue in my pussy then into my arse. Darting your tongue in and out of my arse, as I relax you dip in a finger into my pussy and then slowly guide it in to my waiting arse.
I slowly rock back and forth on your finger while at the same time you are eating my pussy and I am sucking your throbbing cock.
Suddenly you feel a finger at your arse as you relax I push a finger deep inside you I am pushing my fingers in you while my warm wet mouth is sucking your cock
You push another finger into my arse while sucking and biting my dripping pussy.
I am rocking back and forth on your fingers and you are ready to explode in my mouth I am now fucking your arse with two then three fingers.
We are both so horny i think we are going to explode if you don’t fuck me soon.
You reach down and squeeze out some pre cum from your cock and rub it on my nipples, then you lean over and suck it off carefully pulling on my nipples with your teeth, stretching my nipples and then letting go.
By now I am fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit, you continue to suck my nipples first one then the other.
I grab your cock and begin to lick up and down the shaft and swirling around the head before taking it deep in my mouth.
You then lay me on my back and push your cock into my pussy sinking in up to your balls. We start to fuck slowly at first then harder and deeper I reach down to play with your balls while you are buried deep inside me.
You lean down and suck and lick on my breasts. I whisper in your ear that I you to cum deep in my pussy, and that I want you to eat my come from my pussy afterwards
You ask what I will do in return; I said it depends on you, if you get hard again you can fuck me in the arse. I told you if you do not get hard again then I will fuck you in the arse until you do get hard again..
We are now in a fucking frenzy, I felt your balls throbbing deep inside me, as your cum explodes in my pussy .
As your cock stops throbbing and pumping you start to eat my pussy, I grab your head and f***e your face into my fucked pussy. I roll over and straddle your face, your cum is deep in my pussy and you lick and tease my pussy and clean everything that we have put in there.
I reach between your face and my pussy and finger myself while you lick and suck me. You push your tongue in deep and spread my lips apart so not to miss a drop of our cum.
You eat my pussy pushing your tongue deep inside me I can feel myself building knowing that if you carry on I will cum all over your face.
Looking down at your limp but slowly growing cock I decid that it is your turn to get fucked as you have let me down by not getting hard.
You are too tired to argue I roll you over onto your hands and knees and begin stroking your cock to milk out the last drops of cum which I stuff into your tight arse with a finger.
I then reach for the anal lube and rub it into your arse I then begin to ease in a finger, you were still a little loose from earlier as I work my finger in I apply more lube and then put in another finger, then another, three then four, you are delirious moaning with pleasure.
Your arse is getting used to it now as you relax,I reach for the toys, I pull out a small vibrator and it slipped right in so I get the next larger one and begin fucking you, I can see that you like it and that you deserve what is coming because your cock wasn’t hard for me.
More lube and I push a larger dildo into your arse, it is the same size as your cock, slowly it parts your arse and I work in the head and slowly drive it all the way, I then pull it all the way out and then slowly back in as far as it will go.
I roll you over onto your back working the dildo into your arse. I am now pumping the and out, stopping from time to time to completely remove it add more lube then sink it back in. Fucking you
I lower my head and suck your cock as I fuck your arse.
Your cock is rock hard,
You reach down and grab the dildo and stick it hard into your arse, while I suck and lick your cock.
You keep pumping the dildo in and out of your arse until finally it is all the way inside you I can feel your balls throbbing as i suck your cock ; I know you are about to come so I stop sucking you after all now you are hard you still had to fuck my arse!!.

You pull the dildo out and grab my hair pushing me down onto the bed, you tell me you are now going to fuck my arse!!
You rub lube onto and into my arse then you push your finger deep inside me, I cannot stop myself pushing myself back onto your fingers feeling them tight inside my arse, You pump in and out for a while and then bend down and flick my arse with your tongue making me groan with pleasure, you are so horny now. You place the head of your cock in my pussy and push it deep inside me pulling out you push it against my arse.
You start to push the head of your cock into my tight arse slowly start pushing it in harder and harder
Your cock pushes into my arse until you are inside me as far as you can go with your balls pushing against me, you stop for a second letting me get used to it then you pull all the way out just in time to see my arse close up and then you push your cock all the way in again repeating this time and time again watching as your cock slides deep inside of me.
I reached down for my rabbit and started to work on my pussy, I now had your cock in my arse and a vibrator up my pussy I was delirious with pleasure and my pussy was gushing,
You were finding it hard to stay focused and I could not stop squeezing your cock with my arse. We both held on for as long as we could you told me you needed to cum, I was so close I could feel your cock throbbing I screamed fuck me fuck me harder and you thrust as you could ,I was rocking on your cock when you exploded shooting your cum deep into my arse, I felt your hot cum as it filled my arse deep inside me, this pushed me over the edge and my pussy gave way to an explosive orgasm I could feel the cum as it ran out of my pussy onto your balls.
We both collapsed in a heap on the bed and stayed that way cuddling .
I must have fallen asl**p because a few hours later I woke up to find you tying my wrists to the bed posts!!!
But that is another story... Continue»
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My first time


We were very horny, it was our first time together. He was older than me. He was 25 and I had just turned 19. He was tall and athetic, his hard cock was sliding in and out of my wet dripping pussy. It would go in and out and I could feel every inch as it slowly penetrated me. I was laying down with my legs around his hips and his strong and rough hands on my soft breast while he was thrusting harder and deeper, reaching places no one had reached before. I was no longer a virgin, a few moments ago he had taken my virginity, the pain had already passed and now I was submerged in deep pleasure. I was happy to give myself to the love of my life. My big breast were bouncing violently at the same rhythm of his thrust. I was looking at him with deep happiness in my eyes, I was his woman. He had promised me so many things. We were to be married and have a home together. He kept thrusting with his eyes closed and his forehead bathed in sweat, just like our bodies. After a while he stopped with his cock still inside. Then I felt deep in me strong spurts pouring while he was shaking and moaning. Then he kissed me like he never had before, so deep and passionate. Slowly and gentle he pulled back, taking his now shrinking cock out of me. It wasn't like before, now it was soft and getting smaller. It no longer was the big and hard cock that had taken me and made me a woman. I was a little confused but he took me in this strong and big arms and promised me that everything was fine and we would be ok. We were tired and felt asl**p on eachothers arms. The house was empty, my parents were away for the weekend and they trusted I was old enough to stay alone. When I woke up the following morning he wasn't there no more. I got out of bed naked to look for him, my big and heavy breast were sore, my future husband had done with them as he pleased, sucking them, biting them and roughtly taking them with his strong and rough hands. They would hurt everytime they bounced as I walked looking for him. I didn't find him, so I went back to my room and called his phone. I left him a voicemail telling how happy I was to be his woman and how much I looked foward to our marriage but the happiness didn't last. He never called me back and never heard from him again. The only thing I have from him is the baby girl we made that night. After a few months I found out thru a friend that he was married and had moved with his wife to another state.... Continue»
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first time with cousin......

When i was 13 (in 1980) my f****y took a trip to Mn. to visit my dads f****y. We were stay at my anuts house ( she had been a single mom for about 8 years) who had 8 k**s 3 boys all in there 20's and 5 girls. A set of twins 18, Mary who was 14 and another set of twins 11 (cindy and mindy). They all lived on a big farm with a pool and hot tub. Mary was about 6' tall with large breast for a 14 year old( 34D ), brown hair and legs that went for ever. I knew that sex with f****y was wrong but i would jackoff at night with thoughts of her.

We were swimming and playing other pool games when i happened to bump in to her breast. I jerk back from her and said i was sorry but i noticed that her nipples went to full hard. She said it was ok, but the mood between us was different from then on. I noticed that she was checking me out from head to toe and i was dooing the same to her. Now the sl**ping arrangements those weeks were i was in a spare room by myself. the girls and my s****rs all slept in one large room with several bunk beds in it, my parents spelt in another room and my aunt in hers. My room was in the basement next to the laundry room.

That night i jerkoff several times to the thoughts of her naked. Th next day she asked my parents and aunt if we could go hiking the ranch together. They said yes but be home by supper. My aunt fixed us my P&J sandwiches and we left.

we were a good ways from the house watching each other with me behind her and her behind me sometimes. We had gotten to a tough hill to go over i was n front and she asked me to help her up. I grapped her hand and pulled her up and she ended up slamming into me. I could tell that she did not have a bra on and my cock went to full hard in a snap. we pulled away from each other and i turned around hoping she did not see my hard on. She said lets set down here for a minute.

She had on a pair of cut off blue jean shorts that was really short. she sat in front of me and i could see her pussy hair coming out of her shorts. My cock was about to explode i tried to look away but i could not. We started eat the sandwiches when she asked me "can i ask you something and you be honest?"

I said yes and she asked me if i have done it yet. I chocked on the sandwich and said no. She then said have you thought about it. I said yes. Then she said have you thought about me. I turn red and did not say a word when she got closer to me and she said i thought about you last night all night long. I was looking down and looked at her crutch and her shorts were soaking wet and now i was about to explode in my shorts. I looked at her eyes and she had a devilish grin on her face. She pulled my hand to her breast and i start rubbing them. her nipples got hard and they were about the size of a nickel and were about a inch long i was really hard now and she started moaning. She lifted her shirt and no bra and i started sucking her breast. we laid back on the ground and i was so into her breast when i reached down to rub shorts over her pussy that she had them off already and i touched her pussy which was soaking wet. She said oh yes get on your back.

I did and she took my clothes off and we got into a 69 fo awhile. I had never know that a blowjob felt so good nor that pussy tasted so good. I lost a load in her mouth and she swallowed every bit of it. I was still hard and she said well we will both not be virgins anymore. She sat down on it and started riding me. it felt so good. she then got off and got on her hands and knees and we did it doggy style. She said doit harder as i did i felt her timbling and i lost the most massive loadin her. We both fall to the ground out of breath.

This was our first time together but not our last.

Will tell more later..... Continue»
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A Schoolgirl's First Time

A Schoolgirl's First Time

Chapter 1

Cissy pulled off her shoes and dropped her naked feet in the fountain.

"Feels good," she said, pointing her toes and splashing water by
slapping her bare soles down on the water's surface.

Pam sighed with exasperation. "I told you not to take your shoes off.
Now everybody's looking at us."

"But my feet were hot," Cissy said. "It was such a long walk down here."

On the other side of the fountain, three young k**s jumped in and
tromped around, giggling and kicking water at each other.

Cissy smirked at Pam.

"There, you see," Cissy said. "There's nothing wrong with putting your
feet in the water. Everybody does it."

"Those are stupid little brats," Pam said. "Not mature young women like
I am, and like you're supposed to be."

Cissy looked around as if she'd lost interest in the conversation. Pam
sat down at the edge of the fountain next to Cissy, but turned away from
the water with her properly shod feet resting on the concrete walk. It
was a hot Saturday afternoon in late May, and the campus mall was
swarming with people, both students and visitors.

"Glad you came?" Pam asked.

"Oh yes!" Cissy said. "Now that we're here, anyway. I didn't realize it
was going to be such a long walk. Look at all the hot guys walking

"Is that all you think about--guys?" Pam made a face. "I'll admit
they're a lot more handsome, a lot more sophisticated and mature than
the boys we go to school with. But we didn't come down here to gawk at
guys. Put your shoes back on. Time to go to the historical museum."

"Do we have to?" Cissy asked. "It's so nice out here in the sun. We
spent all week in school."

"Now you don't want to go in?" Pam asked. "We come all the way down here
to visit the museum and now all you wanna do is soak your feet in a

"You'll have more fun without me," Cissy said.

"I probably will," Pam said. "You'll want to leave after five minutes."

"I'll wait for you here," Cissy said. "Take all the time you want. I've
never seen so many hot guys in my life."

She squeezed her bare legs together, clamping them rhythmically against
each other a few times.

Pam stood up, disgusted by Cissy's shameless behavior.

"See you later," she said. "You better be here when I get back. Don't
get too sunburned."

As Pam climbed the steps of the historical museum, she looked back
across the mall and saw Cissy splashing her bare feet in the fountain
like one of the three little k**s who were now kicking water at each
other. From this distance, Cissy looked much younger than the teenage
girl she was. With her upturned nose, her shoulder length, sandy-blonde
hair, her round face and slightly chunky body, she looked like a chubby
little pixie. Cissy really wasn't fat; she was just well developed in
the hips and bust, slightly over-developed for her height. As she kicked
her feet, slapping them down on the water's surface, her pointed toes
made her look like a schoolgirl gymnast performing warm-up exercises.

Pam shook her head, and despite her disgust at Cissy's unsophistication,
she couldn't help but smile at her friend's cute, c***dish looks. She
watched Cissy cross one leg over the other and swing the crossed-over
leg rhythmically, keeping her bare toes pointed like a gymnast. It was
as if Cissy was trying to gain attention, as if she were performing for
the endless flow of people passing the fountain. Also, Pam could tell
that Cissy had crossed her legs for more than to gain attention. As
Cissy rhythmically kicked her upper leg, she was working her pussylips
together under her tight, light-blue shorts. Pam knew that Cissy
masturbated a lot. Cissy had admitted many times to Pam that she jerked
off quite often.

Slut! Pam thought as she turned away and opened the door of the museum.
Well, at least masturbation was better than giving your body to some
sex-crazed boy in school. Pam herself masturbated occasionally, but only
when absolutely necessary, when she couldn't stand the sexual
frustration any longer. Both she and Cissy were virgins, saving
themselves for their husbands-to-be. Pam knew she could hold off until
her own wedding night, but she often worried about Cissy. Cissy seemed
to become more and more obsessed with guys everyday.

The air conditioning dried the sweat on Pam's forehead. She hadn't
realized just how hot the spring day was until she'd stepped inside the
museum. She pitied Cissy, sitting out there in the hot sun, but she
wasn't going to hurry on Cissy's account. Cissy had chosen to stay out
there in the sun. If Cissy had to wait an hour for Pam, or two hours, it
was Cissy's own fault.

In the basement restroom, Pam straightened her hair in front of a
mirror. How much more mature and sophisticated she looked than Cissy!
Her brunette hair, with its auburn tint, was longer than Cissy's hair,
and pulled back in a ponytail. She was taller and more slender than
Cissy. Her features weren't round like Cissy's but were more finely
chiseled. Unfortunately, she had a turned-up nose with freckles on it,
which made her look more girlish than she would have liked; however,
nobody's perfect, she always told herself.

The museum was almost deserted. Occasionally, Pam encountered a f****y
here or there, but for the most part she was by herself as she made her
way from one exhibit to the next. In a room dedicated to the state's
Indian tribes, her eye was caught by the life-size, bronze sculpture of
a naked Indian brave. The sculptor hadn't bothered to hide the young
brave's cock with a fig leaf, and Pam inspected it closely and at
length, from time to time glancing nervously and self-consciously back
over her shoulder to see if anybody was coming into the room.

It sure was a big cock! And those balls it hung over sure were big too!
Her heart pounding, her breath coming fast, Pam reached out and felt the
brave's bronze cock, stroked it up and down, rippled her fingertips over
its veins, caressing the brave's large balls. As her fingers inspected
the brave's sex organs, her pussy throbbed against the crotch-seam of
her white shorts and her tits swelled in her bra, her nipples stiffening
against the titcups. She squeezed her legs together, shimmying her
thighs against each other, rubbing the moist, searing-hot meat of her
inner cuntlips together. Throbbing waves of fuck-itch pulsed through her
loins and her face flushed hot.

God, what am I doing! she thought, and yanked her hand away. She fled
the room, her shorts and bra and shoes all feeling much too tight. She
felt like pulling off her clothes, She felt like rubbing herself between
the legs.

She tried to concentrate on the other exhibits, but her mind kept
wandering back to the naked bronze brave. He'd had such a big cock, and
it had felt so hard and sexy. She wondered if the cock of her
husband-to-be would feel like that to her touch.

She left the museum long before she'd intended to. She couldn't get her
mind off the naked brave, and she was tempted repeatedly to visit him
again; something she was not about to allow herself to do.

As she emerged into the sunshine, stunned for a moment by the blast of
hot air outside, her eyes searched the fountain for Cissy. At first she
didn't see Cissy, because Cissy was no longer seated alone. A young man
with a mustache was seated next to Cissy at the edge of the fountain,
and both he and Cissy were laughing. Cissy appeared to be doing a lot of

"Back already?" Cissy asked when she spotted Pam.

"I'm not feeling too well," Pam said. "Let's get going."

"This is Jeff," Cissy said. "He's a college guy. And this is my
girlfriend Pam. We go to the same high school."

The young man looked Pam up and down. "Hi, Pam," he said. "Why don't you
take off your shoes and cool off your feet like Cissy?"

"We really have to get going," Pam said. "We've got a long walk home."

"No we don't," Cissy said. "Jeff's giving us a ride in his van."

"I don't know," Pam said, but before she knew what was happening Jeff
had locked his arms with the arms of Cissy and herself and was walking
them toward his van. Cissy carried her shoes, her bare feet smacking on
the concrete sidewalk.

"Here we are," Jeff said, and Cissy scrambled into the front of the van
first so she could sit in the middle, next to Jeff. Jeff shifted gears
and the van took off.

Pam's head was spinning. Everything had happened so fast that she felt
as if she'd lost control of her life. Jeff was so overbearing. He was
tall, he talked loud, and it was obvious he was in complete control.
Cissy snuggled up to him as if he were a big teddy bear, giggling
idiotically at everything he said.

They were sitting at a red light, in heavy traffic, when Jeff said,
"Either of you chicks good at giving blowjobs?"

Pam blinked her eyes, sure she was hearing things. Cissy giggled,

"I got a big crowbar that needs some work," Jeff said. "Either of you
hungry for some stiff meat?"

Pam closed her eyes and swallowed. When she opened her eyes, Cissy was
leaning over, unzipping Jeff's fly and unsnapping his jeans. Jeff lifted
his ass as Cissy, giggling as if she were d***k, yanked the college
man's pants down nearly to his knees.

"Ahhh, that's better," the man sighed. He pulled off his shirt and
tossed it on the dashboard. "Like it, girl?"

Cissy was panting and muttering over Jeff's rigid cock. Her small hand
was able to wrap only half around it. Her nose was inches from its
half-naked knob, her nostrils flaring as she sniffed. Her hand slid
down, peeling the foreskin completely off the huge cockhead. The
piss-slit was open, a drop of thick, clear lube oozing from between the

"Eight solid inches," Jeff said, glancing at Pam.

Pam looked away, out the side window. She was shaking so hard she
couldn't think. The bronze cock of the brave in the museum had shaken
her up enough, but Jeff's cock was real living meat! Man-cock! She'd
never in her life encountered a real, living cock in the flesh. She had
to be dreaming all this!

"Mmm, Jeff!" Cissy mumbled. "Ooh, it's so big! It tastes so good!"

Cissy's blonde head twisted from side to side as she slurped wetly at
the man's cockhead as if it were an ice-cream cone. His lube continued
to ooze out, and she licked it off.

"I love your juice!"

"You sure love cock," Jeff said, his foot leaving the brake and pressing
the accelerator. "Man, I sure love a chick who loves cock. Mmm, suck
that thing, schoolgirl!"

The cab of the van was filled with the scent of Jeff's uncut,
sweat-moist cock. Pam held her breath, repulsed by the intense, musky
aroma. How could Cissy lick something that smelled like that? How could
any of this be happening?

Cissy's mouth stretched around the head of Jeff's cock, her lips
stretched thin, like rubber bands. Moaning, she sucked loudly, her lips

"Oh yeah, suck it!" Jeff panted. "Lick the head. Aw fuck, You sure know
how to suck cock!"

His eyes glazed over and rolled back, and the van swerved nearly into
the next lane.

"Watch out!" Pam shrieked, bracing her hand on the dashboard, and Jeff
snapped back to his senses and cut the steering wheel sharply as horns
blasted. "You're gonna get us killed!"

Jeff took a few deep breaths. He stroked Cissy's head. "Go easy, girl,
watch that tongue. You almost brought me off."

"I think we'd better get out," Pam said.

"Don't be silly," Jeff said. "There's a park just down the block. I'll
stop in the bushes."

A minute later, despite Pam's hemming and hawing, and Jeff's ignoring
her, and Cissy's delirious cooing as she licked and kissed Jeff's cock,
the van came to a stop in a secluded spot behind some bushes in the

"Everybody out," Jeff said. He pulled up his jeans and seconds later he
was ushering both girls into the rear compartment of his van. There were
curtains over the windows so nobody could see in.

Pam thought about running away, but something inside her wouldn't let
her. Although she mumbled that she'd rather be going home, she climbed
into the back of the van with Cissy and found herself sitting on a
mattress. Jeff climbed in and shut and locked the door.

"Let's take our clothes off," Jeff said.

"Not me!" Pam said.

"Suit yourself."

Both Jeff and Cissy stripped. The smell of hot cunt filled the air of
the compartment, and Pam saw that Cissy was all foamy and greasy between
the thighs, as if spit had been leaking from her pussy. Jeff rested his
back against one wall of the van and spread his legs, nearly shoving one
naked foot in Pam's lap before she pushed it away. He smiled at her and
she looked away. Cissy, meanwhile, lay face-down on the mattress between
Jeff's legs, her hands cradling his huge, erect cock and keeping his
foreskin pulled down, her nose and tongue rubbing up and down the
underside of the massive prick. Fucklube bubbled from the man's pisshole
and dribbled over Cissy's freckled nose.

Jeff put his left hand on Cissy's head, wrapped his thick fingers in her
hair, took his cock away from her with his right hand and started
rubbing it all over her face. Playfully, he whacked his cock back and
forth against her cheeks, as if beating her with a heavy rubber
billyclub. Lube dripped and spattered from the tip of his cock.

"Ohhh, Jeff!" Cissy moaned. "I love you, Jeff, I'll do anything for you!
Oh yes, oh yesss, I love your cock!"

"Horny teen bitch," Jeff said. "A whiff of hot cock and you're
plastered." He rubbed his cockhead back and forth along her lips, then
shoved his cock into her mouth. "Go easy with the tongue now, girl, I
don't wanna come just like that."

Cissy swallowed more than half his cock. Her throat bulged, stretched
with hard cockmeat. She gagged a few times but sucked greedily. Lying
facedown, with her legs spread, she displayed her ass and open crotch to
Pam. Pussyjuice frothed from between the swollen, blonde-furred
pussylips. Cissy's toes clutched and wiggled.

Pam's eyes gaped. She'd never seen another girl's cunt so wide-open and
excited. She'd only seen her own cunt like this, when she spread her
legs in front of a mirror and jerked off watching herself.

Jeff saw Pam looking between Cissy's legs:

"Does it look good, girl?"

Pam flushed, but kept her eyes on Cissy's throbbing, juicing pussy.

"Why don't you take off your clothes too, and cool off?" Jeff said. "You
look really hot."

Mechanically, without looking at Jeff, Pam undressed. Her mind was a
mess of confusion, like radio static. As she peeled off her panties and
felt Jeff's eyes fall on her tits and pussy, on her smooth bare legs and
naked feet, her cunt contracted with such an ache that she squeezed her
legs together and groaned.

"That'a girl!" Jeff cried. "Now why don't you get down between your
girlfriend's legs and check out her pussy. Take a real close look. Sniff
it a little. Maybe you'll wanna lick it."

Pam's vision blurred. Her head was swimming, her heart slamming. She'd
never felt more naked and horny in her life. She squirmed down between
Cissy's legs, doing just as Jeff had suggested. The smell of Cissy's
smoldering pussy made her dizzy. The scent both repulsed and excited
her. She sniffed harder, pushing her nose deeper between her
girlfriend's legs. Pussy-flesh seared her nose. With a groan of lust,
Pam buried her face and mouth in Cissy's gaping crotch.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Cissy moaned. Her ass wiggled and she rubbed her pussy in
Pam's face. Her lips smacked around Jeff's cock. Pussyjuice spurted from
her contracting cunt and dribbled like tart wine down Pam's throat.

"Looks like I've picked myself up a pair of hungry schoolgirl chicks,"
Jeff said. He pressed on Cissy's head and worked his cock deeper into
her throat. "Ahhh yeahhh!"

Cissy choked. She was breathing heavily through her nose, squirming
facedown on the mattress, grinding her horny crotch in Pam's face.

Pam growled, out of control, sucking on Cissy's juicy cunt-gash. She
hungered for the taste of the other girl, couldn't get enough of the
tart-sweet pussycream that kept oozing from Cissy's contracting cunt.
Cissy's clit twitched and squirmed against her tongue. Cissy's swollen,
searing-hot inner cuntlips throbbed against her lips. She stuck her
tongue deep into Cissy's clutching fuck-chamber, twisting it, licking
out the tasty folds and crevices of Cissy's succulent inner cunt.

Cissy squealed, writhing on the mattress, her throat stuffed with Jeff's
enormous cock. Even though Pam was sucking Cissy's cunt, she couldn't
get Jeff's cock out of her mind. She couldn't believe a cock could be so
huge, so veiny and red, so juicy and smelly and sexy. She envied Cissy.
She wanted to suck Jeff's cock too!

"Oh Jesus, I'm gonna come!" Jeff grunted. "Oh, baby, take it!" His toes
clutched, his loins bucked, and he drove his cock to the hilt down
Cissy's throat. "Uhhhhhh!"

Cissy gagged, gurgled, gulped and choked. She sounded as if she'd
swallowed a fire hose. Her body shook. She squirmed. Suddenly, her
cuntlips swelled and tightened and her pussy exploded in Pam's face. She
made whimpering sounds as she choked and spasmed and swallowed.

Pam found her mouth filled with a gush of hot juice, a tart, slick
juice, the final mad spurt of pussy-lube from Cissy's cunt as it
exploded with pleasure. Pam guzzled the sweet girl-juice, sucking and
gnawing on Cissy's quivering, contracting cuntlips. She pressed on
Cissy's inner thighs, forcing her legs apart wider, forcing her own
mouth deeper into Cissy's cunt and sucking hungrily on the young girl's
succulent, spasming pussymeat. She listened with delight to Cissy's
squeals and gasps of ecstasy.

"Oh God, that was great!" Jeff sighed. He pushed Cissy's head away and
pulled his softening cock out of her mouth. "Real great! Just what I

Cissy licked at his cock moaning as the last flickers of orgasm pulsed
through her cunt. Jeff milked his cock with his hand and squeezed the
last thick drops of spunk out of his gaping piss hole, then wiped the
slimy jizz-wad on Cissy's nose. He squirmed away from Cissy as she tried
to lick his cock some more.

Pam sat up, her nose and mouth wet with Cissy's fuckjuices, a few blonde
cunthairs stuck to her lips and chin. She turned her eyes away with
embarrassment when she saw Jeff looking at her.

"Ain't you the shy one!" he said to Pam. He was kneeling next to Cissy,
stroking his floppy, half-hard cock. "I bet you ain't shy about getting
fucked, though. How about it, babe? All you gotta do is get this thing
hard for me again and I'll stick it between your legs."

Chapter 2

Pam gazed at the dangling cock of the mustached young man. He had a
hairy chest, a hairy belly, and muscles popping out all over. He had
fat, heavy, low-hanging balls. He was grinning at her, waving his cock
at her. She stared for an endless moment at his cock and suddenly she
felt panic. He wanted to fuck her! He wanted her to get that big cock of
his hard for him again so he could ram her with it.

"I wanna go home," she said.

Jeff frowned. "You serious?"

"I wanna go home," Pam repeated. "Right now." She fumbled for her
clothes. "Come on, Cissy, get dressed."

Cissy rolled over, rubbed her eyes as if she were just waking up from a
long sl**p. A gob of Jeff's cum still stuck to her nose.

"What?" she mumbled.

"We're going home," Pam said. "Right now. So get dressed."

"Suit yourself," Jeff said, picking up his jeans. "I already got what I
want anyway."

Five minutes later, as Jeff dropped the two girls off at a fast-food
restaurant in their neighborhood, he handed Cissy a scrap of paper with
his phone number on it.

"When you call, make sure you're talking to me and not my roommate," he
said. "That guy moves fast. Before you know it, he'll talk you into
anything. I don't want him moving in on my territory."

He tried to hand another scrap of paper to Pam, but she refused it. He
laughed and shook his head.

"You'll come around," he said. "One of these days, you'll come around
begging for it. They all do." He unzipped his fly, pulled out his hard
cock and slipped the foreskin up and down a few times over the moist
cock-knob. "How about it, babe, there's still time."

Pam pushed open the door. She had literally to haul Cissy out of the
front seat as the dizzy blonde tried to bend over and give the man a
blowjob in the parking lot of the fast-food joint. Jeff was still
working his foreskin up and down as Pam started to shut the door, and
for a moment she hesitated, her eyes glued to his cock as a drop of
clear lube oozed out.

Jeff licked his lips. "It tastes good, Pammy honey, wanna have a suck?
Want me to slip it up your pussy?" Pam f***ed herself to slam the door.
As Jeff took off, laughing, Cissy waved and called after him, "Bye,
Jeff, bye!"

The two girls walked a block toward Cissy's house, before Pam realized
that Cissy had been babbling and she hadn't heard a word of it.

"What?" Pam snapped.

"I don't believe it!" Cissy cried. "I don't believe I actually sucked

"Not so loud!"

"I sucked it off! It shot cream in my throat and I swallowed it. Wanna
know what it tasted like?"

"No!" Pam said. "Will you quiet down, please! Everybody in the
neighborhood will know!"

"I don't care," Cissy said. "I feel so good. I feel like I'm floating. I
can still taste it, can still feel that hard, salty thing in my mouth!"
She licked her lips and swallowed. "Oh God, did it get me hot!"

"You're crazy!" Pam gasped. "I can't believe you! How could you do such
a thing! You're lucky he didn't stick it some other place, if you know
what I mean."

"You mean like where he wanted to stick it in you?"

Pam flushed. "Thank God we're both still virgins, is all I can say."

"I'm still a virgin?" Cissy asked, smiling wickedly.

"Not completely," Pam said. "But you're still a virgin in the way that
counts. As for me, I'm still pure, untouched for my husband-to-be."

"Not completely," Cissy said.

Pam flushed even redder. "Of course I am!"

"You mean licking my pussy didn't count?"

"No," Pam said, hating to admit that she'd actually licked Cissy's cunt.

"Then you might wanna do it again some time?" Cissy asked.

"Are you crazy!" Pam cried. "Never!"

They'd reached Cissy's house. "Wanna come in?" Cissy asked.

"No, thank you, I'm going home to take a bath."

"We could take a bath together," said Cissy.

"Now I know you've gone crazy!" said Pam, and she turned toward home.
She turned back. "Give me that slip of paper he gave you."

"For what?"

"I'm gonna burn it."

"Like heck you are," Cissy said, and she ran up her front walk. "He
tried to give you his number too, but you wouldn't take it. This one is
mine, and I'm keeping it."

She slipped into the house and closed the front door behind her.

When Pam got home, she found her mother in the kitchen making dinner.

"How was the museum, darling?" her mother asked.

"Fine," said Pam.

"Have a nice walk down there and back?"

"Fine," Pam said. "I'm going upstairs to take a bath."

"Dinner's in an hour," her Mother said. "Don't fall asl**p in the tub."

Pam locked her bedroom door and stripped off her clothes. A large wall
mirror faced her bed, and when she sat on her bed she could see her
entire body in the mirror. She sat on the bed now and spread her legs,
like a girl gymnast doing the splits in the floor exercise. She pointed
her toes the way Cissy did when she was showing off her legs at the
fountain. She often sat nude like this, looking at herself in the
mirror, imagining herself posing for her husband when she got married.
What she saw in the mirror was what her husband would see.

She fondled her tits. They seemed to be getting bigger. They still
weren't as full and bouncy as Cissy's tits, but they were more
cone-shaped, and they stood up more, with pointed nipples.

She sucked in her stomach at the waist, smiling at how slender she was.
She stroked her flanks, smiling at the silky smoothness of her young
skin. She certainly had a better body than Cissy, much more graceful,
more womanly even though Cissy had a bigger, rounder ass, and bigger

She lay back on the bed, spread her legs even wider, reached down and
hauled apart her brown-furred cuntlips. She had a hairier crotch than
Cissy, a more mature, womanly crotch. And the moist flesh between her
cuntlips was redder and riper. It would be a shame if Cissy got married
first, and fucked first, if Cissy didn't get fucked before she got
married. The way Cissy was acting lately, she'd get herself fucked very
soon if she didn't watch out.

Pam probed between two teeth with her tongue and discovered a hair
caught between them. She pulled the hair out and saw that it was kinky
and blonde one of Cissy's cunt hairs. She flushed, wondering if her
mother or anybody else had noticed it when she'd smiled. She was sure
that terrible college man, Jeff, had seen it, which was one of the
reasons he'd kept laughing at her. What an obnoxious person that guy
was! He'd actually dared suggest that she let him fuck her!

She shivered and a tremor went through her cunt. She couldn't imagine
that enormous, smelly cock of his inside her. First of all, it wouldn't
fit into her cunt. His cock had to be a freak cock, an overgrown giant.
She'd never realized a cock could grow so big. The cock on that Indian
brave in the museum had been big enough. Jeff's cock had been much, much
too large. How had Cissy managed to get it into her mouth?

The thought of Cissy sucking Jeff's cock disgusted her. How could Cissy
do such a thing? The smell was bad enough. The taste must have been even
grosser. And Cissy had sucked fluid from the man's cock, and she'd
swallowed it! Unbelievable!

Pam noticed that her cunt was getting juicy. Pussylube oozed from inside
her, oozed from the ripe, inflamed meat between her crotchlips. Her clit
was hard, its tip peeking out of its sheath. Her fuckmeat was quivering,
throbbing, from time to time opening up, then contracting. A hot trickle
of cuntjuice ran from her cunt down her crotch and into her ass-cleft.
She couldn't keep her hands off herself. The middle finger of her right
hand slipped to the hilt up her crotch-hole and she moaned softly, her
green eyes rolling, her toes curling.

Damn that Cissy! Damn that Jeff! They were making her masturbate. She
didn't want to masturbate. She'd jacked off only two days ago, and now
she was doing it again. She tried to limit how often she masturbated.
Lately, she'd been doing it more and more often. It was as if she
couldn't help herself. It was all Cissy's fault. All Cissy talked about
lately was guys.

She lay back, propping herself up with her left elbow and keeping her
head up and forward so she could watch herself as she fucked her middle
finger in and out of her pussy. She was burning up inside, her cunt like
a hot, greasy fist, like a hard-sucking mouth with hairy lips. As her
finger plunged, pussyjuice frothed out around it, and she could smell
herself, the musky aroma of hot pussy. She pulled her finger out of
herself and lifted it, dripping, to her mouth. She sucked her finger

Tart-sweet! She tasted just like Cissy.

She stuck her finger back up her pussy, then pumped it in and out,
making sure to rub the edge of it against her clit. Her cunt contracted
and pulsations of fuck-itch and excitement coursed rhythmically through
her loins.

"I sucked Cissy's cunt!" she whispered to herself as if only now
realizing that she'd done such a thing. Stuck my tongue up in it, she
thought. Licked it out. Drank Cissy's juice. Sucked Cissy's clit. It
tasted good. I rubbed my nose in Cissy's cunt, and it smelled good.

She squirmed on the bed, her tits rising and falling as she panted, her
right hand jerking between her thighs, her toes clutching with each
surge of hot sensation through her cunt. She saw that her eyes were
getting glassy, were glazing over from the feelings she was
experiencing, and as her lust mounted, she leered at herself
seductively, the way Cissy had leered up at Jeff while she'd been
sucking his big, sweaty cock.

What a tramp Cissy had become! How could Cissy, her own best friend,
turn into such a filthy, disgusting tramp! Cissy had sucked a cock.
Unbelievable! Cissy had swallowed the cum of a man. Incredible! Pam had
heard whisperings at school about girls doing such things, but she'd
never quite believed them. Today, she'd seen her own best friend
actually suck a cock!

"Filthy bitch, Cissy!" Pam whispered. "Dirty slut!"

Her teeth clenched, she rammed her stiff middle finger in and out of her
pussy. She finger-fucked herself so fast and hard that she gasped with
each thrust. She gazed at her face in the mirror and imagined it
nuzzling and rubbing against Cissy's blonde crotch, saw her nose rubbing
between Cissy's lust-swollen cuntlips. Her tongue came out and she
started licking air, dripping spit on her tits as she pretended to be
lapping deeply between Cissy's burning cuntlips.

"You taste so good!" she whispered. She kissed and slurped and sucked.
"Mmm, I love your pussy!"

She closed her eyes, saw Cissy sucking on Jeff's cock, heard Jeff grunt
like a bull and heard Cissy choke. Swallow it, Jeff was saying, forcing
his cock deeper down Cissy's throat as he ejaculated his hot spunk.
Cissy guzzled. She sure loved that spunk! Cissy got so excited that her
pussy exploded in Pam's face.

"Ohhh, Cissy!" Pam fell back on the bed, her back arched, her loins
rocking, her head twisting from side to side. The fuck pleasure surged
to a head in her loins and her cunt exploded with spasms around her
ramming, grinding finger. "Ohhh yesss!"

She squirmed on the mattress, gasping as the sensations melted her,
groaning as electricity shot through her cunt and asshole and toes,
through her tits and nipples. Every cell of her young body seemed to be
pulsating. Her fuck juices frothed out around her plunging finger and
formed a slippery, spit-like puddle on the bedspread between her legs.

She fucked herself until the contractions in her cunt had stopped and
the surges of sensation through her body had petered out. Her back came
out of its arch and flattened against the mattress. Her finger slipped
out of her cunt. Her toes uncurled and her legs relaxed. She caressed
her tits, moaning softly.

I needed that, she thought. After what happened this afternoon in Jeff's
van, I needed that. I deserved that.

She went directly into her bathroom, just off her bedroom, soaked a
washcloth in warm water and returned to her bed to scrub the pussyjuice
stain off her bedspread. Then she returned to the bathroom for a long
soak in the tub to wash the sweat and filth off herself and to clear her
mind, to cleanse her mind. Now that she'd relieved her pussy, things
were back to normal. She didn't care what Cissy did. From now on she was
going to keep her own thoughts pure. And she would only masturbate once
a week, at the most. Maybe only once every two weeks. Maybe she'd stop
masturbating altogether.

Chapter 3

She didn't know why, but after helping her mother with the dinner
dishes, Pam called Cissy. For some reason, she just needed to hear
Cissy's voice.

"Why don't you come over?" Cissy said. "My parents went to a movie. I'm
babysitting for the brat, but he's already asl**p."

Ten minutes later, Pam was sitting in Cissy's bedroom. Cissy had the
radio turned to a top forty station, but she'd left the sound turned
down low so as not to wake up her k** b*****r, she explained. Both girls
were dressed in shorts, bare feet, and light cotton blouses.

"I'm tired," Cissy said. She flopped down on the bed and closed her
eyes. Her bare foot tapped to the beat of the music on the radio.

Pam flopped down next to Cissy. "Have you studied for your math test?"

"No," Cissy said. "Have you?"

"Not yet."

They lay there a while, listening to the music. Pam's right foot touched
Cissy's left foot Cissy wiggled her toes, and Pam did too.

Cissy sighed. "I loved what you did to me this afternoon.

"I don't want to talk about it," Pam said. "Let's forget it."

"Sure," Cissy said. "I just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed it.
If you ever want me to return the favor, just ask."

"I said, let's forget it! Okay?"

Cissy said nothing. A new song came to life on the radio. Cissy's bare
toes caressed Pam's foot. Pam didn't pull her foot away. Cissy's left
hand brushed against Pam's naked leg. Her fingers stroked.

"You've started shaving your legs," Cissy said.

"Of course," Pam said. "Haven't you?"

"There's nothing to shave yet," Cissy said. Her hand stroked up and down
Pam's thigh. "Your skin's so smooth."

"I put lotion on it after I shave," Pam said.

"How often do you shave?"

"Once every six weeks," Pam said. "More often if I need to."

Cissy rolled toward Pam, her hand continuing to stroke, sliding from
Pam's knee, up her inner thigh, nearly to her crotch. Pam's cunt started
to throb. Her cuntlips swelled and a few drops of slippery lubricant
oozed from between them. She wasn't wearing panties under her shorts. As
Cissy's hand stroked up and down, Pam spread her legs wider. Cissy's
fingers slipped up the leg of Pam's short shorts, her fingertips
tickling Pam's cuntlips. Pam's heart thumped. Cissy rolled on top of Pam
and kissed her on the mouth.

"I wanna eat you!" Cissy whispered. "I wanna do to you what you did to

She shoved her tongue into Pam's mouth.

Pam tried to push Cissy off, but she was too weak. Cissy's wet tongue
wiggling in her mouth made her groan. Cissy humped against her, and she
could feel Cissy's hard nipples pressing against her tits.

"Let's get undressed," Cissy whispered. "I'm so fucking hot!"

She began to unbutton Pam's blouse. "I can do it myself," Pam said,
letting Cissy know by her tone that she really didn't want to be doing
this, but that she was going to go through with it anyway, because for
some reason she had to, for some reason she just couldn't help herself.

"Oh yes!" Cissy cried, her feverish fingers unbuttoning her own blouse
and pulling it open until her overly developed, lust-puffed tits flopped
out into view. Like Pam, she wasn't wearing a bra, and like Pam, she
wasn't wearing panties underneath her shorts.

Pam lifted her ass and pushed her shorts down, and Cissy, stark naked
already, pulled the shorts off over Pam's feet. The two flushed
teenagers looked at each other, neither girl wearing a stitch.

"I feel so sexy!" Cissy panted. "Oh, Pammy, I've always wanted to be
like this with you!"

Pam was shocked. She said nothing. She wanted to reach out and feel
Cissy's tits, but she stopped herself.

Cissy fell on her again, kissing her, rubbing their tits and bellies and
cunts together. Cissy's tongue licked out Pam's mouth. Cissy's saliva
ran down Pam's throat, and Pam was surprised at its sweetness.
Spontaneously, Pam's arms moved up around Cissy, wrapping Cissy in a
fierce embrace. Moaning, grinding her throbbing cunt-mound against
Cissy's cunt-mound, she sucked Cissy's sweet, slippery tongue.

Their kiss broke. Both girls were moaning, panting. Pam felt as if her
tits would explode, as if her nipples would split open with hardness.

"Let's rub our cunts together!" Cissy panted. Pam was too dazed to do
anything. All she could do was lie there, letting Cissy take charge.
Cissy reversed her body, shoving her feet toward Pam's face. She then
scissored her legs along Pam's torso, pushing one leg along Pam's belly
and tits and the other leg along Pam's back. As she scissored Pam's
torso with her legs, Pam's legs automatically fell into position,
scissoring Cissy's torso in the same way. Cissy pressed her blonde
crotch against Pam's brunette crotch. Moaning, the two girls rubbed
their pussies together.

"Spread your lips so our holes and clits touch," Cissy said. "Press your
naked meat to mine."

The two girls hauled their cuntlips apart, pressed their gaping,
juice-dribbling fuckholes together. Pam gasped as Cissy's naked
crotch-meat seared her own. It was as if Cissy's cunt were a volcano
with hot smoke pouring out of it.

"Rub!" Cissy panted. "Rub!"

"Oh yes!" Pam gasped, frantically rubbing her open cunt against Cissy's.
She could feel Cissy's hard clit pressing into her wet, spongy
cunt-slab. "Oh God, Cissy!"

The two schoolgirls moaned, delirious as they fucked each other. Cissy's
bare foot rubbed in Pam's face, her sexy toes clutching, toenails
scratching, and Pam started licking the bare toes, started biting at
them and gnawing them. Immediately, Cissy started doing the same thing
to Pam's toe-wiggling foot. The girls grabbed each other's leg, sucking
and biting each other's foot as they continued fucking their naked
crotchmeat together.

Pam couldn't believe how turned on she was. She'd never been this out of
control. She thought she must look like an a****l, behaving this way,
but she couldn't stop. Her loins humped, grinding her open cunt against
Cissy's open cunt. She chewed Cissy's toes, gnawed Cissy's heel. The
fuck-tension mounted in her loins, making her ass feel as swollen as her
tits. Fuck-itch surged rhythmically through her cunt hole, making her
groan and whimper. She wanted to come, needed to come. She fucked in a
frenzy, and Cissy did too.

"I'm coming!" Cissy whimpered. "Ohhh, Pam!"

"Coming!" Pam whined. "Ohhhh Goddd!" The two girls gasped as the spasms
ripped through their loins. Cuntjuice gushed from their pussies like
water wrung from sponges, gushed from one pussy into the other pussy.
Pam thought she felt an actual spurt of hot juice shoot from Cissy's
cunt and splash into her own. She gnawed at Cissy's hard-clutching toes,
clutched her own toes in Cissy's mouth. It felt so good she wanted to
float away on the sensations and never come back.

Cissy started giggling.

"What's so funny?"

"I feel so good!" Cissy cooed. She pulled her foot away from Pam's face,
unscissored her legs from along Pam's loins and torso, swung around and
crouched between Pam's legs. She kissed Pam's navel, smooched down Pam's
lower belly to her muff.

Pam gasped, her entire body prickling and super-sensitive after her
orgasm. Cissy pushed Pam's legs wider apart, parted Pam's cuntlips with
her thumbs, blew on Pam's clit, then flicked her tongue at it.

Pam arched up, panting. "Stop! I can't stand it! I just came!"

Cissy giggled, mashed her lips to the naked meat between Pam's cuntlips,
sucked hard. Pam's eyes almost popped out. Cissy sucked mercilessly on
Pam's clit. Pam grabbed her own nipples, pinching and twisting them. She
was grinding her teeth. Cissy was torturing her, but for some reason she
loved it.

"Bitch!" Pam whined. "Oh God, you're killing me!"

Cissy f***ed Pam's legs up in the air. They bent at the knees and Cissy
pressed Pam's thighs to her tits. Pam's ass lifted off the mattress.
Pam's open crotch and parted asscheeks waved in Cissy's face. Cissy
slurped from one end of Pam's cunt-slit, from one end of Pam's
ass-cleft, to the other Cissy's tongue made long, wet, noisy swipes up
and down Pam's naked clefts. Pam watched, stunned by what she was
seeing. Cissy resembled a lapping dog.

The post-orgasmic oversensitivity had passed in Pam's cunt. Her crotch
and asshole throbbed, itching for stimulation. She rubbed her ass in
Cissy's mouth. "Lick! Suck! Eat my pussy!"

Cissy glanced up at Pam wickedly, mischievously, seductively, licking
and sucking Pam's cunt and asscrack. The expression Cissy gave Pam was
the same expression she'd given Jeff when her mouth was stuffed with his

"Mmm!" she purred. "Yummy!"

She kissed Pam's asshole, nuzzled Pam's cunt, and shoved her tongue up
Pam's pussy, then up her asshole.

"You filthy bitch!" Pam mumbled, shocked by what Cissy was doing to her,
but turned on more than she was shocked. "What are you doing, you

Cissy twisted her tongue deep inside Pam's asshole. At the same time,
she shoved her index finger up Pam's cunt and started finger fucking.

Pam's eyes rolled. Her ass gyrated. She gasped with each fuck-stroke of
Cissy's finger up her twat. Pussyjuice bubbled out of her around Cissy's
finger and ran down onto Cissy's lips and tongue. Cissy pulled her
tongue out of Pam's asshole and licked up the juices. She pulled her
finger out of Pam's cunt and sucked it clean. She plunged her nose and
mouth between Pam's cuntlips, kissing, sucking, and licking.

Pam's toes clutched. She panted and gasped as Cissy's tongue wiggled up
her cunt. Her hands came down on Cissy's blonde head, pressing the other
girl's face deeper between her legs.

"Eat me!" she panted. "Suck me! Oh, Cissy, oh yesss!"

Cissy growled, sucking cunt, swallowing pussycream. Her right hand
slipped between her thighs and she started finger fucking herself.
Crouched on the bed in front of Pam, her face pressed to Pam's crotch
and ass, her tongue sliding in Pam's cunt, Cissy jerked off her own
pussy, and Pam watched, fascinated and excited to see Cissy

Pam dug her fingernails into Cissy's scalp, rotated her ass and scoured
Cissy's face with her hairy cunt, rubbed her clit against Cissy's nose
and f***ed Cissy's tongue deeper up her cunt. "Make me come, Cissy!
Wiggle your tongue and make me come!"

Cissy turned up her blue eyes, giving Pam a seductive, ecstatic
expression that sent excitement pulsing through Pam's loins. Cissy's
eyes glazed over more and more. Her right hand jerked wildly between her
legs, her finger making squishy sounds in her juicy cunt. Cissy's tongue
started to shoot electricity.

"Ohhh, Cissy!" Pam rolled back her own eyes and exploded. Her pussy
leaked juice into Cissy's mouth. Her toes curled hard as she humped her
crotch in Cissy's face.

Cissy's eyes rolled back. She started to jerk, to grunt as the spasms
shook her.

The two girls moaned in unison, a sexual current flowing through their
young bodies as they spasmed together in ecstasy.

Chapter 4

Pam did not sl**p well that night. When she was sl**ping, she was
tossing and turning, dreaming about a man with a mustache and a big,
naked cock, a cock he kept brandishing at her while he laughed. She
dreamed about Cissy too who was also laughing at her, and smirking at
her with self-satisfaction as Cissy sucked the mustached man's cock.

In the intervals between these dreams, Pam lay awake behind her locked
bedroom door, lay awake in the darkness atop her sheets, naked and
sweating, her right hand rubbing her pussy, her fingers pulling on her
stiff, slippery clit, her fingers penetrating her throbbing, juicy
pussyhole. She jerked off several times during the night, unable to
control herself. By the time the sun came up, she was exhausted, and she
finally managed to sl**p dreamlessly until her mother banged on her door
and informed her that if she didn't get up this instant she was going to
make them all late for church.

In church, she didn't hear a word of the sermon, even though the
red-faced minister shouted extra-loud at his red-faced, sweating
congregation, trying extra-hard to terrorize them all with hellfire and
eternal damnation. Pam had heard the same sermon, or variations of it, a
thousand times before, and it no longer had much effect on her,
especially this morning. She fell asl**p several times, dozing until she
was nudged awake by her mother or by her smirking k** s****r. When she
wasn't dozing, all she thought about was what had happened yesterday in
the van and last evening in Cissy's bedroom. She crossed her legs
several times, furtively trying to ease the feelings in her cunt by
clamping her thighs together, but her mother kept reaching over and
making her uncross them, as if she could sense what Pam was up to.

"Are you feeling all right, Pamela?" her mother asked during the drive
home. "I've never seen you so restless in church. And you kept falling
asl**p. Didn't you sl**p well last night? And you're all flushed. Do you
have a fever?"

"I'm all right," Pam said as her mother reached into the back seat to
feel her forehead. "It's just such a hot day. And last night was such a
hot night. No, I didn't sl**p well."

"You feel a little feverish," her mother said, eyeing her suspiciously.

"I'm all right," Pam said.

After Sunday dinner, which Pam hardly touched, she slipped out of the
house the moment she'd finished the dishes and went to the park to meet
Cissy, whom she found waiting for her on a bench in front of the duck
pond. Cissy was watching some nearby boys doing handstands on their

"I wonder how big their cocks are?" Cissy said, glancing from the boys
to Pam.

"Why don't you ask them?" Pam said sarcastically. She made a face. "How
can you even look twice at smart-ass punks like them? They have pimples
on their faces, and I'm sure they never take baths."

"I'm not planning to kiss them," Cissy said. "I just wonder how big
their cocks are."

"And if they showed you, you'd open your mouth and start sucking," Pam

Cissy licked her lips and squeezed her bare legs together.

"You're probably right," she said. "I admit it. I've tasted one, and now
I want to taste more. You'll find out, once you taste one."

Pam's heart began to thud.

"Did you call him?" she asked.

"Of course," Cissy said. "And he gave me his address. He's going to the
gym to work out now, but he should be back by two. If he isn't, we're
supposed to wait for him in his apartment. The door's open, and we
should make ourselves at home."

"Oh God!" Pam said. She felt weak, rubbery with anxiety. "But remember,
I'm just going to watch."

"Whatever you want," Cissy said. "But I'm going to get fucked. I'm done
being a virgin."

"I'm just going to watch," Pam repeated. The walk to Jeff's apartment
building took about twenty minutes. Halfway there, Pam said, "Aren't you

"Of course," Cissy said. "But that makes it even more exciting."

"What if it hurts? What if he makes you bleed? I've read there can be

"I don't care if it kills me," Cissy said. "I'm gonna get myself

Jeff's apartment was on the ground floor of a three-story, white stucco
apartment building that was half a block long. Cissy rang the bell. No
answer. She rang the bell again, then again. She tried the door, found
it unlocked, and the two girls stepped inside.

The place was a dump inside. Beer cans and half-eaten pizza sat on the
tables in the living room. Magazines, newspapers, and books lay strewn
around the floor. Cissy pushed an area of the couch clear of newspapers
and the two girls sat down side by side.

Cissy took off her shoes. "He said to make ourselves at home."

Pam shrugged and took off her own shoes. The two girls waited.

At ten minutes to two, the door opened, and Jeff stepped in, dressed in
a tank-top shirt and shorts and carrying a gym bag. His hairy muscles
bulged. Behind him was a clean-shaven, deeply tanned, blond young man
who looked like a lifeguard.

"Well!" Jeff said with a delighted chuckle. "Our young ladies have
arrived." He dropped his gym bag. "This here's my roommate, Derek. And
these two young ladies, Derek, are the ones I was telling you about,
Cindy and Patty."

"Cissy," Cissy said.

"Pam," Pam said, with a nervous laugh.

"Right," Jeff said. "Cissy and Pam. They came over for a little

"Great!" Derek said, shutting and locking the door.

"I thought only you were going to be here," Cissy said to Jeff.

"Derek lives here too," Jeff said. "I can't very well kick him out of
his own house. Well, why don't we strip down and get this show on the
road, ladies?"

"Sounds good to me," Derek said, already pulling off his t-shirt. He was
taller and even more muscular than Jeff, and his tanned skin was smooth
and hairless, as if he'd shaved his entire body.

The two men had stripped completely before Cissy and Pam had even begun
taking their clothing off. The girls gawked at the stark naked men,
their eyes following the rhythmic throbs of the men's cocks. Derek's
cock was missing a foreskin, but it looked even longer and thicker than
Jeff's cock.

"Well, what're you girls waiting for?" Jeff asked. "You sounded anxious
enough on the phone, Cindy."

"Cissy," Cissy said.

"Right," Jeff said, stroking his huge prong and milking out a gob of
lube, which dripped and hung from the tip of it.

Both Cissy and Pam swallowed, and Cissy began yanking her clothes off.
Pam undressed too, her hands shaking with nervousness.

"I'm just going to watch," Pam said. "Okay?"

"This one's a voyeur," Jeff said, nodding toward Pam. "She likes to
watch, but she doesn't want to perform except when it comes to licking
her girlfriend's cunt. She's a hungry girl once she gets a taste of

"I like her," Derek said, eyeing Pam as she undressed. "I love those
long, slender legs, that lithe, willowy shape, that ponytail, those
turned-up tits. She looks like an Olympic gymnast."

Pam flushed, listening to the man talk about her like that. She glanced
up at him sheepishly and found him stroking his cock and licking his
lips as he looked her over.

"Yes sir, she's one sexy little nymphet," Derek said.

Pam squirmed, her heart pounding, her body flushed with heat. The big,
handsome college man was lusting for her, and she could feel his lust
like a hot tongue licking her all over.

"How'd you like to suck my cock?" Derek asked, moving toward Pam with
his cock in his hand. As he massaged it, fucklube dripped from its open
pisshole. "How'd you like to taste this big, horny thing? I bet you've
got a hot little mouth." He put his left hand on Pam's head and pressed
the blunt tip of his cockhead to her lips, smearing his lube along them.
"Open up, sweetheart. Come on, open up."

Pam was shaking. She kept thinking, I only came to watch. But I only
came to watch? I didn't come here to do anything!

The man's cocklube seeped between her lips and she tasted its saltiness.
His prickmeat seared her lips, sent throbbing heat into her flesh. The
smell of his cock, so close to her nose, got her dizzy, lightheaded.

"Come on, schoolgirl, have a taste of cock!" Derek pressed her lips,
slipped into her mouth and filled it. Her lips stretched to the limit.
Her mouth was open as far as it could. Cocklube greased her tonsils. The
knob and a few inches of shaft filled her mouth and throat. Pam's head
throbbed with each throb of the man's enormous prick stuffed in her

"Suck it!" Derek gasped. "Use your tongue and lips!"

Pam's jaws ached. It felt as if a fist had been shoved in her mouth. She
felt Derek's cocklube leaking down her throat. She began sliding her
tongue gently against the underside of the huge cock. It flexed in her
mouth and nearly lifted her head off.

"Ahhhhh!" Derek groaned. "Fantastic! What a hot, wet, soft tongue you
got, little girl. Oh shit, suck that cock!"

He grabbed her head, gently working her mouth up and down on his cock,
little by little easing his cockhead deeper into her throat.

Pam could hardly think. She quivered in every cell of her body,
pulsations of excitement flowing through her. Seated at the edge of the
couch, she spread her legs. Her right hand slid between her thighs and
she started to rub her cunt. Derek pushed her hand away from her pussy
with his foot and started sliding his big toe up and down between her
puffy cuntlips. He screwed his big-toe up inside her.

Pam's eyes almost popped out. She'd never had anything that big up her
cunt. Once she'd stuck a carrot up herself, but it had been a slender
carrot. Derek's big toe was thick. He f***ed it in to the hilt, grinding
it inside her making her moan and squirm. Her fuckjuice frothed out
around his fucking, twisting toe.

"Jesus, she's got a hot pussy!" Derek panted. "Hotter than her mouth!"

Pam jerked as Derek's toe pressed against her cherry, stretching it, his
toenail cutting into it. She was glad he couldn't shove his toe in any

Cissy made a choking sound, and Pam glanced over at Cissy, who was
seated next to her on the couch, her own legs spread, her throat stuffed
with Jeff's big, uncut prick. Jeff had f***ed his cock into Cissy's
mouth to the hilt, and Cissy's nose was buried in his black nest of
pubic hair.

"Eat it, you little slut!" Jeff growled. He had his hands on her head
and was fucking his cock in and out. "Lube it up good with your spit so
I can fuck you."

Despite her choking, Cissy's lips smacked and she was pistoning the
middle finger of her right hand in and out of her pussyhole. Some of her
blonde hair had fallen forward into her eyes.

Derek slid his cock deeper into Pam's throat, and she gagged. He pulled
back slightly, until her gagging stopped, then eased his cock farther in
again. This time Pam didn't gag. She glanced up at the muscular stud and
he was smiling down at her.

"You sure are a pretty little bitch," Derek said. "Especially with my
cock in your mouth. Let's see you deep-throat it all the way."

He pulled Pam's head toward him, pressed forward with his cock, and
f***ed the last inch of his cock into Pam's mouth.

Pam could hardly breathe, but she wasn't choking. She found her nose
buried in a thatch of moist, sandy-colored cockhair, found her chin
pressed between a pair of huge, nearly hairless balls. Derek worked his
toe inside her pussy and Pam writhed, her eyes rolling, her toes curling
against the shag carpet.

"Ahh, yeahhhh!" Derek groaned. Gripping Pam by the ears, he fucked his
cock in and out of her throat. "Lick!"

Pam twirled her wet tongue at the underside of the man's cock as it
plunged in and out of her mouth and throat. Her jaws throbbed, nearly
dislocated. The man's cock veins rippled against her thinly stretched
lips. Spit dripped from his long cock as it slipped in and out, some of
it dripping on Pam's tits. Spit ran down her chin. She grabbed the man's
foot by his heel, directing the movements of his hot toe inside her,
fucking her pussy on his grinding, sliding big-toe.

"Ohhh shit, you got a hot pussy, girl!" Derek's blue eyes rolled
deliriously. "And you got a hot, sweet mouth."

He jerked on Pam's head, fucking her throat. Pam went crazy. She
growled, her lips smacking, her tongue churning, and her mouth sucking.
She chewed on the man's enormous slab of fuckmeat like a dog gnawing on
a bone. She half-wanted to bite it off. It tasted so big and hot and
sweet and salty. She couldn't believe she actually had it in her mouth.
Each throb of it sent throbs through Pam's cunt. Her cunt contracted in
response to each flex of his cock. She sucked madly, hungry for the
man's spunk. She wanted to drink it.

"Baby!" Derek gasped. "Oh, honey, here it comes!" He groaned loudly as
his cock shuddered and a stream of hot jism gushed into Pam's throat.

Pam gagged. The cum was stronger-tasting than she'd expected, and it
came fast and hot. Before she could swallow, another spurt filled her
mouth. She gagged again, then gulped, taking a huge, slimy wad of spunk
down her gullet. The man's cock bucked in her mouth and ejaculated
again, and this time as Pam swallowed her toe-fucked pussy exploded.

"Ohhhh, honey!" Derek moaned, stroking her head and wiggling his toe in
her cunt. "Feel it, baby, feel it!" He shot more cum into her mouth. His
big toe plunged in and out of her spasming, juicing pussy.

Pam was in heaven. She'd never felt so good in her life. She was
drowning in pleasure, immersed from head to toe in ecstasy. She hugged
the man's foot between her thighs, grinding her pussy on his big toe,
moaning with orgasm as she sucked his jerking, shuddering, spurting

Next to Pam on the couch, Cissy started to whimper. Jeff grunted, then
bellowed. Cissy gagged. She couldn't swallow fast enough, and Jeff's
spunk overflowed her mouth and ran down his hairy, contracting nuts.
Cissy spread her legs even wider as she spasmed, plunging her finger up
her twat even deeper. Her pussyjuice dribbled onto the couch seat like
spit drooled from an open mouth.

"Shit!" Jeff panted. "You sucked me off, slut! Now you'll have to wait
till I get horny again before I can fuck you!"

He pulled his softening cock out of Cissy's mouth, and her lips smacked
like the lips of a baby who'd just lost its bottle.

Pam sucked Derek's cock until she couldn't tease another drop of jism
out of his pisshole. He pulled his toe out of her cunt and eased his
cock slowly out of her mouth. His prick flopped down over his balls,
still hanging a good eight inches long.

"Thanks, baby, I needed that," Derek said, and he leaned over, took
Pam's chin in his hand, and kissed her deeply on the mouth.

Pam turned to jelly. She'd never kissed a man before. She'd never even
kissed a boy. She nearly fainted with pleasure.

Chapter 5

Pam couldn't get enough kissing. She pulled Derek down beside her on the
couch, and he put his big arm around her, sliding his tongue in her
mouth, sucking on her tongue. His hand slid between her thighs, stroking
her cunt. She reached between his thighs and caressed his bails. They
were like hard-boiled, jumbo-sized eggs. She groped his rubbery,
snakelike cock. Even soft, it was so thick she couldn't close her hand
more than halfway around it.

He stroked her tits, tweaked and gently pulled on her nipples. She
dropped her head back, moaning, and he kissed her up and down the neck,
gently nipping with his teeth, making her shiver with goosebumps.

"Pretty girl!" he whispered, kissing her all over the face, on the
forehead, cheeks, nose, chin. "I love 'em young and pretty and squirmy
like you!"

Pam was still delirious, almost as delirious as she'd been during her
orgasm. She wanted to stay here forever, necking with and kissing the
tall, handsome man.

"Are you a lifeguard?" she asked, her voice hardly a whisper.


She asked him again, slightly louder, blushing to her toes.

"Yes," he said. "How did you know? Jeff told you, huh?"

"I guessed," Pam said.

A gasp from Cissy made Pam and Derek look over to where Jeff had Cissy
laid out on the carpet. The little blonde lay on her back, her legs up
and jack-knifed, her knees pushed to her shoulders. Her head rolled from
side to side as she moaned and gasped and winced. Jeff, his large, hairy
body bridged over her, was forcing his uncut cock between Cissy's blonde
cuntlips. It had taken Jeff about two minutes to get his cock up again,
and now he resembled a lusting satyr about to impale a quivering little
nymph about a third his size.

"Relax!" Jeff panted.

"Go easy!" Cissy whimpered. "It hurts!"

"It's not even in you yet. Relax, you're gonna love it."

Jeff leaned into the squirming teenager and his foreskin pulled back
tight as his cockhead disappeared between her pussylips.

Cissy's back arched and her eyes bulged. She pressed at the man's
muscular loins. "Oh God!"

She was panting like a woman in labor.

"Ahhhhhh!" Jeff growled, and he sank his entire cock into Cissy's body.
There was a tearing, snapping sound as his cock went in. "Yeahhhhh!"

Cissy's mouth gaped as if she were screaming, but no sound came out. Her
eyes rolled back and she appeared to have passed out. Her toes had
curled fiercely against the balls of her feet and appeared to be frozen.
A few drops of bl**d oozed from her cock-stuffed cunt and trickled down
her crotch.

Pam stared, horrified.

Derek chuckled. "You got her cherry, Jeffrey!"

"Don't I know it!" Jeff moaned. "Jesus that felt good!" His ass flexed
as he started to fuck his cock in and out. "Ahhhh, she's so fucking

Derek's cock swelled in Pam's hand, hardened like bone. He set her hand
in motion, showing her how to stroke, and Pam's hand moved up and down
mechanically. She watched as if in a trance as Cissy writhed under the
grunting, moaning, bull of a man on top of her.

Cissy had regained consciousness. If she'd passed out, she'd only been
out for a few seconds. Now she chewed her lips, wincing as Jeff banged
her. Pussycream tinged with cherry bl**d dribbled from her well-fucked
crotch-hole, trickled like pink syrup down her crotch and into the cleft
between her asscheeks. Her toes clutched with each ramming thrust of the
man's cock up her pussy. Her hands gripped his flanks, her nails sinking
into the flesh.

"How's it feel now?" Jeff asked.

"It still hurts, but I like it," Cissy said. "Mmmn, yes, oh Jeff!"

Jeff chuckled. "I told you you'd love it. Want it harder! Want it

"Yes," Cissy panted. "Harder! Faster!"

"Yeahhhhh " Jeff growled, slamming into the squirming teenage beauty.
"Awwww, yeahhhhh!"

Pam licked her lips, her eyes on the huge, juice-greased cock plunging
in and out of Cissy's cunt. She gawked at the hairy balls flapping
between Jeff's legs. The pussyjuice now dozing out of Cissy and dripping
from Jeff's slicing cock was clear and frothy, no longer tinged with
bl**d. It was as if Jeff's firebrand cock had cauterized Cissy's
ripped-apart cherry. As Pam watched Cissy gasp and squirm under the
grunting, laboring muscleman, her hand jerked faster and faster up and
down Derek's rigid prick.

Derek nuzzled Pam's neck and bit her ear. "Go easy, babe," he said. "You
don't want me shooting off all over both of us, do you?"

Although Pam hadn't heard what Derek had said, her hand slowed down. She
gazed at Jeff and Cissy. Jeff's cock was making juicy, squishing noises
as it plunged in Cissy's cunt.

"Ohhhhh, Jefffff!" Cissy wailed. "Ohhh yesss, I want it!"

She wriggled like an eel, impaled on the big man's cock. Her tits
appeared to have swollen to nearly twice their size, swollen like
balloons about to burst. Her asshole, moist with fuck juices, twitched
and throbbed, appeared to open and close with each ramming penetration
of Jeff's cock up her pussy. Her toes clutched. She tossed her blonde
head deliriously from side to side.

"I'm close, Jeff, oh God!"

Jeff groaned, fucking faster, dripping sweat all over Cissy's face and
tits. He crushed down on top of her, his wide shoulders driving her
knees against her shoulders, his mouth covering her mouth. He and Cissy
gazed into each other's eyes, their tongues darting in each other's
mouth. His huge cock plunged, plunged and sliced and rammed. Cissy's
eyes rolled back to white slits. She whimpered and began to shake.
Jeff's eyes rolled back and he jerked as if he'd been lashed with a
bullwhip. The coupled man and girl moaned in unison, and Pam thought she
could hear the liquid, splashing sounds of cum spurting into Cissy's

"Eeeeeeh!" Cissy squealed, her back arched, her hips rocking, her
spasming cunt clutching at Jeff's slicing, spurting cock. She gasped
repeatedly, as if each explosion of hot spunk into her was a shotgun

"Ahhhhh!" Jeff groaned. "Uhh, uhhh, uhhhhh!"

He collapsed on top of Cissy, making her nearly disappear under him. His
loins bucked mechanically, his cock flexing and spurting. The only parts
of Cissy visible to Pam were her sensuously working bare feet.

Derek stood up, swept Pam up off the couch as if she weighed nothing and
carried her across the living room. He had to step over Jeff's out
stretched legs. He carried her down the hall and through the open door
of his bedroom. His searing-hot, bone-hard cock throbbed against Pam's
naked ass. He kicked the bedroom door shut behind them.

Chapter 6

Pam was shaking. She knew what was about to happen. She'd just been
carried across the threshold of his bedroom, and although Derek was not
her husband, he was going to fuck her.

"I want it!" she whispered. "What?" said Derek. "I want it," Pam said,
juice dribbling from her pussy.

"I know," Derek said. "You want it bad."

He laid her on the bed and settled down on top of her. They kissed long
and deeply, Derek's cock throbbing like a hot, gigantic snake between
their bellies.

Pam melted into the mattress of the unmade bed, melted into the body of
the hunky lifeguard on top of her. All she smelled was male. The bed
reeked of male, and so did Derek. She stroked his muscular flanks,
smearing her fingers in the sweat trickling from his armpits. He shoved
his right armpit in her face, letting her sniff. She moaned, nearly
passing out. Her cunt throbbed like a rhythmically clutching fist.

"Are you ready, baby?" Derek flexed and wiggled his cock between them.
"Want me to slide this big thing up your pussy?" He reached down between
her thighs, rubbing her crotch. "You sure are wet!"

Pam couldn't speak. Her throat was too dry. She was shaking too hard.
All she could do was moan.

Derek licked her pussyjuices off his hand. "Mmmm! I love the taste of a
teenage pussy!"

He slid down her body, spread her legs, licked her open cunt.

Pam arched up, gasping.

He caught her clit between his lips, sucking, nearly bringing her off.
Pussycream bubbled and spurted from her cunt and he slurped it up.

"Jesus, you're juicy! You young ones always are." He sat back on his
heels, stroking his cock, looking down at her and looking her over. He
smeared some lube off the tip of his cock with his fingertips and rubbed
it on her pointed, finger-thick nipples. He wiped up some more lube as
it oozed out and smeared it on her nose and lips.

She licked his fingers clean. His lube tasted like sweet, slightly salty
sap. She eyed his throbbing prong, hardly able to believe she'd just
sucked it off. How had she managed to get something so long and thick
into her mouth? She spread her legs wider, pointing her toes sensuously,
opening up her itching, pulsating pussy. She was smoldering between the
legs. Her cunt ached to be filled.

"Fuck me!" she whispered. "Oh, Derek, please!"

"Are you a virgin like your girlfriend?" Pam nodded.

Derek flushed deeper and grinned. He squeezed his cock. "Jesus, that
turns me on. I never busted a cherry before."

"Be careful!" Pam whispered. "Don't hurt me!"

"I'll try and go easy," the man said.

He lowered himself on top of her again, guiding his cock between her
spread legs, shoving the head against her naked crotchmeat. Her
pussylips were swelled apart with excitement, her cunthole oozing lube
like a mouth drooling spit. His dickhead spread her cuntlips hugely,
stretching them like rubber, and disappeared inside her cunt.

Pam was gasping, panting rapidly. She'd never been opened up like this.
As the man's cockhead pressed against her cherry she clamped her legs
around his hips. Her fingernails sank into his back. He bit her lips,
gazing into her tear-watery eyes.

"What a hot little bitch you are!" he panted. "Your pussy's so fucking

He f***ed his cock in deeper.

Pam's mouth and eyes gaped. She held her breath. She thought she was
going to scream. She clung to the handsome blond lifeguard, like a
drowning swimmer holding on for her life.

"Ahhhh!" Derek rolled his eyes back as his cock slipped to the hilt up
Pam's cunt and nestled in her womb. "Oh, baby!"

Pam lay there quivering, half in shock. Her cunt ached, but she didn't
feel the wrenching, tearing pain she'd expected. She'd heard no
snapping, tearing sound, no ripping of flesh as she'd heard when Jeff
had rammed his cock up Cissy's cunt. She felt hot juice trickling from
her cunt and down her crotch, but she couldn't tell if it was bl**d or

Derek laughed, kissing her all over the face, licking her nose. "You're
so cute, girl. And I'm inside you now! All the way! I felt your cherry
go! You're so hot inside!"

When Derek wiggled his cock inside her, Pam almost lost her mind. She
gasped and squealed, squirming under the sweat-oiled, smooth-skinned
muscleman. Her pussy tightened with each beat of her heart, with each
throb of fuck pleasure in her loins. It felt as if Derek's cock had
become part of her body, as if her body had become his cock. Each flex
of his cock seemed to lift her off the mattress and press her up tighter
against him.

"Should we fuck, baby?" Derek asked. "Are you ready for me to ride?"

Pam moaned, too delirious to say anything She nodded her head. Derek
began to move on top of her. She rocked her hips, meeting the slicing
thrusts of his cock.

"Man, this is fucking!" Derek groaned. "You feel it, girl?"

"Yes!" Pam gasped. "Yes, yes, oh God, Derek!"

She clawed up and down his back, tossing her head from side to side,
rocking her hips faster and faster. His long, muscular back undulated
under her clawing, sliding hands. She thrust her tits up against his
smooth chest, arched her back, undulating her slender body under him.
Each slice of his endlessly long cock up her pussy sent electricity
coursing through her loins, through her legs, up her spine.

Derek's eyes glazed over with pleasure, rolling deliriously in their
sockets. He bore down on her, fucking his cock between her pussylips and
up into her womb. Her fuckjuices frothed out around the shaft of his
smoothly slicing cock. He rotated his ass, churning his cock inside her,
making them both moan with lust and excruciating pleasure.

"You're so fucking tight!" he growled. "Oh, baby, I don't think I've
ever fucked a pussy this tight! I almost come every time I screw it in!
Man, what a hot teen pussy!"

Pam's toes clutched. She writhed, out of her mind with pleasure, her
heart slamming, her lungs heaving. Each thrust of the man into her made
her grunt and gasp. As he gnawed into the side of her neck, her entire
body flashed with goosebumps. As he chewed her ear and licked it out,
she shivered and squealed.

"Ohhhh, Godddd, fuck me! Faster! Harder!" She fucked rapidly, rocking
her hips faster as Derek rammed her. His cock made wild squishing noises
in her juicy cunt, and she felt hot fluid running from her cunt into her

"Uh! Uhhh! Uhhhhh!" Derek groaned, the sweat dripping from his nose and
onto Pam's face. "Oh, baby, I love you!"

"Derekkkk!" Pam whined, and she exploded with spasms. Her fingernails
tore at his back, drawing bl**d. "Eeeeeeeh!"

Derek's eyes rolled back with ecstasy as Pam's spasming cunt chewed up
his sliding cock. He snapped his head back, twisting it from side to
side. All the muscles of his body stood out boldly, as if carved in
stone. His cock flexed powerfully in Pam's cunt and shuddered. Jism like
lava gushed into Pam's cunt, splashing against the walls of her
contracting womb.

"Ahhhhhh!" Derek bellowed. "Ohhhhhh shit!" He shook in her embrace, cum
spurting from his massive cock, his eyes glassy with pleasure.

"Ohhhhh, Derekkkk!" Pam moaned, fucking her spasming pussy on his
bucking, spurting prong. "Ohhh, my darling!"

The man stroked her face, stroked her forehead and hair, covered her
mouth with his lips and shoved his tongue down her throat. Pam sucked
his tongue, swallowing his spit as her pussy swallowed his spunk.

I love you! she kept thinking. I love you, I love you, I love you.

Their fuck-organs quivered and contracted in unison until the last
orgasmic spasm had been milked from their loins. Pam felt Derek's cock
soften inside her. As he pulled it out of her, she gasped.

He got up over her, straddling her at the neck, his ass against her
tits. Smiling down at her, he playfully slapped his fat, rubbery prong
back and forth across her face, getting her cheeks wet with pussy-spit
and cum. She opened her mouth and he let his cock sink into her throat.
She sucked greedily, milking the last gobs of cum out of his piss-tube
and swallowing them.

Chapter 7

Pam was ready to fuck again, but Derek pulled her up off the bed. He
didn't carry her over the threshold this time, but marched her through
the bedroom door and back into the living room.

Jeff was sitting on the couch with his legs spread wide while Cissy,
kneeling in front of him on the floor, licked his hairy balls as he
masturbated. He grinned up at Derek. "She's just like a kitten, man. She
licks and licks and licks."

"Check the time," Derek said.

Jeff glanced at the clock on the wall.

"Shit! Gotta get moving!" He quickened his hand strokes, jerking his
foreskin up and down rapidly over his wet cockhead. He rubbed his balls
in Cissy's face. Suddenly, his eyes rolled back and jism splashed all
over his hairy abdomen, spurted in thick white streams from his bucking
cock. "Ahhhhh!"

Cissy licked at his pisshole as cum spurted from it. Cum splashed in her
face. She got her lips over the tip of his cock and sucked as he jerked
off into her mouth. When he was done shooting, Jeff let go of his cock,
and Cissy licked the cum off his belly and balls. He held out his hand,
and she licked the cum off his fist.

"You sluts gotta get your clothes on and disappear," Jeff said. He
pushed Cissy away and got up off the couch. "Our girlfriends are coming
over in about fifteen minutes. Hurry up now, get your clothes on and

"Girlfriends?" Pam said, giving Derek a questioning look. And here she'd
thought that she and Derek were just about married.

Derek chuckled.

"Don't worry, honey," he said, taking Pam's chin in his hand. "I'll fuck
you again. Just because I got a steady girlfriend doesn't mean I can't
fuck me a pretty little teen ponytail on the side." He leaned over and
gave her a kiss. "Now be a good girl and get dressed real quick."

A half-hour later, Pam and Cissy found themselves sitting in the park on
the bench in front of the duck pond. The pimply-faced skate-boarders
were still performing acrobatic stunts on the sidewalk surrounding the

"I don't believe those guys!" Pam said. "They used us! I feel like an
abused piece of garbage."

"I feel tingly all over," Cissy said. "I feel like jumping out of my

"You're crazy," Pam said. "You can hardly walk. That hairy ape ****d
you, if you ask me."

"It hurt, but I loved it," Cissy said. "lust like Jeff said. He coulda
fucked me forever and I woulda loved every second of it. It feels so
good not being a virgin anymore."

Pam's face turned red.

"We're ruined," she said. "I feel like killing myself."

"I don't believe Derek even fucked you," Cissy said. "You're walking
just like normal."

"Like heck he didn't!" said Pam. "If he hadn't, I wouldn't be so upset
now. He used me for his selfish pleasure, then kicked me out because his
girlfriend was coming over. He's probably in bed with her right now."

"I'll bet all four of them are in bed together," Cissy said. "Having an

"You've got a dirty mind," Pam said.

At that moment, one of the skateboarding teenagers cruised by on his
board, showing off for two girls.

"What a nerd!" Pam muttered. "Do not look at him."

"I think he's kind of cute," Cissy said.

"You would," Pam said.

The skateboarder cruised past again, smiling idiotically, and Pam looked
away, pretending to be watching the ducks. The skateboarder made an
abrupt stop in front of the bench and said hello. Pam ignored him. Cissy
asked him his name.

"Jack," the boy said. He was taller than either of the girls, had
reddish hair and freckles, and was dressed in a tank-top shirt,
knee-length, flowery-colored shorts, and high-top basketball shoes. He
smelled sweaty.

Get lost, jack-off, Pam thought.

"You want a blowjob?" Cissy asked.

The k** fell off his skateboard. "Huh?"

"I'll give you a blowjob in the bushes if you want," Cissy said.

"Is this some kind of joke?" the boy asked. "Come in the bushes and find
out," said Cissy.

Pam was almost as shocked as the boy was. She was about to give Cissy a
piece of her mind when suddenly Cissy got up off the bench and pulled
the gangly young skateboarder into the bushes. Pam sat there staring
after them in disbelief for a minute, then got up off the bench and

In a clearing among the bushes, Pam found Cissy already on her knees,
her dirty little paws fumbling with the skateboarder's zipper and
shorts. The boy's shorts dropped to his ankles and his horny young cock
sprang into view, standing out and up, a rigid, skinny fuckrod which
twitched rhythmically with each rapid beat of the boy's heart. His legs
were shaking. He dropped his skateboard on the grass and yanked off his
shirt, revealing a smooth-skinned, slender torso.

"You've got a big cock," Cissy said. She gripped his cock at the base
and pushed it this way and that, inspecting it, sniffing it. The cock
head flushed from pink to maroon and lube oozed from its pisshole. Cissy
milked the cock and watched a strand of clear lube drip from the tip.

Pam stood there with her mouth open, shocked and fascinated. This was no
joke! Cissy actually had the boy's cock in her hand. The boy panted
rapidly, as if he were going to faint.

Grinning seductively up at the red-faced k**, Cissy opened her mouth and
swallowed his cock to the balls.

"Ohhhhhh!" the boy groaned, a shudder passing through his skinny frame.

He closed his eyes and thrust his hips forward, forcing his cock deeper
into Cissy's sucking, slurping, lip-smacking mouth.


Pam groped her pussy through her shorts. The look of ecstasy on the
boy's face excited her. It turned her on terribly to see Cissy with a
mouthful of hard cock. Cissy thrust her right hand down her shorts and
started jerking off as she sucked on the boy. Pam stopped groping
herself through her shorts and stuck her own right hand down her shorts
and started rubbing her furry, throbbing cunt. Her middle finger slipped
up her cunt.

"Ohhh suck it!" the boy groaned. "Suck it off!"

He grabbed Cissy's blonde head and started bumping, fucking her mouth
and throat and rubbing his hairy groin against her nose.

Pam moved up next to the boy. Pulling her finger out of her pussy, she
wiped her pussy-cream on the boy's nipples, stuck her pussy-flavored
middle finger into the boy's mouth. His eyes rolled d***kenly as he
sucked. Suddenly, he was gasping, and Cissy was gulping his cum.

"I'm coming!" the boy panted, his body jerking, his rigid cock spurting
jism down Cissy's throat. "Awwww!" Pam grabbed the boy's nipples,
pinching and pulling and twisting on them. She gave him her mouth and he
stuck his tongue between her lips. She watched his eyes glaze over with
each spastic ejaculation, watched his eyelids flutter. She sucked his
tongue and twisted on his nipples. When he was finished shooting, his
legs folded under him and he collapsed onto the ground, his wet cock
throbbing against his abdomen, his shorts bunched around his ankles. He
was panting fiercely.

Cissy licked cum off her lips. She had a mischievous expression on her

"Who's next?" she asked, looking past Pam. Pam was startled to hear a
boy's voice, and she swung around to see that five other boys had
entered the clearing, all of them carrying skate boards, all of them
with their right hands sliding up and down their rigid cocks.

The boy who had spoken was barefooted and shirtless. He dropped his
skateboard and shorts and stood there stark naked, his body deeply
tanned and his prick throbbing. Before he could get to Cissy, who
awaited him with open mouth and dripping tongue, Pam grabbed the boy,
dropped to her knees in front of him, and went down on his cock.

"Ohhhhh!" the youth moaned, his cock jerking in Pam's mouth and
dribbling warm lube down her throat. "Suck it!"

Pam twirled her tongue, slurping at the sensitive underside of the boy's
sweaty-tasting cockhead. She reached up, playing with his moist,
velvet-skinned balls. He had fat, heavy nuts, but not a hair on his sac.
She squeezed his balls rhythmically, sucking his cock with each squeeze.
The boy started to gasp.

"Uhhhh, ohhhhh!" he groaned, and hot spunk shot down Pam's throat.

Pam swallowed greedily, delighting to the feel of the boy's cock pulsing
and flexing in her mouth. Quivers went through the rock-hard teen
fuckrod. Spunk splashed against Pam's tonsils, slid in slimy wads down
her gullet. She sucked hard, hungry for as much cum as she could milk
from the boy's contracting balls. By the time she'd finished sucking the
boy off, he was whimpering.

Pam felt the cock slip out of her mouth and watched it dangle half-hard
over the boy's balls. She smacked her lips with satisfaction and wiped
her mouth. She glanced over at Cissy, and couldn't believe what she saw.
The blonde slut lay stark naked on the grass, her thighs wrapped around
the humping loins of a naked, grunting teenage boy. The boy's stiff cock
plunged in and out of Cissy's cunt.

"Fuck me!" Cissy muttered, rubbing her tits up at the boy, rocking her
hips to meet his rhythmic thrusts. "Oh God, fuck me!"

All the boys were naked now. The two boys who hadn't yet been serviced
moved up close to Pam, waving their cocks at her. Dizzy, shaking, she
pulled her clothes off. One of the boys grabbed her from behind and
pushed her forward onto her hands and knees.

"What are you ..." Pam's words became a gasp as the horny youth stuck
his cock up her pussy from behind. "Oh God, I ..."

But again her words were stuffed back down her throat as the other boy
dropped to his knees in front of her and shoved his cock into her mouth.

Pam felt hands close around her hips and around her head. Two cocks had
entered her body, one up her pussy, the other down her throat. The two
cocks slid in and out of her, hard and slick, rigid and red-hot. She was
full of hard, lube-oozing prick. Her lips smacked and her pussy sucked.
Pleasure streamed through her body. Two hard cocks slipped rhythmically
in and out of her, in and out, in and out. All she was aware of were the
two cocks, the two hard cocks slipping in and out.

She clawed at the grass with her fingers and toes. Her ass gyrated. Her
tits swung. Fuck sensation coursed through her arms and legs. Her
nipples and toes prickled with fuck-itch like her clit. She ached for
somebody to suck them. She ached to come.

"Ahhhhhhh!" groaned her two fuckers in unison, and suddenly hot jizz
spurted into Pam's body. Hot cum from two cocks spurted into her
simultaneously. Cum shot down her throat and up her cunt. She sucked
greedily, and her pussy exploded.

She saw stars, nearly blacking out as the spasms ripped through her
loins and turned her body to jelly. She squeezed her legs together,
rotated her ass in tight circles, fucked the cock in her pussy as she
sucked on the cock in her mouth. The sweet taste of jism filled her
senses. Hot teen spunk splashed in her cunt and throat.

"Ohhhh yeahhhh!" the two boys growled, firing their loads into Pam's

Sirens wailed in the distance, getting closer, and suddenly the two
cocks were ripped out of Pam's mouth and pussy. The boy on top of Cissy
tore himself out of her embrace, cum dripping from his cock as he yanked
it from her cunt. All five boys stumbled into their clothes, mumbling
about the cops coming. In less than a minute, they were dressed and
gone, out of the bushes and lunging away on their skateboards.

Cissy and Pam dressed clumsily, both of them dizzy and reeling after
guzzling fresh cum and getting fucked. The sirens were close now. Barely
dressed, they staggered out of the bushes, expecting to see a swat team
waiting for them. They found only ducks lazily bobbing in the
sun-drenched pond. The skateboarders were out of sight. The sound of the
sirens receded in the distance, receded in the opposite direction from
which they'd approached. Pam and Cissy glanced at each other and started
to giggle.

Chapter 8

In school the next morning, Pam noticed that a lot of the boys in her
classes and in the hallways between classes were giving her funny looks,
smirking grins, suggestive winks, as if they could tell she was no
longer a virgin. Instead of giving them the cold shoulder, as she
usually did, as she'd been doing all through her school career, instead
of scowling back at them and turning away in disgust, as had been her
habit, today Pam returned their lurid stares with a once-over look of
her own. Her eyes lingered on the bulges in their jeans, some of which
throbbed visibly as her eyes moved across them like caressing fingers.

How do they know? Pam wondered. Some how they know I'm different than I
was last Friday. Somehow they can sense I've been fucked and now they
want to fuck me too.

"They've always wanted to fuck us," Cissy said over the table at lunch.

The two girls were seated at a table by themselves in the most secluded
corner of the lunchroom.

"Not so loud," Pam said, looking around to see if anybody had heard

"You just never noticed them," Cissy said. "But I have. They've always
looked at me that way. If we wanted, we could get fucked by every one of

"Somehow, it just seems they can tell," Pam said, ignoring Cissy's
suggestive grin. "It's like they can read our minds or something. I tell
you, they know we've been fucked."

"Maybe we're walking funny today," Cissy said. "I'm still sore as heck
from Jeff's torpedoing."

"You always walk funny," said Pam. "And I'm not walking any different
than usual."

Cissy's mouth dropped open and she dropped her fork. She was staring
across the lunchroom. "Look over there!"


"Over there," Cissy said. "Way over there by the milk machine. The k**
with the red hair. That's Jack, the one I sucked off yesterday in the

Pam squinted, unable to make out the boy's face clearly. Although she
hated to admit it, the boy did look vaguely familiar. And he was looking
toward her and Cissy. In fact, all the boys at the redhead's table were
looking cross the lunchroom at her and Cissy.

"I told you they were looking at us funny," Pam said. "That punk's
squealed and by now the whole school knows about what we did in the
park. What are we gonna do?"

"You always get worried about nothing," Cissy said. She popped a French
fry in her mouth. Grease ran down her chin as she chewed, gazing across
the lunchroom at the redhead's table. "This could be our great

Pam was studying in the school library during her free period when a
tall, husky boy sat down across the study table from her. He was chewing
gum, and although she kept her eyes on her book, she could tell he was
staring at her. He wrote something in his notebook, ripped off part of
the notebook page, and shoved the scrap of paper across the table at

Pam didn't touch the paper, but she could see what he'd written on it.
He wanted her to suck his cock.

Pam flushed. She glanced around, sure everybody in the library knew what
the nerd had written on the scrap of paper. To her surprise, nobody was
looking at either her or the boy. Not even the hawk-eyed school
librarian seemed to have noticed.

"Come on!" the young man whispered. "It's a big sweet thing, and my
balls are gonna bust!"

He nudged her foot with his under the table. She looked at him. He was
red-faced and was giving her a silly, slightly embarrassed expression.
He was one of the school football players, and not all that bad looking.

"It's big," he whispered. "And it's hot; and it's all yours."

Pam squeezed her bare legs together under her skirt. She was greasy and
hot between the pussylips. Even though she'd spent the night jerking
off, having one orgasm after another, today she was hornier than ever.
She'd been constantly horny ever since Saturday afternoon in Jeff's van,
and it seemed that the more she came the hornier she got. She gazed at
the big, husky football player across the table from her, salivating as
she tried to imagine what his cock looked like, what it would feel like
between her lips, what it would taste like.

He smiled in a way that showed that he knew Pam was willing.

"I'll meet you outside in the hall," he whispered, and got up from his

A few minutes later, Pam's rubbery legs carried her into the hallway
where the football player was waiting for her He was down at the
drinking fountain and when he saw her he motioned to her with a nod of
his head. She moved toward him in a trance, her swollen tits heaving
under her blouse, her heart pounding so wildly she could hardly hear
herself think.

"I hear you give great head," the boy muttered softly. "Come on."

He put his arm around Pam and guided her down the hallway.

Pam was too dazed to worry about where the boy was taking her. They went
up some stairs, through a back hallway, down a back stairwell, down
another hallway, and finally through a door into a small room. After
switching on the light, the boy locked the door behind them.

The room smelled of detergents and cleaning fluids. Mops and buckets
stood in the corners. A utility sink stood against one wall.

The boy grabbed Pam's tits, squeezing them through her blouse. She
wasn't wearing a bra.

"Man, what tits!" He unbuttoned her blouse so fast that one of her
buttons popped off and clicked on the concrete floor.

Pam was panting as if she'd just finished a sprint. "Take it easy!"

The boy yanked the blouse off her shoulders, baring her tits. He pulled
it off her arms, leaving her topless. His sweaty paws fell on her tits.
Her nipples slid between his fingers. Pam gasped, her cunt contracting.
The boy leaned over and started sucking on her nipples and Pam almost

"Oh God! Oh stop!"

Pam tried to squirm away, but the boy held her fast, his lips smacking
around her tits, his tongue slurping at her nipples.

He sucked up mouthfuls of tit-flesh and gnawed on it, growling like a

Pam's eyes nearly popped out. She squeezed her legs together, working
her pussylips against each other frantically. Pussycream oozed from
between her swollen, throbbing cuntlips and trickled from under her
panties down the insides of her naked thighs.

The boy thrust his hand up under her skirt and panties, groping at her
crotch. He kneaded her furry cunt, slid a finger between her cuntlips,
f***ed his finger up her fuckhole.

"Ohhhhh God!" Pam whined, going out of her mind as the husky football
player sucked her tits and fingerfucked her. Her toes curled in her
shoes. She squirmed with each wiggle of his thick finger in her crotch.

The boy pulled his finger out of her and inspected it, watching Pam's
sap-like pussy-cream drip from it. He sniffed his finger, then thrust it
into his mouth, sucking it clean.

"Ain't nothing like the taste of a hot, sweet pussy," he growled.

He pulled off his T-shirt; revealing a torso as solid and muscular as
Jeff's or Derek's. He undid his jeans and yanked them off along with his
leather athletic shoes. He wore neither underwear nor socks, so he
straightened up stark naked, his enormous cock throbbing and dripping.
His prick was uncut, like Jeff's, and he had a cock just as large.

"Man, I'm horny!" He wrapped a muscular hand around his cock and slipped
the foreskin back and forth a few times.

Pam could smell the boy's cock in the cramped room just as she'd been
able to smell Jeff's cock last Saturday in the cramped confines of his
van. The smell both repulsed her and turned her on. Her hand reached
out, her fingers stroking the moist, searing-hot cockhead. She smeared
around some lube as it oozed from the boy's pisshole.

"You want it," the boy said. "Christ, are you horny for it! Here, let's
get this off."

He pulled off her skirt, then her panties.

Naked, Pam stepped Out of her shoes, her smooth young body flushed and
tingling, her skin silky-hot. She pressed up against the muscular
teenager, rubbing her belly against his cock, nuzzling his muscular
chest. He wrapped his arms around her and she went weak in his embrace.
She was madly in love with him. She wanted to marry him.

"You sure are a cuddly little sex-kitten," the boy said. "I bet you'll
look real cute with my cock stuck down your hot throat."

He broke their embrace and pushed Pam to her knees. He rubbed his cock
in her face, smearing cocklube on her cheeks nose, chin and lips.

Pam groaned, turning her face from side to side, enjoying the feel of
the big veiny prong against her skin. It was so hot and slick, so
velvety-smooth and yet so hard. The boy lifted his cock up and shoved
his sweaty balls in her face. They were hairy balls, swollen with spunk.

"Lick my balls, cutie! Eat my ball-sweat!" Pam licked. Just as Cissy had
been licking Jeff's balls yesterday as he'd jerked off in her face, now
Pam licked the nuts of the horny teen-age football player. The salty,
musky flavor and scent made her dizzy, made her d***k with lust. Her
excitement surged and she started to jerk herself off.

The boy stuffed his cock in her mouth. "Suck the head. Clean up the

Pam munched on the spongy head of the boy's cock as if it had been
dipped in honey. The raunchy, slightly bitter flavor of the youth's
uncut cock made her salivate. She sucked wetly, her tongue slurping
around and around the hot, throbbing knob. Fucklube dripped into her
mouth and dribbled down her throat. The boy took hold of Pam's head and
f***ed his cock in deeper, pressing his cock-knob to her tonsils. When
she failed to gag, he worked his cock down her gullet. Her nose pressed
against his hairy groin, his cock buried completely in her face. "Man,
you sure know how to deep-throat that fucker," said the boy. "Ain't many
chicks can swallow it all without half-choking to death. Mmmmm, suck
that prick! Yeah, pleasure that cock!"

Pam's well-stretched lips smacked. The youth's cock slipped in and out
between them, his cockhead massaging her tonsils. She could feel his
foreskin sliding back and forth along the rock-hard shaft of his cock.

"Jesus, that feels good! You sure do give good head! And here I always
thought you were one of the goodie girls who wouldn't put out. You suck
cock like a pro, girl."

Pam moaned, bobbing her head, trying to suck the jism out of the boy's
thick, pulsating prick. She churned her tongue at the underside of his
knob, trying to bring him off. She wanted his cum, wanted to feel his
hairy balls squirm and contract against her chin as they pumped his
spunky load through his cock and into her throat. As she sucked, her
fingers pistoned between her pussylips. The moment the boy started
shooting, she was going to bring herself off with him.

The boy gripped her head, using her open mouth and waiting throat as
he'd use her pussy if he'd been fucking it. He closed his eyes, pulling
his cock nearly all the way out of Pam's mouth, then plunging it back
in, sliding it to the hilt into her mouth and down her throat. Spit ran
down Pam's chin like pussyjuice. By relaxing her throat she was able to
tolerate the long, slicing thrusts of his cock without gagging. His cock
made squishing noises in her mouth and throat just as it would if he'd
been fucking her pussy. She felt his cock-shaft swelling thicker and
harder with each thrust. She reached up and squeezed his balls.

"Oh, man, oh, baby!" The youth swayed on his feet, his head twisting
deliriously from side to side. "You got an electric tongue, baby, you
got a mouth like a hungry calf! Shit!"

Pam moaned, growled, sucked. Her head bobbed. Her lips smacked. She
swallowed the cocklube that dribbled into her throat. Her fingers
plunged in her juice-oozing pussy.

"I want your cum! she thought. I wanna eat your load! Give it to me, big
boy! Shoot it! Her left hand massaged the boy's nuts rhythmically.

"Ahhhhh!" the youth groaned. "Take it!" He embraced her head and f***ed
his cock to the hilt down her throat. His cock shuddered, flexed,

"Uhhhhh!" Hot cum flooded Pam's throat, gushed down her gullet. "Ohhh

Pam's eyes rolled back. She was in heaven, her mouth stuffed with a
spurting cock, her senses reeling with the taste and aroma of fresh
teenage spunk. She gulped, swallowing each mouthful of the boy's cum as
he shot it. Her pussy tightened around her sliding fingers and erupted
with spasms. She clamped her legs together, writhing with ecstasy.

"Ooooh, honey!" the boy moaned. "Come with me! Feel it with me! Oh,
baby, ahhhh!"

"Mmmmm!" Pam growled and groaned as she sucked, gulping thick hot wads
of cum. Each flex and spasming pulsation of the youth's cock in her
mouth caused her pussy to contract and spasm. The fuckjuice dribbled
between her rhythmically squeezing thighs, and her fingers twisted and
rubbed deep inside her pussy.

The boy started gasping as if in pain and he yanked his cock out of
Pam's mouth.

"It gets too sensitive to touch when I finish coming," he said. "Man,
that sure felt good!"

Pam sat back on her heels, dizzy and panting, her right hand still
rubbing her pussy as the last orgasmic twinges itched through it. The
boy's cock dangled half-hard in front of her nose, dangled over his
balls like a huge wet salami. She leaned forward and kissed it on the
head, which was half covered with foreskin.

"You sure do love cock," the boy said. He grabbed his cock and stroked
it backhanded, pulling on it as if milking it. "You turn me on, baby.
I'm about ready to go again. How about you?"

Pam smiled sheepishly, too shy to say anything, but showing him by her
expression that she was ready.

The boy pulled her to her feet, kissed her, turned her around and
stroked her ass. "Bend over. Yeah, turn that pretty ass up."

Pam's tits dangled heavily under her. She grabbed the edge of the
utility sink for support, wiggling her ass as the boy caressed it. Pussy
juice dribbled down her legs.

"Such a pretty ass!" the boy gasped. "I'd sure like to fuck your pretty
ass, girl!"

Chapter 9

"Then do it," Pam said, turning up her ass higher and showing the
football player her horny cunt. "I wanna be fucked!"

"Mmmm, honey, you sure are hot." The boy rubbed his hand between her
legs, getting it sopping wet with her cuntjuices. "You sure are fucking
hot, like a bitch in beat."

He smeared female fuckjuices up and down Pam's asscrack, slapped some on
his cock and smoothed it up and down, getting it slick from one end to
the other.

"I wanna be fucked!" Pam purred, wiggling her ass. She couldn't wait to
feel the boy's big, horny cock slide up her throbbing, itch-saturated

"Baby, I've never seen a girl so hot! You wanna be assfucked, girl?"

"Yessss!" Pam hissed.

The way she was squirming and whining, she sounded a lot like Cissy.

The boy took hold of her ass. He stuck his juice-slick cock between her
thighs and rubbed it back and forth against her swollen-apart cuntlips.
Pam clamped her thighs together, panting as the boy fucked her between

"Oh yessss!" she moaned. "You've got such a big hot cock!"

"And you've got such a sweet, tight little ass!" the boy growled. "You
like it from behind?"

"Yes," Pam said. Even though she'd only been fucked once by Derek, in
the face-to-face position, she felt at home in the position she was in
now, bent over with her ass up in the air, waiting for the horny youth
to fuck her from the rear. The position felt natural to her. "Fuck me!"

"I could come just like this," the youth said. "Shoot it right between
your legs! Your skin's so smooth and hot!"

Pam wiggled her ass, rotating it against his muscular lower belly. "Fuck

"Oh yeah!" the boy cried. He pulled his juice-dripping cock from between
her thighs and rubbed its knob up and down her cuntlips. He slid the
horny fuckrod up and down her asscrack.

Pam's asshole tingled, her shitter twitching each time the boy's cock
rubbed across it.

"You like that, bitch?"

"Yesssss!" Pam moaned. "Mmmm, I love your cock!"

The boy pressed his searing-hot cock-knob to her asspucker, and Pam
wiggled her ass, moaning with excitement. Her pussy contracted
rhythmically, fuck-itch pulsing through it.

"Fuck meeeee!"

The boy's hands tightened on Pam's hips. He pressed his slippery cock
harder against her shitter. Her asshole opened and Pam gasped as the
boy's cockhead slipped inside.

"What are you ..."

"Yeahhhh!" The youth buried his cock up her asshole, fucked it deep into
her guts. "Ahhhh!"

Pam gasped again, hardly aware of what was happening to her, hardly able
to believe what she felt inside her.

"Tight ass!" the boy moaned, twisting and sliding his cock inside her.
"Oh, baby, what a shithole you got!"

"What are you ... what are you doing!"

"Fucking your asshole, slut, and you know it." The boy slid his hands
forward, along Pam's belly, up to her tits. He squeezed and caressed her
tits, tweaked and pinched and pulled her nipples.

Pam saw stars. Her loins contracted repeatedly, her pussyhole opening
and closing, her asshole clamping around the boy's cock. She thrust her
right hand down between her thighs, jerking herself off. She still
couldn't believe what was happening to her. She'd never imagined such a
thing. But she was too horny to think about it. The boy's cock in her
asshole gave her almost as much pain as pleasure, and she countered her
pain by increasing her pleasure. Her fingers jerked in and out of her
pussyhole and she moaned, squirming as the horny football player
buggered her.

"Baby! Baby! Baby!" the youth groaned, his loins smacking against her
naked ass, his huge cock fucking in and out of her asshole. "I love your
asshole, slut! I ain't never fucked a girl's ass this tight! Shit, I
gotta slow down or I'll come!"

He slid his hands back down her belly, gripping her at the middle, his
hands easily encircling her slender waist.

"Go easy," he said, rotating her ass and screwing her asshole on his
cock. He fucked slowly, sliding his swollen cock in and out with even,
controlled strokes. "Man, I love this feeling!"

Pam's eyes were full of hot tears. She prickled in every cell of her
naked body. She groaned as the boy slowly screwed his cock in and out,
her right hand pounding away at her cunt, her fuckjuices dripping from
her hand and running down her legs like hot syrup. She could feel the
boy's cock like a hot, oiled snake sliding in her guts.

"Fuck me!" she mumbled, delirious with pleasure, d***k with excitement.
"Ohhhh fuck meeeee!"

Despite the boy's attempts to keep her movements slow and even, Pam
managed to wiggle her ass in wild, grinding circles, her asshole sucking
and gnawing the boy's cock.

"Shit!" the boy panted. "I'm gonna fuck you and blow your head off!"

Tightening his hands around her waist, he began to jerk her ass back and
forth at his loins as he rammed, plunging his cock up her seething,
clutching shithole as if he were trying to make his cockhead pop out of
her mouth.

"Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Yeahhhh!"

"Yes!" Pam hissed, wiggling her ass, fucking herself silly on the boy's
plunging, grinding cock. His cock shot electricity up her asshole. Her
fingers clawed pleasure through her cunt. "Fuck me! Fuck meeee!"

The boy moaned as if he were being whipped, his hard loins banged Pam's
ass, jolting her, nearly knocking the wind out of her. Her tits flapped
like water-balloons filled to bursting. She twisted her head from side
to side, her ponytail flying, and the boy grabbed the flopping rope of
brunette hair and pulled on it, making Pam arch her back and turn up her
ass even more. Her asshole tightened mercilessly around his cock. He
rammed her with a final flurry of thrusts and exploded inside her.

"Uhhhhh!" he bellowed, his body jerking spastically, his cock flexing in
Pam's asshole and spurting jism into her guts. "Ahhhhh!"

"Yessss!" Pam crooned. Her eyes rolled back as the spasms erupted in her
loins and ripped simultaneously through her fingerfucked pussy and her
cock-reamed asshole. "Eeeeeh!"

Pam and the football player moved in unison like a pair of dancers.
Their bodies jerked and shuddered to the same rhythm as orgasmic spasms
pulsed through their fuck-organs, through their loins, through their
naked young bodies. The boy's cock flexed powerfully with each
ejaculation, nearly lifting Pam off the floor and waving her in the air.
She felt his jism spurting into her bowels, hot juicy wads of it,
splashing and splattering in her guts. Her asshole contracted
rhythmically, sucking his cock like a mouth, milking every drop of cum
from his pisstube.

Gasping, he yanked his cock out of her. Pam's asshole gaped wide-open
for several seconds before it began to close. The boy stuck a finger up
her ass and let her asshole close around it. He fingerfucked her as she
squeezed out the last of her orgasm, and his cum oozed out around his
sliding finger.

"Hot, tight ass!" he muttered. "I ain't never fucked an ass like this."

He dropped to his knees behind her, kissing and licking her ass, biting
her asscheeks. He stuck his tongue up her asshole, and Pam moaned as his
hot tongue massaged and soothed her stretched shitter.

He slipped his tongue out of her ass hole and started licking her pussy.
Her fuckjuices dripped from his chin, trickled down his neck and chest.
He licked the pussycream off her inner thighs, lapping from her knees to
her crotch. Then he sucked her pussy again, thrusting his cock inside
her, eating her out ravenously with smacking, slurping, sucking noises.

Pam reached back, pressing her hand against the back of his head,
pressing his face deeper between her legs as she rubbed her crotch in
his mouth.

"Mmmmm!" he growled. "Mmmmm Mmmm!"

He licked and sucked and gnawed and tongue-fucked until Pam's cunt
exploded in his face. He sucked up her juices as if she had honey
pouring out of her.

"Hot bitch! Hot, sweet bitch!"

Pam fucked her cunt in his mouth, going out of her mind.

Chapter 10

Pam and Cissy were in the same gym glass, which was the last class of
the day for both of them. In the locker room, as they dressed in their
athletic shorts and T-shirts, Pam was dying to tell Cissy about what the
football player had done to her in the utility room during her free
period, but too many other girls were within ear-shot. Besides that,
several of the girls were whispering to each other and looking Pam's way
with smirks that infuriated her. She gave them dirty looks back. Once
she even stuck her tongue out.

"I think these bitches know just about as much about us now as the boys
do," Pam said to Cissy under her breath, and Cissy giggled.

Outside, as the girls jogged laps, spreading out more and more around
the track, Pam and Cissy were able to put enough distance between
themselves and the others so they could talk without being heard.

"You'll never guess what I did during free period," Pam said, her
braless tits bouncing under her T-shirt as she jogged.

"You'll never guess what I did either," Cissy said. "I sucked off that
redhead again, and five of his buddies here at school. I keep burping up

Pam was shocked. Her own news seemed tame by comparison.

"I don't believe you," she said. "Where did it happen?"

"Down in the boiler room," Cissy said. "And I wasn't the only girl in
there on my knees. I wish I'd known about that place a long time ago. I
know where I'll be spending my free periods from now on, and it won't be
study hall or the library."

Pam visualized Cissy on her knees in the dingy boiler room, sucking off
one smelly teenage cock after another, her throat bobbing as she
swallowed gobs and wads of slimy jizz, her lips stretched thin around
veiny; bucking prongs. Pam's cunt twinged and she felt like groping
herself, but she didn't dare do so out here on the track with the woman
gym coach watching all the girls with eagle eyes.

"You're disgusting," Pam said. "At this rate you'll have sucked off
every boy in school by the end of the year."

"I hope so," Cissy said. "I just can't get enough cock. It drives me
nuts when they squirt in my mouth."

Pam didn't know now if she should tell Cissy her own news, which seemed
insignificant by comparison to Cissy's gluttonous round of cock sucking.

"Weren't you going to tell me something?" asked Cissy.

"It's nothing," said Pam. "Well, it's just that during my free period I
sucked off Rocky Johnson."

"The football player?"

"You know any other Rocky Johnson's who goes to this school? Not only
that, he assfucked me."

Pam glanced at Cissy to see her reaction.

Cissy was silent, as if trying to decipher what Pam had said.

"Asshole?" she mumbled.

"He took me into the utility room," Pam said. "We made out. He's got a
cock as big as Jeff's, and I sucked it off. What a load! Then he bent me
over the sink and assfucked me. Then he sucked me off."

"I don't believe you," Cissy said.

"You think I believe that you sucked off five guys in the boiler room?"

"Well, I did!" said Cissy, raising her voice. "Not so loud, you want the
whole world to hear?"

"I did suck off those guys," Cissy said. "You can ask them."

"And I sucked off Rocky Johnson and got assfucked by him," Pam said.
"You can ask him."

Cissy said nothing for a few seconds. When she spoke again, she said,
"Didn't it hurt? I mean, how could you take a cock up the asshole like

"It hurt about as much as it did when Derek gave it to me up the cunt,"
Pam said. "A little at first, then all it felt like was heaven."

She sighed, remembering the sensation.

"Did he shoot off inside you?"

"Where else?" Pam asked, "I've got an asshole full of Rocky Johnson's
cum right now."

"I wanna get fucked up the asshole too," Cissy said.

Pam smiled. The two girls increased their pace.

In the shower room after class, Pam and Cissy stood under adjacent
showers, soaping up their tits and asses and cunts.

"Both of you guys are walking kinda funny today," a girl called over
from a nearby shower.

"Yeah," another girl said. "You guys been overdoing your splits or

Pam blushed, ignoring them. Cissy giggled.

Later, in the locker room, after most of the class had left, and as Pam
and Cissy were putting on their shoes, the two girls who had spoken to
them, Marjie and June came over.

"We heard you guys had a hot time in the park yesterday afternoon,"
Marjie said.

"It was a hot day," Pam said, not looking up at the girl. "Come on,
Cissy, let's get going."

"We heard you got gang-banged by a pack of punks," said June. "Is that
why you're both walking funny today, like you both sat on fence posts?"

"We're not walking any different than usual," Pam said, giving June a
dirty look. "Now, if you two will excuse us ..."

"Little Miss Prim and Proper," said Marjie. "In school she's Miss
Perfect, after school she crawls in the park bushes on her hands and
knees. I bet she even likes it up the ass."

Pam blushed. Cissy tittered.

"Cissy knows, don't you, Cissy?" June asked. "Your girlfriend's a
regular little a****l after school, crawling around in the bushes with
her naked little behind up in the air.

Cissy started laughing. Pam was speechless. "Me and June know how to
take care of sore pussies and assholes," Marjie said more softly,
glancing around to see if anybody was in sight.

The only girls left in the locker room were Pam and Cissy, and Marjie
and June. The coach was in her office with the door closed.

"We give real good tongue-jobs," June said. "Cocks can be so hard and
brutal, can't they, and after a girl gets rammed by hard cock, what
soothes better than a wet tongue that knows how to lick?"

"All you gotta do is spread your legs," Marjie said. "Me and June'll do
all the work."

Pam and Cissy glanced at each other and shrugged. Both of them were too
horny to turn down the invitation.

Several boys were standing around in front of the school as the four
girls emerged through the front door into the sunshine. By the time the
girls were piling into Marjie's car, both Pam and Cissy had been offered
rides home by three different boys, and Pam was starting to regret
having accepted Marjie's offer.

"Get lost, assholes!" Marjie had growled at the boys. June had backed
her up and the boys had slunk away, red-faced and muttering to

"We know how to handle punks," Marjie said, starting up the car, and
June chuckled beside her in the front seat.

"Get them pussies good and wet for us, Marjie said, glancing over her
shoulder at Cissy and Pam in the back seat. "Me and Junie like 'em

June glanced over her shoulder too, licking her lips. "I think we got us
a couple of juicy ones, Marjie."

"I hope so," Marjie said. "I love a dripping cunt!"

Fifteen minutes later, Pam and Cissy found themselves naked and
spread-eagled in the basement of Marjie's house. Both of Marjie's
parents worked, neither of them due to arrive home before six in the
evening, three hours away, so the girls had plenty of time to enjoy
themselves. Marjie and June were naked too.

Pam and Cissy reclined side by side on a gym mat on the basement floor,
their legs spread as wide as possible, their juice-dribbling pussies
rubbing in the mouths of Marjie and June. Marjie, blonde and buxom,
crouched between Pam's legs, fingerfucking herself and groaning as she
licked Pam's crotch. June, raven-haired and more petite, but with
equally good-sized tits, sucked vigorously at Cissy's cunt, making Cissy
gasp and squirm. June too was jerking off.

"Me and June go for girls," Marjie said, glancing up at Pam with a
wicked leer, Pam's pussycream trickling down her chin. "And sooner or
later we get 'em all at school, just like we're getting you two now.
Mmmmm, honey, you've got such a sweet-tasting cunt."

Pam moaned, squeezing and caressing her tits. Her toes were pointed,
clutching with each flick of Marjie's tongue at her clit. She no longer
cared about having missed out on the rides with the boys. Marjie knew
how to lick pussy.

"Oh God!" Pam gasped. "Oh fuck!"

Marjie chuckled. "That can be arranged too, bitch. You don't need a boy
to get yourself fucked around here."

"Eeeeeeh!" Cissy squealed, arching up, fucking her pussy madly in June's
mouth. "Ohhh!"

"She's coming!" June growled, her mouth full of exploding teen pussy.
"Mmmm, sweet honey!"

June burrowed her nose and lips between Cissy's contracting cuntlips,
sucking the girljuice out of her.

Cissy tossed her blonde head from side to side. She grabbed June's head
and pressed June's face to her crotch. Her legs came together and
wrapped around June's head, crushing it between her quivering thighs.
She humped, gasping with pleasure, grinding her furry young muff in
June's mouth.

"Mmmmmm!" Cissy moaned. Ooooh!"

"Cute slut," Marjie said as she watched Cissy come. "Look at them eyes
cross! The girl's feeling pleasure." She shoved her nose back between
Pam's legs. "Come on, baby, juice in my mouth!"

The sight of Cissy coming excited Pam, made her want to come too. She
pressed her crotch hard into Marjie's mouth, rubbing her clit against
Marjie's tongue.

"Eat me!" she panted. "Suck!"

"Yummy!" Marjie growled. "Hot pussy!" Her nose and lips sank between
Pam's cunt lips. Her tongue twisted up inside Pam's pussy, pistoning.

"Oh God!" Pam arched up, driving her crotch hard against Marjie's mouth,
trying to impale Marjie's tongue deeper inside her. "Eat my cunt!"

Marjie growled like a dog, guzzling the fuck-juices out of Pam, her
tongue twisting and sliding, her lips sucking. She grabbed Pam's legs,
f***ed them up, bent them and pressed Pam's knees to her tits. Pam's ass
lifted off the mat.

"She's got jizz leaking out of her asshole," June said, sliding over
next to Marjie. "Let me lick her asshole."

Pam felt like a toy doll as the two experienced girl-lovers pulled her
legs down, then pushed her up onto her hands and knees. With her ass up
in the air and her tits dangling heavily under her, Pam groaned, her ass
swollen and tight. She arched her back, turning her ass up high so
Marjie and June could lick her pussy and her asshole at the same time.

"She's been assfucked," June said. "And not too long ago. There's jizz
in her asshole. What a bitch!"

The two girls plunged their tongues inside Pam, Marjie sticking her
tongue up Pam's cunt, June tongue-fucking Pam's asshole. The feel of two
hot, experienced tongues up her fuckholes drove Pam crazy. She squealed,
her ass twitching, every cell of her naked body turgid with pleasure and
ready to burst. She glanced over her shoulder at the two girls attacking
her fuckholes, one blonde head, one raven head. She saw the big, swollen
tits of the two girls, saw their hands jerking between their legs as
they masturbated. Pussycream dribbled down the inner thighs of both
girls. Pam's excitement soared. The fuck pleasure surged through her
cunt and asshole.

"I'm coming!" Pam gasped; "Ohhhhh!"

Marjie and June moaned as loudly as Pam, sucking up the juices that
oozed out of her as her fuckholes spasmed. June swallowed Rocky
Johnson's cum. Marjie drank Pam's pussy-cream. The eyes of the two
suckers rolled deliriously. Their hands pounded between their thighs.
Suddenly, simultaneously, both girls came, both of them whining like

Pam clamped her thighs together, going crazy as Marjie and June licked
out her spasming cunt and asshole. Marjie and June clamped their legs
together too, grinding their right hands between their thighs as they
fingerfucked themselves through their orgasms. The air in the basement
reeked of pussycream. The three spasming girls grunted and moaned.

"Feels so fucking good!" Pam cried.

Chapter 11

A single overhead bulb illuminated the gym mat in the otherwise dark
basement. Pam and Cissy again lay side by side on the mat, this time
with their legs up and bent and their knees hugged to their tits. June
bridged herself in a fucking position over Pam like a man. Marjie
bridged herself in the same position over Cissy. Both June and Marjie
had strapped solid-rubber cocks onto their muffs, dildos that looked as
lifelike as two real eight-inch cocks.

"I told you girls we could arrange for you to be fucked," Marjie said,
glancing over at Pam, then down at Cissy. "You don't need boys for
fucking. Me and June'll bang you just as good."

"We'll bang 'em better!" June growled.

Marjie and June glanced at each other as if giving each other a cue,
then thrust in unison. The two rubber dildos disappeared up the crotches
of Pam and Cissy. Pam and Cissy gasped. Marjie and June started to hump,
plunging the rubber cocks in and out. Pam and Cissy squirmed, toes

The rubber cocks weren't hot like real cocks, nor did they throb and
flex, nor did they ooze lube or feel as hard-shafted and silky-skinned,
but they were thick and slippery, and they plunged deep, and Pam and
Cissy groaned with pleasure, their young pussies contracting around the
sliding cylinders of flesh-colored rubber.

Pam pulled June more firmly down against her. June's mouth clamped over
Pam's mouth and the two girls kissed. With her eyes closed, Pam imagined
herself kissing a soft-lipped boy.

"Feels so good!" Pam moaned as June broke their kiss.

"Feels good to me too," June said. "The rubber cock rubs against my cunt
and sends tingles through me."

Next to Pam and June, Marjie was fucking Cissy much faster and more
violently. The little blonde squirmed and panted, her pink toes
clutching hard and fast. She whimpered as Marjie's big dildo reamed her

"Bitch!" Marjie growled. "I'm gonna fuck your guts out, cock-sucking
little slut!"

"Oh please!" Cissy gasped, clawing Marjie's back.

"Say you suck cock!" Marjie demanded. "I wanna hear you say it. Say it,
damn it!"

She slammed the dildo in and out of the squirming teenage blonde.

"I suck cock!" Cissy panted. "Oh please, slower!"

"Filthy little whore!" Marjie panted, ramming the dildo faster. "You
love cock so much, well take this one!"

She crushed Cissy against the mat, plunging the dildo with all the speed
and strength she possessed. Pussycream frothed from Cissy's cunt and
dribbled down her asscrack.

June continued fucking Pam, but both Pam and June were watching Marjie
fuck Cissy. Pam smiled as Cissy's eyes overflowed tears and her toes
writhed from the violent sensations she was being f***ed to endure.

"Fuck you, bitch!" Marjie grunted. "Fuck youuuuuuu!"

She rammed with such fury that Cissy's face contorted with pain.

Suddenly, Cissy began to shudder as if with convulsions. A moan of
ecstasy flowed from Cissy's slack mouth as spasms ripped through her.
Her pussy gnawed at the plunging rubber cock, trying to swallow it.

"Baby!" Marjie groaned, covering Cissy's face with kisses, fucking more
slowly as Cissy writhed in ecstasy. "Oh my sweet baby s****r!"

She stroked Cissy's blonde head and sucked on her upturned nose.

Pam looked up at June, who had begun to fuck faster, to thrust the
rubber cock deeper. June was grinning down at her, her face wicked with

"Give it to me," Pam said, her teeth clenched. "Fuck me! Make me come!"

June's body undulated, the smooth skin of her back sliding under Pam's
hands. June's dark hair hung forward, tickling Pam's face. She bit Pam's
freckled nose, shoved her tongue into Pam's mouth and Pam sucked it.

Pam gazed into June's eyes, rocking her loins to meet the rhythmic
thrusts of June's rubber cock. There was something so strange about
getting fucked by another girl, something wickedly exciting. Her pussy
contracted around the sliding, slicing rubber cock. The fat knob punched
in and out of her womb-mouth. The cock felt hot now, heated up by Pam's
smoldering pussy, heated up by friction. Pam sucked hard on June's
tongue until her mouth gaped in a moan of pleasure.

"Ohhhh yesssss!" Pam whined, squirming, rocking her loins. "Fuck me!
Fuck meeee!"

Grinning dementedly, June increased the tempo and strength of her
thrusts. Pam gasped with each grinding stroke. The rubber cock filed
relentlessly against Pam's clit. Pam's toes started clutching out of

"I'm coming!" Pam gasped. "I'm ... I'm coming!"

Her eyes rolled back as the ecstasy swept through her loins. Her pussy
spasmed around the sliding rubber cock, pussycream frothing out around
the engulfed rubber shaft.

"Ohhhhh, fuck me, fuck me!"

June fucked the dildo in and out until Pam was begging her to stop.
Finally, to avoid losing her mind, Pam knocked June off her and popped
the rubber cock out of her cunt. June rolled on the mat, laughing.

Marjie crawled over, the dildo she'd fucked Cissy with still strapped to
her cunt and dripping with Cissy's fuckjuices, and she shoved the rubber
cock into June's mouth. Then she lay down on her side next to June,
taking the sixty-nine position with June, and took the cock June had
fucked Pam with into her own mouth. Marjie and June lay side by side,
each girl sucking greedily on the cunt-flavored cock strapped to the
other's muff.

June and Marjie started to wrestle, and Cissy and Pam moved out of their
way. The wrestling girls ripped the rubber cocks off each other and
started beating each other with them. June rammed the rubber dildo she'd
ripped off Marjie up Marjie's cunt and Marjie rammed the other dildo up
June's cunt. The two girls called each other filthy names, plunging the
rubber cocks in and out of each other's cunt.

"You love it, cunt-face!" Marjie growled.

"So do you, slut-mouth!" June said.

Marjie yanked the slippery dildo out of June's cunt and plunged it
between June's asscheeks. Twisting it, pressing it, she f***ed it up
June's asshole.

June squirmed, gasping "Damn you, slut!" She ripped her own dildo out of
Marjie's cunt and plunged it up Marjie's asshole.

"Oh Goddddd!" Marjie whined, writhing as if in pain. She shoved her head
between June's thighs and started gnawing on June's cunt.

June gasped, her eyes rolling wildly. She plastered her mouth to
Marjie's cunt and started sucking. Marjie groaned.

Pam and Cissy watched in silence, their right hands pumping between
their thighs as they jerked themselves off with stiff middle fingers.

Marjie and June sounded like two pigs at the feeding trough as they
sucked and licked and gnawed each other's gaping, juicing pussy. The
dildos made squishing noises in their assholes.

"Faster!" Marjie growled, humping her cunt in June's face, grinding her
asshole on June's thrusting dildo. "Deeper!"

"Yes!" June grunted. "Ahhhhh, baby!"

The two naked girls humped faster and faster, grinding their cunts in
each other's mouth, fucking their teen assholes on the rubber cocks.
Pussycream dribbled into each other's mouth. The rubber cocks gleamed,
slick with moisture as they slid in and out of the two female shitholes.

Cissy slid over next to Pam, started sucking on Pam's left tit. Pam
wrapped her arm around Cissy's blonde head, crushing her tit deeper into
Cissy's mouth, wrapping her legs around each other and squeezing her
thighs together as she twisted her middle finger deep inside her
seething pussy. She nuzzled Cissy's silky blonde hair. Her eyes were
trained on June and Marjie, on their bobbing heads and plunging dildos.

"Eeeeeeeeh!" the two cunt-suckers whined in unison, their bodies
shuddering, their eyes showing only white. "Uhhhhhhh!"

As they exploded with mutual spasms, they f***ed the dildos up each
other's asshole until the rubber shafts nearly disappeared. They sucked
and gnawed ravenously at each other's spasming, juicing cunt.


Cissy had stopped sucking Pam's tit so she could watch the other two
girls come. She glanced up to Pam, who glanced down at her, and smiled.
Pam and Cissy gazed into each other's eyes, their right hands jerking
between their thighs, their middle fingers grinding in their pussies.
Cissy's eyes rolled back in ecstasy and Pam's vision blurred as her own
eyes rolled back. Orgasmic spasms shook the loins of both girls, and
they hugged each other, holding onto each other as if for their lives.

Feels so good! Pam kept thinking. Oh God, how can it feel so good?

Her orgasms kept getting better. Each orgasm was unique. She enjoyed
coming just as much with a finger up her cunt and Cissy in her arms as
she did with Derek's cock up her cunt or Rocky Johnson's sweaty prick
stuck up her asshole. She enjoyed coming with a rubber dildo plunging in
her pussy, a dildo strapped to the muff of another girl or with a tongue
in her cunt, a boy's tongue or a girl's tongue. She remembered Derek's
hot big-toe twisting between her cuntlips yesterday, and the memory
renewed her orgasm, made her whine as another round of hot spasms ripped
through her melting loins.

"I feel so good!" Pam gasped, rubbing her naked body against the body of
her naked young girlfriend. "I just feel so good!"

"Me too!" Cissy moaned.

Chapter 12

After dinner that evening, Pam told her mother she was going over to
Cissy's house to do homework and Cissy told her own mother she was going
over to Pam's house to study for an exam, and the two girls met in the
park, hoping to see some young skateboarders who might want their cocks
sucked. The only skateboarder around when they arrived looked too young
to know what cocksucking was, so the two girls decided to hitchhike down
to the campus mall and check out the action there. There were sure to be
horny college guys hanging around the fountain, and maybe they'd even
meet up with Jeff and Derek.

"I'd like to suck off Jeff," Pam said as the two barefooted, shorts-clad
girls stood at the side of the boulevard with their thumbs up in the air
and their bare right legs extended seductively. "I'd like to fuck him,
too. He can even assfuck me."

"Then I'll fuck Derek," Cissy said. "I'll have him stick his cock up my
cunt, and then up my ass."

"Derek would split you in half," Pam said. "His cock's bigger than
Jeff's. If he stuck it up your ass it would come out your mouth."

"Good," Cissy said. "Then I'll suck on it." Pam laughed. She felt giddy,
wicked, free, as if a dam had burst inside her. She didn't care what she
said, or how filthy she talked. It was as if she'd taken a d**g, a d**g
that kept her perpetually horny. Her pussy and asshole throbbed, aching
to be stuffed with more hard cock.

A large, shiny car with tinted windows pulled over to the side of the
road just ahead of them and the two girls scampered up to it. The side
window hummed down, revealing a paunchy, middle-aged man behind the
wheel. The man looked older than either of the girls' fathers, and his
perspiring face flushed red as he smiled at them.

"Good evening, young ladies," the man said. "Where are you headed?"

"Down to the college," Pam said.

"I'll be passing right by there," the man said. "Hop in."

He touched a button on the control panel, the side door unlocked, and
the two girls slid in next to him in the front seat, with Pam seated
closest to him. The doors locked, the windows hummed closed, and the
Cadillac pulled out into traffic.

"Warm night," the man said, eyeing the naked legs and feet of the two
girls. He breathed heavily through his nose and patted his sweat-misted
forehead with a handkerchief. "Even air conditioning won't keep you cool
on a night like this, will it, sweetheart?"

He patted Pam's bare thigh with a pudgy, moist hand.

"I guess not," Pam said.

"What are you girls going to do down at the college? You don't go to
school there, do you?"

"No," Cissy said. "We're going down there to watch guys.

"Oh?" the man said, raising his eyebrows. "You girls like older men?"

"Sure," Cissy said. "I've got a boyfriend named Jeff, and he's in

"You don't say," the man said. His hand fell on Pam's thigh again, his
fingers caressing the sensitive skin near her crotch. "How about you,
sweetheart? You have a college boyfriend too?"

"Well, I guess so," Pam said. She didn't particularly like the paunchy
gentleman pawing her, and yet she couldn't help being turned on by his
attentions. Her cunt throbbed and her bare toes wiggled. "His name's

"You have wonderfully soft skin," the man said, his fingers edging up
the leg of Pam's shorts. He took a deep breath. "I'd love to feel a lot
more of this wonderfully soft skin. How would you and your girlfriend
like to make a short stop at a motel just up the road. I'll make it
worth your while."

The two girls looked at him, not quite comprehending.

"All right," the man said with a nervous laugh. "How about a hundred
each? And we won't stay more than an hour."

Still not exactly certain what the man was talking about, but curious to
find out, the girls accepted his offer, and a few minutes later, found
themselves waiting in the car as the man hustled into the motel office
to get them a room. "What's gonna happen?" Cissy asked.

"I think he's gonna fuck us," Pam said. "And then he's gonna pay us."

"He's so old," Cissy said. "I hope he's got a big cock."

"Me, too," Pam said. "But even if he doesn't, he's going to pay us."

To the girls' delight, the man did indeed have a big cock, although it
wouldn't stand up. It dangled over his balls like a long, thick-swollen
salami, its knob half-covered with foreskin, lube dripping from its
pisshole. The man's belly sagged as if it contained a sack of flour, and
gray hair grew sparsely on his flabby chest.

"First I want you to blow me," the naked man said petting the beads of
the two naked girls. "Such soft, shiny hair. Oh my!"

Pam and Cissy were on their knees in front of him. He'd turned on the TV
and air conditioner and had drawn the curtains, and now he was banging
his heavy prick gently back and forth across the girls' upturned faces.

"Come on, you gorgeous little girls, give daddy a blowjob. Show me what
you can do."

Gingerly, Pam peeled back the man's foreskin. His cock-knob shined,
moist and spongy. Her tongue came out and she started to lick. Cissy
started to lick too.

"Beautiful!" the man groaned, his cock pulsating. "Oh, sweet babies!"

Although his cock wasn't standing up it was by no means soft. Warm lube
dripped onto Pam's tits.

"Mmmmm!" Cissy moaned She grabbed the man's cock and stuffed it in her
mouth, sucking greedily.

"Hey!" Pam cried.

"Girls! Girls! Don't fight over it," the man said. He pressed on Pam's
head. "You can suck my balls."

He had big, fat, swollen balls, bristly with gray hair that tickled
Pam's tongue as she licked. Despite the man's age, his balls didn't
taste much different than Rocky Johnson's; sweaty and masculine.

"Oh gosh!" the man sighed. "Suck my cock! Lick my balls! Beautiful!"

He pressed on Cissy's head, forcing his cock to the hilt down her throat
and making her gag.

Pam nuzzled down under his balls, licking his sweaty crotch. The smell
of a man turned her on so much that she forgot his age. She sucked his
crotch, growling.

"Now you suck my cock," the man gasped. He grabbed Pam by her ponytail
and yanked her head from between his thighs. At the same time, he f***ed
Cissy to release his cock. Holding Pam's head, he plunged his dripping
cock into her open mouth and buried it in her throat. "Ahhhhhh!"

Pam groaned, sucking, her tongue flapping. The man's cock had grown
harder, although still not as hard as the young cocks she was used to
sucking. Bone-hard or not, the cock was still a cock, a big, sweaty,
tasty man-cock, and Pam sucked it greedily, her lips smacking.

"Eat my ass, blondie." The man grabbed Cissy by the hair and pulled her
around behind him. He f***ed her nose between his asscheeks. "Lick! Rim
me! Stick your tongue up my ass!"

Pam heard Cissy slurping, licking up and down the man's asscrack. She
couldn't believe it! The sound excited her, though, and she quickened
her cock-sucking.

"Ohhhh yeahhhhh!" the man moaned. "Stick your tongue up in there deep!
Ohhhh yeahhhhh!" He rotated his ass in Cissy's face, screwing his
asshole on her tongue. At the same time, he plunged his cock to the hilt
down Pam's throat. "Suck my cock!"

Pam felt the big cock swell, felt it harden and quiver. She sucked,
slurping at the underside of the excited prick. The man's legs shook.
His cock flexed, then spurted.

"Ahhhhhhh!" he bellowed. "Eat it!"

He grunted with each ejaculation, feeding Pam his spunk.

Pam swallowed, gulped, eating the man's thick, slimy load. With her eyes
closed, she could just as well have been sucking off Derek's cock, or
Rocky Johnson's teenage cock. The man's cum was slightly bitter, not
sweet like some of the teenage cum she'd swallowed, but she savored the
taste, nevertheless. Her lips smacked around the throbbing, ejaculating
cock, and she gulped down mouthful after mouthful of jism.

Finally, the man pushed Pam away, pushed Cissy away from his ass. He
staggered over to the bed and flopped down on it on his back.

"Come over here, you two!" he panted. "Warm up daddy with your soft
young bodies!"

Pam and Cissy crawled onto the bed, one girl on each side of him, and as
he put one arm around each of them, they snuggled up to him, squirming
and purring, their pussies throbbing between their juice-slick thighs.
Each girl wrapped her legs around one of his legs and humped her itching
pussy against his thigh. Soon his thighs were smeared with teenage

"Aren't you going to fuck us?" Cissy asked. He appeared to be dozing, so
she squeezed his cock and asked him again.

The man sighed. He kissed her on the forehead.

"Let me rest a while, darling. Then maybe I'll fuck you."

Pam pulled the man's foreskin back and fingered his cockhead. Some cum
or lube oozed from his pisshole, and she dipped her finger in it,
spreading it over the maroon-colored cock-knob. Gently, she scratched
the knob with her fingernails.

The man gasped and his eyes popped open. His cock swelled visibly. He
bit Pam on the nose. "You know all the tricks, don't you, young vamp?
Both of you let me at those big sweet tits."

Sliding up, the two schoolgirls thrust their swollen tits in the man's
face, smothering him with young titflesh. He wrapped his arms around
their backs, crushing their tits to his face, sucking up mouthfuls of
spongy teen tit and bumpy cherries, gnawing and licking and sucking
stiff young nipples. The two girls squealed, squirmed, their pussies
flip-flopping inside, the pussyjuice running down their legs like hot

"I wanna be fucked!" Cissy panted.

"Me too!" Pam cried. "Oh God, fuck me!" The man growled like an a****l.
With surprising agility, he rolled the two girls off himself and fell on
top of them, covering both of them with the flabby bulk of his body. His
cock was rock-hard, and as he thrust it against the silk-smooth bellies
of the girls, he oozed cock-lube onto their skin.

"I wish I had two cocks!" he panted. "I'd fuck you both at the same

He got up off them, kneeling before them with his cock standing straight
out and throbbing heavily. It appeared even larger than before.

"Fuck me!" the girls moaned, their eyes on his big, throbbing prick.
"Fuck me! Fuck me!"

He pulled them to their hands and knees, stroked their young, twitching
asses. They eyed his cock over their shoulders, their tongues hanging
out. They looked up at him, their eyes begging him to fuck them.

"Oh Jesus, God!" The man pawed their asses, spread their asscheeks and
cuntlips, fingered their assholes and cunts. Fuckjuices dribbled down
their legs, which the man caught and smeared back up, rubbing their
asses and ass-clefts with the slick female lubricant. He slipped fingers
up both their pussies, reaming, probing.

"Oh yesssss!" the girls moaned, their asses wiggling. "Yes!"

He pulled his fingers out of their cunts and f***ed the same fingers up
their assholes. Both girls moaned, twisting their heads from side to
side, curling their toes. He yanked his fingers out of their assholes,
caught handfuls of pussy-slime, and rubbed the slippery goo all over his
cock and balls. He smeared girl-juice on his face, licked and sucked his
fingers clean. He leaned over, slurping at the girls' crotches, at their
asscracks. His tongue darted into their pussies, up into their assholes.
He gnawed their asses. He was panting as if on the verge of a heart

Pam groped her crotch. If he wasn't going to fuck her, she was going to
jerk herself off before she lost her mind.

The man slapped Pam's ass. "Naughty girl!" He reached between her legs
and pulled her fingers out of her cunt.

"Naughty, naughty girl!" He slapped her ass again.

"Fuck meeeee!" Pam whined, and next to her Cissy was whining just as
loud, begging to be fucked.

The man grabbed Pam's ass, guided the head of his cock between her
cuntlips and thrust. "Ahhhhhh!"

His cock disappeared up her seething, itching pussy.

"Mmmmmnnn, yessssss! "Pam cried. "Fuck me!"

The man humped, grunting with each thrust, slicing his horny cock in
Pam's teenage pussy. "Oh, honey, you're so wet, and hot, and tight!"

Pam laughed, it felt so good. The man had a big, experienced cock. It
didn't matter that he was older than her own father. He had a big cock
and he knew how to use it, that was all that mattered.

"Fuck meeeee!" Pam moaned, wiggling her ass as the old man's paunch
collided with it. "Mmmmnnnn, yessssss!"

The man laughed, slapped her ass, and yanked his cock out of her pussy.
As Pam squirmed and groaned, her cunt gaping wide open, the man moved
over behind Cissy, his throbbing cock dripping with Pam's pussycream,
and he plunged it to the hilt up Cissy's cunt.

"Eeeeeeeh!" Cissy squealed. "Oh God!"

She squirmed wildly, her tits jiggling heavily under her.

The man slid his hands up Cissy's belly and caught her swinging tits.
His fingers tightened on her nipples, twisting, tugging. "Hot little

Cissy's eyes almost popped out. She writhed, her cunt squeezing like a
fist at the man's sliding cock. She reared up onto her knees. The man
bear-hugged her, his sweaty paws mauling her tits. He gnawed into the
side of her neck, drooled spit down onto her tits. Cissy whined like a

"Christ!" the man gasped. He yanked his cock out of Cissy's cunt and
pushed her away. "You almost brought me off! I almost lost it!"

Panting, he looked down at his cock, which pulsed and quivered,
dribbling lube and dripping with Cissy's fuckjuices.

"I wanna come!" Cissy whimpered.

"You'll come," the man said to Cissy. "But when I'm ready for you to
come." He grabbed Pam's ass and thrust his slippery cock between her
asscheeks. With a bestial grunt, he drove it to the hilt up her asshole.
"You like that, honey?"

"Yes!" Pam gasped. "Yes, oh fuck!"

She reared up like Cissy had, pressing her back against the man's front,
rotating her ass on his slicing prick. She felt his knob searing her
guts. The man grabbed her tits and she let out a howl of pleasure. She
turned her head to the side, her mouth open, searching for his mouth,
and his tongue slid between her lips. She licked it, sucked it.

The man crushed her in a fierce embrace, grinding his cock in her
asshole. His hot fingers wrenched her nipples. He f***ed her head to
twist even farther so he could ram his tongue down her throat. His cock
struck like a rattle snake inside her, squirming deep in her guts.

Pam was in ecstasy. She reached down, groping her pussy, sliding a
finger up and down her greasy cunt-slit and against her clit. Her pussy
started contracting. Her asshole exploded with spasms. She shrieked as
the spasms ripped through her.

"Ohhhhh, yessssss!" Her eyes were rolled back, only the whites visible.
Her body shuddered with each round of orgasmic ecstasy. Her asshole
clutched madly at the man's ramming cock.

"Come on, bitch, come on!" The man sucked her ear, bit her neck. "Oh,
honey, you're too much!"

He shoved her forward and yanked his cock out of her.

Pam collapsed on the bed, her asshole opening and closing, her right
hand jerking between her thighs as she brought herself through the last
excruciating spasms of her orgasm.

The man rammed his cock between Cissy's asscheeks. With a growl, he
slammed it to the hilt up her asshole. The little blonde shuddered as if
she'd been jolted with an electric cattle prod. Her eyes rolled back and
her mouth gaped in a wail that nearly broke Pam's eardrums. The man
clapped his hand over Cissy's mouth, telling her to shut up as he rammed
his cock in and out of her virgin asshole.

"So fucking tight!" he grunted. "What an asshole! Tight little
schoolgirl shithole! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhh!"

He yanked Cissy up, crushed her in a bear-hug, slid his right hand down
her belly and thrust it between her thighs. His thick middle finger
rammed up into her pussy. As he fucked her asshole with his cock, he
reamed out her cunt with his finger. His left hand slipped off her
mouth, slid down to her tits.

Cissy was blubbering, tears rolling down her cheeks. She squirmed
frantically, gasping with each thrust of the horny cock up her asshole,
wincing with each plunge of his finger up her cunt. He chewed into her
ear and her eyes rolled back. He wrenched her nipples and she looked on
the verge of passing out.

"Ohhhhh!" she groaned. "Ohhhhhh! Yes! Ohhhhh!"

The man fucked her with all his strength, his paunch banging her ass
like a clapping hand. He looked delirious, out of his mind with lust.

"I'm coming!" Cissy gasped. "I'm ..." Her words became a whine of
pleasure. Her eyelashes fluttered, only the whites of her eyes visible.
Pussyjuice gushed into the man's jerking right hand and ran down the
insides of Cissy's legs.

"Ohhhhhh, uhhhhhhh!" the man groaned, his body shuddering, his eyes
wide, as if he were in agony. Grunting like a bull, he exploded up
Cissy's asshole. "Awwwwwww!"

Cissy gasped with each explosion of hot man cum into her guts. Her body
jerked as if a shotgun were going off inside her.

"Yes!" she moaned. "Oh yes, oh yes!" She squirmed, cunt-fucking the
man's finger, assfucking his spurting cock. Her pink toes, slightly
grubby with street grime, clutched with each spasm that
pleasure-saturated her young loins.

"Daddy!" she purred. "Oh daddy, daddy!"

As the man's orgasm subsided, he collapsed forward, and Cissy collapsed
forward under him. He groaned on top of her, crushing her to the bed as
he humped her ass and squeezed the last twinges of fuck sensation out of
his lusting prick. He gnawed into the back of her neck as Cissy lay
moaning helplessly under him. His teeth loosened their grip and he
started to breathe deeply, as if he had fallen asl**p.

"Help me!" Cissy whimpered. "He's crushing me!"

For a few sadistic moments, Pam played with the idea of letting Cissy
suffer under the old boar until he woke up. But, as Cissy reached out
toward her, Pam gave in and took her girlfriend's hand. After much
grunting and straining, Pam managed to roll the man enough off Cissy so
she could squirm out from under him.

"He must weigh two hundred pounds," Cissy said, panting. "I hope he
didn't break any of my bones."

"Get your clothes on and let's get out of here before he wakes up!" Pam

"I'm tired," Cissy said. "And my asshole aches."

"Get moving," Pam said.

Chapter 13

The campus was only a few blocks from the motel, so Pam and Cissy walked
the rest of the way there. The sun was setting beyond the historical
museum as they sat down at the edge of the mall fountain and dropped
their bare feet into the water.

"I feel like soaking my ass in the water!" Cissy whispered. "I think he
made me bleed!"

"And you wanted Derek to fuck your asshole," Pam said under her breath.
"He'd have split you in half."

"Hey!" Cissy cried. "He never gave us our hundred dollars! The dirty old

"Who cares?" Pam said. "We both got a good fuck out of him. I'm just
glad he didn't have a heart attack while he was doing us. We'd have had
a lot of explaining to do then."

"Those college guys over there are looking at us," Cissy said.

Pam looked up. Three guys on the other side of the fountain were ogling
her and Cissy. She lifted her feet out of the water, straightened her
legs, toes pointed, and began paddling the surface of the water with her
soles the way Cissy had done the day they'd met Jeff. The guys started
getting hard-ons watching her, she could tell, and she smiled their way.
They came over.

Two of the guys were named Dan and Russ. The third guy was named Mark,
and he hustled Cissy off to his dorm room before anybody knew what was
happening. Pam didn't care, because Dan and Russ offered to take her out
for a ride in Dan's pickup truck.

"Let's go," she said.

She knew now what she wanted, and she wasn't going to waste time playing
games. She padded barefoot along the sidewalk, the two tall college men
flanking her like bodyguards. When she climbed into Dan's pickup, she
sat in the middle, between the two men, who d****d their arms around her

"I know a park with lots of bushes," she said. "You're my kind of
chick," Dan said, giving her a kiss.

By the time the truck arrived at the park, the men had stripped Pam
naked. She knelt on the floor in front of them, her hands wrapped around
their hard cocks. Both men had thick, eight-inch cocks which oozed lube
like warm sap. Pam wiped the lube off their cocks with her fingers, then
licked her fingers clean. The two men watched her as if they couldn't
believe their eyes.

"I wish they'd made girls like you when I was in high school," Russ
said. "Can you believe this chick, Dan?"

Dan shook his head.

They parked the truck in a secluded spot among the trees and bushes.
Crickets chirped in the grass. The men pulled off their clothes as Pam

"I feel so sexy!" Pam squealed.

She was up on the seat, squirming as the two naked college men, one on
each side of her, pressed up against her and felt her up, nuzzling her
neck and ears. She turned her head from side to side; French kissing one
man, then the other. The men started squeezing and rubbing her tits, and
she moaned, shimmying her juice-slick thighs together.

"What a cute little bitch you are," Dan said. "And so fucking smooth!"

"Skin like hot silk," Russ said. "One hundred percent teenage girl."

He shoved a hand between her thighs, sliding his middle finger up and
down between her cuntlips. His finger slipped inside her, fucking her.

"Eeeeeh!" Pam wriggled between the two men, going crazy as Russ
finger-fucked her. She groped both their cocks, jerking her hands up and
down, squeezing the lube out, getting her hands and their cocks greasy
with the slick male fluid.

"Baby, if I don't fuck you pretty soon I'm gonna lose my fucking load!"
Dan gasped. He lifted Pam up, slid to the middle of the seat where she'd
been sitting, and set her on his lap.

She turned to face him, her arms around his neck. Gazing into his eyes,
she kissed him, shoving her tongue into his mouth, drooling her sweet
girl-spit down his throat. Dan lifted her again and set her on his
rigid, upright cock. Her pussylips spread, his cockhead slipped between
them, and she sank to the hilt on his cock, her cunt devouring his
entire eight inches.

"Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh," Dan moaned, his cock squirming and bucking inside
Pam's body. He crushed her in his muscular arms, pressing her tits to
his chest. He kissed her again as she started to ride.

"Oooooh yes!" Pam sighed as the big cock slid inside her. She braced her
hands on Dan's shoulders and jerked up and down with long, rapid
strokes, her tits flapping in the man's face.

"What a mink!" Dan juggled her naked ass-cheeks, humped, fucked upward
into her each time she fucked down on him. "Oh shit, what a pussy!"

Pam giggled. She felt so good, so free.

"I love your big hard cock!" she purred. "I love your big fat wet

Each time she fucked down her ass bounced against the man's cum-swollen
balls, which were drenched with her fuckjuice.

"Fuck that cock!" Russ growled. He stroked Pam's back and flanks as she
rode Dan, his hands sliding up and down her lithe, undulating young
body. His right hand slid between her ass cheeks and he shoved his
middle finger up her asshole.

"Ohhh yesss!" Pam hissed; her asshole contracting around Russ's finger.

"I know what I'm gonna fuck," Russ said. He yanked his finger out of
Pam's asshole, then climbed up behind her and shoved his cock between
her asscheeks.

Despite the clumsy, cramped position in the cab of the pickup truck, he
managed to drive his cock up Pam's asshole.

Pam writhed, her eyes rolling, her loins contracting as the two big
cocks wiggled and flexed inside her. "Oh! Oh!"

"I don't believe it," Dan said. "It feels like you just stuck your cock
up her asshole, Russ! I can feel something hard sliding against my

"I'm in her!" Russ panted. "She's got an asshole as slick as butter
inside! This chick's done it all!"

He braced his hands on Pam's shoulders, humping her ass as best he could
in the confined space.

"Shit!" Dan moaned, fucking his cock up into Pam's pussy. "What a hot
teen bitch!"

Pam whined, writhing deliriously between the two muscular, sweat-oiled
men. "Fuck me! Fuck meee!"

Russ gnawed on her shoulders, on the back of her neck, on her ears. She
shivered with goosebumps all over. Russ rammed his wet tongue in her ear
and she gasped, going out of her mind from the stimulation. Dan craned
his head forward and started sucking on her tits.

"Oh yes! Oh yes!" she panted. "Oh God, fuck me, eat me!"

"She's got juice running out of her pussy like hot, melted butter," Dan
said. "I'm gonna slide off the seat if she keeps juicing like this."

"Goddamn!" Russ cried, fucking Pam's ass, churning his cock in her
seething teen shithole. "I ain't never fucked a chick this hot!"

Pam couldn't stand the stimulation any longer. The two cocks sliding
simultaneously in her cunt and asshole made her want to jump out of her
skin. Her over-stuffed loins felt ready to explode. Her fingers and
nipples and toes felt tight and prickly, as if the skin on them was
about to split.

"I wanna come!" she whined. "I'm gonna come!"

"Me too!" Dan groaned. "I can't hold it anymore!"

"I'm gonna blow her guts out when I shoot, man!" panted Russ. "I'm gonna
ream the shit out of her ass! I'm gonna ... I'm gonna!"

He was fucking savagely, his ass banging against the truck's dashboard,
his belly smacking Pam's ass, his big cock ramming her like a
pile-driver. Suddenly, his cock flexed and he shot his cum into Pam's
guts. "Ahhhhhh!"

"Ohhhh yessss," Pam moaned, "Squirt it!" She wiggled her ass, squirming
between the two men, feeling Russ's big cock spurting jism up her
asshole. The fuck-pleasure surged through her loins.

"I'm coming!" She clung to Dan, her body shaking as the spasms erupted
in her loins. "Ohhhh!"

As Pam's cunt contracted around his cock, Dan fucked up into her with
all his strength. Grunting like a man being tortured, he churned his
horny prong inside her and went into spasms. His spunk shot up Pam's
pussy in hot, juicy wads. "Ohhh yeahhh!"

"Oh, those cocks!" Pam moaned. "Those big squirting cocks! Oh yes, oh
yes, cream me!"

She grunted and squealed, her cunt and asshole spasming on the two hot,
flexing cocks.

The men fucked deep into her, trying to make their cocks come out her
mouth, trying to make their jism spurt from between her parted lips.

"Teen bitch!" Russ growled.

Their bodies were drenched in sweat. The seat of the pickup truck was
slick with Pam's fuckjuices. As she slipped out from between the two
men, pulling their cocks from her fuckholes, gobs of cum oozed from her
cunt and asshole, dripping from her crotch, running down her inner
thighs. The men had filled her loins.

Russ pushed the door of the truck open and Pam tumbled out onto the
ground. The two men followed. They all sprawled on the grass, panting,
catching their breath, and letting their sweaty bodies cool.

"I haven't had such a good come in a long time," Russ said. "I almost
shot my balls out through my cock!"

"You're telling me," Dan said. "This baby's hot!"

He gave Pam a kiss, then rolled away and closed his eyes.

Pam lay there a while, then sat up. The two men appeared to be dozing.
She caressed their hairy, muscular thighs, rippled her fingers down
their abdominal segments and heard them gasp as their muscles quivered.
She looked at their fat, heavy-hanging cocks, still half-hard and wet
with her fuckjuices. They'd shot their loads, but their balls looked
just as big and swollen as before. She flopped down on her belly between
Russ's legs and started to suck his cock.

"Oh yeah!" Russ mumbled. He stretched, spreading his toes. His cock
swelled to a full erection in Pam's mouth, and she bobbed her head,
sucking it from the tip to the base. "Sweet baby!"

The man stroked her head, letting her do whatever she wanted to his

It tastes so good! Pam thought. And it's all mine.

She smacked her lips, rippling them up and down the length of the man's
veiny cock as she bobbed her ponytailed head. She squeezed his balls
gently, felt them throb, felt his cock flex in her mouth. As his
cockhead rubbed in her throat, she massaged it with her throat muscles.

Russ watched her with groggy, half-closed eyes, and Pam smiled up at
him, her mouth full of his cock. He clasped his hands behind his head,
flexing his muscles. His legs spread wider. His toes wiggled and
clutched as she sucked up and down his cock, her tongue churning. I want
your cum, stud, she told him with her eyes.

"Take it!" Russ groaned. "I can't hold it!" His asscheeks contracted,
his back arched, and he strained upward, grinding his swelling,
pulsating prick in Pam's mouth. His pisshole gaped and a flood of creamy
spunk burst into Pam's waiting throat.

"Yeahhh, eat it!"

Pam gulped, not wanting to waste a drop. Her mouth and throat almost
overflowed, but she managed to swallow just in time so as not to lose
any. Russ writhed on the ground, rubbing his ass against the grass,
spurting his spunky load down Pam's throat. His toes clutched with each
cock-shuddering ejaculation.

"Suck it out, baby! Suck it out!"

When Pam had finished with Russ, she moved over to Dan, who was lying
there beating off, lube leaking down the underside of his big, veiny
cock. As Pam crouched between his legs, her tits hanging, he shoved the
sweaty cock down her throat.

"Suck it, schoolgirl bitch!"

Pam sucked. Her right hand slipped between her thighs and she
fingerfucked her pussy as she munched on the juicy, vein-bulging cock.

"Play with my balls!"

Pam used her free hand to massage the man's plump, hairy balls. His cock
quivered and hardened in her mouth, and she knew she'd be swallowing his
cum any second. She slurped at the back of his cockhead.

"Yeahhh!" Dan moaned. He grabbed her head and sank his cock to the hilt
down her throat. "Ahhhhh!" His cock shuddered and his jism shot out.
"Drink it!"

Pam guzzled. The taste and aroma of cum filled her head. She felt the
hot, slimy fuckjuice sliding down her gullet, pooling in her stomach.
She gazed up into Dan's lust-glazed eyes and her own eyes rolled back.
Her pussy tightened around her sliding fingers and exploded. A groan
came from deep in her throat. She was in heaven.

Russ moved up behind her. She was still spasming, but he pulled her up
to her hands and knees. She groaned as his cock fucked to the hilt up
her asshole.

"Feel that asshole suck!" Russ moaned, sliding his cock in and out.
"Horny schoolgirl bitch! Teenage nympho!"

Pam churned her ass, whining with every thrust.

The End... Continue»
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Ethereal Muff; First-time with a couple on a remot

She follows me down a winding trail through the fir, cedar and spruce forest to the shoreline of Georgian Bay. Waves gently lap against the shoreline of smooth, multi-colored pebbles, the air is heavy with the sweet scent of the surrounding forest, and the surface of the water is bright with countless tiny reflected beams of the sun as if there is a gigantic disco ball in the sky casting its sparkling radiance across the water to the edge of the horizon. Jennifer, my wife, happily wanders over the smooth stones and feels the water. Watching her joyful, sprite-like movements and peering into the luminous, translucent water as if it is a medium to determine the future, I sense that Jennifer and I are on the verge of something momentous that will either make or break our fracturing relationship.

Whatever form the day assumes, I feel it is to be effervescent with new life and liberating for Jennifer and myself. It is sure to involve this beautiful location on the Bay and the intriguing couple we met last night. If my feelings amount to a daydream, then it is one to aspire to.

Georgian Bay is a short distance by trail from our cottage on Gillies Lake, yet it feels like a world away. The trail weaves for about a half mile through the boreal forest where black-throated green warblers sing, and down a two hundred foot escarpment of limestone, to the shore. The scenic view from the shore, and the peacefulness found here, causes Jennifer and I to suspect we’ve gone through a portal to splendor, serenity and happiness, and are now walking in a dream.

Jennifer and I look into each other’s indigo eyes and smile, for we especially need such an ethereal and beautiful world now. There has been some distance between her and I recently.

Two years into our marriage and we are not spending as much time together as we used to. Our relationship seems more routine than it is passionate and exciting. The magic has dissipated, replaced by complacency and indifference. Even sex, now once a week or less, seems more mechanical than passionate. We reached a plateau in our relationship and need something, a spark perhaps, to take it to a new level.

Jennifer, a slim brunette with beautiful blue eyes, a face like Elizabeth Hurley, a small, five foot four inch, narrow and girlish frame, and average sized yet ample breasts, is attractive at 32 years old. What she may lack in the form of more pronounced curves, which is what I prefer, she makes up for with her fierce ambition and energy.

This ambition makes her at once an object to be both desired and feared. Desired because she is unreservedly passionate when given attention. Feared because her appetite for attention is insatiable and malleable. The knife cuts both ways.

Jennifer will do just about anything, even become another person, in order to obtain the attention she hungers for. One morning as Jennifer and I were looking out the window of our apartment in Arlington, she boiled with envy as an attractive blond walked by in a flashy, designer business outfit. The woman, then strutting through the gate of our apartment complex in high heels, caught my attention because of her attractive bubble shaped ass.

“I’d look like her if I had her clothes” Jennifer seethed.

My wandering eyes betrayed my own insatiable nature when it comes to women. Believing fervently that sex was something I should save for the woman I loved, despite testosterone telling me otherwise, I waited until I was 23 to cum inside a pussy. Yet there I was at 32 with my beguiling, alluring wife at my side, watching the swinging curvaceous ass of another woman walk out the gate.

Jennifer and I are both insatiable, each in our own way.

One of the best ways to mollify our cravings for attention, whatever the sources and substances that allowed us to feel this way, is through aggressive and energetic sex. A few months ago while Jennifer and I spent a long weekend attending a wedding and rehearsal in Atlanta, we barely closed the door of the hotel room before she, resplendent with jewelry, in a one piece thin blue dress that clings to the outline of her body, and with carefully sculpted dark brown hair that took half the morning to prepare, positioned herself on hands and knees on the bed. I eagerly lifted the dress high on her waist, shifted the hot-pink panties down her bare round thighs, and as the panties hung on one of her ankles, slid my bulging cock, dripping with pre-cum, into her wet pussy. Since we had sex a few times already this day, I held her white ass cheeks and waist for longer than usual, working up sweat that dripped from my brow onto the narrowest part of her bare back, before creaming her pulsing sopping pussy and holding it tight on my throbbing, cuming cock. We haven’t had such passionate, energetic sex in a while, and are desperately in need of it.

There have been plenty of opportunities for such sex since our Atlanta trip, yet nothing has triggered the kind of assertive sex that Jennifer and I crave. Instead, it all seems mechanical and passé. Our relationship is suffering because of this. We need something innovative and different that brings us to a new level and that is better and more satisfying than before.

It is like Jennifer and I are stuck looking out our apartment window at the attractive blond strutting by with her bubble ass and fancy clothes. Jennifer wants to be wanted, and I want the blond. Somehow, if we desire our relationship to continue, Jennifer and I both need to get what we want in some form or another.

Arriving at our cottage after two days of travel from Virginia, I am eager to spend some time alone with Jennifer in the surrounding peaceful and serene environment. Distant from the constant distractions and relentless noise of the city, it is easier to think, to understand circumstances, oneself and others, and come to terms with any problems. I hope that in such an environment Jennifer and I may reignite the flame of passion between us and thereby rebuild our relationship.

It is hard enough, however, just finding some time alone with Jennifer. Even though our cottage is on the edge of the wilderness, it seems someone else is always close by or threatening to make an appearance. Inside the cabin obtrusive relatives and thin bedroom walls conspire with prying neighbors outside, to diminish any time Jennifer and I might have alone together.

It becomes clear that if Jennifer and I are to find the peace and stillness we desire, we need to wander farther beyond the cabin and its accompanying neighbors and relatives. We are determined to walk to Georgian Bay the next morning. There we expect to find our serene, undisturbed and beautiful Eden. The only apparent threat to our plans and expected bliss is a seldom used dirt road along Georgian Bay. The road links a tiny village to a remote lighthouse. If Jennifer and I are not discovered by people driving by, we may yet be heard or seen by them as they tumble out of their vehicles, as they often do anywhere along the road, to enjoy the Bayshore. However, on weekdays there is less traffic on the road and tomorrow is Wednesday. Jennifer and I are determined to risk an intimate outdoor tryst.

Late in the afternoon, just after deciding upon our escape route to Georgian Bay, Jennifer and I encounter an intriguing couple as we, and they, walk by the cabins along Gillies Lake.

My eyes are instantly drawn to the woman with straight shoulder length raven hair, a white t-shirt and khaki trail shorts composed of a thin, quick-drying fabric. Her tight fitting t-shirt and shorts cling to her body so that the hourglass outline is clearly visible with nary a fold from neck to legs. The only apparent ridge is in the shape of a camel-toe between her legs. Her bare thighs are round and shapely along with her ass, which taper to a slender back and waist. It is just the way I prefer a woman’s body. I’m definitely an ass-man. Her succulent round large breasts dangle unrestrained by any bra, like ripe fruit. The circles and tips of her nipples are clearly visible in her tight shirt. Flower patterned cotton panties peek into the space of skin between her shorts and shirt. Her legs appear a little wider apart than with most women. One peculiar and endearing feature is her slightly upturned and narrow nose.

As I look into her emerald eyes she straightens her back, slightly thrusting her breasts forward as she does, and slyly smiles, as if encouraging me to look over her breasts and everything else.

I saw the same sly smile as I woke up in the Georgetown University Hospital after ligament surgery on my knee. Nude except for a loose fitting, thin and mostly open hospital gown, I opened my eyes to see the hot young and fit blond anesthesiologist deviously smiling at me. It was just her and I in a big room. One might think that the first thing a patient would do upon waking from surgery is check their body for the damage, yet I can’t forget this woman’s cunning, erotic smile. I did not want to look away. I couldn’t look away. Her look was so seductive and arousing. She seemed partially ashamed and yet fiercely proud of something, and I couldn’t help but think she had been looking at my goods while I was asl**p. It seemed like there was an erotic secret she was keeping that she dared not whisper in my ear. Had I been more sensible in mind and body, I would have asked her what the secret was.

Returning to the boreal forest of Ontario, there is a beautiful and sexy raven haired stranger before me with the same cunning and arousing smile as the Georgetown anesthesiologist. I vow to discover what she is smiling about and make her feelings known. Whatever the cost, I don’t want to fail to take advantage of such an arousing smile again.

The cost of discovering this strange woman’s secret could be significant. My roving eyes alone could cause Jennifer to explode into a jealous rage, as often happens.

Once, with Jennifer at my side in the Assateague Island National Seashore Visitor Center, I complimented an attractive blond, a park employee, who was answering our questions about the park. I merely said “I like your hair” and it triggered a hurricane in Jennifer. She waited to unleash her fury, at least, until we were outside the visitor center. Once there, safely beyond the hearing distance of the woman I complimented, Jennifer raucously prodded me to “go back inside and have sex with her!” Jennifer continued to dress me down as people streamed in and out of the visitor center giving me dirty looks.

“Never say that to a woman” Jennifer scolded me “unless you want to have sex with her!”

At the present time, however, Jennifer is captivated by the man with medium length dry brown hair, slight sideburns and blue eyes. Distracted by him, she either doesn’t notice or care that I’m eyeing his mate. Like myself he has muscular legs, yet his arms are more built up than my own. At about six feet two, he is three inches taller than I am. He is square jawed, clean-shaven, attractive, young and apparently well off. He wears lightweight black shorts and a fancy checker patterned short sleeve shirt. Jennifer is making the same solicitous motions with the man as his mate is with me.

As big as he is, he might be even more of a threat to me than Jennifer, if he should be the jealous type. Yet he likewise is looking Jennifer over, from head to toe, hungrily like a tiger sizing up a meal. Heedless of my stare, he watches her, looking over every inch of her body and pausing to seductively peer into her eyes.

I feel a strange mixture of relief, apprehension and lust. I am a uncomfortable with Jennifer and the strange man staring at each other so full of apparent desire, yet also relieved that I can stare at the woman in the same manner without fear of retribution from either of our mates. As with having sex out in the open, I’m a bit fearful that someone may interrupt at any moment, yet wildly aroused at the opportunity that is unfolding, perhaps because of the riskiness and newness of it all.

The couple, Tanya and Owen, just purchased a fancy new cabin nearby. They look clean, healthy, in-shape, kind and respectable. Their flashy jewelry and recent cottage purchase, betray a certain amount of wealth, stability and discriminating ability. They agree to meet us tonight at a campfire in front of our cabin.

The campfire on the shoreline of Gillies Lake, built with maple logs that I cut, split, hauled and stacked, crackles and glows beneath the stars. Since we are so far from bright city lights, there are innumerable sparkling stars, steadily moving satellites and occasional meteors in the atmosphere above. An arm of the Milky Way galaxy, with its accompanying dark matter, is clearly visible in a wide streak across the sky. It is August 11, near the peak of the Persied meteor shower, and there are many shooting stars. Jennifer sits next to Tanya on the windward side of the campfire, with Owen and I flanking them.

The night is warm by north country standards, the large fire produces steady heat and since it is so late in the summer, there are no mosquitoes, so we all can afford to dress lighter than we otherwise might. In the soft glow of the firelight I admire that Tanya’s thin cotton jogging pants and light sweatshirt seem like they are made to fit her individual form. I’m practically hypnotized by her tantalizing round thighs, robust breasts pressed against the sweatshirt, and the camel-toe mound between her widely spaced legs.

Tanya relishes and gives back the attention I lavish upon her. She returns smiles, looks into my eyes and laughs as I tell stories. As time passes, she rests her hands on my arms or legs any chance she gets. I am free to give and receive attention since Jennifer and Owen are distracted yet again with each other. Like a schoolgirl with a crush, Jennifer laughs at all Owen’s jokes and her eyes follow his movements. They flirt with each other at every opportunity. As the night goes by and Jennifer and Owen come close to one another while going back inside to get a drink or adjusting the logs in the fire, they slightly touch each other as Tanya and I are doing. We find out, to Jennifer’s apparent delight, that Owen is a massage ther****t.

With Tanya nearby, my wife’s evident attraction to Owen doesn’t occupy my thoughts much, nor does the attention that Tanya and I lavish upon each other much bother our spouses. All four of us each have something we desire and that occupies us. Everything is balanced for the moment. Conversations between the four of us flow easily and uninhibited. Alcohol assists the free-flowing talk, yet no one among us is drinking heavily.

Since she was a c***d, Tanya, like me, has been enthralled with this area, the Bruce Peninsula, with its translucent, refreshing waters, mysterious and serene forests, and inherent beauty and peacefulness. On one side of the Bruce Peninsula, which divides Lake Huron from Georgian Bay, there are natural and pristine sandy beaches that extend for many miles. The Georgian Bay side is rocky and wild. As with a lover, Tanya returns to the Bruce Peninsula at every opportunity.

Believing that beauty is better appreciated when it is shared, Tanya and I introduced our respective spouses to the splendor of the Bruce Peninsula. The introductions included, in each case, bringing our spouses to Bruce Peninsula National Park, where limestone cliffs meet Georgian Bay to form natural swimming pools and a mysterious grotto with turquoise light streaming into it from the water below.

In the national park there are moderate sized cliffs that I have been jumping into Georgian Bay from since I was a teenager. The feeling of launching into the air from a height far above the water, and falling for a few seconds, is exhilarating. Tanya loves to jump there too.

Jennifer, despite her usual boldness and eagerness to try something new and exciting, was strangely timid when faced, for the first time, with the prospect of jumping from 50 feet or so, into Georgian Bay. It is rare that Jennifer displays her vulnerable side, as she did when looking into Georgian Bay from above and considering whether or not to jump in. Such a display of helplessness in her, brings out the protective and nurturing side of myself. At such moments, I love her immensely, completely and infinitely, and I will do anything to keep her from harm.

Owen sympathizes with Jennifer and jokes that Tanya f***ed him to jump too.

“Can you believe what that crazy bitch wanted me to do?!” exclaims Owen while simultaneously smiling at his mate and exciting the other three of us to equal passion, for or against cliff jumping.

Tanya and I choose the same side and adamantly defend cliff jumping, while Jennifer and Owen attack it vehemently. All of our arguing is in a good natured way. It feels good to take Tanya’s side so passionately, and with all four of us arguing so ardently. We fervently emphasize our points and emotions by gesturing with our hands, looking deep into each other’s eyes and putting our hands on each other. I become entranced with Tanya’s heaving breasts, the opening and closing of her full, substantial lips, her energy and enthusiasm, her thighs in motion – rotating and spreading before me as if she is dancing, and especially the vivid, bobbing triangle shaped mound between her legs. I enjoy watching Jennifer moving and bouncing in much the same way, and with Owen amorously following her movements. It all feels like foreplay between us. The more passionately we argue, the more aroused we each become.

As the argument dies down, I reveal to Tanya and Owen that Jennifer and I are taking the trail to Georgian Bay tomorrow morning. Amazingly, they have not discovered the trail yet. We encourage them to try it. Tanya gives me another sly, seductive smile, which I relish.

Jennifer continues to argue about the cliff jumping, bringing up the scene from the movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” where Mila Kunis encourages Jason Segel to jump from a cliff into the water and he ends up hanging from a vine, dangling over the ledge, screaming like a girl and ultimately falling in unintentionally and helplessly. Recalling the scene, we all laugh.

Jennifer mentions that she likes Jason Segel, despite his belly.

“Yeah” Tanya chimes in “he is charming, attractive, manly and funny, much like Vince Vaughn. I can see why Jennifer Aniston liked Vince.”

They inquire of Owen and myself about actresses that we prefer. I mention Scarlett Johansson, as Scarlett has a curvy, enticing body with breasts and ass tapering to a slender back. I am thinking to myself that Scarlett’s body is a lot like Tanya’s, and hope Tanya is thinking the same thing too.

Owen mentions Hillary Swank and we all express surprise. He defends himself.

“She’s scrappy and spunky, and she has nice lips. Who wouldn’t want to throat fuck her!?”

We all laugh.

As the laughter lessens, I admit I haven’t tried “throat fucking” anyone.

“You never tried throat fucking?!” Owen asks in astonishment “You must, you simply must, it feels so unbelievably good, Tanya is amazing at it!”

Owen becomes conscious of getting ahead of himself and speaking before really thinking about what he is saying. He pauses because he isn’t sure if his audience is ready for what he has to say. He goes back to the subject of Hillary Swank.

“All I have to say is I’d love to see Hillary’s lips wrapped around my cock.”

“We know what you like Owen” Tanya says with a smile “let others say what they like.”

Finding all eyes on her, Tanya mentions how much she loves sex outdoors, and how natural, peaceful and stimulating it is there. A woman after my own heart, I think.

Pleased with the territory that we have ventured in, I echo what Tanya has to say about outdoor sex and add that I like a natural muff “slightly maintained and trimmed, and a balance between what is given to a woman naturally and what she can improve a bit. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?”

“I like a large cock!”Jennifer chimes in, chastising and slightly embarrassing me for being so wordy.

Owen looks into her eyes and asks “how about more than one?!”

Now it is Jennifer’s turn to be embarrassed. She doesn’t answer Owen. She looks at me with her vulnerable eyes.

With the cat now out of the bag, Owen continues impulsively and excitedly.

“Tanya and I just tried it out. We started a few months ago. It’s amazing. You have to try it. You haven’t?! It’s liberating and exhilarating. It brought our relationship to a new level. We haven’t had better sex. The great thing is that the sex keeps getting better the more we do it.”

Tanya nods and smiles as Owen talks. Jennifer and I look at each other with slightly raised eyebrows.

Owen resumes his plea.

“Having sex with other couples helped Tanya and I become closer. It goes back to a primal human need to experience variety, multiple partners and the immense amount of stimulus that can’t be provided by just one person. We’re wired to have multiple partners, men and women. Women need multiple partners because a single man doesn’t often last as long as she does. Her orgasms can and should continue once she is aroused to have them. The sex is fantastic! Men need other partners because, well you know.”

Owen continues unabashedly in this mode until Tanya interrupts him.

“Don’t shove it down their throats Owen, let them talk it over amongst themselves.”

Yet she adds “The sex IS amazing, and you’d like it.” She looks at both Jennifer and I for emphasis.

The fire crackles, loons call to each other from the distance, and a meteor shoots through the sky in the ensuing silence.

“Make a wish” says Tanya, sweetly.

I close my eyes and envision her sweat pants and panties crumpled at her ankles, her bare round ass-cheeks and wet pussy pumping on my erect cock,.. and even a second shaft for Jennifer.

We are all smiles as Owen and Tanya leave for their cabin. Jennifer locks her eyes on Owen as mine zero in on Tanya’s swaying, round ass in the moonlight.

I want Jennifer and I to go with them, yet believe it is prudent to discuss things alone with my spouse first, especially considering Jennifer’s temper. I wonder if Jennifer is going to stomp my guts out, as she has done so often in the past and like she did at the Assateague Visitor Center, for merely flirting with another woman. Maybe she is just waiting for Tanya and Owen to be out of hearing distance before she sinks her fangs into my neck?

I take a cautious look at Jennifer. She doesn’t look angry, rather she looks pleased, so I venture to ask “would you like being with them Jen?!”

She turns to me, puts her hands on her sides as if she has something stirring to say, smiles and says “let’s do it!”

“You wouldn’t mind him touching you, and (pause) Owen having his cock in your mouth and pussy?!”

“Would you?!”

I think of Jennifer with another man, with Owen, and her taking cock in various ways, and I am strangely aroused. I never thought I would be. Is it because of this particular night that the four of us spent together, the mood I’m in, the openness we enjoyed, the lack of sex I’ve had recently, the particular personalities involved, or everything put together? This and other questions swirl in my mind. Should I be jealous? Should I be more protective of Jennifer? Is that what she wants?

“I’m kind of turned on by it.”


“Yes” I seek to reassure her at the risk of going overboard, because I desire it so much myself “I want to see you with him, I want you to be with him, I’d love to see you taking his cock in various ways, watch him cum in your pussy or cum on you if he feels like it. It makes me want you more. I think it will enliven our relationship. I think he has a gigantic cock and I want to see you on it!”

“Really?” she asks, thrilled.

“Yes, please, let’s do it!”

I’m shocked at what we’re saying. Is this a wild dream?!

“What about Tanya? Do you mind if I fuck Tanya?!”

“Not if I get Owen’s cock!”

Now it is Jennifer’s turn to reassure me that this is truly what she wants.

“I want to see you with your face in Tanya’s wet pussy, her lips wrapped around your cock, you cuming inside her pussy. I think it is hot. I want you to fuck her! I want us to fuck together.”

“Honey, just to hear you talk that way is so erotic. This is just the spark we need Jennifer!”

We kiss beneath the starlit sky, with a whip-por-whil calling in the distance, and the flames of the campfire flickering in the darkness like our rising spirits.

“We’re going to have a big day tomorrow! Oh, we should have agreed to be with them this night! I wonder when they will get up? Let’s go for a hike to Georgian Bay in the morning, get out and about, then go see them!”

The sight of Georgian Bay, now sparkling in the morning sunlight, causes me to feel like I am a world away from cares and concerns that once weighed heavy upon us. Jennifer is wandering along the shoreline picking up pebbles, looking out across the sparkling water. I’m enthralled with her bare, round, athletic thighs and watch her moving along the shore. My cock rises as I think of spending the day with her and Tanya.

We are near the seldom used dirt road. I’m not sure if Jennifer is in the mood for sex now or if she wants to risk getting caught in the act by someone passing by, yet I’m certainly in the mood.

Jennifer notices I’m watching her movements, smiles and moves closer. She straightens her 5 foot 4 inch frame and nervously brushes her medium length brown hair. She is wearing a cotton t-shirt with no bra and black shorts. The outline of her round breasts is visible in her shirt. I watch her bare thighs from different angles and ache to slide my cock between them, into her wet pussy.

Jennifer notices the bulge in my shorts. With no words, she leads me by the hand a little ways into the water, loosens my shorts and tosses them on shore. Revealing my animated cock in the sunlight, Jennifer crouches, throttles my rigid shaft with her lips, and slides me in her mouth. Repeatedly she thrusts my cock into her mouth, from my purple head and down the shaft, both now drenched with a mixture of saliva and pre-cum. Her lips are near my ballsack as my cock slides deep in her throat.

I moan repeatedly with pleasure as I feel her soft lips and throat wrapped around my most sensitive organ, listen to the slurping sounds she is making, and see my shaft disappearing and reappearing from her mouth. “Oh, suck my cock” I urge her on “suck my cock Jennifer!” In the silence and stillness I hear my wife sucking, sighing and slurping, and watch her lips move up and down on my wet shaft as it throbs with pleasure at her touch.

Standing, she strokes me with one hand before eagerly removing her shorts. In her tight pink panties I see the outline of her muff, which wildly arouses me. As she removes her shirt, her round, perky breasts and nipples greet the sunlight. The pink panties move down her round, bare thighs, are tossed on shore and her triangle shaped muff emerges.

With her pale body and the bright creamy colored limestone rocks as a backdrop, the dark muff stands out from her body and the surrounding landscape.

She smiles, bends slightly and slides my wet cock into her mouth again, working it with her tongue and lips, and alternately stroking me with her hand. I moan with pleasure, focusing on her lips wrapped around my shaft and the muff bobbing in the middle of spread legs.

At any moment someone may drive by on the road and see us, yet the slight risk is energizing and exciting. In any case, we should be able to hear a vehicle coming from a good distance away and be able to move out of sight if needed.

I moan with delight as Jennifer repeatedly sucks and strokes me, wrapping her beautiful Welsh and sprite-like face and lips around my purple head below, and sucking the wet shaft up to my balls. As gentle waves lap against our bare thighs, I plead for her pussy. We haven’t had sex in more than a week and my cock is aching to be in her. She eagerly sucks my cock as our spirits rise for the energetic outdoor sex that is to come.

Jennifer turns to the shore and wild forest, in the same direction I’m facing. With the sun at our backs, I run my fingers through her hair, massage her shoulders and arms, gently kiss her lips while leaning over her right shoulder, hold her in my arms and reach around to her muff with my hands. I massage the outside of her pussy and move my wet cock along her sensitive inner thighs as I do.

With our feet in the refreshingly cool water and upon a smooth white limestone ridge, she tilts her head back and moans as I massage her increasingly soaked pussy and clit.

I ask if she is ready for me and she bends slightly so her pussy is the same level as my cock. I feel her sun-warmed thighs with my hands and with my most sensitive body member, look into her indigo eyes and feel her white ass. Putting a hand between her legs, she slides my hard, wet cock to the lips of her sopping pussy. we moan together with delight as the purple head of my cock glides into her pussy, followed by the shaft, up to my balls.

Standing on smooth limestone with our feet immersed in Georgian Bay and our bare skin absorbing the sunlight, I glide my thick wet cock repeatedly between her wet pussy lips. The sound of the gentle lapping waves resembles that of my thighs slapping the back of her ass-cheeks, as my large wet cock repeatedly merges with her wet pussy. Increasingly the slapping and moaning gets louder, and the tempo quickens.

I clench her waist and one of her bright white ass cheeks as we fuck, to better direct the thrusts of my cock in her wet pussy. She stands slightly higher on a rock below and lifts her ass in the air, adjusting it so my pumping shaft is the same level as her soft, wet pussy. Our pre-cum lightly runs down her thighs into the clean, clear water of Georgian Bay.

As we begin energetically fucking together, I hold both of her ass cheeks to stop her body as it moves forward with my thrusting, keeping her ass at the point where the head of my cock almost emerges from her wet pussy lips. Jennifer’s entire muff, along with my merging balls and shaft, are soaked with our combined pre-cum. With jiggling breasts and her mouth open wide, I furiously glide my cock in her pussy.

“fuck me, fuck my pussy!”

Her pussy, famished after so long without sex, begins to throb with my cock.

“Cum for me Jen, cum on my cock!”

In the sunlight and translucent water I clench Jennifer’s ass and keep her throbbing pussy merged with my cuming cock. After going so long without sex, my shaft throbs and spurts with waves of cum in Jennifer’s silky soft pussy. I feel her pussy pulse on my cock as her body slightly goes limp and trembles.

Our combined cum, building from more than a week without sex, flows from her creamed pussy. We are as one with the waves, sunlight and forest.

In the crystal clear water of Georgian Bay we wash our nude bodies and kiss. I run my fingers through her tawny hair and tell her that she is beautiful. I feel and admire her thighs, round ass, breasts and muff.

After being so long out of the sun, my ass looks whiter than the smooth, bright rocks along Georgian Bay and we both laugh at this. Relaxed from the refreshing swim and sex, we sit together on the smooth, bright sun-warmed limestone, which feels wonderful on our bare skin.

We both spread our legs, enjoying the sensation of sunlight on body parts that rarely see it.

I confess to Jennifer that this is some of the best sex that we’ve shared together.

“Better than throat fucking Tanya?” Jennifer inquires.

“Just about” I respond, laughing.

“You know, I’ll swallow your cum if you’d like.”

My cock rises as she speaks these words. Jennifer notices, smiles, inches closer, kisses me and strokes my hardening cock. She continues stroking until it is fully erect.

“You want to throat fuck me don’t you?!” she teases me while continuing to play with my fully hardened cock.

“I do, oh yes!”

She spits on her hands, rubs the saliva over my fully erect baton, leans forward, throttles me with her lips and runs them down most of my length. As she grips and strokes just above my sack, she works my head and upper shaft with her lips.

She pauses and I stand and straddle her with my erection close to her pretty face. I run a hand through her hair and gently hold her chin up with the other. She looks up at me with deep blue eyes, smiles and opens her mouth wide. I brace the back of her head, she strokes me and gently directs my purple helmet in her gaping mouth.

Jennifer wraps her lips around my wet shaft as I slowly glide it between her ruby lips and deeper into her mouth. I move much of my length back and forth between her soft lips before gently yet firmly holding her head and leisurely sliding my entire length to the back of her soft throat. I moan with pleasure as her lips almost reach my balls. At first she struggles a little to maintain her composure, yet soon gets the hang of it and takes my shaft deep in her throat. Sometimes she holds her lips near my ballsack until gulping for air. As she does, pre-cum strings from my purple head to her lips.

Energetically throat fucking my wife for the first time, with my hands on the sides of her head, her lips wrapped around my thrusting wet shaft, her bare breasts jiggling in motion with my repeated thrusts, her legs spread wide and dark muff tantalizingly bobbing between them, it is a while before we realize someone is watching us.

Alert for the sound of approaching machinery, we missed the sound of footsteps.

“Whoa!” I say, as my cock pops out of Jennifer’s mouth. She attempts to cover her muff with a hand as I attempt to do the same with my cock.

Tanya and Owen are almost as shocked as we are.

Owen breaks the silence first.

“I told you throat fucking felt good. You two didn’t waste any time about it did you?!”

We all relax a little.

After a moment of awkward silence Owen, sensing another opportunity, makes an inquiry.

“Did you give any thought to what we talked about last night?”

“We liked it, we liked it a lot, we like you both a lot” I stammer, still a bit shocked at their appearance.

Perhaps our bodies were communicating better than my mouth, for we were all, quite involuntarily, coming closer together.

As Owen looks up and down over Jennifer’s small, naked frame, cute face, bright indigo eyes, athletic thighs, ample breasts and dark triangle shaped muff, a big bulge appears in his shorts.

Jennifer, staring at the humongous bulge growing in Owen’s shorts, licks her lips.

Tanya, in khaki hiking shorts and t-shirt, smiles in the sunlight as she peers at my hardened shaft, only recently removed from Jennifer’s mouth. I’m mesmerized by Tanya’s enormous round breasts as they, due to her excitement, heave up and down beneath a thin layer of cloth.

The four of us amorously look over each other’s bodies, pondering what to do next.

It is Owen again who speaks first.

“You know” he tells me “it is much nicer for her, as she’s sucking your cock, to have someone paying attention to her. She’ll do a much better job with your cock when she’s properly motivated and prepared. Why don’t you both lie down and I’ll show you what I mean.”

Jennifer and I look at each other and smile. Owen glances at Tanya, who nods in approval.

Complying with Owen’s request, I choose a flat, smooth and slightly sloped stone near to Jennifer, and lay on my back with my erect cock facing my nude wife. Tanya and Owen, still clothed, move next to us.

As Owen approaches, Jennifer turns her head and follows him with her eyes. Owen positions himself behind my wife’s nude form. He kneels so he is almost touching Jennifer, looks into her eyes for a moment, runs one hand through her hair, and begins to massage her shoulders. Soon he is conjuring his masseuse magic and Jennifer begins to purr at his touch. She relaxes, closes her eyes, leans back and sighs. She spreads her legs so her dark muff is fully exposed in the sunlight, purring all the while.

Tanya, taking a seat on a rock beside myself and Jennifer - so close that the three of us are almost touching, fixes her eyes on my hard cock and smiles. As she returns her gaze to my face, I lean forward and gently touch her upper arm. Our eyes lock and she continues smiling, letting me know it is alright to continue. I massage her bare arms and shoulders, watching her luscious breasts rise and fall with each breath. As we kiss I reach my hands underneath Tanya’s shirt and work her bare back, massaging as I go.

My wife, nude before me with a strange man rubbing her bare back, continues to purr. Contrary to what a husband might be expected to think, the sight is extremely arousing. I do not feel jealousy because; A) I am sharing the experience with Jennifer, B) She is turned on and I like watching her when she is, C) I get to see her experiencing pleasure from different angles than if we were alone together, and D) the stranger’s buxom, big breasted, raven haired wife is alternately kissing me and hungrily eying my erect cock.

Tanya’s large round breasts come into view as I take off her shirt. I continue to massage her back as she softly moans in delight. My massaging hands move to her lower legs and curvy thighs. I kiss the outside, then the inside of her thighs and unzip her shorts, revealing pink cotton panties with daisies imprinted on them and a slightly damp and dark mound. Tanya shifts her shorts down and takes off her panties to reveal a beautiful dark, triangle shaped muff. I slide one hand over her pussy, gently massaging the outside.

Jennifer’s nipples grow hard and erect as Owen works his way from her shoulders down her bare back. His muscular arms ease the muscles in the small of her back. Jennifer spreads her legs wide as Owen kisses her neck and massages her thighs and ass cheeks. As their lips lock, Owen moves his hands near Jennifer’s pussy, slowly working her groin muscles until he cups one hand over her pussy and strokes the outside of her hood between his fingers.

With my erect cock before them, I intently watch my wife’s wet pussy as it is stroked. Jennifer leans back and reaches for Owen yet, since her back is to him, she is not in a position to do anything for him. Instead she leans forward, looks up at me, holds my cock and strokes it. She begins sucking it hungrily, greedily and vivaciously.

Tanya leans forward and runs a hand through Jennifer’s hair. I stroke Tanya’s wet pussy.

Owen watches the back of Jennifer’s head bob up and down on my shaft. As Jennifer leans forward on her knees, sucking and stroking me, Owen holds her bright white ass cheeks with both hands and admires her pussy. He takes off his shirt, loosens his shorts and pulls them down along with red silk briefs which are moist with pre-cum, to reveal a massive, thick, erect cock. Jennifer, while holding my wet shaft in one hand, turns her head to watch as Owen reveals his erection. She appears very pleased as she returns to sucking me.

I turn and bury my face in Tanya’s pussy. She spreads her legs, leans back and moans.

Owen alternately strokes his thick, long cock, bringing it up to full length, and massages Jennifer’s pussy. As my wife’s head bobs on my cock and it disappears and reappears in her mouth, her ass and thighs brush Owen’s cock.

“Are you ready for me, honey?!” he asks graciously.

“Yes!” answers Jennifer.

With Jen’s hand guiding his massive wet shaft between the lips of her pussy, Owen squeezes her ass cheeks as he enters her and moans.

“Oooaaah, oh!”

Jennifer rocks back and forth with the repeated thrusting and reversing of Owen’s massive cock inside her. Jennifer alternately sucks my cock and lifts up her head, with mouth open wide, and moans loudly. She braces herself on my body as Owen’s thrusts propel her forward. The sound of their thighs slapping together and the scent of their pre-cum in the air, drives all of us wild with lust.

As I eat her pussy, Tanya leans forward and helps stroke and position my shaft in Jennifer’s mouth.

Owen goads Jennifer to suck my cock and offers her a reward in the form of his fat, wet cock sliding into her pussy. Jennifer sucks my cock with much vigor, energized by the pumping wet cock behind her. The more Owen works my wife’s pussy, the better she services me. At the campfire last night he predicted this would happen. If I didn’t just have sex a short while ago, I would have cum all over Jennifer’s face by now.

Tanya and I pause as we see, feel and hear Jennifer on the brink of cuming. Both Tanya and I hold her and run our hands through her hair as she slides and pumps wildly on Owen’s massive cock, her bare ass repetitively slapping against his upper thighs. He holds both her ass cheeks and slides his shaft deeply and rhythmically into her pussy. Jennifer’s breasts rock back and forth as Owen’s colossal cock unrelentingly slides into her wet, soft pussy.

The sight and sound of Jennifer’s pussy being fucked, drives me wild with pleasure.

In the wilderness and unrestrained by societal constraints that often frown upon a woman having a loud orgasm, Jennifer shouts to her heart’s content as she takes Owen’s cock.

With her mouth wide open, her ass cheeks flattened on Owen’s groin and chest, his muscular arms pressing her cunt on his cock, and Tanya and I petting and holding her, Jennifer trembles, shouts and clenches Owen’s wet cock with her pussy, cuming in spasms of pleasure.

Owen, on the verge of releasing his sperm in my wife’s pussy, keeps his immense shaft in Jennifer’s muff, but doesn’t cum. He wants to cum on her.

Tanya brushes back her raven hair and thrusts my cock, from the purple sensitive head down nearly to the sack, in her mouth. She gurgles with my cock deep in her throat, and her cheeks bulge with the outline of my cock as she works it in her mouth. Sometimes she pauses and with pre-cum stringing from her lips to the tip of my cock, she strokes me with her hands. I moan with pleasure. As she strokes and sucks me in the sunlight I watch her jostling breasts and her enticing bare muff between her slightly spread legs.

Jennifer, meanwhile, holds Owen’s shaft with one hand, just above his balls, and tenderly sucks on his sensitive purple head. She slowly makes her way down his length, lubricating with a mixture of his pre-cum and her saliva as she goes. When not sucking him, she strokes him. He moans with pleasure.

Resting her bare ass on a flat boulder that is level with my waist, Tanya spreads her legs as I move in between them. Her stiff, round breasts heave up and down in excitement and anticipation as I massage her thighs, suck and fondle her nipples, and work my way to her groin with my lips and tongue.

With Tanya’s muff just inches away from my tongue, I listen to the slurping sound of my wife sucking another man’s cock a few feet beyond.

Jennifer is on her knees, alternately putting Owen’s cock in her mouth and stroking it. He slides his length as far as possible into her soft mouth, and she gurgles slightly as he reaches her throat. She works his cock, which is trembling with pleasure, with lips and tongue and strokes it until it is throbbing and about to cum. She pauses and lets the passion subside a little before again bringing his gigantic cock, drenched with pre-cum and saliva, right to the brink of cuming. With his balls on the verge of spewing their load of pearly cum all over my wife’s pretty face, Owen refuses to let her turn away again. He firmly holds Jennifer’s chin with one hand and with the other furiously strokes himself. His purple, cream-coated, trembling shaft hovers near Jennifer’s lips and flops on them as he jerks off.

My wife doesn’t resist. She waits patiently with her ruby lips and open mouth tantalizingly close to the flailing, wet shaft Owen is wildly stroking. He moans loudly and irrepressibly, about to splurge pearly cum on Jennifer’s face. Upon determinedly gripping and squeezing his colossal cock, it throbs, spews and repeatedly sends streamers of white cum all over Jennifer’s pretty face, upon her neck and bare breasts, and into her hair and waiting mouth.

Before the white spew subsides completely and while his cock is still convulsing in undulations of pleasure, my wife tenderly swallows the top of his still-trembling shaft. Owen shouts with unrestrained pleasure and energy.

A stranger’s cum dribbles down my wife’s face, neck and breasts, and drips from her lips as she works, with hands and mouth, his gigantic, quivering, purple cock. I am wild with lust and pleasure upon seeing my wife’s attractive face frosted with another man’s cum and her lips with a massive, trembling and creamy cock inside them.

Tanya too is aroused by watching a strange and beautiful woman working her husband’s cock with her pussy and head, and watching him spew his cum upon and into her bare body. Tanya gently pushes my head towards her muff and squirms in anticipation of pleasurable contact. My tongue lashes into her wet pussy and I taste her.

As I work Tanya’s wet hood and clit with my fingers and lapping tongue, Jennifer and Owen move to our side to coax and assist us in the upcoming action, as Tanya and I assisted them. Their groins are drenched in, and redolent of, combined cum. Jennifer runs a hand through Tanya’s dark hair and with the other helps prop up one of her round, bare thighs. Owen firmly clasps one of Tanya’s ankles, holding her leg up, and massages her substantial round breasts. This seems to be one of her erogenous zones. With all three of us massaging, kissing, petting, holding and coaxing her, Tanya moans and purrs. I continue to stir her pussy with tongue and fingers as my hefty, fully erect cock throbs in anticipation of entering her.

Tanya pleads for me to come into her. Rising with my lips swathed in her juice, she guides my eager cock into her snatch. As I grab an ass cheek and thigh, and slide my shaft into her wet, silky pussy, we both moan. My length repeatedly disappears between the wet lips of her pussy, then emerges again up to its purple head. My balls jiggle as they slide back and forth before her soaking muff.

With a hand on one of Tanya’s ass cheeks and the other on her waist so that I can better direct my cock into her, I rhythmically slide my cock in Tanya’s wet pussy. Her large breasts move as I fuck her, she impulsively moans and shouts in pleasure, and my moist shaft vanishes up to my balls in her snatch. Our combined pre-cum drenches cock, balls and muff, and drips down Tanya’s inner thighs.

“Fuck me, oh yes, fuck my pussy!”

With each thrust of my cock in her muff, Tanya’s substantial breasts jostle and jiggle.

Jennifer and Owen enviously watch my creamy cock pumping and gliding in Tanya’s wet muff. As much as I enjoyed watching Owen slide and plunge his gigantic cock in my wife’s pussy, and spew cum on her face, it is even more satisfying to fuck another man’s wife in front of him AND my wife. Further, they are encouraging and assisting us as we grind, sweat, moan and, in Tanya’s case, shout.

“Fuck me, oh fuck me!”

The more Jennifer and Owen massage, encourage and pet Tanya, the wetter she becomes. Owen props one of Tanya’s legs up, massages her firm breasts and nipples, and slowly moves his hardening cock to her mouth. Tanya gingerly sucks him when convenient, as she receives an additional cock in her wet snatch. Jennifer supports Tanya’s other leg and slowly moves her fingers to Tanya’s engorged mound.

We all work in tandem with each other. When Tanya pauses, I pause too. Tanya then sucks Owen’s cock and lets Jennifer rub her clit. Until Tanya is ready for my cock again, I lightly kiss her open thighs or massage the outside of her pussy. I’m rewarded with a wetter pussy, and louder and more delighted moans and sighs. I do my best to not cum until she is ready.

Tanya flexes the tendons in her thighs as my cock slides in and out of her wet muff. Pre-cum dribbles from her pussy and glistens in the sunlight. There is a rhythmic slapping sound as Tanya’s round white ass cheeks meet my muscular thighs. Before my face are Tanya’s jostling breasts and my pulsing, fat cock is immersed in her sodden muff.

“Oh yes, oooohhhhh yes, fuck my pussy!”

I feel her whole body rise and begin to tremble. In bursts of cum my cock throbs in Tanya’s silky, pulsing pussy. Tanya’s pussy and my cock pulsate together. I hold her ass-cheeks tight and press her cuming pussy on my cuming cock. Drenched pussy and cock combine together with mingled cum.

“Yeah, ooooahhhh” I moan “what a pussy!”

I press Tanya’s pulsing, creamed muff on my wet shaft by holding her perfect round bubble-ass as she squirms in pleasure. My entire cock and balls are soaked in our mingled cum.

Flanked by my quick to anger spouse on one side and Tanya’s muscular husband on the other, I just spewed a load of cum in her muff. I run my hands over her curved breasts, thighs and stomach, and she runs her hands through my hair. Owen and Jennifer massage her arms and thighs.

“I thought you’d like it” Owen remarks with a smile.

Jennifer and Owen are first into Georgian Bay. Tanya and I release our embrace and join them. It is mid-August and the clear, clean water of the Bay is as warm as it gets.

The Bay is calm, though mild, successive waves still faintly lap against the limestone shoreline. In places the waves smack upon firm stone, reminding me of thighs slapping upon ass-cheeks.

There are only a few tiny communities in the Bruce Peninsula. Because we are surrounded by wilderness, for the most part, and Georgian Bay is broad, chilled and deep, the water is fresh, unpolluted and free of plants and their debris. Underwater in Georgian Bay, with its translucent water, I can see for quite a distance.

I watch Tanya and Jennifer under the surface of the Bay. Their nude bodies are slightly blurry and seem weightless as they swim. I admire their dark muffs in the water and the way their legs spread as they kick. Their pussies drift in the water like clouds in the sky.

Above water Tanya and Jennifer smile and splash like colorful songbirds taking a bath. When their breasts and muffs become visible above the water, my cock bulges and grows.

I tell Jennifer that I really enjoyed watching her sucking and receiving cock, furiously fucking from different angles, and experiencing such pleasure while enthralled with another man. She laughs and tells me that she enjoyed receiving it.

Tanya and Owen smile and have a similar discussion nearby.

Tanya stands on a rock with her bush and round thighs out of the water. Fixing her hair, she puts her arms behind her head and, as she does so, her huge breasts rise and jiggle. She looks at me and smiles as I am aroused.

As the four of us emerge from the Bay, I am mesmerized by Tanya’s white bubble ass swaying with the steps she takes. She, turning to notice my fully erect cock, approaches me, crouches down, smiles and begins sucking and stroking me.

As I moan with pleasure, Jennifer and Owen come over. Jennifer crouches beside Tanya and waits for her turn. Once Tanya pauses, Jennifer swallows and fondles my cock in her place. I moan with ecstasy and urge them on. They take turns caressing me, slurping as my cock slides between their lips. Pre-cum strings from their lips as they trade my cock back and forth between them. They begin to improvise. Tanya strokes my cock while positioning the purple sensitive cap in Jennifer’s mouth.

Owen, waiting patiently, strokes himself to an erection nearby. Jennifer turns to suck him, then gently pushes him back so that he lies with his back on a smooth boulder.

Tanya motions for me to lie down. When I do, she crawls on top of me. I grab her waist with my hands as she, smiling, positions my cock in her pussy lips. She hovers there with just the wet, purple head of my cock past the lips of her pussy. She is warm, soft and wet. She opens her thighs wide and cowgirls me. I moan in ecstasy.

Jennifer is on all fours on top of Owen. His moist cock repeatedly disappears in her mouth up to his balls. As she jerks and slurps, ribbons of shiny pre-cum string from her lips to his pulsing cock. He eagerly eats her muff and she, with his shaft in her mouth, purrs with pleasure.

Tanya slides her pussy on my cock. Her round breasts flop around as her dark cunt repeatedly smothers my shaft. Admiring the strong tendons in the round upper thighs, legs spread wide with dark muff in between, and the lips wrapped and moving on my shaft, and listening to Tanya and Jennifer moaning, drives me wild with lust.

Tanya turns to a reverse cowgirl and guides my purple cock, wet with our combined pre-cum, back into her muff. Her round, bright white ass-cheeks and wet pussy lips furiously pump on my shaft. I spank her ass, making her ass-cheeks momentarily pink. This increases their movement and heightens the intensity and velocity of her moaning.

“Move your pussy on my cock (spank), work that pussy!”

My wife, held in the air by Owen’s muscular arms, faces him with her legs wrapped around him. Her white ass moves up and down on his gigantic, thick, pulsing cock. He clutches her upper thighs as he fucks her. Practically beneath them, Tanya and I hear and see Owen’s cock sliding into Jennifer’s pussy. Her ass cheeks wildly glide up and down on his thrusting wet shaft, which repeatedly vanishes into her pussy and reappears again.

Owen’s wife slides up and down on me as I clench a thigh and ass cheek, better directing our thrusts yet careful not to interfere with the rhythm. I am aroused with the sight of her bubble ass working up and down like a pump on my cock, legs spread wide, round thighs and creamy cock-filled cunt between. I clench her narrow waist, pleased in feeling the warm, wet pussy upon me. Our shiny, slippery pre-cum mixes together, drenching my smothered cock below.

The view from beneath Jennifer and Owen, with his cock repeatedly submerging into her pussy and reappearing again, is different, fascinating and extremely arousing. A man doesn’t often get to see his wife’s pussy being driven by a cock from such an angle, nor, for that matter, by the cock of a stranger.

With Jennifer being held in the air, it is like I am watching her muff floating in the water again, only this time that muff is filled by another man’s titanic purple pumping cock.

Tanya and I pause to watch Jennifer and Owen who are furiously fucking nearby. They look and sound like they are close to climaxing. Tanya leans back and I stroke her clit and look over her shoulder at her rising and falling firm breasts with nipples turned skyward in the sunlight. My shaft is rooted in her pussy and drenched, along with my balls, with our mixed cum. In this manner, we watch our spouses at their peak.

Jennifer’s small frame fits easily in Owen’s muscular arms. He grips her upper thighs as she maintains a loose grasp on his shoulders. He directs her, with spread legs, on his cock like a doll.

“yeah” moans Jennifer with each thrust of Owen’s gigantic wet cock “yeah, yeah, yeah!”

Using Jennifer’s thighs, Owen presses my wife’s pussy hard on his wet shaft which trembles in convulsive pleasure. Undulations of delight radiate out from the fusion of cock and pussy. The lower shaft and balls of his massive and thick purple cock vibrate along with Jennifer’s pussy. Cum drips down her round thighs and ass cheeks.

“Yeah, cum in my pussy, yeah, yeah, cum, yeah, yeah, yeah!”

Owen holds her tight on his spurting cock as Jennifer squirms, her pussy quivering at the height of pleasure and arousal. Their joyful cries reverberate off the nearby cliff.

Owen cums in bursts in Jennifer’s soft, wet, trembling pussy. Her body wriggles, yet her pussy is pressed on his massive cuming cock. His balls quiver as they release their load. Jennifer squirms in ecstasy, cums in waves, her mouth wide open, her wet white ass-cheeks vibrating in his hands, her whole body trembling, and cum dripping from her pulsing, wet pussy.

Extremely aroused at the sight and sound of our spouses sharing an orgasm, Tanya and I are anxious to get going again. At a slight touch to her bare back, Tanya moves forward so she is on all fours. I firmly grip her round ass-cheeks below her tapered waist and slide my full length repeatedly and furiously in her wet muff, doggie style. There is nothing more sexually charging on a woman than her heart shaped ass narrowing to a slender waist, and my cock plunges into the wetness beneath this most pleasing sight.

Tanya energetically moves her sopping muff on my shaft with a bright sheen of pre-cum glistening in the sunlight upon it. I grip her ass cheeks, occasionally releasing a hand to spank her. As the repeated thrusts of my cock shift her forward, Tanya braces herself on a boulder.

There is little danger of pre-ejaculation now. Having cum twice in a short period of time, my stamina increases as I work to cum a third time. I can last with Tanya’s pussy the way I persisted with Jennifer’s in the Atlanta hotel room. As I furiously fuck her, Tanya’s muff just gets wetter.

“Cum with my cock Tanya (spank), cum with me!”

“Fuck me, fuck me, oh, fuck me!”

As her pussy begins to throb, I hold my cock in her muff and press her round white ass firmly upon me. I feel her pussy pulse on my cock and her ass cheeks and legs tremble. She squirms in pleasure as I hold her close and spurt cum in her soft, wet, silky pussy.

There is no word for husband or wife among us now, only friend.

As Owen and I share some water, just as we shared the pussies of our mates, Jennifer and I plan a future visit to our new friends in Toronto. We will play our fantasies out. For one, Tanya will star as the sly and naughty anesthesiologist I encountered in Georgetown, and Owen and Jennifer will act as intruding doctors, discovering us in the midst of having our way with each other, and ultimately joining in.

Jennifer and I surely moved a step closer in our pursuit of mutual happiness and bliss.

All four of us listen to the mysterious and eerie calls of loons in the distance and feel the warm sunlight, soothing breeze and glacier smoothened limestone on our bare, cum-drenched bodies.
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First Time With My Cousin

MF oral inc cousin
Summary: Well, his dad had just fucked me for the first time a couple of days before so why not the son? The only potential complication was that the dad was my uncle and his son was my cousin!
Table of Contents:
Chapter 1 i****t in My f****y
Chapter 2 Seeking My Mom?s Advice
Chapter 3 My Mom?s Puts Our Plan Into Action
Chapter 4 Sucking My Cousin?s Dick
Chapter 5 Paul Eats My Pussy
Chapter 6 Paul Finally Fucks Me
Chapter 7 My Mom Surprises Paul
Chapter 8 Paul Fucks Me Again
I am a twenty year-old college junior studying to be a teacher. After losing my virginity at the age of f******n, I have spent the next six years engaged in what could be euphemistically phrased a "sexually active" lifestyle. During that period I've had over thirty different partners which to me is really not that many when you consider it averages to only five per year. For the first couple of years I only had sex with boys although I have always masturbated a lot with my girlfriends and especially my cousin. My first true sexual experience with a girl was actually with my mother. I was sixteen at the time and about a week earlier I had sex with my dad for the first time so it was only natural to extend that relationship to my mother. While she and her s****r had a similar relationship with their father, it never included her mother which was something she always regretted. My mom's s****r, Aunt Linda. I got together shortly afterwards and for the next two years they were the only females I had sex with until I started college. Brenda, my freshman roomie, turned out to be bisexual and for the first time I had sex with a girl outside my f****y. She was a lifesaver for me and to this day remains one of my closest and most intimate friends. Unbeknownst to me my cousin Kristi, daughter of my aunt that I was having sex with for the past couple of years, started fucking my dad while I was away for college. It wasn't until I had returned home for summer break that I found out and on a July Fourth weekend we were finally all together as a f****y. All of this was restricted to my mom's side of the f****y as my dad's wasn't into the f****y stuff. My dad is the middle of three sons with Uncle Jim being the youngest and Uncle Paul the eldest. According to my mom they'd been a pretty wild trio as teens. I found it fascinating to learn that my mother and aunt had fucked all three b*****rs a number of time before they got married, once with all five of them together at the same time! Unlike my Aunt Linda, who stayed involved with my parents during her short marriage, my uncles never even brought up the subject of their past relationships with my mom let alone do anything once they had tied the knot. Now each has two daughters and a son and to all outward appearances appear to lead fairly "normal" lives. Although looks can be deceiving, after all people who know my f****y would probably say the same thing about us, my dad is convinced they have never cheated despite both marriages having become rather stale over the years, particularly in the sex department. Both of my uncles have been looking at me in ways an uncle "shouldn't" for years, even when I was not yet technically a teenager. It would have been hard not to have noticed their wandering eyes (and sometimes hands) when I was with them but there was never anything more forward than that ? at least until this past week. Last week after church my parents and I were at my Uncle Jim's house for a pool party. My youngest cousin Tammy had just turned thirteen not long before and was looking pretty hot in her new bikini. She has always been the "wild" one of the two s****rs and my dad gets an instant erection whenever she is around. Once in the hot tub I had reached down under the bubbles to find him stroking his hard cock with her right there in the tub with us! Well, before the day was over a dream of mine was finally realized when I had a sexual encounter with Tammy. First I introduced her to cyber sex by chatting with and watching a cam of one of the guys who likes to masturbate for me. She had never actually seen an erect cock before let alone watch guy do that before so while she was all hot and horny I helped her masturbate. Technically you could say it wasn't masturbation since it wasn't only her hand on her clit but you get the picture! One thing led to another and before it was over I taught her to lick my pussy. Of course I used hers as an example and in doing so I tasted my first young pussy. I had dreamed many times of doing this with some of the girls I baby sit for or see in church but never thought it would be right to actually do anything with them. Tammy was my cousin though and so I felt it was OK for us to have a more intimate, even if she was seven years younger than me. Later when we got home I told my parents all about it, thinking they would be proud of me. As I figured, my dad was insanely jealous when I told him about it later but I was a bit taken by surprise that my mom was not quite so pleased. In fact, she made both of us promise not to push Tammy any further until she indicated beyond a shadow of a doubt that she wanted to. I really can't complain as my parents used the same principle for me, waiting until I made a firm decision to have sex with them rather than forcing it on me. Even if my mother wasn't thrilled about what happened, she wasn't opposed to using it as an icebreaker for me so far as my dad's side of the f****y went. With her reluctant approval I fucked my uncle for the first time a week later, right in front of my dad. While he was fucking me I sucked my dad's cock at the same time so now Uncle Jim knows about me and my dad. It should be interesting to see where this leads to in the upcoming days before I go back to school. As for the rest of the f****y, there is no chance of anything happening with Aunt Shari. She is the world's biggest prude having been raised in a super- strict f****y and was constantly preaching to my mother about how she let me get away with everything and that it was sinful the way she allowed me to dress. Of course my mother couldn't care less what Aunt Shari says or thinks and if anything I she encourages me to dress naughty just to piss her off! Unfortunately Tammy's older s****r, Kate, is a complete mommy's girl and is growing up like a clone of her mother. She'll be a virgin probably AFTER she gets married at the rate she's going although other than being more uptight than a guitar string she is actually quite a sweet girl. My cousin Paul is another story entirely. As I mentioned, he is s*******n and quite handsome for his age. A star in practically every sport in school, he has the physique to show for it. According to my cousin Kristi, the girls in school all think that Paul is one of the hottest guys there and they all have their sights set on him. Although he dates regularly, she has never heard anyone claim to have had sex with him leaving me to wonder if he is still a virgin although one look at him and it's hard to believe. The key question for me was how to go about approaching Paul. I knew that no matter how much I teased him or flirted, he would never make a first move since after all, I WAS his first cousin and in today's society you aren't suppose to fuck your closest cousins. These silly rules were developed centuries ago when birth control was non-existent and although people may not have known the reason why, they did now that having babies with your f****y members just didn't work. Today such aberrations can be prevented, or at least fixed, so I don't understand why i****t is not only allowed but encouraged. In my case I am closer to my parents than any other girl I know and I can claim them to be my best friends. There are so many families with problems and with the divorce rate so high you would think maybe the idea would get across that more love in a f****y would only help, not hurt! But things are as they are so my dilemma was figuring out how to overcome Paul's cultural programming. Given the number of guys I've had sex with and the ease with which I could go out at this moment and get laid if I wanted to, someone might wonder why go through all the hassle and potential problems of trying to seduce my cousin. For me it is more than just Paul but rather the idea of bringing our families closer together. I know how wonderful it is to have my Aunt Linda and Kristi over and now I was looking forward to seeing Uncle Jim joining in so my mom could have someone else to fuck. With Tammy now at least on her way to a more sexual lifestyle, one which I hoped to encourage and develop with her, having Paul in the mix would make it really erotic. Chapter 2 ? Seeking My Mom?s Advice =================================== I'd been masturbating all the past week over the possibilities, especially when it came to Tammy being with her father and b*****r. I wanted so bad to give them the gift I had, to help them become close as a f****y. But it was one step at a time and for now Paul was the next bPaul to be laid in my plan ? literally as well as figuratively! As usual whenever I had a problem or question I went to my mother to get her advice. Over the years we have shared everything in my life and our relationship today goes far beyond that of a typical mother and daughter. I knew if anyone could help me figure this out that my mother was the one. One morning after my dad had woken me in his special way and left for work, instead of going back to bed for a while (or chatting on-line for a few minutes to let myself settle down), I went to their bedroom where my mother was still asl**p. I crawled in bed with her and slipped under the blankets. My mother loved heavy comforters and she kept the room pretty cool so it felt good to snuggle under them. She was laying on her side, facing her edge of the bed so I slipped up against her and fit my body next to hers. The warmth of her smooth bare skin felt so good against mine. My naked breasts pressed against her back and her ass was cupped in my crotch. I put my arm around her and held her large breast in my hand. Her nipple was hard and I wondered what she was dreaming about! I buried my face in her hair and just laid there, enjoying the comfort and security of being close to my mom. I fell asl**p this way only to wake up to find my mother on top of me, kissing my breasts and running her hands all over me. "Good morning sl**py eyes," she said in a cheerful voice. "I woke up to find a surprise in bed with me. What's the matter, didn't your dad take care of you this morning?" We both giggled at that. She knew better than that ? my dad hadn't missed a morning with me since I got home from school. I played along though, knowing what she really wanted. "Why don't you check for yourself?" I said coyly My mom grinned and hummed a "Mmmmmmm" after which she moved her head to between my legs. I spread them apart for her and she started to lick me while I laid my head back on the pillow and enjoyed it. Nobody knows how to lick my pussy better than my mom, not even my dad. I don't know if it?s because she is just damn good at it or if somehow as my mother she just knows what is best for me. It doesn't matter, all I know is that my mom licks pussy better than any other girl I have ever known! My mom's also a darn good teacher when it comes to sucking cocks and I owe much of my reputation to her teachings over the years. It doesn't hurt either to have a father who provides plenty of feedback and instruction to go along with it! We spent the next couple of hours in bed together loving one another. I will always be my dad's little girl, his only daughter who strives to please her father in every way she can. With my mom it is more mutual, more like the intimacy shared between two lovers. It's almost how I envision it will be with my husband someday, the only man to whom I will ever "make love" too. I say "man" because I firmly believe I already have that relationship with my mom. I have a hard enough time writing about my sexual experiences as it is but I find it almost impossible to put into words how I feel about her and how it feels when we make love. As a result I really don't even like to put in down as when I read it back it just seems to somehow cheapen the experience. Suffice it to say for those couple of hours a mother and daughter transcended their traditional roles and became lovers in every sense of the word. When we were done, I laid there in bed with her arms around me, feeling a glow that comes from being fully satisfied ? emotionally and physically in a way that has never happened with any man yet in my life, not even my father. As we laid there we started talking about the events of the past week, particularly with Tammy and Uncle Paul. My mom was still concerned about what I had done with Tammy, worried that she was too young for me to go any farther with. Showing her how to cyber on the Internet and hooking her up with some guys that liked to masturbate for her wasn't a problem for her since she could have found that out for herself. It didn't hurt that my mom liked it when guys sent me pics of them cumming her so she couldn't really say anything about them doing it with Tammy's. If anything she was glad I had helped her learn about it so she wouldn't get caught up with some pervert. In case you haven't figured it out by now from all my diary stories, my mother is the main reason I don't meet people from the Internet. She is positively terrified of what might happen to me and she has made me promise on a stack of bibles never to meet anyone I chat with. Given how easy it is for me to fill my sexual needs locally I haven't resisted her in this although there have more than a few golden opportunities I think might have been a lot of fun. It's hard because guys and couples pressure me hard to meet them and even though I have tried to be as up front as possible with everyone, some of them get so insistent that I just go along with them rather than keep pushing them off. I feel bad because this eventually pisses them off but I figure they asked for it. So anyway, back from that tangent... My mom was intrigued by my dreams for what amounted to a sexual f****y unification, even if it didn't include Aunt Shari and Kate although that would have made it so much better. Normally I would have thought this to be wrong since I feel that either the entire f****y must be involved in i****t or none at all simply because I think that the strain of maintaining such secrets would be too much for most people to bear. In this situation, though, there was the help of a strong support structure most families new to i****t don't have, namely my f****y and Aunt Linda's. I know that I would have been thankful to anyone who would have helped me get started with my dad sooner than I did. I look at the years before I first had sex with my dad and can't help but feel remorse at all the lost opportunities, not to mention the guilt I will always have for not giving my dad what would have been the greatest gift as a daughter I could have given to my father ? my virginity. I have dreamed many times of how it would have been if I had first given myself to him, the love and tenderness he would have shown, the patience to make sure every was perfect for me, that incredible moment when I felt a cock entering me for the first time, knowing it was my father's and realizing how much he must truly me to want to do this to me. Together my mom and I came up with a plan. I wanted to be clever and give it some sort of code name like a spy novel but nothing came to mind so we just referred to it as The Plan. The basic element of The Plan was simple and direct ? throw myself at Paul! We debated the pros and cons of more subtle approaches but figured all of them had the same basic flaw in that they gave him too much time to think about it and thus the opportunity to chicken out. We concluded that a full frontal assault (pun intended of course) was the best strategy and then it was on to how to get the job done. We thought about waiting for another pool party or something like the TV ball game episode the other day with my Uncle Jim but decided against this. I had pushed my luck pretty far and barely escaped getting caught the last time so to do it again might bring on disaster. One thing we agreed upon and that was that Aunt Shari could not know ANYTHING about all of this or she would probably go postal. Listening to my dad tell me the things his b*****r had confided in him about their sex lives, it was amazing they had been able to reproduce! The safest approach was to get to Paul away from their house in a location that was completely private. That pretty much left just one place ? our house. With the logistics in place we spent the next hour or so debating how I was to seduce Paul. When we finished we were giggling like two schoolgirls, each of us talking about how we dreamed the day would go. Well, there was no time better than the present to see if it would work so why not go for it! Chapter 3 ? My Mom?s Puts Our Plan Into Action ============================================== My mom picked up the phone and called Aunt Shari. They chatted about nothing for a while and I teased my mom, running my fingers over her and between her legs. She slapped at me playfully and I giggled, thinking about how shocked Aunt Shari would be if she had any idea of what was going on at the other end of the line. Eventually my mom brought up the subject of some lawn work that my dad was way behind on because of his heavy work schedule of late. She sighed as she told Aunt Shari that she had signed up for some of the boys in the church youth group but apparently they were overwhelmed with requests and never even called us back. I could hear my aunt's loud obnoxious voice through the earpiece as she ranted about how poorly the program was bring run by the new youth pastor and how someone should do something about it. After her rant though she asked my mom if Paul could help out in any way. My mom gave me the thumbs up sign when Aunt Shari said he was even free today if we needed him. Paul must have been in the same room because we could barely make out someone protesting in the background about having plans with friends. Aunt Shari told him to shut up and get working if he wanted a car which evidently motivated him. He would be over in an hour which left us little time to get prepared. We wouldn't want him to catch us in bed together but then again?.. The truth was that my dad kept up with the yard work pretty well but my mother remembered that the deck needed some dirty sections cleaned. We usually had it professionally cleaned and sealed every year but there always seemed to be patches where it needed touchup work throughout the summer. My dad had been planning to do the work soon and so the cleaning supplies were already laid out meaning everything was ready to go. So much for the setup work - now for the bait. As part of The Plan this was of course - me. Just like when fishing, the tPaul was to put the bait where the fish would take it which in this case meant the hot tub. I had the perfect bikini for the occasion, one which normally I would've never worn in public but this wasn't a public pool by any means. My mom of course wanted to watch so she set up a chair by my bedroom window, making sure the shade for the other window in my room was pulled to keep the room dark and thus difficult to see into from the sunny outdoors. It was rather ironic that she would be watching me (or at least hopefully would be) fuck my cousin for the first time from the very same window I first watched her and my dad making love in the hot tub, a moment in my life which changed everything for me forever. There wasn't too much else to do as we waited for Paul to show up. We had decided that the best course of action would be for me to stay out of sight at the outset and let my mom handle things so I went up to my room and started chatting, something I typically did whenever I needed to pass some time away. Before long the doorbell rang and I could hear my mom answering it and then heard Paul's voice. She thanked him for being so prompt in helping out and led him through the house to the deck off the back of the kitchen. I moved over to the window in my room and watched as my mom showed him what had to be done. My mom, who wanted Paul just as badly as I did, had dressed up in a pair of cutoffs and a bikini top with no shoes. Although not as revealing as mine, they still showed off her assets (sorry, another pun I couldn't resist) and with her boobs being so much larger she didn't need her bikini top to be as small as mine to flaunt them. Several times she bent over to pick up something from the deck and I almost laughed as she blatantly kept her legs straight so her ass stuck out as much as possible when she leaned over. Paul was s*******n and thus horny 100% of the time and he didn't let us down. His eyes never left her ass and when she would lean over to show him how to do something his eyes went straight to her ample bosom which she made sure left plenty of cleavage in view. The funny thing was that here he was getting teased by my mom but in the end it was going to be me he was going to fuck. Well, it wouldn't be long before he found that out for himself. My mom left him to get to work and went inside. I had to give him credit, he was an industrious boy and went straight to work, probably hoping to get finished faster so he could get to whatever party he was missing. A few minutes later and my mom was at my side, watching him with me out the window through the shades. Paul was wearing cutoff jeans which went almost to his knees and a muscle-shirt from school. He looked so handsome and strong not to mention positively fuckable. "Mmmmmmm, nice buns," she murmured, "You don't think I over-did it do you?" I laughed together with her, "No way, he was soaking it all up. I loved the way he stared at your ass whenever your back was to him." My mom smiled at that. She may be almost forty but she still has a great ass and knows it. "You know I was tempted to just take him myself and do the Aunt- nephew thing myself," she said. "I bet he would have gone for it too." I pretended to be horrified at the prospect of not having him first and then we both broke down and laughed together. My mother was just as horny as I was so once I started playing with myself as we watched Paul it didn't take long for her to join in. For the next fifteen minutes or so we both played with ourselves as we shared the view. It was mid-afternoon and sweltering outside so it wasn't long before he stripped off his shirt and revealed his tanned muscular frame. We both moaned simultaneously and then giggled at our joint reaction.
Chapter 4 Sucking My Cousins Dick ====================================
It was time for the next phase of The Plan. I already had my bikini on so it was just a matter of wrapping a towel around me and heading downstairs. When I opened the door to the deck and stepped out, Paul look over to see who it was and when he recognized it was me he grinned and greeted me. "Hey cousin, how's it going?" he said. I just said something it being OK and all and then moved over to the hot tub. "You don't mind if I use the hot tub while you're working out here, do you Paul?" "Heck no Sasha," he replied quickly. "You can do whatever. I shouldn't be too much longer anyway This wasn't very hard, I'm actually surprised your dad couldn't get to it by now." I asked Paul to help me with the cover and we placed it off to the side where it was out of the way. I started the pump and jets and the water quickly turned into a frothy cauldron. From this point on the plan was simple - get straight to the point as quickly as possible and simply overwhelm him. I glanced up at my bedroom window where I knew my mom would be watching but as we hoped it was too dark to see her inside. In one quick motion I dropped my towel to the deck revealing my skimpy bikini to him. It was nice to see his eyes widen and his mouth involuntarily drop open just a bit as he looked me up and down before realizing what he was doing and diverting his eyes away. While he was trying to look like he was not trying to look at me, I stripped off my suit and stepped into the tub. As I slowly lowered myself into the steaming hot water I smiled at him and said, "Oh! hope you don't mind Paul, but my dad has a strict rule here ? no swimming suits in the hot tub. Something about soap residue or something contaminating the water. Besides, it's not all that much different between this and that little bikini anyway don't you think?" I was fully under the water by then and the bubbles kept my body from view but not before I am sure he was able to take in a good view of my naked body. He didn't answer my question and was about to turn away when I knew I needed to keep up the pressure. "Hey Paul, why don't you take a break and join me?" I asked him. "I know you always like to go swimming with me in your pool so it's time for me to repay the favor." He stammered for a second and then lamely said, "Love to but I can't, I didn't bring a swimming suit." I pouted at him and shook my finger at him saying. "Didn't I just say that my dad didn't allow swim suits in here? Come on, we do this all the time so it's no big deal - really. After all, it's not like I haven't seen a naked guy before or anything." He was still hesitating so I kept up the pressure by standing up in the tub and letting the water and bubbles drip from me. I put one hand on my hip and the other reached out to him seductively. "Now tell me Paul, don't you want to get in here with me? C'mon, let's have some fun." I pulled my hand in and cupped my breasts with both hands, lifting them up for him. That was enough as finally he quickly lowered his shorts and underwear which was all he had left on by then. I smiled when I looked at his crotch and saw he was sporting a huge erection. He started to cover himself with his hand and his face reddened but it was exactly what I had hoped to see. For a moment I thought of my mother watching from above and I knew where her eyes were fixed now. He may be just s*******n but Paul was already the man of the house. His cock was easily and inch or two bigger than his dad's (or my dad for that matter) and considerably thicker as well. It was all I could do to keep from jumping out and sucking it as he stood there but that would have been too much even for The Plan. "Don't hide it for heaven's sake," I said in exasperation, "I've been waiting for a long time to get a view of that dick and it looks like it was well worth the wait! Now get in here with me so I can get a closer view." Paul pulled his hand reluctantly from his crock, freeing his dick which immediately stuck straight up in the air. God he was hard! Even as he walked it just trembled like a tall tree in the wind. He lowered himself into the churning water slowly, gasping at the heat. Well, time to keep up the pressure so I maneuvered myself over to him and spread his legs apart so I could slide between them. I reached down under the water and ran my hands under the backs of his legs until they were under his firm butt and lifted him up. His head almost slipped backwards into the water before he put his arms out and held onto the sides as I kept raising his hips until his cock stuck out of the water like a fleshy periscope. It looked so inviting I didn't hesitate another second and moved forward until my mouth was over his cock. "Ever have a girl suck this before?" I asked him. Paul was just staring at me and he vigorously shook his head. I smiled at him seductively and took his cock into my mouth as far as I could right off the bat. He was big enough that he didn't fit in my mouth but I didn't take him down my throat right away and instead held onto the bottom quarter of his rigid cock with one of my hands as I held him up with my free one. He was helping me now, arching his back to keep his hips up out of the water so it didn't take as much effort on my part to keep his cock exposed. I started to stroke his cock in and out of my mouth and he groaned even louder. "Oh Sasha!" was all he could say, repeating it over and over as I sucked his beautiful dick. I looked him in the eye and held his cock in my hand as I licked my lips seductively in preparation. "Watch me," was all I said as I took a deep breath and went down on him. I felt hic cock pressing against the back of my throat but I kept going down, another couple inches to go. I kept my eyes locked on his as I pushed his dick down my throat. No matter how many times I do this I still can't get over having a moment where I think I am going to gag but when you know what to expect it makes it easier to take and I kept pushing my head down on him. His cock filled my throat and I felt it slide downwards. Finally my lips were tight against the thick base of his cock and my nose was pressed into his wet pubic hair. I turned my head from side to side to rub his cock in my mouth as he stared at me, not even blinking. I needed to breath so I pulled up and then took another deep breath and did it again. This time he put one hand on my head and pushed me down. I felt myself getting lightheaded and I pulled my head up against his hand and sucked in a deep breath of air. "Fuck!" he exclaimed, "I can't believe you took it all in your mouth!! That was amazing!" "So you've never had a girl suck you before?" I asked. "No!" he said quickly, "I never thought one ever would, just a porn thing." I gave him a few more good strokes with my mouth and then looked up at him again, my hand running up and down his shaft in a twisting motion. "I want you to cum in my mouth now." "You sure?" he asked but I could tell he wanted it from the lustful look in his eyes. No need for a reply, I went down on him again and felt his ass tightening up under my hand. He moaned loudly and I held his cock an inch or so from my open mouth, waiting for his cum. I stroked his cock with my hand and aimed it best as I could for my mouth. Just then a huge stream of cum emerged from the tip of his cock and I felt it pooling on my tongue. The next load missed and hit me on the cheek while the third one was back in my mouth again. I took him in my mouth then and sucked his dick as he spurted several more smaller loads of his sperm into my hungry mouth. When he was finished I kept sucking on him, feeling him quiver as my tongue ran circles around the head of his cock, savoring the flavor of him. I knew some of his cum was on my face, I could feel it dripping down but I left it there for him to see. It must be something like a male dog marking a tree because guys seem to love seeing their cum on me. I prefer it go somewhere a bit more useful like my mouth where at least I get to taste it or my pussy where I get to feel it entering me and then keep it in me for a while. This time though I wanted Paul to enjoy the moment as much as possible so if that meant leaving his cum on my face then I was more than happy to do so.
Chapter 5 Paul Eats My Pussy
"My turn," I said as I took his hand and pulled him up as I moved to the opposite side of the tub. Essentially we swapped places with me laying back and letting my hips float up to the surface. My bald pussy was surrounded by bubbles of air and I spread my legs wide for him. Paul looked a little apprehensive so I helped him along a bit. "Get on your knees and hold my butt up unless you want to do this underwater," I told him. He did and I loved the feel of his large hands as they cupped my ass and lifted me up until he had practically my entire butt clear of the water! "Just lick it," I instructed, "Don't worry about where for now, just lick it up and down." Paul tentatively reached out with his tongue and I felt a twinge as the tip of his tongue touched me. He licked me more like a dog, just lapping me up and down without any penetration. I reached down with one hand and spread myself apart for him. He took the hint and soon his tongue was running between my pussy lips and up and over my clit. I jumped each time he went over where my clit was growing harder by the second. I noticed he must have assumed my response meant he was doing something bad because he started avoiding it. Wrong! "Feel that under your tongue?" I asked, "Lick under the hood where you feel that bump sticking out. Mmmmmmm, that's it, that's my clit Paul and it loves your attention." Paul was a fast learner, I had to give him that. Before long he was sucking on my clit and trying to poke his tongue up my pussy. I glanced upwards and even though I couldn't see her I knew my mom was watching. I could imagine her playing with herself as she watched Paul eating my pussy, wishing it was hers I am sure! As horny as I was it was no surprise that even with his rather amateur oral abilities he was bringing me to a climax. I wrapped my legs around his head, crossing my feet on top of his back with his head clamped between my thighs. I groaned as I felt myself cumming, that familiar yet never repetitious feeling of the most purest of pleasures. I arched my back further to drive myself deeper into his face and I could feel myself cumming. God it felt so good! I could feel my pussy cum gushing which evidently surprised Paul as he started to pull his head back away from me. I tightened my grip with my legs and stopped him. "Fuck no!" I cried, "don't stop now, I'm just cumming!" Paul seemed to understand that it was ok; hell it was a LOT more than OK, and renewed his tonguing of my pussy. I wondered what he thought about it, the taste of a girl's pussy for the first time, the taste of her cum. I loved the taste of a horny pussy, especially my own. There was something delicious and naughty about reaching under my skirt to wet my finger and then smelling and tasting it, especially when I was somewhere where I "shouldn't". Just like I had never sucked two cocks that tasted and smelled exactly the same, so it was with pussies. My mom and aunt may be s****rs but I could tell the difference between them blindfolded if you let me smell their pussies. I remembered my petite cousin Tammy a couple of weeks before and how sweet she tasted and the light odor that came from her when she was hot. It was so different compared to the stronger muskier smell of my mom. From the way he was licking me I figured Paul must be enjoying my pussy as well!
Chapter 6 Paul Finally Fucks Me =================================
Once my orgasm had finally settled down enough for me to think more coherently, I unwrapped my legs from being around him and lifted his head from my crotch with my hand. I stood up and turned around. Leaning forward, I put my hands on the side of the tub and spread my legs for him to get a close-up view of my ass and pussy. I wiggled it suggestively for him and invited him over. "Fuck me Paul," I said loudly over the din of the hot tub, "Enter me from behind." Paul clearly wanted to if his still erect cock was any indicator but for just a moment he seemed to panic. I knew then it was more than just fucking his cousin that he was thinking about, he was indeed a virgin! It was a long time ago that I had my first virgin and since his mother was obviously never going to take it who better than his cousin to give it to? Well, maybe Tammy would have been a better choice but I admit to being a bit selfish, I wanted him! Paul put on hand on my hip to steady himself and I looked over my shoulder to see how he was doing. He used his other hand to guide his cock to me but when he got to my butt he seemed to stop, probably uncertain as to what to do next. I reached between my legs and took his cock from his hand. Guiding it to the entrance to my pussy hole, I centered it on target and pressed back against him slightly. "That's it Paul, right there." I encouraged him, "C'mon, you DO want to fuck me, don't you?" "Oh yes Sasha," he moaned, "I've wanted to do this soooooo badly, never thought it would happen!" With that he pressed himself into me. At first my pussy resisted and so he pressed harder until suddenly his cock head slipped into me. Mmmmmmm, Paul was no longer a virgin! "Don't stop," I instructed, "Keep pushing it all the way in." I felt his cock sliding into me, feeling my warm pussy embrace it, welcoming it finally to the home where it belonged. He was big alright! My crotch felt like it was being split apart as he penetrated me deeper and deeper. He was so incredibly hard it was like having a steel stake inside of me, one that throbbed and felt so warm! His crotch met with my ass and I felt his body pressing against mine. He had one hand on each hip now which let him rock me back and forth against his dick that had me impaled. Male instinct took over and he began fucking me, slowly at first and then building up speed. Having just cum, I figured he would be a bit more lasting this time so I let him fuck me for a while before calling for a new position. "Time for something new," I said. I pushed him back and out of me and turned around to face him. I sat on the seat in the corner of the tub and put one leg up on each side of the tub, spreading myself wide open for him in the process. Motioning for him to move up, I grabbed his steel pole and inserted him into my anxious pussy. He started stroking himself once again in and out of me, faster than ever. His hand held my shoulders to steady us both so I put my right hand between my legs and played with my pussy while my other hand went to my breast and massaged them, squeezing my nipples between my fingers and pulling on them. I could only imagine how this must have looked to my horny mother looking down from above! Between his monstrous cock slamming in and out of me and my finger on my clit another orgasm was building in me and I leaned my head back with my eyes closed as the raging fire engulfed me. God this was incredible! So many times I had looked at him in the pool and at f****y gatherings and wondered what it would be like to have him in me and now he was! My pussy clamped down on him and he pushed hard to get himself back into me all the way where he just held himself while I enjoyed the feel of him throbbing in me as my body simmered with the sensations that were running through it from head to toe. As I eased up on him he renewed his assault on my pussy and was now stroking himself as fast as he could. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and I put mine around his waist as we pressed tightly together. He was in me deep and he stayed there for motionless for just a moment when I felt his hips lunge and he shot his cum deep inside of me. I felt a bloom of heat as his sperm emerged from his stiff cock and was propelled even deeper inside of me. Another one was followed by yet another. I love the feeling when a man releases himself in me, mating with me and shooting his sperm deep into me in that vain attempt to impregnate me. I feel the warmth inside of me and try to imagine millions of sperm cells moving inside of me, created by someone else and now living in me. We held onto each other for several minutes that way, just our naked bodies pressed tightly against each other and we remained coupled on the ledge of the hot tub. My mother must have realized what had happened and that we were close to finishing because I heard sounds of footsteps and looked over Paul's shoulder to see my mother standing at the opposite side of the hot tub, hands on her hips and a huge smile on her face. Paul must not have heard her soft steps and with his back to the doorway obviously didn't see her coming either so he just held onto me, periodically thrusting himself back in me as his cock shrunk and dried to withdraw from me. "That's it Paul, keep it in me," I whispered with a wink to my mom. "I want to feel your cock pulsing inside of me." "Oh god that felt so good," Paul said in a husky voice, "I mean, that was incredible! I didn't mean to cum in you though. Damn you're not going to get pregnant now are you?"
Chapter 7 My Mom Surprises Paul =================================
"Give me some credit Paul, I taught her better than that!" Paul's head spun around at that to see my mom smiling at us. I felt his body tense and it was like a deer in the headlights moment. He was simply frozen with shock and couldn't seem to move. "Oh shit!" was all he could say as my mom walked around until she was next to us. "She's been on the pill forever," my mom continued, "At last ONE of you was prepared." She stoked my wet hair as she stood behind me and looked down between us. "Mmmmmmm, I see you two are a bit more than just kissing cousins these days. So tell me Sasha, did he fuck you good?" I looked up at her and grinned, "Not bad for a first timer, not bad at all!" Paul was still tense but I could feel him starting to loosen up as what to him must have been a surreal situation unfolded. "You're not mad?" he asked my mom finally. My mom laughed and took another look down to see my pussy with his cock still inside. "Of course not, a bit jealous though I must admit." Paul looked puzzled for a second, My mom smiled at him with a seductive look I rarely saw on her, one that made her look ultra sexy and a bit slutty actually. "Next time you're over I guess I'll have to show you that older women can be just as much fun as the young ones." Paul was s*******n and despite the shock of being "caught" by my mother the hormones kicked in at that and I felt his cock stiffening in me. "Watch it mom, you're getting him hard again!" I warned her with a smile. Indeed, he was almost full grown again and his slight movements in me had gradually been growing in strength. "Mmmmmmm," I moaned softly. My mom just sighed and patted me on the head. "Well, I'll let you two finish up. Remember Paul ? next time you're over it's my turn."
Chapter 8 Paul Fucks Me Again
My mom went back in the house leaving Paul fucking me once again. The guy was insatiable which was fine with me! I pushed him away though and he looked at me in surprise. I smiled and climbed out of the hot tub, motioning for him to get out as well. I pulled the cushion from the chaise lounge off and laid it on the deck, pointing at him to lay down. As he laid on his back his cock was so stiff it was pointing almost straight at his head as I climbed aboard. Sitting up high above his waist I grabbed his dick and pointed it upwards to ward my lowering pussy, guiding it in me as I kept on moving downwards. I was so wet and swollen now that his cock easily slid into me and I dropped down hard on his lap, driving his dick deep into me. He gasped partly from my weight as it struck him and partly from the feel of his cock being rammed into me. "My turn to control," I said as I started bouncing on his cock. I loved this position because it lets me control the tempo and the depth of his penetration in me. I sat in his lap and ground my ass into his crotch, making his cock move and twist inside of me, driving me crazy with the pleasure of it. "Sit up," I told him. I stayed in him as he raised up and then moved my legs so instead of being on my knees I was sitting in his lap with my legs out behind him. He put his arms around me and pulled me tightly to him until my boobs were pressed into his bare chest. The he loosened his grip and lowered his head so he could suck on my boobs while I sat there on his lap with his cock up my pussy. It was like an electric shock went through my chest as he sucked on my hard nipples. We rocked on the cushion, driving his cock just a little bit in and out of me in the process. I sighed as a third orgasm rocked me, not as intense as the previous ones but just general feeling of elation as his cock pressed up inside of me. "I want you to cum again," I demanded. He just rolled his eyes but his cock was still stiff in me giving me hope. I enjoy being fucked by older men but there is one area where the young guys have them totally outclassed ? the ability to cum again and again! I wondered if even Paul would be able to do this again once the initial euphoria of his first fuck wore off! Oh well, I wasn't complaining, that's for sure! I pushed him back down and got on my knees once again, all the while keeping him firmly in place. I worked my around on his cock until my ass was facing him. I leaned forward so he could watch himself in me and get a great view of my ass. Turning my head to my side, I looked back and saw him staring at my ass with his cock deep in my pussy. "Like the view Paul?" I said in teasing voice. "Damn it Sasha, you have such a great ass. I still can't believe I'm fucking you!" he replied. I rocked on his cock and bounced on it, sitting on it at times and at others raising up until he was barely in me, teasing the head of his cock and then driving it back into me. I loved being on top of him and controlling his cock in me! Paul started moaning louder and I had a feeling he was about to cum yet again! I knew what I wanted this time though and I quickly hopped off of his cock and kneeled by his side to take his cock in my mouth while I pumped it with my hand. I felt it swelling in my hand and then the head swelled in my mouth and I took his load again in my mouth. It was only a small amount but as this was his third time I was pleased just to get it. Heck, most guys can't do it twice without a break and for Paul to do it three times was nothing short of incredible! I stood up over Paul who just laid back on the cushion exhausted. His cock was finally expended and it lay to the side a mere shrunken facsimile of its former greatness. It had served its purpose well though and my pussy was still feeling the afterglow of its efforts. I reached down to grab my towel and gave him a little wave and a smile. He looked up at me and returned the smile. God he looked so sexy on his back stark naked in the sun! Heading back into the kitchen my mom was waiting for me. "Couldn't resist one more time, you little slut!" she said with a laugh. "God, THREE times? The boy's a fucking machine!" I reached up and kissed her. As her mouth opened I gave the cum I had been saving in my mouth to her with my tongue. She licked it from my tongue with hers and smiled at me. "Mmmmmmm, now THAT'S what I call a nice present!" she said licking her lips with a big grin on her face. I twirled around her and called out, "I love you!" as I pranced up the stairs to take a shower. As I basked under the massaging stream of warm water I wondered what my mom and Paul had to say to each other when I left. I had a feeling Paul wouldn't be complaining about coming over to help out anymore! THE END
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The First Time

**** the names have been changed to protect the NOT so innocent

Kay and I had been married for twelve great years. Kay was 22 and I was 23 when we got married and neither of us had had very much experience with sex before we were married. The first few years of our marriage was spent Learning together about sex and what turns each other on. But as the years past it seemed like we had tried and done almost everything that two people could do sexually. Although even after twelve years our sex life was good but starting to slow down, we needed something to spark a new fire.

One day I ran across a swinger's magazine that had stories written by people about their swinging adventures. I had never thought about swinging before but the stories really turned me on. I bought the magazine, took it home and placed it in the nightstand on my side of our bed. I was going to bring it out that night when we were both in bed and read the articles with Kay to see what her reaction would be.

I thought that day would never end all I could think of was to get Kay in bed have her read some of the very sexy articles and see what her reaction would be. It seemed to take forever to go through our nightly ritual with dinner a little t.v, and getting the k**s to bed.

After what seemed like an eternity it was time for bed, the k**s were in bed asl**p and it was time to see what Kay thought about the articles that had turned me on so much. Kay went into the bathroom to change and get ready for bed. I undressed and got into bed removing the magazine from the nightstand. I was so excited that I could hardly speak. Finally Kay came out of the bathroom and got into bed.

She looked over at me and asked me what I was reading. I told her that I had bought a magazine with some articles that I would like to read with her. She acted a little annoyed and told me that she didn't like to read that kind of stuff. I told her that I thought she would enjoy the articles to just read one and let me know what she thought of them.

She finally gave in and moved over next to me. We propped up some pillows and started reading the first article. The article was about a couple having a foursome with another couple. It was a real turn on for me as they wrote about their sexual encounter and went into some depth about the sex they were having.

As we read the articles I had decided not to touch Kay in any way, I wanted to see what her reaction would be. If the idea of this type of sex turned her on I wanted to know. I thought that if I started to caress her that it may be this and not the article that was turning her on. It was pure torture not to play with her while I was reading. I can't remember ever being that hard before.

As she read I noticed that Kay breathing started to get deeper. I glanced down and was delighted to see her nipples were getting hard and starting to stick out. In my mind I shouted "this turns her on". Just when I thought I couldn't control myself any further Kay reached down and started stoking my aching erection. It felt so good I thought I would die. Kay must have been reading my mind because she reached over with her free hand and took the magazine being careful not to loose our place. Now with my hands free I reached down between her legs and stroked her pussy. It was wetter than I can ever remember it. I slid down between her legs and began to lick her beautiful pussy lips. Her juices were flowing down her pussy lips and over her ass. As I took her clit in my lips and began to suck on it she had her first of many orgasms that night. After more than an hour of love making and me cumming twice we layed together in the after glow. I told her that it seemed that the articles had turned her on as much as they had turned me on. She told me that they had but being we lived in a small town she would be afraid to do it because somebody might find out about it. Over the next few months we talked about swinging and read more articles on the subject. But Kay was still reluctant to carry it any further than talk. I wanted to take it to the next step but I didn't know how. I was afraid to approach the subject with any of our friends and was not sure about answering an ad in a swinger's magazine. I thought that my fantasy would never come to reality.

A good friend of mine John and his wife Lee had just bought a new house and invited us over to see it. John and I had been friends for a number of years and we had been to each other's homes numerous times for dinner or to play cards. Lee was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and had a shape to die for. I had many wet dreams about what it would be like to have sex with her. But it had never gone any further than that. As for John he was a flirt and liked to tease Kay whenever we got together. All four of us liked each other and had a lot of fun together. But nothing of a sexual nature.

John and Lee's new home was located about six miles out of town on a small ranch. It was a beautiful and isolated location. We arrived at their home a little after six and were warmly greeted. We were all friends and it was nice to have an evening to ourselves. John took the bottle of wine we had brought to the kitchen and placed it in the refrigerator. Lee and Kay left together to view the new home. John showed me to the bar and fixed us a drink. With drink in hand John and I set off so he could show me his new home.

It was a very nice house and I was impressed. John said you haven't seen anything yet come on I've got to show you something. We went out the back door, through the back porch into the back yard. There was a small building in the back yard I would guess about 20' by 20'. John opened the door to the building and motioned me to follow him inside. Inside I fond a nice size room there was a couch along the far wall, a wood burning stove on the near wall a few chairs here and there. In the middle of the room was an eight foot wide Jacuzzi. Now I was really impressed I told John that he had some house here. He said you think its good now wait till after dinner, we'll get in there and then you'll really appreciate it.

As we were walking back into the house Lee and Kay were just walking out to see John's little hot tub room. We went back to the bar to freshen our drinks and have some small talk. Kay and Lee came back in giggling and seemed to both be in a great mood. John fixed them a drink and we all sat around the wet bar talking. After a few minutes John got up and announced that he was going to go do the steaks and that Lee and Kay should get everything else ready while the men cooked the meat. John enjoyed cooking and was a great cook. Between John and the girls in no time at all we were sitting around the dinner table with a fabulous dinner before us.

We all enjoyed the great food, wine and friendship. We went through two bottles of wine during dinner and we were all feeling a little buzz, I know I was. We all pitched in and cleaned off the table and retired to the bar. After fixing a drink for everybody John said it must be time for a movie. Lee acted a little disgusted and said John your not going to put on one of your tapes are you? John only looked over at her with a sly smile on his face. John found a tape and put it in the VCR. It was a basic fuck and suck flick not much plot but a lot of hot sex. We all sat around the bar watching all the hot sex on the t.v. About half way through the movie John said let me freshen everybody's drink and lets all go get in the hot tub. Kay looked over at me with a confused look on her face then at John and said we can't we didn't bring a bathing suit. John laughed and told her she didn't need a bathing suit that she was born in the best bathing suit she will ever have. We had never been nude in front of anybody since we had been married and Kay was a little shy. Lee laughed and told Kay come on lets go change in our room. After the girls left the room John and I headed out to the hot tub room. We stopped on the way to pick up some towels. I was glad that we were the first into the Jacuzzi. After watching the movie and with all the sexual tension in the air I had a throbbing erection and slipped into the Jacuzzi before anyone could see it. The water was great; John and I set in the hot churning water sipping our drinks and waited for the girls. A few minutes latter Lee and Kay came in wearing bathrobes. Kay looked down at me smiled and let her robe fall to the floor. Stood there in the nude for a moment and then climbed down into the Jacuzzi. John's eyes were glued to Kay's body as she got into the tub. Kay walked over and sat down between John and myself. She looked over at me and said "oh this feels good". Lee put a couple more logs into the wood burning stove while Kay was getting into the tub. After all three of us were in the tub Lee removed her robe and got in. She walked over to the far side of me and sat down. She looked over at me and asked what I thought, I told her that I was jealous that this was great and I wished we had one. We all made small talk and just relaxed together.

I didn't know what would happen or what to expect. We were closer than we had ever been to my fantasy but I didn't want to make the first move. I didn't know how far John and Lee wanted to take this and I didn't know if Kay really wanted to go through with it even if they did. What I did know is that I was extremely turned on. If nothing else I had seen Lee's nude body, I guess I could live with just that. But I would love to do more than just look at it.

I was deep in thought about the potential that tonight offered. Kay reached over under the churning water and took hold of my throbbing cock and began to stroke it. I looked over at her and she just smiled back at me. I was so excited I thought I might go into shock what if somebody saw what she was doing. Then I thought what the hell and reached over to feel her pussy. What I found was John's hand. He had a finger in her pussy and was giving it a good working over. I looked over and saw that Kay was also stroking John's cock as he was fingering her. My mind was about to explode my beautiful wife was stoking John's and my cock at the same time and she was being finger fucked by John while she was doing this.

I was flooded with more thoughts and emotions than I thought were possible. My mind was racing at an unbelievable rate. Then I felt another hand on my cock I looked over at Lee, she had slid over and now both her and Kay were stroking my cock. Lee looked over at Kay and asked if she was going to share or was she going to keep both of us to herself. Kay chuckled and told her to help herself, with that Kay gave my cock a final squeeze and let go of it. Lee stroked my cock and said "ummmmm this is nice". I might add that I am quite a bit larger than John. Lee straddled my lap facing me, I put both hand out and grabbed her by the ass and pulled her to me. She raised up and placed her breast at mouth level and I began to suck her large nipple. As I was paying attention to her breast she was rubbing her pussy up and down the length of my cock. She reached down and placed my cock at the opening of her pussy and slowly slid down on it.

I was lost in my own feelings and had lost track of what John and Kay were doing. I heard Kay start to moan I turned to see that she was sitting back and John was standing between her wide spread leg's fucking her with abandoned. She was resting her head on the edge of the tub and was deep in the throughs of passion. I had a rush of mixed emotions, my beautiful wife was being fucked for the first time in our married life by another man. I was fucking another woman for the first time in our married life and doing it in front of my wife. There was passion, jealousy and the feeling of doing something forbidden. All at the same time. It was hard to tell what was turning me on the most the sight of Kay fucking another man or Lee's hot wet pussy sliding up and down on my cock. I looked up at Lee and she smiled back at me. She bent down and kissed me driving her tongue deep into my mouth as I explored her mouth with my tong she began to suck on it. I knew that I couldn't last much longer and was trying to use every trick I knew not to cum yet but I knew it was a loosing battle. Just then Lee through her head back and started to moan I knew she was starting to cum and that I could hold back no longer. I pressed my cock into her as far as I could and held it there as wave after wave of passion rushed over me. Lee now had her arms wrapped around my neck and was holding on for all she was worth. She kept screaming yes, yes, shoot that cum into my pussy yessss it feels soooo gooood. I know it only lasted a minute or so but it seemed to go on forever. I felt like I must have pumped a quart of cum into her, I can't remember ever cumming that much.

As our passion slowly subsided Lee kept her arms rapt around my neck and held me tightly. Our breathing slowly started to return to normal and she told me that when I cum I really cum she could feel every time I squirted my cum into her pussy. She said that she had never had a cock as thick as mine and she loved it. I was brought back to reality by the water rustling beside us. When I turned to look John was getting out of the tub. Kay was standing and bent over and kissed me, she said they were going inside to freshen up their drinks. Both John and Kay started drying themselves and laughing together. As they left the hot tub room John reached over and placed his hand on Kay's ass as if it was the most natural thing in the world to do. And maybe it was because I was still sitting in the Jacuzzi with his wife on my lap and my cock still buried deep in her pussy. After Kay and John left Lee and I just relaxed for a few minutes. Then Lee reached behind me and grabbed a towel. She dried her hands and lit us both a cigarette being very careful not to dislodge herself from my cock, which was still resting in her pussy. She told me that she and John had wanted to do this for some time but didn't know how to approach us or how we would react to the idea. I laughed and told her that we had been doing the same thing.

I told her that it was everything that I had thought it would be and more. But I had one regret, that being that I hadn't had a chance to taste that hot wet pussy of hers. She laughed and said you will get you chance because I'm not through with you yet. With that she bent down and gave me a deep passionate kiss. She broke the kiss and said she could use a fresh drink how about me, I told her I'm with you. She slowly stood up and freed my cock from her pussy. We both got out of the Jacuzzi and started to dry off. Lee was standing with her legs slightly spread drying her hair when she looked down between her legs and started to laugh. Look at this she said, how much cum did you put in me. I looked down between her legs and could see my cum flowing out of her pussy and down her thighs. I laughed and told her enough to get the job done. We walked back into the house laughing and headed straight for the bar. I fixed us both a drink. As we sipped on our drinks it dawned on us both at about the same time that John and Kay weren't around. We both laughed and Lee said "let's go see what those two are up to".

We walked together into their bedroom. Kay was lying on the bed with John on top of her. Kay had her legs rapt around John's mid section and they were engaged in some serious fucking. From our vantage point at the foot of the bed we could clearly see John's cock sliding in and out of Kay's pussy. It was one of the biggest turn ons I think I have ever saw.

I was fixated with the sight of John fucking Kay and just stood there watching. Lee reached over and grabbed my towel pulling it off. My cock was standing at full attention and she said "that is what I like to see, now I want to taste that beautiful thing". With that she got down on her knees in front of me and started to lick the length of my cock. She slowly sucked first one of my balls then the other. I leaned back against their dresser to hold myself up as Lee did her magic on my dick and balls.

I was enjoying the sight of John and Kay fucking as Lee slowly engulfed my cock with her mouth. I could feel my cock slide slowly into her throat and then she slowly slid back off of it just keeping the head in her mouth. Kay gives great head but this had to be one of the best blowjobs I had ever had. With the action on the bed and Lees talented mouth she was bringing me to the brink much faster than I had expected. I told Lee to slow down or I was going to cum. She looked up at me and smiled and said "that is the idea". Then went back to giving my cock her full attention. I couldn't take it any longer I grabbed her on both sides of her head and started fucking her mouth. Lee reached down between her legs and stuck her finger in her pussy. After fingering herself and getting her finger wet with her juices she reached behind me and slowly worked her finger into my ass. It didn't take long and I was pumping my seed into this lovely woman's throat. She did her best to swallow every drop but some of my cum was slipping out of the corners of her mouth and down her chin. Lee looked back up at me and smiled then took her fingers, retrieved the excess cum and sucked her fingers clean. She looked back up at me and said "ummmmm finger licken good". I told her she was a nut and lifted her back to a standing position and kissed her. I could taste the salty cum that I had just deposited in her mouth.

I broke off the kiss and told Lee that it was now my turn to taste her pussy. She smiled and said "be my guest". We went to the far side of the bed and Lee lay down and spread her legs. I kissed and licked my way from her breast down to that lovely pussy. I started by licking the outer lips then I licked her slit from base to clit. I stuck my tongue out as far as it would go and started to fuck her with my tongue. I worked on Lee's pussy until my jaws were starting to hurt. She reached down and grabbed my head and held it to her pussy. I could tell she was getting close to cumming. I sucked her clit into my mouth and began to suck on it. While I was doing this I worked first one then two fingers into her pussy. As I sucked on her clit I continued to fuck her with two fingers. She pushed her pussy against my face and screamed that she was communing. There was a flood of juices from her pussy. I let go of her clit and tried to lap up as much as I could.

Lee pulled me back up and kissed me, still coming down from her orgasm. As I slid up her body my cock slid into her pussy like it was the most natural thing in the world. John and Kay had just finished and were lying together trying to catch their breath. Lee whispered into my ear and asked if Kay was bi. I told her that she has never been with another woman and has never expressed any interest why. Lee said that she hadn't either but she was so hot she wanted to do something. I ask her what she had in mind. She looked into my eyes and then leaned up and whispered I want to eat John's cum out of Kay's pussy while you fuck me from behind. I told her that I thought she should just try it, don't ask. If she starts eating Kay and Kay is willing to continue I'll be right behind her in more ways than one. I rolled over on the far side of Lee leaving Lee next to Kay. I made the statement that I've got to rest for a minute. John got up and excused himself and went to the restroom. Lee looked over at Kay and asked her if she was having fun. Kay giggled and said she was indeed having a very good time. Lee rolled over on her side facing Kay and said oh I'm so glad, I know that the boys are having the time of their lives. As Lee was talking to Kay she placed her hand on Kay's thigh. Lee said you are so beautiful I know that John has wanted to fuck you for years now. Kay laughs and said, "I hope he enjoyed it I know I did".

As Lee talked to Kay she continued to message her thigh. Then Lee said you are so hot I can feel the heat from your pussy from here. Kay giggled and said I don't think it's that hot. Kay was still lying on her back with her legs slightly spread in a relaxed sort of way. Lee propped herself up on one elbow and looked down at Kay's pussy. Kay shaves her pubic hair in the shape of a heart. Lee saw this for the first time and told Kay that is so cool. When did you start doing that. Kay told her she just got bored one day and tried it. Lee moved a little closer to take a better look at Kay's "heart" and said you are going to have to show me how to do that. Lee then moved her hand from Kay's thigh and placed it lightly on Kay's pubic hair. "I can't get over this", Lee said, "I want one". Kay told her it's not that hard I'll help you if you would like. Lee told her that would be great. Lee ask Kay to spread her legs just a little so she could get a better idea of how she shaped it. Lee was now sitting up near Kay's waist. Kay smiled and spread her legs a little more so Lee could see her heart better.

Lee looked down at Kay's now exposed pussy and said, "oh my you have been having a good time your lips are all red and swollen." With that Lee reached down and ran her fingers over Kay's pussy lips. Then she looked back at Kay and said you are still so wet. Lee took two fingers and spread Kay's pussy lips apart and rubbed her clit. Then she inserted her middle finger into Kay's pussy. Kay moaned as Lee slowly worked her middle finger in and out of her pussy. Lee then removed her middle finger and inserted her index and next finger into Kay. Kay now had her head laid back with her eyes closed and was moaning softly. Lee slowly moved between Kay's thighs. Kay spread her leg's wide to accommodate her. Lee was careful not to remove her fingers from Kay's pussy. Kay's was breathing faster and deeper it was evident that she was enjoying what was happening to her. Lee lowered her head down to Kay's crotch and started to lick her clit. Kay let out a sharp breath and a moan as Lee's tongue danced over her clit. Lee then removed her fingers from Kay's pussy and placed both hands under Kay's ass lifting her a little. Then she went to work driving her tong as deep as she could in Kay's pussy. From the sounds that Kay was making I could tell it wouldn't take long before she had another earth shaking orgasm. I couldn't take any more I had to have some relief for my throbbing cock. I moved behind Lee who was kneeling with her ass in the air. I rubbed my cock up and down Lee's dripping pussy and slid it all the way in with one thrust. I began to fuck Lee from behind with all the strength I could muster.

John returned from the bathroom and saw the action on the bed. He watched for a couple of minutes and then moved to the head of the bed and placed his cock in front of Kay's mouth. She had her eyes closed and was oblivious to him being there. John eased forward and touched Kay's lips with the head of his cock. She opened her eyes and saw him standing there. She reached up and took hold of his cock and engulfed it into her mouth all the way to the base. Kay gave John one of the best blowjobs he had ever had. While Lee ate her pussy and I fucked Lee. Kay was the first to cum follow in short order by Lee. John could hold back no more and filled Kay's mouth with his hot cum. We all fell into a heap on the bed for a well deserved rest.

I must have fallen asl**p because the next thing I can remember was a warm mouth on my cock. I opened my eyes to find Kay giving me one of her best blowjobs. When she had my cock once again at full staff she moved up and kissed me and told me that she loved me. I rolled her over on her back and moved between her wide spread legs thrusting my cock into her with one move. We must have fucked for at least an hour during which time she came twice and I came for the fourth time that night.

Since that night we have had many swinging experiences and have remained close friends with John and Lee. But nothing has had quite the impact or the thrill of that first time. It has sold us on the lifestyle and the fun the can be had with close friends. Kay and I are still very much in love and have been able to separate fucking for the pleasure of it and making love.
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First Photos - A True Story

First Photos

I am a lucky, lucky man. I met Brenda when she was just a young woman. I really didn't pay any attention because I thought she was really a couple years younger than she looked. I thought she was still too young, but that soon changed.

Brenda had just starting dating a friend of mine, a guy on my softball team. We kind have run the same social circles. I was just one of the older members of the group and she was one of the younger. As time past, she and my friend had some bumps in the road and she called me to ask advise being that I was older. I didn't want to get involved in their issues, but we talked and I though it was the end of the two of us talking.

A couple of days later Brenda called again to tell me thank you. She and my friend were going their separate ways and she just wanted to talk. The next day, she called again. Before we knew it, we had become good friends, but not lovers yet.

Brenda lived a very, very sheltered life. In addition to my friend, she had dated only one other boy. Although she is an intelligent woman, she was extremely naïve about the real world. We started dating and she wanted to explore romance.

From the time Brenda and I met and until we had started dating, Brenda had transformed from a schoolgirl into a blossoming young woman. Brenda face had smooth white china doll skin and she had the most beautiful big deep brown eyes. Her body had also changed. She had been a cross-country runner in high school and her legs were tone and shapely. Most noticeable about Brenda though were how her breasts grew to ample 36 C cups, almost D cups.

Being the boob man I am, I couldn't wait for the opportunity to get my hands on them. I especially couldn't wait to get a look at them. The virgin Brenda had let her two previous boyfriends touch, look and kiss them, but each of them only got to do this a couple of times. Again, Brenda was young and naïve and had told me all about her previous experiences so I took my time. Fortunately for me, I didn't have to wait long.

We had been actively dating for a couple of weeks and were sitting in church one Sunday, the same church both of our families attended. She leaned over and whispered, "Let's leave."

I remember that night like it was yesterday. We slipped out of church and she suggested that we go to my place. I was in between places as I took the opportunity to rent out my home and I was staying with my parents. We both knew the house would be empty. We arrived and went straight to my room. Brenda was in a white blouse, a black skirt, black nylons and black heels. She was absolutely stunning!

She kicked off her shoes and we began to kiss. We had made-out in the car a couple times before, but this was the first time together on a bed. The heated passion grew quickly and after my kisses made their way to her neck, something that really gets her going, I slowly began to unbutton that white blouse. We stopped kissing and Brenda watched my facial expressions and me. One button, then two, the third and soon all of them were undone.

I made eye contact with Brenda as I undocked her blouse from her skirt. Brenda pulled her blouse off and tossed it and I helped her remove her camisole. I tried to keep eye contact while figuring if her bra clasped in the front or in the back. Brenda sat-up straighter and stretch a little giving me the opportunity to see the snap in the middle of her two large cups. There she was, my beautiful Brenda in a lacy white bra with her smooth white skin and firm belly. I took my time and returned to kissing her. I knew our time was somewhat limited, but I didn't want to rush this beautiful young woman.

The passion heated again as my fingers made their way to that centered clasp. I kissed my way down her neck and lightly to her cleavage. I again made eye contact, but this time only for a moment, as I was ready to see her marvelous breast. I used both hands and unhooked the clasp and stared as I slowly pulled the cups away from the loveliest breast I had ever seen, or have seen to date, twenty-seven years later.

They were beautiful! Her large firm breast just stayed there. These two mountains of flesh were capped with large, soft pink areolas that peaked with perk nipples. I already knew I loved Brenda, and now I had two more reasons to add to that love. Before I touched her big beautiful breast, I hovered above one of them and gently kissed one of her magnificent nipples. I then made my way to the second and again kissed the nipple at the peak. I kissed it again, and then again and then again. I opened my mouth and slowly sucked as much of her breast into my mouth as I could and gently sucked. I allowed the big beautiful breast to slip from my mouth and I moved up Brenda's sexy body and lightly kissed her on the lips before repeating my kissing and sucking on her other breasts.

It was then that it hit me, take a picture. I quickly stood and told her to wait and not move. I ran and got my dad's Polaroid camera and returned to my room. I said I needed a picture and Brenda just smiled. I pointed the camera and snapped one photo and returned the camera.

By the time I returned, the time one had to wait for a Polaroid of that era was almost over. Brenda remained topless on my bed while we waited. Finally I peeled back the photo and I realized I had captured Brenda's beautiful face and exquisite breasts. Additionally, her sexy shapely legs clad in black nylons as she had propped herself up on her arms was the sexiest photo ever.

Brenda, being the k** she was, wanted to see. I laid back on the bed and put my arm around her and pulled her bare breast to the side of my bare chest and we looked at the photo together. We kissed some more and yes, I gave her breast a lot of attention before it was time to make ourselves presentable before anyone arrived home.

Helping place Brenda's firm breasts back into her lacy bra was almost as exciting and removing them. Once dressed, I secured my prized photo and we left. Over the next couple of weeks, I became more and more familiar with Brenda's big beautiful breasts.

Two weeks to the day, it was my suggestion that we slip out of church. Brenda willingly agreed. This time there was no casual stroll to the car or questions about what we were going to do; we were quickly on our way to my house and my room.

Once at the house there was no slow, passionate build-up or gentle touching, it was more a****listic. Our tongues were buried into each other's throats even before the front door was closed. Brenda's dress was off about the time we stepped into my room. We kissed passionately as her bra soon followed. I pushed Brenda onto my bed. She was wearing white pantyhose with pink bikini panties on underneath.

I wasted no time in rolling her pantyhose down her hips and off her legs. My thumbs slid into the waistband of her pink panties and now I slowed things down a bit. This was going to be my first time to see Brenda naked and I wanted a mental imagine that would last forever. I peeled her panties passed her well-trimmed bush and while slowly pulling them down her thighs she lost her patience with me and grabbed them and kicked them off her legs.

Brenda took over as she guided me between her legs that she was spreading. Brenda's sweet pussy was before me and I wasted no time allowing my tongue to find its way between her love lips. The a****listic behavior returned and Brenda shoved her pussy at me as her juices covered my face. Minutes later, well maybe only a minute later, Brenda was cuming on my face. She came once, again and then again. She then pushed my face away and said no more, "I can't take it anymore!"

I kissed my way up Brenda's tight sexy body and asked her if I could again take her picture. A smile came across her face and she said, "Sure."

Almost like before, I soon was aiming the camera at my young sexy and naked girlfriend. Brenda is sexy when in clothes, I can't describe how much sexier she looks out of them.

The anticipation of waiting for the second sexy photo to be ready was as exciting as the first one. To this day I don't know how I was able to hold the camera so steady and snap photos of such a sexy woman. We had decided to not have sex until we were married, so one can only imagine the pent up hormones racing through my body with such a tremendously sexy woman lying naked on my bed before me.

I hide the second photo with the first one. Of course I was so proud of them that I wanted to share them with the world, but I didn't. Over the next year Brenda presented her sexy body for me many times, but the opportunity never presented itself that we could capture her beauty on film. She only allowed the first two because the camera was a Polaroid, as she didn't want anyone else develop the film.

Brenda is a conservative woman, even to this day. Back them she would never leave home without having her body covered and she always worn a bra. She hasn't changed much except there are days she will go braless. Finally the day came and we were married.

The lovemaking and getting to sl**p with my naked bride on our honeymoon was wonderful. We stayed in a nice hotel our first married night together and headed to the airport for a Hawaiian honeymoon the very next day. I tried to talk Brenda into going braless, but she wouldn't.

Halfway on the flight between LAX and Honolulu, Brenda returned from the restroom and discreetly showed me her bra as she quickly put in her purse. Yes, I had the "mile-high" thoughts, but that didn't happen. Once Brenda was back in her seat and covered with a blanket, I did get to fondle her braless tits under the blanket as we flew to our destination.

Brenda remained braless for the remainder of the flight until it was time to descend. Even though I asked her to leave it off, she wasn't raised that way and said she couldn't. She rushed to the planes restroom and put her bra back on. I was disappointed, but things sometimes have a way that it just works out.

About an hour later I was carrying Brenda over the threshold of our room at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki Beach. I had booked our honeymoon on a package plan, one in which they handled all of our baggage. We had our room and our notice indicated that we wouldn't have our luggage for a couple of hours, so as any normal newlywed couple we used that time to make love.

After an hour of being naked between the sheets, Brenda stayed naked. I even commented to her about how exciting it would be for if our luggage was delivered while we were in the throws of passion and she just laughed. I told her she was so beautiful and so sexy I would love to show her body off, but nothing doing from her on that subject.

In my carryon bag I carried my camera. Brenda was walking naked around the room so I went to retrieve my camera. Brenda had turned on the TV and was sitting naked on the floor in front of it. Before she knew what was happening, I snapped a photo of her in that position. She wasn't mad about it, but was concerned about where I was going to have the film developed.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and Brenda ran into the bathroom while our luggage was delivered. After the bellman left, Brenda came out and started putting things away. I had slipped on a pair of shorts to answer the door, but removed them once Brenda came out of the bathroom. It just seemed so natural to stay in the nude.

We decided to go enjoy the beach and Brenda told me she had a surprise for me. I tried to coax it out of her, but she wouldn't budge. She went into the bathroom with one of her bags. A few minutes later she emerged wearing a beach cover-up and flip-flops. I had changed into my bathing suit and we made our way to the beach behind the hotel.

Once we were on the sand, Brenda spread her towel and I did the same next to her. She looked at me and asked, "Are you ready for your surprise?"

I was and Brenda pulled the cover-up from her splendid body and she stood there in a bikini, her first bikini ever. She quickly knelt, as she didn't want to call any attention to herself, that's just the way she was. I told her how sexy she looked, as she did!

I especially enjoyed her bikini as she had me apply suntan lotion on her exposed skin. This was the most skin Brenda had ever displayed in public.

We stayed on the beach for just over an hour and thought is was time to get ready for dinner. Again, as newlyweds do, we showered together and had sex while in the shower. Ole, those were the days!

Brenda dressed for dinner and when she went to put on her bra I asked her to go without it. She hesitated and said, "Why not, we don't know anybody here."

I was in paradise! I was married to one of the prettiest and sexiest women in the world and she was going to go braless. She put on some trendy shorts for the time and a tank-top shirt. There was nothing to the imagination that she was braless. As I opened the hotel room door to leave, Brenda grabbed her lightweight jacket and of course put it on. She could sense my disappointment so she took it off and carried it. I guess the big smile on my face let her know how pleased she made me.

We walked though the hotel and out to a crowded bus stop. As we walked and waited for the bus, I noticed many men check out my beautiful, sexy wife and I was so proud. The bus arrived and it was so crowded that only a few people were allowed on, so we decided to walk. We walked a few blocks and finally settled on a restaurant. We enjoyed our meal and walked back to the hotel afterwards. Brenda wore the jacket on the way back to the hotel as it was a little cooler, but I really think that it was that she was embarrassed about her hard nipples poking through the thin tank top.

Once in our room, Brenda went to fix herself and to put on another one of the baby doll nighties. She had a large bridal shower and received several gifts that I guess were really intended for me. Our first night together she had worn a nice peach colored baby doll outfit and tonight she came out in a sheer white ensemble of sheer white panties with the sheer white top. I really don't understand the purpose because they didn't stay on long.

We were both soon naked making passionate love. Afterwards I told her I wanted to take a picture of her in her nightie. She said, "Only if you promise me that you will find someplace to have the film develop where they don't know us."

I promised and she put just the top back on. I snapped one photo and we talked about what other nighties she had brought. Over the next half hour, Brenda played fashion model in each of her nighties, except for the one she had worn on our first night together so I never got a photo of her in it. She did allow me to take one picture of her in each of the nighties.

The next few days Brenda became more liberated about her need to wear a bra. She even flashed her boobs to me a couple of times, once while I was driving. I reached for the camera and she did it again and it was memorized on film.

The last night we were in Hawaii Brenda did something that surprised both of us. As she was getting ready she stepped into a shorts suit that was a pair of shorts with a bib type front to it. She wanted to fix her make-up before putting on her t-shirt so she just fastened the bib top while she stood in front of the mirror. She was gorgeous and oh so sexy! I don't know how it happened, but I suggested that she just go like that to dinner.

We had been in Hawaii for a week, just enough time to give Brenda's skin the combination sunburn-tanned red/brown glow. She was wearing white sandals, red nail polish on both her hands and cute feet and, white with red patterned shorts with attached bib top. Her back, shoulders and arms were bare and from the sides I could easily see the sides of her big beautiful breasts. Over the course of the evening I got many glimpse of part of her nipple. Additionally, the bib top only went mid-breast high and whenever she would lean forward or being that I'm so much taller than her, I could see the tops of her entire breasts, including her nipples. And it wasn't only me it was everyone else too.

Heads were spinning before we got through the hotel lobby and that type of attention continued as we walked the main street to the restaurant we had already chosen for our last night on the island. The service we receive was impeccable. Our water glasses were never empty and each person attending to our table got any eyeful of Brenda's big beautiful breasts. "Heaven! I think I'm in Heaven," played in my mind.

On the way back to our hotel one guy stopped directly in front of Brenda and stared down her little bib top. The woman with him, his wife I assume, punched him. Until she got his attention I don't think he realized what he was doing. I felt so proud and couldn't wait to get back to our room and make love to my beautiful sexy wife that on that one night allowed me to show her sexy charm to others! Even to this day I kick myself for not taking a picture of Brenda dressed that way in public.

Two nights later we were to meet our families at her parents house to open the many wedding gifts that had been brought to the church. We are so blessed! It so happens that Brenda wore the same outfit, but with a shirt this time and her mother scolded her for not being modest. I just laughed on the inside.

Prior to meeting with out families, I went to a photo-processing center not far from the house so we could share the island photos with the families. This was the mid-eighties and one-hour photo processing centers were just becoming popular. I waited while the two guys and one young woman went about their duties processing film. I was sitting looking at a magazine and saw one of the guys call the other over to his work site. The expression on their face indicated to me that they were looking at my photos of Brenda. They even called the woman over and she looked up at me and gave me a big smile. When the one guy brought me my seven envelopes of honeymoon photos he said, "You have some really good photos!”

I told him I had just returned from my honeymoon and was going straight to my in-laws to show them. He said, "You aren't going to show them all of them are you?"

I laughed and told him I was going to pull the more private ones out before I even get out of the parking lot. He said that some of them he had to adjust the color and reprinted them for me before he gave them to me. I raise an eyebrow and he said not to worry, as he would destroy them so no one would see them. I'm glad he didn't see my hard-on as I realized that he had made a copy for himself. I smiled and hurried to my car.

Once in the car, I sorted though the photos and would pause to admire the dozen or so special photos I had of Brenda. I pulled those and placed them in the trunk of my car for safekeeping. And of course I have never told Brenda about the second set of prints.

Over the next few years, Brenda only allowed me to snap very few sexy pictures of her. One year for a wedding anniversary present she did take the honeymoon photos and the few others and made me a little book. She also made me promise that I wouldn't show it to anyone, and I haven't. That is I haven't shown it to anyone, but maybe the work desk drawer where I once kept the special photo book wasn't always closed real well.

Once we moved into the digital age, Brenda freely flashes her big beautiful breast to me and allows me to sap many pictures of them. And even though Brenda's sexy body has changed so much through the years, I still think her 38 Double D's are the sexiest breast in the world! If you would like to see a pic, we can exchange one of mine for one of yours.
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Two couples first time

Both couples were nervous, but especially the women. Both men had fantasized about this, but never thought it would actually ever happen. Neither one of the men could even pinpoint when the fantasy of sharing their wife with another man first entered their mind, but the time for this fantasy to come true was drawing near.

The odds of this occasion even happening was infinitesimally small. Dan and John were the first two to make contact and over the internet of all places. They had both found it exciting posting their respective wife on the web. They both were similar in that they posted their wife because they were proud of them, and wanted to show them off. Both of the wives were attractive and remarkably fit for their age. Dan’s wife, Kim, was 43 and a mom of two but her shape showed no signs of c***dbirth. She looked better than most 20 year olds at the country club pool. Kim was five and a half feet tall, 120 lbs with solid legs, a firm ass and flat stomach. Her slender fame carried her B cup breasts very naturally. All of the lifeguards at the pool knew her by name, but referred to her privately as Milf Kim. Kim’s pussy was shaved bare so her blonde hair was only apparent as it fell softly on her shoulders.

John’s wife was a bit older just turning 51, but was a head turner as well. Dawn had dark hair also shoulder length, and was apparent both on her shoulders and on her pussy as she kept her pussy hairs groomed well with just a small patch of dark hair covering her mound. She would have shaved it clean, but John preferred the small patch of hair. He liked to snuggle the patch while he ate her out with her hairs often glistening as they held her juices.

John and Dan had been sharing wife pictures with occasional chats for almost a year. At first they kept their correspondences secret from their wives, but with time they both decided to share their common interests with their spouses. The ladies were not thrilled at first with the two men sharing private pics and stories, but with time they realized it was innocent fun for the men. Both women grew to like being ‘displayed proudly’ by their man. They had both worked hard at keeping their figures attractive with diet and exercise so having their husbands posting them, although anonymously, gave them a sense of accomplishment. They also like the attention they got from their many fans. They both liked knowing their hard work was noticed and made their husbands proud.

Slowly, over the course of the year that Dan and John had been talking, the women also became involved. Just chit chats at first, but through both men’s encouragement the women became more and more involved both with each other and with the men. The women felt awkward at first with their sexual conversations with the other’s spouse, but both men were able to convince the wives they were ok with it, and actually liked the thrill of knowing their wives were being turned on by another man.

As the year past and as the conversations became more frequent, the women became comfortable with the other husband and wife. Soon the wives were sharing secrets among themselves, and although they had never met they were becoming quite close. With many of the conversations discussing sexual issues the woman eventually put their guard down, and even discussed the two of them sharing intimate moments. The men continued to share pics of their wives, and often stories were discussed about the four of them getting together. Stories at first revolved around the two couples performing sexual acts in the same room and just watching the other couple, but over time the men often talked about sharing their wife with the other. Both men shared with each other their wife’s favorite sexual points, and their imaginations often took them to imagine fucking the other man’s spouse. Both men liked knowing they had a hot wife, and found the interest in their wife exciting.

After a year of frequent contact both couples had discussed perhaps meeting and seeing if their dirtiest secrets could be acted upon. Both couples became comfortable with each other and a level of trust had formed. Both were sharing pics showing face, and both couples trusted that these most intimate pics would always remain private. Most importantly a connection had formed between the four of them. The men found the wives attractive and vice versa. The men had always spoke of sharing their wife with the other. This talk was both exciting yet nervous for both. How would they respond afterwards knowing their wife was just pleased by another? Would jealousy set in? Now would each wonder who their spouse was fucking whenever she was 15 minutes late?

The men had talked it out among themselves at great length. The sharing of wives needed to be kept private, and done with mutual respect. Neither man was interested in degrading the other man nor his wife. Although they may be passed around the women still need to be treated with respect. “While you are fucking my wife remember she is still my wife. If you try to fuck her in the ass, and she says ‘no’ then you stop immediately.” Fuck her with respect, but fuck her well!

The women were talking as well amongst themselves. They couldn’t figure out what the guy’s ‘angle was’? Did they just want a new piece of ass? Why share your wife with another man then? Why get her involved at all? The woman understood the interest in fucking in front of another couple. They really didn’t agree with it, but they at least could understand it. The two women would watch videos on various porn sites trying to get a better understanding, but they just couldn’t understand the sharing idea. They just couldn’t understand why men want their woman ladies out in public, but whores in the bedroom. For the women a whore is a whore, but for the men it was totally different. Men want their wife to be respected in public. They want their wives to be good moms, and to be both treated well and respected by the public. But when the light goes off, or stays on for that matter, and the door is locked all men want their wives slutty, and just for them. Unless, of course, they decide another man could enter their den. John and Dan had come to an agreement. They both wanted the same thing, and no longer viewed the other man as competition. They had agreed to share what they had and loved.

As strange as it may sound they were doing it for the women too. Dan wanted to see Kim being pleasured by John. Not pleasured better, but different. Dan knew that he was a good lover so it wasn’t about that, and the same went for John. He pleasured Dawn every time they had sex, so it wasn’t about that for him either. They both wanted to see the look of sexual satisfaction on their wife’s face as they were being pleasured by another. Dan and John were both willing to give their wife sexual freedom to be pleasured by another. Likewise, they both looked forward to sharing the most intimate moment with the others wife.

All four had agreed that this would happen only with the other couple, and only if all were in agreement. If one person did not feel comfortable, the whole thing was off. After spending a year talking via email and exchanging pictures both couples felt pretty comfortable already, but they wondered if there would be chemistry when they finally met. Both couples agreed to meet for dinner and drinks with the strict understanding that this meeting would end in drinks and nothing whatsoever would happen no matter how well they were getting along. No sex on the first meeting was paramount. All four agreed that this introduction was for the best, and that they needed to feel the right chemistry for the next meeting to be more intimate.

John and Dawn picked the restaurant, one of their favorites. They requested a particular booth with a high back to it for added privacy. John had brought a special bottle of wine to share, 1989 Chateau Gruaud Larose, knowing that Dan and Kim were French wine lovers. When he dropped the bottle off that afternoon at the restaurant, he spoke with the waiter that would be assigned to them that evening. He explained that the other couple were old college friends who had been separated and were trying to make things right and re-connect, and that he would prefer less service than more. The waiter understood and would keep his distance. Dinner reservations were at 8:30 only a few hours away.

As both couples prepared for their ‘date’ there was both a sense of excitement and trepidation. The excitement obviously revolved around finally meeting the other couple for the first time. With all the emails, picture swapping, and honest conversation over the past year both couples hardly felt as strangers. In fact, they felt more like old friends excited about getting reacquainted. What if there wasn’t any chemistry? What if the past years communications didn’t hold up in person? What if there were no ‘spark’? And the worst of all…what if one couple felt a connection but the other didn’t, and they had to be told ‘no thank you’. The two couples were connected enough that peoples feelings could get hurt and the previous years excitement could all come crashing to a halt.

Back at the hotel Dan and Kim were getting ready. The restaurant was nice but casual, so Dan had decided to wear a nice pair of jeans, Italian boots, and a nice cashmere sweater. Dan and Kim picked out her outfit together. Dan was pretty calm, but as time grew nearer Kim was getting more and more excited and that surprised her. She was excited about getting ready to go meet a man that she may end up fucking. No man other than Dan had seen her naked in 20 years and suddenly she was about to meet a new fuck buddy.

Kim’s outfit consisted of knee high black boots, a tight fitting black skirt, and a white cotton sweater. They had both decided that she would wear a bra, but no panties just in case things were going really well and she wanted to leave John with a parting ‘tease’ shot of her shaved pussy.

Dawn had similar ideas. As she prepared for the night John picked out his favorite outfit for her. A beige tight fitting cocktail mini dress. Spaghetti straps on the front and a laced mostly open back with black heals. The dress was sleeveless showing off Dawn’s muscular arms, and the heels lifted her ass and highlighted her calf muscles. He wore jeans as well with an Italian shirt, and snakeskin cowboy boots. They kissed and held hands as they walked to the car. Both sat quietly as they made the short drive to the restaurant.

Dawn and John were the first to arrive, and asked the waiter for the bottle of Gruaud Larose to be brought to the table. As they were e****ted to their booth every man in the restaurant took a look at Dawn. Her black hair fell in sharp contrast to her beige dress. She had purposely bought the dress one size too small so it fit tight, and further emphasized her firm breasts. Her ass and legs looked magnificent to the point that even woman in the restaurant were noticing.

When Dan and Kim arrived they were e****ted promptly to the booth.

Once the four were introduced all fears were calmed and tensions immediately evaporated. Dan and John shook hands, smiled, and made their introductions.

“John, I would like to introduce you to my wife, Kim” John smiled, and kissed her softly on the cheek. “Very nice to meet you. You look even more beautiful than I imagined”, he said softly.

Kim smiled and nodded in approval of his kind words.

“I would like to introduce you both to my wife, Dawn.”

Dawn put her hand out to Dan. “I see John picked his favorite outfit for you to wear tonight. You look amazing” Dan held her hand and kissed it softly.

“Let’s have a seat shall we and get comfortable. I’ll have the waiter bring over a nice Bordeaux we can share while we look over the menu.”

All four sat down and began to chat. Both wives held their husbands hands as both couples became familiar with each other.

Dawn noticed Dan’s blue eyes and his gentle, warming smile immediately. Dan took notice of her slender figure and her long legs. John was immediately drawn to Kim’s soft blonde hair and her beautiful face. Kim noticed and like John’s larger frame. John easily stood over 6 feet tall and was a fit 225 lbs. Dan was just under 6 feet and weighed 170lbs. Kim was drawn to John’s larger frame.

As dinner continued conversation grew much easier and was naturally relaxed. As the two couples mingled everything seemed normal and comfortable. It was a little awkward at the beginning of dinner with both couples focusing too much on the thought of fucking each other. Once they put that out of their mind all four were able to relax and talk comfortably. Both couples knew a lot about the other couple from their previous year of chatting. The two couples felt like old friends as if they had known each other for years.

As dinner was finishing up, and with the comfortable discussion from everyone Dan spoke up.

“How does everyone feel about skipping dessert and heading out for a drink so we can continue the evening?”

“That sounds fantastic! Kim, I have to use the restroom. How about you?” Dawn asked.

“Yes, that sounds good. Gentleman, Dawn and I will be right back.”

Both men stood so the ladies could exit the booth.

“This night is going about as good as expected. Don’t you think?” Dan asked

“I don’t know how it could possibly be any better. Everyone is getting along wonderfully. Conversation is easy and your wife looks amazing. Did you pick out her outfit or did she?”

“We kind of picked it out together. I knew you would like it. She went sans panties just in case things were going well so she could give you a pussy shot at the end of the night. And Dawn is beautiful. This could be a fun night!”

“Hey you know the rules. Dinner and conversation only for tonight.”

“I know the rules, but would have ever guessed it would be going so smoothly?”

“I’ll admit it is going better than I had expected. The ladies feel quite comfortable with each other. I was afraid that wouldn’t happen”

“Tell you what. Let me site by Dawn and you sit by Kim when we get to the bar.”

“Alright. It will be fun to see how the women react to that.

With that the ladies came out of the restroom, and the four drove in one car to a local bar. Upon entering the bar the gentleman scoped out a booth on the far end of the room, and the four proceeded that way. The ladies were walking ahead of the men and arrived first. Dawn got in on one side and Kim on the other. Dan scooted in next to Dawn, and John next to Kim.

“What do we have hear?” Dawn asked as Dan nudged in close.

“Dan and I thought this would help stimulate the conversation.” John said as he closed in by Kim

“Both Kim and I thought the conversation was going fine, but if it’s alright with Kim I guess I’m alright with it too”

“I’ll be alright with it as soon as I get a drink in my hand” Kim said with a smile. With that Dan motioned for the waitress. Within minutes all four had drinks in our hands.

“Not that I’m complaining but this is against the ‘first night date’ rules”, Dawn said with a bit of a smirk

“Rules are nice to follow if needed, but remember rules are meant to be broken” Dan quipped back. “Let me just say that if anyone is uncomfortable with anything that is happening now or the direction this night is heading just say the word and the rules will be honored.” With that Dan raised his drink and said “Or, if the night is going well and everyone is comfortable where this is headed I say we give a toast and relax. The night will work itself out”

Kim and Dawn looked across the table at each other, raised their eyebrows, let out a small smile in agreement and both raised their glasses to meet Dan’s. John quickly raised his to meet the other three, and the toast was official.

“Good. It looks like we are all in agreement. Let’s just relax and have some fun.” Dan said as he rested his hand on Dawn’s knee.

Kim noticed the hand, as well as John and for a brief moment Dan could feel tension, so he quickly removed his hand and excused himself to the restroom. When he returned John’s hand was on Kim’s knee, and everything seemed fine. As he climbed back in the booth Dawn scooted and adjusted her knee so Dan had easy access which he quickly took advantage of. Now that each man had his hand on the other wife’s knee the conversations turned more private with both newly formed couples talking and sharing amongst themselves. As the night went on both couples moved closer and closer. The ladies’ skirts allowed easy access from the knee to the inner thigh and both men took advantage of this freedom. The ladies loved the attention, and all four were feeling casual with one another.

After a couple of hours and several drinks John finally was ready to move this night to the next step.

“Listen I’m having a wonderful time and would be happy to stay here, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in having our last drink for the night at the Ritz?”

“The Ritz? You have a room at the Ritz? So much for our rules”, Dawn replied.

“I do have a room. I was going to surprise Dawn with it. I thought it would be just for the two of us, but things have changed, and now I’m really glad I have it.” John said as he took the last sip of his drink.

“Here Here ! You are a good man John. I had every intention of honoring our pact so I did not get a room. I am so glad you did though. If everyone is ready to go let’s settle up with the waitress and head to the Ritz.”

The four climbed in the car and took the short drive to the Ritz where they valeted the car, and headed upstairs to their room.

“I’m sure you two want to freshen up, so why don’t the ladies use the restroom, and Dan and I will make another drink and turn on some music.

After a few minutes both ladies came out of the restroom, and looked fantastic. Dawn sat next to Dan on the loveseat and Kim next to John on the sofa.

Both ladies sat with their backs to the men’s chest as they sat angled on the furniture.

“Everyone ok?” Dan asked.

The four looked around the room at each other, smiled, the ladies laid their heads back on chest of the men, and agreed that everything was fine.

Both men looked at each other and smiled. They knew they were about to get fucked by a new woman in almost 20 years, and they were going to be able to see their wife get fucked by another man as well. Both men had wrapped their arms around their new woman. Dan watched John slide his hand under Kim’s sweater and began massaging her breast.

Dan offered some advice from across the room. “She likes her nipples squeezed and tugged, John. Do you have any pointers for me?”

John thought a moment while he fondled Kim’s breasts. Kim could feel John’s erection growing against her back. “When you finger fuck her, use two or even three fingers. She likes her pussy stretched tight.”

Dan whispered in her ear, “Is that true? How many fingers would you like inside you?”

“Start with two, but I know you’ll end up with three in me.” Dan’s hands were rubbing the inside of Dawn’s thighs, her stomach, as well as her breasts.

John tugged at Kim’s sweater and asked “Are you ready to take this off?” Kim froze for a moment. Her husband of almost 20 years was sitting 10 feet away with another woman in his arms, and Kim was about to expose her breasts to another man for the first time in 20 years.

“Dan are you alright with this? With me taking my top off for John?”

Dan had been kissing Dawn’s neck, but stopped when he heard his voice. “I’m totally fine with it if you are. Do you feel the same rush as do right now? She nodded yes as she parted her lips. “Then honey, yes take off your top.” With Dan’s permission she leaned forward off John’s chest and raised her arms above her head. John removed her top in one motion.

All eyes were on Kim as she sat there with John straddling her. John looked at her breasts with a teenage boys excitement. Dan looked with both excitement and anxiety. He was about to watch another man make love to his wife, and Dawn looked on with curiosity to see John’s reaction.

“It’s only fair that yours comes off too Dawn” John said as his hands embraced Kim’s breasts.

With that Dawn leaned forward as Kim had done, and her top was off in an instant. Dawn stood up now shirtless, bent over grabbed Dan’s buckle “Now it’s my turn” and began unbuckling Dan’s belt. Dan stood to make things easier for Dawn and she quickly undressed Dan completely.

John had stopped his breast play and just watched as his wife undressed Dan completely. Dan’s cock was fully erect. “I love his cock” Kim whispered to John. John being bi-curious replied “I bet you do. What a great head on that cock.”

“Sometimes he fucks me with nothing more than the head. I have a sensitive spot right inside my pussy that the head rubs against, and I get off every time.

Dan and Dawn kissed for a few minutes, but Dawn slowly began kissing his chest working her way down. By the time she was kissing his stomach she dropped to her knees, reached her hands around his ass, and pulled him tight into her. She adjusted her position without ever removing her hands off his ass and slowly inhaled his firm cock. Dan massaged her hair and held her close to himself.

Dan was so turned on at the site of another beautiful woman enjoying him for the first time in two decades. He looked over to see Kim and John whispering to one another. Then Kim got off his lap, and took her own seat on the couch. John stood, and then kneeled between Kim’s legs. Kim reached out and pulled Johns face to her pussy. Her head fell back in ecstasy as John’s tongue licked her pussy bottom to top.

Once all four were involved with each other any tensions seemed lost. Dan and Dawn were concentrated on each other as were Kim and John. Occasionally one couple would glance across the room to see what the other couple was doing, but it was out of enjoyment of watching not from jealousy.

Dan had brought a camera, and all four of them were enjoying both taking pics of the others as well as being recorded themselves. At one point both couples had found themselves on the sofa together, and for a short time the husbands and wives rejoined their spouses, but soon found themselves in the arms of their new lovers.

Dawn was lying over the top of the sofa while Dan began to slowly fuck her. Kim kneeled down near Dawn’s pussy and began to suck Dawn’s juices off his cock as he pulled out. John kneeled down as well and began kissing Kim. He could taste his wife on Kim’s lips turning him on even more. John moved closer to Kim’s mouth to get a better taste and soon found himself bumping his mouth accidentally on Dan’s cock while kissing Kim. Dawn’s juices tasted so good off Dan’s cock that he soon found himself sucking Dan’s cock too. Dawn’s juices tasted so good on his warm, hard cock. He knew he liked the helmet of his own cock licked as his cock was being sucked so he started licking Dan’s helmet as well. Kim and John took turns kissing each other and sucking Dan’s cock.

Dan was ok with this, having another man suck his cock, but this was not expected. John never knew until then the sexual turn on of having another man’s cock in his mouth. He liked the feel of the hard, warm cock in his mouth. He could taste Dan’s pre-cum as well, salty and warm. Kim’s hands warmed John’s cock and balls as he sucked Dan.

“Bring one of those cocks up here” Dawn commanded. “My mouth is lonely and needs a friend”

“Dan, you go for it. Let me fuck her for a while”, John said as he got up, and moved around to her pussy.

Kim had moved up to her Dawn’s breasts and began sucking. John stood fucking his wife watching her suck another man’s cock while his wife sucked her tits.

“I’m getting close to cumming”, Dan said. “I either need a break or someone’s going to be in for a surprise really soon.”

“I’m ready to”, Kim said.

“Dan, I hope you don’t mind, but I want to bring my wife to climax. Can your wife finish you off? ” John asked.

“I would love to suck my husband off”, Jill quickly responded.

John and Dawn came together quickly. The sexual tension had been built up to the brink in both their bodies and they were happy to release together.

Dan stood as Jill kneeled and sucked him off. Dan watched Dawn cum and could see by the expression on her face how much she enjoyed her orgasm. Once Dan witnessed John and Dawn cum his load came quickly thereafter. Kim tried to swallow it all, but there was just too much cum. She got most of it, but the rest dribbled off her chin and fell on the floor.

“Poor Kim. What about her? Doesn’t she get to have on orgasm too?” Dawn asked.

“Kim, how about if you switch spots with Dawn and I’ll eat you out until you cum. John and Dawn you two can watch. Kim, are you ok with that?”, Dan asked.

“That sounds great”

Dawn got up and Kim layed back and spread her legs for Dan. John stepped around so he could play with her tits as Dan tongued her. It didn’t take long for Kim to cum. Dan loved drinking her juices as she released all over his face.

Both couples were happily spent, and smiled knowing this would not be the last time they would be together.

... Continue»
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My first lesbian experience, at least outside of my f****y, was with Brenda, my college freshman roomy. As things turned out, she had an older b*****r. He was married but like a lot of husbands, was ready for something new – or should I say “someone”. The best part was that it wasn’t just me he was interested in!

When I was a freshman in college my roommate turned out not only to be extremely cute but bisexual as well. Brenda was the first girl I was with outside of my f****y and needless to say, we had a great freshman year. One night I told her about how when I was sixteen I had watched my parents making love in our hot tub when they didn’t know I was home. Brenda asked me if I ever fantasized about joining them and I admitted to her that there were times that I had. Brenda giggled and blushed, saying that she would never have the same feelings for her parents (they were much older than mine) but she HAD dreamed about her older b*****r. She had never gotten up the courage to do anything although she had caught him checking her out a few times when he thought she wasn’t looking. While we both teased each other about our i****t fantasies after that; it goes with saying that I never told her that I had actually carried through on mine.
Even though Brenda lived only ten miles from school, her parents wanted her to spend her freshman year in the dorm to help her acclimate to college life. Being so close to home, she still spent most weekends there and sometimes she invited me along. One night when I was over at Brenda’s house her b*****r David was there with his wife and their two little brats. In spite of how much I loved being with Brenda, had I known they were going to be there I would have turned down the invitation. It seemed that all his k**s did was whine and fuss. To make things worse, David’s wife was a real bitch, always looking down her nose at Brenda and me. The only saving grace was that I got to sit next to David during dinner. He was wearing denim shorts and a ribbed tank top that emphasized his lean, muscular body - he obviously worked out. The temptation to put my hand on his leg (at least to start) was incredible but I didn’t dare. Instead I sat there wishing fervently that his hand would find it way over to my leg instead. I would have taken it and moved it to my inner thigh and encouraged him to work his way up from there! To my disappointment it never happened, but I knew I would be dreaming about it later that night when I was playing with myself in bed.
After dinner Brenda and I were out to the back porch and sat next to each other on the glider. From there we could see David and Brenda’s dad working on a tractor that apparently wasn’t starting. Mmmm, I could have watched David all night! Really, what more could a girl ask for? He was 26, handsome, tall, muscular and simply sexy as hell. So what if he was married? That just meant he would be all the more discrete and probably all the more horny. My reverie was broken when Brenda poked me in the side.
“Earth to Yianna. Hey girl, are you getting horny watching my b*****r?” she teased me.
I gave her my “who me?” look and she just laughed at me.
“Oh don’t pretend to be so innocent. I figured you must have been getting pretty worked up at dinner sitting so close to him, weren’t you my nasty little roomie?”
I started to protest but she didn’t give me a chance to say anything.
“Oh come on Yianna, it’s me you’re talking to so don’t try to pretend you weren’t. I saw you eyeing him when you thought nobody was looking!”
I poked her back with a little laugh saying, “Damn Brenda, now I know why you dream about him. God I can’t imagine growing up with a b*****r like him around! I mean, how did you keep your hands off of him?”
She just smiled and I continued, “And yes, he WAS all I could think about during dinner. I has really hoping he would grope me under the table. It would have been so hot to have him touching me with his wife on the other side of him!”
Brenda gave me a devious look and bit her lip a bit before responding saying, “Well, you DO realize that he IS my b*****r and most of the time I hated him growing up! He use to tease me and trick me all the time. Even so, there WAS this one time when I was thirteen and I peeked in his bedroom. You can imagine how shocked I was when I saw that he had pictures of me in my bikini laid out all over his bed. He was sitting on the edge of the bed with his pants down, stroking himself with his hand as he looked at them. It was the first time I had seen a real penis except on a baby so I was impressed by how big and hard he was. Then it hit me - I was watching my b*****r masturbate! You would have thought I would have been disgusted but surprising I found myself getting incredibly turned seeing him playing with himself like that! Then I heard him saying my name, telling me to do nasty things to him like sucking his cock and he even said he wanted to fuck me. I couldn’t believe it, my own b*****r was dreaming about fucking me! Even more scandalous to me was I felt myself getting wet thinking about him doing it to me! All of a sudden his cum was squirting out of him all over his hand and legs. It was the first time I’d seen a guy cum and I couldn’t believe how far it shot out of him; and to think he wanted to do that inside my pussy! I’ve never told him what I saw that day but afterwards it was all I could think about, him doing the things to him that he was dreaming about. Yianna…..I can’t tell you how many times I have fingered myself to one hell of an orgasm fantasizing about my b*****r fucking me.”
“God Brenda, that is soooo hot! Why haven’t you told me about this before?”
“Well, nothing ever happened between us and it’s just a fantasy of mine. He ended up marrying that bitch and then had the two boys so I just chalked it all up to a teen fantasy. I still get off now and then though whenever I think of him but to tell the truth, I don’t think I could ever really go through with it.” She laughed as if the whole idea was a joke and said, “I mean really Yianna, he IS my b*****r after all. That would be i****t!”
Well, she may have thought it to be a joke but I started to imagine Brenda and her b*****r sitting close together on the same glider that we were sitting in, fondling each other and then laying on a blanket in the middle of the lawn, fucking each other’s brains out. Then I imagined it was me instead of her that he was fucking. I closed my eyes and a soft moan escaped from me as I imagined sucking his cock, feeling it splitting my pussy apart as he slowly entered me, enjoying the warm sensation of his cock as it filled my hungry pussy.
Brenda’s voice brought me back to earth. “Whoa! Anybody home?……” She started laughing at me and asked, “Wow! Were did you go girl?”
I blinked a few time to focus my eyes and shook my head to try and clear out the naughty images from it. Then another idea began to form in my mind, one that could make both of our dreams come true. The only question was, would Brenda go along with it?
“Sooooo Brenda,” I asked, “Are you saying that you still fantasize about your b*****r?”
Brenda just rolled her eyes at me. “C’mon Yianna, give me a break. You can’t blame a girl for dreaming. I mean, look at him! I’d have to be a nun not to and even then I think the temptation would be irresistible. Besides, who are you to tease me about wanting him when it’s obvious you want him to fuck you too! Oh yeah girl, I know what you were daydreaming about just now. You seem to forget that when you get all horny, you have a bad habit of rubbing yourself without realizing it.”
I smiled a bit at that. She was correct in that I had been in more than a few embarrassing situations where I would be daydreaming and suddenly realize I had my hand between my legs. As usual, Brenda was reading my thoughts like an open book. She also seemed to be especially horny tonight, even more than usual. After being roomies for over six months she had never told me anything this detailed about her desires for her b*****r before so I was curious as to how far she would really go. “Well roomie, why don’t we get him to fuck us both tonight and make our dreams come true?”
Brenda eyes widened. She looked at me with a strange stare as if she didn’t quite believe what I had just said. “Very funny Yianna. First, in case you have forgotten he’s married which puts him off limits. Besides, he IS my b*****r and even if I have fantasized about him a lot, I really can’t imagine letting my own b*****r fuck me for real. I mean, it’s one thing to dream about something like that but to actually do it????? Sorry, I don’t think I could. Ewwww, that would be WAY too weird!”
She was watching me intensely as she said this. I just kept quiet as she seemed to be debated things in her mind. I had a feeling her first outburst was more what she thought she SHOULD say rather than what she WANTED to say. Then she narrowed her look at me saying, “Wow, you’re actually serious about doing this, aren’t you? Damn it Yianna – really, he’s married! And besides, i****t? That is just wrong on so many levels. As wet as I may get thinking about him, I don’t think I could ever forget that he’s my b*****r.”
I giggled and gave her a coy smile. “Brenda, trust me, the fact that he’s married just makes it all the hotter. Think about it - not only would he be fucking us but he would be cheating on that bitchy wife of his as well. God, that would be incredibly hot, don’t you think? Besides, it’s not like he would be having an affair or falling in love with anyone, it would all be just for fun. As for being his s****r, you already know he wants to fuck you. For crying out loud he jerks off dreaming about it!”
Brenda’s resolve seemed to start to waver though as she said, “Well, his wife IS a bitch so I guess it would serve her right - God I hate her! I don’t know though; just because he jerked off to my pictures years ago doesn’t mean that he would actually fuck me today. How would it even get brought up? God, it would be SO embarrassing if he wasn’t interested. I would shrivel up and die if he said no!”
I thought it was interesting that her concern was now over whether or not HE wanted to do it, not HER. Well, her b*****r was man and no sane man would turn down two hot nineteen year old college freshmen, no matter HOW married he was! I started to think of a plan and the more I told her about my ideas, the more I could see her resistance wearing down and that look of lust I would always see in her eyes whenever she got horny was growing. By the time I was finished Brenda even threw in a few thoughts of her own to make the plan even better. I could hardly believe it we were seriously discussing this - I was getting wet just thinking about it! In the meantime we just sat in the glider snuggled up close to each other, watching David and remarking to each other about how we thought he would be in bed. Once in a while when one of us said something particularly naughty we would giggle like little girls and the two of them would look over at us, trying to figure out what was going on. If they only knew…………..
Later that night we launched our plan. Brenda and I went to the f****y room where David was watching TV in an overstuffed chair. David was wearing just his shorts having taken off his tank top which was all sweaty after working hard outside. I caught myself wondering if he had anything else on underneath those shorts and subconsciously licked my lips at the thought of what I might see if he took them off. As usual, Brenda’s parents had said goodnight and were in bed early. The k**s were also in bed and David’s wife had complained earlier of a bad headache (probably due to her two spoiled k**s). She had taken some extra-strength headache medicine and now was snoring in bed, passed out for the night. That left just the three of us remaining in the land of the living so we sat around talking about school and town gossip as we watched some silly reality show on TV.
Brenda and I were sitting close together on the couch. She sat up while I lay on my side with my head in her lap and my legs curled under me. Brenda played with my hair – something that makes me feel so relaxed and if done right, incredibly horny. The only thing I was wearing was a tight t-shirt that barely covered my ass. I had to keep tugging at it so as not to be too obvious that I had nothing on underneath. Brenda had just a nightshirt on with a pair of white lace panties. With my head in her lap the growing scent of her pussy told me that Brenda was getting wet with anticipation. David was trying to make it appear that he wasn’t watching us but it was so obvious that he was it was almost funny. It was like some little boy staring at an older girl in the mall, thinking he wasn’t being watched but obvious to everyone around him. I had one hand on Brenda’s bare leg and was running my fingertips up and down her smooth thigh. Brenda played with my hair with one hand while her other hand was running all over my body, tracing little circles and tickling me at times. My nipples were so hard that they stuck out through my t-shirt like little bullets. David had to realize from the way we were touching each other that Brenda and I were more than just friends and I knew that he had to be getting turned on seeing us playing with each other like this.
When the TV show was over Brenda yawned and said it was time for her to go to bed. She got up, gave me a kiss on the lips and winked at me as she left the room. I sat up in the couch with my legs under me. In doing so my t-shirt rode up for a second to reveal my shaved pussy until I quickly pulled it back down again. I giggled and looked at him, acting as if I was embarrassed. With Brenda gone, David and I continued to chat for a while when suddenly he turned towards me. He looked uncomfortable, as if he wanted to ask something but wasn’t sure if he should. I waited silently and finally he took a deep breath and let it out slowly.
“Yianna, do you mind if I ask you a very personal question? If you don’t want to answer after you hear it just say so but I have to ask you something.”
I just smiled and sat up straighter in the couch to pay closer attention. “Sure David, just don’t ask me how much I weigh!”
David laughed and the anxiety level seemed to drop just a bit for him. In a low voice he asked, “Do you and Brenda have something going on between you? I mean, the way you two act around each other, always hugging, kissing, dressing sexy, touching. It seems pretty obvious you’re not the typical dorm roomies.”
I flashed David a crafty smile and replied, “Well……what would you say if we did
have something going on? Would it turn you on”
David blushed just a bit. “Of course it would. Come on Yianna, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that every guy dreams of watching two girls get it on. Add to the dream that one of them is my s****r and the other is her roomie…… well you end up with one really hot fantasy.”
I raised my eyebrows at this. “Wow David, I didn’t know you had a thing for Brenda! So tell me, does big b*****r wanna be naughty with his little s****r?”
David looked a bit embarrassed and started to protest so I tried to soften it a bit by telling him more about us.
“Don’t get all flustered. What if I told you that Brenda and I have been together sexually since last fall? Don’t go overboard – we’re NOT lesbians lovers or anything kinky like that but we DO enjoy each other if you know what I mean. Please, don’t go telling her I told you but just today we were talking about you and she confessed she’s had her own naughty thoughts about you as well.”
David looked a bit surprised at the last part but it seemed to encourage him to open up and tell me more. “Well Yianna, can you keep a secret from Brenda? I know the two of you are really close but this is something I don’t want her to know about.”
“Sure David, I don’t tell her EVERYTHING after all,” I said with a laugh. Actually, this was true. For instance, I had never told Brenda about being with my parents. Brenda was sexy and all but in many ways she was a bit on the conservative side and I was always afraid she would freak out on me if she knew. Of course, that was before I knew she was hot for her b*****r!
David continued, “When I was nineteen, Brenda was twelve and looking so cute. Her tits were starting to grow and she was starting to pay a lot more interest in the boys. I was dating girls my age and no virgin by a long shot, but until then I never even considered anything with a younger girl, let alone one that was twelve years old. In this case I found myself looking at her and started thinking about her as someone other than my pain-in-the-neck little s****r. When I masturbated I found myself thinking about her more and more. You know what great tits she has now. Well, she already had a nice rack by the time she was thirteen and her figure was looking pretty good. She was barely sixteen when I got married but by then she was a real babe and I was peeking in on her every chance I could get, trying to get a glimpse of her big tits and little teen pussy. When she wasn’t home I would look through her dresser and check out her underwear and bikinis to see how they felt and smelled. A few times I jerked off by rubbing myself with her panties or bra. I would cum on them and then put them back in her drawer. Then later when I would see her. I would think about her wearing them and how she had my dried cum up against her pussy or tits. God, I get a massive hard-on just thinking about it!”
Actually, looking at his crotch I could see that David was indeed getting an erection just from thinking about it again! I listened intently as he kept talking. It was like a floodgate had opened and all of his pent-up emotions and fantasies were coming out. Actually, I couldn’t believe he was telling me all of this but I guess there comes a time you need to confide in somebody. My hand moved between my legs and I started to rub myself slowly as I listened to David tell me about his fantasies about his s****r. Not only did I enjoy the feeling it gave me, I wanted him to know how turned-on he was making me so he would be encouraged to tell me more. I could see from his gaze that he knew exactly what I was doing. Of course, any excuse to play with myself was good too and to do it in front of a guy was always an erotic experience for me.
David continued, “Brenda likes to suntan out in the back yard so I would peek at her through the upstairs bathroom window shades. As you know, it’s pretty private back there so when she thinks nobody is watching, she will spread her legs wide apart to get an even tan. Well, that lets me see up into her crotch and even though her pussy is still covered, it makes me really horny, especially when it pulls up into her slit. Around here she has always worn tiny bikinis, much sexier than anything she wears in public. With her figure today, she looks really hot in it but even when she was younger she still looked great. Once when she was just twelve the whole f****y was in the pool and I took a lot of pictures, pretending to take them of everyone but actually just taking a bunch of her. Later I got so horny looking at the pictures of her little girl body that was just beginning to develop and fill out her bikini in all the right places. Sometimes I would masturbate on my bed with her pictures in front of me imagining her coming into my room while I was jerking off. In my dreams she would ask me if I wouldn’t rather have the real thing and then let me do anything I wanted to her. Would you believe that I actually left my bedroom door cracked open a few times hoping she would watch me? Well, if she did she never told me so I have always assumed she didn’t want to do anything like that with her b*****r. Oh well, so much for horny teenage boy fantasies.”
David took a breath and then a look of concern came over his face. “Damn, I can’t believe I’m telling you all of this. I hope you don’t think I’m some sort of pervert!”
I smiled and replied, “Of course not David! Actually, as you may have noticed I think it’s really hot what you are sharing with me. You know, it’s too bad you never told her what you really wanted.”
David frowned. “Yeah right. How could I ever tell her Yianna? She would have gone running to mom and told her everything. S much as I dreamed about it, I never really seriously thought that she would really want to do anything with me.”
“Oh David,” I said in a low voice, “You have NO any idea how much Brenda wants you. She just told me today that she watched you masturbate to those pictures you took of her. She also told me that she still gets herself off thinking of being with you.”
“What? You’re k**ding,” he said with his eyes wide open. “If that’s the case, how come she never said anything to me?”
“Well David, I guess for the same reason you never told her!?” I shifted my position again to give him a better view of my bare ass. “You know, this is really crazy. For all these years the two of you have fantasized about being together but neither of you idiots would make the first move! So tell me, are you REALLY still interested in her?”
David lowered his head, “Since I married Stacy I’ve never seriously considered being with anyone else, probably more out of fear of her than anything else. Even so, sometimes when I come here and Brenda’s running around all but naked in the house or pool, I still get turned on something terrible. Believe it or not, I still jerk off in her underwear! Then, seeing the two of you together on the couch tonight playing with each other – it was driving me crazy!”
I smiled as seductively as I could. The bait was cast and it was time to set the hook! “Well David, now that you know how Brenda feels about you, why not take advantage of the situation?”
David sighed, “Oh god Yianna, you have no idea how tempting that is. Only problem is that I just can’t forget that she IS my little s****r. Sire, I’ve jerked off countless times thinking of her but actually fucking her……that is an entirely different thing. I mean, we’re talking about i****t for goodness sake! It would be bad enough to get caught cheating on my wife but if anyone found out I was dicking my teenage s****r, well that would be a disaster!”
David shifted in his chair and judging from the bulge in his shorts, I figured he needed to make room for his hardening cock to grow. Despite his protests about fucking Brenda, I knew he was thinking about it. All I had to do was push a little harder. One thing I DID notice was that he cheating on his wife apparently wasn’t an issue with him, other than getting caught. Funny how fucking his s****r troubled him but cheating on his wife was fine! I pulled my t-shirt up to my belly button and sat on the couch with my legs crossed, giving him a great view of my bare pussy. I pushed one finger up into me and then looked over at him seductively. “I hope you don’t mind me doing this but all this talk about you and Brenda really has me horny…… Tell me the truth David, does it turn you on when a girl does this for you?”
I took my wet finger out of my pussy and put it in my mouth, licking it like a popsicle. I loved the taste of my pussy as I’m sure he could tell from the way I was sucking my finger. When I finished I put it back inside of me and stroked it slowly in and out of me. David’s eyes followed every movement of my hands and I saw him licking his dry lips.
“Oh god Yianna, I have wanted you ever since Brenda started bringing you home. You look so sweet and innocent but it’s obvious you can be a dirty slut when you want to be as well and that is such a turn-on for a guy!”
I got off the couch and walked over to him with my t-shirt still pulled up to my stomach so my ass and pussy were totally exposed to him. I put one leg up on the chair and rubbed my pussy with one hand, slipping one finger inside me. David just stared at me, torn between his lust and his conscience. I took my hand and touched his lips with my wet finger.
I whispered to him in a husky voice, “You know you can have me if you really want me David. Just tell me what you want. That’s all you have to do ……. Just tell me you want me.”
David let out a deep breath. “Lord forgive me….…” he whispered, more to himself than to me.
He reached out and put his hands on my bare ass and pulled me towards him. “Dammit Yianna, I want to fuck you so bad. Shit, I can’t take this anymore, I need to fuck you right now.”
I climbed up into the chair and straddled him. Then I leaned forward putting my hands on the back of the chair so my pussy was positioned in front of his face. I leaned down and whispered to him, “It’s OK David……you can fuck me if that’s what you want. First I want you to eat my pussy. I want you to lick my smooth pussy with your tongue.”
David pulled me towards him more as he buried his face into my crotch. God his tongue felt so good on me! I wiggled my ass to rub my pussy into his face. His hands were still clutching my buttocks and he was squeezing them. I put my hands on his head and pulled his face tightly into my crotch as he sucked my clit and held it gently between his teeth. When he tugged on it I felt chills run through my entire body and I could feel my pussy just dripping with desire. The guy really knew how to use his tongue, I’ll give him that!
I knew Brenda was waiting for us but it had been a long time since I was last fucked and I needed it so badly I couldn’t wait any longer. He wanted me also so I begged him for what I wanted.
“Fuck me David,” I pleaded, “God I need to be fucked…….it’s been soooo long!”
David took his tongue off of me and I leaned back. He pulled his shorts down to expose his hard cock standing straight up like a missile pointed to my waiting pussy. I got on my knees in the chair, still straddling him. Taking his cock in my hand – it felt so smooth and warm, I guided it into me as I lowered myself down on him. His cock head pushed against my pussy hole opening and I could feel it splitting me open to take him in. I love that feeling when a new cock first enters me, the way it f***es me apart and then penetrates the most private and sensitive part of my body. At that moment I feel like I’m physically giving something of myself to him, that I am sharing myself completely with a man in a way that’s as intimate and personal as two people can be. When his cock head was inside of me I held myself there for a moment, just soaking in the incredible feelings I get when that area of my pussy is stimulated. I moved my hips in small circles around his cock, making it move just the right way in my pussy. Wave after wave of pleasure cascaded through me as I finally felt a cock inside of me again after having gone so long without one.
“Oh David, I love your cock in me!” I said between moans.
“I miss being fucked, feeling a cock entering me like this, forcing its way in me and filling my aching pussy!”
As I was telling him how much I loved it I lowered myself slowly onto him, going as slow as I could so I could feel every inch of him as his cock passed by my pussy lips and disappeared inside of me. Finally I hit bottom, my ass was sitting on his lap and his cock was in me all the way. I ground my bare ass into him, trying to get every bit of him I could into me. I put my arms around his neck and he put his around me and we hugged each other tightly as I sat on his cock, feeling it throbbing inside of me.
I could have stayed that way forever. Later I was sorry for feeling this way but at the moment I forgot about of Brenda waiting in her room for us. At that moment I closed my eyes and slowly started to rock on his cock, drawing him in and out of me, feeling him rubbing against the inside walls of my wet pussy. I looked down for a moment to watch him fucking me, seeing his cock as it appeared and then disappeared back into me as I raised myself up and then lowered myself back down on it. David didn’t shave or trim his crotch and I loved the feel of his thick pubic hair against my bare pussy. When I was tight against him it thrilled me to look down and NOT see his cock, knowing he was completely inside of me. When I swiveled my ass I could feel his hair brushing against my pussy and it tickled and felt so sexy. David started to suck on my nipples, gently biting them and pulling them, driving me even more crazy. I could feel my orgasm beginning to build like a dam about to burst.
“Oh god David!” I gasped, “I’m cumming…………fuck me harder David, make me cum hard!”
Suddenly the greatest feeling in the world came over me. I have never felt anything that ever came close to how I felt when I have an orgasm. I guess that is why I love sex so much, it is almost an addiction for me in that I can never get enough of it and always crave more. For me the hardest part of being at college was not the school work or social life changes but instead having to go for weeks or months without getting fucked every day by my dad or a boyfriend. This feeling I was having now, when my entire body felt consumed in total pleasure from my toes to my hair, pulsing in me and feeling like I was on fire. It just went on and on as I moaned in his arms, rocking on his cock and savoring the feel of his hardness deep within me. I could feel my pussy cum gushing down on his cock, wetting his crotch as I came harder and harder. Eventually it began to ebb as I slowly came down from wherever my mind disappeared to at these moments. I opened my eyes to see David smiling at me.
“Damn girl,” he said softly, “When you cum you don’t mess around. I hope that it felt half as good as it looked.”
I licked my lips and kissed him. His cock was still in me, throbbing and moving now and then to remind me it was still around – as if I needed any reminders! “God David, that felt wonderful. I haven’t cum that hard in so long!”
Suddenly I remembered where I was and who I was fucking! Damn, Brenda was probably about to send out a search party for us. I knew that after what had just happened that David was hornier than ever so getting him to fuck Brenda was likely not going to be hard at all. I looked him in the eye,
“David………..Brenda’s in her room right now waiting. I know you want her. Fuck her David. Fuck her for me. I want you to fuck your little s****r’s pussy, just like you’ve dreamed of for so long.”
There was no way David could say no now. “Oh the hell with it!” he exclaimed, “Let’s do it.”
Just what I wanted to hear! The only part that was difficult for me was having to let go of his cock – I hated having to let him slide out of me and I felt an emptiness that was both physical and emotional. I stepped down onto the floor and held his wet cock for just a few more seconds. “Wait a few minutes and then come to her room. We’ll be waiting for you!”
I turned and left the room. As I hurried to Brenda’s room I passed by the guest room where David’s wife was sl**ping. The door was partly opened and I couldn’t resist peeking in. She was sound asl**p under the covers and I smiled knowing she had no idea I was looking at her, standing there with my pussy swollen and wet from her husband’s recent fucking of me. I wanted so bad to go to her and whisper in her ear, telling her how good her husband’s cock had felt and how hard he had just made me cum. As I took one last look at her I couldn’t help but admit that she was a damn good looking babe and it was too bad she couldn’t watch her husband fuck his s****r and me. Who knows, maybe she would join in the fun! Well, I almost laughed out loud at how silly that thought was and went on to Brenda’s room. I slipped into her room and she was standing there waiting for me. We gave each other a hug and Brenda grinned at me.
“God Yianna, that was incredible!” Brenda said with a husky voice. “I watched everything you know.”
My eyes widened and I looked at her. “You mean you watched me with your b*****r?”
“Hell yeah girl,” she laughed, “I wasn’t going to miss that. I know you well enough by now that I figured you would get carried away, especially given how horny you’ve been lately, and I’ve never seen you fuck a guy before. Damn girl, you’re really something else when you fuck a guy!”
I quickly ripped off my t-shirt and joined Brenda, who was already nude, on the bed. She looked up and down my nude body, smiling as she anticipated what was about to happen. Just then David walked in and saw what he had probably only masturbated thinking about before - two nude teenage girls on the bed that were ready and waiting for him to fuck them. I smiled at him and pulled Brenda towards me. We gazed into each other’s eyes as I kissed her gently. She was so pretty and sexy! As much as I cherished having sex with her, I loved just being with her like this more. Sometimes we would spend hours just kissing and gently caressing each other. Some nights when we watched TV I would rest my head against her breasts, feeling their softness against my cheek as she played with my hair. Well, not tonight! Brenda lay on her back as I straddled her head. I lowered my pussy to her outstretched tongue and put my face in her hungry cunt.
As we 69’d I was facing the doorway and could see David as he stood there watching us. He was nude and was slowly stroking a nice hard-on as he watched the two of us eating each other’s pussy. I loved watching a man play with himself, especially if I know he’s doing it while thinking about me. In this case, knowing he was doing it while I was having oral sex with his s****r was making it even hotter for me. In addition, Brenda was driving me bonkers as she licked my pussy. I motioned for David to come over and pointed at her pussy. He took the hint and moved in between her legs and started to lick her with his tongue. Brenda moaned and I giggled as I watched David licking her.
“Well girlfriend, how does it feel to finally have your b*****r eating your pussy?”
Brenda’s mouth was tight on my pussy so she responded by just moaning louder.
“That’s it David,” I said, “Trust me, she loves what you are doing. Don’t stop now for heaven’s sake!”
I knew from earlier that David was quite experienced in oral sex so it wasn’t long before he had Brenda squirming so much that I was almost jealous – both from wanting it for myself not to mention that Brenda seemed to be enjoying it more now that he was doing her instead of me. Oh well, I took solace in knowing that she was also getting off knowing that her b*****r was finally sucking her clit! David had two fingers in her now as his tongue was racing around her clit. Brenda was practically smashing her face into my pussy as she approached her first orgasm. Finally I felt her tensing up and she pushed her pussy up into his face.
“Oh my god David! she cried out, “Just like I dreamed……….don’t stop………….make me cum. Oh god I can feel it now, I’m going to cum soooo fucking hard!”
Brenda slammed her head back into the pillow and arched her back as her own orgasm consumed her. Brenda was the type that gets really wet when she cums hard and she literally poured pussy cum into David’s mouth. David lapped up what he could and the rest just soaked the sheet under her. David lifted his head and kissed me. I loved the taste of Brenda on his lips and tongue. Well, I love the taste of Brenda’s pussy any time but licking her pussy cum off of her b*****r’s face was a whole new experience.
“My turn David, fuck me now,” I demanded.
David wasted no climbing into bed with us. Straddling Brenda’s head, he entered me from behind with his hard cock, just inches above Brenda’s face. I knew she was watching him intently because her tongue had all but stopped it’s licking on my clit. I really didn’t mind, David’s cock felt so good as he slowly pushed it deeper and deeper into me. Once he was completely in me he just held it there, letting me feel myself filled with him, feeling it throbbing me. Then David began stroking it in and out of me - what a wonderful feeling it was to have a b*****r and s****r paying so much attention to my pussy at the same time. David slipped out once and Brenda quickly took advantage of the opportunity and grabbed his cock in her mouth and began to suck it. Later she told me that sucking him with the fresh taste of my pussy mixed in was one of the most erotic moments of her life.
David was fucking me harder now, slamming himself into my ass and driving me forward with every thrust of his hips. I pushed back against him, trying to drive him in deeper each time. I could hear him slapping into my ass as he held me by the waist and pulled me into him. Much as I loved him fucking me, what I really wanted was to have him fuck Brenda, to watch a b*****r and s****r having sex.
“C’mon now, it’s time. Fuck Brenda, fuck your little s****r, David,” I told him, “I want so bad to watch you fuck your own s****r!”
David was obviously just waiting for the that last push as he quickly pulled out of me and looked down at Brenda with his raging hard-on in his hand, holding it over her face.
“Well s*s, you ready for your big b*****r’s cock? Damn I’ve dreamed of fucking you for so many years. Tell me you want me, tell me you want to be fucked by me.”
Brenda lifted her head and kissed his cock. “Dammit David, c’mon and fuck me. I want my big b*****r to fuck me so bad!……..Put your cock in me – NOW!”
I moved out of the way and David stood by the side of Brenda’s head and put his cock in her mouth. She sucked on her b*****r’s cock with such a hunger. I had never seen Brenda with a guy before and to see his cock in her mouth was an incredible sight. We had played with each other for so many months and now to see her sucking a cock for the first time was such a turn-on for me. Brenda claimed to like girls more than guys but it was obvious to me this was not her first BJ, not by a long shot!
David didn’t stay there long and soon moved around to get between her slender legs. I guided his cock into Brenda’s soaking wet pussy. I almost couldn’t believe what I was doing, I was actually helping her b*****r to fuck her, helping him to get his cock inside of his s****r’s wet cunt. I moved up to the head of the bed, leaning back against the headboard so I could watch the two of them. As I started to play with myself, squeezing my boobs and rubbing my pussy, I watched David as he fucked his k** s****r for the very first time. Forget a blowjob, I had never even seen Brenda even KISS another guy before and here she was in front of me, her b*****r’s cock piercing her pussy, appearing and then disappearing over and over as her rammed it into her. She was playing with her pussy as he fucked her and it wasn’t long before she came, even harder this time if that were possible.
“Yes David! ………..Oh God this is how I’ve always wanted you……….Oh yeah, in my bed, between my legs, filling me with your cum, fucking me so hard.”
David looked at her a little closer, obviously turned on by his s****r’s dirty talk. She noticed as well and kept on talking to him like a slutty whore.
“Cum in me David, stay inside me. I want my pussy to be filled with my b*****r’s cum.”
Both Brenda and I were on birth control and I had told David this earlier so it wasn’t the physical aspects he was worried about. Although her had dreamed of fucking her for years, the idea of actually cumming inside of his s****r evidently made him a bit nervous. Fortunately, hearing her beg for it turned the tide.
“OK s*s, get ready. Big b*****r’s ready to cum!” David stretched his head back and thrust especially hard into her, moaning out as he reached his climax. “Oh god Brenda, I can’t hold back anymore…………….. here I cum!”
David’s back arched as he drove himself deep into Brenda as he released his loads into her pussy. After his second load he groaned saying, “I can’t believe this - I’m cumming in my s****r!……Oh god it feels so damn good.”
David squirted his remaining loads of sperm into her. As he stroked inside her I watched as some of his cum seeped out and ran down her ass to soak the sheet under her. After he finished he pulled out of her and sat next to her. David motioned to me, “Get down here Yianna and let me watch you lick my cum off her pussy.”
I didn’t have to be told twice. As I lapped up all the cum and juices around her pussy, David watched intently. When I was finished I kissed her, spreading his cum over her face and mouth. She licked it off of me, getting all that she could.
David was exhausted now. “Oh god girls, that was soooo fantastic. I really need to get to bed before Stacy wonders what happened and comes looking for me. God, she would KILL me if she saw us now!”
Brenda smiled at him. Her legs were still spread wide apart and her pussy hole was gaping open from his cock having just been in her. “OK big b*****r - but from now on you know I’m available. You need to come over more often and take advantage of it. Don’t you like fucking me better than Stacy?”
David was pulling on his shorts and had a huge grin on his face as he responded to Brenda. “You know it girl. By the way, the next time you baby-sit I will have a nice tip for you when I take you home!”
Then he turned to me saying, “Well, what can I say? Thank you Yianna for helping tonight as well. Thanks god my s****r has a delightful little slut like you for a roomie!”
He kissed the two of us and left Brenda and me to spend the rest of the night with each other. We giggled as we imagined him getting in bed with her, smelling of our sex. I wonder if she smelled us on him, recognizing the unmistakable odor of a woman’s pussy but not quite understanding where it was coming from or if it was just her imagination. When we sat down for breakfast it made me so horny to see her next to David as my pussy tingled with the memory of his cock. I couldn’t believe how erotic it was to see him with his wife and her not knowing that her loving husband had banged me just hours earlier!
As things turned out this was my only time with David before I returned home for summer vacation. Who could blame me for hope that when I came back to school in the fall we would all get together again!

... Continue»
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Her First Time

Tiffany Brooks is your average 18-year-old girl. She makes straight A's has loving parents, a ton of friends, and a sweet caring boyfriend.

She is the perfect girl except for one thing.

She's a virgin. And she wants to lose her virginity. But not to a man.

She wants it to be with a woman. But nobody knows about that. Not even her boyfriend.

She has had a secret attraction to women for a long time. When's she out, she cannot help but stare at other women's bodies.

At their breasts, their curves, their long legs.

Tiffany not's too bad looking herself. Standing at 5'7, with blond hair that cascades down her back halfway, sparkling blue eyes, 40C breasts, a small waist, and long legs.

She's quite a hottie and gets her share of looks and whistles. However, she does not pay much attention to them.

Every night when she is alone in her room, she lies in her bed and pictures how her first time will be.

With candles, roses, music, and the woman of her dreams admiring her body and turning her into a full woman.

Every day that Tiffany goes to school she checks out all the girls there.

She just wishes she had the nerve to go up to one and make her sexual dream come true.

But every time she gets up the nerve to, her boyfriend Steven comes up and puts his arms around her, making those feelings go into hiding.

But her 19th birthday is coming up this Saturday and she wants to make her fantasy come true.

Her girlfriends are taking her out to a club and she's gonna scope out all the girls there until she finds the one she wants.

When she finds her, she's gonna take her somewhere where they can be alone.

Away from her friends, away from her boyfriend, away from everybody. So she can be herself and let out her fantasy.

On Friday, her friends call her up.

"Hey Tiffany, you want to go out?", her friends asks her.

Tiffany says "Sure. Where are we going?".

They say "To that club. We want to check it out before tomorrow comes."

Tiffany says, "Okay"

She then hangs up the telephone. A kind of excitement feeling runs through her. She can feel it all throughout her body.

Secretly, she hopes that tonight she will meet the woman that she is looking for. She gets off her bed and goes over to her closet.

She opens the closet door and picks out a very sexy outfit. A red halter top, a short black skirt, and her boots.

She then goes over to her dresser and gets out a red see-through bra and a pair of red see-through panties to match. Nobody knows that she has them.

She bought them one day when she went into a lingerie store and has kept them hidden in her dresser ever since.

However, tonight, she wants to wear them in case she meets that certain someone.

She puts them on, then puts on the rest of her clothes over them.

When she is fully dressed, she sits down in front of her dressing table and grabs her hairbrush.

She brushes her hair and puts it up high. She then puts on some mascara and some red lipstick.

She reaches inside of her jewelry case and takes out a silver necklace.

She carefully puts it around her neck and closes it. She then takes a look in the mirror.

Perfect, she thinks to herself.

Outside, she hears her girlfriend's car pull up into the driveway. They honk their horn, and she grabs her purse.

She walks out of the room and heads to the front door. She opens the front door, says goodbye to her parents, tells them she will be back soon, and then heads out of the house.

When she gets outside, she shuts the door behind her and walks to the car. She opens the car door and gets in.

"Hey",she says to her friends

She closes the door and they start backing out of the driveway.

When they are all the way backed out, her friend turns the wheel and they head down the street.

On the way there, she talks with her friends and shares a few laughs. Before they know it, they have reached the club.

Her girlfriends get out of the car, and Tiffany follows. They wait for Tiffany to catch up and when she does they all go into the club.

The music is booming when they all get inside. They find a table and sit down.

Tiffany starts scoping out all the women in the club. She sees some pretty ones, but is not satisfied.

They just do not fit what she is looking for. Her dream girl is about 5'6, with brown hair and green eyes.

Tit size does not really matter much to Tiffany. She likes all sizes of them. She just can hardly wait to get her mouth around one or her tongue in a pussy.

Just thinking about it makes her pussy ache with a need. A need to be licked and loved right.

She fantasizes about her dream woman having a strap-on dildo so that she can fuck her.

She wants so badly to be bent over and fucked hard that it makes her pussy get wet just thinking about it.

Tiffany decides to get up and walk around the club. She leaves her friends there to talk about guys and stuff. Slowly, Tiffany gets up.

She starts walking around the club, swinging her hips from side-to-side. She can feel eyes watch her and she loves it.

She can see women watch her, some of them giving her not such a nice look.

However, she sees some others that are staring at her body up and down, checking her out.

She gets the nerve to walk up to them. She sees one woman that has dark hair and a killer body. She walks up to her.

"Hi. I'm Tiffany", she says.

"Hello", the woman says.

They start talking back and forth.

"So, are you into women?", Tiffany asks.

"No. I just like men. I want cock, not pussy.", the woman responds.

That disappoints Tiffany greatly.

"Well, it was nice meeting you. Goodbye.", Tiffany says.

"Bye.", the woman says.

She asks all the other women in there, and nobody is interested. She starts to give up hope when in the door walks a new woman.

A woman that Tiffany did not notice before.

Tiffany watches this woman as she walks in and stands in the middle of the club.

Tiffany cannot help but notice how beautiful this woman is. She has long dark cascading hair, dark green eyes, and a killer body with long legs.

This woman is wearing a tight dark red dress that hugs her body perfectly.

Tiffany thinks to herself, There she is. My dream woman. God, she is beautiful.

Tiffany notices that her own breathing has sped up quite considerably.

She starts feeling quite nervous about approaching this beautiful creature.

But she knows that she must do it. So Tiffany gets up the nerve and starts walking towards her slowly.

Tiffany can feel her pussy grow wetter the closer she gets. Finally, Tiffany reaches her.

Tiffany says,"Hello there"

This beautiful woman turns around. When her eyes land on Tiffany, they start looking at her up and down checking her out.

"Hi",this woman says back

"My name is Tiffany. What's yours?", Tiffany says

"Hi Tiffany. I am Valerie", this woman responds

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Valerie.", Tiffany says.

Valerie smiles, then does something that Tiffany does not expect.

Valerie leans in close to Tiffany.

Valerie then whispers,"No darling, the pleasure will be all mine to give to you. You are so beautiful. You make my pussy grow wet just by staring at you."

When Tiffany hears that, she thinks to herself, I have found her for sure. This is like heaven.

Then Tiffany feels Valerie take her hand and bring it around to Tiffany's ass where she grabs it taking a feel.

Tiffany moans softly and leans softly into Valerie, bringing her body close to hers.

Tiffany realizes that she does not want this beautiful creature to go away.

Tiffany focuses on Valerie lips and says to herself, I must kiss her.

So Tiffany looks directly into Valerie's eyes and starts leaning in slowly getting closer and closer.

Valerie looks up into Tiffany's eyes, and knows that she wants to kiss her.

So Valerie starts leaning in too. Tiffany notices that Valerie is moving in closer.

She is glad to know that she doesn't have to ask her if she can kiss her. She can just do it.

Closer and closer both Tiffany and Valerie get to each other until their lips meet.

Tiffany can feel herself start to literally float away as her lips touch Valerie's. Tiffany kisses Valerie softly at first and waits for Valerie to respond.

Valerie feels Tiffany's lips kiss her, so she kisses back just as softly.

When Tiffany feels Valerie kiss her back, she starts to increase her urgency and kisses Valerie harder, wrapping her arms around Valerie's back.

Valerie feels Tiffany's arms on her back and she kisses Tiffany back harder. She starts pushing Tiffany backwards until they reach a wall.

Valerie then slips her tongue into Tiffany's mouth, kissing her with much more passion now.

Tiffany feels Valerie's tongue in her mouth and she starts sucking on her tongue.

Valerie moans into Tiffany's mouth and lets her hands run down her back. Touching her slowly making shivers run up and down Tiffany's back.

Tiffany feels Valerie's hands on her back and she lets her own hands do some more maneuvering.

Valerie feels Tiffany hands on her, and she pushes her body into Tiffany's.

She grinds her tits and her pussy into hers.

Tiffany, caught off guard, moans a little bit more loudly than she intended to, and everybody in the club turns their head to look.

Even Tiffany's friends turn their heads to look, and when they see what's going on, they can't believe their eyes.

Tiffany does not even notice that people are staring at her and Valerie until she hears some guys hollering.

"Oh yeah baby. I love seeing two women get it on", the guys say loudly.

Tiffany gets a little embarrassed, and leans forward to tell Valerie that they have an audience.

Tiffany whispers,"We've got a audience",into Valerie's ear.

Valerie just smiles and leans forward slightly.

Valerie then whispers,"Well, let's give them a show that they won't forget then." into Tiffany's ear.

Tiffany is not too sure what Valerie means until Valerie grabs Tiffany's legs and wraps them around her waist.

Tiffany gets kind of caught of guard and then decides to just let Valerie take charge.

She locks her legs around Valerie and holds on.

Valerie feels Tiffany's legs lock around her and she knows for sure that this girl is just as serious as she is.

Valerie smiles wickedly then pushes her pussy into Tiffany's and moans loudly. Valerie then starts grinding her pussy against Tiffany's pussy.

Tiffany, feeling Valerie's pussy grind against hers, moans loudly back and starts grinding back.

Pretty soon, both girls are grinding against each other, and are kissing each other passionately.

Tiffany starts feeling super alive and wants more.

This is so hot. I cannot wait anymore. I got to do her right here, she thinks to herself.

However, just when Tiffany goes to tell Valerie, Valerie stops grinding.

Valerie whispers "Babygirl, I hate to stop this hot little session between us, but I got to go.", to Tiffany.

Valerie then whispers "My phone number is 555-4679. If you want to continue this and take it to the next level, call me.", to Tiffany.

Valerie then kisses Tiffany for the last time that night and unlocks Tiffany's legs from around her waist.

Tiffany jumps down off Valerie and takes her arms off Valerie's body.

Valerie starts walking away from Tiffany. Tiffany smiles and watches Valerie walk off, swaying her hips from side-to-side.

Tiffany then runs her hands over her body, making sure her clothes are not all messed up. Tiffany then walks away from the wall and walks over to her friends.

Tiffany says,"Hey" to her friends.

"What in the world was going on over there?", her friends ask her.

Tiffany just smiles to herself and says,"Oh nothing. Just talking to somebody that's all."

"Okay",her friends say.

Tiffany then says,"It's late. Let's get out of here."

They say "Yeah, ok."

Tiffany and her friends get up from the table and walk out of the doors. They go to the car and get in.

All the way back home all Tiffany can think about is tonight and that beautiful woman that she made out with.

She can hardly wait to experience more.

Tiffany's friends arrive at her home. They stop the car and she gets out. She waves goodbye to them and walks up to the house.

She opens the door and goes in. Her parents ask her how her night was.

Tiffany says, "Oh, It was fine. Goodnight." to her parents.

Her parents say goodnight to her. Tiffany then heads to her bedroom, still thinking of that sexy goddess that she met tonight.

She reaches her bedroom, opens the door, and then shuts in. As soon as she is in her room, she takes off her top, her skirt, and her boots.

She then takes off her bra and panties. Tiffany goes over to drawer and gets her short white nightie. She puts it on.

She then goes over to her dresser, takes her hair down, takes the makeup off her face, and removes her necklace.

She climbs into bed and starts letting her own hands roam down her body, thinking of her new woman.

She runs her hands over neck, then down over her breasts.

She takes her hands and runs them under her nightie. She runs her hands up until she reaches her breasts.

When she reaches them, she starts massaging her breasts and moans softly.

She lets her other hand run down her body. Over her stomach and even down lower till she reaches her pussy.

She spreads her legs open and brings them up. She moves her hand lower until she reaches her pussy. When she reaches it, she starts stroking her pussy slowly.

She opens her lips and finds her clit. She starts rubbing her clit slowly.

Thousand sensations of pleasure run through her at once and she moans loudly. She starts rubbing her clit faster, increasing the pressure.

Tiffany then uses her other hand to pull on her nipples. That makes an even louder moan escape from her lips.

Tiffany starts getting into a groove, pulling on her nipples with one hand and rubbing her throbbing swollen clit with the other. Suddenly she gets a idea.

She wants to call Valerie and have phone sex with her tonight.

So Tiffany removes her hands from her pussy and her tits. She then writes down the telephone number and reaches over to grab the phone.

She grabs the telephone and dials the number. Tiffany waits to hear Valerie's voice. Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring.

Tiffany starts to get worried that she dialed the wrong number until she hears a sexy woman's voice.

"Hello?", the voice says.

Tiffany gets excited and says "Hi. Is this Valerie?"

"Yes, this is her. Who is this?", the voice says.

Tiffany says back into the telephone, "This is Tiffany. The girl from tonight. The one you were making out with."

Tiffany can hear Valerie's breath rise some and that makes her more excited.

"Hey sexy, how are you?", Valerie says into the telephone.

"I'm all hot, wet, and horny. You?", Tiffany responds.

"Mmmm,me too. My pussy is dripping wet over here for you. Wish you could taste me.", Valerie says.

Tiffany moans softly into the telephone just from hearing that.

Tiffany then says, "Well, I can. I am there before you. I am on my knees and have pulled your panties down. My mouth is on your pussy, licking you."

Tiffany hears Valerie take her hand and put it down inside of her panties, rubbing her pussy.

She hears Valerie moan into the phone and that makes her pussy much more wetter.

Tiffany then says, "Mmmm, you taste so good in my mouth. So wet, so juicy. I love licking you."

Tiffany then starts making licking sounds with her tongue making it seem more real. Valerie hears Tiffany's licking sounds and that makes her rub her pussy more.

Valerie can feel her wetness soak her fingers and she starts rubbing her clit harder, imagining that Tiffany is licking her.

"Oh yes baby. Mmmm your tongue feels so good. Lick me harder.", Valerie says into the telephone.

Tiffany hears that and she starts making her licking sounds harder and faster.

Tiffany reaches down and puts her hand in her panties, and notices that she is dripping wet.

So she starts rubbing her clit, imagining that Valerie is licking her in return. Like they are in a 69.

Tiffany starts breathing hard into the telephone and moaning. Valerie hears her moans and knows that Tiffany must be touching herself.

That makes Valerie more excited and makes her juices run down her legs.

Valerie starts rubbing her clit faster and faster. She can feel herself coming but she wants Tiffany to come with her.

So Valerie speaks into the telephone.

Valerie says, "Can you see me? Can you feel me? I have flipped you over and I am licking your pussy while you lick me. God, you taste so sweet. I could lick your pussy dry."

Tiffany, upon hearing that, starts rubbing her clit harder and faster. She feels her orgasm coming on.

Tiffany then says "Oh Valerie, lick me harder faster. I'm coming. Oh baby."

Valerie on hearing that Tiffany is coming speeds up her rubbing on her clit and starts coming too.

All that can be heard on both sides of the telephone is the sound of two women in ecstasy, both of them coming at the same time.

Both Tiffany's and Valerie's voices go up real high and the only words that come out of their mouths are a bunch of "ooohhh's, mmmmm's, and aaahhh's."

Tiffany finishes coming first. She pulls her hand out of her pussy and brings it up to her mouth tasting her own sweet pussy juices.

Mmmmm, can't wait to taste Valerie's, Tiffany thinks to herself.

Valerie cums next and is listening intently to Tiffany sucking on her own fingers, tasting that sweet pussy juice that she aches to taste in her mouth.

Valerie then pulls her own hand out of her pussy and brings her hand up to her mouth.

She sticks her hand in her mouth and tastes her own sweet pussy juices.

Tiffany listens intently on the telephone hearing Valerie taste herself.

She can hardly wait to get her mouth in between Valerie's legs to do some tasting of that sweet pussy. Her mouth also aches too thinking of it.

After both women take their hands out of their mouths, and get themselves composed, they go to speak back into the phone.

Tiffany speaks first.

Tiffany says,"Oh Valerie that was wonderful. I can hardly wait to get with you in person."

Valerie hears Tiffany say that.

Valerie responds by saying "Oh Tiffany dear, yes I know. I can hardly wait to taste you. My mouth is aching just thinking about it".

Tiffany then says, "Hey, tomorrow's my birthday. I am going to be 19. It is going to be at that club. You going to show up?"

Valerie smiles to herself, knowing the answer to that question.

Valerie says "Baby, I'll be there. I am gonna make your birthday very special."

Tiffany giggles then says, "Goodnight. See you tomorrow."

Valerie says, "Okay. Goodnight beautiful."

Tiffany then hangs up the telephone. She lays back fully in her bed, with a smile on her face. She drifts off to a peaceful sl**p, anxious for tomorrow.

In the morning Tiffany wakes up. She remembers what day it is and gets excited.

Tiffany gets out of bed, goes over to her dresser, grabs a bra and panties and heads for the shower.

When she reaches the bathroom, she takes off her nightie and starts the shower.

She then gets in and takes a shower. When she is done, Tiffany gets out, dries herself off, and looks in the mirror.

She says to herself, This is it, girl. Today you will become a woman.

Tiffany then walks out of the bathroom, down the hallway, and into her room.

She walks over to her closet, opens it, and decides to choose a simple style of dress to wear around her parents and her friends.

She'll pick a more wild and sexy style of clothes for later when she goes out to the club.

She picks out a pink shirt, a light blue skirt, and her sandals. She grabs the clothes and shuts the closet door.

She then walks over to her dresser, opens it and pulls out a bra and panties.

She shuts the dresser door, walks over to her bed so she can put the clothes down.

She puts the bra and panties on. Then she puts the top and skirt on. Then the sandals. When she is dressed, she grabs her hairbrush and brushes her hair.

She then walks out of her room and into the livingroom where her parents are waiting.

They wish her happy birthday, and take her into the kitchen for a special birthday breakfast.

But the one thing that Tiffany doesn't know is that her parents invited her boyfriend Steven over to spend the day with them.

When Tiffany walks into the kitchen, to her surprise, she sees her boyfriend Steven there at the table. Tiffany smiles but only on the outside.

Inside, she is fuming. How dare her parents invite her boyfriend over without telling her.

She'd much rather have Valerie there with her. But nobody can know about her.

Tiffany sits down at the table as her parents ask her what she would like for breakfast. She wants to say pussy but doesn't.

Tiffany says, "Oh, bacon and eggs would be fine."

Her parents say, "Okay."

Her mom goes over to the stove to cook Tiffany's breakfast.

While her mom makes breakfast, her dad comes to the table.

He asks her, "Well k**do, how does it feel to be 19?"

Tiffany replies to her dad "Oh, it feels fine. Not much different from 18."

Tiffany's dad laughs and says, "Well, things will change for you. You just wait."

Tiffany thinks to herself, Yeah, you have no idea how much things will change for me.

Tiffany's mom finishes cooking Tiffany's breakfast and brings it over to her.

She says, "Happy birthday sweetie."

Tiffany looks at her mom and says "Thanks, mom. Looks good".

Tiffany then starts eating her breakfast, all along thinking of Valerie and of tonight when she will finally get to have some pussy.

Tiffany looks up to see her boyfriend Steven looking at her with this look in his eyes. A look that she has never seen before in him. A look of lust.

Tiffany looks down back at her breakfast and finishes eating it. She then gets up and takes her plate to the sink.

She puts her plate in the sink and walks back to the table where her parents have put her presents on the table.

She counts them. Five all together. Tiffany sits down at the table and gets ready to open them.

Her parents and her boyfriend sing Happy Birthday to her and Tiffany just smiles shyly.

Her parents then handed her present after present.

A shirt, some earrings, some perfume, a CD, and a teddy bear from her boyfriend is everything that she has received.

She thanks everybody for her presents.

"May I be excused from the table?",Tiffany asks.

"Sure.",her parents say.

Steven says,"Hey. Wait up".

Tiffany gets up from the table and Steven follows her.

Tiffany starts walking down the hallway and Steven catches up to her, walking behind her.

He slips his arms around her waist and together they walk to the bedroom.

Once they reach the bedroom, Tiffany walks in and Steven follows, shutting and locking the door behind them.

Tiffany hears the bedroom door being locked, but she has no idea why.

Tiffany stands in the middle of the room trying to figure it out when all of the sudden Steven comes up behind her and grabs her by the waist.

She screams and he pushes her to the bed. He pushes her down on the bed and climbs on top of her.

He starts kissing her, roughly massaging her tits, and trying to shove his hand under her skirt so he can reach her panties.

Tiffany starts fighting him off, biting him hard, screaming for help. He starts getting rougher with her ripping her shirt and bra.

He then lifts her skirt up and rips her panties off. He then moves down between her legs and roughly pushes them apart.

He notices that she isn't wet, but he doesn't care. He roughly pulls her outer lips apart, and starts licking her clit roughly.

Tiffany screams louder cause it hurts so bad.

Steven gets rougher with her biting down making more searing pain run though her body. Steven then moves his mouth and stands up.

Steven says cruelly,"Now bitch, I'm gonna fuck you hard."

Tiffany starts pleading with him, not wanting to be hurt.

Tiffany then says,"No, No Steven please don't. I'm a virgin."

Steven says,"Yeah, I know. I am gonna rip you in two and make you a slut!"

Steven then pulls his cock out of his pants and pushes it forward to her pussy.

Tiffany sees his cock and suddenly gets the strength of one thousand women. She takes her feet and pushes him away from her.

She causes Steven to fall backwards and onto the floor. Tiffany then gets up and grabs what is left of her clothes crying softly.

She then goes into her closet, grabs what she was going to wear tonight, which is a tight black shirt and a very short red skirt.

She then puts those clothes on throwing the others in her closet. She then grabs some change in case she has to call Valerie.

Tiffany then goes to the door, unlocks it and opens it. She runs out of the house crying.

Tiffany starts running down the driveway, and runs down the street. She runs towards the club, but decides that she needs to call Valerie first.

So she finds a payphone, and puts in some change. She punches in Valerie's number and waits as the telephone rings twice.

Then she hears Valerie pick up the telephone.

Valerie says,"Hello?"

Tiffany speaks back into the telephone, still crying softly.

Tiffany says, "Valerie. I need you. Can you come pick me up and take me somewhere that we can be alone?"

Valerie says, "Sure honey, I'll be right there. Where are you at right now?"

Tiffany gives the address of where's she at.

Valerie then says, "Ok baby. I am on my way. Don't go anywhere."

Tiffany says, "I won't. Thanks. I owe you one"

Tiffany then hangs up the telephone and finds a bench to sit down on

She sits down on the bench and waits for Valerie. After about 15 minutes, she sees this car pull up and sees Valerie behind the wheel.

Tiffany is never so glad to see her. Valerie stops the car and gets out.

She walks over to Tiffany and looks at her.

She can tell that she has been crying so Valerie picks Tiffany up into her arms and carries her to the car.

She then waits as Tiffany gets into the car. Valerie then shuts the door and gets in the car herself.

She then drives off slowly.

"What's wrong? I know that something is bothering you. I can tell you've been crying.", Valerie says.

"I almost got ****d.", Tiffany says.

Valerie hears that and feels bad for Tiffany. She drives until she finds somewhere that she knows that they can be alone.

Valerie decides to take Tiffany to a very nice, high priced hotel.

"This is a hotel. I thought we were going to the club." Tiffany says.

"Well the club is too busy. We need some private time together. And this place is just perfect for that." Valerie says.

"Okay", Tiffany says.

When they reach the hotel, Valerie gets out first.

Valerie then walks over to Tiffany's door, opens it for her, and asks for Tiffany's hand.

Tiffany smiles and takes Valerie's hand. Tiffany then gets out of the car and Valerie shuts the door behind her.

Valerie then takes Tiffany's hand tighter into her own and together they walk into the hotel.

When the reach the hotel, they go in and Valerie walks up to the counter. She tells the person that she has a reservation and they find it.

They give Valerie the key and Valerie takes Tiffany by the hand leading her to the elevators.

Once they reach the elevators and go in, Valerie lets go of Tiffany's hand.

Valerie then gently pushes Tiffany against the wall. She starts kissing her softly letting her hands roam all over her body.

She can't believe how hot Tiffany looks tonight. She looks good enough to eat.

Tiffany feels Valerie's hands on her body roaming all over and she kisses Valerie back.

Valerie gently runs her hands over Tiffany's tits letting her thumbs roll over her nipples. Tiffany moans softly and reaches out to Valerie doing the same.

Tiffany uses her thumbs to roll it over Valerie's nipples and hears Valerie moan softly.

Just then Tiffany kisses Valerie harder and turns her around so that Valerie is against the wall.

Tiffany then moves her mouth lower kissing Valerie's neck and running her tongue along it.

She then moves even lower unbuttoning Valerie's shirt. Tiffany notices that Valerie isn't wearing a bra and that makes her pussy ache.

She can feel her pussy get wet immediately.

Tiffany reaches out and locks her mouth around Valerie's nipple licking and sucking like a baby.

Valerie can't believe that this is happening. She looks down and watches this hot sexy creature Tiffany suck on her aching nipples.

Valerie lets out a moan and then brings her eyes back up closing them.

Tiffany starts sucking on Valerie's nipple more using her hand to massage her tit flesh. She massages Valerie's tits more getting a little bit rougher.

Tiffany then bites down gently on Valerie's nipple and hears Valerie moan louder.

Just as Tiffany is about to take another bite Valerie hears the ding of the elevator and knows that they have reached their floor.

So Valerie takes Tiffany's head and brings it back up.

Valerie says,"We have reached our floor, Tiffany. Would you mind please buttoning my shirt back up?"

Tiffany smiles at Valerie.

Tiffany then says,"Sure."

Tiffany then takes her hands and starts buttoning Valerie's shirt back up kissing every inch of bare flesh that is exposed between buttons.

Valerie moans more and lets her hands run though Tiffany's hair.

Tiffany gets Valerie's shirt buttoned back up and then kisses her hard on the mouth.

Valerie kisses Tiffany back and then moves taking Tiffany's hand and leading her out of the elevator. Together both women walk to the room.

When they get there, Valerie opens the door and lets Tiffany walk in first.

As soon as Tiffany walks into the room, her eyes get really big. She cannot believe how nice it is.

A king size bed, a spa, a big shower. That gets her attention.

But what gets her attention more is the candles, roses, and soft music playing that Tiffany sees and hears.

Valerie shuts the door and locks it. She then walks up behind Tiffany and slips her arms around her.

She whispers into Tiffany's ear "Happy Birthday, Baby. Like my surprise?"

Tiffany smiles really big.

Tiffany then says "Yes Valerie. Yes I do. I love it".

Valerie then brings her hands up Tiffany's body pulling her shirt off. Then she pulls Tiffany's bra off.

Valerie then moves in front of Tiffany and just cannot help but stare at Tiffany's beautiful delicious tits.

Valerie takes Tiffany by the hand and leads her to the bed. She lays her down and helps her scoot up on the bed.

Valerie then moves and takes off Tiffany's skirt. She pulls it all the way off.

Valerie then pulls off Tiffany's panties. She then takes off Tiffany's boots.

She takes all of Tiffany's clothes and throws them to the side. Valerie then just stands back and looks at Tiffany.

From the top of her head to the bottom of her feet. She has never before seen such a beautiful sexy nude woman before.

Just staring at Tiffany's nude body makes Valerie's panties become soaked with her juices.

Valerie then moves up on the bed and brings her mouth down to Tiffany's. She kisses her and feels Tiffany kiss back.

Valerie then lets her hand run down Tiffany's body, letting it rest at her tits. She starts kneading and massaging Tiffany's tits, feeling that hot tit flesh under her hand.

Valerie kisses Tiffany harder letting her tongue slip inside her mouth.

Tiffany feels Valerie's tongue inside of her mouth and she slips her own into Valerie's.

Both women start French-kissing hard. Valerie then slips her tongue out of Tiffany's mouth and moves her lips off Tiffany's.

She gets up off the bed and goes over to a suitcase that she has packed just for tonight.

She has some special toys inside of it.

She has a vibrator, a blindfold, pair of handcuffs, a strap-on dildo so she can fuck her hard, and some lube so she can fuck that sweet perfect ass after she fucks that pussy.

Valerie grabs the blindfold and closes the suitcase.

She then walks back over to bed and climbs on it slowly. She stops midway and her mouth just waters.

She sees Tiffany's legs spread open and she can see that sweet pussy. She gets closer and takes a good whiff of Tiffany's juices.

Oh my god, they smell so sweet, Valerie thinks to herself.

Valerie moves up more on the bed.

"Lift up your head please, sexy", Valerie says.

Tiffany does and Valerie puts the blindfold on her. Then Valerie moves lower on Tiffany's body letting her mouth rest at her tits.

She hungrily takes one into her mouth, sucking and licking.

Tiffany starts moaning and brings her hands down letting them run though Valerie's hair.

Valerie sucks Tiffany's tit hard, biting down on the hard nipple every once in a while just to hear Tiffany squeal.

Valerie then moves over and does the same thing to Tiffany's other tit.

"Oh Valerie!", Tiffany screams out

Tiffany starts pushing Valerie's head down lower.

Valerie takes that a sign that Tiffany wants to get her pussy eaten.

So Valerie moves lower until she gets in between Tiffany's thighs. She starts at the beautiful sight before her.

She then moves in closer and kisses Tiffany's outer lips letting her tongue run along them. First the left one then the right.

Valerie then spreads open Tiffany's pussy lips, exposing that juicy pussy to Valerie hungry mouth.

In her mind, Valerie wants to go slow. But seeing that pussy in front of her and smelling that sweet smell drives her crazy.

She decides quickly in her mind, To hell with it. I'm gonna lick this pussy hard.

Valerie then pulls back the hood of Tiffany's clit exposing it's beautiful swollen self to her hungry tongue.

Valerie moves in and sticks her tongue out taking a lick on that clit.

Mmmm, she tastes good, Valerie thinks to herself.

Valerie then licks Tiffany's clit more taking fast licks like she was eating ice cream on a hot day in July.

Valerie then takes Tiffany's legs and puts them up over her shoulders giving her unrestricted access to both that pussy and ass.

Valerie sticks her tongue out, making it into like a little cock, and shoves it into Tiffany's fuckhole tasting more of her sweet pussy juices.

Valerie starts tongue fucking Tiffany hard feeling Tiffany's juices run onto her tongue and down her throat.

She can feel Tiffany getting wetter and that makes her fuck her sweet little pussy more licking all of those flowing juices that are pouring out of Tiffany's pussy.

"Oh yes baby. Lick my fuckhole. Make my juices run like a river into that mouth.", Tiffany moans out.

Faster and faster, she tongue fucks that pussy using her thumb on Tiffany's clit rubbing hard and fast. She then finds Tiffany's g-spot and licks it hard.

She feels Tiffany shudder and moan loudly. Valerie then takes one of her fingers on her free hand and brings it up to Tiffany's ass.

She spreads apart her buttcheeks and finds her asshole. She then takes a finger and starts penetrating Tiffany's asshole with her finger.

The fit is kind of tight, but she is able to slip her finger inside of her ass.

Once she gets her finger inside of that ass, she starts thrusting it in and out, finger-fucking her.

Valerie can hear Tiffany's moans increase and she decides to try two fingers. So she takes another finger and sticks it into Tiffany's ass.

It slides in and she starts finger fucking her harder.

"Oh fuck Valerie. Finger my ass like that. Oh yes, make me your slut. Valerie, oh Valerie.", Tiffany screams out.

Feeling Valerie's mouth in her pussy, her thumb on her clit, and her fingers in her ass is causing so much pleasure and pain to run though her.

She can hardly wait to get fucked.

Valerie slips her mouth out of Tiffany's fuckhole and moves her thumb. She replaces her thumb with her tongue and starts licking Tiffany's little clit hard and fast.

She even puts her lips around Tiffany's clit and sucks on it like a vacuum.

Valerie sucks harder on Tiffany's clit and can feel the first waves of Tiffany's orgasm coming on.

So Valerie stops sucking on Tiffany's clit and focuses on licking it hard and fast.

She shoves her fingers farther into Tiffany's ass, determined to make her orgasm last.

Tiffany feeling Valerie shoving her fingers into her ass farther feels her orgasm coming on. She starts moaning louder.

Valerie starts licking Tiffany's clit hard and fast using her one free hand to hold back the lips.

Faster and faster she licks feeling Tiffany start to shake. Tiffany starts coming and tries to get up but Valerie won't let her.

She just keeps on licking that clit harder and quicker.

Valerie hears Tiffany moans turn into screams as she cums into her mouth. Valerie starts catching all the juices that are flowing out as she licks Tiffany's clit harder feeling it shake more on her tongue.

She has never before tasted juices so sweet. She can't get enough and licks harder wanting more. She wants to lick that pussy dry.

Tiffany's orgasm starts to subside, but Valerie doesn't stop licking. She wants all of those juices.

She licks Tiffany harder and faster until she feels that she should stop. Then she pulls her juice-covered tongue and mouth off Tiffany's pussy.

She removes her fingers from Tiffany's ass and can feel that she stretched it some. Which is good cause it will make it easier to fuck her

Valerie then moves up on the bed until she reaches Tiffany's mouth. Valerie reaches down and takes the blindfold off Tiffany.

Valerie then plants her mouth on Tiffany's and snakes her tongue inside her mouth. She lets Tiffany taste herself. Valerie kisses her hard.

Tiffany says "Mmmmmm".

She kisses Valerie back hard.

Tiffany then stops kissing Valerie. Valerie then stops kissing Tiffany and looks deep into her eyes.

Tiffany reaches down and grabs Valerie's hips, bringing her pussy up close to her hungry mouth.

"Oh by the way Valerie, just wanted to let you know that this is my first time ever eating a woman out.", Tiffany says.

Valerie responds, "That's okay baby. I like the idea of being your first woman lover."

Tiffany smiles and keeps her hands on Valerie's hips, bringing them closer.

Valerie, realizing what Tiffany is trying to do, helps her out by moving upwards and lines her pussy up with Tiffany's mouth.

Tiffany then reaches out and rips off Valerie's panties. She throws them to the side and brings Valerie's pussy closer to her mouth.

Tiffany opens her mouth and feels Valerie sit on her face. Valerie reaches underneath her and pulls apart her outer lips for Tiffany to help her out.

Tiffany then snakes her tongue out and starts licking Valerie's pussy. She starts at the top and works her way down until she reaches her asshole.

She even licks that which makes Valerie moan loudly.

"Oh yes baby. You know how I like to be licked.", Valerie cries out.

Tiffany then brings her mouth back up and licks Valerie's clit hard.

She spreads Valerie's legs wider and shoves her tongue into Valerie's fuckhole

"Oh Tiffany! That feels so damn good!" Valerie screams out.

She starts tongue fucking her wanting so much to fuck her for real with a fake cock.

Tiffany licks Valerie's fuckhole hard feeling Valerie's pussy juices run into her mouth. She swallows them and goes back for more.

Valerie starts riding Tiffany's tongue like a cock bouncing up and down. That just makes Tiffany lick harder, finding Valerie's g-spot and licking that.

Tiffany then moves her tongue out of Valerie's fuckhole and focuses on her clit.

She starts licking Valerie's clit hard and fast loving the taste of a woman now for sure especially Valerie.

Faster and faster Tiffany licks Valerie's clit wanting to feel her cum in her mouth.

Harder and quicker Tiffany licks until she can feel Valerie shaking on her tongue.

Tiffany grabs Valerie's hips and pushes Valerie's pussy deep into her mouth letting the warm velvet texture surround her tongue.

She licks Valerie's clit harder feeling Valerie cum on her tongue.

She swallows Valerie's sweet juices and slows her licking to a very light butterfly lick. That makes Valerie cum harder in her mouth.

After about 10 minutes Valerie stops shaking and comes down fully off her orgasm. Valerie then moves her pussy off Tiffany's mouth.

Tiffany grabs Valerie's head and brings her mouth up to hers. She kisses Valerie and snakes her tongue inside of Valerie's mouth.

Valerie kisses Tiffany back and can taste her own juices on Tiffany's tongue. They kiss for about 10 minutes.

Then Valerie moves down and off the bed. She goes over to the suitcase and opens it up.

Valerie reaches inside of the suitcase and grabs the strap-on dildo.

Time to fuck this hot little slut, she thinks to herself.

She closes the suitcase and puts the strap-on dildo around her waist. Then she moves to the bed.

Valerie then says, "Ready to get that sweet little pussy fucked"?

Tiffany says "Oh yes. Please fuck me Valerie. But you must know. I'm a virgin".

Valerie thinks to herself, Could this girl be any more perfect? Not only is she hot, she's a virgin too. And I get to take her virginity.

Valerie says, "Don't worry baby. I"ll be gentle at first. But once I get that hymen broken, I'm gonna pound you."

Tiffany can feel her pussy grow wetter just thinking of getting pounded

Valerie moves on to the bed and gets in between Tiffany's spread open legs. She brings the head of the fake cock up to Tiffany's pussy. She lines up the fake cock with Tiffany's opening.

Before Valerie gets ready to put the cock into Tiffany's pussy she warns her.

Valerie says, "Now Tiffany, this may hurt a little. But the pain will be quick and pleasure will soon follow. Trust me."

Tiffany looks into Valerie eyes, letting her see pure lust.

Tiffany then says, "Fuck Me."

With that being said, Valerie thrusts forward penetrating Tiffany's dripping wet pussy with the fake cock.

Tiffany feeling the cock enter her, moans loudly. Valerie starts slowly thrusting her cock in and out of Tiffany's pussy, using long strokes.

She pulls the cock out, almost all the way. Then she thrusts forward and pushes the cock deeper into Tiffany's pussy.

She starts thrusting the cock a little bit faster until she feels Tiffany's hymen.

When she feels the hymen, she pulls the cock out of her pussy.

Valerie then thrusts it hard into Tiffany's pussy, breaking her hymen. Valerie stops and looks at Tiffany.

She can see some tears forming in Tiffany's eyes, and she waits until they stop to continue.

Valerie asks, "Are you ok, darling?"

Tiffany says, "Yes, I'm fine baby. It just hurt a little bit more than I expected."

Valerie says, "Do you want me to continue? I can go slow if you want."

Tiffany says, "Yes, please continue. And no, don't go slow. You said you were gonna pound me, so do it".

Valerie says, "Okay baby. I aim to please."

Valerie starts moving the cock in and out of Tiffany's pussy, thrusting a little bit harder now.

Valerie brings the cock all the way out, takes Tiffany's legs and puts them up on her shoulders.

Valerie then slams the cock back into Tiffany's pussy hard. She starts fucking her pussy hard, pounding her like a jackhammer.

Tiffany grabs onto her own tits and starts squeezing them feeling so much pleasure right now. She is so glad that this is happening.

She has wanted this for so long.

Valerie increases the strokes, pounding that sweet pussy harder and faster.

"Oh Valerie. That feels so good. You fuck me so damn good.", Tiffany moans out.

All that can be heard is the sound of skin slapping against skin. Tiffany moans loud over and over.

Valerie joins her moans cause the strap-on dildo is hitting right against her clit.

Deeper and deeper she thrusts that cock into Tiffany's pussy, going as deep as she can.

Suddenly Valerie feels Tiffany shake against the cock and Valerie knows that Tiffany is coming on it. That causes her to pound Tiffany harder making the bed shake and pound against the wall.

Valerie feels her own orgasm coming on. Faster and faster she thrusts into Tiffany's pussy.

Then suddenly, Valerie's own orgasm is upon her. She grinds her clit against the cock and cums so hard that it takes her breath away.

After both women finish coming, Valerie slows pulls the cock out of Tiffany and lets her relax.

She puts Tiffany's legs down and gets up off the bed.

She goes to the bathroom and takes the cock off. She washes it in the sink so it can be re-used.

Valerie dries off the cock and walks out of the bedroom. What she sees next makes her mouth drop.

There on the bed, laying on her hands and knees, is Tiffany.

She has her ass up in the air. That beautiful ass.

Valerie walks slowly over to Tiffany, putting the strap-on dildo back on.

She grabs some lube, lubes the cock up, and gets on the bed behind Tiffany.

She opens Tiffany's buttcheeks with one hand and lines up the cock with the other.

Then she starts pushing the cock head into Tiffany's asshole slowly hearing the sphincter open and start to swallow up the cock slowly.

Inch-by-inch it goes in.

All Valerie can do is watch as it goes in Tiffany's perfect ass, stretching her more.

When the cock is all the way in Valerie pulls it out and leaves just the head in. She then thrusts the cock back into Tiffany's ass.

She starts fucking her ass hard, thrusting in and out quickly. Tiffany starts screaming out in pleasure, feeling Valerie fuck her ass.

"Valerie, fuck Valerie. Yes fuck my ass just like that.", Tiffany screams out.

Valerie, hearing Tiffany's screams of pleasure, starts fucking her harder.

She then rams the cock into Tiffany's ass over and over watching it stretch her beautifully.

What Tiffany doesn't know is that this is a special cock. It can shoot fake cum.

Once Valerie gets done fucking her and is about ready to cum she's gonna pull out.

She is then going to make Tiffany suck her cock till she cums in her throat.

Faster and faster Valerie fucks Tiffany's ass.

Then she feels the balls of the strap-on fill up and she can tell that she's about to cum.

So she pulls the cock out of Tiffany's ass and moves up to Tiffany's mouth.

"Open your mouth baby and get ready to taste something sweet.", Valerie says.

Tiffany does and Valerie shoves the cock into Tiffany's mouth.

She starts fucking Tiffany's mouth with the cock while Tiffany sucks on the cock and deepthroats it.

Faster and faster she fucks her mouth making Tiffany suck harder.

Finally she feels the cum rising up into the cockhead so she thrusts one more time.

Valerie screams out,"I'm coming. Swallow it all."

As soon as Valerie says that, the cum starts spurting out of the head of the cock and into Tiffany's waiting mouth.

Tiffany starts swallowing the cum down hungrily, going back for more.

Spurt after spurt of cum jerks out of Valerie's cock and into Tiffany's mouth.

Tiffany keeps on sucking and swallowing until there is no more cum left in the cockhead. Then Valerie pulls the cock out of Tiffany's mouth.

She brings Tiffany up to her mouth and she kisses her tasting the cum.

Mmmmm, that's delicious, she thinks to herself.

Valerie then moves off the bed and takes the fake cock off.

She throws it to the side and then gets back on the bed with Tiffany. Valerie then brings Tiffany close to her and holds her naked body next to hers.

Tiffany is confused some for she thought that she would get to fuck Valerie in return.

Tiffany says, "Don't I get to fuck you?"

Valerie smiles and looks at Tiffany.

Valerie then says "Some other time, baby. This is your birthday and I wanted to give you what you wanted."

Tiffany snuggles up closer to Valerie, enjoying the feel of her nude body against Valerie's.

Tiffany then says, "You already have. I got to be with you."

Valerie, upon hearing that, wraps her arms around Tiffany and holds her close.

They both drift off to sl**p, peacefully. Tiffany is so glad that she got to be with Valerie on her birthday.

This is a birthday that she will never forget!... Continue»
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As a k** I'd had many fantasies about having sex with my mother. Mom was only
17 when she had me and she was always a very good looking woman. My fantasies
remained just that as I grew up. When I reached the age of 34, my dad passed
away and Mom was pretty crushed by the experience. After some time of
mourning, she gradually began to live again. there were many men who wanted
to date her because she was still very attractive at the age of 52. To me she
was even prettier at 52 than 20 years earlier. Mom had brunette hair which
she generally kept at shoulder length. She was about 5'5 and was always fit
and trim. Her breasts, I would guess, were probably 36B's. Not huge, but
very sexy. I had caught a glimpse of her tits a few times as a k** and really
liked what I saw. The idea of fucking my mother faded into obscurity after I
moved out of the house and on my own. It had been 13 years since I had left
home in NY and moved to Florida, where I had a successful business. Mom
called me one evening and asked if she could stay with me for 2 weeks. She
wanted to come to Florida for a little change of pace. I said I'd be happy to
have her.

I picked her up at the airport, we hugged and I told her how good she looked.
She smiled that wonderful smile of hers and returned the complement. I had
seen her at the funeral, of course, but she looked terrible then and sexual
thoughts were the farthest thing from my mind then. Now, however, I found
those old thoughts returning as we drove back to my house on the East Coast of
Florida. We made some small talk on the way home, relived some old memories
and enjoyed the ride. Mom asked how my girlfriend Karen was and when we were
going to be married. I told her that Karen and I had broken up several weeks
ago and that there was no marriage in my immediate future.

We had some dinner together, I showed Mom her room and, as she was pretty
tired from the trip, she kissed me good night and went to bed. I went to my
room, got undressed, lay down and tried to sl**p. I found myself with a big
hard on thinking of my mother in the next room lying there in bed. I wanted
to slip in beside her and make love to her so badly. Those old fantasies
seemed stronger than ever. I had no choice but to jerk off thinking of her.
I finally got to sl**p....with mom on my mind, of course.

The next couple of days went by without incident. I went to work, Mom spent
her day sitting by the pool, doing a little shopping. By the 3rd day she was
getting a very nice tan, which only added to her beauty. We had some nice
talks, but the conversation never involved sex. I was getting very horny for
her and I realized that if I was ever going to fuck my mother, I had to do it
while she was here visiting me.

Now I was in the publishing business and had a very nice computer setup at
home, where I did a lot of work. After Mom had gone to bed one night, I sat
down at the computer, took out a couple of photos of her, scanned them in with
my scanner, then took a few hard-core photos I had downloaded from the net and
overlaid mom's face using PhotoShop (A terrific graphics program). It looked
so real! I was totally turned on. I did another one where these 2 people
were fucking and I put mom's face and mine on the photo. It looked as if we
were actually fucking. I got a huge hard on and sat there at my computer and
jerked off, imagining that it was really the 2 of us. I did a few more after
that and began to accumulate a small collection of nude photos of my mother.
The PhotoShop program is so good, you couldn't tell that these photos were

Mom had seen me working on the computer (though not making pornographic photos
of her!!) and had expressed some interest in using it. When I took a day off,
mom asked me if I could show her how to use it. I said, "Sure". She had
talked about the Net and was very interested in what was going on out there in
CyberSpace. "Is it true that there is a lot of pornography on the Internet?"
she asked me.

"Well, uh," I was a little taken aback by her question, "Yes, there is.
Actually, there's a ton of it," I smiled. "I've been thinking about getting a
computer, actually," Mom told me.

A little later on we sat down at the computer and I showed Mom around. One
thing about her, she was very smart. She learned things easily. She was very
excited about learning to use the computer. I logged on to the net and showed
her around a bit. She was fascinated. She especially liked the IRC, where
she could actually converse with real human beings. She was a bit shocked at
some of the rooms offered, and I was a little embarrassed having her see that,
but she seemed pretty cool about the whole thing. I showed her how to log on
and off and told her she could fool around with it anytime she wanted. She
asked lots of questions and I answered them all for her. I also showed her
the Web and the newsgroups. She seemed particularly interested in some of the
newsgroups and she began to explore a few of them. I showed her how to post a
message and she found that very interesting. "It's amazing what we can do
these days!" she told me.

I had to go out for a few hours. I left her at the computer and she barely
noticed I was walking out the door. "See you later, Mom," I called out as I
was leaving. "Bye, Honey," she said without turning her eyes from the
computer. I guess she was hooked!

When I returned, Mom was sitting by the pool, wearing a two piece bathing suit
and looking VERY sexy. She had a drink in her hand and smiled when she saw
me. "Come, Baby," she smiled, "Let's talk." I told her I was going to change
into a bathing suit and would join her in a minute. I returned as promised
and sat down next to Mom. I was definitely admiring her tanned, slim body and
I felt a hard on coming, so I tried to think of something else. "Did you have
fun on the computer?" "Oh, I had a ball! I had to tear myself away from it.
I found some very interesting things there, Sweetheart!" She said, coyly. I
wasn't sure what she was referring to. I wondered if she was talking about
the Net or maybe she had found those pictures I had retouched. "Nah," I
thought, she wouldn't be able to find that. She started off by telling me
about some of the newsgroups she had perused. She had found the alt. groups.
She asked me to show her how to download things off of the net. I promised I
would. She got up from her chair, took me by the hand and walked me to the
computer. "I want to show you something I found," she said. She didn't seem
angry, and I didn't think it was those pictures. I was wrong. She booted up
the computer, went right to PhotoShop and brought up the picture of me fucking
her. "What is THIS????" she demanded.

"Don't be mad, Mom," I tried to assuage her. "I was just fooling around one
day, that's all." "How did you do this? she asked. "I mean, I don't think
we ever posed for this, did we?" She broke out into laughter and I was
relieved. I laughed along with her. "It's pretty easy to do with this
program, Mom." I told her. I briefly explained the theory of cut and paste
to her. "Very interesting" was her reply, "But let's get back to the picture
itself. Why did you do that?" she inquired.

"Well, uh, look, Mom...we're both adults. I think I can talk to you frankly,
can't I?" I couldn't believe I was about to tell my mother I wanted to fuck
her. She nodded her head and I went on. "You know, when I was a k**, I used
to fantasize a lot about you." "Most young boys do, you know," she
interjected. "Well, after awhile, it sort of melted into the background, but
it was something I never forgot. When you came here, and I saw how beautiful
you look, well, those fantasies came flooding back in my mind. Those pictures
you saw were just a result of that fantasy. I guess most people think that
i****t is wrong, but I really don't understand why." Mom was listening
intently to me. She was a little shocked, a little flattered and a little
turned on.

"Sweetheart," she answered me, "Now I'm going to be totally honest with you."
She looked me straight in the eyes as she spoke. "I've always felt something
special for you, my darling. It began when you were very young. I had many
thoughts about touching you and letting you touch me. You know, your father
and I didn't have a great sexual relationship and I guess I used to fantasize
about you to relive those sexual tensions. I knew it was wrong, but I
couldn't help think about it. I used to watch you as a young boy. I enjoyed
seeing you naked, but I never let on. I swore to myself that I would never
take out my sexual frustrations by using you....unless you showed me that you
wanted to enjoy the sexual pleasures of your mother. I told myself that if
you ever came on to me, I would allow us to be together, but that I would
never initiate the first move. Now you are an adult. A man. You can make
your own decisions. I love you immensely, darling, and always have. The idea
of making love with you has been in my mind for many, many years, though I
have tried to surpress those feelings to no avail." I was totally floored by
my Mother's speech. There was a moment of indecision and tenseness, then Mom
put out her arms to me and I rushed to her, embracing her tightly. We hugged.
Mom ran her hands through my hair, pushed my head back, looked me straight in
the eye and put her lips to mine. In that one moment, an eternity, our
relationship changed forever. We were no longer just Mother and Son, but
lovers. That first kiss was deep, heavy, passionate and so very fulfilling.
"Oh, my baby! My wonderful baby boy!" Mom sighed. "I love you so much,
Mom," I cooed into her ear.

Our lips pressed hard against each other's as our tongues engaged. Wild
thoughts flew through my brain as I kissed my mother as her lover, not her
son. It seemed so natural. It certainly was incredibly erotic. Mom clutched
my hand as we kissed and drew it to her right breast. I clasped her small,
but tender breast in my hand, my fingers feeling for her nipple, which was
hard and erect. She moaned as I squeezed her breast. She kept moaning to me,
"My baby! My baby!" We sat by the computer for a bit, kissing, hugging,
touching. We looked so lovingly into one another's eyes. Nothing needed to be
said. Mom stood up, took my hand and let me to the bedroom where we lay
comfortably on the big, soft bed. We cuddled up closely, kissing again and
again, soft moaning, oohing and ahhing coming from us both. I was hot, hard
and wanting to fuck my mom in the worst way. She undid the bra of her bathing
suit and there she was, her breasts exposed to me. They were gorgeous. Her
nipples were dark brown and very erect. I thought they were the most perfect
breasts I had ever seen. I slipped my tongue around her nipple and began to
suck gently on her tit, as I had done as a baby, not realizing the ultimate
pleasure of such an act before now. Mom thrust her head back, closed her eyes
and held my head in her hands as I sucked her nipples, one, then the other. I
kissed her firm stomach and my body ached to touch her pussy. She arched her
back up, lifting her ass as she did, telling me without words to slip off her
panties. I obeyed and discovered my mother's wet, sexy cunt for the very
first time. She had light brown hair around her pussy which tended to shadow
her precious clit.

I was wearing only my bathing suit, but my cock was so hard, it ached against
the restraint of the suit. I stood up and slipped off my trunks. Mom watched
intently as I revealed my throbbing, hard cock to my mother. Once my cock was
freed, Mom looked at me in awe. "Baby, I'm glad you weren't that big when you
were just a boy...I wouldn't have been able to keep my hands off you" she
laughed as she sat up. "Lie back, my baby boy, and let your Momma tend to
you." she nodded as she set me back against the bed, spreading my legs apart
and giving her complete access to my cock and balls. Mom slid up close to my
cock, slipped her hand around my balls and squeezed ever so gently. She had
the right touch and drove me mad with hot desire for her. I watched her every
move as she glanced up at me every now and then to make sure I was enjoying
every minute. She flicked her tongue across the top of my hot cock and then
pressed her lips over my aching head. She slid her mouth down over my cock
slowly, driving me wild. I could have cum right then, but I managed to
withstand the desire. This was too good a blow job to end now. Mom moaned as
she sucked my willing rod. She went down, down, down all the way to my balls.
My cock was about 8 inches and she had every inch down her throat. She slid
up and down, a little faster each time. I was going to explode, as she sucked
and rubbed my balls. My mommy was sucking my cock and I was in heaven. I
couldn't hold back any longer and she knew I was going to explode. Just in
case she didn't, I called out in a hard moan, "I'm gonna cum, Mom!" She
nodded as she sucked me, indicating she wanted my cum in her waiting mouth. I
shot what must have been the biggest load of cum I've ever had into my
mother's waiting mouth. As I came, she slipped her hands around my ass and
squeezed me ever so tightly closer to her already engorged mouth. She sucked
and sucked, refusing to let go of my cock. She sucked out all of the cum I
had and, finally, slowly relinquished her loving grip on my cock. Her lips
were covered with cum. I could not believe I was lying there, just having cum
in the mouth of the woman I have loved all of my Mother!

Mom looked at me as I lay back and smiled broadly, "My little boy has such
sweet tasting cum." I breathed very deeply and drew her up to me. We
embraced and hugged while I regained my strength. She asked me if I enjoyed
having Mommy suck my cock. "You know I did, Mom! I answered her. We lie
there for awhile, just holding and touching one another. it felt so good to
be naked with my mother and enjoying each other's bodies. Mom kept telling me
how good I looked and I returned the compliment many times. She DID look

Mom held my hand as it explored her breasts and body. She directed my hand
down to her pussy. She wanted me to touch her. Her pussy was covered with a
fair amount of pubic hair, not too hairy, but just right. I twirled a few
hairs in my finger while searching for her clit. Mom's cunt was wet and
waiting impatiently for the touch of my hand. I cradled my left arm under
Mom's shoulders and with my right hand, I touched that wonderful pussy of hers
from where I first arrived in this world. It was at once a strange,
wonderful, and totally erotic experience. My cock sprung to attention as my
fingers began to fondle her wetness. Her cunt was pink and wet and so very
soft to the touch. She had a much bigger clit than any women I had been with
and it was very enjoyable to feel and touch. Mom spread her legs and moaned
as my fingers began to explore in earnest. I slipped one finger inside of her
and then another. She moaned loudly as I entered her. She turned her head to
my cheek and whispered softly, lovingly, "I've waited over 30 years for this,
my darling, and it was well worth the wait." She pecked my cheek as I
continued to arouse her pussy.

I was totally aroused as well and totally into the task at hand. My fingers
probed deeper and deeper inside my mother's pussy. I slid down slowly,
positioning my head between her legs. At long last I was going to eat my
mother's fabulous pussy. I sniffed her erotic scent deeply as my lips drew
closer to her. My tongue slipped over her clit and began to flick across it,
slowly at first and then building to a perfect crescendo, as if in perfect
rhythm to my mother's beat. She wriggled back and forth as I ate her, my
tongue alternately sucking her clit and then slipping down the dark passageway
of her pussy. Mom came at least twice as I ate her. The second time, she
grabbed my head and pushed me deep into her. I almost couldn't breath, but
that was ok, I could have survived breathing in her sweet pussy juice. I'd
never been so into eating out a woman before. I didn't want to ever stop. I
can't explain it totally in words, but if you ever get the chance to eat out
your mother, you will know the feeling. I lapped up her pussy juice as mom
collapsed back on the bed with a huge, deep sigh of ecstasy.

It was time to fuck my mother, and I was ready, willing and able. Mom helped
me up over her naked body. My cock tight against her right leg, my chest
directly over her beautiful tits, my mouth over hers. I looked her in her
eyes and there was this deep, incredible fire that burned between us. I
realized that I was truly in love with her. Yes, she was my mother, but she
was also my lover. The combination of the two is an incredible coupling, one
I was not all that prepared to understand at that moment, but one which I have
come to understand since then. We both felt it at the same moment. We kissed
as I lay over her. My chest collapsed over her breasts, pushing them tightly
against me. We kissed long and hard as we both whispered our love for one
another at the same time. "Fuck me, sweet, darling son. Fuck me, please!"
Mom called out in a lover's rage.

I raised myself up so I could slip my hard, throbbing cock into my mother's
hot cunt. She took the shaft of my cock in her hand and guided it to its
rightful place. For a moment, she rubbed my cock over her clit and cringed
with excitement. "I can't wait any longer," she moaned as she guided my
member to her waiting hole. I made sure not to thrust my cock in too deeply
at first. I wanted us both to enjoy this firs moment of penetration between
son and mother. I wanted that moment to last forever and be impressed on our
minds for all time. Slowly, I slipped my cock into Mom's pussy. It was wet,
not too tight, but just right for me. Mom yelped as my cock slid down her
cunt, but she wanted me deeper. I went as deep as I could, she grabbed my ass
and pulled me deeper, at the same time pulling her legs high in the air. She
wrapped them around my shoulders as I began to fuck her. Slowly at first,
then a building rhythm. We were perfect together. Somehow, we knew just how
to please the other. Our breathing increased, the moaning turned up a notched
and the fucking became harder and faster. I was sweating, but kept going. If
my mom wanted me to fuck her forever, I would. Anything to please her, I said
to myself. Mom rubber her clit with her fingers as I fucked her and she
screamed as she came. Once, twice, three times.

Once mom had cum, I knew it was all right for me. I thrust my cock in and out
of her wonderful cunt as I readied myself to blast off inside of my mother.
It was an incredible feeling, knowing I was about to cum in my mother's cunt.
I cunt I had dreamed about fucking since I was a k**. Having a fantasy like
this come true is just an incredible experience. I breathed heavy and mom
knew I was going to cum. I could have melted when she said to me, "C'mon,
baby. Cum inside mommy. Cum for your mommy, baby." That was all I needed.
"Oooooooh, Mommy!" I yelled. I felt like a little boy as I came inside of
her. It was the most satisfying orgasm I've ever had. I collapsed over mom
as I finished cumming. She wrapped her arms around me and held me tightly.
"God, I love you sooooo very much!" She whispered to me ever so lovingly."
"I love you too, mom," I whispered back. We kissed and lay together for a
long while.

After awhile, we fucked again and were very playful. We were like new lovers
who had just discovered the beauty of one another. IT was wonderful. We fell
asl**p in my bed together, holding one another, totally in love. We still

The rest of the time mom was at my house, we fucked every day....sometimes 2
or 3 times. It was difficult when she left, but she did have to go. This all
took place over a year ago and we have come to the conclusion that we'd like
to live lovers. The people down here don't know she is my
mother. I suppose they would just think that I was fucking an older woman,
which isn't so unusual these days. We've been discussing the prospects of
living together and soon we will make that final decision. I know I don't
want anyone else. I want to be with her always, as she does me. She
was...and is...the best fuck I've ever had. God, it's wonderful to have
finally fucked my mother.
... Continue»
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My First Time with an Older Man

I was working at a factory in my hometown over the summer. I was a
19-year-old college student at the time and I needed the money. The work
wasn't hard, just boring. Worse yet, my hometown was a fairly small and
un-interesting place as well. My mind wandered a lot during the day and it
always ended up wandering to the same thing. Ever since I had discovered
pornography on the internet, I have been obsessed.

I didn't have my own computer in college so I always had to use someone
else's. During the semester, I would use my roommates. Since our
schedules were different it made it easy to have privacy. He had class in
the morning and I was an afternoon person. Hence, just about every morning
I would wake up and spend about 2 hours searching for sex on the internet
while I pulled on my cock. There were a few close calls. My roommate
would come home early and I would have my pants down and the internet up.
Luckily for me it took him a few seconds to unlock and open the door.
After the first close call I learned to pull my underwear down (or not wear
any), leave my pants on, and play with myself through the zipper.

One day while surfing, I came across a link for a gay pornography site.
Now I had always considered myself a heterosexual male. I always dated
girls and until this point had never seen a picture of any kind of
homosexual sex. Curiosity got the better of me and I clicked. And I
clicked again. And again. And again. I was fascinated. I had never seen
anything so erotic. With every click a new fantasy exploded onto the
screen. My penis was so hard I thought it would pop. Two men kissing.
Two men sitting together. One has his leg crossed over the others. He is
touching his dick. I wanted to touch another mans dick. An older mans
dick. Wait, what was that? An older mans dick? I stopped. I had never
seen two men together before and in a few moments my world had changed.
And I was so sure about it. I even had a preference. I don't know how or
why I had come to the conclusion so fast or with so little thought but I
wanted to play with an older man's dick. My mind was blown. I could
picture him in my mind. He's not just older than me; he's an older man.
Maybe retired. 55+ years old would be ok but I'd love older. 60, 65, 70,
80 years old. The older, the better. Grey haired with a salt and pepper
beard. I like stocky men. A bear type with a big round belly and soft
tits. A hairy belly and some fuzz around his nipples. No tan either. He
should have a fair complexion. I don't think I could kiss him at first. At
least not on the lips. He could kiss my body and suck on my nipples while
I touched him all over. Sliding my hands under his belly. Running my
fingers through his pubic hair. Gently brushing the back of my hand
against his cock. I was hornier than I had ever been in my life.

I kept exploring the website. It was a pay site with lots of good samples.
Every picture I looked at made me more curious and after I searched for a
while I found something that stopped me dead in my tracks. It was two men
playing outside. They had a picnic blanket laid out but were on the grass.
One of the men was laying flat on his back with his legs together. The
second man was sitting on his lap with his knees on the ground and his butt
cheeks squeezed together. He was sitting on his cock. It was the classic
'girl on top position' except there weren't any girls in this picture.
Butt-fucking... butt-fucking... I wanted to be butt-fucked too. By my
older man.

My hand was on my cock. Within moments I was exploding into the piece of
toilet paper I had strategically placed next to the keyboard. I hadn't
shot a load that big since high school. I overshot the TP and a generous
portion of my load ended up on the keyboard. Shit. How the hell do you
get a glob of cum from in the middle of the tiny cracks between the keys?
I had to think fast, my roommate would be home soon. The tissue wouldn't
absorb enough. I could rip out the keys and just wipe but I didn't have
time. I did the only thing I could think of. I put my lips to the
keyboard and started sucking like I had a straw in a milkshake.

The cum slid right out of the keyboard and into my mouth. Delicious.
Hmmm... I like the taste of cum too...

After my discovery I started skipping right past anything with a girl in
it. Men by themselves didn't do anything for me either. I wanted to see
action. The raunchier, the better. Cock sucking, mutual masturbation,
rimming, fingering, fucking, group sex, gangbanging, and even kissing.
When I wasn't in front of the computer, I was fantasizing about it in my
head. Men were fucking in my fantasies all of the time and today at the
factory was no different.

About mid morning I was surprised and elated when my boss asked me to get
in the company car and pick up a part he needed. I had to go to another
town that was about 45 miles from here. I jumped at the chance and got in
the company car. My boss gave me a twenty-dollar bill for lunch and told
me not to hurry.

I was so excited about the break from the monotony that I stopped thinking
about gay sex and started thinking about where I wanted to go for lunch.
That lasted until I came upon something that changed my mind about lunch.
In the distance, about a quarter of a mile up the interstate, I could just
make out a sign on a tall metal post. It said 'ADULT.'

I had seen that sign before and I knew what it meant. The trucker's
delight. It was one of those adult bookstores near the off-ramp of the
interstate. My mind quickly jumped back to a sight I had visited on one of
my web surfing escapades. The sight talked about cruising. It mentioned
the fact that adult bookstores were a great place to find men looking for
random gay sex. I pulled off of the interstate and into the parking lot of
the store. My heart was pounding. Suddenly it was real and I was nervous
as hell. I got out of my car and walked into the store. The clerk was
reading as I came in. He looked up at me but then continued reading his
book. I looked around. Typical adult bookstore. Movies, magazines, and
dildoes on the wall. I had been to one before but had never ventured into
the back room marked 'Arcade.' Today was the day.

As I stared at the doorway I had a weird feeling. I was excited but
sickened all at once. I don't know why. I suppose its the same feeling
anyone gets when they are about to do something that society tells us is
wrong. I imagine you feel the same when you are asked to try pot for the
first time. Your mother told you not to do it but you want to do it really
bad. Just like me and gay sex. Fuck it. I'm going in.

As I stepped through the arcade doorway my heart continued to pound. I
looked around. No one to be seen yet. The room was about big. About half
of the store was the arcade. About 16 booths were lined up in the middle
of the room. I walked forward and made my way past the first pair of
booths. As I rounded the corner, I stopped. A man was standing outside
one of the booths. He appeared to be in his mid-fifties. He was about 5'
10". He had white hair but no beard. No salt and pepper, I thought, but
he does have that middle-aged gut hanging over his belt. I was a little
disappointed but beggars can't be choosers. He looked up and gave me a
nervous smile. I approached him and said hello. He said hi and asked me
if I wanted to share a booth. I said yes. There was no turning back now.

We stepped into the booth together and sat down. He reached across me and
began feeding quarters into the machine. His leg touched mine as a menu
appeared on the screen. My heart jumped and I put my hand on his leg. He
started flipping through the options I asked him what kind of movies he
liked to watch. He exhaled quickly and responded that he liked to watch
the guys. We leaned back as the movie started to play. The opening
credits started to roll as 4 men in a hot tub were relaxing in the
background. As we both stared at the screen I asked him what he liked to
do. He said that he liked to kiss and fondle and whatever happened after
that was up to me. He seemed a little nervous. It made me feel a little
better. He unzipped his pants and pulled them down with his briefs. He
cupped his balls in his hand and began gently pulling on himself. I took
my eyes off of the screen and glanced down at his penis. His cock was
small, only about 4", he was cut, and his little balls were tight against
his body. There was a light coating of white pubic hair surrounding his
manhood. I stood up and pulled my pants around my ankles. My fully erect
shaft staring him in the face. My 6.5" cock is thick and looked even
bigger next to my partners little penis. He looked at it as I sat back
down and took my own circumcised cock in my hand. We gently stroked our
meat as we ran our hands up and down each other's inner thighs. I told him
that I had never done this before. He smiled and said he liked that. He
was relatively inexperienced himself. He was married and had only been
with a few men. He had met them at this bookstore and only went home with
one of them. I asked him if he had ever tried anal. He said that he had
fucked the guy he had went home with but was afraid that he didn't give him
enough cock. I continued to pull on myself with my right hand as I let my
left hand explore his inner thighs. I rubbed his knee. I cupped his
thigh. My hand gently glided over the white hair on his leg and rested in
the crevice between his leg and his balls. He stopped stroking his penis
and put his arm around me. I felt like a son who was learning something
from his father for the first time. I gently began rubbing the back of my
hand on the underside of his balls. I was so hot but I wanted to take it
slow. I opened my hand and placed it around his rod. It felt so good in
my hand. It was warm and hard. I squeezed it and pulled some of his loose
dick-skin up over his little purple mushroom head. He leaned over and
kissed my neck. I continued to explore his parts. Letting my hand caress
and love his manhood. Rubbing his inner thighs. I was in heaven and he
hadn't even touched mine yet.

After a few minutes of exploration he stood up. I looked up at him. I
wasn't sure if he wanted me to such his cock or not. I wanted to buy I
didn't want him to come yet. When he reached his hands out I knew he
wasn't ready to be sucked. I put my hands in his and stood up. As soon as
I was standing he let go and put his arms around my shoulders. I responded
by wrapping my arms around his lower back and letting my hand rest on his
ass. He asked me if I wanted to kiss him. I said I wasn't sure if I was
ready for that. He responded by kissing my neck again and went on to suck
my earlobe. He pulled me closer and our cocks touched for the first time.
It felt beautiful. I slowly rocked my hips against his so that my cock
began to slide through his pubic hair and into his ball-sack. I reached my
right hand lower and cupped his butt while I kept my left arm wrapped
around him. I started exploring his but as I had his groin. My hand
gently rubbing it. His butt was soft. It wasn't hairy or as big as I
would like but I was still in love with it. I slipped my hand into his
crack and began to play. I leaned down a bit and found his butt hole. My
hand brushed his hole and I spread his butt cheeks apart with my fingers.
I switched hands and brought my fingers up to my mouth to wet them. I put
my hand back down and slid my moistened finger back into his crack. With
my lips up to his ear and asked him if I could stick my finger into his
butt hole. He said he didn't want to right now. Disappointed but not
turned off, I continued to play.

He sat back down and I crouched between his knees with my pants around my
ankles. My beautiful white bubble butt was naked, my asshole was exposed
to the air, and my balls were dangling between my legs. I felt free. My
partner leaned back as I nuzzled against his crotch with my face. My nose
rubbed against his tight, little balls and I could smell the musky odor of
man on him. It was a warm smell. A mix of body odor with pre-cum.
Suddenly I wanted to taste him too. I rubbed my cheek against his thighs
and opened my mouth to let my tongue touch his sex for the first time. I
started with his balls. His pubic hair felt good against my lips as began
licking him. I licked his balls while my nose pushed his cock around my
face. I wanted to swallow them. I wanted to feel as much of him inside my
mouth as I could. I opened my mouth and pulled one of his testicles
inside. My mouth was filled up. I pushed it back out and pulled the other
one in. My tongue swirled around his balls and I reached my arms around
him to hold his hips. I played with his balls until I couldn't stand it
any longer and I wrapped my lips around his 4" penis. I took the whole
thing in my mouth and my tongue began playing with it. My mouth was full
of saliva and I let every ounce of it pour over his cock. I wanted it all.
I wanted to taste every square inch of it.

He rubbed my head as I worked on his cock. My cock was throbbing between
my legs, ready to explode. He told me that he came quick and started
moaning quietly. A few moments later he told me he was going to cum. I
don't know why, I was new to all of this, but I wanted to taste his cum and
feel its warmth slide down the back of my throat. I deep-throated him and
spread his ass cheeks apart as his moaning became louder. He grabbed a
handful of my hair and squeezed. I knew what was next. He spurted his
warm gooey cum into my mouth. I let it hit my tongue and fill up my mouth.
Spurt after spurt. It tasted so good. It tasted like him. It was warm,
creamy, and salty. I let it squish around in my mouth as he became
flaccid. I sucked on his limp dick and then swallowed his cum in one gulp.
It slid down my throat and into my stomach and it felt great.

My dick was still rock hard and on the brink of popping. Standing up, I
turned towards the TV screen. I stuck my butt in my sex partner's face as
I leaned over. The 4 guys in the hot tub were fucking and sucking as I
jerked off. My new friend reached between my legs and cupped my balls in
his hand. His lips were all over my ass as I stroked my meat. It didn't
take long before I blew my load all over the TV screen. I pulled slowly as
I was coming. It came out in long, slow squirts. I watched it drip down
the screen and I sat back down. I was spent.

We pulled our pants up in silence. About the time that the reality of the
situation was hitting me, he asked me if we could get together sometime. I
didn't know what to say. I hadn't planned on making any long-term friends
today. I told him that I would try to stop back in see him here at the
store again. I wasn't sure if I wanted to make this a regular thing yet.
I had just had the most amazing orgasm in my life but I couldn't stop
feeling that what I had just done was wrong. I guess feelings of guilt die
hard. We parted ways and I continued my original quest. What I had just
done was over now and I couldn't change it. The feeling of guilt is there
and I can't change that either. It was my first encounter and it wouldn't
be my last. Its funny how quickly those feelings of guilt disappear when
you have your hand on a warm cock. I just can't get those men out of my
head... and I really don't want to.


This is the true story of my first encounter with man-to-man sex. It was
also the first time I have written a story about it. I have recently moved to the Stamford, CT area. I am interested in meeting older men in my area for discrete encounters. I prefer bears but am willing to talk to anyone. Drop me a note and tell me how you liked the story. If you are local, maybe we can create our own story.... Continue»
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My First Time With a Guy - True Story

First time was about five years ago. I had always been attracted to women and dated women. Love a hot redhead with some freckles...If only the Little Mermaid was real. At some point I decided to watching some gay, tranny and bi porn online out of curiosity. I have always appreciated a good looking and well built guy, but never in a gay way. More out of a want to work out more. One day I had been watching some porn, a little of everything and decided to meet up with a guy. I figured you only live once and you don't know until you try it. A few weeks later I got up the courage to post on craigslist. Got a number of replies, but didn't have the courage to actually meet someone yet. Did it again about a week later and found a guy who had also never done anything with a guy. I invited him over since it was his first time and not interested in anal. I was so nervous and wondered if I should even open the door. We talked a little...Very awkward conversation.

I put on some amateur bi mmf porn from. I knew he was interested in this too. We were sitting on the coach next to each other with legs touching. After a few minutes I began to rub my cock through my jeans. He soon did the same. We were now both rubbing our cocks and watching the movie (and watching each other too). The sexual tension was building between the porn, rubbing and the touch of our legs. I then took the next step by unzipping, took my cock out and began to rub it.

The porn was pretty hot at this point. It was a full length, over an hour clip of bi and young mmf, think there was also a bi mmff scene. He then took his cock out and began to jerk it. We were now both masturbating sitting next to each other with our jeans still on. I was pretty hot at this point because it reminded me of an experience I had with a woman. I was behind this girl kissing her neck. I had already taken her top off and was playing with her tits. I unzipped her jeans, but left them on. I put my hand in and started playing with her pussy and clit. Between the kissing of the neck, ears and occasional french kiss, my hard cock (still in my jeans) sitting along the crack of her ass (also still in jeans), one hand playing with her tits and roaming around her stomach and the other hand playing with her pussy...she had a huge orgasm.

So back to the first time with the guy. We had not touched each others cocks yet, but the tension was building. We were both playing with our dicks with jeans still one. Since I had made the first moves up to this point I think he decided to go first this time. He lifted his leg over mine and straddled me. We were now looking at each other, staring into each others eyes for a moment. There was a sexual need in his eyes, but there was a little fear too. He then went in for the kiss and we started to make out. The touch of a guy’s lips sent a shock wave down to my cock. I’m sure some pre-cum leaked out from the shock wave. It began as just a kiss until it turned more passionate. He slightly bit my lower lip and I did the same to him. Our tongues met in a glorious union. There was a need to get further and further into each others mouth. It was like a teenage makeout session with tonsil hockey. I have always loved to kiss and woman and now I've experienced it with a guy and it was just as good. I will admit that I have sometimes enjoyed the kissing and touching more than the sex itself.

Our cocks were rubbing together while making out. The feel of another cock on mine while kissing almost made me cum. What a feeling! This went on for awhile until it was time to move on. We took each others shirts off and he went for my nipples. My nipples could have cut glass at this point. He began to lick my nipple like an ice cream cone and lightly sucked it. A playful bit almost sent me over the edge again. I'm surprised I didn't come at this point. He went over to the other nipple and did the same. After a few minutes of nipple play he began to make a trail south with his lips and tongue. He reached my belly button and swirled his tongue around. The nerve endings in my belly button must have been connected straight to my cock as more pre-cum dripped out. The pre-cum was getting wiped away on the bottom of his chin and my cock was rubbing against the outside of his throat as he licked my belly button. I knew that my cock would soon be in that throat.

He then went north again and we began to kiss again. I wanted to see if my pre-cum was still on his chin. I began to lick his chin and I could taste my pre-cum. Thankfully he was shaven. Once it was all gone I traced a line up his jaw line with my tongue until I reached his ear. I lightly bit his lower ear and gave it a little suck. I went down his neck to see if the same erogenous zones that a woman has on the neck work with a guy. I kissed, sucked and licked his neck. His moaning proved that men have the same erogenous zones. I then made my way around his neck and upper chest to his other ear. Didn't want it to be left out.

I then went to his nipple. I began by tracing circles around the edge with my tongue. I then flicked the tip of his nipple. I think he was about to cum from this. No more teasing and I sucked his nipple. Did this for a minute or so and moved over to the other side and did the same.

He then stopped me, lifted up my head and kissed me. He broke off the kiss and got on the floor, pulled my jeans and underwear off and went down on my cock. His mouth enveloped my cock. I could feel his tongue swirling around the head. He bobbed up and down for a bit. I didn't want him to tack my cock out of his mouth, but he went down to my balls and licked and sucked each one. He licked up my cock like it was a popsicle.

He did this for a little bit, but I wasn't going to last long as I was looking down at a guy sucking my cock. I was close to coming and didn't want to yet, so I reluctantly moved him off my cock. He still had his jeans on with his hard cock handing out of the open zipper. I stood up and took hold of his cock and gave it a few strokes before reaching for the waistband of his jeans and underwear and pulled them down together. His cock was about 6 and a half inches, maybe seven.

I had him sit on the couch and I straddled him. We began to makeout again. I reached down and grabbed our cocks together and began to stroke them. It was hot having our cocks touching and stroking them together as if they were one. I broke off the kiss because I wanted to look down and see our cocks together. I continued to stroke them together. He then took over and wrapped his hand around our cock. I wanted to cum, but also didn't want to. I told him I wanted to cum all over both our cocks. He said he was close too. Maybe just a minute later I came with a vengeance. My cock shot all over both our chests and cocks. One of the biggest cum shots I have ever had. My cum was now lubricating our cocks as he continued to stock our cock. I think the feel of my cum lubricating his cock sent him over the edge and he came like a gusher.

We wiped some of it off as we went to my bedroom. It was time for me to suck him off. I wondered how long it would take him to get hard again. I began to lick and suck his cock. Some of our cum was still there. I could taste his cum and my cum. Not bad. I had tasted my own cum before. I sucked on his balls as his cock began to grow again. I could feel it grown across my check. I made a trail from his balls to his head following the vain. I licked around the bottom of his head. He was almost hard again. My tongue played with the top of his head and around the hole. I went down on him. It was my first time, so I didn't really know what I was doing. I just tried to think about what I like from a woman. I used my tongue and lips.

After a few minutes I stopped sucking and licked my fingers. I then started to lick his cock again and moved my fingers around his ass hole. I used my middle finger to touch is hole. I gave it is little pressure and slowly inserted my middle finger in his ass. As my finger played with his hole I continued to lick, suck and jack his cock. My finger explored his insides and it searched out for those spots that made him squirm. I stopped sucking his cock so that I could watch his face a reactions. I inserted another finger. My middle two fingers were now in his ass. With my fingers in his ass I began to jack him off and he soon came all over his chest.

Now it was my turn. We kissed for a little bit until he made his way down to my cock. He sucked it for a little before he licked his fingers. I had stuck my own finger in my ass, so I had an idea of what it would feel like. His finger slowly entered my hole. WOW! His finger moved around a little until he stuck another one in. This hurt slightly, but it was more pressure than pain. WOW again! At this point I don’t really remember what it felt like as I was gone into another land. I came for the second time with his fingers in my ass.

We went back to kissing and it was sensual. Not as lustful as earlier in the night. I was hoping that we both could come one more time. We just kissed and caressed for awhile until we were both hard. We began to jack off. He came on my chest and I came on his within a few minutes. Neither had much left at this point. We then began to kiss each other again as our cum covered chests rubbed against the others.

We both knew the night was over at this point. We then ended our night as he went to the bathroom to take a shower and clean up. Not sure why I didn't join him. He left and I never saw him again.
... Continue»
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Meeting Amanda For the First Time 8

It was bad enough that Sarah was standing directly in front of Tommy, but now she was asking what he’s been up to with her daughter. This is not how he wanted Sarah to find out about them. This was definitely going to make this harder to explain to her than he thought it would be. The situation would have been a lot easier right now, if there had been a big storm last night, but there wasn’t one. Plus, with Amanda upstairs calling him back to bed didn’t make it any better.

“So Tommy, are you going to explain what’s been going on between you and my daughter? Don’t you dare tell me nothing is going on. I’m not that stupid. Shit I walk in the door and she isn’t sl**ping on the couch and don’t tell me the storm bothered her. That storm was the night I left. Then I hear her calling you from upstairs, wanting you to come back to bed!”

“Sarah I, we, we can explain.” Poor Tommy was starting to stutter. The best he could remember, he has never been so scared in his life.

“Tommy, are you coming back up? Who’s at the door?” Amanda asked.

“Amanda you might want to come down here.” Tommy yelled up to her.

Both Tommy and Sarah could here Amanda get out of bed and head for the stairs. She pretty much hopped all the way down the stairs until she got to the bottom landing. Then she froze in her tracks.

“Mom, what are you doing here? You’re not supposed to be here till tonight.” Amanda’s legs about buckled under her at noticing her mom standing in the living room with Tommy.

“Alright then, I’ll explain why I’m already here. I gave the airline my number and asked them to contact me if a seat on an earlier flight became available. Lucky for me one did. I was going to call and let you know but I thought I would surprise you.” Sarah said to them.

Neither Tommy nor Amanda moved from where they were standing. Both of them wanted to say something but couldn’t get the words to come out. They could see that Sarah had pretty much figured out what has been happening while she was gone.

Amanda turned and started to head back up stairs to go and put some shorts on but didn’t even make it half way when her mom said. “If you’re going up stairs to put some more clothes on don’t even bother. I’m already certain that Tommy has seen it all. So just get down here so all of us can talk.”

Amanda came back down the stairs and went over to the couch and sat down. She was feeling very uncomfortable wearing just the little bit of clothing she had on in front of Tommy and her mom. She didn’t understand why because she has wore less clothes in front of her mom, and well, all of you know how much she has or hasn’t worn in front of Tommy. She figured it was because they were all in the same room together. She tried to relax but it wasn’t easy.

Tommy went and sat on the other end of the couch but Sarah chased him over next to Amanda. All of them sat there for what seemed like hours until Amanda started talking.

“Mom I’m sorry if I’ve hurt and disappointed you. I would never do anything intentionally to hurt you. You know that.” Amanda was almost crying.

Sarah looked at Tommy. She could see he was scared and was probably hoping it was all a dream and that he would wake up soon. But that wasn’t going to happen.

“So Tommy, what do you have to say for your self? I bet you’re just thrilled to have been able to get a 16 yr old in bed. You probably think your Mr. Hot Shit for doing that don’t you.”

“No Sarah I don’t think that. I would never think anything like that. Your daughter has to be one of the most loving and caring women I have ever met. I never intended for this to happen. I’m sure you think I’m some kind of perv but I’m not. Please believe me.”

“Mom he’s telling the truth. If I wouldn’t have done what I did none of this probably would ever have happened. If your thinking that he took advantage of me, well he didn’t.” Amanda was pretty much pleading with her mom to believe her.

“So what you’re saying is that this is your fault.”

“Yes Mom it’s my fault.”

Amanda sat there and told her mom about everything that had happened out at the pool that first night in complete detail. She was surprised that her mom wanted to know about everything that they have done in the last several days. Amanda was shocked when her mom wanted complete details from both of them. What Amanda didn’t know was that her mom was starting to get very wet from hearing all the explicit details of everything Tommy and Amanda had been doing.

All of a sudden Sarah started to laugh which had Tommy and Amanda wondering what she was laughing about.

“Mom what’s so funny? Why are you laughing?” This was worrying Amanda. She didn’t see any reason for her mom to be laughing. This was supposed to be a very serious conversation.

“I need to apologize to the both of you. First, if you’re wondering if I’m going to call the cops and have you thrown in jail, well you’re wrong. That’s not going to happen. I’m not mad at either of you. Actually this is kind of what I was hoping would happen.”

Amanda was sitting there with her mouth open. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Why would her mom want this to happen? Nothing right now made any sense to Amanda except for her love for Tommy. Then she asked her mom. “What do you mean you were hoping that this would happen?”

Tommy was also confused about what he had just heard. I really didn’t make any sense to him either. He was starting to think Sarah might be a little nuts or something.

“Mom, what are you talking about? I’m like really confused right now.”

Sarah smiled at her daughter and said. “Amanda, you know how I get those feelings about people and you know that I’m hardly ever wrong about these things.”

“Yes mom, I know. Wait. So what you’re saying is that you had one of those feeling that Tommy and I were going to sl**p together. Is that what you’re saying?”

“No, what I’m saying is that I knew he was the one for you. I kind of had a feeling that you two would sl**p together but I wasn’t sure. I’m not saying that I wanted the both of you to sl**p together. Actually I was hoping that you wouldn’t but it did happen so there is nothing that can be done about that. I’m just glad you’re on birth control. I really don’t want to be a grandma just yet even though it would be cool.”

Amanda and Tommy sat there and looked at each other and then at Sarah. This was nothing they would have ever expected to hear.

“So, from what the both of you have told me, I would say that the sex between the both of you is good.”

“Oh no mom it’s great.” Amanda said more enthusiastically than she intended to. She started to blush a very deep red.

“Don’t be embarrassed baby. I’m happy for you that the sex between the both of you is great. That’s the way it should be.”

Tommy looked at Sarah and wasn’t sure of what to say. He was trying to soak everything in that she had already told them, but for some reason he had this feeling that there was more to all of this than she was letting onto. To Tommy, it almost sounded like she was relieved that everything was turning out the way she felt it would.

“Sarah, is there something wrong?” Tommy asked her.

“Why are you asking me that? Do you think something is wrong?”

Amanda started to notice it also. Something just wasn’t right.

“What are you not telling us mom. You’re hiding something.”

Sarah couldn’t stop looking from Tommy to Amanda without grinning.

“Alright I’ll tell you. The main reason that I’m not mad at you for sl**ping with my daughter is well I haven’t been a good girl either.”

“Spit it out mom. What did you do?”

“Well I’ve been seeing someone without you knowing it. I’m surprised you haven’t figured it out by now. Amanda, you know him.”

Amanda sat there thinking about who it could be. “Is it Johnny next door?”

“Nope, it’s not him.”


“Nope, not him either.”

“Don’t tell me it’s that guy that has boobs and wears women’s clothes.”

“Hell no, yuck, you must have lost your mind little girl to think that.” You could almost see Sarah’s skin crawl at the thought of that.

Tommy looked at both of them with a look of bewilderment.

“You don’t want to know Tommy.” Amanda told him.

“Well I know it’s not me.” Tommy said.

“Come on mom. Tell me. I don’t know who it could be.” Amanda was starting to get aggravated.

“Ok. Who’s been coming around the apartment a lot for the last several months?” She asked Amanda.

All of a sudden Amanda’s eyes went wide and her mouth dropped open. This was one person that Amanda never would have thought it would be.

“Are you saying it’s Eric? You’ve got to be joking mom. You’re seeing my friend Eric. Holy shit mom!”

Sarah sat there and shook her head yes, that that was the one she’s been seeing. She wasn’t sure if Amanda was mad or just totally surprised.

“Ok. I’m feeling a little left out. Who is she talking about?” Tommy asked Amanda.

“Eric is a friend of mine. He lives in one of the other buildings down from us. You would have seen him at my birthday party but he was out of town with his f****y.”

Amanda finally remembered something. She turned and looked at her mom. She was having trouble grasping the fact that her mom has been seeing her friend who is actually younger than her.

“Mom you do realize how old he is. Don’t you?”

“Yes I do. Amanda this wasn’t anything that I planned. It’s not something that I wanted to happen.”

“How did this start mom.” Amanda asked with a somewhat caring tone to her voice.

“Well, remember the day some of your friends came over and we had that cook out on the back porch.”

“Yeah I remember that. What about it?”

“Well not you or any of your friends realized he wasn’t out there anymore. You thought he went home. Well actually, he didn’t. He was inside with me. I had to go to the bathroom and when I walked in there Eric was standing there stroking himself and calling out my name at the same time. He about fell over when he realized I was standing in there with him. He never heard me open or even close the door so I pretty much startled him. When he turned around, I got a good look at his cock, I started to get excited.”

“Mom, how can you get excited about something like that? He can’t be very big. Probably four inches I bet.” Amanda was holding her hand up with her thumb and pointer finger spread about four inches apart.

“If you saw what I saw Amanda you would have felt the same way I did. It wasn’t four inches; it was a little over eight inches long and about two inches thick. When I saw his cock I knew I just had to have it even if it meant that I had to **** him.”

Tommy was starting to wonder if he should leave and let them finish this conversation. But before he could even move Amanda grabbed his hand. It was like she knew what he was getting ready to do and had no intention of letting him do it.

“So your telling me mom that Eric has an eight inch dick.”

“Yes sweetie.” Sarah closed her eye and leaned her head back like she was reliving that day in her mind.

Right then Amanda knew right away what her mom was thinking about.

“Well when he stopped stroking his cock and started to pull his shorts up I stopped him. I wasn’t letting that cock get away without me getting a taste of it. I leaned him against the wall and swallow all eight inches. All the way down to his balls. Mmmmmm. It tasted so good.”

The whole time Sarah was telling this she was sitting against the back of the couch with her eyes closed. She didn’t realize she was also pinching one of her nipples through the tank top she was wearing. She went right back to telling how it all happened without ever lowering her hand.

“I could tell that this was the first time he had ever had his cock sucked. I knew right away he wasn’t going to last very long but it was easy to see, and hear, that he was totally enjoying having his cock in my mouth. He just leaned against the wall and enjoyed this new sensation that he was feeling. I started to here his moaning get a little louder.”

Amanda couldn’t believe what was happening. She was starting to get wet from listening to her mom talk about what she did to Eric. She looked over at Tommy and noticed that it was also affecting him also. You could already see a slight bulge in his shorts.

“When I realized that he was getting ready to cum I took off my bikini top. I wanted his cum on my tits and also in my mouth. Eric never noticed what I had done until I took his cock out of my mouth. That was when he looked down and noticed my bare breasts in front of him. Just the sight of them made him loose all control.”

Amanda noticed her mom unbutton her shorts and then slid her hand inside them. “Wow my mom is touching her pussy right in front of me. I don’t even think she realizes that she is even touching herself.” Amanda thought to herself. She continued to listen as her mom continued with her story.

“Eric started stroking his cock again. This time it was a lot faster. He was ready to cum, and cum he did. He shot several large loads on my tits and then I shoved him back into my mouth. I wanted what ever was left. I could feel his whole body start to tremble as I sucked the last of his cum out of his cock. Damn it tasted so good. Mmmmm.”

Sarah didn’t realize anything that she was doing. By this time she had completely stripped and was sucking on one of her nipples and had two fingers shoved in her pussy. She was starting to moan louder.

Tommy and Amanda couldn’t believe this. Amanda was shocked by the way her mom was acting right now but she was so turned on by it also that she had the crotch of her panties pulled to the side and was rubbing her clit like there was no tomorrow. She wasn’t sure if it was from her moms’ story or from watching her mom pleasure herself right in front of her.

Amanda looked over at Tommy who was rubbing his cock through his shorts. She figured that if her mom is going to be naked then they should also. Amanda stood up and proceeded to slowly unbutton the shirt that she was wearing. That immediately caught Tommy’s attention. But it didn’t catch it completely.

She could see that Tommy wasn’t sure of which way to look. Amanda could see that he was enjoying watching her mom but at the same time he desperately wanted to watch her undress also. It didn’t bother her that he also wanted to watch her mom. It kind of excited her.

Once her shirt was off and she was standing there in just her panties she turned around away from Tommy, and proceeded to slowly wiggle out of them. The farther down they went, the more she bent over. She took a quick look at Tommy and noticed that he had his cock out of his shorts. It was already at full attention and he was slowly stroking it. Now his attention was more towards her than to her mom. She could here her mom moaning even more now.

Amanda bent back up and proceeded to get Tommy’s shorts off of him. She didn’t even have them completely off of him before his cock was in her mouth. She could here Tommy moan while she slowly sucked the head of his cock and ran her tongue in complete circles around it. She figured that he was just too damned turned on from watching her mom fingering herself in front of them and also from Amanda sucking his cock in front of her mom.

Tommy couldn’t believe anything that was happening. In his mind he kept saying to himself that there was no way this was happening. It had to be impossible.

Sarah didn’t even notice anything that Tommy and Amanda were doing. She was in her own little world at the point. She continued her story while still fingering her pussy.

“When Eric was done cumming on my tits, and I had sucked all of his cum I could out of his cock, I sat up on the counter and spread my legs, giving Eric a perfect view of my completely shaved pussy. He stood there staring at it with his mouth open. I watched as he licked his lips. I wanted that tongue on, and in my pussy. I called for him to come to me. Slowly Eric walked over to me. Never once, did he take his eyes off of my pussy. When he was directly in front of me I pulled him down till he was eye level with my crotch. Gently I pulled his mouth towards it. I could hear him breathe in my womanly scent and then let out a moan when he exhales. When his breathe hit my clit, it sent a shiver through my whole body.”

Tommy wanted to try that with Amanda so he pulled her off of his cock and sat her up on the couch with her legs spread wide. He leaned down and lightly blew on her pussy and clit. He knew she was extremely wet and that it would make it feel even colder. He breathed in that wonderful scent and then very slowly blew onto her clit. He felt her whole body shake when he did that.

Amanda wasn’t prepared for that. The feeling of Tommy blowing on her clit sent a shiver up her spine. She made a little noise that was kind of like a gurgling squeak. She opened her eyes and noticed that her mom was watching them and for some strange reason it didn’t bother Amanda. It actually excited her more.

Amanda reached up and squeezed one of her nipples between her thumb and finger. Her nipples appeared to be harder than they usually were. She could feel Tommy start to lick, her pussy so she just closed her eyes and leaned her head back. She wasn’t aware of anything or anyone else. The only sensation for her was Tommy’s tongue on her pussy.

She reached down and held Tommy by the hair. She knew he wasn’t going to go anywhere but she enjoyed having a hold of his hair. Plus with Amanda having a good hold of his hair she knew that his tongue didn’t have a chance to leave her clit till she had cum.

Tommy knew right then Amanda wasn’t going to let his tongue leave her pussy. She had her fingers so tangled up in his hair that he half expected to have to cut it to get loose. Every time he would run his tongue over her clit she would pull his head down and thrust her hips up at the same time. On the next thrust of her hips, Tommy shoved his tongue inside her as deep as he could get it. That right there caused Amanda to squeeze her thighs together around Tommy’s head.

Amanda was so close to her orgasm that she was having trouble keeping herself under control. With every thrust of Tommy’s tongue into her and the sight of watching her mom on the other end of the couch was just too much for her. She could hear her mom start moaning louder. Amanda looked down at her moms hands. They were moving really fast over her clit that she was sure she was going to give herself friction burn. Then her mom started almost screaming.

“Oh shit. Oh yes. Damn I’m getting ready to cum. Oh yes watch your dirty mom cum in front of you. I want both of you to watch me cum. Let him up so he can watch you dirty mom cum. Oh yes Amanda I know your close. Please cum with me. I want to see the ecstasy on your face from Tommy eating that beautiful pussy.”

Amanda’s mom was right about her daughter. She was close. She hated to do it but she released her hold on Tommy and let him come back up to sit on the couch between Sarah and Amanda. She had noticed that when he went and sat down that he was stroking his hard cock.

Amanda continued to play with her pussy while she continued to watch her mom. She noticed that her mom was doing the same thing. Both of them looked like they were in a race to see who would cum first.

Tommy was enjoying the site that was on either side of him so much that he was close to cumming also. The more he heard the girls moan the closer he was to cumming. Tommy watched as both mother and daughter pleasured there selves in complete synchronicity. Both girls were so in tune with each other that you would have thought that you were looking at a mirrored image of each other.

Tommy started to feel his balls tighten up. He was doing everything he could to hold back, but the sight of these two beautiful women getting their selves off, with just there hands, was more than he could take. With a long grunt he started shoot into the air. He didn’t pay any attention to were it went. He wasn’t expecting what happened next.

Both girls lost complete control when Tommy started to cum. Within just a few seconds after Tommy shot the first steam of cum into the air, both girls let loose.

Amanda and Sarah started screaming and shaking all over. They both had their heads tipped back as far as they could go, with only the whites of their eyes showing. Their heads jerked back down and their eyes went back to normal because the next thing they knew, both girls were getting hit all over their bodies by the other ones cum.

Tommy just sat there amazed at what was happening. There he was, sitting in the middle of his couch, with a beautiful girl on either side of him and their pussy’s shooting cum across him and splashing on each other. That right there made him cum again. This was one of the best sites Tommy had ever seen. This was something he wanted to be a part of. Being a one man audience just wasn’t cutting it. Tommy leaned forward right in front of both streams to the point of having the line of fire blocked enough that the girls were no longer soaking each other.

Both girls finally came down from their erotic high and just laid there on the couch trying to catch there breathe. They felt exhausted but somehow also refreshed. They could see all of there cum dripping off of Tommy, from his head to his waist.

Amanda leaned up and pulled Tommy down to kiss him. She could taste her cum and her moms also, all over Tommy’s mouth. She loved how the mixture of cum from her mom and herself tasted. She started licking it off of Tommy’s body. Then Amanda stopped kissing him and looked around Tommy towards her mom and said.

“Hey mom, you should come up here and see how we taste together. It’s just wonderful.”

Sarah got an evil smile on her face but then asked Amanda. “Are you sure that’s ok with Tommy? Both of you have already said that you don’t want to be with anyone else and I don’t want to ruin that between you too.”

“Well Tommy, what do you think? Is that ok with you?”

Tommy wasn’t sure what to say. With everything that had already happened this morning he was really curious as to what might happen next. When he looked at Amanda he could see this look on her face that said she really wanted this to happen. He thought about it for a bit then asked Amanda how she felt about it.

“The way I see it Tommy, this isn’t like we are having sex with someone we don’t know or what ever. This is my mom so I figure we could include her sometimes in our little play sessions. So if it doesn’t bother you, then I say lets have some fun. I know you thought about fucking my mom when you first met her. I watched you while you were checking out her ass when she was running back to the apartment.”

“You were watching out the upstairs window. Weren’t you?” Tommy asked.

“Yes Tommy I was watching. I wanted to see what your reaction was going to be when she asked if I could stay over here. So, have you decided? It looks like my mom is getting a little anxious on the other end of the couch.”

Tommy looked over at Sarah. She was wiggling all over the place and was already rubbing her pussy again. The whole time her eyes were directed at his cock.

“Well since its ok with Amanda then its ok with me. But if all three of us are going to have some fun together then maybe we should just go upstairs where we can be more comfortable.”

If Tommy only knew what Sarah was planning.

To be continued….
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