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fathers story

fathers story

... was about to open it he heard his <ddd>fathers</ddd> car pulling into the drive.
Dave quickly ... his father called goodbye and Dave watched his <ddd>fathers</ddd> car pull out
of the drive. He ... sat on
the bed.

This dvd was called <ddd>fathers</ddd> day. He pressed play and lay back to ... ... Continue»
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... share more and more.
Though not the point of the <ddd>story</ddd>
yet having relevance, from a very
young age being the ... the situation. That being the
comfort I found via Buck my
<ddd>fathers</ddd> hound. Now before I
continue know that though
things changed eventually ... ... Continue»
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My Autobiography True story

... our drinks and saying,
Simon then told me the <ddd>story</ddd> of how Terry had started working for him from school ... the opening of his trousers to full view. Unlike his <ddd>fathers</ddd>, his was uncut and the head was half uncovered by ... ... Continue»
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Fathers and Sons

<ddd>Fathers</ddd> and Sons

My s****r was getting married in ... his name was Wayne, and he ordered wine.
Both <ddd>fathers</ddd> were slim dapper men but his was a redhead ... Mine was all the way erect before I finished my <ddd>story</ddd>.

We did look at each others erections but ... ... Continue»
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... I was about to live out an i****tuous fantasy that many <ddd>fathers</ddd> have about their hot daughters.

Becki went right to work ... be your fuck toy!" I thought to myself about how many <ddd>fathers</ddd> would love to be me, fucking their hot daughters'. I thought ... ... Continue»
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High School Cocksucker Outted (another story)

... he's a cocksucker and he can't help it. He loves your <ddd>fathers</ddd> cock as much as I did and look down there. Watch ... . Jazyln kept eye contact with Donny as he took her <ddd>fathers</ddd> large cock in his mouth. "You can't get enough of ... ... Continue»
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dale felder. my lifes story

... san Francisco California, and this is my life <ddd>story</ddd>, I came here to San Francisco in 1979, ... c***d labor back in the 1930s and my <ddd>fathers</ddd>, father killed his mother and a black ... life and my <ddd>story</ddd>. I like the early spring in that big house two <ddd>story</ddd> house. On ... ... Continue»
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dale felder, life,story,read it,"http://dalef

... san Francisco California, and this is my life <ddd>story</ddd>, I came here to San Francisco in 1979, ... c***d labor back in the 1930s and my <ddd>fathers</ddd>, father killed his mother and a black ... life and my <ddd>story</ddd>. I like the early spring in that big house two <ddd>story</ddd> house. On ... ... Continue»
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The Life Story of a Boy Lover (Fiction, written by

... a very satisfying and fulllife. This is the <ddd>story</ddd> of my sexual adventures as a boy, and ... would always give him some cock and bull <ddd>story</ddd> because I didn't want him involved. I felt ... my friends who could get his <ddd>fathers</ddd> car. I didn't date much because I loved ... ... Continue»
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Old and teen, with fathers consent

... onto my back as I watched him through hooded eyes, my <ddd>fathers</ddd> friend pissing as I watched him, knowing his intention was ... orifice in my body.
I remembered clearly what had transpired, my <ddd>fathers</ddd> friend had taken advantage of me, as I was hopelessly d***k, ... ... Continue»
Posted by MarieL 2 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Hardcore, Mature  |  Views: 2823  |  
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Story 1, Break the Hymen, See the Blood

... happened, so here is my first <ddd>story</ddd>, a <ddd>story</ddd> a lot of girls have experienced, so as ... it awakens, so sitting on my <ddd>fathers</ddd> cock for pleasure was not my ... the f****y, a perfect stranger, on a trail, called the '<ddd>Story</ddd> 2,'The Virgin Express'', soon to follow, ... ... Continue»
Posted by MarieL 1 month ago  |  Categories: First Time, Masturbation, Mature  |  Views: 847  |  
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very true story

... i got both feet in the door im slammed against my <ddd>fathers</ddd> queen size bed. She quickly straddled my face and f***ed ... 's begging for me to fuck them. If people like this <ddd>story</ddd> ill write more about my life and times this is ... ... Continue»
Posted by tactixabstract 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 1573  |  
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My Dad's Boss Part 2 -True Story-

... him inside me I do want to make love to my <ddd>fathers</ddd> boss so I smiled "Take me Nicholas I want to be yours ... may happen again if I'm lucky enough ;P

Thanks For Reading My <ddd>Story</ddd> Please Comment On What You Think :) ... Continue»
Posted by Joseph-Jones 2 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Gay Male  |  Views: 1216  |  
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Fathers Day - Pt. 1

... dads house and I had a wonderful time. Even though it was <ddd>Fathers</ddd> Day, you would have thought it was my weekend the ... as a daughter, it’s so lovely of you to remember its <ddd>Fathers</ddd> Day soon and want to spend it up here.”

“Don ... ... Continue»
Posted by pinks43 1 year ago  |  Categories: Hardcore, Masturbation, Taboo  |  Views: 3428  |  
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Fathers Day - Pt.4

... , he wanted to buy me something special, as it was <ddd>Fathers</ddd> Day?????

I couldn’t wait, I dived in the shoe shop and looked ... over to the cash desk – “There you are darling, happy <ddd>fathers</ddd> day.”

I trapped them under my arm and we sauntered off ... ... Continue»
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Fathers Day – Pt. 8 – The Finale.

... , I was up early making my fantastic dad his traditional <ddd>Fathers</ddd> Day breakfast of every fried thing you could think of ... ... Continue»
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Coveting thy fathers wife

... rule I don't think there is a loop hole for coveting thy <ddd>fathers</ddd> wife. Or could I be wrong? -----Son you need to purge ... about this lust for your mother tonight. Say 50 Our <ddd>fathers</ddd> and 20 hail marys and come back in 2 days. With ... ... Continue»
Posted by Genatalia 11 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Hardcore, Taboo  |  Views: 3442  |  
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... our families have been giving up our pussies to our <ddd>fathers</ddd> and grandfathers for generations. Normally it would have been my ... for years. At the time I didn't know all the back <ddd>story</ddd> of my mom and her father's wonderful love they shared ... ... Continue»
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The Tutor short story

... myself. Perhaps it would be best to just start the
<ddd>story</ddd> at the beginning.

I divorced my wife three years ago on ... deflated now, "and the tests show
that you have different <ddd>fathers</ddd>. I hope that's as much a comfort to you as
my knowing ... ... Continue»
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Making Sex Pay, a Girls Story

... that happened outside a bus stop, I was a girl primed by my <ddd>fathers</ddd> stroking the day before, I watched daddy and my inquisitive mind ... Gillian will require some input, but that will be another <ddd>story</ddd>, are you guys interested?

... Continue»
Posted by MarieL 2 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 2375  |  
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