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father son talk

father son talk

Father-Son Talk

I was sitting in my office in one of the chairs when the knock I'd been ... ,

FATHER-SON TALK 3 -- More Freddy

"How do you want to do this?" I asked ...

That question will be answered... soon!

FATHER-SON TALK 4 -- Discovery

We had almost gone back... Continue»
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... him quivered. "You can have me.... Dad!' The two of them, teacher and pupil; father and son ... waists and pulled together in a long deep kiss. A kiss that seemed to last forever.

Father and son were reunited, at last.


... the pieces fell into place. "He's just the right age, right body type, right facial type, to be my SON... Continue»
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father and son

... masturbating together as if in
some weird father-son ritual – but I quickly disregarded the notion ... match we were watching
on TV. My son didn't usually turn the TV down when I had something to say ... at my son to make sure he was still sl**ping. By the time
he'd awoken, I'd usually managed to flush... Continue»
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Fathers and Sons

... Fathers and Sons

My s****r was getting married in Vegas and had invited my father even though ... father but even admitting that she had demanded we not have anything to do with him.
My s****r and I ... into my room as I was walking from the shower to the dresser naked.

“Hey son. Nice ass,” he said... Continue»
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Father & Son Cuckolds

... of her own son and her husband.

"Sweetie, I love you and your father greatly, but is it asking too ... ' two sons, as well as a few of their, and their father's friends.

When I first started sucking ... baby's little peter is quite ready for he and his dad to spend some quality, father son time together... Continue»
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... Father and Son Campoutbyspicylatina1991©
*All characters in this story are 18 years or older ... —it was ideal for a father-son outing.

"Yup, here we are," he said. "The pool looks so inviting ... because we knew what we were doing. We were both experienced outdoorsmen and had been doing father-son... Continue»
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Father,son and cock

... as in father like son, Carl now had no shirt on and Denise was now looking at Carl’s super smooth ... smiled to herself as she thought of keeping it in the f****y first the son and now the father ... qualified as teachers, Carl was David’s b*****r and had been single for a while, he had a son called Simon... Continue»
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Marg with father and son

... woke Marg and got her to admit that she wanted them to see some cleavage as having a father and son ... shirt was raised just above her pussy and while the father felt her tits his son kissed Marg. Both ... the younger who no time entering her pussy. His father, unsure what to do, stood and watched his son... Continue»
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... pleaded.

"For now, Cory, let me say you are your father's son; and maybe even better. I need ... was, "Cory, you are definitely your father's son, maybe even better."

I got to use my imagination ... back, her bottom and legs. I kept talking to her, and she only moaned some. She was still very cold... Continue»
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... table and during a thoroughly enjoyable meal. I encouraged her to talk about my father, and she ... bybumblegrum©
My father had never, to my memory, been a healthy man, and he had long been quite ... was Mum, although in my early adolescence, the needs of my father tended to take precedence over mine... Continue»
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a father helped son to look at his mom

... I used to spend a lot of time on the computer in our house because of work. But as my son Nikhil ... the internet. Being a father, and that too a doting father, I had to give in most of the times. And if ever ... reversed, and I had to wait for my son to finish with the computer before I could start working.

One... Continue»
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Father And Son Cuckolded

... the father and son had finished their demanding chores. They were called to the foyer, still ... be allowed to enjoy, along with constant, blue-balled frustration.

Father and son looked at each other and wept. ... there. It had been an unnerving shock to return and find his widowed father Anson remarried to Regina... Continue»
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Mother, Father, and Son

... , and they began to talk. i wiped up my cum off the bed and began to try to fall asl**p, but before i ... this to my room". so when we entered my parents bedroom, my father was already... Continue»
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Father and son and friend

... Jo lived with his father and his fathers boyfriend. He knew his dad left his mom because he ... in his mouth sucking it when he stopped and looked at his son and asked "How do you like getting your ... finger in Jo's ass and really began to fuck him. He watched as his fingers stretched his son wide open... Continue»
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Simpsons Father and Son Camp Bonding

... with him as well. It was ironic that the camping idea was meant for father and son to bond, when ... , the father slipped under the covers to observe his son’s nudity closer. The smell was exhilarating ... .

The father knew that he had to be gentle. He pushed through the initial resistance and let his son breathe... Continue»
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FATHER AND SON WITH ME............Part 1......

... . It was his 24 year son who had a key. On break from college he decided to surprise his dad arriving... Continue»
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Father Son Movie Night

... This is fake, but I wish it was real.
I have always had an attraction to my dad. Something about him just always turned me on. When I... Continue»
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A friend lends a hand or should I say sperm

... and this may increase their chances of
success. Jenny was not sure but her husband talked her ... at least a half
decent bloke to father her first c***d.

"Turning on the waterworks won't work ... . No one used
names, and this further disorientated her. The use of
dirty talk made the creepy... Continue»
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bed time

... in our driveway,and I am
happy that my son Tommy came home before midnight. I hear
him come ... appears
in the doorway and says "Mom, is it okay if I come in and talk
with you for a while?" I ... reply "Sure Tommy, but be quiet. Your
father is sl**ping." He walks over to the bed and begins to sit... Continue»
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Gloryhole with Jo part 4

... ………………………I bet your father-in-law has dreamed about fingering his sons wife for years, I started ... mans cock so it can’t be my father-in-law not that I knew what an older cock was like. It didn’t take ... , no they weren’t I’m so sorry they were in the pub talking to the others, and one of them had let it slip... Continue»
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