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diary pt1

diary pt1

... was scrolled in somewhat c***dish lettering, "Jeanie's diary."

"Hmm..." I hummed to myself in interest. ... began reading. The first few entries were fairly regular for a diary. Someone, a c***d, trying it out, soaking her feet in ... ... Continue»
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Vicky's Pink Diary 01

... tell anyone, Vicky, isn't it?"

I'm shaking in horror, my diary, my pink diary with all my secret thoughts and wishes, my ... I ask, barely able to breathe.

"Then your stepmother gets the diary when she comes back from her holiday. I'm sure she'd ... ... Continue»
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... to do. I turned to the beginning of the book.

Dear Diary:

I was online today in a chat room called unspeakable desires. Today ... my daughter.

Chapter 2

I entered into my daughter's room with her Diary. Placing it on the bed with the note I wrote. ... ... Continue»
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diary pt2

... , my eyes grew big with shock. It was the diary; Jeanie's diary! Almost dropping the notebook on the floor in my ... . Hearing soft footsteps approaching the living room, I quickly tucked the diary into my pants and covered the evidence with my shirt ... ... Continue»
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Dear Dirty Diary - part 7

... the embarrassment of confronting a cop who may have read my diary.

My Diary was gone and I was devastated. It wasn’t that I ... I told her it sounded really personal, sort of like a sexy diary. Showing her usual amount of regard for others' privacy, ... ... Continue»
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Dear Diary

... as I began reading.

"April 5: My mom uses a vibrator! Yes, diary, she does. My mind wandered to that revelation today, ... from behind closed doors. I think about you often, My Diary, especially when I am laying over. I'm a Stewardess now...I should say ... ... Continue»
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Diary Of A High School Cum Queen

... him again. Anyway, here is my diary:
Tuesday, Sept. 10 Dear Diary, Hi! My name is Amy Cooper and I ... was Jeff Marks' girlfriend
Sunday, Nov. 4 I didn't get punished! Diary, here's what happened: I slept late
this morning and ... ... Continue»
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Episode 29: Ellie's Diary

... to take him fully inside.

Kate took over the diary, shakily drawing herself from behind; buttocks encased in wide ... for a school project on female domination.
Afterwards Ellie updated her diary page: Something must have happened last night – Dad treats ... ... Continue»
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diary pt4

... her?

After actually spending an hour of searching for that diary, and coming up with nothing, I finally fell into a restless sl ... to continue from where we had stopped, before the "diary" incident. I could feel my mouth begin to water. ... ... Continue»
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Dear Dirty Diary - part 17

... returned back downstairs with my computer. As I brought up my diary on the screen, Connie went around topping up everyone’s wine ... afraid that impressionable people might act rashly after reading Laura’s diary. I saw more than one of you tip your candles and ... ... Continue»
Posted by AdorableLaura 3 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Group Sex, Lesbian Sex  |  Views: 379  |  
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My Little Sisters Sex Diary

... I read it, my heart jumping. I looked around, and took her diary back to my bedroom.

I quickly undressed myself down to ... holes were so full I only moaned. I began drooling into her diary as I completely lost control of my urges. I alternated fucking my ... ... Continue»
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Lizie's Diary

Sorry for not writing in for a few days diary, been so busy. Staying over at Mrs ... , NAKED. I have so much to tell you diary, where do I begin. Told her to turn ... now here I am writing in you my dearest diary, the only one I can ever tell this secret ... ... Continue»
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Vicky's Pink Diary 02

... ones you banged on about in your diary, aren't they?"

Of course they are, ... the bed. "I think you should start a new diary now. I think you should write about ... the bag again, and I pull out, a new pink diary!

College isn't very interesting for me as ... ... Continue»
Posted by sparkyking 12 months ago  |  Categories: Gay Male, Shemales  |  Views: 989  |  
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Dear Dirty Diary - last part

... Diary,

Giggles and whispers filtered through into my ... was unhappy with him for showing Louise my private Diary and told Louise I was disappointed in her for ... thoughts and desires open to us in your Diary so we satisfy your every need.”

When I ... ... Continue»
Posted by AdorableLaura 3 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Mature, Sex Humor  |  Views: 215  |  
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Jessy's Diary, Part 5

Jessy's Diary, February 2nd

Dear Diary,

Last time I told you about how I slept with Chris, that ... difficult it was, not to sigh by those words, dear diary. My hand was already moving across my clitoris, my pussy ... ... Continue»
Posted by goddess23 2 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore, Masturbation, Taboo  |  Views: 851  |  
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Sex and my amazing wife pt1

Sex and my amazing wife pt1
The Lady Susana Louisa Hollowbrook-Shaw my wife and the ... ... Continue»
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My Sexy, Dirty Mother Pt1

... **p, ready for the great day ahead of me...

End of Pt1! If you'd like chapter two then just say and I promise ... ... Continue»
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diary pt3

... she deserved.

Almost u*********sly, I began replaying the scene from her diary. I pulled her to sit on my lap and wrap her ... , was standing at the end of the bed holding her diary in her left hand, pointing it accusingly in my direction ... ... Continue»
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Dear Dirty Diary - part 1

... Diary

I turned forty-seven in December and for the first ... I have as long as I am able.


Dear Dirty Diary,

Brassy trumpets, thumping drums and crashing cymbals increasingly ... ... Continue»
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Dear Dirty Diary - part 8

... receiving that less than glowing reaction to my diary, I resigned myself to a summer of boring, doting wife activities, all ... ... Continue»
Posted by AdorableLaura 4 years ago  |  Categories: Mature  |  Views: 218  |  
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