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daddy, daughter duo

... to have a infatuation with your teenage daughter, but I did. And here is my story.

"Daddy! We have to go out and ... went into my room to avoid discussing it with my daughter.
"Daddy, im coming in." And walked in eva, wearing ... ... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: Dirty Duo

I leaned over to light my cigarette off of my daughters burning embers as she smoked across from me. We were seated outdoors, having lunch as we waited for one of my regular lovers and customers, John. He was a truck driver that I had been fucking for money for well over a year and I had told him about my daughter, Velvet. He said that he would pay a fortune to fuck a mother and daughter at the same time and since I knew that he was a man with a lot of money to spend, I had told Velvet about my plans to hook up with him when he got into town. I had explained how I had been fucking him in his truck for over a year when he was passing through town and that he was one of my regular, well paying customers. He would be dishing out quite a bit of money today to enjoy us both and we were excited as we ate and discussed our plans. We sat outside the diner, at the truck stop, finishing off our meal and having a cigarette while we eagerly waited for my sweet customer. Velvet and I had been working together all summer and after over 3 months of fucking and sucking off men in front of each other, this would be the first time we shared a single man, besides Shawn, who knew that we were mother and daughter. We had fucked groups of men at parties, but none of them knew about our relationship outside of our work. Even though our bodies were very similar, she was very light skinned and had inherited her father’s blue eyes. I doubt that many of our customers even thought about a possible connection between us. John was going to be enjoying his fantasy today, as he got to fuck a mom and daughter as they engaged in sex with him and each other. I didn’t want to really go farther than watching Velvet have sex or being near her as we got fucked, but John was paying us $2500 dollars to fulfill his dreams and we had both decided to bypass our aversion to becoming intimate in order to make a large amount of money. If this worked out and we were comfortable with the act, we had decided that we would start billing ourselves as a mother and daughter duo and that it would get us more referrals and a much higher pay rate.

My mom had told me that she had been with quite a few other women in the past, but was not bi-sexual and didn’t really like it. I had never been with a woman before, besides a few girlfriends that I had kissed at parties, and my hunger for cock had not even let me think of the possibilities. I knew that guys liked seeing women together and when I had enjoyed porn with some of my male friends, I had watched quite a few scenes. I tried to think of this as just another sexual job and decided to envision my mother as Brandy, my fellow hooker with whom I worked. Many people would have cringed at knowing that my mother was going to be engaging in sex with her daughter for money, but I knew better. It was for money, not for sexual pleasure. We would still be sharing a cock between us and the rest was going to be secondary. My mother told me that you could still cum from sex, even if it was with someone you didn’t want to have sex with. She told me stories about how she had been turned on, by not only women, but also men, whom she did not find attractive or that had f***ed themselves on her. I think I was just like my mom, so I knew the act of sex alone would be more than enough to stimulate me, regardless of whom it was with. When John’s truck pulled up to the far end of the parking lot, we both got up to walk over to meet him. My pussy was already moist and my thoughts had me tingling with anticipation as we smoked our cigarettes while walking toward his truck.

John jumped out of his truck enthusiastically, seeing myself and Velvet walking to see him. I knew he was turned on by the site of both of us in sexy dresses, sauntering over while we smoked, to fuck him senseless. I introduced him to my daughter, Velvet, and we made small talk and smoked another cigarette before we all three crawled up and into his semi. My daughter was amazed at how big and nice John’s truck was in the back of the cab and we broke the ice by giving him a dual blow job. We worked in tandem to get John undressed and then shared his cock as we both licked and sucked him to a rock hard erection. He watched us kiss, as our lips met along his shaft, and then begged us to get undressed to join him. We moved to the beat of the music that was playing in the cab and undressed each other, stopping to kiss, touch and lick one another’s breasts while we slid off our dresses. My daughter was wet and so was I, as I slid onto John’s cock and she kneeled over his face while he licked her pussy. We kissed and played with each others breasts while we faced one another and soon John was shoving his fingers into Velvet’s cunt as he licked her clit. After some time, she began to shiver and moaned out as she came and then we traded places, so that I could experience John’s tongue while she rode his hard, white pole. My pussy spasmed soon afterwards and John’s ZZ Top beard was matted and soaked from both of our wet twats.

John slid me off of his cock when he felt his impending ejaculation and he asked my mother and I to get into a 69 position. We did and our mouths began to work over each others moist holes. I had never licked a vagina, but I did what I thought that I would enjoy and soon my mother was writhing on my face as her tongue darted in and out of my slit. She was rubbing my clit with her thumb as she licked me and John’s cock soon slid into her gaping hole above me, as he started to fuck Brandy. I licked her even more now, as my tongue ran across his pumping shaft and balls and my lips pulled on her hanging labia. John would occasionally pull out to slide his cock into my mouth to suck, but he would then re-enter my mom’s pussy. After a long period of me licking her cunt and slipping my tongue into her stuffed slit, while John was fucking her, Brandy had a squirting orgasm over my face. I had never experienced anything of this nature in my life, an orgasm like what my mom had just received, nor having a woman cum on my face and in my mouth. My mom was moaning and squirming as I continued to lick her. John’s cock was pounding her like a piston as her juices soaked me below. John soon pulled out of my mom’s well fucked crack and we traded places so that John could fuck me from behind.

I felt so bad about squirting like that on Velvet, but the sensation had been overwhelming. I wanted her to feel the same, so I licked and sucked on her lips and clitoris while John filled her with his long cock. Her breathing was increasing and she began to grind her groin into my face while she pressed back against John’s strokes. Eventually she came too and her loud moans and dripping pussy made his cock throb as he quickened his pace. John stopped fucking and I heard him groan as he held his rigid cock deep in my daughter’s cunt. I opened my mouth and took his balls into it and began to suck when I felt him release. John was cursing out loud as he unloaded a vicious stream of jizz into Velvet’s wet opening, gripping her hips and holding her close as he filled her vagina with his thick globs of warm cum. His spunk leaked from her cunt and dripped into my mouth and I licked her crack to taste more of his escaping liquid. Soon his cock was in my mouth and I was cleaning it off before Velvet squatted down closer to my face and emptied her sperm filled pussy into my mouth. I savored John’s sticky load as I sucked it out from between her lips and Velvet began to moan again as she experienced another orgasm. John sat back and watched as Velvet and I made out, going down on one another once again to lick each others cunts before we made our way between his legs and worked on his limp dick.

My mom had brought me to two orgasms and it felt so good to have her suck John’s cum from my just fucked twat. I would have never thought that I would have enjoyed the sex we were engaging in, but I was in heaven as we once again shared John’s prick and watched it grow for another ride. My mother rode him in a reverse cowgirl while I licked her clit and when John exploded, my mouth was there to catch his hot load. I jerked him off into my mouth and licked his balls before I held his dick in place for Brandy to slide down on once again. She slid on his member for a short time before he became limp once more and our session was at an end. He made out with both of us, as we laid there with him between us. We knew his cock was finished for the day and we were eager for our pay, as we dressed and kissed him goodbye, until our next meeting. Now I knew why my mother smoked after sex, as we both took long deep drags from our cigarettes and discussed our newest experience. I felt comfortable with my mom and she the same, so we could now move on to our new business endeavor of the mother and daughter duo of Brandy and Velvet. There would be a lot of men lining up to fuck this sexy, mature whore and her slutty, young daughter.

Another month passed by and I marveled at my daughter‘s skills. I had lightened up on my schedule and was only fucking 3 or 4 customers a week, unless she and I scheduled something together. I was now chaperoning many of her parties and multiple partner meetings and she was taking on more referrals. I had introduced many of my regular clients to my daughter and she was now fucking upwards to 4 or 5 men a day and loving it. I could see it in her eyes and how she got so aroused while she worked. Many of the men that I had fucked for over 20 years were now fucking her and she didn’t mind how old many of them were. Some of them had been in their 30’s or 40’s when I had first gotten into the business and now they were fucking the 2nd generation. I wasn’t sure how she would respond to my referrals, but they paid well and she sucked a 65 year old cock just as well as she did a 25 year old. My old clients were astounded to find out that Velvet was my daughter and knowing that they were having sex with an 18 year old girl got all of them hard as steel. I loved my daughter and I wanted to join in with her so badly as she knelt in front of the three guys she was currently sucking.

I had scheduled an executive party with her and three business men that were in town for the weekend and they were now enjoying her cock sucking skills. I sat in the far corner of the room admiring how she handled their cocks and at how deeply she could take a man into her throat. She was so much more skilled and beautiful than I was at her age. I had begun as a stripper and it took me years to get a nice group of regular clients that paid well. Velvet had walked into this business and she had gotten to bypass the stripper slash hooker stage that I went through. I was sucking and fucking multiple men each night for $20 to $50 a pop back in my day and here was Velvet, starting at the top and making thousands of dollars a week and sometimes in one night, as she lived the life as a high end e****t. I was living vicariously through my daughter now, even though I could have been fucking more men, I wanted her to enjoy the lifestyle that she had chosen. She talked to me about becoming a stripper or getting into porn, but I let her know that she had it made and I told her the stories of my experiences doing both. A life in porn was tough, even if you got to fuck a lot of young, good looking, well hung men. Of course, I left that part out.

One of the older men exploded on my daughters face and held her head, by a handful of hair, while she looked up at him, her mouth wide open to catch his hot jizz. His cock returned to her mouth and she swallowed his long meaty shaft, licking his balls as she deep throated him. The men were impressed and turn on by her skills and she continued to suck the other two men even with cum still dripping from her chin. The man who came smiled at me as he left the room and I sat watching the other two eventually begin taking turns fucking Velvet, before one of them came in her cunt and the other filled her mouth with another sticky load. Velvet went to wash up as the men dressed and I talked to them about booking another session while they were still in town. They asked how much I would charge to join them on the following evening and I gave them a price that they gladly paid me in cash to secure. The next night we would both be getting fucked .

My mom was really keeping me busy and I was loving it. She had referred so many men to me and I had a cock in my pussy or mouth on what seemed to be a constant basis. I couldn’t believe the money I was making. I really enjoyed the parties, since many of the men were younger, but I didn’t mind having sex with the older men too. I was trying to experience all aspects of my job and that included fucking the men with whom I normally wouldn’t have been attracted. They weren’t as rough as some of the younger guys, especially when they were drinking, but I kind of liked it a little rough. I was a submissive little slut and I had a few clients that enjoyed fucking me hard and tying me up. I had done one or two fetish sessions where I had been bound and gagged by my clients and I had truly been turned on. I had one man who loved handcuffing me to a metal bar, that kept me bent over with my wrists connected to my ankles, and ramming his cock into my ass. He always seemed to get me to orgasm on cue when he reddened my ass cheeks and pulled on my nipple clamps while he pumped my asshole with his thick, white cock. My mom had told me about a few of her fetish jobs and I was hoping to take part in a rough gangbang like she had. Many of her sexual experiences were with large groups of men, upwards to 40 in one day, according to some of her old porn stories, and I longed to see what it was like. She claimed that many had occurred when she had been doing d**gs and porn or when Shawn had been selling her to his d**g buyers. I had engaged in sex with about a half dozen guys at a party during my senior year, when I was in school, but I had either fucked or given them all blow jobs separately over the course of the night. I had been really turned on during my first bachelor party, when I had fucked and sucked off nine men, and I was looking forward to many more events like that. I was hoping that my mom would book something in the future or maybe I could just talk to Shawn on my own, the next time we got together to fuck.

I didn’t want to associate too much with Shawn, but I loved his cock, just as my mom did. It was so long and always so hard when we fucked and the fact that he could cum multiple times drove me wild. I didn’t want to admit it, but I was kind of a size queen. My mother could get off on having sex with just about anyone, but I found myself more turned on when a guy had a large penis. When I first started having sex, I went through a large amount of different guys before I luckily stumbled upon a boy from my science class who had a 9 and ½ inch prick. I remember riding his pole for the first time and having multiple orgasms as I slid up and down on his long shaft. After that time, I began fucking as many guys as I could, in hopes of finding more gems. When Shawn first hit on me, I brushed off his attempt to seduce me, but he arrogantly showed me a photo of my mother blowing him, to prove how much she liked his cock. When I saw his black mamba though, I was on him like the plague. During our first night fucking, he rammed my pussy with his giant tool all night long. I must have cum 7 or 8 times that night, as he filled my twat with three hot, loads of jizz before we were finished. After that, I was fucking him on a consistent basis before my mom caught us together. I had asked my mother about referring some of her larger clients to me and she had done so, knowing full well that I enjoyed big dicks.

When I finally got to hook up with one of her old boyfriends and steady clients, JJ the body builder, I soon learned what the term hung like a horse meant. She had told me stories about her current client and private fitness instructor, going into detail about his steroid induced monster of a cock, but I was still in awe when I saw it in person. He wasn’t nearly as rough as she had told me, but when I let him know that I liked it that way, he tore me up. My pussy and ass were sore for two days after our fist session and I had a few very visible bruises from where he had banged me on different solid surfaces around the condo. His dick was every bit as long as Shawns, if not longer, but his thickness is what put him over the edge. His black rod was bigger than some men’s forearms and was covered in thick veins. I found it nearly impossible to suck his cock, but he found a way to stuff it into my pussy and ass, fucking me until my screams nearly brought the police. I had yet to find another cock to rival his and Shawns, but my mother had told me of a few of her fellow porn stars that had been slightly more well hung. My mom was so lucky to have experienced all that she had over the years and I was hoping I would too.

My mom had left the condo after she was finished with her last client and when I finished with my final customer, I cleaned up and jumped into my brand new BMW convertible. It was the first present to myself, for all of my hard work, and I drove around town before I ended up at Shawn’s apartment for a prearranged meeting. We hadn’t been intimate for nearly a month and I wanted his long ebony pole so badly. I was sitting in his bed having a cigarette, after our marathon sex session, when he got on his phone and invited a few friend over to party. He asked me if I wanted to stay and have some fun and I was still really horny, so I said yes. It was only 11 pm and my first client wasn’t until noon the next day, so I showered and Shawn told me to get sexy if I wanted to meet a couple of new guys that he knew. I was a bit excited, since I immediately began thinking that Shawn might be arranging a small gangbang, like he always did for my mom. I didn’t want to ask him to do so, but I was hoping he would on his own. I knew that he was manipulative and staying out of his debt was the best way to avoid his influence. When I came down from showering and dressing, he and about 5 other guys were smoking pot and drinking in his living room. They all looked at me with lust in their eyes and my pussy slowly began to get moist.

Surprisingly, I had only smoked pot a few times while I was in school, so I decided to join them when they offered a joint for me to smoke. I had my own blunt and I stood there talking to all of them while I smoked it. They let me know that they knew my mom, since Shawn must have told them before they arrived, and asked me if I was as good as BP. I would have to ask my mom about her nickname at some other time, because their sexual challenge got my engine revved up and I was soon being passed between all six of them as they fucked me and I sucked their long, black cocks. My mind was buzzing as they pumped me hard and used me as their whore, but I was still turned on, my clit swollen and tingling as they pulled my hair and fucked me roughly in the middle of the floor, slapping my ass and squeezing my tits, biting my nipples and shoving their cocks in each of my open holes. I think that they liked the fact that I was light skinned, since they all made comments about fucking the swirl girl with their BBC’s. I laid on the floor nude, breathing hard from the fucking I was just given, when the last of Shawn’s friends blew his spunk all over my face. Three hours had passed by quickly while all of them had filled me with their black cocks, fucking me separately and sometimes at the same time. My cunt and ass had been stuffed full and stroked hard to a creamy finish, leaving me breathless and covered in cum that was dripping off of my face and oozing from my gaping pussy and asshole. I had never been fucked so well and I had loved it. Shawn and his 5 friends had given me a new meaning to awesome sex and I couldn’t imagine how good my mom had felt when she had fucked 15 or more of Shawn’s customers and friends in one night. My mind was still numb when I put out my cigarette and slid into my bed that early morning, dreaming of more cocks to cum.

... Continue»
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Kat Finally Gets It From Daddy

Kat kept her face forward, ostensibly staring out the car's windshield at the expanse of utterly boring scenery, but her eye strained to the side as far as she could to admire the stiff bulge of Daddy's erection in his tight gray shorts. For the last twenty minutes, at least, his prick was fully erect inside those somewhat-tight shorts, so stiff that she could easily see not only the bulbous head but even the ridge of the helmet of his cock, and some of the ribs of the thick base. Over eight inches below the head, his balls filled out another bulbous sack of his shorts.

The 18 year old high school senior pulled her knees up closer to her chest, wrapping her arms around her naked legs so that her bare feet pressed against her soft tushy on the passenger seat of the car. Inside her thong and shorts, she felt her vagina leaking again, aching for attention she hadn't given it in over three days. This eternal road trip to look at colleges originally sounded fun, but spending day after day after day in the car -- often driving five to ten hours at a time -- was its own maddening form of torture.

The scenery of these Midwestern and southeastern states early had proved unable to keep the young woman's attention. Flat, flat flat . . . her C-cup chest had more altitude than most of the land. And if the view wasn't blocked by endless rows of trees, it was just replicated farm after farm, or worse, vast undeveloped fields, or even worse than that, nameless little towns that screamed out how remote they were from anything fun or important.

The enormous adult dick on the car set next to her practically screamed in her ears. Kat was relatively newly experienced at the joy the male anatomy could bring to her mouth and pussy, but the couple of guys from school weren't anywhere near as hung as Daddy apparently was. Five or six inch thin dicks could not possibly have made the bulge that had grown in Daddy's shorts. For a couple days now, Kat had repeatedly mentally visualized her fingers trying to hold the base of Daddy's dick, and she was sure her fingertips when formed in a circle around it probably wouldn't touch her opposing thumb at all. Not even close!

Had someone told the long-haired strawberry-blonde before her road trip that she'd be fantasizing about fucking Daddy, Kat probably would have pulled out a gun and shot whoever suggested it. Sure, her father was extremely fit and handsome, and some of her girl friends for years had told her how lucky she was to have such a "hot" dad. But for Kat, Daddy was just the sweetest, kindest guy she'd ever met. Daddy never looked at her developed bosom or fit swimmer's ass and thighs with the pervy smile that other adult men usually gave her. On occassion that she'd be in front of Daddy in just her thong bikini or tight cotton panties, Daddy's eyes never seemed to linger, or at least, she never noticed it. He was just . . . well, he was just Daddy, her Daddy, essentially an entirely different category from "man."

But her lacivious thoughts had taken a turn on this trip. Seeing Daddy wrapped only in a towel around his waist, his still-muscular arms and back dripping after a shower . . . smelling him in his cologne . . . being on his arm when he was dressed so fine in his expensive suit, as they went into an interview at one of the colleges . . . and now, several times in the car, being aware that Daddy had a raging, mammoth cock that was bigger than things she'd seen in Internet porn pictures. All of these images mixed in the bored teenager's head, combining with the dreariness of the long trips, and her lack of opportunity to satisfy her aching pussy with a good masturbation session. Only once on this trip so far had she had a chance to finger herself to orgasm, that in a long shower one night when Daddy had already fallen asl**p on his side of the bed.

It was just a cock on a man, after all, right? Just a big hard dick, which probably was hot enough to burn a hole in ice, and hard enough and thick enough to stretch her tight teenage cunt to its limits. So what if it was Daddy's, this was just a question of what it would feel like if she could spend some time playing with and getting fucked by a fit, handsome stud with such a big penis.


Her senses caught her wandering lusty thoughts, prevailing on her to clear her mind of the disgusting concept. I'm not supposed to think of Daddy like that, she scolded herself. Stop looking at his dick, stop thinking about it. You're not an a****l, Kat, she told herself, and you're not a slut, so what the fuck are you doing, sitting there imagining Daddy's cock being naked, in your hands, in your mouth, in your cunt ramming you over and over . . . STOP IT!

The round-faced, size-8 girl f***ed herself to look out the passenger side window, staring at the nothingness of the local scenery rushing by the car down the highway. She squeezed her naked thighs and knees together again, as if trying to quelch the fire in her mound. Besides, Kat, she told herself, get real. Daddy would smack her, if she knew what she was thinking. Besides, he's probably sitting there all hard because he's thinking of Mom missing her, wanting to . . . EWWW, that's just a gross thought. So, just forget about the whole sordid mess, okay?

That was what Kat heard in her head, the voice of reason, chiding the girl just like it did everytime she came up just short in a relay, or screwed up a math test, or whatever task of life she happened to fail at. There were a lot of those, she was used to this voice.

"How long until we get to Tech, again, Dad?" she asked quietly, her eyes and face not turned to him still.

His answer took a few moments. "Just sit tight Kat -- probably not until 5 or so."

Fuck, she thought, turning forward to look at the clock on the dashboard. It was only 1:30pm. Three and a half more hours of this fucking drive today.

She released her legs from her arms, leaning back her sore limbs in her car seat damp from sweat. If she were alone, her fingers would have shot into her crotch to relieve the aching there, but she didn't dare do it in front of Daddy. No, she'd have to fall asl**p, or find something else to think about, and stop sitting there horny all afternoon unable to do anything about it.

Not even two minutes later, she couldn't help it. Was he still? Her eyes glanced over cautiously, first looking at his face and seeing his eyes focused on the nearly empty, sun-lit road ahead. It was safe, for a moment at least. Her eyes glanced down, into his crotch, and indeed, it still was. Big, hard, bulging.

The images came rushing back to her. The aching in her pussy. The voice in her head.

Kat knew it would continue for hours and hours like this, just like it did yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that.

* * * *

It felt magic to press two fingers against her throbbing clitoris, even if it was through her shorts and thong. Oh, the relief, just burying two stiff fingertips against the mound above her thighs. Not wiggling or anything, just pressing hard. Her pelvis thrust up a bit to grind into her hand, increasing the pressure.

Kat quickly looked back out the car, seeing that Daddy was still turned to face the gas pump. She heard thumps in the car, as he opened the gas cap and started pumping fuel. Hmm, what a thought. She pictured the long stiff nozzle of the pump, sliding into the hole of the car, until it was deep inside, then it poured out its fuel for the car . . . .

She wanted desperately to spread her legs and stroke her clit f***efully, but the other travellers in nearby cars and crossing into the mini-mart would have seen her too easily. So, despite her dying needs to relief the lack of orgasms, she just remained still in her carseat, trying to be content to only push fingertips against her clitty.

Whoops, Daddy was walking around to wash the bugs off of the windshield. Kat had to put her hand on her naked thigh, but she watched hoping Daddy would finish quickly. Of course it seemed to last forever, but finally he moved to the back of the car, allowing her to dig her fingers into her crotch again. Ahhh, fuck, she was so wet in her thong. She could feel it clinging to the soft curles of her hairy pussylips. She so badly wanted something to stretch herself open; a finger or two would be sufficient, she figured she could cum almost instantly. But no, Daddy would be back any second.

"Honey," his voice called from outside the car, "I'm going into the shop, you want a snack or drink?"

Salvation? She turned to smile sweetly at her father, nodding. "Yeah, get me a diet coke, and some of those little bite-size cookies, or something, I have a chocolate need." (Among other needs.)

Kat watched her 45-year old father disappear into the little store. She scanned the area around the car; two other travellers were nearby, refueling and cleaning their cars. A few aisles over, a van had its doors open, and a small horde of young c***dren were screaming to stretch their legs. Way too busy to push any clothing off, or to even put her fingers inside her clothing. Fuck! But Kat spread her knees a little, exposing more of her pussy to herself. Ah, fuck, she needed it so bad. So bad. Her two fingers were now rubbing circles around her clit, and to increase the pressure, she slide her whole hand over her mound until the base of the palm of her hand was grinding against her clit. With her feet flat on the car's floor, she pushed up her hips again and started to hump her hand. Her cunt couldn't get enough pressure this way, it was so wet and hot. She felt the need to have her twat stuffed with something thick, anything, a hair brush handle or a cucumber would do it.

The horny teenager thought about what would feel good inside her, if she could have anything. Any one. Ooh, someone studly like Vin Diesel, standing over her, pushing her swimmer's muscular thighs open, pushing his engorged penis into her teenage cunt. Just taking control, giving her what she needed, harder than she had ever had it.

Do you think Daddy could do it good, she asked herself? Handsome Daddy, with that hot manly, hairless chest -- she'd seen it several times on this trip, she didn't need to imagine what it might look like. She could picture it, looming above her nude spread-open body. And down below, that huge cock was impaled inside her cunt, forcing itself inside, stretching open her flesh, making her back arch and her jaw drop as she sucked in air and screamed in delight. She pictured arching her back and showing Daddy her ample creamy breasts, with big hard nipples that men and boys always stared at, those tits bouncing around as Daddy's huge erection began to pump into her. His pubes banged into her clit with each thrust, just like her hand was doing now, adding more wonderful sensations to the severe fucking --

Fuck, Daddy was coming back out again. Kat's voice of reason immediately took the offensive, as her hand withdrew from her still-aching, now-saturated pussy. Kat sat upright in her car seat and mindlessly brushed out her hair with her fingers, trying to regain some composure. The car door opened and Daddy leaned in, offering her the drink and food she wanted. Kat hoped the smell of her arousal wasn't too obvious.

Still over two hours to their destination. She had only made matters worse; an orgasm had been nearing, but now, it just hovered in the distance, teasingly, something she wanted so bad but wasn't going to have. It was a penalty of death, or worse, sentenced to sit passively in the car seat with her pussy aching for attention and an older man's stiff big dick only a couple feet away, but the two forbidden to ever meet. Pure torture.

* * * *

Kat thought that offering to drive would have kept her mind off of sex. Didn't work. Now, with the wheel in her hands and the open road in front of her at her command, she found herself even more distracted. First, sitting in the driver's seat which Daddy had occupied all day, she immediately found herself drowned in a stronger manly aroma, and the warmth of the seat left by her father comforted her smaller body like a blanket. Then, with her hand needlessly resting on the car's gearshift (the car was automatic, not stick), a suggestive feeling of having her hand wrapped around a big hard cock encouraged her even more. Her fingers wrapped around the bulb of the gearshift, and her thumb aimlessly traced the top like it might have done on a penis, finding the eye all wet with precum.

Daddy didn't notice, he was soon lying back on the passenger seat, eyes closed, lightly sl**ping. That, too, was a problem. His shorts still betrayed a fairly hard erection, stretching from his round scrotum all the way up a huge thick shaft to the fat round head. Legs slightly parted, the cock in his shorts was on display for the teenager's admiration. Look at me, it called to her, look how big and fat I am. Wouldn't I stretch your cunt deliciously? I'm sooo big. I must feel incredible, inside a tight teenage pussy.

Kat's fingers gripped the car's gearshift even more tightly. She deflected her eyes from the road, time after time, staring at her father's enormous cock in his shorts, and the muscles in her arms tensed as she held the gearshift with the same grip as she would have held a prick. The gearshift was so hard, it must have felt like a man's erection. Long, smooth, stiff. Having no purpose other than to bring insane pleasure to a horny vagina, or a wet female throat.

Just drive, you bitch! Kat screamed in her head. There wasn't much traffic, there weren't any real civilizations this far out in the countryside. The road curved time to time, requiring some minor iota of actual thought while driving, but the effort to drive wasn't nearly enough to keep her mind from thinking about cocks and sex. So who was going to be the first man to relieve this need between her legs? They were due to get home in three days, and her fuck friend Kelvan was going to be out of town on a long roadtrip for the football team. Her "boyfriend" Brad would have to fill the role, although only two hours with Brad's slightly older cousin Greg showed that Brad was pretty fucking inexperienced at fucking. And Brad's 5-inch tool wasn't anything close to what she really wanted to experience, something much larger and fatter, something like . . . well, like THAT, glancing over at her sl**ping father's groin.

This trip was a disaster, she was sure of it.

Mancock, big, hard, for hours. Daddy must have been very horny, or else, he just was different from boys her age. She had never seen any of her three male friends remain erect anywhere near as long as Daddy on this trip. True, he didn't have any orgasms to interrupt his erection. But the boys she knew all came within 10 to 20 minutes of getting erect, whereas Daddy was up for three to four hours without interruption. Were all adult men like that? Could they fuck her for hours, never coming, always remaining hard? Kat doubted it, but the possibility was beyond intriguing, it was consuming. Every position, on her back, doggy-style, sideways, on top . . . just think, hours and hours of fucking, being drilled and stretched, being used, hardly having to stop!

Maybe instead of calling Brad, she should go over to the community pool, and see if she could pick up one of the fathers there. Someone as hot as Daddy, someone who's swimtrunks looked packed with meat. Just for a test drive, right? Find out if adult men all had huge pricks that could fuck her cunt until she couldn't take it anymore. The thought was mesmorizing. She'd have to scream, "stop! stop! I'm so sore!" That's the kind of fucking she wanted. And the man would continue anyway, needing to cum, pounding into her raw aching vagina until at last he shot a huge load deep in her tubes.

Kat thought back to a day that summer, at the beach when she was in her thong bikini. Some guy, who knows who he was, he was about Daddy's age. Bit of a belly, graying hair, but handsome in his own way. Kat caught him staring at her ass for a couple of hours as she tanned, and each time she looked over at him, his eyes never wavered, he never looked away or appeared embarrassed. She moved around a bit, but if it wasn't her ass, it was her tits or back he seemed to oogle. And, disgusted though she was, deep inside . . . she loved it. A grown man wanting her. She wasn't just a girl now, right, she was 18, an adult, with an adult woman's body. Round full tits; firm thighs; juicy pussy. And this nameless, perverted man probably wanted to bury his thick cock in her cunt. She had no idea how big he was, but if he was like Daddy, if he could last a few hours without getting soft, maybe she should have struck up a conversation with him. Maybe she should have given him her cellphone number. Have some flirtatious phone calls. Meet for a soda after school at the mall, or on the weekend, something innocent. Wind up in his car. Let him fondle her breasts while making out. Reach into his crotch, seize his meat, open his slacks, lean over, give him the blowjob of his life. Act embarrassed. Talk on the phone a day later. Tell each other how badly they want to fuck. Make plans. Meet another time at a motel. Race to the room. Strip. Fuck. Get filled better than any boy at school could hope to do. Scream, "fuck me! fuck me!" Feel he pussy stretched open and a cock sunk into the back of her tube. Then feel male semen squirted into her womb. That's what she wanted, what she needed.

God, the girl thought trying to keep her mind on driving, I want to get fucked so badly. But here she was, in the middle of the middle of the middle of the country, driving all over the fucking place, horny with no real ability to get laid. Life is so unfair.

She looked over at her prone, sl**ping father. His erection remained inside his shorts, stretching them, waiting for nothing. Here was a tight wet pussy for it, to let it do what it was made to do. She knew boys ached from their erections, although she wasn't quite sure how. But it couldn't have been comfortable, going days and days hard like this. Life was unfair to Daddy, too.

* * * *

She closed the bathroom door behind herself and locked it. For the first time since they left some other hotel at 10 that day, she was truly alone. Oh, there had been a bathroom stall at a restaurant; and in the car when Daddy refueled it. But Kat was competely by herself, without possibility of interruption. Daddy was in the motel room on the other side of the door, but he would never enter without knocking. She locked it anyway, old habit from home.

It was 5:30 pm, and she was hungry. Perhaps the only physical need that could surpass the desperation for an orgasm is the feeling an empty stomach could create. Staring at her body in the mirror, Kat thought about getting off quickly. She wasn't as horny at the moment as she'd been earlier in the afternoon, although her vagina had a low-level continuous aching. Her nipples weren't even hard. Instead, her tummy was demanding food, food, food, and her bladder pressed an immediate need for relief.

Kat pushed down her shorts and thong and squatted on the toilet. No, better to hurry and finish this, then go out for supper with Daddy. She'd take a long bath or shower tonight, and up front tell Daddy it would take a while. Then she'd do herself crazy in the tub, what her body wanted all day long.

Catching herself looking at her thong, she saw it was soaked. It had been pressed against her oozing vagina and clitoris all day, resulting in the pale pink thong turned a much deeper shade and even pooled with visible drips. The sight of her wet thong reminded Kat just how badly her pussy had wanted attention ealier in the car. Shit, she realized she'd been staring at her father's huge cock all afternoon. That couldn't have been me! she bemused, not really disappointed in herself, just more surprised.
Doing her business and wiping off, she stood to pull her thong and shorts back up. But the damp thong really needed to be changed; and her shorts, even, were perspiry. Kat immediately decided she'd get dressed, wash her hands, then go to the room and retrieve some clean panties and jeans.

As she stood and bent forward, however, a twinge of lust shot from her crotch. Well, wouldn't it be more fun if, just for a moment, she wasn't wearing the thong? It was pretty wet and, frankly, disgusting. And the shorts were probably pretty smelly, too. Daddy was in the other room, maybe touching his erection, if he still had one, thinking of whatever was making him hard. She wasn't going to get near his dick or anything, but just knowing she was in the same room as it, with it hard in his pants and her wet and unclothed, seemed like a pretty sexy thought. Hard cock and wet cunt, both would love to hook up, but it wasn't allowed to happen.

Kat kicked off her shorts and thong and reached for a towel. Roller her skin-tight haltertop above her belly-button, she looked in the mirror at her exposed pubes and thighs. An image flashed in her head of her creamy white thighs wrapped around the studly strong body of a grown male, maybe like Daddy, with a big fat male adult dick shoved up her cunt. Fuck, yes, she was still horny. Kat stretched out a finger and dipped it into her hairy pubes, sliding a fingertip over her clit and between her vaginal lips. Mmm, moist. Wanting to fuck still. Her finger came back dripping with desire, and Kat gladly stuck it in her mouth and sucked it clean. She loved the flavor of her vagina; she knew, someday, she was going to bury her tongue in another girl's pussy, she didn't have to convince herself that she'd love that.

Kat opened the towel and wrapped it around her waist,, hiding her sexy treasure inside. The towel clung to her firm meaty buttocks and legs, and inside she felt her wet twat moisten her upper inner thighs. It just seemed like fun, walking in front of Daddy like this, with his hard cock nearby on the bed.

The high school senior opened the door and strode casually into the bedroom. Daddy was sitting upright on the bed, back against the headboard, watching the TV. Sportscenter. He glanced over at his daughter, as she softly crossed the room to their yet-unopened luggage. Kat had to hold her towel closed over one hip, leaving her with just one free hand, which at the moment was clutching her dirty thong and shorts. "Daddy, I really need to change," she quietly informed him. He didn't say anything but continued to watch TV.

Turning her back and ass to him, smiling at herself how funny it was that she had a wet pussy and he didn't know it, she unzipped the luggage and let her clothing spill out. "Fuck!" she giggled as her panties and outfits spilled onto the table and floor. (Daddy was used to her swearing, it had been a non-issue for years with him. Now, Mom, that's another story.) She grabbed a clean white thong and hauled out her only-worn-once pair of low rise blue jeans, then turned to smile at her father before heading back into the bathroom. Daddy looked up and grinned in a friendly way. "Hurry up, let's eat," he muttered nonchalantly, drawing a quick approval from his daughter.

Back in the bathroom behind closed, locked door, Kat dropped her towel and looked at her pussy in the mirror. God, she wanted a cock in it. Her finger returned to her mound, but this time she used two fingers to find her clit. It was hard and wet. Her fingertips surrounded it and stroked it, tugging at it, then she used one fingertip to circle it teasingly and softly. She was so horny. She stepped to the side and put one foot up on the closed toilet lid, spreading her thighs open wide, and she leaned back into the wall of the small bathroom. Her vagina opened up too. With one hand still on her clit, she stiffened a finger from the other hand and slipped it to her wet cuntlips mostly unhidden in her dark thatch of soft curly pubic hairs. Fuck me, her pussy moaned. Her finger touched the magic hole, and Kat's knees weakened at the contact, but the urgent desire of her twat begged for more. She pushed the fingertip inside, reaching in, pushing, entering herself.

Fuck she was so tight! And wet, the juices were coating her hand now. Kat looked in the mirror at herself, leaning back and spread open, masturbating. She often watched herself fuck, it looked sexy, whether it was a cock or her fingers or a toy in herself. Kat knew she had a hot body and she loved sexy women, so it was extra-arousing to watch just how sexy she was herself. Her fingers on her clit withdrew so that she could pull up her haltertop and bra, quickly, exposing her nude C-cups and their pale pink areolae and now-hardened nipples. Big fat nipples that loved to be sucked, or that loved to rub against a wet cockhead.

Down between her thighs her finger was sliding in about two knuckles deep. Oh that's what it needed, it needed to be fucked, yes! Kat bit her lip and pushed it deeper. That felt so fucking good; it was like her cunt was sucking her finger inside.


The voice was Daddy's, but it might as well have been that voice inside her head. Dinner. Joining her father to interrupt the fun, Kat's own stomach gurgled a message in its own unique way. "Feed ME first, THEN that thing below," her tummy ordered.

Kat sighed, and pouted at herself in the mirror. Reality hit quickly, and forcing herself to listen to that voice of reason, Kat immediately pulled her bra and shirt back into position and stepped into her new thong. The strap slid hard into her buttcrack, and the fresh cotton stretched over her wet pussy lips. Her jeans were tight and needed to be pulled up f***efully, and they groped her asscheeks and pussy as she zipped them closed.

"Okay, Daddy, let's eat," the girl shouted as she darted back into the motel bedroom fully clothed.

* * * *

The light blue bikini wasn't the hottest thing she owned. It was a two-piece, but it covered most of her ample C-cup tits, and the bottom piece likewise covered most of her asscheeks. But the bikini's fabric was skin-tight, and when wet, it didn't leave much to the imagination -- resulting in her butt, tits and pussy essentially looking painted. Male reactions to it generally were positive. Kat, however, usually preferred wearing her thong bikini with the tiny triangular top, if male titilation was the goal. She didn't pack it for the road trip, figuring, if she made it to any motel pool, a thong probably wouldn't be appropriate.

Standing in the bathroom, she slowly disrobed down to her bra and thong. The food in her belly filled her, and normally she'd probably have passed on a chance to get in the pool so soon after a big meal. But she hadn't swam in five days, and for someone who lived at the pool daily, it almost felt like an out-of-body experience not to be swimming. So, with her Daddy's encouragement, she decided to go for a swim.

Her vagina had calmed down, for the most part, through dinner. The young waiter seemed to pay attention to the curves on her chest, but that was nothing new. Daddy was really funny, telling stories from his college days before he met Mom, which did the trick in disarming her horny mood. Still, her thong was damp and clung a little as she peeled it off. Kat bent over and stepped into her bikini bottom, pulling it up tight around her ass, yanking it so it dug nicely into her asscrack.

After removing her bra and donning the bikini top, Kat pulled her long, luxurious reddish-blonde hair into a pony tail. She noticed that, indeed, the bikini hung close to her breasts, she could see the lumps of her nipples even without them being hard or the bikini being wet. The cool night air, even in the hotel room, was chilly so Kat threw a body towel around herself at the waist.

"I'll be back, Daddy," she called to her father as she exited the bathroom and headed for the door. On the way she grabbed her swim goggles, but left her skullcap. Her Dad looked up momentarily, sitting at the small desk in the room. He was pouring over maps and traveler's aids. He said he might be at the pool later but wanted to call her Mom. Daddy also mentioned the possibility of going for ice cream after her swim, if she wanted -- apparently the town had some famous story with hand-made goodies. It seemed a distant interest to the teenager.

Kat quickly walked through the motel's dingy halway to the somewhat dim, over-heated indoor pool. Instantly hitting her as she opened the glass doorway was the powerful scent of too much chlorine. Someone overfilled the cleaning solution by quite a lot. Kat sneered at the amateurs who were operating the pool, but still, the sight of the blue water with light ripples called out a welcome to the high school swimmer.

The pool was largely empty. Two little k**s, toddler-aged, were splashing around a baby pool in the far corner of the room. Some grandparent-aged couple was sitting on lounge chairs on the the deck, the woman reading and the man toweling off looking bored. The parents of the two k**s were sitting on chairs themselves, the mom showing far more interest in the k**s while the dad was reading a book.

Kat pulled her goggles tight and dove into the empty pool. The water was not only smelly, it was too warm; had she tried to work out in it, she probably would have passed out from heat exhaustion. Swimming needs a cool, crisp temperature. Amateurs. But Kat didn't really feel like working out anyway, not so close to finishing dinner. Instead, she casually slid under the water and glided from one end to the other, letting her body be soothed by the water's high temperature.

It had to be maybe ten or fifteen minutes when she pulled to the corner of the pool, to relax and look around. The old couple was gone. Half of the f****y was gone, too; only one of the toddlers was left, playing with pool toys in the wading pool. The mother had apparently taken the one k**, only the disinterested father was left to watch the remaining c***d. This Dad had a sports magazine on his slightly oversized tummy, while he turned from time to time to make sure his k** wasn't drowning. The man's hairy, pale legs stretching over the lounge chair screamed couch-potato.

Kat slipped under the water and crossed the pool without coming up for air, emerging in the far corner. As she stood up, she found she was in the shallow end, so her chest came out of the water. Readjusting her goggles, Kat found herself looking at the father on the chair. He hadn't moved, except his head was now facing in Kat's direction, away from his k**. And, Kat could tell, he clearly was examining the shape of Kat's chest.

This was nothing new; men always looked at her body in swim suits, especially this tight one. Over the summer, she would not have paid this guy any attention or regard; he could stare at whatever he wanted. Kat's mood was not normal tonight, and having a stranger look at her tits was exactly the kind of provocative thought that made her clitty tinge with electricity. Without debating whether it was a good idea, Kat stretched her slightly-sore arms above her head -- arching her back, pushing forward her chest. Her nipples were growing harder, too. Through her goggles Kat could see the man watching her breasts with interest, now that their fullness was standing out on her rib cage.

Pervert, Kat whispered to herself, slipping under the water again. Still, it was always nice to know she could get attention. Halfway along the pool's length, she decided she didn't have enough air in her lungs to cross to the far side, so she came up for air, ending up floating on her back. Yes, again, her breasts were pushed up to the ceiling. The father-guy probably was watching that too, right? Kat only had to roll her head ever so slightly to the side, and she confirmed it. His eyes were staring at her chest as she glided past him.

This was probably unsafe for the k**, Kat smiled.

Kat never needed a reason to swim in a pool, whether it be a race, training, or just playing. She could spend two hours in a pool doing nothing but gliding and screwing around by herself. But after being so horny all day, desiring an orgasm so badly, having her tits watched by an older stranger provided a useful goal for her swim tonight.

Wonder how hard I can make his dick, mused the horny teenager to herself, rolling onto her stomach to breast-stroke her way to the pool's wall. She was cognizant her butt was now sticking out of the water; she chose the breast stroke not only because it was slow and required less energy, but because it didn't make a lot of splashes. She couldn't tell if he was looking at her ass, she just assumed he was. Emerging from the water, she saw the man had turned to bark an order to his k** -- but, pretty quickly, he looked back at Kat. She pretended not to notice, instead again arching her back and pushing her C-cups and hardening nipples forward. Think he can see my nipples, she wondered. Kat sank underwater, straight down, and she touched her breasts. The nipples were not that hard, yet, so she tugged them both a few times. Just think about it; a penis was lying on that lounge chair, maybe getting hard wanting to fuck you, Kat. He might be fat but he would love to sink that prick into your teenage body. He wants you, no doubt. Oh yes, her nipples were rock-hard now. And her pussy ached.

Kat came up for air, and she flipped onto her back to do a backstroke to the far side. She made sure to push her chest up. Oh, he was probably loving that. And she could look at him while simming, and he definitely was paying attention to her.

Full of her feminine powers, Kat did a flip at the wall to show off her swimming skills too. She came up halfway down the pool, flipping onto her tummy to do the breast stroke again. Only her pace was faster, more competitive; within three strokes she had swam the rest of the short length of the small motel pool.

As she popped up for air at the wall, she saw the man had called his young son over to scold or argue or something. Kat remained shoulder-deep in the water, relaxing, as if her show was paused. But as soon as the son jumped into the k**die pool, the father's eyes darted in Kat's direction. She loved being the target of his attention, and she was going to get more of it. Kat turned to face the wall, and she pushed herself out, climbing onto the pool deck. Fully away his eyes were all over her, Kat slowly strolled around the pool and directly in front of the stranger. She had to keep her eyes averted in her goggles, and she repressed the smile that wanted to cross her lips. Act like he's not there, she told herself. As she passed a couple feet from him, she could feel his eyes on her. On her tits and ass, in her wet bikini, tightly forming on her curves.

She made her way to her towel, wiping off for a moment then taking off her goggles. It was her excuse to show off to the man. By now, her vagina was aching a bit again for attention, her clit starting to throb too.

Kat dove into the water and crossed it again with a backstroke. The pool was so small to her, she found herself about to crash into the far wall too early. She relaxed for a moment at the wall, then had a horny idea. Looking around, confirming the father was the only adult in the room, she pulled herself under the water and pushed off to glide near the very bottom. It was like her private hiding spot. As she had herself entirely under water, Kat quickly reached back to her ass, and she pulled her bikini bottom more into her asscrack. Gave herself a wedgie, essentially, uncovering most of her buttcheeks. Both sides. She had to work quickly, her body wanted to float to the surface, but she managed to expose most of her ass in short order.

She emerged halfway down the pool, basically right in front of the male. Kat made sure not to look at him as she popped out of the water, pushing herself up to the deck. Now she stood not even five feet from him. Kat turned her back, and she didn't need a mirror to know for certainty that the guy's eyes were riveted on the sight of her mostly-exposed asscheeks. A male was lusting for her butt, she loved the thought.

After giving him a look at her mostly-nude buttcheeks for a few seconds, Kat quickly turned to face him so that she could dive backwards into the pool -- more of a flop, really. She created a huge splash. But she hoped that, in the moments she faced him, he could see the slit of her vagina through her skin-tight bikini bottom. The mere idea that he saw her cunt made her pussy ache with increased zeal.

Kat couldn't resist giving him another look. She floated to the surface, on her back, and then curled backwards so her head sunk towards the bottom; her feet came out of the water, split slightly. For a short moment, her pelvis was above the water pointed at him. If he was watching, he got a perfect look at the shape of her pussylips in her tight bikini.

Kat grew hotter by the moment, putting herself on display.

To her chagrin, as she came up for air, the man's wife had returned with the other c***d -- fully dressed now. The man basically ignored Kat and began cleaning up the f****y belongings. Fuck, Kat thought, there goes my fun. But the damage was done, her pussy was aching again, just like most of the day, giving her renewed interest in a long bath with an equally long masturbation session. Oh fuck, she thought, Daddy wanted to get ice cream. Maybe he had changed his mind by now? They had to get up early; she didn't want to stay up too late. It wasn't blowing a college interview just to have a good orgasm or two. (Well, so said her voice of reason.)

Alone in the pool, Kat plowed aimlessly through the water a few times, making sure to return her bikini bottom to its rightful place covering her asscheeks. Daddy might show up, no sense in making him think she was a slut or something, parading around almost nude for strangers.

The pool door opened again, maybe fifteen minutes later. It wasn't her father, as Kat expected; actually, it was the man again. And he looked to be alone. Leaning against the pool's wall, Kat noticed the f****y had left a baby bottle or sippy cup or something, and he obviously was there to collect it. Seizing the last opportunity for some playful fun, Kat quickly jumped out of the water and crossed to her towel near the door. He was behind me, she thought, probably watching. She didn't know how long he'd be there, so Kat worked quickly. Taking her towel, standing with her back to him, she parted her strong legs and bent all the way forward. All the way. She dried her ankles and calves with the towel, but she was sure that behind her the guy would be checking out her ass and crotch as she bent forward. It was so bad of her, but she loved doing it.

As she stood up, she turned to face him, and he was kneeling on the floor as if looking for something else he lost. Of course there was nothing to be found, so Kat figured he was stalling. She smiled to herself, soaking in the man's admiration, and she wrapped the towel behind herself to dry off her back. It allowed her to arch her back again, pushing her breasts forward.

The man was leaving, but walking slowly past Kat. For a split second, Kat grew embarrassed, thinking she might actually have to say something to him. Or maybe he'd say something to her? But all he gave her was a smile, then a last look at her breasts in her light-blue bikini top. Her nipples pointed at him. She could hear him sigh, then he exited out the door and out of her life.

Kat immediately wondered if she should have said something. In an aroused state, she imagined what he might have done if she pulled her top up to show off her breasts; or if she rubbed her body against his cock. All sexy thoughts, but moot now.
She dove back into the water, hoping that some swimming would relief the anxiety for a good fuck.

* * * *

The strawberry-blonde stood over her messy pile of clothing strewn around the luggage, wondering what to choose for bed. Behind her, the bathroom door was closed, with Daddy inside. He said he wasn't going to be long, but she heard the water running, he was going to shower. Her amount of clean clothing was dwindling, she tried to pack something for every day on the 10-day adventure but for some reason she was out of fresh pajamas. Either she didn't pack enough, or invisible rats were munching them in the car. Whatever. She fished out a pair of pajama shorts and matching front-button blouse from the "dirty" pile, and it wasn't visibly disgusting, so it would get re-used tonight.

Kat then moved to her toiletries and dug out her bottles of shampoo and body wash. Getting clean wasn't the goal she had in mind, however; besides, the swim a couple hours earlier had basically made her feel refreshed from the long day on the road. After being horny all fucking day staring at her Dad's huge prick and now all worked up after exposing herself in the pool, Kat needed something much more interesting than a clean shower -- she needed a massive orgasm. The first orgasm was going to be fucking huge, she could just sense it. On a normal night, when she wouldn't even be this horny, Kat could have a long bath and induce three or four solid cums. But tonight, she didn't really have time for one of those long baths. After the pool, she and Daddy went for late-night ice cream (Daddy's idea) then she ended up on her cellphone with her boyfriend a while sitting in front of the story (also Daddy's idea -- he was so thoughtful), so now it was nearly midnight, and they had an 8:30 appointment at Tech.

Sitting on the bed, her jeans and thong still tightly groping her ass and crotch, Kat self-diagnosed herself to determine just how badly she needed to masturbate. She let herself thing about cumming, the feeling of having her fingers in herself, to see if the need was great enough to get on with it despite her schedule concerns. Immediately, then, she though about her father taking his shower now; that cock was nude, probably, getting stoked with soap. Maybe Daddy gets hard in the shower, sudsing it, holding it in his fist. Maybe Daddy even strokes it? Does he masturbate there too, pumping himself, making his dick get so big and hard, then shoot his cream against the tiled wall?

Ok, she was soaking in her jeans and thong within a few seconds. She was going to have to take a bath to masturbate, there was no room for debate.

The only sound was running water in the bathroom. She heard splashing time to time, as Daddy was moving around doing his hair or whatever. The bathroom probably was going to be all steamy when he was done; Daddy liked it very hot. Normally she didn't care for it, but right now, any sense or smell caused by a naked male was appreciated. She grew hotter knowing she'd be naked in the same tub where Daddy had just been nude himself.

Kat found herself barely breathing, straining to listen to the bathroom. Her odd attention to her father at the moment struck her as a bizarre symptom of her horniness all day; he was the only male around, and even though he was Daddy, he had a big dick and she wanted to get fucked. The fact that he would never touch her, or even let her see his cock, didn't matter. It wasn't that she was hoping to fuck him or even wanted to fuck him; her pussy just wanted cock, and he had one, so the thought of knowing IT was in THAT bathroom was making her wet.

And maybe . . . a very enticing thought crossed her wicked teenage mind. What if Daddy wasn't just nude in the water, with his fat prick; what if it was hard. What if Daddy's penis was fully erect, pointing at the wall, its massive head wanting to explode with streams of cum? Maybe right now, at this very moment, Daddy was leaning back and had his strong hand wrapped around the base of that gorgeous dick, squeezing it and stroking it as boys like, jerking it to make it harder and hotter. Daddy's dick was hard so much today, when was he going to shoot out his sperm and have that orgasm he must want so bad? Isn't he doing that right now, pumping a fist up and down the steely rod, making his cock get closer and closer to its final eruption, until finally Daddy can shoot out gobs and gobs of his white salty goo.

Thinking about Daddy's big dick having an orgasm was no longer a foreign or perverted concept. Kat relished it; the idea that her Daddy was having fulfilling sexual pleasure, even if from his own hand, was delicious. Visualizing Daddy's enormous penis having an orgasm did not come with an iota of guilt or trepidation. Horny Kat, her pussy itself aching for the chance to spasm and cum, loved the idea of her Daddy cumming hard.

So what was Daddy thinking about, while jerking his dick? Mom? Maybe some hot girl at work? Maybe Daddy was tired of his oversized wife, maybe he wanted some hot little body to take his man-rod in deep. What kind of girl did Daddy like. Young or old? Big tits or flat-chested? Something like Kat's own body or -- no, Kat's voice told herself, let's not go there. If Daddy was jerking off, he wasn't thinking about ME. Get real.

But if Daddy was masturbating, he must have started in a very horny state, because his shower seemed to end abrubtly. Not more than five minutes could have passed before Kat heard the shower water stop running. He emerged from the bathroom as he usually did each night; damp, not quite soaking, with towel tightly wrapped around his waist. Kat waited for this moment then, with his body exposed as usual, she still found herself surprised by her luck of getting to see him again. His nipples were flat little circles on a chest that didn't have much fat at all; Daddy wasn't six-packed, but he was fit. Nice soft curves to his chest, and broad strong shoulders over defined upper arms. Not much hair on him, but what was there was a bit gray. His towel outlined an equally fit ass, which Daddy kept strong by working out constantly at home. His long legs were probably still strong enough to give her chase in a pool, although she hadn't raced him for a few years.

He wasn't particularly noticing that his daughter was staring at him. Daddy stepped across the room to his own luggage, which unlike hers had everything neatly folded. "Go ahead and take your bath, if you want," Daddy spoke while not looking at her. He was fishing out his clean underwear, a pair of briefs. He always wore briefs; Kat had rather come to like it this week, getting to see the shape of his balls on the few short occassions she saw him in just the briefs.

Kat didn't respond immediately, finding herself staring at her father's strong back, dripping a bit from his shower, but eventually she pushed herself off the bed to stand on the floor. "I suppose I should." She tried to sound like it would be a chore. She gathered her outfit for the night plus her shampoo and body wash, and she headed for the bathroom.

In the bathroom, turning to close the door, she caught sight of her father with his back still turned towards her. He had now gathered a pair of jogging shorts to put over his underwear for the night, and was busy applying dabs of deodorant and cologne to himself. As he raised one arm to put antiperspirant on his armpit, Kat's imagination conjured the potential that his towel might suddenly drop, letting her see her father's naked strong butt. She probably would freak if it did, but she'd probably have a different reaction if he was facing her when it happened. How big was Daddy when he was limp? Probably still huge; his underwear always looked stuffed.

She closed the door, and feeling an urgency in her thong, she quickly removed her haltertop and jeans. Left in bra and thong, Kat looked at the tub in the warm (not steamy) bathroom and prepared to lean over to turn on the water. But something stopped her; despite being tired, she had a funny playful side that was putting more fun ideas in her head. Walking in her bikini in front of her Daddy and that man at the pool was so much fun, giving a small sexual gratification even though it didn't involve any touching or nudity at all. Just knowing she was exposing her curvy, sexy female body to males with hard cocks was its own reward. Even if Daddy hadn't looked at her like the man at the pool, so what? It only mattered that her body was mostly exposed in the presence of an older man. She got a rush from being in her bathing suit with Daddy earlier that evening, and she almost had orgasms being eyed by the man at the pool.

So, Kat's playful side suggested, why not do it again, just something fun and quick. Standing in the closed bathroom in her bra and white cotton thong, the teenager wondered if it would be fun to go back in the bedroom, dressed down like this, just to parade in front of Daddy for a moment or two. He wouldn't look and he certainly wouldn't say or do anything to make her uncomfortable. But it would be just another chance to be dressed slutty around an older man, and the thong was far more revealing than the bathing suit was earlier that evening. And a few feet away would be Daddy's huge penis, although wrapped inside his towel. That would be as much cock as she'd get for the night, but Kat loved the idea. Be dressed in her undergarments in the same room as a fat adult penis that itself was barely covered.

Disregarding the protestations of her rational voice, Kat put her hand on the door and thought it out again. Nothing serious, just go out there, make some lame excuse, and come back into the bathroom. He'd seen her in a thong at home, in the past, although that was a bikini. And she'd seen him in underwear this week, although never for more than a few seconds. What if she did something playful, just for fun. Walk into the room like this, make an excuse. How bad would that be?

KAT, the voice roared more loudly, what a fucking idiot you are! Take your fucking bath.

No, said the playful voice, just walk out there, let him see you. Another voice, this from down between her legs, was asserting its independence. Let Daddy see what a sexy woman you are. See? Kat arched her back, turning sideways in the mirror. Her bra adequately contained her C-cup breasts, but they stuck out from her chest with emphasis. Her tummy was flat and her curvy strong butt was nicely nude, framed by the thin straps of her little thong. Other men like the man at the pool stared at her; why not let Daddy see what he can't have.

You're a fucking idiot, retorted her better senses.

Kat's hand gripped the door handle more tightly. Don't think, just go, it'll be only a few seconds, just for fun.

As she rolled around the idea of being in her thong in front of her father, alone in a motel room, her vagina's leaking grew appreciably noticeable. Her cunt wanted to be touched in the worst way. Squeezing her thighs together wasn't providing much relief, so Kat instinctively parted her knees a few inches and shot a hand into her groin. Three fingers arched around the curve of her mound, pushing stiff fingertips up against her clit and pussylips. Oh fuck, I'm wet, she realized. Her thong, already damp from covering her drenched twat, now became saturated in her juices as she ground the fabric into her swollen clitoris and soft pussylips. Feeling her fingers rubbing her clitty was such a relief, and Kat thought about forgoing the entire plan and just stripping immediately to fingerfuck to relief. Yes, yes, her cunt moaned to her, do THAT, get naked, take off this stupid thong, bury two fingers in me. Hurry. I need to be penetrated so badly, I've been waiting all fucking day. Three days, almost, in fact. Fuck me now!

But instead, she took her fingers off of her drenched thong, and sucked the juice off of each one. Fuck that tastes good. Being extra-horny was just giving Kat more incentive to go walk almost naked in front of her father, the man with the enormous dick.

A moment from barging through the bathroom door, she paused. Cover story, I need a cover story. Kat's eyes looked around the bathroom, and she formulated an excuse. She forgot her bath wash, she had to go out to retrieve it. Of course, the bottle was sitting right there on the sink's ledge. So, to make her story plausible, Kat grabbed the bottle and bent over, placing the bottle on the floor, then she tossed a sem-wet towel over it to hide it. There, it rolled off and has been hidden, it's not her fault. She has to go look for it now, in her toiletry bag.

Just hiding the bottle like that gave Kat's pussy more charge. You're really going to do this, right, walk in your thong in front of Daddy? Fuck me, her cunt ached, just do it, it sounds fun, then get back in here and shove your fingers in me. The giddy teen opened the door to the bedroom, realizing she was doing it slowly. She had to do it quickly, with confidence, like nothing was wrong. So she redoubled her efforts and pushed open the door quickly, and stepped equally brazenly into the bedroom.

Daddy was now in just his underwear, half-turned to her, about to bend over to put on his shorts. The appearance of his eighteen year old daughter in the bathroom doorway, wearing just bra and thong, did not escape his attention. His face jerked in her direction, his eyes absorbed the full image of her body. There was no mistaking he saw her.

The girl found herself smiling inside, having accomplished her mission already. But, she had to carry through. "I forget my, uh, my body wash," she lied. Trying not to stare at her father, she walked over to her small bag of toiletries, which was on a desk separate from the credenza where Daddy's own luggage was sitting. But she had to move directly in front of him, standing not even four feet away, as she turned to face her bag and lean forward a bit to look in it. She could feel her mostly-nude ass now pointing at her dad, right behind her. Kat wanted to turn and look in his eyes, just to see if there was any chance at all that Daddy, like the man at the pool, would be checking out his daughter's butt and body. Kat doubted it, but maybe, just maybe. What a rush that would be; Daddy oogling her almost-nude ass! But no, she didn't dare actually look back at him. Way too confrontational. The voice of reason still had some of its authority.

Instead, she spent the better part of a minute looking through her fat bag of makeups and hair sprays and lotions, knowing she wasn't going to find her body wash. "Where the fuck is it," she groaned with feigned disgust. She kept looking and looking, until she thought she'd given as much of a search as someone truly looking for the body wash.

Half-turning towards her Daddy, Kat pouted and moaned, "Don't tell me I forgot it this morning when we packed." She shrugged her shoulders and prepared to smile at him, but instead, her eyes were glued to his crotch. His underwear was huge; inside was a rigid erection, only, his underwear barely contained him. The shaft completely filled the thin garment, and the head was so near the top edge, Kat could see a dark shadow where the elastic waistband had separated away from his skin. Shit, inside that hole was the head of his penis, just barely inside it, she was sure. And below that tantalizing dark spot was the shaft itself, which she could easily see through the very thin cotton fabric. Below, his scrotum sack was just as vivid; Kat could make out the twin separate balls inside, they stretched the bottom of his crotch with two distinct round bulges.

Suddenly, her eyes were on his face, as if she instinctively realized she was caught checking him out. Kat wanted to look away even before she laid her eyes on his face, but what she saw was comforting. Daddy wasn't surprised or shocked or anything, he looked incredibly calm and casual. "Maybe it fell behind the table," he suggested of her allegedly missing body wash, pointing to the floor behind her feet. The table had drawers under it, creating a space between the wall and the table that could easily have contained something that might have rolled off the table and fallen behind it.

"Uh, yeah, maybe." Kat blinked, feeling her face flush nonetheless that Daddy undoubtedly caught her checking out his prick. His very huge prick. "Let me see." Kat welcomed the opportunity to turn her back again, so he couldn't see her face, as she pretended to lean over the table, to inspect the limited space between the wall and the back of the desk.

As she bent over the table, Kat realized her ass was sticking up at Daddy; the strap of her thong was probably barely covering her butthole, and the shape of her pussylips would have been completely obvious to him in her white thong. Fuck, Kat, you're basically exposing yourself to Daddy! Mom would fucking kill you, if she knew . . . but, she's not here, is she? And Daddy isn't complaining, is he? In fact . . . the reality his Kat quickly. Daddy asked her to look under the table for a reason; not to look for her stupid not-missing bottle, but to check out her ass in the thong.

Jesus Christ, Kat gulped, Daddy is checking me out after all!

And Kat loved the idea.

Fuck, he's up there staring at my butt. Kat could feel the thin thong strap, and she could thus feel her entire buttocks completely nude and exposed to her Daddy. Knowing her Daddy's huge prick was inches behind her, with her ass exposed to him, it was like they were going to fuck. Now how taboo and forbidden was that! Yet it made Kat sizzle, her gushing cunt leaking even more. So Kat pouted again, "Can't see it yet," and she immediately stepped back from the table to descend to her knees on the carpet. She didn't dare look at her father, but instead she stuck her ass up again while on her fours. It was like she was fucking doggy-style. Kat spread her knees wide, very wide, so that Daddy had full access to observe her ass and asshole and pussymound. Oh, the wet thong definitely was outlining her cuntlips. Daddy, if he was looking, would have been getting an eyeful of his almost-nude daughter, with her painted-on thong. He probably could see the parallel ridges of her lips, and the wet spot between them, the hole made to take a fat cock deep into it.

Was Daddy imagining fucking her? Did he want to? It was so hot to think so; maybe, like the man at the pool, Daddy wanted to get off stuffing his mammoth penis into a tight teenage pussy. Who cares it was his daughter; it just made the whole idea of prohibited sex even more enticing.

Kat found herself playing with the idea, teasing her father by assuming the fuck-my-cunt-from-behind position, dropping her chest almost to the carpet and leaning way under the desk so that her butt was shoved up high. She was the ultimate in forbidden candy; that hard prick of his was probably going to explode, if she stayed on the floor too long.

How long to stay here? Kat felt the throbbing inside her thong, her vagina demanding attention. It was getting more desperate to be fucked, knowing she was exhibiting her femininity for her father, and knowing he was looking. Time to get into the bathroom and get off. "Nope, not here," Kat reported with a sound of finality, pushing back and standing up again. Her eyes immediately fixated on his underwear, and his penis was as big and beautiful as a few moments earlier. But she couldn't stare at it; almost right away she looked up at her father, trying to appear confused about her missing lotion. "Yeah, maybe I lost it."

"Here." Her father gave her a very common glare, the kind that a male gives to the female that is always losing things. Mom was like that. Dad, however, didn't seem mad at all, unlike with her Mom. Instead, he had a very reassuring manner at the moment, as if he was confident he was going to find what she'd lost. "Let's pull everything out." Daddy stepped next to Kat, and she found herself now within arm's reach of his bulging cock in the tight underwear. Daddy was so close, in fact, she could peer down and inside the space between his underwear and skin. To her disappointment, it was too dark to see anything inside, but she knew what was there. Her eyes had to be pointed at it, just unable to see it is all.
Daddy carefully emptied the contents of her toiletry bag, one by one cataloging its inventory of female supplies. Kat was even embarrassed how long it took him; he traveled so light. But it gave her the chance to stand almost nude next to his fabulous figure, and she could watch his muscled chest or his nearly-flat tummy while he helped her search for the hiding bottle. And, without him seeing, she could just stare down at the roundness of his erection in his tight underwear. The huge cock hardly moved at all, it just throbbed in there while his arms and torso were moving around. Daddy's dick was unquestionably the biggest cock she'd every laid eyes on, except for maybe pictures on the Internet of young blonde women getting boned by almost inhumanly-hung black men.

"Here, is this it?" Holding a bottle in his hand on the opposite side of his body away from his daughter, Daddy reached out to display one of the bottles he'd set out on the table. But that didn't get Kat's attention. No, it was Daddy's other hand, reaching behind her body. She felt her father's warm, strong hand come to rest on her soft teenage skin, his palm and fingertips on her nude hip, barely above her buttcheek -- below the strap of her thong. Holy shit, his hand was right there, right there. His palm was on the part of her upper butt right where it began to curve outward; and his fingers were reaching to the side, curling onto her hip, so he could feel the shape of her round muscular swimmer's ass. Three inches lower and he'd get arrested for m*****ation.

Kat burned in silent heat at the contact of her father's hand just above her butt, but she broke into laughter seeing the bottle her father selected. "No, Daddy, that's body lotion -- I need body wash, geez." Kat threw a light hip-check into her father, rubbing her soft skin against his hairy upper leg and hip. Her own hand, now behind his body, wanted to reach forward and, if it did, she'd be touching his ass in his underwear. She didn't dare.

"Sorry, it said 'body' on it," her father sighed, putting it down. "Nope, you're right, it's not here." He went to put the body lotion in line with the other bottles he removed, but the lotion bottle -- slick from being handled night after night by Kat's hands already lubricated with its oily substance -- slipped from Daddy's grasp. The little heavy bottle quickly plummeted to the carpet, and rolled under the table a few inches.

Her father quickly reacted, as Kat had just barely pulled her little nude foot out of its way. He immediately staked out responsibility for retrieving it with a soft comment. "Oops, damn, here I'll get that." Kat had just turned to look at him when she saw her father take his own turn to descend to the carpet, getting on his knees himself, turning to face her, reaching under the table for the bottle.

And Kat found herself looking down at her father's face, which was maybe 12 inches at most, eye-level with her thong. Her damp, wet thong, clinging to her vaginal lips. Daddy wasn't looking at the floor, he wasn't trying to find the bottle, he was staring at her vagina. Kat's face blazed with electricity, her knees grew week. She knew her thong was saturated with juices, tightly wrapped around her female treasure, so Daddy was now oogling her pussy's shape. Kat loved it, she loved that her father was adoring her this way. She immediately spread her feet a bit more, her thighs no longer touching, giving her father a close-up view of her crotch and the shape of her anxious pussy. Did Daddy know how badly she wanted to cum? She was going to have a climax of some kind of he remained down there staring at her, breathing hot air on her prickly skin.

But he came up moments later, the lotion in his hand. "Guess you might be right," he apologized, placing the lotion carefully on the table top. "It's not here, unless um -- unless maybe it rolled under the bed, or something."

Under the bed, huh. Kat turned back to look at the foot of the bed, with its long bedspread reaching almost to the floor. Indeed, there was an inch of space there, something like a bottle could have rolled under the floor. Of course, Kat realized, Daddy didn't really care if the bottle was under there. He wanted me back on the floor, on my knees, to look at my ass and cunt again!

She willingly gave into his lusty desire. "Yeah, maybe!" she exclaimed at his theory, wasting no time to drop to her knees again. Mmm, her butt was up high, her knees split exceedingly wide, her ass was essentially totally nude now lying spread open for her father. The bed's metal frame was pretty low, so Kat had to really get down low to look under it; a perfect excuse to stick her ass way out, knees almost parted completely to the sides. She stopped and senses her position, and she could feel the thong tightly wrapped against her pussylips. Fuck, Daddy was seeing the shape of my cuntlips again, she thought with a grin, the thong was so tight on them.

Keeping up the facade of this story about the missing bottle, she actually peered under the bed knowing she wouldn't find it. But, ironically, she did see something, a dark lump in the darkness under the bed, not quite in the middle of the bed. Somewhat keeping in character, she played along. "Um, maybe it's here." The lump had an irregular shape, maybe it was a shoe, or something. But the object was too far to reach, at least in this position.

Kat knew she'd have to get on her tummy to crawl under the bed, just to touch the object. Yes, get flat on my tummy and crawl, and let Daddy look at my ass again.

OR -- there was another possibility. A very, very sexy one.

Kat pulled herself back from peering under the bed. She didn't even look up to her father's face; she just turned to look at his still-erect dick, stretching his tight clean underwear. Her heart missed a beat and her vagina squeezed at the sight of his male erection again. "It's pretty far under there," the girl explained. She couldn't believe she was doing this, but her voice of reason was in communicado. The horny teenager flipped onto her back, right in front of her father, and she quickly pushed herself under the bed. The bedframe was barely high enough to allow her head to get under it; she had to look to the side. Stretching her arms above her head, she pushed her feet flat against the floor and slipped under the bed like an auto mechanic changing oil.

And, she knew, her father would be staring down at her thong and cunt with her legs wide open.

"Can't quite reach it," Kat lied, the object in her fingers. It was, indeed, someone's shoe. She could hear her heart racing in her ears, and she felt the wetness of her thong against her sizzling pussy. She kept her feet somewhat close together, but her knees were wide open. Split to the sides. Her crotch was on display again, the wet thong showing every little detail except for her pink flesh itself. Daddy was standing there, silently, undoubtedly staring down at his daughter's 18 year old vagina, with his cock aching.

Was Daddy imagining taking off her thong, and burying his penis inside her hole? Kat loved the idea that he might have been thinking that. A part of her, at that split second, actually wanted him to DO it. Imagine that, Daddy just went for it, stripped me nude and started to fuck me. Shit, Kat almost moaned aloud, I want it so bad. So bad.

But he didn't move, not for the better part of a minute. He didn't say anything, either, content to stare at his daughter's crotch. Kat found herself almost disappointed, but reality struck, this teasing was going far enough. Time to cut it out, and go into the bathroom and get off herself. "No, just a shoe," she yelled from under the bed, her voice melancholy for reasons unrelated to the official purpose of her trip under the bed.

As she was pushing herself out from under the bed, her father gave her his omnipresent reassurance. "We'll get something tomorrow, I'll go to the store when we wake up -- can you live without it tonight?"

Pushing to her feet, her eyes still focused on her father's hard-on, she shrugged and pretended to act disappointed about the body wash. "Uh, sure, I guess. I mean yeah." Then, realizing he was probably the sweetest man in the world, Kat reacted like she would have done if her Mom was there, even. She stepped forward and reached an arm around his waist, and hugged him with her body leaning into him. "You're the best, Dad." Fuck, she realized she was wearing just a bra and thong and now was hugging her nearly-naked father with his huge bone pointing up at her in his briefs. On one level she didn't want to let go, but she f***ed herself to do so.

Daddy's eyes were on her face again, his countenance its amicable, casual self, no indication of being flustered or aroused from having stared at her ass and cunt. "So, you still going to take that bath, or is the body wash a necessary part of that?"

"Well," stalled the teenager, pushing her hair over her shoulder, so she could look at his naked chest a moment longer, "I guess I still can."

Kat was enraptured with her father's body, not just the mammoth prick in his briefs, but the manly shape of his chest and his strong legs. Knowing that he was looking at her ass, breasts and crotch was new and invigorating, and she found his admiration more exciting than attention from even the good-looking guys at school. It meant, in a way, she was so unresistably sexy that even her own father was having lacivious thoughts about her. Besides the fact he was so caring and sweet, and handsome, and hung, he was also attracted to her; it was like she'd just won a conclusive stamp of approval as a sexy female.

Her eyes were on his penis again, and this time, she wasn't looking away. He stood with his hands on his hips, arms akimbo, revealing his hardness to her. There was no doubting he knew she was staring at him; he was showing off. "By the way," he commented quietly, "since we only have the one bed, do you want me to sl**p in a chair tonight?"

It was a question he asked every night that they had a motel room with only one bed; this was maybe the fourth or fifth time on the trip. The first night Kat felt compelled to say he should, but since then, they'd shared the single King-size beds without incident. The beds were big enough that they never touched, and she was always so tired she fell asl**p without even feeling him there. Last night, after having stared at his dick all day in the car, she did lie in bed thinking about his cock, but she was all curled up with her back to him that it didn't matter he was in bed too.

Tonight, however, staring at his penis and knowing Daddy saw her doing it, the question seemed laden with intrigue. He had to ask it, of course, instead of just assuming. So Kat gave him a very politically correct answer. "Yeah, well, I mean, you know I don't care, and I don't want you getting too tired Daddy, it's a big bed."

"It sure is." His words were almost mumbled, very quiet, under his breath. His hips were almost pushed towards his daughter, so his pecker was the closest part of his body to her. Straining to bust out of the underwear, his erection was now creating quite a gap between waistband and skin.

Her last words echoed in her mind. Her eyes sizing up the meaty bulge in her Daddy's underwear, Freud would approve her forthcoming slip of the tongue. "Yeah, very big."

Kat did a mild double-take after realizing what she just said, but she found herself glad to have said it. This teasing and staring was driving her nuts; she couldn't bring herself to walk away from her father's prick, but she couldn't stand not saying something. She waited a second, then looked up into his eyes.

His face was different now; hungry, anxious. In a split second, his body language changed, from nonchalant and affable father to -- almost-nude male with a raging erection. "Oh, Kat," he moaned, with a low, forbidding tone she hadn't ever heard before. Suddenly the game changed. Maybe it was her comment, or maybe it was just this incessant teasing. But her father was not just watching, not just asking his daughter to bend over. He was out of control now, she made him that way. Kat watched in amazed silence her father's hands reach to his own underwear, and with precision his fingers slipped inside the waistband to immediately pull it back and down. "Kat, look what you do to me." And there it was; his cockhead. Huge, bulging, purple, wet with precum. Then the shaft, as long and thick and hard as she'd imagined it would look. And his balls too, hairy, full, masculine. "Kat, baby, you're so sexy, look how big you make me."

The daughter's heart stopped, her lungs didn't move, her eyes were transfixed on her father's nude erection. It fell out as his underwear bunched under his balls and ass; the cock pointed right at her, alive and enormous, the sexiest thing she ever saw.

Daddy stepped forward towards his shocked daughter, reaching down to her arms. "It's okay," soothed his strong voice quietly, "I know you wanted to see it." With his erection now literally inches from her body, she felt his hands grab her elbows, sliding down her forearms to her wrists, and Daddy guided her wrists forward. Kat didn't resist at all; she stared down as her hands approached his dick. Daddy didn't stop until her palms brushed the side of his shaft. "Feel me, Kat."

She did. Both of her hands closed on his enormous penis, one at the base and one near the top, her fingers encircling it and her palms pressing into it. The cock was amazing, it throbbed heat, pulsing warmth into her skin, and it was both soft as a pillow but rigid as a wooden stick. The head was slimy with precum, so the teen slid her one hand to the top so that her thumb could swirl around and smear the clear liquid over the eye and soft purplish head. Below, her other hand stretched to reach down to the very base, and farther, feeling the softness of his balls.

Daddy spread his legs as she explored his penis. Kat gasped the obvious. "Fuck, Daddy, you're huge." She looked up into his eyes, finding comfort and approval. Instantly, then she looked down at what she really wanted to see. His red-hot, stiff prick, burning in her hands, so huge. Bigger than any she'd ever felt. It sizzled against her sweaty palms, it pressed into her hands and fingers purposefully. Kat watched her own fingers stroking and feeling the size of her Daddy's wonderful, amazing penis.

"You make it big, you're so hot," he replied hoarsely, leaning forward a bit to push his underwear farther down his thighs. Then he leaned up again and arched back, letting his daughter fondle his erection. "You turn me on so much, Kat."

She smiled to herself, surprised to hear her father admit it, but only a tiny bit surprised at the truth of the statement. "Do I really?" She looked up at him with a grin, knowing that she should feel embarrassed that she was holding his dick, but she was so aroused that all inhibitions were gone. "Mmm, Daddy, god it's the biggest!" Kat gulped at realizing she might have disclosed she'd played with other cocks, but Daddy intuitively probably knew it anyway.

And, indeed, her father let on a very dark secret that made her pussy gush. "Know what Kat? I love hot younger women who aren't virgins."

Aren't virgins. The words rung in her ears. He knew; and he was hard for her because of it.

She felt his hands again, this time on her shoulders, pushing her down. The wetness in her mouth wanted the same thing he did. Kat turned to look up at his face again, a grin ear to ear, as she lowered herself to her knees in front of him. "Well, I'm not a virgin, Daddy." She felt proud to admit it to him.

Having descended to the floor once more, his cock was now directly in front of her face. She slid one hand off of it, running her palm up his soft flat abdomen and tummy, admiring what shape her father was in. Her other hand slid down the base against his balls, one finger and thumb circling it as best she could, and no they didn't touch, not even close. Holding the huge cock out from his body, she leaned forward and opened her mouth, and a moment later the salty wetness of his cockhead touched her lips. She kissed Daddy's penis, looking up at him again for approval. He smiled down at her encouragingly. Kat moaned, wanting more, and her lips parted to swallow his cockhead in her mouth.

It was salty and delicious; it throbbed heat in her mouth. She closed on it with her lips, sucking an inch in, making a vacuum around his peckerhead. Daddy moaned in response, increasing her own arousal. Daddy's cock was fabulous in her mouth. She salivated all over its head and shaft until it was slimy-wet, then with her eyes looking up at him, she showed him what a good little cocksucker the boys at school had trained her to be. She bobbed back and forth, faster, sucking harder, until she had maybe three or four inches stretching her mouth and cheeks. Her jaw hurt from being pried open, but she was careful not to let her teeth touch Daddy's sensitive dong.

"Oooh, yeah, honey, suck it," her father grunted as his pelvis pumped slowly against her sucking, "fuck you DO give good head baby."

She giggled and pulled her mouth off. "Thank you, Daddy." Hearing her father say it was a rush. Holding his dick steady, she flicked her tongue over the helmet several times, then holding his cock up a bit with a hand at its base, she kissed and licked down the soft sensitive underside. Daddy groaned again and pushed his cock at her face, smearing some saliva and precum on her cheeks, while she nuzzled her kisses and mouth farther down the shaft. He was incredibly hard and tasty; inside her thong her vagina was leaking juices profusely.

Kat couldn't get enough of his penis, sucking and kissing it was the most arousing sexual thing she'd ever done. Daddy was so big and hard, and her mouth hurt to fit around it, but she felt so feminine when taking him inside. She'd tried to suck cocks down her throat and was never really successful at it, so she knew that she'd probably never be able to do that with a cock as big as his. Instead she kissed and licked the shaft, then slid her mouth on top to suck the head more, while her fist pumped up and down the thick base of his shaft. Daddy kept moaning and making sexy comments like "suck me Kat," so Kat continued to give her father the best blowjob she could.

The girl began thinking of the wetness in her thong; his cock felt great in her mouth, but she wanted it in her pussy. Whether Daddy would go for sex was another thing. Immediately Kat also thought that, if he just wanted to blow in her mouth, he wouldn't be comfortable doing that standing on the floor. So Kat pulled back, smiled up at her father, and she pushed his pelvis with both hands toward the bed. "Go sit down Daddy," she muttered, quickly moving her hands to his underwear to pull them down to his ankles. He let her make him completely nude, then following daughter's orders he climbed backwards onto the motel bed.

Daddy didn't sit at the edge, he slid into the middle of the bed. Kat followed him on her knees, crawling up his legs until her face was over his penis again. It smelled so sexy, an intoxicating manly aroma of big huge hard dick. Kat grabbed the base again and pointed it at the ceiling, then her mouth swallowed it tightly and washed it with saliva and tongue. She felt that cock fill her mouth back to her throat, and as she bobbed her mouth up and down on it, she squeezed the base tightly in her fist.

In the midst of blowing her father she heard him chuckle, so she looked up at him with his dick still in her mouth. Daddy grinned and joked, "Don't tell your mom, okay?"

Kat laughed back, smiling hard enough she had to take his cock out for a moment. "Geez, you think, Daddy?"

"Yeah, I think." Daddy was staring back at her hard, eye to eye, and he pushed his torso up with elbows behind himself. "And you can suck it anytime you want, trust me." He leaned up more, and as his face approached, Kat knew what was coming, and she wanted it. It was a thought she'd never, ever had before, so the moment came entirely fresh. Daddy reached a hand out, slipping it over her shoulders, holding her torso steady, as he planted his lips on her lips. Kat kissed her father for the billionth time of her life, but for the first time ever, it was a KISS. Not just a peck from a parent. A kiss of lust. His lips were wet and soft; they felt good against hers. She sunk into his embrace, holding his penis softly in a fist but not stroking it, while their lips merged into one.
Daddy's tongue touched her lips and Kat instantly opened her mouth for it. She was going to suck face with her own father, but out here in the middle of nowhere almost nude together in bed, it was the most taboo and exciting thought of the night. Daddy sunk his tongue into her mouth and probed deep, licking the walls of her cheeks and running his tongue along her tongue, as Kat closed her lips on it and sucked it like she had done with other males. Kat couldn't resist moaning when she realized how deep his tongue was, it was larger than the tongues of other males. Fuck, was wasn't small about Daddy? He kissed expertly, wrapping his tongue around hers and almost pulling her tongue into his mouth where he sucked it hard.

As he drew back from the French kiss, a thin clear bridge of saliva stretched from lip to lip, which Daddy instantly sucked up. Kat found herself smiling at her Dad with his erection in her hand, and she wondered what was next. Her pussy in her thong ached, she wanted to fuck. It was disgusting, fucking her own father, but she wanted him. She wanted that huge penis in her pussy; she wanted her father to be pleasured out of his mind. No one else had to know, and it seemed incredibly natural -- and, more importantly, fun.

But she didn't want to ask him outright, she had no idea if he wanted to go all the way. Maybe, in a way only a father could like, getting head from her was enough. So, acting innocently, she squeezed his dick in her hand and asked in a high-pitched, soft but melodious tone, "Daddy, want me to keep going?"

He grinned, it was a devilish grin, and shook his head slowly. "No, I don't really, honey."

The negative answer but playful smile on his face made Kat's clit throb harder in her thong; it seemed, maybe, he wanted what she wanted. But the teenager was going to let Daddy go there first. "Well, what would you like, Daddy?"

Her father's smile grew larger, toothy even, as he kept his hand wrapped around her shoulder. "Well, Kat, I would like to strip you nude, spread open your thighs, and shove my cock into your tight pussy all night." He let the words sink into his adoring approving daughter for a second or two, then he followed up with a dry comment, "And we won't tell your mom, okay?"

Kat practically had an orgasm on the spot; all those fantasies for days were coming true, it was beyond anything she could have imagined. She squeezed her father's rockhard penis again and leaned in to kiss his lips once more, no tongue, just a wet passionate kiss. Kat leaned back from it after a few seconds and purred her answers. "Daddy," she smiled right into his eyes, inches away, "I want you to fuck me so hard tonight!"

His eyes smiled themselves, and he didn't need to respond other than to drop his hand from her shoulder and caress her soft back with his fingertips. "Mmm, that might happen," he whispered comically, as if there was still a question about them copulating. His fingertips tripped over the strap of her bra, and both realized the next event at the same time. Kat was leaning up on her knees in front of her father at the same time he reached both hands behind her to take her bra into his fingers. "Let's see those amazing tits," Daddy moaned up at his daughter, unhooking her bra. Kat arched her back and, feeling the bra unfasten, she pinched the straps from her shoulder and pulled off the garment to toss it on the floor.

Kat smiled down, seeing her father stare at her round soft orbs, her hard nipples pointing at his face. She loved when males saw her tits for the first time; she realized her own father had seen these breasts years earlier, but probably not since she'd sprouted at age 13. "Like 'em, Daddy?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

Daddy's strong hands slid down her back, both of them, over her hips. Kat felt his warm palms and arching fingers stretch down and cover her nude buttocks, groping and fondling her soft teenage ass, while his mouth leaned forward and Kat leaned into him. Daddy began sucking one nipple hard, making Kat wince and moan, "Ooh yes Daddy!" His lips clenched on it around his teeth, making it ache and even hurt, which she found totally delightful. His lip-covered bite softened so he could swallow most of her ample tit into his wet mouth, soaking it in saliva, his tongue rolling around it. Kat cupped his head in her arm, feeling Daddy squeeze her nude buttocks, sucking her big breast in his hot mouth.

After a minute or so his mouth relaxed, and she rotated her torso to offer her other boob, which her father immediately sucked deep in his mouth. "Uhh!" she moaned, her head falling back, eyes closed, hair down her back, as Daddy's fingers wound around the thong's strap in her buttcrack and yanked up on it. The thong tightened around her pussy and clit, and she realized she wanted cock in her cunt as soon as possible. "Oh Daddy, fuck me! Fuck me now Daddy!"

Busy sucking his daughter's C-cup tit, he didn't relent immediately. His hands, though, clasping her nude buttocks, slipped lower still so he could stretch his fingers into her buttcrack at the very bottom. His fingers arched as if to look for her pussy, although they were a couple inches away. Nontheless Kat groaned and pushed her fanny backwards, trying to give her Dad access to her pussy, because it wanted attention so badly. "Daddy I wanna fuck you so badly!" she groaned with urgency.

Without warning Daddy pulled off her tit and planted both hands on her hips firmly, holding them tightly, as he proceded to almost lift her off the bed and push her onto her back. Kat didn't need encouragement, she obediently flopped onto her back in front of her nude father. "Mmm, Daddy," she giggled with a grin, "gonna fuck your sweet princess now?"

Raised on his knees, his enormous penis jutting out of his flat belly, Daddy was reaching down to hook his thumbs under the hip straps of her thong. "I've wanted to fuck you ever since a month ago I watched you blow your boyfriend in the veranda behind the house."

Kat's face washed with color upon hearing Daddy had actually spied her sucking off Brad; she thought it was perfectly safe and discrete doing it there, and guilt was her first response. But seeing her father's eyes bulge out as he pulled off her thong, thus leaving her as nude as he was, she knew not to be guilty. If that blowjob had led to this moment, then she'd give Brad an extra kiss when they got back home (but not tell him why, of course). "Really, Daddy? You saw?"

"Mmm hmm!" Daddy smiled, but he was looking at his daughter's vagina. Daddy pushed her knees open, which Kat immediately split for him, proudly exposing her hairy 18 year old pussy to her horny father. Daddy admired it, almost licking his lips, and began to crawl over her. "You looked so sexy with his penis in your mouth, baby, then with his cum on your face and breasts, I haven't stopped jerking off thinking about that since I saw it."

Kat grabbed her knees in both hands to make sure she was spread as open as possible for her Daddy to fuck her. The aching in her cunt was at its peak; she'd never felt as empty in her pussy as right now, moments before her Daddy stuffed it. The idea that her father was jerking off, picturing her with her boyfriend's cum on her face and breasts, was now making her aroused too. "You actually liked watching me?"

"Fuck yeah!" He sounded incredulous that she would question it. "Baby, next time you fuck him, let me hide in the closet and watch, okay?"

Daddy was now leaning over his daughter, his hands under Kat's shoulders through her armpits. She reached up to clutch his strong arms, pulling up her knees now so her body was almost bent backwards in half. Thoughts about him watching her fuck Brad seemed like a topic for another time. "God Daddy I'm so horny, fuck me hard!"

Kat was about to hold her breath to await The Moment, but it happened faster than she'd expected. "Uhh Daddy!" The fat head of his penis pressed against her cunthole and, instead of waiting, just rammed inside. She was fucking wet and incredibly tight, but Daddy used superior f***e to pop his helmet inside his daughter's vagina. Kat exhaled every molecule of air in her body and closed her eyes tightly, feeling the massive adult presence inside her pussy, already feeling herself stretch around the huge cockhead. Her fingers dug into her father's shoulders and her pelvis pushed up against the invading penis, while her legs suddenly flailed uselessly to her sides. Kat screamed in delight and begged for what she wanted. "Fuck me Daddy, fuck me so deep!"

Her father was clutching the bedspread under her, and his larger, heavier body was now undulating in long deliberate strokes into hers. Kat felt the pressure of his cock pushing bit by bit into her ultra-tight pussy; couple of inches, now 3 inches, now 4, and more, and more. Oh fuck he was so long! As soon as Kat thought his cock was as deep as it would go, Daddy would pull up his ass then thrust it back down, and his cock would plunge even deeper into her drenched twat. Kat screamed each time, feeling herself getting fucked, holding onto his arms as her own hips were wildly gyrating from the sex. "Fuuuuck meeee Dahhh-deeeee!"

More and more he fucked her, each time driving in farther. How his 8+ inches were going to fit in her 18 year old body, she had no idea. She felt a deep pressure inside her pussy, and his cockhead with every pump rubbed over her G-spot, drawing more energy out of her pussy. Her clit ached like it wanted to explode, but Daddy's hairy pubes tickled it as his abdomen pressed into her body after each thrust. His hips pushed back her thighs hard, and Kat felt his balls smack into her wet asscheeks, a feeling she ground her ass against to intensify the feeling. Daddy wasn't talking, just grunting and huffing, sweating while he worked hard to fuck his daughter's tight young vagina with his oversized dick.

She could feel the enormous thickness of his huge penis, spreading wide open her frothy pussylips, with her cunt juices spilling in waves down her asscheeks and over her butthole. Only a few moments into the sex, Kat could feel the burning in her arms and legs and back, her muscles over-tensing from the deep, probing fucking her father was giving her. The aching in her twat was satisfied but at the same time completely hungry for more and more. Her Daddy adored and cared for her all her life, but right now, she just wanted him to use her body and fuck her like some whore he was paying.

"Fuck my cunt Daddy!" she screamed, hoping to encourage him to screw her even more deeply.

Kat felt his saliva splatter on her cheek; he was drooling above her. He squeeled between pants, "You're so fuckin' tight honey!"

She opened her eyes, seeing that he was looking down at her tits. Arching her back to shove them up towards him, she licked off his saliva as it trickled down her cheek to the corner of his mouth. "You feel amazing in my tight cunt Daddy, open me up!"

He leaned down and planted his lips on hers, and his tongue shoved into her mouth again, which made Kat moan in satisfaction. She sucked his warm wet tongue then traced her tongue along it, until he pulled off of her face. Daddy's hands reached up and grabbed Kat's wrists, then he pinned both of her hands above her skull, making her back arch even more. With her arms held above her and her legs splattered out to her sides, Kat had given in to her father, her body offered for his use and entertainment, which was making her inch towards orgasm. "Fuck me, Daddy, fuck your little slut!"

Daddy snickered at the "s" word. "You are my little slut now, Kat?"

"Uh huh!" Kat groaned as much as answered. "I'm Daddy's horny slut, fuck my tight cunt Daddy!"

With that, Daddy pounded into her with one massive, glorious thrust, leaving his cock buried as deep in her cunt as anything had ever been. "Oh fuck Daddy!" she wailed, realizing he was inside her completely. His balls were smashed into her butt, the skin of his pelvis immediately around his cock pressed hard into her pussylips. How she was taking 8 inches of him, she had no idea; Daddy was deep inside her, every bit of him. "Yes yes yes Daddy!" She was trying to grind her pelvis against his, but he was so f***efully inside her, pressing her into the bed, she couldn't move much at all, but that didn't matter. Her first orgasm exploded through her body with Daddy's cock stuffed up her pussy; Kat screamed at the top of her lungs, her head back, her arms tensing and pulling but not moving from Daddy holding them above her head. Her whole body shook and her lungs ached, and her vagina began spasming and milking Daddy's huge bone.

The climax made the world grow irrelevant, all she wanted to feel was the fire consuming her body and pussy. Shrieking through it until it finally subsided, Kat found herself laughing as air actually returned to her lungs. "Oh fuck!" she sneered at herself, laughing hard, "oh fuck Daddy, I came so hard!"

Daddy was wincing, and hardly seemed he was breathing, as he began to slowly slide his cock out of her vagina until it was almost out, then he sent it back in deep. Kat arched her back more and opened up her legs farther, as if that was possible, until he hit the back of her pussy again. "You're so tight," he finally exhaled, "I've got to cum, I've been hard for you for days."

"Yes Daddy!" She just wanted to please him, and like every female, she incorrectly assumed that the man fucking her would be pleasured only if he could orgasm. "Cum for me Daddy!"

He looked down her nude body, past her heaving tits and to her flat belly where the wet tufts of her public hair were matted just above his dripping wet cock. She looked with him, delighted to see his penis fucking her, with his sexy nude body towering above her. "Baby, are you protected," Daddy panted, "can I cum inside you?"

She wanted his cum so badly inside her she didn't care if it risked pregnancy, but she didn't lie either. "Yeah I'm on Ortho Tri, Daddy, fill me with your seed, Daddy, put your cum in my cunt!"

"Oh fuck!" screamed back her Dad on hearing the news. His face looked skyward and he shoved his prick harder into his daughter, and his hands released her wrists. Kat realized her wrists were aching, he'd been holding them so tight, but she didn't care. She reached both hands down to her father's hips and stretched farther to plant her hands on her dad's buttocks. They were hairy and sweaty, but meaty and tight. "Cum in me Daddy!" she screamed again, pulling him hard inside her. "Fill my cunt!"

Daddy pumped a few times, screwing her hard and deep, her back arching from the deep pressure. She panted and grunted and worked to pull him inside, where her pussy clenched tightly around his dick and hoped to draw out his semen. Daddy fucked her one more time with a long, deep thrust, then Daddy's face contorted and he grimaced and he erupted. "Fuuuck!" he bellowed, his entire body tensing, and Kat knew he was exploding inside. In her twat she felt this cock throbbing and actually felt, from how tight he was inside her, that she could feel him shooting. And she knew what he was doing, he was pouring his semen into her vagina in the very back, way inside, Daddy flooding his own daughter with the very same hot sexy cream that made her about 19 years ago in the first place.

"Oh fuck Daddy!" Kat moaned, leaning up to lick drips of sweat on his chest. He giggled at the feeling, still thrusting inside her as he cummed. She loved spreading open for him to cum inside her body until, at long last, he had a final exhale and collapsed on top of her body. Daddy was heavy but it felt wonderful anyway; she wrapped her arms and legs around his nude body, feeling his still-rigid cock stretching open her tight vagina. "Daddy you turn me on so much, that was incredible!"

He kissed the side of her face, then he leaned himself up on his elbows on top of her, smiling down. Kat grinned at the man fucking her, her own father, and she felt powerful. Like not only had she proved her femininity, but she had now somehow broken a barrier, done something so taboo that she could do anything she wanted. Even supplant her own mother, in a way, if only for a few hours.

"I love you Daddy," she grinned, leaning up to kiss his lips. He kissed back, softly, followed by tongue, demarking the collapse of their typical daddy/daughter relationship into something far more fun and sinister, an i****tuous fuckfest of two people who realize they want to fuck each other.

"I love you, Cat," he whispered back after the kiss. His cock was still inside her pussy, but their bodies were still now, him laying over her, his face inches above hers. "Suddenly I don't want you to go to college, you know."

Kat hadn't expected to hear that, so her eyebrow raised and her face tilted. "No?"

He laughed at himself, then explained. "No, I mean, I don't want you hours and hours away from me. If it was up to me, you'd go to one of the schools nearby next year, and live at home or in some place kinda close, so I could see you all the time."

The new plan for college had an obvious advantage, and Kat grinned at it. "You mean, so you could fuck me all the time, don't you?"

Daddy nodded. "If you want to do this again."

Kat felt the huge penis inside her vagina, and she didn't need to be talked into having an affair with her father. "Fuck yeah! You can fuck me anytime, Daddy, just fuckin' ask."

"Oh really?" Daddy kissed the side of her face, then leaned up again, his arms straight so he towered above her, cock still planted inside her pussy. "How about right now?"

She wanted more too. "Do it, Daddy, do me!"

Her father looked down her nude body, watching himself fuck her. Kat reached her arms up and hooked her hands behind his neck, holding onto him, while her feet pulled up and she wrapped her legs around his torso. "Fucking do me hard again Daddy!" She clenched onto his manly body with her hands and legs and took a deep breath, feeling the burning and aching in her pussy wanting to be satisfied all night. "Let's fuck all night!"

Daddy began rythmically humping his daughter, using a deliberate, powerful pace to thrust his aching penis into the high school swimmer's pussy. "Ah!" came a deep moan from Kat with each thrust, her body reacting to the sliding of his dick into the back of her cunt. The two stared into each other's eyes as they fucked; it wasn't shameful, lusty fucking, it was a mutual enjoyment of each other. "Daddy you feel so fucking good!"

He fucked her another few dozen strokes before laughing at his idea again. "Baby, if you come to school near home, we don't have to visit all of these fucking colleges this week, we can just stay in a hotel and fuck or something!"

Kat wasn't really prepared to throw out her future plans, but the idea immediately won her over. The future would be the future. "Oh yeah Daddy," she agreed, rolling the opportunities around her head, "could we just stay in the room nude and fuck for like three days?"

Daddy nodded, smiling continuously, as he kept plunging his erection into her warm, wet silky twat. Kat clung from his neck and wrapped her legs entirely around his waist, her ankles touching together above his spine, keeping his dick deep in her pussy as he worked it back and forth. Both were panting deep, sweat pouring off his body and her limbs feeling more sore than a 1600 fly. His huge erection felt so tight inside her, but it was the best fuck she had ever had; he was unbelievably deep and stretched her lips so wide. Even cucumbers had never felt so good.

"You won't get tired of fucking me for three days, will you?" Daddy giggled.

"Hah! No way!" Kat let go of his neck for a moment to brush some of her strawberry-blonde hair out of her eyes, then she returned to hanging from his strong neck by both hands. "Your cock is awesome, Daddy, I love fucking it!"
"Good," panted her father, "because your pussy is so tight, Kat, I won't be able to stop fucking it!" He pumped his dick in her several more times in silence, then asked what was on his mind. "Seriously, Kat, I'm horny all the time, when we get back home, I'll probably want to fuck you every day -- if we could get away with it I mean -- that's how horny I am for you."

"Really?" Kat smiled, knowing she wasn't weird for masturbating two or three times a day, even on school days. "Me too, you won't have to ask, just fuck me anytime Mom's not around!"

She meant every word of it; the feeling of her father's humongous prick in her tight pussy was the best she'd ever had, and she loved knowing that maybe she could get fucked like this routinely. Kat studied her father's manly, strong frame, his powerful shoulders and muscular abdomen and his flat pelvis that was ramming his massive dick into her. The sight of his sexy nude body on top of hers, slamming into her butt and thighs stroke after stroke, made her clitty ache for another orgasm. Kat felt a fire building in her muscles. Inside her body she felt the presence of his thick penis stretching open her sore cuntlips, and the pressure of his cockhead incredibly deep in her twat, she didn't know how Daddy could put that whole thing in there, she was never able to get a dildo or cucumber quite that deep.

Her face must have betrayed her state of arousal. Staring down her father grunted, "Cum honey, cum hard sweetie." He began slamming more ferociously into her, making the bed audibly thump along with the noise of his skin crashing into her body. She could feel Daddy tensing himself, making sure to fuck her as hard and deep as possible. It was an erotic feeling no boy from school could hope to duplicate, this sexy man who loved her so much was now pleasuring her vagina with this incredible penis of his.

"Dahhhh-deeeee!" screamed the teenager, her body exploding with its second orgasm. She clutched his neck more tightly, almost bending her arms to lift her torso off the bed while her cunt squeezed tightly around his erection for the duration of her mammoth cum. Her thighs pinched into his manly physique and her ass jerked wildly in circles, and she shrieked in delerious pain until the burning in her cumming cunt subsided.

She opened her eyes and flopped onto the bed, her legs falling uselessly to the side and her hands cupping her jiggling breasts. "Oh fuck, Daddy," Kat laughed with a toothy grin, "you give me the best cums!"

Her sexy father was almost drooling, staring down at his nude daughter. Kat could see the lust in his eyes, something she knew she had put there herself. She felt powerful for it. Then Kat spied her father looking at her own hands on her tits, so Kat cupped both big breasts in her palms and held them while Daddy kept fucking her. "Like my tits, Daddy?" she giggled playfully, squeezing them as he watched. "I love showing them off."

Her father chuckled, then he nodded in satisfaction. "Your tits are so fucking sexy, sweetie. Can I watch you play with them?"

"Sure!" Kat had other guys ask to watch her touch herself, and she knew what men liked. It felt good to be watched that way. Pulling her knees high as she felt Daddy's penis thrusting endlessly into her vagina, Kat pinched both of her hard nipples between thumb and finger, tugging her breasts. The slight pain in her nipples made her clit throb a bit more, although Daddy's hairy pelvis tickling and smashing her clit was doing wonders too. Kat saw her father's eyes light up at the sight of her breasts in her palms and fingers. She squeezed her melons again, then she did what guys loved. She lifted her head from the bed and leaned it forward, curling her body, while she lifted one breast upwards. Moments later her tongue flicked across her own nipple, which was more painful for her back than sexy for her tit, but as she looked up she saw her father mesmorized. "Like this Daddy?" she purred with the obvious question, flicking her tongue in circles over her nipple again and again.

Daddy was grunting so hard from fucking his daughter. "Uh -- fuck yeah -- uh yeah -- uh yeah." With one arm stiff to hold his torso above Kat, Daddy reached down with his other hand to her pelvis. Kat felt his fingers contact her throbbing clitoris, and she screamed in surprise. "Oh!" she shrieked, at the top of her lungs. Her eyes closed, head fell back, and her back arched forward, pushing her tits into her hands. Now she had dick in her cunt, her hands on her tits and Daddy was rubbing her clitty into her pelvis bone. The thickness of Daddy's long hot penis inside her vagina and everything else sent her crashing to a third orgasm, this one out of the blue, sudden and powerful. "Oh Daddy I'm fucking cumming again!"

"Cum for me, honey!" ordered Daddy, pinching her clit as best he could between fingertips. There was so much liquid around her clitty, and her pelvis was flying rapidly in circles, he lost contact with it for brief times, but he always stretched to find it again, and continue playing with it.

Kat looked at her father with renewed love for the man; he was so special, this was better fucking than she had even fantasized about anyone, ever. Grunting under her breath, she looked at his eyes and sneered her desires. "Daddy I cum so hard, use me Daddy, make me cum all night!"

Daddy let go of her clitty and drew that wet hand up to her chest, taking his daughter's tit from her own hand. Kat arched her back to that side and pushed her tit into his slick fingers, feeling daddy grope her boob and moisten her nipple with her own pussyjuice from below. They both watched his hand on her C-cup breast, then their eyes caught each other's, and both i****tuous lovers smiled in satisfaction.

Her father's smile turned adoring. "Kat," he confided, putting both hands now on the bed around her shoulders to continue fucking her without slowing down, "you have no idea." His penis drove into her cunt so deep, his balls smashed into her asscrack, and she could feel his pelvis pushing her legs even more wide. "Every night we slept in the same bed, I wanted to tear your clothing off and fuck your gorgeous body."

"Yeah?" Kat smiled at the thought, but her jaw was agape from the feeling of how deep his penis was inside her cunt. The depths of the thick loving pressure his huge cock created inside her made her yelp again, her eyes rolling. "Uhhhh Daddy!" She clutched his arms again as he towered above her. "You should have fucked me Daddy!"

"I know!" Daddy winked at her. "I saw you checking out my dick the last few days, I was so hard being around you all the time."

Kat didn't hide anything. "I couldn't resist, it's so huge!" She closed her mouth and swallowed, feeling that huge dick now sliding in and out of her swollen pussy. "I'm sorry I made you so hard Daddy."

"Don't be sorry, precious," soothed her father, readjusting his weight to keep pushing his penis inside Kat's drenched vagina. "Don't be sorry, you're so gorgeous. The sight of your ass in those tight shorts, seriously, you have an amazing ass too!"

"You like my ass, Daddy?" Kat wasn't aware of how she repeated his complements, but saying it again made it all the more real, made it sink into her, and made her even more aroused. "You liked me in my thong huh?"

Her father bellowed with laughter. "Do I ever!" Then, with a lightbulb flashing in his eyes, Kat saw her Daddy get an idea. Daddy put one of his stiffened fingers to his lips, which he kissed, then he extended the finger down to her mouth and planted his kiss there. "I wanna do something, Kat, okay?"

"Sure, Daddy," she moaned submissively.

Daddy suddenly withdrew from her pussy, making her exclaim in surprise. Pushing herself up on her elbows, she watched her father's naked body and huge cock jump off the bed, and he began looking around the floor for something. He even needed to walk around the bed a bit, then he spied his target. Kat saw him stand up, holding her thong.

She smiled. "What are you doing, Daddy?"

He crawled onto the bed, standing on his knees, his enormous cock pointed at her, dripping with all sorts of juices. It literally glistened in the dim light of the room. "Put this on, honey." He tossed the thong to her daughter.

"Really?" She found herself moping for the moment that the sex might be over, but she did as told, stretching her legs and bending down to slip her ankles into it. Then she pulled it up her legs, falling flat on her back, and higher still until its strap slipped into her asscrack and the strings on the side arched over her hips.

"Mmm," admired her father, staring at her thong on his daughter, "you look so good in that. Can you pull it to the side to show off your pussy?"

"Sure, Daddy." Kat parted her thighs and grabbed the thong in one hand, and yanked it to the side. It was tight, but her pussy was exposed again, moist and beaded with juices.

She could see her father staring at the sight, then he reached his hands down to her hips. "Get on your knees, honey," he barked excitedly, his idea coming true. Kat giggled, her pussy and legs were all sore, but she did as told. She looked back over her shoulder as her ass rose up high, putting herself on her knees and spreading them. Kat spotted her father's rock-hard penis pointing at her butt and cunt, as he crawled behind her.

"Yes Daddy," she grunted, realizing what he wanted to do, "fuck me hard Daddy!"

Her father's hands grabbed her hips, and she could feel him leaning back to stare down at her body. The thong split her ass like a "T," but it angled to the side so her vagina was nude and ready to be fucked. Daddy obviously had a thing for her ass in a thong, and he wanted to fuck her in her thong. It was a very sexy idea. She clenched the bedspread with both hands and awaited his penis, and a moment later, his soft peckerhead kissed her clitty. "Yeah Daddy!" screamed Kat as Daddy repositioned his dick to her hole. "Do me hard Daddy, fuck me!"

She looked up and saw her father with a evil sparkle in her eye, and a wide grin across his lips. "You look so fine in that thong, baby," he grunted as he began fucking her. His dick plunged forward, sinking into her loose pussylips, and Kat's back arched down as her ass pushed higher. She f***ed her body backwards to meet the invasion, sending Daddy deeper in her pussy. Her father's fingers wrapped around her soft hips and pushed her forward as he withdrew, only to grab her and pull her towards him while he came forward at full speed. His penis drove into her vagina again and she moaned trying to make him get deeper. She could feel his wet balls slap against her clitty, teasing her more.

Daddy and daughter fucked with grunts and moans a few times until Daddy interrupted it with a loud SLAP on her buttcheek. Kat winced at the sudden pain and she looked back at her father, who snickered. "You wear thongs to make men get hard, don't you baby?" he muttered, staring down at the thong on her ass while his penis penetrated her twat inches below.

"Uh huh!" Kat snickered herself at the idea. "I wore it to make you hard, Daddy!"

"I know!" Her father's hand was rubbing warmly the spot he had just slapped on the side of her butt, while his cock was pushing into her vagina. He wasn't so much pumping her cunt as he was just grinding his pelvis into her body, making his cock stay deep in her while she wiggled and gyrated. "And you wear your thong to make other men and boys hard too, don't you, honey?"

Kat dropped her head to the bed, feeling so weak with the thick long penis deep inside her cunt. She pushed back against the cock with all the energy she had, but fucking it was tiring, although wonderful. "Yes, Daddy," she admitted.

Her admission was received with a second slap on her ass, this one harder, making a cracking noise. Daddy withdrew his hand from the smack and said, "That's for being such a tease, making men want to fuck you."

"Yes, Daddy!" Kat was seeing a new side of her father, and she rather liked it. "I am such a tease!"

Daddy's fingers slipped inside her thong, at the "T" intersection above her asscrack, and he pulled it up hard. She felt it tighten around her pelvis, just to the side of her pussy. Her father snorted or chuckled or something, and he roared with a commanding voice. "I'm going to fuck you so hard for being such a tease!"

"Yes, fuck me hard Daddy!" Kat wasn't playing, she was expressing her agreement, her eyes rolling and her pussy throbbing from the huge dick in it. "I'm a slut, fuck me so hard!"

Her father let go of her thong and, a moment later, she felt a third, equally powerful slap of his hand against her other buttcheek. She didn't wince, but she moaned. Daddy snickered at the noise he made, both the slap and her reaction. "You wear thongs and tight shirts so other men want to fuck you, don't you, Kathryn?"

Her formal name, used only for scoldings. Kat didn't feel guilty, however, but alive. She pushed hard backwards against her father's cock in her cunt, and she used her last ounce of energy to look at him over her shoulder. "Yes, sir, I love making men want to fuck me, Daddy." She thought about mentioning the man at the pool, but let the idea pass.

Daddy's hands grabbed her waist again, holding her still even though she was wiggling so hard, and he pounded his cock into her once, deep, leaving it there. Kat screamed and Daddy grunted. "There, you tease," he panted, releasing his cock from the pressure only to slam it back in again just as hard. "So how many guys have you fucked, Kathryn?"

The answer was honest. "Three!" she shrieked in delight. "Brad, this guy Kelvan, and this guy Greg."

Her father simmered in the news, pounding her cunt with his erection a couple of times while his pelvis smacked into her buttcheeks. "And Kathryn, how old were you when you lost your virginity?"

"Sixteen!" Kat loved the feeling of being pounded from behind; she dropped her face to the bed, spreading her knees as wide as she could, trying to push back against the dick in her pussy. She felt ripped open, her cuntlips stretched so far to take in her father's massive penis, and although it drained her and she was so sore, she pictured remaining in this position for hours all night getting it from behind. The fact her father was asking her about her sex life -- and that she was telling him -- was immaterial. If anything, it was fun; he was now such a part of her sexlife, after only a part of an hour, she didn't need to keep secrets from him.

Her Daddy's bone stuffed her pussy deep a few more times before another question came. "Kathryn, have you ever put your tongue inside another girl's pussy?"

"N-n-no," she stammered, wimpering from the fucking he was administering, "but -- I want to, I would."

She figured, correctly, that he would like the answer. "That's hot," he commented, sliding one of his hands from her hip to cup and fondle the soft curves of her buttock. "And what if I told you, my receptionist at work -- Kaeli, she's 23 or something -- told me she thinks you're adorable and she wants to fuck you?" Daddy smacked his body into Kat's ass hard as his cock drilled into the back of her vagina. "Would you lick Kaeli's pretty little pussy while Daddy watched?"

Kat was almost crying, loving the fucking. "Yes!" Her answer was emphatic, even though she had no idea who the girl was, and the questions she had she tabled for the moment, all but one at least. "Are you fucking her Daddy?"

The question took Daddy aback, he drew silent as he continued to fuck Kat, then his words came with a subdued tone. "Yeah, she turns me on with these short skirts."

The fact that Daddy was cheating on Mom -- well, aside from the current events of the evening -- actually reassured Kat. She wasn't sure what to make of her sudden new feelings for her father, or his for her, but knowing he liked fucking younger women meant that Kat was more like other women in his life. A fuck slut, not necessarily an i****tuous daughter.

"Daddy?" Kat found the idea of the threesome with her father very inviting, because she could share her first girl-girl experience with this man who loved her so much. "Does Kaeli look hot in a thong too?"

"Oh fuck yes," came the instant answer.

"Mmm, good!" Kat turned her head to grin at her father and get his attention. "Cuz, Daddy, we'll get in our thongs, and you can fuck my like this in my thong, while you watch me stick my tongue in her pussy!"

"Oh you hot slut!" Daddy's hand drew back and smacked her asscheek one more time, this time leaving a red handmark in place, and Kat actually screamed in pain. "You make Daddy so hard, you -- you -- you bitch!"

Kat felt her father pull out, and nearly simultaneously she felt her father push her hips to the bed while he grabbed her elbow and pulled up her torso. Moments later Kat found herself sitting on her ass in her thong, staring up while her father rose to his knees and leaned above her. Daddy had his wet big penis in his hand, pointing it at Kat's face, while his other hand cupped her chin and held her face in place.

She smelled his delicious cock, her mouth watered for it, she could see it inches from her eyes. The veins, the shaft, the balls, all the drips running down it. Daddy was stroking it fast, aiming right at her face.

"You bitch," Daddy repeated, sneering as he beat his meat, "Daddy's going to cum all over you!"

"Yes Daddy!" Kat batted her eyes diffidently while staring up at him past his penis. "Cum for me Daddy!"

"Ugh God you bitch!"

Daddy's roar was accompanied by hot goo that splattered on Kat's forehead and hairline. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue, but she felt her father let go of her chin and he smacked her cheek with an open palm. "Open them!" he ordered, the second splotch of semen squirting on to her nose. Kat did as told, opening her eyes to look up past his thick penis while Daddy orgasmed on her face. She felt more cum squirt out, which he aimed to shoot on her lips and cheeks, away from her eyes. She trusted him totally. Daddy's second cum of the night splattered her face with lines and pools of his warm cream, which oozed down her skin until his huge orgasm was completed.

"Mmm, Daddy!" She opened her mouth wider and leaned up, and her tongue found Daddy's messy cockhead. Kat licked around it and swallowed the ball of the head, sucking it clean, then sucking in more dick into her mouth while still looking up at his eyes. His cum tasted salty and manly, she felt like such a woman for drawing it out of him. His orgasm put more jism on her face than any boy in the past had done. "Daddy," moaned the girl between licks, "your cum tastes so good!"

Daddy's angry orgasm calmed him down quickly, he held his stick still until Kat cleaned it off then he pulled back and sat on his ankles. "Phew!" His deep breath was followed by a loving smile. "Wow, Kat, you look awesome with cum all over your face."

She wrinkled her nose at him. "Thank you, Daddy." She sat back on her elbows, legs slightly bowed, her pussy still uncovered with the thong to the side. The cum dripping down her face felt mesmorizing. "If this is what you'll do every time I tease you -- then I'm stripping to a thong everytime Mom leaves the house."

Her father smiled at the thought, then he leaned forward towards her body. Kat pulled her knees back farther, her legs now in a "Y" position, as she watched her father's hand slide up her soft slick thigh to her vagina. His fingers slid through the curls of her darkened wet public hair. "Kat, do you ever shave this off?"

"I trim it," she shrugged, smiling at him. "But you want me to shave it?"

He nodded. "I like licking a shaved pussy!"

He winked, and she squirmed at the idea. None of her boyfriends had been all that good at licking her. The image of her father's handsome face buried between her thighs, his strong tongue deep in her pussy, seemed like a great way to pass an hour or so. "Well Daddy, in the morning I'll shave it all off -- if you promise!"
"Promise what?"

"Duh!" She gave him an intentionally confused, mocking look. "If you lick it then!"

"Oh?" Her enthusiasm for the idea drew him closer to her. "Why, haven't you had it licked before?"

"Mmm, yeah," she shrugged, starting to lie back flat with her father drawing nearer, "but not really good, you know."

Daddy looked sadly at her, like she was missing out. "Well, Kat, I promise you -- if you wear a thong around the house, you can have tongue in your bald pussy every day."

"Oh fuck!" Kat leaned forward, meeting her father's face between their bodies, and she planted a soft warmly-received kiss on his lips. "Daddy, I think you and I are going to end up fucking each other every day." Then she kissed him again. "Staring tomorrow!"
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My Daughter The Boss

Daughter's can be Fun

My Daughter came home.

We were both ready to go to the toilet by the time I pulled into our drive way, the last stop was for gas and a drink but should have been a full pit stop and it was an hour ago.
It would be a race to the down stairs bathroom and Jane was on the right and closer to the door but I had the house keys. Once I unlocked the back door it would be 'all's fair in love and war', there were two ways to get to the toilet.

I put the car in park and Jane opened her door and fairly jumped out calling to me to throw her the keys. I smirked, 'no such luck' and followed her to the back door where she waited with crossed legs, although Jane was 19 we still joked and played these games.
I put my hand on the handle and unlocked the door but kept it shut, I smiled at Jane and said “On the count of three” and let go of the handle, Jane rushed the door not waiting for the count, I knew she wouldn't wait and took off myself. Jane going left about the kitchen and I went right, she would go through the lounge, the shorter route and I would go down the hall.

In her rush Jane had forgotten the boxes of stuff we had packed and piled by the door before we left. I heard a nasty word and a crash as one of them must have got in her way, we both ended up at the toilet at the same time but with one difference. Jane had her skirt around her waist and was holding her thong to one side, I stopped just short of the seat and she used my pause to sit down. Jane smiled up at me and said “all's fair in love and war', come on, you can aim, just pee between my legs”.

Our relationship had changed two years ago when my wife had been involved in a terrible accident and died as a result, Jane had moved out of the flat she was sharing and shifted back into her old room. She had told me her flat mates were getting over the top and she wanted some space again. “It's not like I have to train you, Mom did a good job, you can even work the washing machine, we will be great together, I can even pay board”, she had joked. I was sure she missed her mother and this would help her in her own way.

Over time Jane had started with the jokes again and smiled a lot more, we did work well together, sharing the cooking. She didn't screw her nose up at some of my meals anymore, well, not often and we both shared the house work on the weekends. As we both worked full time, by Saturday there was usually a mess to clean up and we got even closer.

There were times when we would cross paths on the way to the bathroom that a bit of skin was showing but we never worried about it, we were comfortable and not ashamed. Jane was a happy and loving daughter and I loved her back.

The last year had been her official 'I am an adult' and some of her dress code had changed, a little more stylish, not daring but up to date or, adult, without being 'over the top' as she put it but on the weekends it was tanktops and shorts or T shirts with a short skirt. I had noticed her figure had really filled out. She was a lovely teenager turning into a beautiful woman.
But now, this was new, sex was a thing I had not thought about, don't get me wrong, I'm still a man but I had pushed it to the background. I had still had my memory and I had a hand. Up until we talked about the future and decided last week to pack the last of Jenny's clothes and stuff to give them to the local church, it seemed like she was in the house with us.

I needed to pee more than I needed to think right now so I unzipped and pulled my penis out, Jane scooted back on the seat and opened her legs as a stream of golden liquid poured from her vagina, this sight and sound started me off. I was careful not to hit Jane's legs and once I had started and was sure of my aim I looked at her face. The only thing I could see was the look of 'oh the relief'.

We both finished at the same time and I became embarrassed, normally I would give it a few shakes and flush but this time someone was in the way. Jane learned forward to get at the toilet paper, this put her face just above my penis. I did not, could not move as I heard her take some of the paper and lean back, she calmly used this to wipe my penis, what to do? Easy. I moved back to get some paper myself and bent down to wipe her vagina for her. I had done the same thing while potty training her, what was different? 18 years was all, she was as hairless as then, I looked at her vagina, her leg's were still wide apart, “I didn't know you shaved”, was all I could think to say, my hand still holding the paper between her leg's.

“I didn't know you were so big”, she replied. Hell, I still had my cock out, I gently wiped her, let go of the paper and stood up. Before I could put my cock away Jane had reached up and cupped it in her hand. “I think it's time we had a talk and not the birds and the bees stuff, about my place here”, Jane said looking me in the eye, “we had better go into the lounge and sit before you fall down, your leg's are shaking”.

I backed up, my cock still out in front of my pants, I knew I would have trouble putting it away, it was standing to attention. Jane stood up and calmly took her thong off then unzipped her skirt, with a neat lob landed them in the laundry basket and headed back to the lounge lifting her T shirt off. I had seen that she was not wearing a bra, she hardly wears a bra on the weekend anyway but doesn't make it obvious.

Our lounge window looks out over the backyard and miles of trees, no neighbours, and Jane took centre stage. Naked and beautiful she pointed to my easy chair, “Sit, no take off your pants first”, that order was not hard to obey, my cock was being annoyed by my zip now that I was standing up and it was hard. I slipped off my shoes and undid my belt and button, they fell to the floor and I stepped out of the legs, now I looked foolish with my undies bunched under my cock. “You had better take them off as well, we don't want anything between us”, Jane said. I lowered my underpants and stepped away to my chair.

As I sat down Jane walked a little circle, I sat waiting, she was making her mind up about something and I kept quiet, she stopped and looked at me and put her hands on her hips, leg's spread.

My god I thought, my daughter is a woman, her breasts were firm and full with the nipples a bright pink and standing out, a darker ring surounding then, her hips had a gentle flow to long well shaped legs, her vagina, no, her pussy was a thing of beauty in the V of her leg's, her moisture showing in the late afternoon sun.

Jane had gotten her genes from me and stood tall and regal at 6 foot, a few inches shorter than me but with the same brown hair, a goddess. Where had I missed the change my cock noticed.

“We can talk about it or you can follow order's but one way or another I am going to have that nice big cock in my pussy, today, are you OK with that”, Jane asked.

No, that wasn't a question, that was a demand, with a question on the end. I just nodded. Jane walked over to my chair and put a knee on either side of me, it's a big easy chair, I had ordered as a special, she lifted her body so that she straddled me, her pussy just above my cock-head.

“Well” she asked, “I want to be the woman of our house and I want some Cock, It's not a penis it's a cock, It's not a vagina it's a pussy and this daughter wants her father's cock in her pussy, in other words, Fuck your daughter' pussy!”.

Yes this was new, new but good and my cock got bigger and harder than ever. Jane leaned forward and thrust a breast at my face, the nipple at my lips, I reached between her leg's and stroked her lips as I sucked the nipple into my mouth, she supported herself with one hand and grabbed my cock with the other. “ Are you going to let me have your cock, do you want it in your daughter's pussy?” she asked, rubbing the head against her clit. With a mouth full of nipple I could only moan and suck harder. Jane rubbed my cock between her pussy lip's and I could feel the heat and wetness, she held the head against the entrance and slid down, all the way down until I felt our pubic bones meet.

Jane cried out in pleasure, her pussy was pulsing, holding my cock, letting go then holding again as she worked her muscles leaving my cock fully embedded in her pussy. I switched to the other breast and nipple, my hands going around her back and gently stroking then coming back to cup her breast. One of her hands was circling her clit and the other was behind my head holding me against her breast, pressing her tit into my mouth.

She leaned back so I could come up for air and I felt her fingernails stroke my pubic hair as they drew toward her clit, I looked down at her pussy as she arched back and I could see she had a finger either side of her clit and was really working it. I put my hands back on her breasts and squeezed, I knew this time she just needed to feel my cock in her pussy, she would do everything else, this was her climax. I rubbed her nipples with my thumbs and her pussy gripped my cock again, I felt harder than ever, she cried out again as I made my cock jump inside her.

“Yes, oh yes, My father's cock is in his daughter's pussy, I'm fucking my father, I'm fucking my father's big cock and I love it, yes father, make it jump in my cunt, oh fuck this is good, fuck I'm cumming, oh fuck, fuck....” I felt her pussy clench my cock and her whole body trembled as her orgasm hit, I pinched her nipples and watched my beautiful daughter cum on my cock.

Jane held that pose for a bit longer then fell forward into my embrace, tear's of joy and passion were in her eyes as she kissed me, a lovers kiss, her tongue entered my mouth and played for a while as her body ran down from her orgasm.

“Thank you daddy, oh god that was good” and kissed me again and gave my cock a squeeze with her talented pussy, she kissed me again and then sat up, my hard cock was still locked in that very wet, hot hole. “Can I be selfish again? I want to suck you off, this was my first time with your cock in my pussy and I want it to be the first time in my mouth daddy. I want to suck my father's cock 'till he cum's in my mouth, do you want to cum in your daughter's mouth daddy?”.

I didn't answer I just pulled her back and kissed her, we kissed for a long time until Jane pulled back with a smile on her face, “I need an answer daddy or do I have to order you to let me suck your cock?”

I wanted to play along with the daddy daughter thing, it had made me harder than ever and Jane seemed to really get off on it. “My daughter WILL suck her father's cock and she WILL do a good job, she WILL lick his cock and she WILL deep throat her father's cock until he cums in his daughter's mouth. Iif I think it is good enough your father WILL suck his daughters pussy until his daughter cums in his mouth".

Jane smiled at my announcement and slowly lifted up until just the head was in her pussy and dropped back down, “We've only started, I have been thinking about this for the last year.
I masturbate every night and most day's”, she lifted up again and dropped down. “I want my daddy's cock covered with his daughter's cum when I suck his cock and I want my daddy's cock as hard as it can be. Think of putting your cock in your daughter's arse, think of giving your daughter a golden shower, pissing on your daughter tit's and in your daughter's pussy”, Jane lifted up again but this time all the way and let the last of her cum drip over my cock. I don't think I could get any harder.

Jane moved off my chair and knelt between my legs, “I love your cock daddy, it's going to give us sooo much fun”. She held it up and lowered her head, opened her lips and slid the head in.
She ran her tongue around the head and sucked it further into her mouth, Jane held the foreskin down as she withdrew her head raking the shaft and head with her teeth until it popped out and then ran her tongue down to my balls. She licked her way up to the tip. Jane pulled the foreskin up forcing a drop of precum to ooze out, she licked it.“Do you like it daddy, do you like your daughter licking your cock”.

“Yes and I want my daughter to rub her finger through her slit and slid it into her pussy and think of her daddy's cock being there”.

Jane's face lit up at this instruction and went back to sucking my cock while rubbing her slit. She started slowly but kept going down and down until it was all in her mouth. We would have to talk about how she got so good but that would be later. I stopped thinking as the pressure started to build, Jane was right, this daddy daughter thing was getting me hot. Jane started easing up and back, dragging her teeth up the shaft again.

I wouldn't last long at this rate but I had been hard for a while and I felt the need for release, release in my daughter's mouth. Jane picked up speed and I moved my hips.

“Come on daughter, suck your daddy's cock, your daddy is going to cum in your mouth, suck your daddy's cock, suck, oh yes, I going to cum in my daughter's mouth, I'm going to cum, suck it, suck your sweet daddy's cum, OH BABY SUCK IT.

My lovely daughter squeezed my balls and I released my cum. I shot a load in my daughter's mouth and she sucked and sucked, I realized Jane was cumming as well as her head bobbed on my cock the rest of her body was shaking, she had climaxed with me.

Jane had stopped moving but still had my cock in her mouth giving little sucks. I ran my finger's through her hair.

“My daughter has put her daddy's cock in her tight pussy and sucked her daddy's cock”, I think my daughter should keep her daddy cock forever, what do you think daughter?”

Jane lifted her head, tears were streaming down her checks as she crawled onto my lap, “Could I daddy, please, I love your cock, I hope you liked your daughter's pussy, I want to suck your cock and put it in my pussy again and again” I held her tightly and kissed her.

"I think we could do with a break before I lick my daughter's pussy, I don't want to wear you out when we have just started but if you put your pussy over your father's face I will lick that cum".

Jane climbed up the chair and supported herself on the high back, she arched her back and her pussy was just right for me to lick. I didn't have to move just stick out my tongue and lick, she lifted one leg and put her foot on the arm of the chair. Jane opened her lips and I had to do more than lick, it was a matter of lapping, her cum was pouring out, I had one very hot, very wet daughter.

When I had finished draining her I looked up her body. Jane had closed her eyes and was grinning, more than a smile, a Cheshire Cat grin. I thought she was grinning because she had got what she wanted and I smiled, thinking I had gotten something pretty good too.

I sucked her clit hard, her eye's popped open and she looked down, "I thought you wanted a break before you started sucking your daughter's pussy?", she murmured.

"I do, but you are sitting on your father face!".

Jane moved her foot back to the seat of the chair and slid her pussy down my body trying to keep it touching me the whole way until she was sitting on my lap again, "What would sir like, coffee, tea or me?" We had had some adult fun this afternoon but she was still my fun loving daughter and two can play that game.

"I would like a coffee for now and you for ron sweet Miss".

"Who's Ron?" she asked, "I thought only my daddy could have my pussy".

I laughed and told her, "Not who, ron, lateron" and gave her a tickle under her breasts. Come on, I'll race you to the kitchen, that is if either of us can still use our leg's.

Jane got up and held out her hand to help me. "I'm not that old that I can't get up by myself", I joked getting into the jokes and double meanings.

"No but I can't have you wearing yourself out can I?" Laughing, we walked hand in hand naked into the kitchen. Sitting at the breakfast bar with our coffee, still naked and still feeling the effect of our love making seemed so natural that I took Jane's hand and put it on my cock, she gave it a little squeeze and asked if everything was alright.

"I love you", I said, "as a daughter and as a woman that can give me so much pleasure. I'm not saying it's wrong, I like calling you daughter, your pussy, my daughter's pussy and you talking about having your father's cock in you, but I would like to be able to make love to you as well. Not just sex but gentle loving, would you like that as well as the raw sex. You asked if I wanted to take your arse, to piss on you, well, to be honest, yes I would and I would love it if we could curl up in bed and make love. You do want to sl**p in my bed?".

Jane kissed me. "Yes, yes to all of the above, it turns me on to say my father's cock and to hear you talking about your daughter's pussy, I suppose it was the way I was thinking when masturbating, yes I want you in my arse, even more so after having your...., 'my father's cock' in my pussy and yes, I want you to make love to me, the soft kind of loving. Over the last year the feelings have grown..., I have thought long and 'hard' about it and this afternoon has proved my thinking was right. It felt so right, so good sitting on your cock, you just knew to hold still for me. I think it was meant to be, we are good together and I want to try those other thing's as well but I want to try them with you, only you, I don't think there is anything we can't do together".

She kissed me again and gave my cock another squeeze and I thought there was more to come, Jane was soul searching and needed to get it out in the open so I kept quiet and lightly ran my finger around her nipple, this is what daddy's are for.

"There are times at work when I think of your cock in my pussy or in my mouth and I have to squeeze my thighs so tight to stop leaving a wet spot, times on the weekend when I just have to masturbate. It seems I am thinking about sex all the time, I want to know and I'm sure even after I know, it won't be enough. I need to feel it as well. Is it bad to have my mind so full with sexual thoughts? do you think it's normal?".

I took Jane in my arms and gave her a hug, I would have to be careful, I am not an expert at this but I am her father and she was asking for help.

"I think it is normal, I think of sex as well, although I did not put you in the picture before and I... ' I' think it is Mother Nature's way with a female, the c***d bearer, to need to learn, to be ready when the time comes to receive the sperm, I am not sure there is a 'normal', a 'right' that suits everybody...., I think that whatever you do that does not hurt anyone else is ok........., if you want your father's cock, it's ok, we enjoyed it and we 'do not' have to tell anyone or......
'ask their permission', I liked having my daughter's pussy on my cock, I loved having my cock in my daughter's mouth and I will be dammed if I will ask anyone if it is right, this is between you and me!".

Without letting go of the hug Jane climbed onto my lap again crying softly, "It was good wasn't it and I do want to do it again, all the thing's I said, I want it to be just you and me daddy. I don't want to worry again, please, not just the sex thing but all of it".

"Of course, I love you very much, not just the sex thing, but that is good, but as a daughter and a friend, you have made this the best day in my life. I have a loving daughter, I have a loving friend and I have a loving sex partner... who needs a pussy sucking. You have left a wet spot in my lap again, do you want your father to suck your pussy in his bed or do you want to go outside and give your father a golden shower after he sucks his daughter's pussy?".

"Fuck, to many questions, to many options, what should a loving daughter do to keep her father's cock happy because his happy cock is pushing at his daughter's leg, I think he will have to wait for his daughter to have her pussy sucked before 'he' can get in there".

Jane stood up and gave me a kiss, first on the lips then on my cock, licking at the precome, "Come on, up to the bed, I don't need to pee yet but I do need a tongue. I need my father's tongue to lick this sticky pussy and suck his daughter's clit. Hurry up, we won't race this time but walk close behind me so I can feel my fathers cock hit my ass".

Thirty eight and a hard on for the second time in an hour and all because of my daughter, she will send me to an early grave, I thought as I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her back so my cock was standing between her butt checks, "Ok, forward march", I commanded her. I tried to step forward but Jane didn't move, just squeezed her butt checks against my cock then laughed and took off up the stair's. "I lied, she said, first one there gets the best position".

There was no way I could catch up and pass her on the stairs so I took my time, she would have to wait for her father's tongue. Jane had been right about the use of these words, father and daughter, they were a turn on. I had called her daughter some times before and she had used father but now they had a different meaning, a better meaning.

When I got my bedroom Jane was standing on the bed facing the headboard with her leg's wide apart, she had a hand between her leg's and a finger pointing down.
"On your back with your head right there". Back in the ordering form. "I think I will like sitting my father's face".

I lay on my back and wriggled my way up to put her pussy above my face and just as she began to lower her body I gave her a smack on her bottom. "Don't be too pushy or I might have to give you a good spanking, now bring me my pussy, sit on your father's face and tell me what you would like your father to do. How does my daughter like her pussy licked, how does my daughter like her clit sucked".

Jane hovered just above my face and as I lifted up to lick her lips she slid a pillow under my head, a most considerate daughter, she then used her fingers to open her lips.
"Any way daddy, please teach your daughter all the ways you can give her pleasure but this is your turn, your daughter is giving you her pussy so you can enjoy it, lick the lip's or put your tongue in your daughter's pussy, suck her clit. Anything you think of that will make your daughter cum in her daddy's mouth".

I applied my mouth to give her the pleasure and knowledge she wanted. I began by using my tongue to push between her lips then moving up her slit to her clit and rubbing it then back.

I got into a beat, up, through and rub and repeat, Jane was moving with me so I changed, up, through and suck. Her leg's trembled, she liked that so repeat, only this time it was up, through and suck and keep sucking with a rub of my tongue on her button. I was enjoying myself but I also wanted to know what Jane enjoyed, what would take her over the top. It seemed everything I was doing was giving her pleasure, her moans were giving her away.

I put my hand's on her bottom and squeezed her cheek's together then pulled them apart enough to start my next run from her rosebud to her clit, Jane cried out, this is good, again, but this time she moved her hips forward and held my head still, I got the hint and licked her sweet dark hole.

"Fuck that's so good daddy, yes lick your daughter's hole, oh I want my father's cock in my arse, lick it". How could I refuse a request like that and kept my tongue busy thinking how alike Mother and Daughter were until Jane rocked back so my tongue slid through her slit to her clit and I sucked the little button. She held me there as I sucked her clit into my mouth and got my tongue under hood and flicked the button, the magic button. This was what sent Jane over the top.

"Fuckfuckfuck yes oh yes daddy, rub your daughter's clit, suck it, oh fuck, my father's tongue is on my clit and I am going to cum, I'm going to cum in my father's mouth. Suck my slit father, suck the lip's in your mouth, I want to cum in my father's mouth, I want my father to drink all his daughter's cum, I......, I'm cumming, it's beautiful.... yes, oh my GOD YESSSS..."

I had never experienced anyone have an orgasm like Jane was having, it seemed to go on and on and I kept swallowing as she kept delivering that sweet nectar into my mouth. Oh such sweet cum. Jane held her body stiff for a long time then simply collapsed beside me, one leg under her the other over my waist, she simply couldn't move any further and I gathered her into my arms and held her as she came down from her high. She opened her eyes and looked at me and smiled, slid her leg off me and trailed her hand down to my cock.

"I have been thinking about you sucking me for so long and in so many different ways I got carried away but, do you know what? that was better by far than anything I could think of or fantasize about. All the sensations, to many to fast, we are going to practice them all, one by one... But there is my father's cock, my new best friend to see too, my leg's won't support me but it doesn't matter I want my father on top when he puts his big cock in his willing daughter's pussy, her hungry pussy. I want to feel my father's cock pushing and pushing until his daughter is so full with his cock she thinks she will burst. Open your daughter's leg's and spread them wide so you can see your daughter's pussy. See where your cock is going to be so often he think of it as home. Now, please daddy, I'm so horny, I need you to fuck me, I want my fathers cock, pushing, rubbing inside me".

I lifted to a elbow and looked at my daughter, her nipples excited and standing up, the top of her mound still moist where I had licked her, her long leg's slightly parted, so ready to be fucked. The smile on her face as she watched me, waiting, wanting this as much as I did. I sat up. I did as she had suggested and opened her leg's, gazing at her pussy.

I marveled at the thing called woman, Jane's outer lips still red and filled because of her desire and my sucking, the hood was back over her button. I could see the opening, not red but pink, inviting me in, I had not taken the time to look this closely at Jenny's pussy. Jane lifted her knee's and now I could see the small hole below.

The whole picture was complete and perfect, I didn't think I was betraying Jenny, I didn't think of i****t. Jane was nineteen and had wanted this even more than I had, I just thought it was perfect and my cock was telling me to hurry up. I moved between her thigh's. Now I looked down at Jane's face and felt even more love for my daughter, I could see the love for me as a father/lover, she was right, this was meant to be. Jane reached for my cock as I lowered myself over her body and she guided me closer.

"I love you daddy".

I bent down and kissed her and my eye's blurred, "I love you too". It sounded lame, not enough feeling, not enough emotion, but with all my heart I knew it was true. This was going to be 'making love' not just sex, the daddy daughter stuff wouldn't work now and I think Jane realized that too as she held my cock at her entrance. I moved my hips and felt the head touch her lip's and slowly slipped the head in. I held there watching Jane's face, such a smile, it told me everything and I slid my cock fully home with one movement, It was like when Jane had sat on my cock only better. As Jane had just sat still, so now I was still, just gathering all of the feelings, all of the sensations of being fully embedded in a warm, wet pussy. Jane wrapped her arms around me and lifted herself and we kissed, a long sweet and loving kiss.

She lay back and used her pussy muscles to tell me it was time to move. I started gently pulling out until just the head was being held and then slowly back all the way. It was hell on the arms and back but it was the way I liked it, long slow stroke's in a hot wet pussy and Jane was hot and wet. She put her leg's around my waist and her heels on my butt and helped to pull me in. Not forcing me, just following my lead and I thought my cock was getting bigger. I knew my breathing was getting faster. I was getting there again but I wanted the feeling to go on when I felt a fingertip by my cock.

I opened my eye's, when had I closed them? And looked at Jane, her eye's were closed as well, she was rubbing and pinching her nipple with one hand, the fingers of her other were stroking her clit and touching my cock as I was on the out stroke, I could feel my balls pull up and started moving faster. Jane was moving her hips to match me and using her muscles to squeeze my cock. A soft moan told me she was nearly there and I went a little faster, my own climax was coming, I lifted a little higher to change the angle and her pussy gripped my cock. Another stroke and I pushed in as far as I could and shot my cum into the deepest part of her pussy. Jane clamped her leg's around my waist and went stiff with her climax.

Silence. We were frozen in space and time, so perfectly matched to be able to cum together the first time.

I looked at Jane as she opened her eyes and saw the tears form again, I was a little misty eyed myself, but they were tear's of happiness, of pleasure and tear's of love, I lowered my head and kissed the tear's then kissed my lover's lips and Jane kissed me back.

She unlocked her leg's but only lowered one and asked me to roll to the side, "I want to keep you in me and I want you to hold me".

I rolled to my side with my arm's locked around her and kissed her again, her leg tight over mine held us joined.

"I don't know of any words to describe what just happened but I want it to happen again it was so good. I still want the naughty sex, like... every day but can we do this at least once a week?".

"You were right, we do work well together and yes we can make love whenever you want. I love you daughter".

"And I love you too daddy".

"Good, now go and sit on the toilet because I need to piss and my aim might not be as good this time. There's something wrong with my legs, they have gone weak for some reason".

... Continue»
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daddy daughter

Tasha looked at the gorgeous man and couldn't help but wonder who he really was. Yes, he was her father, but she did not know much about him and that needed to be changed. He was six-foot two-inch tall, dark black hair that was graying around his temples and a very rugged face. He always had a smile for her and as of late, it started to excite Tasha and she noticed Dad with quite a few hard-ons.

She knew it was weird, but Tasha didn't think of him as her Dad, she thought of him as one very sexy man and wondered what he thought of her. She hadn't seen him but five or six times over the last ten years and at the age of twenty-two, she was very impressionable and he was making a very 'big' impression on her.

She watched him lifting the heavy barbells and he must have had a hundred pounds on each one of them, but Dad lifted them with little effort at all. "I was thinking about going out to dinner tonight, are you up for it?" Tasha asked as she looked up and down his tall, muscular body, thinking of how easily he could hold her down and fuck her brains out.

Tasha knew he had a massive cock and guessed it to be right around ten-inches long. Back when Tasha was around ten and her mother was still alive, she walked in on Mom and Dad screwing each other like wild a****ls. The visions of his long, hard cock had remained in her mind all of those years and now with them living together, she caught nice glimpse of him naked and it was getting to her.

Max looked to his sexy daughter and fought to keep his cock under control, but it was becoming an impossible thing to do. "What do you have in mind?" he asked trying not to look at her gorgeous body, but that was a difficult task and getting 'harder' with each passing day.

She was five-foot-ten, black hair and a body that could make a dead man hard. Tasha's eyes were dark, almond shaped and they had a mysterious gypsy look. Her hair was cut short and it looked kind of shaggy around the sides, giving her a wild and sexy look. Her breasts were a large, C cup and they were the kind that looked like two, big water balloons, nailed to a wall and sloshing around.

Her waist was thin and it was toned from hours in the gym. Tasha's hips were slender, he guessed them to be a size six and Max looked at them every chance he had. Her legs were long and also very, very toned and with all of Tasha's time in the sun, they were tan.

"I was thinking of dinner and I think it's time we got to know each again." Tasha said as she looked at his thick, hairy chest and all of his muscles.

"What do mean by that?" he asked and walked over to next to her, enjoying her tiny white, string bikini.

"We don't know anything about each other, Dad. After Mom died and you went back to the army, I went to live with grandmother and we drifted apart." Tasha said with a low voice, thinking of him being in the Special f***es and all of the things he must have done, but she didn't know anything about it or him.

"I'd like to get to know my very sexy Daddy again," she whispered and ran her hand up his sweaty back.

He knew she was right and they did need to bond again. Before Cindy died, he and Tasha were always together and doing something fun. "Sure, I'd like that very much," he smiled to her, enjoying her soft touch and tried not to look at Tasha's sloshing breasts under her small bikini top, but his eyes could not stay off of them and Max hoped she wouldn't notice.

She could see his dark, bedroom eyes on her and Tasha loved it. She didn't care if he looked at her, but it was taking its toll on her and she was horny day and night. "Where would you like to go?" she asked as she slid her arm around him and hugged, enjoying his muscles and his manly sweat dripping on her.

"How about if we stay home and I cook a nice dinner for us?" Max asked and hoped she would like that. He liked keeping Tasha to himself and he hated seeing other men looking at her or anything.

She thought for a few seconds and figured it would be a great idea. Tasha had a new and very short skirt she was dying to wear, but not in public. This would be the perfect opportunity to wear it and see if Dad had any reaction to it. "On one condition." Tasha said as she turned to face him and like always, Dad was looking at her big tits and it turned her on.

"Just name it, sweet-heart." Max said as he put his arm around her and hugged.

"We are going play a game of question and answer. Anything goes and...we have to answer, no matter what." Tasha said with a firm voice and she saw a shocked look fill his face.

He thought and wasn't sure if this was a good idea or not. "I don't know...that could bad honey."

"Oh come on, let's do it, Dad. I think it'll be fun and if we play by my rules, by night's end, we know each other in and out!" Tasha laughed and wondered what Dad would think of her questions for him.

"Yeah I know and that's the problem." He said and reached for a towel lying next to Tasha, but she took it and started patting it all over his face and thick chest. "I could use to living with you, but you're going to spoil me," he smiled and Max felt his cock slowly filling with bl**d, but it wasn't right. Tasha was his daughter and he couldn't get hard for her, but her beautiful body was driving him crazy and he was constantly hard.

"Good, cuz...I like spoiling you and maybe after tonight, we'll be even uh...closer." Tasha whispered as she slowly toweled Dad's lower stomach and she could see his erection under his shorts.

Max was a little stunned by what Tasha said, but his cock loved the idea and it jumped with joy. "I hope so, because we lost a lot of wonderful time together and now, you're a beautiful, young lady and I don't want to let you out of my sight!" Max said and he had an urge to kiss Tasha, but he thought better of it and was content with looking at her breasts swaying back and forth.

She sat up on her feet and moved against his side, loving his eyes on her breasts and she had a nice surprise for him tonight. "We may have lost my c***dhood, but Dad, I'm a grown woman now and uh..." Tasha paused to wipe his forehead, pressed her breasts against him and she went on. "And...uh if wanted," she stuttered with her soft voice and Tasha was dying to kiss him.

He bit his lip and leaned away from Tasha. "If I wanted...what?" Max said as his ran his big hand over Tasha's hair, petting her as if she was a cat in heat.

She leaned against his hand and Tasha hoped he was getting her vibes. She wanted him and didn't care if he was her Dad or not. "You can...uh...pretend I'm you're, if you wanted to." Tasha whispered, as she chewed her lower lip and hoped that her face wasn't that red.

He laughed and now he was sure. Tasha was coming on to him and she was turning him on. "Well, I haven't been out with a woman in a long; long may not be safe!" Max laughed and gave her a good hug.

"Mmmm, that would be as nasty as fuck, wouldn't it!" she laughed, showed all of her teeth and Tasha's face turned bright red.

"Girl, I should bend you over my knee and spank your ass!" Max laughed with Tasha and he gave her a playful nudge with his elbow. "But, if you're that nasty...I'm sure you'd love your ass spanked too!" he laughed and she pushed him back.

She loved him pushing her and if he went along with her plan, Tasha hoped and prayed that later, she'd be under Daddy. "Shoot Daddy, any 'dirty' girl in her right mind...would bend right over for you!" she smiled and caressed over his lower stomach again, but this time, the towel was gone and his bare flesh, felt like she was toughing red-hot steel.

"What in the hell did they teach you in college, girl?" he asked with a laugh and Max loved her fingers caressing his body, but his cock was starting to get very hard and he knew that he needed to get away from Tasha.

She smiled and moved closer, until her front was pressed completely against his side and Tasha felt his left hand cover her right ass-cheek. "It's not what I learned in class, but at when I really learned things, Daddy..." she panted in his ear and leaned to kiss his sweaty neck, enjoying his manly and very salty taste on her pouty lips.

"And Daddy, I paid very 'close' attention," she whispered in his ear as both of her loving hands caressed his body. Her right hand covered his chest and her left one, caressed his strong back and she could envision him on her, loving her long into the night.

"Yeah, I can see that!" he laughed and Max had to get up. "I'm going to go along with your 'date' game, know."

"Dad, I know so relax and let's have some fun, ok?" Tasha laughed as she stood up, moved into his arms and Dad's cock was smashed into her lower stomach, just an inch or so from her wet, excited pussy and she wanted to scream. "I'm going to dress up for you and go all out. Is there anything special you'd like me to do or wear for you?" Tasha asked and she could feel the hot, boiling bl**d racing through his hard, manly cock and she wanted to drop to her knees.

He thought and Max knew this was no good, but his cock took control of his brain and it only thought of pussy, even if Tasha was his daughter. "I liked that little outfit you wore last month, when you went to that party." Max said as he slipped his arms around her and his hands found Tasha's gorgeous, tight ass.

"Ahhh Daddy, you liked my 'school girl' look huh? I would have never guessed it!" Tasha smiled and she had some nice things to wear for Daddy.

"I liked that and you looked sexy as hell, but kind of nasty too." Max said as his hands held each of her firm ass-cheeks and he gently pushed his hips into hers. "Any normal guy in his right mind would love that!" he laughed, as his cock grew more and Max knew Tasha felt every inch of it on her stomach.

She felt his cock and it was a 'true' monster. "I love dressing up and playing around. It's called roll playing, Daddy and I'm very, very good at it too." Tasha smiled and he was growing harder, for her, his fucking daughter and she loved it.

"I'm going to go all out for you, Daddy and you'll love how real I can make things seem," she purred in his ear and her hand started around the side of his hip. "So, if you go along with it, be ready for a wonderful night!" Tasha purred again and she slowly moved her hand around his body, but he jumped away from her.

He felt her hand slithering around his body and he pulled from her. "I'm going to start things and I'll meet you back here!" Max said with a big grin and he took off to start dinner for them.

"Oh God, this is so fucking cool and I can't believe that my Daddy, wants me to dress like a schoolgirl!" she said and couldn't help but jumping up and down with total joy. "I'm sorry if you get mad at me Daddy, but tonight," she paused to twist both of her hard and very excited nipples. "I'm going fuck you until your ears bleed!" Tasha growled with lust and she went to prepare herself for him.


Max had dinner going and rushed to clean up for Tasha. He knew that it was wrong, but she was turning him on and there was nothing he could do about it. She was a very beautiful young woman and it seemed that Tasha had taken after her Mom, she was a nympho and Max loved it.

"Hey Daddy, I'm home!" Tasha yelled, slamming the front door and she strolled into the kitchen. "Hi Daddy," she said as Dad turned to see her and his big eyes grew wide.

He saw Tasha and Max quickly knew that this was bad. She fluffed her hair and Tasha's makeup was perfect. His eyes looked at her pretty face and they roamed down to her thin, white blouse. Tasha's had no bra and he could see that her nipples were hard and they looked bigger than normal. Her toned stomach was bare and she had one of those belly-button rings in it. Her small, plaid skirt was short, giving him a great view of Tasha's long legs and it went up to her stocking covered thighs.

"Wow, my little girl is sure growing up and you're so pretty!" he smiled and hugged her tight, not caring if she could feel his swollen cock or not and he flexed it against her.

"Thank you, Daddy." Tasha whispered as she stayed against him, enjoying his erect cock resting on her stomach again and it made her pussy tingle. "Daddy, I got a bad grade on my report card. Please don't be mad at me," she whispered as her fingers caressed through his thick, black hair and Tasha felt him flex again.

He had to smile and Tasha was very good at this. "What class?" Max asked as he looked to her pretty face and he pretended to be mad at her.

"Don't be mad at me, Daddy. It is my sex education class. I don't understand some of the things my teacher said and I was too embarrassed to ask for help. Everyone would have laughed at me," she said with a soft, very innocent voice, as her lower lip came out and Tasha hugged him tight.

"You have a bad grade, in such an easy class? Tasha, I should spank your ass, girl!" he said, trying to act mean. "Sit at the table and get your books out, now!" he yelled and gave her left ass-cheek, a firm slap.

"No Daddy, please don't spank me. I'm sorry and I promise to do better. Maybe if you help me with my class, I'll get a better grade next time," she smiled and sat at the table, rubbing her stinging ass and hoping he would keep this up.

"I don't mind helping you sweet-heart," he said and walked to her side, pressing his stiff cock against the side of Tasha's left breast and he felt her suck in a deep, breathe of air. "So, what didn't my baby girl, understand?" he asked as he ran his fingers through her soft hair and he was petting Tasha as if, she was a cat. Her mother loved that and as much as she and Tasha were alike; he hoped that his daughter would love it too.

Tasha came close to having an orgasm, but she wanted to wait and do that around Daddy's big, fat cock-shaft. "Some of the words confused me, Daddy and if I would have asked my teacher what they meant, I would have been laughed at by my class." Tasha said with that same voice and she put her sexy, lower lip, out farther than before.

"What words, baby?" he asked and caressed her pretty face.

"Like, orgasm, what does that mean, Daddy? All of the k**s in school talk about having an orgasm with their girlfriend or boyfriend and I don't have a clue of what it means."

Max got down on his knees beside her and he hugged Tasha. "When two people like each other they kiss. You've seen movies and people kissing, right?" he asked as his right hand moved to her leg and Max caressed her sheer, white stocking.

"Yeah a little. Is kissing fun, Daddy?" she whispered as her arm slid around his strong, manly neck. "I've never kissed anyone, but you," she moaned as his big hand slowly moved up and down her leg, driving Tasha crazy.

"Kissing is very fun and it is really good when you do it with someone you love."

"Daddy, I've never kissed like that before. Is it fun?" Tasha asked and she felt his hand sliding up her leg, until he found her bare thigh and she couldn't help but moan. "Mmmm, that feels so good, Daddy," she purred and just sat; letting him do anything he wanted to her. "Tonight, when we watch TV, will you kiss me, Daddy? I love you and you said that made it even better, right?" Tasha whispered as she leaned to kiss the side of his mouth.

He smiled and looked up to her and knew that shit was getting crazy, but Tasha was old enough to know what she wanted and that was good enough for him. "I don't know, but I'll think it over. A Daddy is not supposed to kiss his daughter like that, but you are growing into a beautiful, young lady and we'll see what happens." Max said as they looked into each other's eyes and he knew that this night was going to change their lives forever.

"I can't wait, Daddy. I think that I'll love kissing you," she smiled and could not believe how wet her pussy was.

"What other words are you having trouble with?"

"All the k**s say funny things like, cock and pussy. Daddy I don't know what any of the words mean." Tasha said with the teasing voice and put her lip out.

He laughed and Max loved this shit. "Well, let's not say cock. Let's say penis and it is what Daddy and all men have. We pee through it and a few other nice things too."

"What does a penis look like? Can I see yours, Daddy? Pweeze." Tasha said with the youngest sounding voice she could.

"Well, I'm not supposed to show you, but...if you're very good girl and if you promise to do anything I say...I might even let you hold it too."

"Mmmm, that sounds fun, Daddy. You should let me see your penis, now."

He stood up and was so tempted, but it would be much better if they took things slow and not rush this. "Nope, you have to wait until later and you have to be a good girl!" Max said with a firm voice and he went back to the stove.

"I'm always good for my, Daddy," she stood and moved behind him. "I can't wait to see your penis, Daddy. Is it a big, long one?" she asked and tried to slip her arms around him, but Max pushed her back.

He smiled and flipped over a steak. "You mother loved it and she was always holding and kissing it. She loved Daddy's big penis."

"Did your penis make me, Daddy?" Tasha asked with a soft whisper and she kissed the back of his neck, enjoying his after-shave on her lips.

Shivers ran through Max and he knew Tasha would get her wish. "Oh yes! Mommy and I had a wonderful time when we made you!"

"How did you get me in her belly, Daddy?"

"Well, if you're a good, little girl and pay very close attention tonight, Daddy may show you how you got inside Mommy."

"Oh Daddy, I can't wait to see your penis! I bet that you have the prettiest one there is and I promise to be a very good, little girl for you and do 'anything' you tell me to." Tasha moaned as she reached around him and very gently squeezed his cock.


Later, Max was sitting in his recliner and relaxing after dinner, when Tasha caught his eye. "I see that you changed into Daddy's favorite nightclothes," he smiled and looked over her tall, slender body and the small, blue shirt that did little to cover her breasts. He looked down to the equally small, panties on her hips and Max felt his cock growing hard.

"Do you 'really' think I'm pretty, Daddy?" Tasha said with that same, innocent voice and she slowly turned, knowing that Dad loved seeing her ass and Tasha wanted to show him everything, tonight. She wanted him hard and ready to go in her body.

He pulled her on his lap and Max hugged, hoping he could really slip his dick into his own flesh and bl**d. "Yes, I think that you are very pretty and I want you to be my girlfriend," he said as he caressed her face and peeked down to her big, swollen nipples and Max noticed something very nice. Tasha's nipples were fucking pierced.

She smiled and saw his eyes on her boobs. "Daddy, if I'm your girlfriend um...can we kiss each other and I still get to see your penis?" Tasha asked making sure her lip was out and she snuggled closer to him.

"We'll see, but now, I want you to kiss me and after you do," he had to stop, Tasha kissed him and she quickly moved back, acting as if she was embarrassed. "Ok, let's try that again, but this time, don't move away. Keep your lips on mine and try to do everything that I do, ok?" Max said as he caressed Tasha's face and he hoped she was sure about this.

She got up and sat back down on his lap again, but this time, Tasha was facing him and they were nose to nose. "I'll do better this time," she panted and Tasha was on fire. "I promise, Daddy." Tasha whispered as she moved her mouth to his and they kissed.

Max held the sides of Tasha's face and they lightly kissed. "Now, I want you to do everything that Daddy does, baby," he said as their mouths were still together and he wanted her in the worst way, but it would be much better if they went slow and took their time.

"Ohhh, yes!" Tasha moaned as they lightly kissed and she loved Daddy holding her so tight. It made her feel so helpless and at his mercy. Her pussy was dripping and it was running down Tasha's thighs.

He held her as they kissed and his cock was hard. "Sit all the way down on Daddy and guess what's under your butt."

She smiled and sat completely down on him. "Oh God, feels so good!" Tasha moaned as she grabbed his massive neck and hugged with all of her might, as she pushed her hips down and rubbed her pussy on his swollen shaft.

Her wetness covered him instantly and Tasha was on fire. Max held her as they hugged and she felt good in his arms. "I know baby!" he grunted and he had to make sure this is what Tasha really and truly wanted, before they went on.

"Baby, are you very certain that this is what you want? Once we start...I won't be able to stop." Max said as he held her face and Tasha nodded her head yes.

"I know Daddy and I'm very sure about this." Tasha said in her normal voice and she kissed him. "I've never wanted anything as I want you, now," she added and kissed him again. "And, if I want to be your 'girlfriend', I gotta do whatever you say." Tasha said with her 'other' voice and she smiled at him.

Max knew that they were sure to burn in hell, but this was awesome and he couldn't stop now. Tasha was a vamp and she had him under her control. "That's right and Daddy wants you to kiss me again, but this time, open your mouth and flick your tongue on mine." Max whispered as Tasha lay on his chest, kissing deeper, flicking their tongues together and Max reached under Tasha, caressing her ass.

"Oh Daddy!" she moaned as he held her butt and softly kissed her. "This makes me feel all tingly and my special so wet, why Daddy?"

He held her and Max hoped Tasha wouldn't kill him. "That just means that you love Daddy and like it when we hug and kiss," he said with a smile and Max had to get his cock out of his jeans. "Daddy has a surprise for you, baby and I think that you're going to love it too!" he said with a wink.

"Mmmm, what is it, Daddy?" Tasha asked as they continued to kiss and nibble each other's lips.

"Do you still want to see Daddy's penis and find out how you got in Mommy's belly?"

"Oh Daddy, yes, may I please see him! I'll do anything you want...I promise! Please!" she said, making sure that her lower lip was out and Tasha was ready to see her Daddy's cock.

He reached under her, unzipped his pants and leaned back in the chair. "Be easy with him and you can 'only' hold him and nothing more! Do you understand Daddy?"

"Ohhh yes, I understand, Daddy." Tasha replied as she slid from his recliner and sat on the floor in front of him, on her knees and she was ready to please her Daddy. She reached in his pants, gently pulled it out and Tasha thought that she was going to faint.

"Daddy, why is he sooo fat and sooo long?" she asked with a smile, holding him with both hands and Tasha slowly licked her lips. She knew why it was so big and long.

"Well, most ladies like them that big, so they can kiss it and play with it. They also know Daddy can give them a baby, if it's so big."

She looked up at him and tried to look as innocent as she could. "Do I get to kiss your penis, Daddy?" Tasha asked with a soft voice and she saw him smile at her. "Huh, Daddy?" she whispered as her lips grazed over the head and Tasha felt him flex.

"Can I kiss him?" she whispered as her soft lips puckered and she smiled. "He's so big and it's sooo hard too!" she moaned and slowly leaned forward, until his cock-head was against her lips and Tasha opened her panting mouth.

He just sat, enjoying Tasha's game and she forward. "Kiss it real slow, baby and move your hand up and him, ok?" he said as he caressed the side of her face and she licked the head. "That's Daddy's good, little girl. Kiss all over him and keep rubbing him too." Max said as he watched his young daughter, kissing the tip of his swollen, cock-head and it was great.

Her lips were kissing all over him and she was smiling, while lightly stroking Dad. Tasha's breath was warm and her lips were so wet. "Am I doing it the right way, Daddy?" Tasha purred with a smile and quickly returned to pleasing her Daddy's big, hard cock. "Hum, Daddy? Do you like the way I' him?" Tasha whispered with a bigger smile, knowing that she was driving him crazy.

"Yeah, you're the best ever and I love you." Max said as he watched her go back down, kissing his cock-head and he could feel Tasha licking the tiny slit on the head. "That's where babies come from and if you keep kissing Daddy like this, you're going to see Daddy's penis squirt," he moaned and watched Tasha smile at him.

"Daddy, what will it squirt out?"

"It will squirt 'baby juice' all over your pretty face and if you are 'really' Daddy's girlfriend, you will drink it for me." Max paused to kiss Tasha and he smiled at her. "Now, Daddy wants you to suck him and pretend it's one of those big, fat pickles you love to suck on," he winked at Tasha and she just smiled at him.

She smiled again and licked the tip again. "Silly Daddy, I'm your girlfriend and I'll do 'anything', you want me to." Tasha moaned and leaned down to Daddy's cock, sucking him hard and with need. "Mmmm Daddy, is the 'baby juice' good to drink?" she teased and stroked him faster. "Huh Daddy, is it good?" she moaned, leaning over him, letting a big drop of saliva drip on him and Tasha stroked faster.

"Oh yes, your Mommy loved to drink Daddy's juice!"

"Oh Daddy, I'm tingling all over and I'm burning up!" Tasha moaned as she watched the pleasure on his face as she sucked him and had a feeling that he was very close to cumming for her.

He didn't hear what she said and Max was in heaven. A young, beautiful lady was sucking him off and she was his sexy daughter. "I'll fix it for you baby, just keep kissing Daddy's penis for now," he moaned looking at her face and Max loved the beautiful smile around his cock-shaft.

She let him 'pop' from her mouth and licked her lips. "Ok Daddy...I'll do anything you tell me and I 'mean' anything, Daddy," she moaned on his cock, licking up the entire length of his shaft and Tasha stopped to tease the tiny slit again. He lifted and shoved more of his hard cock into her willing mouth, but Tasha lifted too and she pretended to gag.

"Aaarrrgggg! Daddy, do you want me to kiss and suck 'more' of him for you?" she asked with a sweet smile and didn't wait for his answer. Tasha took a deep breath and she sucked more than half of his cock into her mouth and partly down her silky throat.

He felt Tasha suck hard and before Max could think, his cock-head used into her warm throat and he had to stand up. "Oh my holy, mother, oh sweet Jesus! Ahhh, God! Tasha, oh my sweet baby!" he moaned out and it was a loud moan. "My baby, oh Lord!" he moaned again and gently pushed his hips to Tasha, wondering if she has another talent her mother had and his question was quickly answered. "Ahhh, baby, yes, yes!" Max yelled as she sucked more of him and he knew this wasn't going to last very much longer.

Tasha just smiled as she pleased Daddy and from his loud moaning, she knew he was enjoying her and her skills. 'Oh Daddy, yes! Fuck me, me Daddy...fuck my mouth!' Tasha thought as he eased forward, pushing more of his glorious manhood into her willing mouth and throat.

Max felt his cock jump and Tasha got a sweet surprise. "Oh God, oh God! Oh baby, my baby girl!" he yelled as warm jets of cum shot from the tip of his long cock, into her mouth and down Tasha's throat. His cock jerked, his balls felt as if they were going to explode and his heart pumped fast. "My baby, my baby girl!" Max yelled again as he held Tasha and filled her mouth full of warm seeds.

She sucked and held him in her mouth, waiting until he finished and Tasha smiled up to her Daddy. "Daddy, can I do that every day? I loved making my Daddy, so happy," she said and moved up on his lap.

He had to smile and hug this beautiful, young woman and he held her tight. "Oh baby, you can do that anytime you like! Daddy loved the way you kissed me." Max smiled and he quickly felt Tasha's need, dripping on him and he stood with her in his arms. "I think it's time that I took a beautiful woman to bed and make love to her. What do you think?" he asked and Tasha slowly nodded her head yes.

"Mmmm yeah, I'd like that, Daddy." Tasha purred as she held his neck and he walked towards the bedroom.


He put Tasha in the middle of his bed and lay next to her. "I think you should take that top off, so I can see and play with...these!" he said as his finger traced over Tasha's excited, right nipple and she had the shirt off in a split second. "Oh how nice!" he moaned, looking at the tiny gold bars through her nipples and Max smiled. He leaned to tease her nipples with his tongue and Tasha went wild under him.

His long tongue lashed at Tasha's swollen buds and her back arched high in the air. "Oh fuck, Daddy! Yes! Yes!" she screamed and quickly felt something else. "Daddy, oh Daddy!" Tasha whimpered when she felt his fingers on her wet, aching pussy and she spread her legs for him.

"I can't believe how wet you are, but I love it, baby." Max said with a smile, as he nursed Tasha's right nipple and his fingers teased her needy pussy.

She lay with her eyes on him and enjoying such a skilled lover, even if, he was her father. "I'm so glad that we're doing this Dad and I never want it to end." Tasha said with love and she was ready for Dad to love her. "Daddy, I'm on fire," she said with need and want.

"Well, why don't you climb on and take your ol' Dad for a spin!"

She heard Dad and she was ready and on him in a flash. "Oh God, I'm so horny, Dad!" Tasha moaned as she rubbing her dripping pussy on his rock-hard shaft and it was time. Tasha got on her feet, squatting like a catcher in baseball and she reached down to guide Dad in her body.

"Oh yes! Oh yes, oh Dad! Ahhh, God!" Tasha screamed when his big, fat cock-head slipped into her tiny pussy-hole, stretching it wider than ever before, but Dad was in her and nothing else mattered now. "Oh fuck! Oh my fuckin' God, Daddy!" she squealed as his cock-head spread her wide and it hurt, but she was not going to stop for anything.

He held Tasha's butt as she slowly lowered herself on his cock and as it entered her body, her tight muscles grabbed him and it was as if he was being sucked by her mouth again. "Oh Lord, God!" he moaned as Tasha lowered and she took him deep into her pussy, while her tight pussy sucked him in and her pussy sucked hard.

"Daddy, I love you!" she moaned as his cock slipped deeper and it felt so wonderful in her pussy, filling it full of cock, but this cock, was Daddy's and it was the best. "Oh fuck...Daddy, I love you so much!" Tasha grunted as she lowered, easing more of Daddy inside her tiny hole.

He smiled and lightly kissed her lips, enjoying her young, fertile sex. "I love you too," he whispered as Tasha started rocking her hips back and forth, side to side and any other way she could move. "Oh yeah, that feels good!" he moaned and held her hips, savoring her wet pussy and Tasha's tightness around his cock.

"Oh Daddy, I love you inside me!" Tasha cried out as her pussy burned and juices were pouring from her, covering Dad and it made a wonderful sound. "You're so...fuckin' big and long!" she moaned as he slid deeper, continuing to stretch her. The wet, slurp sounds filled her ears and Tasha loved hearing it. "Mmmm, I'm so wet for you and your cock is like...heaven," she smiled and her hips started bouncing up and down, moving faster and with more need than ever.

He held Tasha and Max could sense her need. "Is my girl horny? Does my sweet baby need to cum on her Daddy?" he whispered to her and Tasha moaned, moving faster and driving him deeper into her young pussy.

She heard him and liked hearing Dad taking dirty to her. "Oh dirty to me!!" Tasha whimpered as she continued to bounce up and down on Daddy's long, thick cock.

"How dirty do you want it?" he asked as he squeezed Tasha's ass, grinding her against him and Max could feel her pussy starting squeeze him.

She loved his big, powerful hands squeezing her ass and when he pulled her down, Daddy shoved himself to the back of her pussy. "I like it...dirty as fuck! Oh Daddy, I'm wanta be your whore!" she yelled as she rocked side to side and quickly lifted up, but Tasha lowered back down and she took him all.

He slapped her ass and shoved her down on his cock. "You are too young to be a whore, but I can train you, bitch!" Max said with a 'fake' mean voice and he slapped her ass.

She slammed down and he drove to her core. "I wanta be your...whore, Daddy! Please train me, please!" Tasha screamed as the sting from her ass, quickly rushed over her entire body. She went up and down the entire length of his cock, Tasha's head was spinning and her heart was racing.

"Go faster, whore! Fuck your Dad, slut! Fuck your Dad, whore!" Max growled as he continued to slap each of Tasha's ass-cheeks and he started to lift his hips up, shoving his cock to Tasha's core.

"Oh yes, I'm nothing but a whore...your whore...Daddy!" Tasha yelled out as he slapped her ass, rammed his cock in her so hard and Daddy called her such wonderful names. "I'm Daddy's nasty, little...whore!" she yelled louder as Daddy lifted up, thrusting his long cock deep into her pussy, touching places that Tasha never knew were there, until Daddy found them for her. "Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck me, harder!" Tasha screamed and she came again.

Max felt her pussy clamp around his cock and he held Tasha as tightly as he could. Her pussy grabbed him and it started pulling on him, hoping it could make him cum, but Max needed a little more time in his daughter's pussy, to cum now.

"Ahhh, that's my whore," he whispered when she fell on him. "Yeah, that's my good, little whore," he whispered again as her pussy grabbed him again and it pulled harder, but this time, it won and it got Daddy's cum. "Oh fuck, you bitch! You fucking made me...cum!" Max laughed as cum shot from the tip of his cock and it sprayed deep into the back of Tasha's warm pussy. "Ahhh, my God, Tasha! Oh baby, oh yes!" Max grunted as he lifted his hips, making sure that every, single seed was deep in her belly.

Tasha lifted her head and smiled at to him. "Holy God, I do hope it's that good every time!" she smiled and knew that Daddy would be the last man that would ever enjoy her.

He smiled and his hands caressed over her long and very smooth back, when a strange thought, filled his mind. "Hey, I know that it's a little late to ask this, but are you on the pill?" Max asked and he could feel her giggling.

"Yeah, it is, Daddy, but didn't you have a splendid time fucking me, your daughter. Huh Daddy?" Tasha replied and watched a terrified look cover his face. "Huh, Daddy? Did you enjoy fucking your daughter and cumming up her pussy? Mmmm, I bet you loved it, until you remembered about the pills!" she laughed more and Tasha just smiled at him.

"Please do not fuck around, are you taking them or not?" Max asked again and he was getting upset with her.

"Well, I guess you'll have to wait and find out, won't you?" she laughed and eased him from her used and very sore pussy. "But, what would you say if I told you that I...wasn't. What would you do?" she asked him and snuggled against his side.

He just held her and thought for a second. "I guess we would have a baby, wouldn't we." Max smiled and it would be fun having a baby with Tasha, but she was his daughter and that would not go well.

"I think it would be so fun, Daddy. I could give you 'our' baby." She giggled again, stretched up to kiss him and figured that she should stop teasing him. "Don't worry yourself, Daddy. I'm on them and I have been for the last three years."

"You had we worried for a second, but what you said, was kind of nice."

"Oh Daddy, do you want to 'knock' me up, but Daddy...I'm your daughter. You can't do that to me or...I'll tell on you," she moaned, turned on her back and Tasha spread her legs wide.

He quickly moved on her and his cock was a full hardness in a split second. "Oh yeah," he moaned and Max gently eased his hard cock back into her warm pussy.

"Let's try it, Daddy, please! I would love to have your baby inside me!" she yelled when his cock hit the back of her pussy.

"No, we can't," he moaned and moved his powerful hips back and forth, thrusting his cock to the back of Tasha's pussy and he'd ease back out.

"Daddy, you could suck my warm milk, while you fucked me. Wouldn't that be sooo fuckin' hot, Daddy?" she moaned as her arms held his neck, enjoying his thrusting cock and her slender hips moved in perfect time with his. "Huh, Daddy? Would you like fuckin' your daughter, while you sucked the milk from her tits?" Tasha cried out as pussy squeezed him and her brain was spinning

"And, you would know that it's 'your' baby is growing in me...oh Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she screamed and kicked her heels into his ass, forcing him to fuck her as hard as he possibly could.

"Oh God, you're going to end up killing me!" he growled and Max fucked his daughter hard as he could. "You're so good baby!" he moaned and wrapped his arms under her legs, pulled them up to her chest and he held her down. "I'm going to cum again and I can't believe you're doing this to me," he grunted and cum shot from his cock, but it was nothing like the first two times and he fell on her.

She held him and just smiled. "You're a wonderful Daddy." Tasha purred as she held Daddy to her left breast and enjoyed him gently nursing it, wishing that she hadn't lied to him, but Dad said he liked the idea of having a baby with her.

"Thank you, baby and you're a wonderful daughter." Max smiled, yawned and closed his eyes.

She continued caressing his face and Tasha held him, hoping that she had a new life growing in her belly.


The playing went on for three weeks and suddenly, Tasha completely cut him off for two weeks. Max hadn't laid a finger or anything on her and he was getting very horny. "Baby are you ok? We haven't had sex or played in two freaking weeks and I could use a long and very deep, blow-job!" he laughed tried hugging Tasha, but she pushed him away.

"Oh yuck, Daddy, I can't do that anymore, it makes me sick and if you try to make me." Tasha said as she crossed her arms under her breasts, blew out a sigh and figured that Daddy was full of cum by now. "I won't play with it anymore!" she said with a pouty voice and acted as if she was mad at him, but then, Tasha winked at him and thought of all the seeds that were in him.

He sat up and wasn't sure where to go with this, but he saw her wink. "You 'will' and you'll do it, whenever I tell you to!" Max said with a deep voice.
And, what if I won't do it?" she said with a snotty voice and made a face at him.

He stood up and moved in front of Tasha, watching her smiling and she looked so innocent. "If you don't kiss Daddy's penis, Tasha...I will spank you and I mean it!" he said as he pointed to her face and she stuck her tongue out at him. He grabbed her by her hair, pulled Tasha up and Max slapped her left ass-cheek.

"You're going to your room and I'm teaching you how to be a good girl!" he growled, took her arm and d**g Tasha to her room. "You cannot treat your Dad like this!"

"No Daddy, no!" she screamed and acted as if she was pulling from him, but Tasha wanted him very close, inside her close and filling her with hope. "No Daddy, stop!" Tasha yelled as she pulled and acted liked like she didn't want this, but she did and she wanted it real bad. "I'll tell, Daddy! I'll tell on you!" Tasha screamed and Dad grabbed her by the throat.

He grabbed Tasha's throat and the poor thing looked like she was scared to death, but she smiled at him. "If you tell anyone about this," he said as they were nose to nose, his hand lightly choking her and they were inhaling each other's warm breath. "I will kill your favorite teddy bear and..." he growled again and squeezed Tasha's throat tighter, but not enough to hurt her in any way. "And I won't buy you anymore ice cream, ever!" he said and continued to her room.

Dad pushed Tasha in her room and she loved this game. "I'm gunna tell on you, Daddy! This is bad, cuz I'm not supposed to see, touch or suck your penis and now, I'm telling on you!" she yelled and flopped face down on her bed, but before she could think, Dad was on her and holding her down hard.

"You go right ahead and I hope you like the prison they put you in. Oh yes, they have prisons for 'bad' girl's like you and I will lie, tell them that you wanted to play with me and that you liked it." Max stopped and he jerked her face to his. "Tasha, you can't promise Daddy something like that and then, just back out. I'm going to make you play with me now and it's not going to be nice." Max growled as he kissed her ear, lifted his left hand high in the air and it swung down to Tasha's left ass-cheek.

"Ouch, Daddy... no more please!" Tasha screamed out, but she wanted more, lots more and she needed his warm cum in her pussy. Tasha loved her ass slapped and to get roughed up a little, but she couldn't trust just any man to do such things with, until now. "No Daddy! No Daddy, stop it!" she yelled as his weight and strong body kept her penned to her bed.

"I'm sorry, but you have to learn not to tell your Daddy no and that I'm the boss." Max growled in her ear and he slapped her thigh.

"Ouch, please Daddy, no!" Tasha yelled as his hand hit her thigh, but then, Dad caressed her ass, deep into her crack, until he found the back of Tasha's excited pussy. "Ahhh, fuck!" she whimpered as he gently fingered her and a hot rush of bl**d tore through her body and Tasha was helpless.

"Oh Daddy, I'm sorry! Please, I want to be your girlfriend again and I'll suck on your penis, ok." Tasha said with her most innocent voice ever, hoping he would hurry and take her. She loved this game and from the way Dad was acting, he most definitely loved it and he was sure to give her lots and lots, of cum.

He eased off Tasha and pulled her against his side. "Now I want you to lie between my legs and I want your face...right here!" Max said with a firm, as he pointed to his cock and he grabbed a big, handful of Tasha's and Max pulled her down to it. "You're to suck me very hard and," he said, lifting his hips, shoving his hard cock to the back of her mouth and she gagged.

Max laughed, pulled her hair harder and he shoved Tasha lover, pushing his cock deep into her mouth. "I want you to take it 'all' tonight. Your mother could and I'm betting that you can too!" he laughed again, as Tasha gagged and Max could feel her starting to swallow him.

Tasha fought the urge to throw up and keep sucking Daddy as hard as she could, hoping she could suck him like Mom did, so long ago. He pushed harder, she gagged more, but Tasha kept relaxing her throat and gently swallowed more of Daddy's cock. Her throat was being stretched just like her pussy had been and Tasha was ready to cum again.

He lifted more, Tasha tilted her neck and it happened. "Ahhh, my God!" Max yelled loud. His entire cock was in his daughter's mouth and down her throat. "Ohhh, baby! Ohhh, God!" Max yelled again and Tasha was a dream. He lived to have his cock down his late wife's throat, but until now, no other woman could come close to this. Tasha had it all and she was keeping it in for a long, long time.

Tasha loved hearing her Daddy moaning and yelling with pleasure, it meant that she was pleasing him. 'Yeah Daddy, stuff it all in me! I'm your whore, remember, but no cumming in my mouth! I need it up my pussy, Daddy, so I can give you a baby!' she thought as he pushed his cock into her throat.

"Ahhh God, you are going to kill me!" Max laughed as he slowly eased from her mouth and pulled her up beside him. "That's great, but I need my baby's pussy and I'm going to fill you so full!" he smiled and rolled on top of Tasha.

She felt like a rag doll, but it was wonderful having Daddy being so f***eful with her and Tasha knew that they would do this again, soon. "Oh my, is my Daddy horny for...his daughter's pussy?" she asked with a low, sexy voice as he reached down and guided himself into her wet need. "Ohhh, Daddy! Yes, oh my God, yes!" Tasha cried out as Dad pushed in her with one, powerful thrust and he was to her core.

"I'm going to be lucky if I last two...minutes!" he moaned as Tasha's muscles grabbed and they started pulling on him. "I've never had!" Max grunted and his swollen cock started filling Tasha with two weeks of thick, gooey cum and Max hoped that he could make her dream come true.

She lifted her hips and Tasha knew this would be the time, the time that Daddy gave Tasha their baby and she was right. Nine months later, Tasha gave her Daddy a healthy, baby boy and they moved to an undisclosed city, somewhere in the south and have not been heard from since.... Continue»
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Danielle Conti had been looking forward to this summer for a long time. As long as she could remember she'd wanted to learn the language of her ancestors and see the country that her f****y had left a few generations earlier. Now she was 18, a high school graduate and heading off to college in September. Her parents had finally decided that it was time for her to go.

It had been a stressful spring. Danielle's parents had decided to divorce after 18 years' marriage when it turned out that Danielle's dad wasn't her biological father. Danielle still felt guilty about it.

She'd had a routine bl**d test and when she brought the paperwork home to show her parents, her dad exploded in a rage as she couldn't possibly be his daughter with that bl**d group. Her mother had broken down and said that she'd had an affair with a boy in after the summer when they got engaged and Danielle was his daughter.

Daddy had been missing from her life these last few months. He took her younger b*****rs and moved out. He'd showed up at her graduation, but the closeness that had existed between them when they still thought he was her biological dad had been replaced by a weird tension.

It was a relief to come to Italy. Even though she wasn't biologically related to the Conti f****y, her mother had some Italian bl**d in her, and she'd told Danielle that her biological father also had Italian ancestors.

She'd been here for three weeks now and she was starting to feel at home. She'd known very little Italian when she arrived, but she was already starting to feel more confident. She could order her food and ask for directions now, and shopping in the market had become second nature.

By the time her 8 weeks were up she'd be well prepared for Italian studies at college. But first she was hoping to learn some more. She'd been flirting with an Italian bartender for two weeks. He was the perfect Italian stallion. She knew that he wanted her and she wanted a sexy guy like him to liberate her from her virginity.

Nick Conti walked down the familiar streets of Rome. His parents had emigrated from here before he was born, but frequent visits as a c***d, and biannual business trips as an adult meant that this was like home to him. He'd never taken his f****y here. Out of his c***dren it was only Danielle who'd shown any interest in coming here, and his wife had been completely opposed to any overseas travel. The fat cow was so lazy she wouldn't consider any travel that didn't involve packing the whole house into a mobile home and then park it at some lake where the k**s could play and she could continue watching TV.

Thinking about his ex-wife still made him mad. He'd proposed to her so that she'd part her legs for him, then she'd passed some other guy's bastard c***d onto him for 18 years. He loved Danielle with all his heart, but her conception had been the start of 18 years of hell for him and now it had turned out that he needn't have gone through it.

He was still very bitter and he realised that he'd taken it out on his poor little girl. That was why he'd timed this trip to coincide with her language course. He needed to meet with her in a neutral place and talk things through. They had to decide where to go from here. He couldn't stand the thought of not being part of her life anymore.

It was funny how the mind worked. Danielle looked nothing like him or his ex-wife, but he'd always attributed her vibrantly red hair and seductively feminine curves to the genes passed down from his very own grandmother, who by all accounts had been a real beauty in her day. Maybe subconsciously he'd always known that Danielle wasn't his daughter. He thought about all the mistresses he'd had through the years and the majority of them had been very similar to Danielle. Now that she wasn't his daughter anymore, he'd let his fantasies drive him wild.

He'd almost reached Danielle's school when hoards of students started coming out through the doors. He soon saw a group of pretty young girls, half of whom he'd gladly fuck right then and there if they'd let him, and in the middle was his own Danielle.

"Dani!" he called out and was pleased to see a smile on her face.

"Daddy!" she exclaimed and ran up to hug him.

"I couldn't come to Rome and not show my favourite girl a good time," he joked with her.

"I'm so happy you're here," she smiled back, and they both knew the depth of that statement. "Let me introduce you to my friends. This is Elke, Anja, Dorthe, Francine and Bridget."

After he introduced himself to Danielle's friends he asked them to excuse him for ruining their weekend plans as he wanted to spend some time with his daughter. The girls had planned on going out to the beach and Danielle told them to go without her.

"I have a suite at the hotel," he said to Danielle. "Why don't you pack a weekend bag and you can stay with me."

Back at her student accommodation Danielle was ecstatic. Daddy had come to see her and the awkwardness that existed between them back home, with mother present, was all gone. They were going to be alright. She smiled to herself when she remembered how the other girls had looked at daddy. He sure was good looking. At 38 his hair was still jet black and his chin looked as though it had been chiselled out of stone. There was not an ounce of fat on his 6 foot body, but plenty of muscles, a testament to his strict nutritional regime and hours in the pool and at the gym. It had always been a mystery to her how her sloppy, fat mother had caught someone like him and now she knew.

She packed some of her nicest outfits as she was sure that daddy was going to take her to some fancy restaurants. She was a little concerned about not having a nightgown. She slept in the nude and had only brought a sexy babydoll nightie with her in case she managed to be seduced by some Italian stallion. The thought of daddy seeing her in that outfit made her pussy tingle in an unfamiliar way.

Later that afternoon Danielle and her dad walked past all the famous landmarks in Rome. Danielle could see the looks in the eyes of the girls and women who saw them and she knew that they were jealous of her being with such a handsome man.

Nick wanted to kill all the young men who were eying up Danielle. Any one of them would willingly take her to bed if she'd let them. He let his own eyes wander across her body. She sure was hot. She was wearing a white dress that was held up with two straps that were tied across her shoulders. He wondered if the dress would simply fall on the floor if he pulled them. She wasn't wearing a bra underneath it, and for the first time he realised just how big her tits were. They must be at least c-cups, but young and pert. He felt an ache in his groin.

Daddy treated her to some wine with dinner and, not being used to alcohol, Danielle was feeling a bit tipsy as they walked back to the hotel. As he closed the door behind them daddy smiled at her.

"You're so beautiful tonight, Dani," he smiled and brushed his lips across her.

"You make me feel beautiful," replied Danielle.

"There's something I've been wanting to do all afternoon," he continued and caressed her arm.

"What's that?"

"This." Nick pulled the straps of Danielle's dress and it fell soundlessly to the ground. He took in the sight of her body. She'd obviously been doing some topless sunbathing since she arrived in Italy. Her firm, young tits were crowned by dark and erect nipples. He caressed a nipple with his thumb as his gaze went lower, past her bellybutton, and the ring that his ex-wife had opposed, but that he'd let her get anyway. It was sexy as hell. She was wearing minimal undies. He wondered what type of hair was under the material. He hated the really bushy ones, but Danielle wasn't bushy. He could see the outline of her pussy lips.

"Do you like what you see, daddy?" Danielle asked, turned on by the feeling of daddy's hand on her tit.

"I'd like it even more if you were completely naked, baby."

Danielle smiled at her dad. She'd been getting increasingly intimate with boys lately, but she'd never felt this safe with any of them. It felt good to strip for daddy. She pulled off her last garment and revealed a neatly trimmed strip of red hair above her pussy. Daddy's hand moved down her stomach and came to a rest on her silky bush.

"You're so pretty, Dani," he smiled. "Many times more than I ever dared fantasise."

"You fantasised about me, daddy?" she asked incredulously.

"All the time, baby," he smiled. "All the time. But I couldn't let myself do anything while you were still my daughter."

"Aren't I your baby girl anymore?" Danielle sobbed.

"Oh yes, you are. And I'll always be your daddy. But I wanted to fuck you, and if I fucked you you could get pregnant. And that would be far too risky."

"And now?"

"I still want to fuck you. And now there's nothing to be afraid of. How about it, baby? Do you want to feel your old man's fuck meat?"

"Show it to me, daddy," Danielle smiled nervously, not knowing what lay ahead, but feeling hornier by the minute.

He kicked off his shoes and then pulled off his pants and shorts. The sight of the sexy, naked girl in front of him had already made his cock semi-erect. Danielle gasped at the size of him.

"You're so big, daddy," she said in shock when she measured him to be at least 7 inches in her head.

"And my cock will feel really good in your tight little cunt. Are you still a virgin, sweetie?" He deliberately withheld the fact that his cock, fully erect, was 9 inches and a lot thicker than this.

"I've never fucked," she admitted. "But I've sucked guys and held their cocks and none of them were as big as yours."

"That's because they're boys. I'm a man. And I'm glad that I'm going to be your first. You should learn to fuck from a real man. Now, come with me, honey, and show me how you suck cock."

He led her over to the sofas next to the balcony. He threw off his t-shirt so that he was naked, showing a chest of fine, dark curls that went all the way to wear his shaft stood proud from his hips. He sat down and parted his legs, motioning for Danielle to sit between them. She did as she was instructed and sucked his cock straight into her mouth.

Her youthful enthusiasm made up for her lack of technique. She had plenty of time to learn. Her head started bopping up and down as she tried to suck him deeper and deeper. Her tongue moves all over his shaft, showing that she was a natural cock tease. He grabbed hold of her head and f***ed it down on him, making her take him in her throat. She nearly panicked and he could feel her throat contracting around him. It was a glorious feeling. He soon let go again and smiled as he saw his daughter's red face and swollen lips.

"You're wonderful, baby. You'll soon learn to enjoy deep throating. Now lie down next to me with one leg on the floor and your other leg on the back of the sofa. I'm thirsty and I know where to get a tasty drink."

Danielle did as she was instructed and when her legs parted he could see her pussy lips separating, opening her wet, pink folds like a rose covered in morning dew. He wished he'd had a camera there. There was something special about this invitation, offered only once in a lifetime by a virgin. He looked down at the tight brown hole of her ass and wondered if she'd ever let him take that too. But first things first.

He dove in, his five o'clock shadow against Danielle's soft and wet pussy. He could hear her gasping for breath as his lips found her clit and closed around it, letting him flick it with his tongue. He sucked it for a long time and just as he thought that Danielle might get an orgasm he let go. Her hole was dripping by now. Slowly he licked up all the escaped juices from her crack and then he entered her virgin fuck hole with his tongue. She tasted so good. Her pussy juices were delicious. He drank them like a man who hadn't had a drink for months.

Then he started tongue fucking her. With his nose against her clit, his finger teasing her asshole, he started shoving his long tongue in and out of her sweet cunt. Then he felt her legs locking around his neck, quickly followed by a surprised yell from his daughter as her body gave in to her first all-consuming orgasm.

"Oh yes, daddy!" she cried out as he kept circling his tongue in her cunt.

He moved up and kissed her deeply, letting her taste herself on him. "Did you like that, princess?"

"I loved it, daddy."

"What do we do now, then?"

"Can we fuck?"

"I want to hear you say it."

"Fuck me, daddy."

"Say it again, baby."

"Fuck me, daddy! Fuck your virgin daughter!"

He smiled at her. She wanted him as badly as he wanted her. His cock was now fully erect and gasping for the warm, wet hole before him. No need for lube, she was wet enough already. He placed his hands on either side of her head and lowered himself enough for his big, fat cock to be resting against Danielle's wide open slit. It looked so beautiful. His pulsating cock with its dark veins against her pink folds. He rocked his hips slightly, covering his shaft with Danielle's sweet juices. She was so horny for him. He'd already felt how tight she was and he couldn't wait to feel her walls cramp up around his fuck meat.

"Look at us, Dani," he commanded his daughter who had a dazed look on her face. "Look at your daddy's fat cock on your pussy."

"Yes, daddy," she looked in awe, slightly intimidated by the size of him.

"Soon I'm going to impale you with my shaft. I'm going to own your tight little virgin cunt."

"I know, daddy."

"I'm going to release all my cum inside you, fill you with my cream. You're going to be daddy's little cum bucket."

Danielle smiled at him with devotion in her eyes.

"Place your legs over my shoulder's baby, I'm going to go deep!"

Danielle did as told and he nearly came right then from the wonderful feeling of his cock being slightly squeezed between her soft thighs. He moved his hips back a little and then started lowering himself into her wet hole. Danielle gasped as his fat cock head split her tight hole apart.

"Daddy," she panted, "I'm not big enough, it's not going to work."

"Just relax, honey. Your cunt has been made to take a big cock. You will enjoy it."

Danielle relaxed a little. Immediately daddy pushed a little bit more of himself inside her. Her cunt was pulsating around his shaft. Daddy pushed her legs against her chest, bringing her ass up off the sofa and opening her cunt some more for him. She could feel it when he hit her barrier. She looked up at him and he grinned at her. He slowly slid out of her cunt, giving her a chance to relax from the pain. Then he shoved himself right back inside her and a piercing scream filled the room. Danielle realised that it was her. She was in so much pain.

"Shush, Dani," daddy said to her as the tears rolled down her cheeks. His cock was still resting deep inside her hurting cunt. "Just relax. The quicker you relax, the sooner you will stop hurting and we can get on with our fucking. Daddy's desperate to cum in your cunt, baby. You don't want to disappoint me, do you?"

"No daddy." Danielle smiled through her tears and looked down again. It looked so wonderful to see daddy's cock disappear inside her own cunt. She wouldn't let it hurt anymore. She focused hard and then it happened. The throbbing pain disappeared and was replaced by another type of throbbing. She was feeling horny again! All of a sudden she couldn't wait for daddy to bury his shaft deeper inside her. She smiled. "Fuck me, daddy. I want you to fuck your little girl's brains out!"

Daddy didn't have to be told twice. He pulled his cock out to the sound of his horny daughter's protests. Then he thrust back inside, burying himself in her pool of fuck honey. He continued repeating this action over and over. Every time he buried himself deeper in her tight cunt. Every time her little cries when he shoved his pubic bone into her clit got louder. He could smell their fuck smells. He could hear their fuck sounds. His daughter was panting underneath him. He was pumping as hard as he could. This had to be the sweetest cunt he'd ever been inside.

Then Danielle got a peculiar look on her face. She looked surprised and happy all at once. She threw her head as far back as she could and squealed with delight as her cunt cramped around daddy's cock harder than before. She was cumming. She was cumming with a cock in her cunt for the first time. He kept fucking her until her orgasm was over, then he pulled out.

"Get on your hands and knees. Daddy's gonna fuck you doggy style!"

Danielle quickly moved on to the floor and into the position. Daddy's cock was glistening with her juices and her hole was gaping at him as it hadn't had a chance to close up after he pulled out. He rammed himself right back inside and Danielle moaned with delight. He pinched her nipples between his fingers and used them to pull her up against him. He cupped her tits and started kneading them, while still rocking his hips against her ass. He started kissing her neck. He licked and bit her earlobe.

"Start massaging your clit, baby," he whispered to her. "Feel my cock fucking your sweet little cunt."

She did as she was told. Daddy's cock felt so good. His hands were squeezing her tits and it turned her on even more. In front of her the balcony doors were open and the Roman night sounds mixed with the squishy fuck noises in the hotel suite.

She wondered if anyone out there could hear her daddy's grunts or her yelps every time he f***ed his fat cock deep inside her tight cunt. She wondered if anyone in the dark building across the road was watching them. Their room was well lit and they were right in front of the balcony. The thought of someone stroking their cock or fingering their pussy as they watched daddy fuck her turned her on even more, if that was possible. She started moaning.

"Daddy," she panted. "Do you think anyone's watching us from across the street?"

"No, I don't think so," he lied – knowing quite well that the building across the street belonged to his f****y business and that his b*****r was probably getting ready to shoot a massive load by now. He didn't want to scare Danielle though. "Why, do you want anyone to watch us?"

"Mmmm..." Danielle moaned in reply as daddy's fucking picked up the pace even more. "I think I'd like to be watched."

Daddy grinned. "My little girl is turning out to be quite the little slut."

"Do you mind, daddy?"

"Mind? Not at all. I love it. I'd love to share your cunt with someone else."

"Only if it's as big and juicy as yours, daddy... Ooooooh... I'm gonna cum... Fuck me hard, daddy. Make your baby girl cum again!"

Danielle massaged her clit even harder. Daddy squeezed her tits tight. He slammed his shaft inside her hungry hole as hard and as fast as he could go. Then Danielle cried out loud, a high-pitched sound of unabashed passion. As her cunt contracted hard around his cock, daddy shoved himself as deep as he could and groaned out loud as he shot his heavy load into his daughter's womb.

A few minutes later, they lay spent on the floor and were only just catching their breath. Daddy parted Danielle's legs and watched his cum trickling out of her slit. Her pussy was bright red and soaking wet after the pounding he'd given her. He slowly lapped up the juices of their combined orgasm and teased Danielle to another one. Then he carried her to his bed where she fell asl**p. He made a quick phone call and then he drifted off as well, with his naked girl in his arms and his cock tucked tightly against her ass.

The next morning Nick woke up first and despite a raging erection he didn't wake Danielle up. How sweet it would have been to have her suck him off first thing in the morning, but that could come later. His plans for Danielle's future were quickly taking shape in his head. Right now he needed a shower. The cold water settled his cock a little, but there was still a noticeable bulge in his dressing gown when he woke Danielle up.
"Dani, baby," he whispered and kissed her deeply. "You need to have a shower."

"Is there a dressing gown for me?" she yawned and returned daddy's deep kiss.

"No, but you don't need any clothes while we're together."

Danielle couldn't see her bag, or any of the clothes she'd been wearing yesterday, so she went off to the bathroom empty handed. She took a long time in the shower, where daddy had already put her toiletries. She admired the bruises on her tits and sighed happily when she remembered the previous evening's events. She wondered when she was going to get to fuck daddy again. After her shower she dried herself off with the hand towels in the bathroom. There was no sign of anything big enough to wrap around herself. She didn't know that daddy had removed everything that she could use to cover herself up with.

She exited the bathroom, still slightly moist and with her nipples hard from the cool shower. Daddy took her in his arms and kissed her.

"You're so beautiful, Dani. You should never have to wear clothes to hide your sexy body."

He turned her around in his arms so that he was rubbing his crotch against her ass and cupping her luscious tits. They were heavenly c-cups now, he hoped that he'd manage to get them to at least d-cups, or maybe even dd soon, without the need for surgery. He hated plastic tits. There was a knock on the door and Danielle moved to hide herself, but daddy kept her in place, cupping her tits and spreading her legs slightly with the help of a knee.

"Come in!" he said. "The door's open!"

Danielle thought she was going to faint when she saw the man who came through the door.

"Ciao Nick!" said the man happily and then focused his attention on Danielle. "And ciaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaao bella!!!!"

He walked up and kissed her on the lips and quickly licked her nipples that daddy was holding out for him.

"You were hot to watch last night, but you're a million times sexier up close. Such wonderful tits and such an innocent looking pussy."

"Hi Uncle Frank," Danielle whispered in amazement.

"Uncle Frank has come to fuck you, baby," daddy said to her. "It's time for you to learn how to take two men at once."

Danielle felt her cunt getting soaking and daddy could smell it. He placed his finger against her hole and it slipped straight in.

"Oh, look at this Frank," he said proudly as he pulled his finger out of his baby's cunt. "She's so ready for us."

Frank smiled and pulled his clothes off. Nick let go of his robe. Frank was two years older than his b*****r, but kept up the same fitness regime and their bodies were very similar in stature. Most importantly, their cocks were as thick as each other, even though Frank's was half an inch longer when fully erect.

"Kneel for your Uncle Frank and suck him till he's hard," daddy commanded Danielle. He then turned to his b*****r. "She's not a great cock sucker yet, but she's enthusiastic enough and she's a fast learner."

Danielle got down on her knees and took her uncle's cock in her hand. She started off by licking his balls and then licking the veins that were starting to protrude. She circled his cock head with her tongue, teasing the little slit. Then she licked her lips and slowly started sucking the rapidly growing fuck meat into her mouth.

She sucked him in and out for a little while, all the time teasing him with her tongue. Then she felt his hands on her head and he pushed his cock all the way into her throat. He was so big, she couldn't breathe. Her throat contracted hard, trying to get rid of the blockage in her airways. Uncle Frank finally pulled out. His cock was now fully erect and shining with her saliva.

"Damn, that was wonderful, Dani," he smiled. "Now get on your back and let Uncle Frank fuck your sweet little cunt."

Danielle lay down on the floor and Uncle Frank grabbed hold of her knees, pushing them wide apart and showing off her wet folds. He didn't waste any time. His cock was soon at the door to her deep pleasure palace and he started pushing. Danielle panted in delight as she was once again filled by a juicy, bone hard cock. She lifted her hips to feel more of him.

"You're such a hungry little whore, Dani," Uncle Frank smiled at her. "I'm sure we're going to have to work hard to settle your appetite today."

He started pumping her cunt with his engorged shaft. Every thrust sent her tits bouncing and he leaned forward to suck on them and bite her nipples. Danielle threw her head from one side to the other. This was wonderful. She'd never known that fucking could be so pleasurable. Her daddy and uncle seemed masters at it. She didn't think she ever wanted to fuck another man. Then daddy straddled across her face. His balls rested on her mouth and she started licking them and sucking them.

"Oh yeah, baby," daddy moaned. "You're doing just fine."

Her cunt was on fire and she sucked daddy's balls and teased them with her tongue. When she opened her eyes again she could see that daddy was now completely hard. He pulled his balls out of her hungry mouth and adjusted his position. Her mouth was still slightly open and he took advantage of that to shove his cock into her mouth. Uncle Frank was frantically pounding her cunt. Daddy was fucking her mouth. Danielle came with a great shudder.

Neither man seemed to pay any attention to the fact that Danielle had just cum. They kept fucking her deeper and harder. Danielle's horniness returned in record time. Her hips moved to meet her uncle's thrusts. Her head bobbed to feel daddy's cock deep in her throat.

"Oh babyyyyyyy," Uncle Frank panted. "Your cunt is so sweet. I'm not going to last much longer this time."

"Make her cum again first," daddy panted. "I want her to really enjoy this."

Uncle Frank started massaging Danielle's clit with one finger. He moistened it with cunt juices and then pressed it against her puckered asshole. Slowly he managed to slide it halfway inside her tight ass. That proved too much for Danielle. Her body convulsed in another orgasm and that was the sign for Uncle Frank to release his load. He grunted as he started shooting his cum deep inside his niece and then daddy was next. He started shooting in Danielle's throat, forcing her to swallow his cum. Then he pulled out and shot the rest of his load across her face and finally on her tits.

When both men had pulled out Uncle Frank looked at his beautiful niece, covered in her daddy's cum and with his own cum trickling out of her battered cunt.

"You're our little cum bucket now, baby," he said to Danielle and kissed her.

"I hope you don't mind not going to college," daddy smiled. "We've got a much more interesting future planned for you."

***** Six months later Nick Conti pulled his car up outside his Roman villa. He'd relocated permanently to Rome now. He and Danielle got more privacy this way. His divorce was final and his two boys were now in boarding school at home. He didn't care what his fat ex-wife was up to. He was satisfied that she'd received very little of his money in the settlement.

A silhouette moved past the window. It was the naked outlines of his baby girl. The villa was always toasty warm as rule number 1 in his house was that Danielle didn't wear any clothes. He kept her wardrobe under lock and key, only getting an outfit out for her when she was coming out with him. He'd had a huge bed custom built for them. It was big enough for him, Danielle and Frank to sl**p in together.

Nick had moved here permanently, but Frank still had his wife and f****y back home. He was here at least 2 weeks a month and then the three of them had wonderful orgies. The rest of the time Danielle's cunt belonged to Nick. He opened the door and Danielle came running to kiss him. Then she dropped to her knees as rule number 2 in his house was for her to be ready to suck him off as soon as he came home, if he so desired.

Today he pulled her up again and admired her body. Her tits were still pert, but quite a bit heavier now, having reached the dd-cup size that he'd been longing for. Her nipples were also bigger and much darker. Under her tits the swell of her pregnant belly was becoming more pronounced. She didn't know this, but he was absolutely sure that the baby she was carrying was his. Frank had had a vasectomy when his wife started nagging him for another c***d. He felt his cock getting hard again.

It amazed him that even after half a year he still couldn't look at Danielle for more than 30 seconds before he got an urge to fuck her. No woman had ever held his attention like that before. It must be because of the daddy-daughter bond they shared. He was also amazed by how much her pregnancy turned him on. They'd had to adjust their favourite positions to allow for her growing belly, but their orgasms were wilder than ever.

He took Danielle's hand and went to the bedroom. Danielle lay in the middle of the bed and started playing with her wet pussy as he got undressed. Less than five minutes after coming home he pushed his hard cock right up his daughter's cunt, towards his baby that was growing inside her. He could tell that he wasn't going to last long this time...
... Continue»
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Mostly True Tales: My First Daddy

*The following is, as the title states, mostly true. Certain details have been changed so that this reads more like an actual story and less like a diary entry. If you enjoy this then please comment and or vote.*

I lost my virginity at a relatively young age to an older man and since then I have been more attracted to them. I have been with boys my own age but I always find myself coming back to older cock. This is how it all started for me, this is how I had my first “Daddy”.

It was late one night and I was on the internet chatting with this 34 year old man from the other side of the country. I was blatantly flirting with him and he with me so the chat quickly turned sexual. He asked me what I liked sexually and I was honest in my answers. When I asked him the same question he responded with a link so I licked on it. It led me to an “erotic story” site and the one he specified involved daddy/daughter sex. It was my first real exposure to anything of that subject and at first I found it disgusting. So much so that I quickly blocked him from ever sending me another message.

As I sat there I found myself wondering how anyone could get off on things of that nature and I guess my curiosity got the better of me. I half assed skimmed through the story and by the end I found myself with my hand down my panties and my legs spread wide. It was so dirty, so depraved and somehow so fucking hot. I had to read more so I found the index and read through a few more stories but none matched the intensity and a****listic lust of the first. When I went back to re-read that first tale of taboo I noticed a little link to the rest of that author’s stories. I couldn’t click it fast enough.

I spent the next hour or so going through his i****tuous fantasies as I fingered myself and came more times than I can count. When I was finished I figured I should take the time to send him a message telling him how much I enjoyed his stories. I figured it was the least I could do since he took the time to write them. It was a short message outlining how I had come to find his stories and how I had just fucked myself silly reading them. I clicked SEND and went to shower. When I came back I had a response from him thanking me and how he was glad that his words made me cum. This started an e-mail and eventual IM exchange where he told me about how his fantasies developed.

He lived about 3 hours north of me and he and his wife divorced when their daughter was about 12 years old. He was soon transferred over seas for his work and when he returned three years later she was not as he remembered her. She had obviously grown up and despite the occasional picture she would send him he wouldn’t have recognized her. The divorce was bitter and he had next to no contact with his ex-wife but his daughter would spend one weekend a month at his house and it was during one of these weekend visits when his image of her changed.

It started late one night while she was staying at his house. She was on the phone with her boyfriend and he found that the sound of her voice would travel through the heating ducts and he could hear her in his bedroom. It was an annoyance and he was about to tell her when he suddenly noticed that what he was hearing were not words but moaning, groaning and then dirty talk. She was having phone sex with her Bf and it was actually turning him on. That was the first time he jerked off to his daughter….but it wouldn’t be the last.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. He knew that he would never actually cross that line with her physically but mentally was a different story. He had accidentally walked in on her topless and once more completely naked. One night after she left he found a pair of her panties in the clothes hamper, a purple thong with the words “Lucky You” written on them. He admitted to having a slight panty/lingerie fetish and before he knew it he was stroking his cock with his daughter’s thong and dumping his seed into them. I found all of these incredibly hot and didn’t mind telling him so.

One night he sent me a copy of his latest story and after reading it I was so fucking horny I IM’d him my phone number. It was the middle of the day and I wasn’t expecting him to call so it startled me when my phone rang.

“So you liked the new story?” his voice was just as sexy as his words.

“I fucking loved it!”

“Shouldn’t you be at school?”

“No school today, PTA conferences.” I moaned a bit as I stretched out on my bed.

“So what are you up to then?”


“Yes of course.”

“Rubbing my pussy through my panties.” this time it was him that moaned.

“That turn you on Daddy?” it was the first time I referred to him as “Daddy” and it sent a shiver down my body to my needy little cunt.

“Oh fuck yes!”

“MMMM your cock getting hard for me Daddy?”

“You want to see it? I’ll turn on my web cam if you do.”

“Yes Daddy” I went to my computer and logged in. The “View Web Cam” request was waiting for me. I clicked on it as I sat down and there before my eyes was his swollen cock. It wasn’t the biggest I had ever seen, in fact the length appeared to be just above average but the man did have some width and really big head. I love that.

“MMMM Daddy! Such a yummy cock.”

“You like Daddy’s dick?” he was slowly stroking and precum was just starting to build at the tip.

“You’re making me so wet Daddy. Wanna see?” I sent him a request to view my cam.

“Oh fuck!” I stood up so he could see all of me. I was only wearing panties.

“You like my panties Daddy?” I could tell he reached for something and he held up a pair of pink panties then proceeded to wrap them around his dick.

“Who’s panties?” I had sat back down, legs spread wide and my own panties pulled aside as I rubbed my bald little cunt.

“Katie’s. My daughter.” the faucet that is my pussy was now open full blast and I could feel my juices flowing. I was full on fingering myself to the point where I was almost literally riding my hand. He matched my pace and soon enough he started to shoot. Stream after stream flooding his daughter’s silky panties. When he was done he held them so I could see them then he refocused his cam so I could see him from the waist up and I was pleasantly surprised. Our conversation soon ended when my parents came home from work but the rest of the evening I couldn’t help but think about our cam session. I fully intended to do it again late that night but I fell asl**p. When I woke up the net morning it was 8AM and I was horny again. The images of that chat with my on-line “daddy” running through my mind, I went on-line to re-read some of those hot stories again. When I logged on I saw that he was on and I couldn’t resist messaging him.

“MMMM morning Daddy ;) “

“Well good morning there little girl. No school again today?”


“So what are you up to today?”

“I’m so fucking horny this morning!”

“Anything I can do to help?”

“Drive down and fuck me?” My response was actually kind of a shock to me. I had had an internet hook-up before but that was after chatting with the guy for a couple months.


“Yes.” The conversation went back and forth for several minutes and basically revolved around me convincing him that it wasn’t some sort of set-up. I told him we could meet at the local mall and go from there. I sent him the address and waited for a response.

“I can be there in about 2 hours.”

“Yippie! Oh and Daddy? Bring your daughter’s panties with you.”

I logged off and started to get myself ready. I took a long hot soak in the tub and shaved. I wanted my little mound as smooth as could be. I had trouble deciding what to wear. I wanted to look sexy but not too slutty since we were going to be in public. I ended up choosing a short jean skirt and a rather tight tank top. I got a ride to the mall and just sort of roamed around waiting for his call. When it finally came I had butterflies in my stomach. We met up at the Starbucks and had a coffee then walked around a bit. I was fucking horny the entire time and it was a turn on to be walking around with this man, referring to him as Daddy and knowing that he would soon be deep inside me. We eventually made our way back to his car.

“So what do you want to do now?”

“I want you to take me somewhere and fuck the shit out of me.” I replied with a sexy smile and then grabbed his hand and started to suck 2 of his fingers.

“I think I saw a nice hotel on my way in.”

“No that one is expensive, there is a cheap little motel just down the road.” I had been to this motel more than a few times so I knew that it was fairly discreet and there is something about being fucked in a cheap motel that just seems so sluttty. Lol.

He went inside and got a room while I waited out in the car, teasing my little pussy through my panties as I anticipated the fucking that this older man was about to give me. When he returned to see me with my skirt hiked up and my hand slowly rubbing myself he moaned. Our room was around the back of the building which was good. As soon as we got inside I pushed myself up against him. I could feel his hard-on through his pants already.

“MMMM Daddy. This for me?”

“Every inch baby doll.” the fact that he called me baby doll was kind of hot.

“Did you bring something?” he seemed a bit confused at first but soon caught on and pulled a pair of black lace thong from his pocket. I gabbed them and told him I would be right back as I slipped into the bathroom. When I returned I was only wearing his daughter’s black thong and my purple bra. He was sitting on one of the chairs, his cock already out. It certainly looked bigger in real life.

“Well what do you think Daddy? Do they look better on me then they do wrapped around your cock?”

“Oh fuck!”

“Such a naughty Daddy, jerking off with your little girl’s panties” I moved towards him and straddled his thighs, my panty covered mound pushing against his throbbing cock.

“Oh Chloe, that feels so good!”

“Call me Katie.” I whispered in his ear as I ground my young cunt against him a little harder.

“Katie, you feel how hard you’re making your Daddy?” his hands slid up my sides to my tits, pawing at them through my bra.

“MMHHMMMM. You like those big tits Daddy? I bet you’ve been aching to see them.” I reached back and undid the clasp and let the material fall from my body exposing my young fleshly globes. He stared at them intently then pulled me to him, burying his face between my breasts. I felt his mouth lightly clamp down around one nipple.

“Bite it Daddy, bite it harder! MMMM your lil girl likes it rough.” his teeth clenched increasingly tighter around my nipple sending shockwaves of pleasure and pain through my body, causing me to grind my young mound against his throbbing cock harder. I could feel the wetness of his pre-cum against my tummy. I just had to have that juicy dick in my mouth so I pushed him back and slowly slid down to my knees in front of him and took it in my hand. I watched him watching me as I slowly stroked the length, teasing the head with my tongue.

“Oh god Katie! Do it baby doll, suck it!” starting at his balls I licked up to the tip before opening my mouth and wrapping my painted lips around it. His pre-cum tasted so good. I slowly inched my way down, then back up and then down again. Taking more and more until his entire length was buried in my throat.

“MMMM yes! Deep throat your Daddy you little fucking whore!” his words wee so rough. His hand found my head and soon he was fucking my mouth causing saliva and pre-cum to drip from the corners of my lips down onto my body. I felt him start to swell and I knew he was close. I desperately wanted him to cum in my mouth but I also wanted to get fucked.

“Oh my god Katie, you’re going to make your Daddy cum so fucking hard!” I pushed him back and pulled his throbbing length from my lips, still stroking it.

“MMMM do it! I want you to cum in my fucking mouth Daddy?” I stroked faster as I continued to suck on him until I felt that first spurt start to erupt from his swollen head. I opened wide and he jerked himself off into my mouth. There was more cum than I expected and I had streams of his cream dripping from my face by the time he was finished. I pushed the errant cream into my hungry mouth as Daddy watched. He pulled me up to him and kissed me deeply, tasting his own seed.

“MMMM you’re turn now baby.” he smiled then picked me up and dropped me onto the bed. His hands pushing my thighs apart, his breath hot on my skin as he pushed the thong aside getting his first look at my young, hairless mound.

“Fuck, such a pretty little pussy. Daddy has been wanting a taste of his little Katie for so long” I felt his tongue licking up my slit to my swollen clit.

“Oh god yes Daddy! Do it! Eat my little fucking cunt Daddy!” he focused his tongue and mouth on my clit as he pushed one finger, then another deep inside my snatch. I was in heaven as this older man devoured my young teen pussy and I had no problem telling him so.

“Oh fuck yes! Right there Daddy! Fuck you’re going to make your little whore daughter cum!” I was grinding myself against him hard. Profanity and dirty talk spewing from my mouth as he brought me closer and closer. When my first orgasm hit my back arched and I held his head between my thighs until it passed.

When my orgasm subsided he came up and kissed me again. This time it was me that got to taste my own juices from his lips. We kissed like that for a few minutes and I started to feel his reawakened cock against my panty covered gash. I looked down between us and watch is it rested against the thin fabric. I thought about taking them off but decided that it would be hotter if he fucked me while I wore his actual daughter’s thong. I reached down and pulled them aside again, his thick swollen head now laying against my tight teen fuckhole. He looked so much bigger then he did on his web cam. He began to rub the head up and down my soaked lips.

“MMMM Daddy, your cock looks so big. Oh put it in me Daddy, please. Make me take it all Daddy!” I winced as his thick head slowly entered me. Inch after inch until he was ball deep in my young hole.

“Ohhhhh Katie! You’re so fucking tight!” he moaned as he started to piston in and out my little cunt.

“Oh god yes Daddy! Yes! Fuck me harder Daddy! Fuck me like a dirty little whore!” I was loud. I could hear people fucking in the next room and I wondered if they could hear me begging my Daddy to pound me like slut. It made it so much hotter.

“You’re Daddy’s little whore Katie, Daddy’s little slut!” he was on his knees, holding my leg open as he slammed his cock in and out my tight pussy. My tits bouncing wildly each time he f***ed himself in hard.

“Yes yes yes! Daddy’s dirty filthy little fucking whore daughter! Use me Daddy! Use your little daughter’s fuckhole!” his speed and intensity were building.

“Such a dirty little fucking whore Katie. You’re going to make your Daddy cum so fucking hard!”

“Do it Daddy! Cum! Cum for your little baby doll fuck toy!” he fucked me even harder.

“Tell Daddy where you want his cum!”

“Oh fuck! Cum in my little girl cunt Daddy! Shoot your load deep inside your daughter!” I was on the pill but had never had a guy cum in my pussy. Something about the thought of Daddy shooting into his daughter seemed hot.

He grabbed my hips and drilled into me faster, harder, rougher until he started to explode inside my teen cunt. I felt spurt after spurt erupting into my sloppy hole as I began to cum with him.

We laid there for a while, staying in character the whole time. Me calling him Daddy, and him calling me Katie. He fucked me again, this time from behind, and deposited another load into my dripping cunt. We showered and I sucked him hard and let him bust on my face. I would have fucked him again but by then my pussy was sore. It started getting late and my curfew was fast approaching. I was naked, half bent over and checking my face in the mirror when he came up behind me and started to caress my ass. I felt his finger nudge against my virgin asshole and he asked if anyone had been up his little ass yet.

“MMMM no. Not yet Daddy.”

“Well maybe next time you’ll give that up to Daddy.” and the next time that is exactly what I did.

He became the first to ass fuck me and truth be told he was there for a few of my sexual firsts. He was there the first time I had two cocks at once. He was there the first time I got with another girl as well. We got together regularly over the next couple of years until he was transferred again. I always called him Daddy and he always called me Katie, even to this day when we talk. I’ve had many “Daddies” since but I’ll never forget my first.... Continue»
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Daddies Daughter

They say Daddy is the most important man in the World, in the mind of his daughter, so much so, that they marry men who have a resemblance to them, and as if to reinf***e this bonding, the boy who marries his daughter, has a tough job convincing daddy, to release his girl into their control.
This special bonding has more significance if the daughter grows into a replica of his wife in her younger days, especially, if the wife is no longer with him, through divorce or death.
I first noticed this when we went back to Ulrika's place and met her father, Daniel.
I noticed how is eyes followed her everywhere, not as loving as father would normally look towards a daughter, but more lecherous, more like a man viewing a sexual object, becoming alien to her, as she developed and started to formulate her own mind and thoughts, pushing her daddy into the background, he was losing that all important influence over her, and becoming distant, something in her had altered her affections, and that something was her current boyfriend, a guy 20 years her senior.
Ulrika's sense of dress bordered on the sleazy, high-cut broad mesh nets, high heels, and short skirts, and thongs. She never wore a brassier, as her breasts were firm and jiggly, but her nipples were very prominent, she knew it and loved the attention they drew to her, including her current boyfriend.
I sat in the kitchen that day, as he gave me the look-over, and as if to confirm my suspicions, suggested, he wished his daughter would dress more conservatively, like myself, I remember thinking, God if he only knew who he was talking to, keeping my legs tightly crossed, in case he saw I was going commando.
He opened another beer and sat across the table just as Ulrika walked-in. I had a little difficulty in trying to associate this fifteen year old with the apparition standing before her father.
She stood before him, her jutting nipples at eye level, and he just sat there staring straight at them, and as he spoke he remained focused, so much so, she said, 'Daddy stop staring at my nipples, you make them harder', and he laughed.
He then put his hands around her bottom and pulled her in close to him, and clamped his mouth onto her breast and bit her on the nipple, pulling it and the surrounding material with his teeth, as she screamed out in mocked pain.
'Daddy that hurts, stop it', and daddy released the now more prominent sensitive tissue, and as she leaned back, I could see his hands were fondling her buttocks, kneading her flesh, his fingers under her short hemline.
What surprised me even more was her presenting her other nipple to be suckled in similar fashion, 'Daddy you made them uneven', and let him take it between his teeth in similar fashion, only this time he bit down harder and pulled her buttocks in closer.
I honestly thought they were going to fuck in front of me.
But he released her and she went straight to the fridge and took a carton of white wine out and poured two glasses, one for me and the other for herself.
As she did this he stood up and his erection pushed hard against the straining material of his pants, he faced his daughter and said, 'Look what you did to your daddy', and she looked up and said, 'Just wank it daddy, like you always do', and with that he looked at me, with a half pleading look as if to suggest I do something about it, and Ulrika said, 'Daddy Mariel is my friend, and she is a virgin', to which he shrugged his shoulder turned and walked out.
Ulrika handed me the drink and said, 'He is fucking horny, always does it when he grabs me', and took a deep draw on the glassful of wine.
My head reeled with questions, 'Have you had sex with him'? She looked at me for a minute before answering, the shook her head, 'When Mummy left I was his sole mate and slept in his bed, but we never had sex, I just comforted him, so now we are close and open, just as you saw', and I in my innocence and mixture of wine, nodded an acceptance of her reasoning.
We had another wine and we were both tipsy as we rose to head off to meet her current boyfriend. 'Daddy we are off now', she called out, as she opened the front door, and he called back, 'Be good darling' and we walked out.
'Where is he', I asked her as we walked down the street to the bus stop, 'He's having a wank', and circled her forefinger and thumb and gave the wanking motion we all associate with that male pleasurable past-time.
I was d***k, I had been drinking hard spirits, Vodka mostly, and as I stood propping up the supporting wall, I was backed onto, I listened to Ulrika and her boyfriend as she performed an oral act on him, a little turned-off at the noises he was making, as Ulrika milked him to fruition.
She came out wiping her mouth, indicating she had had a mouthful, and e knowing I was there listening or watching, came out with his penis still in view, and faced me while Ulrika, decided to puke up his testicular contents behind the wall.
'Too much cum I think', he boasted, and reached in and eased his balls out for me to have a good look, 'You know Mariel, this cock could do you a favour', and he started to wank it to get it hard as I looked at it.
d***kenly and rather stupidly, I lifted my skirt, showing just how nude I was, 'Take a look', I said, 'Thats as near as you will get', I continued, as Ulrika emerged, looking first at me, then him, me with my skirt up and showing my pussy and him with his cock hard again, 'You two gonna fuck', she asked and continued to push past me, as I said. 'No fucking way', dropped my skirt and followed after her, as she waved down a taxi, and we went back to her house.
We never spoke until we arrived at her house, 'I'm finished with him', is all she said and got out of the cab and went inside, as I paid the cab driver, who appeared to be keen to keep chatting to me, I guess he was thinking about sex and was just trying his luck.
I eventually got inside and Ulrika had undressed standing in the kitchen with the milk carton raised to her mouth and spilt milk running down her chin and onto her bare breasts.
She was clad in high cut nets and a black tiny thong, and six inch heels, a vision right out of a Swedish heyday Porn, milk dripping from her nipple and forming a puddle on the floor.
I sat down on the seat I had vacated five hours ago, put my head on the cool surface and dosed off.
I awoke not sure why, as the light was still on and the milk carton was lying on the table top, but the fridge was beeping, Ulrika had walked out and left the door open, I guess thats what woke me up.
Putting the milk back in I closed the door, after pressing the button to stop the alarm, and as I walked towards the door, I looked at the clock, I had only slept for 45 minutes.
As I put my hand on the door I heard them for the first time, their voices mumbled, then silence, then a smack, more silence and another smack, a little harder than before, followed by a slight protestation, from Ulrike, still undiscernable and mumbling, another smack, more louder and cracking.
I turned the kitchen light out and eased the door open enough to see what was going on.
Ulrika was across his lap, her thong like panties were down on the thighs and he was administering a smacking on her bared bottom.
He sat in a dressing gown, all opened to reveal his nakedness, and as he smacked her reddening bottom, he caressed it lovingly in a short circular motion, watching her buttocks move under his caresses, pulling her cheeks apart to expose her sex organ and anus, and licking his fingers inserted them into her, before smacking more violently, than before.
I stood in the darkness trembling as I watched, I was frightened and sexually aroused as I watched, so unashamedly, I started to masturbate, as he became more abusive to his prostate daughter.
He eased her from his lap and positioned her onto the settee, in a kneeling position, standing up and taking off his dressing gown, to reveal a huge erection, then dropping to his knees behind her, put his cock into her and started humping.
I thought thankfully that Ulrika had passed-out, but as he started to move in and out of her, she started to respond and humped with him, crying in a sobbing manner, 'Oh! Daddy, Daddy, harder daddy please dont stop' and as I witnessed this daddy-daughter interaction, I realised just how natural an act this could be and together in our own little sphere of influence, them fucking and me masturbating, we all had sex simultaneously.
Ulrika came first and she violently convulsed on the end of his cock, her body jerking as she gasped in full orgasm, daddy looking down on his loving daughters convulsing, proud to be pleasuring her in the ultimate act of full intercourse.
When her convulsing stopped, he remained static, not moving he waited as she fell into a deep sl**p, still impaled on daddies cock.
He stood up and his penis popped out still erect and rigid hard and he turned in my direction, I was suddenly aware I was his next target so I ran back to my seat and pretended sl**p.
When he turned on the light I continued to feign sl**p, losing my chance to confront him as he approached, but admitting perhaps it would be nice just to let him into me and do the same for me as he did his daughter, so I stayed still as he pulled my dress up exposing my naked flanks and wet pussy between my legs.
He felt me and inserted his finger, lining my vagina with his cock as he pushed into me, and fucked me as I sat on the stool.
I like Ulrika lost all control as he fucked me, it felt so warm and fulfilling, felt so normal that I like Ulrika started humping him in return, now I was no longer pretending to sl**p, I was turning to look him in the eyes and beg to be fucked.
It was in this position that Ulrika walked into and found us humping. She cast a glance in our direction and went to the fridge and took that carton of damn milk out and started drinking as she watched her daddy shag my tiny pussy.
Putting the carton down she walked over behind daddy and stroked his bare sweating back, dropping her fingers down to his buttocks and cupped his balls, mouthing something that shocked me, 'Good Daddy, didn't I tell you she would do it', to which he responded by thrusting harder into my tightness as in a vain attempt to loosen me up, but my muscles, honed by years of horse-riding, enveloped him like a live condom, clinging to every inch of throbbing cock, I was fucking now as if a separate entity, this girl was wanting to orgasm and my pussy was on a one track focused on achieving that for me, her mistress.
Ulrika realising that her daddy was in the throes of one of his best fucks, dropped to her knees and started to thrust her smallish tongue into her daddies backside, licking and lapping, cleaning every millimetre of sensitive flesh, daddy exploded, trapping her tongue tip as he came she squeezed and twisted his balls as his hot sperm travelled the length of his cock and deposited it deep inside my fertile cunt, helping to augment my own orgasm and cement many future years of the three of us sharing the same bed and enjoying each others company.... Continue»
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Step dads follows daughter & boyfriend to an a

The sounds of a buzzing alarm fill the air in the Jones bedroom, a large masculine had slowly reaches out from under a blanket and slaps blindly at it. As the alarm continues to buzz another figure hidden under the blankets begins to stir as well.

Slowly Eva Jones rises up from the bed tossing her blanket off her as she stares at the alarm with such disdain. "Oh for fucks sake Frank, turn the damned thing off already!" She yells at her husband in annoyance of him still slapping at the nightstand.

Frank Jones finally accepts defeat as he tosses back the blankets and raises himself up leaning against the cold wooden headboard as he slams his hand down on the alarm, finally filling the room with the sound of silence.

"Well its about damn time! Its six in the morning for crying out loud!" Eva said as she was overly annoyed that Frank's alarm had jarred her from a sound sl**p. "I know you got to go to work but honey could you at least try and get that thing cut off before everyone in the house is woke up?" Her tone changes slightly as she looks at her husband still leaning against the headboard. She knew he was exhausted from all his long hours and was now feeling bad for complaining.

Frank just smiled a bit as he lay there staring at the wall, his thoughts wandering all over the place. He turns his head as his wife's tone changes, he gazes at her through his half open eyes. He takes a deep breath before he leans over to her, brushing her long blonde locks from her face he gives her a little peck on the cheek. "Honey I'm sorry, I am just so tired." He says with a yawn before finally making a move to exit the bed.

Frank stands next to the bed and stretches his aching muscles, as he looks for his robe to cover his naked body. Eva stares at him admiring her husband's body, he had always been so chiseled. She could feel a tingle between her legs as her eyes traced his lines from head down, his stomach a perfect six pack and his cock was both long and thick. She licks her lips a bit as she eyes his semi-erect cock. "Mmm, you think maybe I could have some of that?" She asks as she bites at her bottom lip and points to Frank's cock.

"You know I want to give you a piece, but I got to get going or I won't have time to drop off Mallory at school. The choice is yours though, it is your day off either get a piece of this or take your daughter to school." Frank says sarcastically as he playfully rubs his cock.

Eva smiles at Frank as she thinks of the best way to answer his offer. "Well it is my day off so I am going to have to say take your step daughter to school please!" She says with a playful and excited tone as the idea of just not having to deal with her daughter today was just as exciting as sex.

Frank looks down at his cock still in his hand and chuckles to himself. "Well the bitch beat us again."

Frank and Eva laugh out loud at his comments about Mallory, as he begins to dress. Eva lays in the bed pulling the blankets back up to her chest while she watches him. Her hands slowly creeping down between her legs as she teased her pussy a bit. "Mmm maybe I should just take her to school." She thinks to herself as she continues watching Frank dress. Her thoughts are soon interrupted by the yelling of her daughter from the bottom of the steps.

Mallory leans against the banister as she continues yelling up the steps. "Hey is someone going to give me a ride!" She waits mere seconds before yelling again. "Hey if you would just buy me a damn car I could drive myself!"

Frank and Eva look at each other and just roll their eyes at her yelling. "It's your daughter!" He says with a smile.

"No its my ex-husbands daughter!" She laughs as she throws her blankets back again and exits the bed. She walks to the door opening it just enough to yell back at Mallory. "Yeah and if you don't drop the diva attitude missy you could be riding the damn bus!" She says with great anger as she slams the bedroom door back shut to add emphasis to her point.

Frank looks over Eva standing there in front of him her naked chest heaving up and down with every hard breath. "Damn I want to fuck you so bad!" He says as he is now tracing her lines up and down much the way she did him earlier.

Eva liked teasing Frank so she playfully squeezes her 36C breasts together, and asks him "You want to fuck me you naughty man?" She tilts her head to the side and playfully nibbles on her finger, before turning to slowly walk back to the bed swaying her bubble butt back and fourth for him to see.

"Your evil!" Frank says with a smile as he grabs his keys off the dresser.

"Oh I know it." Eva says as she slowly lays back in the bed trying to find just the right spot again. "Don't forget we got that couple we met online coming over this weekend, so no overtime!" She tells her husband before closing her eyes again.

Frank stood their for a second as his mind raced back to the pictures the other couple had been sending them. His cock stirred in his pants as the images played through. His thought pattern was soon broken yet again by another scream from the bottom of the steps.

"What the hell come on!"

"What is her damned hurry anyway? She never wants to be early." Says Eva in great frustration.

"She is 18 nothing is supposed to make sense. In 10 minutes when we are in the car she will be as sweet as can be, and then the switch will flip again. I swear she needs Prozac." Frank laughed at his own comments as he shoved his things into his pockets. "Oh and I promise no more overtime this weekend, I will be here for our little party." He says as he kisses Eva on the forehead.

"You better be, I been wanting this for awhile and she will be at her dads house." Said Eva as her mind now also thought of the sexy couple they had been chatting with online. Her hands again working their way down to her pussy.

Frank slowly closes the bedroom door and walks down the steps to find Mallory his step daughter there waiting as impatient as ever. He could not help but look her over as he walked down the steps to her. He tried not to stare at her low cut blouse exposing a massive amount of cleavage, but with breasts bigger then her mothers it was hard not to look. His eyes wandered up and down her body admiring her tan skin, which she more then enjoyed showing off as much as possible.

"Quit staring at me perv!" Mallory says as she can feel her step dad staring at her.

"Are you even allowed to wear stuff like this to school?" Frank asks as he tries to play off his reasoning behind leering at his step daughter.

"Yes. I can and what I wear is not your concern Frank. You aren't my dad after all."

"You are right there because if I was I would whip your ass for trying to wear crap like that out the house. But you mom is okay with it so what ever." Frank said quickly responding to Mallory's remarks.

"You would like to spank this ass wouldn't you?" Mallory said as she turned her butt towards Frank. Her little skirt barely covered it as she slaps her own ass. Mallory had always enjoyed teasing men regardless of who they were, and Frank was no different. She enjoyed not only being a bitch to him, but also trying to see how hard she could make his cock. She really did not have a problem with Frank, because she knew why her mom and dad divorced, and it had nothing to do with him even though he tried to be the fall guy just to make Eva look good.

"Just get your ass in the car girl!" Frank said as he chose to just back away from Mallory's game. He had mistakenly tried to out do her before when she began her teasing only to end up with blue balls for his troubles.

"Well its about damn time, My dad would have already had me to school if I told him I was ready!" Mallory's mood changed from slutty to bitch just like that as she realized Frank was not going to play her games.

Frank sighed deeply as he watched her walk out the front door books in hand, he tried to pretend it did not bother him when she was a bitch to him, but after a year it had started to wear on him. He knew just being a teen alone could explain the mood swings, but he also figured her dislike for him came from taking the rap on her parents divorce. He stood in the doorway and watched Mallory climb into his SUV as he thought about how he came up with the story that he caused the divorce and not Eva's wanting an open marriage just so Mallory wouldn't hate her mom.

Frank's mind wandered back to the break up of Eva and Jim, He had been a f****y friend for years he seen the whole thing unwind and had even tried to keep them together, but in the end he failed and shortly after the divorce he fell for Eva. He stood there on the steps thinking back to both Jim and Eva coming to him as a mutual friend and complaining about one another. He smiled as he remembered thinking how crazy Jim was for being mad at his wife for just wanting an open marriage. Frank's mind continued to wander a bit as his thoughts were broken up by the honking of the SUV's horn.

"Please Frank I don't have time for whatever in the hell you are doing!"

Frank snaps back to reality and looks at the SUV with his step daughter in the passenger seat pleading with him to get in the car. He quickly walks down the sidewalk to the driver side wondering to himself how goofy he must look when his mind wanders like it just did.

Mallory plays with the stereo for a bit, before slumping back in her seat and after a long sigh rolls her eyes and looks at Frank. "Your stereo sucks you need one of them XM radio's or something. My daddy has one of them."

"Well Mallory, I am happy for your daddy but I don't have one. I guess you will just have to suffer with old fashioned boring radio for this long 30 minute drive." Frank retorted being overly annoyed at Mallory's complaining.

The SUV hummed along down the road as the rest of the 30 minute drive was filled with the sounds of only the beeping of Mallory's iphone to announce she had received yet another text message. Frank tries his best to sneak a peek at who or what is so important, but cannot get a good peek.

"Would you please just watch the road Frank, I really don't want to die just because you want me or cause you want to peek at my phone. I ain't sure which your doing but just stop." Mallory says as she tosses her hair back.

"I wasn't doing anything, why don't you calm yourself down and drop the diva attitude will you?" Frank said as he tries to take control of the situation. He did know in the back of his mind Mallory was right though, he was enamored with her. Her body was nearly flawless, She had been a cheerleader almost since the day she started school. He begins to think back to the times he had caught a glimpse of her in all her glory leaving the shower with no towel. Her perfectly tan skin not a single line on it, her perfectly round D cup breasts and her totally hairless pussy. Frank's cock starts to grow and bulge in his pants as he day dreams.

"Well I can drop the attitude, but that still won't change the fact your not paying attention and you just missed the turn." Mallory says with a cocky smile plastered across her face as she points to the road her school is on.

"Mother fucker!" Frank yells as he snaps back to reality in time to make a sharp turn down the next road the SUV's tires squeal as the large vehicle leans.

Mallory's purse slides from her lap as the quick turn startles her. She leans down to try and grab it off the floorboard as the sudden stopping of the SUV makes it slide further away as Frank finishes circling back to the school.

"Well now wasn't that fun? We made it and you only nearly killed us." Mallory says as she grabs the contents of her spilled purse up off the floor and pulls the door handle.

"You have a good day now okay."

"Whatever Frank, don't come back to pick me up I got practice after school. I can catch a ride." Mallory says as she grabs her things and quickly walks down the sidewalk towards the large brick building.

"That bitch is crazy." Frank says to himself as he breaks his gaze from Mallory's behind and turns his attention back to getting to work. He puts his SUV back into drive and pulls way from the school just as his phone rings. "Shit where is that damn thing!" He exclaims loudly as he tries to look for it and drive, before just giving up and pulling around the corner and parking next to the school. "Finally there it is." He grabs it from the console in just barely enough time to answer it before the voice mail picks up. "Hello"

"Hey ya Frankie its Tim. We got some issues at the plant today them suppliers got stuck in Japan and won't be in for a week."

"Well shit I was supposed to come in today and do that presentation for them." Frank said as he stares out his window, thinking about all the hard work he had put into this and for now at least it was for nothing.

"Well just..."

"Hang on I can't hear you!" Yells Frank as a Harley Davidson comes flying down the road the exhaust pipes filling the air with a loud rumble. The motorcycle turns and heads towards the school parking lot where Frank just left Mallory. "Okay some fucker on a damn Harley just about blew out my ear drum, what were you saying Tim?"

"I was saying take the day off and get an early start on your weekend. You been putting in so many hours I am sure that wife of yours is missing you." Tim smiled as he spoke, thinking of how hot Eva is.

"Yeah you know what that sounds like an awesome idea, I think I." Frank's sentence was interrupted again by the man on the motorcycle as he peers out his window to see Mallory climbing onto the back and them leaving the school grounds.

"Frank you there?"

"I got to go Tim, see you Monday." Frank said as he hung up the phone and watched the motorcycle drive away. "No wonder you were in such a hurry today." He says to himself as he turns his SUV around and tries to follow them. The motorcycle had a head start but Frank managed to catch up quickly and remain a few cars behind them, as he dials home.

"Hello?" Eva answers the phone slightly breathless holding her phone with one hand and her vibrator with the other.

"Hey honey, well your daughter has decided to skip class today with some guy on a motorcycle." Frank says with a slight tone off annoyance.

"Shit! That damn girl. No wonder she was being such a bitch this morning. I'm kind of busy right now can you follow them, and see what she is doing please?" Eva said as she slowly returns her vibrator back to her soaking wet bald pussy.

"Yeah I got the day off now anyway so I got this...Oh and babe if it dies there are more batteries in the nightstand." Frank laughs as he hangs up the phone and returns his full attention to the task of following his step daughter.

The motorcycle makes several quick turns before finally pulling up to a 24 hour adult bookstore. Frank pulls into an adjacent parking lot and watches as the guy takes off his helmet. He eyes him up and down trying to see if he can recognize him as any of Mallory's boyfriends. The guy places his helmet on the back of his motorcycle as he takes the rubber band out of his hair. His long dark brown hair falls to his shoulders as he helps Mallory off the bike.

She removes her helmet as well placing it next to his as she reaches up and rubs the mans short goatee before using her hand to tilt his chin down enough for her to kiss him.

"Who in the hell is that guy!" Frank said out loud to himself as he felt his usual bit of jealously towards anyone getting attention from Mallory.

The couple walks hand in hand to the door before disappearing inside as Frank calls his wife back again.

"Hey I'm really busy now honey what is it." Eva answers the phone almost totally out of breath

"Yeah I bet you are. I am sitting here outside the 24 hour adult emporium."

"Why? I told you to follow her not go buy new toys." Eva says in confusion as she continues working the long black vibrator in and out of her pussy, trying to achieve another orgasm.

"I am this is where she is with some long haired biker dude."

"Damn, what the hell is she up to? Hell give them a few minutes and go inside, it's not like it will be your first time in there."

Frank just laughs as he hangs up the phone and exits his SUV. He walks quickly across the lot as he cracks the front door to the building and peeks in. He does not see either of them anywhere as he enters and begins to browse the store trying not to look conspicuous. He finally spots them near a large section of adult dvd's as he does his best to sneak closer to them. He manages to get just one row over without being seen as he tries to listen to their conversation.

"I'm glad you called me after we met online I figured you were just all talk girl."

"Oh I don't know something about you just made me want to meet you, and when you offered to bring me here I was more interested. I have always wanted to come here but none my friends will they are such prudes." Mallory says as she picks up and puts down various movies looking at the backs of them all as her and the man walk the row.

"I love this place, they even got some booths over there where you can watch some of these flicks." He says as he points to the row of black doors near the wall where Frank was hiding out.

"Really lets watch one, and maybe I can learn some pointers." Mallory laughs as she drags her companion towards the booths.

"Shit!" Frank exclaims to himself as he looks for a new hiding spot. He stares back and fourth as they draw near knowing the booths are also his only place to hide as he ducks inside one and quickly locks the door. "Oh this is great..Follow her Frank..Tell me what she is doing Frank. What the fuck am I going to do now." Frank says as he mocks his wife as he begins to realize he will be stuck in the booth for awhile now since he can't see them he will have no clue when they leave. Just as he slumps down onto the hard wooden bench in the room he hears the slamming of the door to the booth next to his, and the voices of Mallory and the biker.

"So now what Rick?" Mallory questions her friend as she sits down on the bench in her booth.

"Well we put some money in here and we can watch some porn clips." Rick says as he pumps some cash into the slot and a TV flickers to life.

Rick and Mallory sit next to one another watching various porn clips as Frank listens with his ear to the paper thin walls trying to get an idea of what they are doing.

"His cock is so big!" Mallory says as she points to the images of a man ramming his cock up a woman's ass.

"Mmm you like that don't you?" Rick asks as he unzips his jeans and lets his dick out.

"Mmm and I really like that." Mallory says as she lays her head down on Rick's lap opening her mouth to suck on him.

"That's it girl suck that dick."

Frank's mouth drops open as he realizes that was Rick's voice and not some porn actor. Franks own cock begins bulging against his pants with the thoughts of his step daughter sucking off some guy.

Mallory hums as she slides her mouth up and down Rick's cock, her tongue caressing every bulging inch of it as she rubs his balls.

Rick strokes her hair gently as he thrusts his hips up to meet every stroke of Mallory's mouth. "Damn babe you a good little cock sucker!" Rick says between grunting.

Frank peeking through the hole in the room watches his step daughter sucking off the big hard dick, cannot take it anymore as he pulls down his own pants to stroke his dick. "That's it girl suck his cock make him cum." He moans as he watches

"What the hell was that?" Mallory asks as she jerks her head away from Rick's cock.

"I don't know babe it wasn't the movie." Rick says as he points to the black TV screen. "Money ran out a few seconds ago."
"Fuck" exclaims Frank as he realizes his talking was a lot louder then he previously thought.

"We got us a peeper." Laughed Rick as he points to the hole in the wall. "Some dirty perv is watching you suck my cock."

Rick and Mallory move the bench over to the hole in the wall. "You want a better view?" asks Rick as he grabs Mallory and feeds her his cock again.

Mallory on her knees in front of the hole sucking on Rick's dick. Her pussy dripping wet at the thought of some random guy watching them. "Maybe he wants me to suck his?" She says as she pulls away from Rick's dick for a moment.

Hearing those words sets off a firestorm of emotions inside Frank as he stroked his own cock staring at his barely legal step daughter sucking the dick of the strange biker. He could not hold back any longer as his body filled with lust he pulled his eye away from the hole in the wall and slid his dick through it. The hole was a little tight for Frank's long and very thick dick but he managed to push it all the way through to the other side.

"Mmm look at it!" purred Mallory as she eyes the big piece of rock hard meat hanging out the hole in the wall.

"You want to suck it too babe?" Questioned Rick as he reaches out and playfully strokes the strangers cock hanging out the wall.

Mallory without a word changes her position to show some attention to the cock sticking out the glory hole. Her tongue playfully rubs up and down the shaft of it as Rick holds it for her. "Oh my goodness the veins look like they are going to burst." She says with a smile as her friend squeezes the cock harder for her.

Frank grunts loudly as his body is filled with mixed emotions, his stepdaughters tongue felt amazing but he was still a little unsure about the fact that Rick was holding his cock. His thoughts were muddled and confused and just as Frank's mind cleared and was about to pull his cock back. Mallory opens her mouth and begins to suck n Frank's big thick cock. "Oh fuck yes!" He groans loudly as he leans against the wall. He no longer cared that his dick was being stroked by Rick, all he could care about was Mallory's lips wrapped around him.

"Damn girl!" Exclaimed Rick as he watches Mallory's ruby red lips slide all the way down the big thick cock and then back up again. Rick stroked his cock with one and the strangers with the other as he watches. His eyes wide with excitement seeing her suck like a cock hungry slut. "You going to make him cum? Come on slut make that dick cum!"

Rick's encouragement made both Frank and Mallory wild. Frank began thrusting forward trying to almost fuck the hole it the wall as as Mallory wraps her lips tighter and picks up the pace sucking the big cock faster and faster. She could feel it pulsating in her mouth she knew it was close to releasing its hot load for her. As she pulls her mouth away just before the explosion. Rick and her both line up in front of the head just as it pops covering both their faces in hot sticky cum.

Frank can barely stand as his cock erupts he grabs at the wall looking for anything to maintain balance. As he feels a mouth wrapped around his cock sucking him dry and then another mouth. He realizes that hey are taking turns sucking on him. "I'm not gay." He tries to grunt hoping that would make the other man stop.

Rick just laughs as he opens wider sucking on the cock tasting it all as Mallory watches. "I don't think he cares she softly speaks back to the stranger on the other side of the wall. And besides that hard dick tells me you don't really mind anyway."

Frank still feeling woozy from such a large orgasm is unsure as to what he is feeling as Rick sucks his dick. His thoughts racing as he realizes he is still hard as a rock and the mouth on his cock felt so good. He slowly begins to return to fucking the hole in the wall and not caring who it is on other side.

Mallory can see the big hard cock moving in and out the hole in the wall she can see the man n the other side is enjoying it despite the previous attempt at protest. She smiles as her friend Rick is sliding his mouth all the way down his lips nearly touching the wall before he pulls his head back. She slowly slides down her skirt and panties laying them on the bench. Her hands caress her bald pussy slowly teasing her clit as she looks on. She slides a finger inside her dripping wet pussy then another, she fingers herself hard as she watches.

Rick pumping the man's cock so hard and fast his fist wrapped around the base as his mouth works up and down on the head. He loved the feel of the big dick in his mouth. He sucks harder and harder on the cock as his eyes dart back and fourth to Mallory's hot young body. He could see she is loving the show he is putting on and it just makes him work the cock harder for her. He motions for her to come closer.

Mallory gets on her knees next to Rick as they start taking turns sucking the cock. Rick takes 2 or 3 turns then Mallory sucks it 2 or 3 times. Frank clutching for anything to hang on to as they 2 mouths are driving him crazy. Frank continues thrusting into the wall harder and harder and then finally everything just stops. He stands there for a second in confusion wondering where the wonderful mouths had gone. He looks down to peer through the hole to see if he can see anything at all. Rick and Mallory are still in the room but they are slightly away from the hole speaking to one another.

"If you want to I am sure he will be game for it" Rick whispers in Mallory's ear as her fingers continue to work her pussy harder and harder.

"Really should we just invite some random guy to do that she says?" Her question only half hearted as she knew she wanted to fuck the man on the other side of the wall. Her fingers still busy working her pussy like crazy as she listened to Rick's plan.

"I will go over to his booth and talk to him I will set it up you don't have to worry about it okay." Rick said as he pulled up his pants and walks out the booth. He walks over to the one directly next door and gently knocks. "Hey buddy open the door I want to talk to you."

Frank freezes solid his cock almost instantly going limp as a cold sweat runs down his brow. "Whatever it is man I am not interested!" He exclaims back as he checks the lock on the door. "I was just here for a bit of anonymous fun."

"I know it is cool man calm down just let me in we can talk for a minute is all.: Rick tries to reasure that everything is okay as he holds the doorknob.

Frank paces back and fourth for a few minutes as he rushes back to the hole he can see Mallory still on the bench rubbing her pussy. "Okay well its just him so maybe I can get out of this." he says to himself as he goes back to the door and slowly twists the lock to unlock it.

Rick hearing the click slowly walks into the room "Hey man I'm Rick and that is my new friend Mallory over there and well to be honest we both like that big dick of yours." Rick says pointing to the long piece of meat hanging between Frank's legs. "No I don't know you but that chick is looking to fuck and well I know the people that own this joint and well we can have a little fun the 3 of us in a private party room. They usually charge people to rent them out for swing parties and stuff but I can get us in for free since its just us 3."

Franks mind racing 100 miles per hour. He also knew the owners and knew they often let good customers use the swing party rooms, having been a guest to more then a couple with his wife. His cock responding to the idea as it starts to come back to life. Frank walks over to Rick and leans down next to his ear. "I can't I am her step dad." He whispers into the ear of Rick. His mind racing still as he says it unsure of how the man will react to that bit of news.

Rick pulls away and stares at Frank for a moment. "You are her step dad?" as he carefully points at Rick then at the wall between the booths. "Oh this is good." He says with a smile as he rubs his cum soaked goatee. "Dude I have been talking with her for like a month on the internet and well we met in a sex chat room and she wanted me to role play with her that I was her step dad. She has a massive daddy fetish." He tells Frank the whole story of how Mallory has a thing for him.

Mallory leaning near the hole in the wall trying to listen but can only hear muffled whispers. "Hey you 2 pervs aren't starting without me are you?" She asks with a smile on her face.

"No babe just getting the details ironed out."

"Rick, tell him I am up for anything!"

"Okay I will babe." Rick looks at Frank, look dude you know you want that ass and I know she wants you too." Rick looks at Frank's expression and can see he is wavering back and fourth on the idea, as he reaches down and grasps Franks cock he gives it a few strokes as it starts to come back to full life. "You know you want to play."

"Okay I know where the rooms are I am no stranger to this place either. I been to more then a couple parties here" He says to Rick as he continues to stroke his very hard dick. He breathes hard still unsure why he even is liking it but knowing he is enjoying the feeling of someones hand on his dick. "You take her there and I will meet you in there."

Rick releases Frank's cock and smiles "I knew you would." He rushes back to the door slowly opening it and walking back to the other booth. He opens that door and sticks his head in, hey babe come on I got a huge surprise for you. Mallory quickly slides her skirt back up leaving the panties behind as she rushes to the door.

"Are we all 3 going to?"

"Yeah just follow me and be patient." Rick says as he grasps her hand and leads her to the counter. "Hey I need to use the private rooms for a bit if it is okay and I will have the guy from that booth joining me." Rick says to the older woman behind the counter as he motions to the porn booths.

"Yeah Rick sweetie you know its cool. I just need some proof of this one I put that room back there so you guys would quit fucking in my booths all the time, but I ain't about to let some jail bait back there." The older woman says as she looks up and down Mallory.

Mallory calmly places an ID on the counter allowing it to be inspected by the older woman. "Here you go ma'am I just turned 18." She points to the birth date line on the ID.

The older lady reaches under the counter and retrieves a key "Okay here you go Rick take the small party room but don't be back there all day we got parties booked and I will need to clean it up."

Rick grabs the key and leads Mallory to a large white door with the number 2 on it he unlocks it and lets them in. The room is well furnished with a small bed and a couch. "What is this?" She asks

"Well they are just sex rooms, they built them so people could have swing parties here and so they quit fucking in her porn booths all day.

Frank slowly works his way out the booth and is standing at the counter staring at the door and then to the hall where the party rooms are. He stares back and fourth as the older lady behind the counter just looks at him. "Frankie they are in room 2."

Frank nods to the woman whom he still couldn't remember her name but was very familiar with. "Okay thanks." He says as his brain is telling him to run but his body starts walking down the hallway. He argues with himself knowing he should just leave and get out free and clear. His own mind and body fighting one another tooth and nail as he suddenly looks up and sees the door in front of him. He slowly twists the knob and walks in.

"OMG!" Exclaims Mallory as she sees Frank's face. "You fucking perv! You followed me here."

Rick tries to calm Mallory down as he whispers in her ear. "That is the guy from the other booth."

"Wait so you now only followed me here but, but I sucked your dick!" She exclaims loudly again but her tone changing slightly. "I knew you wanted me." She says as her angry tone fades away. Mallory throws her hair back as she as she squeezes her barely covered breasts together. "Frank I know everything I always have." She says as she slowly walks towards him.

"You have?" Frank asks nervously as he reaches behind him to lock the door. His bulging cock not about to be hidden creating quite the tent pole in his pants.

"Yes I do, its one of the reasons I have tried to fuck with you over the years. I know you had nothing to do with their divorce but yet you lied to me and let her put the blame on you." Mallory stands right in front of Frank her breasts still squeezed together as she tilts her head to the side. "Daddy I know you want to touch them."

Rick standing in the corner just watching strokes his dick slowly having played several daddy daughter scenarios out with Mallory on the internet in the past. His dick aching as he jerked it feverishly waiting to see how it all played out.

"Please daddy touch my breasts. I know you want to I have seen you stare at them. I have seen you jerk off into my panties late at night in living room when you think your alone." Mallory speaks with a very sweet and innocent tone as she stands before her step dad.

Frank's breathing becoming increasingly erratic as he knows everything she says is true. He always thought he hid his attraction to her so well but he now knew she was playing him all along. He lifts his hands slowly grasping her young firm D cup breasts. His cock jumped as he touched them and felt as if it could rip through his pants. "Oh fuck they feel so good." He says as he massages her breasts.

Mallory giggles a bit as she lets her tiny top fall off revealing her heaving tan breasts to her step dad. Her nipples sticking straight out hard as little rocks. "Oh Frank I have wanted to feel you inside me since I saw you fucking my mom." Her hands going straight for his zipper letting his monster cock out. She licks her lips as she sees its length and girth she squeezes its shaft tightly before lowering herself to her knees in front of him. "Can I please suck your dick daddy?" She looks at him fluttering her baby blue eyes at him as she holds her tongues inches from his cock head.

Frank not able to hold back his urges any longer grabs her head and violently shoves his dick into her mouth. He drives it all the way in feeling her gag on on it before turning loose of her head. He then grabs it and does it again over and over. Mallory drooling all over the massive cock as it is f***ed fed to her. She relaxes her throat as much as possible allowing him to fuck her mouth faster and harder.

Rick walks over to the door his hard cock still in his own hand stroking it as he stands inches away staring at them watching the show. He was turned on and also in shock seeing the way Frank was just fucking her lips with reckless abandon.

"You naughty girl watching me fuck your mom!" He says as he pulls his cock from her mouth and slaps it on her lips. "I thought I seen you watching us every since the night of your 18th birthday."

Mallory on her knees on the cold concrete floor of the room loving the feel of Frank's big cock slapping her looks up at him and says. "Yes I couldn't help it I am sorry daddy." She holds the base of his cock with one and hand and works her pussy hard with the other.

Rick seeing an opportunity lays down on the floor and moves into a position allowing Mallory to straddle his face as she works Frank's cock. Mallory moans hard as Rick's tongue explores her pussy trying to find the perfect spot. She holds Frank's dick tightly in her mouth ass she moans, the vibrations running down his shaft. Frank holds 2 handfuls of her hair as he grunts and thrusts in and out her mouth as he feels a load of cum building he tries to hold back his cum. Mallory feeling his cock pulsating knows her step dad is close she takes her hand and slide it under his balls and slowly to his ass. She takes her wet fingers that were abusing her own pussy moments ago and thrusts one into his ass.

"Oh fuck!" Frank exclaims loudly at the anal penetration. His ability to hold back gone as he explodes jets of hot cum into her mouth. His cock throbbing and pulsating with every shot of cum. His knees getting weak as he leans back on the door.

Mallory swallowing as much as possible but not able to keep up closes her mouth and lets the rest explode onto her face and fall to her breasts. The cum dripping off her body trickling down on to the face of Rick underneath her. As the geyser of cum stops errupting she stands up allowing Rick to also stand. The 2 looking at one another, her face and body covered in cum and his face covered in a few droppings of cum and her juices. They smile at one another then kiss, as their lips embrace and tongues swirl, she feels a mouth on her nipples. Frank not wanting to be left out has leaned over to suck on his step daughters cum soaked breasts. Rick takes a cue from him and starts to suck the other breast. The 2 men each cleaning the cum off her breasts as she stands there smiling with glee.

"Okay boys enough fun for you now who is going to fuck me?" Mallory asks with a bit of authority in her voice. "My pussy needs a cock bad! Is it going to be you daddy or is it going to be you baby?" She asks as she pulls away from her 2 lovers looking them both in the eyes as she asks.

"I need a moment." Says Frank as he sits on 1 of the few pieces of furniture in the room.

Rick not needing another invitation picks up Mallory and carries her to the bed that is in the room. He throws her on the bed her butt on the edge her legs hanging off the bed as he jerks her legs up over his shoulders. He drives his throbbing cock deep into her wet tight pussy. "Holy fuck that is good." He moans out load as he fills her up. He drives his cock into her with such f***e the cheap bed slides a few inches with each push.

Frank finally regaining some strength walks over to the bed he sits on the edge of it. He looks around the room thinking that it was in one of these very rooms where him and Mallory's mom first had sex together. He feels a slight bit of guilt for what he is doing but then he feels something else. He looks down to see Mallory with her arm outstretched her hand grasping his semi-erect cock. Frank's cock begins to react again to the touch it is slower to come back to life but her finely manicured fingers wrapped around it jerking it hard as her lover fucks her is making Frank respond.

"Oh fuck yes babe that feels so good!" Mallory exclaims as she rubs her clit with one hand and jerks her step dad with the other. "Daddy do you want to fuck me?" She moans out the perverse question in between hard thrusts from Rock.

Frank looking at beautiful naked body parts of it glistening with sweat. The feelings of guilt all fading away as his cock stands at full attention again. He climbs on to the bed barely able to fit on the tiny thing. He holds the base of his long thick cock in his hand as he looks at her. "Why don't you fuck daddy."

Mallory and Rick both smile. Rick pulls his cock from her soaking wet pussy and helps Mallory to her feet she stands on the bed hovering over her step dads cock. She slowly lowers herself, she hovers with just the head inside her then another inch and another. She feels every vein and ridge in his cock as she takes the whole thing. She sits on his dick shuddering for a moment as she is as full as she has ever been. She can feel her pussy stretch a bit to accommodate the cock. Frank smiles as he reaches down grasping her ass cheeks and slowly starts her bouncing up and down on his cock.

"Fuck your daddy baby!" Exclaims Rick as he sits on the side of the bed stroking himself, with a look of excitement almost as if it was his cock inside her.

Mallory starts to move back and fourth as she gets used to her step dads cock she rises up almost to the point it is out of her then comes back down hard. She smiles as she looks into his eyes she has seen this look of pleasure on his face before when she spied on him and her mom fucking. Her body shuddered and quivered as a wave of pleasure washed over her, she was cumming harder and harder each time. She moaned hard with each stroke of Frank's cock inside her. She ran her own hands all over her body squeezing her own breasts as the waves of pleasure filled her.
Rick stands up and moves behind her his cock in his and small tube in the other. He gently spreads her ass cheeks and starts to massage her anus. The warming action of the lube making her giggle slightly. Rick then coats his own cock with the lube as he popes the head of his dick into her ass. Mallory lets out almost a howl as she is double penetrated. Frank grunts hard as his step daughters already tight pussy is made tighter. The 2 men take a few moments to get it figured out but are soon working their cocks in and out of her hold like a set of pistons.

Frank pounding upward into her pussy as Rick crouches behind her driving into her ass. Rick pulls back on her hair as Mallory moans so hard. The sounds of the room filled with moans and flesh smacking flesh. "I can't fucking take it!" Mallory almost screams as the constant action of both cocks feels as though it is ripping her apart. The orgasms coming almost one after another nearly non-stop.

"You will fucking take it!" Frank said almost shocking himself that he would speak that way . He didn't know what was coming over him but he was not going to let Mallory stop not now. He grips her hips tighter to pound upward harder.

Rick's balls tightening as he can hold back the f***e of Frank fucking upward into her pussy and the tightness of her ass to much for him as he lets out an a****l like grunt filling her asshole with white hot cum. The load so big it fills her ass and starts pouring out as Rick pulls his cock out. The hot cum dripping down onto Frank's balls as he fucks harder and harder trying to cum yet again.

"Please daddy cum in me" Mallory pleads as she fills a slight relief when the other cock is pulled from her ass. Her moans and breathing still erratic as she feels Rick's tongue probing her ass sucking the cum from her.

Rick licks and suck's the cum off her ass as he lets his tongue slowly work down the crack of her ass. He finds a large glob of his cum laying on the balls of Frank. He licks and sucks Frank's balls cleaning them he find just enough room to allow his head in there. His tongue licking Franks balls and the underside of his shaft as it goes in and out of Mallory.

Frank groans hard as the feel of the wet pussy and the tongue drive him over the edge. He grips tightly to Mallory's hips as he unloads inside her. This load feeling even bigger then the others today. He holds her there even after he is done just trying to calm his breathing. As he finally turns loose of her he is snapped back into reality by the familiar sound of his phone. As he frantically searches his pants for the phone he picks it up to see his wife's name on the screen.
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Daddy/Daughter Love

We’re lying in my California king bed, my head propped up against the well padded headboard, supported by a couple of the half dozen pillows that populate the bed, the sheets disheveled, us on top of whatever ones are under us, small drops of perspiration sparsely cover both our bodies, giving them a sheen and post orgasmic glow. Your shoulder is tucked into the crux of my left armpit, your head gently resting on my shoulder and chest, with your long silky brown hair pulled back in a pony tail (you know I love the way it makes you look like a school girl!) and lies across my upper arm. My left arm is stretched down the smoothness of your lean, tight body, my hand resting on your hip, gently stroking the incredibly soft supple, yet tight skin of your hip and ass. Your right hand is softly tracing circles on my quickly rising and falling abdomen, as I begin to establish a normal breathing pattern after our extended bout of sexual exercise. Your hand moves towards my softening cock, you want to touch it, feel its stiffness just once more before it fades into flaccidness. Then you speak…

“Do you remember the first time Daddy?” you say, almost in passing, but knowing you know the answer, I’m aware it is more than just idle chat. It stirs memories, special feelings and intense arousal thinking back 12 years earlier - the day after your 18th birthday; the day your Mother walked out of our lives and never looked back; Our day; the day we left caution to the wind in our vulnerable emotional state and came (figuratively and literally) together. I mean Really together, sharing such an incredible bond, it blinds us to its’ “taboo” status in the sexual world…the threat of discovery and the social stigma that accompanies being “outed”, all that easily pales in comparison to the inconceivable pleasures and orgasmic delights that result in our unabashed exploration and pleasuring of each others’ bodies.

“Yes Baby Doll,” I reply, “I remember it well” my cock seems to cease deflating in her gentle grasp and tender touches, in fact it begins to stiffen as I think back on that night…

We had known her mother was leaving weeks before that day, but because of the specialness of her only c***d’s 18th birthday, she decided not vacate the house until after the celebration. It didn’t take her long after either, by 10:00am that next morning my last memory of her was created…her tight, hard ass swaying sensually as she walked out the front door. She was Hot and Sexy and unfortunately an uncontrollable nympho. Her daughter, My Baby Girl, who had acquired her Mother’s great looks and hot body, only more perfect, took it well, yet even with the foreknowledge of her Mom’s departure, it still caused her to be melancholy throughout the day. Yet, something was different. That day, when she came downstairs after her morning shower, she had on her normal short shorts and miniscule sexy string thong underneath (she thought I never noticed them) and tight fitting Underarmor top, but….without a bra! Her pert, smallish perky B (going on C) - cup breasts were gorgeous and, seriously, wearing a bra was somewhat redundant for her, so firm they were. Her soft puffy nipples with small pointed tip were outlined in the thin material, while I could tell they weren’t in a state of arousal, my mind quickly calculated what that site would be like, something I had done often during her “budding” years!

I think that was the defining turning point in our normal Father/Daughter relationship…the unlocking of the door, the dropping of the guard to our deepest erotic feelings, since there was no “guard” (her mother) around anymore, it was just us two; and this was the signal that it was likely not going to be long before we would face that awkward moment, standing on the precipice between the gap of “normal” and “incredible”; “right” and “awesome”; “good” and “better”…having to make the decision of whether to jump and throw caution to the wind or stand on the stable ground and have to go through life suppressing the most basal instincts of humankind…we both subconsciously knew what the decision would be when the moment presented itself, and that it would only be a matter of time…but neither of us knew it would come as swiftly and easily as it did!

To help ease her feelings and feel good I made a nice steak and corn on the cob dinner on the grill, one of her favorites. We ate together and then she retired to her room to…well do what 18 year old girls do in their rooms. I eventually retired to my room as well, with the TV turned on to some show, and was browsing the internet for some good porn to watch and then figured I finish the job reading a new i****t story on, my favorite erotic story place. For some reason I was watching older male/younger female flicks and was lightly stroking my flaccid cock and fiddling with my heavy sagging ball sack, one of my favorite personal features. My arousal was building and my cock was filling with bl**d, but had not quite reached its’ full and thick 8 inches. I was at that place where it feels so good, but you know a real ROCK is still building up. Out of the blue, I remembered I hadn’t kissed and wished her Good Night, a normal routine for us, and I was not going to let it pass on this, of all nights!

I got out of bed and pulled on my loose fitting, short but baggy gym shorts and figured they would hide my semi aroused state that was sure to soften further before getting to your room. No shirt was needed. When I got to her door, I listened to see if I could detect the TV or music, but nothing. I knocked gently, but there was no answer…iPod “deafness” most likely! I eased the door knob and slowly opened the door, noticing the only light in the room was coming from her computer screen. As I entered I saw her laying on her bed, in nothing but another one of those string thongs and a tight fitting “wife beater” tank top cut off about 5 inches below the swell of her mounds. She was on her back, left arm stretched out along her body, her right arm bent at the elbow and forearm across her exposed belly. As I suspected, her iPod earphones firmly fixed in her ears and the laptop sitting next to her on the bed, open and angled so the screen was facing her face and upper body. I stalled for a few moments, to drink in the site, the soft light of the computer accentuating her nubile, skin with the soft down hair wherever it had not been removed with waxing…an expense Daddy was happy to indulge on his Baby Girl…and now even more so. The nothingness of the minute piece of material covering my daughters…pussy…no, the labia major better describes its’ task…I realized my money had been spent on a little bit more than waxing the legs and underarms. God her smooth hairless vulva was gorgeous, the curves of her breasts outlined by the thin material of the minimalist t-shirt stunning. As I stared at her form, her eyes closed, apparently asl**p to the music, I felt the weight of my cock and balls pulling heavily towards the floor, my left nut and cockhead just barely poking out from the left leg of my shorts. I snapped to and took a few steps forward to stir her, tell her to turn in for the night, tuck her in and give her that Good Night Kiss. As I moved into viewing site of her computer screen, I noticed a familiar scene, one I had seen recently…very recently!

There on the her screen was the exact same older man/younger woman Tube8 video frozen to a scene where the little girl, whom I know realized very closely resembled Daddy’s Little Girl here, was laying on the bed, head back and tebagging the older man’s loose hanging scrotum and penis as he straddled her face standing at the side of the bed. I moved forward, partly to get a better look, to be sure I was seeing what I was seeing. As I reached across her to close the computer screen, to save her the embarrassment of being caught “sticky fingered” by her Daddy, I bumped the bed and she stirred. Her eyes opened slowly and she tried to focus on what was happening in the silent, dimly lit room. She turned her head toward the computer screen, but the light was too intense and she turned back the other way…facing the hem of the leg of my shorts and the flesh treasures that were exposed. She looked at them and then changed her gaze to my face, into my eyes. I had let go of the computer and straightened up, unintentionally lowering and exposing more of my flaccid manhood right in front of her face. As I caught her gaze, we both sensed a relief, she was busted with the porn, there was no denying what she had been watching…and doing; I was caught starring at her supple, taught and fit young body, with so little on, there was not much work for the imagination.

At that moment, we realized there was only one thing to do….jump from that precipice and throw ourselves into what, until now, were merely thoughts and fantasy’s of the incredibly wonderful intimate, sensual and sexual orgasmic pleasures we both knew were going to come to reality someday…that day was now!

She reached up with her hands and removed the earphones, we were still locked in the most erotic and sensual gaze we never knew was possible until that moment, communicating without words, confirming our shared innermost desires, mentally signing the pact of silence, and discretion, this act would most certainly invoke upon us, waiting and wanting at the same time.

“Your Baby Loves You Daddy!” she stated, like she had stated 1000’s of times before, but this time it had a new special emphasis, a new meaning, and most certainly a wonderfully new affect on the recipient of the news!

“I want you Daddy, I’ve saved myself for you Daddy, I want you to be my First Daddy, I want you to make me a Woman tonight Daddy” she whispered barely audible, but certainly ringing in my ears at 80 decibels, “I want to feel your massive cock deep inside my virgin pussy Daddy. I want to hold you, kiss you and look into your eyes as I feel your shaft split my pussy lips and fill me up.” she continued. She reached for my cock and ballsack with her right hand and her left hand slipped underneath the now moist piece of cloth that covered her labia major. She slowly rubbed circles around her beautiful mound, moving the area in small tight circles, refraining from slipping one of her long, thin fingers in her slit and coating it with her Love Nectar.

“Fill me with your seed Daddy, the seed that is half of me, the seed that created me, that brought me life and into this world…fill me with your cock and sperm and seed Daddy, I want to be ONE with you tonight. Be My LOVER Daddy.”

She was feeling the bl**d rush to my stiffening cock and she moved her hand further up my shorts leg, to feel, for the first time, what 8 inches of cock meat felt like. She had jacked off her high school boyfriends, she had to in order to keep them “happy” while she secretly save her hymen for her Daddy, their penises and gonads didn’t have the weight, girth, hang and length of Her DADDY’s COCK, Her MAN’s COCK! She reveled in the awesome feeling of the hardening flesh, the taught skin encasing the turgid muscle, knowing the arousal was ALL her doing, causing the most basic of human involuntary reactions in her Father.
Shortly after My Little Girl made contact with my manhood, I reached down to lightly squeeze her right breast and tweak the nipple through the thin material. I felt her right, and watched her left, puffy nipple tighten with arousal and the tiny bud of a tip press against the tight shirt. My other hand slipped inside the waistband of my shorts and pushed them down. She had to detach herself from my stiffening cock and sagging balls, but quickly grabbed them back up with her free hand, once the material cleared my appendage. I glanced down at her pussy and noticed she had moved the “thong” aside and had slipped her finger into the crease, slowly sliding it up and down the length of the now visibly wet and obviously swollen folds of her sweet, young pussy. I could see the wetness on her finger, shimmering in the soft computer screen light.

“MMMMmmmm…” she moaned, I’m not sure if it was from my touching her, her touching herself or her touching me, or all three, but she definitely was enjoying what was happening. Her eyes glossed over and got that smoky, sensual look to them that a woman gets when she is feeling a “special” orgasm build, long before it happens. I continued to massage her tit and watch the other nipple ache for the same treatment, when she looked up at me and said “These t-shirts are so flimsy, they tear so easily.” And gave me the sexiest wink I’d ever seen, and have ever seen since, except from her! I grabbed a hand full of the shirt and with one swift and quick yank, it ripped and completely pulled away from her body, I tossed it aside as if it was nothing. As I gazed at her exposed body, as close to naked as I have ever seen her, outside of my mind’s eye, I was stricken by the realization of perfect beauty my Little Girl, soon to become a woman, possessed. She leaned forward, bringing my cock to the soft, luscious lips she was damping with her unbelievably long tongue (my how wonderful that will feel deep down my throat later on I thought) and just as she was about to take it in her mouth, she pulled her slick “candy” coated finger from her pussy and offered it to my mouth. When it hit my lips, she said, “What about my panties Daddy? They tear easier than my shirt!” were the last audible words from her mouth and she worked the swollen head of my manhood past her pursed lips and over her wet, extended tongue. God, it felt like slipping into ultimate warmth and wetness!!!

I reached down and grabbed the now WET piece of cloth that was acting as underwear and, this time, gently pulled up until the strings snapped and came free. It landed on top of the t-shirt. By now My Baby Doll had slide sideways on the bed, so her head was back over the edge of the bed, me straddling her face and she was diligently working, with my thrusting help, to fit the length of my cock through her mouth, to the back of her throat and then past her larynx. Damn, the feeling of my cock head popping through the back of her throat was incredible. No woman had ever taken my full 8” all the way down their throat, not even her Mother who was the BEST, until now. I looked down and saw my balls resting on her nose and feeling my engorged cock and fat head lodged in the back of her throat. She made moaning noises, but they were muffled by my meat. I wondered for a second how she learned this skill so well, then I remembered she said she was a virgin, not inexperienced!

The taste tease she offered me with her slickened finger had me thinking of one thing and one thing only. To me there is no better feeling than a woman DANCING on the tip of my tongue…and it was time to take My Daughter for the DANCE of her life. It wasn’t likely to be the “Minute Waltz” either! As she freed her mouth of my manhood just long enough to catch her breath and then continue exploring her oral cavity with my cock, I leaned forward and down to her waiting, glistening honey slit. She sensed my movements and opened her legs, further exposing the beauty and complexity of her vaginal lips, folds and opening, all coated with the thick, creamy translucent expression of her lust and arousal.

Again she freed her mouth of its burden and said “Please Daddy, lick me, suck my clit and make me CUM! Finger me and make me squirt my JUICES Daddy, finger my G-Spot while you lick my pussy and suckle my clit! Show me the loving those boys don’t know about, can’t give me and never will!” I needed no further encouragement as I lightly licked along her sticky lips and down to her taint area.

The awesome feeling of her increased moaning on my cock, when my lips and tongue made first contact with her clit, was encouragement enough to cause me to continue stimulating the sensitive bud with my lips and tongue. Her taste was so sweet, so innocent, so thick and copious, it literally flowed from her pussy, challenging me to lap it up before it pooled on the bed dressing. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t keep up and a dark spot began to grow under her sweet, tight, athletic and girlishly fit ass cheeks. Her lithe body was the epitome of perfection and all I wanted to do was eat her up…well eat her out. I reached in under my tongue with my hand and slickened my finger with her juices and slowly inserted it as I sucked and hummed on her clit. She had pulled all but the head of my cock out of her mouth and was playing with my loosely hanging balls with one hand, and stroking my cock with the other.

With a mouth full of Cock Head, she moaned “OH MY GOD….AHHHHHHHHH.” as my finger found her G-Spot. At 6’2”, I have big hands and just before I curved my digit up to her special shelf that houses her G-Spot, I gently probed deep inside and sure enough, right at the full depth I could comfortably reach, I felt it…the thin membrane that was the difference between My Sweet Innocent Little Girl now and the Sensual, Sexually Wanton Woman she would soon become…but she would always be Daddy’s Little Girl, Baby Doll, Sweetie!

Before I knew it she started quivering and shaking and making guttural noises as she continued to shove my cock in and out of her mouth while squeezing my balls and slapping them against her nose. Suddenly I felt her pussy clamp as tight as a vise around my finger as I kept a steady rubbing motion on her G-spot with my finger and a rhythmic flicking of my tongue across her clit while my lips supplied a pulsating sucking action. Then it happened, she tensed, pulled my cock from her mouth and screamed “MY GOD I’M CUUUUMMMMMMMMMIIIINNNNG!!” still stroking my cock in front of her gapped open mouth. As the “M’s” cleared her throat, her body relaxed, she opened her legs slightly and before I realized what was happening, she convulsed and released the first of many hard and sloppy ejaculations of Girl Cum, splashing her Liquid Love all over my face, hands, her legs and the bed, then again and again and by the fourth one, I realized what was happening and swiftly covered her pussy with my mouth, capturing the last two powerful squirts of her sweet honey and drinking them in. There was enough on the fifth contraction to fill half my mouth. I didn’t swallow. I knew what I wanted and I knew it was time to take it!

I stood up and pulled my cock from My Little Girls open mouth. She looked up at me with confusion and a sadness I hadn’t seen since her ice cream fell off her cone when she was 6 or 7. With a mouthful of her cum, I couldn’t speak, so I merely reached down, gently grabbed her, spun her around on the bed and gently tossed her to the middle of the queen size mattress. She quickly understood and invitingly opened her legs, making room for me to move up and finally come face to face with her. I slowly laid down on her, my cock pressing against her tight abdomen, and brought my face to hers, our eyes locked in that lust filled, sensual and mesmerizing stare. By now she figured out why I couldn’t speak and wrapped her arms around me, tilted her head slightly and said “Kiss Me Daddy, Feed me my CUM!” and she opened her mouth and pressed it to mine, sharing our first kiss as Lovers, She parted my lips with her tongue and I opened my mouth, releasing the sweet nectar of her orgasm for us to share in this passionate, illicit, taboo, but oh so delightful kiss! I probed her mouth with my tongue as she swirled the thin, sweet and tangy liquid that had just recently been released from her body. The kiss lingered, but there were other actions that were taking urgency. She pulled away from my lips and I instinctively raised my hips, to take the weight off her. She looked at me and said in the most sultry voice I’ve ever heard, “That was a first.” And smiled. “You’ve never kissed a boy after he went down on you?” I queried. “I’ve never squirted before!” she said, winking at me and reaching between us for my turgid tool. She stroked my cock head along her sloppy wet and now even more swollen lips, getting my muscle ready to penetrate her.

She leaned into me and whispered in my ear, “Now Daddy. Take my Virginity. Make me a Woman, Make me YOUR Woman!” and with those last words, she opened her legs and allowed my rock hard cock to slide, easily at first, into her soft, wet, velvety slick and juicy pussy. OH GOD I had never felt anything so wonderful! I felt as though my cock was wrapped in a tightly hugging, warm, wet and slick glove…it was, My Daughter’s PUSSY!!! However, never having accommodated anything bigger than a boy’s finger, she was still tight, VERY tight and my initial penetration was stopped after only getting about a fourth of my cock into her slit. There was resistance as I pushed, gently, not wanting to hurt her, not anymore than was natural and expected and necessary in order to deflower My Baby. She encouraged me, “Oh Yes Daddy, That feels so good Daddy, so tight, FILL ME DADDY. I can feel my pussy walls stretching from your thickness Daddy….OHHHHHH DADDY it feels so GOOOOOD!” She kept it up and as much as I thought I was as hard and long as I had ever been before entering her, her words were causing me to become harder, thicker and longer. I grew to a size I had never felt before!

I worked it in and out slowly, getting a little deeper with every controlled thrust, letting her adapt to the feeling of fullness and friction, let her recover from the discomfort of initial entry and relax a little. She enthusiastically encouraged me to “…go deeper Daddy, Take it Daddy, Break it Daddy, Take My CHERRY DADDY!!!!” But I knew what was coming and what she was about to feel, deal with, experience. Not just that intense, quick and sharp pain that would mark her change from adolescence to womanhood, but the emotional change that was also about to take place, the bond we were going to create, Father & Daughter sharing, enjoying and causing the most wonderful present Mother Nature has to offer.

She had relaxed a bit and I was slipping in and out freely, her juices had started to flow again, that internal bodily reaction, preparing her for what her body knew was coming, but had never experienced. I pulled back, my fat, swollen cockhead pressed against the gaping opening to her vagina. Her pussy seemed to be sucking to get my length back inside, to feel the fullness it had never known until 2 minutes ago. I passionately looked into her eyes and, as I started a slow, but f***eful thrust into her pussy, I said “Daddy Loves You Baby…” and as I felt the tip of my rod press against her hymen, the doorway to her womanhood, her cherry and the entrance to where no other entity had ever touched, as I was about to invade and touch her special Virgin place, I leaned in and kissed her deeply and passionately, my tongue mirroring my probing cock. As we both felt the membrane tear and my cock push another two inches deeper inside her, she pulled back and screamed, half in pain, half in pleasure, then she buried her head into the nap of my neck and gently bite me, not hard, but enough to leave a mark and as she released the grip of her teeth on my neck, she looked up at me, a few tears, coming from her hypnotic eyes, sliding across her beautiful young face, she smiled at me and said “Now CUM for me Daddy! Give me your SPUNK. I’m on the pill, I know you had a vasectomy, FEED YOUR BABY YOUR SPERM DADDY!” and she started bucking her hips, causing me to catch up with her rhythm.

It didn’t take long for everything to catch up to me, the emotions, the incredible physical feeling of being enveloped with her tight, yet soft and silky inner walls, I felt my orgasm build deep in my swollen balls, pent up from the activity so far. My Baby sensed it too and held me tighter and whispered in my ear, “I’m going to CUM again Daddy, you’re gonna make me CUM again Daddy…CUM WITH ME DADDY!” and that was it! My body tensed and my cockhead got so sensitive, it almost hurt, almost, but the pleasure I was feeling was like none I had ever felt before! The flood gates just opened and I started to spasm and jerk and spurt my CUM deep inside the depths of her pussy as she tensed up and her pussy vice gripped my cock and started milking my SEED, with pulse after pulse of vaginal contractions so hard I couldn’t have withdrawn my cock if I wanted. Just as the last of the 5 to 6 intense spurts it took to empty my nuts into my Daughters sucking pussy; she let out another shrill scream of ecstasy and then I felt the most wonderful and awesome feeling, next to what I just experienced a few short seconds earlier. My balls were instantaneously enveloped in wet warmth, as her pussy once again unleashed torrents of her sweet, watery CUM, squirt after squirt coated my balls, legs, her pussy and the bed. She was shaking and quivering uncontrollably, only able to mumble guttural utterances of pleasure and approval, from deep down inside. Then she just relaxed and we lay there hugging and sharing this special moment, knowing it would never happen again, not like this, but also knowing it would always be special….

As I’m finishing these thoughts, stirred by your “question”, I suddenly become aware of your expert mouth engulfing my cock, taking me deep in your mouth, working me for my second CUM of the early day. Then I erupt, fueled by the thoughts of our first tryst, “OH God Baby Doll, Daddy’s CUMMMING Baby!” I utter, as I shoot load after load of spunk into your willing mouth. “That’s it Baby, swallow Daddy’s CUM, get my SEED in your belly anyway you can!” and you stroke my cock to get the last drops of cum before it softens. You move your mouth away from my cock, making a popping sound as the head departs your pursed lips, I notice you haven’t swallowed the last couple spurts. You slide up my body and offer your lips to me, for a deep passionate French Kiss and to share my CUM with me, as I shared yours with you that first time, 12 years ago. We swap the thick, salty viscous liquid back and forth, each taking our share to swallow and enjoy. Our kiss lingers long after my sperm has been evacuated. Then you pull away and look deeply into my eyes and say “I’m glad you remember Daddy!’ and give me “that” wink.

Here we are, 12 years later, you 30, me 55 and it still is as special as the first time. You get up from bed and tell me you need to get showered and get home, hubby will be home from work shortly and you need to get some things done around the house. You are “happily” married, with a good life in all aspects, except one…the Fatherly Love only a Daddy can provide!... Continue»
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My Daddy as you have never known him


I shall say right of the bat, I wrote this story in a heightened state of sexual arousal. So much comes into it as I write and take a moment to touch myself, inspiring more feminine illusions of what makes females different to men when wanking, yes I wanked myself as I wrote this story, so you can imagine as you read, we are as one, and if that inspires you to touch yourself, then the story has done its job, and we have been mentally coupling during this sexual one on one encounter with me.

If you orgasm as I did several times of erotic thought and typing, then I am pregnant with you in mind, and any comment you make, will cause my nipples to harden and my pussy to yearn for you.

Thank you and love Mariel.

My dirty story and thoughts.

Another year older, and all of a sudden, a massive change in attitude of my father.

The night in question opened my eyes to his jealousy. He had already started making my life a misery, when he knew I was dating, and although still technically a juvenile, Daddies mood swings culminated one night as I spent an hour on the porch with my boyfriend, in the darkness of the night, we fooled, and unbeknown to us, daddy listened on the other side of the door.

I became aware something was amiss when my boy had left and I went inside. I was barefoot and as I entered, I stood on something wet.

It was dark and as I closed the door quietly behind me, the goo, for want of an other word, oozed between my toes. Naturally I stooped and felt between my toes and felt this stuff, it certainly was not water, so I raised my fingers to my nose, and realized it was warm sperm.

I froze, as I knew immediately how it got there, as only dad was in the house, and I knew he had been listening to me having sex.

I decided to face him, as I was sure he was waiting for me, and I went into the kitchen, where dad was sitting with a drink in hand.

'You were listening daddy', I decided to go on the attack to try an disarm him. 'You fucking little whore', he fired back, which shocked me as he had never sounded so violent or abusive.

I walked into full view of him and stood in front of him, ashamed and withering, apprehensive showing full remorse, 'I am sorry daddy, really I am', I whimpered.

'Do you know the law on u******e sex', he barked back at me, I swallowed hard, he was right even though I had the body of a woman, I was still a few years from being legal.

'Take of your shorts and panties', he ordered, and as he started to get out of his seat undoing his leather belt, I felt my own hands rise and unbuckle my own.

Daddy watched intently as I un-zippered the short zip and opened up the waistband to reveal my lack of panties, my legs shook as my short cut off denims fell to my ankles.

Dad's eyes widened as they fell away, his interest in me was obviously sexual and I walked towards him as he sat down again, his eyes fixed solely on my pubic region, 'Across my lap you little tight cunt', he rasped, his voice matching my rising anticipation, suddenly I could feel the need also, and I was willing to be beaten into submission, even though that would not be necessary, I could feel myself wetting and rising for an insertion.

I knelt to the side of daddies legs and put both my hands on his thigh, 'Will you take your pants off daddy', and as I asked in my little girls voice, I softly stoked his thigh, stopping short of his rising erection, this was sexual now and I wanted him to know his daughter loved him and wanted to possess him too.

He dropped the rolled up belt and undid his trousers, then stood up to let them fall away and reveal his erection in its full glory, solid and rock hard.

I could feel my tongue wet my lips as it hovered in front of my face, 'Lick Daddies balls my dirty little bitch', he moaned, and I reached forward placing my hands on his thighs, and nuzzled my nose into his ball sack, and stuck my tongue into the heat and sweat of his crotch, and started licking and cleaning him, just like a dog licking its ass.

My eyes wandered up the length of his cock and met his looking down on his disobedient daughter, 'I love you Daddy', I murmured, wetting my tongue with the copious amounts of free flowing saliva I was producing due the acrid sweat on his crotch, Daddy was never good at showering daily, but then there was me, willing to lick him clean, even his last ejaculate was swirling on my tongue, but I was past caring, I just wanted to lick him.

Stepping out of his pants and kicking them to one side, Daddy sat down, drawing my across his bare legs, his hard cock push up against the soft warm flesh of my stomach. I balanced myself by placing both hands on the floor and slid forward, so my buttocks were central to his aim, the feel of his hardness so close to my own wetness, made me involuntary edge over in that direction, daddy sensed my urgency, 'I will stick you, after I punish you', he mouthed through gritted teeth, his hands stroking my plump posterior, my puckered anus with its shock pink crinkled promise of tight pleasure, was offered up to my dad, as he parted my cheeks and gazed down on it.

Then he bent to the side of the chair and recovered the leather belt, 'I need to mark your flesh', he said and as if to emphasize his bestial urge, I could feel him release some pre-cum against my belly, 'Daddy dont cum yet', I begged, afraid my own release would not be realized if he did, but daddy was too incensed with his desire to bring leather hard against his wayward daughters ass, and he brought the full f***e of his muscular arm to thrash my fair skin and the welt rose high as each of my buttocks sagged under the f***e implied, the sight of which, brought another release of seminal fluid from his cock rubbing against my skin as I writhed on his legs.

I just managed to stifle my urge to cry out, and realizing this, daddy ordered my to stuff his underpants into my mouth, so I rolled them up and inserted them deep inside, filling my sound cavity, now he was free to administer his sexually driven desire on my nude torso, soundless, letting the neighbours sl**p, as blow after blow reigned down of my upthrust buttocks, and a puddle of pre-cum dripped onto the floor below my hot flesh.

I took ten strokes, I was charged, as if each stroke discharged electrons onto my swollen clitoris, making me alive and aware of my need for a fuck, I f***ed myself down on daddy's leg, grinding my pubis onto his knee as daddy whacked and smacked my bum as I had my orgasm.

He felt the power of his daughter humping his leg and knee, witnessing the sheen of my discharge between my tight thighs, taking the free opportunity to slid his finger inside my wet swollen pussy and feel the strength of my muscles draw him in, and at that delirious point, I slid, focused with a glazed expression and bl**died bum, from his knee and knelt by his side, with my head buried into his crotch, I started sucking him to the point of ejaculation.

Little girls become women during sexual encounters, nature takes over our bodies to help us combat men many years our senior, we might be younger, fresher, softer and tighter, but when we rise and straddle his thighs, as I did that night, wet and readied for the fabled daddy daughter coupling, I could feel my knees bend with a mind of their own, and let him slid in, parting what warm wet flesh deep inside me lay together, the pain melting away, being replaced by the sheerest of pleasure, until my clitoris rubbed hard against his pubic bone, and ten inches of cock lay nestled deep inside me, cradled and nestled in soft crinkled flesh, titillating and teasing his slightest movement inside me, he would not escape this tight cavity of pleasure, having to release as nature designed the male female copulation act, regardless of relationship, daddy would inseminate me whether he intended to or not, and I would gratefully accept his offering, the warmth spreading in my tummy as proof of his seeding me, I raised my bum high on his cock and plunged deeply, my cry of pleasure echoing and reverberating from the four walls, tonight and for many nights into the future, I would share my fathers bed, even through marriage, my c***dren were of unknown siring, such was my passion for my father's cock.

... Continue»
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Sissy and Her Daddy

My name is Jane. I'm 24, and I live with Richard, a 45 year old man I call "Daddy." We've been together almost two years now, and we are deeply in love.

Although Daddy is willing and able to support me financially, I enjoy my job waiting tables, so I put in about thirty hours a week a local café. We take this money and put it in our "get away from it all" account, and Daddy looks after paying the monthly bills.

I don't know if we can get married, legally, since I indeed have a penis (as does Daddy, of course), but I would love to be his bride some day. Meanwhile, although we don't advertise our Daddy/daughter relationship to the world, we're certainly not ashamed of it, and we have a few close friends who support our cause.

Strictly monogamous, we have an active sex life, full of many games and scenarios we like to indulge in, and definitely full of love, passion and intensity. Last night was certainly full of passion and intensity.

I'd worked the lunch shift and gotten home about 3pm, enough time to shower, do a bit of housework, and get dinner started for when Daddy would arrive home about 5pm.

I was checking on the readiness of a scalloped potato dish I was making when Daddy came home. "Where's my gurl?" he bellowed with a certain musicality.

Rushing from the kitchen to the entranceway of our modest apartment, I called out, "Daddy's home!" and greeted him with a quick peck on his lips. "How was your day, my dear?" I asked.

"Not too bad, Sweetie, but I've got a bit of an ache ... right about here," Daddy remarked, gesturing toward his pants.

Smiling coyly, I retorted, "Oh baby that's too bad," as I hugged him tightly. Breaking the hug, I offered him my lips again, and this time when our lips met I could feel his member twitching against the front of my pants as I pressed up against him.

He kissed me deeply, his tongue probing softly, then his teeth biting gently on my lips. Instantly aroused by the passion of his kiss, I yet remembered the dish I had in the oven and thought it best to just turn the oven off before I got too carried away. I placed a hand ever so gently over his crotch, just grazing the material, just giving a whisper of a suggestion of touch, and said, "I've got something cooking for you, Daddy."

Then I looked him in the eye, smiled, winked, and said, "But it might burn if we don't stop this right now." And I sauntered off to the kitchen.

"It smells good, Janie," Daddy said as he slowly followed me back to the kitchen. "Will it be ruined if you just stop cooking it now and we just heat it up later?"

"Well," I replied, turning off the oven, "it won't be as good ... but it won't be ruined." And with that I moved across the floor and snuggled my face into his chest, wrapping my left hand around his back, and letting my right fall directly onto his crotch. Moving the palm of my hand in a large circle around the growing bulge in his pants I added,"And speaking of ruined, if we don't get these pants off you now, you'll soak them right through and they'll be ruined."

He chuckled. "Umm, and just how would they get ruined, Janie girl?"

"Because I'm going to make you cum right now, Daddy dear. I'm going to stroke and rub and squeeze your big cock and I'm not going to stop until you splash your hot gooey cum. So if you want your cum to blast all over your undies --"

"They're coming off, sweetie!" he yelled, undoing his belt faster than I thought possible, then letting his trousers drop to the floor. I knelt down and pulled the legs off his feet and made a feeble attempt at folding his expensive pants then tossed them over the back of a kitchen chair.

"Good work, Daddy," I said, "that was close." Laughing at our silliness, I moved back towards him and put my arms around his waist. "I'm a good girl, Daddy. I worked for six hours today, then I cleaned the bathroom, made some food, and now I think I deserve a treat. I think we both deserve a treat in fact." As I said this, I was undoing his tie and unbuttoning his dress shirt.

I gave him another long kiss while my fingers trailed across his stomach: He seemed to find this manoeuvre across his tummy perhaps more arousing than even when I touched his scrotem; it was adorable to see him automatically, u*********sly close his eyes and tilt his head back just a bit. It was a subtle movement, but I'd noticed it a few times now and I could tell that something about the anticipation of my fingers being so close (yet so far?) to his private parts just made him crazy. His penis stretched his briefs a clear half inch or so as I dragged my fingers across his stomach and then lightly scratched with my nails as I moved my hand back the other direction.

"You are a good girl. Daddy loves his Janie. Does Janie love Daddy?"

I kissed him again, letting my tongue find his, then letting his f***e its way into my mouth, letting him lick along the row of my bottom teeth. "Only with all my heart, Father."

Continuing to caress his stomach and chest with one hand, my other slid under the waistband of his briefs, finding his curly hair as the scent of his manhood rose up to my nostrils. Finding the base of his beautiful cock, I wedged it between my middle and index fingers while my mouth now found his left nipple and I began to suckle it.

"Janie loves Daddy," I cooed, then bit down on his nipple lightly as I gained a better grasp on the shaft of his penis with my hand. I continued to lick and nip at his aureole and nipple while I slowly began to fondle and stroke his ever-engorged manhood; then I began to inch down his undies with my alternate hand. His breathing became appreciably shorter, yet deeper, with each stroke I gave his cock, and by the time forty-five seconds or so had passed, and I'd managed to get his briefs down to almost his knees, he was fully erect: seven inches long, and a girth that my hand just barely fit around.

I moved my head away from his chest just then, and bent over slightly so I could release some saliva into the "cup" I'd made with my fist at the tip of his penis. As I slowly slid my hand down the shaft this time, my saliva being spread with the movement of my hand, I began to see an appreciable amount of preseminal fluid pooling at the tip of his cock.

For some reason, I was eager to bring him to climax manually, rather than orally, but I nonetheless licked the cum from his slit before returning my lips to his chest, where I began to kiss and nibble his other nipple and aureole.

The taste of his cum always made me think of saltine crackers: Not so much for the taste per se, nor the texture of course, but the smell and the aftertaste perhaps triggered something in my olfactory memory that harkened the crackers. Regardless, it was a good memory, and I could feel my own nipples hardening under my blouse just at the very second I was in my "cracker land" moment.

Daddy bent his knees out a bit, left then right, then lifted a leg a few inches, attempting to rid himself of his tightie whities. Alas, they seemed to be stuck just above his knees. Seeing his predicament, I thought it best to help him out, so I "pried" my hand away from his cock (it was difficult to remove my hand from there, in a sense, you know?), and I lent down and helped him off with the briefs.

When I stood fully again, his hands moved to my face and he caressed my cheeks, then he kissed my nose. Right then he looked at me with such ... I want to say "fierce kindness" (as ridiculous as that sounds) ... such a loving, tender, appropriately endearing look ... if ever I should ever doubt how much Daddy loved me, all I ever need do is remember that look. I wish I could do him justice. I could tell you that his p*o-brown eyes (yes, it sounds awful, I know, but it's our little joke about his eye colour, and with no word of a lie, they are THAT colour) are mesmerizing and kind and his smile could charm a rattlesnake or any other such nonsense ... I can never relate truly how beautiful he is, and how beautiful he makes me feel.

Beautiful, and at this moment, sexy. And raging horny. Daddy had yet to lay a finger on me south of my neck, but I was drowning in arousal then. My own little cock was a brick in my undies. My nipples: on fire. My thighs felt like they were pulling Sisyphus AND the rock up the mountain.

"Fuck me, Daddy. Please. Please. Fuck me Daddy fuck me now now fuck me right now!"

And then he got the most mischievous grin. "We'll see, my dear daughter, we'll see." He unbuttoned my blouse, starting from the bottom button, but left the top button done. Sliding his hands under the material, he began to scratch lightly at my nipples, both at the same time. This drives me positively around the bend. At the most UN-sexy times, this drives me nuts, but right then I thought I would die ... and die a happy gurl ... I was so dizzy with lust as he rubbed each of my nipples between thumb and forefinger. And I was lost. I mean, LOST. I forgot about his big beautiful cock, about my cock, about his eyes, about the kitchen, about dinner ... this seemingly small gesture lifted me to a plane of horniness that I'm not sure I've ever been. It was almost an out of body experience.

Then I felt his lips meet mine, and this knocked my horniness up another four or five notches, but strangely, sort of brought me back down to earth, to the kitchen, to his eyes, to my raging little six inch hard-on and the pre-cum I could feel soaking into my panties, to his big beautiful cock.

But he reached out and undid my jeans and then slid them down to my ankles. Daddy then took his pinky finger and ran it along my scrotem and poked at my little cock a couple times through my undies.

"Please fuck me Daddy!"

"Shhhh," he replied, and with this, he took my hand with his and placed mine back onto his cock. "Masturbate me, my beautiful girl. I love the look of your hand, the feel of your little hand on my cock."

And so, what's a gurl to do? I was able to produce a little more saliva, and I delivered it onto the head of his cock as I went back to jerking my Daddy as I finished stepping out of my jeans.

So there we were, standing in our kitchen, Daddy with his eyes closed, and me caressing ever more quickly his lovely shaft, his head, and then taking his sac in my other hand, scratching it lightly, then cupping his heavy balls as my other hand jerked faster and faster up and down the full length of his wet penis.

I would periodically lean in and kiss and nibble his nipples, first one then the other, then kiss and lick his chest or neck, or his lips, but the angles would become a little awkward (and my jerking hand would get a little tired), so I would trade his cock to my other hand, trying not to miss more than a stroke.

After about fifteen minutes of this, I could sense he was very close to orgasm; his pre-cum was copious now, and I would wash my hand over the top of his crown to bring the salty goo back down the shaft on the "down stroke."

"Oh Janie Daddy's going to come it's so good for Daddy!" he managed to get out in gasps.

Just then I got the weirdest thought that his cum was going to go flying all over the place and land on the tablecloth and the chair and the floor, and that this would be a nasty mess to clean up. My first thought was to kneel down and let him cum in my mouth (after all, I had done that countless times before), but for some reason instead I reached down and pulled the waistband of my panties forward, and as he began to cum, I stepped a bit closer to him and aimed his penis inside the front of my undies. I kept jerking Daddy's wonderful cock as it started spraying semen onto my little stiff cock, my sack, the front and gusset of my panties, and I kept moving closer so that his cock was now rubbing my scrotem as it continued to unload gushes of man goo.

Daddy moaned and yelled in passion as he shot his saltiness all over my privates. I don't know if this was the most cum he'd ever unloaded at once, but it sure seemed like it. My undies were soaked all down the front, all through the gusset, and his cum was now dribbling down into the seat. As his climax began to wane, I pressed my thighs closer together, wedging his cock between my thighs, my own cock and scrotem ... and I let go of his member just then and wrapped my arms around him while I moved my thighs back and forth just a little bit.

Daddy's still firm penis was now encased in my soaking panties, still throbbing, and I could feel its pulse against my own engorged clitty. Using the muscles in my little cock, I tried to move it up and down a bit so that Daddy would know how aroused I was.

"Daddy's girl is so sweet," he whispered to me.

Sweet or no, at this point I needed to have some relief of my own. But I suddenly realized that, so recently spent, Daddy was not going to be fucking me any time soon. He is quite virile, but even then he needs a good twenty minutes after orgasming to be able to get hard again.

"Daddy is sorry, Janie," he said, his cock just beginning to soften a little, "I don't think I can take you for a little while."

"That's ok, Daddy. Having you cum in my panties and leave a big gooey mess in there was really really wonderful. I love having my Daddy's cum all over me, soaking my private parts and getting my panties all cummy," I said. With that I reached down and scooped up as much of his cum as I could with my hand, brought it up to my lips and licked it off slowly. "Daddy your cum is so tasty."

"You're my girl, Janie, I love you." By now his cock was almost soft and it slipped out the top of my undies on its own. "Would you ... would you ... pleasure yourself for Daddy, Janie?"

"Pleasure myself, Daddy? Why whatever do you mean?" I asked coyly.

"Bring yourself to orgasm while Daddy watches, my dear."

"Oh I see," I said, laughing. "Daddy wants to see his little Janie make herself cum? OK."

With that I headed to the living room, bringing an oversized dish towel with me. I spread the dish towel on the couch and lay back with the towel just under my now very wet bum.

I began by pinching and tickling and scratching my nipples, alternately cupping my little "almost B cup" breasts with my hands to show off my wee cleavage for Daddy. If I was beginning a masturbatory session, I could go on with this nipple play for close to thirty minutes before I even thought about touching myself "down there," but at this point I was so worked up so that my hand began to slide into my panties after only a couple minutes.

I was very surprised, even though I'd had my hand down there just a few minutes ago, at how really truly sopping wet everything was. Daddy's cum was everywhere: all over my clitty and my sac, my undies were dripping front and back and cum was leaking out the leg holes, and my little bum hole was positively drenched.

And that gave me an idea.

"Daddy, will you get the daughter's helper for me please?"

Without a pause, Daddy rushed off to the bedroom. I heard him open my panty drawer and close it again, and within thirty seconds he was back with my "helper" -- an eight inch long dildo with a circular handle at the base.

"I really need your cock inside my pussy, Daddy, but my little friend will have to do for now." With that, I reached back and pulled the back of my panties down far enough to expose my little bum hole to Daddy, who was now standing at the end of the couch watching me intently. His cock was still soft, but he was gazing at me lustfully nonetheless.

There was so much of Daddy's cum puddled up in my bum that the dildo went all the way in on my first attempt to push. I slowly pulled it out by the ring at the end, almost to its tip, then pushed it back in. I continued this a few dozen times while continuing to "taunt" Daddy that I really missed his warm cock inside me, filling my pussy with his seed.

"Oh Daddy you're so good to me," I cooed as I slid the dong back and forth. The wonderful buzzing my insides were getting was likely enough to bring me to orgasm eventually, but I was in such a state that I couldn't wait. While I continued to slide the dildo in and out with my right hand, my left inched inside the sopping leg opening of my panties and pulled my clitty out so that Daddy could see it all still drenched in his cum.

"Daddy got me all wet!" I said as I began to jerk my clit. After only about twenty strokes I knew I was about to cum, and I increased the pace of the faux-cock going in and out of my pussy, but attempted to maintain the pace my left hand had going on my little cockette. "I'm a naughty girl, Daddy," I screamed as I began to cum, my clitty spewing jism onto my leg and onto the front of my panties, and up onto my tummy.

The dildo did its magic on me, massaging my boy-g-spot, and I began shaking and bumping helplessly as I came.

"Love you Daddy."... Continue»
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Mum and Daughter Tales - A Christmas to Remember 3


Well what can I say, Susanna and her daughter looked fucking incredible together as they stood side by side at the end of the bed.

Remember folks that they were still both dressed in their sexy Santa outfits with accompanying red high heel shoes.

Their bodies looked amazing.



I was still feeling really guilt about all this. My daughter standing next to me with her hand in mine, had tears in her eyes. I was about to take the both of us to my bedroom where this sordid little threesome with her so called boyfriend was about to continue on of all days, Christmas day.

I’m ashamed to tell you now Carol, that’s exactly what happened.

I lead an upset Annabel out of her bedroom and across the landing to my bedroom, as her boyfriend watched us and just grinned at us all the time.


They looked fantastic.

To see a mum and her daughter dressed like, walking hand in hand out of the room and continue across the landing and disappear into the mother’s bedroom was out of this fucking world.

Their bodies looked fucking incredible together.

Their legs and especially their arses, well all I can say is fucking wow.

I watched with my legs wide open and my cock sticking straight up in the air, throbbing away, wanting to get at them.

Susanna’s mum arse looked so fucking beautiful.

Her big wide cheeks wobbled as she walked.

Annabel’s in contrasted looked so tiny next to her mother’s.

Bring it on.

I put on my underpants and grabbed the third bag I had brought with me. As I entered Susanna’s bedroom the girls were standing still hand in hand by Susanna’s big double bed.

They were looking at me with apprehension across both their faces.

I quickly scanned around the room. I asked Susanna what’s the reason for the two roll down blinds in her windows. She told me she used them as black outs at night to shield from the bright street lights coming from directly outside her bedroom. I also noticed a flexible spot lamp on the dressing table and an exercise bike in the corner.

This gave me a sick idea.


Annabel and I watched Toby as he first went and put on one of my bedside table lights. Then he shut the door and barricaded it with a chair. He then pulled down both my black out blinds and pulled the curtains shut. If he hadn’t put a light on first Carol, the room would have been plunged into pitch blackness.

Then I watched in horror as he pulled out of his bag some rope and some shortish pieces of cloth. A grinning Toby then walked up to us. He pushed me back onto the bed. I then watched him take Annabel and swing her round. He pulled her arms back behind her and tied them together. Annabel sobbed as Toby gagged her.


I was getting her ready


He told Annabel to stand still as he came over to me. On the way over he grabbed a pen and a rolled up tape measure off my dressing table. At first I couldn’t work out what he wanted them for.


I stood in front of Susanna. I then lowered my pants to release my hard dick into her face. I held it up and told her to put the tape measure along the underneath of my shaft and with the marker pen mark off every inch with a number starting at the top and going down to the base. I could see she was puzzled by this but I just stood perfectly still while she did this to me. When she had finished I put my dick back into my pants.


Toby then pushed me onto my back. He manoeuvred me so that I was lying in the middle of the bed. Stupidly I let him pull my arms back above my head and tie them to the bed posts. He then gagged me and blindfolded me as well.

‘bl**dy hell Susanna’ Carol cried.

Yea I know Carol.


Susanna was going to experience the experience of her life.

I went and got Annabel. I now blindfolded her. I lead her to the bed and manoeuvred her into position. I then brought the spot lamp over.

So folks I bet you’re wondering what I had done to this mother and daughter duo.

Well mum Susanna was lying on her back, arms tied to the bed posts, gagged and blindfolded, well just for now. I had positioned her daughter, with her arms tied back but with the blindfold now removed but still gagged, so that she was in an all fours position with her arse up in the air straddling over her mum’s face. She had her head lying on a pillow to one side of her mum’s legs. To put it more simply they were in a 69 position.

I then positioned the flexible spot lamp so that the light was lying next to Susanna’s face and pointing upwards. I plugged it into a spare plug socket and then turned the bedside table light off. The bedroom suddenly was plunged into total darkness.


I didn’t know what was going on Carol. But I could sense something either side of me and above me. But I didn’t know what. But I was in for one hell of a shock.

I felt Toby remove my blindfold. My eyes couldn’t adjust to the light quickly enough so I still couldn’t see anything at all.

Then I heard Toby speak.


I too couldn’t see anything at first but I did manage to feel my way onto the bed. Lucky I found the switch to turn on the lamp. I then asked Susanna the question, can you see anything?


‘No’ I told him


Good……….first off I want to tell you I haven’t fucked your Annabel yet.

Secondly because I like you so much (the bastard) I have decided to give you an extra special Christmas present which is on the house. That is a front row seat, at no expense spared, for my next performance (SUSANNA – I couldn’t figure out what he was going on about). I hope you like it.

So with no further ado here it is.


Carol I was shoooccccckkkkkkeeeeddddd. (Shocked)

All of a sudden a light came on next to my face………….now I could see what this so called boyfriend of Annabel’s had done to her…………..that bastard had not only gone and straddled Annabel over my face…………..and not only that but had also taken the spot light I use on my dressing table and laid it down next to my face and was using it to light up Annabel’s (pause) pussy……….I was looking straight up at it.

Carol put a hand over her mouth ‘my god Susanna’

Yea Carol………..I know……….I tried to protest but I couldn’t do much with me being gagged. Then I saw Toby come up and straddle over my forehead. He was looking down at me grinning. I could hear Annabel sobbing.


I said to her ‘well what do you think of that Susanna?.........oh sorry you can’t talk…….can you’

I laughed.

I then removed Susanna’s gag to then immediately start receiving a tidal wave of abuse from her. She was shouting at me at the top of her voice.


I was calling him every name under the sun and telling him I’ll report him to the police after all this has finished.


I told her I didn’t give a fuck.

I then said to her that her extra Christmas present from me this year was for her to have the best seat in the house as she watches in extreme close up her daughter taking a big hard cock right up her lovely wet minge for the very first time in her life. I told her that I wanted her mum to be there and witness it when it happens. And that I also want her to count every inch as inch by inch a huge thick dick rips open her daughter and goes sliding in all the way up her beautiful young tight little virgin bald slit.


‘You fucking bastard’ I shouted at him


Yea I know.


Toby grinned at me as he then went and pulled his underpants over his huge cock, releasing it. It immediately sprang out and finished with the head only a couple of inches off from touching Annabel’s pussy. It looked so big, mean and angry looking. And I must say Carol, Annabel’s pussy looked really tiny looking with that big thing pointing next to it, just waiting I bet to tear its way into it. That’s also when I suddenly realised what the pen marks were for.


I told Susanna that her daughter looked sick. ‘I’ve wanted to do this to her ever since I first saw her walking though the school gates in her uniform’ She called me a fucking bastard again.

I laughed.

I told her she’s just to have to lay there watching between her daughter’s legs and her daughter experiencing her first ever cock. And that she’s going to have to count off the inches to me as she see them disappearing into her daughter’s cunt.

Beautiful, Toby’s the man, isn’t he folks.


After he had told me what he was going to do to Annabel, I just had to watch. I was completely helpless to stop it. I saw him move his big fat knob forward and pressed it onto my daughter’s pussy lips. I saw her body jerk and she sobbing even more now. The bastard then reminded me not to forget to count off the inches out loud as I see them disappearing. Then Carol I had to watch in total horror as Toby parted Annabel’s lips with his knob and then push it into her. I saw her body jerk really violently this time.


Annabel felt fucking tight. I asked Susanna if the first inch was in. She told me it was. So I then slowly continued to sink dick up Annabel. I was impaling a beautiful skinny young schoolgirl onto my cock with her mum watching down there between my legs.

It was a beautiful thing to witness.

Annabel was getting tighter and tighter as I well further into her body. After Susanna had counted off 6 inches, I stopped. My balls were still well short of Susanna’s mouth, which I wanted for some sucking. So with her big blue eyes staring up at me, I pushed Annabel slightly forward which aloud me to then rested my nuts into her mother’s mouth. She politely opened up for me. So with 6 inches of cock sticking in Annabel and being clamped tightly by her cunt, I held perfectly still as I watched the mother start to eat my nuts.

‘That’s it Susanna, eat my fucking balls, you whore. Look up and see a cock buried halfway up your daughter’s cunty as you eat them.’

Susanna looked up as she eat.


He made me suck on his balls for several minutes. I could see his meat throbbing away, half buried in Annabel.

Then he pushed my head back down onto the duvet and told me to lay there and watch as my daughter gets fucked ‘like the schoolgirl slut that she is’

My god Carol, he really went to town on her.

He didn’t stop for well over 10 minutes.

I just lay there totally helpless as I looked up to see his dick pistoning continually, without a break, in and out of a crying Annabel. More and more of it was going into her as each minute passed. When I saw the 9 inch mark disappear into her, well. The bastard was grinning down at me and kept telling me that he ‘loved this shit’.

Then I saw him go and arch his whole body. He had reached back and grabbed hold of the wooden beam that went across the end of my bed. With his body bend like that, it made his cock look even bigger. He was using it on Annabel like it was a huge weapon on her now.


When I bent back that was a great position. I was just using about 8 inches of my meat to shaft Annabel. I could see her mum looking up watching me giving her daughter one.


When I heard him shout out ‘the bloke that invented fucking was a genius’ I was god smacked.

There was a further 5 minutes or so of this. Then suddenly I saw him pull out of Annabel. She was still crying. I looked up at him.

He then told me he was now going to ‘cunt fuck me’

I watched him move down the bed. He pulled my legs apart and pushed them right back so that they were nearly touching my chest. Then he ripped down the top of the Santa costume to expose my tits to him. With him grinning down at me, he then brought his knob up to the entrance to my pussy. He then told me he was going to fucking ride me like the mum whore I was right in front of my daughter.


Yea I did.

I told her also that I was going to fucking shaft her over and over again and give her a fucking good banging on Christmas day.

I then just f***ed my hard dick into her mum cunt in one go. I went balls deep into her. She gasped as she took 11 inches of thick randy cock meat all the way up her dirty cock hungry mum minge.

Then I just fucking banged her as hard as I could.

The bed fucking rocked as I pounded this mature mum with her daughter still bent over in the same position above us. As I was riding her I kept looking down at her smiling away. I asked her if she liked receiving a cocking from her daughter’s boyfriend on Christmas day. She told me, now becoming quite breathless, that she ‘loved it’. I got her to shout it out loud so that her daughter could hear her.


He made me Carol tell Annabel that I loved getting a cocking from her boyfriend on Christmas day.

‘No’ Carol gasped.



After I had pounded Susanna in the cunt for about 5-6 minutes I then decided that I wanted to arse fuck this cunt mum. So I looked over my shoulder to decide now exactly I was going to do that.


Well Carol this lad was still not satisfied yet.

It’s still amazes me now what he did next.

‘Tell me’ Carol eagerly asks

Well he pulled out of me and one by one got me and Annabel off the bed. To cut a long story short, he took Annabel over to one of the windows and tied her arms up onto the curtain rail. He then took me to my exercise bike and made me sit on it. He got me to hang my bum over the saddle. Then he tried my hands to the handle bars and my feet to the pedals. I couldn’t move.

I then I saw him put two chairs behind me, one around the right way and the other the wrong way round. He then grabbed the spot lamp and moved it so that it was standing and shining onto my arse (remember that in all that went on in Susanna’s bedroom that was still the only source of light ever used). Toby then stood behind me. Remember Carol, I was still dressed, as well as Annabel, in our Santa costumes and heels. Then suddenly I felt a pair of hands on my exposed bum cheeks. Using them Toby slowly prised them apart and then I felt the tip of his cock touch my arsehole.

Carol, he was now going to arse fuck me right in front of Annabel.

‘My god Susanna’ Carol said shocked.

Yea I know.

So let’s see what happened next…………………..
... Continue»
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The night Daddy was surprised

I came back late after the party, about 03:00am, so I could understand why my parents thought I had stayed over, at my friends.
Needless to say I got up early, wearing knickers and T-shirt and sauntered downstairs, stumbling on Mummy and Daddy, having full sex in the kitchen.
I stood at the door, which was thankfully slightly ajar, staring at Daddies bare bottom, heaving and bouncing as he pounded into mummy, lying across the counter, squealing her delight, with each inward and outward thrust of his fat penis.
They both were completely naked and my eye caught daddies balls swinging and slapping into mummies thighs, and strange as it may sound, they both looked nice to behold, as the copulated.
I was neither embarrassed or shocked, as I had seen daddy with an erection long before this, and mummy has of course entertained their swinger friends, partying and fucking, when I was a very young girl, so hot sex and naked people, have been part of life for as long as I can remember.
My friend Liz, who was in the same class in school as I, both walked-in on daddy having a wank to a porno, in the early hours of the morning, while mummy lay asl**p on the couch.
He is blessed in that department, a good thick 8" so Liz's eyes popped, as I later found out, she had never seen one angry.
Back in my room she blabbered-on excitedly, obviously sexually awakened by this naughty viewing.
We undressed for bed, which meant nude, but being who I was, I suggested we go back down and make some coco, wearing just loose fitting t-shirts, and not hiding much in the flesh department.
In the kitchen we made sufficient noise to alert daddy of our presence, and is if on cue, he strolled in nonchalantly, semi hard and swinging like a true parent.
Of course when he confronted Liz, he just winked and said, 'Hi there, Liz, don't mind me I am just a tad horny', and brushed past her on his way to the fridge.
Liz was clearly agitated, being so close to a fully naked older man, and could not stop looking at his cock.
'Daddy, your making Liz have naughty thoughts', I said and Liz was flustered, but remained silent, which surprised me as I expected her to react to that suggestion, but daddy turned from the fridge and said directly to her, 'You like a fuck dear'? dropping his hand onto the his cock, and offered it to her.
Liz sat in silence, mesmerized like a rabbit caught in the oncoming car lights, and suddenly I realised, she was up for it.
Daddy sensing he was onto something exciting took his first steps towards her, and as he walked his cock swelled and his balls shrunk, 'Take it easy daddy', I said as his look of intent, spelt a rough ride for the virgin in waiting, 'Daddy', I continued, as he appeared to ignore me, 'It's her first shagging', My voice tapering off, as he lifted her from the seat and bent her over the counter, and tore her cunt open, as he pushed his full manhood into her tight orifice.
The look on her face was a mixture of utter shock and awe, her slumbering organ has just had a rude awakening, and although an extremely pleasurable new feeling, being impaled on a big cock, does take getting used to, especially when you least expected it, well at least on hour ago.
As Liz warmed up to being fucked, she started to make noises, a mixture of little grunts and squeals, interspersed with one syllable utterances, indicative of a girl in the throes of a great fuck.
I arose from my seat, suddenly aware again mummy was just next door, so I went over and peaked through the crack and thankfully saw she was still out of it, in her d***ken slumber.
I turned back to daddy who was just looking at me with a glazed look in his eyes, obvious having a great fuck with Liz.
'Mariel babe', he said, 'Stay there', he added, raising his hand like a traffic warden, stopping oncoming traffic.
'Lift you T-shirt, babe, let daddy look at you'. I of course instinctively knew what he meant and wanted, so I stopped and pulled my T-shirt all the way up exposing my breasts and shaved pussy to him, as he renewed his vigorous shagging of my friend Liz.
Pinning the hem of my T-shirt under my chin, I started to give daddy a show of his beloved daughter masturbating to him shagging my friend, and as he humped his eyes closed, and that was my marker to walk over and massage his balls, something I knew he just loved when he jacked-off, the only difference was my girlfriends pussy clung to his sensitive flesh, his cock head never leaving the confines of her pussy, so I squeezed our f****y jewels, licked my finger and went searching for his prostate, by pushing my long finger up his asshole while placing my pubic bone on his ass-cheek, helping myself to the pleasurable sensation, of buttock riding, another girly activity that allows our clitorises to come into contact with warm flesh.
Daddy put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into him as we all thrust and pulled on each other, it was nothing personal, just three people have mutual sex, and as I slid up and down on daddies slimy thigh, thanks to my hyperactive secretions from my own pussy, I saw the start of his cream-pie, spurting out of the sides of his cock, where he entered Liz, each inward thrust forcing his seed out of her and dropping in a small puddle on the floor between her legs.
I was still grinding almost there at my point of no return as daddies cock slipped out of Liz, exposing a creamy cream-pie running the full length of her fleshy slit, her labia closing to reform to its previous shaping, and as I ground and he scooped his semen onto his thumbnail, by running his thumb through her lips and deposited it into the her small puckered pink crinkled ass hole and pushed hid thumb deep into her, and this little dirty deed sent me over the top as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure racked my body, daddy bent over to me and kissed my lips, murmuring, 'My beautiful girl, as his long tongue locked with mine, and we gave our special daddy daughter kiss.
Liz was a mess, a naked heap of fucked flesh, she had no power in her legs, so she remained heaped over the counter until I regained my composure and helped her upstairs and into bed, after I stuck our shower hose into her and flushed daddies sperm from her fertile cavity.
In the morning we all breakfasted as if nothing had happened, but Liz had changed, she had experienced good cock, and was now in need for a casual fix whenever her ovulating period came, so an overnight stay with me was always an option.

... Continue»
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Daddy and Daughter fun

Last year, I met a handsome older gentlemen at my friend's Christmas party. We hit it off instantly and spent the whole night flirting and teasing one another. As the night wore on, it was very obvious that both of us wanted to spend the night fucking one another so I invited him back to my place because my roommate was gone for the holidays. As we left and I was saying goodbye to my friend, she whispered that he was her boss which turned me on so much more.

We got back to my house and had an excellent time together. He was dominant and really enjoyed being rough with me, pushing me into all different positions and insisting on his cock being sucked. His greying beard and ponchy tummy really turned me on. I loved being able to feel his his stomach rub on my ass cheeks while he fucked me from behind and feeling his rough whiskers on my pussy lips made me cum several times. He was able to stay all night long and most of the time we spent fucking or fooling around. The next morning, after sl**ping for a short time, we started fooling around again. I woke him up by sucking on his limp dick until it was fully hard and being shoved down my throat. He moaned while his cock rubbed over my tongue and began calling me 'baby girl', telling me how much he loved my slutty mouth. Then he laid me on my back and titty fucked me followed by some long deep thrusts in and out of my pussy doggy style. He began to pick up his pace and my pussy was squeezing his cock, wanting him to explode inside of me again. I was squealing and moaning on his, telling him how good it felt. In the heat of the moment, I called him 'daddy' and thought he was going to explode immidiately. Luckily he didn't but instead began fucking me like he hadn't done all night. Seriously, the man went buck wild on my pussy, shoving me into the mattress, pulling my hair, squeezing my big titties until they turned pink. I absolutely loved it and came very quickly, calling him daddy the whole time. Finally, he pulled his cock out and stood up over me, cumming all over his baby girl.

After that hot night, we saw each other sporadically when he could get away and often met in hotel rooms. Each time, we played our daddy/daughter parts and both of us really got off on the entire situation. We played out all the typical scenes. My favorite was the one where Daddy would frequently use my panties to masturbate and watch me take a shower. One day, he came into the bathroom while I was showering and watched me through the glass shower door soap up my tits and run my hands down to my pussy. He picked up my silky panties from the floor and undid his zipper, taking out his dick. I'd never seen one so big! He starts rubbing my panties on his erection and telling me how pretty I am. I'm nervous and shy and just stand there watching him. finally, he gets into the shower with me and soaps up my body again, placing my soapy hands on his cock and playing with my large tits. His hands eventually go down to my pussy where he easily makes me cum and then tells me it's his turn to feel good. He places me on my knees and guides his cock to my lips telling me to suck it just like i do to my boyfriend. Of course, I obey, he's my daddy! He puts his hands on the back of my head to help me please him better and shows me how to play with his balls like mommy does. mmmmm, he tastse very good and his dick sliding over my tongue makes me very horny.

Once he's ready for something more, he stands me up and we get out of the shower. He dries me off, my front first and then moves to my back. He dries my back off and then bends me over the counter to do my ass and legs. He starts at my feet and his hands go up slowly, finally reaching my ass and pussy where his hands linger. He drops the towel and replaces his fingers at my pussy, rubbing and spreading my juices all over my lips and up my crack. he's telling me how hot I am and how often he thinks of me when his dick is hard. He wants to stick it in me. He wants to please me and show me how a real woman fucks. He's standing up behind me, fingering my pussy. I watch him in the mirror, he's watching my facial expressions, getting off on how much I'm enjoying my daddy's hands in my private areas. "Oh daddy" I moan and push my pussy onto his fingers. He takes his fingers out and I feel something else on the crack of my pussy, rubbing on my pussy lips. I look at daddy in the mirror and his eyes are squinted in pleasure. I realize it's his cock and I get nervous again. "Oh baby," he moans and pushes the head of his cock into my pussy. I grasp the counter in surprise and wait for him to fully enter me. It's so hot and so wrong! Daddy pushes all the way into me, I'm soaking wet and very ready for his cock. It's tight and kind of uncomfortable but after a few times of him going in and then otu of me, I get used to it and it feels amazing. His hands are on my ass, steadying me for his thrusts. He's moaning, I'm moaning, it's so incredibly hot and completely taboo! He finishes inside of me but we have many other hot adventures together. ... Continue»
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Having sex with daddy beside my computer

Having your knickers ride up the crack in your ass is uncomfortable, but today I am wearing a thong, and you know what, it is one size too small, for the simple reason, it cuts me in half and shows my womanhood as if I were nude and painted with the wispiest of black shadings, my crotch is a delight to behold, and the taut string is wet due to my clitoris being massaged as I walk amongst men willing to rip this flimsy garment with their teeth, oh God, I am having another orgasm right where I stand, this is awesome.

I am a self confessed sex freak, a girl who just discovered the joys of sex, became hooked, and now I want some more, hence my opening paragraph about my flimsy underwear, yes butter might not melt in my mouth, but put it where Marlin Brando did, and you will have an experience to take to the grave, including my ass gyrating into the distance, with the contents of your testicles, held securely in-situ behind those taut bum cheeks, I am not just naughty, I am a fuck bunny starting out on her life of pleasuring cock, thrilling their owners and surprising them with my needs and deeds.

This is an open and honest blog from a girl wanting to talk to men who like me love sex. I dont posses a cock or balls, but the receptacle to envelope then and wrap them in soft moistened warm flesh, slippery and tight fitting, the perfect mold, but that's is just part of it, that is my cunt, the rest of me that gives life to it, is equally pleasurable, a nice ass to fondle as you slip in and out, pouting fresh lips to kiss, hard rubbery nipples to feel on your chest as they get crushed against you, slim waist, taut tummy muscles, sweet breath in your ear, yes you are fucking me, and you have to believe me when I say, I love being on your cock.

'Mariel what are you writing there'?

I turn and face daddy, like a c***d being caught with her hand in the cookie jar, 'My sex blog daddy', I reply, he laughs, 'You're too young to write about that', he scolds, and walks over and reads what you just did.

'You certainly have top marks with imagination', he mocks, 'but most people with squirm wearing tight knickers', he concludes and as he does so he nuzzles my neck, his teeth grazing my ear lobe and sticks his tongue inside.

'Fuck daddy', I moan, my hips squirming on the seat, my bare ass cheeks spreading the puddle of wetness secreted from my hot pussy, as my imagination was on fire as I typed my dirty blog, 'Where is mummy', I groaned quietly, as daddies fingers sought my button of pleasure, causing my hips to rise and fall in unison with his fingering.

'She is watching TV', he groaned softly, we both knew where this was going, I was a daddies girl with a high sex drive, and daddy had two women to keep happy, mummy just pretended her beautiful daughter was just that, and not a vamp with a cunt needing constant attention, my screams fell on her deafened ears, as daddies cock pleasured my hungry cunt.

'I want to be watched', I moaned as I twisted around and kissed his mouth, 'OK baby', he replied and I switched over to the chat room, where the men were waiting for the daddy/daughter fuck show, 'welcome back', went up the chorus as we came into focus, keyboards being hammered as I turned my ass to daddies cock, feeling him slide inside, I gasped and my knuckles bared white as I gripped the table edge.

'Oh fuck', I gasped, as the men watching momentarily paused in the wanking, taking time to grasp this was live, my face on full view, 'God it's Mariel', typed one guy, and I smiled, a mixture of pleasure and a knowing someone out there knew me, I was on the verge of an orgasm, and they were with me, encouraging daddy to greater efforts to make me cum, his cock like a well oiled piston, my bum cheeks like soft pillows as he hammered against them, the waves of percussion causing my tits to bounce, my cry at the point of no return, causing an eruption of different semen's to spurt from the watching cocks.

Later as daddy slept I went back online to read more responses, and there was an email, from the man who recognized me, see you in class tomorrow, you were great, he remarked, I typed back a few words, 'Yes Sir', a simple, sweet, acknowledgment, perhaps some butter, as I really ached for that kind of sex.

All comments welcomed thanks Mariel

... Continue»
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Omegle Convo With a Dirty Daddy's Girl

Found this little spitfire on Omegle last night. Once I got her to open up to me, we had a pretty interesting conversation.

You: Hi
Stranger: Hi
You: What's up?
Stranger: Nothing special. What's up with you?
You: just chilling, didn't go out tonight
Stranger: How come? Did it snow
You: Nah, just had nothing going on. Closed the bar last night though
You: Actually, it was supposed to snow where I live
You: it might have, I haven't even checked, lol
Stranger: Lemme tell you.. The weekend before break sucks drinking wise
Stranger: It sucks!
You: why?
Stranger: Cause everyone is like "I just had finals I'm so tired"
Stranger: LAME
You: haha
You: I didn't go to college so I wouldn't know
Stranger: You skipped? How old are you
You: hmmm
You: 26
You: I joined the military
Stranger: Damn. I have a thing for older
Stranger: Men
Stranger: More like 50+ though
You: Umm, what's your asl?
Stranger: 20 f Illinois ..
You: Ah, k
Stranger: Now I feel like a creep..
Stranger: Sorry
You: and you like 50+ men?
Stranger: Well. Sorta
You: why you feel like a creep?
Stranger: Nvm me. I get embarrassed too often
You: Well, I'm not here to judge
You: I'm in to older women too
You: well, in to WOMEN period
Stranger: Haha
You: but I have a wide boundary
Stranger: Yum. Older men are so hot.
Stranger: College boys are so juvenile
You: Heh, maybe I'll find a chick like you when I'm an old bachelor, lol
You: I'd like to think I'm pretty adult
You: for 26 years old anyway, haha
Stranger: Well, you sure as hell should be!
You: lol
Stranger: But I like old guys that take me out, give me wine, and they are so energetic with sex!
You: well, don't buy in to a stereotype
You: cuz as many men as you'll meet who are energetic
You: there are as many who are tired, boring, and not in to it
You: hence why there are cougars looking for younger men
You: people forget that stereotyping is stupid
Stranger: With my experience older men love girls like me. :) I'd like to keep it that way
You: last women I had sex with was 38
Stranger: Yikes!
You: I can TECHNICALLY say that I've only been with older women
You: even if only 1 or 2 years older, haha
Stranger: I have trouble getting an orgasm with men my age.
Stranger: It's weird..
You: what do the older guys do? better rhythm?
Stranger: I hate telling guys what to do.. No, they just know
Stranger: Like feeling the stomach and shit like that
Stranger: If you wanna know if a girl is really having an orgasm, just feel her lower tummy
You: tell me more!!!!!!!
Stranger: You're a dork
Stranger: Haha
You: gotta learn these things, baby
Stranger: You can learn on your own ;)
You: I don't want to be pacified
You: and I am
You: because a very nice stranger is explaining it to me :)
Stranger: Nooo learn by experience
You: I think I have only gotten a couple women to O through intercourse
You: rest by oral
You: please tell me
You: really, it's going to help me
Stranger: Do you know about the dual orgasm?
You: I know you hate explaining things to guys, but it's not like we're fucking
You: no
Stranger: Haha
You: and I always say if people were more open with sex to others, there'd be a lot less problems in the sex life
Stranger: Guys are just dumb. Thats all
Stranger: Sorry
You: Ok
You: Jesus Christ
You: when you were little
You: and you put your hand on the hot stove
You: did you know it was hot?
You: or did it burn you first?
You: THEN, you knew it was hot?
You: When you went to ride a bike
You: did you jump on the damn thing first time and take off?
You: This is exactly what I'm talking about
Stranger: Oh, stop it!
You: women expect men to be sexual gods, yet they won't help them
You: Nobody is BORN a great lover
You: all these older men LEARNED somewhere
You: a lot, probably by their women teaching them
Stranger: No they just don't pay attention! My first time giving head I knew what he did and didnt like
You: you can't speak for all men
Stranger: Ohhh I can.
You: no you can't
Stranger: They never pay attention! Otherwise no morn
Stranger: Men would be helpless
You: All I asked was if you could explain to me how I can tell if she is really cumming by feeling her belly
Stranger: Lower belly. Muscles will get realllly tense and they'll spaz a little
You: Ok, thank you
You: now what is a dual orgasm? You mean him and you cumming together, or multiple O's for the girl?
Stranger: No like.. Two orgasms at once for a girl. For instance.. Fingering and sucking at the same time
Stranger: Dual orgasm
You: Ohh
You: ok
You: yeah, I understand that
You: clittoral and g-spot
Stranger: Mhm
You: that's usually what I do
You: although the positioning sucks...
You: girls like it...
You: so, you gotta do what you gotta do
Stranger: Yup
You: have you had a man perform analingus on you?
Stranger: Ha. Yeah
You: K
You: I love it
Stranger: It all depends for me
You: I was like a few girls first for that. No complaints
You: it's HOT
You: raunchy. Taboo, you know?
Stranger: Yeah
You: what are you depending factors?
Stranger: Position speed and type
You: Do you tell him what you're in the mood for?
You: subtly, obviously
Stranger: Like if I want a guy to rub my asshole I'll give his hand a nudge up
Stranger: If I know he will
Stranger: Otherwise I'll be embarrassed
You: ah
You: I don't find it embarassing for her
You: if it's something I don't want to do, and she wants it
You: I always figured it to be more embarrassing for the guy
You: he wants to, but she doesn't
Stranger: I am different though.. I like.. Odd things i guess you could say
You: try me, haha
You: I like more than the average person
Stranger: Haha I am embarrassed
You: Why?
You: I'D be embarrassed if I told you my stuff, lol
You: I love lesbian domination and facesitting/asslicking
You: I love watching women urinate
You: I like lactation
You: even "f***ed" fantasies
You: of course if they are consenting in reality
Stranger: God.. We are opposites! I love to get throat fucked, spanked, name calling..
You: You and every other women
You: what's so shocking?
You: you're the first bitch wanting her hair pulled?
You: to get smacked around?
You: choked?
You: really? No
You: not even close, baby
Stranger: No.. Haha you do not get it! Oh boy
Stranger: Haha I will stop now!
You: you like being degraded
You: I get that
You: hence the name calling bit
You: you ever been on Xhamster?
Stranger: Noo
You: got some good vids, pics, and stories
You: I love stories
Stranger: Cutie
You: especially those written by women
You: they are usually more detailed
You: focus on the act itself, instead of just the payoff
You: I'll ask the obligatory "did you have a father" question
Stranger: Of course
You: did you have a good relationship with him?
Stranger: Yeah. It was great! I still do
You: Ok
You: seems a lot of women who like OLDER men have some psychology going on there
You: what's your "dirtiest" fantasy?
You: again, remember how hard it is to shock me
Stranger: Okay.. It's long
You: go ahead
Stranger: Don't interrupt
Stranger: Marrying a hot old man
Stranger: Wearing a skirt and nothing else all day as my slut outfit
Stranger: Maybe bringing in other girls to play with
Stranger: Getting peed on when getting in trouble
Stranger: Falling asl**p with his dick in my mouth
Stranger: I'll stop there
You: keep going
You: so far, so good
You: don't hold back on me hon
You: Do you like the idea of one of the girls peeing on you too?
You: do you drink it?
Stranger: You know.. I really used to like to but then my guy started not letting me and I got into it too
You: I had a 47 year old woman tell me that she liked getting peed on
You: and drinking it
You: I wanted to do it to her
You: but she chickened out...
You: had a son my age, and couldn't get past it
You: she loved how dominating it felt
You: I like water sports, but mostly lesbian
You: if it's a guy peeing on a girl, I want it to be me, lol
You: one of my fantasies
You: is (when I get married or in a serious relationship)
You: my wife/gf and I keep a mistress
You: that is TOTALLY dominated by my wife
You: and she fucks either of us at my wife's will
You: she;ll stick a plug in her ass and f***e her to walk around with it all day
You: she'll eat my wife out under tables in public places
You: be f***ed to do things to either of us while we are doing every day, normal tasks
You: gag in her mouth, immense drooling from it
You: eating creampies
You: and other sorts of "cleaning up"
Stranger: Ahh stop I am soaked
You: hot, huh?
Stranger: Yessss
You: my wife will shove her face between her ass and f***e her to lick her asshole clean
You: sticking her tongue in it
You: wifey has to use the bathroom, tells the bitch to lay on the ground
You: she drops trou, and pisses in her mouth
You: instructing her not to let ONE DROP hit the floor
Stranger: Stoppppp!
You: why?
You: too much for you, filthy girl?
You: I want to see my wife make this bitch CRY
You: and whine, and whimper
Stranger: You SUCK! You know that?
You: why?
You: are you hot?
You: did you soak your little panties?
Stranger: My pussy is achinggg
You: take em off
You: press them against your face and breathe in
You: or I'll do it for you
Stranger: I'm doing it I'm doing it
You: smell your dirty sticky panties while you rub your clit
You: good
You: you like to taste your slimy pussy when you bate?
Stranger: Yes.
You: ah good
You: one of mistresses jobs will be do clean my cock after it's been in a hole
You: whether asshole, or pussy
You: fuck it, she'll taste her own dirty asshole
You: after my wife is done fucking her ass with a strap on
You: she of course will be crying immensely from the pain
You: you seen the **** scene in Irreversible?
Stranger: No
You: if you like the idea of f***ed, you might like it
Stranger: Love it!
You: you been gagged so hard your eyeballs pop out of your head?
You: he withdraws and you spit up all over the place?
You: your eyeliner smeared
You: covered in spit and precum
You: and he just SMACKS you across the face
You: stinging pain
You: come on tough girl, suck that fucking dick
Stranger: The best kind
You: yeahhh
You: ...
You: What you got to say now?
You: and you stopped your little fantasy
You: no, continue whore
Stranger: What if I lean my head over the tub and your wife pees all over my face and in my mouth
You: of course
You: or how about
You: she pees in a bowl
You: and she's got you like a doggy on a leash
You: so guess what doggy gets when she's thirsty?
Stranger: Mmmm
You: hell, it doesn't matter if she's thirsty, she's fucking drinking it because we fucking told her to
You: she'll have a collar around your neck anyway
You: you'll be going where she says
Stranger: May I wear my slut outfit?
You: your skirt?
Stranger: Mhmm
You: that's fine by me
You: it just may be getting ripped off of you
You: I guess we forgot to tell you that sometimes, we don't even try to get you in the mood
You: we jump you, tear your fucking clothes off, hit you, beat you, call you names
You: and you do our bidding until the cum dries on your face
Stranger: And what if I don't?
You: hell, you may even be f***ed to call your 50 year old boyfriend while my dick is buried in your ass
You: "hey honey, I'm getting fucked in the ass right now"
You: "pretty soon I'll be eating my own anal creampie"
You: *click*
You: see if he doesn't beat his dick raw after hearing that
You: if you don't I have some strong hands, and belts, that will help break you
You: I will also bite hard enough to draw bl**d
You: of course, wifey likes to take a raunchier approach
You: she believes smothering you with her intimate parts will usually work
Stranger: Oh it will!
You: mmm
You: see, she loves to get you on your back
You: sit right on your face while I fuck you
You: legs on my shoulders
You: and we'll usually kiss each other, cuz hell, we're romantic
You: you know?
Stranger: Course
You: she has this fetish with me impregnating you
You: always wants me to fuck you raw
You: and bust inside
Stranger: Mmm
You: but then again, she usually cleans it out herself and shares it with you
You: one time, we saved up my sperm for like a couple weeks
You: I think we filled a large glass
You: wifey yanked your head back, opened your mouth, and you drank the entire thing
You: well, what didn't dribble down your mouth and chin and all
Stranger: Side of piss too?
You: well, the sperm is pretty thick
You: so you needed something thinner to wash out the taste
You: of course, by the time my wife got done pissing in your mouth, you almost threw up
You: you can only handle so much at a time
You: and you STILL had me go to
You: but there are those days we like to get people from the neighborhood together
You: we make like 100 bucks off your ass per person
You: and all they do is circle you and piss all over you
You: men and women of course
You: to fuck you, we'll pull in an extra 150 on top of that
You: that includes tying you to a table
Stranger: Fuck I just fucking came
You: well we figure after every dude blows his nut in you, a woman will come clean it out
Stranger: Fuck fuck fuckkk
You: but, it's also nice to let it build up and leak out of you
You: all over the table and shit
You: THEN the girls can come lick up that mess
Stranger: Baby! No more
Stranger: God i am shaking
You: there's also the times we like to hold your mouth open and let them cum in it
You: not letting you swallow!
You: bitch, you swallow before the command, there's hell to pay
You: we wait until your mouth is overflowing, and the cum is coated your face and tits
You: THEN we laugh as you plug your ears and try in vain to swallow all that sperm
You: don't worry, one of the neighbor whores will be there to lick the rest off of your body
You: mmm
You: how did that feel baby?
Stranger: I m shivering
Stranger: Goodness. Oh FUCK!
You: they get your ass
You: of course, we have to tie you down the table differently
You: your face against the cold table, your ass in the air
You: well, they usually like to piss on your face while you're getting ass fucked
You: regardless, they cum in your just the same
You: but then, we untie you
You: tell a neighbor whore to lay down right where your ass is
You: and then you slowly lean back up on your knees
You: and the creampie flows out of your ass in to her mouth
Stranger: Oh god ohhhhh my god
You: THEN, and only then does she get to share it with you
You: but there are also times when we like to take your panty collection
You: and have the guys cum on them too
You: you have a pair for each day of the week
You: dried sperm all over them, and you get to wear it
You: HAVE TO wear it
You: my wife does panty checks
You: she lifts your skirt up
You: no cum covered panties, and you get LASHED HARD
You: before you pisses in your mouth
You: Then she takes her own juice soaked, pee soaked, dirty, sweaty, smelly panties off
You: and stuff them in your mouth
You: and she laughs at you as you suck the flavor out of them
You: of course giving fair warning that you are to wear your cum stained panties when you're instructed to
Stranger: Fuck me daddy pleaseee
You: oh fuckk yeah baby girl
You: do you have daddy/daughter fantasies?
Stranger: ;)
You: oh
You: so I forgot to tell you that this whole time Wifey is really mommy
You: and I am daddy?
You: and the "neighbors" are really your college classmates
You: actually, it's whatever horny motherfuckers we can drag out of the bars
You: remember the super bowl party?
You: we had you going around sucking off every guy there
You: nothing too fancy
You: you swallowed one, then you moved on to the next
You: undid his belt, took out his throbbing cock, and sucked him to completion
Stranger: But I want you
You: of course, you started pissing us off when you where whining about needing to go pee
You: I don't care what you want, bitch
You: daddy's talking
You: shut the fuck up and take what I give you
You: unless you want the broomstick up your ass
Stranger: Maybe
You: you where whining about needing to pee, we said tough, and f***ed your head down on the fucker's cock
You: after he shot his load in to the back of your throat, you moved on, like a good girl
You: until you started crying and peeing yourself
You: "Ahhhh, I'm sorry"
You: tears streaming down your face as you covered the floor with your pee
You: I was PISSED!
You: "I couldn't hold it any longer daddy, I'm so sorry"
You: I snatched you up
You: grabbed you by the throat and started choking you
You: I think you almost turned blue before mommy got me to release my grip
You: you fell to the ground coughing and still crying
You: Ok then
You: we figured a paddling was in order
Stranger: Please!
You: Yeah
You: we made you walk on all fours to the front room closet and get your paddle
You: then I
You: then mommy
You: then every fucking guy at the party took turns paddling your ass
You: oh yeah!
You: I forgot that we strapped you down to the table doggystyle
You: you couldn't sit for like a week after that
You: we brought your friends by to laugh at you
You: we wouldn't let you wear anything on your bottom
You: they'd come over, smoke up, and we have a nice laugh at your expense
You: you were standing in the corner with your head down and your bare, red ass exposed
You: of course, mommy would get all soft on you
You: would say that you've been through enough
You: so she's sit you in her lap, pull out her fat fucking titty
You: and let you suckle on it till you fell asl**p
You: all the while gently rubbing your red ass
Stranger: Mmm
You: I guess you'll just have to learn to hold your pee better bitch!
Stranger: Yes daddy
You: but it is hard when you're swallowing so much piss yourself, isn't it?
Stranger: Yes daddy
You: remember when you were in class ,and you had to pee really bad?
You: but the teacher wouldn't let you go?
You: yeah, same thing. You pissed yourself right there in the classroom
You: and everyone laughed at you
Stranger: Yes daddy
You: Wow, that teacher kept you after class as I recall
You: pretty fucking vicious
Stranger: How?
You: well, it was no different really
You: after all, he was one of the people that paid to fuck you so many times
You: but you're no stranger to fucking your teachers
You: how do you think you got that 4.0?
You: hell, how do you think your FRIENDS got that 4.0?
You: it wouldn't have to do with them coming to us telling us they needed to pass
You: in which we then instructed you to fuck their teachers brainless
You: all your friends wanted to stay pure
You: they wouldn't degrade themselves that way, after all
You: one time, Mrs. Arrick had you eating her out in the teacher's lounge
You: you were under the desk, no one could see you
You: but it didn't matter when Mr. Jacobs walked in
You: cuz as soon as she spasmed and squirted in your mouth
You: she had you go right across the table and pull out his cock and suck on it
You: of course, it still had the taste of pussy on it
You: your friend there got a little jealous of you fucking the faculty like that
You: decided that she was going to get bent over the desk by him after school
You: Damn, I remember many times you coming home and your pussy was numb
You: panties soaked in all the cum that slowly leaked out
You: your pussy and asshole a filthy disgusting mess
Stranger: Fuck. Came again
You: mom had her soft spots
You: she would sometimes lay you on the couch, lift up your legs
You: and clean you with her tongue
Stranger: Baby no more I can't even feel my pussy!!
You: oh, is it numb, baby pie?
Stranger: So tingly
Stranger: Can't deal with it
You: all swollen?
Stranger: Oh yeah
You: mmm
You: that's how I like you baby
You: all used up
You: like the filthy whore you are
You: why do you think we keep you around?
Stranger: Are you even hard??
You: fuck yeah
You: been stroking this whole time
You: thinking it's probably time for you to get one of your BOBs, stick it in your ass, and sit on it
Stranger: I can't breathe!!
You: don't worry, I'll tell you when to take it out and clean it (with your tongue)
Stranger: Babbbyyty
Stranger: No moree
You: ok baby
You: ok
You: I'll stop if you really want me to
You: all you have to do is look up at me
You: with those big beautiful doe eyes
You: and say "daddy, please stop. I'm all fucked out. I cant handle anymore"
Stranger: Daddy, please stop. I'm all fucked out. I can't handle anymore!
You: ok ok
You: then all I need to do is empty my bladder down your throat, and you can go lay on the couch
You: remember, NOT A DROP on the floor!
You: besides, I like hearing you gulp as I piss
Stranger: So do
Stranger: I
You: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
You: wow, sorry
You: I drank a lot of Pepsi
You: its ok, we still have the doggy bowl for you pee in
You: and drink from...
You: we like you to do it right after you pee
You: while it's still nice and warm for you
You: mom gets WET AS FUCK seeing you lap it up
Stranger: Couch time?!
You: ok ok
Stranger: Yumm
You: I remember the days when we'd let you use the potty when you needed to pee
You: I'd be right behind you though
You: as the stream started to flow, I'd take my cock out and have you suck it right there on the toilet
Stranger: Baby! No more!
You: you got one hand spreading your pussy, and the other jerking while you suck
You: Ok!
You: sorry
You: just thinking about what a good little rotten whore my baby has been
You: so, tell me about yourself
You: measurements, eye, hair color
Stranger: Brown eyes and hair. Well, if you must know measurements I'm a two I wear a 36c and I'm 5'2" so.. Short as fuck. I can never 69 :(
Stranger: You made me lose my
Stranger: Pants!
You: ooooh fuck yeah
You: maybe you can't 69, but you're nice and light
You: easy to pick up and whip around
You: slide you up and down on my cock
Stranger: Ha I weigh Around 113
You: sounds good to me
You: I told you I like a wide array of women
You: when I want a nice, thick fat ass, I go to your friends
You: they love it when I eat them out
Stranger: I get jealous :(
You: haha, why do you think I do it!
You: I love seeing you cross your arms and pout when I get home with the smell of freshly fucked pussy all over my dick and face
Stranger: But you're my daddy..
You: I know, but you get a lot as it is
You: your friends want a daddy too
You: those young college boys don't know how to treat them
You: they want to be all sweet and nice
You: and be "tender" with them
You: I hurt them and make them cry
Stranger: Can I have you to myself please
You: Baby, I do as I please
You: perhaps you'll just have to lay in your bed and stew over it while you hear your friend getting the piss fucked out of her
You: Oh I forgot to mention that they like to come over
You: now that is REALLY just to make you jealous
Stranger: You're mine!
You: these bitches got some EVIL smiles on their faces when they walk through the door and see you all mad at them
You: I guess that's why they slide under the dinner table and start blowing me when I'm having dinner with my baby girl
You: you WERE playing footsie with me until then!
Stranger: I'm better
You: Oh I know
You: but sometimes I need to remind you of where else I can get it
You: in case you start to get complacent
You: or rebellious
You: and decide that you don't want to be degraded anymore
You: gotta have some competition to keep that ass hot, you know??
You: mommy wouldn't be much better
Stranger: Yours mine!
You: walking in the kitchen and fawning all over your redhead friend
You: we both love gingers
You: all touchy feely with her
Stranger: Ughhhh
You: she's got a nice fire crotch too
Stranger: Yeah but only I get the pee
You: sometimes mom slides those tight black pants of hers off and buries her face in it
You: haha, of course
You: she won't let you eat her out
You: she says her pussy is way too good for you
You: saving it for a real woman like mommy
Stranger: Can I have her ass?
You: remember when momma picked her up, set her on the table, and started eating her snatch right there?
You: inches away from your dinner plate?
You: you started welling up with tears, and excused yourself to your room
You: you frigged yourself until your clitty was sore
You: ah yes
You: she'll let you have her ass
You: her nice, pale, freckled ass
You: round
You: you can smack that thing and it jiggles for like 30 seconds
You: in fact, she just mentioned in passing to momma that she wanted her asshole tongued
You: and momma called your over
You: dropped you to your knees
You: shoved your face in it
You: and told you "eat it bitch. Eat her filthy asshole"
You: "don't stop until she spasms"
You: you couldn't breathe with those soft ass cheeks pressed in to you
You: I love making you jealous
Stranger: Youre mine
You: you gotta learn some humility somwhere
You: oh really?
Stranger: YES
You: cuz your little redhead friend is telling he that her asshole is far tighter than yours
You: says NO MAN can last more than five fucking pumps in it
You: and I've pounded your ass for what seemed like an hour
Stranger: I could fist her loose ass
You: lol
You: mmm idk
You: it does feel pretty incredible wrapped around my cock
You: all snug, and warm
You: oh fuck baby
You: you gotta feel this
Stranger: Shut up
You: I can hear her ass slurp it in with each stroke
You: mmm, smelling her pretty red hair as I fuck her
You: balls smacking against her ass
You: she's screaming like a banshee
Stranger: Stop!! Daddy! Stop!
You: of course, I cover her mouth, she's so loud
You: so now it's muffled moans coming from her
You: oh yeah
You: you're sitting on the couch, crying
You: begging me to stop
You: you HATE seeing daddy's cock buried in her ass
You: she's only friends with you to get to me
Stranger: I'll pull her off you
You: she's yelling to you "omg, baby girl your daddy is AMAZING"
You: you can climb under her and tongue my balls sweetie
You: I'll give you sloppy seconds
You: deal?
You: anything to get you to stop crying
Stranger: No! You're MINE. Kick her out! Pee
Stranger: On
Stranger: Me! Fuck me
You: oh baby, daddy' just can't give this up
You: her ass feels GREAT
You: even better than yours
You: Idk, it's been a little while since I've fucked your ass
You: oh but here you go
You: you can suck her ass off my dick
You: she's asking you, with a very cocky tone in her voice "how's my ass taste??"
You: are you crying?
You: you want daddy to stop?
Stranger: Yes!
You: oh no
You: I'm about to cum
You: omg
You: am I gonna cum in her ass????
You: she wants me to
You: saying you can suck the cum out of it
Stranger: My pussy!
Stranger: Mommy wants it in my pussy
Stranger: Dont forget
You: Ok
You: I just threw her off and slammed it in your pussy
You: oh shit
You: it's still covered in her ass juice
You: BAM
You: god
You: shooting like 5 or 6 hot thick jets of sperm right in to your pussy
Stranger: Cause you're mine
You: you wrap your arms and legs around me screaming out "oooooooh daddddyyyyyyyyyyyy"
You: "yes, OMG"
You: fuck
You: last jet of sperm
You: and I just lay dormant in baby girl's cunt
You: collapsing on you
You: all sweaty and dirty
You: kissing your neck
You: and throat
You: nibbling your earlobes
You: your mouth just open in amazement of the feeling
You: of your cum filled pussy
You: now...
You: who gets to clean you out???
You: mommy, or your redheaded friend?
Stranger: Mommy
You: ok
You: she comes over
You: you always loved looking down and seeing her pretty eyes looking back at you as she ate you out
You: stroking her soft hair
You: fuck, I sit down in my chair
You: my dick totally spent
You: and lit up a cigarette
You: your redhead friend sitting in the corner with a sad look on her face
You: she wanted all that cum in her ass
You: she loves to spite you
Stranger: Nah you're mine
You: mmm
You: you are better baby
You: I just tell you your friend is to make you jealous
You: you are so fucking cute when you're jealous
You: now mommy takes you and your redhead friend and sits you both in her lap
You: lowers her top, and nurses the both of you
You: your hair touching hers as you both suckle her fat D cups
You: oh yeah, she's lactating
You: so you're literally getting a nice post coital meal out of it
Stranger: Mmm
You: remember when momma would slather baby oil all over you
You: and give you a deep massage?
You: I remember she loved your titties
You: she loved how you'd tilt your head further back and arch your belly up as she rubbed them with her soft hands
You: flicking your nipples lightly
You: rubbing them in circular motions
You: keeping an eye on your pussy, seeing you get wetter as she kept going
You: then lowering her mouth...
You: circling your areola with her tongue
You: not touching the nipple
You: then little
You: little
You: bites
Stranger: Yes
You: your nipples harder than ever
You: you're all flustered
You: you beg her, in a whiny voice "oh please mommy, suck it!!"
You: she flicks her tongue rapidly up and down the nipple
You: and you shiver
You: and moan
You: she was good
You: she could make you cum just from nipple play
You: of course
You: she'd push your other boob up
You: and offer it to you
You: it was hard
You: but you managed
You: to just barely get it in your mouth
You: then she's slide her hand down
You: and fuck it, no foreplay
You: she sunk her two middle fingers in to your sopping wet cunt
You: giving the "come hither" motion
You: while her thumb circles your clit
You: she probes your g-spot
You: shit, she made you gush
You: you twitch and your body spasms
You: your like a wave
You: throwing your head back, thrashing your hips up
You: as your pussy spews warm juice
You: all over mommy's hand
You: then she takes your nipple out of her mouth
You: and kisses you deeply
You: Remember that time I got you to give me a blowjob before school?
You: ugh, you sucked me DEEP
You: that hot, swallowing sound you made when I was all the way in your mouth
You: my balls on your chin
Stranger: Mmmmm
You: you wanted to swallow it
You: but I had better ideas
You: I pulled out and came all in your hair
You: and it looked so cute that day!
You: then I grabbed you by the neck
You: and said 'baby, you will NOT wash your hair!"
You: "there had better be dried cum all up in it when you get home"
You: oh, how everyone teased you that day
You: walking in, and the still wet sperm laying in your hair
You: it was a nice big load too
You: everyone took pictures with their phones
You: you were all over the internet by the end of the day
You: they tagged that pic in your facebook
You: now EVERYONE could see what a cum whore you were
You: you felt so ashamed of yourself
Stranger: Well baby!! Cum number three i ought to get to bed
You: but that blonde bitch couldn't help herself
You: once you told her it was daddy's cum, she started licking it out of your hair
You: hahaha!
You: bitch
You: did you just cum three times for me?
Stranger: Three or four
You: wow
You: what do you think of my storytelling abilities?
Stranger: Sub par
You: >_>
You: Oooooooooookkkkkkk
Stranger: Heheh
You: Shit, you ever come to Michigan, and you should look me up
You: I'll piss all over you
You: Imma post this convo on Xhamster by the way
Stranger: Yummmyyyy
Stranger: Okay I'll check to make sure!!
You: Ok, I'll put "Omegle Convo with a Dirty Daddy's Girl" as the title
Stranger: Sounds perf. :)
You: lol
You: what;s your name?
Stranger: Elizabeth
You: Hi Liz, I'm ------
You: and it was my pleasure making you cum tonight
You: I only wish you could have been here
You: I really need a sweet asshole to lick
Stranger: ;)
You: think of sucking my cock next time your on the toilet going pee
Stranger: You know i will
You: btw, this was the FIRST time I've jumped right on here and immediately had a long, good convo with someone
You: whoo!
You: damn
You: I suppose you need to lay in bed and let your pussy cool down
Stranger: That might take ten mins or so
You: lol
You: you shaved or bush?
Stranger: Waxed. I'm f***ed to
You: why?
Stranger: My ex
You: he "f***ed" you to?
Stranger: He goes with me to make sure too
You: you still give him some pussy?
Stranger: Only if i get so horny that toys can't help it
You: mmm you are a good little subservient whore
You: I don't know how he doesn't have his dick in your mouth during the car ride
Stranger: That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me ever :)
You: ;)
You: it would be my pleasure to feed your my piss
Stranger: What an honor
You: so tell me
You: how old were you, and him when for your first?
Stranger: I lost my virginity when I was15. Not to him though
You: how old was the guy?
Stranger: 17
You: ah, ok
You: not bad really >_>
You: I was hoping he wasn't like 40 or something
Stranger: I wish!!
You: lol
You: he'd be a certified scumbag if he was banging 15 year olds
Stranger: Yeah seriously
You: :)
You: cooled down yet?
Stranger: Yes
You: mmm
You: oh yeah
You: I forgot to tell you
You: I have a snail track fantasy
You: I'm sl**ping, and a girl snail tracks me
Stranger: BABY!
You: it's fucking HOOOOT
Stranger: That's enough!!
You: you ever just rubbed your wet pussy up and down a hard cock?
You: your lips wrapping around it?
You: getting him nice and wet without letting him enter you?
Stranger: Im not gonna get horny
You: is that a challenge?
Stranger: I have self control!
Stranger: Noooooo it's not
You: but I mean, have you?
You: he's throbbing like a motherfucker
You: and you're on top just going slowly
You: up
You: and
You: down
You: stopping when you reach the head to "tease" entry
You: but then you slide back down...
You: to the balls
You: and he's laying back with his eyes rolled to the back of his head
You: so fucking turned on by your hot wet pussy
You: precum leaking out and getting all over your wet lips
You: you lower yourself on to his cock
You: *cock
You: leaning back on it so he hits that g spot as your ride it
Stranger: Nighttt baby!
You: night!
You: :)
You: smell your panties for me
Stranger: Ps- I won
You: lol
You: Ookay
You: you won that one
You: but you'll be dreaming about it
You: don't worry
Stranger: Haha pretty confident. Night sexy
You: night baby!... Continue»
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Daddy Daughter FANTASY

Sitting at the breakfast table, staring out the window wondering where the hell the taxi cab was to pick up Mom for the airport. Finally today is the day she leaves for the week. So tired of waiting craving more than humping pillows and using the handle of the ice-cream scooper to penetrate myself. Mind wanders thinking about the bulge in Daddy's pants, so much bigger than my teacher’s, I dream about how Daddy’s dick will feel like inside me, my little mound warms n swells. I wonder how long it will take Daddy to actually take me and fuck me like the guys do on the movies he watches late at night. So many nights hiding in the hall playing with myself and listening as he watches his movies and pleases himself, to afraid to go in and tell him I want him and show him what a good little girl I can be for him. Sneaking in after he goes to bed to see if I can find any of his white cream he missed in hopes of feeling and tasting it. Will my plan work or will Daddy not notice me trying so hard to seduce him. “Megan…..Megan….” mom says ripping me away from my thoughts. “Yeah mom?” I reply rather sharply. “My cab is here,” she says. My little panties instantly wet, finally! “Oh ok mom, I’m gonna miss you so much.” I say with a sad look on my face, but inside Im so happy and smiling. Mom says something now, blah, blah, but I don’t hear it because my mind is back to thinking about getting Daddy's attention, as we walk towards the door, I wonder if he will notice how wet I am for him. Daddy comes to say good bye to mom, in his bathrobe just out of the shower, I stare at the slit of the robe hoping for a peak…the talking stops I look up at both of them, Mom says “You ok Megan?” “Yes mom, I’m just gonna miss you, what will I do without you here?” I say and thinking go mom go already. I give her a hug and then step back and watch as dad does to, again staring intently at his robe in hopes for a peak, as he steps back he catches me staring there again. He doesn’t say anything, and mom is oblivious.

Mom leaves and Daddy heads to his bedroom to get dressed, I run up the stairs to my room and then straight to my closet. My little pussy tingling and moist I pull out the dress I made for this occasion out of the back of my closet. So glad mom didn’t find it, a cute little sundress, with low cut top like the older ladies wear, that I cut very very short. So short I barely have to lean forward and you can see my panties. Gawd I hope Daddy notices me. I put the dress on and turn around and bend over looking back at myself make sure the view is perfect, and I see that the wetness on my panties is visible. Oh yes, I think, dad surely has to notice me now. I spray a bit of the perfume I took from mom. Then head to Daddy's room, I barge right in hoping to find dad naked. As I swing the door open I run right into him, “Whoa k**do” he says, dang he has his boxers on already. "Sorry Daddy" I say. As I hoped, he has his Ipod playing music so I start dancing as he gets dressed. Trying to copy the motions I see the sexy girls do on TV. He continues to get dressed as I try my hardest to get him to notice my wet panties, to see my desire for him. He glances at me often, but keeps getting dressed until he is fully clothed. Let’s head down stairs now he says as he shuts off his ipod. Dang it, that didn’t work now what. We get down stairs and Daddy sits at his computer, ah I got it. I walk past him swinging my little bottom back and forth into the living room. He has a straight view to me as I bend over the arm of a chair and pretend to be watching whatever is on TV. Willing him to look at me as I bend over, my little pussy dripping, oh please see me Daddy. I lean there for a long time swinging my butt covered by my little wet panties. I glance back several times, and Daddy is looking at me every time and looks back to his work when he sees me. Why isn’t he saying anything, or coming over to me. What else can I do? Then Daddy gets a phone call and a light bulb goes off in my head, ooh perfect I can use my phone. As Daddy talks on the phone I walk my little sexy walk right by him back to my room. I grab my cell phone I start taking pictures of myself. I bend over in front of mirror and take a pic of my wet panties and butt. Then turn around and lift up my dress a tiny bit to expose the front of my panties very wet there as well. I text those pics to Daddy and I wait, 10 mins go by and nothing, I sneak out and listen, no he is not on the phone anymore. Why isn't he responding to me. I go back to my room and pull my dress off over my head and stand in front of mirror in only my panties and pose as sexy as I can like the older girls on facebook and snap a pictures and send it to him. I wait, still no response, ok I need to go further. I take off my panties stand in the mirror naked and take a pic of my front and turn to get one of my back side, then I sit on the floor and open my legs, so wet and warms, my pink little pussy glistening in the mirror, I get as close as I can and take a pic and send them all. I wait but he doesn’t come, he doesn't text back. I run to my desk and pull the ice cream scoop out of the back of the bottom drawer. I lay on my bed and I shove the handle into my tight pink wet pussy, oh my clit swells and I gush a little on my bed. I take several pics and send them to Daddy. If this doesn’t work I don’t know what will. So I lay there in bed waiting, hoping, dreaming that Daddy will come in and pump my little pussy like in the movies he watches. I lay there so long I fall asl**p…..
... Continue»
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me and daddy

my most darkest fantasy starts with me and my dad (of course) going to one of those daddy/daughter dances in middle school... in my fantasies, i'm way younger... they play 'complicated' by Robin Thicke(my favorite song) and we start dancing. we get closer and closer until his hands are on my ass and i start kissing his neck... people start to look. wispering, pointing. we don't care. daddy puts his hands up my dress. i kiss him and roll my tongue around in his mouth... by then people are gasping and walking off the dancefloor. we still don't care. my dress is off and daddy's kissing my little nipples and down my belly. i look around and smile at all the people watching in horror as my father starts to lick my bald little pussy. i can't help but cum. he tells me it tastes good, i tell him i want to taste it. he kisses me and at the same time buries his dick all the way in my soaking wet pussy.... he tells me i'm a good little girl as he fucks me on the floor in front of the whole school............ wow, just writing it out makes me wett:)... Continue»
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Eric Dorrmann was in heaven. Or a sort of heaven anyway. After months of flirting with one of the trainers at the gym, a short, toned 20-something with dyed black hair named Nadia, he had bit the bullet and went for it. He walked right up and asked her if she might like to see his house sometime.

She knew he was married but she did not give a damn. He was just over 40, kept himself in great shape, and she thought marriage was a joke anyway. If his wife wasn't hot enough to keep him interested that was hardly Nadia's concern. So she agreed on the spot, clocked out early, and the two raced back to his place.

Twenty minutes later, she was bouncing on top of him, her fake tits just barely swinging in time to the thrusts, keeping Eric mesmerized. He was fucking a twenty-five year old in the bed he shared with his wife and he could not have been more pleased with himself.

Unbeknownst to the adulterous duo, Eric's 21 year old daughter Paige had decided to take an unscheduled sojourn home from college after her last course of the day was cancelled. With no Friday classes, she would not have to be back on campus until Monday and she knew she could not come back next weekend to celebrate her dad's birthday. So she thought this would be a nice surprise/an apology in advance for being too busy the following weekend.

She threw her bag down on the kitchen table and was about to shout upstairs that she was home when she heard it. A thumping noise. Groans. She was worried. What if someone was attacking her father? She knew he was in good shape, but if someone surprised him or there were multiple attackers... Without another thought she pulled the baseball bat from the front closet and ascended the stairs, heart racing, bl**d beating in her ears. She prepared to charge down the hall and save him when she heard something else.

"Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Gimme that dick. Yeah. You like that, don't you? Mmmm. Fuck me!" came a female's voice from beyond the door.

Paige blushed, embarrassed that she was so silly and what she almost did. But wait...that was not her mom's voice. She was sure of it. This voice had an Long Island maybe. What was going on here? Before she realized it, she was standing in the doorway of her parents' bedroom watching a spray tanned, fake titted woman bounce up and down on her father while her dad aggressively rubbed this other woman's clit.

"Oh god..." she whispered, horrified.

Her father heard her and sprang from the bed in a panic, nearly tossing the gym slut to the ground. Nadia recovered and saw the pale, stunned Paige in the hallway and smirked.

"Paige!" was all Eric could muster.

Nadia grabbed him and kissed him hard before gathering her stuff and walking out of the room, still naked. "Maybe later in the week then," she called over her shoulder as she brushed past Paige. In addition to Nadia not caring if someone was married, she sure as hell didn't care if she got caught fucking a married man. That was, by definition, somebody else's problem.

Both Paige and Eric remained rooted to their respective spots for a moment, neither sure what to do, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Paige broke first, running away from the bedroom with a sob. Eric pursued her in short order, so wrapped up in the moment that he neglected he was still naked and erect.

When he caught her and spun her around her eyes were already wet with tears, her mascara was trailing down her cheeks. She crumbled into him. Tall and athletic like her father, she had always had a reputation for a kind of feminine toughness that allowed her to be strong but still sexy. She was not used to showing weakness in front of anyone, but she could not help herself now.

Eric stroked her hair and urged her to calm down. When the sobbing stopped, he released her. She pushed him farther away, eyes now glowering.

"How could you?!" she demanded.

He pleaded, "Oh, baby girl...look, I know this must be devastating,'s complicated. I am begging you not to tell your mother. You can hate me. I'll understand if you do. But if you tell your mom it will destroy her, it will decimate our marriage, and it will ruin me."

"You had sex with someone else!" she yelled, hitting in the chest with her open hand, "How could you do that? How could you just go out and find some random stranger to cheat on mom with—"

"Baby girl, I am so—"

"—when, for years, I was right down the hall waiting for you?!"


"Oh come on, Dad. Don't be so dumb. I know you heard me moaning. I know you heard my vibrator buzzing. I know your heard the springs on my bed squeaking as I rode my dildo. Why do you think I was so loud? I kept hoping you'd come in and take what was yours. Instead, you settle for...that?! I mean, she had a nice body, but I am way hotter!"

"Paige," he began, befuddled, "you know...we cannot...I mean, you're my daughter and I—"

"So now you are moral?" she growled at him, stepping back into his personal space and shoved him slightly.

Eric suddenly became very aware of his own nudity and tried to step away from her and cover himself. Her hand beat him to it, grabbing his still half stiff pole in her hands.

"Oh no...I just realized, never came did you?" she whispered, voice suddenly all apologetic regret, "I burst in and I totally left you high and dry. That's not a very appropriate way for a daughter to behave."

She stroked him slowly, staring into his eyes. Her green eyes were wide and twinkling, still glassy and red with tears. Her look of utter innocence was wildly out of step with what her hand was doing. Or, Eric realized, how fiercely the nipples atop her b-cup breasts were pushing through the fabric of her red ribbed tanktop.

" must have had her sooooo wet, Daddy! I can feel her juice all over you."

"Well...umm...Paige, you need to—" he struggled to string together a coherent sentence.

"I know!" she said, a smile breaking across her face for the first time since she got home, "I can make it up to you Daddy."

She dropped to her knees and pulled off her shirt in one fluid motion. Her firm braless tits bounced, her nipples briefly dancing up and down on his exposed thighs. Eric knew the breasts he was staring at belonged to his daughter, his little girl, but he could not look away. They were perfect. The right size, the right shape, high, proud, and topped by equally perfect rose colored nipples.

As her father stood in a breast-induced hazy, Paige took his cock deep into her mouth with a small satisfied moan. She felt him return to full rigidity in an instant, heard him gasp and exhale sharply. She pulled her head back and rolled her tongue around the head of his dick, ensnaring it like a boa constrictor might ensure its prey. Then, she took him even deeper than before, feeling the delightful stretching of the corners of her mouth and the loosening of her jaw. She repeated this several times until she was gagging on him and he was audibly rhythmically groaning in time to her oral acrobatics.

Paige let him slip entirely from her mouth with a pop and caught his cock in her hand. She marveled at its length and thickness and silently congratulated herself on being able to take on so much of it. She jerked the saliva soaked member as she stared up and her father towering above her. His face was a conflict mass of swirling emotions: fear, desire, confusion, guilt, and dread all compete for dominance over his handsome features. She smiled at him and licked her lips.

Then, in a little girl's voice she said, "Oh god, Daddy, I can taste her filth all over you."

She sucked him briefly before coming up for air again and assuring him, "Don't worry though...I've tasted pussy before."

She kissed the head and then let him see her pink tongue lick from his balls all the up the underside of the shaft before deep throating him again. Once more, she paused, and spoke to him, "Mmm...and she is one of the better tasting ones. I hope you got a chance to get a lick in."

She felt his cock jump in her grasp and saw the involuntary roll of his eyes upward and knew he was coming close. She returned to sucking him, using her hands more as well. He groaned and moaned. He shook with pleasure. Finally, he had no choice but to place both hands on the hallway wall to ensure his knees would not buckle. On her knees before him Paige happily sucked away, humming and moaning, her mouth filled with her father's adulterous and now i****tuous cock.

Eric made one last attempt to do the right thing, warning his daughter of his every nearing climax. "Oh god, baby girl, you have to stop. This isn't right."

She only shook her head and smiled around his dick.

"I'm serious. I—" he gasped, interrupting himself as she spit on his cock and rubbed it into the head before taking him deep once more. "God! Baby girl, please. If you don't stop I'll—"

"You'll do what?" she mumbled incomprehensibly around his thick member. She reluctantly extracted it from her mouth and tried again, dragging her dark red nails up and down his shaft, sending electric shocks of mild pleasure/pain through him. "You'll do what Daddy?" she repeated.

"Cummmmm," he moaned, eyes clenched tight, body rigid with a painful effort at self control and resistance, "I'll cum, Paige. If you don't stop, I'll cum in your mouth."

"Oh Daddy," she chastised him, "That's the whole point."

It was too much for Eric. He had been primed by the danger of fucking someone who wasn't his wife in his own bed, driven to full arousal by Nadia's talents and assets, and now... Whether or not the mouth around his dick belonged to his daughter was immaterial. It was a talent cock sucking mouth, the kind seemingly born for it with a long, playful tongue and thick full lips. Connected to a nearly perfect body, long, lean, with incredibly firm tits and talented hands. He could not resist. He was far too weak.

He began to grunt first, low guttural noises. No rhythm, no sense of humanity behind them. Just a****listic, full of want and need. Then, one hand came off the wall and reached down, tangling itself in Paige long curly chestnut locks. Eric began to fuck her mouth then, without concern for her connection to him, without concern for whether she wanted him to do it or not. She was something hot, warm, and wet and he would have her as he wanted her.

In response, she moaned and gagged but let him have his way. She enjoyed the feeling of almost suffocation as his cock filled her mouth and the sweet relief of air as he pulled back. Her lips felt larger than usual and sore and that too pleased her. She surreptitiously touched herself through her short vinyl athletic shorts, delighting and cursing the teasing feeling of almost enough friction against her clit.

Then, her father's breathing changed and he went silent but for quick gulps of air. He pulled her hair, hard and rough, towards him and her head, by necessity followed. She felt her nose tap his abdomen and began to gag and gasp around his dick. He did not pull back this time. Despite her enjoyment of his loss of control, she began to panic at her inability to get free. She looked up at his beseechingly but saw only pure, ugly, pitiless desire in her father's eyes. Even through the panic, it only fed Paige's desire further.

With a grunted, "Drink it!" and nothing more, he burst into her mouth. Thick, ropy shots of cum rapidly filling her throat, her cheeks, coating her tongue and teeth. She struggled to break free but Eric only tightened his grip. With no other choice, Paige began to take deep swallows suppressing all of her body's natural survival instincts to ensure her father's pleasure.

As he finished, his body went limp, his hand fell away. He stumbled back against the opposite wall, his tongue sliding free of his daughter's mouth. He felt thrilled, alive, satiated, and utterly sick. Paige remained on her knees, visibly gulping. Cum dripped down her chin from either side of her mouth in thick pearly lines. She wiped them off with the back of her left hand, then licked the hand clean, maintaining eye contact. Eric saw something that made her involuntarily quiver.

She rose to her feet then, all graceful lines, understated musculature and sinew. She walked towards him, her hips swaying side to side, her breasts rising and falling in tantalizing rhythm.

"Oooooo, Daddy," she moaned, "You were so rough with your little girl."

"Oh, god," Eric whispered, voice riddled with guilty pain, "I know. I'm so sorry. I just...I just lost it baby girl. I'm so sorry."

"I think I need a hug," she mumbled, suddenly only staring at the floor, and thrust her arms outward.

Not sure what else to do, he gave her just that, pulling her in close and gathering her in his arms. Her body was hot, almost feverish. He could feel his hard nipples press into him and tried to ignore how good it felt. She smelt great too, of clean sweat and mint bodywash. He pushed those thoughts away too. He had already gone too far....far, far too far. He had to be here for his daughter now then start to plan how he would live his life knowing he had sexually abused his daughter and f***ed him to swallow his seed.

"Daddy, was I bad? Is that why you were rough with me?"

"What? No, no, Paige. Don't be ridiculous. It had noth—"

"Was it because I've been with other girls? Because I've eaten pussy? And used double head dildos? And strap-ons? And ground my hot wet pussy against someone else's face? Or their hot wet pussies?"

Again he tried to reassure her, "You know I love regardless of who you're attracted to, honey. I would never do anything like what just happened because yo—"

He felt her hand on him then. First rubbing his back, then lightly walking fingers down his side and, finally, rubbing his cock in slow semi-circles. Despite himself, the talk of his daughter being with other women had somewhat aroused him and her hand only further that reaction. Within moments, he was 3/4 of the way hard already.

"Ooo, Daddy. I see that wasn't it at all, was it? You clearly don't mind if your little girl likes to play around with some friends do you?"

He gritted his teeth as her circles became tighter and firmer. His mind was still a mess. It did not even occur to him to push her away. Instead, his only thought was that if he could control the conversation, he would be okay. Unfortunately his first attempt at doing so yielded the question, "Who have you....been with?" The moment it tumbled from his mouth, he knew it was a terrible mistake. He also knew it was too late.

"Wellllllll," she cooed, "That's an interesting question for Daddy to ask his little girl."

He felt her run herself against his thigh before continuing.

"I am sure you are just looking out for me, right, Daddy? Just making sure I'm being safe?"

Eric tried to take it back, "You know, you're right. I shouldn't hav—"

"No, no. It's sweet," she claimed, "I appreciate that you are still looking out for me even though I'm an adult now. Cause we both know I'm sooooooo young in sooooo many ways that aren't my age."

She paused but started again before Eric could jump in. "There's been a lot, I admit," she whispered in a little girl ashamed kind of voice, "I've tried to be better, but..." She let that moment hang in the air, a pregnant pause rife with implication.

She continued, "I can tell you the important ones though, Daddy. You'd like that, right."

His cock twitched without his permission. He was frozen with horror at the way his body was betraying him.

"Mmm, I thought so," she giggled, "So there was Carrie. Do you remember her?"

He did. She was one of Paige's closest friends for years until they had a falling out after their freshman year in college. She was a tiny girl, no taller than 5' 1", with an improbably large chest that she never hesitated to showcase in v-necks, swoop necks, and off the shoulder shirts. Eric remembered her as very silly and giggly at almost all times.

"She was the first. One day after field hockey practice we were both running behind because we had been given extra laps to run for goofing off. Since we were captains, Coach trusted us to turn off the lights and lock the door when we were done with the showers so she headed out with the rest of the team.

"In the shower I couldn't help but notice that Carrie had shaved her pussy bald for the first time and I asked her about it. She told me to feel it and grabbed my hand before I could react. Initially, I just felt the smoothness. But she said I could stop, I couldn't. I could hear her voice getting breathy and I knew she was getting turned on. So I kept rubbing. I parted her lips and dipped my fingers into her. She was soooo wet Daddy. I couldn't just let her go home that way, you know? So we made out and fingered each other in the shower stalls until we were both all pruny and exhausted.

"We stopped being friends because she got a boyfriend and warned me she couldn't do what we were doing anymore. I ignored her, kept seducing her. I couldn't help myself. I knew I should respect her wishes, but...I don't know, Daddy. I just didn't. Her boyfriend eventually caught us. He was so mad. So I fucked him. Right in front of her. I was just trying to help, but she got so mad. Probably because I made him admit I was a hotter lay than her."

"Wow..." Eric breathed, despite himself.

"Did I do wrong, Daddy? I think I did. I tried not to, but I think I did."

" made a mistake. It happens. Could you please stop touching m—"

"Yeah, maybe it was just a mistake. The next interesting one after her was Gretchen."

Gretchen was a redhead with lots of freckles who roomed with Paige before she moved off campus her sophomore year. Eric always found her sarcastic and quick witted and had, at times, enjoyed secretly memorizing the features of long distance runner's body and the mischievous gleam she had in her eye.

"We got d***k one night and I started to make fun on how clueless she was about getting a guy into bed with her. Next thing I knew, I was bent over my bed while she hate fucked me with a strap-on. God, Daddy, she abused me so good. I moved off campus not because I wanted to but because I had to. Neither of us was ever getting anything done. We still drop in on each other on occasion, especially when she's really made or I feel the need to be...punished for what I do.

"Jeez, Daddy!" Paige exclaimed. "I guess all guys really do like stories about girls getting together, huh? You're so hard right now. And just oozing precum. See?"

She held her index finger, a large bead of clearish liquid perched at the tip, shiny in the hallway light. Her tongue darted out quick and licked it clean. Eric felt dizzy.

She went back into her tale, "Then there was Professor Clydes,"

Eric recalled her being a 40's woman with striking hazel eyes who moved through a parents' weekend crowd with considerable poise.

"Angie Phillips,"

The woman who helped co-run the church daycare with Paige during services. She was maybe two years older than Paige and very curvy.

"Crystal Benson,"

Her he did not know.

"oh, and Mrs. Martinez."

Mrs. Martinez, Wendy, was the stepmother of Juanita, a latina spitfire who had been Paige's rival for years, a rivalry that had kept up all the way into college as they both attended the same university. Wendy was the platonic ideal of a trophy wife. Fifteen years younger than her husband, seemingly lacquered head to toe, happy to be subservient in public. She spoke in a giggly bimbo voice and carried herself the same way typically. However, Eric knew she could turn on a dime and go nasty bitch or flirtatious sex kitten as the situation demanded. He never had much interest in sl**ping with her, but he wouldn't turn down the chance to see her naked or with another woman.

LONG AS THAT WOMAN ISN'T YOUR DAUGHTER!" his conscience shouted at him.

It ripped through his attention like scythe and for a moment he thought he could muster the strength to disentangle himself from her. Then she kissed his neck and moaned in his ear, "Daddy, I'm soaking my panties. I'm going to take them off."

"That's not a very good idea, Paige," he admonished her, trying for an authoritative tone of voice, but managing only a quivering whisper.

"Pleeeeeeasssssse Daddy," she groaned, "I hate how my panties when they are this wet. They just stick to me."

"Paige," he protested weakly. She ignored him, stepping back. With wink, she pushed her shorts and panties to the ground at the same time.

"Sooooooo much better," she declared with a smile. Despite himself, Eric could not keep his eyes from staring at the newly exposed flesh. Her pussy was devoid of hair except for a defined tuft just above it in the shape of a heart. Her lips pouted out slightly, her arousal shimmering around them and on her inner thighs.

"Does your little girl's pussy look good to you, Daddy?"

He tried to respond but found himself at a loss for words.

"Does mommy keep it clean for you like this?"

He shook his head, dragging his eyes upward, only to stop on her tits again.

"But you like it like this, don't you?"

He nodded.

"Is this wrong, Daddy? Is it wrong that I'm showing you my pretty, wet, bald cunt?"

"Oh, baby girl, it really is."

"But you said you liked it," she pouted.

"I know I did. And I do. It's beautiful. Very sexy. But it's still wrong."

She walked right up to him again, forcing him to back until he was trapped against the wall behind him. She wrapped her hand around his cock and looked him directly in the eyes.

"Is it wrong when I do this Daddy? When I stroke your hard cock?"

"Yesssssssss, baby girl," he growled, "It's really very wrong."

"What about kissing? Is it wrong for a little girl to kiss her father?"

He stuttered out a reply while watching her moisten her plump lips with the tip of her tongue, "Well...umm...not....ahh...necessarily. It depends on how, really."

"Like this?" Paige asked and pulled him into a deep open mouth kiss. Eric could taste himself and Nadia on his daughter's lips and tongue. She ground herself against his upper thigh, leaving damp evidence of her lust. He bent his leg slightly to make it easier for her and to increase the amount of friction. He cursed his compliance.

She pulled away when they were both flush, their breathing ragged. "So?" she whispered.

"Very, very wrong Paige," was all he could manage.

"I thought so, Daddy. I thought so but it didn't stop me. In fact, it's what made me want to do it. I think there's something off about me..."

"Shh, shh. Don't say that," he rebuffed her negativity, "This has just been a confusing day. There's nothing wr—"

"It's okay, Daddy. You don't have to protect me from the truth. I feel it all the time. I know the things I want and do aren't ok. Aren't normal. Aren't right. I just...can't seem to help myself. My wiring is all messed up."

"Everybody feels like that sometimes," Eric offered, trying to stop hid daughter from thinking that way, "Especially when they're in college."

"No, no. This isn't a phase. I know this is who I am. I'm so bad, Daddy. I've got a head full of nasty thoughts and nothing telling me to stop. I'm so sinful."

Paige spun 180 degrees then, turning her back on her father. He breathed a sign of relief. She was walking away and this was over. He had been caught with another woman by her, lost his mind and used her like a blow-up doll, gotten so hard from everything about her: her body, her voice, her stories, and allowed her to disrobe before him.

Instead of walking away, however, she back into him and began to grind her ass against his rigid unit. He bit his tongue and moaned.

"Like right now, Daddy. We're going to fuck. I'm going to bend over and you are going to just fuck the ever loving shit out of me. And it must be wrong. It has to be."

"It is baby girl. It's wrong. And it's i*****l. We shouldn't—we can't do this."

"I know Daddy, I know," she agreed but continued to grind her ass against him.

He became angry with her, with her refusal to listen to him, to listen to reason. Devoid of thought, he lurched forward and grabbed for her. The only place Eric could find purchase, though, were her pert breasts. His brain went sideways, his mouth dried, his heart began to race. They felt so good in his hands. So perfect. Like that's what he should have always been holding.

He tried to get himself back on solid ground, apologizing, "I'm sorry, Paige. I just needed you to stop that and—"

"It's okay," she told him calmly, "That's part of my bad wiring. I make people around me do wrong too, Daddy. I make them just like me. I can't seem to help it, Daddy. I think maybe I don't want to help it."

She reached between her legs, grabbed hold of her father's hard dick, and guided it into her wet, waiting pussy. Eric did not fight her. It felt too good.

"Oh god, baby girl," he moaned.

"Does it feel good, Daddy?"

"So good. Oh, god. You're so tight Paige. How can you be this tight?"

"You're huge. Mmm...I can feel you stretching me. I'm so filled up with your cock. God...I love it. I fucking love it."

"We shouldn't be doing this. This is not what fathers and daughters do."

She blew right past the comment and focused on her own interests, "Do you fuck Mommy like this? Do you take her from behind like she's a common slut?"

"Uhh," he grunted, stunned by how it turned him to hear his daughter essentially call herself a common slut, "Not in a long time. She doesn't let me do doggy anymore."

"You can fuck me like this anytime you want, Daddy. Anytime. Fuck! You feel so good. I can't believe how hard you are for your little girl. Your precious little girl. Is this how you protect your little girl, Daddy? By fucking her? By making her gag on your cock and swallow your cum? Is that how fathers are supposed to treat their daughters?"

"Oh god, baby, it's not. It's so evil what I am doing. So evil. Please forgive me, Paige."

"Oh, oh, uhhhhhhhhhhh," she groaned, going rigid and cumming, before demanding, "Just don't stop fucking your little girl!"

"Paige, please....oh god...oh god...I can't believe how good this feels. But Paige, we have to—"

"I never finished telling you about Wendy, about Mrs. Martinez, did I, Daddy?"

"You don't have to t—"

"I want to though. I need to do. Because I was so wrong. I did such a bad thing. She caught me one day. I had broken into their house as prank and was using Juanita's dildo to get off so she'd come home to find it just covered in my juices. But my information was bad. Juanita and her father might have gone away for the weekend but apparently Wendy stayed home. So there I was, legs in the air, her stepdaughter's dildo halfway inside me.

"Oh, baby girl," he groaned, the delicious image in his mind.

"I know, Daddy, I know. Your daughter's such a naughty girl. She caught me and she was angry, but I noticed she couldn't keep her eyes off me so I just kept fucking myself with it. She finally ordered me to stop but I whined that I was so close. And then I asked her if she would help. She pretended to be conflicted, but I knew she wanted to. So I just kept moaning and grinding away at that purple plastic cock and she broke. She pulled it out of me and just dove in, face first. God, Daddy, she ate me out for like an hour. And from then on, I owned her.

"That was fun at first. But I got bored. And that's when I did a terrible thing."

She paused and only the sound on their flesh smacking against each other was heard.

"It's okay, baby girl, whatever you did, you can tell me," Eric said, playing the part of a concerned father but really just horny to hear the rest of the story."

"Oh,'s so wrong. I made her fuck Juanita."


"Yeah, Daddy. I d**gged Juanita one night and tied her to a hotel bed and then called Wendy up. When she arrived, Juanita was awake, but blindfolded. And I ordered Wendy to fuck her stepdaughter. I told her she could never have me again unless you did it. And she did. Oh god, did she, Daddy. She did whatever I told her to and more. She got off on it, I could tell. Taking advantage of her d**gged, tied up stepdaughter. I broke them both that night...I made them like me...gave them bad wiring. Made them only want to do wrong. I couldn't help it Daddy, I knew I was being evil, but I didn't care. I finger fucked myself raw that night watching them lose their souls to fucking. I loved every second of it."

Eric's mind clicked off at the image of his little girl seducing the blond, artificial trophy wife to the point that she was willing to have sex with her latina stepdaughter just for another taste of Paige. It was dark. It was terrible. And it aroused him past all sense of decency. Now he really started to fuck his daughter.

"Yeah, Daddy! Give it to me. Fuck me. Oh god. Harder, Daddy. You liked that story, didn't you? It was so wrong, but you loved it. Come on, Daddy, show me how you loved it. Fuck your little girl hard."

And so he did, grabbing her hair and yanking her head back roughly to gain leverage.

"Yesssssssssssss," she hissed, "Hurt me, Daddy. Fuck me hard and hurt me. It's what I deserve, isn't it? Because I'm such a dirty slut? Because I'm wired wrong, wired to be bad? Can you fuck it out of me, Daddy? Can you fuck me until I'm a good girl again?

He bit her then, hard, on her right shoulder. It only served to further fuel her lust.

"Fuck!" she shouted, "Yes! Leave a mark. A big mark. Give mommy something to wonder about when I see her. Let her imagine what I'm up to at college, never realizing her own husband did it."

"You're such a fucking slut!" he growled, his voice a mix of menace and reverence, "You were just made for be fucked."

"Hello?" a voice emanated from downstairs, "Is that Paige's car I see in the driveway?"

"Yeah mom, it's me!" Paige managed without stopping forcing herself onto her father's cock.

"What a great surprise!" her mother exclaimed, "Is your father up there with you?"

Eric tried to summon words, but could manage nothing so Paige responded for him, "Yup. He's just in the bathroom now."

"Okay, keep him up there until I tell you. I got him a few birthday gifts I need to hide before he can come down."

"Don't worry Mom, I'll occupy him," Paige promised, a wicked smirk on her face.

The front door slammed again as Paige's mom, Eric's wife, Laurie, returned to her car.

"We should stop," he groaned weakly.

"Yes," Paige agreed, but made no effort.

"I'm serious."

"I know you are, Daddy. And I know you're right. But I can't."

"Baby girl..."

"God, I love when you call me that with your cock inside me!"


"Daddy, you need to do the right thing and stop us. I can't. I'm bad inside. All wired wrong. If you don't stop us,

I won't until you fill my pussy with your cum."

"Just a few more surprises to hide," Laurie's voice wafted up the stairs.

"Oh god, Daddy. I want her to see this surprise. Stop me Daddy. Make me do the right thing."

"You can't say anything."

"I know, I know. But I want to, Daddy. I need to. Stop us. You're the only one. Stop us."

But Eric knew he couldn't stop them, he couldn't do the right thing. Her pussy was too wet, too tight. She fucked too well. Her attitude was too intoxicating, her dirty talk too compelling.

"I'm begging you baby girl...please...stop now."

"Okay. All set!" Laurie shouted.

She heard hushed whispers and what sounded like slapping upstairs but got no response.

"Hello? Paige? Eric? Are you guys okay?"

"Great Mom!" came Paige's response. She sounded out of breath.

"Well, come on down here so I can give you a hug."

"Can't right now," Paige replied. Did she moan, Laurie wondered

"And why not, young lady?"

Upstairs, father and daughter struggled to gain control.

"We need to stop! Now!" he grunted.

"I can't, Daddy. I can't. I'm so rotten inside. Oh, god, Daddy. I want Mommy to see us. I want her to know you prefer your little girl's pussy. Stop me or I'll tell her."

He clamped a hand over her mouth but kept fucking her. She bit him and he let go with a quick shout.

"I said, why not?" Laurie repeated.

"Because, Mommy..." Paige began. She tried to stop herself. She did. Instead, she licked her fingers and began to slide them rapidly over her clit, "Because Daddy's fucking me!"

"You bitch," Eric spat, but did not stop thrusting into her deep wetness.

"What?" came the hesitant question.

"He's fucking me, Mommy! He's fucking his little girl!"

"I don't know what you think this is, but that's a terrible joke," Laurie replied, vocal cords tight with anger and something else...maybe panic.

"Come see," Paige invited her, "He's so deep inside me."

"That's it, I'm coming up there young lady and we're going to have a conversation about this."

"She's coming Daddy," Paige moaned and looked over her shoulder, "Last chance."

He could do nothing though but keep fucking her. He saw the blush on her cheek, the beads of sweat on her brow, the way her muscles in her back and ass tightened and released with each stroke and he was powerless.

A small strangled gasp drew his attention down the hall. His wife Laurie stood, hand over her mouth, ashen.

"See, Mommy, I told you."

"Eric! Paige! I..." was all Laurie could manage.

"Watch us, Mommy. Watch what a good fuck your daughter's become. Tell her Daddy, tell her how good I feel."

Almost automatically he replied, "Laurie...she's so good. Oh, god, Laurie. She blew me before and she made me cum so hard and swallowed damn near every drop. You haven't put me in your mouth in years and she loved every second of it."

"Tell her about my body."

"Look at our little girl," he said, "She's so hot, Laurie. Her tits are amazing. And her cunt. God! Her fucking cunt is perfect."

"Am I a better fuck than Mommy?"

"Yes, baby girl, so much better," he confirmed, "Your mom never fucked me like you are now."

"Oh god, you hear what he's saying to his little girl? God, Mommy...he's so hard for his little girl. So. Fucking. Hard."

Laurie stood like a horrified statue before them. She could not respond.

"It's not his fault though Mommy, it's mine. I'm wrong inside. My head...I think I was born bad, Mommy. Daddy, tell her."

He grunted and began to speak, "Oh Laurie...god...she's bad, Laurie. Our little girl's a born slut. I had to fuck her...I had no choice."

" me a slut again," she ordered Eric.

"Slut!" he spat and smacked her ass.

She moaned in response, "Daddy, will you cum for me? Will you cum all over my back?"

"Yes, baby girl, whatever you want."

"Go crazy, Daddy. Just use my pussy. Show me what a slut I am. And then coat my back."

"Yes, baby girl."

He pulled on her hair harder and fucked her deeper and quicker.

"Oh god, baby girl. You're so tight. Sooooooo wet."

"Tell Mommy, Daddy. Tell her."

"Laurie...I can't stop fucking her pussy, Laurie. I don't want to. Her pussy's so much better than your dried up old cunt," he grunted, staring directly at his wife.

"Do like my body, Mommy?" Paige moaned, grabbing her tits and mauling them, "Do you like watching your little girl get fucked so HARD by your husband?"

Laurie groaned in response, "Please stop. Please, both of you...stop."

Eric felt guilty and ashamed to keep doing this in front of, and mocking along the way, his wife. To his surprise though, those feelings only heightened his arousal. He found his daughter's clit and just grazed it, propelling Paige to climax.

"Cumming, Mommy," she moaned and undulated, "CUMMING!"

As she came back down, she began to speak again, "Oh Mommy, your little girl's a slut...a whore. Do you see that? Do you see what a nasty fucktoy you raised?"

Laurie mumbled something inaudibly. Eric asked her to repeat it. Again she mumbled. Eric demanded she speak louder.

Anger finally overwhelmed her thick blanket of shock and she bellowed, "You're a fucking disgusting pig! Useless trash! You're both filthy sinful garbage."

"Mmmm, I know, Mommy," Laurie groaned in a voice dripping heavy with sex, "I know I am and I love it. Do you love it Daddy?"

"Every. Fucking. Second!" he panted behind her, sweat visible on his well toned body.

"We love it Mommy. And I love that you are watching us. I think you like watching us. Don't you, Mommy?"

"Stop it," Laurie begged, "Don't say such horrible things."

"Look at can't stop staring at my tits...the little heart above the cunt your husband is so deep in right now."

"Not....not true," Laurie whispered unsteadily.

"Yes, it is Mommy. Is it making you wet, Mommy? Are you soaking your panties watching Daddy use his little girl's body for his own pleasure?"

"" Paige's mom eyes seemed to go unfocused and distant, her voice spacey.

"He's just using my pussy, Mommy."

"She's...she's your daughter."

"I know, Laurie," he gasped, feeling Paige's nails as they dragged across his sac, "I know and I don't care."

"You don't care, Daddy?" Paige pouted, looking over her shoulder.

"Oh god," he groaned, catching the look of lust in his daughter's eyes, "I do care, baby girl. I do care, Laurie."

"Then...then why?" Laurie whispered. Paige smiled and she noted her mother's nipples had gone so rigid they were visible through her bra and her shirt.

"Because it makes it fucking better," he growled, teeth gritted, "I love that this naughty tight slut I'm fucking is my little girl. It's soooooo wrong, Laurie. Soooooooo fucking wrong."

"Mommy....mommy...he's hurting me Mommy. He's so rough with me."

In her fogged mind, Laurie could still somewhat understand she should help her daughter. "What....what can I do?" she asked, dizzy.

"He needs to cum, Mommy. He's so close. Will you help me make him cum?"


"Just touch yourself, Mommy. I know you're wet. I know I turn you on. I've caught you staring down my shirt... "accidentally" walking into my bedroom while I was changing... you want to fuck me, too, don't you?"

"Paige, please don't..." Laurie weakly protested as she absentmindedly unbuttoned her suit jacket and unlatched her skirt.

"It's okay," Paige reassured, "I want you to. Look at me, Mommy. Look at your little girl get fucked."

"Pa—Pa—Paige," her mother stuttered, jacket falling to the floor, shirt open to exposed his bra clad tits, left hand sliding into her panties.

"Shh, Mom, go ahead. Make yourself cum. Finger fuck yourself while you imagine it's my fingers inside you."

Laurie curved her fingers into herself, two, then three, and pushed the flat of her palm against her clit. She felt powerless to not do as bidden.

"There you go, Mommy. That's a naughty parent. Don't you wish it was really my fingers inside you?"

Laurie said nothing, only intensified her masturbating. Before long, her knees buckled with pleasure and she allowed herself to fall to the floor, hand still shoved lewdly in her underwear. She writhed on the floor, eyes never leaving the scene before her.

"God, she's right," Eric whispered, judgment oozing out of each word, "You really do want to fuck her, don't you, Laurie. She seduced me, but you've been fantasizing about her long before this, haven't you?"

"Noooooo," she moaned, her other hand now playing with her tits.

Paige pushed her mother on the issue, "I think you have, Mommy. I think you think about tasting your little girl all the time. I bet you smell my panties when no one's home. I bet you suck on them while you get off, don't you?"

Laurie only moaned and groaned in response, eyes rolling up to the sky. Eric and his daughter laughed at what they felt was confirmation of Laurie's perversions.

Oh, baby girl, I love fucking you, but your mom still looks good when she cums," he bent over and whispered to his daughter.

"Mmm...she does Daddy. Does it turn you on to see her like that?"

"Yes!" he hissed.

"Lose control then Daddy. Fuck your little girl as hard as you want. Pull my hair. Please, Daddy use me while Mommy cums in front of us."

Eric could not resist the offer and spun Paige's hair as tight as he would around his fist and pulled backward, pistoning his hips forward. Obediently, she pushed herself backward against him, taking him as deep as possible. Her father began to feel the familiar rise of inevitable orgasm brewing within himself. Below him his daughter allowed herself to be battered into another two orgasms, laughing, moaning, and mocking her mother, calling Laurie used up, old, and a fucking joke. With a roar, Eric pulled himself free and haphazardly sent jet after jet of thick white liquid all over his beautiful daughter's back.

"Mmm," she moaned. "Thank you Daddy."

He fell backward to the floor, head fuzzy. Guilt and desire warring inside his mind.

"Now Mommy," Paige called out to Laurie, "Come over here and clean us up."

"What?" was all Laurie could manage, eyes cloudy, tongue thick in her mouth.

"Come over here and lick us clean with your tongue. Now."

Laurie was too shaky to get off her knees so slowly, almost robotically, she began to crawl towards them. Her husband, red faced, sweaty, his dick shiny with his daughter's lust lay on the floor. Her daughter, smirking and confident, back covered in a coat of slowly cooling i****tuous cum stayed on her knees and elbows, ass lewdly in the air. Although she'd never admit it, Laurie could feel her mouth water as the prospect of doing as her little girl demanded.

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