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d***ken Flirt Wife

d***ken Flirt Wife

... would hide behind some bushes and see if the
guys took advantage of her d***ken condition ... My wife Beth at 45 was still a very attractive woman
but at that age and having had two k**s, her ... exhibitionistic displays. I could tell she was
getting more and more d***k when she started saying... Continue»
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My slut wife's d***ken black gang bang

... We were out in a pub getting her d***k enough to go to our favourite spot where she would let me ... ignored. She drank her brandy and coke all the time flirting with her eyes and wriggling her skirt up ... rapid and his breath was getting shorter. "Lick my balls wimp, make me cum in your slut wifes hungry ass... Continue»
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My d***ken Wife (FANTASY)

... it on...

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my wife laying d***k with her skirt hitched up ... and stared at me in shock and frozen with fear. All except my wife who d***kenly whimpered "I'm sooorrryy ...
A few years back my wife and me decided to throw a surprise 18th birthday party for our son.
We... Continue»
Posted by TheScarletPimpernel 3 months ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Mature, Voyeur  |  
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Revenge With Friends

... that she was d***k and I didn't do anything, but she said I was clearly flirting with her ... her first day. I was the owner at a small ad agency, and she enjoyed flirting with, and later dating ... friends were a little staid for her. I felt a little out of place when 'd go to parties her friends... Continue»
Posted by yurato 1 year ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Taboo, Hardcore  |  

Became my neighbours toy PART 5

... or comment. The names are still the same A (my male neighbour) and J (his wife). This one might also ... small talk we got round to why he was here, him and his wife were going out for a few drink ... of her, and I gladly did so. Cupping her D cup breasts, massaging them from behind, flicking my... Continue»
Posted by RocknLoad 1 year ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Gay Male, Voyeur  |  
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milking kimberly

... the folio of Bach etudes I just got."

My wife made a little noise of interest and followed Gary down ... wife would probably be occupied for a while. I was starting to leaf through a magazine when I heard ... and my wife have been best friends since college, eventually drawing Gary and I into a four-way... Continue»
Posted by aussie4u 3 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish  |  
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Bernadette Part Two

... got up Mario leading the way, me walking behind his wife. Her ass was the kind your could grab onto ... sucking his wife's nipple.

"Hey you two! Break it up. I want to watch all of this. Come on let's ... go into the cabin." I pulled away from his wife and handed her the bra on the floor. "Thank you... Continue»
Posted by peterpierre47 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature, Voyeur  |  
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She cheated and wished she had not after.

... . Was the house wife as we tried to have a c***d. That failed and by 40 I got depressed. Dr's told me ... broad shoulders just got me going. We flirted when all others left and worked totally alone most week ... nights. I fixed him a meal for us both each night. We ate and talked, flirted back and forth... Continue»
Posted by hardnutjr 1 year ago  |  Categories: Mature, Hardcore  |  

Swinging turned me bi

... were all together and this was the first time I ever saw any interest from my wife Mary toward ... could make it. We arrived and dinner was ready to go, everyone flirting and touch each other. We all ... got very d***k and headed toward the hot tub. In less than a minute, Erica grabbed my cock and slid... Continue»
Posted by 1moreguy4me 3 years ago  |  Categories: Gay Male, Group Sex, Hardcore  |  

Part Two - More Cheating

... are good enough. My wife continues her old habits. 'Once a slut always a slut' is the focus ... stumbles in d***k. She is wearing different clothes then when she left. At some point she changed ... to change my wife into a wholesome woman. She loves sex. And she is gonna have it. I'm on my way... Continue»
Posted by jenniferlikesmen 2 months ago  |  Categories: First Time  |  

Please Her Bos Chapter 1 & 2

... wife talk about the way her boss flirted with her.

Once their phone conversations ended during ... chair watching his wife act like a total slut for this man. Apparently she was so d***k she must ... the winter months.

Keith couldn’t wait to get back home to his wife Michelle. He sat down... Continue»
Posted by MarkJenny 1 year ago  |  Categories: Interracial Sex  |  

You Sure Got A Pretty Mouth! 2

... and live with him and his new wife and Jenny during my break between semesters at college. He said he had ... .

“No, I’m not at the moment,” I said and smiled back at her. Mandi was a first class flirt and wasn’t ... ’ and preening in front of me and I could see her mom aghast as she watched her daughter flirt... Continue»
Posted by Batman_112 9 months ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  

ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #6

... . "But you need to report him… like immediately. If he rap*d you, you-"

"There wasn't any rap ... a damn about flirt with him then telling you that you were being ridiculous or freaking out until ... through both of them, especially as their nipples scrap*d against each other’s skin.

They battled... Continue»
Posted by FrankSinner 9 months ago  |  Categories: Celebrities, Group Sex  |  

The Hotel bar

... all d***k and she was flirting and my wife asked if he wanted some company for a few hours in his ... My wife and I hadn't been out for a while due to crappy weather and events with k**s. So when ... a table and ordered a pitcher. As soon a s we ordered a old friend walked in my wife used to hang... Continue»
Posted by pickohio 2 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  
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my arab hijab wife spending night with my boss

... white my wife is arab from syria she is 26 year, i given my wife to my boss...... my companies effect ... economic crisis , my boss protect my job, he is 48 year old man ,4 week befeore he saw my wife in my ... office and he told me, you ara a luky man you got a beautiful arab hijab wife ,and i am realy like... Continue»
Posted by nikcol 1 year ago  |  Categories: Masturbation, Mature, Hardcore  |  


... white my wife is arab from syria she is 26 year, i given my wife to my boss...... my companies effect ... economic crisis , my boss protect my job, he is 48 year old man ,4 week befeore he saw my wife in my ... office and he told me, you ara a luky man you got a beautiful arab hijab wife ,and i am realy like... Continue»
Posted by nikcol 1 year ago  |  Categories: Anal, Mature, Hardcore  |  

Delicious Desserts

... of winding down after a hard week; a meal, a few beers and inevitably, a lot of flirting. I liked ... are these boxes for then?” Andy asked. Andy was the youngest. Dark hair, deep brown eyes; his wife ... , lapping hungrily. I thought about his wife and it made me all the more horny that her husband... Continue»
Posted by slutwifeofdevon 1 year ago  |  Categories: Anal, Group Sex  |  
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Baby can I have a BBC

... the stuff I'd downloaded for
the past year or so seemed very aroused by interracial
sex, and wife ... hornier. I told Larry about it and he encouraged me
to flirt with them. By this time he ... could
tell everyone that we'd adopted the c***d, that I could
quit my job before I started showing... Continue»
Posted by kinghut 1 year ago  |  Categories: Interracial Sex, Hardcore  |  
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What Happens In Vegas

... From the bed I watched my wife of twenty years step into her deep blue lace panties and ease them ... .
D turned, picked up the matching bra from the bed and slipped her arms into it. Her dark nipples ... to keep his hands off you." I replied truthfully.
D grinned lecherously, "It's not his hands I'm... Continue»
Posted by Mrbigdick2014 1 year ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Interracial Sex  |  

Masturbating to Angie

... My wife Carolyn was disgusted. Apparently the tattoo - of some sort of tribal design - went from ... . When she had her pregnancy-scare last year, I agreed with my wife that it was typical of someone like ... continued her rant. "She's had three boyfriends this year alone, and she comes home d***k every... Continue»
Posted by Hangdog90 2 years ago  |  Categories: Masturbation, Voyeur  |  
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