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cheerleader lovers chpt.1

cheerleader lovers chpt.3

... to take in my surroundings. I
turned to look over on the sofa chair and saw my naked lover in the heat ... . With
the swagger of a freshly fucked cheerleader, Jessi made her way to the bed
to join me. She had ... lover..." She started licking her lips.

"I wanted to surprise you with a little gift... Continue»
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cheerleader lovers chpt.1

... that had flooded them only moments before. The girls of
my cheerleading squad can be so mean ...
someplace in Mississippi and absolutely flawless when it comes to
cheerleading. She had the body ... for a cheerleader too. Her brown hair flowed
down her back and accented her beautiful smile. Her long legs... Continue»
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cheerleader lovers chpt.2

... "Jessalyn, my mom is my part time lover." Jessi said to me as we all sat

I looked ... the
meets we had to do our cheerleading. Of course, I enjoyed any time with
Jessi; but it was better ... the pool, but it was
secondary to the taste of my idol, well, more my lover. Working her way
down, Jessi... Continue»
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Becoming a Princess Part I

... training began.

Day 1 of 4

She opened the door a wide smile on her face. Taking my hands in hers ... and done she had laid out a schoolgirl uniform, a gothic l****a dress, a cheerleader outfit, and what ... to teach you the pleasures of being a female lover tonight. Its just. Although its been many years since I... Continue»
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The College Roomate

... and told that he would probably get in here about 12 or 1 in the afternoon. I told him that would work out ... that sexual experience with that empty headed cheerleader. The one that you just had to fuck after I ... lover." And with that she grabbed my hand and raised it up in front of my face.

Well I understood... Continue»
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The Neighborhood - Must Read

... on a cheerleading scholarship. The hours of routines and cheering had sculpted her 5'2" frame into one lean ... the day she showed up for her final interview still wearing her high school cheerleading outfit, sans ... to rubbing and fingering herself at night in her big, empty bed. She didn't feel right taking a lover... Continue»
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OHGirl: Like Mother, Like Daughter

... , and she had curves just like her mom too. She had been a cheerleader and ran track while in school, so ... my return to being an e****t, so when I found my daughter having sex with my lover and the father ... to share us together and I laid on my back, with my legs wrapped around my current lover, watching my... Continue»
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A Weekend Trip

... they may grow weary of looking at cheerleader legs. As you leave the room, it’s precisely 7 o’clock. You ... lot of the restaurant, and two men moaning within 1 foot of you. You kiss Shaun again, your desire ... lean you head down into him in a lover’s embrace. You whisper to him
“Fuck me baby, I want you to fuck... Continue»
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My first bi experience after boot camp

... some beer to the table, and us being old friends/lovers from high school, she was the head ... cheerleader to my Team Captain.
She sat in my lap, and told me I looked amazing in my Dress Blues ... over my cock, and all the way down to my balls.
I froze for two reasons.
1. She couldn't deep... Continue»
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Sweet Smell of Lust

... (Part 1)
by Caesar, Copyright © 1995
"What is that smell?" David entered the kitchen just as his ... then David."
The Sweet Smell of Lust - III (Part 1)
by Caesar, Copyright © 1995
That very night, even ... uncharacteristically docile with him? It didn't make sense to the youth.
The Sweet Smell of Lust - IV (Part 1... Continue»
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Loving Little s****r and Friend

... 1

The story begins two weeks after Rachel's 18th birthday when I got an unexpected message from ... saw Rachel sitting on the bed dressed sexy as hell in Annie's old high school cheerleading outfit. I ... will teach you a lesson."

I grabbed the top of Annie's cheerleader outfit and ripped it open... Continue»
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Loving Little s****r and Friend

... stomach from all the running she did. And man are her 34D tits to die for.

Chapter 1

The story ... in Annie's old high school cheerleading outfit. I must say, she was looking way hotter in it than our ... of Annie's cheerleader outfit and ripped it open exposing Rachel's beautiful naked breasts. She gasped... Continue»
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Episode 17 - Baiser Moi (Fuck Me)

... on web site – Giselle watches over his shoulder.
Question 1: usual stuff: Hair colour, eye colour ... , ethnicity.
[Answer 1: brown, brown, white]
Question 2: who have you fucked in the last 6 months ... [tick all that apply]:
[Mother , Twin s****r , Mother’s live-in lesbian lover , Blonde Barmaid... Continue»
Posted by dasx 4 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Lesbian Sex, Taboo  |  
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Becky's Babysitter

... Chapter 1

Mike Wilkens moved through the throng of teenagers as he made his way down ... . Jessica Harner. She was on the cheerleading squad and they had been going out for a couple of months ... . As he neared, he saw that she was wearing her cheerleader uniform, a short white skirt and a red sport... Continue»
Posted by robd1 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time  |  
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Step dads follows daughter & boyfriend to an a

... was right though, he was enamored with her. Her body was nearly flawless, She had been a cheerleader ... ! Is it going to be you daddy or is it going to be you baby?" She asks as she pulls away from her 2 lovers ... looking them both in the eyes as she asks.

"I need a moment." Says Frank as he sits on 1... Continue»
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First Time in Front of an Audience

... ’ parents were out so about 20 or so of us partied down. Long about 10:45 the cute brunette cheerleader ... looked up at big boobs and smiled, well as best I could with a 6 1/2” hard on in my mouth. She just ... my hard nipple! I was in heaven with my lover fucking me, a crowd cheering us on and miss big boobs... Continue»
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We Will Do Your Mom First

... boiled it down to three jobs:

1) Make an "Honest Assessment" of yourself.

2) Set "Attainable ... on. Later we'd penciled in various suggestions on how to do it.

A) Improve our appearance.

1 Body ... Hair -

B) Communication skills – Learn to talk to girls. how?

C) Sexual Techniques

1 Learn... Continue»
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A Rush of bl**d to the Head Ch. 04

... , and my mother was a great deal thinner.

Now they were more like friends than lovers. They joked ... to eventually drift apart.

She looked adorable, all perky cheerleader grown into perky soccer ... exactly what I was thinking.

"Come tomorrow, around 1? Okay?"

Michael stomped back over, sighing... Continue»
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The Cheerleaders

... The Cheerleaders

Chapter 1-Cheerleading Camp

Jim was bored. He and his two friends George ... for handling the school cheerleading squads' luggage. Not bad pay for a trio of juniors. Of course ... , getting to be around the cheerleaders for two weeks wasn’t such a bad thing itself, especially... Continue»
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... passed for “normal”- for me and my “son” lover, Shark. Working on projects for general contractors ... of the clock below were set to 1:00.

I fumbled with my Dad’s keys, trying to figure out which one ... up his work pants, but that 8-1/2 inch fat dick of his wasn’t having anything to do with being... Continue»
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