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blackmailing mom

blackmailed mom

... could hear him say, “Mom, you’re home early, what’s up?” I heard his feet come to a sudden halt ... managed to mutter, "It's um, really pretty mom. Um...I've got some homework, do." He ... work mom...whats the special occasion?"

I came over to the table and sat down across from him. I... Continue»
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... for a glimpse of Mom in the nude or of her and Dad fucking, but they were very careful about closing the d****s ... . With me away at college, Mom had apparently gotten careless about that.

The mailman groaned so ... into one. Each time his ass clenched, I knew another burst of cum was soiling Mom's belly. I pumped... Continue»
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I Blackmailed My Mom

... I Blackmailed My Mom

I was a young boy with all the normal urges and was attracted to girls ... difficulty I fell asl**p. The next day I woke up late and my mom came to wake me up. She was dressed ... an erection and my mom became aware what was happening and she briskly walked off. As she walked... Continue»
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Blackmailing my Mom

... the positions and i even saw my mom drinking my dad's cum. Unfortunately my father has to go overseas to work ... leaving my horny mom alone. One day I have left our house for school but i forgot something very ... heard mom's voice from her room. I took a peek from the door and saw my mother masterbating using... Continue»
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Blackmailing Mom

... I told mom I was going over to a friends house and would be back late. I opened the front door ... the doorbell rang and could hear mom talking to somebody. Then I could hear mom giggle, I mean giggle ... . There on the couch below me was my mom with some strange man and they were making out. As I watched... Continue»
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helping widow mom date again Part IV - Blackmail

... mom was taking care of this blackmail business by her own. How I hoped she did, but she wasn't ... and specifically noted that this would be the final and only payment to this guy blackmail. I was hoping he would ... that banged my mom would not resist in sharing the video file. I was hoping this wouldn't happen... Continue»
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Tiffany's Revenge

... and he would be finished with his blackmailing, unless of course he decided to stop blackmailing her ... tell mom and dad". She gladly went to it. Soon two spiked floats turned into 4, and the bottle ... be doing anything for you bitch, you can either fuck me or I tell mom and dad". she agreed out... Continue»
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Preachers Daughter Chapter 10

... was also my cum slut blackmailed sex slave. Pam tried to hold the middle ground and tell her husband ... and then answered "yes, of course."

Jaimie asked, "will you keep fucking my mom?" I answered yes, and anyone ... others). Jaimie said at first she hated me for blackmailing her and treating her so rough, but she had... Continue»
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I know what you did !!! Part 1

... and I went and sat down with my mom and my dad at the kitchen table. After we ate we all helped ... could spot the student who was blackmailing her but from the look of disappointment in her eyes I knew ... mind off of her.

Moments later my mom called for me to come to the kitchen for dinner. After we... Continue»
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Preachers Daughter Chapter 16

... baby).

Jaimie has been getting jealous (as my first seduced and blackmailed number #1 sex slave ... preachers MILF wife. I tell Jaimie about me fucking her mom and she hears me fucking my wife ... daughter whom was a slut. She said, "Master, you know, you blackmailed me for my virginity but I... Continue»
Posted by harleyrider6969 2 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, BDSM, Hardcore  |  
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Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 11

... me too. Don’t say you weren’t, Mom! You liked it as much as I did. Don’t ever say you didn’t like ... it, Mom! You know you do!”

Rosemary’s grimacing face said it all. The k** was right and she knew ... she was even close to Eddie’s Mom. That’s where Vic came in. It was he who provided the lady... Continue»
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Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 16

December 1958

Lesbian Loving in Mind
It’s not that Vic needed blackmail to fuck any ... total disinterest in the subject of lesbianism.

In fact, Eddie’s Mom didn’t get it at all. “I ... or what! And to think, he was looking to blackmail these cunts into doing each other. Whoa! Bad idea... Continue»
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Breaking Susan

... of it was the daughter had called off an engagement and was getting severe heat from Mom, Dad, and jilted would ... grabbed the video camera, set it on a tripod and started recording. Not for blackmail material... Continue»
Posted by Dominari 10 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Hardcore  |  
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Sara Part I

... eldest’s schoolmates found it online. It was then used to blackmail me into having sex with them. Sometimes ... fucking perv. What would mom and dad say if they heard you asking your little s****r to do that?” I ... Mom and Dad get home.” his hands slide up my smooth legs and stopped on my ass. I could feel his cock... Continue»
Posted by taboo_daddy 8 months ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  

wning a Dominant Bitch - Complete

... was driving my mom crazy with calls from recruiters, hoping to entice me to sign when I turned eighteen.

I ... too much. Breakfast was already on the table when I got to the kitchen and both my Mom and Dad looked ... and yelled, “Happy Birthday!” Mom pulled out a card and Dad slid a small box over to me. I opened... Continue»
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Mrs. Smith {Part IV}

... to have to tell your mom what you've done and maybe shell get you some help. I can't live next door ... that right now

"No way, if I do then there's nothing to stop you from telling my mom. Let's just ... back, "For now”


Christ, mom sure did know how to fucking ruin something.

“Let me go... Continue»
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Mommy On My Lap - Ch. 03

... do now? Expose you both? Blackmail mom? Blackmail you?" she sneered.

"Waste of time that would ... . I could hear mom rummaging around in the kitchen.

"So is this view as good as the view I gave you ... through my shorts and Shelly grinned.

"Mom!" she shouted, and I quickly took my hand from my cock... Continue»
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Hynotist Next Door: Chapter Three

... door, but really, underneath that soccer mom veneer, I suspect she might be more like, what your ... to be dressed much like a soccer mom at the moment. Lonnie allowed himself to look Jeanette over ... ... evil bitch!” You hypnotized me. You hypnotized me and made me do that just so you could blackmail... Continue»
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THE EYELAND PROJECT: First Crew. Chapter 2

... sides…legs spread wide and gaping.
She fought the urge ... to scream…bit her tongue hard as she stepped toward the edge of her mother’s room entrance.
“Mom?!” she ... her with that pillow…oh shit…oh fucking shit!
“Oh shit, Mom…” her voice blurted and it was louder... Continue»
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Jake's Magic Remote XV - Cheats and Chumps

... for me.”
Seriously? That shithead was really going to try to blackmail her? Petra ran her fingers ... , think that it would be bad if your mom found out, or your dad’s work, or if someone put up a picture ... tensed up beneath him. Her voice was startled and wrong. “Jeremy?”

Petra froze time... Continue»
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