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bb 2

... for liberation. Liberation, however, would never come. That’s when I decided BB would never again have the life she once knew ... the pleasures and tortures she was feeling.
“I said, quiet yourself, BB.” I demanded of her before my finger unlatched and with ... ... Continue»
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BB 4 final

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BB p4
Becky had been allowed to sl**p in her own bed that night but she didn’t sl**p at all. Not one wink, and the times that she did, I was sure she had nightmares about me. I knew it, I saw it in her eyes the morning after. She wouldn’t confess it to me but I could tell. Those welding, puffy wide black deep Mexican eyes were begging to tell and spill all her souls secrets to me. You see, I had obtained her phone number from her the night before, a clause that allowed her permission to exit our grateful and horrific care for a good nights rest. Becky spoke to no one, even her roommate whom had been concerned for her, but apparently not concerned enough. In the girls dorm, she had been outcasted, girls whispered and pointed at her when she awoke that morning but what she had been able to do with her new found freedom was to find escape. She ordered a flight out of this little hellhole of hers, she didn’t care if her pictures were posted up, she was a star champion and could easily get some kind of money to keep her away from the college. Her parents might even contribute to her runaway fund as it were to just leave everything behind. She wasn’t entirely uncomfortable with the plan of disappearing all together. After all, with such terrible and involved photos, many of which showed her smiling with her carefree innocent smirk… oh god, she had been such a huge and big sexual icon and she didn’t want that, didn’t want people to think she enjoyed what was being done to her, she was being dominated and it was a horrible fate and surely all her fans would think that that is the way they should go about it… be a whore. Smiling as naked degrading pictures were taken of them. How many of her fans would with ease go into the smut peddling business directly because of her, after all, her smile was her approval of those actions being conducted on her brutalized body.
Today, I informed her, she’d be a prostitute. It was hardly a surprise that many of the guys in both dormitories had heard how sluttish she was dressed last night at her shocking victory times. I had gathered a few of them, passing around a sheet with a price list and directions that if they were interested in purchasing Becky, the champion swimming for a little time and abuse her themselves, they could if they went to Mr. B and Alex's room.
It was odd, she didn’t say anything against what was going to happen to her. Did I squash her spirits and soul already? Hopefully not, she was the pride and joy of Mexico because even over the great pond, Mexicans had heard her story of climbing to the Olympics – she was perhaps one of very few Mexicans even remotely qualified enough to go into swimming, let alone swimming for the Olympics – if she’d crack then, that would mean all the fun would be over with completely. I wanted a slave, definitely, but I wanted to endlessly torture her. I didn’t want her to just roll over and take it as it were.
Each transaction was conducted in my dorm room, Alex was working the account, basically gathering up all money taken in and distributing it fairly between all the four others, the lions share naturally going to Mr. B. She was dressed up in her school uniform as boy after boy funneled into the room asking about the seriousness of the price sheet but low and behold before them was Becky, standing, silent, her eyes downcast and a breast exposed and being fondled by Mr. B. pulling a nipple. Mr. B sternly informed Becky she had customers. She glanced at them once, and then distanced herself. Several of the boys could only pay to torture her feet but they were shy about it, some even taking a liking to licking and sucking her toes, others liked to scratch and tickle her but others still enjoyed the sensation of slapping at the bottoms of her feet but soon enough those very same k**s returned later in the day with more money, eager to explore the limits of the cheapest priced opinion, more than just punishing her feet. This time they were prepared. You see, I never once let Becky leave my sight, after all, they had to pay to go any further and I wouldn’t allow others to violate her, after all, she was still a virgin. With a new set of tools, the boys inquired if they could use various objects ranging from pencils to pens until finally Alex began to gather up their own used objects and offered it to paying customers. Meaning, now instead of boys using their hands and minds, now they had candles, whips, pencils, pens, even a knife, but they didn’t use it to draw too much bl**d, just little slits here and there under her feet. But more so the knife was a constant reminder that her life was no longer hers.
Still through all that time, however, Becky remained graceful and mute. Even when a boy paid to see what lay under her panties, she, without orders, took off her panties, revealing to them her cunt, even going so far as to spread her pussy lips. Something was up, I could feel it, after so long today, the entire day, she not once complained or resisted, perhaps because she was trying not to showcase the horror she felt when they abused her body.
The next day came and yet again, Becky remained silent as she was abusively treated. She struggled at times, and I could see when she winced, see her quaking quivering lips beg to do nothing more then beg, plead and wail. But she didn’t. She took her punishment in quite agonizingly painful dignity.
Each hour I would remind her that she had done this to herself, to make sure she never thought that she didn’t want this, that this was all her fault. After all, self loathing was the greatest punishment at all, that is how the Russian people felt about the entire thing and so too did the Germans to a certain extent.
The next day I told her that if she earned so much money from suggestive sales, basically tempting boys to spend more money on her, I would permit her a day of rest. She did fantastic too, she licked her lips on the occasion, added character to her bodily manners when originally she would just stand and lay motionless as her toes were coated with hot wax, or when a pencil was driven into her foot, digging deeply enough to draw bl**d. But now she seemed to be much more in the game as I said such. She earned so much money, lifting up her skirt to reveal her soaking, slightly healed pussy lips that plucked out of her panties, out of the folds of those white concealing materials while flipping back her hair, giving her pouty big black eyes a wink and a flutter, snatching each and every guys wallet clear from their hands. Their money or even daddies, didn’t matter. Alex set it up so we could eventually accept credit cards and meal tickets also.
Struggling, as the day went on, she seemed about to crack. She didn’t give off that impression though but tears escaped her eyes every now and then.
Before this endeavor, she was ordered to not say a word, after all, that would be hugely unprofessional and if there is one thing that I do, that’s professionalism. Anything less is a disappointment met with severe punishment. Becky knew I wasn’t joking about this either so she silenced herself. She spent several hours silent, on the occasion, however, she looked like she was about to crack, to break down, to look just like she looked several days prior when she was originally being manhandled, but apparently she had to prove to herself her strength, and in doing so, prove to me she was something much more then just a common little swimming whore.
She looked up from being bent over the couch, a boy behind her lashing her naked feet, the whip had small tiny barbs, just small enough to dig and cut into flesh but not tear it away. This boy had been here time and time again, his boldness increasing so much that he was ruthless and knew exactly what he wanted to do to her. He too wanted to see her buckle and break down in sobs. Becky looked over to the chair that I sat at, my eyes on the television, volume turned low so I could make out if she was crying. Becky looking at me, I noticed, so I looked back and in doing so I heard the most wonderful words I ever heard.
“Mr. B. May I have a gag?” She struggled to speak but as she opened her mouth, the boy sensed that soon she would crumble and so lashed against her feet again. After so many days of this treatment, it was almost impossible for her to walk back to her dorm room. In fact, several nights opting, her choice, to sl**p on the floor of the bathroom, the only place I would allow her to sl**p in my dorm so that she would be spared the arduous and demanding walk to her own place. She knew in the morning she would be back so…
I pretended not to hear her as her voice pipped up as she was lashed punishingly by the guy behind her. She whimpered, her eyes watering before whispering again the debasing, humiliating words. “May I … please have a ball gag… for my mouth.” To that I replied she could use her hands, but that was of no use because her hands and even knees were tied together. She was in a pickle to be sure.
I stood up and took the whip from the boys hand, paying him a refund. I didn’t want her to crack for just anybody. Taking the whip, I struck it upon her Achilles before swatting it back and cracking it again. “If you want to scream, scream but you know you are just going to make it worse on yourself. It will be your fault and no one else'.” I spoke wickedly as I continued to pound her dainty feet aggressively and with all my might until finally her face broke and etched sheer horror, the idea that her escape was not long away was of no solace as she squirmed and begged to be free. She screamed for help from anybody, she didn’t care, she needed it to end. She hated herself, for what she had become. She was a scarlet of the school, popular and kind in her own right, a role model, and here she was repeatedly being used day in and day out from guys that just had a perverted little fantasy to act out and much to her dismay those imaginations were used on and against her.
Begging, sobbing, not at all gracefully, she pleaded with anything and everything, including offering up any type of money, or anything, she was willing to go search out and get someone to replace her. Her words were so mixed up that they came out as little more then nonsense, but on the occasion her words made much sense but her screams and pleas all seemed to say the same thing: she had had enough and she was so broken she didn’t care if anyone knew what was happening, didn’t care if grown ups got involved, no not even if those cute little slutty pictures of hers were released to the world wide web.
I was a little overreacting though it seemed proper, after all, she had been given an order, and she knew that, knew it so much to shatter her silence and contempt, her strike against making any verbal suggestion to either me or my friends to ask simply for a ball gag to cover her breaking down. For that, she was tightly roped up, stripped without delay and shoved outside of my room… where an entire line of k**s awaited their turn to use her services. I sent Halley to oversee, make sure she wasn’t penetrated but all the same, be punished. Halley had told me later that he had tied her to a wooden chair and she was mindlessly used by several sex crazed underclass men, Halley included.
Becky spent several days like this, suffering in supreme silence. Her world for all purposes had shattered and the glass was dropping upon her supple body. It was odd how comfortable she fell into it, despite the happenings. Even her freedom was a distant thing to her mind. Her body had been violated so much that even her soul had a little white cum spot splashed upon it. The first day was the hardest, so overcome with fear of the public eye that she escaped the horrors by hiding in the girls bathroom- a stall this time. That didn’t much work out… the sexually enticed teens raging with hormones, they aimed to satisfy their needs… if Becky was caught they could use her under the premise that Becky not be penetrated, for Mr. B could notice that, and that Becky wouldn’t tell on them. Because many of the raging youthful guys had some sort of pornographic and this elicit photo of her as blackmail. She was working so hard to preserve her innocence that she corrupted herself in its defense and now she was in an endless perverse hell.
The first day was a war ground of cloak and daggers but always went to my class, she knew the consequences if she failed to show. She wasn’t a superhero though, Becky was often caught and abused by random people, people she didn’t even know of – but by the third day she’d known all the young sadists. She still maintained a duality of lives, but whenever she wasn’t being abused, I knew, she was in complete and utter fear. Where would me and my friends just pop up in next with her life? I remember that on the second day we popped into her dorm room and used her to the best of our abilities. She begged for the ball gag instead of running. Apparently she had some illusions on how the whole thing was going to play out and her eyes still sparkled with hope– well… hope mixed with anguish.
What I didn’t know was why she still held on, my hold upon her mind was incomplete and I was very well aware of that fact. She was hiding something in that lovely mess of energetic Mexican hair and I would soon have it, just chipping at her little by little, savoring each moment with amusement. Becky was ductaped against the wall of her room, the tightly wrapped adhesive spiraled like tentacles around her wrists and ankles, heavily upon her chest, right under her pudgy perfectly sun-kissed bronze bust and even criss crossing her little muffin-top of a stomach, so much so the flesh spilled out from under the tremendous grip of tape.
I would have my answers and I would have them now.
Unlike most all other times, it was just me and her… all alone. No one around this time to protect the little minx. Her mouth was open slightly, drool spilling from her mouth as her bare soft once perfect pussy throbbed turgidly abused casually throughout the night with a nice bullwhip. Now, I know what you are thinking, I am Russian, but it is just because I like the Mexican culture, really like it, besides, who doesn’t wanna know how to use a whip.
She wouldn’t dignify me with screams. It seemed as if she was lifeless but without so much as a sound. Again, I slashed the object of pain toward her tender lips, and again it echoed in its' sickening howl, a dark red mark penetrated across her swollen lips.
Perhaps I hadn’t been mixing it up properly and so I decided to disappear to the kitchen, her eyes staring blankly at the television that had long been off, but her mind assumedly was in a shatter-state but I knew that assumption was also incorrect. Coming back, I walked slowly toward her to see if any movement was in those sparkles dead empty eyes which still seemed so unique and beautiful. Nothing. In my hand were a few ice cubes, specially frozen so as not to melt too quickly, Alex developed it, something about chemistry or something, either way, as I advanced her eyes remained motionless as the bucket swayed back and forth, in it several cubes.
Placing them at my feet I liberated one from its prison and ran it along the thick brows of Becky, the water trickling downward into her eyes and through her eyebrows. She responded instantly, it was chilly and a shock to the system that had been overstimulated in every way but Sunday.
“Ah so she awakens. You didn’t think I was just going to brutally whip you all night long, assaulting your already pathetic figured body did you? You are the perfect picturesque prostitute and I think you need to learn to accept that.” With an ice cube in hand, I teased down her hot sizzling body, melting the ice at a surprising pace. Having to rearm, I snatched two more and bundled them together just upon the tortured flesh of BB’s pussy, twirling the melting cubes in my palm about her nethers. She whimpered, knowing that I had long since stopped using a gag. It was my way, and I would never use a gag – what type of moron would go through all this and not get to hear the pleading screams?
Squashed the pouty lips with frozen water, I dipped my other hand to spread the lips, which was a hard task with how plump they were. I still managed to individually slip a cube up and down the inside of her crotch. She responded much like one would expect, sniveling and sobbing– a nice sound to hear for a change, and protest, protest shed not displayed for sometime. Sensing her climax point, the ice cube was slipped in between her pussy lips, my finger pushed the ice inside her tight virgin cunt. She hadn’t had anything inside her yet and it drove her crazy, especially given the extreme temperature change. Warm liquid flooded her crotch, mixed with the ice water and melted lukewarm cream from her slobbering pussy lips. The ice cube remained inside her slipper internal slide because of how nonelastic her fat beefy pussy lips were, oddly even in this condition those purple and blue battered sex lips still maintained a kind of allure of innocent and youth.
BB jerked forward in response, her little dream world shattered. “Where did you go, what's on your mind for so long BB? You seem distant and without fight, but you still have contemplated… sometimes. But so rarely lately that you f***e me to do the unthinkable.” I placed the other cube tightly against her clit, and a new little sting of bitter cold fluxed throughout Becky’s nubile figure. Chilling the knob, I finally placed that one inside her while my nail scratched along the tinglingly numb clit.
“Where are those eyes, those fierce independence eyes that once…” I taunted but as her pain increased, her eyes filled with rage and hatred. Apparently I had struck a cord. “Ahhh, there you are.” I remained my place while watched as her hips jolted, the cold just too much for her, eagerly I produced another cube to her clit, keeping it there upon her clit with ducttape. It wasn’t easy but you know, you met one struggling woman, you met them all. Tricks of the trade, you gotta learn to move with her resistance not against.
From my pocket I dug up photos, showing her them, some of her life 'before- trophies', friends, fans, even snagged a picture of her f****y, weaved into the belittling were her photos, event catalogs of what she’d done to so many people. Her happy smiling face and worse yet, that swimming meet. I told her of how she had no more hope, she was a useless star who would be forever under my thumb. Her mouth trembled with hesitance; she wanted to say something about that.
Continuing, I shoved ice through her strapped body, however in doing so I had to loosen a tightened piece of duct tape, meaning I had to pull them off her flesh in a slight tearing like fashion and shove in a nice soothing ice cube. She didn’t much enjoy it, I should have known this little sensitive Mexicana didn’t much care for cold, but ice cubes were much more focused in their sheer devastation. The cubes of ice melted throughout her body, from her strapped chest, to under her handled breasts, even her thighs, inner and other as she tried to contain her screams. She was doing a damn good job of it however perhaps that was just because she had far too much training in the matter of pain suppression.
Innocently, she gazed at me, looking for pity, perhaps but no pity came to my steady, metaphorically speaking, hand of justice and punishment – swift and ever cruel. She was now hanging, given the nice slack I put to her bounds, causing her to struggle, and struggle, oh my, she was actually trying to escape.
“You know whats at stake little girl. Just be cool” I said, however I knew what was happening, she’d had enough, and when people had had enough, words just flowed out without control… like dangerous little secret thoughts could threaten my control over her, like there was such a thing, I always had the upper hand, always and it was a wonderful quality to have. Fingering her cunnie, stuffed with melting creamy ice, the liquid splurged everywhere as her tenderized body shamefully shivered and convulsed as the added stimuli was f***efully extracting an orgasm. Flicking the clit that moved and swayed with her struggling body, I snatched her ear and whispered words meant to pervert even an angel.
“You want everyone to know, don’t you, you want everybody in the world to know what type of whore you are.” I spoke.
“Please, stop! Oh please!” She sobbed in desperation as she slung against the wall. She was so close to freedom, but yet so far. She could never escape, not yet.
“I will never stop.” I replied with ferocity, taking her left foot and restraining it, wiggling, into the bucket of ice just below her slung form, she wasn’t very keen to follow that little idea but I overpowered her with ease, taping her foot and lower leg so that they’d remain coated in chilling chemically altered ice cubes. I did the same with the other foot. Becky wailed again.
“These are the consequences of your actions. If you would just stop fighting me, your life would be so much easier. No more drama or strife or struggling --- just being a mindless little Mexican whore.” I said adoringly, licking her lips as she whimpered. “You are mine…” I tried to drill into her orgasming, overwhelmed frumpy form until finally in a shriek of utter and supreme ecstasy, she verbally and violently protested her slavery to me and all the people I deem worthy, basically if you had a quarter, you could use Becky… always a businessman.
“I will escape. You may have pictures of me… but you… you… you cant be everywhere. You…you can’t ruin life itself and I...I am still alive.” She pleaded as she physically humiliated herself, cunnie slavering sensual substances.
“Still alive, this is what you call this? Even if you were to ever magically escape you will never forget how you allowed so many men to violate you. You want this, you need this, especially now.” I flicked her clit again, but the target was so swollen and plump that it was ever so hard to miss.
She knew it was true, but she stopped herself there, knowing she was on dangerous turf. Mr. B knew that she still had will power, and hope, and now he was able to put all the pieces together. That night he left me hanging, alone. Parting with words of horror. “I will prove this is what you want done to you, you can't deny it when your looking directly at the mirror into that pitiful wreak of a face. A beautiful dick loving disaster.”
Preparing the troops, we planned to implement her final torture. That one final push that would send her over the edge into whorishness forever. You see, I called her parents, pretending to be someone else and milked them from pearls of wisdom and knowledge that they knew not who they gave. Apparently, tonight, she would be leaving on a jet plane and she would abandon her entire life just because she wanted so desperately to escape me. I made sure no one touched her that entire day, and that more then disturbed the shy, but cautious Becky. She remained silent in all her classes, head down, hearing chatter about that one whore of a swimmer whom had done perverse things in front of almost the entire guy population of Kelly College.
She didn’t return to her dorm room. Instead, before she left, she decided to go to the shower room to wash all that impurities that had so saturated her mind so effectively. I knew she would return here, ground zero so to speak. She’d missed this place, she dare not return to practice, she couldn’t look at her coaches or her fellow female students. That is when we came into the ladies shower room and sought the ultimate humiliation, to destroy her body and make her nightmares real. Like zombies, each of the guys pounced on the unaware, singing carefree Mexican beauty. She was in a good mood, but not for long. Halley and Dave secured her quickly, she yelped in surprise and tried to break free and run for the door – which she did accomplish given how wet with water her smooth ripe young body was. Giving her a day of rest had healed her gorgeous form almost perfectly, which was delightful. Youthful flesh always remained fresh to a certain point. Quickly, she ran for the door, naked but uncaring, attempting to earn her freedom. Behind the door shed open was me, smiling victoriously. She backed away, horrified. “No… please… god no…” It was in that moment of hesitation and fear that my lackeys re-obtained her and dragged her into the showers again. We were all naked in a flash and Alex had taken a liking to rubbing his ball sack against her lips and face which was well lubricated with tears… Dave collected her hands and f***ed her to jerk him off, the cock sitting right in front of her face as she did so. So big was it that even when she closed her eyes she could still see it, and feel it as it loomed before her.
Laying on the slippery ground, I got to my knees and went for the killing blow, positioning my penis right against her puffy pussy lips, she cried, knowing what was to come before I jerked inward, stabbing inside her, I laughed, we all laughed, knowing that she would forever have to remember this day, the day she lost her virginity. Halley chose to dig his nails into her nipples before inserting a needle, it was much more painful given her body was a wave of emotion and motion, being torn this way and that by multiple dicks eager for her services, this caused the piercings to be much more unfocused and less successful, meaning he, ever the perfectionist, attempted yet again – a few times. Screaming, slipping against the shower floor in defiance, nipple rings were stuffed into the pulled and penetrated flesh, worse yet connecting the nipple rings was a chain, a chain so sensitive and tight that when Halley went to inspect his work with a tug, Becky broken down madly, crying in a voice id never ever heard before. It was haunting, even to me but it was drowned out by my desires of having her not-so-virgin cunt to myself. I pushed deeper inside her as I watched her pierced nipples raise in front of her tearful eyes. I could feel that tight hallow hole constrict against my penis, her swollen clit rough but slickly being abused by my stomach at the same time, I could feel her orgasming multiple times, though unwanted. It was nice to know with all her being, she couldn’t resist the pain and pleasure and needed to expel gushing orgasms.
Alex, naked, disappeared out of the shower to return with a glove on his hand and in that a green plant, just three leaves in all. But his intentions were clear for all who saw him, but Becky whom had fallen victim to blinding pain – even when her nipples were being plucked by a hand, each time her chest swayed and bobbed to the motions of jerking and fucking, she felt that spiked painful piercings shudder. Dave actually noticed out of the corner of his eye, as his cock was being massaged begrudgingly willingly by Becky, that Halley had weights sized appropriately for the swollen turgid nipples. Dave grabbed one to feel its weight before Halley retrieved it and placed it upon the nipple piercing itself, the sagging immediate, causing the plump tits to weigh to each side of her body, nipple being stretched almost to the wet, messy ground of the shower.
Her body wiggled and jiggled with each heinous action we did to her lively body. It was a sight for sore eyes, to see her spirit coming back to her shame that it happened with my penis so deeply burrowed inside her, and like a young impressionable penis, it was ripe with tender and sensitivity, allowing me to call her out on each embarrassing orgasm she obtained from this treatment. All the while pictures were being taken, of course. Alex, with the nettle, a plant with barbed little edges that hooked into the tiniest portion of flesh and peeled off without so much as an effort, was ready to destroy BB. Alex enjoyed rubbing her feet with the dangerous plant, taunting her about how she would have to take up to a month to heal, making her swimming career which was still very prosperous, very unrealistic. She protested, naturally, but her protests soon were muffled by Dave's cock being shoved into her mouth. Dave swept her hair back, telling her how much of a good little slut she was, his actions very genuine and comforting to the mind broken teenager whom laid taking cock after cock and punishment after punishment.
Sinking the plant into the soles of her foot, Alex ground the wildlife against her bare feet. I knew she would have trouble walking. I also knew that in an hour or so she would be off to leave us all alone, abandoned. We had nothing to lose because we would have nothing to leverage her sexy spanish body with. This might very well be our last night, or week with her, depending on how things went.
“She's sucking it… and massaging my balls.” Dave said surprised as Becky tried to sink herself into a shell of compliance just to survive what was happening. The nettles becoming increasingly an object of Alex's affection, given when I was finished with her pussy, still so tight but her lubrication meant an easy glide inside and out of her, Alex decided to use the wild exotic and painful, poisonous vicious plant on her clit, rubbing it raw. In broad sweeping motions, he was able to scrub the pussy lips with the object he expertly possessed, but it was an expertise that was only made actual because of his own cruel and insidious delight in breaking her further. Taking her by the legs, I guided her to flip over, which she did. Wrapping my hands over her thighs, her thick weighed down breasts slowly slipping upon the shower ground, I pulled her upward, that big fat naked paddled ass full in view so that I could penetrate another hole, her ass. I shoved it in, my penis not going directly into the asshole but jamming into her sensitive flesh surrounding – I went for it again, knowing eventually it would go in on its' own accord. Alex was still with a little part of the plant, villainously applied pressure to it while bathing it upon her clit which reacted to the hooking plant, and swelled almost immediately from its gruesome and terrifyingly painful clutches. Dave encouraged Becky to suck his ball sack as all of us took her to complete pleasure and back. She would surely miss her flight now, and we would see to that.
The night continued, after all had fucked her pussy raw, stretching her taut pussy out the best they could but found no matter what it remained shapely and sturdy, we soon let Alex take that plant and grind it against her nipples which were a sight, given with her standing up, her armpits being licked by guys flanking her, they hung downward droopingly, kind of like a pregnant female almost. She was disgusting and no longer seemed to retain that little light she once had in her deep dooey eyes.
We coated the star athletes' face with our cum, she had even licked it off, posing for a shot with the camera, having the heavy white steamy jizz balled into her mouth before swallowing. She really didn’t care what happened to her, I knew that she still was going to escape but that was a problem for another day. Finally, Alex shoved a few of the Nettle leaves inside her twat which oozed everybody’s cum, they hurt going in, we all saw, but whenever she decided to pry them out… well that would be another horrible pain. But to entice us further, we having cummed easily four times over two hours, we decided to put her in her place. Slapping her onto the ground, each calling her named, abusive her feet with our nails, finally however, we returned her clothing where she lay, alone, weeping. The clothing however was a different outfit, one that had been rubbed and living in a bin of poison ivy and oak for over two days… effectively making the clothing itself like one sheltered prison of burning, itching dreadfulness.
Missing her flight, Becky had to reschedule, giving us easily a week to further destroy her. In that time, immediately, her photos were released on the internet, posters were put up in the hallways, and saw to it that she was an embarrassment of the college– forcing the board of the college to discharge her swimming scores out of embarrassment for her lewd behaviors. All her trophies and successes disappeared over night.
In the morning, Becky was so traumatized, she went to her swimming coach, a big fat old man but kind and nice, little did she know he was just nice to her because he wanted to fuck her and now with, well, everything, he had all the reason to. Pleading for help, Becky listened to the ultimatum he offered. He would take down the poster boards with her sexual pictures on it that circulated the school before other teachers saw if she sucked him off. It was second nature as she sobbingly got onto the ground, desperately trying to dig her out of this hole she’d dug herself. Sucking that cock, she was informed by the coach that if she didn’t do this for him all the time, he would be f***ed to call her parents, f****y, and close friends in Mexico.
It was almost instinct now, while he did tell her to just suck his cock, she instead fucked him with such skill that she left the horny fat little man in a pool of his own extensive, thick cum. All her friends abandoned her, but she still had some friends left, mostly fans – fans whom had answered to Mr.B’s little poster board offers, basically stating that if BB’s fans became just like her, they would be as happy as the star athlete, much more like her. It was a cruel thing to see her young friends and fans filtering into Mr.B’s room endlessly, looking to be more like Becky.
The rest of the faculty used her too – now taking up a daily visit to the teachers lounge to accept their affection for her. She hated every second of it but what was worse was the scratch marks upon her breasts from the plant that had been so abusively used on her wasn’t going away, they were – slowly, but she wasn’t sure if her body would repair the scars that might be left. Becky visited Halley every day as well to get her nipples readjusted, to make sure they were okay – not infected and the like… one day he played a horrible trick on her by reinserting a piercing inside her but this nettle was infected with poison oak, another little branch of wildlife that tormented her.
Soon, however, the torture was over and she fled the school– desperate and alone. She’d seen her entire life become nothing more than a mockery of its former prestige. People used to want to take her picture because of her international success in swimming but now… now all people were talking about was what a whore she was and what type of terrible actions she’d done.
Becky exited her flight which took so long… but it was so peaceful, she never once wanted the plane to stop – she was safe so many miles away and so high up in the sky. She was, however, looking over her shoulder each moment she thought about it, worried someone would notice her. Afterall her photos had, indeed, true to his words, been posted on the internet and they even made headlines. She couldn’t disappear forever but she needed to just rest, collect herself and then figure out what to do from there.
She couldn’t even go to the bathroom with the door locked, afraid that she would be in that tight place and somehow, magically, the boys would come out and use her. She never once had peace from her tortured thoughts and more than a few times she had woken up from horrible nightmares that plagued her absolutely.
She arrived at home safely, greeted by her mother and s****r with glee. Thankfully they’d not noticed the news stories endlessly circulating about her and her whorish behavior. Apparently there was even a website, and Mr.B was starting a magazine dedicated to BB and all her fan followers who wanted to walk in her horrible footsteps. Unlike her fans, Becky never enjoyed what happened to her. Jesus, it was her fault that so many innocent girls were becoming sluts- even girls, she heard, that weren’t in Kelly College. She couldn’t help but weep for those misguided souls.
An entire week passed by and never once was there a moment where she didn’t think about her treatment. Her mother and s****r left to grab some food for them that night and so Becky enjoyed just relaxing, zoning out in front of the television for her mind was so destroyed that she didn’t want to think for every thought was one of horribleness, of events shed rather just forget all together.
Hearing a knock at the door, went to it and looked outside – it was her next door neighbor whom was looking for some sugar. She opened the door, and despite her own precarious behavior but she shrugged it off, desperate not to live her life in utter fear of the past actions that had been done to her. The moment her door opened, several of the neighborhoods boys filtered into her home, pushing her down against the ground. It looked like a gang, some people she’d knew way back when and they were obviously… here for something. With a scream, she ran away until her feet were snatched, dragging her back wickedly.
“Mr.B. told us to tell you B.B. stood for Busty Bitch.” And with that, they all converged up on her terrified and fearful body.
Her mother and s****r soon to arrive home.

... Continue»
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bb 2

I write for clients. If interested, email me at I have a wealth of archives
BB p2
I had successful parents, and in other words, my position in Kelly College as well as the disgraced "Beckys", was secure. Not only was my place in this school secure, but I also had benefits. My dorm room was large, which I shared with my friend Alex, a German boy whom had preoccupied his time with an infatuation of Becky with tugging upon not so malleable, flexible flesh such as her stomach and even ear. Alex was the more…internally disturbed of the group. He didn’t just like to explore, he liked to know all, weaknesses, strengths, that was why I enjoyed playing chess with him, he had a mind not so dissimilar from my own. Also, the common room was meant for all the boys of the dorm, which showed the subject of my wealth, meaning where the other boys dorm had no pool table – we did have one.
The six of us entered the common room and I immediately closed and locked the doors leading to it. Little did the poor "innocent" BB know that now, here, all her screams would be heard by everyone in the dorm room, a fact I would bring to her attention at a later time, more toward morning then not.
We gathered around her naked form, she was dry and her normally wavy, curly hair was somewhat frizzed at the tips, but still remained healthy in appearance and perhaps even an addition to her gorgeous, athletic tender body and soul. She glanced nervously around the common room which was considerably larger then her own common room of the girls dorm. Each of the guys gave her much more ferocious glimmering gleans of longing now that they were behind closed doors. It sent a chill down her spine, her body remembering all those hands and just how careless they were, how their nails snagged on flesh accidentally and on purpose, how they squeezed her. It was like she was reliving the nightmare over again, even if she was seconds from reliving it in reality. Her mind was poisoned as much as her body. I parted my way and walked to the pool table before patting upon it.
“No one can help you. You are all alone. You cannot even help yourself. You are almost free though, come over here on the pool table and then once we are done… I shall let you go and you will not have to worry about anyone else but us knowing what you allowe us to do to you because you were too weak and stupid to stop us… so stupid you even followed us back home, in the belly of the b**st.” I spoke, making sure she remembered just how all this happened, I wanted her to blame herself, not us, after all, how can you blame a couple of horny teenagers on what was happening. She could have gotten away if she tried, gave her the mind set that this was all her fault, she got herself caught, she came to the boys' dorm rooms willingly when all she had to do was run back to her own safe haven.
A new little tear ran down her eye as she looked side to side at the other guys, their jeans stretched outward, Dave’s actually became the focus of her attention for but a moment more than all the others. It wasn’t that the girth and frightening size that excited her, but she was questioning if that was even realistic, it was so big that it was disgusting. Dicks were disgusting and revolting, she’d been taught that boys sin terribly with their tools, but the teachers usually didn’t expand upon their teachings, but the impression was that sex with boys, or being alone with boys, or talking with a boy alone was wrong and sinful and just a quick path to hell.
Her ass, unprotected, wiggled as she bobbed her hips, walking toward the pool table where she sat upon it, nervous, her legs crossed to cover her cunt up, her hands and arms both about her chest which spilled familiarly from her grasps. She just had so much extra thickness on her chest to grow into that perhaps when she grew just a little bit older her already overly developed breasts would bloom and blossom into something more, much more but for now the cute, perhaps awkward perkiness of her still developing body was satisfactory.
It took a split second but they were upon her like gravy on rice. Dave and Chris grabbed one leg as Halley and Alex shoved her against the pool table, laying her down. Now the fun was just going to begin and just get exceedingly better. She felt betrayed but she knew in the back of her mind that she was utterly alone, no one would help her and she couldn’t help herself. She was helpless, hopeless and she needed to just curl up somewhere in her mind and just allow it to pass which was much easier thought than done. Now laying upon the table, her legs stretched and spread, bringing her ankles over the table and forcing them against the legs of the pool table, this caused her body to arch upward a little because of the odd position, she might have been flexible but it was a rather impossible position for anyone given it wasn’t her elasticity in question, but the very structure of her body and bones, her ankle to her leg and to her hip. Humping upward, her pussy slit spread just teasingly enough for Dave and Chris to peek inside to the pink ever vast but surely tight insides of BB.
I took the liberty to return to the position I personally enjoyed the most. I stepped in front of the pool table, the portion where the balls for the game collected for repetitive usage. BB was no longer thinking, her mind no longer much of a danger as she felt the sensations her body expected but she felt it far much more prominently than she remembered it. It hurt a lot more as Dave and Chris pulled at her arm, stretching her out before grabbing just under her exposed naked soft armpit, snatching a part of that flesh and plucking it. She whimpered and cried. Becky would have covered her mouth but found that impossible given the control each boy had of all her appendages, leaving her to bite into her succulent lips, so deep and painful that her lips turned immaculately white, a dribble of bl**d being squeezed out into her mouth, the iron taste mixed with that of her potent cunt stench that still remained on her lips. Immediately given the best opportunity to abuse her, I took what I wanted. It was that little tiny white swollen knob that caused her so much pain and I wanted to explore that further.
“Shhh, all the boys will hear… You don’t want to let down all those people that admire you if they find out, do you? Or are you just that much of a failure. So much a failure you don’t care who knows what you’ve been allowing us to do to you.” I spoke daringly.
“I am not allowing---“ She screamed out as I poked the clit hood with my fingertip --- but I didn’t relent, I continued to push and shove my finger into the clit, squishing it against her pelvis, deeper even still so that my nails, not particularly sharp nor long, dragged and dug into the clit itself. It was a true display of outright displeasure as Becky’s tan body fidgeted and struggled against her assaulters again. Dragging the finger upward, I scratched along the clit, I am rather confident I left a scar because I know for certain I cut deep into it, enough to break skin but the clit was rather… flimsy.
“I hear clits are over ten times more sensitive than anything a guy has. We can never know the pleasure you have, and that actually pissed me off when I first heard it but now I am glad I know, because if you are unfairly able to get more pleasure than the guys, then you can suffer just that- much – more.” I said as my fingers collided with each other, the thin little ball of a clit – a collection of nerve endings – wedged in between my tightening fingers, crushing and squishing it. I smiled as she screamed in horror. Tears rolling from her eyes, down her temples and into and around her ear.
“No, don’t silence her. If people come and see her, it will be her own fault. She will be calling for them, not us. She won’t be a strong role model anymore and she knows she could never forgive herself. If anyone found out, she’d lose everything, and her career as a swimmer, it would end, perhaps one of the leading female swimmers in Kelly College, one of the top Olympic prospects in the world, and everyone would know what type of dirty little whore she really is.” Becky heard all this and tried to silence herself but it was useless. She cried out in horror as I stopped my friends from muting her and instead guided them to do something equally as vicious as I was doing to her. Dave enjoyed palming her fat breasts, squashing them and twisting them, taking a nipple he twirled it, and twirled it until her breasts twirled to follow suit, Dave was literally winding her flesh up, stretching it distinctly as he did so. I was rather impressed but he successfully spun the breasts almost entirely around, stretch marks appeared, though perhaps not permanent, upon her rich milk creamed chest. Crying, she tried to struggle again, this time she pleaded loudly.
“Stop! Stop please, it hurts so much. I can’t----“ It was then that her voice was becoming boring to me, so I decided to shut her up by digging a finger under the clit and its hood while placing another above the clit and hood, from there I mimicked what was being exacted upon her chest. Twisting the clit I had firmly in my pincers brutally before pulling it upward, stretching it before my other hand slapped down upon the clit and exposed pink Mexican pussy punishingly. She jarred a little, wielding out as if she were being tortured. The pain was far too much for her. Her body was shutting down, trying to go into shock so as to sustain her body and mind, after all, pain to someone whom had never felt anything remotely painful was just that much more painful.
My spanking hand went from place to place, from her wet oozing creamy slit and pussy to her bare juicy ass cheeks, obsessed with turning them from tan to red, wondering if I could. I swung with such strength that I even hurt my own hand but her pain was intoxicating to me, so intoxicating that I didn’t mind a little pain here and there upon myself so long as it hurt BB, our precious little mini-hero of Kelly College. I took comfort and satisfaction each time my sweeping hand met with the body that remained more or less unmoving, but with each excessive swat her poor little body moved upward little by little to the point that her head was no long on the pool table and the fact that her neck was barely there either, causing her to f***efully keep her head upward if she chose to watch the horrible actions committed onto her but so spent was she from the tireless hours of whimpering, screaming, and inadequately attempting to stifle her screams of shame. She lingered backward, the back of her head over the pool table now thudding ever so often against the frame of the wooden entertainment product.
My slapping and spanking wasn’t entirely focused on her ass or pussy, I was more than content to leave that throbbing clit alone for a little bit while I destroy it utterly and completely later – no, I wanted this little play thing to last a lot longer than a few hours. I moved my attention to the back of her legs, her knees still pulled against her fat, stretchable tits, even her inner thighs were not safe from my tasteless punishment but all to soon it turned worse as my hand swelled slightly painfully, much so like that puffy little gorgeously tanned ass of hers which was punished with every ounce of my being. Alex, sensing that I had tired and was shaking my hand as if to rid the sting in my palm, he pinched one of BB’s nipples while he moved, grabbing upon a pool stick and handing it to me.
Nodding in appreciation, I stepped back. Becky, so filled with sensations that she barely sensed that I had stopped my onslaught, however maybe she did feel it stopping but was too worn out and used that to not lift her head, crane her neck, ultimately to see what I was doing next. Much like a bat in my hands, I swung it, scoring a direct slashing smack, her pussy juices which flowed from her sloppily splashed everywhere, even upon myself as the wooden pool stick went from each side of her lower ass and catching a part of her perfectly delectable pussy lips.
She pulled herself up to see what was going on. I definitely got her attention there and for that reason I didn’t just stop at one swat. I continually did so as I encouraged my friends to become much more… spontaneous. Alex brought back a few items – busily each person sought to duct taping her upon each of the legs of the table so she couldn’t escape, all the time I continued to bring that wooden stick against her swollen pussy – she cried out the loudest I had ever heard her, and when I unintentionally smacked upon her swollen, exposed, sensitive and pure clit. Surely, she would never feel pleasure or pain from that little knob again – but to be sure I swatted after it again, even if she was trying to move out of the way of the brutal swings path, I still perfectly landed upon the clit. I was wrong, she still felt an absurd about of sensation that probably sent her to being blind, after all, such pain would build up so much that it would envelope all other sensations and emotions leaving only the painful suffering and humiliation.
I paused, dipping my head to her bald twat, my nose sniffing at the cream her pussy produced. It was odd but factual that guys and girls, when in pain, fear, and the like would actually become turned on, not turned on because they liked it, but it was how the body responded to such things on certain occasions. She was dribbling wetness, splashed with each smack, and even making a liquid pool of her own on the pool table.
Unable to move, she arched her neck upward and faced us all, watching as I drew in a big sniff of her naughty pussy. “You smell like such a good role model. If anyone found out they’d never forget. You would be a disappointment to the world and no one would accept you. You would become worthless. And all those little girly fans you have in the lower grades would definitely know WHY you are not a role model. We don’t want to take that away from you. We just want to have some fun.” I laughed lightly as my nose brushed against her snatch, I exhaled, my nostrils flaring, the sensation of the brief breeze upon her honey suckle wet twat was cooling but uncomfortable for her as she fidgeted her cunnie away by moving her hips.
Alex also brought clothing pins as I did this, placing them upon her nipples and around like a blooming flower about her breasts, outlining how big they were before putting a new circle of twirling clothing pins deeper onto her breasts. Alex was an artist, even in his cruelty, that was for sure. He instructed Dave to use some them clothing pins upon her fingers. Alex called Dave’s attention to him, taking the clasped on clothing pin upon one lone nipple and squashing it downward even more before pulling up upon it, until the breast would refuse to stretch anymore – at which time the clothing pin would just simply snap off only to be put on again. Dave mimicked this action upon each of the fingers, enjoying just how simple and easy it was to do and how much humiliating pain it incited in poor little role model becky.
I had grown tired of abusing her thighs and ass and even that wet swollen engorged pussy mound coupled by wounded assaulted pussy lips, and so instead chose to take one of the chalks for the wooden pool cue and place it in between clit and hood, making sure the blue part was entirely upon the sensitive place before I jammed it inward and twirled. Surely it would feel like getting an Indian burn (two hands on another's one arm and each twist the opposite direction) but straight upon the clit, I wondered if I could destroy this little precious orb, but knew that if I did so it would be purely by accident, I was still exploring and learning what to do and what not to do. She screamed, her mouth wide, saliva dripping humiliatingly out of her mouth as she continued to sob. She was such a cry baby as I continued to use the blue chalk for the pool cue upon her clit before removing it slowly, and to much my amusement I saw her flesh, the lively pink flesh of her pussy lips and her clit, sticking straight outward, so engorged and swollen was that the hood could never hope to conceal it anymore. Her hood was much like my pants as they’d continually grown tighter and tighter. The moment I thought I couldn't get more aroused --- well, she’d pip up, scream, and there it was, I felt more and more delight. But yes, her clit was now no longer pink and pearly with innocent; it was blue from the chalk and discomfiture, but even then that clit also had a hint of purpleness, an oddity if ever I saw it but I surmised that it was probably because of just how much abuse her clit received.
Once finished, I finally ended her torture by placing a clothing pin against her clit. Unlike the other pins that had been washed along her body, fingers, toes, nipple, hell even the lips of her mouth and nose, this one was A-shaped, with sharp but not too sharp teeth and a tight recoil back into position when released. She felt something cold and metallic on her clit but Becky could no longer look up, she just couldn’t and I don't blame her. She was afraid and horrified of what other terrible feats of sadistic weirdness the others would do to her. Instead, she screamed and clinched her eyes shut, hoping it would all just disappear – it never did. In fact, not giving her body to do something, like say, look at something, allowed her body to focus more on the steel clit clip that was released and clapped down upon that little orb. It dug into that over used flesh, puncturing it with ease, cutting through flesh and burrowing into it like a hook for fishing… even if they tried to apply pressure to the end and taking it off with ease, the tips – acting almost barbed would hardly release the clit without causing extremely much more pain.
True to their word, the boys never penetrated her virginity, but her clit and nipples were being penetrated in other ways - worse.
They had done almost anything and everything they could think of to the poor swimmer until finally they allowed her some kind of rest – any kind of rest, but mostly they needed their own kind of rest. They had made her prey for several hours, that was just the wait – the anticipation of her capture had burnt a lot of their energy but once they had obtained her, they made the best of it but once again, several hours had passed. Thankfully no one had grown curious enough, or have enough resolve to go to the boys common room to check out what was going on. This did not, however, mean that a lot of the students in the dorm hadn’t awoken and grown curious, their minds filling in the blanks. Who was it that was being made subject to such treatment? They would wonder but they dare not try and find out. Besides --- their imaginations had many dream girls to work from and odder, still most of the students secretly thought, wished, it was Becky. She was highly sought after to be sure.
Each of the boys bent down and literally ripped as hard as possible the duct tape in order to free the poor little turtle dove. To say the least, it was a terrible sting of sensation emanating throughout her ankles and wrists, her naked body immediately being protectively, embarrassedly covered by her milky hands and arms. She had been taped up for so long that she had to fight herself from stretching to rid herself of the awkward feeling her body felt by being duct taped to each of the pool tables legs. Her hand rubbed her wrists though, bright red marks burned where once was duct tape. She obvious struggled against her bounds, leaving indentations in her flesh indicating she had been f***efully bound. After that, she started to take off the clips, mostly the one that lay visibly on her swollen clit. It stung for bit, but the pain sort of subsided, and it didn’t hurt to see the swimmer vigorously rubbing and massaging her clit to scrub that sizzling stinging sensation of having something metallic penetrate her. They said they wouldn’t penetrate her pussy but they never said anything about her clit.
In the course of her frantic massaging of her clit, her pussy started to gush and a wave of euphoria washed along her lithe angelic body. She was partially sitting, partially laying upon the pool table before her eyes rolled up into her head. She didn’t understand but it felt so good what she was doing to herself. Instantly, just then, that pain she’d felt from her swollen clit raged with delight and desire. Expelling cream from her pussy, she exhaustedly and horrifyingly satisfied slammed herself against the pool table, stretched, jizz oozing from her overworked and sore vagina.
The boys watched the spectacle in shock, having partaken in watching the head swimmer of the school rub herself to an orgasm. It was wonderful to see her body convulsing with delight before she lay herself against the pool table, but I wasn’t about to allow that little harlot to enjoy herself for long, even though I was sure that the realization that she had orgasmed in front of her abusers the most terrifying and humiliating.
They e****ted the little doe, her cheeks flush with red, her ass and cunt rubbed, spanked, and groped raw, toward the bathroom in Mr. B’s dorm room which was just a small tiny walk away, the bathroom which was not only well furnished and large but contained a rather bulky shower where she was tossed into carelessly. She pleaded again, though it seemed the nights activities had tired everybody mutually, predator and prey.
“We are almost done.” I said to her with a smirk as she huddled to the furthest part of the shower, she was curled up protectively, unenthused about us being able to see her naked, gorgeous body and all the horrible things we had done to it. Her nipples looked so swollen that they were easily twice the size they normally were when hardened – f***efully by so much hands and fingers and pokes and prods. With that, I took the shower head and sprayed an endless stream of bitter ice cold water onto her. It awoke her immediately. Her eyes widened the second that water touched her and she stood up, daring to try and escape but Alex and Halley prevented her from doing anything. With such furious power behind the stream and it's unfriendly temperature, the athlete was no match for just how piercing each drop felt against her body. She screamed, cried as the guys held her still, at least as still as a flailing woman could get.
I neared her, aiming the head of the shower toward her cunnie, cleaning the dribbling translucent yet thick cream that continued to produce from her vagina. She felt some of the pain go away, at least from the sizzling pain of duck tape burn and clothing pins but was replaced with a new type of unwanted sensation. Her clit, hard and stiff, immediately shrunk under the onslaught of cold water.
“I figure you’d be used to cold water.” Alex said carefully, laughing as he delighted in her torture. It was Dave that truly came out ahead though, producing a camera and snapping photos. So worked up and in the moment, Becky never once realized that Dave was sneaking shots of her tormented body. She tried to scream, tried her very best to get me to stop what I was doing and all I did was point the head at her mouth and greeted her remorseful pleas with a mouthful of cold, chilled water.
She sobbed, her flesh, ebony, goose bumped and her lips started to drain color as the torture continued for a few moments but soon enough I stopped it. I replaced the head of the shower back against its post and smiled downward at her. She was huddled and crying, a sad pathetic excuse for the role model she had wanted to be and was, in actuality.
I spat upon her before tossing her a towel, my spit hitting right into her eye. Just a last little straw, after all, I was looking to break in a girl to become a slave, a play thing for me and all my friends. With the towel, she quickly wrapped her body. Each of the boys sighed, unhappy that the Mexican, prideful swimmer had covered her abused lithe, graceful form from their eyes. It was then that Becky realized she was having her picture taken. She shyly covered up, crying a little more.
“Stop! Stop! What are you doing?” Becky protested, angry, but the fire in her eyes was … much less then before. She’d been used all night and had found that she had seen more, felt more this entire night than in her entire life.
I replied cruelly. “Insurance, I assure you. If you tell anyone about what happened, we will give these photos to everybody.” I warned. She would keep her mouth shut now, definitely.
She didn’t, however, stop covering herself until I finally told her with an even, mild voice. “Go ahead. Show us what is under that towel and smile… it will be the last thing we ever ask you to do for us.”
She hesitated, the idea of being free, finally was just too alluring. She slowly leaned back, her ass upon the cold linoleum floor, her hands spreading the towel to reveal her over fondled breasts and her soaking, glimmering cunnie and just then she smiled, a beautiful smile but it was a smile of contempt, she hated doing it and we all knew she was forcing it. Dave snapped a photo, but I was not pleased.
“Stand up, show us your ass, let us see that beautiful butt of yours.” I instructed. She complied after a moment of thought, standing up and turning around, her naked fat chest pressing against the showers' wall, her hair still curly and slightly dampened by the water clinging to her body. She turned her neck, facing the camera, smiling. Oh so many good blackmailing photos.
“Now smile and it will all be over, be a good little star athlete whore.” I continued to dig, and that drew a scowl from her. She caught herself remaining infuriatingly silent before offering a wide, innocent smile at the camera. A supermodel - she could be.
She was ours now, even if she thought otherwise.
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BB 3

I write erotic stories for clients. If interested, email me at

Part 3: Blackmail fun
Becky, aka BB, was so stunned and shocked that the day had been utterly lost to her. Her mind worrying about those photos that were taken – that they could be circulated at anytime but at Mr. B’s word, they would not be until he had reason to. This is from the man whom had taking advantage of her repeatedly during the last few days. She quickly left the boys room, dashing out the common room and out into the almost awoken students and faculty. All that mattered was her safety but throughout the day, only about three classes in, her mind endlessly tortured herself about those photos. She was violated in the most cruelest of fashions and she couldn't just blink or let it go. How she managed to float through the day was a mystery. The Mexican, while shy and enclosed, still had friends, and the odd fan or two depending on what day of the week it was. Today was one of those days though, after all, she had a big swimming tournament today… She hadn’t realized that just yet though.
She was distracted so much that after talking with someone, she couldn’t remember who, that she’d went into the girls bathroom completely unaware that the very same group of boys whom had done such acts… so many filthy and unthinkable things to her were stalking her, following her around, moving through the crowds during breaks from class. They shared classes in the same vicinity of each other so that the hunt was rather easy. Of course the guys didn’t intend to do it, it just so happened that way. They had been deep in thought since the Mexican vixen left my dorm room.
Becky looked into the mirror of the bathroom, and the bell had rung, how long had she been in there? She looked at her face, into her watering large black eyes, tears begging to be free. Even if the boys left her alone – and the photos disappeared… my god, what did they do to her. Standing in front of a full length mirror, her hands went into her blue blazer, flipping it open to reveal the white blouse she wore underneath. Cautiously, her eyes went to the door – even though it didn’t matter given the mirror was located on its own little secluded stall, more so a room than anything but still… caution was approaching, she was alone – she hadn’t been alone all day, she didn’t realize it but she didn’t want to be alone but she was now.
No sound came and she slipped her fingers, still injured from the clothing pins being brutally squeezed off them, inside her blazer to the individually, a fully buttoned up blouse, undoing the buttons slowly. She hadn’t looked at her body at all and she was hurting on the occasion through the day, especially after her cold showers numbness dissipated. Exposing her bra covered breasts, flesh urging to be set free, her eyes trailed along her wounded orbs before stretching her hands behind her and unlatching her bra, making it slip off but not all the way to the ground, after all her azure blazer and half of her buttoned up blouse remained on. Her nipples were a menagerie of different colors, ranging from red to black and blue. Her breasts also had a pattern of how the clips were placed them.
She softly rubbed upon her abused breasts with her fingers so chilled and motherly. She felt ugly on the inside and out. She smiled for those pictures. Oh God. Moving the tie that lingered invbetween her breast canyons, she gave a final look to the devastation they wrought upon her precious body. Turning around, her long wool skirt, stretching to her ankles, was lifted upward to her mouth so that her teeth could snatch the lowest portion of the fabric, holding the grey material upward so her white panties, a stark contrasting color compared to her tan flesh was made to be revealed. Hiking the whiteness up her ass cheeks, she looked at the etched into her flesh wallop marks of the pool stick… the hand prints also were easy to see.
Again, a soft hand caressed her plump fleshy cheek – her touch stung, making her quiver. She’d never really looked at herself in the mirror like this, it made her feel… lewd. She couldn’t help herself.
Her hand brushed caressingly along one of the more prominent wounds along her maimed rear end.
Just then the door of the bathroom opened and several people came in. Hurriedly, she placed her clothing on but remained silent, she hadn't finished dressing, but instead dropped her skirt and zipped her blazer, blouse remaining open and tits unbraced. Quietly, she listened as the door to her stall was locked, her pulse raced… her body responded instantly, having been terrified just the night prior and all morning long. They kicked in stall after stall, each door slamming.
“BB, we know your in here and don’t think about screaming. Do you want everyone to know how plump both your lips are?” Mr. B threatened. She hated that Russian prick, but each time she thought about him, she thought about the horrible pain he’d caused her and in turn she grew fearful, mind numbingly so. She remained silent, but still about to panic as she tried to lock the door to do anything to hold it closed, but as soon as she sprung into action the door opened and there they were. All five of the guys. They pounced on her like wolverines.
“Look at that, whore already got her blouse open for us.” Dave said, and Alex choosing to stay back and snap photos of the incident.
“Remember, she has class so don’t… well you know.” Mr. B laughed, enjoying the scene of Becky as she broke down in tears, wrestling with the guys, whispering, begging, pleading until her pleas reached into horrified wails, saying something to the effect of no, not again and You promised you’d… yadayadaya.
Each k** enjoyed fondling her anew, even if she had most of her clothing on but their greedy groping hands found themselves inside her panties in little to no time.
“Do you want someone to see this, see how you are letting us do this to you?” Mr. B said in a mocking voice, his eyes looking casually over to the camera that Alex held.
“Im not letting you do anything” She bitterly spoke through sobs as her defaced body was once again defaced a thousand times over, after all, the wounds were on the mend meaning they hurt a lot more when mincingly groped. Becky was huddled in the corner and the boys had exceptional leverage both physically and picture form over her.
Her wool skirt sauntered by her knees as she was f***ed to look into the mirror, her ankle white socks clinging her lean, lithe legs. Under Mr.B’s directions, the boys spread her wide in front of the camera, revealing her pussy in all its wounded glory to the horrified Becky.
Becky had not seen her fruit yet, nor did she want to, but as she was f***ed to look, she realized how thick and pouty her once virgin pussy lips were, so swollen that no pink from the inside of her pussy could be seen, even with her legs spread, her fat ass resting upon the bathroom floor. The room was an extension of the bathroom, but part of the bathroom all the same. The bitter cold of the floor drove at her as much as the endless grouping and groping hands. Mr. B just watched and smiled, trying to add an artistic touch to the photos, saying how much money it would bring him if he ever chose to sell them and reminded her all to frequently, even while she was at her worst and being manhandled, that he could sell the photos if he wanted to. Encouraging for much more extreme pictures, Alex came up closer, between the little tan fleshed teenager's legs and used fingers to slowly unclasp the swollen lips to reveal her pink insides. The guys took it from there by snagging some of each pouty lip and individually separating, stretching, and at more violent times, pulling and twisting. Becky had no recourse, trying to keep herself silent as yet again she was abused, but this time she didn’t have the dignity of blindness, instead, she saw each and every action, including Mr. B snatching the camera and turning it around to page through the pictures in front of Becky so she could see just how gorgeous and sweet looking she was while being m*****ed. The photos continued until they got to the clothed versions, ones where she was in a swimsuit, collecting a trophy for being the best swimmer. How it all felt so distant, long and forgotten. She used to be a pure soul once.
Wearing a bathing suit always caused her to be reluctant to swim and heavily shy but after having won so many, she didn’t let it affect her performance. It still made her feel almost naked though she was not entirely so.
Chris snickered as he looped a finger in between the pussy lips, they spread for him gratefully, allowing him to enter and exit the crevice of the lips, allowing them to coat and cover the entirety of it with her swollen abused fleshy orb but he didn’t enter inside her, instead, the liquid he was looking for was spilling out of her like a small little fountain. They teased her – Becky was a role model and here her cunnie was being used and video tapped for the boys future amusement and her lewd, dirty, sinful crotch was responding to the terror with its own little form of coping, that being drizzling out her creamy milk. The finger that slipped along and through her pouty lips caused a stirring sensation through her feeble, trembling body as pain echoed in her mind, noisy sloshes could be heard perfectly as they continued to mistreat her innocent toned body.
Alex handed the camera off to Mr. B who graciously accepted the responsibility and begun taking close up shots of her face, enjoying the horror and discomfort etched into the soft features. She looked much more mature yet still innocent with such a heated, bothered face. Twisting and contorting, she found her shoes individually slip off – her dainty feet still protectively in their white pure socks but that didn’t stop Mr. B from enjoying enhancing the dull thudding pain that her feet suffered each time she took a step, after all, she’d been injured rather brutally there, including but not limited to having that pool stick slam against the bottom of her naked foot just hours prior.
Dave commented on how much he enjoyed the challenge when he fully removed the bra, shoving it into his own backpack, preforming such an action in front of Becky’s eyes, making sure she was, putting it on display even, flaunting and taunting. Finally, however, as quickly as they were there, the bell rang again… 40 minutes was up and a new class session was happening. The ladies room, however, remained locked and several people tried to get in which prompted the gang to retreat. Mr. B, however, stayed outside of the bathroom, waiting for Becky to leave --- he knew all to well that she would either remain in the bathroom, leaving her all alone for him, or leave, in which case he would spring a little surprise of his own on her. She noticed in all the commotion, her shoes were gone, however what remained was not hers. It was a high heel like shoe which stretched in a very vertical way upward, causing the heel of her foot to rise to a 70 degree angle. It looked as uncomfortable as it felt but more to the point however, there felt like… she checked after attempting to put the footwear on once, yes, like wooden balls and bumps inside the shoe itself – as if it weren’t uncomfortable enough. Including how injured she was prior, and having her wounds aggressively by Mr.Bs toe and feet antics, each step was a new little hell. She stood up, trying to compose herself. She’d obviously been sobbing, and Mr. B, whom Becky was unaware of, heard her as she broke down in front of the mirror, sobbing loudly at first. Walking with this new little pair of shoes was challenging, causing her to stumble… even at her lowest point, she couldn’t even walk correctly anymore.
Becky, without bra on, her white shirt clinging to her chest so much so that her full bronze breasts were almost completely left on display without much imagination – it was her nipples that were much more obvious, even if they weren’t hard and swollen from cold and abuse, the swelling had intensified, and they were no longer like g****s nor cherries but little plums, their color was much more fitting for plums as well.
Satisfied, Becky stepped from the bathroom and saw Mr. B in front of her, but she didn’t panic. In fact, she had gotten dressed and composed herself rather gracefully even though in a rush; wonder how well she was at hiding how demoralized she already felt. So worthless, pathetic, and like Mr. B had told her time and time again, this was her fault, her choice… she shouldn’t have allowed them to do this to her. She was to blame, not them, and definitely not him.
A lot of emotions crossed her mind before her gaze fell to the floor, rather uncomfortably as several people rushed past, attempting to get to class before the last bell rang. She saw them glance her way, just once, but her mind was swirling, did they know, they couldn’t know, but that look in there eyes… they had to know. They knew, oh God. So many embarrassing emotions collapsed upon her mind that she had forgotten the little show-down her and Mr. B had. Mr. B obviously noticed and enjoyed her…squirrel-iness. She was perpetually in fear and in doing so, she would be her greatest tormentor. Her imagination was running on overdrive and surely there were some, a few humiliations that they’d not done to her that she was well aware of and thankful that they hadn’t been done to her.
Mr. B informed Becky that they had class together and that they were also rather late. Best to show up in a pair, he reasoned with her. Not like she had a choice. It seemed like a truce but she knew much better now – there was no truce between them and they both knew it. But like everything else today, she needed to take it step by step carefully and causiously, after all, if her mind thought about the horrifying actions that had literally just happened… well she wouldn’t have strength enough to continue living this lie where she was all smiles and nice and kind, when in reality her soul had seen the true evil wickedness of what hormonal, teenage boys do when they are horny.
They both arrived in class – she was not going to be punished but Mr. B, the Russian whom while maintained a high GPA, earning highest marks in all, usually did get punished for being late quite often, even if he was exceptionally smart and book savvy, his attitude and general demeanor was allusive and blissful. A troublemaker he was called, but Mr. B had friends and a father in high high places so even if he was punished, he wasn’t really punished.
Mr. B was about to protest, pointing out that Becky hadn’t gotten any treatment of the sort but Becky immediately protested on her own accord stating that they were studying together. Mr. B never knew why she did such but perhaps it was fear of reprisal that navigated her actions. The class went by swimmingly, and if by swimmingly it meant that it was dreadful. No matter how many times she looked over at Mr. B all she could see was him down by her crotch, rubbing her poor innocent and abused clit so viciously and repeatedly that the swollen knob felt like it had become raw. That blue chalk was now gone, mind you, but the image of it was all so very real to her. She kept her head low, when ordinarily she’d be perked up and engaged in whatever the class had to offer.
What was worse was the fact that their little incursion occurred the day she had a huge meet and an even bigger test. If she failed the test today, she might not be able to remain on the swimming team next month. But at the moment, all those thoughts seemed so insignificant, where once she thought of her future being all good and nice and kind, filled with wonder and enjoyment,, she faced it now, thought of it with just the right about of dread and loathing. Oh god, when were they going to leave her alone. She spotted a few students snickering with Mr. B out of the corner of her eye and she immediately thought that people knew, in fact, while snickering wasn’t that uncommon for the group that Mr. B hung around with, adding paranoia with reality, the students looked back at her. Uncomfortably, she took the edges off her blazer and pulled it closed. Her chest, much larger then normal given its usage over the past few days, hung free without a bra and she felt so naked, much like she was wearing a swimming suit into class but much much worse it seemed to her.
As students repositioned themselves at tables to take the test, a small table housed her, another person right next to her, and Mr. B straight dead ahead of her so that they were parted only by a table. They traded looks, casual knowing glances at each other from across that slab of wood. Tests were passed and Becky quickly tried to silence the uncomfortable feelings boiling in her body and gave her eyes over to the test in front of her. She busily went to it until she heard a pencil dropping on the ground. Mr. B disappeared under the table to retrieve his lost property, only to capitalize upon his position and snatch a foot from Becky. Hard, her knee withdrew and noisily banged upon the under part of the table. She recoiled in agony. Everybody looked at them and Becky froze with instant fear. Mr. B went for another attempt at snatching the foot. Becky gave him eyes, whispering ever so honey softly so that not even the student next to her could hear.
Her plump Mexican lips whisper "Stop it" but Mr. B got what he had been looking for. Becky was in no position to bring any more attention to herself, because each set of eyes that looked at her she felt… humiliated, shamed, she just wanted to disappear. She was quiet, but not against being around people but she was now. Perhaps she always would be. Oh god, they cant know her secret and she didn’t want anyone looking at her, for fear her unforgivable actions could be read upon her soft featured, bronzed face.
Mr . B pulled off her high heel and even her sock. She felt a nail running along the tip of her toe, it was ticklish at first, but soon as that nail drove into just under her pinky toe, the far more delicate and sensitive of the five, she realized with burning accuracy that what was being driven into her flesh was no nail but a pencil – a sharpened pencil with a fine penetrating tip that made easy work of her tender flesh as it drove deeper into the tender flesh, pulling it inward until it pierced inside. She winced, her eyes looking at Mr. B before he told her that she needed to get a perfect grade on this test or she would be punished. Begrudgingly, she returned to her work, eyes half closed and then f***efully shut each time she felt that pencil renew itself with a poke, a prod and a penetrating pierce. It wasn’t too painful but Jesus, anyone could see if they wanted to which made her extra careful with her voiced reprisal.
The idea that it wasn’t painful disappeared as the pencil stuck in between the toes, wedging itself into the flesh of her foot. She squirmed, trying her best to retain her mind and will power, begging she wouldn’t just break down balling and crying. She wanted it over. She bit her lip which had been slit the night before drawing bl**d. It stung the moment she chomped on it but it was alleviating the severe and overwhelmingly potent sting of a sharp pencil tip driving repetitiously into her dainty toes and feet.
The test came and went but she was able to successfully do the material at hand, after all, she wasn’t just an athlete, she was incredibly smart too and she was being an expert as… blocking and blinking away humiliation and the pain associated with such. In fact, she could have went off to a real college but she choose to remain here, at Kelly, to practice her swimming and win championships for the school. Besides, she was a little to scared to go out into the ‘real’ world, she liked the strict, controlled environment of Kelly College – it f***ed her to obey rules and she was all about following them.
As the class period came to an end, her test was snatched by Mr. B whom scratched her name off with the eraser from the very pencil that had brought her so much woe and replaced her name with his own. Before she could move herself, to say something, do anything to the astonishing and frightening display that was Mr. B’s control over her, he slid his own, empty test along with his pencil. She looked at it blankly, he wanted her to put her name on it, she knew that but she could never do something like that but in that moment she knew she had to follow orders, even if they were unspoken. She signed her name upon the empty test, which would doom her to carry a scarlet letter, a horrible mark of neglect upon her transcripts. Her near perfect grades would be ruined, ruined just like her body had been ruined. She dashingly brushed her wavy hair out from one of her large welding eyes and signed her name before the tests disappeared. Mr. B wiggled his fingers, making a motion that she followed regretfully – she returned the pencil so he could drive it into her swimming feet some more. This time he jabbed and jammed it against her flesh, not so much digging into her flesh so much as just stabbing remorselessly. Apparently her feet could be tortured a lot more then she was lead to believe by what Mr. B had done to her during class.
Afterward, she followed awkwardly side by side Mr. B as they exited the classroom, they were the first ones out, he was in a rush and so too was she, but she was in a rush to get away from Mr. B before anything else happened. She couldn’t imagine any more torture but as soon as her mind came to that, the boys' bathroom was opened and Mr. B shoved her into one of the little mirror rooms. It was rarely used by the guys but this college was all about equal treatment of students no matter the gender so whatever the girls bathroom had, so too did the guys, within reason of course.
Mr. B tied her against the mirror, wrapping her hands and arms around the mirror and tying them with hemp rope. It felt tight as her arms were pulled back, her breasts pressing outward against her blouse so much that her buttons were straining to remain on. Worse yet she was made to stand, feeling those wooden little half sphere things in her shoes truly start to press into her. With a firm and dominant hand, he slapped one of the breasts, causing it to jiggle with motion before he left.
With her rear end pushing against the mirror, she looked backward to inspect what was going on onto to be able to see her wounded, abused butt cheeks flatten upon the reflective surface. She whimpered as Mr.B told her to remain quite as he went to class.
During the next class period she had heard the bathroom being used periodically by guys entering and leaving. Even the room that she was in was lock-less. Anyone could find her, anyone could, and it didn’t help matters that her skirt was pulled up and intricately tied in with the knot, meaning her tender silk ass was rubbing against the mirror that she was f***ed to share space with.
This isn’t to say she didn’t try to escape though, but after several attempts shed rubbed her wrists rather raw because of the hemp rope and its tightness. She never gave up. Or so she thought but moments into her doomed and humiliating state, she gave up, weeping to herself, shutting up each time a new person entered into the boys room. What had she done? Why was she allowing this torture to continue? If only she came clean….
Never, how could she? She was a role model, she couldn’t let down her menthes, and what if the teachers found out, she could never look anyone in the eyes again.
Alone, she tried to think of the life she once had, trying to convince herself it would all be okay, it would go back to normal if…. And she always got hung up on that thought process. She was trapped, she was worthless, hopeless and there was nothing she could do or say to weasel out of the situation. It upset her greatly. She didn’t even have her teary cheeked face composed when they arrived back to the room she was tied in. She always tried to act as if she was perfectly okay, her mind still the same as always but as they barged in to the room she crumpled and cried out in panic, begging for it to stop. She needed this nightmare to end.
Alex untied her, smiling before whispering into her ear before snatching a thick piece of the earlobe and bit it between his sharp teeth. “I got a surprise for you.” He said diabolically. Becky, along with the five k**s flanking her, walking out of the school after it had let out. They made their way through the woods, a place she was familiar with. She enjoyed swimming in the stream, enough to allow for leisure swimming by one person but not two whom were side by side. It was rather narrow but deep and flush with wild life. It was exceptionally beautiful but she had no idea where the boys were taking her, and she had no idea where they were going nor did she want to know.
The very thing she felt naturally attuned to, the forest and solidarity betrayed her however, without shoes upon her little feet, she had to make the incredible track vulnerable and most susceptible to the underbrush of the woods. It was already rather chilly, the fall waning ever so swiftly, leaving branches and the soon to be death of the forest upon the ground prepared and waiting for the little Mexican star to step upon them. She lost her balance a few times, a mixture of exhaustion and humiliation. It took an incredible amount of willpower and thus energy to conduct her daily affairs, bottling all her emotions inside her lush body, earning her the wrath of the underbrush, it was exceedingly hard to keep balance when guys were behind her poking and probing her voluptuous derrière, ushering her faster and other such go the distance words.
Once was a gorgeous virgin Mexican, but now she looked broken and perhaps humbled as she struggled to get to the creak, her clothing reflecting her disgruntled state of mind. She had also even had her hands and arms tightly bundled upon her back by familiar rope, making balance an issue also. Her wavy midnight hair frizzed because of the shower she had taken unexpectedly and hadn’t the chance to dry off properly or even ‘get ready’ for school after successfully surviving vicious, atrocious behavior at some eager, rebellious hands the night prior.
She didn’t look too great now though, at least willful, her natural beauty remained unblemished, her slender legs still toned from years of swimming and her stomach pouched with just a little bit of chub, enough to grow this already heavy breasted female to at least the next cup or two. Soon the creak was upon them, and they continued to poke her, ushering her further back into the stream of bitter cold water, given the temperature had waned with the seasons onslaught.
“What, no! Come on, please, please, I… I can’t do that. You already made me fail a test, my… my future is… I don’t know if they will allow me to swim. I got a tourney tonight that I need to compete in… it’s… its important, I need to win tonight to get into the Olympics and… “ Her eyes wistfully turned to Mr. B, pleading, which was a sight to see for she was bound by rope, arms behind her. She wasn’t on her knees but she might as well have been. “ Please… haven’t you done enough, I swear, I won’t tell anybody but I need to rest for the swim.”
Alex leaned over to Mr. B, whispering. “You made her fail a test?”
Mr. B nodded.
Alex smugly laughed, her hand clapping upon Mr.B’s shoulder playfully. “So are the Mexicans the Russian jews?” (bad taste I know, but taste all the same).
“You can go back to your life whenever you want. Say the word, we shall release you but your photos will indeed make it to every single being…”
Becky cut him off by barking back. “I heard that already.” But still to show her change of attitude, she slowly, toe pointed down into the creek, sampled the water. It felt wonderful, washing off the caked on dirt of the travel along with washing her wounds, it felt cleansing but only for her toes, soon enough her entire body chilled, causing her to withdraw.
Mr. B pipped up. “You may take off your clothes now if you don’t want them wet for the walk back.”
The idea was appealing, though she felt terrible more pictures were being taken of her slipping out of her clothing the moment her ropes were loosened. Each piece of clothing slipped off from her form almost erotically, though she didn’t intend to seem so provocative- taking off her blouse was still an ordeal, ropes being loosened but not undone, causing her chest to jolt out bouncingly but soon stiffened and hardened by the chilly air surrounding their unholy actions. Her lips pouted with grace as she struggled to debase herself in front of the camera. With just her panties remaining, a stick was slapped upward, striking her firmly upon her crotch and whipping the end to strike flimsily upward her precious rear end. Crack, Mr. B’s stick wailed with dominance, Becky’s hands went from the panties waistbands to her crotch, covering it up before rubbing her crotch tenderly and with dedication, trying to smooth out the stinging sensation.
“Alex, did you get a picture of that?” Mr. B smirked, Alex searched and laughed, looking at Becky.
“It seems to me that you've have been drooling in your panties.” Mr. B spoke heavily, ordering Becky to remove her hands. She knew exactly what he had been referring to. Her panties were drenched with her sizzling love juices. Even with the humiliation of being found out, she removed her hands, her eyes shut issuing more tears as her body trembled in the sheer cold.
“And no one really touched her down there, right, we have just been whipping her for… what… the past hour?” Mr. B questioned and all the guys agreed, Becky knew where this was going and instantly waged her own protest, her hands ignoring her soaking wet spot on her panties.
“You’ve been … touching it… and whipping it… at me. That is all…” She nervously spoke before hurriedly stripping her panties off, exposing her swelling pussy, lips firm against her lovely snatch. Nudity was better than being made aware of the very physical evidence of her body responding favorably to this behavior and pain. She threw her clothing on the tree before turning herself around to face the creak, the guys in the background laughing over her shoulder, whistling, calling her a whip loving whore, things to that nature. Mr B was, however, silent as she did what was expected of her. Stepping into the water she submerged herself in cold water. The guys watched as she did so.
Soon after they ordered her back above the water where rope tying was done to her arms and hands. When such was done, a longer rope was produced and thrown to sling around a sturdy branch stretching over the rather quick moving stream of water, its foundations a tree. Using the branch to support and leverage Becky, they pushed her over the side, unexpectedly because all Becky was doing was asking what they were doing in the most annoying manner possible. She was suspended above the whipping water until finally Dave loosened his grip, allowing the poor little literally helpless girl to dip into the water. To keep herself afloat she needed to frantically flail her legs to keep her above water submersion but even an expert swimmer like her was unaccustomed to the odd position, causing her to look like a cat out of water almost, her struggles for breath were offset only by the mesmerizing beauty of water splashing about her body, the water licking her tenderized, mistreated, inflamed and red skin. One might think that the water was a nice relaxation from the torture she had undergone but it was just another addition to the humiliation she had already suffered. Another picture was snapped as her exposed set tight skinned breast wobbled and bounced up and down, side by side. Then Dave began to dunk her into the water before drawing her out, then back into the water, then out. Becky’s knees scrapped against the rock that blockaded the creaks little streaming journey down to another body of water way in the distance.
The guys eventually grew immune to the girls screams, and while there were screams, though some might be gargled and muffled by intake of coughing choking water, but they emanated throughout the woods all the same. No one could hear her this time around so no one really minded it, and it gave the poor little Mexican the perfect chance to relieve herself from the hours of stress that her mind body and soul had been put through. As the scene became boring, Mr. B took her clothing and showed it to each of his friends, who giggled, encouraging him to further up the stakes. With that, he tossed the clothing into the rushing stream, smirking as he called out. “Better swim fast. Dave give her some slack.” With that Becky realized that her clothing, her unkempt, wrinkled uniform that had seen so many horrors, was now making its way down stream. Quickly she swam for it, after all, without them she had suffered walking home the bitter indignity of having to sneak, once again, naked, into the boys dorm… the girls dorm… she was going home tonight… to her comfortable bed… to sl**p in and forget this nightmare and leave it all behind.
Though she had it right the first time, she was indeed going to be going to the boys dorm room.
Swimming, she snatched her clothing with her teeth frantically but it was impossible… she continued to try until she was prevented from moving further from the rope. God, she didn’t care, she needed her clothing, even if she couldn’t pick them up she had to try, she couldn’t… remain naked all that walk home. Desperately, she strength fully pulled the rope from the branch and slipped through the narrow creak to retrieve her quickly paced floating clothing but alas it was too late. The rope was snatched and she was dragged back to the shore, doomed to walk home, naked and without shoes… probably to be walloped and punished by random sticks
Big and small.
Upon returning to the common grounds, they sneak her, at night, into Mr. B’s dorm room where she is given new clothing though she still remained slightly chilled by her semi-damp body. She got dressed in front of them, in front of the camera but after so much torture and terror she said it didn't mind – it was second nature, almost but the moral emotional sting still remained rather potently in the back of her mind. She could never get used to this treatment. The guys soon left her, or rather remained in the room to get ready, they said it like it was going to be a torture thing against her but she… just didn’t hear it in their foreboding voice. The only thing on her mind was she might be late for the meet. She needed to retain something of her precious previous virgin innocent pure life. Mr. B e****ted her, like a warden or prisoner guard to the head coaches office. She looked back at Mr. B, the Russian, questioningly, having thought he was going to take her to the pool area. True, they were very close to the pool facilities, however, they were not in there.
Mr. B produced a tight, white, almost transparent two piece swimsuit. She looked at it, the size was utterly tiny and he was able to hold both pieces with just a finger. She shook her head before huffing, showing a little more of her spirit before snatching them.
“I want you to convince your head coach that you want to wear these for the tournament.” Was his instructions, Becky was getting so far into anger and rage that she would do this, she would, but soon she would escape, she would figure out a way but having her body iced over, abused, groped, and damaged, perhaps even scarred, she was in no sane condition to plan her escape so she would just…. Go along with this… Tomorrow she would solve all this… she would, she promised herself.
Huffing and puffing, she exited the coaches office, slightly angry.
Becky looked downward at her feet as she reported to Mr. B. “he asked if I was sick.” But after a few moments she got back onto the saddle and slipped into the office once again to make a plea, using her body as an alluring token, much to Mr. B’s suggestion. In fact, she put on the swimming attire before she returned to the office. It was white, clinging desperately to her stomach, causing a little lumping roll to appear, her breasts stretching the material with ease, almost ripping the thinness of it, and her ass, well, her cheeks so large that the fabric collected and slipped in between her ass cheeks and even pussy lips. If one had great eyes and looked directly at the nervous, teenage girl they’d be treated with the sight that her pussy lips were exposed… and punished thoroughly.
She was told that she must compete tonight, she must also win, Mr. B reasoning to her that he just wanted to see all those fans to see just how naughty the Mexican spitfire could be, and also be a successful young woman at the same time. Secretly, he just wanted the girls to admire a slut, see how skillful a person could be even after she had given her precious soul away to someone elses' devious and wicked intent.
Hastily, she placed a towel over her body before she competed in the tournament. So worn out, she almost lost but she needed to win, or else everyone in the school would know what she had done and had been doing and what she… wouldn’t be doing tomorrow. Tomorrow she would find a way and escape. Somehow, someway. hopefully.
It was terrifying, so many eyes glued to her, when she removed her towel to start the swim, she heard a collective gasp of surprise and shock. It was a wonder how she wasn’t disqualified but perhaps all the males approved of the skimpy attire. Her nipples swollen, much more rock-hard the moment everyone and literally their mothers saw her shamelessly display her body. Her folds of flesh from her stomach and breasts popping out of the sides of the outfit, but she put it out of her mind. She needed to win.
After winning the meet, she relaxed in the pool, exhaustive and spent. She had been tormented and tortured most of the day, holding back tears of hatred, rage, and humiliation, but as she swam she let it all out. She was actually so fast she beat her old times. New record set. Mr. B would be pleased that all the people watching the scandalously dressed, moral-less slut was still able to excel in her sport. She left herself underwater, soaking in the feeling of it against her body as people began to leave left and right. Even her teammates left her be, no one spoke to her, no one at all. Even after she’d stolen the race, even after she was a champion and winner, no one dare talk to the sick perverted whore who wore next to nothing, where her breasts, purple and blue as they were, bleed out in coloration, not in actual bl**d, from her white thin bikini top swim suit.
If only she could just be left alone.
That didn’t happen as she looked up, her wavy damp hair and clinging to her shoulders, her thick hair webbing outstretched behind her very submerged head as she tried to wash her body as much as her sins that she allowed to be done to her. Out of the corner of her eye she noticed all five of the boys in swim trunks. She bit her lower lip, eyes piercing at them. She wouldn’t let them see her cry – not this time. No, she would be free and they couldn’t do anything else to her, not after what she’d made herself do, what she had put herself through. The whole school might not possess those blackmail photos – but they DID possess the memory of her lush, luxurious body tightly concealed and strapped with a tight see-through-ish bathing suit.

... Continue»
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Act Naturally

Man switches families in reality TV show

I opened my eyes and stretched my limbs. For some reason, I felt more refreshed than I had in years. A good night's sl**p can do wonders for a body.

I heard a noise emanating from the master bathroom and turned my head to the left to learn its source. An attractive woman stepped briefly into my view before entering the shower. I had to admire her lovely, nicely rounded ass and her very ample but relatively firm tits. She was one sexy woman!

A couple questions immediately came to mind. Who the hell was she? Why was she in my bathroom? The strange woman bore a resemblance to my wife, Bonnie, but the differences had been obvious as soon as I laid my eyes on her ass and tits. My wife's ass is broader and her tits are smaller and far less impressive in every way that could possibly matter.

I remained lying in bed as I considered my situation. I was clearly in my own bedroom and my own bed. The photos on the wall and the pine tree with the red birdhouse outside my window were testimony to my location. This had to be my room and I was almost certain that I was me, so who was she?

I thought back to the previous night and found I had no memory of it! I did remember getting up and eating some Cheerios and reading the morning paper. Try as I would, I was unable to recall anything past that point. How could I even be sure it was yesterday? A very uneasy feeling began to form in my gut as I climbed out of bed and threw on a pair of shorts. As lovely as the naked woman in my shower appeared to be, I simply had to find out what day it was, as well as try to determine what the hell was going on.

I hurried to my home office and fired up my computer. It was March 10, just as I had suspected. Only one day, Friday, was missing from my memory. It was just one day, but judging from the fact that a strange woman was in my bathroom taking a shower, some rather important events must have taken place.

Mulling over the situation, I meandered into the kitchen lost in thought. As I reached into the cupboard for the Cheerios, I heard a noise behind me. I spun around and saw a vision my mind refused to accept. Sitting at the kitchen table was a pudgy, green haired teenage girl with several piercings in her face. Just what the hell had happened yesterday?

The k** never even looked up from what appeared to be a Smart-phone in her left hand. Her lack of interest allowed me the opportunity to conceal my surprise and regain my composure. Maybe she was a friend of my daughter's? It just seemed unlikely to me that my daughter, Kate, would ever be friends with such a weirdo. But I could think of no other possible explanation for the k**'s presence at my table, unless the circus was in town.

"So, are you a friend of Kate's?" I asked cautiously.

The thumbs stopped pushing keys on the phone and the green hair slowly rose to reveal a pleasant faced girl. She actually bore a slight resemblance to Kate.

"No, Dad. I hate that bitch. What kind of dumb question was that? Are you hung-over, or stoned or something? Even I would never be friends with myself. I lack the social skills to maintain even my own friendship," she added sarcastically.

I turned to pull a bowl from another cupboard as I struggled to conceal the shock I had just experienced. This little freak claimed she was my daughter Kate? How could she think I would believe her? Was it a joke? Or had I entered the Twilight Zone? I looked around for that damn signpost up ahead and found none. No, it wasn't the Twilight Zone or even Outer Limits. Yet, it was freaky as all hell.

The girl had gone back to texting so I didn't feel any need to explain why I had asked what she so obviously felt was a really stupid question. My daughter was a straight A student and quite popular in school. She was strong, athletic and cute as a button. One missing day could never account for her transformation into this female version of Bozo. I made a very good living using my brain and deductive skills. I decided to handle this bizarre situation like one of my business dealings. I would try to say as little as possible and learn as much as I could before walking into some sort of minefield.

Then I heard a loud belch and once again swung around in surprise. Standing in the kitchen doorway was what could only be described as a big fat k**. He was probably a couple inches shorter than I and a couple years older than the green haired clown sitting at the table. He wore a huge t-shirt that came almost to his knees. It was short sleeved, but because it was at least size triple X, the sleeves extended beyond his elbows. His hair was uncut and his man boobs appeared to rival the tits of the woman in my shower. What the fuck was going on?

I watched in amazement as he waddled over to the refrigerator and pulled out half a double layer cake and carried it to the table. He then sat down and began to eat it! He never even cut a slice. He just started eating the damn cake. I must have been staring because he looked at me as he stuffed a forkful of icing into his mouth.

"What're you looking at, Dad? Did you want some of this cake?" asked Jumbo as soon as he managed to swallow the large chunk of icing.

I slowly shook my head and staggered from the kitchen. My son, Jim, was a powerful k**. He was a member of the school weight lifting team and planned on going out for the football team in the fall. The k** in my kitchen was a fat putz. The only resemblance between the two was the color of their hair and eyes.

Then the thought came to me. These two k**s claimed to be my progeny. Then where were my real k**s? I hurried upstairs to look into their bedrooms. As I had somehow expected, the rooms were empty. At least they were empty of human life, but crammed with electronics. I was amazed at the different lap tops, game boys, I-Pads, Plasma TV's, as well as some stuff I couldn't even identify. Both k**s' rooms had more shit in them than Best Buy!

As I wandered out of Jim's room in total confusion, I almost bumped into the formerly naked woman that had been in my bath. She was wearing a pair of shorts and a nice shirt and she looked hot as hell. I stopped in my tracks and waited for the words I was somehow certain that I would hear.

"Good morning, Honey! You slept late today. Usually you're outside mowing the five acre field you call the lawn before this. Are you okay?" she asked as I stood there with my mouth open.

"Yeah, I feel fine. I'll go mow the lawn right now," I promised directly to her tits. I raised my eyes to see a smile on her lips as she went past me and down the stairs.

Mowing the lawn is a great time to think. You can do the entire yard without ever having to concentrate on what you are doing. Hell, most guys can mow their yards in their sl**p. As I went around the back yard, I considered my situation. I somehow knew that the missing day and the strange events of the morning were connected, but how?

Sometime later, I was mowing near the garage when I suddenly had a memory from the previous day. I concentrated on it and slowly things began to return. It took the rest of the morning to vaguely recall how I managed to wind up in my current circumstances.

I realized some of the pieces were still missing, but I had remembered enough to put much of the puzzle together. We, my f****y and I, had agreed to appear in a reality television show. It was similar to the one where wives switch families, but with some key differences. Obviously, one of the biggest differences was that the fathers switched families. As I tried to recall the way the show was done, I wondered how I ever agreed to the whole thing.

There would be no one operating any cameras. Somehow everything would be recorded and then edited later. We would all carry on as if we were truly just living our lives. Every member of the two families underwent some type of hypnosis in conjunction with some new, but supposedly harmless d**g. It would cause us all to believe we were actually a real f****y. Of course that made some interesting possibilities. I would be sl**ping with the other guy's wife and he would be sl**ping with mine, but it would not feel new or exciting. We were to be programmed to think that we had been married for many years.

I considered how that would limit the amount of sex and the enjoyment we derived from it. I struggled to believe that my wife Bonnie would have ever agreed to this sort of sleazy television, or that I would, for that matter.

Apparently, the treatment hadn't taken with me as completely as it should. I could remember a fair amount, but I still had huge gaps in my memory of the previous day as well as what I was supposed to do in this new reality that was my life. Was it a contest? Was I supposed to try to somehow win? Then I remembered that there was no time limit to how long this might last. They had told us it could be days, or weeks, or even longer. It all depended on the ratings!

Everyone we came into contact with would act as if we really were the f****y we thought we were in our hypnotized stupor. Other people in our lives would all get to be part of the show, playing themselves. I thought about that and realized that it would only be a matter of time before someone screwed up and said or did something to ruin the gig. It can't be easy, especially for school k**s, to maintain a charade like this, even though the producers had tried to match up the two families by appearances as much as possible. I decided to play along and not let anyone know that I had regained at least partial memory. That fact might allow me better insight into the show, what was expected of me, and what I had to do in order to win, if there was a winner.

Hell, I could play dumb with the best of them; actually far better than most. I put the lawn mower away and went back into the house. The woman that was playing my wife was leaning over the kitchen table, wiping some imagined spot off the oak surface. I played it cool and rubbed her ass through her shorts. She jumped and swung around to face me.

I was suddenly worried. Had I screwed up? Wasn't she supposed to think that she was my wife? Were there rules about touching that I couldn't remember? I braced myself and f***ed a smile.

"What's gotten into you, Chuck?" she demanded. "You know I don't like to be surprised and I certainly don't want to be mauled in public like some sort of tramp!"

I slowly looked around the room in an exaggerated fashion. Then I returned my gaze to my new wife, who I decided to call Bonnie, even though I knew that she was not Bonnie. To do anything differently would give away the fact that I knew what was going on, at least in part. Then it occurred to me that every word, every interaction, would be recorded somehow and possibly shown to millions of viewers. There must be tiny cameras all over the place! I sure didn't want my friends and f****y, not to mention millions of viewers, thinking I was a fucking wimp!

"This is hardly public, Bonnie," I responded calmly. "This is our kitchen and you're my wife, so it's well within the confines of the Geneva Convention. If you thought that was a mauling, I wonder what you'll think about this."

As I spoke, I reached up with both hands and gave her big tits a squeeze. I had to admit this new wife of mine had one hell of a nice rack. All the men watching would be impressed with my "handling" of the situation.

"Chuck! The c***dren could step in and see us at any time. Please try to control yourself," replied the stuck up bitch as she pushed my hands away from her bountiful chest.

"Hell, we'll feel the floor shaking long before those two get within sight," I countered. "The only think they've ever snuck up on is a banana split."

"Now you're belittling our c***dren? What's gotten into you? Are you feeling ill or something? Is there something going on, Chuck?"

"Well, now that you ask, I'd say there was. It looks like about a pound per day per k**," I chuckled, thinking how cool that would sound to all the viewers. "What the hell's wrong with you that you get bent out of shape when your husband feels you up a little? You didn't behave like that on our honeymoon."

I tossed that last sentence in so the producers and directors would think that I was totally sold on this being my wife and f****y. I was really beginning to get into this!

"We didn't have two k**s with us on our honeymoon and you treated me with respect back then. As I recall, you promised me that first night that you would never do anything to hurt or embarrass me. Can I expect you to keep your word, or are you going to go back on a promise after all these years?" countered this Bizarro Bonnie.

"Well, since you asked, I guess I'm reneging on that promise if squeezing those amazing tits and rubbing that smooth, round ass are things that hurt or embarrass you," I allowed. "I'll pretty much enjoy these puppies whenever the mood strikes me. That, I can promise, and I'll keep that promise."

She looked at me for a few seconds like I had two heads. Then she just made a production of clearing her throat and marching out of the room in complete disdain. I realized then that she was probably some sort of frigid bitch and her previous husband must have allowed her to get away with all sorts of bullshit.

Then it occurred to me. That was the goal of the show! It was like "The Taming of the Shrew", at least as much as reality TV could be compared to the work of The Bard. People would be watching to see what in hell I was going to do with the freak twins and the ice queen! Could I somehow whip the k**s into some sort of shape that even remotely resembled humans? Could I heat up the frozen bitch I had been saddled with? Somehow, I knew that if I could accomplish those daunting tasks, the show would be over, have great ratings and I would be a fucking national hero, at least for fathers and husbands everywhere.

Then I wondered if the real husband and father in this f****y was going to try to remake my real k**s into fat toads, and turn my wife into a cold bitch. No matter, I would just straighten them out when I got them back. I really hoped that he didn't have sex with my wife, the real Bonnie, as she was pretty timid and inexperienced. She had never had sex with anyone but me. Why had we ever agreed to appear on this show?

Pulling myself from my reverie, I went out and hopped into my car. Two hours later, I was back home, cleaning out my garage. I carried out all the good stuff I had been saving for years, but would never use. It became quite a pile, so I ordered a dumpster to be delivered Monday so I could shit-can all the crap I had lying around.

Bizarro Bonnie, BB, as I had come to think of my new wife, came out and announced that dinner was ready just as I finished sweeping the garage clean. I washed up and entered our eat-in kitchen. My supposed son was seated at the head of the table. He already had his plate filled with mashed potatoes, gravy, and three pork chops and was stuffing the potatoes into his rotund face.

Seated next to him was the green haired Bozo, eating with one hand and texting with her other. I reached down and grabbed the phone from her hand before she realized my intentions. I then tossed it in the general direction of the garbage can. It hit the side of it and bounced under the china cabinet.

I never broke stride. As I tossed the phone, I stepped up to TheHulk and proceeded to tip him and his chair over backwards. I felt a little bad when his head bounced once on the floor and the chair splintered into all sorts of small pieces. For a fat k**, he moved pretty fast! He jumped up to face me, his face flushed as he shook his head to clear it.

"I'll sit at the head of the table and no one will start eating until your mother and I are seated," I stated with amazing calm. "I'm not going to live with a damn glutton. Now move your shit out of my way and sit down next to your green headed s****r. From now on, you'll eat no more than two chops and less than two pounds of potatoes, and you'll eat some vegetables. Now, do you have any questions? Comments? Complaints?"

The pudge-ball sucked it in, shook his head in the negative and carried his plate and drink to the vacant chair beyond his s****r. BB was standing by the stove in absolute shock. She was actually speechless. I couldn't help but think how I was making some great theater as I turned to my next victim.

"Kate?" I began, feeling uncomfortable calling this creature by my beautiful daughter's name. "Don't ever bring your phone to the table again. From now on, you'll participate in dinner time conversation and help your mother where you can. Do you have any questions?"

She gave me a half sneer and then looked down and concentrated on her plate. I could see I had my work cut out for me with her. I carefully picked up the pieces of the broken chair and carried them out to the pile of junk from the garage. When I came back into the kitchen, The Green Hornet and The Stay Puft Marshmallow k** were sitting quietly, apparently waiting for me to take my seat. I carried an extra chair around to my place and put it down. Then I moved next to Bonnie's chair and held it out for her.

Still speechless, the woman living as my wife took her seat. The k**s sat with their mouths open, seemingly surprised that I would hold a chair for their mother. I couldn't help but think what a jerk the man of the house must be in this f****y. Well, things were going to change drastically.

"It probably went unnoticed, but I cleaned out the garage today. I tossed all the crap piled in the garage outside. I'll throw it into a dumpster I ordered for Monday," I added. "I can see you're all on the edge of your seats wondering how this bit of news affects you."

The woman with the amazing tits, as well as her progeny, sat stoically, seemingly totally disinterested. Well, that was about to change. Millions of people would be watching to see how I handled the situation. I knew if I handled it successfully, I would be looking at my picture on the cover of the tabloids at the local supermarket some Sunday afternoon.

"Since you ask, I'll explain what's going on. You k**s are on a collision course with a lifetime of ridicule and shame. To put it quite bluntly, you look like hell. If I took you to the beach, you'd have half a dozen harpoons in you before you could turn around," I predicted somewhat humorously knowing how my TV fans would love me for it. "That's unacceptable to me and it should be to you as well."

I had their attention now! BB was getting red faced and angry. Jim had the grace to be embarrassed and turned a bright crimson. Kate turned a deeper shade of green, but never looked up from her plate.

"Starting Monday, we are going to have healthy meals. I have contacted a dietician and she has worked up a menu for the next thirty days. Your mother will be following it when she prepares our dinners," I stated emphatically while looking at BB's angry eyes. "You two k**s will be going for a run with me every day after school and then we will work out in the garage on the weight machine I ordered today. You k**s will thank me in a few months. I'll admit that I can use some rearranging of my stomach and chest, so I'll be benefiting as well. This'll be fun!"

That declaration was met with dead silence. It bothered me for a few seconds, until I considered how cool it was all going to look on the small screen. These beach balls would shape up if it killed me.

That evening as I prepared for bed, I kept an eye on BB. She casually undressed to her panties, donned some pajamas and slid into bed. It was obvious that she thought I was her husband. There was no hesitation. There were no covert glances at little Chuck, like any normal woman would have done if she were looking a man she had never seen naked before.

I pulled back the covers and climbed into bed. This woman might be a stuck up bitch, but her tits and ass were all a man could ever want and I decided I was going to have some. I reached for her nearest tit and she grabbed my hand.

"If you think you're going to get any from me after that display in the kitchen at dinnertime, you can forget it!" she declared vehemently. "You ruined a good chair and you came close to giving Jim a concussion. You could've broken Kate's phone and you probably did irreparable harm to both of the k**s' self esteem. What in hell came over you?"

It was obvious I wasn't getting any of her best this night, so I decided to play to my audience. It was a distinct advantage to know we were being videoed for future broadcast.

"What about my self esteem, Bonnie?" I shot back. "How the hell do you think I feel having my own k**s walk around like the living dead? It's embarrassing to be seen with those two jokers."

"How can you speak about your own c***dren like that?" asked the amazed BB. "You know they are going through difficult times at school. They are subjected to ridicule and bullying almost every day and now they hear it at the dinner table from their own father? I won't stand for it!"

"I can imagine that they're having a tough time, Bonnie. Hell, I'd be ragging their asses if I were in school now. We had bullying when I went to school and my old man showed me how to fix it pretty quick."

"Really? Why is it so hard for me to imagine your father fixing any problem concerning social interaction? The man is a social moron," added BB.

"So now you're trying to ruin my Dad's self esteem, or would it be mine? I'll tell you how he fixed the problem. I whined to him that a big k** was picking on me. Dad told me either shut up and take it, or kick the other k** in the balls as hard as I could. I sucked it in and suffered the abuse for a couple more weeks. Then one day I just couldn't take it anymore. I drove the miserable bastard's nards into his chest cavity with my right foot. I had detention for a few weeks but the prick and his pals never bothered me again," I chuckled as I recalled the scene.

"So you're going to solve our c***dren's problems by having them resort to v******e. Tell me what happens if the bullies strike them back, or if the k**s get expelled, Chuck Norris?"

"This solution isn't without risk, Bonnie, but neither is anything else in life. They have to learn to take care of themselves and walking around like circus performers won't help. I guarantee that. There're worse things than getting the crap kicked out of you while defending yourself. One of them is getting the crap kicked out of you without defending yourself. Another is losing all feeling of self worth and committing suicide. These k**s need to toughen up, mentally and physically," I insisted.

"If you harm those c***dren, or get them in trouble, or embarrass them, Chuck, I'll be all over you," promised Bonnie. "You've always been too busy with your damn company to spend time with them. Now you get all nasty about how you don't like the way they're turning out. I've done as much as I can, but the need a father that notices them and cares. Where in hell do you suppose we'll find him?" demanded Bonnie angrily.

"You're looking at him, Babe," I responded immediately. "You know that I've received an offer to buy out our company and I'm seriously considering it. If the lawyers and accountants can work out something that doesn't kill us in taxes, it'll be a done deal within a week. That's why I told the k**s I'm going to be working with them to get them into shape."

"Yeah? Well the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, Chuck. You'd better not harm the k**s, mentally, socially, or physically," warned Bonnie.

Monday morning saw me on the internet after the k**s left for school and Bonnie headed off to work. I briefly considered following my alleged wife to see if they allowed her to teach my real wife's third grade class. How were they going to work that out, I wondered and then dismissed it. I reminded myself that I had to appear oblivious to the whole f****y switch. If I checked to see where my new wife was actually going, it would call unwanted attention to me.

Our high school was pretty progressive and had given us the option to sign up for information about how our k**s were doing on the internet. We had elected to take that option, so I had gone to the school's site and plugged in our password. What I found was pretty damn upsetting. Kate and Jim were slackers, to put it mildly. Their marks were barely passing and the teachers' comments were quite damning. Generally, the prevailing opinion was that the k**s could do much better if they only applied themselves.

I also considered how the producers of the show had already thought of the internet and had the two k**s from this f****y inserted in my k**s' school records, photos and all. I wondered what it must cost to pull off a switch like this so thoroughly. These guys were good.

I spent the rest of the morning cleaning house. In the early afternoon my home gym machine was delivered and I spent a couple of hours assembling it in the garage. I was ready when the k**s were dropped off by the school bus.

"k**s, get changed into something comfortable to run in and we'll head out right away!" I urged with all the enthusiasm I could muster. "We'll do a few miles and then pump some iron on this cool weight machine. Then we'll do some studying. You'll love it."

Jim acted confused and Kate just got angry immediately. As I watched her come to a boil, I realized she was in for some bad days ahead.

"I have to call Marcie. Then I have to post some stuff on Facebook before my favorite show comes on. So, you guys go on without me. Do some father-son bonding. Besides, I'm not fat like Jim," sneered the little shrew.

I reached over and pulled the phone from her hand and slid it into my pocket. Then I held my hand palm up to Jim and he placed his cell phone in it. I slid it into my pocket next to his s****r's.

"There's a new sheriff in town, k**s. He's a miserable bastard and he's pretty determined. Go on up and get changed. I'll be waiting here."

Less than two minutes later both k**s rushed back out to brace me in the garage, madder than wet hens.

"What happened to all of my stuff, Dad?" demanded Kate. "My TV's gone, along with my Wii, my lap top, my IPad...everything is missing," cried Kate. "Now I won't be able to study, or do my homework."

"My room looks empty, Dad," complained Jim. "What happened to all of our stuff?"

"I checked your grades online today and they were pretty bad, k**s. All of that junk didn't seem to be doing much to help your education. Sitting around playing games sure didn't help your physical condition any, either. You're not born entitled to every damn electronic device known to man. You need to earn those. The first step in that effort will be to get changed and go for a run with me. You'll get your stuff back as you earn it. Now let's get cracking."

The k**s left and soon Jim was back in a pair of sweats and a jacket. We waited five more minutes and Kate never returned. I went to her room. The door was locked.

"Kate, open the door and get out here. We're ready to start," I explained.

"Go to hell!" hollered Kate through her door.

"This sounds like typical teenage rebellion," I announced loudly to myself, and my TV audience, as I raised my foot and kicked in the door.

Kate was standing by her bed in stunned silence. She had changed into some sort of exercise outfit and for that I was glad. I simply took her by the hand and led her downstairs. I had the k**s climb into the car and started driving.

"Since we're just starting and we don't want our neighbors to see what pathetic losers the three of us are, we'll go run a log trail through our wooded property near your grandfather's place. That way, no one will see us and we won't embarrass ourselves too badly," I reasoned.

Jim nodded his head in appreciation while Kate just looked down. She was a stubborn one! When we got there we started running easy and made it less than a hundred yards, and then we had to walk. I had Kate's hand in mine and pulled her along. I warned her that I'd literally drag her with us if she didn't work to keep up. We walked as rapidly as we could the rest of the three mile loop through the woods and were all sweating profusely by the time we were in sight of the car.

I drove back home and managed to grab Kate's hand before she disappeared into the house. I led her into the garage and Jim followed on his own volition. My shiny new weight machine was there waiting for us to tone up.

I started the k**s out with light repetitions and worked with them. I promised Kate that if she cooperated for twenty minutes, I would let her go get showered. Then she would have to hit the books. Jim actually showed some interest in some of the exercises and did better than I thought he would in several of them. My arms and chest were tight by the time we stopped and went inside to clean up.

"Why doesn't the TV work, Chuck?" asked Bonnie after dinner was over. "I can't get any channels at all."

"I disconnected the cable to it, Bonnie. You don't watch TV very often and the k**s watch too much. The TV in our bedroom still works if you want to watch it. The k**s are determined to improve their marks, and American Idol isn't on any college entrance exams that I ever heard of," I allowed.

Bonnie looked at the k**s sitting with their noses in school books, and then back at me. Then she picked up a romance novel and opened it to her page and began reading.

That night in bed, I slid over next to Bizarro Bonnie and ran my hand under her top and took a luscious tit into my hand.

"I don't think so, Buster. You haven't told me how Kate's door got so smashed and why the k**s are so quiet, why they're studying, and what happened to all of their electronics."

I explained what had transpired that afternoon while Bonnie just shook her head in disbelief.

"What the hell is going on with you, Chuck? You don't act like the man I married. You're being cruel and indifferent to the k**s' needs and feelings. You're destroying the house, one chair or door at a time. Did the doctor put you on medication or something? Are you going to beat me until I have sex with you now?"

'Damn it, Bonnie. I would never f***e myself on any woman once she convinced me that she didn't want me. That certainly includes you. Have I ever touched you in anger?"

I was curious what her answer would be. Who knows what the jackass she was married to would do? Maybe he was a wimp that hit women.

"No, Chuck. You know you've never even come close to hurting me that way. It's just that your behavior has been odd lately and it concerns me. I won't tolerate you hurting the k**s, either," she warned as I rolled over and closed my eyes, wondering what would be edited out of the bedroom scenes.

The next day when we finished our run, BB met us in the garage with three shoe boxes in her hand.

"As long as you three are determined to improve your conditioning, I thought you could use some good running shoes," she stated as she handed each of us a box. The next day we all wore them and they really were a lot better for our feet.

"When will I get my phone back?" asked Kate on the ride back home after our jog through the woods a few days later.

She took me by surprise as she had not spoken a word to me since I had kicked in her door. She had offered no resistance to our new routine, although it was obvious that she didn't want any part of it, or me.

"Okay, Kate," I answered evenly. "What would be a reasonable goal for you to achieve in order to regain phone privileges? You know what I'm trying to do here and why. What're your thoughts?" I asked.

"You want us to get better grades, drop some fat and tone up and look more like k**s you can be proud of," suggested Kate. "It'll take forever to get as skinny as you want us to be, or to run as far as you would like. How about if I stop doing my hair different colors? Could I have my phone back if I did that?"

I considered her request carefully before I responded, "I'll tell you what. Once you hair goes back to its natural color and you get rid of all of your piercings, I'll return your phone."

Kate's face went dark. She folded her arms across her chest and sulked. She never expected me to be this tough. She was stubborn, but so was I. The next day she surprised me again. We were in the car heading for home after our feeble attempts at running.

"How about this, Dad? I'll remove all my piercing right away and stop coloring my hair, for my phone. It'll take a couple weeks and lots of washing to get it back to my natural color. That seems fair," she concluded.

"Okay, as long as you keep up with your school work and exercises. If you start backsliding, you'll lose the phone again," I warned.

To my surprise, Kate stuck her hand out and smiled. I took her hand and shook it. We had a deal. Jim had been silent during my discussion with Kate so I looked to see if he was going to ask for his phone back, too.

"Jim, do you want to see what you can do to get your phone back?" I asked.

"Not really, Dad," he responded unenthusiastically. "I don't really have any friends to call anyway, so I hardly miss it."

I felt bad for the k**, but knew that improved marks in school and a better body image would help him immeasurably. Damn the father that allowed his k**s to sink to such depths. On the other hand, Jim never tried to slack on the runs or workouts, as pathetic as his attempts at running were. I was determined to stay the course.

BB was really a big help with the diet. I was more than a little surprised how she stuck to the plan, yet was able to create meals that were delicious as well as nutritious. She was really an excellent cook.

She was also a very good mother. I couldn't help but notice how comfortable both Kate and Jim were with her. They would discuss movies, friends, school, in fact, almost anything. Bonnie never preached, but she did keep pointing them in the right direction. This f****y seemed to be fairly strong. The obvious weak link was the asshole father. I just hoped that my influence would be enough to get the k**s on the right track.

In the bedroom, I was striking out. I began to suspect that my so-called wife had also regained some of her memory, as she was having no part of me. The first week or so didn't bother me too much since I was sore all over and tired as hell from working out with the k**s. After that, it began to annoy me. I had always had a very satisfactory sex life with my real wife and f***ed abstinence had never been part of my routine.

Finally it came to a head one night. I had tried to fondle BB in bed and she had once again rejected my advances. I lost my cool.

"What in hell is bothering you, Bonnie? You're acting like a frigid bitch."

"Are you that stupid, Chuck?" she demanded. "I tried for years to make the k**s eat right and you kept bringing home candy, soda, chips, desserts, fast foods, and tons of ice cream. I finally gave up. Then you announce at dinner last week that you spoke to a dietician and have a menu that you want me to follow, as if it's my fault the meals have too many calories and not enough iron, protein, good carbs and all that other shit I'm cooking for you now.

"You let yourself go and encouraged the k**s to be couch potatoes by getting them all those damn electronic gadgets because you're a software genius and wanted the k**s exposed to that shit early in life. So now I have two overweight k**s and a ball of lard for a husband, who, by the way, is passing all the blame for it over to me. That might have something to do with why I am not trying to give you an incredible blowjob right now, Chuck," she finished sarcastically.

Wow! I didn't realize how much contempt she had for her husband. The guy was a real dick if anything BB told me was even remotely true. He was the reason the k**s were fat, and apparently he was pretty pathetic as well. I realized that I had my work cut out for me. I also realized that she had no clue that I wasn't really her husband. She had heaped all his stupid actions on my head. It was also clear that the guy's sex life had been in the toilet for some time. BB had pretty much given up on love and romance. She felt deserted and alone, abandoned by a fat, foolish workaholic husband.

"Okay, Bonnie," I said gently, before deciding to ham it up for the audience. "I can see that you're a little worked up, so don't worry about giving me a blowjob for a few days. I can wait until you're feeling better about all of this."

"Asshole!" was all she said as she rolled away from me and closed her eyes.

I thought I would give BB a few days to get over her funk before I tried my luck with her again. Tuesday evening she informed me that we would be attending a party at our neighbor's Saturday night. I decided that would be the night for me to score with this frustrating, but sexy woman that was supposed to be my wife. Little did I know.

The party was just down the street a couple blocks so we decided to walk rather than worry about driving home after drinking. As we walked I wondered just how this would work. Everyone at the party had to be informed about the real Bonnie being replaced for the TV show. How would they handle it? Would BB know the same people that my wife had known for years? How could that knowledge be hypnotized into a person? Did she have a folder with all our friends and neighbors pictures and histories in it? I began to realize to what lengths the producers had gone to generate a seemingly true reality for the show.

BB was wearing a low neckline and her cleavage looked fantastic. I knew the audience at home would be expecting me to move her world before long, and Little Chuck was eager as hell to show the viewers just what he was capable of doing. I decided to get BB a bit tipsy and hurry her home to show her, and the viewing public, unspeakable delights.

I watched as she mingled with the other partiers. How could they all be such good actors? Everyone chatted with her like they had known her for years, and she knew the names of the guests, as well as their k**s. Like OJ Simpson, I was beginning to wonder just how deep this conspiracy went.

I had a couple beers and kept BB in my sights. I couldn't cling to her all night as we had supposedly been married for years and that wouldn't be normal. Still, I wanted to be prepared if she showed signs of being a little tipsy. That would be my cue to rush her home and show the fans just how a real man handles his wife in the old bedroom.

Then I saw that damn Steve Fargo start hanging around BB. He was married with three k**s. In fact, his wife was home taking care of a six month old baby and he was at the party, showing interest in the treasures under BB's panties. What a prick.

I had to admire his determination. He wasn't pushy, but he was unrelenting. He chatted BB up and down, he fetched her drinks, and he even shared some hors d'oeuvres from his plate. It was a good thing I was paying attention to his every move or I would have missed seeing him guide BB out the back door.

I had been in the house often enough to know there was a patio and flower garden in back. It was a pretty good place for romance, if a couple were so inclined. I slipped out the front door and slowly circled the house.

I heard them before I saw them and that was partly because they were in a shadowy area near an old bench. As I finally caught sight of BB, she was being pulled down on Fargo's lap as he sat on the bench. I could hear the surprise in her voice as she realized her situation.

"Steve, you really shouldn't be doing this. We're both married and have c***dren, so please let me up before we find ourselves in some kind of trouble," reasoned BB.

"Bonnie, no one will find us here, so don't worry. Besides, what could Fat Chuck do if he did find us?" asked that bastard Fargo. "You're way too fine for him. You need a man to show you what you've been missing."

"Steve, I don't think...ahhh!" squealed Bonnie as that fucking Fargo pulled her face to his and tried to swallow her tongue..

What little light that reached the secluded bench was suddenly blocked by my approaching form. I was pissed, yet still able to consider what my fans would expect from me. I realized they needed to see me kick Fargo's ass. That would be some good reality TV!

"What the fuck?" I snarled as I yanked BB from Fargo's lap, and his grasp.

Her tits in her low top, I noticed in the dim light, were simply remarkable. I realized she would be getting some fan mail from admirers when this was over. Then Fargo made the mistake of standing. I pulled back and smacked him flush on the chin so hard my hand hurt. I was considering kicking him in the balls before he regained consciousness when I heard him growl.

To my eternal shock, Fargo was still standing. He at least at the decency to rub his chin a little before he knocked me ass over tin cup with a right hand I never even saw. While I was struggling to regain my senses, I felt a hard blow to my nuts. I rolled over in a fetal position and vomited all the beer and hot wings I had consumed over the course of the evening. I considered checking to see if my balls were resting on top of the vomit before me. Boy, did they ache!

"You stupid fat bastard. You should know better than fucking with a real man. You can't take care of your wife, but some of us can, and we will. She's too nice a piece of ass for a ball of lard like you," laughed Fargo as he turned and headed back to the party.

BB was crying as she rearranged her dress. I had managed to get on all fours and was trying to gingerly stand up. She reached down and gripped my left arm.

"Just leave me the fuck alone," I managed between gasps. "You've done enough already."

With that, I managed to get my feet under me and rise more or less, to a standing position. I was still bent over holding my stomach, but I was now able to move, so I headed out to the sidewalk and turned north toward home.

Suddenly, I missed my real wife and real k**s. Why had I ever gone along with this goddamn TV show? Things in my life had been going great. We had no reason to get involved in this bullshit. As I staggered home, I wondered if there was someone I could call to get me the hell off the show and back with my real f****y.

Then I considered BB. If I couldn't somehow swing ending my f****y's participation in this televised debacle, I would at least rethink my actions toward her. Was it my responsibility to bring a fucking frigid wife around, especially when she was only frigid with her dumb ass husband? As I limped up the sidewalk, I decided I had had enough of her miserable attitude. Let her fuck the whole damn neighborhood! What difference did it make to me? I'd have the last laugh when the show ended and she found out the entire country watched what a cheating bitch she really was. I wanted to be there to see her expression then!

When I got home, I was barely able to make it upstairs. I grabbed some clothes for morning as well as a pail to puke in and lurched off to the spare bedroom. I laid down in a fetal position mulling over what an ass I had made of myself. sl**p finally claimed me.

The next day was Sunday. The previous two Sundays I had taken the k**s for an early run. This morning saw me lying in bed, feeling sorry for myself. My balls showed surprisingly little after-effects from Fargo's rough treatment. My chin really didn't hurt too much for having been hammered the previous night. I was simply depressed over my most recent failures. Who'd a thunk that Fargo was such a tough bastard? Then I received a real surprise. There was a soft knock on my door and it slowly opened to show Kate, or at least the Kate of this reality, standing in her running clothes.

"Here you are, Dad! I guess you and mom had a fight since you're sl**ping in the guest room. I hate to bother you on a Sunday, but you did say that we would run early on Sunday mornings. I'm ready to go. Jim is getting dressed, so we're waiting for you. Daylight is burning!"

"Okay, Kate, I'll be right with you. Just give me a minute to get ready," I requested as I considered what had just transpired.

Kate was actually acting anxious to go out and run that three mile course! That had to be the silver lining in my pretty damn dark cloud.

Kate chattered as we drove out to the wooded lot where we ran. She seemed happier now than at any time since the day I had first seen her sitting at the table texting like her life depended on it. I didn't want to ruin the moment, so I didn't press her on the reason for her apparent positive mood swing. I was happy to see her hair had faded to a very light green. She was apparently keeping her word about not coloring it any more. Jim seemed to be content as he responded to his s****r's questions and statements. I was making headway with the k**s, but losing badly with BB.

We settled into a status quo for the next few weeks. The k**s seemed to be happier. I had given Jim his phone back when he showed me that he had made some improvement in his grades. Kate's hair had finally morphed to a very lovely dark brown and the holes where her piercings had been were barely noticeable. She now had use of her plasma television as a reward for bringing her school marks up a notch.

BB and I were still sl**ping in different rooms and barely speaking. I don't know if she was mad because I spoiled her fun with Fargo, or if she was embarrassed for being caught kissing him. It really didn't matter as long as she left me alone. I was fine with the notion of showing the audience that I wasn't some pussy whipped wimp. I was determined to prove to them that I could get along without her quite nicely.

In late June, Kate asked me if we could start running in our neighborhood rather than driving to the old log road to do our conditioning. Since both k**s and I had improved dramatically in the couple months we had been working out, I agreed. When we stepped outside the next day to begin our run, two girls dressed in running shorts were walking up the drive. Kate trotted out to meet them. Then she introduced them to me.

"Dad, Jim already knows these girls. The blonde one is Chris Macklin and the redhead is Hope Lawrence. I was talking to them the other day about how we've been running for a couple months and they want to run with us, or at least with me. They're on the school cross country team and want me to go out for it next fall. If they think I'm good enough, I'll be joining the team."

We started our run and after about thirty seconds, the three girls were going over the first hill and out of sight. I didn't realize that Kate had improved that much.

"Well, Jim, it looks like us two slow pokes will be running together. We'll never keep up with them," I chuckled.

"What you mean 'we", Paleface?" asked Jim as he kicked his running up a notch and pulled away from me. I was wondering how in hell a fat k** could run so fast, as I watched him rounding a curve up ahead. Then I suddenly realized that Jim wasn't all that fat anymore. With grim determination, I increased my pace.

By the time I finished my 3 mile loop and staggered back up my driveway, Kate and Jim were showing Chris and Hope the exercises they did on our weight machine.

"Wow! Jim, I never realized how strong you are," gushed Hope. "I can't lift even a third that much and you do it fifteen times?"

I glanced at Kate and she was pretending to poke a finger down her throat and barf. I guess s****rs just don't get impressed with the feats of their b*****rs. Then I looked closer at the machine and saw that Jim was bench pressing the same amount that I use in my sets, and I thought I was doing quite well!

"Jim, you've got to join the weight lifting club at school," opined Chris as she watched in almost rapture as Jim completed his set. "My b*****r's in it and he loves it. He says it helps him with conditioning and strength for football. You know, you should play football next year, Jim. My b*****r says the coach is always looking for big, strong guys, especially if they can run as well as you."

I decided to leave the k**s alone and went into the house for a drink of water. I knew there was nothing I could say or do that would help Jim's self esteem as much as two teenage girls ogling his muscles. As I finished my glass of water, the phone rang.

It was Marge Sampson and she was inviting Bonnie and me to a house party next weekend. I couldn't think of a good reason to decline, so I hesitatingly accepted. I had been rethinking my reaction to the Fargo fiasco. I never gave BB a chance to explain her side. My pride had been smashed, along with my nuts, and I was hurt and embarrassed. I needed to consider every possibility before ruining this marriage. I just hoped the other husband would be making the same effort for mine.

After dinner, I helped BB clean up the dishes. As I was loading the dishwasher, I mentioned that Marge had invited us to a party next Saturday. BB's face went dark immediately.

"Did you decline the invitation, Chuck?" asked BB nervously.

"No, Bonnie, I didn't. It's time we came out of this self imposed exile and had some fun. I accepted for us and even promised we'd bring a dessert. Are you willing to go with me, Bonnie?"

"Are you asking me on a date, Chuck? Even after what happened at the last party? You haven't spoken to me since and I thought you might be thinking about throwing me to the curb," BB admitted sheepishly.

"Exactly what happened that night, Bonnie? Was I somehow mistaken in what I thought I saw?" I asked, hopefully.

"Chuck, if you think you thought you saw me on Steve Fargo's lap with him kissing me, you saw correctly," BB assured me. "What you may not have seen was what led up to it. I foolishly walked out in the patio with Steve to cool off and get some fresh air. I had no intention of any sort of hanky panky, Chuck.

"He maneuvered me down into that dark corner and suddenly sat on the bench, pulling me down on his lap. I was taken by surprise and even more so when he started kissing me. Before I could react, you had come to my rescue and Steve let me up."

"I seem to remember that part pretty clearly, Bonnie. You stepped away, and then he stood up. Then I bruised my knuckles on his chin, got knocked on my ass and had my nuts crushed. After that, it gets a little fuzzy. Did smashing my balls against his foot somehow appear like I was rescuing you, Bonnie? From my vantage point, it seemed like I had the shit kicked out of me. I embarrassed myself and did nothing to defend your honor, or mine," I added.

"Chuck! You didn't know that Steve was a boxer. He almost made the Olympics twenty years ago. I would never expect you to be a match for him. The important thing was that you did your best for me. I feared that you believed I was going along willingly with him. From the way you acted when I tried to help you up, I thought you hated me. I know I should've never allowed him to get me into that situation in the first place. I've been too ashamed to look you in the eyes since," confessed BB.

"That's interesting, Bonnie. After he beat me so easily, I've been feeling pretty damn low. I thought I'd pretty much destroyed any respect that you may have ever had for me. Truthfully, my first reaction was that you were a slut and I could live without you. When I was feeling better the next day, I began to play it all over in my mind and you did seem to be pushing him away pretty strongly when I arrived. I know you aren't a slut, or even close.

"The fact remained that I had failed to protect my wife properly and had reacted badly to her attempts to help me after I had been hurt. I decided to just hide in the guest room rather than subject myself to more embarrassment. You had to think I was a worthless fat piece of shit. I know I'm not a Charles Atlas, Bonnie. I'm trying to get rid of the fat and tone up so you can be proud of me. You always look so damn beautiful and sexy that I'm afraid you're out of my league. You can do better than a fat putz that can't even defend your honor, or his own."

"You think I'm sexy and beautiful, Chuck? You haven't told me that in years. And I didn't fall in love with a putz. I fell for a smart, gentle, loving, hard working man," replied BB.

"What's his name?" I asked quickly. "I'll hire someone to whack him!"

"Why don't you move back into our room tonight and I'll point him out to you, Chuck," suggested BB.

I had my stuff moved back to the master bedroom in less time than it takes to tell it. It wasn't even eleven yet when I slipped naked under the covers. I lay in bed with my eyes glued to the bathroom door. Finally it opened and BB came out wearing a very transparent nightie. I suddenly realized that I didn't want the millions of people seeing her revealed so completely. This was supposed to be an intimate moment between husband and wife, and not a soft porn show for desperate housewives and construction workers.

Then I remembered that she wasn't really my wife. Most of the men watching would be rooting for me to bang her brains out. I would be a regular hero tomorrow around the water coolers of corporate America. I would also be a guy that was knowingly unfaithful to his wife, as well as being the direct cause of making another man a cuckold, as well as damaging this beautiful woman's reputation. She was a wife and mother and deserved some respect. Damn it!

BB slid into bed next to me. She leaned over and gave me a toe curling kiss. I could feel her amazing tits against my chest as I ran my hand over her back and down to her ass. This was one sexy woman with curves in all the right places. Then I regained my senses.

"Bonnie, I didn't mention it, but the doctor told me that I needed to give my balls a month or two to recover from the kick Fargo delivered to them," I lied, hoping it sounded plausible. "Let's just lie here and cuddle for awhile. I should be fully recovered before too long. Doc doesn't want me getting too aroused and ejaculating, or at least trying to cum. He said it could cause permanent damage, so I should not be allowing myself to become too aroused."

"Oh. Chuck! I didn't realize how badly he hurt you! Is the doctor sure that you'll make a full recovery? I feel terrible that I was the cause of so much pain. Can I do anything to help you relax, Darling?"

As she spoke, BB pulled back slightly to look at my face. Her wonderful tits swung pretty much unencumbered just below my chin. It was all I could do to keep from blasting off right there and then.

"Just hold me while we sl**p, Bonnie, and I'll be a happy man. As she snuggled up to me and fell into a deep sl**p, I pondered my situation. There could be no doubt that this TV show would go into syndication and be shown numerous times over the next twenty years. I had to consider what sort of image I really wanted to project.

I'd been fortunate that my little stunt of tipping Jim over while he was stuffing his face at the dinner table didn't result in some serious harm to Jim. How would I have faced his real parents if I had caused brain damage or death? How would I face my wife if I tapped this beauty sl**ping next to me? What about when the k**s watched the show? I could always claim I was hypnotized and honestly believed that this woman was my wife, but I knew the truth.

I began to rethink what I wanted people to say about me when they gathered around the water cooler discussing the show. I had the decided advantage of knowing I was involved in a true reality production and could make an attempt to seen as one of the good guys. The rest of the members of both families believed it was reality. I decided that if my wife actually had sex with her perceived husband, I would not hold it against her. How could I when we both agreed to appear in this stupid damn show? What in hell was I thinking when I agreed to it? I didn't need the money. Was it the chance for fame? Did Bonnie talk me into it? Or did I talk her into it, or was it a mutual decision? I just couldn't dredge up any memories of discussing the decision with Bonnie and the k**s, and that troubled me.

We walked across the street and down the block to Marge Sampson's house. BB looked really good, but showed far less of her chest than she had at the previous party. I kept hitching my pants up as we walked. I had purchased them a couple weeks ago since my old pants were getting way too big. Now my new pants weren't fitting properly either.

BB stayed close to my side and I really enjoyed her company. I was just finding out what an interesting, intelligent woman she really was. It's funny how much a man can learn about a woman once he stops concentrating on her tits and ass and actually listens to what she is saying.

Steve Fargo showed up, this time with his wife in tow. She was a mousy little thing and seemed totally cowed by the miserable prick. Small wonder he wanted to drill BB. There was no comparison between the two women and he and I both knew it. I intentionally made my way to the beer cooler at the same time Fargo did.

"I can see why you were so hot for Bonnie, you miserable fuck," I smiled as I spoke in a low voice only Fargo could hear. "Your poor wife looks like a fucking mouse, afraid of her own shadow. Bonnie has her beat, hands down and tits up, and she's my wife. You probably think about Bonnie when you fuck your little mouse, don't you Fargo? I just want you to know what a gentleman I am. I guarantee I won't be thinking about your wife when I'm fucking the shit out of Bonnie tonight."

Fargo just scowled at me as I grinned and strolled away. I didn't consider my taunts as any real type of revenge, but I had decided to save that for when I was in really good physical condition, and when every minute of my life was not being videoed. My plans for the prick weren't anything I'd want anyone to witness, let alone broadcast on network television.

BB and I had a great time with neighbors and friends. I probably had a beer or two more than I needed, but I was far from d***k. I was just mellow. BB wasn't feeling any pain as we managed to make our way back home. We climbed the stairs and successfully navigated the hallway to our bedroom.

I don't know exactly how it happened, but as soon as the door was closed, we went at each other like a****ls in heat. I pulled BB's dress over her head and tossed it in the general direction of her closet. She popped the buttons off my shirt in her frustration to undo them. I just managed to unhook her bra before she dropped to her knees in front of me while tugging at my belt. BB struggled with the button on my pants for a few seconds and then just gave a hard tug that sent the button bouncing off her left tit. Unfazed, she pulled my boxers down and gave an audible sigh when my cock made its appearance.

"Chuck! I've missed this bad boy so much," she groaned as she worked her hand up and down my shaft. "I'll be gentle, but if your balls start to hurt, let me know and I'll stop."

I watched as she engulfed my cock in her mouth and carefully cupped my balls in her hand. I quickly decided the pain would have to be off the Richter scale before I asked Bonnie to stop what she was doing. It had been a very long time for me and sadly, I didn't last nearly as long as I would have liked. BB never missed a beat as she drained me dry, then smiled at me as she regained her feet and gave me a lingering kiss.

I picked her up and carried her to our bed. As I gently placed her down on her back, BB began to run her hands all over me.

"Jesus, Chuck!" she exclaimed. "Look at your chest and stomach. I think there's a six pack forming in there. You look fantastic!"

At that moment in time, she couldn't have said anything to enflame my desire more. BB thought I looked pretty buff? It caused me to redouble my efforts to please this beautiful goddess. I pulled off her panties and dove into her trimmed muff headfirst.

She tried to pull my head off her after her first orgasm. By her third, she was too weak to lift her arms. I kissed my way up her torso as she gasped for air. I lingered a couple minutes on her incredible tits. Then I pulled my head off her chest, lined my raging cock up with her sex and plunged into her. She almost threw me back off as she bucked under me in the throes of the mother of all orgasms.

I managed to stay in the saddle until she calmed down and then I began to give her everything I had. I noticed that I seemed to be able to go deeper now that my stomach was a smaller. My stamina was unbelievable. I hadn't enjoyed sex so much in twenty years, if ever. BB as speaking gibberish by the time I felt my balls start tingling, signaling the start of my climax. It felt like I pumped a quart of cum into BB before I finally ran dry and began to go soft.

We lay side by side for a few minutes before she whispered into my ear, "Chuck, that was the best sex we've ever had. Where's my husband and what've you done with him? You were fantastic and I'm going to want a lot more of what you just gave me, Lover."

I suddenly realized that I had done exactly what I had been determined not to do. I had sex with the other guy's wife! Everyone would know it. Shit, a lot of guys would probably record it so they could watch watch it over and over. I knew I would if it were someone else. "What would I tell my wife," were my last thoughts as I sunk into a deep sl**p.

The next morning, I woke feeling great physically. I felt bad about making love to another man's wife, especially after I had done such a remarkable job with her. How in hell would he ever be able to live up to the sex machine now known as Chuck? Then I felt more than a twinge of jealousy as the thought of BB sl**ping with another man, even if it was her husband. The very notion upset me more than I cared to admit. I considered my emotions and it was pretty obvious that I had strong feelings for the sexy woman lying next to me. That caused me to feel guilty when I thought about my real wife. I could hardly even remember what she looked like!

I climbed out of bed and used the bathroom. Then I went down for my bowl of cheerios. As I reached into the cupboard, a cheery voice called to me from the table.

"Good morning, Dad! Have any energy left for our run. It sounded like you were doing a marathon with mom last night," laughed Kate.

Kate! My real daughter was sitting at the table. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail. She was wearing running shorts and a sports bra and her stomach looked strong and tight and her legs were long and athletic. My beautiful Kate was back!

"How come you're staring at s*s, Dad?" demanded a voice from the kitchen doorway.

I turned in that direction and saw my son Jim standing there. He held his shirt in his hand. His chest and abs showed muscle and definition, with just a hint of flab over his waist. His easy smile and deep blue eyes reminded me of his mother. He was one good looking k**.

Then I thought about my wife. Was she back, too? With more than a little trepidation, I went back upstairs to our bedroom. Carefully, I pulled the sheet back from the sl**ping form. I marveled at the beauty of the woman sl**ping in my bed. Her tits were works of art and her legs were long and slender. Her face was beautiful, but she wasn't my wife!

I left the bedroom and headed for my home office. I suddenly knew I had to call Dr. Roberts. He would straighten this out. I opened my rolodex to his name and saw a DVD wedged in it. I pulled it out and slid it into my computer. What was it, and who had placed it there? The monitor suddenly lit up and Dr. Roberts appeared on screen.

"If you're watching this DVD, Chuck, it means that one of three things has occurred. The first option is six months have elapsed and you have reached no solution. The second option is that everything in your life has turned into what we in the psychiatry field call a big pile of dog shit, or number three, you've mastered your demons.

"Look who's sitting next to me, Chuck," continued the good doctor as the camera moved back and swung to the right showing a fat guy. The guy was in fact me, sitting next to Dr. Roberts. "This video is being made Friday, March 9. You have agreed to allow me to use an experimental hypnosis technique on you in hopes of helping you climb from the depths of despair and depression. If you're feeling like you can't cope with things right now, please call my emergency number immediately. If you feel that you're doing okay, sit back, watch and listen.

"You've been my patient for over a year. You were extremely depressed and didn't even know why. When I asked about your f****y, you told me that your k**s were doing great, that your wife has become a bit dowdy and plain, but you both were very much in love and your sex life was great. However, under hypnosis, you told a far different story. Your k**s were out of control. They were fat and lazy. They spent all day playing with their electronic toys and eating junk food and that you had actually encouraged it. You were ashamed of the way they looked and acted, as well as repulsed at your role in it all.

"You also confessed that you were embarrassed at your own appearance. To hide your shame and insecurity, you had withdrawn from a wife you believed to be extremely attractive and sexy. You felt you didn't deserve such an amazing woman and were actually pushing her away emotionally. Your self esteem was in the crapper, Chuck. Conventional therapy and antidepressants did little to alleviate the problem, so today you've agreed to undergo an experimental procedure that has been successful in nearly half the cases where it's been used.

"I'm going to hypnotize you, Chuck. That, in conjunction with a medication used to treat arthritis, will allow your mind to enter into almost any reality I select for you. There are choices. Sometimes the psychiatrist will tell the patient that they have entered an alternate dimension. Sometimes we tell the patient they have traveled ahead in time.

"The option that you have selected is that you are in a reality TV show where you believe that you switch places with another husband. You will no longer be in denial in this scenario. This option will allow you to see your f****y as they really are, as well as cause you to take steps to deal with that reality. Because the reality is so starkly different from your perceptions, you'll likely not believe that it's really your f****y. All of the technical aspects of this scenario will be created in your mind. You'll determine the rules and goals of the show, and how it's supposed to work. It would be far too complicated for me to try to cover, especially when I only have to give you the suggestion and your imagination will do the rest.

"Your goal is to somehow face the truth and reconnect with your f****y. Your c***dren need your guidance and your wife needs your love and attention. It's my hope that since you are watching this DVD, you've had some success in those areas. Please contact my office for an appointment regardless of what the outcome of this procedure may have been."

It wasn't a show! The k**s had really been mine all along! BB was really Bonnie, and she was my wife! I had behaved like a total ass for the past few months! I remembered everything now. How could I face my f****y? I had played the fool and now I knew that I had to face the music.

I turned to find Bonnie and the k**s watching me. The blank expressions on their faces told me that they had no understanding of the situation.

"Are you okay, Dad? You've been acting weird this morning," stated Kate. "Was that bad news on the computer?"

"I owe all three of you an apology," I began. "I haven't been much of a father or husband the past few years. I was obsessed with making my software company a great success and lost all focus on what's really important in my life. The last few months have been really strange for me and I know I put you all through a lot. My only excuse is that I wasn't really myself, and I mean that literally."

"Does that mean you're not going to run with us any more, Dad? Won't you come to cheer for me on the cross country team, and let the other k**s can see what a cool dad I have?" questioned Kate.

"Yeah, Dad. What about the weight lifting? I was just getting to where I could kick your butt. Now you're going back to the old dad that didn't care very much what I did?" asked Jim. "Aren't you going to come to my football games this fall? The guys think I'll be starting at linebacker, since Ted Gillow and Tracy Reynolds graduated last year."

"Does that mean that I'll lose my amazing studly lover and my new best friend, Chuck? Does it mean I'll be a sexually frustrated grade school teacher again?" suggested Bonnie with a smile. "I don't think I'll be able to give up what I discovered last night."

"Mom! That's way too much information. But, it's a good thing you feel that way because some of my friends have been asking me about Dad. They think he's pretty hot. Heck, they think Jim is smokin' hot these days," asserted Kate.

"That's funny because the guys in the weight lifting club keep asking me about my s****r and keep telling how lucky my father is to have such a hot wife. It's actually pretty embarrassing for me," confessed Jim.

"Wow, Chuck! Look what you've done to this f****y," laughed Bonnie. "And now you're apologizing for it? Kate and Jim both look great, have lots of new friends, and apparently more than a few admirers. I have a hunky husband that I have to keep a close eye on or some nympho teenager will try to steal him from me, and you have a wife that turns a few heads, but completely adores you. What exactly are you apologizing for and what do you propose to do about it?"

I looked at the three of them smiling at me and realized that I had somehow blundered into a great life. Depression would no longer be my companion.

"As long as we're speaking frankly here, I think I'll take you upstairs, Bonnie, and show you why you'll never need to look at any other men, of any age. Then, I'll kick Kate's butt in a three mile run, and destroy Jim in a killer workout that'll f***e him to admit that I'm still the master, and he's just the grasshopper," I chuckled.

"Dad, that sounds good, but I suggest that you run with us first, lift second, and take care of mom last. It doesn't look like she'll let you finish anytime before lunch and you know you won't be worth a crap after she's done with you," laughed Kate.
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First time in Bangkok

If you have read my story about the first time I was with a TS girl then you know my experience was limited to just a few times. So about 4 years ago I went to Thailand to visit my buddy who was working there in a high profile job with the Thai government. We stayed in his apartment on the 40th floor of a 5 star hotel in Bangkok, which was pretty nice. I had just turned 39 and was looking forward to my first visit to Thailand and seeing my friend I had not seen in 4 years.

Now, I have travelled very much in Asia: PI, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, pacific islands, and Hawaii, but not Thailand. My first three nights with genetic girls (GG’s) were nothing short of disasters. Thieves, emotional crying chicks, fights with other girls, and fights with previous boyfriends sent me running to the streets one night. I was in a bar on Soi Cowboy one night, and after not really finding someone to hook up with I decided to call it a night but get some McDonalds before the cab ride home. My buddy had hooked up already, and was headed out. He yelled out to me as I was entering the McD’s, “watch out for the katoey, they are all around here”. Hmm, so now my interest was piqued.

I waited until they pulled away in the taxi, before I left the restaurant without ordering any food. I did not travel 50 feet before I was approached by a lady. She asked some stupid question, and I could not respond to it, so I looked down at my feet. Then I noticed her feet! They had to be size 11 or 12 US. I bluntly asked if she was a guy, and she responded, “I not man, I have hole!” She then grabbed my hand and pulled her panties aside and pushed my finger inside her! I was a little in shock at this point, but I politely told her she was not what I was looking for. She then says, “Oh, you wont cock? I know girl with cock.” And at that precise moment, I was surrounded by 3 Ladyboys. I did not know what to do, but I was horny and just said, “when in Rome”.

So I picked a cute Thai looking one, about 5’6” with long dark hair, about a small C cup, tight jean shorts, and impossibly high heels. She took me by the hand to a short time hotel and within about 10 minutes I shot my load (covered) into her ass doggy style. No real pretense or anything, just into the room and we start fucking. Her ass was absolutely beautiful, and even with the condom on it felt fantastic. We left the hotel and I was still horny. So, standing out in the street with a hard on, I told her I was still hot and she said let’s get a real hotel. So, she led me to another hotel down a different street, and we checked in.

This time, I was not in a hurry. Literally, we fucked in every position we could. I fucked her, she fucked me. We did it in the shower, on the bed, on the dresser, her bent over the bed, her lying on the bed with her head hanging off, just pure throat fucking. She also fucked me and I deep throated her also. Her cock was about 5 inches long, kind of small, and literally not a hair on her body except for her head.

We would fuck, sl**p, wake up, start fucking again, shower, order room service, eat, fuck some more, it was nonstop until my buddy called at 4pm and asked if everything was OK. I told him I was fine, and he should not worry. He told me he had me set up with a date that night and I should come home. So, I told my girl (her name was Ice and she kept apologizing for her dark skin as she had just come back from Pattaya) that I had to leave. So we showered and fucked one more time in the shower, then showered again. All in all, I remember shooting 6 loads in the span of 14 hours. She came 3 times. It had to be in my top 5 of all time fuck experiences.

We check out, and she wants to e****t me to my buddies place. She hails a taxi, negotiates, and we are on our way. (He wrote down the directions in Thai so I could give to the driver). When we get out of the cab at his place, she asks for my phone number. I give her my Thai phone, and she dials her number and programs her name in the phone.

I was on cloud nine, trying to give her all the money I had in my pocket, which was 3600 baht. She said she wanted to see me again, and would I call her? I told her I had plans for the evening, and maybe tomorrow I would call. Literally I am stuffing money into her hands and she refuses to take it. We are standing out on the street outside, and believe me every guy walking by is just staring at this beauty. So, I pretend to put the money away and just roll it up into a small size and put it in the front pocket of her jeans saying she should have some taxi money. We DFK on the sidewalk and hug, and then go our separate ways.

The blind date that night with the genetic girl turned out to be another disaster, and I found myself drifting off thinking about my LB experience. The girl, it turns out, is one of my buddies exes, and him and his girlfriend tell me they want to watch me fuck her in the living room in front of them and another Thai couple. I don’t know, but I guess the vibe just wasn’t right for me and I excuse myself, (much to the GG’s and my buddy’s amazement), and head on down to Nana Plaza.

Walking from bar to bar and not finding anything interesting GG or LB wise, I pass Cascades and a strikingly tall LB grabs me and starts to pull me into the club. She is probably 6’ with heels and long straight, dark hair. My buddy calls right at that time and asks where I am and I tell him I am with a girl right now. Now the buddy does not know about the other night with Ice, so I decline going into the bar, telling her I am not interested. But she is very persistent and I end up talking with her outside while buddy gets a cab to come over to Nana. I tell him I am on the third floor.

He shows up and does not see me and goes into Carnival. Five minutes later he comes out with a little cutie GG and asks me what I am going to do. So I ask the girl if she wants to leave with me and she says “yes, I want to go with you” (of course). I look at my buddy and ask if he is cool with this, and he tells me go for it. So as I usually take two girls back, I ask her to get a friend and she comes back with a short and really dark little hottie with smallish tits and a fantastic J-Lo ass.

In the cab is the usual tongue hockey with tall girl (Legs) and dark girl (bubble butt or BB) both kissing me at the same time, all sharing tongues together. We get to his place and into my bedroom and I lock the door. Clothes are off in a blur and BB takes charge, “you fuck her while I fuck you!” Um, I said, “whoa there, I don’t think so. This is my first time”. BB looks at me and says, “I don’t think you first time.” OK, so now here is a bridge I haven’t crossed. My dick is rock hard already and I get out my condoms. The girls have brought their own and are putting theirs on as well. There is a palpable sense of excitement in the air as it seems like the three of us are not getting ready for a steamy love making session, but more like three gladiators going to battle and putting on our weapons.

Legs is sitting on the bed jacking off and BB is getting in position behind me standing up and jacking off. We can clearly hear my buddy next door as it seems he is fucking his girl against the wall adjoining and she is screaming her head off. The wall is thumping and the pictures in my room are vibrating. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” is all we can hear from the GG next door and the wall thumping.

I get a little cautious feeling as we are now standing in a circle jerking off and these two have a menacing look in their eyes; Sort of like the tables were turned and now instead of being the hunter, I am the hunted. So I tell them I want to go down on them and they should lie back on the bed and enjoy. They comply and I am sucking on Legs and jerking off BB and switching back and forth. BB looks at Legs and says something in Thai, and then they both rip off their condoms and throw them on the floor. So now it is bareback BJ and HJ. Things are going good until we hear some yelling from next door and glass breaking. Then a door slams. All action stops and the girls sit up and we are looking at each other. All the lights are off, but the city lights are illuminating the room, and we are waiting for something to happen next.

Apparently this is too long for Legs as she grabs my head and tries to jam her entire log down my throat making me gag. Just then, we hear the door knob trying to be opened, but I had locked the door. I am in the middle of Legs trying to impale my face with her thick 7 inch dong and she is pressing down on my head with both hands. BB stands up and puts her little guy next to my face and I start to jerk her off while Legs is busy trying to fuck my face. So to break things up a bit, I switch to BB, who is trying to imitate Legs, but her guy is little so it is no problem. Writing this down now I think it was kind of funny that BB was trying to act all rough like Legs, but didn’t have the equipment for it.

This goes on for a while switching back and forth until we hear a knock on the door and buddy is asking to come in. Actually I was kind of glad to get some relief, so I got up and unlocked the door for him. He comes in wearing a condom and says he wants to fuck Legs, and they jump on the bed. BB, ever the director, says ‘you fuck me now.” So looking for a little revenge, I bend her over and go balls deep slowly, in one shot. She takes it like a champ though, and with her bent over at the waist arms stretched out bracing herself on the bed, we have a great view of buddy and Legs.

Well, as it turns out, buddy is a bit of a talker, and likes to say nasty things during sex. Completely not my style and evidently not Legs style either as she is making funny faces. BB finds it kind of funny and starts to giggle. So buddy goes on with things like, “take it you whore, you’re a dirty little whore, tell me how much you like my cock you bitch”, and stuff like that. I am not really into it and it is kind of spoiling my mood even though I am pounding away at BB who is giggling. Well I guess buddy doesn’t like the giggle, and puts a hand on her throat to choke her. Now this does NOT sit well with BB and she slaps his face HARD! This completely breaks me out of my trance of fucking BB and I stop. Legs gets up and says to buddy, “fuck you I don’t want your money”, and picks up her clothes and walks out. BB and Buddy get into a little argument yelling at each other in Thai and I am standing there with a condom covered hard on thinking ‘how the fuck did this happen’?

I am pretty much in stunned silence watching these two argue, all the while thinking this could have been a really good night. Buddy storms off, and it is just me and BB in the loom and I am looking at the floor. She turns to me and says, “Let’s just fuck” but I am totally bummed out at this point. So I tell her to get her clothes and we are leaving.

We walk out of the bedroom and I tell buddy that my last night in Thailand is not going down like this. “No Way”. And we go outside to get a cab and I tell BB to call Legs. We find her somewhere, and when she gets in the cab I apologize for what happened and hug her and kiss her. And then she slaps me and says, “Why didn’t you stop him”? I told her it all happened so fast and I was concentrating on BB. I then say, let’s go to another hotel and I will make it up to both of you. They kind of look put off by the whole thing, but BB says let’s just go fuck somewhere and tells the driver something in Thai.

So we end up at a hotel, about a 3 star, but OK enough. We shower and get into bed together with both girls on either side of me. By now it is about 4am and I am thinking we are just going to get some sl**p and I will try and buy them breakfast in the morning. Boy was I wrong about that! Hell hath no fury like a ladyboy scorned, and unfortunately I was going to be on the receiving end of this.

We all start kissing and both the girls go down on me at the same time. Pretty good double BJ, but BB f***es my legs apart and starts to lick my ass while Legs is literally swallowing my cock. Legs swings her body around we are locked in a solid 69 with me on the bottom. BB pushes my legs back against my chest and is tongue fucking my asshole. Legs starts to concentrate on fucking my mouth and BB jams a finger in my ass while sucking me off. We all shift to the center of the bed, and BB produces a condom out of nowhere and proceeds to try to jam her little guy into me. And she is really trying hard.

Now believe me when I say that when I bar fined these two hotties I had visions of them both, side by side, on all fours on my bed with me jamming my hog into both of them; Visions of two gorgeous asses and me pummeling their insides while they both screamed for mercy. Quite the opposite of what was happening right now, and for the second time during the night I am thinking ‘how the fuck did this happen?’

BB finally gets her little guy in me and is fucking in those quick stabbing motions. Legs grabs my legs by the ankles and is holding them back as I think it gives her some leverage to jam her monster hog down my throat. BB’s fucking is not really turning me on as it is more really an annoyance then anything, but Legs is starting to get into it. So I figure Legs should get a little of the ‘how’s you father’ also and I jam my finger in her bum. Well this had the wrong effect as she started to increase her pace and she started to say stuff in Thai.

BB quickens her pace also and says she is going to come. “I come now”, she announces. Legs lets go of my ankles, and BB pulls out, takes off the condom, and starts to jack off all over my chest and neck. I can feel the hot steamy liquid running down my neck and Legs starts to shoot off a monster load in my mouth. I cannot swallow it all even though she plunged deep in my throat and started spurting. Arrgghh! I have had enough and get up and run to the bathroom and spit out the goo and rinse my mouth out and wash my face and chest.
Fuck me did that just happen? Am I really rinsing my mouth out and washing my face with Bangkok ladyboy cum? What the Fuck?!!? I compose myself and wonder if this is what a chick in a porno feels like after a shoot. So I jump in the shower to wash and rinse off and when I come out of the bathroom toweling off I yell at them that "this is not revenge time!" They were both on the bed and BB was smoking and I think they both giggled. I thought to myself, OK ladies, no problem, my turn next.

Now as I had not cum yet, I was still a little randy but both the girls were dead tired. We all got in bed again, with me in the middle. BB had her back to me and was laying her head on my arm, and Legs was resting her head on my shoulder and had one of her legs over mine. It was a really nice warm feeling and Legs and I were talking softly to each other. The TV was on, but again it was some Thai program so I could only watch the pictures and listen to Legs. As she was gently stroking my cock, I asked the usual questions. Where you from, how old are you, etc. Really I wasn’t even listening as I was watching TV and sort of drifting off to sl**p and BB was already snoring soft little snores on my right which made us laugh.

Then I asked Legs when the first time she ever had sex was and she began to tell me a story that really got my dick hard. It seems that Legs had a crush on a young Thai soldier when she was 14 or 15. She said he was a good looking man, but young 16 or 18 (I don’t remember) and she used to visit him on the base. She really did not elaborate much but said one time she went to visit him and he invited her into the barracks and they started to get friendly making out. I guess they got naked and she was thinking this would be her first time and how special.

But then the platoon of guys came into the barracks and found the two together and the other guys were giving her lover a hard time about being with a Ladyboy or something. So instead of defending her, he sits on her back holding her down while every guy in the platoon fucked her ass. I asked her how many guys and she said maybe 30. I kissed her, hugged her tight, and told her that I was really sorry that happened to her and she replied with a smile, “what? I loved it!” (Will this madness never end?)

So now I am REALLY hard again just playing out this scenario in my mind, and Legs says she wants to get fucked. So she hops on top facing me and start riding me cowgirl style. Her good sized member is hard again and is flopping against my stomach and all this bouncing around wakes up BB, who turns to watch the action.

Now you have to realize that I have now been fucking for several hours and still haven’t cum yet, so for some reason I can’t seem to get off. Legs is really riding me and maybe she gets tired as she talks to BB in Thai again. I asked what she said and BB says, “she say you fuck me now”. I looked at her face which was contorted into some kind of pain/pleasure fuck face making moans and other noises and I am thinking, “How the fuck did she say that?”

So I push her to the side and the girls want to switch condoms, so on with one of the really thin see through kind. BB lies on her back and I start to pound out missionary style. I am staring into her face and looking down at her tight abs, her little guy, and my cock sliding into her tight hole. The color contrast between her dark skin and my white member got my dick rock hard and I started to really pound it out, only I was in the push up position and had her legs pinned back with my arms. I was amazed that her little tiny body could take this kind of pounding, and with her 42kg frame it made my dick look monster sized. Legs says something in Thai, and I look to see that her face is about a foot away from the action, watching the whole thing. She also starts to rub my balls while I am pounding away at poor BB’s impaled ass. In translation I make out three words: bigger, dick, and boyfriend. This pushes me over the edge and BB says not to cum in her. So I pull out and shoot all over her tight abs and twig and berries.

Now it is like 7am, full daylight out and I am exhausted. BB goes to the loo to wash up with the hose, squatting on the toilet seat like a bird. I wait until she is finished and shower up and we all hit the bed and fall asl**p with the TV on.

I think we wake up at about 11, and the girls want to know what I want to do. So I tell them let’s get some food and watch TV. The front desk calls and wants to know if I will extend my stay for another day which I say of course I am. My flight leaves at 11 pm and I don’t want to see my asshole buddy again even though my luggage is at his house.

So the girls order room service and the hotel sends up fresh towels and tooth brushes and shampoo and things like that. The funny part is we are all naked and each time the door rings, Legs answers with a towel around her waist and her tits on full display. I was really never so proud to be with two naked ladyboys every time the bellboy came up to the room. The other funny part is they kept sending different guys up. And it was always, ‘sorry sir forgot to give you this’. This happened about 4 times.

So we ate and the girls watched TV (another Thai program I didn’t understand) and BB smoked and then we all fell asl**p. Legs woke me up later and said BB wanted to go home so she got dressed and kissed me goodbye and left.

So now Legs and I were alone, and we talked and fucked two more times. She was asl**p when my phone rang and it was buddy, who was already in Phuket for the week for business. He joked and laughed and acted like the last night was no big deal, but inside I was a little pissed at him for fucking up my night.

I told the hotel to call me a taxi and waited outside. Well, the Taxi never showed up but a little motorbike did. Now, I am 180cm tall and 91KG and was thinking no fucking way was I going to fit on that bike. But the guy assured me it was ok, and the sun was beating the hell out of my skin like I was a vampire or something. So off we go dodging in and out of traffic, running red lights, etc. Get to the place (he didn’t know where it was and I could not tell him, so had to call the girlfriend have her tell him over the phone).

I shower and pack and the girl tells me she wants to introduce me to one of her friends. So she calls her over and we go to the pool and order food and hang out eating and drinking. Then they both take me to the airport. I get back home and am thoroughly exhausted.

My first trip to BKK kind of fucked me up a little bit as I could not even get into fucking my girl friend back home. The excitement just wasn’t there anymore so I would fuck her and then she would pass out and then I would go out looking for Ladyboys. We eventually broke up. Go figure.

I went back to Bangkok on business one more time, but really didn’t have time to sample any more Ladyboys. I have to go back next month for a long weekend and wonder what is in store for me. Still, is there any better time than your first?

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Black House Guest

I love to tell about some of the events in my life and
this is one of my memorable times.

They say when the cats away, the kitty will play. Well
it was true this time anyway. You see my husband of
almost twenty years was away on deployment with his
military unit and I was managing the house and keeping
up with our son who was in his first year in college.

Spring break came and as things were a bit tight on
money, I encouraged my son to forego the college
tradition of going to the beach somewhere during spring
break. He agreed and asked if he could bring a
houseguest, his friend BB, home for the vacation. I was
happy that he had a friend that he wanted to socialize
with, so I agreed.

My son, Tim, had not told me anything about BB so when
they arrived, I was surprised that his friend was
black. As we were introduced, I could see that BB's
eyes took a good look at my 5 ft 9 inch 140 lb body. He
gave me a lingering peck on the cheek. I made nothing
of it, just a normal male subconscious look at a lady
sizing her up. I think most males do this

Later that evening after dinner, we socialized some in
the living room and I asked BB about his nickname. He
said that his uncle had called him Black Boy as a very
young age and later it was changed to BB. He thought
nothing of it and actually liked the nick. I looked at
this jet-black skin and thought how beautiful and sexy
it was. Now I was wondering why I thought that. Maybe
it was just a subtle thought from my past.

I remember as a teen in high school, the black guys
were always hitting on the white girls and I am sure
many got what they were after. I was thinking that I
had never been so lucky as I chuckled to myself. Oh
well, those days are gone forever. One cannot relive
the past.

"What are you guys going to do to pass the week away?"
I asked.

"Guess we will get our bathing suits on and spray each
other with the water hose and play like we are at the
beach," Tim said as he was joined in laughter with BB.

The next morning, as I sat with my morning coffee
reading the paper, BB came into the kitchen and walked
up behind me and put his arms around me and gave me a
squeeze and a kiss on the cheek, and said, "Good
morning Momma. You look hot in that gown."

I then realized that I had not dressed but was sitting
there in my nightgown, and without anything under it. I
made some feeble excuse about how I had forgotten that
I had a house guest and I stammered as BB chuckled and
said, "I like it, you are a very foxy Momma."

"Oh BB you are just saying that to make me feel good,"
as I felt a flutter between my thighs and a tingle in
my clit. "What am I thinking? Damn it, I am a happily
married woman and besides I am old enough to be his
mother and he isn't interested in an older woman

The guys passed the day somehow. That evening Tim had a
date but BB passed on the opportunity to go to the
movie with Tim and his date. He instead chose to stay
home and watch a movie with me. I made some popcorn and
we watched the movie and sat on the couch together. BB
joked about us being on a date and put his arm around
me. I said, "OK, lets play like I am a teen-ager again
and you are my date."

H squeezed me and replied, "It's OK by me, but if I
treat you like my date, you may be asking for more than
you bargained for Momma."

"OK quit calling me Momma. I am Brenda and I am your
date," as I giggled and snuggled up to BB. He didn't
back off a bit and pulled me close and kissed me deeply
and passionately. My head was now spinning.

I was now wondering what I was doing with this young
black stud that probably was ready to stick his hard
black pole into my white married honey pot and shoot
his black seed deep inside my white womb.

"Oh shit," I though. "I am thinking about giving some
of my husband's private stuff to a young black man whom
I have just met and is my own son's college friend.
What am I thinking about? I need to stop this now
before I go too far, oh I want to feel that young stud
pounding me hard…Yes, he can have me if he wants me,
yes, yes, yes, I am going to give him some white

We were now doing some heavy petting and giggling like
a couple of young high school k**s on their first date.
I was becoming fully aroused as I could feel my juices
lubricating my canal getting ready to be bred just as
nature has made it. I was now aware that BB was fully
aroused. We had long ago forgotten the movie and were
concentrating on each other.

I whispered to BB, "Put your hand between my legs and
you will know that you have made your date ready to be
loved," as I moved my hand down to his crotch and
gently rubbed his hard erect love tool. We were now in
a full embrace, kissing deeply and felling each other
all over.

I stood and led BB to the master bedroom, and the bed,
which had been only used by my husband and me. Now that
the old Tomcat was away, the Momma pussycat wanted to
play with the handsome and eager young Tomcat. I think
that is one of the laws of the jungle, "When the
dominant male is not looking, the young males sneak
around and breed the females. And of course the females
are more than willing to get some young hard cock."

As for me I was thinking that it was OK to let BB have
my husband's wife as he was not using her at the moment
and he would never miss anything, and I would enjoy
being this young stud's plaything.

We had now removed each other's clothes and were
admiring the objects of our sexual desires for the
night. What a body BB had! Muscular, young, black, and
chest covered with curly hair. I knelt and took his
black pole in my hand and the other hand gently held
his sperm filled balls. I licked the clear fluid from
the slip in his cock, and then my mouth encircled the
head as he moaned with pleasure.

I moved my fingers through his kinky black pubic hair.
When I realized he was reaching a point that I needed
to stop before he shot his load, I laid back onto the
bed as he suckled my breast and trailed kissed down to
my black curly and thick pubic hair, parting my lips
and running his tongue around my clit driving me nearly
to climax, He pushed his tongue deep into my canal and
slurped my freely flowing juices. I was not begging BB
to take me.

As BB moved his black body above mine to claim his
white pussycat, I opened my legs to welcome him. He
slowly entered as he breathed hard and moaned with
pleasure. I pushed up to receive my young stud pulling
him to me as I moved up tight with my hands firmly
planted on his buttocks. I was now giving my husband's
private honey pot to this young black stud that I had
invited to take my husbands place while he was away.

We were moaning, thrusting, squirming, and sweating as
we moved to take our pleasures from each other. BB was
now nibbling on my ear as he thrust deeper and faster
and was telling me how good I was. All I could find to
say was "Fuck your Momma! Fuck your Brenda! Come in
Momma! I've got you baby! I want your fucking black
seed in me! Breed me my Young Black Stud! Breed me!

As I felt him start thrusting hard and deep, grunt as
he thrust, I knew he was going to blow his load very
soon. This sent me into pure sexual bliss and I started
thrusting hard and then stiffened as his cock started
pumping his seed into my waiting womb His black balls
slapped my white ass hard as he made his final thrust
and unloaded in me. I briefly shook all over and then
collapsed totally exhausted as he lay there on this
just fucked white wife with our sweat mixing and
rolling down onto the bed sheet. The sheets were now
soaked with our commingled sweat and love juices.

Without a word spoken we both knew that we had pleased
each other. BB rolled over and we both went to sl**p
from sheer exhaustion. The next morning, I awoke with
the sun shining into the room, and looked over at my
lover as he slept. I thought, "What a handsome black
stud and I had him last night all to myself. Damn, what
a lucky married woman I am!" I looked at his cock as it
lay limply knowing that I had made it that way.

I looked at his large black balls and knew that they
had emptied their contents into my womb last night. I
smiled as I thought of how I could work magic on BB's
black cock and bring it back to full erection and
wondered if he had some more black seed to plant...
Well maybe tonight I would find out the answer.

I was so pleased and happy as I reflected back on the
evening and how our two bodies had taken control of our
minds and put us together to please each other just as
nature had intended for man and woman to do. I reached
down and felt my stretched lips and the black seed that
had filled me to overflowing. I felt the matted damp
pubic hair coated with BB's sperm as it oozed out from
where it had been pumped during our lovemaking.

I lay there wondering if I would be thinking of BB when
my husband came home to reclaim his wife. How could an
older married white woman forget being loved by a
handsome young black stud? I was thinking how hard, how
big, and how black my lover was and how I had eagerly
given myself to him. A southern white gal had just been
black fucked! Damn it all. It was good.


Author Note: I wrote "Black House Guest" and was not
intending to write more of the story however my mind
has been dwelling on that week and I think you need to
hear the rest of the story, so here it is.

BB and I were like two dogs. I was like a bitch in heat
and he was following me around like a stud dog. I think
it was the third night that we were sl**ping together
that I awoke late the next morning and noticed that I
had left the bedroom door open. As I passed Tim's room,
I noticed that he was already up. "Oh, damn it all," I
thought. "He has seen me and BB so what shall I do?"

I walked into the kitchen and Tim and I exchanged
greetings and I poured me a cup of coffee and joined
Tim at the breakfast table. I could see by his
expression that he had seen us and I was wondering how
this would play out.

Tim, with a grin on his face said, "I can't believe it.
BB got the hots for my mom. Now that is hot."

"Oh, Tim, honey, I don't know what happened. I...
uhhhh... well guess BB got horny last night and came to
my bed and I didn't exactly discourage him. I am sorry.
Dad will not be happy if he finds out. Please don't
tell anyone, and certainly not Dad."

"It's OK Mom. I think you are hot myself. I have had a
few dreams about you"

"Huh? I don't know what to say. My own son thinking of
his mom like that. I know it happens but it is not
right. You should not have those thoughts," I remarked.

"Mom I am sorry but it is true and this was a good time
to tell you. I understand your needs... you know...
well with Dad gone and all. I know the feeling myself.
I guess young guys get horny and take it when they can
get it. I suspect women get horny as well. I understand
why BB got the hots for you. You are very sexy, Mom."

"Son, I am showing my age. I surely am not that
attractive to young guys like you and BB."

"You would be surprised, Mom, to find out that a lot of
young guys dream of getting it on with an older woman.
Young black men think they are not a man until they
have made out with a married white woman. I guess BB is
really feeling manly now. A lot of guys feel that
banging someone's wife shows how manly they are."

"Yes I think I have read some article somewhere on that
subject. I understand that i****t between a Mom and her
son is a matter of the son feeling like he is man
enough to challenge the dominant male, the Dad, and the
woman feels that she needs to know that she is still
desirable. Don't get any ideas. It is Taboo, so don't
get any thoughts along those lines."

"How can it be more taboo than a White wife getting
laid by a young black guy?"

"I don't know son, but it is wrong somehow," I
continued. Now my thighs were getting little tingles in
them and my stomach was having little muscular
contractions. I knew the signs. I was getting horny
talking to my own son. Oh, I could not believe I was
entertaining a fantasy of having sex with my own son.

Actually I had to admit that the thought had crossed my
mind as I watched Tim grow into a man and had
occasionally gotten a peek at his young cock as he got
older and his pubic hair began to grow. I was proud
that I had raised a handsome young man and had wondered
if he ever had dreams about his Mom.

Tim got up and moved over and planted a big kiss
squarely on my lips and as he drew away, I gasped for
breath knowing that it was a sexual kiss rather than a
friendly one. Tim said, "I wish I had a girl just like
you Mom."

Now, I was thinking of what the meaning of that
statement was. Did he want a girl like me his own age
or did he want me just like I am and make me his secret

That night I lay in bed with my sexual thoughts and as
I felt my private parts I was becoming stimulated with
thoughts of being my own son's secret mistress. How
wonderful for a Mom to take care of a son's sexual
needs until he found his own wife. I was trying to
think of how being with my own son would be any more
taboo than giving myself to BB. No it is not. A son had
needs and if he needs his Mom, it is no more wrong than
for a Mom to sl**p with his friend. If my son needs me,
I will be there for him.

It was after midnight. I was in a state of arousal that
drove me to get up and go to my son's room. I looked at
him under the sheet as he slept and I slipped my gown
off and slid into bed beside him, moving my hand down
into his shorts and felt his soft manhood. I moved my
lips down and took his cock into my mouth gently
sucking and moving my tongue around. I felt it starting
to get larger and larger until it was rock hard. I
heard my son moan my name, "Oh Mom, I love you."

I kept playing with his balls and his hard cock as I
moved above him and lowered my wet mound over his
waiting mouth. He knew what to do, and eagerly slurped
my free flowing juices. Tim was now moving his hips up
and down pushing his cock deeper. I then turned around
and moved my wet pubic area over his young cock and
lowered myself onto him taking all he had into me. Our
lips met as we kissed and squirmed each matching the
others thrust. Tim now had his hands on my buttocks
holding me close.

My mind was racing as we fucked like two sex starved
teen-agers. My son, for the moment, was taking his
Dad's place showing his Mom that he was now a man ready
to breed women. In farm terms, it is like the young
bull deciding that he is ready to take over from the
old bull and breed all the cows young and old.

I was giving myself to my son freely. He was thrusting
deeper and deeper knocking on my womb preparing it to
receive his seed. I then moved off of top to let my son
take the top position so he could really drill deep and
slap his sperm filled balls against my rear end.

I quickly opened my legs wide to receive my son's man
cock. He was soon pounding and breathing rapidly as he
blurted out, "Oh Mom! Oh Mom, you feel so good. I'm

I was now at my peak and shook all over having my
orgasm as I felt my son shooting his hot seed into my
womb. I could feel him throbbing and pumping the last
drop as he relaxed and I went limp. We lay there for a
few moments, then Tim moved over and we both went to
sl**p knowing that we both had fulfilled our secret

I now had two horny young studs in my house to contend
with. What a wonderful situation that was. I was not
into the threesomes and I didn't want BB to know
anything so Tim and I decided that the next night was
reserved for BB then one more night with my son before
spring break was over, of course Tim started coming
home more often to remind his Mom that he was a horny
young man who was taking some of his dad's private
stock. I knew that I was capable of taking care of all
my men and give them what they need.

I began to wonder if I was becoming a sex maniac. I now
found myself dreaming of what it would be like to have
all three sniffing and licking all at the same time,
three hard cocks, my husband's, my son's and BB's black
one, ready to dump their loads deep inside my waiting
white pussy. Yes all three could breed me and I would
love it.... Continue»
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conversation avec une belle inconue

nonox56 > salut miss tu va bien?
feryyee > salut
feryyee > ca va et toi ? ^^
nonox56 > tu va bien?
nonox56 > en grande forme merci
nonox56 > tu fait quoi de beau par ici?
feryyee > qu'est ce que tu fais?
feryyee > je cherche de la distraction avant de dormir hihi
nonox56 > ^^ quel genre de disctraction...?
feryyee > qqch de sexy...
nonox56 > huuuum, cam?
feryyee > non je prefere imaginer ;)
nonox56 > tu a bien raison...
nonox56 > tu es comment la?
feryyee > je suis dans mon lit... en sous vetement
feryyee > et toi ?
nonox56 > moi aussi dans mon lit mais totalement nue... caresse toi la poitrine a traver ton soutien gorge et laisse moi embrasser ton corp et descendan doucement...
feryyee > tu commence a t'exciter ?
feryyee > je te sens de plus en plus dur
nonox56 > je suis bien dur et raide pour toi cherie...
feryyee > je caresse ton dos et enfonce mes doigts dans tes cheveu
nonox56 > huuuum, jen es des frisson... je laisse glisser mes doigt entre tes cuisse a la recherche de ta fente humide...
feryyee > ça a l'air agreable ;)
feryyee > tu me leche les seins et mes tetons durcissent
feryyee > je te caresse les fesses
nonox56 > hummm je caresse ton sein droit pendant que je te leche le teton gauche...
feryyee > sexy..
nonox56 > je descend pour moccuper de ton petit minou avec ma langue...
feryyee > mes mains descendent le long de ton torse jusqu à ton sexe brulant
feryyee > hummm
nonox56 > hum ma queue es bien dur dans tes main...
feryyee > je continue de la caresser je tembrasse et je passe au dessus de toi
feryyee > mes mains partout sur ton corps
nonox56 > hummmmm jaime sa bb
feryyee > je decend
nonox56 > je suce un de tes doigt tout en te caressan lentre jambe
feryyee > humm
nonox56 > oh oui descent cherie
feryyee > je commence doucement
feryyee > je te caresse
nonox56 > huuuuum
feryyee > je t'embrasse
feryyee > je te caresse
feryyee > je leche
feryyee > et encore
nonox56 > huuuuuuuuuuuuum
nonox56 > je passe ma main dans tes cheveux pendant que tu a la tete au niveau de mon sexe...
feryyee > je vais plus vite
nonox56 > hum bb vasi
feryyee > et je t'agripe les cuisses
nonox56 > huuuuuum
feryyee > j'ai envie de toi
feryyee > je me frotte à toi
feryyee > je te veux
nonox56 > je sens ta fente mouiller sur ma queue
nonox56 > monte sur moi bb, je pose mes main sur tes fesse et tu fait des va et vien sur mon sexe
feryyee > oh oui je le sens enmoi
nonox56 > jembrasse ta belle poitrine pendant que tu sautille sur ma queue
feryyee > je frissonne quand mes tetons frolent ton torse
feryyee > je veux que tu m'att****s
nonox56 > je te fait metre a quatre patte
nonox56 > je te leche la chatte un peut et te penetre en profondeur...
feryyee > hum
feryyee > leche moi encore
nonox56 > ok bb
nonox56 > tout se que tu voudra... je te leche et te doigte bien a fond
nonox56 > je te leche lanus... hum
feryyee > non pas la
nonox56 > ok ok pas de souci
nonox56 > je frotte ma queue sur ton clito et la glisse dans ta fennte bien mouiller
feryyee > hum... plein de sensation
nonox56 > je te met une fesser et jaccelere les va et vien
feryyee > oh oui ca commence à monter
feryyee > je te leche le long du coup penda,t que tu meleches les seins
feryyee > et je te mord un peu dans le creu
nonox56 > huuuuuuum jaime sa bb
feryyee > moi aussi ;)
feryyee > je met mes jambes sur tes epaules
feryyee > mon corps est à toi
nonox56 > je place mes main sur tes cuisse et te regarde droit dans les yeux pendant que je te prend bien en profondeur
feryyee > j'aime ca
feryyee > jouons un peu
feryyee > je repasse au dessus de toi
nonox56 > hummm
feryyee > j'attrappe tes bras et je les attache
feryyee > je me frotte sur toi
nonox56 > vasi cherie je suis a toi
feryyee > tu peux sentir que je suis humide
nonox56 > hum oui bb
feryyee > je leche ton glandpendant que je caresse ton sexe
nonox56 > jaime quand tu joue avec ma queue
feryyee > je la prend dans la bouche et je lenfonce prondément
nonox56 > huuuuuuum
feryyee > je griffe tes cuisses
nonox56 > vien 69 sur moi que je moccupe de toi aussi...
feryyee > d'accord
feryyee > tu es toujours attaché
feryyee > je change de sens
nonox56 > hum jaime le gout de ta chatte
feryyee > j'aime quand tu t'occupes de moi
nonox56 > et jaime moccuper de toi... jaime passer ma langue sur ton clito et sentir ton corp se contracter a chaque mouvement
feryyee > hummm
feryyee > j'ai envie de toi
feryyee > je m'assois sur toi
feryyee > je te chevauche
feryyee > c'est sensuel
nonox56 > huuum oui vasi
feryyee > je te caresse le torse
feryyee > je te leche
nonox56 > chaque mouvement de bassin sur mon sexe me fait frissonner
feryyee > et je vais plus vite
feryyee > de plus en plus sauvage
nonox56 > jje bouge mes hanche en meme temps...
feryyee > c'est bon...
feryyee > je te détache...
nonox56 > je peut a nouveau passer mes main sur ton corp pendant que tu me chevauche
nonox56 > je me met assis toi toujour sur moi et je tembrasse tout en fesant le mouvement de va et vien
feryyee > j'aime te sentir sur moi
feryyee > hummm
nonox56 > je te retourne dos contre le lit et tembrasse en accelerant les mouvement
feryyee > je veux que tu me fasses jouir
nonox56 > je te regarde dans lees yeux et sens bien que je vai venir...
nonox56 > jaccelere, jaccelere...
nonox56 > je voi ton visage se transformer... huuuuum
feryyee > non encore...
nonox56 > mais ne tinquiette pas je continu tjr...
nonox56 > cest trop bon, je sens les main aggriper a mes cuisse
feryyee > moi aussi
feryyee > je suis à toi
nonox56 > huuuul bb je tembrasse langoureusement...
feryyee > hummm
feryyee > je veux plu que tu te retires
nonox56 > jai envi de tentendre jouir
nonox56 > je vai a fond en toi
nonox56 > je sens ta chatte se contracter autour de mon sexe
nonox56 > jembrasse ta poitrine
feryyee > hummm
feryyee > c est tropbon
nonox56 > je releve tes jambe et les recere lune contre lautre
feryyee > oh comme sa je sens bien ton sexe en moi
feryyee > hummm
nonox56 > huuuuum oui bb
feryyee > je veu texciter encore plus
nonox56 > je sort ma queue et la rerentre plusieur fois
nonox56 > vasi bb
feryyee > je me frotte sur ton sexe
nonox56 > huuum tu es bien humide
nonox56 > hum frotte toi bb
nonox56 > jai envi detre en toi bb
feryyee > on roule sur le lit jusqu a tomber par terre
feryyee > j ecarte les jambes
nonox56 > et tu tombe sur moi, je tembrasse
nonox56 > ta poitrine a porter de ma bouche
feryyee > hummm
nonox56 > je frotte ma queue sur ton clito huuuum
feryyee > oh oui j'ai envie de toi
nonox56 > je te cerre contre moi, embrasse ton cou pendant que je te penetre bien la chatte
feryyee > encore t'arrete pas
nonox56 > jaccelere... je sens que sa va venir...
nonox56 > huuum
feryyee > plus fort
nonox56 > oh oui cherie
feryyee > sois sauvage
nonox56 > je te met des fesser au rithme de mes va et vien...
feryyee > prend moi en leverette
nonox56 > huuuum a quatre patte, tes fesse face a ma queue... je te leche et te penetre bien a fond...
feryyee > hummm
nonox56 > je caresse te fesse tout en te prennant bien en profondeur
feryyee > je me retourne et je m'assois sur toi car je veux te voir jouir en moi
nonox56 > huuum dompte moi cherie
feryyee > je me cambre au ytme des va et vient sur ta queue
nonox56 > huuum je te tien par les hanche...
feryyee > et je t'att**** les chevux
nonox56 > huuuuuuuuum
nonox56 > tire les...
feryyee > je les tire et tembrasse dans le cou
nonox56 > je te regarde avec un regard severe
nonox56 > huuum
feryyee > porte moi e tplaque moi contre un mur
nonox56 > je te souleve, mes main sous tes fesse... je te regarde droit dans les yeux et je te prend a fond...
feryyee > oh oui je te sens bien en moi
feryyee > continue
feryyee > bb
nonox56 > huuum oui bb
feryyee > je griffe ton dos
nonox56 > huuum... sa "menerve" et jaccelere encor plus vite
feryyee > je te ds d'arreter mais c'est pour que tu continu encore plus fortet plus profond
nonox56 > oh oui bb
nonox56 > j'y vai bien a fond la...
feryyee > c'est bon hummm
nonox56 > oui bb...
nonox56 > je te redescend et te fait te pencher face au mur pour te prendre par deriere
feryyee > oui vas y
nonox56 > je tat**** par les cheveux...
feryyee > oui baise moi bb
nonox56 > oh oui je te baise bien a fond... je te met quelque fesser
feryyee > "s amenerve" je me retourne je te pousse sur le lit et te chvauche encore
nonox56 > oh oui je te baise bien a fond... je te met quelque fesser...
feryyee > je me cambre de plus en plus
nonox56 > huuuum
feryyee > tu es si bien en moi
nonox56 > huuuuum bb tu va me faire jouir...
feryyee > je veux que tu me fasse jouir aussi
nonox56 > je veux tentedre jouir en meme temps que moi...
feryyee > humm bb
nonox56 > on es a fond bb
feryyee > continu
nonox56 > je ve te faire crier de jouissance...
nonox56 > je te defonce bien a fond bb
feryyee > oh oui vas yy
nonox56 > huuuuum
feryyee > je vais jouir continue bbb
nonox56 > je vai a fond bb... je suis au fond de ta chatte...
feryyee > ma chatte qui comprime bien ta queue
feryyee > encore
feryyee > plus intense
nonox56 > huuuum cest bien serrer... je vai jouir bb...
feryyee > moi aussi... encore... <3
nonox56 > huuuuuum sa vien bb... huuuuum
nonox56 > huuuuuuuuuum bb je joui la....
feryyee > hummmm je le sens
feryyee > ça vient aussi...
nonox56 > je continu les va et vien bb
feryyee > c parfait hummm
nonox56 > je te sens mouiller sur ma queue.... huuuuuum
nonox56 > je tembrasse langoureusement...
feryyee > je jouis aussi ...
feryyee > hummmm
nonox56 > huuuuuuuuuuuum
nonox56 > cest bon bb...
feryyee > c etait bien bb
nonox56 > oh oui cherie... hum
nonox56 > on remet sa quand tu veux...
nonox56 > tu ve que lon reste en contact?
nonox56 > ???
feryyee > je pense que cetait la premiere et derniere foi que je venais ici mais en toutcas merci, c etait cool ;) <3
nonox56 > ok, meme par mail, skype ou autre? cetait telement bon que lon pourrais refaire sa aloccasion...
feryyee > tu pourra trouver d'autres meufs et imaginer que c'est moi... ;)
nonox56 > ^^ lol javou mais sa ne sera jamai pareil...
feryyee > en tout cas je reverai encore de ce moment tous les 2 hihi
nonox56 > moi aussi cest claire
feryyee > t'es commen physiquement ? tu peux me faire une petite descru-iption
feryyee > description
nonox56 > ok^^
nonox56 > brun yeux maron 1m75 77k et petite info, 21cm par 5cm
nonox56 > et toi?
feryyee > hum ;)
nonox56 > ^^
feryyee > 1 m 65, 53 kg, 90C
feryyee > chatain, yeux marrons
nonox56 > hum, de quoi bien revé...
nonox56 > tu es celibataire?
feryyee > oui depuis peu
feryyee > et toi ?
nonox56 > moi depuis fin juillet
nonox56 > tu habite ou?
feryyee > moi fin aout
nonox56 > ?
feryyee > Angouleme et toi
nonox56 > lot et garonne
nonox56 > sa pourrais etre simpa de se voir un de c 4... meme en simple ami
feryyee > non dsl tes tre gentil et jai passé un bon moment mais je prefere pas garder contact...
nonox56 > ok ok, domage mais je comprend
nonox56 > se fu tres agreable en ta compagnie
feryyee > egalement :)
feryyee > prend soin de toi
feryyee > tu tappeles coment ?
nonox56 > patrick et toi?
feryyee > emilie
nonox56 > enchanter et heureux davoir fait ta connaissance meme de courte duree
feryyee > moi aussi!
nonox56 > je te souhaite une bonne continuation a toi miss
feryyee > a toi aussi
feryyee > bisous... bb ;)
nonox56 > kiss cherie^^
nonox56 > si jamai tu revien par ici... nhesite surtout pas a venir me dir bonjour^^
... Continue»
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Valahol belém volt kódolva ez a dolog már régesrég, talán középiskolás korom óta.

Legalábbis így, ahogy visszagondolok több évtized távlatából, onnan datálódnak első erotikus gondolataim, amik a női testtel kapcsolatosak.
Azt viszont, hogy nő létemre, életem egyik meghatározó szexuális élményét egy másik nővel élhettem át, azt az én drága, türelmes, figyelmes,
férjemnek köszönhetem, aki sokkal de sokkal jobban ismer engem, mint én önmagamat. Abszurd a dolog tudom, de most már így visszanézve

ez az igazság.

Színtiszta lányosztályba jártam, és nem tartoztam a "menő csajok" klubjába sohasem. Voltak persze közeli barátnőim, de mi inkább a
szürke verebek táborát erősítettük.
A menő csajok - öten - tornaóra után, az öltözőben csacsogva, nevetgélve mindig pucérra vetkőztek a szertartásos zuhanyzáshoz, és erősítvén a

menőcsaj státuszt, hajlongtak, pózoltak előttünk, "konzervatív" csajok előtt,megmutatva a nem modern többieknek, hogy egytől egyig micsoda

fejlett és igazi nők, ott ágyékban is, már így tizenhat-hét évesen.

Akkortájt, a nyolcvanas évek közepén, még nem volt ez a mai borotválós mókuskerék, amibe a csajok manapság - "hála" a pasiknak - belevetik

magukat, ezért hát megfigyelhettem lánytesteket a maguk természetes mivoltában. Persze feltűnés nélkül...(Hahaha...)
Bekukkoltam a zuhanyzóba, ahogy szappanozták magukat, meg egymást, és néha volt olyan, hogy közéjük vágytam.
Persze átlagos, full gátlásos tinédzserkét soha nem tettem meg. Az osztály nagyobbik része tutira kiközösített volna.
Így hát otthon a tükör előtt nézegettem magam rendszeresen, és minduntalan arra jutottam, hogy a testem szebb, izmosabb, arányosabb,
mint a Kovalcsik Ritáé (álnév), aki a vezérnőstény volt, megszámlálhatatlan trófeával, legalábbis a történetei alapján.
(Jelenleg egy londoni pizzériában mosogat, osztálytalálkozókra egyszer sem jött el, de a Facebook szerint elégedett és jól keres...)

Nekem átlagos mennyiségű és minőségű pasiügyem volt akkor is és később is, nőkre egyáltalán nem vágytam soha, a fiúk tudtak kielégíteni.
Aztán később, már korosodó felnőttként, strandon, szaunában, egyéb helyken is azt vettem észre magamon, hogy szeretek megfigyelni
lopva más nőket, és magamhoz viszonyítani. Az én testem szebb-e, nőiesebb-e, avagy éppen nem... Volt ilyen is, olyan is, siker is,

bosszankodás is, de talán ez a női nemhez hozzátartozik.

Majd jött a párom, és olyan művészien nyúlt hozzám már az első alkalommal is, olyan szinten ismerte ki nagyon hamar minden
rezdülésem,sóhajtásom,hogy semmi más vágyam nem volt tizenévig, csakhogy Ő, és csak Ő érjen hozzám.
És ez nem változott Anita után sem, sőt, Anita kapcsán, ha lehet, még közelebb kerültünk egymáshoz érzelmileg és testileg is.

Ráérős hétvégi ébredezés közben fordultunk át egy nagyon gyengéd, simogatós, erotikus hangulatba, a munkánk miatt néha
hónapokig nincsen ilyenre alkalmunk.
Szinte félálomban voltunk még, amikor váratlanul kimászott az ágyból, villámgyorsan bevarázsolt egy DVD-t a lejátszóba, és visszabújt
mellém a meleg paplan alá.
Lányok voltak éppen kettesben, lassan, sok-sok simogatással, csókkal, és kevés direkt ingerléssel. Kultúrált volt nagyon, lassú és éppen ezért

roppantul izgató.
Néztük percekig szótlanul, majd Drágám egyszer csak váratlanul azt kérdezte: - Kipróbálnád ? -
Mielőtt átgondoltam volna, rávágtam: - Hát egyszer azért ki... -
Halgattunk utána megint, majd megkérdezte, hogy van-e jelöltem. - Nincs - mondtam, mert soha ilyesmin még csak nem is gondolkodtam, olyan

szép és harmonikus a szexuális életem vele.
- Keressünk? - kérdezte.
- Nem tudom... - válaszoltam megint önkéntelenül.
Aztán teljesen lazán, gátlásoktól mentesen tudtam vele beszélgetni az imént elkottyantott legbensőbb titkomról. Nincs még egy ilyen pali,
az biztos.
Megegyeztünk hamar, hogy idegenek között, pl erotikus portálokon keresgélni lutri, és időpocsékolás.
Ismerősök? Ugyan ki?
Ő mondta ki, nekem eszembe sem jutott volna.
- Anita ...? -
Őt olyan régóta ismerem, olyan igazi barátnők vagyunk cirka húsz éve, hogy ő lett volna az utolsó, aki ilyen aspektusból
megfordul a fejemben. Pedig ott volt az orrom előtt, mondom így utólag... Basszus !

Túl van már ő is a negyvenen, egyedülálló a hivatalos státusza. Én is csak a sok év alatt összerakott történetekből vettem le, hogy ennek a

maratoni szingliségnek mi a konkrét oka, miért nem beszélt a húsz év alatt, amíg kolléganők voltunk, egyetlenegy pasiügyéről sem.
Már tudom, hogy azért nem, mert nem volt miről beszélni. Nem leszbikus, csak kurvára ráfaragott....

Munka mellett Pestre járt főiskolára embertpróbáló módon. Csoporttárs pali, összenézések, szerelem, szülők összeismertetése, két év telt el, és
egyre inkább érezte, hogy Ő, Ő, csakis Ő az igazi nagy Ő, stb,stb...
Jólszituált család jólszituált sarja a nagyitól megörökölt régimódi, de értékes helyen lévő családi házacskát újjította fel folyamatos "szülői

segítséggel" , Újpest egyik csendes utcácskájában. (Létezik ilyen, állítólag négy vagy öt is...)
Együtt verték le a régi csempét, éjjel kettőkor, hordták ki a törmeléket, tervezték az esküvőt, kit miért hívnak meg és pláne kit miért nem.
Aztán a fiú hétfőről keddre megváltozott. Szótlan lett, kedvetlen, nem igazán akart kimenni a házhoz.
Végül egy "jóindulatú" évfolyamtárs barátnő, a sokadik panaszkodás után fakadt ki: - Kérdezd meg inkább a Váraljai Vikit (ez is álnév) bazmeg,

hogy mi a baj... -
Viki, a mindig csendes, visszahúzódó, gátlásos, molett csoporttársuk, terhes volt a jól szituált család jól szituált sarjától. Mindenki tudta a

főiskolán, hogy kefélnek, csak Anita nem...
Összeomlás, de nem akármilyen! Főiskola abbahagyása, két hónap fizetetlen szabadság, könny, letargia, és most már biztos, hogy végleges

csömör az egész férfinemtől... Voltak próbálkozók később az idők során, de úgy véreztek el, hogy nem is tudták mit rontottak el...
Én már tudom. Férfiember szájából nem tud, nem képes, és nem is akar elhinni semmit, annyira benne volt, annyira kiadta magát anno a nagy

őnek. Tragikus, mert ilyen dolgokon igenis az átlagember túllép, és éli tovább az életét. Ő viszont ilyen lett, és már nem képes bízni pasiban.
Lemondott szép lassan családról, gyerekekről és mindenről amit mi normálisnak gondolunk.

Nem csodálkoztam aztán - bár a szívem hasadt meg - amikor elmondta, hogy elmegy ő is külföldre.
Azt mondta, hogy a szülein kívül csak én kötöm ide, de fog jönni haza, amikor csak lehet, aztán elpityeredett, meg én is...
Ezután jöttem csak rá, hogy milyen szerves része volt az életemnek. Mindig mindent meg tudtunk beszélni, és a sok munkahelyi
áskálódás közepette is igazi baráti érzések kötöttek össze bennünket. Ilyen barátnő egy csajnak általában csak egy van élete során.
Ráadásul Párommal is ragyogó a kapcsolata, egyszer ketten beszélték meg, melyik hétvégén ne menjünk a Balatonra, mert akkor Anita
valószínüleg menstruálni fog... Agyrémnek tűnik kívülálló számára, de az ilyen dolgok is simán belefértek. Féltékenység? Ugyan....

Mégis, mindezek ellenére is állítom, hogy soha, egyetlenegyszer sem fordult meg a fejemben ő, úgy, mint nő. Annak ellenére sem, hogy láttuk

egymást nem egyszer teljesen pucéran. Nyaranta általában lezuhanyoztunk munka után - volt, hogy közös kabinban -, néha bikinivonalat

gyantáztunk, vagy borotváltunk egymásnak, vagy éppen a tévedésből megvett melltartókat csereberéltünk,stb,stb...
Ismertem a testét majdnem részletesen, ahogy ő is az enyémet.
Akkor még egyikünk sem gondolta volna, hogy fogjuk ismerni ennél még sokkal de sokkal jobban is.

Aztán elment, és csak a rendszeres Skype-olás maradt, ami hosszú ideig összekötött bennünket, hetente kétszer, esténként.
Ennek már másfél éve, és azóta kétszer volt csak itthon.
Mindkétszer hazament először a szüleihez néhány napra, érthető módon, de mindkétszer aludt itt nálunk is.

Az első látogatáson került szóba teljesen véletlenül, estefelé borozgatás közben, hogy mi mindhárman milyen borzasztóan utáljuk a telet, meg a

Mielőtt átgondoltam volna, nagy lelkesen azt mondtam, hogy ha legközelebb hazajön elmegyünk egy jót szaunázni.
Szívtam volna vissza, mert pontosan tudom, hogy a külvilág felé milyen zárkózott, és merev, még szoknyában sem látta senki emberemlékezet

óta, de legnagyobb meglepetésemre azt mondta:
- De okos vagy, én még úgysem voltam soha. -
Férjem agyában is azonnal bekapcsolt a vészvillogó, mert hozzáfűzte, hogy ahova mi járunk, az egy lepedős objektum, bár nagyon hangulatos,

ízléses, és diszkrét.
- Az azt jelenti, hogy teljesen meztelenül kell lenni? - kérdezte az én Barátném.
- Nem mindenhol - mondta a Párom kicsit zavartan - csak ha bemész valamelyik szaunába, vagy medencébe, jacuzziba vagy éppen a

zuhanyzóba, ... -
- Na ilyen helyen pláne nem voltam! - mondta vigyorogva.
Mi ketten csak összenéztünk, és utólag is nagyon egyetértettünk, hogy ha legközelebb jön, még csak nem is érintjük a témát, mert biztos a csak

a bor oldotta fel az évtizedes gátlásait.
Nem így volt.
Teltek a hónapok, sokat csacsogtunk, és rendszeresen előhozta, hogy karácsony előtt érkezik, és irány a szaunavilág, meg hogy alig várja...
Nem hittem a fülemnek! Tényleg komolyan gondolja!

Aztán csigalábakon, de eljött a december. Megérkezett, örültünk egymásnak nagyon. Mi a Párommal, a megbeszéltek szerint, nagy ívben

kerültük, a "hideg", "hó", "tél" és legfőképpen a "szauna" kifejezéseket. Egészen addig, amíg ebéd után, az asztalnál Anita meg nem kért, hogy

majd délután valamikor gyantázzam le hátul, mert indulás előtt csak hevenyészve "dzsuvázta" le magát, ahogy ő fogalmazott. Másnapra legalább

megnyugszik a bőre...
Összenéztünk Férjemmel, de ő mesterien kezelte a meglepődésünket, mert felajánlotta, hogy ebből a projektből az oroszlánrészt ki fogja hasítani

magának. Nevezetesen bevállalta, hogy sikítozni fog keményen, hogy arra legalább ne kelljen Anitának az energiát pocsékolni. Ezen aztán jót

Legyantáztam, pletyóztunk még egy jót, vacsora, korai lefekvés - külön szobában persze - , mert hulla fáradt volt.

Másnap Férjem dolgozni ment, mi pedig hagyományosan belevetettük magunkat a turkálók birodalmába.Étteremben kajáltunk, és annyit

nevettünk, amennyit mi csak egymással tudunk.
Párom hazaért négy óra körül és elindultunk. Figyeltem, fürkésztem, de semmi jelét nem láttam Anitán, hogy ő most feszült, vagy izgatott lenne.

Ugyanolyan volt, mint bármikor.

Több nagy öltöző van, mind koedukált, de természetesen zárt fülkékben öltözhetsz,vetkőzhetsz.
Bementem az egyikbe, Barátném jött utánam, és suttogva kérdezte, hogy most akkor mit kell felvenni.
Megnyugtattam, hogy a fürdőrühát, mert lepedőt, majd csak odabent adnak.

Benn aztán egy félreeső helyet kerestünk, ledobtuk a fürdőköpenyt, és elkezdtünk vetkőzni. Anita is, lassan, hátat fordítva bújt ki a fürdőruhából,

majd nagyon gyorsan és nagyon szorosan magára tekere a lepedőt.
Megfordult, mosolygott zavartan és rákvörös volt. Belémkarolt, és indultunk a férjem után, aki diszkréten, előrement.
- Úristen, mit csinálok! - suttogta Anita.
- Hülyeséget - mondtam neki - mert ha nem hagyod itt a szemüveged, ráolvad a fejedre.-
Nevetett, oldódott egy kicsit.

Hétfő lévén alig voltak, azért is választottuk ezt a napot.
A finn szaunába mentünk, két idősebb hölgy volt csak benn, futólag ránk mosolyogtak, majd beszélgettek tovább,németül.
Beültünk a sarokba, Anita középre került - szándékosan. Én levettem a lepedőt, férjem is, de mindketten az ölünkbe terítettük a megbeszéltek

Anitán pár perc múlva kezdett átnedvesedni, és előbb rám nézett, majd a páromra, végül sóhajtott egy nagyot, - Úristen - mondta megint, majd

felállt,levette és maga alá terítette.
Mi is azonnal "kicsomagoltuk" magunkat, és onnantól már egy kicsit más volt minden.
A két hölgy közben kiment, magunk voltunk, de nem beszélgettünk. Számolgattuk a verejtékcseppeket az orrunk hegyén, meg ilyenek.
Néha végignéztünk egymáson kölcsönösen, zavart mosollyal, de hallgattunk.
Férjem brilliánsan közömbös és diszkrét volt, de én tudtam, hogy ez csak a látszat.

Aztán Anita szólt, hogy eddig bírta, menjünk.
Irány a zuhanyblokk, ami nagyon kúl! A bejáratánál van egy jégkása készítő gép, amiből folyamatosan potyog a jég. Azzal szoktuk előszőr jól

ledörzsölni egymást, és csak utána a hidegvizes zuhany. Az első pillanatokban iszonyat kellemetlen, de utána az már a mennyország!
Mire odaértünk, a párom már ledörzsölte magát elölről, és rámnézett tarkóra tett kézzel, hogy - A hátamat is, de kurva gyorsan! -
Felakasztottam a lepedőt, Anita is, majd sebesen szétkentem egy marék jeget a párom hátán, és dörzsöltem ezerrel.
Legnagyobb megrökönyödésemre az én Barátném is belemarkolt a jégbe, és szintén elkezdte dörzsölni a férjem hátát, fenekét,combját,

miközben azt mormolta, hogy - Megfagyok,megfagyok,megfagyok....-.
Eddig ismeretlen, de elképesztően bizsergető érzés kerített hatalmába!
Senki nem nyúlt a páromhoz mióta együtt vagyunk, tudom biztosan, de ez egy emlékezetes pillanat volt! Aztán fogtam egy marék jeget, és

elkezdtem rákenni Anitám hátára, mire halkan felsikoltott, felém fordult, és azt vettem észre, hogy már a gyönyörű melleit dörzsölöm, a kőkemény,

szinte fekete mellbimbóit, a combjait, az ágyékát viharos sebességgel.
Aztán ő is ezt tette velem, és ez volt az a pillanat életemben először - a vacogás ellenére - amikor egy nő érintése izgató volt.

Férjem az egyik zuhany alatt állt éppen, összeszorított fogakkal, és a hideg víz ellenére láttam, hogy a farka már nincsen nyugalmi állapotban...
Én is berontottam az egyik fülkébe, Anitával a nyomomban, aki az első vízsugarak után könyörgőre fogta: - Kérlek meleget,meleget mert

megfagyok...! -
Átállítottam melegre és tényleg jó volt. Barátném hátulról átkulcsolta a kezeit a melleim alatt, és odasimult. Jó volt nagyon! Tán egy perc is eltelt,

és nem mozdultunk.
Az álla a vállamon volt, dőlt ránk a forró víz, megszűnt a külvilág. Soha nem felejtem el!
Váratlanul megcsókolta a nyakam, majd még egyszer és még egyszer. Megfordultam, összenéztünk, és annyira magától értedődő volt

mindkettőnknek, hogy szájon csókoljuk egymást...
Aztán a suta zavar, pirulás, elkapott pillantások.
Nem vettük észre, de a párom már kinn állt, kezében az egyik lepedővel, és szelíden mosolygott. (Utólag mondta, hogy olyasmi gondolata volt,

hogy "mi munka van ebben...")
- Hölgyeim!? Lepedőosztás...- mondta vigyorogva.
Égnek emeltem a kezem, és ő villámgyorsan körbetekert, majd egy mozdulattal leakasztotta a másik lepedőt is, és akkor már nem is volt

meglepő, de az én Barátném is hasonlóan felemelte a karjait, a bebugyoláláshoz.
- Szolgálunk és, és... és végünk... - mondta szándékoltan bamba arccal a párom és miközben lenézett a farkára.
Önkéntelenül mi is lenéztünk, és hát már domborodtak rajta az erek rendesen.
Anita egy pillanatra összezavarodott, majd egymásra néztünk, és egyszerre tört ki belőlünk a röhögés.
Szegény férjem pánikszerűen visszaállt a hidegvíz alá, és feltűnően szemrehányóan nézett ránk.
- Bye,bye...- mondta neki Anita, még mindig a nevetéstől fuldokolva, és szépen visszaindultunk a helyünkre.
Éreztem, hogy Anitám átbillent, és egészen más lett minden egycsapásra! Fura gondolatok kavarogtak a fejemben, míg visszasétáltunk.
- Mi volt ez az egész, mi lesz ezután, meg egyáltalán, hogyan tovább? - ezernyi kérdés...
Visszaérve, megtörölköztünk - már nem fordult el - és a jó meleg fürdőköntösbe bújva hanyattdőltünk.
Teltek a percek szótlanul, míg egyszer váratlanul felém fordította a fejét és azt mondta szinte suttogva:
- Nem emlékszem mikor éreztem magam így utoljára...Minden olyan békés, egyszerű...És nektek köszönhetem... -
- Csakis magadnak köszönheted - feleltem - egyszerűen ki akartál szakadni abból, amiben létezel.
Ránéztem megint, és könnyes volt a szeme. Áttette a kezét a kezemre, és a hüvelykujjával simogatni kezdte.Jó volt nagyon.
Azon gondolkodtam, hogy vajon mennyi megkövesedett érzés, gondolat tört porrá benne az elmúlt fél órában, egy neki teljesen idegennek hitt

Továbbra is simogatta a kezem szelíden, de már hallgatott.

Férjem érkezése zökkentett ki bennünket. Anita vette észre, hogy jön, és ahogy közelebb ért szemeit törölgetve félkomolyan azt mondta neki:
- Látom véget ért a szolgálat...- és teátrálisan nézett a fürdőlepedőre, ami már nem domborodott.
- Hát csajok kibasztatok velem, alig tudtam rendezni a soraimat. - válaszolta ő olyan halkan, hogy szinte csak a szájáról olvastuk le.
Szokás szerint még kétszer nyomtunk le egy szauna-hidegvíz turnust, de már Anitám már nagyon otthonosnak tűnt. Nem zavarta semmi és senki,

viszont mindig úgy ült odabenn, hogy a combunk összeérjen, néha fogtuk egymás kezét, vagy éppen megpuszilta a vállam, de ennél több nem

A legvégén, ahogy a párommal szoktuk, beültünk a forró jacuzziba. Ott is belém karolt a víz alatt, és a fejét a vállamra hajtotta. Megpusziltam a

homlokát, és annyira de annyira jólesett!
Sütött belőle a szeretetéhség, hogy valaki végre megérintse, és gyengéd legyen hozzá. Az voltam, mert elmondhatatlanul új volt nekem ez az

egész világ és félelmetesen jó is egyúttal. Akartam őt már ekkor, azt hiszem.

Hazafelé a kocsiban szinte végig hallgattunk, de mindhárman tudtuk a másikról, hogy mi járhat a fejében.
Mi lesz, ha hazaértünk?! Száguldottunk az ismeretlen felé...

A szorongásunk, mint k**erült teljesen alaptalan volt, mert az én drága Párom - utólag már tudom - hónapok alatt, egy nagyon részletes haditervet

készített. Elmondása szerint, az utóbbi időben szinte másra sem tudott gondolni, csakhogy lásson egyszer engem egy lánnyal szeretkezni.
És itt a küszöbén, úton hazafelé, csak azon meditált, hogy mindennemű erőltetett, mondvacsinált módszer nélkül, hogyan érhetné el azt, hogy mi

ketten Anitámmal, gátlások nélkül összesimuljunk.

Meg kell mondjam, hogy úgy "vezényelte le" az egészet, hogy ha nem tudnám, hogy tervezett dolgokat vitt véghez, nekem is teljesen spontánnak

tűnt volna minden mondata, cselekedete.

- Csajok, én most lemegyek, jól befűtök - mondta már az előszobában - iszunk folyadékot bőséggel, aztán engedek nektek (így, hogy nektek...)

jó forró vizet a kádba, és elterülhettek benne.
És mondta mindezt kijelentő módban, és mi ketten összemosolyogtunk szinte egyszerre.
A vizes cuccokat aztán kiteregettük a melegedő radiátorokra, és leültünk az asztalhoz jótékony, hideg sörökkel, amíg folyt a víz.
Éhes egyikünk sem volt, csak a folyadékot kívántuk rendesen.
Hamar meleg lett. A levegőben most is ott volt valamiféle megfoghatatlan izgalom, hogy mi jön ezután, de a mi zseniális koreográfusunk

pontosan tudta már, hogy mi és hogyan legyen.
- Hölgyek ! Kész a vizetek. - kiabálta ki a fürdőből.
Összenéztünk, de egyszerre mozdultunk. Bementünk, ült a kád szélén, és a kezével kevergette a vizet.
Más egy nyilvános helyen levetkőzni idegenek előtt, és megint más egy személyes, intim zárt helyen levetkőzni egyvalaki előtt.
Anita ezzel együtt úgy kezdett el vetkőzni a Párom előtt, mintha az a világ legegyszerűbb dolga lenne.
Szép nagy sarokkádunk van, úgy intéztem, hogy Anita feküdjön bele, én pedig felülhessek a sarokrészre. Gyönyörködni akartam a testében

onnan felülről.
Ekkor már sem magamon, sem Anitán nem éreztem semmi feszélyezettséget, olyan természetes volt ez az egész.
Férjem magunkra hagyott bennünket, de előtte meggyújtotta a fürdőszobai füstölőnket, mert az nálunk fontos része az esti fürdéseinknek.

Hátradőltem, szívtam magamba a füstölő illatát, és arra gondoltam, hogy bárcsak megállna az idő. Anita ott feküdt alattam, a víz alatt is jól

kivehető volt a csodálatos teste, és a szőrzetéből diszkréten kivillanó kisajkai... Nem olyan , mint az enyém, de persze már tudatában vagyok

ennyi idősen, hogy az enyém extrémnek is nevezhető. Picit sem bánom egyébként már, hogy ilyen, pedig régebben mennyire zavart!
Az idióta főnökéről kezdett el mesélni, aki megbukott a félrekeféléssel. Összecserélte a becsomagolt karácsonyi ajándékokat, és a feleségének

adta a piros csipke fehérnemű garnitúrát combharisnyával, ami nem is lett volna baj, de a benne lévő kártyán az állt, hogy " El nem múló

szerelemmel Ingridnek..."
Az asszony Gertrud...
Nevettünk nagyokat, közben, szinte szórakozottan, Anita többször is belemerítette a kezét a forró vízbe, és végigsimította a combomon. Egyre

izgatóbb volt az egész. Éreztem, hogy kezdek benedvesedni ott alul...
Aztán egyszercsak olyan zavarodott lett, és azt mondta: - Hát, izé, baj van.... -
Csak most ne legyen baj, gondoltam, de nem mondtam...
- Pisilni kell, nem is kicsit! - mondta és a wc felé nézett kétségbeesett arccal.
megkönnyebbültem. Egészen közel hajoltam, hogy összeért a holmlokunk és az orrunk is, két kezembe fogtam az arcát, és csak annyit

- Csacsi... Szerinted mi esténkét, mikor itt pofázunk egy órát is akár, kimászunk csuromvizesen pisilni? - Pisilj bele. - És megint adta magát,

hogy szájon csókoljam.
Hátradőltem, ő pedig nem tudni miért, de kiemelte a csípőjét a vízből, és zavart arckifejezéssel hol engem nézett, hol a punciját. Aztán szép

lassan elengedte magát, és előbb alig csordogálva, majd szép íves sugárban pisilni kezdett. Ilyesmit ilyen közelségből élőben nem láttam még

soha, de ez így gyönyörű volt és izgató. Őrült kényszert éreztem, hogy odatartsam a kezem, és meg is tettem!
Összenéztünk, de nem mosolygott egyikünk sem.

Ekkor lépett be a Férjem, aki szokása szerint azonnal feltalálta magát:
- Á...! Üdvözlöm a Niagara klub tagjait! - és nevetett.
Anita akármilyen zavarban is volt láthatólag, nem huppant vissza a vízbe, kipréselte több hullámban az utolsó cseppeket is.
- Csupán érdeklődnék, hozzak-e innivalót? - szólt a Párom, és közben valami egészen elképesztő természetességgel leült a kár peremére.
Én láttam rajta ugyan, hogy mennyire feszélyezett, de még így is az Oscar díjat simán odadtam volna neki.Belemerítette a kezét, és hűvösnek

ítélte a vizet, de jeleztük, hogy most már úgyis kiszállunk. Ő kiment, mi pedig jó alaposan lecsutakoltuk magunkról az esti verejtéket. Anita ültében

előredőlt, én ledörzsöltem a hátát is, aztán felállt és törölközni kezdett.
Ahogy ültem bent a sarokban, ott volt a feneke szemmagasságban cirka harminc centire az arcomtól, és amikor előrehajolva a lábát törölgette,

kitárult előttem a puncija, popsija a maga teljes valójában.
Gyönyörű volt, és érzéki, az enyhén kikandikáló kisajkaival! Nem tudtam a szemem levenni róla!

Már nem igazán voltam ura önmagamnak, nem voltak gondolataim, csupán az ösztönök vezettek.
Megmarkoltam két oldalról a csípőjét, és az arcom odaszorítottam a popsijához. Egyszerűen ezt kellett tennem! Kellett és kész...
Abbahagyta a törölközést, megmerevedett, hallgatott, úgy előrehajolva. Nem tudom meddig voltunk így, míg megszólalt alig hallhatóan:
- Olyan jó veletek minden ... Én... én már leszámoltam magamban sok éve minden ilyesmivel, homokba dugtam a fejem, de ma annyira más

minden, annyira az lehetek aki valójában vagyok! Nekem itt nálatok jobb, mint bárhol máshol...

Elengedtem, megfordult, felnéztem rá, és láttam ahogy folytak a könnyei, és folytak az én könnyeim is. Odahúzta a fejemet szorosan az öléhez,

éreztem a bőrén, a szőrén a szappan illatát, és muszáj volt puszilgatnom, ahol csak értem és közben a saját, sós könnyeimet is nyalogattam...
Tán egy perc is eltelt, mire mozdultunk, én is lecsutakoltam magam, mialatt ő belebújt a hófehér vastag fürdőköntösébe, megfésülte a csillogó

vizes haját, rámmosolygott és kiment.

Mikor bementem a szobába, feküdt az ágyon, és szórakozottan a tévét nézte. Ahogy meglátott, behúzódott középre, és mosolyogva

megpaskolta maga mellett az ágyat kedvesen invitálva...
Még jóformán el sem helyezkedtem, de már oldalra fordult, áttette a kezét a hasamon, és befészkelte a fejét a vállamra. Jól esett, olyan meghitt

volt az egész. Aztán "néztük" szótlanul a tévét....

Férjem érkezett, kicsit mocskosan a kazán mellől, és a látványt szemmel láthatóan olyan természetesnek vette, mintha éppen kártyáztunk volna:
- No csajok. Elrendeztem a kazánt, jó meleg lesz..Megyek lefürdök én is...
- Belepisiltem a vízbe, el ne feledd... -szólalt meg kuncorogva a Barátném.
- Jó hogy mondod... mosolygott rá vissza a Párom. Aranyosak voltak.

Párom hamar jött, tanácstalan pofával teátrálisan vakargatta a fejét, hogy hova is feküdjön. Anitám volt középen.
- Tessék mondani, hol az én helyem? -
Anita még odébb húzódott, így én kerültem középre, A Drágám meg elterült mellettem, a fürdőköntöséből kikandikált a farka. Helyezkedett egy

kicsit, míg végül lekopírozta Anitát. Egyik oldalról egyikük, másik oldalról másikuk ölelt át, és a fejük a vállamon volt.
Hát nem tudom mit mondjak erről, aki nem élt át ilyesmit, úgysem érti.
Annyira együtt voltunk, és egyek voltunk, azóta is az egyik legszebb pillanatnak tartom az egész napot illetően, pedig volt bőven...
Átkaroltam mindkettejük vállát, így mindkettejük feje, már közvetlenül a mellemen nyugodott.

Anita lépett először. Nézte továbbra is a tévét látszólag, de szinte szórakozottan lehúzta a mellemről a köntöst, és az arcát odafektette a

mellbimbóimra. Férjem szelíd mosollyal követte. Összenéztek, és egy elégedett mosollyal láthatóan nagyon egyetértettek.
Hogy én mit éreztem? Nem tudom leírni. Hogy milyen műsor ment a tévében? Lövésem nincs...

Aztán egyre gyorsabban történt minden. A férjem megpuszilta a nyakamat, az arcomat, míg végül a mellbimbóimra "tévedt". Lassan, finoman,

körbe-körbe... Anita ment utána, én pedig éreztem, ahogy a lábaim közül, már szó szerint csorog ki a nedvesség! Életemben nem izgultam fel

ilyen gyorsan!
Mindketten a melleimet puszilgatták, aztán a férjem már a hasamat, puncimat... Majd megfogta Anita kezét, és a lábaim közé húzta.
Teljesen ismeretlen érzés volt. Egy másik nő izgat, egy másik nő keze simogatja a csiklómat!
Aztán Anita a Férjemre nézett, és nagyon halkan azt mondta:
- Keféld meg kérlek! Nézni akarom! -
Párom feltérdelt a lábaim közé, ledobta a fürdőköntösét és szép lassan belémnyomta a farkát. Anita a hasamra hajtotta a fejét, és néhány

centiről nézte az egészet. A kezével közben simogatta a puncimat, néha éreztem az ujját, ahogy betolja a Férjem farka mellé.
Ha azt mondom, hogy földöntúli volt, nem mondtam semmit! Volt olyan érzésem is, hogy ezt az egészet csak álmodom...
Hirtelen aztán, váratlanul olyan érzés tört rám, hogy ezt én is látni akarom ugyanígy!
- Cseréljünk, kérlek...! - suttogtam Anitának.
Rámnézett, és egy kis zavart láttam a szemében, és aztán a Pároméban is, de már nem érdekelt! Kurvára nem érdekelt...!
Cseréltünk. Öt centiről néztem, ahogy a Férjem farka egy másik pinába hatol be, és eszméletlenül izgató volt! Egy másik pinába!!!
Éreztem, ahogy Anita megfeszül, és hallottam, ahogy halkan felsikolt, mikor a Párom teljesen tövig belényomta..
Puszilgatni kezdtem a csiklóját, meg amihez odafértem, bár nehéz volt egyszerű... Nagyon lucskos volt már, és ezt az ízt én még nem éreztem

még soha, de finom volt.
Erőnek erejével kihúztam a Párom farkát, és lenyaltam róla mindent, majd visszaigazítottam.
A combjaim is tiszta lucskosak voltak már! Szó szerint folyt belőlem az anyag!
Aztán Anita váratlanul a hajamba markolt, hihetetlen módon homorított, és valami egészen elképesztően mély, már-már férfias hang tört ki a

Élvezett, és élvezett és élvezett, nem tudom mennyi ideig... Aztán elernyedt, és csak lihegett, miközben a Férjem farka még csendesen benne

Váratlanul megszólalt halkan: - 14 éve nem volt bennem fasz! - és sírva fakadt, de úgy, hogy rázkódott belé a teste!
Mi ketten tanácstalanul néztünk egymásra, és kezdett odalenni a hangulat. De váratlanul a barátném magához húzott, és összevissza csókolgatni

kezdte az arcomat a homlokomat, a számat, ahol ért.
- Köszönöm,köszönöm,köszönöm... - suttogta közben.
- És most ti jöttök! - mondta aztán kicsit kitisztulva, ellentmondást nem tűrő hangsúllyal, a könnyeit törölgetve.

Hanyattfeküdtem, és ismét éreztem magamban a Párom farkát. Az óvatos mozgásából tudtam, hogy már a határon jár ő is.
Szerencsére kibírta, és hát nekem sem kellett sok, élveztem, de mekkorát, azt hittem nem lesz vége! Anita közben mindvégig a szemembe

nézett, egy érdekes, kíváncsiskodó pillantással, mosolyogva, és én is úgy éreztem, hogy a szemébe kell néznem, mert jó így élvezni!
Két nő nem kerülhet ennél közelebb egymáshoz, azt gondolom most is.

Kezdtem magamhoz térni, miközben Anitám egyre csak mosolygott, a férjem meg még ott térdelt a lábaim között duzzadó, és szó szerint lüktető

Anitám szólat meg először: - Na most hogyan tovább? - és nem csak mosolygott, hanem már egyenesen vigyorgott a Párom farkát nézve.
- Szerintem römizzünk. - mondtam halálosan "komolyan", és egyszerre tört ki belőlünk a röhögés.
Aztán Anita elkomolyodott és a hasamat kezdte simogatni, miközben felnézett a Férjemre, és azt mondta szinte suttogva: - Élvezz ide! -
Őt aztán nem kellett bíztatni! Fölém hajolt, és szép lassú mozdulatokkal elkezdte verni a farkát. Az ujjai között ott csillogott a fehér nedü, amit

belőlünk szedett össze.
Aztán ő is élvezett! A hasamra, mellemre, a nyakamra, Anita kezére, egyszóval mindenhova jutott belőle. A szarvasbőgés lehet hasonló, olyan

hangok törtek fel belőle.
Mi mindketten megbabonázva néztük, ahogy az utolsó cseppet is kipréseli magából! Aztán oldalra zuhant, mint akit agyonlőttek.
Szét akartam kenni magamon, mert azt szoktam és szeretem is, de Anita nem engedte.
- Soha nem volt még a számban - mondta, lejjebb húzódott, és szépen lassan elkezdte lenyalni rólam! A hasamról a köldökömből, a melleimről, a

nyakamról, mindenhonnan...! A látvány hihetetlen volt!
Majd ismét fölém hajolt és annyit mondott: - Finom, nagyon finom... - És a szája sarkában ott csillogott a tejfehér nektár...Aztán csókolóztunk

talán percekig.

k**erült közen, hogy a férjem nem halt meg mégsem, mert felmászott mellém, betakarózott, és még a távirányító után sem nyúlkált.
Kész volt teljesen, de én is, mi is...
Végigaludtuk az éjszakát, utólag sem tudom, hogy álmomban mikor kit öleltem, vagy ki ölelt engem.
Reggel nagyon lassúak voltunk, de még érintőlegesen sem beszéltünk az estéről.Már kezdett fájni, hogy Anita ebéd után Anita visszamegy

Németországba. Búcsúzáskor próbáltunk uralkodni magunkon, de nem igazán sikerült ...

U.i.: Hónapok munkája amit itt most olvastál.
Hónapokig tartott, amíg a Párommal emésztettük, elemeztük ami történt velünk.
Közelebb kerültünk egymáshoz Anita által, mint valaha is voltunk....

(Nem érzem egyébként, hogy leszbikus lennék, más nővel nem hiszem, hogy valaha is ilyen élményem lehet, nem is hiányzik. Ahhoz az kéne,

hogy a Férjem egy másik nővel is ilyen kapcsolatba kerüljön.Ez meg már az életkorunk miatt is ki van zárva. Húsz éve ismerik egymást...)

Mikor úgy gondoltam, hogy készen van, elküldtem Anitának, olvassa el, javítsa ki, és ha hozzájárul, közzétesszük.De csak, ha hozzájárul!
Nem javított semmit, hozzájárult...

... Continue»
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Egy asszony, a férj és mások
Én 38 éves nő vagyok 170 magas 74 kg igen nagy 110-es mellekkel. Férjem 50 éves, szex már ritkán van köztünk, amúgy megvoltunk. Ő jól keresett. Én jól éltem. Megkopott a szex köztünk. Néha volt szex, de rövid, gyors és unalmas. A férjem sokszor hozott pornófilmeket, Interneten is töltött le. Aztán a férjemnek egyre rosszabbul ment a munkahelyén, ritkán kötött üzletet. Megfenyegették, hogy elbocsájtják, amitől ideges lett. Persze én is, mivel féltettem az egzisztenciámat. Nagyon készült az egyik üzletre, attól félt, ha nem jön össze, kirúgják.

Egy alkalommal, azzal jött haza, hogy az egyik üzleti partnerének nagyon tetszem. Biztos lefektetne, ha engedném. Persze mondtam, szó sem lehet róla. Aztán egyik nap vendéglőbe mentünk és gyanús volt, hogy 7 óra felé a férjem állandóan az óráját nézte. Végül kibökte, hogy 7-kor találkozik az üzleti partnerével az étterem előtt. Leszidtam, hogy akkor minek vagyok én itt, de erre megjegyzi, hogy pont azért. Akkor köt üzletet a pasi, ha én leszopom őt. Ez teljesen fejbevágott. Felháborodtam, mire a férjem megjegyezte, hogy ő megígérte a férfinak, hogy megteszem. Na erre aztán mindennek elmondtam, mire ő teljesen elkeseredett, mondván ezzel sok pénztől esik el a cég, a főnökei megharagszanak.
- De mégis, hogy gondolod, hogy én egy idegent leszopjak? Nem csaltalak még meg sosem.
- Most sem fogsz megcsalni, hiszen nem lesz szó dugásról. Csak félóra kocsikázás és kész.
- Kocsiban? És te mit csinálsz közben?
- Ott leszek elől és vigyázok, nehogy baj legyen.
- És nem zavar, ha a feleséged egy más férfit szop le?
- De persze zavar, de tudom, hogy értem teszed.
- Te tiszta hülye vagy.
10 percig csendben ültünk. Ekkor egy idegen férfi jött be és a férjemhez ment. Varga úr várja Önöket, mondta. A férjem szomorúan rámnézett és el akarta küldeni a férfit, de ekkor megszólaltam:
- Máris megyünk.
A férjem rámnézett: köszönöm édesem.

Kimentünk. Egy nagy BMW állt az épület előtt. Benne egy 40 körüli csinos Úr. Rámmosolyog és kérte szálljak be. Nekem mutatta, hogy mellé hátulra, a férjem pedig előre a sofőr mellé. Elindult a kocsi, az ablakok elsötétítettek voltak. Én némán ültem, a férfi pedig kicsit várt majd megszólalt.
- Na akkor vágjunk bele hölgyem, tudja nagyon megtetszett nekem mikor múltkor láttam és mivel a férje sem tiltakozott, nyélbe ütöttük az üzletet. Bár bevallom nemhittem, hogy a férje belemegy, de úgylátszik élvezi, ha a nője mással van.
A férjem lesütött szemmel hallgatott. A férfi sóvárgó szemmel mustrált végig. Leplezetlenül bámulta testem. Az étterembe csinosan öltöztem fel, rövid szoknya, bugyi kivágott blúz, melltartó volt rajtam. A férfi combjaim mustrálta és melleim.
- Bevallom ez a hatalmas mell engem teljesen lenyűgözött, ritka az ilyen szilikonmentes cici, ami még nem lóg. De ne beszéljünk tovább, lásson munkához.
Nagy levegőt vettem és a férfi nadrágjához hajoltam, hogy kigomboljam. A férfi nem vette le, csak letolta a térdéig. Éppen gatyáját akartam lehúzni, mikor a férfi rámszólt.
- Te is vetkőzz cica, csak nem teljes ruhába fogsz itt nekem oboázni. Vedd elő a melleid.
- De erről nem volt szó.
Ijedten néztem a férjemre. Az nem szólt semmit. Mérges lettem rá. Levettem blúzom és melltartóm is. Nagy duzzadt melleim szabadon lengtek a férfi és a férjem előtt. Na meg persze a sofőr előtt, aki vezetés közben a tükörbe nézett.
A férfi közben lehúzta a gatyáját és megpillantottam farkát. Bevallom megdobbant a szívem. Nagyon szép farok volt, átlagos nagyságú de szép vastag. És már nem puha. Odafordultam a férfihoz, aki széttárta combjait. Lehajoltam hozzá, megfogtam farkát. Kicsit húzogattam, aztán lassan nyelvemmel végignyaltam a rúdját. Majd lehúztam a bőrt makkjáról és csak makkját nyalogattam. A férfi erre felszisszent, kérdően néztem rá, de csak intett folytassam. Lassan bevettem számba farkát, centinként engedve beljebb. Majd becsuktam szám és így szopogattam. A férfi farka számba megnőtt és megkeményedett, ami váratlanul és nagyon izgatóan ért. Már el is felejtettem, hogy egy idegent szopizok, a szép farkat lelkesen szoptam. Majd megálltam, és benntartva számban farkát csak belül nyelvemmel izgattam. Kicsit gyorsítottam az iramon. A férfi hangosan felnyögött, erre felnéztem.
A férfi elégedetten terült el, klassz szajha vagy, suttogta. A férjem hátrafordulva nézett minket és a sofőr is alig vánszorgott a kocsival minket bámulva. Hirtelen bevillant a helyzet fonáksága. Én egy gyerekes férjes anya egy idegen kocsijában ülve szopom azt, akárhogy is szépítjük, akárcsak egy kurva. Ráadásul a férjem és egy idegen is bámul engem. Kinéztem a kocsiból, ismerős utak, ahol gyalog szoktam járni, sok ember én meg itt mellettük...
A férfi megérezte a habozásom és határozottan szólt rám:
- Gyerünk már szajha, szopjál.
Ijedten és gyorsan visszabuktam rá. Már kemény farkát teljesen bekaptam és zacskóját markolva mohón szopogattam. Pár percig csak a farka csattogása hallatszott, majd éreztem, hogy a férfi alámnyúl és megmarkolja pucér ugráló melleim. Két kézzel markolászta két mellem, dörzsölte gyúrta őket. Nem csoda, hogy bimbóim megduzzadtak, a férfi rátapadt és markolászta. Eközben és mohón szoptam tovább és éreztem, hogy ölem kezd nedves lenni. Lelkiismeret furdalásom támadt, hogy a testem élvezi a dolgot. Fel is néztem a férjemre. Ekkor döbbentem rá, hogy a sofőr már félreállt a kocsival és hátranézve néz minket. A férjemre néztem és mégjobban megdöbbentem. A férjem elővette farkát és a már merev kemény szerszámát húzogatta. De hisz ő élvezi a dolgot. Összezavarodtam, de a férfi egy lökéssel számban jelezte, hogy nekem más dolgom van. Tovább szoptam a férfit, aki egyik kezével mellemet markolászta, másik kezével pedig combjaim markolászta. Meg sem lepődtem, mikor tenyere puncimra simult, mely már nedves volt és bugyim áztatta. Egyik kezével mellem, másikkal puncim markolászta erősen. Egy felpillantás után észrevettem, hogy a férjem elélvezett. A férfi is közel volt a végéhez. Hirtelen rándulással élvezni kezdett. Az első adag a számba jött, mivel nem számítottam rá. Hirtelen kirántottam, de így amellett hogy önkéntelen is lenyeltem, a többi spricc összevissza ment. Arcomat eláztatta, még hajamba is jutott, sőt melleimre is. Mikor befejezte, puhán végignyaltam farkát, letisztítva azt.

A férfi kis pihenés után megjegyezte.
- A maga felesége amellett hogy egy szexéhes ribanc, csodálatosan szopik. Holnap jöhet be, aláírom a papírokat.
Ezután nem esett szó. A blúzom visszahúztam, rá az ondós mellemre, arcom a melltartómba töröltem és kiszálltunk a férjemmel. Ők elhajtottak. A férjem rámnézett.
- Csodálatos voltál. Bevallom, nem gondoltam, hogy te ennyire bele tudsz lendülni.
- Téged felizgatott, hogy egy idegennek leszopom a farkát? Amikor mi szexelünk, nem szoktál ilyen kemény lenni.
- Igen, de teljesen felizgat, hogy mással vagy. Jobban felizgulok, mint mikor ketten vagyunk.
- Te egy perverz disznó vagy.
- Azért ahogy láttam te is élvezted a dolgot.


Eltelt egy hónap. A dologról nem esett több szó. A férjem kijelenttette, mennyire izgat, hogy mással vagyok, én nem válaszoltam rá. Szex nem volt egy hónapig, ami engem nagyon feszültté tett. Persze maszturbáltam, de hát az nem az igazi.
Egyik nap a férjem megint a számítógép körül volt órákig. Nagyon profi benne és sokat foglalkozik vele. Este elaludtam, de aztán felébredtem és megnéztem mit csinál. Amikor megláttam megdöbbentem. Képeket montírozott. Pár éve csináltunk képeket rólam, egy két képet meztelenül. Nem szex képek, csak simák. Most pedig rengeteg képet láttam, amin én voltam összemontírozva pornóképekkel. Mindegyiken az én arcom volt, valamelyiken a testem is az enyém, és mindenhol 1 vagy több férfival keféltem. A férjem órákat tölthetett azzal, hogy jól sikerüljenek. A férjem pedig verte a farkát. Mikor meglátott, már elment. Végignéztem a képeket. Volt vagy száz.
- Te egy perverz disznó vagy.
- Édesem egyszerűen csak izgat, hogy más férfiakkal szeretkezel.
- De ezek csak képek.
- Ez az élőben még jobb lenne.
- Ez hihetetlen, te komolyan azt akarod hogy előtted keféljek idegenekkel?

Mikor nem volt otthon végignéztem a képeket. Nagyon felizgultam és a képen látható szitukra maszturbáltam nagyot. A képek később sem mentek ki a fejemből. Sőt, sokszor álmodoztam arról, hogy idegen férfiakkal kefélek. A férjem rá akart venni, hogy szerezzünk harmadikat, de nem mentem bele.

Aztán egyszer szólt a férjem, hogy a haverja, Péter jön hozzánk munka után, valamit megtárgyalni. Péter szimpatikus férfi volt, nagy nőcsábász, a férjem szerint állandóan nők után kajtat. Régebben engem is próbált elcsábítani, de miután jeleztem, hogy nem vagyok vevő a dologra, békén hagyott. Péter előbb megjött, mint a férjem. Nagydarab vidám fickó volt. Beszélgettünk, aztán elkezdte dicsérni az alakom, hogy milyen jól nézek ki stb. Péter egyébként 8 évvel fiatalabb nálam.
- Péter, ezt a dolgot múltkor megbeszéltük, nem akarom megcsalni a férjem, te meg úgyis találsz magadnak szebb nőket is mint én.
- De drágám, nekem az ilyen érett dúskeblű nők tetszenek, mint te.
- Múltkor is kibírtad nélkülem.
- De akkor még nem tudtam, milyen bombázóak a melleid, milyen nagy bimbóid vannak, meg a dús szőrzetű puncikád se ismertem.
- Ugyan már, dehogyis... hé, honnan tudod te milyen a puncim meg a bimbóim?
- A férjed mutatta meg a képed.
- Micsoda?
Péter a zsebéből képeket vett elő. A képeken én voltam, fürdés, alvás, öltözés közben meztelenül. Elhűlve tátogtam.
- A férjed mutatta meg nekem és tényleg nagyon klassz vagy.
- Az én meztelen képeim mutogatja?
- Igen nekem legalábbis és nagyon szépek.
- A rohadt disznó.
- Ezekután szerintem igazán megmutathatnád nekem élőben is őket, hidd el te is jól éreznéd magad...
- Bevallom, most annyira feldühödtem, hogy legszívesebben megcsalnám, akár veled is, én hű vagyok hozzá, ő meg a képeim mutogatja. Olyan dühös vagyok, hogy ha most nem jönne haza még le is feküdnék veled.
- Ez komoly?
Ebben a pillanatban megszólalt a mobilom. A férjem volt az, szólt, hogy csak egy óra múlva jön meg, addig Péter várjon meg. Mikor Péter meghallotta ezt, mosolyogva nézett rám.
- Akkor ez is megoldódott, egy óra nem sok, de azért valami.
- De... ezt hogy csináltad, ilyen nincs.
- Vannak véletlenek, az előbb ígértél valamit.

Elhűltem, mint a mesébe, úgy szólalt meg a telefon az előbb. Péter vágyakozva bámulta testem, nyíltan szemrevételezte melleim combom. Én meg amellett, hogy dühös voltam a férjemre, éreztem, hogy a testem vágy önti el. Mikor Péter kezével simogatni kezdte combom, még tiltakozó mozdulatokat tettem, de mikor másik kezével rátapadt mellemre, már hagytam. Péter rögtön levetkőztetett. Rávetette magát melleimre és markolta, gyúrta a hatalmas halmokat. Mellbimbóim ágaskodni kezdtek, mohón vette szájába és szívta őket. Közben másik kezével lábam közé nyúlt, engedelmesen kitártam combjaim, így ő akadály nélkül jutott már nedves puncimhoz. Ujjazni kezdett. Éreztem, hogy csiklóm is duzzad, ő ügyesen és finoman dörzsölte.

Már nem gondoltam arra, hogy megcsalom a férjem. Testem önállósította magát és mint egy szexmániás vadmacska mozogtam. Péter meg is lepődött, de örült neki. Ráfeküdtem fordítva, ezzel puncim arca elé dugtam. Péter előbb lelógó, hasát súroló melleim kezdte fejni, gyúrni, közbe nyalta csiklóm. Majd felnyúlva fenekemnél fogva nyomta puncim arcához és mohón nyalta lukam. Én sem maradtam tétlen. Szép kemény farkát mohón nyaldostam, majd bekapva szopni kezdtem. Farka még keményebb lett számban, Péter önkéntelen mozdulatokkal dugni is kezdte számat. Aztán mikor puncimról ismét áttért csiklóm szívására, nem bírtam tovább és hangos sikollyal elélveztem. Évek óta nem volt orgazmusom férfival, most elernyedve feküdtem Péterre, aki persze majd megfulladt. De mikor ismét nyalni kezdtem, a testem ismét elöntötte a várakozás érzete. Leszálltam Péterről, aki felállt. Letérdeltem elé és mohón, keményen szopni kezdtem. Péter nem bírta sokáig és hatalmas nyögéssel elélvezett. Az első spricc számba ment, de aztán a többi a mellemre, hasamra.

Péter elégedetten ült le, de énnekem nem volt elég. Péter csókolni kezdett, szokatlan érzés volt érezni a puncim ízét, és őt az sem zavarta, hogy előbb számba élvezett. Csókolózás közben ismét fogdosni kezdett, ahol csak ért. Én is csókolni kezdtem testét, elérve öléig, lucskos farkát ismét számba kaptam és mint aki régóta szomjas, mohón szoptam. Péter meg is jegyezte hogy ilyen vérmes nővel még nem találkozott. Farka ismét felállt és engem most csak ez érdekelt. Mikor már harcra kész volt, felmásztam az ágyra és Péter felé fordulva farka fölé guggoltam. Széttárva combjaim lassan rácsúsztam farkára. Péter közelről nézte, ahogy ölem kitárul és szerszáma lassan eltűnik bennem. Mikor benn volt, lassan körözni kezdtem fenekemmel, kéjesen kiélvezve, hogy teljesen kitölt szerszáma. Aztán lassan fel-le kezdtem mozogni rúdján. Ő közben élvezettel nézett és hullámzó melleim kezdte markolni, gyúrni. Bimbóim ismét megduzzadtak, Péter ennek nagyon megörült. Két mellem megmarkolva, melleimnél fogva húzott lejjebb, hogy szájába gyömöszölhesse bimbóim és harapdálja, nyalja, szívja őket, miközben két marokkal gyúrta őket. Persze így én kénytelen voltam előredőlni és guggoló helyzetből négykézláb állni. Előre-hátra mozogtam, mint egy dugattyú, rátolva testem farkára. Persze ő is rásegített, egy-egy lökő mozdulattal nyomva vissza farkát, amikor éppen kijönne. Percekig szeretkeztünk így, aztán Péter kérésére négykézláb álltam és ő hátulról kefélt. Egyre keményebben és gyorsabban dugott, csak úgy csattogott a fenekem minden lökésnél. Mindketten hamar a csúcsra kerültünk és én nagy kéjjel érzetem, hogy elönti bensőm a forró, szétáradó nedvesség.

Elterülve pihentünk egymás mellett. Évek óta nem voltam így kielégítve. De Péter is elégedetten pihent, megjegyezve, hogy ezt nem fogja soha elfelejteni. Aztán öltözködni kezdett, én meztelenül elterülve néztem. Ebben a pillanatban csöngettek és hallottuk, hogy nyílik az ajtó. Megjött a férjem. Péter már fel volt öltözve, de én meztelen voltam. Csak arra maradt idő, hogy az otthoni köpenyem felvegyem, már be is jött a férjem. Péterrel beszéltek egy pár szót, aztán Péter elment. Gyorsan el akartam menni fürödni, de ekkor a férjem elém állt.
- Édesem, úgy kívánlak, gyere, menjünk az ágyba.
- De pont most?
- Te panaszkodtál, hogy sose szexelünk, most kívánlak.
- De persze szívesen, de inkább este, jó? Vagy legalább hadd fürödjek le.
De a férjemmel nem lehetett bírni. Erősen átölelt és csókolni kezdett. Ijedten vettem észre, hogy a köpenyem széthúzza. Hogyne, mikor a mellemen, hasamon még Péter ondócsíkjai fehérlettek, nem is beszélve, hogy a pinámból csorgott ki az ondó. Minden tiltakozásom ellenére az ágyra nyomott és lehúzta köpenyem. Ő is levetkőzött és meglepve láttam, hogy farka már mereven ágaskodik. Keményen markolászta melleim és puncim is. Nem szólt semmit, pedig nem lehet, hogy nem vette észre, hogy nemcsak az izgalomtól vagyok nedves. Széttárta combjaim és keményen kefélni kezdett. Puncimban akadálytalanul mozgott farka, hisz már nedves és tágult volt. És ekkor hirtelen megszólalt...
- Mindig erről álmodoztam, hogy megkefélik a feleségem és utána az enyém leszel még teletöltve.
- Miről beszélsz?
- Tudom, hogy Péterrel lefeküdtél és kétszer is elélvezett, meg te is. Tudom, hogy a pinádba élvezett és majd szétdurrant a farkam, látva, ahogy kefél téged.
- De hogyan, mi...
- Mit gondolsz miért jöttem később? A másik szobából néztem végig, ahogy kefélsz Péterrel, megbeszéltem vele előre, hogy próbáljon meg megkefélni.
- Te egy őrült disznó vagy.
- Nocsak, de azért csak lefeküdtél vele...
A megdöbbenéstől nem szóltam többet. Most esett le, hogy előre megbeszélték a dolgot és én beestem a csapdába. A férjem szervezte meg, végignézte. Most pedig olyan hévvel kefél, ahogyan ifjú házas korunk óta soha.

Később megbeszéltük a dolgot. A férjem szerette, ha mással kefélek, és látni is szereti. Én meg most rájöttem, hogy tulajdonképpen ez nekem nem is olyan rossz.
... Continue»
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Először is szeretnék bemutatkozni. Eredeti nevem nem árulhatom el, de legyek most csak Nóra, és Budapesten lakom. Most vagyok 17 éves, egy nővérem van, akit hívjunk Verának, ő aki 18 éves. Egy olyan történetet szeretnék most így elmesélni, ami hétpecsétes titok, nem szerettem volna, ha bárki megtudja a közelmúltig. De nem tudom tovább magamba tartani, így most álnéven elmesélem mindenkinek ezt az IGAZ történetet. Szüleink 7 éves koromban elváltak, azóta édesapámat nem is nagyon láttam, édesanyám nevelt minket. Soha semmiben nem szenvedtünk hiányt. Én az iskolában 4-sa tanuló vagyok, ezt mondhatom testvéremről is. Kiegyensúlyozott és szép életem volt, legalábbis azt hittem, míg nem történt velem egy nagyon gyönyörű dolog, melynek hiánya nem nyomasztott azelőtt révén, hogy nem is ismertem ezt az érzést.

Kedd reggel lehetett, mikor álmosan felkeltem. 8 óra volt, a suliban épp szünet volt. Nővérem is otthon volt, anyukám nem sokkal előttem ment el dolgozni. Almosan mentem ki a WC-re, majd utána fürdőbe indultam. Benyitottam. Megszoktam, hogy ha van bent valaki, akkor kulcsra szokta zárni. Amikor bepillantottam, a nővéremet láttam, és már éppen mondtam volna is, hogy elnézést, de megakadt rajta a tekintetem. Nem azért, mert nem volt rajta ruha, korábban is láttam már meztelenül, hanem mert egy törülközőn ült a kád szépén széttett lábakkal és az ujjával simogatta a lába közét.

Kissé zavart lettem. Hirtelen nem tudtam, hogy mitévő legyek. Zavartan becsuktam az ajtót. Láttam a nővérem szemein, hogy ő is megijedt. Kimentem a konyhába, hogy egyek valamit, de nem találtam semmit a hűtőben. Bementem, felöltöztem. Aztán kijöttem tévézni. Közben végig a látottakon járt az eszem. A nővérem még mindig a fürdőben volt, de nem is bántam, hogy nem látom, ugyanis nem tudtam, mit mondhatnék neki. Aztán kattan a kilincs és kijött a fürdőből. Ő is fel volt öltözve. Leült mellém. Olyan kínos volt a csend, amilyet még előtte soha nem halottam. Néztük a képernyőt, de semmi sem ment az agyunkba. Aztán erőt vettem magamon és megszólaltam:
- Figyu! Bocs, ha előbb megzavartalak.
- Ok.

Aztán további kínos pillanatok.
- De tényleg nem gond?
- Tényleg, felejtsük el.
Kissé megnyugodtam. Kimentem a szobámba, de amikor becsuktam magam mögött az ajtót, mintha a fejemben kinyílt volna egy. A nővéremet láttam magam előtt, de már nem a testvéremként, hanem mint nő. Ez nagyon fura volt nekem. Megijedtem és próbáltam nem gondolni rá. Elkezdtem tanulni, de akárhányszor csak kinyitottam egy könyvet, pár perc múlva már nem is oda figyeltem. Előtte még sosem voltam fiúval sem, így nem értettem, hogy normális-e ez az érzés. Legalább egy órát feküdtem az ágyamon, közel halottam, hogy kint megy a TV.

Végül kimentem és leültem mellé.
- Beszéljük ezt meg. - szegeztem neki a kérésemet.
- Ezen nincs mit beszélni. Majd ha te is nagylány leszel, akkor majd megérted.
- De én már nagylány vagyok! -és magam is elcsodálkoztam ezen a felkiáltásomon. Nem is értettem, mért mondtam ezt. És azt sem értettem, hogy mért méregetem a testvérem úgy, mintha egy fiú lenne, aki tetszik. Ilyen gyors érzelmi viharok még sosem söpörtek át rajtam.
De láttam a kétségeket az ő szemében is. Szerintem ekkor még ő sem tudta, hogy mire vélje a dolgot. Pár percig mg ültünk ott, és én időről időre mindig őt kezdtem nézni, mintha nem bírnék betelni a látványával. Ezt ő is észrevette. Egy ideig nem szólt semmit.
- Te kívánsz engem? - hangzott a szájából a megdöbbentő kérdés.

És valóban, jogos volt. Mi ketten hasonlítottunk egymásra. Barna haj, barna szem, karcsú testalkat, a kebleimre sem panaszkodhattam csakúgy, mint a hátsó részeimre. És ő is így nézett ki. Az arcunk volt egy kicsit más. És persze a lelkünk. Ő mindig is egy kicsi vadabb volt, több dolgot kipróbált, míg én a biztos utat választottam. De ő ezért is merte feltenni a kérdést. Én pedig nem tudtam, mit válaszoljak. Igaza volt, kívántam, de még magamnak sem mertem bevallani.
- Nem. -hangzott a reflexszerű válasz, de oly erőtlenül és határozatlanul mondtam ki, hogy azt akár igennek is lehetett venni.
- Voltál már fiúval? - kérdezte, és ez éppen olyan váratlanul ért, mint az előbbi kérdés. Érezte, hogy határozatlan vagyok.

A kérdést többek között azért is tette fel, mert mint mondtam, lelkileg különbözőek voltunk. Nem beszéltük meg soha a problémáinkat, a magánéletünket egymással. Nem voltunk az a hagyományos értelemben vett jó testvérpár.
- Nem, még soha. - mondtam ezt is erőtlenül.
- És akarod?
- Persze. - de közben nem is tudtam, hogy mire gondol pontosan.
A levegő már forrt a szobában, és közben kétségek gyötörtek, hogy most mi lesz. Elmondja anyunak, vagy nem is ért meg? Ennél kínosabban még sosem éreztem magam. A nővérem pedig egyre magabiztosabbnak tűnt. Lekapcsolta a tévét és felkelt.
- Akkor én most kimegyek. -ez volt a döntő pillanat, mely nagyban befolyásolta a későbbieket. Ha most engedem, nem történt volna semmi és egy olyan csodálatos élménytől fosztom meg magamat, amilyen talán soha többé nem is lesz az életemben. De ezt akkor még nem tudtam. Mégis felé fordultam és csak annyit mondtam, hogy:
- Maradj. Ezzel az egy szóval kifejeztem mindent.

Ő pedig mellém ült, és a fejemet az ölébe hajtotta.
- Beszélgessünk? -kérdezte.
Én persze nem válaszoltam. Olyan nyugodtság töltött el, amit semmivel nem akartam megzavarni. Csak leküldtem ott a csendben és hallgattam, hogy lélegzik. Szerintem legalább negyed órát feküdtem így. Mintha érezte volna, hogy most erre van szükségem. Aztán lassan fel kezdtem fordulni. Felnéztem rá. Az arcát most gyönyörűbbnek láttam, mint valaha. Elkezdem megemelkedni, az arca felé közelítettem. Ekkor ő felkelt, de nem úgy, mintha megijed volna, hanem lassan felkelt. Bement anyu szobájába. Az ajtóból még visszanézett, mintha várna valamit. Én nem tudtam, mitévő legyek. Soha nem szoktunk anyu szobájába bemenni, nem volt ott nekünk semmi érdekes. Most mégis utána hajtott a kíváncsiság, és is utánamentem. A küszöbön állva még megkérdeztem tőle, hogy bejöhetek-e. Ő igennel felelt. Az ágyon térdel. Én csak lefeküdtem, kerestem az előző percek nyugalmát. Óriási volt a franciaágy, bőven elértünk rajta ketten. Ekkor a nővérem kérdést szegezett nekem.
- Memasszírozzalak?

Én pedig gondolkodás nélkül igent feleltem. Mellém térdelt, én a hasamon feküdtem. Egy vastag póló volt rajtam. A hátamat kezdte masszírozni, egyre feljebb és feljebb hajtotta a pólót, de aztán mindig vissza is húzta azt. Pár perc elteltével átrakta rajtam egyik lábát és úgy masszírozott tovább. Én pedig mocorogni kezdtem. Éreztem, hogy mindig, amikor a kezével előre tol, közelebb hajol hozzám. Egyik pillanatban a hátamra fordultam.
- A vállaimat is. - szólt a nyilvánvaló ürügy.

Közben éreztem, hogy a keze és a combjai, amik hozzáértek a csípőm oldalához, egyre forróbak. Mikor a vállaimat masszírozta, közelebb és közelebb került hozzám az arca. De mindig visszahúzta. Én pedig úgy éreztem, ez rossz, úgy éreztem, össze kérne érnünk. Talán egy kis határozatlanságot láttam a tekintetében mindig, amikor a szemembe nézett. Éppen ezért becsuktam a szemeim. Olykor-olykor már olyan közel járt, hogy éreztem a leheletét, ami kissé nyitott ajkán szállt ki minden sóhajtásánál. Eljött az elkerülhetetlen pillanat: az ajkaink egy pillanatra összeértek. Ő egy pillanatra elrántotta fejét, de én, mintha csak tudnám, hogy ezt kell tennem, megfogtam a haja alatt a tarkóját, és visszahúztam. Egyeltalán nem ellenkezett, sőt. Ha nem rakom oda a kezem, előbb-utóbb úgyis megcsókolt volna magától.

Először csak az ajkaink kényeztették egymást, de aztán nyelveink is egyre közelebb és közelebb kerültek egymáshoz, míg végül vad hancúrozás bontakozott ki köztük. Körbe-körbe járták egymást. Ez az érzés már önmagában is csodálatos volt. Ily
on vad csókvihart még sosem éltem át. Teljesen átöleltük egymást. Olyan melegség öntötte el testeinket, amiket még így, ruhán át is világosan érezni lehetett. De nem akadályozták öltözékeink sokáig a gyönyörök vad hullámait. Előbb én vettem le nővéremről a pólót, majd ő is rólam. Aztán a nadrágok is lekerültek és végül már csak a fehérneműk maradtak.

Felültünk egymással szemben, majd a nyakát egyre lejjebb kezdtem csókolgatni, végül már a melltartójánál jártam, amit egy rejtett mozdulattal kikapcsoltam a hátán. Mikor megláttam forró és dagadó mellbimbóit, úgy éreztem, hogy nem bírom ki, ha nem érinthetem őket. Először csak simogattam, majd nyaldosni kezdtem. Egyre többet és többet akartam számba venni gyönyörű és formás kebleiből, ő közben halkan sóhajtozott egyre mélyebben és erősebben. Kezdett hátradőlni, én pedig utána. Végül ő már a hátán feküdt, én a hasán, egyik kezemmel forró combját, másikkal pedig kebelét simogattam. Láthatóan szörnyen jól esett neki, és nem tagadom nekem is. Úgy éreztem, hogy ez helyes, ezt kell tennem.

Aztán hirtelen megemelte a fejem és csak annyit mondott: \"Most én!\". És a hátamra fektetett gyengéd mozdulataival, finoman a nyakamat kezdte nyalogatni, majd ő is egyre lejjebb ért. Végül kibukott keblem a melltartóból és vadul nyalni és csókolni kezdte. Addigra bimbóim teljesen kemények voltak és forróak, jól esett nekik a nyalás-falás. Egyiket, majd másikat, mintha azt sem tudná, melyiket szereti jobban. Én pedig közben a gyönyör olyan skáláján haladtam felfelé, amit előtte sosem tapasztaltam még.

Elengedte kebleimet, és a hasamon lefelé kezdett haladni. Az érzés egyre jobb volt. Tangámat kezdte lejjebb csúsztatni egyik kezével, miközben nyelve egyre feljebb és feljebb haladt a dombomon. Alul már teljesen nedves voltam, miközben másik keze időről időre visszatért a melleim kifogyhatatlan kéjforrásaihoz. Eddig hátát és nyakát simítottam, de ezek után már meg kellett kapaszkodnom valamiben, az ágy támlája után kaptam, megragadtam mindkét kezemmel, hogy testem erősödő remegéseit csillapíthassam. Felnéztem, ő rám pillantott, szája már körben a forró nyálától fénylett, ami nekem olyan sok érzést adott az elmúlt percekben. Egyre lejjebb és lejjebb hatolt. Végül bugyim teljesen levette.

Ekkor suhant át agyamon az a gondolat, hogy eddig még senki sem vetkőztettet le így. Mindig is azt hittem, hogy ezt majd egy fiú fogja megtenni, akit szívből szeretek, és most tessék: a nővérem az, aki először bevezet a kéj kertjébe. Ilyen mezítelenül, ilyen tisztán még senki előtt sem feküdtem. Ez csak még izgalmasabbá tette a dolgot. Egyre lejjebb és lejjebb, végül a puncimat kezdte ízlelgetni. Először csak finoman, majd egyre mélyebb és mélyebb hatolt. Remegtem, hőhullámok futottak át rajtam, csodás volt.

Aztán abbamarad, fejét finoman kivette lábaim közül, mikor szinte már a csúcson voltam. Átvetette rajtam egyik lábát, gyönyörű, formás fenekén látszott rajta a vékony, vörös tangája. Haját félrehajtotta és most a másik irányból kezdte nyaldosni a puncimat. Közben az övé is egyre közelebb került a fejemhez és elengedvén az ágyat elkezdtem lehúzni a bugyiját. Mintha csak erre várt volna. Én is elkezdtem nyalni, minél közelebb került hozzám, annál mélyebben és érzékiebben. Mindketten halkan nyögni kezdtünk, ami biztos jele volt annak, jól végezzük a dolgunkat. Egyre jobban, jobban és jobban, erősebben, mélyebben, szavakat sem lehet rá találni. Kezeimmel finoman széthajtottam nemi szervét követve, amit ő is tett nálam. Mindkettőnknek már nagyon nedves volt.

Elértük azt a szintet, mikor én már a számat kezdtem befogni, mert nem tudtam kontrollálni a hangokat, amik elhagyták torkomat. Sikítottam, nyögtem, sóhajtottam, a testem rángatózott csakúgy, mint a nővéremé. Mikor úgy éreztük, nincs tovább, felém fordult, én még mindig háttal feküdtem az ágyon, majd rám feküdt úgy, hogy dombjaink egymásnak dörzsölődtek, fiamat pihéim az ő érettebbjeihez értek, hasunk összesimult, forró és kemény csecsbimbóik is egymáshoz tapadtak, ajkainkon keresztül pedig ismét nyelvük vihara kezdődött, közben éreztem, ahogy forró verítéke az arcomra csurog. Mozgásunk, mely eddig csak ütemtelen, de annál vadabb, ösztönösebb volt, most kezdett ütemessé válni.

Intim testrészeink csúsztak egymáson, az érzés csodálatos volt. Egyszerre lélegeztünk. Kezeink szerte kalandoztak testrészeinken. Vera ekkor felugrott, és az ágy mellet lévő kis szekrény alsó fiókjából a ruhák alól egy hosszúkás, gumiszerű görbe tárgyat húzott elő. Hirtelen bevillant, hogy biztos anya sem bírja nemi örömök nélkül, ő is tart otthon bizonyos dolgokat. A zöld és ruganyos tárgyat mindketten nyalogatni kezdtük, majd mikor már nagyon nedves volt, testvérem betette nekem nagyon finoman, mindig csak pár centit haladva. Kb. 5 centinél megakadt, onnan nem is tolta tovább. Másik végét pedig magának tette be, de ő sokkal mélyebben. Tudtam, hogy ő már volt ilyen helyzetben, így nem lepődtem meg. Megint rám feküdt, mint az előbb, az újonnan szerzett eszközünk pedig hajlott, ahogyan csak kellett.

Csókvihar tört ki, egymás melleit masszíroztuk, együtt mozogtunk. Gyönyörrohamok sorozata következett. Az időérzékemet teljesen elvesztettem, legalább fél órán át egyre feljebb és feljebb jutottunk. Én sikítottam, ő is sikított, nagyon jó érzés volt egy másik emberrel ilyen közel mindezt átélni. Végül már nem juthattunk tovább, még pár utolsó lökés, majd egymás mellé heveredtünk, és felhevül, érzésektől kiégett testtel feküdtünk ott és elaludtunk.
3-4 órát pihenhettünk ott, amikor felébredtem és szóltam a nővéremnek, hogy most már ideje lenne felöltözni és rendbe rakni az ágyat, nehogy anya megtudjon valamit. Miközben öltöztünk, én ugyanolyan csábosan néztem rá és ő ugyanolyan csábosan nézett vissza, mint az alatt a pár óra alatt, amíg megmutattat nekem a gyönyörök egyik szintjét.
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## This is a story of an innocent, unwise, stupid woman who cheated, deceived and neglected her most caring and loving husband and ruined not only her life, but also the life of other f****y members too.

On an auspicious day Kumar (30yrs) landed in bagpur railway station with his wife Sailaja (26) and mother-in-law Sulochana (42). To receive them Kumar’s Orchard supervisor, Khadir (35) came with car. Khader’s father was looking after the orchard for 40 years, after his father retiring due to ill health; Abdul Khader is the only person looking after the orchard, its works, income and its accounts. He is so loyal to Kumar. Kumar respects him; he has big faith on him.

They have a daughter (8 yrs) who is studying in the school for mentally retarded c***dren, in the city. It is a big grief for them that their daughter is mentally retarded. They used to visit at least once in a week. Kumar loves his daughter Divya very much. They are very much worried about her. Kumar shows much care towards his wife and daughter. Kumar treats Sailaja very delicately even while making love.

Sailaja is stupid, headstrong, timid and very beautiful lady. Kumar gave her much lenience. She likes to have a luxurious life with money, cars and servants, but after getting big loss in her husband’s business, he sold their home in the city to avoid jail, and decided to live in his ancestor’s old bungalow in a bagpur village near by the city. Sailaja got disappointed to live in small town. Moreover, she is not much satisfied with her sexual life with Kumar.

Car approached the bungalow after crossing all the houses and streets of the village and majority of the people in the town are workers and labor in the nearby factory and city who leave their houses at morning and reach at late evenings. Sailaja felt some relief after seeing the bungalow and its premises and small garden behind with compound wall, and rest of the place is completely with very big orange orchard which takes at least 30 minutes to walk around. It is very peaceful and away from disturbances.

Kumar introduced Khader and other workers to Sailaja and his mil, and praised about Khader as good person and loyal worker. Khadir stared at Sailaja, she is looking so homely and respectful with a tika on her forehead and gold rings for ears and with smiling face. But below her neck she is so sexy, she is wearing a low neck blouse, feasting to the viewers. Her mother Sulochana is also equally beautiful to her daughter. Khadir is feasting on the beauty of Sailaja and her widowed mother Sulochana. He wondered to the beauty of Sailaja and her shapes, sizes and youth.

Sailaja too observed Khader casually while his husband introducing him. She got impressed on Khadir due to her husband admiring him (she doesn’t know at that time that he is going to be the most important person in her life, he is going to fuck her and changes her life completely as she never expected). Khader is with well built body of about 6.2 feet, he might be doing exercise every day, so he is having very strong body. Though he is elder to Kumar, (may be 35 years age) he looks like Kumar’s (30 yrs) age.

Sulochana , mother of Sailaja is equally beautiful lady, like her daughter, she aged 44 living with her only daughter Sailaja, her husband was passed away 8 years ago

That afternoon after having lunch, in bed Sailaja hugged Kumar and started caressing her body and kissing him all over his body, .Sailaja puy became wet. Sailaja started squeezing his pns but he refused to have sx saying that he got tired. But she was not able to control she started forcing him for sx. After much compulsion, he started to fuck her very delicately and cummed soon outside on her belly. But she likes to get fucked hard. She is not satisfied with him and cursed him, and slept turning other side. Kumar smiled at her and soon started snoring in sl**p but Sailaja not able to sl**p.

Next day after Kumar gone outside on his business work, Sailaja slowly reached to the place where all the labor working. Seeing her Khadir came to her and offered a chair. She sat on it.

Khadir: why did you come here madam, it is too sunny for you. (in himself: come come my angle, what a sexy bitch you are darling what a lovely face, your sizes are making me mad, Kumar is a lucky bastard)
Sailaja: I got bored alone in the house. I came to see the orchard and you people working.
Khadir: come with me mam I will show the entire orchard.
Both started walking into the orchard side by side. Now and then he is watching her back and chest. He led the way telling all the details about orchard. He said that he is also looking after the orchard besides which belongs to village head, who is a big Jamindar.
Sailaja: Don’t call me madam. You are much elder to me, call me Sailaja.
K: No madam you are my owner how I can I call you by name.
Sailaja felt happy for his flattery and she got much impressed with him. While walking she observed Khadir very closely, he is having strong body, his face cute with nice moustache. She started liking him, his way of talking and his voice.
Sailaja: How many c***dren do you have?
K; I am having a daughter (17). But I am divorced mam.
S: Oh! Why Khadir.
K: Leave it madam, it’s a big story she is very arrogant and very desiring lady, she needs car bungalow gold everything, which I cannot able to provide, so she quarreled with me and asked to divorce which I have to accept, due to her persistence. She married a wealthy person and living at city with c***dren. (khadir lied to sailaja, the fact is he misbehaved with his daughter, later known by his wife and left him. this will be revealed in later parts of the story in detail………)

This answer made her much relief. She got pity on his lonely life.

While walking, Suddenly Sailaja slipped her leg in a pit, and about to fall down, soon Khadir caught her by her waist and held her from falling. She thanked him shyly. After that he accompanied her up to bungalow and returned back.

By the time when she reached bedroom Kumar is leaving outside to meet village head. He kissed her passionately asked her to take rest. Sailajal didn’t wants to reveal about sprain on her leg to him. Due to lenience given by Kumar, she started neglecting him. She went to bed room and applied some pain balm and lain on cot on her back. In the night at 10 pm Kumar came to her and fucked her passionately, while she is fantasizing like khadir fkg her. Sailaja married kumar only due to her parent’s obligation.

She was not able to sl**p that night. She remembering Khader again and again, his strong hold on her shoulders, his hand brushing her boobs. She liked his handsome body, his voice and way of talking. Moreover, sailaja is as compassionate to him as he is a divorced and he is in need of a woman to avoid his loneliness. Her pussy became wet due to the thoughts of Khadir. Suddenly she realized that what she was thinking is wrong, she cursed herself, and tried to avoid the thoughts of khadir, which she couldn’t.

Next day Khadir came to Kumar to talk about their business. While they are discussing Sailaja walked there with coffee cups for both, while her anklet jingling. She gave a little smile on Khadir. Khadir watched her from the corner of eye while sipping coffee. Her beauty and body shapes sizes and her fragrance is making him mad. His cock became hard and trying to tear his pant.

Then Sailaja called Kumar to other room to discuss in private. Kumar came out saying that, ‘ he is not having any time to take her to temple’, and suggest going with her mother. She answered she should not come to temple now (due to her menses). Kumar asked Khadir whether he could take her to the temple in car. Khadir accepted immediately. Though Sailaja felt happy, pretended that she is unhappy. Kumar convinced her, that he can accompany her next time definitely.
******** ******** *********
Khadir kept open the back door. While she entering into car, she got slipped her chappal on the ground. Immediately, Khadir lifted it and touched her feet to wear chappal. She felt that some current passed through her body. Her puy became wet immediately. Khadir started driving car carefully on the road and started conversation with her,

Khadir: How are you feeling in our village mam?
Sailaja: It’s ok. I like this atmosphere, How far is the temple?
K: Its About 5 kms from here. There will be huge crowds as today is a festival.
Sailaja: Why are you driving car so slowly, it gets late for us to return.
K: No madam, your mother ordered me to go slow.
Sailaja: I am younger than you, so don’t call me madam, call me Sailaja.
K: No madam you are my owner, I cannot call you by name.
She compelled him again and again to call her by name. So he accepted to call her by name, but only in the absence of his husband and mother. She accepted happily, she too needs the same.
K: Sailaja… what about your studies?
By hearing her name from his mouth she felt like a cool breeze touched her.
Sailaja: (startled) I completed my +2 and stopped my studies due to marriage.
K: I heard that yours is a love marriage, are you happy with Kumar?
Sailaja: Yes, of course, but now he is very busy in his business, so I am feeling alone.

They reached the temple, Sailaja left into the temple. After returning, khadir purchased jasmine flowers to wear in her long hair; she accepted and kept in her hair.Sailaja offered prasad which he accepted.

On the way, she asked to stop the car. When he asked for reason, she shyly lowered her face and answered in low voice,’ to piss’. After stopping car, Khadir opened the car door and she came out and walked towards the bushes and squat on the other side of the bushes and started to pee making hssss sound. Khadir heard it very clearly and imagining her puy while peeing, he got aroused and pressed his COCK over pant. After completing urinating she walked towards car, when she is about to board she pretended as if she got fainted and about to fall. Khadir held by her waist carried and slowly laid her on the back seat and tried to awake her by calling her name and shooking her shoulders, but she kept closed her eyes to test him. He started gazing at her face, novel and her saree displaced from her chest feasting to his eyes. He slowly touched her cheeks and brushed her lips. Sailaja felt happy that he fallen for her and acted like she is becoming conscious and hurrily covered her bs with saree, blushing. On seeing her smile Khadir felt relief and happy, he thought that she may yell at him (in himself: what a horny bitch you are Sailaja are you not annoyed with me for what I have done to you,being a f****y lady? god , so you fallen for me. Thank god).
******* ******** ********
Next day, Kumar decided to take Sailaja to the festival which is celebrated in the temple situated in nearby jungle. By 10am Khadir brought car. Kumar and Sailaja and Khadir both started their journey. Due to yesterday’s experience Sailaja feeling shy to see Khadir, she simply looking out through window she is controlling herself to keep her looks away from Khadir. Khadir is telling about the festival and other issues throughout the journey. Sulochana, stayed in bungalow to attend the festival which also celebrated in the big temple of the village.

They returned after worshiping the deity. Kumar is driving the car, with sailaja besides and Khadir is in back seat.

While they are crossing the jungle suddenly a person came in front of car. Kumar quickly stopped the car and got down the car to lift the person. Suddenly the person raised showing knife and threatened him to give all valuables. Kumar stunned and tried to stop him, the thug pushed him and he fell on the ground. He is not strong enough to counter him. The thug approached Sailaja opened car door and dragged her outside and kept the knife on her neck and warned to not shout otherwise he will kill her. He has not noticed Khadir in the back seat quickly got down the car and caught him with his strong arms and thrown away from her and caught hold her from falling. The thug started driving knife towards her. Khadir got in the way of knife, he got a cut on his hand and bl**d leaked falling on ground drop by drop. Sailaja cried loudly and started crying; if he had’nt came, she would have injured badly or even got killed. On other side Kumar is trying to fight with thug but he is too weak before him. Khadir hold his hand and thrown away the knife and started to fight with him, thug is not able to face Khadir’s strength. After few minutes, thug accepted his defeat and ran away into the jungle. Soon Sailaja ripped her saree edge and tied on Khadir’s injury, weeping. Khadir wondered for her care towards him and felt very happy that his desire is going to get fulfilled.

Khadir’s shirt torned and he got small injuries on his body. Tears went inSailaja eyes, seeing his injuries. She is much worried about Khadir; she is in deep love with him for saving her from the thug, and also for the courage which he has shown in fighting with thug. She hated and cursed her husband openly, for his inability.

They finally reached the bungalow, Kumar started to contact Police through phone. Sailaja brought hot water and started cleaning Khadir injuries on sofa, sitting before him. As she is weeping, Khadir is consoling her saying nothing happened to him, its ok. He is enjoying her fragrance and her presence so close to him. After few seconds she found that Khadir is dumb and watching somewhere. When she observed his face she found that his sight is on her awesome cleavage, he is feasting the view of her bbs. Sailaja blushed, adjusted her saree and ran away after completing first aid to him. Khadir dared to hold her hand saying ‘don’t go’, he got confidence as she gave a positive signal and his happiness is on Everest.

Innocent Kumar f***ed Khadir to sl**p in a room in the bungalow for that night. Khadir refused him humbly. But when Sailaja asked him to stay with desparate and sweet voice, he accepted immediately to stay, without saying a word. Sulochana came from temple and known about the incident, worried so much and later she thanked Khadir for protecting them.

That night Kumar slept deeply due to exhaustion in the fight and journey. Sailaja sl**ping besides him got up suddenly from sl**p, she was dreaming about thug driving knife towards Khadir. She worried about Khadir, and was not able to sl**p after. She couldn’t able to stay there, without seeing Khadir immediately. Though she is a nice lady lust is making her blind to cross all the values of a f****y lady. She slowly got up from the bed and walked towards the room where Khadir sl**ping. When she entered the room he is sl**ping only with pant on his body, without any shirt or banian. She stood there staring at his body. She admired fare complexion of his body, strong muscular shoulders, wide chest with hair, beautiful nose, lips and nice mustache and his strength while fighting with thug. Her husband is nothing when compared to him. Her love towards him increased more and more by remembering that he saved her life. Sailaja firmly believed that Khadir is the only person who is equally handsome to her beauty and he is the only man who makes a perfect couple with her.
When Khadir moved in sl**p, she perplexed and tried to leave the room quickly. But Khadir caught hold her hand quickly, got up on the bed and and dragged her towards him, she landed directly on his lap. Khadir embraced her strongly and seeing into her eyes he kisd her lips deeply saying’ I love you darling’, and cupped her ass cheeks squeezing softly and licking below her neck. Sailaja pussy became wet and started dripping. She didn’t try to free herself from him and remained calm in his embrace for few seconds.

Sailaja: I am afraid that the thug could kill me, why did you come in the middle you might got killed.
K: No body can touch you in my presence dear, I will do anything for you, I love you so much, and even I die for you.
Sailaja became emotional with his words, tears formed in her eyes.
Sailaja: I too love you dear; I will do anything for you.

Then khadir kissed her deeply for which she also responded equally. Both kissed strongly, sucking each other’s saliva.

Khadir became aroused and decided to fuck her. He started squeezing her boobs over her blouse and ass cheeks, he quickly laid her on the bed on her back, crawled over her , mounted himself on her body completely and in between her weak protest, he unhooked her blouse and started playing with her juicy boobs over bra. Then he began to raise her saree up above her waist to fuck her. Suddenly, there was a noise of somebody approaching. Sailaja quickly freed herself from his embrace and left the room hurrily adjusting her saree and blouse, making her anklets jingle. Khadir got disappointed very much. Sulochana secretly observed her daughter running away from Khadir’s room and doubted if they are having any affair. By the time she gone to bedroom, Kumar is awake and asked her where she was gone, she bluffed that she was been with her mother.

Next morning, Khadir started to leave, and then Sailaja came hurrily with a small bag of fruits and offered to khadir. Instead of receiving the bag he started gazinging her beauty so closely. She is wearing thin cloth nightey showing all her assets. He astonished again to see how her small waist bearing big size mango like Boobs. Sailaja felt shy standing before him but never tried to move away. Then she blushed, waved the bag before him without lifting her face.suddenly, he grabbed her hand strongly and kept fondling. Khadir whispered that, he doesn't want those fruits, he wants her mangoes, looking at her juicy boobs. She knows very well what it means, she chuckled and tried loosen his hand from his grip. By then suddenly Sulochana entered in to scene which disturbed them. Both of them withdrew their hands and stood apart pretending that nothing happened.

Then Sulochana though she watched what happened pretended not seen anything and asked khadir to visit their f****y doctor and take care of his health. But she is worried about her daughter, as she is doing the same mistake, which she couldn’t able to do in past. She decided to warn sailaja. Khadir left the building.

Sailaja stood still watching him; she felt unhappy while he is leaving. She ran to upstairs to the terrace to watch him leaving and motioned her hand to him. He too motioned his hand and after confirming that there is nobody watching them, he gave a flying kiss to her. Sailaja ran downstairs chuckling. Seeing this Khadir cock became hard like steel rod, he pressed it over his pant. After she left into house he hurrily came to his house, he entered into his room and bolted and jerked his cock for while and discharged his cum on the floor.

That evening, Sulochana met her daughter when she is alone and warned her to be loyal to her husband. But Sailaja reminded her (Sulochana’s) own affair in past with Manager Uncle of Yoga school. Sulochana was a yoga instructor before. Sulochana tried to convince her that it was past; now Kumar is a good man. But Sailaja yelled at her to keep quite.

After 2 days, Khadir came to Kumar to discuss about next works which are to be taken in the orchard. Sailaja watched khadir eagerly through the window. She felt happy seeing him. Later Kumar left to the city to meet some officers there, he returns late night after attending a party.

After having lunch Sulochana slept in her room taking her medicine which makes her drowsy up to 3, 4 hrs. But Sailaja is not in habit of sl**ping afternoons, she is still worried about khadir’s condition, she wants to observe his wounds closely and moreover, some strange feelings about Khadir driving her mad. She slowly walked to the shed where usually Khadir used to take rest in afternoons. When she tapped the door no body answered and door opened by itself as it is not bolted from inside.

It is monsoon season; she entered into the shed and started looking for him. Suddenly two hands closed her eyes from behind. She knows that it is nobody than him, so she happily said ‘Oh Khadir is that you’. Slowly he removed his hands and turned her facing him. Her puy started becoming wet with his touch. She saw him and blushed. Khadir is naked above his waist, showing his muscular chest. Then with his right finger he touched her nose, cheeks, lips, chin, throat; he kissed on her neck. Khadir mumbled as if he is in trance,’ who are you dear? Are you an angle or a goddess who came for me from heavens?’ Sailaja blushed and tried to move away. Khadir grabbed her wrist and slowly moved his hands on to her bbs, waist, and belly from there to her puy and rubbed it over her saree. Sailaja scared and moved away suddenly from him. She saw Khadirs eyes are shining with pure lust. Then suddenly, it started to rain heavily with lightening and cool breeze, making the scene more romantic. She frightened and cursed herself for coming to him at that odd time. She tried to walk outside, but he caught her waist softly and turned her to face him. Looking into her eyes, he passionately kissed her lips deeply and sucked all her saliva and sucked and licked her tongue with his, all the time he is saying ilu. involuntarily,she also equally responded to his kis.

Sailaja slowly surrendered herself to him. Khadir started kissing all over her face. Soon her face became wet with his saliva. Sailaja totally forgot the surroundings; she also forgot that she is a woman who belongs to a reputed f****y. She never thought even for minute that she is in love with a worker, who is a ****** or it is sin to behave like this. He started kis and biting her ears, nose tip, cheeks, lips and chin. He lifted his face from her and again deeply kissed her mouth. By this time Sailaja got excited and her boobs, nipples became hardened like pebbles. Knowing that she is in heat, Khadir removed her saree and thrown on a table, her blouse sticken to her boobs became translucent exposing her b shapes and nipples. Khadir rushed to her and held her boobs and started squeezing over her blouse. She started moaning with pain and pleasure. He kissed her again crushing in his arms and squeezing her ass cheeks. In spite of her feable protest, he is keeping his hand on her pus crack in between her thighs.

Now Sailaja completely surrendered to him and moving like a doll in his arms. Now hugging her from behind he started to unhook her blouse and opened it, she didn’t wear any bra. He astonished to see her boobs, he thought those are most beautiful pair he ever saw. He sniffed her boobs like dog, licked, kissed her bs and touched the npl with his tip of tongue, Sailaja moaned’ m………’. Her moanings are making him more erotic. Hugging her strongly with his strong arms he started to eat her bs, inspite of her shoutings and moans, like a tiger eating its prey. Her puy is started dripping wet. He doesn’t want to show any mercy on that innocent lady. Again he raised to her neck and reached her mouth started french kis . He completely took off her blouse and tossed away rudely and started again sucking and biting her boobs, this went for another 10 min. Khadir’s cock is throbbing inside his pants with precum. From bs he reached to her belly. He kissed and lick her belly. Sailajas moaning amma ….aba….. . He turned to her backside and licked and kis her back and waist. He holded her boobs from behind keeping his hands through her arm pits and started squeezing hardly. She shouted with pain and pleasure.

Then he found her petticoat string, in one pull he untied the knot, it fallen down around her feet. His looks fixed on to her bushy part in between her thighs. For this sudden act, she closed her pussy with her hands bending slightly, her boobs made wonderful view, while she is bending. She scared thinking what is going to happen and started whimpering. Khadir holding her shoulders made her to stand erect, embraced her softly and brushed her buttocks feeling its shapes.Her bbs got crushed to his chest. Khadir rudely kicked her petticoat fallen on the floor to a corner. He wiped her tears on her cheeks.

Sailaja in tears asked him to leave her as she got scared, she doesn’t want to do it and wants to go home immediately. Khadir tried to convince her with some sweet deceitful words, but sailaja kept weeping. Khadir with disappointment took off his hands on her body. She moved back wiping her tears and started searching for her clothes making him hornier with her seductive movements. Suddenly there was loud thunder, Sailaja got frightened, ran naked to Khadir, while her bbs are bouncing weirdly and hugged him scared. Khadir astonished for this sudden act and embrased her tightly consoling her by brushing her back. She is shivering with fear. She got frightened very much.

Now Khadir was at the peaks of happiness and he doesn’t want to lose this chance. Immediately he lifted her in his arms and carried her to his private room (where he usually fucks labour women. So finally Sailaja is going to lose her chastity and becoming his slut in that cheap place). He placed her to sit on his bed in sitting positon with legs freely hanging and he bent a little and kissed her passionately. Sailaja stopped weeping, with worried looks she said,

S: Please, Khadir, I am scared.
K: Sailu (started calling with his own pet name, it is sounded so sexy to her ears) don’t worry dear, I will be careful. Darling, please don’t stop me. If you won’t allow me to fuck you now, I will certainly die.
Sailaja closed his mouth with her fingers, suggesting him not to speak such words.
S: don’t say such words, I cannot live without you. I became your’s completely when you saved me in the jungle, now my life is yours. Yours pleasure is my pleasure. Do as you like.

It is started to rain heavily outside the shed. Then Khadir laid her on the bed on her back. He quickly removed his belt and opened hooks of pant and lowered his pant along with his underwear. She saw his huge manhood with fair complexion, surrounded by thick black pubic hair; it is looking like a lion with fur around its head. His cock is circumcised (front loose skin of his cock removed). It is pointing towards the sky with 9 inch length and 2.5 inch thick with huge balls of table tennis ball size.Sailajas eager to see his manhood and felt astonished as it is huge than what she expected. Kumar’s p is 7 X 1.5.only, and his balls are of marbles size. But she feared whether it hurts her tiny puy.

Khadir got on to bed besides her and took her arm and placed on his cock. When she is holding it filled her grip completely, she is very close to his cock, it looked like a big size Bangalore brinjal and precum is oozing from it. She held it shyly for a while. Khadir tried to insert it into her mouth, but she refused and turned her face to other side. Khadir smiling moved on the bed on his knees and reached her feet and started licking and kissing every inch of her body starting from toes, when he reached her love triangle, he sniffed the aroma of her pussy and started pulling her thick pubic hair with his lips. Then he slowly widened her thighs seeing her wet pu with lust. He found her puy very intact like a newly married woman; he understood that Kumar’s cock might be so small. He dipped his mouth quickly into her puy and started licking, sucking it hardly while his hands squeezing her boobs and nipples mercilessly. Sailaja started twist her body with ecstacy; she felt like flying in the sky and started moaning sweetly. Khadir responded her with his moans, meanwhile, she cummed twice.
After eating her puy for 15 min he kept his cock touching and started rubbing her clitoris with his cock tip, she started panting heavily. Then keeping all his body weight, he mounted on her; her body is getting crushed below him. He started kissing her deeply sucking her saliva from her mouth and sending his saliva into her mouth simultaneously. He is watching her shining diamond nose pin so close, which is making him so aroused Sailaja is feeling and tasting his saliva is like nectar.

Then Khadir lay besides and dragged her into his embrace both in tilted opposite position to each other and started kissing her lips and squeezing her ass cheeks. She is in trance and completely cooperating to him. He pulled her right leg on his waist and started inserting his finger into her puy, moving inside and outside. She started moaning ‘aaahh ……aba…, then he kept his two fingers and continued shove into her puy meanwhile he is chewing her lips and sucking her saliva and licking her tongue and sucking her boobs biting nipple between her sweet moans.

Then Khadir took a big size pillow and placed under her buttocks by lifting her pelvis. She voluntarily raised her pelvis. Then he opened her thighs and moved towards her crotch. She understood that he is going to keep his huge tool into her pussy to fuck her. She mumbled something, which is ignored by him. Then Khadir spat into his palm for 2 times and rubbed saliva to his cock. Sailaja is eagerly watching his activities.

Khadir praised god in his mind for giving such a lucky chance to fk such a innocent and stunning beauty, and started inserting his cock into her puy, He intended to fk her in such a way that she becomes aducted to his cock and become his sex slave there after. As she is in habit of taking Kumar’s small cock, It made pain to her puy she shouted ooou. Knowing that it is paining to her, he took out his penis and he made more saliva in his mouth and opened her pussy lips with his fingers and spat saliva into her pussy, her body shivered with pleasure. Then he smeared saliva inside her pussy with his fingers, and kept the tip of his cock on her pussy entrance and rammed his cock into her vagina. Sailaja screamed with pain and pleaded to remove it from her pussy. But he ignored her pleadings. After 4, 5 strokes he completed entered into her vagina mercilessly, neglecting her shouts. His pelvis is moving like a steam engine piston. He concentrated completely only on her puy region for upto 40 strokes. After that Khadir fallen on her with all his body weight and started kisssing on her face and sucking her boobs without stopping strokes. Her 26 years old tender body is getting crushed by his 35 old strong body. Her pussy is milking his cock. She is in seventh heaven. He fucked her puy for up to 400 strokes and with a loud groan he shoved his cock deep into her vgn and cummed inside her womb spurting his spm. He kept still until he leaves his lost drop and removed his cock and lay besides her on his back. His thick, white cum is oozing from her tiny pussy awkwardly.

Sailaja got up started kissing all over his body for giving her much pleasure. They laid in embrace brushing and fondling all over each other’s body. After 10 min Sailaja ksd him deeply and got off from bed hurriedly to return home. Khadir held her hand and stopped her. His cock is hard again. He made Sailaja to bend like dog and rammed his cock into her puy, now his cock is touching her womb. He fucked her fanatically for 10 min and cumd inside her puy. She fell on the bed panting heavily.
Later, Khadir too helped in getting her dressed. Soon she got dressed and left the shed, she is not able to walk properly due to his hard fucking. Khadir carried her for some distance, before entering into the bungalow he again hugged, squeezed her boobs and kissed deeply. Sailaja pushed him a little, fearing that somebody may watch. After leaving her near the bungalow, he returned quickly and disappeared in darkness.

While Kumar came home Sailaja is in deep sl**p, he covered her with blanket properly and kis on her cheek before he went to sl**p, he observed that she got tired so much. But he doesn’t know that his loving wife got fucked by ****** and soon she is going to be pregnant with his baby.

Next day Kumar asked her, why she was looking very tired yesterday, she perplexed and bluffed saying nothing special. But a few days before, he heard some workers murmuring about his wife and Khadir. He heard it indistinctly, so he is not sure about what he heard. Now Kumar started doubting them.

Sailaja was not able to remain away from Khadir she was eager to meet him as soon as possible. That evening at 5 pm, she removed her bra, wore a very low cut blouse to show his bbs to her beloved lover and wear a thin saree below her belly button, sprayed some nice perfume allover body and especially at her groins and started walking towards Khadir’s shed. But Shed is locked; she got disappointed and started looking for him around curiously. Suddenly, some pebble hit to her back, when she turned back there were no body. Sailaja understood that it is Khadir who is teasing her. She smiles and asked him to come out, but there is no reply. Her puSSy became wet and body is compelling her to meet him quickly, so she started to search for him behind the bushes and trees. Suddenly Khadir approached from back and hugged; with his touch she felt much relief. Slowly she removed his hands and kept over her hips and kissed. Khadir looked at her deep cleavage is clearly visible through her thin saree; she looked like a cheap whore to him. (on seeing this Khadir thought in his mind ‘oh what a bitch you are you have fallen to me, I am going to fucks you like a male dog fucks a female dog you horny bitch’). He squeezed her boobs and kissed her lips deeply allowing his saliva into her mouth which she happily swallowed. He brushed her pussy in between her thighs. Now he is eager to fuck her for long time.

Then holding her hand he walked towards the border of orchard, both crossed the fencing and entered into neighbor’s orchard which is also maintained by Khadir. He lead her into thick bushes and reached a place which completely hidden and nobody around can see from. That place is so clean and peaceful.

At the spot, Khadir left Sailaja hand and removed his t-shirt, lungi and spread it over thick grass and lain on his back with only a vest, leaving place for her to lie on lungi. Sailaja stood leaning to a tree, her cleavage, naked waist and belly button provoking Khadir. Khadir started playing crazy youth songs on his cell phone in a low volume making the atmosphere more romantic and signaled with hand to come to lay down beside him.
Sailaja: chhi…., I won’t come to you dear; my body is still paining for what you have done to me yesterday.
K: (Laughed) why you are so beautiful then? I cannot able to control myself on that day. You might have left the place immediately before I do anything.
Sailaja: You naughty did you allow me to leave? You cuddled me like a python and you ………..
K: (catched her words in the middle) and what I have done? Say it. (Laughed) In fact, I was so gentle on you, otherwise I would have shown my real love to you (laughed). (with convincing tone)I am mad for you dear, my darling Sailu, are’nt you happy for what I have done to you yesterday.
Sailaja : ( shyly) yes darling. I hasn't got …………done before like that. You have shown me heaven…….. i l u so much.

Khadir stretched his hand and signaled with eyes to come to him. She shyly closed her face with hands. Khadir stood up and took off his vest and walked towards her with his semi erect dangling pns. Sailaja is watching him through her finger slits and gulped seeing his massive cock and worried about thinking its size when it becomes hard. Khadir reached her and removed her hands on her face and kissed her lips passionately, then he started to remove her saree and thrown on ground, Her low neck blouse exposing her boobss very sexily, which she never tried to hide. He unhooked her blouse one by one and opened two blouse ends like a drama curtain; they are standing stiff with hardened nipples. Khadir opened his mouth wider and taken most part of her boob into his mouth, starting slurping, sucking, smacking it towards the tip of her nipple and patted and played with her boobs for some time. Then he moved below her boobs and licked and sucked her belly button. Then he loosened the knot of petticoat and it fall on the ground around her feet, then he came on to his knees and kissd her belly and mound and sniffed her puy feeling the smell of nice perfume he became more erotic. Then he turned her towards the tree and made her to hold the branch in doggy position, he observed that puy is already became wet.

Then he stroked his cock and kissedd it with his fingers and kept at the entrance of her pussy, he wildly rammed his pole into her puy gradually completely in a single attempt and taken position by adjusting his legs for a long time fuck, started pumping her pussy with medium strokes by holding and squeezing her bb hardly. Sailaja started weeping with ecstasy. After 100 strokes or above he held her shoulders and hardly pressed his cock deep into her pussy and filled her womb with his warm cum. After his cock became limped inside, he remove it slowly and lifted her from bending position , she was sweating heavily, he kissed her deeply, walked backwards and fallen on his back on the clothes (saree and lungi) panting. Lying on the ground he is watching her nude and sexy body. Then Sailaja while panting walked towards him like a swan pushing her forelock behind her ears, she did’nt care though cum from her pussy and leaking downwards along her leg and slowly laid besides him and kissed his lips, cheeks, chin chest and slept keeping her head on his chest .

K: Sailu your cunt is like heaven to me. Ilu darling, you gave much pleasure to me. Here is a small gift for you.
He showed a small box opened it and picked up and diamond ring.
S: oh, it’s beautiful. How much?
K: do you like it or not?
S: .Its lovely, wear it to my finger.
K: Sure darling.

Sailaja kissed him on his lips; Khadir moved down towards her bbs and started playing. Sailaja became hot again and Khadir’s tool started poking in between her thighs. Khadir slowly turned Sailaja to otherside, he started kissd on her back and neck, kept pressing her ass, boobs by keeping his hands through her armpit. His monstrous cock is poking her ass cheeks and crack. Then he lifted her right leg and kept on his thighs and moved closer to her. Now his cock is close to her pussy from behind. He softly brushed her pussy and held his cock in his right hand and placed it on the entrance of her pussy hole and pushed it, only half of it entered into her pussy. Then he taken the ring from her hand and worn to her finger and both kissed passionately. She said that she will remember that forever. Then he moved back from her making a angle at their genitals union, holding her waist and started fucking her. It’s also doggy style but in laying position, Sailaja felt so comfortable at the same time feeling much pleasure, he fucked her for 60 strokes in the same position, and then he removed his cock, made her to lay on her back and opened her thighs and moved to her pussy and inserted his tool into her cunt and started fuckg in missionary style. Sailaja shouted and pleaded him to make her pregnant and promised that she would give him a son. Kissing, chewing, licking her shoulders, boobs, lips he fucked her for over 100 strokes and cummed inside her pussy both growling with pleasure. Then they slept cuddling with each other.

At the same time, something happened in her womb, she is not aware. Her lonely egg, which is already released from her ovary, is been surrounded by Khadir’s rowdy sperms, travelling all the way from her vagina, which were released in the form of cum of Khadir. They are starving to penetrate into sailaja’s lonely, innocent egg like hungry dogs. Every sperm is striving hardly to penetrate her egg. But a single lucky sperm of bastard Khadir succeeded in getting pierced inside her egg and got fertilized it, forming a healthy zygote successfully. Soon, it is going to become a baby boy, which she is going to deliver through her juicy vagina after 9 months. Later, Sailaja left to bungalow hurriedly.

In the following month itself she missed her periods and doubted of pregnancy. Next day morning Kumar and Sailaja went to the doctor in the city for check up. The doctor checked her vagina and womb properly and confirmed that she is pregnant. Kumar felt very happy. Doctor advised her that they can continue to have sex with few precautions. But, she lied with Kumar that doctor advised to not to have any sex and should walk for at least 2 hrs in evenings. He believed her and asked her to take any servant with her for walking but she refused saying that she can go on her own, as she knows every corner of the orchard. Kumar couldn’t able to say ‘no’ to her.

For sailaja almost for a week it was not possible to visit Khadir at his shed, as Kumar is around the bungalow all these days. Kumar decided to make it clear from all his doubts, so he kept close to her all these days. He doesn’t want to hurt his wife.

One day she got a phone from Khadir,
K: Why are you not coming to the garden, I am dying for you.
Sailaja: Me too in the same condition dear, but it is not possible because Kumar is not leaving me these days. Do something otherwise shall we run away together to somewhere.
K: No necessity to do such things, I will think over what to do. Be patient.
Sailaja: Darling, Do something quickly; I am not able to sl**p in nights. I want to be in your arms as soon as possible.

After 2 days he called her on phone, telling about their union is going to happen in her own bedroom and that too in the presence of Kumar. Sailaja got shocked.

Sailaja: Are you insane how it can be possible. Kumar will kill us.
K: Trust me Darling, nothing happens. Do as I say.
Khadir revealed his plan. Sailaja at first afraid to do so and later she agreed.
Next day morning, Khadir handed over some tablets secretly to Sailaja when he came to meet Kumar. She concealed tablets in her blouse. At night 8 pm Kumar had his dinner and watched some tv, before going to sl**p, as usual Sailaja gave him a glass of milk in which she mixed sl**ping tablets. Kumar drank that milk and slept, after sometime she checked him shooking, she got confirmed that he is sl**ping intoxicated.

Soon Sailaja made a missed call to Khadir. Khadir entered the compound as the dog is a pet to him, it didn’t bark at him. Then he threw some dog biscuits to it. He elegantly climbed the tree near sailaja’s bedroom and jumped over staircase and reached her bedroom from upstairs and tapped the door. Sailaja readily opened the door. First he observed the condition of kumar. After getting confirmed that kumar is in deep intoxication, he hugged her. He tried to kis her but Sailaja pushed him into bathroom to take bath as his body is sweating. Khadir became nude while Sailaja is watching he started bathing keeping the door open. She is curiousy watching his muscular body and his dangling cock. Khadir called her to rub his back, when she approached he hugged her and pour water on her drenching her dress completely. She tried to get away but he caught her and removed all her dress and started sucking her bbs and lips , then he widened her thighs, while standing and came in between her thighs and started sucking her puy making her moan heavily. Later he lifted her keeping her thighs around his waist and her arms around his neck and holding her body below her buttocks with his left hand, with his right hand he held his cock and found the crack of her puy and inserted into it completely. Then he started fuCking her holding in air, in standing position by weaving her body up and down, making his cock go in and out of her puy. Sailaj melting in his arms her boobs are rubbing to his chest making her nipples hard, while fkg he simultaneously kissing her deeply and squeezing her ass cheeks. After 50 strokes, he again made her to lie on bathroom floor on her back, kept her legs on his shoulders and wildly inserted his cock into her vagina; she made a loud moan, knowing that her husband cannot listen as he was sedated. Khadir started pounding her heavily, after 80 strokes he cummed in her puy and cuddled her tight.

Later they shifted to the bed, pushed Kumar to one edge. Khadir carried Sailaja in his arms and dropped on the bed and layed besides her kissing and caressing her. Sailaja got up the bed and brought some sweet from fridge and kept in Khadir’s mouth, she told him with tears of joy in her eyes, that she is pregnant with his baby. Khadir is felt very happy (in himself: why cann’t you get pregnant bitch? You are fucked by whom? The great Khadir, but your are very fast bitch ,otherwise I would have enjoyed your pussy for few more days, bitch), he lifted her into air and kisd allover body and on her belly, then he applied the sweet to her bbs, naval, thighs, buttocks, puy and lips and started licking and sucking all over her body. After 10 min his cock again became hard, he made her to kneel like dog, he opened her puy lips from behind and licked with his tongue. Then he inserted his huge cock and started fkg fanatically. He is becoming hornier by watching sl**ping Kumar besides them on the same bed. He triumphantly fkg her and watching her vigorously shaking bbs in the mirror. (in himself: Yo Kumar see here man, I am fkg your lovely wife right besides you man, and I made her pregnant too, you impotent bastard)And after 400 strokes he cummed into her puy with loud growl. By this time Sailaja has fallen on the bed on her bbs, only her hip part is raised to get fucked. Then Khadir also fell on her back without removing his cock from her puy. Khadir left the bungalow in the same route at 4am.

Days are passing, Khadir and Sailaja are enjoying frequently either in shed or in their bedroom, with help of sl**ping tablets. Kumar is unaware of their deeds. Sailaja puy got completely acquainted to the huge cock size of Khadir. Khadir felt happy as she is bearing his baby in her womb and that thought is making him mad with lust. He did’nt stopped fucking her until she became 7 months pregnant.
One day Kumar saw little pubic hair on their bed, which is of different to the texture of neither Sailaja’s nor his. He started strongly doubting Sailaja. He decided to know it clearly.

When Sailaja went for check up at the hospital, doctor confirmed her delivery in few days and asked to admit her. Then she was admitted in the delivery ward. Doctor examined her puy and its condition and informed that no need for scigerian operation, this is only due to her regular fkg (by Khadir) her puy and womb muscles loosened making easy for normal delivery.

Next day Sulochana left to her daughter, within one week Sailaja gave birth to a baby boy. Kumar felt very happy finding her son is so healthy and beautiful (but he doesn’t know that the baby is not born to his cock, it is Khadir who fathered the baby). Khadir visited Sailaja, when she is alone in hospital and congratulated her for giving him son, he said that his son resembles his late father .She felt shy and kis him for making mother of his son.

After 4 days Sailaja returned home with her son. After all ceremonies Kumar tried to fk Sailaja but she didn’t allow him, bluffing that her puy is still sore. She wants Khadir to fk it first after her delivery. Next day, Kumar left to Delhi on work for a week.

Khadir entered into Sailaja bedroom in his own way knowing that Kumar has gone away for one week. Sailaja is milking her son by completely spread open her blouse, her bbs seems much bigger in size than before. Khadir loved to see that scene. He slowly approached and started fondling, pampering, kissing his son while he drinking her milk, Sailaja warned him to keep quite as baby goes to sl**p. She lifted her son from lap and placed in the cradle and started swinging the cradle, soon the baby slept. As she kept open her blouse her bbs are full of milk, nipples are leaking milk, Khadir wetting his lips with tongue, staring at her bbs. He hugged her and kisd her deeply and made her to sit on the bed and removed his blouse completely and layed placing his head in her lap like a baby, he caught her nipple with his mouth and started to suckling her milk, while massaging her other bb. Sailaja started biting her lower lip due to lust and ecstacy, he completely drank milk in it and switched to the other bb and squeezing the first one. He emptied her both milk pots, and then he removed remaining clothes making her completely nude. He removed all his clothes and tried to keep his cock in her mouth which she didn’t accept; she held it and massaged. Then he folded her legs back, to touch her shoulders and dipped his mouth in her cunt, licked and fucked with tongue. Later he kept her legs on his shoulders and entered into her pusy wildly. He started fkg her without mercy by gripping his teeth with folded tongue in between, Sailaja started shouting with pain and pleasure, after 500 strokes he cumd his load of warm cum inside her puy. They slept cuddling each other all the night.

Sulochana doubted about other person in Sailaja bedroom and one day she astonished to see Khadir fukg Sailaja through the slit of window. She felt angry on sailaja. Also she envied her daughter’s enjoyment with handsome person with huge cock. She wondered about her daughter’s courage.
Khadir enjoyed Sailaja sex body upto his heart’s content for all these days. He used to leave the building through his secret way, just before Kumar reaches home.
After coming home, Kumar left to bath, where he observed that it is been used by some third person other than them. On observing his bedroom his doubt increased. After seeing his wife and his son, he forgot everything and became normal, he pampered and kisd his (?) son in the cradle. Next day suddenly, Kumar along with his wife and son left to distant place on tour.

Khadir, who is unaware of Sailaja’s absence, entered the bungalow as usual in the night. At the same time Sulochana is searching for something in Sailaja’s bed room. Both suddenly watched each other, Sulochana startled seeing Khadir entering into room at that time. Khadir too startled for this unexpected encounter. Khadir stood there thinking over to say for a false cause of his presence there at that odd time. Sulochana got nervous and in confusion, she muttered’ Sailaja is not here she has gone on tour’ and immediately, she picked her tongue for saying so. Khadir quickly turned towards her calmly and asked her that ‘how do you know that I came for Sailaja?”. She became dumb, stood mumbling.

Khadir understood that she knows their i*****l contact and still keeping quite without stopping her daughter, which she should not have done. Khadir understood that sulochana is in guilty position. Now he wants to take advantage of her guilty consciousness. Khadir equally lusted for Sulochana like for her daughter, Sailaja. Khadir stood there triumphantly, while Sulochana is lowered his face with fear.

Then Khadir walked towards her, and held her shoulders without hesitation, she tried to free herself. Then Khadir keeping his face close to her, said ‘so you agreed i*****l contact between me and your daughter, isn’t it?
She replied ‘No, I don’t know anything, go away’ tried to get away from his hold.
Again khadir said “I know that you know about our affair and I also know that you too like me so much isn’t it?’.

She shouted, ‘don’t talk rubbish; go away before I call anybody’.
Khadir replied,’ ok you can call anyone I won’t object, I too want to see if anybody comes here, I know very well what should I reveal to them, come on go on’.
Sulochana face became dull, she felt that she is in a very vulnerable position and started sobbing, saying ‘please, go away’, and tried to escape.
Khadir suddenly hugged her tightly, in spite of her protests; he started to lick her cheeks, mouth and lips. Then he caught hold the loose end of her saree and dragged with f***e, making her to spin and removed saree from her body. Now she is standing half naked, without saree, she covered her chest with her arms. Sulochana understood that he is going to fk her at any cost. She started sobbing and pleading to leave her. Khadir smelled her saree and thrown away carelessly. He dragged her into his embrace holding her waist and started kissing her bbs and squeezing her ass cheeks. She is trying to push him away.
‘Don’t squirm dear; I love you too more than your daughter. You are my angel come on dear let’s have good time, don’t fear, there are no body here to watch our love making’.

He is master in tackling women sexually. After few minutes, her protests became weak. Then he carried her to the bed and dropped her on it, she is looking worried. Soon he removed all his clothes and thrown away, her looks got stick on to his big tool, between thick pubic hairs around, for a moment his cock looked like a lion with fur around its head. Noticing this Khadir chuckled, this is common to him that every woman he fucked feels the same way after seeing his tool, he is proud of it. He dragged her to sit on the bed with her legs touching down the floor and started to keep his cock in her mouth, first she refused to take it, later she opened her mouth and taken his cock. Khadir started fkg her mouth until it gets hard. Soon it became hard and immediately he thrown her on the bed on her back and climbed over the bed, raised her petticoat upto her waist, in between her weak protest. Sulochana kept her thighs together tightly and closed her pubic region with her hands. She is sobbing and pleading to leave her. He warned her to cooperate to him and any he warned herthat he is going to fk her at any cost. She feared and loosened her grip at her thighs. Soon her removed her hands and widened her thighs. He admired her puy and started licking and tongue fkg her puy. After 5 min she got surrendered to him completely. He kept her legs on his shoulders and kept his tool at entrance of her puy and in one push he entered. She shouted with pain, she hasn’t been fkd after her husband’s death; she got fukd for the last time with her husband before 8 years. In 4 to 5 attempts he completely entered his cock into her puy. Then he kept still and started to unhook her blouse and kept open, he plunged on to her bbs and played with for 10 min. Then he started fkg her mercilessly with his big tool, in between her shouts and moans, with full speed. Her bbs are shaking making him more enjoy, after 100 strokes he cummed into her puy and laid on her kissing her lips and bbs. After a while Sulochana pushed Khadir to dismount from her body. His cock is soaked and shining with cum, her puy leaking out his thick white cum.

Sulochana got up from the bed hurrily, sobbing and started wearing nightey. Khadir ordered her to bring coffee, after a moment he yelled at her to get coffee. Sulochana unwillingly went into kitchen and brought coffee, by the time, he is watching tv covering his body below waist with blanket. Sulochana handing over coffee to Khadir, asked him to leave soon. Then Khadir caught hold her hand tightly and sipped all the coffee. Then khadir ordered to make dog pose on the bed. She denied doing it, then he slapped hard on her buttocks, she got frightened and made doggy pose on the bed. Soon he reached to her ass and in one attempt he raised her nightey above her buttocks and adjusted her position, then he inserted his cock and started fkg while slapping her buttocks. Now his cock is touching her womb, he caught hold of her bbs from below and squeezing hardly, she is panting and moaning. He fucked her upto 100 strokes while groaning and cummed in her puy. Later he got dressed and left the building through his secret way. Sulochana collapsed on the bed, she felt asl**p due to exhaustion of getting fucked.

Next day, he called and asked him to accompany into the deep forest on their business purpose. Khadir agreed to go with him. Kumar stopped his jeep deep in thick forest zone, beside a deep valley and aimed his pistol to him. Khadir stunned and asked whether he is joking. Then Kumar abused, kicked and beaten him with his leather belt with rage, and scolded him for cheating him and sl**ping with his wife with filthy words. Khadir, pleaded to spare him and he will leave the village and go far away, if he kills him he should have to go to jail then his f****y becomes helples. Kumar kicked him on his face and shouted that he is not such a fool to go to jail and narrated how is going to escape with alibi from police after killing Khadir.

Suddenly, Khadir rose from the ground and thrown dust into eyes of Kumar and quickly snatched the pistol from the hands of Kumar. Then he laughed aloud saying, ‘you impotent bastard I served you for so many years with loyalty, I made profits from your business, you should be grateful to me for serving you like a dog. You coward you don’t know how to satisfy your wife sexually, which is what I am doing to her. You impotent bastard I fucked your wife right in your bed and I made her pregnant. It is not your son, he born to my seeds I cummed several times inside in your wife’s puy. She dies for my cock, not only your wife bastard I fucked your mil, sulochana also. Oh! What a beauties you arranged for me in your house, they are real sexy bitches. I fucked your wife like a bitch even in open outside in the orchard, she is my whore she gets fucked with me like a slut, she is the only lady whom I fucked many times in this very short period and she is the only lady who became pregnant within short period with my seeds. Watch my balls which made your wife pregnant, before you die you bastard.(Khadir slid his pants and underware and shown his cock with big balls)You know it is our right to fuck your women, bastard, in one way you are like my b*****r, as my father enjoyed your mom several times, he once doubted with me that you could be his seed’. By hearing this Kumar furiously fell on khadir, abusing him badly. Khadir kicked and blown him with gun, kumar again fell on ground bleeding.

Khadir continued,’ You would have lived happily, if you kept quiet, but you s- o -b you tried to kill me, you have no chance to live, die you bastard, you himself revealed me how to escape from this murder case, many thanks you fool, I will escape from police in the exact way as you revealed. Then he cruelly shot Kumar two times with his pistol, Kumar fell on the ground bleeding badly and soon became dead. Then Khadir kept Kumar’s dead body in the jeep and pushed it into the river, which is flowing in the deep valley and left to the city as per Kumar’s plan.
*** ****** ***
After one day, Sailaja enquired about Kumar’s whereabouts, she also called Khadir on phone for which he replied that he don’t know anything about him as he was in city on an important personal work. Sailaja got worried, though she dislikes him, she respects him as her husband. Khadir immediately returned to the bungalow, acted like he is enquiring about Kumar everywhere with his relatives and friends. Sailaja and Sulochana worried very much, they prayed god and hoped he would come soon. They finally approached the police after a week; they too started to search all over in the city and other places.

After two weeks, some cattle persons informed about the accident at the cliff to the police. Police recovered the jeep and the body which is almost eaten by fish. Police packed his remaining in a white cloth and brought to the bungalow. Sailaja and Sulochana got shocked and wept heavily. All of their relatives and workers paid homage to Kumar. Sailaja has been widowed, making her to wear a white saree and removed her tilak. Though Sailaja is not satisfied with Kumar, she respects and loves him as a husband. Their first daughter, Divya also brought from her school to the death ceremony of her father. Khadir hated and rediculed her as she is an insane girl and she is daughter of his enemy Kumar.

After 4 days gradually all the relatives left the bungalow, only few old women relatives are sitting in the hall chitchatting. At 10 pm, Khadir entered the bedroom of Sailaja in his own backyard way. In the bedroom, he saw Sailaja is leaning to the cot sitting on the floor; her long hair is completely untied loose and touching the floor. She is looking pale due to weeping continuously. She is also looking very sexy, her cleavage is much clear due to her loose, thin, white blouse and her saree displaced from her chest. Her (his) son is sl**ping on the bed, he is looking healthy due to the care taken by her mother. Khadir bolted the door, sat beside her and placed his hand on her shoulders consolingly. Sailaja looked at him and burst into tears, hugging him. His cock is pulsating in his vest and trying to tear it, as he hasn’t fkd her for 10 days, he is starving to fk her. He doesn’t want to think about her condition, he thinks she is his slut and should open her thighs whenever he needs.

Khadir took her into his embrace consoling her softly. Then Sailaja hugged him and continued to cry, Khadir consoled her saying some nice words about Kumar his fairness, his goodness etc while caressing her, rubbing her back and kissing her neck softly . She slowly stopped weeping, but kept sobbing. She is feeling some relief in his embrace after so many days. She kept embedded in his embrace. Khadir dropped his hand to her waist and started rubbing, Sailaja quickly raised her face looking into his face and moved away from him, saying ‘no’. Khadir became furious but controlled himself. His behavior towards Sailaja has completely changed, after the Kumar’s death. His lust is increasing more and more due to her refusal. Khadir again moved nearer to her saying, ‘Sailu Darling look at yourself, what you did to yourself, your face became gloomy, you are weak for not eating properly for 10 days, how do you feed our son without taking food, look your husband will not return by your worrying, so please look after yourself and our son, come let me solace you, don’t forget that I am here to look after you’. Sailaja sobbing heavily, and then he hugged her brushing smoothly her back and shoulders.

All the relatives and sulochana who are unaware of what’s going on in sailaja’s room are sl**ping sound. Soon Sailaja started feeling more secured with his words. Khadir started slowly kissing and fondling on her neck, shoulders and cheeks. Slowly he lowered his hands to her waist and then started fondling her boobs. Soon her puy became wet. Then Khadir loosened his embrace and held her face with his hands and kissed her shoving his tongue in her mouth and began French kissing. She began to respond and to cooperate with him. Then he started crushing her body in his embrace and kept her to lay on her back on the floor. He started kissing all over her body, bbs, face, nose tip and waist. Sailaja forgot the surroundings about her tragedy and started moaning softly. While kissing her he unhooked, removed her blouse, his shirt and banian. Now he is feeling her bbs on his chest, then he started sucking milk from her bbs. She warned him to not do that as their son needs milk.

Then he lifted her from the floor, removed her remaining cloths and made her completely naked. Then he carefully watched her naked body from top to bottom. Her puy is with thick pubic hair, he asked her why she didn’t remove it but she didn’t answered. He cupped her puy with his left hand, held her bb with his right hand and kissed her mouth deeply. Then standing at her back and held her bbs from behind and squeezed hard. She moaned heavily with pain and removed his hands. Khadir furiously held her hair and kissed her deeply and pushed her to sit on the edge of the bed. Then he removed his pant and vest while she is watching dull, his cock sprang out, it is with his precum at its tip. He held his cock with his right hand and tried to shove into her mouth. Though she refused strongly and tried to push him away , but he caught her both hands with his left hand, and f***ed her to open her mouth with his right hand fingers saying ‘take it dear common’, when she opened her mouth a little due to his f***e, he quickly shoved his cock into her mouth. Then he triumphantly started groaning and fkg her mouth by holding her both hands tightly. Sailaja started gagging and tears turned in her eyes for his behavior. Khadir increased his speed and also shoving his cock deep into her throat, after few minutes with a loud growl he cummed in her throat, emptied his balls and removed his cock from her mouth. Sailaja ran to the wash basin and vomited cum and washed her mouth many times. Then furiously returned to Khadir and slapped him. Khadir became very angry, but he controlled and said ‘I am sorry dear due to our 10 days separation I am not able to control myself’, Sailaja gone into tears and wept keeping her head on his chest.

After sometime she found his cock is poking to her stomach and tried to leave him. Then Khadir caught hold her tummy and made her to bend to the edge of the bed on the support of her hands, kissed her back and ass cheeks, separted her ass cheeks and shoved his tongue into her wet puy and started tongue fkg. Sailaja aroused once again and after eating her puy, she caught hold his cock with his left hand and started massaging it. Khadir moaned happily as he succeded in fkg her mouth. Then he kept the tip of cock at the entrance of her puy and holding her buttock flaps he shoved his cock into her puy hardly. Sailaja screamed loudly and started panting as he pounding her hard. Khadir mercilessly pounded her puy everytime withdrawing his cock outside up to its tip and shoving again deep into her puy. Sailaja is in seventh heaven, her bbs are swinging wildly which are clearly watched by him in the mirror besides and became rage. After 20 mins he cummed inside her puy with a heavy growl and collapsed on her back keeping all his weight on her and started squeezing her bbs hardly , meanwhile she came several times she is moaning with pain and pleasure.

Both fell on the bed panting for few minutes, then Khadir tried to hug her, suddenly her baby awaken and started crying. Sailaja quickly moved away from Khadir and lifted baby, squat on the bed taking baby on her lap and kept her nipple into his mouth. Now all the three in the room are stark naked. Khadir sat on the chair opposite to them, baby is sucking her milk baby’s other hand is holdong her other bb While she is switching the baby to other bb, Khadir watched her puy leaking his white cum like lava, but she is busy with feeding her baby which born to a ****cock. After having milk baby slept in her lap, Sailaja cleaned baby lips with napkin and started brushing baby head and body softly with love. Khadir once again became horny; he carefully lifted the baby kissed and lay in the cradle. Then he turned to Sailaja, she is watching his hard huge cock with grin, Khadir bowed and kissed in her mouth fondling her breasts, she happily moved to the centre of the bed, laid on her back and opened her thighs, still her pussy is dripping with his cum. Khadir took blanket and thoroughly cleaned her puy and his cock, positioned his cock at her puy and rammed it into her and started fkg her ferociously. Sailaja moaning happily she forgotten all the grief and started enjoying sex with her ****** stud. This time Khadir fucked her, laying on her holding her shoulders through her armpits, for more than half-an-hour and cummed in less quantity than before, meanwhile she came two times. They slept naked all the night, while his hands brushing all over her body. In the mid-night when the baby cried, Sailaja woke up and brought him and slept with c***d, feeding him besides Khadir, like with her previous husband. Khadir’s cell phone alarmed at 4 am which he arranged for leaving the bungalow secretly. Khadir kissed Sailaja and the baby and left quickly through the back door.

Sulochana, who is angry with Khadir, once again warned sailaja not to believe Khader, saying that he is not a trustworthy person and to respect Kumar atleast after his death. But, all her efforts are gone in vain.

After two days in the evening, some of the persons who lent money to Kumar came to bungalow and started threatening Salaja and Sulochana to pay their debts otherwise they go judiciary. Salaja got worried and started shivering as they don’t know what to do. Sailaja ringed to Khadir but his cell is switched off. She felt so nervous; meanwhile as every body are longing for Khadir, he came there in the evening. He became furious on the money lenders eloquently. He knows that they cannot do anything as Kumar is dead, so he challenged them they can do whatever they want. Then they came down asked appology and requested to clear their debts slowly when they got money and left the bungalow.

Salaja and Sulochana admired Khadir so much, both felt very happy for his dynamism once again. Knowing that he became their real savior of them, khadir started behaving rudely with them. Though he is their servant, he sat on the sofa with style and rudely commanded them to get some water to drink. At first, Salaja couldn’t understood, later, she startled for a moment and walked hurriedly and to bring water. He proudly, assured them that there won’t be any trouble again; if they trouble again they can call him. By then it was night 10 pm, Khadir raised from sofa, like he is about to leave the bungalow. But Sailaja who is overwhelmed with Khadir's dynamism, don’t want to leave him without getting fkd with him that night. So, she stopped him and asked him to sl**p in the hall as it is late night. Sulochana don’t like Khadir staying in the house, but she kept quite helplessly.

Sulochana kept an eye on the hall from her room. At midnight, Khadir rose from sofa and walked towards Sailaja bedroom. He knocked the door two times slowly, Sailaja opened the door and he entered inside. Sulochana followed him to the bedroom secretly and started watching them through the key hole.
Sailaja is looking like a sex goddess; she had make-up her face with lipstick, tilak and wearing a thin transparent nightey showing all her body inside visible. Khadir's cock raised 90o seeing her in make-up and her dress. She ran towards to Khadir, hugged him and started kisd him deeply. Khadir known that she completely became his slave, and stood calmly without responding. Then she understood he is annoyed with her due to her slap on that day. Then Salaja chuckling like a slut sat down on her knees before him and kissed, rubbed and bitten his cock over his pant. Then slowly she opened his pant zip and watching feelings on his face, she kept her hand inside his underwear and pulled his hard cock outside. It is pulsating with precum at its tip. Watching his face she eagerly licked, tasted its tip and taken his cock into her mouth completely. Khadir wondered for her sudden act and started moaning loudly, closing his eyes saying ‘common baby suck my cock, I love to get suck my cock with you’. Then he made her to squat on the floor, and then leaned her head to the edge of the cot and held her two hands pinned to the bed and in between her shouting he started fkg her mouth mercilessly groaning loud. She is gagging; her mouth corners are paining with his huge cock size. He is shoving his cock up to her throat hardly and enjoying like a maniac. After 10 mins panting with a loud growl he cummed into her throat and ordered her to swallow it. Sailaja swallowed it obediently; he gathered the spilled cum to the mouth sides with the tip of his cock and pushed in her mouth which she eagerly swallowed. She got mad with love on khadir.

Later she washed her mouth in the basin and approached him smiling. Suddenly Khadir slapped her hardly, she fallen on the bed, her cheeks turned red. She understood that he is taking his revenge for slapping him before, understood that she is helpless. Without him she cannot run the business and clear all their debts. With rage Khadir removed her nigh tey, bra and panty making her stark naked. Then Khadir held her hair, between her screams, he warned her to not wear any dress before him after 10pm in the bedroom. She nodded her head obeying, and then he ordered her to lay her on her stomach on the bed. Then he kept two pillows under her abdomen, her puy is opened like a rose flower in between her buttocks. Then Khadir positioned himself to her pussy between her ass cheeks, holding his hard cock with his right hand opened her puy lips with left hand, kept the tip of cock at her cunt entrance and shoved wildly into it, while she is screaming loud. Keeping his hands beneath her chest he started fkg her groaning fanatically, squeezing her bbs hardly making her scream. He fucked her for 30 min and cummed inside her pussy. Later he slept on her keeping his head on her back. Seeing this Sulochana came several times and astonished that her daughter became slave and way of making love to a ***** man who is much elder to her.
Next day, Sulochana met Sailaja and warned to quit Khadir; otherwise all the people abuse her for her irrational behavior soon after the death of her husband. Sailaja perplexed a little and later replied that Khadir is the only person who can save them from business problems, moreover she loves him and believes him completely.

Khadir began to visit the bungalow frequently, soon all the servants and workers known about the illicit relation between Khadir and Sailaja, and the news spread all over the village. Then all the villagers started talking ill of Salaja's awful behavior being a high f****y lady. The villagers stopped inviting her for functions. Sailaja wept for these developments and coming to a decision one day after having sex, she asked Khadir,

Sailaja: Khadir , all the villagers are hating, abusing and insulting me, I am not able to tolerate this anymore. I am afraid to walk in the streets.

K: Sailaja dear don’t worry, villagers are like crows, let them cry, one day they become quite, common let us enjoy (pulling her closer).

Sailaja: Khadir don’t take it easily, I am in deep depression, only you can save me from this misery.

K: common tell me dear, how can I help you. What shall I do?

Sailaja: (after a while) ………please ………marry me.

K: (laughed) Salaja dear what are you saying, don’t you know that I am a *******, how can I marry you. (in himself felt very happy for what she asked, as he can enjoy all her wealth)

Sailaja: Khadir you are enjoying me, made me pregnant, had your son with me, I am mothering your son, you are still fkg me like a whore every day. I sacrificed my respectful f****y life completely for your pleasure, I cheated my beloved husband. I have done so many sacrifices for you, can’t you do a single sacrifice by marrying me. am I not beautiful to get married with ;you? Please marry me. (Tears in her eyes)

K: (after a while) Sailu, don’t weep dear, I love you so much for what you have done for my pleasure and love, if I marry a ****** lady all my relatives and friends hate me.

Sailaja: you used to say that you can do anything for me, even die for me. So is that all a lie?

K: N...oo...Dear No. I love you so much indeed but …… (After a while) So there is only one way for our marriage…………………………….

Helplessly Sailaja accepted to do as he said.

Later Sailaja revealed the entire episode to Sulochana and asked for her support and advice. Sulochana replied that she doesn’t like this marriage and she don’t believe Khadir. She left decision to her will and warned her to be careful. Sulochana decided to leave the bungalow after the marriage, but she loves her daughter very much, however she may be. But she did'nt revealed what khadir has done to her and how he had sex with her, with f***e.

Within a week, Khadir consulted their religious heads and arranged for nikah in his friends resort outside the city. He invited only a few close relatives and friends of his age with their families. His age old parents also present at the marriage. Sailaja is wearing very tight traditional muslim wedding dress. Before wearing wedding dress she fed her son and slept him with her mother. Her daughter divya is also with her mother playing immaturely though she is 18 years old. Khadirs mother on seeing her daughter in law felt very happy and pampered by grasping Sailaja cheeks and chin. Khadir friends felt jealous, and started ogle at Salaja beauty and shapes. All the invitees speaking almost in Urdu.

Khadir wearing his new wedding dress and looking very handsome. Then they performed nikah. After nikah and dinner all the relatives departed to their homes, except few close friends and their spouses remained to arrange first night to newly wedded couple.

Khadir is chatting with his friends on the balcony, while their spouses are decorating the bed for first night in the room upstairs; few remained with Sailaja teasing her how Khadir is going to fk her on the bed that night.

Khadir friends laughing and teasing him, saying ‘how could be he trapped such a homely, modest, wealthy and stunning beauty?

Khadir replied that ‘he didn’t fall for her, she herself offered herself and now asked to marry her and she will do whatever he says’. He also said that he is the only savior of their business after her first husband’s death.

Khadir’s friends taunted again, ‘usually all husbands would take the virginity of their wives on their first nights and what about you as her first husband already fucked her puy and took her virginity’.

Khadir replied ‘she recently sucked his cock, who hated to do it before and now I am going to fk her asshole and take her asshole virginity’.

They said ‘don’t bluff’.

So Khadir replied that ‘they can watch while she is sucking his cock and he is fkg her ass, if they don’t believe him’.

Then he arranged a secret dark place near window to watch their fkg. One of his friends brought tin of butter for ass fkg. All his friends and their wives are tense thinking about them having sex during first night and every man’s cock is hard; every woman puy is wet.

All the women astonished to see her petite gorgeous naked body while she is taking bath; they felt jealous of her body and also for Khadir’s luck. Though they all call Khadir ‘bhaiya’, many of them are attracted to him sexually and eager to sl**p with him. After bath, Salaja pampered kisd and fed her son with her bbs milk leisurely, she is so happy for getting married that too to her most beloved lover Khadir. Women didn’t allow her to wear blouse or any other inner wears, except saree, teasing her saying that it makes difficult for Khadir to remove all these wear before fucking her, Salaja blushed and remained with only saree on her body. Salaja taken by the women into the bedroom and they made her to sit on the bed covering her head completely with her only saree which is on her body.

Khadir entered into the bedroom while his friends are laughing and teasing him from outside. He bolted the door, kept butter tin and aphrodisiac medicine tin on the table. He approached Sailaja on the bed, sat beside her and slowly removed her pallu covering her head. His eyes became half closed on seeing her cute face, he was like in trance. He slowly kisd on her lips, she shyly moved towards his feet and touched his feet, he didn’t tried to lift her, as he like her touching his feet. He drawn her closely and inserted his hand into her sari, as she is naked inside, he found her bbs, both gasped.

Salaja asked about the things which he kept on the table. He picked the aphrodisiac tin and revealed about it. He took mouthful of aphrodisiac and asked her to open her mouth, lying on her back. Then he spat in streaks into the mouth of Sailaja, she drank and she swallowed it calmly. As he became her real husband, he started looking her like his whore, behaving rude with her. But Sailaja is obedient to him and started respecting, believing and loving him more and more, neglecting his rude behavior. Khadir friends are watching secretly through the window tensely squeezing their cocks.

Khadir got down the bed and took off all his clothes becoming stark naked his huge cock is erect and swinging. He walked to Sailaja and ksd her and removed her saree hastily and thrown far on the ground. Sailaja remained stark naked on the bed watching him curiously. Then he made to keep her head leaning to the edge of the bed, sitting on the floor. Then he with his cock, patted all over her face, lips, nose and eyes, while she is giggling. Then he dragged her to kneel before him, opened her mouth wide by shoving his fingers and hastly shoved his cock into her mouth and started fkg her mouth wildly. After 10 min he cummed in her mouth and left her head. Sailaja rushed to the basin and spat and washed her mouth. She is looking gorgeous while walking to him. Just before marriage she started to practice gym to keep her body fit to attract Khadir.

Khadir took his camera and started clicking her continuously though she is avoiding him shyly. Then he kept her on the edge of the bed on her back and took her legs on his shoulders and shoved his cock into her puy hardly and between her moaning and his groaning he fucked her for 20 min and cumd into her puy. He took close up photos of her cum dripping puy. Later she diverted him talking about their business and she asked to develop their business and clear all the debts as soon as possible. Khadire revealed the way that he is going to improve business. Salaja felt very happy by hearing this.

Soon his cock became hard, she skd it for a while greedily with overwhelmed love. Then he took butter tin and made her to kneel on the bed. Sailaja thought that he is going to take her puy in doggy style, but he started kissing and lickng her ass hole and tried to insert his finger into it. Sailaja startled and turned on her back refusing to fk her ass hole, Khadir said that he wants to take her ass virginity as it is tradition to take bride’s virginity on first night. As she is still afraid, he f***ed her to kneel, pinned her head to the bed, opened the butter tin and took a portion of butter with his left hand fingers and applied into her ass hole deeply. Later he applied butter to his cock tip, and started finger fkg her ass hole. After a while her ass hole splincter muscles became loose. Then he kept the tip of his cock on its entrance and shoved it with f***e, after few attempts his cock tip entered her anus. Then Khadir became a****l and shoved his complete tool in one attempt making her anus to bleed, in between her loud cries. After crying for a while, Sailaja not able to kneel due to pain, so she fell flat on the bed. Khadir took 2 pillows and lifted her holding her abdomen and kept the pillows under her stomach making her position suitable to fk her anus. Then triumphantly, mercilessly he started fkg her ass hole with hard strokes, soon his cock glued completely with her bl**d. After 100 hard strokes with a loud groan he cumd into her anus and after a moment he removed his cock from her ass hole. Sailaja got fainted in the same position, his cum, mixed with her bl**d is leaking from her ass hole. He took a close photograph of that view, wore a small towel on his waist and left bedroom triumphantly to meet his friends, who are watching their copulation.

Khadir friends welcomed him with big applause and claps and after a brief talk, they left the resort with their spouses admiring his fortune and guts.
When Khadir returned to bedroom, she is taking bath. Khadir opened the unbolted door and dragged a chair and sat observing her shapes shaking and sizes while taking bath. After bath, she wrapped a towel around her body covering her chest upto her thighs. She is walking with difficult due to her ass pain. Then Khadir took some ointment tube approached her and asked her to bend for applying it to the sore part of her anus. She obeyed and bent on the bed, and then he took some portion of ointment with fingers, shoved into her anus and applied to the inner walls of her anus. After that Salaja kissed him passionately for showing care for her. They heard crying sound of her son and somebody knocked the door, Khadir opened the door slightly. Sulochana is carrying the crying baby and tried to handover to Khadir saying ‘he is hungry, tells her mother to feed him’. Khadir stood watching her without receiving the baby and said why you don’t feed the baby with your huge bbs milk, looking at her bbs hungrily. Sulochana got puzzled and left the baby in his hands and hurriedly left the place with fear.

Khadir pampered his son and brought to Salaja and placed near her, baby eagerly caught her nipple with his mouth and started sucking. Sailaja is completely naked, Khadir removed all his clothes and laid behind, close to her, his cock is touching her ass cheeks. Then he lifted her leg and placed on his thigh, positioned his cock at the entrance of her puy and shoved into it from behind. Squeezing, sucking her other bb, kissing her shoulders, he started fkg her shoving his cock deep into her puy. Both father and son are enjoying Salaja at the same time. He cumd into her and turned to other side and slept snoring, Salaja too slept keeping her nipple in the mouth of her son.

In the morning Salaja rose early and covered naked Khadir and baby with blanket smiling at his naughty behavior at night. Khadir ordered Salaja to look over his parents and provide what they want. She obediently went to their parents and arranged for their bath, prepared coffee and tiffin to them from kitchen. At 9 am she awakened Khadir, and then he grabbed and kissed her squeezing her bbs over blouse. He usually gets horny during early mornings on the bed. Then he asked to bolt the door, instead of her shy protests, ’just now I took my bath’, he dragged her on to the bed and raised her nigh tee above her waist and inserted his cock into her puy and fucked hardly for 20 min and cummed. She too enjoyed his hard cock happily and then she left into the bathroom to take bath once again. Khadir followed her and tapped the door to open, first she refused to open and later she opened allowing him into. There both became naked and took bath, Salaja personally bathed Khadir rubbing with her own hands with soap, she also thoroughly cleaned his cock with soap and sent out. After having breakfast, all of them left the resort and reached the bungalow, on the way Khadir left his parents at their house.

After this, Khadir got busy in their business works and tried hardly to improve the business, but he felt it very difficult to get profits and he decided to sell the orchard and clear all of their debts. In other way, he also planned his own real estate business, for this Sailaja asked help of her mother to lend 5 lakh rupees money for his husband’s business capital. Sulochana refused to give money saying that it is her money and nobody has right compell her. Khadir understood that Sulochana is wealthier than Sailaja, she is having her ancestral properties and fields and her husband’s insurance and other benefits which makes her wealthier than her daughter. He started liking Sulochana more and more day by day after knowing she is wealthy. He found it is more beneficial if he able to tackle Sulochana. Khadir decided strongly to trap her, how difficult it may be. Somehow, because of his previous sex experience with her, he found it is easy to trap her with sex.(part 3 ends)

One day at midnight, after having sex with Sailaja, he casually came out of the bedroom and observed that the door of Sulochana room is stil not bolted. He curiously went downstairs and opened the door and entered inside. He saw Sulochana sl**ping on the bed, wearing nigh tee; it is raised up to her thighs, her bbs are moving up and down due to her breathing. Khadir became aroused and his cock rose like a steel rod, he decided to fk her at any cost; if she doesn’t accept he intended to even **** her. Looking her greedily, Khadir removed all his dress and got on to the bed moved close to her and laid on the support of his left elbow and slowly inserted his hand to reach her puy, he exhaled by feeling her smooth puy lips and kisd on her lips. Sulochana awakened suddenly, switched on the bed lamp and startled to see Khadir besides her and got down the bed yelling at him. She stood leaning to wall breathing heavily. She looked like angel to Khadir, he rushed to her, pinned her to wall and kissed her mouth deeply, grabbing her bbs. Sulochana pushed him with f***e, threatened him that she calls Sailaja. Khadir became furious and inserted his both hands into her upper opening of nigh tee and in one rip he tore her nigh tee up to her abdomen and dropped it down making her stark naked. Sulochana started struggling in his embrace, he lifted her and thrown her on the bed and caught hold her bbs with his mouth and started sucking and squeezing, from there he moved to her stomach, abdomen and finally reached her puy , like a hungry street dog he started eating her puy. All the time, Sulochana is trying to stop him shouting, but her strength is nothing before his. Then Khadir kneeled before puy, took one leg on his shoulder making her in awkward position and kept his huge cock at her puy entrance and wildly entered her puy making her moan loud. Then mercilessly he fucked her for 30 min, though she is requesting him to cum outside, he cummed inside her puy growling loudly and with a big smile of extreme pleasure. Sulochana remained weeping after he dismounted her.
Then he consoled her and praised her beauty, her juicy bbs and puy tightness, warmth of her cunt. Sulochana too felt the pleasure of sex and she too doesn’t want to lose it. Moreover, she is angry with Sailaja for doing this stupid thing by marrying Khadir. She thinks that Khadir is more suitable to him than to her daughter.

Then Sulochana replied while sobbing that she is afraid of getting pregnant. Khadir answered that now she is his woman completely, and she needs not to worry about anybody and anything. Sulochana asked what if Sailaja knows their affair. Khadir said that he will dump his wife (her daughter), if she objects their relation.
Sulochana didn’t trusted khadir but she is helpless. She knows that sailaja is hopeless to help her. She stopped weeping and sat naked folding her legs with sorrow face, thinking about future. Khadir felt her more attractive in that pose, he became horny once again and his cock rose. Then Sulochana came to a conclusion that it is better to continue affair with khadir than revealing this to sailaja. Khadir approached her with lust, hugged and k** her passionately. This time Sulochana too responded to him equally. Soon they get laid on the bed once again and started having sex, but this time with more passion. Khadir ksd, sucked and licked every inch of her body, especially her bbs, lips, puy, and her anal region also. Later she himself held his cock and placed its tip at her vagn hole. He entered her eagerly and fucked her for 1 hr in various angles and finally he cmd inside her with a loud growl and collapsed on her.

After 10 min he opened the door to go upstairs, to his astonishment he saw Sailaja right outside the door, watching him furiously. Suddenly she pushed him aside and entered Sulochana’s room and dragged her naked mother down the cot and started fighting with her holding her hair and slapping hardly, scolding with filthy words. Sulochana stunned with this sudden act and tried to resist her, but failed at the strength of her daughter, she fell down the floor naked. Soon Khadir rushed to them and tried to separate them, but Sailaja pushed him hardly and started kicking her mother, then she fell on her and started strangling her. Then Khadir dragged Sailaja with f***e and slapped her hard.

Sailaja started crying aloud, scolding her mother, ‘bitch, why couldn’t you find another man other than my husband, How can you fk your son like s-i-l, Now you are no more my mother, bitch, you are my rival wife (co-wife}, bitch you go away from my house’. Then she picked a knife outside and tried to drive into Sulochana’s body. Khadir slapped once again and shouted, ‘Sailaja hold your tongue behave yourself, we can talk about this, she is no less to you in this house, no one can send her away, those who hates her itself shall leave this house ’. Then Sailaja ran into her bedroom. Khadir lifted Sulochana from the floor and consoled her embracing softly. Then he found scratches on her shoulders, chest made by Sailaja, he tried to examine but Sulochana refused and ran into bathroom weeping. Later she returned after taking bath, Khadir personally applied ointment all over on her scratches.

Sulochana wept saying , I loved her(Sailaja) so much, I sacrificed my life to her, I remained alone to look after her without getting remarried in this early age, Now that bitch tried to kill me, I won’t forgive her for this, from today she is my enemy’. After she slept, Khadir left her to upstairs bedroom. Sailaja was sl**ping to one edge distantly with her son unlike every day, Khadir tried to hold her, but she pushed him, saying ‘why don’t you go to that old bitch to copulate, don’t come to me’. Khadir tried to convince her but she was desperate. Finally that day, Khadir slept without having sex with her.

From that day both mother and daughter remained without talking to each other. From that day Sailaja didn’t allowed Khadir to fk her, saying you can’t fk both mother and daughter, if you want her go with her’. Every day, after midnight when Sailaja is slept Khadir used to fk Sulochana secretly, anticipating that Sailaja would accept him for sex soon. But as it didn’t happen even after a month, Khadir gradually developed grudge over Sailaja. Sailaja used to feel horny during nights, when Khadir leaves to Sulochana’s room. While her son sucking her npls, she used dildo or banglore brinjal or her fingers until she comes and gets satisfied.

Then one day Khadir’s distant relative chacha, Afzal Khan (45) came to the bungalow in his chevorlet car, invited by Khadir, who is a very wealthy person having many businesses, lives in Bombay, with his both wives in different houses. Khadir felt very happy, he respects his chacha very much, and he helped his f****y financially. He came to purchase the orchard, and he is in a thought of converting it into a race-course. Khadir welcomed him and provided guest room besides their bedroom.

Afk is a very active person, though he is 45, he looks like 35 years old. He is having a very fit body, and looks like a Hollywood hero. Everybody think that he would be very handsome at his young age. Afk on seeing both women (Sulochana, Sailaja) in Khadir’s house felt very lucky to watch and talk with them. He used to play jokes and make everybody laugh. Everyday Af used to go for surveying the garden and returns to bungalow for taking meal. Af’s is actually is a gangster, he is a smuggler, d**g dealer and weapon supplier. He has done many offenses and surviving without getting caught from police. His secret underground business is known to only few people in Bombay. Above all, he is a big womanizer. His both wives gave him 4 sons and his last wife is 32 years old.

Sailaja kept annoyed with his mother and never talked with her from that day. She used to talk with Khadir. Even at the dining table, she used to serve Khadir and Af only. Khadir ordered Sulochana to keep Af’s room clean and to help him, as he going to help them by buying the orchard for a big price, with which they can clear all the debts and be happy in the city.
During night after having meal, Sailaja used to go Af’s room to arrange his bed and drinking water. Af used to talk with her so compassionately, he used to play jokes to make her laugh, when they are alone in the room. Sailaja respects afjal as a elder f****y member and treats him special as he is going to help them by purchasing their orchard at a good price, by which they can pay their debts. She doesen’t know that afjal is a womanizer.

One day, afjal played a joke, Sailaja was laughing heavily and she didn’t notice that her pallu dropped down from her chest exposing her shaking bbs, while she laughing. Af stunned seeing her finely shaped bbs. That view of her changed the mind of Af and he started lusting for her.

Af also noticed all the happenings in that house, he too noticed Khadir leaving to Sulochana’s room at midnight. He thought that it is very easy to trap Sailaja in that atmosphere. From that day he started to get close to her with his charming talk. He used to feel pity before her for her condition in that house; he says that his maids live more happily than Sailaja in this house. Sailaja used to feel happy with his consoling talk and liked to talk with him for more and more time every day. She used to talk with Af until Khadir returns home, even at late hours. Once she asked Af about her three wives, Af with sad face replied that though he is having three wives and sufficient wealth, his wives and c***dren used to torture him for more and more money and never bothered about his happiness. Sailaja showed her sympathy towards him, as he is not happy though he is so wealthy. Af never revealed the truth, that he is a gangster and smuggler.

One day while sailaja is arranging bed, Af sat opposite to her on sofa. Her saree got displaced, exposing her cleavage. As she has to lactate her baby frequently, she is not wearing any bra and left her first two hooks unhooked, making a feast of her milky, mango size boobs cleavage to the eyes of afjl. Afjl watching her cleavage, ass eagerly and getting horny, Sailaja got aware this and got annoyed and tried leave the room hurrily, but Af held her hand and tried to apologize, in hurry he accidentally picked her waist, which made her angry and she away from his room. Af became sad for losing her companionship.

Next day she tried to avoid him and kept without talking to him. But she got disturbed and not able to forget Af’s horny looks and his touch. The other day Af tried to stop her for appology, but Sailaja refused saying that, ‘it is not proper to you to behave irrational with a daughter aged woman, you are like my father’.

The other day Khadir went to visit doctor with Sulochana as she is not feeling well. Af who also prepared to go city, postponed it knowing that Sailaja will be alone in the bungalow. He waited until she goes to bath, opened her bedroom door and entered. He ducked behind curtain; Sailaja came out of bathroom with a towel covering her body and removed it completely becoming naked to get dressed. Af, who is dying with lust plunged over her and hugged her tender, beautiful and well shaped body. Sailaja shouted and started abusing him, but Af cornered her saying ‘Jubi (her ****** name) your husband is neglecting you and enjoying with your old mother every night, but you are wasting your youth, your are deceiving yourself, come with me I will keep you like a queen, I myself be your slave, you will be very happy in my place’.

Sailaja picked a small towel and covered her chest, with other hand she trying to cover her bushy cunt and moving away from him saying, ‘Uncle don’t talk like that to me, you are like my father and I am your daughter, it is sin to desire for me, I am your son’s wife, so please leave me otherwise I will call others. Whatever you are thinking about my mother and my husband is totally wrong’. she bluffed.

Af moved closer to her saying, ‘Don’t bluff dear, you know the affair between your mother and husband, why are you feeling guilty, you are not doing anything wrong that was not done by your mother and husband, if they are fucking each other why can’t we, come on dear, my 3rd biwi(his own s****r) is also only a little older than you in age, I will make you as my wife, I am confident that I can satisfy you sexually, I will transfer all my properties to you, you will be rich than your mother and husband’. Sailaja scratched on the chest of Af making bl**d out of scratches. Af became furious and shouted at her saying, ‘if you won’t surrender to me, I will go away and nobody buy yours orchard and your debts remain uncleared the money lenders will sue you’. Sailaja felt in defencive thinking due to his warnings and also she is loosing her resistance slowly, as khadir has not fucked her for 10 days. Af soon muffled her mouth with his hand and lifted her in his arms and rushed carrying her to his room while she kept wriggling. He placed her on his foam bed and quickly locked the door.

Sailaja became defenseless, she started begging him, but Af consoling her sayng ‘No dear, I want to help you, I want you to make happy again, nobody can know our affair, even if your husband knows, no problem, I can protest him and make you mine for ever’. Sailaja wanted to shout aloud but she is not able to shout. Af held her folded legs and dragged down and started licking her claves, legs, fingers, thighs and finally he dipped his face into her groin and inhaled with lust and moved to her belly, naval, belly button and reached her juicy bbs and violently started sucking her bbs making her moan and weep helplessly. Then he reached her face and kisd her cheeks, nose, eyes, ears and fanatically started kissing her mouth leaving his spit in her mouth.

Sailaja protesting him by pushing his head away, but slowly her protests are becoming feable Af lifted her both legs and kept on his both shoulders and with f***e he started licking, sucking and eating her puy. He is master making women mad by licking their pussy. Slowly Sailaja protests becoming weak even though she is begging him with her musical voice. Af is not paying any attention to her pleadings and busy in his work.

‘Ple..a…s…e … Unc….le lea….ve meeeee…….. I am ma..rr….i..ed…………… I res….pec…ted y… my fathe….r aaaahhhhh …. Noooooo… no ssshhh …..hhhaaaa…..ammaaaa (Af making her mad with pleasure.

Slowly she is surrendering herself completely. Knowing this Af raised his face from her groin and started stroking his cock to make it hard and fingering her pusy with other hand ) please…..please I beg you ssssshhhh…. Hhaaaaa.. leave me (Af kept tip of his cock at the entrance of her puy and positioned). I am like …….you……r daug…hte…..r….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh (Af gripped his jaws tightly and mercilessly shoved his cock into her cunt) ….n ooooooooo ple……a..ssssss……it pai……ns….aaaaaaahhhhhh’.

Af intended to impress her strongly with his fkg skills, so that she himself becomes his sex slave there after. So, Af fkg her violently, for every bang Sailaja body is shaking like a feather, he is withdrawing his cock up to its tip and banging harder and harder. Sailaja was not been fucked like that for long time, she came many times. slowly she completely surrendered to him and moaning sweetly. Af is in heaven to fk such a cute *******f****y woman. A

fter a while he changed his posture, he rolled her to tilting position, laid on close to her back, kept her right thigh on his waist and groomed her puy feeling her clit, shoved his cock into her puy from behind tightly and started fkg by holding her left bb tightly. Now Sailaja is in seventh heaven, Af turned her face back towards him and kissing her mouth leaving his spit on her mouth. Later he made her to bend in doggy style and shoved his cock from behind, her puy is lubricated well with her juices and making ‘thup …thup’ sound for every bang. After 45 min, he again started fkg her in missionary style until he loses all his strength. before he cumms, sailaja pleaded with her sweet voice ,’please don’t cum inside me please.’
ignoring her with a loud growl, afjal cummed his huge load of warm semen into her puy. Sailaja felt so warm inside her puy, involuntary a smile developed on her face feeling the warmness of his cum.

Then after getting his cock limp, he slowly withdrawn his cock from puy and made her to lie on her back close to him. He cuddled her body and kept sucking milk from her bbs one after the other for 10 mins.

Later he rose from the bed and lighted a cigarette satisfactorily watching her naked body on the bed. Sailaja is lying with her thighs widened, thick white cum is dripping out slowly from her cunt hole. Af became horny again after watching that scene, he clicked it with his camera and her naked body in different angles. After a while Sailaja got into senses and started sobbing. Af tried to console her, she ran out towards her bedroom, while her anklets are jingling. By then it was about 7 pm and getting darker, they had sex for almost 1 hr. Afk scared a little, thinking that what if she complaints to Khadir’.

Sailaja entered her bedroom and bolted and laid on the bed on her belly digging her face into pillow and burst into tears. After a while, her son got awakened and started crying. Sailaja moved to him and kept her boob nipple into his mouth. While the baby suckling milk from her bb, she started talking to the baby strangely, ‘ All the men are alike dear, they are all like b**sts, I respected him like my father, but he desired for me, he fucked me very hard dear, his cock is like steel rod, I begged him that I am like his daughter but he did’nt listened to me, he smashed my body for 1 hr, my puy is still soar dear, he also drank much of your milk from my boobs dear, he was suckling shameless like a dog, he cummed a huge load into my womb, it might be about a ounce, what if I become pregnant dear with that?’.

After a while, she got relaxed and cooled with a nap and started recollecting what afk has done to her. A faint smile developed on her lips, then she started talking to the baby, ‘but dear though he is a little older, he fucked me like almost your father, he also licked my puy very nicely, I felt much pleasure after so many months, he is asking me to go with him, he says that he keeps me like a queen in his place, shall we go dear (laughing),,,,,,,,,,,, my god! Your father kills me dear’. Sailaja felt that it is the best way to take revenge over Khadir for his affair with her mom, Sulochana. She feels that it is like‘TIT FOR TAT’ to Khadir especially.Then she took head bath and wore a loose nigh tey and slept soundly. She started liking Afjal khan.

Next day, at breakfast; Sailaja behavrf like nothing happened the night before and serving breakfast to Khadir only. She is trying to avoid Af. Af is cracking some jokes, he understood that sailaja did’nt informed anything to khadir. Then Af secretly kept his hand on her ass cheeks and fondled. Sailaja startled and remained calm. After breakfast, she is preparing lunch alone in the kitchen; servant gone out on other work. Af is waiting until the servant leaves the kitchen and entered calmly into the kitchen. Sailaja is busy in cooking; Af moved closer to her and hugged her from her back. Sailaja startled seeing Af, she tried to free herself from his hold, but Af held her both bbs over her blouse and began talking to her in husky voice, while kisg, licking her ears, neck. Sailaja remained calm, making only sounds. His cock is poking her ass cheeks. After a while,

‘Please go away, don’t make any mess here, servant may watch us’

‘So it is ok for you, if nobody watches us isn’t it? She has gone out just now dear;
she is not going to come so soon.’

‘What do you want you from me?’

‘Look, I love you so much. I want you to be happy for ever. You are the most beautiful woman. Yesterday, I fucked the most cute and beautiful angel ’.

‘You are a very mean person, what happened if anybody watched us in that situation’

‘I don’t care to anybody dear; I am ready to die or kill anybody for you’.

Poor sailaja believed Afjlk. She became a little emotional with his words and turned facing him. Af overwhelmed to see her face so close to him and both kissed very passionately. Sailaja got surrender to him completely. Now she is ready to become even a ’keep’ as afjal is so wealthy, and also to take revenge on both khadir and her mom, for cheating her.

Then Af lifted her in his arms and, Sailaja is cooperating him like she is in trance. Looking deep into her eyes, he once again kissed her deeply. Then he lifted her saree along with petty coat, above her waist exposing her bushy cunt and placed her on the edge of kitchen platform. He widened her thighs, inhaling her bushy cunt; he started eating her puy ferociously. Sailaja is in seventh heaven, thinking that the wealthiest person is dying for her and eating her puy and drinking its juice. While licking her puy, he unhooked her blouse, kept open and squeezing both boobs. Then he shifted to her bbs and started eating her bbs violently.

After a while, he dropped his pyjama and holding his hardenedcock in his right hand looking deep into her eyes, he shoved hardly into her puy and started pounding her puy hardly. Sailaja enjoying his hardcock and meanwhile she is watching the door. After 10 min , he changed her to doggy position by making her to hold the kitchen platform and shoved his cock into her puy and holding her ass cheek flaps he banged her hardly and controlling his growl he cummed inside her womb taking her to seventh heaven. Later Sailaja wiped Af’scock with a cloth piece sitting on her knees; soon Af left the room just before the servant returned. Sailaja adjusted her cloths but cum released by Af is flowing out of her puy along her thighs towards her feet. She quickly ran into bathroom and raised her saree and took a blob of cum from her pussy and smelled it and then washed her pussy.

Next day night at dinner table, Afjal signalled Sailaja to come to his room later when Khader leaves to Sulochana’s room. Sailaja chuckled and replied silently that she is not coming. Afjal kept his face pleasingly. Then Sailaja laughed and nodded her head accepting to come to his room.

At night 9 pm, Khadir left to Sulochana’s room. After making the baby to sl**p, Sailaja carefully entered into Af’s bedroom. Afjal is waiting restless for her, he hugged, kissed her and made her to sit on his lap and took her hand and wore a beautiful ring while kissing deeply, saying it costs 35 thousand rupees. Sailaja felt very happy and kissed him deeply in his mouth, and then she removed her saree and opened her blouse showing her juicy bbs. Afjal watching her like intoxicated with half closed eyes, he asked her ‘why don’t you wear a bra’, she replied, ‘it is difficult to feed baby with bra’. Then she took off her blouse completely and laid on the bed on her back with only petty coat on her body. Afjal hurrily removed his dress and mounted himself on her completely and started kissing leisurely, then he shifted to her bbs and sucked all the milk from her both bbs. Then untied hem of petty coat and took off from her body and kept her both legs on his shoulders and shoved his hard cock into her pussy deeply.

Afjal fkg Sailaja is now getting fucked woth afjl with smile on her face, then suddenly the door tapped, Afjalbecame impatient and kept fkg her, but Sailaja suggested him to look over. Afjal withdrawn his cock from her puy unwillingly and dressed hastily, meanwhile Sailaja ducked inside bathroom. Afjalopened the door and startled to see Khadir outside and invited him stumbling. Without entering into bedroom, Khadir asked for Sailaja, Afjalreplied that she is not there. When Khader is about to return, she saw Sailaja’s blouse on the floor and got surprised and rushed to it , took into his hands and confirmed that it is her’s. Khadir felt suspicious and started to search Sailaja in that room, Afjalgot tense with his behavior and tried to convince him to look outside. All of sudden, Khadir opened the bathroom, and shocked to see Sailaja half naked there. He understood everything went there for all these days and became enraged and dragged Sailaja out from bathroom and started slaping her like an a****l, she started cry ing with fear. Afjalpushed Khadir away from Sailaja to rescue her. Khadir started abusing Afjalwith filthy words and rushed towards him to kill. Soon Afjaltook his pistol and aimed at Khader saying, ‘ Khadir, why are you beating her like an a****l, she didn’t make anything wrong, she has done the same thing that you are doing with her mother before her eyes, moreover, it is not her fault, it is mine, I myself f***ed her to sl**p with me, if you touch her again I will certainly shoot you’. Khadir retarded seeing pistol. Sailaja wrapped her saree around her body and ducked behind Afjalfearing like a deer. Soon Sulochana too came to the venue, and understood what happened before and became furious.

Khader is like a wounded lion, he started abusing Sailaja with filthy words, Sailaja stood weeping behind Af. Sulochana too started scolding Sailaja, but Sailaja replied that her mother is the reason for this entire incident and started abusing her. Soon Khader came to a decision and ordered Sailaja to leave the bungalow and village immediately; if he sees her again certainly he will murder her. Sailaja got depressed very much, Afjal convinced her to leave the house and go along with him. Sailaja refused to leave the house weeping for more than one hour and finally agreed as she is helpless. When she tried to take her son with her, Khadir furiously warned her that the baby belongs to him and she even should not touch his baby. Sailaja shocked to hear that and begged him to give her the baby, but in vain. Khadir roared that if she wants her baby, she can have through court. She retarded with fear after hearing his decision, because it exposes herirrational behaviour to everybody. Afjal too convinced her that later she can get her son through court, in other hand he is very happy as the most beautiful ******woman is going to be his own property for ever. Sulochana too did’nt tried to support sailaja, as she tried to kill her. At that moment in emotion, it is better to send her out, because she is her rival wife.

Unwillingly, with heavy grief Sailaja left the bungalow weeping along with Afjalin his car. After reaching the limits of the village Sailaja bursted into tears sobbing heavily, Afjal stopped the car and started convincing her holding her in his embrace. After a while she exploded on Afjaltoo saying that because him all this happened, but restrained as there is her fault too. Later she determined to move along with Af. Sailaja slept due to exhaustion in the car and awaken by Af, at a lodge besides the highway in the early morning. They entered the hotel room and waiter brought coffee and all the material for both of them to get freshen. After having coffee Afjalgone for bath, Sailaja kept laid sobbing on the bed. Afjalreturned from bath, consoled and convinced her to get refresh. After having breakfast they left to Bombay, in journey Afjaldescribed about the estate that they were going to stay. Sailaja is hearing all passively, she is thinking about her son.

Soon they reached Bombay and crossed the city, on the way Afjal showed his buildings and apartments which he owned. Sailaja surprised to see his assets and finally they reached the estate in the outskirts at evening. The estate occupied in over 50 acres most of the area is growing with different types of flower plants which are supplied to even other countries. Inside there is a dairy with huge cattle, the milk is supplied to all over the city every day. More than 25 workers are there in the estate. A big duplex building is in the middle surrounded by few small houses and few huts around with a pakka road. Some servants approached running, when car stopped a woman, (later known her name is Mary, a Tamilian) assisted them towards their bedroom. Sailaja feeling like she is dreaming, she is not able to digest that luxury, once she desired to live along with her first husband, kumar.

After a while, Afjal gone out to talk with a servant with strong muscular body (later she known as Joseph, husband of Mary), Afjal is talking very friendly with him. He is folding his hands and nodding his head for Af’s directions. They seemed to be talking about some secret. Observing all this below through the window, Sailaja left for bath, she kept bathing in hot water tub for an hour relaxingly. Sailaja awaken with Af’s call she wrapped a towel and came out of bathroom, there Afjal shown few new clothes, sarees, nigh teys, bras, underwear etc., which Sailaja wear after, Afjal promised to take her to shopping on next day.
Later the cook, an old woman called them for dinner. All the dishes are of non-vegetarian. After dinner, both watched TV for some time, before going to sl**p Sailaja observed outside the building, every house is sl**ping early at 9 pm. Then she heard Afjal calling her, she moved into the hall, but he is not there, she felt shy knowing that he is calling her into bedroom. Slowly Sailaja entered the bedroom, Afjal lying on the bed raised and sat on its edge, Sailaja bolted the door. Afjal stretched his hand and motioned her to come near. Sailaja approached him giggling; he made her to sit on his left thigh, smelling fragrance of jasmines on her plait , rubbed his face on her bbs over nigh tey saying,

Afjal ; Jubi dear from today onwards you are mine for ever, I will make you so happy, there are no body important for me other than you, I love you so much dear ?.

Sailaja; What about your 2 wives and c***dren won’t they throw me away?

Afjal ; No dear, I will permanently got awaymore than 5 crores for you and me, we shall have babies and live happily in this peaceful atmosphere.

Sailaja; shyly, do you want many babies, as per your custom?

Afjal ; No, I want a beautiful baby girl like you and a beautiful baby boy, that's all?
Suddenly Sailaja reminded Divya her daughter, son Munna and became sad. But Afjal didn’t notice it.

As Sailaja remained calm thinking about her daughter and son, then Afjal understood her condition and without wasting any time, he unhooked her nigh tey buttons above and pulled down her nigh tey below her chest exposing her bbs only. Sailaja who is inattentive, thinking about her babies, became shy and tried to cover with her hands. Afjal hastily removed her hands over her bbs. He watched her bbs very closely, it were filled completely with milk, as she didn’t fed his baby since the day before. Afjal hungrily opened his mouth wide and tugged her bb into his mouth and started sucking her milk, Sailaja felt much relief and started moaning with her sweet voice. Afjal moved her to lay down on the bed without leaving her bb from his mouth, after laying down her in tilted position, Afjal started sucking her bbs like a hungry calf, while squeezing her ass and other bb, after emptying one he switched to another bb. After completely emptying her both bbs, he raised his face and keenly watched her face; Sailaja smiled closing her eyes with shy. Afjal raised and removed his clothes and became nude while Sailaja is watching and approached her with his limped cock. Sailaja understood that what he is going to do and readily opened her mouth widely lying on her back, with her head on the pillow. Afjal sat on her bbs keeping his both knees on both side of her head, bowing forwards he kept his limp cock into Sailaja mouth, it’s tip is already wet with his precum, her eyes shined seeing it, then eagerly she opened her mouth wide and kept his cock in her mouth and started sucking it like a mango making sounds, soon it became semi erect, Afjal took position leaning on his both hands, fukd her mouth ferociously and cummed in her mouth growling loudly. Afjal in between his panting ordered Sailaja to swallow it, Sailaja obeyed it and swallowed it completely. Afjal opened her mouth with tested inside with his fingers for his cum remaining and weirdly he spat into her mouth and kissed her deeply.

After a while, the electric lights gone off, Afjal opened the window doors widely allowing fresh air. Then he motioned Sailaja to come near, she walked to him, Afjal removed her nigh tey completely, which was remained below her waist and tossed it. He motioned her to bend at window, but Sailaja refused, saying that somebody may watch them from outside below. But Afjal f***ed her to do, asked her to widen her legs and groomed her groin to find her clit and soon he kept the tip of his cock at her puy entrance and shoved his cock deep inside her puy making her moan with pain and pleasure. He started fkg her violently, holding her tiny tummy and squeezing her bbs hardly. After 10 mins, with a loud growl, he cummed inside her puy and kept his cock inside until it loosed last drop and withdrawn out of her puy. Before he has withdrawn his cock from her puy, the power came on and lights glow exposing her naked body to outside. Sailaja startled for that sudden light she noticed that a man watched her suddenly; he is none other than Joseph. Her complete nude body is visible up to her navel is visible outside through window. Sailaja ran away from the window and cursed Joseph. Later Afjal slept snoring, but at early morning he once again removed all her clothes and fucked her for 30 min and cummed inside her. He is very eager to make her pregnant. It is his ambition, to impregnate a ****** lady and have a baby from her.

Within few days, Sailaja and Mary became good friends. Mary is a c***dless woman, she got some gyneic problem. Sailaja tried to contact khadir on phone, but it is switched off. Sailaja felt sad reminding her son,Munna.

At bungalow, sulochana cooled kahdir, but first he burst into tears, hugging her tightly like a c***d. Later after three days, he became normal. Sulochana took complete care about munna, initially he too cried for his mom and after two days he too became normal and started roaming behind sulochana. As the houses of workers are outside the bungalow, they didn’t know what happened. Sulochana lied to them that she has gone for her studies and will return soon.

Days are passing.

Khadir (now aged 42) spending most of the time with sulochana (now aged 49) and fkg her 2/3 times every day. He is looking after his new business of transport in the town. He wants to make her pregnant, for getting credit of that man who had se with both mom and daughter and made them pregnant. Sulochana is also very happy with khadir; she is feeling like one who found treasure, which she lost long back. She suggested khadir that it is better to sell all the property there and leave to a new place far away from this. Kahdir liked her advice, he sold the palace along with orchard for a big amount, but shown her only a part of its money, stealing her remaining money for his own. Sulochana too did’nt suspected Khadir in blind love. They left the place and settled in a small town near mumbai. Before they moved into new place, sulochana got tied with mangalasutra by khadir, this time he married her in the manner sulochana liked to get married.

One day sailaja heard some shouts from Joseph’s house, it is Mary crying. Sailaja rushed to down and by then Joseph is dragging Mary by her hair. Mary is crying and pleading him to leave, but he slapped her, so that she fallen on the ground. Sailaja ran in between them and dragged Mary away from him, saying, ‘stop it’. Joseph gravely shouted at sailaja, ‘move away from here’. Sailaja felt ashamed and all of sudden she slapped Joseph, hardly. All the other workers who are watching this scared of Joseph, astonished for this sudden incident. All the workers in the farm are afraid of Joseph; he is like no.2 in the farm after Afjal . Joseph retarded and hastily walked into his home. Mary thanked sailaja, and advised to not come outside of the building, as these men are not good. Sailaja too felt that she would have not slapped Joseph. But Joseph looked normal after that incident, like he has not taken it very seriously.

Sulochana found cellphone while she arranging things in her bedroom. She switched it on after so many months. She found in a message that one number called for more than 50 times, just after few days sailaja left them. She felt that it might be sailaja’s phone number. Her motherly instinct f***ed her to call the same number, which she done eagerly.

Sailaja felt extreme happy on seeing number on ringing cell phone; she anticipated that it would be her mom. She lifted phone, by hearing the voice of her mom, tears rolled on her cheeks. She controlled herself and called her, ‘mom, are you alright’. Sulochana too started tears in her eyes, she replied, ’baby, are you alright ’. By that time both of them forgot all the past incidents happened. Sailaja asked about munna, divya and khadir. Sulochana replied her to not to worry about them, they are safe with her. She said khadir is still furious on her. She also informed her that they sold the property at the village and now they are living in a town near by Bombay city. Sailaja too informed about her whereabouts. Sulochana informed that she is getting divya from hostle and going to celebrating her birthday at her house. Sailaja felt very happy after talking with her mom. She got great relief and felt like she got unloaded a heavy burden from her mind.

In new town, Khadir and sulochana introduced themselves to everybody as wife and husband and munna and divya as their c***dren. Sulochana‘s slimness doesn’t makes her look as she is 49 years old. So, every believed them as wife and husband. But even after moving to new place, she is visiting divya at her hostel frequently. She decided to take divya home permanently, as soon as possible after completion of studies. Sulochana loves her granddaughter very much. More over divya also attained her puberty.

Afjal arranged a party at a resort in Bombay outskirts. He insisted sailaja to wear a sexy attractive dress, with her cleavage visible. It is the very big party, all the invitees seems to be very wealthy persons. In the beginning of the party, Afjal addressed all the invitees and announced that he is going to marry sailaja, his lover. Both, Afjal and sailaja exchanged garlands and everyone congratulated them. After 2 hours, one person who got over d***k, caught hand of sailaja and started pulling her. He is trying to kiss and hug sailaja, by that time Afjal also d***k heavily and started combating and abusing him with very bad words. Few supervisors of the party stopped both of them.

Sailaja started leaving the party with d***ken, Afjal , holding him with much difficult. At the gate a young man, who seems to be waiting to meet Afjal , came to help her in carrying Afjal into his car. But sailaja doesn’t know driving, so she requested the young man for help. He is about 22 years of age and looked as he is in worries. He carried Afjal to their bedroom. Sailaja thanked him. He left the farm house on foot.

Later Mary informed sailaja that his name is adil and he is Afjal ’s late s****r’s only son. She also revealed that due to her love marriage with her ****boy friend, Afjal ’s father expelled her from his house. Due to her bad luck she also lost her husband. Afjal helped his s****r very much for the treatment of his s****r’s husband, without getting into notice of his father. Now and then, Adil used to visit Afjal for financial help. Sailaja sighed with pity on Adil.

Sulochana asked khadir, to take her to a lady doctor. Khadir asked worryingly, whether she is having any health problem. Shyly, sulochana replied that she is pregnant. Khadir felt very happy on hearing this news. The lady doctor advised sulochana, to take more rest and good food, as she is pregnant at her late age.

After few weeks, sulochana found difficult to look after munna, due to pregnancy. Her love towards her own unborn baby, made her selfish. So she decided to keep munna away from her house. She expressed the same to khadir. They decided to give munna to khadir’s s****r, as they are c***dless and also they like munna so much.

Later she informed the same to sailaja. Sailaja first felt very jealous on her mother, as she becoming again mom at that age. Then she eagerly asked sulochana to send munna to her. But sulochana replied that khadir will not accept for that at any cost.

Sailaja lifted the cell phone and asked ‘who is this?’, as it is a new number. After a moment of silence, that person replied to her, ‘baby, it is me your mom’.

Sailaja: mom is it you, I am very happy that you called me. How are you mom?

Sulochana: (in depressing voice) I am fine dear.

Sailaja: how is munna? Is he speaking words? How is divya? How did you celebrate her birthday?

Sulochana: munna is uttering few words. Divya birthday celebrated very grand. Kahdir too blessed her.

Sailaja wept uncontrollably, for not being able to see them. After a while, both controlled themselves. Then,

Sulochana: dear shall I ask you something, do you reveal the fact?

Sailaja: why are you asking me like that mom, i won’t lie this time to you, whatever it may be. I promise.

Sulochana: (after a long pause) sailaja ……WHO IS THE FATHER OF DIVYA?

Sailaja shocked) wh….why…..why…..whuy…………. are you ……..asking like that mom, don’t you know ……… is………. Ku….ma...r, kumar is divya’s father.

Sulochana: sailaja, you promised me to reveal the fact. I am asking about divya’s biological father.

Sailaja: but…………but……………why are you asking me like this mom.

Sulochana: baby, I have seen everything, I just want to hear it from you.

Sailaja: seen……….you have seen…………….it…………..but …………..but ……..he…….he……….. said that………….. it is…………..already

Sulochana: No……….dear……………..he ………….didn’t......he lied to you.

Then, Sailaja burst into tears and wept heavily for some time. Later in between her whimpering, she tried to repeat the same, in inconvincible manner.

Sulochana: I know everything sailaja. Just I want hear it from your mouth. Please reveal the truth.

Sailaja: yes mom I will reveal the fact. Its…….it is……DA….D………., mom, your………your………. husband…………….yers…………. Dad is the real father of my first c***d divya.

Sulochana: I know ……………….iknow it sailaja, but………….how was this happened sailaja?

Sailaja: No mom, it’s not my fault, he seduced me and what can I do mom, I was a c***d then. Before I
could realize what is going on, everything is over mom. I remained helpless.

Sulochana: I can understand you sailaja, that bastard has recorded everything with his video camera.

I found that memory card. I have seen everything in video. So, this is the reason why divya born mentally retarded, because she was a i****tuous c***d. Sailaja, me and my husband has betrayed you so much, could you please forgive me.

Sailaja: No mom, what can you possibly do anything, because, I didn’t inform to you anything about it. I am really scared mom. He lied to me that he destroyed the memory card. Mom, please take care of divya, she is innocent girl(burst into tears).

Sulochana: No sailaja, I have done an unforgivable mistake. Every mom should be so careful and vigilant on their c***dren, especially with daughters , so that no evil eye falls on them. Don’t worry about divya, now she is more of my responsibility than yours. (Heavily sighed) …………….So, sailaja we are living as co-wives from the begining.

Sailaja layed on bed with hard feeling and started recollecting everything happened before 18 years, when she is just entered into teen age………

….FLASH BACK ------------------------FLASH BACK------------------------FLASH BACK-------------

Mohan is a handsome man, a small employee in the Bombay dockyard. Sulochana is his beautiful wife and a yoga instructor. Their one and only daughter, her name is sailaja.

Once, a foreigner gifted Mohan with a video camera, which is still not entered into Indian markets by that time.

Sailaja turned into a beautiful girl; she is in 10th standard now. Her mother, Sulochana’s new friends used to get confused that sailaja as her s****r. They used to get surprised knowing that she is her daughter.

It is all started one day when another foreigner gifted him some European i****t x movies cd’s package. He secretly watched a Spanish movie cd, in which a father seduces his own daughter and enjoys her without going to notice of his wife. That is the first time when he known that (i****t) type of movies. At first, he hated the movie, but later he watched one after the other all the 20 movies, which are completely i****t themed. Slowly, he started liking those movies and watched those again and again like a pervert. His mind is completely filled with those love making scenes between dad and daughter.

In this condition, he started eyeing sailaja. One fine morning, sailaja is still sl**ping in her room. Her dress is untangled exposing her cleavage and her smooth, milky calves. Her round ass reminded him the girl’s ass in the movie. He felt guilty for watching her like that. Then he got video camera, gifted by foreigner. He found sailaja too hot. Mohan started fantasizing him and sailaja, in the movie he watched.

Next day, he shot sailaja while sl**ping in different angles, later he watched it again and again like a pervert.

Sulochana, who remains in kitchen by that time, is unaware of all this happening. Then he secretly arranged the video camera in her bedroom focusing the dressing table, where she usually changes her cloths after taking bath. Sailaja came from bathroom started removing cloths. She didn’t show much of her skin while changing.

Next day, he arranged camera cell in a shelf of bathroom and concealed it with cloths, focusing the camera. Later he took the video camera from bathroom, when she left the bathroom. He opened videos and wondered at her beauty. She is 5.4 ft in height, with fair body complexion. She is having perfect shapes and sizes. Her melons are fully grown; her navel is narrow, with deep belly button. Her ass cheeks are so sexy. Her boobs are shaking to her movements, while taking bath. That night, he fkd sulochana ferociously, fantasizing sailaja.

Next day morning, while sailaja is still sl**ping, he touched her calves, shoulders and cheeks. He kept his hands on her bum and squeezed her ass cheeks. Another time, while she is studying alone in her room, mohan sat beside her and wrapped his hand around her shoulder. He tried to watch her tits through her blouse gap.

One day sulochana left to her mother’s house, leaving sailaja alone in house, due to her exams. Mohan in his bedroom is watching i****t movie, which is full of fkg scenes. He left movie running intentionally, gone outside and started chatting with his neighbor. Sailaja went into the room to switch off the tv and stunned to see fkg scene. By that time, she only heard about fkg from their friends. After a while, mohan returned knowing that sailaja is watching the movie. He approached her silently and kept his hand on her shoulders. Sailaja got startled and left the place with a mixed feeling of disgust and nervousness. That night she slept in her room closing windows and bolting the door, she got afraid of her dad. Next day, she hardly spoke to her dad and soon left to school. But she got disturbed - with the scenes she watched, she is not able to forget. Her lips are shivering due to anxiety. In the school too, she is not able to behave normally with her friends like before.

She returned home, prepared dinner and arranged it on dining table, passively. She is very nervous before mohan. She spoke a very few words with mohan and dined separately in the kitchen. Sailaja got confused due to her anxiety and strange inside feelings of her. She dropped vessels many times with anxiety. She is wishing that her mom could return soon. Mohan noticed that she is in very vulnerable condition and that is the right time to fulfill his desire. Mohan is thinking about sailaja, he is not able to sl**p with her thoughts. Her naked body that he seen on video making him very horny. He came out and looked at her room curiously. He found that the bulb is still on, in her room. He approached the door and tried to knock it, but to his surprise it is unbolted. Sailaja got exhausted and gone asl**p, while reading and forgot to bolt the door, which she should not have done.

Mohan entered her room and bolted the door and closed all the windows. She is sl**ping with her night dress, with books in her hand and on bed. Mohan removed all her books from bed. He fixed video camera focusing the bed and switched it on. Then he approached her, touched her feet. Sailaja is in deep sl**p.

Mohan slowly raised her night dress from below. He found her panty; he brushed her thigh lightly and touched her navel. Suddenly, Sailaja opened her eyes, she found her dad very close to her face. She got scared very much. Sailaja turned her face to other side. Mohan touched her neck and moved his hand to her chin and lips. He brushed her lips with his index finger. Sailaja body shivered with a strange feeling. Her body wants to get pacified.

She realized what he is going to do. In a helpless condition, like a goat which trusts butcher, she hugged him ducking her face on his chest. Mohan felt relief that his work has became much easier than he thought.

Mohan slowly lifted her head, holding her chin; she is closing her eyes tightly. Mohan looked at her beautiful face and lips for a moment. Then he kissed her lips passionately and slowly got opened her mouth and started French ksg. While ksg, he started fondling her navel, ass cheeks, back, shoulders and neck. After 2 minutes, he stopped ksg and watched her beautiful face. She is shivering with anxiety and her teenage body is seeking something more.

Mohan steadily started unhooking her night dress. Sailaja kept simply whimpering, which could not change the mind of her dad. Mohan slid her dress from her shoulders; it dropped around her feet like a heap. She is in bra and panty. Mohan kisd her once again passionately while fondling her back, navel and ass cheeks. His fingers unhooked her bra and removed from her body.

Sailaja tried to cover her boobs with both hands. Mohan removed her hands, cupped her boobs, hugged and kisd her mouth once again sucking all her saliva. Then he dropped his head, licking to her chin, neck and finally reached her boobs of 30” size. He is sucking her boobs making sounds like a hungry dog. Sailaja started moaning sweetly. Soon her boobs became wet with his saliva.

Then he lifted her into his arms and placed on bed. Then hurriedly he removed his shirt, banian and lungi. Now he is with underwear only. He laid close besides sailaja. She covered her face with his hands. Mohan moved to her feet and started ksg her toes, calves, knees, thighs and finally reached her groin. He pressed his face to her puy, it was already wet. Then he ksd her abdomen, liked her navel, belly button and rose to her boobs. Then he mounted himself on her, removed her hands from her face and started ksg her nose, eyes, ears, cheeks and dropped to her beautiful lips. Sailaja is sobbing feebly. After a while, he rose on his knees and moved to her feet. He held the edges of her panty and in one pull; he dragged her panty up to her feet, removed from her body and tossed it.

Sailaja quickly closed her groin with her hands. Mohan removed her both hands and saw her virgin puy, whose seal he is going to be opened by him. Her puy is with thin brown hair. Her puy lips are intact, as she is virgin. She is tightly closing her thighs. Mohan held her both feet and widened her thighs. Then he moved in between her thighs. He kept his finger into her puy and found it is wet. When he withdrew his finger, he found it sticky, stretching into strings. He kept her puy lips open, with his both hands and dipped his head keeping his mouth into her puy. Sailaja moaned bigger and arched her body like a bow. Mohan closed her mouth with his right hand and remained busy in eating her puy. He is licking and sucking her puy like a hungry dog. Sailaja is convoluting, holding her head with both hands. Now and then she is trying to push his head away. Then mohan folded her thighs, raising her buttocks, so that her puy faces the ceiling. He continued in licking her puy deeper and tongue fkg her puy. Then he also licked her ass hole too.

Mohan stood on the bed and quickly removed his underwear. Sailaja for the first time saw the man’s cock. Her eyes got widen, looking at his strong and healthy cock. Mohan mounted himself on sailaja’s body, he passionately ksd all over her body once again. His cock is touching her thighs, it is warm. He once again sucked her boobs with lust. Then he held his cock with his right hand and kept its tip at the entrance of her puy hole. He rubbed vertical cleavage with his cocks tip many times. Then holding his breath, he pushed his cock into her puy hole. He is not succeeded and tried once again. Sailaja is weeping loud and pushing him by his chest. Then he spat in to his hands and applied saliva to his cock, and widened her puy lips and spat into her puy hole. Mohan held her both wrists with his left hand and pinned above her head. He widened her thighs and lifted her left leg and kept on his shoulder. Then he kept his penis at her puy entrance and plunged forward with f***e, half of his cock entered her puy. She cried with pain. He closed her mouth with his and thrust his pelvis into her again and again. Sailaja cried with pain, now his cock got fully accommodated in her vagina. Mohan showered kss allover her face and bitten her cheeks, shoulders and nipples with lust. Then he started moving in and out. Sailaja is tilting her head to right and left due to pain. Mohan got on his knees and w****d her both legs around his waist and on support of his hands, he started fkg her.

After a while, sailaja stopped crying as she started feeling pleasure instead of pain. Sailaja felt that though she doesn’t like it, her body need is getting fulfilled. Sailaja is now receiving mohan’s every thrust with her back thrust. She hugged him very tight; her nails are stinging into mohan’s back. But he is not caring for that pain, it is nothing compare to the pleasure he is having, by nailing her. She understood that it was that pleasure, what she needed. Mohan pounded her almost 20 minutes by holding himself from cumming early. Later mohan groaned heavily and started releasing streaks of his thick, hot cum into sailaja’s vagina. Sailaja too came by the same time. Mohan collapsed on her completely and laid on her for sometime. Later sailaja felt that he is heavy, so she tried to push him. Then mohan rolled over her and both slept relaxingly for 30 minutes. Then mohan pulled her closure and started caressing her body, saying

Mohan: “oh, dear it was wonderful isn’t it?”

Sailaja: “But what if mom knows about this”.

Mohan: “how can she possibly know? Who will inform her?”

Sailaja: “but I am scared”.
Mohan took her into his embrace.

Mohan: trust me dear, nothing can separate us. I can take care of everything. Be happy. (ksd)

Sailaja: but isn’t it sin? What we have done?

Mohan: oh don’t talk about that now and ever.

Later she walked into bathroom, while mohan watching her naked body lecherously. Mohan looked at his penis and found bl**d stains on it. That is the virginal bl**d of sailaja. He felt very satisfactory, that he took her cherry. Sailaja found bl**d mixed with cum from her puy. She passed a jet of water into her puy and washed with soap. But she couldn’t walk properly, because of pain as mohan’s cock ripped her puy. That night mohan almost f***ed her to fuck her once again. At early morning, mohan left to bazaar and brought some pills, which are contraceptive. Sailaja voluntarily gulped it.

Next day, sulochana returned to home. She is not able to suspect anything.Things again became normal; sailaja is going her college and mohan to his duty. Mohan took his both women (wife and daughter) and bought gold necklaces to both.

One day mohan ordered sailaja to keep her room doors unbolt. He wants to meet her at midnight, when sulochana is in deep sl**p. But sailaja strongly refused him and said that, ‘she is not going to allow him to do her again’. But mohan bluntly ordered her, that indeed she is going to keep the door unbolt.

That night sailaja is very anxious once again. On one side she doesn’t like getting fkd with his papa, on the other side her body is seeking some bodily pleasure with him. She bolted the door before going to sl**p, but she didn’t able to keep stick on to her decision. The thought of secual pleasure going to have with him is making her tempt. Finally she unbolted the door, at 11.30 pm, then she gone to sl**p, leaving her body as per mohan’s wish. At midnight, mohan silently entered her room and bolted the door. He found sailaja so gorgeous. He didn’t fkd sulochana that night as he wants to save his hot juice for sailaja. He quickly fixed the video camera, focusing on the bed and got undressed. His cock is already at 900. He sneaked into her blanket and ksd her passionately. Sailaja smiled at him and wrapped her hands around his neck. Soon he removed her clothes. Both ksd and sucked each other. This time mohan made sailaja to suck his cock. Then he fucked her with joy, until 4 o clock. Mohan discharged on her belly, as he knows that she is in unsafe period. Both got very tired. Mohan returned to sulochana and slept normal. That night sailaja unintentionally became a real slave to mohan’s manliness.

Next morning, sailaja is walking to college as usual. She felt that she is been followed. He is the same person, who is following her for 1 week. When she is returning to home from college, the same man came in front of her.

Kumar: Hello! My name is Kumar. Since I saw you, I am in love with you, if you are willing; I am ready to marry you.

Sailaja: (got scared) please, give me way. I don’t know who you are.

Kumar: please, think over, I will be waiting here tomorrow at 9’o clock.

Sailaja started thinking about him. He is an average looking guy, may be 2 or 3 years elder to her. But she felt nothing interested with him. Later she laughed in herself, thinking that he is proposing a girl, who already got torn her hymen with a strong cock and got fkd many times. He felt pity on him.

Next day, Kumar is waiting for her when she is passing by the same place. He started following her just besides her.

Kumar: sailaja, what is your opinion. Don’t think I am a pauper or a road side romeo. My father is a millionaire. I promise that I will keep you happy forever. I am in deep love with you.

Sailaja: in that case, please, talk to my parents. Just leave me alone.

On the same day, evening, Kumar visited Mohan’s house. He introduced himself and about his f****y properties to Mohan. He asked Mohan, that he wants to marry sailaja. Sailaja thought that her dad blow Kumar left and right. But strangely, he started talking with him. After some conversation, Mohan advised him to get his parents to talk about.

Sulochana with love on her daughter said,”my darling is still a small girl, isn’t it too early to get her married?” Then Mohan quickly glanced at sailaja’s tits and her face hornily, sailaja too observed him looking suddenly at her boobs. His taunting and lecherous looks are like, as if he is saying that, ‘what?!!! Small girl?!!!, is she a small girl? who got sey pair of tits not less than 32” size and who tantalizes a man with her sexy body, and can tolerate a strong man in bed all the night getting fkd, is she a small girl? No way…’ Sailaja understood his thoughts and pretending angry, she quickly covered her boobs with her dupatta.

That night, both Mohan and sulochana discussed about Kumar. Sulochana expressed her willing for their marriage. They asked opinion of sailaja. Sailaja got confused and replied that she doesn’t like Kumar. Sulochana tried to convince her.
Next day, It is Sunday, sulochana left to yoga instruction class, at early morning. Soon after, Mohan tapped the door of sailaja’s room. Sailaja opened the door with sl**py eyes. Mohan sneaked in and bolted the door. Then Mohan pulled her into his embrace and started fondling and ksg her. He moved her to cot and both fell on the bed. Then he arranged his camera near the cot. Soon mohan raised her night dress above her waist and removed her panty. Then quickly, he just lowered his pyjama just below his buttocks, he didn’t wear any underwear. He rubbed his cock, on the puy crack of sailaja and finally his cock entered wildly, splitting her puy lips apart. He started fkg her ferociously and unhooked her top to feel and enjoy her boobs. He kept sucking and fkg her for half- an-hour and cummed inside her vagina.

Later, mohan made sailaja to lay with her head on his hairy chest. Both are completely naked. Sailaja kept caressing his chest and fondling his cock. Her juicy boobs are clinching to his belly.

Mohan: honey, what did you think of Kumar?

Sailaja: I am not interested in him.

“Why not dear? He is ok and much wealthier; you can have luxury life, if you marry him”

“No, I don’t like him”

“I am asking you to just marry him. To make you happy, I am always there with you”

“What…..! You want to continue our i*****l contact even after my marriage?”

“What do you think? Am I a fool to leave such a sexy, gorgeous young chick like you to that moron?”

“Is it possible, what if he knows about us?”

“He couldn’t be, trust me honey. I will fuck you until I lose my capacity, I will make you pregnant, I want to see you walking pregnant with my baby and I want to see my baby suckling your tits”

“I can’t understand you, papa”

“Look honey, I want an innocent fool who fathers our baby, so that we can enjoy fooling him and also enjoy his wealth happily”

“Papa, I am scared, do as you like”

These words of her made him so horny and with enhanced joy, he fucked sailaja in doggy style and flooded her vagina with his cum. He is recording their every sexual union on his camera.

Next day, Kumar came alone sadly, saying that their parents were refusing for their marriage. Mohan heard everything patiently and asked him to come tomorrow, to know their opinion. Sailaja waved her hand saying, bye bye to Kumar, which made Kumar very happy.

Next day, mohan took kumar to a lawyer and passed a notice to kumar’s parents, to give share of his ancestor’s property to him. Kumar’s parents got dipressed and called him to withdraw his notice, as they are ready to give his share of property.
Mohan took sailaja to a hotel in remote place in Mumbai. He brought sailaja with him, in the reason of to appear her for entrance exam at Delhi. But his idea is to enjoy her for those three days secretly in a five star hotel. In these three days, he literally slurped the beauty of sailaja. He recorded every second of their intimate movements. They almost spend naked in the hotel room. Mohan fkd her in all angles and positions. When sailaja returned home, she got much tarnished.

Mohan showed the video clippings to sailaja, that he recorded on his video camera from the beginning. Sailaja viewed it curiously and she felt very shy while watching when she is getting fucked by mohan on video. One clipping viewed very close view of penetration and moving in-out of mohan’s cock into her puy. She got aroused seeing that and cuddled mohan with shy and lust. Soon mohan embraced her and fkd her passionately. They recorded watched their se video again and again. They enjoyed se like rabbits, during those three days. Before they return home, sailaja asked mohan to destroy the memory card. Mohan assured he will damage it immediately. Later, he lied to her, that he already damaged the memory card.

After 3 weeks, sailaja realized that she got missed her periods. She got scared and informed it to mohan. Mohan felt very happy, as he going to become father again. He asked sailaja, to give him a baby boy. Sailaja blushed in confusion.
Kumar got taken over his property share and soon got married to sailaja. When sailaja became his wife, she is 1 month pregnant, with his father’s baby (divya). Mohan taught everything to sailaja and took every care to make kumar to believe that sailaja is a virgin, at first night. He arranged a tiny pouch of bl**d to make appear her virginal bl**d during their first copulation. Sailaja too acted like it is her first time, when kumar tried to insert his penis into her vagina. She released bl**d at the entrance of her puy, by pressing the pouch filled with bl**d on her puy. Kumar found bl**d stains at her puy and on his cock after fkg session. Kumar believed that he is her first man.

Mohan and sailaja also managed kumar in making him to believe, that sailaja missed her periods and got pregnant, within a month after their marriage. Sulochana initially doubted about sailaja, but kept quiet, as she is not quite sure about her doubt. She also thought that her meaningless doubt may disturb both her husband and her daughter’s married life. After few months, she completely believed that her doubt is completely false.

Kumar started some business. Mohan continued cheating kumar and enjoying sailaja in her house, with more and more passion until she gets 8th month of her pregnancy. Sailaja gave birth to a baby girl.
Then a big mishap took place, mohan met an accident, when he is driving his bike hurriedly, to see his baby in the hospital. In that accident, mohan died on the spot. Sulochana, sailaja and kumar mourned very much for mohan’s death. Kumar consoled sailaja and sulochana.

Kumar named their baby as divya. Doctors revealed that divya’s brain growth is abnormal. Days are passing; divya is 5 years old now. Kumar joined her in a boarding college.

Subsequently, Kumar lost much of his money in business loss. To meet his debts, he has to sell his house at the city and move to his ancestral orchard of oranges and bungalow in bagpur village, along with sailaja and sulochana.


**** **** ****


Sulochana brought Divya from her college to celebrate her birthday, after visiting lady doctor for second time. she turned as beautiful as her mother and grandmother. But she behaves unintelligently. Khadir hates divya too because of her mother and refused to see her even once after sailaja left him. Sulochana too didn’t compelled khadir to visit divya, when he is in the city.

Divya is glittering like angel in her silk blouse and petticoat (traditional south Indian dress). Few c***dren from around houses were invited for her birthday. Khadir didn’t come down for divya birthday ceremony; he remained in his bedroom watching cricket on tv. Divya has blown off candles and cut the cake. She put a piece of cake in the mouth of her grandmother. Everybody sang birthday song. Sulochana kissed her and ordered maid to distribute the cake among the c***dren. She wants to take divya for khadir blessings. She took divya to his room along with piece of cake and chocolates for khadir.

Both entered the room, khadir is watching tv. Sulochana asked khadir to bless divya. Khadir looked at divya disgustingly, but in the next moment, he surprised to her beauty, she is a real beauty. Sulochana did’nt notice his evil looks over divya. She still believes that he hates her; otherwise she would have not brought divya to him. (She doesn’t know that khadir’s first wife divorced him, because he m*****ed his own daughter in the absence of her mom). She asked divya to touch the feet of khadir. Divya bowed before Khadir to touch his feet, khadir too bowed to lift her. Just then he saw the most beautiful view of divya. When she bowed, the lose blouse displaced from her chest making big open gap. Khadir had a nice view of her 30”tender boobs. Her boobs are milky white and grown enough. Due to perspiration, her tits are shining and looking so sexy. Just then somebody from downstairs called sulochana and she walked downstairs. In the room now there are khadir and divya alone.

Khadir slowly lifted divya, holding her shoulders, feeling its softness. He is gazing her measurements over her dress, her sexy boobs, her narrow navel, her round ass, her long hair, her juicy lips and her beautiful eyes, which resemble her mom, sailaja. Then he intentionally s**ttered chocolates on the floor. Divya, who is innocent about men’s deeds, bent to the floor picking chocolates. It is a feast to the eyes of khadir to look at her tender, well grown boobs with eyes filled with full of lust. Mean while, sulochana came in and took divya with her. At the same moment he strongly decided that he should enjoy divya sexually by all means, without getting to the notice of sulochana. So that he would stand as the only person,, who enjoyed sexually and impregnated all the three generation women of the same ***** f****y. His evil mind started to plan all the ways to fuck divya. He realized that it is very easy to tackle and seduce that innocent girl. That night khadir fkd sulochana fantasizing like he is fkg divya. That gave sulochana a very great pleasure, she wondered for his performance on that day.


Afjal revealed all the secrets and important files to sailaja. He also showed rupees 5 crores of black money, which he kept at secret place in the house. Sailaja asked the reason for why he is doing all this. He replied that he is going on important business work; it may take 4/5 days for him to return. He also warned her not to reveal anybody about his journey, if anybody asks about him; she should reply him that he is in city on business work. Sailaja felt scared, but Afjal convinced her, saying that Mary will accompany her, and all workers will be there around. She can order joseph, if she needs anything.

That night, sailaja asked him, that when he could bring her son munna from khadir and wept for missing her son, munna. Afjal consoled her taking her into his embrace and promised her that immediately after returning from the tour he will get her son, even fighting with khadir. Sailaja felt happy and that night Afjal (aged 56) fucked sailaja (aged 33), so passionately. Sailaja too rode on him, with her bouncing tits so happily with his cock deep inside her puy. Afjal fondled her boobs, navel and ass cheeks hardly. He also fucked her in doggy style and flooded her puy with his cum. They slept cuddling each other naked and in early morning, Afjal left the farm house.


Two days after her birthday, divya is taken to her boarding college. But for the first time khadir accompanied them upto the college. He is planning for something he wanted. Now he also spoke to the principal saying, to look after divya carefully. When the principal obliged him for some financial help, he readily donated a cheque for Rs 25,000. Principal got pleased very much and started behaving very humble before him. Khadir knows that it will pay back to him in other way, which he is going to plan.

For one complete week khadir planned everything that he is going to do. Then he visited divya’s college, the principal welcomed him. After a brief talk, khadir asked principal to send divya with him as a function is going to be celebrated in his house. As the principal is new for the post, she believed khadir and permitted him to take divya with him. Before this, he took every care, that sulochana would not doubt him. Moreover she is busy with her pregnancy.

Divya followed khadir innocently; khadir took her to ice-cream parlor in his car. He watched lecherously her tender lips and chest, when she is having ice-cream. Then he took her to a garment shop and purchased a nice sexy gown. Then he took her to the guest house of his friend, who is in Dubai now. The watchman of the guest house is an old man, to him it is common that his owner’s very few close friends often bring their e****ts and enjoy in the guest house.

After entering into the bedroom, khadir took bath and came out with towel on his body. He intentionally jammed the bolt of bathroom. Then he took a video camera and started shooting divya, she is playing with video game there. Khadir fixed camera and sat on bed and pulled divya close to him. He started viewing her assets keenly, her boobs, her buttocks and her waist. He made her to sit in his lap and slowly started fondling her. Divya tried to avoid him while playing. Then khadir gave her a chocolate bar, while she is busy in having chocolate, he continued to fondle and rub his face to her boobs. Divya got frightened of his behavior and started whimpering asking him to take her to grandmother, sulochana. Then khadir convinced her saying, if she keeps quite, he will take her to her grand mom. Divya remained calm.

Then he asked her to take bath and wear new gown. Divya entered bathroom and tried to bolt the door, but it is jammed. The door remained closed incompletely. Khadir started watching her through the gap of the door. Divya unhooked her dress and removed. She is in her ladies banyan and petticoat, which she removed. Khadir held his breath, with excitement seeing tender, milky, soft, juicy, big cup size boobs, with puffed pink color areolas and small nipples. He is shooting everything with video camera. Then divya took off her panty, exposing her pussy, covered with tender pubic hair. Khadir wondered at the assets of her woman hood. Khadir kept stroking his cock, while she is bathing, applying soap all over her body.

Later she came out wrapping towel from arm pits up to thighs. She took new gown on the bed and went behind curtain to wear. Khadir didn’t waste a second after, he approached her behind curtain and hugged her from behind, cupping her boobs and ksg her neck, face, ears and shoulders. Divya startled and tried to push him away. But khadir kept hugging and fondling her, alluring her with his sweet words and bribing chocolates and dresses. Khadir took off towel from her body, ksd her passionately, inspite of her protest. Then he dropped his mouth to her chest and took her right boob in his mouth and squeezing her left boob.

Khadir hugged her tightly below her buttocks, lifted, carried and tossed her on big sponge bed there. Then he plunged on her. He took her leg, started licking, sucking, ksg her toes and calves. Divya kept covering her mound due to her womanly instinct. Khadir raised and took off his towel. Now he is only with his under wear. He crawled over her and reached her face. Divya tried to push him away and turned her face away from him. Khadir held her both hands and mounted on her. He pinned her hands to the bed on both sides. Divya started crying and struggling on the bed, shouting to leave her, helplessly. Divya’s face got salvated by khadir, with his ksg and sucking. Then khadir ksd and sucked her neck and dropped to her boobs once again. He sucked and squeezed her boobs fiercely, making sounds. Her milky white body turned red.

Then he slowly moved to her belly, her navel, her abdomen and finally reached her golden triangle. He ksd her groin making sounds several times fanatically. Then khadir widened her thighs in between her protests. He watched her tender pussy with heavy lust and started eating her pussy. Then he folded her thighs backwards that her knees touching her shoulders and opened her pussy lips with his left hand thumb and index finger. He saw her virgin pussy, with tiny hole, which is going to be widened by his dearest cock. Meanwhile, divya got exhausted and her struggle became feable. Her body is responding positively to his deeds, against her wil and she got surrender involuntarily to khadir.

Khadir took off his under wear and got ready for the main show. His cock is still strong and fit even after fkg, divya’s mom and grand mom for several years. He looked at his cock proudly; it is hard like a steel rod. Shortly, after fkg divya he is going to become an exceptional man, the man who fkd all women of three generation of the same f****y. He placed his cock on her pussy crevices and rubbed his cock along her pussy crevices. Then he placed the tip of his cock at her tiny pusy hole and started pushing inside. Divya cried with pain. Khadir ignored her shouts and kept busy in penetrating her pussy with his rod. Now 43 years old khadir is going to enjoy divya. It is like a bull is mounting on a calf. After few attempts, her pussy gave some space to his cock, but he wants more space inside her. Khadir this time mercilessly pushed making his cock completely inside her vagina. Divya shouted with pain, but her shouting is not heard to anybody outside, as the room is air-conditioned. Kahdir felt very warm inside her vagina, in that cool ac room. Khadir felt very happy, as his planning and all his efforts became fruitful.

Then he leaned over her face and consoled her with his enticing words. He whispered in her ear,’divya, now you are mine. I made you a woman. Now you are like my wife and I am like your husband and you should obey me. Will you? ’. In between her sobbing, she nodded her head, like she is saying ‘yes’or’ok’. She knows something that how wife behaves with her husband. So, she kept calm tolerating pain, beneath khadir. Khadir ksd her passionately and started slowly moving his cock in and out. He is licking and ksg her passionately, her nose, eyes, forehead, cheeks and mouth continuously. Her face is looking so cute to him. He is now in ninth cloud. Then he dropped to her juicy boobs. He is watching her puffed areolas around her tiny pink nipples curiously. The areolas of elder woman would be flat and black with bigger nipples, as he seen with divya’s parents, sailaja and sulochana. He sucked her boobs hardly making sounds.

Khadir slowly increasing his speed, to divya pleasure is building instead of pain. She started moaning sweetly speaking words of unknown language. As she remained silent, khadir concentrated completely on her body. He wants her to make his slave of sex. When he is about to ejaculate, he controlled himself and took off his penis from her pussy, to postpone his ejaculation and to get enable for a long time fuck. Meanwhile, divya came many times. Khadir watched her pussy is with virginal bl**d. His cock is also with bl**d stains.

Khadir sat on his knees and took her both legs on his both shoulders and took his penis with left hand , kept its tip at her pussy entrance and leaned on her, taking position for a long time fuck. Now khadir began to move in and out quickly, for his every bash, divya is raising and falling back. Then divya raised her head and for the first time she watched, khadir’s tool moving in and out of her pussy. Involuntarily, in divya’s heart, love flooded over khadir and she started fondling and caressing his chest, shoulders, waist and ass cheeks. She also ksd his chest and mouth with lust. She started giving opposite impulses. Khadir understood that she got aroused and became a doll in his hands. With this thought, the orgasm built in him uncontrollably, while his face muscles are getting swollen, with a heavy growl, he cummed leaving his hot juice of his seeds, inside the vagina of divya. She too squealed with ecstasy and came at same time. Khadir kept discharging streaks of his cum and withdrawn his cock from her vagina, after leaving his last drop of cum. His cock came out with stretched strings of mixture of bl**d and cum. Divya gone asl**p due to heavy exhaustion, khadir too slept, keeping his head on her tender boobs. Their sexual act took more than one and half hour.

First that awaken is khadir, he switched off video camera and approached divya. She is sl**ping like a little baby, her pussy is leaking a mixture of her bl**d and khadir’s cum. Khadir watched this excitedly. Then he walked naked into bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. His face is glowing with his victory. He looked at his limped cock and patted it with affection and then he passed urine to the wall. He washed bl**d and cum stains on his cock with soap.

Later, he awakened divya and asked her to take bath. When she returned from bath, he already arranged delicious meal. Divya ate with only a towel on her body, as she is very hungry, due to heavy intercourse activity. Then khadir gave all instructions to divya to keep their affair secret. After having meal, they took some rest and then khadir fkd her second time. This time divya didn’t resist much. That evening khadir took divya to a movie, while returning they had dinner in a star hotel. That night, khadir and divya slept naked. He fkd her 3 times in all styles and came inside her. Next day, khadir dropped divya at her college, reminding her all precautions.

After Afjal leaving the farm house, sailaja asked mary to be with her until Afjal returns. Mary revealed many things about Afjal , his underground business to her. One day, in the evening, adil came to farm house; Joseph started teasing, ill-treating him and hitting on his head. Sailaja saw this and called adil. She asked why he is there, adil replied, that he needs some money from his uncle, to pay his college fee. Sailaja felt pity on him and asked him to have dinner. Later, she gave him more money than he needs and asked him to stay there for that night, as it is too late. Adil felt very happy for sailaja’s goodness, he liked her so much.

Sailaja is not able to sl**p that night; Mary is snoring in her deep sl**p. So, sailaja walked into verandah and found adil still awake. She approached him and started to chat with him. Adil complained that his uncle is ignoring him. Sailaja replied that it is the duty of his father and not his uncle, Afjal to look after him. Then, adil emotionally replied that, he is revealing his big secret, as he trust her very much and asked to promise him that she will not reveal his secret to anybody. Sailaja became very curious and promised that she will keep the secret. ………………………..Sailaja got stunned hearing what adil said.

…………FLASH BACK……………………..FLASH BACK…………………………….FLASH BACK

****** ********

These incidents happened before 21 years, when Reshma, mother of adil is studying her degree. Reshma is charming and stunning beauty with all shapes and sizes, which makes a man mad. She is the only s****r of Afjal. She used to study in Degree College. She fell in love with her classmate, prakash. They roamed everywhere in the city. They also got advanced and had seual contact. After knowing, that they can’t live without seeing each other, they decide to get married. Reshma approached her father and asked to get them both married. Reshma’s father is a very rich and reputed man in the city; he got angry at her and kept her in house arrest. Prakash’s parents too refused to accept reshma as their daughter-in-law. Somehow reshma got escaped from house and met prakash; both got married secretly and approached police. Later there was a big chaos in both of their families. But police gave them protection and slowly the situation got restrained. But reshma’s father died due to anguish. All of their f****y members and relatives expelled reshma from their community. Afjal is the only person, who loves her s****r, reshma so much. By then, Afjal is 37 years old and reshma is 22 years old. He got returned recently from Dubai after 5 years. He had known about her affair with prakash through his friends. He warned her several times before, to stop meeting prakash, but she disobeyed him.

Things went normal for few months and then suddenly prakash found to be a cancer patient. They spent all of their wealth for his treatment and their daily life became very miserable with many debts. None of their parents helped them, as they married against their will. Reshma thought that her b*****r, Afjal is the only person, who may help them, if she pleads him.

One day, reshma waited for many hours at car parking of Afjal’s company office, in burkha, to meet him. When he came there alone, she burst into tears and asked for his help. Afjal readily gave her some money and also helped her in admitting prakash in a private cancer hospital. After 2 months of treatment, he was shifted to home, where Afjal used to visit them every day, secretly.

Afjal liked reshma more as a woman than a s****r. He seually desired her so much. Now things are getting in favor of him. For past few days, reshma is appearing to him so cute, sexy and beautiful. He is not able to tolerate his lust towards her. Afjal know that prakash is in no where get into rescue of her in that position. He also knows that he is not taking any care of her sexual needs. He several times took advantage of her vulnerability, he used to gaze at her boobs and he used to touch her navel, while travelling, used to get too closer than needed. Afjal use to view her cleavage with lust, while she is attending her sick husband on bed. Reshma too felt something very odd in Afjal ’s behavior, but kept calm as she is in dire need of him.

One day when Afjal came home, prakash is in deep sl**p. Reshma left for taking bath. After taking bath, she went into bedroom for changing. Suddenly, Afjal grasped her from behind and started convincing her to be with him and he will take care of her and her husband. Reshma pushed him away and abused him for his mean behavior towards his own s****r. But Afjal threatened her that he will not help her thereafter in any way and they are on their own. By then he is already having 2 wives and 3 sons. Reshma replied that she don’t want his help any more. From that day, Afjal stopped visiting them. Prakash asked reshma the reason why Afjal is not visiting them. But reshma lied to him that he went Dubai.

Soon reshma found that it is very miserable for them to live without his help. Prakash’s doctor directly demanded her to sl**p with him, if she is not able to pay hospital bill. Reshma felt very frustrated and tried to get suicide. But then she thought of the condition of prakash and controlled herself. Then she made her mind and made a phone call to Afjal personally and expressed her acceptance for his incecent proposal. Afjal felt very happy, he ordered her to make prakash to go asl**p by giving him sl**ping tablets.

That night, reshma with extreme grief, gave him sl**ping pills to prakash, to make him go deep sl**p. Afjal entered into her house with many flowers, sweets and fruits. At the age of 37 years, Afjal is more handsome than a film hero, with well built tall body. Reshma too is not inferior to Afjal in any manner. They look like the best pair for unknown. Afjal inquired about prakash and felt very happy that he is in sedation. Reshma remained in bedroom.

Afjal entered into bedroom and bolted the door. He hugged reshma from behind and held her boobs tightly. He began to kiss her neck, back, ears and cheeks, while squeezing her 33” size boobs over her blouse. She remained unresponsively. Then he took out a gold necklace and wear on her neck. He turned her facing him and commented, ’oh reshu, you are so beautiful in this necklace’. But reshma remained dull, Afjal got disappointed watching her sad. But he doesn’t want to miss her that night. He seriously started unbuttoning his shirt. Reshma started whimpering helplessly. Meanwhile, Afjal took off all his clothes; now he is only in his underwear. Then, holding her face with his both hands, tightly, he ksd her for the first time, passionately. Then, he quickly removed her pallu and watching her boobs with lust, he said ‘reshu, I love you so much dear; you are looking so gorgeous today, I am waiting hungrily for this minute, I was in love with you, since your 9th standard, my desire got shattered when you got eloped with that useless fellow (prakash), now my ambition got fulfilled’. Then he dragged her saree, reshma spin around, while losing her saree. She is whimpering and covered her chest with hands.

Afjal became a****l, pushed her on the bed and jumped over her. She is feebly trying to avoid him. Afjal held her both wrists with his right hand and pinned above her head. With his left hand, he unhooked her blouse, she is wearing black bra. He licked and ksd her cleavage and squeezed her boobs over her bra. Then he turned her on her belly and unhooked and removed her bra sliding below her shoulders. Her tits are unruffled, pointing stiffly. Afjal attacked her both boobs, licking and sucking very badly, making sounds. Then he quickly pushed her petticoat above her thighs, he found her pink panty, which he pulled down her thighs with f***e. Reshma tried to hold her panty, but her strength is nothing before Afjal ’s. Then he parted her both thighs like opening a book. He found her love hole, with pubic hair of three months. He pushed hair aside to have a clear view of her golden triangle. Then holding her pussy lips open with his fingers, Afjal started licking her pussy lips and inserting his tongue and sensitizing her clitoris. Then he pushed his both fingers and found her pussy hole is dry. Then he folded her thighs backwards and using her both fingers he kept again her pussy hole open. Then he spat two times into her pussy hole and smeared with finger into her pussy walls, to lubricate it for easy penetration of his cock. Then he spat in his right palm and smeared saliva to his circumcised cock. Then he kept the tip of his cock at her pussy entrance. In between her protest and pleadings, he rammed his cock into her pussy hole, eagerly. His cock penetrated into her splitting her pussy muscles. As her pussy was not inhabited to any cock for few months, it caused pain to her. Then Afjal started moving in and out slowly, ksg and consoling with his sweet lustful words. After that, she didn’t struggled much and kept like a dead one. Afjal pounding her with joy, he said, ’oh reshu, your cunt is so tight like a virgin girl’.

After few minutes, he changed his position; he laid behind her and entered her pussy from behind, holding her leg in air. This time his cock entered into deeper. Holding her boobs from behind, he pumped her hardly, reshma started moaning. Her moaning made Afjal to arouse more and more. Then he made her into doggy position and penetrated from behind. Squeezing her boobs hardly, he moved his cock like a steam engine piston. This made reshma to become aroused and started giving opposite thrusts in reply to his hard strokes. He pumped her in that position, postponing his ejaculation. He fkd her like that for more than10 minutes and later with a huge growl he spurted streaks of his hot cum into her vagina. Reshma shuddered in the same doggy position and collapsed on bed, Afjal too collapsed over her back. They kept in the same position for few minutes. After 2 hours, he fkd her once again and both gone asl**p, Afjal cuddled her naked from behind, cupping and fondling her boobs. Reshma got exhausted; she too slept naked in his embrace.

... Continue»
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Az áldozatkész anya (good mother)

Imre 56 évesen, élt Ildivel, aki 38 éves volt. Egy fiúk volt Palika, aki most múlt 14, egy kissé el volt kényeztetve, és anyja szunni nem akaró imádatának tárgya volt. Ildi egy fekete hajú finom megjelenésű kis no volt, még mindig kifejezetten jó alakkal. Helyes huncut kis pofikáját jól kiegészítette még mindig szinte lányos külleme. Kifejezetten jó alakú nonek számított még mindig. Különösen szépek voltak se nem túl kicsi, se nem túl nagy mellei a két finoman ráncolt rózsaszín bimbóval melyeket nem volt nehéz az aktus során izgalomba hozni.
Finoman elvékonyodó dereka vonalában volt éppen csak annyira domború hasa amely látványa nem hogy nemzavaró, hanem kívánatos volt. A feneke, feszes izmos tapintattal örvendeztette meg a beavatottakat. ( hála a még mindig rendszeres sportnak )
A fartájék egy szép, lendületes vonallal emelkedett el a hát síkjából, hogy aztán a szinte tökéletes félgömbökké formálódva fejezodjön be a comboknál, A combok nem voltak semmiképpen rövidek, hosszukhoz képest a combbelsok kellemesen párnásak. Talán az utolsó évben kezdodött a sok negyven körüli nokre jellemző párnásodása, rendkívül diszkréten, és egyenletesen megoszolva a csípo és fartájék között.
Ezek a párnácskák a szemnek semmiképp nem voltak kellemetlenek, a kéznek meg kifejezetten kellemesek. Narancsbornek nyoma sem volt.
Mivel Imre szexuális vágyrendszerében a noi fartáj kifejezetten kiemelt helyet foglat el mind vizuálisan, mind a tapintási élményt tekintve. Imre a szeretkezés végso betelejedésekor leginkább felesége varázsos popójára koncentrált. Ildi a megömlést megelozo pillanatok ban a férjének akart kedveskedni avval hogy háttal lovacskázott neki ilyenkor.
Általában igyekezett megemelni a hátsóját, lökéseit egészen felülrol, a makk tetejérol indítani, hogy férje minél többet láthasson a éjfeketeszorü pinából, mely visszarímelt a fekete hajkoronára.
Imre kezei önfeledt vándorúton jártak a hófehér húsú ruganyos félgömbökön ( neje még mindig intenzíven tornázott, úszott. ) Nem kellett sok hogy Imre ondója ütemesen spricceljen a saját hasára, mivel a megszakított közösülés módszerével védekeztek.
Ilyenkor asszonykája tiszta erobol ráült a forró faszra, és minden erejével azon volt hogy vulvája, de foleg feneke hosszanti hasadékát megfürdesse a fehér spermatócsában.
Néhányszor hátulról is behatolt, és ilyenkor Imre gyakorlott keze Ildi hasa alatt biztosan tapogatt ki a duzzadt kis borsócskát. A siker nem is maradt el, Ildinek ilyenkor klassz orgazmusa volt.
A probléma az utóbbi években kezdodött. Ildi egyre többször hárította el Imre közeledését, vagy ha hagyta igyekezett azt Imrével minél gyorsabban befejeztetni Kielégülése már rég nem volt, ami Imrét rettenetesen lesújtotta. IÚgy látszik most jönki a 16 év korkülönbség. Vagy lehet hogy már semmi újat nem tudtak nyújtani egymásnak.
Ha Imre nem kezdeményezett akkor az assszony sem. Szeretkezéseik frekvenciája egyre csökkent, Imre egyre jobban elkeseredett. Sokszor kielégületlenségében az önkielégítés jól bevált receptjét alkalmazta. Ehhez szex vagy pornóképeket is igénybe vett, legtöbbször a Net - rol.
Számítógépükön jó néhány szex és hard pornó file volt található.

Az asszony borzasztó rajongással vette körbe kamasz fiát, Palikát. Palika eléggé el lett rontva.
Ez a rajongás nem volt mentes bizonyos rejtett szexuális vonzódástól, amit Imre, mint apa is észrevett. Persze Ildi tagadta.
Anyja pld. különbözo ürügyekkel megpróbált bemenni a fürdoszobába mikor fia tusolt. Persze ez a kamasz fiút rettenetesen zavarba hozta. Palika örökölte anyja vonásait, és kifejeztten egy szép fiatal fiú volt. Kamasz kora most ért a legválságosabba. Hirtelen tört rá a serdülés, nemiségével nem tudott még mit kezdeni. Hülyén viselkedett, apjával is megromlott a viszonya. Elég gátlásos volt, ezért lányokkal nem is tudott kapcsolatot kezdeményezni. Szülei rájöttek hogy Palika rendszeresen onanizál. Délután nem kevés idot töltött ( míg szülei ) dolgoztak ) a PC elott és szorgosan töltögette le a legkülönfélébb szexoldalakat. Anyja hamar felfedezte fia vonzalmát a pornó iránt, de ez enm háborítota fel, sot torkában valami furcsa, nem kellemetlen szorítást érzett.

Közben az hogy férjével a nemiség lassan holtpontra jutott, már nem lehetett szonyeg alá söpörni. Több aktus során Imre csodöt mondott. Imrének ötlött fel a gondolat, hogy mi lenne ha a szexet bovítenék. Izgatta a csoportszex gondolata. Ez olyan eros erekciót okozott nála, hogy ilyenkor képes volt ismét jól teljesíteni az ágyban. Azt is tudta hogy hitvese vonzódik a fialtalabb korosztály iránt. De kit ? Az ismerosök vagy nem voltak vonzók, vagy aki vonzó volt ott tudták róla hogy a családi prüdéria az akadály.
Közben robbant a bomba. A szüloket Palika osztályfonöke behivatta. Palika tanulmányi eredménye jelentosen romlott, és ami a legrosszabb: Információk voltak arról hogy Palika egyik legszorosabb barátjáról k**erült, hogy drogozik és homoszexuális is. Egy idos gazdag pasas biztosítja a pénzt hozzá.
Ildi összeomlott. Palika veszélyen van ! Imrének az volt a véleménye hogy Palikára túl hirtelen tört rá a nemiség, és ezt valahogyan helyes mederbe kellene terelni.
Ekkor jött a döbbenetes gondolat ? Mi lenne ha a fia lenne a sexben a harmadik? Elvégre gusztusos, nem idegen, és ráadásul most életfontos lenne a nemi érdeklődését a nok fele terelni. Imre eloször félt megmondani ezt az ötletet Ildinek. Végül is kibökte. Meglepetésre Ildi szinte azonnal helyeselt, és úgy látta a rendkívüli helyzet rendkívüli megoldást igényel. Meg kell menteni Palikát!
Így Imre és Ildi, mint két gondos, gyereküket félto szülo mindenféle trükköket eszelt ki, hogy lehetne a fiú figyelmét anyjára mint nore ráterelni. Ildi hirtelen családi körben egyre többet mutatkozott neglizsében. Átlátszó hálóingekben, bugyiban szép és drága melltartókban, hogy melle szépségét még jobban kihangsúlyozzák.
Imre mint Apa, fiának célozgatott a szexre. A fia zavartan kerülte ezt a témát. Az apa a fia jelenlétében egy társaságban ecsetelte, hogy a fiatal és érzékeny lelku fiúkat idosebb tapasztalt asszonyoknak kellene beavatni.
Éjszakánként mintegy véletlenül nyitva hagyták az ajtót, hogy a szeretkezés neszei áthallatszódjanak a fiú szobájába. Imrének végre teljesülhetett egy régi álma. Most rá tudta venni Ildit hogy had csináhasson róla egy sorozat aktfotót. A foto sorozaton Ildi fokozatosan vetkozott le, majd legalább tíz képen át Ildi a fürdo kádban tusolt. Volt kép ahol teljesen nyilvánvalóan a zuhanyból kispriccelo vízzel önkielégített. A programozható digitális kamera még azt is lehetové tette hogy készüljön a végén néhány valódi pornókép. Ildi és Imre szeretkezésének jó néhány izgató fordulatát is sikerült megörökíteni.
Az egész anyagot feltették a PC - re. Imre és Ildi kíváncsian figyelték a számítógépen, hogy vajon fiuk megtalálja, megnyitja e ezt a file - t, ésha igen milyen hosszan nézegeti. A hatás nem maradt el. Nem csak hogy nézte, hanem a nyomokból ítélve önkielégíthetett is. Mindketten teljesen tuzbe jöttek. Újabb és újabb önmaguk által készített pornóképpel frissítették eme házi weboldalt. A hatás más irányban is pozitiívabb lett.
Maga Imre is oly izgatónak találta Ildit a képeken, higy ha egyedül volt maga otthon már sokkal inkább ezen képek nézése közben kereste kezével a magányos örömöket mint a professzionális pornó alapján. Hál istennek Palika eljárása otthonról a kétes társaságba csökkent. Egyre több idot töltött a PC elott, látszólag tanulmányi okokból. Mikor Palika a gép elé ült anyja sokat sejteto mosollyal csukta rá az ajtót. Volt hogy Ildi zsebkendoket is odakészített. Ezen módon Palika már olyan biztonságba érezte magát, hogy már akkor is nyugodtan verte a farkát szülei kefélését tanulmányozva mikor Imre és Ildi a másik szobába TV - ztek. A terv is ezen alapult.
Egy alkalommal "frissítették" az anyagot a PC n. Nagyon jól sikerült sorozat volt. Imre és Ildi a fürdokádban keféltek. Néha a digitálsi kamerát, mely már akkor profi fotoálványon volt tették a fürdoszoba más és más sarkába hogy a szeretkezo testek látványa minden oldalról biztosított legyen.
Palika bevonult a másik szobába a PC hez. Egy húsz perc múlva Ildi, egy szép habselyem átlátszó bugyiban és áttört csipke melltartóban benyitott a szobába. Palika még nem vette észre, és teljesen megbabonázva bámult egy képet, ahol az Apja elott anyja térdelt teljesen meztelenül Imre dákója éppen a fotón lott ki felesége nyelve hegyén. Egy hosszú, nyúlós láthatóan nyállal is keveredett ondócsepp ereszkedett le az asszony szájából a képen és apró tócsában végzodött a hivogatóan eloreugró cicik egyikén.
Palika kezét szorgosan utaztatta le és fel a farkán. Ildi döbbenten konstatálta hogy fia farka kb. 20 cm es lehet és átméroben is vastagabb mint Imréé.
Palika meglepetésében felkiáltott mikor anyja fejére tette a kezét. Ildi rögtön homlokon csókolta megnyugtatásképp. Megkérdezte hogy hogy tetszenek a képek. Palika nyögni sem tudott. Anyja megkérte hogy mutassa meg neki hogy hogy szokta. Pali nem mozdult. Ekkor Ildi elorehajolt, melltartós keblei Palika arcát súrolták, és kezével gyöngéden megfogva Palika kezét visszatette az ágaskodó, állandóan pulzáló dorongra. Óvatosan kezdtek együtt dolgozni, le és fel huzkodni az elobort.
A melltartó egyik pántja leesett, és a meglazult kosárból kiakandikált a kis éretlen szamócaszserü mellbimbó. Ekkor már Imre is bennt volt a szobában. Ildi búgó hangon faggatta fiát, hogy nem lenne e kedve a PC helyett bennt a hálószobában tovább nézni hogy most hogyan fognak szerelmeskedni Apával. Mégis csak jobb mint egy PC !
Apja is erosködött és próbálta fia gátlását oldani. Célzott rá, hogy tudomása van a szomszédoktól hogy látták Palit egy egy nyári estén az erkélyen megbújva leselkedni. ( Palika szobáját és a szülok szobáját közös erkély kötötte össze. ) A fiúból kiszedték vallomást, hogy valóban néhányszor, nem is sikertelenül megleste szüleit szerelmeskedés közben.
Az asszony ekkor kézenfogta a fiát, és közölte ellentmondást enm turo hangon hogy most a fürdoszobába kell jönnie, mert le fogja fürdetni mint kisfiú korában. A fiú az izgalomtól elszorult mellkassal követte anyját a fürdoszobába. Ildi beállította a fiút meztelenül a kádba. O maga még kívül maradt, testét már csak két darab rafinált fazonú alsónemu fedte. Egy mély kosarú melltartó, halványkék és átlátszó, és ugyanolyan bugyi, mely sejtetni engedte az anyagon keresztül sötét pihéju ölét.
Az asszony leakasztotta a zuhanyrózsát és megengedve a melegvizet elkezdte a fiút szappanozni. Látszólag tudomást sem vett a fiú egyre jobban emelkedo hímvesszojérol, buzgón járatta tenyerét elobb semleges majd egyre érzékenyebb tájakon. Nem sok telt el hogy az asszony puha keze két ujjal finoman megfogta fia fütykösét. Enyhe eroszakkal lejjebb nyomta, azért hogy a másik kézben levo zuhanyrózsából kizubogó vízzzel Palika rúdjának a hasa feloli részét izgató kezelésbe vegye. Lassú mozdulatokkal módszeresen járatta a vízsugarat a fiú még nem igazán férfiasan szorös dombjától egészen a dárdája hegyéig. Két ujjával finoman megnyomta a vérboségtol és a melegtol szederlila makkot hogy a húgycso szája megnyíljon. A melegvízsugár sustorogva fröccsent szét a húgycsonyíláson. A fiú szinte nyüszített a kéjtol, miközben Ildi már elkezdte az elobor lassú, megfontolt huzogatását. Palika mindkét kezével elkapta anyja formás szép melleit. Egyik kezével alányúlva megemelte a cicit, és kibuktatta a már teljesen felálló, megkeményedett bimbójú érett noi mellet. Közben a háttérben az ajtófélfának támaszkodva egy fürdoköpenyben figyelt Imre, az apa. A lazán szétnyílt fürdoköpeny alól árulkodóan emelkedett ki a merev hímtag. Látható érdeklodéssel és beleéléssel némán figyelte az eseményeket. Eközben Anya taktikát változ tatott. A finom még nagysága ellenére még mindig gyerekes fütyköst függolegesen egészen szorosan a hasfalához nyomta és a vísugarat most körkörös, masszírozó mozdulatokkal járatta a dákón, de leginkábba fitymaféken. Közben már o is belépett a fürdokádba, hogy tevékenysége hatásosabb lehessen, nem törodve avval hogy fehérnemuje csurom víz lesz.
Közben Palika igen ügyetlenül próbálta a még mindig jelenlevo, zavaró melltartót eltávolítani. A melltartó elol nyílott volna, kapcsa a két mell között volt középen, de hát a fiú izgalmában képelen volt megbirkózni élete elso vetkoztetésével, pedig keze a másik, anyja jobb mellére is igen erosen vágyakozott. Ekkor lépett közbe Imre, erektált férfiasságát már csöppet sem leplezve felesége és fia elott, segítoleg. Egy gyakorlott kézmozdulattal pattintotta meg a melltartó csatját és az eleddig rejtett másik kebelcsoda ruganyosan ugrott elo. A fiú rögtön karvalyként csapott le rá, és közben fejét leszegve rábukott anyja emlojére.
Nyögve, zihálva szívta a számára csodás csöcsöt, és kezét némi tétovázás után túlnyújtotta Ildi csípojén és elobb bátortalanul, majd egyre merészebben indult élete elso felfedezo útjára egy asszonyi altesten. Ujjai gyorsan biztos nyughelyet találtak a hibátlan noi tomporon, ujjai fürkészoen csúsztak bele a far hófehér és selymes kupolái közé. Onnan a legnagyobb gyönyör pillanataiban sem távoztak, legfeljebb ahogy egyre nagyobb kéjhullámok lovagolták meg a fiút, ujjai annál mélyebben vésodtek bele a most már többszörösen drága anyai húsba.
Eközben Imre már enm tudott huvös maradni. Egy cseppet sem volt féltékeny, sot örült fia és felesége együttes örömének. Ide oda sündörgött, hogy a legkedvezobb szöget találhassa meg a kukkoláshoz. kezével nem is inkább izgatta, henem nyugtatgatta izgága szerszámát. Tudta hogy az elso lövés nem az övé. Neki már tartalékolni kell. Bámulattal adózott felesége ügyességének, fia dákójának, és örült hogy felesége nem egy idegen pasast szedett fel. Emlékezett saját kamaszkorára, kínzó és egyelore reménytelen vágyakozásiara akkor még a nálánál érettebb asszonyok iránt. Szerette fiát, és át tudta érezni a váratlan meglepetés örömét, és össze tudta egyeztetni saját most már a különcségeket a szexualitásban értékelo kíváncsiságával is. Közben anya és fia nyelves puszik sorozatár váltották egymással, a zuhany kiesett Ildi kezébol és a kád alján össze vissza tekeregve szórta a vizet, mindenfelé, mintegy megjósolva mi is fog következni:
Ildi gyengén két marokra vette fia kéjrúdját. A jócskán megemelkedett ráncosra töpörödött heregolyókat gyengéden masszírozva, járt másik csuklója ütemesen fel és le. A vékony fiatal fiútest hirtelen hátrafeszült, Palika a fejét a csempének vetette és az anyai gyöngédség eredményeképp felvillant a levegoben az elso fehér spermasugár. Ildi direktbe kapcsolt kezével, és a herék ritmikus szorongatásának ütemében fröccsent e második, harmadik többedik sugár, eroteljesen felugorva a mellekig és azon túl, a gyengébbje tócsákba folyva össze Ildi vizes hasán, szorös szeméremdombján combjai belso felén.
A fiú sokáig visszatartott lélegzete éles kiáltással tört ki, míg anyja el borította csókokkal elobb fejét, mellkasát, majd rajongva fia teste iránt, letérdelve elotte valóságos csókzáporral borította el a még mindig vörs és merev, ondótól maszatos dorongot.

Imre tett egy két rövid megjegyzést, célozván arra hogy még folytatásnak kellene következnie a hálószobában. Miután kelloen "bemelegedett" most már remélte hogy o is sorra kerül. Mindhárman bevonultak a szüloi hálószobába, ahol már gondosan minden elo volt készítve. Hangulatvilágítás a széles francia ágyon gusztusosan megágyazva, valamilyen halk de még is izgatott zene. De a legfobb attrakció volt az ágytól két méternyire egy nagy méretu állítható tükör, nagyanyáink korából ( lehet hogy akkor sem mindig csak öltözködéshez használták. )
Ildi kissé viccesen megkérte a fiát hogy foglajon helyet a páholyban és jó élvezetet kívánt az eloadáshz. A páholy egy kisebb kanapé volt a franciaágytól alig egy méterre.
Ekkor Immre a férj és Ildi a feleség, elozetes megbeszlésük alapján már rég nem látott gyöngédséggel, becézgetésekkel kezdték magukat ráhangolni egy elkövetkezo szeretkezésre. Hogyisne, mikor ennek nem felvilágosító hanem a noi szerelemre hangoló célzata van. Mindent beleadtak a szokásosnál hosszabbra nyúlt elojátékba, és a fiú keze ismét foglalkozni kezdett éledezo nemi szervével. Közben lázas érdeklodéssel figyelte hogy a férfi a fekvo anyának hogy terpeszti szét a lábait, és arca hogy süllyed bele a combok közötti sötétségbe. Nem is annyira látta, mint inkább hallotta az apró kis cuppanásokat ahogy apja anyja puncijára apró puszikákat mért. Majd egy hosszabb csend után anyja lélegzete egyre gyorsult, Imre ajkaival rászorított a csiklóra, finoman szívva, kicsit meghuzogatta, majd egész hirtelen egy diszkrét kis cuppanással engedte ki a szájából és ez a feleségének láthatóan nagy örömet okozott. Palika már alig bírt magával a kanapén. Izgett mozgott, legszívesebben oda bújt volna, és o is csinált volna anyjának valami izgiset. O is szerette volna megélni hogy szája, nyelve érintésétol anyja olyan szemérmetlenül, disznó módon kezdje riszálni csupasz fenekét.
Ildi jó anyaként egybol ráérzett fia gerjedelmére. Hirtelen felegyenesedetthatározott mozdulattal félretolva férjét, lelépett az ágyról, és egy sportos lendületes mozdulattal elobb egyik majd másik formás lábával fellépett a kanapé szélére és terpeszben fia fölé állt. Palika fénylo arccal nézett fel a szép izmos combok záródásánál levo lucskos puncira. Még a farkát is elfelejtette tovább verni.
Kezeivel óvatosan kezdett felfele haladni a no combjain, fel egészen a formás farig. Ildi lassan, óvatosan megkezdte a leereszkedést. Egyik kezével a kanapé támlájába kapaszkodva, másikkal finoman irányba tartva a fiú most már ismét tekintélyes méretu faszát, lassan csúsztatta be a pompás szervet a nyákos, meleg, paradicsomba. Finom lassú csípo mozgásokkal igyekezett a legérzékenyebb résznek a fütyin tartós örömöket biztosítani. Néha, tompora körkörösen ringott, néha fel le mozgott valami sejtelmes lassúsággal.
Most Imrén volt a sor hogy mozizzon. Leült a padlóra a szeretkezo pár elé, vagyis inkább alá és onnan figyelt. Elbuvölten nézte neje erotikus leleményességét, fia reszketo testét, és eldöntötte hogy nagyon szépek és ezt engedni fogja máskor is megismételni ( valószínüleg ettol a naptól fogva egyikük sem kért volna már többé engedélyt ).
Látszott hogy Palika nem sokáig bírja. Dererekasan igyekezett fiús tenyereivel anyja ingerloem kerekedo ülepének a nehézségi erot felfele legyozni, hogy majd a felso holtponton elengedje a finom tapintatú húst. Leejteve combjaira kezeit boldogan fogadta ahogy anyja selymes feneke szinte lezuhanva a dorongon Palika tenyereiben éles csattanással landolt, aztán megint elolrol...
Ildi begyorsított, mert érezte hogy forrósodik a fiatal szinte gyermeki fasz. Pali élénk csípoemelgetésekkel sietett elébe anyja altesti támadásának. Imre a padlón lennt lélegzet visszafojtva várta hogy elmenjenek, farka hegyében már ott hegyesedett a magömlés. Hirtelen Palika ismét zajongani kezdett és gyors ütemben töltötte mozgás közben forró gecivel az érett noi szerelmi barlangot. Az anya viharossá váló mozgása hosszú orgazmusba ment át, mellei ütemesen csapódtak fel és le ahogy izmos combjai az egész gyönyöru noi testet egy kéjes rugózásba hozták.

Imre egészen bevadult ahogy megérezte fia ondójának illatát, ahogy meglátta a kis fehér cseppecskéket nyomokban Ildi fenekén, combja tövén. Feltérdelve mohón harapdálni kezdte asszonya félgömbjeit, nyalogatta az anust a pinát, mit sem törodve fiának a friss ondótól éppen fényes hímvesszojével. Palika arca már jó ideje a tükörre fixált, és látszott hogy mekkora gyönyöruséget okozott neki saját farkának diadalmas látványa ahogy eltunt majd ismét kijött nem babér, de szépséges pinaszor koszorútól övezve.

Az asszonynak közben némi lelkisimeretfurdalással jutott eszébe férje akit elhanyagolt. Hálát is érzett iránta, hohy nem támasztott akadályt közte és a fia közötti szexuális boldogságnak. Visszamászott a francia ágyra, négykézláb állva felpúposította hátsóját, szemérmetlenül mutatva csatakos szeméremajkait, egy csepp ondó csillant meg a fényben a duzzadt csiklón. Palika mindezt jól látta, a tükörben mégegyszer, és alighogy apa kezdte benyomni a hímvewszot o is már ismét kemény volt.
Imre már rég érzett ekkora nemi erot magában. Felszabadultan sorozta meg Ildi varázslatos seggecskéjét, mely keményen állta a rohamot. Szaporán rezgo finom kis hájgyuruk szaladgáltak fel a csípoig ahogy férje szorös ágyka tompákat csattant a széttáruló félgömbökön.
A fiú úgy nézett ki mint aki örökre úgy marad. Megigézve nézte apja hatalmasra duzzadt vastag rúdját ( titokban irigyelte ) majd halkan kérlelni kérte anyját hogy csináljon vele valamit, mert a keze kevés ahhoz a gyönyörhöz ami lágyékában már készülodött. Az anya meleg búgó hangon, húzta át Palikát is a francia ágyra. A hanyattfekvo fiú fütyköse hamarosan anyuci érto és finom ajkai közé kerültek, persze finom noi ujjak a herezacskókat is körbefogták.
Ildi vette át az irányítást. Testébol elore és hátra egyforma bokezuségegel adakozta a kéjt a család két férfitagjának. Egyre inkább szinkronba mozogtak, míg Imi látható gyönyörrel figyelte hogy az apai, ot nemzo dárda hogyan tunik el a hófehér gömbök alatti sötét nyílásban.
Ekkor a fiú vékony még szortelen teste ívben megfeszülve nyomta a faszt az érto és gondoskodó noi szájba. Ildi ahogy érezte fia spermalávájának újabb vulkanikus kitörését csípoje enyhe körkörös riszálásával a megszokott rítusnak megfeleloen jelezte férjének hogy most már o is elmehet. Imre soha nem látott gyors ütemben húzta ki és be a szoros erdobol az ivben meghajlíott dorongját, mikor érezte a forró, tekergo szinte fájdalmas repülését ondójónak, hosszú ívekben be a mindent elnyelo forrón nyákos punciba.
A két férfi kimerült állatként rogyott Ildi mellé, aki váltakozóan csitítgató, nyugtatgató csókocskákkal csillapította a két hím ajzottságát.

Palika ismét, most már más módon is kötodni kezdett anyjához. Tanulmányilag feljavult, és amolyan jótanuló anyuka kedvence lett belole az iskolában. mennyit csúfolták érte! Mit is törodött vele, mikor ilyen boldogságban még sose volt része. A többi hülye nem is tudja hogy neki milyen jókban van része rendszeresen. Ildi is megnyugtatta idonként háborgó lelkiismeretét, mert más útja nem volt hogy imádott egy szem fiát az elzülléstol megmentse.
Imre, mint Apa elégedett volt, mert k**erült milyen bovéru is az o asszonya. A fiatal, potens fiú és az élveteg anya most már majdenem rendszeresközösülései árnyékában jócskán rájött, hogy ezen módon felesége csak úgy mellesleg hálából jobban jóllakatja mint bármikor korábban.
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2X2 néha 5

Feleségemmel úgymond nyitott házasságban élünk. Gyermekünk még nincs és ameddig kettesben vagyunk, szeretnénk minél jobban kiélvezni az életet. A nyitott házasság számunkra nem azt jelenti, hogy külön utakat járunk, hanem inkább másokat is próbálunk beszervezni erotikus játékainkba. Jelenleg is tart gyümölcsöz? kapcsolatunk egy közelben lakó korunkbeli házaspárral. Egy társasutazáson ismertük meg ?ket. Fogalmunk sem volt róla, hogy két-három saroknyira laknak t?lünk. Az üdülés alatt nem alakult ki semmiféle szexuális kapcsolat közöttünk. Egyszer?en jól éreztük együtt magunkat. Sokat beszélgettünk, szórakoztunk, de szó sem esett a testiségr?l. Megfogadtuk, hogy tartjuk a kapcsolatot hazatértünk után is. Így is lett. Eljárogattunk szórakozni, vacsorázni. Egyre jobban összeismerkedtünk. Rájöttünk, hogy nagyon is sok a közös bennünk és lassan-lassan a szex is terítékre került. Eleinte egymás el?tt szeretkeztünk, ami mondhatom, sokkal izgalmasabbá tette együttléteinket. Majd megtörtént a párcsere is. Mostanra eléggé összeszokott négyesfogatot alkotunk. Nem is terveztük mások beavatását kis körünkbe. Sok dolgot együtt éltünk át el?ször, illetve sok élményt csak együtt tudunk átélni. Innen indul rövid kis történetünk.
Nem tartom magam gátlásosnak, sem szégyenl?snek, de korábban még nem vitt be a lélek szexshopba. Pornófilmet is csak bátorító konyak után szoktam kikölcsönözni, de ilyen bolt el?tt minden bátorságom és magabiztosságom elhagy. A feleségem szülinapjára pedig ígértem valami pajzán eszközt, de akkor nem is gondoltam, milyen nehezen tudom majd kivitelezni a dolgot. Csak álltam a szexbolt el?tt, jobban mondva a harmadik kirakatnyira onnan és vártam, hogy visszaszálljon belém a lélek. Már közeledett a zárás és én még mindig kint voltam. Vettem egy nagy leveg?t és lassú léptekkel odasétáltam az ajtóig majd hirtelen benyitottam. Nem történt semmi olyasmi, amit?l korábban tartottam. Egy fiatal hölgy volt az eladó, aki azonnal nagyon udvariasan megkérdezte, hogy segíthet-e valamiben. Hebegtem, de végül kinyögtem, hogy a m?kukik érdekelnének. Amikor megkérdezte, hogy saját részemre veszem-e, azt hittem kandi kameráznak, de nem. Ránéztem és teljesen komolynak t?nt. Mondtam, hogy a feleségemet szeretném meglepni vele. Végigmutogatta a kínálatot, végül nagy dilemma után egy 40 centis duplavég? szerszámnál maradtam. Picit vastagabb volt az enyémnél és hasonlított az igazira. Szépen becsomagoltattam és alig vártam, hogy átadhassam kedvesemnek Anikónak. Szinte futva tettem meg az utat a metrótól hazáig. Majdnem megfeledkeztem a virágról. Végül minden együtt volt. Becsengettem.
Anikó sütött f?zött otthon, mivel estére vendégeket vártunk. Ugye mondanom se kell, hogy kiket. Megcsókoltam és fülig ér? szájjal adtam át szerzeményemet. ? izgatottan bontogatta, majd meglepetten nézett rám. Nem gondolta volna, hogy valóban megveszem. Égtem a vágytól, hogy kipróbálhassuk. Ölembe kaptam hát asszonykámat és irány a hálószoba. Remeg? kézzel próbáltam megszabadítani, amúgy sem túl sok ruhájától. A nagy igyekezetben a kis süt?-f?z? köténykéjét összebogoztam. Az nem is jött le, de nem is bántam, mert azon kívül minden ruhája a földre csúszott. S?t, még izgató is volt rajta az a kis fehér ruhadarab, ami inkább kívánatosabbá tette csinos testét, mintsem eltakart volna bel?le fontos részleteket.
Hanyatt fektettem Anikót és melleit a kötény pántjai mellett kiszabadítottam és élvezettel láttam hozzá a már meredt bimbók kényeztetéséhez. Egyik kezemmel b?vészi ügyességgel a feneke alá nyúltam és a punciját kezdtem simogatni, ellen?rizve, hogy mikor lesz már elég nedves. Nem akartam ajtóstól rontani a házba, de nem sok id?nk volt míg a vendégeink megérkeznek. Nem is kellett sokat dolgoznom, mert a heves lerohanásom meghozta az eredményét. Ha pinácskájának lucskossága nem is árulta volna el, mennyire izgatott a drágám, akkor is meghallottam volna egyre zihálóbb lélegzetvételeib?l és apróbb nyögéseib?l. Egy ujjal már a csiklóját izgattam, ami keményen ágaskodott ki rejtekéb?l. Elérkezettnek láttam a pillanatot ajándékom felavatására.
El?vettem hát a m?kukit. Anikó játékosan bekapta az egyik végét, szopást imitálva. Alig fért el a szájában a makk. Elég termetes jószág volt, a boltban nem t?nt ekkorának. Én bekaptam a másik végét, amin jót nevettünk mindketten. Majd megfogtam "segít?társamat" és kedvesem puncijához közeledtem. Nem tudtam megállni, hogy ne nyaljak bele mélyen a vágatba, mert annyira imádom a szépen nyírt pináját. A nedvei már szüntelenül áramlottak, így mikor odaérintettem a kukit, hamar síkos lett a vége.
Köröztem a puncijánál, de nem akartam elsietni. Anikó a csíp?jét megemelve próbált volna rácsúszni, de én még nem akartam. Inkább végigsimogattam az egész kukit a pinusán, egyre jobban benedvezve az oldalát is. Már a popsinyílásáig folytak nedvei, így oda is lecsúsztattam a kukit. Sohasem próbáltuk még az anális szexet, nem is forszíroztam, mert Anikó idegenkedett t?le. Most is rándult egyet, mikor odaértem, de inkább a meglepetést?l, mint attól, hogy kellemetlen lett volna. Ekkor elérkezettnek láttam az id?t, hogy megnézzem befér-e a nagy m?dorong. Kedvesem lucskos puncijához érintettem a makkot és óvatosan nyomtam el?re. Lélegzete szaggatott lett és kicsiket sikkantott is, de lassan haladt befelé a játékszer. Amikor a makk elt?nt Anikóban, kicsit megálltam. ? remegett a kéjt?l és amolyan "abba ne hagyd!" pillantást vetett rám. Aprókat mozgatva haladtam befelé, amikor s****rgést hallottunk a konyha fel?l. A feleségem kicsit megrándult, amikor eljutott tudatáig a felismerés, hogy félbehagyta a sütést és már ki tudja mióta és mi történik a konyhában. Próbált felkelni, de a méretes dorong nem engedte. Kelletlenül kihúztam bel?le a m?kukit és hagytam felkelni. Egy csókot nyomott az arcomra és mondta, hogy itt folytatjuk. Én már nem nagyon bíztam a dologban.
Nemsokára visszatért a konyhából, de gondterhelt arca elárulta, hogy nem az el?bb félbehagyott ügyünk miatt érkezett vissza.
- Elromlott a süt? - mondta kissé ingerült hangon.
Tudtam, hogy nem rám mérges, de akkor is le voltam lombozva. Sajnos ilyen szerelések szempontjából nem vagyok az az "igazi férfi" típus. Sohasem érdekeltek igazán a hasonló szerelvények és például az autók sem. Hirtelen eszembe jutott a szomszédunk, aki segített már egy pár dologban, hátha ? ért a gázt?zhelyekhez is. Felhívtam, hogy lenne-e olyan kedves megnézni. Nemsokára csengetett is.
Ahogy beengedtem, nem értettem, miért bámulja annyira Anikót. Szerintem a kedvesem is elég kés?n kapcsolt, mert én is akkor döbbentem rá, hogy továbbra is csak a semmit nem takaró kötény van rajta. Kissé szégyenkez? arccal elment magára kapni valamit. A szomszédunk, Józsi egy tapasztalt 45 év körüli férfi, így nemsokára rá is jött, az volt a gond, hogy kifutott a tepsib?l az éppen sül? étel szaftja és az folyt bele a fúvókába. Azt mondta, hogy várni kell amíg leh?l, mert akkor tudja majd kitisztítani.
Közben befutottak vendégeink is, a közös nyaraláson megismert Attila és neje, Dóra. El?ször meg voltak lep?dve, hogy kett? helyett hárman vagyunk, de hamar átlátták a helyzetet. Leültettük ?ket és Anikó inni hozott mindnyájunknak. Józsi is szívesen fogadta az italt. A feleségem bevezette vendégeinket a nappaliba. Én inkább udvariasságból, mint kíváncsiságból Józsival maradtam a konyhában. A fúvóka leh?lt, Józsi elkezdte a kipucolását egy drótkefével. Közben érdekl?d? arccal figyeltem, ? pedig szakért? módon magyarázta a gázt?zhely m?ködését. Ekkor kissé meg is feledkeztem vendégeinkr?l. Mikor újra égett a t?zhely, gondoltam szólok Anikónak, hogy folytathatja a félbehagyott sütést. Az els? szólításomra nem jött válasz, a másodikra se. Nem szeretek ordítozni a lakásban, ezért inkább utánanéztem, miért is nem hallja a feleségem, hogy hívom.
Bementem a nappaliba, de egy teremtett lelket nem találtam ott. Az üres poharaik az asztalon, de ?k sehol. Nem túl nagy a lakásunk, ezért sok gondolkodást nem igényelt, merre lehetnek. Benyitottam a hálószobába és egy gyönyör? kép fogadott. Attila a m?kukival kényeztette a két lányt. A lábaim között azonnal élet jelentkezett, de próbáltam visszafogni magam, mert nem feledkeztem meg Józsiról, akit a konyhában hagytam. Szóltam Anikónak, hogy kész a t?zhely. ? egy bosszús, de játékos pillantás kíséretében feltápászkodott. Ekkor láttam, hogy átnéz a vállam fölött. Megfordultam, és észrevettem, hogy Józsi az el?szobából figyel minket. Rögtön eszembe ötlött, hogy vajon mit láthatott abból, amit én is láttam az el?bb. Zavartan visszamentem a konyhába, ahová kis ruhaigazgatás után Anikó is követett. ? is megkapta az instrukciókat Józsitól, hogy ezentúl hogyan tegye be a tepsit. Közben szomszédunkat kínálni se nagyon kellett az italból, töltött magának.
A sütésb?l nem sok volt hátra, így pár percen belül finom illatok terjengtek a konyha fel?l. Anikó, szerintem csak udvariasságból megkérdezte Józsit, hogy van-e kedve velünk vacsorázni. Gondolom a válasz után azonnal meg is bánta, hogy ilyen jólnevelten viselkedett. Józsi szívest örömest igent mondott. Megterítettünk hát öt személyre és asztalhoz hívtuk vendégeinket is.
Lehet, hogy az ital okozta, de az asztalnál szinte végig Józsi beszélt. Rengeteg disznó viccet sütött el, amivel én úgy éreztem, hogy az el?bb látottakra próbál utalni. Dicsérte a lányokat, hogy milyen szépek és csinosak, és bárcsak fiatalabb lenne pár évvel. Ekkor a kissé becsípett Dóra megjegyezte, hogy nem olyan öreg ? még, hogy ilyeneket mondjon. Erre a kedves megjegyzésre hálából Józsi végigsimította Dóra combját. Dóra kissé zavartan mosolygott, de nem szólt semmit. Kissé már bántam, hogy áthívtam, de mit tehettem volna?
Minél többet ivott, annál közelebb húzódott Dórához. Nemsokára észrevettem, amit rajtam kívül más nem láthatott, hogy Józsi keze Attila feleségének combját simogatja, és már egy pillanatra se veszi el onnan. Dóra eleinte idegesen pislogott körbe, de amint látta, hogy senki nem figyeli, hagyta neki, hagy csináljon amit akar. A beszélgetés evés után is folytatódott. Szerintem már mindenki Józsi távozására várt, de ? még csak egy fél mozdulatot sem tett az ajtó felé. S?t, egyre feljebb haladt Dóra combján és már az amúgy se hosszú ruháját is felhajtotta egy kicsit. A combja bels? részén nyugtatta a kezét, majd a bugyi felé közelített. Ekkor szántam el magam, hogy beinvitálom a társaságot a nappaliba. Mondanom sem kell, hogy Józsi úgy jött, mint akinek kötelez?. Befelé jövet mind Anikó, mind Dóra fenekére rápaskolt egy kicsit.
Egyre szemtelenebbül célozgatott a hálószobában történtekre, de mivel mindannyiunk elengedte a füle mellett, abbahagyta a dolgot. Egyszer csak gondolt egyet és elköszönt t?lünk. Fellélegeztem. Azt mondta, ne kísérjük ki, hát nem kísértük.
Ekkor végre a tárgyra térhettünk.
- Láttam, hogy megmutattad nekik az ajándékodat. - kezdtem.
- Igen, már alig várom, hogy folytassuk, mert az nem járja, hogy az ember lányát saját szülinapján kétszer is félbeszakítsák! - mondta Anikó tréfásan, és azzal az egyik válláról hagyta lecsúszni a ruhája pántját.
Mögé álltam és simogatni kezdtem meztelen vállát, minden mozdulatomnál kicsivel lejjebb húzva a ruhát. Nemsokára már egyik mellét is kiszabadítottam és azt markolásztam nagy élvezettel. Attila elkezdte ugyanezt Dórával. Mindnyájan izgalomban voltunk, lehet, hogy a várakozás miatt is, vagy a helyzet hozta, de nem is tör?dtünk a külvilággal. Figyeltük egymást, ami csak fokozta az izgalmakat. Mintha tükör el?tt álltunk volna, úgy nézhettünk ki. Amit egyikünk csinált a feleségével, azt csinálta a másikunk is. A lányok arca sugárzott a boldogságtól. Kisvártatva mindketten meztelenül álltak el?ttünk, a mi nadrágjainkban pedig egyre jobban feszült az izgalom.
Anikó hátranyúlt és megmarkolta a farkam, majd minden átmenet nélkül megfordult és térdre ereszkedve szabadította ki a sliccemb?l. Amikor ott meredezett el?tte a szerszámom, hátra nézett Dórára, hogy tartja-e vele a lépést. Tartotta, kezében pedig Attila dorongja lüktetett. Mindketten szopni kezdték az el?ttük álló faszokat. Már nagyon vártam azt a nedves forró érzést, amit feleségem szájában éreztem. Ütemesen mozogtam, löktem a szájába magam. Ha sokáig így folytatódik, gyorsan a végére értem volna, de nem akartam még. Felhúztam magamhoz Anikót és megcsókoltam. Aztán ölben vittem a hálószobába. Utánunk jött Dóra és Attila is. Az ágyon még ott hevert a m?kuki. Kezembe vettem és a sajátom mellé tettem, úgy fogva, mintha megnyúlt volna az enyém. Anikó hanyatt dobta magát és akkorára terpesztette combjait, mint még soha. Puncija nedvesen csillogott, nem is volt szükség síkosításra. Letettem a m?faszt az ágyra és óvatosan a sajátomat nyomtam tövig a puncijába. Nagy sóhajjal fogadott magába, majd még néhányszor mélyen belemerültem. Azzal kihúztam a farkam Anikóból és újra kézbe vettem a m?fütyit. Attiláékra pillantva láttuk, hogy nagy 69-ben vannak elfoglalva. Amint észrevették, hogy nézzük ?ket, abbahagyták. Nem mintha zavarban lettek volna, de tudták ?k is, hogy ma valami el?nyt élvez. És ez a valami Anikó ajándéka volt.
A m?fasz egyik végét könnyedén becsúsztattam a feleségem puncijába. Ekkor Dóra is közelebb feküdt, így a másik vége az övébe került. Próbáltam ide-oda húzgálni, de nem volt az igazi. Ekkor bekövetkezett, amire egyikünk sem számított. Az ajtóból belépett Józsi, kezében a farkával, amelyen látszott, hogy nem most vette el?.
- Majd én megmutatom, hogy is kéne ezt - mondta boríz? hangon.
Mindnyájan megrettentünk kissé. Visszajött? Vagy el sem ment? Mostmár mindegy, mert itt van. Nem akartam jelenetet rendezni, ezért feleségemre bíztam, hogy mit is teszünk. Józsi semmit sem vett észre pillanatnyi dilemmámból, hanem Dórát térdre segítette, majd Anikóval is ugyanezt tette. Négykézlábra állította ?ket, úgy hogy a fenekük tíz centire lehetett egymástól. Majd megmarkolta a m?faszt és ívben meghajlította. Odahelyezte a lányok puncijához és hagyta, hogy a begörbített m?dorong lassan kirúgja magát. Így mélyen belebújt mindkét lány pinusába. Ekkor már biztos voltam benne, hogy Anikó annyira izgatott, hogy nem érdekli, ki és hogyan, de dugja már meg az ajándék fasszal. Józsi megfogta a kimaradó részét és húzogatni kezdte a fenekük között. A lányok egyre hangosabban sóhajtoztak. Nem bírtam tovább, annyira be voltam indulva, hogy már nem feszélyezett Józsi jelenléte sem, így Anikó szájába adtam a farkam, amit ? ?rült tempóban szopni kezdett. Attila is követte a példámat. Józsi pedig egyik kezével a m?bránert huzigálta, a másikkal hol a sajátját, hogy a lányok fenekét fogdosta. Néha a popsilyukaikat is megcélozta, amire mindig egy kisebb nemtetszést kifejez? rándulás volt a válasz.
A m?kuki már tocsogó hangokat adott ki, annyira nedves volt a lányoktól. Egyszer észrevettem, hogy szomszédom nemsokára elélvez. Egyre gyorsabban ráncigálta lüktet? szerszámát, majd lassított. Farka hegyét Dóra fenekére irányította és egy adag gecit l?tt rá. A második löket Anikó popóján landolt és így váltogatta amíg csak egy csepp is jött bel?le. Végül a farkával kente szét a fenekükön. A lányok mozgásából is arra következtettem, hogy nemsokára eljön a vég számukra is. Viszont Attila gyorsabb volt. Kirántotta faszát felesége szájából, de már nem tudta irányítani az els? sugarat, mert az Dóra hajába ment. A többi pedig az arcára. Itt már én sem állhattam meg. Ki sem húztam a faszom Anikó szájából, hanem a torkára eresztettem b? táramat. Próbálta lenyelni amennyit csak tudott, de jutott az arcára is bel?le.
Ekkor Józsi már csak a m?kukival foglalkozott, mivel a sajátját már kifacsarta. Növelte az iramot. Dóra háta elkezdett hullámzani és nagyokat nyögve élvezett. Rázkódott t?le az ágy. Ilyenkor nagyon közel nyomta a popsiját a kedveseméhez, amit?l a m?fasz nagy mélységekbe merült pináikban. Anikót is elérte a szülinapi orgazmusa. A popsinyílásának összehúzódásaiból láttam, hogy mindjárt robban. Szinte kiabált, dobálta magát. Gyönyöre nem akart sz?nni. Közben Józsi gecijét?l síkos popsiját markolásztam és a hátát simogattam. Mindkét lány kipirulva pihegett el?ttünk. Tudtam, hogy még nincs vége ennek az estének. Nem is tévedtem.
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Vilma néni

Vilma néni

Amikor általános iskolás voltam, anyukámnak volt egy barátnője, akivel folyamatosan tartották a kapcsolatot és gyakran meglátogatták egymást. Mindig nagyon örültem, amikor Vilma néni feljött hozzánk vendégségbe, mert tök jó nő volt és nagyon tetszett nekem. Később aztán rájöttem, hogy sokkal jobban gerjedek az érettebb nőkre, mint a korom béli kis fruskákra. Így aztán Vilma néni is fokozatosan egyre jobban kezdte izgatni a szexuális fantáziámat, rengeteget álmodoztam róla, valóságos szexszimbólummá vált számomra. Magas, vékony, csodálatos alakú nő volt, amit ügyesen ki is hangsúlyozott kihívó öltözködésével és kurvás viselkedésével. Mivel jócskán benne volt már a korban, arca nem volt valami nagy szám, de korához képest igazi bombázó volt és erre igazán büszke lehetett. Formás lábak, húsos combok, kerek fenék, karcsú derék, nagy mellek és mindez rendszerint rövid szoknyákba, kivágott ruhákba csomagolva. Kell ennél több egy vágyakozó kamasznak? Nekem nem kellett...
Alig vártam, hogy látogatásai alkalmával elhelyezkedjen szokott helyén a nappaliban és belekezdjen a vég nélküli pletykálgatásba anyukámmal. Ilyenkor ugyanis a szomszéd szobából a kulcslyukon át tökéletesen megleshettem pompás lábait, amiket erotikus mozdulatokkal pakolászott ide - oda, akaratán kívül is pazar élményt szerezvén nekem. Némely lábcsere olyan jól sikerült, hogy tökéletes belátásom nyílt szoknyája alá, egészen a buja combocskák között megbúvó fantasztikus csipkebugyijáig. A látványtól a víz kivert, szívem hevesen kalimpált és bizony nadrágom csakhamar meglehetősen szűknek bizonyult keményre merevedő fütykösöm számára.
Egyszer aztán leskelődés közben annyira felizgultam, hogy ösztönösen elkezdtem simogatni, nyomkodni és gyömöszölni farkamat a nadrágon keresztül, ami egyre fokozódó kéjes érzéseket eredményezett. Amikor már úgy éreztem, nem bírom tovább a gyönyört, egész testem összerándult és pöcsömből valami forró, ragacsos folyadék fröccsent alsógatyámba. Azt hittem, menten elájulok a csodás érzések hatására. Teljesen átáztam, de nem érdekelt, mert leírhatatlanul jó volt az a pillanat, amikor bespricceltem. El lehet képzelni, mennyire vártam ezek után Vilma néni látogatásait.
Nyolcadik év vége felé kezdett meggyűlnöm a bajom az orosz nyelvvel. Anyám mentő ötlete az volt, hogy járjak fel Vilma nénihez korrepetálásra, mert ő elég jól beszélt oroszul.
Mondanom sem kell, hogy elszánt híve lettem az ötletnek és szerencsémre hamar össze is jött a dolog. Hetente két alkalommal, suli után kellett felmennem hozzá orosz nyelvleckéket venni, de nekem ezek az órák inkább vibráló szexuális feszültséggel teli összejöveteleknek tűntek.
Anyukám barátnője akkor már évek óta elvált asszony volt, egyedül élt és kihívó öltözködéséből, viselkedéséből arra lehetett következtetni, hogy jelentős fasz - hiányban szenved. Minden eszközzel igyekezett felhívni magára a férfiak figyelmét, ami az én esetemben teljes sikerrel is járt. Kurvás stílusa, ruhái, mozgása, kétértelmű, csípős beszólásai mind - mind egyértelmű jelzések voltak, más kérdés, hogy nyilván nem egy tizenéves srácnak szóltak. Nem is sejthette, hogy a rendhagyó igék ragozásával küzdő srác tökéletesen veszi az adást és úgy gerjed rá, mint maci a málnabokorra. Persze törvényszerű volt, hogy ez a gerjedelem sokáig nem maradhatott titokban, annál is inkább, mivel (főleg a nadrágom környékén) érdeklődésemnek eléggé jól látható jelei voltak.
Egy délután valami felszólító mód volt a téma, de én abszolút nem tudtam rá odafigyelni, mert aznap az átlagosnál is dögösebb ruhát viselt és én le sem bírtam venni róla a szememet. Éppen a véletlenül enyhe terpeszben felejtett lábai közé bámultam, amikor hírtelen valamit kérdezett, de mire észbe kaptam, már késő volt. Lebuktam, amit nem is hagyott szó nélkül.
- Örülnék, ha nem a combjaimat bámulnád, miközben magyarázok! - mondta és gyors mozdulattal keresztbe tette csodás lábait. Láttam rajta és hangjából is éreztem, hogy felháborodása inkább csak színlelt, és valójában imponál neki, hogy egy fiatal srác megbámulja bájait. Folytatta a magyarázást, de a szoknya által alig takart mesés idomok lehetetlenné tették számomra az odafigyelést. Szememmel végigsimogattam kacér testét, képzeletben levetkőztettem és gondolatban többször végigcsókolgattam minden porcikáját. Virtuális szex - körsétám eredményeként farkam hatalmasra duzzadt, alig fért el a nadrág szorításában, én pedig remegtem izgalmamban, mint egy nyárfalevél.
- Látom, egyáltalán nem itt jár az eszed! - búgta és mire észbe kaptam, már ott állt mellettem. Megcirógatta a fejemet és lehajolt hozzám. Mellei betöltötték a látómezőt.
- Álló fütyivel nem lehet oroszt tanulni. - mondta mosolyogva. Elvörösödtem, mert láttam, hogy csúcsosodó gatyámat bámulja.
- Azt hiszem aranyom, téged valami más jobban érdekel. - jegyezte meg és megsimogatta forró arcomat. Köpni, nyelni nem tudtam, csak néztem bután, mint hal a vízben.
- Régóta figyelsz engem. Tetszem neked, igaz? - kérdezte, de kérdésére nem érkezett válasz. Fejem égett a szégyentől és marha szarul éreztem magam.
- A testemet akarod, igaz te kis rosszcsont? - faggatott tovább. Könnyeden felnevetett és hírtelen mozdulattal felült az íróasztalra. Kihívóan szétterpesztette lábait és sajnálkozó, majdhogy nem anyás mosollyal arcán hozzátette:
- Ez kéne, mi? Ezt akarod, ugye? Hát most megkapod!
Mire felfoghattam volna, hogy mi is történik, rámparancsolt, hogy álljak fel, fürgén elém térdelt és a következő pillanatban már ott álltam fölötte kigombolt nadrággal és előmeredező fasszal. Ezután csodálatos dolog történt. Vilma néni vágyaktól feltüzelten szopni kezdte a bráneremet, közben lágy mozdulatokkal mogyorózta a golyóimat. Életemben ilyen fantasztikus élményem nem volt, de túl sok időm nem maradt rá, hogy kiélvezzem. Vilma néni ugyanis ismét felült az asztalra, széttette lábait, majd megragadta botomat és ügyesen félrehajtva bugyiját az útból, bevezette lucskos pinájába a rángatózó szerszámot.
Ami ezek után következett, az maga volt a mennyország! Egy idő után ösztönösen ráéreztem, hogy mit kell csinálnom és magántanárnőm egyre hevesebb sikoltozása is arra utalt, hogy jó irányba haladok a szexleckék megtanulásának szerteágazó ösvényein.
Jó pár perc eltelt, mire ráébredtem, hogy egy íróasztal lapján elképesztő sebességgel baszom álmaim asszonyát.
Annyira hihetetlen és felfoghatatlan élmény volt, hogy teljesen elvesztettem az eszemet. Már nem érdekelt semmi, csak arra koncentráltam, hogy minél erősebben és mélyebben vágjam bele péniszemet a kezeim között vonagló szexbomba csatakos picsájába.
- Oohh, aahhh, uuuhhh! Majd szóljál! - hallottam valahonnan nagyon távolról Vilma néni hangját, de fogalmam sem volt róla, hogy ezt vajon miért mondta. Nem is foglalkoztam vele tovább, inkább az egyre elviselhetetlenebb gyönyörre, a faszom mélyén érzett kéjre koncentráltam. Aztán ismerős érzések jelentkeztek. Testem görcsbe rándult, megremegtem és végül a tökömből iszonyatos erővel forró lávaként lövellt elő az a bizonyos ragacsos folyadék. Nem tudván, hogy mi történik, tovább tosztam az egyre inkább nyálkássá váló husikát.
- Ooohh, istenemm! Aahhhuuhhhjaaajj! Belém mész kicsim! - sikoltotta erre Vilma néni és utolsó erejével eltaszított magától. A borotvált muffból kicuppanó, lüktető, és seprűnyélként meredező hímvesszőm vég nélkül fecskendezte magából az anyagot, fel egészen partnerem kivágott ruhájából kibuggyanó, hatalmas csöcseihez. Azt hittem, hogy valamit rosszul csináltam, de Vilma néni kielégült arccal zihálva megnyugtatott:
- Jól van, nincs semmi baj, csodálatos voltál. Csak szerettelek volna a számban érezni.
Rendbe szedtük magunkat, aztán az eseményeket kiértékelő rövid beszélgetés után fáradtan hazafelé indultam. Út közben jutottam el agyilag odáig, hogy felfogjam, mi is történt valójában. Életem titkon dédelgetett vágya teljesült azon a délutánon. Megdugtam azt a nőt, akit a legjobban kívántam. Az a csodálatos, érett asszony vette el a szüzességemet és tanított meg a szexre, akire már oly hosszú idő óta gerjedtem, és akiről elképzelni sem mertem volna, hogy észrevesz mint férfit.
Szerencsére megtörtént a csoda és mi több, az idők folyamán egyre gyakrabban megismétlődött. Szép lassacskán titkos viszony alakult ki közöttünk, amely kizárólag a szexre épült. Tíz év telt el azóta. Különféle indokokkal a mai napig is találkozgatunk és elképesztő orgiákat rendezünk.
Barátnőm valószínűleg sohasem fogja megtudni, hogy mindazt, amit az ágyban nyújtani tudok, egy nálam évtizedekkel idősebb nőtől tanultam.
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Heteró férfi 2.

Mindig nagy nehézség összehozni bármit is, fõleg ha hirtelen szabadidõ szakad az ember nyakába. Ez a történet sem mostanában történt már.

Nagyban böngésztem az adott oldalon, vártam a csodát, hát ha valaki szabad szombat este. Kezdtem feladni a dolgokat, amikor is kaptam egy levelet. Elsõ dolgom volt az illetõ adatlapját átnézni. 36 éves, 185 magas, 80 kiló, sportos, sötét barna haj és szem. Na és persze heteroszexuális. Igazi ínyencfalat. Gyorsan elolvastam a levelet. Bizonytalan érdeklõdõ a fiúszex iránt, elsõ körben masszírozás, és közös maszti érdekelné. Válaszoltam, hogy ennek semmi akadálya, összehozhatjuk. Érdeklõdtem a szabadidejérõl. Nem telt bele pár perc, és jött a válasz, hogy akár most azonnal is ráér. Igazi áldás volt akkor, gyorsan reagáltam, és le is tisztáztuk hogy olyan óra múlva tudna jönni hozzám. Megbeszéltük pontosan hova is jöjjön. Ezt követõen gyorsan a fürdõbe vágtam magam, és összeszedelõzködtem.

Idõ elõtt elkészültem, még lehetett úgy negyedórám. Ha várakozom, ilyenkor az ablakban nézelõdöm, és ha az idõ engedi, akkor ott szárítom a hajam. Ezen az estén is így történt. Figyeltem a ház elõtt haladó autókat, embereket. Egyszer csak egy Saab-ra lettem figyelmes, mely megállt egy kicsit a kapu elõtt, majd tovább hajtott pár lépcsõházzal odébb, és ott leparkolt. Egy valaki ült csak benne, és tudtam, hogy õ lesz az. Kinyitotta az ajtót, de nem szállt ki, csak ült tovább, és nyomkodta a telefonját. Õszintén, türelmetlen voltam már. Azon voltam, hogy akkor ennyi, lemondja, vagy nem is jelez, és elmegy. Nem ez lenne az elsõ alkalom, hogy valaki meggondolja magát szó nélkül. Pár perccel voltunk már a megbeszélt idõn, és emberünk kiszállt az autóból, becsukta, riasztó aktivizálva, és elkezdett a lépcsõház felé sétálni. Hát, nem tévedtem hogy õ volt az. A megérzéseim.. Rövidesen a kapuhoz ért, és felcsöngetett. Beengedtem, és nem sokkal késõbb már az ajtóban köszöntöttük egymást. Vonzó pasi volt, enyhén kreol, de ezt betudtam a szoláriumnak. Kis borostája volt, ami szintén dobott egyet az összképen. Beinvitáltam a szobába, leültettem, és beszélgetni kezdtünk az ilyenkor szokásos dolgokról. Rövidesen megkérdeztem, hogy mihez volna kedve. Masszírozás volt a válasz. Javasoltam neki, hogy zuhanyozzon le ha gondolja. Mondta, hogy rendben. Kikísértem a fürdõbe, megmutattam hogy mûködnek a dolgok. Mivel nem volt tiszta törülközõ, így kicsit magára hagytam. Visszatérve már zuhanyozott, én pedig ott hagytam neki a törülközõt. Kicsit volt alkalmam meglesni a testét, és egész gusztának tûnt.
A szobában gyorsan elõkészítettem a matracot, amit ilyenkor szoktam használni. Lepedõt húztam rá, és kikészítettem a masszírozó olajat.

Emberünk a derekára tekert törülközõvel lépett be a szobába, nedves felsõtesttel. Teljes izgalomba jöttem a látványtól. Kellemes szõrzet borította, mely a nedvességtõl rátapadt a testére. Kértem, hogy feküdjön hasra. Eleget tett kérésemnek. Két lábára ültem kisnadrágomban, és trikómban. Fogtam az olajat, és végig csorgattam a hátán. Finoman eloszlattam, majd a derekától haladtam felfelé a gerincoszlop mentén a nyakáig, a tarkóig, majd oldalt a nyakán visszatértem a válláig. Ezt többször megismételtem, hol gyengébben, hol erõsebben. Egy idõ után bevontam a kezeit is a kezelésbe. Jó érzés volt az izomtól duzzadó karokat megérinteni. Többszöri ismétlés után hátrébb ültem a két lába közé, és a lábait kezdtem el masszírozni. A talpaktól a vádlin és a combon át a fenekéig. Izmos lába és fenek volt, melytõl már tényleg kellõen felizgultam. A belsõ combokra koncentrálódtam, és haladtam a herék felé. Onnan az ánuszt érintve a farpofákon a derekáig, majd az oldalán lefelé futtatva vissza a talpakig tértem. A fenéken idõzve az lassan ritmikusan mozgatva kezdte fel emelgetni. Ez jó érzéssel töltött el, hogy sikerült felizgatni. Úgy tíz perccel késõbb kértem, hogy forduljon meg. Csukva volt a szeme végig, és a farka merevedett. Nem vetemedtem rá, a lábaira ültem, és felsõtestére csurgattam az olajat. A mellizmát kezdtem el elõször finoman masszírozni, majd az egész felsõ testre kitértem, a nyakát is beleszámítva. Isteni volt érinteni ezt a testet, finom bõre volt. Farka a farkamhoz ért nadrágon keresztül, és így egymáshoz dörzsölve izgattuk egymást. Kis idõ múlva ismét váltottam, a két lába közé ültem, és a talpaktól kezdve haladva masszíroztam az ágyékáig. Direkt nem érintettem a kezdetekkor, majd nem bírtam tovább, és cirógatni kezdtem a heréit. Ezt követõen lehelet finoman kezembe vettem a péniszt, és elkezdtem játszani vele. Kis kéjcsepp buggyant ki a makkból, ezt gyorsan eloszlattam az ujjaimmal. Érintésemre többször erõteljesen lüktetni kezdett a farka. Nem bírtam tovább, és a számba vettem. Nem ellenkezett. Készséges, és odaadó volt. Nyelvemet körbeforgattam a makkon, idõnként bele mélyesztettem a pénisz nyílásába, amit pici nyögésekkel nyugtázott. Majd váltottam, és bekaptam tövig. A fazonírozott szõr az orromnál volt, és szagoltam az olaj és izzadság keverékét. Ritmikusan mozgattam a fejem, õ pedig ritmikus mozgatta a csípõjét. Nem akartam hogy gyorsan elmenjen, így abbahagytam. Nyalogatni kezdtem a szemérem dombot, majd a hasán lassan felfelé haladva a mellbimbókat felváltva nyaltam, és harapdáltam. Élvezte. Pár perccel késõbb a nyakán haladtam jobb oldalt a füléig. Mivel fül mániás vagyok, így azt is kezelésbe vettem. Elkezdtem nyalogatni, majd az arc élét is, az álláig haladva át a bal oldalra a bal fülét is nyaltam. Élvezte, ez is egy erõs erogén zónája volt. A két füle között vándoroltam az állán át, és nem taszított el, nem undorodott tõle. Emellett gyorsan levettem a kisnadrágot, és trikót. Fenekemhez illesztettem a farkát, és így ingereltem. A farpofáim közé szorítva csúszkáltam le és fel. Éreztem, hogy jobban csúszik a farok, egyre több és több kéjnedv csordult ki belõle. Könnyen belém hatolhatott volna, de erre most nem voltam felkészülve. Néha kis hangokat hallatott élvezet közben. Idõnként a fejét szorosan a számhoz szorítottam, és úgy nyaltam a füleit. Csókra nem gondoltam, bár az ellen sem lett volna.
Így elidõzve elfeledkeztem a szopásról, úgy hogy visszatértem a farkára. Nem sok kellett, már közel volt. Erõteljesen szívtam, szoptam, majd egy hatalmasat élvezett a számba. Ezt nem sûrûn szoktam engedni, de ez most nagyon jó volt. Nem nyeltem le a spermát, így a számban a farkával játszadoztam még egy kicsit míg elernyedt. Kis türelmét kértem intve, majd a fürdõszobában a mosdóba köptem. Kicsit öblítettem, arcot mostam, és visszatértem. Mosolygott, jól érezte magát. Hát még én!
Javaslatot tett arra, hogy õ is megmasszíroz. Kért, hogy hanyatt feküdjek. Eleget tettem kérésének, és merevedõ farokkal feküdtem. Nem nagyon teketóriázott masszázzsal, és picit csinálta csak, majd a farkamat vette kezelésbe. Olajat csurgatott rá, és játszadozni kezdett vele. Nem szopott, csak kézzel tette amit tett. Mivel már kész voltam teljesen, rövid idõn belül elélveztem. A nyakamig lõttem, az anyag szétfolyva felsõtestemen. Elfáradtam.

Rendbe tettük magunkat a fürdõben, majd távozott e guszta férfi.
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Egy szállodában dolgoztam pár éve. Ott is laktam. Klassz kollégáim voltak. De egyiknek sem tudtam, mertem elmondani fétisem. Ami konkrétan, latex és bőrruhák viselése és ezekben való megkötözés. A szállodában szabadidőben nem zavart senki senkit. Mindenki tiszteletben tartotta a másik intim szféráját. Ezért úgy döntöttem ha nem megy partnerrel akkor csinálom egyedül.
Eddig is aludtam latexben és bőrben is. Persze megvolt a kockázat a lebukásra de közben izgalmas is volt de egyszer, egyszer azért majdnem lebuktam. Mert persze volt , hogy jöttek valamiért de full latexben, maszkban furcsa lett volna ajtót nyitni. Levenni meg nem egy pillanat műve. Furcsállták is néha, hogy csak az ajtón át szóltam ki de mindig sikerült megmagyarázni. Azért volt olyan is hogy kénytelen voltam kinyitni mert hoztak valamit. Na akkor volt a nagy probléma. Aztán eszembe jutott a köntös. Oda akasztottam az ajtóhoz és ha ilyen volt felkaptam és azt mondtam, hogy épp fürdök. Persze ezt csak akkor tudtam eljátszani a mikor nem viseltem maszkot.
Aztán fel is bátorodtam, meg vágytam a változatosságra is és arra gondoltam megpróbálom a selfbondage-t.
A kezdetekben finoman csinálgattam. Gyors szabadulási lehetőségekkel. De aki bondage fetisiszta az ismeri azt az érzést, tudatot, hogy tudod bármikor kiszabadulhatsz. Úgy, hogy elkezdtem a bilincseket használni. Előszór csak rövid ideig késő este csinálgattam. De egyre merészebb lettem. Előre bilincselt kezekkel és összebilincselt lábakkal aludtam egész éjszaka. Kicsit korábbra állítottam a vekkert, hogy legyen időm kibontani és kicsomagolni magam a bilincsekből és a ruhákból majd megfürödni a munka előtt.
Aztán! Már hátra, hátra bilincseltem a kezeim és úgy próbáltam aludni. De úgy nem ment az alvás. Izgalom meg merevedési problémák. Pénisz ügyi is meg izom ügyi is. Volt merevedés mindenhol :-)
De nem engedett hagyni a gondolat, hogy csak úgy kiszabadulhatok. Ezért aztán a telefonos időzítést kezdtem használni. Kulcs a telefonra és egy aránylag magas helyre téve. Aztán rezgés és a kulcs leesik. Persze többször kipróbáltam hogy működik e a dolog. DE! Biztos ami biztos két telefont is kezdtem használni. Sosem lehet tudni.
Aztán hát mit is szépítsem a dolgokat egyre vadabb dolgokat kezdtem csinálni. Hogtied például. És nem volt elég a telefonos szabadulás még a lakás másik végén csináltam meg a hogtied-et, hogy még kúsznom, másznom is kelljen a kulcsért.
Vad és izgalmas esték voltak. Persze ilyenkor nem tudtam aludni sem az izgalomtól sem a feszes kötözéstől sem. Másnap meg olyan voltam mint a mosott rongy :-). De azért este megint csináltam valami kötözést.
Látták rajtam, hogy egy kicsit fáradt vagyok de valamivel mindig sikerült kivágnom magam.
Csupán egyetlen dolog volt gond. Volt minden szobához egy vészkulcs. Avval bármilyen szobába belehetett menni és az egyetlen ember a szobalányok főnöke egy bombázó, igazi domina csak ő tudott mindenhová bemenni.
Próbálkoztam én nála, de soha nem jött össze. Lehet én voltam túl erőszakos. Vagy nem eléggé. Szóval csak ő tudott bejönni vagy esetleg az akinek odaadja a kulcsot. Amire napközben volt példa de csak napközben.
Azt a bizonyos estét már jó előre megterveztem. Nagyából tudtam melyik este lesznek a legkevesebben a hotelben és ez miatt a szolgálatban. Megterveztem miket veszek fel. Latex overál. Harness. Latex maszk arra a bőr. Szemmaszk. Szájpecek. Már felvenni sem volt egy perc.De természetesen ez okozott gondot. Már a viselés ezeknek a ruháknak is nagy élvezetet okozott és okoz még most is természetesen. Előkésítettem a köteleket és rugús spaniferes szalagot. Evvel nagyon könnyen lehet a lábat a pl. felsőtesthez rögzíteni és ettől lesz nagyon jó a selfhogtied. A farkamat a ruhán kívül hagytam és ráhúzta egy pénisz karikát had feszüljön az is ha dagadni kezd.
Körülbelül tizenegy órára végeztem az öltözéssel a kötözéssel. Persze előtte beállítottam a telefonokat. Három órát adtam magamnak, hogy tudjak valamit pihenni még kelés előtt.
Lefeküdtem a padlóra. Megcsináltam a láb hátra feszítést a szájpecekhez a kis spaniferrel . Elég feszes lett. Nagyon nehezen tudtam hátra tenni a kezeim. Aztán kattantak a bilincsek a csuklómon is és már nem volt vissza út.
Hu! Nem semmi érzés. Most hogy hátul vannak a kezeim még kevésbé tudok moccanni. A kulcsok alig két méterre fognak lehullani de ahogy elkezdtem mocorogni tudtam nem lesz egyszerű oda kúsznom. Ez a spaniferes dolog túl jól sikerült. A fejem teljesen hátrafeszült. Nem tudtam letenni a földre. Ha nem tartottam bevágott a számba a szájpecek szíja. Megpróbáltam k**őlni oldalra, hátha úgy enyhébb lesz a szorítás de alig tudtam valamit is lendíteni magamon annyira feszes volt Elkezdett csorogni a nyálam is. Hangosan szörcsögtem, hogy levegőhöz jussak. Kezdtem idegeges lenni. Ha nem akarok pánikrohamot kapni akkor meg kell nyugodjak. Abba hagytam a kapálódzást. De a számban a pecek egyre jobban feszített. Nem nagyon ment e
miatt a lazítás. Aztán kicsit később újra megpróbáltam oldalra fordulni.
A fejem nem kellett tartani viszont nem tudtam a lábam annyira megtartani, hogy ne feszítse a számban a pecket. Szinte a torkomig húzta a gaggballt. Nagyon, nagyon, nagyon kellett koncentrálnom, hogy ne essek pánikba.
Közben felszabadult a farkam és elkezdett ágaskodni. Amennyire volt most veszélyes és egyben kilátástalan a helyzetem annyira élveztem is.
Na igen de most hogyan tovább?
Ahhoz, hogy eltudjak mászni a kulcsokig vissza kellene fordulnom a hasamra. De most annyira feszítettek a kötelek a bilincsek, hogy az volt az érzésem soha nem tudok magamtól kiszabadulni. Persze az időérzékem teljesen eltűnt. Halvány gőzöm sem volt mennyi idő telt el. Összekellet szedjem magam, hogy a kulcsok helyéig eltudjak araszolni.
Elkezdtem lendíteni a lábam de minden egyes lendítéssel erős fájdalmat okoztam a számnak. Hogy, hogy fog ez holnap kinézni arra most nem is gondolok. Nagy erőfeszítések árán sikerült vissza hempergőznöm a hasamra. Lihegtem.Szörcsögtem. A fejem egy merő izzadság volt. Az orromra is ömlött a maszk alatt. A számból nem elég hogy ömlött a nyál még ott is megkellet küzdenem az izzadsággal.
Aztán egyszer csak kopogtak. Megállt bennem az ütő. Ki a fene lehet. Nem szólt be senki. Kopogott még egyet majd elment. Azt hittem ott ájulok el mert ki értem az ágy takarásából ami ha netán bejön valaki nyújt némi búvó helyet de így már nem. Igaz csak sejtettem, hogy már elhagytam az ágy szélét. Akkor viszont ,,csak" egy méter maradt még. Pihentem egy kicsit mert nagyon fájt a szám.
AZTÁN, megint kopogtak!!!
Nem hiszem el. Pont ma. Egyszer csak hallom nyílik az ajtó. Bassza meg! Bassza meg! Bassza meg!
Nem mozdultam. Vártam mi lesz. Úgy sem tudtam volna mit csinálni. Füleltem mi történik de semmi. Pár lépést halottam és nem többet. Mivel nem láttam és szinte nem is hallottam szinte moccanni sem mertem. Vártam valami röhögést, sikítást vagy káromkodást de semmi.
Aztán azt hallottam, hogy közelebb jön hozzám és mögém térdel. oldalra fordít. Én nagyot nyögötem mert megint belevágott a számba a pecek szíja. Majd rátámaszkodott az oldalamra, megfogja a farkam és elkezdte húzogatni. Mivel nem láttam semmit és hallani sem igen hallottam semmit egyszerűen nem tudtam megállapítani férfi vagy nő az illető. Reméltem, hogy nő legalább. De sokat ha férfi lett volna akkor sem tudtam volna mit csinálni. Nyöszörögtem, szörcsögtem de evvel csak azt értem el, hogy rátérdelhetett a spanifer szalagjára amivel a földhöz rögzített. Egy fikarcnyit nem tudtam moccanni. csak némi hörgés jött ki belőlem. Egy rövid időre abbahagyta a farkam izgatását de aztán folytatta és éreztem hogy valami kenőcsöt nyomhatott a kezére mert most már csúszott a keze. Talán nő lehetett mert elég kicsi volt a keze.
Nem csinálta erősen de szorosan fogta a farkam. Az izmaim pattanásig feszültek. Nem tudom ki csinálta de őrületesen jó volt. Csak, hogy abba hagyta ideje korán. Az idegeim majd szét robbantak. Nem elég hogy valaki felfedezte mit csinálok aztán kihasználja szorult helyzetem még avval is szadiz, hogy a vége előtt abba hagyja a farkam verését.
Érzem, hogy feláll és a szekrényhez megy majd visszajön. Eloldja a spanifert. Lábaimat óvatosan kiegyenesíti. De csak ennyi. Nem oldoz el jobban. A hátamra fordít és érzem ahogy átlép rajtam. Leguggol. megfogja a farkam és magába illeszti. Majd elkezd mozogni rajtam. Szoros volt a pinája mert igaz soha nem voltam pasival és egyelőre úgy néz ki nem is leszek, de elég biztos voltam benne, hogy ez egy jó szaftos finom pina.
Teljesen elfeledkeztem arról milyen következmények lehetnek csak élvezkedtem. Nem érdekelt már, hogy mennyire égetően feszít a számban a pecek. Mennyire belevág a húsomba a csontomba a bilincs a mennyekben éreztem magam. Miközben lovagolt rajtam még arra is volt ideje, hogy kicipzárazza a melleimnél az overált és a bimbóimra csipeszeket tegyen. Már nyöszörögni sem tudtam csak hatalmas hörgések közepette eldurranni.
Közben csak annyit hallottam - ezt nem engedtem még meg! - de annyira elmerültem a kéjben, hogy nem tudtam megállapítani csupán csak azt, hogy nő az illető és csak annyi ötlött fel bennem - Hála istennek nő! -
Majd leszállt rólam elrángatott valahová. Aztán csak annyit éreztem, hogy valamihez kikötöz a nyakamnál fogva.
- Ma még vissza jövök. Állj készen mert megkeserülöd.- sziszegte. Majd becsapva az ajtót elment.
Hát még mindig nem tudom ki volt. Csak pihegtem abban a sötétségben amit csináltam magamnak. Most, hogy kitudtam nyújtani a lábam kicsit jobb volt a helyzetem. na nem sokkal mert ahogy próbáltam elmozdulni a helyemről akkor éreztem hogy valamihez ki vagyok kötve a nyakamnál fogva. Nem tudtam elmenni a kulcsokért. Azon gondolkoztam akarnék e egyáltalán. Mondjuk sok választásom nem volt és most bele se akartam gondolni mi lesz holnap. Csak ott feküdtem mint egy darab fa vagy egy szexrabszolga?
Azt hiszem elaludhattam mert arra ébredtem, hogy valaki lök egyet rajtam. Majd nagyokat ver a fenekemre.Ahhhhh. Ez nagyon fáj. Oldalra fordulok de vissza fordít majd a hátamra ül és úgy püföl tovább. Ég a fenekem. Amikor abba hagyja érzem, hogy eloldoz ahová kikötött és a hátamra fordít. Rám támaszkodik és egyszerűen bekapja a farkam. Olyan a szája mint egy vákuum szivattyú. Fél perc és áll újra mint a cövek. Majd beleül és elkezd keményen lovagolni. Szinte csapkod a fenekével. Megint a melleimre csipeszel valamit de nem az enyémet mert kegyetlenül fáj. Nagyot ordítanék de rátenyerel a számra. Annyira beleéli magát, hogy lefogja az orromat is. Hümmögök mert nem kapok levegőt. Rárángatódzom, vergődöm. Leszáll a számról de miután visszaáll a légzésem megint befogja a szám és az orrom. Megint nagyokat vergődöm. Kezdem azt érezni ezt élvezi. Aztán megint és megint eljátssza ezt
újra és újra. Annyi különbséggel, hogy egyre tovább tart a légzés kontroll. Már már elájulok. Amikor érzem és hallom hogy nagy nyögések közepette elmegy. Pár másodperccel később követem én is.
Aztán elernyedve rám fekszik. Pár percig lehettünk így amikor leszállt rólam. A kezembe nyomja a bilincs kulcsát és hallom ahogy elmegy. Én meg csak pihegek tovább. Alig tudtam magam kiszabadítani. Kihámoztam a számból a pecket és avval a lendülettel bezuhantam az ágyba.
A teljes sötét és a csend amit a maszk adott mély álomba merültem. Aztán amikor felébredtem lefejtettem magamról az összes felszerelést, ruhát. A szám úgy nézett ki mint Jokeré a Batman filmben. Dél volt. Totál elkéstem, Reggel kellett volna kezdenem. Közben észrevettem egy cetlit az asztalon. Az állt rajta - Mára beteget jelentettél de este legyél ugyanúgy beöltözve és megkötözve. Ha nem, elvesztetted az állásod. - Ennyi. nem több.
Na szép. Utálom ha megzsarolnak de mit tudtam tenni. Este ugyanúgy feküdtem ott a padlón és ugyanúgy összekötöztem magam és ugyanúgy ki voltam használva. Aztán mindig volt egy cetli az asztalomon egy rövid utasítással hogy és miként kötözzem meg magam. Kicsit mindig máshogy de egy volt az állandó. Hogy mindkét maszkot fel kell vegyem a szem ellenzővel sőt füldugót is kellett viseljek.
Még egy évig dolgoztam ott és csak sejtettem, hogy ki az. Ő volt!... Continue»
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Bondage fantasy

Egy szállodában dolgoztam pár éve. Ott is laktam. Klassz kollégáim voltak. De egyiknek sem tudtam, mertem elmondani fétisem. Ami konkrétan, latex és bőrruhák viselése és ezekben való megkötözés. A szállodában szabadidőben nem zavart senki senkit. Mindenki tiszteletben tartotta a másik intim szféráját. Ezért úgy döntöttem ha nem megy partnerrel akkor csinálom egyedül.
Eddig is aludtam latexben és bőrben is. Persze megvolt a kockázat a lebukásra de közben izgalmas is volt de egyszer, egyszer azért majdnem lebuktam. Mert persze volt , hogy jöttek valamiért de full latexben, maszkban furcsa lett volna ajtót nyitni. Levenni meg nem egy pillanat műve. Furcsállták is néha, hogy csak az ajtón át szóltam ki de mindig sikerült megmagyarázni. Azért volt olyan is hogy kénytelen voltam kinyitni mert hoztak valamit. Na akkor volt a nagy probléma. Aztán eszembe jutott a köntös. Oda akasztottam az ajtóhoz és ha ilyen volt felkaptam és azt mondtam, hogy épp fürdök. Persze ezt csak akkor tudtam eljátszani a mikor nem viseltem maszkot.
Aztán fel is bátorodtam, meg vágytam a változatosságra is és arra gondoltam megpróbálom a selfbondage-t.
A kezdetekben finoman csinálgattam. Gyors szabadulási lehetőségekkel. De aki bondage fetisiszta az ismeri azt az érzést, tudatot, hogy tudod bármikor kiszabadulhatsz. Úgy, hogy elkezdtem a bilincseket használni. Előszór csak rövid ideig késő este csinálgattam. De egyre merészebb lettem. Előre bilincselt kezekkel és összebilincselt lábakkal aludtam egész éjszaka. Kicsit korábbra állítottam a vekkert, hogy legyen időm kibontani és kicsomagolni magam a bilincsekből és a ruhákból majd megfürödni a munka előtt.
Aztán! Már hátra, hátra bilincseltem a kezeim és úgy próbáltam aludni. De úgy nem ment az alvás. Izgalom meg merevedési problémák. Pénisz ügyi is meg izom ügyi is. Volt merevedés mindenhol :-)
De nem engedett hagyni a gondolat, hogy csak úgy kiszabadulhatok. Ezért aztán a telefonos időzítést kezdtem használni. Kulcs a telefonra és egy aránylag magas helyre téve. Aztán rezgés és a kulcs leesik. Persze többször kipróbáltam hogy működik e a dolog. DE! Biztos ami biztos két telefont is kezdtem használni. Sosem lehet tudni.
Aztán hát mit is szépítsem a dolgokat egyre vadabb dolgokat kezdtem csinálni. Hogtied például. És nem volt elég a telefonos szabadulás még a lakás másik végén csináltam meg a hogtied-et, hogy még kúsznom, másznom is kelljen a kulcsért.
Vad és izgalmas esték voltak. Persze ilyenkor nem tudtam aludni sem az izgalomtól sem a feszes kötözéstől sem. Másnap meg olyan voltam mint a mosott rongy :-). De azért este megint csináltam valami kötözést.
Látták rajtam, hogy egy kicsit fáradt vagyok de valamivel mindig sikerült kivágnom magam.
Csupán egyetlen dolog volt gond. Volt minden szobához egy vészkulcs. Avval bármilyen szobába belehetett menni és az egyetlen ember a szobalányok főnöke egy bombázó, igazi domina csak ő tudott mindenhová bemenni.
Próbálkoztam én nála, de soha nem jött össze. Lehet én voltam túl erőszakos. Vagy nem eléggé. Szóval csak ő tudott bejönni vagy esetleg az akinek odaadja a kulcsot. Amire napközben volt példa de csak napközben.
Azt a bizonyos estét már jó előre megterveztem. Nagyából tudtam melyik este lesznek a legkevesebben a hotelben és ez miatt a szolgálatban. Megterveztem miket veszek fel. Latex overál. Harness. Latex maszk arra a bőr. Szemmaszk. Szájpecek. Már felvenni sem volt egy perc.De természetesen ez okozott gondot. Már a viselés ezeknek a ruháknak is nagy élvezetet okozott és okoz még most is természetesen. Előkésítettem a köteleket és rugús spaniferes szalagot. Evvel nagyon könnyen lehet a lábat a pl. felsőtesthez rögzíteni és ettől lesz nagyon jó a selfhogtied. A farkamat a ruhán kívül hagytam és ráhúzta egy pénisz karikát had feszüljön az is ha dagadni kezd.
Körülbelül tizenegy órára végeztem az öltözéssel a kötözéssel. Persze előtte beállítottam a telefonokat. Három órát adtam magamnak, hogy tudjak valamit pihenni még kelés előtt.
Lefeküdtem a padlóra. Megcsináltam a láb hátra feszítést a szájpecekhez a kis spaniferrel . Elég feszes lett. Nagyon nehezen tudtam hátra tenni a kezeim. Aztán kattantak a bilincsek a csuklómon is és már nem volt vissza út.
Hu! Nem semmi érzés. Most hogy hátul vannak a kezeim még kevésbé tudok moccanni. A kulcsok alig két méterre fognak lehullani de ahogy elkezdtem mocorogni tudtam nem lesz egyszerű oda kúsznom. Ez a spaniferes dolog túl jól sikerült. A fejem teljesen hátrafeszült. Nem tudtam letenni a földre. Ha nem tartottam bevágott a számba a szájpecek szíja. Megpróbáltam k**őlni oldalra, hátha úgy enyhébb lesz a szorítás de alig tudtam valamit is lendíteni magamon annyira feszes volt Elkezdett csorogni a nyálam is. Hangosan szörcsögtem, hogy levegőhöz jussak. Kezdtem idegeges lenni. Ha nem akarok pánikrohamot kapni akkor meg kell nyugodjak. Abba hagytam a kapálódzást. De a számban a pecek egyre jobban feszített. Nem nagyon ment e
miatt a lazítás. Aztán kicsit később újra megpróbáltam oldalra fordulni.
A fejem nem kellett tartani viszont nem tudtam a lábam annyira megtartani, hogy ne feszítse a számban a pecket. Szinte a torkomig húzta a gaggballt. Nagyon, nagyon, nagyon kellett koncentrálnom, hogy ne essek pánikba.
Közben felszabadult a farkam és elkezdett ágaskodni. Amennyire volt most veszélyes és egyben kilátástalan a helyzetem annyira élveztem is.
Na igen de most hogyan tovább?
Ahhoz, hogy eltudjak mászni a kulcsokig vissza kellene fordulnom a hasamra. De most annyira feszítettek a kötelek a bilincsek, hogy az volt az érzésem soha nem tudok magamtól kiszabadulni. Persze az időérzékem teljesen eltűnt. Halvány gőzöm sem volt mennyi idő telt el. Összekellet szedjem magam, hogy a kulcsok helyéig eltudjak araszolni.
Elkezdtem lendíteni a lábam de minden egyes lendítéssel erős fájdalmat okoztam a számnak. Hogy, hogy fog ez holnap kinézni arra most nem is gondolok. Nagy erőfeszítések árán sikerült vissza hempergőznöm a hasamra. Lihegtem.Szörcsögtem. A fejem egy merő izzadság volt. Az orromra is ömlött a maszk alatt. A számból nem elég hogy ömlött a nyál még ott is megkellet küzdenem az izzadsággal.
Aztán egyszer csak kopogtak. Megállt bennem az ütő. Ki a fene lehet. Nem szólt be senki. Kopogott még egyet majd elment. Azt hittem ott ájulok el mert ki értem az ágy takarásából ami ha netán bejön valaki nyújt némi búvó helyet de így már nem. Igaz csak sejtettem, hogy már elhagytam az ágy szélét. Akkor viszont ,,csak" egy méter maradt még. Pihentem egy kicsit mert nagyon fájt a szám.
AZTÁN, megint kopogtak!!!
Nem hiszem el. Pont ma. Egyszer csak hallom nyílik az ajtó. Bassza meg! Bassza meg! Bassza meg!
Nem mozdultam. Vártam mi lesz. Úgy sem tudtam volna mit csinálni. Füleltem mi történik de semmi. Pár lépést halottam és nem többet. Mivel nem láttam és szinte nem is hallottam szinte moccanni sem mertem. Vártam valami röhögést, sikítást vagy káromkodást de semmi.
Aztán azt hallottam, hogy közelebb jön hozzám és mögém térdel. oldalra fordít. Én nagyot nyögötem mert megint belevágott a számba a pecek szíja. Majd rátámaszkodott az oldalamra, megfogja a farkam és elkezdte húzogatni. Mivel nem láttam semmit és hallani sem igen hallottam semmit egyszerűen nem tudtam megállapítani férfi vagy nő az illető. Reméltem, hogy nő legalább. De sokat ha férfi lett volna akkor sem tudtam volna mit csinálni. Nyöszörögtem, szörcsögtem de evvel csak azt értem el, hogy rátérdelhetett a spanifer szalagjára amivel a földhöz rögzített. Egy fikarcnyit nem tudtam moccanni. csak némi hörgés jött ki belőlem. Egy rövid időre abbahagyta a farkam izgatását de aztán folytatta és éreztem hogy valami kenőcsöt nyomhatott a kezére mert most már csúszott a keze. Talán nő lehetett mert elég kicsi volt a keze.
Nem csinálta erősen de szorosan fogta a farkam. Az izmaim pattanásig feszültek. Nem tudom ki csinálta de őrületesen jó volt. Csak, hogy abba hagyta ideje korán. Az idegeim majd szét robbantak. Nem elég hogy valaki felfedezte mit csinálok aztán kihasználja szorult helyzetem még avval is szadiz, hogy a vége előtt abba hagyja a farkam verését.
Érzem, hogy feláll és a szekrényhez megy majd visszajön. Eloldja a spanifert. Lábaimat óvatosan kiegyenesíti. De csak ennyi. Nem oldoz el jobban. A hátamra fordít és érzem ahogy átlép rajtam. Leguggol. megfogja a farkam és magába illeszti. Majd elkezd mozogni rajtam. Szoros volt a pinája mert igaz soha nem voltam pasival és egyelőre úgy néz ki nem is leszek, de elég biztos voltam benne, hogy ez egy jó szaftos finom pina.
Teljesen elfeledkeztem arról milyen következmények lehetnek csak élvezkedtem. Nem érdekelt már, hogy mennyire égetően feszít a számban a pecek. Mennyire belevág a húsomba a csontomba a bilincs a mennyekben éreztem magam. Miközben lovagolt rajtam még arra is volt ideje, hogy kicipzárazza a melleimnél az overált és a bimbóimra csipeszeket tegyen. Már nyöszörögni sem tudtam csak hatalmas hörgések közepette eldurranni.
Közben csak annyit hallottam - ezt nem engedtem még meg! - de annyira elmerültem a kéjben, hogy nem tudtam megállapítani csupán csak azt, hogy nő az illető és csak annyi ötlött fel bennem - Hála istennek nő! -
Majd leszállt rólam elrángatott valahová. Aztán csak annyit éreztem, hogy valamihez kikötöz a nyakamnál fogva.
- Ma még vissza jövök. Állj készen mert megkeserülöd.- sziszegte. Majd becsapva az ajtót elment.
Hát még mindig nem tudom ki volt. Csak pihegtem abban a sötétségben amit csináltam magamnak. Most, hogy kitudtam nyújtani a lábam kicsit jobb volt a helyzetem. na nem sokkal mert ahogy próbáltam elmozdulni a helyemről akkor éreztem hogy valamihez ki vagyok kötve a nyakamnál fogva. Nem tudtam elmenni a kulcsokért. Azon gondolkoztam akarnék e egyáltalán. Mondjuk sok választásom nem volt és most bele se akartam gondolni mi lesz holnap. Csak ott feküdtem mint egy darab fa vagy egy szexrabszolga?
Azt hiszem elaludhattam mert arra ébredtem, hogy valaki lök egyet rajtam. Majd nagyokat ver a fenekemre.Ahhhhh. Ez nagyon fáj. Oldalra fordulok de vissza fordít majd a hátamra ül és úgy püföl tovább. Ég a fenekem. Amikor abba hagyja érzem, hogy eloldoz ahová kikötött és a hátamra fordít. Rám támaszkodik és egyszerűen bekapja a farkam. Olyan a szája mint egy vákuum szivattyú. Fél perc és áll újra mint a cövek. Majd beleül és elkezd keményen lovagolni. Szinte csapkod a fenekével. Megint a melleimre csipeszel valamit de nem az enyémet mert kegyetlenül fáj. Nagyot ordítanék de rátenyerel a számra. Annyira beleéli magát, hogy lefogja az orromat is. Hümmögök mert nem kapok levegőt. Rárángatódzom, vergődöm. Leszáll a számról de miután visszaáll a légzésem megint befogja a szám és az orrom. Megint nagyokat vergődöm. Kezdem azt érezni ezt élvezi. Aztán megint és megint eljátssza ezt
újra és újra. Annyi különbséggel, hogy egyre tovább tart a légzés kontroll. Már már elájulok. Amikor érzem és hallom hogy nagy nyögések közepette elmegy. Pár másodperccel később követem én is.
Aztán elernyedve rám fekszik. Pár percig lehettünk így amikor leszállt rólam. A kezembe nyomja a bilincs kulcsát és hallom ahogy elmegy. Én meg csak pihegek tovább. Alig tudtam magam kiszabadítani. Kihámoztam a számból a pecket és avval a lendülettel bezuhantam az ágyba.
A teljes sötét és a csend amit a maszk adott mély álomba merültem. Aztán amikor felébredtem lefejtettem magamról az összes felszerelést, ruhát. A szám úgy nézett ki mint Jokeré a Batman filmben. Dél volt. Totál elkéstem, Reggel kellett volna kezdenem. Közben észrevettem egy cetlit az asztalon. Az állt rajta - Mára beteget jelentettél de este legyél ugyanúgy beöltözve és megkötözve. Ha nem, elvesztetted az állásod. - Ennyi. nem több.
Na szép. Utálom ha megzsarolnak de mit tudtam tenni. Este ugyanúgy feküdtem ott a padlón és ugyanúgy összekötöztem magam és ugyanúgy ki voltam használva. Aztán mindig volt egy cetli az asztalomon egy rövid utasítással hogy és miként kötözzem meg magam. Kicsit mindig máshogy de egy volt az állandó. Hogy mindkét maszkot fel kell vegyem a szem ellenzővel sőt füldugót is kellett viseljek.
Még egy évig dolgoztam ott és csak sejtettem, hogy ki az. Ő volt!... Continue»
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Amerikai nagynéni

A repülőtéri nyüzsgés megriasztott. Hogy a fenébe fogom én itt megtalálni Mari nénit? És ő hogy fog engem felismerni? Voltam tizenegy-két éves, amikor utoljára látott. Nagyjából tökig érhettem magamnak. Én biztos sokat változtam, ő talán alig.
Gyorsan kiszúrtam magamnak a tömegben. A vonásait megőrizte a kölyök emlékezete, az alakjára nem volt felkészülve a srác, aki állandóan kanos az osztálytársnőire. Szóval Mari egy bombázó volt, jobb a legmenőbb tanárnőnél az isiben. Ha nem tudom, hogy 36, egy tízessel biztos kevesebbnek nézem. A nagyon rövid, fekete miniszoknya eszméletlenül formás lábakban folytatódott. A felül zárt, feszes, fehér póló engedelmesen simult a melleire. Közelebb érve láthattam az anyaghoz préselődő mellbimbóit, és megállapíthattam, hogy nem visel melltartót. A farkam rögtön ébredezni kezdett, tetszik, nem tetszik, ő nem ismer rokoni viszonyokat, a disznó. Még szerencse, hogy a farmeromban úgysem látszik, gondoltam.
- Mari néni? - kérdeztem, mondtam.
- Én vagyok a Tomi, gondolom egy kiskölyköt vártál.
- Hát, ekkorát tényleg nem vártam, mint te. - nevetett rám, és megölelt.
Megkönnyebbültem, hogy nem vesztem el rögtön az első percben. Meg egy kis csalódást is éreztem, olyan igazságtalan, hogy ez a bomba nő, aki ölelget itt, anyám húga, a nagynéném.
Hátralépett, és úgy nézett végig a teljes 185 centimen.
- Kosarazni jöttél, vagy nyelvet tanulni? - a tekintete megpihent egy pillanatra a farmeromon.
- Tényleg nagyot nőttél. - állapította meg, és felnevetett. Talán azon, hogy elpirultam?
- Na, isten hozott Amerikában! - ölelt meg még egyszer. Lehúzta a fejemet, és még egy puszit kaptam tőle, ami egy kicsit elcsúszott, és a szájam sarkát érte. Amíg a csomagokért mentünk, hadarva számolt be róla, hogy Jerry (A férje, ismertem, vele levelezek már két éve, hogy javítsam a nyelvtudásomat.) üzleti úton van, csak egy hét múlva ér haza, addig ketten leszünk. Legfeljebb majd angolul beszélgetünk, hogy el ne felejtsd, miért jöttél, mondta. Kicuccoltunk a kocsiba, és indultunk Mariék jó hatvan mérföldre lévő otthona felé. Útközben beszámoltam neki az otthoniakról, családi eseményekről. Nem mintha nem hallott volna róluk, mert a nagyi mindent megír a kisebbik lányának, anyu meg a telefonszámlát szokta gyarapítani a húgával folytatott beszélgetésekkel. Szóval Mari (A nénit már az első bátortalan próbálkozásomra elhárította: Kinőtted te már azt!) mindenről tudott, bólogatott, kérdezett, és közben úgy cikázott a forgalomban, hogy otthon egy rutinos taxist megszégyenített volna. Ahogy az ülésen kényelmesen hátradőlve vezetett, a szoknyája egyre feljebb csúszott olyannyira, hogy már a fekete bugyiját is láthattam. Amikor elkapta a tekintetemet, ő is az ölére pillantott, de nem húzta le, csak elmosolyodott. Az az igazság, hogy nem csak a farkamnak volt önálló akarata, hanem a szememnek is. A fejemben pedig olyan gondolatok jártak, amelyeket az ember nem hoz kapcsolatba a saját nagynénjével.
A következő napokban Mari gyakran hátba vert, vagy éppen megsimította az arcomat, karomat, mint egy kisfiúnak.
Szerencsére délelőttönként Mari dolgozott, így aztán úgy segíthettem magamon, ahogy szokás. A garázsban, Jerry egyik polcán találtam is hozzá néhány szex magazint, meg könyvet, hogy az amerikai szlenget is tanulmányozhassam. A polc mellett egy a házból kiselejtezett fotel is hívogatott. Egyedül lévén nézegettem, simogattam, lapozgattam, gombolgattam, markolgattam. Végül a farmerom a térdemnél, körberakva újságokkal teljes erővel vertem magamnak. Nem hallottam az ajtó nyílását, csak Mari hangja riasztott fel.
- Bocs, nem tudtam, hogy itt vagy.
Zavaromban leejtettem a térdemen tartott újságot, és igyekeztem úgy fordulni, hogy ne lássa, mit csinálok, de egy szót nem tudtam kinyögni.
- Csak, csak nézegettem ezeket a... - ennyire tellett.
- Persze, látom. - mondta, és a szeme a merev fütyimet fürkészte.
Nagy nehezen felrángattam a farmeromat, és kínomban az újságokat kezdtem összeszedni, hogy addig se kelljen a nagynénémre nézni. Mari mosolyogva álldogált egy darabig az ajtóban, aztán megfordult, hogy visszamenjen a házba, de még visszaszólt.
- Miért nem viszed fel őket a szobádba? Mégiscsak sokkal kényelmesebb, és intimebb is, nem?
Délután nem említette az incidenst, amiért csak hálás lehettem neki. Este a tv előtt ültünk, ő egy karosszékben, én a heverőn. Rásandítottam, láttam, hogy a szoknyája megint felcsúszott, megmutatva a bugyiját. Képtelen voltam a látványnak ellenállni. Mari a szeme sarkából pislogott rám, és mosolygott. Szó nélkül feljebb húzta a szoknyáját, és szétnyitotta a lábát. Lassú, nyugodt mozdulatokkal kezdte simogatni a fehér selymet, aztán végignyalta az egyik ujját és félrehúzta a bugyit. Nem tudom meddig csinálta, egyszer csak felpattant és kiment a szobából. Azt hiszem csalódott is voltam, meg megkönnyebbült is. De gyorsan visszatért, és egy "Na, milyen a műsor?" kérdéssel visszaereszkedett a fotelbe. Nagyot nyeltem, amikor megláttam, miért volt kint. Levette a bugyiját! És most a sűrű, fekete muffját fésülgette az ujjaival. Képtelenség volt a tv-t nézni.
- Jobban tetszik, mint az újságok? - nézett rám.
Nyögni se tudtam, csak bólintani.
- Oké, akkor gyere közelebb! Ülj ide a szőnyegre!
Sose láttam még igaziból széthúzott, rózsaszín pinát. Mari lehunyt szemmel játszott magával, időnként bedugta a középső ujját, néha odafönt birizgálta.
- Hát te? Mire vársz?
- Mit? Mit csináljak? - kérdeztem részben ijedten, részben reménykedve.
- Mit csinálj? Mit csinálj? Amit az újságok fölött Tomikám, csak amit az újságok fölött. - adtam a hülyét.
- Verd a fütyidet na! Hadd lássak én is valamit.
Letoltam a farmeromat, és szembeültem vele a szőnyegen. Sok már nem kellett nekem, Mari nedvesen csillogó pinája, a fekete és a rózsaszín kontrasztja gyorsan megtette a hatását, és nagyot lőttem a levegőbe. Valószínűleg neki is jó volt, mert a tenyerét az ölére szorítva, összezárt combokkal dőlt előre a fotelben.
- Na látod! Tűnjél mosakodni, mert Jerry mindjárt hazaér.
Aznap este még egyszer elővettem, de nem a szobába vitt újságok, hanem a szemközti hálóból áthallatszó nyögések és sikolyok hatására. Biztos keféltek már azóta, hogy náluk vendégeskedtem, csak eddig soha nem hallottam...
Reggelinél Jerry mondta, hogy egész nap dolgozik, csak estefelé ér haza. Mari szendvicsekkel, meg teával szerelte fel, aztán puszi és Jerry elhajtott az autóval, mi meg leültünk reggelizni.
- Mondd csak, nem zavart, amit tegnap este műveltünk? - kérdezte.
Megdermedtem, nem tudtam, melyikre gondoljak, az estére, vagy amit utána csinált Jerryvel.
- Én, ööö ....aludtam.
- Akkor jó alvókád van, de én most nem arra gondoltam, hanem ami köztünk történt. Volna kedved újra megpróbálni?
- Persze, hogy volna... - nyögtem.
- Akkor zuhanyozz le, amíg én itt rendet rakok. Aztán ha szólok, gyere át a hálóba.
Nem tudtam, mire készüljek, ezért zuhanyozás után tiszta alsót vettem, meg pólót, és visszahúztam a farmeromat, aztán bekopogtam Mariék hálószobájába.
- Gyere! - kiáltott ki, meztelenül ült az ágyon.
- Jól nézel ki, de a nadrágodat azért levetheted, arra nem lesz szükség. - mondta.
- És az illatod is jó, de később használhatsz majd valami férfidezodort ilyenkor. - szimatolta végig a nyakamat, amint odaültem mellé.
A puha ujjaival benyúlt az alsónadrágomba és játszott velem. A kezemet pedig a saját combjai közé húzta.
- Meg kell tanulnod, mit szeret egy nő, és mit egy férfi.
Ráhajolt a fütyimre, és a szájába vette, aztán a mellbimbóit kínálta nekem. Hanyatt feküdt, és megmutatta, hol keressem a csiklóját, hogy csak akkor dugjam be az ujjamat, és csiklandozzam óvatosan, ha már érzem, hogy nedves és könnyen csúszik. Eltartott egy ideig, míg magára húzott, és a testünk között lenyúlva magába igazított. Tényleg olyan síkos volt, hogy könnyedén becsúsztam. Soha nem gondoltam volna, hogy ilyen forró egy punci. Mozogni próbáltam, ahogy a filmeken láttam. Mari egészen felhúzta a lábát, majdnem a vállamig.
- Próbálj meg lassan mozogni, és nyugodtan tolt be tövig, ne félj nem török össze alattad.
Hát nekem nem kellett sok, néhány mozdulat, és már lőttem is a pinájába, és nagyon elégedett voltam magammal, amíg Mari le nem hűtött.
- Ugye neked ez volt az első? - simogatta meg az arcomat.
- Nem baj! Ügyes voltál, csak meg kell tanulnod visszatartani magadat. Most azért segíts ki engem is, jó?
Szétvetette a lábát, és hagyta, hogy addig csiklandozzam a forró, lucskos pináját, amíg egy hosszú sóhajjal ő is elment. Ez volt az első alkalom, és csodálatos élmény volt, hogy egy síkos hüvelybe lőhettem, hogy az ujjaim alatt vonaglott meg egy érett, szép nő. Zavarban voltam, de nem azért, mert Mari a nagynéném. Hogy ez a tapasztalt, jó nő az anyám húga, eszembe sem jutott akkor.
Vacsora után a tv előtt ültünk Jerryvel, és az amerikai foci számomra érthetetlen szabályait magyarázta, amikor Mari bejött a konyhából. Hozott nekünk két sört, és mondta, hogy délután vásárolni volt, szeretné nekünk megmutatni az új szerzeményét. Ezzel eltűnt átöltözni. Gondoltam, megvárja, amíg vége lesz a meccsnek. Tévedtem. Gyorsan visszatért, és egy támadás kellős közepén lelőtte a tévét, majd szembefordult velünk.
- Kész vagytok fiúk? Szemeket becsukni! Addig nem nyithatjátok ki, amíg nem szólok.
Hát nem hittem a szememnek! Nem ruha volt a köntös alatt, vagy ha igen alig ruha. Mari vékony fekete bugyiban állt előttünk, és ugyanolyan színű harisnyákat tartott a csípőjét övező vékony csipke. A melltartója is fekete volt, de külön nyílásokkal a mellbimbóinak.
- Na, hogy tetszik a szerelésem?
Nem mertem megszólalni, Jerryre sandítottam, aki engem nézett. Hiába láttam már Marit meztelenül, akkor a férje nem volt ott. Felálltam, és mondtam, hogy most jobb, ha én elmegyek aludni.
- Na, ülj csak le! - mondta Mari.
- Láttál te már engem meztelenül, nem igaz? - elpirultam.
- Ne aggódj, ezt Jerry is nagyon jól tudja.
- Így van, Mari mindent elmond nekem, nincsenek titkaink. Nyitottak vagyunk, nem teszek neki szemrehányást, ha megkíván valakit.
- Sőt, szeretjük hármasban is, akár fiúval, akár lánnyal. - fűzte hozzá Mari.
- Szóval minket egyáltalán nem zavarsz.
- De ezt neked kell eldöntened! Ha maradsz, talán tanulsz néhány új dolgot, és gyűjtesz néhány tapasztalatot. Ha most bemész a szobádba, akkor ezzel vége, és elfelejtjük, ami köztünk történt. Rendben? - magyarázta Mari.
Kiszáradt a torkom, csak bólintani tudtam, és visszaereszkedtem Jerry mellé.
- Na jó! - Mari ledobta a köntöst, és ott állt előttünk terpeszben.
- Akkor vetkőzzetek fiúk!
Hamarosan meztelen fenékkel ültünk egymás mellett a heverőn, Mari pedig hátraarcot csinált és bedőlt Jerrynek.
- Mutasd meg légy szíves az unokaöcsémnek, mitől indulok be igazán!
Jerry pedig simogatni kezdte a nagynéném fenekét, néhányszor játékosan rácsapott, hogy a csontos, fehér popsi gyorsan kipirosodott a csattanások nyomán. Aztán az arcát temette Mari hátsójába, kezével pedig a combja között simogatta. Amikor Jerry hátradőlt, és kíváncsian rám nézett, hogy tetszik-e nekem a dolog, láttam Mari végbelét rózsaszín nedvesen csillogni. Mari vigyorogva tolatott hozzám, és most nekem dőlt be.
- Gyerünk, te jössz! - haboztam, mit is csináljak.
- Nyald ki a seggemet! Dugd be a nyelvedet , na! - parancsolta Mari.
Azóta sem mertem már lánnyal ezt csinálni, most is végigborzongok tőle. Forró is volt, síkos is volt, engedett is, szorított is egyszerre. Aztán Mari megunta ezt a játékot, és elém térdelt. Olyan erősen visszahúzta a bőrt a farkamról, hogy már fájt, és csak a végét vette a szájába. A kezével szorított, a nyelvével pedig erősen körözött a makkon. Jerry közben kiment, és egy tubussal tért vissza. Törökülésbe ereszkedett Mari mellett, és gondosan kenegetni kezdte magát és a felesége fenekét. Láttam, hogy már két ujját is bedugta neki, és éreztem, hogy Mari szája egyre erősebben szív. Jerry farka fényesen csillogott a krémtől, amikor terpeszben fölé állt, és a csípőjére támaszkodva belé hatolt. Mari nagyon élvezte, ki is engedett a szájából, és az arcát a combomra fektetve nyögött. Nem tudom mennyi idő telt el, amíg Jerry végigsimogatta a nagynéném hátát.
- Na, megmutatod a fiúnak is?
- Hát persze, csak kenjétek be előtte rendesen. - nyögte Mari, és úgy maradt, arccal a heverőre borulva, égnek meresztett fenékkel.
Hamarosan én is vastagon csillogtam, és Jerry mondta, hogy ne térdeljek le, mert úgy túl alacsonyan lennék.
- Fogd meg a kezeddel, és úgy irányítsd, lassan. Most már könnyebb lesz, mert én amúgy is vastagabb vagyok nálad.
És valóban, láttam, hogy Mari végbele nem húzódott teljesen össze. Egy kis cuppanás hallottam, amint a makk becsusszant, de utána már teljesen könnyen mozogtam. A nagynéném itt sokkal melegebb volt, mint délelőtt a pinájában. Nekem most sem tartott sokkal tovább, mint előző alkalommal, és Jerry nevetve nézte, hogy csillog a spermám Mari végbelében.
- Beöntést adtál neki. Bár ő jobban szereti, ha a cicijére lősz. Tudod?
Mari mosolyogva fordult meg, és a hátát a heverőnek vetve, a szőnyegen ült. Jerry mellétérdelt, és hamarosan tényleg a mellére spriccelt.
- Na, Tomi, hogy tetszett? - fordult hozzám Mari.
- Csodálatos voltál, voltatok. - dadogtam, de azért voltak kétségeim.
- Örülök, hogy így döntöttél Tomi. Szerintem is csodálatos nénikéd van. - nevetett Jerry, a legérzékenyebb pontomra tapintva.
- Ne cikizd már! - szólt rá Mari - Hol találjon itt magának lányt, hiszen senkit nem ismer. Vagy elviszed magaddal egy klubba? Hiszen még kiskorú.. Egyébként pedig, mi olyan ritkán találkozunk, mintha nem is lennénk rokonok. Igaz?
Nem mondhatnám, hogy teljesen megnyugtatott a magyarázat, de Marinak nem lehetett ellenállni, és nem is nagyon akartam.
A hátralévő hónapban minden volt, amit két férfi egy nővel csinálhat, meg amit egy férfi egy nővel, Jerry üzleti útjai idején, és a napok rohantak. Nem írhatom le minden élményemet, amikkel azóta is gyakran álmodom, csak még egyet szeretnék elmesélni, a nagynénémmel és az életstílusával kapcsolatban.
Napközben én általában New Yorkban csavarogtam, olyan sok mindent szerettem volna megnézni. Egyik reggel Mari mondta, hogy vacsorára feltétlenül érjek haza, mert vendégünk lesz. Egy régi barátnője a nyugati partról, akivel nagyon ritkán látják egymást. Betartottam az időt természetesen, de odabent a nappali tök üres volt, a konyha is. A két vendégszoba közül az egyik az enyém volt, a másiknak az ajtaja nyitva, néhány csomag hevert odabent, de ők sehol. Talán Marinál, gondoltam, de mire kopoghattam volna, már meg is pillantottam őket a félig hajtott ajtó mögül. Mari egy magasra tekert forgószéken ült, lába a karfán, és egy apró termetű nő tarkójába kapaszkodott, aki előtte térdelve a nénikém ölébe temette az arcát. Ebben a helyzetben a nőről bajosan mondhattam volna többet, de leszbiket még soha nem láttam együtt, hát óvatosan leselkedtem. Amíg Mari ki nem nyitotta a szemét, és meg nem látott. Voltunk már olyan viszonyban, kézmozdulattal kérdeztem, elmenjek-e? A fejével intett, hogy ne, és kézzel mutatott az ágyra, hogy oda üljek. Csendesen néztem, hogy a barátnője, hogyan nyalja, amíg a jól ismert sóhajt meghallottam. Akkor Mari hozzáhajolt:
- Sue, kedvesem, látogatónk van.
A nő még térden állva, felém fordult, arca fénylett Mari nedveitől. Nem látszott, hogy zavarban lenne.
- Hi, te biztos Tom vagy, Mari unokaöccse. Reméltem, hogy találkozunk.. Csak azt hittük, hogy előbb érsz haza. Bocs, hogy nem vártunk meg.
Bemutatkoztam, és szemügyre vettem őt. Nagyon alacsony volt, olyan apró mellekkel, hogy ekkora melltartó talán nincs is, és olyan hegyes mellbimbókkal, hogy szinte szúrták a levegőt. Rövid vörös haja volt, természetes vörös, mert ritkás muffját is ugyanolyan árnyalatúnak láttam.
- Tetszett, amit láttál Tom? - kérdezte Sue - Mari azt mesélte, jó anyag vagy. Igaz?
- Nem tudom, mit mondott. - válaszoltam.
- Hát, azt mesélte rólad, hogy nagyon tehetséges tanítvány vagy, ahhoz képest, hogy milyen rövid ideje tanítgat a szexre. Megmutatod nekem, mit tanultál? Miért nem vetkőzöl le, hogy igazán közénk jöhess? Most én vagyok a soros. Vállalod a feladatot?
Hát hogy a fenébe ne? Gondoltam, és úgy vetkőztem, mint a villám. Sue közben Mari helyére telepedett, a magasra állított forgószéket mintha erre találták volna ki. Kényelmesen hozzáfértem a nagynénim barátnőjének pinájához. Az egész nő egy miniatűr volt, málnányi mellekkel, hegyes vállakkal, vékony combokkal, szinte gyerekre való popsival, de odalent hosszú vágást találtam, és akkora csiklót, mint egy kis fütyi.
- Ez az Tom! Azt szopd, jól csinálod! Mari mesélte, hogy nagyon ügyes vagy.
Ha már így megdicsértek, igyekeztem kitenni magamért, Sue pedig hamarosan felnyögött a nyelvem és az ujjam alatt. Mari közben az ágyról nézett minket, ahova rövidesen mi is átköltöztünk. Sue pedig hálából rám telepedett, és a fütyim hamarosan a szájában volt. Nagyon jó volt az apró, forró kis szája, és amikor már egészen elengedtem magam, puff! Azt éreztem, hogy az egyik ujját, durr belefúrta a fenekembe. Egyáltalán nem volt kellemetlen a dolog, még akkor sem, amikor már két ujja táncolt a hátsómban. Ellenkezőleg! Olyan jó volt, hogy egy idő után elkezdtem dobálni a csípőmet, és hol a szerszámomat nyomtam a szoros szájába, hol az ő ujjai szaladtak a fenekembe. Azt is láttam, hogy közben Mari lelkesen dolgozik Sue miniatűr popsiján, amíg ő hátra nem nézett.
- Szerintem már kész van. - intett a fejével felém.
- Kész? Mire? - kérdeztem lelkesen.
- Szeretnéd megkefélni Sue-t, Tomi?
- Hát persze!
- Tudod Tomi, az én barátnőmnek néha vannak különös ötletei.. - emelkedett fel a nagynéném.
Csuklottam egyet, mert Marinak farka nőtt! Szép, tekintélyes méretű, csak épp fekete szerszám lengedezett a derekán. Szóval Sue ennek örül az előbb olyan nagyon, gondoltam.
- Szóval, ha engem meg akarsz dugni Tom, akkor előbb téged szeretnélek látni...
- Mint? - kérdeztem némi gyanakvással.
- Mint akit épp megkefélnek. Na csak fordulj meg! - és mind a harminckettő apró, fehér egérfogával vigyorgott rám. Olyan volt mint a kisegér a Tom és Jerryben, amikor épp az összes szőrszálat letépkedi a macskáról.
Azt hiszem nem kell mondanom, hogy engem még soha senki.... Idáig! De ahogy hasra feküdtem, Mari a combom közé térdelt, Sue pedig ujjazott egy darabig, hogy előkészítsen, aztán két kézzel széthúzta a fenekemet a nagynéném előtt. Bár Mari azt hiszem óvatos volt, sziszegtem rendesen, de mondták, hogy nyugodjak le, később jobb lesz. És tényleg, nem mondom, hogy nem fájt, de elől hamarosan olyan merevedésem lett Mari hátul dolgozó szerszámjától, mint még soha. Néhány percig tarthatott csak, míg Mari leszállt rólam, és bár nem volt kellemetlen, azért megkönnyebbültem.
- Csak hogy tudd, milyen! - nevetett a nagynéném.
- Most már tényleg megérdemled az én pinámat is. - és Sue kényelmesen elhelyezkedett az ágyon.
Mari pedig rátelepedett a barátnője arcára, és magához húzta két apró lábát, kitárva előttem Sue pihés, vörös szemérmét. Akármilyen kíméletes is volt az előbb velem Mari, azért a hátsóm még mindig sajgott, és ez akárhogy nézem is Sue ötlete volt, hát most olyan erővel döngöltem, ahogy csak tudtam. Ha ez volt Sue célja, hát elérte. Összetörtem, belepasszíroztam a matracba, és még menekülni sem tudott, mert Mari szorosan fogta a bokáját. De úgy tűnt, hogy Sue-nak tetszett, és óriásit élveztünk. Először, de nem utoljára aznap este.

U.i.: Decemberben megszereztem a nyelvizsgámat (felsőfokú!), csont nélkül, magasan. Két hónap múlva érettségizek, felvételizek. Jerry pedig azt írta, hogy az érettségi ajándékom, egy amerikai körút. Velük!!!
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Hands Free!

Téli hónapokban, két három hetente eljárunk férjemmel szaunázni. Teljesen kicserélődik az ember testileg-lelkileg.
Próbálunk hétköznap menni, mert akkor kevesen vannak, még nagyobb a nyugalom.
A szaunarészleg naturista, szól a személyzet,ha fürdőruhában ülsz fel a padra.

Azon a decemberi estén is megkaptuk a kis lepedőnket, kerestünk egy pihenőfülkét, és ahogy szoktuk, beültünk az infrába.
Háromszor félórát töltünk ott mindig, közte a merülőmedence és a jeges zuhany.
Férjem vett rá az egészre, én sokáig ellenkeztem, miután világéletemben rendkívül zavart a meztelenség, még strandra sem jártam,
míg meg nem ismerkedtünk.
Mai eszemmel tudom már, hogy ez a fajta gátlásosság kicsit természetellenes, de hát ilyen voltam.
Most már így, jóval túl a negyvenen, csak mosolyogni tudok korábbi önmagamon, kikoptak az ilyenfajta fóbiáim.
Párom rendkívül türelmesen, lépésről lépésre, évek alatt "nevelte ki" belőlem ezeket a dolgokat, köszönettel tartozom neki.

Zuhany után aztán mindig elterülünk a nyugágyon húsz percre, végül hazaindulás előtt beülünk a gőzkabinba.
Aznap is így volt, szerencsére üres volt a kabin, leterítettük a lepedőinket a jó meleg kőpadra, és élveztük a sejtelmes,
párás félhomályt, és a csendet.
Úgy negyedórája lehettünk benn, amikor korunkbéli pár jött be, halkan köszöntek, és leültek a szemközti padra.
Hozzánk hasonlóan, átlagos testalkatúak voltak mindketten, nem borotválta magát egyikük sem.
Kölcsönösen végigmértük egymást futólag, semlegesen, hiszen egy háromszor három méteres helyiségben nem lehet elkerülni,
hogy a másikra pillantsunk.

A pasi aztán kicsit lejjebb csúszott a padon, és kicsit elfordítva, lehunyt szemmel, hátrahajtotta a fejét a meleg falnak.
Ezt tettem én is, mígnem néhány perc múlva párom a térdével alig észrevehetően meglökött. Ránéztem, és a
szemével mutatta, hogy hova nézzek.
Szemben velem a pali farka enyhén merevedésnek indult. Néha egy pillanatra lejjebb ereszkedett, majd ismét elindult felfelé.
Régóta járunk már ide, de soha semmiféle erotikusnak nevezhető esemény nem történt még velünk.
Lehet, hogy ezért, de roppant módon zavarba jöttem. Már-már a számon volt, hogy menjünk, amikor a nő is észrevette,
mi történik, és egy szelíd mosollyal előbb rám nézett, majd férjemre és csak a szájáról olvastuk le, hogy "Bocs..."
Férjem visszamosolygott rá, amolyan "Semmi baj..." stílusban, ezért én is próbáltam valami hasonlót. Hát nem igazán sikerült...
Ekkor a pasi farka már majdnem teljesen merev volt, szépen kirajzolódtak rajta az erek is.

Váratlanul ért a dolog. Nagyon fura érzés volt: zavarba jöttem,de ugyanakkor izgatott is. Teljesen tanácstalan voltam,
mentem is volna,meg nem is...
Ekkor a nő felállt,belemerítette a kanalat a vizesdézsába, rám nézett, és kedvesen megkérdezte, hogy szabad-e...
- Persze,nyugodtan. - préseltem ki halkan magamból.
Jó alaposan fellocsolta a követ, még nagyobb lett a gőz, még sejtelmesebb lett a látvány, de tulajdonképpen jólesett.
Aztán visszaült, elhelyezkedett, ránézett a párja merev farkára, majd rám, és valami olyasmi volt a szemében, hogy
- Bocs, de ez van...-
Azt hiszem ekkor billentem át, ekkor kezdett egyértelműen izgatni a helyzet. Összenéztünk Párommal, majd lenéztem az ölébe,
és láttam, hogy az ő farka sincs már nyugalmi állapotban. A csaj szemben ezt nyilván látta, de olyan közömbös arckifejezéssel ült,
hogy azóta sem értem.
A pasi farka ekkor már teljesen állt, néha megfeszült egy kicsit, és azon gondolkodtam, hogy vajon mi járhat a fejében.
Talán én, aki ott ül tőle két méterre, teljesen meztelenül, vagy valami más? Továbbra is hátradöntött fejjel, csukott szemmel,
kicsit lecsúszva ült, és láthatólag teljesen lekötötte a saját belső világa, illetve ami éppen ott történik.
Azon vettem észre magam, hogy erőnek erejével sem tudok máshova nézni, csak az akkor már folyamatosan lüktető farkára.
Éreztem, ahogy kezdek benedvesedni, és akaratlanul ugyan, de kicsit szétnyitottam az addig összezárt térdeimet.
(Párom szerint ekkor már terpeszben ültem...)
Aztán azon kezdtem gondolkodni, hogy mi is lesz ebből, de nagyon hamar választ kaptam... Soha nem fogom elfelejteni!
Hirtelen teljesen megfeszült a teste, váratlanul rám nézett, előbb a szemembe, aztán a cicimre, végül a lábaim közé!
Akaratlanul összezártam a térdemet, aztán éppolyan akaratlanul széttártam. Eszméletlenül izgató volt. Ránéztem a Páromra,
ő nem nézett rám de láttam, hogy neki is áll rendesen a farka, és nem tudja levenni a szemét egy másik férfiről!
Aztán jött egy brutális magömlés! Továbbra sem nyúlt magához a kezével, csupán először a végén kibuggyant az anyag,
majd talán kétszer, vagy háromszor lövellt is, miközben a farka összevissza csapkolódott, telefröcskölve a hasát, combját, de még
a nyakára is jutott!
És mindvégig a puncimat nézte. Izgató volt, nagyon izgató!
Ha nem velem történik ez az egész, nem hiszem el senkinek, az biztos.
Aztán elernyedt a teste, újból hátradőlt, lehunyta a szemét, de közben hihetetlenül gyorsan vette a levegőt.
A csaj várt kb fél percet, majd kihúzta a feneke alól a lepedőt, és nagyon gyengéden letörölgette a pasi testét, aki eközben
meg sem mozdult. Aztán anélkül, hogy ránk néztek volna, felálltak, köszöntek halkan, és kimentek. Mielőtt azonban becsukták
volna maguk mögött a kabin ajtaját, a csaj visszalépett, rám nézett, és kedvesen annyit mondott: - Nagyon köszönjük... -
Egy szót sem tudtam válaszolni, csak nyeltem egy nagyot.
Aztán ültünk csak ott hitetlenkedve, és néztünk egymásra tanácstalanul.

Hazafelé a kocsiban egyetértettünk abban, hogy nekik nyilván nem ez volt az első ilyen esetük, mert nagyon összeszokott
párosnak tűntek, így utólag. A szexuális életük pedig maga lehet a Kánaán!
Aztán abban is egyetértettünk hamar, hogy tennünk kell egy próbát nekünk is, na persze csak kettesben.
Hazaérve a zuhany alatt jó alaposan lecsutakoltuk egymást, ahogy ilyenkor szoktuk, kisütöttem a délben bepanírozott csirkecombot,
megterítettem, még gyertyát is tettem az asztalra...
Férjem közben felment a netre (őt is megfogta a dolog), és nagyon hamar, "Hands free" címszó alatt talált hasonló "mutatványokat",
nem is egyet.
Kikiabált, hogy - Gyere be! - és amíg néztem a videókat, megint éreztem, hogy kezdek felizgulni!
A csirke hajszál híján megégett.
Alig vártam, hogy megvacsorázzunk, és bevonuljunk a hálószobába.
- Na akkor most hogyan legyünk? - kérdezte a Párom.
Én sem tudtam hogyan legyünk, ezért hanyatt feküdtem, felhúztam a térdemet széttett lábbal. Erre fel az én Drágám kiment...
Mire sík**eg lettem volna a döbbenettől, szerencsére megjelent, egy székkel a kezében, leült az ágy végébe, és tüntetőleg, vigyorogva
hátratette a kezeit a szék mögé.
- Izé, hát akkor showtime, vagy valami ilyesmi... - mondta. Ezen aztán mindkettőnknek röhögni kellett, de rendeztük a sorainkat,
és egyre inkább a délutáni erotikus hangulat jött elő bennünk.
Megint széttettem a lábaim, jó alaposan, és lassan benyálaztam a kisajkaimat, mert Párom mániákusan imádja őket.
Most már,ennyi idősen én is megbékéltem velük, holott például strandra is azért nem jártam többek között, mert meg voltam győződve
róla, hogy mindenki az én duzzadó bikinialsómat nézi... Zavart.

Aztán kicsit simogattam őket, és hogy méginkább felizgassam, szépen mindkettőt kinyújtottam amennyire csak lehetett.
Ez nálam kb hét-nyolc centit jelent, és leginkább ezzel tudom begerjeszteni az én Drágámat.

Lett is hatás!
Megmozdult a farka, és szépen lassan, több lépcsőben, kb két perc alatt teljesen merev lett!
Megpusziltam egymás után mindkét mellbimbómat, ami nálam nem könnyű, majd három ujjal szépen lassan felnyúltam magamnak.
Ugyanúgy kezdett lüktetni Párom farka, mint délután az ismeretlené!
Hirtelen hatalmába kerített, hogy pokolba a mutatványokkal, faszt akarok érezni magamban! Intettem, hogy gyere...
Jött, és olyan keményen kefélt, hogy szinte már fájt a szeméremcsontom, mégis kegyetlenül jó volt.
Utólag bevallottam neki, hogy közben többször is belémvillant az idegen pasi magömlése, mire azt mondta, vigyorogva,
hogy hajrá,hajrá...
Aztán váratlanul kihúzta belőlem, fölém térdelt, és hátrahajtotta a fejét. A farka egyre gyorsabb ütemben lüktetett a cicim felett,
egyre gyorsabban és hosszabban vette a levegőt, és akkor már tudtam, hogy élvezni fog. A kezeit hátrakulcsolta, megfeszült,
és elindult belőle az anyag.
Ugyanazt láttam, mint délután, csak most harminc centi távolságból! Hihetetlen volt! Összefröcskölte a hasamat, mellemet,
a párnát, mindent...!
Majd szó szerint rám roskadt, és alig kapott levegőt. Annyit tudott kinyögni lihegve, hogy "ez brutális...".

Én is így gondoltam, akkora élmény volt, hogy azóta sem tudok napirendre térni felette.
Kb fél percig pihegett rajtam, majd felkönyökölt, és legnagyobb meglepetésemre a nyelvével elkezdte összegyűjteni rólam, amit odafröcskölt,
és mire felocsúdtam volna, már a számom volt a szája.

Én nem igazán szeretem a számban a gecit, nem is az íze, sokkal inkább az állaga miatt. Nem tudom miért van ez így, de így van.
Most viszont, olyannyira izgató volt ez a vad smárolás így, hogy egy pillanatra én is úgy éreztem, hogy orgazmusom lesz.
Lett is, de azért, mert a Drágám lenyúlt a lábaim közé, és az egyik kedvencemet vetette be.
Elkezdte masszírozni a gátamat, egyik ujjával kicsit a popsimban, másikkal a puncimban.
Élveztem! Több hullámban, többször, összetapadt, geciben úszó szájjal!

Voltunk azóta is szaunázni, a gőzkabint sem hagytuk ki, de ismeretlen ismerőseinkkel nem találkoztunk azóta sem. Mégis hálásak
lehetünk nekik, mert olyan vizekre eveztünk a szexben általuk, amiről korábban nem is hallottunk...

... Continue»
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