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b*****rly love

b*****rly lust Part 1

... he and Ben were close but b*****rly love had turned into b*****rly lust, when Scott had noticed ... land about sexual adventures that he would love to experiance, as he worked towards ... the stains of desire, the stains of love, the same stains that Scott would ... ... Continue»
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Love...and Love Intensely

... One

To be continued in Part Two
Love...and Love Intensely Ch. 02
She was ... had never felt anything for her but b*****rly love. With ten years between them, it wasn’t ... arm, and, gently, ushered her inside.
Love...and Love Intensely Ch. 03
It was to be ... ... Continue»
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b*****rly-s****rly Love

... I also found myself falling deeply in love with him; finding love way beyond our b*****r/s****r love we already shared for each other. ... realized that I just got fucked by my b* love. I knew that I would never feel this wonderful or ... ... Continue»
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Thug Love ((( Chapter 7)))

... to a f****y. He and his fellow gang members shared a since of b*****rly love; they would protect each other, support each other and would ... i do for you and us, i show you i love you everyday" i said "Jay, you love me?" he said "why the fuck you think ... ... Continue»
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b*****rly love

... believe it and then uncontrollably planted a kiss on my forehead.
“I love you buddy” he said.
He had never been this ... said, as tears welled up and rolled down his face.

“ I love you too” I said. ... ... Continue»
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s****r Love - Strap-on Fantasy

... steadily forward until the massive cock penetrated Amy’s unsuspected love canal, and slipped inside.
“WHOA! WHAT THE FUCK, EMMA?!” ... to comment any further. Just when she thought their s****rly love session was finally over, she could feel something warm ... ... Continue»
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Case #27 "b*****rly Love"

... school tomorrow and Mom has to work. Love Ya!" He called back over his shoulder.

"Love You,too!" I laughed and watched him ... the commercials on tv! And I didn't tell on You,because I love You and it felt so fucking good!"

"I am good,aren ... ... Continue»
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b*****rLY LOVE

... guided me onto the kitchen floor where we made wonderful love.
My b*****r's insurance course lasted three weeks and while Larry was ... ... Continue»
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Motherly & s****rly love pt 2

... went back to Chelseas room and Mandy confessed she would love to suck on dads cock just to taste it, Chelsea ... ... Continue»
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b*****rly love, almost getting caught!

... slowly, he is teasing me cause he know how much i love him stretchin my ass open, so i push back and take ... ... Continue»
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... stop himself before he said "We weren't having very b*****rly/s****rly thoughts last night either."

She suddenly jerked back around ... you sure."

Smiling she nodded and said "Absolutely. I love you James."

"I love you too Amy." Then he bent down to ... ... Continue»
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... for so long inside me. Well, that wasn't exactly s****rly love, was it?" She laughed happily.

"After that we slept ... wasn't on my mind then. But perhaps that was the s****rly love part. The rest certainly wasn't." Elisabeth giggled heavily.

"That ... ... Continue»
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A s****rly Surprise


Though Amy was still smiling, Charlene did cast him a concerned s****rly look. "It's ok Jared, nothing to be afraid of. But ... smiled at him like she never had before.

"I really do love you Little b*****r," she told him. "And I have missed you."

"Ok ... ... Continue»
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f****y fun

... I chuckled. Now don’t get me wrong, I like my s*s. Love her even. In a sick, b*****rly love sort of way, anyway. Ever since she ... her own but by Friday, I was needing another round of s****rly love. After our parents had gone to bed, I lightly tapped ... ... Continue»
Posted by Danish_21 3 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 11314  |  
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My Married b*****r

... to more passion filled and erotic
b*****rly love, I had learned to take him.

He ... in my bed, making such hot b*****rly love
to me, pressing me hard against the ... him
tightly, "I will always love you."

"Good, I will always love you too," he said ... ... Continue»
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... replies were usually something like,
"Yea, that's a good little slut, I love you my dirty whore, and I'm gonna
eat your sweet, ... loved her b*****r in any way before, even that of
simple b*****rly love, she truly adored him now. The mere thought of how ... ... Continue»
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My s****r

... had a s****r and looked at her and felt something more than b*****rly love. Have you ever had that urge to step over that ... I stared into her emerald green eyes locking myself in a trance. “I love you b*****r” Jennifer said biting her lower lip. “I know you ... ... Continue»
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Unknowingly casting s****rs

... sounding brave. And something inside of me, call it s****rly love, sprung into action.

"Dana, I'm sorry," I said, pulling her around ... is what I do. I could act with anyone playing my love interest. Are you a professional?" I asked. For a moment it didn ... ... Continue»
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He Saw Mommy Fucking

... 'Nights' before Christmas

When I married Michael, I did love him... or at least his money anyhow. I ... the joys of all the abundant 'b*****rly' love either.

In a way it was sort ... him than in the real season of 'b*****rly Love?'

Even if I knew my long ... ... Continue»
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Defending s*s CH. 01-02

... in unison. "I love you Natalie." I finally said the words I've wanted to say and meant them as more than a b*****rly love kind of ... Cum for me b*o. Oooh b*o you're my first! My first love! I love you!"

I leaned down to kiss her as I finished cumming. I ... ... Continue»
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