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b*****rly love

... he and Ben were close but b*****rly love had turned into b*****rly lust, when Scott had noticed ... land about sexual adventures that he would love to experiance, as he worked towards ... the stains of desire, the stains of love, the same stains that Scott would ... ... Continue»
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Love...and Love Intensely

It had been a while since she’d had a good coffee. Strong, rich, bittersweet, and oh so bad for you. Like love, she thought, rather cynically. Emma was not a fan of love at that moment.

It had been two years, maybe three, since Kit had gotten married. His wife Mary was expecting their first c***d. Everyone had been invited to their mansion up in the country area of England for a house party that was to last ostensibly for over a month. Ridiculous extravagance, Emma thought, but then Kit Brandeworth was an enormously wealthy man and could afford to be extravagant. Emma had inevitably been one of those invited - her f****y and Kit’s had been lifelong friends, and though it had been a long time since Emma had last visited her f****y home up where Kit’s was, she was still a part of them and thus it would have been an unpardonable insult not to invite her. And while no one would have been surprised had she politely declined the invitation, she was not about to run away and hide like some snivelling coward and lick her wounds. No, she was better than that. She would show them that she had not been hurt, that Kit’s betrayal had not cut her straight through her heart...that she had not crumpled up and died.

And so, here she was, on the morning that the guests were to arrive, drinking her fifth fortifying cup of straight black coffee. She looked up as a thundering noise on the stairs indicated that her b*****r had come down. She smiled blearily at him. “Ready to go, Jordan?” she asked with false cheer, hoping he didn’t notice her bl**dshot eyes or shaking hands.

Jordan regarded his s****r for a moment, taking in the lackluster hue of her beautiful black hair, the redness of her usually bright sapphire blue eyes. She’d lost the plumpness he remembered she’d had at her vulnerable age of nineteen, and while her new slenderness undoubtedly suited her, she looked small and fragile, and ever so vulnerable. He felt a stab of rage at the man who’d left her at the altar, humiliated her, and broken her heart in front of the world, but quelled it quickly when he saw how weary she was. It would not do to cause a scene and besmirch her name further in any scandal - she would not be able to bear it. He f***ed a smile onto his face. “Shall we use my car or yours?”

They were all here, she thought, and wanted to cry. Every single one of them who had been at her wedding, who had watched her wait, and wait in vain, and then cry, and flee from the church once she had finally accepted that Kit was simply not going to come. And then they had all subsequently gone to Kit’s wedding, to watch him marry his chosen bride, the woman he loved, the woman he had always loved, and who had not been her.

She had wondered, sometimes, if Kit had ever felt any love, any tenderness for her at all. She had wondered during her engagement to him, and she had wondered after it had been broken. There had been times, when they were alone, and he had shown such love, such affection, she could have been in no doubt of his feelings. And yet, almost as soon as he saw her again, the next day or so, he would be like a polite stranger once again, dutiful, courteous, but distant. She had never understood it...even after the truth had come out and he had revealed his pining for Mary, his c***dhood sweetheart.

“Emma.” For a moment, she thought it was Kit coming towards her, and wanted to run. Then she realised that the hair was wrong, the expression was wrong, even the stance was wrong. It wasn’t Kit - it was James, his twin. James, with the same sculpted body, the same wide, broad chest and expansive shoulders, same muscular thighs and legs and rippling arms. She smiled faintly. James. She’d never liked him, and was quite certain her sentiments were returned, yet he had been strangely, her only support throughout her engagement with Kit - he’d been the one ally she had seemed to have within the walls of the wealthy, cold, and hauty Brandeworth f****y. The lesser of two evils, so to speak. The Brandeworths had all hated her - but he’d hated her the least. He’d cut his hair short sometime in the duration that she had not seen him - Kit wore his dark locks fashionably long and tied back in a que. James had lopped them off, and brushed them back of his forehead. His hooded, glittering green eyes were laughing mockingly as ever, the sensuous curve of his lips as sardonic as she remembered. His face was his b*****r’s, and yet it was not.

It was not just the superficial differences, but those engraved onto the planes of his face. Kit had always been sober, pleasant, dutiful. James, the older of the two was wry, cynical, always slightly mocking and a touch arrogant. Both were charming. Both were wealthy. But both were so very different.

“It has been a while.” His voice was distant, cultured, with a touch of hauteur.

She nodded. “It has. Are you well?”

“I am very well. And you?” he regarded her new slenderness with a frown. “You have lost weight, I see.”

“And glad of it,” Emma quipped.

“I am not,” he said abruptly. “You were perfect the way you were.”

There was an awkward silence for a moment, and then Kit strode into the room, Mary on his arm, and announced that lunch was ready.

After lunch, Emma found her way out to the old river, where she and Kit had used to sit, talk, and kiss sometimes. She sat for a while, lost in memories, and realised all of a sudden that while she was sad, and certainly mourned the days she had lost following a pointless dream, she was no longer bitter about Kit’s betrayal. In a way, the only reason she had felt so hurt was that he could have been so careless as to humiliate her in front of so many. She knew that if she had married him, she would not have been able to love him for the rest of her life. It was that simple - she had been in love with him for a short time, perhaps, but she would not have been able to love him for life. If she were, she would still assuredly be in love with him, and she was not. No, she was most definitely not.

She consigned her love, and her hurt, to the past. It had happened. It was over. She was still alive. She would heal, completely, given time, and one day she would love again. There was no use fighting against what had happened. Better to accept it with good grace...and save her pride, in the meantime. It would always hurt, perhaps, but it did not hurt quite so much anylonger.

“A penny for your thoughts?” a deep, masculine voice interrupted them.

Emma laughed. It was a strangely light, relieved sound. She felt no reticence at all towards him, strangely enough. “It will cost you a million pennies for these thoughts,” she remarked.

James smiled. “That profound, are they?”

“I was contemplating divinity and infinity.”

“Again? Do you never tire of it?”

“Never,” Emma smiled back at him. “How can one ever tire of it? It is a concept as such that the human mind can never grasp. It makes one’s mind want to fold in on itself, simply trying to understand.”

“That’s what makes it so tiring,” James said wryly. “One becomes weary of one’s mind being folded in on itself over time. Its dreadfully difficult trying to straighten it out once again.”

Emma laughed, and James stared at her for a minute, transfixed by the light in her eyes, the lushness of her parted lips. He had never seen her so carefree, so happy. Her only warning was the strange gleam in his glittering eyes before he kissed her.

His mouth was pressed, hard, against her own. Startled into immobility, and more than a little fascinated, she stilled. His tongue slipped out from between his lips, and slowly, languidly, licked over hers, finally slipping to the seam of her mouth. Her mouth opened, and he slid inside, tasting her. His tongue curled around hers, stroking it, enticing it, until he had lured her inside his mouth, where he trapped it, and sucked it lazily.

She gasped, pulled away. There was something curiously familiar about his kisses - no, terrifyingly so.

They were Kit’s kisses.

During dinner, Emma, seated next to James, could hardly bear to look at him. Her newfound relief gone, she found in place of them, suddenly a million complications and problems. Wonderful, she thought to herself. Well done, Emma. Trade one twin for the other, so he break your heart again. Heck, it would have been bad enough if they were simply b*****rs, but twins? My god, she’d be seeing Kit’s face for the rest of her life!

“Could you pass the salt, please?”

Emma looked up. The salt was directly in front of them, a mere foot away from him. “Get it yourself!” she snapped, uncharacteristically rudely, then felt ashamed almost at once.

“My apologies,” James said smoothly. “I merely wished to distract you from your thoughts. They seem to be rather distressing.”

His kisses were just like Kit’s. But of course - they had the same lips, didn’t they? Perhaps they kissed exactly alike. But even as she made the excuses, she knew they were feeble. Men did not kiss alike. To find, and kiss two that did was almost impossible. “How would you know?” she said waspishly. “You cannot read my thoughts.”

His raised brow made her think that he could.

“You have been quiet all evening. Is there perhaps something wrong?”

“No,” she almost snarled.

He smiled slightly. “Ah - is it perhaps that time of the month?”

He thought she had PMS! She wanted to scream. “No!” she said furiously. “Not that its any of your business. But since you seem so eager to talk about my menstruation cycle, I’ll take leave to inform you that I’m not due for another three weeks.”

There was a faint curve to his lips that she knew were signs of mockery. “But perhaps you are irregular? It has been shown that some women who have to face intense emotional distress do become irregular, if only for the duration of that distress. An influx of hormones, I believe is toted as the cause.”

“I am not irregular!” she hissed, and because she knew that any more of conversation in this vein would cause her to tip the entire contents of the dining table on his lap she turned resolutely to her soup and pointedly ignored him for the rest of the evening.

It was dark out, but Emma was resolute. She needed a walk, and by god, she was going to take one. She had to think. She had to relieve the stress that was building up inside her.

She dragged on a robe, tied it up, and crept out into the hallway. She stopped and listened for a moment. Silence. All the other houseguests were asl**p. Jordan was too, presumably, since she could hear nothing from his room, which was next to hers. Slowly, she began slinking down the hallway. Just as she reached the secluded, almost empty wing of the house where she thought the coast was clear and she could begin to walk normally, and quickly out of there, a door opened and she was dragged inside.

A blindfold was pulled over her eyes, tied with quick precision. Her wrists were clasped in powerful hands, and she suddenly found herself handcuffed, and pulled back against a powerful, muscular chest. A powerful, muscular bare chest if she was any judge. She was flung down onto the bed, her wrists restrained to the bedpost, and suddenly, quite helpless. It had all happened so quickly she had had no time to react, and even if she had, what could she have done? This part of the house had been built for privacy - almost living here for the duration of her engagement to Kit, she knew almost all its nuances and secrets. No one would hear her scream, and her captor was a powerful man - he would overpower any attempts at escape easily.

“Who are you?” she demanded, having struggled for a while and found that the only thing that accomplished was to sc**** her wrists raw.

“I think you know,” he said, and she could almost hear his smile. James. Incredible. First he kisses her, now he a*****s her. Was there something wrong with the world?

“What are you doing?” she said angrily. “Let me go at once!”

“No,” he said simply, and kissed her.

She struggled. She really did, but after a while, could not seem to be bothered. His kisses were d**gging, illicit, delicious. Even while she protested, she craved for more. She wrenched herself away.

“Let me go!”

“I have said already - no. I cannot. I must show you something.”

She felt cool air, and discovered to her dismay, her robe had been cut away, and with it, her nightdress. He tugged, and she was naked.

“Ah,” James murmured. “That’s better.”

He’s insane, Emma thought wildly. I am in the clutches of a lunatic.

“I’ll scream,” she threatened shakily.

“Please do,” he replied coolly. “It turns me on.”

“What are you, sadistic? Do you torture people just to hear them scream?”

“Not at all,” he said, a laugh in his voice. “I will torture you, and you will scream, but not in the way you think. You will like it, you see. And nothing is more erotic than a screaming woman in the throes of pleasure.” He traced a finger down her body as he spoke, and a shiver coursed through her.

“You’re going to **** me.” It was not a question.

“It is only **** if you are unwilling,” he countered softly. “And I promise, you will not be unwilling.”

“Over my dead body!”

He took her breasts in her hands. Her nipples were tiny pebbled peaks of arousal. He kneaded gently, and she caught her breath. “Would you care to make a wager on that?”

She was aroused, Emma knew. Even now, she could feel the wetness between her thighs, feel her sex gaping. She only hoped that he could not. “Don’t,” she said weakly, as he caressed her nipples with his thumbs.

To her surprise, and relief, he obliged. She felt his hands leave her breasts. Her relief was shortlived, however, for his mouth was suddenly on it. Heat. Wetness. Hunger. She cried out at sensation, involuntarily arching her back.

James smiled in satisfaction and sucked harder. He bit down gently, then harder. A whimper escaped her throat, and she writhed, unable to bear the pain, and the pleasure.

He moved to her other breast, licking first everywhere but the nipple, then circling it until she thought she would go mad. Finally, he sucked it intil his mouth, suckling so hard she thought he meant to devour her entire breast.

“Shall I stop?” he asked, lifting his head.

“Yes,” she said reluctantly. She felt him shift, move, and knew not whether to be relieved, or disappointed.

His fingers plunged inside her. She screamed.

“Ah,” he said in satisfaction. “Music to my ears. Do you scream when you come? I think you do - scream for me, darling. Scream when you come.”

His fingers were plunging in and out of her rhythmically, roughly, steadily. She panted, gasped, fought not to buck against his fingers. His thumb rubbed at her clitoris. She moaned, writhing.

He withdrew his fingers, put them into his mouth, and suckled, drinking in the sweet taste of her. She whimpered at the loss, only to scream again, as she felt his mouth on her. His tongue was lapping at her, licking and devouring at her lips and sliding up inside her as if he were starved. His tongue was slick, hot, wet. His mouth enclosed her clitoris, and she felt his fingers sliding inside her again. She moaned in pleasure as he began to suck at her clitoris, moving his fingers inside her all the while.

She screamed when she came, pouring into his mouth. He lapped at her, swallowed, and smiled.

“Are you still unwilling?” he asked, and Emma felt something nudge at her.

“Yes,” she gasped, defiant to the last.

“Well,” he said softly. “I’m afraid that can’t be helped.”

With a great lunge, he shoved his cock inside her, and she moaned, arching up against her will.

“I love it when you moan,” he said, panting. He gripped her hips and pumped inside her, closing his eyes at the exquisite pleasure of having her, hot and tight and wet, wrapped around him. His fingers cradled her buttocks, squeezing and kneading in tune to his thrusts.

“How does it feel?” he demanded.

“Full,” she gasped. “So full.” And it was - he seemed to fill every inch of her as he plunged inside to the hilt. She was mindless, out of control. Every thought seemed to centre on the incredible sensation of being filled, being taken, again and again. She was wet, could feel her wetness running down her thighs, could feel his enormous cock pumping inside her, and it seemed that it was all that she could feel. She could feel herself coming, could almost taste the pleasure of her orgasm. She bit her lip, moaned again and bucked against him.

She was close, he knew. He revelled in the expression on her face, one of mingled pain and pleasure. He was being rough, and he knew it. She didn’t seem to care though. Her mouth opened - he withdrew.

She cried out in dismay. James cocked his head. “What is this - you are perhaps willing, after all?”

“Yes,” she said, almost screaming in rage. “Yes, I’m willing, you bastard. Finish me!”

He crawled up her body until his face was level with hers. He kissed her, openmouthed, and she reciprocated in passionate desperation. He pulled away after a moment with a sneer. “Beg me,” he whispered.

She whimpered and shook her head. He sighed, then moved up until his cock was level with her face and nudged at her lips. “Take me inside your mouth,” he commanded.

Dazed, she opened her lips obediently and he slipped inside, emitting a heartfelt groan of pleasure. Her tongue flicked at him and he almost came right then. “Suck me,” he said harshly. She did, and he groaned again, letting out a moan of pleasure as he began to thrust inside her mouth. “Harder, sweetheart. Harder.”

Emma closed her eyes and did as he ordered. She seemed to have lost all capacity for thought. She was sucking on him, and that seemed to be all that mattered, that and fire between her legs. She sucked harder, and he suddenly withdrew. “Enough,” he said. “Now, beg me.”

“Please,” she whispered.

“Please what?”


“Tell me you want me.”

“I want you.”

“Tell me you want me to fuck you.”

“I want you to fuck me. Please.” Even at the last, she was polite, he thought wildly.

With a laugh of triumph, he shoved himself back inside her, and started thrusting again, mating with her with vigor. She moaned with pleasure, and he felt her tightening around him. As she contracted in orgasm, she let out a scream, and he too let go, pouring into her in hot gushes, coming with a roar of pleasure, emptying himself inside her. He collapsed onto her, exhausted, feeling sl**p creep over him. At the last moment, he wrapped his arms around her and gathered her close, drawing her into the protective cocoon of his body before dropping off to sl**p.

He was still inside her.

Emma woke to the sensation of something nudging against her buttocks. Her bare buttocks, she realised blearily, eyes still half closed. In fact, her bare, rather warm buttocks.

Her eyes opened like a shot and she made to bolt upright only to feel two arms wrap around her and pin her down again. “Hush, sweetheart,” a voice murmured warmly in her ear. “I’ve waited for more than three years for this and I’m not about to let you get away that easily.”

The memories came flooding back in a rush and she smothered a whimper of mortification, remembering her wantoness, the way she had responded, the way she had screamed and cried out for him. Her face went scarlett and she lay still, completely at a loss.

James’ lips feathered over the back of her neck, and she knew without a doubt that it was his penis that was nudging so boldly against her posteriour. His tongue flicked out, licking her, then she felt the sc**** of his teeth as he bit gently into her, then harder. She gave a little whimper of mingled pain and pleasure and he chuckled. “You like it rough?” he remarked. “I think we can manage that...”

“Don’t hurt me,” she said softly, her voice small and vulnerable.

James’ demeanor changed abruptly. “Never that,” he said tenderly. “I’d never hurt you. Never.” His hands slid over her body to cup breasts that had tautened and peaked with arousal. “I want only to love you again...if you’ll let me.”
She said nothing and for a moment he too was silent, concentrating only on caressing her breasts.

“Did you ever wonder why Kit was always so hot and cold with you?” he asked her suddenly.

“No,” she said, confused. “What do you mean?”

“How sometimes he seemed to change his attitude towards you in a split second?”

“Yes...” she murmured thoughtfully. “I wondered sometimes why he could be such an incredibly passionate, tender lover in bed...and then see me the next day and act as if nothing had happened. He was never affectionate to me in public, and yet in private, it seemed as if he completely adored me. I could never understand it. It was almost like it was two different people...”

“That’s because it was...” was the soft rejoinder.

She stiffened. “What do you mean?” she choked out.

“It was me, Emma my love...did you never recognise me? It was I who was your first...not Kit. It was never Kit. It was me, my darling.”

“I - I don’t understand.”

“Its simple. Kit was always in love with Mary - but she had broken up with him. He used you to make her jealous, going up to the point of even asking you to marry him. And meanwhile, you were falling in love with him - I believe he didn’t want any complications by refusing to sl**p with you. At first, he asked me to only because he felt disloyal to Mary - but after that first time...he didn’t even have to ask me, anymore. I’d fallen completely and irrevocably in love with you...”

There was a long silence. When Emma finally spoke, her voice was as cool as ice. “So in other words, you slept with me out of pity? You took what I offered - my innocence, out of kindness? I was a simply a charity case for you, is that it?”

“No!” The protest was adament. “No, Emma, that wasn’t it at all. I couldn’t court you while Kit was still engaged to you - it was impossible. And I couldn’t make Kit break up with you, no matter what. I didn’t want to hurt you, but you were hurt anyway, weren’t you? When Kit left you for Mary.” He swore suddenly. “God, I should have done something!”

“Its no use crying over spilt milk, is it?” Emma said bitterly. “What’s done is done.”

“Yes,” James said. “But seeing you again - its made me realise that I never stopped loving you, even when I tried to convince myself that I had. Three years, Emma. I’ve waited three years for this. And now I’ve got you, I’m not going to let you go.”

“Excuse me?” her tone was one of blatant disbelief. “Not let me go? May I remind you that you can’t actually do that unless you have me? And you sure as hell don’t!” She made to struggle and get up but was pinned down quite firmly, and for her trouble was turned down onto her stomach, with him lying half on top of her. “I beg to differ,” he said coldly. “I would say that the position you are currently in fairly screams the fact that you’re mine.”

“I am nobody’s! I am not an object, to be sold and bought. And I certainly do not belong to you!”

“We shall simply have to see about that, won’t we?” His voice was silky, sibilant. She swivelled her head to look at him and the smouldering look of heat in his eyes made her inhale swiftly.

He bit her neck. She moaned softly, her head dropping onto the pillow as his hands wandered down her back, to her buttocks. “No, damn you. Stop it!” But her protest was weak and she knew it and he simply ignored her. He stroked, kneaded, and caressed for a moment, before sliding his fingers down to the hot wet centre of her. His fingers played and stroked...and suddenly plunged. She muffled her scream with the pillow. “No,” he said hoarsely. “No, scream all you want, darling.”

She let out a little whimper as he probed, then started plunging rapidly in and out.

Then suddenly his fingers were gone, to be replaced by something thicker, heavier, and a great deal larger. He slid inside her slowly, teasingly, lingering at the edges of her. “So wet,” he moaned. “So hot and tight and feel so incredible, darling.” He shoved in to the hilt, roughly, groaning, “Yes!” Then he simply stopped moving.

“Do you want me to move?”

“Yes,” she said breathless, panting.

“Do you belong to me?”


“Say you belong to me, or I won’t move.”


He almost growled with frustration. “Say it, damn you!”

She was silent.

He cursed, then grabbed her hips and began thrusting. “Damn you,” he muttered. “Damn you.”

He f***ed her legs apart, slid between them and squeezed her buttocks vengefully, before gripping her hips and thrusting into her deeper and harder, faster and rougher. She let out a moan, panting, and writhing against the covers. “Take me,” he ground out, pushing himself into her deeper and deeper. “Take me - all of me!”

He slid in to the hilt, ground himself against her, and slid out again.

“Oh god,” she panted. “Oh dear god.”

He slammed into her again.

“James...” she whispered.

He stilled. “Say that again.”

“James,” she said again, a little louder.

“Louder,” he said, thrusting deep. “Say it again.”


He groaned. “Yes, darling. Scream my name.”

“James! Oh, god, James!” She bucked against him, but he pressed her down into the mattress, asserting his power over her. She moaned, her fingers curling into the sheet. He slid his hand underneath her, to the tight little nubbin that was her pleasure spot and caressed in rhythm to his thrusting. She began to buck, screaming out in pleasure, almost as if to throw him off but he held her down firmly with a growl.

“Oh no, my little love. I intend to ride you out until the end.”

His words seemed to send her over the edge, as, with a tiny scream she orgasmed, her muscles clenching tight around him as he thrust and he too erupted in a roar of pleasure. He spilled into her, her muscles milking the very last drops of his cum, and he collapsed, spent, once again.

Spent beyond exhaustion, Emma's head dropped back onto the pillow and her eyes fluttered closed...her last thought being of the heavy, comforting weight still above her.

End of Part One

To be continued in Part Two
Love...and Love Intensely Ch. 02
She was gone when he woke. Somehow she’d managed to get out of the bed without waking him, had dressed and left already. He swore softly. Perhaps she’d already even left the estate. He sat up abruptly and pushed the thought aside. No - she couldn’t have gone. He could not have waited three years for this, only to have her slip away. She’d already left him once - she never would again.

With another small curse James swung his feet over the side of the bed, stood, and stretched. His gaze fell on the pair of handcuffs lying on the ground and he smiled slightly to himself, his cool green eyes mocking and bitter. Perhaps he should have kept her handcuffed to his bed - that way she would never be able to leave him, ever...

With a small shake of his head, he headed towards the shower. If Emma had already left, he would track her down. If she hadn’t, well, there would be time enough to make her his...truly his.

Oh god, oh god, oh god, Emma chanted to herself as she sat on her bed, dishevelled and still rather in shock. She’d been sitting there since almost dawn, replaying the events over and over again in her mind, and as yet did not seem to show any signs of moving anywhere anytime soon. The mind numbing mantra served to send her into a realm where her only thoughts seemed to centre around the words “oh god”, which really, wasn’t all that helpful, seeing as to how she must have screamed them out five times last night.

Last night. Good lord, had it really happened? If it weren’t for the fact that she could still smell the scent of James and their coupling on her, she would have doubted her own mind.

Even now, she struggled to accept it. It all seemed so farfetched, so ridiculous, so...cruel. Whilst Kit had been using her, stringing her affections along in order to make his real love Mary jealous, James had been sl**ping with her in his b*****r’s place, so as to not make her suspicious when Kit refused to sl**p with her in order to remain faithful to Mary... It was all such a soap opera, she could not believe it was the truth.

And yet, why would James lie? What did he stand to gain from it? She was already in a far from charitable frame of mind towards Kit, and he had already demonstrated that if all he wanted was to get inside her pants all he had to do was handcuff, there was nothing in it for James. He was telling the truth. Instinctively, she knew that while James would evade and omit, he would never lie outright to her.

And thus, if he was telling the truth about that matter, it stood to reason that he had been telling the truth about the other. He claimed to love her. Did he really? Did she really want to know?

There was nothing for it, Emma decided, sitting up determinedly. She was leaving. There wasn’t a chance in hell that she was about to stay here a minute longer.

She emerged from the shower, naked and rather wet still, since her hair simply refused to dry, no matter how vigorously she towled it, and opened the door which connected her bedroom to her bathroom in the opulent Brandeworth mansion. Lost in her thoughts, she wandered over to the chest of drawers where she had left her clothing, and bent to open the draws, completely unaware of the rather large, lean, masculine form lying sprawled on her bed, watching her.

“I see that you seem to have recovered your equilibrium remarkably well,” a throaty, deep masculine voice drawled from the bed.

Emma shrieked, spun around and instinctively covered her naked form with her arms.

“Its a bit late for that, don’t you think?” James remarked dryly, cocking one arrogantly slashing eyebrow. His glittering eyes gleamed with something that made her want to shudder.

Emma said nothing, merely began backing away towards the door. James leapt out of the bed and advanced towards her, shaking his head at her. “I wouldn’t do that, my belong to me, you see, and I do not intend for a single other soul to ever lay eyes upon you in all your glory...and if you keep walking in that direction, I’m afraid I’m going to have to take steps in order to prevent just that from happening.”

“I - I don’t belong to you,” Emma said her voice wavering slightly. She tilted her chin. “You - you oaf!”

“Come here and say that,” he invited silkily, still advancing.

“What do you want?” Emma said desperately, a slightly hysterical note in her voice.

“What do I want?” James replied musingly. “Well, lets see. I’d like you to stop covering yourself. I’d like you to stop moving away. I’d like you to love me, and...oh yes. I want to be inside you.” There was a tiny warning glimmer in his eyes, before he struck.

“No,” Emma breathed, but it was too late. He had launched himself towards her, heaved her over his shoulder and dumped her onto the bed. He was on top of her before she had time to regain her breath.

He was heavy, and incredibly aroused, she realised, feeling the bulge against her stomach. She struggled, wriggling against him and watched in fascination as he groaned, his eyes closed and his face tortured. “Stop that,” he hissed, gripping her wrists and holding her to the mattress. Defiantly, she bucked, enflaming him further.

“Good lord,” James muttered. He let out a tortured breath through his teeth, his eyes still closed. “Will you stop wriggling?”

Emma stilled, watching his expression with interest. “Why?”

“Because if you don’t, I’m going to come in my pants, that’s why!”

A small, triumphant smile lit Emma’s features and with calculated intent, she wriggled slightly, testing him. When his features contorted further, she deliberately ground her hips against him, and he swore, rocking his own hips in response. Pleased with her success, she kept up the motion, sure of herself now.

He stopped, suddenly, pressing her so hard into the mattress that she could not move at all as his full weight rested on her. Her eyes widened in surprise and dismay. “No,” she said desperately.

“Oh, yes,” he said grimly. “You will not find me quite so easy to manipulate, my dear. I want to be inside you - and inside you, I will be.” His mouth hovered, close to hers, then settled ever so gently, over her lips. His lips were soft, velvet soft, and warm, brushing back and forth against her mouth. Then tentatively, she felt the hot lick of his tongue at the seam of her mouth - her lips opened, and suddenly the kiss was no longer gentle, but hard, and punishing. His tongue slid inside her mouth with insolence, stroked roughly at hers with demanding caresses, and his mouth was sealed to hers with an almost bruising v******e, as bit by bit, he ripped her wits from her, turning the tables. Even as she whimpered in fear at his rage, her mouth opened wider, sought more of him, more of his taste. And then, quite suddenly, he was gone.

He sat up, shrugged quickly out of his shirt and the warm, musky male scent of him, spiced with a tang of soap and aftershave, filled her nostrils. His chest was wide and broade, his hips lean, his shoulders strong. He knelt up, and seizing her chance, Emma heaved, unbalancing him enough for her to scramble off the bed. He did nothing, merely watched, amused as she wavered, uncertain of his response, and continued to strip, until he was as starkly naked as she. Then, methodically, he advanced towards her, picked her up, and set her back on the bed again.

“We would really save a great deal of time, Emma,” he remarked conversationally as he climbed on top of her and spread her legs. “If you would simply get on the bed yourself and save me the bother of having to carry you.”

“Why?” Emma taunted, defiant to the last. “I would have thought that you would like the sense of power that experience from being able to make others submit to your will.”

He smiled at her, brilliantly white teeth flashing, and she wanted to hate him in that moment, for having the power to subdue her, to charm her, and most unforgivable of all, to make her want what he was forcing on her.

“I can’t deny that I like it when you submit to my will, sweetheart...but you clearly don’t. Why did you leave me this morning?”

She stared at him blankly. “What?”

"This morning. After we were...together. You left me, without a word.”

“After you ****d me,” Emma corrected, and yet even as she said them the words felt like a lie. “And as to the other - I went back to my room. I had to.”


“Well - I - Jordan - it wasn’t right - I mean -”

“You mean that if you had stayed, it would have looked like you were willing, and thus you would have been stripped of the ever so convenient excuse that I ****d you. But its not true, is it Emma? I didn’t...not if you were willing. And as I were very willing.”

“I wasn’t!” she denied hotly.

“Oh?” Sensuously, he rubbed his body against her and for the first time, Emma was consciously aware that they were skin to skin, body to body, naked against eachother. He f***ed her legs slowly apart, until his hips rested in the cradle of her pelvis. “Are you quite sure?”

“Yes,” she said, rather weakly.

He plunged inside her.

She screamed, arching her breasts towards him, and he bent his head, clamping his teeth around one. She whimpered like a small, hurt a****l, and he began thrusting, moving quickly, deeply inside her.

“Leave me, will you?” he growled, his hands gripping her hips tightly and lifting her towards him. “Run off on me, just like that, will you?” She gasped, exposed her throat to him and hungrily he bit into her, devouring at her neck. He slid deeper inside her, thrust harder. “Lie, will you? Deny this, deny what we have, will you? Well deny it all you want, my darling, but the fact remains that what we have is real...what I feel for you is real...and I know you’ll never admit it, but what you feel for me is real, too...”

She clamped hard around him and he erupted with a roar of ecstacy, his seed spurting deep inside her in hot bursts. He plunged deep inside her one last time, and she gave a scream of sheer, unadulterated pleasure, clamping hot and wetly around him, her hands, free at last from his bruising grip, free to wrap around his neck, to cling to him as the last vestiges of her orgasm drifted away.

“Don’t leave me again,” James murmured sl**pily, when she made to move, to get out from under him. “Please don’t leave me again.”

And, cursing herself inwardly for her own weakness, Emma gave in, relaxing against the comforting heaviness of him atop her, closing her eyes as sl**p claimed her, and feeling oddly safe.

When Emma woke again it was much later in the day - well past noon, to judge from the sun shining brightly through her drawn blinds. Yawning sl**pily, she sat up, gazing around in bewilderment at the stained sheets for a moment, blinking. Memory rushed back and her face flushed - gritting her teeth, she climbed out of bed for the third time that morning. She did not question her hypocrisy, or the reason for her resentment, as she thought vengefully, don’t leave him, indeed. It was perfectly all right for him to leave her though.

She came down stairs half an hour later relatively refreshed but still very much in a quandery. She found Jordan sitting by himself in the morning parlour, eating from a plate of tiny sandwiches. He looked up as she approached. “Hello, s*s,” he said cheerfully. “Had a late night, did you?”

“Yes,” Emma replied vaguely, feeling her face heat once again. She took a seat, then looked around in curiousity. “Where is everyone else?”

“Kit took them all hunting,” Jordan answered. “The Redwoods, you know. Fresh deer, apparently.”

“Ah,” Emma said, wrinkling her nose in distaste.

Jordan looked at her curiously. “Aren’t you feeling well, Emma?”

“Its just a bit of a headache,” Emma said hastily. “Nothing to worry about. Although,” she continued as a sudden flash of inspiration hit her, “Perhaps it wouldn’t be such a bad idea if I were to cut my visit just a little short, go home for the remainder of the houseparty. Just for a bit of a rest...”

Jordan bit his lip, eyed her worriedly. “Emma, if its Kit...”

Oh, it wasn’t Kit, Emma thought to herself rather hysterically. It had never been Kit, she realised abruptly. The man she had fallen in love with, the man she had believed to be Kit...that man had never existed. How could he have, when he was two people? Kit in daylight, and James at night...

“Its not that,” Emma said truthfully. “Its just that I’d really rather go home now...”

“I wouldn’t do that,” a voice said, surprising her from behind. She spun around, her face breaking into a smile at the sight of Lucien Tusane. Lucien, one of James and Kit’s best friends, had been a fount of support for her during the days after Kit’s defection. Word was that these days, he only spoke to one of the Brandeworth twins, and that one was definitely not Kit.

“Luc,” Emma said in pleasure. “I didn’t know you were here.”

“Arrived last night,” he answered briefly. “Might convey the wrong idea,” he continued, his dark grey eyes twinkling at her as he raked a careless hand through his tousled blond hair. “Give people the impression that you can’t handle being here - that you’re running away.”

Emma frowned at him in consternation as Jordan nodded thoughtfully. “Its true, Em,” he agreed. “Keep your pride, at least.”

Emma sighed in frustration. “I just want to go home!”

“Well, there is another way,” Luc put in. “If all you want is to simply leave this place.”

“Well...” Emma began.

“If we put it about that you and I know, involved, it won’t raise too much speculation when we both disappear together...and that way, we both get what we want.”

“Ah,” Jordan said, a gleam in his eyes.

Emma was silent for a moment. Luc’s plan made sense. She knew how wounded he’d been when Mary had broken up their engagement, in order to marry his best friend...yet another twist, Emma thought bitterly. The plot was thickening by the day! She felt like she was trapped inside some sort of absurd parody of a nightmarish soap opera.

“Its sounds like a perfect idea,” Emma said finally, forcing cheerfulness into her tone. “Two birds with one stone, so to speak. When can we leave?”

“You’ll have to keep up the pretence for a few days at least,” Jordan intervened. “It will look suspicious if you just up and go - take time to establish the lie first.”

Emma shrugged, meeting Luc’s querying gaze. “Why not?”

It was that evening, while the numerous guests mingled in the drawing room before dinner for drinks that the “announcement” was made. Emma took a deep breath, steadying herself, and stepped into the room.

Luc saw her at once. “Emma, darling!” he exclaimed, taking long legged strides towards her and looping an arm around her waist possessively. “Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for hours!”

“I was dressing,” Emma replied demurely, feeling James’ piercing gaze on her and deliberately playing up her part. “I wanted to look good for you, darling.” Perhaps that was a bit much, she thought wryly, as she saw the wickedly humourous look in Luc’s eyes. He pecked her nose fondly, and whispered intimately in her ear, “Tone it down a little, sweetie, or I might crack up and blow our cover.”

She whispered back, just as sweetly, “If you do, I’ll castrate you.”

He roared with laughter, drawing more attention to them, and offered his arm. She took it with a cloying smile, and together, they walked into the dining room, seemingly oblivious of the curious whispers they left behind, and one hot, furious gaze.

It was while she was standing outside on the balcony after dinner that evening, taking in the air and waiting for Luc to come back with her drink, that just what she had gotten into hit home.

The footsteps behind her came softly, almost silently, and suddenly, two large, male hands had clamped tight onto her shoulders. She stiffened, made to turn around, but found herself held f***efully where she was, gazing out into the darkness below.

“Do you know,” James voice was very near her ear, his body gradually positioning hers so that she nestled inside the cradle of his, “Its always been a fantasy of mine to take you like this, out here, before the world?”

“Funny,” Emma managed to retort, “I never would have picked you for an exhibitionist.”

“Oh its not that,” James said softly. “Its more a sign of ownership - a portrayal to the word that you are mine...that you belong to me, and only to me...”

“I can see where this is leading,” Emma said laconically. “I don’t suppose you ever listen when what you hear isn’t to your liking?”

She could almost feel him smile. “I listen...” he disagreed. “But I don’t have to accept. And I do not accept this - this charade - that you have set up with Luc.”

“Who says it is a charade?” And perhaps because her voice held just the right amount of indignation, anger, and scorn, she felt him still, heard him go silent for a moment before he ground out, “I say it is...and if it is not, it soon will be...”

“I sincerely doubt that,” Emma spat.

“Oh? You really are Luc’s woman, then, my love?”

His scorn was apparent. “How very...fickle, you are, Emma my dear. You claim to be his woman and yet you are more than willing to respond to my touch...” His hands moved from her shoulders to her arms, and across to stroke featheringly across her breasts, pulling her even more firmly against him.

“You lie,” Emma gasped. “I was unwilling, and you simply - simply took me.”

“I took you,” he agreed, “But you were all too willing. As you are now.” He slid a hand inside her dress, toyed with a peaked nipple. “I could make you come, right now.”

“N-No,” Emma protested, but somehow her protest seemed only token, as he spun her around and sealed her mouth was his. His mouth was bruising, hurting her, and yet inciting her against her will. His tongue invaded, trapped, lured, and touched. His lips captured, sucked. His teeth grazed, possessed, and bit with a hungry voraciousness that drew an involuntary moan from her. “James,” she gasped.

“Hush,” James ground out against her lips. “You’re being punished.”

He wrenched away from her suddenly, a wild look in his eyes. His gaze fell to her red, swollen lips, and his breath seemed to hitch in his throat. “I want you,” he rasped. “If I don’t go, I’m going to take you, right here, right now.”

Dazed, she merely stared dreamily back at him, her lips slightly parted, her eyes clouded. With a curse, he turned abruptly, and walked swiftly away from her.

It seemed that minutes had barely passed when he returned again, for all of a sudden, whilst Emma was once again staring numbly out at the darkness, arms circled her waist from behind, and a voice breathed passionately into her ear, “Emma.” James, she thought, bemused. Had he decided to come back, then? “I’ve waited so long for this,” he continued, feathering soft, gentle kisses across her neck. “At last - at last, I’ll have you.”

Now that didn’t sound quite right, she thought, confused. What the devil was he talking about? Before she had much time to ponder that, however, she had been yanked into his arms and his mouth was covering his.

She sensed almost from the moment his lips touched hers that something was wrong. His kisses felt wrong, new, different, somehow, and his taste seemed different as well. She tasted whisky on his breath, and whilst before he had always been demanding, almost violent, now his lips were gentle, meek, shy, almost. “James?” she said, confused, but found her lips covered once again.

There was a harsh intake of breath from the doors that led to the house and Emma’s eyes shot open, looking from the very large, menacing figure standing in the balcony doorway, to the man who was holding her in his arms. Kit’s eyes stared back at her.

With a cry of dismay, she pushed him away from her, stumbling backwards, unsurprised when he lurched d***kenly, then had to grab the railing to steady himself.
There was a look that could almost be construed as hurt in James’ eyes, Emma thought warily, as he stood and stared at them for a moment longer. She brushed the thought quickly away though, surprised at herself for feeling even an inkling of guilt, and watched waiting for the rage that she knew simmered in the depths of his eyes, then bit her lip, as he turned and strode abruptly away once again.

She must not feel guilty, Emma told herself, finding her way to a chair and sinking down heavily. She did not belong to him, and it was not as if she had asked Kit to kiss her. He’d been d***k, after all. And besides, who was he to say who she could kiss and who couldn’t? She had the right to kiss anyone she wanted!

“Emma,” Luc’s voice brought her back to the present. He was holding her drink in his hand. “Sorry I took so long. I just met Julianna...” he grinned, and the look in his eyes was rueful. “You understand why it took so long for me to extract myself.” Emma understood perfectly - Julianna had, after all, been angling after Luc for what must have been a decade. Ever since she’d turned thirteen, in fact, but as far as Emma knew, Luc had never felt anything for her but b*****rly love. With ten years between them, it wasn’t that surprising.

But both Kit and James are ten years older than you, a small, niggling voice in the back of her mind reminded her. And god knew, what she felt for James was certainly not b*****rly...

What she felt for James. With a stab of fear, Emma thought back to all the times he’d touched her, kissed her, coupled with her. He’d been her first, though she hadn’t known it, and after him, there had been no others. She was no fool. She knew that what she had experienced with him had been unusual - she’d certainly never experienced with anyone else. Not even Kit, she realised, feeling something cold in her stomach, and she believed she’d been in love with him. What if James was the only one who could feel that way? She had to know.

“Luc?” Emma said suddenly. “Would you kiss me, please?”

Luc was silent for so long, that Emma believed she must have utterly disgusted him and that she’d ruined their friendship forever. She opened her mouth to apologise, but Luc spoke before she could do so.

“I would certainly oblige,” he said carefully, “But may I ask why the sudden request?”

“It - I just - I just need to reassure myself on something, that’s all. Please Luc, just this once. I swear its nothing. And you really don’t need to -”

Before she could finish however, Luc had grinned, and was kissing her.

It was pleasant, comforting, but that was all it was. She knew that Luc wasn’t attracted to her, and she wasn’t to him, and that in essence made their kiss one that was merely companionably pleasant - his lips caressed hers, but nothing else. After a moment, he broke away and raised his eyebrows. “Your doubts have been quelled, I hope?” he asked, amused.

“No,” Emma said, rather deflated.

“Perhaps I should try again, then?”

Before Emma could answer however, a voice said icily from the shadows, “I wouldn’t, if I were you, Luc. Not if you want to leave this place with your manhood intact.”

There was an utter silence from all sides. Finally, Luc spoke, “Is there perhaps something you need to tell me, Emma?”

“Yes, Emma,” James agreed. “Do tell.”

“There’s nothing to tell,” Emma said shakily. “Nothing at all.”

“Oh but there is,” James said silkily, stepping into the light and wrapping a possessive arm around her, drawing her slowly, but steadily towards him, into the curve of his body. “I think that there is.”

Luc stood for a moment, frowning, then a small smile curved his lips. “Is this what I think it is, Em?”

“No!” Emma said fervently, fighting to extract herself from James’ grip. He simply tightened his hold on her. “Its not what you think!”

“What I think,” Luc said with a sly look in his eye, “Is that you’ve been having a lover’s spat, and I just happened to be a handy escape route. Its all right, Em - I don’t mind in the least!”

“We have not been having a lovers spat! We’re not lovers!”

“Oh?” James retorted. “Then what do you call this?” His mouth was against hers again, hard and demanding, and cursing herself violently Emma found herself once again responding to his lips, his tongue, his teeth. She was gasping and breathless when he let her go at last, raising an eyebrow at Luc. “I hope that quells your doubts, Luc,” he murmured.

“Perfectly,” Luc agreed cheerfully and sauntered off, leaving Emma stranded once again, her last hope of escape having quite happily deserted her.

“And now, my dear,” James breathed, staring into her eyes, a look of mingled anger and heat simmering in his, “I shall deal with you.”

With two quick steps he had her backed up against the stone wall of the house, out of sight, unless someone decided to walk straight out onto the balcony and look around.

“What -” Her words were cut off with his mouth, settling over hers, as he ravaged and plundered. His hands moved to her bodice, and with a quick, jerking motion, ripped it in half. The rest of it slid to the ground, and quite suddenly she was left standing in her bra and underwear, James’ hard, male body pressed up against her.

“You’re mine, Emma,” James breathed against her mouth, unclipping her bra easily. “No matter what. Nothing can change that.” A quick rip, a tearing sound and her underwear was gone, too.

“No,” Emma said desperately, her hands fisting against his chest. “No, please, James...”

To her surprise, he didn’t ignore her, but took her hands and laced her fingers with his. He moved them against the wall and stared intently at her, at the soft, vulnerable look in her eyes and the way she trembled against him. “Why, Emma?” he asked softly, and she could hear his voice shake slightly. “Why did you kiss them?”

“I didn’t,” Emma said, half truthfully. “Kit kissed me.” There was a look of hope in his eyes.

“And Luc?”

“I asked him to kiss me.”

He deflated. “Why?”

“Because Kit’s kisses did nothing for me.”

He stared at her blankly. She continued helplessly, “I needed to see if it was like that for me with everyone, or...”

James was suddenly looking at her with new intensity. “Or what?”

“Or - or if -”

“Or if mine were the only kisses you craved, is that right, Emma? Or if my touch was the only one that turned you on? Or if my body was the only one that could satisfy you?” She was silent, her face flushed, turned away from him. “Well, is it?”

When she didn’t reply, he tilted her face and brushed a kiss against her mouth. “Emma?”

“Yes,” she said, frustrated and angry. “Yes, damn you!”

“Oh, my love,” James murmured, and kissed her.

His lips trailed down her throat, his tongue flicking out to taste her and he shuddered in pleasure. “Delicious,” he groaned. She whimpered when his mouth enveloped her nipples, his teeth grazing, his tongue laving at her. He suckled at her and she moaned, arching at him, and he sucked harder, driven into a frenzy at her abandon. He was marking her, and felt triumphant in the fact. He would brand her any way he could, any way that would proclaim that she was his, and his alone.

“Are you wet?” he queried, rubbing his body sensuously against her. “I think you’re dripping, my dear. I think you’re just about to come...”

“Oh god,” she breathed, dazed.

He let her go for a moment to fumble with the zip of his trousers, releasing the thick shaft that was his manhood, lifted her in his arms against the wall and suddenly he was inside her, impaling her with his hard, throbbing length.

“James!” she shrieked with the sensation of having him, full, deep, and embedded firmly inside her. “No!” Her protest felt fake to even her own ears.

“Oh, yes,” he growled, grabbing her hips and shoving her down on him again. She moaned, clutching at him. “No screaming this time,” he warned, moving her up and down on him. “You’ll be heard.”

No screaming? Emma thought dazedly. Impossible. He plunged inside her again and she clamped her mouth around his neck, biting to keep the scream inside. He moaned in pleasure, his fingers digging into her as he thrust inside her again, deeper, harder than before.

“You’re mine,” he declared, pulling her down on him. “Mine, do you hear? You belong to me. Say it.”

“I -”

“Say it, Emma.”

But she just shook her head helplessly and he growled in frustration, forcing himself up inside her, forcing her to take more of him, determined to make her accept him with her body, if not with her mind. She cried out, wrapping her legs around him, aware that whilst she was vulnerable and naked, he was almost fully clothed, powerful, impervious to weakness. As if the thought set off a trigger inside her, she spasmed around him, clenching around him, clinging tightly to his neck, sinking her teeth into him once again.

He shuddered, groaning and thrusting jerkily into her one last time, and she felt the hot flood of his seed filling her body as he stood immobile for a moment, recovering from the aftermath. She clung to him, breathing hard, feeling an incredible sensation of being small, and weak and helpless...and completely taken.

He’d taken her, Emma thought, when he finally withdrew from her body and set her on the ground. She fumbled for her bra, put in on, her mind dazed and confused. He’d taken her, completely and irrevocably, and somehow in the meantime, she had - or at least her body had - accepted that. She pulled the dress up, realising the futileness of the act as she saw that it had been ripped down the middle.

“Here,” James said softly, shrugging out of his evening jacket and wrapping it almost tenderly around her. She felt her eyes stinging with tears. She felt so lost, so confused - and it enraged her. She hated feeling helpless. Her eyes fell on her tormentor and clouded once again...who was this man, this man she had always felt she knew and yet had never really known?

“We’d better go inside,” James said when she made no move to leave, merely stood there with his jacket buttoned up around her, the scrap of ripped material that had once been her panties clutched in her hand. “They’ll miss us.”

She stuffed the material into a pocket as he took her arm, and, gently, ushered her inside.
Love...and Love Intensely Ch. 03
It was to be another two days before Emma ventured forth from her room again. Ever since that episode on the balcony that night, Emma had gone reclusive, not leaving her room even for meals, which Jordan brought to her. As her room at Brandeworth Manor was connected to a bathroom ensuit, there was no need for her to leave even for that, and Jordan did not at all mind doing the small favour for his s****r. On Emma’s part, she did not really seem to notice whether or not food was brought to her at all, and seemed quite content to simply hide away.

It had gotten to a point, however, where Jordan was no longer content to simply bring her meals and sit and talk to her. Emma hardly seemed inclined to talk at all anymore, and he sensed that, far from being simply depressed as he had initially thought her to be, the problem ran far deeper.

In truth, Jordan was quite at a loss as to what to do, and when, after two days, Emma had shown no inclination whatsoever of recovering her spirits, he brought in the cavalry.

And thus it was that that Sunday, at eight-thirty in the morning, Jordan and Luc banged on Emma’s bedroom door, demanding to be let in.

“Go away!” Emma said blearily from her bed, her voice muffled by the pillow she had pulled over her head. “sl**ping.”

“Emma!” Luc and Jordan’s voices hollered in unison.

“Go ‘way!” Emma answered.

“Emma, if you don’t open this door, I’m calling James,” Luc threatened. “He has a key, you know.”

Emma made an incoherent sound of disgust and sat up, treading to the door and flinging it open. “What?” she demanded crossly.

“Good morning!” Jordan said brightly and skipped into the room, plunking himself down on the bed, making himself at home. He eyed with distaste the various items of clothing strewn about, seemingly debating with himself whether he dared to risk Emma’s wrath by cleaning her room. No, he decided finally. Better not risk it.

Emma, meanwhile, was regarding them both with something akin to murder in her eyes. “This better be good,” she said darkly. “Or I’ll make you both pay.”

“I hear you’ve been a bit of a hermit these days, Em,” Luc said with studied nonchalance, leaning against the wall. “Have another spat with James, did you?”

“Here now,” Jordan said, eyeing her curiously. “What’s this about?”

“I did not have a spat with James,” Emma said frigidly.

“Ah,” said Luc wisely. “A lover’s quarrel, then?”

“No!” Emma exclaimed, exasperated.

“Emma!” Jordan exclaimed at the same time. “You and James? Why the devil didn’t you tell me?”

“Because there’s nothing to tell!” Emma said angrily. “We’re not lovers! He’s nothing to me!”

“Aha!” Luc exclaimed. “There, you see?”

“Oh for the sake of the lord, Luc, if you’re going to be an ass, go away.”

“Alright, alright,” Luc conceded. “I’ll stop. You’re sure that there’s nothing going on there, though? James seemed quite... proprietary...with you the other night.”

“Nothing,” Emma said coldly. “Nothing at all.”

“All right,” Luc said, though clearly still disbelieving.

Emma sighed. She could see it was going to take some convincing to persuade Luc that she and James were not...lovers. He couldn’t be her lover if he’d f***ed her, could he? No...They were nothing to each other...nothing... Somehow, the thought didn’t bring as much comfort as it should have.

“Luc,” Emma said suddenly. “Do you remember that little plan we had - the one we decided on a few days ago?”

Luc regarded her with perplexity. “You don’t mean to go through with that, do you Em? Especially in light know.”

“I do,” Emma said firmly. “I think it’s a perfect idea. In fact, we should put it straight into action right now. Can we leave today?”

“Well,” said Luc doubtfully, “I don’t know...”

“Please Luc,” Emma begged. “I really need to get out of this place.”

“Well, I can’t say I mind being used as an excuse,” Luc said with a grin. “But are you sure this is the best way to go about it? If you and James have had a falling out, then isn’t it better to stay and resolve things?”

Emma gritted her teeth. “We have not had a falling out,” she ground out. “We never had a ‘falling in’. I just want to leave, that’s all.”

Jordan was watching the both of them in fascination. “You’re serious, then, Emma?”

“Yes,” Emma said firmly. “As of now, Luc, we are engaged. We’re leaving tonight, and we’ll break up in a month, due to personal differences. You can break it off if you like.”

“Er -” said Luc.

“Excellent,” said Emma, “Its settled then.” And beaming, she danced into the bathroom. The other two, one her b*****r and the other her friend, exchanged glances, shook their heads in unison, then resignedly, walked out.

James was the only one in the morning parlour when she skipped down half an hour later, fresh and cheerful from her shower. She took one look at his grim, unsmiling visage, which was currently frowning at an unfortunate plate of bacon and eggs, and skipped right back out again. By this time however, James had, of course, noticed her, and his withering glower made her stop in her tracks and reluctantly walk in, forcing a semblance of serenity onto her features. She could hardly walk right out after he had seen her, could she?

Well, maybe she could, but something in her, something that had been bred in her since she had first learned to walk, repelled against the thought. After all, manners bred, and indicated, respect. As her mother had always said, if one did not respect others, one could not reasonably expect that same respect back from them. Ruefully, Emma thought that her sense of decorum would someday be the death of her. She would probably be fighting for her life against some crazed killer someday, kick him in the nuts, and then instead of running away sensibly, she’d probably stop, apologise, and ask if she could call an ambulance for him.

“Good morning,” James said coolly, setting aside his newspaper, and picking up his glass of apple juice. Emma smiled to herself, recalling his fondness for apple juice. Kit had always had a glass every morning, too, she thought, after they’d spent the night making love...But no. It hadn’t been Kit, had it? It had been James - James and his routine glass of apple juice. Oh, what a fool she’d been! She should have known, every time he’d fled just before the household awoke, that something was wrong... Impatiently, she brushed the thought aside, plastering a smile onto her face.

“Morning,” Emma said lightly, avoiding his eyes and taking the seat furthest possible from him. “Where is everyone else?”

“Gone shopping,” James said succinctly. “In Westbridge. Its just us until about six tonight, I think.”

“Oh,” said Emma, rather inadequately. “Is that the little Village just off North Road?”


“Oh,” said Emma again. She helped herself to a glass of apple juice, feeling oddly stupid. “Well, I should say goodbye, because I’ll be leaving this evening, and I probably won’t see you again.” Ever, she said silently.

James merely raised an eyebrow at her. “Oh?” he said lazily. “Running away, are we?”

“No,” Emma said defensively. “Just leaving. I have some business at home that can’t wait.”

“Surely it can wait a day more? It’s waited almost a week already, has it not?”

“N - no. I’m afraid it’s rather urgent.”

To her surprise, James got up out of his seat, and came over towards her, a grim look on his face. Too startled to move, she remained frozen in her seat, merely staring at him rather like a deer in headlights. She watched, bemused, as he dropped to his knees in front of her, planting one arm on the back of her chair and the other on the table, hemming her in, crowding her space yet again. He had a rather annoying habit of doing that, Emma thought irritably. Someday someone was going to punch his lights out. She just hoped she’d be there to see it!

“You’ve been avoiding me,” he said abruptly. “Why?”

“I - I haven’t,” she denied shakily.

“You have. I’m not stupid, you know. I haven’t seen you for two days. Why have you been avoiding me?”

She glared at him, angry at his nerve for even asking the question. “Do you really have to ask?”

He was silent for a moment, his eyes downcast. Then, “Don’t leave, Emma,” he said gravely, startling her. “Please don’t leave.”

She had to smile. “Are you literally begging me on your knees?”

He smiled too. “If that’s what it takes.”

“In all the time I’ve known you, James, you’ve never sounded so sincere...” she paused, regarded him seriously, then smiled her sweetest smile. “How about...No.”

His eyes narrowed in irritation. “Why not?”

“Because I don’t want to.”

“It’s not that simple, Emma.”

Her eyes flashed. “Why not, James? It’s simple enough for you, when its something you want. You just take it. But when I want something? Oh, no, I’ve got to think of you, first. Are you really so selfish, James?”

She saw his knuckles go white as he clutched furiously at her chair and felt a stab of fear. Then suddenly, he relaxed. She saw him frown, as if wavering over something, and then his expression cleared, as if he had come to a decision. His lips curved on a smug, mocking smile, and he regarded her knowingly, his expression one of condescending indulgence. “Alright...if that’s what it’s going to take...If its marriage you want, I’ll marry you.”

The words were sudden, abrupt, unexpected. Emma’s jaw dropped, her eyes widening to saucer-like proportions. She said the first thing that came to her mind. “What?”

“That’s what you want is it? So be it. I’ll marry you.”

“Dear god, are you MAD?” She almost shrieked. “I can’t marry you!”

He cocked a brow at her, perplexed. “But why not?” His expression grew earnest. “I’ve told you, Emma. I love you.”

She brushed that aside. “Because - because I’m going to marry Luc, that’s why,” she said in a rush. “Yes - I’m marrying Luc, and I’m going away with him tonight, and that’s all there is to it, James. I can’t marry you. I don’t even like you!”

His eyes narrowed. “You’re lying.”

Emma bristled. “What makes you say that?”

“There’s nothing the least loverlike towards the way Luc acts towards you. I’ve seen him, remember? I’m not blind. And the other night...out on the balcony...he said himself that you were only using him as an excuse. I’m not stupid, Emma. There’s nothing between you and Luc but friendship. In fact,” he continued, his eyes narrowing further as he looked at her, “I would say that there’s never been anything between you and anyone but friendship.”

Emma’s gaped at him, amazed at his sheer nerve. “Why, James?” she said finally, recovering her composure. Her tone was mocking. “Do you imagine that just because you - that is to say, Kit, because you do realise that that was who I thought it was - were the one who took my virginity, it means that there has been no one else? I am only human, James. I have needs. You are most certainly not the only man I’ve ever slept fact, far from it. What makes you say it’s so unlikely that Luc and I are engaged?”

“Its impossible,” he said derisively. “I refuse to believe that you got engaged to him after that night - it’s been what, two days? He asked you to marry him even after knowing you were using him as an excuse?”

“No,” Emma said blithely, and satisfaction flashed in his eyes. “I asked him to marry me.” Well, it was sort of the truth, Emma thought wryly.

“What?” His incredulity was obvious.

“Is it really so hard to believe, James? Do you remember those two days you said that I’d been avoiding you? Well would you like to know where I spent them? In my room. In bed. Do you want to know with whom?”

“No,” James gritted, his face pale. “You’re lying.”

“Why should I?” Her voice was airy. “I’ve hardly anything to gain, now, have I? The fact of the matter is, I don’t need to make up some elaborate story just to reject your marriage proposal. Most people don’t - it’s simply a case of, no. But this is the truth, James. I just thought you deserved as much.” She had to say it, Emma justified to herself. She had to leave him with no illusions, whatsoever. But even as her justifications seemed logical and rational, a stab of completely irrational pain sliced through her heart at the wounded, betrayed expression on his face. He looked as if he were in physical pain, and she ached to take him into her arms, kiss him, and tell him it was all a lie. For a moment, she forgot the reason as to why she couldn’t.

But ah, there it was. This vulnerability of his, it was all but a lie. He seemed weak and hurt and wounded now, but the moment that she gave in, the moment that power returned to his hands, he would only use it to wound, to control her. And she could not allow that.

So she lied, and continued to lie. The words came easily now, flowing smoothly past her lips, so plausible that even she began to half believe them. “You’re not a fool, James. Surely even you must see that those...times...we were together...they meant nothing to me? A drop in the ocean, so to speak. And I can’t even say that I really enjoyed them - I don’t enjoy being f***ed.” A half truth...she had enjoyed it, involuntarily, but she wasn’t going to let him know that.

There was a long, grim silence, then, “You could be pregnant,” James said suddenly, a triumphant look in his eye.

“I could,” Emma agreed. “But then again, I might not be. And even if I was, there’s no guarantee the baby is yours, James.” She watched his face, saw his eyes darken with pain, and rage, and felt the fist around her heart clench tighter. It was for the best, she told herself fiercely. She had to be strong. “Besides which, we do live in age where we can now get rid of such...inconveniences...” Not that she ever would, of course. But he didn’t have to know that.

“You wouldn’t.” He ground out the words.

She shrugged. “Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn’t. In any case, it’s a moot point, James. I’ll deal with it if and when it happens.”

“If you hurt our baby...” Emma opened her mouth to deny the existence of any such, but he cut her off. “Very well,” he bit off, rising to his feet. “If that is the way you wish it to be.” He inclined his head briefly to her, then, stiffly, walked out.

And Emma closed her eyes against the irrational tears that seemed to seep out, no matter what she did.


Home, at last, finally. It had been more than two weeks since her departure from the Brandeworth Estate, and it seemed that those few days spent were destined to come back and bite her on the posterior, no matter how long it had been since she’d left. First there had been the small matter of her b*****r - she’d abandoned him there and taken their car, and so had had to come back and pick him up. Then it turned out Luc - her supposed fiance - had actually gone off to France to be married, when he had been supposed to be spending time with her and proving to the world just how unaffected she was by James. Hell, she should have had a month, at least, of respite from the world, supposedly as Luc’s impromptu fiance. Who knew, maybe James would be knocking on her door at any minute. And now, with this last little development she’d only recently discovered...well, she’d deal with it. She always did.

She dropped her keys on the table in the hallway and trudged to the small, cramped kitchen, dumping her groceries on the old watermarked bench. Feeling too fatigued to do much more than that, she went to her bedroom, ignored the hole in the floor, kicked off her shoes and flopped onto the bed, closing her eyes for a quick catnap.

Almost immediately, however, her eyes sprang open again. Creak, creak, creak. No, so she wasn’t imagining it. Kylie the Sex Kitten from upstairs was hard at work already. It wasn’t hard to imagine doing what, either.

Emma groaned. It was bad enough at night, but even now? Didn’t the girl ever rest? Eat? sl**p? She glanced at the clock. Seven thirty. She ought to probably eat - after all, she couldn’t afford not to.

It was nine by the time she’d finished the dishes and tidied everything up. She went to take out the trash - then stopped halfway through the doors as the elevator doors opened, and a familiar, tall, large, man stepped out. His eyes met hers from across the short distance between her apartment and the elevator, and Emma froze. Good lord - what was he doing here? The hysterical thought ran through her mind that he must have known, must have found out somehow, then disappeared just as quickly as she realised the need to flee, to get out of that timelock he seemed to have frozen her into somehow.

As if in slow motion, Emma’s limbs came back into action, but too late, too late - even as she was stepping back, closing the door he had sprung forward, wedging an immaculately Gucci clad foot into her doorway. “Hello, Emma,” came the familiar, throaty voice. “Happy to see me?”

Her reply to this was to push harder at the door, hoping in vain that maybe he’d relent and step out of her apartment, out of her life. No such luck. With humiliating ease, he gave a little push and she found herself falling backwards, looking up to see him walk into her apartment with casual familiarity. The door shut behind him with a final sounding click.

“Get out of my house.” Her voice came out, not firm and confident as she’d hoped, but weak and trembling. God, how she hated the way he made her feel.

“What, no hug, no kiss? What reception is this, for an old friend?” He tisked. “I did expect better of your manners, Emma.” He looked around at the shabby furnishings, the peeling wallpaper, the old, dirty carpet. “Is this how you’re living these days? Shame on Luc...a poor way to treat his wife, I’d are his wife, I assume, now?”

“N-no,” Emma stammered. “But I will be. Soon. Just as soon as Luc gets back from France.”

“Funny,” James looked at her slyly. “I never would have thought of Luc as the polygamous type.”

Emma felt cold. So he’d heard already, had he? Damn. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Poor Emma,” James mocked with insincere pity. “Don’t tell me you haven’t heard the happy news. Luc’s on his honeymoon right now.”

Emma steeled herself. “I wish him happy, then,” she said calmly.

James eyed her with interest. “Not jealous, then?”

“No,” she said firmly. “I’m glad for him.” She was confused, unsure how to react. Should she act sad? No, better not to show any weakness to him. He was a predator - weakness was never wise. How ridiculous her charade had turned out to be! She settled for a small, grim smile. “I never did expect him to be serious - I never was.”

“Good,” said James, and grabbed her. His mouth came down on hers with hard, crushing brutality and she gasped, only realising her mistake when his tongue slid inside her mouth to plunder and ravage. His hands skimmed over her body, coming to a rest over the curve of her bottom. He kneaded for a moment, stroking and caressing her, then cupped and lifted, and suddenly Emma found herself with her legs wrapped around him, three feet off the ground. “I’m not going to make love to you standing against the wall again,” James muttered against her red, swollen mouth, ”Where’s your bedroom?”

“Wh-What?” Emma stuttered, dazed.

He cursed, and began walking, stopping every few moments to pause and open a door, then slam it shut again. It seemed he had opened every door in her tiny apartment before coming to her bedroom. “What are you doing?” she asked, as he stepped inside, kicked the door shut behind him, then dumped her on the bed. Stupid girl - as if it wasn’t obvious!

He merely grunted in reply, stripping off his shirt and trousers. She stared in fascination at the scanty briefs that couldn’t seem to contain the throbbing erection between his legs. Then just as quickly, they were gone, and for the first time, it seemed, she got a good look at him. Oh my.
He was large. Very large. And beautiful. She’d never thought she’d ever think of a man’s...thing...that way, but he was. She felt a strange compulsion to touch him, to stroke, and caress. She wanted to taste him. Odd - she’d never experienced any urge to do so before, not even when she had thought he was Kit. That time - that first time, when she had finally known it was he making love to her and not his b*****r - that was the first time she had ever...done it. But it had felt degrading then, and illicit, somehow. She did not want to think about then.

He was on top of her now, his mouth hungrily seeking hers. Instinctively, her lips parted - he slid inside, plundered, hot and wet. He rolled, and she found herself on top of him, her blouse gaping open, her bra tugged away. His hands gripped her waist, bent her forward, and Emma’s breast, quite suddenly, was in his mouth.

She let out a gasp of agonising pleasure. She felt hot, wanton, uninhibited, free. Freer than she’d ever felt in her life. She didn’t delude herself, this time, that he was forcing her. She wanted this. She wanted him.

But she sure as hell wasn’t going to admit it, afterwards.

Tugging herself away, she bent down, pressing her mouth against his bronzed, sculpted torso. There was a raw, masculine beauty in him, in the leashed power of his body. If only he wasn’t such an arrogant boor!

Her tongue touched his nipple and he groaned, closed his eyes and let his head drop back. “Oh, God, Emma,” he rasped. “What are you doing?”

She didn’t answer, merely moved onto the other nipple, laving, then suckling at it. James’ hands crept into her hair, his fingers alternately caressing and twisting.

She moved down to his stomach, and he tensed. “Emma...” he began in a warning voice. “Do you -”

The rest of the sentence was cut off in a strangled gasp as she took him into her mouth, and he jackknifed forward. His fingers clenched in her hair. He uttered a weak moan, then dropped back, his entire body stiff with the strain of keeping himself from thrusting into her mouth.

The taste, the scent of him filled her senses immediately. She experimented, bent down to try and take all of him. He was large - she couldn’t, but she tried anyway, and was rewarded with another agonised groan for her efforts.

“Touch me,” James rasped. “Touch me, sweetheart.”

Emma complied, gingerly stroking him. He growled, low in his throat, his fingers clenching even tighter in her hair. Emma winced, but continued to caress him, wrapping her tongue around him. She suckled and he let out a yell of pleasure. Elated, she continued.

There was a new stiffening in his body. He seemed to grow larger in her mouth. “Emma,” James began, panting, “Emma, I’m - “ His hips bucked, thrusting involuntarily into her mouth. “Oh, god, Emma!”

She felt him before she tasted him, pouring into her mouth. Instinctively, she swallowed. His eyes widened. “Don’t - “ She ignored him, keeping her mouth sealed on him until he had spent the last of his seed in her mouth. At last, he finished, and she removed her mouth.

There was a moment of silence. “I’m sorry,” James said at last. “I shouldn’t have done that.” But there was an unmistakable gleam of satisfaction in his eyes.

Silently, Emma crawled back up the bed, sliding under the covers. James reached out, drew her tightly to his side. There was a strange feeling of tightness in his chest, even after everything, after he’d believed he’d banished the last of that weakness. She curled up into his body and simply lay there. She did not sl**p.

She did not sl**p all night. James woke often, and before she knew it, he was on top of her, inside her. He made love to her almost constantly, sometimes rapid, hard, and explosive, sometimes slow and sweet and tender. She clawed at him, bit at him, leaving angry, passionate marks on him and he in turn marked her, his teeth sinking, it seemed, into every part of her body, even those she wouldn’t even have imagined it possible to bite.

Emma woke to the sensation of something hot, wet and probing between her legs. She sat up with a gasp, lifting the bedcovers and finding James’ head of dark silky hair between her thighs. “James,” she murmured weakly, before collapsing back onto the bed.

“Wider, sweetheart,” James’ voice, muffled, came from under the covers. Mindlessly, she did as ordered. He licked, lapped, and probed deep inside her some more, and she was soon orgasming around his tongue, not bothering to even muffle her cries of pleasure.

He crawled up her body, stopping as his face was level with her breasts. He took a nipple into his mouth, suckled, and Emma moaned. His lips travelled upwards, lingering in the curve of her throat. He licked the length of her neck, sank his teeth into her. She moaned. “Mmm,” he murmured. “Delicious.”

His mouth sealed over hers, his tongue, tasting of her, filling her mouth. His hips settled into the cradle of hers, she felt him probing at her entrance, and then he was inside her, full and thick and heavy, pulsing with arousal. She was so swollen from her orgasm that he felt impossibly huge inside her.

And then he began to move.

Long, fast strokes, rapidly in and out, his hips grinding against her, his shaft sliding in and out of her with slick and frantic lunges. She whimpered, her arms coming up to wrap around his neck. He let out a low growl, digging his fingers into her hips as he lifted her, f***ed her up to meet his thrusts, to take him deep, deeper than before.

“James,” Emma gasped, writhing, yet unable to move in his iron grip.

“Say it again,” James ground out. “Say my name.”

“James. James, oh, god, James. I love you.”

He stilled, suddenly, his glittering green eyes blazing into hers. Then he growled again, low, reverberating in his throat, and quickened his thrusts, clasping her closer against him so her breasts were crushed against his chest, her face buried against the strong column of his throat.

He pumped rapidly, ever harder inside her, their two bodies joined as if one. And quite suddenly, the moment came. He let out an exultant roar of ecstasy, spilling himself inside her, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. It had never been like this. Never. He recovered in time to feel her pulsing against him, clenching around his cock. He smiled, his eyes closed, and collapsed atop her. He did not care, at that moment, that he was probably too heavy for him. What mattered was the fact that she was his, that he was inside and on top of her, and that was where he wanted to be.

“Shit,” James said sometime later.

“What is it?” Emma stirred sl**pily from on top of him. He’d rolled over soon after he’d realised he’d probably been suffocating her.

“I’ve got to go. I have an appointment this afternoon.”

“What time?”

“Three,” he answered. “Its almost two-thirty. I have to run, sweetheart.”

“Ok,” Emma said sl**pily, and closed her eyes again. She was warm and comfortable. She wasn’t going to move.

“Emma,” James said after a moment.

She opened one eye. “Hmm?”

“I have to go.”

She felt vaguely irritated. “Ok.”

Her eyes closed again.

“Emma...” There was a note of rueful amusement in her voice.

“What?” This time she woke fully, sitting up on top of him in some exasperation. “What is it?”

“I really do need to go.”

“So go!”

“I can’t.”

“Why not?”

“You’re on top of me.”

Emma looked down to find herself straddling him. “Oh,” she murmured, and climbed off him. He smiled at her, his teeth flashing white in the leonine face, and slid out of bed. Emma lay in bed, the bedcovers drawn up around her and watched while he dressed.

“James,” she said, suddenly. “What - What does all this mean? Why did you come to find me?”

His face grew suddenly cold, distant. “What do you mean?” he said coolly.

“ - you came here. To find me. What does that mean?” She wanted to hear him say it, she realised. She needed to hear it.

His eyes seemed shuttered, closed now, as they looked at her. “What do you think, Emma?”

“I don’t know,” she mumbled.

“Did you imagine, perhaps, that I had come to declare my love for you yet again?”

Her face flushed bright red. She had so hoped...

“That, perhaps, I had come to beg you to reconsider my suit? Just so you could throw it back in my face again? I may have been foolish, Emma, but I wasn’t born yesterday. I am no fool now.”

“I never said you were,” she said, cold fingers clutching at her heart. “So - so this was, was just sex?”

He smiled. “Not just sex, sweetheart. Great sex. And what else does one need, after all?” So saying, he bent down, kissed her thoroughly, then left the house. She heard the front door close behind him.

And wanted to cry, yet again.

A short while longer, the bedsprings from the house upstairs started again.

* * *

She went through the rest of the day mindlessly, in a horrified sort of daze. He didn’t love her. Dear god - she’d told him she loved him. Had she really? Yes - yes, she had. And it was true, she realised with an ever more sinking heart. She did love him. Now, when it was too late, when she was carrying his c***d and he thought of her only as a vessel for his sexual gratification, she suddenly realised she loved him. Oh, if it had only come sooner! If only she known, before, when he had offered her everything and the world...

But it was no use crying over the past. There was nothing she could do now. She knew one thing, though...she couldn’t continue to have an affair with him. It would hurt too much, when he finally tired of her and cast her off. And the baby would show soon, too, and she could not bear the thought of him rejecting their c***d, too...

She had been interrupted in taking out the trash last night - by him, of course - she had to do it tonight. As she opened the apartment door, the elevator doors pinged, the down arrow lighting up and the doors sliding open. James stepped out. Her eyes met his, fleetingly, then she continued her task, resolutely ignoring him until she was done. Brows raised, he followed her into the apartment, shutting the door behind him.

Emma headed for the kitchen. He followed, stopping beside her.

“There’s something we have to talk about,” Emma said briefly.

He merely looked at her, silent.

“I - I can’t see you anymore.”

His eyes narrowed. “Explain,” he said with deadly precision.

“I just - I can’t.”

“So what prompted this sudden change of heart?”

“I don’t know.” Her eyes widened. Something had just occurred to her. The light on the had lit up the down arrow... “Did you just come down from upstairs?” she demanded abruptly.

James appeared puzzled. “As a matter of fact, yes, I did. Why?”

“And do you happen to be acquainted with a certain young woman by the name of Kylie, by any chance?”

He seemed even more perplexed. “Do you mean Kyriane?”

Emma’s lip curled. “Is that her name, then?”

“Yes, I do. She’s my - “ Emma didn’t wait to hear more. Her hand struck out, slapping him soundly across the face. He barely flinched, but his face flushed darkly.

“What was that for?” he said softly, dangerously.

She kicked him. “As if you don’t know,” hissed furiously. She pummelled his chest, but only managed to hurt her fists. “You lying, cheating - “

James caught her wrists in one hand, held her easily. “Stop that,” he said impatiently. “You’re only going to hurt yourself. And if you hit me one more time, darling, I’m going to spank you.”

Emma stamped on his foot. Hard. He winced, then just as quickly hauled her against him, stroked his hand down her back and to her derriere, lingered for just a moment, and slapped her, hard enough to make her eyes widen in surprise. She gasped, winced, and stared at him accusingly. “You hit me!” she said, sounding shocked and horrified all at once, her pride more injured than her bottom.

“Hardly, darling,” James murmured disdainfully. “Besides, you started it.”

“Oh!” Emma resisted the urge to stamp her foot and scream. She contented herself with merely wrenching away from his tight grasp, telling him flatly that she never wanted to see him again, then storming off into her bedroom. She slammed the door in his face, locked it with a satisfying click.

“Emma,” James called from the other side. “Emma, open the door.”

“No!” Emma shouted back. “Go away!”

After a minute of silence, she heard a sigh, and then his footsteps walking away. Curiously enough, she felt a pang. Then there was the sound of the front door opening, and closing faintly, and she breathed a sigh of relief. He was gone. Good.

The thought wasn’t in the least comforting.

Wiping away the few stray tears that had somehow managed to leak out despite her best attempts to keep them in, she straightened up, then grabbed her bathrobe, figuring a shower would cheer her up. A nice, long, hot shower, where she’d drown her sorrows in the calming rain of the water.

Opening her bedroom door, she headed for the bathroom, turned the water on, stripped quickly out of her bathrobe and stepped under the warm spray. It felt wonderful.

The bathroom door opened behind her and she spun around with a stifled scream, staring in amazement through the clear glass walls of her shower unit at the man who had simply walked into her bathroom and was even now in the process of divesting himself of his tie and shirt.

“You!” Emma gasped her astonishment. “What on earth are you doing here?”

“What does it look like?” James demanded grimly. “I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

“No,” Emma said, backing away. “Oh no, not that again. You can’t just - just decide to fuck me whenever you want, James. I’m not your whore. In fact, you already have a whore! Why don’t you go to her?”

“I want you,” James said simply, and sliding the glass door open, he stepped into the shower with her.

“Why?” Emma whispered, pain in her eyes.

James shrugged. “You turn me on.” The evidence was there, for her to see. Only she didn’t want to see it. She turned away, her back to him, facing the wall.

It didn’t deter him. He merely began to attack her senses from behind.

“I’ll scream,” Emma warned.

James laughed. “Go ahead,” he invited. “I don’t expect anyone would hear you, and in any case, its not as if they haven’t heard you scream before.” She flushed bright red. “And don’t you remember? I told you I love it when you scream.”

She bit her lips in frustration, when she felt his hands, large and rough and warm, on her shoulders, unable to do anything to stop him. He kneaded gently, working out the stiffness, and she couldn’t stifle the groan of relief that tore from her. Emma could almost feel him smile.

His hands slid down, cup her breasts. She looked down, feeling weak, at the sight of his large, dark hands holding her breasts. His fingers, long and skilled, stroked her lazily, his thumb brushing over the stiffening buds of her nipples. Her head dropping forward, and he took immediate advantage, bending to press his body against her, his mouth, hot and wet, against the nape of her neck, his tongue flicking out to touch and taste her intimately.

Emma let out a muffled sigh as she felt his teeth graze her throat, then bite into her. He was like an a****l sometimes, and the worst thing was, it excited her. God, and she called herself civilised!

“Place your hands against the wall,” James whispered against her ear. He nipped at it playfully, and mindlessly, she obeyed. “Now part your legs. Wider.”

One hand slid from her breasts down to her thighs, before dipping between them and quite suddenly, sliding one long finger inside her slick, hot, wetness. They let out a simultaneous groan. Slowly, he slid his finger out, then in again. Emma gasped - let out a whimper. A second finger joined the first, then a third. Her head had dropped back against his chest, and his other hand was now clenching and unclenching around her breast in his arousal, almost without his notice. His cock was straining against her buttocks, and he ached with the need to simply shove it up inside her.

“James,” Emma pleaded. “James...”

“What is it, Emma? What do you want? Tell me.”

“I need you.”

“Beg me.” His voice was soft, silken.

“James...please...I need you.”

His control snapped. Positioning himself, he plunged himself inside her savagely, closing his eyes as her hot wetness enveloped him. She let out a cry at the sensation of fullness as he filled her, took her.

He thrust, grabbing her hips and working himself deep inside her, rapidly, almost brutally. Emma’s fists clenched - she braced herself against the wall, her head dropping down. The beat of the water against their backs no longer seemed calm, lazy, luxuriant, but now seemed to drum out an ever increasingly frantic beat. He seemed to want to get completely inside her, so deeply was he driving himself into her. Low, deep sounds emanated from his chest, his teeth ground together, sweat beaded on his forehead. His fingers on her hips f***ed her back against him as he pumped into her, pleasure filled, agonising groans tore from his throat with every deep thrust.

His cock was so deeply embedded inside her, filing her so completely, she felt like he was touching every part of her body. His thrusts, ever quickening, seemed more rapid than ever. As he seemed to reach orgasm, he lent over, biting her shoulder and letting out a loud groan, and she, too, came, her screams echoing around the bathroom. She pulsed around him, seemed to sag against the wall, merely enjoying the sensation of his seed pumping inside her, marking her as his possession. Almost as if he sensed the direction of her thoughts, his arms wrapped around her possessively, drawing her back against his body, supporting her.

“Now...what was that you said about not being able to see me again?” James murmured into her ear.

Emma stiffened. “I meant it,” she said, softly. “I still do. This can’t go on, James.”

He said nothing for a moment, and there was only the sound of the spray of water around them. “You told me you loved me,” he said finally. “Don’t say something that you’ll regret later on, Emma.”

Emma steeled herself. She looked up into his eyes, her brows raised inquiringly. “You didn’t really believe me, did you?” she asked with cheerful embarrassment. “You know people say all sorts of odd things when they’ know...”

“Coming?” James suggested dryly. “Climaxing? Orgasming?”

“Yes,” Emma said, feeling ridiculously gauche.

“I see.”

“Yes. And, well, to be honest, James, I’m glad I’ve gotten you out of my system. Its time I moved on. I haven’t had a good few weeks.” Inspiration struck. “What with Luc and all.”

His eyes had grown cold, shuttered, though the body he held her against was as warm and strong and alive as ever. “Of course.”

She willed her voice to stay steady. “And I expect you’d like to move on as well. We probably needed to get each other out of our systems. Repression and all that.”

“Yes. Repression. Of course.”


“I’m leaving,” James said abruptly.

He left as quickly and silently as he came, and Emma felt, at that moment, all the loneliness of before come crashing back. Except that this time, she did not even have that tiny flicker of hope which she had cherished before. Now, she had nothing.

Except his c***d. And that, she vowed fiercely, he was never going to find out.

* * *

“Emma!” There was a loud, irritating banging on the front door. Emma opened a bleary eye from where she was sprawled across the old sagging couch. “Emma, love, open the door. Its me, Luc.”

Oh, Luc. She’d thought it was Jordan again. Her b*****r had been pestering her all month, and she was in no mood for more. She closed her eyes again.

“Emma! If you don’t open up, I’m going to tell James about the baby!”

Shit. How on earth had he found out? Fool - Jordan, of course. The little rat had probably spilled all the beans when she’d started refusing to let him in. Sighing tiredly, she heaved herself up and went to open the door.
She’d run into James twice more after he’d left that last time, and both times he’d been on his way up, to see Kylie or Kyriane or whatever her name was. She’d had to endure listening to the bedsprings from upstairs creak and wonder if it had been James up there every time. Not even the loudest heavy metal music could drown out the creaking of those springs, and besides, people had started banging on her walls when she’d turned it up really loud.

Luc burst into the room, took one look at her dishevelled state and the ruins of an apartment around her, and immediately took her into his arms. “Poor Emma,” Luc murmured consolingly. “You’re not feeling well at all, are you?”

Emma shook her head piteously.

“Come on then. I’ll make you a cup of tea and something to eat, and you can tell me all about it.” He led the way into the kitchen and she followed.

One mug of hot tea and a sandwich later, Luc was holding her hand while she sobbed her heart out.

“That’s it,” he was murmuring consolingly. “Just let it all out.”

“I don’t know what to do,” Emma was hiccupping. “I’ve thought and thought and I just don’t know! I mean...I have a job, and some savings, but when the baby’s born I’ll have to quit it, and then what will I do? I can’t afford not to have a job!”

“Maybe you should talk to James,” Luc suggested gently.

“Are you k**ding? He doesn’t want anything to do with me. What would he care about a baby? He cares nothing for me.”

“Doesn’t he?” Luc smiled. “I know he’s been storming around like a bear with a sore head for the last couple of weeks. And I know why.”

Emma’s chin jutted out defiantly. “And even if he wanted anything to do with me, I don’t want anything to do with him. He - he’s shagging the whore upstairs!”

Luc burst out laughing. “Shagging, Emma?” he queried with brows raised. “Shagging?”

“Well, he’s sl**ping with her,” she amended. “He went straight from me to her!”

“Yes, but how do you know he’s sl**ping with her? They might just be friends, or business acquaintances or some such thing.”

“Her apartment is directly above mine,” Emma replied dryly. “I can hear the bedsprings creak. What do you suppose they’re doing? Simply playing ‘jumping castle’?”

“I suppose not,” Luc said ruefully. “In any case, you can’t keep living like this. You’ve got to get yourself together, Emma, if only for the baby’s sake. Come on, I’ll take you out to dinner, and you can get d***k one last time, and then we’ll come back and sl**p on the floor one last time before I get the crew in and clean up. Deal?”

“I don’t get d***k,” Emma informed him indignantly. “And I’ve never slept on the floor in my life! Besides, won’t your wife object if you spend the night with me?”

“Well, might as well get it out of your system,” Luc replied pragmatically. “Better now than when the baby really starts to show. And my wife’s not my wife anymore. She did a runner on our honeymoon. By the way, have you been eating? You seem to be gaining weight.”

“Wonderful, Luc,” Emma said with mock sarcasm. “Thanks for telling me I’m getting fat. That’s sure to cheer me up.”

Luc shrugged. “Go freshen up, eh? Then we’ll go.”

* * *

They spent the night at a cheap bistro where she could eat as much as she want and drink as much as she want, without getting noticed, with the result that by the time Luc got round to taking her home she could barely stand without leaning on something.

They staggered into the elevator together, Emma laughing hysterically at something he’d said. “You know, Luc,” she giggled, her hand stroking her stomach. “I think I’ll survive after all.” The elevator doors opened. “I might actually look forward to having this baby.”

Emma stopped dead in her tracks, leaning heavily on Luc. Luc’s eyes widened and he said in a slightly singsong voice, “Uh-oh.”

“Hello, Emma,” said James, with a dangerous smile. “Did you enjoy yourself, c***dren?”

“Goodbye, love,” Luc said with a hiccup. “Afraid you’ll have to sl**p on the floor by yourself tonight. I’m not up to getting beat to a pulp. Not even for you.” So saying, he gave her a little push and she stumbled toward James, then lurched back into the elevator. The doors closed with a ping.

James caught her before she could bang into the wall. “Whoops,” she said cheerfully, leaning against him. “Must find the keys!”

“Give me your bag,” James said impatiently, then rifled through it quickly. He couldn’t seem to find the damn things. “Where are they?”

“Hmm,” Emma said thoughtfully. “Must be in my pocket somewhere.” She struggled, clumsily, to dig into the pockets of the tight fitting jeans to no avail.

“Here,” said James, exasperated. “Lean on me. Both hands.” She did as ordered, then stood stock still, shocked, as she felt his hands sliding into her front pockets. “Not here,” he announced grimly. “Turn a bit.” He slid his hands into her back pockets. She gave a little gasp, feeling his fingers curl and scoop out the keys. He didn’t seem to notice as he efficiently inserted the key into the lock and turned the doorknob.

Emma had sobered up by now, realising, perhaps, the seriousness of the situation. He knew - or at least, he knew that she was pregnant. He didn’t know by whom.

James flicked the switch and the kitchen lit up. He gazed, vaguely disgusted, at the mess of the kitchen. Dishes cluttered up the sink, the bench top. There was an opened, but untouched, bottle of wine on the table. “Sit,” he ordered, pulling out a chair for her. Emma sat.

“Now,” said James, remaining on his feet and looking down at him. “Care to tell me just what the hell Luc was doing here?”

Emma shrugged. “That’s none of your business,” she said, struggling to sound cool and composed.

“It damn well is my business!” James raged. “He was here, with you. That makes it my business!”

She looked away. “I don’t see how.”

“When someone is running around with what belongs to me behind my back,” James said coldly, “I generally make it my business.”

She glowered. “What do you care? Its not as though I mean anything to you.”

“You mean everything to me!” James shouted. “That’s the damn point!” His tone softened. “And what about the baby, Emma? When were you going to tell me, Em?”

“I don’t see why I should have.”

His eyes widened, and she thought there was just the tiniest hint of pain in them. “You don’t think I had a right to know about my own c***d?”

“It’s not as though you wanted it, or as if you cared.” Quickly she realised her mistake and amended, “It’s not as though its yours.”

His lip curled. “Nice try, sweetheart. Jordan’s told me everything. There’s no point denying it. The baby is mine. You’re mine.”

She looked up at him at last, her eyes flashing. “I don’t belong to anybody!”

“You belong to me, Emma. You carry my c***d within you. You’ve been mine the moment I laid eyes on you. Do you know how it killed me, having to pretend for those entire months while you believed you were Kit’s fiance? How, during the nights you’d lie in my arms and yet in the days would not look twice at me? Your eyes were all for Kit, and he didn’t even know you were alive, half the time! And then those months that I waited, waited for you to recover and finally move on, so I, at last, could court you. I’ve waited, Emma. I’ve waited for longer than you could imagine. And now I’m tired of waiting.”

Her lips parted, her eyes bewildered.

“I’m not going to f***e you. I’ve had enough of that. I’ve had enough of the uncertainty, the constant terror that you’re going to just disappear. Choose, Emma. Choose. I can go, or I can stay. Which is it to be?”

She shook her head, numbly.

“I love you, Emma.”

Emma stared at him. “But - but you said - it was just sex. And what about Kylie?” Her voice hardened. “Or Kyriane. Whatever her name is from upstairs with the noisy bed.”

James smiled. “Jealous, darling?” he taunted softly.

She looked away. “No,” she denied.

He bent down to cup her face in her hands. “Liar.”

Emma scowled. “What were you doing with her anyway?”

He grinned. “You won’t believe this - but she’s my cousin. Actually, she made me sit in the living room while she serviced her boyfriends. It made for bl**dy awkward conversation, I can tell you.”

“What?” Emma was astonished. “You’re related to Kylie the Sex Kitten? And here I was, thinking the Brandeworths were all high and mighty posh types...”

“Good lord!” James laughed out loud. “Is that what you call her? By the way, she’s related to me on my mother’s side. Not a Brandeworth, you see!”

“Its what everyone calls her. She’s famous in this building.”

“Hmm. I daresay Uncle George isn’t going to be pleased about that. He never has been, about her chosen profession. But never mind. Well? What’s your answer?”

“I love you.” Her eyes widened. The words had slipped from her lips, involuntarily. She groaned, closed her eyes for a moment then leapt to her feet and ran for the bedroom, intending to lock herself in. Startled, James remained frozen for a moment, then bounded after her. He wedged his foot into the crack just before the door slammed. He winced when the door banged into his foot. Pushing slowly, but inextricably, he managed to open to door wide enough to get inside. He grabbed both her arms, and held her against the wall. “What did you say?” James demanded.

Emma flushed. “I – You – you heard.”

“Say it, Emma.”

“I love you.”

James groaned, buried his face in her throat. “God, I thought I'd never hear you say those sweet words again. I was so stupid, sweetheart, forgive me…Say it again.”

“I love you.”

“Do you belong to me? As I belong to you?”

“James…I love you. I’m yours. No matter what happens, I will always be yours, even if you don’t love me anymore.”

He shouted out exultantly. “And I love you. I’ll never stop loving you, sweetheart. And I’ll never stop belonging to you, either. And are you going to marry me? And have my c***d? And many more as well?”

She smiled shyly. “Do you really love me, James?”

“Little idiot,” he kissed her, and she suddenly found herself with a mouthful of tongue. “As if anyone could not.”

“I love you too,” she whispered.

“Good,” James said, satisfaction emanating from every part of his body. His eyes gleamed with a fierce possessiveness. “Now kiss me.”

“Ok.” She brushed her mouth against his.

“Not like that,” he murmured against her lips. “Like this.” And then he was kissing her, hard, fiercely, with an unrestrained joy and a hungry, savage possessiveness. He picked her up, hefting her over his shoulder rather like the proverbial caveman claiming his woman.

Emma did not mind. In fact, she quite found that she thoroughly enjoyed being loved...and loved intensely.

The End.
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b*****rly-s****rly Love

Hey everyone. This erotic story is about how my b*****r Dan and I found true love plus hot sex with each other. We had lost contact over the years but found each other again last year on the Internet. At first we started chatting sometimes romantically and sometimes erotically. Other times we would be watching each other masturbate on web cam. I loved to watch him jack off his big hard cock for me. It would turn me on so much that I would feel my pussy juices practically running down my legs. I would find myself wanting him so much that I couldn't stand it. I also found myself falling deeply in love with him; finding love way beyond our b*****r/s****r love we already shared for each other.

When my b*****r started sharing his feelings for me and admitted that he was falling deeply in love with me too, I felt like flying. I knew I wanted to be his girlfriend despite our sibling connection. I knew for sure I wanted to be his and only his for as long as possible. I came forward and told my b*****r this, not sure of what his reaction would be. Part of me was afraid that he would tell me that we couldn't be together like that, that it would be too taboo. But I knew I couldn't let that stop me from trying to win his affection and his love. I waited for my b*****r's answer, only to have him tell me that he definitely indeed wanted me to become his girlfriend. I felt my heart soaring as I realized that he wanted what I wanted which was an actual relationship.

My b*****r then asked me to be his in which I of course said yes. We then started talking about meeting again only this time in person. Since he lived in England and I in the USA I knew that I would have to fly there so we could finally be together. So we discussed it and decided that in the month of October I would come there. I booked the ticket and excitedly waited the moment until I could leave. Until then we kept on talking online, telling each other how much we loved each other and how we couldn't wait until I got there so I could join him in his bed so he could fuck me hard as he fantasized of doing all those years.

Then suddenly before we knew it, October was upon us and we were counting down the days until I was to leave to come join him there for a month and a half. Every day that I saw him on cam I found myself falling even deeper in love with him and felt the lust that I had for him growing even deeper. He even asked me if we could act like husband and wife when I got there which I happily accepted for us to do. Then just like a dream come true the day for me to leave came. I grabbed my bags and drove to the airport, the thought of getting to see him swarming around in my mind constantly. As I got to the airport and then went inside going through all you have to go through I could feel my heart racing with joy. As I got through security and went to my terminal to await my airplane I started imagining of how it was going to be once I landed at Heathrow. I started imagining of how it was going to be like once I saw him, of how we were going to embrace passionately then kiss deeply knowing that no one around us will know that we are siblings, and that even if they did figure it out that we wouldn't give a damn anyways.

As my plane came into it's terminal and I got in line to get on it I could feel myself smiling with excitement. I walked down the walkway and onto the plane finding my seat easily. I then sat down, buckling up ready to go. As everyone got on the plane and we took off I started smiling even wider feeling my heart race and my pussy throb with lustful wanting. I knew the moment we got back to his place that after we both slept some that he was going to fuck me as hard as he could and that he wouldn't care if he hurt me cause he knew I was into that kind of thing. I felt my body starting to get hot at the thought of that and found myself wanting to masturbate but I knew that I had to wait.. that I would get the pleasure that I was seeking later on. I found myself thinking about him the entire day and a half plane ride there. As the day turned into night and then into day again, I heard the pilot announce that we were landing at the airport. I suddenly realized that I was going to see him very soon and I found myself practically wanting to jump off the plane so I could run into his waiting arms.

As the plane landed on the tarmac and everyone started getting off the plane I grabbed my bag then got in line reaching the exit door of the plane. I then stepped out of the plane and onto the walkway leading into the airport. As soon as I stepped into the airport I went through security and then over to baggage pickup where I claimed my other bag. I then went into arrivals. At first I couldn't find my b*****r because there were too many damn people in the way. I then spotted him standing there looking so damn fucking handsome that I had to literally catch my breath. I walked up to him, my heart still racing and my pussy wet with lust. He turned to me and smiled, our eyes meeting each other, the love shining so deeply in them that it could light up a thousand rooms.

I dropped my bags to the side and got closer to him. We then embraced hugging as hard as we could. We then pulled apart only long enough for our lips to meet. We kissed so hard and so deeply that I could feel my heart take flight and the rest of the world disappear around us. We stood there in a tight embrace kissing for about a good five minutes or so. We then pulled apart and he grabbed my bags both of walking out the airport together going to his car. We started talking about different things, reaching his car quickly. He then walked to the back putting my bags into the backseat both of us getting into the car the same time. As he started the car, my handsome b*o offered me a drink that he bought just for the two of us. I smiled at him not being able to take my eyes off him and thanked him for the drink. We then took off out of the parking lot and got on the road heading for his house.

As we drove down the road my b*o reached over and took my hand into his, squeezing it gently. I squeezed his back, letting the smile on my mouth go even wider. He then stopped squeezing my hand and just held it intertwining our fingers together tightly. As we got closer to his house I found it hard to sit still. I just wanted to have him pull the car over so I could jump out of my seat so I could undo his jeans and unleash that beautiful hard cock of his. I just wanted to slide his hard cock into my pussy and ride him until sunset right there on the side of the road. But I knew that I have to wait until we got to his house before I could get that beautiful cock of his inside of me.

As we reached the town he lived in then his road I could hardly contain my lust. I knew I had to have him later on that night that I wouldn't be able to go the rest of the night without feeling his cock inside me. We then reached his house and he stopped the car both of us getting out. He grabbed my bags from the backseat and I followed him up the steps to his front door. As we reached his front door and walked inside I suddenly realized how truly sl**py I was. So I let my b*o know that I was tired and he told me that indeed he was tired too. So we headed towards the stairs leading to our love and lust palace. He brought my bags with us as we both practically raced upstairs, both us excited to finally be together. We reached his room quickly and he sat my bags aside as I collapsed on his bed. He then shut the door and joined me taking my hand back into his as we both fell asl**p together.

The day quickly turned into night as we slept together on the bed. We both then woke up and looked at each other, equal smiles of joy appearing on each other faces. I found myself getting lost in his eyes as I looked at him. I suddenly then realized I was hungry and let him know so. He then let me know that he was hungry too so we decided to head downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat. We both got up off the bed together and headed downstairs to the kitchen both of grabbing something quick to eat. I felt my horniness start to grow and I knew that I had to have him as soon as we got back upstairs that I just couldn't wait anymore. As Dan turned towards me he could see the lust in my eyes and he knew it was time for us to get to the hot fucking that we both wanted to do. We both ate as quickly as we could and then headed upstairs practically running each other down to get to the bedroom.

As we reached the bedroom I laid down on the bed with Dan joining me soon thereafter. He took one look at my body and then leaned down to my mouth our lips meeting quickly. He then let his hands reach my body and he started feeling me up his left hand reaching my breasts squeezing them bringing me so much pleasure. He then slipped his right hand down in between my legs rubbing my pussy through my jeans. I started moaning and pushing up into his hand grinding my pussy against it letting him know I wanted more..much more. He quickly took the hint and moved his hands only long enough to remove all my clothes along with his throwing them to floor.

Dan then brought his mouth down my breasts sucking and biting on my nipples making me cry out. I knew I couldn't just lie there and do nothing so I reached over to him, letting my left hand trace up then down his back feeling his muscles flex. I could hear him moan from my touch and I loved it. Dan then moved his mouth down my body kissing a sweet trail straight to my pussy. I opened my legs as wide as I could as he quickly reached my pussy. I heard him get on his knees on the bed and then felt him bring his mouth to my dripping wet pussy, his hand spreading my pussy lips as his hot hungry tongue made contact with my clit. I started crying out in pleasure as I felt his tongue start to lick my clit in hard long licks.

I reached over and took the bedspread into my hands as he licked me bringing me more pleasure with his tongue that I had ever felt any man before him be able to do. I started moaning louder and louder as felt his licks start to speed up. I knew that he wanted me to cum on his tongue but I knew that I'd rather cum on his dick so we both could feel it together while he was inside of me. I knew that I didn't have to let him know that though because I had a feeling he wanted the same thing. I kept on moaning as I felt Dan licking me a lit bit more. I then felt him stop and watched as he climbed on top of me slipping his rock hard dick right into my soaking wet pussy. I took my hands off the bedspread and placed them around his hot naked body thrusting my pussy up against his cock as I felt him start to fuck me as hard as he could. I started crying out in pleasure feeling my whole world turn upside down and inside out we fucked, my entire body shaking in multiple orgasms as I grabbed tighter onto him not wanting to let go for anything in the world.

Dan and I fucked as hard as we could for a good 20 minutes. I then felt him cum deep into my unprotected pussy with me coming soon afterwards and at that moment I really didn't care if he knocked me up because I wanted him too. I felt him breathe in my ear as he held me tight..just as tight as I was holding him. He then moved his head up and looked into my eyes staring deep into them as he finished cumming into me. We then kissed as he climbed off of me and laid down next to me catching his breath. I felt utter joy and pure pleasure run though me as I realized that I just got fucked by my b* love. I knew that I would never feel this wonderful or satisfied by another man for the rest of my life.

He then looked over at me and I looked at him both of us just letting each other get lost in each other's eyes. I could see such love shining them and I could hardly wait to see what the rest of my visit had in store for us. Dan then got up off the bed and grabbed our clothes so we could get dressed. He handed my clothes to me and we both get dressed quickly. We then decided just to take it easy the rest of the night and enjoy being together.

The next day we both woke up together. Dan then let me know that a friend of his was going away for the week and wanted us to housesit for him, which meant we would have the whole place to ourselves to fuck as much as we wanted. I smiled at him and he let me know that we needed to head out to follow his friend to the airport so he could get the keys from him. So we got up from the bed, grabbed my things, and went downstairs to his car. We noticed that his friend was waiting for us so we got in Dan's car and drove behind his friend to the airport. Dan then got out and said goodbye to his friend while he was handed the keys, which he put in his pocket. He then headed back to his car and we headed to his friend's house reaching it quickly.

As soon as we got to his friend's house we got out of the car and went inside, tossing my bags to the floor. We both then went to the kitchen and had a snack because both of us were hungry. We then sat down on the couch and watched some TV for a little while both of us enjoying being alone together. Dan then looked over at me and I could tell that he was feeling pretty horny so we decided to go up to bed so we could fuck and then get some sl**p because it was late. So we both headed upstairs and into the bedroom where we stepped out of our clothes getting quickly onto the bed where we both laid down. Dan then leaned up over me where he started sucking on my breasts and then kissed his way down to my pussy eating me out just as damn good as he did before making me cry out.

The thought of us getting wild in someone else's bed made me hornier that I had ever been in my entire life. Knowing that the smell of us would be forever embedded in their room drove me crazy. I looked down as I felt my b*o eating my pussy out so damn good that I felt myself come hard on his tongue. I heard him swallow my juices then watched as he moved up my body and slipped his cock into my pussy fucking me so damn hard again just like before. I reached up and grabbed onto the headboard as he started slamming into my pussy making sure that I felt all of his wonderful rock hard cock inside of me. I started feeling so much pleasure that I almost wanted to pass out. I never before had known that sex could feel this damn good. I looked up at him as he fucked me, never wanting my gaze to leave his face because I loved watching how the pleasure just ran over him as he felt how truly tight his naughty s****r/girlfriend's pussy felt around him.

Dan and I fucked hard right here on that bed for a good 20 minutes or so then we both came together, both of us sending a share of moans up into the air so loud that it could have woken up the entire neighborhood. But we both didn't care. All we cared about at that moment was that we were alone together, our two bodies joined as one, both of us feeling ecstasy. He then slowly collapsed down onto me and we held each other for a little bit as the pleasure ran over us. We then pulled apart and he laid down on the bed next to me both of us fully satisfied for the night. As the next day's light dawned on us, we both looked over at each other and then got up both of us taking a shower one at a time. We then went downstairs and spent most of the day watching TV, sneaking looks at each other from across the room. Later on in that week we were sitting together on the couch side by side. I was feeling really horny so I reached over and placed my hand on his jean-covered dick. I then started rubbing and stroking his dick watching as his eyes came over to meet mine.

"Oh s*s what are you doing?" Dan asked.

I didn't say anything. I just kept right on stroking him harder and faster feeling his dick grow rock hard under my hand. I heard him unbutton his jeans and pull them down just a little bit. I then moved my hand up and brought it under his jeans then his underwear letting my hand slide down until I reached his dick. I then started stroking his dick again feeling him get even harder. The feeling of his dick in my hand was driving me crazy and I knew I had to have him soon that I wouldn't be able to go the entire day without him fucking me. I let my thumb run up over the head of his dick while the rest of my hand stroked his shaft. I started feeling him thrust up into my hand and heard him moaning. I was totally loving it. I then felt Dan's hand as he moved it over to my jean-covered pussy. He started rubbing me through my jeans. He then moved his hand up undoing my jeans, sliding his hand underneath both my jeans and underwear. He moved his hand down until he found my pussy. Once he found my pussy he spread open the lips and used his finger to find my clit, which he started rubbing vigorously. He then let the rest of his hand travel along my pussy stroking my soft velvety walls feeling my juices soak his fingers. The feeling of him playing with my pussy was driving me so fucking crazy I couldn't stand it.

"Oh b*o..." I moaned.

I started moving my pussy up against his hand grinding against his fingers letting him know how much I was enjoying him touching me. But I knew I wanted more that just to have him play with my pussy. I wanted him to eat me fuck me right there on the couch. I wanted him to claim my body as his again just like he did the two times before. I wanted to feel the head of his cock pressing into my cervix..the length of him thrusting deeply inside me making my tight pussy stretch around him. I wanted to commit the greatest sin of all..fucking my own b*o. The taboo of the thought of us fucking wildly like a****ls my whole time there made me want to do it more. As he kept on playing with my pussy I kept on stroking his dick harder and harder knowing that pretty soon he would want the same thing that I did.

Dan felt my pussy as I thrusted it up against him. He knew what I wanted which is what he wanted. So he moved his hand out of my pussy letting my hand move off his dick. He then got down on the floor before me, reaching up and taking my jeans then my panties off. He then spread my legs as wide as he could and got his mouth in between them bringing it up to my pussy. He then started eating me out again letting his tongue lick me up then down not missing an inch. I looked down and watched him as he ate me out. I started moaning aloud as he ate me, the pleasure overtaking me so much that I couldn't stand it. I knew that never again would I be able to find a man that could eat me out as good as he could and that I would be spoiled sexually after him. The pleasure then started overtaking me so much that I couldn't look down at him anymore. So I leaned my head back and rested it against the couch as he kept on pleasing me.

"Oh yes b*o..mmmm...yesssss" I kept on moaning aloud over and over.

The seconds turned into minutes as I felt the pleasure of his wonderful tongue-lashing overtake me. I couldn't think or barely breathe. I was just lost in such deep ecstasy that I didn't care if I ever came out of it. For all I cared, the world could have stopped right there and then but since I had him with me it wouldn't have mattered. Every time I opened my eyes all I could see was colors. I could feel my body soar with pleasure as my heart raced with love for him. I then felt my orgasm peaking and I knew that I had to let him know.

"Oh god b*o I'm cumming. Oh yes I'm cumming." I cried aloud.

The moment Dan heard me say that, he moaned and then started licking me even harder. I could tell from the way he was licking me that he wanted the full taste of me on his coat his tongue and mouth with my sweet pussy juices. I started pushing my pussy hard up against his tongue rubbing my clit up and down it. I then grabbed onto the couch as I felt my orgasm hitting me and I started moaning as loudly as I could letting my hips come up then down as my orgasm shook right through me. As Dan felt me come on his tongue, he moaned even louder and then started swallowing my juices taking them all down his throat not letting his tongue slow down off my clit for one second. As I felt how powerfully he was licking me I knew he was enjoying this just as much as I was.

Dan kept right on licking me until my orgasm subsided. He then got up off the floor and brought his lips up to mine kissing me so passionately that it practically caused me to slide off the couch. The taste of my pussy juices were still fresh on this tongue as he slid it inside my mouth French kissing me and I loved sharing them with him. We kissed passionately and hungrily for a good five minutes or so.

I then laid down on the couch as he pulled all his clothes off. I then watched as he joined me on the couch lying down on top of me staring into my eyes the whole time as he slid his cock home right where it belonged. He then reached up and grabbed onto the end of the couch as he started pounding my soaking wet pussy hard making the couch squeak underneath us. I reached up and grabbed onto his back letting my nails dig in as we fucked hard. The feeling of his cock hitting home inside me was making me weak at the knees and I was so glad that I was lying down. I wanted him to fuck me never stop until we were both too tired to go on. I found myself wanting to stay at his side for the rest of my forget my life back home and just become his girl till the end of time. I knew then that he would be the only guy who could keep up with my ravaging sex drive, who could bring me to the brink of pain that I loved and even f***e me to go a little further. I then let him know what I wanted.

"Oh b*o..yes...fuck me harder!" I cried out.

I grabbed onto Dan's back harder now as he fucked me even harder giving me all the pleasure that I was seeking. I loved to hear his moans because I knew that he was feeling what I was feeling. The connection I felt between us was so deep that I knew it would never end. That in the end it didn't matter that we were b*o and s*s..that now we were boyfriend/girlfriend that we were unstoppable. As that thought ran through my mind I wrapped my legs as tightly as I could around his waist and held onto him as I started fucking him back as hard as I could. I knew that we would both be cumming soon and I wanted to enjoy it while I could.

The day turned into night as we fucked both of us becoming so lost in each other that we both just held on as we started to feel our orgasms peaking and then hitting us both at the same time. I kept on pushing my pussy up against him as I came hard all over his dick drowning his dick in my juices. I then felt his i****tuous baby making cum squirt deep inside of me and I just lost it letting out the loudest moan I could. As we both enjoyed our orgasms we kept focused on each other. Then as our orgasms subsided I kept on holding onto Dan not wanting to let go.

Dan let go of the couch and then looked down at me. We both leaned towards each other and kissed passionately once again our tongues dancing around in each other's mouth, both of us enjoying just the sheer pleasure from that. We then stopped kissing and pulled apart both of us sweaty from the recent fucking. We both got dressed suddenly hearing the doorbell ring. Both of us looked at each other thinking that "shit we've made too much noise and now we've gotten caught". He looked at me then me at him. Dan then went and answered the door only to find out it wasn't about us at all. Dan shut the door and then came over towards me looking at me as we both started laughing. He then sat down next to me and we both kept right on enjoying the afterglow of our lovemaking. That night we both went to bed together where we fucked again nice and hard, with him biting on my nipples then even my pussy lips and clit bringing me pleasure with pain. I loved telling him that he could hurt me like that cause I knew that he loved the rush it gave me to feel that feeling.

The next night he took me out to dinner and it was so nice being with him out in public. I loved walking next to him into the restaurant holding his hand as we got our food. I loved how romantic he could be when we were together. Then as we got our food and went back his car to go home I even loved riding next to him. It was so nice. As we got home that night and ate I found myself just enjoying being in his presence. It didn't matter to me that I was in a different country. All I cared about was being with him, which was something I had been aching to do for months. As that night ended and the next day came to light I knew that we would get hot together again. And for sure we did.

I was sitting on the couch and he was sitting on the couch across from me. I reached into a bag and grabbed a strawberry flavored lollipop. I then took the wrapper off and started sucking on it like I was sucking his dick, taking my time enjoying the taste. He looked up and saw me, watching me for a little bit. He then got up and came over to me sitting down next to me. He then leaned over and started feeling up my body getting me really hot. I knew that he was getting hot from watching me suck on the lollipop and that he wanted me right there right now.

So I laid down on the couch spreading my legs wide letting my left foot rest on the floor as he leaned over me slightly. He then raised my shirt up taking my pants then panties off thereafter. Once he had me how he wanted me he took of his clothes. Dan then leaned down and sucked on my breasts some biting the nipples. I started moaning around the lollipop having to take it out of my mouth every once in a while. Once he got tired of sucking on my breasts he moved down my body and got in between my legs bringing his mouth to my pussy where he started eating me out. But this time he did something a little bit different. He let me suck on my lollipop a little bit more and then reached up taking it out of my mouth. He then brought it down to pussy and rubbed it all over getting it all sticky. As soon as he got through doing that he laid the lollipop aside and started licking my pussy stopping only long enough to say something.

"Mmm..strawberry pussy." Dan said.

I started to become hotter at the thought that he just did that to me. I grabbed onto the couch as I started feeling him licking my pussy hungrier now like he just couldn't get enough. I loved how his tongue felt against me, stroking my pussy every which way making me feel all different kinds of pleasurable sensations. I couldn't believe how kinky my b*o was but I found myself loving it. He was the first guy that ever did that to me and I knew from that moment on I would never forget this moment with him.

As Dan kept on licking my pussy, I just kept on moaning as loud as I could thrusting my pussy up against him. I knew that as much as he'd never get tired of eating me out that I'd never get tired of having him eat me out. I started to feel Dan lick me even harder now using his tongue to reach every single crevice in my pussy not missing an inch. I knew that I couldn't take much more that I had to have him fuck me right there just like he did to me days before. I started to feel my orgasm peaking faster and faster just like a roller coaster. I started pushing my pussy even harder against his face now letting him know I was very close to giving his tongue a cum bath.

Dan felt my pussy pushing up against his tongue and he knew his naughty s*s was close to giving him a small taste of heaven. He started licking my clit even harder hard as he could. He could feel his hard dick throbbing with need and he knew he had to fuck me soon or he would go crazy. As I felt Dan's tongue licking me as hard as he could I felt my orgasm fully peak and then hit me like a freight train. I grabbed onto the side of the couch as hard as I could literally digging my fingers in as it hit me. I knew I had no time to warn him for he could already taste his reward on his lips. I felt him keeping on licking just as hard as he helped bring me fully over the edge and then back. I couldn't barely moan or even move it was that powerful. I knew that I wanted him to fuck me now, to slam his cock so fucking hard into me that it would cause both of us to literally jump up off the couch. As I felt my orgasm wash over me I knew it was time to get straight to what we both wanted.

As Dan felt me finish fully cumming on his tongue, he got up from where he was sitting. He then climbed on top of me as fast as he could taking his cock into his hand leading it where it belonged. He then shoved it so hard and so deep inside of me that I literally felt my body leave the couch. I looked up at him as he started fucking me hard, making me cry out. I knew that this fucking would be like no other because this time he was more turned on than he had ever been before. I knew this because I could see it in his eyes and feel it in the way he was fucking me. I let him know I was feeling the same way too by pushing my pussy up against him as hard as I could causing the head of his cock to first touch my cervix then push past it. I knew that normally that would hurt but at that moment I was feeling so much pleasure that it didn't really matter in the end.

As the fucking between us started to become hotter and wilder causing the couch to squeak loudly underneath us I could feel my sex drive shoot up even higher than it had ever been with anyone else. It was like he could do things to me that only he would be ever able to do. I knew at that moment that I had found someone special, someone that I would forever have a connection with no matter what happened.

I heard Dan moaning louder as each second passed by and I knew he was getting close to cumming deeply inside me, that he was getting close to spraying his wonderful i****tuous cum inside me. I also knew that I was ovulating and at the moment that he came inside me that he was probably going to knock me up for sure. The thought of carrying his baby inside me made me want it to happen. I started tightening my pussy muscles around his dick to give him more pleasure wanting him to enjoy this as much as I was. I then looked up at him as he pounded effortlessly in and out of me. I could tell he was very close now and I was ready to receive his life-creating gift.

I started pushing my pussy as hard as I could up against him urging him to cum inside me right at that moment. As Dan felt me pushing up against him he felt his orgasm suddenly hit him. He started moaning and thrusting as hard as he physically could inside of me causing his cum to shoot out of his dick and inside of me. At the same time I started cumming too so of course I started moaning out loud as I could. The feeling of our two juices mixing together inside me was driving me crazy in a good way.

As both Dan and I came together, we let our eyes lock on each other's allowing the love plus lust to shine. We both then moaned one last moan together as our orgasms peaked then subsided both of us feeling satisfied for that moment. Then we both looked at each other one last time before he removed his now limp but satisfied dick out of me. He then stood up and went upstairs to clean himself off. As I watched him go upstairs I sat up feeling his cum swim deeply inside me. I then grabbed my clothes and got dressed allowing my body time to relax after getting royally fucked by him. As I sat there on the couch I heard Dan come back downstairs, his eyes meeting mine with a smile appearing on both of our faces. He then went over and sat down on the opposite couch again, which is where we stayed for the rest of the night until we both went to bed.

We then spent the rest of our vacation there just fucking and relaxing. As the time came for us to leave his friend's house and go back to his, we both grabbed my bags and headed out the door getting in his car. We then drove to the airport where Dan handed his friend the keys thanking him for letting us stay there for a week. He knew that this friend would have no idea that we fucked on their couch or bed countless number of times. And he knew that both of us didn't care if his friend did notice that in the end it wouldn't matter at all what they thought.

Dan then came back to the car and we drove back to house both of us still feeling quite horny for each other. We both knew that we would fuck back at his house for the rest of my vacation but that we would give each other's bodies a little of bit of rest so we didn't make each other too sore. As we reached his house he stopped his car and we bought got out. We then carried my bags back inside. As soon as we got inside we really weren't sure what to do so we both just decided to relax for a while.

A few days passed between fuckings to give each other some room. During those days we mostly just watched TV or played on the computer. Then as a few days had gone by, we both started feeling really horny for each other again and we knew we had to fuck again. When this feeling came over us we were downstairs lying on the pull out sofa just relaxing. We decided to do this because we wanted to be comfortable downstairs. I was lying near the window and he was lying next to me. The room was slightly lighted with just a light on the wall above us on which really help make the mood.

As Dan and I were lying next to each other, we looked over at each other. He then leaned over towards me bringing his lips up to mine. I leaned over slightly and met his lips with mine, feeling a fire run through me as we started kissing passionately. I then opened my mouth slightly and felt Dan slipping his tongue inside meeting with mine. We both then moaned as we started kissing feeling the heat in the room starting to rise. I loved how he kissed me cause it always made me feel so damn hot. Anyways as our kissing started to become more passionate Dan let his hand slide over to my breasts where he started massaging them feeling my nipples grow rock hard under his hand. I started moaning louder because his touch felt so damn good and I didn't want him to stop.

Our hot kissing continued for a good 10 or 15 minutes. He then moved his mouth off my lips and onto my neck where he kissed then licked his way up then down on my neck making me shiver with pleasure. As he was doing this, he brought his body even closer to mine and started pressing his hard dick up against my leg making sure that I would feel how hard I had made him. And oh boy felt it I did. The feeling of his cock pressing up against me made me just want to reach down, rip off all his clothes, and just ride him right there. But I didn't want to rush the fucking because I knew that'd be coming soon enough. So I just laid there as I felt him kissing up and down on my neck, occasionally moving his tongue up to my ear where he licked it making me shiver more with pleasure. As soon as he got tired of doing that, he played with my tits some more getting my nipples as hard as he could. He then moved down off the bed sitting down at the end of it. As I watched him move down there I knew exactly what he was going to do so I spread my legs open wide inviting him to partake in my love tunnel.

Dan saw me doing that and he automatically moved up bringing his mouth directly up to my pussy. He then spread my lips open and just like he had done so many times before and he started eating my pussy. I started moaning reaching over and grabbing the bed sheets as I felt the pleasure he was giving me start to overtake me. I then closed my eyes and allowed the pleasure to overtake me as I felt his wonderful tongue licking me. I knew that it wouldn't take me long to orgasm this time around because I was so hot from our kissing. So I started concentrating on cumming for him so he would fuck me nice and hard like I wanted more than anything at that moment.

Dan noticed that I was concentrating on cumming so he started to eat my pussy out like he had never done before using extra hard licks to bring me right to the edge of heaven. He knew that I wanted him to fuck me at that moment and he found himself wanting to fuck me too. I started moaning as loud as I could as I suddenly felt my orgasm washing over me. As it hit me, I went from hot to burning up not really caring at that moment if anyone outside the house could hear me. All I cared about was cumming for my b*****r and giving him the taste that he loved and ached for.

As my orgasm peaked and then stopped I felt my body suddenly go into a hunger need for his cock. So I opened my eyes and thrusted my pussy up at him to let him know it was time to get busy. Dan noticed what I was doing and he knew what I wanted. So he moved up off the floor and climbed on top of me taking his time to bring his cock up to my pussy. And even as soon as he did that he teased me a little bit by rubbing the head up against my clit making me ache for him more. I started thrusting my pussy up against him trying to get him inside me not really wanting him to tease me.

Dan noticed that I was getting slightly frustrated at his teasing so he stopped teasing me and just gave me what we both wanted by slipping his cock deep inside me. He then started fucking me hard right there on the pull out couch making it squeak very loudly underneath us. We both started breathing hard and moaning as we fucked both of us feeling the same amount of pleasure running throughout both of our bodies.

I reached up and grabbed onto his back just like I did the first night we were together, letting my hands get a really good grip onto his back as I wrapped my legs around his waist. As soon as he felt me doing this, Dan started fucking me even harder driving his cock painfully hard into me showing me who was boss when it came to the fucking. I couldn't help but let my moans go to the loudest point that they could go. I felt not only my body but also my heart fully yielding to him for the rest of eternity that night. I knew I was his forever.

We fucked as hard as we could that night giving each other equal amounts of pleasure. We both then came together both of us moaning into the air the sweet sounds of our shared pleasure sounding so beautiful to my ears. Then, as we got done fucking, we both held on each other for a while before letting go to get cleaned up. We then spent the rest of the night relaxing and just enjoying the afterglow of our special love. We spent most of the rest of my vacation relaxing and spending time together.

Oh yes, before I forget there was this one day of my vacation where my handsome b*o took me to a park where we walked together holding hands looking at the ducks and talking about our future together. Then as we were walking back to his car, he stopped us under some shade leaning over and kissing me oh so romantically right there in public. I didn't really care who saw us because all I cared about was being with him. The feeling of us sharing such a romantic moment together just made my heart dance with joy knowing he was my man and I his woman. We then went back to his car and went home. Then there was the night were I went down on him and sucked his dick letting my tongue run over the head as my mouth bobbed up then down on his shaft making him moan which I loved hearing. Then there were the nights where we laid together on the couch bed and he fingered my pussy to orgasm always encouraging me to cum for him each time always saying the same thing.

"Oh come on baby...yes..come on cum for me" Dan would always say.

Then the time came sadly for me to go home which I didn't really want to do but I knew I had to because it was so close to Christmas. I was so sad to leave him cause I was and still am so deeply in love with him. I had been experiencing some morning sickness so I knew that for sure I was pregnant with his c***d.

The night before I had to leave we laid in his bed together talking about our relationship before we fell asl**p together. And then before I knew it, the sun had come up and it was time for me to go to the airport to catch my plane so I could go home. So we both got up and went downstairs. We then stopped in the hallway of his house where I started crying because I didn't want to leave. He took me in his arms and told me it would be all right. I stopped crying long enough for us to go outside to his car where we both got in. He then drove me to the airport and got out with me walking all the way with me through baggage check in then up to security where we had to say our goodbyes. We kissed passionately, said, "I love you" to each other, and then parted ways as I walked through security to my terminal where I sat waiting for my plane. As I walked through there I started crying really hard because I found myself missing him already. I just wanted to turn around and run back into his waiting arms but I knew I couldn't. Then my plane came to its gate so I walked to my plane where I got on and flew home, my heart heavy with sadness the whole way there. As soon as I got back into the USA and then into TX I drove home thinking of him the whole way wishing he could be with me but knowing he couldn't.

Well that's what happened to us when we were together in 2007. I still think of him everyday and wish I could see him in person again. We still do chat online and cam-to-cam with each other. I just wish I could be in his arms again. Maybe if I get lucky we'll be able to get together in person again. Thanks for reading. Have a nice day.... Continue»
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Thug Love ((( Chapter 7)))

If you have not read at least the last 2 chapters of this story i suggest you do so in order to get and idea of the events that has transpired between the characters. PLEASE COMMENT AND LET ME KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THE SITUATION, YOU GUYS ARE MY THEROPISTS, I RELY ON YOU FEEDBACK LOL

Its just past 8pm and Jay and i are leaving Anthony's house. Jay and i have not said one word to each other the entire ride home. Although he spoke no words his energy told me he was furious and couldn't wait to release his anger. I gave myself a prep talk because i know we are about to fight, Jay and i have fought many times before and i gave him a run for his money but at the end i always ended up injured in some way. Jay was taller and stronger than me. Although we have fought many times before, this time is different. I have never seen this look in his eyes. Its like i didn't even recognize him. We pulled up to are apartment and went inside. My heart beat frantically as he unlocked the door and slammed it as i went in. We went into the bedroom and i sat on the bed, he sat on the other side, we both sat there with our backs turned to each other. As he took his shoes off he says to me "so you a fag hoe now, fucking every nigga that try to holla" i said " fag hoe, bruh why do i have to be a faggot every time you get mad" he said "that's what you are, you lay on you back and get fucked by other dudes, you a faggot", I said "that's why i hate fucking with you bruh, first off i asked you where we in a relationship you said we are good, but in the meantime you having sex with me and every girl in this apartment complex, but when i step out you wanna kill me, and look at how you talk to me, you know i hate being gay, and you call me a faggot and then" he cuts me of and says "dude what the fuck you saying you act like i treat you bad or something, dude i take care of you i pay the rent, by food and keep gas in our cars, i come home every night, yea i do some fucked up shit but dude ima good nigga" i said "Jay" he said "wait let me finish, you know i'm not no romantic type of nigga my c***dhood was fucked up, no body ever gave a fuck about me you got to make a decision take me for who i am or leave me the fuck alone" i said " Jay what does your c***dhood have to do with you fucking everybody, dude i'm a man i don't like being treated like no lil bitch, you cold as fuck and you actually think i'm suppose to deal with this shit, you can disrespect me but i gotta watch what i say to you" i was ready for a reply but there was silence.

I slowly turned my head around and i saw Jay staring at the wall, i couldn't see his face but i knew he was having one of his moments and fighting back tears. When ever Jay talks about his c***dhood it weakens him and puts him in a state of deep depression. Jay was adopted he never knew his biological mom or dad. He would jokingly say things like "my own parents didn't even want me, so i know i'm fucked up" but i knew he really felt that way. His foster parents were cruel to him, they would say things like "that's why your mom gave you up nigger" he was adopted by a racist white couple( odd right). He lived with then from the age of 3 until he was 13. When he was 13 he joined a gang, and went head first into the street life. Selling d**gs, and murdering rival gang members was a like second nature to him. Jay always said that being in a gang was the closest thing he ever had to a f****y. He and his fellow gang members shared a since of b*****rly love; they would protect each other, support each other and would kill or die for one another. At the age of 17 and young preacher took an interest in Jay and convinced him to join a mentoring program. Jay's mentor was a 32 year old accountant, with a troubled past. He took Jay to his house and showed him his bank statements so that Jay could understand that young black men have options. He wanted Jay to understand that even he could accomplish great things despite how hectic his life had been. He helped Jay get his high school diploma and prepped him for college. Though Jay wouldn't go to college until he was 25 he never saw his foster parents or his fellow gang member again. As he sat there silently i know he is revisiting his c***dhood. He finally says in a venerable voice "bruh i ain't had no love in my life i'm loving you the best way i can, i'm not normal so i don't love like normal people do, i'm not perfect but think of all the shit i do for you and us, i show you i love you everyday" i said "Jay, you love me?" he said "why the fuck you think i'm here with you bruh, you the only person in this world that give a fuck about me, i don't know how to love yet but, i am who i am you just got to believe me, i don't mean the things i say or do i'm just fucked up inside, dude you know this shit how many time do i have to tell you this". A huge cloud of guilt covered me i felt bad for Jay, especially now that he has told me he loved me i was speechless. I told him i loved him too, we turned toward each other and looked into each other's eyes. I saw the hurt in his eyes, Jay has never felt loved or wanted, i wanted to show him that i loved him and wanted him, i wanted to heal his pain.

We kissed and undressed. He laid on the bed and i grabbed his 10 inch dick and pushed 1/2 of it in my mouth. I sucked him nice and slow soaking his dick and massaging it with my lips. I sucked on his fat head and and watched my spit roll from the tip of his dick down to his nut sack. I gagged and f***ed as much of his dick inside my throat as i possibly could, he grabbed the back of my head a f***ed me to consume most of his fat dick. he grabbed the lubrication and I climbed on top of him, i placed his dick inside my ass and i grabbed his dick with the walls of my ass. He grabbed my waist and f***ed his dick to go deeper inside me. I moaned louder with each stroke i felt like his dick was inside my stomach. I slid down on his dick and he pushed his dick inside me with a circular motion. he rolled me over and got on top of me. He put my legs over his shoulder and pounded me hard and fast. I screamed and moaned his name. he said " who's ass is this" i said " yours" he said "don't ever give me ass away to another nigga" I said " ok" as i moaned and brace myself with each stroke. I felt myself cumming inside my ass, i lost control, a tingling feeling went from my ass all the was up to my chest and the tip of my ears, i developed shill bumps. i then felt him nutting inside me. As his rich thick cum pumped inside me. he wrapped his arm around me. I looked me into my eyes and said "I love You". We laid next to each other, both trying to catch our breaths, he turned to me and said " don't ever contact that nigga again or any nigga for that matter, i want you to myself dude i love you but if you ever so much as talk to that nigga again i promise you i will kill that nigga and then you" I said "you got me, i won't, ever talk to him again", we laid beside each other and fell asl**p. COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT, PLEASE COMMENT


... Continue»
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b*****rly love

It had been 4 years since I‘d seen my br0ther. He’d moved overseas for work and his visits back home had coincided with me being away also. Nevertheless we had always been close and he’d been the perfect big br0ther to me while we were growing up, being 6 years older. I was only 16 when he left home and was at University when he moved overseas. He was always protective of me and I always loved being near him and had often fantasized that he would be my protector and lover. He had a great physique and had spent a lot of time at the gym and sculpted his body to perfection. As I matured I followed in his footsteps as I idolised him and wanted to look the same, even getting similar tattoos as him.

Now it was time for a reunion. I’d got a job as a pharmaceutical representative and had been sent to Singapore for a conference and was dying to meet up with my Br0! I caught a taxi from the airport to my hotel and freshened up after the long flight. He finished work early and came straight to the hotel which was near his work. It was electrifying meeting him, his broad beaming smile and physical frame came towards me as we embraced in the foyer. Our hug was like glue, as he clung to me saying it had been way too long. His eyes welled up and I felt emotional also, as I swallowed against the lump in my throat. He slapped me on the back and hugged me again as if he couldn’t believe it and then uncontrollably planted a kiss on my forehead.
“I love you buddy” he said.
He had never been this demonstrative in the past. We stood in the foyer holding each other for minutes, each beaming at the other and not letting go. It was a magical moment.

He was much the same to look at, a bit older but still as handsome as ever. I knew he would have many female admirers. He had piercing brown eyes like me and a broad chin and beautiful smile, he really could have been a model. We decided to head for a drink and then a meal. After that we ended up at the hotel bar and continued drinking. My Br0 told me some of his adventures and also some of his disappointments in life. He got a little sad at one point and ordered more drinks to cheer himself up. I didn’t drink too much as I had to be OK for the conference the following day.

By about 11pm I realised my Br0 was in no fit state to get home so I helped him up and teetered towards the elevator. He really was much more d***k than I’d realised.
We got to my room on the 15th floor and I let him sit / fall onto the king size bed. He lay straight down on his back and looked like he was going to sl**p. I took his shoes off and then his socks and he commented on how nice it felt me touching his feet. He started unbuttoning his shirt and propped himself up but looked a bit dizzy. I removed his trousers, he smiled at me cheekily as I undid his belt. If only he knew what I really wanted to do!! I pulled his trousers down and saw his muscular legs and thighs again for the first time in years. They were still magnificent and had just the right amount of hair to make them super sexy. His briefs were bulging and looked impressive, I knew what was inside as I’d seen him showering a few times in my teenager years. I got him standing and walked him to the bathroom for a pee, which he did sitting down. He looked so vulnerable sitting there as I brushed my teeth as I got ready for bed also. I supported him back to the bed and let him climb in. By the time I was undressed he was asl**p and I got in my side removing my briefs at the last moment. I always liked to sl**p free and easy.

I slept well having vivid dreams with my br0ther in them, it had been so surreal to meet up again after such a long time. The dreams were wonderful and full of the motions that we’d felt at the embrace in the foyer. I dreamt of him when he lived at home and we were having a sun bake after a swim. He had rolled over and started massaging sun tan lotion into my back. It felt beautiful, his hands and muscular arms in contact with me. I couldn’t help but get aroused and felt me cock expanding in my bathers.

It was then that I woke up and realised where I was and what I was feeling. I was fully erect for good reason. I could feel the warmth of my br0thers body spooning with me in the bed, his hard cock warming my perineum and nuzzling my balls from behind, somehow he had got his briefs off and his cock fully between my cheeks. His broad arms were around me and his face was nuzzled into my neck. I looked at the clock and it was 5:30am, the hint of sunrise could be seen in the sky as I ‘d forgotten to close the curtains. I didn’t want this to end it felt so nice. Then I began panicking about what would happen when he woke up. Thoughts were whirring through my brain at an unnatural rate as I pondered what to do, I thought about it for what seemed like ages and then looked at the clock again and it was only 5:32. It was then that I felt his arms move gently sliding over my chest and his lips pressing into my neck kissing me.
“I love you” he said, as I imagined him having a dream with some girlfriend.
He continued kissing me, rubbing my chest and then our hands interlocked and he squeezed my hand with our interlocked fingers. His cock was hard and firmly between my legs and I could feel him gently moving in and out.
“God how good would this be if he was awake”! I thought to myself as his hand left mine and rubbed over my stomach to my pubes, gently pressing and rubbing my stomach making me harder and wetter. His hand brushed my hard cock and it felt so good, and his hand didn’t seem to register that it had touched something foreign.
His tongue traced a line on my shoulder and he continued kissing me, nuzzling into the hair on the back of my neck.
“I love you buddy, I always have” he said.
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, was this dreaming, was he awake.?? I couldn’t be sure, but my heart was pounding. I felt momentarily terrified and paralysed at the same time. I pushed myself against his body, making the sensation of his throbbing cock harder between my legs. The heat coming from that thing was like red hot!! It was starting to become sticky as his precum had oozed onto my leg and was making the sliding motion easier. As my ass responded by synchronising with his gentle thrusting, his hand slid onto my hardened cock, gently tickling me sending shivers through my being. His thumb gently circled the head of my cock, slick with precum, sending electrical tingling all over my body, his fingers gently stroking the shaft. I was now in a land of make believe and didn’t want to return.

The hands on approach to my cock got me unleashed as precum started oozing out like a slow leaking tap. My br0 expertly slid his hand from top to bottom of my shaft massaging the head with his thumb when he got there. The sensations were sublime. He did this about 20 times and the amazing sensations just got better with each return. Early dawn light was beginning to lighten the room and I was desperate to be hands on with my Br0 also. I still couldn’t be sure whether he was asl**p?? That feeling of his hot rod between my legs was almost too much to bare, I wanted to suck that thing.

I decided to roll against him so that I would be on my back. It would either end the encounter or let me see what I was hoping more than anything in this world to see. I raised my arm as if still asl**p and pushed against him, feeling his cock slide out from between my legs, he moved a bit, but was still on his side propped up on one elbow, his hand still gently stroking my hard wet slimy cock. I reached my arm behind my head as if yawing, and put my hand behind his head, pushing my fingers through his tousled hair, looking up in the process.

There was my beautiful Br0 staring down at me, with his beaming smile that he’d greeted me with the day before. I smiled back, the sense of wonderment at this situation echoed in my soul. His hand was momentarily motionless on my cock as if he was wondering whether or not I was aware of what he was doing or not?
“Don’t stop” I said as I smiled up at him.
He smiled even more broadly and leant in to kiss me. Our mouths meeting softly, the pressure from his lips giving me what felt like a facial orgasm. He gently touched my cheek with his hand as our kiss became more passionate. I opened my mouth and let his tongue invade me, like I wanted his whole body too. Stimulation and tingling was all over me, as my Br0 repositioned and straddled me, still maintaining our passionate kiss. His whiskered face against mine sent shivers in all directions as our lips sloppily separated and I sucked on his lip from time to time and him on mine. My hard wet cock was now sliding along his ass grove, between his cheeks and he was maximising my pleasure by rocking back and forth, bending my cock in a firm downward direction. His cock was gliding up and down my belly, as I arched my back to f***e more contact between him, me and his cock. Our arms grappled and locked around each other, sometimes he had them wrapped around me, sometimes they were on my face, gently holding me.

He began pushing his ass hard against my cock and his ass groove was now slick and slimy with my precum oozing out like sap from a tree. He reach down and held my cock in place while he slowly allowed his puckered hole to open and envelope me. The sensation of him sliding down onto me and us becoming one was only just slightly more beautiful than the expression on his gorgeous face. He rocked back and forth and both of us felt like we were complete for the first time in our lives. It was unbelievable the feeling of completeness and complementarity. He began thrusting gently, so that he could feel my cock sliding in and out of his ass hole. I could see the waves of pleasure on his face as he bit his lip and closed eyes. He leant in again and kissed me some more and I held his body tight against me as I began thrusting my cock back and forth inside of him. He began moaning with pleasure, his cock slithering across my belly being sandwiched between our two grinding bodies, stimulating him to the max. He hooked his hands under my armpits to his elbow and cupped my head in his hands, controlling my head and holding me in place for more passionate kissing. He pulled back as I realised he was close, his body spasmed as I continued thrusting inside of him. I felt his hot juices spurt out between our bodies, making our contact even more slippery and heated at the same time. He was groaning and panting as he fired off each pulse of cum into our sandwiched stomachs that were sliding and grinding each other. With one last plunge I could feel I was about to blow and the warm tingling sensation of orgasm radiated through my body as I pulsed and contracted shooting load after load of hot cum into my loving Br0’s ass.
“Oh yeah, fuck yeah” he screamed as he pelvic thrusted onto me to continue my pleasurable contractions and give me like a double orgasm. He pushed himself upright, with his hands on my chest, still straddling me, my cock still deep inside, gently rocking his hips back and forth. The pressure from his hands on my chest felt good and controlling. The last tingling of orgasm warmth were lingering and about to be gone from my cock but were still shimmering all over the surface of my body.

“I love you little br0ther, I’ve always loved you” he said, as tears welled up and rolled down his face.

“ I love you too” I said. Continue»
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s****r Love - Strap-on Fantasy

s****r Love – Strap-on Fantasy

By billy69boy

Emma found herself smiling as she drove to the airport to pick up her little s****r Amy. The two girls were very close, despite the disparity in their ages. They really missed each other, and now they were going to spend the entire summer together.

Emma was proud of herself. At 20, she landed a good job, and she could afford her own place in the city. She was finally on her own; free to call her own shots. Funny thing, though, she was only away from her f****y for a few months, and she had bouts of homesickness that she kept to herself. Now she was happily anticipating her younger s****r’s visit.

Finally, she caught a glimpse of Amy walking towards baggage claim. She was surprised how much older Amy looked in just a few months’ time. At 13, she still had her innocent, young girl features, but Emma could see how much shapelier her little s****r was becoming. Her cute round bottom and budding breasts gave her the look of an emerging young adult.

The s****rs embraced, giggled, and shed a few tears. As they drove towards Emma’s apartment, Amy looked admiringly over at her older s****r, whom she adored: “Wow, s*s, you look great! You’re already tanned and everything!” “Why, thank you Amy…and I see that you’re growing up in all the right places!” Emma responded, as Amy blushed and looked down at her lap. “Thanks for noticing, Emma,” she said.

As the days passed, Emma and Amy were inseparable. They went out for lunch, went shopping and swimming, and even had a little wine together at night from time to time. Emma realized that she couldn’t keep her eyes off her little s****r. Amy was just so sweet and innocent, yet it was clear that she was becoming sexually aware of her own body. Emma heard the pullout couch squeaking ever so slightly late at night, and suspected that Amy was masturbating. Emma wasn’t really surprised about it, as she remembered how she was at age 13. She would put anything that was phallic shaped into her horny cunt back when she was that age.

Still, she was dying to know just how sexually active her little s****r was, and she devised a plan. Emma set up a secret video camera in her dining room that contained her desk and her laptop computer as well. She brought up a video on her favorite porn site that portrayed two lesbians pleasuring each other. She placed her hairbrush on the desk, then, she told Amy that she was going to run out to the grocery store real quick.

Emma’s mind raced, as she drove away. It was clear in her mind by now that she longed to fuck her younger s****r with her strap-on…start out doing her precious pussy, then move on to her little ass…mmmmmmmmm! Just the thought of it made Emma’s panties damp…no…wet! She could hardly wait to get home and check her hidden video cam, but she knew she must be patient, and wait for things to develop. Eggs, bacon, bread and milk got thrown into Emma’s cart. She tried to remain calm and collected, but she couldn’t keep herself from thinking about Amy at home.

Emma’s car hadn’t even disappeared down the street before Amy plopped down in front of Emma’s computer. As she watched the two actresses kissing and fondling each other, Amy found her wet spot, and lightly touched herself over top of her pink panties. She spread her legs open as she watched one of the lesbians bury her fingers in the other girl’s crotch. Amy slipped her finger underneath her panties, and swirled her fingertip around on her swollen clit. Her wet finger slid into her glistening cunt, and disappeared inside. She propped her legs up on the armrests of the chair; her legs fully spread wide open.

She reached for the hairbrush on the desk, and buried it into her quivering little pussy, and began to move it in and out feverishly. Her little ass bucked wildly, as she continued to fuck herself furiously with the hairbrush. Amy’s eyes grew wide as she watched one of the porn girls fucking the other girl with a long pink dildo. Her other hand slipped under her tank top and caressed the hard little nipples standing erect on her small mounds. She squeezed and pinched each one, while banging away with the hairbrush. As she reached her climax, her legs shot straight out to her sides, as her innocent body lurched and writhed in waves of orgasmic pleasure.

Amy heard Emma’s car pull in, and she jumped up, grabbed her clothes, and ran into the bathroom, quickly turning on the shower. Emma heard the shower running as she entered her apartment, and smiled as she put the groceries away. She had enough time to check her hidden video camera, and she soon discovered that her fondest wishes had come true.

She sees her precious little s****r shamelessly splayed out in full view of the secret cam, repeatedly burying the hairbrush handle into her tender young snatch. Emma reaches over and runs her finger over the handle of the hairbrush, and sure enough, it is still slick and wet from Amy’s little girl juices. How Emma longs to taste her s****r’s sweet virginal pussy.

The sound of the shower turning off jolted Emma back to reality. What to do now, Emma thought, her panties soaked through just from watching the secret video footage of her s****r. She knew that she must have her little s****r, no matter how forbidden…

Emma quickly switched to the weather page on her computer, as Amy joined her, wrapped in a towel. “Hi s*s, how was shopping?” Amy asked. “Fine, sweetheart, and how was your shower?” Emma responded. “It was great, just what I needed! I was feeling all hot and sticky,” replied Amy. “That’s good!” said Emma, as she sensed a bit of panic in Amy’s eyes as she stared at the sticky hairbrush on the desk. “What’s the matter, Amy?” “Oh, nothing…can I borrow your hairbrush?” Amy answers. “Sure, honey, but it looks like you’ve already used it,” Emma shot back.

Amy immediately blushed and looked down at the floor, not denying Emma’s accusation. “Were you watching porn while I was out at the store?” Emma asked, pretending to be outraged. “A little, I guess,” Amy admitted, as she shifted her weight back and forth on her feet self-consciously. “I’m sorry, Amy, but I must punish you for what you did,” Emma announced. “But, why? You’re the one who left a porn movie on your computer!” Amy protested. “Well, that’s true, and I’m sorry, but that doesn’t mean you should be looking at it,” explained Emma. “I guess you’re right, s*s, but I was just curious,” Amy pleaded. “Well, now you’ll have to pay for your curiosity. Now, pick up that hairbrush!” Emma commanded, as she whipped the towel from her adorable s****r’s naked young body.

Amy gingerly picked up the brush with just her thumb and one finger, scrunching up her face. “What’s the matter?” Emma asks. “It’s sticky…” “Well, hold it by the bristles…good; now lick the handle clean…no excuses, just do as I say!” Emma barked out. “Now, put it all the way into your mouth and suck it like they sucked that dildo in the porn movie!” Reluctantly, Amy complies, working the handle in and out of her mouth…”Now you know what you taste like down there!”

“Now, give me the brush, and lay down across my lap, young lady!” “B-BUT”…”No buts, just do what you are told, and get what you deserve,” Emma ordered. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK! “OW! That STINGS!” Amy shouts in protest…WHACK, WHACK, WHACK!! Three more sharp blows that make her smooth round bottom warm and pink, then three more for good measure, until Amy legs were kicking and flailing away out of control.

“Please stop, Emma! I’ll be good, I promise! I’ll do whatever you say…PLEASE STOP spanking me!” Amy begs. It is music to Emma’s ears. She puts the brush on her desk, and gently caresses Amy’s red rear end. Amy lays still, afraid to experience Emma’s wrath anymore, but also enjoying the soft loving touch of Emma’s noticeably trembling hands.

“So, what did you think of the video that you shouldn’t have been watching?” Emma asks her little s****r. “Well, it looked like they were having fun. But I never saw two girls together before,” Amy offered in reply, as she opened her legs slightly in response to Emma’s delicious ass rubbing. Emma ran her hand down Amy’s leg, and back up the inside of her thigh, as Amy let out the softest moan, as her body wriggled with pleasure. Encouraged, Emma’s hand worked closer and closer to her young s****r’s twitching pussy.

“Emma, do you think we could watch that video together?” Amy asked. “I don’t think so, little one. Mom and dad would kill me if they found out I let you watch porn at your age,” Emma replied. “Come on, s*s, I’ll never tell, and besides, what do you think they would say if they saw us right now?” Amy countered. “Well, I guess you have point there, Amy, and maybe watching the movie together will be like a sex education class for you,” Emma rationalized.

In a flash, Amy ran to the dining room, retrieved the laptop, and set it up on the coffee table in the living room. She cuddled up close to her big s****r, as they watched one of the video girls bury her face in the other girl’s crotch. Emma is shocked to feel her little s****r’s hand between her legs, fumbling with the zipper of her jeans. “Amy, what are you doing?” “I want to try doing to you what that girl’s doing to her friend,” Amy answers, as she unsnaps Emma’s jeans, and both girls pull them down and deposit the pants on the floor, along with Emma’s panties.

Emma is silent, but deep down she is screaming inside at the thought of her baby s****r’s hot mouth clamped onto her raging pussy. Amy pushed Emma back on the couch, as she took her place on the floor in front of her older s****r. “MMMMM! You shave your pussy s*s? It looks so good!” Amy exclaimed, as she moved her head in for a closer look. Her sizzling tongue popped out, and she licked Emma’s aroused pussy for the first time.

“Oooooh, Amy, OMG, that feels so good honey!” Emma exclaimed, “That’s it, lick my clit with your little tongue, sweetie! You are so good, baby, are you sure you’ve never done this before?” Emma asked, as she slid further down the couch, and pushed her lurching cunt harder into Amy’s face. Amy’s tender, smooth tongue gently flicked at her big s****r’s clit, and lightly traced her slit up and down, and back again to Emma’s throbbing clitoris. She cradled Amy’s face lovingly in her hands, and steered her tongue to the most vulnerable places of her soaked crotch. It took no time at all for Emma to rise her hips off the couch as her first climax with her little s****r enveloped her in wave after wave of ecstasy. Amy instinctively rode her s****r’s bucking cunt with her mouth until Emma’s body slumped down on the sofa, exhausted. Emma stroked her baby s****r’s hair in appreciation, but she didn’t even have time to say thank you before Amy’s attention was fixed to the video.

“Look, Emma, she’s tying her friend to the coffee table! Let’s try that, okay? PLEASE?” she begged. “Okay, clear off the table, I’ll be right back,” Emma told her, as she made her way to her bedroom closet. Emma couldn’t stifle a smile, as she couldn’t believe how smoothly her plan was playing out. She returned to the living room carrying a backpack full of toys and goodies. Amy was already lying on the table, face up and legs bent, staring intently at the lesbian actresses in action.

Emma pulled out a set of leather restraints and a length of rope. She wrapped the wrist pieces around Amy’s thin wrists, lowered her arms down under the table, and clipped them together. She fastened the leg restraints around Amy’s ankles and fastened them together as well. Next, she pushed Amy’s legs back against her body, and tied the rope tightly over her legs and down under the table in several coils, rendering her bound younger s****r helpless and completely immobile.

Emma knelt in front of Amy’s delicate pussy and cupped her vulnerable bottom in her trembling hands, squeezing softly. Her face was so close to her ultimate fantasy, and she moved slowly and deliberately. She had wanted her s****r for so long; she was going to savor every moment. She studied every detail of Amy’s sweet teenage cunt, from her proud clit jutting out, to the first wisps of blonde fuzz growing above it.

“C’mon, Emma! I’m dying here! Could you please lick my pussy?” Amy begged. Emma immediately granted her wish, and began to taste her sweet fresh pussy with her tongue. Amy jumped in shock as Emma went to work, tonguing and sucking her on her quivering crotch, and squeezing her ass with more pressure. When her stiff tongue reached lower, and darted in and around Amy’s tight little brown hole, she shrieked and squirmed in response.

“Emma? That’s my ass you’re licking!” she blurted out, as if Emma hadn’t noticed. Uh oh, Emma thought. They didn’t get that far in the video yet! “Sorry, Amy, should I stop?” she asked. “Hell no, it feels fucking great! I’m about to cum already, s*s!” was Amy’s reply. Emboldened, Emma went about forcing the length of her tongue deeper into Amy’s virginal butt hole. Sure enough, in a few minutes, Amy’s ass was bucking up and down on the table, and her head whipped from side to side, as she screamed out: “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Oh, Emma, YES! YES! YES!! Oh I’m CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGG! Oh keep going, keep fucking me with your tongue, OH MY GOD!!!” Emma lashed both her holes feverishly with her wild tongue, holding onto her s****r’s spastic ass cheeks with a firm grip. She could feel Amy’s body calming down, and she eased up on her. She needed some time to rest her weary, overworked tongue as well. Just as she sat back up, she was startled to hear her young s****r yell out again: “OH MY GOD!! DO YOU SEE THAT THING?? THERE’S NO WAY I COULD TAKE SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!” she proclaimed, her eyes glued to the computer screen.

Emma looked over, and saw the big black strap-on that one of girls was preparing to use on the other. She was disappointed to hear her little s****r dismiss the idea of getting fucked by it, because the strap-on was the high point of her fantasy.
She had to think of something fast, as they both watched the lesbian adjust the straps and get ready to plunge the fat rubber cock into her playmate. “Oh, Amy, what are you talking about? You could take it!” was all she could think to say on such short notice. “No fucking way…look how big that thing is! Geez!” she shot back. Exasperated and desperate, Emma stood up and walked around to the front of the table, and straddled her s****r’s face.

As she lowered her body down, she held Amy’s head straight up, and rested her wet pussy on her s****r’s shocked face. “What do you think about this?? Can you take THIS??” Emma blurted out, as she pressed her crotch tightly against Amy’s surprised mouth. Her anger quickly turned to lust, as she rubbed up and down, forcing her hot pussy and ass hole over her younger s****r’s lips and nose. Emma’s impromptu ride turned into a mission, and she ground her trembling pussy harder and firmer, eliciting some sharp contact with Amy’s exposed teeth. This sent her over the edge, and she bucked her s****r’s face as a strong series of orgasms washed over her, covering Amy’s face with her hot juices.

Both girls were breathing heavily, as Emma dismounted her bound s****r. They watched the strap-on fucking on the video as they caught their breath. “That’s amazing, I can’t believe she’s taking the whole thing like that!” Amy remarked, her eyes wide in disbelief. “I told you it could be done, Amy, see? Nothing to it!” Emma responded. “Well, even so, I’m never doing that!” was Amy’s answer. Emma found herself to be perturbed by her younger s****r’s attitude. “Well, s*s, you’re not exactly in a position to be calling the shots now, are you?” she snapped, as she reached into her backpack and pulled out a handful of dildos. She knelt on the floor again, between Amy’s tied legs, and roughly pushed one into her unsuspecting cunt. “OUCH! THAT HURT!” Amy yelled in protest. “Shut up, Amy! Remember you said you would do anything I ask if I stopped spanking you? Well, it’s time to back your words up with actions!” Emma hissed at her, as she drove the pink intruder deeper into her s****r’s tiny opening.

She was surprised that her violation of her immobile s****r’s vagina was met with deep sighing as opposed to verbal protests. She continued to fuck the helpless little girl with frenzied strokes, as she introduced her thumb into her anal opening. “OH GOD, EMMA! OH, GIVE IT TO ME! THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” Amy declared. Encouraged, Emma picked up a thinner dildo, and slid it into Amy’s tiny anal opening, working it in bit by bit, while pumping her cunt with the fatter pink toy. Soon, she was pounding both of her young s****r’s holes in unison. “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Oh, Emma…” was all she could utter, as she tensed up in orgasmic contractions once again. Emma continued to violate her s****r’s sexual passages until her spasms subsided.

“Wow, s*s that was great! I didn’t know you could be so…in charge like that!” Amy offered. “Well, I’m not done yet,” Emma said, as she freed her s****r from her bindings. “Now, go to the bathroom, and report right back here immediately.” While Amy was out of the room, Emma planned her next move. She slipped her black strap-on device over her hips, and adjusted the straps. She put her robe on and tied the belt tightly around her waist, trapping the large rubber shaft flat against her belly.

Amy scampered back into the living room, and Emma was waiting for her with the various bindings in hand. “Now what, s*s?” Amy asked enthusiastically, seeming to have forgotten her earlier protestations. “Kneel down on the floor in front of the table, and bend over,” Emma instructed, as she replaced the wrist restraints. She reached under the table, and clipped Amy’s hands together, forcing her tits flat on the surface, with her head turned towards the computer screen on the sofa.

Emma knelt behind her barely teenaged s****r, and began innocently rubbing her smooth round ass cheeks, as they watched the lesbian lovers continue to enjoy their strap-on session. She gingerly worked two fingers into Amy’s hot pink pussy, massaging her erect clit with her thumb. Amy sighed and her butt stirred in response to this new stimulation. “They sure seem to be enjoying themselves with that thing, but I’m glad you don’t have one of those, just the same,” Amy mused.

Behind her, she was unaware that Emma had slipped out of her robe, and knelt before her unsuspecting s****r, with her thick black rubber strap-on dong dangling precariously close to her younger s****r’s vulnerable pink opening. As Emma eased the head of the fake cock forward, parting her glistening labia, Amy didn’t seem to take much notice, enraptured, as it were, with the steamy video scene she was watching. She squirmed involuntarily, as Emma worked the dildo ever so stealthily into place. Finally, she pushed her hips steadily forward until the massive cock penetrated Amy’s unsuspected love canal, and slipped inside.
“WHOA! WHAT THE FUCK, EMMA?!” Amy exclaimed, as she rapidly became aware of her older s****r’s intentions, but it was too late. Emma had Amy’s small round ass tightly in her grip, and she began moving the larger rubber shaft in and out of her wide-stretched pussy. “GOD ALMIGHTY, EMMA, I TOLD YOU I COULDN”T TAKE THAT THING!” Amy bellowed angrily. “Wrong, Amy, you already ARE taking it! And pretty soon you’re going to be begging me for more!” Emma retorted, as she drove her strap-on deeper into her baby s****r, impaled as she was. “But it’s so big!” Amy howled in protest. “Don’t worry, s*s, your little pussy will stretch open. Just relax, and enjoy the ride,” Emma commanded, as she thrust her hips forward with more authority.

Soon, she was stroking her s****r smoothly but deeply, and Amy’s wailing turned to soft moaning, then to louder groaning. By now, Emma was burying over half of the shaft deep into Amy’s slick vagina, as she squeezed and slapped her exposed ass cheeks. She delighted in watching that black meat disappear time and again into her hungry orifice. Amy could only hold on for dear life as her depraved s****r continued to smack her legs up against her shuddering bottom.

Amy’s attention was diverted when she looked up at the video just in time to see something that was incredibly amazing to her: the strap-on girl was now fucking her lover in the ass with her toy. “Oh, Emma, look at them! That’s not even possible, what they are doing!” Amy remarked. “Look! You can tell it’s not real!” she added.

Emma said nothing, as she continued to attack her little s****r’s pink pussy with her strap-on, and she could feel a big smile appear on her face. She had fantasized about this moment for longer than she could remember. Now, here she was, slamming that thick, black rubber intruder deep into her precious younger s****r’s delicate vagina. Just the thought of it made her so horny; she didn’t notice that Amy’s knees were lifting up off the floor with each new inward thrust of the strap-on.

“Oh, Emma, you’re going to make me go off again with that thing! I can’t believe it feels so good now, keep fucking me deep and hard like you’re doing!” Amy pleaded. Emma had one more surprise left for the young one, and she went about preparing her for it. She lubed her fingers by rubbing Amy’s clit, and then she deftly inserted one, then another finger into her puckered brown opening, as she continued to fuck her helpless pussy steadily with the black dong.

Amy’s ass began to gyrate wildly when she realized what her older s****r was doing. “OH GOD, EMMA, YOU’RE DRIVING ME FUCKING CRAZY!!” she exclaimed, “I’M GOING TO CUM ANY SECOND!” Just then, Emma pulled the slippery strap-on out of Amy’s sopping wet pussy, and stood up behind her, and straddled her dainty little bottom. She spread Amy’s ass cheeks wide, and f***ed the black rod into her well-lubed rectum.

“OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!! EMMA!!!! GOD, ARE YOU k**DING ME??” Amy shrieked. “THAT THING WON’T FIT IN MY BUTT!” She squirmed around in an effort to avoid any further penetration, but it was no use. Emma was determined to complete her mission, and she worked her strap-on deeper, watching with satisfaction as the black dildo disappeared into Amy’s tiny anus inch by delicious inch. She squeezed her buttocks firmly in her hands, as her tempo quickened, and her strokes became more deliberate. Soon enough, Amy stopped protesting, and fell into her big s****r’s rhythm. She began to push her ass back to meet Emma’s forward thrusts. Her shouts turned into moans, then her sex muscles began twitching and jerking uncontrollably, and she was back to screaming ecstatically, as powerful shocks of orgasm flowed through her like jolts of electricity.

“AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH! KEEP GOING, EMMA; KEEP FUCKING MY ASS WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT! I’M CUMMING AGAIN!! AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!” Emma rode her baby s****r like she was a thorobred coming down the back stretch, complete with several swift ass slaps. She reached down and wrapped Amy’s hair around her hand, and pulled her head up off the table, as she slammed into her ass time and again, as Amy’s fragile body finally stopped spasming from her orgasms. Finally, Emma slid the black strap-on out of Amy’s slick asshole, and she slumped to the floor behind her freshly fucked little s****r.

Amy gasped for air, not having enough breath left to comment any further. Just when she thought their s****rly love session was finally over, she could feel something warm and velvety behind her. Emma was running her hot tongue slowly up and down the entire length of her exposed loins, from her sensitive anal rim down to her erect clit, then back up again. She stopped occasionally to drive her stiff tongue into her tired pussy as well as her still gaping anal opening. Amy was too exhausted to resist, so she just knelt there and let her older s****r get her aroused all over again.

It didn’t take long before she felt her muscles contracting again, as she pumped out more love juice all over Emma’s face. When she was done, Emma untied her wrists, and she was free to get up, but she could barely move. Emma had to help her up and roll her over onto her back, then; she laid her on the floor. Emma sat on the coffee table and dug her fingers deep into her own aroused cunt as she watched as her s****r recovered her strength and regain her breathing. She was so ready to experience her own wild orgasms, but it looked like Amy wasn’t up for much more action at the moment. Amy looked over at her masturbating s****r, and offered weakly: “Just you wait, Emma, I’m going to get you back for this!” Emma grinned widely, as she brought herself to a lusty climax with her experienced fingers. She was hoping to hear those words from her spent little s****r.

Emma knelt down and straddled Amy’s face. She hovered over her mouth, barely making contact. Amy reached up with her smooth, velvety tongue, and gently licked her older s****r’s cunt clean. Both girls arrived at the same conclusion simultaneously: This was going to be one wild summer!

... Continue»
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S****r Love

s****r Love – Strap-on Fantasy

By billy69boy

Emma found herself smiling as she drove to the airport to pick up her little s****r Amy. The two girls were very close, despite the disparity in their ages. They really missed each other, and now they were going to spend the entire summer together.

Emma was proud of herself. At 20, she landed a good job, and she could afford her own place in the city. She was finally on her own; free to call her own shots. Funny thing, though, she was only away from her f****y for a few months, and she had bouts of homesickness that she kept to herself. Now she was happily anticipating her younger s****r’s visit.

Finally, she caught a glimpse of Amy walking towards baggage claim. She was surprised how much older Amy looked in just a few months’ time. At 13, she still had her innocent, young girl features, but Emma could see how much shapelier her little s****r was becoming. Her cute round bottom and budding breasts gave her the look of an emerging young adult.

The s****rs embraced, giggled, and shed a few tears. As they drove towards Emma’s apartment, Amy looked admiringly over at her older s****r, whom she adored: “Wow, s*s, you look great! You’re already tanned and everything!” “Why, thank you Amy…and I see that you’re growing up in all the right places!” Emma responded, as Amy blushed and looked down at her lap. “Thanks for noticing, Emma,” she said.

As the days passed, Emma and Amy were inseparable. They went out for lunch, went shopping and swimming, and even had a little wine together at night from time to time. Emma realized that she couldn’t keep her eyes off her little s****r. Amy was just so sweet and innocent, yet it was clear that she was becoming sexually aware of her own body. Emma heard the pullout couch squeaking ever so slightly late at night, and suspected that Amy was masturbating. Emma wasn’t really surprised about it, as she remembered how she was at age 13. She would put anything that was phallic shaped into her horny cunt back when she was that age.

Still, she was dying to know just how sexually active her little s****r was, and she devised a plan. Emma set up a secret video camera in her dining room that contained her desk and her laptop computer as well. She brought up a video on her favorite porn site that portrayed two lesbians pleasuring each other. She placed her hairbrush on the desk, then, she told Amy that she was going to run out to the grocery store real quick.

Emma’s mind raced, as she drove away. It was clear in her mind by now that she longed to fuck her younger s****r with her strap-on…start out doing her precious pussy, then move on to her little ass…mmmmmmmmm! Just the thought of it made Emma’s panties damp…no…wet! She could hardly wait to get home and check her hidden video cam, but she knew she must be patient, and wait for things to develop. Eggs, bacon, bread and milk got thrown into Emma’s cart. She tried to remain calm and collected, but she couldn’t keep herself from thinking about Amy at home.

Emma’s car hadn’t even disappeared down the street before Amy plopped down in front of Emma’s computer. As she watched the two actresses kissing and fondling each other, Amy found her wet spot, and lightly touched herself over top of her pink panties. She spread her legs open as she watched one of the lesbians bury her fingers in the other girl’s crotch. Amy slipped her finger underneath her panties, and swirled her fingertip around on her swollen clit. Her wet finger slid into her glistening cunt, and disappeared inside. She propped her legs up on the armrests of the chair; her legs fully spread wide open.

She reached for the hairbrush on the desk, and buried it into her quivering little pussy, and began to move it in and out feverishly. Her little ass bucked wildly, as she continued to fuck herself furiously with the hairbrush. Amy’s eyes grew wide as she watched one of the porn girls fucking the other girl with a long pink dildo. Her other hand slipped under her tank top and caressed the hard little nipples standing erect on her small mounds. She squeezed and pinched each one, while banging away with the hairbrush. As she reached her climax, her legs shot straight out to her sides, as her innocent body lurched and writhed in waves of orgasmic pleasure.

Amy heard Emma’s car pull in, and she jumped up, grabbed her clothes, and ran into the bathroom, quickly turning on the shower. Emma heard the shower running as she entered her apartment, and smiled as she put the groceries away. She had enough time to check her hidden video camera, and she soon discovered that her fondest wishes had come true.

She sees her precious little s****r shamelessly splayed out in full view of the secret cam, repeatedly burying the hairbrush handle into her tender young snatch. Emma reaches over and runs her finger over the handle of the hairbrush, and sure enough, it is still slick and wet from Amy’s little girl juices. How Emma longs to taste her s****r’s sweet virginal pussy.

The sound of the shower turning off jolted Emma back to reality. What to do now, Emma thought, her panties soaked through just from watching the secret video footage of her s****r. She knew that she must have her little s****r, no matter how forbidden…

Emma quickly switched to the weather page on her computer, as Amy joined her, wrapped in a towel. “Hi s*s, how was shopping?” Amy asked. “Fine, sweetheart, and how was your shower?” Emma responded. “It was great, just what I needed! I was feeling all hot and sticky,” replied Amy. “That’s good!” said Emma, as she sensed a bit of panic in Amy’s eyes as she stared at the sticky hairbrush on the desk. “What’s the matter, Amy?” “Oh, nothing…can I borrow your hairbrush?” Amy answers. “Sure, honey, but it looks like you’ve already used it,” Emma shot back.

Amy immediately blushed and looked down at the floor, not denying Emma’s accusation. “Were you watching porn while I was out at the store?” Emma asked, pretending to be outraged. “A little, I guess,” Amy admitted, as she shifted her weight back and forth on her feet self-consciously. “I’m sorry, Amy, but I must punish you for what you did,” Emma announced. “But, why? You’re the one who left a porn movie on your computer!” Amy protested. “Well, that’s true, and I’m sorry, but that doesn’t mean you should be looking at it,” explained Emma. “I guess you’re right, s*s, but I was just curious,” Amy pleaded. “Well, now you’ll have to pay for your curiosity. Now, pick up that hairbrush!” Emma commanded, as she whipped the towel from her adorable s****r’s naked young body.

Amy gingerly picked up the brush with just her thumb and one finger, scrunching up her face. “What’s the matter?” Emma asks. “It’s sticky…” “Well, hold it by the bristles…good; now lick the handle clean…no excuses, just do as I say!” Emma barked out. “Now, put it all the way into your mouth and suck it like they sucked that dildo in the porn movie!” Reluctantly, Amy complies, working the handle in and out of her mouth…”Now you know what you taste like down there!”

“Now, give me the brush, and lay down across my lap, young lady!” “B-BUT”…”No buts, just do what you are told, and get what you deserve,” Emma ordered. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK! “OW! That STINGS!” Amy shouts in protest…WHACK, WHACK, WHACK!! Three more sharp blows that make her smooth round bottom warm and pink, then three more for good measure, until Amy legs were kicking and flailing away out of control.

“Please stop, Emma! I’ll be good, I promise! I’ll do whatever you say…PLEASE STOP spanking me!” Amy begs. It is music to Emma’s ears. She puts the brush on her desk, and gently caresses Amy’s red rear end. Amy lays still, afraid to experience Emma’s wrath anymore, but also enjoying the soft loving touch of Emma’s noticeably trembling hands.

“So, what did you think of the video that you shouldn’t have been watching?” Emma asks her little s****r. “Well, it looked like they were having fun. But I never saw two girls together before,” Amy offered in reply, as she opened her legs slightly in response to Emma’s delicious ass rubbing. Emma ran her hand down Amy’s leg, and back up the inside of her thigh, as Amy let out the softest moan, as her body wriggled with pleasure. Encouraged, Emma’s hand worked closer and closer to her young s****r’s twitching pussy.

“Emma, do you think we could watch that video together?” Amy asked. “I don’t think so, little one. Mom and dad would kill me if they found out I let you watch porn at your age,” Emma replied. “Come on, s*s, I’ll never tell, and besides, what do you think they would say if they saw us right now?” Amy countered. “Well, I guess you have point there, Amy, and maybe watching the movie together will be like a sex education class for you,” Emma rationalized.

In a flash, Amy ran to the dining room, retrieved the laptop, and set it up on the coffee table in the living room. She cuddled up close to her big s****r, as they watched one of the video girls bury her face in the other girl’s crotch. Emma is shocked to feel her little s****r’s hand between her legs, fumbling with the zipper of her jeans. “Amy, what are you doing?” “I want to try doing to you what that girl’s doing to her friend,” Amy answers, as she unsnaps Emma’s jeans, and both girls pull them down and deposit the pants on the floor, along with Emma’s panties.

Emma is silent, but deep down she is screaming inside at the thought of her baby s****r’s hot mouth clamped onto her raging pussy. Amy pushed Emma back on the couch, as she took her place on the floor in front of her older s****r. “MMMMM! You shave your pussy s*s? It looks so good!” Amy exclaimed, as she moved her head in for a closer look. Her sizzling tongue popped out, and she licked Emma’s aroused pussy for the first time.

“Oooooh, Amy, OMG, that feels so good honey!” Emma exclaimed, “That’s it, lick my clit with your little tongue, sweetie! You are so good, baby, are you sure you’ve never done this before?” Emma asked, as she slid further down the couch, and pushed her lurching cunt harder into Amy’s face. Amy’s tender, smooth tongue gently flicked at her big s****r’s clit, and lightly traced her slit up and down, and back again to Emma’s throbbing clitoris. She cradled Amy’s face lovingly in her hands, and steered her tongue to the most vulnerable places of her soaked crotch. It took no time at all for Emma to rise her hips off the couch as her first climax with her little s****r enveloped her in wave after wave of ecstasy. Amy instinctively rode her s****r’s bucking cunt with her mouth until Emma’s body slumped down on the sofa, exhausted. Emma stroked her baby s****r’s hair in appreciation, but she didn’t even have time to say thank you before Amy’s attention was fixed to the video.

“Look, Emma, she’s tying her friend to the coffee table! Let’s try that, okay? PLEASE?” she begged. “Okay, clear off the table, I’ll be right back,” Emma told her, as she made her way to her bedroom closet. Emma couldn’t stifle a smile, as she couldn’t believe how smoothly her plan was playing out. She returned to the living room carrying a backpack full of toys and goodies. Amy was already lying on the table, face up and legs bent, staring intently at the lesbian actresses in action.

Emma pulled out a set of leather restraints and a length of rope. She wrapped the wrist pieces around Amy’s thin wrists, lowered her arms down under the table, and clipped them together. She fastened the leg restraints around Amy’s ankles and fastened them together as well. Next, she pushed Amy’s legs back against her body, and tied the rope tightly over her legs and down under the table in several coils, rendering her bound younger s****r helpless and completely immobile.

Emma knelt in front of Amy’s delicate pussy and cupped her vulnerable bottom in her trembling hands, squeezing softly. Her face was so close to her ultimate fantasy, and she moved slowly and deliberately. She had wanted her s****r for so long; she was going to savor every moment. She studied every detail of Amy’s sweet teenage cunt, from her proud clit jutting out, to the first wisps of blonde fuzz growing above it.

“C’mon, Emma! I’m dying here! Could you please lick my pussy?” Amy begged. Emma immediately granted her wish, and began to taste her sweet fresh pussy with her tongue. Amy jumped in shock as Emma went to work, tonguing and sucking her on her quivering crotch, and squeezing her ass with more pressure. When her stiff tongue reached lower, and darted in and around Amy’s tight little brown hole, she shrieked and squirmed in response.

“Emma? That’s my ass you’re licking!” she blurted out, as if Emma hadn’t noticed. Uh oh, Emma thought. They didn’t get that far in the video yet! “Sorry, Amy, should I stop?” she asked. “Hell no, it feels fucking great! I’m about to cum already, s*s!” was Amy’s reply. Emboldened, Emma went about forcing the length of her tongue deeper into Amy’s virginal butt hole. Sure enough, in a few minutes, Amy’s ass was bucking up and down on the table, and her head whipped from side to side, as she screamed out: “AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH! YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Oh, Emma, YES! YES! YES!! Oh I’m CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGG! Oh keep going, keep fucking me with your tongue, OH MY GOD!!!” Emma lashed both her holes feverishly with her wild tongue, holding onto her s****r’s spastic ass cheeks with a firm grip. She could feel Amy’s body calming down, and she eased up on her. She needed some time to rest her weary, overworked tongue as well. Just as she sat back up, she was startled to hear her young s****r yell out again: “OH MY GOD!! DO YOU SEE THAT THING?? THERE’S NO WAY I COULD TAKE SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!” she proclaimed, her eyes glued to the computer screen.

Emma looked over, and saw the big black strap-on that one of girls was preparing to use on the other. She was disappointed to hear her little s****r dismiss the idea of getting fucked by it, because the strap-on was the high point of her fantasy.
She had to think of something fast, as they both watched the lesbian adjust the straps and get ready to plunge the fat rubber cock into her playmate. “Oh, Amy, what are you talking about? You could take it!” was all she could think to say on such short notice. “No fucking way…look how big that thing is! Geez!” she shot back. Exasperated and desperate, Emma stood up and walked around to the front of the table, and straddled her s****r’s face.

As she lowered her body down, she held Amy’s head straight up, and rested her wet pussy on her s****r’s shocked face. “What do you think about this?? Can you take THIS??” Emma blurted out, as she pressed her crotch tightly against Amy’s surprised mouth. Her anger quickly turned to lust, as she rubbed up and down, forcing her hot pussy and ass hole over her younger s****r’s lips and nose. Emma’s impromptu ride turned into a mission, and she ground her trembling pussy harder and firmer, eliciting some sharp contact with Amy’s exposed teeth. This sent her over the edge, and she bucked her s****r’s face as a strong series of orgasms washed over her, covering Amy’s face with her hot juices.

Both girls were breathing heavily, as Emma dismounted her bound s****r. They watched the strap-on fucking on the video as they caught their breath. “That’s amazing, I can’t believe she’s taking the whole thing like that!” Amy remarked, her eyes wide in disbelief. “I told you it could be done, Amy, see? Nothing to it!” Emma responded. “Well, even so, I’m never doing that!” was Amy’s answer. Emma found herself to be perturbed by her younger s****r’s attitude. “Well, s*s, you’re not exactly in a position to be calling the shots now, are you?” she snapped, as she reached into her backpack and pulled out a handful of dildos. She knelt on the floor again, between Amy’s tied legs, and roughly pushed one into her unsuspecting cunt. “OUCH! THAT HURT!” Amy yelled in protest. “Shut up, Amy! Remember you said you would do anything I ask if I stopped spanking you? Well, it’s time to back your words up with actions!” Emma hissed at her, as she drove the pink intruder deeper into her s****r’s tiny opening.

She was surprised that her violation of her immobile s****r’s vagina was met with deep sighing as opposed to verbal protests. She continued to fuck the helpless little girl with frenzied strokes, as she introduced her thumb into her anal opening. “OH GOD, EMMA! OH, GIVE IT TO ME! THAT FEELS SO GOOD!” Amy declared. Encouraged, Emma picked up a thinner dildo, and slid it into Amy’s tiny anal opening, working it in bit by bit, while pumping her cunt with the fatter pink toy. Soon, she was pounding both of her young s****r’s holes in unison. “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Oh, Emma…” was all she could utter, as she tensed up in orgasmic contractions once again. Emma continued to violate her s****r’s sexual passages until her spasms subsided.

“Wow, s*s that was great! I didn’t know you could be so…in charge like that!” Amy offered. “Well, I’m not done yet,” Emma said, as she freed her s****r from her bindings. “Now, go to the bathroom, and report right back here immediately.” While Amy was out of the room, Emma planned her next move. She slipped her black strap-on device over her hips, and adjusted the straps. She put her robe on and tied the belt tightly around her waist, trapping the large rubber shaft flat against her belly.

Amy scampered back into the living room, and Emma was waiting for her with the various bindings in hand. “Now what, s*s?” Amy asked enthusiastically, seeming to have forgotten her earlier protestations. “Kneel down on the floor in front of the table, and bend over,” Emma instructed, as she replaced the wrist restraints. She reached under the table, and clipped Amy’s hands together, forcing her tits flat on the surface, with her head turned towards the computer screen on the sofa.

Emma knelt behind her barely teenaged s****r, and began innocently rubbing her smooth round ass cheeks, as they watched the lesbian lovers continue to enjoy their strap-on session. She gingerly worked two fingers into Amy’s hot pink pussy, massaging her erect clit with her thumb. Amy sighed and her butt stirred in response to this new stimulation. “They sure seem to be enjoying themselves with that thing, but I’m glad you don’t have one of those, just the same,” Amy mused.

Behind her, she was unaware that Emma had slipped out of her robe, and knelt before her unsuspecting s****r, with her thick black rubber strap-on dong dangling precariously close to her younger s****r’s vulnerable pink opening. As Emma eased the head of the fake cock forward, parting her glistening labia, Amy didn’t seem to take much notice, enraptured, as it were, with the steamy video scene she was watching. She squirmed involuntarily, as Emma worked the dildo ever so stealthily into place. Finally, she pushed her hips steadily forward until the massive cock penetrated Amy’s unsuspected love canal, and slipped inside.
“WHOA! WHAT THE FUCK, EMMA?!” Amy exclaimed, as she rapidly became aware of her older s****r’s intentions, but it was too late. Emma had Amy’s small round ass tightly in her grip, and she began moving the larger rubber shaft in and out of her wide-stretched pussy. “GOD ALMIGHTY, EMMA, I TOLD YOU I COULDN”T TAKE THAT THING!” Amy bellowed angrily. “Wrong, Amy, you already ARE taking it! And pretty soon you’re going to be begging me for more!” Emma retorted, as she drove her strap-on deeper into her baby s****r, impaled as she was. “But it’s so big!” Amy howled in protest. “Don’t worry, s*s, your little pussy will stretch open. Just relax, and enjoy the ride,” Emma commanded, as she thrust her hips forward with more authority.

Soon, she was stroking her s****r smoothly but deeply, and Amy’s wailing turned to soft moaning, then to louder groaning. By now, Emma was burying over half of the shaft deep into Amy’s slick vagina, as she squeezed and slapped her exposed ass cheeks. She delighted in watching that black meat disappear time and again into her hungry orifice. Amy could only hold on for dear life as her depraved s****r continued to smack her legs up against her shuddering bottom.

Amy’s attention was diverted when she looked up at the video just in time to see something that was incredibly amazing to her: the strap-on girl was now fucking her lover in the ass with her toy. “Oh, Emma, look at them! That’s not even possible, what they are doing!” Amy remarked. “Look! You can tell it’s not real!” she added.

Emma said nothing, as she continued to attack her little s****r’s pink pussy with her strap-on, and she could feel a big smile appear on her face. She had fantasized about this moment for longer than she could remember. Now, here she was, slamming that thick, black rubber intruder deep into her precious younger s****r’s delicate vagina. Just the thought of it made her so horny; she didn’t notice that Amy’s knees were lifting up off the floor with each new inward thrust of the strap-on.

“Oh, Emma, you’re going to make me go off again with that thing! I can’t believe it feels so good now, keep fucking me deep and hard like you’re doing!” Amy pleaded. Emma had one more surprise left for the young one, and she went about preparing her for it. She lubed her fingers by rubbing Amy’s clit, and then she deftly inserted one, then another finger into her puckered brown opening, as she continued to fuck her helpless pussy steadily with the black dong.

Amy’s ass began to gyrate wildly when she realized what her older s****r was doing. “OH GOD, EMMA, YOU’RE DRIVING ME FUCKING CRAZY!!” she exclaimed, “I’M GOING TO CUM ANY SECOND!” Just then, Emma pulled the slippery strap-on out of Amy’s sopping wet pussy, and stood up behind her, and straddled her dainty little bottom. She spread Amy’s ass cheeks wide, and f***ed the black rod into her well-lubed rectum.

“OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!! EMMA!!!! GOD, ARE YOU k**DING ME??” Amy shrieked. “THAT THING WON’T FIT IN MY BUTT!” She squirmed around in an effort to avoid any further penetration, but it was no use. Emma was determined to complete her mission, and she worked her strap-on deeper, watching with satisfaction as the black dildo disappeared into Amy’s tiny anus inch by delicious inch. She squeezed her buttocks firmly in her hands, as her tempo quickened, and her strokes became more deliberate. Soon enough, Amy stopped protesting, and fell into her big s****r’s rhythm. She began to push her ass back to meet Emma’s forward thrusts. Her shouts turned into moans, then her sex muscles began twitching and jerking uncontrollably, and she was back to screaming ecstatically, as powerful shocks of orgasm flowed through her like jolts of electricity.

“AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH! KEEP GOING, EMMA; KEEP FUCKING MY ASS WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT! I’M CUMMING AGAIN!! AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!” Emma rode her baby s****r like she was a thorobred coming down the back stretch, complete with several swift ass slaps. She reached down and wrapped Amy’s hair around her hand, and pulled her head up off the table, as she slammed into her ass time and again, as Amy’s fragile body finally stopped spasming from her orgasms. Finally, Emma slid the black strap-on out of Amy’s slick asshole, and she slumped to the floor behind her freshly fucked little s****r.

Amy gasped for air, not having enough breath left to comment any further. Just when she thought their s****rly love session was finally over, she could feel something warm and velvety behind her. Emma was running her hot tongue slowly up and down the entire length of her exposed loins, from her sensitive anal rim down to her erect clit, then back up again. She stopped occasionally to drive her stiff tongue into her tired pussy as well as her still gaping anal opening. Amy was too exhausted to resist, so she just knelt there and let her older s****r get her aroused all over again.

It didn’t take long before she felt her muscles contracting again, as she pumped out more love juice all over Emma’s face. When she was done, Emma untied her wrists, and she was free to get up, but she could barely move. Emma had to help her up and roll her over onto her back, then; she laid her on the floor. Emma sat on the coffee table and dug her fingers deep into her own aroused cunt as she watched as her s****r recovered her strength and regain her breathing. She was so ready to experience her own wild orgasms, but it looked like Amy wasn’t up for much more action at the moment. Amy looked over at her masturbating s****r, and offered weakly: “Just you wait, Emma, I’m going to get you back for this!” Emma grinned widely, as she brought herself to a lusty climax with her experienced fingers. She was hoping to hear those words from her spent little s****r.

Emma knelt down and straddled Amy’s face. She hovered over her mouth, barely making contact. Amy reached up with her smooth, velvety tongue, and gently licked her older s****r’s cunt clean. Both girls arrived at the same conclusion simultaneously: This was going to be one wild summer!

... Continue»
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Case #27 "b*****rly Love"

*Every two weeks I hold a Group Therapy Meeting,for people that had sexual experiences when they were young. This story is based on case #27. Only the names have been changed.*

"Hurry up,or I'm gonna be late!" My little br-other urged me.
"Here. Let me help." He whispered,then shoved my hand aside so he could wrap his lips around the head of my cock as he jerked me off.
"Mmmmm,thogoood! ILubit! Mmm,Ummm,UMM! NOW!" He said,and yanked the front of his underwear out so I could shoot my cum all over his stomach,little pink dick and ball sack.

He was panting almost as hard as I was,as I emptied my morning load onto him. When I couldn't cum anymore,He leaned forward,popped my cock back into his mouth and licked it clean.

"Thanks,Mark! Oh,shit! I'm gonna be late! Mom will kill me if I miss the bus again!" He giggled and rubbed the cum soaked underoos all over his crotch and up into the crack of his ass before pulling his pants up and opening the bathroom door.

"Remember. There's no school tomorrow and Mom has to work. Love Ya!" He called back over his shoulder.

"Love You,too!" I laughed and watched him go skipping down the hall and out the front door.

"Did Your Br-other get off? Mark? Do You hear me?" My mother's voice came drifting down from upstairs. "Are You almost finished in there? Mommy needs to use the mirror so she can put her lipstick on! Mark?!"

I wasn't sure if it was the sound of her voice,or the big drop of cum that splattered onto my bare foot,but I came out of my stupor and made it to the safety of my bedroom,just as Mom rounded the corner.

"Yeah,Mom. No worries! He Got Off. Just in time too!"

The next morning,I was sitting on the couch,bouncing through the tv channels,when Bobby came in and sat next to me. He smelled like vanilla and orange blossoms and his hair was still wet from the shower.

"You weren't in your bed." He pouted.
"I got up when Mom left."
"Why didn't you wake me?"
"I wanted some tea."
"Did You save me some?" He purred.
"It's in the carafe,I even put some sugar and lemon in it,just the way you like it." I said,then leaned over to nuzzle his neck. Which sent him into a fit of giggles.

We were back upstairs,tea in hand,sitting on my bed and watching some hentai porn on my computer,when Bobby asked "Mark? Do You remember the first time We did it?"

I muted the volume on the movie and set the computer off to the side.

"How can I forget something like that,Bobby?"
"I don't know. I just thought...well. I kind of forgot. It just seems like We've always been doing it." He admitted.
"In a way,we have." I laughed.
"Who started it?" He asked and reached over to stroke my hardening cock.
"You did,Bobby. Ya little perv. I wasn't sure if it was because one of the older boys told you about it,or made you do it to him but,right after you started school,you began waking me up in the middle of the night by sucking on my dick!"

"Like this?" He bent his head down just far enough to swirl his tongue around the tip of my dick,making me pull it away.
"I don't remember doing that. Are You sure it was me?" He smiled up at me with a coy expression on his face and began pumping my cock with slow,firm strokes.
"And what makes you think that it wasn't my own idea in the first place? How come You never told on me? I bet if Mom had found out She would have thrown a fit!" He laughed.

"Damn straight,She would have! Still will if she ever finds out! You know how she is. She gets pissed off at some of the commercials on tv! And I didn't tell on You,because I love You and it felt so fucking good!"

"I am good,aren't I?" He sighed and kissed my neck.
"You're a Natural! Of course,watching porn hasn't hurt things any." That comment earned me a slap on the balls.

"Hay! I made You cum in my mouth Before we started watching porn!"
"Yeah,and You let Me Cum Up Your Ass,Before That!" I laughed.

"I know. I'm such a slut. Speaking of which...I douched this morning."

"You know Bobby. It won't be long before You can cum up My Ass!" I told him and pulled him on top of me so we could kiss.
"I wish You could do it now." I whispered as we ground our cocks together.

"You're sweet. But until then,how about You just keep fucking me? Hmm? You wanna? You wanna shove that nice,big cock up my ass and pump me full of your cum? I want You to. I want You to spread my asshole open,and Fuck Me! I Want You to Fuck Me! Hard!"

Bobby rolled off of Me,went over over to my dresser,pulled open the bottom drawer,and grabbed the bottle of lube. Then He gave me a wink.
"Catch Me!" He yelled and ran out of my room.
And I did. I caught him right in front of the hallway window. The one that faced Mr.Paulson's house.

I took the vase,and lamp from the table top and laid him on his back,in their place. His legs were in the air,and He was spreading his asscheeks apart,moaning as I fingered his asshole full of lube.
Then He started laughing.

"What?" I asked.
"Look! Out the window! I Think We're busted!" He giggled!
"Oh,Fuck!" I said.

Mr.Paulson had pulled the curtain aside and was staring right at Us!

"Too late now! Give It To Me! Fuck Me! Go On! Fuck Me! I Bet He Watches! I Bet He even Jerks Off!" Bobby was shouting at the window!

While I was standing there,Bobby jumped up and started rubbing his dick on the window!
"Bobby! What are You Doing?!" I cried out.

"You want to fuck Me too? Come On! Shove That Big Cock Up My Ass! Do IT! FUCK ME!" He was yelling.

I wasn't sure if He was yelling at Me or Mr.Paulson but,I wasn't going to be the one to disappoint him!

I looked back out the window and waved. I mean,it seemed like the thing to do since Mr.Paulson had dropped his pants and was tugging on his dick.

Bobby was mashing his cock and balls against the window,miming like he was giving a handjob. Suddenly,Mr.Paulson had a full blown hard-on,and He Really started beating his meat!

"Do it,Mark! Go on! Fuck Me! Please? I want to see what he does!" Bobby was begging me. He was laying on his back with his legs in the air again.
"God,Mark. Look at the size of his,hooofff!"

I made sure to drive the wind right out of him with my first thrust!
I had never fucked my little br-other that hard before. I don't know if it was all of the dirty talk,or the thought of someone watching us fucking,but I pounded away at him till I made him cry! And then,I fucked him even harder,because instead of watching Me,He had been watching Mr.Paulson!

I looked out the window just in time to watch Old Man Paulson blow his load all over the window pane,and smear it around with the head of his cock!

"Do It!" Bobby sobbed. "Cum In Me,Mark! Do IT! CUM IN ME!"

And I did,My whole body rocked with the fo-rce of my orgasm! In fact,I came so hard it made my balls hurt! But instead of pulling out,I let Bobby milk my cock with his asshole until I felt it slide down onto the tabletop.

"Help Me up,Mark." Bobby panted.

Mr.Paulson was still standing there,watching us. His fingers gripped the window sill and we could see Him saying "Thank You,Boys!". That's when Bobby squatted down on top of the table and let my cum slowly drip out of his ass to form a puddle between his feet. When He was finished,I lifted him up into my arms and carried him off to my bed.

Bobby fell as-leep almost instantly. I,on the other hand,started getting hard again because I was thinking about what Mr.Paulson may now want to do. I was determined to see what it felt like to be fucked,and now I had my chance!

Bobby farted out another blob of cum when my cockhead slid between his asscheeks,so I made sure to shove it back in when I stuffed my cock up his hole.

... Continue»
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b*****rLY LOVE

It was less than a week after my younger b*****r moved in with me that I
realized my panties were missing. I didn't make the connection at first
because, for one thing, I didn't know my b*****r very well. I was 16 years
older than he was and had been living away from home for most of his life,
first with my husband, and for the past 10 years alone in the small house
I'd gotten in the divorce settlement.
He was now 23 and a real hunk. He was staying with me in Hartford, CT, the
insurance capital of the world, while he took a course for new insurance
men. I worked at a rival insurance company taking insurance claims over the
phone and getting crash victims started through the long maze to payment.
I was pushing 40 and not exactly a fox -- my blonde hair came from a bottle
and I was starting to sag a little, especially my 38D's. It didn't occur to
me that a younger man might desire me enough to collect my panties --
especially my own k** b*****r!
I didn't mention the missing underwear to my b*****r. I still wasn't sure my
washer or dryer wasn't eating them and I didn't want him to think I was
nuts. Still, it was bugging me, so I sat down and analyzed what I knew.
First of all, I knew that my panties were disappearing after I'd worn them
and put them in the hamper. And only my sexiest panties were involved. After
careful consideration, I decided to set a trap.
I placed a pair of my naughtiest bikini panties on top of the dirty clothes
and waited. I checked hourly to make sure that they were there. I felt silly
doing it, but I had to know.
That evening about nine, my b*****r entered the bathroom to take a shower.
Less than 10 minutes before, I'd verified that the panties were still there.
After his shower I checked again and they were gone.
It hit me like a ton of bricks. I couldn't believe that my b*****r was
stealing my panties. I also wasn't sure I had the guts to face him with my
knowledge. As a matter of fact, it took me almost a week to work up the
I put another pair of used panties in the hamper and waited until he'd
showered. As soon as he left the bathroom, I made sure the panties were
missing and tapped on his bedroom door. He told me to come in, and when I
did I found him already in bed.
"My panties are missing," I blurted before I could chicken out.
Larry blushed and licked his lips nervously. "I'm sorry. I can't help
myself," he said, his voice barely above a whisper.
"What do you do with them," I asked as I walked towards the bed.
He squirmed nervously and pulled the sheet off his body. He was naked except
for my panties. I couldn't believe my eyes! The sheer crotch of my panties
hugged the shape of his huge erection.
It was my turn to blush. "Why," I choked, my legs so weak that I had to sit
on the edge of his bed to keep from falling on my face.
"I don't know," he groaned. "Panties turn me on. They always have."
"Why steal them? They're not expensive," I spurted.
"It only works after a woman has worn them," he told me. "It's the smell
that gets me excited."
While we talked, the head of his cock crept above the waistband of the
panties and a small drop of precum leaked from the tip. "I see what you
mean," I whispered, as the crotch of the panties I was wearing began to
"Do you shoot off in them," I asked, unable to control my curiosity. Larry
smiled and let his hand caress his long, stiff shaft.
"Sometimes," he beamed. "But usually I'm careful so I can use them again. If
I cum in them, they don't smell the same."
My heart fluttered with excitement. The idea of my b*****r sniffing my
pussy-scented panties sent a chill up my spine. My pussy was on fire. I was
ready to cum in my panties. "Would you like to try these," I asked as I
stood and lifted my skirt over my waist.
Larry groaned and licked his lips as his eyes devoured my exposed cunt. The
panty crotch was hot and sticky. The moist silk clung to the excited lips of
my pussy like a second skin.
Larry propped his head on his hand and when his face was within inches of my
pussy, he inhaled deeply. His cock twitched as he savored my female aroma. I
caressed his cheeks with my hands and moved my hips forward until his lips
touched my crotch. His tongue shot out automatically and traveled slowly
upward, separating the inflated lips of my pussy.
When his tongue hit my clit, I melted. I had an orgasm so delicious that it
rocked me to my toes. I shivered and moaned and stroked the back of my
b*****r's head for at least 10 minutes before I left him come up for air.
I was in the middle of my second orgasm when I glanced downward and watched
my b*****r's cock throb. "No Larry! DON'T," I shouted as he looked up
"I did something for you. Now I want you to do something for me," I said, my
heart pounding as I pulled my soaked panties off and laid back across the
bed with my knees bent and wide apart.
We were already both so aroused we knew it wouldn't take much to put us over
the edge again. Slipping between my thighs, my b*****r put the tip of his
long, thick cock at my opening and with one marvelous thrust he was inside
"That's it Larry.....OH GOD...HARDER...OH YES...OHH, OHHH...DEEPER...OH I'M
CUMING...I'M...I'M CUUUMMMMMIINGGG," I screamed as I orgasmed again and
again as my b*****r shot his hot white cream into me.
The next morning I was in my nightie frying bacon when Larry entered the
kitchen wearing only his shorts. I smiled and admired the bulge in the front
of them. My b*****r winked and gave his cock a squeeze. "It swells up like
this every time I think about last night." He laughed as he walked up behind
me and rubbed his cock against my almost bare ass.
"If you keep that up, I'm going to mess up another pair of panties," I
giggled, knowing exactly what my words would do to him. His cock grew until
I felt a raging hard-on pressed against my ass.
I pushed the frying pan off the burner and turned into my b*****r's arms.
Our lips met as his hand cupped my crotch. He fumbled around with the
elastic until a finger found my clit. He rolled it gently from side to side
while he explored my mouth with his tongue. I came again, soaking the
panties that I had on, which was exactly what he had in mind.
My body was still shaking as he knelt and pulled them carefully down my
legs. I stepped out of the skimpy sheath and picked them up, handing them to
my b*****r. He dropped them onto a dinette set chair, took ahold of my
shoulders and guided me onto the kitchen floor where we made wonderful love.
My b*****r's insurance course lasted three weeks and while Larry was with
me, we had sex in every imaginable place and time throughout the house. But
I knew it couldn't last forever. He went back to Maryland at the beginning
of July and my life drifted back to its normal boring routine of going to
work and spending lonely nights at the house.
At the beginning of August when the New England countryside was full of
tourists, my monthly visitor didn't come and my heart pounded with the
possibility that I might be going to have a baby -- my b*****r'S baby.
Two weeks later my period still hadn't arrived and I found myself sitting in
a waiting room surrounded by younger women with pregnant bellies of various
shapes and sizes.
"So you think you're pregnant. That should be easy to check out," the tall,
young handsome doctor said, handing me a small bottle to pee in. When I
returned to the examining room, he gave me a complete physical while we
waited for the results.
"Mrs. Wilson -- Nancy -- you are two months pregnant, but there are some
factors that you should consider," Dr. Weaver started. Oh Lord, I thought to
myself, he knows I screwed my b*****r. Instead he told me that I was rather
old to become a first-time mother and I would have to take some tests later
in the pregnancy to make sure the baby was healthy.
One sunny September morning I felt sick as soon as I lifted my head from the
pillow. Cupping my hand over my mouth, I hurried to the bathroom where I
knelt over the toilet throwing up again and again.
Every day for abouty two weeks my routine began about two hours early so I
could get the morning sickness out of my system before going to work. I
still looked pale and drained as I hurried to my little cubicle and got
ready before the usual barrage of insurance claims.
I was three and a half months pregnant when the first substantial changes
happened to my 39-year-old body. Overnight my normally large breasts were
swollen even more and would hardly squeeze into my bra cups and they were
very tender. Although my stomach was still flat, it seemed much firmer than
One night when I got home from work there was a letter waiting from Larry.
Sitting down in my easy chair, I opened the envelope and started reading:
"Dear s*s, I really miss the wonderful sex we had together. I think about it
all the time as I run my hand over my stiff, thick shaft. I still use your
panties but they're beginning to loose your delicious aroma. I was wondering
if you'd be a naughty girl and send me another pair..."
I didn't think I was going to have a problem complying with that. Slipping
off my shoes, I stood up to unsnap and unzip my skirt and left it fall to
the livingroom floor. My heart was already pounding as I unbuttoned my
blouse then sat back down in my chair to remove my stockings.
Reaching behind my back, I unhooked my bra and dropped it to the carpeting
before I leaned back in my chair and closed my eyes. Moving my hands to my
plump swollen breasts, it was easy to imagine that my b*****r was fondling
them. Soon my breasts were firm, my nipples pouting as I was breathing
Moving my knees wider apart, I slipped my right hand under the waistband of
my panties to my already moist pussy. I moaned with pleasure as I moved my
fingers over my pussy lips until they were wet. Putting three fingers
together I jammed them into my overheated cunt, moving them in and out,
faster and faster. When I was on the verge of my orgasm I removed my
fingers, pulled the silk of my panties tight against my crotch and screamed
with pleasure as I totally drenched them.
Slipping out of my panties, I walked naked to the kitchen where I put them
in a ziplock bag, wrote my b*****r's address on a mailing envelope and
sealed it. This was the least I can do for giving me you, I thought as I
rubbed my firm stomach.
In October the New England countryside was changing to fall colors and I was
doing some changing too. My normally slender stomach was definately pouching
outward as my unborn baby began to grow. I loved to stand naked in front of
a mirror and rub my hands over the firm bump in my lower belly.
My OB/GYN said it was time to take tests to see if the baby was okay. I had
to drink so much water that I thought I would burst and the only thing I
could fit around my waist was an old pair of gray sweatpants with a draw
While I lay on the examining table, a nurse smeared blue gel over my
slightly bulging belly that was so cold I thought I was going to piss
myself. Then Dr. Weaver moved a wand-like instrument over me and I could see
images of my baby on a small screen. I closed my eyes when he stuck a big
needle into my belly to get a sample of the fluid surrounding the baby. By
the time I was dressed again the results were back and I knew my baby was
perfectly healthy.
I had to go to the bathroom so bad I could hardly keep still. But the light
was on at the restroom. Somebody else was in there. Placing a hand to my
crotch I gently squeezed as I walked down the hallway to the elevator. Only
two more floors to go when the elevator suddenly jerked and uncontrolably I
began pissing myself. At least there was nobody in the elevator as the
crotch and then the inner legs of my gray cotton sweatpants got darker and
darker with my escaping piss.
When my prenatal vitamins kicked when I was four and a half months pregnant
my 39-year-old body really started to change. My appetite was enormous and I
was eating much larger portions than normal. Before long I had a hard time
fitting into my clothes. My blouses were too tight, I had to pin my shirts
and slacks, and wear sweaters to hide the bulge in my lower belly.
I really loved my job even though we were all like little islands divided by
the walls of our cubicles. I was in the middle of straightening out a dented
fender and dinged door when suddenly I felt a flutter from deep inside me.
Working my hand under my sweater to my bare rounded tummy I marveled I felt
my baby move for the first time.
Winter arrived with full f***e in November as I started my fifth month and I
couldn't put off the inevidable any longer. I could barely squeeze into my
loosest clothes. On Saturday I braved the snow and drove to a shopping mall
on the edge of town.
It didn't take a genius to know where to start shopping for maternity
clothes. My normally large breasts were now filling with milk and would
barely fit in my bra cups and the waistband of my panties was making tracks
around my expanding middle.
With the baby due in the middle of March, I concentrated on winter clothes
-- slacks and skirts with wide elastic bands for my growing tummy, dresses
and smocks with belts that tied back, a few turtlenecks, support stockings,
maternity slips and a warm flannel nightgown. When the clerk rang up the
bill, I nearly fainted. This baby was going to make me dig into my nest egg,
but then I was beginning to look like an egg myself.
As I sat in Dr. Weaver's waiting room, the baby tossed and turned inside me.
I couldn't resist moving my hands to my growing five and a half months
pregnant belly. It was so wonderful to feel life growing inside me when I
thought it would never happen.
Laying on the examining table, I couldn't see my pointed toes because of my
rounded belly. I was absolutely quiet as Dr. Weaver moved the cold
stethoscope piece over the baby. "Sounds very good, Nancy. Want to listen,"
he offered and I jumped at the chance.
My baby's heartbeat sounded so strong and healthy that I gave Dr. Weaver a
big hug. When I released him I couldn't help noticing the giant bulge in his
By the time I got to my car I had a burning in my cunt that needed immediate
attention. Turning the heater up as high as it would go, I started driving.
When it started getting warm, I unbuttoned my maternity coat, reached under
my smock, and worked my fingers under the elastic band of my slacks to the
crotch of my panties. That was all the further I could go and keep the car
on the road.
Oh God, it felt so good as I cupped my smoldering pussy with my whole hand,
squeezing it, rubbing my fingers over the silk that covered my opening.
There was a light ahead turning yellow. I stopped the car and kept
masturbating. Oh Lord, it was happening! I could feel my orgasm building. I
rubbed faster....harder until it happened. I creamed my panties as the
driver behind me honked his horn. The light was green. Well baby, we have
another pair of panties for your father -- my b*****r, I thought as the baby
At work I'd managed to keep my pregnancy a secret, but as I started my sixth
month in December, it was impossible. Even under my winter coat my rounded
belly was quite apparent. One morning I took off my coat, straighted my
back, which pushed out my pregnant belly even more and paraded through the
office. I was really surprised when everybody stopped by my cubicle to
congratulate me.
By the time I got home from work my curved back was aching, I had to piss
really bad, and God I was hungry! After going to the bathroom, I made myself
a giant omelet and sat down to eat and read my mail as the baby did forward
rolls inside my well-rounded tummy.
I stopped when I came to a letter from my b*****r. Dropping my fork, I
opened it and started reading: Dear s*s, Thanks for the panties. They're
really come in handy, if you get my drift. I couldn't stand the thought of
both of us spending the holidays alone so I've arranged a vacation so we can
spend them together...."
That night before bed I took a wonderful bubble bath as my unborn baby
tossed and kicked inside me. The baby really loved it when I was in the
water, maybe it was because it made my body warmer. Carefully getting out of
the tub, it took me two towels to dry myself off. When I was finished I
could resist examining my naked six and a half months pregnant body in the
full-length bathroom mirror.
God my body looked so different! My once large sagging breasts were now even
plumper as they filled with milk and the circles around my nipples had
changed color to a rich chocolate. They were so sensitive it was easy to
make my nipples get hard. My pregnant belly was firm and well-rounded, I was
about 19 pounds heavier than normal. There was a faint dark line running
down the middle of my belly. Even my hips seemed wider and flatter to
support the added weight of the baby.
"Boy is Larry going to be surprised when he sees my Christmas present," I
said rubbing my big pregnant belly.
My b*****r called to tell he was coming two days before Christmas. I took
the day off, telling my supervisor I had a doctor's appointment. I wanted to
look my best for Larry. I put on my best maternity dress, combed my long
blonde hair, and put on makeup for the first time in ages. Even the baby
could sense my nervousness. It was especially active with strong kicks and
My heart was pounding almost as loud as my b*****r knocking on the door.
"Nancy, how are..." Larry stopped in mid sentence when he saw my nearly
seven months pregnant stomach. " the baby mine," he asked shakily.
"Yes. I haven't been with anybody else in ages," I answered. "I've wanted to
have my own baby for so long."
"But won't it be born with two heads or something...because we're b*****r
and s****r," he asked.
"No silly. They had to run tests because I'm supposed to be too old to have
a baby. They said the baby is perfectly normal," I smiled.
By the time my b*****r got settled in we were both pretty tired. The next
morning he was still sl**ping when I left for work. My curved back was
aching and I really had to piss when I finally beat the traffic to get home.
Larry had a pot of beef stew simmering on the stove. After relieving myself,
I dug into the delicious meal as my b*****r watched me.
"What are you looking at," I asked, taking a bite.
"'re glowing," he told me.
With my well-rounded belly it was safer for Larry to wash while I dried. My
b*****r's bulging hard-on was difficult to ignore. God I wanted to fuck with
him! Timidly I reached out and touched it.
"Can we do it without hurting the baby," he asked.
"Well, the whips and chains are definately out," I laughed as I took his
hand and led him to my bedroom. "The baby won't even know what we are
My b*****r stripped down to his shorts quickly, then laid across my bed. He
watched intently as I unbuttoned my maternity dress and left it fall to the
floor, followed by my bra. Bending over, my heavy milk-filled breasts hung
as I rolled down my stockings.
"Well, what do you think," I asked, turning sideways so he could see my big
bulging belly.
"I...I've never seen a pregnant woman before," he told me.
"Do you like what you see," I asked, crawling onto the bed beside him to
touch his giant erection.
Magically we were in each other's arms, kissing longingly as our bodies
pressed together when the baby gave me a strong kick. "What was that," my
b*****r exclaimed. "The baby, silly. It moves all the time and it's getting
stronger," I answered as my b*****r's hands found my plump breasts.
OH GOD....OHHH GOD YES," I moaned with pleasure. Soon my heavy breasts were
firm with bullet hard nipples standing tall. I groaned each time Larry's
tongue touched them. When my b*****r started sucking on them, I nearly went
I screamed as my milk shot into my b*****r's mouth and I drenched my
maternity panties at the same time.
"I want you to fuck me! FUCK ME NOW," I moaned but we soon discovered that
was easier said than done. My tremendous tummy was definately an obstacle.
Awkwardly getting to my hands and knees, my b*****r moved his stiff cock to
my dripping pussy from behind and with a wonderful thrust he pushed it into
Soon my bed was creaking as we rocked back and forth while Larry reached
forward to fondle my breasts. OHH, OH MY....OH YES. FUCK ME HARDER," I
groaned as my giant pregnant belly rocked with each massive thrust from my
b*****r. "OOHHH GOD! I...I'M CUM....CUMMMMIIINNNGGG," I screamed as I had a
toe curling orgasm.
Larry and I had a wonderful Christmas, having terrific hot sex every time
his cock got hard. I'm sure I was in better shape from all the exercise.
"You will let me know how everything comes out," my b*****r said patting my
big rounded belly before he left for home. "You'll be the second to know," I
told him.
During my seventh month in January, the baby continued to grow inside me. By
the middle I'd gained 23 pounds and my pregnant belly was getting quite
large. I loved rubbing my hands over my smooth, stretched skin and feeling
the baby moved. I was amazed how men looked at they really wanted
to fuck me.
When I started my eighth month in February, I knew it was time to trade my
computer for diapers and baby clothes. I had grand plans of catching up on
my sl**p but my unborn baby had other ideas.
"Oh baby, it's only nine o'clock! You kept me up all night with your knees
and elbows, now you want to get me up at this ungodly hour," I moaned
rubbing my giant well-rounded belly through my nightgown. "Having you in
there is making your mommy SOOOOO horny."
Under the warm blankets, I unbuttoned my nightgown and moved my hands to my
plump, milk-filled breasts. Soon I was moaning with pleasure as my nipples
were so very hard. Taking my nipples between my fingers and thumbs I began
squeezing them until my milk was flowing out and dripping on my mammoth
eight months pregnant mound.
Reaching lower I began rubbing my overheated pregnant pussy as the baby gave
me some powerful kicks. Plunging two fingers into my pussy I moved them
faster and faster, then I found my swollen clit. "Oh baby.....your mommy is
cummming," I moaned as an orgasm overpowered me.
A week later I had my checkup with Dr. Weaver. "The baby sounds strong and
is in a perfect position to be born," he told me. "I want you to put your
feet up and take it easy for a while. At your age you're more likely to go
into premature labor."
My next stop was the baby shop where I bought a crib and changing table and
lots of clothes that seemed incredibly tiny compared to my tremendous tummy.
Over the next few weeks I worked on the nursery and rested and my nearly
nine months pregnant belly became gigantic.
As I moved into my ninth month I had to admit that I was really nervous.
Every time the baby moved funny inside me, I feared I was going into labor
but I just kept getting bigger until I'd gained 35 pounds and my belly
looked like a beach ball.
One morning I knew something was different as soon as I woke up. But it
wasn't until I struggled out of bed that I realized I had dropped. REALLY
DROPPED! My nine and a half months pregnant belly had shifted because the
baby had moved deeper into my pelvis. My tremendous belly just jutted
outward and my belly button has popped out.
A week later I was still very pregnant and the weather outside was
definately frightful. Sitting on a couch with my feet up and a pillow under
my curved back, I munched on a box of chocolate cupcakes and watched
television. I was going to miss not being able to eat everything in sight.
When I woke up in the middle of the night, I thought it was just my instinct
telling me it was time to go to the bathroom. But as I became more awake I
realized my nightgown, blankets and sheet under me were soaking wet. I
started to sit up whenb out of the blue a sharp pain cut down the middle of
my back and around my sides; making me double over my giant oblong belly,
moaning in pain.
Come on, Nancy, keep calm, I told myself as my heart pounded. The first
thing I had to do was call Dr. Weaver to tell him I was leaving for the
hospital. Pressure was building again as I reached to my nightstand and
pulled the telephone onto the bed. Finding the receiver, I put it to my ear
but I didn't hear anything.I clicked the button and still nothing. IT WAS
Before I could think what to do, the next contraction hit and I doubled
over. According to the clock, they were only five minutes apart. I had to
get dressed and to the hospital! Surely there would be someone there who
could help me deliver my baby. Pressure was building deep in my lower back
as I tried to struggle to my feet. I was standing when the contraction hit.
It was so strong I couldn't help droping to a crouch and pushing.
I had to get to the hospital, and in a hurry. Getting my breath back, I got
clean underwear from my dresser before a contraction made me brace my hands
against it to keep standing. My back was aching as I sat down on the edge of
my bed to fish my feet through the leg holes of my panties and maternity
slacks. After slipping on a smock and my shoes I got my coat and overnight
bag. Pressure was back again as I opened the front door.
Oh God, I couldn't believe it! There was at least two feet of snow on the
ground and it was blowing all over the place. That's why the phone wasn't
working. At that moment the contraction slammed though me -- so much
pressure low in my belly and deep ibn my hips. I couldn't keep from pushing.
There was a sudden releasing of pressure and the crotch of my slacks was
soaked as my water ran down my legs.
My heart pounded as I realized I wasn't going to make it to the hospital. I
would have to deliver my baby alone. Contractions came with increasing
strength and frequency as I tried to gather everything I needed to give
birth. When they hit I had to lean against something as I clutched my
panting giant oblong belly. I tried not to push, but sometimes I couldn't
help it.
When I had everything, I waddled slowly up the steps to my bedroom. Please
God, let my baby be born all right, I prayed as I lowered my heavy pregnant
body to my mattress. I tried to remember everything I had read about giving
birth. As impossible as it seemed, I had to keep calm, to let my body relax
so the baby could move more easily inside me.
The contractions were coming almost constantly when it started to get light
outside. Even though I was naked and covered only by a thin sheet, I was
covered with sweat. Then suddenly it was happening. Amid my frantic panting
and f***eful short pushes, I felt my unborn baby moving down my birth canal.
Reaching over my seemingly swollen belly, I felt my fully dilated opening
and knew it was time to deliver my baby. Pressure was building again low in
my pelvis and deep in my hips. When it hit, I gripped the wet sheet under me
until my knuckles turned white as I groaned and beared down.
Oh God, it was such a strange feeling! Moving my hand to my crotch I felt my
baby's hairy head crowning my opening.
Placing my bent knees wide apart with my bare feet flat on the mattress, I
gathered my strength as the pressure built inside me again. When the
contraction gripped me, I put the heels of my hands under my breasts where
my oblong belly began and sat up as I grunted and pushed, screaming with a
mixture of pain and pleasure as my baby's head pushed out of me in a gush.
My hands were shaking as I supported the baby's head. On the next
contraction I carefully turned the shoulders and delivered my baby. Even
before I could wipe her off and clean her nose and mouth, my newborn
daughter was pink and crying lustfully as her tiny body squirmed on my
"I know...I know...getting up at this hour of the morning is a real bitch.
But I've waited so long to see you and hold you in my arms, my precious
daughter," I told her as she calmed down. Holding her to my heavy,
milk-filled breast she began to timidly suck then with more f***e when she
tasted the sweet milk.
"You know, sweetheart," I said doing my best Bogart as I looked as my
daughter's angel face, "this could be the start of a beautiful friendship."... Continue»
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Motherly & s****rly love pt 2

After my little fun I had with mum, I had a taste for more, I looked at my s****rs in a different light and wondered what they where like naked. I waited until all where out and drilled a small hole in both walls so I could spy on my s****rs.I set it so I could see them very clearly and left it, I only had to wait a while when Chelsea was in her room. I sat with my eye to the hole as I watched her undress.

She had a sexy underwear set on she undone her bra to show a nice pair of tits with tanned nipples she took her painties off she was shaved as well as mum was, she lay on the bed as she rubbed her pussy, I got my cock out and rubbed it as she closed her eyes her hand feeling her tits, she stopped and produced a dildo from her bedside draw and slid it into her pussy like a man fucking her. I rubbed my cock with vigour as I cum my cock went limp dripping cum on the floor.

Chelsea had no idea I was watching as she drove her dido into her pussy she pulled out and a spray of fluid came from her slit. I carried on watching as she lay there regainning her sences her pussy was amazing and I wanted to fuck her even tho I was her baby b*****r, she got dressed and went about her buisness.

Later that day Mandy was in her room with her boyfriend Alan he was cool and well fun to hang around with, he was a trainee footballer for a conference side and often got me tickets to matches, I sat at the hole and watched them a bit perverted, but hey it was interesting. They where kissing Alan was grabbing many's tits as she unzipped alan reaching in to pull out a massive piece of meat, tha could only be discribed as a womens dream cock.

Mandy rubbed it as Alan took her clothes off they where going to fuck and I had front row seats, I got my cock ready and watched, Mandy started to suck his cock as he moaned her mouth not able to take it all in, he had his hand on her now bare pussy running his finger over her lips as they moved up the bed.
Mandy lay on her back legs wide open and Alan fed his monster into her, he moved in and out as she groaned away moving faster until she begged for more all of a sudden he stopped and cum in her when he got off her pussy dribbled cum from it, she sucked him dry and got dressed and went out, I was that horny I jacked of twice.

2 days later Chelsea and Mandy where in mandy's room I walked in with a smug grin and Mandy said wtf do you want I looked at both saying a fuck would do,or i'll tell mum you was fucking Andy and Chelsea has a dildo, they both said how did I know, I said give us your pussy and i'll tell you both. Chelsea said ok but hope you can satisfy us both, they took of their clothes and laid on the bed, I got inbetween Mandy's legs and started to lick her slit whilst rubbed Chelsea's pussy.

I took of all my clothes and got my cock near Mandy's pussy as I slowly pushed in she groaned turning her head to Chelsea saying it felt good, I moved faster making Mandy cum before I unloaded my cum into her, she screamed a orgasm that could be heard all over the house thank god the parents we'rnt home. Mandy said where did I learn to fuck like that I shrugged my shoulders looking at Chelsea wanting the same, I sucked her nipples and played with her pussy making her cum a few times wanting to be fucked like mandy, I told her to get on her knees and i would.

As I got up and behind I looked and Chelseas tits hung down my cock jumped to attention as I cupped them skweezing them gently before pushing my cock into her pussy she gassped as it stretched her pussy lips, she lent over and sucked Mandy's nipples whilst Mandy rubbed her clit demanding I watched her like a good boy or she would have to punish me hard, as I fucked Chelsea I spanked her ass leaving a hand track as I did she said she was cumming and begged me not to stop, I rammed in harder and harder as Chelsea shook and groaned loudly her pussy muscles contracting as she cum.

I lay inbetween them whilst they sucked and rubbed my cock they asked how I knew about their stuff I told them I had a hole drilled in both walls and watched them, Chelsea grabbed my cock tightly and rubbed it hard I shot a stream of cum out as they shared it between them, as we lay there we decided that we should keep this going a few times and suggested we spy on mum and dad to see what it looks like, I sorted it out and got a few spy cameras from a mate who made films of his s****r fucking her boyfriend and selling them to mates.

The day arrived we had arranged to spy on them and sat in the attick waiting for the action to begin, we knew they where still at it as we had heard them some nights and some afternoons as well. Their bedroom door opened and we looked it wasnt dad but some black guy, we looked in horror mum was cheating on dad, the filming started, mum got his cock out and started to suck his very large dick Mandy whispered it was bigger than Andy, we watched as mum sucked it all down her throat as she removed her clothes. He lifted her up and bent her over slamming his massive cock into her banging it making her scream out until he cum in her, they got dressed and left both Mandy and Chelsea had their hand on their pussy's rubbing their clits.

I helped both rub thier pussy's until they cum licking my fingers after of their jucies, we lay their talking about mum and then heard noises mum came back into the room and we heard dads voice, we looked to see him getting out of the wardrobe he had spied on her, being fucked he got his cock out and told her to suck it like a dirty whore she was, removing her clothes he pushed her back and fucked her like a sex starved man banging his firm cock into her and up her ass as well, he told her what to do and she did it no quetions asked.

The girls looked as dad rammed his cock into mum as I unzipped and rubbed my hard dick, Mandy saw me and lent over and sucked my cock her warm tounge wrapped around the head I reached inbetween her legs and slipped 3 fingers into her her sticky jucies coated my fingers as I pushed them into her chelsea watched as she rubbed her nipples getting her tit out and feeding her nipple into my mouth,we heard mum and dad cumming as he emptied his load into her pussy.

I shook and mandy knew I was cumming she swallowed my cum down her throat covering my mouth to stop me alerting them to our precents, as chelsea sighed and removed her stiff nipple from my mouth we watched as mum and dad lay on the bed, dads spent cock laying on his thy. When it was clear we went back to Chelseas room and Mandy confessed she would love to suck on dads cock just to taste it, Chelsea said well a cock is a cock and tastes the same no matter what.

We watched what we had filmed and made copies blanking out mum and dads faces so no one knew, I got to be in mums room again and this time I fucked her making her cum so hard she faint with a orgasm she admitted that had never happened before mandy and Chelsea had watched it all and demanded the same that I duly obligsed them with.... Continue»
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b*****rly love, almost getting caught!

So me and my b*****r had been fucking for a while now and our mum had no idea what was happenin, even though we had a bit of difficulty keeping quite when we were fucking each other hard at night. But by the morning of our first day on holiday she knew.
We were staying in a villa in Turkey, we each had a room to ourselfs with our own bathrooms and a private pool. We arrived late the night before so we were all having a long lie, by the time i got up my mum was already up and sunbathing. Now i've always had a thing for my mum, she is slim with nice big perky breast and a firm round ass. She likes to keep herself in shape, think that was one of the thing my dad couldn't handle as he let himself go and she was always getting attention from other men.
So she was laying there in her bikini all oiled up with bronzing oil and i just stood there watchin her from the balcony slowly getting hard when i feel my b*****rs hands on my ass. I must had made a noise because my mum looked up and asked us if we were joining her. My b*****r turned round and says that "we will be down in a couple of mins" all the while he is sliding a hand into my shorts and starts rubbing my tight little hole. I turn around and go to walk into my room thinkin that he will remove his hand and follow me but he doesn't, his hand is now on my cock and he pulls me in close to him.
"get on your knees and suck me right here and now" he say.
"but mum could see or she could come up the stairs at any minute and find us" i reply
"the danger will be hot, just for a few minutes then we can go into my room and i can see to that ass of yours and that erection."
So i got on my knee and pulled his cock out, licking the head and tasting the precum that is already forming. He grabs the back of my head and pushes his cock deep down my throat, i start to gag but we both like it like that, the harder he face fucks me the more turned on i get. I completly forget where we are and the fact we could get caught and i'm moaning and drolling all over myself and my b*****rs cock.
"come on let go to my room before you make too much noise" he says and he pulls me up and takes off his shorts.
When we get into his room he pushes the door to but doesn't close it completly and pushes me on the bed. He grabs my shorts by the waist band and yanks them down freeing my now rock hard cock. He climbs on the bed and positions us in the 69 and starts sucking my cock taking it deep into his throat as im doing the same to him. He pushes my leg apart and spits on my hole before licking it and spreadin the spit around to get is nice and wet. He then stick two fingers in and finger fucks me as he moves his mouth back to my cock. I am in complete heaven now with his cock fuckin my face, my cock down his throat and him giving me a good finger fucking at the same time. I get close to cumming when he stops.
"you aint gonna cum till i have filled you ass with my cum, then you are gonna give me your juice for my breakfast".
He flips me over and pulls me up onto all fours and start rubbing ky jelly onto my hole, then i feel it, the tip of his cock slowly push at my hole. It enters me slowly, he is teasing me cause he know how much i love him stretchin my ass open, so i push back and take his whole length in me. He lets out a groan and stays still for a while, enjoyin he tightness around his cock. Then he pull out slightly then slams it back in and i let out a loud moan not caring if im heard, so he then starts fucking me slow at first then getting faster and faster. Then out of no where we hear a noise, it sounds just like a moan so he stops, cock still in my ass we turn and look at the door which has now opened up. We hear nothing else so he starts fucking me again.
"shouldn't you close the door?" i ask
"do you really want me to take my cock out of your ass? he replies as he slowly starts to pull out.
"no" and i push back taking him all the way back in.
"good" and he pushes my face down into the bed and really starts to fuck me hard. It doesn't take long for him to start jerking and shooting a big load deep into my ass. When he is finished he pulls out and gets underneath me and starts deep throating my cock and i can feel his cum dripping out of my ass and landing on his chest, with this and the fucking of a life time i have just had it doesn't take long for me to cum and i shoot my load into his mouth. I roll onto my back and he comes up on top of me and gives me a kiss letting me taste some of my own cum and smearin his own to my chest.
"i fucking needed that" he says.
"me to" is all that i can manage.
"come on mum will be wondering where we are" he say and starts putting clothes on. I climb of the bed and pull my shorts up. We start joking around and wrestling on the bed when we here a cough. Mum was standing at the door, we were both still toppless and the cum hadn't fully dried.
"i was wondering what was taking you two so long, so i thought i would come up and see what you two were doing" she said. We didn't know how long she had been there so we just said that we were coming.
She smiled and said "good one of you has to rub oil on my back"
I could clearly see that there was a wet patch on her bikini bottoms but didn't say anything, didn't want to push my luck. I was already fucking my hot as fuck b*****r i didn't think i would be lucky enough to get to fuck my hot mum as well. (or could i?)

Thanks for reading.
Comment and let me know if you want more. ... Continue»
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Amy went through her suitcase again for about the hundredth time. She was going to visit her older b*****r James. She hadn't seen him in months and wanted to make sure everything would be perfect. James had recently finished college and moved into his own apartment in Northern Virginia. Amy had just turned 18 and still lived with her parents but for the weekend she would be adult control free because of course she didn't count James. She had just zipped her suitcase closed when she heard the car pull into the driveway. James was finally here. She had told her parents goodbye that morning, knowing they wouldn't be home from work before she left. So she ran down the stairs to open the door for her b*****r and jumped into his arms.

James hugged his s****r to him, feeling her warmth seep into him. She had grown so much in the years he'd been away to college. Of course he had seen her in that time but every time it hit him how much she had changed. Now as he sat her back down and looked her over he could see her breasts were fuller, her hips a little wider. She was wearing a tight pink V-neck t-shirt and jean mini skirt. Her long dark hair tumbled off her shoulders and she smiled up at him with an all too welcoming mouth. He couldn't deny that he had fantasized about her several times in a far from b*****rly way.

"So are you ready to go s*s?" he asked hoping his expression didn't give away where his thoughts had turned.

"Let me just grab my suitcase."

James watched as she ran up the stairs catching a glimpse of a blue lace thong in the mini skirt. He tried to stomp down on his excitement reminding himself she was his s****r. Then she came back into view and he suddenly realized he wasn't sure that he cared.

Two hours later they were still in the car catching up on everything they had missed in each other's lives when they passed a truck where people were selling watermelons. Amy noticed and asked "Hey do you want a watermelon?" James didn't know what possessed him but he responded "Why do we need those when we've got two melons right here?" and then gestured to her chest.

Amy didn't say anything and James realized his mistake. "Amy I'm sorry I shouldn't have said that."

"No. It's okay. I mean I guess I'm just glad someone noticed they're there."

"What are you talking about?"

"Nothing. I mean just sometimes I feel invisible. I don't think anyone notices me."

"I don't think anyone could not notice you. You're gorgeous Amy."

"Yeah right. You're my b*****r you are just being nice."

"I'm serious Amy. You are the prettiest girl I've ever met."

The sincerity in his voice couldn't be denied so she gave a simple "Thank you."

James deciding a change in topic was needed asked "So do you want me to go back and get you a watermelon."

Amy sounding much more confident said "No, maybe we'll just eat mine."

Amy's comment had left James confused and speechless so the rest of the ride was pretty quiet.

Later that night James handed Amy heard 3rd beer and he went to sit by her on the couch. Earlier he had decided Amy must be attracted to him as he was to her. Why else would she make that comment about eating her melons? So he had decided to do what guys had been doing for centuries. He was getting her d***k. Then he was going to make his move. He knew she was a light weight and very under experienced drinker so by the time she'd had her 4th beer he knew it was time.

James put his arm around her as they sat on the couch, her head laid on his chest as they watched the movie, well he assumed she was watching, he really had no idea what was going on, he was too focused on those previously discussed melons that were pressed up against his side.

Then he caught part of the story line of the movie. A group of people were talking about their first time at sex. He briefly wondered what the hell are we watching? And then he realized this was his chance. So he asked "What about you Amy? How was your first time?"

Startled she raised up away from him and her cheeks began to burn with embarrassment. This just made him more curious so he said "Come on, you can tell me."

"I... I'm not..." she mumbled something he couldn't make out.

"You're not what? Going to tell me? Come on I'll tell you about mine."

"There's nothing to tell. I'm a virgin okay!" She shouted almost angrily.

James couldn't hide his astonishment. His s****r really was beautiful. He couldn't believe that no guy had ever tried so that meant she had never let them.

"I messed around with a guy I dated for a while he wanted to do more. I didn't"

"Can I ask why?" he asked gently.

"I didn't like what we were doing so why would I want to do more?"

"What didn't you like?"

She suddenly realized who she was talking to and said, "I don't think I should be talking to you about this."

"I'm your b*****r Amy. You can talk to me about anything."

She took a deep breath and then launched into it. "Well he fingered me and it felt really uncomfortable not good like you hear it's supposed to. It hurt. And then he wanted me to give him a blow job and I tried but he just kept pushing on the back of my head pushing it back into my throat choking me and he wouldn't stop. I refused to do it anymore after that and he said there was something wrong with me because I didn't like it and then he broke up with me."

James tried to fight off his hard-on at the same time that he wanted to choke the asshole that did this to his s****r. He pulled her into his arms. "There is nothing wrong with you. He was stupid and didn't know what he was doing but there is nothing wrong with you."

He saw the tears forming in her eyes and he pressed a kiss to her forehead, her eyelids, her nose....her mouth. Her eyes popped open and searched his with confusion.

"Let me show you how it's supposed to feel. He whispered against her lips. I promise it will be so good and if you don't like something I swear I'll stop. Okay."

She nodded and that's all it took for him to claim her mouth again. He kissed his way down her throat, sucked and bit. She moaned.

He pulled her shirt up over her head revealing a blue lace bra that he knew matched the panties she wore. He moved his hands up to cup the soft mounds. He felt her nipples puckering against his palms. He reached behind her and unclasped her bra watching as they bounced free of their bondage. "God you're beautiful." Then he bent down to suck each nipple into his mouth before he moved lower. He slid his hand down pulling her skirt down and off and then moved back up to cover her mound. He let his fingers slide up and down the crease of her panties and felt her body stiffen in response.

He released her long enough to pull off his own t-shirt and shorts leaving him in just his boxers and her in the blue see through scrap of lace where a damp spot was forming. He leaned down to sniff her sex. Oh it was wonderful. He couldn't wait any longer he had to see that gorgeous pussy. He started to slide down her panties. She raised her hips to help him which gave him a bird's eye view of her warm wet pussy. Using just the tip of one finger he ran it down her naked slit, already leaking her juices then he sucked his finger into his mouth tasting her. "Mmm so sweet baby."

He leaned closer and gave a slow deliberate lick. "Ohhh!" she screamed out in shock. He continued to lick into her and then suck on her clit. She was moaning and massaging her tits. And then she came. The most powerful orgasm he'd ever seen. "Ohh Oh James. Oh Don't stop..." as she continued humping his face. Her juices running down his chin. Then he quickly stuck his finger in breaking her hymen in one swift move trying to make the pain as little as possible. She took a sharp breath and cried out in pain. He held his finger still until she got used to it's intrusion then after a minute she began to rock her body against it. He felt the walls of her pussy clamp down on his finger drawing it into her. She was so tight. He couldn't wait to fuck her. He kept it at her pace when she sped up so did his hand and then when he thought she was ready he put in a second finger and she jolted into another orgasm. When she came back down from her orgasm he was there on the couch holding her in his arms. "Oh James, thank you, that was so good. "

"Anytime baby anytime." James couldn't stop smiling. His dick was hard as a rock but right then he didn't care because he'd gotten to touch his beautiful baby s****r and before the weekend was over he planned to do a lot more.

Amy was apparently thinking the same thing as she began to cautiously rub her hand over the tent in his boxers. She wrapped her hand around him through the thin material. "Now what are we going to do about you?"

Amy could not begin to describe how happy she was. Her b*****r was holding her tight against him and she had never felt better. She felt like she was exactly where she was meant to be, in his arms. She loved him with all of her heart and now they had a new type of love that she couldn't wait to explore. He had given her such great pleasure that she wanted to return the favor so she slipped her hand down his chest to rest on his hard cock and asked "Now what are we going to do with you?"

James could barely contain his moan as her small hand reached into the opening of his boxers and wrapped around his naked member. She gave a gentle stroke and then released, moving her hands up to the waistband of his boxers, easing them down his thighs. She leaned her head down towards his cock and then looked up at him with those innocent brown eyes. "I want to try to do this, but you have to be gentle with me okay?"

James quickly nodded in consent, even pinning his hands above his head to show her she had control. Then she bent down and gave his cock a slow lick from the base all the way to the tip and back down the other side. She kissed her way back to the tip and then opened her mouth to take in the mushroom head. She sucked it further into her mouth swirling her tongue around the head while using her hand to stroke his shaft. He couldn't control the moans coming from deep in his throat. They matched the ones coming from her, muffled by the cock in her mouth. "I think you need to be gentle with me" James said in a hormone induced daze as he looked down at her. He found her looking back up at him as she continued to suck him farther into her hot mouth. He could see it in her eyes, little s****r was enjoying herself. She continued sucking him farther down her throat. She had almost taken it all when she started to gag. James refused to move. He would let her take as much of him as she wanted but he wouldn't push it. She deserved better and she was having so much fun being in control.


Amy could see that James was having a hard time keeping control. He was trying to stay still and let her have her way with him. She was enjoying the feel of him in her mouth. The way his cock would tense and twitch uncontrollably as she licked and sucked. She had tried to do what she knew of as deep throat but it had made her gag. So she slid her mouth back up until she only had the tip in her mouth again before slowly sliding back down, she did this several times until she could eventually taking him all the way down her throat. She was determined to give him as much pleasure as he had given her and from the moaning he was doing she thought she was. As she continued to lap at his cock she used her hand to caress his balls, she weighed them in her hands and gave a gentle squeeze. James began to moan louder. "Oh yeah Amy...oh don't stop baby, suck me like that...oh grab my balls." She continued sucking and stroking and eventually felt his body tense. She felt his hand on the back of her head and she froze afraid he was going to be rough. She should have known her b*****r wouldn't do that. Instead he was warning her he was about to cum. She just continued sucking. He gave up and gave into his body as the first spurts of hot cum shot into her mouth. He was salty and delicious and she drank as much of it as she could, just a small amount escaping down her chin to drip off onto her naked breast. She continued to lick him clean and he left his hand on her head, never pushing, just stroking her hair.

She crawled back up his body, laying on him as they both lay on the couch. Slowly as his shudders subsided he looked up at his beautiful s****r lying on top of him. "Amy that was amazing."

"Really I did okay?" she asked still seeming to need assurance.

"Better than anything I have ever experienced. Seriously you are so good at that. And I can't believe you swallowed. Most girls hate that."

"Really?" she asked looking surprised "I thought it tasted good."

And that statement was all it took. He was instantly hard again.

Amy's eyes lit up with surprise as she felt him harden against her thigh. "For me?" she asked.

James couldn't help but laugh at his own good fortune. "I'm going to have so much fun with you this weekend."

James lay in bed thinking of the events that happened the night before. It felt like it had been a dream. He had finally gotten to touch his baby s****r and she had touched him back. After they had thoroughly explored each other's sexes she had curled up on his chest and promptly fell asl**p. He had wanted to carry her to his bed and cuddle with her all night long but he was afraid of how she would feel in the morning and had carried her to his guest bedroom instead. Now as he climbed out of bed and headed to the bathroom for a shower he still worried. Last night had been the best night of his life, but would his s****r feel the same way? She had been drinking. Would she think he had taken advantage of her? Would she hate him or love him the way he loved her? He didn't know the answers to any of these questions so he decided he would just act normal as if nothing had happened and let her make the first move, whether that was running into his arms or running out the front door, he didn't know.

Amy woke up with a headache, knowing she had d***k too much the night before. She couldn't remember anything after her 3rd beer. She and James had been sitting on the couch watching a movie and then everything just went kind of foggy. She must have passed out and James carried her to bed. He's such a sweet b*****r. She slowly climbed out of bed and d**g herself down the hall to take a shower. She opened the bathroom door and began to walk in when she realized the shower was already running. She stopped and began to back out trying to quietly close the door. She had it halfway closed when it gave a loud creak.

"Amy?" she heard James call from in the shower.

"Hey James, sorry I didn't realize you were in there" she said through the open crack in the door.

"It's okay. Come on in if you want." He had his fingers crossed hoping she would.

"That's okay. I can't wait." She started to back out of the bathroom, stopping when she heard him speak again.

"I'm done anyway." He quickly shut the water off, pulled the curtain aside and stepped out. He would let her make the first move but he wasn't above trying to seduce her either. He took his time reaching for the white towel on the rack and glanced up to see her wide-eyed and staring.

Amy watched as her b*****r picked up a towel and began to dry off his wet hard body. She saw a trail of water sliding down his abs and she let her gaze follow it down until she saw his semi-hard cock peeking out from behind the towel. As she continued to stare at his manhood in a daze she saw it give a quick little twitch that snapped her out of her stupor. Suddenly realizing what she'd been doing she blushed with embarrassment and cried out "Oh God, I am so sorry" before running from the bathroom.

Not quite the reaction he was hoping for, James thought as he finished drying off and began to get dressed. He didn't expect her to get so upset and he again wondered if she was now afraid of him. He decided he should go talk to her to let her know everything is okay and to promise her he won't hurt her, won't even touch her unless she wants him to. As much as it would pain him to never touch her again, he wouldn't do anything she didn't want.

Amy couldn't believe what she'd done. She had just stood there taking in the view of her b*****r's gorgeous abs and even more impressive cock. She had always thought her b*****r was good looking and his past girlfriends were never good enough for him, but she had never thought of him quite like that. Or had she? It seemed like a long forgotten dream that was trying to pull itself back the surface. Flashes of sweet kisses, tender embraces, and a lot of naked skin passed through her mind. What was she thinking? There was no way they had actually done the things she was thinking of. James was her b*****r and that would be wrong. Then she remembered his wet, naked body and it didn't feel wrong.

Amy jumped at the knock on the bedroom door. "Amy?" She heard James call through the door. She couldn't catch her breath to answer so he called again, "Amy can I come in?"

"I don't think that's a good idea" she answered, thinking she didn't need to be anywhere near her b*****r while all these hot thoughts were running through her head.

Now really worried, James opened the door. He found Amy sitting on the edge of the bed with her head in her hands. He went and sat beside her, gently pulling her hands away so he could see her face "We need to talk." As much as James was dreading this conversation, he knew that they had to get it over with.

Amy slowly looked up at him with sad, scared eyes and asked "Do you hate me?"

James jerked back in surprise. Obviously confused he asked "Why would I hate you?"

"In the bathroom..." she blurted out "...I was staring..." she continued mumbling something he couldn't understand ending with "'re my b*****r."

Still confused he answered slowly "Yes I'm your b*****r and I love you. You can look at me all you want to. But why would you think I hate you?"

She looked away with embarrassment and told him the truth "It's just...I wasn't having very s****rly thoughts when I was looking at you."

James couldn't hide his relief that she still liked him, even without the alcohol and didn't manage to stop himself before he said "We weren't having very b*****rly/s****rly thoughts last night either."

She suddenly jerked back around to face him "That wasn't a dream?!"

He saw a twinkle in her eye that suggested the idea of it being real pleased her and he said, meaning it with all his heart, "If that was a dream, then please let me sl**p forever."

"Oh James" she practically crawled in his lap to hug him and he adjusted her more comfortably, cradling her to his chest, "I thought it was all a dream and I really wanted it to be real."

James kissed the top of her head, "It was real baby and it was wonderful."

"James?" He noticed she looked nervous again. "Did we have sex?"

"No. You are still a virgin. I didn't want to take that away from you."

She didn't say anything for a few minutes, but then she looked up and said bravely, "But I want you to."

James felt like he was about to explode. Amy had just said the words he had been praying to hear, but still he loved her too much to want to rush her so he asked "Are you sure."

Smiling she nodded and said "Absolutely. I love you James."

"I love you too Amy." Then he bent down to kiss her.

She kissed him back, licking her tongue into his mouth, enjoying the feel of his warm mouth against hers.

James reached down to her hips, picking her up he resettled her with her straddling him as he sat on the bed with her in his lap.

He ran his hands down her back gripping the bottom of her shirt he pulled it up and over her head. He pulled away to look at the swell of her breasts and reached up to take one in each hand. He rubbed his thumbs over her hardening nipples and watched them pebble at his touch. He leaned down and sucked one into his mouth. She moaned in response. She put her hand on the back of his head drawing him closer.

She ground on his lap, feeling his erection strain through his pants. She had to feel that wonderful cock in her. She was ready to lose her virginity and she wanted it now. She climbed off his lap, pulling his shirt off with her as she went. She bent before him to unbutton and unzip his pants. He stood up in front of her and his pants fell to the floor and he kicked them aside. They both stood naked except for his boxer and her light blue scrap of lace panties.

They reached for each other at the same time and fell onto the bed together. He rose up on one arm so that he could look down over her. He placed his hand on her stomach and slowly moved it down to cup her through her panties. Looking down in her eyes he said "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this."

She moaned as he began to slide his finger up and down her slit, her panties getting wetter with each stroke. She struggled to make herself focus as she wanted to answer honestly, "I didn't know I wanted it, but I did. And I want it now, right now." Then she raised her hips up pushing against his fingers to mimic the sex she craved.

James was more than ready for his little s****r and he quickly removed his boxers. He was slower pulling off her panties. He wanted to enjoy the view of the delicious pussy he was about to have. He inhaled her sweet sent as he drew the panties down and off her. He was just about to position himself on top of her when he stopped. "I don't have any condoms in here." James said remembering they were in the guestroom.

"It's okay. Mom made me start taking the pill a couple of years ago."

"I really love our mother." With that he was on top of her. His body lined up to take her.

"I broke you hymen last night so this shouldn't be too bad but I'll be easy okay. Even if it hurts at first, it will feel good later I promise."

She looked at him with a world of love and trust in her eyes. "It's okay James. I know you wouldn't hurt me."

Staring back into the eyes of the woman he loved he began to slowly enter her. Tight, wet and hot were all his first thoughts, quickly followed by wonderful...amazing... and oh so tight. He had never been with a virgin, and now it was even more special because it was his little s****r. She gave a quick gasp that reminded him to be gentle.

He continued to slide into her, hoping to make it less painful he gave one quick hard stroke that pushed him all the way inside her. She cried out in pain and a couple of tears began to fall down her cheeks. He kissed them away whispering to her that it would be okay, it would feel good soon. She nodded in response but held still.

He stayed still too, letting her adjust to having him inside her. How long they lay like that he didn't know but eventually he felt her begin to slowly move and rock against him. He took that to mean she was ready and he slowly drew out and pushed back in, in and out, in and out, coating them both with her juices. He began to go faster, feeling her tense around his cock.

It had hurt so bad at first, then the pain finally eased and she began to like the feel of the hard smooth velvet that was stroking in her pussy. She began to thrust back, matching his rhythm. She could feel it all through her bones every time he moved into her. It was better than anything she had ever experienced.

They continued to thrust together, touching and stroking. They found each other's mouths, using their tongues to mate like the rest of their body. They wanted to swallow the other one whole and they still wouldn't have enough, would never get tired of this feeling.

James could feel the tightening in himself. He knew he was about to cum and he wanted her to be with him when he did. He reached down between their bodies and massaged her clit as he continued to stroke into her. He felt her body tighten as she moaned "James, oh right there that feels so good." He continued to massage her and kiss her as he brought her to orgasm, she moaned into his mouth "Oh fuck me, oh James, oh, oh yes!" And as he felt the hot rush from in her body tightening him he began to cum spurting his hot fluid into her as she milked him dry.

As they lay collapsed on the bed together, he drew her back to his chest. When he finally had his breath back he leaned over her to ask "Are you okay Amy?"

Breathing hard but still smiling "You really have to ask? That was amazing James. Thank you so much. I love you. Can we do that again?" Amy asked in a rush.

James felt like a weight was lifted off his shoulders, he would be able to be with his s****r again. "Yes Amy, whenever you want."

"I'm going to have to come here more often on the weekends."

The thought had never occurred to him before this moment but now it seemed like the best idea he had ever had. "You've graduated from high school and will be going to college not far from here anyway. Why don't you move in?"

And she did.

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My grandparents died close to each other in early summer. Grandpa passed away first and was followed by Grandma only a few days later. They had never been apart so it was what could be expected. Sad of course but also nice chance to meet many cousins. We had been very close in the old days.

My grandparents were farmers running a small farm in the south of Sweden. It was hardly big enough to give a living especially with modern standards but somehow they managed although they had six c***dren. But I guess that they had to consider twice before buying anything. The c***dren had to help with the living from early age and they all left home in their middle teens.

Three of us cousins had volunteered to go to the farm before the funeral to take care of things and prepare it to be sold. It was sad but we were too many to keep it in the f****y. Some were interested but if they wanted they could buy it at the auction.

I was the first to arrive at the old farm that Friday afternoon in early July. I was early on purpose, I wanted to be alone and remember for a while. I parked and stepped out. The yard was as tidy as I remembered it had always been. I knew that a neighbour had helped them in their old age and obviously had kept on doing it. I felt grateful.

I went up on the porch of the farm house and found the key where it always had been kept in a pot hanging from a peg. In summertime Grandma always had flowers in that pot I remembered. I went inside and opened windows in the kitchen and the room downstairs and the bedroom upstairs. The house was small and now felt much smaller than I remembered it from c***dhood.

I went out again to put my bedroll in the loft. A long time ago when the c***dren were rather small grandpa had cordoned off part of the hay loft to a spacious room. The c***dren had used it as sl**ping quarters from April to October. Later on us cousins used it. Most of us spent some time on the farm each summer. I had been there all summers from the age of five to eighteen and had stayed for most of the summer holiday. My mother divorced when I was very young and had trouble taking care of me. To travel somewhere on vacation was scarce. She took me to the farm in early June and came to visit twice during the summer spending a couple of days each time. Maybe it was more. It was hard to remember. In late August I was brought back home. The loft really felt like home.

There was a faint smell of mild soap. Grandma had always given the floor a thorough scrub at the beginning of June preparing the room for our arrival. She had probably kept on doing that although no k**s were expected. But I guess she hoped that we would come and visit and want to stay for a night or two. It happened, I knew that. I suddenly felt a pang of guilt. It was at least three years since I visited them and then only for a couple of hours.

I went back out again and into the cow shed. I found that Grandpa had kept it very tidy with fresh, white washed walls. The old, worn tools hang neatly on their pegs thoroughly cleaned. There was very little dust. The narrow milk chamber was a little moist and cold as it always had been. The row of big milk-cans sat ready on the rack upside down. Only the cows were missing. It was very quiet which it had never been.

The barn was as clean. All old straw had been removed from the loft and the floor swept. The old equipment was neatly stowed in the narrow space, plough, harrow, sawing machine and so on. A few carriages. I suddenly remembered the feeling of riding on top of a wagon loaded with hay, the soft stickiness and the spicy smell.

Near the front door stood Grandpa's most valued asset, the Ferguson tractor. He was very proud when he at last could afford to buy a used one. The Ferguson was one of the greatest inventions ever for a small farmer with its revolutionary hydraulic system and carried equipment. One man could suddenly do so much more on his own. The sad part was that the horse wasn't needed any more. But he bought the tractor when his horse had become old and had to be put down. The Ferguson was clean with only a thin layer of dust. It looked repainted, in the original grey of course.

I still remembered how proud I had been when Grandpa let me drive the tractor, on the field at first, later on even to and from the farm. I was only twelve the first time. I gladly worked the full day if it involved driving the Ferguson. I had spent so many hours in its swinging seat.

On one side stood his work bench and a rack with his hand tools. I remembered how often he had stood crouched over that bench working on something or mending his equipment. I thought his shadow was still there.

Grandpa had loved his farm and to work on it although there had been so much work that paid poorly. But he and Grandma had managed but it had needed that he worked in the forest and also took temporary jobs in wintertime.

I left the barn and took a walk around the fields. When I was young it had felt like a long way around but now I realized how limited it was. Also the land was well kept. Bushes were cut back from the ditch-sides and branches cleared from the tracks. Again Grandpa's shadow was around the bends.

I walked back and sat on the porch waiting for my eldest cousin Anders and his second wife to arrive. Anders had become a respected layer and had taken on the responsibility to sell the farm and handle the division of the inheritance. Quite a few of the other cousins would come the following day to the funeral. But Elisabeth would also come this evening. I was both thrilled and a bit anxious to see her again. We had been close in those days she being only a year or two older.

They arrived close to each other and we soon found the old relationship from our youth. Anders was like a big b*****r to both Elisabeth and me. Elisabeth hugged me at arrival, a hug that was both long and close. It felt nice and I relaxed.

We had agreed that Anders should bring the food and I the drinks. We were soon busy to get a meal ready. It turned out that both Anders and his wife were good cooks and made a lavish meal. I was lucky to have brought wine that matched. We sat down to eat having a good time and catching up.

While the coffee brewed Anders' wife checked the sl**ping arrangements for the night. She went upstairs and found out that there only was one bedroom with two beds. She was worried when she came back down.

"Oh, that's no problem," Elisabeth told her. "You and Anders take the bedroom. Erik and I will sl**p in the loft."

"The loft? What's that," she asked a bit puzzled.

"Haven't you told her Anders?" Elisabeth asked. "The loft is the sl**ping quarters out in the barn. It will be just fine. I have slept so many nights there so it feels nearly like home even now."

"Are you and Erik going to sl**p together, alone in one room I mean?" She asked sounding prudish.

"But yes of course. We are like s****rs and b*****rs, aren't we," Elisabeth said and winked at me.

That was the beginning of a pleasant evening telling Anders' wife about our summers on the farm and especially about the loft.

"When we were young there never was a problem," Elisabeth told. "But when the oldest reached their lower teens the girls got shy. They complained to Grandma that the boys sneaked at them when changing for the night or dressed in the morning. But Grandma as always solved the problem. She just hung bed sheets on strings dividing the room in two. Boys on one side, girls on the other. It worked just fine."

"Yes, but all the girls weren't concerned. Remember Doris? She liked to be sneaked at I think. I remember seeing her secretly making gaps between the sheets. But I never saw much. A tit now and then was all as I remember it," Anders said laughingly.

"Oh yes, and do you remember when she borrowed Grandpa's searchlight from the barn and put it up on the loft. We made silhouettes against the sheets and had great fun. But when it was bedtime and the boys were pushed to their side of the room she left the searchlight on and she and some of the other girls undressed in front of it. They gave a good show for the boys on the other side of the sheets." Elisabeth told and laughed a bit throatily.

"Yes, I remember," Anders said. "I think she was the oldest in the loft and already well developed so to speak. I can still remember how nicely her boobs bounced though it was only the silhouettes. She liked to show off already then, didn't she? Well, she certainly does now, in her shows I mean."

"Shows! My ass. She's a stripper, that what she is if you ask me. And I bet she has implants," Anders wife said with disgust in her voice.

"Oh no, her shows are really good Burlesques or Vaudevilles I don't know really what to call them. They are humorous, quite funny actually and she sings and dances well. But well, yes, she gets naked all right." I said wanting to defend my cousin. "I have seen all her shows. She's an excellent actor in her form of art," I said and really meant it.

"Yes, I agree and she has the body for it," Elisabeth surprisingly said. "As you said Anders, she was well developed already in her middle teens with a marvellous figure. From what I have seen on the pictures she has developed and now looks even better. And those boobs, lovely aren't they? I wish I had a pair like that." Elisabeth said giggling. "Yes, I believe that she can give a good show being so uninhibited and with that urge to show off."

"Oh, but you don't have to be jealous of her. You look great, both of you," I said, suddenly bold from a few glasses of wine. There was a sudden silence and I thought for a moment that they had taken it badly. But then I saw contented smiles although the light was dim and knew by instinct that they were pleased.

It was true what I had said. Anders wife was very well endowed in the boobs department. So well in fact that I wondered if she had had them improved. She caught my eye and it was like she read my thoughts. Her mouth formed a silent no. And Elisabeth could probably match Doris though it was hard to tell exactly.

"Let me give you an example from her last show," I said. "Do you remember Josephine Baker? That famous singer actress who made a scandal back in the twenties at Folies-Bergère in Paris when she performed dressed in hardly more than a skirt made from artificial bananas? Well, Doris makes a very good number taking up her songs and is of course dressed like her. I don't know for sure how Josephine Baker's fastened her bananas but they were probably stitched on a small panty. At least on her public shows. But Doris has no panty. When she dances it becomes evident that her bananas are fastened only to a golden chain hanging from her waist. They bounce up and down in line with her big boobs. And when she sings she walks around in the audience letting people take a banana now and then. It takes three songs to get down to the last one. It's offered to someone close to the stage and when it's ripped off she climbs up on stage wriggling her naked ass. And guess what. That wasn't the last banana after all which shows when she turns around. Another is put between her thighs as a fig-leaf for modesty but it doesn't come out on the backside. No, it's stuck in her . . . well, you know what and with the hooked end turned upwards loosely fastened to the chain with a thin thread. It gives a both comic and daring effect as she moves around with the banana sticking out from her exuberant bush."

"Oh my goodness, you mean that she has had it stuck into her pussy all the time. It must have been mashed after all that dancing and walking. What a treat," Elisabeth exclaimed obviously worked up by the vision.

"Oh yes it was. And she made crude jokes about the shortcomings of men when she in the end pulled it out flat and soft."

There suddenly was a snorting laughter coming from Anders' wife. She couldn't stop and her laughter was infectious making us all to join.

"But she's still a stripper although maybe a good one," Anders wife finally admitted laughingly. There was much less disapproval now, maybe a slight admiration even.

We went on telling stories remembering each other of our youth.

"You know, I lost my virginity on that loft," Anders suddenly said. We all got quiet expecting him to go on but he remained silent.

"Now, that I really want to hear about. Which of the cousins was it?" his wife said sternly but with mock underneath. "Tell us. I demand to hear it all."

"Oh shit. I should have kept my mouth shut," Anders said reluctantly. "Well, it wasn't one of the cousins although I have to admit that I dreamt about a few. No, it was a grown woman. But that's a long story," he continued sounding a little proud and then got quiet.

"Come on tell us. At least give us a short version. The rest you can tell me later. I will squeeze it out of you," his wife said. It was now obvious that she was both tipsy and horny.

"All right, all right," Anders gave in. "Well it happened on one of those rare occasions when you Eric wasn't around. It was only Gunnar and I staying that week. Grandma had hired Lena to take care of the cattle while she picked berries and made jam and fruit syrup. It was a woman grown up in the neighbourhood but working in town. I guess she was in her late twenties, ordinary looking with a very direct manner. She was put up with us on the loft.

Well, in the morning I found out that she had been sl**ping in the nude which of course was very exciting. So in the evening Gunnar and I tried to sneak on her while she got ready for bed. But we got caught although she was very relaxed about it. She set up a few rules including that sneaking was forbidden. On the other hand we were free to watch her. Oh, I forgot to tell that when she caught us she was stark naked and she still was when she scolded at us standing in front of us hands on hips."

There was a sharp intake of breath from Anders wife which made him to stop. She looked flustered. "No, no don't stop, go on. What a slut," she said.

"Well, she went to bed and left us both confused and horny. She found out that we had jacked off during the night after watching her. She accused us the following evening and we had to admit. Then she did something incredible. She jacked off both of us sitting on a foot-stool stark naked landing our come on her bare boobs."

"Oh that was really sluttish," Anders wife broke in panting hard. "Go on, you still haven't got laid."

"The following day we worked hard and were told to clean up under that outdoor shower behind the barn. Lena, that was her name, shocked us not only by joining us in the shower but also to tell us to soap her up. We were allowed to caress all over her body. It was lovely. She even got an orgasm when I caressed her pussy and Gunnar worked on her boobs. Well, I had no idea about orgasms at that time of course but understood that she liked very much being fondled in certain places. Then she jacked us off. It was just lovely especially as it happened so unexpected.

That evening she made us come again. Only that this time she took it a bit further by using her mouth. She got off herself when I fondled her breasts and pussy while she was sucking Gunnar."

"Oh my goodness. Did she suck you both at the same time? What a tart. She must have become messy with all that come," Anders wife exclaimed sounding shocked but also excited.

"Well, yes, she took turns on us but towards the end she focused on me first using hands and mouth. Then she did Gunnar while I fondled her. No, she didn't get messy, she swallowed it all not spilling a drop," Anders said casually.

"I thought you were going to tell us how you got laid. You are far from that," Elisabeth said a little breathlessly. I noticed that her eyes were shining.

"Oh well, I was coming to that," Anders said. "But all right, let me make a long story short. I will skip how it happened that she made me come between her big boobs and how I creamed between her thighs pressing against her clit while she cried out of pleasure. But let me assure you that both these things were essential for how it happened that I was allowed into her capable pussy. What I want to say is that it wasn't just a short, one time happening but a series of events that led to the final thing. But I don't think that she planned anything. She just did what came natural to her and was guided by her own lust. I now understand that she was a very orgasmic woman." Anders looked at his wife who looked down blushing.

"Well, Lena should leave after milking on the Saturday. I followed her to the loft when she went to change. Gunnar was away helping Grandpa. I openly watched her getting undressed and walk around in the nude as she had allowed us to do. I guess that it was a turn on for her as well. After a while she asked mockingly what I wanted although it was obvious but she wanted to tease. I guess she was as horny as I.

Well, she stopped before me smiling broadly and asked if I wanted to come in her mouth or between her breasts. I was suddenly bold enough to ask if she would take me in between her thighs like the night before. She readily agreed and without fuss took position at the railing where I had stood. I grabbed her hips and pushed in from behind and started to move back and forth along her wet slit. It didn't take her long to come. But then she was very horny and wanted the real thing. She pushed me backwards and spread her legs and then pulled me forward again. The path into her heaven was well lubricated and I slid easily all the way into her. She came twice, the second time just after I did. It was lovely."

"Did she let you do it from behind and standing up? How selfish and sluttish of her. You had deserved more cuddling and sweetness being the first time," his wife broke in sounding more excited and caring than chocked.

"Well, as I said before, I don't think she thought or planned in advance. She just let things happen steered by sheer lust. And I didn't complain. It was heavenly and she looked gorgeous from behind leaning over the railing."

"I have met Lena," I broke in. "She was back more summers helping Grandma. She wasn't shy, slept in the nude and got naked when she changed. I especially remember that she wore no panties under her working clothes."

"Oh, so she took on more of you cousins. Maybe all of you got the first experience between her thighs. It seems that she was very ready to spread them. Sluttish if you ask me," Anders wife snarled.

"Well no, I never got invited I am afraid. Too young perhaps. And I saw no signs that anybody else got to savour her charms. So you were very lucky Anders," I answered. He looked proud.

"Well yes I guess so. I don't know because it was my last summer on the farm. Want to hear the rest," he said trying to catch our attention. "Well, we did it again onla short while after the first time."

"Oh goodness gracious me. Hadn't she got enough? What a sex maniac." The wife exploded but there were much excitement in her voice. "But tell us, what happened."

"Well, Lena shrugged me off her back as soon as she had calmed down. She said she was pleased though before she went to the wash room. I slumped down on my bed utterly happy. When Lena came back she leaned over me and took my limp cock in her mouth. She had done that before. Well, I got hard in her mouth which surprised her and made her happy. She withdrew and asked if I wanted to do it again. Of course I did but she didn't wait for my answer. She went back sucking me to full hardness. Then she mounted me and without any preamble impaled herself on my cock. She did a lot of pleasant things coming twice. Then she put in another gear and rode me strongly until we both came. . . . She said afterwards that she was very pleased with me," Anders said very proudly.

There was a stunned silence.

"Well, she had every reason to be. You made her come very nicely five . . . no, six times in short order and that being your first time. Yes, you had every reason to be proud of yourself." It was Elisabeth who suddenly broke her silence sounding impressed. Anders looked proud.

"Well, it's getting late. Bedtime. Coming Anders?" his wife commanded. "Good night, I hope you will sl**p well on that loft," she added looking at Elisabeth. She smiled sweetly back at her. Anders reluctantly followed when his wife hurried upstairs.

"Well, he has to prove a thing or two tonight, hasn't he," Elisabeth said menacingly and broke into laughter. "Well, she is right. It really is time for bed."

Elisabeth rose and busied herself a couple of minutes by tiding up the kitchen. We heard giggles from upstairs and muffled laughs from Anders wife when the old bed creaked. Elisabeth smiled knowingly at me.

We went out on the porch and stood for a while enjoying the nice night. It was still warm but with chilly streaks.

"You go ahead. I can wait outside until you are tucked in if you want," I said.

"Don't be silly. We are grown up's, aren't we? We have been together in the loft so many times in the past. There is no reason for being shy. Come on, let's go," she said laughingly.

Up on the loft Elisabeth opened her bag and took out bed sheets. Then she hesitated and looked at me.

"I wonder if there still are bed sheets in that closet," she said and walked over to the built in cupboard where grandma always had kept the linen. "Oh yes there are. And they still have that smell of summer and the herbs grandma put in. I will use on of these. It will be lovely."

I helped her make up the bed she had chosen in the girls' part of the room. There was no dividing lining any more but old habits stuck. I remembered that it had been her favourite bed when she had had the chance to choose.

When we were finished Elisabeth looked at me and smiled. I got the meaning and went over to my bed. I busied myself by unpacking my suit to wear on the funeral putting it on a hanger and arrange my bedroll. By the time I was finished I heard Elisabeth walk to the tiny wash room. I got ready for bed myself but kept my shorts on.

Elisabeth came out dressed in bra and panties. She flashed me a smile when she walked over to her bed.

When I had brushed my teeth Elisabeth was tucked in with the bed sheet up to her neck.

"Come and sit over here. Let's talk some more. I don't feel like going to sl**p just yet," Elisabeth said and patted the bed beside her. "Remember all the fun we have had in the past? We were so many cousins in summertime staying in the farm, there were nearly always a bunch to play with.

"Oh yes, and the two of us were here more than most. You were just like the older s****r I never had. Very comforting, you really took care of me."

"Well yes, I took care of you. But not only in the s****rly way," Elisabeth said and giggled softly. "Remember what we did in this room? In this very bed in fact."

"Yes, of course. That's something I will never forget. It was so . . . so unexpected and lovely. You really were kind to me."

"Remember how it all started? We were alone, no other k**s staying just then. You were already in bed breathing heavily. After reading on my bed for a while I went to the wash room feeling that it was safe wearing only panties and bra. After washing I should take my nightie on but discovered that I had forgotten it. I was naked and didn't feel like dressing again. Since you had been asl**p I took my chances to take the few steps to my bed in the nude. But you weren't asl**p, on the contrary. As soon as I came out I felt your stares on me. Well, I walked as fast as I could to my bed feeling embarrassed but also a little excited." Elisabeth said giggling.

"You looked so lovely," I said. "It was the first time I had had a good look of a naked girl. There had been glimpses before of course. Couldn't be avoided when we slept so many in the same room. But I also got the feeling that you didn't dislike being watched."

"No that's true. I got turned on but nothing more happened until the next evening."

"Yes, you really surprised me then. Suddenly you stood by my bed looking down at me. And you asked if I wanted to see you again. Of course I wanted that. Under one condition you said. You wanted to see me as well. That was only fair, you said. And then you pulled the hem of your nightie over your head and stood naked beside me."

"Oh yes, I remember how your eyes became like saucers. They darted all over me. I felt naughty but also thrilled and very excited." Elisabeth smiled lustfully at me.

"And then you leaned over and pulled my bed sheets away. I was already hard. You looked at me for a little while then suddenly tugged at my pyjama bottom wriggling it down until my cock came free and being very hard."

"I felt very bold doing it. It was the first time for me too. I had never before seen a hard cock. My first reaction was that it looked funny." Elisabeth giggled softly. "Then I don't know what came over me. My hand moved on its own and touched your cock. I examined it carefully. When I pulled the foreskin backwards you grunted. I thought that it hurt so I pulled it forward again which made you pant hard. I tried doing it again looking at your face. There was no pain but a pleasured expression so I went on pulling the foreskin back and forth. You panted hard and then suddenly you creamed in my hand."

"It was lovely. I still remember the feeling of your hand jacking my cock for the first time and how you milked all of it out of me. I was in heaven."

"Yes, you really looked like you were. I felt both awkward and relieved not knowing what to do with the handful of come. I think I went to wash it off."

"Yes you did. And then you came back still in the nude but not looking like you cared. You moved so natural giving me a good look."

"Well, I had to come and get my nightie, hadn't I?" Elisabeth said giggling. "And then it happened again. I looked at your flaccid cock not understanding how it could be so small after being so long. I touched it and played with it and almost got scared when it started to grow in my hand. But I was also proud that I could make it hard. I started to jack like before. It took longer but in the end you again creamed in my hand. I was thrilled by my new knowledge and you looked so happy." Elisabeth laughed heartily.

"The next evening I was very anxious hoping that you wanted to do it again but not at all sure that it would happen. You teased me for quite a while but then you let it happen."

"No, I didn't tease you deliberately. I was very unsure what to do. I wanted too but also felt that it wasn't right. But well, I guess that I teased you when I made up my mind and went to the wash room in the nude."

"Yes, and you went back to your bed without saying anything and not even looking at me."

"But then I called you over, didn't I," Elisabeth said smiling broadly.

"Yes you did and when I came you lay naked on your bed. 'Fondle me,' you said and pulled my hand to your breast with closed eyes. And fondle you I did. To the best of my knowledge which of course wasn't much."

"Oh, it felt lovely. Your hands were so eager to explore my body. I loved that you spent so much time fondling my breasts. But when you went down my body I got nervous. Sifting through my bush felt nice but when you tried to go further down I got scared. It felt so good that I was afraid that I shouldn't be able to control myself. I wasn't prepared to let you have your way with me. That's why I pressed my thighs together. But it felt heavenly when you rocked the skin on my mound."

"So it was to put my mind on other things that you grabbed my cock and jacked me off? Not that I minded, I wanted that too. And after fondling you I was very hard."

"Well, maybe it was a way to turn your mind in another direction. But I wanted that too. I liked jacking you. You creamed so nicely all over my body in no time at all." Elisabeth laughed heartily.

"And then you did something incredible. After cleaning up you came back to your bed where I was slumping. You crouched over me and suddenly took my cock in your mouth."

"Oh yes. It was just an impulse, nothing planned. Your cock looked so cute and vulnerable after having been so long and hard so an urge came over me to console it. And taking you in my mouth came naturally. It was nothing I had thought about in advance. I still remember its nice taste. It was still come on it I guess. But then I nearly choked when it started to swell filling my mouth completely. I had to withdraw but I took the head back in again. It felt very nice to suck on it and you seemed to like it as well. You panted hard and grunted. And then suddenly it swelled even more and got real hard. I had no idea what that indicated but I found out moments later when you started to come in my mouth. There were several gushes welling out of your cock and filling my mouth and throat. There was nothing else to do than to try to swallow to avoid being choked. I think I did rather well although some of it spilled out. But it came so sudden."

"It was a tremendous feeling to be sucked by you. I of course had no idea that it could be done that way. It really turned me on."

"Yes, I felt that. You came so hard. But then you got very sl**py. You stumbled to your own bed and fell asl**p instantly." Elisabeth laughed at the memory. "I was a little disappointed though but I wanted to do it again. It was a turn on for me too. So the next evening I called you over to my bed again."

"Oh yes, you did but only after having teased me. You lay on your bed for an eternity in bra and panties before you went to the wash room. But when you eventually went there you were braless and when you came back out completely naked. You were lovely to watch. But then it got heavenly."

"Yes, I wanted to be fondled and had an idea how to reduce the risk. So I jacked you off as soon as you were standing at my bed and then pulled you down to fondle me. And this time I let you fondle my pussy. I wanted to get my clit caressed and you did it quite satisfactory I must say." She giggled. "You made me come and it was much better than when I frigged myself. And I was reassured. You didn't try to **** me although you got hard again although I felt that you wanted to enter me."

"Yes of course. But you told me that was forbidden. And I was satisfied with your promise to suck my cock later on. Which you did heavenly after you had come."

"It was nice to suck you being very content myself. It was a soft turn on. But the next evening I wanted a little more so when I sucked you I placed myself so that you could fondle me at the same time until we both came. It was lovely." She purred and kissed the palm of my hand.

"And then we discovered a safe way to take it a bit further," I said.

"Oh my goodness, yes. It was just by chance," Elisabeth exclaimed." I will never forget that night. It started as usual that you lay on your bed watching me getting undressed. When I returned from the wash room in the nude I lay down on my bed. And then I softly called for you to come over. And you came, naked and ready with your cock jutting in front of you. It had become a lovely habit to calm you down before going to sl**p. Well, not exactly what a s****r is supposed to do, is it?"

Elisabeth laughed happily and took my hand.

"Well, I grabbed you and you came rather quickly in my hand. But I knew that it wasn't enough to calm you for the night. So I took your soft cock in my mouth and sucked it back to hardness. You always were so quick to recover and get ready again. It was so lovely to feel the cock grow in my mouth knowing that it was for me. Then you came, filling my mouth with fresh, spicy seed moaning of pleasure. I savoured it not wasting anything and making sure to get every drop out of you. I kept you in my mouth gently sucking until you were totally limp. Oh, I remember it just as if it was yesterday."

Elisabeth got quiet lost in memories with a happy smile on her face. I wasn't unaffected either. My cock had swelled under her telling.

"I knew that you were totally spent after two rounds and that you wanted to sl**p. I felt very content too but I wanted to cuddle some more. So for the first time I let you sl**p in my bed. It was a very warm night so I decided to skip the nightie. I lay on my side with you close behind me and I pulled your arm around me making sure that you cupped my breast. Then we both fell asl**p."

"Yes, I remember how lovely it was to lie behind your soft body drifting into sl**p. Of course all of it was lovely but the new was to be allowed to stay in your bed," I said.

"I woke up in the middle of the night. Something was poking my ass. I realized that it was your hard cock that had found its way in between my buttocks poking around. I wasn't alarmed though. I knew that boys get erect several times during the night. I was sure that it would go away and it felt good. So I drifted into half sl**p. I guess that I squirmed around a little pressing against you. The next thing I know was a feeling that my ass was penetrated by something. I squirmed and felt my ass being filled some more. I realized that your cock head had slid into me without any resistance. Well, you weren't very big at that time, you were long enough but rather slim. So it was easy to enter my butt hole."

Elisabeth looked at me with a pleased smile.

"Well, I didn't know what to do. My first reaction was to push you out but I realized that it felt good. I pushed my butt backwards to get more into my ass. You woke up and stretched out which made the cock to slide all the way into me. I pulled your arm around me to avoid that you were pushed out. You really got surprised when you realized where your cock was buried." Elisabeth giggled heavily and pulled my hand to her face.

"We started to move slightly trying to find out what to do. It didn't take long until we found a way to make it very pleasant. You grabbed my hips and made sure not to slide out when you moved your cock in my ass. I met your thrust eagerly. It felt heavenly and for the first time I felt an orgasm build up with a cock inside my body. I came in a shuddering orgasm that was far stronger than I had experienced before when you just fondled me. When my orgasm was winding down you started to spurt hot seed deep in my ass. It felt heavenly and my orgasm was prolonged until you finished coming."

She kissed the palm of my hand lost in thoughts. She looked happy.

"Yes, it was heavenly. And you kept me inside your ass for a long time by flexing your sphincter muscle hard around the base of my cock prolonging my hardness."

"Did I? I can't remember that I did it by will. But I was happy that you stayed hard for so long inside me. Well, that wasn't exactly s****rly love, was it?" She laughed happily.

"After that we slept fitfully the rest of the night. In the morning you asked me shyly if it had really happened or if it was a dream. Do you remember? I assured you that the way my butt hole felt it certainly had happened."

"Yes, and I could hardly wait to the evening. It seemed that you never wanted to go to bed." I said. Elisabeth laughed out.

"But grandma asked me if I wasn't feeling well when I said that I should go to bed. It was about an hour earlier than normal. You were hovering outside waiting for me. I deliberately took my time getting ready for bed moving around in different grades of undress. When I came back out from the wash room in the nude you were more than ready with a very hard cock. You exploded more or less instantly when I grabbed it." She laughed but kindly.

"Oh yes, it was very embarrassing. I had dreamt all day about how it would feel to enter your ass being aware of it all the time. I thought I had blown my chances, pun intended," I said, joining her in the laugh.

"But you got hard quickly again when I took your limp cock in my mouth for the second round. And you stayed longer this time, much longer. I had to work hard to make you come."

"Yes, and it was lovely. As I remember it you took me to the brink then calmed us down and you did it several times. No other woman has done it so skilfully to me and you were so young at that time."

"Oh, thank you," Elisabeth said and giggled. "Yes, you are right. I was totally inexperienced. You were my first in everything. I did only what came natural to me. I am happy that you liked it. I love to do it and the men I have sucked afterwards also seem to like it. Not that many though, mind you." She laughed happily.

"Well, I remember it clearly. You came so hard in my mouth and so fast that I had trouble to swallow without spilling," she continued. She looked happily at me and we sat quiet for some time remembering.

"When your cock had left my mouth you just stood by my bed waiting. I saw in your eyes that you wanted to sl**p in my bed again and I wanted it too. But I put on a night dress." She got quiet again. A smile trickled in the corner of her mouth.

"Yes, you did and I was a little disappointed. I was of course happy to be allowed to sl**p with you but I guess I had hoped that you would be naked as the night before. Not that I really expected to be let into your ass again but to feel your naked skin against mine and to hold your naked breast. But of course I climbed in behind you and the nightie was thin so it felt nice anyway."

"Yes, and it turned out that it wasn't in the way. You ended up with your cock deep in my ass."

"Well yes. We fell asl**p but I woke up later in the night. Suddenly I felt that your ass was naked. The nightie must have eased up. I got hard instantly and wriggled around to get my cock in between your buttocks. I was lucky. You wriggled in your sl**p and my cock easily got in position with the head against your ass hole. I pressed forward, lightly at first and then with more f***e when you didn't seem to wake up. When suddenly you wriggled your body the head slid into you. I pushed on when you woke up and pushed back making my cock to slide all the way inside. You cried out asking what I was doing but then seemed to accept the situation. It became a very nice butt fuck."

"You think that was how it happened?" Elisabeth said laughingly. "I will tell you the true story. I staged the whole thing. I soon regretted having put the nightie on. It was so nice to feel your body against mine. So under the first part of the night I eased the nightie out of the way up around my waist. You obviously didn't notice. Then I woke up when you started to poke my ass and wriggled to help you to get into position. I tried to relax my sphincter muscle and wriggled my ass to get you inside. Then I faked waking up but made sure that you were secured deep inside me before I cried out claiming ignorance. Oh, I loved the feeling having my ass filled up. And then we fucked and your warm seed felt fantastic gushing into me. I came so hard."

"Oh, was that what happened? I have always thought that I with some luck managed to get inside your ass before you woke up. But it explains what happened the next evening."

"Yes indeed. I wanted you in me and didn't want to wait until later in the night. So I started to take you in my mouth to take the edge off. Inexperienced as I was I did understand though that you would come quickly if I let you into my ass directly. I think you got a nice blow job to start with that night. Afterwards I let you rest for a little while but you got really interested when I told you that I wanted you in my ass. You fondled me so nicely that I came under your hand. But then you were ready again. I had an idea and told you to stand up beside the bed. I stood on my knees and you probed my ass from behind. When your cook found the target hole I told you to grab my hips and press forward. I used all my will power to relax my ass muscles and after a while your cock head slipped in widening my hole. Then you pushed deeper inside filling up my canal. It became a lovely ass fuck. I came twice, the second time when you deposited your hot seed deep in me. Lovely it was."

"I can only agree. And the best and a real turn on was that it was deliberate from your side. No hiding and no feeling that it happened by accident. No, you wanted it and showed it openly and I felt that you had planned for it knowing exactly how you wanted it. Your body also showed that it liked it, shivering and shuddering when you came screamingly. Do you know that you got quite noisy?"

"Did I? Well, I wasn't aware of it then but I know that I have become quite a screamer. It's lovely when one can be totally uninhibited. If not it's little of a hold back. And my partners usually like it as much as you obviously did."

"Yes, I liked it very much. Made me feel like a good lover. I think that night meant a lot for me later in life. The memory always reassures me that I can satisfy a woman taking the nervousness away."

"Oh, I am so happy for you although that effect wasn't on my mind then. But perhaps that was the s****rly love part. The rest certainly wasn't." Elisabeth giggled heavily.

"That was a magic night, wasn't it?" Elisabeth said after a pause. "I had no inhibitions to let us sl**p together stark naked. You curled up behind me holding me tight with a hand around my breast. In early morning you were ready again. I had been awake and waiting for quite some time when you woke up. It felt like your cock found its way to my ass hole on its own. It was ready to let you in. I think you were inside before you were really awake. We took it slowly at first wanting to feel close to each other but after some time we speeded up. It became fantastic. I had been waiting and came rather quickly when you started to really move in my ass. Then I came again when you figured out how to fondle my clit while fucking my ass canal. My final orgasm was like an earth quake and came when I felt your cock tremble inside me and the warmth of your seed in my intestines. It was just lovely." She got quiet lost in thoughts.

"Oh yes, I agree. I felt like in heaven to wake up like that with my cock already inside. But the sad thing was that it was the last time. Other cousins came that afternoon and we got no chance to be alone any more. But I was dreaming and hoping all the time that we should get another chance and that you should give up and allow me to enter your virgin pussy. But my rational sense told me that you wouldn't. Maybe you were of the opinion that cousins shouldn't do it. When we parted that summer I still hoped though. Maybe next summer I thought. And then there was no next summer. We both got real jobs and didn't stay like that on the farm anymore. c***dhood was definitely gone. I lost hope that I would be allowed to make love to you."

"Yes, it was sad, I felt so too." Elisabeth said quietly and looked intently at me then laughed out. "My mother always says; 'never give up hope' when she changes men which happens every so often." She stopped and looked away.

"You know, we could take it up where we stopped that summer," she said softly. "Both of us are free to do what we want at the moment. That we are cousins don't bother me the least and never has." She stopped and looked at me with an uncertain smile on her face. She slowly pulled back the bed sheets. She was laying nude in the bed. "That is if you still want me. Or were you only polite?" She giggled nervously.

I was speechless. I guess that my mouth fell open when I watched the naked body. She was beautiful. More mature compared to when I last saw her but that definitely was to the better.

"Well, how will it be? Am I still to your liking? I am no virgin anymore and don't have the body of the twenty year old. But I am much more experienced and know that I can take you for a memorable ride." She laughed throatily looking steadily at me.

My hands moved on its own, one to her face and the other to her belly starting to caress her.

"I take that as a yes. I am so happy. You know, I have thought of nothing else since I got summoned to this gathering. That's why I came already today. Come to me, come."

I moved and lay beside her. We hugged and clung to each other. After a while we started to caress each other. The old intimacy came back. We caressed each other all over without any inhibitions. We took turns caressing with one of us lying face down. Elisabeth teased me by caressing my ass hole and suddenly drilled her finger in to the first knuckle making my cock to twitch. She laughed loudly of joy. Suddenly she turned around with her back to me and pulled my hand to her breast.

"Remember? That's how you held me our last night together. It was so lovely then . . . and still is. Your cock pokes me so lovely just as it used to do. If only I had dared to do like this in that time. But it was too risky. You could easily push into me." She lifted her thigh and put my cock along her slit. "Oh my goodness, yes, that feels lovely." She rocked back and forth making my cock to slide along her slit. She pressed her thighs together pushing my cock deeper in her slit and harder against her clit. She moaned of delight. Suddenly a spasm went through her body and she cried out clasping her thighs hard around my cock.

She turned around beamingly and kissed me. Then she rolled on her back in a very indecent position with widely spread thighs.

"Come, come and do what you wanted so much twenty years ago. Come and take me. Come, I am all yours," she called laughing throatily. I hesitated slightly which she immediately noticed. "Don't worry, I am on the pill and we can trust each other. Come and enjoy. I want to feel your seed splash as deep in my pussy as it did in my ass. Now come."

I needed no further encouragement. In no time I was between her open thighs with my cock poking her welcoming opening. She heaved upwards when I pushed down and she laughed out very pleased when I slid deep into her pussy. She held me tight with her hands clasping my buttocks.

"Finally, oh my goodness, finally you are there, finally you are where I have wanted to accommodate you all these years, finally you are deep in my pussy my darling Lars. Fuck me, please fuck me like I have longed for so long," she exclaimed. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and her hands slid from my buttocks to my hips pushing upwards. I started to move.

It felt heavenly in her pussy. It was smooth like velvet and nicely wet giving just the right friction. She supported me with a skill no woman had done before anticipation my movements and adjusting her own to get the most lovely effect out of each one. And she had been right. There were loud sounds and shrieks coming from deep inside her supporting and acknowledging what we did. I realized that she was riding on the wave of a strong orgasm. That knowledge made me relax and just enjoy her lovely body feeling my own orgasm build up. She cried out loudly when my first shot hit her back wall and kept on crying out as long as my seed gushed into her. When I had emptied it all she put her legs around my waist keeping me deep inside. Her pussy rippled along my cock milking the last drops out of it.

"Heavenly," she whispered. "Oh my goodness, how I have longed for this to happen. I want to keep you in my pussy for ever. It feels so good. You make me so happy. It was the best ever. Stay on top of me. It feels so lovely with your weight on top of me."

She pulled me down to rest not allowing me to take the weight from my upper body away from her. She pushed her breasts up from the sides to be mauled under my chest. It was lovely and I dozed off.

When I woke up she was gone. I lay in her bed not knowing where she was or what to do. But then she came out from the wash room. She looked lovely walking towards me in the nude. She was in the prime of her first mature age with nicely rounded forms. Her hips were wide and her belly nicely rounded. The full breasts were still firm swinging nicely. The triangle bush topping her thighs was dark and rich but well trimmed and brushed to shine. There were long legs with good looking thighs. Suddenly she stopped and turned around slowly showing a real nice round ass. I looked up on her smiling face.

She took the few remaining steps with exaggerated movements rolling her hips. She stopped at the end of the bed looking down at me.

"You are awake? Had a good nap I hope. Now I want to find out if you are as fit and eager as you were in those times," she said laughing throatily.

Without saying anymore she knelt at my side and kissed her way down my body. She took the whole of my limp cock into her mouth and her hand played with my balls. It felt nice and the cock started to swell. I thought that she had to ease it out as it grew and got hard but no, she let it expand deeper in her mouth and down into her throat. I heard her breathe hard through her nose. She did very little sucking just massaged the shaft with hr tongue and the head with her throat. Again she did things I had never before experienced which I told her. Although she was concentration on my cock she lit up and looked pleased.

Suddenly she withdrew from my cock. She sat up smiling broadly and straddled my legs. She looked at me inquiringly for a little while.

"Are you thinking what I think you are thinking?" She suddenly asked casually. "I think that you are thinking about being let into my ass like in the old times? . . . Well, I would prefer not to but if you want it very much I will let you. But you have to beg heavily for it," she said gravely but then she started to giggle. "The pussy is so much better I have found out. You can have a lot of fun in there, much more than in the ass. And besides, your cock isn't slim anymore, on the contrary. It was an asparagus then. It takes a much more experienced butt fucker than me to enjoy this fatty in the ass. In the pussy it's quite another thing. I will love to have it back in there again." She squeezed my cock affectionately.

"Yes, I have to admit that I was thinking about how lovely it was in your ass back then. But I am not going to beg for it when you don't want it. What you just said about the abilities of your pussy made me very curious. Please show me," I said putting my hand over her mound and rocking her firm flesh. It made her giggle heavily.

She sat looking down at me for quite a while. Maybe she was making up her mind how to proceed because suddenly her face broke up in a lustful grin. She raised and eased her body forward until she squatted over my cock. She grabbed it and used the cock head to caress all along her slit. After a while she got motionless and then slowly positioned the cock at her entrance.

Suddenly she cried out and pushed down hard impaling herself on my stiff cock. With a few thrusts she oiled the shaft and then sat down firmly on me making my cock to bottom out in her. She cried out again when it did. A cry of lust and joy.

She sat still while I slowly caressed her body from toes to head. She leaned down and kissed me, a long lingering kiss. Suddenly I felt very light movements of her pussy along my cock. She didn't break the kiss but the movements got stronger and slowly picked up speed. Still leaning down with her tongue playing with mine she raised her buttocks and started to slide up and down my cock very slowly but taking it to the limit. My cock nearly slipped out of her before she pushed down again. She went on like that slowly speeding up and shortening the strokes. Her pussy changed all the time being narrow or slack. It felt heavenly.

I caressed what I could reach of her body, the back and buttocks mostly

Suddenly she broke the kiss and sat up. She started to ride furiously and heavy sounds came from inside her. I moved my hands to her breasts and clit pinching the nipples hard and pressing firmly on her clit. She cried out and her body shook uncontrollable. She lost her pace and sank down on me until her orgasm subsided. The contorted expression on her face was replaced by a content smile.

"Now that was excellent for a starter wasn't it? You like to be in my pussy, don't you? Well, there is more to come, hold on" she said laughing happily.

And then she started to ride again. She changed mode and tempo all the time and varied the pressure and friction from her pussy on my cock. She took me to the brink several times but then slowed down giving me a breather to calm down. I think she got series of small orgasms from her doings. Maybe I helped her as well by caressing her breasts and clit. Her nipples also changed back and forth from protruding and hard to soft in line with her orgasms.

Suddenly I felt that she put in a new gear. I looked up and there was an inward smile on her face. She looked very concentrated. I felt her pussy muscles grip the base of my cock and then she moved her hips in a circular motion making my cock head to whisk around deep inside her pussy. She kept on giving herself a thorough internal rubbing and my cock head a strong treatment. I felt my libido rise quickly.

Elisabeth changed track again. She had moaned lustfully while whisking my cock head around inside her pussy. Now she started to slide up and down my cock panting hard. There were also cries. Her pussy tightened around my cock holding it firmly, at times it was so narrow that she had to f***e herself downward. It felt heavenly and I grabbed her hips for help. But after a few strokes she put my hands back on her breasts and clit. I got the message and concentrated on her three protruding knobs pinching the nipples hard and pressing on the clit with a small circular twist. She cried out and her ride got frantic bouncing up and down on me with short strokes.

She kept on panting and crying out and I felt the familiar tingling in my loins. I heaved my ass up against her bouncing bottom wanting to get as deep inside as possible. When I started to come she cried highly keeping the tune and sat down on me. Her pussy rippled along my cock milking it and strengthening the gushes hitting her pussy walls. The cry was now a high pitch tune that slowly died away after my spurts ended. Her pussy kept on rippling along my cock long after it had milked the last drops out. The pussy again held the base of my cock in a firm grip keeping it deep inside her. There also were slow circular movements to whisk the cock head around. It was like she wanted to have the pussy walls caressed and the come spread all over. But then everything stopped and she sat motionless on top of me.

We looked at each other and a broad content smile spread on her face. She took my face between her hands and leaned down to kiss. She rolled off me and lay at my side. She bubbled of happy laughter.

"Lovely, just lovely. So much more and better than I could have done with my ass. No muscles in there you know. I just love the way your fatty spreads me. . . . Oh, I am feeling so well, so content, so happy. . . . Think about it. After all these years our dreams have come true. And how lovely wasn't it. . . .My mother is right, never give up hope." She giggled heavily and we hugged.

I never used my bedroll. It was never questioned that we should sl**p together. Her breast felt lovely in my hand, bigger and softer than I remembered it. And in the wee hours the inevitable happened. My cock got hard and poked her in the ass. But in her sl**p she just lifted her leg and placed my cock along her slit and closed her thighs around it. I drifted into sl**p again. The urge wasn't pressing and there was plenty of time until morning. She would no doubt welcome me into her velvet heaven when she woke up. And until then my cock was well accommodated.

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A s****rly Surprise

Jared discovers his s****r's long held secret.
At just over six and a half feet, Jared Williams had been widely recruited by a lot of major universities. With dark brown hair, near emerald green eyes and a build that turned a lot of women's heads, Jared knew he was an attractive looking guy. And as such, he could have dated just about any girl he'd set his mind to. If Jared had one flaw however, it was that he was extremely shy, innocent beyond words. Nearing twenty years of age in just a couple of month's Jared was still a virgin, something his older s****r Charlene, though he called her by a shorter version of her name, often teased him about, especially as he had women fawning all over him during high school.

Jared and "Char" had always been close. Close enough in their ages that they had and shared much in common. Something of a 'tomboy' herself, Char had been the type of woman to actively participate in many of the same sports as Jared had, including their weekend gathers to play touch-football with several additional friends. It had been very difficult for Jared to see his s****r move out of their parents house, taking an apartment of her own closer to the university. He had truly missed their late-night chats, some of which had gotten fairly personal in nature. Jared had always been comfortable discussing such things, though only with his s****r, particularly after the breakup of his parent's marriage when he'd grown even closer to his s****r than he'd been before.

He'd recently received a letter from her telling him how excited she was that he'd be coming to stay with her for a week while looking over the campus. Char had enjoyed her freshman year there, urging him to come take a look for himself. Jared was interested, but the truth was, he was actually looking forward to spending time with Charlene even more than finding out about the available programs and courses he'd be taking. Jared had also learned from her that Char had taken on a roommate, something he wasn't too surprised to hear about. But admittedly, he found himself minorly irritated that he might have to share space as well as his s****r's time with whoever her roommate was. Still, he was looking forward to their visit and catching up on old times.

Jared found the address easily enough, a ground floor apartment that was less than a block away from the University itself, easily within walking distance. Char met him at the door before he'd even had a chance to knock, announcing his arrival.

"Holy shit!" Jared exclaimed upon seeing her. The first thing he noticed was that she had cut her beautiful long dark hair. It was now actually shorter than his was. Char could have easily been a model if that had ever been her desire. At six feet herself with long tapered legs along with the looks to go with it, she could have easily done so, and had been approached several times in fact about modeling. The second thing he noticed however was the short mid-riff cut tee shirt she was wearing that allowed the bottom-half of her breasts to peek tantalizingly beneath. Not enormously large breasted by any means, Char still had more than enough to flaunt whenever she chose to do so, and apparently was doing so now even though it was her own b*****r who was staring at her.

"Hey L.B., you like?" Charlene ran her fingers through her much shorter hair, the bottom half of her tee exposing even more roundness as she did that. "Saves on getting ready in the morning," she added stepping away from the door so Jared could squeeze by her. He was smiling; it had been a while since he'd heard her call him by the nickname she'd given him. L.B. stood for "Little b*****r", which is the way she often introduced him to her friends. "Wait until you meet Amy!" Charlene stated excitedly. "I think you'll really like her, and she's interested in meeting you too!" she added.

Jared sat his bag down next to the couch giving the rather roomy apartment a quick look over. "I'm sure I will," he said offhandedly. "But I hope that we'll have some time to ourselves to catch up on things too," he finished hopefully. Charlene laughed.

"Don't worry Little b*****r," she said using the more formal version of his nickname, which is something she always did when she knew he was being serious. "We'll have plenty of time just to ourselves, but I think you'll enjoy spending some time here with Amy too! I think you'll come to like her just as much as I did upon meeting her. Now, let me show you to your room!"

Jared followed his s****r down the hall. "One thing, we all share a bathroom," she advised him. "And the doors don't lock," she grinned warning him.

"I'll remember to knock first," he promised. "Only two bedrooms? Am I kicking Amy out of her room?" he asked worriedly. Char laughed.

"Actually no. Amy didn't even have a bed set when she moved in here. But since my bed is enormous, we decided to share the one bedroom especially since it's twice the size of the one you're in. So no, you didn't create any problems coming to visit us." Char quickly showed him the room which now had a small, but comfortable looking futon that he'd be using to sl**p on. He also noticed there was a nice sized TV set along one wall. "Usually, one of us uses this room to watch TV or read while the other is studying, unless we both are of course," she chuckled. "Which is usually most of the time these days."

Char gave him a quick brief tour of the kitchen, which included a cozy little dining area as well, along with a back porch and patio that had a nice high fence surrounding it.

"As you can see, plenty of privacy. Both Amy and I enjoy laying out in the nude, so this is perfect for us to do that," she grinned almost too playfully at him.

"You trying to tell me something?" Jared quipped seeing the look on his s****r's face.

"Well, like I said. I think you might enjoy having Amy around. She hardly ever wears much of anything after she gets home, which is why I thought I might better warn you. Your being here probably won't change much in the way she acts, especially as she knows you're my b*****r. So just be advised, you're apt to see quite a bit of Amy over the course of the week!" Char punched Jared hard in the ribs, taking him by surprise causing him to lose his breath momentarily. One thing about his s****r, she never held anything back, including a jab like that one whenever she was in the mood to roughhouse, which is also something else he had missed being away from her.

"So what's on the agenda for this evening then?" he asked.

"Well, Amy should be home anytime now. I thought we'd order up some pizza get to know one another a little better, then later on, you and I can spend sometime to ourselves catching up on things."

"Sounds good!"

"In the meantime, why don't you go ahead and unpack, get settled in, take a shower if you want to. By then Amy should be here."

Char didn't bother asking him what he liked on his pizza. The same thing she did, pineapple and ham. "Got any beer?" he asked.

"A refrigerator full," she told him. "Help yourself."

"Right after I shower," he smiled heading inside his room to unpack. He'd even begun to undress when he noticed his s****r was still standing inside the doorway. "Forget something?"

She was grinning. "Only how much I really have missed you," she stated stepping into the room. Before he realized what was even happening, Char moved in closer to him, kissing him fully on the lips. They had kissed before of course, but Char had never kissed him as fiercely as she did then. Breaking away, she stepped back, laughed as the color exploded into Jared's cheeks.

"What the hell was that?" he asked nearly out of breath.

"Just my way of telling you how much I do love you and have missed you Little b*****r." Char turned before Jared could say or do anything else, disappearing down the hallway back towards the living room.

It only took a few minutes for Jared to put away the few belongings he'd brought along with him. Entering the bath, he took a moment to ensure the connecting door to his s****r's room was at least closed before removing his shorts, stepping into the shower, which was already running.

Jared had been in the shower for only a couple of minutes when he thought he heard voices coming from elsewhere inside the house. "Hmm, Amy must be home," he thought to himself. "I'd better hurry!" He'd just started to rinse the soap from his hair when he felt the presence of someone enter the shower. Even with soap still dangerously close to his eyes, he opened them.

"Hi, I'm Amy!" Amy said extending out her hand to him in greeting. She was naked, though he politely took her hand shaking it, trying to avert his eyes though now very much aware of his own nakedness. Without so much as even batting an eyelash, Amy reached over him turning on the second shower nozzle. The tub was certainly large enough to accommodate the two of them, obviously so by the additional shower faucet which Amy now stepped beneath standing by Jared's side. "Nice isn't it?" she asked.

He wasn't sure how to answer that. Nice that he was showering with a woman he'd barely even met. Sure, that was nice. Something he'd never done before. But she was attractive too, making him even more awkwardly aware of his own situation, which he'd soon have to make tracks to conceal before it became even more obvious. Amy was considerably shorter than he was, perhaps no more than five, five, perhaps five six at best. She had light brown shoulder length hair with an olive complexion, dark brown eyes and almost too bright white sparkling teeth when she smiled at him. Bad enough to be drawn to all that, but her breasts stood perkily before him, each capped with magnificent light brown nipples that stood hard, erect, and inviting.

"Ah... very," he stammered rinsing his hair wildly now in an effort to make a quick exit.

"You don't have to rush on my account," Amy pleaded. "Relax Jared. I don't bite...unless I want to," she added with a seductive tease. "But I don't know you well enough yet to do that, for now anyway," she teased again enjoying his obvious discomfort. Which she made worse by glancing down towards his rapidly stiffening erection. "Hmm," she almost purred actually reaching out to fondle him. "Would you like me to wash this for you?"

Flustered, Jared pulled away forcing her to release him. "Ah, no thanks. Already did that," he continued to stammer stepping out of the shower, reaching for and finding the nearest towel available to him.

"Pizza should be here in about twenty," Amy went on acting as though nothing were wrong. "You like pineapple and ham too yes?"

"Yes," he confirmed, wrapping his towel around himself heading back into his own room without even bothering to finish drying himself off first.

"See you in a few then!" Amy giggled, pulling the shower curtain apart long enough to smile and wink at him as Jared darted back into his own room. Minutes later, he was joining his s****r in the kitchen.

"I presume you met Amy?" Charlene laughed. All Jared could do was nod his head in bewilderment.

"I guess you could say that," he told her. "Interesting character."

"You don't know the half of it," Charlene hinted without saying any more. "Don't say I didn't warn you."

"Well you could have warned me a little better," Jared shot back. "I kinda figured I might accidentally bump into her here and there, something like that. But I certainly didn't expect for her to join me in the shower the first time we ever met either!"

"See? I knew you'd like her!" Charlene said ignoring his comment. Jared shrugged, he knew better than to fence words with his s****r.


"Just arrived," Char said pointing towards the counter. "Grab us each a beer from the fridge," she told him as she took down some paper plates from the cupboard. "Then go tell Amy dinners ready."

"No way," Jared said grabbing the beers placing them on the table. "You do it." Charlene giggled.

"Whatsamatter Jared? Afraid of a little flesh?"

Jared was half tempted to shake up his beer and point it at her. Something he'd have done in times past. "A little flesh no, but shit Char, she was naked!"


Jared just glared at his s****r.

"What? She not your type? Or do you even have a type yet?"

The problem resolved itself before Jared felt compelled to answer as Amy waltzed into the dining room. "Got one for me?" she asked grinning at Jared knowing full well she'd been the topic of conversation. And to make matters worse, all she was wearing was a pair of very skimpy cotton briefs. Once again Jared found himself trying to avert his eyes from her breasts as he handed over one of the open beers.

"Better get used to it," Char told him as she brushed by to grab a slice of pizza. "Either that, or its going to be a long hard week for you!" she teased allowing her hand to drop casually down just barely caressing his groin as she passed by him. Jared jumped attempting to dodge out of her way before she could embarrass him even further, but Amy had caught the not so subtle inference.

"He really is a virgin isn't he?" Once again Jared glared towards his s****r, but this time he spoke.

"God damn it Charlene! How many people have you told anyway?" In spite of her b*****r's obvious discomfort and anger, she laughed.

"Just the one's that might be interested in helping you out with that if you're ever interested yourself! Now come on, lighten up Little b*****r, or it really is going to be a long week!"

They soon sat down at the kitchen table sharing their pizza and beer together. And in spite of Amy's bare breasts, which Jared stole occasional glances towards, he soon found himself thinking less and less about her tits, and began to enjoy the girls company. By the time they'd finished off the pizza and several bottles of beer, Amy announced she needed to finish up one of her class papers, giving Char and Jared some needed time alone.

"Lets go back to your room," she coaxed him. "Then we can catch up on everything that's been happening!"

They spent the next couple of hours doing just that until Amy peeked her head in through the door. "Headed to bed, you going to be coming soon?"

"God...I hope so!" Char said easily. Jared assumed that his s****r was tired.

"Hey, we've got plenty of time, tomorrows Saturday anyway, so we can just chat or spend the day however you'd like to," he informed her. "I'm a bit tired myself anyway, so probably should hit the sack too."

Charlene gave him an affectionate s****rly kiss on the cheek as she stood up. "See you in the morning then L.B., sl**p tight, sweet dreams. Though after today, you'll no doubt have some even sweeter dreams yes?"

This time it was Jared's turn to take a swing at his s****r, though she ducked easily out of the way disappearing through the doorway of his bedroom towards her own. He heard her laughter, followed moments later by Amy's as she joined her before the door to their bedroom closed, shutting off any additional chatter or giggles the girls might have shared.

Jared stared down at his crotch, surprised to see an awakening of arousal. True, Amy had certainly ignited the flames earlier, but he'd found his s****r's closeness and affection to be something he had truly missed. Even her playful kiss of affection had reawakened the longing of not being with her. Though it was now manifesting itself to him in a very disturbing way. Shaking it off, he soon undressed for bed, listening carefully as the girls took turns using the bathroom. Only when there had been a reasonable period of silence did Jared decide to venture into the bathroom and use it himself.

He opened the bathroom door adjoining his own room and saw only darkness. He reached towards the wall fumbling for the light switch that he assumed would be nearby, but didn't locate it. About to step back into his own room and turn on his own room's light so he'd at least have something to see by, he then heard as well as saw a dim sliver of light emanating through what appeared to be a small crack in the door leading into his s****r's bedroom. Obviously one of them had failed to close their side of the door completely. Padding barefoot across the floor, it was his intent to close the door as quietly as possible, then renew his search for the bathroom light. As he drew near however, his curiosity got the best of him as he heard what appeared to be crying at first coming from the girl's room. He cautiously pulled the door a tiny bit more open, thankful he could do so quietly, then peered in as the shaded light from a table lamp glowed softly in the darkness, just barely giving him the ability to see the two women who lay in bed together. It wasn't the sound of crying that he had heard however, but soft sensual moaning as he realized what was taking place inside the girl's bedroom.

"Oh god that feels good baby!" Charlene moaned. Jared was stunned! Before him lay his s****r, her legs spread with Amy just as naked as she was, lying between them, obviously going down on her. "Oh yeah! Yeah! That's it! Lick it just like that baby! Just like that!"

Jared continued to watch, watching as his s****r reached up fondling her own breasts, tweaking her nipples with her fingers as Amy continued to purr into her pussy, doing whatever with her tongue to his s****r's clit, though whatever it was, she was obviously enjoying it.

"I don't want to cum yet!" she announced a bare second later. "Let me lick you now!" she exclaimed, allowing Amy to sit up as they quickly exchanged positions. Mesmerized, Jared continued to spy on the two girls through the crack in the bathroom door. Twice tempted to retreat back into his room, but unable to do so even though one of the two women he was spying on was his own s****r! But he was also struggling emotionally with the fact that his s****r was into women! Something he'd never considered before, though had he looked more carefully at it, he'd have realized that the potential for that had been there all along.

His prick had hardened a long time ago, and he found himself holding it within his hand as he stood there on his side of the door. Not exactly masturbating, he was however casually fondling himself to an even greater firmness, his excitement now overcoming his nervousness and guilt at spying on the two girls as they lay in bed playing with one another.

"So, what do you think your b*****rs going to say when he finds out you like pussy just as much as you like cock?" Amy asked.

"That's why I've never told him, thought I'd let him find out for himself," she answered.

Jared watched as Amy rolled away from between Charlene's legs, catching a glimpse of his s****r's widespread pussy before Amy slipped her hand down between them again, obviously fingering his s****r's cunt. Which is when he noticed that both girls were looking in his direction towards the bathroom door.

"Heard enough yet Jared?" Charlene spoke loud enough that he couldn't have missed her direct challenge to him. Even so, he froze, prepared to back away as quietly and as quickly as possible in the event they weren't sure he really was standing there. "Oh come on L.B.! We both know you're there. We left the door open purposely so that if you did go into the bathroom, you'd hear us!"

Obviously there was no way around it, he'd been caught, that or set up. Either of which confused and frightened him to some degree. He stepped cautiously into the room, though dropping his hands down in front of his obvious erection in some feeble attempt to cover himself, hiding his arousal.

Amy was smiling. "It turn you on seeing me going down on your s****r?" she asked as he slowly approached the end of the bed. Jared couldn't think of a single thing to say, his nervousness and uncertainty stealing any sensible thoughts.

Though Amy was still smiling, Charlene did cast him a concerned s****rly look. "It's ok Jared, nothing to be afraid of. But I thought it might be a better way for you to find out about me," she told him worriedly.
"Well I certainly did that," he managed finding his voice. "How longs this been going on anyway?" he questioned further, surprised at his own boldness, though borne now out of curiosity as to how long his s****r had been keeping this a secret from him.

"L.B., I've always had an interest in other women, far longer than you probably might even guess, then one day someone introduced me to the pleasure of another woman's tongue. I've been hooked ever since, but I still enjoy the feel of a nice hard cock fucking me too!" she added with a lascivious look.

Jared still wasn't sure how to react, nor what he was really doing here in the first place, especially naked and even more so after his s****r's admissions. Amy seemed to solve that however, patting the bed next to herself. "Come on Jared, relax. Lay down next to me," she prompted him. He did so, though turning slightly to keep his rock-hard erection from being too noticeable.

"He really is shy," Charlene grinned glancing down to where Jared's hand continued making some half-assed attempt to hide his erection. Amy followed her gaze, grinned herself, then promptly took his hand in hers moving it away.

"No need to hide it Jared. Besides, I want to play with it a little."

He was still in a state of shock or would have reacted to the sudden contact of Amy's soft delicate hand upon his aching member. Instead, he merely groaned with the exquisite contact as she held him briefly before gingerly beginning to stroke his penis up and down.

"Like that?" she whispered seductively increasing the movement.

"Yes," Jared hissed unable to control the emotion he was now feeling. He closed his eyes, settled back against the bed. Though his s****r was lying near him, that fact only increased his excitement and arousal, opposite of what he might have imagined. The fact she was taking all this with such an open-mindedness was typical of their conversations and how they had so openly discussed things with one another in the past. He was just thinking all this when the sensation of what his cock was feeling suddenly changed, doing so dramatically. Instead of Amy's hand, he felt her mouth suddenly surround him, the softness of her lips gently pulling on the bulbous head of his cock as she nipped, sucked, and tickled the head of his prick with her tongue.

"Oh god!" Jared moaned, his eyes feeling as though they were glued shut, afraid to open them as though doing so would cause her to stop, or worse, make him feel really embarrassed should he see his s****r gazing at him while having his prick so wonderfully sucked by her roommate.

So lost in the thrill and excitement of having his prick sucked on for the first time in his life, it took a moment for the reality of yet a second tongue joining the first to waken him from his revelry.

"What the fuck?"

He tried sitting up, felt two sets of hands pushing against him. He could have easily done so anyway, his strength no match for either of the two women, even together. But at the moment, he was like Samson without his hair. He was able to open his eyes however, confirming what he already knew to be true. Charlene was busily lapping at his prick just as enthusiastically as Amy was.

"I've always wanted to do this Little b*****r," she lustily told him. "Just never had the courage, or the opportunity really, until now," she winked at him taking his cock deep within her mouth sucking it before he could find the strength or the words to reply.

Shaking, Jared fought momentarily with his emotions. The feel of two tongues bathing his prick made it very difficult however, the sensations far too sweet to allow his guilt at one of those tongues being his s****r's to cause him to do anything about it, at least for the moment.

And not that he hadn't entertained similar thoughts himself. He had. Growing up as close as they had together had created a few interesting situations as he recalled them. He'd frequently masturbated after having stumbled into her dressing or undressing. Those images even now firmly tucked away within his memories. The times they had wrestled on the floor, the feel of her breasts pressed against him even though there had been no direct sexual contact, it had been there never-the-less. And of course their talks. Bold, uninhibited, open and honest about a wide variety of subjects. He recalled her once telling him that if the opportunity ever did occur, that she would indeed like to find out what it was like to be with another woman.

"You have no idea how often I thought about doing this L.B.," Charlene spoke bringing Jared back to the present.

"You have?"

"Hell yes! And especially that time I caught you masturbating with a pair of my panties!"

"You did?" Amy stated jumping in. "When was that?" Charlene laughed though Jared was on the verge of bolting back into his own bedroom.

"Just shortly before I moved out. I'd been doing my laundry getting everything cleaned one last time at least, and had left my undies and such for last. I'd gone down stairs to the laundry room, spotted Jared sifting through my dirty clothes pile and watched as he lifted a pair of my panties and began rubbing himself off with them."

"Oooh, dirty panties at that! Jared, you really are a dirty, naughty little boy aren't you?"

Jared ignored Amy's comment, turning to more directly face his s****r. " saw me?"

"Hell yes! And I did more than that Little b*****r, I stood behind the water heater playing with myself while I watched you jerking off. When you squirted that nice creamy load into my panties, I came with you. Only you didn't know I was there, or that I had. By the time you'd placed them back in the pile, I'd slipped back upstairs to my bedroom where I used my vibrator to get off again with. what do you say to that?"

Jared was excited and aroused beyond all reason now. "What I say is...I'd like to see what it's like to taste my s****r's pussy. So s*s...what do you say to that?"

"Now that's something I'd like to see myself!" Amy said sitting up. "Though you wouldn't mind if I continued to play with you while you did would you?" she asked seductively.

His natural horniness had finally gotten the better of him. Nervous no longer, Jared leaned over sucking one of Amy's nipples, releasing it only to capture one of his s****r's nipples giving it an equally satisfying little suck. "Be my guest," he said a moment later, his cock throbbing anxiously even as Charlene climbed over him to sit on his face.

"Like this?" she asked hopefully.

"Any way you want it!" he told her.

Amy sat to their side watching as Charlene slowly lowered her anxiously waiting pussy down onto Jared's face. She continued to fondle his massively hard prick driving him crazy in the process, perfectly positioned to also lick and tickle Charlene's breasts and nipples with her tongue.

"Oh god this is nice!" Charlene moaned pleasurably. "You sure you've never done this before L.B.?" she asked.

"Never!" he stated thick-tongued as he continued to lap at the tiny little pearl of her sex, flicking it softly with the very tip of his tongue until Charlene couldn't stand it any longer.

"Oh god suck it Jared! Suck my clit honey! Make me cum!"

Jared did exactly what his s****r asked him to do. Taking her tiny little clit inside his mouth as fully as possible, he held it there, sucking it firmly until she exploded with a rapturous scream, moisture suddenly cascading sweetly into his mouth as he continued sucking until the sensitivity became simply too much for her to bear.

"Enough! Oh my God Enough!" she exclaimed rolling off and away from him.

"Well shit, if he's that good, especially his first time out, then I've got to try this myself!" Amy all but demanded.

Jared was loving the attention, not to mention his ego taking a real boost, as the pleasure he'd given his s****r had seemed genuinely real, and not some attempt at actually stroking his male self. Before Amy could reposition herself however, Charlene leaned over kissing her b*****r full on the lips, passionately, tenderly. They had never kissed like this before, though had come close once. But this time she allowed her tongue to dance with his, his passion reaching even greater heights while hers renewed in a flash-point spark of desire that hungrily consumed her. Finally they broke a part. Breathless, Jared simply stared into his s****r's eyes. She smiled at him like she never had before.

"I really do love you Little b*****r," she told him. "And I have missed you."

"Ok, enough with the mushy stuff!" Amy exclaimed breaking the sudden silence. "Time to feel Jared's tongue inside my pussy!" Both Charlene and Jared laughed.

"Climb aboard sweet-pea!" Jared told her. She did so, lowering her warm moist pussy onto his face where he began to hungrily devour the nectar that he found there. To his delight, he soon felt his s****r's lips once again surrounding the stiffness of his cock, stroking him with her tongue, sucking lightly at the sensitive head of his prick until he began to worry about losing control far too quickly.

He was on the verge of actually warning her when Charlene released his prick momentarily, giving him a brief reprieve. Able to now focus, concentrating on Amy's slick wet cunt, he went back to tongue-fucking her as she'd now asked him to do. Content to pleasure her, enjoying the feel and response of her arousal while he did. Moments later he again felt the feel of his s****r's hand upon his penis. Expecting her to toy with him, and having regained some control, he looked forward to the further stimulation of his cock. Instead, he felt her begin to straddle him, though the feel of his s****r's pussy slithering against his straining member did not engulf him. Like a pair of soft lips sucking the side of his shaft, she merely moved against him, the soft fur of her pussy caressing, teasing.

"Are you ok with this L.B.?" Charlene asked him.

"Ah huh," he barely managed, not thinking so much about the close proximity of his s****r's pussy caressing his cock as the velvety sensation of it as she did.

"Only if you want to," she added. "It should be your decision Jared," she emphasized calling him by name. Charlene continued to rub herself up and down the length of his shaft, allowing the lips of her cunt to kiss him just as she had done with her mouth. The feeling was unlike any he had ever known before of course, and he'd all but forgotten the nether lips currently pressing against his face.

"You two want to be alone?" Amy broke in once again half serious by her tone of voice. Jared answered both questions by moving slightly, the head of his cock suddenly spearing the silky opening of his s****r's quim. He felt the heat of her envelope him, felt her passage tighten briefly in surprise at the sudden intrusion, then welcome him fully as he slid deeply inside her. As his prick slid home, Jared latched on to Amy's clit drawing it fully into his mouth, matching the desire and lust of the sensation now bathing his shaft.

"Whatever the hell you're doing to him, keep doing it Charlene!" Amy yelled. "Oh my god that feels good!"

"Turn around Amy," Charlene told her. "Sit on L.B.'s face the other way so I can play with you too."

Jared liked the sound of that, though only able to imagine what the two of them might do. Still, the feel of his s****r's luscious pussy wrapped fully around his cock was about all his mind could currently handle at the moment. Additionally, he was grateful for her slow-going process, as he'd been dangling on the edge of ecstasy far longer than he felt capable of withstanding.

"How's it feel?" Amy asked.

"Nice," Charlene purred. "Just like I've always imagined it would." Once again Charlene's comments surprised him, and he spoke lifting his head away briefly from the soft furry mound covering his face.

"You've thought of us doing it?" he asked. Charlene let out a loud giggle.

"More times than you could ever begin to imagine Little b*****r! The times I spent playing with myself just thinking about it nearly drove me insane. Not to mention how I once actually kissed your cock when you were asl**p."

"You did?"

Charlene laughed again. "Oh yeah, and I'd have done more than that if you hadn't started moaning and groaning in your sl**p so loud. I was half afraid you'd wake Dad and Franchesca. Speaking of which, I spoke to mom about you're coming here to visit with me for a week. She was already planning on coming out here herself, she's anxious to see you again Jared, she really does miss you, you know."

"Can we talk about this later s*s? I'm not really in the mood to get into a discussion about our mother at the moment, especially with my cock currently buried inside your pussy."

Charlene once again laughed, but softly, understanding her b*****r's hesitation. It had been several years now since he'd even seen his mother ever since the divorce when she had left their father for another man.

"It is something we do need to discuss while she's here Jared. And there is more that you're going to learn about soon too."

"Ok, ok...but not right now. It's a little difficult concentrating with what you've just told me, and the feel of your, your..."

"Pussy," she finished for him.

"Yeah, pussy...ah, ah,"

"Fucking your cock?"

"Yeah, that!"

Charlene giggled.

"Seriously you two, if you'd like some time alone, I'll be more than happy to give it to you, but at least let me cum first ok?"

Jared tickled her clit, reaching up to enjoy the added sensation of fondling her firm young breasts, enjoying the unseen thrill as his s****r's hands joined his in caressing them. Charlene began to move a little more rapidly too. Moving side to side, grinding against him with smooth up and down motions that gradually began to increase as her own desire escalated beyond her ability to control.

"Oh yeah fuck him Charlene! Fuck him nice and hard. And suck me Jared! Suck my cunt baby, cause I'm about to cum!"

Seconds later Amy exploded in exquisite bliss, thrashing from side to side, her head rolling back and forth as the deep-throated groan of pleasure continually rolled like thunder from her lips.

It was too much. Jared's release soon joined Amy's, the pulse of his penis throbbing in perfect accompaniment of Amy's clenching pussy as the spasms continued. He felt his essence pour upwards into his s****r's pussy, felt the welcome of it as she felt him begin spurting inside her, slamming down hard atop him, holding herself there briefly before rising up just enough to slam down hard on him again, ensuring the fullness of his length penetrated her as deeply as possible in perfect harmony with each eruption of his semen.

"Yes baby yes..." Charlene moaned softly, "Give it to me honey...give me all that beautiful delicious cream!"

Long after they had all gloriously climaxed together again, though then Jared had enjoyed fucking Amy's pussy doggy-style while she in turn buried her face in Charlene's pussy, they had collapsed in a heap upon the bed where he now lay, both women snuggled within his arms gently caressing and stroking his now spent flaccid member. He fondled each of their breasts lazily, enjoying the softness of the moment in accompaniment with the tenderness of their flesh.

"So why is mother coming here anyway?" he asked casually. "You said she already had plans to do so before knowing I would be here yes?"

"Yes," Charlene admitted.

"Just to see you then?"

"Not exactly."

"What then?"

"Ah, remember I told you there was more?"

"Yeah? So?"

"I never told you how Amy and I hooked up as roommates did I?"


"Well Jared, you see...Amy's last name is Davenport." Charlene allowed the realization of that to sink in for the moment.

"As in David Davenport? The guy who married our mother?"

"Yep!" Amy interjected. "Your mother is now my stepmother," Amy confessed. "So you see Little b*****r, in a way, we're sort of siblings ourselves now."

"Oh my god! You've got to be k**ding me!" he said attempting to sit up. "You're my step-s****r?"

"You might could say that," she said leaning over to kiss him, affectively disarming him momentarily before he had a chance to fully rise up. As she did, he felt the warm sweet lips of his s****r's mouth once again engulfing him.

"You don't have a problem with that now do you Little b*****r?" Amy teased momentarily breaking their kiss.

He had to admit, he didn't. Having just fucked his s****r, and now his step-s****r, Jared was finding he didn't have much of a problem with anything, including seeing his mother again after all these years.

"By the way, where's mother going to sl**p anyway? There's not a whole lot of room in this place as it is."

"Oh, she'll stay in your room for the two days," Charlene told him.

"Then where the hell am I going to sl**p?" he asked curiously.

"Why, with us of course!" Amy said easily.

"Here? In this bed with the two of you?"

"Yep!" Charlene giggled.

"Don't you think mother might have a problem with the three of us in bed together?" he questioned.

"No...I'm fairly certain she won't."

"Why's that?" he asked.

"Well L.B., that's the other little secret I never told you about," Charlene whispered in his ear as she began to gently stroke him back to a renewed firmness.

"What secret?" he asked bewilderedly.

"Later, I'll tell you all about that later," she giggled as she drew him deeply inside her mouth once again.

Amy slid down to join her, where they began taking turns licking his erect penis.

"I think Cassandra's going to enjoy this," Amy spoke as she licked the head of Jared's cock with her tongue.

"Enjoy what?" Jared near shouted, once again attempting to sit up.

"Later Jared," Charlene said soothingly, pressing him back down against the bed. "We'll tell you the rest of it later," she said smiling around his cock as she looked up sharing a knowing grin with Amy.
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f****y fun

Chapter 1

“Anybody home?” I called as I walked through the back door into the kitchen. I put my backpack down and grabbed a soda out of the fridge. No answer. “Hellooo?” Still nothing. I was seldom the first one home after school. Usually my s****r, Carrie, got in first since she had her own car. I didn’t have a job yet, so no money, no license, no car. That was the rules of the house. It sucked but that’s the way it was.

I gulped down the soda, grabbed my backpack, then headed upstairs to my room. I had a shitload of homework to do and figured the sooner I got started, the sooner I would finish. My room was at the end of the hall and my s****r’s was near the top of the stairs. I heard some whispering and noises in her room. The door was slightly ajar so I peered in. Holy FUCK! I could not believe what I was seeing. Carrie and her best friend, Jill were sitting on the bed, shirts off, French kissing and hands all over each other. I stepped back away from the door, my heart beating out of my chest. Was I really seeing this? I trembled. I peeked back through the door. Sure enough, my eyes weren’t wrong. Carrie and Jill were lip-locked, mouths open, softly moaning. They unhooked each other’s bras and began rubbing bare breasts. I was in shock but my cock responded accordingly. I quietly watched them make out and carefully, quietly, unzipped my pants, taking my cock out. I stroked it slowly as Carrie laid back, Jill moving down and nibbling on her nipple. They didn’t speak, just softly moaned and groaned. It was evident they had done this before. Jill moved down Carrie, kissing her tummy, moving toward her crotch. Carrie lifted her hips and pushed her basketball shorts down, along with her thong, then spread her legs. I could clearly see my s****r’s pussy for several seconds before Jill moved in and began licking her. Carrie moaned louder as Jill began performing cunnilingus on her.

I came within seconds, my jizz hitting the door and floor. I stifled my own moans and grunts as I didn’t want to scare the girls and interrupt their love making. After I came, I quietly crept to my room, still shaking from what I had just witnessed. I would have stayed and watched the whole show but didn’t want to get caught. I was as much in shock of my sweet s****r being a lesbian as I was in actually seeing her and Jill making out. It was a lot to take in. I knew my s****r didn’t date or ever talk about boys like the other girls her age. All she talked about was basketball, volleyball, Jill this, and Jill that. It all made sense now.

I kept my door shut and quietly worked on my homework. After about an hour, I heard Carrie tell Jill goodbye and Jill leave. I opened my door, to my s****r’s shock. She was standing in her doorway, still naked.

“JACK, WHAT THE FUUU...!” she screamed, covering her nipples with one arm and her pussy with the other. “How long have you been home?”

I smiled and winked at her. “Long enough, s*s. Long enough.”

“What the hell does that mean?” she asked, still agitated.

“See for yourself,” I said, pointing to the wet drips on her door. She looked at the cum on her door and on the carpet.

“Oh my fucking gawd! You jizzed on my door? Were you watching us?” she asked. She was really pissed.

“Yes I was, s*s. That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!” I said laughing.

“You’re a fuckin perv, Jack, a fucking creeping perv!” She slammed the door. I went back to my room, chuckling. I had her now and she knew it. I could blackmail her for anything. My brain started working overtime, thinking of what I could get out of this. Rides to and from school so I wouldn’t have to take the fuckin stinky bus with all the middle schoolers... rides to my friends’ houses.... hell, maybe even a blow job or hand job occasionally, from Carrie or Jill, I didn’t care who. I just knew I could reap great rewards for knowing what I knew. Our parents would ground her for life if they found out and Carrie and I both knew it.

I finished my homework and turned on my tv. There was a soft knock at the door. “It’s open,” I said. Carrie walked in. She had put on her pajama bottoms and a tank top with no bra. I notice these things, you know. She had a very worried, almost sad expression on her face. She sat on the side of my bed next to me.

“Jack,” she said softly, almost tearfully.

“Yes,” I replied, knowing I had her by the balls... if she would have had balls.

“Look, ummm... I... You can’t tell Mom and Dad. You know they would fuckin literally kill me. Please, I’m begging you, don’t say anything.”

I almost felt sorry for her. Almost. “Well, I tell you what, s*s. I won’t say anything. But it’ll cost you.”

“Anything, Jack, please. I’ll do anything, just don’t tell. They’ll ground me, take away my car, make me quit sports. Hell, they’ll probably send me to boarding school or boot camp or some shit like that.”

“Well, s*s, for starters, I’m tired of riding the crappy bus so I want a ride to and from school. And anywhere else I might want to go.”

“Ok, Jack, it’s a deal.”

“I’m not finished yet.”

“What? Come on, Jack, be reasonable!”

“I am being reasonable, Jilly-p*o.” She hated me calling her that. “I mean, seriously, think about what I know.”

“Fine, what else?”

“Well, let’s see... hmmm...” I teased, rubbing my chin and looking upwards, as if in deep thought. She looked at me impatiently. “Tell ya what, s*s. I’ve always thought you were hot. And so is Jill. I’m sure if you think about it, you’ll come up with something else to offer.”

She looked at me, frowning, trying to figure out what I was getting at. I laid back and stretched, my half stiff cock making a tent in my boxers. She glanced down.

“You don’t mean... You better not fucking mean what I think you mean!”

“Gee, s*s you catch on quick!” I said, chuckling.

“Jack, that’s fuckin sick! I’m your s****r for crying out loud! You’re a fuckin perv!” she yelled as she stormed out of my room, slamming the door.

I sat back on the bed, watching tv, waiting. Sure enough a few minutes later, she opened the door, returning with the same down-trodden look on her face.

“Please, Jack don’t make me do... that,” she said, glancing at my cock.

“Doesn’t have to be you, s*s. I mean, I’d like it to be but Jill could do it as well.”

“NO, Jack. She wouldn’t. And I wouldn’t want her to. I love her and I couldn’t bear the thought of her doing something with you.”

“Well then, I guess the matter is settled,” I said. Mission accomplished.

“Fine. So, what, give you a hand job and you won’t tell?” she asked. Oh, no she wasn’t getting off that easy.

“Ummm that’s a start. I’m thinking... hand job, BJ, titty fuck... twice a week.”

“TWICE A WEEK?!” Are you fucking serious? Gawdamm you, Jack, you’re worse than I thought!” Again, she stormed out of my room. My cock was hard as a rock now, throbbing from thinking about my s*s sucking or stroking me. I heard her screaming in her room, throwing stuff against the wall.

“GAWDAMM FUCKIN FUCK FUCK FUCK!! AAAAAGH!!” Shit, was she pissed. I chuckled. Now don’t get me wrong, I like my s*s. Love her even. In a sick, b*****rly love sort of way, anyway. Ever since she sprouted tits and I discovered what sex was, thanks to the internet, I had the hots for her. Many a night I unloaded my balls onto my stomach, holding her sweaty panties to my nose, smelling, tasting her pussy juices. I wanted to fuck her so bad but I didn’t want to push my luck. Mouth, hands, tits, they’d work.

She stormed back into my room. “FINE, you gawdamm asshole pervert, FINE. I’ll do it. But don’t expect me to like it! And for the record, I think you’re a sick, creepy, perverted, asshole, fuckface fuckin fuck fuck mother fucking fucker! If you ever tell anyone any of this, I’ll cut off your gawdamm balls with a butcher knife!!”

“Geez, s*s, settle the fuck down!” I said. “I’m not asking to fuck you in the ass or anything. Just a little... relief. I’d like to have an occasional orgasm that isn’t self-induced, that’s all.”

“Whatever, Jack. Let’s just get it over with. I’ll give you a handjob to start. It’s going to take me some time to get used to the idea of... this. I mean you’re my b*****r, it’s not normal!”

“That’s my girl,” I said, smiling.

“I’m not your gawdamm girl. I’m your fucking s****r. And don’t say it!” she said, stopping me as I began to make a smartass comment. I laughed.

“Ok then, let’s get started.” I lifted my ass off the bed and pulled down my boxers, my 8 inch cock now free to breathe.

“Holy fuck, Jack. It’s huge!” she said, her mouth dropping open.

“Why thank you, s*s. I’ll take that as a compliment.” She scowled at me.

Carrie cautiously reached forward, as if it would bite. Finally she grasped it, just holding it at first, squeezing it, feeling the soft skin and the hardness. Even that felt good. My muscles contracted, spurting a few drops of pre-cum from the tip. She jumped.

“Shit! Did you cum already?”

I laughed. “No, s*s, that’s just pre-cum. It’s lube, like what your pussy makes when you’re all turned on.”

“Oh. I didn’t know guys did that. I’ve never... I mean... I’ve only been with Jill. Never with a guy. I know what goes on though. I mean, I’ve watched porn on the internet. But still. I didn’t know guys did that.”

She began slowly stroking my shaft, up to the head, then down to the base. It was the first time anyone had touched my cock besides myself. My head was spinning. She continued stroking, getting a little faster. I reached out and put my hand on her breast, over her shirt and gently squeezed. It was firm and spongy. And the first boob I’d ever felt. That was all it took to finish me as I felt my orgasm erupt from my loins, my legs and stomach muscles contracting. Sperm shot out of the tip of my cock, at least 2 feet into the air, splashing down onto my face, the next spurt hit my chest, followed by several more spasms, gushing semen out onto my s****r’s hand as she kept stroking. Finally, I could bear no more and I grabbed her hand, holding it on my shaft but not letting her move. My cock pulsed several more times, jizz oozing out onto our hands.

“Oooooh fuck!” I said. “Fuck, that was amazing, Carrie. Gawdamm, that was great! Best I’ve ever had.”

She took her hand away and wiped it on my boxers, not saying anything. She looked at me, a bit sadly, then got up and left the room. I felt a little guilty. But fuck, was it worth it. That was the best orgasm I had ever had and it was given by my hot s****r. I heard her in the bathroom, the water running. She came back in with a towel and threw it to me then sat back down on the bed. I looked at her, seeing her in a different light now. She had always been the dominant one of the two of us. She was older so had always taken that role. Now, I was in control and she knew it. She sat quietly as I wiped myself down with the towel. I studied her, her small breasts pointing through the cotton fabric of her tank top. I could see a little side boob through the arms. She was hot. And a lesbian. Fuckin waste, I thought.

“Ok, so... twice a week, right?” she said softly.

“Yeah. You can just do handjobs for the first few times. You can do oral when you’re used to it. Titty fucking can come later.”

“Gee, you’re so considerate, Jack,” she said sarcastically.

“Sorry, s*s. I guess i shouldn’t be such a dick about it. But you’ve always bossed me around. And when you got your car, I thought you’d at least give me a fuckin ride to school, especially when I started high school. I mean we both go to the same gawdamm school and you wouldn’t give me a fuckin ride!” I was getting a bit riled up now, using the opportunity to vent the last couple of years’ worth of frustration. I continued. “I’m your gawdamm b*****r, Carrie. Your own flesh and bl**d and you’ve always treated me like shit, like I was lower than dirt. You get a car, you get to play any sport you want, Mom and Dad treat you like a princess and I get shit on. I’m tired of it. But you know what, Carrie? You know what the sad thing is? Despite all the shit you’ve given me, I still love you. I’ll always be there. If someone hurt you, I’d fuckin kill ‘em. I always have your back. Even though you don’t give a rat’s ass about me.”

She turned and looked at me, her eyes wet.

“Gawd, I’m so sorry, Jack. I didn’t realize. I... I’m so sorry. I’m a selfish brat, I know that. I don’t blame you for blackmailing me. I... I understand. I’ll do anything you want. I just have to know you’ll never, and I mean fucking never, say anything to Mom and Dad. Someday, I’ll tell them I’m gay but I can’t now. Not until I’m out of the house and on my own. I’ll... I’ll do whatever. I’ll suck you or let you... do whatever you want to me. I just have to have your word.”

I softened a little. But not much. I had to maintain control here. “You have my word. And I won’t do anything to you that you really don’t want. We’ll just see how things play out.” I paused, thinking. “You’re sure Jill wouldn’t want to … get involved?”

“I doubt it, Jack. I mean, if I told her what our deal is... she’d probably break up with me, I don’t know. I just can’t ask her. Not yet.”

“Ok, then. We’ll just wait and see what happens.” I leaned forward and took her in my arms. I looked her in the eyes and kissed her passionately, my tongue meeting hers. I gave her a hug then laid back on the bed. She took that as permission to leave and walked out, her head down a bit.

“Man, am I an asshole or what,” I thought to myself. But I felt I deserved to be treated better. And now, I had the leverage to make it happen.

Chapter 2

The next few days were fairly uneventful. Carrie avoided me as much as possible other than taking me to school and home again. I didn’t push matters, giving her a chance to make a move on her own but by Friday, I was needing another round of s****rly love. After our parents had gone to bed, I lightly tapped on Carrie’s door.

“Yeah?” she answered. I opened the door. She had her light out but the room had enough light from the street lamp coming through the window. “What do you want?” she asked.

“I think you know, s*s.”

“Fine. I figured it was time soon.” She sat up in bed, leaning against the headboard. “So, another handjob?”

“Yeah, that’s fine. And I feel your tits. Under your shirt.”

“Yeah, whatever,” she said, sounding inconvenienced as she pulled her shirt off. I sat on the bed next to her, my right leg bent up on the bed, my left foot on the floor. I had never seen her breasts completely nude and they were amazing. They were the size of half g****fruits and just as firm. I reached forward with my right hand and cupped the left one, feeling its firmness and weight. My cock twitched.

“Damn, s*s you have nice tits.”

“Thanks, I guess.”

I pulled my cock out of my boxers with my left hand and she reached for it, grasping the shaft. She began slowly stroking it up and down, from the wet tip to the base. It grew a little more under the stimulation of her touch as I fondled her breasts and nipples. As she continued stroking, I began lightly brushing my fingertips from breast to breast, then started moving slowly down, left to right, feeling the smooth firm flesh of her stomach. I brushed across her naval and she twitched.

“That tickles.”

“Sorry. You just feel so amazing. You’re really fit. Very sexy.” She didn’t reply.

I moved my light touches to the waistband of her pajamas.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Just touching, s*s. Don’t worry.”

I flattened my hand as I stroked back and forth across her stomach, feeling her abdominal muscles tighten as my fingertips slipped just below the waistband. I didn’t want to rush things but I still needed to remind her who was in charge. She flinched as my fingers grazed under her waistband, feeling the top of her panties. Out of reflex, she squeezed my cock a bit tighter as she stroked it. I slid my hand back and forth under the waistband, tracing the top of her panties. As I got to one side, I felt that it was just a string and realized she was wearing a thong. My cock twitched as I pictured what it looked like.

She still didn’t say anything but the tensing of her stomach muscles indicated she was a bit unsure about me touching that close to her pussy. Too bad, I thought. I was getting close to orgasm as her movements up and down my shaft got faster. It wouldn’t be long now and I wanted to feel her pussy, even just the top before I came. I began breathing harder as I got closer. My fingertips went under the top edge of her thong. Her skin there was so soft and warm and I still didn’t feel any hair. I wondered if she shaved.

“Fuck, s*s, I’m getting close. Won’t be long now.” She quickened her stokes a bit more.

Still moving my hand side to side, I inched downward inside her thong, still feeling only bare skin. Carrie began breathing a bit heavier too and her legs parted slightly. My fingertips felt the dimple that was the top of her crevice. I was dangerously close to spurting my load. Just as I felt it boiling, I moved my hand downward about an inch, finding her clit and began rubbing it side to side. That was it. I grunted and my cock erupted, spasm after spasm pumping my jizz out into the air and onto her stomach, hand, and arm. I pressed on her clit, still gently massaging it.

“Oh fuck!” she whispered loudly. “Don’t stop!”

My orgasm was subsiding as hers began. Carrie inhaled deeply then held her breath, her back arched and her mouth opened.

“Aaaaaaaah aaaaaaah aaaaaaah!” she moaned, now panting as I felt wetness forming under my fingertips. She still had hold of my cock and was squeezing the life out of it but I didn’t care. I had just cum all over my s****r and now was returning the favor as her body tensed, quivered, then relaxed. She released the grip on my cock then grabbed my wrist, pulling my hand away from her pussy.

“Fuck you, Jack! That wasn’t part of the deal!”

“Yeah but you enjoyed it, didn’t you?” I said, chuckling.

“Fuck you anyway.” She grabbed a couple tissues off her nightstand and wiped my cum off herself then put her tank top back on. I stuffed my cock back inside my boxers.

“It is part of the deal, s*s. I’m not going to cross any major lines but I do have some leeway here. Besides, touching you made me cum faster, you should appreciate that.”

“Whatever,” she said. “Just go back to your room now.” She turned away from me. Ungrateful bitch, I thought. I just made her cum and she gets all bitchy.

Chapter 3

I patted her on the ass and squeezed it as I stood up and left her room. I went back to my bedroom. I brought my fingers to my nose and inhaled her scent. It smelled wonderful. I put it in my mouth and tasted her nectar. So divine! I wanted her fully so bad but knew that was a line I couldn’t cross, despite any hold I had over her. Smelling and tasting her on my finger aroused me again. I peeled off my boxers and began stroking my cum-covered cock, using my jizz for lube. Then I heard my door open. In the dark shadows, I could see Carrie standing there.

“What’s up, s*s?”

“Jack, I... I’m sorry I was rude earlier. It’s just that... Well, you have me in a position that I... I don’t like it, Jack. It’s completely fucked up my life. I can’t concentrate on school or sports. I feel like I’m cheating on Jill. I just... What can I do to get out of this??

“We have a deal, Carrie. You can’t back out. That’s just the way it is. When you treat someone like shit for so long, it comes back. Aunt Kharma is a real bitch sometimes.”

“Fuck, Jack, I said I was sorry. Why do you have to be such a dick?”

I didn’t say anything. I didn’t know what to say. She knew my point of view. As much as I loved her, I was not going to let her off the hook. Not for awhile, anyway. There was only a few months of school left then she’d probably be moving out anyway. Then my hold on her would be gone.

“Six months,” I said.


“Six months then school’s out. You’ll probably get your own place, move in with Jill, and it won’t matter anymore. But until then, your ass is mine. Literally.” I hated being this way. I’d rather tell her how much I was in love with her, that I wanted her completely, to make love to her, to be her lover.

“Shit. Fine, Jack. Fuckin fine. Six months then it’s over.” She still stood by the door, not moving.

“Something else?” I asked. She didn’t respond.

Finally she came over and sat on the side of the bed. She took my cock in her hand. It was almost dry now.

“What are you doing?” I asked. “You’ve already done that tonight.”

Saying nothing, she bent down and took my cock in her mouth, tentatively at first, just the tip, licking it, testing it. Then she shoved her head down until it was as far as she could take it without gagging.

“Oh my gawd, s*s! What the...?”

She held my shaft with her hand in front of her mouth and began moving her hand up and down together. I was fully hard within seconds. I put my hand on her cheek, stroking it as she gave me my first blow job. It was amazing, nothing like I had ever experienced before. Good thing I had just come earlier or I probably would have blown the back of her head off. My hand roamed up and down her body, adding to my pleasure. She shifted her body around so that she was now on her side, laying beside me on her left side, her feet near my head. She bent her left knee up, leaving her right leg straight. I began stroking her legs and feet as she continued her wonderful oral attention on my cock. Being more daring now, my hand wandered up the inside of her right leg, inching closer and closer to her sweet cunny. My fingers found their target, just touching where her pussy and thigh met. I stopped, waiting for a reaction. She slightly thrust her hips once, her pussy applying a bit of pressure on my fingertips.

I was surprised that she was actually wanting me to touch her. I began circling her vaginal area with my fingertips, tracing the triangular area. Her left leg moved back a bit, widening the gap between her legs. My lesbian s****r was actually letting me touch her pussy while she sucked my cock! I felt the nerves inside my lower body preparing for orgasm. I didn’t want to cum yet. I turned on my side, pulling my waist away from my s****r’s head.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Nothing, Carrie, I just want to... I want to return the favor. If that’s alright.”

“Yeah. I’d like that.”

I grasped her pajamas at the waist as she raised off the bed and helped me with one hand. I could smell her arousal now filling the air. She grasped my cock and held it as I worked her thong down and off her legs. We were now facing each other on our sides, my face in front of her pussy, her head near my cock. She moved in and began sucking me again. I reached around and cupped a firm butt cheek in my hand then pulled her to me, my face going between her thighs and into her warm steamy crotch. Everything I had done sexually, other than masturbating, was now with my own sweet s****r. She had given me my first hand job. Hers was the first breast I had ever felt, the first clit I had ever rubbed. Now the first blowjob. And the first pussy I had ever licked. I had watched enough porn to basically know what to do. I knew the clit was the dessert but that the entire pussy was part of the entree.

I opened my mouth and placed it onto her vagina, my tongue darting out and immediately finding her wet opening. I began lapping her tasty juices, savoring the essence in my mouth, my nose just a fraction of an inch from her butt hole. Even that smelled sweet. She moaned softly as she continued taking my cock into the depths of her mouth. We were rocking in rhythm as she mouth-fucked my shaft and I licked her sweet slit. She put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me into her, guiding me up an inch or so until my tongue was on her clit. I took the hint and began circling it with my tongue.

“MMmmmf mmmmff,” Carrie grunted. She began moving her head faster onto my cock, picking up the tempo, as I sucked her swollen clit into my mouth. I latched onto it, holding it inside my lips and flicked it with my tongue.

My orgasm was eminent as I felt my muscles tense and all my nerve endings began tingling. I could tell she was close also as her thighs tightened around my head, her hand pulling me even harder into her crotch. I moaned through my nose as I came, filling my s****r’s mouth with warm fresh semen. I heard her throat click as she eagerly swallowed my jizz. Her thighs now felt like a nutcracker, my head being clamped between them. I could feel the tendons in her legs pulse and twitch, her vaginal muscles spasmed, as she came.

“MMMMMMMMFFFFHH” she moaned, almost screaming. Had it not been for my cock in her mouth, she probably would have wakened the neighborhood. Our bodies shook and trembled as simultaneous sibling orgasms possessed our every fiber. I flooded her mouth with my sperm, she covered my mouth and face with her nectar. Together, we relaxed our bodies and the orgasms released us from their grip. I moved away from her clit, knowing it would be too sensitive now and licked the pool of honey that had formed in the pocket where her thigh and groin met. I gently licked over her entire pussy, savoring every drop as she licked and sucked the last drop of cum from my penis.

Finally, we both rolled onto our backs, panting, moaning, spent.

“My gawd, s*s, that was intense. Nothing has ever felt that good in my life.”

“Me either, Jack. You’re even better than Jill. I’ve never cum that hard either.”

I turned and kissed the front of her pussy and thighs, stroking her stomach. My love for her had just increased ten fold. It was painful now, knowing that it was a forbidden love that couldn’t be soothed. I knew I just had a few months to enjoy making love with her before she would move on with her life.

Carrie sat up and put her tank top on. She took the thong and wiped her pussy with it, really rubbing it into her crevice. She laid it across my face then kissed me on the mouth.

“There, that’s a souvenir. So you’ll remember the first pussy you ever licked.” She stood and put her pajama bottoms on.

“I’ll never forget, Carrie. Never. This night will always be burned in my mind.” I took the thong, inhaled the scent through my nose, then put it under my pillow. “I love you, Carrie.” I couldn’t believe I had just said that.

“I love you too, Jack. It’s weird now, this thing we have. I don’t quite know what to make of it but I’ll deal with it. It is just temporary, right?”

“It doesn’t have to be,” I replied. “I mean... When I said I love you... I really do love you. Not just as my s****r. But... in a way that... I love you with all my heart, Carrie. Deeply, like a man loves a woman. Why do you think I’ve never had a girlfriend? I’ve never dated. You’ve been my first... everything. The things we’ve done in the last week, it’s all been my first. I’m so fuckin madly in love with you, I can’t see straight. I’m sorry, but that’s how I feel and I can’t help it.”

She sat back down on my bed and took my hand.

“Fuck, Jack... I... I never knew... I mean, how could I know... FUCK!”


“You just... you just have a way of fucking up my world.” She stormed out of my room.

Well now, I felt like shit. I didn’t know why but I did. I laid in bed, still naked, my mind racing, analyzing what had just happened and what I had been feeling the last couple of years. I came to the realization that my anger and now, control, was because I had been in love with her and she not only didn’t return the feelings but also treated me like shit. I was wracked with guilt, anger, and resentment, but still, I loved her. I would do anything for her. And yet I was blackmailing her to get sex. But now, she was also enjoying it. And she knew how I really felt. I must have laid there for at least a couple of hours in my torment, pondering whether I should call off the blackmail and just go back to jerking off or to continue the incredible lustful activity with Carrie. Finally, I began to get sl**py when I heard the door open yet again.

Chapter 4

Carrie came in and laid down by me.

“Hey,” I said softly.

“Hey. You can’t sl**p either?” she said.

“No. I’m... my mind just won’t... stop.”

“I know. Me too.” She snuggled into me. She felt so good, her warm body pressing against mine, her head on my shoulder. I was still naked and she was still dressed but that didn’t matter. She wrapped her arm over my chest and hugged me. “Jack. I love you too. I’ve been thinking and... well... I guess I always have. I’ve come to realize that the reason... a reason... that I’ve been with Jill is because I didn’t want any other guy. I just wanted you. But I didn’t know you felt the same so I hooked up with Jill. I mean... I do love her. And being with her is... really nice. She knows how to get me hot and cum really good. I... I’m torn now, between you and her. I don’t know what to do.”

“Don’t do anything,” I said. “At least not right now. There’s no pressure to make a decision. Stay with her, act as if everything’s the same. If you decide to tell her about us, or just to break it off, then do it for the right reason. We can... we can be together secretly, no one will know. I... I can share you with Jill. Not with another guy, that would kill me but with Jill... that’s ok. Stay with her and get what you need from her. I’ll fill in the gaps.”

“Oh, Jack, I... I don’t deserve a b*****r like you. I mean... ok, you’re a little shit for blackmailing me... but I know you love me and that you’d do anything for me. And I’ve taken you for granted. I’m... I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.”

“Of course I do, s*s. You’re my love, the light of my life. I’ve come to realize that I don’t want to live without you.”

She lifted her head and looked at me then we kissed, this time passionately with emotion and ferver. Our tongues met for the first time and I could taste remnants of my cum in her mouth. She raised up and partially laid her body on mine, her right leg crossing over mine, her thigh resting on my cock. I was still soft but could feel the familiar tingles from within. She shifted again, putting more of her weight on me. I loved it, my cock slowly waking again. Her hands glided up and down my side, mine moved over her back and round butt. She was getting aroused as was I and our tongues lashed about as we kept our faces pressed together. After a few minutes, she stood up, peeled off her tank top and pajamas, then climbed on me, sitting so that her warm pussy was pinning my cock against my pubic bone. She leaned forward and kissed me again then began slowly moving her hips, causing her pussy to massage the underside of my cock. It sprang to life under her weight and I could feel the moistness of her pussy becoming a smooth lubricant between us.

We continued kissing as I fondled her firm breasts, our breathing becoming heavier. Then, without warning, she reached down between us and grasped my shaft, lifted off me, and plunged herself down on me, my cock piercing her virginity as she gasped.

“s*s! What... oh my gawd!”

I couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt, being inside her. My emotions released as she began thrusting her hips up and back, her breathing hard and deep. I was in shock that my s****r had just used me to take her own cherry and was now riding me like there was no tomorrow. It was a good thing I was young and virile as I had already cum twice that night but I was rock hard and I could feel my cock exploring the inner depths of my s****r’s hot vaginal cavity. I squeezed and massaged her breasts, lightly tweaking her nipples as she moaned. The bed began squeaking as she rode me harder, nearing orgasm. I thought our parents might hear but at this point, I didn’t give a shit. All I wanted was for this to last forever and never stop. I was enraptured with love, lust, a****l desire as we fucked. She began moaning, quite audibly now as she neared orgasm. I could feel my own boiling within and knew it wouldn’t be long.

“OH, JACK! Oh, fuck, Jack, I’m gonna cuuuu...OOOOOOOHHH MMmmmmmm!!!”

She bolted upright and arched her back, bearing her entire weight on our mated genitalia, plunging my cock to the hilt inside her pussy. I exploded inside her, filling her womb with semen as I moaned and hunched forward, taking her nipple in my mouth. We rocked as we came, our bodies quaking and trembling. This was now the most powerful orgasm I had ever had, even more that when she had sucked me earlier that evening.

“What’s going on up there?” I heard our mother yell from downstairs. We froze and looked at each other, eyes big as saucers. Our orgasms weren’t quite finished yet and neither of us spoke. Knowing that our parents’ room was below mine, I had to be the one to say something. I looked at the clock. 3am. Fuck, what kind of excuse could I come up with?

“Nothing, Mom... I umm.. I just had a bad dream.”

“Well knock it off. It sounds like you’re going to break through the ceiling.”

“Sorry. It was a nightmare.”

“Not what it sounded like,” she answered. “Damn teenage hormones,” she muttered as I heard the door close.

Carrie and I were still as statues, looking at each other. Then we burst out laughing, silencing our laughter into snorts and snickers.

“SSHHH!” I said. “We don’t want her to come up here!”

We both settled down a bit and looked into each others’ eyes. Carrie leaned in and kissed me again. I was still inside her, feeling my cum run out of her pussy onto my cock. She reached between us and wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock, feeling it disappear inside her.

“Gawd, that was amazing,” she said. “Better than I ever thought it would be. It only hurt for a second then oh my gawd, I never would have imagined how wonderful it was.”

“I know, s*s. I felt so complete inside you. I do love you so much.”

She laid on my chest, her head nuzzled in my neck as my cock slowly deflated and finally plopped out of her. She remained there for an hour, softly snoring in my ear. I was so wrapped up in my emotions, I couldn’t sl**p. I also didn’t want to fall asl**p and have our mom walk in to see her daughter naked on top of her son. When the clock said 4:00, I gently shook Carrie awake.

“s*s, come on. You have to go back to your room.”

“Hmmh? Wha...? Oh. Yeah. Shit, thanks. That wouldn’t have been good. She kissed me again as she climbed off, grabbed her clothes, and left my room. I turned onto my side and fell asl**p.

Chapter 5

Morning came too soon, even though it was 10:00 when I heard the vacuum running outside my door. Mom always did vacuuming on Saturday morning. I felt like I’d been hit by a truck. A wonderful, soft, wet, fleshy truck. The smell of sex was still heavy in the air and I realized I was still naked. I quickly grabbed my boxers and pulled them on just as the door opened.

“What the heck, Jack? You’re still in bed?” my mom scolded. “Get your lazy butt up! Seriously, you need to stop staying up so late watching TV.”

I yawned and stretched then sat up.

“And what is that smell! Take a shower or something,” she said as she opened my window.

I got up and went toward the bathroom. Carrie’s door was ajar and I could see her sitting on her bed. I stuck my head inside.

“Morning, s*s.”

She looked up and smiled. “Hey Babe. Finally wake up?”

“Yeah, thanks to the maid service.” We both giggled. “How’d you sl**p?”

“Ok,” she replied. “You?”

“Yeah. Except for those damn nightmares.” We giggled again.

“I need a shower. Care to join me?”

“Aww, I wish I could but the maid would kill us,” she said. “Besides, I already had mine. I thought of you while I umm... showered, though,” she said giving me a wink.

“Well, I’ll be sure to think of you too,” I said, grinning. I turned to leave.

“Hey,” she said. I turned around. She had lifted her shirt and was flashing her beautiful breasts. “Think of these in the shower.”

I smiled and just shook my head. As I walked toward the bathroom, I heard my mom’s voice.

“What the hell?” She never cussed. “Jack, come here, right now!”

Shit! What was this about? I went to my room. My mom was holding up the thong that Carrie had given me the night before and I had put under my pillow.

“What the hell is this?” she demanded. I froze. “Jack, I asked you a question! Answer me!” She was furious. I couldn’t think of anything to say.

“Ummm... I don’t know. Where was it?”

“Under your pillow. How did it get there?”

“I don’t know mom. Maybe it was stuck to the pillow case. You know, static cling from the dryer.”

I wasn’t sure she bought it. She looked at me suspiciously, then at the thong.

“This is your s****r’s.” She sniffed it. “And it’s not clean! So it didn’t come from the dryer. I want an explanation.”

“I don’t know, Mom, seriously!” I was about to shit my pants. I thought I was dead meat.

Mom just stood there, eyeing me. The worst she could think, I thought to myself, was that I was a perv who like sniffing my s****r’s underwear. Beyond that, I didn’t know what she’d think. Finally she walked past me, grabbing the vacuum cleaner on the way out, then going downstairs.

I went back into the hall to take my shower. Carrie was standing in her doorway, her eyes big, her hand over her mouth.

“Oh, fuck!” she said quietly. “I thought you were dead!”

“Yeah, me too. That was too close. I don’t think she bought it.”

We just looked at each other then I turned and went into the bathroom.

Chapter 6

The rest of the day was spent helping Mom clean the house. I could tell she was not happy with me, probably thinking all sorts of things that I must have been doing with that thong. But she didn’t bring it up again, nor did she tell my dad, at least nothing was said by him. Carrie and I would give each other little smirks when Mom wasn’t looking, even stealing a kiss here and there or grabbing asses or crotches. It became an erotic little game, seeing what we could get by with right under her nose. Dad came home from work that evening and we all went out to dinner and a movie. Dad had closed the month above his sales goal and knowing he’d be getting a nice bonus on his next check, took his f****y for a night out. At the restaurant, Carrie and I played footsie under the table, smirking and giggling. Our parents looked at us suspiciously, especially since we were normally ignoring each other or bickering. They didn’t say anything, apparently happy that their c***dren were getting along for once.

At the movies, Carrie and I sat in the row behind our parents, something we hadn’t done before either. Carrie held the large popcorn bucket on her lap while my hand slipped underneath and played with her pussy through her soft fleece sweatpants. The theater was a bit chilly and she shivered. I took off my jacket and put it over her legs, then as I put my hand underneath to play with her pussy again, she grabbed my wrist and put my hand inside her pants, holding the waistband out with the other. She had gone commando and my hand was now between her thighs, my finger easily slipping into her wet slit. We sat facing forward, watching the movie as I fondled her clit. She held my forearm with both hands and pulled it toward her, forcing my hand to rub her harder. I became aroused and my cock was pressing firmly against my jeans but I wasn’t concerned about me right then. I wanted to please my sweet s****r. Suddenly, she twitched and softly gasped, her thighs clamping my hand, her fingernails digging into my arm. I didn’t care, the pain was actually wonderful as I knew my s****r was climaxing with our parents just two feet in front of us.

Carrie stifled her ecstasy as she came, holding her breath. Finally, she inhaled and released her grip on my arm, her body relaxing. She looked at me and widened her eyes, mouthing “WOW.” I smiled and winked. She looked around then turned slightly toward me, putting part of the jacket over my crotch. She began rubbing the head of my cock through the thick fabric of my jeans. I wanted so badly to take it out and let her do it properly but it was too risky. She did unzip them though, and reached in, her hand slipping into the fly of my boxers, and stroked me inside my pants until I came, soaking her hand and the inside of my underwear. I, too, had to stifle any sounds that would have normally emitted from my mouth and throat as I came. When I had finished, she withdrew her hand and wiped it off with napkins we had gotten when we bought the popcorn. She gave me a wink and a smile as I quietly zipped my pants back up. The movie finished and we went to the car to go home.

“So, everyone, there’s something I have to tell you,” said Dad, as he drove. “I was going to tell your mother later but I figured now is as good a time as any...”

“What is it, Clark?” asked my mom.

“Well, Honey, I told you I made my sales goal. I have also been offered a promotion to sales manager. It comes with a big raise and I won’t have to work on commission anymore. It’s a solid salary. And, as an extra bonus, I have to go to Atlanta next weekend for a training meeting. But, the nice thing is, I can take you with me. Which means, k**s, that you will have to stay home alone. I know you’ve done it before but not for an entire weekend. I think you’re responsible enough now, though. We’ll go over the rules but I think you’ll be fine.”

Carrie and I looked at each other, our eyes revealing we were thinking the same thing. A weekend alone! A L O N E !! She squeezed my hand.

“Yeah, Dad, we’ll be fine. We won’t let you down. No wild parties or anything,” I said, trying not to sound over zealous.

“Ok, Son. I know I can count on you.”

Carrie and I could hardly contain our excitement. All that week, we would quietly talk about how nice it would be to really let go and make love with no worries of being caught. We could be as loud as we wanted. We could go to sl**p together, wake up in the middle of the night and make love again and again. We agreed not to have sex during the week, saving our energy for the weekend. It was tough for both of us. We would still kiss and make out, lightly touching each other, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation.

Finally, Friday evening came. Carrie and I took our parents to the airport and saw them off. They were going to be gone until Monday. Carrie drove us home. As we left the airport, Carrie turned to me and put her hand on my leg.


“Yeah, Babe.”

“I need to tell you something.”


“It’s... it’s about Jill.”


“Are you still ok with me seeing her?”

“Of course. I said you could. I just don’t want to share you with another guy.”

“Oh, good. ‘Cause...”


“Well... I kinda told her... about us.”

“Really... and?”

“She was actually ok with it. I didn’t think she would be but she was cool.”

“Wow, ok. That’s good.”



“Well... she’s coming over Sunday. She wants to... she wants to be there... when we...”

“She wants a three-way?” I asked. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My heart skipped 3 beats.

“Yeah. She wants to be with... both of us. She said she’s always had a bit of a crush on you. And that she got together with me in order to be close with you. But that she ended up falling for me as well. She actually has a thing for both of us. And wants to make love with us.”

“Oh my gawd!” I said. “I can’t believe that. I mean... Don’t get me wrong, Carrie, I love you first and foremost. But I’ve always kinda liked Jill too. And when I saw you two together... oh my fuck, I couldn’t believe it. I just... I don’t want her to come between us. Well, she can cum but not come... you know what I mean.” Carrie laughed.

“You’re funny. But yeah, I know what you mean. If it doesn’t feel right or if things just get weird, she goes. You and I are forever.”

“Agreed,” I said. “You’re first in my life. Jill is... a side order.”


“A side order. You know, something that goes with the main meal, makes it interesting. But not something to make a meal of in itself. Like fries.”

“That’s... an interesting analogy.” She laughed.

“Sorry, it’s all I could think of. Maybe ‘cause I’m starving.”

“Yeah, me too. We’ll stop on the way home and grab a bite. Dad gave me $100 for the weekend.”

“Fries. Whatever I get, I’m ordering fries,” I said chuckling.

“Smart ass.” She squeezed my hand then kissed it.

Chapter 7

By the time we got home from the airport, we were both shaking with anticipation. Knowing that we would have the entire weekend together, uninterrupted and free, had both our juices flowing. We went through the front door, locked it, and immediately embraced, our mouths locked, hands flitting about as clothes flew through the air. Within seconds, we were both totally naked, our hands all over young bodies as we fumbled our way up the stairs into Carrie’s room. My cock was throbbing and I could smell her arousal. We fell onto the bed, me on top. She wrapped her legs around my waist and tried to pull me into her.

“Not yet,” I whispered. I quickly moved down and buried my face in her hot wet pussy, her scent and taste filling my nose and mouth as I licked her nectar. I latched onto her swollen clit, sucking it into my mouth and lashing it with my tongue.

“Oh, fuck, Jack, you know what I like!”

She spread her legs wide as she could then grabbed the back of my head with her hands, pulling me hard into her crotch as I licked and sucked my lovely s****r’s pussy. Soon, she began moaning and quivering.

“Aaaah aaaah aaaaaaahhh Oooooh FUCK, Jack, Oh shit! I’m cumming! AAAAAAGH!”

I remained latched onto her clit as she came and came, screaming, moaning, letting it all out as there was no one there to hear us. Her pussy flooded my mouth with her juices as her thighs clamped around my head. I kept licking and sucking until she pushed me away, her legs spasming.

“Fuck me, Jack. Hurry!”

I moved back up on top of her as she grabbed my shaft and guided my cock into her sopping we cunny. I plunged forward, penetrating her as her heels dug into my back. I came within a minute, filling her with my seed as she moaned, a 2nd orgasm taking over. I pumped load after load inside her womb, her nails digging into my back, her teeth biting into my shoulder. The intensity of the orgasm, coupled with the pain of her nails and teeth was overwhelming and I almost passed out, my head swimming. I felt as if I would never come down from the high.

Finally, I collapsed, rolling off her, the both of us panting, wheezing, covered in sweat.

“Oh my gawd, s*s, that was incredible!”

“Yeah,” she panted. “My best yet.”

“Mine too.”

We laid there catching our breath, her leg on mine, our hands clasped. We were both satisfied, at least for now, as we drifted off to sl**p.

Chapter 8

I was aroused from my sl**p by something warm and wet on my cock. I opened my eyes. It was dark now but with the light through the window, I could see my beautiful s****r’s head down over my cock as she sucked and licked it, bringing it to attention. I reached down and stroked her hair as she began moving her head up and down, her mouth and hand moving together in harmony on my shaft. I could feel the head hitting the back of her throat.

“Oh, s*s, that’s nice.”

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned, her throat vibrating, adding to the sensation.

I began stroking her bare back, then down to the top of her ass. Still latched onto my cock, she got on her hands and knees and climbed over me, putting her pussy over my mouth. She spread her legs and lowered down as my tongue protruded forth to find her warm dampness. I could taste my sperm mingled with her fluids. She was giving me head like there was no tomorrow, hungry for my cock. I licked her pussy like it was my last meal. I felt myself getting close.

“I’m gonna cum, s*s, if you want to stop.”

She just kept going, her head bobbing, her mouth sucking me hard. I exploded into her mouth as I buried my face in her slit, my tongue penetrating her pussy as far as I could. It was incredible as I could taste her inner walls while filling her mouth with cum. I could feel the semen running out onto my cock, becoming a lube for her hand. My ass muscles twitched and pulsed with every spurt.

As I finished cumming, I realized my nose was right at her butt hole. In my ecstasy, I did something I never would have thought I’d do. I lifted my head and stuck my tongue into her anal rosebud, penetrating it with the tip.

“OH MY GAWD, What are you doing?” She yelled.

I dropped my head down, thinking that she was repulsed.

“Don’t stop, gawdammit! I like it!”

I obeyed and reached around her lower back, pulling my head and upper body up to get a better angle. She sat up a bit, lowering her ass to my face. I resumed tonguing her asshole as she squirmed on my face.

“Oh fuck, Jack! That’s incredible!”

I felt her fingers brushing my chin as she began masturbating, fingers going inside her pussy and rubbing her clit. I tongued her ass as deep as I could, tasting her forbidden fruit. It wasn’t unpleasant, a bit earthy, but very stimulating. My cock stayed erect but I wasn’t paying any mind to that. I wanted to please my s****r and this new experience was very arousing.

She came soon as I could feel her little bung hole flexing on my tongue, forcing it out but I’d push it back in. She moaned loudly as she came, soaking my chin and throat with her cum. Finally she fell forward then rolled off, turned around, and snuggled back up to me. Again satisfied, we drifted off to sl**p.

Chapter 9

Morning came and I awoke first. Carrie was sl**ping on her stomach, one leg bent. Incredibly, I had a hard-on. It was great being young and unstoppable. I sat up then moved down positioning myself between her legs, my face at her ass. I gently began kissing it, one cheek then the other, moving closer to her crevice with each kiss. She stirred and moaned a bit but still slept. I gently pressed my face into her crack and began lightly licking her up and down, tasting all the wonderful essences from the earlier activities. I then paused at her sweet butt hole, relishing this new found delicacy. She stirred and arched her back slightly, responding to my tongue’s invasion of her anal opening. I continued probing her anus with my tongue until she finally began to wake up.

“Mmmmm, Baby, I like that,” she said softly, as she aroused from her slumber.

She spread her legs more, allowing me a better position. I slipped my hand underneath and my fingers found her clit, my thumb sliding into her pussy.

“Oh gawd, Jack. Don’t stop. You’re going to make me cum again!”

I worked feverishly on her clit, pussy, and asshole, wanting her to cum for me again. Soon she rewarded my efforts, arching her back, raising her ass as she came, moaning loudly. I felt all her muscles between her legs spasming and pulsing as she climaxed. I loved making my sweet s****r happy.

“Oh Jack, I’m cumming! Oooh Oooh! Fuck me, Jack. Fuck my ass.”

I didn’t expect that to ever come from my s****r’s mouth. But who was I to question her? I mounted her, holding my cock with my hand and sliding it into her crevice, holding it with my right hand until I felt her opening with my head. I slowly slid inside her anus, the grip feeling like a vise.


Her hands went underneath her as she began masturbating while I gently thrusted in and out of her, my cock plunging deep within her rectum. All too soon, though, I felt that familiar tingle within my loins and within a minute, began pumping semen into her bowels. She came as well, the both of us moaning and grunting. My cock must have pumped at least 15 loads of cum into her ass before we both collapsed again. I could hardly move but f***ed myself off her back.

“Shit, s*s. It just keeps getting better!”

“I know, Baby. You are amazing. I don’t ever want to stop doing this.”

“Me either, Carrie. I love you so much.”

We embraced and kissed, passionately for several minutes as the afterglow from our lovemaking enveloped us. Finally we got up and took a shower together before going out for breakfast.

Chapter 10

Most of Saturday was spent laying out by the pool or swimming together. We had sex three more times that day and evening, and were finally feeling pretty exhausted. On Sunday morning, knowing that Jill was coming over, we didn’t do anything but sl**p in and rest up.

We were out at the pool when Jill got to the house about noon. Carrie was in a pink bikini, I in my speedo. We were in the water, just holding each other and kissing, floating around and relaxing. Jill came out through the back door and shed her t-shirt and shorts, revealing a very hot body in a white bikini.

“Well isn’t that a pretty sight,” she said as she walked to the edge of the pool, smiling. “You two make a cute couple. Is three going to be a crowd?” We laughed.

“Hell no, three’s just perfect!” Carrie replied.

Jill sat on the edge of the pool, dr****g her legs into the water. Jill was built differently than my fit and trim s****r. She had large breasts, although firm and jutting out, a little rounder throughout, and a larger round ass. She was still athletic and in shape, just stockier with more curves. Her long brown hair and dark brown eyes matched her perfectly tanned skin.

We swam up to her and she spread her legs, Carrie coming up between them, standing, then hugging her. They kissed and felt each other up as my eyes got wide at the sensual scene before me.

“Damn. You two are just... just fuckin hot!” I said.

The girls giggled and continued making out as I watched, my cock swelling beneath the water. After awhile, they were really getting hot and bothered as was I. Jill said, “Let’s take this inside.”

We got out of the pool and went up to my s****r’s room, me following and watching their two hot asses as we went up the stairs. I had to pee so I said I’d be there in a minute. I went into the bathroom, pissed, washed my cock so it wouldn’t taste bad for anyone, then went to Carrie’s room. The girls were already naked, laying on their sides facing each other, Carrie on the left edge of the bed, Jill in the middle. I had already dropped my speedo in the bathroom so I laid down behind Jill, snuggled up to her, and began nuzzling her neck. The girls were heavily kissing and tonguing but Jill reached up with her hand and put it on my face, pulling me into her neck, cooing. My hard cock was pressing against her butt crack aching for relief. I reached around and began fondling her huge breast. Her tits were about twice the size as Carrie’s but still very firm and smooth. She had huge nipples that must have been a good half inch long when hard.

I began humping her butt crack, my cock slipping in and out of it. My hand roamed between Cassie’s and Jill’s breasts, the contrast between medium and large becoming very stimulating. I leaned up a bit and looked to see what the girls were doing. They had their hands between the others’ legs, rubbing pussies. I figured the clits were being attended to so I increased the penetration of my cock into Jills butt crevice. She didn’t flinch as I pressed harder. I used my left hand to pull her left butt cheek upwards, opening the gap, and pressed my cock head further into the crevice until it met resistance. I ran my fingers down her crack, feeling for her anus. My cock head was slightly above it so I moved it down and aimed the tip at her anal entrance. Again, no objection so I pressed into her, feeling my pointed cock head opening her tight orifice and sliding inside. Gawd she was tight. She moaned.

“Oh, fuck, he’s in my ass!” Jill hoarsely whispered. “Oh shit, that feels good!”

From her reaction, it appeared that this was her first anal experience. I began my thrusts, gently at first to help her relax. Jill and Carrie continued kissing, touching, fondling, really getting into each other as I began fucking Jill’s ass a little faster. I reached around to Carrie and pulled both girls into me, hugging them both. Soon, I could tell by their moaning that they were close. So was I. Then suddenly, Carrie sat up and flipped around, to a 69 position with Jill, but still on their sides. Jill began licking Carrie’s pussy and I could feel Carrie’s hot breath on my balls. Occasionally I would feel her tongue licking them but she concentrated mostly on Jill’s pussy.

Soon, the girls were moaning as simultaneous orgasms enveloped their young bodies. I began to cum as well, pumping my hot semen into Jill’s rectum, which lubricated it and increased the pleasure. We all moaned and grunted like wild a****ls, cumming together in one mass of hot sweaty flesh, the smell of sex in the air, the sheets becoming soaked with sweat and bodily fluids.

We spent the rest of the day, all three of us in Carrie’s bed, trying all the positions we could think of. I lost count of how many orgasms we all had, I know I had at least 5 more. Jill slept over and we all fucked one more time before she left on Monday morning then Carrie and I had to clean up the house before going to get our parents at the airport..

Chapter 11

Things somewhat went back to normal for awhile. Carrie and I would occasionally sneak off somewhere to fuck or when our parents happened to be gone, we’d do it in her bed or mine. We were always careful not to get caught. With Carrie being on birth control for her painful periods, we never had to worry about getting rid of used condoms.

Carrie graduated high school as I ended my Junior year. She had planned on going off to college somewhere but didn’t want to leave me. We were full blown lovers now, committed to each other. Jill still was a part of our lives, usually just her and Carrie or the 3 of us. Only a couple times did Jill and I fuck alone and even then, not without Carrie’s knowledge. I didn’t want her to feel I was cheating on her but she was cool about it. As far as I was concerned, Jill was still just an order of fries. A nice, juicy order that certainly enhanced the main course but Carrie was still my life, my love.

A year later, I had just graduated high school. Carrie was still living at home, taking a dental assistant course at the local technical college. I was planning on going into architecture, which would have required me going to college away from home, but in the same state. Carrie and I talked about it and she decided she would follow me, under the guise of there being better opportunities for work in a larger city. Our parents seemed fine with this plan. So we reserved an apartment for the coming fall and I found a job doing landscaping for the summer.

Carrie and I still had to be discreet in our affair, not having the opportunity to make love as often as we wanted. We couldn’t get enough of each other and were constantly waiting for the opportunity to knock off a quick one.

It was about mid summer and hotter than fuck. I had finished work a little early and came home hot, tired, and sweaty. My mom was leaving as I got home, saying she and Dad were meeting for dinner then going to a movie. She said Carrie was up in her room taking a nap. Perfect opportunity, I thought. I showered quickly then snuck into Carrie’s room, still naked. She was asl**p in her bikini, a wet towel on the floor so I knew she had been swimming earlier. I carefully laid down behind her and began snuggling her, stroking her body with my fingertips as I knew she liked. She aroused and turned on her back and we began kissing. I untied her bikini top and began suckling her breasts as my hand slipped under her bikini bottom. She was already wet and warm. I began pushing it down her legs. Then...


Holy SHIT!! Our mom was standing in the doorway, her eyes big as saucers, her mouth open. I could have sworn smoke was coming from her ears.


Mom NEVER swore! I had never heard so much as “Damn” come out of her mouth but now she was screaming profanities like a two bit whore. Carrie screamed, somehow disappearing under the sheet she had just been laying on. I sat up, covering my now shriveled cock.

“MOM! I....We... I...” I couldn’t come up with anything. No excuses, nothing. We were fuckin busted. Carrie was crying, I was about to shit the bed from fear.


I was still silent. I couldn’t look at my mom, I couldn’t speak. I was waiting for the world to end and be sent directly to hell.

“I thought something was going on with you two! Ever since I found Carrie’s underwear in your bed. I just knew it but I hoped I was wrong. And now... My gawd, how could you? You’re b*****r and s****r for crying out loud! I just can not believe... SHIT! SHIT SHIT SHIT!!”

She turned and walked away, I could hear her sobbing now. I felt awful. Carrie finally peeked out from the blanket, tears running down her face.

“What are we going to do, Jack?” she whimpered.

“I don’t know, Babe. I don’t know. But the shit’s going to hit the fan when Dad gets home.”

We sat on the bed, me holding Carrie as she cried, listening to Mom on the phone downstairs, yelling, crying, yelling some more. Then silence. We waited quietly as mom’s footsteps came up the stairs and down the hallway. She reappeared in the doorway.

“Both of you. You have 15 minutes to pack your shit and get the fuck out of my house! If you’re still here when your father gets home, there will be HELL to pay. I suggest you get the fuck out before then or you’re both fucking dead!” She turned and stormed off.

Carrie and I jumped up. She started grabbing clothes and makeup, throwing it on the bed. I ran to my room, pulled on jeans and a t-shirt, then emptied my dresser drawers into the middle of the bed. I wrapped the sheet up into a bundle and headed down the stairs, Cassie following with a duffel bag. Mom was sitting at the kitchen table, a glass of whiskey or something in her hand. She very seldom drank and even then it was just a glass of wine with dinner. Her stare cut right through both of us as we quickly walked by carrying our things. We went out the door to the driveway. We both had our own cars now and as we got in our respective ones, we paused.

“Where do we go?” Carrie asked.

“I... I don’t know. Jill’s maybe? Call her. But let’s get going first.”

We jumped in and drove away, fearing for our well being. After a couple minutes, my cell rang. It was Carrie.

“Yeah, Jill said we can crash at her place.”

“Great,” I said.

Chapter 12

We got to Jill's and told her the dramatic events of the evening.

“Shit, you two. I mean, it was bound to happen sometime. But her threatening your life? Shit!”

It was only about 6 weeks until we were planning on moving to the city for college anyway so Carrie and I stayed with Jill during that time. We both worked and helped pay rent on her place, shared food as well as a bed. It was quite nice, having two girls to sl**p with every night. Once in awhile I needed a break and would sl**p on the couch, leaving the two girls to have their own private time.

Finally, the time came for Carrie and I to leave. Fortunately, my parents had pre-paid for the first year’s tuition, which was non-refundable, so I didn’t have to worry about that. I had to work nights to pay for our apartment plus applied for assistance for the following years’ classes. Carrie and I lived as husband and wife from the day we moved in to the apartment. We already had the same last name so no one questioned it. Carrie found a good job in a dentist’s office so with her pay and mine, we made it through. I finished college with a bachelor’s in construction science then went on to architecture school.

We now have 3 beautiful c***dren. I am a senior partner in an architectural firm and Carrie is able to be a stay at home mom. It took a few years but our parents finally came to terms with our relationship, especially after our first c***d was born. They decided that i****tuous grandc***dren were better than none. They’ve made it clear that they still don’t approve of us but have made an effort to tolerate it for the sake of the k**s.

We see Jill occasionally when she comes to visit. She married and divorced and real asshole who hit her once, which was the only time. Life is good. I make good money, have a nice house, everything a man could ever want, along with a hot wife, and great k**s. And, every few months, a nice hot order of fries.

The End.
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My Married b*****r

My Married b*****r

It was a quiet Tuesday night. James lay half asl**p in bed in the darkness
of his room. His mother and father were downstairs in the living room,
probably discussing their youngest son. James found that he was a fond
topic of discussion with his parents - why was he behaving so strangely
these days . . . why did he do this that way when he used to do it this way
before . . .

He was used to that much by now.

The honest truth was that he felt very lonely these days. He had a few
friends on campus, but that was just about where his friends ended. He
found it difficult to be friends with new people. He felt that there was no
point in making new friends; they all have to leave in the end anyway. He
was twenty years old, had been for the past month, but somehow he felt much
older than he really was. But all of that was the big picture, through his

Today had been the worst day he'd experienced in a very long time. He
worked all weekend, and on Tuesday he was broke. His car had also given up
on him in the middle of peak traffic that afternoon, and he felt depressed
because there was no one he could call to help him out. He had no guy
friends to speak of, and the ones that he did have were not going to drive
across the town just to tow his car away and help him to get it fixed.

James popped the hood of his green Camry as he pushed it to the side walk
and looked inside. He didn't know what could be wrong with it . . . it just
switched off as he took a bend and that was that.

His father was away at work, and there was no way that he could leave to
help him out, and his b*****r . . . well, he hadn't spoken to his b*****r
in weeks. He'd definitely know what to do though. James knew that his big
b*o could have his engine running in no time . . .

James lay on his bed, his stomach aching as he hadn't eaten. He kept
thinking about his car parked in the garage next to his dads. There was no
way he could have it fixed in time. He'd have to skip campus a few days
just so that he could work to pay his mechanic. His thoughts drifted as he
slowly fell asl**p.

James was so close to dreamland when he felt the weight on his bed
shift. He didn't wake up, could be his dad looking for a spare mobile phone
charger or medication at his bedside table. Then he felt a hand on his
back, and immediately knew that it was Michael, his b*****r.

"k**do," Michael spoke softly, smiling at his b*****r fondly.

"Mike . . . what are you doing here?" James asked, slowly sitting
up. Michael placed his hand on his b*****r's chest and slowly pushed him
back into his resting position. He lowered his head and placed a kiss on
his b*****r's forehead.

"Just passing by," Michael said, sitting close to his b*****r who
lay on his side. James found that he was directly underneath his b*****r's
chest, and the smell coming off of him was amazing . . . he closed his eyes
and took a deep breath . . . 'excellent' he thought o himself . . .

"You enjoying that?" Michael asked his b*****r, with a wicked grin
on his face.

"Yeah . . . Mike . . . I miss you . . ." James said sadly, his eyes

Michael bent down again but this time placed a kiss on his b*****r's
lips. James immediately opened his eyes, and pushed his b*****r away from

"What the fuck are you doing Michael?" James demanded of his
b*****r angrily, sitting up on the bed and moving away. Michael was lost
for words, not realizing what he was doing until he had already done it.

"Michael," James said to his older b*****r in a serious tone, "we
swore that our escapades and liaisons would come to an end when you married

Michael was looking at the ground, guiltily hiding his face from his k**
b*****r. He bit his lip lightly, his mind blank and his face holding a
worried look.

"I'm sorry Jamie," he apologized, his voice thick with emotion, "i
wasn't thinking."

"You got that right." James said to his b*****r. "Now what are you
doing all the way across town?" James demanded.

"Macey wanted to visit her folks," Michael said to James. Macey's
parents lived two roads away from him.

"Everything all right with you two?" James asked with concern in
his voice.

"Yeah, everything is good k**do" Michael said with an honest smile
on his face. "I just miss you."

"I miss you too Mike," James said simply.

"No k**do . . . i really, really, miss you . . ." Michael said
sadly, the tone of his voice filling the blanks and making his seven word
sentence sound like a novel.

"Get out Michael," James said to his b*****r, seriously chasing his
27 year old b*****r out of his room.

"Jamie," Michael began to plead, "I love you," he said, getting
closer to his younger b*****r, pulling him close to himself, "I love you so
much k**do . . ." Michael began to kiss his b*****rs fore head, then his
cheek, his neck and then a peck on James' his lips.

"Michael," James pleaded, "Don't do this to me . . ."

"Please," Michael pleaded, "just one more time," he kissed his
b*****r harder and James opened his mouth this time, allowing Michaels
tongue to enter his mouth, "Just one more time k**do . . ."


I know that this isn't musch, but i promise that there is more to come. let
me know what you think so far. emails welcome -

The next few seconds were a blur. I sat on my bed as I watched my b*****r
rummage through my closets and pull out some clothes and my back pack.

"What are you doing Michael?" He froze as he looked at me, with a
look on his face that I could not explain. There was desperation, and
confusion, and the one expression that his face failed to disclose was that
he was ready for a fuck. That I saw in the bulge of his pants. I slowly got
out of the bed and walked toward him, scared that at any moment my parents
would walk in on us and notice something -- me half naked and him hard as
fuck. But those were paranoid thoughts . . . I threw them out the window.

"Macey is staying over at he parents tonight . . ." he said to me,
and there aging I saw the sadness in his face and heard it in his voice.

I did not know what to say. A part of me was so excited and turned on I was
afraid that I would either blow a hole through the roof with my erection,
or wake up and realize that it was all a dream . . .

It had been months since Michael and I had been together, not since his
stag party the night before his wedding. He was so wasted . . . and I had a
horrible headache and ass-ache as I stood next to him as his best man at
the altar. He was smiling at me, and his wife was smiling at him, and I was
jealous when I saw him kiss her, and I noticed that he did not kiss her the
way that he kissed me.

What am I thinking? I want him and Macey to work. I want him to fuck the
living daylights out of her and pop a few nieces and nephews for me. Mom
and Dad were hoping for that too.

"Michael," I stopped him with my hands on his. He just looked at
me, his strong hands flexing under my weaker one.

"Yes?" he stated more than asked.

"This has got to stop!" I whispered, but I was so weak, and he
knew it.

Within minutes he was out of my room, with some of my clothes, my lap top
and my mobile phone.

"Mom?" I heard him call from downstairs.

I followed him into the living room where mom and dad were relaxing. They
had puzzled looks on their faces.

"James is spending a few days with me," he stated and before they
could say anything he was gone with my stuff. Dad gave me look . . . he was
pissed off. That much I could tell, and I kind of knew why . . . I followed

Out at his car he kept my lap top and mobile on his lap as he started his

"Get in," he said politely, "Please."

"Mike," I stood at his door, "we have to stop . . ." I pleaded. I
didn't dare to look back, if mom or dad or even worse -- both of them --
were watching us they would know that something was up. And by that I meant
a whole lot more than my b*****r's cock, which no longer belonged to me but
to Macey.

"This will be the last time," he said, begging me, "I promise," he
stared at me with moist eyes.

I knew that this was definitely not the last time, but he was begging me,
and that was something that we did not do in our f****y, even from each

I walked to the passenger side and sat in with him.

"Seat belt," he instructed as he pulled out of the drive way. Mom
was at the door, watching. I smiled and waved, so did Michael. She waved
back and then we were gone.

He was not himself. He stopped the car a few roads away from our house near
the main road.

"k**do," he said as he looked at me, and then he kissed me
hurriedly in the middle of the empty street, "thank you." He was smiling.

I sat silently. I wanted this, very badly, I wanted to feel him close to
me, deep within me, breathing, asl**p, warm, next to me. I'm not sure if
anyone knows what its like to be born and know this incredible guy. He
shared everything with me, saved me from every kind of trouble, and taught
me everything I wanted to know.

He became my best friend, the first person I grew to love besides my
parents -- and here I'm speaking about a non-sexual kind of live, but
definitely something infinitely more intense than that which is shared
between siblings. I can't fully explain it. When I did something wrong he
would take the blame and then be there to tell me that it was all okay,
that he had fixed it, after he got a beating from my dad or reprimanded by
the school head.

I looked at him with a lifetime of love and appreciation and knew at that
moment I would do anything for him, this strong, independent, and amazing

We drove in silence for a while, his house was at least forty five minutes
away, and there was a long way to go. The music in the back ground was the
usual . . . some hard-core trance. There were moments when he took his eyes
off of the road for a few seconds to look at me. I moved myself closer to
him, and he placed his hand on my thigh to meet mine. I relaxed, and so did
he. We were together again, just the two of us, after weeks without hearing
from or seeing each other . . .


Okay. Now, this could be frustrating that this story has no sex scene in it
like the first on either, but I promise that it will come in the next
installment. Please e-mail me and let me know what you think about these
two guys.

The drive to his house was fast. He grew impatient at traffic lights and
stop streets, and in no time he was parked badly in his front yard. Lap top
in hand, bags over his shoulder, Michael almost dragged my into his frond

As soon as the door closed he was on me, literally. I had never been kissed
like that ever, not even by him. He dropped my stuff on a shelf near the
entrance and pushed me up against the front door, his hand traveling the
length of my torso, all over my neck and through my medium length hair.

I could get whiffs of his scent as he breathed against me, as his skin made
contact with mine, but that was not enough.

"k**do," he gasped as he pulled me toward the stairs, kissing me as
he nudged me up to his bedroom, and at the very top of the stairs we were
of equal height as he stood two steps below me. His touch was so loving, so
intimate. I wondered if he touched Macey this way too.

I allowed myself to be taken by him. He pushed me up the last couple of
stairs with his body pressing hard into mine. His lips were so demanding!

I didn't wan to to be with him on his wife's bed.

"Mike," I pushed him away for a second, "not on Macy's bed,"

He looked at me for a second and then we found our way to the guest
bedroom. He switched the bedside lamp on, which emitted a dim light. The
curtains were open, and there was no house in front of us.

He unbuttoned his shirt with me and dropped it to the floor, looking at my
face the whole time.

Michael placed his hands on my shoulders and starred deeply into my eyes,
reading my thoughts, the way he has always been able to. He could tell that
I wanted him as much as he wanted me.

His actions were more firm, more reassured now that he knew where we stood
with each other.

He sat me down on the bed, bending down so that his lips met mine, holding
my head gently within his large hands.

It felt so good to be in his arms. I was safe.

I reached for his belt, but for some reason he stopped me.

"I love you k**do," he said, looking me in the eye, "I just wanted
to be with you,"

I kissed him deeply, letting him know that he had me, that I was his for
tonight. I let him know that I wanted him too, that I needed him.

He held my hand, looking at it closely. I stared at him, looking at his
face and chest. His stomach looked softer. I touched it, he was. Guess he
didn't work out as much as he used to. I love him.

Michael knelt on the bed, his knees on either side of me, we kissed again,
this time more relaxed, more steady, more pertinently on his side. He
pulled off my t-shirt and raised it to his nose, smelling my scent. There
was no need for me to smell him, his scent was all around me, I was
engulfed in it. He pressed in closer to me, and there I felt it between my
chest and stomach. He was as hard as a steel pole.

I unzipped his pants, and then reached for his belt. He moaned as my hands
brushed against his hard cock.

I had flashbacks of times I spent with him over the years, which brought my
erection to bursting point. I needed him, right that very minute.

I gently pushed him off of me so that I could remove my own pants, and
within seconds we were standing there in front of each other in our under
pants, our hardness evident through the fabric that constrained our

I noticed a small wet spot on his. He was ready.

We kissed some for a few moments more and then he removed my briefs, my
erection slapping my stomach as it rose in its freedom.

My hands were all over him, I was so hot, and he was already sweating
lightly as he laid me down on my back, crawling over me. It felt so good to
be in this position with him, just like old times.

We had nothing to lose. I felt his hot mouth press down on my nipples, as
he licked and sucked at them, I was so excited.

"Mike," I pulled his head back up to my face and kissed him
lightly, "I need you." He stood up and looked at me with a mild smile on
his face.

"I'll be right back," he said to me, winking as he exited the
room. He still had a great ass!

He was back in a jiffy, his hands rubbing his cock, which was slick and
lubed up, ready for me.

"Come here," I said to him desperately.

He was on me again, and I moved my legs so that he would have space. I felt
the head of his hard penis at my tight entrance, nudging my hole, knocking
on my door. I relaxed, and loosened up a bit. He was in, gently, but I
hadn't been fucked since my last time with him it hurt a little. He saw it
on my face and froze.

"Keep going stud," I said to him, my eyes closed. He bent down and
kissed me, his tongue entering my mouth as he pushed in. Three inches deep,
and he had grazed my prostate which made all the pain worth while.

He pulled out a little, and then back in, and then out. As he moved in and
out of me he went in deeper and eventually his whole dick was inside me,
right where I wanted him.

"I love you k**do," he said to me

"I love you too Mike," was all I could manage to say.

The pressure on my prostate was amazing. I couldn't believe that I had
forgotten what this felt like. He was amazing!

Pretty soon he was moving in and out of me, making my skin blush. His mouth
was open in pleasure, and I smiled. He looked so happy, his cock was so
happy, and so was mine. I watches the pleasure rose, so did my cock. Each
time he thrust into me he hit the base of my cock near my perineum, driving
my dick further up my stomach and out of my foreskin.

He placed his hands on either side of my head, looking deeply into my eyes,
and a wicked smile across his face.

"Go for it!" I encouraged him, bracing myself for what was about to

He began thrusting harder and deeper into me, raising my pleasure point to
the max. I felt as if I was about to cum!

The sounds in the room was a****listic, just man on man flesh pounding into
each other, and his strong smell kicked in.

"Keep going Mike!" I pleaded. I knew that if he kept this up he
would make me cum, a powerful prostate orgasm, and he did.

My ass muscles tightened around his cock as I felt it growing, a feeling
deep within my crotch. It was a dry, intense orgasm that ripped through my
body, and he kept on going, pounding into me, harder and faster.

He bent down and kissed my ear which sent shivers through my body as my
orgasm subsided.

"I'm gonna cum k**do," he gasped at me, thrusting, his face screwed
up in full concentration.

I wrapped my hands around my cock and started jerking myself off, and I
felt the feeling rise up my hard cock. I was gonna cum again, and this load
was going to drown me!

In a few short moment s I felt him cum inside me, still amazed that I could
feel it -- a different heated liquid shooting into me, making his thrusts
smoother against my sensitive prostate.

"Don't stop Mike," I said to him, jerking my cock hard and fast,
"I'm gonna cum!"

It was one of my most intense orgasms to date. He was nudging my prostate
with his hardness, and his hot cum was beginning to dribble out of my sore
hole. I came with such f***e, my jizm splashing our chests and his chin. He
got so excited at that . . .

Michael collapsed on me, my cum making our body slippery with our sweat and

"That was amazing k**do," he said to me, kissing me. I liked the
cum off of his chin and he sucked it out of my mouth, swallowing it all
inside his strong body. "Now I'll be able to get my muscles hard again with
this special formula!"

I laughed first, and then he followed. Everything was good. He was happy,
and I remembered why I loved him so much, he knew how to make me happy.


Sorry this took me such a long time to write. As usual, comments welcome --

You are also welcome to join my group where you can read all of my stories
before they appear on nifty.

Over the years as our relationship grew and our "play-time" evolved from
innocent swimming the lake and camping to more passion filled and erotic
b*****rly love, I had learned to take him.

He rose so many inches above me in height, and his strength and studly
beauty was breathtaking . . . Michael was my hero, and always will be.

I had always wondered myself why he and Macey did not have an amazing sex
life . . . he had the biggest weiner ever . . .and he was an amazing lover
. . . but a few weeks ago, he and i had a heart to heart between our fuck
sessions, and I was enlightened.

Macey was not into him, she did not love the thing about him that I did
. . . He was not her hero . . .

She was great, and the two made an excellent couple, but it upset me that
she did not make him happy - no problem though, I was not going anywhere!

Michael and I had been hooking up every chance we got, when my parents
weren't home, he was screwing me in my bed, making such hot b*****rly love
to me, pressing me hard against the mattress, making a huge wet spot on my
sheets with his cum and my liquids . . .

We could have our quickies and then dash out back as soon as the folks got
back, barely tucking our rock hard cocks into our pants in time.

We had a great many close calls . . .

A few nights ago, Michael turned up after work. I had gotten home from
school, fell asl**p and mom and dad had left for the evening, it was a
Friday night.

I woke to the feeling of an added weight on the bed, and a warm breath
along my ear, and then some wet tickling all around my neck . . .

I just knew it was him, straight out of my slumber, I opened my eyes to the
man of my dreams.

"Hey k**do," He smiled at me. I smiled back, and pulled his face to
my lips. The amazing thing about Mike was that no matter how many times he
drilled the cum right out of me, he still gave me the butterflies in my
tummy . . . i still got rock hard for him, and my mouth almost always got
incredibly dry when I spoke to him . . .

He was so talented in bed!!

In seconds I helped him pull of his clothes and he helped me take off mine,
and we were kissing like our lives depended in it . . . i could taste some
g**** juice and something else . . . can't remember what it was, but it
turned me the fuck on beyond anything i had felt in a long while, like
Viagra or something like it.

I was about to turn around so that he could mount me and give us both what
we wanted, but he stopped me, holding me down, and in between kisses,

"I want to look at you," he said to me, with a glint in his eyes,
"I love you so much!"

That i knew was beyond the sex, the amazing sex . . .

My right leg found its way around his waist and rested on his back, and in
a matter of seconds, he began entering me. I was already in heaven, one
inch in and he kept it going, soon his entire length was planted so deep
inside me i could feel it way beyond my bladder, and few inches below my
navel. He placed his hand there, knowing that I was loving it all, loving
all of him . . .

One thing confused me; he was rough with Macey, and yet so passionate with

He pressed himself against me, his soft abs against my weiner, and his
weiner deep inside of me, pressing against the top of mine . . . the things
this man made me feel!!!

I felt him pull away a bit, and then braced myself for our copulation.

He was always gentle, but his sheer size was enough to make me feel on the
brink of blacking out.

I could see that he was going to be at it for a while tonight . . . i was
up for it, not just with my own hardon - which was drooling between the two
of us, but i was so hot for my big b*****r . . . i wanted him all night
. . .

Michael took my hands and held them just above my head with left hand, and
with his right he kept my head in place as he kissed me deeply, his tongue
going all the way into my mouth, wrestling with mine . . . i knew that i
would not win this round . . . i was so hard, and so hot, the butterflies
were really doing a job in my tummy, and he was moving in and out of me at
such a pace . . . his thick hard pole grazed my prostate each time he
entered thrust into me and pulled back, and the friction of his soft abs
and his cock lodged so deep inside me, that I was about to shoot my load
all over the two of us - my loads belonged to him, he made me cum like
nothing on this earth.

"Shoot it k**," he said so me, holding me tightly, i was unable to
move my head away, and the feelings were growing so intense . . . he
pressed his lips back against mine, and f***ed his tongue back in, I was so
close . . . so close and then i heard some laughing and he froze, and then
the front door shut . . .

The folks were home!!

In seconds he pulled out of me, his motion was so fast that I was in
excruciating pain!

By the time Michael has his clothes on, I was still lying there on my bed,
curled up in pain.

He pulled the sheets over me and sat down at my desk just as dad knocked
gently on my door,

"Mike?" he called and then entered. He must have thought that i was
asl**p, as i was very still . . . Mike stood up, miraculously with his
weiner tucked in his pants . . .

The two spoke softly outside my door, and then he was back.

"Mom and dad decided to go away for the weekend . . ."

That was all he said, and sat back down at my desk.
I was rock hard again in anticipation despite the pain . . .

End of part four.
More to come soon!

Comments welcome,

James always took me like a champ. He was my little champ for
sure. That weekend I had my own way with him, fucked his cum right out of
him several times, and made him have loads of dry orgasms when his cute
balls were empty. He just happily sat on my lap, or got on all fours, or
lay down beside me. My favorite positions were all the ones that allowed me
to see his face as I bred him, kissed him, and made love to him.

We stayed him his bed most of the time, only going down to the kitchen for
a snack, or to the bathroom to have showers – and even then I was
fucking him. My cock was just not getting tired for him.

Friday night, the whole of Saturday and Sunday had passed us by, and I had
not broken the news to him. At least he would not hear it from anyone else,
since he was with me all day and night. Fuck, was I going to miss him . . .

I had decided to tell him just before the parents retuned. We were going
through the house together, making sure that there was no incriminating
evidence around, no stray cum-shots on the sofas or bathroom, passages etc.

It didn't take long, as most of his loads were either in my mouth or my
hand, and all of mine were either in his hot ass, or his sweet lips . . .

I walked out back to the porch. It was a bit chilly, but nice. James was
sitting on a recliner by the pool. I grinned to myself and wondered if he
was okay. He must surely be sore . . . by Saturday morning we had no need
for lube because he was producing his own in copious amounts. I just woke
up and slid on right into him . . . the same as this morning, and all the
times in between.

"James," I said as I placed my hand on his shoulder. My mistake,
now he was going to think I have bad news. Honestly, I did not know how he
was going to take the news. I remember the day he found out I was dating
Macey. Fuck, I felt as if I was cheating on him. He was upset, as expected,
but he came around and said that he was cool with it. After that he pretty
much avoided me. A few times I was able to seduce him, I missed him so much
. . . I love Macey, and always will, but she and I but heads too
often. When our marriage was going down the drain, I turned to James and he
helped me get things into perspective. Maybe he'll help me now as
well. That's if he doesn't punch the fuck out of me. But then maybe after
he punches the fuck out of me he'll help me out.

Either way, it was killing me not telling him for so long . . . and I had
put it off for far too long. I looked and my hand on his shoulder. He was
still looking out into nowhere. My wedding band glistened in the light.

On my wedding night, after my stag party, everyone else was passed out
d***k as fuck. James was asl**p as well, but he controlled himself with the
alcohol, unlike me . . . I had downed gallons of beer, and whatever potions
my buddies concocted. There was a stripper as well. James didn't like it,
and I didn't either. I pretended to enjoy it, my cock as limp as soggy
bread. James cheered me on with everyone else, though his remarks were a
little cold and cruel. It hurt, but I let it pass, understanding the
torment he must have been going through as well. I had really fucked things
up for him . . . i awoke from the couch I had fallen asl**p on, cock now
rock hard and pointing out straight in front of me. The other guys were
snoring away peacefully. I bumped my way through the hotel suite to James'
room. He was asl**p, on his side, covers up to his waist. His beautiful
torso was visible in the moonlight, breathing lightly, his arms around a
pillow. I climbed into the bed, and without thinking, began kissing his
chest. He was so smooth, pale, but defined really well. I traced my lips
past his nipples after a little nibble, up his collar bone, and by the time
I had reached his neck he was awake and pushing me away. I wasn't taking
`no' for answer, not this time. I lowered myself right on top of him,
stinking of alcohol I'm sure, but I wanted to kiss him so bad . . .

"Fuck Michael," he whispered aloud to me. That was common between us, using
our full names when we were serious. I moaned and placed my lips onto his
and kissed lightly, holding his hands as they uselessly pushed against my
chest. I was way stronger than he was, and also heavier, and d***k.

"k**do . . ." I whispered to him, and giggled a little when I realized that
I had just breathed out right into his nose, "Jamie, one more time," I
begged softly as I kissed his neck, his ears, then brought his hand to my
lips and kissed them too. He stopped fighting me for a brief moment.

"You're getting married tomorrow," he whispered, so softly, but I
could hear the pain in his voice.

I kissed him harder and worked my way to his lips again, looking at him in
the dim light through my d***ken eyes. He was a strong young man . . . he
was almost glaring at me, well, I remember it that way. I ran my hands
along his back, down to his ass and squeezed them gently, still kissing his
neck, then his lips, begging him. He did resist, and he was sincere about
it, no pretending not to want me, but secretly enjoying the conflict. He
all but told me to get the fuck away from him.

"Please, Jamie . . ." I pleaded, I placed my forehead on his and
closed my eyes, pulling him as close to myself as possible, hugging him
tightly, "I will always love you."

"Good, I will always love you too," he said coldly, "now get off me
I can't breathe."

That was a low blow for me, but I was determined, even if for the last
time, I was going to make love to him, so that he will never have a doubt
in his mind. I held on to him. I kissed his forehead and rubbed myself
against him, his cock was soft . . . that was sobering to me. Here I was,
d***k and horny, forcing myself onto him. But even so, I didn't want to
back off. I pushed my hand into his shorts, against his will, his hands
again uselessly resisting me. I jerked his soft member between us a few
times, placing my own hard on right next to his, using my pre-cum as lube
for him, and taking my fingers up to his lips. He didn't lick them, but I
moistened them anyway, kissing him and getting my tongue into his mouth,
but his teeth were closed. I was getting frustrated, and was about to give
up too when I felt his harden in my hand, and ever so slightly, he opened
his mouth to me, his legs relaxed a little . . .

"Go brush your teeth," he said to me sternly. I didn't hesitate. I
fumbled my way to the bathroom and d***kenly brushed my teeth like an
obedient dog. I wanted to be thorough but also didn't want to take too
long. When I got back into bed, James was laying on his back, cock in hand,
slowly jerking away. That was the last time I had had sex with him before I
got married. It was a hot night, I was so sad, and he was sad for sure, but
tried to mask it. The wedding went well, James didn't leave any marks on my
body, but fuck did I mark him . . . his neck, his back, his chest and arms,
his thighs and abs . . . I made love to him for the last time. Until
several weeks ago, when I walked into his room that Tuesday evening. James
was my best man, he gave me a really awesome toast, and played along with
the `I'm so happy for you' bull-shit, but I knew he was dying inside
. . . he used my wedding as an excuse to get totally wasted. He had passed
out by the time I had to leave, and I did not get to say goodbye to him.

Now I felt as if I was going to put him through all that shit again. I
realized that James was not looking out into nothing, but actually
following a car along the road with his gaze as it took a turn and
disappeared. A few seconds later, the garage opened and we heard the folks
voices as they came to a halt.

Guess my news will have to wait.

Notes from the Author:

Sorry that this has taken a while . . . hopefully there will be more to
come very soon, if not with this story then with the others as well. I am
eagerly awaiting feedback since I have been out of writing for such a long
duration -

Take a read of my other stories as well;

1. My b*****r Clarke

2. You dad

3. Pissed off elder b*****r

Please note that the Google group site (thegreybaron) is no longer in

Thanks for reading!

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As a little girl, Halloween had always been one of my favorite
holidays. Aside from being my birthday, it was the only time I felt like my
creative eye for beauty was really being appreciated. I remember the
attention that was paid to every little detail that went into my costumes,
the decorations, and even the little ginger-bread witches I used to make
with my mom. Those were the most memorable days of my c***dhood. As a
little girl, I had gone trick or treating as Disney princesses, angels, and
fairies. As I grew up, and started high school, the costumes started
becoming very provocative. When I got dressed for Halloween parties as a
teen, my dad would look at my extremely short skirts, fish-net stockings
and stiletto heels in disapproval. But deep down, I think he was very
turned on by what a slut I was becoming. This was evident from the bulging
erection in his pants. At f******n, I was much more developed physically
than the other girls in my school. I remember the first time I went bra
shopping with my mom. The girls at Victoria's Secret fitting me for bras
were amazed at my curves. My breasts weren't gigantic by any means, but
very full and perky, as one of the girls there described to my mom. My
friends were all very jealous the next day when I told them about all the
sexy bras and panties I had bought the night before. In the locker room as
we changed into our gym clothes, they all glared at my lacy pink bra and
matching thong. I loved the attention. For some reason it really turned me
on when people looked at my body that way. It didn't matter who was
looking, whether it was Brad from Art class, my girlfriends in the locker
room, my gym teacher Mr. Johnson, or even my dad. I just loved the thought
of someone getting off by just looking at me.

The Halloween I turned 16 was one of the most memorable nights of my
life. My parents rented a beautiful club in the city, where my sweet
sixteen party was going to be held. I planned out a long list of things I
needed to take care of in order to make this a night to remember
forever. What was the first thing on my list? You guessed costume!
As I didn't have a license yet, my b*****r, Josh who was home from college
for a few days was nice enough to drive me to different shops to look for
costumes. Some would say Josh and I had a very strange relationship for a
b*****r and s****r. We were very close, rarely ever fought, and some people
who would meet us for the first time even thought we were boyfriend and
girlfriend. Maybe it was evident the way Josh and I felt about each other
deep down, but never brought to the surface or talked about. I remember
when he went away to college, how much we missed each other, and spoke on
the phone almost everyday. I would wait anxiously for the holidays when he
would come back home and give me one of those really big hugs where he'd
pick me up and let his hands roam down to my butt. I always just giggled
and moved his hands away, but deep down, I was wishing he'd just lift up my
skirt and fuck my ass right there. He would always make little comments
like, "wow Jenni, you're really filling up those clothes nicely now," or
something like, "you remind me of my ex-girlfriend she had the perkiest
tits ever." These comments made me wet instantly, and I could swear he
could probably smell my wet pussy as he gave me one of his devilish grins
after seeing me blush.

As Josh drove me to the mall to pick out costumes, he told me about
all the cool things he did at college and all the girls he'd slept with. I
was surprised to know his total was only six girls so far, as my b*****r
was quite the stud at his school. But he was very picky. He had a taste for
blondes, especially those with very big breasts. But like any sensible man,
he would never turn down an equally beautiful brunette girl with average
sized breasts if she were to come his way. I have to be honest, the stories
he told me about fucking those girls really turned me on! As he was an art
student majoring in photography, he even took pictures of some of them
dressed in beautiful lingerie and even completely naked. His pictures
weren't all vulgar, they were very beautiful and almost ethereal. The way
Josh was able to capture their beauty made the girls look almost like the
nymphs of some fantasy world. I remember one girl in particular, a Swiss
girl named Alessia who captured my attention the moment Josh showed me her
picture. I was just 13 at the time, and josh was 18. It was his first year
in college, and he had already become very popular, especially with the
girls. Alessia had the most beautiful piercing blue eyes, and soft pouty
lips. Her expression in the picture, made her look a lot younger than my
b*****r said she was, who knows? Maybe she was u******ed. But she had the
body of a woman, or that of Aphrodite herself. The way her luscious blonde
wavy hair fell over her beautiful, plump boobs made my pussy drool with
pure desire. Her big puffy pink nipples were clearly visible through the
white top she wore in that picture, and I just couldn't take my eyes off of
them. I guess Josh noticed how I stared at her tits, and asked me If I was
wondering how they taste. This made me blush instantly, and I looked
away. Josh always teased me with pictures and stories of gorgeous girls
like that. I guess he could tell I had a thing for blondes with big tits
too, but he never really asked me about it openly. I used to be so shy, but
now I was turning 16, and I too had a little experience under my
belt. Although I was still a virgin, I had fooled around with a few boys at
my school, and learned quite a lot about what men like. I had been sexually
active since I was 14, but for some reason I was always too shy to tell
Josh about all the wonderful experiences I had already had.

This time was different. Sitting in the car with him then, listening
to his sex-capades I was feeling a brand new sense of confidence. Josh said
he was currently dating Natasha, a Russian girl with unbelievably big tits
and the juiciest pussy he had ever fucked. He told me that she had given
him head on the first date and gotten him to cum in her mouth and all over
her boobs. I was so turned on listening to that, that I couldn't help but
comment, "Oh I love having a guy cum in my mouth, it feels so good to get
someone off like that and have them explode all over you." I looked over at
Josh as I said this, pleased with the shock in his eyes, "no way! My lil
s*s gave someone head??? Wow, I'm so happy for you, Jenni." We sat there
for a while, looking at each other, and smiling. After that we drove from
place to place looking for costumes, but nothing seemed to work with what I
had in mind. And Josh always gave me what I wanted, ever since I was
little. When we were younger, he would even save his allowance to buy me
the birthday presents I wanted. As we were driving home from the last shop,
I told him how I wanted to look really hot, so hot, the guys who looked at
me would just cum in their pants right there. He looked over at me and
said, "Really Jenni? Well I think most guys probably feel like that when
they see you anyway, whether you are dressed hot or not, its hard for such
a sexy girl like you to not look absolutely fuckable." I smiled, and with
this encouragement he continued, "well I do know this one place where they
have naughty costumes for slutty girls like you who love showing off their
bodies, why don't we give that place a try?"

As we pulled into the parking lot of the adult store we had always
passed on my way to school, my panties became soaked instantly at the
thought of doing something this naughty with my b*****r. Josh looked over
at me and said, "Jenni, I think it would be a good idea if we just
pretended to be boyfriend and girlfriend so no one thinks we're weirdo?s,
okay?" I smiled and said with a wink, "Well, then you're going to have to
help me in and out of the costumes Josh." "With pleasure, lil s*s, with
absolute pleasure," he replied with a devilish smile that could part the
legs of a thousand big tit-ed blondes around the world. I was very excited
by this little game we were playing and was so thankful to my slutty
fashion sense for having worn one of the shortest shorts and tightest tops
I owned that day. We walked into that porn shop hand in hand, like the
lovers we were always meant to be. As this was my first time at a porn
shop, I was both shocked and thrilled by the things I saw, and had never
seen before in my young life. Josh, however was an expert and knew what
almost everything was and even knew how good some of the stuff worked as he
had bought it for a couple of his girlfriends. The costumes section was
huge, (as it was Halloween season, the sluttiest season of all) and their
selection was much more to my liking! I tried on a couple of the safer
costumes first, just to get us warmed up. I knew what I wanted to buy the
moment I had set my eyes on it, it was perfect for me, but I really loved
trying on these naughty costumes and showing my body off to Josh, and I
absolutely loved the response I got from seeing his pants bulge with an
overly erect cock that is ready to explode! Some of the guys that were
working at the shop would glance over too and run their hands over their
crotches, feeling their hard-ons. I was getting a kick out of being Josh's
girlfriend, and I loved saying things to him like, "Oh Josh I can't wait to
wear this for you at home baby, I can't wait for you to cum all over my
body." Josh was loving it too, as his replies were usually something like,
"Yea, that's a good little slut, I love you my dirty whore, and I'm gonna
eat your sweet, tight pussy and fuck it till its sore!" We had to rush at
the end as it was almost closing time for the shop, but before we left I
did try on that costume I had fell in love with for Josh...and by the look
in his eyes and the throbbing dick in his pants, I knew he loved it too!

Chapter 2

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My lil s*s Jenni was indeed
THE most beautiful fucking whore I have ever had the pleasure to pre-cum
over, and I loved every unbelievably fucking hot moment of it. The dirty
little costume she chose was to die for, especially when you consider the
fact that it barely covered that deliciously exquisite ass of hers that I
loved so damned much. Speaking of which, she barely even covered that, as
she always had the habit of wearing thongs whenever and wherever she could
in order to get some attention. I even remember a few times when our dad
saw us leaving her room together and she wore just a tiny, nearly not
there, skimpiest of mini skirts with the thong showing off her hot ass. I
swear he always got upset until she walked away. By that time he was too
far enthralled by the gorgeous spectacle that his eyes were feasting upon
to say anything further against how she was dressed. It might just have
been my imagination, but a few times I think I even saw an erection in the
old mans pants. The funny thing was that when I told Jenni about it, she
would always have such a deliciously evil grin on her face. It was a look
so evil that it took all of my strength just to stop myself from r****g her
right there and then.

The pirate costume was hotter than hot, it was the hottest shit I
had ever seen in my life! Now if you think that isn't a big deal then
consider this? I've fucked well over three dozen women in my lifetime (and
considering the fact that I'm only 21... well you get the picture ;) and
I've had all kinds of kinky, adulterated, and extremely perverted sex. I've
been into costumes/dress-up, leather/bondage and all kinds of fetishes. So
I do know what I'm talking about, believe me! The moment I saw her, she
blew all those other bitches away in a flash. Of course, every guy in the
shop and even a couple of hot girls that looked like they might be
strippers or hookers or something looked as though they were all deer
caught in the headlights of some oncoming semi. I had to keep up the facade
so I moved over to my sweet lil s*s and pulled her close. I then took a
deep and loving look into her eyes and said, "I can't wait to fuck you

Jenni looked up into my face and whispered nervously, "we are still
pretending right? I mean... it's just a game... right?"
"Of course baby, we just need to pretend a little further until
we're out of here. We wouldn't want anyone becoming suspicious would we?"
Man, I really am good! I kind of feel bad for putting one over on my lil
s*s like that, but that's what she gets for teasing my cock so damned much
since she was 13 years old. The owner of the shop is actually a friend of
mine and he knows exactly what my lil s*s looks like, because I've shown
him photos of her in the previous Halloween costumes she's worn. She's so
naive to think that just pretending like we're a couple would get us into a
place like this. It's a porn shop, for God's sakes! They normally ask for
ID even if they think the person is under 25, but we got in with no
questions asked. Like I said... damn, I'm good!

"Well in that case!" she said, with her trademark devilish
grin. "We'd better make it look real good". After that she started rubbing
my cock over my pants right in the middle of the costume sextion. I just
smiled brighter than the first light of day and moved in to kiss her on the
lips. However before doing so, I whispered to her that I loved her very
deeply and that she was my favorite of all the whorish sluts I knew. I
could tell right away that her pussy was itching from the comment. In fact
everyone in the store was so turned on by this barely-legal looking teen
who was dressed smuttier than most have ever seen a whore dressed. Even
Bob, the owner of the store, was getting so horny (easy to understand
seeing as how he was the only one in the store who knew we were really
b*****r and s****r) that he got up and walked into one of the video booths
to jerk off to the sight of loving i****t being performed live and before
his very eyes.

I kissed her more deeply and passionately than I think she'd ever
been kissed until that moment in her very young life. The truth is, I've
always wanted to do just that but wanted to wait until I thought the moment
was perfect... and it was! The erotic and fulfilled expression on her face
said it all. As for me, she was still rubbing the hell out of my dick, so
it was hard not to be as euphoric as her. Suddenly she realized that my
hands had roamed, as they usually did, onto the greatest of asses known to
gorgeous fucking whorish sluts anywhere on Earth.

She looked back towards my hands rubbing up and under her costume
and gave me the trademark smile. Maybe it was the just the fact that she
was rubbing the living hell out of my dick, or maybe it was the fact that
we were doing something so taboo right in front of about 10 people, or
maybe it was the two strippers who were so turned on themselves that they
were quietly giving each other mouth to mouth in the corner of the room by
the stalls. Whatever the reason, I was more turned on than I had ever been
in my entire life... and I wanted more.

Chapter 3

I could tell by the look in his eyes that Josh was anxious to get
into my non-existent panties, but I wasn't going to give it up that
easily. I wanted to make my b*****r pine for my pussy, I wanted him to
crave it more than any pussy he's ever had the chance to fuck. I slowly
moved my hand away from his crotch and pushed him away from me, "come on
now Josh, people are staring, I think we should finish off at home baby," I
said in between giggles. He looked at me with the cutest lost puppy-dog
look I had ever seen, like someone had taken candy away from a baby, and
with deep disappointment followed me to the front of the store where we
paid for the costume I had picked out. The owner looked at me with the
strangest smile I had ever seen, like he knew something I didn't know. I
could almost swear I saw him wink at Josh as we walked out the door.

Josh was very silent on the way back, and played his Nirvana cd a
little louder than usual so he wouldn't have to talk to me. I was very
hurt, and thought I had done something very wrong to upset him like this. I
even glanced over at him a few times, but he kept his eyes glued to the
road ahead of us. At home that night as I lay in bed, I thought about how
strange this day had been. Josh and I had really hit it off, I really
enjoyed fooling around with him, especially in public, and was blown away
by the kiss he had given me at that porn shop. But now, he was barely
talking to me. What had I done wrong? This was eating me alive. Maybe it
was wrong of me to call the shots, me being his little s****r and
all. Maybe things should have just gone his way. Maybe I should have let
him do more to me than kiss me, but this was all happening so fast for
me. I wanted my first time with Josh to be special. Ever since I had begun
thinking about sex, I had always fantasized about Josh being my first. I
felt so safe with him, he would love me no matter what, he wasn't like
those other boys at school who just wanted to fuck for a good time. I felt
that he would really make it very special for me. Thoughts of losing my
connection with Josh brought me to tears that night, and when I did finally
drift off to sl**p, I was tortured by nightmares.

The next two weeks were very busy, as I preoccupied myself with party
invitations, decorations, and menu-planning. Josh was back at college. We
still spoke on the phone almost everyday, but things were a little
different--a little less sexual. He no longer told me about the girls he
was having sex with, and we never talked about that night we went costume
shopping. The memory of that day, I thought, we would take to our
graves. He was still the same sweet Josh he had always been, but I felt a
wall had come between us now. And I blamed myself for this.

Before I knew it, it was the Halloween. This year Halloween had
fallen on a Saturday, and luckily for me it was the same Saturday that my
parents had planned their weekend trip to the Poconos. This meant that I
could party as late as I wanted to, and not have to listen to my dad's
complaints about how sleazy my costume looks. And this year, the way I was
dressed, would put Pamela Anderson herself to shame. Josh was home from
school that weekend so he could chaperone my party at my dad's request. My
dad was completely oblivious to the fact that his son was one of the
horniest, free-spirited guys this world had ever seen. Josh was more than
happy to chaperone. And with the teenage slut-fest that my party was going
to be, what warm-bl**ded 21-year old guy would refuse?

As I got dressed that night, I paid extra care to look hotter than
ever for Josh. I was going to win him back tonight! This was my night after
all, and having turned the sweet age of 16, I felt a new sense of sexual
empowerment--like I had the power to bring any man to his knees and have
him licking my cunt at the snap of my fingers. Tonight I would give my
virginity to my b*****r. Just the thought of being fucked by my b*****r's
cock made my clit throb with delight, and my pussy wetter than ever. With
that delicious thought I was dressed to kill and ready to go! As I walked
down the stairs, I was surprised to see Josh waiting for me at the
bottom. He had told me he was running late and would just meet me at the
club. I was more than pleased of course to see him waiting there for
me. And to my surprise he had decided to dress up as a vampire! I
remembered telling him once about how hot I thought vampires are. That was
the night we went to see Interview With the Vampire. I remember telling him
that if either Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise ever wanted to feed on me, I'd
welcome them with open arms. I couldn't believe Josh had remembered!
"Surprised Jenni? I've been dying to feed on you so welcome me with open
arms little s*s!" he said with that devilishly sexy smile as he once again
gave me one of those hugs I've always loved him for. "Wow Jenni, you look
sexier than I have ever seen you look! Goddamn it girl, you're such a
tease," he said with b*****rly approval. With that, we walked arm in arm to
the limo that was to drive us to the club, and set out for the night that
would change our lives forever.

The party was well on its way by 9 pm, as most of my friends had
arrived and were already bumping and grinding like the horny teens they
were on the dance floor. Everything was just as I had wanted it to be on
this night. My pirate costume had done its job. By now, all of the guys,
and even some of the girls were enthralled by the fabric that barely
covered my ass and tits. I had of course decided to go without panties and
bra that night, undergarments would just get in the way of the fun that was
to come later on. Besides, judging by the look I was getting from the both
the guys and the girls at my party, no one seemed to mind that I was
dressed like a porn star and would shock even the likes of Jenna Jameson if
she were here. By 10:30, all of my guests had arrived and were having the
time of their lives. By this time I had grinded with almost everyone there,
including my girlfriends, which was a lot of fun as it brought looks of
lust and desire from every guy present, including my b*****r. I loved
dancing like a slut and grinding into my hot girlfriends as my b*****r
watched. Normally, I was always very guarded about my bisexuality. I hadn't
discussed it with anyone. Not even Josh. But at parties, when the music was
playing and everyone was euphoric, I felt I could let go and just enjoy my
girlfriends the way I always wanted to. It was always just girls dancing
playfully of course, and this was nothing out of the ordinary at a party,
especially a Halloween party. I can't speak for my girlfriends, but it
always got me so fired up that I'd have to come home and masturbate my
pussy to an explosive orgasm.

By 2 a.m., my guests were on their way home and Josh and I were in
the limo driving back to our own house. Although it was late, it wasn't
late by any means for me, and I still had plenty of energy left in my young
body to party for another 5 hours. Having read my mind, Josh looked at me
and said, "I dunno about you Jenni, but the party ain't over for me yet!"
Pleased with what I was hearing, I asked in my innocent little s****r
voice, "what do you want to do now Josh? It's too late to go anywhere
else." "Well," he replied, "we won't need to leave the house for what I had
in mind. Actually it's waiting for you at home Jenni. It's your birthday
gift!" Having had my hopes up for something else, I replied with a deep
sigh, "oh, I can't wait to see what it is." Many thoughts were running
through my mind at this point. Sitting there in the limo with him, I
suddenly felt so far away from him. I felt defeated. I had been sure
tonight would have gotten the ball rolling so to speak, but I was all out
of luck. Josh did not want to fuck me. I was just Jenni to him...his little
s****r. How dumb I had been to think I could win over the cock that had the
pleasure of fucking some of the most desirable girls to ever walk this
planet. And Josh's playmates had all been unbelievably drop-dead
gorgeous. Who was I to think he would ever find little old me interesting
enough to fuck?

As we walked to the door of our house, I kept thinking about how dumb
I had been to have lost my chance with Josh that night at the porn shop. I
could swear he had wanted more than just a kiss then. My confidence had
really screwed me up this time. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a
dinging sound. It was the sound of our door bell. Josh was ringing the door
bell to our own house! "Josh, mom and dad are away, remember? Besides, I
have the key," I said, pushing him aside. Just as I was about to unlock the
door, it opened almost magically and what was behind it nearly gave me a
heart attack.

"Surprise, Jenni!" said Alessia from behind the door. Words cannot
speak the shock I felt at seeing that beautiful nymph from Josh's
photographs standing before me! She looked even more beautiful in
person...and her enormous breasts had the power to move me to
tears. "What's going on?" I managed to utter after what seemed like a few
minutes of gawking at her in disbelief. Josh smiled at me wickedly and
said, "well lil s*s, I said I had a gift for you waiting at home, didn't I?
Well, here she is!"

Chapter 4

"Oh and by the way... there's another surprise waiting for you
upstairs. I hope you enjoy these little gifts I've prepared for you. I'll
see you in a little while". The look of excitement when Jenni first saw
Alessia was deeply arousing. Excited isn't exactly the right word; I think
the word horny might have been a better way to describe it. If her pussy
was aching after all the bumping and grinding she did with her friends,
guys and girls alike, then surely it was drooling with anticipation after
seeing Alessia dressed as a slutty police officer. She was utterly
dumbfounded by this hot big-titted blonde bimbo opening the door to our own
house. It took more strength than I knew I had in me to let her be taken
away after hearing me tell her that I'd see her in a little while. I don't
think she ever expected me to say those words tonight. Hopefully she'll be
so entertained by the events to cum that she won't be too distracted about
my leaving her for just a bit.
Alessia looked as hot as a gorgeous big-titted blonde whore could
look. She was even taking her role as the police officer to heart. After
telling Jenni I'd see her in a little while, Alessia took out her handcuffs
as Jenni turned around seemingly heartbroken, and slapped them on her
wrists... tightly. Oh and these were no run-of-the-mill, cheap toy
handcuffs either, they were the real deal; a little keep sake from a former
police officer and boyfriend of Alessia's. Though clearly in some
discomfort, the saddened expression on the face of my would-be-lover and
lil s*s diverted her attention enough to forget about the pain. "Don't
worry! I'll see you in just a little while... I promise!" I said, trying to
reassure her. My lil s*s knew full well that whenever I made her a promise,
it was something I truly meant to keep at all costs. And this particular
promise was more important than any before it, for this one would make us
the lovers we were always meant to be.
Alessia then told her to march right upstairs to her parent's
room. Handcuffed and in somewhat of a saddened state, Jenni did as she was
told. I was proud of my lil s*s, as she only looked back at me once before
navigating the steps towards the night's goal, her birthday present. After
coming out of her slight daze Jenni finally realized what her arresting
officer told her. "My parent's room? Are you k**ding me? I'm going to get
into so much trouble for this!" she said, starting to fear what lay behind
the French doors leading into the master bedroom.
"Don't worry bitch! You are so gonna fucking enjoy this. Your pussy
is already wet with anticipation as I can smell it from here", said
Alessia, while grabbing on to Jenni by the hair and pulling her head back
just far enough to where she had access to her mouth. Without hesitation
our soon-to-be favorite nymph kissed my lil s*s as hard as she could. What
else could Jenni do? Being handcuffed and having her hair pulled back and
then having a hot blonde stick her sweet tongue down her throat was more
than she could handle at the moment, or so she thought.

The doors opened up just as they stood there kissing. Jenni's eyes
nearly popped out of her head as another blonde with unbelievably gigantic
tits and a really hot Russian accent opened the door and told Alessia to
e****t the prisoner in. Natasha also wore a police uniform. She was the
girl I was currently dating... well let's be honest here... one of
six... currently. She was the hottest and sluttiest thing to come out of
Russia since... well ever! How can one accurately describe the way she
looked? If you remember that famous Russian actress named Yelena then you
have a really good idea of what she looks like, only her tits were about 3
times the size. She oozed sexuality regardless of the way she dressed, but
the fact was she always preferred to wear the most provocative outfits she
could get away with. I think that, more than anything is what drew me to
her. Natasha reminded me so much of my s****r, that I thought this might be
as close as I would ever really get to fucking my sweet lil Jenni. Boy was
I wrong!
Jenni was uncuffed, then pushed on the bed by Natasha and told how
hot she looked by both girls. "Oh my fucking god, I can't believe how young
you are! I don't think I've EVER seen a girl your age as hot and slutty as
you. I'm sooo glad Josh asked us to do this", said Natasha in her sexiest,
sluttiest accent ever.
"Oh yeah, she's so fucking hot! And did you see her smoking hot
fucking ass? I wish I was a guy, just so I could fuck it! You know what
though? We only have her for about an hour, so let's get started! I want to
eat her pussy so fucking bad!" said Alessia.
"An hour?" thought Jenni. Suddenly she had a renewed sense of hope
that not all was lost this evening. Of course she was incredibly thrilled
at the prospect of having these two really hot women playing with her, but
what she really wanted more than anything else was to have her b*****r's
hard dick inside of her pussy.
Both girls hopped on the bed on either side of my sweet ass lil
s*s. Each one spread a leg of the lovely pirate whore that lay before
them. To her surprise, Alessia found that Jenni was even sluttier than
either of them hoped for. "Oh my God, she's not even wearing any panties!"
"Yeah, look how her pussy juice is just drooling down her legs and
onto the bed", said Natasha, as she spread Jenni's pussy apart with two
fingers while both blondes looked down between her legs. Apparently she had
been wet for some time, as some of the stains on Jenni's legs were already
dry. It was probably due to all the hot and whorish grinding that went on
at the party earlier in the evening.
"Ok, bitch... trick or treat?? Suddenly Alessia brought out a dildo
to use on Jenni that was big enough to have been her b*****r. Jenni was
scared witless as she started to break away from the grip the two blondes
had on her legs. It wasn't until Natasha calmed Jenni's fears down by
telling her that they weren't going to penetrate her with it, that Jenni
was able to relax again. All of a sudden a loud sound emanated from the
vibrator and Jenni knew what was about to happen to her. She was thrilled
beyond words as the river that flowed from her womanhood soaked the bed her
parents fucked on, the same one that she herself was conceived on.
Alessia took great care in massaging every little corner of Jenni's
sweet pussy. While doing so, she moved down closer to it so that she could
start tasting that which she's been craving for ever since Josh first told
her how Jenni stared at the photo he took of her for photography class. As
if massaging her clit with the vibrator weren't enough, now the feeling of
Alessia's incredibly hot tongue ravishing her young pussy was driving Jenni
up the wall. As for Natasha, she opened up Jenni's costume blouse and
sucked on her tits as hard as a vampire (she even bit them like one). They
licked, sucked, kissed, massaged and even bit her just under an hour.

The look on Jenni's face was priceless. Her eyes were drawn back
into the top of their sockets as though the pleasure she was receiving was
beyond anything she had ever experienced before. Mere words can not
describe just how much her pussy and tits were loving the sensations
coursing through her sweet, whorishly slutty young body. I was having a
really hard time trying not to take out my dick and fuck it with my own
hand. I wonder what she would have done if she knew I was videotaping the
whole thing for posterity? Would she have acted the same way? Or might she
have been even more whorish, if that's at all possible?
It was such a beautiful sight. Two incredibly hot, gorgeous
bi-sexual blondes with great tits just sucking and licking the living hell
out of my u******ed s****r. My s****r's pussy was so soaked it was not
unlike that lesbian scene from the movie Caligula, when one woman's juices
dripped from the mouth of another. That was it, I couldn't take anymore. I
had to have my s****r's sweet pussy, her tits, that gorgeous ass that I
loved so dearly... I needed her right there and then.
The phone rang just once in my parent's room. Of course they knew
the signal already. Like workers on a tight schedule, our blondes helped
Jenni up from the bed and told her that I was waiting for her in her
room. After she left, Alessia and Natasha went back to doing what they were
best at... fucking each other. For them as well as for me, being kissing
cousins made it all the more erotic. As for Jenni, I don't know if she knew
what to expect from me, but one thing was for sure... this was a night she
would never forget.

Chapter 5

Jenni walked to her door and took a deep breath. Would this be it?
Is it finally going to happen? Would she finally get to fuck her b*****r
like she's been dreaming about ever since she first started thinking about
having sex? It was time for nature to take its course. And what could be
more natural than for a b*****r and s****r to share in their love for one
another? It was the moment of truth, but what was this? There was a note on
the door for her and it read:

As poets rhyme, lovers adore.
I am yours as you are mine like never before.
What sweeter serenity can there be, than a special bath made just
for thee?
On way to the Jacuzzi make sure not to laugh, make way along the
yellow path.
If you want some when time is done, do cum back to this room for
more fun.

Needless to say, I'm a funny sort of man who plans to no end. I
placed several yellow dildos pointing in the direction of the master bath
where the Jacuzzi lay in wait for my sweetest of angels, my
princess. "Follow the yellow-brick road", she thought to herself as she
laughed. It was meant to lighten up the mood and relax her for the time
ahead. Nothing can ruin a beautiful moment like the one we were about to
share more than two incredibly wound up people.
She walked into the master bath and gasped at the sheer beauty of
what she gazed before her. No lights were needed as a plethora of candles
burned with the scent of sweet, sweet flowers in the air. The Jacuzzi was
ready with the water set to the perfect temperature for my beloved. And
there were plenty and plenty of bubbles, as she always loved bubble baths
ever since she was a c***d. Beside the bath was a tiny coffee table with a
small box on top of it with another note, it read:

To laugh is divine but to love is the power of the universe
itself. Nothing can lift its weight, nor remove its majesty, nor take from
it in any way. I think it was William Blake who said it best when he wrote:
"Love seeketh not itself to please, nor for itself hath any care, but for
another gives its ease, and builds a Heaven in Hell's despair". Eat these,
your favorite chocolates, bathe in this your favorite bubble bath, and be
merry as your night has just begun.

"What a night!" Jenni thought to herself. First there was the
incredibly sexy party. Next she was brought to utter excitement with two
exceedingly beautiful young blondes. And then she was tickled pink at the
sight of so many yellow dildos pointing to the next phase of her birthday
present. "It can't possibly get any better? can it?"
She immersed herself in the soothing warmness of her special
bath. Jenni ate chocolates and contemplated over the night she's had thus
far. This truly was the night of her young life and Josh made sure to make
it the most memorable event she could ever have hoped for. How deeply she
loved him. If she ever loved her b*****r in any way before, even that of
simple b*****rly love, she truly adored him now. The mere thought of how
much Josh put into what this night has turned out to be so far, was enough
to get her juices flowing again. Jenni fingered herself feverishly as she
thought only of how much she craved for her b*****rs dick to be inside of
her young body.
A short while had passed and then a sudden noise awoke her out of
her euphoric state. Jenni never noticed the timer by the sink. She only
spent but 20 minutes in the tub and now it seemed as though her time was
up. She dried herself off with the pink towel that lay in wait for her, she
then put on the pink robe that sat in the chair next to the small coffee
table (pink was always her favorite color of course). Making her way out of
the master bath, Jenni noticed that all the yellow dildos were now facing
in the direction of her room. She couldn't help but laugh as this yet
Now at the door to her room, Jenni knew what came next. She opened
the door slowly only to have it give way to darkness. Was this a metaphor
for what was about to happen? Who knows what Josh was thinking? He always
planned things with such detail that most people just never seemed to
understand that there was method to his madness.

I purposely turned off the lights to make every second more
memorable for my sweet lil s*s. I knew it was her first time just like I
knew she liked women. You see, we both have an older cousin whom used to
take care of us when we were little. And boy did she take good care of us!
Zohal used to live with us when Jenni was about 10 or 11 and she used to
baby-sit for our parents all the time. When Jen was about that age Zohal
used to play a special game with her. She would be the teacher and Jenni
the student. Whenever Jen would act up Zohal had a special punishment for
her. She would put her in the closet where it was nice and dark, knowing
that our Jenni was afraid of the dark. Then Jen would usually start crying
and screaming, so in order to quiet her down Zohal would go in the closet
and pull down her own pants and panties. Then she would tell Jenni to be
quiet or she would have to lick her pussy. I swear sometimes I think Jen
would just keep going on purpose. That was the first time Jenni ever licked
pussy. It was with our really hot, dirty-blonde cousin. And when I say
dirty-blonde... I don't mean the hair color! Jen never knew that I knew
about what had happened in the closet. Like I said, it was a good thing our
cousin was such a dirty blonde. Who do you think really taught me so much?
It was time to end her agony. Jenni turned on the light to her own
room and was surprised by the first thing she saw. Of course the point to
turning the lights off wasn't to disorient her in any way as she was well
aware of where the light switch was (it was after all her room). It was
simply to prolong the suspense as much as possible. And it worked
beautifully. The first thing she saw was the large, 45" screen TV our
parents bought her for her birthday. As if the screams weren't enough, she
started jumping up and down as though she were 10 years old again. I always
did love seeing her this happy. She then turned to her left towards the
bed. All she could see was a bed of roses; literally, as the entire
mattress was covered in large pink roses. What she couldn't see was the
detail behind it. In order to fully cover the bed I needed to multiply 16
roses by another 16; that being of course her age today (thank goodness it
was a small enough bed!).
Tears formed in my soon-to-be lovers eyes. She looked all the more
adorable to me seeing her so utterly thrilled at my gift to her. "How do
you feel Jen?" I asked her already knowing how she felt. She was as in love
with me as I was with her. She simply looked over at me as I stood next to
the bed. I really wanted to make this evening as special as I possibly
could so I had showered and changed into a tux while she was with the
girls. As she walked over to me I presented her with a single red rose from
behind my back. She blushed as she accepted the rose and smelled its
fragrant aroma. Then I took her in my arms and looked into her eyes more
deeply than a surgeons' hand could reach within. "I love you Jenni". With
that said, I proceeded to adorn her lips with the greatest kiss ever told,
felt or even imagined.
She always used to call me Professor Josh as somewhat of a joke
because she always said I taught her so much. Judging from the wetness I
felt as I reached under the opening of the robe she wore and massaged her
clit directly and without barrier, she was more than satisfied with what
I've taught her so far tonight. With one hand I massaged her young pussy
and with the other pulled her hair back rather harshly as our lips were
tied together as far more than any b*****r and s****r probably should have
been. I let loose for just a second and said, "Now the fun really starts!"

Chapter 6

The kiss Josh gave me swept me completely off my feet, and if I
wasn't holding onto him, I would have dropped to the floor from my weakened
knees. Sure, I had kissed tons of guys before, but his kiss was so
different than any kiss I had ever experienced in my 16 years. Josh had
the fullest, softest, lips I have ever felt on a man. For me, it had the
same erotic effect as kissing a really hot girl. That is not to say that
he kissed like a girl, by any means. Josh could take it from slow and
sensual to erotic and X-rated with the blink of an eye. It was almost like
he could read my mind, and know when I wanted him to kiss soft, and when I
wanted him to be a little rougher.

Josh looked so unbelievably fucking hot in the tux he had on. His
broad shoulders and chest fit perfectly in the jacket, and gave him a hint
of princely regality. "So, did my little s****r enjoy the bath?" he asked
me, his brown eyes looking deep into mine. "Oh yes, I enjoyed myself
fully, but I could have used another hand or two", I said with a wink. "Oh
yea?" he moved closer to me, his hands wandering down between my legs
again, massaging my clit more vigorously now, "how's this for giving my lil
s*s a hand? Or better yet... how bout a finger or two?" he said as he
popped in first one, then two fingers into my already dripping cunt. "Oh
my god! Ahh," I said shocked by the pain of having my b*****r's index and
middle fingers in my virgin pussy. "Ohhh I'm so sorry baby, I didn't mean
to be too rough with your sweet pussy. I almost forgot you're still a
virgin!" Josh said as he pulled his fingers out of me. "Let me make it up
to you by kissing that sweet cunt of yours lil s*s," he said as he motioned
for me lie down on the bed with my legs spread out before him. I got into
the requested position my bare pussy inches from my b*****r's face. "Oh
God, You smell divine! I've waited so long to see, smell and taste your
cunt, Jenni!" he said as he sniffed my pussy. Just then, I let out an
uncontrollable giggle. Josh looked at me with his sad, puppy dog face
again, thinking he had said or done something stupid to make me laugh at
him. "I'm sorry Josh", I said, "It's just that, my pussy is really
sensitive, you haven't even started eating me out, and I can feel so much
already just from the sensation of your breath on my cunt." I could tell
this really turned him on as he smiled one of his devilish smiles again,
and pulled me into his face to give me another one of his amazing kisses,
this time on my pussy lips. The sensation sent waves of shocks throughout
my body. Josh had an amazing technique of first softly licking and kissing
my pussy and clit, and then pecking at my entire cunt with his unbelievably
quick tongue. If you can imagine a vibrating tongue--that's pretty close
to how quick Josh's tongue was on my clit.

Josh continued to tease my pussy with his amazing tongue for about
half an hour. It was quite a challenge for him to get his mouth positioned
on my cunt, as I kept struggling. The sensations were something completely
new to me, and I kept holding back as I was afraid to squirt my juices all
over Josh's face. A third person might have thought Josh was r****g me
with his tongue, the way I struggled and fought him. But after a while I
learned to relax and surrender to Josh's incredible tongue. He fucked me
deeper and deeper with his hot tongue, pulling out only to massage my clit
with it. Faster and faster, his tongue worked, like a vibrator. As I felt
a wave of extreme pleasure overtake my entire body I pushed my pussy deeper
into Josh's face and arched my hips and came to what was the first orgasm
of my life. As I pulled back I heard Josh laughing, his face covered in my
cum, licking my juices off his hands. "Unbelievable!" he said smiling at
me, "Jenni, you just squirted your cum in my face! That's so fucking
beautiful, not many girls are able to do that!" Shocked by what I was
hearing I replied, "Really Josh? I've been holding back because I was
afraid I was gonna leak onto your face, or I could have had a lot more.
Way more". It was my first orgasm, and I had never felt anything more
spectacular in my life. Even as we lay there moments later in each other's
arms, I could still feel Josh's tongue fucking my pussy. The sensation was
so strong, it took over my whole body. The events that had just taken
place were beyond amazing, and I wanted to return the favor to my older
b*****r. "Josh?" I said, "How would you like to feel your little s****r's
mouth on your cock?"

Chapter 7

Now I ask you? what kind of a question is that? Of course I wanted
her sensual lips wrapped around my love shaft; her tongue massaging all the
sensitive nerve endings on my engorged head, the feel of her tonsils as I
would dance my cock in and out of her mouth choking her just slightly. Do I
want to feel my lil s*s's mouth on my cock? Yes please!

She slowly and seductively made her way down the front of my dress
slacks until reaching the front door to the garage that held my
mustang. Unzipping it slowly, she would massage it first through the
material of the trousers until opening it, and then continued to massage my
manhood over my briefs. My breathing could not have been more erratic if I
tried. I was truly amazed at the level of skill my sweet Jenni had within
her as she lowered both my slacks and my briefs with one quick stroke. Her
mouth could not have been more accommodating for me. Whether it was the
blowjob itself or the thought of my u******ed s****r sucking my dick, the
feeling I had while I was inside her mouth was the most erotic thing I
think I could ever have felt.
One could tell this little slut had an oral fixation unparalleled
in the annals of whordom. My lil Jen had more skill at sucking dick at only
16 years of age than most women I've known throughout most of my life,
including our hot cousin Zohal. I don't have a clue just how many dicks my
lil s*s has sucked on in her young life, but all I can say is... thank God
she sucked on each and every one of those bad boys! If not for the fact
that I have a strong libido, surely I would have cum in her mouth after
just a few short moments of sheer pleasure. And believe me, that's exactly
what it was. It was THE MOST pleasurable feeling I have ever thought or
even imagined possible.
"Jenni, I want to sixty-nine with you. I need to taste that sweet
pussy again", I said hungry for more of her sweet cunt. She immediately
tore into me like a woman possessed by ripping the buttons off of my shirt,
and sucking and licking everywhere she saw my bare skin. My dick ached, but
the feeling of sheer bliss was worth it all. As for her, her pussy was
indeed the most delectable thing I could ever have tasted. I was in
absolute heaven and so was she.

A while of licking and sucking later and we were spent. We both
orgasmed in each other's mouths like two candy machines delivering sweet
goodness to a couple of starved youngsters, which made it all the more
hot. My cum dripped from her lips as she tried desperately to suck up every
last drop. All I can say about Jenni's tasty pussy juice is that if we were
to bottle it, it would be the top selling drink in the world in just a
matter of days. The demand alone would be staggering.
We held each other tightly in our arms, and looked amorously into
one another's eyes while laying on the bed of roses. "I can't think of
anyone I would have preferred to have been my first than you Josh. I love
you", she said affectionately.
"This is the most perfect moment I could ever have shared with
another human being. You are in every way imaginable... beyond compare", I
said, in awe of her.
I thought it the best time to show her a part of what I was doing
while she was being tortured by the girls. With the remote in hand, I
quickly turned on her new TV and gave her an inside look at the master
bedroom. Our two hot blonde bitches were fucking each other feverishly with
a long double-headed dildo between both their legs. The sight was so
exquisite, that I think we both got excited enough to continue right away.
"I need to be fucked!" she said, in utter agony.
"That's my sweet little whore! I've wanted to do this with you
since you were only 13 years old. Call me a perv, but I'm sooo happy to
finally get the chance to make love to you. You have no idea how much I've
craved this", I said, slipping a finger in her hot, wet snatch yet again
and massaging it lightly. "If you need to be fucked... then I need to fuck
you. I'm going to fuck you so good that you'll still feel me inside of you
for the next couple of days at least".

I moved on top of her and began kissing her all over again. While
doing so, I began gyrating my waist and pushing my hard s****r-crazed dick
against her young pussy. The feeling alone of being on top of her, kissing
and massaging her clit with my dick was enough to drive any man insane with
lust. It was amazing how good her young slutty, virgin body felt against my
naked skin.
After some maneuvering and massaging of the clit with my hard dick,
I was finally able to push the head of my dick inside of my
beloved. "Finally!" she let out, half dazed and in a elated state. I pushed
in, slowly at first, to cries of, "it hurts so much!" and a look of
discomfort in her semi-opened eyes.
"Do you want me to stop?" I asked her lovingly.
"No!" she screamed. "Just slow down when I tell you to".
This went on for close to an hour before she felt, "numb" as she
put it. Now I could let loose a bit and rock her young world the way I was
always meant to have rocked it. If my dick could speak it would have
thanked us both for allowing us to enter the beautiful world of Jenni's
sweet pussy.
Scared to send in the troops at full blast, I opted to be only
somewhat f***eful instead. Her pussy was hurting more than any other day of
her young existence and I was the cause of it. Could anything have made it
better than this? I don't think so!... So I thought. When she said those
unbelievable words to me, "I'm on my period, you can cum inside of me", I
almost choked on my own saliva.
I began thrusting with a renewed sense of purpose. Suddenly and
without warning I thrust with all of my energy into her beautiful womanhood
and let loose all that I had deep, deep inside of her. She let out a scream
from the pain that engulfed her sweet snatch as I practically ripped open a
new hole for easier access.
"Oh my God, that was the most amazing feeling ever!" she said,
happier than I think I've ever seen her in her life.
"You're telling me! You're the most amazing lover I've ever had", I
said, being only too honest with her as I've never had another lover quite
like her.

Soon afterwards we tried every position her young and inexperienced
body could handle. We tried it cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, butterfly, with
her legs pinned back, doggy style while laying down and while standing up
leaning against the bed, and of course... anal (I loved how daring she was,
how free and full of life). All of these positions were things we tried to
do, all the while watching her new TV for signs of hot erotic life between
two hot blondes fucking each other on our parent's bed. It was the best
night ever! But as luck would have it, it wasn't our last. ;)... Continue»
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A Game of Stamina

I was bored as hell tonight.

It was probably going to be one of those nights where nothing was supposed to happen but I couldn't have been more wrong. Tonight will be the night my whole life changed, for better or for worst.

I'm a typical 23-year-old guy who loved to go out on weekends, meet different girls in clubs, and then just fuck the shit out of them in the end. Pardon my French, but that's the way I am. I think that's the way any guys are, whether they admit it or not. We, as boys, are born to make sure more assholes like us are born.

I had plans to go out with this hot girl I met in college but since the radiator in my car wasn't working and she didn't have a car of her own, the date was cancelled. I was stuck home on a Friday night with my two younger s****rs. To make matter worst, I was horny and I was looking forward to a long night of jacking off. Masturbating was going to be a lot less distracting since my parent was ready to leave for a late cocktail party on the other side of town.

I was so pissed at the idea of not going out that I stayed in my bedroom and watched ESPN, waiting for them to leave. Instead of wearing my nice clothes, I had on my sweatpants and a T-shirt. I heard my mother telling my two s****rs they were leaving. A minute later, my father opened my bedroom door, a big, burly man, and smiled, "Okay, Billy, we'll see you tomorrow."

I turned and gave him a little smile of my own. "All right, Dad, try not to party too hardy tonight."

He chuckled. "We'll try. We hardly ever go out so don't expect us home before midnight, son."

"I won't be expecting you until at least tomorrow morning."

My father laughed and closed the door. I heard my parent leave the hallway. Minutes later, I could hear their car backing out of the driveway. Then they were gone. I tried watching the baseball highlights on ESPN but I couldn't help but hear my two s****rs laughing in their bedroom. I turned up the volume and tried to watch the T.V. but there was a sudden curiosity growing in me. Wondering what they were talking about, I stood and quietly moved down the hall. I stopped outside their bedroom and tried to listen to their conversation through the door.

Before we get on with their conversation, I want to tell you about my s****rs: Priscilla and Veronica. Like most b*****rs, I love them and I hate them. They were both gorgeous in their own different ways and definitely heartbreakers like me.

My youngest s****r, Priscilla, just turned eighteen last week. She was often described as cute but I knew she was more than that. With long, dark hair, she had a high, rounded forehead and huge violet eyes. Her nose was straight with just a hint of a tilt at the end. Her lips were full, appearing if she had a pout. She wasn't tall but she made up for it with a seamless, defined ass that was to-die-for. She looked like one of those young lingerie models but with a small, well-rounded booty that always stretched tight in her clothes.

Veronica, my other s****r was 20-year-old but she was more voluptuous and full-breasted than her little s****r. She had high Nordic cheekbones and an exquisite, cock-teasing smile. Unlike Priscilla and our father, she was a natural Swedish blonde like her mother. Her eyes were sensuous, exotic with a touch of azure and unfathomable depths of passion. She was a tall girl (she's five-eleven) with breasts that were the size of cantaloupes and a slim waist that made her even hotter.

Good genes ran in this f****y.

All the hours of weightlifting and swimming paid off for me. Back in high school, I hadn't been as well-defined or confident as I am now. I'm six feet tall with a smile that was boyish, charming, and I weighed a solid 180 pounds. Since then, my s****rs had been complimentary and affectionate with me from time to time. "You're a hottie," Veronica would say as she caught me coming home from the gym. She even gave me a kiss on the lips, lingering for just a long second, and whispered, "I'm glad I've got a big handsome b*****r like you."

Priscilla wasn't as obvious but she had been checking me out. Whenever she saw me sunbathing by the pool, she would bring me a glass of lemonade and try to strike up a conversation so she could occasionally touch my biceps. "Mm, not bad," Priscilla cooed, rubbing my arm with a cute smile. "I just love men with big arms."

With Mom and Dad out for the night, I kept wondering if their blatant affection was intentional or a just harmless tease. My hormones was so off-the-chart tonight that I was surprised I was this horny. I haven't had sex in a week and I even managed to avoid masturbation so that would explain my abnormal longing. In a way, I had been saving myself for that stupid date.

I heard some more laughter and some excited talking. I leaned against the door of Priscilla's bedroom and listened. Before I even heard a word they said, I had an immediate impression they were talking about boys and sex. It definitely wasn't fast cars and sport.

"I swear, he was so small," Veronica's voice said, " it wasn't even funny. It was actually pretty sad."

Priscilla giggled. "Oh, my God, are you serious?"

"I'm dead serious. A big hunk with a small cock, and he's a point guard for the college basketball team!"

"Did you tell him anything?"

"No way! You never tell boys that they have a small cock. It can scar them for life. But I had the courtesy to at least give him a pity fuck. The little prick came before I could take off my bra!"

Another giggle from Priscilla. "Well, you do have nice tits."

"Aw, thank you, sweetie."

Just the idea of seeing Veronica taking off her bra gave me a semi and I realized my way of thinking about my own s****rs was changing tonight. Maybe it was the full moon or the fact that I haven't had a release in quite a while. The way she was talking in her hushed tone turned me on and I suddenly had a pornographic image of fucking her senseless.

My semi was slowly turning into a full-fledged erection. I tried not to lose control of my imagination but I started to think what it would feel like fucking not just Veronica but Priscilla as well. An unthinkable threesome.

"Guess what?" Priscilla was saying. "Trent finally asked me out to prom."

"Oh, honey, I'm so excited for you! Do you think he'll be the one?"

"Uh-huh, I think so." A pause. "I hope so. I've been saving myself too long for the right guy but I still got to get with the program."

I almost fell into the door. Priscilla was a virgin? As beautiful as she was, I was surprised how many boys and all the peer pressure she had to dodge in order to keep herself intact. This was the kind of era where it was extremely rare to find an 18-year-old virgin as stunning as her. No doubt she was in heat for some serious carnal education.

I remember being with her in a supermarket a couple years back and she was wandering down the aisle by herself. A tall, older black man who looked like an ex-NBA player asked for her number. I can imagine an innocent, spectacular brunette like Priscilla would be thoroughly fucked by that man; an interracial corruption of her white flesh being violated by a black flesh. My father was a racist so that was would be an interesting tragedy.

So it was no question she had a line of men waiting to pop her cherry. I felt my cock grew even harder, forcing a tent in my sweatpants. There was a feeling of guilt and ultra-excitement mingling together, somehow heightening the sexual tension.

Breaking in sweats, I felt at a loss for control. I thought about going back to my room and watching porn but suddenly that didn't appeal to me anymore.

I wanted my own s****rs now. When and where would a better opportunity come than now?

I took a deep breath and made the decision to gamble. And it was a gamble for several reasons. They were my s****rs, making the stake even higher. I had no idea what I was going to say or what I was going to do once I walk in there. But the idea of having both of my young s****rs was too overwhelming; I didn't care about the consequences. Ironically, I also didn't think about the consequence if I've succeeded.

With another deep breath, I opened the door, very aware of my straining cock, and stepped inside. Priscilla's entire bedroom had that feel of teenage decoration, especially with the pink walls and posters of her favorite movie stars. A queen-sized bed was placed at the center of the room where the two of them were lying together and giggling. My big cock was straining to break out of my sweatpants.

Oblivious of anything else, I remained standing before them, feeling the adrenaline of exhilaration, fear, and sexual anticipation. Priscilla was wearing a tight pink tank top and gym shorts which revealed her taut ass. Veronica was still wearing a large T-shirt and those tight blue sweatpants as for her pajamas. In the midst of her laughter, Priscilla was the first to see me. She stopped laughing and stared at me. Veronica followed her gaze and saw me. She stopped smiling, stunned.

There was a long, deep silence in this room.

Just when I thought I made a mistake, I suddenly realized I didn't have to say anything. I could feel my spur-of-the-moment plan working now.

Maybe it was the full moon out there because I could immediately see the lust in their wide eyes. The sexual tension in the air was warm and thick, causing me to sweat. Common sense was dead in this room; only the guilt-free awareness of how taboo the whole situation was.

Unable to take her eyes off my pants, Priscilla whispered, "He's so big."

Veronica licked her lips and made an absent nod. "Yes, Prissy, he is big indeed."

With a smile, I couldn't help but think of Little Red Riding Hood saying to the wolf with wide-eyed innocence, "My, Grandma, what BIG cock you have!" These two girls were my little red riding hoods and I was becoming their big, bad wolf.

"Billy, could we see it?" Veronica asked. Her voice was low, very husky. Priscilla's naive eyes grew wider with excitement, watching me.

I stared at the two of them, feeling my heart thudding hard in my chest, and f***ed a nod. Then, without saying a word, I pulled down my sweatpants. Suddenly, my cock sprang out like a springboard, bringing a great sense of reliefs. They gasped as they saw what I was born with.

"Oh, my," Priscilla whispered. "You're so long."

Veronica nodded. "Unbelievable."

I had to look down to make sure of that. My cock was a long, thick purplish-red monster filled with veins and sweats. I never measured my cock but I would have to say it was roughly the size of a large cucumber when it was flaccid.

Right now, with my monstrous erection, I can even begin to describe how big and rock-hard my cock is. I'll just let you use your imagination. My two s****rs were still staring at my gift. I flexed my penis muscle, making the cock convulse on its own.

"Wow," Priscilla muttered. "Oh, wow."

I also realized I was in control of the situation. They were already getting hungry by what they were seeing so why not make them want it even more? Tease them a little?

"Okay, girls, that's all you're gonna get," I said as I hiked up my pants. My cock was back pushing against the fabric of my boxer, uncomfortable as hell. "I just wanted to let you know there are some guys out there with cocks like miner. Good luck finding them though."

"No, wait!" Veronica stood from the bed and hesitated. "Can I touch it? I wanna see what it feels like."

Priscilla shot her a jealous look. "But I wanna touch it, too!"

"Shut-up, " Veronica said. "I'm your older s****r, so you'll wait your turn."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing but I hid my amazement with a cool smile. "And I'm your older b*****r. What make you think I'm gonna let my own s****r touch my dick?"

Veronica looked at me with those passionate eyes and smiled. "You're telling me you wouldn't let me touch you?"


Suddenly, Veronica was in uncharted territory. She had never been rejected before. A look of embarrassment and anger slowly became obvious in her face. "You're scared, aren't you?" she snapped. "That if I touch you, you'll probably cum like all the other guys!"

I laughed, shaking my head. "I don't have what you call 'premature ejaculation.' I can hold it in as long as I can."


"I'm not lying."

Priscilla finally spoke out, "Prove it to us, Billy."

I stopped as a fantastic idea dawned on me. "Okay, you want me to prove it? " Quickly, I took off my T-shirt, revealing my broad shoulder and abs muscles. I gave them a grinning smile and took off my sweatpants. Now I was standing there in front of them wearing nothing but this undying hard-on. "We're gonna play a game."

Priscilla moved off the bed and stood next to her s****r. "A game?"

"A stamina game." I paused, looking at the two of them together. "I'll only tell you how to play if you take off your clothes first. Both of you."

There was no need for persuasion. My wish was their command. I grabbed my cock and gradually began stroking it.

Veronica was the first to do take off her clothes. She started off with deliberation and style; indicating she had put on this kind of show before. She slowly removed her tight sweatpants, revealing her beautiful long legs, and she kicked it across the room. With a broad smile, she took off her T-shirt and shook her blonde hair loose. She stood before me, wearing only her black nylon bra and panties.

I took a deep breath, wondering if my stamina might even last long at all. Despite years of experience with other girls, Veronica and Priscilla were without a doubt the most beautiful creatures I've ever seen. What made this tougher and interesting is the fact that they were my flesh and bl**d.

I didn't think it was possible but I could feel my cock growing even harder, and it was starting to hurt. "I said all of it," I croaked.

Veronica smiled, turned her back to me, and slowly unsnapped her bra apart. Now I could see the perfect tan on her back. Then Veronica stuck her ass out to me and slowly pulled down her panties, showing me a beautiful ass on top of two incredible thighs. A cute tattoo of a butterfly on the small of her back was revealed to me. As she bent over to take off the panties, I briefly saw her pussylips and almost went weak in the knees.

I knew it would take a lot of work trying to push my cock in there, and I felt lightheaded at the idea. I was this close to just deciding to fuck her. No foreplay and no warning. But I had patience and a little self-control to wait.

Veronica looked at me and smiled. "You like what you see, Billy?"

"Turn around, bitch. I want to see your so-called legendary tits. "

Staring at me intently, I can tell she like being called a bitch. She turned around, showing me her entire body completely buck-naked. I first looked at her pair of cantaloupe-sized breasts, and finally after all those years hiding behind shirts and swimsuits, I was able to see how great they were. Her nipples were hard and actually pink with quarter-sized aureoles. She had a taut stomach and a perfect waist. Then I saw her crevice; her cunt completely shaved and definitely looked as if it had never been fucked by a cock before, let alone a cock like mine.

Feeling my heartbeat going faster, I looked at Priscilla and waited.

Priscilla hesitated and I somehow felt turned on by her very shyness, her coyness. She was so beautiful; I was still amazed no one popped her cherry yet. There was an intense hope that I would have that honor if she let me. I massaged my cock in a long caress and she seemed to like that.

Little Prissy made an awkward smile and started off by just simply taking off her small tank top, quickly exposing her titties to me. Her breasts were like a pair of small melons and her stomach was tight, well-toned. I would probably be able to see the shape of my cock if I pushed myself deep into her ass. And I wondered how she would scream if I did that.

Then Priscilla turned halfway around, never taking her violet eyes off me, and slowly took off her gyms short. This time my cock twitched in excitement. I had to stop touching myself to avoid ejaculation. If there was a Beauty Pageant for Greatest Ass, she would be Miss Universe. That's why I'm surprised she's a virgin. Her butt was firm, perfectly-shaped, and her thighs were just as toned. She also had a tight, puckered asshole, and the best sight of all was her beaver. She had a little brown bush around her cunt but somehow that appealed to her innocence.

"You look beautiful, Prissy, " I told her.

She blushed, showing a rush of confidence, and bit the bottom of her lip. Veronica was still looking at my cock, never mind the fact that the little s****r she always been overprotected of was very close to losing her virginity.

I think my cock just got even harder. It literally felt harder than a baseball bat. My one-eyed b**st was a now rock-hard shaft pulsing with thick veins and drips of pre-cum.

"So what's the game, big b*****r?" Veronica asked, smiling.

"Both of you girls will get to touch this cock but you have to take turn. You both have five minutes to try to prove that I don't have any stamina."

Veronica frowned, looking disappointed. "Only five minutes?"

"First you're gonna have start off with a hand job. That's five minutes for each of you. If you failed, then you'll give me a blowjob. Another five minutes. If you both failed, then you decide what you want to do with me. But only for five minutes. It goes on and on."

Suddenly, the fire in Veronica's blue eyes came alive. She started to rub her breasts down to her stomach. "Then I hope you can last, Billy. I really do."

Priscilla was starting to look a little nervous but there were no denying the excitement in her eyes. She was still biting her lips, ready, despite her inexperience. I loved it when she does that.

Veronica walked over to me and gave me a sensual kiss on the cheek, lingering for a moment. Then she dropped to her knees. I took intake of breath as Veronica let my unbreakable cock rub against her belly, grazing up between her ample breasts until it sprang in front of her face. She looked up at me and smiled and one-handed my large cock. Her fingers couldn't even meet around my girth. She spat on my shaft, using her saliva as lubricant, and started to jack me off.

It was tough to give me a hand job with one hand. So she sat up and put both fists around it, firmly stroking them all the way up and down it.

"Oh, fuck," I muttered.

An electric rush went from my shaft to my loins, a tingling sensation shooting down my balls. The vigorous motion of her arms was making her huge tits dance up and down. I tried to bear as much as I could. Veronica let out a moan as she tried to use both hands to please me. The warm smell of sweats, wet cunt, and pre-cum began to fill the bedroom.

"Ungh," I grunted. "Oh, fuck, baby, jack it. Jack my big cock!"

"You like that, huh?" Veronica sneered, trying to go even faster. "Huh? You like it?"

"Yeah, I love it."

"You know what we're doing?" She tossed her blonde hair back and hissed at me, "This is i****t. Yeah, that's right! i****t, you fucking pervert!"

"Oh, fuck." Now a rush of guilt was making me even harder. I closed my eyes and tried to think of anything but the image of Veronica's almost feeble existence jacking off my monstrous cock was too much. I opened my eyes and looked at her, wanting so bad to just cum on her jumble titties.

Priscilla was in awe at this sight. Her one hand was instinctively rubbing across her lower belly.

Veronica's mouth was so close to my cock that her hot breaths moisturized my entire shaft as she jacked me off. She looked as if she was very close to just sucking me off but she held her end of the bargain.

Then she released my cock.

I blinked at her. "It isn't five minutes yet."

"I know." Veronica let one hand fall between her legs and she started to rub her fingers on her clits. "I'm so wet for you, Billy, you sure you don't wanna cum on my tits?"

I muttered, shaking my head.

She cocked her head, still fingering her pussy. "Huh? I didn't hear you?"

"I can wait," I managed to say.

Oh, she was wet for me indeed. She proved it to me by using her own pussy juice as lubricant, grabbing my shaft with two dripping, wet fists. Her smell was intoxicating and the feel of her pussy juice rubbing on my oozing pre-cum was euphoric. She squeezed her hands and gave me a tug. The tension was starting to grow. She jacked me even faster, her boobies bouncing as she used her best effort to make me lose it.

I watched as she arched her back and rubbed my cock between her cleavages. She used my helmet to rub around her aureole and her nipples stiffened. She squeezed her globes together and grinded against me. I let out a low grunt. Pre-cum leaked down on her collarbone, dripping down to her breasts. She groaned, staring at me as she grinded up against me. I realized I might have to eat my own words and just cum on her face.

"My turn," Priscilla said chirpily, stepping to her side.

Saved by the fucking bell. Both hands still on my cock, Veronica gave her the evil eye and reluctantly moved aside. Priscilla stood before me, looking at me dead in the eyes. Then she decided to come closer, letting my dripping-wet cock rub against her belly as she gave me a lingering kiss on my neck. My cock was throbbing along with my heart, and it was her purity that made this anticipation even worst.

Then Priscilla dropped to her knees and grabbed my monster with her two small hands. She made a weak tug, and flashed a smile at me. She flopped her dark hair back and jacked me again, very slow and methodical. I realized this was going to be even tougher. While Veronica used vulgarity and speed to get me, this little angel was using a slow gentleness that was unlike anything I've felt before.

The head of my cock slapped against her titties. Then she made sure my cock slapped against the side of her face. I felt another jolt and an ounce of pre-cum leaked out, dripping on her chin. Her tongue licked off my semen and she batted her eyes at me. Suddenly, she gave me a hard stroke and I almost came. I had to hold my breath to make it didn't happen.

Another hard stroke and I felt an electric sensation in my balls.

"If you come," Priscilla whispered, "I'll let you come on my ass."

I closed my eyes and cursed, tying not to think of that magnificent ass.

She continued to speak softly, "Or I'll spread my leg and I'll let you come on my virgin pussy. Then I'll let you lick it off me. How's that, Billy boy? You know you want to. You want that? Huh? Mmm? "

I clutched at her hair for some kind of control as she slowly kept jacking me with both hands. She made a little giggle and that almost did it. I clenched her hair and yanked her hair back hard, trying to get her to slow down. Priscilla showed no letting down, still jacking me with her little hands. She had this determined look in her eyes as she hand-fucked me. I didn't think it was possible to see both but it was the look of pure love and lust.

"Time's up," Veronica said in a soft voice. "My turn, little Prissy."

"Shit." Priscilla looked at her with disgust and released my cock.

Before I even had to chance to recuperate, Veronica was grabbed my cock and spat another ball of saliva on it. She gave three quick strokes, dropped to her knees, and pressed my cock on her beautiful pouting lips. She gave my helmet a kiss, letting her hot breath making it even tougher for me to keep control. Without another word, she wrapped her right hand around my dick and guided it into her wide-open mouth.

Her soft, full lips consumed only the tip of my cock while she flicked her tongue. "Fuck," I moaned. "Oh, fuck, that feels good." My cock was too rigid as she strained to keep her lips around it. Then she began to take in more of it, bobbing her head down farther with every attempt. Her lips made a loud slurping sound as I watched her inhale half of my monster. She massaged my nuts with one hand.

"Mmm," she moaned, pushing my tool deeper into her mouth. She sucked on my helmet like a vacuum cleaner and then pulled out to take a breather, saliva dripping on the carpet. She shoved my cock deeper into her mouth and I could feel the head going down her throat. She was only able to take half of my cock so far.

Then she used her other hand to grab my balls, and that brought another intense jolt of excitement down my shaft. When she pulled out, spittle of saliva and pre-cum dripped from her mouth to my cock. The carpet was already stained.

"You like that, didn't you?" Veronica smiled.

"Of course, you stupid bitch, I love it."

While crouching, she grabbed my cock and slapped it on her breasts. "Oh, baby, don't you want to fuck my beautiful titties?"

I thrust my hips forward, feeling my dick pushing between her cleavages. "Hell, yeah. You're so hot."

"Ooh, you bet I am, cutie-pie. That's right, rub your fat cock all over my melons."She let her head fall back as I grinded my wet cock into her large titties. Then Veronica grabbed the base of my cock and this time shoved two-third of my cock into her mouth.

I felt weak again, incapable of making any coherent sound. I could feel my shaft going down her hot throat. I didn't hear her gag or anything but it was becoming too much for me. Then she shoved a finger up my asshole.

"You fucking bitch," I cried out. I felt cheated by this act but this made a whole new sensation starting from my toes to my balls. I knew ejaculation was inevitable and I think Veronica knew that, too. She pulled my dick out of her mouth and began licking the bottom side of my head, right where it was the most sensitive. I made a loud groan and grabbed the base of my cock and did everything I could to turn my explosion to an implosion. I held my breath and used my entire discipline to hold it back.

Only a small spittle of cum spurted out but the semen was gone as soon as my s****r licked it off.

"Come on, big b*****r, do it for your s****r," she moaned, waiting for me. "I want more of it."

I tried to hold the rest of my orgasm down, and there was a moment of intense silence rippling inside my cock. There was a series of tremors making my cock constantly twitch involuntarily, causing my right leg to shudder. Despite Veronica's nasty effort, I felt my ejaculation slowly subsiding.

Veronica's smirk disappeared, looking amazed. "Holy shit," she whispered. "B-But I swear you were about to come."

"Time's up!" Priscilla said. With an excited smile, she grabbed my hand and led me to her bed. "Lay on your back," she told me. "This is going to be very special."

I crawled on her bed, turned on my back, and watched as Priscilla crawled between my legs, right towards my high arching cock. Without a word, she crawled over to me, wrapped her left hand around my dick and guided it into her wide-open mouth.

She inhaled and tried to take in as much as Veronica did but she couldn't. She pulled out and just let her lips caress down my cock like a giant Popsicle. She flicked her tongue from the bottom of my shaft all the way down to my balls. Then she massaged my nuts with one hand. "Mmm," she moaned. "You taste so good."

"Yeah, keep licking it like a little sex kitten you are."

"I'll be your sex kitten anytime you want." She sat up and put both fists around it, firmly pumping them all the way up and down it. "Anytime, anyway, anywhere. I'll be your fuck slave for life. Only if you can just hold it in for me."

The excitement was getting too much. As good as she was, I was confident I could last for four more minutes. She certainly didn't have the blowjob talent like Veronica so I knew my odds in this round were good.

Priscilla released my cock and drew a long, rasping breath. "Okay, Billy boy, I hope you're ready for this." She crawled over me and stood on the bed, showing me her cunt from a very tempting angle. If she just sat down, my cock would impale her virginity once and for all.

Then she turned around and showed me her incredible ass. Then she bend over, reaching for her ankles, stretching her butt cheeks apart and letting me bask in that sight a moment longer. With desperate desire, I could see the tight asshole and pink pussylips. Then she slowly crouched down near my cock, cautiously letting her ass fall closer and closer. My helmet rubbed against the crack of her ass and I swallowed uneasily.

"You can't fuck him yet!" Veronica cried. "You have to wait until the next round! That's the rule, you little brat."

"Oh, don't worry, big s****r," she said breathlessly. "I'm just showing him a simple technique call dry-humping."

"Dry-humping?" I moaned, suddenly realizing my challenge. There was no way I could resist that ass grinding against my cock.

Priscilla squatted over me and pushed back against my rock-hard cock hard; then immediately lifting her ass in the air. She hunkered down, allowing her buns to push against me once more. I felt my helmet touch her cunt and that caused watery spittle of pre-cum to spew out.

"Billy, be careful," she cooed. "You could get me pregnant doing that."

"Oh, shit," I cried as my big, hard log grazed against her crevice, smearing more of my white stuff on her crack. Her body hadn't tensed in the slightest. Then she did a little booty-shake that only black girls can do, sending an unnerving ripple of lust in my spine. The constant slapping of that ass was becoming too much.

My stiff cock was standing like a flag-pole, pulsing and sporadically spewing pre-cum. The head bounced and slapped against her beaver. Quickly, I took my cock, hoping to maybe get the tip inside her pussy. But she raised her ass high in the air and my cock was left unsatisfied.

Priscilla looked over her shoulder with a teasing smile. "Billy, you naughty boy, were you trying to fuck me?"

I moaned, "No, baby."

I was breaking in sweats all over my body. She was also drenched in sweats. Across the bed, Veronica was watching us in amusement, constantly squeezing and rubbing her nipples.

Priscilla spun around and sat on my stomach. I could feel the credence of her pussy grazing on my stomach, and I knew she was wet not just from me but from herself. She leaned down with a big, innocent smile and surprised me with a deep French kiss. It was a long, wet, and sloppy kiss filled with tongue and hot breaths. Her breasts were pressed against me and she held my shoulders down as she oral-fucked me.

There was a symbiotic closeness to our kiss. As we licked each other lips and sucked the air from each other's mouths, I felt my cock bumping against Priscilla's ass. She liftedd her head, a strand of saliva dripping from her chin, and looked at me with a serious expression.

"It's been five minutes," Veronica said. She was standing right next to us, smiling. "I'm impressed. You did very good, Prissy, but you're gonna have to wait your turn."

Priscilla sighed and rolled to her side, saying nothing else. I thought I detected genuine jealously in her eyes.

I watched as Veronica crawled toward me and whispered to my ear, "Now, I want to feel your big cock inside of me."

I swallowed. "How did you want it?"

She glanced at my cock and smiled. "I'm not sure yet. How do you want me?"

"Missionary-style. I want to see the look on your face when I fuck you."

She gasped, breaking into a broad smile, and collapsed on her back. I positioned myself over her and looked down on her, already feeling my long pole between her legs. Then I looked down between us, getting ready to fuck her. My hips were high in the air and my stiff cock was hovering over her shaved beaver. I paused for a second in brain-lock, checking out her voluptuous body. I was about to fuck my own s****r.

"Hold on." Veronica was suddenly nervous for a second, breathing heavier and shakier. She reached for her pussy and started rubbing herself. "Let me make sure I'm wet enough for you."

I took my cock in one hand and aimed the head to where she was fingering her pussy.

She looked down again. "Wait, Billy, not yet. You'll hurt me."

"I'm not putting it in," I reassured. "I'm making sure you're wet enough."

"Okay," she said softly. "I'm a little nervous. I've never had a cock as big as yours."

I pressed the tip of my cock against her clit and rubbed it up and down tenderly, then more firmly. Her hand stayed there, the middle and index finger continuing to rub her cunt. Then she took her hand away and sighed, trusting me. I was feeling a whirlwind of a****listic impulses. I kept working my glans against her clit.

"Yeah, there you go," she said, looking down. "Rub your stuff on my pus—"

She gasped as I pushed the tip of my monstrous head into her cunt; only the tip. She suddenly tensed, gripped me around the arms, and looked into my eyes with resent. "You sneaky asshole," she breathed.

I pushed the head farther between her lips, which began to stretch taut around it.

"Ahhhh, " she moaned. "Slower, Billy. Let me get used to you first."

Her hands gripped my arms harder. Veronica arched her head back and stretched her boobies toward my face. I quickly sucked on her hard nipple hard, and I think that send her over the edge.

"Ooh, yeah, Billy, my pussy's all wet and ready for you," she huffed. "Give me your whole thing." She gave me a sensuous kiss that told me she was ready for me. "Fuck me, big b*****r."

I repositioned myself, exhaled, and pushed the huge head inside her a little more. She was even tighter than I had expected, gripping my member in a very warm padlock.

"Oh, fuck!" she screamed. "Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

"That's right, baby," I said. "You are fucked."

With a moan, she flexed her hips a little for angling and I felt my throbbing cock expanded in her vagina. I bet it would have looked weird, seeing someone as large as my thing trying to shove just the head inside. Her pussy gripped me like a hot, wet vise but I drove farther into her. Somehow, it just kept going deeper.

"Ooh, Billy, give me all of it!"

I went in a couple of inches and she screamed. I grunted, "Ungh, this is going to be so fucking good."

Suddenly, she looked like she was waking up from a dream. "Oh, fuck, Billy, shouldn't you be wearing protection?"

I didn't listen. Most of my mind was already locked and programmed to fuck her no matter what. I grunted savagely and pushed deeper into her cunt. She made a loud wail and completely forgot about what she was just asking me about.

"You're hurting her, Billy," Priscilla said with a jealous stare.

I shot a wild look and called out, "You're next, so be ready."

I finally went as deep as I could into Veronica's pussy and it was a great feeling. I met a dead-end and I pulled back out as far as I could. Then I shoved my cock back into her dead-end. Veronica was in such ecstasy that some distant part of me was worried. I began fucking her, meeting her with long strokes and sometimes short, quick humping. I pulled back until the tip of my cock was almost out and then slowly grinded forward, pushing in to the hilt.

"Oh, big b*****r, you feel so good," Veronica gasped, breathing faster. "I want this to be a regular thing for us."

"We'll do this everyday when Mom and Dad not here."

"Fuck, no, we'll do it whenever we feel like it! Fuck Mom and Dad!"

"Christ, you're so tight, Veronica!"

"That's it, Billy boy, fuck me harder. Yeah, yeah! YES!" She let out a long, continuous shriek, then barely catching her breath, yelled, "I'm gonna cum! Ooh! Ooh! OH GOD! I'M COMING! I'M FUCKING COMING, BIILLLLLEEEEEY!"

I felt her pussy contract violently and I immediately slammed into her home, giving her the ultimate climax. This time I felt my balls slapped against her ass. She was suddenly screaming, her orgasm overwhelming her entire body. Her cunt kept squeezing and contracting that it finally hit a sensitive point of my cock. I felt a jolt of electricity rippled through my balls. I couldn't hold it any longer.

"Oh, fuck, I'm about to come," I croaked, still ramming myself in and out of her. "Veronica, I have to come! I HAVE TO COME!"

She blinked at me, tears welling in her eyes. "Come with me, baby, give me everything you got. Just let it go."


She screamed, "Yes! Do it! DO IT!" Then she clawed at my chest and wrapped her legs around my lower back. Then she screamed at me. "Come inside me, big b*****r!"

It was about time. The stamina game was over and I felt all pressure disappeared.

My balls tightened up. It was now point of no return. Three stroke. Two stroke. I gave her one last furious stroke and shot the first explosion deep into her womb. It was a blast that made her yelp. I held her down as I released another explosion into my own s****r's cunt. Veronica looked at me with a fixed expression that was both awe and rapture. I groaned, discharging another amount of semen, and then pulled out.

Her pussy made an actual plopping sound.

I felt another unnerving discharge as a long white stream of cum squirted and landed on Veronica's stomach. I jacked myself and aimed at her beautiful cantaloupes. It splattered on her nipples, forever violating her very beauty with b*****rly love. As she was moaning and sucking on her finger, I groaned and two huge cords of semen jetted; one on her collarbone and one blast on her face. She licked the white seeds off her upper lip.

I couldn't believe how much cum I was shooting. It wasn't just a week of sexual build-up but it was the fact that I was doing this to my s****r.

"Fuck, Billy," she said in wonder, starting at my convulsing cock. "You come in gallons!"

My dick kept blasting. Another load hit her chin, and then another stream right on her right side of her cleavage. I swung my cannon back and stroked one more big salvo right across her left nipple, completely covering her in semen. Now her face, her neck, and her massive breasts were coated in white jism. The final spurts of my load showered on her stomach and her hands. Finally, my cock was just leaking semen into her beautiful navel.

Dazed and a little calmed, I gazed down at this gorgeous blonde and looked at the sin I've committed to her. She was covered in my cum from the chin, to her breasts, to her stomach, and finally to her cunt. Leakage of semen dripped from her once-tight pussylips. She looked and smelled like a whore she was.

"You came," Priscilla said, now looking hurt. She was standing next to the bed, still stunned at what she just saw. "But I wanted you to have me."

I stared at her, probably looking like a d***ken madman. "Come here," I said. "Who said I was finished?"

Priscilla was in heat. She bit the bottom of her lips and looked at me with those innocent doe eyes. Her hand kept rubbing across her belly, and there was something very biblical, and very primitive about that habit. Then she moved forward and crawled back on the bed.

Veronica moaned and moved aside to the side, now just a spectator watching a show. Priscilla came to me like a cat and then kissed me. This time it was a full-on, wet-and-sloppy tonsil inspection. She was very loving, very passionate about the whole situation.

While probing her soft palate with my tongue, I felt her small hand wrap around my spent snake. She stopped kissing me and started to give me a long and slow stroke.

"Billy, I want you so bad." She released me and just looked at me. "Will you take my virginity? I think you're the one."

"Good choice," Veronica moaned, rubbing her clit. "You won't regret it, little Prissy."

I was suddenly hard again. In fact, my cock was harder than ever, looking like a rigid cum-stained b**st with a vengeance. Still rubbing her tummy, Priscilla saw this and nervously bit the bottom of her lips again. God, I love it when she did that. "No regret," she whispered, looking back at me with wistful eyes. "I know exactly how you want me."

She crawled on her hands and knees, and turned her ungodly ass towards me. I was speechless as I saw that perfect creation; the tight pussy and an even tighter asshole. Throwing her dark hair around, she dutifully stuck her butt up in the air. I could tell her pussy was aching for me. She was wet and she was definitely ready for me, no lubricant required.

Heart thudding and dripping entirely in sweats, I moved behind her and touched her beautiful ass, tentatively letting my cockhead touch her pussy. She let out a small moan as she felt me. Her head was pressed against the pillows, waiting for me to pop her cherry.

"I'll be gentle, Prissy."

"Okay, I trust you." She was still biting her lips. She spread her legs a little wider and exposed her entire taut pussy at me.

I swallowed, realizing it was a good thing I already came. I would have ravage her and probably even killed her. But I felt a calm excitement I've never felt before. "Okay, baby, I'm about to go into you." I grabbed my cock and moved the head farther between her pussy. Her lips resisted my head for a second. I grabbed her hips, holding her in place, and pushed.

She let out a yelping noise.

Her sound got me even harder. I paused, watching as I got my head inside her ever-so-tight cunt. I pushed farther into her pelvis, and again she made that yelping sound that sent fire into my bl**dstream. "Fuck, Priscilla, you're so fucking tight."

She moaned; the side of her face still buried against the pillows, her hands clutching the bedspread for stability. I felt goosebumps as my oversized cucumber violated her upturned ass. I was a quarter way inside her when I felt her pussy contract. She gritted her teeth and whimpered.

"Priscilla, you're getting too tight."

"I don't care," she gasped. "Keep going in me.

My hard cock slowly pushed apart her cunt, feeling the wet, tight warmth of her vagina. I grabbed her waist and f***ed myself into by kicking forward. She writhed and let out a high scream.

"Go slow," Veronica called out. "I think she's ovulating. And she's a virgin, remember?"

But I did go slow and that made Priscilla even crazier. The long, slow entrance was making her squeal and cry in delight. She was tight, almost muscularly tight. I was halfway inside her when I felt that protected virgin wall; I pushed into her and at last deflowered her.

Priscilla let out a groaning wail. I couldn't tell if she was in pain or ecstasy so I continued to wedge into her. Watching her ass getting reamed and stretched by her own b*****r, it was the single best sensation in my life.

She shrieked, "Oh, BILLLLLLEEEEE!"

Then I saw the trickle of bl**d seeping from her ass. She was no longer pure, no longer divine and innocent, and worst she was a sinner. She was so wet that my shaft was actually slippery inside her. I groaned and began pumping in and out of that sweet rump doggy-style, pressing deeper and deeper.

I think was going harder on her than Veronica. At one point, my pelvis actually touched her naked ass and I was all the way in. She yelped, throwing her head up, and squealed my name. I held her down as I continued to her fuck her, ramming and thrusting and gyrating into the tight depths of her vagina. Wet, sloppy noises and moaning sound filled the bedroom. Her pussy contracted and she could barely make a sound.

"UNGHHHHHFF," she groaned, suddenly bucking her ass. "Something's happening to meeeeee!"

Holy shit, she was having an orgasm! I gave her two hard strokes and rammed into her, feeling chills crawling all over me. Her cunt was swallowing me whole and that was something I've never felt, especially from a girl as tight as my baby s****r. I gave her long strokes and I gave her quick, short fast ones to make sure she was enjoying her climax.

I angled down into her ass to feel the bottom of her cunt. She looked at me with loving eyes and smiled. I think that was the trigger-point. Suddenly, I was feeling that shivering seizure taking over.

"Ooh, Billy," she gasped. "I love you so much."

It was all becoming too much. Down to my final strokes, she clenched her ass just for me.

"UNGH! OH! ARGHHHHH!" I grunted. I gave her one more deep thrust, heard her yelp again, and felt a rush of rip-roaring electricity rising from my loins.

I think I came so hard into her, she farted.

The first explosion lifted her ass and her legs in the air. Our muscles, our limbs, and our soul became one shuddering affair. Each convulsing thrust into her twat was its own unique and heavenly sensation. I didn't care about her getting pregnant because of me; I just wanted to feed my seeds into her awaiting ovaries. And I knew after seeing the way she was rubbing her belly, she needed this.

"I'm about to come again!" she yelled. She squirmed under me and shuddered.

I almost fainted as another eruption spewed into her. "Oh, baby," I moaned. "Oh, baby, I'm shooting everything I have into your pussy."

She bit her lips and moaned, accepting her fate as my new fuck slave. I felt another quart squirted. Then an even harder squirt. When I pulled out my pole, there was a wet POP from her cunt. I shot a long, thick jet of semen shoot on her buttock. Another blast hit the crack of her ass, and then another squirt splattered on her lower back.

"Oh, yeah, that's right, " Veronica said. "Keep her wet and warm for me."

I sure did. Stream after stream, warm liquid drenched her ass, her thighs, and especially her bedspread sheet. Mom would be the first to see all this. I looked at my little s****r and chuckled. "I fucked you up, didn't I?"

Moaning, Priscilla's ass remained sticking toward me, her wide, gaping cunt staring at me. A long trickle of white jism spewed from her pussy. Just when I thought was finished, I groaned and another load on her cum-dripping ass. A couple more weak squirts on her calf and her feet, then I collapsed on my back.

A few seconds later, I blinked and watched as Veronica came to her little s****r. Priscilla rolled on her back on a pool of wet semen, legs sprawled, and waited as her older s****r kissed her. It was an all-out tongue inspection filled with moans and saliva. Then Veronica went down on her and licked my entire semen off her belly.

To my dismay, I felt another semi growing again.

Veronica licked down her little's s****r pelvis, her matted beaver, and then began lapping into her wet cunt. Spreading her legs apart, Priscilla's eyes rolled back and she arched in pleasure as Veronica sucked her pussy dry.

"Yes!" Priscilla shouted. "Yes, lick me. Right there! Yes! That's the spot, keep licking me there. Ooh! Oh! OOOhhhh, FUCK!"

Screaming, moaning, and slurping noises filled the room.

Watching them, I felt a sudden overwhelming need to fuck again. It was as if I've never came in the first place. My cock stirred and slowly became rock-hard again, dripping watery bits of semen as it expanded.

I rose to my knees and crawled toward Veronica's sopping wet cunt. I gave her a quick lick, tasting her juices, and basked in the womanly stink. Veronica squealed excitedly and l began lapping her cunt. She kept eating her own s****r, rearing her butt into me. I consumed her cunt, actually licking and gulping her juice like it was water.

"I want you now, Veronica," I told her, wiping the juices off my chin. "I want to give it to you side-saddle."

Veronica stopped and smiled at me. "Okie-dokie, big b*****r." She rolled to the side and lay on her hip, waiting for me. I spooned up behind her, grabbed her shoulder and lifted her top leg with my other hand. This left me with no hands free.

"Guide me in, " I whispered to her air. I used my other hand and started rubbing across her full-size breasts.

Veronica reached down, seized my pole, gave it a couple of strokes, then aimed it into her cunt. Without a warning, I thrust into her with my hips and drove the head deep into Wonderland.

She squirmed in my embrace as I fucked her with deep, primeval strokes. I fondled her large melon, squeezed her nipple, and pushed farther into her.

"Ack," she croaked.

"God, I love the way you feel," I told her. "You and Prissy."

"Billy, you're the greatest man I've ever met."

We looked at each other and kissed. Since we weren't exactly facing each other, it was a mid-air, tongue-teasing kiss. Priscilla was fingering herself, still biting the bottom of her lips with c***dlike enthusiasm.

I fondled Veronica's big right tit and continued to give her long, powerful strokes. Soon she had her eyes closed and let out a deep sigh. Her face was blushed and she looked like a girl in love. She looked at me. "Can I ride you?"

"Yeah, baby." With some effort, I pulled out of her and waited on my back. Veronica stood over me with a serious look of desire and slowly descended down my cock. She remained staring at me with those passionate blue eyes. I realized I was in love with her and Priscilla.

Her hands clutched on my hard chest and she hunkered down on my cock, impaling herself with a loud moan. Before I knew it, she was sitting on me with my entire dick inside her. Then she raised her whole body and I saw my slick rod being revealed to me from her cunt.

She dropped again, groaning. "You like cowgirls, huh?"

"I fucking love cowgirls."

She started to grind against me, leaping up and down. Her large melons were bouncing along with her body. I cupped my hands under her cleavages and squeezed as she rode me. There was loud slapping sound whenever she landed on me.

"Fuck," I muttered. She gripped my shoulders and panted in rhythm to my thrusts. My cock was making a slicking sound in her pussy and her ass was getting wet with her juice as my nuts slapped against it. Deep to the hilt, I felt like I was being fucked by this girl.

She grabbed her blonde hair and threw it back, keeping both of her hands behind her hand as she rode me buck-naked. Sheen of sweats and dried-out cum stains was stretching across her breasts. Suddenly, an unexpected electricity shot out of nowhere and I was about to explode.

Veronica must have saw the contorted expression on my face so this time she pulled out and let my giant monster rest in front of her. With both hands, she began jacking me harder and faster.

I cried out, "Ooh, GAWWWD!" The first jet of semen shot up so high, it actually landed on Veronica's forehead. She kept at it, jacking me as another explosion squirted on my chest. A gushing geyser of semen was pooling her fists and my stomach. The smell of sex was so thick; it probably wouldn't leave the room for days.

She licked off her fingers clean and, with a finger still in her mouth, smiled. "That felt good, didn't it?"

Breathing hard, I was unable to speak for a moment.

"Can I go now?" Priscilla asked softly.

I gazed at her and nodded. She was tired and she just lost her virginity to her own b*****r. I figured she needed take a long shower to feel clean again.

But I misunderstood the question.

As Priscilla climbed over me, I realized she meant if she could go fuck me again. Without hesitation, she sat on my stomach, her back facing me. I saw her ass and knew I was going to get hard again.

I felt her hands stroking my almost-flaccid b**st. In a minute, I felt her jacking me faster and, before I knew it, I was completely reinvigorated.

"There's my baby," Priscilla cooed. "I knew he come back for me."

With more confidence, she raised her gorgeous ass above my gorging pole and slowly skewered herself on me. I couldn't see her face but I did have this great view of her ass being impaled. "Oh, my God!"

She gasped as she reached halfway down, stopped, and rose herself up. Then she went down again, a little father this time and rose her ass up. My cock was stretched her pussylips apart; it was like watching a big baseball bat being shoved into a wet golf ball hole.

For some reason, despite how hard I fucked her earlier, she was unable to go all the way down. So she remained shaking her ass ghetto-style, stirring a series of wonderful stimulation. A black man would kill for a while girl like this. Actually, any man would.

Priscilla pulled herself all the way up, a wet POP, and she fell forward on her bed. She remained facing down on her bed, her ass high and exposed for another fuck. I thought she wanted it doggie-style again but then I saw Veronica climbed on top of her, and there I was looking at two beautiful asses.

I crawled toward them and admired the scene. Without thinking, I pressed my cock into the nearest hole. It was Priscilla's pussy. She let out a loud moan. I fucked her royally and savagely for several strokes, then yanked myself out and shoved the monster into Veronica's cunt.

"Uuuggh," she moaned.

I gave it to her harder, feeling my balls slapping into the base of her canal. Then I stopped, remembering something else.

I looked at their offering flesh and saw the puckered assholes. "Oh, my, God," I whispered. Quickly, I grabbed Veronica's ass, mounted on top her, and with ungraceful command, shoved the helmet into her anus.

She let out a shriek, twisting and fighting. I held onto her and kept shoving deeper into her asshole. She screamed again. We both fell off of Priscilla and this time we were back to our spooning position. I gave Veronica another hard push, feeling that dirty warmness inside her hole. She embraced my arms and shuddered silently, painfully trying to take in the newfound sex act.

"Urgh, you got a great asshole," I grunted. "The fucking best."

"Fuck you," she hissed, looking at me with resentment.

"Fuck me?" I pounded farther up the hilt. "How'd you like that, huh?!"

"Fuck you! Fuck you! FUCK YOU!" She let out a howling scream.

Turned on by her anger, I hammered into shithole and felt her jumping from each thrust. She furiously started fucking her clits. She moaned louder, slapping and fingering her clitoris. I shoved my rod into just at the right moment; Veronica climaxed from the asshole to the womb. Sprinkle of ejaculation squirted from her pussy, staining the bed even worst.

She squealed in delight as another long gush of juice shot out.

"You never had anal before, huh?" I whispered, rubbing her wet pussy with her. "Feel good, doesn't it?"

She was gritting her teeth as she waited for the last of her orgasm to subside. With a sigh, she moaned and let out a little laugh. "Real fucking good," she mumbled. "I should have fucked you a long time ago."

"My turn," Priscilla said. She looked extremely anxious about this anal experience.

"I don't know, Prissy," Veronica muttered, still trying to recover from her orgasm. "You're awfully tight up there."

"But I want to feel what you just felt!"

Veronica showed some s****rly concern for her. "You might get hurt. Fuck, how am I going to explain to Daddy that I can't walk for a few days?"

I laughed. "How are we going to explain to Mom about all the cum on the carpet and the bed?" I dimly realized it was getting late. "Christ, they could be home any minutes."

Priscilla looked at her defiantly. "Fuck Mom and Dad, I want this. If you don't give this to me, I'll never talk to you again, I swear."

I was hurt by this statement and I didn't want to lose her. She was beautiful and she was still innocent in my eyes. "Lay on your back," I commanded.

"Billy," Veronica said.

"I know what to do," I snapped back. Despite her disapproval, I wanted Priscilla anyway.

Priscilla turned on her back and spread her legs apart, exposing her wet cunt. Her puckered asshole was definitely smaller than Veronica; an anus that was perfectly dotted and untainted. I leaned toward her, facing my cock against her ring, and said, "Are you sure you want this?"

Priscilla looked at me with deep affection, caressing her tummy again, and smiled. "I want anything with you, love." And, to make sure I got the message, she opened her legs even wider.

Pressing one hand against her stomach, I held my cock and guided it into her loophole. The A-ring immediately refuses to accept my head, so I had to push a little harder. Priscilla's whole body tensed as my helmet popped in there.

Veronica came to her side and gave her a loving support by holding and caressing Priscilla's rounded forehead. "It's okay," she said softly. "It'll hurt at first but after that you'll love it."

"Fuck," Priscilla whispered, biting the bottom of her lips again.

I groaned as I saw this. With some effort, I was managed to get another inch in her. She gasped, eyes widening. Another inch went inside her. This time she yelped, squirming and bucking her pelvis against me. Veronica held her, making sure she was still as possible.

Her struggle excited me, which made my cock bigger again. She felt the shaft enlarged and yelled out my name. I slowly wedged my way into the hot tunnel of her asshole, pushing deeper into her anus. Another inch went in and I felt her rectum break.

"Oh, Lord," she whispered, breathing harder. "Help me."

I felt her shit being pushed in as I found two more inches for my cock. Despite being gentle with her, I think I was deeper in Priscilla than I was with Veronica. I could feel her sphincter muscle and she was tightening against my cock.

Inch by inch, I went in. Her expression was priceless. I felt my balls touched her ass. I was stunned I even reached this far.

Veronica stared at my cock, also stunned at this act. "No fucking way," she said. "I've never seen anything like this."

Like a woman giving birth, Priscilla was still holding onto Veronica's hand, gasping and panting. Teary-eyed, she looked down at our bizarre intimacy and groaned out in wonder. She was breaking out in sweats and pain. She muttered something incoherent and let her head fall back on Veronica's laps.

I pulled back out, hearing a wet, squishing sound as I did this. Then I pushed back in. Clutching to her s****r, Priscilla jumped and yelped. I repeated my rhythm, pulling in and out of this beautiful girl. She was longer as tensed as before but her asshole was still tight and hot. My heart thudded in excitement.

It was a spectacular sight to see something as large as my meat slide in and out of this once-tight asshole. I began fucking her in a slow, deliberate motion. I gave her fast strokes. Deep, short strokes. Long and teasing strokes. No matter what, I kept the tempo exciting and unpredictable. Her eyes, when open, stayed glued to the sight of my cock disappearing into her.

Priscilla was suddenly fingering herself, slapping and rubbing her clitoris. Her finger was moving so fast on her clit that her hand was a blur. Then she made a sound. Her eyes went wide, her mouth felt open, and then she was still.

Scared and concerned, I immediately pulled out of her. That very act made Priscilla scream in pleasure. I watched her furiously fucked herself as the gaping A-hole the size of a fist remained open. Then she slapped her cunt, groaned out loud, and a long sprinkle of juice squirted. Part of her juices landed on my cock.

With almost motherly delight, Veronica slowly fondled her s****r's tits as she watched her reached the peak of her orgasm.

Squirt after squirt of her ejaculation sprinkled across the bedspread sheet. Her hands were clutching the bedsheet. She closed her eyes, sighed, and let out a moaning smile.

I was in a complete haze. With one hand, I was slowly jacking off my cock, trying to maintain an even bl**d flow in my cock. Veronica noticed this and crawled toward me on her hands and knees. I stood on the bed and made sure my pole was perfectly aimed at her face.

On her knees, she grabbed my cock and began to rub the shaft. She licked the bottom of my shaft and made sure it was drenched in saliva. Her large breasts began to shake and bounce. The expression on her face was determined, serious, possessed with hunger.

Priscilla crawled to her side and decided to help her s****r out. She grabbed the base of my cock and sucked my long tool with her mouth. "Mm, wouldn't you like to come on us one more time?" she asked softly. "Just one more for your two baby s****rs?"

Veronica's big globes were heaving up and down as she slobbered all over my humongous cock. Priscilla was licking me between my balls and anus. I felt a primitive form emotion taking over me. I grunted, pushed their faces away, and started jacking myself off.

Veronica was on her knees while Priscilla was sitting on her ass, staring up at me as I gave my long shaft a good stroke.

"You gonna come all over us?" Priscilla asked innocently, rubbing across her stomach.

"Yeah, you want to come on my big titties?" Veronica giggled, squeezing her rack together. "We need your cum sooooo bad, Billy."

"I'm gonna be coming any second now," I panted.

I could smell their pussies from up here. Sheen of different fluids was dripping down my shaft, the veins, and the balls. They began to move closer to me, waiting with hopeful, lustful eyes.

Then I heard the bedroom door opened. "Honey, are you still awake in there?" My Dad stepped inside and stopped, a look of horror growing on his face. "What the fuck?"

Mom came alongside him with a smile but when she saw her son and her two daughters on their knees before him, her smile vanished. In fact, she let out a cry of despair.

"Oh, Christ Jesus, no!" Dad screamed. "Not my k**s! Not my k**s!"

To my horror, I still wanted to finish the job. Both Veronica and Priscilla didn't seem to give a shit about them. Still moaning out loud, their eyes were locked on my cock, waiting for the final firework. They were in a semi-conscious daze, needing and caring about only one thing. The guilt and the pleasure of being caught by my parent was the ultimate fuse.

My balls were boiling now.

I screamed out, "Dad, I'm gonna come on your daughters!" I was stroking faster and harder, aiming the monster right at their faces.

"You bitches," Dad shouted, pushing away my sobbing mother. "You fucking bitches!"

"Oh, yeah," Veronica moaned, pinching her nipple. "Put on a show for Mommy, Billy. Squirt all over our faces."

Priscilla batted her eyes diffidently while staring up at me. "Come for your bitches, big b*****r."

My knees went Jell-O. I flexed my ass high on my toes as I felt the surge of voltage sparked through my cock. "OH, FUCK, HERE IT COMES!"

I grunted savagely and the first long white stream of cum squirted. Veronica got the first stream on her large breasts. The second stream of hot white cum landed on Priscilla's cheek. I shot another obscene amount of semen on Veronica's open mouth. She moaned, turned to her little s****r, and spat a large ball of saliva and semen into her mouth. Lines and pools of my warm cream were oozing down their bodies during this cum-swapping exchange.

And I wasn't done yet.

My next thick cord landed on Priscilla's pouting lips and chin, dripping from her face in a sticky, white slime. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue and I gave her one right on it. "Mmmmm," she said, swallowing my jism with an audible gulp.

My cock was still on fire and I spewed another river of hot semen on Veronica's taut stomach. A long line splattered onto her shoulder, giving her a nice pearl necklace. She rolled her head back in ecstasy, loving it. Priscilla took my spasming cock and for the first time, shoved the entire shaft into her mouth. Her tongue manipulated my glans and I felt a shuddering blast shoot into her throat. She swallowed but couldn't keep up with my explosion.

"Argh, you fucking whore, " I groaned, making sure my parent heard me. White semen was running down her chin and dripping to her stomach. Then I gave Veronica some more hot cum. Then Priscilla. I aimed it between them and blasted a few long ropes on their faces and tits. As a final thank-you gift, Veronica took my dick in her mouth and sucked out the rest. I went cross-eyed and groaned.

The entire room was a choir of loud moans, stirring naked bodies, and the addicting smell of i****t. Their semen-soaked faces and beautiful, heaving breasts and the bed were our center stage. And for Mom, I squirted one more weak rope on Priscilla's matted beaver.

I heard my father break into a desperate sob with my mother. I threw my head back and felt the two of them licking me clean. I thought about my future in life. I thought about the fatal corruption of this f****y. I thought about the abortion clinics for my s****rs. I even thought about how bad my father was going to beat me. But you know what?

It was worth it, and I'd do it all over again.... Continue»
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My s****r

Have you ever had a s****r and looked at her and felt something more than b*****rly love. Have you ever had that urge to step over that invisible line of i****t? Well I am unfortunately one of those people. I have that wanting desire for my lovely s****r. I don’t know for how much longer I can keep my urges in check.

We used to move around a lot when I was younger and we still do. We’d move because of my Mom’s job and because Dad wasn’t around anymore to help to support the three of us we had to move around. We finally stopped at one place and Mom said it would be the last time that we would move but that was obviously a lie. I would usually just make friends and then Mom would announce that we were moving again and then I had to give my friends a long speech about how we had to move because of my Mom’s job. My mom’s name is Vicky and she has shoulder height brown hair and green eyes. I guess I haven’t looked at Mom so I would say that she has C cup boobs and her ass wasn’t that bad for a woman of 38.

“Zack Honey you’re going to be late for school if you don’t get up soon” Vicky called from downstairs and I managed to pull myself out of bed on the first day of starting at the new school. I threw a pair of jeans and a white shirt with some comfortable shoes. I walked downstairs and grabbed an apple and my s****r was already sitting there waiting for me like the angel she was She was wearing a skirt, a red button shirt and some flat shoes. She got my dick stirring in my pants already. Why would she dress like that on her first day did she want to every guy to stare at her. “Hi b*****r, sl**p well?” She asked getting off of her chair and following me out of the door. “Yes I did but I am getting tired off all this moving around” I admitted and walked down the street to the bus stop. “Why did you dress like that Jennifer?” I asked as I looked down at her luscious legs. She stopped and put her hand on my shoulder and I turned around and she turned around with a little twirl. “Is there something wrong with how I look?” She asked smiling at me with her little angelic smile. “It’s a bit teasing that is all” I said as I turned around to hide my growing erection. “Am I turning my b*****r on?” She asked with a slight giggle before pinching my butt and running ahead. We came to the bus stop and the bus stopped there after 5 minutes. Luckily we made it in time.

We sat together on the bus because it was our first day and there wasn’t anyone we knew. Jennifer kept pushing her beautiful tanned legs against my leg and I had to keep on moving away to stop my growing erection from getting any bigger. It didn’t take the bus long to get to the school and we got off. I must say I haven’t seen many girls in my life before at one place. All the previous schools were always more boys than girls. We both walked to the student register room and got our class rosters. We went our separate ways and it appeared I was at the other end of the school of Jennifer. That was good because then she couldn’t tease me with her looks as I would pass her in the hall.

Before I continue let me tell you a bit about myself. I am 18 the same as my s****r. I have dirty blonde hair that reach over my ears. I am 1.8 meters tall and weigh about 75kg. I wasn’t very muscular but I was myself.
I walked into class and saw there was a seat open at the back end of the class and I made my past all the pretty ladies to sit down. Now I wasn’t paying attention to the teacher when I entered the class but when I finally looked up at her I saw she was quite the beauty herself. I stared at her body as she turned around and started drawing on the board. She had on a silver plaid skirt and a white button shirt with a silver jacket. She was standing on some decent high heels that accentuated her ass even more. She turned around again and bent down to look at some papers. I looked up and saw she was wearing a pair of glasses. Girls with glasses turned me on so much. I focused on her cleavage that showed as she was reading the paper. Apparently I did manage to read her name. Mrs D Hodgekins.
Now I haven’t been a pro with girls but I have had my share of girls in the past. I even had a girl for a year when mom said that we weren’t going to move anymore which turned out to be a lie. We moved after a year and I was crushed when that happened. I was 16 at that time and she was 15 and after 6 months we decided to give each other our virginities and it was very special to us both.

I must have looked like I wasn’t concentrating because I could hear my teacher call my name. “Zack, Zack! Are you awake?” Mrs Hodgekins called across the room. I snapped out of my trance and sat up straight. “Yes I am” I said looking at her B cup boobs. “Then what was I talking about” She asked putting her hands on her hips. I decided I was going to play it cool. “Well I was too busy being mesmerised by your gorgeous body to focus on the work” I said and half of the class gasped and looked around at me. Mrs Hodgekins cheeks turned bright red and she cleared her throat. “Zack would you join me outside please” She asked and I stood and I walked past everyone. A lot of the girls were gasping at me and some of the guys were grinning I guess they were feeling the same as me. We exited the class and she closed the door behind her. “What do you think you are doing by saying things like that” Mrs Hodgekins said and I grinned at her. “I was just stating the truth” I said leaning against the wall and she stepped closer. “Well that was very inappropriate of you even though I take it as a compliment” She said looking around before leaning closer and kissing me on the forehead. “Now be a good boy and pay attention to the class and not so much me” Mrs Hodgekins said with a smile before heading back inside. I was dumbfounded. Did she just kiss me on the forehead? I followed her inside and took my seat and she continued giving the lesson.

The rest of the continued like usual heading from class to class. It was the last class at the end of the day and it would seem that my s****r I got lockers in the same hallway. I opened my locker and put some of my books inside it before being ambushed by my new friend I made. Jonathan. “Dude do you see the hot girl at the end of the line” Jonathan said as he was peaking around me like a stalker. “What hot girl” I asked looking at him. “You should see her man she has...” Before he could even finish his sentence I knew that instance who he was talking about. “She has brown hair reaching down to her butt and emerald green eyes that pierce your very soul. Her luscious long legs seem to go on forever and ever. She has on a true school girl outfit and she likes to flaunt her hotness that seems to make her boobs even better” I said and Jonathan stared at me like I was possessed. “How did you know that?” He asked. “I just know” I said as I closed my locker to look over at my s****r. I was correct down to every detail. She stood and took her books out of her locker and laughed with her friends; probably a joke. She looked over at me and smiled. I managed a smile and turned around walked to my last class. School ended and I was dead tired as we went home. I sat alone this time on the bus as my s****r sat with her hot friends. Every moment I was turning more and more jealous of her friends being able to chat and hang out with her so easily.
We got home around 2:15pm and I plopped down on the couch and Jennifer went up to her room. I had an interesting first day of school. My teacher kissed me on the forehead and my only friend I managed to make thinks my s****r is hot which I don’t blame him. I decided to go up to my room to take an afternoon nap. As I walked past my s****r’s room I heard her talking on the phone. “No eww he is my b*****r I can’t do that” I heard her saying. “No Jessica it’s not that I don’t like him it is just complicated.” She continued. “Yes I guess he is hot and cares about me. Yeah tell me about it but listen I have to go” She said finally putting down the phone. I trudged over to my room and fell onto my bed. What did my s****r mean by “it’s complicated”? Did she feel the same way I did or was it all just an illusion. As I lay thinking about it all I started drifting off to sl**p.

The next two days at school was pretty much uneventful except for my teacher Mrs Holdgekins kept on giving me naughty glances now and again. Friday we arrived at home and I went to put my bag down in the kitchen when I saw a note on the kitchen counter. “Hi k**s I had to go away for a business weekend. I left some cash for you for takeaways. Don’t have too much fun while I am away” The note said. “Hay s*s you better come here” I called and Jennifer came bounding down the stairs in her school girl outfit. “Yes what is it b*****r” She asked as I handed her the note. She read it and put it down and smiled from ear to ear.

“So we have the whole place to ourselves hay” She said and she winked at me. What did that wink mean? “Well tonight I choose we watch a movie” She said as she bounded down the hall again. Oh this was going to be fun. She was probably going to choose a girly movie. I trudged up to my room and started on my homework. I must admit watching a movie with my s****r seemed a bit interesting now that I think about it. I must have fallen asl**p as I was doing my homework because when I woke up my s****r was standing over me with her cleavage just inches away from my face. I turned and could see down her loose t-shirt. Holy crap she wasn’t wearing any bra underneath her shirt! “Did I fall asl**p?” I asked wiping my eyes and my s****r just nodded. “Yes you fell asl**p but your awake now and we going to watch the movie I chose” She said pulling me off of my chair and dragging me down the hall. I tried looking for her pants but I couldn’t see anything. She threw me down onto the couch and bent down to put the movie in. When she bent down she gave me a nice view of her exposed ass. She didn’t have on pants like I suspected and only had on a pair of black lacy panties. She ran past me and grabbed a blanket out of the cupboard and plopped down on the couch at the other end and stretched her beautiful legs out. It appeared she chose a scary movie a very scary movie.

It wasn’t the past the first half of the movie and Jennifer had already dived underneath the blanket. I snickered at her peril but then I felt something on my jeans. I looked over and saw someone creeping up towards me underneath a blanket. I heard sobbing and then felt tears falling onto my t-shirt as she climbed on top of me. Her head emerged and she was drenched in tears. I melted right there like a hot knife going through butter. I put my arms around her and she sobbed on my chest like a little girl. I rubbed her back lightly and she looked up at me and tried to smile. I wiped her tears away and she looked deep into my eyes and leaned closer and kissed me. Her lips were the softest thing I have ever felt in my entire life. Her lips didn’t part they just stayed attached to my lips for what seemed like forever. We lay still on the couch our lips touching until she pulled away blushing like a tomato. “I am sorry I shouldn’t have” Jennifer said and she got up and ran to her room. “Jennifer, come back” I shouted after but all I heard after that was her door slamming shut. I walked up the stairs and stood at her door. She was crying alright and it was loud. “Jennifer, open the door please” I asked leaning against the door. “Go away” She called and took that as a sign not to push her anymore. Don’t get me wrong I wanted to burst into the room and go over to her and hold her tightly but she needed some space.
I climbed into bed and lay there thinking about what happened in the movie. Why did she start run off when she kissed me? Maybe she thought she did something wrong. Well in my books she didn’t do anything wrong but maybe she didn’t feel the same way as I did. I continued thinking about similar stuff and before I knew it I was asl**p.

I woke up the next morning to the sun creeping over my bed poking me in the eyes. I rubbed my eyes and got up. My s****r’s bedroom was still locked and I listened at the door but there was silence. I decided to head downstairs to make us both breakfast. I made us some bacon and eggs with toast and some orange juice. I brought a tray up to my s****r’s room and knocked on the door. There wasn’t a reply so I knocked again and I heard some stirring. “Yes b*****r” Jennifer said groggily. “I made you some breakfast I am leaving it here at your door. Eat it before it gets cold” I said and didn’t hear a reply so I just sat the tray with the food and the juice down.

I was in my room most of the day relaxing and listening to music. I went out only a few times to get something to munch. The first time I went out I saw my s****r had left the empty tray outside her door with a note on it. “Thank you b*****r” it said and I smiled as I read it. The rest of the day was kind of boring so I decided to head to bed early. I kicked off my shoes and my jeans and climbed into bed. Within minutes I was fast asl**p. I was having a dream about my s****r coming into my room and waking me up and talking to me. I was just enjoying the dream when I felt someone waking me up slowly. “Zack, wake up, Zack, wake up please” I heard the pleading voice of Jennifer. I turned and saw she was in her loose fitting t-shirt and a pair of pink panties. “What is it” I said half asl**p. “I am still scared from last night’s movie can I sl**p here with you” She said with a scared tone in her voice. I opened the bed and she climbed into the bed and I turned my back to her and fell asl**p only to be woken up a few minutes later. “Zack I am scared can you hold me” I heard a soft voice in my ear. I turned around and saw my s****r almost in tears. “Okay I will” I said reluctantly. I didn’t want to push things more than they were already but then she did something that shocked me. She crawled up and lay with her panty covered ass against my groin and she pulled my arm across her perfect breasts. I lay perfectly still as to not make her aware of my growing erection. She wiggled a bit more to get into position and fell asl**p. I tried falling asl**p but I couldn’t and lay silently trying not to disturb her.

“Zack are you asl**p?” Jennifer whispered. “No I can’t sl**p” I replied. “Me neither. There is something I want to tell you” Jennifer said turning around and looking at me. I stared into her emerald green eyes locking myself in a trance. “I love you b*****r” Jennifer said biting her lower lip. “I know you do” I said. “No I mean like I really love you more than a b*****r” Jennifer said with a serious look on her face. She loves me... wow how am I supposed to respond? Tell her how I feel? I decided to go with it and tell her exactly how I feel. “Jennifer I have felt the same way about you for as long as I can remember” I confessed and I saw her eyes light up and she hugged me and held me close. We lay together for ages and she eventually broke the embrace and looked at me and then looked down as if she was uncertain of what her next move should be. I picked up her head by her chin and looked into her eyes. “What do you want to say to me s*s” I whispered our lips only inches away from each other. “I want you to take my virginity” Jennifer whispered and she almost started crying on the spot. Wow my s****r was still a virgin after all this time. I would have thought that she would have already been snatched by some guy. “Are you sure s*s” I said and she nodded silently and kissed me. This wasn’t one of those b*****rly kisses but a passionate kiss. She parted her lips and I parted mine. Her tongue came snaking its way into my mouth and I played with it with mine. I felt her arms go around my neck and we continued making out. My hands made their way down her sexy body and I put them on her hips and lifted her so she was sitting on me.

She looked down at me her long hair falling around her face. She looked like a goddess with her long hair and had told her that the one time so she decided to keep it that long. She leaned down and kissed me again and I started pulling up her shirt and she stopped me. I looked at her face and she blushed. “I don’t want you to see the scar” Jennifer said and I shook my head and took her shirt off. She had a big scar between her breasts from an operation but she didn’t want anyone to know about it. Her perfect breasts came into view and I looked at her and she looked away and tried to cover her boobs. I took her hands away and put my one hand on her scar and rubbed it. “Jennifer you look perfect you don’t have to hide it” I whispered leaning closer and kissing her scar and she gasped. I started kissing to the side and took one of her nipples in my mouth and started sucking on it. She held my head close and I continued flicking my tongue over it and circling it with my mouth. I knew I was started to get harder and harder by the second and I am sure Jennifer knew about it because she started grinding herself on my crotch. I switched to the other breast and continued giving it the same treatment as the first one. “Ahh yes that is so good Zack ahh please don’t stop” Jennifer moaned raking her hands through my hair. I could feel a wet patch forming on my boxers. Was that from her or me because I know we both were pretty horny? I turned her around and she was lying on her back and she pulled my shirt over my head and raked her nails across my back as I started kissing her neck.

Ahh Zack please I am so horny for you now” Jennifer moaned and I began kissing down to her pink panties. I kissed her panties and she arched her back up and saw that the wet patch was from her. I pulled her panties down her legs to reveal her clean shaven wet pussy. She was practically dripping with juices. I pulled my boxers down and she put her hand over her mouth. “How is that is going to fit in me” Jennifer asked and I grinned at her and put it at the entrance of her wet pussy. Wow she was hot lying on her back with her legs spread and her hair lying all over the show. I slowly pushed into her and she sc****d her nails against my back as I was pushing into her. “Wow that feels so good” Jennifer moaned as I pushed further into her tight pussy. I felt some resistance and knew that was her Hymen. “s*s this is going to hurt a bit but if you want me to stop I will stop” I said remembering my first time with my previous girlfriend. She nodded her head and bit her bottom lip. God that looked so cute when she did that. I slowly pulled back and pushed into her breaking her Hymen in one go. She dug her nails into my back and screamed at the top of her lungs. I felt a liquid flowing inside her pussy; probably bl**d from her Hymen breaking. I felt her nails breaking my skin as she kept on digging them further. I looked into her face and saw that tears were rolling down her face. I wiped away her tears from her face and she nodded and I slowly pulled back to see my cock coated in her bl**d. I pushed into her again her nails sc****d down my back drawing more bl**d. I felt pain as her nails kept moving down but I continued my slow pace and surely enough I was rewarded with her moans of pleasure. “Ahh yes I love you in me b*****r” Jennifer moaned and I took that as a signal to increase my pace at fucking her wet pussy. She released her claws from my back and I continued going in out of her and she moaned in my ears. My wish had come true and I am sure that her wish has also come true. “Ahh yes s*s you’re so tight” I moaned biting her neck lightly and arched her back in her first orgasm.

I felt her pussy squeezing my dick and I knew that I was also close to my orgasm but held out as long as possible. Our bodies were coated in sweat from our fucking session. My orgasm had finally arrived and I couldn’t held off any longer. “s*s I am about cum should I pull out” I said. “b*****r I want you to cum inside of me. Don’t worry Mom put me on the pill” Jennifer screamed and that took me over the edge and I began shooting rope after rope of cum inside her wet pussy. She began shaking and underneath me in what seemed to be her second orgasm. I finished shooting my cum inside her and it took all my strength from collapsing on her. I rolled to the side and we panted like two a****ls out of breath. “b*****r that was amazing” Jennifer managed to say after we calmed down. She rolled and put her head on my chest mashing her boobs into my side. “I love you b*****r” Jennifer whispered as I pulled the duvet up to cover us. “I love you too s*s” I replied putting my hand on her back.... Continue»
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Unknowingly casting s****rs

Chapter 1: Casting

"Eliza! It is so good to see you, Pete Forrester said as I walked into the theater. He smiled brightly and then walked up and extended his hand. I took it. There were a few other people in the room and they turned to look at me.

"Good to see you Pete," I said cheerfully, and it was. It was good to be back in New York and it was better to be working in theater again. Even if it was a little, off-Broadway production.

"How was your flight?" he asked and I sort of made raspberry sound with my lips.

"I've never been able to sl**p in planes and a flight from Tokyo is absolute Hell," I explained and he nodded sympathetically. I'd just finished filming a minor part in a major production that was shot primarily in Tokyo. It hadn't been particularly glamorous, but it would pay the bills while I took some chances with my craft.

"Well we are glad you are here," Pete said and we walked down towards the stage. I recognized a couple of people from small productions I'd done earlier in my career and I waved to them. I'd started in small theaters, scrounging to get parts and supplementing my income with waitressing jobs. And now I was back, trying to recapture some of that old energy.

Seeing all those people reminded me that I was 32 years old it was starting look like I'd never get my acting career where I wanted it to be. That is not to say I hadn't been successful. After all, like I said I'd just had a bit part in a major Hollywood production. More importantly, I'd been cast in several theatrical productions, including two Broadway shows earlier in my career. I'd also been on television several times, most interestingly I was on a courtroom drama that got picked up by CBS for 13 episodes but got cancelled after six. I was a hotshot young attorney, pretty standard stuff. So a couple months in LA, burning through my savings, then back to New York where I felt safe. I also played a witness during one episode and a suspect in another episode of Law and Order back before they cancelled the show, but I think like 90% of actors in New York were on at least one episode of that. So I had some chances, but nothing had ever really panned out long term.

And now I was 32 (have I already said that, God I am already talking like an old actress. No I am 26...just k**ding) and I wanted to do something that would make people change the way I thought of me. I felt that I was attractive enough to be a leading lady, or at least a major character actor in the movies. I was 5'3 and 120lbs, I had long straight black hair and blue eyes. My skin was naturally dark and my face has a natural innocence about it. My eyes were big, my nose was small, my lips were thick, and my teeth were white. Not to mention I had large, C-cup breasts, curvy hips, and a perfect ass. I had the right look; I just didn't have the right buzz. I was just another New York actress, maybe with a few more credits than some, a few less than others. When people thought of me they thought "Where have I seen that girl before, she's kind of cute." But no one knew my name.

So I'd been looking for something different, something with an edge, something that would get me some interesting press for once. And just when I'd gotten the part for the movie in Tokyo I'd gotten a call from a friend, Pete, who'd been an actor when I first moved to New York when I was 18. He was now shifting into writing and directing and he told me about a play he'd written that he thought I'd be perfect for in the starring role. He was a no-name as a director and he had a miniscule budget. Now I wasn't a big star or anything, but getting me would prove he was serious. Not just Community Theater or something.

He told me I would play a powerful closeted lesbian woman and the show was about power dynamics, gender, and sex. I read the script and I knew it was just what I'd been looking for. Something different, something somewhat artsy but very sexy, and, most importantly, something purposefully provocative. The play contained two separate simulated lesbian sex scenes. Yes, they were a little bit gratuitous, but they weren't not completely divorced from plot. Plus, like I said, it was provocative. If nothing else, we'd get a little press for being controversial. And trust me, when it comes to being an actor no press is bad press. But I really thought it was a good play beyond that. I think it had a lot to say about cultural repression of natural sexual desires and how sex tinges all human relationships, even if you can't see it clearly. But I think, really, the plot of the play is beside the point for this little story.

I hadn't really processed the fact that I'd be nude on stage, pretending to have sex with another woman. Both of those were firsts for me. But that was what I was trying to do, show that I was ballsy and versatile. Plus, I was a professional and I trusted Pete. He might be trying to be edgy, but I didn't think he was going to be too overtly porny. I'd accepted his offer as soon as I finished reading the script. I was a little disappointed that I would be in Tokyo when the rest of casting was going on, especially for the girl who would play my love interest in the play. Normally, the production wouldn't cast anyone who they couldn't be sure would have chemistry with the star, but Pete said he felt he knew me well enough that he'd get the right person. So I'd gone to Tokyo when the play was just me and Pete and some investors trying to make money, now I was back and we were just about ready to go.

"Well we don't really have much for you to do today, rehearsals aren't going to start until tomorrow," he said, "I just thought you'd like to come in and meet some of the other cast members and the crew."

"Sounds great!" I said bubbling with excitement. I'd never been a particularly important person at work before; it was fun to get led around like a star. He introduced me to members of the crew and cast. Some of them I knew, some of them I did not. They seemed nice enough. There were five cast members, including me. I met them all except for the girl who would be playing my lover. I started to think I wouldn't meet her.

"Ok, well let's meet you girlfriend. Her name is Dana Watling" Pete finally said after we talked to just about everyone else, "She is back in the green room." So we headed back together. We walked back to the theater, Pete showing me the way to the green room. We opened the door and walked in. I looked over at the couch and saw... my k** s****r Dana sitting on the couch.

"What?" I asked incredulously. Dana started to shake her head nervously, then Pete was standing in between us and she was smiling serenely at me. My brow was furrowed. I couldn't even begin to understand what was happening. She was supposed to be at college, in Michigan. What was she doing here and why was she going by some made-up name?

"Eliza Kerrigan, this is Dana Watling," he said. The first thought that went through my mind was that Watling was the name of the street where my parents lived. Dana stood up from the couch and walked over to me. She extended her hand.

"Nice to meet you," she said casually. What the Hell was going on? Did she think I didn't recognize her? As she shook, she squeezed my hand tightly and looked into my eye. I think she was trying to tell me something. I was too confused to pick up messages. I had to get to the bottom of this.

"Well Dana, this is strange," I said. I was about to go on, to ask her about Mom and Dad and try to figure out what she was doing. But she quickly cut me off.

"Hey... Pete," she said, ignoring me, "Would you mind if I had a minute or two alone with Eliza, I want to discuss some things about the performance." It was only then that I remembered it was Pete I was dealing with. Was this some sort of joke, did he know this was my s****r and was trying to get a rise out of me? For a moment, I was certain that was what was going on and I even smiled, it was kind of a funny joke. I looked over at Pete, and he didn't register a thing.

It was clear he didn't see a f****y resemblance or think anything was amiss. I guess I shouldn't have expected him to. I mean, Dana took after our mother; I sort of took after our father. She was taller than me, around 5'8 and she was very thin. She had small breasts, fair skin, long legs, and a classic girl-next door face down to the button nose and deep blue eyes. Even her hair was different than mine, very long and blonde. Still, I thought for sure our facial structures and our voices would give something away.

"Sure thing," he said and nodded like he understood we needed to talk about pretending to have sex with one another in front of a crowd. He walked to the door and then turned around, "Eliza I know you were worried about casting while you were away, but I think we nailed it. You guys look great together. And you give off... I don't know... the right energy." Pete said, clearly just legitimately pleased with his casting decision. Then he walked out and closed the door behind him. As soon as it closed, I spoke.

"Dana Watling?" I asked calmly at first, waiting until Pete was out of ear shot outside.

"There was already a Dana Kerrigan in the union, I had to pick a new name," she explained. I heard Pete's voice off in the distance and knew we had some privacy.

"Christ Dana, what the fuck are you doing here," I burst. Dana recoiled like she'd been hit. For a moment she paused, then she started to explain.

"Listen Eliza, I had no idea you were hooked onto this project when I read for it..." she started bur I put up my hand to stop her. I shoved her back down onto the couch and started to pace.

"I did not want to ask why you were in the green room. Why are you in New York, why are you not in Michigan?" I asked and he face got bright red and she shifted in her seat. I was the oldest of five k**s, and my s****r was the youngest. We were the only girls. Being ten years older than her meant we had a set, and predictable, relationship. I considered her a pest and she adored me. It didn't matter than she was 22 now or that I'd left home when she was 8 and only came back for the holidays; when I got mad at her, she felt it.

"I didn't want to go to college. That was Daddy's dream for me," she explained, not making eye contact with me. I stopped pacing. Well that certainly sounded familiar. I think I told my mother the same thing when I called her from New York 14 years earlier. "You'd think he'd have gotten the hint when I took a couple of years off after high school to work at a nail salon. But he just kept filling out applications until he got me into school somewhere."

"Did you go to school at all? How long have you been in New York?" I asked incredulously.

"I went all last year," she explained, "But I hated it. So this year I took the money that they gave me for housing and came here. I got here six months ago."

"Six months?!" I asked, "Why didn't you tell me you were here?"

"Would you have made me go home?" she asked, finally looking up into my eyes. I saw in that instant that neither one of us wanted me to answer honestly. For a long while we were quiet. Then I walked over and sat down on the couch next to my k** s****r.

"Well, why did you come to the most expensive city in America to blow through Dad's tuition money?" I asked. There was no point in getting angry. That would be Dad's job later.

"I wanted... I wanted to be an actor, like you," she said uncertainly. I looked over at her and blushed to see that same hero worship I remember from back when I was in high school. She might be an adult, but I guessed I'd always be her big s****r. Now she wasn't just trying to emulate my cool high school style, she was following in my career path. I was both flattered and nervous, a strange combination.

"Is this know, being like me..." I said uncomfortably. I was always a little weirded out by my s****r's shameless worship.

"No!" she said, sounding offended, "I was in the school play all three seasons, all four years of high school. You know that, you came and saw me. After high school I even did some dinner theater near home. I really think it was the fact that Dad sent me to a college with no drama program that really set me off to going here," she explained. I could hear the passion in her voice, she was leaning forward now, straining to make me believe. And I did, she clearly wanted it. But even with that...

"Okay, I guess I can understand that. Why are you doing a production involving simulated lesbian sex?" I asked suddenly. Hey, I am not hung up. If my s****r was a lesbian that was cool. Plus, I was going to do this play, so I wasn't getting judgmental. It was just...this was my little baby s****r. I'd babysat her a million times and dressed her up and played with her like a doll. I didn't want...strangers to see her naked. So I was a hypocrite, whatever.

"Eliza, this was the first reading that I even got a call back on. I have tried out for like 500 things in the last six months and this was my first nibble. I didn't even care what it was about, I was going to do it" she explained, "And I swear that I didn't know you were going to be in it. I only found out after I'd been cast and they told me the star, Eliza Kerrigan, would be back in a few days. Really, I thought something so out of the way would be off your radar," she explained in a way that made it sound like she was a little worried about my career.

"Well I am," I said, a little snippy. I found myself getting angry. Here was my little s****r, once again barging into my life and messing things up. And now old enough for judgment too, "And you can't play opposite me in this. Do you realize what that would mean?"

"I read the script," she said defensively. I looked around the green room and saw a copy of the script. I found one and started flipping to different pages, showing my s****r sections where I would have to kiss her, to touch her, to be naked and on top of her! This was not going to happen. "So you can't do this," I said finally. Now Dana got angry as well. She stood up quickly and rushed over to me.

"Why don't you quit? You've had jobs before, this is my first. This is what I want to do and... and I am running out of money. I need this," she explained. I was struck by her f***efulness. I knew she wasn't a little girl anymore, but she usually backed down when I pushed.

"I can't quit," I said. Only then did I reverse-engineer a good explanation as to why I couldn't, "Pete is not established and this is a real sort of iffy thing. He needs me on to be taken seriously. If I leave, the show collapses and you don't have a job. If I stay, you go and don't have a job. Why don't you quit so it doesn't screw everyone else?" I asked. For a minute Dana looked like she was going to yell something back. Then she thought for a few moments. I saw the ideas flickering in her eyes. Then she sat back down on the couch, defeated. She nestled her face in her hands and started to cry.

"I know, you're right," she moaned. I felt bad for being so harsh, but I had to make my point. Now I sat down next to her and put my arm around her. Winning this argument suddenly felt worse than losing.

"I am sorry," I said, and I was. For a moment she just cried and I held her and protected her the way I had when we were k**s. And I felt even worse about forcing her to quit this job. She just wanted to be like me, like she always did.

"It is just," she said after a long pause, "I don't have any more money. I can't pay my rent. And I think this means I have to go home. I have to tell Mom and Dad and beg them to forgive me."

"Oh honey..." I said. I felt her pain intimately. I knew what she was going to experience.

"I thought I could do it because you did it, but I think that this was a stupid dream. I've never been as good at anything as you are. I need to let it go," she said, sounding absolutely defeated. And my heart sank. I'd had that feeling before. Not for a long while, but I'd had it. I knew exactly what she was feeling. And I felt terrible that it was my fault that she felt it. That was not my job; parents are the ones who tear you down. A s****r, especially one who knew what you were going through, were supposed to hold you up. I needed to fix this for Dana. But how?

I could afford not to do this part, but I wasn't lying. The production was too close, it would fall apart if I left. There was only one way for this to work out. And I didn't know if either of us was up for it. I couldn't believe what I was considering. But I didn't see a way out. How was else was I going to advance my career and, more importantly, protect my little s****r? For a long time we sat there on the couch, my little s****r cradled in my arms feeling terrible and me trying to figure out what to do. Then the idea of her getting up from the couch, walking out of the theater, and going home came to mind. I saw each soul crushing step in that dance. I didn't think that I could let it happen. Finally she stood and started to walk to the door.

"Okay Eliza, I am going to tell Pete that I quit," she said, sounding brave. And something inside of me, call it s****rly love, sprung into action.

"Dana, I'm sorry," I said, pulling her around so she was looking at me. Her eyes were red and puffy but she somehow looked more beautiful. So innocent and in need of protection, "I don't want to take this away from you."

"I know," she said dejectedly.

"No," I said, feeling my heart pounding in my chest, "I am saying I can't take this away from you. You need to take the role."

"But you said the production will fall apart if you leave," Dana said, furrowing her brow.

"It will."

"So..." Dana said, "What are you saying?"

"I am saying, I am professional actor. That is what I do. I could act with anyone playing my love interest. Are you a professional?" I asked. For a moment it didn't seem like it registered with Dana and she smiled brightly and threw her arms around me.

"Oh thank you Eliza, thank you so much!" she said. And I was confused. I didn't think this was a time for out-and-out celebrating. We were agreeing to do something very strange and uncomfortable. Something to really ponder.

"You realize what this means?" I asked.

"Yes!" she said bouncing up and down on the couch, "I have a job!" she said and I realized that she was still my little s****r. Completely unaware of the consequences of her actions. I guess worrying about that is a big s****r's concern.

Chapter 2: Rehearsal

"Alright," Pete said, "I guess it's time to stop fucking around. Let's do Act I, Scene 2 now." He was referring to the first scene in which Dana and I would kiss. This was about a week into rehearsals. It was late in the afternoon; we'd already been working all day. I, for one, was already tired. The first few days had been slow and tedious while Pete got his directing feet under him. We were rehearsing for six weeks before the start of the show and would be working about 10 hours a day, six days a week in that time. But, at first, we hadn't got much done. Just Pete figuring out how to get the pictures in his head onto the stage.

Not that he was doing poorly. He was just new at it. I think that would be my assessment for everyone in the production. The cast and crew were talented, but a little green. In a few weeks, we'd be experiencing smooth sailing. There was plenty of potential in this production. And the person who impressed me the most was Dana. I'd seen her in cheesy high school productions during trips home and she was fine. But now she was really warming to her craft. She was professional and took direction well. Most importantly, she felt natural on the stage. She didn't look like she was acting, she just was her character. I was surprised and delighted by her talent. Plus, she wasn't just "acting" for her job, we were both playing the parts of strangers as well. While we were at work, we acted like we were barely acquainted, thereby doubling the amount of our performances each day. We'd talked it all out in the green room after we agreed to stay on the production. We'd be strangers. Thankfully, her professionalism made that easy.

Of course that professionalism didn't change the discomfort I felt about what would be coming. The sexual parts of Pete's script were pretty sketchy. He said he'd fill them out while we were in rehearsal, to make them feel more natural. But I knew that I would be naked. With my s****r. Pretending to have sex with her. Even if no one else knew what was up, I did. Every single day I woke up and thought that I'd made a mistake and that I'd put an end to it somehow. But I was in too deep now. I wasn't like I could go into work one day and suddenly remember that my love interest was my s****r and tell everyone we needed to start over. Plus, I wanted to keep my promise to her. In the few minutes after or before work in the day when we were alone, I could feel the excitement pulsing out of every pore of my s****r's being. This was her dream, and I was making a sacrifice to make it happen. That felt too good to throw away. And if any of these issues bothered Dana, she pretended like it didn't.

Sometimes we would see each other after work, just briefly for dinner or something to talk. Somehow we didn't act like s****rs then either. We discussed work and made small talk like we were co-workers. I suppose that it was easier for both of us that way. Keep the performance going, like we were method or something. Even when there was no one there who knew the difference.

"Alright Pete," Dana said. I was already out on the stage, but she hadn't been in the scene we were rehearsing. She came out from behind the curtain. She was wearing a skin-tight pair of black yoga pants and a tight white t-shirt. We weren't in costume yet, so that was fine. I looked over at her and convinced myself I was seeing Angie: a mixed up girl with a heart of gold who I found incredibly and unconditionally sexy. I wondered for a moment what Dana thought when she looked at me, but I pushed that thought aside.

"Okay, let's just start from the beginning I guess," Pete said. I picked up my script and started. The scene in question took place in a bathroom at a party. I won't bore you with the details but the story is that my character is in the bathroom having a panic attack and Dana walks in and takes care of me. My character never needed help from anyone, so at first I was supposed to lash out at Dana. But Dana persists and breaks through my exterior and we kiss. It is supposed to set up the whole dynamic of our relationship. It was a pretty well-written scene in general. The problem was I wasn't thinking about that, I was thinking: "I am going to passionately kiss my little s****r!"

"Someone is in here!" I said as Dana knocked on the bathroom door, kicking off the scene. And soon we were in the middle of the scene. Pete would generally just let us give a scene a try once first, just to see where we took it. And that is what he did here.

Dana was great. She threw out the concerned, protective vibe she was supposed to have. She did little things that made it feel like she was truly concerned about me. These were the kinds of actions that you do naturally when in real life but can feel stilted when you try to affect them. Dana felt natural, she clearly was a good observer of human interaction and did an excellent job of playing it back. At the same time, I was generally playing my character as tempest contained. I threw out anger, but held it just below the surface so you'd know the menace was there. Dana played off it excellently, showing in her acting that she was keenly aware of my threat but also looking through it to the vulnerable human side underneath. I mean we really worked well playing against one another.

"Good," I heard Pete saying, "I can feel the underlying attraction there, that's what we want." That almost threw me for a second. Underlying attraction? I wasn't even focused on that, what were other people seeing? But I shook that feeling off and kept acting.

Now I was supposed to break down in the face of Dana's relentless attempts to help me. I dutifully did so. I fell to my knees on the bathroom floor. Dana moved over quickly and put her arm around me. She was perched on my right shoulder, her one arm d****d over me back, her other hand resting on my leg. I looked into her eyes and saw concern there. She carefully brushed my hair out of my eyes and cooed at me soothingly. I whimpered my lines and she whispered back her own. Tears fell from my eyes and landed on her arm. I could feel her body pressed against mine. Her arm across my shoulder, her hand on my hip, her breast rubbing gently against my arm. I could feel the heat of her body and the warmth of her presence. She bit her lower lip in concern, drawing my eye to her beautiful lips and her deep blue eyes. Now was the moment of truth.

I decided to play it like I was acting sort of impulsively to this woman who refused to be pushed away despite all my attempts. For a moment I looked down at the bathroom floor. Then I looked up suddenly and reached my left arm across my body and placed it gently on her cheek. I turned my head and closed my eyes. I carefully guided her head down towards mine even while I was reaching my lips up.

Our mouths met, tenderly at first. I felt the soft skin of her lips pressed against mine and pulled her in closer. Her perfume smelled like springtime and filled my nose. I felt her pulling me in as well, wrapping her arms around my neck. I felt my pulse quicken and my head feel light. I opened my mouth, sliding my wet tongue against her lips, tasting her salty-sweet skin. Her mouth opened as well and my tongue plunged into her mouth. I melted into the supple warmth of her mouth. I tasted her slick tongue and rubbed against the hard smoothness of her teeth. I felt my jaw moving slowly, my mouth opening and closing as our tongue moved back and forth, sharing the open cavern that was our collective mouth. Our saliva and our tastes mixed together in lovely fashion.

I felt my body react to the kiss. My sense of smell was more acute and I could smell the a****l energy she gave off below the light perfume. My knees felt brittle and my joints felt loose. My nipples were hard against my bra and I felt my pussy react to her kiss, getting wet and hot. I didn't have time to think about what this meant. I didn't know if I was acting or responding to my s****r. It was all just there, and I was experiencing it. And enjoying it. And then, just as suddenly our kiss broke and after a few more lines, the scene was over.

"God damn girls!" I heard Pete saying, "That was fucking hot. I told you that there would be chemistry." I looked over at my s****r and she was beaming with pride, smiling devilishly.

"Good job Eliza, you really nailed it," she said professionally. And I was still on my knees on the fake bathroom floor feeling horny and confused. What had just happened? I looked at Dana and didn't see any doubt or confusion on her face. She was just acting. I told myself that I had just turned in a great performance, so good that it had tricked my body into reacting sexually to my acting. And it was just that Dana was a good actress too. I shook off the feeling.

"You too," I said calmly. I stamped out my inner voices and moved on to the next scene.

* * * * *

I was standing outside of Dana's dressing room about two hours later. Rehearsal had wrapped up for the day and I'd waited until just about everyone else was gone. I knew my s****r took forever to get ready for anything and I hadn't been wrong. The theater was pretty quiet by the time the door opened and she walked out. She looked pretty and comfortable, not like she'd been working since early in the morning.

"Have a good night Eliza," she said lightly, then she seemed to look around and check to see if anyone was around. She quickly realized we were alone. She relaxed a bit, "So what's up?" She knew I hadn't waited outside just to say goodbye.

"Well..." I started, and for a moment I was tongue-tied. Ever since the kiss there were two inter-related thoughts pounding in my brain. The first was that it was by far the most intense and confusing kiss I'd ever had and the second was that if that been so powerful, what would it mean when we had to be naked together? Would I break down entirely? Would I even be able to act? So I had decided that I needed to learn to be comfortable with the whole process. And ever since the kiss I'd been trying to figure out how to do that. Now I had to explain that plan to my s****r.

"What is it..." Dana said, then dropping her voice lower, "s*s?" I smiled, my s****r breaking through her double character to make sure that I was alright. She gave me strength to keep going.

"Okay," I said, "So, you said you were running out of money. And I know we are getting paid now, but it isn't much. Especially for you."

"Yeah," she said, blushing and looking down at her feet. She looked vulnerable and beautiful. She was embarrassed by her money troubles, so I pushed on quickly.

"Well, I was thinking. You could come and stay on the couch bed in my apartment," I explained carefully, "And that would help us get comfortable with playing... with playing lovers in this play. We'd get to know each other better and be able to slip into that role." Dana's face lit up as it became clear that I wasn't just offering her charity, I was discussing an acting exercise.

"Yeah, I could do that," she said, "I mean I think we did really well today, but I know there are ways to improve. I really want to get this right." She spoke so fast that I couldn't help but giggle. She had boundless such boundless energy for this. After a few moments, though, I had to interrupt her.

"There is one thing," I said and she raised her eyebrows expectantly.


"Well, you know we are going to have to... simulate having sex with one another," I said, now it was my turned to blush. Dana laughed a little.

"I know, isn't it so weird!" she said, clearly not having thought about it much beyond the novelty. That was the problem.

"I think if we wait until we get up on stage and then see each other naked... it could be very detrimental to one or both of our performances," I explained.

"So what are you saying," she said, tilting her head to the side and pursing her lips quizzically.

"I am saying," I said, "We need to get comfortable seeing each other's bodies. When we are alone in the apartment...we need to be naked." I let out a deep breath. It was such an odd request. But I knew it was right, I knew about having to feel comfortable in a role. If the first time I saw my little s****r naked was when I had to pretend to have sex with her in a room full of people, I knew it wouldn't work. I told myself all of those things. And ignored a voice deep inside that hinted that there was something else as well. Dana, professionally, considered my offer for a moment and then spoke.

"You are a great actress Eliza," she said, "If you think it is a good idea, I agree." And with that, we prepared to go home.

* * * * *

A little less than an hour later, Dana and I walked into my apartment. It was a relatively small place, just a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and a very small living room. If I opened the couch bed the whole place would be full. We'd decided to swing by Dana's place just briefly to grab some clothes and a toothbrush. She paid month-to-month and still had a week and a half on her lease. We'd get her things a bit at a time.

"It's been awhile since I've been here," Dana said, putting her night bag down on the counter and then flopping onto the couch. I sat down next to her.

"I know, I'm so busy," I explained, which was true. I rarely got to see my f****y as much as I liked.

"That's why this job is so great!" Dana said enthusiastically.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, when I was really little we were together almost constantly. Mom made you watch me while she went to work or did something for Jack or Colin or Rob or Dad. And then you were sort of gone."

"I am..." I started; I always felt like I abandoned my f****y, I felt the need to explain.

"No, I understand. Believe me; I wouldn't want to be someone's second mom when I was 18. It's just great, no we get to be together and I am not a burden. We just get to have fun together, and get paid to do it," she said and I smiled.

"I've had fun too Dana," I said. And for a few minutes we just talked about the play and what we thought and ever reminisced about old times and home. And it just felt so good to be with my s****r and get caught up with her. But more than going over good old times, it was nice to hear about her life. Hear her opinions on acting or about the world. I got to know her not as my snotty little s****r, but as the adult s****r I would have for the rest of my life. She wasn't a k** anymore, she was a woman and my friend. And she was lovely. Near the end of our conversation, uncontrollably, I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around my s****r. She hugged me close too. For a while we just basked in the fact that we could never lose that special bond. s****rhood or whatever you'd call in. Finally, we broke the hug and I looked at my tall, beautiful s****r.

"Well, it won't all be fun," I said.

"What do you mean?"

"Well we have already broken the one rule that for the apartment. Actually, one of two rules, please turn the fan on in the bathroom when you shower, it will get moldy in there. But the other rule, we broke it."

"Oh yeah..." Dana said, sounding a bit nervous. For a moment we just sat in silence. It was quieter in that room than I thought a New York apartment was capable of being. I looked over at her. Her eyes were downcast and she was blushing. We both started giggling. It felt like a high school sl**pover or something.

"Okay," I said, realizing that if this was going to happen then it was up to me, as the older s****r, to get it rolling. I stood up from the couch and walked over so I was standing in front of the television. Dana smiled shyly at me. I grabbed onto the hem of my t-shirt and then looked to the side. I saw that the one window in my living room was open. I didn't intend to give a show to the whole city, so I walked over and pulled down the shade. Then I took my place back in front of the TV. I felt giddy and excited.

"Here we go," I said. Once again I grabbed the hem of my t-shirt with both hands. I quickly slipped the t-shirt over my head and threw it onto the coffee table. Next I unbuttoned my jeans and carefully shimmied out of them. Now I was standing in my living room, in front of my baby s****r, wearing nothing more than a bra and panties. At this point, it was just like I was wearing a bathing suit. But the next step would be through a frightening and exciting barrier. My heart beating heavily, so hard I could feel it in my teeth.

My bra clasped in the front and I reached between my breasts, feeling for the mechanism. I found it and quickly unsnapped the bra. I held the cups over my breasts for a few second and looked at Dana. She was looking at me intently, but trying not to look at me intently. I told myself that if I couldn't show her my breasts in private that I'd never be able to let her touch them in public. This was about being a professional, about acting. I let out a low breath and opened my bra, letting it slide off my back. I looked down at my exposed breasts. The skin on my breast was tanned, but less so than the rest of my skin. They were shaped like teardrops and my nipples were short. My areolas were wide and a soft pink color. My stomach looked flat, I was happy with the way my body looked (I know, an actress happy with the way she looks, no wonder I wasn't a movie star).

I stopped there and looked at Dana. I felt her eyes moving over my body. I didn't know what I expected of her. She looked ever more shy and innocent than before, her face was red, "You have a beautiful body Eliza," she said and I smiled. I guess I'd been looking for reassurance that we could actually do this. And she gave it.

"Thanks," I whispered. Now the last, and most daunting, step. I took hold of the elastic waist band of my tightly black panties. I closed my eyes, bent slightly at the waist, and eased the back of the panties over my ass. Then I slowly worked the panties down my legs as well. Finally I left them on the floor, stepping out of them and standing naked in front of my s****r Dana. She could now see the tight pink slit of my vagina, the short black landing strip above it, and the little brown freckle directly midway between my clitoris and my bellybutton. I was completely exposed. Dana was staring at me, her face no longer red, just interested. We were completely silent. I began to feel uncomfortable and so I walked around the coffee table and sat back down on the couch. Dana's eyes followed me and I as I sat close to her, I could almost feel her discomfort, and interest as she continued to stare at me. I looked at her and shook the hair out of my eyes. I could feel my bare breasts jiggle as I moved and I saw her eyes following them. We both giggled again.

"You are really gorgeous," she said at last. Then she lifted her hand. I could feel the energy pulsating out of her hand. I wanted it to touch me, but I didn't really know why. I told myself I was just getting comfortable, that I wanted her to touch me so that I could play my part. Her hand moved forward and she placed it on my stomach. My s****r's hands on my naked body. Her fingers felt hot and hard and I liked the energy I felt. Her hand slowly moved down my body, over my bellybutton, right up to my freckle. But then her hand broke to the side, moving away from my vagina, but still sliding down my hip. Finally her hand came to rest, d****d over my thigh, her fingers just a few short inches from my rapidly aroused vagina.

I told myself I wasn't getting hot, but I could feel that I was wet. I knew that my nipples were hardening. And I knew it was caused by her touch. Her eyes were downcast, looking at her hand moving. There was none of her youthful giggling now, she looked so serious, so enthralled by my body. Her hand squeezed slightly on my thigh and I closed my eyes. Against my will, my mouth moaned. My eyes shot open and Dana's suddenly looked up, staring at me. Then she smiled sheepishly.

"Don't make fun," she said, "I was just trying to get comfortable."

"I was just acting," I lied. She nodded solemnly. Then she stood and walked up in front of the living room where I'd disrobed. She quickly slipped off her t-shirt, putting it next to mine. She then bent over and even more quickly removed her yoga pants. Then she stood up straight and looked at me. She looked so lithe in her pink panties and black bra. In fact, she looked like she was modeling for whatever underwear company had made her clothes. Her stomach was so flat, her breasts so small and perky. Her face was red again, even her neck flushed a bit. She stood for a long time in her bra and panties.

I didn't know what to say to encourage her to go farther. Her chest was rising and falling quickly and I knew she was nervous. Suddenly, I was struck by an idea. I was sitting with my legs tucked under my body on the couch. But now I slipped my legs out from under my ass and I put both feet wide apart on my coffee table. I kept my knees together for a moment, looked up at Dana, and then pulled them apart as well. My pussy opened up to my s****r and I hoped that she couldn't see that I was wet, couldn't smell my arousal. But I was exposing myself completely, letting her know it was safe. I felt so strange doing it, but my body just...acted. I mean, it just performed. She stared, open-mouthed, at my opened pussy. But in a moment she seemed to get the message.

Her eyes stayed on my pink pussy lips as she reached behind her back. For a moment she struggled with the clasp but then finally I saw the cups of her bra loosen from her body. She pushed her arms forward and let her bra slide down her arms onto the floor. Her breasts were shaped like mine, like teardrops, but they were much smaller. They were also perkier, standing straight up from her chest like she was still wearing her bra. The skin of her breasts was milky white and her nipples were little pink kisses on the tips of them. She looked at me nervously.

"You are cute!" I said honestly and she laughed, shading redder.

"I wish they were bigger like yours," she said shyly.

"You're only 22, they will get a little bigger. And small boobs stay perkier longer. Those things are defying gravity," I gushed. I sounded like I was just trying to make her comfortable, but I meant every word. I marveled at the sleek beauty of her body. I wondered what her delicate body would feel like in my hands, what her nipples would feel like in my mouth. Why was I thinking this!? I tried to control myself, but I allowed myself to believe that I was just trying to think in character, to come to terms with the fact that I was going to PRETEND to be aroused by Dana, not that I was actually aroused by her.

Finally, turned her head to the side, letting her long straight hair cascade over her shoulder. She was looking at the window, making sure no one could see her. I wanted to remind her that a whole theater would be seeing her soon, but I couldn't talk anymore, I didn't know what to say that wouldn't sound...wrong. So I waited and then she quickly bent over and pulled off her panties. My eyes instantly moved down between her legs. Her thin thighs were pressed together, but I could still make out the top of her dark red pussy. Her clit was a tiny little nub at the top, barely visible. She had no public hair, it looked like she'd gotten electrolysis or something. There was my little s****r, standing naked and beautiful in front of me.

For a moment she just stood in front of me, then she started to walk towards the couch. She moved with a kind of embarrassed elegance, an awkward sensuality that I found incredibly enticing. I watched all of the muscles in her body move as she walked and then sat down on the couch next to me. I could feel the heat from her body and I could smell her perfume and her sweat. She was still breathing heavily and I watched as she breasts rose and fell on top of her ribs.

Now I reached my hand forward, pressing it into the soft skin of her belly. Her skin felt cool and smooth and my fingers sank into her flesh. I could feel the bl**d pulsing and the organs process as my hand sat on her belly. Then I slowly slid my hand up. My fingers touched her sternum and then moved up farther, in the valley between her small breasts. The sides of my hand gently grazed the silky, supple skin of her breasts. I felt excitement run through my body but my hand kept moving, over her chest and then coming to rest, my fingers pressed against her throat. I could feel her pulse pounding and I looked into her piercing eyes and didn't even know if I could think anymore. I looked at her thick, pink lips and wanted to press my mouth against hers.

"Woah, I can't believe we did this," Dana said and then she sort of laughed, "Good thing we did, I don't think I could have done this in front of people right now, this would take some getting used to." And then the spell was broken. Some of the strange feelings I had subsided, somewhat. We were talking about acting again. Yes, that was the reason for this. For all of this. I took a deep breath and nodded.

"I think we did a good job, and it will get more comfortable with time," I said knowingly.

"You are so good at this stuff," Dana said, "Thank you for teaching me how to be a professional actress." She said. Then, somewhat impulsively I think, she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around me. It was a pretty basic, s****rly hug. Just our bodies pressed together, her cheek against mine. She held me close. It was only made something more because we were naked. I felt her breast press against mine, I wondered if she could feel my hard nipples in her skin. I could feel hers. I could smell the delicate and feminine smells of her body. I could sense the sexual energy inside of her. I could feel the direct heat of her body, it made me light-headed. And when she pulled away, our hot, wet skin stuck together, pulling apart only with a slight pinching feeling. I looked at her and I realized that whatever I was feeling, she was not. She was just acting and her hug had just been a heart-felt expression of her thanks. I told myself I was doing the same thing, and willed myself to ignore the voice in my head that said that my excitement was real. She smiled at me like a s****r as I stifled my confusion.

"I am starving," she said suddenly, and got up and walked to the kitchen. My eyes followed her, my attention focused on her tight little ass as she walked around. Just acting, I lied to myself, just acting.

* * * * *

The next few weeks of rehearsals was an exhausting but exciting blur. At the theater, we slowly and painstakingly began to finalize our performance. Little touches were added and Pete really hit his stride. It was actually very gratifying to see the inexperienced cast and crew come together and gel. After three weeks we no longer looked like amateurs, after four we sharp, at the start of the fifth week we were our characters. I am always amazed at the transformation that occurs during a play, but it felt more pronounced now. And my s****r was the most impressive person in the entire production. Everyone who saw her knew that she was destined for bigger things. I was proud (and a bit jealous) when I realized that by the time she was 32, she would be wondering about where to buy a second house rather than whether to press the re-start button on her career.

There was, however, one segment of the play that was still difficult as the waning hours of rehearsal neared. It was, of course, the sex scenes. Pete had begun to choreograph them early on, but we were just starting to really get the movements down on stage. We did not rehearse nude, Pete said that he wanted the first performances to have some raw, un-scripted sexual energy to them. I was a bit relieved by that, but still, the sex scenes were intense. I would have felt uncomfortable doing them within anyone, let alone my little s****r. When we kissed or touched, there was still a little bit of the awkwardness that had occurred earlier during the production. Pete seemed to understand, but kept pushing us to get better. And we were getting better, we just weren't there yet.

The one thing that seemed to keep us going in the right direction was Dana staying at my home. We hadn't told anyone about our arrangements. We left my apartment and I took a cab while Dana took the subway. We went home the same way. And when we were in the house, we were naked. I mean the instant the door closed behind us, the clothes came off. It had been strange the first few days, but the more we did it, the more comfortable I felt. I know that the only reason I was able to perform at all was because of this regimen.

Even though we'd been doing it for weeks, I still couldn't get over how beautiful I found my s****r's body. Her legs were so slim and toned, her hips so perfectly proportioned with her breasts, and when her mouth smiled it felt like her whole body smiled with it. Beyond that, I liked the way that it felt when her eyes scanned my body. I wondered if she thought I looked attractive. Sometimes these thoughts made me feel confused, but they began to feel more natural as time went on. And when I saw how increased comfort with sexuality around my s****r improved my performance at work, I completely convinced myself that what was happening was no more scandalous than losing weight for a role or dying my hair.

But sometimes my body would tell me, in no uncertain terms, that there was something deeper involved. I remember a couple of incidents distinctly. I remember one night watching a movie on my couch with Dana before bed. She was a little tired and, while we were naked, she leaned over and put her head in my lap. She explained that she was trying to enact the kind of non-ostentatious physical contact that couples often develop over time. But all I could think was the way her hot breath felt against my leg, the way her cheek brushed my thigh, and the way her hair tickled me between my legs. I struggled to keep my body from trembling as I felt her weight and easy affection on my body. I didn't pay attention to the movie; all I could think of was her. I even stroked her hair gently and put my hand on her bare shoulder. I focused intently on the television without seeing it, ignoring the growing wetness between my legs.

Another time I walked into the living room while she was still asl**p. She had always thrashed around a lot in her sl**p and it seemed that hadn't changed when she grew up. Her head was still on her pillow but it looked like she'd been rolling in her sl**p. Her hair was disheveled in a way that made it look like she'd just had sex. Her legs were spread wide open and her pussy looked red and aroused. In the cold of my living room, her nipples were hard and her breasts stood out prominently on her slender chest. For a few moments I couldn't move. All I could do was stand in the room and stare at her, not even breathing. My mind was not working; I was just consuming her body with my eyes. Finally, she stirred slightly and knocked me, confused and aroused, out of my reverie.

Still another time the power had gone out in my apartment. Usually, my alarm would wake me up, I'd get a shower and then wake Dana up. However, that morning my alarm did not go off. When I awoke, we only had an hour to get ready and get to rehearsal. I quickly ran into the living room to tell Dana to wake up and explain the situation. We were both frantically getting ready, but then we realized that we both needed showers and there was not enough time. Dana suggested that it would save time and also be beneficial to our efforts and sexual comfort if we showered together. She said it so professionally that it made sense. But once we were in the shower together, our nudity somehow became even more intimate. I was enthralled by the way the water cascaded off of her skin and how the soap bubbles looked when they pooled on her breasts or between her legs. I could barely shower, my eyes over her. My hands trembled when she asked me to clean her back. I was thankful that my apartment had a terrible water heater, because touching her and watching the way she moved in the water made me so incredibly hot. I told myself our acting lessons were going really well, even as my legs felt weak as I toweled off.

These events, and many others, swirled in my mind each time I saw my s****r. In the long run, as time went by, I stopped analyzing them. I didn't want to think about whether or not I was acting. I just told myself that I was not actually hot for my s****r and shut myself down. It was clear that my s****r was just following my lead and that I had to stop reading too much into our interactions. I was so successful in this effort that two days before our first preview performance I actually concocted a strange plan and actually convinced myself, at first, that I was just putting the finishing touches on my preparation for performance.

"Hey Dana, I was thinking of an exercise to do tonight, just one last thing before we actually perform," I said. I was sitting on my couch, naked as usual, drinking a diet coke. Dana was in the kitchen doorway tearing off bits of a banana and popping them into her mouth. My mouth followed her lips and tongue as they maneuvered the pasty fruit to her perfect white teeth.

"What did you have in mind?" She asked, moving into the living room and sitting next to me on the couch. She sort of sprawled out languidly and comfortably and I gazed over her body for a moment before I spoke any further.

"Well, I know what Pete said about wanting the preview performance to be our first nude rehearsal together," I said and Dana covered her mouth and laughed.

"Yeah, I bet he doesn't know about this," she said brushing her hand across her nude body. I smiled back.

"Well yeah, there is this," I said, trying to sound reasonable, "But I mean beyond just being together, I don't know, I think that it might be helpful to actually go through the motions once." I felt my cheeks getting a little red and that just sort of confirmed the need for this exercise. I no longer blushed when I saw Dana naked, but I might blush when simulating sex. I didn't think that would be conducive to a quality performance. Dana tilted her head to the side and her hair cascaded across ones of her breasts. Only her nipple poked out of the thick, shiny blonde hair.

"Well..." She started.

"Unless you wouldn't be comfortable," I said, perhaps too quickly. Part of me wanted her to just say "no" to the request. But she shook her head vehemently, her breasts bouncing slightly.

"No, I just wondered where you wanted to start," she explained. I felt more nervous now, my pulse quickened and my breathing grew a bit shallower. There were three scenes of various sexual intensity in the play. I thought maybe it would be best to ease into it.

"I was thinking that we'd just start with the nude kissing scene," I explained. A scene after Dana's character met my character, we were already having sex. The scene was consisted of Dana and I on the couch, nude, and kissing passionately. So it wasn't really even a sex scene. Eventually, we stopped and talked. We'd already done the kiss before (and it was quite intense) and, of course, the lines. But nude would be a game changer. It wasn't sex yet, but it was pretty damn close.

"Do you think this is a good idea?" Dana asked as we carefully got outside into position with Dana throwing her long legs over my lap, scooting in so that her butt was against my thighs.

"What do you mean?" I asked, for a second I thought she was questioning the whole premise. Part of me wanted to yell out that of course this was a bad idea. But I waited.

"I mean Pete didn't want us to," she said, taking my hand and carefully moving it so that it was around her waist, resting on the small of her back. And whatever thought I had of stopping was gone. Her body felt electric against my palms. We'd grown much more comfortable talking and touching naked, but I knew this was going to be more. And I was so curious to know what it felt like.

"What Pete doesn't know, won't hurt him," I said and Dana smiled her charming little smile.

"Well lover," she said playfully, "break a leg."

"And Go," I said and we both imagined that we were on the set and the lights were coming back on. With my hand on the small of her back, I pulled her closer, making her bend a bit at the waist. I leaned forward now as well. I felt my s****r arms d**** over my shoulders and could feel her fingers intertwine behind my neck. She closed her eyes and for a moment I kept mine open. I watched her relaxed, lithe body as it glided towards me and felt that same, youthful sexual energy pouring out of her body. I had to respond. I closed my eyes as well.

In a moment our lips were touching. Her kisses were more familiar now, I knew something of what to expect. But that didn't change how wonderful it felt to kiss Dana. I could kiss her a thousand time and never tire of the way her tongue pressed against my lips, the way her skin smelled, or the way her teeth nibbled on my lower lip. I moaned into her mouth as she dug her tongue deep into my mouth. She responded, squeezing her tongue tighter around my neck.

Naked, with no barrier between us, my body responded more f***efully than it ever had before. My hand moved up and down Dana's back, pushing into her taut flesh. My free hand moved up to her hip and I rubbed it gently as well. When I did this, my arm brushed against my s****r's breast. I felt a chill run through her body and she moaned. As she moaned, her mouth opened slightly. I found her tongue with my lips and began to suck on it, pulling it into my mouth and sucking her sweet saliva off of it. I felt her arms trembling on my shoulders and her nails dug into my neck.

That sharp little pain in my neck (for what else is a little s****r), triggered something deeper inside of me. Suddenly all thoughts of the play and who it was that was cradled in my arms was moot. Something uncontrollably sexual took over my thoughts and actions. I sucked on Dana's tongue harder and pulled her back into me harder. I felt her ass push up against my thigh hard and heard her squeal a bit. I nibbled slightly on her tongue and then, without any apparent thought, my hand moved from her thigh and quickly grasped her bare breast. Dana's body trembled and she moaned again, a strange sound with her tongue in my mouth. I felt her soft skin and squeezed the delicate, tight flesh of her breast. I felt her hard nipple pressing into the palm of my hand. I moved my hand back, took that little nipple between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed it gently, but tightly.

"Holy fuck!" Dana screamed into my mouth, making my own nipples harden. I felt her fingers unclasp behind my neck and one of her hands moved over my shoulder slowly. Then her palm was pressing hard against my breast. Her fingers felt hot and hard as they sunk into my flesh. I groaned and let my s****r's tongue slide out of my mouth as my nipple crushed under my s****r's palm.

"Fuck Dana!" I said hotly under my breath. I don't think that she heard me, but it woke something up. My conscience I guess. I immediately broke off the kiss, leaned back. I'd said my s****r's name. Not her character's name. Dana's eyes opened, a bit confused. Her hand was still pressed against my breast. She noticed and pulled her hand back like it had been burned.

"Wow that was really good," she said and for a moment I thought she was praising the kiss, "I mean we really nailed the kiss, why did you stop before saying your line?" I felt flustered all the sudden, I desperately wanted to cover my nakedness, I felt too exposed. I slowly eased my s****r's legs out of my lap.

"No, it was very good," I said, ignoring her second question, "But it just sort of convinced me that Pete is right. We need to save it for the show." I explained. Dana furrowed her brow and looked concerned.

"Are you sure?" she asked, then noticed the way I was sort of fidgeting, "Are you okay?"

"No," I said, "I mean, No, I am okay," I responded, knowing that I was speaking gibberish.

"Okay," Dana said, still uneasy.

"No, we are just so close to the date, I get a little nervous. I don't want to lose what we have got, I want this to be a success," I said.

"Oh so do I," Dana said passionately, "I think I understand." And it seemed that she was thinking professionally again, allowing me to slink into my room, and ignore my own very unprofessional thoughts.

Chapter 3: Performance

Two days later I was standing just off stage in the theater waiting for the curtain to rise. I was in costume, the set was up. I knew that there were a dozen or so members of the press in the audience, as well as other people that Pete invited to the show. This was our first preview performance. It was not open to the public, but it was important because it would dictate what sort of reviews the show would get before opening night. And, from this actor's perspective, there was really no difference between a preview and the actual opening night. I knew that some of the reporters were old-fashioned newspaper reporters, though most were bloggers. It was important that all of them think that my performance was a turning point in my career, they needed to buy me as high powered leading lady that took chances.

But the butterflies in my stomach weren't about that. I looked back over my shoulder and saw Dana sitting on a box behind stage, talking casually to a member of the crew. I knew she was nervous, but she looked beautiful. She saw me looking at her and she smiled at me and gave me a thumbs up. And then the curtain started to rise and I prepared to walk out on stage. A stage where I would soon be simulating sex with my s****r in front of about a hundred people. And no one would even know what they were looking at.

The play started and it felt right. All of our hard work was evident by the fact that it was not evident. The crew was amazing. Everything I, or one of the other actors, did onstage was enhanced a hundred times by how well everything ran backstage. And there was a lot to work with in terms of acting talent. Everyone brought their A-game that night. Even the woman who played a business rival of mine in the play, who I'd always felt had lent a sort of unnecessary priggish quality to her character, seemed more authentic that night.

And Dana was wonderful. She absolutely stole the show. If she were anyone other than my s****r, I would be a little jealous of her. But I wasn't, I just wanted her to succeed. Moreover, her performance had this sort of youthful vigor that was contagious. She gave so much to the performance that I was able to just sort of feed off this liveliness. It became part of my performance as well. Dana gave the edge that I needed to make a really powerful performance. The scene where they first kiss, in the bathroom, was potent, she could feel the oxygen go out of the room.

After that scene, the stage went dark. Dana and I ran back to our dressing rooms. I could hear the crew rearranging the set so that the party and bathroom scenery was transformed into a set showing my character's house. I moved quickly, tearing off my clothes and leaving them in a pile in the dressing room. In another moment, I was out of the stage. It was so dark that I knew none of the people in the audience could see my body. But they would soon. I felt incredibly nervous. But then I felt a tap on my shoulder. I glance over and saw my s****r looking beautiful.

"Better sit down," she said and I nodded and flopped onto the couch. She climbed into my lap like she had two days before in my actual apartment. She had her legs d****d over my lap and her ass pressed against my thigh. Her arms were d****d around my neck and my hand was on her back. And we closed our eyes and pressed our lips together. And then the lights came on. And everyone in the audience saw two s****r, naked, kissing. Bu they didn't know they saw that.

Just like before, I pulled my s****r in with my hand and rubbed her leg. And the same flood of emotions poured over me. Again, I could not control myself, I had to grab my s****r's tight little breast and I had to suck hard on her tongue. I moaned when I heard her gasping for air and all of this was made more intense because people were watching us. People were uncomfortable enough, seeing two women naked and making love on stage, but if they knew that we were s****r, it would be a thousand times worse. And that, for some reason, turned me on, pushed me harder and harder into the role. My s****r's hands moved over my body, touching my breasts and my face. The entire theater filled with our sexual tension. Finally, our kiss broke. And... I said my line. It was perfect. You could feel the energy in the room, but Dana and I continued to work through the scene professionally, speaking casually to one another in the nude.

Finally, the scene ended. The lights went out on the stage. Dana and I were still nude on the sofa. She leaned forward and kissed me gently on the cheek, "We are really doing it!" she whispered.

"We haven't done anything yet," I explained. Still feeling the kiss on my cheek. But I didn't have time to think. We rushed off the stage and got dressed for our next scenes. After another scene, the first Act ended. The second, and final, Act was going to be much more intense, both in the acting requirements of the performance, and the sexual actions.

Because we were between Acts, the curtain was down and the lights were on. The first scene of Act two would open in my character's bedroom. I was standing near the bed, wearing nothing but a robe. Dana was standing across from me, wearing the same thing. Pete was standing next to me talking.

"We are looking good out there, don't you think?" he asked and I just nodded, "You and Dana were... wow...that was hot." He said. He was clearly very excited and I think that the play was really coming out the way he'd seen it in his mind. He looked at his watch.

"Come on guys," he whispered loudly to the crew, "We want to get the curtain up in five." The crew swore at Pete but moved a little faster. The bed was in the middle of the stage now. In a few minutes they were done. I took off my robe, handed it to Pete, and then climbed up onto the bed. The mattress was a big California King number. It was covered in big pillows and billowy comforters. There was a spot in the middle of the bed, obscured from the audience by all of the blankets, where a large foam cone was placed. It was underneath the sheets and looked like a big white bump. I slid into the middle of the bed, sitting so that the foam lump was between my legs.

Dana took off her robe as well and climbed up onto the bed. I watched the way her muscles tensed and her body twisted as she worked her way through the thick blankets. She was grinning and her happiness was contagious. Finally she reached the middle of the bed as well. She moved so that the foam bump was between her legs as well, facing me. I felt her hot skin as she d****d on leg over mine. I lifted my other leg and let her slide her's underneath of it. Now our legs were sort of d****d over one another, our vaginas pushed up against the cone. We were sort of simulating a scissoring position. We scooted in closer, getting comfortable.

I moved one of my hands so that it was on my s****r's thigh and then reached across my body and grabbed her hand. We held each other's arms tightly, pulling each other into the foam. I could feel her body pressing against my bare pussy through the foam. She had a wicked look on her face and I knew that it was because the curtain was about to rise. But I liked the way it looked. Finally Pete and the crew moved of the stage. The curtain started to rise.

"OHH!!" Dana moaned loudly. We began to writhe on the bed, pushing our pussies together (or as close together as they would go). The curtain was all the way up. The audience was watching us, throwing our heads back, moaning. I felt my nipples hardening and my pussy felt wet. I could feel my juices soaking into the sheets. But I didn't care. I kept my eyes on my s****r. I was watching the way she moved at her waist, twisting and gyrating fluidly. Her breasts moved. And Oh God, her voice. She was screaming in a sexy, staccato fashion. She was chanting my character's name. I followed her lead, grinding and moaning and loving every minute.

And I adored the resistance that the foam gave me. I liked that I could feel my s****r's body through the foam. Each thrusting of her hip, each grind, worked through the foam. The soft silk sheets pressed against my clit, sliding up and down. Each movement she made caused a chill to run up and down my spine. I bit my lip to keep from screaming in a fashion too unreserved for my character.

"Oh fuck me!" My s****r yelled and I moved my hand from her thigh and grabbed my own breast, squeezing it and pinching my nipples. We started to rock our hips faster, pushing harder. Dana's hair was in her face and she was playing with her own breasts. I heard a growl escape form my throat. Soon we weren't even thrashing in a rhythm, we were just making wild, a****l motions. And then... we both pretended to cum at the same time. My face almost fell as the "orgasm" subsided. Just pretending.

I think that I was probably actually pretty close to cumming, but I knew that I had to stop. I looked over at Dana, she was already slowing down, preparing to perform. I suddenly remembered where I was, and what I was doing. I said my next line. Dana said her next line and then we stood up from the bed, walking around casually. Naked, but no longer sexual.

The play kept going and my thoughts became professional once again. If anything, we became sharper in the second act. We found the right pace for everything. There were no mistakes. I could feel the perfection in my performance and I knew that Dana was bringing it out of me. I hoped that some of her strong work was the result of my influence, but I wasn't worried about it. Things were going too well.

Finally, the play started to build towards the end. We did one scene and then another. The second to last scene was the dramatic climax of the play. Two very important elements in the play came together and sort of explode. I played it calmly, but passionately. I was trying to show an intense reserve. I could tell by the way the audience sat forward in their seats, their hands over their mouths that it was working. When Dana spat out the final lines of the scenes the audience gasped, and they were supposed to. Then the stage went black.

Finally, we had arrived at the final scene. The final sexual action of the play. The last scene once again took place in my character's bedroom. The stage was still dark as I disrobed and the crew quietly moved the bed back into place. This time the foam was not in the center of the bed.

The final scene wasn't really a scene at all, it was more of an aside. I would give a monologue regarding my character's business dealings. However, the entire scene would be highly sexualized. It was just a sort of exclamation point on Pete's story. Even after getting through everything else, I was still a little bit nervous about this scene.

The crew moved off the stage and I climbed onto the bed. I sat with my back against the headboard and spread my legs wide. There weren't blankets or pillows anymore, if the lights had been on, everyone would see my bare pussy. But then Dana walked back out on the stage. She was naked again and she climbed onto the bed as well. She got on her hands and knees and crawled between my legs.

Her face looked nervous but innocent. Her eye lashes were so long and her face looked so pale in the low light. She looked up at me once and gave a little smile. I winked back at her, not knowing what else to do. I breathed heavily. I knew my pussy was already wet, or perhaps still wet from before. I wondered what she smelled as she carefully lowered her head between my legs. Her ass was up in the air, facing the crowd. She moved so that her nose was only an inch away from my clitoris, just barely hovering over it. But no closer. I could feel the heat of her breath against my wet pussy and my clitoris ached when her breath pressed her pressure into it. My eyes rolled back in my head, my nipples responded to her. But then the lights came on. I moaned theatrically, throwing my head back.

I moaned for a while, just letting the crowd watch as my little s****r's head bobbed a little, while she pretended to eat my pussy. Then I looked at the crowd with a devilish look on my face. I started giving my monologue. Dana continued to pretend to eat my pussy, her ass wiggling bare to the crowd. Everyone could see my little s****r's asshole. I wondered what my father would think.

Then, I started to speak faster, as my monologue got more aggressive. Following the actions that Pete had laid out exhaustively in rehearsal I put my head down between my legs and pressed my fingers against Dana's forehead. I shoved her once hard. She grunted and then flopped all the way over, onto her bed, like I was a superhero. Her breasts slide up towards here face as she landed on her back and then jiggled on her chest. I kept talking.

Then, after a few more words I leaned forward on my hands and knees and started to crawl forward. My s****r was still lying on her back on the bed, but it was important that I ignore her. I stared out into the crowd and delivered my lines. But I crawled over top of my s****r. My knee landed on her thigh, my hand on her breast. But I crawled over her slowly. I felt her body slid underneath of mine and could feel her breath on my tits, my stomach, and my pussy. Finally, I got to the edge of the bed, moving through her long beautiful hair. I kept talking.

My s****r, now behind me, rolled over onto her stomach. She waited a moment (as per our rehearsed choreography) and then she popped up on her knees behind me. I kept talking, ignoring her. She grabbed my ass cheeks now, her fingers sinking into my flesh. Then she spread them wide. And still I kept belting out my lines, ostensibly ignoring her.

She then dipped her face between my ass cheeks. Only I could tell that she stopped just an inch before my little pink anus. She bobbed her head just like she had before, pretending she was eating my asshole. But I kept ignoring her. Using all my will, because I could feel her hair d****d over my ass cheeks and her air against my little hole. Part of me wanted to push my ass back, to actually feel her lips on my anus. But I kept saying my lines.

Finally, I lifted one foot and placed it against Dana's stomach. I said my very last line and then I kicked her back, so that she flopped down onto the bed. And then, the curtain closed. The play was finished. It was out of my hands now. I felt that I had done everything I could. I'd helped myself, I'd helped my s****r, I'd fought my own confusing thoughts. But I had acted as well as I had ever done before. I waited to see if the world agree. I closed my eyes when I heard the applause, fighting back tears. It was almost like an orgasm. Absolutely perfect.

Chapter 4: Curtain Call

Later, much later, after I'd slipped on my robe and bowed with the rest of the cast to the audience; after I'd accepted roses from Pete; after I'd kissed Dana on stage and bowed with just her; after I'd gone back stage and spoke excitedly with the cast and crew; after I went out to dinner with the whole crew and celebrated; after I went out with Dana and the rest of the cast for drinks; and after I'd caught a cab with my s****r, I stumbled, a little bit d***k, into my apartment. I felt absolutely ecstatic. Every instinct I'd had about my performance had been confirmed by everyone else in the cast and crew. They all thought it was perfect. That Dana and I had nailed it. And all of the tension that I'd felt during the weeks of rehearsal had slipped from me. I was calm and happy.

Dana stumbled into the apartment after me and I giggled when she bumped into me. She was almost as happy as I was. She hadn't stopped smiling all night and had debriefed everyone about the performance, asking what she did well and what she could do better. I was so proud of her. And now we were both exhausted and content as we walked into the living room.

So many weeks of rehearsal and we no longer ever thought about what to do when we got into the living room. We instantly disrobed without even thinking and in a few minutes we were both sitting on the couch, naked. Giggling, d***k, and talking through how well the performance had gone. I saw a light out of the corner of my eyes and saw my phone light up.

"Oh I have two missed calls," I said looking at it, "Two voicemails from Pete and my agent! They must've thought of some new things they wanted to say about how beautiful and talented we are" Dana laughed and I put the phone on speaker and pushed to play. Pete's message came up first and his slightly slurred speech filled my living room.

"Hey, Eliza. Just wanted to say that tonight's performance was...Awesome. You really kicked ass. One of my buddies runs an off-Broadway review blog and he said that he is writing a love note. I just couldn't be happier. It turned out better than I expected. Okay, see you at work."

"Can't beat that," Dana said, smiling. Then my manager's voicemail started.

"Eliza, its Cal. Hey, I was in the audience tonight for you and I want you to know, it was really great. I mean, there was a buzz with the press and everything afterwards. I am hearing that everybody is going to be giving you rave reviews. I mean the kind of reviews that will open up doors to bigger and better things. I wasn't sold when you told me about this little plan to go off-Broadway. But I can admit when you are right and I am wrong. Oh, and since I was the bigger man there and admitted you are a genius, don't get all crazy actress-chick on me when I ask you this next thing: your co-star, I think he name was Dana Watling, who is her representation? She was fucking fantastic too. She looking for someone a little higher profile? Do me a favor and ask her to give me a call. Okay, I gotta run. Congrats again on the show."

"Uh, actually, I'd say that was the voicemail to beat," I said turning to my s****r. Her eyes were wide and her hand was over her mouth.

"Oh my God Eliza, critics like our play! And someone wants to represent me," she said. I was thinking about my own success, I wondered what sorts of bigger and better things were on the horizon. But I was proud of my s****r too. I leaned forward and hugged her. It was a s****r hug and I felt tears running down her cheeks and landing on my shoulder. I barely noticed that our bare breasts were pressed together.

"Thank you so much Eliza," Dana said, sounding a bit choked up, "I couldn't have done this without you."

"Hey, what are s****r's for if not to do all kinds of weird things on stage with," I said and we both laughed. But Dana was shaking her head.

"Not just that, I mean your whole performance. You made me look like a better actress," she explained and I felt really touched. I smiled rubbed Dana's arm.

"You brought out a great performance in me also, I think Pete was right, we had good chemistry," I said.

"You really are a great actress Eliza. I mean there were times when... never mind," she said. She was blushing all of the sudden and was looking down at her feet.

"No, what is it?" I asked. She looked very nervous for some reason.

"Well..." she said, staring at her hands while her fingers twisted together, "Well, there were just times when we would rehearse or something you know, and you would just perform so well that...I wasn't just acting, I could like feel the emotions that we were trying to create." My slightly d***k mind couldn't quite figure out what she was trying to say.

"I don't understand..." I said.

"Oh God Eliza, fine I will just come out and say it. Your passion sometimes made me feel aroused. Sometimes it felt like I wasn't acting, it was like you really wanted me and I wanted you. So I just wanted to say you are a great actress because you made me feel that way," she said all in a single breath. I felt like the wind had been knocked out of me. Everything I'd felt, all my confusion and insecurity, my s****r had felt them too. The realization was almost too much for me. The day had been too jammed with important things. What did anything about today mean?

"Oh Dana," I said suddenly feeling a rush of sympathy and understanding for my little s****r. But she misread my comment.

"I know, I shouldn't have said anything. I feel like a pervert," she scrambled, "It was really just supposed to be a compliment about your acting. I don't really think that you are attracted to me and I don't...I don't think I am really attracted to you." And that one little work 'think' set off something in my brain. My s****r was saying more than she intended.

I stared at her now. I looked at her bright pink lips, quivering slightly; I looked at her hair d****d messily over her shoulders, covering her breast; I looked at her nipples and perky little breasts; I looked at her flat stomach and long legs; and I looked between her legs and saw the tight red slit between it. I realized that I hadn't just been acting, I'd been feeling something for her and I needed to stop lying to myself. What was more; this beautiful creature felt the same way about me. Part of me called out a warning, said that meant I needed to get dressed and go to my room immediately, and quit the production. That I was too close to something terrible and unforgivable. Then my s****r spoke, in her sweet little voice, apparently uncomfortable by my long silence.

"I'm sorry Eliza, I wouldn't have said anything except I am a little d***k..." She said, but hearing her innocent and vulnerable voice had pushed everything else out of my head. I just needed her now. I pounced forward, toppling her back onto the couch. She spread her legs as her head landed against the armrest. I landed on top of her, between her legs. My breasts pushed against her nipples and I planted my lips on hers. For a moment she felt frozen under my body, her lips stiff and her body rigid.

"Eliza," she said, muffled by my mouth. Then, I felt her entire body relax and I heard her let out a low sigh. I breathed her air into my mouth as her arms wrapped around me and her lips softened, accepting my kiss.

My entire body felt on fire as Dana's arms pulled me into her. Our tongues met in each other's mouths, I licked her teeth and gums, trying to taste every delicious part of her. She reciprocated, lapping at me tongue and tasting my saliva. My nipples were hard and my much larger breasts pushed into her's, covering her breasts. But I could feel her nipples as they pressed into me and I knew mine were pressing into her. I could feel her pussy pressing against mine, wet. My clit was hard and as we kissed I started to grind my hips into hers. I even put my hands on her hips, holding her in place so that I could grind into her.

My s****r's clit was hard as well, and I could hear her gasping into my mouth as I moved. I felt her thrusting her hips up into me as well. I breathed deeply, trying to breathe in my s****r's wonderful scent as I kept the pressure on. My s****r's clean-shaven pussy was so wet that soon both of our clits were dripping wet. The wetness cut down on any hint of friction and soon we were sliding easily, our clits rubbing smoothly and deliciously. I broke our kiss and started to lick my s****r's neck. I don't know why, I'd never been a licker before, but I wanted to taste every inch of my s****r.

"Oh lick me Eliza, and fuck me!" my s****r moaned as I sucked on her ear lobe. I felt her hands moving around my sides as she tried to rub my breasts. I pushed back using her hips, pushing me body into a more erect position. My s****r's ear popped out of my mouth. Dana's hands flew to my breasts. I kept rocking my hips, rubbing my clit against hers. And her hands moved over my breasts, squeezing my flesh and pinching my hard nipples. I was gasping for air and looking at my little s****r's beautiful face.

I started to press my clit harder into her body, moving faster. I felt the orgasm building inside of me. It was like a vibrating hum deep inside of my body, building and building, and then suddenly reaching an unbearable crescendo. I heard myself yell out and then the most intense wave of pleasure I'd ever felt washed over my body and I couldn't feel anything else. The feeling was so transcendent, so far beyond any orgasm I'd ever had in my life, that I don't believe that it is even possible to describe it. It was, without hyperbole, heaven. I fell forward against my s****r's chest, breathing heavily.

It took a few minutes before I was completely in control of myself again. I was laying on my s****r's breast and I could feel her hands playing in my hair. I looked and saw that one of her little pink nipples was right next to my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked it in. I felt a shiver run through my s****r's body as I began to suck on her nipple. I moved a hand over her other breast, kneading it carefully. I knew my s****r hadn't cum yet, she was still just on the edge. I wanted to push her over. I wanted to reward her with the pleasure that I felt. She kept playing with my hair, something guaranteed to drive me wild.

After a few minutes of playing gently with her breasts, I pulled back, letting her tit pop audibly out of my mouth. Dana whimpered and then looked up at me, "What are you doing Eliza?" She asked and I smiled. I put my hands under her armpits and started to pull her up. At first, she just laid there, but then she understood what I was doing and carefully I set her in a seated position on the arm of the couch. Her knees were together.

I got down on my hands and knees on the couch cushion. I crawled towards her, looking at her bright, almost feverishly aroused eyes. I put my hands on her knees and spread her legs apart. My s****r blushed and bit her fingertips. She looked so sexy and innocent. I let my hands run on the inside of her thighs, slowly moving to where her legs came together. I kept crawling forward on my hands and knees.

In a few seconds I was right in between Dana's legs. I breathed in deeply, and I could smell my s****r's arousal. She had a beautiful aroma, so delicate and feminine. My mouth watered. Her legs were spread wide and her pussy lips were open. They were so tight and pink, I wanted to feel the silky skin. She was literally dripping wet, her cunt leaving little drops on the couch. Her clit was hard and almost vibrating with arousal. I moved my head closer.

"Oh fuck Eliza, please lick my cunt, please I need it," Dana said finally, overwhelmed by my slow, teasing pace. She bounced up at down as she begged, her tight little tits bouncing and her pussy dripping. I couldn't make her, or me, wait any longer. I leaned forward and pressed my face into my s****r's cunt.

"Oh Christ!" Dana moved and I felt her body get rigid. Her pussy lips were so soft and silky, my lips felt like they melted into them. I felt her hard, wet clit pressed against my nose, so I wiggled it and smiled when I heard my s****r gasp. I opened my mouth and started to lap at my s****r's cunt. Her juices, and mine, were slathered all over her pussy lips. She tasted salty, thick, and heavenly. My tongue moved up and down her wet slit, poking inside of her body. I wanted to suck out all her juices, to taste every inch of her. I liked the way her thick honey felt on my tongue and on the insides of my cheek. I kept licking her, lapping at her, for a very long time. Just enjoying the flavor. I felt my own cunt getting wet again, I could feel my juices running down my leg.

But I couldn't stop there; I knew what my baby s****r needed. I moved licked up to the very top of her pussy, finding hard little clit. Tentatively, I stuck out my tongue and flicked her clit once. Instantly my s****r moaned and then her hands flew up and grabbed my head, pulling me in. I smiled, she was definitely ready to burst. I moved my lips over her clit, popping it into my mouth. It felt hard and smooth and tasted of her juices. I sucked on it slowly, letting my tongue swirl around on it.

While I sucked on my s****r' clitoris, I moved my fingers up between her legs. Her pussy was still sopping wet, even wetter now that it was coated in my saliva. I could feel the heat of her cunt as my fingers brushed against it. I didn't stop licking her as my fingers began to slowly push into her tight pussy. One finger at first, I felt her body squeeze me tight. She was so incredibly tight that at first I didn't think I could fit another finger into her, but I carefully worked it in. I felt the ridges inside of her body and the soft, wet, pillowy inside of her pussy. I moved my tongue and my fingers in unison. I could hear my s****r panting as I started to move faster and faster, but always with the same speed for my tongue and my fingers. Dana's hands pulled hard on my hair and I heard her start to hold her breath. And for a brief second she was completely quiet and her body became completely stiff.

"Oh God!" she suddenly sighed and then her whole body shook as she slowly relaxed. Her breath coming out in a hard, ragged moan. I tasted her cum, thicker and creamier than her earlier arousal, as it dripped from her cunt. I licked it up, savoring the flavor of my s****r's sexual essence. Then slowly, I moved back and sat down on the couch, my face glistening with my s****r's juices.

For a moment, I just looked at Dana, she slid back down onto the couch, looking completely relaxed. Eventually her eyes open and she looked at me and giggled. I giggled back and then leaned over towards her. We kissed, this time less erotically, but perhaps more passionately. Our tongues dipped gently into each other's mouths, my s****r's juices mixing on our lips. Finally, she broke the kiss.

"That was amazing!" she said, "I've never done anything like that."

"Well I wouldn't think so, I am your only s****r," I said and she giggled conspiratorially. It was our little taboo together, or great big taboo together, and it felt great to share it.

"I don't just mean that, I mean I've never been with a girl before," she explained.

"Me neither," I explained. She then gave me a strange little look, but didn't say anything. I saw her appraising me. Finally, I couldn't take it any longer.

"What!?" I asked, "What are you looking at?" She giggled again, but spoke back quickly.

"Can I try something else I've never tried?" she asked.


"Just say I can, and I will show you," she said, biting her lip and giving me a naughty look. I could hardly resist that. I bit my lit back.

"Deal," I said.

"Get up on your hands and knees!" she said excitedly. I didn't have any idea what she had in mind, but I'd promised. And I was so aroused at that point, I would have agreed to do anything she suggested. I quickly got up on my hands and knees on the couch, facing Dana.

"Now what?" I asked. She didn't say anything, she just got up from the couch and walked around so that she was behind me. I looked over my shoulder and watched as she climbed onto the couch behind me. She had a very serious look on her face. She leaned forward and put her palms flat on my ass, I felt the pressure as her fingers sunk into my flesh. For a few moments she just squeezed my ass and massaged my flesh. I moaned a little, it felt nice.

"You know, I'd never thought of anything like this until I got casted in this play, now I am so curious," she said. For a moment I didn't know what she was talking about and then she leaned forward and simultaneously spread my ass cheeks apart. For a brief second I just felt her breath on my anus and then something more. A hot, wetness on my asshole and I realized she was licking it.

"Holy fuck Dana," I said, my knees feeling weak. Her tongue was delicate and hot against my asshole. No one had ever done that to me before. The feeling was intense. There are so many nerves there and Dana was so gentle. Her tongue lapped up and down on my anus, I felt her probe my little crinkled spot with her tongue. She sometimes made her tongue thick and flat and just lapped at it. Other times, she made it sort of rigid and poked at me. Whatever she did, it felt amazing. As she licked me I started to rub my breast with one of my hands, barely keeping balance. The sensation got more and more intense. I needed something more. She lapped slowly and lovingly for a long time. But I felt tension rising. Finally, I needed something more.

"Oh baby, Dana, please honey, put something in my ass!" I begged. I'd never wanted this before in my life, even when guys I dated begged for it. Now I was begging, I needed something there, now.

"What?" Dana asked, her tongue briefly moving from my ass. She buried her face back in it as she waited for the answer.

"I don't care, shove your fingers up my ass, God please hurry," I begged, squeezing on my breasts hard. I felt my s****r's tongue move away from my asshole again and she positioned. I heard her lick one of her fingers and felt her place it against my asshole. Even as she just set her finger, she rolled over onto her back, her legs d****d over the side of the couch. Her face was now directly under my pussy and I squatted down onto her face, putting my pussy onto her mouth.

I felt her tongue raking over my swollen clitoris and I squealed with delight. As she started to lick me, I looked underneath my body, and I could see the top of her head and her beautiful eyes, open and looking at my belly. She looked up at me and smiled around my pussy. Then she started to shove her finger into my asshole. She was gentle, but fast. I grunted a little as the pressure built and felt her finger slipping inside of me. Her mouth kept its constant pressure on my clit as her finger dipped, inch by inch into my asshole. I felt each knuckle pop into my ass and groaned each time, but in a way that let her know I wanted more. Finally, I felt her hand against my ass and I knew she was all the way in. She started to stroke her finger inside of my asshole to the same rhythm that she licked my cunt.

I was too unbearably horny to stand this sort of thing for very long. Her speed built and I began to moan loudly. I just kept chanting my s****r's name, over and over again, in time with her movements. And as the pleasure of my second orgasm washed over me all I could think about was my s****r and how much I loved her. The emotion I felt as I came added to the pure physical power of the orgasm and, as it subsided, I found that there were tears in my eyes.

Dana slid out from underneath of me, her face wet. After I caught my breath I rolled over on my back and looked at my s****r. She was sitting on the arm of the couch now, her finger in her mouth. She was sucking dutifully on the finger that had just moments before but crammed into my asshole. She was a dirty thing, I wondered where that would lead us in the future. I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her down on top of me. She giggled and then plopped her finger into my mouth, I tasted her saliva and my ass and loved the complete sensation.

"Tastes good huh?" she asked and I nodded. "I can't believe this happened. Were you feeling this way the whole time?" She asked after she took one more lick of her finger.

"Sort of," I said, feeling sheepish suddenly.

"Why didn't you say something?"

"Why didn't you? You always acted so professionally, I thought we were just acting," I explained. And she snorted derisively.

"Me? You're the one who always talked in acting notes. And if you felt anything you could've responded to some of the stupid little hints I dropped, like laying in your lap while we watched movies or climbing into the shower with you. Heck, you almost caught me that one time when I was masturbating on the bed, I had to pretend I was sl**ping. I wasn't being real subtle." She said and I started laughing. And she joined me. Maybe we were both better actresses than we thought, we'd both fooled each other. I leaned forward impulsively and kissed her passionately, but gently. We playfully giggled even while we kissed. After a long while our kiss broke, and we just lay on the couch holding each other, content. After a long while, she spoke again.

"What does this mean?" she asked, "What happens next?" She asked and I had no idea. I had been wondering the same thing. It seemed we were always thinking the same thing at the same time.

"I don't know Dana," I said, "I can't tell you what will happen in the future. This certainly isn't normal. But I don't know if I want to stop. But I do know one thing."

"What's that?"

"Well until this play stops we don't really have a choice. We have to keep doing this. I think we both want this play to have a nice long run, so let's go to my bedroom and rehearse," I said playfully and my s****r giggled. Then we walked, hand and hand, as lovers to the bed.

The End
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