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b*****rhood of Janus: First Gathering

Anna and her son Janus and the Death of Cyrus

... with their three cocks at once.

Oh god I moaned out Janus I need your b*****r’s cock in me too I moaned . How I ... Oh god Janus I moaned out and grit my teeth as loud embarrassing farting noises expelled from my ... with his hard manly cock?

Yes Janus oh god yes, but you’re so much bigger and …oh god Janus just fuck... Continue»
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Freewill 504: Pary 4

... time to get ready. I knew it was a mistake to let Kim go first since she was notoriously slow when ... for the crowd. There was a loud cheer and the flash of cameras. Those gathered around chanted for her to do ... like I had to. I climbed the two steps and looked around over top of the crowd. For the first time I... Continue»
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Arrogance the aphrodisiac

... or gatherings, even sl**ping with a couple of the guys and on one particular drink addled evening taking ... of the party guests were gathered just outside. He licked my neck as he pulled his huge fingers from ... beautiful cock.
His moans were increasing and I needed to feel this b**st inside me. I stood up and climbed... Continue»
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The Initiation into Elaida's BDSM. Coven

... concrete floor.  Boots of leather, rubber and vinyl, worn by the 25 or 30 men and women gathered ... to watch and participate in my humiliation and initiation
The first lash fell across my back and I bit ... heard the gathering moving behind me again.  I stared up into her now flushed face and knew that I... Continue»
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Culture Shock 21/23

... getting to her knees on the floor. The first time she'd tried it this way had been successful, so ... . Gathering more lube, she pushed it inside herself and all around, hoping it would help with her 'chore ... getting boned for the first time, aren't you?"

Elaine's jaw dropped. She hadn't told Kendra she... Continue»
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B.t.V.S: Brat's All Woman-Size

... it would be with B. Chains would definitely be needed the first time. B would grit her teeth and try ... ... and then she'd gotten sick to death of it. She'd snapped at the Brat and turned the first of her friends ... of the Potentials! And giving Faith an even colder reception than B. Faith was the "tried-to-kill-your-s... Continue»
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College life 10

... on a grassy knoll and gazed out across the vacant field. I cried a
little at first out of self pity ... , we're a team b*****r, so if you need anything, you just holler,"
Juan said.

"Yeah dude, just ... gathered down the hall in the big room to watch our
team on national television. It was just okay... Continue»
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Some Day My Prince Will Come

... cute little
camel toe.

Her pert but quite big titties came into view. A large B or small C cup ... hair tidied but not removed, just perfectly groomed, down to his
b*llocks, just beautiful ... husband
and I , and her b*****r Andy were all in a jacuzzi. Her b*****r Andy who looks like a male... Continue»
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College life 29

... .

Kris and I were up on Tuesday to head off to class after a boring Monday.
After the first class ... money for me with a promise to meet before our ski trip
for a little Christmas gathering.

"Matt ... , I felt like shit. I did get up and
shower as usual for my Wednesday classes. During my first... Continue»
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The Man From The Matrix pt.8

... of the first spots he’ll look for us.
Roxanne got in and Gabriel walked around the front to the driver’s ... asked.
“I figured we’d grab a bite to eat first. Then I’ll drive us to a nice quiet spot ... , distracted, “can you do that for me?”
“You can count on me, b*o.”
“I’ll make sure Roxanne gives you... Continue»
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How Bimbo Felecia Got Her Start!

... feeling dizzy before finally gathering up enough energy to get up. When she stood up she could feel ... her breasts had grown to an enormous size. She was nothing but a B-cup last night, and now she ... , what is your name my dear?"

She just looked at him with confusion. It was the first time anyone... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #4: Falling Pieces #2

... down. Since they first got together, she had kept their relationship extremely secret, and the only ... .

* * *

The first day of school at Hollywood Arts went by without any real hitches. There were a couple of new ... cold and empty at first to Tori, but then the smell of his hair flooded her nostrils. The scent... Continue»
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B5 Chapter 14 Jordan's Conquests - Jordan Suc

... into the moisture that was beginning to gather there. Her breath was coming in short, sharp pants ... the flared helmet and enveloping the first several inches in velvety heat. Cleo moaned when she saw ... . In seconds, Cleo's cock was filling with bl**d, and began assuming the dimensions of the b**st... Continue»
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Master's First Inspection

... Master’s First Inspection
By Daddy_Jack

The little one stands before Him for the first time ... her shapely curves and perfect B cup breast. Her chestnut hair is down to her shoulders flowing ... tells her, the sexual tension is electric.

She remembers their first aborted meeting, and how empty... Continue»
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His Primal Urge

... the fuckin' way! Ssssswwweeeeeeet!"

The b**st sank into the nether depths of him, paused to gather its ... first taste of sperm and hooked him for good. His mouth watered in anticipation as he quickened his ... and panting breath, he did so, stopping after a dozen paces beside a large bush.

"First of all... Continue»
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Anna the Slave and Brutus's Special Place

... was the first man to take me there. Oh Brutus how I remember the soft wet feel of his lips on me ... the march of the Moors. Janus and I will be your lovers mother. We’ll bring you the pleasure you ... that at first though I have to admit I said to Brutus. When your father wanted to take me there I... Continue»
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bb 2

... morning then not.
We gathered around her naked form, she was dry and her normally wavy, curly hair ... and stupid to stop us… so stupid you even followed us back home, in the belly of the b**st.” I spoke ... you have, and that actually pissed me off when I first heard it but now I am glad I know, because... Continue»
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Jessiva Chapter Three

... the full extent of what her b*****r was telling her. Her mother was going to be the party girl at Bill’s b ... anxiety her b*****r told her. You’ll be alright once we get there and the party gets started. Her b ... for the night is. He then handed her a coat and they left together for Jessica’s very first blow bang... Continue»
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Hilary Duff & Haylie Duff

... , and the first man grabbed her, and the two men began working the kicking and screaming woman out of her car. She ... feet. The first man laughed at her as she flailed her arms trying to break free again. He stepped ... will be great.”

On the way over, it was a silent ride for the first little while. Hilary... Continue»
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College life spring semester 7



"Did it snow, Matt?" Kris said first thing when he woke up this Sunday ... getting blasted. We did
sent plenty their way. Now the cold didn't matter with a few students
gathered ... gathered and sliding along the seat of their pants.
Kris and Colt threw down the boxes and off they went... Continue»
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