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animal sex stories -2

JoJo Sex Story 2

... the story her, minus the bits about him getting into her pants of course.

“That was my reaction ... had sex with a guy,” Fred said, looking right at JoJo when he said it. When she hesitated, he ... .

“Thanks,” JoJo said, blushing at the odd compliment. “I’ve never had sex with a girl.”

James and Fred... Continue»
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a****l sex stories -2

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Chapter 2

She stepped back, glanced ... quivering.
The air around them reeked with sex.

Priscilla grabbed the saddle horn, held it tight... Continue»
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A Pony For Daughter (a****l sex stories) -- 2

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Chapter 2

She stepped back, glanced ... quivering.
The air around them reeked with sex.

Priscilla grabbed the saddle horn, held it tight... Continue»
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HP sex story 2

... . The night he and Hermonie had sex he left it in the commenroom and found it gone when he woke up ... .

Harry remembered how Hermonie had taken it when she had Sex with Harry about 3 days ago.

Soon ... , no time for telling of sex.

“Anyways” began Harry. Changing the subject, “should we have a bit... Continue»
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Story (2) My first time having sex at work .....

... It was a couple of months after my birthday. I had not long turned into a teenager. I had worked in the hotel for about 8 months. I was sad when the owners left and the new owners took over. Kate... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #7

... the smell. It was the smell of sex, sweaty and hot, but also of a guy's body wash. Old Spice or something ... Tori's wet cheek, all the way down to between her legs where her sex was still pounding with both ... worked hard to let go. And the sex with her was incredible and passionate, and so intensely real... Continue»
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... . She phoned the travel agents and got probably what was a well rehearsed story, possibly read back ... to smell her sex.

"OK, you win," I conceded. "I need a holiday anyway. I'll have a word ... . Soon came the 2 hour 40 flight and the coach transfer, then finally we reached the hotel. It wasn't... Continue»
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The Berkeley Coed's Assault

... and the earliest they could do the work was approx. 2 to 3 weeks. Even though the tree had crushed the fence ... have sex with had not had a cock this large and she could now see the Rotty had even more than just ... course through Jessica’s body. Jessica could not believe this was happening, that she was having sex... Continue»
Posted by qudduse 9 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Sex Humor, Hardcore  |  

just story telling hope yall like it

... - "Unleash, was one of my anime stories I wrote back in the human world, where the main character ... from a anime shop*
"Hmm? It's already night time. Man I must have been in the store to long ... *

~ Part 2 ~
[ 6:00 a.m.]
[ The Sky Castle]

*Gets up*
"Aw man. Last night... Continue»
Posted by masterkain 9 months ago  |  Categories: Sex Humor  |  

MILF Hunter: How It All Began

... 2, 220 pounds of pure muscle, black hair, brown eyes and a very respectable 8 and a half inch cock ... great success with the ladies, having slept with over 30 coeds. But my personal view on sex changed ... possible. Unlike many younger girls I had fucked who barely moved during sex, Mrs. O'Conner... Continue»
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Unforgettable Christmas

This story begins last December at my home in the Colorado Mountains, where I was just finishing ... , your leg, whatever. I don’t think our cat will ever be the same. Animate or inanimate, Humpy would ... for sex. Hot sex. Wild sex. Any sex.
Feeling my cock stir, and knowing that I was about... Continue»
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... and waking Stevie so I just pee'd and then settled myself on the couch.

Around 2 A.M. I heard noise ... shudder as she said this. She was showing no animation when she spoke but her voice was full ... ball scoops and gouging a chunk out of my heart.

Listening to her tell her story had aroused me... Continue»
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A Cross-Dresser's tale

... sweetheart.
We never had sex, though we came close once or twice in our solid 2 year, and then once in our ... You may think of me as Fiona, and I am a cross-dresser.
A story by Erica inspired me to pen my ... porn story for self-stimulation, then this tale will bore you. I apologize for that.

But if you... Continue»
Posted by prairieFreak13 3 years ago  |  Categories: Shemales  |  
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c***d's Play

... was going on. I glanced at the bedside clock to see that it was 2:04 in the morning.
She led me ... “They’re having sex.” I wasn't reacting, reality fled the moment I saw my daughter lying with her ... getting old.”
Maxine looked into my eyes, “You had sex with two girls at the same time?”
“Yeah... Continue»
Posted by Biman2015 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Taboo, Voyeur  |  
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The first time for a nerd like me

... Hello all. This is the funny, but sexy story of my very first time. before starting i'd like to let ... to no idea about sex. i was raised kinda proper and didn't have any real knowledge of sex outside ... for me. and last was my gf Jasman. Jas was lead of the anime club at school and a rather short... Continue»
Posted by overlorddlz 2 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, First Time, Sex Humor  |  
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Jamacan Vacation

... computer. I
think years ago she saw some stories that I had printed out and read them.

She never acted ... sex yet on this trip and the truth is that we really hadn’t had sex
for a long time. Things just kept ... that happen down there. Sex
between people is as natural as breathing so if anything – people were probably... Continue»
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... you will see narrative in her own words.

Alexis and I had been married for 2 years. We had met ... .


It was barely two months when I took Alexis to the ranch to meet my parents ... ! But it was during the trip to the f****y ranch to meet my wonderful parents, hearing the wild stories... Continue»
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The Berkeley Coeds Assault

... was approx. 2 to 3 weeks. Even though the tree had crushed the fence corner, it did not appear the dog could ... , her ass. Jessica was afraid because the few boyfriends she had have sex with had not had a cock ... . Jessica could not believe this was happening, that she was having sex with a dog. Involuntarily... Continue»
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Kinky Vanilla: Chapter 1

... already. This chapter starts at the actual beginning of the story and is thus even more detailed ... and exposition-y than the prologue. The pace is crazy slow but I really want this story right. Sorry ... out on the path to an incredible sex life with each other. That's a good question actually. I guess I... Continue»
Posted by qudduse 9 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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My Wife's Revenge With My Friends

... and listened to me tell a story as we smoked. She had a tight little body, very different than Kat's ... on me and she teased about how much she liked older men. She told me a story about how she had seduced ... may as well not have been on. The guys were all paying attention to Kat, listening to her stories... Continue»
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