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an evening at the cinema

An evening at the club.

... An evening at the club.
This is my husband's memory of the experience, I can not remember much, other that it was fantastic lustfully.

We visited the ... fucked him in front of all the guys, she nodded and said, "Yes, at the moment ... Yes I wanted him so ... ... Continue»
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an evening at the cinema

... cock. I felt surprisingly at ease with that. His cock started to jerk as he started to shoot cum onto the cinema floor. I thought ... . I started to cum almost at the same time and fiddled to get my handkerchief out to wipe up the cum. To my surprise ... ... Continue»
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At the cinema (True Story)

... the VIP lounge for free drink and food before the film started. We booked the two corner seats right at the back of the cinema.

We arrived at the cinema ... ... Continue»
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Crossdressing at the cinema

... change in to when I got there. We met and had an awkward conversation before moving on to why we were there ... got to the cinema and paid at reception then made our way down the dimly lit stairs where we found a small cinema room with about ... ... Continue»
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A night at the cinema

... licks the precum off the head and circles the ridges, one hand cupping your heavy balls my other hand clasping your shaft at the base ... getting fucked at the same time, please Baby" "mmmm anything Babe,you want to see me take cock?" you tell the man fucking ... ... Continue»
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An Evening at Ms.Clarks Part 5 (Cindys story)

... to be here in less than an hour and I figured if I was extra horney, the whole evening would be that much greater.

While ... a romantic evening this is turning out to be.

After Bob had eaten his food he lookes at me like the coyote in the road ... ... Continue»
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an evening by the fireplace

An evening to remember by Michelle's fireplace.
As I drove on the lonesome highway outside of Madison and my thoughts began to wander. Evening ... ... Continue»
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Friday night at the Cock & Ass Tavern

... pint for Charlie, the old gent that took up the same stool every evening at the bar, Erica looked up at the clock on the wall. It ... there’s plenty of unoccupied backside for you to fuck.’ An eager participant with a cock dribbling a generous amount of precum ... ... Continue»
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... a lovely meal then we drove around the capitol city and saw the lights the river and the whole evening culminated at the Embassy Suites Hotel. Damn, when ... Was all I said and he froze at the sound of his name with his cock buried to the hilt om my pussy, " ... ... Continue»
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Jodie At The Beachhouse Part 2

... I want you to wear this evening. Jodie pushed her shorts down and bent over the padded arm of the sofa. Running a lubed finger ... the one she said would like to drink her piss. That reminds me I have to go, taking my dick out an going at the ... ... Continue»
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... shoes, then we went to the beauty salon to get a new 'do. While we were at the hair salon the hairdresser asked if I would ... landed in Vegas around 6 in the evening and by the time we got out luggage and transportation to the hotel and got checked in ... ... Continue»
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At the Casino

... down, then hoisted up by an eyebolt at the center of their leg spreaders until their heads cleared the floor by over two feet ... , her mouth and ass served well.

That evening, she was set up in the men's lounge for her slave stint. She knelt ... ... Continue»
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f****y vacation, 3rd evening at the Lake

... them. Kathy, said the speed boat and jet skis are already at the cove we are going to. She said the boys took them ... like an hour ride to the cove, and when we cleared the bend in the channel we saw three naked guys waving at us from the ... ... Continue»
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An afternoon at the Mall

... , and relished in the warm glow of the memory of our evening. My ... the day but needed to pick up a few little things at the mall. I offered to help.

We arrived at the ... stopped teasing Sandy and retrieved an object from the visitor. Megan’s demeanor became ... ... Continue»
Posted by Rickicd 2 years ago  |  Categories: Shemales  |  Views: 600  |  
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The office Dad enjoys an unexpected call

... to an evening at the gym though.

But when my phone rang at 3:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, and the voice on the other ... at this point. I pushed the head of my cock down from pointing to the heavens at the heaven between her legs and slammed myself to the ... ... Continue»
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An Evening at Home

... ;I'll be home in an hour."

On your way home, just thinking about the plans you have for tonight gives ... quietly connect the cords to the box, and turn the knobs up half way. She instantly begins to squirm and screams out at the sudden ... ... Continue»
Posted by acquiescent_girl 4 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, BDSM, Fetish  |  Views: 1422  |  
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An Evening at Ms. Clarks

... enough to have passed out. I looked at her laying there on the bed and I reached out ... off like a roman candle, she let out an anquished cry of satisfaction, and shoved her ... go deeper in her, and she moaned at the pleasure of it hitting new territory.
She ... ... Continue»
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An Evening at Ms. Clarks part 2

... into the kitchen to talk. She poured herself a cup of coffee, and offered me one, I accepted and we sat down at the table ... I was in weakened state!" she scowled at me. I had thought I was gonna get reported to the cops for **** or something. but then ... ... Continue»
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An Evening at Ms. Clarks Part 6 (Cindys Story part

... was sure knew what I needed at that point, and the sensation kept rising till I was at the brink of another blissfull orgasm. As my orgasm washed over me I could hold back the ... ... Continue»
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caught at the wrong time

... an found a fresh worn pair a panties. I sat on Her bed and pulled out my cock and started to jerk off an look at the pictures an sniff Her musky smelling panties. When all of a sudden the door opened and she ... ... Continue»
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