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after school

After School Special

... know why. It was already half an hour after school had been let out and he was still ... was the last day of his high school career, and after he leaves here he'll be ... now. And I feel horrible for making you stay after school. So now I'm going to make it up to ... ... Continue»
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After School Sex Tutor

After School Sex Tutor

This happened many ... times a week and that we could meet after I came home from school. That sounded like a wonderful plan to ... position. Needless to say I failed every subject at school that year, but got straight A’s from my favorite ... ... Continue»
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After School

... help me?"

"I would love to help you. Tell you what, after school come by my office. I'll grade the paper and we ... , save some teachers marking papers in their offices and some after school clubs a few floors above his office.

"I graded your paper," ... ... Continue»
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Staying after school

... decided to keep her 1 hour a day after school in his classroom.
Cathy stood staring out ... detention, one hour a day for 5 days after school. He would also have her write on the ... then walked home.
Because she stayed after school the rest of the week, she ... ... Continue»
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My After School Special

... she paused, "Kissing my ass?"

I swallowed hard, recalling "After School Special" and managed to laugh, "No seriously, you look pretty ... ." She paused then asked, "So this really turned into After School Special, what story would you like to play next?"

... ... Continue»
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... with writing essays, and I was wondering if you could stay after school and help me.”

Ms Taylor looked at her student and ... .

Taylor was worried that someone might come but it was after school so probably everyone went home. She then wiggled and saw ... ... Continue»
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... concerned, it was likely Peter's fault they were being kept after school on the last day before graduation. For someone so smart ... friendship with Racquel, even though we all went to High School together. Racquel and I were the two hottest little sluts this ... ... Continue»
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After School Special

... worked second shift.Lynn had the routine of always showering after school.Billy's sexuality was beginning to awaken,he had begun ... was f******n.He was curious about his s****r and one day after school he decided to sneak in his s****r's bedroom when she was ... ... Continue»
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after school math test

It was just a normal rainy thursday.
And I had to stay after school to finish a math test my sexy teacher was the only ... didnt

the end

my math teacher organises school dances and so on i often stay after school to finish a test or sometimes to help ... ... Continue»
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After School Sex...

... of the day, I was looking to get out of school without having anyone pinch my butt. I exited by ... stupid, I know you fucking every dick in the school, and today you gonna fuck mine so get into ... of hif substance into my oral cavity.

After School Sex... ... Continue»
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... day and just wore a short skirt and a tight top. But after school, Tommy coldly told her he wanted to break up.

Allie ... she thought - then remembered in horror that she went to school pantiless that day!

Jonny lifted his daughter's skirt... and started ... ... Continue»
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after school detention! (fiction) part 1

... at me clock that i was late for school. rushing to get out the house i got ... me that i should just kick you out the school now" he said with a evil glare

"for ... this or you are out of here"

so after school i went down to the basement where detention ... ... Continue»
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After School

... own thoughts of Aliasa. She had cheerleading practice every Tuesday after school and it was her he was waiting for. And ... under her skirt. Were they pink? White? Plaid?

It was after school, leaving the halls deserted. A perfect time for some healthy ... ... Continue»
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after school fun

... ago me and a friend were doing an after school activity when we had finished we were both ... dick he kept wanking me while sucking it and after a while i released my load into his ... to get the last little drops of cum, after that day every once a week we always ... ... Continue»
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Jerk off after school

... I would go over to a friends house after school and hangout,play video games and other young ... up to each other. One day after school we headed to his house and on ... me off. I couldn't believe what has happening, after a few seconds he stopped and I told him ... ... Continue»
Posted by rsgb111 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Masturbation, Taboo  |  Views: 3713  |  

wank after school

... I would go over to a friends house after school and hangout,play video games and other young ... up to each other. One day after school we headed to his house and on ... me off. I couldn't believe what has happening, after a few seconds he stopped and I told him ... ... Continue»
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After School Special { part 2}

... was in the middle of getting dressed for school,can I come in and talk to you ... her hand.If you don't have any plans after school today,my friend Anne wants to come over ... the bus.Billy went through the day at school,his cock throbbing in expectation of what he ... ... Continue»
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A normal day after school

... have been times I've walked in the door after school, dropped by bag by the door, and ... her skirt over dads head
"How was school?"

Dad never pulled his head out or ... since i first started fucking you in High School!"

I just kept looking at that hard cock ... ... Continue»
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Fucking my math teacher after school

... . She tells me to come to her room after school to see what work I can do. This ... was around 12 o clock …school didn’t end until 2:30. So not thinking anything ... me.”

She didn’t have to say anything after that I walked up to her and kissed ... ... Continue»
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After school breeding

Julie is a private school teacher and after school often helps to clean up.The janitor is a middle aged ... ... Continue»
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