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Your Training

The Training of a Teenage Submissive

... knees, a massive erect penis. “This is the first part of <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd>” he said. “Cock sucking.” He walked forward, grabbed Emma’s ... deep inside her rectum.

“That’s the first stage of <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd> complete.”

She was told to stand up. She wobbled ... ... Continue»
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... enjoying it upstairs while I put together the next month of <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd>. If we stick to my schedule, you should be the ... a man's cum tastes and feels while inside <ddd>your</ddd> mouth. That is essential to <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd>. Eventually you'll crave that taste. You'll ... ... Continue»
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Training for Stud

... <ddd>your</ddd> sperm and <ddd>your</ddd> resources.

After about two months of conditioning <ddd>your</ddd> genitals, move on to the stud phase of <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd>. Remember that <ddd>your</ddd> sperms are made in <ddd>your</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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... and he smiled a devilish grin.

"Good, then let's start <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd>. Obviously, I'm not <ddd>training</ddd> you to be some kind of a secretary or doing ... go. Now, since <ddd>your</ddd> arms are now useless to you, let's see what we can do here to start <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd>. First, I ... ... Continue»
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A story of a rubber slaves's training.

... my restraints with a massive groan.

“I think we ought to start <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd> with some piss confinement, slave. What do you think?”

“ ... you up after they’ve gone and we’ll continue <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd>.”

It was only once the straightjacket was pulled off ... ... Continue»
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Training of Women

... I had no choice. I said, that is just the beginning of <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd>. One of the items you will have to get used ... of sex.
Chapter 3 The learning process.
Time to begin <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd>. I have put <ddd>your</ddd> restraints on so you cannot do anything but enjoy ... ... Continue»
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How to Cuckold Your Husband

... <ddd>your</ddd> husband. For example, when you're horny, take out <ddd>your</ddd> vibrator.

A good way to help <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd> along is to change <ddd>your</ddd> appearance. Make it <ddd>your</ddd> goal to become ... ... Continue»
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The Training of Jody- Part 18: Cock Training

... neck. His cock was already begining to harden. His <ddd>training</ddd> was taking firm hold of him.
After I was ... with desire.
"Jody, as <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd> begins in earnest today, I have determined you will eat <ddd>your</ddd> breakfast while in bondage. ... ... Continue»
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Sissy slut training ends with 3 BBC's part on

... you will be doing all <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd> you fucking little slut .Roxy I want you to tell me now <ddd>your</ddd> ultimate sexuall fantasy you want to come true when you finish <ddd>your</ddd> slut <ddd>training</ddd> .Well mistress I have always ... ... Continue»
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Dicklette Stamina Training

... she said "Yes, these were for you to help with <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd>, but now.... well, we will see... now make me cum ... and shaking.
"Get on the bed, spread <ddd>your</ddd> legs so I can see <ddd>your</ddd> massive balls and <ddd>your</ddd> tiny shrivelled excuse for a cock"
I complied ... ... Continue»
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Training Nikkis Master Part 3

... a good night rest before she started <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd>, but just before you went to sl**p ... or touched for a month. As for <ddd>your</ddd> other holes I will find something for them also. I think I will begin with <ddd>your</ddd> ass bend over and show use <ddd>your</ddd> hole. Bending over ... ... Continue»
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Your Training

... i get a real good shot of <ddd>your</ddd> face with this big cock in <ddd>your</ddd> a new cock ... swallow it all and it drops onto <ddd>your</ddd> boobs now <ddd>your</ddd> working this new cock. after you ... me now. flood my pussy with <ddd>your</ddd> cum. they pound <ddd>your</ddd> cunt very hard filling you with ... ... Continue»
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Our New Life

... <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd>.
We’ll familiarize you with some of <ddd>your</ddd> new equipment.

<ddd>Your</ddd> examining tables will normally be kept in the <ddd>training</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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The Furies - must read


"We'll be <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd> crew, so let's get the introductions over, and let you draw <ddd>your</ddd> temporary bunking assignments. ... for the duration of <ddd>training</ddd>. You'll bunk together, attend classes together, and train together.

In <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd>, the instructor ... ... Continue»
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E-Mail Sex Slave

... the course of <ddd>your</ddd> hands on <ddd>training</ddd> you may decide to quit, but again, all contact will then cease.

"Now, <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd>. It will ... <ddd>your</ddd> desire to serve and submit and are in <ddd>training</ddd> to do just that. They have graciously agreed to help with <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... You Get <ddd>Your</ddd> Sex <ddd>Training</ddd>?
Or maybe we're just all craving the kind of initiation, indoctrination, and <ddd>training</ddd> in this
... about how
to manage <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd> regimen.
Use the Tantric approach of taking it easy and trusting <ddd>your</ddd> intuition. Treat each ... ... Continue»
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... help with <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd> Charles,” Gin replied. “Many of these powerful women are going to be touching <ddd>your</ddd> precious body ... Alexandra stopped beside a table. “It’s time for <ddd>your</ddd> wife to begin <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd>.”

He watched Gina pulling on black latex gloves. ... ... Continue»
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The Mansion (Chapter 2)

... and he will not come here. Not until I tell him <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd> has come to the point where he will be satisfied ... the middle of the <ddd>training</ddd> ring.
"Alright Alexus. Stand up straight, spread <ddd>your</ddd> legs and raise <ddd>your</ddd> hands above <ddd>your</ddd> head. To start ... ... Continue»
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Cruel Step-Mother

... take them like a good girl, holding <ddd>your</ddd> position and make no unladylike noise, <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd> can start soon, and the “little ... an eye on the state of <ddd>your</ddd> pussy during <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd>. Sadly I have to admit that <ddd>your</ddd> behavior during the first test strokes ... ... Continue»
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The Secret Manor of Trans-Supremacy

... Mistress Jessies submission as far as she wishes too in <ddd>your</ddd> <ddd>training</ddd> or if she wishes feminization...

Too have him run and ... Mistresses of The Established Manor for <ddd>training</ddd> males as little whores...

Do you accept that <ddd>your</ddd> pictures will be used in ... ... Continue»
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