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Younger Niece Blackmails Uncle

Younger Niece Blackmails Uncle

(Sequel to “Horny Niece Lets Uncle Help”) By Billy69boy

I was excited to hear ... enough to reveal her lacy bra underneath.

Mary, my younger niece, wore a matching yellow shorts and shirt set. Her ... ... Continue»
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Naughty Nieces Take Advantage

Naughty Nieces Take Advantage

(Sequel to “Younger Niece Blackmails Uncle) By billy69boy

I awoke the morning after my grocery store romp with Mary, feeling warm kisses being planted on my neck and chest by my wife, Barbara. When I opened my eyes, she had a wide grin on her face. She hugged me, actually squeezed me: “you were quite the Wild One last night,” she said, “what got into you?” I shrugged, and returned her embrace. “I don’t know, maybe food shopping gets me horny,” I replied, not lying to her.

“Speaking of shopping, Laura (her s****r) and I want run over to the Mall after breakfast and do some clothes shopping with the girls. Is that okay with you?” she asked. “Sure, enjoy yourselves. There’s a good movie playing there too, maybe you all can catch the matinee show while you’re there,” I offered. “That would be fun!” she said.

After cooking my world renowned “Uncle Bill’s Big Breakfast” for everyone, Barb and Laura went about getting ready to go out, and my two little innocent nieces settled in front of the TV to watch a Disney movie. As I busied myself with clearing the table, I heard Laura, the girls’ mother, asking the girls if they wanted to go shopping with her and my wife. “No thanks,” Beth responded, “we just want to hang out and watch this movie.” Mary nodded in agreement. “Well, don’t forget to change out of your PJ’s,” their mom stated. “We won’t,” answered Mary.

Barb came into the kitchen as I stacked the dishes and filled the sink. “The girls don’t want to go with us, are you okay with them staying here with you?” she asked. “Sure, we’ll be fine. The girls are no trouble,” I replied as calmly as I possibly could. As the car backed out of the driveway, I could hear whispering and squealing coming from the living room. Giggling little girls, I thought to myself, sweet music to the ears. With my hands deep into the sink full of dishes, my fantasy mind took over. I could just picture my beautiful nieces changing out of their PJ’s and into something incredibly sexy. I laughed at myself as I hoped they would ask me to help them. But, reality took over, and it turned out to be tons better than my clothes-changing fantasy.

Beth and Laura padded out to the kitchen, still giggling to each other. They flanked me, and put their arms around my waist, hugging me. “Hi, Uncle Bill, we wanted to stay home with you, do you mind?” Mary asked. “I’m delighted to spend the afternoon with two lovely young ladies,” I replied. They laughed, as their hands began to roam around my hips and around to my ass. “Girls! Girls!” I implored, “you’re taking advantage of my helplessness!” That only got them friskier, as they reached around and began rubbing my inner thighs, making sure they teased my crotch a little on each upstroke.

“Uncle Bill, I hope you know that Beth is included in our secret pact,” Mary announced. “I guess that makes sense,” I said as I looked at Beth’s blushing smile. “Good, because I told her all about our little shopping trip yesterday, and she’s really jealous,” Mary added. I could feel the hairs on my neck stand on end, and now I was blushing too, as I washed the dishes in the soapy water. “She wants in on the action,” Mary explained. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Here I was, almost three times older than these two young vixens, and they were treating me like a rock star. I had to ask: “Tell me girls, why do you want to do all this sexy stuff with me?”

They looked at each other, and Beth spoke: “Because we love you, Uncle Bill, and we know you love us too, and you would never do anything to hurt us.” All true, I thought. “And besides, you’re sort of sexy, and we like your cock,” Mary added. Well, you can’t hear that often enough, I thought, as my head started swelling along with my cock. Mary reached her hand under my shorts, and wrapped her delicate fingers around my cock. “Ooooh! You’re hard already!” She noted enthusiastically. Beth’s hand soon joined in, and I was dying a wonderful death. “C’mon, girls, that’s not fair…I have to finish these dishes first! It will look suspicious if they’re not done when your mom and Aunt Barb get back,” I protested.

They both pulled away, and Beth’s eyes lit up: “I know, we’ll go up and take a shower, then, we’ll meet you in the guest room…hurry up!” With that, they were off, scrambling up the stairs to the bathroom. I heard the shower turn on, amid shrieks of merriment coming from my delicious nieces. As I continued my chore, visions of naked sugarplums danced in my head.

When the shower turned off, I heard the girls immediately running down the hall, into the guest room. I surmised three things: 1. they must have showered together, 2. they must have been naked running down the hall, and 3. they were still wet, having left their towels in their room. (Sherlock Holmes has nothing on me!) I focused back on the dishes, finally getting them all rinsed and stacked. I took a deep breath, and headed up the stairs. I knocked on the door, out of respect, and was given permission to enter by Beth. The room was a disaster area. It looked like they had unloaded their backpacks and threw their clothes everywhere. Any outrage I felt was quickly distinguished when I noticed several pairs of thongs and panties shamelessly displayed on the floor, the chair, the was wonderful, I decided, and chaotic panty display lent a sexy ambiance to the room. Not that the room needed any help in the ambiance department: On display (for my eyes only!) were my two steaming, naked, hot nieces in the 69 position, licking each other’s crotches with a single-mindedness of purpose.

“Hi Uncle Bill, you finally made it,” Beth said cheerfully. She was on top of her s****r, her perfect round ass staring me in the face. “We thought we’d get things started…you can jump in anytime you want,” she offered. Again, you never get tired of hearing that sort of thing, I mused. Where to begin, I thought to myself…I hate having to make such difficult decisions. Seeing as how I couldn’t take my eyes off Beth’s inviting ass, I put both my hands on her ass cheeks, and began to rub them. Wow, feeling her ass in my hands again was even better than I had remembered. Beth immediately responded to my massage, gyrating and moaning, like her ass was on fire, which it was.

I leaned over, and kissed her cheeks, making my way rapidly to her crack, deeply inhaling her sweet aroma. ‘Spread ‘em and Lick,’ that’s my motto, and I attacked her forbidden brown hole with all the gusto my tongue could muster. “Oh, Uncle Bill, that feels so good! I’m going to cum already!” Beth cooed. Her s****r had something to do with it, as she licked and nibbled on Beth’s clit. This was a true team effort, and within two minutes Beth’s body was jumping and jerking, and she groaned out loud as the first wave of passion shot through her like she had put her tongue in a light socket. Mary and I held onto her, for fear she might fall off the bed, but in another minute it was over, and Beth rolled off her s****r and lay next to her, trying to regain her breath, smiling blissfully.

Mary popped right up, and attacked my cock as I stood at the end of the bed. She grabbed my shaft, and guided my over-stimulated cock head into her hot mouth. I could barely remain standing, as she worked her hot mouth up and down, not even bothering to lick it first or anything…the nerve, I thought. As I moaned involuntarily, I heard Beth’s voice, as she sat up and protested. “Hey, Mary, save some for me,” she demanded. Mary pulled her head back, and Beth took over, without missing a beat. It was wonderfully erotic, having two young innocents fighting over my cock. Beth’s mouth was a little bigger than her s****r’s and she seemed the more experienced of the two…not that Mary was any slouch. But, Beth was able to swallow more of my shaft, and that extra inch or two made a world of difference.

“Stop, Beth, or he’ll cum too soon,” warned Mary. “If you want him to be able to do ‘You Know What’, you better back off.” I could only guess what she was referring to, but if it was short of leaping out the second floor bedroom window, I was willing to do my best for the team. Beth sat on the edge of the bed, hands folded on her lap, like a proper school girl. “Uncle Bill, I’d like it very much if you would fuck me in my ass, just like you did to Mary…only harder!” she blurted out. “Yes,” Mary chimed in, “and I’ll help!”

Mary spun her s****r around on the bed, got her to kneel, with her head resting on a pillow. She ran around behind her, nudging me out of the way. I stood and gawked at the girls, watching as Mary went to work on her s****r’s jittery ass hole, licking and tonguing her, and getting her butt hole nice and lubed up with her saliva. To relieve my boredom, ( joke!) I stood behind Mary, and kneaded her tight p*****n buttocks. She just about ignored me, as she went about preparing her s****r’s rectum for the impending arrival of its eager guest. Mary stood up, and slid two of her fingers into Beth’s holes, one in each. Beth shrieked as her s****r finger fucked her like a jackhammer, slapping her ass with an audible sting. Beth was getting worked up quickly, and it caused her to actually beg: “Please, Uncle Bill, give it to me now! I can’t take this any longer! I’ve wanted to feel your big cock in my ass ever since Mary told me about you two last night!” she pleaded. What was a loving uncle to do?

“Kneel down on the floor,” I ordered, in as deep and authoritative a voice as I could conjure up. Beth immediately obeyed, resuming her kneeling position. Mary tossed her a pillow for her head, then, she sat down on her s****r’s back, facing me. As I moved in closer, straddling Beth’s hips, Mary spread Beth’s ass cheeks wide, and watched as I guided my throbbing fuck stick into her glistening ass hole. Beth wiggled around as she felt the pressure of penetration on her sphincter muscle. She only let out a quick little squeak when my cock slowly inched deeper into her rectum.

Mary had transferred control of Beth’s spread ass cheeks to me, so she could concentrate on frigging herself, as she watched wide-eyed as more and more of my shaft disappeared into her s****r’s insatiable ass hole. I worked my cock into her until my balls began to slap at her virgin pussy, then I slowly pulled most of it out, until only the head was left inside her, then slowly plunged back in as far as it would go. After 20 of these slow strokes, Beth’s ass was visibly shuddering with anticipation: “Come ON, Uncle Bill!” she implored. “Aren’t you going to FUCK me? I want you to give me all you’ve got!”

As I gradually increased my stroke to a sharper and more deliberate tempo, I thought about the fact that I would be going straight to hell for this when I died. But as my ass pounding of my young niece got rougher and more merciless, it seemed like a fair trade-off.

Just when I was sure this scene couldn’t get any hotter, Mary reached out and pulled my cock right out of Beth’s ass, and swallowed it down her throat in one motion. Leaning on her s****r’s ass for support, she bobbed her head madly on my love rod, gagging herself with each hands-free thrust. Beth turned her head around and watched her s****r’s skillful oral performance, as she finger fucked herself brutally and shamelessly.

I was more than ready to explode. After several throat strokes, Mary steered my cock back into her s****r’s now gaping ass hole. I didn’t think I would be able to hold on for more than a few plunges to the hilt, and the top of my head almost blew off, when I heard Beth moaning: “That’s it, Uncle Bill, finish me off with your big cock. Shoot your load deep into my ass, I want to feel your hot cum pumping into my rectum!” Just as I was about to grant her wish, Mary interrupted: “Hey, that’s not fair! Let’s share.” Beth must have concurred, because she slipped off my cock, and immediately turned around, kneeling next to her s****r. She grabbed my slimy cock, and nearly swallowed it whole down her throat, tasting her ass juices in the process.

Not to be outdone, Mary reached over and yanked my sex rod out of Beth’s mouth, and demanded that she stick out her tongue, as she wanked me furiously. The sight of these two lovely young girls frigging themselves furiously, with their mouths full open, like robin chicks waiting for food in the springtime, was finally too much for me to bear. My f***e of my first squirt of cum hit the back of Beth’s throat, and I almost fell over backwards. Mary guided my spasming cock to her own mouth, resting my cock head on her eager tongue just in time to receive my second and third offerings, and then she directed me back to Beth’s awaiting mouth.

Beth didn’t bother with the tongue move; she just took my entire shaft down her throat, and did her best to eke out every last drop of jizz that I had left. The timing was perfect, as I looked down at my nieces pinching and punishing their own budding tits with one hand, while feverishly working their pussies with their other hand. Their bodies shook and jumped wildly, in the throes of the most beautiful display of shameless orgasms I had ever witnessed.

Funny what a difference a few minutes can make: When I was just about to cum, I felt half my age. But, now I felt my knees go weak, and I crumbled to the floor in a heap, my arms wrapped lovingly around the two girls…and I felt twice my age!

We all held our group hug for several minutes, the breathing so heavy and labored, I wondered if the room contained enough oxygen for all of us. Finally, my beautiful, sexy nieces looked up at me. Their smiles were wide and radiant and grateful. I leaned over and kissed each girl tenderly on the lips. They both hugged me again, and then Beth asked the inevitable question, which somehow came as no surprise to me:

“What are we going to try next?”... Continue»
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Horny Niece Lets Uncle Help (Revised)

*Author’s note: This is the third time I’ve submitted this story. The first edition mysteriously disappeared. The second version got corrupted and garbled, rendering the story unreadable. Hopefully this latest attempt will be successful.

Horny Niece Lets Uncle Help (Revised)

By billy69boy

My s****r-in-law and her two young daughters came to visit us for a week in the summer. They live out of state, and we only get to see them a few times a year. With each new visit, I am amazed to see how much the girls have grown and developed. They were now ages 12 and 14, and they couldn’t hide their emerging beauty even if they tried, which they didn’t.

After running around the farm all day in skimpy little shorts and even smaller belly shirts, they finally tumbled into the house well after dark, all dirty and sweaty. Their mother sent them to the showers, and they emerged squeaky clean, with freshly shampooed hair, and nightshirts that fell to their knees.

It was movie time, so I made up a big batch of popcorn for everyone. After a lively discussion about which movies to watch, it was agreed that my wife and her s****r would watch their chick flick upstairs in the den, while my two nieces opted for a thriller with some hunky leading man. Being the thoughtful host that I am, I elected to sit with the girls and watch their movie with them.

We took our places in the living room and settled in. Mary, the 12 year old, curled up on the love seat, leaving the main couch for her s****r Beth and me. We both sat up formally and properly at first, munching on popcorn, and staring at the TV screen. I could hardly contain myself, as lusty thoughts of naked little ladies danced in my head. Neither girl bothered much with modesty, and I was treated to many flashes of young legs, and an occasional panty shot.

Despite the heat of the summer day, it got a little chilly in the living room at night, and both girls grabbed for blankets to put over their bare legs. As the movie droned on, Mary slid down on the love seat, and was soon fast asl**p. Beth also lay down, placing her head on a pillow at the far end of the couch, away from me. I was a little disappointed in the position she chose, but in reality, I didn’t really think she would have turned the opposite way, and put her head on my lap, although my fantasy mind would have approved wholeheartedly.

I held my upright position on the couch, and watched Beth as she wiggled herself into a comfortable spot, lying on her side, encased in her blanket. Her beautiful tight ass was within arm’s length, and I had a hard time pretending otherwise. As we continued to watch the movie, I could detect Beth’s subtle movements under her blanket. Her hands appeared to have settled between her folded up legs. I heard her let out an occasional soft sigh, although I doubt she knew I could hear her. I was completely in tune with her slightest movements, and my acute vigilance was rewarded when she lifted her top leg ever so slightly, and slipped her hand between her thighs. Of course, I sat completely still, not letting on that I could feel Beth’s every hand motion, and the slightest bounce of the couch.

I couldn’t believe my luck when Beth brazenly raised her one bent knee up towards the ceiling, giving her probing fingers complete access to her heated crotch. Even though she was protected by the blanket, it was obvious to me that she was working her pussy rather vigorously with her probing fingers.

I had some difficulty hiding my raging hard-on, and I reveled in the idea that my sexy little niece was frigging herself right next to me on the couch. Either she thought the blanket rendered her invisible to me, or she just chose to ignore my presence completely, as teenagers usually did to adults.

As my hard dick took over my brain, I became emboldened, and rested my hand ever so delicately on her hip. She must not have realized it at first, because she continued with the task at hand. I let my hand drift down to her ass, and I just held it there, feeling the light tremors of her finger action under the blanket. Again, she just ignored my now obvious touch, and I thought I was home free. I was wrong. All at once, Beth jumped up from the couch, threw off her blanket, and headed for the bathroom down the hall, saying nothing.

I could feel myself panicking as I sat alone on the couch, not moving a muscle. I could just picture the nightmare scenario that was sure to follow: niece tells her mom that I’m sick and perverted, mom tells my wife, and all hell breaks loose. I berated myself for attempting to inject my influence on Beth’s masturbation session, and I braced myself for the consequences of her full disclosure that was sure to follow.

Beth emerged from the bathroom, and surprisingly laid right back down in her former position, drawing the blanket back over her luscious curves. I almost shot my load right then and there, when she stunned me by reaching her arm out from under the blanket, taking my hand, and placing it on her hip. Her arm retreated back to the safety of her blanket world, and her hand immediately slipped between her slightly open legs.

I couldn’t believe what had just taken place, and I tried to convince myself that I was just fantasizing. It couldn’t be real, could it? Beth spoke not a word, and she still acted like I wasn’t even there, as she went about quietly pleasuring herself. I decided that I had to play the scene out, because I just had to know if she was inviting me to join in the festivities. It was risky, I know, but I let my hand slide down behind her round ass. This time she squirmed around a little, and I figured I was busted once again. What kind of stupid fool would try again right after berating myself after my first attempt? Then, something absolutely remarkable happened. While Beth went about getting comfortable, she reached behind her body, lifted the blanket up and let it drop back into place. My hand was now under her blanket, and I could feel the soft cotton of her nightshirt.

I could barely catch my breath, and I felt the strong urge to whip my cock out and pump it furiously. Instead, I sat completely still, feeling Beth pressing her ass harder against my hand. The message was unmistakably clear to me now, and I began to move my hand some, touching her ass gently, and responding to her unspoken response from under the blanket. I slipped my fingertips under her nightshirt, and I almost jumped out of my skin when I realized that she was no longer wearing panties! She must have taken them off while she was in the bathroom. I made a mental note to track them down later, and hoped I could sniff her sweet nectar that collected on the crotch of her panties.

I was in free-feel mode by now, and I explored her bare ass, running my hand around and around her silky skin. I heard her sigh heavily, as she reached back and deliberately guided my hand between her steamy thighs, slightly opening her legs to give me some room to maneuver. I wasted no time, and my fingers found her love box, hot and juicy. I massaged her pussy lips, and rolled my index finger over her young clit, and I thought she might hit the ceiling, she jumped so high.

Her breathing increased, as did mine. Fingering her was such a rush, I wasn’t sure if I would live long enough to finish her off. Just then, she grabbed my wrist and pulled my hand from between her legs. I was certain this brief party was over, and my fears returned with a vengeance. Beth rolled over on her back, making sure my hand was again hidden beneath her blanket. As she guided my fingers back to her quivering pussy, she said nothing, and continued to stare at the TV screen.

She spread her knees wide and the blanket was transformed into a little tent of sorts. Without making eye contact with her, I went about exploring her most private parts with my eager fingers. I rubbed her slick pussy lips, and they opened wide, inviting a more in-depth probe. My hand lingered awhile outside her now pleading vagina, and I played with her sensitive clit, delighting in watching her body squirm and raise up to meet my very deliberate teasing fingers.

With the deft touch of micro surgeon, I slipped my middle finger deep into her anxious love canal, and worked her inviting hole for all it was worth. It didn’t take long for her to reach her first orgasm, and she made no attempt to hide it from me, as her body lurched back and forth on the couch, and her vaginal muscles clenched and unclenched around my intruding finger. I didn’t think I could get any more aroused than I was, until Beth pulled the blanket down and slid her nightshirt up to her neck, exposing her developing titties and erect nipples, and began feeling herself up with both hands, right in plain view.

As her twitching body began to calm down from the first wave of ecstasy, I took the opportunity to add another finger to her gushy pussy, and resumed finger fucking her deeper and more f***efully, and she groaned quietly, her head jerking to and fro on the pillow. She pulled her knees back tightly against her chest, presenting her writhing pussy to me shamelessly, seeming to dare me to finger her even more heatedly. Of course, I complied, being the loving uncle that I am. I couldn’t believe the erotic scene I was witnessing. My beautiful niece was kneading her fresh tits with authority, as my fingers jammed her pussy to the hilt, stroking faster and deeper with each thrust. In no time, her body was heaving again in orgasmic utopia, her entire body thrashing about uncontrollably.

I finally backed off some, and sat back to watch the end of her sexy show. When she regained her composure, I was surprised that she quickly sat up, leaned her head against my shoulder, and covered us both up with her blanket. I didn’t know how much a 14 year old knew about sex, but she seemed to understand that my cock was about to explode any second. As Beth cuddled up next to me, she reached her hand over and plucked my stiff cock right out of my pajamas, and began stroking my shaft ever so gently. I slid my body down the couch and opened my legs wide to better receive her bold advances. I lay vulnerable in front of her, as she squeezed a few drops of precum from my cock, and rubbed it around my purple helmet. Then, she almost made me pass out.

In one quick motion, she yanked the blanket back, leaned over, and put her lips around the head of my cock, licking underneath with her soft tongue. She licked my entire shaft, moving her tongue up and down like she’d been doing it all her life. Then, she got up on her knees, braced her hands on either side of her body, and gulped my entire cock deep into her throat. I looked down, and watched as her head bobbed up and down on my grateful love piston. She choked and gagged a little, but maintained her composure as she concentrated on completing her mission. Being the kind and understanding uncle that I was, I rewarded her hard work by proceeding to spew hot gushes of man juice into her mouth. She struggled to swallow my first load, but she recovered enough to accept my second, then third, and then fourth loads right down her throat. I had never cum so much in my life, and I was truly impressed that she managed to swallow every last drop of my love juice.
After we both began to relax, catching our collective breath, she finally made eye contact with me. She looked into my eyes, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, and smiled the biggest smile she ever gave me, her eyes twinkling with pride. I weakly returned her smile, still recovering from the incredible scene that I had the utmost pleasure of participating in. With that, Beth jumped up off the couch, and padded off to the bathroom once again. I just sat there, trying to figure out how I just got so lucky. Beth came out of the bathroom, composed and uninterested, as if nothing out of the ordinary had just happened. She kissed me chastely on the forehead, and bid me a goodnight. I watched her as she ascended the stairs to the guest room, wiggling her cute ass for me.

I’ll always hold the memory of our sexcapade near and dear to my heart. To this day, just the thought of her raw display of sensuousness can evoke a major hard-on in seconds. I picture her sweet lips engulfing my nasty cock, while I substitute my experienced hand to achieve relief. If it wasn’t for finding her cum soaked panties behind the waste basket in the bathroom, I might have convinced myself that it was all a figment of my imagination. But one long inhale of the crotch of her panties brought me back to glorious reality.
... Continue»
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Spending the Day with my Uncle and Niece

When I was younger I would love to wear my mom and s****r's panties, bras and pantyhose. It made me feel so good yet I couldn't understand why my dick got so big and hard. It kind of bugged me because it made it hard to fit into the panties. Needless to say I felt very sexual early in life. I have a niece who is one year younger and another that is one year older than I am. They are very pretty so I guess it is natural to have had a crush on them, but being so sexual, I was really attracted to both of them. When I had the chance I would take their panties and sniff them and wear them, wondering what they looked like when they had them on.

Before I learned how to masturbate traditionally I used to swirl the palm of my hand over the top of my penis harder and faster to the point where I would have had an orgasm but unknowing what was really happening I would stop just before because I thought I was going to pee. I would do this to pictures of my nieces and would really love to do it while wearing their panties.

One day my younger niece and I were staying at our uncles house for the day. He was her uncle but I always called him my uncle too as my niece and I seemed more like cousins because of our closeness in age. We loved going there because he had a pool. But that day it was raining out so we were bummed that we couldn't go swimming. My niece asked our uncle if we can pretend to go swimming like they did last time. He said sure, and the two began to put down a bunch of the sofa cushions onto the floor to make the pool. Then he made a diving board from a bunch of boxes. I liked the idea but we didn't have our bathing suits. My niece looked at my Uncle and said that they pretend that our underwear is our bathing suit. I couldn't believe my ears. I thought it sounded really strange, but the thought that I might see my niece in her panties made me so excited.. and yes she began to take down her shorts and stood their in a spaghetti strapped shirt and pink panties with red hearts on them. My uncle also stripped down to his black silk boxers. They both looked at me and said come on. I was so nervous as I removed my shirt and started taking down my shorts. I stopped as I realized that darn penis had gone and gotten big and hard again. I didn't want them to see it.

My uncle asked me what the matter was and I asked if I could tell him in private. We went into the other room and I pulled down my shorts just enough to show him my problematic bulge. He chuckled and said that this was absolutely normal. He said it means that you feel sexy. Then he asked me if seeing my niece in her underwear made me feel like this. I tried to brush it off not wanting to admit that it was true. He said that it's ok. That she was very cute and that he wouldn't tell anyone. Then he pulled down the front of his silk boxers to show me his big hard cock and said, see.. she does that to me too. I was in shock. I told him that I couldn't believe how big his dick was. He laughed and said really.. lets compare. I felt strange but I pulled my penis out and he put his next to mine. It wasn't even close. When his dick brushed up against my penis I felt a shiver go through my body. The same feeling I would get just before I would orgasm during my custom style of masturbation.

He took his hand and wrapped it around my penis swirling his thumb in circles on the head. It felt so good. I didn't want it to stop. But then from the doorway we heard my niece's voice say... um.. what's going on here? I was so scared. I quickly pulled away and pulled my pants up. I didn't know what to say. I was so embarrassed and afraid that I was going to get in trouble. Our Uncle did not pull up his boxers. Instead he told my niece to come in and asked her if she remembered her little friend. She looked at me with the same look of freight and embarrassment. I guess we both had a secret now.

He told us not to worry, that it is natural to be curious and that it would be our secret. He reached out to me and took my hand and put it on his cock that was already moist with precum. I looked at my niece to see her reaction but she still seemed timid. Not knowing what to do I asked him what the stuff was that came out. He said it was called precum and asked if I ever tasted mine. I shook my head. He took my finger and slid it across the head of his dick collecting a nice sample. Then told me to taste it and said it was salty. I put my finger in my mouth and swallowed acknowledging the salty taste. He then looked scooped some off onto his finger and offered it to my niece. She reluctantly took it with her mouth. Our Uncle smiled and said see, I know you liked that. The phone rang making us jump and he left the room to go answer it.

My niece's eyes began to well up and she pleaded with me not to tell anyone. I promised her and told her that she also had to promise me because we both had the same problem. She laughed.. wiped her eyes and then asked if this was my first time. I said yes. She said this was her 3rd time. She said that she was curious but was so afraid that someone would find out. I asked her if she liked it. Then she asked me. I told her that I wasn't sure. I was lying of course because it felt so good. She said she liked the taste and started to say something else but then hesitated. I begged her to tell me. She looked down and asked if she could see my penis. I became instantly hard again and quickly took it out. She asked if she could touch it.. I nodded with my heart beating out of my chest. She lightly held it in her hand then pulled back and smiled at me. She said it was so cute. Then she took it in her hand again and swiped up some of my precum and put her finger in her mouth. That was so hot. I wanted to take off her panties and see her but I was afraid to ask. She giggled then took some more on her finger and stuck her finger in my mouth. I couldn't believe it. It tasted so good. She said she wanted to try something and knelt down in front of me, took my penis in her hand and began licking the precum off. Then she took the entire head into her mouth swirling her tongue around it. I felt myself ready to explode and I quickly pulled away. She questioned if I had not liked it. I told her that I loved it but I felt like something was going to happen. She said.. oooh, you were going to squirt. She said that it was ok and she wouldn't mind if I did. She said she kind of liked it. I looked at her funny and I told her that I felt like I would pee.

We heard a laugh from the doorway. My Uncle had been watching us. He told me that I wasn't going to pee and that when I get so excited my penis will squirt and I will feel one of the best feelings in the world. I said well what are we waiting for.. do it again. My Uncle asked if we minded if he try. He took my penis in his mouth and the feeling was so good. He took the whole thing in and sucked hard up and down. Then he asked my niece to try it again. She did and this time when further down but started to gag. She tried again being more careful this time. Then he said it was our turn and he took his cock out. My niece took it and licked it like she did with mine. Then offered it to me. I held it and licked it. The precum tasted so good. I tried to put it in my mouth but I gagged. He told me to slow down and go a little at a time. I couldn't believe his dick was in my mouth.

Then I turned to my niece and said. Now its your turn. I really wanted to see what was under her panties. She said ok and then jumped up on the bed. I put my hand over her panties and began to rub her gently. My Uncle sat her up and pulled off her shirt. She was flat chested but still made me excited. He began kissing her nipples and then told me to pull down her panties. I looked at her and she didn't seem to be opposed. I slid them down slowly and looked in amazement. I never saw a vagina before, let alone one that was so up close and personal. My Uncle told me to lick it. I didn't hesitate. Then he told me to watch him. He spread her legs open and then the lips of her vagina. Then stuck his tongue deep inside. I looked at my niece and she looked a little uncomfortable but didn't seem to mind. He then took his pink and began penetrating it in slowly. Then he said it was my turn again. I licked, much further in this time. I liked the taste. I didn't want to stop. He watched me lick her as he sat next to her, rubbing her hand on his cock.

After a while he told me to try something. He elevated her hips on top of a pillow and told me to rub my penis around her vagina. I did and it felt so good. It was so wet and I slipped further and further in as he held her lips open for me. Then he had her lick his dick as I continued to penetrate her. It was so hot and I told him that I thought I was going to squirt. He told me to go ahead and do it inside her vagina. The sensation was so intense. There was not alot of cum at first but more came out a little at a time. I began to quiver and felt a chill throughout my entire body. He licked the cum off my penis and then licked it out of my niece's vagina. I lay down on the bed next to her, feeling so calm and a bit numb.

He knelt over both of us and began stroking his cock. He said he would tell us when he was going to squirt and that we should open our mouths. He exploded over my face and then on hers. The taste of salty hot cum dripped into my mouth. It tasted so good. I licked my lips. He said there, now wasn't that better than swimming in the pool.. I looked at my niece and we began laughing.
... Continue»
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Megan's Uncle Ch. 01

Megan skipped down the road. It was finally the weekend and she had no more exams or essays due before Christmas. Life couldn't be better. Well, it could be better. She could be at university with her friends now, but she'd taken a year out to care for her mother through the final stages of cancer and she wouldn't have missed those private moments for anything. They'd given her memories for life. Good f****y memories were otherwise a scarcity in Megan's life. Her dad had abandoned her and her mother when Megan was a baby and she'd had no grandparents.

She was now 18 so she didn't need a legal guardian, but her uncle had taken her in. He'd helped her sell her mother's house and put the money in her college fund. She'd offered to pay her own way, but he'd insisted on letting her stay with him for free and even giving her pocket money. Megan thought he was doing it because he felt guilty that he wasn't there for his s****r.

Uncle Dan was an engineer and he worked for oil companies so he'd spent the last 10 years travelling the world. He'd decided to quit the travelling for a year to be there for Megan and make sure that she got a good education. Megan had been a bit worried about moving in with Uncle Dan, seeing how they didn't know each other all that well. He'd been 10 years younger than his s****r so they'd never been very close. At the age of 33 he wasn't married and Megan's mother had always said it was because of his travelling lifestyle. Megan was wondering if he'd settle down this year. He couldn't be short of potential wives, Megan mused as she thought about his looks. He was quite tall and his body was lean. He wasn't very muscular, but when he wore t-shirts and shorts Megan could see that his work was quite physical. He had short dark hair and the same light blue eyes as Megan.

She opened the door and went inside. The house seemed so big when she was alone in it. Uncle Dan had rented it unseen and he'd probably not realised that a large f****y home like this was totally unsuitable for a bachelor and his 18-year old niece. Still, they'd made the most of it and a few of the rooms were rather homely by now. There was a note attached to the fridge. It read "On a date – don't wait up!" so Megan decided to order a pizza and watch a movie. Her classmates were all going to a party, but she didn't enjoy high school parties anymore. The boys in particular were so immature and she couldn't wait for next year when she'd be in school with more mature boys and going to college parties.

The evening went by slowly. She watched a DVD of her favourite movie, ate a pizza, made some popcorn, watched another DVD and it was still only 10. She didn't know what to do next. There was nothing on TV and she didn't fancy any of her other DVD's. She knew that Uncle Dan was into action movies and she wondered if he had anything that she could watch. She went into his bedroom and looked through the shelves where he kept his DVD's.

There were a lot of martial arts titles that she didn't want to watch and then she came to a couple of blank cases. She assumed they were pirate copies as he had a lot of those and she looked at them. They were all rated. Most of them were rated as OK, some as bad, and then she came across one that was rated as more than OK. She figured that she could check that one out. She went back to the f****y room and put the disc in the player. At the start it flickered like her uncle's pirate movies usually did and then a picture appeared and she recognised it immediately. It was Uncle Dan's bedroom.

She knew that she ought to turn it off, but she was absolutely fascinated with what was about to happen. Soon Uncle Dan walked into the bedroom, without a shirt and behind him came a giggling woman who was also shirtless and her boobs were hanging out of her bra. Uncle Dan grabbed her and took her in his arms and unclasped the bra, giving him a chance to fondle her boobs. Megan watched in awe as her uncle got the woman naked and then stepped out of his own clothes. She'd seen pictures of men's cocks before, but she'd never realised just how big they were until the woman with Uncle Dan took his in her mouth and started sucking on it.

The DVD zoomed in on the woman as she was sucking Uncle Dan's cock and Megan gasped in surprise. She wasn't much older than Megan and she had a striking resemblance. They both had shoulder length blonde hair, cut in the same way. The woman in the DVD was as generously endowed as Megan, whose bras measured 36D. And the woman's pussy had appeared clean shaven – or waxed, something that Megan had started doing not so long ago.

Megan could feel herself getting excited. She'd been horny before, but never like this. Whenever she'd had a tingle in her pussy she'd stuck a finger inside and massaged her clit till she came. This time was different. This time she could feel a hunger for cock in her cunt that she'd never felt before. She slipped her hand down her thongs and slid a finger inside her hole. She was so wet. She pulled her finger out and licked it. She liked what she tasted. Next she stuck her finger inside again and then two. She wondered how a cock like Uncle Dan's could ever fit inside a cunt like hers because she was so tight. That's when she realised it. She wanted to fuck her uncle.

The action on the screen got hotter and sweatier and soon Uncle Dan was fucking the blonde woman from behind. Megan had three fingers fucking her cunt by now and she was moaning so hard that it didn't first register what was going on on the DVD. Uncle Dan was urging the woman to beg him to fuck her hard. And then he got her to say "Fuck me Uncle Dan, fuck your little niece Megan." Megan stopped what she was doing. With one hand still in her cunt she rewound the disc and listened again. She couldn't believe it. Uncle Dan was pretending that he was fucking her.

Damn! This was so hot. She had such a sexy uncle and she'd only just discovered that he was a b**st in the bedroom. She was dying to feel him in her cunt and now she'd discovered that he wanted to fuck her too. Because he did, didn't he?

She quickly finished herself off and then she put the DVD back where she found it. She went to bed and was busy making plans as she heard Uncle Dan return home.

One of the features of the house where they lived was that it didn't have any en-suite bathrooms. The following morning Megan waited until she could hear her uncle moving around and then she headed for the bathroom between their rooms. She wore a thong and half covered her firm breasts with a towel. As she'd predicted she ran into her uncle in the hallway and she just happened to drop her towel. Uncle Dan stared at her as she made a big deal out of picking it up and eventually covering herself again before heading into the bathroom.

Later that day Uncle Dan was working out in the gym that he'd set up in one of the spare bedrooms. Megan often used the treadmill, but generally wore a big t-shirt and a firm training bra. This time she put on the C-cup bra top that she'd used when she was on the school volleyball team two years earlier. Now that her tits were D-cups it acted like a push-up bra and gave her an impressive cleavage. She wore minimal bike shorts and put on a t-shirt for good measure. Uncle Dan was on the rowing machine, opposite the treadmill when she walked in. She switched to a really hard workout programme and it wasn't long before she was sweating hard. She pulled her t-shirt off and tossed it to the side and continued running, aware of her uncle's eyes that were glued to her bouncing breasts.

After her shower she decided to wear a camisole with her miniskirt that she usually only wore under shirts. She decided that any bra straps would be far too ugly so she didn't wear a bra. She walked into the kitchen as her uncle was cooking and leaned against the work surface, knowing full well that her posture brought out the fullness of her breasts. She could feel the tightening of her nipples.

"What's for dinner, Uncle Dan?" she asked casually.

"Pasta Alfredo with garlic bread," he replied, struggling to keep his eyes off her. "It's a cold evening, maybe you should go and put something warmer on before we eat?"

"No thank you, Uncle Dan," she made a point of calling him Uncle Dan after how he'd made the girl in the DVD do the same. "I had such a hard workout on the treadmill, I'm positively boiling."

"What brought on that workout session?" Uncle Dan asked. "You normally take it easy?"

"Oh, I saw myself naked in the mirror," Megan was teasing him now. "And I saw how fat I've become. I need to work some of it off."

"Don't be silly, you're not fat!"

"Am I not? Just look at this ass!!!" Megan lifted her skirt and showed off a perfectly rounded backside, with a thin pink strip of lace running down the crack."

"There's nothing wrong with your ass," Uncle Dan protested. "Women are supposed to have curves."

"But not like these," Megan protested and cupped her breasts. "They're huge!"

"They're perfectly normal. Now sit down and I'll serve your dinner."

Megan smiled with satisfaction as she sat down at the kitchen table. Uncle Dan was obviously struggling with her display. Inside her head she made more plans. She was going to tease him mercilessly for the next couple of weeks and then on Christmas Eve she was going to get some sexy lingerie and put a bow around her waist and give herself to him. It was going to be a wonderful surprise.

Things didn't quite go to plan... For the next week Megan made a habit of running around braless at home. She took every opportunity to bend over in front of her uncle, and since she was all of a sudden only wearing miniskirts, he always got a full view of her ass, and her silk or lace covered pussy. Megan's confidence was at a high when she came home from school the following Friday. The rain was pouring down outside and she was soaking wet. There was another note on the fridge and she jealously thought that her uncle was out on a date again. But the note read "You're grounded."

She didn't understand it. She was an adult, she hadn't broken any house rules, why the hell was her uncle grounding her? She went to her bedroom to get changed and found that the door had been locked. She tried some of the other rooms and they were also locked. Only the kitchen and her uncle's bedroom were unlocked. She entered her uncle's bedroom and saw an outfit on the bed. There was a note pinned to it and she took it off and read "Little girls who try to play grown up games end up in all kinds of trouble. Change into these clothes and wait for me."

Megan was confused, but she was shivering and wet so she changed into the school uniform on the bed. She didn't wear a uniform at her school, and this one obviously didn't fit her very well. She sat on the bed and they she lay there for a while until she got bored. She decided to go and make herself a snack, but to her surprise the door was locked. She was trapped in here. Now she was starting to panic. This wasn't funny. What the hell was Uncle Dan up to?

It was well after dark when she finally heard his car in the driveway. She jumped out of the bed and started knocking on the door, yelling for him to let her out. She heard his firm steps in the hallway.

"Step away from the door," he barked, in a voice she'd never heard.

She did as she was told and soon the door opened.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" she yelled at her uncle. "I'm an adult. You can't treat me like this?"

She started running out of the bedroom but her uncle caught her arm and pulled her back. His face was hard and his look menacing as their eyes met. "Oh, but it's OK for you to prance around my house like the sluttiest cock tease in town?"

Megan gulped. This was not how it was supposed to happen.

"I meant what my note said. If you try to play with the big boys you have to accept the consequences. It's time for your punishment."

Uncle Dan sat down on the side of his bed and looked at her. His eyes told her that he meant business.

"Come over here now," he said, his voice dark and menacing.

Megan walked up to him and he grabbed hold of her and f***ed her down across his lap. He stroked the skirt up and admired the thongs that disappeared between her soft buttocks.

"Such a sweet ass," he said and caressed it. "Too bad I need to punish it."

He slipped a finger inside the thong and just as Megan thought he was going to pull it down he grabbed it hard and ripped it off her. Then she felt the hard impact of the palm of his hand against her ass. She screamed out in pain and surprise.

"That's for walking around naked!" He slapped her again. "That's for not wearing a bra at home." He slapped her once more. "That's for working out in those skimpy outfits." Once again his hand slapped her ass hard. "That's for prancing around the house wearing next to nothing."

Megan's ass started getting pink now and she was whimpering with each slap and each accusation. But something was happening to her. Apart from the pain she was experiencing, she was also finding the situation strangely erotic. Each time she felt Uncle Dan's hand on her naked ass she felt hornier and hornier for him. He was obviously not interested and she was gagging for more. This wasn't good.

"And this..." Uncle Dan said after she'd lost count of how many times he'd slapped her and once again she felt his palm on her battered ass. "This is for watching my private DVD's without my permission." He slapped her once more. "You didn't think I knew, did you? I know exactly what you watched and when you watched it. It's what started all this silly stuff with you running around half naked all the time."

"I'm sorry, Uncle Dan," Megan sobbed.

"Saying you're sorry doesn't do it," he laughed cruelly. "You have to show it. Get off my lap and on your knees."

Megan did as she was told.

"Good girl, I like it when you don't question my orders. Keep that in mind. Now unzip me and get my cock out."

Megan stared at him with her eyes wide open. Had he really said what she thought he'd said?

"Did you not hear me? I said, I like it when you don't question my orders. Now get my fucking cock out or I'll give your bum another dose of my hand."

This time she was quick to act. She unzipped his trousers and reached inside his boxers for his cock. It was still fairly soft, but the size was nevertheless impressive.

"That's better. Well, what are you waiting for? A little cock tease like you shouldn't need instructions for the next part."

"But..." Megan's voice died off. "I've never done this before."

"You've never sucked a cock before? Yeah right, and the Pope isn't catholic."

"I promise. I'm a virgin."

"You serious?"


"Well, well, well... That's going to make this all so much sweeter for me, isn't it? I didn't think I'd get the chance to take another virginity. Well, let's start with your virgin mouth. You suck and use your tongue to tease me until I cum. It's not rocket science. Any slut can do it! What are you waiting for? Open your mouth and get busy!"

Megan parted her lips and started licking Uncle Dan's cock. There was a small dollop of precum for her to taste and she found that she quite liked the taste. She opened wide and sucked him in. He didn't go very far as her lips were completely dry. She let him go and started licking his shaft. She ran her tongue across her lips and sucked him in again teasing him with her tongue as he slid inside. He still didn't go very far. His cock was now big and swollen and her mouth felt so big.

"Take me in your throat, my slutty niece," Uncle Dan instructed her, but she didn't know how to do it. He was already hitting the back of her mouth.

She felt his hands on the back of her head and then she realised what he meant by her throat. She kept swallowing as his cock obstructed her airways. She was close to panic and Uncle Dan was moaning out loud. Tears were streaming down her face and just as she thought she'd pass out he let go of her head and let her breathe.

"Don't stop," he said in a coarse voice and she kept sucking him. With her hand around the base of his rock hard shaft and her lips wrapped around the top she worked his cock good and hard. Then she felt his hands on her head again and just as she thought that he was going to f***e himself deep into her throat once more he let a loud moan escape his lips and his cock twitched in her mouth. All of a sudden she felt stream after stream of his cum hit her mouth and she started swallowing it. When he was done cumming he pulled out of her mouth and some of his cum ran down her chin.

"You look like a real slut like that," he mused as he stepped out of his clothes. "Get undressed."

Megan took her clothes off and caught sight of her pink butt in the mirror. The thought of the smacking brought a tingle to her pussy and she realised how wet she was. This was nothing like the romantic encounter she'd had in mind, but she knew that she'd loved the smacking and sucking her uncle's cock. She wondered what he'd do to her next. He walked around her, inspecting her body. He cupped her tits and bit her nipples, making her squeal with delight.

"Still acting like a slut," he mused. "Are you sure you're a virgin? I will find out and if you've lied you're going to be punished."

"I am a virgin," she said. "I promise."

"All virgins have tight cunts. Part your legs a little and let me feel yours."

She parted her legs and had to bite her lower lip as her uncle's hand reached between her thighs and a finger slid inside her dripping hole. He pulled his finger back and licked it.

"Damn you're wet," he said with a big grin. "And you're tight too. But most 18-year olds are. OK, lie down on the bed and I'm going to investigate your pussy a little closer."

Megan climbed up on the bed and was closely followed by her uncle. He grabbed hold of her ankles and spread her legs wide open.

"OK, my little niece," he said with his eyes firmly lodged on the wet pink folds he'd just opened. "I want you to hold your ankles now and not under any circumstance let go of them until I tell you. Understood?"

Megan nodded.

"Now let's have a look at your slutty cunt. See how wet you are. You really enjoyed being spanked, didn't you? I'll have to remember to use the whip next time I need to discipline you."

Megan closed her eyes and imagined what the cane would feel like when she was brought back to reality by the feeling of her uncle's tongue on her wet pussy. He licked along her entire slit and she shuddered from the erotic tension in her body. He flicked his tongue across her sensitive clit and she cried from the wonderful sensation. Next his tongue circled her virgin hole and he lapped up the free flowing juices. Slowly, slowly he penetrated her with his tongue and flicked it around inside her, making her moan louder and louder with pleasure.

"Oh, Uncle Dan," she moaned. "Your tongue feels so good in my cunt."

She could feel him laughing softly against her hot skin as he continued his exploration of her pussy. He used his fingers to tease her clit as he tongue fucked her, making wonderful wet, smacking noises. Just as she thought she was going to cum he withdrew his tongue from her cunt and closed his lips around her clit. Soon one finger was inside her, followed by a second and a third. He kept teasing her clit with his tongue as his fingers fucked her furiously. She wanted to knead her tits. She wanted to pinch her nipples. She wanted to do anything to help her cope with the intense feelings in her cunt, but she didn't dare let go of her ankles. Then her body gave in to the temptation and with a cry she came. Her cunt squeezed his fingers hard and she showered his hand with slippery juices.

Uncle Dan slowly pulled his hand out and got up on his knees, looking down at the swollen pussy lips he'd just been teasing mercilessly. His cock was rock hard again. He placed it against her slit and then he leaned forward and sucked on Megan's tits. He bit her nipples and teased the sensitive underside of her young and firm boobs. Then he moved further and started kissing her. His tongue invaded her mouth and took possession of it. They were both breathing heavily when he broke their lip lock.

"You can let go of your ankles now, my hungry slut, and rest your legs on my shoulders" he said. "Now I'm going to fuck my virgin niece."

Megan moaned as she felt him rocking against her, covering his shaft with her juices. Then he pulled back until his mushroom head nestled tight against her hole. He grinned and pushed forward, parting her pussy lips with his shaft and watching the amazed look on her face when she first experienced his size. He stopped briefly to give her a chance to adjust and then he pushed on until he reached a barrier. He moved a little inside her, making her raise her hips to receive more of him. Then he charged through, his niece's scream as he broke through her virginity telling him to stop. Buried deep inside her cunt he came to a rest as she recovered from the sharp pain of her very first cock penetrating her.

"So," he mused against her mouth as she was panting from the pain of his cock tearing through her virginity, "you were telling the truth. My slutty niece was a virgin after all."

He started withdrawing his cock and chuckled at Megan's protests at having his thick meat removed from her tight cunt. He waited until he was almost out and then slammed back inside her, deeper this time. He repeated the action several times, each time fucking her harder and deeper, his thrusts rewarded with squeals of pleasure from his niece. He was soon pounding her furiously. Megan felt her cunt getting battered from her uncle's vicious fucking and she loved it. Soon she couldn't do anything but cum.

"I'm cuuuuummmmmmmmming!!!!!" she cried out as her body convulsed underneath his, gripping his shaft tight and squirting her juices all around his engorged meat.

As soon as Megan's orgasm subsided, Uncle Dan pulled out of her and smacked her ass a couple of times until it was shining wet with her cum juices and a few drops of her virginity bl**d.

"Get on your hands and knees, my little slut niece," he commanded her and she quickly obeyed. This time he didn't enter her gently. He impaled her on his cock in one fast and hard stroke, going all the way inside her. He pulled her up against him by her tits and squeezed them hard as he fucked her. His balls kept slamming into a pool of her horny juices and all her senses were focused on the way he was using her cunt and tits. Being fucked was a million times better than she'd imagined.

"How do you like this, my little slut?" Uncle Dan whispered in her ear. "Do you like being fucked by your uncle? Do you like being your uncle's fuck toy?"

"Oooooh yes," she panted back. "Fuck me, Uncle Dan. Use my cunt!"

"Are you my little whore? Who does your cunt belong to?"

"I am your whore, Uncle Dan! My cunt belongs to you."

"Then show it! Rub your clit until you cum!"

Megan reached down and rubbed her clit furiously as Uncle Dan kept fucking her. It didn't take long for her whole body to start shaking in his arms and as her cunt contracted around his cock he groaned out loud and started shooting his cum deep into his niece's womb. Her cumming cunt milked him dry, load after load, until they collapsed on the bed. Uncle Dan took her in his arms.

"Babe, you're moving into my bedroom tonight."


"Yeah, how am I going to enjoy my little whore if I don't have her cunt with me every night."

"What about when you go out on dates?"

"I don't need to go out on dates anymore. You're all the cunt I'll be needing now."

Megan couldn't believe her luck. Her uncle wanted to fuck only her.

"Are you ready to hear the ground rules?" Uncle Dan pinched her nipple hard as he spoke and she started feeling horny again.

"Yes, Uncle Dan."

"Do you promise that you'll obey them? You know I'll have to punish you if you don't!"

"I promise, Uncle Dan."

"OK. As your uncle's whore you only wear clothes when I tell you to. You only go out when I say you can. When I come home you run to the door and greet me, on your knees, prepared to suck my cock. You keep your body clean and free of hair so that you're ready to be fucked at any time. Have you understood?"

"Yes, Uncle Dan."

"Good. Now be a good whore and come to the bathroom with me. We both need cleaning."

Uncle Dan let Megan clean his body. She could use soap for most of it, but she had to use her mouth for his cock and balls. She loved it. He enjoyed it so much that he soon pushed her up against the cold tiles and fucked her again so that she had to clean him once more. When he was done he gave her 5 minutes to finish her own shower before cooking his dinner. He let her wear an apron so that she didn't burn any delicate parts, and he couldn't help fucking her again as she was stirring the sauce. She finished cooking with his cum running down the inside of her legs. He wouldn't let her clean herself before eating, but punished her for soiling the chair with the cum from her cunt by making her clean the chair with her mouth. By the end of the weekend she no longer remembered what it was like before she was her uncle's whore... Continue»
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K5 Secret Holiday Fun with Niece Katy

K5 Secret Holiday Fun with Niece Katy

By billy69boy

It was a scene right out of a Norman Rockwell painting, no doubt played out in millions of holiday living rooms throughout the world: the gifts have long ago been exchanged, the big Christmas dinner was already in the past, and an intimate group of close relatives and friends gathered around the television, watching movies together.

Our living room scene consisted of my darling nieces Katy, Beth and Mary, along with Katy’s recently announced fiancé Jim. Katy sat on the sofa between Jim and me. Beth and Mary lounged on the air mattress on the floor in front of us. Later, my wife and the girls’ mother came home from their after-holiday shopping spree. They joined us, and sat together on the love seat. The girls had chosen a popular chick flick, “Letters to Juliet” as our first movie of the evening. Jim and I didn’t protest too much, because we both preferred to be where the “chicks” were, after all.

The drinks were flowing smoothly among the five adults, while Beth and Mary drank iced tea. The room was a little chilly, and the girls wrapped up in blankets. Katy’s young son was already visiting the Land of Nod for the night in his crib in the dining room. Katy leaned against her boyfriend, and folded her legs up on the couch. Her feet were gently pushed against my leg, which I didn’t mind. I appreciated her loving gesture, and I commenced to rub her toes lightly through the blanket. She didn’t really respond one way or the other, but she didn’t attempt to change her position, so I just kept rubbing her feet for probably 20 minutes.

Finally, she giggled, and whispered that it tickled, and she sat up, and then stood up. She explained that she had already seen this movie, and she was going to take a shower now, so she would be ready for the next selection. With that, I got up as well, and got everyone fresh drinks. I noticed that Jim was half nodding off when I put his drink in front of him. It wasn’t really surprising, considering that he had just driven for seven hours earlier in the day to get to our house.

Katy arrived back in the living room just as the first movie’s credits were rolling. Beth jumped up and replaced the DVD with “Sherlock Holmes”, our next movie of the night. I don’t remember anyone voting, so I suspected it was Beth’s call the whole way. Still, no one protested, except about the glare on the TV screen. The movie started out rather dark, and it was hard to see the action because of the glare. We turned off the two lamps in the room, just as Katy was taking her place again on the couch. As she slipped past me, I could see that she wore a short robe over her sheer baby blue nightgown. She nestled in, grabbed her drink from the table, and once again leaned against her fiancé, who was now no longer conscious. It wasn’t long before I was again playing with Katy’s feet, only this time; I had slipped my hand under the blanket, and was feeling her bare skin.

It wasn’t a very risky move at all, as the room was completely dark, save for the images on the TV screen. So, I was initially upset when Katy abruptly pulled her feet back, bent her knees, and pulled her legs tightly against her chest. I assumed I had overstayed my welcome, as she rearranged her blanket. While she held her drink in one hand, her other hand was now underneath the blanket. As I began to withdraw my hand for fear of further annoying her, I was shocked to feel her hand on mine. As she settled into position, she lifted my hand up, and subtlety placed it on her calf, slightly above her ankle; and then she deftly let go, and repositioned her hand on her boyfriend’s shoulder.

No words, or even glances, were exchanged between us, but I felt like she transmitted her message loud and clear. Cautiously, I caressed her lower leg slowly and gently, and she made no movement at all. I waited for a few brief moments before I continued on. There was something incredibly intoxicating about the entire situation, sitting as we were smack in the middle of a roomful of relatives. Now that I had Katy’s silent permission to proceed with my clandestine activities, it eased my sense of urgency, and I shifted to a slower, more teasing pace.

I slowly caressed her long, slim leg from her toes to her ankle and calf, and my hand eventually curved around her knee, and lingered for a while before moving higher up her outer thigh, finally resting upon her noticeably warm ass cheek. Touching her smooth skin secretly under the blanket felt so good! I was already extremely aroused, even though I had only just begun. Katy’s ass wasn’t as round and curvy as Beth’s was, but it was tight and compact, and very sexy. My hand roamed around in little circles that grew wider with each caress, until...wait, could it be true? I realized my fingers didn’t run across any material that felt like a waistband…Yes…YES!! My little vixen wasn’t wearing any panties: no thong; nothing at all underneath her nightgown. A new wave of lust shot through my veins.

Upon my discovery, I acknowledged her naughty gesture by gently squeezing her ass cheek, before tracing her crack playfully with my finger. She finally stirred, and shifted her position slightly, as if in response. My finger traced her crack down to the top of her thighs, and she opened her legs ever so slightly, allowing me access to her freshly showered and shaved pussy. I didn’t know which would explode first: my cock, or the top of my head. My heart was pounding so loudly, I was afraid everyone could hear it. I found myself taking several deep breaths, exhaling slowly, as I probed her wetness with my curious fingers. She opened her legs a bit more, and I took full advantage. I flicked her engorged clit with my finger nail, and then I teasingly ran my finger up and down her damp slit as slowly and lightly as I could manage. I could detect some twitching in response, and I knew she was getting impatient with me. As she went to sip her whipped cream vodka and orange juice, I slid my finger deep inside her pulsing vagina. She gasped and choked on her drink, and coughed enough that her mother asked her if she was okay. She nodded her head, and then finally regained her composure. I went back to the task at hand, as it were, and penetrated her aroused pussy with a second finger. She squirmed around again, and I could sense a slight quivering in her legs. I fervently hoped that her boyfriend was too u*********s to notice.

Instinctively, I pulled my hand back when my wife Barbara stood up abruptly, and announced that it had been a long day, she was tired, and she was going to bed. As she bent over to kiss me goodnight, I pulled my hand out from under Katy’s blanket, and I made a conscious effort to keep my wet fingers away from my wife, for fear of her smelling sex. Surprisingly, the girls’ mom Lauren also claimed exhaustion, and she followed Barb upstairs.

While all the goodnight kisses and hugs were being administered, Jim didn’t respond. It was obvious to me that he was in a deep sl**p. Apparently, Katy noticed too. Before Barb and Lauren reached the top of the steps, Katy had changed her position. Instead of the side view I had of her before, now her body was facing me directly, even as she continued to lean up against her boyfriend. Only her head was turned toward the TV. Beth and Mary were stretched out on the floor, so they had no idea what was occurring behind them on the sofa. I couldn’t help but note the irony of the situation: This was the very same couch that I was on with Beth a couple years before, when she let me finger her to orgasm, and then gave me an incredible blowjob, before she pranced on up to bed like nothing had happened. (See: “Horny Niece Lets Uncle Help”)

When I commenced my under-the-blanket groping adventure, I was delighted to discover that Katy’s legs were now wide open, and her moist love zone beckoned, slightly shuddering in anticipation. I watched her face as my fingertip circled her aroused clit again and again. Katy just continued to stare at the television, her face never revealing the intense pleasure and excitement she was receiving underneath the blanket in the darkened room.

Taking advantage of Katy’s new position, I became more brazen with my finger work, and soon I was sliding two, then three fingers deep into her now soaking wet love canal. I slid them in and out quietly but firmly, and I could tell she loved every stroke, even as she struggled to keep still, as she continued to lean heavily against her boyfriend. I now felt empowered, and I was determined to take control. Katy was at my mercy now, and she couldn’t do much else beyond just taking whatever I gave her. The movie had been on for only a short time, so there was no hurry. Abruptly, and without warning, I removed my fingers, and gave her no indication why I stopped. Equally, Katy didn’t flinch, and continued to glue her eyes to the TV screen. I too, pretended to be watching the movie intently, as I sipped on my Irish whiskey. I did glance down at the girls on the floor, and delighted in noticing that their arms were invisible under their own blankets. I couldn’t help but wonder if their fingers were busy, and wet with their own sex juices.

After calming down somewhat, I resumed my probing between Katy’s legs. I started out by playfully flicking her clit, then rubbing it ever so lightly with my thumb. Her immediate reaction told me she was still quite excited, and if I had failed to get the message, her hand pressed on mine through the blanket. Being the loving and accommodating uncle that I am, I responded by reentering her wanton love opening with three fingers, filling her up completely. I worked her quivering pussy to the point that she was having some difficulty maintaining control. Her thigh muscles began to clench spasmodically as I continued to rub her clit with my thumb. Then, without mercy, I slowly withdrew my hand, and brought it out from beneath her blanket. This got Katy’s attention immediately, and she turned her face toward me for the first time. She had a pained, annoyed look on her face, like I had just slapped her for no reason. In response, I presented my three slick fingers to her face, and gently rubbed her lips with them. She opened her mouth slightly, and I pushed them inside her hot mouth. Instinctively, as she began to suck on them, her eyes softened and then sparkled, and I could detect a smile come over her face. When I pulled back and put my hand under the blanket again, she scooted down some, and then held her legs tighter against her chest. Again, she faced the TV while she opened herself up to my probing fingers.

When my fingertips touched her pussy again, it was like an electric shock to her. I pulled back temporarily; until I was satisfied her jolt didn’t wake her boyfriend. I began finger fucking her slippery pussy fairly vigorously, and she didn’t budge. I added my little finger, and I was amazed to discover that I could get my entire hand deep inside her. Only my protruding thumb prevented me from completely fisting her hungry cunt. She was thin and tight, after all, and I didn’t want to hurt her. Instead, I got her worked up to the limit, and then I pulled my fingers out of her pussy, and swirled my index finger around her sweet brown pucker. I could hear her exhale deeply in anticipation, and I hoped I was the only one who heard her.

She actually managed to pull her legs back further, allowing me to insert my finger deep into her tight rectum. The entire scene was so surreal and so exquisitely arousing. I followed by pushing another finger into her ass, joining the first one. I slid them slowly into her dark passage, and she squirmed ever so noticeably. Her rectum was tight and a bit dry, so I pulled my two fingers out of her ass, and reinserted them into her over-moist pussy. I reamed her pussy deeply, twirling my two fingers inside her pink passage until they were coated with her love juice. In one motion, I switched my well-lubricated fingers back into her dark, forbidden tunnel. I was getting brazen at that point: I was challenging her to stay in control, knowing that any loud gasp or outburst would give us away. Her boyfriend may be out cold, but Beth and Mary were wide awake on the floor.

Now that both her holes were nice and slippery, I shoved two fingers into her pussy and the other two in her ass, and pumped her as hard as I could without making any movements that could be detectable by anyone else. I could tell that she was busy squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples under the blanket, which got me even more excited, if that was possible.

Finally, she erupted almost violently, surrounding my hand with deep spasms and contractions, as she climaxed uncontrollably, yet silently, staring at the TV screen the whole time. It was so exciting to watch her getting off, even as she had to maintain control so as to not let on what was happening. At this point, I would have exploded right along with her, had I even so much as touched my throbbing cock, which I didn’t. Her orgasm seemed to last quite a long time, and minutes passed before I felt her body finally relax, and her clenched love muscles release my hand.

Without warning, she jumped up quickly, and mumbled something about having to go to the bathroom. I got up with her, and asked if anyone wanted another drink. It was like a chain reaction, as the two younger girls stood up simultaneously, declined my offer, gave us both good night hugs, and headed up the stairs to the guest room. Jim never moved, no doubt deep in dreamland, an occasional snore sneaking out of his open mouth.

I met Katy in the dining room, as she emerged from the powder room, all freshened up and smiling, her cheeks flush. Silently, I took her hand, and led her around to the far side of the dining room table, out of eyesight of the living room, vacant now except for her snoring boyfriend. The light was off, and we were in total darkness. Only the faint breathing of her infant son could be heard a few feet from where we stood. I took her in my arms and embraced her, kissing her neck, her face, finally settling on her lips. My hands ran up underneath her nightgown, and found her firm, luscious breasts. I had longed to manipulate them while we were playing on the couch, but I had to settle for watching her do it, as my fingers violated her love openings. Her tits stood out, perky and proud, and they felt so good, as I squeezed them tenderly, and she responded with a deep sigh, and a deeper kiss.

I released her, and she turned around, bending her body over so that her chest rested on her folded arms on the table. She automatically spread her legs, as I knelt down behind her. I ran my hands teasingly up and down her long legs, and slipped her robe and nightie up over her hips, revealing the luscious curves of her ass. I kneaded her ass cheeks lovingly, as my tongue found her still steamy womanhood. She wiggled her hips in silent approval, as I licked the folds of her pussy lips, and nibbled on her clit.

When her knees buckled several times, I gripped her ass cheeks, spread them apart, and buried my face between them. She squirmed a bit when my tongue began to tease her dark spot, but she soon accepted my anal probing with ease, and even reached back to help me keep her cheeks spread nice and wide. I continued to swirl my tongue around her willing rim, darting it in and out periodically. Now that she was holding her cheeks apart for me, my fingers were free to explore the juicy pink inside of her now writhing pussy. I used my thumb to exert pressure on her clitoris, while I finger fucked her with my other hand. I could hear her breathing more rapidly, and I just worried that she would keep quiet enough so her boyfriend and young son wouldn’t wake up. Soon her legs twitched and shuddered, and she was up on her tiptoes, and holding onto the table for stability, as wave after wave of orgasmic euphoria washed over her trembling body.

She slumped down on the table, her breasts heaving as she struggled to fill her lungs with air. I sat down on a chair, and admired the view of her long, thin legs and round, white ass that seemed to glow in the darkness of the room. I stroked my throbbing cock and waited for her to recover. In a short time, she stood up and turned towards me, and knelt down between my open legs. I sat back and let her make the next move. Her eyes seemed to sparkle, in the low light, as she lowered her head and licked the underside of my shaft, ever so tenderly. Her tongue painted my engorged manhood with her warm saliva. She slowly worked her way up and down the entire length, as she gently held my scrotum in her delicate hand. As she engulfed my erection with her soft hot lips, I knew I wouldn’t last long if I let her suck me for very long, but I had a difficult time willing myself to make her stop before it was too late. The sight of her head bobbing between my legs was just too beautiful to interrupt. Still, I summoned up the strength to slowly stand up, pushing her head slowly to the floor as I rose to my feet. She remained in the doggy position, as I moved around behind her.

I knelt down and playfully slid my slippery rod up and down her pink slit several times, teasing her until she became impatient, and pushed her ass back towards me. Finally I grabbed her hips tightly, and shoved the entire length of my manhood deep into her eager pussy. She inhaled rather loudly, and I pulled back a bit so she could regain her composure. After she calmed down some, I resumed my deep stroking of her willing cunt, and pounded her as quietly and sharply as I could. Filling her tight, young pussy felt so good, but I knew I had to pull out soon if I had any hope of lasting long enough to achieve my ultimate desire: There was no question in either of our minds that penetrating and pounding her fine ass was my final quest.

She whimpered meekly when I pulled out of her pussy and stood up behind her. I stepped over top of her, and straddled her kneeling frame. As if on cue, my sexy niece reached behind her, and again spread her ass cheeks for me. She knew where I was headed. Before I mounted her for the final ride of the evening, I reached down between her legs and easily slid three fingers into her slick pussy, and worked it over with some rapid strokes. Katy wiggled around on the floor, while she continued to keep her ass cheeks spread for me. What a beautiful sight, I thought to myself, looking down at her lithe young body, positioned so vulnerably.

As the pressure in my hair-trigger cock subsided somewhat, I removed my hand from the warmth of her love canal, and one by one, I took turns inserting each slimy finger into the dark netherworld of her upturned ass. She didn’t flinch, having anticipated my next move. Finally, I could wait no longer, and I bent my knees slightly, lined my screaming member up to her slick forbidden opening, and plunged deeply into her waiting ass. For a few long minutes, I pumped her willing rectum deliberately, almost jumping up and down on her back. My darling niece didn’t protest, and she seemed to hunker down in anticipation of a long ass fucking session. As much as I wanted this amazing scene to last for hours, I knew I was only going to be good for a few more minutes. My self-control was rapidly diminishing. I began to ravage her ass with more authority, and sense of urgency, until I was pounding her exposed ass to the hilt with each new thrust.

I looked down over her sweet, sexy body and watched my cock disappear deep inside of her over and over again. It was such an incredibly beautiful scene, watching my insatiable niece underneath me, letting me stuff her firm ass brutally with my greedy cock. But, alas, I could feel my long delayed orgasm welling up inside of my burning loins, and I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer. Katy was shaking beneath me, signaling that it was time for her love volcano to erupt once again. This time, she let go of her spread ass cheeks, and thrashed around on the floor, trying to grip the carpet in front of her for stability, to no avail. I held onto her hips to keep her steady while she rode out another intense orgasm.

When she finally slowed down, I dismounted her and stood up. She immediately spun around, sat upright on her knees, and opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I didn’t whisper a word of instruction to her; she obviously knew what was next: after only a few hand strokes, I laid the head of my spasming cock directly on her tongue and immediately began to spew out a considerable amount of cascading cum into her wide open mouth. Looking down at her angelic face eagerly accepting my offering, I was overcome with passion, and managed to deliver another burst of sticky jizz, and then once more after that.

Katy kept her mouth open the entire time, so I slid my now drained cock into her hot cum-filled oral passage. I resisted the urge to push the entire length of my shaft down her throat, for fear of her choking loudly, and waking someone up. I fucked her mouth vigorously, finally slowing down enough for her to continue to suck my now semi-rigid love rod, until all the involuntary jerking action of my spent cock subsided. After she tenderly licked me clean, she slumped down on the floor and wrapped her arms around my legs, like she was holding on for dear life. I stroked her long hair lovingly, as she recovered from our frenzied activities.

We may have stayed there longer, but Katy’s little son stirred and whimpered briefly, which seemed to bring us back to reality. Katy’s head popped up, and she seemed shocked to realize that we were in such close proximity to his crib. I helped her to her feet, and she immediately bent over the crib rail to comfort him and adjust his blanket. I did what any decent uncle would do in the same situation: I quickly knelt down behind her, massaged her ass cheeks, and licked her well-worn pussy. She didn’t object, and she lingered for a while, leaning on the crib rail as she observed her silent and contented little boy, making sure he hadn’t awoken.

Amazingly, in no time, her legs became shaky, and she repeatedly bounced up and down on the balls of her feet. I took her aroused clit between my teeth, and gently bit down on it in such a way that she couldn’t escape even if she wanted to, which she did not. I squeezed her ass cheeks tightly, and then I pushed two fingers deep into her juicy pussy, and finger fucked her rapidly, as I continued to suck on her clit. Her body jerked spastically, and I could see her knuckles turn white, as her fingers clenched the crib rail tightly. She desperately held on and exploded once again in a wild, out-of-control orgasm. What an incredible young lady, I thought, as I held her steady while she writhed and twitched in ecstasy.

After a few silent minutes passed, I stood up and she turned to face me. We embraced for a long time, as I ran my fingers through her long brown hair, and kissed her face and neck. Her eyes met mine, and she was absolutely glowing with that “freshly fucked” look in her eyes. She smiled up at me and whispered: “I love you, Uncle Billy, you are amazing! Thank you for a wonderful time tonight!”

“Well, thank you sweetheart, and I love you too! You are very special to me, you know,” I whispered in response. As she nodded her head I was overcome with gratitude, and I just squeezed her tightly in my arms, and we rocked back and forth together for several minutes, neither of us wanting to let go.

“That boyfriend Jimmy of yours is one lucky man,” I added, as she looked up at me, grinning from ear to ear. We kissed deeply and longingly, before we finally parted and went our separate ways. Before I got to the top of the stairs, the TV went dark, and I could hear her telling Jimmy that it was time for bed.

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Wild Uncle Allen

I had left for work while both my s****r Judy and her husband Bob
were still at home. I knew that they would soon leave for their own
jobs as I circled back toward their house. I also knew that there
wasn't any school today for their f******n year old daughter Janet. I
turned my car back down the street where their house was and saw with
immense satisfaction that both their cars were now gone. My cock was
already in a state of full erection when I parked my car and went back into
the house.

I moved quickly to the spare bedroom where they were letting me
stay for the next few weeks. They had been so kind to me giving me food
and shelter until I got back on my feet that I felt guilty about what I
was planning to do to their daughter today. But the mental picture of
the young girl's sexy enticing body overcame my guilt and I started
pulling all my clothes off my trembling body.

I stripped down completely nude and noticed my cock had swollen to
its largest size ever. I gripped the thick shaft in my hand as I then
moved down to Janet's room. I figured that she would still be in bed
asl**p since she didn't have to go to school. I slowly opened her
bedroom door and looked inside and confirmed that my sexy young niece was
indeed sound asl**p.

Janet had just turned f******n years old but already her slim body
was able to arouse me to a higher state of desire than any girl I'd
ever known. She had light blonde hair that was so long it covered her
small shoulders completely. Her eyes were big and a very pale blue in
color. She had long slender legs that seemed to make up over half her
height and at the top of those legs was the cutest round ass I'd ever
seen. Her breasts were just now starting to bloom and were about the size
of small apples. I had wanted to fuck her ever since the first time I
saw her after moving to this city where she lived with my s****r and
b*****r-in-law. Today was going to be the day my dreams came true.

I softly closed her door back and then walked to the living room.
I picked up the telephone and then called my boss at work. I told him
that I was ill and needed to take a sick day. He asked me, "How sick
are you?" I wanted to tell him that I was sick enough to fuck my
p*****n niece but I just told him I felt bad. He replied that it was no
problem and he hoped I would feel better tommorrow. I returned the phone
to its cradle and then walked back to my niece's bedroom.

I went inside her room and then moved over next to her bed. I saw
that she had kicked her covers off during the night and her alluring
figure was completely available for my viewing pleasure. My eyes took in
every detail of her sexy little body with only a thin nightie to cover
her enticing young curves. I was now wanting to ravage her fresh sexy
body no matter what the consequences might be.

I wanted my eyes to drink in every detail of her beautiful young
body. I even went back and turned on the overhead light so to better see
her. I then leaned over her bed and moved my face up close to her
small sl**ping figure while ogling every square inch of her smooth skin.
When my head moved very close to her pantied bottom I could smell the
arousing aroma of her young pussy and it spurred me onward.

I knew the girl was a sound sl**per from listening to my s****r
trying to wake her every morning. But by now I no longer cared if she
woke up because I was determined to have i****tual sex with her whether
she was asl**p or not. I began slowly and gently rubbing my hand down
her long downy legs. She stirred slightly as my caressing became more
vigorous. Suddenly she moved her legs apart in a relaxed sl**py posture.

I slowly moved onto the bed and crawled up between her legs. Then I
began pushing the thin nightie up above her small perky breasts. My
head moved down to her chest and I hungrily put my lips around one of her
nipples. I took the entire peach-size breast into my mouth and began
suckling it with vigor. I was trying to pull it down into my throat
when I heard the little girl squeak in fright at her rude awakening.

I gave her a smile as I moved my lips over to her other breast and
started suckling it. Her big eyes looked at my face for a few seconds
and slowly she became aware of what was happening to her.

"Uncle Allen why are you touching me like this? Are mom and dad
gone?" Janet asked me in her young voice. I wondered if she was truely
shocked or if she was only worried about her parents walking in and
seeing what we were doing. I didn't answer either question as my mouth
was busy but I did move my hands down and start sliding her silky
panties down her slim legs.

"Stop Uncle. Why are you doing this"? The sexy young girl cried
with a sound of terror in her voice. Her small hands were frantically
grabbing at her underwear as she tried to stop them from uncovering her
little love muff.

I kept peeling them down her legs and then held her legs up in the
air while I jerked them off her feet. She had her big pale blue eyes
watching my face as she moved her hands up over her naked little cunt. A
frightened moan started coming from her throat. I leaned down and
suckled each of her perky breasts again for a few moments while she was
still moaning with fright. I moved up off her titties and then began
moving my head down toward her blonde fuzzy pussy mound. I spread her
puffy pussy-lips apart slightly and then stuck my tongue out and began
licking up through her small gaping cunt.

I stopped my lewd actions long enough to tell her, "Janet my sexy
little niece, your uncle is going to fuck you now". My tongue went
back to licking her sweet cunt as the small girl replied to my vulgar

"Oh please no, don't do this to me. I've never done that before
Uncle Allen". She sobbed in protest with her eyes widely bulging in

I raised up enough to gaze into those sensational blue eyes. "That
will make it even better Janet darling", I said to her in reply.

Her unbelieving stare remained fixed on my face as I then leaned
back down and licked up through her small winking slit a couple more
times. Then I stuck my tongue inside her hot hole as far as it would go
and began to rapidly tongue-fuck my pretty niece. I could look up and
she her pretty head bent up so she could witness my vulgar actions. I
knew she was in total shock at what I was doing and her fresh innocence
roused my lustful passions even higher.

She was wailing loudly as my tongue kept thrusting in and out of
her sweet tasting cunt. I brought my hands up to where I could rub her
firm little clitoris with my thumbs while my tongue kept up its rapid
motions. I could feel her small hands slapping at the back of my head
and shoulders and her long slender legs were thrashing all around. I
had to hold on tightly with my big hands clutched around her tiny flat

"Oh god Uncle Allen what are you doing to me? Please stop now,
please". Janet screamed out to me in terror. Even though her voice was
full of fright I knew that her body was beginning to enjoy my
stimulations and eventually her young mind would quit dreading what was about to

Her small frame was thrashing about wildly as her sexual arousal
intensified. Her hands had now stopped beating on me and were holding
on to the back of my thrusting head. Faint gasps were coming from her
mouth and soon I felt her body stiffen up as she experienced the first
orgasm of her life. I licked up her sweet juices for a few more
moments and then slowly rose up over her. I looked down at the gasping
girl and saw that she was thoroughly confused about what had just occured
to her. I figured that she had never known there might possibly be
such pleasure to be derived from her little blonde-fuzzy pussy.

While she was still recovering from her climax I brought my stiff
love muscle up to her pussy's tiny opening and began trying to push it
inside. Janet wasn't even aware of what I was now doing to her tender
little cunt as she was still in shock from her mind-blowing experience.
I managed to jam my swollen shaft into her tight pussy lips before she
realized that something was poking into her little hot cunt.

But she did finally awake to what I was doing and then she started
crying and thrashing her body around all over again. The small girl
was frantic with obvious terror at my intended horror.

"Oh god no Uncle Allen. Don't **** your own niece. Don't put
your cock in there. We can't do this Uncle Allen". She cried out
while tears streamed down her cheeks.
"We CAN do this Janet baby because we're already doing it". I
told her as my cock bumped heavily into her maidenhead membrane. I
pulled my cock back slightly and gripped my niece's waist tightly as I
prepared to bust her cherry.

"Uncle Allen is so happy that you saved your cherry for him". I
said as I shoved my nine inch shaft through her thin membrane. The
experience of fucking my pretty niece was even better than I'd ever
dreamed it could be.

Her voice let out a sharp piercing yelp as I sliced through her
maidenhead and then she resumed her muffled sobs. My gaze drifted down
to watch the extremely sensual sight of my thick adult cock sliding in
and out of her tightly stretched cunt. The thought of her being my own
s****r's daughter was making the thick hard muscle swell even more.

My large adult cock was not able to penetrate into the small girl
to its full extent. About three inches of its thick base was still
visible when my shaft bottomed out in her belly. After several thrusts
I noticed a red ring forming around the hard shaft and it was marking
the depth of my penetration. Knowing that the ring was Becky's virgin
bl**d made my big dick swell up with growing lust.

"Now you never have to worry about being a virgin again Janet".
I stated happily while beginning another slow deep thrust. "Uncle has
taken care of that sad condition for you".

"You're r****g me and making me hurt real bad". Her young
tearful voice shouted back in reply.

"Well Janet baby, there is always a little pain and discomfort the
first time. You should realize that my cock is also hurting a lot from
stretching your virgin cunt out for you". I said to the p*****n while
stretching the truth considerably.

I didn't want to hurt her any more than I already had so I kept my
motions slow and easy while savoring every second and every sensation.
I f***ed myself to hold back from cumming for I wanted this i****tuous
coupling to last as long as possible. But with every stroke I made
and every second that passed I could feel my huge cock-head swelling up
more and more.

Janet's sobs were now quieter and her small body seemed to have
lost most of its earlier tension. The only sound she was making now were
small 'uhhs' every time my swollen cock bottomed out. They didn't
sound like painful expressions though. In fact the more I heard her
sounds, the sexier they became. I purposely increased the speed of my
thrusts just to hear the responses come from her young throat with
increased speed also.

I knew I was very close to cumming and so I teasingly asked her,
"Janet my love, do you want Uncle Allen to shoot his cum in your hot
pussy or do you want me to pull out and shoot it all over your sexy

Her big eyes were staring at me with loathing as she shouted back,
"Just do it you bastard. You are going to be in deep shit when I tell
daddy what you did to me".

I smiled back at her after hearing her threat and then I purposely
shoved my big dick very heavily into her belly. Her eyes rolled up
until only the whites were showing while I held the hard shaft pressed
deeply in. Suddenly I couldn't hold back any longer and my sperm f***ed
its way through my nine inch cock and began gushing out into her
immature pussy.

It had only shot a couple of streams before I quickly jerked it out
of her. Gripping it firmly with my hand I pointed it towards Janet's
naked breasts and covered them with hot thick cum. I thought I
detected a fleeting look of regret in her eyes when I withdrew from her cunt
but the look soon changed to one of disgust as she watched my seed
spurt on her skin.

I milked my shaft with my hand until the last drop had oozed out of
it. I then touched the head of my dick with my finger and smeared a
little of my cum on the tip of it. Becky was still glaring down at the
mess on her chest and was just about to say some more unkind words to
me when I quickly stuck the cum-soaked finger into her soft warm mouth.
The move must have surprised her greatly for her lips closed around my
finger and her tongue automatically licked around it also. She
realized quickly what her mouth was doing and for a minute I thought she was
going to bite my finger with her teeth.

I slipped the now-clean finger back out of her mouth before she
could sink her bite into it and grinned down at her while saying, "Did my
pretty niece like the taste of Uncle Bill's cum? Your mouth acted
like it did. I bet you could sure give a wonderful blow job with that
sweet mouth of yours Janet".

"You'll never know you bastard. After today you'll never know
anything but a prison". She snarled back in reply.

I slowly rose up off of her and started walking toward her bedroom
door. Then I stopped and turned back toward her. She was so damn
sexy looking laying there naked with flushed skin and tousled blonde hair.
My gaze took in the puddle of cum on her chest and the puffy reddened
lips of her recently violated pussy. I then looked straight into her
beautiful eyes
"Listen Janet dear. You won't tell your daddy or anyone else about
what we did today. For if you do I'll tell them that you've been
begging me to fuck you and threatened to cry **** if I didn't take off from
work so we could do it today."

I watched her young features for her reaction. The look of anger
in her eyes was slowly replaced by a worried expression. I smiled
again and then left her room.

As soon as I left her presence I let myself start worrying about my
actions. I tried to seem self-confident and boisterous in front of my
niece but my mind was not near as calm about the situation that she
thought I was. There was a chance she just might really tell her parents
and the whole world about me r****g her.

I walked to the bathroom and took a long relaxing shower. As I
dried my body I started feeling a little better about the prospects.
Surely after thinking it over the little girl would decide to keep her
experience a secret. I hadn't been overly cruel to her and she really
hadn't lost anything except her virginity. I decided that the odds were
my sexy f******n year old niece wouldn't say anything to her parents.
Besides being very embarrassed from telling the story to them, they
might even believe that she instigated the whole sordid mess.

I then went to my room and stretched out on my bed. I allowed
myself the pleasure of recalling all the delightful sensations I'd had
while ravishing the pretty girl's body. My cock was even starting to
engorge itself in lustful passion as I heard the sound of Janet going to
the bathroom and start the shower water running. I heard her slide the
shower door shut and my mind began visualizing the water splash her
silky skin clean of cum. I had a vivid mental picture of her hands
soaping her breasts and ass. I was already thoroughly aroused when the
sound of the shower water being turned off broke my line of thoughts.

Her light footsteps came to my ears as she went back to her room
and slammed the door. I then dozed off to sl**p with thoughts of her
naked body in my mind.

I must have napped an hour or two when I awoke with the sounds of
the television in my ears. I got up and slipped on a pair of jogging
shorts and then walked to the living room. Janet was lying on the big
couch and a big loose t-shirt was covering her sexy body. It must
have been her father's shirt because the sleeves came down to her elbows
and the bottom went almost down to her knees.

I knew she was aware of my presence but her eyes never moved from
the tv screen as I slowly walked over to the recliner directly across
from where she lay. We sat there in silence for several moments while
I ogled her beautiful young figure. I could see the points of her
breasts outlined against the front of the thin white shirt and I could
even make out the darker circles around the perky nipples through the thin

I glanced down and saw my cock had created a huge bulge in the
front of my thin silky shorts and I purposely leaned further back and
spread my legs out widely. This movement made my obvious erection even more
prominent. I watched her face several moments before she responded in
any way.

Finally I caught her eyes in a quick glance toward my crotch.
After a few more moments she glanced at my bulge again and let her gaze
linger a little while. The next time she stared over at my big cock I
moved my hand down and slowly rubbed it. Her eyes glanced up at my
face and saw me staring back act her with a smile.

"You like looking at your Uncle Allen's dick don't you Janet?" I
asked her teasingly.

Her pretty face blushed with the knowledge I'd caught her staring
at it. I then reached inside my waist-band and pulled the stiff muscle
out into the open. Her gaze automatically locked onto it and remained
fixed, staring at it boldly and without shame. Her little feet were
moving around nervously and her hands seemed unable to keep still as she
continued staring at my big thick cock.

Finally she looked back into my eyes. "God your cock is big
Uncle Allen. How in the world did that thing ever get inside of my little

I grinned broadly at her lewd curiousity and then replied, "Janet
when I look at you my cock always gets big. Your hot little cunt can
stretch more than you think it can. I must say that you have one hell
of a nice pussy along with a very beautiful body".

Her flushing face broke out in a grin as she heard my compliments.
She gazed into my eyes for a few seconds and then said, "I'm glad you
think I'm pretty Uncle Allen. Its even nice to know you liked my
pussy. But it did hurt a lot, especially at first. And you didn't even
ask me if I wanted you to do it to me!"

She ended her statement with a pouty hurt expression on her lips.
I looked down at her young sexy body for a few seconds and let her see
me ogling. I smiled back up at her face. I then got up from the
recliner and got down on my bare knees. I walked over close to the couch
on them while acting like I was a humble and regretful person.

"O beautiful sexy niece please forgive your bad uncle . He was
unable to resist your highly provocative charms and he is truely sorry
for any pain he has caused you". I chanted to the smiling these words
in a high comical voice.

Janet then sat up on the couch and put her feet on the floor.
During her movement I caught a glimpse of her crotch when her shirt rose
up and her legs were spread out. She was naked underneath the shirt!
Just thinking about her hot little pussy being bared to my sight made
my cock jump with desire.

With her sitting up on the edge of the couch her f******n year old
face was very close to mine. She made a stern look come across her
features and looked straight in my eyes and then said, "Your niece Janet
accepts her bad uncles apology. But you better remember to never be
mean to her again"!

I put my left hand on my chest and raised my right one up with
open palm facing the pretty little girl. I looked like a boy scout
pledging to the flag. "I swear never to be mean to my beautiful niece
again as long as I live".

This brought a big grin upon her face and she leaned backwards
with glee. Her knees had widened out when she relaxed and her shirt slid
up several inches along her thighs. I looked up at the beautiful
sight between her legs. Her small sexy pussy slit was completely naked
and staring straight back at me.

I then said to the sexy p*****n, "And I promise to never take
anything of yours without asking you first...Now, Janet baby do you want
to fuck uncle Allen again?"

Her big eyes shut for a second and an embarrassed smile came
across her soft red lips. Her voice was meek and almost inaudible when she
replied, "Yes".

Trembling with delight and desire I knee-walked over closer until
my chest was snuggled between the young girl's knees. I slid both
hands along the outside of her bare smooth thighs until my palms were
grasping her curvy little hips. I leaned my head down close to her naked
cunt and then blew softly with hot breath at it.

I glanced up at Janet's face and saw her pale blue eyes glaze over
with sexual arousal as she looked back at me. I then asked her, "May
I kiss your sweet pussy before we fuck?"

She couldn't make her voice respond so she merely nodded her pretty
head vigorously. I then leaned back toward her bare slit and pressed
my mouth against it. My tongue stuck out and into her hot cunt while
the small girl shuddered with pleasure. I began thrusting in and out
rapidly with my tongue and she was now wiggling her whole body at the
sensual experience.

My tongue found the firm little button of her clitoris and began
flicking it and caressing it. I could hear Becky gasping for breath and
her body was becoming tense with her rising passion. I pressed my
face in closer and got my lips around her clit and then began sucking it
like a puppy nursing its mother. As she went further into a sexual
frenzy I alternated between tongue-fucking her pussy and sucking her

My beautiful hot niece screamed out loudly and her slim body became
stiff as she went into the second orgasm in her young life. They had
both happened today. She was still moaning her delight when I moved my
body upward and pulled her ass closer to the edge of the couch. I
then shoved my hard slick cock into her tight pussy while it was still
convulsing from her orgasm. It was hot and very slick from her own love
juices but still resisted my thick shaft's penetration. But I had
plenty of leverage to keep the pressure up and the couch made a solid
support under her ass for me to keep shoving my cock in further.

Her young vaginal muscles were flexing around my shaft as it
slipped in deeper and deeper. I watched my dick slowly disappear inside her
until only about three inches were left outside. I knew that was as
far as it would go when I'd fucked her earlier. I was determined to
surpass my earlier penetration though so I shoved in some more. I felt
my cock-head bump into Janet's young cervix and as I shoved harder it
suddenly slipped into her immature womb.

I watched her face now that my cock was buried completely inside
her young body. Her big eyes flickered open and stared back with a
d**gged and unknowing look. I had her small body skewered on my nine
inch shaft like a sausage on a stick and the wonder of it was she didn't
seem uncomfortable with it so deep inside of her. I didn't move for
several moments but kept my cock buried to the hilt and allowed her
tender muscles a chance to adjust to this new experience.

After a bit her eyes reopened and they seemed to regain their
conscious gleam slowly. I then began backing up and shoving forward into
her while my cock swelled bigger with i****tual arousal. Our eyes
starely deeply at each other while our bodies began working together with
our thrusting motions.

"Do you want me to cum in your pussy or on your titties Janet?" I
asked her without smiling.

She too was dead serious when she replied by saying, "I want all
your cum to shoot in my hot pussy Uncle Allen".

Her answer drove me into a frenzy. I now started shoving my cock
in and out as fast as I could go. I could hear my balls slap her hips
with each stroke which now came so fast that the slapping sound was
almost continuous. It was obvious she was enjoying every second of my
furious pounding and before I even knew it my sperm was exploding from my
cock and deep into my niece's womb. I kept pounding and she kept
moving to meet me for an eternity of blissful enjoyment.

Finally I collapsed down on her small body and we both rested a
while with my softening cock still in her. After catching my breath I
raised my head and look at Janet's pretty flushing face.

"Did my pretty sexy niece enjoy fucking her uncle this time?" I
asked her.

She smiled back at me with a relaxed look and replied, "Yes your
niece enjoy it very much. But from now on instead of me calling you
Uncle Allen, I'm going to call you 'Wild allen'."... Continue»
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Niece Beth Confesses

Niece Beth Confesses

By billy69boy

(Sequel to “Creative Nieces Get Punished”)

“Goodbye, dear, we’re going over to the pool now,” my wife yelled down the basement steps to me. “Okay, darling, have a good time, see you later,” I replied. “Beth doesn’t want to go with us. She’s still in bed, is that okay with you?” she asked. “Yes, that will be fine, I’m not going anywhere,” I offered. My two favorite young nieces and their mother were staying with us for a summer weekend visit. I looked out the small basement window just in time to see 13 year old Mary sashay out to the car wearing her little string bikini. She was beginning to grow those luscious bumps and curves that take a man’s breath away.

The car backed out of the driveway, and I was left with my handyman project and thoughts of Beth still asl**p in the guest room. Beth was 15 now, and her luscious curves were already quite evident. I had never seen a more beautiful, delicious round ass on anyone, ever. Her long legs and incredibly blue eyes complimented her firm, jutting breasts. She was a vision to behold, and I had a difficult time concentrating on my work, as I thought about our past clandestine activities together. All that youthful beauty and sexual curiosity to boot…it made me hard just thinking about her.

Not long after the gang left for a day at the pool, I heard the shower turn on. I thought of Beth, wet and naked, waking up and washing her adorable body. I resisted the urge to run up and help her, maybe wash her back, or perhaps lovingly pat her firm body dry with a soft towel. Beth was my favorite niece of all, no doubt, and I was itching for an opportunity to play with her.

When the shower shut off, I made my way up to the kitchen to cook up some breakfast for her. I heard her bop down the steps, and breeze into the kitchen wearing a thin, flimsy summer robe. She held her long, wet hair in both hands, fluffing it out to dry in the hot summer air. “Well, good morning Beth,” I choked out, as I watched her bending over in the fridge, looking for the juice pitcher. She ignored my greeting, and filled her glass in silence. I couldn’t take my eyes off her, which seemed to annoy her even more.

“Not now, Uncle Bill, I’m really not in the mood,” she responded to my silent leering. “That’s okay, sweetheart, how about some chocolate chip pancakes and sausage for breakfast?” I asked. “Your favorite,” I reminded her. “Whatever,” she shot back, as she bounded up the stairs to finish her morning routine. Typical moody teenager, I thought to myself, as I began cooking. Eventually, Beth came back to the kitchen with her dark blonde hair dried and brushed, and her makeup meticulously applied. She was dressed, if you could call it that, in a baby blue half shirt that barely covered the bottom part of her perky breasts. She wore a light blue ribbon in her hair, one of her classic trademark accessories. No bra was necessary, apparently, not that I was complaining. My eyes followed her bare midriff down to the smallest and tightest pair of white denim shorts I had ever seen. I lowered my gaze, and took in her smooth, slender legs to her bare feet. Beth ignored me completely, as she vigorously tapped out a text message on her phone, appearing to get more frustrated with each new response.

I couldn’t immediately speak…not even one word, as she sat down at the table. I loaded two plates with pancakes and sausage, and served them. Beth started eating without acknowledging me, a disgruntled look on her face. I was still so taken by her sensual beauty, that I was lost in my own lustful thoughts. As we ate, I tried not to stare at her almost naked body, but I really showed little restraint.

“Are you okay this morning, Beth?” I asked, as we worked on our breakfast. “You seem to be upset.” “It’s Dean, my boyfriend. I found out he’s been seeing someone else,” she replied, a pained look on her face. “Your boyfriend?” I blurted out at this bit of news. “Don’t tell my mom, please?” she implored with her dreamy blue eyes. “Your secret is safe with me, as you know, but aren’t you a little young to be having a boyfriend?” I asked her. “I don’t think so, Uncle Billy. Dean is 18, but he’s completely ignorant when it comes to sex,” replied my angelic niece, “he doesn’t really get it. He’s all ham-handed, and just into himself. He never lasts long enough for me to even get aroused, much less have an orgasm.”

Then, she looked directly into my eyes with an angry snarl on her face: “I hate you, Uncle Billy; this is all your fault”, she blurted out. I hadn’t seen this one coming at all. I put my fork down, and turned my chair to face her. “What do you mean by that?” I asked her, “your boyfriend went out with someone else, and it’s my fault?”

She crossed her arms over her waist, and looked away. I could see a few tears welling up in her eyes, and she took a few deep breaths before she regained her composure, and turned her chair to face mine. “The truth is, Dean went out with another girl, because I wouldn’t have sex with him. He told me he has needs, and I wasn’t taking care of them, so he found someone who would.” Big tears rolled down her cheeks, and I felt so bad for her. I moved my chair closer to her, placing my knees on the outside of hers. “Beth, you must feel terrible,” I offered, as I ran my hands lightly and gently up and down her smooth legs.

“Well, I do feel terrible, but not because of stupid Dean,” she stated, her voice trailing off. “He’s so dull and boring in bed, I just couldn’t stand to pretend anymore, so I quit having sex with him at all. He had no clue how to make sex fun,” she offered, looking up to me, as I calmed her down by continuing to massage her legs. As she spoke, I was aware that each new stroke brought my fingertips closer and closer to the hem of her impossibly skimpy white shorts. Soon, I was running my hands up under her shorts, finally touching her lacy little thong.

“He’s only interested in getting himself off: no toys, no wild positions, no rough stuff, no anal sex…he just doesn’t THINK sexy, like you do, Uncle Billy”, she blurted out. Well, I didn’t see this one coming either, and I damn near fell off my chair, but I kept my composure. She instinctively pulled her legs back from between my knees, and assumed the outside position, spreading her legs open in order to better receive my caresses. “So, the reason I feel terrible is because you have spoiled me for anybody else. I don’t really even like you all that much, and you’re sure nothing to look at, at your age. But you are so fucking kinky; I can’t even imagine getting off as well with any other guy. What really upsets me is that I only get to fuck you like four or five times a year, because we live so far away.”

By now, I was running my fingers along the edge of her thong, and moving one finger up and down her already wet slit through the flimsy silk material. Beth had both hands underneath her half-shirt, absent-mindedly fondling her proud titties. “What color is your thong today?” I asked her quietly. “Blue and white, to match my outfit,” she replied. “Do I get to keep it for my collection?” “Of course, Uncle Billy, that’s the idea,” she gushed and smiled. “Are you going to share?” I said, nodding toward her chest, as I fingered her underneath her thong. “Oh sure,” she offered, pulling her thin blue shirt up over her bouncy tits so I could watch her play with her nipples.

I doubt that my cock was ever so hard, nor my head ever so big, as this moment. I unsnapped her snap and pulled the zipper down on her shorts. She cooperated by lifting her butt off the chair, so I could ease them down her curvy hips and ass. “Hop up on the table,” I suggested, as I pushed our breakfast dishes aside. Beth bopped right up, lie down on her back, and spread her legs for me. She resumed playing with her young tits, squeezing them and twisting her nipples until they stood straight up. My hand was now inside her baby blue thong, rubbing circles around her clit with my thumb.

“If you are going to give me your thong as a present, I’d like to prepare it properly for my collection,” I spoke, as I slid the thong down her legs and into my possession. “What do you mean?” she asked. “Well, I want it to smell like you forever,” I hinted, as I began to feed it into her soaked little pussy inch by inch. She squirmed around under my advances, but she didn’t object. “Oh, Uncle Billy, you think of the damnedest things!” I took my time, and watched her thong finally disappear completely into her hot young cunt. By the time I f***ed it in farther with my two fingers, she had her first orgasm. “That’s it, Beth, cum all over your thong for Uncle Billy, that’s just what I’m talking about!” I exclaimed with encouragement, all the while working her clit gently but firmly. “Oh, fuck, Uncle Billy, I fucking HATE you!” she moaned, as she writhed around on the table.

I stood up, leaned over top of her, and took her breasts into my mouth, nibbling and sucking and licking them slowly and deliberately. My cock was ready to explode, but I persevered. I worked my way down her naked stomach, kissing and licking as I went. I reached that wonderfully sexy crease in her skin where the hip bone meets the pelvis, and lingered there for awhile, kissing each side softly, and licking with my tongue. I gradually worked my way down her exposed belly, and delighted in her high-pitched yelp when my tongue found her swollen clit. She pulled her legs back to her chest and held them tight against her body, as she reveled in my clit-licking technique. When I added two fingers into her thong-packed vagina, she thrashed around in orgasmic lust, her head jerking from side to side on the table.

“Oh Uncle Billy, I haven’t cum this hard since I was here with you last time!” she exclaimed breathlessly. With that, I grabbed her hips, and I pulled her ass up off the table. I grabbed each ass cheek in my hands and rubbed and kneaded them firmly. I just had to lick and kiss and bite her beautiful ass before my tongue found her little brown knot. “OOOOOH! MMMMMMMMMMM! That feels sooo good, Uncle Billy, that’s it! Tongue-fuck my tight little ass, YES!!” Beth blurted out, as she squeezed her legs tighter against her chest.

I was in my glory. I couldn’t get enough of her gorgeous ass. I kept darting my tongue deeper and deeper into her anus, and couldn’t resist putting a complete lip lock on her, and sucking her ass hard. I reached her clit with my thumb, and worked it vigorously. Beth took it all with enthusiasm, showing no hint of shyness at my advances. I felt like I could explode any second, but I kept my focus on eating her ass for as long as I could. Opportunities like this don’t come around nearly often enough! I could have licked her sweet ass all day, but I finally managed to run my tongue up to her pulsating pussy, licking and biting her engorged clit, until she was cumming again, making my face all shiny with her love juices.

After her spasms subsided, I gently lowered her body back down onto the table, and lay my body on top or hers as she caught her breath. I brought my face to hers, and kissed her mouth passionately, sharing the taste of her love liquid with her. I could feel my screaming cock rub up against her genitals, and she willingly tried to work it into her. But first, I walked around to the other side of the table, and pulled her head over the edge, gripping her hair securely. With no hesitation, Beth opened her mouth and began licking the head of my quivering cock. I’d never felt a mouth so soft and hot in my life. I could have easily pumped her throat full of jizz right then and there, but I held back, just marveling at the sight of my lovely young niece sucking me off without apology.

When I pulled back and began walking to the other side of the table, Beth held her legs close to her body, and was ready for me before I even got into position. “C’mon, Uncle Billy, fuck me good and hard now!” she challenged. “Ram it into me so I know I’m being fucked!” That made me almost cum even before I slid my thick rod into her tight teenage pussy. She wiggled and moaned, as I slid two fingers deep into her hot love box, and retrieved her soaking wet thong, slowly and teasingly. She didn’t seem surprised at all, when I pushed the saturated piece of cloth into her mouth. “Hold this for me, will you?” I asked, as I ran my hard member up and down her juicy slit. She couldn’t speak, but she moaned loudly, and beseeched me to fuck her with her big pleading blue eyes.

Being the caring, yet much hated uncle that I was, I proceeded to do just that. Her tight pussy was so hot; I could have sworn I saw steam escaping from it when I entered her. I held onto each of her ass cheeks, and leaned into the task at hand, stroking slowly at first, but going deeper and faster as I penetrated her to the hilt. What a sweet ride it was. She was so happy to feel like she was finally getting fucked properly, she pushed back towards me with each new thrust. She was quite a sight, abusing her tits, squeezing and pulling on them, and pinching her nipples until they were red. Wow, she was intense!

We had quite the rhythm going, and I don’t think I had ever experienced a fuck session so beautiful and exciting, yet so serious, as this one. So, I wasn’t surprised to hear her groan behind that thong-filled mouth of hers when I pulled my over-stimulated prick out of her burning hot snatch. I bent over between her legs, and licked her clit with my swirling tongue, then made my way down her wet slit until I reached my destination. I spread her ass cheeks open wide, and f***ed my stiff tongue into her willing anus. I wanted to make sure she was well-lubricated before I embarked upon my ultimate quest.

She pulled her thong out of her mouth and blurted: “Oh, yesssss! Tongue-fuck my tight little ass, Uncle Billy, MMMMMMMMMMM! Suck it! YES!! YES!! Now, jam your big fat cock deep into my ass and fuck me right!!” Shocked by her dirty talk, I slapped her ass cheeks several times, as I positioned my cockhead at her inviting, no, demanding back door. Beth reached down, and held her cheeks open wide, and I pushed my heaving cock into her saliva-coated brown hole. She let out a quick squeal as I penetrated her tight nugget, but she soon settled down to my steady and formidable thrusts deep into her vulnerable ass. I was pretty sure that my life couldn’t possibly get any better than this moment. Looking down at my slick meat parting my young niece’s ass cheeks, and watching my grateful cock disappearing into her hot little ass time and time again, was almost more than I could take. She groaned loudly when I pulled out of her ass and slammed into her pussy again, all in one quick motion. I continued to fuck her like that, alternating holes back and forth, and was thrilled to feel the walls of her vagina clench and unclench in shameless orgasm after orgasm, as Beth clearly enjoyed her solid and complete fuck session. As my strokes took on a greater sense of urgency, she uttered those wonderful words that any uncle yearns to hear from his darling niece: “Oh, Uncle Billy, please cum in my mouth, PLEASE??”

Being the considerate and loving uncle that I am, I obliged wholeheartedly. I climbed up on the table, straddling Beth’s body on my knees, and presented my cock in front of her face. She leaned forward and sucked my entire length into her mouth and throat like a vacuum cleaner. A few strokes of her head, and I was pumping my sticky spunk into her mouth, grasping her hair tightly to keep my balance. Beth gulped feverishly, and drank down load after load of my steaming cum, until I was empty, and we were both breathless.

I lay on top of her for several minutes in silence, just holding her in my arms. Finally, she stirred under me, and I slumped down into the chair. Beth sat up and sighed deeply and contentedly, smiling at me like she enjoyed every minute of our secret tryst. Then, something puzzling happened, and I became worried. Her satisfied smile disappeared, and a frown took its place, then a rather pained expression of disappointment came over her face. “What’s the matter, sweetheart?” I inquired in a concerned manner, “Didn’t you get what you wanted?”

“Well, Uncle Billy, yes it was great, and I came bunches of times, but…” her voice trailed off…”but what, honey?” I inquired. “It’s just that, well, you hardly spanked me at all, you didn’t have any toys handy, and you didn’t even bother to tie me up or anything!” she complained. My eyebrows rose up, and my eyes got wide, as I tried to process this unexpected information. “Well,” I offered, “for all that we’ll have to go down to the basement.”

Without hesitating, Beth hopped right down off the table and headed toward the basement steps. “Let’s go then!” she ordered, “C’mon!” “I’m right behind you,” I assured her, as I plucked her soaked thong up off the table, and placed it into a sealed plastic bag for later. I considered using the bathroom before following her down the stairs, but I thought perhaps I’d wait awhile.

To be continued as: “Niece Beth Gets What She Asks For”

... Continue»
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My uncle shares me with his best friend er, friend

This story begins really when I was just 14 years old, my parents were killed in an auto accident on June 5, 1997. And I was sent to live with my father’s younger b*****r, uncle Kevin in Montana; who I saw often and loved dearly. My uncle Kevin is 28 handsome, 6 ft tall, in good shape he works out often and is a large a****l vet in Montana with his own practice.

The court appointed trustee, Ms Jensen flew with me to Montana and I was so excited to see uncle Keith waiting at the gate for us when we de-boarded the plane. We all drove out to my uncles home, he had a nice home on 25 acres and Ms. Jensen was along to do a home visit to be sure everything was alright and suitable for a young girl. I was delighted to see uncle Kevin had dogs and horses on his property. After the inspection, Ms. Jensen handed a file to my uncle and said all future correspondence will be done by certified mail, I’ll be here tonight, here’s my business card, I’m off to the hotel I have an early flight in the morning. My uncle Thanked her as he put her into the cab and we waved as it drove out of sight.

Are you hungry, Amanda? I could eat was my response, He said let’s order a pizza and I’ll take you to your room so you can settle in. Living with my uncle was a nice adjustment he took me shopping for some new clothes. He was really responsible for his age despite suddenly be thrust into a caretaker role.

About 2 weeks later, while playing with the great danes I had fallen in a mud puddle and was filthy so I ran into the house and upstairs and straight to the bathroom and accidently walked in on my uncle while he was masterbating, I had never seen a cock before and his cock was a good 7 or 8 inches long clearing engorged from the jacking he had been giving it. I was shocked and stuttered my apologies and ran back to my room. My head was reeling from the scene I had just witnessed, I had never seen a man naked before and seeing a cock for the first time was frightening but exciting at the same time. A few minutes later, uncle Kevin knocked on the door and said here is a clean towel go take a shower and we’ll talk when you come back.

I took a shower wrapped myself in a towel and returned to my room, I noticed my uncle had cleaned up the mud from my bedroom floor and was sitting on my bed. He patted a spot next to him and said let’s talk about what happened today, He explained that in a proper relationship a man and woman do things together but sometimes if a man is single or is neglected a man will pleasure himself in various ways including masterbation. My uncle said it’s a normal and healthy thing and then asked me if I had ever masterbated, I admitted that I had been masterbating for a year now, after I had seen one of my fathers porn tapes in the vcr, uncle Kevin seemed surprised and said do you use your fingers?

In the beginning I did, then I started using things around the house that were not noticeable to my parents, such as my hair brush handle and worked up to a small shampoo bottle. I also told my uncle that I was shocked when I would masterbate and I would soak my brush with fluids from my cunny. Uncle Kevin then asked if I had ever seen a cock up close, no; today was the first time, Do you have any questions he asked? I said what does it feel like to stroke your cock like that? He said it feels good, he said you feel good when you masterbate right? I said yes.

With that my uncle leaned in and kissed me on the lips, I kissed him back then he licked my lips and oddly enough I opened my mouth slightly and we began kissing. Like my parents used to kiss, It was very nice and after a few minutes I realized that uncle Kevin was hard and his penis was sticking straight out from his shorts. Oddly enough I felt my pussy drip from excitement. My uncle quickly stood up and said this is wrong, I said it feels good please kiss me again. My uncle said we can’t tell anyone about this and we wont try anything you aren’t comfortable with. I agreed.

We started kissing again, after a few minutes the dogs bounded into the room and started nosing under my towel and I squealed from the cold nose against my leg. My uncle quickly removed them and put them outside. He grabbed my hand and led me to his bedroom and laid me on his bed and said I’m going to make you feel good hopefully better than your hairbrush, he started licking my nipples and traveled lower to my belly button and then I felt his breath on my pussy, he gently licked the length of my girl crevice from bottom near my ass to the top of my clit. It felt incredible and without controlling it I opened my legs even wider for him to have full access to my dripping pussy. Before I knew it I was shaking and I felt like my pussy would explode and then I saw stars as an orgasm ripped through me. Wow my first orgasm. My uncle moved back up to my face and kissed me gently, I tasted my juices on his tongue it was nice.

My uncle said we should stop before things go to far, I said how can we go too far? He said I have a hard on and sex is out of the question since you could become pregnant. I said I can help you feel good in the same way you did to me by using my mouth, uncle Kevin said Amanda are you sure? I said of course, I’ve been curious since daddy’s video showed a woman sucking a cock and then he shot some sort of cream into her mouth. Uncle Kevin said, Amanda are you sure you want to suck my cock? I said of course and with that he laid on the bed and taught me what to do….I sucked and licked & sucked at that stiff cock and after about 20 minutes uncle Kevin shook and trembled and said ugh Amanda I’m going to cum, please drink my hot cum baby and with that I felt the first of many hot squirts of creamy hot cum hit the back of my throat and it made me all the more determined to suck it all down and my first cum cocktail was ever so tasty. I was hooked and so was uncle Kevin.

Uncle Kevin gave me permission to view his porn collection at any time and with that said he had to get to the office. I settled in front of the DVD player and browsed the titles...
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Niece's Tight Cunt Needs It Bad

"Uhhh, fuck!" Heather shrieked, pulling her two sore fingers out of her gushing bald vagina and immediately sticking them in her mouth to suck off her sweet juices. Her knees trembled from the shattering orgasm as she lay back on her bed, her naked body flopping backwards to relax from the exquisite masturbation.

The masculine giggle over the phone rang in her ear. "Baby, you sound like you had quite a good time!"

The 18 year old didn't have energy left to even smile at the thought, her dozen orgasms in the last hour left her flesh limp on her bed. "Dang baby," the long-haired blonde cheerleader purred to her brand-new phone lover, "you are one good phone fuck, jesus I came so many times." She stretched her tongue out and wrapped it around one of her glistening fingers, sucking off her pussy-juice and washing it around her mouth, then doing the same to the other finger that had just been inside her spasming cunt. "Mmm, baby, I'm so wet!"

The older stranger on the phone groaned in satisfaction. "I bet you're a great fuck in person."

Somewhere, she had enough energy to smile at the thought. "Mmm, I am, you should know it!" The insatiable coed slid her fingers back down to her crotch, to lightly tease her clit and get some more tasty cuntjuice on her fingertips. "Are you like ever in Oregon? You should come fuck me."

"Maybe I should," the horny married voice smoothly chirped from long distance, "if I'm ever out your way. Do you like to fuck older men?"

Heather shrugged, and her voice sounded equally ambivalent. "Don't matter to me, I like fucking, that's all."

"I can tell," said the man she just met in Literotica's chatrooms not even 90 minutes earlier, "you sound like you know your way around a cock, and from your picture I can tell you get as much cock as you want!"

"Don't I wish." Her pussy, indeed, was spent for the moment, so the 18 year old rolled onto her stomach, realizing how wet her bedsheets were. The juices had been dripping out of her pussy, over her ass, pooling under her during the fantastic phone-fuck. "I'm stuck here at home another ten days for Christmas break, I haven't had any cock since I left campus over a week ago."

"Heh heh, that shouldn't be a problem, right?" snickered the perverted 40something, whose name she never really caught, "I mean, a blonde with C-cup tits and size 2 body should be able to walk into any bar and pretty much point at the cock you wanna fuck."

Wishful thinking, although the idea of being a slut for some complete stranger made her aching pussy throb a little hotter. "Aren't you sweet, but naw, you have no idea how remote our house is, and besides, we have f****y coming in this week, I kinda gotta be here."

Being reminded that she was stuck at home with no access to boyfriends or vibrators turned her slight grin into a pout. The phone sex was good, but dangerous; her parents or siblings could easily pick up the phone and hear it. Doing it at 3am, like right now, seemed pretty safe, but it was becoming increasingly frustrating during daylight hours that she hardly had privacy to find a place to finger-fuck herself to happiness.

Heather ended the call sweetly, taking the man's number if she wanted to call him for another late-night phone fuck. He was one of the better ones she'd had from online, and she actually believed him when he said he had fucked his 18 year old neighbor. Twisting her sweaty and slimy nude body, she glanced at the clock, it was 3:48am. Fuck, she had to get up early because the relatives were starting to arrive tomorrow morning. First, her mom's b*****r, Uncle Jake, whom she hadn't seen in years. She figured was probably only, what, 10 or 11 last time he was there. He was coming from Florida and rarely makes it out to the West Coast, especially with some kind of fancy job that put him in Europe and South America every month or so. The last memory the blonde had of him was a big-belly, boozing loud-mouth jerk who was constantly yelling at Aunt Peggy all the time. Heather wasn't at all shocked when Aunt Peggy left him a couple of years ago. So when Mom said that Uncle Jake was going to be staying at the house this week, getting here ahead of the cousins, Heather didn't look at it as a good thing.

The next day arrived, and indeed Mom woke Heather for early church services -- and including the 45 minute ride to the church, made worse by the weather, it started the day far, far too early for the sl**py, horny college freshman. Heather wanted to nap afterwards, but Mom had her busy supervising her younger b*****rs to get the house straightened up. All Heather wanted to do was crawl back into bed, where she could either sl**p for hours, or fuck herself maybe thinking about the weekend she and her friend Jill had a month earlier getting banged by five studs on the school's hockey team. Fuck, the mere thought of that weekend made Heather's pussy moisten in her thong under her dress. But she had to put the lacivious thoughts from her mind, she was doomed to a boring f****y event.

Mid-afternoon, Mom had the f****y dressed in their Sunday best and assembled in a line in front of the front door. Dad was getting back from the airport with fat Uncle Jake. Heather had prettied herself up but not like she was going on a date or anything; at least her long golden hair was brushed to its full immaculate volume. She heard noise outside the house, and a moment later, the door opened as Daddy arrived with the first of several visitors that week.

But it wan't the Uncle Jake Heather remember who strodes in, carrying two luggage backs and a Hefty bag full of presents.. This Uncle Jake was -- well, so NOT Uncle Jake. This Uncle Jack was . . . a fox. A fucking, studly fox. Tanned, muscular shoulders, firm flat tummy, broad thighs. Deepset beautiful blue eyes, and close-cropped hair. Apparently, divorce suited him well!

"Um, hi Uncle Jake," the blonde giggled girlishly, almost blushing, as her uncle she hardly knew stepped forward for a hug hello. The cheerleader immediately saw in her studly uncle's eyes that she wasn't what he was expecting either. That awkward little 10 year old had blossomed into teenage vixen, with her eye-catching pointy C-cup tits, sleek tummy and hips, and gorgeous long blonde angelic hair. Uncle Jake's eyes drank her in, moving from her exquisite neck down to even her pink-painted toenails on her perfect little feet. She'd been stared at by hundreds of men in her life, and it didn't take much to realize that was exactly what Uncle Jake was doing.

Mom dutifully instructed Heather to take Uncle Jake into the living room and "entertain" him while she and her father could get some snacks together. Heather didn't need any encouragement, although she did muffle a protest if only for appearance's sake. As she led her Uncle into the living room and offered him a seat on the sofa next to her, she found herself bemused at the butterflies in her stomach. Here she was, sitting on the sofa with this beautiful hunk of a 40 year old man, daintily crossing her legs and smiling at him because he's f****y, nervous what exactly to say. Instead, she found yourself wishing he wasn't a relative at all, because then she'd be free to whisper in his ear, "You're gorgeous and I'd love to suck your cock." But, that wouldn't be a good thing to say now, would it?

Uncle Jake pretended to ask Heather and her three much-younger b*****rs how they were doing and what haul they made for Christmas, but his eyes were all over his niece. As she sat back on the sofa, slightly emphasizing her breasts in her dress, she felt her uncle's attention continuously returning to her curves. She was still blushing, every time he would ask her a question. It was identical to any frat party where some stud tried to make small talk -- except, here, she couldn't end the conversation with some comment about how she'd just shaved her pussy bald.

The teenager found herself surprisingly relieved when her mother returned to the room with a tray full of chopped-up crackers. Heather could sit back and listen to her mom and her b*****rs banter on with Uncle Jake about all sorts of dumb things. Her b*****r Vic, the eldest of the three but only in sixth grade, immediately wanted Uncle Jake to show him the secrets of the PS2's latest ninja game. Uncle Jake remained affable with everyone, indulging his s****r and her sons, but although he wasn't talking to Heather his eyes kept looking over to her, smiling warmly, finding the gorgeous cheerleader returning the smile enthusiastically. Her eyes and his catched each other and held onto each other in an electric stare for a few moments, until it seemed unnatural, something Mom might notice. Mom, however, was getting worried about her roast being overcooked or whatever. After a while Mom disappears back into the kitchen, and Mom fortuitously instructed the three boys to clean up their toys in the guest bedroom so Uncle Jake would have a place to sl**p that night.

As the three youngsters noisily trekked down the steps to the guest bedroom in the basement, Heather found herself alone on the sofa with her hunky Uncle Jake. She continued to smile warmly, and she f***ed herself not to stare at his powerful chest or what looked like steel muscles on his thighs in his tight slacks. Instead, she acted like he was just any other f****y member, and the two talked about her first year in college, her boyfriends, where she wanted to go for spring break in a couple of months, all that normal f****y stuff. Heather was relaxed on one level, but her nerves were oddly on edge. It wasn't so much to an Uncle, but more like to a stranger whom she was trying to impress. For example, instead of telling him that her boyfriend asked her to go steady a couple days before break, she lied and said she has "a few guy friends, nothing really serious." Uncle Jake professes surprise and he said, with an amicable grin, that she was undoubtedly a heartbreaker, and Heather could not contend otherwise but just giggled.

The blonde's father had gone out to the liquor store, which required a good 90 minutes. He was just arriving back now, stomping into the living room to shake remnants of the week's snow off of his boots. Uncle Jake immediately peeled his eyes off of the edible tits of the man's daughter, sitting upright to welcome back his b*****r-in-law. Uncle Jake and Daddy have always gotten along extremely well, almost unnaturally so; Heather sometimes thought Uncle Jake and Daddy knew each other better than Uncle Jake and his own s****r, her Mom. Heather had always attributed to this as just another example of typical male bonding.

"Let me show you the ATVs," Dad barked at the guest, as he kept his coat on. "They rock."

Uncle Jake slapped his knees with a shrug. "Alright, I guess," he nodded, pushing himself to stand upright. Just before leaving the room with her father, Uncle Jake turned to smile back at his beautiful niece, "I'll see you later." He finished with a little, warm smile. He didn't need to do it; it made Heather feel special.

Heather could not help herself, she immediately skipped up to her bedroom. Her shaved pussy inside her thong was already aching for attention; it just did that anytime she found herself around a stud. Closing her door quickly, she leaned her back against it and hiked her dress over her hips. The crotch of her cotton thong was damp, wrapped tightly against her pussylips. The blonde spread her knees a little, looking down to her mound as she stiffened one finger and brushed it against her clitty and slit inside her thong. The light pressure felt good, a welcome relief. Inside her thong, her vagina ached to be filled with something, anything thick, quickly.

She thought about yanking her thong down and frigging herself to a quick orgasm, but her Mom's voice called from the first floor. "Heather, can you set the table?"

"Yeah, alright, I'm coming." Heather dropped her skirt, squeezing her thighs together for another moment's relief. It was ridiculous, of course, getting horny just because her uncle was a stud. It was her uncle, after all. But she could not deny the excitement that shot through her body everytime a hot man like him was checking out her big tits or tight ass; teasing a man, any man, was a joy to itself. She'd countless times flashed her breasts or butt at her own father, or even spread her thighs to show off the contours of her pussylips in a tight pair of panties or bikini, just because she knew her father was a pervert and probably got a hard-on at the sight of his daughter's body. Not in a billion years would she ever think about "doing" anything with her father -- yuck! -- but that never stopped her from flashing some skin.

So, the concept of flirting with her uncle didn't seem so bizarre, as long of course as it was just that -- meaningless flirting.

Before leaving her bedroom, her mind all wrapped around the idea of getting off at some point tonight, she thought maybe she could add a little more spice to her kinky feelings. Sometimes, just knowing she is being sexy was a source of excitement, even if no one else knew it. Heather pulled her dress up again, peeled off her now-soiled white cotton thong, and she fished out of her luggage her one slutty garment she'd brought home from campus -- a red, lacy, almost see-through thong, hooking high over her little hips and plunging deep into the crevace of her small butt. The front panel covered her mound but not by much, and if she spread her legs for a guy wearing it, he'd definitely see her slit through the reddish thin fabric.

Pulling the thong up tight, the strap in back sliding between her buttocks, it made her feel extra-sexy knowing it was on her. No one would find out, of course, but it made her feel better about herself.

Dinner sucked. The food was overcooked and probably lacked flavor anyway, and it was yet another lesson of why she loved being at school away from her three younger, annoying b*****rs. It was Nature's sinister plan that men, so adorable and lovely when they grow up with big cocks, start out the first 17 years of their lives as gnats that should be squashed. Heather picked at her food, passively watching Daddy and Mom chat with Uncle Jake, interrupted a billion times by the three little stooges. Uncle Jake was sitting across from her, and time and again he kept looking over the table at his delicious niece. Already in a generally horny state amplified by the slutty thong, Heather felt her nipples getting hard in her bra. The leaking of her pussy was definite. She found it tough not to squirm in her seat next to her parents, being eyed up by Uncle Jake.

As dinner ended, Mom asks her to take the dishes into the kitchen. Heather let out those usual "oh Mom!" protest, but she found it a relief to leave the boredom at the table. As she left, her b*****rs were released to go play in the TV room, which removed about ninety percent of the din as the bumbled off. Standing at the sink in the kitchen, Heather looked back to the dining room, and she realized that the way Uncle Jake was sitting, he was the only one who could see her in the kitchen. Mom was sitting with her back turned to the kitchen, and Dad was out of sight, sitting at the head of the dining room table. Although he was trying not to be obvious, Uncle Jake was definitely staring at Heather. His eyes peered into the kitchen right at the girl's body, then automatically he turned to look back at his b*****r-in-law to his side or his s****r across from him -- only, moments later, his eyes would be glued in the kitchen again.

Knowing she was in Uncle Jake's spotlight added to her erotic feeling. Heather opened the dishwasher and start putting the plates and silverware into it. She had her back to her uncle, and she bent down -- way, way, way down. Her dress, which drooped past her knees, still covered her entire ass. But she knew her studly uncle was likely staring directly at the shape of her tight butt, seeing the curves of her cheeks and how it lacked any fat and was just pure, small round female muscle. Heather dared not look back into the dining room, but she carefully, piece by piece, deliberately, slowly put the silverware and diningware into the dishwasher. A task that normally lasted 2 minutes took 10, or more. She wiggled her ass a couple of times, thinking to herself, I should just turn around, see what he is doing. There was no noise from the dining room, only low tones of adults talking about boring stuff.

Her heart thumped, with her butt on display for her hunky uncle. Dare she look back? Was he watching, did he realizing she was showing off her ass proudly? She had the image of looking back and finding her prudish mom glaring at her, and she didn't want to face that. But . . . her pussy leaked in her tight red thong, she was sure that sexy older man in the other room was gazing at her ass and imagining his tongue in it, probably. So it was her uncle? The thought that she was so hot even her own uncle wanted to do her affirmed her sexuality.

She couldn't resist. Turning her head over her shoulder, she looked into the dining room. She saw the back of her mom's head, and past it, Uncle Jake's admiring eyes, riveted on the sight of Heather's ass. He grinned; Heather smiled back.

Mom started making motions to get up, so Heather had to stop her teasing. Not long after, Heather was seated across from her uncle at the table again, with the pesky b*****rs reassembled, and Dad handing out dessert to everyone. Uncle Jake was doing his best to talk to her parents, but the whole time he was looking at the gorgeous blonde vixen across from him.

Her uncle's constant admiration put the question in her mind more directly: Was he just being a normal man, scoping out the hot blonde with the killer body, or was he actually hoping to get some action out of his sexy niece? If he was thinking that . . . she shuddered to conclude the idea. No, there was no way she would get it on with an uncle. But knowing he might want it, for real? That was an extremely hot, taboo concept that she actually savored.

After dessert, Daddy and Uncle Jake continued talking endlessly about business opportunities, sports, and all sort of other crap. Mom took advantage and brought Heather back into the kitchen to wash up the pots and serving dishes. Heather tried to put her uncle out of her mind, but she found herself looking into the dining room every chance she had. Uncle Jake, if he caught her eyes, would smile warmly, although he wasn't staring lecherously as he had been earlier.

Daddy ultimately took Jake into the TV room, where they put on a basketball game and settle back. Mom eventually said she could finish the rest, so Heather was released from her chores. Suddenly, the girl found herself axious. Her pussy ached, it was tingling and drenched and wanted attention in the deepest, hardest way. Teasing her hot uncle, knowing he loved her body, had proven to be an incredible elixir. Heather had half a mind to go sit with Daddy and Uncle Jake, maybe to stare at her handsome uncle some more, but her pussy was aching too much. It was almost becoming sore.

It was only about 8 pm, but when nature calls, Heather had to respond. She informed her mother, in as bored a voice as she could muster, that she was going to take a hot shower and go to bed early. Mom didn't seem to care. Heather quickly scampered up to her room and shut the bedroom door tight. Yanking her skirt up with one hand, her other hand shot to her crotch. Her thong was soaked; the juices were leaking profusely through the lacy fabric.

Heather was on auto-pilot. She yanked off the thong and removed her sundress, and quickly she wrapped her sleek 18 year old body in her long robe. Her bedroom door didn't have a lock, but the bathroom did. She slipped into the bathroom, locked herself in it, and ripped off the robe. Standing naked in the mirror, her nipples pointing out of her curvy tits, Heather admired herself in the mirror. It happened every time she caught the sight of her naked body. Heather, who had eaten a fair number of pussies in her 18 years, definitely agreed that if she'd ever meet another girl with the same body, she'd want to fuck that girl instantly. For hours. Heather just lusted for her own body, she knew she was incredibly sexy.
Heather ran some hot water and stepped into the shower. She wasn't shampooing or soaping up. Instead, she stood with her back to the water, one hand on the tiled wall to steady herself, and her other hand slipped to her vagina. Her cunt was demanding to be fucked. Pausing to play with her soaking clitty a few moments, Heather then gave herself what she wanted. She rammed a stiff finger into her hole, followed about a minute later with a second digit. She was so tight, her vagina wanted to be stretched by big dick. Uncle's dick. Yes, Uncle Jake's cock. Heather wasn't resisting the image. She wanted him too badly. Imagining what Uncle Jake must look like naked -- how gorgeous his tanned body must be -- she imagined him inspecting her nudity, her thighs spreading to show him her holes, and in her fantasy he showed his niece how big his prick gets. For that, Heather shows him what an expert cocksucker she is. The idea of his hot sticky cum shooting into her throat, her own uncle's penis, was so powerful. She's never fantasized about fucking a relative before, but when your uncle was a stud-muffin, she couldn't resist. Her two fingers plunged into her pussy as the hot water cascaded down her long sleek back, and the girl finger-fucked herself madly while she visualized her uncle's nice sexy cock stuffed in place of her fingers. She figured, what, he had to be at least average, 6 or 6.5 inches long, right? That would be great, she could suck it in her throat, and he could fit it deep in her pussy, plunging into her, shoving his balls against her ass, and she would have the biggest orgasm getting fucked by her uncle.

She had three easy, flowing orgasms in the shower. Then, drying off afterwards, she sat on the toilet and had a fourth.

Flustered, she dried up and put the robe back on. God those were good cums; but her body was still tingly, the sex from fingers was never nearly as fulfilling as a real cock. She had successfully killed the better part of an hour, but it still wasn't even must past 8:30 pm. Too early to pretend to get ready for bed, for real. And she wasn't the least bit sl**py. Heather dropped the robe and slipped on something relaxing -- sweatpants with her school's nickname, "BEAVERS," stenciled across her ass. She pulled on a tight haltertop, but looking in her bedroom's little mirror she saw her nipples were sticking out of it as if she had paint, not cotton, on her tits. No, Mom would probably cut off her nipples if she saw it. Heather had to strip topless and don her bra again, then she pulled back on the same shirt. It showed off the roundness of her breasts, very sexy.

Heather thought about going downstairs and teasing Uncle Jake again, but she paused at her door. She didn't want her own uncle to think she was some kind of sex-crazed nymphomaniac, who threw herself at the first sight of a stud, even her own uncle. Best to stay in her room, keep her horny thoughts private. Heather sat at her desk and clicked on her laptop, and doing what she always did when she was bored, she logged into Literotica. Normally she never read any of the i****t stories, but with her mind filled with lusty thoughts of her sexy uncle, she gave into the dark power of the topic. She searched stories on "i****t/Taboo" for the keyword "Uncle." There were, suprisingly, tons of stories. She pulled a few up, and soon she was aching to cum again. "Coed Temptress" by Curioser. "Mandy Comes to Visit" by Texas Tom. "Uncle Steve" by Lisa S. "Uncle Charlie" by SpankerSam. "Uncle Finds Love" by Buffalo77. God, all stories about girls around her age fucking their hot, studly uncles. Knowing that other people got off on the same thought diminished her guilt and heightened her state of arousal.

Reading sexy stories led to the inevitable, even with a door that didn't lock. Heather slipped her hand inside her sweatpants, sliding her fingers over her naked cunt again, teasing it while her eyes read the sexy stories on the computer screen. She was dying for cock again, and even a finger or two in her pussy wasn't solving the problem. Plus, she heard noises outside her door. Mom was getting the boys to bed. Heather was keenly aware her Mom could barge in at any second, and she'd probably kick Heather out of the house if she found her innocent daughter reading porn on the internet.

So the aroused blonde f***ed herself to stop, pulling her hand out -- licking it clean -- and turning off the computer.

She sat at her mirror, pulling a brush through her still-damp hair, brushing it out to its full length. The noises in the hallway subsided; soon the boys were in bed. Mom sounded like she went back downstairs.

Heather's stomach rumbled from the lack of food, she hadn't eaten much for dinner. Plus, if she stayed in her room, she realized, she'd probably end up fucking herself some more. So she f***ed herself to go downstairs. Daddy and Uncle Jake were still in the tv room, with Mom in the study straightening up still for tomorrow when the cousins arrived. The blonde cheerleader went into the kitchen and sucked down a bottle of spring water, then devoured an apple in the minimum number of bites. That solved the grumbling in her tummy, but she was still bored, and the draw of her hot uncle in the TV room was going to be hard to resist. After all, she had found a way to avoid him for a couple of hours, it's not like she was showing him she's a nymph.

As she entered the TV room, both her Daddy and Uncle Jake's eyes focused on her body. Typical of her father, the harmless looker he always was. Uncle Jake didn't move a muscle, his arms stretched along the back of the sofa, but his eyes tracked Heather's movements to a chair across the room. The men were watching SportsCenter, getting the scores from the East Coast.

As she laid back on the chair watching the boring TV program, she feel both of the adult men still admiring her chest in her tight top. The loose sweatpants gave away nothing about her legs. Daddy perked up and asked her rotely what had she been doing, and Heather blew him off by answering, "Oh, just reading Daddy." She grinned, realizing she wasn't lying. As she felt both men looking right at her chest, her nipples grew hard but were largely hidden by her bra.

While the two adult men resumed talking about meaningless male stuff, Heather slipped out of the room for a moment to retrieve her nail polish. Her toenails are already well-groomed, but they could use more attention. Plus, it was a way of giving Uncle Jake something to watch. Sitting back in the chair, she stretched a leg forward, leaned to grab her foot, and applied another thick layer of metallic pink polish on the big toenail. As she leaned on the chair pulling her leg up, her breasts pressed into her thighs, and leaning forward a bit of her cleavage became obvious inside her shirt. Heather didn't have to look up to know that Uncle Jake's eyes were fixated on that sight. A little rush to her head intoxicated the coed with the raw power she had over grown men, even her own father and uncle. Repainting already-painted toenails was an excrutiatingly slow process, of cousre, forcing her to lean forward quite some time.

Before she was finished, her Mom came into the room and announced she was ready for bed. Mom glanced at Heather, suggesting that the teenager get to sl**p as well on the grounds that, "It will be a long day tomorrow, all six cousins get here."

Heather wasn't used to going to be around 10pm, so she effectively ignored her mother's suggestion. Heather felt content to just sit and be admired by Daddy and Uncle Jake.

When Mom finally went upstairs, the men continued their boring discussing unabated. Heather tried to watch the TV, but the sports simply did not interest her -- it was a long stream of statistics and results of athletes and teams that looked identical. So, bored, she sat motionless in the chair, feeling the men occasionally looking at her, but now mostly ignoring her. Her thoughts remained fixated on her aching vagina, now going through withdrawal symptoms of not having male attention, or at least another female's, for nearly two weeks. She wanted to get fucked so badly, it just was not fair, she needed things her parents just didn't understand. She figured she could go up to her bedroom and get back on the computer, but her father might catch her, it was far too early in the evening, so that wasn't an option either.

Instead, the horny teenager figured, she would just get d***k on attention. She announced, "It's too warm in here, Daddy," and she bounced out of her chair. Before either male could disagree with her, she was on her way up to her bedroom. Behind closed door once more, Heather ripped off her haltertop and removed her bra. Then she put the haltertop back on -- and, assuring herself with a look in the mirror -- her nipples formed distinctive bumps on her tight top. Then she kicked off her sweatpants and grabbed a cotton thong again, along with orange jogging shorts. Her roommate called them "Hooter shorts," because they had the look of tight short-shorts worn by the sluts at Hooter's. The fabric was thin, and the shorts were a couple of years old, so it was fairly worn. It was comfortable, and more importantly, it hugged her little ass tightly. Plus, her long, sleek legs were on display.

Heather giddily returned to the tv room, stretching out on the chair in front of her father and uncle. As she arched her back, she felt both men pathetically gazing at her erect nipples on her big round tits. She crossed her legs, and glancing out of her eye, she saw Daddy looking up and down her taut calves with desire. Daddy so loved her body, she knew. Uncle Jake seemed more interested in the tight haltertop showing off her tits than he did her legs. Their reaction was exactly what Heather anticipated, and it satisfied her on some levels, although making her ache on others.

The blonde let herself be admired until a few minutes later when Daddy announced everyone should go to bed. Heather again ignored him, although in truth she thought about going to bed to frig off. Uncle Jake seconded his b*****r-in-law's idea, and he stood up to leave the room. Daddy gave Heather a kiss on her forehead, followed by Uncle Jake standing over Heather smiling down sweetly. "See you in the morning," he said casually, his eyes still on her tits.

"Nightie night," the girl giggled back, finding herself a little embarrassed that she was putting herself out for observation so easily.

Uncle Jake excused himself to go into the first floor bathroom for a few minutes, while Daddy stood next to his daughter, ostensibly watching highlights of the Lakers-Spurs game. Heather realized, however, that he was glancing down to her body. She rolled onto her back on the chair, and she slowly stretched her legs open, exposing her crotch. Inside, she laughed at how Daddy loved to watch her show off. She looked up and, indeed, his eyes were looking right at the soft mound of the tight orange shorts between her sleek thighs.

The girl was high on herself. "I love you, Daddy," she sweetly purred, knowing it was teasing him that his daughter was such a fox.

"Me too," came his tempted reply, "you are the best, Heather."

Then Daddy kissed her forehead again, took a last glance at his daughter's crotch, and left the room with an obvious erection in his pants.

A moment later, before she could reposition herself, her Uncle emerged from the bathroom. He found himself instantly staring at his niece spread-open on a chair, almost pointing her vagina in his direction.

Heather quickly closed her knees, blushing, but she didn't look at his eyes. She did sit up more, arching her back again, pushing her C-cup melons forward so her aching nipples pointed at him instead. Uncle Jake slowly, casually, returned to sit on the sofa, transfixed by his niece.

"I was just going to watch some more TV, I don't think I'm real tired," said her uncle. His voice was calm and mellow.

"Oh, okay." The teenager ran her hand through her long hair, relaxing back in her comfortable chair. "Me, too."

Only one lamp was turned on in the room, providing only half the necessary light for the large area. The TV became the other light source. On the sofa, Uncle Jake sat quietly, breathing a little hard which Heather's ears discerned.

Uncle Jake's strong, crisp voice filled the void. "Want to watch something else?" he murmured , while he scooped up the remote and aimed it at the TV. Even before Heather blurted an affirmative, "Sure," he'd already flipped through several the channels. News dominated the local stations, but he surfed right past all of those boring shows. "Does this thing have movie stations?" he asks of the local cable package. Heather said it did, she thought.

Her uncle smiled over at her, holding out the large, universal remote with its vast array of little buttons. "Here," he smiled at his niece, "you live here, come over here and show me which channels."

She smiled at the offer, knowing it was an excuse to get her to stand up. She did as he wanted, and his eyes ravaged the sight of her full breasts in the thin haltertop, plus her tight shorts and long, smooth legs. She daintily stepped over to him, taking the remote with a soft, "Thanks," and she turned to face the TV. With a thought, she stepped forward. It wasn't for the remote; it was so she was standing between him and the TV. His eyes were right on her ass again, squarely staring at her rump in the thin, worn fabric of the old orange Hooter shorts.

Heather's pussy ached a bit more.

"What do you want to watch?" asked the blonde, passing through countless cable stations. She never watched television at college, so she was unfamiliar with the late-night show.

"Let's see what's on," came the stoic reply from behind her.

She liked having him look at her ass, but Heather felt she could tease him even better if she was closer. She stepped to the couch, taking a seat next to him on the long sofa, not close enough to touch him however. As she sat down, she suddenly smelled his masculine presence -- a mixture of cologne, sweat, and manhood. It maked her shudder a little more. She leaned back a bit and slipped closer to him, so her hip did touch his. His strong leg brushed against her smooth, waxed thigh and calf, feeling very comforting to the girl.

She was still flipping channels, but she had no idea what she was doing. "Tell me what you like," she said, annoyed for a moment the responsibility of watching a show was on her.

Uncle Jake took the remote back from her hands, and his arm just fleetingly touched the soft skin of her hand. "Here," he said, reacquiring the remote, "let me." He pointed the remote at the TV with one hand -- and his other hand suddenly slipped over the girl's shoulder, resting between her body and the sofa's backrest. Heather's body instinctively sunk back into his torso, nestling her back against the side of his strong chest. His presence filled her senses even more, a strong manly aroma, his powerful physique. Having him make contact made her shudder, and she felt an aching inside her shorts grow worse. The teasing, apparently, was going two ways.

Heather raised one of her legs, putting her foot on the sofa under her ass, bending her knee to the ceiling. Uncle Jake's hand slipped off of her shoulder and came to rest squarely the soft naked flesh of the girl's raised knee.

Her eyes turn to the TV, although your thoughts were all about the handsome hulk of a man sitting right behind her. He had the TV on the movie stations, and he was paging through them, barely pausing as he flipped one after another. Daddy apparently had bought all of the movie stations, so there were quite a few. Uncle Jake apparently had something in mind, he wasn't really looking at them to see what they were. But then his channel-changing stopped cold.

The TV was filled with the scene has a very sexy brunette girl in a bikini and thong, talking to some handome older guy as they stood around the pool of a very lavish backyard. Uncle Jake put the remote down, as Heather felt his hot breath on the nape of her neck. A second later on the TV, the girl and the guy started making out. This was one of those late-night cable movies; not porn, but quite, almost. Heather's pussy twitched worse.

Suddenly, she feel very guilty -- guilty, guilty guilty. She had turned on her own Uncle, and now with her parents upstairs, she was here here on the sofa basically in his arms. And a glance at his crotch revealled he was definitely aroused.

Uncle Jake whistled quietly at the girl on the TV. "She's really sexy," he purred into the blonde's ear softly. The warm breath of his words landed on her exposed neck and earlobe, giving her shivers. His mouth moved closer to her ear, and in an even softer but more confident voice, he said, "I really, really love beautiful sexy women."

Heather kew it was a complement directed at her, so she immediately giggled sweety and respond with a quiet, "Aww, thanks." Heather couldn't find any other words to respond. Uncle Jake was making a move, and she was unable to articulate a response. Yes? No? Her pussy wanted cock, he was dreamy sexy, and he was her Uncle.

Her non-response, she knew, would be interpreted as a signal to continue.

Uncle Jake's hand on her knee was now softly stroking the skin inside her leg, making little circles on her soft skin. She was getting goosebumps on her legs and arms, between his fingers gently caressing her and his hot breath on her neck. The teasing was immensely enjoyable, and she didn't want it to stop, even though she knew it couldn't reach its ultimate conclusion. Her nipples were so swollen in her tight shirt, and her clit ached in her tight cotton thong. Heather reached across her uncle's body behind her, trying to obtain the remote again. He handed it to her. "Here," the girl moaned playfully, pressing herself harder against his chest behind her, "if you like sexy girls, we can watch . . . this." She vague knew what she wanted to find; her father used to watch it the past summer before she went to college, and a couple of times she spied on the TV hiding in the other room. Heather flipped through the movie stations, figuring it was somewhere in the nearby channels.

Flip, flip, flip, flip . . . .

There. The sex station, a softcore porn station that started at 10pm and ran past midnight. Instantly, Heather and her Uncle were watching a very studly, ripped guy boning a short-haired, petite blonde doggy-style. The movie didn't show penetration, but the looks on both of their faces screamed hot, deep sex. Heather laughed and had to hurry to lower the TV's volume so the girl's screams of ecstacy didn't awaken your parents upstairs.

The appearance of the porn on TV is just what Uncle Jake had in mind. "God yesss," he muttered under hot breath, and his palm on his niece's knee suddenly became sweaty. Both consenting relatives froze a few seconds, watching the pseudo-fucking on the TV. The girl was even smaller than Heather, and shorter too, her size-0, 90-pound body so tiny compared to the linebacker fucking her from behind. Her ass was getting slapped with each thrust forward, and the screams of joy hardly sounded contrived. She was getting the stuffing fucked out of her.

"Fuck that's hot," Uncle Jake moaned, his hand slipping a little higher up the inside of Heather's leg. Heather felt it, and she loved it. She leaned back more, dropping her foot from under her ass to the floor, so she could lean back more against her Uncle and spread her smooth thighs open. The motion allowed him to feel and caress her velvety inner leg, his fingers tracing light circles up and down. Heather could smell his rockhard cock in his pants.

His fingers slid higher and higher up her inner leg, closer to the shorts and her mound. Heather closed her eyes, feeling this sexy man touching her in the softest of places, but her brain woke up and told her, this is your Uncle damned it. He can't be reaching to touch your pussy!
Heather's body, however, was out of control. She moaned softly but urgently, pulling her knees back even farther. "Ohhhhh!" was all she could say, overwhelmed at the intense desire for something more erotic to happen.

Uncle Jake's reaction shook her to reality. He snatched his hand back from her thigh, and with his other arm he pushed her to sit upright next to him, not leaning into him anymore. "Shit, Heather," he groaned disappointedly, "we really, really shouldn't be here, doing this."

The words of truth struck like an arrow. Heather knew he was right, but her young pussy was aching so much, she hated him for being right. "I know, I know," she lamented, trying to convince herself more than him.

Uncle Jake took back the remote for a last time, pointing it at its target and firing the OFF button. The TV went blank, removing about half of the light in the room. On a small lamp behind the sofa lit anything, leaving half of their faces in the dark. Heather looked blankly at her Uncle, so embarassed that she let this get so far. She had a fear he'd tell Mom, and all of the high admiration her mom had for her would be crushed.

Sitting now on her ankles, her back only slightly arched, her hard nipples still pointed at him. Heather saw him admiring her chest again, the look of a very horny, sexy man who wanted what he saw. Sure, he was her uncle, but he was a gorgeous, dreamy hunk of a man, full of muscles and sexy curves, and he turned her on as much as any man she'd fucked. Even with him having said "no," she still felt power showing off her body to him, and the guilt subsided for a moment.

"So tell me," he mused, possibly sounding like he hadn't convinced himself yet, "if I hadn't said anything, were, um, were . . .?"

The trailing of his voice made Heather giggle. It was cute, he was embarrassed himself. Her voice chirped playfully, almost innocently. "Were what?"

He smiled at how his niece was going to make him blurt it out. "Were you going to let me see that divine, angelic body of yours?"

Heather's pussy gushed at how he described her, it was so sweet and sexy. She could not lie, the truth came out in a soft whisper. "Yesssss."

Uncle Jake didn't move, his steely cold-blue eyes looked right into her bosom a couple of feet away, admiring, probably stripping off the outer garment in his imagination. He didn't need to say a word, she knew what was happening in between his ears. And, knowing that this sexy man was as enamored with her as she was with him, Heather decided it didn't matter he was an uncle. "You wanted to see these?" Heather grabbed her haltertop at her tummy, yanking it up and off of her body, and rendering herself topless. Her rounded, smooth teenage breasts pointed directly at her Uncle's eyes, which devoured them instantly. Heather arched her back, hands on her thin hips, offering the naked fleshy orbs to the older adult male.

She saw in his face that he loved the sight of her boobs. "Like them, Uncle Jake?"

His hands reached up, cupping them, making her moan. Heather grabbed his wrists instinctively, feeling her uncle fondle her naked breasts, his powerful palms cupping the flesh and his soft thumbs rubbing circles on her nipples. "Mmm," she moaned, her head falling back, long blonde hair dropping down her nude back.

The horny teenager opened her eyes, and when she looked into her Uncle's face, they both giggled naughtily. It was okay, they were both horny for each other; he tried to stop it, and that satisfied their moral obligation to determine how badly they wanted to fuck each other. Heather rose to her knees on the sofa, crawling to Jake, leaning her breasts to his face. He leaned forward knowing what she wanted, and moments later one of her breasts was deep in his warm, wet mouth, suckling it, lathering it with his tongue and saliva. "Oooh yesss!" the girl cried, pushing her tit into her uncle's mouth. His hands slipped around her hips, clutching her little buttocks in her tight shorts, drawing her closer.

She let herself be pulled into her uncle's embrace, turning her torso to slide her tit out of his mouth and insert the other one. The wettened breast smeared some of his saliva over his face until her other nipple found itself between his lips, and he nibbled just on the nipple, his lips wrapped around his teeth to softly squeeze it. His palms were groping her little cheerleader's butt, and her crotch now smashed against his abdomen. Heather put a foot on the floor, so she could straddle him as he sat sideways on the sofa, her other knee on the couch next to his hips. Dropping her pelvis, she pushed her aching pussy against his crotch through their clothing.

The bulge in his pants felt like concrete against her mound. She moaned again, wrapping her hands around Uncle Jake's head to seal his mouth around her breast. The sucking of her tit into his mouth shot vibrations down to her clit, and she ground her pussy anxiously against his crotch. Damn he felt big. She couldn't resist. Heather slipped a hand down between their bodies, frenetically trying to slide her hand inside Uncle Jake's pants.

"Here," he moaned, leaning back on the sofa, his face glistening with saliva as was her two tits. He unsnapped his pants as his topless niece looked down upon him, almost straddling him. As soon as he unzipped his pants, Heather grabbed the top edge of his underwear with one hand and pulled it down. "Fuck!" she cried in delight, revealing a massive cock that was bigger than any she'd fucked, except maybe the black football players. Had to be 7 to 8 inches, maybe more, cut, and thick as a tree log. Her uncle was fucking hung. Stretching back the underwear, her other hand grabbed her uncle's penis, squeezing it, finding it harder and bigger than she could have hoped.

"You're so huge!" moaned the young slut happily.

Her fingers discover the wet, slimy soft helmet of his penis. Sliding her palm and fingers down lower, she wrapped them around the fat shaft. "It's amazing," she repeated, stunned at what she was holding. He pushed his pelvis up to shove his underwear and pants down a bit, and Heather found herself staring at his shaved balls, a big fat soft sack underneath his enormous, gargantuan erection. Staring at it made Heather think she was going to orgasm on the spot.

It dawned on her that she was holding her uncle's penis, and that she maybe never wanted to fuck one as badly as this. It was so forbidden and improper, but it totally turned her on.

Uncle Jake didn't stop his niece from grasping and stroking his prick. It pulsated heat against her palm, and she could feel how it throbbed and ached and stretched for her. She knew she wanted to take it out so badly. So, clutching his fat penis in her hand, she leaned up to his face and moaned with lust in his ear, "Uncle Jake, let me suck your big dick please, baby, I want to suck it to badly!" And she punctuated her request by licking his cheek, from chin up to near his eye, leaving a broad wet path of saliva over his face.

Uncle Jake responded by immediately by pushing his pants to his knees. Heather admired the massive cock again, it was definitely like 8 to 9 inches, and thick as her wrist at the base, with a large mushroom head that was so wet it glistened in the dim lights. She wrapped her fingers and thumb around it -- her fingers did not come close to enclosing around the entire girth -- and lightly pumped it. It seemed it was still getting harder. Her hand slid the outer layer of skin over the shaft inside, jerking it rhythmically, while she smelled his arousal. Her mouth watered, she wanted it so bad.

Heather leaned over his lap now, and it was a foregone conclusion that she was going to make him squirt in her throat. Her mouth opened as wide as she could, and she swallowed the head of his cock inside. It was huge and soft. Her tongue swirled around it, tasting the salty precum, and she sucked just the head, tugging at it with her lips. Uncle Jake groaned in satisfaction. The blonde thought to herself, he's going to love this. She sucked the dick into the vacuum of her mouth, then started sliding her mouth down farther on the shaft, pushing the swollen peckerhead to the back of your mouth. Her nostrils filled with the smell of male cock. He's so hard, she thought to herself, his cock is pulsing with life for me. She even had to put both knees on the sofa, so she could lean over him and come straight down on it, to push more of the enormous dick into her teenage mouth.

As the soft prickhead touched the entrance to your throat, Uncle Jake murmurred in amazement. "Fuck yes, do it," he grunted, "deep throat me." Heather giggled with his cock in your mouth, and she showed him her cocksucking skills. A moment later, Heather had the head of her uncle's cock in her throat. It's so fucking big, it hurts, she thought to herself, but it's such a turnon to deep-throat him. She held her breath and pushed down more, more, more . . . and soon her lips were against his shaved balls, and she felt 8 or 9 inches of manmeat shoved up her neck.

Pumping her throat on the cock a few moments, the 18 year old blonde cheerleader came back up for air, exhaling around his shiny wet dick, leaving slobbery drool all over his penis. Her fist immediately grabbed the dick, squeezing it, stroking the lubricated shaft, jerking him off while she continued to suck the head and top couple of inches. Then she drew another deep breath, and plunged the cock back down into her neck, and she heard her Uncle exclaims a shriek of delight. "Oh fuck baby, you're so good!" came a burst from his gut, wincing as her tight neck squeezed his fat shaft, "what a hot little cocksucker you are, Heather!"

Heather proved him right. She popped his penis into her throat a few more times, each time wiggling it around her throat and neck for a few moments, then pulling off to jerk off the thick wet meat. As she fuck his cock with her mouth, she felt his hand slide down your back, then he slid his hands under her torso to cup her dangling boobs. His big strong manly hands held each fat tit, fondling it, squeezing it as she sucked his meat. But her tits were not his ultimate objective. As she was bent over to suck his dick, Uncle Jake stretched one hand under her body, down between her thighs, and his strong fingertips found her pussy through the thin fabric of her shorts and thong.

Heather was so turned on, the moment his fingers found her clit, rubbing up against it, she lost it. Heather came with a sudden orgasm, soiling her thong and shorts, her pussy vibrating against his fingers then spasming just from the rubbing of fabric on her clit. The intensity of her orgasm made her shove his prick deeper into her mouth and throat and neck again, while she squeeled and grunted from her instant orgasm. Feeling his thick penis in her throat while her pussy was exploding with a climax made her orgasm last even longer.

Uncle Jake knew his niece just came, and the smell of the female orgasm plus the dampness of her shorts were the final incentive for his own ejaculation. He grabbed Heather's thick, long blonde hair, and although she needed a deep breath, she let him f***e his prick deeper into her neck. His body twitched, his muscles tensed, and he let it go. A massive male orgasm erupts from his dick. She felt and smelled his balls churning, the shaft in her mouth pumpping over and over, and in your throat she could tell he was pouring out his hot male sperm right into her teenage tummy.

When her Uncle finally stopped cumming, Heather sat up and choked down the liquids in her mouth. Clearing her throat she sucked in a deep breath of air, almost choking again, and continued to exhale hard until her breathing returned to normal. She was sweating on her temples and under her arms, the deep-throat fucking and her own cum were making her sweat profusely. Having made her own uncle cum in her mouth made it the best blowjob she ever gave.

After both uncle and niece regained their senses, he giggled at her playfully. "You know, honey, it would be real bad if one of your parents came down those steps and found their daughter with her uncle's penis in her pussy."

Thinking about his words made her smile broadly. "Yeah that would definitely suck," you giggle back. "So Uncle Jake, I guess we should go down to your guest bedroom to fuck now."

He grabbed his pants and pulled them to cover his spent erection, standing upright in the same motion. Heather found her top and held it against her tits, not donning it, as she headed for the steps to the basement. Her Uncle followed, no doubt eyeing her butt in her tight shorts as she slipped down the carpeted steps into the fully-finished basement. The guest bedroom was at the end of the long hallway. As she headed for it, he stepped to her side, putting his hand on her naked lower back. Heather stopped in the middle of the hallway, her arms grabbing his shoulders. The lust she felt for him was insane. She turned her taller uncle to face her and lean over, and she pulled his mouth down to hers. Uncle shoved his tongue in his niece's mouth, where she greeted it with her own tongue then sucked it with her lips. They moaned at their deep French kiss, exchanging hot breaths from lung to lung, saliva dripping out of their mouths as they sucked face.

"Come on," he blurted out, breaking the kiss and grabbing her hand. He led her to the bedroom, and when both were inside he kicked the door shut behind himself.

He wasted no time. In the darkened bedroom he dropped his unclosed pants to the floor, ripped off his shirt, and revealed his manly body. Moonlight through the window of the bedroom showed Heather just what a Greek god he was: a hairy, chiseled chest, his shaved cock and balls, and his powerful thick thighs. He was simply gorgeous. Plus, that mammoth 8 or 9 inch penis was still standing out of his pelvis, wanting to fuck her tight little teenage body, hardly seeming any smaller after its orgasm a minute earlier.

Nude, he sat on the edge of his bed, pulling his almost-nude niece to stand in front of him. She could see him examining the shape of her naked tits, the long hard nipples pointing at him. In the dim light Heather arched her back to push her breasts at him more. Uncle Jake's eyes gazed at the breasts, then his hands reached up and cupped them again. He rolled the soft flesh over his fingers and palms, then holding them he pulled her tits back to his mouth and licked them both back and forth. "Ungh!" shuddered Heather, enjoying her Uncle's suckling of her breasts, his wet tongue tracing over her hard nipples.

Suddenly he pushed her away, and a moment later, the desk lamp by his bed lit up. He sat back upright, admiring his niece's body. "Can I watch you turn around and bend over and take off those shorts?" he asked, his voice full of lust.

The girl hardly had to think about the request. "Sure." She laughed at how polite he was, and found herself anxious to show him her delicious little bald vagina. She turned her naked back to him and hooked her thumbs under the elastic wasteband of her shorts, then she bent over halfway and pushed her tight shorts down to her little feet. As she stepped out, she looked back and saw Uncle Jake licking his lips, gazing at her ass in her white, cotton thong. Heather grinned at his admiration, and she smacked one of her slender buttcheeks with a palm. He laughed with her. Heather remained bent forward, knees parted, so as she stuck her butt towards her Uncle, he could see the shape of her pussylips inside her thong's crotch. "Mmm Uncle Jake," she moaned, sliding a hand under herself, fingers reaching up to touch her vagina through the thong, "I'm so fucking wet for you."

Uncle Jake watched his niece touch her pussy through her clothing. "Let me see it," he grunted, "show me that hot cunt, honey."

Heather remained bent over, hooking her thumbs this time through the straps of her thong. Peeling them over her hips, she slid the white, damp thong down her long legs to her ankles. Quickly she picked each foot up and tossed the thong to the side.

Looking again over her shoulder, she found her uncle gazing at her shaved, pink pussylips and tight little asshole. His fat erection stood out of his lap, pointing at the ceiling. Heather grinned at him, and seeing his reaction a moment earlier at the sight of her fingers on her crotch, she gave him a better pleasure. Watching to make sure she had his full attention, she bent forward and put one hand on her knee, propping herself upright; with her legs split, she put her other hand to her pussy, spreading open her slit to her Uncle, then she began fingering her clit.

Huffing with deep breaths, her eyes looked lustfully at her Uncle. "Want to see me finger it?" she grunted, begging for him to say yes.

He nodded.

"Uhhh fuck," the girl exhaled, sliding one stiff finger inside her twat. It was so wet, but incredibly tight. Having her Uncle watch her masturbate was a huge turn-on. She stretched her arm as far back under herself as she could, turning up her hand to stick her finger all the way, until her hand was pressed into her clit. "Shit I'm tight, Uncle Jake!"

"Nice," the man groaned, watching her intently, "I love it."

She smiled, and as he requested, she stuck a second finger into her pussy. She winced at how tight it was, and she wasn't used to doing it standing up and bent over -- but the awkward position made it even more sexy. Heather slowly pushed two fingers into her cunt, milking it in and out, feeling them cover with juice. Oh, that juice. Knowing her uncle would love it, she pulled her wet fingers out and immediately shoved them into her mouth, then sticking her tongue out she let her Uncle watch her lick her own pussyjuices.

His eyes bugged out, his jaw dropped at how sexy it was. "Oh, honey, my sexy niece likes the taste of her own pussy?"

Heather nodded, still sucking her fingers dry.

"Mmm, good to know." He was leaning back on the bed, both hands behind him, his missile erect out of his lap, waiting its turn for her. But he was enjoying the show too much to stop. "So Heather, if you like the flavor of your pussy, do you like other girls? Lick any other pussies?"

The cheerleader squeeled in delight; men were so predictable. Heather stood upright, turning her naked teen body to face her nude uncle. She watched his eyes go from her naked tits to her wet, dripping pussy. Walking towards him, she answered his question with a grinning face. "I love pussy," she admitted honestly, "I love the flavor."

"Do you now?" Uncle Jake crawled backwards on the bed, retreating to sit against the far wall, giving room for Heather now to crawl onto the bed too. He wasn't touching his prick, which looked like it was pulsating in his lap, long and stiff with thick ribs and criss-crossing veins. "So tell me, baby, when was the last time, um, you, ah, the last time you fucked another girl?"

Heather was now on her knees on the bed, not sure what he wanted to do. She sat on her butt, legs spread to show off her pussy to him, as she thought out loud. "Last time, well, a month ago, my friend Jill and I were at this frat party, and we were in this guy's room, and like suddenly there were a bunch of guys doing us, and then --"

He chuckled. "Naw, honey, I mean, just you and another girl, do you ever do that?"

She flipped her hair over her shoulder. "Yeah, uh huh." She thought he'd wanted to hear a hot story, not just some routine fuck. But didn't have to think too long to remember her last sex with another girl. "Actually, it was the weekend I flew home, my friend Camille and me."

Uncle Jake now rose to his knees, crawling towards her body. She remained still, waiting for him to take control. He did, but not quite what she expected. He had his niece lie flat on her back, spreading her legs to reveal her vagina to him, and she pulled back her knees expecting him to mount her. Instead, he sat on his ankles a couple feet away, and he motioned for her to resume finger-fucking herself.
Heather promptly stuffed her two fingers into her pussy, drawing a squeek of excitement from herself. Uncle Jake's eyes stared at the tight of her teenage fingers disappearing into her pink pussylips, as if her cunt was swallowing them, then watching them re-emerge only to be shoved back inside. "Yeah, baby," he moaned, "do it, fuck youself -- now, tell me, who's Camille, what's she look like?"

"Oh, fuck!" Heather grunted and winced, her pussy seemed so tight, yet it was so wet, she wanted to fuck him so badly. "Um -- Camille --" Her breaths were short, it was hard to talk, she just wanted to get laid. "Um -- she's a girl in my dorm -- she's hot, black hair, nice tits, hot ass, she's Latin."

"And where did you fuck her?" His eyes stared at her finger inside her vagina while he heard the girl-girl story.

"In her dorm room!" The blonde relaxed, able to pump her fingers faster in her pussy now. She felt an orgasm coming, with her Uncle watching her masturbate. And she knew the lesbian-sex story was a major turn-on for him too. "It was after breakfast, like kinda late, we were bored, her roommate was leaving to fly home -- so like as soon as Brenda was gone, Camille and I -- Camille has this box of, things, you know, toys, dildos. We took them out, we like to play with them, we fucked each other until afternoon, it was so fucking hot."

Her Uncle's smile approved the story. "You should come to Florida for Spring Break, honey," he mused out loud, recalling a conversation with her earlier in the day on the sofa, "I have this very friendly young lady you probably would love, her name is Sophie, she's a hot little dancer and would eat your pussy for hours."

Heather was concentrating on her fingers inside her pussy, pumping them faster, pushing deeper, trying to dislodge the orgasm waiting to erupt. Her body needed it so badly now, and she figured, as soon as she came from fingers, he would probably want to fuck her. "Yeah?" Heather was panting hard, arching her back, her swollen nipples aching to be nibbled. "M-m-maybe, dunno, like I said earlier, my friend Jill and I were gonna do some guys in Mexico."

He laughed at the changed story. "Earlier today, you said you and a bunch of nice friends were going down to tan."

She just grinned, fucking herself faster.

Uncle Jake leaned over now, his face getting closer to her fingers pumping in her vagina. He not only smelled her sex, but her juices seemed to splatter as she pumped her well-lubricated pussy as fast as she could. "Bring Jill," he moaned, drawing yet closer to her masturbation, "Sophie and I could fuck and eat you and Jill all week." Then, his hand shot forward and grabbed Heather's wrist, pulling her fingers out of her pussy. Heather hardly had time to protest, before he stuffed his tongue into hie niece's twat.

Heather instantly orgasmed in her uncle's mouth. She pulled her knees back and let out a muffled scream, as her vagina erupted with flavor and fervor. She felt the presence of the powerful male tongue deep in her hole, pushing hard into her, and her pussy squeezed that tongue and gushed with the wetness of her climax. Her breaths hurt as she gasped for air, riding through the powerful orgasm, being tongue-fucked expertly by her studly uncle.

Suddenly his body was on top of hers, she felt his hot breath on her chest, then his mouth and face were above hers. Below, his hard penis was rubbing her aching vagina. "Heather, you are so fucking hot," he panted, "I want you so badly."

"Fuck me!" blurted the horny niece, "fuck me, Uncle Jake! Fuck me now!"

She reached down to grab his hips, pulling him on top of her, and it happened so fast. His dick found her hole, she was so ready and spread, his fat cock popped inside her pussylips. i****t was beginning. She wailed, arching her back, feeling him undulate his pelvis to slip more meat into her, inch by inch. Her tight cunt wanted to contract around the intruding pole, but instead it was getting stretched, welcoming the visitor. Her nails dug into his shoulders, her body felt like it was being ripped open from the overside erection being stuffed inside her cunt.

"Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me Uncle Jake!"

She knew guys love girls to moan their names during sex, but saying "Uncle Jake" sounded a little perverted. Still, there was something so forbidden about it, she wanted to keep saying it. "Uncle Jake, your cock is so great! It's so big, fuck me so hard, Uncle Jake, harder!"

He was rising up on top of her, pushing her knees back, flattening them on the bed as he pumped his mammoth dick into her teenage pussy. "You like talking nasty, do you, you little slut?" He saw her nod, and he smiled at the thought. "Are you going to be my little slut this week, Heather?"

She grunted in delight. "Yes, Uncle Jake!"

His next thrust was powerful, slamming his cock into the back of her pussy, his balls against her ass, making her tits jiggle and her entire body shake. "Say it!" he grinned, impaling his niece with his dick, "say you'll be my slut!"

"I want to be your little slut, Uncle Jake! Fuck me, I'm your slut!"

He pounded away at his horny teenage niece, looking down past her big shaking tits to admire the sight of his thick cock entering her shaved pussy. Heather saw the look of lust in her eye, and she dug her nails into his shoulders deeper and violently gyrated her pelvis around his dick. She had her jaw open to suck in air, and her long hair was splayed around her head in every direction, as the two frenetically fucked each other in the guest bedroom.

His incredibly large penis inside her pussy was more meat than the most of the college boys gave her, and the sheer presence of that big dick alone was making her cum again. Heather couldn't believe how fast the orgasms were coming. She felt the first orgasm building inside her pussy, as she squeezed the dick plunging up her tube, and it built and built until it exploded in long, shattering waves. As she sucked air and continued to be fucked, the next one just came out of nowhere. Instantly she was having another orgasm, it was almost frightening how fast it happened. Then a third, fourth, fifth . . . she was cumming and cumming for him, she was indeed his little slut.

Satisfied that she was having multiple orgasms, Uncle Jake pulled out his divine dick and bent down to roll his niece onto her knees. The blonde laughed at how sore her legs were, but she and him repositioned her teenage body so her ass was stuck up high. He squeezed one of her small buttcheeks in his strong hand, his other hand holding his cock at the entrance of her cunt from behind. With a push, he was inside her pussy again, fucking her doggy-style. She had her face turned to the side, her face and shoulder flat against the bedsheet, so her butt was all the way up for him. Heather looked back at Uncle Jake and watched his muscular, sculpted naked body ramming her from behind with his fat erection.

"I'm so fucking hot for you, Uncle Jake," she wailed between his thrusts, "Don't stop fucking me!"

"Don't stop, huh?" He enjoyed the thought. Uncle Jake pulled out, drawing a protest from the girl, then he slapped her butt with an open palm. "Quiet, don't wake anyone -- you want me to fuck you again?"

She was almost crying. "Yes, fuck me, Uncle Jake, don't stop!"

For that, he slapped her ass again, hard. "Do one thing for me."

Heather was aching for his dick, she wasn't done having orgasms. "What, anything?"

He snickered, realizing how horny the 18 year old was. "Promise me -- now, you have to promise, ok? -- no turning back -- promise me that you and Jill will come to Florida for Spring Break, I'll even buy the tickets for you, and you two and Sophie and me can have sex on our private beach all week, okay?"

Her reaction was instantaneous. "Yes, Uncle Jake, I promise, Jill and I will come fuck you, now please, please, please fuck me more! More!" She was reaching back for his dick.

The sneering adult leaned his dick towards his blonde niece's bald wet cuntlips, but paused a moment early. "You promise, right?"

"Yes, fuck yes!"

That was enough for him. He sank his prick back into her twat, and almost immediately she had another orgasm as he stretched her tight hole open. Heather squeeled and shrieked from the suddenness of the climax, feeling her Uncle plowing his erection in and out of her vagina faster and faster. Sometimes between thrusts, his open hand would smack her little ass, leaving a glowing red print, which made her just wiggle her butt harder and get fucked deeper by his lovely erection.

She was having endless orgasms, one after another, a state of complete climax, somewhere she'd never been before except maybe when girls fucked her with oversized strap-ons. She wasn't sure males could bring her here, actually, but apparently so. He asked her something but she was too oversexed to hear him, so he had to smack her butt again and howl at her more loudly, "Are you on the Pill, baby?"

"Yes!" she shrieked, "yes, Uncle Jake, cum in my cunt, please!"

"Fuck yeah," she heard him groan.

His body slammed into hers one last time, impaling himself as deep as he could go, and she felt the motions of a male having a cum. His body tensed, he boned her deeply, then pulled back quickly, then shoved it in again as deep as he could, holding it there for another squirt. And another and another. Her uncle was having his own major eruption inside her twat, spewing buckets of gooey sperm deep in her vaginal tube.

Both bodies were sweating, slick with perspiration and pussyjuice. Heather collapsed on her side the moment he pulled out of her pussy, and he immediately lay on top of her, kissing her nose, pressing her naked body into the bedsheets. Heather wrapped her arms around Uncle Jake and kissed him deeply, loving how he made her feel so feminine.

Heather found herself giggling, laughing actually, and he had to break the kiss. She calmed herself down, smiling at him, "I can't believe I just fucked my Uncle, and you have the best dick in the world, Uncle Jake!"

"I like hearing that," he panted, kissing her nose again, "so will you want to fuck it again, baby?"

The question was about the most stupid she'd ever had to answer. "Fuck yeah, Uncle Jake, all week if we can!" Then with a smile, knowing her promise, she grinned at him, "and all week on Spring Break!"

He smiled at the sexy idea of having two coed pussies join him and his slutty girlfriend at their beachfront house. "Tell me, who's your hottest girlfriend you fuck -- Jill, Camille, anyone else?"

Heather rolled her eyes; men, so typical. But, she knew the answer. "Well, that's my friend Maura, she's Irish, and a body you can't believe, and she is the best pussy-eater I know. But," she cautioned, "I mean, I promised Jill we'll go on Break together."

Her Uncle shrugged. "I'll make you one more deal, Heather, honey."

"What's that, Uncle Jake?"

It would be a promise she keeps. He responded:

"If you promise to fuck me all this week, then I promise to buy you three tickets, so you, Jill and Maura can fly down to Florida for Spring Break and fuck each other all week on my beach."

Heather couldn't wait to keep the deal. She rolled onto her back under her naked Uncle, wrapping her legs around his body, and as sore as she was, she wanted to fulfill the promise immediately.

"Fuck me again, Uncle Jake, do it!"
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24-Hour Boy Toy Tiffany

I didn't write this story, but enjoyed reading it elsewhere. Had a search for it here and couldn't see it so I thought I'd share it with everyone here.



"We're on our own, cousin/
All alone, cousin/
Let's think of some games to play/
Now the grown-ups have all gone away."

- "Cousin Kevin," The Who

It had been four months since Tiffany Daniels had been a toy.

The gorgeous 16-year-old cheerleader had spent those four months trying to
re-build her reputation at Daniels High School in Beverly, Texas, the school that
was named for her grandfather, Godfrey Daniels. In a mere two weeks, Tiffany's
status in the school had done a dramatic and (to her) horrifying 180-degree
change. Before, she had been the school's princess, a wealthy, stuck-up girl who
ran with, and ran, the coolest clique, and a cock-teaser of the first order.
Every boy in the school wanted to fuck her, and every girl in the school wanted
to be her.

But then Principal Roger White, two of her teachers and the school's janitor, Old
Joe Black, had started playing their vicious little games with her. It had
started with blackmail, and then there were videotapes, and more blackmail. They
made her dress like a slut at school and in public, they thought up nasty public
humiliations. The school buzzed about how Tiffany Daniels had suddenly gone from
being the Girl Most Likely to Succeed to the Girl Most Likely to Suck Seed.

And her classmates didn't know the half of it, how she had been f***ed into an
orgy after hours in the cafeteria with the older men, getting her ass reamed by
their cocks and sucking their assholes - rimjobs, they had called the act. How
she had been f***ed to give handjobs and blowjobs to the entire visiting
basektball team in their locker room at halftime of the homecoming game. No, her
classmates didn't know, and so once the torment stopped and she was allowed to
return to being Princess Tiffany, slowly, the rumors stopped. The k**s of Daniels
High found new topics to obsess on, from "Dawson's Creek" to upcoming rock
concerts to which teacher might be gay, the usual hallway chat of upper-middle
class teens.

But Tiffany remembered. She had thought that once the men stopped their perverted
games, she would be able to resume her life, and on the surface, she did. But at
night, unable to sl**p, she would remember everything. The shame, the
humiliation. And the orgasms. Yes, as awful as it had been, the men had brought
out Tiffany's sexual side, ignited a fire deep inside her that now was banked,
but still glowing. She would lay in bed, remembering how the school janitor's
big, rigid cock had felt pistoning into her tight young butthole, and how his
fingers had felt on her stiff little clit as he rubbed it hard, and she couldn't
help it, her right hand would slip underneath the waistband of her panties and
start stroking her pussy lightly, then harder, then harder still, until she was
diddling herself like a madwoman. She'd put her pillow over her face and bite
into and scream as she came. And when she was done, she would start again, and
keep at it, cumming and cumming and screaming into her pillow, until her pussy
juice was glazing the inside of her sleek, tanned 16- year-old thighs.

What had they done to her? She knew, deep down, what they had done to her, even
though she could not admit it to herself.

And what were they doing to her s****r Stephanie? That she did not know; she
could only guess. At the end, she had turned her 14-year-old s****r over to Mr.
White and the others as a way for her to escape further torture at their hands.
Except Stephanie had proved to be a very willing victim. Little Stephanie, a mere
freshman in high school, had turned out to have a submissive streak in her that
she was just discovering. She had thrilled to the idea of being the plaything of
a group of older men, of being ordered around, made to kneel and suck their cocks
while they pulled her blonde hair with both hands and jammed their cocks into her
hot young mouth as deep as they could.

Stephanie had started telling her parents she was studying at friends' houses at
night, but Tiffany was sure she was participating in depraved orgys of dominance
and submission with the men. One day at school she had seen Stephanie wearing a
dog collar with the word SLUT spelled out in metal studs across the front.
Another day she had seen her s****r wearing a sundress that was so sheer it was
almost transparent. Not only was she not wearing a bra and panties underneath,
but Tiffany could see that her little s****r had shaved her pussy, or had it
shaved for her. Every guy at school could see the 14-year-old girl's smooth
labia, and Stephanie just smiled a secret smile, knowing the reaction she was

Tiffany wasn't jealous, she told herself. She really wasn't. That period of her
life had been hell, even though she had been, perversely, the center of attention
of the entire school. Now Stephanie was the one all the boys ogled. Tiffany had
regained her status, but she had been upstaged by her little s****r.

And so the school year at Daniels ended, and summer vacation began. Being rich,
Tiffany didn't have to work. She had spent her 15th summer as a lifeguard at the
pool in the Daniels' subdivision, but had gotten bored with just sitting around
all day, even if she had enjoyed all the boys flocking around her and wetting
their lips over how she looked in the tight, clingy red one-piece suit. This
summer she had decided to just go to the pool when she felt like it, rather than
on a schedule, and watch her soaps and hang out with her friends. Maybe she'd get
regular pedicures. Maybe she'd put on something sexy and go down to the mall and
tease the boys and the men. But that thought reminded her of what had happened at
the mall back when she was a toy, how she had been f***ed to strip and give
blowjobs, and she decided maybe she wouldn't go to the mall after all.

On Saturday morning at the end of the first week of summer, Tiffany's mother woke
her up and reminded her that this was the weekend she was supposed to baby-sit
for her cousin Matt.

"Ahh, jeez, mom, do I have to?" the girl whined. Matt was a brat, a regular Bart
Simpson, she recalled, although she hadn't seen the boy in three years.

"Yes, you have to," her mother said. "We're going camping with Uncle Pete and
Aunt Peggy, and they don't think Matt is old enough to be alone, so I
volunteered you. And that's that, young lady. We leave in an hour."

Cursing under her breath, Tiffany got ready, pulling on a loose white peasant
blouse and a pair of short-shorts. At least Pete and Peggy have a pool in their
backyard, she muttered to herself, as she packed her makeup, a change of clothes,
hair care equipment, and her new white bikini.

Two hours later, the Daniels pulled into the driveway of the new house in
Ridgewood, a subdivision equally as lavish as the one Tiffany lived in. Or at
least it would be in a year or so. Right now it was brand new, still mostly
vacant lots, with a few homes under construction. Aunt Peggy and Uncle Pete had
bought one of the first homes, and it was way at the back of the huge
subdivision. The wooded lot of more than an acre sat at the end of a cul de sac
on which there were no other homes. The house was enormous and obviously worth
more than $1 million, Tiffany thought, but why would they build one so far away
from any other neighbor?

Still pouting about getting stuck with baby-sitting, Tiffany got out of the car
and f***ed a smile as Pete and Peggy came out and greeted her parents. They
exclaimed on how she had grown, what a beauty she was, all the usual adult crap,
she thought, while keeping the smile plastered on. Then she saw a figure standing
in the doorway.

"Hey, cuz!" he called. "What's up?"

Was that Matt? she thought. She had last seen him as a scrawny, nasty 10-year-old
boy, a k** who was always trying to peek through the keyhole at her when she went
to the bathroom. The last time she had baby- sat for Matt, three years ago, she
had had to give him a spanking for picking the lock on the bathroom door while
she was taking a shower and bursting in to see her naked body.

But this boy had grown. Boy, had he grown. Matt Daniels was now 5 foot, 8 inches,
an inch taller than Tiffany. He had put on weight, too, and most of it was
muscle. Standing there in gym shorts and no shirt, his arms crossed over his
chest and a sly smile on his lips, it was obvious the boy had been working out
with weights. It was equally obvious that he had entered puberty at least a year
ago; dark armpit hair sprouted from under his folded arms.

Swell, Tiffany thought to herself. Not only do I have to sit for this little
pervert, now he's in puberty, so his hormones are going to be raging even more.
Tiffany knew a fair amount about the raging hormones of teenaged boys. As she
stood in the driveway, she could see his eyes travel up and down her body, taking
in the long expanse of her bare legs, lingering on her short-shorts, which she
now regretted wearing, then up to her chest, those ample, 36C perfect teenaged
tits that thrust forward beneath the peasant blouse. The look made her
uncomfortable, much more uncomfortable than when Matt as a little boy had spied
on her.

She made herself speak. "Hey, Matt. Long time, no see." What a lame- o thing to
say, she thought. This was stupid, letting herself get flustered by a k** almost
four years younger than her.

The parents all gabbed while Tiffany carried in her bag. "Where am I sl**ping?"
she asked Matt, since this was her first time in his new house.

"Where would you like to sl**p?" Matt asked. Was he sneering, or being sincere?
Tiffany couldn't tell.

"Just tell me where to put my bag, please," she sighed.

"Top of the stairs, guest room at the end of the hall. Nice queen- sized bed,"
Matt told her. As she climbed the stairs, she thought she could feel Matt's
young, lustful gaze burning into the shorts that clung tightly to the sculpted
bubbles of her ass, but she didn't want to look back and give him the

All too soon, her mom and dad were saying goodbye. They were going camping
overnight with Pete and Peggy, and would be back on Sunday. Peggy explained to
Tiffany that Matt was allowed to have friends over if they behaved themselves,
but that she was in charge and could set the rules as she saw fit. She also said
that they had bought a book of tickets to the Renaissance Festival that was
playing in a field outside town, and that she could drive Matt and his friends
there today if she wanted. Peggy handed Tiffany ten $20 bills for incidental
expenses, and with a flurry of waves and goodbyes, her aunt and uncle and parents
pulled away, leaving her alone with her cousin Matt.

"So, what you want to do, cuz?" Matt asked. Tiffany wished he would stop calling
her that.

"My name is Tiffany, Matthew. And right now I really don't feel like doing much
of anything. So you go off and play with yourself." She blushed as soon as the
words were out of her mouth. She had meant to say "play BY yourself," not WITH
yourself. But she wasn't going to tell him that. He shrugged and walked away.

Get a grip, girl, Tiffany told herself. He's still just a 13-year- old boy, even
though he has grown up physically. He's not even in high school yet, and you're a
rising senior. Plus his mom said that you're the one in charge. So settle down
and be in charge.

Tiffany decided she would go out to the pool that Pete and Peggy had put in the
back yard and work on her tan, so she went upstairs to the guest room where her
bag was. She closed the door and carefully locked it, but then decided she didn't
trust the lock while she was changing clothes, scooted a chair over and wedged it
against the door. That ought to keep the little pecker out, she thought with a

Tiffany had stripped off her clothes and underwear and was just tying the strings
that held her skimpy white bikini in place when she heard a bl**d-curdling scream
from somewhere downstairs. Only she and Matt were in the house, and it sounded as
if the boy was in horrible agony.

She quickly finished tying off the bikini and pushed the chair away from the
door. She could hear Matt screaming downstairs: "Owwwwww! Oh GODDDDDD!

She ran downstairs, following the sound, and quickly found Matt laying on the
kitchen floor, rolled tightly into a fetal position. His knees were up under his
chin, and his hands were pressed tightly into his lap. His face was red from the

"What's the matter? What's the matter?" she yelled over his bellowing, trying to
be heard and trying not to panic. She'd been babysitting only about 10 minutes
and already the boy was hurt.

"Oh God, I hurt myself!" Matt said, huffing and puffing.

"How?" said Tiffany. "Matt, you have to tell me how you hurt yourself!"

"On the corner of the kitchen chair," Matt said. "I don't know how it happened.
But I racked myself, you know, I hit my, uh, crotch."

Shit, thought Tiffany. Swell.

"Oh Jesus God, it hurts so bad," Matt said. There were tears in his eyes as he
rolled on the floor in a tight fetal ball.

"Take a deep breath," Matt," she instructed. "It's going to be OK." She bent down
over the writhing boy, going down on her hands and knees on the kitchen floor.

"I think I broke it," Matt yelped.

"I don't think you can break it, Matt," she said, trying to be calm. Although she
had had quite an exposure to the male penis during her stint as a sex toy four
months ago, she really didn't know much about the technical aspects of the organ.
Could it be broken? She wasn't sure.

"I gotta go to the emergency room!' Matt cried. "Take me to the hospital,

No way, she thought. That would only be the last possible resort, if there was
really something seriously wrong. She had no idea what kind of insurance her aunt
and uncle had, there would be forms to fill out, a zillion embarrassing questions
to answer, first at the hospital, and then even worse, from her aunt and uncle
and parents. She had to take care of Matthew herself.

The nervous 16-year-old steeled herself for what she was about to do. "Let me
look at it, Matt," she said. "I know it's embarrassing, but I have to see how bad
you're hurt."

Matt stayed in a tight ball.

"Come on, Matt, I have to look," Tiffany pleaded. "If it's really, uh, broken,
I'll take you to the emergency room, I promise."

Slowly the younger boy uncurled his body. His face was still red, and he was
breathing heavily. "OK," he told her, and his voice was trembling.

When Matt didn't make a move to pull down his gym shorts, Tiffany realized she
would have to. She hooked her hands into the waistband and gently lowered the
trunks, trying not to hurt him any more.

"Be careful," Matt whined. "Be gentle."

"I'm not gonna hurt you," she told her cousin. Down came the gym shorts, and
Tiffany was astonished to see he wasn't wearing underpants. Not only that, but
his cock was semi-hard. It wasn't as big as the men she had dealt with during the
school year, but it was a pretty decent length and width for a boy who had only
been in puberty for a year. She tried to be clinical as she looked at her
cousin's cock and think of it as just another part of his body.

"I think it's broken," Matt repeated. "You better check it, or else take me to
the emergency room."

The screaming and the confusion had set off Tiffany's adreanline. Her heart was
pounding and she was on the verge of hyperventilating herself, and the poor girl
didn't realize that she wasn't thinking clearly.

"Show me where it hurts," she told Matt, who immediately reached out and took her
right arm by the wrist and guided her hand to the base of his cock. "Right
there," he said. "See if it's broken. Give it a little squeeze."

Tiffany squeezed lightly, and felt the teenaged dick jump in her grip. She could
feel the bl**d pounding in the cock, just like the bl**d was pounding in her
head. She was so focused on what was happening that she did not realize that Matt
was now laying on his back looking straight up at her as she bent over him,
specifically right at her glorious tits as they heaved under the thin white
fabric of the bikini.

"It's higher," Matt told her, and Tiffany, still not fully cognizant of what was
going on, slid her grip up a little higher. She didn't know how it happened, but
somehow Matt had shifted his pelvis while she did it, and her hand slid all the
way up to the head of his cock, which was now as hard as an iron bar and steaming
hot to her touch.

"It still hurts, Tiffany," Matt said, his eyes locked on her perfect 16-year-old
breasts, which hung down just inches from his nose. "But I know you can make it

Faster than the strike of a rattlesnake, Matt reached out a hand and wrapped it
around Tiffany's right hand, seizing it in an iron grip. With his other hand, he
reached up and plucked the front of her bikini top, pulling it up to her chin.
Instantly, her large tits popped free, practically right in her young cousin's

"Whoa! Nice fuckin' tits, cuz!" the boy chortleded. He gripped her right hand
even harder and began to slide it up and down on his erection, which was jutting
straight up and pointed at her.

"You little bastard!" Tiffany screamed at her cousin. She couldn't believe what
was happening. One second she was worried about taking Matt to the hospital, and
the next second she was grappling with the horny boy, who was stronger than she
had expected.

"Let's see some pussy!" Matt shouted, and reached with his free left hand for the
string that tied the bottom of Tiffany's bikini alongside her hip. She had tied
it into a simple bow, and Matt now grabbed one loose end and pulled.

Tiffany had been trying to use her free left hand to pull her top back down over
her breasts, but it was nearly impossible. She had only the one hand free, and
with Matt gripping her right hand and writhing on the floor, she was off balance.
Plus her large tits were dangling down and swaying back and forth with the f***ed
motion of jacking her young cousin off. It was like trying to put two water
balloons into two lunch bags as the bags were being moved back and forth.

Then she felt the side of her bikini bottom spring loose, and knew that she was
in serious trouble. The boy might actually have **** on his mind, Tiffany
suddenly thought. She let go of her bikini top and reached down to grab the
bottom, which was now flapping loose on one side, threatening to expose her
teenaged pussy and ass to the hormone-addled boy who was trying to undress her.
It was like batting an octopus.

"Yeah, cuz, let's see that body you been hidin' on me!" Matt yelled. He increased
the speed of her hand on his hard dick, forcing her to jack up and down on his
young cock with a fast, fluid motion.

"Let me go, you little prick," Tiffany screamed at the boy. "I'm gonna kill you!"

"Oh yeah, cousin, make me cum! Here I cum!" shouted Matt, and suddenly his young
dick exploded, shooting semen upward at Tiffany. The entire wrestling match had
only taken a little more than a minute, but Matt was so young and so horny, and
Tiffany's handjob, even though not given willingly, was the first time he had
ever had a girl's hand on his penis. It hadn't taken long.

Tiffany was still on her knees bent over her cousin, and his cock started spewing
hot semen all over her. The first glob hit her right on the nipple, a big shot of
sticky, salty boy-cum. A second shot followed a split second later and hit her in
the right eye. More and more boy-cum poured out of his spurting cock, hitting her
on her tight, tanned little tummy, oozing into her sweet little belly-button,
landing in her beautiful blonde hair.

"You shit! You goddamn little shit!" Tiffany screamed at the boy. Suddenly Matt
broke free of her and rolled to one side, then bounced to his feet. He was
amazingly quick and agile, as well as strong.

"Jiz on my cuz! Jiz on my cuz!" the little monster began chanting in a hip-hop
style. "Lookit that ho, with jiz on her bod! Lookit that ho, just lookit that

"I'll kill you!" Tiffany bellowed as she got to her feet and charged at her
cousin. Her bikini top was still above her breasts, although tied in back, and
her large tits flopped and bounced freely as she charged him. Her bikini bottom,
tied on only side, gaped to the side and down, showing a flash of the silky
blonde pubic patch it had tried to conceal. Matt laughed and kept up his white
boy rap, dancing just out of her reach.

"Jiz on the cuz! Jiz on the cuz!" he mocked her. He began running out of the
kitchen and toward the front of the house, and Tiffany, enraged, ready to really
give her young tormentor a genuine pain in the balls, followed.

As they approached the front hallway, the doorbell rang. Matt was making straight
for the door, and Tiffany, partly blind from the sperm in one eye and pumped on
her own anger and adrenaline, was only a few steps behind him, screaming like a
banshee. Matt ran right to the front door and flung it open.

There on the front porch stood three more teenaged boys about Matt's age. Their
mouths dropped open in astonishment when they looked over Matt's shoulder and saw
his 16-year-old babysitter, one of the sexiest girls they had ever seen (counting
men's magazines), only a few feet away from them. Strings and globs of semen
clung to her face, her hair and her body, her tits were completely exposed and
heaving up and down with her heavy breathing, and her bikini bottom flopped to
one side.

"Hey dudes!" Matt yelled at his friends. "Right on time! This is my cousin
Tiffany! And as you can see, you each owe me $10 bucks, cause I got her to jack
me off in the first hour she was here!"

The boys all rushed forward into the front hall to get a closer look at the
nearly naked, sperm-spattered teenage cheerleader, Tiffany suddenly realized her
position, and how badly she was outnumbered. She was still furious with Matt, but
realized she needed to get to safety quickly or what had been merely ugly could
get far worse in no time at all. She could see the lust and evil glittering in
the eyes of the three boys who had just come into the house.

She pushed past Matt and hit the stairs, bounding up them two at a time to the
guest room. Into the room, slam the door, push the heavy chair in front of the
door. It might not stop them, but it would slow them down. Panting, gasping for
air, standing in the middle of the room covered in sperm, she had not felt so
humiliated since her torture at the hands of the men of Daniels High School.

Downstairs, Matt and his friends walked into the kitchen and pulled cold sodas
from the refrigerator.

"Man, you were right. She is so fuckin' hot I can't believe it," said Luke

"So why aren't we going after her?" asked Mark.

"Hey, we got all fuckin' day and all fuckin' night with Miss Tiffany Daniels,"
Matt told his friends. "We're gonna have us the best 24 hours ever. And my
stuck-up cunt of a cousin is gonna have the worst 24 hours of her life. I
guarantee it."

* * *



" ... And I've got no defense for it
The heat is too intense for it
What good would common sense for it do
'Cause it's witchcraft, wicked witchcraft
And although, I know, it's strictly taboo
When you arouse the need in me
My heart says yes indeed in me
Proceed with what your leading me to..."

-- "Witchcraft" by Coleman and Leigh, as sung by Frank Sinatra

Tiffany stood in the middle of the room, her heart pounding. Rage filled her at
her young cousin and what he had just done to her. She went into the bathroom,
pulled Kleenexes roughly from the box, and began to wipe the sperm from her face
and body.

She took her swimsuit off the rest of the way to make sure she didn't miss any
globs hidden away; she had seen "Something About Mary" and didn't want a replay
of what had happened in that movie, even though the circumstances were completely
different. As she wiped away the disgusting clots of semen from her skin, she
began to think of what her next step would be.

Revenge was definitely high on her list, probably numbers one through ten, in
fact, but what could she do at this point? Little monster Matt had three teenaged
friends with him downstairs, and was surely giving them a blow by blow
description of what had just happened. To go down there and face him head on,
order him to apologize or attempt to discipline him was probably the worst
possible step to take. If she tried to turn him over her knee for a spanking,
even without his friends, he was strong enough now that it would be she who wound
up getting the spanking. A quick mental picture flashed through her mind, of her
bent over Matt's lap, her pants down around her ankles, and him giving her a
hard, open-handed spanking on her bare bottom. She shuddered.

No, something else was needed. She couldn't call Matt's parents or her own; they
were camping, without a phone. She thought of calling some of her friends to come
over, but what would she tell them? Her 13-year- old cousin was bullying her
around and she was wiping his sperm out of her eye? No, that was the last thing
she needed.

Then Tiffany remembered the Renaissance Festival. Aunt Peggy had bought a book of
tickets to the summertime event, which was taking place on weekends in a huge
open field not far away. If she could safely get Matt and his nasty little
friends into the car and out to the festival, they'd be in public and she'd be
safe with all the people around. They could stay at the festival all day, and
she'd deal with what to do in the evening when she got there.

Meanwhile, Matt had completed telling his young friends what he had just done to
his cousin the cheerleader. The boys were wide-eyed and drop-jawed. They had
talked about this, planned it even, but they hadn't really been sure that it
would happen. Now it was happening.

"Man, I can't believe we're doing this," said Johnny, a hulking 14- year-old who
had been held back a year in school and thus was still in eighth grade with the
others. "This fuckin' rocks!"

"You know it, man," said Mark. "Now all we got to do is get her to that
Renaissance Festival for Stage Two. How we gonna do that?"

"I haven't figured that out yet," admitted Matt. "But I'm kinda hoping that she
won't want to spend the day here in the house with us, after what just happened.
So we'll get to Stage Two somehow, I bet. By the way, did you guys bring the
stuff we talked about?"

They all nodded and pointed to their backpacks slung in a corner. "And we've all
got permission to spend th night!" said Johnny.

"Quiet, I think I hear her coming," said Luke, the fourth member of the perverted
little posse of teen boys.

Tiffany came down the stairs slowly, nervously. She had dressed as demurely and
modestly as she could, but it was summer in Texas, and she hadn't been expecting
this turn of events. The best she could do was to get back into the white peasant
blouse and shorts she had worn over earlier. She had no jeans, no long pants, and
no dresses packed. She had pulled her beautiful long blonde hair back into a
ponytail and put on no makeup in hopes of looking dowdy for the boys.

Fat chance. Tiffany Daniels was a stunning 16-year-old girl, as every male from 9
to 90 knew instantly upon seeing her. Her luscious teenaged body had just ripened
into full womanly curves, and her face, with its pouty-lipped, pubescent beauty,
was frequently compared to that of the teen tennis star Anna Kournikova.

"Matt, may I see you alone a moment?" Tiffany called nervously.

"Sure, Tiffany," Matt answered. Now was the time to play his babysitting cousin
just right, the boy thought, and that meant as little attitude as possible.

Tiffany didn't know what to say about what Matt had just done to her, so she
decided not to say anything. "Do you want to go to the Renaissance Festival?" she
asked. "You and your friends?"

"Well, yeah, I guess," Matt said. "Sure. When did you want to go?"

"No time like right now!" Tiffany said brightly. "Tell your friends to get in
your mom's car and we'll go." Matt ran into the kitchen to talk to his friends,
and Tiffany went out and started the car.

Soon the boys piled out of the house and into the Ford Taurus, Matt up front,
"shotgun!," and his three friends in back. "Hey guys, this is my cousin,
Tiffany," Matt called out, matter-of-factly. "Tiffany, this is Luke, Mark, and
the guy on the right is Johnny, although sometimes we call him Little John."

"Like in Robin Hood?" Tiffany asked.

The boys looked at each other, puzzled, then burst out laughing. "Yeah, right,
Tiff, whatever you say," Matt said, mockingly. Tiffany didn't get the joke. She
would, of course, later in the day.

"Yo! What's up, Tiff?" said Luke.

Tiffany bristled. She hated it when dumb little white boys from the suburbs, rich
white boys, pretended to be homeys from the hood, hated them wearing their jeans
falling down off their ass and talking about their posses and their cribs. She
wanted to bitch-slap them all. But she just gripped the steering wheel tighter,
and drove.

A half hour later they were turning into the open field that served as a parking
lot. Normally, Tiffany wouldn't have wanted to go to something geeky like a
Renaissance Festival - she was way too cool for such events now, unless a really
cute older boy had asked her, maybe. She had been with a group of friends several
years ago, though, and she knew the basic routine. A mock "village," meant to
represent 16th century England or Europe usually, was built in a big field.
Performers were hired, some local, and some parts of touring groups who travelled
the country, to put on shows and act as if they were really in 16th century
England. There'd be a king, a queen, a jester, a dark knight, a lot of peasants,
a soothsayer, etc., on and on. Part of the "fun" for the suburbanites who paid
$15 a head to get in was to interact with the actors as if the whole scene were
really 16th century England instead of the United States in 1999. Staying in
character was crucial for the players.

Oh well, thought Tiffany. At least I can let the boys go off and watch jousting
and magic shows, and I can wander around safely in the crowd for most of the day.
I'll be safe.

The sun was beating down harsh already at 11 a.m. as Tiffany and her four young
charges went through the main gates and down the "main street" of the festival.
It was hot, and getting hotter.

"Listen up, guys," she told Matt and his obnxious friends. "We'll meet back here
at the entrance at 5 p.m. Here's $20 each for food and drink. Don't get sunburned
and stay out of trouble."

"Gee, cuz, are you trying to get rid of us?" Matt asked. "I thought we could pal
around together." He was mocking her, and Tiffany fought down the urge to smack
the punk.

"Oh, you don't want to hang out with me," Tiffany said. As soon as the words were
out of her mouth, a horse and rider trotted by. The horse was black, and the
young man astride the b**st was clad all in black too, with a black goatee, a
feathered cap atop his head and a sword and scabbard dangling from his waist. He
looked at the boys, and Little John gave a nod. Tiffany saw the boy nod and
thought it was odd. She looked up quickly at the man on the horse and thought she
saw him nod as well. But he wheeled and rode off, and just like that, the boys
were all saying, "OK, whatever. See ya back here at five. They walked off in a
pack, giggling, appearing to share some secret joke.

Half an hour later, the gorgeous blonde cheerleader had found a patch of shade
and was sipping a lemonade. Although she was lightly tanned, she knew that the
fierce Texas sun today would burn her badly if she stayed in the sun for long,
and she hadn't brought sunscreen. Suddenly a shadow fell over her. She looked up
and saw the dark man on his dark horse. He dismounted gracefully.

"Good day, fair lady," he said in the speech that all the Renaissance players
affected. "What is a beautiful maiden like you doing all alone, if I may be so

Tiffany was flattered. He was darkly handsome, and his eyes sparkled. She guessed
him to be in his early 20s, just old enough to be dangerous but not old enough to
be gross and middle-aged.

"Kind sir," she replied, trying to mimic the speech, "I am just enjoying my
drink. I'm afraid if I stay in the sun too long my skin will burn."

"That would be a terrible shame, to see such fair skin burned. Art thee alone?"

"It's a long story," Tiffany answered. "And a boring one. What's your name?"

"I am Sir Reginald. Some call me the dark knight, but I'm really a pretty good
guy when I'm not playing dress-up." He broke character and smiled warmly at her.
"Seriously," he continued, now speaking regularly, "if you're just trying to get
out of the sun, come back to where the performers hang out. We can only stand to
be out for 30 minutes at a time in these damn outfits." He laughed, and Tiffany
joined him.

Sure, the young beauty said, she'd love to see where the performers hung out. It
would be like a backstage tour or something, she thought, and anything beat just
hanging around in the heat for six hours trying to avoid her cousin and his
little brat friends. Before she knew it, Sir Reginald had swept her onto his
horse, mounted in front of her, and galloped off toward the permieter of the
festival. He aimed the horse for a gap in the fence where a sign read "NO EXIT -
AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY" and shot through it.

"Here we are, my lady," he said, all formal again. "But I forgot to ask your


"Very good, Lady Tiffany, step inside please."

The tent was dark. Very dark, Tiffany realized. And no sooner had that
realization struck her than she felt several sets of hands grabbing her, and
realized she was surrounded by bodies. Large male bodies. She could smell their
sweat and BO, and feel their muscles as they grabbed her. Her arms were pulled
roughly behind her back and held there firmly, and as soon as she started to
scream for help, a hairy hand was clapped firmly over her mouth.

"Jesus, Reg, you sure can pick 'em!" a voice exclaimed. "What a beauty!"

"She wasn't random," Reg replied. "This was, shall we say, a special order."

"Man, I hate to waste this one on the usual stuff," said a third voice. "I'd like
to strip this one down, oil her up and give her ye olde stake, if you know what I
mean!" The young men all laughed.

"Naw, come on, man, you know the rules. A little fun and games is one thing, but
no gang ****. Although if I were ever gonna break the rules, it would be with
Tiffany here. Look at them fuckin' tits!"

Tiffany struggled, but it was no use. She was held firmly. Suddenly, the hand was
withdrawn from her mouth, and she opened it to scream, again. But in a split
second the hand was replaced by cloth, some sort of gag. She was being gagged!
She tried to kick out against her assailants, but there were too many of them,
and they had strength and numbers and even experience at doing this on her. The
cloth on the gag was wrapped around a thick stick, about six inches long, so it
stuck out either side of her mouth. Quickly one of the men wrapped another piece
of cloth around the back of her head and tied off both ends of the stick tightly.
She tried to scream, but all that came out was a muffled moan. No one would be
able to understand a word the poor girl was saying.

"Let's get it on, guys," Reg said, and Tiffany felt herself being stripped of her
clothes. Off came the peasant blouse, the shorts, her sandals, and finally her
bra and panties. She was stark naked, and could feel one of the sets of hands
roaming over her pussy, while another one squeezed her large nipples. A finger
tip inserted itself into her pussy, only an inch or so, and she screamed like a
madwoman, but all that came out was "MMpppfffff!!"

"Man, I hate to pass on this one!" she heard, the same voice of the guy who had
wanted to **** her.

"Yeah, and get arrested and convicted of a felony, dickwad!" Reg barked back.
"Stick to the plan, and even if she presses charges, we just say Hey, it was all
part of the Festival, we didn't know she was gonna freak out over a fun little

Tiffany felt her hands pulled roughly over her head, and some sort of garment
being lowered over her. Simultaneously, strong hands grabbed her ankles and
started tying rope to them. She had never felt so helpless and powerless, even
when she was being abused by the men back at Daniels High School!

The garment, which she couldn't see because of the darkness in the small tent,
was horribly scratchy as they lowered it over her skin. She tried to figure out
what it was, and realized it must be burlap. They were dressing her in a burlap
bag, and she was naked underneath. All as preparation for some sort of horrible
game! Her mind was spinning with anxiety and panic.

The burlap "dress" was sleeveless, and the sides were cut low, so that the sides
of her bare breasts were partly visible, or would be when she was back outside.
It hung only a few inches below her crotch and ass, and her legs were bare. She
tried to kick again, and realized they had tied her ankles together with a rope,
leaving about two feet of play in the rope: enough to shuffle along, but not
enough to run if she were able to break away. They then tied her wrists behind
her back with another short length of rope, which pulled her arms back and f***ed
her to thrust her tits out. The nipples made contact with the awful burlap, and
the harsh fabric irritated the sennstive nubbins.

She felt someone put something else over head, on some sort of string. Finally,
she heard, "OK, guys, it's show time!:"

The rope tying her wrists was yanked, and Tiffany stumbled forward. In a few
short steps, she was outside the tent, back in the hard Texas sunlight, blinking
rapidly and trying to get her bearings. She looked around and saw four of the
Renaissance Players, including Reg. One man was leading her by the rope around
her wrists, like a dog on a leash. They went back through the opening of the
fence and into the fairgrounds. She was barefoot, but fortunately the grass was
soft on the soles of her feet.

'HEAR YE1 HEAR YE1 HEAR YE!" one of the men started bellowing at the top of his
lungs. "All persons wishing to see what happens to lascivious young women, please
follow us to the Town Square! We have here a prize strumpet, a whore, who has
been caught seducing the young son of our good king. Even worse, we think she may
be a witch! She will be made to pay! Come one! Come all!"

Everyone at the festival was staring at her. She tried to shout, to protest, but
all that came through the gag was another mumbled "Mmmmmpfffff!" She shook her
head wildly, and her blonde hair flew around her shoulders, but this just made
the gathering crowd laugh. It struck her that everyone else thought she was one
of the players, a part of the show, instead of an innocent girl who had been

The men continued to pull Tiffany relentlessly through the grounds. She stumbled
with her ankles tied, but managed to walk. A large crowd, mostly male, was
trailing behind her and the men, yelling comments like "Yeah, get the whore!
Punish her! We want to see some punishment!" Several of the men were carrying
large beers and appeared to be d***k, even before noon.

Finally they got to the Town Square, and Tiffany's stomach turned a flip flop
when she was what was there: two sets of old-fashioned stocks, the kind she had
seen in history books about the Puritans. Oh God, she realized, they were going
to put her in the stock in front of this d***ken, cheering crowd of men! The
panicky teenager happened to glance down at this point and read (upside down,
from her vantage) the sign they had hung around her neck. It read: For Unlawful
Carnal Knowledge. Each capital letter was large and emphasized.

"Up you go, strumpet!" ordered Sir Reginald, and he lifted her onto the raised
platform that held the stocks. "Ladies and gentlemen!" he shouted. "This woman
has been found guilty of sexual crimes against the crown! Plus, there is evidence
that she is a witch! She will be punished. Do you want us to show mercy, or no

"NO MERCY!" screamed the mob. Tiffany scanned their faces. There were only two or
three women, and they were looking uncomfortable at this display. They turned to
leave. Everyone left seemed to be male, from teenagers to middle-aged men in
shorts and black socks and sandals, cameras around their necks, beers in hand.
Many had probably come to the festival grudgingly, but now the day was looking a
whole lot brighter. This young wench they'd gotten to play the strumpet looked
really terrified. What a great actress!

Tiffany tried to break free, but strong hands f***ed her to her knees. Her head
was pulled forward, and the heavy wooden top half of the front stock dropped into
place and locked firmly. She tried to pull back, but she was trapped. Her hands
were still bound behind her back, and she realized that bent over like this, the
top of her burlap garment was hanging down so that the men in the front row had a
good look at her tits. Two men pulled out camcorders and started taping the

Hands grabbed her ankles and jerked back, and she felt her ankles being locked
into a second set of stocks behind her. These were smaller and lower, and they
immobilized her lower legs. She was a prisoner, at the mercy of these men for
whatever their cruel game was.

"Behold the witch!" shouted one of her captors. Tiffany screamed and shook her
head frantically, and the crowd just laughed. "Looks more like a bitch than a
witch!" yellled a spectator. "Yeah, and a pretty little bitch witch at that!"
said another man, setting off another wave of laughter.

"Gentlemen, please!" said Sir Reginald, holding up his hand for quiet. "We have
ways of dealing with wanton young witches like this one. She will be punished for
practicing witchcraft and her lascivious ways. Her time has come!"

Tiffany felt a captor bend over and attach something to the hem of the burlap
gown. It hung down just barely over her ass cheeks, preserving her modesty by
only an inch of fabric. But her long legs were bare, she knew, and her tits were
partially on view. She had already noticed tell- tale bulges in the pants of
several of the men watching, and she was ashamed to know that her plight was
making them hard.

She shifted her weight, and heard a bell ring. They had clipped a bell to the hem
of her dress, and it dangled down over the backs of her thighs, for reasons she
did not understand yet.

She was about to. Soon she heard a strange sound coming from behind her, and the
crowd started to roar. "Meehhhh-hehhh," went the sound. What the hell? thought
Tiffany. It sounds like a goat!

"Gentlemen, hear me out!" said Reginald. "This wanton little whore is guilty of
witchcraft and much more. While some might burn her at the stake or drown her, we
have a less, uh, permanent plan. Our little witch will have the soles of her feet
licked by this goat. If she can stay perfectly still for one minute without
making the bell ring, she will be set free. But every time the bell rings, we
start over again. Are we ready to begin!"

"Yes!" shouted the crowd. Some seemed a little disappointed, thinking maybe the
goat was going to fuck the poor victim, but then they remembered where they were,
and that their wives and c***dren could wander up at any minute, not to mention a
cop. Oh, well.

A captor pulled out a large jar of honey and brushed the souls of Tiffany's feet
with the sweet goo. Then they set an hour-glass, timed for one minute, on the
stocks next to Tiffany's head. There was a pause for a second, and then she felt

The goat's tongue made contact with the cheerleader's naked sole, and she jumped.
Instantly the bell rang. The goat was pulled back on its rope leash, the glass
was tilted so the sand ran back, and it was set up again. Again the a****l's
tongue began to lick, and again she jumped.

The crowd was loving it, laughing and pointing. Several camcorders were going
now, recording her humiliation. One man in front seemed to be zooming in
exclusively on her large breasts as they jerked and swayed under the burlap.

Tiffany had never been partciularlly ticklish, but the goat's tongue on her bare
foot was unlike anything she had ever felt. The a****l's tongue was rough and
harsh, it was dry and wet at the same time, and when he dragged his tongue along
her sole, slurping up honey, it was the most maddening tickling she had ever
felt. Every time the goat even touched her foot, it would jerk, and the bell
attached to her would jingle.

"Boy, folks, looks like we could be here all day!' announced Sir Reginald with a
grin. "Of course, maybe our little witch likes her punishment, and she's trying
to prolong it!" The mob whooped and hollered, and Tiffany shook her head,
no-no-no-no, and screamed into the cloth-wrapped gag, which only made the crowd
whoop more.

The tormented cheerleader was sweating profusely in the heat, and the sweat on
her skin as the burlap rubbed against it itched horribly. With her hands bound
behind her back she was unable to scratch. Her ordeal looked as if it would
stretch on forever. The public humiliation was more than she could bear. This was
even worse than what had happened in the mall a few months ago, she thought. This
was so demeaning, so degrading, so public.

She tried holding her breath as she felt the goat's tongue carress her foot
again. Up and down swiped the a****l tongue, up and down, lapping up honey, and
the sensations raced up her legs, and straight to her brain, although strangely
they also went right through her pussy, which also felt as if it were being
tickled. A horrible image flashed through her mind, of Sir Reginald lifting her
burlap dress and letting the a****l bury its nasty snout in her exposed pussy and
lick away at her. The thought was appalling, but also made her damp between her
legs, and not with sweat. She f***ed it from her mind. Just then the goat
switched feet and attacked her left foot for the first time, its tongue making
contact with her naked toes, and Tiffany nearly jumped out of her skin.
Tinkle-tinkle went the bell, and the crowd laughed and pointed.

Tiffany scanned their grotesque faces, and realized she was probably just as
grotesque, in a different way. Sweat was streaming down her face, her beautiful
blonde hair was damp and matted, and her face had to be beet red by now with the
sun and the screaming. She always prided herself on her looks and her grooming,
and here she was, bordering on ugly! She had to get control of herself and of the

As she looked into the crowd from her pinned-down position, she suddenly gasped
into the gag. Was that Stephanie, her s****r, way back there in the crowd of men,
peeking through and smiling? It coudn't be. She blinked, and the girl was gone.
It had to have been a mirage. Her parents were off camping, and Stephanie was
spending the weekend at a friend's house; it would be too much of a coincidence
for Steph to show up right at this moment of Tiffany's utter embarrassment.

But it wasn't a coincidence when she saw Matt and his friends. There they were,
the little bastards, hanging out on the fringe, laughing at her! Ooh, she'd kill
them when she got free! And then it hit her. She'd been set up! Reginald has said
something back in the tent about a "special order," and Little John or whatever
his name was had nodded at Reginald earlier in the day when he was standing with
Tiffany. Somehow, the boys had conspired with Reginald and the Renaissance actors
to bring her to this point. She was furious, and her body strained against the
confining stocks. But of course, all that did was set the little bell tinkling
again. Reginald upended the hour-glass, let the sand shift, and turned it over
for another minute.

The goat attacked Tiffany's bare foot with relish, licking between her tender
toes, running his nasty tongue everywhere. She concentrated on holding her feet
motionless, but the teasing tickling of the goat was too much, she couldn't bear
it, and she jerked her feet away, ringing the bell again.

"Whoa, methinks this is never going to end!" said Sir Reginald jovially, and the
crowd cheered again. "Time for a fresh coat of honey!" And she felt more honey
being spread over her feet.

So it went, for almost an hour. The goat was single-minded, relentless. It was a
machine, programmed to lick honey from her bare feet. And no matter what she did,
Tiffany could not suppress her relfexes. She screamed into the gag in rage and
frustration as the humiliation grond on and on. Her sweat-soaked nipples kept
rubbing against the burlap as they swung to and fro, and they were beginning to
chafe. Sweat ran down her face and down her thighs. Flies began buzzing around
the honey, but the goat's non-stop licking chased them off. The flies decided
they liked the sweat on Tiffany's tender thighs, and landed there. The feeling of
the flies crawling on her bare skin was more than she could bear, but every time
she wiggled her thighs to try to dislodge the flies, the bell would ring and she
would have to start all over again.

She could see Matt, Mark, Luke and Little John enjoying themselves in the crowd.
All four boys had erections bulging the fronts of their jeans cut-offs, little
pup-tents pointing straight at her, taunting her like everything else was in this
horrid place.

"I think our little witch-bitch is getting too hot!" Sir Reginald announced to
the crowd. "Even though I'm not inclined to show mercy, perhaps I can cool her
off!" Tiffany felt the evil man grab the hem of the burlap dress that hung down a
little below her ass and lift it up. He began a fanning motion with the dress,
lifting it up and down quickly. Yes, it was circulating some air up under the
burlap, which felt exquisite, but he was also exposing her bare ass to the entire
Festival. Reginald looked down, as if unaware of what he had been doing, and put
on a pop-eyed face, as if just discovering he was showing off Tiffany naked from
the waist down.

The crowd in front quickly realized the best view was now from behind, and
stampeded around the platform to get a better look. Reginald timed it perfectly
and dropped the burlap just as they got into their news positions.

"Sorry, gentlemen, but even a witch-bitch has to maintain some modesty. Did you
know" - and he dropped his voice into a loud stage whisper - "Did know she isn't
wearing any undergarments!!!"

The men yelled and surged forward. The goat, frightened by the tumult, stopped
licking and pulled on the rope around its collar. Tiffany tried to turn to look,
but the stocks kept her face pointing forward.

"Show us! Show us Show us!" the mob chanted.

"Gentlemen, gentlemen!" Sir Reginald spoke. "I am sorry, but the Renaissance
Festival is, after all, a f****y affair. Apparently our young actress here was
even more into the part than my friends and I realized, and decided not to wear
underwear under her dress today. Apparently she was really in character all
along!" he chortled.

"And even though she never did manage one minute of stillness, there comes a
point when we must move on to other events. How about a big round of applause for
our little witch-bitch today, who was so in character she underwent her torment
without any panties!"

The men cheered lusilty, as Tiffany burned with shame. Reginald and the others
unlocked the stocks and led the goat away. She was so stiff from being locked in
a kneeling position for an hour that her muscles ached when she tried to stand.
She glared at the men and tried to tell them they were worthless scum, that she
was an unwilling victim, but all that came out from behind the gag was the same
incoherent gibberish she'd been shouting for an hour now.

Quickly, Sir Reginald grabbed her around the waist, swung one leg up over his
horse, and the two of them were astride the horse, Reginald sitting and Tiffany
laying over his lap, her ass in the air. The burlap dress ballooned up to her
waist, and she was naked from the waist down, her sweet white teen buttocks on
display for the crowd's enjoyment. One last cheer of lust arose from the weary
men as Sir Reginald galloped away, holding the sqirming, humiliated girl firmly
in his grip.

* * *



"Wear sunscreen. If I could offer you only one tip ... sunscreen would be it."

‹ From Baz Luhrmann's "Everybody's Free (To Wear Suncreen)," originally written by
Mary Schmich.

Tiffany's knuckles were white with anger as she gripped the steering wheel of the
Taurus, zipping it down the highway well above the speed limit. In the backseat,
her cousin's friends Luke, Little John and Mark were giggling and punching each
other. Matt hummed quietly in the shotgun seat beside her.

The 16-year-old beauty just wanted to get as far away from the Renaissance
Festival as possible, and as fast as possible. Get back to Aunt Peggy and Uncle
Paul's house and take a bath, to wash the degradation off her skin, not to
mention the pungent smell of goat off her feet.

After her public humiliation in the stocks at the festival, Tiffany had been
carried back to the tent where she'd been stripped by Sir Reginald. There she
found her clothes, and as she dressed, she attacked the young man verbally.

"You sick bastard!" she had yelled at him. "I'm going to have you arrested, you
perverted asshole! My daddy is a city councilman in Beverly, and my f****y is
rich and powerful, and they'll see that you and your friends are thrown in jail
with homosexual r****ts!"

Sir Reginald laughed in her face, which enraged her even further. "Take a chill
pill, little Tiffany," he had said calmly. "When you calm down, you'll see that
nothing really that bad happened to you. You weren't physically hurt, you weren't
m*****ed. You just had a goat licking your feet for a little while, that's all.
If you insist on having us arrested, my lawyer will just find one of the guys who
was taping the whole performance. We can play the tape in open court and let the
judge or jury decide, sweetheart. I'm sure a jury would love to see you having
your feet licked by a goat. And your f****y sitting in the courtroom, I'm sure
they'd enjoy it, too."

"Fuck you!" Tiffany hissed. Dammit, he was probably right, but she wasn't about
to admit that. Finally dressed back in her peasant blouse and shorts, she had
stomped out of the tent, with Sir Reginald's harshe laughter ringing in her ears.

When she re-entered the Renaissance grounds, she was immediately aware of people
staring and whispering. At one point she passed a group of middle-aged man who
yelled "Hey, it's the witch bitch!" and burst out laughing. Her face hot with
shame, Tiffany stomped past them, not giving them the pleasure of a response. She
found Matt and his asshole-buddies still hanging around the Town Square, the
scene of her public humiliation.

"Come on!" she barked. "We're going. NOW!"

"Jeez, Tiff, what happened?" Matt said, his voice full of concern. "Did you
volunteer for that thing in the stocks? That was kinda cool!" His friends all
wore shit-eating grins.

"I did NOT volunteer, and you know it. You set me up. Now come on, we are outta
here. This second!"

She walked away, and the four boys followed her. Now they were in the car, headed
back to the house.

"So how did it feel?" she heard one of the youngsters say in back, Luke she

"I'm not going to talk about it," Tiffany snapped. "And neither are you. Just
shut up. I know you guys arranged that somehow."

"Who, us?" they all chorused, their voices full of outraged innocence. "Really,
we don't know what you're talking about." The car was quiet for a moment, and
then the back seat exploded with laughter, and the boys were digging their elbows
into each other's ribs and squirming.

"I've got news for you little shits," Tiffany said. "When we get home, I'm
calling your parents and telling them I'm not feeling well, and would they please
come pick you up. You'll be gone. Then it'll be just me and Matt, and buster, you
are going to toe the line with me. I'm in charge, and you're gonna know it"

"Ooh, cuz, I like it when you get all rough and tough," Matt said, mocking her
again. "I think my cuz is crackin' down on us, guys."

They pulled into the driveway and the boys tumbled out of the car and ran to the
house, Matt unlocking the front door with his own house key. Tiffany followed,
dashed up the stairs to the guest room, locked the door, and picked up the phone
to start calling.

Instead of a dial tone, she heard the bleeps and burbles of a computer modem
connection to the Internet. She toggled the phone switch, but kept getting the
same sound. She couldn't call out. The little bastard had managed to get onto the
Net before she could call out.

"Matthew!" she called, cracking the door a bit. "Get off the computer so I can
use the phone!" Silence. No reply. "Matthew!" Silence. "Answer me!" Silence.

Then the beleaguered cheerleader heard something much worse than silence. She
heard her own voice. "I am 16, going on 17, I know that I'm naive..."

No, she thought. It couldn't be. But she knew, with a sick feeling, that it was.
The video that Mr. White and the others had made of her one night in the back of
the car on the way to the mall, when they had made her sing the song "I am 16
going on 17" from "The Sound of Music" over and over. How had Matt gotten the
video? And was it the whole video, the one the teachers had made of her in all
sorts of humiliating and sexual encounters to blackmail her with? Oh God. Her
world was crashing down around her. If Matt had that video, and was watching it
with his friends, it meant they would probably try to blackmail her as well.

She would not go back there, she swore. She had escaped being a sexual victim of
Mr. White and his ugly gang of middle-aged perverts, and she certainly would not
submit to her cousin and his 13-year-old friends. Blind with fury, she charged
down the stairs into the living room, and there were all four boys watching her
on a big screen TV set. The image was of her in the back seat of Mr. White's SUV,
her large naked breasts heaving, the nipples erect, singing her fool head off.

"Give me that tape, you worthless little scumbag!" Tiffany bellowed at her

Matt hit pause on the remote and looked at her calmly. "Come and get it, cuz," he
said ominously.

Tiffany strode across the room to the VCR and hit the eject button. "Get her,
boys!" Matt called, and all four of them jumped up and moved toward Tiffany.

The baby-sitter dropped the tape and ran, realizing that she was really in
trouble now. She hit the front door and dashed into the front yard, the four boys
hot on her heels. She rounded the house, headed toward the back, not knowing
where she was going, just trying to get away.

"Oomph!" the air was knocked out of her, and she hit the ground. She had been
tackled by one of the boys, and instantly all four were swarming all over her
prone body. Tiffany Daniels fought like a wildcat, kicking and trying to bite
them, pulling at their hair. But she was no match for four strong boys,
particularly when one of them was as burly as Little John, who must have weighed
180 pounds. In a manner of seconds she was on her stomach in the grass, with John
siting on her back, crushing the air out of her. Luke had her arms pinned down,
and her legs kicked helplessly, hitting nothing.

Matt ran back into the house and re-appeared in seconds. He bent over his
writhing teenaged cousin and snapped a pair of handcuffs onto her wrists, locking
them together. Tiffany screamed.

"Go ahead and scream, cuz," Matt told her coldly. "There's no one around for
miles. No one can hear you. OK, guys, let's get to work." He moved quickly to her
ankles and snapped a second pair of handcuffs into place. She was helpless, at
the mercy of the boys.

They hoisted her into the air, all of them carrying her, back into the yard, and
into the pool area. They laid her handcuffed body onto a chaise lounge made of
rubber slats, lifted her hands above her head and used yet another set of cuffs
to fasten her hands to the wrought iron fence that surrounded the pool. They
dragged two concrete block on either side of the lounger, looped rope through the
concrete blocks, and fastened the rope to the cuffs on her ankles. Then they
unlocked the set of cuffs to her ankles and replaced them with two sets, so that
each of the cheerleader's slim ankles was now cuffed and tied to a heavy concrete
block. Finally they pulled the blocks to the sides, away from the lounger, so she
was spread-eagled.

The boys were huffing and puffing as they looked at their prize captive. Tiffany
Daniels, their babysitter who only a few minutes before was going to assert her
authority, was now helpless. Her arms were stretched painfully tight above her
head with her wrists cuffed to the fence, and her legs were spread wide, anchored
by concrete blocks. She cursed and spat at the boys, writhed on the lounger
(making her appear even sexier to the horny boys, although that wasn't her
intent), and screamed for help.

"I'm sick of listening to you, cuz," Matt said. "Time to shut you up, bitch."

"Let's gag her with her own panties," Luke suggested.

"Naw, I got a better idea," Matt said. He pulled down his own shorts and jockey
shorts, and Tiffany saw his hard pubescent dick spring to life, bobbing angrily.
He stepped out of his jockeys, wadded them into a ball, and jammed them into
Tiffany's mouth. The girl could taste his sweat and boy crotch-odor on the foul
underpants, as Matt poked them deeper into her mouth with his fingers. Tiffany
was rendered mute, her mouth filled with disgusting jockey shorts, unable to spit
them out because they were crammed too far back into her mouth. She screamed into
the cotton wadding, but just like when she was gagged at the Renaissance
Festival, only muffled, angry gurgling came out.

"Time to get her naked!" Matt said gleefully. He produced a pair of scissors and
began to cut the clothes from his cousin's body. First came the blouse, cut right
up the middle and pulled off. Then her bra, snipped in half, then the straps. The
boys pulled it off and their eyes popped as Tiffany's perfect 36C tits were

"Oh, man, lookit those titties," said Little John. He fell to his knees and began
licking and sucking the girl's nipples, slobbering all over them.

While John m*****ed Tiffany's tits, Matt cut the short shorts away, being careful
not to nick her. Finally he cut away her white cotton panties, and Tiffany
Daniels lay stark naked and helpless before him, totally at his mercy. She
continued to scream into the gag, to no avail.

"Luke, go get the supplies," Matt said. In less than a minute, Luke was back with
his backpack. He unzipped it and pulled out a razor and shaving cream, among
other items.

"First thing we're gonna do, cuz, is give you a little shave. Now I know you're
not real happy right now, but you'd better hold very very still while I do this.
It's the first time I've ever shaved a girl's pussy, and if you start squirming,
I'm likely to cut you. Stop stop and think about it. As bad as this is right now,
surely you don't want to be naked, gagged, helpless and then bleeding from your
pussy, too?"

Tiffany's face was white with fear, but Matt's words registered, and she lay
still as he covered her soft blonde pupes with shaving cream. She was unable to
see in the position she was in, but she felt the cord metal of the disposable
razor start to sc**** away the cream, and with it, her pubic hair. Terrified,
Tiffany was motionless for several minutes as Matt shaved away the hair on her
pussy, applied a little more cream to the patches he'd missed, then went between
her widespread legs and delicately shaved away the tiny stray hairs on her labia.
When he was done, Tiffany's pussy had been shaved completely bald.

The boys all stared, fascinated. They'd never seen a bald pussy except on a
little s****r, but here was a 16-year-old cheerleader without a bit of hair. It
made her pussy lips seem more prominent (and vulnerable), and the slit of her
pussy itself seemed bigger. Matt used his fingers to pry open her lips and
exposed her clit and inner labia, and the boys whistled and stared some more.

"You know, we talked about this being the best position for sun bathing," Matt
addressed his friends, "but I just had a brainstorm. Help me out here." He lifted
a concrete block, and as it was tethered to Tiffany's ankle, her leg rose as
well. He walked the block up toward her head, and Tiffany felt the other block
being lifted as well. Both of her feet were now being pulled back toward her
head. Soon her legs were stretched back over her head and the muscles in her
thighs began to really hurt, but the boys kept moving the blocks further up,
until, as the girl looked straight up, she could see the blocks being carried
past her face and over her head. Matt and Little John, who was holding the other
block, placed them on top of the fence above Tiffany's head, settling the
openings in the blocks onto the pickets of the waist-high fence.

Tiffany screamed even harder into the gag. She was laying on her back, and her
legs now went straight back over her head, so that her ankles were actually
behind her neck. The muscles in her cruelly stretched thighs felt as if they were
about to pop; if she hadn't been a cheerleader, and able to do the splits with
ease, they would have popped. The position also left her pussy and ass and thighs
horrible vulnerable, completely exposed.

Matt was whistling a tuneless tune and his buddies were all laughing and staring
at the exposed teenaged baby-sitter. She looked up and saw Matt holding a tub of
butter. "Time to grease you up, cuz. Time for some hot buttered Tiffany!" He
began to spread the butter onto her skin, and his friends dipped their fingers in
and did likewise. Eight hands roamed over Tiffany's body, spreading a layer of
greasy butter everywhere. Her breasts and nipples got special attention, and each
boys made sure to visit her bare pussy with his buttery fingers. Slick young
fingers slipped in and out of her vagina, and her butthole as well.

"Hey, let's just fuck her now!" said Mark, shifting his hard-on that pressing
against his fly. "Fuck the plan, man. I want me some pussy this second! Look at
that sweet gash."

"Come on, chill," said Matt. "You're gonna get all the pussy you can handle,
buddy." He stood over Tiffany and looked down into her face.

"You're probably wondering about all this, cuz," Matt told her. "So here's the
plan. My folks won't be back until tomorrow. Between now and then, we want you to
be our sex slave. We want you to do all kinds of nasty things with all four of.
We want to fuck you, and have you blow us, and like that. Over and over. All
night long. We're young, so we figure we can each get it up a bunch of times. Now
we figured you weren't exactly gonna volunteer for this duty, and maybe even that
really cool video of you and those old guys wouldn't be enough. So what we're
gonna do now is persuade you to be our sex slave. It's 97 degrees right now, and
that sun is pretty hot. Rather than being covered in sunscreen, you're covered in
butter, so you're gonna baste like a turkey in an oven. We're gonna leave you out
here for an hour, go inside in the air conditioning, and watch your video. Then
we'll come out and see if you're willing to volunteer to be our sex slave. Cool,
huh?" The 13-year-old boy grinned at her.

"Oh, one more thing. This was my best idea." He pulled out several large letters
that had been cut out of construction paper and showed them to her. These letters
spell out "FUCK ME" and "SPANK ME." I'm gonna tape the letters down here on the
backs your thighs, spelling out one message one each thigh. As the sun goes to
work on you, the messages will be imprinted on your thighs. I can see you've
already got a little bit of a tan, but this sun will give you a really nasty burn
in an hour or so. Then we peel off the letters and for the next couple of weeks
you'll have to wear long pants everywhere until the burn fades. Unless you like
the idea of going out in shorts and having the whole world see you spelling out
FUCK ME and SPANK ME on your legs. See ya in a little while, cuz!" he called out
cheerfully. And Matt and the boys went back inside, leaving Tiffany to the cruel
rays of the blazing sun.

Her legs were killing her. Her arms hurt, stretched as they were, but nothing
like the muscles in her thighs, and the tendons that ran right up to her crotch.
Her legs were pulled back so far and so tight, Tiffany didn't know how she could
stand this torture for a full hour. She was already sweating from the hot, hot
Texas sun. She knew that her tan would protect her a little, but she also knew
that not all of her was tan. Her normal bikini bottoms had left a wide swatch of
pure white skin that stretched from below her navel down to where her thighs met
her crotch, and that was the area that this position now exposed perfectly to the
sun. Tiffany knew that the sun would cook that tender white skin fast. Her pussy
and ass, naked and aimed directly at the sun's rays, were already hot, and they
would be pink in less than 30 minutes. She hated to think how badly sunburned her
poor white pussy and ass would be after an hour. The pain would be excrutiating.

She felt something on her pussy. What was that? Oh Jeez, it was a fly, a big old
nasty fly. It had been attracted by the smell of the butter and had landed on her
shaved labia to feast. She shook her pelvis as best she could given her
restraints, and the fly flew away, but then landed again in seconds. Then
another. And another. Soon Tiffany's buttered pussy and ass had several flies
crawling over most tender parts, itching something fierce. She'd shake herself,
and they'd leave, and the return. She felt a fly crawl down between her labia,
seeking more of the melted butter, and screamed into the jockey-gag, bucking her
hips franticly to dislodge the nasty insect.

The luscious young victim laid there, unable to move, for what seemed like
forever. The sun was roasting her tender skin, and she knew she'd have a terrible
sunburn. Occasionally she would remember the letters Matt had taped to her
thighs, and how they would now be visible to anyone if she dared wear a dress or
shorts. A fly landed on her nose, and she thrashed her head from side to side.

The hour passed slowly, and felt like four hours to the helpless girl. Finally
the boys came back out and stood over her. She could see that all four sprouted
hard-ons that tented the front of their shorts.

"Hey, cuzzy-wuzzy," taunted Matt. "Time sure flies when you're havin' fun, huh?"
He laughed, and his friends all cracked up at his 13- year-old wit. Tiffany just
glared at her tormentors.

"So Tiff, you ready to be our sex slave? You know, since we overpowered you once,
we could do ti again, and just **** the shit out of ya, but we decided it would
be more fun for us if you were co-operative. So we'd like for you to tell us now
that you're ready to be our sex slave."

Tiffany saw that Luke was now holding her aunt and uncle's videocamera and
pointing it at her face. Matt bent down and pulled the jockeys out of her mouth.
Tiffany swallowed a couple of time and worked her jaw, getting the feeling back.

"Fuck you all, you little twerps," she spat. "I'll never ne your sex slave!"

"Oh my, not the right answer, cuz," said Matt, and he jammed the jockeys back
into place. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm getting tired of waiting, and
that video made me horny as well. I think we have to be more persuasive with

"Hell yes!" his friends all agreed. Matt went to the backpack and pulled out
three large magnifying glasses. "OK, Johnny, you and Mark each take a nipple. I
organized this pool party, so I get the pussy. If she holds out for a while,
we'll switch. Luke, you record this for posterity."

The vicious boys bent down over the bound girl. Johnny and Mark each grabbed a
breast firmly around the base in one hand and held the magnifying glass a few
inches above the nipple. Matt got between her spread legs, pulled open her pussy
lips and exposed her clit. He poised the magnifying glass above the little pink

At first, Tiffany felt nothing. But only for a minute. Then, slowly, the burning
pain began to build. Each of the three magnifiers was focusing the sun's rays
directly onto her most sensitive parts. Soon each nipple felt like it was on
fire. Her little clit felt as if someone was holding a cigarette lighter a
fraction of an inch away and letting the flame burn her. She screamed in the gag
and bucked her body frantically, trying to dislodge the boys' grip on her.

Just when she thought they would burn her so badly she's be scarred, Matt gave a
signal and they backed off. The babysitter was gasping for breath, her chest
heaving with pain and panic.

"We could do this on and off for the rest of the afternoon, Tiffy," said Matt.
"Wouldn't have to just concentrate on the good parts, either. Those armpits are
very white and pretty tempting, and so are the backs of your thighs. We could
just work all over your body, up and down, with these glasses. And when we were
done, we'd just be really horny and really pissed, and we'd take you in and ****
you anyway. So I think it's time you gave up. But here's my final offer. Hope
this changes your mind."

He pulled from the backpack a package of small firecrackers. He separated a
firecracker from the group and showed it to her. "I had one of these babies go
off in my hand one time when I didn't throw it fast enough. Man, I thought I'd
die. I've never felt anything hurt so bad. I've got 20 here, and I can use them
one a time."

He went down to her crotch, where her pink bunghole was pointed almost straight
up at the sky. Tiffany felt her cousin take the firecracker and insert it into
her rectum, pushing it in until just the fuse was sticking out.

Tiffany Daniels went insane. He would kill her! He would maim her for life! A
firecracker lodged up inside her ass! And 19 more to go. She thrashed, she
screamed, she pleaded into the gag.

"Anybody got a lighter?" Matt asked calmly. He looked at Tiffany. "Last chance,
cuzzy-bitch. If you agree to be our sex slave, just nod your head. You'll have to
agree to do everything we say for the rest of the day and the night, but it won't
involve any more firecrackers." He flicked the lighter.

"Yes! Yes! Oh God! Yes!" Tiffany screamed, but the boys couldn't understand her.
Then they saw her head nodding vigorously, up and down, over and over.

"Cool, man, I think she really didn't like the firecracker!" said Little Johnny.
Matt pulled the underpants from her mouth. Luke leaned forward with the
camcorder. She could hear it whirring.

"I give up," Tiffany said. "I'll be your sex slave, you little shits."

"Details, cuz," said Matt. "Tell us what you'll do."

Tiffany swallowed hard. "I'll let you fuck me. I'll suck you off. Whatever you

"What if we want something really nasty and kinky?" asked Matt. He held up a
firecracker and grinned evilly.

"I'll do it all, anything you want, no matter how nasty," she swore. "Just don't
hurt me any more, please, Matt, please. Don't hurt me."

"Cool, cuz. OK, guys," he said to his friends. "As they say in the Olympics, let
the games begin!"

* * *



"Oh, oh, poor me/
Poor poor pitiful me/
Oh these boys won't let me be/
Lord have mercy on me/
Oh woe, woe is me."

- Warren Zevon's "Poor Poor Pitiful Me," as covered by Linda Ronstadt in the '80s.

Poor, poor pitiful Tiffany Daniels. Just a few hours ago, the beautiful teenager
had been safe in her own home, in her own bed, without a care in the world.

And now, here she was, bound into a tormenting position that was sheer hell, and
promising to be a sex slave for the rest of the day and night to her icky little
cousin Matt and his smarmy little friends. She shuddered, on the verge of tears,
but told herself she would not let the worthless snots see her break down.

"Ya know who she likes?" snickered 13-year-old Luke as he gazed down fondly on
the nude girl, and stroked the hard-on in his shorts. "She looks like Buffy the
Vampire Slayer."

"Naw, you buttwipe," answered Little John, his friend. "She looks like the Alicia
whatshername chick who was in those Aerosmith videos like "Crazy." Whatever
happened to that chick, anyway?"

"Shut up, dudes," said Matt. "She looks like that Anna Kournikova, the tennis
player. That's what all the k**s at her high school say. And anyway, who cares
who she looks like? It's time to fuck her!"

"Yeah, baby!" the boys shouted. "Time for some twat from Tiffany!"

The mortified cheerleader was helpless. She was splayed out obscenely on a lounge
chair by Matt's parents' pool. Her hands were cuffed, pulled way above her head
and cuffed to the wrought iron fence that surrounded the pool. Each ankle was
also cuffed and fastened to a short rope looped inside a concrete cinder block.
The boys had then pulled the cinder blocks over and above her head and placed
them on the fence, so that her ankles were behind her head. The resulting
position put a terrible strain on her lithe young body, and exposed her virgin
pussy and ass completely. That pussy had been shaved, buttered, and left in the
sun to get badly burned on the delicate, unexposed white skin. She wasn't hurting
much yet, but Tiffany knew that as the hours wore on the sunburn would become
unbearable, and it was a spot that was probably going to take a relentless
pounding from her horny cousin and his erect young friends.

"How do we want to do this?" asked Mark.

"Please untie me," Tiffany begged.

"Correction, cuz," snarled Matt. "You're not tied. So we can't untie you. You're
cuffed. So there." The boys all laughed at the helpless cheerleader.

"Let's just pick her up like this and take her over on the grass and do her
there," Matt ordered.

"No, please, please uncuff me," Tiffany pleaded. "My legs hurt so much. I
promised I'd be your sex slave."

"And you will, cuz. We'll uncuff you eventually. But for now, I kinda like you
like this." So the four boys lifted the blocks off the poles of the wrought iron
fence and pulled the cuffs off the fence but kept them fastened to her wrists and
ankles. They carried the hot, buttered teenager in her awkward position out of
the pool area and laid her on the grass in the back yard. Her pleading continued,
but the boys ignored her.

"I'm first," said Matt.

"OK," said Luke, who was still filming the activities with the camcorder. "But I
don't want sloppy seconds. So when you're going to cum, pull out and cum in her
mouth or something."

"Sounds like a plan," said Matt, as Tiffany wailed in anguish. They had placed
the concrete blocks lashed to her ankles on the ground above her head, so that
her legs were pulled straight back. The letters Matt had stuck there, spelling
out "FUCK ME" and "SPANK ME," were still in place, but the boys ignored them.
They were focusing on Tiffany's shaved pussy, the pink sunburned labia that gaped
open slightly, pointing straight up in the air, beckoning them to come on in.
They intended to.

Matt stripped off his clothes and stood naked, and his three friends quickly
followed. Tiffany saw that all four sprouted erections. Matt, Luke and Mark all
had pretty decent hard-ons considering they were 13, but Little Johnny, who was
14, was a monster! Tiffany moaned when she saw the size of his cock! It was huge,
the size of a horse, she thought (although she had never actually seen a horse's
cock). It bobbed in front of Little Johnny, sticking out from his ground a good
10 or 11 inches, and the swollen purple head on the end looked as big as a tennis

Matt squatted down in front of his 16-year-old cousin and placed the head of dick
at the opening of her pussy. "Sorry I don't have time for some foreplay, cuz," he
said mockingly. "But with all the butter inside you, I don't need to get you

"Wait, Matt!" Tiffany screamed. "Please, I'm a virgin! Couldn't I just suck you
guys off or something? Please don't take my virginity away!"

"Aw, come on, cuz," Matt replied. "From what I hear, with tampons and horseback
riding and masturbating, the days when teenaged girls had a real hymen to break
are long over. You'll just be nice and tight, and the butter inside that hot
little pussy will help me go in nice and smooth. Sorry, cuz, but somebody had to
bust your cherry, and we might as well keep it in the f****y. You know what they
say, cuz: i****t is best!"

And with that, Matt slammed his cock into Tiffany's slick young cunt. It went in
just as he had promised, smooth and slick, filling her pussy up with a real male
organ for the first time in her life. She was no longer a virgin, Tiffany
lamented. But Matt had been right, it hadn't really been that painful.

Even though Matt had just come on Tiffany a few hours ago, the recuperative
powers of a 13-year-old boy are amazing, and it only took a few strokes inside
the warm folds of his cousin's vagina before he felt his orgasm approaching. True
to his word, he pulled his cock out just as Tiffany was getting used to the
feeling, and ran around to her head. "Open up, cuz, here comes your protein
treatment!" he cackled.

Tiffany dutifully opened her moist red lips and let his slimy cousin slide his
dick into her mouth. She tasted butter, and her own pussy juice on his dick.
"Suck it, cuz," he ordered, and just as she began to do so, she felt something
pressing at her pussy again. Another boy had taken Matt's place.

It was Mark, and he started fucking where Matt had left off. Now Tiffany had one
young cock stuffed up her pussy and another one stuffed in her mouth. Matt
grabbed the sides of her head with his hands and started thrusting hard, hitting
the back of her throat. For the second time that day, Tiffany gave her cousin
Matthew a powerful orgasm, and the boy shot torrents of his hot sperm directly
down her open throat, choking her with a flood of semen.

"Oh, man, that is one hot pussy!" bellowed Mark as he sawed in and out of
Tiffany. Luke was moving around in circles, capturing every bit of the gang bang
on video, occasionally zooming in for a close-up of Tiffany's beautiful face,
panning down her lovely 36-C tits, and the capturing the action at the shaved
juncture of her legs.

"Fuck that bitch! Fuck that bitch!" Little Johnny was yelling.

"Oh, man, I'm gonna cum!" Mark bleated, and Tiffany was again presented with
another dick to suck. Mark was really on the verge, and barely got the head of
his dick past her lips when he exploded, coating her tongue and the insides of
her mouth with salty semen. She swallowed it down, knowing that if she tried to
spit it out the boys might punish her further.

Luke handed the camcorder off to Matt, and knelt at the altar of Tiffany's
ravaged pussy. He, too, banged the helpless teenager, thrusting frantically and
occasionally putting all his weight onto her poor legs, which were growing numb.
It only took him a couple of minutes, and Tiffany got her third mouthful of

That left Little Johnny. Tiffany now knew why they boys had laughed about the
nickname. They must have known he was massively hung. "I got me an idea," Johnny
told her, with cruelty in his eyes. "I'm gonna give your pussy a rest, Miss
Tiffany. I think I'll fuck that buttered little butthole of yours instead!"

"Noooooo! Please, no, Johnny, don't do it!" Tiffany wailed. "You'll kill me.
You're too big! My pussy is still nice and tight. Use it instead!" She looked up
and saw the Matt was standing over her with the camcorder, pointing it straight
into her face, filming her begging to be fucked in the pussy instead of the ass.

"Hey, no fair!" said Luke. "I would have fucked her in the ass too if I had
thought of it."

"Well, tough titty, ya douchebag," said Johnny. "I thought of it, and I'm gonna
do it. Besides, we got plenty of time left. You can fuck her in the ass later."
And with that, Johnny kneeled down in the grass, and sat back so that his
buttocks were resting on his heels. His dick pointed straight out, and he leaned
over and scooped up Tiffany's ass in his two hands. He lifted her ass a few
inches off the ground, then placed the head of his cock at the tiny bud of
Tiffany's sweet asshole.

"Please, Johnny, please, I'm begging you," Tiffany said. But it was no use. She
felt the monster cock start to slide up her rectum. The boys had spread butter
there as well, so she didn't tear or bleed, but the pain was unbelievable. It
felt like Johnny was sliding a baseball bat up her butt.

"Take it out! Please take it out!" Tiffany squealed. The boys were all standing
around and laughing at her as she squirmed and writhed on the grass. "I'll do
anything! I'll lick your ass. I'll let you hurt me some more! Just please take it
out!" the girl begged.

But Johnny had only one thought in his 14-year-old brain. He kept pushing, slowly
but relentlessly, sliding the prick that was almost as wide as his wrist up her
buttered butthole. Finally, his balls came to rest against the crack of her ass.
He was all the way in.

Tiffany was huffing and puffing. She felt stuffed full. Her mind flashed back a
few months, to the ass-fucking that Mr. White, Old Joe Black and her teachers had
given her in the school cafeteria that horrible night. But those men had also
been playing with her clit at the same time and giving her orgasms. These boys
were not the least bit interested in giving her pleasure, only in taking it. No
one had even touched her clit so far, although the pussy-fucking the first three
boys had given her had caused her labia to rub back and forth against the
sensitive little organ, getting it all revved up with no place to go.

Johnny withdrew his prick slowly, and once the head was almost out, pushed it
back in, harder and faster this time. He pulled out again, then shoved in. Out
and back in, out and back in, setting up a rhythm. Tiffany lashed her head from
side to side, partly from the pain of having her rectum ****d by such a huge
object, partly from frustration that no one was paying any attention to her
lonely little clittie.

"That's right!" yelled Luke. "Ream that sweet ass!"

"Oh man," moaned Johnny as his pelvis whipped back and forth, "she is so fuckin'
tight. Thank God we buttered her up, or I think I'd be ripping her guts out by

"Go ahead and cum up her ass, J-boy," said Matt. "Once you're done we'll move on
to other games, so just shoot your load right up there."

"Uh-huh! Uh-huh!" grunted Johnny as he pounded in and out of the cheerleader's
ravaged rectum. His face was bright red and he was breathing hard, and Tiffany
could tell he was about to cut loose. "I'm gonna cum up your ass, you fuckin'
slut! Get ready, baby, cause here it comes! Ohhhhhhhh."

Tiffany could feel the bulbous head of Johnny's massive dick throb and swell
inside her tight little rear chute. It had started out huge, but with his pending
orgasm it had swollen even more in the last few seconds. To Tiffany, it felt like
a g****fruit was being slid back and forth in her intestines. Then with a roar,
Johnny began to cum. He hosed down her ass with a massive blast of semen, then
another, then another. On and on came his torrents of cum, backing up inside her
gut and being pushed out of her tender ass-ring by his pistoning cock. Sperm
flowed out of her ass, down onto the grass, as her r****t emptied his ballls into

"Oh, man, that was fuckin' great!" exclaimed Johnny. "Did you get it on tape?"

"Every fuckin' second!" exulted Matt. "Just think, cuz, when this is all over and
you go home, we'll make copies of this tape so we can all have one to watch over
and over."

This is your life, Tiffany Daniels. To be tormented by males, first older men,
then younger boys, and have those torments and humiliations and ****s and abuses
all captured on video, to be watched and enjoyed and jacked off to forever.
Tiffany just closed her eyes. There was nothing she could do. It was if this was
her fate.

She felt the boys uncuffing her wrists and ankles, and suddenly she was free to
move again. Her legs flopped back down, the muscles aching from being pulled back
in such an unnatural position for two hours. She was sore, she had cum dripping
out of her asshole, and her mouth still tasted like cum. She knew the sunburn
would kick in very soon and make the tender skin around her pussy and ass blaze
with fire. She knew that her parents and aunt and uncle would not be back until
the next morning, that she was stuck here with these monstrous boys till then.

"Hey, cuz-bitch!" said Matt. "What are you doin' just layin' around? We're
hungry. Why don't you get into the kitchen and fix us some lunch?"

Tiffany wanted to tell him to fix his own god-damned lunch, but knew it was
futile. She was their sex slave, their plaything, their boy-toy. If she balked,
they would hold her down again, cuff her, and stick firecrackers in her ass and
pussy and light them.

"I said we're hungry, cunt!" yelled Matt. "Move it!"

"Yes, Matt," she said meekly, getting to her feet. "Can I at least put my clothes
back on?"

"Fuck no!" said Matt. "You can fix lunch naked. In fact, I'm in the mood for a
BLT, so you can fry up some bacon, naked, standing right in front of the stove.
Maybe if we get lucky, some hot bacon grease will pop up out of the pan onto your
tits. Sounds cool!"

"I'm going," Tiffany said, and walked, naked, back to the house.

"Man, I'm in the mood to eat out that sweet pussy after lunch," Mark said after
she was gone.

"Well, you know the rules," Matt replied. "We can eat her all we want and do
anything we want except let her cum. We're forbidden from that."

"Hey, she's our bitch-slave! We can do what we want!" said Mark, sticking out his
hairless chest.

"No we can't, ass-wipe. Don't forget. We didn't set this deal up. It was handed
to us on a silver platter by you-know-who. You don't think I'd have the balls to
do this on my own, do you? We made a deal, and that deal is to be as nasty as we
can to cousin Tiffany, but whatever we do, don't let her cum. The idea is that'll
drive her nuts and she'll start beggin' us to cum."

"Yeah, OK, whatever," the boys mumbled. Their stomachs were rumbling, and they
started moving toward the house, where Tiffany the sex slave was fixing their
lunch. Soon it would be Tiffany who would be fixed. But good.

* * *



"What am I doin' hangin' 'round?"

- The Monkees

The boys sat at the kitchen table, still naked. They giggled and jabbed each
other, eyeballed their captive baby-sitter, whispered, and giggled some more.

Tiffany stood at the kitchen stove, also naked. She was finishing frying the
bacon for the boys' BLTs for lunch, but she couldn't help thinking what little
nerds they were. They were only 13 years old, after all, except for Johnny, who
was 14, an age when boys are usually playing Nintendo 64, stealing dad's
Playboys, quoting "South Park" and sneaking into R-rated movies. These four boys
had stumbled into a sexual gold mine, their very own sex slave, but couldn't
muster an ounce of sophistication among them.

Tiffany found herself almost longing for the torments of the men at school. Now
those were men who really knew how to use a girl. Sure of themselves, masterful,
strong, none of this laughing and elbow-jabbing shit, she thought, which was more
humiliating for her to endure. But then she was appalled at where her thoughts
had roamed, and stopped herself. She would not think back fondly on what Mr.
White and the others had done to her as some kind of "Good Old Days," even if
today did seem much worse by comparison. She had lost her virginity to her cousin
Matthew, been gang-banged and then, as a finale, been fucked up the ass by
Johnny. God almighty, her poor little butthole still hurt from that.

She served her masters their sandwiches, chips and Cokes. There were only four
chairs at the table so she ate standing up, at the kitchen counter. The
youngsters inhaled their food hungrily, and were done in a few minutes.

"Clear our plates, slave!" ordered Matt, and Tiffany complied.

"Can I just ask you something, Matt, since I'm being such a good slave?" she
asked. "You know that video you guys were watching a while ago? Where did you get

"Sorry, cuz, can't tell you that," Matt answered. "I'm sworn to secrecy. It's a
damn nice little tape, though. I had it for a few days before you came over to
sit, and managed to dub copies for my friends here. The each have a copy back at
their house, so don't think you can sneak off and rip it off. That would just
piss us off. And I don't think you want to do that."

No, the dazed blonde thought, she didn't want to do that.

"Now that you mention it, though, let's all go in the f****y room and watch it
together," Matt suggested. "You can explain to us what's going on in each scene.
We'll have a contest to see who gets wood first."

Tiffany came so close to telling her younger cousin to fuck off and die, but then
she remembered how she was outnumbered, and how unlike the older men, these boys
had no qualms about hurting her badly. The thought of a firecracker being stuck
up her bottom and set off made her wince. She nodded her agreement, her head hung
in shame.

In the f****y room, the boys led Tiffany to the big couch. Johnny and Mark sait
down and pulled the compliant sex slave down between them, spreading her legs.
They roughly pulled one leg in each direction, so that she was doing a splits,
her shaved pussy completely exposed. Matt popped the tape into the VCR and Luke
manned the camcorder, filming Tiffany's reaction as the boys spread her labia
wide open and began assaulting her. Johnny shoved his index finger up inside her
poor ravaged cunt and began working it in and out, frigging the helpless girl,
while Mark went to work on her clitoris, rubbing the sensitive little spot in
circles. Against her will, her clit began to swell and distend, exposing more of
its nerve endings to the boy's fingers. Involuntarily, her breathing began to get
ragged and her hips began to buck ever so slightly under the maddening assault.

On the TV screen, Tiffany watched what her teachers had done to her several
months ago. She saw herself sucking her algebra teacher off in his apartment, the
trip to the mall, and that humiliating scene in The Rave where she had been
f***ed to strip naked to the waist and let the burly, ugly clerk help her try on
a skimpy halter top. The boys kept saying, "Man, this is so cool" and "You are
such a slut," and all the while they kept rubbing her pussy, exciting her against
her will.

After about half an hour, all four boys were sprouting erections again, so they
stopped the tape and told their sitter it was time to get them off again. "Hey,
remember that porno tape of your dad's we found?" Matt said to Luke. "That chick
in the video took two dicks at the same time - one up her pussy and one up her
ass. Double penetration, they called it on the box. Why don't we try that."

"Oh God, please, Matthew, please, have mercy on me," Tiffany pleaded. "I can't do
that. You'll hurt me, you'll split me wide open."

"Tell you what, cuzzy-slut," Matt said. "Out of consideration for not busting you
wide open, we won't have Johnny be a part of it. Me and Luke will do the double
thing, then Mark and Johnny can take you one at a time. Take it or leave it,

Tiffany had no choice. She knew what her fate would be if she tried to fight,
escape, or even argue further. Rough hands pulled her down onto the floor. Luke
handed the camcorder to Johnny, and lay down on his back, his hard-on pointing
straight up. "Climb aboard, Tiffany-bitch," he ordered, and Tiffany was f***ed
down on her hands and knees., her pussy poised right over his dick. The frigging
and clit-work the boys had done had gotten her pussy all juicy and ready to take
a cock, and Luke slid easily up inside of her.

Matt squatted behind his 16-year-old cousin and aimed his dick at her tight
little anal opening. He pushed forward, and Tiffany felt her cousin penetrate her

"Stop, please stop, boys," she begged. "It hurts, it's too much!"

"Take it all, cuz," Matt hissed, and shoved his cock the rest of the way in. Then
he and Luke began to fuck young Tiffany Daniels in earnest. At first they
alternated, with one pulling out just as the other was shoving in. But then they
realized it hurt Tiffany more if they coordinated their strokes, and they both
began ramming into her at the same time. Thrust after thrust after thrust,
Tiffany moaned and begged the boys to stop, but they pushed on relentlessly.
Johnny watched, his enormous dick in his right hand, which worked lazily up and
down the shaft..

"Oh, fuck!" Johnny suddenly yelled. "I'm gonna cum." He stepped around to
Tiffany's face and let loose a blast of jism that caught her square in the right
eye, blinding the girl. Seconds later, she felt her cousin and his friend both
start to erupt inside her. Luke shot his spunk deep inside her womb, while Matt
emptied his balls into her rectum. She felt as if she was nothing more than a cum
bag, a cum target, for the boys.

The afternoon became a blur of horror for Tiffany. The boys enjoyed playing with
her pussy while they were waiting for their cocks to get hard again, but they
would never let her cum. Slowly, her frustration began to build. At one point,
they took turns eating her out, each boy getting one minute to lick and suck her
clit, which was becoming more and more engorged. She realized that she was
pushing her pussy forward into each boy's mouth, trying to get that one special
moment of contact between tongue and her painfully throbbing clit that would
launch her into an orgasm, but as soon as she was almost there, the boys would
call out "Switch!" and the boy tonguing her would get up, to be replaced by
another boy. The contact would be broken, and she'd have to start her build-up to
a climax all over again.

They teased the poor girl for hours, until she was begging them to make her cum.
They refused, telling her it was part of some "dea." She didn't understand. She
tried to make herself cum, rubbing her clit with her fingers, but the boys
grabbed her hands away and laughed, and handcuffed her hands back behind her

"For God's sake, please, pleeeeeeease, Matt, I'll do anything you want, I
promise," the cheerleader babbled. Matt and his friends just laughed. They had
all gotten hard again later in the afternoon, but this time f***ed her to suck
them all off, one after another, because they were afraid that the friction of
their cocks if they fucked her might get the girl off.

For dinner, they ordered pizza for delivery. When the delivery boy came, he was
greeted at the door by Tiffany, stark naked, her pussy as naked a a
seven-year-old girl's. By now, her sunburn had really kicked in, and the area
that had once been covered by her bikini bottoms was now a bright pink. The boys
had also peeled the lettering off the backs of her legs, and there were no pink
burned letters standing out against the tan of her thighs, inviting every male
who saw her to indulge his fantasies: Fuck Me. Spank Me.

The boys f***ed Tiffany to tell the pizza dlivery boy that she didn't have any
money to pay for the pizza, but she would pay with a blow job. The delivery boy
had heard stories in the back room about such happenings, but figured they were
all invented. He wasted no time in pulling down his pants right there in the
entry way, and Tiffany kneeled in front of him. She she engulfed his prick into
her warm mouth, she smelled oregano and yeast on the boy.

After the pizza boy had come (and cum) and gone, the boys marched Tiffany into
the kitchen and dug into the pizza. But they told her she would have to wait
before she ate. After eating a big slice, Matt pulled a piece from the cardboard
box, laid it on the table, stood up and began jacking off. Luke joined him, the
two boys side by side. Tiffany didn't understand what they were doing, even as
their hands pumped faster and faster until they bacame a blur. Simultaneously,
both boys erupted in orgasm, and semen shot out of their cocks and splattered all
over the pepperoni pizza slice.

"Here you go, cuz. This is your slice," Matt said with a wicked grin, pushing the
jism-covered pizza across the table. Tiffany's stomach lurched a little, but she
realized it really wasn't worse than anything else that had been done to her.
She'd already tasted the semen of all four boys; what did a little more matter?
She was sinking into a pool of degradation and hopelessness. She didn't see what
else they could do to her that was any worse than the days' events so far. A few
minutes later, it was John and Mark's turn to coat another slice of pizza with
semen, and Tiffany obediently ate the second slice as well. What would have been
unimaginable to her this morning was now no big deal.

"Come on down in the basement, Tiffany," Matt said after dinner. "It's time for a
new game." Tiffany didn't like the sound of the basement, or "new game." She
frantically tried to think of something else to keep the boys upstairs, which
suddenly seemed safer.

"Why don't we watch that tape again," she suggested. "I'll suck you all off while
you watch it."

"Nah, forget it," said Mark. "Been there, done that, crossed it off the list.
Gotta move on."

"I don't want to go to the basement," Tiffany whined.

"Who cares what you want, cunt-cuz?" said Matt. "You're goin'. End of story." All
four boys grabbed the teen, overpowering her. Little Johnny worked his way behind
her, wrapped his huge arms around her in a bear hug and lifted her off the floor.
She kicked futilely, her bare feet hitting nothing but air.

Within minutes, she was downstairs in her aunt and uncle's finished basement. In
even less time, the boys had f***ed her feet into a set of heavy boots which
turned out to be her Uncle Pete's gravity boots. Pete used them to hang upside
down and do hanging sit-ups to stay in shape. Tiffany would hang upside down as
well, although not in a doorway like her uncle did. While Johnny held her arms
pinned to her sides and crushed her so hard she could barely breathe, the other
three boys managed to hold on to her kicking legs and pull her booted feet
upwards toward a thick water pipe that ran along the ceiling. They hooked the
hooks on the boots over the water pipe, and Johnny let go, letting Tiffany hang
freely. She was locked into the books and hung completely upside down, her nude
body dangling. To complete her helplessness, they cuffed her wrists behind her
back and ran a rope from the cuffs up to the water pipe, so that her hands were
bound behind her. The position of her arms had the added advantage, to the boys
anyway, of thrusting her proud young breasts out even further from hr body, as if
offering them to the mercies of the youngsters.

"Mark, go get the equipment we talked about," Matt ordered. "Johnny, pull those
stepladders over here and let's get her legs as far apart as we can. Matt and
Johnny stood on top of the short ladders and scooted Tiffany's ankles in opposite
directions; the hooks of the boots slid easily along the pipe. Soon they had her
limber young legs spread as far apart as they could possibly go. The high school
cheerleader was doing a splits, only she was upside down. With nothing for the
rest of her body to get a purchase on, she couldn't move her own legs back in
together. Tiffany Daniels was forming a perfect Y, and as the bl**d rushed to her
head, she could see, upside down, the sadistic excitement in the eyes of her

Mark came back with the three knapsacks the boys had arrived with, which had
already provided the handcuffs, firecrackers and magnifying glasses for earlier
entertainment. Tiffany was watching everything upside down, which made the
unreality of her horrible predictament even more bizarre and disorienting.
"Please let me down, please," she begged. "I'll do anything you want. I'll think
of new stuff all by myself. Nasty stuff, really kinky. Please, Matt, I'm begging

"Shut up, cuz, or you'll get another jockey shorts gag," young master Matthew
fired back at the suspended teenager. "We may be younger than you, but we're
perfectly able to think up our own nasty stuff. In fact, I think we're probably a
lot better at it than you are!" he crowed.

The next few hours were the most horrible of Tiffany's life, worse than
everything that had gone before put together: the ****s, the blackmail, the
d**gging, the rimjobs, the public stripping and groping, the using her as a toy
and a plaything. She realized, in the part of her brain that wasn't screaming,
that her four captors were scarcely advanced beyond the stage of boys who pull
the wings off flies for sport. Scarcely advanced at all. They had all cum several
times in the last few hours, and the fact that their horniness was sated made
them even more cruel than they had been.

For the first hour, Matt and his buddies kept Tiffany right on the brink of an
orgasm without letting her cum. They kept referring to their "instructions" from
"you know who," but Tiffany didn't have a clue, nor did she really care after the
first half hour. Mark had pulled out two battery-powered portable drills from his
bag, which at first terrified the captive girl, until she saw how they had been
adapted. Each one had a drill bit, but rubber-banded tightly to each drill bit
was a group of long, soft feathers, which stuck out well beyond the bit. Matt and
Mark climbed up on their stepladders so they could reach her shaved and utterly
exposed pussy, Matt in front and Mark in back. Then they both went to work on her
with the feather drills.

Mark used one hand to pull apart the cheeks of her defenseless bottom, exposing
her tight pink butthole. He pulled harder, prying open the little ring. Then he
turned on the drill and inserted the tips of the feathers into her rectum. The
rapidly spinning feathers tickled her wildly, an insanely fluttering feeling that
soon began to feel stimulating to the sensitive nerve endings that lined the
girl's anus. Matt, meanwhile, was doing the exact same maneuver on her pussy,
inserting his feathers a couple of inches into her well-used snatch. The drilling
wasn't painful, but it was maddening. And it became even worse when Matt withdrew
the feathers from inside her labia and started running them back and forth across
her clit. The tickling of her poor exposed clit nearly drove the helpless
cheerleader insane.

Little Johnny and Luke were working on her splendid young breasts, which though
hanging upside down were so firm that they hardly pointed down at all. Still, the
angle of Tiffany's suspension exposed the soft, tender undersides of those tits,
and the each boy went to work on a breast, carressing the undersides with their
fingertips and tongues, working slowly toward each nipple, then sucking the
nipples into their mouths. The sexual stimulation of her sensntive nipples and
breasts seemed to form a direct current between her chest and her groin; she felt
like a river of sexual longing was flowing through her body.

Midway through the first hour, they wheeled in a vacuum cleaner, and extended the
hose.. They attached a soft round bristle brush, the kind used to vaccum
upholstery, and went to work on her body using the brush. They ran it up and down
her nude torso, tickling her underarms and ribcage, while Tiffany shrieked and
pleaded and occassionally burst into involuntary laughter from the tickling. Then
they planted the brush end on each breast, and the sucking power of the vacuum on
her abused nipples was so sensual Tiffany thought she would die. Finally, they
moved the vacuum hose up to her splayed-open pussy and ran it over and over her
clit and labia, which were now a bright red, a combination of the sunburn and the
bl**d that was managing to flow to her privates despite her upside-down position.

"Ohhh God, ohhh God, please don't do this, boys," Tiffany babbled, overcome with
a potent mix of fear, lust and an overwhelming desire for an orgasm. "At least
make me cum, please, pleeeease!"

"Beg for it, you slut," Matt barked. The camcorder had been set up on a tripod
and was recording Tiffany's basement ordeal and degradation.

"Please let me cum, please, please," Tiffany cried. Her pussy was juicing up like
it never had in her life, sweet teen lubrication spilling out over the top and
running down her smooth, tanned tummy.

The boys laughed and jeered at the poor girl, and continued to torment her with
the vacuum cleaner and the feather-drills, tickling and teasing her, working over
her clit and the stopping briefly, then starting again.

Just when Tiffany thought nothing could be worse, the boys surprised her. They
put aside the tools they had been using, and brought out new ones. Tiffany was
almost hoarse from screaming at this point, but found she had some voice left.

Johnny climbed up on a stepladder with a jar of peanut butter, scooped out a big
fingerful and stabbed it down into her wet pussy. Then Matt handed him a jar, and
as it passed her face, Tiffany saw what was inside: cockroaches! Eight, 10, 12,
she wasn't sure how many, but they were big fuckers, and very much alive. As
Tiffany screamed and twisted, Johnny unscrewed the lid of the jar and clamped it
upside down onto her bald and sunburned twat. The roaches followed their
instincts and pursued the peanut butter, crawling into Tiffany's juicy little

Tiffany knew that begging and pleading would not help, but she screamed anyway,
screamed mindlessly for the boys to remove the horrible insects that she could
feel crawling around inside her. She could feel their nasty little legs and
antenna moving on the slick walls of her twat, and thought she would go mad. The
boys all laughed at their tormented baby-sitter.

After letting the cockroaches ravage her poor pussy for what seemed like forever,
but was actually only about half an hour, the boys grabbed tweezers and began
extracting the nasty little insects. There was only room for one set of tweezers
at a time inside her, so the others, with nothing to do, used the tweezers to
pinch the ring of her asshole and pull, or to squeeze her nipples.

Then once the cockroaches were all removed, out came the vacuum cleaner and
feather-drills again, and the boys started revving Tiffany back up to the edge of
orgasm. The torture went on and on, alternating between sexually stimulating the
cheerleader but not allowing her to cum, and torturing her in bizarre and
inventive ways. The boys mocked her and jeered, as her screams and fruitless
begging echoed off the panelled walls of the basement. Midnight came and went, as
Saturday passed into early Sunday morning. Tiffany was a babbling mess of
unsatisfied horniness, sunburn, terror and confusion. The minutes clicked into
hours, and if she had let the thought enter her mind, she would have realized the
boys planned to keep her like this all night long.

They were all so lost in their little world of dominance and humiliation that
they didn't hear the car pulling into the driveway outside.

* * *



"s****rs, s****rs/
There were never such devoted s****rs/
Never had to have a chaperone, no sir/
I'm here to keep my eye on her."

- "s****rs," from Irving Berlin's "White Christmas."

The sleek black Lincoln Navigator SUV pulled into the driveway. Roger White,
principal of Godfrey Daniels High School, parked and turned on the dome light. He
looked over at the little girl in the passenger seat.

"How's your pussy?" he asked.

"It's pretty sore," said Stephanie Daniels, Tiffany's 14-year-old s****r. "It's
gonna be out of order for a few days, but I'll be back in business before you
know it." She smiled wickedly and winked at the older man.

"I thought those firemen were gonna tear you up," White said.

"Yeah, it wasn't the dicks, though, it was that hose. Man! But that has to rank
in my top five orgasms of all time," she gushed.

Stephanie and Roger White had been together since Saturday morning, with
Stephanie only pretending to stay at a friend's house while her parents were
camping. They'd made a stop at the Renaissance Festival to watch Tiffany in the
stocks, then several more stops, including an adult video store with booths,
where Stephanie had delivered some rather pleasant surprises to the lonely men
masturbating in solitude. But just now, they had come from the local firehouse.
They had pulled in a couple of hours previously, with Stephanie dressed as a
slutty Catholic school girl: pleated skirt so short it just barely covered her
ass cheeks, white knee socks, penny loafers, a white blouse with the top 4
buttons unbuttoned. The rising sophomore at Daniels High wore no panties or bra.

She had walked into the firehouse as if she owned the place, and several
firefighters looked up from their game of Hearts. "You guys ever heard the
expression 'Where's the fire?' " she asked them. "Well, boys, it's right here in
my pussy," she said, and pulled her skirt up to her waist, exposing her
gleamingly smooth, freshly shaved 14-year-old labia. Within minutes, she was
rutting in the firemen's quarters in a massive gang bang, taking their cocks up
her ass, down her throat, and into her pussy. White had waited outside in the
Lincoln; he'd had Stephanie so many times by now, and made her submit to so many
things, that he now just dropped her off with a set of orders and waited.

After all the firemen had fucked the little girl twice and they could no longer
get it up, she had begun taunting them in an attempt to get them angry enough to
degrade and abuse her, because that was what really got young Stephanie off. She
had told them they were too old and soft, that boys her age could get it up over
and over, that maybe she'd go find some cops who were real men who couls satisfy
a girl like her.

The firemen, more and more pissed off, finally grabbed Stephie and took her out
behind the station. They tied her naked to a tree, first tying her wrists behind
the tree, then pulling her ankles back as well and tying them off. When she was
completely helpless and exposed, they'd unrolled one of their powerful fire hoses
and hooked it up to the practice hydrant out back. The men were careful to
regulate the water flow so it was not too strong - it could have killed the girl
at full f***e - but made sure it was powerful enough to teach her a lesson.

First they played the torrent of water on her breasts, which were not at big as
Tiffany's perfect 36Cs, but were coming in very nicely. They laughed as her
nipples hardened into little spikes under the water stream. Then they trained the
water onto her pretty little face, until she was f***ed to take a breath and
inhaled a massive lungful of water, causing her to gag and sputter. Finally they
moved down to her pussy. Because Stephanie's legs were pulled back and she'd just
been freshly fucked, her labia were swollen and a little raw already. The little
hood that sometimes covered her clit was completely retracted, and the firemen
moved in closer with the big nozzle, aiming it right at that clit.

"Aahhhhhhh," Stephanie had screamed when the ice-cold jet of water hit her
over-heated pussy. The firemen couldn't tell if the scream was one of pain or of
pleasure, but if they had known Stephanie's twisted sexuality, they would have
understood there was no difference. They played the firehose up and down her
pussy, always moving back to her clit, as the girl writhed and spasmed in the
ropes that bound her to the tree. By the time they were done, she was slumping in
the ropes, nearly u*********s, having bucked her way through half a dozen
powerful orgasms.

White had collected her and driven her to her Uncle Pete and Aunt Peggy's house.
Even outside, they could hear Stephanie screaming hoarsely down in the basement,
but because no one else lived near them yet in the new subdivision, her screams
went unheard by anyone who might have saved her.

"I wish I could come in with you," White said.

"No, please," Stephanie said. "This was my idea, and it's my game. You'll reap
the rewards in the very near future, Master Roger, I promise."

"I know I can trust you, Stephanie," he said. "I've trained you well, little
slut. Go in there and give her hell."

"Oh, I think she's already experienced hell," Stephanie said with a sick little
smile. She picked up a small suitcase from the floor and climbed out of the SUV.
As White pulled away, she walked in the unlocked front door and went straight to
the kitchen.

In Uncle Pete and Aunt Peggy's kitchen, Stephanie pulled a bottle of tequila out
of her suitcase and a small vial of white powder. She found some highball glasses
and a tray, and pured three fingers of tequila into all six glasses. Then she
took out the vial and emptied the powder, a powerful, fast-acting sl**ping d**g,
into four of the glasses, and headed down to the basement, carrying the tray like
a waitress.

"Anybody home?" she called out. She reached the bottom of the stairs and saw the
amazing scene: Her older s****r Tiffany hung upside down in gravity boots from a
water pipe, her legs spread out to form an enormous Y, and the four boys
torturing her. Stephanie's pussy throbbed a little at the sight, and she could
feel herself getting wet between her legs.

Tiffany saw her younger s****r. Even upside down and nearly delerious, she yelled
out, "Stephanie, help! Help! Run and get the cops!"

"Help? It doesn't look to me like these boys need any help," Stephanie smirked.
"As for the cops, why should I go and fuck up my perfect little plan?"

"Your plan? Your plan?" Tiffany sputtered.

"Yes, s*s, my plan. Who do you think gave Matt the video? And all the ideas of
what to do you? Jeez, Tiff, he isn't smart enough to come up with all this by

Matt, Mark, Luke and Johnny stopped what they were doing and looked at sexy
Stephanie, still in her debauched schoolgirl outfit. They could see her little
nipples poking out through the sheer white blouse.

"Why don't you boys take a break and have a little drink?" Stephanie suggested.
She set down the tray. "I'll join you. Maybe later, we'll even let Tiffany take a
break," she laughed.

The boys came over and Stephanie passed out the glasses of tequila, making sure
to give them the doctored drinks. She took a plain tequila and raised it in a
toast. "To Tiffany!" she said, and the boys, trying to be grown-up, all followed
her lead. Stephanie drained her tequila in one swallow and slammed the glass
down, and the boys did the same.

It didn't take long. Mr. White had given her the d**g when she had told him what
she needed, and within minutes the boys were sitting down, complaining of feeling
woozy and tired. Not longer after that they were passed out cold on the basement

"Thank God, Steph!" exclaimed Tiffany. "I don't know what you did, but you made
them pass out. Now get me down from here, please! I'm dying!"

"I'm sure you are, Tiffany dearest," said Stephanie sweetly. "And I'll certainly
get you down. But as I said, I planned this whole little adventure of yours. And
it's not over yet. Actually, all of this has just been a way to soften you up for
what's still to come."

"I don't care. You're not making any sense. Just get me down from here, please!
Please, Stephanie!" begged Tiffany.

"Just shut up and listen!" barked Stephanie. "Then I'll let you down. We've got a
job to do, s****r dear. In a few minutes a guest is going to arrive. And you and
I are going to fuck that guest. Together, the two of us. If you agree to fuck our
guest, then I'll let you down. If you don't agree, then I brought this."
Stephanie reached into the back waistband of her skirt and pulled out a vicious
looking cat o'nine tails.

"Noooooo!" wailed Tiffany. "Oh God, please, put that thing away!"

"I'll put it right up the middle of your pussy if you don't go along with me,"
Stephanie said sternly. "It would be interesting to see how many times I could
bring this baby down directly on your clit. And whether you would cum first from
having your clit whipped or whether you'd pass out."

"Oh God," Tiffany said, huffing and puffing. "I'll do whatever you want, I'll do
it, I'll do it, I promise, only put that away."

"You'll do exatly what my guest and I tell you to do, no matter what?"

"Yes, yes, I swear, I swear, I'll do anything, anything. Don't whip me,
Stephanie, please don't whip my poor little pussy!"

"OK, I'll let you down without a whipping," Stephanie said. "But if you put up
any kind of fuss or whine or do anything except show extreme enthusiasm, I'll
wake these boys up and give them the whip. Imagine what these nasty little
fuckers would do to you with a whip like this."

It was difficult, but Stephanoe got Tiffany down from the water pipe. She
uncuffed her older s****r's hands, and helped her pull herself up so she was
holding the pipe. Then Steph stood on a step ladder and unbuckled the gravity
boots. Tiffany slid her feet out, uncurled her body and dropped to the floor,
where she stood, somewhat wobbily, trying to get her bearings and balance. She
had been hanging upside down for hours.

"Enough fuckin' around, s*s," said Stephanie. "Put these clothes on now." Tiffany
meekly obeyed. It was as if she had no free will left at all. The outfit was
identical to Stephanie's a Catholic schoolgirl's, only a perverted version. The
plaid skirt hung only an incn below her crotch, exposing all of her long,
beautiful legs, including the sunburned "FUCK ME" and "SPANK ME" on the backs of
her thighs. She pulled on the white knee socks and penny loafers, buttoned up the
sheer white blouse. Of course there was no underwear for her, and she neither
expected to wear it nor asked her younger s****r.

Stephanie went to the camcorder on the tripod and popped out the videotape the
boys had been making of Tiffany's day-long ordeal. "I think I'll take this with
me," she said. "The boys will be pissed, but hey, fuck 'em."

"Can you at least tell me who it is I'm supposed to fuck in exchange for you
rescuing me?" she asked.

"Sure," said Stephanie cheerfully. "It's Uncle Pete."

"Uncle Pete!" exclaimed Tiffany. "Oh, gross! That's i****t, Stephanie!"

:"What do you think's been going on here, s****r dearest, patty- cake?" said
Stephanie. "You've already been fucked by your cousin eight ways from Sunday This
will be one time, and since you will be initiating it, it won't be ****."

"Why would I initiate it? You mean you want me to seduce Uncle Pete?"

"Oh, he won't take much seducing," Stephanie explained. "This has been in the
works for several weeks. See, Uncle Pete has been impotent for a few months.
Hasn't been able to get a good hard-on that lasts, even though he's only 45. So
he went to this friend of his, a guy named Dr. Wu, to get some dirty videos he
could watch to help him get it up. Dr. Wu introduced him to Master Roger, my
master. He recognized that you and I were Uncle Pete's nieces, and started asking
Pete some questions about what would get him hard. Pretty soon, they'd stuck a
deal: Master Roger would deliver Pete's two teenaged nieces, who would willingly
give him the fucking of his life, in exchange for $5,000. Master Roger keeps
half, and you and I splt the other half. That's $1,250 for you. Pretty good wages
for one fuck, don't you think?"

"I'm getting paid to fuck my uncle?" Tiffany said. She was outraged. "That's like
being a prostitute, a whore. I'm a good girl! I'm not a whore! I was a virgin up
until this morning!"

"Are you always this dumb?" snapped Stephanie. "First of all, it's good money.
Second, it's not as if that pussy and ass haven't already been worked out pretty
thoroughly. Finally, and most important, let me remind you that if you don't go
along, I'll wake up Matthew and his friends and give them the whip and tell them
to have a contest as to who can take the most skin off your ass."

Tiffany just stared at the floor. She was trapped, again, and she knew it. No way
out. There was never any way out. First Mr. White, or Master Roger, as Steph
called him, had seen to that, then Matthew, and now her very own s****r.

"Oh, one more thing, s*s," Stephanie said. "I promised Uncle Pete he could fuck
you the ass."

Tiffany just swallowed hard and nodded. She thought about protesting again, but
knew it would do no good. The girls heard the sound of the front door opening and
closing upstairs. "Now remember," Stephanie warned her s****r, "you're supposed
to be seductive and enthusiastic. If I don't see the proper enthusiasm, if Uncle
Pete doesn't have a hard-on like a steel crowbar the whole time, I'm gonna report
back to Master Roger and he's gonna be pissed off at you. I don't think you want
to go there, s*s."

The two girls, in their matching schoolgirl outfits, walked upstairs. Uncle Pete
stood in the entry. "Why Uncle Pete, what a pleasant surprise!" said Stephanie
sweetly. "The boys are all sound asl**p downstairs. How would you like to have a
little fun?"

"I'd like that very much," Pete Daniels said, as if his mouth was very dry. Pete
was a tall and stocky 45-year-old, a former high school football player who had
developed a bit of a middle-aged beer gut. His eyes glittered with lust as he
took in the vision before him: His 16- year-old niece and and his 14-year-old
niece, ready and willing to make a nice Uncle Pete Sandwich.

"How did you get away?" Tiffany asked, not knowing what else to say.

"They're all asl**p back at the campsite," Pete replied. "I drove like hell to
get here, and I can be back before anyone wakes up. I took a couple of Viagra on
the way over here, and they're just startoing to kick in, so why don't you come
over here and give your Uncle a little kiss?"

Stephanie pushed Tiffany forward, and the cheerleader reluctantly walked to her
horny uncle. Suddenly a scene from a movie popped into her head, ³Career
Opportunities." She remembered this scene where Jennifer Connely was a young
sexpot, and her father had a friend from work home, and Jennifer had gone up to
him and surprised everyone by kissing the friend on the lips, very soft and sexy,
The film image helped Tiffany know how to play it, and she walked up to her uncle
the way Jennifer Connell had done, turned her face up toward him and closed her
eyes, and pushed her soft young lips forward to his. Uncle Pete bent down
slightly and took her face tenderly in his hands. He leaned into her mouth and
kissed her, softly at first, and then gradually more f***efully. Tiffany opened
her mouth and Uncle Pete's tongue slid in, hot and thick. She shivered with the
deep French kiss, feeling it all the way down to her toes, which tingled. She had
never been kissed like that, and oh, it was sexy, even if it was her uncle!

Then she felt something else. Her uncle's hands snaked behind her, pulled up her
short skirt and cupped her bare ass cheeks.

"Why Tiffany, you naughty little slut, you're not wearing any panties," he said

"I took them off for you, Uncle Pete," she said. She knew the role she had to
play. Pete continued to fondle her bare ass and push his body against her.
Tiffany could feel his erection, big and fat and bulging, the Viagra working, but
more than that working on the middle-aged man as he pushed into her crotch. Her
head was swimming with confusion as her uncle kissed her passionately again.

Stephanie went behind her uncle and began to undress him, pulling his shirt up
over his head and his pants down. He stepped out of them, hardly breaking his
soul-kissing with Tiffany. His hands had moved to her blouse and unbuttoned it,
and it fell to the floor of its own accord. He rubbed her nipples, and Tiffany
moaned with pleasure.

Her horniness, which had been dormant, now returned with a vengeance. The boys
had been teasing her for so long without letting her cum, and now her uncle was
stoking those fires again. Tiffany could feel her clit throb, feel her pussy was
getting wetter. She broke the kiss and saw that Stephanie was now stark naked
except for her shoes and white knee socks, and Tiffany followed suit, unsnapping
her skirt and letting it fall to her feet.

"Let's show Uncle Pete how good two little mouths at once can feel," Stephanie
suggested, and Tiffany, increasingly overcome with her own lust, didn't protest
at all. Pete sat back on the sofa and both girls knelt between his spread legs.
Stephanie began licking his long hard shaft, and she guided Tiffany's mouth to
the head of Uncle Pete's cock. Tiffany engulfed the swollen head with her soft
red lips and began bobbing her hot mouth up and down.

"Oh God, oh God, you naughty little girls!" shouted Uncle Pete. "Jesus Fucking
Christ, suck that cock, suck it for all its worth!" Stephanie began to play with
herself, rubbing her index finger on her hard little clit, and Tiffany copied her
s****r, masturbating frantically. The girls slurped and sucked, working their
little teenaged mouths over the middle-aged man's cock. They changed places, with
Stephanie working on the head and Tiffany tonguing up and down the shaft. Without
even thinking what she was doing, Tiffany moved her head lower and began to lick
her uncle's scrotu, running her tongue over his hairy balls again while her uncle
moaned in ecstasy.

For a good 10 minutes, the two teenagers gave the older man a dual tongue bath
all over his privates, from the tip of his cock all the way back to his asshole,
which Stephanie reached by pulling legs apart as far as they could go and
burrowing her little pink tongue in deep and low until it struck gold. Uncle Pete
was half out of his mind with sexual delerium, his only regret being that he
hadn't thought to set up a hidden video camera to preserve this amazing scene.

With her free hand, the one she wasn't masturbating with, Stephanie poked her
s****r in the ribs, giving her a signal. The luscious high school senior came up
for air and looked up at her uncle's face. "Uncle Pete?" she asked sweetly, with
a teasing lilt in her voice. "Would you please fuck me up the ass? Would you do
that, please, Uncle Pete?"

"You want me to shove my cock up your little butthole, Tiffany?" her uncle asked,
deeply into the little play they were acting out. "You want to be cornholed, my
little niece? Beg me for it. niece!"

"Please, Uncle Pete, please ream out my tight little rectum with your big ol'
monster cock. Make me scream. Ram it all the way in. I want to feel that cock all
the way up into my flat little tummy. I want to taste it coming out my mouth. I'm
a nasty little whore, Uncle Pete! Do me! Do me!"

Stephanie was impressed. Her s****r was really into it. She wondered, briefly, if
Tiffany was just going along under the threat of being whipped, or whether her
horniness had really carried her to this stage and she was no longer play-acting,

Tiffany would not have been able to answer that. It wasn't really either/or any
more. She was into the scene, and badly wanted to cum, as her fingers flew across
her rigid little love button, which was terribly slick with her leaking pussy

"Come here, you little slut," Pete Daniels growled. He got down on the floor,
jerked Tiffany roughly around so that she was down on all fours, and Pete was
behind her. His cock, as hard as a brick, bobbed out in front of him, soaked with
the two girls' saliva. He lined up the head with Tiffany's little pink rectum and
have one massive shove. Instantly, he slid all the way into the youngster's rear
chute, his balls slapping against her leaky pussy and his wiry pubic hair
tickling the crack of her ass.

"Oh JESUS! JESUS!" Tiffany screamed, partly from pain but mostly from pleasure.
She supported herself on her knees and her right hand and reached back between
her legs with her left hand to find her throbbing clit again.

"Here, let me, s*s," she head Stephanie's voice saying, and then felt something
incredibly soft and warm licking up and down her slit. She opened her eyes and
saw that Stephanie was on her back and had slid underneath Tiffany and Uncle
Pete, and positioned her face right below their genitals. By scooting slightly
and tilting her head, she could reach Tiffany's clit and Uncle Pete's dangling

Pete started ramming away in his young niece's asshole: pound, pound, pound!
Slurp slurp slurp! Tiffany could feel Stephanie's mouth on her vagina, feel her
younger s****r take her clit in between her lips and began to suck on it as if it
was a minature cock. The feeling was indescribable, the most intense thing she
had ever felt in her life, and she wasn't aware that she was screaming "YES! YES!
YES!" over and over. Stephanie sucked and sucked on her s****r's clit, while her
own hand stayed busy in her crotch, never stopping.

Pete was the next one to get a surprise, as he felt something on his balls.
Stephanie had reached up her free hand and grabbed gently ahold his testicles and
was pulling down on them, digging her fingernails in. A little bit harder and it
might have been painful, but she had the touch exactly right, and the she began
kneading and massaging his balls as he plunged his cock over and over again into
the spasming bunghole of his 16-year-old niece. Then he felt something ever
better, if that was possible. Stephanie was probing at his asshole with a
moistened finger. He relaxed his asshole and Stephanie's finger slid right in
until it rubbed against his prostate gland. She was probing his prostate while he
fucked his niece up the ass. It was too much for the man, and he exploded.

"I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" he roared. "Oh fuck that sweet fucking teenaged ass
of yours, you fucking cunt, I'm cumming!"

Tiffany felt her uncle's dick throb in her asshole just as her own orgasm hit.
Her clit was tapped between Stephanie lips and Stephanie was sucking away at it,
tickling it endlessly. The stimulation overwhelmed the older girl, and her
mind-blowing orgasm hit just as Uncle Pete's seed began jetting up her rectum.

Pete screamed. Tiffany screamed. Then little Stephie began to scream too as her
own fingering finally paid off. The three of them entangled together on the
floor, moaned and bucked and writhed. Sweat was pouring off them like runners at
the end of a marathon.

Finally, they all came back to earth, and began to untangle. Pete Daniels was
breathing so hard the girls thought he would have a heart attack, but he was
smiling so hard they knew that ever if he died on the spot it would have been
worth it for him. Although his dick was beginning to droop, the two teenaged
girls were capable of more orgasms. Without even talking about what they were
doing, they both sat on their uncle's floor and spread their young legs wide open
and continued to finger themselves. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over
Tiffany's body as she jacked herself off while her uncle watched.

Soon she was sated, as was Stephanie. Uncle Pete's face wasn't so red anymore,
and he dressed. The girls stayed naked, seated on the floor.

"So how was it?" asked Stephanie with a gleam in her eye.

"Worth every penny, you sweet little love-bunnies," he answered with a grin. "You
know, maybe we could arrange to do this again sometime, only cut Roger White out
of it.I'll arrange to get rid of Peggy and the boys, you girls sneak over here
and I pay you girls $1,000 each for a night of this. What do you say?"

"I really shouldn't do anything behind Master Roger's back," Stephanie answered,
always the good little submissive. "But maybe what he doesn't know won't hurt

"So what are you girls going to do the rest of the summer?" Uncle Pete asked

"I've got lots of plans," Stephanie said. She picked up the video that Matthew,
Mark, Luke and John had made. Uncle Pete didn't know what was on it, but Tiffany

"Under Master Roger, I've discoved the joys of being a submissive little slut,"
the 14-year-old said. "But I've also been wondering what would be like to have a
little sex slave of my own, to be the dominant one in a relationship. Now I mean
to find out. My s****r Tiffany is going to spend the rest of the summer being my
sex slave, that is she'll do it unless she wants a couple of very interesting
videos to find their way into mom and dad's VCR."

Tiffany wasn't even shocked at her s****r's betrayal. It was as if it had all
been fated to come to this point. She would never escape being a sex slave, she
realized. It was her destiny. It was what she was meant to be.

"What are you going to make her do?" Uncle Pete asked.

"Oh, all sorts of thingss," Stephanie replied. They were talking about her as if
she wasn't even there, Tiffany thought, as if she was a thing, an object, a
nothing. "For openers, she's gonna be eating my pussy so much her face is gonna
look like a glazed donut!" Uncle Pete laughed, and Tiffany blushed. She said

"Then I'll just let my imagination run wild," Stephanie went on. "Maybe we'll go
back to the Renaissance Festival, only this time go right before closing time. We
could meet up with Sir Reginald and the boys and this time they wouldn't have to
worry about security guards. They could put my big s****r into the stocks and
bring out the goat and this time go all the way!"

Uncle Pete had no idea what she was talking about, but Tiffany knew, and she
trembled inside.

"There's malls to go to," continued Stephanie, " and the White Water Adventures
park, where a girl with Tiffany's body wearing a very thin white bathing suit, a
white bathing suit that would soon be very wet, should attract quite an
appreciative crowd of teenaged boys. If I can talk Mom and Dad into getting away
for a weekend, maybe I'll invite Master Roger and his friends over, and Matthew
and his friends, and I'll just play director, telling all eight of them what to
do to Tiffany.

"The good news, big s****r, is that you're gonna have more orgasms this summer
than you ever imagined possible. You're gonna cum till your toes curl and your
eyes pop out of your head, cum until you beg me to stop, and then you'll cum some

Tiffany couldn't believe it, but she felt her clit stirring. She was getting
turned on hearing her depraved s****r's plans. Her young pussy spasmed slightly,
and she wished she had something up inside her, stimulating her. Without even
thinking about it, her hand drifted back down to her shaved crotch and sought out
her own little clitty. She touched herself, and gasped with pleasure.

"Look at what a little whore she is," Uncle Pete said to Stephanie. "She's
getting off hearing about all you're going to do to her."

"Yeah, and that's just the beginning," Stephanie said, her eyes ablaze with lust.
"We're gonna be the ultimate s****r act of all time. "

And the blonde 14-year-old began to sing a song from "White Christmas," a movie
that the girls had watched every holiday season with their parents. When they had
been little, about 10 and 8 years old, they had loved performing the song
³s****rs," the one sung by Vera Ellen and Rosemary Cloney. Stephanie was singing
the song, and Uncle Pete began to laugh, and Tiffany felt herself on the verge of
another huge orgasm.

Toward the end, Stephanie came, hard. And she couldn't help herself, but she
joined her little s****r Stephanie in singing:

"Lord help the mister, who comes between me and my s****r," they sang together.

"And lord help the s****r, who comes between me and my man!"


THE STUFF THAT GOES FIRST: This story contains sex. If you are under 21, don't
read it. Go somewhere else. This story is copyright 1999 by Dr. Wu. It may be
posted to any free newsgroup or archived on any free website but it may not be
archived on any site that charges admission in any form. This story is complete
fiction, and any similarity between any real people and the characters here is
coincidental and ridiculous. In real life, anyone attempting to imitate any of
the activities in this story would be guilty of serious felonies and major sins.
But this is fantasy, so enjoy.... Continue»
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ngrid and Chad Sinclair nearly missed their daughter at the airport. They were looking for her when this stunning, leggy brunette walked up to Ingrid, gave her a big hug and said "Mommy, it's me!"

It didn't look like their daughter ... the slim, unassuming Sasha that had flown to California just this past September to begin her studies as a photographer was nowhere in sight. Where was the quiet, studious, almost-innocuous girl they'd raised?

Wherever that girl had gone, this Sasha was in a black leather jacket that looked to be fairly expensive and she also wore a matching black leather miniskirt. Her boots were black PVC and came up nearly to the top of her thighs. Her formerly-straight hair was now stylish and down to the middle of her back with a soft wave. Her lips were painted ruby-red and her face perfectly made up. Only her soft, dark eyes remained the same, although there was now a twinkle of merriment that hadn't been there before.

"Sasha darling, I hardly recognized you. California certainly has changed you," Ingrid smiled, hugging her daughter tight. Chad got a hug from Sasha when Ingrid was done.

"My roommate Kerry is always telling me that I should flaunt what I've got, so I took the advice," Sasha said as they went to gather her luggage. She saw a disapproving scowl on her father's face.
Kerry got out of bed and put on a robe, although she knew it wasn't necessary. Around here, no one would care that she was naked. Her partner stirred in bed and mumbled her name.

"Go back to sl**p Dane," Kerry said, bending over and giving him a kiss. "I guess I have jet lag, I'm going to make some coffee and perhaps watch some television."

Kerry walked down the hall of the mansion. Despite its opulence, her aunt's home had always felt so warm, so welcoming, far more than the home in which she'd grown up.

She got as far as the stairs and met her Aunt Paula midway on those stairs. Clad only in a teddy, Kerry observed how stunning her aunt still was, despite the passing of 46 years and having 3 grown c***dren. Her auburn hair was long and fell nearly to her ass, her legs were still showgirl-sexy and her 36C tits didn't have an ounce of sag. There was still merriment to be found in Paula's green eyes.

"Did you wear him out?" Paula laughed. She knew exactly what her niece had been up to.

"I did my best," Kerry chuckled. There were no secrets between her lovely aunt and herself, Paula had practically raised her niece. Kerry was an "oops" – an unplanned c***d to her parents, Derrick and Melanie, who raised their daughter with little, almost no, affection. No hugs, little praise ... Kerry was left to her own devices more often than not.

Her first time meeting her aunt and younger cousins was such a shock to her system, it was almost sensory overload. Unlike her staid father, Paula was a hugger and so was her Uncle Bartholomew. Her two female cousins were delighted to have a playmate close to their own age and Paula, sensing her niece's need for love and affection, invited Kerry to stay for the entire summer. She knew that Kerry would thrive given encouragement, hugs and a holiday.

Kerry came every summer after that, by her early teens, she was a Straight-A student and she was now savvy enough to know her parents weren't normal. She had no idea why they were the way they were, but it wasn't her issue, it was theirs. She continued to enjoy the hospitality of her aunt and uncle and the fun company of her 3 cousins, Jane, Dane and the oldest and her best friend, her cousin Paige.

"Why are you still up?" Paula asked her niece, changing direction and going downstairs with her niece.

"Still adjusting from the long plane ride, so thought I'd make some coffee and watch late-night TV," Kerry smiled, putting on a pot. "What about you?"

"High sex drive is one thing we have in common," Paula teased her niece. "Your Uncle Bart is done for a while and as no one else was available for the time being ..."

"Sexually charged" is the word Kerry would have used to describe her aunt's f****y. On the summer of her 20th birthday nearly 10 years ago, a lot of the secrets her relatives had been hiding were brought into the daylight.

She was dressed in a new skimpy bikini she had bought for the summer, knowing her staid parents would have freaked if they'd seen it. Aunt Paula just told her how nice she looked; complimenting the body she'd been sculpting through intense workouts over the past 2 years. Paula was going to join her at the beach and they'd managed to convince the cousins to join them. The b*****r and s****rs had gone to change into their suits and something tugged at Kerry. She followed on after them to the room they both shared.

"Hey, I've been wanting to ask both of you something," Kerry said to the girls, who were almost exactly one year apart. "This house is huge, there's enough space to hold a convention. So why are you two still sharing a room?"

Paige giggled and turned to her one-year younger s****r. "What do you think Janey, is it time we showed her?"

Dark-haired Jane giggled as well, she and her siblings looked nothing alike, save for their all having high cheekbones. "We might as well, she's going to be here for the entire summer and I am kind-of tired of hiding it." With that, the tinier Jane pulled her blonde, curvy sibling close and planted a huge kiss upon her lips. Paige's arms wrapped around her younger s****r as she returned the kiss and their tits mashed together. The bikinis, which had not been fastened entirely as yet, fell to the ground, leaving the s****rs naked in front of their startled cousin.

"You're lovers?" Kerry gasped incredulously.

Paige nodded. "For a little while now, yes."

"We enjoy having sex whenever the mood strikes us, so sharing a room makes more sense," Jane told Kerry.

"But that's i****t and besides, what if your parents caught you? What would they say?"

"We've known for a long time." Kerry spun around to see her aunt standing behind them, wearing a suit that was almost as skimpy as Kerry's. She walked towards her niece and gave her a big hug.

"We know and we're fine with it. Your uncle comes from a f****y where f****y love was practiced and over the years, as his f****y welcomed me with open hearts and shared their bodies with me, I realized that it was fine for me. Others might not understand, but we've raised Jane, Paige and Dane to be very comfortable in their own skin. You won't be f***ed to do anything, Kerry darling, but I think your cousins would like to show you the pleasures of another woman. I know Dane is dying to have sex with you and when you showed up a few days ago, Uncle Bart couldn't stop commenting how young and lovely you are."

Kerry was still stunned by all of this. "What about you?"

Paula nodded. "Yes, I've been with other women ... before you ask, yes, with my own daughters ... and I'd love to have sex with you. Why don't you go into your room for a bit and think about it, the beach isn't going anywhere and it can certainly wait."

Kerry nearly stumbled back to her room, nearly reeling from the shock. At 20, Kerry had thought herself somewhat worldly; she'd had sex and had enjoyed it, although she didn't have a regular boyfriend at the moment. She thought she'd seen a lot of things in her years, but the implications of what was going on in this house staggered the imagination. Her aunt, cousins and uncle ... were all fucking!

The girl-girl aspect didn't trouble Kerry much, she had a few gay girlfriends and some bi-sexual ones as well and had been the object of a few passes, which the leggy, chestnut-haired girl had shrugged off tactfully.

As she thought about it, the i****t aspects began to bother her much less. Kerry had always been close to her Aunt Paula and the rest of the f****y, they'd taken her in and never lacked in attention. She got presents at her birthday, all the holidays, they'd even made it a point to attend her High School graduation. Dane had even offered to be her Prom date if she needed one. Looking back on that disastrous night with Bill, she thought she might have been better off accepting Dane's offer, he was better looking than Bill and likely wouldn't have been so grabby.

Kerry sat there for ages, or so it seemed to her. She kept thinking it over and rolling it around in her head, but knew what her choice had to be. She left her room and went back down the hall and into the girls' room.

"Well, that was quick," Paula said to her niece.

"Quick?" Kerry replied.

"Yeah, you've only been gone 15 minutes," Paige giggled. "We didn't even have time to start anything."

"Although we thought we'd wait for you," Aunt Paula said. "Have you reached any sort of decision?"

Kerry gulped, she knew once she said the words, there could be no turning back. "Yes, I have. My love life is horrible, so I want to participate. You'll have to show me what to do, I've never been with another woman before."

Janey squealed. "That's great cuz, we'll have loads of fun. Mom will show you what to do, she's a great teacher. s*s, why don't you and I scoot over a bit and have some fun and let Mommy blow Kerry's mind, 'kay?"

Paula pulled her Kerry close and said "You won't need your bikini here, darling." She helped Kerry get out of it and fondled her niece's 34-C tits and then began to lick them gently. "Oohhh, Aunt Paula, that feels nice. More, please," Kerry sighed as her eyes closed, but not before seeing her tall blonde cousin Paige and tiny, dark-haired Jane moving into a sixty-nine. Kerry realized she'd be doing that at some point and the thought sent shivers down her spine.

Kerry's felt as if she was being reborn, she hadn't expected to find this so arousing so early! Aunt Paula's lips were traveling down her entire body, nuzzling her smooth stomach, kissing her thighs, moving everywhere and using her tongue and mouth to nibble and to stimulate. Kerry trembled at every little movement; it was also thrilling to feel her aunt's smooth, lightly-tanned flesh against her own. As a sensual background music, she could hear the little moans and trills of pleasure that were emanating from both Jane and Paige nearby.

"I think you're liking this sweetie, I'm glad," Paula said, moving between her niece's thighs.

"How could anyone not like it?" Kerry sighed. That was all Paula needed to hear, she got between Kerry's legs and examined her pussy. It had a very light scent to it, almost no fur and was pink and slightly prominent. She parted Kerry's lips with her fingers and saw the tiny nubbin of her clit; she began to nuzzle that with her chin and then plunged her tongue deep into Kerry's steaming cunt.

"Oh fuck, oh Christ," Kerry's body arched up as if she'd been hit by lightning. The sudden movement almost knocked Jane and Paula off the bed; they both laughed and resumed having sex. Kerry was panting. "What the HELL was that?" Kerry gasped.

"You had an orgasm," Paula said, moving close to Kerry and kissing her. For the first time, Kerry tasted her own juices. "Haven't you ever had one before?"

"Not like that, no," Kerry sighed. "Lord Aunt Paula, if you could bottle that, you'd make a fortune. Let me make you feel good, okay?"

Paula smiled. "Tell you what dear, you can try me later. Since Paige has been climbing the walls hoping to make it with you this summer, I think she should have you next. Come here, Janey baby, Mama wants to feel your magic fingers."

Paige moved close to her cousin and kissed her, their mouths mashed together. "Janey gives great massages, the first time we girl-fucked, she made me cum with her hands."

"Climbing the walls wanting to make it with me, huh?" Kerry teased.

"Umm ... yeah. I mean, geez Kerry, look at you. You've got a smoking hot body and you don't mind flaunting it, plus I love sex with girls. I have lots of girlfriends who will dig you, if you decide to keep doing this."

"Oh, I think you can count on that," Kerry giggled, rolling on top of Paige. This time, Kerry chose to be the aggressor, kissing Paige's mouth hungrily, then moving over her cousin's big-titted frame. She wished she could be a bit bustier, like Paige, but she knew she had a great ass and legs, so she accepted her own strengths. It felt nice being close to her younger cousin, she began moving down Paige's body, much as Paula had done to her. Paige seemed to be enjoying it all, so Kerry just took her cues from Paige's little moans and whimpers and the way she moved whenever Kerry would do something she thought Paige would enjoy.

"How's she doing, baby?" Paula called over. She was lying on her front with Janey straddling her back and running her hands all over Paula's body. It looked very erotic and sensual to Kerry, she hoped Jane would do that to her sometimes, one of her "spots" was on her back, just between her shoulder blades.

"She's wonderful Mom, Kerry's got a lovely touch and she's very eager," Paige sighed as her cousin continued her foray into bi-sexuality. Paige was thrilled that Kerry had been so easy to convince because she found her older cousin sexy as all get-out! Now Kerry was where Paige had long wanted her to be ... between her legs. Kerry didn't hesitate; she wanted to make Paige feel sexy and desirable, so she just began licking her cuz much as Aunt Paula had done her. Paige actually howled in delight, her mother and s****r hadn't seen her this aroused in quite some time.

Paige let her cousin move away and then it was Janey's turn. She wanted to try a sixty-nine with Kerry, given their height difference, it wasn't the easiest of positions, but Kerry wanted to try it, as she could eat and be eaten. Paige and Paula were exhausted for the time being, so they just snuggled together. What Paige had told Kerry earlier on was true ... as Jane's tongue lapped and dabbed at Kerry's pussy, her hands were stroking down Kerry's silky, long legs and Kerry was shaking with pleasure. Kerry's tongue had already brought Jane off, now Kerry was experiencing her second orgasm of the night. She thought she'd reached the pinnacle of happiness; it couldn't get any better than this!

"You four look like you're having fun."

Kerry's Uncle Bart was standing in the doorway, Dane was right behind him. Their hair was a bit damp; they'd obviously been to the beach that the 4 women had skipped.

Without missing a beat, Jane broke apart and said "We're having a blast, Daddy. Kerry, I think you should fuck Dane or Daddy next. You're going to sooner or later, so might as well be now." Paula and Paige echoed her sentiments.

"May I, son?" Bart grinned at his offspring, knowing Dane thought his pretty brunette cousin was the hottest thing going.

"Sure thing Dad, looks to me like Mom could use a little cock and I've always got a tongue if Paige or Janey need it," Dane grinned.

"I'm taking a break, go for it Paige," Jane said, kissing her s****r.

Bart got out of his trunks in a flash and moved close to his niece. "Glad you've decided to give f****y loving a try," Bart said as he felt Kerry's firm tits pressed into his chest.

"She more than gave it a try Daddy, she jumped in the deep end," Paige teased as she straddled her b*****r's face, in her mother's direction. Paige and Paula began kissing as Dane's cock sunk deeply into his mother's cunt. She raked his chest with her nails, enticing him to fuck her as hard as he could.

"I like it from behind, Uncle B," Kerry said, getting into position. She thought she was ready for what came next, but she was wrong about that. Her uncle moved into her and began fucking her with a savage passion, but he was also so smooth, it was an unusual style. She yelped again ... another orgasm? It wasn't possible, Kerry fucked him back, using the skills she'd gained in the past few years and trying to add some of the ones she'd learned tonight.

Her hips rolled smoothly, Uncle Bart's hands were on her tits, stroking them sweetly and her body responded in kind. She knew she was hotter, wetter than ever before, his fucking was magnificent. Kerry had no idea if the guys she had been with were just fairly routine in bed or if Uncle B was that good a lover. Looking over at Dane, he seemed to be doing okay with Aunt Paula and Paige. Kerry smiled ... Dane would be the next fucker and she hoped he would be as good as his Daddy.

After around 15 minutes, Kerry felt her uncle's body tense and she figured he was likely approaching his orgasm. Janey's hands were on her tits, pinching her nipples and she kissed Kerry. "May I share Daddy's cum with you? I just love his spunk," The younger girl said. Kerry nodded and when Bart came, both girls shared his orgasm.

Dane still had lead in his pencil after fucking his Mom, so he let Kerry climb aboard and she got her comparison. Dane was slower than his Dad, a bit more meticulous and he really seemed to enjoy her body and all the permeations of their sex. His hands and mouth took good care of his cousin, his fantasy girl for some time. Everyone was mixing it up around them, Paige now fucking her Daddy while Paula and Janey were making love, but Dane was almost oblivious to it. He had what he wanted and he wanted to earn her trust, hoping she'd come back for more. It was Dane who gave Kerry her final orgasm, she had to stop.

"I hate to cut this short, but it's supper time and I need food!" Kerry panted.

"We never did make it to the beach," Paula smiled.

"There's always tomorrow," Paige grinned.

"Not likely," Dane k**ded. Everyone laughed, but it was 2 full days before Kerry got to swim.

In the intervening years, things only got hotter. Kerry would visit her relatives more frequently, on occasion, bringing a friend along, someone she could trust. She also realized that aside from Dane, who she adored, and her Uncle Bart, that her desires were mostly for women. She had lots of pretty playmates, being a friendly, sexy lady.

Kerry met Sasha while the young, dark-haired beauty was modeling. At first, Sasha reminded Kerry of herself 8 years back. Sasha was soft and gentile, but Kerry brought out Sasha's inner wildcat, the hot little slut underneath. Over time, Sasha became devoted to her and her evil whims. Kerry couldn't wait for Sasha to meet her f****y and she was looking forward to meeting Sasha's.

"You have an evil little smile on your face, why?" Paula grinned as she hugged Kerry. Kerry had just finished her second cup of coffee and was thinking about going upstairs and seeing if she could rouse Dane. Thinking back and thinking about Sasha was getting her hot.

"Oh ... just happy memories," Kerry said to her aunt, kissing her cheek, and then her lips as Paula turned around.

"Are you tired yet?" Paula purred, letting her teddy fall to the kitchen floor.

"Not even slightly," Kerry grinned, pulling her aunt close for a hot kiss. They almost ran to the large Den and were writhing together on the couch, slurping pussy, when Paige and Bart found them an hour later. The two women broke apart and soon there was a messy tangle of bodies on the floor, made even messier an hour later when Jane and Dane came downstairs to see what all the noise was about, although Jane was sure she knew ...

Sasha sighed. "What's that for, Daddy?"

"You know I don't approve of you living together with ..."

"Oh Daddy, lighten the fuck up," Sasha said, startling both her parents with her boldness. "I'm single, sexy and over 21, I can do what I want. Kerry and I aren't serious." Sasha turned to her mother. "Speaking of changes Mom, look at you!"

Ingrid beamed. "Thank you. I joined a Gym 4 months ago; I've lost 37 pounds so far. Your s****r and I are going; I've tried to get your father to go, but ..."

"I run 3 miles everyday, I'm in good shape, I wouldn't be caught dead within 5 miles of a Gym, can't stand the things," Chad grumbled. Sasha laughed ... he hadn't changed a bit, but she sure had. They would find out just how much very soon.

The car ride home was full of light, inane chatter; dinner was more of the same. 19-year old Shelly couldn't believe the changes in her s****r and 18-year old Michael couldn't take his eyes off of the new Sasha. It might have bothered some people, but Sasha wasn't at all bothered ... she was flattered; this Sasha gloried in being the center of attention.

After dinner, everyone watched a movie and when Chad announced he wanted a shower because he had an early day tomorrow, they all opted to stay downstairs. Chad got in the shower and the water was running when the glass door opened and Sasha stepped in and joined him.

"Sasha! What the hell are you doing in here, get out at once!"

Sasha shook her head as the water began running down her slender, perfect body. "Mmm, I don't think so Daddy. We're going to have some fun, you and I. I've changed a lot since I moved to California -- don't I look sexy?"

"Y-Yes, but ..."

"I love sex Daddy. I've turned into a real little slut and I get exactly what I want. I want you Daddy, I want to suck your dick and then have you pound me from behind, I haven't been fucked in a few days. Don't you want me, Daddy? Don't you want your hot little slut of a daughter?" Her brown eyes looked up at him with passion as she knelt down in front of him and took his cock in her mouth.

If i****tuous desire for Sasha hadn't been there before, it sure was now. Sasha's beautiful face was bobbing and weaving all over Chad's cock, it was all he could do to keep standing. He braced himself against the stall and hung on for dear life. She was amazing; her lips were soft, like butter and her dark hair was now slicked to her skin from the waves of water that splashed over them both. She was so sexy and this was so wrong, despite his best efforts, Chad came in gushing rivers of cum. Sasha didn't miss a drop, swallowing it all.

"Don't worry about it Daddy, with me, men can get hard again," Sasha said as she stroked Chad's rod. "I guess you think I'm good, huh Daddy? I told you I was." Her hands were still stroking her father's rod. "Oh look, you are hard again. Next time, you're going to eat my cunt, I want that, but I'm too horny right now. You're going to fuck me, Daddy."

"Your Mom ..."

"The movie still has plenty of time Daddy, so come on lover ... fuck me, fuck your slut-bitch-baby with all the fires of hell!" Sasha snarled. Chad still couldn't believe this was his little girl, it was like someone had replaced her with a Changeling, but as she turned around and presented her rump to him, he slid his cock deep inside of her.

"Oh God, that's it, Daddy ... really give it to me Daddy, I can take it ... I'm a nasty little bitch, fuck me Daddy, wonderful, really screw me!" Sasha hissed and snarled. Her slim, perfect body was riding back, she was taking as much of Chad as he was capable of giving, grinding back against him as he moved deep inside of her. Somewhere in the dark recesses of his mind, he knew he shouldn't be doing this, but there was no turning back. He was fucking his daughter, but it was her fault ... she had come on to him, she wanted this. He used this to assuage his guilt over having cheated on Ingrid for the first time in their marriage.

"Oh Daddy, I'm cummmminngggg!" Sasha squealed and then her pussy snapped tight around his cock. Chad couldn't move as she shook, then her body released him and he came, all over her ass. They soaped each other up and to his surprise; Chad began to get hard yet again. Sasha chuckled.

"You're quite the stud, Daddy love. We'd better not risk it tonight, but we'll fuck again while I'm home, if you want?" Chad nodded. "Good, sl**p well Daddy," Sasha said, kissing him on the cheek and scampering out of the shower.

Next morning, humming happily, Sasha descended the winding staircase that led to the kitchen to discover her mother, almost humming in a cheery mood. Sasha was fairly sure she knew the reason for her mother's upbeat tone.

"Morning Mom, you sure seem to be chipper today," Sasha said, pouring her first cup of coffee. "Any reason?"

Ingrid blushed a bit, so Sasha came up behind her and gave her Mom a hug. "Any reason at all, Mom?"

Ingrid giggled like a teenager. "Well, let's just say your father was feeling very amorous last night when I came to bed," She answered.

Sasha knew the reason for that but wisely kept it from her mom. She sat at the table while her mother fussed over her, making eggs and bacon for them both. Chad had already gone to work. "I can't get over the change in you, Sasha dear," Ingrid fussed. "That outfit, for example."

This morning, Sasha was in a red and white PVC jacket, red PVC shorty-shorts and red PVC boots with a high heel. She smiled at her Mom.

"I enjoy the attention, Mom. Hell, you should dress up a little more, now that you've gone all hottie-hot," Sasha flattered her mother.

"Me? Oh don't be ridiculous, I could never wear something that naughty and outrageous," Ingrid protested.

"Damned right you could. You're not 44 yet Mom, you've got better legs than most women I know and you're getting nice abs again. If you think Daddy was wild last night, start dressing a bit sexier and I might get another b*****r or s****r," Sasha joked.

Ingrid went to speak, but Sasha had an idea. "Tell you what, I've got lots of money to spend, why don't the two of us go shopping and I'll treat you to some sexy new clothes? Anything you want, all on me."

"What girl could refuse that? You're on!"

Ingrid went upstairs to change and Sasha got out the Gold Card Kerry had given her. Kerry's f****y had money, so Kerry wouldn't mind. Sasha would more than make up for the expense the next time she saw Kerry.

Ingrid came downstairs 15 minutes later, ready to go. A bit bland at the moment, Sasha noted, but that wouldn't last. She insisted they get their hair washed and styled, followed by manicures and pedis and facials, then she took Ingrid to a boutique she thought might have what they were looking for. It did. Sexy clothes, lingerie and shoes and very sexy salesgirls that seemed more than anxious to help the sensual blonde and her daughter. The girls fussed over them both and clothing continued to pile up, minis, thongs, lingerie and a pair of decadent black stilettos. Finding an outfit she thought looked particularly hot on her mother, Sasha insisted she wear it out. It was a black leather mini and on top, a frilly, gauzy red top with a black lacy bra underneath and then stilettos. During their luncheon, Ingrid and Sasha got lots of admiring looks. They dined on beautiful homemade soup, breadsticks and salad at Sasha's favorite eatery and caught up with each other's lives.

The pair of them walked home and Ingrid enjoyed the glances she kept on getting, although she continued to insist that most of them were likely for her young, sexy daughter. "Mother, will you stop?" Sasha insisted. "You look incredible, people are looking at you. I can tell you, if my roommate was here, Kerry would do you in a second."

Ingrid smiled. "Thanks darling, for that lovely, naughty compliment," She giggled. "Although I promise, I wouldn't try to steal your boyfriend."

Sasha smiled a subtle smile. "Oh mother, Kerry isn't my boyfriend, she's just my roommate." She leaned in to make her point. "However, she is my lover."

Ingrid gasped in complete shock. "Y-Your lover ...? You're gay, sweetheart?"

Mother and daughter continued walking. "No Mom, I'm bi, like a lot of women in Cali. There a lot of options out there and Kerry and I enjoy all of them. She's wonderful in bed Mom, a very loving and giving partner and we very much enjoy our times together."

Almost home, Ingrid smiled. "Well, I suppose it is the 21st Century. I don't think I could do that, be with a woman. I'm just not that daring."

Reaching the door to their home, Sasha took her mother's hand. "Are you k**ding? Mom, just look at you ... you're fucking gorgeous! You're in your 40's and you could still give me a run for my money. Believe me; I know lots of women who'd sl**p with you in heartbeat." Sasha's wheels were spinning nicely along.

"Still, I don't think I could do it. I don't know any bi-sexual or lesbian women, how would I even go about finding a girl if I was interested? ... I'm not saying that I am, but ..."

"But you are," Sasha giggled. "You're intrigued Mom, admit it. It turns you on a little bit." Ingrid brought a glass of wine for her daughter and herself and sat down on the couch beside Sasha, who crossed her long legs and sipped her wine as her stiletto heel caught a glint of sunlight streaming in the room.

"I suppose," Ingrid giggled, her eyes noticing how just how snug the leather pants Sasha was wearing were and how low-cut was the silver silk blouse. "Oh well, it's nice to have fantasies, isn't it?"

Sasha nodded, and then put her wine glass down. "I try to make my fantasies come true, Mom. What if I told you one of my fantasies was seducing you, showing you how hot it could be with another woman? What if I told you that all I've been able to think about since you put this outfit on is kissing you and then taking you to bed, stripping you naked and eating your cunt?"

Ingrid gasped and blushed, even more so when Sasha moved in and planted a firm, wet kiss on her lips. Ingrid was lost from the first touch of her daughter's lips to her own, the intimate warmth, the probing tongue, her daughter was a little vixen and they were both likely damned to hell for all of this!

Sasha giggled. "I am a nasty, evil, perverted little slut Mom who isn't afraid to go after what I want. I've learned not to take `no' for an answer, so don't fight me on this. Let's go upstairs and bitch, I'll turn you inside out. I'll show you just how hot you really are and once I'm done with you, Daddy won't stand a chance and I'll have another naughty little playmate, dig?"

Ingrid didn't say anything; she merely nodded and let Sasha take control. Once again, Sasha was the puppet master, pulling all the strings. She seduced her mother with her own heat, showed Ingrid how sexy she was just by her movements, her kisses and light caresses. Sasha sensed her mother was the kind of woman who one didn't rush, you took your time with Ingrid, but the pay off was well worth it.

Sasha took off her own clothes first, one item at a time, starting at the top. Ingrid noticed how toned Sasha's body was, she also likely worked out and it showed, the girl's body glowed with health. She also didn't appear to have any tan lines, it was evident as she undressed. Ingrid knew she should be ashamed as she watched her daughter undress, but shame was an emotion she just couldn't summon up. The emotions she did feel were passion and desire and the added urge to reach out and take her daughter into her arms.

"I feel like such a slut watching you like this baby," Ingrid commented. Sasha giggled.

""Go with those feelings, baby," Sasha smiled, moving close to her gorgeous, blonde mother. "Nothing wrong with sluts in bed, sluts have the best sex. What do you think Mom, am I sexy?" Naked now aside from heels, Sasha knew she was, but she wanted to hear her mother say the words.

"Fuck, yes," Ingrid moaned, surprising herself with her blatant use of the word. "I'm feeling all hot baby, it's you that's made me feel this way, God, you're an exciting, sexy little bitch."

"That's good to hear Mom, I want to be a bitch for you," Sasha said, standing in front of Ingrid and letting her mother's fingers graze her naked flesh. "Aren't I soft? You can have me any time you want Mom ... any time. Come on and get naked Mom, then I'll show you what you've been missing and give you a nice lezzie fuck."

Ingrid felt as if she couldn't get out of her clothes fast enough, her blonde hair splayed out, her smooth body on full view for her daughter's eyes. She smiled as Sasha crawled towards her, took Ingrid's face in her hands and began kissing her lips, then she moved down. Nipples were teased, flesh stroked, Sasha enjoyed this new, sleek version of her mother. Her stomach was flat and smooth and then she stroked her mother's equally-beautiful legs, soft and shaved. There was a light dusting of blonde fleece above her mother's cunt, she stroked it gently, then spread her mother's legs fully apart and fingered her mom's cunt before she began to lick, slowly at first, then with gusto after that.

"Go ahead Mom, let it out, I want to hear it," Sasha grinned. "What do you want?"

Ingrid let her inhibitions down and got into the spirit of things. "You nasty, naughty little bitch, finger my pussy ... no, my cunt! Shit, that's good ... my baby is such a naughty, lezzie bitch, you're making mommy cum!"

"You like this, don't you Mom? I knew you would, I knew you were a kinky, nasty slut, just like me! Oh, the things I am going to show you ...!" Sasha purred.

Ingrid was thrilled and also astonished at the way her body was responding to her daughter's lewd desires. She had always been a passionate woman, but she had no idea how deep her passions ran. Her tits were being fondled by Sasha as the younger girl sucked and lapped at her cunt, she was unable to stay still on the bed, writhing all about, flailing her arms as Sasha tongued her deeply.

"Okay Mom, it's time for me to show you how to do a sixty-nine," Sasha purred in a low, sultry voice. The two beauties shuffled about the bed and now Sasha was on top of her mother, facing her pussy. She let Ingrid adjust and after a few minutes, the pair of them were licking each other greedily. Sasha was pleasantly surprised at how fast her mother was catching on and thrilled by that. Their bodies were writhing together on the bed, noises muffled by each other's pussies as they played. Their orgasms were loud and very violent.

"Oh Sasha honey, that was ..." Ingrid panted.

Sasha smiled and patted her mother's butt, then without saying anything, she left the room for a few minutes. Ingrid wondered what was going on, but when Sasha came back, she was wearing a large strap-on dildo cinched at the waist and had an evil grin on her beautiful face.

"Ready for it, Mom? Ready for a hot, lezzie dildo fuck?" Sasha asked.

Ingrid's face broke into an equally-perverted grin. "Yeah, baby. Give it to me. Give it to Mommy GOOD!"

Sasha rejoined her mother on the bed and was really drilling her when Shelly walked in the door.

"Holy FUCK! What are the two of you doing?" 19-year old Shelly gasped. She had been out with a friend and had come upstairs to see if her mother or s****r was home yet and if they wanted to join her for a swim on this warm afternoon.

Sasha didn't stop fucking their mother, she just turned her head and her dark eyes met her s****r's pretty green ones. "I should think that's fucking obvious, I'm screwing Mom with a dildo and she's getting off on it. So either get naked and join us and have some fun, or bugger off!"

Ingrid watched for her daughter's reaction, not knowing what it would be, but hoping in the depths of her newly-kinky soul that Shelly would make the choice Sasha had offered. Her youngest daughter was very sexy and delicious and Ingrid hoped she could add another lesbian playmate to their games. She had changed so much in just a few hours, she really wanted to see if Shelly was as perverted as they both were!

Shelly just stared a few more minutes, seeing the way her Mom was groaning and screwing back against the massive artificial prick. It was wrong, she knew that, but Sasha and their mother didn't seem to be fighting, Ingrid was really into it. Shelly herself was a fun girl, so she followed her instincts, she walked towards the bed, removed the tiny halter and Daisy Dukes she had been wearing and climbed in, moving in front of her mother.

"Eat it, Mommy," Shelly purred, spreading her legs wide open and revealing a totally bare pussy. "Lick my cunt, you lezzie whore." Shelly herself had never been with a girl, but offers had been made, she had just been waiting for the right girl, never imagining her s****r and mom would be the ones!

Ingrid didn't miss a beat; she moved between the strawberry-blonde's slender legs and began to lick her daughter's pink, pouty-lipped pussy. She tasted different than Sasha, but that made sense, all pussy wouldn't taste the same. Her pussy was still filled with plastic cock and once again, Sasha was picking up speed and fucking her with skill.

Sasha's plans were coming to fruition rather nicely. She had to admit, having Shelly catch them had been a bit of serendipity, but she hadn't expected Shelly to capitulate so easily, that had worked out rather nicely. She looked at her baby s****r and blew her a kiss, knowing she would do her sibling next.

"How long have you guys been ...?" Shelly asked in between little gasps.

"Just started today, although Mom's not my first," Sasha grinned as she continued to drill her mother's hole.

"Oh God, she's fucking wonderful," Shelly sighed as her mother's tongue reamed her out.

"She is good, isn't she?" Sasha smiled. "Hear that, Mom? Both of your daughters think you're a good little lezzie slut."

Ingrid heard and thrilled at the lewd words. There was a disappointed groan to follow when she felt Sasha pull the toy from her cunt, but when she saw Sasha's eyes; she knew what her daughter had in mind. She removed the toy and handed it to Ingrid.

"Your turn to fuck me, Mommy," Sasha grinned evilly. "I'm going to eat baby s****r's pussy. Get ready Shelly, big s****r's gonna blow your fucking head off!"

Shelly was thrilled; her whole body was inflamed with new desires. She and her boyfriend had fucked a few times, but he had never made her feel the way Ingrid had and from the wild look in Sasha's eyes, she bet her older s****r was better still.
Sasha's oral skills were, Shelly soon realized, profoundly better than those of her mother. It was like comparing Michelangelo to Norman Rockwell ... both good, but no comparison. Sasha was giving her these wonderful, smooth strokes and while she was being licked, her hands were not idle. It was also very sexy to Shelly to see their mother strap on the fake cock and begin fucking Sasha with it.

"Harder slut, fuck me harder while I eat the little whore's cunt," Sasha snarled, eager to turn up the heat. She resumed the task of licking her s****r while fondling Shelly's big, soft tits and enjoying her new, pony-tailed s****r-playmate.

That was how the men found them, Chad and Michael had been out playing basketball together and had come home for a swim and then to barbecue. Chad couldn't believe the debauchery he was witnessing; Michael was behind him, unbelieving as he watched his s****rs and mother having sex.

Sasha sighed. "Don't just stand there Daddy, Mikey. Daddy, you've seen me and Mommy naked before, but isn't Shelly just yummy? Mike, you're going to have a blast, baby b*****r, you're going to fuck 3 hot sluts before this day is done."

Mike's jaw practically dropped to the floor and Chad's hand flew to his face. Ingrid was stunned at first, her husband had seen Sasha ... he and Sasha had ...? Then she grinned and realized she couldn't cast any stones. The thought of seeing Sasha and her father fucking was rather stimulating, so she stood up and began helping her husband get naked while Shelly and Sasha worked on Michael.

"You're the only one here I haven't done it with Mikey, so you're next," Sasha purred. "You ever done it with a girl?"

"Few times," Michael said, puffing out his chest. He was damned if he was going to let on to his s****r how nervous he was. She pulled him into bed, leaving Shelly with her father and mother. They hadn't wasted any time; Shelly was busy sucking her father's cock while Ingrid was riding his tongue. Sasha had actually achieved her goal ahead of schedule, everyone was fucking together and everything was cool!

Sasha only had to suck her b*****r's cock a few minutes to get him steel-hard, then she straddled him and lowered her soaked cunt onto his cock. Mike was nicely built and as she pumped her body against his, he moved his back, shoving himself deeply within her. "Oh yeah, Mikey, give me that fuckin' cock," Sasha snarled.

Shelly's pussy was snugly rooted on Chad's cock; he gave his wife his tongue as the f****y all fucked together. He knew this was the craziest thing any of them had ever done, but there was no going back, and judging from the expression he had seen on their faces when he'd caught them, the women wouldn't have wanted to. He could hear Sasha's screams of delight as her b*****r fucked her and Chad knew they were done. It might be crazy, but it was something they all wanted.

Nearing her own orgasm, Sasha leaned over and shared a nasty kiss with her little s****r and then her Mom. The 3 of them would keep the men on their toes for the stay of her visit and wait until they learned that Kerry was coming for a visit in a few days. Poor Chad and poor Michael ... the women would just have to take care of each other sometimes, because there was no WAY the men could constantly satisfy four sex-crazed bi-sexual, kinky bitches!

... Continue»
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People bare their souls freely on a long drive through darkness.
It's the rev. It's your companion in shadows, it's feeling
invisible yourself.

Last winter I had to make an appearance on a college campus in
New England. My plan was to fly into Boston in late afternoon and
take a rented car north. I began my career in that neck of the
woods, and I looked forward to a long stretch of memorious
solitude negotiating the country-roads that pass for highways up
there. I arrived in Boston at about half-past three on a day in
late January. The shadows were already long. As it happened,
there had been a blizzard two days earlier. My rented car was
secure, but, even though New Englanders wrote the book on
clearing snow, most of the fleet was missing in action: many cars
due back days ago were only now trundling in. That was how the
young woman with the sexy, educated look, and the name Emily on
her badge, who greeted me at the rental-station came to be
apologizing for a request she was about to make which she wanted
me to understand I would be perfectly within my rights to refuse
once she made it. There's no loveliness lovelier than the high-IQ
kind - it's something you see a lot of in Boston - trig hair-cut,
pretty clothes, searching bespectacled eyes. A woman like that
can ask - or, to be accurate about it, require - anything of me,
and it's hers if it's in this world. I conveyed this sentiment to
the divine being from Harvard Square (an origin I was sure of),
though perhaps in a manner more flirtatious than humble - and of
course immediately regretted the dastardly disguise in this. One
often wonders what a woman would say if an otherwise solid male
citizen made it plain - perhaps by dropping to his knees - that
he was ready then and there to be her most obedient servant. Get
out? Get serious? Get real? Really, now, get up off your knees?
"Women are really much nicer than men," the poet says. "That's
why we like them."

In any case, I told the young woman I strongly doubted that I
could refuse any request of HERS. There was a little too much
noblesse in the way I said it, a little too much affluent-author
gallantry. I meant it literally, and should have sounded as if I
did. The minute the words were out and the gesture made, I
bitterly reproached myself for my infidelity to the cause I'm
supposedly dedicated to: female supremacy. How to make up for it,
then? There was only one way: agree in advance, without knowing
what on earth she had in mind, and lavish the lady with
compliments suggestive of worship, if not solemn genuflections at
her feet. Her rent-a-car counter, with its plywood escutcheon
tilted forward to symbolize speed, would have obstructed her view
of my sunken body actually, so I stayed on my feet but did up the
first remedy.

"Please," I said, "don't even ask...."

"I understand," she said, "I wouldn't have, but...."

"No, no," I said. "I mean, you don't HAVE to ask. Just tell me.
Tell me...." And now my heart pounded, as male hearts do when we
dare these imperceptible leaps of submission that nonetheless
feel to us like death-defying free-fall - utterances that send
pangs of glorious exposure through us while the unprepared woman
deflects their soft-spoken craziness with a quizzical blink and a
mantra of cognitive dissonance, "Yes, well, anyway...."

"Just tell me," I said, "your wish is my command." I gave her
what I think of as an earnest look, tilted head, widened eyes
just this side of sorrow. "And I mean that sincerely," I added,
at the same time thinking, Dear God, now I'm sounding like Sammy
Davis Junior.

"Mr. ---, don't you want to hear what it is first?"

"As a matter of fact, my dear, I don't" - (that false note of
gallantry again! but quickly corrected...) - "I want you to
remember later in life, when too many men to count have served
you unhesitantly, that I...(here I mentioned my name, with much
conviction)...that I, one wintry day at Logan, was the first. ONE
of the first, anyhow. A woman like you, I mean.... What are my

So this was how the man I'll call Renny Polhemus, whose
destination lay along the same narrow road to the deep north as
my own, whose "reserved" rental-car was probably being hauled
from a snow-bank hours north of Boston even as we spoke, and
whose business was urgent...and so on, and so on...this was how
he ended up my passenger on a drive that was meant to give me
three hours or more of evening solitude.

Polhemus was standing out of ear-shot as Emily shyly delivered
what I wanted to feel were my instructions. He was quite a
handsome man, actually, tall, early middle-aged, graying. He wore
a chocolate-brown trench-coat, full-length, Italian-cut, smooth
black desert-boots and an olive Borsolino. There was a
fiber-flecked sport-jacket, dark shirt and darker tie under his
coat. A man of artistic bent and obvious sophistication - that
was a relief - though looking rather miserable just now, what
with his travel-plans foiled. I asked Emily to introduce me as
Tom Black, if she didn't mind. Yes, of course, she said,
addressing me luxuriously by my real name, she understood.

I tried, as we pulled into the airport traffic, to cast one last
look of exceeding surrender in Emily's direction, but, collision
being imminent, I was obliged to cut it short, and I doubt that
Emily caught what I was sure would have remained the memorable
picture of an important man's diligence in her service.

Polhemus and I made the requisite small-talk: how kind I was to
let him hitch with me, the difficulties of winter-travel, the
impossibility of following the highway-signs in Boston, our
hometowns, our lines of work. He was an illustrator. I'd probably
seen his work - book jackets, New Yorkers, c***dren's books. We
must have had acquaintances in common. We'd come in on the same
flight: he'd noticed me, hard at work at my computer the whole
way. I didn't look like a suit, though, and I wasn't wearing one,
and I didn't keep rummaging through papers, so he'd concluded
that I was a writer or a journalist.

"Exactly right," I said, without settling the remaining
ambiguity. I detected that Renny and I wore the same cologne.
This increased my affection for him. Not being a shallow person,
I judge exclusively by appearances. One learns in the cult of
feminine beauty how sound a procedure this is.

We went on a bit about computers. What a boon they've been in our
work. It was obvious that neither of us found this theme
enriching. We'd fallen silent by the time we hit the northern
suburbs. It was dusk already. Then Polhemus thanked me again for
agreeing to take him.

"I couldn't refuse the girl," I said, hoping this sounded more
good-humored than slighting.

"Lucky for me, then," he said. "I was taken with her, too,
actually. You could see she had the knowledge."

"The knowledge?"

"Isn't that what you meant, then?" he said. "The knowledge of us?"

"Us?" I said. "You and me?"

"Men," Polhemus said. "Us men."

"Wait," I said. "Are we talking courtesy-of-the-knee stuff,
humble-makes-pure?" He'd either know the code or he wouldn't.

"The knowledge," Polhemus said. He intoned a few measures: "Some
say it's in service...." His voice was deep and hardly needed
raising to sound dramatic. He could carry a tune whispering.

"My word," I said gaily. "I hadn't pinned you for a Rosicrucian,

"Pure AMORC, Tom," Polhemus said.

Then he asked me if I and that laptop of mine had gone
world-wide, and if so, did we browse certain newsgroups? When I
said we had and did, he began to mention correspondents he
especially liked. Amity, Mule, Vickie Tern, Estragon. Did I know
them? Rather, I said, and asked if he, Polhemus, ever posted. He
was just a grateful reader, he said. What about me, then? he
asked. You know me from my stories, I said. Imagine that, he
said, and asked if I was Mule or Estragon?

Polhemus spoke of the fellow-feeling my stories induced. He
remembered curious details from each of them, including early
excursions I myself had half-forgotten. It was sometimes uncanny,
he felt, that my experiences - if that's what they were, genuine
experiences, and didn't I imply as much? - that my experiences
corresponded so often with his own. My "Serving Young Girls" came
close to home, he said; perhaps, if I liked, he'd explain in a
little while. He remembered my writing that I could not recall a
time when sex did not mean female-supremacy to me. I told him it
was so, adding that my recollection goes back pretty far.
Polhemus said he'd like to say the same of himself, but the truth
was that he couldn't recall. He'd been a late bloomer, sexually
speaking, a boy in love with solitude and his sketch-pad. Some
indolent boyhood masturbation aside, his first distinct memory of
arousal was of his s****r Sylvie, younger by three years,
climbing into his bed when he was ten and tumbling around in it,
crawling cavalierly over him with her diminutive body. When she
first caught on to the erection she was causing, she laughed at
the silliness of it, but couldn't keep from making frequent
"accidental" contact with his penis thereafter. She never lost an
opportunity to observe her effect on her b*****r.

Renny was just at the beginning of adolescence and his organ was
needy and sensitive. Even the touch of an immature girl, and his
s****r at that, made him shiver and go weak. As she wriggled and
rolled across him, Renny would f***e himself to lie stock still,
suppressing the urge to squirm, scarcely daring to breathe, lest
his s****r mistake any movement on behalf of his own pleasure for
a rebuff. So he played possum, his erection alone alive, drinking
in the sweetness of a small girl's random bumps and grinds.
Sylvie was delighted with this result. Soon enough she recognized
that Renny's passivity indicated a power she possessed over the
boy. By eight she was using the precious gift of a hard-on as an
instrument of bribery, and then of domination. For a time she
practiced blackmailing him with the threat of exposure to her
eight-year-old friends - he was eleven already, his organs had
seen a growth-spurt, hair was starting to appear in the
neighborhood - but at last Sylvie realized that Renny had crossed
the line, that the menace he felt in the scene of girlish glee
she was always taunting him with had turned to promise. So Sylvie
arranged it to happen, arranged it so that he could feed on the
humility and luxuriate in the helplessness that young girls in
their careless amusement know by instinct how to instill in the
soul of a naked youth.

Renny was enslaved. At eleven, at twelve, as late as f******n,
no, all the way through high-school, he would trade service -
after-school missions to stores and libraries and laundrettes,
assistance with homework, plain waiting-in-case-of-need, not to
mention various acts of pointedly pointless exertion - for the
opportunity to remove his clothes and stand at attention or kneel
before members of Sylvie's circle, pleading with them for
permission to masturbate in their presence or endure some other
shame to make them feel queenly. At the beginning, of course,
watching a boy spout sperm was a treat for the girls, their first
inkling of the state of helplessness their sex could induce in
the other simply by looking on. A boy's ejaculation readily
confirms a girl's suspicion that he lacks command of himself. The
next step is easy for her: fill the power-vacancy. So Sylvie and
her friends - as many as five at a time - would huddle on a couch
and watch Renny bring himself off, one orgasm for each girl
present, the girl herself dictating the posture and pace of the
act. Even for a boy at high hormonal tide, six comes could take a
while, but Renny was not free to go his way until he'd delivered
them all. After a while, though, the gamut of ejaculations lost
its novelty for the girls and Renny's need to perform became more
interesting to them than the performance itself. Then he was
never free, for there were errands to do, real or trumped up,
tests of energy and servitude, and after each he had to strip
again and ask to be assigned one more, then dress and do it,
return and strip once more and importune for another, and so on.
They had discovered at last that what a girl would call
humiliation is the very prize a boy will beg for.

Away at college, Renny had intercourse for the first time. It was
attended with inconvenience. In any case, his real idea of
intimacy with a woman was more in keeping with the worshipful
emotions that were now thoroughly naturalized in him. On holiday
from college his first semester, Renny's lips and tongue were
made acquainted with the sacred sensation and sweet flavor of
woman's hiddenness, and his nostrils discovered the intoxicating
complexity of her divine perfume. His cheek felt the silken
smoothness of her thigh, his forehead the paradoxes of her pelvic
bone and pubic hair. Sylvie and the other girls had prepared this
Christmas cheer for him. Sylvie herself stripped and bound and
blindfolded him, pressed him to his knees at the foot of her bed,
then welcomed he could only guess which of her friends into the
room. He knelt there in vigilant stillness, recording the rift of
zippers, the rustle of skirts, the slide of denim. Then, with
delirious obedience, Renny offered oblation to six cunts once, or
three cunts twice, or maybe four cunts once and one cunt twice,
or...well.... There were four such afternoons during the
Christmas break. Seeing Renny off at the end of the holiday,
Sylvie reported that the girls were very pleased with his
proficiency. "They say it's your best event," she told him.

We were beyond the Boston suburbs. The traffic had thinned and
other motorists were steadily dropping away. The exits were
infrequent now, mere lanes, reverently named for the particular
outpost of the Bay Colony they vanished into. Polhemus's soft
baritone, rising every so often with sudden irony, but otherwise
free of stress, was the voice of a man well-acquainted with his
own heart. I interrupted his happy tale of cunnilingus to
conjecture that he had never married. My insight impressed him.
What gave his past away? The fact that he told his story of
sexual awakening without nostalgia, I said. As though no chasm
fell between past and present for him. People who have been
married seldom feel that continuity, I said. They've made
unfortunate adjustments. In any case, I was right about him,
Polhemus said. And right, he felt, about sexual innocence too:
one should never allow oneself to grow up sexually. Penises,
pussies - what senseless things they are, Polhemus said, and what
a senseless thing sex is.

"Total nonsense," he said carefully, and with feeling. "Total,
glorious nonsense." A long pause. "So, yes, I never married. But
I've had a good reception from women. I'm presentable-looking...."

"To say the least," I said.

"Kind of you. If you could see Sylvie, though...even at
forty-six, an angel of loveliness and power.... Sylvie married.
Married young,... to a teacher of hers who made her pregnant and
went his way. I always thought that was what she really wanted,
after all. Not the man, just the baby. My niece, you know, Amy.
My life's true love, in point of fact. My daughter, very nearly.
Twenty-six now. Cinematographer..., anyhow studying it...."

Renny resumed his chronicle. In college he became friendly with a
woman who ran one of the departmental offices. They were
fellow-artists. She was beautiful and quite young actually, but
to him she was an older woman. Soon he was posing for her, and
sometimes for friends of hers as well. He'd spend whole days
naked among women. There were no robes, no pretensions to
formality, but no fervent eroticism on the women's part either.
On his part? Well, yes, he had shameless erections all day long,
but the women largely ignored them, or smiled tolerantly, or, if
his hard-on threatened a particular composition, sent him off to
relieve himself. If someone brushed by him and he gave a start,
there might be a joke about his sensitivity. Otherwise, his penis
was left alone to yearn. It wasn't long, he was pleased to
report, before the femdom nature of his relationship to his
benefactress and her friends emerged. He served them in a dozen
ways - no, not sexually, though he once displayed himself at her
mother's request to one of the women's eleven-year-old daughters.
He was twenty then. Posing nude became a privilege, his payment
in a sense for strenuous service elsewhere. There were times when
some delinquency or other actually cost him a day's nakedness,
and, even though posing is hard work in its way, and even though
the women betrayed no sexual fascination with him, he was
despondent all week over the loss. The reflection that the ladies
cared less about it than he was no source of reassurance either.

Yet he did not exaggerate in calling his "older woman" a
benefactress: next to Sylvie, she did more to set him on his
track than any other person in his life. She taught him to see a
woman's most inattentive glance as a rich and certainly unmerited
reward. Yet she gave him plenty of attention for all that: she
taught him to hold doors and yield his seat and place in line, to
reach gently for the parcels so as to cause a woman no
embarrassment - all the residue of chivalry. And she taught him
how to dress, with taste, with flair. To this day, her theory of
the necktie seemed to him worlds ahead of any other. The necktie,
she would explain, was certainly a phallic symbol. No news there.
But it was colorful and ornate, as the phallus obviously is not.
The necktie is the male organ made feminine, redesigned to appeal
to and entertain the female. Not the functional old tool, the
horny weapon, but this frivolous, fluttering windsock, useless
but amusing, an announcement to women: Take me lightly, I live to
please you.

"Some theory, don't you agree?" Polhemus said. "An impressive
woman. I once calculated that I orgasmed imagining her two
thousand times in the couple of years I knew her. No matter whose
picture I began with, she always moved into view well before I
came. I don't think she ever guessed how many seed-spills
moistened this boy's bed on account of her on a given day." Then
he spoke again of Amy, of how he was present at her birth,
reminding Sylvie and sometimes himself to breathe, of how pleased
Sylvie was to have borne a girl, of Amy's good nature, of her
charm and wit and many talents.

We were alone by now on the wintry road. Snow banks lined it,
returning an unearthly glare to our headlights. Beyond them, the
skeletal trees and piney woods were black and vaguely ominous. In
harmony with Polhemus's melodic recollections, my memory was
speaking softly too: this landscape was a bush of ghosts for me.
I thought of Daisy, whom I called Katie in "Serving Young Girls."
It was not so far from here that I gave myself to her twenty-five
years ago. She was fifteen, her s****r and friend still younger.
In reality, I felt terrible anguish for some time afterwards,
imagining that I had done deep wrong in showing those intensities
to minors. The fact that at the same time my mind relived the
feverish ecstasy of it daily did not assuage my fear. It was a
while - it needed a maturer Daisy's reassurance that the girls
had never doubted the good it did them - before that episode took
its canonical place in my history, rehabilitated from a source of
guilt to a hope of heaven. As Polhemus, the shadow at my side,
went devoutly on about his niece's brains and beauty, I thought
of Daisy.

"When I read 'Serving Young Girls,'" Polhemus said, "the
description of...was it Katie?...fresh and pretty and athletic
and womanly all at once, well, I thought of Amy."

"Her real name was Daisy," I said. "It was years ago...."

"The important thing is that it's still alive for you. Not nostalgia,
not that wistfulness at the lost exuberance of youth.... I hate
bemusement, Tom. I think we're of one mind on this."

"I think we are."

"I admit," Polhemus said, "everything perishes, everything fades.
But how awful! How absolutely awful! Everything in us should rise
against it."

"People believe they're taking command of destiny by greeting it
with open arms," I said. "Nothing can be further from the truth.
The future isn't really there waiting. It's a figment, so be
arrogant towards it. That's my view. Love the world for the women
in it. Practice cunnilingus, the yoga of rejuvenation. Have a
minimum of four ejaculations a day, at least two of them to the
memory of yesterday's cunnilingus or the anticipation of
tomorrow's. Estragon's northwest passage to eternal life."

Polhemus laughed politely. But his heart had shifted. Though he
tried to carry on in my vein, his voice caught. That theme of age
and perishing, which he had introduced, now saddened him. Yet I
doubted that this man was capable of grieving for himself.

"She's twenty-six, your niece?" I said.

"I have to tell you something, Tom," Polhemus said. "A story. Not
an anecdote. Longish. Will you indulge me? I've told no one, but
you're the one to hear it. It's a thing you'll understand. Be
grateful for perhaps."

His fervor worried me. I peered at his dim profile, straining to
make out a long gray beard and glittering eye. When I spoke, I
made light. "Wait, don't tell me. You also grew up to serve young

"One girl," he said. "Just one. For one afternoon. And even
though I've been, as they say, lucky in love and have known
countless moments of submissive ecstasy, moments in which time
dissolved and my very identity with it, moments in which the
woman to whom I owed these sensations seemed the paramount f***e
in the universe, with every right to consume me - even though
I've lived these things that other men yearn for, and will go on
living them till the grave gapes, one thing I'll never experience
again - it's quite impossible, except in recollection. It can't
be prepared for, and it certainly can't be recaptured. I don't
mean acts. I mean the sense of them, the depth, the indescribable
feeling of the hunger that defines you being fully fed for the
first and last time in your life. I mean the sweetness I knew on
a certain afternoon in summer a dozen years ago. Quiet, honest,
ravishing sweetness, utterly sexual and absolutely innocent -
Penis delivered up to No-penis without shame or misgiving - like
a return to Eden, with all the memories of guilt erased."

All at once Polhemus fell silent, as though the prospect of
rehearsing the lovely tale had already ravished his power of
speech. Our road was winding steadily upward now, and every so
often, as we took a turn, our high-beams would dramatically
illuminate a grove of trees. To show my patience with his quirky
exposition, I called my companion's attention to the wintry scene.

"Look, Renny," I said, "the Junipers shagged with ice. The spruces...."

"It was August. Amy was f******n," he said. "For days on end a
c***d still, then, for one afternoon out of seven, a woman, more
than not...."

Part Two

"Of course," Polhemus said, "girls are always women deep down.
Every day and long before the womanly features show. Wasn't it a
great shock to us pubescent boys to realize this? To discover
that girls have had the edge all along - that even the young ones
with not a single feminine bend or bevel from top to...,well,
bottom..., even the lanky young ones, flat as a sheet of paper,
have the knowledge and see through us and go around laughing at
the lot of us in their sleeves? One day it hits you that all this
new bigness you're so proud of down in your bicho and's just a convenenient development for the fair sex:
you'll be easier to see, easier to manage, easier to put to
shame. You remember it that way, don't you, Tom?"

I told him Christ, didn't I! I had stories, I said, but, come to
think of it, he knew that.

"The point is," he said, "when I speak of Amy's being more girl
one day, more woman the next, I'm referring to something beyond
the ground level. Small differences that are enormous
differences. I'm not talking masquerade. No big banner declaring,
'The woman is in today.' Smallest flowers have deepest roots,
don't they say? Barely tangible, earth-shaking differences: a way
of turning her head, the angle she looks at you from, something
in her carriage or the fan of her fingers that tells you she
feels completely harmonious today, from her long dark hair to her
adorable, suddenly polished toes.

"It was such a day for Amy. There had been others. But once I saw
it, I also realized how slow I'd been to accept it. How many days
that summer had I seen her in her swim-suit, registered the all
but imperceptible stubble under her arms, the glossy finish only
a shaved leg possesses. Yes, I'd observed the bonnie braes upon
her chest, but she was such a slender girl. And when I noticed
her maillot pleated a little into her crack..., well, my first
thought was, how sweet her lack of self-consciousness. My mental
image of her, my dream-image - maybe because I was her uncle -
was still Amy the c***d. It was to grow quite archaic before the
day was out. It's strange how willfully blind we can be. Sylvie
at seven, and all her friends soon after, unforgettably sexual
little beings - but not Amy at f******n, a good dozen-and-a-half
menstrual cycles into womanhood? How mindless of me.

"The Polhemus clan has this beach-house in Amagansett. The house
goes far back. Big establishment. We're a large f****y. Sylvie
and I had joint custody of the place each August. Some years it
would just be Sylvie, Amy and me; years when we adults were in
love, our happy partner or partners would be there too. That
particular summer was different. I should explain that Sylvie,
once the pregnant drop-out, had found her way back to school and
ended up becoming a doctor. Yes, my s****r's a doctor.
Hematologist. That summer she was doing rotations on her
residency and couldn't stay on the Island. So it was Amy and me
alone, and Sylvie would make it out when she could.

"I always had some piece of work that needed finishing and I'd
furnished a studio out there. I had built an enormous table whose
top was a solid-core door. Heavy as hell. Amy liked to join me
while I worked. She'd sink into an arm-chair and read, or she'd
watch over my shoulder as I worked, commenting and questioning. I
had a certain stock joke with her on those occasions. She never
got tired of it. I'd sit there, apparently absorbed in my
drawing, unaware for all Amy knew that she was even present. I'd
busily sketch this figure and that and then, without the
slightest change of manner, not even the hint of a smile, quickly
and calmly draw a caricature of her which she'd recognize
instantly. She never lost her fascination with this elementary
ability of mine.

"'It's just a couple of lines, Uncle Renny. I mean, how can a
couple of lines do all that?' she'd say. 'And you're not even
looking at me, but there I am.'

"'I don't have to look at you, darling,' I'd say. 'I carry a
picture of you in my heart. I look at that all the time.'

"Normally Amy would laugh at my sentimental confession. But that
day she said, 'I keep changing, you know, Uncle Renny.'

"I told her that my picture changed with her, but I silently
wondered if it was actually keeping pace. I turned to Amy. God, I
thought, she's utterly sweet and pretty, feminine without
affectation. If you had to supply the Webster's First
Intergalactic Dictionary with an illustration for the entry
'Earthling, female, young, pretty,' well, Amy's picture back then
would have left no ambiguity. Do you remember, Tom, those
adolescent debates about the difference between beauty and
prettiness? Beauty was always this lofty thing, prettiness kind
of likeable but home-grown? Sometimes I think that's utterly
wrong, or anyhow misleading. Beauty may be ethereal - I'm not
knocking it, believe me; types like us, like you and me, Tom,
beauty is a necessity for us - but prettiness is an even deeper
mystery, really. Why? Because you can't get away with pointing
upwards to explain it. Beauty is from the gods - or, rather, the
goddesses. Wonderful of them, gracious, terrific. But, still and
all, prettiness is no less a mystery, and it's totally human.
That's my point. Nature is pretty (I mean, when it isn't horrid),
super-nature is beautiful (when it isn't terrible). Amy has her
mother's beauty, always has had. But, you know, in a
f******n-year-old, beauty is still a formality, a promise. It
isn't a sexual f***e yet. It isn't really alive. In a young girl,
the vitality and power is in the prettiness. Something much
closer to her basic nature as a female person.

"I had these thoughts for the first time that day, challenged by
my pretty niece to keep my inner image of her up-to-date. Besides
being beautiful like Sylvie, I thought, Amy is pretty too, and in
a way that's all her own. I think I sat contemplating her for a
time, and Amy sat still and let me, knowing, I'm sure, what I was
doing and pleased to see that Uncle Renny's habit of getting lost
in thought had for once gotten him lost in thoughts of her.
Suddenly I recognized that I had been for some time the
beneficiary of an indulgent smile. 'Ah,' it seemed to say, 'Uncle
Renny is just waking up.' Amy's mouth may be a touch too wide and
full for her face. A lips-to-visage ratio made for beaming - for
generous, dominant, lipsticked, heart-melting, sophisticated,
feminine smiles. I had an inkling then of the devastation my
niece's smile would do one day. Toward me it was just an
affectionate, almost daughterly gesture of forbearance, but that
touch of condescension in it, Tom - I think that's the quality I
mean - there was, to be honest, something arousing in it,
something precocious and knowing and, yes, because of that,
arousing. I don't mean that it hardened my penis there and then.
I don't think that's what happened. It was more that it made me
look at Amy with a different eye. It made me consider her as a
member of the class, Penis-Hardeners - just in the fashion of an
observer. What do you know, my own little niece is one of those
Penis-Hardeners you hear about! It wasn't that I began to lust
after her. God, no. Nothing of the kind. I'm not that way,
believe me.

"But I saw a sweet infusion of woman in the girl. A weak dose,
maybe, but of a d**g so potent, a droplet in a thousand can leave
you entranced. The effect was astonishing, the more so because
there wasn't a theatrical thing about it. Amy wasn't putting on
an act. She wasn't dressed in an unusual, suggestive way. In
fact, she was wearing her everyday, summertime girl-duds. Loose
white shirt, khaki shorts, tennis-sneakers. Honest clothes for a
girl her age. But for that very reason, they appeared suddenly
filled with the truth of our difference. All of a sudden, they
were sexy. You're the one to understand this, Tom,...Estragon. If
I understand YOU, your stories that is, you have a distaste for
artifice, role-playing, theater...."

"I love theater sometimes," I said, "particularly in the
theater." Renny seemed not to find this observation worth my
interrupting him for. But he made polite use of it, as a skillful
teacher does an irrelevant contribution by the class idiot.

"Exactly," he said, "exactly. In the theater. But not in the
bedroom, or the dining-room,...or the restaurant before the
theater. You're terribly afraid of discovering that everything
alluring in women, everything we bend our knees to, is the
product of artifice, like some gorgeous stage-set palace, thin as
a wafer. Am I right, Tom? Yes, you love dresses and pumps, you
love cosmetics - and so do I, so do I - but you have to see them
as dressing nature to advantage, not disguising it, let alone
usurping its place. Don't you worry incessantly about shaving?
Don't you have a whole theory about it? Thinking, it would have
been better if women naturally had no hair on their legs or under
their arms. Then thinking, but if I believe THAT, then shaved
legs etcetera are pure falsification. Oh, but that's too
horrible, too horrible. Then comes pubic hair, enormously
complicated, another dimension entirely. So you do the casuistry,
some fol-de-rol about geometry and feminine self-fashioning and
why having legs to shave is for the best. Don't misunderstand me:
I breathed a week-long sigh of relief when I read 'Fashion's
Slave,' Tom. You and I, and men like us, we don't want the sex we
adore to be a figment of our imaginations. We want to submit in
daylight reality to real women, don't we? Not to actresses in
clever costumes under cover of night."

Polhemus had the mind-set down pat. I half envied his ability to
phrase it. I told him so. "As for Amy...," I said.

"She raised her arm at some point, and I found myself desperate
to look up her sleeve. Just the short sleeve of a t-shirt, you
know. I'd seen her arm-pits plenty of times, but just then I
wanted a STOLEN glimpse at them, shaved and waiting under wraps
until their bareness was needed. Naked arm-pits: they're as
delicate and personal as the Hill of Venus - almost. I take it as
a colossal privilege that women display them freely all summer
long. But my real joy is in the stolen gander. I can't explain
this, Tom, but I see a small-boned woman, or a youngster like
Amy, in a t-shirt, and my eye immediately looks for entr=E9e,
pries up the unfilled diameter of her sleeve and avidly seeks the
patch of delicate depilation - and when I get my glimpse (this is
the bewildering part), my heart goes soft. I melt with tenderness
for the creature, with gratitude and a wish I can barely control
to f***e my way into her home and do her housework. She's fragile
and strong all at once. Fragile as a girl, strong as a woman.

"So it wasn't merely that I saw a bit of woman in my niece that
day. It was just as much that she was reminding me of all the
girl there is in women. You see a killer beauty somewhere,
dressed to perfection, full of power, with a cunning hair-style
and high breasts and smooth stockinged legs and heels that only
enhance her grace as she glides by you - you see her, every inch
reflecting the whole hypnotic glitter of womanhood, and you
think, It must be awfully hard to live on that level, she must
need to slip down into unrestrained girlhood now and then. And
soon enough you see her again, or you see her s****r, making her
way back from the gym or a jog, in a tank-top and shorts, her
hair pony-tailed, a bottle of designer water in her hand, and you
wonder at the magic of the sex: ravishing as the woman in the
deadly black dress, just as ravishing as the girl in
running-togs. So much of Amy's sudden effect on me that afternoon
depended on my seeing it both ways. I know you understand this,
Tom, but it's one of those truths we keep rediscovering and can't
get enough of.

"Amy's chest was a nebulous puff under her loose shirt. Mostly
just a suggestion of female developments, but nothing definite.
But then, when every so often she stretched in a way to pull the
fabric taut, I could see that her breasts were firm and real and
perfectly in proportion to her changing body. The hint of slender
bra-straps under the white cotton all but moved me to tears. And
to a kind of awe, in fact: this c***d's body already bore the
signs of a privileged destiny - breasts, Tom, unmistakable
breasts - and Amy was welcoming the fact by donning this singular
undergarment, this incontrovertible proof that womanhood is not a
matter of the sexual organs alone, but of the entire body, even
parts independent of the hill and valley down below. There it is,
drawn proudly across her shoulder-blades, the broadest part of
her back, way up in the thin air, a different climate altogether
from the moist tropics of her sex. The other side of the world,
too, and yet there it is, the unmistakable banner of committed
femininity. I was her uncle. She was my s****r's c***d, and so,
in a way, my c***d too, my ward. I loved her as my own flesh and
bl**d. I took responsibility for her, and some credit too. But
now I was getting a message. From a few frail bands of cotton
across my niece's shoulder, I was getting an unmistakable
message: something stronger than uncle-hood was taking over,
displacing me, cutting me down to size.

"This must be the case with all fathers of girls. I think so:
they play their part in creating them and imagine for a while
that they have title to them - isn't that where parental
authority comes from? From the rights of the creator over the
creature? In any case, they imagine they have such rights. But as
the femaleness of the c***d emerges, the woman that she will be -
it dawns on the poor men that they are expendable agents of a
higher power - call it what you like, nature, fate, the eternal
feminine - the woman that she will be, and always has been
intrinsically, surpasses the mere man who fathered her. It is
like being the human partner in some divine marriage of
convenience: you remain an ordinary mortal, but, thanks to your
supernatural spouse, the c***d you assist in bringing into
existence is infinitely superior to you, and you are at most the
guardian of her infancy, her temporary tutor and groom.

"It awe, then - awe more than lust - at the immense f***e my own
poor power had gotten caught up in - it was awe at the inexorable
thing my shy, slender niece was part of that first caused the
reaction in me to which Amy was pleased to call my attention.

"'Can I tell you something, Uncle Renny?' she said. I was still
at my table, but turned in my swivel-chair toward her of course,
studying her as I've described.

"'Anything, my dear,' I said. 'Tell me.'

"'Well, then, I know you're having an erection in your pants
right now, and I think I'm the cause of it...,' she said. 'While
you were staring at me just now, I was watching it happen.'

"I started to deny it, but Amy gave me her big, condescending
smile, and there was a disarming look of tender scepticism in her
eyes, so I ended up apologizing instead.

"'It's all right, I'm f******n. I know the facts of life,' she
said. 'I know men's penises get hard for girls. And yours is hard
for me, Uncle Renny. I'm only asking you to admit it.' She'd
grown gleeful as she spoke.

"'I admit it, then,' I said, 'but that doesn't mean I'm proud of it.'

"'Well, I'm proud of it,' Amy said. 'I'm just hanging around
minding my own business, but, unbeknownst to me....'

"'Unbeknownst to you, you say?'

"Amy laughed. 'Totally unbeknownst. The woman inside of me was
hard at work giving you an erection, Uncle Renny. I'm proud of my
inside woman.'

"'Hard at work, your inside woman?' I asked. 'How come unbeknownst?'

"'It's an idea of mom's...," Amy said.

"'I should have guessed.'

"'...If we had to be aware of all the complicated techniques
connected with being a woman, it would be a full-time job. So,
fortunately, they're just wired into us. Second nature. As I
understand it, when you get older you develop these sensors that
let you know the effect you're having without you really having
to pay attention. But when you're a girl like me, you're still
dumb about these things. I mean, the sensor's there and bleeping
maybe, but you don't know what it's telling you.'

"I'm sure the more it bleeps, the more you'll understand,' I said.

"'Of course,' Amy said. 'It can't be easy making something like
that happen to another person's penis without actually going and
taking it in your hand and giving it a squeeze.... It's like...what do
they call that power?....

"'You mean the power that doesn't exist? Telekinesis....'

"'But it does exist, Uncle Renny. I've just used it to give you
an erection.= '

"'That's the exception,' I said. 'Girls' telekinetic power over
boys...that's the one proven exception. But, as for going and
giving someone's penis a squeeze..., have you tried that too?'

"'Not yet,' Amy said, 'but I'd like to correct that really soon.
Maybe today,...who's to say, you know?' She gave me a sweet smile
that had been intended for a sly one. 'I think the rule should
be, anyone who gets an erection for a girl owes it to her to let
her see it and play with it,' she said. Then she got flustered.
'Oh, God, Uncle Renny, I don't believe I said that.'

"A surge of love went through me. 'Your mother's daughter,' I
said. 'That's what you are...and I love you both.' I reached my
arms toward Amy and she put herself girlishly into them,
sideways, without exactly settling on my lap. 'You don't have to
be embarrassed by what you say to me, darling. I live for your
mom and you.'

"'As well as for Barbara and Sandra and Ulrike and Nicole
and....' She was naming as many of my girl-friends as she could
recall. But there was no real reproach in her tone. Rather the
opposite: it was as though my devotion to her mother and her was
all the more impressive given the many fine women in my life. And
when I replied, 'But you first of all,' Amy had reason to take me
at my word.

"She was leaning lightly on me, her slender frame tucked between
the arm of the chair and my thigh. It wasn't a comfortable perch
for her, but it gave her a close, clear view down my body.
Strands of her hair fell against my cheek; it had the scent of
marjoram. All of Amy did. We joked a bit longer, about my
girl-friends, about Sylvia and me as c***dren. 'Mom says she had
you wrapped around her finger then,' Amy said.

"'Then?' I said. 'And what about now?'

"'My turn,' Amy said. And then, with sudden resolution, 'Okay,
Uncle Rennie, I have to do this. I have to. Okay.' And with that
she let her hand sink flat against my groin. All her weight went
into it: the pressure was less than crushing, but steady and
heavenly. My penis swelled against her palm. Before I could sort
out the good and bad of it, I was sighing frankly, awash in the
sweetness. It was like a nourishment long withheld. Why so, I
can't say. I was not what you'd call sex-starved. I'd been a
well-adjusted submissive for years and years. I was thirty-seven.
I'd never visited a professional, never needed to. I was
unashamed of my needs and always found lovely women who consented
to my serving them. All the same, Amy's abrupt, unsubtle touch,
all nature and no art, was instant bliss. All my senses turned
groin-ward. My muscles surrendered to the girl. I'm sure she felt
it happen.

"'Do you like what I'm doing, Uncle Renny?' she asked.

"'Oh, my little miracle, I do...,I do, far more than you can guess.'

"Amy laughed liked a c***d. But the idea was too good to believe.
Could it really be so easy, she was wondering, to exercise your
woman-power? 'Come on,' she said. 'Don't just say that. Tell me

"'I'm telling you truly, my sweet dummy,' I said. 'Amy, believe
me, you are making me feel like I've never been touched before....'

"'Which isn't true,' she said.

"'Which isn't true, but....'

"'My mom and bunches of her friends, for instance....'

"'She told you all that?'


"'ALL that?'

"'Why shouldn't she, Uncle Renny? I mean, we're fellow-girls, mom
and I, aren't we?'

"Amy adjusted her position a little, which led to a slight change
in the pressure of her hand. The small movement might as well
have been an earthquake. I was already lodged tight in my chair,
but I slumped inwardly. My voice went hoarse. 'Oh, Amy,' I
unintentionally growled. It was the voice of a wounded man,
pleading and capitulating at once. It startled the inexperienced
girl. She pulled her hand away. But this only changed my blissful
agony to anguish plain and simple. 'Darling, no...,' I said.

"'It really matters to you, Uncle Renny?' she said.

"I could just manage to speak the words, 'Oh, darling,' in a tone
of earnest confirmation.

"'Okay,' Amy said, returning her hand to its place over my
erection, 'I can put it back. If that's what you want....'

"I thanked her. As though she had passed the butter, I thanked
her. But she couldn't fail to sense my gratitude. My body thanked
her. My penis throbbed and twitched. I squirmed to give it
quarter. It nuzzled against Amy's slender hand. "'Gee,' Amy said.

"Sylvie, I kept thinking, what would you say? In my mind I begged
for my s****r's forgiveness - for her forgiveness first, but then
for her approval. If only Sylvie were near to tell me she
welcomed this. Couldn't it perhaps be good for Amy? To be shown
her own power and his submission by a man who loved her dearly, a
man with whom she was perfectly safe? Wouldn't Sylvie be all for
it? It's not in his bones to hurt Amy, she would say. He lives
for us, she knew. Then wasn't she one hundred percent correct in
her faith in me? Would my mind or body be capable even of an
unwitting impulse that might prove harmful to my beloved girl?

"I went round in this circle, aroused and agitated. Amy was
beginning to shift her hand rhythmically across my lap, evidently
enjoying the sensation of my hard penis snapping under it from
one side to the other. Then, quietly, she asked if I wouldn't
like it better without my clothes in the way. 'Anyhow, I would
like it better,' she said. 'This is new stuff to me. Mom said
maybe if I asked....'

"Maybe if she asked, Tom! The words were incandescent. They
changed the world in an instant. They were a blessing. Sylvie's
blessing. My heart opened and s**ttered its fears to the wind.
Amy was going to put me under - was already doing it - and there
was nothing else to think about. No fear to keep at bay. No
misgiving. I had a vivid premonition of what was to come, a thing
almost too exquisite to bear on this earthly plane, as though the
whole afternoon had been concentrated in a single moment which
would now be rolled out to magnificent length.

"I wanted to tell Amy that asking was beside the point. I wanted
her to command. But the distinction seemed gratuitous just then.
She was f******n. She was starting later than her mom, but, of
course, her mom had had me.

"'Yes, Amy, ask,' I said. 'Ask. You know I can't refuse.'

"She furrowed her brow. Something hadn't been put right. Ah, I
understood. I had it now. 'Can't refuse,' I said, '...and never
want to.'

"'There's something I'd like a lot, Uncle Renny,' she said.
'You'll think it's silly, but I'd truly like it a lot. Uncle
Renny?' As she said this, she instinctively closed her hand for
the first time over my penis, or over as much of it as she could
grasp through my stubborn clothes. (I was in shorts too, but
heavy, pleated things.) Amy had made the fundamental connection:
his penis is a handle; you're a girl; handle him with it. Even if
(as was very likely) Sylvie had already plied her with some
theory, this was certainly the moment Amy first experienced its
truth. I found it very moving, Tom. I mean, apart from exciting.
It brought tears to my eyes. A my-little-girl-knows-the-score
kind of thing. Do I have to explain this to you - I mean, the
relief a man feels at the sign that a girl he cares about has
discovered her birthright?

"'It won't seem silly to me,' I said, 'if it's something you'd
like, my darling.'

"'It probably will,' Amy said. 'But anyhow it's this. I'd like it
if you'd just lie on the table and I could sit in this chair and
do what I like with you.'

"'It sounds wonderful, Amy.'

"'You understand what I mean, don't you?' she said. 'You'll
undress - no, you'll just take off your shirt - and lie on the
table - I'll help you clear it off, Uncle Renny - and then I'll
do...I don't know...what I do. Probably I'll open your shorts and
pull them down. Also what's under them. We'll see. Do you
understand what I mean now?'

"'I understood before, sweetheart,' I said. 'Please, now,
understand what I'm going to say. I want to give you everything,
Amy, more than I can tell you. I have to, for my sake as well as
yours. If you don't understand that now, you will, I hope, before
the day is done....' I made to rise from my chair while I spoke -
Amy had to lift herself off me - and together we began to clear
the table. 'I will do anything and everything you ask,' I went
on. Standing, I was rather conspicuous in the region of my fly.
Amy noticed of course, but she didn't laugh as I'd have expected.
Apparently it was a solemn sight to her, her eye shocked by a
reality her hand hadn't minded.

"'There's nothing you can want that I don't want also,' I said.
'Do you understand that, Amy?'

"'Not really, Uncle Renny. Does it mean you want to start
undressing now?' she said."

Part three

"There was only one honorable response to Amy's question,"
Polhemus said. "I lifted my shirt off at once. When my head
re-emerged, I was rewarded by one of those sublime - and now
erection-enhancing - smiles of approval my niece specialized in.
You know, Tom, I'd peeled off my shirt in front of that girl
hundreds of times. On the beach, around the house. I won't say it
meant nothing: she WAS a girl, after all, and when a man bares
his chest he's making some kind of little gender-statement, isn't
he? But it certainly never before had the feeling, the
importance, it had at that moment. It carried the sense of the
things that would follow. You start the wildest journey of your
life by passing the corner store, and you think, All those times
I ran out for milk, and didn't realize I was on the road to

"The way Amy took it, she might as well have been seeing me in
something less than a horse-blanket for the first time in her
life. That's the loveliness of it with a young girl: it's the
idea of what's happening that excites her. A man is removing his
clothes because he's different from you and you've asked to see
just how. It almost wouldn't matter what he had to expose; what
counts is the fact that he's doing what you wish, that whatever
the difference really is between you, it compels him to obey you.
And to go on doing it. The going on is important; her knowledge
that it won't stop, that there's another turn and then another,
and she can keep on having her way - that means the world to her.

"So, yes, Amy had seen that same bare chest and abdomen countless
times. She'd even made a thing of it now and then. My body-hair
amused her and worried her a little when she was young. Once upon
a time Sylvie told me that, after a day at the beach with me,
chattering gaily about this experience and that, Amy had begun to
speak of my hair and had confided that she was glad she was going
to grow up a woman because that would leave her smooth like her
mom and not hairy on her chest and belly like poor Uncle Renny.
But now it hardly mattered that she didn't think me a pretty
sight: this wasn't about aesthetics. I don't think men are
usually objets d'art for women anyhow. No, it was the meaning,
the meaning. Uncle Renny, a man, was getting undressed for...for
me, for Amy, a girl, a f******n-year-old girl, God!
WAS shocking, Tom. Shocking that baring a body could mean so
much. Wonderful and shocking.

"I laid my shirt over the chair, bent low before my niece to
remove my shoes and socks, then made it my business to stand
facing her as frankly as I could in that situation of inevitable
embarrassment. My erection was no secret. An impulse made me say,
'Thank you, Amy...thanks for letting me....' I didn't have to
finish the sentence. The point was to intercept any impulse of
Amy's to thank ME, to prevent the least gratitude on her part
from reaching the surface. It was happening fast: it's not as
though I'd thought it out. But years in the sect of woman made it
second-nature, I suppose. My instincts told me that I must do
everything to make the favor Amy's and the gratitude my own.

"Feeling my urgency, Amy said, 'You're welcome,' though there was
puzzlement in her tone. How to say what needed saying next? Did I
simply ask Amy what she wished or put it in terms of my own
desire to please? Did I say, 'Shall I drop my shorts now?' or
'May I...?...Shall I?' or 'May I?' The question was how to ask
the question. I made a slow, fumbling gesture of unbuckling my

"'Maybe, Uncle Renny,' Amy said, 'maybe I don't want your shorts
off yet, okay?'

"'Maybe I'll leave them on, then, sweetheart,' I said.

"'Maybe I'd like you to lie on the table now,' Amy said.

"Without turning away from her, I planted my hands behind me on
the table-top and hoisted myself up. Amy gave me an abbreviated
nod and I lay down. The door-wood was solid but strangely
comfortable. There's a feeling of insecurity in lying supine at
such a height, though, so I was glad when Amy took her place in
my swivel-chair. She's like an organist at her key-board, I
thought, the whole compass of her instrument within reach of her
outstretched arms. She asked if I felt okay and I told her I felt
perfect. Perhaps I shifted and wiggled a little, seeking my
detente before my niece. I let my limbs recline. I didn't look at
Amy - I thought I shouldn't just yet unless she ordered it. I
stared straight up at the ceiling, catching a glimpse of her
through the corner of my eye, but feeling by far more seen than
seeing. In that state I focused on my erection, imagining how it
must look to Amy making a gable in my pants. I became lost for a
moment in that reverie, to the point where I didn't sense the
lightness of her timid hand roaming over my chest and stomach. I
mistook it at first for a sudden breeze. But it was delicate,
curious Amy, tentatively trying the action. She didn't speak. But
I thought beneath her breathing there were whispers of
satisfaction as she slowly took possession of a man. Her fingers
skimmed, dabbed and palpated me. They rode over my breast-bone.
They snatched hairs, pinched nipples, glided south, over my
stomach, to a place beneath my navel, where they stiffened and
pushed in. They teased along my rib-cage and most delightfully
over the bone of my hip, which was partly hidden by my shorts. My
head was spinning, from helpless excitement and the altitude of
my berth on the table-top. But I kept myself stock-still. My
penis twitched with every stroke - visibly, I hoped, a mousy
tremor from somewhere in my fly. 'Amy, my darling,' I wanted to
say, 'don't fail to notice my hard-on, don't fail to see how you
make it jig. It's yearning for your hand, it's trying to reach
you. It wants to bask in your free sight of it, to glisten and
dance before your eyes. When will you strip me? When will you
grant it?'

"Then Amy's hand was resting on my penis. She'd been drifting
toward it, I guess, but the sensation was startling and made me
gasp. I gave a cry, 'Oh...,' and found it hard to say more. Amy
was amused. She was not being gingerly now. Her touch was
determined and meticulous, but the sensation was explosive. She
was trying to adjust my penis inside my shorts, trying to get it
to lie to the left. She was being purposeful, not seductive, but
her firmness registered with me through my clothes: I thought I
felt a moistness on my glans. With one hand she was drawing my
shorts and undershorts away from my body while with the other she
prodded and guided my penis to a place the resettled fabric would
hold it in. That done, she pressed her finger-tips into my groin.
She was excavating for my scrotum. She'd been building up to
this, but she wasn't sure, I think, what a pair of testicles
ought to feel like inside all that fabric, and with that hard
penis of mine obstructing her approach. That's why she had to
move it, I realized with admiration. She wasn't ready to strip me
apparently, but she wanted to be sure she'd hit ballocks when she

"'There,' she said to herself when she was sure the resistance
she was meeting was neither penis nor twill. I think the softness
of the sack, its readiness to give beneath her pressure,
surprised her. She'd expected balls to feel like...well, balls, I
suppose. Hard, discrete little units in a buttery soft purse. It
thrilled me to feel the firmness of her fingers digging into me.
My scrotum was well-cushioned and Amy's pressure didn't hurt. I
wished it did. I wanted to ache as all men should for my dear
little niece. But for all Amy knew, this stalwart exploration of
my balls could be doing a rugged job on me. Yet she didn't stint.
That thought alone was delightful to consider.

"Not wanting her to doubt herself, I reached into my entranced
body to bring up enough voice to explain how a scrotum contracts
and gets a little spongy 'when a girl gets a man excited. Maybe
that's why they don't feel like much right now,' I said, 'but,
believe me, Amy, they're there and working. When I'm naked...that
is, if I'm naked,...if you want it...well, if or when, you'll see
what I mean.' Amy thanked me for the information but wished I
wouldn't rush her. Yet as she said this, she began to undo my
belt and unbutton my shorts. For the first time since mounting
the table I turned to look at her. She had raised the chair and
was leaning forward against the table-edge, which was holding her
shirt taut. Her breasts looked firm against the fabric, womanly
and firm. The white of her shirt was made opaque by the
undercoating of her bra. Amy's face had reddened a bit, but it
was confident and youthful all at once. It was prettiness itself,
ravishing prettiness, nature in its glory, the kind of thing that
reassures you that the loveliness of women is the deepest reality
and not some trick of the light. Her hair was girlish - female,
girlish, they meant the same thing to me then - and it had gotten
a bit disordered, falling about her face, just managing not to
conceal her sweet dark eyes, so full of precocious understanding.
Her skin was young and naked - I mean it was female skin -
utterly smooth and poreless, and there was that shapely, wide
mouth, with its half-smile of gentle condescension toward the man
it captivated. You looked at her, Tom,...I looked at her, that
face I'd adored from its infancy, and it seemed to solve every
mystery in the world and repair every wrong. You know the feeling
I mean. The sense that absolutely everything else in the world is
crazy mad, the most appalling waste of time and a grotesque
misunderstanding of life besides. The only thing that's
reasonable and makes sense and gives you a chance to put things
right is to lie on a table under the gaze of your niece Amy, with
a big erection between your legs and your clothes gradually
slipping off your body in compliance with the girl's sweet will.

"It was the only will in the room, Tom. I had none of my own.
Already I was lost to myself. I was caretaker of my body, but for
Amy's sake, not mine. I lived on the property, but it was hers. I
felt infinitely cooperative. My only desire was to facilitate
Amy's. I was penetrated. Men think it's something if they're
permitted to slide a few inches of dick up a woman's sheath.
Superficial, Tom. you know. (I'm forgetting it's
you, Estragon. Forgive me. Carried away by memory.) Well, the
point is that women do the real penetrating. Their power
surrounds us, infiltrates us without any possibility of
resistance on our part. It more than penetrates us. It enters us
everywhere at once. It permeates us. So I was permeated with Amy.
I had been given this man's body - a slightly pathetic fate in
Amy's opinion - but inside a girl had taken over, a girl's heart
was beating in place of my own. Inside I had female wishes and a
f******n-year-old girl's irreverence toward my scrubby male skin
and this penis and these testicles I found fastened to my groin.

"My pants were open now. First the belt, then the buttons yielded
to Amy's persuasive touch. She'd spread apart my fly and, since
these shorts were pretty baggy, my swollen undershorts were plain
before her eyes.

"'We're getting there, Uncle Renny,' she said. 'I know you're
eager, but that's the fun for me, okay? To have you more eager
than me, even though I started it. I feel incredibly powerful
this way,' she said. 'I can't help it. I feel I have incredible
power over you, Uncle Renny. I look at you and I think, it's
amazing, this grown man lying on a table for me, and I'm
undressing him and playing with him and, big as he is, he's
totally helpless. I feel like you're my toy. I have to be honest
now. Like you are a person, but also a thing. You go back and
forth between them. I love you as Uncle Renny, but there's
something else there that isn't love. Just to be honest.
Something that's like what you feel about something you bought.
You can do whatever you like with it. It's a thing, that's all.
One minute you're a man, and the next you're something to play
with. Then I start all over again. I realize you're alive, and
grown up too. But, all the same, you ARE my toy....'

"'I am, Amy,' I stammered, for she had wrapped her slender hand
around my covered organ as she spoke, and this was a great
challenge to my own powers of speech. 'I feel it that way too.
Except that the man and the toy are the same thing as far as I'm
concerned. They're me, my darling. It doesn't matter that I'm a
grown man. The fact that you're a woman - and you are,' I said,
'You are, Amy, don't you see?...this fact is far more important
than who or how old I am. The weakness you're seeing in me you
can see in every man under the sun. I was your uncle when you
needed an uncle. I will be so again if you need me. Yes, you may
need an uncle again. But from now on you'll know...a girl's
uncle,...he's just a man...just a male...and that's what he's
been all his life to other women, to other his s****r,
your mom, and her young friends once upon a time,...and now to
you, Amy.'

"Amy nodded. Didn't say a word, just nodded. She seemed to be
thinking out her next step. She gripped my penis firmly in her
fist, without moving it in any way, as though, lost in thought as
she was, she'd forgotten she was holding it. I did nothing. Amy
was allowing me extraordinary selfishness. Even her absent-minded
touch was sweet and concentrated to me. All I had to do was lie
still and receive - her pressure, her words, her imperious
gestures. Yes, because suddenly she gave me a kind of equestrian
slap on the hip which I knew without reflection meant that she
wanted me to raise my buttocks off the table so that she could
ease down my shorts. Lifting my hips before her as she inserted
her fingers inside my opened fly gave me the sense of being a
sacrificial offering. I strained visibly - Oh, I hoped it was
visible - to make a grand arch of my pelvis, and poor Amy, the
divine being for whom this sacrifice was intended, had to stretch
her own body to manage the rest of my undressing.

"Or semi-undressing. Because Amy made it clear that she wasn't
going to let me shed my underpants all that quickly.

"'You know, Uncle Renny,' she said, 'this is all pretty new to
me. You know it is. I'm kind of afraid to see you naked. I mean,
I like it that you want me to. I even like it - I hope I can just
tell you this - I even like it that it's making you squirm and
suffer somewhat that I'm being so slow about it. It wouldn't
enter a girl's mind to be in a hurry to have a guy see HER naked.
At the most, it's a favor she might do him. But a girl...not just
me, Uncle Renny,...I mean any girl...any girl I know...because,
sure, we talk about it together, sure we girl I ever knew
would think how great it would be if some boy would just let her
undress for him. This is a one-way street, I guess.'

"All the while, Tom, Amy's got my penis in her hand. Still inside
my drawers, but hard within her grasp, and the agitation of what
she's saying is making her yank and twist it. I was already
dangerously near to coming, and I wasn't even nude yet.

"'I want it too, Uncle Renny,' she said. 'I'm just saying I'm
also afraid. I mean, look how carried away you already are. So
let's both get used to it, okay? I'll pull down your underpants
little by little. So what if it takes a long time?'

"So what if it takes a long time? My little niece didn't know the
theory of coming, Tom. My heart melted at the thought of what she
was to learn from her adoring uncle that day. At once she began
the sweet torture. First she pulled the waist-band of my
underwear away from my body and simply held me wide open to the
air, which rushed coolly in. Amy didn't attempt to look inside.
For a few moments she didn't attempt anything. Just held my
waist-band well away from my pelvis, ventilating my privacy but
refusing, to my chagrin, to invade it. Then, at last, she
inserted her free hand into the cavern, cautiously, weightlessly.
I felt her nails knock quickly against my upright penis and
recoil. I wanted to coo like a baby at the deep, fleeting
pleasure. Amy's hand floated in there, mapping my male terrain
without touching down. Her stealth was exquisite. I felt the
fronts of her fingers pass over my pubic hair, from right to left
and back again, several times. Their movement was lighter than
air and hardly distinguishable from it. Sensors in my scrotum
detected a single faint finger descending now to the left, now to
the right of my testicles, silent and elusive as a glider dipping
among alps. I was torn between the need to quiver in gratitude
for each precious droplet of this nourishment and the fear that
by doing so I should lose the next. There was a fleeting tickle
to each thigh, just below where my balls lay. My scrotum felt the
nearness and yearned to be included. Then my waist-band snapped
back against me.

"Silence. Silence and stillness. I turned again to look at Amy,
but this time she rebuked me.

"'Eyes closed, Uncle Renny. Eyes closed. Or, here, I'll make a
blindfold out of your shirt.'

"And so she did. Her hands had hardly left my temples when I felt
them below again, carefully drawing down my undershorts just
enough to expose a tuft of hair. She gathered some of this in her
fingers and pulled. Then she explored the sparser growth on my
stomach, as though she were trying to determine how the two
regions of hair were related.

"'Arms over your head, Uncle Renny,' Amy said. When I obeyed,
extending my arms well beyond the table-end, she sunk a few
fingers into my nearer pit, examined some of that hair too - the
hair of a man's body was obviously as puzzling to her as the
hairlessness of women is to us - then in the most leisurely way
let her finger-tips stray down my torso, giggling at every
shudder and moan she drew from me, arriving at long last at my
waist-band again, which she then lowered without ceremony to the
base of my penis. She pressed two or three fingers into the
little trough where the penis meets the pelvis. As a boy, I
always thought of it as a kind of moat you had to bridge to reach
the towering penis. Now Amy was frolicking in it, mocking it.
Almost carelessly, she pushed the elastic of my undershorts a
little way up my erection with her skipping fingers as they left
for a second or two their playground in my hair. It was the first
contact of her skin and my bare penile flesh. I was barely bare -
what, an inch of thick penis-base? that was it - but when Amy's
sweet nails flicked up that inch, Tom, it was full of storms.
I've always had trouble understanding why we refer to an
explosive experience like orgasm by the same term, "pleasure,"
that we use for lighter and milder things. What a weak word for
it! And how misleading! Something that shakes your being - is
that really just another "pleasure"? What I'm saying is that
Amy's terse little strokes were that explosive. "Pleasure" hardly
says it. A girl - a young girl, a pretty f******n-year-old girl -
and her f***e plunged so deep into me, it might as well have been
my first boyish encounter with a woman's hand. There's no
experience that compares with it. Your own hand? Why mention it?
Your hand is just an implement. A girl's hand? You call it that
because that's the only way you can make sense of it in language.
But it's ineluctable. A girl touches you, and you've been lifted
to another level of being. Caressed by an angel, whose gentlest
stroke will give you the bends. Oh, Tom, isn't it true - we want
their touch more than anything? More than all the adult kinks and
protocols, don't we want to be destroyed by that simple, sweet

"I tried to lie still for Amy. I understood what she wanted of
me, and I tried. But my erection, so desperate for full
disclosure, kept twitching and crying its entreaties out to her
in the voiceless way of penises, those truly dumb a****ls. Of
course Amy recognized my need. Again and again - I can't say for
how long - she coaxed my undershorts a little farther up my
penis. The effect was to pull the thing forward while the elastic
kept it in place, pointing toward my feet. With each additional
exposure, Amy would tease the whole length of my erection,
dwelling perhaps a little longer on just that borderline between
the covered and the bare. She didn't conceal her glee at my
inarticulate vocalizings and startled inhalations. That was part
of the sweetness, Tom. As young and unprepared as she was, she
had the female instincts: she took a natural pleasure in seeing
my need to feel her power grow greater than her need to exercise

"Each time Amy uncovered a length of my penis, she'd say, 'See,
Uncle Renny, we're getting there. Soon you'll be able to show me
everything. Everything, Uncle Renny...." And as she said such
things she might sweep a few fingers almost sternly across the
base of my penis, or maybe tweak my still-covered glans.
'Everything,' she'd go on. 'Your penis..., God, even your
testicles, Uncle Renny. Won't that make you happy as can be?'

"'As can be, my goddess,' I said. We speak of a sexy woman's
seductive voice. But a young girl's inexperienced condescension
isn't less mesmerizing. The opposite, rather. The mixture of
naivety and new-found confidence is irresistible.

"As she ran a finger-tip or nail up and down the length of my
penis, while I whimpered and squeaked at each infinitesimal
difference in stroke and pressure, Amy murmured slow, soothing
promises to me, like a mother with a fretful c***d, repeating the
words over and over again without thinking: 'Soon, soon. It will
be soon, Uncle Renny. Just hold on....' And I drifted into that
strange sexual sl**p in which consciousness doesn't dissolve, but
remains alert to a single place and feeling and the happy
sameness, the exquisite monotony, of quiet arousal. I became so
lost in this, Tom, that I nearly missed the announcement which
had burst suddenly from the hushed recesses of my niece's

"'Soon, Uncle Renny. Very soon I'm going to lift this cloth away
and let your penis out. Very soon, Uncle Renny. Be patient, Uncle
Renny. I'll do it soon. Maybe...maybe...yes, Uncle Renny, I
will...I'll do'

"And then it was done. The last inch of covering was gone and my
penis quivered free above my tightened balls. I don't think I
have to tell you, Tom, what an emotion a man feels when he is at
last made utterly bare before a girl. She may have teased you for
hours - it already seemed hours, in any case - and gradually
stripped you to the point where everything is visible except for
a small part of your penis, over which she's left no more than a
wisp of cloth. She sees everything. She's learned the lessons of
your body. There's no revelation left for her. Not really. The
rest is for you. To bring the humiliation of it home to you. As
long as that inch of cotton still conceals your wet, red glans,
by God! you're a man with some pride left. But when she pulls
that meaningless bit of cloth away at last, she might as well be
tearing plates of armor from you, if the thrill of defeat it
gives you is any sign.

"'You're naked, Uncle Renny,' Amy said. She methodically removed
my undershorts. I could hear her fail to suppress a laugh or two.
She had my testicles in her hand. My senses were riled and I
jumped and gasped with each dig and squeeze. At last she was
causing me the heavenly ache.

"'They're so...I don't know, Uncle Renny,' she said. 'Oh,
sweetheart, don't be insulted at all. But they're so...funny. Oh,
just think, you've been such a good uncle to me all my life, and
all along you've had these...balls...yes, these balls. And I
guess if I'd known what that was really about...well, I guess I
would have been nicer to you.'

"She gave my testicles what she must have conceived to be an
affectionate squeeze. I yelped of course. Amazingly, she then did
it again, and after that once more. After each of my involuntary
cries, she patted my balls tenderly and said, 'Aw, gee...,' with
the complacency of a princess. Tom, my heart raced: Amy wanted
the ache in me to last. After one of my more strident yelps, she
surprised me with a kiss on my lips. Not an erotic kiss. Not a
long one. Something to help me endure the ache she was pleased to
be causing me. A comforting kiss. To tell me I was poor Uncle
Renny, Uncle Renny whom she loved dearly but who happened, poor
fellow, to be a man.

Part four

"For a long time I lay on the table-top, entranced by my niece's
random strokes," Polhemus said. "Of course she'd had no practice
at titillation, but she had a woman's natural skill. Her fingers
moved over my cock and balls, along my ribs, across my stomach
and down my legs, teasing one moment, f***eful the next,...moved
where they wished, ...blithe and serene - and the cause of their
infallible magic could only be Amy's girlish intuition. She took
to the work of immobilizing me as though she was born to it.
Amy's presence - or maybe something naturally absent - THAT was
Amy's skill. I lay contentedly within my blindfold, seeing all
that I needed to see in my mind's eye. I could feel the afternoon
sun pouring through the window-slats to stripe my thighs and
singe the bottom of my scrotum. Amy's touch in those places was a
cool balm, and the slight chill in her fingers made them feel
competent and strong to me, made Amy herself seem cold in a way,
and irresistible.

"Her movements were unpredictable. Wonderful, indolent repetition
sometimes, abrupt pokes, slaps and tickles others. My role was to
receive, Tom. Simply to lie there adrift in the powerful, sweet
sensations, signaling their arrival at my brain with continual
yelps and sighs - the entire repertoire of spontaneous 'oohs' and
'ahs,' pliant 'yeses' and reckless 'oh, my Gods.' They appeared
to be all the acknowledgment Amy desired. My high-pitched
outbursts filled her with delight. Silly, helpless Uncle Renny.
I'd have done anything for her, Tom. You know that. My whole body
was an appendage of my penis, as thick and ponderous and reeling
as that d***ken little organ. Yet just like that I'd have leaped
from the table and sprinted to the rack if Amy asked me to,
fortified through every torture by the memory of her finger-tip
whispering casual, exquisite edicts to my glans. But my niece
required no such demonstration of my enslavement; she wanted
nothing beyond my pure passivity and openness to her touch. Of
course, of course. She was acting entirely within her nature.
Artifice and theater were the furthest things from her mind. I
was on display for her, yes, but I wasn't on stage. I was still
Uncle Renny, the same Uncle Renny, naked and helpless before her
simply because a girl's uncle, you know..., he's a man with a
penis after all.

"At each twitch and squeal from me, the little-girl part of my
niece would laugh freely. I was 'funny' to her. That was Amy's
word, wasn't it? What else is a young girl to think when she
first lays eyes on a male? We're funny, Tom. Funny-looking,
funny-acting. As boys we were funny with those poorly thought-out
objects between our legs, and we're more so as men. Seeing it,
saying it...that's part of a girl's sense of her power. You
played as you liked with the 'funny' things on a man, and he made
'funny' sounds and movements couldn't help it, you had
to laugh. The effect of that spontaneous candor was only to
deepen my own - to make me feel like an elementary man who had
never in his life conceived a guileful thought toward a woman.
Amy's innocence...does this make any sense, Tom?...Amy's
innocence restored me to my own. I remember detecting, amid the
lovely, hypnotic frissons, something like an idea in my head - an
indignant idea, part contempt, part furious bewilderment, that
sex - this thing between two mortal beings, Tom, - that sex
could ever get mixed up with shame, that the pure reflexes, the
natural play, of male and female tissue,...a man's helpless
erection, a woman's delight in causing it, his urgent humility,
her calm domination...that any of this sweetness should be
stifled for the human race in guilt. d**gged as I was with the
pleasure of being passive, I was appalled all the same at the
thought of this meaningless sacrifice of happiness, this refusal
of a thing within the reach of every man and woman's instinct.
Nothing brings me closer to believing in God than the sight of
beautiful women in public places. I mean, when I'm not on the
make for them and their existence on this sad planet is enough;
I'm simply grateful that they're in view, and I never lose my
astonishment that merely by sweeping past me in their special
womanly rush they can make the difference between my loving life
and my hating it. Who but a God could have dreamed up such a
consolation - sex, Tom, going all ecstatic, feeling all sublime,
because a woman has gotten the thing you pee with hard? It's
wild, it's nuts, it's even embarrassing...but it's our life here
on old earth. And then..., then to take the best proof of God's
existence and condemn it, and to do so in God's name! Oh, it's
ludicrous, Tom, and it's vile...."

I felt some troubled urge to interrupt the Polhemus polemic - not
out of piety, need I say?, but because I had followed this route
in my own thoughts many times: Polhemus and I shared a k**ney.
The innocence of perfect sexual harmony, man happily abject,
quivering, erect, woman softly dictating the terms of his
surrender, his knowing them a moment before he hears...I
understood Polhemus perfectly. His thoughts were my own, many
times my own. Man and woman a single organism, one part will, the
other obedience. But what of that frequent sensation, that common
knowledge, of the great chasm - the great difference in kind -
between the sexes? How much more often than innocence did we
acolytes of woman feel her awful estrangement? This state of
grace Polhemus was describing, this sense of perfect union with a
female heart, this thing that happened once in Polhemus's long
life of service - might it not be the fata morgana of the man in

"Renny," I said, "didn't you admit that sex is nonsense?"

"Glorious nonsense, I believe I said, Tom."

"Yes, yes, glorious. Would I quarrel with that? But innocence,

"What is more innocent than nonsense, Tom? What is more innocent
than the delirious, nonsensical ecstasy - we're talking ecstasy,
Tom, transcendent ecstasy, you see - what could be more innocent
than the ecstasy you get from the mere skim of a female hand
across your puny appendage? For that stroke we sigh and crumble
and say, 'I'm your slave.' I call that nonsense, I call it
glorious,...and sweet, and innocent.

"You can tell I'm not a sentimental man. If I were, perhaps that
afternoon with Amy would never have gone so deep. I'd have
imagined I knew it all already. Innocence?...Oh, yes, of course
sex is good and natural and just the right thing, the best thing.
That's what I'd have been thinking. I wouldn't mind hair under a
woman's arms at all, would I? Men and women, they're just the
same libidinous tissue...a penis more or less, what does it
matter? That's what I'd have been thinking. You've noticed how I
love science, Tom? Scientists say that there's life, advanced
life, all over the universe. A million times over, so they say.
There are civilizations, there's thought. Don't worry, I don't
believe we hear from them, but I have no trouble thinking they're
out there. It stands to reason. I have no problem with it. But
you know what I do doubt, Tom...?"

"I can't say I do just now, Renny."

"What I doubt is that a single one of those civilizations - and
there are millions, Tom - who knows what they look like? it's
unimaginable, but there are millions - yet I'm sure that not a
single one of those bright, civilized species light decades from
us in their fluorescent skins...I'm sure that not a single one
has the tropisms, the lurches, the whimpering necessities of the
thing we call sex. Sex is a one-time turn of events, a thing that
happened to happen on this earth. But only here, Tom. Crazily
only here. You see what I mean? The way we are, the things we've
learned, you and I, to harden for. Elegant clothes, delicate
scents, shaved legs - didn't we talk about all that, Tom? -
dancing and crooning and being urbane...? Earth is a sad planet,
and sex is why. Desire is why, the desire of men. But sex is our
consolation too, our sweet medicine. What are we men, we males,
Tom? Masses of desire that can never be satisfied. Electrical
circuits that flare and go short, then flare again. We're
disorders of nature, we men, instabilities that have somehow
endured. It's not possible that this could happen twice. Sex is
too deep, too mad, too fucking LOCAL to be innocent.... I know
this perfectly well. But I know that for one afternoon none of
this was so. Every man,...every man of good will,...has one such
impossible afternoon of earthly peace on his card.

"I know what I know. Amy was a girl, a female person. A thousand
things put her worlds apart from me. Deepened her beyond my
understanding. Just the fact that she menstruated...I knew what
it meant, Tom. I knew where it left me. Yet that afternoon I was
one of her limbs and nothing else. No rhetoric here. I thought
you understood that. You know, at one point Amy rested her head
on my thigh and blew little breaths against my penis and
testicles, and I felt that I could only go on living for as long
as she kept this artificial respiration up. Imagine I felt that
her breath was the source of my life. And then, when she put my
penis on trial, tweaked me, bent me from side to side, pressed me
hard into my own balls and just as hard into my abdomen, when she
volleyed my lumbering erection between her palms, or pulled and
twisted it, or dug her nails in, or spread my hopeful wetness
over the tip with her thumb...I mean, no matter what she did, I
felt it was my own need at work. I felt that Amy knew my need
before I knew it myself. Because she was the author of it, and my
very neediness, even before she satisfied it,...that was her gift
to me. You know this, Tom: need doesn't stop in a man. There's no
fulfilling it. Fulfillment is an illusion. Absolutely. But that's
its sweetness. The perpetual need. Do you see? That's the origin
of our enslavement. The impossibility. Otherwise, it would all be
economics...or electricity. This is where pain comes in. The
sweetness of pain. Most men like us, they let themselves believe
that pain is the way they demonstrate the totality of their
submission to women. That's okay. It's well enough to see it that
way. It makes no practical difference. But pain goes deeper
really. Pain comes first. Our hopeless desire IS pain. Pain
demands that we submit, causes us to do it, then asks to be kept
alive through tests and punishments. Submission is our way to go
on desiring."

"Amy caused you pain, Renny?" I asked. "And even that was

"The most innocent of all. If someone asked, after you've
gallantly withstood a few ladylike buffets to your balls, how you
could bear such pain, what would you say, Tom? That it didn't
feel like pain, or didn't feel MERELY like pain? Something of the
sort, wouldn't you? You'd explain that you were too excited, too
enraptured, too beside yourself, to register pain - that you KNEW
it to be that, but you weren't HURT by it. The intense sensation,
totally the opposite of anesthesia in fact, makes pain not hurt.
People think of pleasure as the most selfish thing there is. I
suppose that's why they condemn it in high doses. But the
pleasure of enslavement to a woman,...pleasure that deep - I
don't care how paradoxical it sounds - such pleasure makes you, doesn't MAKE you,...depends upon your having
already begun to put your self aside, because you need your
servitude that much. The pain your body senses when there's no
self left to assemble it into's atomized,...there's no
anguish in it. Don't you think the martyrs at the stake were
anesthetized by ecstasy? And who was more innocent? When you
suffer for a woman, she...the woman...makes you innocent and
immune, and you suffer and in a deeper sense you don't; she lends
you the courage to bear what it pleases her to visit upon you.
She envelops you in her sweetness..."

"You're talking nonsense, Renny," I said. "But it's glorious
nonsense. I shouldn't have interrupted. Amy so enveloped you,

"Yes, Amy went on to give me generous helpings of the sweet pain
- and it was sweeter to me for the fact that she discovered her
right to cause it there and then. I've said what it meant to me
to realize that Amy intended the ache down in my groin. How,
after an excursion up and down my body or a round of calisthenics
for my penis, she would give my testicles an affectionate squeeze
just hard enough to cause that inguinal cramp we love, and I
would wince and cry out, and Amy would try and fail to suppress a
giddy laugh. That a gesture of affection, a mild closing of her
fingers over some part of my flesh, which would have signified
kindly condescension elsewhere, could prompt a cry of pain from
me when offered to my balls - I think the discrepancy between her
original motive and my response proved quickly enlightening to
Amy. I think it demonstrated to her the strangeness of the male
machine. I think she understood that our circuits and ligatures
are not like women's, that the familiar antinomies - of
tenderness and severity, of pleasure and pain - did not apply to
us. She understood, and it pleased her. That was the splendid
thing. It startled her, yes: there was certainly some nervousness
in her laughter. But in the end it pleased her. And she wanted

"For a long time we communed nearly in silence. There were my
bursts and sighs and gasped doxologies, and there were Amy's all
but voiceless titters when I squirmed. But we had suspended
conversation. I was sealed behind my blindfold, and very happy in
the darkness, though my imagination took certain liberties which
I knew were impudent. Amy's every touch, unforeseeable, surprised
and inflamed it. I wondered what expression she had on her face
as she worked me: I imagined a variety of them. Gleeful, girlish,
concentrated, contemptuous. Each was plausible. Protected, as one
feels, from my own blindness from being seen, I gradually let
myself picture less decent things.

"First it was merely Amy's hair falling about the faces I kept
conjuring. Then it was her shirtless torso, her smooth arm-pits,
her delicate forearms. Then I saw her bra-less, and, young as
they were, the angelic breasts and sweet nipples, which I'd never
actually seen of course, stood imperiously before my inner eye.
All the while I felt the shame of an intruder. My whole emotion
was wonder and adoration - nothing coarse at all - but it's rude,
isn't it, to take even imaginary privileges? Even had Amy
suggested it herself, I would never have agreed to HER nakedness.
She was too young still, and she was my niece. A girl-c***d has
the regulation rights of a woman over every man - uncle,
father, doesn't matter. She's a girl, an incipient woman,
and she has her perks. But that doesn't make her any less a
c***d, a daughter, a niece, where the man's perception is
concerned. For all that, I failed to hold my imagination to a
strict standard. With each stroke and prod and squeeze I felt the
thrill of thinking, there in my darkness, that the being causing
the sweetness was a female with such-and-such breasts, with
such-and-such nipples, such-and-such mound and pubic hair. Yes, I
went that far. I drew the elastic-band of Amy's shorts and
lowered them in my thoughts; I contemplated the turn of her hips,
the bulge of her bones...and of her mound within her panties.
Here at least I had the sight of her in a swim-suit to instruct
me. I went further: I slipped down her panties, my niece's
panties, and gazed with reverent love at the sweet slope of her
pubic bone, which I imagined sparsely sown with a perfect
triangle of light-brown hair. I saw her cleft, her clit, her
lips. I smelled and tasted her. Remembering still, after twenty
years, the mild cunts of Sylvie's schoolmates, I gave Amy such
mildness too. The faintest femininity was all I needed. This
person teasing my penis just now, I thought,...I can picture her
cunt, I can inhale and taste it, and...yes, yes, it IS a cunt,
she IS a woman, I AM a man and slave.

"I remember thinking this amid the small sounds as Amy grazed my
glans repeatedly, hypnotically, with a solitary finger. I
imagined the moisture I secreted for her there to be a steady
flow. For long minutes our movements and murmurs had been as
faint as the rustle of leaves, thin and crackling. Then came the
cupping of Amy's hand around my balls, its quick contraction and
my yelp. Then Amy's gratified laughter at my reflexes. Then she

"'Why are you made that way, Uncle Renny,' she said, 'so easy to

"'To make it easy for ladies like you to control me,' I said.

"'But how can you bear it, knowing it's possible every minute,
wherever you are?'

"'I bear bear remembering what it means.... Oh,
my Amy,' I had to add, 'I want to answer every question and show
you everything I am, but I have to beg you not to lift your hand
away while we speak. Do what you like with it, only go on
touching me somehow, please, my darling.'

"Amy obliged without a word, beginning with a reassuring clench
to my penis. I'd done without her pressure for a few seconds at
most, yet her renewed attention was as sweet to me as milk to the
famished. For the remainder of our conversation, Amy did her best
to keep me nourished, but I could sense the burden of it on her.
Her thoughts were elsewhere, in this troublesome realm of
testicles and their unimaginable fragility. Her hand never left
my penis, but for long moments it rested there inert, only once
in a sudden while remembering to close its life-restoring weight
around it. Had I not been so ravenous, I would have been amused
by my niece's absent-minded struggle with duty. As it was, I
regretted my own yearning, afraid that even the little demand it
had f***ed me to make would leave Amy sceptical about my
professions of selflessness. But she seemed to give it no
thought. My humble testes were Amy's only theme.

"'It's really unbelievable,' she said. 'I mean, how things got
this way. You know, girls always talk about how weird it is that
boys even have these things hanging outside of them. We talk
about how glad we are not to have them....'

"I loved these revelations, Tom. What 'girls talk about...'!
Their secret knowledge of their superiority. I wanted to drink
this in, but all the while I was thinking, Press me, Amy,...don't
forget...bend me, crush me between your hands,...keep me going,
my darling,...don't you see that THAT'S your answer, the reason
I'm hung? And if somehow she read my thoughts just at the
vanishing point of her own,...well, even the belated stroke that
came of it was heaven to me.

"'Girls say that a boy's testicles are his weakest part,' Amy
said, 'that if you touch them the right way you can knock him
out. Is that really true, Uncle Renny.'

"'Yes, sweetheart. The girls know what they're talking about.'

"'Not really, Uncle Renny. I mean, not the girls I know....'
(Tell me all, my darling, I thought, but squeeze me, just once, I
beg you....) 'I mean,' Amy said, 'the girls I know haven't
actually done anything to anybody's balls that I've heard of. We
just talk about it. I'm not sure we'd know what to do if we had
the chance. IF we had the chance, Uncle Renny....'

"'Amy,' I said, 'you know you have it with me.'

"'Oh, Uncle Renny,' Amy said, 'will you be angry with me if I
tell you I like hearing that?'

"'Do you, my darling?'

"'Is that a terrible thing, Uncle Renny?'

"'I hardly think so,' I said. 'It's a natural thing for a girl to
like her power over a man, and to like everything that guarantees
and proves it....'

"For these words, I was rewarded with a lovely round of f***ed
penile curtsies to all the points of the compass. I thanked my
niece lavishly, but her questions still preoccupied her.

"'In that case, Uncle Renny,' Amy said, '...if you don't mind, I
would like to see for myself...what know...happen to

"'My darling,' I said, 'I'm completely under your spell, and I
would do anything to stay there, anything at all.' I assured her
that she could do what she liked to me, with me, that I couldn't
stop her and had no desire to.

"'When you say things like that, Uncle Renny,' Amy said, 'it
gives me a funny feeling I can't explain. I love you and also my
power over you - oh, yes, I love that a lot - and I want to be
able to think about it later without wondering if it was just a
game. I mean, in real life I'd never think of hurting you....'

"'THIS is real life, Amy,' I said. 'This....'

"'Okay. I understand. What I mean is that I don't want to cause
you pain,...YOU, Uncle Renny...but I do want to know about balls
and everything. If there was a way to do what I liked to them and
still not hurt YOU..., well, that would be great. But there
isn't, is there?'

"'Because there shouldn't be, my darling. Don't be offended, but
you have it backwards. A man's fragile testicles are there to
enable you to get at HIM, to vanquish HIM. You, Amy, the
girl-person, the woman-person, reach deep into me or some other
man- or boy-person. Do you see? Otherwise it's meaningless pain.
It's the fact that it's me, or some other fellow, not just a pair
of balls, that makes it beautiful.'

"Amy said she understood. She said that she was still shy to do
it, much as she wanted to. 'I'd need your help, Uncle Renny,
okay? I don't even know what to do..., I mean, apart from the
squeezing. Will you tell me?'

"'If you had to decide for yourself, darling, what would you
think of doing? These things always go better when a girl does
what she pleases and doesn't think twice about the boy.' No, I
wasn't flattering myself with the label 'boy'; but I had a hunch
that Amy wanted to take today's new-found knowledge home with
her, that, as much as she relished her freedom with me, it meant
still more to her to contemplate the subjugation of some
adolescent boy she had designs on. It was rather wonderful, I
thought: playing hob with a grown man's balls was all right in
its way, a needed lesson, but getting some cocky classmate to
drop his charade - that was the real fun for a girl of f******n.

"'What I'd do, Uncle Renny? Okay. I think I'd really get you into
a position where you were completely opened up, first of all. I'd
make you spread your legs as wide as they could go, right over
the table-edge....'

"At first it was words alone, amazingly precise details of
posture and elevation, but after a bit, Amy began to execute her
own directions. She spread my legs so that my feet were hitched
beneath the edges of the table. The muscles in my thighs and
groin soon ached and burned. The split tilted my pelvis downward,
and to correct the displacement of my organs Amy fetched a
throw-cushion and propped it under my buttocks. I felt the
perfect sacrificial victim, my vulnerable parts isolated and
raised high before the eyes and reach of the virgin-priestess, my
niece. She patted and prodded me lightly here and there - on my
flexed thighs, and the exposed stretch beneath my scrotum, and my
cowering balls themselves, a good, plumb two-finger jab to them.
She was appraising her subject, the resilience, the yield of his
flesh. She was getting ready. All the while, my ungainly penis
jigged and tottered from side to side.

"'And when you were set up,' Amy continued, as though it were
still only speculation, 'and when you were set up, I'd wheel the
chair around to the end of the table, where I could see and reach
everything, your ballies, your dickie, and then I'd....'

"Suddenly the heels of Amy's hands were resting against my groin,
on either side of my testicles. Their presence caused me a lovely
chill: there was danger in them. A wonderful pulsation of fear
froze my heart. One last thought for Amy....

"'No matter what, my darling, no matter how I react when it, don't be scared, don't be deterred. I may
not be able to help it, I may cry out, but that won't mean I'm
unhappy. I may....'

"Was she listening? I think not. Because before I had finished
this important admonition, Amy brought her hands together with
astonishing f***e, sandwiching the wretched contents of my sack
between them. I heard myself heave and deflate. The bitter ache
flooded my belly. Unable in that posture to double over, I tried
by other means to surrender to the galling surge within me. I
shuddered in place. My body from my shoulders to the small of my
back lashed and snapped against the table as if electrified. I
groaned a single, unending syllable.

"'Are you okay, Uncle Renny?' Amy said. I choked that, Don't be
fooled, I was. 'Stupid question, I guess,' Amy said. And then,
incredibly, there they were again, those female hands of hers,
planted once more beside my sack, getting ready to deliver a
second jolt, as though she could think of nothing more suitable
in such circumstances. And then it came, fierce and sharp,
knocking my bulbs oafishly against one another in their hopeless
race to outleap the v******e of Amy's hands. I writhed, I
retched, I thrust my pelvis further into the air. I think I shed
some tears. And all the while I was trying with ragged breath to
assure Amy that I was well,...that I was well and she was good at
this. Take it and be still, I told myself, and for courage
desperately turned my inner eye to Amy's imagined cunt, smooth
and hard, and unassailable.

"And then my blindfold was gone, and Amy was leaning above me
urging me to open my eyes. She told me they were wet and she was
sorry for it. 'Never say so,' I pleaded. 'Not to your slave.'

"'But what will happen when today is over?' Amy said. 'After
you've spurted for me - you will, won't you, Uncle Renny,
me how your sperm shoots out? - but then what? Do we go back to
being the same old niece and uncle team as ever?'

"'That's scarcely possible,' I whispered. I ached too much for
hardy conversation. 'A slave is forever, Amy. Tomorrow, next
year, ten years from now. And so is an uncle. So an uncle who's a
slave...there's no solider bond on earth. That much I know.
Whether we'll ever share these acts again I can't tell. That's
more your decision than mine. You may find other males more
interesting. I think that's likely. Especially because you'll
never have any doubts about me....'

"'I'll still want you to undress for the beach in front of me,
and to answer my questions and tell me the secrets of boys, using
your own penis where relevant.'

"'Where relevant? Oh, yes, my darling. Always...where relevant.'

"'Uncle Renny...,' Amy began with sudden earnestness. She had
rolled back to center and was now hovering above me, half-mounted
on the table. 'I'd like you to look into my eyes.'

"'Gladly, my sweet girl.'

"Amy reached one hand toward my lower body as she studied my
eyes. Without turning her head, she began to fondle my penis. My
pelvic muscles were still tight with colic from the battery of my
balls, and the tender stimulation acted on them like a sedative
even as it brought my penis close to bursting. I returned Amy's
gaze. Eyes are as bewildering as sex itself. Amy's seemed at one
and the same time to reveal her soul and to veil it. There was
intimacy between us, but mystery as well, both immeasurably deep.
The contrary feelings deepened our love. Made it absolute,
indifferent to the arc of time. Had Amy removed her clothes then,
lowered herself onto me like a woman and taken me into her -
something I wouldn't have wanted and couldn't have approved of -
nevertheless, at that moment, I would have given myself humbly to
fulfilling the needs of immaculate love, forgetting age and
kinship and everything that wasn't the difference of sex itself.
Of course, it didn't happen. We simply stared silently at one
another, while Amy, with surprising deftness, readied my penis
for ejaculation.

"After a time she said that she was tired. Her voice was
apologetic but a little distant.

"'Don't hide your wish from me, my darling,' I said. 'I feel it

"'Yes, good, Uncle Renny. It's this...oh, but please believe me,
I don't want to hurt you...I saw how it was, how bad it was....'

"I began to protest, reproaching myself for the weakness that
caused my darling's remorse, but Amy was moving past me.

"'Well, what I didn't see was how you looked at the moment it
happened. I didn't see your eyes, Uncle Renny....And I would like
to I'd like to look into your eyes when I do it.. That's all. I
mean, except for know, shooting sperm...coming, that

"I've taken my thrashings, Tom. From loving friends and chilly
bitches whose names I never learned. But I've never felt the
intoxication of submissive love as I did then. Even the echo of
Amy's words was exquisite. That request - Let me gaze into your
eyes while I hurt you, Uncle Renny - my God, the self-possession
of it!

"For the second time, Amy kissed me on the lips. After confessing
her wish, she bent over me and kissed me. Her left hand still
clasped my penis. This time she lingered a while, all the time
gazing into my eyes, studying me, searching for the source of my
humility. She wasn't absent-minded now. Her free hand rested on
my forehead, keeping my eyes from shifting. Her lips, her hand on
my penis - they were well-coordinated now. I shivered with
delight and expectation. I wanted to postpone orgasm for hours,
for days, but I knew that it would be soon. Amy had only to clap
her hands.

"And so she did, Tom. I don't know how she worked it from that
angle. My eyes were fixed on hers. Yet I couldn't read them,
though they were avidly reading mine. She gave nothing away, and
when the blow came and my testicles went white-hot in the
refining blast, I had drifted and was surprised. Once it
happened, it was all I could do to keep my eyes wide for Amy's
research. I kept myself as motionless as I could, directing every
torsion in my body somehow to my eyes. Amy's hand had left my
penis, of course, but only for a split second before she struck.
After the blow, she took her time resuming her attentions to it.
But when she did, it was like a second detonation. Knowing she
must see my orgasm fully, I used all my strength to contract my
much beleaguered pelvic muscles. It was useless. For all my
discipline, for all the staying-power I've long boasted of, the
flood of sperm was rolling through me, fleeing my convalescent

"I hardly had voice in me. 'Amy,' I croaked urgently.

"'Uh-huh?' she said, without turning her gaze away.

"'Amy, must look, darling,' and I waved desperately if
feebly toward my pelvis.

"She understood me through my hoarseness just in time. I could
see her puzzlement as she turned, but my work was done. I let my
eyes fall shut and instantly imagined Amy discovering her own
hand as though it were another's wrapped around my spilling

"'For you, Amy,' I murmured as I came.

"And Amy said, 'Uh-huh.'"

We were passing through the outskirts of a fair-sized town.
Polhemus's destination, but I wondered if my normally alert
companion had noticed. He'd fallen still, and I thought a little
sad. The snowy landscape and the white cottages glowed in the
clear night. Even from the car you could see stars in the frosty

"Pure New England," Polhemus suddenly observed. "My stop is just
down the road." After a moment's silence, he added, "Don't worry,
I've told all the story I intended."

"No sequel, Renny? No morning after? No years later?"

"I didn't say that, Tom. But you of all people should know that
that's another story."

I told Polhemus he was unforgettable, one of a kind. I told him
that I felt honored to have been his audience. That I'd gladly
play that part again to hear "another story." I told him my real
name. This way, I told him, we have a future. "If that's any
comfort," I said.

He didn't seem surprised, or offended by my deception. He thanked
me for my trust.

... Continue»
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Uncle and Niece

As a widower I spent most of my time on my own, at forty-three I was too young for the Derby and Joan club and too old for the modern dance halls, which left the pub and the cinema, neither of which filled me with 'joy' as they were usually filled with young louts kicking up a racket or causing trouble. The one bright point was the infrequent visits from my s****r, Amy, and her k**s, John and Eve, the k**s in particular made me feel alive as they rushed around the place in their younger days and as they grew up they kept me in touch with the 'younger' generation.

For some reason when John reached sixteen he stopped coming to visit me, I suppose he wanted the time to spend with his girlfriends and mates, but it was a little disheartening all the same. I was also expecting young Eve to stop visiting me when she reached sixteen, but I was pleasantly surprised when she arrived with her mother on their regular quarterly visit a month after her sixteenth birthday. Almost two years later she was still visiting me and had turned into quite a young little lady, I don't know where she got her looks from because they certainly didn't run in my f****y and I would often tease Amy about this by asking who Eve's father really was. Amy knew I was joking and took it in good fun, but I must admit I did sometimes wonder.

It was a month after the regular visit that I was surprised by a knock at my door, it was a Friday evening and I was not expecting visitors. When I answered the door I got an even bigger surprise.

"Hello Uncle Chester."

"Eve," I replied in surprise, "what on earth are you doing here?"

"Aren't you pleased to see me?" She asked.

"Of course I am, just surprised. Come in." I responded.

Taking her coat and overnight bag I watched her head for the living room while I hung up the coat and put the bag on the floor, I remember thinking that young Eve was turning into a little 'heart breaker' as I followed her into the living room.

"So," I said as we sat down, "what brings you here?"

"A train." she laughed in reply.

"I fell for that." I smiled, "Seriously, what brings you here and without your mother?"

"Mum's gone away for a couple of weeks" Eve replied, "and I'm on half term so I thought I'd come and visit my favourite Uncle. I hope you don't mind me just turning up like this Uncle Chester."

"Not at all," I grinned, "once I'd got over the surprise that is. Are you hungry?"

"Famished." she laughed, "The buffet car on the train was closed."

"Right then, let's see what we can rustle up." I said rising to my feet.

Despite my protest that as a guest she did not need to help me Eve followed me out to the kitchen and helped me to prepare a meal. We ate in the kitchen and washed up before returning to the living room where Eve accepted my offer of a drink. Drinks in hand we sat back and chatted for an hour or so before I remembered that the spare room wasn't made up.

"I'm assuming you are staying the night." I commented, "So I had better make up the bed in the spare room."

"I hope you'll let me stay longer than one night." she grinned.

"As long as you like dear." I smiled in reply, "It will be nice to have the company."

As I rose to head up to the spare room Eve coughed and looked embarrassed about something, puzzled I waited to see if she was going to say what the something was.

"Uncle Chester." Eve said quietly.

"Yes dear?" I responded.

"Uh, Uncle Chester," she repeated slowly, "damn I had this all worked out on the train!"

Obviously she wanted to say something important, sitting down again I patted the couch beside me, blushing Eve came over and sat beside me, I took her hand in one of mine and patted it reassuringly.

"Take a deep breath" I said softly, "and tell me what the trouble is. I promise not to laugh or be angry or anything like that."

Eve hesitated then took a couple of deep breaths that did some very nice things to her bust line, mentally chiding myself for my thoughts I looked at my niece's face. Whatever it was she had to say was obviously awkward for her, the embarrassment I saw on her face told me that, and I wondered if she was about to announce that she was pregnant and ask my help to tell her mother.

"Uncle Chester," she finally said after five minutes of embarrassed silence, "can I sl**p with you tonight?"

My breath went 'whoosh' and my brain went 'clunk' as it slipped out of gear, of all the things I had been expecting this was not one of them. For the space of three tension filled minutes I stared at my niece my brain a total blank as I tried to recover from the shock of her words.

"Let me get this straight." I asked in a daze, "You want to sl**p in my bed with me?"

"Yes," she replied in a whisper, "only not to sl**p."

"Jesus!" I gasped in surprise.

Her words left me in no doubt at all about what she wanted and had she not been my s****r's c***d I would not have hesitated for one moment to give her what she wanted, but what she was proposing was i****t in the eyes of the law and I was shocked that she could suggest it. To be honest the act of i****t itself was not a shock or abhorrence to me as I had been initiated into the joys of sex by my mother, though that was a secret she had taken to the grave with her. The shock was that young Eve was proposing it as I knew how straight laced my s****r was and she would have brought up her c***dren in the same way.

"Uncle Chester, I'm sorry." Eve said with a catch in her voice, "I've offended you and I never wanted to do that."

""I'm not offended Eve," I replied after taking a deep breath, "but I am very surprised that you could think of such a thing. What on earth would your mother say?"

"Don't tell mum I asked, well, you know. She'd kill me if she knew." Eve pleaded.

"Calm down," I comforted her, "I've no intention of telling your mother anything, I know exactly what she can be like. What on earth made you suggest such a thing though?"

A tear ran down her cheek as she hung her head, for a moment I thought she was too ashamed or embarrassed to answer, but then she took a deep breath and raised her head, I found myself looking into her tear filled eyes.

"Uncle Chester I have been saving myself for you ever since I learnt about sex." she stated, "I'm still a virgin and I wanted you to teach me because you have always been so kind and caring."

Once again my brain went out of gear, without a word I stood up, crossed the room to the drinks cabinet and poured myself a stiff scotch, which I downed in one gulp. The drink had the desired effect, it kick started my brain so that I could mull over Eve's words. As I poured myself another drink I found myself thinking back to my own c***dhood and that wondrous day when I was sixteen and my mother had caught me wanking in my room, she had calmly told me not to waste my erection, stripped, climbed onto the bed and given me the first of many lessons in the joys of sex. I could still remember her words as we cuddled afterwards on that first of many occasions 'People make rules, but those rules don't always make sense. As far as I'm concerned what we have done has harmed no-one and has made us happy so sod their rules."

Standing there remembering those happy times I wondered why I felt so shocked by my niece wanting to 'sod the rules', I was the first to admit that she was a very attractive young lady with a very desirable body and a wonderful nature, who was I to deny her the joy I had shared with my own mother. Pouring a drink for Eve I turned back to the couch, my decision had been made, I only hoped that it was the right one and that the very thing she said she wanted would harm Eve.

"Drink this." I instructed as I handed her the glass.

Tears still brimming in her eyes my niece drained her glass in one go then went back to looking at the floor. Sitting beside her I put an arm around her shoulders and gave her a gentle squeeze.

"Eve," I said softly, "look at me."

She looked up and our eyes met, holding her eyes with mine I smiled at her.

"I want you to think carefully about what you are asking for." I said, "Then tell me if it is still what you want. Think about all the consequences to you and to me and to your f****y."

She thought for ten long minutes, I could see her weighing up all the consequences, she'd frown, then smile, then look uncertain, but at last she seemed to have reached a decision.

"Uncle Chester," she said softly, "you'll probably hate me for this, but I want to have sex with you more than anything else in the world."

"I don't hate you at all little Evie." I smiled, "I just wanted you to be sure of what it was you wanted. It seems you are sure so if you still want to share my bed then I agree."

"You do?" she asked in surprised disbelief, "Really and truly?"

"Really and truly." I laughed, "Now dry your eyes and then we will set some ground rules."

"Uncle Chester I love you." she cried throwing her arms around my neck.

Her lips were suddenly on mine their warmth and softness promising pleasures to come, returning her kiss I enjoyed the sensations of that touch.

"Whew!" Eve smiled as our lips parted some time later, "Thank you Uncle Chester."

"Be a good girl and go dry your eyes." I smiled.

"I'd rather be a bad girl," she smiled jumping to her feet, "it's more fun."

Eve left the room to repair the ravages of her tears while I took a deep, calming breath, got up and poured myself another scotch, which I sipped while I waited for Eve to return. I'm glad I had that drink because when Eve did return she had not only repaired her make-up she had changed into a slinky, totally see-though dress under which she was naked; the dress made her seem more naked than if she'd had nothing on.

"Eve." I breathed, "You are a beautiful little minx."

"I try to be." She giggled as she crossed the room to stand beside me.

"Before we start anything," I stated while trying to control my suddenly excited breathing, "we need to lay out some rules. First is that no-one must know about this."

"Agreed." Eve replied.

"Second," I continued, "there will be no messing about outside this house."

"Not even if we are somewhere we won't meet people we know?" she asked.

"Not without discussion first at least." I conceded.

"I agree to that." She laughed.

"And finally," I sighed as I stared at the luscious swell of her breasts, "call me Chester when we are alone."

"Yes Chester." she grinned.

"I get the feeling that things are going to get interesting around here." I laughed.

"I hope it's soon." She laughed.

"Right now." I whispered.

With that I kissed her, as our lips met Eve seemed to melt against me, her hands fluttered at my chest while I gently caressed her ripe young boobs through the thin material of her dress, her nipples went hard and I teased them gently with relish. It had been quite a while since I had shared the company of a woman in this way and I felt myself feeling a little awkward at first, but sex is like riding a bike (and a lot more fun) and soon I was playing with her boobs and nipples with firm contacts of my hands and fingers. Eve's mouth opened a little and I darted my tongue between her lips, as our tongues danced in her mouth I was barely aware of her tugging at my clothing until my trousers suddenly fell around my ankles. Breathing heavily I parted our lips and looked down in surprise, my shirt was open, my trousers were around my ankles and her fingers were hooked in the waistband of my pants. Eve had paused when our lips parted, probably thinking that I was about to change my mind. Smiling I took off my shirt and kicked my way out of my trousers, which was made difficult by Eve eagerly pushing my pants down to my knees and then gazing longingly at my semi-erect cock.

"What a monster." she breathed as she reached down to touch my cock.

Within a second of her hand touching my skin my 'monster' was rearing it's ugly head in full erection, which pleased Eve no end; her hand closed around my shaft as I struggled to get my pants down to my ankles and off. Naked at last I reached out and fondled my niece's tits while she slowly ran her hand up and down my shaft, not once did she move her eyes away from my cock as she stroked it, what she lacked in experience she more than made up for with enthusiasm. Wanting to feel her soft young skin on mine I moved my hands to the back of her dress only to find that there was no zip there, puzzled I looked at the dress and realised that the only way to remove it was to pull it off over her head.

"Let me do it." Eve whispered as she realised what I was wanting.

Briefly she released my cock, grasped the hem of the dress, pulled it over her head and tossed it aside, the dress hadn't hit the floor before her hand was once more stroking my hard prick. With excited, eager hands I caressed her tits, savouring the feel of her young, soft, warm skin under my hands, relishing the hardness of her nipples between my fingers as I teased them, which made Eve sigh loudly with pleasure. Mind you, the action of her hand on my cock was making me give a few sighs of my own and when she gently squeezed my shaft I gasped with excitement.

Sliding one of my hands down her body I gently rubbed her clit with my fingers, Eve's body jerked as I touched her hard button and a low moan of ecstasy escaped her lips. Smiling at her response I leant forward and sucked a nipple into my mouth, the slight salty taste of her skin added to my pleasure as I circled and pressed her hard bud with my tongue. Eve moaned again, one of her hands moved to the back of my head and pulled me tight to her delicious mound, at her pussy I slid my fingers along her slit until I found her tight little hole, her juices wetting my skin as I carefully slid a finger into her. God she was tight, her pussy squeezed my finger and I wondered how I would manage to get my cock into her. Even as I had this thought I started sliding my finger in and out of her wet hole and Eve gasped then shook as she had her first orgasm of the night.

"Oh Uncle Chester." she gasped as her climax faded, "That felt so nice. I'm tingly all over."

Releasing her nipple I straightened and kissed her lightly, parting our lips I looked at her happy, smiling face, at the flush of arousal in her cheeks and the excitement in her eyes, excitement and desire. Smiling I began to move my finger faster in her pussy and watched her pleasure growing in her eyes until with a wild cry she shuddered into another climax, her eyelids drooping down as her eyes half closed with pleasure. Pulling my finger back until it was barely in her pussy I added a second finger, gently I pushed both fingers into her, Eve gasped and moaned as I slowly managed to get two fingers into her pussy, but it was an effort and once again I became concerned that my niece may not be able to take my cock. Some minutes later Eve climaxed again, I had noticed that each orgasm she had was more powerful than the one preceding it and this time her knees almost buckled with the f***e of the sensations ripping through her. Removing my fingers from her pussy and tit I cradled her shaking, gasping body in my arms until she had calmed enough to support herself.

"Please don't stop Chester." Eve whispered pleadingly.

"I'm not going to stop dear Evie," I replied softly, "but you can barely stand. Come with me."

Taking her hand I led her up to my bedroom, I turned on the bedside light, its soft glow more than enough to let me see Eve's gorgeous body as I lay her on the bed before lying beside her and using my hands and mouth to excite her again. This time I kissed my way down her body until I reached her pussy, gently I licked her slit from base to peak, pausing at her clit for a while to tease it with my tongue and suck it gently, and Eve bucked her way through yet another climax.

"Please Uncle Chester," Eve gasped as her peak receded, "please do it now. I want to feel your hard cock inside me."

Smiling down at her still shuddering body I began to stroke her soft flesh once again, slowly raising her to another climax and timing things so that when I eventually did mount her she would gain the most satisfaction from her first fuck, though I was still a little concerned that she would be doomed to disappointment. Gradually Eve climbed higher up the mountain of pleasure and just before she reached the peak I rolled between her legs, her soft skin rubbing against my sides erotically as I positioned myself for the ultimate moment. Very gently I pushed forward, my cock touched her hole and the very tip of my knob penetrated her, slowly I continued pushing, at first I thought I would fail to penetrate her then my knob slipped inside to the sound of a blissful gasp from Eve. With just my knob inside her pussy I had to pause as she cried out and shook through another climax, but as soon as her passions began to fade I started pushing again. I had barely started before I was f***ed to stop by her climaxing yet again, this time I resolved to press on and while she shuddered and shook, gasped and cried out I gently pushed forward.

God was she tight! The grip of her pussy around my cock was exquisite, even had she not been in climax I would have been f***ed to make that first entry a slow one, I groaned with the pleasure her tightness gave me as I slid more of my erection into her eager body. Then I felt a resistance, with a thrill I realised that her hymen was intact and that it would be me that would burst it, not only an act of i****t but defloration as well. This added immeasurably to the joy I felt and it was only with an effort of will that I stopped myself climaxing then and there. Gently I pressed forward, her hymen giving, but not splitting, beneath me Eve cried out in orgasm and pain; drawing back I tried again a little more firmly and felt my prick tear through the thin membrane to the accompaniment of a cry of pain from Eve, which made me stop and look down into her eyes. She had tears in her eyes yet they gleamed with a wild excitement that begged me to continue.

"Are you alright Evie?" I asked in a low voice.

"Yes," she gasped in reply, "oh yes."

Reassured I slid the rest of my cock into her pussy, Eve groaned, her muscles clenching even more tightly on my rod sending electric messages of bliss shooting through me. For a short, wonderful moment I lay still, savouring the instant to the full.

"So big." Eve breathed, "God it's so good."

Slowly I pulled back until only my cap lay within her pussy; equally as slowly I thrust into her, I knew I could not restrain myself much longer. The feel of her tight pussy had me hovering on the edge of climax, but I was determined that I would hold back for as long as I could to let her enjoy her first time to the full. My niece cried out as I began a slow rhythm of thrusting, her body bucking in climax made it impossible for her to make anything more than a token effort to match my motions even though she tried her best to. Gradually my movements became faster as I became overwhelmed by pleasure, over the period of a few minutes my thrusts got harder and faster; Eve's cries became shrieks of delight that filled the room and excited me even more. Then I felt the hot surge of my climax rushing over me, thrusting deeply into my niece's pussy I groaned as my seed burst from the end of my prick to fill every nook and cranny of her depths. Eve gave a sobbing, gasping cry as I filled her, her pussy crushing up against my groin as she came. Moments of hot sensation passed, then with a gasp my body relaxed, beneath me my niece was still groaning in the throws of her orgasm and the pressure of her pussy was exciting my cock to a point I'd never experienced before. Surges of bliss hit me like a solid blow each time her pussy rippled to the f***e of her exhilaration and my cock miraculously stayed rigid.
Uncle and Niece

"OH GOD!" Eve cried as I began to thrust into her again, "GOD, CHESTER, FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARD!"

I had not needed her cries to do as she was demanding, the sensations I was feeling drove me to plunge my prick into my young niece's body without remorse; our groins crashing together with each and every stroke, my balls slapping against her buttocks adding to both our pleasure. Her body was shaking continuously as I thrust and ground and plunged in her vice-like pussy, her cries became weak sobs and gasps as the minutes passed. My own breathing was ragged and I could hear the bl**d pounding in my ears as I fucked her with an almost desperate haste. Once again I felt the surge of my climax approach then rush over me, once again I thrust deeply to fill her body with my hot juices and as I felt them erupt from my cock a haze of overwhelming bliss covered my eyes. Beneath me Eve was flopping like a rag doll, her orgasm so powerful it was as though she was having a fit and her pussy, oh that wondrous, tight little pussy was squeezing my cock so tightly that the f***e of my own climax doubled in intensity and a cry of a****l lust escaped from my lips as I fell forward onto Eve.

How long we lay there in the grip of post climax tremors I don't know, but eventually I regained enough of my senses to roll off her shaking body to lay gasping and panting beside her. After a few more minutes my heart stopped pounding as though to escape my breast and my breathing was fast instead of laboured. Sitting up and twisting my upper body I gazed down at Eve, she lay with her eyes half closed, her lips curved into a sensual, satisfied smile, her boobs rippling as she sobbed and gasped for breath. Her eyes opened and turned to me, they seemed vague, distant, as though she were in a dream, her smile widened and she reached out to stroke my cheek.

"Thank you." she panted, "God, I have never felt so good."

"I'm glad I could make your first time an experience to remember." I replied stroking her hair.

"Uncle Chester?" she gasped out.

"Yes Evie?" I smiled.

"When I've recovered a little" she smiled up at me, "could I suck your 'lollipop'?"

"My lolli...Oh, I see." I laughed, "Of course you can dear."

Chuckling at the term she had used for my cock I lay back on the bed, Eve cuddled up to me, her young tits pressing to my skin, her arm across my chest and one of her legs over mine. I felt warm and tired and contented and comfortable, beside me Eve sighed then came an almost imperceptible buzzing noise, looking at her face I chuckled; she was asl**p. Reaching out I turned off the bedside light, closed my eyes and drifted off to sl**p.

I woke to the exciting sensation of a tongue sliding up, down and around my hard cock.

"Wha...?" I exclaimed as I raised my head.

The sight that met my eyes sent a shiver of delight through me, Eve was licking my cock, and she looked up my body into my eyes and smiled then got back to licking every inch of my hardness before taking it into her mouth. Closing my eyes I groaned with pleasure as my niece slowly slid her mouth down my shaft until she could take no more of me, closing the gap between her mouth and my groin with a hand she began to bob her head at the same time flicking her tongue on the flesh in her mouth.

"Christ!" I groaned as she suddenly clamped her lips tight around my shaft and sucked hard.

Then she was bobbing again, her movements swiftly pushing me towards a climax, but to my surprise and delight my niece climaxed first. As her body started to shake Eve clamped her mouth around me again, her tongue pressed at the base of my knob as she sucked me hard, her hand squeezing the base of my shaft.

"OH GOD, EVIE!" I cried in ecstasy, "I'M CUMMING!"

With a rush of heat my seed spurted into my niece's mouth and to my wonder and pleasure she swallowed every single drop of my sticky juices and greedily sucked for more.

"You taste so nice." Eve stated as she sat up a few minutes later.

"You are a randy little terror." I chuckled, "Don't you ever change."

Giggling the little minx took my semi-erect cock in her hand and wanked me to a full erection before leaping astride me.

That was the pattern for the next ten days that she spent with me, at the end of that time Eve had to return home to go back to school, our parting was a tearful one on her part, but she promised to come back as soon as she could. A promise she kept as soon as the next school holiday rolled around. She even came up with my s****r on the regular quarterly visits, both of us wishing Amy would disappear to allow us to enjoy ourselves. On her last visit Eve told me she would move nearer to me as soon as she left school an event I look forward to with great anticipation.
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Hong Kong, six months later

Laughter from downstairs. Katie (Uncle Edgar liked 'Katie'
better than 'Kate' so she was now officially 'Katie') listened to
the male guffaws without interest. Uncle Edgar had so many
guests over all the time. Anyway, they kept him busy. There was
so much entertaining in Asia. Uncle Edgar said it was part of
doing business. They had been at it for a couple of hours now,
long after the cook and maid had served dinner, cleared the
dishes and left for the night. Katie could smell the cigarette
smoke and the clink of cocktail glasses from the party going on
below, now and then the karaoke machine with the accompanying
Chinese voices.

Anyway, it occupied Uncle Edgar's time which was o.k. with Katie.
She would have been in bed much sooner (Uncle's Rule #9: lights
out at 9:00 pm) but his mind was on his guests right now. Maybe
he had even forgotten what day it was, Katie hoped fretfully. So
Katie continued to read quietly, hoping to finish the magazine
she was reading. It was an English copy of "Teen Babe" magazine.
She couldn't pick up a word of Chinese which wasn't taught to her
anyway, so she was always excited when Uncle gave her a copy just
in from the overseas packet. She was engrossed in reading an
article called "When To Tease And When To Please," all about
dating tips. She had been reading it all night, over and over
again. It had just the most super advice, like:

Tease Tip #1 Boys love it just scads when a girl wears tight
pullovers! But remember,
Please Tip #1 Your bra should be easy for him to take off once
he gets underneath that sweater!

Katie blew on her drying red nails and carefully turned the
magazine page and continued reading.

Tease Tip #2 Boys like it when you ask them to do things for
them because you can't-- 'you're just a girl', but
Please Tip #2 Boys don't like it when you ask too much. Don't
be a 'space'-- remember your place!

Too much reading at one time was beginning to bore her. She
flipped the cover over. A beautiful blonde girl stared up at
her. The model was so hot-looking ('inappropriate thought' the
teacher would say! and Uncle wouldn't say anything; he'd just
take poor Katie over his knee!). But Katie couldn't help it and
slowly the limp cock stirred. Katie blew on her fingers again and
rolled onto her flat, trim tummy, squashing the growth before the
troublemaker began rubbing itself raw against the metal mesh of
the chastity belt. She emptied her mind of the thoughts then
re-addressed the cover consciously. Yes, the model was pretty.
Yes, Katie bet she had many boyfriends. Once again she was just
another girl, nothing more. The stirring stopped and Katie was
grateful. It was happening less and less but it never went away
entirely. It caused her too many problems. She blew on her
nails again.

"Katie!" It was Uncle Edgar! "I know you're awake! Get down
here-- I want to introduce you to some guests!"

She frowned. "Uh, Uncle, I'm not really dressed," she pleaded
lamely through the door.

"Now!" Uncle Edgar boomed.

Katie rolled off the bed. She had on a pair of black cotton
panties and a matching soft-cup black cotton training brassiere. She
grabbed her pink silk kimono top and slipped into it, tying the waist
knot of the sash tight. It only accentuated her lovely curved hips but
Katie was not aware of this as she sashayed down the steps, obediently

"Yes, Sir?"

The two Asians were seated on a wide leather couch. One was
older, the other a younger more protege-looking type. They spoke
to each other in rapid, excited Mandarin, smiling and gaping at
her. Her uncle sat across from them in an arm chair. He patted
his knee.

She kept her head bowed and minced over, seating herself daintily
on his knee. His arm encircled her waist, finding a home right
under the band of Katie's panty's thin elastic band. Her hands
folded over one another and rested on top of it.

Edgar switched to Mandarin now, though he knew Katie wouldn't
understand it.

"My little whore, Katie! You like gentlemen?"

The protege smiled widely at first, but held his tongue as the
older Chinese gave a more neutral expression.

"Pretty like your American actress Jodie Foster. But like the
actress, her breasts are small."

"It can be arranged that they are larger, whatever your needs are
we can accommodate, I assure you!" Edgar patted his 'niece's'
knee. Katie squirmed. "Bigger if you like. This one is mine
and I prefer her this way."

The Chinese nodded, then matched his protege's smile. "In this
case, I see possibilities. Certain Hong Kong businessmen would
enjoy such a pretty dove as your-- niece. And your supply is
secure." It was a shielded question, not intended to imply
disbelief but to signal it.

Edgar nodded and slapped Katie's thigh, bringing a brief red rise
from the pale skin. "Mr. Chang, there are more where Katie came
from. All I need is your ordering information and I can
guarantee delivery within eight months. As well as guarantee of a
volume of at least two million US dollars."

The older Chinese nodded and rose. The younger man did likewise.
As if on pre-arranged cue, the two bowed.

"You have been a most gracious host and your proposition has been
well-received. May I trouble to ask one last question?"

Edgar offered open palms. "Anything, Mr. Chang."

"Why you do this? You are most wealthy and prosperous. You not
need to trade in these goods."

Edgar bowed and walked the two to the door. As he showed them
out, he answered. "School pride, Mr. Chang. Chalk it up to an
old b-ball player for Elgin Academy."

The two Chinese shook their heads, unsure of what the round-eyes
meant, but smiling politely as they bid goodnight. Edgar closed
the door and turned to his niece.

"You probably thought I had forgotten what day it is, didn't

Katie's false smile dissolved. Abruptly, she stood up, hands
folded in front of her. "Uh, no sir. You never forget."

"Too bad for you, huh Katie?" He took a last swig from his
highball and placed the empty glass on an end table. Then Uncle
Edgar pulled out a sheet of paper from the breast pocket of his
suit jacket and looked it over, holding his hand in his chin as
he contemplated the typed words. He reseated himself in the
armchair. Katie unwillingly positioned herself, standing in
front of her seated uncle.

"Friday, as we both know is Review Day. Since you're a maturing
girl of sixteen and a half, it is important to make sure you are
growing up correctly. And there are some interesting things on
the list this week. So let's review the notes I have on you,
Katie. Ah, a note from your teacher, Mrs. Lee at the English
School. It seems you had a run in your stockings on Monday--
very unladylike. Can you explain this?"

Katie remembered-- she had bumped up against a desk leg and it
had put a small run in her white stockings. It hadn't been that
bad. She had repaired it with her nail polish as she had been
taught in the Girl's Lavatory and hoped her instructors hadn't
seen it. She had been wrong.

"It was a small run, Uncle Edgar. And if you let me wear
pantyhose, I could have borrowed some from a friend," Katie

Uncle Edgar waved the explanation away brusquely. "We're NOT
going to have that discussion again. Proper young ladies like
you wear stockings and garters-- NOT pantyhose! The next thing
would be pants for God's sakes!" He laughed at that ridiculous
concept. "Next year we can talk about possibly letting you wear
thigh highs, but for now, you'll be more careful-- understand?"

Katie swallowed and nodded. "Yes, Sir."

"Fine." He marked the list. "Three spanks for that
indiscretion. Now, I have a note from Ms. Ky, your gymnastics
instructor, that you have received a C- on your half term
routine. Why?"

Katie pulled the kimono tight. "I can't do splits, Uncle. the
girls can--"

"You mean the OTHER GIRLS can, but you can't. You're a girl too,
remember Katie?" His eyes bored into her and she nodded.

"Yes, Uncle, I mean the other girls. But I can't because of--"

That answer was clearly unacceptable, because Uncle Edgar waved
silence on her. "You're not practicing enough. You WILL learn
to do a split properly, learn to do the uneven bars and learn to
do cartwheels and flips. You will find that your chastity belt
will allow you to do all this. If not, we'll see a doctor about
making you physically able to do this. Are we clear?"

Katie grimaced. "Yes, Sir. But," she smiled brightly, "I did
get a B on my math quiz!"

Uncle Edgar smiled. "Yes, but what good will that do you, Katie?
You're a girl and girls like you will never be good in math--
it's a fluke. Besides you spend too much on math. I'm taking
you out of that class. I want you to learn French instead.
Won't that be fun-- French is the language of romance, you

Katie answered with a doubtful smile.

"Now, a C- deserves, oh, five spanks. Next, I see Mrs. Wong says
when she took you to Kowloon to help her shop, she noticed a
chipped nail!"

Katie nodded, accepting the blame. "Yes, Sir. I know I must
keep better care of my nails."

"Let me see them now," commanded Uncle Edgar.

She presented her hands, palms down. He held her soft, small
hands, examining hem for flaws. But the nails were a perfect set
of hot pink well-shaped long finger nails. "Since they are in
good shape, just one spank. Now let's see, we have a total of
nine spanks for this week! Well, very good Katie! That is three
less than last week! Congratulations!"

Katie grinned proudly. Last week's no-nos had really put the
fear of God into her. Her butt had really paid a price. Fine,
she would only get nine. She could live through it, as long as
there was hope that some day she wouldn't have any, that someday
she wouldn't be a she any more! She had hooked her thumbs into
her panties to pull them down and present herself for her weekly
correction, when Uncle Edgar wagged a finger.

"Not yet, sweet thing. There's one more I left off-- because
it's so especially naughty."

Katie sucked in a breath as he pulled out a small piece of pink

"A sheet from your diary, missy. You see, I was reading through
it the other day to make sure you were putting down all your
little thoughts like you're supposed to and I noticed a page had
been ripped out. I wondered, why would Katie rip a page out--
had she written something inappropriate? But I couldn't find it."
He shook his head in mock gravity. "Well, as your uncle, I had
to get to the bottom of it. So I asked Ms. Chan the housekeeper
if she had seen anything like it. And do you know what she told

Katie's eyes had widened into watery half-dollars, ready to spill
frightened tears. She nodded sadly.

"Of course you do, because you gave it to her to pass on. Here--
is this yours?" He unfolded the note and handed it to his niece.

Katie regarded it ruefully. What had she been thinking to have
done this?

To Anybody's Attention,

Please help me! I am being kept as a sex slave by a crazy
businessman named Edgar Stiffington in Hong Kong. He has had me
turned into a girl named Katie and tells people I am his niece,
but I am really a boy! I don't remember my real name because of
the things they have done to me and I look like a girl, but I am
really a boy! Please help-- he makes me do things I don't like
to do and he punishes me if I don't do them the way he likes!

I know this sounds crazy, but if you can read this, then you have
to help me!

Uncle Edgar gently pulled the page out of his niece's hand and
tore it into tiny pieces of confetti. "Too bad Mrs. Chan can't
read English. Too bad she couldn't understand what you were
trying to tell her. Oh well-- you'll just have to be punished
for this bit of misbehavior. Too bad. I think eleven spanks are
in order for this-- for an even twenty. Go on Katie, you know
what to do."

Twenty! She hadn't had that many for many months! But she had
been bad, very, very bad, and she knew she deserved it. Because,
tonight she realized that she WAS Katie, WAS a sixteen and a half
year old girl, and she WAS and would ALWAYS BE her uncle's
plaything. With a genuine penitence, she slipped off her kimono
top and pulled down her black cotton bikini panties. Trembling,
she d****d herself over uncle's knees. She could already feel
the hard cock underneath his trousers coming to life.

Edgar looked at the nude pale moons in his lap. As he always
did, he effortlessly unhooked Katie's training bra, pulling the
straps back and leaving her back bare except for the innocent
freckles. Before raising his open palm, he fingered the soft
wires that ran up between her cheeks and around her waspy waist.
A slight tug on it brought a moan from Katie. He grinned.

"Your troublemaker, Katie-- it's what leads you straight into all
this naughtiness! Imagine-- you a boy! Why you're just the
prettiest, sexiest little niece an uncle like me could ever
have!" He raised his palm and dropped it hard on Katie's rump.

"Bad little girl! I'll teach you not to think you're a boy!"

And so the correction continued. And after it was over, her
uncle taught Katie just how to be a good little girl. He was
such a thoughtful man.


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Vero's Secret Desire

Vero's Secret Desire

By billy69boy

My name is Vero, short for Veronica. I am a 19 year old university student, in my second year. I have always liked boys, and I have already had many steady boyfriends, as well as several fuck buddies. They are easy to come by at all the dorm parties that seem to go on constantly. I don't consider myself to be a slut or a nympho, but I do like a stiff cock on a Friday night, after drinking and dancing with my school mates. Living on campus means you can get laid often, and with relative ease. I never gave my sexual preferences a second thought. That is, until I went home for Spring break.

I was to be home for a month between semesters, and I took my old bed that I grew up with, sharing a room with my younger s1ster, Monserrat. Everyone calls her Mon. We were like most s1sters, I suppose. We would fight and bicker, laugh and giggle, share secrets and gossip. But this time, things were different. Mon had just turned 16, and it seemed like she grew up almost overnight. When I had left for university, she was a skinny beanpole. Her hair was long and shiny, and she had a cute face, but her body was straight as a board. Now, as I lie in bed watching her change into her pajamas, I couldn't help but notice her new curves. Her waist was still thin and taut as before, but now she had grown breasts, her hips were quite pronounced, and her butt was round and full.

I was surprised that I even noticed, actually…and I was even more surprised to discover that I caught myself looking at her more and more: standing on her tiptoes as she reached up for the cereal box in the kitchen cabinet, bending over to tie her shoe, or stretching out on the floor in front of the TV. At first, I tried to pay it no mind, but after several days, I had to admit, I was obsessed with her firm, lithe young body. The idea freaked me out. I had never once thought about having sex with another girl, and now here I was checking out my own s1ster? Lusting after her? I couldn't believe it. I wasn't even sure if she had even had sex yet, but I highly doubt it would have been with another girl.

I couldn't bring myself to talk about it with anyone, least of all with Mon. She seemed oblivious to my constant stares, and why wouldn't she be? I was very uncomfortable with the feelings I was having towards her, but I couldn't imagine a scenario where I would act on them. Until one night, where I saw my chance: I had retired early, and went to our room to read. Mon stayed up, watching some boring junk on TV. Just as I put my book down and turned off my reading light, she walked in. I pretended to be dozing, and I secretly watched her get undressed and get into her bed, and turn out her light. I was beside myself when I saw she had climbed under her covers naked. No pajamas! Lustful thoughts entered my mind. I had never seen her get in to bed naked before. 16 years old, and she's already s1eeping in the nude, I thought. My mind reeled with naughty thoughts as I lie quietly, thinking about things I shouldn't be thinking about. And then I heard it: it wasn't very loud, just a faint sound…almost like a squishing…a wet squishing…coming from Mon's bed. It was constant for a while, steady; but then it got a little louder and more pronounced, and I could clearly hear Mon breathing heavier, while her bed springs creaked lightly in unison with her now unmistakable sound.

I threw on my light, jumped out of bed, and marched over to Mon's side of the room. I ripped her covers off her, revealing her sexy naked body. She was so shocked, her fingers were still buried deep inside her shaved vagina…shaved? At 16 years old, she was already shaving her pubic hair? This excited me to no end, but I maintained my angry face.

"Just what do you think you are doing, young lady?" I admonished her as strictly as I could. Her face turned beet red, and she said nothing, as she quickly pulled her fingers out of her tender wet pussy. I reached down and grabbed her by the wrist, pulling her slickened fingers up to my face and sniffing them. They smelled heavenly sweet, but I didn't let on what I really felt. Instead, I pushed her hand in front of her mouth: "Lick them! Lick your fingers clean!" I demanded. Mon did as she was told, and I could tell by the look on her face that she was used to tasting herself. I was already dripping wet myself, but she didn't know because, at least I was wearing pajamas. I had to think fast:

"So, is this what you like to do, play with yourself when you think everyone is as1eep?" I asked her. She looked away, and didn't answer. "So, you like getting yourself off?" I accused her. "So, you think sex is so great at your young age?" "What do you know, anyway?" "Have you ever had a guy's cock inside you?" I continued to pepper her with question after question. I could tell she was getting annoyed with me, but she made no effort to move, nor did she tell me to stop. I was getting hornier by the second as I continued to interrogate her.

"Have you ever even seen a cock?" "Do you know how it feels to get fucked?" I didn't wait for her to respond. I stomped over to my nightstand unwrapped a towel that was in the back of the drawer, and quickly walked back to her bed, dildo in hand. I shook it in front of her shocked face. "Do you know what this is?" I asked her in mock anger. "So, you like playing with yourself? Well, now you're going to feel what it's like to really get fucked!" I jumped onto the bottom of her bed, and she recoiled, folding her body into a tight, defensive ball.

"Oh, no you don't!" I responded sternly, pulling her legs down and spreading them apart, as I knelt between them. Her bald pussy shivered in front of me, and I longed to bury my face in her glistening folds, but I maintained my disciplinary act for the time being. I presented the pink rubber toy to her lips and told her to put it in her mouth. When she hesitated, I told her it would hurt going into her pussy if she didn't get it wet first. I guess the logic was pretty simple to her, because she opened her mouth and let me push it in. I twirled it around to make sure her tongue moistened it completely, and then I lined it up with her damp pussy. I gently rubbed it up and down her slit a few times. She was all jerky at first, and she whimpered softly, but she soon calmed down, and resigned herself to her fate.

My heart was pumping out of my chest, as my secret lust took over. I concentrated on her quivering cunt, as I penetrated her for the first time…at least it was the first time for me to penetrate her: the dildo went in so smoothly, I was sure her hymen was long gone. I said nothing, as I kept going deeper and deeper into her wanton love chamber. I started going a little faster with each new stroke, and Mon pulled her legs back to her chest, so she could feel the entire length of it disappearing time and again up her slick tunnel. My other hand found my own love box, and I flicked my clit with my fingernail, as I watched the dildo fill my little s1ster's cunt. I was near my own orgasm, as I watched Mon instinctively fondle her proud breasts, and pinch her erect nipples.

The whole scene was just too much for me to bear, and when my orgasm welled up inside of me, I could do nothing but allow it to envelope me and wash over me, like I was standing under Niagara Falls. A bigger rush hit me when I realized Mon's body was bucking uncontrollably in front of my eyes, as I finished her off with my pink toy. I kept fucking her tight hole until she finally stopped squirming and moaning under me, finally pushing my hand away.

I realized my little charade was over now, so I decided to just abandon all pretenses. I slipped the sopping wet dildo into her mouth. Her hands reached up and held it in place, as I scrunched down and buried my face between her legs. Mon seemed to be completely at ease with her older s1ster exploring her most intimate zone with my eager tongue. I began to wonder just how much sexual experience she had already had. She certainly didn't have any trouble achieving orgasm, as I felt her thighs tense up around my head, as her body lurched and trembled as my tongue probed her deeper. When she pulled her legs back against her chest again, I took it as permission to explore her tense young body further. I wasted no time, and attacked her dark pucker with my stiff tongue. I twirled it teasingly around her spasming ring, causing her to shriek so loud, I had to slap my hand over her mouth until she regained her composure. I surely didn't want to risk waking our parents up.

Her ass tasted musky sweet, and not unpleasant. I worked my thumb around her clit while I ate her ass. She gasped in delight, and rewarded my efforts with yet another climax. I was euphoric and completely horny at this point. Emboldened by my younger sibling's response to my attacks, I sat up, slipped out of my thin pj's, and lay on top of her. I kissed her lips gently, and she responded in kind. Our tongues met, and they danced their own version of the tango. I squeezed her hard tits in my hands, and she moaned her pleasure back to me. Without hesitation, I climbed up onto her face, and lowered my slick burning pussy down, and she immediately began to suck the juice right out of my screaming cunt. After only a minute, I could feel my orgasm getting close, and I rode her mouth for all it was worth. Mon didn't budge; she just kept sucking me until I exploded on top of her. It was the most intense orgasm I ever felt. I was delirious with an ecstasy I'd never before experienced. Mon finally pushed me off of her, so she could resume breathing, but I was reluctant to move. Slowly, I slid down her body until we lay side by side, still clutching each other tightly. Both spent, we fell into a deep slumber in each other's arms.

When I awoke, the sun was already bright, and light poured into our room. Our parents had long since gone off to work, leaving Mon and me with an empty house. We were both off from school for Spring break, and we could do as we pleased. I smiled when I realized that my little s1ster was still curled up next to me, dreaming peacefully. I played with her hair, and rubbed her bare ass, teasingly running my finger up and down her crack. I could feel the familiar tingling between my legs, as I got more brazen with my finger probing. I was surprised that she didn't wake up, as my fingers were now sliding in and out of her moist vagina. They got so wet that I easily slid my index finger into her virgin ass. I added two fingers to her hot cunt, and began to really increase the piston action in both her holes. Soon, her awakening body heaved and shuddered in orgasm, and it was only then that her eyes opened and she sighed in contentment. She turned to me and smiled, as I licked her girl juices from my fingers.

Mon reached between my legs, as I sat upright and knelt beside her, gently stroking her hair. Of course, I was already soaked, and soon she was pinching my clit, and raking her fingernails over it, driving me completely wild. She held her hand firmly against the bed, and I bounced up and down on her stiff fingers, pulling on my nipples, until I came all over her hand. I couldn't believe the intensity I felt once again at the hands of my young lover. I leaned over to her, as we kissed sensuously for several minutes. Both of us were grinning from ear to ear, and we jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom for a shower together.

After we were nice and clean, I made breakfast for us, and we ate in front of the TV in the living room. Neither of us felt the need for clothes. We still had many hours before our parents would be home from work. Nor did we think anything of drawing the curtains open across the big picture window looking out at the front yard and the street beyond. No one could really see us from the street, and we weren't expecting any visitors to come into our front yard. In fact, we decided to be bold, and we stood in front of the window, kissing and embracing, and celebrating our nakedness for the entire world to see. It was exhilarating, to say the least. We acted like a couple of naughty little girls, giggling and touching each other's private parts, like we had just discovered them, which in a sense, we had.

Out of nowhere, Mon ran back to our room, then to the bathroom. I heard the water run for a few seconds, then she popped back into the living room, hiding something behind her back. She laughed and struggled playfully to keep it away from me, as I lunged and grabbed for it. Finally, she slowly revealed my pink toy, all nice and clean and ready to use. I took it away from her, and wrestled her to the living room floor, and then I climbed onto her thin body. I sat on her chest, facing away from her, and I pinned her legs down with my arms. I am a bit bigger than she is, and she squirmed underneath me, but she couldn't throw me off.

She finally surrendered: giggling, coughing, and out of breath. I scooted my ass back until my aroused pussy plopped down on her face. She didn't resist, and began to lick my dampness. At the same time, I pulled her legs back as far as they would go, and restrained them under my legs. Now, both my hands were free to do anything I wanted, and I wanted to do a lot to my trapped prey.

While I continued to grind my lust-filled cunt into her mouth, I spread the soft folds of her love box with both hands, revealing her erect clit. I leaned over and sucked it into my mouth, and rolled it around between my teeth. She let out a muffled gasp under me, which made me suck on her even harder. I reached onto the coffee table, grabbed my dildo, and plunged it deep into her. She lurched and bucked beneath me, but I held on tight, denying her any freedom of movement. I fucked her vulnerable cunt ferociously, holding onto the pink intruder with both hands, while continuing to ride her mouth up and down. As I settled my own ass over her hot mouth, I pulled the dildo out of her, rubbed her juice around her sphincter, and worked the toy into her ass hole. She tried to cry out, but my ass on her face prevented it.

As I began to climax, I fucked her ass with wild abandon until I could feel her entire body shake and shudder under me. That's when I finally looked up towards the picture window to see our Uncle Billy's face peering in intently, wearing a big grin, his eyes wild with lust. He waved enthusiastically when he saw me look up. Oh god, I was mortified. I stopped dead in mid plunge, and quickly rolled off Mon's now satiated body. She looked at me inquisitively, and I nodded towards the front window. There was Uncle Billy, waving at her too, and blowing kisses on top of that, as he proudly pointed to his smartphone, and showed us his triumphant thumbs-up sign. Mon and I couldn't have been more humiliated, or so we thought at the time. I was so shocked, I was rendered speechless, and so I'll let Uncle Billy take over telling the story now.


I burst through the front door, carrying my br0ther-in-law's borrowed red tool box in one hand, which I was returning, and my fancy new "does-it-all" cell phone in the other hand.

"Well, well, well, hello my lovely young nieces," I sung out gleefully, "what have we here?" They huddled together on the couch, trying unsuccessfully to cover their gloriously naked bodies with their hands.

"I'll tell you, girls, these new phones can do everything but fly to the moon!" I bragged. "Wait until you see how clear the video is that I took of you two ladies in action!" I grinned, as they cringed, and shook their heads in disapproval.

"What? You don't want to see it?" I asked incredulously. "Hmmm, well maybe your parents might be interested in having a look. I know your dad has been thinking about getting a phone like mine…just wait until he sees the quality of this video!" I exclaimed, my eyes wide with emphasis. Both girls hung their heads, and tried to hide their eyes behind their hands.

"Oh wait…so you don't want your parents to see it?" I teased, as they shook their heads simultaneously. "Hmmmm, well I guess that means you probably don't want anyone to see it, do you?" Again, vigorous head shakes followed.

"In fact, you girls would probably do anything to make sure no one ever sees it, now wouldn't you? Anything that dear old Uncle Billy might come up with, is that right?" Enthusiastic nods, despite the resignation on their faces.

"Okay, Hmmmm, let me see if I can think of something…I know: for starters, you each need to learn a lesson for acting like filthy little sluts," I said sternly, as I unbuckled the leather belt that held up my trousers. They literally jumped back at the sight of the loosened belt buckle. I suppose they thought I was going to give them a good spanking, but I had other ideas. I allowed my pants to drop to the floor, and they both gasped wide-eyed at my erection that popped free, and swung in the air before them.

"Okay, here's what we're going to do first," I instructed, as I pulled both girls up off the couch, and sat down where they were just sitting. Mon, you come here and kneel down in front of me. I grabbed Mon by her hair, and pulled her face toward my stiff prick.

"Start sucking, you little cum whore!" I declared. I pointed to Vero: "You kneel down behind your slutty little playmate here, and bury your face in her tight cunt," I ordered. I shuddered from the feeling of my younger niece's hot mouth enveloping my rigid cock. She seemed to have a pretty good idea of what she was doing for such a young girl, and I wondered where she might be getting her lessons.

I kept Mon's hair twisted up and tightly gripped in my hand, as I thrust forward, and each time more of my engorged dick would drive deeper down her throat. Apparently, Vero was enjoying the scene as much as I was, because she ate her younger s1ster out enthusiastically, while her hand rubbed her own clit like crazy. Wanting to deny her any pleasure during this punishment phase, I ordered her to stop, and switch places with Mon.

No sooner had Vero knelt down between my legs, than Mon assumed her position kneeling down behind her. I pumped my cock in and out of my older niece's throat rather vigorously, as I watched Mon spread Vero's ass cheeks nice and wide, and then attack her vulnerable slit with her wild tongue. I continued to face-fuck Vero until I could feel myself getting close to exploding, and then I pushed her away from me, and stood up.

"Okay girls, that was very hot. But I was just wondering what Grandma Maria might think about that video I took. She has a weak heart, that's true, but I'll bet she'd love to see what her granddaughters are up to while they are home enjoying Spring break together….no? You think not? Okay well, let's see what else Uncle Billy can come up with instead."

I demanded they assume the 69 position on the floor. Mon looked up at me, confusion on her face, ignorant of what my instruction meant. Vero pushed her s1ster over onto her back, and knelt over her in the opposite direction. "Now, eat each other's wet cunts out, you lezzy sluts!" I barked out. I stood up and circled around slowly as I shot another video clip of the girls eagerly sucking on each other's slick love holes. So beautiful! Then, I noticed the pink dildo on the coffee table, and I couldn't resist plunging it into my 19 year old niece's tight ass that pointed toward the ceiling. She jumped in response, as I fucked her ass recklessly. I got it all on video: a nice close up of her sphincter easing open to accept more and more of the dildo. I was beside myself with lust, and couldn't believe my good fortune. Talk about being in the right place at the right time: if I hadn't noticed my naked nieces playing in front of the picture window, I would have just walked in the front door, and I never would have had a chance to shoot my precious blackmail video.

My mind raced to come up with my next depraved idea. I had a captive audience, after all, and I wanted to take full advantage of the situation. As I toy-fucked my sexy niece with determination, I had a brain-storm…actually it was probably more like a cock-storm, if you want to call it that. I pulled the dildo out of Vero's ass, and she whimpered a little in protest. I stood, and straddled her kneeling body, and thrust my stiff man meat deep into her upturned ass. As I pushed my cock into her warm, tight brown eye, she responded with a muffled gasp, as she eagerly sucked on Mon's sweet pussy. I began to ride her like a rodeo bull, holding onto her hips and plunging my pulsating dick deeper into her bucking ass, holding on to her for dear life. I could hear her moaning even though she had her mouth full of Mon's spasming cunt.

As my balls swung in rhythm, I could feel them slapping against Mon's forehead while the younger girl steadily slurped Vero's juices from her aroused pussy. Instinctively, I pulled my slick hot cock out of Vero's ass, and knelt down between her legs. I grabbed hold of Mon's head, and slid my cream covered cock into Mon's steaming hot mouth. She opened her eyes wide, almost panicking when she realized what was happening. I watched as she sucked her s1ster's ass juice into her mouth, as she cleaned my cock with her saliva. The combination of sensations was phenomenal. I couldn't decide what felt better: Vero's tight smooth rectum or Mon's velvety soft throat surrounding my quivering cock. So, I had to go back and forth between the two several times: four or five deep strokes in Vero's ass followed by as many strokes down Mon's throat.

Alas, I would have liked to have humped them until eternity, but my swollen prick was about to explode. I abruptly stood up, and ordered my sex-crazed nieces to kneel close together, facing up towards me, tongues out. I had presence of mind to push the video button on my phone, as I rubbed the head of my rod on each of their outstretched tongues, back and forth, until I could feel the involuntary pumping of my ejaculate racing to freedom. In fairness, I did try to give each niece an equal sampling of my hot thick jizz, and I loved how my phone captured my cum squirting on each of their tongues, and down their throats.

"Swallow it all, girls, that's it!" I told them enthusiastically. "Oh yes, that feels so good!" I praised them for their cooperation, as they both licked my cock clean, playfully fighting over the last drop of my cream.

Finally exhausted, I collapsed on the couch, as the girls remained kneeling on the floor in front of me. They seemed to be waiting for my next command, but I had nothing left by then. Still, I didn't want this opportunity to end just yet…I had to come up with something quickly:

"Okay my naughty nieces, put on a show for your Uncle Billy: let me watch you make out…I want to see lips and tongues going at it," I demanded. They faced each other, still kneeling…

"No, no, not down there on the floor. Stand up and kiss over by the picture window," I instructed, "I want the neighbors to see what lezzy sluts you both are!"

Reluctantly, they got up and assumed their places in front of the window. I barely had enough energy left to keep focusing on adding to my blackmail video. I was going to keep barking out orders to my sex-charged nieces, but apparently, they didn't need any directing. They blended together like two long time lovers in complete sync with each other. They embraced tightly as their tongues explored each other's open mouths. Their legs intertwined, and their hands glided frantically over each other's curves, squeezing tits and grabbing asses. I kept silent, and kept the video rolling.

The girls seemed energized by the combination of performing in front of the window and my video phone. They crumbled to the floor while fondling and sucking each other's tits, and then melted into the scissor position. I could hear audible sighs and moans, as they tribbed each other, grinding their pussies together almost violently. I was getting it all on video, and I prayed that my battery held up better than I did.

Soon enough, their bodies jerked and twitched, and they groaned out loud as their love juices blended together in climactic unison, and then their bodies went limp. I found myself breathing heavily, as the girls swung their bodies parallel, and they blissfully cuddled each other in their arms. It was a beautiful moment of s1sterly love to behold, and I found myself caught up in the joy and tenderness that the two girls demonstrated to me.

Still, I had a certain agenda to follow, and this was supposed to be a blackmail punishment scenario. I stood up, acting like I was unaffected by their charming show, and got dressed. They seemed not to notice; such was their reverie. They were content in each other's embrace, and were oblivious to my movements.

"Ahem, okay ladies, this will conclude your punishment for now. I will be on my way, but you can be assured that I will review the evidence on my phone, and I am certain that more "punishment" is sure to follow…unless, of course, you don't mind me sharing the evidence of your depravity with our close-knit fami1y…" my voice trailing off, as I made my way slowly toward the front door.

I heard urgent sounding whispers behind my back, as I reached for the doorknob:

"Uncle Billy?"

"Yes, girls?"

"Can you come back tomorrow morning?"



(Written for, and dedicated to, my sweet friend, and "adopted" Niece Ehwaz)

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Introduction: iIf you have the time and want to read the whole story 17000 words to this one.

This true story involves a girl of 11 years and her uncle of 21 years.

Let me start by telling saying that, my b*****r and his wife have 7 c***dren, 4 girls and 3 boys.
The story I’m about to tell happened 20 yrs ago when I was 21, the second youngest girl was 11 at the time.
The whole f****y had been down with us for a summer break by the sea, they lived 300 miles from us.
At the end of the summer break they were all due to go home, but Daryl aged 13, and Sharon aged 11 wanted to stay with us for another month.
My mother agreed as did my b*****r as long as I would to take them back home.

This was agreed I would take them both back and stay with them for a few days before returning home.

This is the story.

Sharon was a petite blonde and quite slim, I had always got on with her better then the others, she always seemed to be by my side whatever I was doing. During the day I had to work so my mother took them out for outing although most of the time it was to the beach and as we had a hot sunny summer that year both of them got a lovely sun tan.
After a few days I was up in my bedroom after showering, stood in my under pants when Sharon appeared at the door. I asked had she had a nice day, and she nodded and said she had been swimming all day with Nan. I told her she was getting a nice tan and to make sure not to burn, with that she lifted her little skirt to show me her tanned legs, as I stood there looking at he legs my eyes were draw to her panties, which came as a surprise to me as I’ve often seen her in her panties and even naked, but this time I felt a stirring in groin which hadn’t happened before, and I had to look down, and yes I was semi hard, I turned away quickly in case she noticed and put my shorts on hiding my semi erection.

She then left to go for a bath. Nothing more happened that day but when ever I thought of her standing there showing me her tan I became erect.
The weekend had arrived and I was able to go with them to the beach, as I was an adult, my mother decided I could go with them while she did some much needed house work. So off to the beach the three of us went, we had been on the beach for an hour, and Daryl was in the water, being a very good swimmer I had no worries about him getting into trouble. I couldn’t help remember Sharon standing in front of me the few nights before, and I felt an uncontrollable urge to touch her skin. My chance came when she returned to me, and I was able to use the towel to get her dry, my hands touched her skin, I enjoyed it and wanted to do it more, but was afraid she may object and maybe tell her b*****r or my mother.

She was now laying on her towel, Daryl playing in the water with new friends, when I told her I thought she ought to have some sun tan lotion on her to stop her burning, as blonde’s burn faster then brunettes. So I got the lotion, and as she was lying on her front began to massage the oil into her back, I did her legs and looked at my hands as I rubbed the small tight cheeks of her bum. The back done I asked if she wanted her front done, she said it was ok, so she turned over.
Once again I began rubbing the oil in over her belly and down her legs, the feeling was sensational and I was enjoying every moment, then I came to the “V” between her legs, and wondered if I should continue, after all she was eleven and she may have some sexual knowledge and know that I shouldn’t be doing it. So slowly I moved my hands closer to that spot, she may no movement to stop me, and soon I was gently rubbing the skin just inches for her pussy. It was then I noticed Daryl on his way back, and him being two years older would know for sure that I shouldn’t be doing it, so I stopped.
Nothing more happened that day, and Sharon seemed quite happy with my oiling of her and she didn’t mention it to any one, much to my relief. But that night I couldn’t help think about it, and again got hard, but this time I wanked myself thinking of her being naked and me oiling her again, but this time without restrictions.

Another week passed and nothing happened and I was ready to put my thoughts behind me, I realised I had done wrong, but I still knew I had enjoyed doing it. The both of them went to bed early the next Saturday night as both were tired from another visit to the beach. I went up to bed at 11pm, and was just dozing off when I had a feeling I was being watched so I looked up to see Sharon stood the in her nightie.
“I couldn’t sl**p” she explained, “can I get in with you,” I nodded that it was ok.
I told her “ I told she would have to be gone by the morning, as her Nan wouldn’t like us being in the same bed together”.
She climbed in beside me, and we both drifted of to sl**p. I awoke again a while later, and could hear her breathing beside me, and the thoughts of the beach came back to me. I moved my hand to her waist slowly so not to wake her. Then a bit lower, I could feel her bum, her nightie had ridden up in the bed, meaning she was naked from the waist down. My mind was in turmoil, I so wanted to touch her pussy but dare I risk it?

I could feel her soft skin on my hand and the curve of her bum cheeks, I rest my hand there for a while, and I had no intention of sl**ping now, but hoped that she would remain asl**p.
I moved my hand up and down her slim legs, and over her bum even touched her bum hole gently, and I was as hard as rock. Then she moved. Had I awoken her with my careless fumbling?
She was now lying on her back, I lay still not daring to move my hand which was still resting on her belly, it seemed like ages, and all I could hear was her gentle breathing. Was she asl**p? or not I couldn’t make my mind up, so I decide to move my hand nearer her pussy, and stop if she said anything and pretend to be asl**p, but she didn’t move or say anything, now my fingers were able to touch her young slit, at first I used one finger, no movement from her, so I used two, slowly rubbing both my fingers up and down her slit, even penetrating her pussy lips to the beginning of her hole.
I was now dribbling precum, so I had the idea to soak my fingers in precum and use that as lubricant, which I did and was able to penetrate her further, I couldn’t stand anymore, and took my hard cock in my right hand, and has my left hand caressed her pussy lips I wanked till I cum, soaking the bed. I then throw caution to the wind, and scooped some of it up on my fingers and rubbed it into her pussy lips, making sure to get some in as far as I could without waking her.
I then fell asl**p knowing that my cum was now part way into her pussy,
In the morning I awoke she was gone, and when I thought back I felt ashamed of the things I had done to my young niece, but at the same time knew I would have to do it again soon.


Monday morning came again, but all I could think about was the night in bed with Sharon. It was getting close to taking them both home, but I so wanted to touch her again, but knew I couldn’t suggest it as she may wonder why I asked for her to sl**p in my bed again, and even tell her b*****r or her Nan which I couldn’t risk.

When I got home from work the two of them would be playing on the grass and I sat and watched as they played, I even caught the odd glimpse of Sharon’s panties as they played, which only made me want to touch her again as I did those few nights before. But I couldn’t figure out how. Wednesday after work when I got home mum and Daryl had gone round a neighbour’s house to see her new puppy. Sharon had been that morning and was lying on the grass when I arrived home from work I got myself a cold drink and watched her from the kitchen window as she lay there. Her small dress had ridden up and I was able to see her panties again, which I become to look forward to seeing.

I got my drink and walked into the garden, I sat at her feet, and just stared at the “V” in her panties when her legs joined and her pussy was just below the surface waiting for my tender finger to touch. She didn’t move so I assumed that she was probably asl**p, so I kept moving for a better look, wishing that her legs would open more, or better that she hadn’t got any panties on. But there they were and I wasn’t able to see anything more then her white panties.
I lay on my front watching her, she must have sensed it as I saw her eyes open, and look down at me,” Hello Uncle Chris” she said as she sat up, pulling her legs towards her chin, I could now see the thin material just covering her pussy lips and make out the slit in the material which showed me exactly where her young pussy was, I couldn’t help but stare.
We didn’t speak for a few moments, and when I did finally looked up at her face she was watching me, she must have known I was looking at her panties, and there was no mistaking it.

I offered her a sip of my drink feeling totally embarrassed, “They are new,
Nanny bought them for me today, did you know we are going home Saturday?”
My heart sunk I didn’t realise they would go this weekend and I was hoping she may have come to my bedroom again, but Sharon told me Nanny had phoned Alan and arranged for us to go up either Friday or Saturday.
“Nanny bought me six pairs” she said “do you want to see them” I nodded, and she gave me the drink back and run into the house. She returned with the other pairs and laid them out on the grass, pink, blue, red, black, pale yellow and another white pair.
“Which do you like best?”

I picked up the red pair and said “these are very sexy”, which I thought after was probably a mistake. “Would you like to see them on” I nodded. Instead of going indoors. She sat in front of me and removed the white pair and began to put the red pair on, opening her legs as she did so. There in front of me at last was that young smooth pussy, opening up for me to see. She pulled them on and stood up again, from where I was I had a perfect view, “yes I said red is the nicest”.
She sat back down and to my surprise said to me “then if you want Uncle Chris Ill wear them for you in your bed tonight” I was taken back, and she must have noticed my surprise as she added “that’s if you want me too” I was hoping I wasn’t acting to eager when I answered yes to her, but in fact I couldn’t wait. I told her not to tell her Nan as she wouldn’t approve.

A few moments later Daryl and Mum returned and nothing more was said.

We had dinner and Sharon and Daryl bathed, then it was my turn, and we sat watching TV for a while before Mum told them it was there bed time. They both said good night and off they went. I sat there for what seemed like ages not really watching the TV, just waiting for bedtime. I hoped Sharon wouldn’t fall asl**p and not come, also I hoped that Daryl wouldn’t come too, and that he would be asl**p if and when she did come to me
I went up to bed at almost 11pm and crept pass their room, stopping for a second to listen, but I heard nothing and assumed that they were both sl**ping. I undressed and climbed into bed wearing only a t-shirt, as I lay there in the bed I couldn’t help but wonder what might have been and I began playing with my hard cock. I was almost on the verge of cumming, when there was a tap on my back, I turned in surprise to see Sharon standing there smiling, I looked down at her and she had her red panties on as she had promised.

I moved over and with out a word she got in, and we just lay there looking at each other. I had the urge to kiss her lovely face and threw caution to the wind, and kissed her soft lips; she didn’t shy away but seemed to me returned the kiss, although at her age I wondered if she knew how.
She then took me by surprise when she asked “will you touch me like you did the other night” I didn’t know what to say whether to try and make out it was an accident or just say yes to her, but with the week end fast approaching and she would be going home and I wouldn’t see her for at least a year I threw caution to the wind, and replied “if you want me too”. She nodded.

I kissed her again and my hand slipped inside the waist band of her panties till I could feel the soft hairless pussy that I had grown to love some much. I rubbed up and down her slit as she lay there. I then pulled the covers off us and looked down at her, with out a word I slid down the bed and gently opened her legs wide, and my fingers moved her panties so I could see it once more. Then with out a sound I moved my head between her legs and began gently licking her slit. I could taste the pee on her pussy that she must have earlier, but I didn’t care it just added to the taste of her.

She seemed to enjoy this as she opened even wider for me and I was able to open those lips wider with my fingers then I had hoped for, as my tongue darted inside as far as it would reach.
I was in heaven at last, although I knew it was wrong, I didn’t care she loved it so did I, as I was tonguing her I was also pumping my hard cock, which didn’t go unnoticed and she looked to see what I was doing. I saw her look and I moved without a word into the 69 position, I carried on tonguing her and hoped she would suck me, but after a tiny lick from her on my erection she stopped, but was gently wanking me, following the movements I had made.
With in seconds I was cumming, and when I did it was all over her hands and chin. I stopped and kissed her forehead, and thanked her.
“I didn’t like the taste “she told me.
I noticed some of my cum on her chin and I went down and kissed her where it lay, getting it on my tongue I was able to push it into her mouth, which she didn’t seem to mind, so I got some on my finger and put it onto her lips which she sucked into her mouth. “Did you like that?” I asked her, she nodded, “and me licking you?”
“I liked that bit the best” she said.
We lay there talking for a while like she was an adult, she told me she didn’t want to go home, and would Nanny let her come down next year. I told her she would have to wait till next summer as she may change her mind and not want to come.
Before she went back to her bed she wanked me off once more and tasted even more then she did before, and I licked her for what seemed like an age.
We kissed and she went back to her bed. I knew then that given the chance next year I would have intercourse with her should she come down, and I knew that my Sharon had come of age.

That weekend I drove them all home, but when I kissed Sharon goodbye before leaving I knew we much more the uncle and niece.

All I needed to do was to wait till next year, GOD what a long time to wait.
Oh I didn’t tell you she left me the red panties.


Well at last the year has passed, the last 2 months were never ending, but like all things time passes, it seems slow at the time but it still has 24 hours to the day and not 36 like it sometimes feels.
I wasn’t even sure that Sharon would be allowed to come down, if indeed she still wanted too. A year in a young girl’s life takes so many twists and turns, but I hoped she hadn’t changed her mind.

I phoned my b*****r to ask if Sharon and Daryl were still coming down for the summer, he told me he hadn’t discussed it with them but he knew Daryl wouldn’t be down, has he had made other arrangements for the summer holidays.
My heart sunk, all this time and she wasn’t coming. “Do you want to talk to Sharon and ask her, its ok by me but you will have to come up and pick her up, I don’t have the time?”
“Ok, put her on” the phone when dead for a while as I waited, I knew the answer would be no, but I still hoped.
“Hello Uncle Chris”
“I just wanted to know if you two were coming down for summer holidays. Alan has told me Daryl won’t be down, are you coming down?”
“I would like to if you don’t mind, but how will I get there”
My heart missed a beat I’m sure, I honestly thought she wouldn’t be coming, and after a year of waiting the disappointment would be too much to bear.
“Ill come up and get you and take you back home at the end of your stay, how long would you like to stay? And when are your school holidays?”
“Id like to stay a month again if it’s ok with you and Nan, the holidays start in 3 weeks”

“Ill check with your Nan and make sure, Ill speak to you again tomorrow then ok?”
“Ok Uncle Chris, Ill look forward to speaking tomorrow”

I told my mum that I had phoned Alan, and he had told me that Sharon wanted to come down during her holidays again like last year. I didn’t mention I had asked Alan if she could come down, but made out it was his idea, to avoid suspicions as to why I wanted her down here.
“When will she be down then?”
“Her holidays start in a 3 weeks so it will be about a month”
“So she will be down during August, you know I’m going with your Aunt Joan to Dorset for a week in August don’t you?”
“Oh shit” I thought “so she can’t come then?
“I don’t mind her coming but she will have to amuse her during the day, and you will have to cook for her when you get home, and I want the house tidy when I return”

The following day I rung Alan “Mum says it’s ok for Sharon to come down for a month if she wants to”.
“Speak to her Chris”
“Hello can I come down”
“Yes Nan says it ok”
“Great, Ill put some clothes in a case and Ill be ready when its time, I’m really looking forward to it and month by the sea.”
“Ill phone nearer the time then and arrange to pick you up”

I thought it best not to tell either of them that Mum would be in Dorset for a week. The following day I learned the day that Mum would be away, and booked a week off my work to coincide with her holiday, so we had the house to ourselves all day for a week. I only hoped that we could continue where we had left off. I wondered how much she would have changed in a year, now that she was 12.

The time had arrived and here I was on my way to get Sharon at last. It was to take me 3-4 hours but all I could think about was how she may have changed, not only in appearance but maybe she didn’t think the same about me, and maybe we couldn’t continue like we had last year.
I was driving alone, I had asked mum if she wanted to come, but she told me she would see Alan and the k**s when I took Sharon back after her months stay. I arrived at my b*****r’s house about midday, and being hot they were all in the garden. I went through, and there was Sharon, wearing a tiny bikini, her hair was the same length, just resting on her shoulders. Her breasts had grown a little and it was quite easy to see the swelling of them under her bikini top. Her mum was small, and Sharon was going to take on her appearance by the look of it. I was greeted by them all, but they were busy in the small inflatable pool they had, but Sharon came over and gave a me small kiss on the cheek, and sat down in front of me.

“How are you?” I asked
“I’m fine, looking forward to getting in the sea, and away from my b*****rs and s****rs for a while; they drive me mad some times”
I looked down at her sitting there. Her slightly tanned legs had filled out nicely too, and were taking on a shape of a young woman, I noticed her flat belly, not an ounce of fat anywhere. “You are looking very nice, grown since last year”
He blue eyes sparkled in the sun “thank you” she replied “I’m in the net ball team and do gymnastics as well, keeps me fit”
“Sharon, get Chris another drink, he’s driven a long way to take you on your holiday”
With that she got up, and walked into the kitchen. I couldn’t help notice her tight little bum, and the cheeks struggling to release them selves from her bikini bottom.
“Ill help you get all the drinks” and rose to follow her.

Sharon was already pouring a drink when I got into the kitchen, she saw me and stopped, pushing me away from the window, and out of view, she put her arms around my neck. Planting a large wet kiss on my lips, I put my arms around her, things between us hadn’t changed I thought, and returned her kiss. My hands slipping down to her bikini bottom, hand moving inside the waist band, and feeling that wonderful ass.
She pulled my hand out, “plenty of time for that we got a month together”
Reluctantly I removed my hand and helped pour the drinks.
We sat outside once again, and every time I looked at Sharon, she was looking at me, and every time I thought of that blue eyed beauty, and saw her swelling tits she got me hard. I spent the rest of the afternoon with a towel on my lap to conceal my hardness.

“Are you staying the weekend?” her mum asked
“No just over night I want to get back in case the traffic gets to bad. Her Nan’s looking forward to seeing her as well.”
We had a barbeque that evening when Alan had arrived home. The following morning having showered, I found Sharon’s case and loaded it into the car.
Sharon appeared, dressed in a reasonably short summer skirt and t-shirt, and once again my eyes were drawn to the swelling under her t-shirt. God I wanted to get my hands on them. We kissed the f****y goodbye, her mum told her to be good and phone regularly “Ill be very good mum, Uncle Chris wont have any bother with me, Ill do just as he tells me”
“Well mind you do, I don’t want reports that you have misbehaved, I know what you can be like, all angel one minute and a devil the next”
Thinking to my self, yes she looks like an angel but Id prefer to see the devil in her.
We waved as we drove away, again it was hot, and I wore my shorts. Settling back for the 4 hour drive home.
As I drove I couldn’t help but glance over at those lovely legs, her skirt and ridden up and there was a generous amount of thigh on show. I announced after a couple of hours we would stop at the next services so I could have a rest and a drink, she thought it a good idea.

When we parked the car she asked “is there somewhere I could wash I feel all sweaty?”
“I don’t know I expect they have wash basins though, probably not a shower”
“Can I get my wash bag out the boot then?”
I throw her the keys and told her I would order the drinks.
A few minutes later she entered, and sat beside me, “I’ve got you a coke that ok?”
“Yeah fine, Ill go and see if there’s somewhere to wash”
She got up and walked towards the toilets.

A few minutes later she emerged, and what a sight to behold, she had changed her skirt for one much shorter, it barely covered her bum, and her bra had also gone. Her pert young nipples plainly in view pushing hard against her t-shirt, she now wore a white one, which made her nipples even more plainly visible. As she walked back to me I couldn’t help notice people, men in particular watching as she walked by.
“I had a wash and changed I was to hot in those clothes”
“Well you certainly caused a stir with that skirt; don’t you think it’s too short?”
“No, do you?”
“Well I suppose not it is hot and we have a long way to go, don’t what you getting too hot”
“Oh? I thought you wanted me HOT” she emphasized.
A bit taken back, I didn’t reply.
I told her I was going to the toilet, and then we move on again, still 2 hours to go yet.

When I got into the toilet, a truck driver followed me in; I had finished and was washing my hands.
“WHO is that girl your with? She’s gorgeous, best I’ve seen all day, and my mates agree with me”
“She’s my niece, she’s only 12”
“12 or not we would like her in our cabs for a couple of hours, fuck her bl**dy stupid, then send her on her way. Bet you fuck mate don’t you?”
“Well then you’re a fucking idiot she gagging for it, only have to look at the way she’s dressed. Don’t you want to fuck her?”
“I will be, for a month she’s coming down on holiday with me”
“You lucky bastard, Id love to have her for a night leave alone a month”
As I was about to open the door, he shouted after me “Give her one for me mate” and laughed.

“You took a time”
“I was talking to a truck driver, apparently him and his mates think you’re very sexy”
“Do they?” she replied looking around at the truckers and smiling, “I wonder what they have in mind for me” and laughed. With that we got up and left, but all eyes were on her, at the door she stopped, turned and lifted her skirt just above the waist and smiled at them.
Getting back in the car I asked “did you show them your panties as we were leaving?”
“No, why?”
“I saw you lift your skirt”
“They didn’t see my panties” she leaned back and raised one leg toward the door, and the other towards the gear lever. I looked down, and there in front of my eyes was a pussy, just a wisp of blonde hair but the lips were plainly on view. I gulped “my god Sharon”
“I was hot, and see. they didn’t see my panties at all I was telling the truth. I have to tell you that since last year, I have learned a lot of what men like, and what they like to see”
“So you have been with other men?”
“And boys, but the men have been your age and one older 40 something”
I must have looked a bit disappointed at hearing that, and I felt a twinge of jealousy. For some reason I thought she hadn’t been with other boys, and certainly not MEN.
“Don’t worry Uncle Chris, I’m still a virgin, I only let them touch it that’s all”. In some ways I was relieved to hear that, but still surprised and wondered what she had done to them.
“Why don’t you call me Chris, forget the Uncle bit?”
“Ok if that’s what you want, Id prefer it actually, now can we drive home, and keep you eyes on the road, think Id better cover up don’t you. We could have an accident, and then the month would be gone if we end up in hospital, and I couldn’t bear that after waiting a year”.

“Are we nearly there yet Chris?” she asked after a couple of hours.
“Almost about 20 miles, half an hour”
“Do you think you could stop some where quiet I need a pee”
I knew the area we were in and in about 10 minutes there was a secluded woodland where she could pee and told her so.
I drew into the area, there weren’t any cars around. She opened the door and squatted beside the car. I watched open mouthed as I saw the stream of pee coming from her pussy, and for the umpteen time that day she got me hard again. She stood up, not bothering to pull her skirt down, leaned in the door straight at the hard lump in my trousers.
“Did I cause that?”
“It seems every time I look at you this happens, every thing you do is sex related.”
“Well we can’t have you walking in and Nan seeing you with a hard on can we? And as I’ve caused it Id better remedy it”

Leaning forward further she took my zip and undone me, out sprung my hardness, free at last. “Umm, that’s a nice one, think I may get to enjoy this next month”
And immediately her mouth was wrapped around my cock sucking and licking the end.
Every now and then she would stop and look up at me, then back to the task. At 12 years old my Sharon was an expert, licking my precum and sucking me into her mouth. It was no good I couldn’t hold back any longer, although I wish I could have enjoyed this sensation longer, I couldn’t. “I’m cumming Sharon” thinking she would remove it, but she didn’t just took more into her mouth.
Spurt after spurt of my hot cum entered her mouth, as I squirmed in the seat, I was groaning with pleasure.
I felt my cock go limp and she looked up “that was nice, Ill do that again” cum dripping from her lips.
“My God where did you learn that?”
“I told you I had learnt a lot since last year”
“But I haven’t pleasured you”
“No need to worry, you have a month to pleasure me, AND YOU WILL!”

As I drove the rest of the way I looked at her sexy legs and tight t-shirt, “you should put your bra on Sharon; Nan will think it strange you not wearing one”. Now for the first time I saw her naked breasts, and they were wonderfully rounded, pert little dark nipples poking out “I’m going to suck those very soon”
“I hope you will, and suck more besides”
“There’s something I haven’t told you”
She looked puzzled “what’s that?”
Nanas away for a week in Dorset, and I’m booked off work for the same week, we will be alone for a whole 7 days”
A smile came across her face “better hope it rains that week”
“well be a shame to waste the sun while we are in bed, we wont be getting out of bed for that week only to eat then back to fucking, eat again then back to fucking, and I wont let you out of bed even to eat if you don’t make me cum”.
All this sex talk from her was once again getting me hard.
“Down boy”, she said “you had enough for one day I don’t want to spoil you”

We finally got home, and mum had cooked something for us both, Sharon sat chatting to her to bring her up to date with all the news.
Sharon then said she was tired after the journey, and would shower and go to bed. I gave her 30 minutes and then said I would go to bed as well.
I showered and pushed her door open slightly, not a movement from her, and by the light of the moon I could see she was a sl**p. Poor darling must be tired, so a little disappointed I too went to sl**p.

The following day was Sunday, I got up and went down stairs, all was quiet, but there was a note on the table. Mum had gone to the Sunday market with Joan and would eat out, and we had to find something our selves.
I made my self a cup of tea and also one for Sharon and took them up. I crept into the room, she was still asl**p. Placing her tea on the small table I sat in the chair and stared at her sl**ping.
Her hair was half covering her face, but she still looked beautiful. I sat quietly watching her for ages, and then her eyes flickered and opened. I knelt down beside her bed, her eyes fully open now, I gazed into them, it was like looking into a deep clear blue pool, I was mesmerised by them, they were so gorgeous, clearly the best eyes Id ever seen. “Morning sl**py I’ve made you a cup of tea. Nan’s out at the Sunday market, we have to cook our self’s dinner, and you’re just the person”
Still she laid there, hair half covering her face, “I can’t cook, and I have a job to boil and egg or make a sandwich”
“Well that’s it then, we can have a hard boiled egg sandwich”. And we both laughed.
Still laying there I slowly pulled the covers back, her t-shirt had rolled up in the night, and my eyes stared upon her pussy, instead of being smooth, there was now a small patch of blonde wispy hair. “Oh your getting hairy Sharon” and smiled
“Don’t you like it?”
“I preferred it smooth like last year, but I can get used to it” I bent down to kiss her pussy “wait” she said I need a pee first and a shower, make me all fresh, you wait here, only be a minute”
She climbed out of bed and disappeared into the bath room.

Ten minutes later she reappeared, hair damp and clinging to her face, but she still looked perfect to me. She sat on the edge of the bed, just a towel around her. I pushed her back and removed the towel. I now saw those young petite tits protruding from her chest, my hands caressed them, and my mouth was soon upon them sucking each nipple in turn. I could feel myself growing, and stood up to release my now stiff cock from my shorts. Looking down at her pussy, she was now smooth again. “Have you shaved it off?”
“Well I could tell you didn’t like it, so I borrowed your razor, I want it to be like last year”
I wrapped my mouth around her pussy lips, and began sucking licking and chewing her lips. My fingers were gently pinching her nipples.
I could hear her moaning with delight as I gently rubbed her clitty “don’t stop” she told me. I had no intention of stopping. For several moments I continued, until she wriggled free. Pushing me back on the bed she climbed on top of me, and opened her pussy wide, then lowered it down over my mouth. I began sucking and nibbling again. She was soaking wet, I could feel it on my chin. But I loved her taste and wasn’t going to stop.
For ages I continued my attack on her young smooth pussy, until suddenly she screamed out loud, and I felt a gush of fluid fill my mouth “oh my god” she kept saying over and over again.
She lifted herself off me “that’s the first time I’ve cum like that, it was gorgeous”
“You filled my mouth with your love juice” I told her.
“No it tasted wonderful and I want more of that”.
Again I went down and licked her, hoping to taste her cum in my mouth again. But she stopped me.

“Put it in” she said.
“I cant, I don’t have a condom”
“never mind a condom I’m on the pill, have been for 6 months, I knew we would end up in bed together, so like a scout I came prepared” and smiled “now put it in”.
I still hesitated after all she was still a virgin and my niece.
So she said it again but with more aggression “put it in” still I was uncertain, it felt strange after licking her that I should now feel guilty.
“Will you put the FUCKING thing in me?”

I did as I was told and put the tip to her pussy lips, slowly I entered her. I was about half way in and I feel a slight resistance, but still pushed till the resistance was gone, she let out a small scream, but then lay back as I pumped my cock into her.
She was so tight I couldn’t last long, and only a few minutes later I cum inside her.
I thought to myself I hope the pill works, its too late now if it doesn’t.
I slowly pulled my limp cock from her. Looking down I saw my cum smeared over the shaft, mixed with a slight colour red. Sharon was no longer a virgin.
We lay in each others arms, and she told me she loved me, I told her I loved her also, and she would always be mine.
We spent the rest of the morning talking, kissing and touching each other.
Now at 2 pm we got up, and I did make her cook dinner.
A hard boiled egg and a sandwich.

We waved mum goodbye, she was off to Dorset. Watching the train pull out I grabbed Sharon’s arm and said “home” she knew what I meant and we ran back to the car. We spent the rest of the day laying in bed and love making. The whole week wasn’t like this, as she predicted, in the early morning we would lay together, chat or make love. Then we would go out to different places, and in the evening we would again make love. When I thought of paradise, this would be it, spending as much time with Sharon as I could.
It seemed different now, we were free to do as we wanted, not sneak around, or go out just to be together, but a week isn’t very long and we wanted to make the most of it.

On one occasion we drove 30 miles down the coast along the coast road. We saw a dirt track road, and it seemed to lead to the sea, about a mile down the bumpy track we stopped, got out and walked over a sand dune. In front of us was a small sandy beach, deserted but for one man fishing. “Fancy a couple of hours here love” I asked Sharon.
“Yes let’s get the blanket and drinks” together we walked down the beach, on passing the fisherman he nodded and I said “hello, caught any thing?”
“No very slow today” we continued a little further. We were now about 15 yards from the man when Sharon saw a hollow in the sand. “We can lay here” she said, and placed the blanket on the sand.
Before settling down she looked at the man “want to have a bit of fun?”
“How do you mean?”
“Just watch” she sat down beside me, and pulled her skirt up to her waist. Still puzzled I looked at her “give him a few minutes he will be along”

Within 10 minutes he was walking by and looked at us, and carried on walking. “He’ll be back in a moment” and then she lean forward and took off her top. I sat looking at those pert nipples, which seemed to be slightly erect.
He came passed again and looked over, taking longer to pass this time. When he was out of sight she smiled at me “told you, I know what men are like”
Next off came her skirt, and lifting her bum, she removed her panties, and lay back on the sand face up, legs slightly apart naked.
She was right again; he came back, and almost stopped to look. He was looking at her smooth pussy that was obvious “want me to stop” she asked.
But I was too intrigued and excited to want her to stop, so I shook my head.
She now open her legs further, raising her knees, she put her hand between her legs and was playing with her self. I couldn’t see the man and thought he had gone. And said “He’s gone”
“No he’s still there I can see his head above the dune, he’s watching me”, then she opened further and her other had went down to play.
Obviously now I was rock hard once again, and removed my shorts to free my penis.

“He’s moving nearer, promise you won’t let him too close or let him touch me”. I promised her I would stop him if he came too close. Now I could see him also, he was sitting watching her, she seemed to smile at him. And he moved nearer again. He was now about 15 feet away, I looked down at her, she said “he’s ok for now” and continued her play.
Still he moved nearer, now 8 feet away, she whispered “stop him there”
I shook my head at him, and he knew to stop, that was close enough. He must have had a perfect view of her 12 year old pussy devoid of hair.
She continued for a few moment then told me “fuck me, but make sure he can see” and lay on her side, one leg up.
I entered her she was flooding with juices, and I pumped her slowly. Looking at him, he was also playing with himself. He had taken it from his shorts and was openly wanking as I fucked Sharon. Once again she whispered “don’t cum in me”
I had a job to stop myself it was so erotic having a stranger watch us make love.

“I’m going to cum soon” she moved and it flopped out. Immediately she turned and had her mouth over my erect penis, moving slowly up and down, and watching what the stranger was doing. And it seemed me and the stranger was in perfect unison, for he began spurting his cum on the sand at the same time I filled Sharon’s mouth. She sat up and looked at the man, and his limp penis,” did you like that?”
“Best thing I’ve seen all year” he answered “how old are? You aren’t 16”
“I’m 12” she replied
“Well you sure know how to satisfy your boyfriend, my wife wouldn’t do that”
“Oh he’s not my boyfriend, he’s my uncle” and smiled. She looked down at me “time we were going home”
We both dressed and gathered our things, “will you be back tomorrow?” he enquired
“No we won’t be back tomorrow”
We both walked back to the car.
“Like that?” she asked
“It was amazing you’re so sexy”
“Told you we would have a bit of fun”
We drove back home.

By the end of the week we were both exhausted for the things we had done with each other, but still we couldn’t stop. We were in love and wanted to show each other.
By the end of the week, she had even learned to cook; she had progressed from a hard boiled egg sandwich to beans on toast, egg on toast, cheese on toast, and on one occasion bacon, egg, beans and yes toast.
Her toast was out of this world, but her bacon was too crisp, and when it was cut, bits would fly all over the table, which caused us to laugh out loud. After a week I was being to tire of toast, so on the last evening alone together I took her out for a proper meal.
The following day we were back at the station to pick mum and Joan up from their trip to Dorset.
We now had less then a week together, before she went home, and both of us were dreading the moment she would have to leave.
So we grabbed every opportunity we could to be together. On this occasion it was mums bingo night, I knew she would be gone for at least 3 hours.
As soon as she had gone, we watched her walk up the street we were upstairs in bed making love once more. We lay in each others arms, and both of us must a slept for a short while, for the next thing I heard was mum shouting “what the hell are you two doing?” we both awoke with a start and seeing her, tried to cover our naked bodies.
Your dads going to hear about this,” and stormed out of the room. I chucked my shorts on and followed her. By the time I got down stairs she was on the phone,” yes I told you they were in bed naked and he was fucking her”
I thought to myself she could have said making love as that’s what it was.
I was in a state of panic, Sharon stood beside me now crying.
She put the phone down, “he’s coming down tomorrow and your going home tomorrow” she said to Sharon, which made her cry even more. I didn’t like to see her crying, but I couldn’t console her. “And you should be ashamed of yourself she’s only 12 and your 22, she trusted you, as I did, but you took advantage of her. Sharon you will sl**p in my room tonight, and in the morning pack your case.”
By midday Alan had arrived, neither of us slept that night. Mum opened the door, and he stormed in, saw me and straight away hit me square in the face. Him being 13 years old and much bigger in build I didn’t stand a chance. He turned to Sharon who was once again crying “you should be ashamed of your self my girl”

By now I was on my feet, and told him “it’s not her fault its mine, I persuaded her to do it”
“I bet you did, I bet you planned it all. You never mentioned mum would be in Dorset for week. You had it planned, you were going to FUCK YOUR NIECE right from the start” and with that he hit me again. bl**d was streaming down my face and out of my mouth.
Sharon shouted “don’t hit him again it wasn’t his fault it was mine I planned it”
“Don’t tell me fucking lies your to young to know of such things.” And with that he slapped her around the face. “Get your things and get in the fucking car your going home NOW”
He then turned to me, lying on the floor. “I never want to see you again, and if you come with in a 100 miles of my f****y Ill fucking kill you”
He turned to mum, “sorry about all this, Ill take her back with me now” and in a few moments he was gone. I looked out the window, as they drove away. Sharon still crying, she looked over her shoulder, and then turned away again.
That was 18 years ago, and I haven’t seen her since that day.

My mother went by train to see Alan’s f****y, I wasn’t allowed to go. When she returned she would tell me about Alan his wife and the other k**s but never said anything about Sharon. It was as though she never existed, never been born.
I desperately wanted to hear about her but I never heard from any of them until 7 years later. I was alone one evening when the phone rang, picking it up I heard “hello nuckie” it was Daryl’s pet name for me nuckie Chris he used to call me.” Remember me Daryl? It’s been a long time nuckie how are you?”
“I’m fine thanks and you?”
“Very well, did you know I got married?”
“No when”
“Three years ago I have a son now he nearly a year, I wanted you to come to the wedding but dad wouldn’t allow it. Said if you were coming he would stay away.”
“So I’ve not been forgiven then?”
“Never will mate you almost tore the f****y apart, I’m the only one, oh and Sharon who has a good word to say about you”

That name I hadn’t heard for so many years”, and how is Sharon?”
“She’s fine also, she met some tosser and he got her pregnant and then cleared off”
“Oh I’m sorry to hear that, she deserves better, where she living now?”
“They have a small flat about half a mile from dads; she pops in to see them daily with Lisa”
“That’s Sharon’s daughter’s name, Lisa. Spit and image of Sharon, except for the age difference of course you would thing they were s****rs. She just like Sharon was at 9.”
“I’ve missed so much of your lives” I told him.
“Yes its unfortunate, but none as strange as families. Any way Ill have to go, I’m babysitting. Now I’ve been in contact with you, we will keep in touch, yes? No hard feelings between us is there?”
“Never has been Daryl, I just wanted to hear about you all but I was denied, I tried ringing several times over the years but when they heard it was me, they put the receiver down without a word.”
“Then Ill keep in touch with you, maybe you can come up and see us, we live in Wales now, so no need to let on you have been up”
“Id like that Daryl take care”
“Oh, Ill mention to Sharon that I’ve rung you if you like, maybe she will ring you. She’s told me she doesn’t know how things stand between you two”
“Yes tell her, and there’s no hard feelings between us at all, Id love to hear her voice again, goodbye”

Well that was almost 2 years ago, and I never received a call from Sharon. During which time mum had contracted cancer, and passed on, leaving me alone. She spent her last few days in a hospice, and I was constantly by her side.
One evening while I sat holding her hand she told me “you have been such a good son over the years to me, but there’s something I need to say before I leave you”
I looked down at her “what is the mum?”
“You know the day I caught you and Sharon in bed/”
“Well I was wrong in phoning Alan, I should have sat down and talked to you both. I thought it was young mans lust for his niece and I was disgusted and felt you had betrayed me. But over the years I have realised that it wasn’t lust it was love. I saw the way you acted when she left in such a hurry, and how you have been over the years. I heard you at night crying yourself to sl**p, noticed you wouldn’t eat your meals. You have lost weight”

I told her that it was true we did love each other “I know son, I noticed how Sharon had changed too. On my visits up there she would ask about you but I just ignored her, and didn’t tell her anything, which I know upset her. She went from a bubbly young girl, to almost a recluse, she wouldn’t go out with her friends and spent a lot of time in her bedroom. Her schooling went from bad to worse. I tried to persuade Alan to let you come up with me and spend some time together, and become b*****rs again. But all he had in his mind was that you would try and persuade Sharon to run off with you.
I’m sorry for every thing that’s happened, and it was more my fault then either yours or Sharon’s, I now know you were in love, not as uncle and niece but as boyfriend and girlfriend, but you know you could never have married her, or had c***dren”
“No mum” my eyes filling with tears, “but at least we would have been together, now I shall be alone, I don’t want another woman, I still love Sharon and always will till the day I die”.
“Yes I realise that now, I’ve ruined not only your life but also Sharon’s because of my stupidity, I had to tell you this, and you needed to know”
I kiss her fore head “I’m going to rest now son, please forgive me”
Once again I kissed her forehead “you thought you knew best mum, I’m so glad you told me this, I do love you and I forgive you, now rest”
I sat beside during the night, her eyes closed; she looked at peace with herself.
She died the following morning.

After the funeral, which Alan didn’t attend, I began to clear up her things. I found several old photos of all of us together in happy times. Some of the girls and boys when they were young.
And I stared for a long time at a photo of Sharon aged about 7.
Her long blonde hair, blue eyes, wearing shorts playing on a swing.
I thought if only I hadn’t fallen asl**p that night we would never have been caught. We could have stayed together.
I found another envelope and opened that. Inside was one photo. Mum and Sharon aged 12, taken on her last summer with us, on a day trip to Southend. I must have taken it but had forgotten about it.
The following day I took it to the photo shop, and asked if it could be enlarged. Despite the age of it, they did enlarge it, and it came out very good, I now have 2 copies, one in the lounge, and the other beside my bed.
A picture of the two people in my life I have loved the most.

Then last month, the phone rang. “Hello”
“Hello Chris, bet you don’t know who this is”
“I do its Sharon. Ill could never forget your voice.”
“You spoke to Daryl”
“God Sharon that was 2 years ago”
“I know, I wanted to ring, but I didn’t know how you felt about me, in spite of Daryl saying you were ok with me, and I didn’t want Nan to pick up the phone”
“I expect you know she died, I was expecting Alan to come to the funeral, not just send flowers.”
“I said that to him” she replied “but he couldn’t face you again”

“Any way why I’m ringing is” there was a short pause “you remember we used to come down for summer?”
“How could I ever forget?”
“Err, yes. I suppose so, I told Lisa how much fun we had swimming in the sea, and she wants to come and meet you”, there was short pause. “No, the truth is I want to see you again, can we visit for say a week if that’s ok? I told Daryl and he said you would like to see Lisa”
“Not only Lisa, I want to see you too, and yes any time you want to come down, feel free, I could come and get you if you want”
“Err, no best not come this way, I’ve got a car Ill drive down, I have a sat nav I won’t get lost. I asked Lisa would she like to go for a stay by the sea, and she’s all for it can’t wait. That’s really why I phoned, she’s driving me bonkers, keeps asking me if I have asked you. Almost every day she’s on at me”
“Well you tell Lisa its ok with me and I look forward to seeing her, how old is she?”
“She’s eleven, same age as when I came down the first time with Daryl, but she’s a grown up eleven, knows more about things then she should if you get my meaning”
“Think I do, but you knew more about things at 12 then I did at 22” and gave a short laugh.
“Yes, well” a pause “bet she will want to sl**p in your bed too, as I did. She will find you as lovable and cuddly as I did.”
“Best not go there again Sharon”
“Why?” didn’t do me any harm, and better with someone who loves you then just any old person off the street. With someone who loves you its special, and I know you used to love me”
“Sharon, there’s no used to about it, I still love you, even though we haven’t seen each other for all these years you are always in my thoughts”
“Oh Chris that’s such a nice thing to say”
“And what will dad say about you coming?”
“I’ve already told him, and he’s not best pleased, especially as I said I was taking Lisa with me. In fact he called you a perv and p**o, but we both know that’s not true”
“You ring when you’re coming down and every thing will be ready, we can show Lisa the sights”
“That’s wonderful, Ill ring you regularly now I know we are ok together”
“Ok Sharon, I’m always here for you, you know that”
“Goodbye Chris, please don’t ever forget, I’ve always loved you, bye bye and kisses”

My heart was rejoicing my Sharon wanted to bring her little one down to see me. So now I wait anxiously for her to come down. What will happen I don’t know? Just to see her, to hear her voice, to touch her, just to be with her in the same room is something I thought would ever happen again.
Come on summer, she wont stay a week, Ill persuade her to stay the whole of the summer break.
Sharon, Lisa and I will have so much fun, we will never forget it.


Since the phone call from Sharon all those months ago, I get a call at least 3 times a week now.
We have exchanged mobile numbers and I get a text every day, makes me so happy we at last in contact again, it must be costing her a fortune in texts.
I’ve even had a few long letters and photos of Lisa; she is indeed the spitting image of Sharon at that age. detailing where we are to take Lisa, but the amount of places she has listed would be impossible to see in a week, so I cant help think she has it in her mind to stay longer, which I don’t mind one bit.
As far as I’m concerned they can stay all summer.

A month ago, I received a call from Daryl “Hello nukie, I don’t have long I’m late for work but I had to phone.”
“Hello Daryl”
“You have been in touch with Sharon then?
“Yes she rung me some months ago”
“We had her and Lisa up for half term break, I don’t know what’s been going on between you but I hadn’t seen her for almost 9 months, only spoke to her.
But what a changed person she is. She’s done her hair, she was looking a bit raggy, but its styled now, she’s back to wearing make up, even bought new clothes. She’s gone back to the gym and wants to get her flab down and fit again. And she never stops joking about. I haven’t seen her like this since I don’t know when. But whatever you have said or done has changed her 1000%. She’s coming down to you in the summer then?
“Yes, not finally planned but she wants too”
“Yes she has told me all about it, Alan’s doing his nut up here, says if she goes to you she needn’t bother coming home again”
“Is she not coming then?
“Yes she’s coming made her even more determined, she told me she’s fed up with him ruling her life, and its time she stood up for her self.

“Oh my God I’m still causing bother after all this time”
“Wait, you haven’t heard the best of it, and I’m not supposed to mention it to any one. But you know what I’m like for keeping secrets”

“Come on then what’s the secret”
“Promise you won’t say a word, and if she mentions it act surprised”
“Yes, I promise” I was intrigued to know the secret that only he and Sharon shared, “now tell me”
“Well she told me on her last visit, having just had another row with dad, she said for 2 pins she would move in with you, and fuck her parents”

I was both surprised, and feeling very happy, thinking that Alan has at last gone and shot himself in the foot.
And the thing he had been trying to avoid, her running off with me, could well happen, just because of his hatred for me, and his over bearing manner towards her.
“So the worm as turned then?
When I asked her the following day when she had calmed down if she meant it, she just said “fucking right I mean it, I don’t want to be with them any more.”
I told her “mum wont let you take her grand c***d away, she just said she has 8 others, she wont miss Lisa, and any way she’s never liked the idea I was unmarried”

“So nukie it’s a surprise if she says any thing, ok, she may not, but if she does and you agree, you have me on your side, I told Sharon 10 years ago to go to you when she was at her lowest ebb, but she wouldn’t leave them with the baby just borne and all”

“Well I got to say Daryl I never expected this”
“ Nukie I know how you feel about her, and she’s told me how she feels about you, and I want to wish you both the best of luck, however it turns out. Just don’t forget I exist, I insist on seeing my nukie and s****r, and niece on a regular basis, ok nukes?”
“You have my word Daryl she won’t lose contact with you”

I put the phone down; a bit worried about the upheaval I had caused, but at the same time elated that we may at last be reunited forever.

I had several texts and one phone call from her and Lisa as they travelled down to me.
The call came when she had stopped for a coffee at a service station “hello Chris, never guess where I am”
“No do tell”
“We are at the services we stopped at when you came to get me the last time, remember what happened?”

My thoughts went back to when we had stopped all those years ago, where she changed her clothes and got the comments from the truckers.
“I hope your not going to change your clothes there again”, I replied and laughed out loud.
“No, I’m wearing leggings this time, but Lisa has shorts on, and a few have looked at her. We are just stopping for a short while then be on our way to you.”
“I cant wait to see you both”.
I had one more text from Sharon, and several from Lisa giving me progress reports.

When I knew they weren’t far from home I showered and quickly tidied the place up. I couldn’t stop going to the window and look for them.
Those last few moments were never ending.
At last a car drew up outside, and I could see them both sitting talking. Then Sharon got out and walked to the door, I opened it, and immediately all the love and affection came back to me.
Before it seemed like I had dreamed it, but here she stood, the dream had become a reality. “Hello”. I said, holding out my arms, she came to me and I kissed her cheek. I wanted to hold her longer, but Lisa was stood beside us.

Daryl was right she looked exactly as Sharon did when she was 11. I looked down at her “and you’re Lisa?”
“Yes, hello Uncle Chris”
“Forget the uncle bit your mum has”
“Give Chris a kiss hello Lisa”
I bent down slightly and kissed her cheek.

I made them some dinner and we sat idly chatting. Lisa told me about her school and friends, and then left the table to go into the garden.
She hadn’t got a garden at home, and mine was quite large so she went exploring.
I stood at the sink washing up the dinner things. “Well?” Sharon said.
I looked around at her puzzled.
“Well?” she said it again.
“Well what?”

“I’ve come 300 miles, travelled 4 hours, and all I’ve had in fucking return was a dinner and a peck on the cheek.”

I moved away from the window so Lisa couldn’t see. Took her in my arms and we had the longest kiss possible.
It felt too good to be true, here I was almost 20 years later holding and kissing the girl I had lost.
“God this feels so good”, I told her. “I never thought this would ever happen”
“Nor did I, we have been apart too long we have a lot of catching up to do. I thought you blamed me for what had happened, and didn’t know how you felt about me. I wouldn’t have blamed you if you hated me, separating you from you b*****r and k**s. After all, in my mind I think I seduced you, not the other way round like every one thinks”

We just stood holding hands watching Lisa in the garden.
“What do you think of her?”
“She’s gorgeous, but so is her.”
“You wait till she knows you, may take a while, but when she knows you she will love you like I did”
“That may take a while though a week isn’t very long Sharon, its hard to get to know any one”
“A week? What you going to do, throw us out after a week”
“You told me you were only down for a week”
“Well I lied”.
She pushed away from me and went into the garden to find Lisa.

“Chris, I’m going to bath Lisa”
“Ok Ill take your cases up”
So she had planned on stopping longer, I was quietly overjoyed.
Lisa was bathed and in her nightie when I came down. “Shall I show your bedroom?” I asked Sharon she looked a bit sheepish at me. “Show Lisa hers I think you mean”
“But” I started.
“like I said Lisa knows more then she should, and she knows about the past between us, I told her on the way down, she knows we will sl**p together, and she quite happy with it, trust me”

I didn’t expect any of this, I wasn’t complaining but to say it in front of Lisa I thought maybe was going too far, but the relationship between them seemed older younger s****r rather then mum and daughter.
Looking down at her, she was smiling at me, she knew what was going to take place between Sharon and I and wasn’t the bit concerned.
We took Lisa to bed and I kissed her cheek again “Chris” she asked “can we go to the beach tomorrow if it’s a sunny day”
“Course we can angel, now sl**p you have had a long day”
Her mum kissed her and we shut the door.

An hour later I went up to shower, when I returned to the bedroom to get dressed, Sharon was lying on my bed naked.
I looked down at her; she hadn’t changed at all, no flab or fat, just her same trim body as usual. I dropped the towel and climbed on the bed beside her.
For ages we just held each other close.
Then moving my hands down to her pussy, I remarked on how smooth it was, “I know you don’t like hair so I shaved it before I came, it looks just like Lisa’s now,” and laughed
“Looks like the one I used to know a long time ago”. And immediately went down to kiss it.
“This is going to be the best sex ever, and I want it last all night”
“I hope I don’t disappoint you” I told her
“I haven’t had sex since Lisa was born, and that was eleven years ago.

The whole night we did exactly as we did long ago, she even swallowed my cum. And I licked and sucked her for ages, making sure she also cum.

We lay together in each others arms, it still didn’t seem real to me, as we talked about the times we had together. She even remembered the old man on the sandy beach, where she allowed a stranger to watch as I fucked her.
Then admitted to him I was her uncle. All these memories, so many, so long ago, but we were together again now. It may only be for a short while but we wouldn’t waste a moment of it.
She wanted to go back to all the places she had been before to relive the memories.

In the morning the door opened, I hadn’t locked it; Sharon wanted it unlocked in case Lisa wanted her. Standing at the door smiling was yet another angel, Lisa.
“Morning honey, did you sl**p well?” her mum asked.
“Yes thank you, did you?”
“Yes, like a log, but we spent a long time talking together about this and that”
She looked at us both with a knowing look “just talked?”
“Don’t be so cheeky you little bugger, make us both a cup of tea, we will shower have breakfast and take you to the beach”.
With that she smiled again and went down to make us the tea.

That day we spent down the beach, I took Lisa of to find some crabs which she wanted to eat but I told her they were too small, but we found some shrimps for her tea.
She asked what we had to do with them, “boil them,” I told her.
She went off the idea then and we put them back.
In the afternoon it was so hot we didn’t want to do anything, just lay under the parasol, and talked. Lisa must have been tired or bored for she fell asl**p with her head on my lap. “Told you she would want to sl**p with you, she’s warming to you already I knew she would”
I stroked Lisa’s hair,” she reminds me so much of you its uncanny just how similar you are”.
The following day we went to Southend, this was my idea.
I told Sharon I wanted to take another photo of her and Lisa in the same spot as the one in the lounge and bedroom at home.
She suggested getting a passer by to take a photo of all of us together, which some one did.
Lisa was playing on the roundabout waving each time she passed us; a woman beside me said to me “you have a lovely daughter there, just like her mum”
I just nodded it made me so proud of them both. If only Sharon was my wife and Lisa was my daughter, but as my mother told me years before, that could never happen, but just the same it would be the closest I would get to having a f****y.

Halfway through the week, Sharon suggested going back to that secluded beach where we made love in front of the stranger; she wanted to find the exact spot.
I told her that it would have changed so much over the years, we could never hope to find the exact spot.
But we went any way. It hadn’t changed that much, still secluded but this time it had been taken over by nudists.
We were surprised to see them, but years ago Sharon and I lay naked for that stranger
We weren’t sure whether to go on the sand, but Lisa shouted “look naked men, can we go and have a look”
So what could we say, we went down.
We settled in a spot we thought could have been near where we sat before, but to me it didn’t matter any way it was still the same beach, and the memories came flooding back.
The nudists were swimming and Lisa wanted to swim naked also, Sharon took off Lisas swimsuit and off she went.
Sharon then took off her clothes, when I looked at her she just said “come on people are looking at us because we have got clothes on”
So I stripped.

I was surprised how many men moved closer to Lisa. Obviously to get a better look, some even spoke to her as she lay in the water. It was easy to see what they were looking at, her young sweet smooth pussy and her tiny nipples just beginning to bud

When Lisa came back to us she stood in front of me naked for the first time.
I couldn’t take my eyes off her. It was Sharon all over again. The smooth pussy, lips just protruding from her vagina, her little nipples just beginning to sprout.
She grabbed a bucket and ran back to the sea.
“Your having the same thoughts about her, as you did about me aren’t you? I can tell by the look in your eyes”
“I mustn’t have those thoughts Sharon its wrong”
“It wasn’t wrong 20 years ago, I was alone and it happened, if it happens now, she’s got her mum to help her cope with it. Tell me honestly you don’t want to touch her and Ill say no more about it”.

I had never lied to Sharon and she knew this, so I couldn’t lie to her now.
I looked into the sand, nothing to say, but she took this as yes, I did want to touch her.
“Then we will do it, I will be with her to help her”
“I’m not having intercourse with her though she’s too young”
“You didn’t with me when I was eleven, I wasn’t expecting you too, but to touch I think wouldn’t be difficult for her to cope with”
“Ok then, but she mustn’t be f***ed into it”
You didn’t f***e me but I still enjoyed it and wanted more”

That night back at home, Sharon bathed Lisa as usual, and remarked on how much she had burnt.
“Chris has some after sun, he can rub it on you, and work his magic, he used to rub it on me when I was your age. And I enjoyed it very much”

She dried Lisa off, and brought her to the lounge.
Laying a towel on the floor she turned to me and said “Chris work your magic she’s burning up”, and threw me the after sun.

Lisa lay down; I knelt beside her, and slowly removed the towel, exposing her naked body to my gaze. Already I could feel I was getting aroused just by looking at her.
She lay on her front as I began rubbing the lotion into her smooth skin; once again my hands were touching young skin. I looked up at Sharon, smiling as I touched Lisa, “I remember my first time you did that on the beach, even then it felt so lovely and erotic to be touched by you”

I was now at her bum cheeks, and I savoured the feel of them, massaging them slowly, “Does it feel nice Lisa?” asked her mum.
“It does, it feels cool on my body”
“Do you like what he’s doing?”
“Very much”
“You had better turn over now Lisa” she said.

She turned and I stared down at her once more, and began to massage the oil into her chest.
Lingering for a while on her budding nipples, pinching them gently and caressing them.
As I moved closer to her young pussy, Sharon asked Lisa “would you mind if he touched your pussy?”
“No” she replied to her mum “I want him to”

So I moved down and massaged her pubic area, and slowly her virgin lips.
I touched her slit and she didn’t move.
I pushed my fingers partly into her, and she didn’t move.
I was massaging deeper now, and she opened her legs wider for me, to enable my finger to go deeper.
I pushed my finger up to the knuckle and she winced a bit and let out a small cry, as I broke her hymen, she was no longer a virgin.

She had only had my finger up her but she hadn’t complained at all.
“Did you like that Lisa?” asked her mum once again.
“It hurt a little bit but its ok now, I do like it”
So I continued fingering her tight smooth 11 year old vagina, until Lisa told her mum it was getting sore.
So I stopped. She lay there naked to my gaze, I watched intently as her mum kissed her and told her “you have been a good girl, we both enjoyed what Chris did to you, would you like it again another night?”
“Yes I would but not while its sore”
“Then we won’t do it for a few days till you ask. Ok?”
She nodded, got to her feet and said she was going to bed now as she was tired.

I asked Sharon “did you notice the men looking at her on the beach; I bet they were thinking the same as the truckers when you changed your clothes at that service station.”
“Yes, I noticed, and I also noticed the way you looked at her and the large lump in your trousers while you massaged her. Now I think I need a massage, I feel I’ve caught to much sun too”
Sharon took her shorts off, and once again I was hard as I looked down at her body, this massage wouldn’t stop at a finger.

We spent the next two hours massaging each other to the sounds of a Craig David CD
And ended with a wonderful love making session.
Lying beside each other Sharon told me “Lisa may not want to wait till next year you know, I really think she loved what you did”.

The following day Lisa was a bit distant from me, and I have to say I was worried.
I didn’t want to upset the her feelings she had for me, and I defiantly didn’t want to hurt her, which I may have done, thinking back I could have been a bit brutal with her, but I hadn’t intended to.
I did get over excited at touching her flesh I have to admit.

In the evening when Sharon and I were alone, and Lisa was tucked up in her bed I asked Sharon “has Lisa said anything about me today?”
She replied “how do you mean?”
“She seemed a bit distant from me I wondered if I had hurt her or did I go too far with her?”
“I can ask her in the morning if you want”
“I would appreciate that, I would rather have her love and affection, that’s more important to me then turning her against me by touching her. She may know I was wrong in what I had done and resents me for it”.
“You are sweet but don’t worry I’ll ask her tomorrow when I take her breakfast”.

The following morning Sharon took her breakfast, and was up there for at least 30 minutes. When she returned I asked “well?”
“She fine and everything between you is fine, she told me she had been a bit sore yesterday, and what had happened gave her a lot to think about”.
“Think about?”
“Well she knows it was wrong, but at the same time she enjoyed it, so in essence she was feeling guilty too”.
“Then I won’t do it again, you tell her so”.
“I’ll tell her when I’m alone with her”
When she came Lisa came down, I gave her a little cuddle and told her I was sorry if I hurt her, and it won’t happen again.
She smiled at me,”I’m ok now I’m not sore anymore, I don’t want to get sun burnt, so perhaps you had better massage my skin again tonight, it felt better after you had put the after sun on”

We had breakfast, and still feeling guilty I asked Lisa “where do you want to go, to a theme park maybe go on some rides, any where you want I’m paying”
“Chris, can we go back to that beach where you don’t wear swimsuits?”
“Are you sure, I did say any where”
“I like that beach, I like swimming with out clothes”
“If that’s your wish, we will go there”

Two hours later we were on that beach, and Lisa was in the water naked once more. We lay watching her, and I commented to Sharon on how the men seem to follow her around watching her. “If you weren’t her Uncle, just a stranger then you would follow her around.”
I had to agree.
She had been in the water for a quite a while,she came back up the beach to us.
“That man asked if you was my dad, I told him you were my great Uncle”
“What else did he say?”
“He told me I had a nice body for a young girl that was all”
Sharon spoke “well if he asks you to go any where with him you say no and come straight back to us”
“I know that mummy, I won’t go with him, I don’t trust him.”
“Good girl” her mum said “why don’t you lie here for a while with us till he goes?”

He didn’t go though; he hung around looking at us, Lisa in particular.
“Shall I tell him to clear off?” I asked Sharon.
“No he’s ok harmless enough”
He then began to walk up the beach “hello, I’m Steve, lovely niece you have”. Looking at Sharon “and you must be mum”
“Yes I’m her mum”

He sat down and talked about this and that, and I have to admit I was getting annoyed with him, but didn’t say anything. I was waiting for Sharon to tell me to get rid of him, but she didn’t.
All the time he was talking, he was looking at Lisa, who was now naked lying on her back legs slightly open.
He had brought his towel with him, which was across his lap, and I was sure had he taken it off his lap we would see he had a hard on.

Lisa then leaned up and looked at me “do you think I’m burning Uncle Chris?”
A bit puzzled with the use of Uncle, I looked down at her and said “you seem ok, you have a tan now you shouldn’t burn”
“Well could you put some on in case”.


She got the bottle and she turned on her back, the man now looking at her bum. I poured a liberal amount on her back and slowly massaged it in, watching the man at the same time.
He was now gently rubbing his erection through his towel. Not sure whether we would mine him doing it openly.
Lisa was content with her back being oiled; she looked at me “now front please” and flipped over.

I began to do her front, her chest, then shoulders, then legs, but I stopped short of touching her vagina, I didn’t want a reoccurrence of the other night. “There you’re done” I told her.
“No I’m not, you missed a bit, and opened her legs wide, the man was now staring into her open pussy, and rubbing harder, not seeming to care if we noticed.

Lisa picked up the bottle took off the lid, grabbed my hand and poured some more into my palm.
I understood what she wanted, and massaged her pubic area, then over her smooth slit, and down the inside of her legs.
Sharon looked at the man “don’t you think you should show Lisa what you are doing under your towel?”
He looked embarrassed but looking around he removed the towel, just enough so we could see.
His hard dick was covered in his juices, Lisa was now on her elbows watching him as he masturbated, and I at the same time was fingering that 11 year old pussy once again.
I wasnt sure if it was the oil, but Lisa seemed to be wet down there.

It was all to much for him he cum his load over the sand quietly saying “my god that’s so gorgeous, wish I could touch that pussy”
“Well you can’t said Sharon, f****y only”
Lisa then got up “thank you Uncle Chris” and run back to the water.
The man had no reason to stay now, he said his goodbye and left.
Walking back to who I assumed was his wife.
“The saucy minx” Sharon whispered “she had planned that”
“Just like my 11 year old Sharon did a long time ago”. And smiled.
“Lisa didn’t go all the way though”
“Too many people about, and I doubt if you would have had your mum been watching”. I told her

When we were on our way back home in the car, Lisa leaned forward “Chris do all men get like that when they look at girls?”
“Pretty well all of them” I replied feeling a little awkward at her sudden question.
“Did you get like that the other night when you looked at me?”
No point in denying it “yes I did”
“Did your willy shoot out all that stuff?”
Sharon looked at me and smiled, she knew I was embarrassed by her questions.
“It would have done if I had carried on”
“Does the creamy stuff make babies when its in a woman?”
“Most of the time it does”. I looked across at Sharon who was now giggling quietly, “This should be your job, sex education” I said.
“No, you carry on your doing wonderfully well”
“Does your cock squirt very often” Lisa asked
“Only when I get excited”
“Do you get excited very often?”
“Only when I see lovely looking girls like your mum and you”
“You said you got excited the other night when you put after sun on me, but I didn’t see you squirt then.”
“I had my shorts on then”.
“Did you get excited when you did it in front of that man?”
“Yes, I did very much”
“I didn’t see you squirt your stuff then, and you were naked”
“I held back Lisa”
“That’s the first time Ive seen a man squirt, it goes a long way doesn’t it?”

A moments of silence,
“Does yours go a long way when you squirt?”
“I don’t know Lisa Ive never measured how far it goes”.
“Is your cock as big as that mans? his was very big”
Feeling slightly jealous of his I told her “no his was about average”
“So is yours average too?”
“Yes, I think so”, by now I was feeling very red in the face, and Sharon put her hand on my knee, “your doing very well”
“Ive never seen your cock Chris” Lisa stated.

Then she leaned back in the seat again.
She seemed to be thinking about some thing, I could see the look on her face in the mirror.
She leaned forward again, and blurted out.
“Can I see it squirt your stuff then?”
My mind was running wild, and trying to concentrate on driving which was becoming more difficult.
“One day perhaps, when you’re older”
“Why not now”
“Well I’m driving do you want me to have an accident?”
“When we get home then”
“If I were to rub it up and down like that man did would it squirt?”
“Yes, there’s a good chance it would”
“Id like to see that”

She leaned back in the seat. I glanced at Sharon who was silently laughing.
Looking back at me “Quick learner my Lisa”

When we got home we all showered and Sharon said she wanted a bbq as it was a sultry warm night. Lisa and I were outside making the salad bowl, pouring some salad cream into a bowl.
Lisa stated “This is just like that mans stuff”, she dipped her finger into it and tasted.
“Does it taste the same Chris?”
“I don’t know Lisa Ive never tasted it, but I doubt it”

Then Sharon appeared at the door, she was naked.
“I’m really getting into this naturist thing” the garden being well hidden from prying eyes, she walked out and sat down.
“Mum” asked Lisa “does mans cream taste like salad cream?”
“No Lisa not a bit like it”

Lisa then noticed her Mum naked and as quick as a flash removed her shorts and top, and she too was naked.
“Why not join us?” Sharon asked.
So I took off my shorts and sat drinking my beer.
Looking at Sharon and Lisa naked had me aroused in seconds “oh. Look at you” Sharon laughed.
“Well what do you expect two naked girls beside me”
Lisa jumped up, and walked over to me; looking down at me and with enquiring eyes asked “Can I make it squirt now?”

Sharon was laughing out loud, I sat embarrassed.
She didn’t wait for an answer.
She knelt in front of me and put her hands around my shaft and began to move them up and down gently.
The feeling was indescribable, I just relaxed and let it happen, she wanted to do it and I wasn’t about to argue.
I closed my eyes and for several moments and let her continue, until Sharon spoke.

“Lisa, there are other ways to make it squirt” with that she got up and moved Lisa to one side, she was now kneeling in front of me, and in one movement took my length into her mouth.
Again I relaxed, Lisa was watching intently as she watched her mum’s mouth moving slowly up and down my shaft.
I was nearly at breaking point.
“Now you try Lisa”. Lisa was now in front of me, and slowly she too took as much as she could in her mouth, and following her mum’s instruction moved slowly, and with each downward movement took more into her mouth. Until almost all of it was in her. That was it, watching this young girl giving me oral sent me over the top, and I exploded into her mouth.
She moved away quickly not expecting it, but still had some in her mouth, “swallow it” her mum told her, she did “ tastes quite nice doesn’t it”
“Yes, not like salad cream at all, much better”
Lisa was grinning, it was easy to see she was pleased that she made me cum.
Not only had she got her wish, to make me squirt, but also found out it didn’t taste like salad cream.

The bbq finished and things cleared away we sat talking, when Sharon asked Lisa had she enjoyed the day she said she had, but the best bit was making my cock squirt.

“There are other ways as well as those you have tried”. She told her.
Again this sexual talk coupled with the fact they were still both naked, displaying them selves to me had me hard again.
Sharon walked over to me, I was lying on the sun bed, and she took my hard dick in her hands, squatted over me, and slowly inserted my hard cock inside herself and began slow moments.
Lisa must have wondered what was going on; she couldn’t see my cock now, where had it gone?
She came over and looked as Sharon bobbed up and down on me. I could have cum in seconds but held back, wondering what could possibly happen next. “Would you like to try?” Lisa looked up at her.
“Do you think I could?”

Sharon got me to lie on a blanket, so Lisa would be in control “now if it hurts you stop” she told her
Lisa squatted over me as Sharon had.

Sharon grasped my shaft and lined it up with Lisa’s pussy opening, “go down slowly Lisa”
Lisa did as instructed till the tip of my penis was just inside Lisa.
“Now when your ready lower yourself on it”
“What about lubrication Sharon?”
“Your cock is wet from me, she will be ok”

Lisa very slowly lowered her body. I watched her face, Sometimes she would wince as if it were hurting, but she stayed where she was.
Little by little it went in.
“Does it hurt Lisa?” her mum enquired
“A little but I can bare it” I was now three quarters of the way in, and I honestly don’t know how she did it or how I held back, she was so tight.

It seemed like a very long time, and it probably was, but now Lisa was fully embedded on my hard cock, and I watched as I saw her young pussy move up and down slowly.
Several minutes later she was moving faster; she must be very wet now and was actually fucking me.
I looked into her eyes; she was enjoying the sensation as much as me.
She leaned forward and kissed me, not a f****y kiss but a long hard passionate kiss that lasted for some time.
That was all I needed I began to cum, filling her young body with my hot cum, she seemed to push down harder as I filled her. Then collapsed on my chest.

She lay there for a while till her mum spoke “you ok babe?”
“Yes, that was the best thing I have ever known, I want to do it again”
“You cant now, look at his dick”. She stood up, and looked down at my now limp dick. Then at her legs, and watched as my cum ran down the inside of her legs.
“I made Chris cum, like that man on the beach”
“Yes babe but he can’t put it back in now it’s not hard enough”
“Then can I do it again tomorrow?”
“If you want to honey, I’m sure Chris wont mind”
She looked at me with enquiring eyes, “did you like it Chris?”
“I was in heaven Lisa and when you want to do it again we will, any time”
Sharon interrupted me “hey, stallion save some for me”

We all went to bed that night very satisfied.

From that day Lisa was insatiable, she seemed to want to do it at every opportunity. She even wanted to go back to the nudey beach to tease some other man and watch him cum. I’m sure sometimes Sharon got jealous, she would make sarcastic comments, but Sharon got her fair share, I slept with Sharon, not with Lisa.

After several weeks of this I was exhausted but the happiest man on the planet.
In the mean time Sharon had taken Lisa to the birth control clinic and got her on the pill.
Sharon had taught her how to suck my dick as well, in fact with Sharon’s expertise little Lisa was becoming an expert in all things sexual.
She could now wank me till I cum, with her little hands around my shaft.
What I liked was the way she would look into my eyes while she did it, watching my expressions change.
She could suck me just as well as Sharon could, and swallow too; she seemed to love the taste.
She loved the taste so much; when we fucked she would finish me in her mouth.
And when we made love, she would almost scream the place down with her orgasms. She wasn’t as tight as she was the first time but still tighter then Sharon and I had a job to hold back.

I was being to feel down, they had stayed almost 6 weeks and I knew that they would both have to leave so Lisa to go back to school.
Sharon picked up on my minor depression “what’s wrong?”
“Soon be time for you both to go home, you know I’m going to miss you and Lisa”.
“We will both miss you, probably even more, I’ve loved these last few weeks together, and I know Lisa has, she learned so much and she loves you to death”

We went to bed that night and made love, making it last longer then normal; it may be the last time for a year.
I knew they would be back next summer, they both told me so.

Sharon said they would be leaving next week, that would give her 3 days to get Lisa her school clothes.
I was heartbroken, but I knew it would happen.

A couple of days before they were due to leave, Lisa was still in her room, she hadn’t come down for breakfast.
Sharon went up to see if she was ok, she wasn’t, she was crying.
Sharon stayed with her for a long time, and then came back to me.
She told me Lisa was crying and would I go to her.
I sat on her bed, and she put her arms around me, and we had a long kiss and cuddle. “Don’t cry babe”, I said “we will see each other next year”
“I don’t want to leave here I hate it in Liverpool, I want to stay here with you, you love me I know you do, and I know you want me to stay”.
It was true I did want them both to stay.

She looked up at her mum “I’m not going, I’m staying here”
“You have to go Lisa, what about your school?”
“Ill go to school here, I’m not going back there, Chris will look after me, you go and leave me here”.
“I can’t do that, you know I can’t”
“Well I’m not going Ill runaway and come back to Chris”
“Any way Lisa, Chris might not want us here”.
I thought that was a stupid thing to say she knew I wanted them to stay.
Lisa turned to me “don’t you want us to stay?” tears streaming down her face “don’t you love me?”
“I love you both but you have to go to school”
“Why can’t I go to school here?”
I didn’t have an answer for that, well not one that I thought Sharon would want to here.
She repeated the question again “why can’t I go to school here?”

I held her tight, my face covered in her tears, “perhaps you can”
She pulled away, a little smile on her face “can I?”
I looked up at Sharon, “well she could, and we have a school quite close”

Sharon looked at us both “and what about your friends Lisa?”
“Ill make new ones at my new school” she was clinging to me tightly now she knew I was on her side.
The tears had all but stopped now.
“You got a f. ing answer for everything Lisa, its not that simple, we have to see if there’s a place for you, tell your other school you are down here now”

“We could do that in the morning Sharon, only a phone call”. I butted in.
“God now you’re both against me, your no help at all are you”
“I’m bias, you know that, I love you both more than anything in the world, and you also know I don’t want you to go home”
“well Ill make a bargain with you both, we will contact both schools, first to try and place Lisa, and the second to see if we can change schools. If either says no, then Lisa comes home with me. We have school holidays, we could come back then, and we wont lose contact again if that’s what you afraid of”.
“No, I’m not afraid of that, but to go even a week with out seeing you both would break my heart, but what you say is right, and we will abide by those conditions”
I kissed Lisa “happier now?”
“I knew you loved me” she replied, I kissed her again.

That night in bed we discussed it some more, what she would tell her dad, although she said that wasn’t a big issue.
She was more frightened that we couldn’t arrange things as Lisa wanted, and she would be heart broken had she got to go home.

In the morning she made some calls and finally got through to the education board, and asked if it was possible to change schools for Lisa, as they had moved to Kent.
They couldn’t think of any reason not to, but had to be notified of her new school for their records.
She couldn’t get hold of our local school for 2 more days, the teachers still being away.
Finally she got in touch with the school and asked the head mistress, she said there were places, but would have to interview both Sharon and Lisa before they could say “yes”, but saw no reason if all went well that she shouldn’t join the school for the next term.

Well that was 2 weeks ago, Lisa got accepted and began her new school, she was nervous at first when Sharon took her, but that evening seemed happier, telling us both she had made new friends.

Alan was raving on the phone, calling me a p**o and pervert, saying he would get the police down and get me locked up.
Sharon told him “don’t be so fucking stupid, we will come back for visits, but if you call the police you will lose us both”
And put the phone down on him.

She has arranged to go and get her things next week.
Daryl has told her he will hire a van and drive it down, that way he will see me too.
She will be gone three days collecting her belongings, and has made me promise to look after Lisa, as she can’t be taken out of school so soon after starting.
I’m more then happy to have my little sex kitten (who is now 12) stay with me, two obvious reasons.

It will be the first time I’ve slept alone with Lisa, and the second, more important then the first, Sharon has to come back to her daughter, she would never leave her.

“Sharon told me as she left “you must be the happiest man alive, two women to make love to when ever you want, almost fighting for you, when one doesn’t feel like it the other one is available. Must be everyman’s dream, and one is only a young twelve years old.
“It’s not the sex that’s my dream, its the dream of having you both here with me, that’s all ways been my dream, and now it’s come true, and Ill care and love you both for as long as I live”.

“You know,” she told me “I hoped this would happen. I didn’t want to ask you if we could stay, in case you refused, I hoped Lisa would love you so much she wouldn’t want to leave. And I knew you couldn’t say no to her”.

She gave me a large kiss, and kissed Lisa, got in her car to drive back to Liverpool, but at least this time, I knew she would be back in three days, and be with me forever.
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My Uncle Who I Can't Refuse

My uncle owned acres of farmland in Wales near the coast. When we were young we'd occasionally stay at his for a few nights holiday with my Dad and my Mum. On my dad's b*****r's land was lots of trees and forestry parts great for climbing and making hide-outs, which was great for me as a little girl. I always enjoyed staying with Uncle Geoff.

Now as a freshly grown adult, and at 20 just out of my teen years I had decided to head back to Uncle Geoff's farm for some peace and quiet over the month long Easter Holidays from my University to revise before my final exams.

It had been a fairly long journey by train, and I had spent the majority of the time entertaining myself by reading my book and intermittently fantasising about fucking the other passengers as we travelled along the long miles to the remote village in Wales that I was to disembark at. I often find myself very horny as I broke up with my boyfriend over a month ago and haven't had sex since.

It was late evening and dark as I left the train the cold wind whipped around my body. Underneath my long coat my nipples started standing to attention in the chill as I watched my Uncle's Golf rumble up the path to the station. He pulled the car up close to me and jumped out the driver seat. He came round the car and held the passenger door open for me, with his deep cigarette smokers voice said, "Welcome back to paradise, Lily. Do enjoy our balmy evening wind." He smirked at his own sarcasm as I watched his eyes rake up my body.

"Thanks for coming to pick me up Uncle Geoff," I warmly said to him. Then I stepped forward to give him a quick hug as a thank you like I always had since I was a little girl. "It's such horrible weather, on the plus side this grim rainy and windy weather is perfect for studying. I'll have no temptation to go outside!"

"Well it's good for you and it's good for my crops," Geoff replied as he closed the passenger door, walked around the car, as he sat down in the seat he continued, "but it isn't great for my poker playing, no-one's going to walk to the pub in this horrible weather, and the Police have been so hot on drink driving none of us dare drive to the local pub anymore. Now, let's get home."

The farm house was much like it had always been, thick stone walls, his big wood fire burning in the living room and thick sheep skin rugs over the cold stone tiled floor. "I've tidied up the little guest room for you, it has nice clean sheets on the bed and I've left you a set of towels for when you wash." He smiled at me, and I headed up the stairs to the guest room.

I dumped my bag on the floor and tested out the bed -- it was a single and spongy. I left my coat in the room and headed down to the living room to sit with Uncle Geoff. As I walked in he was pouring us both a large glass of wine, and he passed me a glass and a cigarette. I leant forward and he lit it. "Thanks Uncle Geoff, our little secret. You know how angry Dad would get if he knew I was smoking, him being a reformed ex-smoker himself he likes to preach his anti-smoking doctrine at every opportunity, and I wouldn't like to upset him."

"No problem Lily, you're old enough to make your own bad decisions now," Then he winked, "Plus I find young women smoking most attractive. When I was young, I was smoking at 12. Back then they didn't know how bad the cigarettes really were, and now I've turned 60 I see no point in giving it up. I'm healthy and the doctor says I'm fine, I guess it's all the energetic work on the farm keeping me in shape and heath, well apart from the bit of a beer belly..." With that he lifted the bottom of his jumper a little to pull on a small bulge of flab for me to see saying, "We all know how to get rid of this, stop with the booze, but I love the liberation of a few drinks, and hunny I can see you do!"

My own glass was nearly finished. I'd glugged the wine down speedily while he'd been speaking, thinking I'd like a few drinks to get myself off to sl**p nicely after all the travelling today. I shrugged innocently and said, "Sorry Uncle Geoff, I'm just a little thirsty," To which he chuckled and filled up my glass again.

"Now let's see if there's anything on this infernal digital TV," Uncle Geoff said to me and started flicking though the channels. At 11.15 on a Monday night there wasn't much on the channels, we flicked up the numbers passing teleshopping, telebetting, past a range of badly filmed American sit com re-runs. "There's never anything decent on," Uncle Geoff grumbled and flicked the channels further up, a big titted middle- aged woman appeared. Her nipples were barely covered by the typing "XXX Milfs -- Press Red button to Enter. £5.99 per rental."

I blushed at the image. "That's not quite what we were wanting is it Uncle?" I managed a nervous giggle at the situation.

"No, not at all." Uncle Geoff replied, "Let's see if there's something better." With that he switched one channel up and shot a mischievous look over to me, "Asain babes - small tits, not really my thing. Oh, it's fatties next, that's definitely not what I want to be seeing. Now, this is a little better, younger girls. Doesn't that blonde girl have nice titties Lily?" He asked me directly.

"Urm, they do look nice and round and firm I suppose." I responded, shuffling a little awkwardly on my seat. I wasn't sure where this was going, I took a huge gulp of my drink. "I do like this wine, why don't you turn the channel over?"

He flicked the channels up one more, this time a busty brunette with pig tails stared out at us, her fingers cupping her boobs covering her nipples. Uncle Geoff commented, "These ones do look nice, they're not a pinch on yours though, hun," My Uncle smiled widely at me as I sat there stunned to hear the words coming out of his mouth. "Yours Lily, now they look nicer and rounder and a lot more firm since you've got older. Your titties look like a decent handful or more. You must win a lot of men over with a cleavage as deep as yours on such a slim waist. " He shuffled his trousers into a different position, I felt slightly uncomfortable under his gaze. I swear I could see the hairs on his chest that poke out the top of his shirt raising and falling faster as his breath sped up from the excitement of saying such disgracefully naughty things to me.

I looked over at him earnestly and said, "Uncle Geoff, you really shouldn't be making inappropriate comments about my body like that. Nor should we have the TV showing X-Rated images. You're my Uncle and I've been told it's not right."

"Oh don't worry Lily hunny, I was just making a passing comment about how you've grown. They're hardly X-rated images darling, all their nipples and pussies are covered up. Although it would be so much better if they were all on show, don't you agree? How many boys have you allowed to suck on your nipples and titties Lily?" He asked.

"Only t-t-three guys Uncle G-G-Geoff, and they were all my boyfriends," I stuttered a defensive response.

"Did you let them bite on your pert nipples little Lily?" He enquired further.

"Y-Yes, I did." I answered.

"Good," Uncle Geoff replied. "I'm glad you've started to find your sexuality. It's such a great gift, to be turned on, to orgasm and to give pleasure, isn't it?"

"I suppose so?" I said.

"You like to give pleasure you naughty little girl, don't you?" He asked.

"Y-Yes, I suppose so Uncle Geoff." I was feeling a little scared of the direction the conversation was going.

"I bet you like to pleasure lots of boys. With a chest and body like yours I bet you use it like a little shut. Are you a smutty slutty little girl?"

I tried to respond, "Not really I'm..." but my Uncle interrupted me.

"Oh I bet you can be a dirty little whore. Lily, why don't you give your Uncle Geoff some pleasure little lady? if you'll touch those boys, you should let someone who loves you touch you too. What would please me the most right now, would be to see your pert nipples and all of your nicely grown breasts. You're going to help your Uncle now aren't you Lily?"

I could see no other option, and all things considered just having a peek at my nipples wasn't as bad as other things he could ask of me given our isolated situation together. I shyly slid the neckline of my top down, so that both breasts were exposed tightly wrapped in a purple bra I had on. I slid the bra cups down so the tops of my tits and my nipples were exposed in the air of the farmhouse for my Uncle Geoff to lustfully admire. A shudder of revulsion slid down my spine, and oddly it left behind a tingle of horny excitement along with the disgust at how filthy and wrong the situation was.

"Very nice Lily, but I asked for you to show me all your breasts, and some is still covered by that pretty bra. You will take the bra off for me won't you? Show me all of your titties like we agreed?"

"Uh huh," I muttered as I reached behind my bra and undid the clasps, releasing my breasts completely from their confines. The flicker of light from the fire cast shadows across my exposed chest and I could see Uncle Geoff was drinking the whole scene in.

"I also asked," Uncle Geoff continued, "To see your nipples pert, all erect and stiff. Will you pinch your nipples for me little lady, so I can see your nipples stiff like we agreed?"

I was shocked, the whole situation stunned me. Uncle Geoff had asked me to pinch my own nipples while he watched. Alone in the room with him I complied. I cupped my tits with my hands and rubbed my nipple between my thumb and forefinger, pulling both pink nipples out to attention for him.

Uncle Geoff licked his lips. "Oh yes baby, stay like that for my pleasure. I'm going to put the News on TV to listen to, why don't you stay undressed like that so that I can keep watching your pretty titties." With that he flicked the TV onto the 24 hour news channel and slid a hand into his pants. While I watched the news reporter reading the headlines with my chest uncovered he watched me.

After 15 minutes passed, the news section drew to a close and Uncle Geoff stood up, "Right, I'm going to bed, see you in the morning Lily." He walked passed me out the room to his bed without so much as a backward glance.

I waited for his footsteps upstairs to stop, and assuming he was now in bed I headed straight to bed myself. I decided not to have a shower, instead opting to put my head straight on my pillow. I undressed completely, leaving my clothes in a pile. When I reached down to touch my pussy I was surprised to find myself wet from the night's antics. I was shocked it had turned me on, even just a little.

I woke up to the sound of footsteps Uncle Geoff must be up and it must be late morning, I thought to myself. I got out of bed, wrap a towel around myself and head automatically to the bathroom for a shower. Closing the door I notice it doesn't lock so I shut it behind me and drop the towel to the floor. I move and stand under the warm jets of water, then picking up the soap I rub foam all over my body. I pay special attention to cleaning my pussy, the hairs are all shaved off and it's smooth and so soft to touch. I wash my hair and spray the water all over me. When I stepped out to wrap the towel around me, I noticed the door to the bathroom was open a crack. I couldn't help wonder if Uncle Geoff had been peeking, it would be so naughty of him and, shit my nipples were standing stiff at the thought.

I went downstairs for breakfast dressed in a neat dress which was just longer than my fingertips when I stood up. It showed a little, but not all of my cleavage, and I put a cardigan on to cover me up more and keep me warm in the cold farmhouse. Uncle Geoff was sat at the kitchen table in his dressing gown still, he watched me enter over his newspaper.

"I haven't had a shower yet young lady," He said disapprovingly, "I forgot that women spend forever in the shower cleaning and whatever. I made breakfast while you were showering, it's just some eggs, bacon and toast. Eat up"

I sat down at the table and crossed my legs, eating my food slowly. "What's your plan for today Uncle?" I asked, trying to make small talk. "I'm going to revise."

"Good Lily, well Tuesday is Poker and darts night with the boys from the pub but If the weather keeps up I won't fancy the walk into town." He tutted. "First off though I've got to do my rounds on the farm, check the a****ls and fields are all OK in this bad weather." Folding his newspaper, he stood up and headed to the bathroom to get ready for his day.

I spent the afternoon reading through practice exam papers. At around 5pm Uncle Geoff came home, he was drenched to the skin from the rain. "I'm getting straight back into that shower to get warm," He stated. "And while I get prepared, it's your turn to cook. There's meat in the fridge and vegetables in the cupboard. It needs to be a meal big enough for four of us as I have two friends coming over. We're going to drink here tonight instead of the put as the weather shows no slgns of clearing up."

"No problem Uncle," I replied cheerily. I don't mind cooking as it goes, and I think myself to be a fairly good chef. I was planning to cook a small roast with some creamy leeks for the guests.

I started preparing the vegetables and turned the oven on. It would take a while for this meal to cook. As I washed up the dishes and cutlery from the morning I spilled some water down my dress, so that it clung to me across the front with the damp. I hadn't had time to get changed before Uncle Geoff came back down fully dressed. He looked with appreciation at my wet dress, his old eyes sparkling with mischief under his grey eyebrows. "I haven't had time to get changed," I said, responding to the way he was staring at my body.

"It's no problem young Lily, I like the way you tease me," He said.

"B-But I wasn't..." I stuttered and turned away from his gaze, bending down to open the oven and turn the roast vegetables over, unavoidably giving him a good view of my ass as I bent down.

"No need to explain," He cut in. "Stay like that, and in that, don't worry. I don't think my mates will mind either when they arrive shortly." He smiled lustfully at me. My nipples were once again involuntarily erect under my bra, oh fuck. Why am I feeling slightly turned on by my Uncles creepy advances? He is so old, wrinkly, and demanding of me. Now I couldn't get changed out of the damp dress.

The doorbell buzzed and Uncle Geoff welcomed me to meet his two friends. Trevor was very tall and thin, with long greying sideburns and a leather jacket. Pete was fat, with a pudgy double chin and big thick hands. "My niece Lily here has cooked us all a magnificent dinner" Uncle Geoff grandly stated. "And doesn't she look beautiful herself, all five foot five and double D of her!" and he chucked under his breath again.

"You look very becoming in that dress Lily," Trevor said to me, "it is nice to make the acquaintance of such a beautiful young girl" He took my hand and kissed it, un-mistakenly I felt the tip of his tongue flicker on the back of my hand.

Pete took my wrist and pulled me to him, enveloping me in a big bear hug pressed tight against his belly. "I don't suppose you remember Uncle Petey do you?" He said gruffly, " That's what you used to call me when you were little, Uncle Petey, I own the horse stables down the road. When you were a little girl on holiday here you used to come and ride my horses."

A memory of Pete in younger days flashed through my mind, I remembered him thinner and with no grey hair.

"Now, let's sit down and eat. Lily will bring you a drink if you'd like. We're not at the pub tonight, but we still have our own little bar maid, aren't we lucky lads?" He smirked dirtily again and they all chuckled together.

As I mixed up glasses of rum and coke for everyone at the table Trevor started to recount his last date. Describing an awful meal and a pudgy middle aged woman, "... I just wanted to get it up, just so I could stick it in her and at least get something out of the horrible evening, but I couldn't get the little fella to rise... it was either too much drink or she was just too bad looking for my cock to want to raise up stiff for her!" He guffawed with laughter at the candid comment. "Not meaning to shock you little one, but we are all adults now."

I was thinking to myself that none of the boys I had ever been with ever had a problem getting their cocks up, usually their problem was finishing too soon more than anything else. "It's not really something I've experienced Trevor." I said quite smugly.

"Oh look at her," exclaimed Pete. "Now there I was thinking you were still all innocent and hadn't even seen a cock erect yet!"

Shit. They were all looking at me.

"How many erect cocks have you seen in the flesh Lily?" Uncle Geoff asked me directly.

"Only two cocks, so far Uncle." I replied.

"Two's not many, eh" Pete continued.

"It could be worse," said Uncle Geoff. "My niece is so pretty I expect she'll have lots more erect cocks shown to her as she gets older. Come over here, Lily, hunny, thanks for the meal." He was beckoning me over to him.

I approached Uncle Geoff and he pulled me onto him to that I was sitting on his lap. "She's a wonderful looking girl, see how nicely her titties have developed lads?"

"Ohhh, yes," said Trevor, "I would have no problem getting my pecker up for your niece Geoff."

"She has turned into a curvy young lady," Pete joined in, "With such pretty lips, nice legs and what an ass! She was always a cute teen, her growing tits bouncing as she rode."

"Are you going to respond Lily?" Uncle Geoff asked me, "What do you think about their kind words?"

"T-Thanks Trevor, Thanks Pete" I replied from Uncle Geoff's lap, my cheeks flushing from embarrassment at their intimate comments.

"I like watching her all embarrassed," Pete rasped. "You'll never guess what Lily did last night," Uncle Geoff commented, bouncing me slightly on his lap, then he revealed, "I was lucky not to be embarrassed myself last night as ny pretty little niece Lily got those beautiful perky titties out so I could see all her milky white boobs and pink nipples."

"Oh fuck!" Trevor exclaimed, "It's making me hard now just thinking about that. Did you really Lily?"

I raised my eyes to meet Trevor's inquisitive gaze and I nodded.

Uncle Geoff moved his hands so that he was holding my waist, he leant forwards and breathed in my ear, "Wouldn't you like to please my friends naughty little Lily? I'm sure they'd like to see your boobs too. Would you let them look at both of them?"

My eyes drifted from Trevor to Pete. They both looked eager at the prospect of being treated to see my breasts. How could I say no? Uncle Geoff's hands were already drifting up my waist, over my ribs towards my chest. My pussy pulsed a little on Uncle Geoff's lap, it was all so wrong and naughty.

"I suppose I can't really ignore your close friends wants, can I Uncle Geoff?" I submissively responded.

"Hah!" Uncle Geoff spat out, "Really Lily, you make me so proud to show you off like this," With that his course hands cupped my breasts through my thin dress fabric, squeezing my tits together. Then he pulled the front of the dress down himself so Trevor and Pete could see my breasts themselves. "Look at how hard her nipples are already, I'm sure though if I give them a squeeze I can get the nipples even stiffer. Should I?" He asked.

"Go on!" Said Trevor excitedly.

"I want to see her tits after her nipples have been played with," said Pete.

"Uh" I interrupted, "I don't think you should?" then I gasped. Uncle Geoff had pinched his fingers onto my nipples, squeezing hard. He pulled the nipples out away from my chest, manipulating the rest of my boob with the palm of his hands. I couldn't help cry out in surprise, "Oh fuck, wow!"
"See she likes it!" Pete commented further. "I always thought she'd be a naughty little girl. She's getting off on her own Uncle's touch. Hey, Geoff, you should let Uncle Petey have a go, especially seeing as I'm not really related to you and all. I'm sure Lily would like Uncle Petey's lips on those stiff nipples?"

They all looked at me, waiting on what I was to say. My nipples are so sensitive that my Uncles touch had sent pleasurable shudders throughout my body, I couldn't help myself but feel turned on and horny from his groping while sat on his lap, none of their eyes were leaving my chest. "I guess it would be better to have your lips on me Pete, than Uncle Geoff's." I finally remarked back after some thought.

"Good girl." Pete said grinning toothily at my Uncle and me. "Come over here Lily, come sit on Uncle Petey's lap now you're all grown up." I stood up off Uncle Geoff's lap and walked to the sofa where Pete was sitting. As he is fat and pudgy now, for me to be able to sit on his lap I had to pull the hem of my skirt up quite high to accommodate his girth under me. My bare breasts were close to his double chin, so he held them in his large fingers and raised first my left then my right nipple to his mouth. First he licked my nipples gently, flicking his tongue over them lightly, and then he sucked my nipple fully into his mouth chewing on it. "Mmm... you are so smooth and tasty," Pete mumbled through a muffled mouth full of my breast.

Trevor was looking over at me an Pete a tad enviously. "Very nice to watch," Trevor said, "Much better than porn. Can I get a grope too Lily baby? Pretty please?"

"For my Uncle's good friends," I repeated, a little breathlessly, "I guess you can touch me like Pete is touching me."

Uncle Geoff watched closely as Trevor came up to me and Pete. Trevor reached over and gripped my left breast, while Pete still chewed on my right nipple. His hands felt cold on my skin as he squeezed and played with my boobs. There was no denying that there was a damp patch growing on my lacy knickers under my dress. My body couldn't help but respond to both their hands pleasuring me. I had never had so much attention directed just at my tits, and especially not by two old men touching me. Uncle Geoff was watching them touch me from across the room, I'm sure he was grinning again.

"I am stiff as a rock under my pants," Trevor said to me as he let go of my nipple with his teeth. "You're a fine young lady Lily, you've created this bulge," Then he pointed at his crotch.

"She's seen a couple of those, remember." Uncle Geoff commented. "I'm sure she would like to see two more. She definitely is enjoying your touch lads." I squirmed slightly on Pete's lap.

Trevor responded, "I'm sure we can give her two erections more that she can see, in the flesh, if you'd like Lily. You can see what you've done to us old men.

"I'm sure you can feel my erection pressed against your ass as you sit on my lap, can't you hun?" Pete asked.

"Oh! I can feel something hard against my ass crack, now you ask." I told Pete.

"Would you like to see their cocks, Lily?" Uncle Geoff asked me. His gaze was on me. What could I say? I could feel Pete's erection against me already, and their hands hadn't stopped manipulating my boobs.

"If you would like me to Uncle, then I will have a look at the erections I've given them." I told him.

"Oh, I would definitely like you to have a look Lily, in fact I think I would like you to do more than just touch. Ideally I'd like to see you playing with the erections you've given my friends. I'd love to see how you handle both their cocks at once. Are you up for it baby?" He asked.

"Uncle Geoff, I'm not sure that I should touch these two old men's cocks at once. Especially with you watching us all."

"It's fine pet," He reassured me, "both these old men would really like you to look and touch their cocks, now you've made them so hard. I'm watching to make sure you're safe and that you're enjoying it all. Would you enjoy seeing Trevor and Uncle Petey's cocks?"

"Okay," I agreed uneasily, I was really turned on from how the two men were lusting after me. Trevor speedily undid the flies on his trousers and he released a long stiff cock that suited his figure. His balls sagged down slightly from his thin frame. He stood in front of me and swung his hips, waving his cock in front of my face, as I sat squirming sill on Pete's lap. Trevor stepped forwards more so he could stroke his erection along my cheek and across my lips.

"Please suck me Lily, you'd make me so happy" Trevor requested. He slid his cock back towards my mouth and now pressed the head against my lips, I opened my mouth and allowed him to slide the tip of his cock over my tongue. I flicked my tongue over the head of his cock in retaliation for how they had been flicking their tongues over my nipples. "Oh fuck Yes!" Trevor grunted nd shoved his cock fully into my mouth, I choked on his erection. I hadn't expected him to suddenly slam his cock towards the back of my throat in such a rough manner. Pete's hands were on my chest, holding me firmly on his lap. Trevor was struggling with his sensations, pumping his cock in and out my mouth as I sucked him, he continued, "Fuck Lily, I've been horny for weeks, and you're tipping me over the edge... Fuck, will you swallow my cum little girl? It's coming. I'm cumming, Oh Fuck! Yes! Drink every last drop baby." Trevor had filled my mouth with sticky salty seamen. I swallowed down the mouthfuls like he requested, thinking he didn't taste as bad as I had expected and feeling pleased he had cum so fast from me preforming my task. Uncle Geoff was still grinning from across the room. The crotch of my panties growing ever wetter.

"Lily," Pete now cooed in my ear. "You've given me a raging erection sitting on my lap, won't you stand up and allow me to show you." So I lifted myself up off Pete's lap, as he struggled to get his cock out fast. Pete had a very thick shaft to his cock, just like his thick fingers. " You sucked off Trevor like he wanted, and Uncle Petey would like the same if you'd be so kind as to oblige? My cock has been aching for your lips since I first saw you were growing up, riding my horses around the paddock. Come on baby, please lower your mouth to my cock? Give my cock a big kiss." Pete said urgently.

"For you, as you really want me to, I'll see if I can get your thick cock into my mouth." I said forwardly to Pete. I was getting some confidence now that his hands had been roaming my body for so long. I knelt between Pete's legs and I had to stretch my jaws as wide as they would go to fit Pete's fat old erection into my little mouth. I slid my tongue down toward the base and teased his balls, he was panting harder and I was getting off myself now. I felt so naughty, my Uncle's friends were using me as their fuck toy. I shouldn't be as turned on from this as I am. Pete put a hand on the back of my head and guided my mouth up and down his cock for what felt like forever, spit was dribbling out my mouth down his cock and all over his balls and pubes. He started grunting louder and I could feel Pete's cock twitch at the base. As he shuddered, he pushed my head down so his cock was as deep in my mouth as it would fit and he pumped his cum straight down my open throat.

"Well, Well." Uncle Geoff interrupted us with his words. "Now both of you have had your fair share of fun, we should let Lily get cleaned up. So I headed off to the bathroom...
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When I was 18 and studying for my final exams I found I couldn't sl**p. At first it wasn't too much of a problem; after all I needed to study hard if I wanted to get into the college of my choice.

However after nearly eight days with only the occasional cat nap to keep me going I was starting to feel rather unwell.

Certainly my Mom had voiced her concern about how pale and ill I looked but Dad told her I was a teenager and that I had exam nerves. He was right about that.

It didn't help that my Mom and Dad had just gone away on a four week vacation and that I was stuck at home with my Dad's younger b*****r Jack.

Don't get me wrong, I get on well with Uncle Jack who is 15 years younger than my father, it's just that I had hoped to have the house to myself for the four weeks that they were away but it seemed that my Mom and Dad didn't trust to leave me in the house on my own.

Something about coming back to a trashed house and a lot of shitty excuses from their one and only beloved daughter. That really made me feel pissed, you make one mistake when you are 16 years old and you pay for it for the rest of your life.

I said as much to Uncle Jack who at 29 wasn't a stick in the mud like his b*****r, my father.

Uncle Jack and Dad are actually half-b*****rs, same father, different mothers. Despite this they get on really well, and when Jack is on leave from the army he crashes at our place.

He has a self-contained studio over our garage and its really cool. He has even let me and a couple of my friend's hang out with him, and he lets us have a beer or two as well but not so many that we get wrecked.

"Your father would fucking kill me," he said to me and I had laughed.

"You're not afraid of Dad, Uncle Jack," I said in a teasing voice.

"No," he agreed with me but then added, "But your Mom scares the shit out of me."

That made me laugh even harder but he was right, Mom is scarier than Dad!

Uncle Jack is good looking, my two best friends actually describe him as "hot" which made me go "EWWWWWGH" but actually they are right.

My Uncle Jack is really hot. He's six foot tall, he's tanned from his time in Iraq, he works out so his body is toned and hard and I have to admit, I love to watch his butt when he walks. Talk about eye candy or what! He has short cropped blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes that crinkle when he smiles and the reddest lips I have ever seen on a guy. He looks nothing like my Dad who has brown hair, green eyes and burns to a crisp in the sun. Plus he is getting a bit of a belly on him, too much eating good food when he is on the road my Mom says.

Luckily I take after Mom, I am not tall but not short either, I have grown into my figure, once I was all puppy fat and jowls, now I have a size 6 waist, round hips that roll when they walk, milky pale skin and I have got Mom's HUGE jugs.

Mom has tits that Dolly Parton would be proud of though she complains about them all the time.

My father laughs at her and says, "Harriet, women pay a fortune for boobs like yours!"

My boobs are big, bouncy and pert. I have long wavy red gold hair that falls over my shoulders and I love to flick it back like the celebrities do on the red carpet. I have bright green eyes, a really thin nose that I hate but my lips are nice, full and red. A bit like Uncle Jack's in fact and I am pale skinned like my Dad, no tanning for me sadly.

So back to the story. I couldn't get to sl**p and by the fifth day I was miserable and cranky as you can imagine. I couldn't concentrate on my books and I was almost in tears by then.

I lay in my bed, trying to sl**p, trying to f***e my body to do what it should do naturally. Go to sl**p. To no avail. Eventually I gave up. I decided to make myself a hot drink of milk, not that it had helped all the other nights before but I couldn't think of what else to do.

I had even snuck a couple of cans of beer out of Dad's study and downed them but all that had done had made me pee more than I normally did. I would have tried the spirits but Dad would have known if anyone had been at his fine whisky and brandy. I could get away with pinching some beer, because Dad assumed Uncle Jack had taken it and usually he had but Uncle Jack didn't like spirits, at least not the ones Dad bought.

I padded down stairs to the kitchen bleary eyed and miserable but almost had a cow when my Uncle Jack suddenly appeared out of the darkness, clutching a carton of orange juice in one hand and a glass in the other.

"Holy fucking shit!" I screamed in fright. I made him jump and he swore too, luckily he didn't drop the juice or the glass.

"What the fuck?" he yelled when he got his senses back, and then he was furious and I think a bit embarrassed at being made to almost jump out of his skin by his teenage niece, "What the hell are you doing up at this time Tiffany? It's quarter past three in the fucking morning! Get back to bed right now before I put my hand print on your sorry ass!"

I burst into tears then. My Uncle's blue eyes went huge; he wasn't use to me bawling my eyes out. I usually give as good as I get but I was so tired and miserable and when he yelled at me, well that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

"Fuck!" my Uncle said and his anger turned to concern, "What's up Tiffany?"

He hurriedly put his juice and drink down and guided me to the breakfast bar and one of the wooden chairs. I was aware that he was in his PJ'S just like I was, he was wearing army regulation shorts and a t-shirt and his feet were bare. I was in my baby doll night outfit, and I knew my boobs and ass were hanging out all over the place but you know what? Right then I didn't give a shit, I was that exhausted.

I told my Uncle about not being able to sl**p, how I had tried drinking hot milk, not studying past 1130 at night, doing all the things they told us at school to do in order to relax and wind down after studying but nothing, nothing worked AT ALL.

As he listened to me Uncle Jack poured me an orange juice and made me drink some.

I gulped it down and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, "I feel sick," I said my voice wobbling, "I can't even sl**p in the day time, I just can't sl**p!" I wailed out the last words.

Uncle Jack scratched his head. He looked thoughtful.

"You're stressed," he said finally and I looked at him through tear rimmed eyes.

"You don't say?" I mumbled, and then I sniffed, "I'll try anything to get some sl**p, anything, I'd even skinny dip in next door's swimming pool if I thought that would help!"

Uncle Jack laughed and shook his head, "You'd freeze to death" he said, "That pool is not heated."

I sniffed again and hiccuped. Uncle Jack bit his lower lip and then he said in a slow voice, "I have an idea of what might help make you sl**p Tiffany."

"What?" I said miserably and he smiled.

"Do you trust me?" he said suddenly taking me by surprise. I blinked.

"Well, yes," I said and I did. I really did trust Uncle Jack.

"Come on then," he said and he took my arm, helped me up from my chair and took me up to his studio.

For a soldier my Uncle was a slob, I told him so and he laughed. The room which was one huge square, had a double bed in one corner, a sofa in another which was in front of a 50inch flat TV and a small kitchen and freezer in another corner though Uncle Jack only used it to heat up snacks when his poker buddies came over. He ate with us mostly or got take-out.

There were empty beer cans in a box by the sofa, several pizza boxes, most with crusts and grungy bits of cheese in them s**ttered around the room. All of his laundry both dirty and clean were in piles on the floor and I tripped over two pairs of his combat boots before I even got through the front door properly.

The small sink was full of dirty coffee cups and the poker table which was near the kitchenette had three ashtrays overfilling with fag ends and ash.

I wrinkled my nose in disgust, "This place stinks," I said and I sneezed.

"You'll get used to it," he said and he handed me a can of beer which he opened. I looked at.

"I have tried that," I said with a sigh.

"I know," he said with a wry grin, "Your Dad said I was drinking too much, I haven't touched his beer but I guessed you had."

I went bright red in the face, "I only took a few cans," I said, "I hoped they'd help me sl**p."

"I was going to bust your ass about taking them," he said with a glint in his blue eyes and I flinched; Uncle Jack has only busted my behind on four occasions in my life time and I remembered and each and every one of them; he hadn't been gentle and I hadn't been able to sit down for two days afterwards. But if I was honest with myself I had deserved all four of those spankings and some, "But in all fairness when you have wanted a beer, you have always asked me, so I guessed something was up, I didn't realize what though until now."

I smiled at him gratefully and gulped down the beer he had given me. It tasted good but I knew it wasn't going to help me sl**p.

"If I help you get to sl**p," my Uncle said taking me by surprise, "You clean up this place," he motioned his hand around the grubby studio, "For the duration of my leave, not only clean it up but do whatever I want whilst I am here."

He was so damn sure of himself I thought crossly. Well I was sure he was going to fail so I said boldly in response, "Okay, and if you fail, you go out and buy me some real alcohol so I can get wrecked enough to pass out and get some real sl**p."

"It's a deal," he said and he grinned at me. For a brief moment I felt uneasy but then I remembered he was my Uncle and that I trusted him so I pushed aside this odd feeling of fear.

"Okay," Uncle Jack said after I had finished the beer, "Come and lie on the bed."

I obediently followed him.

"No, don't get under the comforter," he taking me by surprise, "Just lie on it, let your legs dangle over the edge, that's it."

Puzzled I obeyed him. I was even more surprised when he switched off the light and the room became dark. Above me was a window, the only window in the whole studio in fact. The moon shone in and bathed the bed in a soft yellow glow.

I was startled when I felt my legs being lifted up, I stiffened and Uncle Jack said softly, "Relax Tiffany, you said you trusted me."

I had done and I did trust him so I relaxed. I felt my bottom being raised up and my PJ bottom being slid down my legs. What on earth was going on?

I felt my heart beat start to increase, at the same time as my thighs were parted and my legs suddenly d****d over my Uncle shoulders. What was he going to..., my eyes widened as the most amazing sensation rippled through my body. I had never felt anything like it before. Something hot, thick, and wet slid over my slit, not once, not twice but three times.

"Wha...!" I gasped out and I started to lift my head up but my Uncle barked at me to lie back down so I did. My hands gripped at the comforter and then it happened again. The hot sliding sensation which felt divine. This time it was harder, deeper, stronger. Something pushed into my slit and moved back and forth and I heard myself gasp.

What was happening?

I felt my crotch contract violently under this new sensation. Now guys you might not believe this but I haven't actually masturbated before, not properly if truth be known. I have rubbed myself down there but I got a bit frightened when I started to tingle and I never did it again though because I wasn't sure what would happen next. My friends talked about masturbating and we laughed about it and I even said I did it, just to be one of the crowd, but actually, I was inexperienced in that area in more ways than one.

Despite this I had a well shaven and smooth crotch like all my girlfriends; I knew all the products to get that perfect bikini line, what I didn't know was how to masturbate properly.

I was about to learn a few new lessons.

The hot strokes were continuing, and I knew at that shocking moment, it was Uncle Jack's tongue doing the stroking. For a brief moment I was horrified, I started to protest, but the words never left my lips because Uncle Jack's tongue hit my clit at that very moment, my well rounded butt bounced up and down on the bed and I let out a cry of shocked pleasure.

Imagine someone stroking you all over in one place. A moist, hot stroke that just won't stop. I could feel his tongue going deeper and deeper and he kept hitting my clit with the tip of his tongue which made me yell out in pleasure each and every time.

Uncle Jack gripped my legs f***ed them further over his broad shoulders. I felt his mouth f***e itself further inside of me, his tongue which was like a rippling piston plunged in and out of my slippery, hot slit which was engorging and throbbing with each and every hard stroke of his oral muscle.

"Holy shit!" I wailed and I banged my hands on the bed frantically as my body rolled with the wonderful sensations that were rippling through it, "Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God!"

I don't actually remember cumming, I must have and the sensation should have stopped there and then but it turned out that my hot little teenage body was a veritable volcano and that I gave new meaning to the term multiple orgasms.

From the tips of my painted toes to the top of my highlights a tidal wave danced over me for what seemed forever. My eyes crossed, my tongue became too big for my mouth and I began to drool like a ravenous dog. I found myself spreading my legs wider and screaming out that "I wanted more!"

Well I got more all right, but not right then.

Uncle Jack lapped harder and harder, gripping my hips tightly as I was thrashing about so much. My crotch by then was a juice lake, which was being lapped dry by my Uncle. Above my cries of stunned pleasure I could hear him grunting and I heard him grind out as he lapped, licked and sucked on my tender teenage flesh, "Christ you taste so damn good Tiffany!" his words made tears come to my eyes and I reached down to stroke his head with both my hands.

"Oh Uncle Jack..."I moaned over and over again, "Oh Uncle Jack thank you so much!"

It was warm in the room; I could smell beer and cigarette ash mixed in with my own body fluids and my Uncle's sweat. He smelt good too, in fact the whole damn room smelt real good and I smiled blissfully and inhaled deeply.

What had I thought it didn't smell good? I liked it. It was hot and dirty and I loved it. I thought of my Uncle's Poker buddies, all soldiers like him and I imagined them in this room, playing cards, playing with thoughts shocked me, but I couldn't help myself. It was if I was a different person right at that very moment.

What was really scary though was that I did not want the feeling to go away, I liked the thoughts I was having, wicked thoughts that no good girl like me should be having at all!

"Oh yessssssssssssssssssss!" I moaned over and over again, "Oh yessssssssssssssssss!" My crotch began to spasm again, my body jerk and I became aware that my Uncle was no longer licking me between the legs but he was rubbing inside of my crotch with his forefinger and thumb which felt really good and I said as much.

"You're real tight" he said in a hoarse voice, "Even though you are sopping wet!"

"Not done this before," I mumbled and he went still and for a moment I thought I had done something wrong.

"You've never jerked off before?" he said in the darkness.

"No," I shook my head even though he couldn't see me. My eyes were closed. I was feeling deliciously sl**py.

"Well I'll be damned," he said softly and he chuckled, "You're a virgin, you could have fooled me."

My eyes shot open and I felt my cheeks heat up, "I'm not a whore," I said quickly. I knew what a whore was, well I knew the definition, didn't actually mean I KNEW what it really meant.

"Never said you were," Uncle Jack said in an amiable voice, "Want me to stop?"

I should have said yes, I should have but I couldn't, it felt too good. I was thinking about Uncle Jack's best friend Mitch. The man was a stud, he was taller than Jack, had cropped jet black hair and light green eyes. He was better looking than Jack and I just loved all his tattoos. I wanted to kiss those tattoos, purse my lips and kiss each and every one of them, especially the one on his chest that went down to his navel and below...

I shook my head, trying to push the wicked thoughts about Mitch out of my head.

"Yes or no," Uncle Jack said softly, "Shall I stop now Tiffany?"

"No," I whispered and I felt my cheeks heat up with shame and desire.

"I thought you might say that" he said and he chuckled, "Well you might not be a whore now Tiffany, but I've got a real good feeling that just might change very soon."

I wanted to say he was talking a crock of shit but I couldn't, because instinct told me that he was right. My thoughts had moved from Mitch to Paul. Now Paul was cute and the bulge in his pants was big. I had heard Uncle Jack tell Mitch that Paul always made the girls scream when he dropped his pants he was that damn big. Uncle Jack had no idea I had heard him say this and I had giggled about his words to my girlfriends who got as red faced and excited as I had.

Uncle Jack began to gently rub my slit again, and then he licked it, then he rubbed it. I moaned and jerked on the bed.

"Do you know what this is?" he began to rub my clit again which was still engorged, I jerked against his thumb.

"My crotch," I gasped out.

"No babe," he said with a laugh, "It's a cunt and you have one hell of a fine cunt."

I blushed at his words but they also excited me. He lapped at my cunt again and I sighed with pleasure.

I found that I was rubbing my nipples; my fingers had somehow found their way to my chest, pushed my skimpy top over my breasts and I was pulling on what were now two very hard buds. I was thinking about Tom, another of Uncle Jack's poker buddies. Now he was a man with lips I'd like between my legs. Real nice lips. I bet his tongue was bigger than Uncle Jack's and what was the bet it could go deeper inside of me too.

I moaned and I think Uncle Jack must have become aware of what I was doing because he said softly in the moonlit darkness of the room, "You playing with your tits Tiffany?"

I blushed and whispered softly, "Yes."

"Well," he said almost thoughtfully, "Guess I might as well have a play with them too."

My crotch almost exploded at his words.

"You?" I squeaked shocked by what he was saying, "No, oh God..." but it was too late to protest. Suddenly he was leaning over me and I felt his hot beery breath on my flesh and he cupped my left breast in his calloused hand, squeezed it, not too hard and then he kissed my nipple.

Kissed it and rolled his tongue around the areole and then he began to suck.

I had died and gone to heaven. I lay where I was, my mouth wide open in momentary shock, my legs splayed apart and my chest heaving.

Uncle Jack fondled my other breast as he sucked and licked my nipple and I jerked and moaned in pleasure. He chuckled again and I was aware of his outline in the darkness, his flesh was damp with sweat and he smelt real good.

"I think you like having your titties sucked and played with," he said some twenty minutes later when he came up for air. My tits were tingling and throbbing and I kept thinking about his large mouth and how it closed around my hard and pulsating bud and how good it felt. I was also thinking that I would like Tom to do the same, preferably with him sucking one of my tits and Uncle Jack sucking the other.

As I thought these wicked and immoral thoughts my Uncle sucked my nipple, he licked and then he kissed my tit with soft butterfly kisses that made me gasp in delight.

I imagined his mouth rolling over my breast, his lips pressed around my engorged areole, my nipple firmly in his mouth as he sucked and sucked and sucked. And if Tom had been on the other tit I would have been in double heaven that was for sure.

I couldn't deny my Uncle's words though; I more than liked my tits played with. I loved it and I wished it could go on forever. I blushed furiously as you can imagine but that was only because I was having another wicked thought and it included me, my Uncle, Tom, Mitch and Paul all on this bed and all of them doing lots of naughty things to my tits and cunt.

I was suddenly very tired and I found myself yawning. Uncle Jack laughed softly, "I think you are ready to get some sl**p," he said and I was surprised to realise he was right.

"Yeah," I said in a stunned and very drained voice, "I am," my eyes began to close as my orgasm spent body succumbed to sl**p. My Uncle pushed himself up from my spittle covered nipples and suddenly his mouth was on mine.

I felt his tongue push inside of me. I tasted beer, orange juice and I suspect my own juices too. Instinctively I pushed back and my tongue was deep inside of his mouth within a single heartbeat. I reached for his head and hungrily kissed him in a way no niece should kiss her Uncle.

"You gotta clean this place up tomorrow," Uncle Jack said after we had finished kissing, "And you've got to do everything I say from now on seeing as you have lost the bet."

"Yes Uncle Jack," I said sl**pily. I felt his hand slide over my breast and he fondled it gently. I moaned and pushed my big mound upwards into his palm.

"Never thought I'd turn my own niece into a whore," he said in a reflective voice, "But I guess it's what you are, your mom was a bit of a whore when she was at college, must run in the f****y."

"Yes Uncle Jack," I mumbled and I found myself pulling his head down to my other breast, I wanted to go to sl**p with him sucking on my tit.

"Gotta ask nicely first" my Uncle said softly in my ear "I want to hear you ask, you have to say, "I want you to suck on my big teenage tits whilst I go to sl**p" Come on babe, you know you want to say it"

I did want to say it and so I did.

... Continue»
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NIECE'S NOOKIES (mf, ff, inc)
by Studs Manley

After my third, and messiest, divorce, I had no place
to live, no car to drive and few clothes, even.

Fortunately, I did have my older s****r, Linda. She and
her husband had a house with a basement that had a room
with a foldaway bed. They said I could stay with them
till I got on my feet. Thing is, my nieces lived at
home. Oh, they were out of school and working, but they
figured they might as well pay rent to their mom and dad
as to some other landlords.

My nieces had sure grown up to be two gorgeous young
women, I tell you. Brenda and Chrissie both had big tits
and fine asses and dynamite legs, all of which they
accentuated by wearing tight clothes and short skirts
and dresses. And around the house, especially at night
or in the mornings, they thought nothing of wearing
those see-through nighties and shit. I had to keep
reminding myself that they were my s****r's daughters,
my own nieces. Still I ate breakfast with a steely boner
as my eyes kept looking at the nipples visible through
their skimpy sl**pwear.

Then came the fateful weekend. Linda and Charles had
to go out of town and I was in charge of the house. And
Brenda and Chrissie. Even though they were over
eighteen, Linda and Charles didn't want them to go wild.
I agreed to watch out for the weekend.

Friday night was uneventful. We watched TV, had
popcorn, regular niece-uncle stuff. Saturday morning I
dressed and went to the kitchen. It was pouring rain
outside which meant that I would be staying inside. I
was wondering if the girls had plans. I turned from the
coffee pot and almost dropped my coffee cup. Chrissie
was standing in the middle of the room, her reddish-
brown hair disheveled and she was yawning and rubbing
the sl**p out of her eyes. Barefoot, she wore only a
thin nightgown. That was all. And even that wasn't tied
shut. Chrissie's 5'2" frame was revealed fully. Her
pert, pink-tipped breasts were beautiful, the downy
triangle between her legs was delicious looking. Niece
or not, she looked sexy as hell.

"Chrissie, you're bothering Uncle Don," I heard Brenda
say. I glanced toward the door and there stood my older
niece, wearing only light blue panties. Her large
breasts had brown nipples and she was unashamedly
pinching them to erection.

Chrissie just grinned at me and made no effort to
close her robe. In fact, she held it open and spun
around. "Like what you see, Uncle Don?" She was petite
but well proportioned. Very nice.

"He does, Chrissie," Brenda said. "He's hard already."

Brenda saw what I couldn't hide: the roll of my rigid
dick shaft was straining the front of my shorts.
Chrissie walked towards me and I couldn't take my eyes
off her pink, bullet-like nipples and the firm mounds
they capped. Chrissie's hand boldly reached out to start
rubbing my straining bulge.

"Hmm, that feels like a nice one, Uncle Don," Chrissie
cooed. I closed my eyes and groaned, relishing the feel
of the naked nymph's hand massaging my sensitive part. I
felt Chrissie unfasten my shorts and I opened my eyes. I
had a fleeting thought about stopping her, but she was
old enough to do what she wanted and it felt too damn
good to resist.

Chrissie knelt in front of me and my shorts fell to my
feet. I was still wearing briefs and the swollen lump
was almost visibly throbbing.

"Ooh, this is nice," Chrissie said, rubbing her cheek
over the bulge. Brenda padded from the doorway, one hand
pinching her nipple, the other down inside her panties.
She seemed mesmerized as she was about to see her s****r
remove my briefs, unveiling my hard shaft for them to

"Do it, " Brenda whispered to her s****r. Chrissie put
her fingers in the waistband of my under-shorts and
slowly pulled them down. When my dick sprang free, it
slapped against Chrissie's freckled nose and the contact
of my flesh against hers made me shudder and pre-cum
squirted out, leaving a clear, sticky strand that
stretched from my pee slit to the bridge of her nose.
Brenda seemed to quake through her own mini-orgasm and
Chrissie laughed nervously as she grabbed my erection
and began to stroke the shaft with an experienced touch
that told me she was familiar with dicks.

"Uncle Don, I've never seen a dick this big. Not in
real life, I mean." I've only got a thick seven inches,
but I wasn't about to argue with her. She pushed the
foreskin from the red knob and stared at my one-eyed
snake. I breathing was rapid, just as Brenda's was, and
she inhaled deeply, pushing her nose into the sac under
my dick.

"I just love to smell men," Chrissie sighed. "And
taste them." With that, her tongue flicked out and
licked my balls and traveled up my dick shaft until she
reached the ridge of my knob. She moved her head back
and squeezed my dick, milking a dollop of dick dew out
of the hole. Pursing her lips, she planted a kiss on the
knob, licking that pre-cum off.

"Yummy!" Chrissie said.

"Gimme!" Brenda demanded, kneeling beside her s****r
and taking hold of my dick and wresting it away from
Chrissie. Her lips parted and quicker than this she
engulfed my entire dick in the wet warmth of her mouth.
Damn! I quickly grabbed hold of her head to steady

"I want to suck you off but right now let's go where
we can be comfortable," Chrissie said, leading the way
downstairs to my bed. I wasn't really thinking of
Chrissie and Brenda as my nieces, but as beautiful,
horny women who evidently wanted to fuck an over-30 baby
boomer. Their bodies were firm and fresh and I hadn't
been with a woman in such a long time that it was easy
for me to forget that they were my s****r's girls.

Again, it was Chrissie who took the initiative and
climbed on top of my dick. Shit, her pussy was tight!
Like a virgin, but she knew how to move like no virgin
could, believe me. Her secretions seeped from her pussy
lips and rolled down the shaft, lubricating the way as
she descended slowly. Her eyes were wide, her breathing
was gaspy, punctuated by ooh's and ahh's of delight as
more and more of my dick disappeared inside of her until
my pubes meshed with her curls.

"Fuck me, Uncle Don," she said and started climbing my
oiled pole, then down. She was doing the fucking. I
looked at Brenda, who had removed her panties and stood
nearby frigging herself.

"Come here, Brenda, and sit on my face." Quickly she
straddled my face and parked her pussy right on my
mouth. My probing tongue found hot, tangy, delicious
juice inside her cunt. Her finger clutched at my hair as
she began humping against my face and riding my tongue.

I felt Chrissie work a finger over my chin to find the
pucker of her s****r's butthole. As that digit dug into
Brenda's pooper, Brenda started wailing like a banshee.
She loved it. And from the way she started drenching my
mouth with hot pussy juice, I knew my niece was coming.
That was all it took to send me into orbit. I felt my
cum rocket up and out of my dick and blast deep into
Chrissie's cunt. That sent her over and her pussy
started spasming around my twitching dick. Both girls
were shouting as they came, and I was making noises,
too, but my groans were muffled in Brenda's cunt.

Pretty soon we switched positions. Brenda lay down and
Chrissie parked her spunk-filled pussy on her s****r's
mouth. I climbed between Brenda's spread thighs and
Chrissie helped guide my stiff dick into her s****r's
hungry box. I thrust twice and hit bottom in Brenda's
cunt and Chrissie reached down to finger her s****r's
swollen clit. I managed to lean forward and down to suck
Chrissie's nips while I mauled Brenda's fleshy hooters.

"Oh, man, fucking my nieces," I groaned, feeling a
twinge of guilt.

Chrissie lifted my head from her breast with both
hands, her brown eyes warm and loving. "Uncle Don,
don't," she said. "Brenda and I have been wanting to get
you for a long time. We're don't trust the dating scene,
what with diseases, asshole guys and all. We figure a
nice, loving, discreet arrangement with you would be
ideal. You do like fucking us, don't you?"

What a question. I kissed my niece with love and with
passion. She responded, hugging me tight and letting her
tongue dance with mine. My dick throbbed in Brenda's
cunt and I felt ten years younger.

"Uncle Don, Brenda was afraid to say anything to you
but she'd love to have you fuck her in the ass!"

I'd never fucked anyone in the ass before. Hell, only
one of my wives would ever suck on my dick, and she'd
never let me come in her mouth. And right here were two
beauties who were into sex like I'd only dreamed about!
Lord, how lucky could a guy get? Chrissie held her
s****r's legs up. Muffled groans came from under
Chrissie's cunt as Brenda anticipated what was about to

My dick was red and ready, oiled with pussy juice.
Chrissie rubbed saliva onto Brenda's asshole and
loosened her up. "I've fucked her ass with a dildo, but
yours is the first real cock she's ever had there."

Chrissie lodged my knob at her s****r's sphincter,
then she locked her hands around my neck. "Dick her ass,
Uncle Don," she said, her big brown eyes looking into
mine. I eased forward slowly, the head slipping inside.
With each stifled moan in her cunt, Chrissie shuddered
with pleasure. Brenda's ass was the tightest, hottest
hole I'd ever fucked and I knew I would not be able to
hold off long.

I was only able to stoke about a dozen times and I
felt the tug inside. I groaned into Chrissie's mouth and
Brenda sent vibrations into her s****r's drooling cunt
and I hosed down my niece's bowels with a warm sperm
enema. I must have shot a gallon of juice. Well, it felt
like a gallon to me. I had to rest awhile just to get
the strength to get up to shower.

That was some weekend, let me tell you. I took my
nieces out to dinner Saturday night. Strangers looked at
me with envy as I was in the company of two lovely young
women. And when the girls introduced me to a friend of
theirs named Sarah, I saw Sally's eyes sparkle with
interest. (In the car, the girls said Sally had
whispered to them she'd like to go out with me. "We plan
to keep you too tired to share," Brenda said, squeezing
my crotch.)

The fun didn't stop when Linda and Charles came home,
either. We just got more careful. Each night, one of the
girls would quietly sneak downstairs for a few hours of
fucking and sucking. Brenda loved getting bum fucked and
I was a willing and eager fucker. Chrissie was into oral
thrills more than anything, so we spent a lot of time
exercising our tongues and jaws. Whenever the
opportunity arose, we'd make it a wild threesome.

Well, I ought to confess that I messed up. Linda found
out that I was dicking her girls and I gotta take the
blame. It happened one Saturday. Charles was having to
work all day and it was storming out so Linda said she
was going to go to the mall and she asked the girls to
go but they said no. Of course, five minutes after Linda
left, the three of us were downstairs and Chrissie was
strapping on a big dong I had bought at an adult shop,
while Brenda sucked me to a stand.

Brenda sat on her s****r's fat dick, letting it go
deep into her cunt. When that dick was all the way
inside, I slipped my prick into my niece's poop chute.
Brenda loved being double dicked like that and Chrissie
and I fucked her bowlegged. I loved the feeling I got as
I felt that dong through the walls of Brenda's pussy. It
rubbed the underside of my dick as I stroked away and it
made me come faster, and it sure seemed like when I came
I shot more cum than usual.

We were in such a raunchy mood that when Brenda asked
to fuck my ass I agreed, as long as she used a shorter,
thinner dildo. Chrissie got under me, licking my balls
while she helped her s****r lube my asshole. Brenda held
my hips as Chrissie aligned the tip of the dildo and
then Brenda pushed it into my ass. Of course I'd been
tongued and fingered before, but as that latex prick
probed further and further, it felt really strange. My
own dick was stiff and Chrissie wasn't ignoring it, but
the sensations of getting buttfucked were even more
awesome, and that's when I began to understand Brenda's
preoccupation with it. She screwed me till I shot a
soupy dribble of spunk onto Chrissie's tits, then pulled
out and she licked my stuff off her s****r's tits. Then
the girls said that they were going out for the
afternoon so I just fell asl**p.

A deep sl**p. So deep my hands were tied to the bed
before I awoke. Linda was tying my left foot to the
bedpost and I woke up fast. "Linda, what...?"

"You son of a bitch!" she hissed at me between
clenched teeth. "We give you a place to live, and how do
you pay us back? Fucking my daughters! Your own nieces!"
She leaned over me and grabbed my dick and balls and
squeezed, but not hard, thank God. "The storm knocked
out the power at the mall so I got home about a half-
hour after I left. And what do I find?" Linda was
unbuttoning her blouse as she loomed over me. "My own
baby b*****r fucking my daughter's ass!"

Suddenly, as she unbuttoned the last button and
shrugged off her blouse, Linda calmed down. "I knew they
were wild. And I guess I'd rather them fuck you than get
knocked up by some AIDS- carrying coke freak. Still..."
she unsnapped her bra and slipped out of her skirt and
panties. "I think you need some sort of punishment." A
wicked grin crossed Linda's face. She started strapping
on the new, big dick. I instantly realized what she was
going to do.

"Now, little b*****r. We can do this rough or you can
cooperate. What'll it be?" She had some K-Y she was
rubbing on the dick.

"Okay," I said, "what do you want me to do?" I was on
my back and Linda untied my foot and hands. "I don't
want any shit from you or I'll tell Chuck you've been
dicking his daughters." Linda stuck two pillows under my
ass. Somehow, my dick was lengthening, getting fatter.
Linda reached for it, took it in her hand, and gave it a
few lusty, loving squeezes. She smiled. "You have a nice
dick, Don," Linda said. "Nicer than Chuck's. I'm gonna
have some of it ~ lots of it ~ later. But first...."

I felt the thick head of the dildo pressing against my
asshole. Linda's dark-nippled tits weren't bad to look
at and the nipples were stiff as she eased that tool
into my ass. I was ready for any pain that monster might
give me, but I was wired because I was getting fucked by
my own s****r! I used to jack off sniffing her soiled
panties, and now she was shoving a big dick up my ass!

"Oh, yeah, Linda, fuck me! Fuck my ass!" She did, too.
She managed to get all eleven inches of that fat fucker
up my shitter. Hell, if I'd had any cum to shoot, I
would have soaked us. As it was, my dick just stood
stiff, jerking with the intensity of the pleasure I
felt, as my wild-eyed, hot-to-twat s****r nailed me with
that dick. When she realized I wasn't going to pop off,
she pulled out with a sucking plop and removed the dong
and plopped her ass on my face.

"Eat my asshole, Asshole," she ordered, grinding her
soppy snatch against my chin. I tongued her chute, then
she scooted back so I could twang her clit. I ate her
pussy for an hour before she got up and said she
wouldn't stop me from screwing Chrissie and Brenda but I
had to take care of her, too. Seems Chuck wasn't much
interested in bedroom athletics anymore and all she
wanted was a stud to keep her happy.

"I think you'll do," Linda smirked. "Besides, you're
safe. I don't want a lover, just a fucker." Halfway up
the stairs she stopped and turned. "I bet we're the only
f****y around with a live-in stud who services both
generations of cunt," she said with a wicked grin.

At dinner, my nieces smiled when they saw me walk
funny. They thought it was because Brenda had screwed my
ass that afternoon. They didn't know their mother had
reamed me out. But Linda didn't give herself away. In
fact, she never mentioned it for almost two weeks. Then,
one Saturday morning, I awoke early with Linda sucking
my dick. I had screwed Chrissie the night before and my
dick had dried juice all over it, but Linda didn't seem
to mind.

"Everyone's gone for the day, Don," she said. "Just
you and me and ... " Her tongue licked my dick from
the base to the tip. " ...this big pussy pleaser."

And that's how Brenda and Chrissie found us. There was
no screaming or crying, just an awkward silence. I
managed to break the ice and would you believe that
within twenty minutes I was the center of a foursome? I
was eating Chrissie's pussy, sliding the dick to my
s****r while Brenda's tongue explored my ass.

Am I in heaven or what?


... Continue»
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