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Young boy fun

Young boy fun


"Well are you having <ddd>fun</ddd> so far? Daddy sure is enjoying it, it's nice having a sweet <ddd>young</ddd> <ddd>boy</ddd> like yourself to keep me company."

"I was a little afraid at first but I'm not anymore, this is <ddd>fun</ddd> and I ... ... Continue»
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young Boy virgin

... wore a see thru robe and nothing else. The <ddd>young</ddd> <ddd>boy</ddd> could not take his eyes off her ... that he was going to have a lot of <ddd>fun</ddd> all night. "Now lets get you naked and ... like a baby being nursed by his mom." The <ddd>young</ddd> <ddd>boy</ddd> latched onto her nipple and sucked as his ... ... Continue»
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Like A Young Boy’s Wet Dream: I Dream of...

... . lol I knew little about sex the but ever time this p*****n <ddd>boy</ddd> saw her I can still remember getting hard. She was the ... during sex. I knew it couldn’t be real. It was like a <ddd>young</ddd> <ddd>boy</ddd>’s wet dream. OK more like a grown man’s surreal daydream, lol ... ... Continue»
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Young Boy One Night Stand

Let me tell you about the <ddd>young</ddd> <ddd>boy</ddd> I had the one night stand thing with when I was a single ... ... for a really long time. He was very patient for such a <ddd>young</ddd> guy - surprising.

And he was serious about what he said ... ... Continue»
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... said, "Sorry about today sweetheart, I
promise that you will have <ddd>fun</ddd> tomorrow", saying this she handed her
telephone number to Asha ... Salim's trousers and was surprised to note that
in such a <ddd>young</ddd> <ddd>boy</ddd>. She was glad that her house was near the club ... ... Continue»
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A pretty boy becomes a girl

... of her movements, obviously wore a very tight corset, even to a <ddd>young</ddd> <ddd>boy</ddd>’s eyes. I was told to remove all my clothes and put ... There was no s****r. They just took turns playing s****r for the <ddd>fun</ddd> of it. I sat speechless until my parents arrived. They couldn ... ... Continue»
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... to perambulate.

“I am Roberto and I have never forgotten you,” the <ddd>young</ddd> <ddd>boy</ddd> said with a broad smile that cause Juan's heart to raise ... that the boys enjoy their backyard swimming pool and have <ddd>fun</ddd>. Juan went into Roberto's large bedroom and found a pair ... ... Continue»
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... . She
immediately started sucking very hard, knowing how much a <ddd>young</ddd> <ddd>boy</ddd>
enjoys a hard, wet cock sucking. Walter shuddered with pleasure,
... it for?" Henry panted.

"Because I think it would be <ddd>fun</ddd> for you," Margaret giggled. "And I
think it would be ... ... Continue»
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I never Thought camping was such fun Part four

... could handle Bobby's cock darlin.............. and not make <ddd>fun</ddd> about it.................. it would hurt him and he ... heard Anna mumble, "I've got a need for a <ddd>young</ddd> <ddd>boy</ddd> cock, a little <ddd>boy</ddd> cock................, a nice little cock.........., I'll show her ... ... Continue»
Posted by chchboy 2 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Hardcore, Taboo  |  Views: 3877  |  
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The Life Story of a Boy Lover (Fiction, written by

... I was entering puberty and really enjoying our sex-<ddd>fun</ddd>.

I was an early-bloomer and had my ... . In all that time I always had some <ddd>young</ddd> <ddd>boy</ddd> as my sexual playmate. With some we ... much having a <ddd>boy</ddd> to love, but it is hard for an old dude to attract <ddd>young</ddd> boys ... ... Continue»
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A young boy's diary"Confusion"(3)Pt

... a cute k1d when I was <ddd>young</ddd> and as I got older, I was considered quite the pretty <ddd>boy</ddd>. I was raised by ... said “yes, we love having even more <ddd>fun</ddd> Ray.” Uncle came to me and held ... out causing me to moan in my <ddd>young</ddd> boyish voice. “Ohhh… wow…” I said as Jimmy took ... ... Continue»
Posted by adblman 4 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Gay Male, Taboo  |  Views: 1139  |  

Sexy Louise and The Naughty Boy

... a little bit curious to experience that. Just for a bit of <ddd>fun</ddd> I eventually agreed for Ahmed to visit my flat. I even ... was surprisingly large for such a <ddd>young</ddd> <ddd>boy</ddd>, It must have been around 7 or 8 inches long, "who's a big <ddd>boy</ddd> then?" I said as I got down ... ... Continue»
Posted by banger60 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Mature  |  Views: 1225  |  
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Weekend Fun

... David. As a <ddd>young</ddd> <ddd>boy</ddd> I was brought up with plenty of love and attention. ... new friends and even though school was <ddd>fun</ddd>, I loved the weekends more, especially this one because ... and spread his clear cum all on my <ddd>young</ddd> dick and scrotum, while I lay watching and ... ... Continue»
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young wife

... shopping and buy you some <ddd>fun</ddd> clothes to
make you feel <ddd>young</ddd> again. We hoped in ... <ddd>young</ddd> <ddd>boy</ddd> looks up to the other boys. They
something and next thing I saw was the <ddd>boy</ddd> ...
next. The oldest <ddd>boy</ddd> who looked to be about 20 moved the
<ddd>young</ddd> <ddd>boy</ddd> aside and he ... ... Continue»
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... “pretty <ddd>young</ddd> things” to stay with us for weekends (refer my story Brides School) it was <ddd>fun</ddd>, mostly it was <ddd>young</ddd> girls.

“ ... well endowed, but he was <ddd>young</ddd> so maybe he’d grow and bigger cock? But I’m told that a <ddd>young</ddd> <ddd>boy</ddd> has reached his maximum sized ... ... Continue»
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"A Soldier's Boy".

... old British classic.

A Soldier's <ddd>Boy</ddd>.

by pete (

A <ddd>young</ddd> <ddd>boy</ddd>'s first sexual ... that we
could have some more <ddd>fun</ddd>...

I had agreed after only a few seconds ... ... Continue»
Posted by yorknudeguy 4 months ago  |  Categories: Anal, First Time, Gay Male  |  Views: 1265  |  
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3 makes fun

... a cock better than a pussy. I really like a <ddd>young</ddd> innocent <ddd>boy</ddd>. My son was the one who ... his nice cock which was a nice size for a <ddd>young</ddd> <ddd>boy</ddd>. At least nine inches. "Lay ... ; "I also love a nice <ddd>young</ddd> cock." The <ddd>boy</ddd> dropped his boxers. The son ... ... Continue»
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... father's cock was rubbing and nuzzling up
directly against her <ddd>young</ddd> pussy. Her father could
instinctively feel the extra warmth and ... her father a blow job, her
first blow job to the <ddd>young</ddd> <ddd>boy</ddd> she realized had now
been some good practice for her ... ... Continue»
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Sissy Boy Slave and His NEW Playmate, Sadie

... wrap their thumb and finger around my <ddd>Young</ddd> <ddd>Boy</ddd> Sissy Balls...and That's when I would ... hand.

My b*****r just Loves to Torture My <ddd>Young</ddd> <ddd>Boy</ddd>'s Stiff Clitty and stretch My Pussy ... are getting Bigger in front and makes <ddd>Fun</ddd> of Me.

Ohhh, Sadie, He bought ... ... Continue»
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... stopped them from doing it either." I added.

"<ddd>Young</ddd> lions need their freedom to explore their ... cooler then decided to have some <ddd>fun</ddd>. They rubbed the cold cans over ... head. I had wanted this since I was a <ddd>young</ddd> <ddd>boy</ddd> and finally I got my wish. I think ... ... Continue»
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