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Young and Willing - Part Three

Young and Willing - Part Three

... fingers penetrate my hot ass, first one, then two, then three fingers probing and jamming into me. My ... thrust. Harry continued to suck me at lightning speed, and soon I was unloading shots of young cum... Continue»
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Young and Willing - Part Two

... Young and Willing – Part Two

The shower brought me back to life. As I reflected on all ... announced that the next game would be called “Fun With Toys”. Let the games continue, I thought.

Look for Part Three, coming soon. ... cheeks. I repeated the routine on the other three players, except I added a tongue-lashing... Continue»
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Young and Willing - Part One

... spoke with all three of his friends, and they all agreed they wanted me to relax and have a good time ... been twelve inches long and three inches around. Another gadget looked like some type of medical tool ... , and returned in a short time with his three friends. As they filed in, I could hear some low whispers... Continue»
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Hot Young Thing - Part Three

... attention to my (no longer) private parts. One more wash out with the hose, and he was done. Or so ... young pussy, and watched up close as I jerked and bucked, and exploded with orgasm after orgasm ... part was visible. Finally, he lowered me down and removed the itchy rope wrapped around my abused... Continue»
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My Wife and Young Blacks part three

... these boys" I demanded. Sherry was obedient and took care of each of her young black studs.
I told Sherry ... to understand what you have here. When you have a woman or girl who is willing to put herself... Continue»
Posted by proudman2 4 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Interracial Sex, Mature  |  
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I Love My b*****r

... strongest orgasm of my young life, and I hadn't even seen my fantasy lover's face! I kept watching ... that fact, and that his cock had been inside me three times now, and stupid Danielle only twice ... up a little and concentrated on getting his magnificent babymaker inside my young, lithe body. He... Continue»
Posted by brianbigdogsmith 9 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Taboo, Voyeur  |  
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Wife And I Get A Roommate Ch. 01

... good money, going to school, and just married my high school sweetheart. I know it was too young ... I should stop shaving.

I got the top part of my cock nice and smooth, stopping along my waist ... the floor and left the room telling me she will be right back with another part of my birthday... Continue»
Posted by naughty_bi_interest 1 month ago  |  Categories: Anal, Gay Male, Group Sex  |  
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Fantasy meeting with JB

... of young women were looking at me and pointing to the huge bulge in my light coloured pants and the dark ... , but I didn't care, let them look I had meet my angel and she kissed me.

as it was only three ... tongue slowly exploring my mouth devouring my very soul from deep inside me, and I was her very willing... Continue»
Posted by 42gary 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time  |  
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Amanda's Beach Bonanza

... slightly as
the smooth head glided into my willing oral cavity to
the utter delight of the young ... the way up my willing ass.

The other three in our group made a daisy chain
and watched me ... Wreck Beach in Vancouver, B.C. was the beginning of
a distinct chapter in my life as a young... Continue»
Posted by MistressMariaAnME 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Voyeur  |  
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Man Wanted

... . She planned to keep the young boy around for a long time.

Part two and three to come as she decides which man she will keep. ... , willing to be the sub, live in...Send nude pictures.
She received three that she was interested ... and the last was a seventy year old man who was wanting to be a sugar daddy to a young girl. All three... Continue»
Posted by smileforme 5 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Hardcore  |  
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My Chosen First Time -PART 4

... and wrapped the three of us and tied the ends with a small knot. Then turned to the ‘grooms ... legs wider, and with fingers parted the folds of flesh so all could see my pink and wet opening ... young."
A little later we emerged and had another glass of “Ice tea”. My skin was tingling... Continue»
Posted by milf4bbcstretch 2 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Interracial Sex  |  

The American.

... south to part her willing legs. And with our tongues entwines, our saliva mixing with the remains ... was American, from which part I could not tell, but it raised my interest, gave her an extra sense ... ,'
'Yeah. 100%.'
'You don't think I am too young for you?'
'Age is, as they all say, just... Continue»
Posted by genuineguy 3 years ago  |  Categories: Mature  |  
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Awayday (chapter 8).

... looked around her leg and saw she was no longer taking part in anything.

"Oh yea, better take ... .

"In about ten minutes at three o'clock, why?" said the girls

"Do you happen to live ... given me yet?"

That really got to him, he looked stunned for a moment. Was this young girl... Continue»
Posted by pinks43 3 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Lesbian Sex, Hardcore  |  
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The Conversation

... , extending his well manicured hand in pleasantry.

Liam ignored the gesture.

The young, buxom ... that in a man."

"I think you're in the wrong part of town, and certainly in the wrong pub, Mister. I don't ... away. "There's just something about the sway of a young, healthy woman's arse when she walks, isn't... Continue»
Posted by mustbtuesday 2 years ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex, Voyeur  |  
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Policeman's Boy 4

... . Anyway it suggests that
your son could be willing to try other kinky stuff. What is he doing now ... "I
don't think it would be a good idea to suddenly go from him having sex with
me two or three ... and
seeing the pegs being attached to Colin's tender parts had turned him on

Nick brought... Continue»
Posted by john1195 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Gay Male, Masturbation  |  

Our time with Gail Porter

... get some remarkable photographs and film, which we keep between ourselves and our willing clients ... about our little side lines? Would she be willing? As it turned out, it proved quite easy ... the session and would be free to both take part. There would be a huge amount of computer editing... Continue»
Posted by battle1815 1 year ago  |  Categories: Celebrities, Group Sex, Lesbian Sex  |  

M.M.P.R: Kimberly Becomes "Katty" Part 6

... Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Kimberly becomes "Katty" Part 6

Zordon was extremely concerned ... and an exceptional young woman in many respects," said Zordon. "I also know that until of couple ... was in reality a true lesbian slut, ready and willing to throw her future away for girl-girl sex... Continue»
Posted by TreborCox 9 months ago  |  Categories: Celebrities, Lesbian Sex  |  

Nancy's Adventures

... Part I
It was early Saturday morning after a night of dancing, drinking and flirting. Nancy ... one of her nipples and grasping her hand began leading towards the living room.

Part II ... knew the ecstasy of having three or four hard cocks at the same time. At first, Nancy often wondered... Continue»
Posted by Squee45 3 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex  |  
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Natalie and Emma

... . But Natalie had let go of Emma’s head now and were roaming her tight, young body.

She ... by the hand.

ß Nat à: I think it’s your bedtime, young lady!

ß Em à: oh, ok then… as long as you ... part of her dastardly plan. She pulled her boy-shorts to one side and with her free hand starting... Continue»
Posted by Phoolio 4 years ago  |  Categories: Lesbian Sex  |  
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The Storm

... thumb out, shivering

and soaking wet in the rain, three quarters frozen, and stopped to try ... yesterday evening. Now we’re about three hours into the

mountains, we’ve been in an accident ... .

“I . . . I’m sorry. The last thing I remember is three guys grabbing me and dragging

me off... Continue»
Posted by adel5000 4 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore  |  
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