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X is for Xenia

This story is for Timtrentham: Peeping neighbor ge

This story is for Timtrentham: Hope you enjoy.

Alex had always been ... But in 2010 his mother died. He was depressed for the next year and a half. But in the ... come true. ", she said " awww, Alex, that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. He ... ... Continue»
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True. What I let men to do me for 2½ days

... lot. But it was all fuel for masturbation for me, just like I hope it is for you. In fact, if I ... ever do publish this, my intent is to read it ... prayer to his dick, thanking it for what it is about to do to me and begging ... ... Continue»
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My Wife’s Audition for TV Serial (very eroti

... and Coffee.

“ Rani, today I saw an ad. It is for actresses for teleserials”

I slowly broached the subject.

“Ji , U ... Bishop’s college. Like U, he is also an amateur who is acting for the first time!”

Naren looked ... ... Continue»
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Careful What You Wish For

... that I used.

Anyway, this went on for a few weeks, then we decided we should ... as me now, that this is for real, and those guys are for real!"
"yes Mistress".
I ...
"Yes Mistress"
"Now I have a present for you to wear, again until tomorrow night"
She ... ... Continue»
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Husband got more than he bargained for - An Adult

... some more advice on what ladies like. Going out for lunch is nice but there are other things an older lady can ... been undressing me at times. It's ok I understand. All I ask is for you to be respectful and not touch." Stacy said. With ... ... Continue»
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A to Z Fuckstories - A is for Alex's Ass

... her thighs, but I am definitely a leg man, and that is just perfect for me.

Now, I'm not, by any means, a partier. I don't drink ... off onto her. Her s****r, who happens to be a Freshman, is also notorious for this act, but she does it year-round.

So ... ... Continue»
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Everything for my s****r Chp. 4

... knows the system to help me prepare a case for the judge”.

“That is what a lawyer is for”.

“You know that I can’t afford a ... lawyer”.

“See; that is one your problems, you ... ... Continue»
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A to Z Fuckstories – B is for Blowjobs

... “Mrs. Johnson, I have a question about the report.”

“Yes, what is it?”

For our thesis, do we have to include every major point ... awesome too, a lot like Alex’s. Jess is probably the most active sports-wise for the girls, so she’s always running or ... ... Continue»
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Boss is always the Best

... wildly abandoned sensuality.

"Is it hard enough for you, you little choot!" My boss snarled. "Is it hard enough for you?" The expression ... and infact it was Sunil & Archana. I knew for sure that now he is for ssaome bad time. But,

"Seems to be locked ... ... Continue»
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'A' My Name is Alice

... have to understand, being touched for me is not like it is for most people. Some people's hearing is better than others; some can ... you wouldn't do this little thing for me?"

He was playing but the truth is there is nothing he could ask that I wouldn ... ... Continue»
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... coming, when desire and therefore submissiveness is at its lowest level, is difficult for many. Drinking it from a cupped ... seriously again!)

38. Another way to increase the humiliation is for Mistress to be pleasured by another man or woman while ... ... Continue»
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... the best room in the house.”

Alexandra laughed. “This room is for your wife Mr. Randolph. Not you.”

“What the hell are ... grasped his cock and balls and began stroking them. “This is for my pleasure now Charles, whenever I want to be satisfied.” She ... ... Continue»
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My s****r is A Stripper

... three other women in my bed, one of them is... This is too much for my extremely hung-over mind to fathom, and ... off as Amber walked in with a few drinks. "This one is for you," she said with a wink, before handing Geo hers.

"Where ... ... Continue»
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... kneeling, sitting back on her heels, holding a small parcel.

"This is for you, daddy" she said, as I was about to stand.

"I ... had just said, my cock was really hard and bulging.

"Is that for me daddy? Did I make you hard again?"

I just grinned ... ... Continue»
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A to Z Fuckstories – G is for G-String (Fuck

... you not, she looked almost identical, except for Morgen’s nose stud.

Not exactly the ... guess is he didn’t have time for much else.

I watched this show for ... for like a year and a half now. She’s kept it a secret from her s****r since.”

“Ah, well is ... ... Continue»
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Couple Rewards Doctor for Saving Husband

... a man, I know how traumatic it is for a man to be away from physical love of ... man he knew how difficult it is for a man to remain without a woman for such a long time.

In reply, ... that whatever he says or does is for the good for all of us. He had never ... ... Continue»
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A story for the holidays

... you fuck a girl several times, it is finally OK for both of you (or at least for me) to sit and do something ... I actually like myself and am comfortable with it as it is for the rest of the year. But holidays season brings up ... ... Continue»
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Guide for Cum Eating

... back out and come up short?? If so, this item is for you. Using various mental drills and repetition, I'll teach and ... wants.”
“I love eating cum.”
“Tasting my cum is no big deal.”
“Eating my cum is natural for me.”
“I love hot cum.”
“I want cum ... ... Continue»
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Fresh Fuckmeat in Thailand, A Story for Entertainm

... I understand that all women fuck for money, whether it is just paid up movies and dinners, ... all that the evening is for their life-skills benefit and that it is a natural part of ... go home without a shower, which for Thai women is just not done, but they do ... ... Continue»
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Lusting for Granny

... draw her towards me and she continued to resist. I stopped for a second and she relaxed, thinking I was waking.

"Ali ... you be gone?" I asked.

"This trip is for a month." she replied.

"A month! I'll go crazy for a month!" I cried.

"It's not ... ... Continue»
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