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Winter at Cousin's House *part 2

Winter at Cousin's House *part 2

... ’s f****y. They live at ranch, 110 miles from Melisa’s house. At the scheduled day ... , the house was quite. Well, almost quite, if we not mention bear snoring from Steve’s and Kate’s ... After the 1st “event “with Betty, I was starting to like the living in s****r’s... Continue»
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Winter at Cousin's House

... cousin’s house. They were actually nothing to me, and because of very thin f****y connection I ... to live with us. Betty was Melisa’s cousin, nothing to me. I saw her last time when she ... became very best friend to my step s****r and my step aunt. My step s****r, Melisa in that time... Continue»
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Wife's cousin

... starts off when my wife reminded me that her cousin was coming by our house from Cali. She just ... to the airport but her cousin said she forgot something at the house. My wife could not afford to go back home ... so she asked me to take her cousin to our house and take her to the airport. When we got to the car... Continue»
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Jack's Christmas Present Part 2: New Years Ev

... Jack's Christmas Present Part 2: New Years Eve Party
(i****t - whole f****y, les, oral, teen, anal ... his s****r's goodbye then left the house, them two following behind and going to the car ... cousin!
Jack rang the doorbell of the big white suburban house down the end of the street. His Uncle... Continue»
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Part 2 of the Cousin.

... fucking like rabbits, and this became a routine for about 2 months.

Part 3 will include her friend. ... would see on the weekends. I got an apartment in a very hot part of the city (NY) with a strip ... when we were k!@s. We were experienced adults!

As I began pulling her clothing off she stopped... Continue»
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Cousin Sue part 2

... So, thanks to all those who encouraged me to write part 2, hopefully you'll like it just ... ;It's okay Kyle” she said as she began to take a few steps forward, “I know teenage ... of her eye, now near it's full length(6 inches). I watched as she moved her hand over to my leg... Continue»
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A Winter's Tale - A Seasonal Dental Anaesthet

... the front door of the dentist's house into the dark twilight of a cold Winters evening. Mingling ... terraces. Finally we turned off the road and into the driveway of a brightly-lit house. Beside the front ... as we left our house that afternoon for the dentists. My mother pushed open the big front door... Continue»
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Girlfriend's cousins

... boyfriend and was oblivious to what her s****r was doing.

When we got to my girlfriend's house both ... was throwing a costume party and her cousins from out of town were coming to see her for the first time ... in over 10 years.

Me being terrible with names, I decided to look her cousins up on facebook to try... Continue»
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My Friend's 43y/o Kinky Mother part 2

... on story and characters. It is set in the winter of 1996 when I waThis s 19 years old. Only certain ... This is the second part in what I hope will be a trilogy of stories about an old friend’s 43y/o ... kinky mother. If you have not already read part one please read it, in order to have some background... Continue»
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Nadine and Jo's Blowjob Swap- Part 2

... The first time JoAnne came to see Rufus was when she was working for Lauren’s Agency ... other girls used to come over and just lie around on the couch in the living room of Lauren’s huge ... house, hoping their proximity would prompt Lauren to give them more calls. Lauren always promised... Continue»
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My Cousin Mandy- Part 2

... .....

The k**s were starting to get restless; it was 2:30 and they'd all been there since 10:00 that morning ... and yet I felt so goddamned guilty. This was my cousin, my flesh and bl**d, the little girl I used ... college girl, so sexy, and she was living in my house for the past week and her every movement... Continue»
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Jayne's Story Part 2

... up fucking.
(END OF PART 2, PART 3 SOON) ... recently bought,& a pair of 31/2" hi heel sandles,& at each stage Dave took polaroid photosof me. After ... "dressed",even when his s****r & b*****r-in-law visited,but I made sure my dress didn't expose... Continue»
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Emily's TinyCunny Part 2

... filled hole and licked Ian's seed out of her pussy and down her inner thighs, Ian wanted Emily ... to experience another women.

With Helen's pussy and ass being fucked by Wyn and Ian on the king ... if she could stay next weekend, Wendy’s eyes opened wide to the thought of having her tight cunny... Continue»
Posted by charlieboy2262 6 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Group Sex, Lesbian Sex  |  
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Jim's Discovery - Part 2

... is going on? What is my mummy doing? And why the hell does it make me so hot?" he asked himself, before slowly falling asl**p.

End of Part 2
... bed. It has been a weird day. He had promised his mummy to look after her house while she ... and those chores all ended up messing up his head.

The sextoys he had discovered were still s... Continue»
Posted by NiciSlut 7 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Interracial Sex  |  
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Youngsville Part 2: The Day-Sea's

... Part 2: The Day-Sea's

I got dressed and walked down the street as Let had told me at the train ... into my new home. It was a simple one room house, equipped with the typical things you would need ... …eh-hem, my name is Eric, I just rented the cottage by the house," I stuttered.

“Oh, great... Continue»
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Jimmy's Girls Part 2

... on the night of love their
wives were having.

End of Part 2. Part 3 to follow ... . But the way she had sucked his cock and ate
his cum told him she would throw him one hell ... of a
fuck. He planned on finding out tonight! Oh yeah,
Tiffany also had a little s****r that Jimmy could... Continue»
Posted by sanpeesua 4 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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B.T.V.S.: Dawn's Wish Part 2

... Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Dawn's Wish Part 2

Closing time was by far Anya's favourite part ... and for the most part vampires and demons were polite enough to go after the Slayers in one of the many ... know exactly what she said but now Dawn has a power. An evil power which is corrupting my little s... Continue»
Posted by crystalwaters69 1 year ago  |  Categories: Anal, Celebrities, Lesbian Sex  |  

The Preacher's Wife part 2

... rides home with another man from the congregation!  This is part 2 of the story that reveals ... in the deepest part of which rested a small, dark pink puckered badge of beauty.  Pushing my face forward I ... tongue has ever gone before we both giggled like school k**s.  Then she pulled my head down to her... Continue»
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Bodrum'da Üçlü Aşk - Part 2

... . Minicik turuncu kumaş parçası o dudaklı amını zar zor kapatıyordu. Biraz daha büyük adım atsa ... . Perişan haldeki sevgilimi bir çuval gibi çimlerin üstüne attı. Kendisi de dizleri üstüne çöktü ... çekmek ağırıma gitti. "Hayır istemiyorum " deyip kestirip attım.

Serhat parmağını götürüp Serpil'in... Continue»
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Working At A house part 2

... with me, other wise someone will report you to the police."

He was a tall man in his 50's, well ... built and clean shaven, he spoke very politely. I followed him over the road to his house. He opened ... the phone down and pushed his cock back inside me.

part 3 to follow... Continue»
Posted by tarajenkins53 5 years ago  |  Categories: Shemales  |  
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