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Winner Takes It All: Loser Gets Fucked!

Winner Takes It All: Loser Gets Fucked!

... it all.”

“What do you mean takes it all?” asked Michelle
“The loser gets ... and fuck the ass of you” slightly d***k Elaine looked me in the eye and nodded her head. Taking her ... whispered into her ear “Take your dress off” over the past few years that I had been fucking... Continue»
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Roulette by loyalsock

... round, lets say 30, he wins and we're
his slaves. If not, he joins the other loser in
submission ... , another great time was had by
all. We openly drooled over the dancers: I over the
ballerinas ... ribald the banter, a no
two of us ever explored that obvious ground.
We all have other friends... Continue»
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End of a Rivalry

... in this round,” She snarled.
“Don’t get cocky, she can still come back,” Jezz warned her.
“Don’t fucking ... worked her hand into Karina’s shorts. “How would you like to get fucked…?” She was unable to finish ... take and give a lot of punishment. However, as in life, Alyssa has yet to be victorious in the ring... Continue»
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'Phoenyx: Flesh and Fire' Sample: Svetla

... . Winner takes all....loser suffers total humiliation in front of a packed house...

" “I think ... back to get a good look at her costume. He pointed to the beret. “Could you take that off, please ... as I'd thought, she was getting off on all of this. In fact, I could taste it. It was a harsher, more... Continue»
Posted by Morgana_the_Stripper 11 months ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish, Lesbian Sex  |  

ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #7

... some variation of tic-tac-toe with Skittles, and then the winner fed the loser all the candies ... , and the quicker we can get them from her, the better off we'll all be."

The three teens made their way ... their hands off of each other since they met at the party. A dance and half was all it took to get them... Continue»
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uncle tom

... them on the carrot. The loser has to pay a forfeit."
"Which is...?"
"Winner to decide that." He ... strokes getting faster and harder.
For that first fuck Uncle Tom left me on my back, skewering me ... on a business trip, and I would spend the weekend getting fucked
rigid. On another occasion, he... Continue»
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Memorable Anal Encounters

... . Bonnie kissed me back and her body relaxed as she welcomed the fact that she would get fucked ... to throw her down right on the stairs, shove my cock all the way up her ass and fuck her until I filled ... fucked her from behind, Bonnie went wild again with all the stimulation and she began bucking her hips... Continue»
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More Confessions of the Locker Room

... !" Their captain snapped, "When a winner tells a loser to do something,
the loser does it, now get ... bum.

"That's it, you losers are all the same, forever kissing a winner's ass!"
She taunted ... pushed its way over my nose.
All the girls burst out laughing, especially Hannah as she quickly... Continue»
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Xhamster profile of 'Love2bused' Chap

... reward offered to the best whore I made up my mind I was going to win no matter what it takes or what I ... gets the most g****s to stick inside their girls pussy wins ten percent of the money collected ... and my tongue raced to get the pre cum before his cock head was down my throat taking that small taste... Continue»
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Die unbekannte

... that he should take it today. I said, " Get in the clear " and we drove off . Because it occurred to ... you offer and get on with cheeky grinning face.

I have beer or sparkling wine , juice , cola , etc ... runter und fragte, was denn los sei.

Ich traute meinen Augen kaum da stand eine wunderschöne junge... Continue»
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March Madness Leads to March Nakedness

... that she would take Wisconsin and the loser had to let the winner’s husband strip her naked and then she ... suggested that the winner gets to play with and suck on the tits of the loser’s wife. He said ... a couple of Xavier’s players and how good they were. So I then suggested that the winner would get a blow... Continue»
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Morning light 3

... about the loser has to provide breakfast in bed for the winner for a week?"

"All right, it's a bet ... ?"

"The winner gets to have the two losers do what he or she wants."

Suddenly the sexual ... to take a bath and get ready for the big event.

That hour seemed like it would never end... Continue»
Posted by vtevte 1 year ago  |  Categories: Anal, Taboo, Hardcore  |  
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My bro-in-law's second dip

... . It took about good 8-10 minuets to screw the valve back on while getting accidental double thumb-fuck ... entertaining we decided on a wager, The wager was that the winner would get a full massage on the new massage ... . The game moved slowly at first as both of us were fighting to get all our counters home. We had... Continue»
Posted by obi_malluda 1 year ago  |  Categories: Mature, Sex Humor, Taboo  |  
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lost bet

... was on. Loser has to do whatever the winner asks! This could be good.
The next morning I started early ... home knickers spanking and a good hard fucking might teach you a lesson and I have to get back to work ... out of the shop pause look round and spot me and head toward me. Fuck you look so hot as you get... Continue»
Posted by slipper41 2 years ago  |  

Sharing My Room with My s****r, Part 2 of 3

... in the living room and watched a movie with Mom. Halfway through, Abby left to take a shower and get ... it to the side.

"They get your order wrong?" She nodded. "Take it back up there and get them ... decided to exploit this. "Tough talk. What are we betting?"

"Loser has to be the winner's slave... Continue»
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When wishes come true

... her. "You' get...his me...?"

"Fuck!" Nick ... that was ready to unleash all of its horsepower in one fell swoop, and so when they both lay down, Alicia ... and faster.

Nick was definitely getting off on her actions and oh fuck...she was really getting off... Continue»
Posted by Geilerfeger 3 years ago  |  Categories: Voyeur  |  

The Bet

... entering the equation. At first it was loser did the dishes for a month, or winner got breakfast in bed ... with it.

Me? I am all man. And while I like it when Beth takes charge, taking a strapon up my ... to the corners of her mouth. “Well I want you to suck me until you can get all the way down to my balls... Continue»
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Slave to hooters waitresses

... and the winner gets an orgasm. "What will the
punishment be?" Sandra said. "It will be whatever the fuck ... win and worship me for
a long time to assure this; the loser is really going to get punished ...

Chapter one I become a slave

As a college student I had to take any job I could get to make... Continue»
Posted by klammer 29 days ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Fetish  |  
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A great evening with friends

... it was “16.” Liv tried to correct herself but we all said you have to take a dare. Ted said ... all jumped in on that one and I told Pam that she had to take a dare and I told her to remove her ... ” I said “Okay lets all get in the bed and do what we want with our partners&rdquo... Continue»
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... feature at Aqueduct in the sixth race that can't lose," Ed whined.

"So fix the mailbox now and get it ... were passing on her. It wasn't exactly like they were all that hot themselves.

So Steve grabbed the ... been. All of the signs inside and out made it clear what the place was, at least on Wednesday nights... Continue»
Posted by famlover66 4 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  
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