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Wifes best friend

My wifes best friend.

... i came home to find my <ddd>wifes</ddd> <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> sandy in the house with out my wife there. ... sure if thats a good idea your my <ddd>wifes</ddd> <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> i really dont want to ruin anything. She ... it to her it was amazing. Her <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> was amazing i was about to stick my ... ... Continue»
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Wifes Best Friend

My <ddd>Wifes</ddd> <ddd>Best</ddd> <ddd>Friend</ddd>

I had always thought that Kim was a great looking young mother ... from her breast with each squize. I was lost now , My <ddd>wifes</ddd> <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> was working her great tits right in front of me ... ... Continue»
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wifes best friend

... ago my <ddd>wifes</ddd> <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> had a huge argument with her husband and came to our house to spend the night. her <ddd>friend</ddd> michele is ... mouth. I couldn't believe I was getting a blow job from my pregnant <ddd>wifes</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> as she slept in our room. I pulled my cock out ... ... Continue»
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wife and her best friend.....

So, we have been having a three way relationship with my <ddd>wifes</ddd> <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> for a while now, this is the first bi experience for ... and she did the wife....

I came home that night and <ddd>wifes</ddd> pussy was still wet...The next night I went for a drink ... ... Continue»
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wife and her best friend

... 1st husband, and we were living together for a short time. a <ddd>friend</ddd> of hers from out of town was coming to visit ... playing all week, i've been reaping the "benefits" of my <ddd>wifes</ddd> <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd>. wife loves her shaved pussy licked, and a tongue on her ... ... Continue»
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wife and her best friend part 2

wife <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> carol has been visiting with us for a week or so. ... their legs so i got a good view of my blonde, shaved, <ddd>wifes</ddd> pantiless pussy, and carols neatly trimmed brunette pussy, she was ... ... Continue»
Posted by Widewon 2 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Masturbation, Mature  |  Views: 201  |  

Me, her, and my best friend

... her a nod. My buddy still pressing his crotch into my <ddd>wifes</ddd> silk dress hadn't noticed my return, so I said more drinks ... ! He started real slow I sat there and couldn't believe my <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> was balls deep in my wife! I also couldn't believe how ... ... Continue»
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My Wifes Best Friend

... to my surprise was my wife’s c***dhood <ddd>friend</ddd> Sue, “HI Sue what’s up “.
Is Serena in? “She asked,
Oh this is my <ddd>friend</ddd> Rick, out of the shadows stepped a tall ... the spare room leaving my wife and <ddd>friend</ddd> alone with a handsome well hung sex god.
I ... ... Continue»
Posted by ChannelFive 3 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore, Interracial Sex, Mature  |  Views: 1774  |  
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Wifes Best friend Cynthia

... the tub running, She came back in and helped her <ddd>friend</ddd> up, she ran Cynthia a warm bath telling her the warm ... ... Continue»
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My Best Friend, Amelia

... that my <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> was totally hot, but I had never thought of her as anything other than my <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd>, and that's ... ...she's your <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd>, I thought to myself. You're just horny because you're angry. Seriously, don't ogle your <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd>, I reminded ... ... Continue»
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Anal With My Best Friend's Girl

... , I'm sure, was the guilt I felt, secretly checking out my <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd>'s beloved girlfriend right in front of my girl's nose; ... .

I plunged my finger into her waiting vagina, inside my <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd>'s girlfriend. I did what I wish I could do with her ass, ... ... Continue»
Posted by fotisampini 2 months ago  |  Categories: Anal  |  Views: 5447  |  
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I fucked my wife and her best friend together

... normal! Sharing sex with my wife and her <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> was clearly the <ddd>best</ddd> “male enhancement” product ever. I chuckled to myself ... cum, swallowing each drop as it shot from her <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd>’s hot pussy.

“Sujita,” I whispered, “may I have a drop?” Sujita ... ... Continue»
Posted by rockyhere81 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Mature  |  Views: 3806  |  
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My best friend, my best friend's friend and I

... name is Dave. I’m a normal, regular college guy. I have a girl <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> – yes man-women friendships are possible and very ... more minutes something very tasteful would end up in my <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd>’s mouth. So I said: “Girls, this is so ... ... Continue»
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Best Friend with Benefits

... close to my <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> that’s all”.
“We have always been <ddd>best</ddd> friends, ... it’s you and you are my <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd>”.
“I know you are not queer. ... with each other. You are my <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> and the only one I want to do that ... ... Continue»
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group sex with her best friend

... she looked like she was enjoying watching us. Her <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> getting groped like a common whore. Then I took jean’s shirt ... she was keeping her pleasure in, not showing her <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> that was the <ddd>best</ddd> fucking that ever had . I knew she’d already ... ... Continue»
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My Best Friend Tom

... playing around. I couldn’t do that. You’re married to my <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd>!”

“Are you saying that I am not sexy enough?” my wife ... I saw, my heart pounding in my chest. I just watched my <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> enjoy my wife’s pussy. Even worse, she loved every minute ... ... Continue»
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Me, My GF and her Best Friend

... just watched, as my girlfriend curled her fingers into her <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd>'s pussy. I watched, waiting, as hard as I'd ever been.

... that week. Almost every night. Carrie and I discovered her <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd>'s body together. It was truly amazing.

And then like ... ... Continue»
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My best friend fucked my girlfriend

... a double penetration with my <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> and I
This is a true story.

I have always wanted my <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> to fuck my girlfriend. The ... my babe deepthroat my <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd>. I had to be inside of her fucking

where my <ddd>friend</ddd> had, just put his mouth ... ... Continue»
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With mums best friend at work

... <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd>, I don't think that it would work, he stammered.

You maybe my youngest employee and, yes I am your mother's <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Best Friend Kinky Mother

... I felt a little guilty on Mike. He was after all my <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd>.

Anxiously, I hadn't heard from Mike while I was back at home ... got on quite well with Mike though, maybe because her <ddd>best</ddd> <ddd>friend</ddd> likes Mike.

Rumour had it that Charlotte was really frigid ... ... Continue»
Posted by trueman_darling 9 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Mature  |  Views: 3626  |  
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