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Wife and mobile phone

... had her mobile so she didn't ... and then on an impulse, he lunged forward and snatched the phone away from my wife's hands.

My wife ... and not be seen.

Gopal took a step forward towards my wife and held her by her hair. My wife's grimaced with pain and ... ... Continue»
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Life of a Slut Wife and Mum, Part 2-2 (Airtight)

Airtight on the Marriage Bed

Having received and noted comments and feedback, I will be making some changes to the future episodes of this story. Hope readers will enjoy it more and continue to give feedback so I can make improvements to the way I tell the story. For this part, I’ve taken away most embellishments and expansions of the original story, so what you’re reading now is closer to the truth. (Unlike the rather unpopular club scene in Part 2-1 which was purely added for dramatization) I’ll also try to add more detail into the story; especially for the sex scenes, as some people have requested. Whenever my mum went out over the weekend, all the footage and information on her whereabouts Drew and I obtained were solely from her phone’s cameras and text message. Therefore, there will still be a little bit of assumption made on my part. However, I will keep it strictly realistic now with no more added sex that goes out the window of reality.

Anyway, this story continues on from part 2-1. My mum did go out clubbing with Brad, Jack and Nathan. However, none of the sex in the club happened. There was just a lot of dancing, drinking and flirting before she brought them home.

By the time my mum got home with Brad, Nathan and Jack, the three guys were all rock hard and ready to fuck. The foursome immediately headed for my parent’s bedroom. My mum left her clutch with her mobile phone in the hall so Drew and I quickly switched from the mobile phone feed and went to watch the feed from my parent’s bedroom instead.

As they entered the room, the three men were vigorously fondling, grinding and making out with my mum. “Scarlett, you’re so hot. We’re gonna bang you all silly.” Brad called out. “You flatterer. By tomorrow morning, I want to be completely drenched in cum.” My mum replied, knowing just what to say to get the guys worked up. Drew and I watched as the three guys stood buck naked, cocks standing at attention as they waited for my mum to freshen up. Soon, she emerged from the washroom, clad in a fresh set of lingerie, a simple red bra and panty set with matching red heels.

“Get on your knees bitch” Brad says, as the three guys form a semi circle. Nathan grabs a pillow off the bed and places it on the floor as my mum gets onto her knees, ready to put her manicured hands and beautiful mouth to good use. My mum starts stroking Brad and Nathan’s cock while Jack slides his hands into her bra and plays with her funbags. “By tomorrow morning, I want to be so sore that I’m gonna have to limp out of bed to make you studs breakfast.”

“Chinese sluts look so good when they’re on their knees.” Nathan comments. “Wait till you see this bitch’s pretty face pasted with cum. It’s so hot you’ll immediately be ready for round 2” Brad replies. “Ever been airtight slut?” Jack asks. My mum pops Nathan’s cock out of her mouth for awhile, pausing seductively as if to think before replying that it sounded familiar but she probably needs a refresher course. “Oh, we are gonna fuck you up so good then. I promise that by the morning. You’re gonna be so sore, just like you want.” Brad says. “The three of us did a pair of young Korean uni students last week. Lets just say that after experiencing the airtight package from us at night, they’ve pretty much fell in love with us.”

“Mmm, they sound hot. We should get together with them sometime. First, let’s see you add me to your list of airtight conquests tonight.”

Brad and Nathan had now removed my mum’s bra and were stroking her plump pussy lips through her sheer panties while she made out with Jack. Nathan commented that she was dripping wet and that they should get down to business as he tore my mum’s skimpy panties in two. Soon, the foursome had aligned themselves accordingly. Brad being the guy who first met my mum, got first pick of her orifices, choosing her ass. He laid back on the bed as she mounted him, impaling herself on him and spreading her legs. Jack then plunged his rock hard cock into her wet folds while Nathan positioned his cock by her face and got ready to facefuck my mum.

Brad and Jack immediately started rocking my mum between them, starting slow before rapidly turning up the speed. My mum started moaning as they started dping her. After about 2 minutes of relatively slow sex, Brad called out asking Jack to go full throttle and the two of them immediately went full f***e, pummelling my mum between them. She gasped as they simultaneously went balls deep in her before moaning like a bitch in heat. As the two white studs ravaged her Asian body, she started screaming in delight as she hit her orgasm. After a good 30 seconds of erotic screaming, she just lay back and took the pounding she was getting as Nathan got into the game, grabbing her hair and sliding his cock into her wet hot mouth, muffling her cries of pleasure. Wrapping my mum’s hair up in his large hand, Nathan manoeuvred my mum’s mouth up and down his cock.

Soon, my mum’s eyes started watering, messing up her makeup as Nathan f***ed his thick cock down her throat, grunting and calling her his Chinese MILF as he used her mouth for his pleasure. All the while, Brad and Jack continued to thrust.

“Scarlett’s mouth is amazing b*o” Nathan exclaimed as my mum blew him. “Yeah, the first time I hooked up with her, she gave me an amazing hummer till I creamed her even before we started fucking.” Brad replied. My mum popped Nathan’s cock out of her mouth commenting, “I find it so erotic when I serve my body up to a white man for his pleasure. I think lots of Singaporean bitches do too. I definitely know that all my girlfriends who are dating or married to white guys are far wilder in bed than those with Asians.”

“Yeah, it’s great. I think Asian chicks love us whites because of our performance in bed.” Jack states as he proceeds to suddenly speed up his thrusts into my mum. “Uh huh. Mmm” my mum drawls. “I love white studs like you guys in bed, especially when they ravage me like I’m just an outlet for them to relieve themselves of their sexual needs. Probably something to do with some white superiority complex built into us Singaporean ladies from the colonial times.”

Jack and Brad laugh as my mum talks before Brad asks her if that’s how she justifies her cheating, that it’s in her genes? My mum sensing Nathan is nearing his climax from her oral ministrations, pulls his manhood out and starts gently stroking him, keeping him on the edge as she replies that yeah, it’s always been in her to be a whore to white guys. She can’t speak for the rest of the girls in Singapore though. Nathan is breathing heavily as my mum keeps him on the edge while she receives her pounding. He starts asking where to cum, quickly seeking his release. My mum immediately tells him she wants a group facial. Brad and Jack quickly get off her as she sinks to her knees on the floor, waiting for the three white studs to mark her as theirs.

“I love it when guys have the stamina to give me a facial before we even get to fucking. It’s so primal. Especially when I’m with a Caucasian, it feels like they’re marking me as their property before they proceed to fuck me.”

“Uh huh. Well, the three of us are gonna definitely mark you. Then we’re gonna spend the whole night fucking your brains out. We’ve just made you airtight. Think we’re gonna have lots more time to try out some new positions. Maybe a little double vaginal? My buddies Jack and Nathan here, they just did that to this Russian chick the other day. She just kept cumming and cumming.”

“Let’s see how horny you guys can get me first.”, my mum retorts to that lewd proposal before smacking her lips and telling the guys to paint her face. Soon, the three guys start grunting loudly as they fire streams of cum onto the pretty Singapore Chinese MILF in front of them, decorating my mum’s face with streaks of creamy white jizz. My mum smiles sluttily and opens her mouth, tasting some of her partners’ man juice as she mewls on her knees. Since it’s their first cumshot of the night, there is quite a bit of cum, with some even dripping off my mum’s chin onto her heaving chest. She wipes the bit of cum that had sprayed near her eyes, before tasting it. “Umm, delicious. Now, while we wait for my cum facial to dry, why not you guys start getting ready for round 2.” My mum tells the guys.

“This Singaporean mum is insatiable. Brad, you really hit the jackpot” Jack laughs as my mum gets up from her knees and climbs into bed between the three guys.

Drew and I were just enjoying this amazing show. Our enjoyment for that night was cut short though as incredibly, Jack commented that he didn’t like having the iMac there while he fucked as it felt like he was being filmed. (if only he knew) My mum laughed at that and told him to cover the camera with her underwear if it bothered him so much. Jack did so, picking up my mum’s red bra and dr****g it over the iMac, cutting off our video footage of the night’s action.

This brings us to the end of part 2 of the story.
I had by now started to feel really guilty about this voyeurism and was seriously contemplating telling my Dad everything once he got back from his business trip or even just calling him immediately. After thinking about it though, in my immaturity at that age, along with the raging hormones of a teenager, I decided not to say anything for the moment. I reasoned that it seems like my mum had been having extramarital relations for quite a while already and since our f****y life was still good, why rock the boat? In hindsight, I was a foolish, horny teenager somehow justifying to myself that since my mum was still a good wife and mother, why not let her indulge her sexual desires on the side. Looking back now, my mum’s dual life was always going to have to come crumbling down sometime.

Drew on the other hand was completely unrepentant, not a trace of guilt on him. He had always though my mum was hot and this was like a dream come true for him. Denied our video feed for that night, Drew and I decided to just head to bed, muting the audio on our side and just letting it record. (Deciding to listen to the recording of the audio feed the next morning) We both headed out of his room to grab a drink before we went to bed. Looking back as I write this, I have now of course listened to the full recording and know what we missed out on listening to live because we muted the audio on our side to go to sl**p.

“You really like wearing shoes to bed don’t you? I remember the first time we banged, you wore your heels the whole time and now you’ve got those beautiful red pumps on.” Brad asks. “Uh huh, I love wearing shoes, especially heels for sex. They perk my ass up. Plus I love the little bit of discomfort from heels, makes it feel more like I’m serving my man. These pumps though, they’re quite special. I’ll tell you guys exactly how I broke them in when I had just bought them. This story should get you studs worked up again so we can maybe try that double vag thing you mentioned.”


To be continued in Part 3

This story will eventually explore what happens in the end, starting with part 5. However, the next two chapters, part 3 and 4 will be covering a bit more back-story (Part 3, completely from my mum’s POV as she recounts the story) so hope all your readers don’t mind waiting for the eventual climax of this story arc.

Hope everyone enjoyed part 2. Lots more to come so please continue to review and comment so I can help ensure the format and presentation is best for everyone. Do leave me messages on what exactly you’d guys like to read about. My mum’s infidelity spanned a long duration with numerous encounters that I was privy to. There are far too many occurrences for me to detail all of them so do let me know what kinds of pairings/situations you guys are interested in reading about and I’ll sift through my memory and see if my mum was involved in something similar.
... Continue»
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Korean Wife and I go to see a movie


My wife and I go to see a movie

My wife has very sensitive nipples. Once I start tweaking them
between my index finger and thumb she becomes plain horny. She has been
faithful to my six-inch brown cock for as long as I can remember. Anyway, to
go ahead with what I wanted to share with all of you horny guys, last
weekend my wife asked me if I wanted to go and see a movie. It was out of
the blue and since she usually doesn't like to see movies I said yes, before
she changed her mind, we were on our way to the Cineplex.

There were a couple of action movies on but I think she was in the
mood for a romantic "thriller". A poster caught my attention and I
glanced from the corner of my eyes that it was one of those soft porn Korean
flicks. She told me to buy tickets for a Resse Witherspoon movie and went to
buy some popcorn and coke. Of course, I went ahead and bought two
tickets for the Korean flick. It was going to start any moment so when she
returned I grabbed her by the arm and went in the theatre. "The movie you
wanted to see is only running the afternoon shows, so I just bought tickets for
this nice Korean romantic movie," I mumbled to her as we searched for our

It was a late night movie and since it was Sunday, there were not
that many people. Our seats were in the left hand corner of the last row
- and it being a small theatre, there was no aisle on the other end. As it
turned out, it wasn't a soft porn flick it was indeed a girlie mills &
boons sort of romance. So I was getting bored out of my wits and
cursing myself to fall for the sensuous poster. But to not let such an
evening go wasted I started playing with her tits.

Initially she kept pushing
my hand off but then she just let me be. I had a field day rubbing her slowly
hardening dark nipples. The dime sized fuckers were rock hard in ten
minutes and my wife was squirming left and right. Slowly she grabbed
my hand and pushed it to her clothes covered pussy.

My fingers couldn't say no and slowly slipped inside her skirt and
felt the tingly pubic hair waiting to be caressed. With all the
manipulation of her nipples, her pussy slit was soaking wet - too inviting for my
probing fingers and I slowly parted her slick pussy lips apart and eased one
and then two thick fingers inside to start a slow finger fuck of her
burning hot cunt hole. My cock was straining to break free inside my pants
when the phone rang.

Fuck. I cursed the inventor of mobile phones and answered it. It
wasmy business partner. He had heard some bad news about our company's
stocks and wanted to apprise me. I cursed him in my mind but excused myself
out of the theatre to work out some figures. I heard my wife's lusty and
angry growl at being left out on the verge of a glorious orgasm. But like
is a bitch and so is the stock market, so I mouthed sorry and went out.

I must not have taken 15 minutes but by the time I returned and
readjusted my eyes to the darkness, I was surprised to see someone
sit next to my wife. My wife's head was in his lap and the way its outline was
bobbing up and down, she was sucking his cock. I was furious, and
curious. I walked to the extreme left (inside the heavy and musty smelling
curtains that were lined up on the back wall) and peeked slowly at the live
scene unfolding in front of me.

My wife was indeed slurping on a nine-inch long and thick as my wrist dong of a
stranger, whose hand was jammed inside her pussy. Her skirt had ridden up and her
panty had been taken off.

Suddenly the man held her head from behind and pushed it all the way down on
his cock. Seeing the way he was jerking and spasming it was evident that
he was blasting his nuts in my wife's mouth. Once he was finished he
just got up and walked away. My wife quickly looked around and tidied her
clothes and hair quickly and then sat down like a prim and proper housewife
that I thought she was.

I slowly sneaked in besides her and whispered my apologies and
told her in a few words about the stock problem. She grinned back and said
all was forgotten since I had returned. I turned to give her a kiss and she
quickly pulled back. But not quick enough for me to have missed that
unmistaken smell of a cock and warm cum. Soon, my hand was back on
her breasts and tweaking her still hard nipples to a new delirious
state. She again started squirming and without any invitation I moved her hand
to her pussy. I pretended to not notice the lack of underwear and freely
stroked her bl**d-engorged clit. Then the fucking phone rang again. Oh
shit, I thought and hurried outside. This time it was a wrong number and
when I was returning I decided to play the fool and watch what she was doing.

She was already standing and stretching herself lewdly. One hand
was fondling her breasts and the other was fingering her pussy in such a
way that if anyone chose to turn his head he could see her bare hairy
pussy on a wanton display. The three rows to our front were empty but there
was a s**ttering of men in other rows. There were three men seated in the
front row and one of them had been turning around his neck to survey the
theatre for some action. He caught her movement and was in our row in a few
seconds. Once there he didn't waste any time and opened his zipper
and hauled his cock out. It was still soft and was carrying about six
inches of uncut meat. My wife looked around (possibly for me) and bent down
in his lap like a two-dollar slut. Her tongue flicked out and started
lapping at his cock, which was growing rapidly. Soon she was holding his
monster meat in both her hands deep-throating his cock like a born-slut. She
had also pushed his hand to her brazenly open pussy. He slid in his
thick long fingers in her pussy easily and started humping her. For five
minutes thiswent on and then the man pushed her head away. His shiny black cock
glistened in the flickering reflection of lights from the screen.
Then he slowly pulled her up from her waist and made her sit down on his.

"Oh no, I don't do fucking," she whispered. He didn't like that
response but f***ed her down on his cock anyway. She whimpered as I
saw the thick cock disappear in her tight asian pussy. She kept looking at the
entrance to check for me coming back. But her pussy violator didn't
care a hoot about that. He whistled softly and I guessed it must have been a
signal for his two friends who turned and with wide grinning faces,
leaped to the row of action.

There were a few other couples around and when
they noticed what was happening, they just started walking away. Now
there were only five of us in the whole theatre - the three fuckers, my wife and
me. And one by one, they fucked her silly till she was half u*********s.
Her heels had been filled with cum. They placed that sticky mess back onto her
tiny feet. One of the heels dangling as the cum dripped from her toes.
and another stranger had gifted her with an anklet.

They were done before the movie ended and left the theatre chuckling loudly
having eased off the tension in their cock and balls.

Now I had no option but to return. When I did, my wife just broke
down and started crying on my shoulder. When I asked, after the usual
showing surprise and shock on my face, she said that one man ****d her right
here in the theatre. I apologized to her and comforted her as much as I
could and prayed to god that she wouldn't notice my rock hard cock.

Just then the usher walked in. Apparently the couples had
complained to him before leaving. He walked in and switched on the lights even
though the movie was still going on. He was a black man of 65 or more. He
was way too lanky and his grey freaky hair looked unkempt even with the
smart uniform of blue overalls he was wearing. His face had a sinister
look that I had often seen in movies where weird black men are shown in
prisons. He was also reeking of alcohol and some rank body odour that I thought
was like a mixture of sweat, piss and sugarcane juice.

"What have we got here," he mumbled looking piercingly at my
wife's petite body spread at the foot of the seats. She looked quite hot, lying down
there on the floor amongst discarded popcorn boxes, mint foils, hair, chocolate
wrappers and all kinds of litter. And of course, her skirt was torn
from the side and flashed her freshly fucked pussy clearly (from the old
man's angle).

"Mister, some one ****d my wife here," I said.

"Really? How come she never screamed? The other people
complained that she was behaving like a slut," he retorted.

"What nonsense? My wife is a prim and proper lady and would not do
anything like that."

"Yeah, and I am Saint Peters," I see that anklet he scowled,
"I need to report this to the police."

"Oh please, we don't need any more stress dealing with the
police," my petite wife said in a very pleading tone
(I was laughing my head off at her feigned innocence).

"If you were ****d they will only help you find the
r****ts were," he said, his eyes darting on the cum seeping from my wife's
stretched asian pussy. I pretended to not notice. My wife noticed and
pretending to not notice too.

"...maybe we can come to some arrangement if you really don't want
me to report this to the police," he said leering.

"Sure, what do you have in mind Mister," I asked, while pulling my
wife's left leg up under the behest of making her more comfortable.
This only made my wife's pussy lips stretch open a little more.

"First let's move missy here to a better place, I think she needs
to rest," he said and moved forward to help her stand. I was rolling my
eyes upwards to see that he had chosen to support her by holding her breast
under one arm and her bare thigh (just an inch away from her seeping
pussy) with the other hand. "Come here man, help me carry her," he told me
and I pulled her up with her hands and backside. Together we carried her
to a side door labeled "staff only". He let go of her heavy breast (I
noticed the nipples were hardening again) and opened the lock of the door.
The room was dark and after he switched on a dim light I realized it was
being used to store the cleaning stuff and some broken chairs.

He pulled five chairs together and we helped my wife lie down.
Then he stood over her head - one leg on each side - his crotch forming an
obscene lump right above her head. He then bent down to adjust her skirt so
that his crotch was directly above her mouth and for a moment I thought I
saw his growing lump touch her nose (she closed her eyes and inhaled his
deep musky aroma but I caught her expression). He lingered for a while and
stood up again.

"Sir," he addressed me, "please go and get a glass of water for
your wife while I clean her up." Like fuck was I going to get water. I hid
behind the curtain and watched as he dished out a rag (that looked
like someone had wiped shit with it) and slowly started wiping her thighs
and started slipping up towards her hairy honey pot. "Looks like more
than one man ****d you, right dear?"

"I am afraid so. And they were very big too is
still sore from all that****g they gave me."

"You poor thing! Papa is here to take care of you my c***d," he
said in a quivering voice and swiped her small pussy slit with the smelly rag. My
wife shivered in pleasure.

"I can't see your slick pussy clearly as all the light is being
blocked by my big black body," he said and moved away to his original posture
crotch on her face, "here, much better baby. Let me wipe all that
sperm your fuckers blasted in your hairy pussy." He started swiping along
her pussy slit and also started grinding his crotch in her face. His
overalls were tenting with his erection. And there must have been a hole in
there for, pretty soon, my wife fished out his black hairy balls and started
licking them like ice-lollies.

Meanwhile, I saw some water in a mop bucket. I filled a discarded
coke cup with the water and made an appearance. The old usher stood up
upon seeing me. I looked worried and went to my wife's side and set her
head in my lap. The old man was still standing in his original position.
But he had forgotten to stuff his hairy big black balls inside his overall.
I pretended to not notice. I lifted her head and put the cup to her
mouth, "here darling, have a sip."

"What the hell is that," he roared and ripped the plastic cup from
my hand. In doing so he jerked so wildly (intentionally I think) that
his entire cock flipped out and landed on my face with a thud. A single
thread of his precum sort of joined him and me together. His uncut cock was
still soft and covered with a wrinkled tip of foreskin. It was so heavy and
thick that when it hit me in the face I felt like I was punched.

"The hell. I think your penis fell out accidentally," I said,

"Never mind that, let's attend to the woman first, she needs me to
clean her up," he said and bent down again to start his pussy cleaning job
with the dirty rag. This time, since her head had risen up in my lap, his
blue black monster of a cock softly came to rest on her face. His hairy
balls stretched all over hear forehead. I gently lifted his cock and balls
off her and asked her, "darling, can you breathe?"

"Yes," she said in a voice heaving with lust. I saw her tongue
snaked out to lick at the tip of the old black man's cock. He must have
stretched a bit more than required for right at that moment his overalls gave
way and the tear under his balls ripped all the way to his back.

"Your earrings are scratching my cock, c***d," the old black man
said, just open your mouth so that I can keep it safe inside." My wife
looked at me from under his ball sack and I said, "yeah darling, the poor man
is only trying to help you please keep in soft cock in your mouth."
The cock was not soft anymore and all of it didn't fit inside my
wife's mouth so she started moving up and down on his cock so that his
entire cock was safe. I helped her move up and down. Then I saw that the rag
had been thrown and the old usher was cleaning my wife with his tongue -
lapping all along the length of her slick slit and then going back. His big
black bony finger was busy cleaning her thick clit.

Now my petite korean wife was holding his balls with one hand and
fucking her mouth with his big black old cock. She was also squirming left right
and centre because of the tongue flicking on her pussy and clit.

"I think now I need to clean your face, it looks very sticky and
gooey." With that he changed position so that his long thick fat
black cock shining with my wife's saliva dangled dangerously close to the winking
entrance of my petite wife's tight pussy.

As he bent down, ostensibly to wipe my wife's cheeks wet with her
saliva and his precum, the purple head of his black cock peeked from under
his jet black foreskin and knocked at the hole of my wife's hungry pussy. Her
pussy opened its cuntlips wide and swallowed his cock half in one
gulp. The second thrust came from the bony old man as he shoved his midriff
and plunged more than half of his smelly cock inside my wife's slick

Soon my wife was eagerly receiving his massive and urgent thrusts.
Being an old man, and his cock being teased by my wife's expert mouth
and now pussy muscles, he could not hold on to his nuts for too long and
erupted inside my wife's fertile pussy like a sl**ping volcano.
White seed seeped out of my wife's pussy canal even though it was jammed packed
with his blue black meat. The white load matted her cunt hair and splashed
around towards her ass slowly. The old man collapsed on top of my
wife in a heap of bones. His crinkly grey hair tickling my chin. I bent and
saw that his thick black lips were still nibbling on my wife's pink
lips. And that her pink tongue was snaking inside his toothless mouth.

Aroused beyond any expectation, I slowly pulled myself out from
under my wife's head. I moved about and bent down to witness the union of
that old black meat and my wife's pink pussy tunnel. The sight was cock-
burstingly erotic.

The black on pale skin gave such a bright contrast that my cock
exploded inside my pants without my touching it.

He said to her "This anklet you now wear means you are a hot-wife. Ready to go anywhere. anytime. You are not to take it off"... Continue»
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Tales from St.Vincents;Sharon and the Mobile Phone

For Sharon somethings never changed,her schooldays were long in the past.At school she was punished for anything it seemed,usually she would receive the cane for not doing her work,or talking.At thirty-nine she found herself in the same position as she had when attending St.Vincents as a schoolgirl,she was again sitting outside Reverand Mother Gertrude's private study waiting to receive what had now become known amongst the numerous women who attended for punishment as the Discipline.
Sharon was a woman who enjoyed her nights out,she could be loud and indeed had lost friends because she was prone to gossip behind their backs.Sharon was not above telling the nuns at St.Vincents about the behaviour of other women,getting them into trouble.Sharon fished in her hand bag for her mobile phone,somewhere nearby she heard a nun telling off a woman.She checked her messages on her phone and sent a few texts;one to her s****r which read;"Hi.girl,Sitting outside the nuns room,will tell you what happened,S".
Sharon heard the Reverand Mother moving towards her door so she quickly put her phone into her bag and pretended that she was up to nothing.The door opened."Come inside,woman",Reverand Mother said.Sharon stood up and followed the old nun into her room.
Reverand Mother sat behind her table and glared at Sharon."Now,Sharon this is the third time this month that you have had to come before me.Some women will never learn," Reverand Mother said."I have heard that you were kissing and covorting in public and someone has made it known to me that you were d***k and involved in a fight with another girl,is this true"?
Sharon was in shock,it seemed that someone else was also a snitch for the Reverand Mother,who could it be?Sharon was about to deny it but she thought best."Yes,Reverand Mother,I am sorry,"Sharon said suddenly aware that a third time in front of Reverand Mother meant a bare bottom punishment.
"Just as well you did not deny it Sharon,I have the name of the other woman involved",the old nun looked down at some written notes in front of her through her roundy spectles;" ah,yes here it is the other woman is Caroline,she has an appointment with me this afternoon,"Reverand Mother said with a smile,taking off her spectles.
"Now,Sharon you know what a third visit involves?"Reverand Mother said barely able to contain the excitement in her voice.
"Yes,Reverand Mother",Sharon said quietly,and bowed her head.
"Come now Sharon, you would not come here if you did not desire and deserve to be punished,like so many other women",Reverand Mother reminded."I think I will use a leather paddle on you,Sharon,and you can think about how common and course your behaviour is while I am beating you,bare your bottom and bend over the table,"Reverand Mother said,clearly excited.
Sharon placed her hand bag on a chair and approached the table,she unbuttoned her jeans and left them slide down her legs Reverand Mother smiled her satisfaction and stood up and walked over to another table where she opened a drawer a took out a leather paddle.Reverand Mother turned with the paddle in her hands just in time to see Sharon pull down her white knickers and bend over the table."Take your jeans off completely,woman",Reverand Mother ordered.Sharon obeyed.
Reverand Mother approached Sharon and placed the paddle on the woman's bottom.Sharon felt a shiver as the cold leather came in contact with her bottom.Sharon thought how much this was going to hurt,she bit her bottom lip and stared straight ahead,attempting to show some defiance.Reverand Mother raised up the paddle and brought it down with one hard slap onto Sharon's bottom.Sharon felt instant warmth spread across her bottom,she cried out softly.Again the paddle came down,Reverand Mother was enjoying the view of Sharon's bottom quivering after the slap.Again and again the paddle was brought down,Sharon began to cry out a bit louder.Reverand Mother stopped and used her hand to rub Sharon's bottom before recommencing the Discipline.Sharon closed her eyes and cried out at each slap.Who told the Reverand Mother about the fight,she thought;she could have denied it but the Reverand Mother knew all the facts.
The sound of the paddle being applied across Sharon's bare bottom was filling the room.Suddenly the sound of the slapping was taken over by the team music from'Sex in the City'.Sharon quickly straightened up,Reverand Mother had ceased the paddling and was looking very angrily in the direction of Sharon's handbag.Sharon's ring tone filled the room."How dare you be so insolent,Sharon,turn that racket off at once,you naughty girl",Reverand Mother said.
Sharon rushed to her hand bag,fished inside and pulled the mobile phone out.She glanced at Reverand Mother who was standing by her table stroking the blade of the paddle.Sharon looked at who was ringing,it was her friend Denise.
Sharon thought it wise not answer,she just switched the phone off and replaced it in her bag.She looked at the Reverand Mother,"Sorry,Reverand Mother,"Sharon said as she quickly retook her position over the table.
"You,naughty woman,you know that these things are forbidden in St.Vincents,"Reverand Mother said placing the paddle back on Sharon's bottom and recommencing the paddling,this time with more f***e.Stroke after stroke rained down on Sharon's bottom.Her bum was really sore now.After quite a few more slaps with the paddle,Reverand Mother sat down and ordered Sharon to bend over her knee.Sharon bent over the old nun's knee and the Reverand Mother spanked Sharon with her hand for what seemed to Sharon an age.
Eventually the Reverand Mother told Sharon she could get dressed but as well as being punished Sharon would have to do penance by standing in the corridor outside Reverand Mother's study,facing the wall until the Reverand Mother told her she could leave.Sharon quickly dressed and outside the Reverand Mother's room she stood facing the wall for two hours.The worst thing about doing this kind of penance was that any nun who passed was allowed to issue a slap to the naughty woman.Sharon received many slaps.She regretted her fighting;she wished she knew who had supplied the Reverand Mother with information about what had happen;but most of all she sorely regretted not switching off her moble phone. ... Continue»
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After being laid off from my lucrative job as a wealth manager, I had no luck getting another job. As weeks turned into months, I lost all hope and aspirations. Finally thanks to my wife, I found a job as security supervisor for the building she works in. She also works in a bank but was lucky to have her job despite the recession. The building is actually 50-storyes and I had a nice cosy office in the basement just below the control room on the first level. All the CCtvs monitors were installed in the control room and I had a master screen which allowed me to flick to any CCTV camera feed at the flick of a remote control.

Three months into the job, late one evening I was getting horny. I was on the night shift that week and there was no way I would have got any pussy at home. So when I flicked to inside one of the elevators, I saw my beautiful wife getting in at the 49th floor where she works. I stopped the screen at that feed and enjoyed watching my wife without her knowledge as she massaged her sexy bare shoulder over her dress. Then she adjusted her breast without any inhibition as she was alone in the elevator. Then at the 43th floor, the elevator stopped and a tall black man entered. He was really menacing even though he was wearing an expensive striped suit. Standing next to him, my wife looked like a small girl. They greeted and my wife gave a curt response. I saw my wife?s reaction at his entry. She was definitely not pleased. The bitch is a bit snobbish at times. I really don?t like any racist behaviour and this is one thing my wife just can?t get ? all of us are really same no matter what colour we are born with. Anyway, the elevator stopped again at the 40th floor and the old black janitor got in, having finished his job for the day getting ready to go home. He pulled the cleaning trolley in possible to ?deposit? back in the Facilities office on the 1st floor. While doing so, he accidentally brushed against my wife and I could see the hatred in her eyes. My head flared. Who did she think she was?

Things got really bad when on the 30th floor, another man entered the elevator. Unfortunately for my wife, it happened to be another black man ? who, I think; I had seen sign himself in as the recycle paper collector. The elevator was big and by no means crowded although the janitor?s trolley occupied a lot of space but I was getting furious with my wife?s bad behaviour. She was sniffing around as if there was a bad smell and I could see that the three black men noticed that. But being polite they stayed quiet. The bad behaviour hit the ceiling of my tolerance when my wife pulled out her pink perfumed handkerchief and clasped it on her small nose. Fuck! I was ashamed to say that this was my wife.

The elevator was at the 25th level now when the idea hit me like a bright bulb. Maybe if I made her suffer a little in the elevator, surrounded by three black men she didn?t like, she would understand that we are all same ? humans. So I called my only other colleague Aziz, a Pakistani, to shut the power to the 6A elevator ? the one my wife was in. When he quizzed me I told him that I would explain and rushed up to the control room to join him. He had followed my orders and switched power off for the elevator. He looked at me quizzically but I shared with him about my wife?s bad behaviour. I told him how embarrassing it was for me. Aziz and I had been in the same boat as we were both laid off so we had become very close since we joined and he and I had the same sort of attitude especially when racism was concerned. So he became agitated. ?How can you tolerate this?? he said and supported me in my decision to teach my racist wife a lesson.

Anyway there were not many people in the building so we could just wait and wait. The reason why I had asked Aziz to switch the power off to the elevator as opposed to just stopping it midway was simple ? because with power switched off, no one could even press the alarm button. This mode was for emergencies only when there was a danger of the elevator breaking down completely. There was an emergency light but I asked Aziz to not switch it on immediately. Then we just sat and watched.

After five minutes or so Aziz switched the emergency light on and I saw my wife shrinking away in one corner, her nose still covered with the handkerchief. The tall suited man was trying all the buttons but of course nothing would work. He was very annoyed. The janitor had sat down on the floor and the recycling man was trying his mobile ? little did he know that our elevators have no mobile network reception. Aziz and I looked at each other and laughed. Ten minutes passed and nothing untoward happened except that my wife slowly sat down ? slithered down is more appropriate. The recycling man pulled out a cigarette and lit it up, despite my wife?s protests. ?Well, at the most,? he reasoned, ?the smoke alarm will sound and people will for our help.? Ha.. Little did he know that the smoke alarm went bust last week. My wife was coughing and wheezing and so he stubbed the cigarette just after a few puffs otherwise I would have to get them down immediately.

Fifteen minutes and it was getting a bit boring. I was about to tell Aziz to switch on the power when the janitor said, ?I need to pee badly. I have a weak bladder and if I don?t pee now, it will leak.? The tall black gent said emotionlessly, ?Go ahead and pee.? I saw him and the recycling man look at each other and then at my wife and they grinned evilly. My wife protested again, ?Come on, have some shame. You can?t possible pee in front of me. I would be darned if I have to see a black man pee in front of me.? The tall gent leaned towards her and said softly, ?Just remember sweetheart, if we don?t get rescued, soon you will want to pee too but we will not be darned to see you pee in front of us.? Then he looked up to the recycling man and laughed lewdly. I laughed too, ?Serves the bitch right.? Aziz looked at me quizzically and then joined in.

The old man peeled out a transparent plastic bag and turned to one side to pee as discreetly as possible. The recycling man moved away from the corner to avoid him and bumped into my furious wife. She pulled away from him and that only ended up in her being in the corner directly opposite the janitor. The two black men laughed at the predicament and the janitor asked her to hold the plastic bag while he unzipped his overall. ?No way,? she retorted. The black gent told her, rather ordered her firmly, ?Hold the plastic bag now.? She looked up at him and I was delighted to see that she was afraid. She held the plastic bag while the old janitor unzipped and somehow pulled out his black old dong. He was trying to hide it but it was so bl**dy big that there was no way she couldn?t have seen his fat black cock. The tall black gent leaned forward and told her again very firmly, ?How can you expect him to hold such a heavy dick with one hand and hold the bag with another, so sweetie, hold it while he pees in.?

My wife looked flabbergasted and disgusted and refused to do so. The recycling man, giggling a little, walked towards my wife and standing just next to her, his big black paw like hand on her bare white shoulder, pushed her down, ?Here my white lady, let me help you. I saw you clamping your nose shut because of us dirty black men, right? So it?s only right that you sit close to the old man, smelly crotch and smell his piss up front. Right b*o?? and then he looked at the tall gent, who smiled and nodded. ?Yeah, she?s been acting up since I got in too. Thinks we are all too low for her. White trash!?

My wife looked offended but the look changed to uncertainty of her circumstances and she sat down on her knees, her eyes tearing up as she held the plastic bag in front of her for the old black man to piss. She turned her head away shutting her eyes but the black gent admonished her, ?Hey, look up. I don?t want no single drop of his piss falling down on the floor. You got it??

I was surprised and pleased to hear a very meek, ?Yes? from my wife. The old black geezer sort of put his huge limp cock inside the plastic bag, pleased with the pretty white wife sitting down staring at his mammoth old cock at eye level. Slowly he started pissing yellow stream inside. The speakers in our control room were getting a crystal clear sound. I noticed, Aziz shifting in his chair restlessly and groping his cock discreetly and then it dawned on me that hey, this was my wife. I wanted to teach her a lesson but didn?t want her to be so humiliated. So I asked Aziz to start the elevator. He looked at me and switched the power on pronto. This made the old man?s cock jerk wildly and it hit my wife in her mouth leaving a stream of his yellow urine on her pouting lips. The bag full of piss fell out of her hands and all over her. Oh fuck what had I gotten her into.

Aziz switched the power off again. When I asked why he said, ?Well, can?t you see your wife is in a bad condition. Can you imagine how bad she would feel to come out like this?? I could almost see his logic but how could stopping the elevator again help? We were discussing all this when we heard the unmistakable sound of pissing. As we turned, we saw all three men facing my wife and pissing straight on her. I was speechless and watched with my mouth hung open as three magnificent but ugly cocks splattered yellow tangy urine all over my pretty racist wife down on her knees.

Aziz broke the silence, ?Fuck, man what a hot site.. Hey, your wife?s hot, see you can see her nipples are hard with all that black men?s piss.? I looked and realized that indeed, her white dress had become transparent with all the piss and you could see her pert nipples standing at attention. I told Aziz to switch the power on immediately but he pushed me away f***efully and said, ?Just let me see how does your wife react to. Okay? Five more minutes and we pull it down.? I didn?t say yes, but knew that he would not do as told now. And I was getting curious too as to how she would react.

We had spent two minutes talking this out and when we turned to the screen, I heard Aziz?s horny moan, and I knew why. The recycling man was rubbing the uncut tip of his turgid cock all over my wife?s pursed red lips. We could see her nostrils flaring as if she was inhaling the smells of that musky cock. Suddenly, I knew she would suck them all. I was sad, excited, horny, dejected ? all at same time as I saw her shut her eyes and open her mouth to let the recycling man slide his pulsating and heavily veined black cock in her white mouth. Aziz sighed and rubbed his bulging cock as the recycling man pushed inch after inch of his shiny black cock in my wife?s mouth. I should have seen it coming but I was still horrified to hear Aziz say, ?Wish I was there fucking your wife?s mouth and cunt with my Paki cock.? I remained silent even as my cock became hardest it has ever been.

Voluntarily, my wife?s manicured hands reached up and grabbed the hairy black balls attached to the 9-inch cock fucking her mouth.. I saw she was sucking the black cock like it was her last meal. And she looked like an empty soul for a second or two when the tall black gent pulled the recycling man away and presented his own cock to her. He didn?t push it in or anything but waited as a precious drop of gooey precum dangled from the wrinkled tip of horsecock. My wife looked up hungrily and licked the drop gently and slowly started sucking his cock earnestly. I had resigned myself to the fact that my wife was now officially a black cock sucking wife ? so far something I had only read in porno stories on interracial sites. But there was more to come.

She didn?t even flinch as the recycling man lifted her (her mouth remained firmly attached to the tall black gent?s purple cock throughout) bottom so that now she was in a kangaroo position. He walked behind her and pulled her dress up. Aziz licked his lips as we saw her panty covered meaty pink pussy. Recycling man pulled her panty to one side and rubbed his turgid black meat up and down her visibly very wet hairy pussy. And then he pushed inside. I was shocked to see how easily his man meat slid in stretching her pussy wide. He fucked her slowly as if recycling her eggs to babies...and occasionally she let the tall black gent?s mammoth cock out of her mouth to groan in pain and pleasure. As the recycling man increased his pace, I knew my wife was going to get a cunt enema from his plentiful and strong potent black sperm. The idea was not exciting but my cock jerked nonetheless and Aziz, no longer under any pretension, pulled out his Paki cock ? cut and standing out like a royal soldier. Slowly he started masturbating himself but my eyes were glued to the screen when the recycling man had just finished blasting his baby-making seed inside my wife?s fertile pussy. As he pulled out his never-ending black cock a never ending stream of his thick creamy baby-batter flooded out too.

The janitor smiled at the recycling man and asked for his turn. I thought my wife would scoff at the idea of the old & smelly black janitor fucking her in the raw, but she opened her legs a little more for him as he positioned his fat black uncut cock at her love tunnel and plunged in easily aided by the thick cream already there. He fucked her just for a few minutes and just when he was cumming, the tall black gent pulled out his massive cock and splattered my pretty wife?s face with his black cum. She had gone crazy and was scooping the thick yogurt like cum with her fingers and eating it rather than slurping it.

Once he was done, the tall black gent slapped her face with his deflated but still heavy black uncut cock. She enjoyed it and nibbled on the loose wrinkled foreskin a little. They looked at each other and smiled. ?You look perfect with fat black cock in your white trash mouth,? he said, slapping her cheek with his black paw, ?Anyway, I am Lucas and here?s my card. I am still not finished with you,? he said, slapping her ass, ?So call me tomorrow at lunch time and I will give you a very nutritious and protein-full appetizer of black cum.?

Just then the elevator started moving. Aziz, having switched the power on, had rushed off. Probably to relieve himself in the toilet I thought, but as I followed the elevator to the 1st floor screen, I saw Aziz, waiting with his cock dangling out. As the elevator stopped the recycling man and the janitor rushed out. Lucas, who was stuffing his thick and long limp cock back in his pants, smiled at Aziz, ?I reckon you saw everything. The bitch is yours.? And he walked away.

Aziz went inside the lift and pressed the express button to the top floor and before they reached back he had blasted his Pakistani sperm deep inside my wife?s over flooded cunt.

And I? Well I just thought about whether to get used to this kind of a lifestyle or to leave my wife. Considering she was not a racist anymore, I decided to stay on.

The end.
... Continue»
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Hindu wife and cuckold

self, I'm vinod and my wife urmila and I have been married for 10 years. We have two wonderful c***dren both girls, age 5 and 7. We married soon out of high school. My wife urmila has worked for a marketing firm for seven years and has worked her way to a good position making good money. urmila is 5' 3" tall with long red hair, firm 36C breasts, a tiny waist, nice round ass and long slim legs. I love to see her dress in 5" spike heels, her legs are fantastic and after having two k**s, urmila works out and has retained her figure. She is a knockout when we go out, I love to see her wear a push-up bra and show some cleavage. I would like to say we have an almost perfect marriage. I would like to think we have a good sex life together. urmila knows of my perversions and we love to play out our fantasy's. Mainly I have this fantasy of becoming a cuckold and one night I told urmila of my fantasy.

I told urmila I get turned on with the thought of her cuckolding me and taking a lover and making me watch as she fucks another man. urmila just laughed and played along that night thinking it was just a simple fantasy of mine. She would grab me by the cock and balls and ask me, "So, you want me to take control of your little cock. What if I say your not going to have sex with me tonight. What if I find a man to take as a lover and make you watch us." She would just giggle and we would end up having the greatest sex.

urmila is pretty open minded when it comes to our sex life. I had seen one of these chastity tubes on the Internet one day and decided to order one. It has a metal tub that you have to slip your cock through with another ring that straps around your balls and a lock is put in place. Let me tell you, I really got turned on the first time urmila put it on me. One thing for sure, I cannot even stroke my cock when I'm wearing the thing. urmila put it one me one morning and teased me all day before taking it off late that night when we fucked. urmila kept teasing me that she was going to leave it on and find a lover.

The k**s were at there Grandmothers that weekend and urmila decided to wear a mini dress around the house with no panty's and spike heels. The dress was low cut and the cleavage drove me crazy. urmila kept rubbing my cock and I couldn't even get hard wearing this thing. She even bent down and licked my balls only to laugh and ask me how horny I was getting. I had wished that weekend would never end.

That Monday when urmila came home from work she mentioned that they had hired a new guy that was going to be her boss. She was a little worried because she knows that they were making changes in the company. By Friday things were looking a little better when urmila came home from work. urmila came in singing and she had some flowers." Look vinod, my new boss bought some flowers for me today." She went into the kitchen to put them into a vase.

"Oh, vinod, can you fix dinner for the girls tonight? My boss would like to take me and a couple of the other girls out to dinner tonight". What could I say, "sure no problem". urmila had changed into a dress with a jacket, she looked conservative but stunning. She wanted to make a good impression on her new boss.

"Oh, what is his name anyway?" urmila told me his name is akram pathan, a very tall man, seems nice. Wants to go over some changes with some of the girls she told me. urmila returned home, I think it was no later than 9 and said she had a nice time and a great dinner. Mr. pathan was so charming and I knew urmila was trying to get in good with this man. She has spent a long time getting the position she has and wants to protect it.

Everything went well and the following Friday urmila asked me to cook for the girls again. Mr. pathan wanted to take her out to dinner again. I don't think there was a mention of other girls this time. Before I could ask, urmila was on her way out the door in a hurry. She was running a little late. I did notice she had on a green dress this time a bit less conservative than she put on last week for her dinner date. Three more weeks had gone by and each Friday urmila went out for dinner with her boss, Mr. pathan.

That Friday urmila had come in around 11:30 the girls were in bed and I was watching TV on the sofa when urmila came in and kissed me. She looked tired and was about to say something when the phone rang. urmila jumped up and answered it." Hi akram, I'm fine, just got home."

urmila had walked into the kitchen talking on the phone and I couldn't hear what was being said. I did hear her giggle and say thank you. When I walked into the kitchen, urmila was just hanging up. "akram was just calling to make sure I got home safe." I thought to myself, akram, what happened to Mr. pathan?

Anyway, nothing else was said and that night we had wild sex. urmila was extra wet that night and kept bringing up the role playing fantasy. Honey, do you want me to take up a lover and make you a cuckold. Kissing me running her tongue deep inside my mouth and rubbing my balls with her long fingers. urmila has slipped down slowly kissing her way down my belly until she licked the head of my 5" cock head. She looked up at me with her beautiful green eyes and smiled and said I think I'll put you in your little cage tonight, what do you think? My pre-cum was leaking already but I knew she wanted to play. She reached over in the drawer and took out the chastity tube, taking her time and sliding my cock in place, folding the clap around my balls and putting the lock in place. She laughed and pushed herself on top of me sliding herself forward until her mound was only a couple inches from my face. I want you to lick me vinod, get me nice and wet for my lover. She moved forward until her pussy was in my face and started to move and rotate her pussy against my mouth. " That's it, lick me, get me nice and hot for my lover vinod. Isn't that what you want to hear vinod? Do you want me to take a lover and bring him home and make you watch as he fucks me while your wearing your cock tube? Tell me what you want honey," as she kept moving herself around on my tongue. I just looked up at her as she kept moving herself faster and rotating her ass around on my face.

She was about to cum when the phone rang. urmila got off and answered the phone. "Oh hi," I could hear her giggle and mention we were busy but it was OK. urmila walked into the bathroom and closed the door and I couldn't hear what was being said. About five minutes later urmila came back into the bedroom and I asked her who it was and she said, oh just akram. "He wants me to go to dinner tomorrow night." I asked her what she told him. "I told him fine and that you wouldn't mind staying home with the girls and making dinner." Well, I guess I didn't mind, after all my wife had to please the boss.

Saturday night came and I heard urmila taking her shower, I had noticed she had some clothes laid out on the bed. I noticed she had a black skirt very short I might ad, a white blouse with buttons all the way down. It was a blouse she had bought a couple weeks before and was low cut. A matching half bra in black with matching panty's. On the floor was a pair of black 5" spike heels shoes. When urmila finally finished her shower and came into the room giving me a kiss as she passed by. I could smell her perfume had already been applied. She smelled good enough to eat. As she dressed and combed her hair I watched every move. urmila seemed to be in a good mode. She finally walked over to me once she was dressed and turned around.

"How do I look my little cuckold husband?" I was kind of stunned when she said that even though we spent so many nights with our little fantasy. Right now I was thinking of her going out dressed in this sexy outfit with her boss and she calls me a cuckold husband. urmila walked over to me and wrapped her arms around me and kissed me." Are you horny?" urmila said, urmila reached down to give my cock and balls a little squeeze. "Have fun with the girls tonight!"

I had told her that we planned to go out to a movie after dinner and I would see her later tonight. urmila walked out the door giving me a sexy smile.

I got home around 10:30 with the girls and they were tired. I didn't see urmila's car and the house was dark. It made me wonder about urmila's boss akram pathan. All she told me about him was he was single, 6' 6" tall and very handsome. I was laying in bed watching the clock wondering where this pathan guy could be keeping my wife out to 12:00 midnight when I heard her car pull into the driveway.

urmila walked into the bedroom, she had already slipped off her heels and unbuttoned her blouse. She walked over to the bed and gave me a kiss. I missed you, me too. How was your dinner with Mr. pathan? Everything was fine, we had dinner than we went dancing at this club. I'm really tired. As urmila took off her clothes I noticed a wet stain at the crotch of her panty's. I waited for urmila to go into the bathroom and picked up the panty's and smelled. I could smell her scent with perfume. Something must have made her horny tonight, these panty's were soaked throughout the crotch area. I carefully put them down where urmila had put them and waited for her to come to bed. As urmila got into bed she put her arm around me."Are you still horny my little cuckold husband" and kissed me deep. I pulled her close to me, "I love you urmila." I love you too vinod, urmila said. She must have had a stressful night because she was sound asl**p within a couple minutes.

As the next two weeks went by, urmila had gone to dinner with her boss akram pathan both Fridays. Needless to say she had wore something sexy each time she went out. Today was Saturday, urmila was doing something in the kitchen when the phone rang.

"vinod, can you get it!" I walked over to answer the phone. "Hello!" The voice on the other side said, is urmila there in a very deep husky voice. "May I ask who is calling please?" The voice on the other end said, "this is Mr. akram pathan." When urmila came in I told her who it was and handed the phone over to her. "Hi akram," she was laughing and calling him sweet. "Oh, I'd be happy to...what time? Fine, I'll be ready........Good-bye!"

"Honey, I have a date with akram tonight at 7 would you be a good husband and watch the girls and maybe take them miniature golfing or something?" A date with akram.....I was trembling...sort of in shock the way she said date. urmila smiled at me and put her arms around me and kissed me.

"Don't worry, I love you..." slowly lowing her hands on my waist and reaching around to cup my ass in her hands. She looked me straight in the eye's and said. "Would you like me to cuckold you? Bring my date akram home so the neighbors can see us together?" She was giggling as she looked at me. Would you like that vinod? My darling cuckold husband and kissed me again. I knew she was teasing me but what I didn't know was if she was playing our little fantasy game or was this something else.

"Honey, I have to start getting ready, I'm going to take a bubble bath and get my clothes ready." urmila went into the bedroom and laid her clothes out for her date. I was still in shock at the word date. Once urmila got into the tub, I figured I'd go in and see what she planned to wear tonight. It was hot out and she had just bought a new dress this week. It was a white mini dress. The material was so thin you could see right through it. I noticed a white thong, a white bra that was so shear you could see right through it. She had also picked a white pair of heels. She was going to look hot tonight. I wondered what her and this akram had planned for the night.

I didn't have much time, I had to make sure the girls were ready so we could go out and have pizza and maybe do some mini golf. I went back into the bedroom and urmila was just pulling up her thong when I noticed......her pussy was shaved bald! I mean it was bare I could see her slit. urmila had also gone out and had her navel pierced the other day. When she slipped the dress over her head she gently pulled it down over her hips and did a little wiggle. She pulled the thin straps in place and pulled the dress down a little more so her full breasts were cupped nicely in the dress. The bra was very thin and half cut which showed lots of cleavage and I would guess 70 percent of her tits. The dress was so short that if urmila bent over you could see everything. I could even see her nipples through the dress and make out the thong. She looked and smelled hot!

I couldn't stay around any longer, I had to take the girls. I went over and told urmila I'd see her later and she told me not to wait up. I couldn't believe what I was hearing from my wife. She gave me a kiss as I hurried out of the room.

It was a long night with the girls as I kept thinking about my wife urmila out with this guy akram. I wondered what exactly he had in mind besides office work. I got back home around 10:30 and noticed urmila's car was in the driveway. I was thinking she must have cut her date short and was home waiting for me already. I hurried in and got the girls tucked in bed and went to our room but it was dark and no urmila. This guy akram must have picked her up. I had thought about what she had said about the neighbors seeing her with another man. Especially dressed the way urmila went out of here tonight. I had mixed feelings about everything. My wife was not home yet and she had gone out dressed to kill. I also thought about her shaved pussy. Why would she go through all the trouble? Maybe to make me sweat a little. After all we had been fantasizing about her making me a cuckold and maybe this was part of the little game. At least I kept telling myself that, but I was also worried. I also kept getting hard thinking about urmila out with this akram. I sure would have liked to get a look at him and see what all the fuss was about. I was trying to picture him in my head. She said he was tall and he had a deep husky voice. Was he tall and skinny? What color was his hair? Maybe even gray! I laughed but I still had butterflies in my stomach.

It was approaching 2:30 when I herd a car pull into the driveway. I herd a car door and a moment later a second door closed. He must be walking her to the door. Good, maybe I can get a little glimpse of this guy. I had the lights off and with the door pushed open I could see right into the living room and the front door. The door opened, in walks urmila. urmila turns toward the door. "Come in akram." I watch as this tall shadow starts through the door. This guy had to turn to his side as he walked through the door. He must be big. I couldn't make him out because the light was dim.

urmila closed the door and walked over and turned another light on. That's when I could see akram pathan. He was a muslim man! He was very dark, I would say he was a good looking man but black! I was trembling now thinking about my wife urmila out on a date with a black man. The neighbors must have seen her leave tonight!

urmila said, "Won't you sit down akram." He walked over to the sofa and sat down. urmila followed and sat next to him. I couldn't hear what was going on, they were talking low. My legs started to buckle when I seen this huge man put his arm around my wife and pull her closer to him. She was setting right next to him. His hand was hanging over her shoulder and she reached up and took his hand in hers. I noticed her dress was hiked up and I could make out most of her beautiful legs were exposed for this man to see. I still couldn't hear what was being said, I did hear urmila giggle and say something about getting him trained. I think she was talking about me! They were looking at each other and I noticed akram had moved his left hand over to my wife's leg and was feeling her thigh. She was making no motion to move away. I couldn't believe how huge this guy was and his hands looked twice as big as mine. Suddenly when I looked again akram had his head tilted to the side and down and urmila was stretched up and kissing him. urmila practically leaped into his arms.

They kissed and then kissed again only the second kiss was a deep soul searching French kiss. My guts were racked with jealousy. She had finished off her “Hot” outfit with long dangling diamond earrings and was a luscious sight to behold. As the two lovers made out, I was treated to brief glimpses of her stocking tops as he held my sexy wife tight to his body. Their tongues finally separated and they both looked toward the bedroom with a smile. I bowed my head in shame as they both laughed. I guess they figured I'd be watching them make out. I couldn't help but have a hard-on at the same time my legs were shaking from the scene I was witnessing. Her slight moan caused me to look up at what was happening. akram was sucking on urmila's neck just below her diamond choker and was obviously trying to leave a hickey. Her head tilted back as if to give him more room to put his mark on her. She never protested at all. His arms folded around her torso. One hand went up to fondle her breast, the other snaked under the short hem of her dress.

Her eyes were screwed shut and she used her tongue to wet her sexy red lips as akram toyed with one of her hard nipples. “Oh! fuck,” she panted as akram fingered her panty-covered pussy. Her left hand held his head to her neck and she reached down with the right and pulled her black satin panty crotch to the side. She orgasm as akram worked two then three fingers into her tight married count. Just than, urmila pulled away from her lover. Something was said I couldn't make it out. urmila got up from the sofa and was on her way into the bedroom. Hi honey walking over and kissing me on the lips. She still smelled of him. I could smell her sex along with the scent of her perfume.

"Did you enjoy the little show," laughing and stroking my shoulders. "How about getting undressed for me I have a little surprise for you." I didn't understand exactly what she meant. Come on...its getting late and I don't want to wake the girls with akram out on the sofa. I unbuckled my pants and they fell to the floor as urmila did the buttons on my shirt. "Get your under pants off little cocky." I never herd her say that before. She kissed me again and said, "I'm going to make your little fantasy come to life tonight.." Walking over to the dresser and pulling out the chastity tube from the drawer.

Lay down on the bed while I put this on you. urmila slipped the tube over my cock and fitted it in place and pulling the metal strap around my balls and locking it in place. I had pre-cum leaking from my cock but urmila wasn't going to do anything about my excitement right now. "I want you to sit over in the chair while I go get akram."

I don't know how to explain how I felt right now, excited but very nervous. Here was my sexy wife telling me to sit in a chair while she brings her lover into our bedroom. Maybe she plans to tease me and akram is in on it. She must have told akram about our little fantasy we play.

urmila walked out of the room and I just sat there waiting for what was going to happen next. I could hear them coming into the room, God he was a big man. As tall as he was he had his arm around my wife cupping her breast in his hand as they walked in. urmila closed and locked the door not wanting the girls to wake up and walk in. "akram, I want you to meet my husband vinod," He reached over to shack my hand.

His hand felt like a giants hand. One of his fingers looked the size of my own cock. What a thought going through my head but that's what I was thinking at the time. I saw akram look down at my chastity tube and smile at urmila. urmila took his hand and moved him toward our bed and motioned for him to sit down facing toward me. urmila sat down on his lap putting her left arm around his neck and pulling his face toward her for a kiss. She looked like a little girl sitting there. I started rubbing my cock because I was so excited watching my wife set on this huge black man. All I could do was touch the metal sides of the tube. My cock was starting to hurt a little because the tube restricts your cock from getting a full hard-on. urmila raised her right hand and held his chin as she kissed akram. She made sure I could see her tongue running inside his mouth and his in hers. urmila started to play with the buttons on his shirt, the tie was next, sliding everything off and through them over by me. urmila stood up and got his pants down while he stepped out of them along with the shoes.
This guy was big! I mean tall and huge like a boxer or professional football player. Now, all that was left was a red pair of boxer shorts and she left those on for now. Akram reached out and helped my wife slip her dress over her head as she stepped out of her heels. She was stunning standing there in the dim light. Akram put his big hands around my wife and grabbed a hold of the bra clasp and it fell to the floor. urmila stood there in only her thong. She must have removed the panty hose in the front room. Akram just sat on the bed and pulled my wife on top of him as he laid back kissing along the way while his hands moved to cup her nice little round ass.

urmila turning toward me..."little cocky would you like to move the chair next to the bed so you can see everything," I did just that moving the chair right next to them on the bed. "vinod, I'm going to have you help me with your little wife here in a few minutes, I'll tell you when." I couldn't believe this guy was actually giving me an order to help him fuck my wife.

"Get up and move real close vinod... I want you to see every detail I'm doing to your wife." I stood up and waited for the next move. urmila got up again and pulled her lovers shorts off...MY GOD...What did this guy have between his legs! His Cock was the thickest cock I had ever seen in my life. I've watched many X-rated films before and never seen anything like it. Akram was dark, the head of his cock looked massive. I actually turned around to the door to try and get a comparison to the door knob it was that huge.

His testicles were large and I wondered how much this guy could cum. Than it hit me. urmila was not on the pill and could get pregnant. I had to warn her. I leaned over and whispered to her. urmila what about a condom? You might get... urmila answered back, don't worry cocky I went on the pill over a week ago.

urmila had been planning this for sometime, since I had a vasectomy after the two girls, we figured there was no reason for her to stay on the pills any longer. urmila moved back up over Akram and grabbed his cock with both of her hands. She had both hands cupped around its base and smiled back at me as she lowered her head to lick the head into her mouth. I reached out to rub my wife's ass as it swayed back and forth in front of my face.

Akram said, "I'm going to enjoy fucking that tight pussy of your wife's vinod...I'm gonna stretch her out good and let her know what a real man feels like inside. Get on your knee's vinod and stay close and watch." I did just that as urmila took his cock head inside her mouth. He was so large she couldn't get much more than the head inside and I wondered how in the world she was going to get that monster inside her. urmila kept up the work, licking the head and sides and going down and sucking on his testicles like she was eating ice cream. I couldn't help myself but to run my hand up to her crotch and found out her pussy was wet and I mean wet.

I sat back down on the chair and my wife turned her back to him. Still on my knees in front of her, she asked me for my help. "Good little husband," she teased, "I want you to hold my thong away from my pussy. I want you to guide his large cock into me as I sit down fucking his cock into my pussy, you understand little cocky." Yes, dear was all I could say. We did just as she described. She raised her ass and sat back onto his cock as I held it's large shaft. She moaned loudly as his cock penetrated her. I held his cock tight until her pussy lips came to rest on my fist and then she told me to move away so she could have to rest of his large cock.

As she bottomed out, his cock deep inside my wife's belly, urmila asked me, "is this what you want to see? see me fucking his large cock? Oh, vinod he feels so good, much better than you ever felt. He's in me deep baby, I can feel his cock head in my womb honey, I've never felt that with you."

I laughed at her comment and she laughed also. She was his now, Akram had taken my wife. Akram kept fucking her as he leaned up and took her tits in his mouth. He was leaving bit marks around her nipples. She was moving in his hands, her little ass was rotating as he kept driving his huge cock up inside my wife.

"I can feel him swelling honey, he's going to shoot his cum in me baby, what should I do? Should he pull out or just cum inside me, tell us what you want, hurry!"

I then said, "go ahead Akram, do what it is you want," like I could really stop this. "Fire it deep so that vinod have to work extra hard to suck it all out of me, I mean that's why your here isn't it." My wife spoke up, "you heard him lover, put it way up inside me." They laughed as she started her orgasm. "Now lover, cum with me," urmila kept pushing her ass down to meet his upward strokes. "Your fucking me, your fucking vinod's wife, cum in me, shoot your fuck in me." She closed her eyes and screamed through her own cum. She shook wildly as she put woman cum all over his large thrusting shaft.

I sat quietly and masturbated to the scene that was playing itself out in front of me. Akram announced his orgasm with a low moan and emptied the contents of his sperm filled ball sack deep into my sexy wife's gyrating body. Four contractions, I counted at least four contractions of his balls as he shot his cum into her wet sloppy pussy. She smiled and kissed him as all movement between them had stopped.

Slowly, she started rotating her hips and mashing her pussy against the base of his sex, extracting all of his precious sperm out of his shaft and into her womanhood. She rose up until the softening head of his cock was the only part left inside her, causing the flood of sperm to be dammed up.

"Are you ready cuckold, ready to do your part," she teased. Shaking my head yes I moved into position. As I started at her pussy lips, she shifted slightly and his cock fell free of her entrance. As soon as that happened, my mouth covered her open sex and once again I was sucking cum from my wife's pussy. Still sitting in his lap with me between their legs eating cum, she said that this was only the beginning. "I will want more of this," she said to her new lover, "I like having a cum sucking husband and a big cocked lover to please me." They then laughed as she had contracted her pussy muscles pushing a large glob of cum into my mouth causing me to choke. I knew that this would be the position that I would be in often in the future. ... Continue»
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sexy wife and maid

This story is about my sexy maid Sumitra and my wife Rittu who is 36 years of age very fair complexion with plump ripe body and big boobs and heavy hips my sexual life with Rittu was very wild and we used to fuck in all the positions as we used to see in porn films even she used to take all my cum in her mouth and on her face as the years passed on our sexual life was getting very boring as we used to do every day the same sex positions.

And even the c***dren were also growing up one day my friend introduced me to a maid Sumitra a same women with dark complexion but also big boobs like Rittu she used to work in a house taking care of a elderly person who was living alone after 8 pm she used to be free as the old man used to sl**p at 8pm.then one day I called on her mobile and told her I am coming to pick her up. I went near her house and parked my car near the bylines and within 15 mind she came walking towards my car wearing a very tight sexy saree

And a low cut cleavage blouse as she was looking like a prostitute she came and sat inside my car and i introduced myself and told her about my f****y life and she told me that she is new in this town and she was looking for a good friend who could give her company in evenings as she used to get bored after 8 pm she even told she had some friends but not who can provide her good company and good things in life. I promised her I would take care of her and then we drove to a nearby liquor shop and brought a bottle of whisky we then sipped whiskey in my car

And then slowly I started putting my hands on her thighs and she gave me a wicked smile and then my hands slowly moved towards her blouse squeezing her dark tits she also got excited and caught hold of my dick as she also needed a man to fuck her. I told her to give me a blowjob but she refused as was not used to sucking a dick. I told her that my wife sucks my dick always like a professional whore so why can’t you do it anyway i could not fuck her that day as I didn’t had any place..

After 2 days I again called Sumitra and told her that I would fuck her in my office today she came on due time wearing that same tight saree. I took her to my office where i put on the dimmed light. She came near to me and started kissing me as she was hungry for a man. I made her drink some whisky and they started taking off her saree and pooped out her sexy boobs from her blouse and started fondling her and started licking it. I then made her fully nude taking off her petticoat as she was not wearing any panty.

She had very little hair on her pussy. I wanted to suck her pussy but then I thought of the hygiene conditions I didn’t as even she was not sucking my dick either. I then made her stand behind my office table and started shoving my dick inside her pussy she moaned in pleasure and stared giving hard strokes while my hands were squeezing her tight boobs within 15 mins I came inside her and she angrily told me why I came inside as she could get pregnant. I told her don’t worry as she can have contraceptive pill which are available in market.

I then told her to get dressed up and then I dropped her at her place. I used to fuck Sumitra once in a week as she was also getting very demanding like i used to buy her new clothes even sexy bra and panty and I was giving less attention to my wife Rittu who didn’t knew about my outdoor activities one day I made a plan with Sumitra why not we do a threesome with me Sumitra and my wife Rittu.

I told Sumitra to befriend Rittu like she used to do good massage and Rittu can avail her services without me coming into the picture I also told Sumitra that I would pay her for this services I explained Sumitra everything about Rittu and about her sexual interest so on Sunday afternoon I sent my k**s to her massi place and Sumitra came ringing the doorbell Rittu opened the door and asked Sumitra what she wanted. Sumitra told Rittu the she is a good masseurs and can give good massage to ladies.

I also came to the door and saw two fucking plump ripe ladies facing each other for the first time Sumitra gave me a cunning smile and I told Rittu why not she try her services we called Sumitra inside the house and as for first time Sumitra was wearing a new saree bought by me. Rittu took Sumitra to our guest room while I was sitting in the drawing room with my dick getting hard. Rittu gave Sumitra the massage oil and took off her clothes and lied on the bed with a towel on. Sumitra slowing started massaging

Rittu thighs neck and shoulders but she was afraid to touch Rittu boobs and pussy as she thought we can get caught her hands were trembling with fear she however gave a good massage to Rittu both my whores touched each other for the first time and Rittu gave 1000 bucks to Sumitra was very happy with the money and left .in the evening I called Sumitra and asked her why she didn’t gave Rittu full body massage.She told me she was afraid but assured me next time she will oblige.

Next Sunday came and I offered Rittu a glass of vodka this day I planned that I would fuck both the whores together on the same bed so as planned Sumitra rang the doorbell and Rittu was surprised that she came without giving her any intimation .she didn’t wanted the massage as Rittu was enjoying her drinks. I told Rittu that rather she would enjoy the massage more so Rittu took Sumitra to the guest room and I told Sumitra not to lock the door this time. Rittu with the glass in her hands wearing a white towel lied on the bed Sumitra then put some oil on her legs

And started inching towards her thighs and soon her hand touched Rittu pussy and my gosh my dick became so hard Rittu did not mind Sumitra hand fondling with her pussy and soon Sumitra the away Rittu towel and started massaging Rittu boobs Rittu was also in cloud nine as she was d***k and enjoying the full massage Sumitra then put her mouth near Rittu mouths and wanted to insert her tongue inside her mouth .Rittu fully opened her mouth and she grasped Sumitra tongue inside her mouth and sucking as she was sucking my dick.

Now Sumitra took off her saree and became full nude and gosh I saw both the hot ladies one in dark complexion and one in white their oily bodies touching each other Rittu pulled Sumitra to her side and started kissing her boobs and Sumitra responded wildly as both the ladies were made for each other forgetting about me. Rittu started licking Sumitra pussy and Sumitra also started licking Rittu pussy they started rolling on the bed kissing each other wildly. Rittu told Sumitra to spread her legs and then Rittu crossed her legs with Sumitra legs

And brought her chut nears Sumitra chut first time both the chuts touched each other giving both the whores a whole world of pleasure they wildly started rubbing their chuts and kissing each other .their oily hard nipples were rubbing each other and before I thought that they cum with each other I entered the room taking Rittu by surprise she became very nervous unknowing that we have planned all this and I took off my clothes and started licking Sumitra pussy Rittu also joined in licking her pussy and in between we kissing each other.

Now my dick was fully hard and Rittu took my dick inside her mouth much to the surprise of Sumitra Rittu was licking my dick like a professional whore and in between she also started kissing Sumitra Rittu told Sumitra to suck my dick and forcibly bought my dick into Sumitra mouth Sumitra was also high and started giving me full blowjob both the whores were now licking my dick while kissing each other and throwing their licked saliva on my dick

And again taking my dick in their mouth turn by turn now I made both the ladies lied down on the bed and started inserted my dick in their pussies both the women were now getting more hornier and I could not believe I am fucking my wife and maid together Sumitra was passionately kissing Rittu deep inside her mouth and my dick was in Rittu pussy Sumitra now came on top of Rittu mouth and started rubbing her chut against Rittu mouth.

Rittu was also inserting her tongue deep inside her black chut. Now I took out my lund from rittus chut and inserted in Sumitra chut both the chuts were wet inside. My hard dick could feel their wet chuts. I started fucking Sumitra harder and harder in doggy style while Rittu was wildly kissing Sumitra. I was about to cum and then I took out my lund from Sumitra chut and made both the whores kneel down facing each other with their tongues licking each other and my dick they were begging for me to cum and suddenly

I started stroking my hard dick with my hand came on there tongues each load of my sperms on their face and tongues both the whores were now loaded with my sperms and Rittu started licking Sumitra face and tongue and both were licking each other with my sperms inside their mouth both the whores gulped my sperms in their mouth and now I was totally exhausted and lied on the sofa now it was turn of

Rittu and Sumitra to cum they lied down in 69 position and started licking each other and both of them came tougher moaning in pleasure we all three lied down in the bed and then I saw Rittu lighting a cigarette like a prostitute in a naked state and then taking Sumitra hand took her in the bathroom and both the whores started taking shower together a few months I came to know that Sumitra was secretly meeting my wife Rittu in my absence and she also introduced Rittu one driver named

Ravinder who used to fuck both of them they all used to enjoy in my absence .so my wife turned the table on me by getting fucked by the driver every other day and Sumitra and Ravindra also started bringing some clients to get Rittu fucked both the whores and the driver were making money in my absence in my house Has reading this story made you horny? ... Continue»
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My Wife and her Friend

It all started on a social network website, my wife made some friends on there. She chats with with most of them, and one day she befriend this one guy. She says he is sexy, of course I don't think so, I'm a guy. They chitchat among themselves, they both like to write stories, that's what the website was about.
I work first shift so I go to bed early and my wife would stay up late at night. She would get so horny, she would stroke my cock and then rub her pussy until she came. She masturbate almost every night. One night while she was masturbating, I got so horny myself I got on top of her and fucked her good. That was the only time her pussy felt so good.

One day being a nice husband, I went out and bought her, her very first vibrator. She refuse to use it at first. One day when I was at work I called her on my lunch and we started to have phone sex, (I was the only employee) I talked her into using the vibrator instead of her hand. She enjoyed it more, she used that until it broke. So I bought her a better vibrator that last longer, and don't run on batteries.
She is much louder when she uses that vibrator and I'm ok with that, while she masturbates so do I. She's been getting PM's from this guy she said that is "sexy" which his name is Robert. I told her she can flirt with anyone she likes, I do the same with the ladies so why can't she. I notice she is staying up little bit longer and not masturbating in bed. She has her own room for writing stories and being on the internet, its also the spare bedroom. The spare bedroom is right next to the bathroom, so one night I had to go to the bathroom. I noticed she wasn't there so I figured she was in her room typing out a story or something. I went in and pee'd and slowly open the door and peeked in see what she is doing. She was at her desk but her pants and panties were on the floor and she was masturbating and sending PM's to Robert. She had her legs open and rubbing her pussy, and that made me horny. They were Pm each other what they were doing and wish they was fucking each other, I read some of the PM's.

I decided to buy a hidden cam so I can watch her masturbate and I can masturbate along with her. I put the cam under her desk. Few days go by, nothing happen. One night she did something different. She was seating at her desk like she does and she gets a text message from Robert. She calls him up and tells him that he is a dirty perv. and she goes over and closes the bedroom door. My hidden cam has a mic on it so I could hear what she is saying and very little what Robert says. This is the first time that I know that they talked on the phone yet send text messages. My guess that he sent a pic of his dick to her, she called him a perv closed the door and got horny. She put the phone down and took off her shirt, bra, pants and panties. She was butt naked, she pick the phone back up and told him she was naked and told him to take off all his cloths. There was a minute pause and then they started to talk. She laid down on the bed she grabbed her vibrator and telling him what she's doing. She says "how big is your cock?" "Yeah baby". She tells him how wet she is and she's rubbing her tits and playing with her nipples. She tells him how much she wants his cock inside of her, want him to pound her good. Then I hear, "you want to cum inside of me baby, yeah baby oh baby, yes cum inside of me". "Oh baby oh baby oh baby, I'm cumming". She had a good orgasm, she kept the vibrator on her pussy still. She was still masturbating, I heard say "you want to cum all over my tits". She stop and put the vibrator down, I heard her say something like, your coming to town and want to meet up. She said she would think about it, and got off the phone. She pick the vibrator back up and start rubbing it. She was yelling out his name, "Oh Robert", until she came,never got so turned on.

So Robert is in town and she isn't sure if she wants to meet him or not. She told me about the PM's and the phone sex. I asked if she sent any naked pics to him, she said one, and it was one of her pussy. I was like what's the problem, you saw his cock and he saw your pussy, and I am right here. If he wants to fuck, then we have to have a three way. She just looked at me funny. She called him up and invited him over. So we sat down and chat, he heard about me and I heard about him. My wife was feeling unease with this, so I said I will be right back need to do something that might take a while. I wanted her to feel comfortable around him, so I was peeking around the corning to see if she relax a little bit. They started to chat, she finally started to warm up and relax. I had to get something but as I was leaving I heard a giggle so, that's good. When I came back and peeked back in, they were kissing, and it was heavy kissing. She was lying down on the couch and he was on top kissing her. I wanted to see where this was going to go. He went under her shirt and start touching her tit, I'm guessing his hand is on top of the bra tho. She sat up and undid her bra and took it off, and now his hand is touching her tits. Her shirt came off and she was topless, her tits there for the kissing. He laid her back down and started to kiss her tits and suck on her nipples. She enjoyed her nipples getting sucked on. Robert got up, took his pants off, he had no boxers on so he was ready. His dick was rock fucking hard. He might be about the same size as me half inch bigger maybe. Robert grabs my wife's head and put his cock in her mouth. She had sucked my cock in months and here she's sucking his cock. I can see him humping her face and she was taking ever bit of it. While he was fucking her face she was taking her pants and panties off and she got them down to her ankles she started to masturbate. Her pussy was very wet. Robert took his shirt off pulled his dick out of her mouth and went over and took her pants and panties all the off.

There both naked downstairs, I was wondering, did they forgot about me? I watch to see what happen next. My wife spread her legs open and Robert started to eat her pussy out. She moaned loud, she had to know I would heard them if I wasn't so close. As he ate her and she came on his face, he climb up, stuck his rock hard cock inside of her and started to fuck her. As he was pounding her, I walked in and ask if they are having fun. They didn't stop, they said yeah in a little orgasm way. I was thinking damn. So, I took my cloths off and had my rock hard cock in my hand stroking it. I saw him fucking her so hard and she was enjoying ever second of I went over grabbed her head and shoved it on my cock. It took her by surprise because I've never done anything like that before. So, she was moaning with my cock in mouth and getting pound very hard where the couch is making noise. Robert fucked her a good 30 minutes before he came inside of her. I went over saw the cum dripping out of her pussy, but my cock was still hard so I got on top and started to fuck her. At that point I didn't care there was another guys cum in her, I wanted to cum in there too. It felt weird, the pussy been fucked and very slippery. I started to pound that pussy like he did, make her moan. She was a little bit. So I had get on the floor doggy style. I was pounding the fuck out of that way, she was loud. Robert had to get down there and put his cock in her mouth to keep her quite. I fucked her for an hour before I came in her. I grabbed her took her upstairs and put her on the bed. She was tired, I told her we are not done with her yet. Robert laid down, I told my wife to get on top of him. So she hop on top and stared to fuck him. She was enjoying the fuck, I let them fuck like that for about 3 minutes, then I told her to lean forward. She lean forward enough for me to get on top of her. I put my cock in her pussy as well. Her pussy is so wet it went in but it still hurt her like hell. She never had two cocks in her pussy before. So we started out slow and slowly work the speed up. She moaned so loud, it made both us cum again inside of her.

Well that is my story, I hope you enjoy it. If your wondering if this happen, no. All my stories on here are made up, they never happen. Why I'm saying this here and now, don't know, but you should know. I have a very interesting mind that has stories sometimes. Thank you and have a nice day...... Continue»
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My Wife and The Elderly Neighbour

"I was in the garden this morning." my wife, Bethan revealed as I started to eat my dinner, “minding my own business with a cup of coffee and a cigarette when Frank made some very suggestive remarks towards me.”

"What did he say?" I asked curiously.

Frank was our seventy two year old neighbour and his admiration for my wife had never gone unnoticed in all the years we had known him, but I always thought of him as being harmless.

"Well, he's been chatting me up for the past few months, but I didn’t want to worry you. You know what he is like.” My wife shrugged. “But today was different to all the other days, he came on really strong and invited me into his house where he has something much bigger and tastier I can smoke.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle at my wife’s words. "You sure he's not just trying to wind you up.” I said, playing it down.

Bethan smiled too. “It’s just that he came on really strong and wouldn't let it rest. He kept his eyes on me, especially as I smoked.”
"If your genuinely concerned Ill have a quiet word with him when I see him next?" I said, trying to reassure my wife.

"No!” She replied, with a high pitch in her tone. “I don't want to make a scene.”

As my wife and I sat eating in silence I couldn’t help but imagine the two of them that morning. My wife Bethan was a beauty and I knew I was a very lucky man to have married her. I loved the way guys, young and old, would eye her up and smile. I never got jealous and she knew it.

Frank on the other hand was a bit of a stranger, despite having lived next to him for just over twelve months. When we moved into the neighbourhood he was already widowed. Apparently he lost his wife in a tragic car accident, and he often told us how Bethan reminded him of his late wife.

Straight away I knew he fancied my wife, but Bethan, the ever gullible one, created a soft spot for him, and Frank took note.

"What are you going to do the next time he approaches you?" I asked Bethan, as she finished her dinner.

"I don’t know,” she replied, rolling her eyes, “laugh it off like I’ve always done I guess.” “It's obvious what he’s referring to." She added, before lighting a cigarette.

"Is it?" I asked with a teasing smile.

"What do you mean by that?" She quickly shot back.

"Well, he's bound to have something bigger and tastier than a cigarette for you to smoke,” I mischievously suggested."

“No doubt he has,” Bethan smiled, “and he can keep it.” I'm very flattered that he finds me attractive, but that's as far as it's going to go. So get those, wife swapping, wife watching fantasies out of your head.”

The next week or so passed without incident and to be honest I hadn’t really thought too much about Frank pestering my wife. But then it happened again. It was on the Thursday morning when I had left early for work that Bethan said he was becoming more persistent. She phoned me at lunch time to say he had been on to her every time she went into the garden.

“Then it’s a good reason to quit smoking.” I giggled down the phone.
“I wasn’t smoking this time,” she angrily replied, “I was putting out the washing.”

“What did he say?” I asked, trying to sound concerned.

“He keeps making crude remarks, but he asked if I had considered his offer of smoking something of his.”

“Look, I don't mind having a few words with him if he's becoming a pest.” I said, seriously.

“No, it'll be okay,” she sighed down the phone, “I’m sure he'll get the message eventually.”

“Hmm, maybe you should call his bluff?” I suggested, trying to hide my arousal.

“What!” Bethan exclaimed. “Go along with his offer? Are you mad?”

“I wouldn't be surprised to learn that if you agreed to see his offer he'd run a mile.” I said, hoping to calm her down. “Men are sometimes like that, all words and no action.”

“And what if he doesn’t back down, Mike. What then?” She asked.

“He will back down, but if he doesn’t then walk away.” I said.

“Easier said than done, Mike.”

“It's probably a load of old banter and harmless flirtation.” I said. “So don't worry too much about it."

I could sense that my wife wasn’t convinced as we said our goodbyes and hung up the phone.

As I sank back in my office chair I remembered what Bethan had put on that morning. The day started off a warm one, but by mid-afternoon it was quite hot. She was wearing an old pair of denim shorts, very short actually, and I didn’t remember her putting on a bra as she pulled a tight fitting training t-shirt over her head. My wife’s firm 32C bust did look very inviting as the thin fabric hugged her gorgeous body. No wonder Frank was upping his game.

I was a little more excited than normal driving home from work that evening. Deep down I knew nothing would have happened, but the dirty devil inside me hoped that at least something exciting had happened. Even if Bethan was put in an awkward position, that would be enough to get my juices bubbling.

I pulled up onto the drive and noticed Frank loading the boot of his car with several sports bags.

“Going away for the weekend, Frank?” I asked, locking my car.

“Yes, Mike,” he smiled rather smugly, “I’ve not seen the c***dren or grand-c***dren for a while, so staying with my daughter for the weekend.”

“Well, have a safe trip.” I said, before waving him off.

I entered the house to find Bethan sat at the kitchen table anxiously smoking a cigarette.

“Is everything okay, Beth?” I asked concerned. “Since when did we start smoking inside the house?” I added cautiously.

“Since I took your fucking advice!” She spat.

“Hold on a minute,” I replied, now slightly agitated, “what’s happened?”
My wife’s reply was brief and uttered in a shaky fearful voice. “He had me!”

I wanted to console her as she began to sob but I didn’t understand what she meant. Or rather it wasn’t registering in my brain.

“What do you mean?” I demanded, taking a couple of steps towards her. “What do you mean, he had you?” I asked again, my own voice now shaky.

I joined my wife at the table and sat opposite her as she lit another cigarette. I waited patiently until she found the courage to tell me what had happened. I could see the expression of guilt all over her face as she inhaled a thick cloud of smoke. Once she exhaled calmly she took a deep breath of air before speaking.

“I decided that the next time Frank pestered me I would challenge him, as you said to do.” Bethan said, looking at me. Her words had an air of passing the blame about them.

“Ok, go on.” I acknowledged, lighting my own cigarette for calm.

“I was sat on the wall just minding my own business, in fact I even took a magazine with me so not to give him my attention,” She said, suddenly diverting from what she originally started to say.

“Anyway, as usual, he came to the fence and started with his remarks ...”

“What were you wearing, Beth?” I asked, trying to hide my sudden excitement. I could see she had changed; she was now wearing a casual red dress.

“What has that got to do with anything, Mike?” she asked, annoyed by my interruption.

“I’m curious, that’s all.” I shrugged.

Bethan stared at me for a few moments, unimpressed by my question.

I changed into a pair of jogging bottoms before I went into the garden, last thing I wanted to do was encourage him.” She said.

“And you’re t-shirt?” I asked, “Didn’t notice you putting on a bra this morning.”

“What are you implying, Mike?” She asked through dangerous eyes.

“I’m just asking.” I said, holding my hands up in the air, as if protesting my innocence.

“Yes, I was still wearing that top with no bra!” She angrily shot back.

My cock instantly stiffened in my pants. The thought of my wife showing off her body so innocently to an old guy, our neighbour, had me going rather quickly.

“Now we have established my attire, can I continue?” she said, sarcastically.

I noticed my line of questioning had riled her. What started off as being a guilty story, had quickly turned into one that was my fault. I didn’t mind, I was just desperate to find out what had happened.

“Frank asked, yet again, if I had thought about his offer. I told him I was a married woman and he shouldn’t be speaking to me this way.”

“What did he say to that?” I asked.

“He just laughed and said the least I could do was to see it before I make a decision. I couldn’t help but laugh at him; I mean he was so upfront.”

Beth and I laughed for a few moments before she placed a hand over her mouth and started to sob.

“Hey, hey,” I quickly said, reaching out to hold her other hand. “It’s ok, do you hear me? What ever happened I’m here for you. I promise.”

“I then challenged him, like you said to do,” she said, again passing the blame to me.

“Yes, I know and it’s fine, honestly.” I told her.

“My heart sunk when he jumped from the fence and opened his gate. You should have seen him, Mike. He was so excited; I should have backed down right there and then.”

Bethan started to shake, I wanted to be the loving husband and hold her, tell her to stop its ok, tell me another time, but I couldn’t. Instead I rubbed my swollen cock through my pants and urged her to go on.

“I thought no, I must be strong and put a stop to this once and for all.” She replied, taking a deep breath. “So I followed him into his house. Once we were inside his lounge he turned to face me with his flies open and his cock out, fully erect.”

“Fucking hell, Beth!” I gasped. “What did you do?”

“I froze,” she replied, “I’m so sorry, Mike but I froze. He was huge.” Beth again began to sob.

“Let me pour us a glass of wine each, I think we both need a drink.” I said, getting up from the table.

“Thanks, Mike,” she said, taking the glass from my hand before gulping half of it down.

“Slow down.” I chuckled, bringing a little light to the situation.

“Like I was saying, he was big, Mike, sorry to rub it in but he was. I just stood staring at it. I wasn’t aroused or anything like that, I was just shocked I guess.” She said, justifying her response.

“Just how big are we talking exactly?” I desperately quizzed as my cock began stirring once more.

“Porn star big,” she replied.

We both laughed again before she went on.

“Anyway, he stepped towards me ... and ...” Beth paused for a moment and composed herself. “he took my hand and pressed it against his cock. I don’t know why or how it happened but I instinctively opened my hand and wrapped it around his cock.”

“How did you feel?” I asked, fighting off the urge to unzip my pants.

“I didn’t feel anything,” she said, staring at her glass of wine. “Frank asked if I liked the feel of his cock and I just nodded. It was like being under a spell.”

“I can imagine.” I muttered, gently rubbing my cock through my pants.

“Suddenly I felt my joggers being pulled down along with my panties, and I remember feeling giddy when Frank commented on my shaven pussy.”

With Bethan still staring into space as if hypnotised, I managed to free my cock under the table and quietly stroke myself.

“In no time at all he had cupped my pussy and started fingering me. It felt good and I quickly lost control as he ordered me to remove my top. I did as he demanded and he wasted no time in sucking my nipples. He was grunting like an a****l as his hands moved from my breasts and pussy, back and forth as if spoiled for choice.”

“It’s ok, Beth.” I said, offering reassurance in the hope she wouldn’t stop.

“I’ve wanted to get my hands on these tits since I first laid eyes on you, he said. Those were his exact words and I melted when I heard them. I couldn’t help it. There I was a twenty eight year old housewife holding the largest cock I had ever seen and it wasn’t even my husbands. In fact it belonged to a man old enough to be my grandfather.”

Beth shook her head, part in disgust, part in disbelief I think.

“He kept asking if his cock was bigger than yours, Mike. I couldn’t answer him, but then he started sucking my nipples harder and fingering me deeper until I screamed yes, yes your cock is much bigger. He laughed as I betrayed you.” She said, turning to look at me.

“It’s ok, Beth, honestly its ok.” I said, as I instantly forgave her.

“I love you more than anything. Mike,” she pleaded, “but I was too far gone. He led me into the kitchen and lifted me onto the table. I sat on the edge and he started to rub his cock up and down my pussy. I was selfish and I should have left but...”

“But you couldn’t.” I quickly jumped in.

“I said no, Mike,” she sobbed.

“I believe you.” I replied.

“But he started to rub my clit as he rubbed his cock harder against my lips. I kept saying no, but I was moaning in pleasure as I said it.”

Beth’s head and shoulders sunk in despair.

“How can you love me now, Mike?” she cried.

“It was my fault, Beth.” I said, “I told you to challenge him, I put you in the way of temptation.”

Ignoring my words of comfort Beth lit a cigarette and continued.

“Frank leaned forward and sucked my neck, giving me this love bite,” she said, pointing it out to me as if I hadn’t already noticed it.

“He told me how he had dreamt of this moment for months, longing to plunge his cock inside me and make me come with him. I’m going to fuck you, Bethan, he kept saying, over and over again.

Trying to imagine this in my head was becoming too much, I was leaking pre-cum onto the floor, desperate to plunge my own cock into my wife. But I needed to hear the end.

“Are you ready to be fucked, Bethan? He kept asking me.” She said, as if reliving that very moment. “Yes, I replied, I’m ready to be fucked. And with that I felt him ram his cock deep inside me.”

“How did it feel?” I asked.

“You can’t ask me that, Mike.”

“I want to know, Beth,” I said in a demanding tone.

“It felt out of this world, Mike. I couldn’t believe he was inside of me. I mean he was right up inside of me. Is that what you want to hear.” She spat.

“If I know how he made you feel, then maybe ill understand why you couldn’t stop.” I reasoned through lying eyes.

“After making me come he pulled me down from the table and bent me over it. I felt weak; he gave me no time to recover as he slid straight back inside me again. My tits were squashed against the table, squeaking as he rocked me up and down his cock.”

Bethan paused again; I could see from the expression on her face that she was ashamed to tell me the end.

“Go on, Beth, you’ve nearly finished I’m sure.”

“When I started to come a second time I grabbed the edge of the table, I couldn’t help it because Frank had pulled his cock out and I was desperately pushing back, trying to find him.”

“Go on.” I encouraged.

“He made me beg for his cock and when I did he slammed back inside me so f***efully he brought on a quick successive climax. He gave me a multiple orgasm right before he came himself.”

“Did he come inside you?” I asked, suddenly remembering she was unprotected.

“Yes,” she sobbed, “he came inside me. He shot it so deep inside my womb it’s been leaking out of me all day.”

“Fuck!” I shouted as I came on the floor.”

“What if I’m pregnant, Mike?” What are we going to do?”

... Continue»
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Ex-wife and partner

note I am NOT the simply sharing

Ex-wife and partner invite me back to their bed
Last Friday was an astonishing and strange day,! I was sitting in a local café, having just spent an hour in a married girlfriend’s bed, when my ex-wife’s partner approached and asked if he could join me. I had only previously met him once, so was surprised he wanted to spend time with me.

I should explain that while I talk of my ex-wife, we are legally actually only separated. She threw me out a year ago after she caught me playing around: we had enjoyed an extremely active and varied sex life, often involving threesomes and other couples, but when she finally caught me playing solo she gave me the boot. Ann’s new man David seemed agreeable, but a little quieter than I thought she would have gone for. We exchanged pleasantries for a few moments before he leaned forward and told me she still talked about me a lot, then leant even closer and told me she was always going on about my big cock. I had to chuckle, as that was what had got me into trouble with her, me spreading it about so to speak, and it tickled me to think she went on about it.

David asked if I ever thought about giving her one, as in fucking her, and I had to confess that I did, as she was still the hottest lay I have ever met, and I told him so. He said to me “Why don’t you come home with me now and giver her one? I know that she’d love it!”

This offer rocked me in my tracks, but the thought intrigued me, and so after a brief consideration I agreed. We got into our respective cars and I drove to my former home, David arriving just after me. He said “I called Ann on my mobile, to tell her I was bringing you home!” She was ready and waiting; no sooner was I in the door than she grabbed me and pulled my head down to kiss me passionately while David stood watching with a wry smile on his face. However he didn’t seem disconcerted and so I ran my hands under the robe Ann was wearing. She had nothing on underneath, and I pulled the robe open to expose her big white breasts, dipping my head to suck on her hardening nipples as I reached a hand between her thighs. Her crotch was smooth and hairless, revealing that she still waxed, and was already moist: Ann gasped as my fingers parted her fleshy cunt lips and found the tiny nub of her clitoris, teasing it with my fingertips, and her fingers scrabbled at my fly. Unzipping me she reached inside, giving a moan of pleasure as her fingers found my solid erection and pulling it from my trousers. Sinking to her knees on the floor and tugging my trousers to my ankles, she fastened her suctioning mouth greedily around my shaft.

I looked across at David; his wry smile had become a broad grin as he nodded his approval. Unbuttoning his shirt he tossed it aside and began to undo his trousers. Pulling my shirt over my head I discarded it and stepped out of my trousers. Taking her mouth from my cock Ann reached and grabbed my hands, pulling me down on top of her as she lay back on the floor, spreading her thighs wide in an open invitation. “Give it to me!” she growled urgently, “Give me some of that fat cock you’re so fond of sharing!”

I moved up over her and was reaching to guide my cock between her parted cunt lips when David called “Hey! Not so fast!”

“Too late to change your mind now!” I told him as I shuffled closer to the welcoming gape of Ann’s thighs.

“No, I meant let me get under her, and you can do her from behind!” he told us, as he got on his back beside Ann, his head to her feet. The six-inch erection jutting from his crotch was barely half the thickness of mine. In a flash Ann was on her hands and knees, waggling her fleshy white bum at me before pressing her quim to David’s mouth. I watched his tongue probe her quim, saw it delve inside. Moving closer I guided my knob to Ann’s wet opening, feeling David’s tongue withdraw as my broad knob probed and then spread her wet nether lips. She moaned luxuriously, her mouth full of David’s cock, as I surged into her. I could sense, rather than feel, David’s tongue on Ann’s clit as I began to fuck her. I knew how Ann liked it, and alternated between pounding her hard for extended spells with periods of slow and gentle thrusts. It was in one of the latter spells that I became aware that David was licking my shaft as it slid slowly and steadily back and forth in Ann’s sodden quim. I continued to vary my tempo, guessing by Ann’s greedy mumbling and urgent swallowing that David had emptied his load in her throat. Knowing well the manner in which she liked to be brought to climax, I reached under her to grasp her big swinging breasts, pinching her swollen nipples hard between fingers and thumbs, twisting them and tugging hard on them. Lifting her head from David’s cock Ann shrieked out as her orgasm hit, thrusting her hips back to meet my urgent thrusts as my spunk began to gush from my surging cock.

Ann slumped forward as her climax ebbed; my swollen cock flopping from her gaping cunt straight into David’s waiting mouth. He gobbled hungrily on my wilting cock, greedily taking half my shaft deep into his suctioning mouth. Ann lifted from him, spunk dripping from her quim onto David’s chest as she turned around to watch as David let my cock slip from his lips, gripping my knob and lifting my cock to lick Ann’s juices from my balls and the base of my cock. Under his oral ministrations my cock slowly returned to full erection. Ann had enjoyed watching me with men in the past; I could tell from her dirty grin and the wicked glint in her eye what was coming.

“Why don’t you give it to him Doug!” she told me. “I know he wants it! He loves hearing me talk about your big cock! I’ve told him he’s a closet gay: he loves me shoving a dildo up his bum when he fucks me!”

I knew that she was baiting David, and enjoying doing so, but he ignored her teasing. Releasing my cock he rolled over onto his knees, turning to present his raised hips to me. “Go on Doug!” he urged, “You heard the dirty bitch. She wants to watch, so do it!” Ann knew me well enough to know I wouldn’t need further urging, and had already taken a tube of lubricant from the bedside cabinet and was holding it out to me. Taking it from her, I removed the cap and pushing the tube between David’s buttocks, pressed the open end to his wrinkled brown pucker and squeezed a generous amount into his rectum. Removing the tube I slid two fingers into him, twisting and turning them as I gently pumped them in and out to open and lubricate his tight anus.

Passing the lubricant back to Ann I moved closer to David, gripping his buttocks with both hands, parting his firm globes as I lodged the tip of my cock in his wrinkled opening. I leant forward, feeling his muscular ring slowly spread to accommodate my broad knob, until just before it slipped into him, my knob jammed at his entrance, trapped in the tight clasp of his muscle.

“Go on, give it to the wimp!” urged Ann, her voice thick with excitement, “Let him learn what it feels like to have a real man! He’s been asking about it for long enough!” In response I pushed forward harder with a quick thrust of my hips, and David gave a grunt as my flaring knob finally slipped past the tight ring of resisting muscle. His ass was exquisitely tight, gripping my shaft in an uncompromising clasp. I reached under him, groping for his cock. Finding it stiff, I stroked it vigorously for a minute or two before releasing it and straightening up to slowly work my cock deeper into him with a series of tiny thrusts. Once halfway in, I withdrew fractionally and thrust back inside, repeating the action, slowly working further in until my cock was buried to the root in the hot cave of his rectum.

Ann was on her knees beside us, eyes glistening with excitement, watching intently as I slowly withdrew until only my knob was inside. David gave another grunt as I buried my cock back in his ass with a single, solid thrust, opening him up to me before withdrawing once more as I began to ride him in earnest. Ann’s heavy breasts swung as she leant and reached under David to fondle his erect cock with one hand, while the fingers of the other were busy in her own crotch. In the past she had always loved to watch me service another man after she had first been screwed thoroughly, and it was a kink she obviously still took pleasure in. With one hand firmly gripping one of David’s butt cheeks to hold him in place, I reached with the other to cup one of Ann’s pendulous breasts, pinching the engorged nipple, causing her to give little moans of pleasure.

While David’s ass had begun to open up a little in response to my vigorous thrusts, it was still extremely tight. Even though I had climaxed twice in the last hour, the constriction of his elastic anal muscle on my shaft was making my cock ever more sensitive, drawing waves of increasingly pleasurable sensation from it with each thrust and withdrawal. Ann’s manual stimulation of her clit coupled with my attention to her swollen nipple induced another small orgasm. Deciding it was time to concentrate on my own pleasure I released her breast, and taking a firm grasp of David’s buttocks in both hands I began to increase the f***e and speed of my thrusts. David responded gamely, pushing his hips back to meet my plunging shaft. Even as I was on the verge of orgasm, David climaxed, uttering hissing gasps, his body shaking and his ass clamping down on my cock. Pulling his hips back into me, burying my cock deep inside him, I screwed it around within him as I jetted my hot spunk into his bowels.

Ann watched us open-mouthed, gasping for breath as she continued to climax, her busy fingers still working in her sodden quim. My cock gradually began to soften and shrink in the clasp of David’s hot rectum. I released him and he slowly slumped forward, still out of breath, my bruised-feeling cock slipping from him to slap wetly on my thigh. Ann reached to pull me down on top of her as she fell back on the bed, her hot mouth to my ear, urging “Come back and do it again!”

You know, I just might! ... Continue»
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Wife and Collegue

Credits to the author this is just another one of my favourites.. cheers


AUTHOR: Sameer



One of the partners in my firm had gotten in early on a condominium development in SW Florida. By the time the building was complete, Mark and a few of his wealthier clients had parlayed their initial investment to the point that they now owned the entire six condos on the top floor of the prime beachfront unit. He had offered me the use of his place on numerous occasions, expounding upon the private, white sand beach, beautifully landscaped grounds, local upscale shopping (for my wife), and abundant golfing opportunities (for me). After my daughter's junior year, my wife and I decided that it might be nice to take an extended vacation before she went of to college in the fall, so I blocked off two full weeks for the first time in my career and took my partner up on his offer.

If anything, he undersold the place. His unit had four spacious bedrooms, my 12 and 15 year old boys were estatic that they wouldn't be sharing a room, and was expensively decorated. His large kitchen had granite tops and teak wood cabinets, the living area was plushly furnished and it had a huge balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico. I played at least 18 holes a day while my f****y lounged on the beach. We ate great seafood almost every night at some fantastic local haunts and soaked up tons of sunshine.

Midway through the second week of paradise, one of my partner's clients and co-investors came down to his place. Nicholas Pavlos, or Nico as he liked to be known, was the only son of a Greek immigrant who founded a chain of home electronics stores across the Midwest. When his father passed away, Nico found himself a millionaire several times over even though he had just (barely) graduated from college.

My partner had told me that Nico was burning through his inheritance at an alarming rate. Raised primarily in Europe, he had an unquenchable thirst for good wine, fine art, hard-bodied females and illicit d**gs. Mark had pulled his nuts out of the fire on more than one occasion but he didn't seem to be slowing down and at age 26, still felt the invincibility of youth.

I had met him at the office a few times, so when I ran into him at the condo he insisted that my wife and I join him for cocktails at a party he was throwing. Knowing his reputation, I expected there would likely be some interesting characters in attendance and an unparalleled spread of food and drink. After talking it over with my wife, Andrea, we decided "what the hell" and I called to accept his invitation.

When I climbed out of the shower, Andrea was finishing her make-up. Although she had just turned forty-five, she had the body of a woman half her age. A petite woman with a trim waist, tight ass and slender legs, she had asked to get her boobs done when she turned forty. After three k**s they had fallen a bit, so I gladly paid a top plastic surgeon in LA to restore them to pre-marriage form. She and I were thrilled with the results; perfect D cups, they looked completely natural and my daughter constantly complained about my wife borrowing her clothes.

She was wearing a black lace camisole with a shelf bra over a pair of white capri pants. The pants were wonderfully snug over her great ass and a thin strip of her taut, tan tummy showed above her pants. Her light brown her was cut just below her neck, then swept at a downward angle over her shoulders. She was wearing it straight down in a manner I always found incredibly sexy. Her brown eye-shadow had the smallest hint of glitter which added to the sparkle in her green eyes. As I toweled off, she was applying a thick layer of shiny lip gloss to her pouty lips in a soft, red shade.

"Jesus . . . You look fantastic!" I told her, drawn to the lovely swell of her breasts which were bursting atop the camisole. "Maybe we should stay home." I added with a wink.

"Thank you sweetie!" she smiled "But I really think we need to go. He is one of Mark's biggest clients."

"You're probably right. If it gets too crazy, we can always leave early."

As I was giving last minute instructions to our k**s, Andrea walked into the living room, now wearing a pair of thong sandals with 3 1/2 inch heels. As we walked down the hallway to Nico's corner unit, I was thinking that I didn't know how my wife could have been any more attractive.


Nico greeted us at the door and it was clear that he had started the party early. Just over six feet tall, with the lean V-shaped physique of a swimmer, his long wavy, black hair was pushed back from his face. The sun had deepened his already dark complexion and his long-sleeved white silk shirt had a few extra buttons undone revealing a smooth, muscled chest.

"Scottie!" he exclaimed in greeting "Glad you could make it." Then turning to Andrea, his eyes passing admiringly up and down her sexy form "And this must be the lovely Mrs.Laine!" he asked taking her hand in both of his, his eyes alight with interest.

After introductions, Nico procured a superb Shirah for me while finding a Chardonnay for Andrea which she said was incredible. There were about a dozen others present, most of them much younger than my wife and I, but, I have to admit that Nico knew how to throw a party. I was having a great time and Andrea and I were drinking much more than usual. Nico collected art and he showed us several pieces that were quite impressive. He said he had just gotten a new painting for his bedroom, but before we could see it, he was called away by one of the other guests.

We watched a gorgeous sunset from his spacious balcony as I lit a Cuban which Nico had given me earlier. Nico joined us at our table and removed a long, dark cigarette from a silver case, before offering one to Andrea. She giggled and looked at me, her eyebrows arched in a questioning manner. Although I had never known her to smoke anything in our time together, I told her "Go ahead. I don't mind."

She smiled and reached for a cigarette, bringing it to her wetly shining lips to accept a light from Nico. Sensing that he was working with a rookie, he advised her "Draw real slowly, until you get the hang of it."

Andrea took a slow drag, coughing slightly, before exhaling up into the ocean breeze. After a few more drags, she seemed to be getting quite comfortable, mimicing Nico's thin exhales and tapping her ashes into an empty cup she shared with him.

Nico was quite d***k, but still very charming, telling humorous stories and always making sure our glasses were full. Later, as he was lighting another cigarette for my wife, I excused myself to find the bathroom. After answering the call of nature, I was feeling a little light-headed, so I slumped down on a huge leather couch and tried to find Sports center on his flat screen. Everyone else was out on the balcony, their voices and laughter muted by the thick glass of the hurricane doors.

Several minutes later, Nico came in and collapsed in the chair next to me, his long legs extended in front of him, his eyes glassy from alcohol.

He looked at me for a few moments, then smiled saying "I'm going to fuck your wife."

I sputtered and laughed in response, not sure if I heard him correctly "What did you say?'

"I said 'I'm going to fuck your wife'."

At this I laughed harder, playing along with him, recognizing that he might be even d***ker than I realized.

"No . . . I'm serious, man!" Nico responded much more seriously "She is the hottest woman here."

"Well . . . I appreciate that." I told him, thinking that maybe this was just his way of giving me a compliment since in fact, there were several very attractive women in attendance, all of them much younger than Andrea and who clearly had designs on Nico.

"You think I'm k**ding, don't you?"

I started feeling a little uncomfortable about where this was going, and not wanting to piss off my partner's d***k client, tried to play along.

"No . . . Not at all. I'm sure you're serious. But she might have a say in this, you know."

"Damn right I'm serious." he added as if he didn't hear me. "I'll tell you what . . . I will bet you $1,000 that I fuck your wife. Are you in or out?"

Now I was pissed, d***k or not, this was getting ridiculous. Getting to my feet I told him" Allright . . . You made your point. I'm in! Now I think we'd better get going, it's getting late. Thanks for the invite."

I went out on the balcony to find my wife talking with a group of young men, a wine glass and cigarette in one hand, the other holding the blacony railing. She seemed disappointed that we were leaving, but after saying goodbye to her new friends, accompanied me inside.

Nico walked us to the door, I thanked him again, his mood seemed to have improved. Maybe he had already forgotten how he had acted, he was awfully d***k. We shook hands and he kissed Andrea lightly on the cheek before we left.

As we got ready for bed, I thought about what Nico had said as I watched my wife slip into a white, silk nightie. He was right, she did look fantastic. When she slid into bed next to me, I kissed her reaching between her legs.

She laughed and softly returned my kiss "Sweetie, it's late. We're both tired. How a bout I give you a quick hand-job. Would that be okay?"

I groaned in disappointment, but her hand quickly found my cock and with a firm, practiced grip she started in on me. Rolling over on my back, she raised up on her elbow, smiling beautifully at me as she brought me quickly towards my happy ending. She had never given me a single reason to doubt her faithfulness in our over twenty years together. It was silly to let a d***ken trust-fund idiot to get under my skin.

As I came, I knew my bet was safe.


I had a late tee-time and Andrea was fixing my lunch. The k**s were already on the beach, my wife intending to meet them later after I was gone. She was wearing a black, string bikini with side ties that I had never seen before. Her full breasts were barely contained by the thin material, her tight tummy on glorious display.

"Is that swimsuit new? You look great." I asked taking a bite of my sandwich.

"I got it yesterday at Sak's when Katie and I went shopping. Do you like?" she asked sweetly, turning and looking over her shoulder at me.

"I like very much." then added "Maybe I could be a few minutes late for my tee-time."

Andrea laughed "You're so bad! No . . . You get out of here. This is our last day, and I want to get some more sun before we go back to boring Middleton. Maybe we'll do something tonite" she offered with a twinkle in her eye.

Later that evening after the k**s were asl**p and we had turned in, Andrea surprised me by pulling back the sheets and taking my cock into her mouth. I usually had to ask for oral sex and although she never turned me down, the blow jobs she gave me were usually brief and only as a prelude to intercourse. But, I never complained.

After I was hard I expected her to roll over on her back, but she suprised me again by sucking one of my nuts into her mouth. This was completly new to me, the pleasure was exquisite and I inhaled sharply. She worked on my other nut, licking and sucking my ball sack as she stroked me with a hand that felt like warm silk.

Licking up the length of my shaft, she took my engorged head back into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked me, moaning softly. She pulled her lips away with a pop, smiling at me with look of self-satisfaction.

"You like that,Darling?" she asked in an innocent voice.

"OH Yea!" I groaned "Keep doing that!!"

With a sultry laugh, she lowered her head, kissing my cock all over before sucking my balls again. With my shaft back in her mouth, her head began bobbing a rapid rhythm, one hand working my wetly shining cock.

With a shout, I came in her mouth, again a first, and she swallowed each pulse, never removing her mouth until I was completely spent. Looking up at me she smiled, and kissed my stomach, then up my chest, before kissing me hard on the lips.

"Thank you for a wonderful vacation." she sighed before laying on my still heaving chest and drifting off to sl**p.

After we got back home, she suprised me again by buying me an expensive set of irons that I had been looking at. Clearly, I had scored big points on our trip.


Several days after our return, my secretary brought me a manila folder marked "Confidential." In my line of work, this wasn't unusual but as I inspected the package I noted that it had no return address.

Inside I found a mini-cd and a piece of folded paper. Opening the paper, I discovered a handwritten note stating simply "You owe me $1,000."

I put the disc in my lap-top and clicked the mouse on "Play". The video began by showing a large bedroom that I didn't recognize until Nico walked into the room . . . leading my wife by her hand. I stopped the video and picked up the phone calling my secretary "Tina . . . No calls, please." Hanging up, I clicked "Play" again.

After watching for a few moments, it was became obvious that Nico had at least five different cameras hooked up in his bedroom. The pictures and sound were crystal clear, the audio/video equipment must have been the top of the line from his chain of stores.

Andrea was wearing the black two-piece I had seen her in our last morning in Florida, but she had slipped into her high-heeled thong slides that she had worn the previous evening to the party. She had also applied the light brown eye shadow with glitter and her lips glistened in a soft, red shade. Nico was shirtless, wearing only a pair of long, baggy swim trunks.

He led her over towards the large painting next to his bed, and then stood directly behind her, both holding tall champagne glasses.

"Oh . . . Nico!" my wife exclaimed "It is beautiful . . . I love the colors he used . . . They are so vibrant . . . vivid really."

As she spoke, Nico placed his hand softly on my wife's bare midsection, just above the gentle swell of her hip. I saw Andrea's eyes dart down to his hand when she felt his touch, but she did not move away or voice any objection. Instead, you could see a thin smile start to form on her lips.

Still standing behind her, Nico slowly slid his hand across the front of her tight, tan tummy and down between her legs. Andrea spread her legs slightly as he began to gently rub her pussy on the outside of her suit. Her eyes closed, now leaning back into his broad shoulders.

With a groan, Andrea turned into his arms, her face inches from his. Looking up into his eyes, she said softly:

"I really shouldn't be here."

Nico took her glass from her hand and placed it on the bedside table with his own. He put both his hands on her hips, my wife responding by resting her hands lightly on his tanned and corded forearms.

"You are free to leave if you want." Nico told her.

Andrea quickly responded with a sexy smile "Oh no . . . You misunderstood me. I said I shouldn't be here. I didn't say anything about wanting to leave!"

With that she lifted her arms up over his shoulders and pulled his face down to her hungry lips. They kissed softly at first, Andrea's tongue darting into his open mouth, before Nico pulled her into his hot embrace. His lips pressed hard against hers, her hands sliding down to cradle the sides of his face as their tongues dueled. Nico cupped one of my wife's firm breasts in his hand, his thumb lightly gliding across and already stiff nipple.

Andrea moaned softly into his mouth as they kissed passionately, his hands now on her tight ass cheeks, pulling her hard against his bulging crotch.

They continued to kiss for several minutes, my wife's hand slid into the the waistband of his swimsuit, fondling his cock. Nico pulled away from her luscious lips leaving her panting. He took a step, a smug look on his face, and put his hands on Andrea's shoulders applying slight downward pressure. My wife, clearly recognizing what he wanted, eagerly got to her knees pulling his suit to his ankles with a firm tug.

Nico's cock sprung free and Andrea quickly grabbed it, her eyes wide in a mixture of suprise and delight. He appeared to be at least 9 inches long, with a thick shaft that my wife's hand could not completely encircle, and large heavy balls in a nut sack that looked to be shaven.

My wife brought his cock to her lips and lovingly kissed its bulbous head, her tongue snaking out to lick its tip. She dropped her jaw and took him into her mouth, slowly bobbing her head as she stroked him with both of her tiny hands.

Nico started talking to her "Oh . . . That's it! That feels good . . . But you gotta suck it harder . . . I like my girls to suck it real hard!!"

I saw my wife's cheeks hollow as she did as she was told, and you could hear her slurping and slobbering over his thick member. Nico groaned loudly, clearly approving of her response. Andrea pulled her lips away with an audible pop and looked up at Nico panting.

"Is that better?" she asked eagerly "Does that feel good, Baby!?"

"Ahh . . . Shit! Fuck yeah! That's much better!" Nico laughed in response. "Now I want you to work on my balls! Lick my ball sack!!"

Andrea lowered her head, as she lifted his long cock upward, her tongue darting out to lightly lick his smooth sack.

"AAAhhhh . . . Fuck Andrea! That's it! Now . . . Suck my balls! Put them in your mouth and suck . . .!"

Nico's eyes closed, his head arched backward as my wife slurped first one, then his other heavy nut past her wetly shining lips, sucking har. She continued to stroke his hard shaft as she sucked him, the diamonds in her wedding bands sparkling in the bright Florida sunlight that illuminated his bedroom.

Nico spread his legs and continued to guide her "Now . . . I want you to lick right behind my balls!" My wife bent further, her head now between his legs. "Oh Fuck! . . . That's it . . . That's . . . OH Fuck!!"

After returning to sucking his balls, Andrea licked slowly up his hard shaft and took him back into her mouth, her head bobbing a steady rhythm.

Nico pushed her hair back from her face and whispered "Look at me, Baby! I want to look at you with my cock in your mouth!"

Andrea stopped and did as she was told, looking up at Nico from her knees, a pleased smile on his face.

"Aaaah Fuck! . . . You are so beautiful!! I wanted you like this from the first minute I saw you! Do you like sucking my dick? Does it taste good?!"

My wife started to pull her head back to answer but Nico quickly stopped her.

"No . . . Don't move! Do you like sucking my cock?" he asked again in a firm tone.

Andrea's muffled response sounded like an enthusiastic "MMMMmmmmm HHhhhmmmmm!!!!!"

Nico smiled "That's better. I want to hear you while you suck me! I want you to show me how much you love my dick!"

Andrea began moaning loudly as she sucked him, her head now rapidly bobbing over his length. I couldn't believe he hadn't cum yet.

Nico pulled his wetly shining shaft from my wife's lips and held his cock away from her. When she reached for it with her open mouth, he pulled it further away. "Wait!" he instructed "Sit back. Now . . . Open your mouth. That's it! Stick your tongue a little bit!" Andrea did as she was told.

Nico smacked his thick cock against her lips and tongue several times, occasionally also smacking her nose and cheeks.

"You want this? You want this big cock?!! You gotta beg for it!! Lemme hear you beg!!!"

"I want your big cock!!" my wife quickly panted in a husky voice "Please . . . Let me suck your big dick!! I'll make you feel real good!! I promise!!"

With a harsh laugh, Nico slammed his cock back in my wife's mouth, his hands now holding her head as he started to fuck her face. Andrea put her hands on his thick thigh muscles and tried to hang on as he continued to drive his long shaft into her mouth, groaning like a crazy man.

He stopped as abruptly as he started and told Andrea to take off her top. Learning from her earlier mistake, she kept him in her mouth as she reached behind her back to untie the string, pulling the suit off her shoulders and casting it on the bedroom floor. She continued to blow him as Nico peered down at her.

"Fuck,those are some nice tits! Push 'em together for me!!"

Andrea pushed her full, firm tits together as her mouth continued to hungrily work his cock, moaning as she did so. Nico pulled his cock away with a pop and my wife looked up at him, still cupping her breasts, her face flushed, her eyes filled with lust.

Nico ran his cock over her upraised boobs, her nipples swollen, my wife still kneeling in front of him clothed only in her tiny bikini bottom and high heels.

"I want to fuck you now." He said matter-of-factly. "I need some pussy! Get on the bed!!"

My wife got quickly to her feet and walked towards the king-sized bed. She started to kick off her heels but Nico told her "Leave those on." They make you look even more slutty! I like that!!"

Andrea undid the side-ties allowing the suit to fall to the floor, revealing a closely trimmed triangle above her moist slit.

"Lie down and spread your legs. That's it! Now . . . I want you to finger your pussy!! Show me how you finger yourself when you get horny!!"

My wife reached between her legs and started to rub her pussy in a circular fashion, her hips grinding against her hand, Naively, I never even suspected my wife of masturbating. To my knowledge, she didn't use a vibrator and I was under the impression that our monthly sessions were enough. Clearly, given the manner in which she was working her clit, I was, once again, terribly mistaken.

Andrea began to moanas she fingered her clit, Nico grinning at the sight of my lovely wife working herself towards and orgasm.

"Are you wet? Lick your fingers . . . I want you to taste yourself! Am I gonna like your pussy?" he prodded.

Andrea daintily licked at her finger before plunging it into her mouth sucking it clean.

"Oh God!! . . . I'm so wet! . . . So fucking hot!! God, I want you so bad!!"

Nico strode towards the bed, his erection bobbing proudly in front of him. He kneeled between my wife's outstretched legs and stroked his cock as she continued to finger her pussy.

"What do you want me to do, Andrea? Or should I say, Mrs. Laine?!!"

"Give me your big cock, Baby! You have no idea how badly I need this!!" she pleaded with him.

"What about your husband?" he mocked as he leaned forward rubbing the head of his cock over her swollen pussy lips causing her to shudder.

"Don't . . . Don't talk about him." Andrea moaned, clearly unsettled that he had mentioned me. "Just do me! Now!! . . . Don't tease me like this!!!!"

"But your married, and your k**s are out on the beach below us. Are you sure you want to do this?!!"

Nico pushed the bulbous head of his cock into her pussy but quickly withdrew it.

"OOOhhh . . . Jesus!! Please fuck me!! I want you to fuck me, Baby!! Please . . . Just give me your big cock!" Andrea was squirming beneath his bulk. "Just fuck me, Baby! . . . I want . . . . OOOOOHHHHH SSSHHIITTTTT!!!!!!"

Nico caught my wife off guard as she was begging to be fucked, sliding is long, hard shaft deep into her married pussy. She inhaled sharply as he began to slowly saw in and out of her, his ass cheeks flexing. My wife's head rolled on the bed, her hip driving off the mattress to meet her young lover's thrusts, a smug smirk on his lips.

"You like my cock in your pussy?!!" he asked as he drove into her "How's that feel?!"

"AAaaaahhh . . . Fuck! . . . So Good! . . . So . . . so good!! Fuck me,Baby!! Just keep fucking me!!!!!"

Nico lowered his lips towards hers and my wife reached up to grab the sides of his face, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth, as she ground her hips against him. The wet slap of their bodies mixing erotically with her moans and the creak of the bedsprings.

Nico buried his cock to the hilt in my wife, his head arched back, his mouth open.

"AAAaaahhh Shit, Baby! . . . I love your tight pussy! You are so fucking wet!!" He started fucking her more slowly, rolling at the bottom of his strong thrusts, my wife wriggling eagerly beneath him.

After grinding slowly against her for several minutes, Nico raised himself up on his arms and picked up the pace of his fucking, his hips driving furiously between my wife's outstretched legs. Andrea's hands grabbed his tight ass cheeks as he slammed into her, pulling him hard against her as she lifted her hips off the bed to meet his thrusts.

"OOHHH BABY!! Don't stop fucking me!! Fuck me, Baby!!!! Your'e gonna make me cum!!!"

Nico continued his assault, slamming his long, thick rod deep into my wife's pussy, her heavy breasts bouncing with each hard thrust.

When her orgasm hit, Andrea inhaled sharply before shouting "OOOOOHHHHHH MMMMYYY GGAAWWDDD!!"

Her body shuddering beneath her young lover, her thighs noticably twitching, her breathing shallow and ragged. She tossed her head back and forth on the bed and arched her back, her french-manicured nails biting into Nico's ass cheeks as he continued to saw his cock into her unfaithful pussy.

"AAaahh . . . FUCK! . . . Oh god! . . . Oh my God!! . . . Jesus! . . . Oh . . . OH . . .OH!" she moaned as her orgasm coursed through her lithe body, her eyes screwed shut.

When she finally opened her eyes, she was panting like she had just run a marathon, a look of wonder on her face. Nico looked down and smiled, his body continuing to slap against hers.

After she caught her breath, my wife reached up towards Nico's face pulling him down, her mouth open and her tongue extending to meet his. They kissed softly and Nico settled between her legs, his cock bottomed out in her pussy.

When he finally pulled away from her hungry lips, Nico started to pound his thick shaft in a deep, steady rhythm, building up his speed. Andrea sensed that he working up to his own orgasm and ground her hips against him, urging him on in a slutty tone.

"That's it, Baby!! Give it to me!!! Fuck me,Baby!!! I wanna feel your cum!!! Your cock is so fucking big and it feels so good in my hot pussy!! Fuck me, Baby!! Fuck Me!!"

Nico picked up his pace, a pleased smile on his face. "OHHH . . . Shit!! . . . I'm gonna give it to you!!! I'm gonna cum!! . . . I wanna cum in your mouth!! Let me cum in your mouth!!"

"Give it to me, Baby!!" my wife pleaded "I want to taste your cum!! GIVE IT TO ME!!!"

Nico groaned and continued to fuck Andrea a few moments longer before pulling his wetly shining cock from between her legs amd moving up quickly to straddle her face. Andrea raised her head and brought one arm under his legs to reach for his cock bringing it to her lips. Taking him quickly into her mouth as she frantically stroked his shaft, Nico threw his head back tensing before he groaned and exhaled, his body jerking as he shot load after load of his hot cum into my wife's eager mouth. Andrea was moaning with lust as she struggled to swallow his seed as she worked his hard shaft with her hand.

With a final moan and involuntary shudder, Nico's climax was over, his chest rising and falling. Andrea nevertheless continued to suck only reluctantly relinquishing his now flaccid manhood when it slid from her lips. She planted a sloppy kiss on the mushroom head of his dick before Nico rolled away. With this, my wife's transformation was complete. No longer a loving and faithful wife and mother, she had become a wanton slut.

Andrea looked at the young man lying naked next to her with a questioning smile on her face. Nico laughed when he caught her looking at him with big puppy dog eyes.

"What!" he sputtered, raising an arm so she could cozy up next to him, her head on his shoulder, her hand on his chest.

"Nothing!" she responded, a pleased and contented smile on her lips. She squeezed him tightly in her arms, kissing him on the chest.

When Nico sat up against the headboard, Andrea did the same fluffing a pillow behind her back. He reached inside the bedside table and pulled out his silver cigarette case. he lit one of his long, dark cigarettes and offered it to my wife. She took it between her outstretched fingers and brought it to her lips, taking a slow drag. She exhaled and watched as Nico lit a cigarette for himself before settling back against the headboard. Nico reached for his champagne glass and drained its contents before handing both their glasses to Andrea.

"How about your freshing these up? You made me thirsty!" he added with a sly grin.

Andrea grinned back and took the glasses from him. Moments later, she returned with their drinks and sat on Nico's side of the bed, one slender leg bent and raised, lying against his muscular thigh.

As Nico sipped from his glass, my wife took another drag on her cigarette and exhaled a thin stream away from the bed. Nico looked at her with raw lust in her eyes.

"Damn . . . You are so gorgeous . . . So damn sexy! I wanted you so fucking bad I could barely take my eyes off you at party!"

Andrea laughed in response "I noticed!" I wasn't suprised at all when you called this morning."

"I gotta admit . . . I was a little suprised that you agreed to see me. Have you done this before?"

"Of course I've done this before . . . I've got three k**s!" Andrea replied with a sly grin.

Initially confused, Nico's eyes narrowed before he grinned and said "No . . . I don't mean this . . . " he lifted his thick cock and pointed it my wife "I mean this!" picking up her hand and directing her attention to her wedding bands.

"I knew what you meant the first time!" Andrea teased "And the answer is 'no' I've never slept with anyone but my husband."

Nico studied my wife closely to determine if she was joking with him again. "Really? . . . Nothing at all? I can't believe that I'm your first lover."

My wife shrugged her shoulders and looked away briefly as she took a long draw off her cigarette.

"Well . . . I said I've never slept with anyone else . . ."

Quickly interested, Nico pressed her. "I thought so . . . C'mon . . . Don't leave me hanging!" he squeezed her my wife's slender thigh.

Andrea sipped from her glass and smiled at her young lover. "Okay . . . Last summer . . . We threw a big party for the summer interns and all my husbands partners and their spouses were there. It got a little crazy and lets just say I was having a really . . . really good time." She took another drag of her cigarette.

"Anyway . . . I was in the kitchen mixing another pitcher of margaritas when one of the interns came in. I'd caught him staring at me earlier, but not in a creepy way . . . I was flattered really . . . God was he gorgeous! He'd played football before law school and he was big and muscular . . . quite different from my husband. I could tell when he came into the kitchen that he had something on his mind."

Nico was listening intently as my wife took a final drag and stabbed her cigarette out, putting her glass on the bedside table, next to the ashtray. Before continuing her story, she picked up his thick hose that was stirring on his thigh and began to slowly stroke him with both her hands.

"We didn't even talk about it, We both knew what he wanted so I took him by the hand and led him upstairs to our bedroom. I closed the door and he started to kiss me . . . and before I knew it . . . we were lying on the bed and and he had my panties off. I had his cock in my hand but before we could take it any further, I heard my husband downstairs calling for me."

"God . . . I was so scared . . . I mean . . . Do you realize how easily we could've been caught? Anyway . . . we straightened up and I went downstairs to get my husband back ouside so Aaron could come down. I felt so guilty afterwards I bought my husband a driver that he had wanted for the longest time!"

"Did you see him again . . . the intern?"

Andrea shook her head "He called me several times . . . but I asked him to stop. Like I said, I felt terrible afterwards . . . I mean this k** worked for my husband and we were in our bedroom . . . " he voice drifted off.

She shook herself "But anyway . . . It did get me thinking."

"About what?"

Andrea's mouth curled into a sexy smile.

"About this!" she whispered.

She lowered her mouth to his cock, kissing and licking its bulbous head, before leaning over further, her mouth dancing slowly across his tight abs, before nibbling at the front of his cock.

My wife continued "About what it woulod be like to be with another man . . . especially a younger man." She took him back into her mouth.

" About how another man would look like . . . and taste like! . . . and how he would be in bed!" sucking him again, you could hear the slurping.

"How his young . . . hard . . . body would feel against my skin . . . and how big his cock would be! MMMMmmmm . . . I never dreamed it would be as big and hard as yours, Baby!!!"

With a low moan, my wife began to lustily suck her young lover's cock, one hand working in unision with her loving mouth, the other cupping his heavy ball sack.

It was clear my wife was a quick study when it came to oral treats. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked his thick shaft, moaning and slurping with the enthusiasum of a well paid whore. She took each of his balls into her mouth and ran the tip of her tongue lightly up and down the front of his shaft, finally taking his cock back into her mouth. Nico clenched his ass clearly enjoying my wife's efforts.

She pulled her lips off with a loud pop and studied his wetly shining manhood. Smiling sexily at Nico, my wife rolled over onto her back and spread her legs, one hand sliding across her flat tummy to her pussy where she began to rub her swollen clit.

Nico quickly knelt between her legs and eased the thick head of his straining cock past my wife's pussy lips. He drove the length of his cock deep into her married pussy and began to lustily fuck her.

My wife put her hand on his muscular chest. "Whoa . . . Slow down, Baby! . . .Not so fast!" she told him. "My husband won't be done playing golf for hours. We don't need to be in any hurry!"

Andrea raised her head off the bed to kiss her young lover, her tongue sliding between his lips. She settled back onto the bed and shifted to a more comfortable position.

"This time . . . I want to tell YOU exactly how I want to be fucked!!"

Nico smiled down at my wife and began to roll his hips against her, an amused smile on his lips. My wife and Nico made love softly and slowly for the next hour or so, her young lover pulling long, strong orgasms out of lithe body, Andrea panting and screaming profanities, writhing beneath his bulk, gleaming with sweat.

After he came in her for the third time, Andrea asked if she could use his shower "So I don't smell like I've been fucking!" she grinned.

Nico had cameras in his bathroom and I watched as he fucked my wife from behind as she braced herself against the tiled walls, her heavy breasts swinging lewdly beneath her.

I felt empty as I turned off the computer, slumping down in my leather chair. I barely recognized the woman who had fucked and sucked Nico with such abandon as my wife and the mother of my three k**s. Her story aboout the intern caused my bl**d to boil anew as I remembered recently writing a letter of recommendation for that bastard Aaron. I went out to my car and sat motionless in the seat.

My practice had grown from a two man partnership to a 20 person firm over the length of my marriage. The financial consquences of a divorce would be devastating, not to mention the emotional impact it would have on my k**s.

With my options limited, I resolved to somehow move past this, and focus on the future. I was probably playing way too much golf and my billable hours had gotten crazy. I could work on improving both these areas. Plus, I had detected nothing in Andrea's demeanor that would cause me to think this was nothing more than a one time fling, something she had to get out of her system. Things were great at home, and in bed, and although I realized now where she had picked up her impressive oral skills, how could I complain about getting great head from my gorgeous, sexy wife? The decision made, I drove home.


"Who are you going to dinner with?" I asked Andrea as she slipped into her sexy ankle strap sandals with the 4 inch heels. She looked incredible in a navy, scooped neck dress that fit her slim body like a second skin, her cleavage proudly on display. Andrea walked to the mirror and started to apply a thick layer of shiny gloss to her pouty lips.

"Just Randi and some of the girls." she responded, studying herself closely in the mirror.

Randi Boehmon lived a few streets over and was my wife's most attractive friends. I'd caught myself lusting after her at numerous parties, even wondering if I was going to hell for the thoughts that ran through my mind when I would see her at mass. But she had a spotless reputation, a soccer mom-of-the-year type, and was married to a great guy with two beautiful k**s. I was glad my wife seemed to be spending more and more time with her.

I walked up behind Andrea and slid my hands across her firm tummy. I nuzzled her neck and took and earlobe gently between my lips.

"You know . . . We could send the k**s out for pizza and you could tell the girls you've got a headache."

"You're so bad!" my wife grinned at me "Can I take a raincheck? I've been dying to try this new tapas place."

I kissed her on the back of the neck "Can't blame a guy for trying. Hey . . . Will you be needing your checkbook? I need to update our accounts."

"No . . . I'll use my plastic. My checkbooks in my purse." she told me as I walked downstairs.

I opened my wife's purse and found her checkbook when I noticed a long, rectangular bulge in a side zip pocket. Andrea was still upstairs, so I quickly unzipped the pocket and was suprised to discover a hard pack of Virginia Slims Menthol 120s and an expensive looking lighter. The thought of my wife smoking took me quickly back to Florida and I got a awful feeling in the pit of my stomach. I heard my wife coming downstairs and I quickly returned the items to her purse.

Her high heels clicked on the hard wood floor as she walked across the kitchen, throwing a small cosmetic bag in her purse.

"Bye Sweetie!" she called brightly as she went out the door.

I walked to the front room and watched as her black Lexus convertible came down the driveway. She had her top down and our windows were open on a gorgeous late summer day. Andrea was already on her cell phone and I heard a throaty laugh and then she said "I can't wait either, Baby! I'll be there soon!" as she acclerated rapidly down the cul-de-sac.


When my secretary brought me the manila folder, I wasn't the least bit suprised. I ran a letter opener across the top and dumped its contents on my desk. Several mini-discs clattered on my desktop followed by a single, small piece of paper. The handwritten note said simply "You owe me $12,0000".

The discs were dated and found the one from my wife's recent dinner with the girls. No set up this time, the video began with the image of my wife on her hands and knees, still wearing the dress and high heels I had watched her put on. I recognized Nico, who had flipped her dress up over her tight little ass and was thrusting his thick shaft deep into her pussy as he kneeled behind her on a big leather couch.

I also recognized Randi Boehmon as she sat off to one side, her legs crossed seductively, a short skirt riding high up a slender thigh. A glass of wine in one hand, a long, white cigarette between outstretched fingers in the other, she had a lewd smile on her face and you could hear her urging Nico on.

I didn't recognize the other young man who had his cock in my wife's mouth, her wetly shining lips stretched by his girth.... Continue»
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Taking Charge of Wife and Cuckold

A month ago I started watching videos of men who would give up their wives to other men. It had not thought of watching videos like that before but some of them were not bad that day.

But last week I was traveling out of state for my job and a guy I was selling to began talking about his wife. It was a little strange to hear him say how his wife was able to stay attractive even after they had c***dren.

Then he pulled out his cell phone and started showing me a couple pictures of his wife and I would agree that she was definitely attractive. She was curvy with blond hair and bright blue eyes. Then he switched to a picture of his wife naked showing off her beautiful bald pussy and he stopped.

"Sorry," he said. "She lets me take any pictures I want but some are not business friendly."

"She is very pretty," I said. "You are a lucky guy."

"Oh hell," he said as he handed me his phone. "You look through them while I run and grab some papers from the other room."

So he left and I flipped through picture after picture of his wife's naked body. She had large breasts that had perky pink nipples on areolas the size of CD. In some of the pictures I could see her struggling to get a 6 inch dildo into her tight pussy while in others I could see that she liked to stick a finger in her ass while playing around.

I had got through most of the pictures by the time he returned. For some strange reason I asked him why he took so many pictures of his wife.

"You seem like a nice guy," he said. "So I will tell you that my dick is smaller than average so I let her play with a dildo because it can get her off easier."

So his small dick must have been why she was still so tight.

"You are still a lucky guy," I said as I wrapped my things up to leave.

"You can be a lucky guy," he said. "Are you going back home tonight?"

"No," I said. "I have two other customers to see tomorrow and I will leave the next day."

"What hotel are you staying in?" he asked.

"The Holiday Inn," I said.

"Be at the hotel bar at 7:30," he said. "And keep your eyes open for a blond named Melanie."

I was not sure what the guy was getting at, but I was at the bar at 7:30 and almost gave up when I saw a curvy blond woman walk in around 8. She was clearly looking for someone and she looked nervous.

I waved and she looked surprised as she headed over. Before she could get to me, I ordered her a vodka in cranberry.

"Melanie?" I asked as she got close. "I am Lad."

"Hi," she said shyly.

Now that she was closer, I could see that she was much smaller than the pictures made her seem. She was average height with a large chest, a narrow waist and wide hips but she could not have been more than 140 pounds. The dress she was wearing grabbed her curves, but she kept moving awkwardly in it. I remembered that she had two c***dren under 5, so this may have been the first time she had worn something like this since her c***dren.

"You look beautiful in that dress," I said. "You must get hit on a lot."

"No," she said. "I do not get out much with the k**s at home."

"I can not believe someone with a body like yours has c***dren," I said. "You must work out constantly."

"Being a mom can be a workout," she said as she got more comfortable.

We kept talking for the next half hour, and she drank three more vodka in cranberrys as she got more comfortable.

"So are we going up to your room now?" she asked as she finished her last drink off with one hand and put her other hand high up on my thigh.

"Sounds good to me," I said as I flagged the bartender down to close my tab.

Minutes later we were making out in the elevator and she had her hand down my pants.

"Oh, your cock is so much bigger than my husbands," she said.

I was a little surprised because I was not even fully hard yet.

Another minute late, we were in the bedroom and I threw my travel bag from on top of the bed to a chair in the corner. When I turned around, she had taken off her dress to reveal a black bra that her tits were spilling over, black nylon garters that were hiding under her dress and a black pair of lace panties I could see through.

I unbuttoned my shirt and as I opened it, she pushed me back onto the bed.

"Fuck your shirt," she said. "I want to see that big cock."

Before I knew it my pants were down at my ankles and Melanie's jaw was dropped at she stared at my 3/4s hard cock.

"I have dreamed about cocks like yours," she said. "I have only ever seen my husband's cock and it does not do much for me but I am dripping wet just looking at you!"

"Prove it," I said hoping that she was not just saying she was dripping wet.

Melanie put her foot up on the bed and spread apart her crotchless panties. I could see a glisten come from her pussy lips before she touched them. Then she stuck two fingers into her pussy and pulled them out. They were soaking and she put them in her mouth after showing me.

"Let me taste," I said.

So she got on top of my in a 69 position and stuck her pussy right in my face. All I had to do was open my mouth and her pussy juices began dripping in. It was very sweet and suddenly I could feel my dick was rock hard.

Then I could feel Melanie's mouth on the head of my cock as she sucked on it. She one hand to stroke it softly and the other was rubbing my balls. She knew exactly what she was doing.

I kept licking up her pussy juices and began licking around to her clit. She moaned and pushed her mouth lower on my dick. It did not go very far down before I heard her gag a bit.

"Is something wrong?" I asked.

"I can not get you all in my mouth," she said. "You are too big."

"I am not too big," I said.

"You are too big for me," she said.

"Just relax," I said as I reached down with my hands and put them on her head. She started sucking my dick again and I would gently push her head lower and lower. "Nice and easy," I said. "Just like that."

I began licking around her clit and she would moan when I would let her head up a little from my cock. She was probably only getting half way down my cock but it was more than before. Then I decided to let one of my hands back from her head and ran it up and down her pussy lips to get wet. Then I took one finger and put it into her ass. She moaned soft and deep so I slipped another it.

Before I knew it she f***ed her head off my cock and began moaning loudly. She began sucking and licking at the base of my cock as I felt a rush of juices flowing out of her pussy and onto my face. It was so much I was not sure if she was squirting or not. She tried to keep in her screams as she trashed on top of me while I kept sucking her clit.

When her orgasm slowly faded she got off of my and began kissing me passionately. She then started licking my face to lap up all of the pussy juice that she had spilled on me. It was very hot.

"I want you inside of me," she said between licks. "I want your big cock ramming my pussy. Get behind me and fuck my doggy style."

She then proceeded to lean forward and stick her ass in the air so I got behind her and began rubbing my cock along her pussy lips.

"Stick your big cock in me," she said as she moaned.

Then something came over me and I decided to go with it.

"I do not like you telling me what to do," I said. "I want you to do what I want."

"Oh yeah?" she said.

"Yeah," I said as I lined up my dick with her tight pussy hole and rammed it completely into her. She let out a loud "Uhhhh" and I grabbed her hips to keep my cock as deep as it would go.

"I love it," she said as she moaned and I could feel her pussy clench around my cock. "Fuck me."

I let her hips go and pushed them until my cock was almost completely out and then rammed it all the way in again. I kept doing that again and again while she moaned loudly each time my cock was as deep as it would go.

"How does that feel?" I asked.

"Sooooooo gooooooood," she answered as my dick hit its deepest point.

I let go of her hips and grabbed her blond hair that was resting on her back. I grabbed it and her head tilted up so I could get a good grip. I began to fuck her faster while pulling on her hair and she started making squeaking noises.

"You like that?" I asked.

"Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes," she said.

"Good," I said as a stopped and pulled my dick out of her.

"No," she said.

"No what?" I asked.

"Do not stop," she said.

"Flip over and take off your bra," I said. "I want to suck on your tits while I fuck you."

"Okay," she said as she turned over slowly and began to undo her bra. "But I should tell you that I just finished nursing my youngest."

As her bra fell, two small puddles of breast milk rolled down her stomach.

"I can not wait for a drink," I said as I pulled her legs straight under me. I pushed my dick into her pussy and went right for her large tits. Her milk was as good to taste as her pussy.

I sucked on both tits for a few minutes and then I leaned back to watch her boobs shake while I fucked her. She then grabbed her nipples with both hands and began to spray her milk out.

"I am cumming," she said as she kept spraying milk. "I am cummmmmminnnnnng."

Her pussy got very wet and began squeezing on my dick. It felt great.

"I am close," I said. "I want to cum in you."

"No," she said. "You should not cum in me."

"Fine," I said. "Then I am going to cum on your face."

"Will you, please?" she said.

This was such a turn on to me that I pulled out right then and moved forward to cum on her face. Before I could grab my cock to jack off on her, she grabbed it and I came immediately. I let out a moan and stream after stream of my jizz fell right on her. She just kept jacking me off and after a minute there was nothing left.

She then began pushing the cum from around her face into her mouth. She would give a big "mmmmm" as she would put each bit of cum into her mouth. I rolled over on the bed next to her so we were side by side.

"What time is it?" she asked.

"10:30." I said.

"I should get going," she said.

"Not yet," I said. "There one more thing I need you to do."

"Anything," she said.

"I need you to clean my dick off," I said as I pointed at my dick that was shining with Melanie's pussy juices.

"Of course," she said as she got down in front of me and began licking my shaft, my balls and my crotch. It felt fantastic.

When she was done, she put her bra and dress back on. I was still naked and she walked over to where I was on the bed and began stroking my cock.

"Your dick is magnificent," she said. "I can not wait to see it tomorrow. When are you done with work?"

"5:30," I said.

"Meet me in the bar at 6," she said.


I spent the whole next day trying to work, but I was distracted. I kept thinking about what Melanie and I would do for hours and hours in my hotel room.

Around 5:30, I got a phone call from Melanie's husband. He was calling to say he wanted to come with Melanie to the bar. I was not sure what he would do there but I said okay. As I thought about it I figured he would want a threesome. I had not been with another guy and a woman before (let alone his wife) but I was up for giving it a try.

I went to the bar right after arriving at the hotel and Melanie and her husband were already waiting for me. They finished their drinks before I could walk up to them and they were heading towards the elevator.

We greeted and Melanie led me by the hand toward the elevator. I did not know what to do with her husband but I did not care much.

When we got onto the elevator, Melanie put her tongue in my mouth and her hand down my pants. I went with it though I felt a little uncomfortable with her husband a few feet away.

In a minute we were in my hotel room. It was then that I realized Melanie was wearing a snug jacket and not a dress. She sat me on the bed while her husband took my travel bag off of the spare chair and sat it in. She opened her jacket and revealed a see through teddy and a sign hung around her neck that said "Fuck me".

She pushed my shoulders back to get me on the bed but I stopped her.

"No no," I said. "Remember last time?"

"Yes," she said nervously as she looked at her husband.

"I want you to lie on the bed with your head off this edge upside down," I said.

I could hear her husband unbuckling his pants.

"I got a little bossy last time," I told him. "I hope that is okay."

"Do what you want," he said. "I am here to watch. Maybe touch."

"You can touch her when I say, but not me," I said.

He nodded and took his pants down. By now his wife was in position. I took and sign off her neck, dropped my pants and put my dick on her chin.

She put it in her mouth right away and began sucking. I grabbed her beautiful tits and began squeezing them. They felt firm and gave a big squirt in the air after a moment of massaging them.

"Tell me how big my dick is," I told her.

"It is so big," she said. "I want to feel it in me."

"Tell me how small your husband's dick is," I told her.

"It is very small," she said. "Look at how pathetic he is jacking off in the corner."

I could not help but look over and see him pinching his dick with his thumb and his index finger. I figured he was still soft.

Then I leaned forward and laid on top of her. When I got to her pussy it was dripping wet like the night before. I tried to lick all the pussy juice I could before I started focusing on her clit.

Just then I realized that I had complete control of the room. I was in a position of power and I was going to have a great time.

I got up from our 69 and told her to get off of the bed. I laid down with my back up on the headboard and my legs wide in front of me.

"Suck my big dick," I told Melanie. She climbed on the bed and was about to put her mouth around my cock when I added "And play with yourself."

As she started sucking me I grabbed her hair in a bundle and held it over her head. With that handful of hair I held the cadence for how she would suck me off. I kept her going nice and slow.

"How wet is that pussy?" I asked.

"Very wet," she said.

"And what do you want in that pussy?" I asked.

"Your big cock," she answered.

"Would your husband's cock fill you up?" I asked.

"No," she answered. "He is too small."

"What do you do with a cock as small as his?" I asked.

"Sometimes she lets me put it in her ass," he said from the corner.

"Is that what you want to do now?" I asked him.

He nodded. His little dick was still as small as before. He must have had a very small dick.

"Do you want him in your ass?" I asked Melanie but I did not let her lift her head from my cock enough to say anything.

She nodded as I pushed her deeper down my dick.

"She says no," I lied as I kept her mouth on my cock. "But I will fuck her instead."

When I said that she moaned and it felt good to have her humming with my dick in her mouth. I pulled the handful of her hair back so her head was titled further back than normal and I kissed her passionately. She pushed her tongue deep into my throat and I could hear her sticky fingers as they kept moving around her pussy.

I broke our kiss and turned her around so she would be riding me cowgirl.

"I want you to do all of the work," I told her.

"I would love to," she said as she began to bounce on my dick.

"And feed me your milk," I said as I opened my mouth.

She grabbed one breast and squeezed from her areola down to the nipple. A stream of milk hit me in the face. It felt great to be in charge. She kept bouncing up and down and squirting me in the face with her milk.

"How does that cock feel?" I asked.

"I love it," she said. "I would fuck you all the time if I had your cock at home."

"You would?" I asked. "Do you fuck your husband all the time?"

She looked over at him and said, "No. I use a dildo every night but I let him jack off to me when he wants." She moaned for a second and continued, "I can barely feel his dick inside me."

She began to moan again and again so I started to work at fucking her faster and could tell she was cumming. She gave out a yell and I could feel my crotch get wet. I grabbed her hips and held them down and I leaned forward to suck on the nipple she was currently using to spray me with milk. I sucked on that tit for a minute enjoying her milk.

When I was done, I moved her to the edge of the bed and began to fuck her doggy style. I had a plan.

"How deep is my cock in you?" I asked.

"So deep," she said.

"Does your husband get this deep?" I asked.

"Never," she said. "My dildo does not get this deep."

"So I am fucking some virgin pussy then?" I asked as I reached forward and pulled her hair a bit.

"Yes," she said. "You feel so good."

"I am going to cum soon," I said thinking that I would have her flip over so I could give her a facial.

"Finish in her," I heard her husband say from the corner.

"Really?" she asked as she began to moan.

That must have turned her on because she gave out a deep moan and I felt her pussy get very wet again. I could not focus on it for long before I could feel my cock get hard and then tense up in throb after throb as I came inside her pussy.

"Hold it," I told her. "Hold it in there."

I got onto the bed and put my crotch in front of her face.

"Clean me off," I told her.

Immediately she began licking and sucking as she tried cleaning me off.

"Now," I said to her husband. "Clean her off."

He jumped up immediately and put his face in her pussy as it stuck in the air. I then reached forward and played with her nipples.

When I was cleaned off, I told him to stop and to put his dick inside her.

"I can not feel him," she said as he tried to thrust behind her.

"I can not feel her," he said confirming her. "You have stretched her out."

"Do you feel stretched out?" I asked her.

She nodded.

"Good," I said. "And what stretched you out?"

"Your big cock," she said as she put her mouth around my dick and took most of it into her mouth. I was impressed that she had enough in her to be considered a deep throat. She was such a good learned and I was a good teacher.

"We are going to the shower," I said to Melanie. "You have until we get back to cum in those tissues and clean yourself up," I told her husband.

Neither of them said anything. They did what I told them to without question.

When we got to the bathroom I told Melanie to get on the sink and start playing with herself. I watched as she rubber her clit and then dove two fingers into her hole. She then pushed one of her tits up and put her nipple in her mouth. The whole time she was staring at my dick which kept getting harder.

When the water was hot I told her to get into the shower. When I got in with her, we started making out immediately. She grabbed my cock and began rubbing it on her clit.

"I love your cock," she told me. "I do not want any other cock inside me."

"Good," I said as I turned her around, bent her over and began fucking her. I was pounder hard on her ass and loved seeing it shake with every thrust.

While I was pounding her from behind I could see her caressing her breasts with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. In just a minute she was screaming and cumming. I kept pounding harder and harder to make sure it was a great orgasm.

Immediately after she was done she turned around and began sucking my dick like it was her job. She was stroking my balls and the base of my dick with one hand and squeezing her tits with the other. It felt great.

"I want you playing with your pussy," I told her. "I am going to cum soon and I want you to cum with me."

She began rubbing her pussy with both hands as she kept her mouth sucking tightly on my cock.

"I am getting close," I told her. "Are you ready?"

She gave me a "mmmhmmm" that felt wonderful on my dick.

"I am cumming," I said as I felt a bust of cum leave my dick and enter Melanie's mouth. She was moaning now and still moving her head up and down my shaft as she milked every last bit of cum out of me and kept it in her mouth amidst the orgasm she was clearly having.

Even after we were both done cumming she kept my cock in her mouth. She was sucking it firmly preventing my erection from going away. I grabbed her by her wet hair and slowly pulled her up off my dick. Milk was slowly dripping from her nipples and her thighs were covered in her own cum.

"I do not want you to go," she said.

"I do not want to go," I said. "But lets get clean, okay?"

She grabbed the soap right away and began cleaning my body. She worked slowly and thoroughly. She paid extra attention to my crotch making small moaning noises as she lathered my dick. When I was covered in soap I wrapped my arms around her and rubbed my soapy body against hers. We began kissing deeply.

When we were both clean we turned off the shower and she grabbed a towel quickly and began to dry me off. She again paid special attention to my dick and let out small moans when she was touching it.

"Get on the counter," I told her.

"Why?" she asked as she climbed up.

"Your pussy is dripping after you have been touching my cock and I want to clean it up," I said.

So I licked her pussy until I had cleaned up most of the dripping juices and we went back into the room.

Her husband was sitting in the corner with his clothes on and our clothes laid out on the bed. I could see some tissues in the garbage and knew that he had his fun.

"When are you in town next?" she asked as she put her teddy and jacket back on.

"I may be able to convince my boss to send me back in a month," I said. "It depends on whether I have a customer who needs my help."

"I will need your help," her husband said. "I will need lots of help."... Continue»
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My BBW Wife And My Friend

Most stories about wife sharing/cuckolding seem to start out with how classically sexy the woman involved is. Slender, great figure, nice tits and so on. Let me tell you up front that isn't a description of my wife. My wife, Kay, is a wonderful woman; she has always been a good wife and mother. She has also always been a bbw. To be honest that was one of the big attractions to me, those full hips and well rounded bottom. It didn't matter to me that her breasts were on the saggy side. Those mouthfull mounds with nipples that would swell and taste sweet were always enough for me.

My first date with her was a blind date, I did confess however during our dating that I had heard that first night she was a slut. After we were married, the subject of how I thought she was a slut, and how that had been one of the reasons I was attracted to her, was discussed. We, well, mostly me, would have these conversations during our sex play. I would talk with her having sex with other men, how hot it would be to see this guy we had seen that day she thought was nice, fuck her. Then our first baby came and it seemed life got too busy for sex, let alone discussions of her with other men.

A couple of years went by and my best friend Steve, who had been gone for four years to the Navy, called. He was recently divorced and wanted some help moving back to town. He had been divorced for about a year at this point. He mentioned to me that he hadn't had sex with anyone for nearly two years. More to the point, he had always been somewhat shy, and he had lost all confidence in trying to approach women. I teased him about this a bit and told him I bet my wife and I could set him up with someone. I told him I knew she had some friends and gals she worked with that would be perfect for him. One was 59 and a widow, another was in her late 40's and a spinster. We laughed about it for a few minutes, then he got quiet. I knew then that he was really in need of some female companionship.

A couple of weeks after getting back from the trip, Kay and I lay in bed talking. The baby was asl**p and for the first time in awhile we were both in the mood at the same time. As I teased her to arousal, kissing her lips, sucking her nipples, fingers toying in her moistening slit, I mentioned my talk of Steve needing a woman. I asked her if she had a friend who would let Steve do to her what I was doing to Kay. Before long she was begging for me to fuck her and the talk was lost in the moment. Before long, my cock was inside her cunt and I was pounding away with abandon! As I was fucking her, I kept thinking of how hot it would be to watch Steve fuck my Kay. I had an intense cum and filled my fat wife with my seed as thought about her cuckolding me!
Afterwards, as we lay there, cuddling, in the afterglow, Kay said she would think about who she could set Steve up with. Her only concern was that she hated the idea that she was setting up one of her friends to just have sex with him.

The next day, after I took my shower I was in the bathroom. Just out of the shower, shaving, Kay stepped up behind me, put her arms around me and kissed my shoulders. She was wearing a red lacy nightgown, and the way she was rubbing up against me stirred my imagination.

"Are you horny, babe?" I asked over my shoulder; I could hear the hint of longing in my own voice.

"Yeah, I am!" she whispered to me; "because I've been thinking"

"Oh yeah, what sort of thoughts were you having that could make you so very horny?" I asked as I turned and put my arms around her, my arousal starting to stir as my cock rubbed against the silky material of her gown.

"I was thinking that I would do it. I would be the one..." she said into my chest, her eyes avoiding mine.

"The one what?" I couldn't imagine what she was thinking.

"The one that Steve could fuck," her voice quavered a bit as she said it.

"Are you serious?" I asked, my arousal increasing, I could feel the pulse of my now rock hard cock as it jabbed against her.

"Yes" she responded "I've been thinking about it alot. You know I've always liked Steve, I've always had this sort of thing in my mind about him. I mean, he is so cute, and nice, and you know he has never made me feel like some of your friends. You know, like I'm the fat chick and no one would want me."

"Wow, babe," I said ,"I never thought you would want to. I mean I thought about it, but not like it was a reality that you would, not that I would have asked you to or anything. Yet you know how I've always liked the idea of you having sex with others!"

I was so aroused from the thought of it, but in the back of my mind I still had uncertainty. The thought remained with me as we fell onto the bed, both of us highly aroused, no foreplay, just the contact of our bodies. The feel of hard cock in the wet confines of her cunt, knowing that she wanted another man there.

Friday morning we got up; she got ready for work and I fed the baby, saw her off to work, and went about my day. A couple of times during the day I had my cock stir as my thoughts drifted to what she had said about Steve. Ah, she wasn't serious, I thought. She was just horny and trying to get a rise out of me.

She got home from work, happy it was Friday and she had the weekend to relax. Even more happy that I had gotten some steaks to grill and she wasn't going to have to worry about cooking. We spent a nice evening, watched an old movie on TV.

"Well," she asked with a quizzical look. " Did you think about it, about me and Steve?"

"Yeah, some," I replied, a bit shocked now at the idea she was more serious about it than I had expected. "I didn't really think you would still be thinking you wanted to."

"Its not like we haven't talked about something like this before. I knew it always turned you on thinking of seeing me fuck another guy," she said f***efully. "You planted these ideas in my mind, got to me to thinking about what I'm missing by not ever having been with anyone other than you. So now I want to. I want to see what its like, with someone I like, someone I can trust."

"Okay, okay," raising my hands in surrender. "I'll talk to him, sound him out, see what he says."

"Good," she grinned at me, reaching out and running her hand over the crotch of my jeans. The hardness of my cock throbbing there gave away the fact that the idea truly did appeal to me. I leaned to her, kissed her hard on the mouth, my tongue finding hers. My hand raised to her tit and squeezed. She had taken her bra off so I could feel the nipple hard against my palm.
Breath quickening, hands touching, I slid her top over her head, exposing the white mounds of her tits. My lips sought out her nipple, taking it between them, sucking feeling the nubbin harden and grow as my teeth grazed across it, my tongue flicked it back and forth. Her hand yanked my belt open, then with deft fingers she opened the button and slid the zipper down. Groping her way inside my briefs, her fingers surrounded my hard cock causing me to gasp as my tongue sought her other nipple.
I shed my jeans and briefs, moving to her, our mouths hungry for each other. We sagged to the floor, her lips surrounded my hard throbbing cock, slowly fucking it in and out of her mouth. My fingers teased her nipples first then ran over the swell of her belly to separate the lips of her hot pussy. My middle digit slipped inside her, the juices flowing freely. Running my finger inside the wet folds to I found the hard nubbin of her clit. She was moaning, ready now; I could see the pleading in her eyes.
My cock fell from between her lips; "Do it now," she moaned. I moved between her legs, shoved her knees to her chest, my cock rubbing over her outer lips. Her hand took hold of me and guided me inside the hot wet cunt. The feel of her pussy as it engulfed me, made the lust boil within me. Unable to control myself, I rammed into her hard and fast, burying myself as deeply into her as I could. My balls bouncing off her ample ass with each thrust, I could feel them growing wet as her cunt drooled its free flowing cream down over her ass. I was thinking about it, it was there spurring me on, the thought of his cock buried where mine was at.
She has this way of contacting her muscles when she cums that can milk the cum from a man. I could feel that now, those muscles working me. I stopped thrusting, holding back, knowing this was only the first orgasm, she would want more. The woman at times could be insatiable. As soon as she stopped, her breathing starting to level off I began thrusting into her once more, slower this time, leaning forward to capture a nipple between my lips, sucking it, then as much of her tit into my mouth as I could. I released it and lapped a bit at the nipple before I moved to the other tit to do the same thing. Her hips were starting to thrust up to me again; I could feel the need building in her once more.

"Faster, harder, deeper," she moaned "oh fuck, please, please."

Instead, I pulled out of her." Roll over I want you doggy. "She obliged me and positioned herself on her knees, grabbing a throw pillow to put under her tits and face. I rammed my hard cock into her hot fuck box, pounding into her hard and fast, her moans, the sounds of her pleading voice moaning "yes, yes, yes!" my fingers gripping her wide hips, her big ass shaking with each thrust. I was getting close and I told her so. She moaned for me to fill her, she loved that, the feeling of hot cum spurting deep into her womb. At that moment I didn't know that within 24 hours I would watch as another man filled my wife with his cum.

We lay there for a time after, not saying anything, just wanting to be with one another, knowing how much we belonged together. There was a harmony, a balance that we could both feel.

As luck would have it the phone rang and roused us from reverie. It also woke the baby up, so it was back to reality. It turned out to be the devil we had spoken of, Steve, on the phone. He was having car trouble and wanted to know if I could come give him a hand. The guy was in no way mechanically inclined, so I told Kay where I was off to and took my leave.

Later that evening, Kay was waiting for me again.
"Did you talk to him" she whispered "did you ask if he wanted to be with me?"

"No I didn't to talk him, I was busy with other things," I told her as I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her to me by gripping her ample ass. "You sure you want to do this, its not just the idea? You really want it to happen?"

"I want to," she said looking into my eyes, "at least talk with him about it. I can't explain it, I don't know why, but something, as long as you won't get mad at me about it. As long as I don't lose you because of it."

I took her hand and lowered it to my crotch.

"Feel that," I said, rubbing her hand over the erection inside my jeans, "that's from just the thought of being able to see you with him." I whispered in her ear. "It would be just as much my fault as yours. So how could I be mad at you for doing it? The thing is, you be sure you can handle it. That after its done it doesn't eat at you. I don't want you feeling guilty."

"Well, at least talk to him about it, see if he would be interested," she said pushing me away, "it would make me feel so good to know someone besides you at least wanted me. Even if nothing comes of it."

The next morning I was up early to go fishing. I swung by Steve's; I knew he would be up and he might want to go along. He grabbed his gear and we headed out to the lake. It was only a 10 minute drive to our favorite spot. The fishing was slow; we talked about various things. He mentioned his ex and I asked him about still being in a "dry spell." I asked him about this girl we used to know, who had a body somewhat like Kay's, if he had ever dipped into that. Just to get a feel for if he would be interested.

He told me had made with her a couple of times, nothing more. So I asked him if he had wanted to fuck her. He said sure he would have. I asked him about her being a fat chick and if that hadn't turned him off. It didn't, he said, it wasn't so much what a girl looked like, as to how she made him feel.

It was at that moment the words tumbled from my mouth.

"So you wouldn't mind a chance at getting into Kay's pants then" I said, watching for his reaction out of the corner of my eye.

He sounded surprised, "how did you know?"

"Know what?" It was my turn to be surprised.

"That I have always sort of had a thing for big women like Kay," he stated.

"Really?" I questioned "I mean I always knew you liked her, but I never thought you liked her in that way."

"Yeah," he said "I was always kind of envious of you, she is just so sweet, and nice. She has a nice ass too. I hope you don't mind me saying that."

"No man I don't mind at all," I looked into his eyes at this point; I wanted to be sure of what he was thinking. "In fact man, we were thinking, Kay and I, that maybe if you want to just have sex with someone, and not a relationship, well that Kay could be that girl for you."

"Are you serious?" He was startled by the question but not put off by it.

"I am," I told him "dead serious. She and I talked about it and she wants to. I want her to as well. I always sort of had a desire to see her with someone else. I think it would be hot, and for it to be you, I can't imagine anything hotter."

"Fuck man," he still was trying to take it all in. "I'll have to think about it. I mean, it would be like a dream come true for me, but you guys are married. I mean, I don't know if I can just do that like that."

"Just think about it." I told him "I am not pressuring you to do it, just think about it."

It was time to head back to town. The fish weren't biting anyway and I had other things to get done during the day.

When I got home Kay had breakfast ready, she had eaten already and went off to her laundry chore. I finished eating then wandered back to the bedroom where she was sorting laundry. I wanted a little something from her. My cock was so hard it was about to rip a hole in my jeans. Moving up behind, her shoving my jeans and briefs down I rubbed my erection over has ass.

"How about a quickie?" I asked holding her hips and rubbing against her.

"No." she said, "we both have too much to do. So did you talk to Steve, about us?" She smiled and ground her ample ass against me.

"Yes I did, he said he would think about it," I was grinning. "He told me he has always had a thing for you. Why do you think I'm so horny?"

"Do you think he will?" she asked.

"I don't know, you know how shy he is. He will probably just keep jerking off over it and never actually do it. Which is what I will be doing."

"Okay, okay," she said "Tonight I promise you can have you way with me."

We went on with our days at that point. I mowed the yard, put gas in the truck, all those mundane things that filled my day. I do have to admit that my thoughts were almost constantly on the recent conversations with and Kay and what I had said to Steve.

At lunch time Kay told me I should ask Steve and his room-mate over to dinner. She said she thought they should have a home cooked meal once in awhile. She was making her meatloaf; now I know a lot of guys joke about their wives' meatloaf, but Kay is a great cook and hers is wonderful.

I call Steve and asked him if he and his roomie wanted to come for dinner. He said his room-mate was gone until late that night. I told him he should just come on over by himself then. He was hesitant but I told him to get his butt over and eat with us; we were always glad to have him.

Steve got to our place about 5:30. He was acting a bit shy and nervous, which, considering how many times he had been to our place, was odd. Understandable though, given our earlier conversation. Even though I was sporting an erection aching in my jeans, I kept the conversation on things non sexual.

After dinner, the tension in the room was intense when she came back to the living room and sat down next me on the couch. For a moment there I thought Steve was going to bolt, the nervousness was so obvious. Kay leaned to me, kissed me on the cheek and asked me to ask him.

"Steve," I asked, I could hear the nervous tone in my voice, "did you think about what we talked about earlier?"

He had to clear his throat before he could speak. "Yeah I thought about it, it's about all I could thing about all day."

"Did you come to a decision?" I asked, not knowing if I wanted to hear a yes or a no at that moment. I have to admit I was having second thoughts.

Kay got up with a shrug, said she was going to the bathroom. Steve looked at me.

"I guess I just have to think about it some more," he said. "I just can't seem to get myself to believe that she would really wants to do this. Or that you want to let her."

We sort of sat there looking at either in silence. I was trembling, I wanted it and didn't want it all at the same time. I felt like if I didn't push for it, it wouldn't happen and like Steve I just couldn't make the push.

About then I noticed Kay was standing the hall. She had on a sheer pink nightgown I had never seen before. The top was all lace and in the hall light I could the pale skin of her sagging breasts through it. I imagine my mouth fell open, but I didn't say anything. Then she was moving slowly towards me. Steve looked at me then toward the hall just in time to see her come into line of sight.

His mouth came open then too. She didn't hesitate in coming up to him, bending down and pressing her lips to his, kissing him. Her mouth moved away slightly, then her lips went back to his and she kissed him deeply.

His hand went to her hip and caressed her. She took his other hand and moved it to her right tit. He was squeezing and teasing the nipple as they kissed.

I just looked on, in shock, my shy wife had become the aggressor. She wanted this to happen. My wife was acting like the slut I had dreamed she was when we first met. After four years of marriage, she was going to have sex with her second man, and it wasn't me.

Suddenly she stood up and took his hand in hers and pulled him to his feet. She looked at me and asked. "Aren't you coming too?".

"No not yet I said." I knew I had to take some deep breaths and study my nerves a bit. "You go ahead I'll be there in a few minutes."

I took some deep breaths. My legs were shaking, I was sweating, I wasn't sure what I should do. I was in that same instant jealous and turned on as hell.

Standing up I made my way down the hall to the bedroom. The door was open, the light was on and there they were. Kay and Steve were lying in our bed, his pants and briefs were on the floor. I could see the wetness on her tits where he had obviously been licking her nipples. He hand was wrapped around his cock and his fingers were inside her cunt as they kissed deeply.

My own cock throbbed, still confined in my jeans. I stood there in the door and watched. They shifted positions somewhat as she pulled his cock urging him to bring to her face. Her mouth opened and her tongue lapped over the head. She then sucked it greedily into her mouth. He moaned and thrust his hips forward, a hand moving to her tits to tease the rock hard nipples as she sucked him.

Once again I felt weak in the knees. The thought that I should stop this flashed through my mind. Then the thought I was going to get to see something I had always wanted, my wife fucked by another man. I didn't know what to do.

Backing from the bedroom I went into the bathroom and stood there trembling. Suddenly I was yanking my belt loose and shoving my pants down. Stepping out of them I reached down and touched myself. I was so hard, and I knew then I was going to let it happen.

I moved back into the hall and to the bedroom door. I stood there watching. He was now between her legs, his head buried inbetween Kay's chubby thighs. Her head was back and her mouth was open in a little "O". She was obviously enjoying herself as Steve lapped at her juicy cunt.
Steve slowly stood up and moved his legs between her spread hips up. Kay's legs wrapped around his torso and I could see them bolth look down as Steve slowly thrust his hard cock into my wife's drooling gash. Steve quickly picked up the pace into her. I could hear the wet sucking sounds of her pussy as his cock went in and out. She was moaning and thrusting her hips up to meet him with each stroke.

Kay wasn't far from cumming I could tell that. I knew her and what it looked like when she came really hard.
"Now" she groaned. "Now, give it to me now," she begged Steve, "cum now, fill me now, oh oh oh oh I need it so much!"

This was unusual for her, she rarely talked much when in the heat of the moment. Those rare times it happened I knew were something special. Her eyes were squeezed shut as my friend fucked her harder and harder.

He grunted. I could see him tense up and knew he was about to give her what she wanted. Three or four more thrusts and he shuddered and moaned forcing himself into her as deep as he could and stopping. Her ankles locked behind his back and her arms wrapped around him as she held him close.
Kay screamed softly as I could see Steve stiffen. I knew he was cumming, filling my hot BBW wife with hot sperm.

After several minutes of not moving, both of them were gasping for breath. steve slowly broke loose from her and stood up. I watched as his cock slid from Kay. Cum dripped from it, and oozed from her freshly fucked cunt. I didn't know what to do. I just stood there looking at it. Thinking about what to do, for some reason I had strong urge to drop down to my knees and lick it up. Strange, because I had never liked the taste of cum.

I was aware of him leaving the room then Kay's voice. "Don't go," she cried out. "Steve, please don't go yet."

Her legs were still open, her cum drooling pussy looked so inviting. She looked at me, then reached out for me. I moved between her legs and slid my hard cock into her. I was fucking her hard, slamming into her in my urgent need.

"Did he go?" she asked me, "did he? Steve don't leave please. I need more!"

I fucked her furiously, feeling how wet and slick she was. I was aware of the wetness covering my balls as it leaked out of her.

Steve stood beside the bed looking at her. She grabbed his semi-hard cock and pulled him toward her. First she kissed the tip of his penis, I could tell she liked the taste of their wetness on him. I slowed my thrusts into her as I watched her take him deeply into her mouth. The room was filled with the sounds of our fucking and the smell of sex.

I was getting close, oh so close. I looked up at her, her eyes were closed. Panting into her ear I told her I was going to cum. She told me she wanted it. I exploded into her, pumping her already filled cunt and added my cream to that already there.

The three of us lay on the bed. Her in the middle. He and I taking turns kissing her while we caressed her body. My fingers were coated form my constant exploration of her well fucked cunt.

Her hand was wrapped around his cock. It was semi soft, but appeared to be growing once again.
Kay looked at me and smiled. With a gentle shove she motioned me to sit on the chair next to our bed. As I moved to the chair, Kay wiggled herself up on to her hands and knees, her oozing cunt facing towards Steve. She crooked her finger in a welcoming motion to my friend and she spread her ass cheeks wide for him to see.
"Fuck me, Steve." Kay pleaded. "Fuck me from behind so he can watch us."

I could tell steve was getting nervous then, and maybe somewhat embarrassed. He got up on the bed, grabbed his cock in his hand and aimed it at Kay's pussy. steve was different this time. No gentleness or passion. He slammed into her from behing hard and fast. Her ass shaking with each thrust. steve grabbed her hips focefully and yelled, unloading yet another dump of hot cum into Kay's body.
Two more slamms into her and he pulled out with a wet plop. Steve quickly grabbed his clothes and left the room. Kay remained in her doggy position and looked up at me quizzically. A huge glob of cum slipped from her well-fucked pussy and pooled on the sheets under her. I kissed her and told her I had better go talk to him.

He was in the living room pulling his pants up.

"I'm sorry," he said, not looking at me.

"What are you sorry for?" I asked him grinning. "You gave us both what we wanted."

"You're not mad at me for doing it?" he asked a bit amazed.

"Not at all, you saw how much she wanted it," I told him. "This is something she and I have talked about for years. Now that its happened, and with you, it was great!"

"You might not think that way tomorrow," he said.

"Oh I won't regret it, and I really don't think Kay will," I told him, pointing over my shoulder at Kay. She had gotten up and was leaning in the doorway listening to us. I could see her finger slowly rubbing her pussy in small circles with one hand.
He was really uncertain, I could tell. "Its fine man, really, don't worry about it." I tried to reassure him.

steve left without saying another work. I locked the door behind him and went back to the bedroom. Kay was under the sheet on the bed facing away from the door. I could see the wet spot on the bed where her ass had been when it all took place. Rubbing a finger over it, I smiled, remembering what I had seen. I could feel my cock grow hard.

Slipping into bed, I moved up behind her, making sure my erection didn't touch her, as I was unsure how she was feeling. I place my hand on her hip. Gently rubbing and lightly squeezing.

"How do you feel about me?" she asked , "Do you hate me for what I just did?"

"I love you now more than I ever," I told her. "I can't hate you for doing what I have always wanted you to do. I am sort of jealous, but in fact I am also very turned on at the moment."

With that I shifted, my hard cock pressing into her ample bottom. She shifted her position allowing it to slip between her wide cheeks.

"My pussy is a little sore at the moment," she said, "but you can fuck my ass if you want"

I worked my cock into her anal opening then, carefully so as not to hurt her. It didn't need lubrication; it was already wet. I fucked her slowly while caressing her nipples. When she started thrusting back to me, I reached down and stroked her clit. We kept this up until I filled her ass with cum. Then we lay there for a long time together.

"Next time," Kay whispered to me. "I want to feel him in my ass with you in my pussy!"

I loved her more than ever. I love her more today than I did then. I love her for being the good wife and mother she has always been, and for becoming the slut wife I always wanted. ... Continue»
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Hubby Sissified By Wife and Her Friends

I married Jen when I was a successful high earning bachelor at the age of 30. She
was 25 at that time. 5'4" same height as me, 120lbs, petite blonde with
blue eyes, a set of DD tits and an ass to die for. I was short, skinny yet she was
attracted to me when we first met in a bar down town. Later on I found out that it
was Laura her friend who had told her that the porsche parked outside was mine.
Now, after 5 years of marriage, things were quite different. Things had actually
started going down hill after the first few months when subsequently Jen had clearly
stated that my 3 inches cock was very inadequate for any girl and particularly her
who saw sex as a major part of a relationship. I had tried to
prove that it was almost close to 4 inches when fully hard but she would find one
way or other to tell me after every sex session that she wasn't satisfied.
And it wasn't just the size of my penis. She also had a thing for big muscular guys
and was always going on about either some celebrity or someone she saw
walking around in the mall etc. Lately, she had been going on about a new guy at
work named Darren. Darren did this, did that. He is like this or he is like that.
I finally had a chance to meet this Darren at one of her company Xmas dinners. I
was joining her there directly from work. As I walked in, i met a few people i
already knew but couldn't see Jen or Laura either. Then i noticed in a corner, a
few ladies surrounding this hunk of a muscular black guy. I knew that was Darren.
Jen, Laura and 2 other girls from work were chatting him up. All smiles and you
could see all of them wanted him. No wonder. He was 6'2", muscular, shaved head, big
arms, typical alpha male. When Jen introduced me to him, he seemed surprised as if
he didn't expect her husband to be someone like me.
Anyway, amidst all this, I was carrying on with my cross-dressing behind Jen's back.
My work was flexible and sometimes I worked from home too. I had a girly
body and was always into cross-dressing because of that. Since my marriage with Jen,
the possibility of wearing all sorts of things had opened up to me.
Whenever I was home in her absence, I will get into her stockings, pantyhose, bras,
skirts anything I found slutty and sexy and would take pics of myself
posing. I had also gotten into a lot of bbc porn where white wives were giving
themselves up to big black guys.
Matters got worse when one day Jen came back home early and caught me red handed. I
had her bra, panties, garter belt, stockings and heels on and was playing
with her vibrator up my ass watching a bbc porn video when she walked in. For a
while she couldn't really grasp, but then she started screaming and shouting. It
took me a while to calm her down but she wont let me touch her afterwards. In the
next few days, she went through my pc in my absence and dug out my porn and
photos that i had taken.
For the next month or so, she started coming back late from work. At first the
excuse was that she was going for drinks with Laura, Taylor and Darren. She
hadn't touched my penis since that incident. Whenever she came back late from work,
she wanted me to bury my face in her pussy and ass and eat both out
thoroughly. It seemed as if my penis had become invisible to her and she only wanted
my mouth and tongue. Then she started giving me hints that Laura and
Taylor were doing threesomes with Darren and that she was curious about how exciting
it would be for them. Little did I know that it was all the three women
who were giving themselves to Darren almost every weekend. Later on Jen openly
started admitting it and said that Darren had a very muscular body, a
beautiful 10 inch cock and that he had quite a few regular women who came to see him
for that. Jen said that it was just physical sex and she only loved me
and will always be with me. When i complained, she will get angry and blast me about
not being a man, having a very small penis, unable to satisfy her and
then on top wearing women's clothes. She clearly said that she didn't get turned on
by me any more. She had even told the rest of the girls and Darren about my
size and cross-dressing and said that they all found it hilarious but felt sorry for
her and wanted to help her.
So one day, I was at home as usual and Jen had gone to work. I was wearing her bra
and panties watching porn as usual while playing with a dildo. I hadn't cum
for weeks now since Jen lost interest in sex and my little penis was leaking a lot
of precum. I guess I was waiting for Jen to give me a chance one night and
then show her how hard i could get and how much could i cum. Maybe that might
impress her.
Jen called me as usual at 11 and mentioned that Darren hadn't come in to work as he
had a female visitor late last night and was too rough in the morning. She
also said 'oh my god Darren is such a b**st...he fucked that woman all night but
still got up with a hadron..isn't that amazing? I hated how everything he did
was 'amazing' to her. Jen called me again at lunch time during her break. This time
she said that she had spoken to Darren on phone and he was really horny
and none of the girls were available. She said the girls at work wished they could
slip out to satisfy him quickly but they were loaded with work. Jen then
giggled and asked if i was dressed? I asked why. She said 'well, I had sent your
pics to Darren before..and he was looking at them toady and mentioned that
in some you looked quite similar to me from the back particularly because we have
the same figure and you were wearing some of my stuff that he loves. And he
wants to come over and see you'. I was dumbfounded. I couldn't even answer. Jen
sensed it and said in a giggly tone 'What? Darren is horny and I know how he
gets when he is horny. Me, Laura and Taylor are all at work today. Maybe you could
entertain him? He will make you feel sexy' At that point I heard the other
girls giggle in the background. I said 'No'. Jen said' Cant you just do it for me? I
am after all your wife. And Darren finds you sexy. Oh come on honey please put on
my black bra, heels, the white top and just show it to him. He might just get off
and leave..Oh and don't forget to put on the pantyhose which is ripped and
shows my ass and pussy'. I have to admit i found the idea kind of erotic since it
tickled my feminine side and also because i had been watching so much bbc
porn, I was really curious about seeing a real black cock in person. She then said
'OK let me see what Darren wants to do' and just put the phone down before
I could respond.
After an hour or so there was a knock on the door. I opened it and Darren barged in.
He went straight for the fridge, cracked open a beer, sat on the couch
and called me over. I went there, he looked up and down at me trying to look like
Jen and chuckled. He then asked me to stand in front of him and turn around
giving him an over all view of my body. He said that I had a real girls body and how
much i resembled Jen which kinda flattered me. Then he said 'Jen told me
you watch a lot of black cock porn. Ever seen one in real?' I said 'no'. He then got
me on my knees, opened his zipper, pulled his jeans down. He was clearly
soft but the bulge in his underwear was huge. He brought it close to my face. I
could smell his manly aroma from outside the fabric. Could feel the heat. He
rubbed the bulge on my face for a while. Getting harder and bulge getting bigger by
the minute. Then he pulled his boxers down, his huge cock sprung out and
slapped me across the face. He laughed at that then sat down on the couch, opened
his legs wide and ordered me to sniff his balls. They were sweaty and big
full of cum. While I was sniffing his smelly balls his huge thick cock was lying on
my face and growing. It was much bigger than the length of my face even.
I had never seen such a huge thing in my entire life. No wonder all the women were
crazy about him. His balls had such a masculine smell.
After a while of me sniffing and licking his balls, he made me lick his shaft then
ordered me to open my mouth and slowly stuck it in. It was huge and thick.
I could barely take any of it and he started to face fuck me. I could not believe
what was happening to me. I was gagging like crazy. Spit drooling out, he
was holding me by my ears and fucking my mouth hard. After a while he sat down on
the couch opened his legs and ordered me to get my face down there and
smell his ass hole I said no. He slapped my face with his huge thick cock a few
times and before i knew it I had my nose buried in his ass hole It was nasty
and pungent and was making me sick. Then i heard him laugh and talk. He was talking
to Jen and telling her that I was sniffing his ass. She was laughing and
couldn't believe it. Then he made me take my tongue out and lick his ass hole I did
exactly that because i knew if i didn't he was going to beat me up. It
tasted nasty. It was repulsive but he grabbed my head and f***ed it in so my tongue
went right into his black ass hole He was telling Jen how he was making
me clean his ass from the inside. My head was bobbing up and down, my tongue going
in and out of his ass. Jen was on speaker phone, she said that 'eeww I don't
think I will kiss that looser for a few days then and laughed'. She also asked me
what i thought of Darren's cock size and wasn't it the biggest penis ever. I
could only mumble. Darren ordered me to lube my ass up and ride my dildo while
sucking him in order to prepare myself for what was coming.
Darren finally put the phone down, made me get in doggy, my ass up in the air
showing through the ripped pantyhose. He slapped my ass for a while and said
'You look exactly like Jen from here. I aint no gay OK. I am just doing this because
i am horny and you are a girl, not a man'. Then rubbed his cock head on my
ass hole for a while before slowly pushing it in. I screamed out in pain. Jeez he
was very thick. He pulled my hair and slapped my ass ordering me to shut up
but then calmed down and started slow. He went in slow and out, then in again and
out. Every time he will go in a bit further. Although I could tell that he
was only able to get in a quarter of his 10 inch dick. He was getting frustrated by
it and started calling me names and slapping my ass hard...pulling my
hair. Telling me what worthless slut I was. Then he started getting into it and
fucking me harder and harder. He was now calling me Jen. 'Jen I love fucking
you like the slut you are. Such a cock slut. Fucking that nasty ass of yours. Did
you know that Jen wears this ripped pantyhose for me at work so we sneak
out to the toilets and I fuck her pussy or ass quick' I couldn't believe all that I
was hearing. Here I was, Jen's husband dressed to look like her with my
ass up in the air giving it to her lover only because he was horny and just needed a
hole to fuck. But by now he was pounding me so hard that it didn't
matter. After a few minutes of fucking me hard, which to me seemed forever because
of the pain, he pulled his cock out and took a few pics of my now gaping
wide ass hole on his phone to send to Jen. Then he turned me around and tried to
shove it in my mouth. But it was covered in my shit and stunk. I refused.
Darren got angry and slapped me hard, pulled my mouth open and shoved it right in. I
was gagging. Spit running down. HE fucked my mouth hard holding my head
firmly for a while before making me lie down on my back. He then pulled my legs up
high till they were almost behind my head, I was resting on my shoulders,
ass almost vertically up in the air. He said this is how he usually fucks Jen and
shoved his cock back in my gaping ass hole and started pounding hard again.
At the same time Jen called him up again as she was on her last break. He told her
how he was fucking me in that position and how funny my tiny little penis
looked flopping around all over the place with his strong pounding. Jen found it
really funny and couldn't believe it and said 'I knew he was a loser but
really, you have left not a single ounce of a man in him Darren'. He was now sex
talking with Jen saying 'I feel like I am fucking you right now, oh yes take
it you fucking cock slut' and Jen was responding back 'Oh yes baby give it to me,
you know you own my pussy ass and everything' With every push of his my
tiny cock was flopping around and leaking precum all over my face. Darren and Jen
both found it hilarious and he kept pumping hard. Then he uttered a loud
groan and said 'I am gonna cum deep inside your ass bitch' Jen responded 'yes baby
cum deep inside me..i want your cum..i want it'. I felt his already thick
cock swelling up inside my ass and then he started spraying hot cum in my ass while
groaning loudly over the phone Even though I wasn't touching myself, the
pressure of his cum hitting deep inside my ass had a reaction on me and I started
cumming involuntarily all over my face and in my open mouth. I came from
him fucking my ass. That was so humiliating on top of everything that was happening.
Darren then pulled his cock out and took a few pics of my gaping ass filled with his
cum to text to Jen and the girls. He then put the phone down, got up and
was going to the washroom but then stopped and had a grin on his face. He grabbed my
hair and took me into the washroom with him. Made me sit in the bath and
open my mouth. I resisted but he slapped my face and pushed my mouth open and
started pissing inside it. I was choking on his hot piss and it was going all
over my face, my hair and body. He was a dirty fucker. He took pics of me like that.
Then he saw a funnel lying around and had another smirk on his face. He
made me lie down on the bathmat on my back, ass up in the air and stuck the funnel
in my ass hole By that time, I was so humiliated that I was numb. He was
laughing and directed his cock towards the funnel. I was confused for a while till I
heard a splash. He was pissing in the funnel...and directly into my ass.
My ass was filling up with his hot urine. Darren took a few more pics of me in that
position, funnel sticking out of my ass hole filled to the brim with his
piss...Then he put his clothes on and left.
He showed all the photos to Jen, Laura and Taylor at the next foursome with the
ladies and they all texted me hilarious messages, hilarious to them that is.
Jen now wants me to join all the girls at Darren's place one night but Darren says
he is not gay and doesn't want to be seen doing a guy, no matter how little
of a man I was. But at the same time, whenever the girls weren't available, his
visits to me had become somewhat regular. He had told the girls that it was
just better than masturbating at home by hand and the girls agreed that it was also
helping my marriage as I was part of the sexual circle too. In a very
twisted way.... ... Continue»
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s****r in Law calls while wife and I are fucking P

I had told Cathy I would call when I went to lunch. It was about two o'clock her time when I called. I was parked at the far end of a parking lot near some trees and away from where anyone ever parked because the walk to local shopping was too far.

I dialed Cathy's number. The phone rang once and she picked up. I smiled at the thought of her anxiously awaiting my call. I heard, "Hello?!". "Hello Cathy. I am very hard right now and have been as I drove to this secluded place thinking about you." She hummed "Mmmmm!" in a very high pitched and pleased tone. Then she spoke just above a whisper, "I am so excited Peter. Last night when you admitted you were fucking Dee my pussy was instantly soaked. I'm wetter than that now."

"You know Cathy I have fantasized about fucking you for years." She laughed and said, "Do you remember the day we met? We were at Mom and Dad's house and Dee said "This is Peter. That night when Roger and I went to bed I was so horny. I went under the covers so I could suck his cock while imagining it was you. When we fucked I had him fuck me from behind so I could imagine it was you. I was insatiable."

I just moaned a deep "Mmmmmm!" Then said, "When we come next month we HAVE to find a way to get together." Cathy had obviously been thinking about this. "The night you get here Dee and I will stay up talking while you go to bed because you are 'tired'. I won't drink as much as I give Dee...she DOES like her wine. You guys are going to be sl**ping upstairs on the two single beds. I will have them separated so that it's not easy to put them close together. That way when she's asl**p you will be able to get out to come downstairs." I thought that sounded perfect. Then I asked what she was wearing. She laughed hard and said, "I am naked, wet and my nipples are so hard. I have been getting my middle finger soaked in my dripping pussy.

Three and a half weeks later Dee and I pulled into their driveway in small-town Ohio. "Go on in and hug your s****r while I bring in the luggage," Dee thanked me and hurried into the house. I gathered together and brought in the first set of luggage into the house. Cathy hurried over to me while Dee smiled behind her. She always kissed me on the lips, but with her s****r unable to see from behind she pushed her tongue into my mouth. It was not drawn out at all, just a nice wet kiss. I hugged her once more and said I would take the luggage upstairs.

When I came back downstairs Dee said she needed to get a few things out of the car. When the door closed behind her Cathy and I were kissing full on. I ran my hands over her body, the put my hand under the loose skirt she was wearing. I knew she would not be wearing panties. I slid two fingers into her slit and she moaned and ground her groin against my hand which was pressed against my thigh. "Peter, I am so fucking horny for your cock." It sounded funny to me and she realized that it was an awkward but true statement. We were both laughing when Dee came back inside with her hanging clothes. As Dee went upstairs she said, "We're going to have fun tonight." Cathy and I said "Yes" in unison. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. Cathy went to her knees and held it. She started licking the head then put her lips around it and tried to get all of it down her throat. She wasn't relaxed though and couldn't get there. "Tonight Peter, I want this big cock all the way down my throat." I laughed and said, "Sounds great but don't hurt yourself." We laughed at that. She stood up, I tucked that hard one back into my pants. Several minutes later Dee was back downstairs.

For dinner that night we had meatloaf, corn on the cob, salad and apple pie for dessert. When the girls went into the living room to have some wine I stayed for a minute then said I needed to go upstairs and get to sl**p. They thanked me separately for all the driving I had done and said they were going to talk and have some wine. Once upstairs I chose the single bed closest to the door. The other was on the other side of the pool table. I stripped to tee shirt and underwear and tried to fall asl**p. It was impossible. I looked at the clock and saw it was ten o'clock their time. The sun had been down for just an hour. I could hear them sometimes from downstairs when they were laughing.

I was awake when Dee came stumbling upstairs. A glance at the clock told me it was 2:30. I had left a lamp on that was on the floor near her bed. Dee undressed, then went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and pee. Finally she stumbled back to her bed, got under the covers and turned off the light.

I waited to hear the cute little snore she does. I let the snoring continue for fifteen minutes before I rose from my bed. Before walking down the stairs I pulled off my tee shirt and shorts and let my hard prick show me the way to Cathy's room. Her door was partially open and a bright light from her room lit up the hall outside. I silently pushed open the door. Cathy was reading on her bed. It took her about three seconds to realize I was there. She dropped her book to the floor and got up, walking quickly to where I stood. She was wearing just a thin sl**ping shirt. Her nipples were evident under the material. We kissed long and deeply, Cathy with her left leg open as she pressed her cunt against my thigh.

"Peter, Tom has been on another business trip for just over two weeks. I haven't had a cock inside me in almost a month. She looked down at my prick, placed her hand on it and then said, "I have not ever had a cock inside of me that was this thick and long. How do you want me Peter for our first time?"

"You choose Cathy." She grinned and said, "I want to stand forward leaning against the wall and have you fuck me from behind." I told her to "Put your hands against the wall Cathy. Open your legs." I lifted the sl**ping shirt and pressed my chest against it to hold it up as I used a hand to guide my cock to her swollen cunt lips. She hissed as the head lead the shaft up her slippery tunnel. She was on her tip toes for that. When I was all the way inside of her she slowly lowered her heels to the floor which caused me to plow deeper up into her.

She turned her head to look back. I saw her smile toward the door. I turned to look and was shocked to see Dee standing in the doorway naked and smiling. She walked up to us and hugged us both with one arm around Cathy and one around me. My jaw had dropped and I realized I wasn't in trouble.

"Peter, Cathy and I have talked about that phone call several times. I've never told you how close Cathy and I were when we were living at home." Cathy moaned out, "Your husband has the greatest cock honey. If you knelt between me and the wall you could see for yourself how well we fit together." Dee laughed and said, "Let me stand in front of you first s*s. I want to take off your shirt so I can see your tits again."

I felt Dee's warm fingers move from where the sl**ping shirt was bunched against my chest and then slid up to pull it over Cathy"s raised arms. When we were all three naked Dee put her hands on the sides of Cathy's face and kissed her deeply. I looked over her s****r's shoulder and watched Dee move her hands slowly down Cathy's neck, tracing the flesh on her collar bone. When she got to her tits Dee said, "Wow, your tits are gorgeous honey." She held one breast with two hands and leaned forward to sip hungrily the teat at the end. I was going fucking crazy and asked, "Okay girls. Tell me what's going on here. Am I in trouble or something?"
I pulled my cock out of Cathy and sat on the bed looking up at the two naked women knowing I was in for some real fun.

Both women laughed hard and hugged each other. Then they kissed while standing in front of me. I watched as their hands roamed over each other. They kissed one more time then knelt side by side on the floor as they looked up at me. Dee started,"That day you and Cathy met she told me later that night as we talked late into the night how fucking gorgeous you were. She asked about the fucking. We talked about you all night."

" When we were young and at home Cathy and I would share stories about dates. If the date was a dud we would laugh. If he was hot we would tell all about how he was built and what kind of lover he was. We held nothing back."

Cathy chimed in,"We were very sexual together from an early age. We discovered masturbation from a girlfriend during a sl**p-over at our house. We had always known that touching felt good, but we discovered the joy of touching someone else that weekend. The other girl, June, told us about oral sex. When we asked about that she showed us. I was first then Dee was next. Your wife and I were always very close, but after that weekend we were VERY close." She emphasized the word VERY with her tongue licking her lips.

They both laughed. My s****r-in-law said, "That first day I met you...remember that?" I smiled and nodded my head. "That night Dee told me about your cock and your stamina. I told her I was jealous about it." Dee jumped in then, "Yeah, and what did I say?"

"You said that someday I would get my chance. Someday is here!"

I was flabbergasted. "So, the two of you were playing me tonight?" They nodded their heads with big smiles. Cathy went on, "After you and I finished phone sex that day, I called her right away and we talked about the about the phone sex that day. I had called her when I knew you had to go to work to talk about the phone call from the night before. Dee said, "Let's play him a little for that first night. Once the truth is out there we will have a great time."

I stood up and put on my tee shirt and underwear. My cock wouldn't let my shorts rest any, but I loved the confused look on the faces of the two women. "I am not fucking anyone tonight until the two of you show me how you used did you say 'VERY close.' I ended that by licking my lips.

The women laughed and moved to Cathy's bed. They started head to head kissing. Both had hands on the other, bringing butterflies to all parts. They whispered something to each other and Cathy moved to the side as Dee stayed in the center of the bed. Cathy mounted Dee from the opposite direction now and the s****rs started kissing and licking swollen mounds. I knelt on the floor by Dee's head and kissed her forehead as her tongue moved along Cathy's slit. Dee whispered," Are you ready to fuck my s****r now baby?" She spread her s****r's lips. The juicy pink and red insides glistened in the room light. I stripped off my undershirt and shorts, put my knees on either side of Dee's head and she guided the head of my cock into her s****r.

Her face was just inches below. My cock moved slowly into Cathy's cunt. First my balls were on Dee's forehead, then slid slowly along her nose and was cushioned by her tongue as I moved inside Cathy. I heard juicy sounds between Dee's legs as she was swept away in lust now that my cock was bottomed out in her. Dee licked my ass, something she knew would drive me crazy.

I started the long slow juicy fuck of her s****r, dragging my cock over Dee's face, painting a long stripe of cunt juice over the center of her face with the base of my soaked cock. I kept up the slow fuck until Cathy started yelling, "Fast and HARD Peter! Fuck me HARD!"

Dee's fingertip were at the edges of Cathy's cunt lips. Her fingertips felt the in and out as I fucked her little s****r. Sometime during the hard thrusting Dee had a loud orgasm as Cathy's tongue worked wildly on her s****r's cunt. Dee and Cathy were both cumming, both screaming. That was when I sent my seed deep up inside Cathy. Both girls got fucked that way that night. Dee and I can't always be there, but we do have threesomes on the phone, with me in the living room, Dee in the bedroom and Cathy in her bedroom. Sometimes we don't do three way. Either I will talk to Cathy while I fuck Dee or she will talk to her as do that. We have sent Cathy plane tickets to visit us several times since. ... Continue»
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Wife and 18 year old neighbor

My forty eight year old wife Melissa and I have always had a great sex life. She loves porn, is always down to go to the strip club, and loves to fuck. Melissa was a virgin when we got married so like most men would I have always wondered how she would enjoy another guys cock. After years of fantasizing about it while we fucked, it happened this Summer. We put a pool at our house this past May and had several pool parties throughout the Summer. We had a lot of our neighbors over for a party in August including our neighbors eighteen year old son Josh. After the party was over we kicked back and smoked a joint and went to our bedroom. Melissa and I started to fuck and her pussy was soaked. She started to say "Did you notice" at which point knowing my wife and watching her at the party I interrupted her and said "Josh's cock right"? Melissa moaned and started talking about how turned on she was seeing the outline of Josh's cock in his swim trunks which clung to his cock every time he got out of the pool and showed off a pretty big cock. Melissa came over and over and I wish I could say it was because of me but I knew it was me telling her to imagine it was Josh fucking her. I asked Melissa when we finished fucking if she ever had the chance would she really fuck Josh. She said she would. I told her if she was serious I would try to make it happen. She had said yes to fucking other guys when we fantasized about it before but this time I could tell she meant it. Josh and I golf together a lot so through past discussions we have had he has made polite comments about how attractive Melissa is and he hopes when he gets married his wife looks as good at her age as Melissa, lol. I set up a tee time for Josh and I and we headed for the course. I knew it would be hard to bring up so I lit a joint when we were away enough from others on the course. I wasnt sure how to bring it up so I was direct. I told him that Melissa was watching him at the party and that she was very turned on by him and how she could see his cock through his trunks. He looked scared as hell but he didnt tell me to stop and when he hit the joint again I was pretty sure he was interested. I told him how Melissa was a virgin when we got married and how it was her fantasy forever to feel another guys cock in her. I told him if he wanted to have her he could and that we were serious. He just stared blankly for a few minutes and said "ok Steve". I called Melissa and told her that I told Josh about her fantasy. Melissa started laughing and said I was a freak. I told her to hang on and handed the phone to Josh. He was shaking and managed to get out "Hi Melissa". I took the phone from him and told Melissa we would be home in about an hour. She was freaking out and kept saying "are you serious". I told her to relax, take a shower, and light a joint (which gets her horny as hell) and that everything would be fine. When Josh and I got to our house after a quiet ride there other than me telling him to relax, Melissa was sitting at the kitchen table. She told Josh she was sorry that I told him about what she said about him and they didnt have to do anything. I told them to calm down and to just enjoy what could happen. I walked over to Melissa who was wearing shorts and t shirt and brought her over towards Josh. I lifted up her shirt and grabbed his hands and put them on her tits. He started to feel her tits and the moaning she was making and seeing her enjoy another guys hands on her body got me rock hard. Josh looked at me with a nervous look and asked if I was going to watch. I told him no (man I wanted to watch so bad) that I didnt want to make them uncomfortable so they could just fuck without worrying about me. To my suprise and my total fucking delight this nervous k** told me he wanted me to watch them and asked Melissa if she was ok with it. It's safe to say when she stuck her tongue down his throat she was more than ok with it, lol. As we walked upstairs to the bedroom they kissed and groped eachother the whole time. Josh put her on the bed and didnt waste anytime taking her shorts off and burying his face in her pussy. Melissa was going wild and it was so hot seeing her spread her legs as wide as she could to enjoy his tongue. She came in just a few minutes and after catching her breath she layed him down and took off his shorts. I am a straight guy here but gotta say Josh had an impressive cock, thick and probably about eight inches (5.5 cock here) Melissa gives great head and Josh was loving it. I couldnt take it anymore so I dropped my shorts and started to stroke my cock while I watched my wife suck and enjoy another mans cock for the first time. Melissa looked over at me and asked "do you like it"... I kept stroking and told her I wanted to watch her get fucked. Melissa moaned and I knew by the look on her face how bad she wanted his cock in her. She got on top of Josh and watching his cock slide in her pussy and hearing the sound that came out of her made me cum instantly. Watching her ride his cock, seeing how hard her nipples were, hearing her moan and telling Josh how good his cock felt was incredible. Melissa got on her knees facing me and Josh pounded her hard from behind. I had never heard her scream like that and to hear her keep saying over and over fuck me fuck me was unreal. She came twice harder than I ever seen her. Josh started saying he was going to cum and Melissa told him "cum in my pussy I want you in me". He was pounding her hard and let loose with with these loud grunts as he came in her pussy. What really took it over the top was after they were done they layed naked on the bed for ten minutes kissing and touching eachother before he left. They get together regularly now with me joining in and we are talking about taking care of Melissa's next fantasy which is both of our cocks in her pussy.... Continue»
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My mature wife and her young black lover

A few years ago when I was in my mid fifties and my wife a few years younger I had noticed some long distance calls to Florida on our phone bill. I knew I hadn't made them so I decided to call the number to see what was up. A guy answered and sounded like a young black guy. I asked him if he knew anyone from Georgia and he said, the only person who called him from Ga. was Sue ------, who is my wife. I asked how she knew him and he said he was our black son-in-law's younger b*****r. I told him she had mentioned meeting him when she had spent the night with them over Christmas a few years ago. He asked if she had told him anything else? I asked like what? and he said that he had fucked her. He said that is why she had been calling him, they would talk about it and have phone sex while I was at work. I asked him how many times he had fucked her and he said only on 2 different occasions but the first time he was still in his teens and he fucked her about 5 times and the second time he came by our house when he was moving to Florida and fucked her about 3 times while I was at work. Will give the details in my next story. I couldn't help but get hard whn I thought of this young guy having his black cock in my prim and proper mature wife.... Continue»
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The first time I was f***ed to be in the room when Mike and my wife made love, it was at a hotel.

Mindy, my wife, made a big deal of us going away for the weekend, and she got a nice hotel room. We went out to dinner, dancing, the whole thing. Little did I know that the whole time Mike was watching her with me. When we got to the hotel room she had gotten, she had me strip and get into bed.

But, my hard cock got the better of me, and Mindy said not to worry about it. she got me to agree to get into a chair, and tied me there. Not too unusual, she ties me up all the time, but usually in the bed.

She then put a ball gag on me, and put several clothes pins and clamps on my fore skin and ball sack. She went to the bathroom, and got on her sexiest outfit.... a leather bra (she is a DD girl) and a garter with stockings. The garter has little silver chains hanging in front. She then put on her makeup, not too much, and got her long red hair into a pony tail.

Then, she laid down on the bed, and turned on the TV!! When I struggled through the gag to ask what was going on, she came over and whispered for me to be quiet, and held my nose shut, making me completely impossible for me to get even a small breath of air. I struggled loose, but she just went to the wastebasket,and got the plastic bag out of it, and put it over my head, and drew it tight over my face. I thought I was going to pass out, but she removed it, and said for me to shut up.

After she watched a little more TV, the phone rang, and she talked for only a minute, saying all was ready.

Less than a couple minutes later, the door opened. It was Mike, who I had heard of many, many times, but had not seen before (at least not knowingly). He had a KEY TO OUR ROOM?!?!

Mindy kissed and hugged him like she used to when I got home from work. She led him to the bed, and had him sit facing me, and asked him to explain things to me while she was "busy".

Mindy then opened his fly, removed his pants and began licking and sucking his cock.....which was HUGE (well, at least compared to mine.

Mike told me that he had been stalking me for about 3 months. Deciding if he wanted to make me his slave, too. Mike said that he and Miindy were in love, and he now considered her his wife, not mine. He said that for now, I was going to be Mindy's slave full time, and I would never put my cock in his woman's pussy again, and that eventually I may be his slave, too.

After Mindy had a mouth full of Mikes cum, she came over to where I was, and removed my gag. I could tell by the way her mouth was pursed, what she had in mind. She grabbed my balls, and squeezed them hard, and when I screamed, her mouth was on mine, and mikes still warm cum was in my mouth.

Mike was laughing as he got further undressed.

I tried to ask Mindy something, but she just slapped me very hard and told me to stay quiet.

Mike said I could ask either of them one question, before the gag went back in.

I just looked at my wife and said: "Why?".

She put the gag back in me, and just smiled, and told me to watch.

Mike put on a condom.

Then they made love.

For an hour he fucked my wife like I never fucked any woman in my life. His big cock was making her cum like crazy. Him on top, her on top, doggy style, etc. He was talking dirty to my wife, telling her to tell me how she liked his cock, and my wife said things I though I would never hear from her sweet mouth. She said how she loved a big man's cock in her, filling her, stretching her, hurting and pleasing her. Finally, she asked mike to take the condom off, and he did......and filled my wife with his hot cum.

As she laid on the bed, exhausted, Mike untied me, and led me over to her, and told me to clean up his mess. Mindy came again as I licked her clit, trying not to get any of Mikes cum in my mouth again.

The whole time I was scared that he would stick his cock in my ass. But, he was getting ready to and then showering. However, when she was sated, she rolled over and sat on my face, and f***ed me to lick up every drop of Mikes cum.

Mindy then beat me off, and when I came,

she tied me to the bed, face down, and put a medium sized butt plug in my ass. I tried to tell her to let me go, that we had had enough fun. But, Mike came back in the room, freshly showered, and told this was no "kinky sex" thing, it was for real. I was now the slave, and my wife was now his wife.

Mindy showered while Mike further explained things to me. That my wife would never allow my cock in her again, that she would be having his c***d, that I was just the guy who made money for them to spend, and that I was the slave. He also said that the reason they were putting the butt plug in me was to train my ass to stretch for Mikes cock.

Mike then put the ball gag in my mouth, and they left, putting the "Do not disturb" sign on the door.

They didn't return for nearly 24 hours!
... Continue»
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My Wife and The Babysitter at the Old Folk's

One evening, my phone rang. It was Danielle, and as ever she had an interesting proposition.
“You know how I’m working at the rest home?” she asked. “Well they’re understaffed at the minute and they’re looking for volunteers. Saturday is shower day, and I reckon I could swing it with my supervisor for the two of you to come in and help me for a morning.”
“And why would we do that?!” I asked, bewildered. “Apart from doing something charitable obviously…”
“These old guys are completely horny. They’re always touching me up, feeling my arse when I bend down, looking down my top all the time. I’ve wanked a couple of them off in the showers, and more, and I think Kim might be just the little treat I’m looking to give them. You can be our porter, bringing them down to the shower room and taking them away while me and Kim have a little fun. Don’t worry, none of them are high dependency types.”
“Sounds like something she’d be into!” I said. “What time do you want picking up?”
“Call it 7.30,” replied our slutty babysitter. “I’ll get her a uniform sorted.”

We arrived at the old folk’s home shortly before 8.00 and Dani showed us into the matron’s office. She was a fit looking woman somewhere in her 40s.
“Hi, I’m Janet,” she said, shaking us both by the hand. “You must be Kim and… er, Steve. Helping Dani shower our less troublesome gents. Watch out, they can get a little handsy. Unless you’re like Dan and you like that kind of thing…” She said this last with a knowing wink, and this is where I knew she was in on it.
“Here’s your uniform Kim,” she handed my wife a pair of dark blue slacks and a green tunic. “You’ll be ok as you are Steve. Get changed in the locker room and get started. Here’s the list Dani.”

Kim came out of the locker room behind Dani, looking very proper in her new uniform, ginger hair pulled back into a ponytail, minimal make up. We followed Dani to a shower room down the hall. It was plainly tiled in white, a walk in shower enclosure with a curtain for one side and a drain set in the floor. Towels and soap were on a rack on one wall and a shower chair was in the cubicle.
“Ok, they should all be in their dressing gown with some clothes in a bundle when you collect em Steve,” said Dani. “We get em naked and sat down, wash em, dry em, dress em and Steve takes em back to their room and brings us a fresh one. We’re slated for 30 minutes each.”
She handed me the papers and said “Just start from the top, first one is just down the hall.”
I went to the room specified and knocked on the door. An old chap opened it.
“Mr Davis?” I asked. He nodded, so I said “Shower time.”
He handed me a small bundle of clothes and followed me down the corridor, preceding me into the room as I held the door open. He eyed my hot little wife appreciatively.
“Hiya Dave!” chirped Dani. “This is Kim and Steve, our volunteers for the day. Let’s get you out of that dressing gown.”
The shower was already running as Dani slipped the robe off the old chap. He looked about 75 or 80, the thick mat of chest hair was as white as the hair on his head. He stepped into the shower and took the soap Kim offered him. He washed himself, focusing on his groin, slowly rising to attention.
“Dave you naughty boy!” exclaim Danielle girlishly in mock surprise. “Looks like you could do with a hand in there!”
“You offering lass?” he said.
“No, she is!” Dani pointed at Kim. “Don’t leave the man hanging slut, give him a hand.”
My wife reached confidently into the shower, her small hand with its red painted nails wrapping round the old guy’s half-mast cock. The soap and the water acted as lube as she wanked him off. He playfully splashed water out onto Kim’s tunic and said, “You might as well get out of those wet clothes!”
Dani reached around and unbuttoned the top, slipping it over Kim’s smooth white shoulders and off. She continued to jerk him off, not missing a beat except to slip her arm from the sleeve. He stepped from the running shower and pushed her to her knees, and she opened wide and took him into her mouth.
“Suck my old cock and play with my balls you young redheaded slut!” She followed his instructions and he reached down and pulled her tits out of her lacy black bra. Her nipples were erect and he rolled the between his gnarled old fingers as he face fucked her. “This your wife? Always said redheads were dirty bitches. Not had one in years. If I was 20 years younger I’d fight you for her!”
Kim had unbuttoned her slacks by now and one hand was playing with her shaved pussy while she moaned around his thick member. Her other hand caressed his saggy wrinkled ball sack as he held her head and face fucked her with short pumping strokes. Dave threw his head back and grunted as he blew his load in my wife’s young mouth, a string of his jizz leaking from the corner of her mouth and dripping to her pert tits. He gave a couple more strokes before taking the towel Dani offered him and drying himself.
“Likes a bit of old cock does she, your lass?” he asked me as he pulled his trousers on. “Well, she’s in the right place, these horny old bastards will run right through her if you let them.”
Dani answered for me, “That’s the plan. She loves the cock does this little slut. Show him your pussy slut!”
Kim stood and pulled her slacks down and to her knees and moved her black panties to one side, displaying her shaven little slit.
The old guy sighed, and said regretfully, “If it wouldn’t take me until Tuesday to get a hard-on again, I’d bend you over and fuck you right here.”
“Right,” said Dani. “Dave, it’s been a pleasure as always. Steve, go and get the next bloke. Kim, strip down to your panties and wait in the corner.”
As I followed Dave out, Kim was undressing down to her skimpy black lace knickers.
“Man,” said old Dave. “She’s a hotty. Who’s next?”
“Erm, Mr Holt in 102,” I replied.
“This is his door then,” gestured Dave with a wink. “Tell him not to do anything I wouldn’t do.”
Mr Holt, who insisted I call him Pete, followed me into the shower room. His eyes lit up when he caught sight of Dani, and he grinned so wide his dentures nearly fell out when he saw my tidy little wife almost naked standing next to the shower. He was out of robe before I’d even put his clothes down and went over to Kim. His arthritic hand groped at her tits as the other stroked his flaccid old man cock.
“bl**dy hell girl!” He said looking at Dani. “You trying to give an old codger a heart attack?! Least I’ll die happy!”
“Why don’t you get in the shower Pete,” she instructed. “Kim will be assisting you today… in any way you like.”
He stepped under the hot water and said, “Well, I guess you can start by getting in here and cleaning my balls… with your tongue.”
Grinning almost as much as her old paramour, Kim stepped out of her knickers and into the shower. The water ran in rivulets down her smooth pale skin, between her breasts and dripping off her nipples as she knelt on the floor between his feet. She lifted his penis up and started licking his low-hanging ball bag. He’d obviously been a big strong guy in his day, broad shouldered and tall, but age had given him sagging muscles and a pot belly, and here he was, getting his balls sucked by a woman at least forty years his junior. His cock started to rise, eventually achieving a decent erection. Sensing his chance, he picked up the bar of soap from its ledge and tossed it into the corner furthest from him.
“Oops!” he exclaimed. “I appear to have dropped the soap. Be a love and pick it up for me.”
Kim smiled up at him, knowing exactly what the old chap’s game was and not minding one bit. All the cock sucking had got her horny as hell and she wanted something in her cunt. She stood, turned her back to him and slowly bent over with her arse in his crotch, her hands sliding down her own legs. He grabbed his shaft and nudged at her tight pink opening, slipping inside easily. She braced her hands on the tiled wall opposite as he set a slow but steady pace, heavy balls swinging in time to his thrusts, also causing her hanging titties to swing. Her breath was coming in short gasps, punctuated by whimpers.
“That’s it you horny old bastard!” encouraged Dani. “Fuck her tight young twat with your big cock.” In an aside to me she said, “Don’t worry about him cumming inside her, they’ve all had the snip. I asked them all before they fucked me!”
Kim squealed and threw her head back, tits shaking as she orgasmed hard on some granddad cock and was immediately rewarded by a load of spunk up inside her.
“Right slut, give your lover a quick wash and clean yourself up!” commanded Dani. “We’ve got four more old timers for you to deal with yet!”

The next old chap insisted on being called Mr Daniels but he was no less eager to get his old meat into my little slut-wife. The execution proved to be more of a problem though, despite all of Kim’s ministrations he couldn’t get it up.
“What’re you doing stood there?” he said to Dani. “Get naked and give her a hand!”
“Yes Mr Daniels!” she submitted meekly. She was naked in seconds, kneeling beside my wife, her cute little bum in the air, pink lips peeking out. I stood in the corner and watched, my thirty-something redhead wife and my little teenage brunette babysitter going head to head on an octogenarian penis. Eventually he got hard, and almost immediately shot his load over the two upturned faces in front of him. It must’ve been a while since he’d managed to shoot one out, he almost drowned the two girls in sticky jizz.
“Right,” he said in a commanding tone. “Both of you get in here and wash me.”
They did as they were told, rubbing their tight young bodies up against his wrinkly old one, and once he was clean and dressed he allowed them to wash their faces and rinse the spunk out of their hair.
I went for the next guy, an old chap named Henry. I’d woken him up with my knocking but he only came fully awake when he saw the tight young bodies in the shower room. He took some encouragement, but eventually he was sat in the shower chair with Kim bouncing up and down on his stiff old cock.
“Fuck me! Fuck me with your big old cock Henry! I love your old meat inside me!” Kim could have a really dirty mouth when she wanted. “I bet this is the best pussy you’ve had in years, fill it with your spunk! I want your load in my tight young cunt!”
I was as horny as hell by this point and I walked over to Danielle, pushing her up against the wall. She reached behind herself and deftly unleashed my cock. I was inside her in one swift thrust and I banged away at my babysitter’s tight twat while we both watched my wife riding an old man’s cock. Kim came first, her sensitively heightened by all the cock she’d previously had and the sheer naughtiness of what she was doing. Dani followed almost immediately, and the sight and sound of her must’ve set old Henry off because he blew a load up my wife before Dani had even stopped trembling. Kim started soaping the old dude up while I finished with Dani, slamming hard into her before squirting my juice deep inside.

The next guy had been prewarned by one of the previous chaps, and had popped a little blue pill. He was a short, skinny old chap, bald as an egg with spectacles that steamed up as soon as he walked in.
He took them off and placed them on a shelf with his robe, peering myopically around for the young ladies he’d been promised.
“Where’s the girls?” he queried, his boner sticking out at ninety degrees.
“Just in the shower Charles,” said Dani. “Why don’t you come and join us?”
“Yeah,” said Kim. “Bring me that nice hard cock and stick it in my young cunt!”
He needed no second invitation and made his way across the room and into the shower where Dani gave him some head while he fingered Kim’s pussy and groped her tits. He ended up shooting in Dani’s mouth in his excitement but staying hard enough to sit and have Kim grind out two orgasms on his old cock while Dani stroked his bollocks.
“Oh, darn!” he said after Kim had been riding him for five minutes. “Thanks for the effort but once a day is more than enough of an eighty-seven year old!”
He got dressed and left, and I went to find the last guy on the list, a Mr Harrison.
“You might as well call me Russell son,” he said as we walked to the shower room. “Rumour is that I’m gonna be balls deep in your wife in a minute!”
We entered to find Kim and Dani playing with each other under the hot jets of water but Dani jumped straight out and said “This one’s all yours slut. You’ll enjoy Russ.”
He stepped out of his dressing gown, revealing a big swinging dick, eight inches on the flop. If he could get that monster fully hard still it’d go a good foot. Dani arranged a couple of towels on the floor for comfort and Kim dropped to her knees in front of him, grasping his member with both hands and sucking the purple tip into her slutty mouth. She wanked and sucked him and slowly he grew towards fully hard.
“Oh Mr Harrison!” she moaned. “Use my slut mouth with your big cock! I’m young enough to be your granddaughter and I’m loving your old meat down my throat!”
Her throat was indeed bulging as her aging lover thrust in and out, his swelling meat heading down towards her stomach. She gagged and dribbled down herself but didn’t ask him to stop as he f***ed his way deeper.
The door opened and Janet the supervisor came in, followed by Dave, the first guy who Kim had serviced today.
“Room for two more?” Janet enquired with a cheeky grin. She turned to me and said, “How about Dani and I entertain you while your little whore of a wife gets spit roasted by two old cocks?”
“Why not?” I said.
Janet knelt in front of me, getting my cock out and sucking on it. After a couple of trial sucks she looked up at me and said, “Tastes like Dani. You’ve already fucked her haven’t you?”
I nodded and she carried on, getting me hard while I watched my darling wife alternating between two old dicks, using her mouth and hands to get them as hard as they’d go.
Kim got on her hands and knees with an old guy at either end, Dave in her mouth and Russell’s huge knob stretching her cunt. I told Janet to get down next to her and she tugged her matron’s dress up, revealing stockings and no knickers. I ran a finger up and down her hairy slit, poking it in up to the knuckle to see if she was wet. She was soaking and so I ploughed in, deep and hard so my balls were resting on her pubes. Dani lay down and positioned herself with her bald cunt in front of Janet’s mouth.
“Fucking young women weren’t like this in our day eh Russ?” said Dave chuckling.
“They bl**dy well weren’t at that!” exclaimed Russell. “Dirty sluts! They had more dignity back then, wouldn’t catch a married woman getting a cock in both ends when I were a lad!”
“Aye, much more fun this way though eh?” replied Dave, humping my wife’s mouth. “Wanna swap ends?”
“Why not?” said Russ, and within seconds he was slapping his huge pecker on my wife’s face and instructing her to open up while Dave fed his meat into her cunt for the first time tonight.
I fucked Janet hard and fast, each forward push jamming her face into Dani’s shaved pussy while Dave and Russ found a rhythm on my wife, battering her back and forth between them like a sex toy. Her throat was swelling with each of Russell’s thrusts and she came again and again, eventually taking most of Russell’s load straight past her tonsils just as Janet’s shuddering orgasm brought me to a climax inside her. She continued to lick Dani’s pussy and was rewarded for her efforts when the teenager came all over her face. Dave was the last man standing but didn’t last much longer, blowing his second load of the day, this time in Kim’s well fucked cunt. Kim slid of his cock and lay there, gasping and drooling.
“Well girls,” Janet instructed from her knees, my spunk dripping from her pussy to pool beneath her. “Get these gents cleaned up and get dressed. That’s it for this Saturday, but I’m sure you’ll both be more than welcome next time you feel the urge to volunteer!”
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Using my wife and fucking my stepdaughter

So there I was, in the small bedroom decorating, it was about two thirty in the morning and I had lost track of time, whilst deep in to getting the small room prepped ready to finish in the morning. My wife was already in a deep sl**p in our bedroom far at the front and my stepdaughter, who was staying over the night was asl**p in the bedroom at the back. I decided to have a bath and get cleaned up before going to bed, which did not take me very long to get all as the water was nice and hot. Once I was dry and completely naked I walked quietly toward my bedroom where my wife was sl**ping naked on the bed under two sheets as it was a little cold. Being a man I became horny and wanted some, so quietly I climbed in to bed and moved close to her. It was then that I noticed she was in a very deep sl**p and had taken her sl**ping tablets that night. So there I was with my naked wife on the bed able to move her, position her and do whatever I wanted without her saying no. Now her tablets are pretty strong and she only usually takes them if absolutely must. She has been known to sl**p sixteen hours solid of deep sl**p. So it was play time for me, after assuring myself she was out of it. I turned the small lamps on in the bedroom and then set up a camcorder and tripod, I even used the reflector umbrellas to get a good light, not harsh and yet not so bright as to disturb her too much. After a fumble in her underwear draw, I found what I had been looking for. A tiny black thong with a skull and crossbones on the front. She had stopped wearing sexy underwear and hadn’t really been sexually active for months. So I was going to make the most of her being out for hours and get some pictures and movies to hide and masturbate to at later dates. So I pulled the thing on to her and continued to find the matching black front opening bra. Now my wife is not what I would call fat but she has a little chubby where it is needed. Her tits are really nice and big a DD to E sized pair of soft cushions that have great nipples and when held together in the best way make me shudder and cum watching them. Now I had her dressed up the way I wanted and I sprayed a little of her perfume I like on her just to add to the moment. I then stripped of the bed and cleaned up the area so it would look better on cam, followed by positioning her the way I wanted her to start. She just lay there like a soft breathing living doll in the position that I had put her in, whilst I found the dildo I had got her a long time ago, lube and her vibrating egg. Then it was show time, I put the camcorder on and then got on the bed. I had positioned her on her front to start, with her right leg pulled up so I could nestle in between her legs nicely. I started taking pictures with my phone as I slid her thong over cheek and then I decided to unload a first load to release the pressure. Usually when really horny I figured I would just go at it and then wish I had done things a little different, so this time I figured that by unloading a first load I would then have plenty of time to capture the moment and use her better. So after a few pumps I decided in I was going. Now the pills as I mentioned are strong and the great thing about them is, she just lay there breathing as I pumped. I dint even hold back, I was taking the pussy that was mine so when I wanted to thrust hard I just did. She would be to drowsy if she ever did wake up and would probably just lay there taking it not realizing what I was doing. So holding her big tits and thrusting away I became so excited over it all that I blew hard in to her pussy with a load of cum that was surely going to get her pregnant. Then I cleaned her up, saved my work on camera and then set her up again. At this point I needed to go for a piss, so I strolled down to the bathroom and went for a piss. On the way back from the bathroom my dick started to get hard in the cold and I was horny again. I was standing outside my step daughters bedroom completely naked. My step daughter had just turned eighteen a month before, she is a really chubby girl, big tits, really big ass, a chubby body, a pretty face and long dark brown hair. I started thinking about her as I grew harder in my hand. I decided it was game night in my house, so I decided to take even more risk/ Now my step daughter dropped out of college reacontly and one reason was she sl**ps, lots, she lays down then sl**ps in a deep sl**p no matter where she is, at anytime of the day. So me standing there pumping my cock was an easy thing to do without her knowing. Unusually she wears yoga pants and a hood to bed if the room is chilly, but thankfully the new heater in the room had done an excellent job. She had obviously got hoot in her sl**p and had manage to wrestle her top off, and bottoms along with most of the covers, before falling in to sl**p. So there she was in a basic plain white panties with a blue strip along the band and a dark green oversized t shirt. Her position on the bed was also a great one as the bed sheets were all bundled to the side and she had positioned on her back with her right leg wide over the bedding as if she was waiting for some dick. As soon as I looked upon her I knew it was too good to miss out on. I figured what the hell im going to pump over her and cum really hard that night, then go back and finish with her mum. Quietly I positioned myself close so I could touch her as I stood there naked pumping slowly, trying to hold back the urge of pumping fast and exploding in seconds. I managed to tease her top up over her reply nice big tits and was pumping steady holding them and caressing them with my hand. She moved a little but then started to snore quietly. I was fixed on her pussy as I pumped hard feeling myself getting ever closer to Cumming again that night. Her movement had made it so her panties were no longer as tight and with my fingers I was able to tease enough to the side to see her pussy and rub my finger on her lips slowly. Now my stepdaughter has a boyfriend who was supposed to stay that night but had to work and was coming the next morning to stay. I thought about this for a moment as I played with her and figured they were already having sex, so a little bit of extra cum in her wouldn’t make a difference. I had planned to pump then slip just a little in and plant enough in to her. Well that changed once I had pulled her panties aside enough to watch myself go in her. As I moved her she still in a deep sl**p moved to accommodate me more and the little bit of my dick in her suddenly became the whole thing. It was so tight yet perfect, her pussy pulsated as it sucked me in and I could feel every single muscle griping my dick. As it went in I felt her throbbing as she let out a little moan, The sight of her with one had up behind her head, deep asl**p, tits there in front of me glistening from the hallway light, my cock deep in her tight, young pussy. It was too much and with what was probably two small pumps I exploded hared than I have ever cum. So hard I remember thinking wow this is how it should be mixed in with hoping no preying she was getting pregnant. As I exploded holding her thighs so tight making sure every inch of my dick was in her I watched her muttering under my breath about her having my baby. It was hot, the thoughts the feelings got me off so hard I was shaking between her legs, as I pulled out watching her tight pussy contract and suck the cum in deeper. I cleaned her up as best I could then nudged her enough to cover her up and reposition her. Before leaving I gave her a kiss on her head and then tucked her hand down between her legs with a finger inside her so if she woke she would think it was a dream and she had been playing with self. Walking down the hall made me feel like a king, and as I got on the bed with her mom, knowing her daughter was down the hall filled with my cum, the thought urged me to take her mom anyway I wanted. She lay there just as I had left her before fucking her daughter, waiting like my own fuck doll for me to abuse. So I did for a few hours, I came on her tits, on her face, anywhere on her I wanted spraying load after load and making sure to take photos and record it all. I fucked her mouth, her pussy and her ass, lubing her up, positioning and just using her like slut or a whore. After a couple of hours I became bored and was getting exhausted so I cleaned her up and stripped her off, put everything back to the way it was and then after cleaning my self up went to bed. It must have been about six in the morning when I was woken by the dog wanting to go out and after putting him back in his pen I found myself needing to piss. After pissing I decided to pop in to check on my stepdaughter who was still very much asl**p and had rolled slightly so her ass was facing up and wow it looked so good. Her panties were loose enough to expose her from behind and with a wet finger tease her ass hole watching it contract as I pumped my once again hard dick over her. I was in such a good position that I was able to slowly put the tip in to her ass and pump a little without much movement from her and combined with a slow pump of the rest of my dick I was soon feeling my balls surge as cum started to build up. I wanted to fill her ass and thrust it all in but was worried she might wake up so with a little movement as I felt it start to cum I slid in to her pussy. It was heaven the moment my dick began to enter her tight pussy, even tighter die to her ass whish I held softly as I stood there naked arching back in pure pleasure. The pussy gripped and I remember the feeling as I was sliding in her and Cuming at the same time the deeper I went the harder I came. I could feel hot cum spraying in her as I shook and held myself in her. As I slowly pulled out I was still shaking from Cuming so hard and when fully out I could see the cum oozing out then being sucked back in. I cleaned her up and myself and went back to bed. The next day came around and they were both feeling very tired and groggy, but everything was ok, neither had any idea as they sat there at the table eating, that both of them were filled with my cum and had pleasured me that night. So the boyfriend ended up coming round in the afternoon, my wife and I went out, that evening my wife was pissed because she suspected them of having sex in our house. Which turned out to be true but after a few months my step daughter was pissed because even though he had used a condom, but because she didn’t take birth control she was pregnant. What pissed her of even more was that the first time they had sex and she lost her virginity it was quick and not very god. The second time it was quick and not very good yet even with a condom on she got pregnant. If only she and my wife knew the baby inside her daughter and my stepdaughter is mine. But the bonus is my wife got horny that night after arguing with her daughter about then abusing our trust. So we had a quickly and even though I only had a little cum for her due to the night before, she is still having a baby around the same time as her daughter. So yup I will be a dad, a granddad and a dad.
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