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Wife and her sister

My wife and her sister.

... and intertwining my tongue with my beautiful wifes'.

Cindy's pussy tasted sweeter that her s****r's-I ...
I always had a thing for my wife's s****r, Cindy. My wife Amy knew this, and never really ... her brown skin. Cindy is much lighter-skinned than Amy, and is tiny-about 4'11", no more than 80... Continue»
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Homemade Boudoir Photo Session-Wife and Her Sister

... I am planning a Homemade Boudoir Photo Session and my models will be my wife and her s****r.
I ... but I am obsessed with my wife’s derriere and how good it looks when she is lying on her stomach next ... mentioned to my wife that she looked beautiful in her nighttime outfits. Thinking that I wish she... Continue»
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The sister of my wife

... work in New York as an accountant. My wife’s name is Mary and she is a nurse. I am married and I have ... 2 c***dren. Jimmy and Timmy. Jimmy is 4 years old and Timmy is 2 years old. My wife Mary is 24 years ... , erotic and a little bit funny. Jane is the younger s****r of my wife Mary. I have kept this secret... Continue»
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Sister became his wife

... a feeling of fulfillment. She was now really her loving b*****r's wife.

After releasing my love ... Hi, this is between me and my loving s****r who is now my wife. We are from India. Many might think ... this. It took me years to make her fall in love with me. Today I am recounting all this, because we got... Continue»
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A fun night with my X and her Sister....

... we were married. I also had a thing for her s****r Elen. Well who wouldn't Elen has the most ... were d***k. My X Jane said, "I think you would fuck Elen if you had half a chance".
I told her that I ... she had a few too many. I'd tease her about it saying things like, " I bet you'd like to have... Continue»
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... with us?” asked my wife of three years.

At the time, I was 29 and my wife Rachel was 23. Her ... , was at the beach. It was “hard enough” just looking at my own wife in her bikini, but it was “twice as hard ... little s****r, Lacy, had been born a decade after her. She lived with her mom and step-dad... Continue»
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A fun night with my X and her sister Pt. 6

... and tits. I was in heaven. My X wife was fucking me while her s****r was grinding her pussy into my ... I came in behind Elen on the bed and I grabbed her lovely ass and pulled it apart revealing her ... little ass bud. I worked my thumb teasing her ass. I slowly pushed my thumb up her ass and Elen... Continue»
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A fun nignt with my X and her sister Pt. 5

... After having my cock sucked dry by my X wife. The girls took a hand each and lead me back ... and Elen giggled. Then Jane asked with a wicket smile on her face, "Do you think if you saw ... and see if we can make you hard". I did as I was told and Elen took Jane by the hand and led her... Continue»
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Wife on her knees


What a Halloween party it was! I'm calling ... on the couch, and my wife was on her knees in front of him giving him a very enthusiastic blowjob! And what she ... David did. David reached underneath her and grabbed her ass and started to pile drive into my wife... Continue»
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Catching the wife with her parents

... and had to move back in with my wife's parents and her little s****r (16) and her b*****r (17) My wife ... closed and I could only see one of his hands and my wife was biting her lower lip. I seen her hips ... walks closer leans down and OH MY GOD she starts kissing my wife.............. her daughter... Continue»
Posted by jayke1981 4 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Taboo  |  
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my wife and her escapades

... The other night me and my wife were d***k and just got settled in bed, her b*****r and his ... . Like always my wife started rubbing my dick and got me hard in no time. i pulled back the covers ... and pushed down my shorts so my dick plopped out. she slid her way down and started giving me one of those... Continue»
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Watching Wife With Her Biker

... I saw her. There was my lovely house-mouse wife swallowing down a beer with her new biker lover ... up Butch, cum in her will you”. Butch just laughed as my wife continued making love to his dick ... so he could enjoy my wife pleasuring him with her mouth.

Another biker obviously his friend... Continue»
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Wife and her s****r

... Well it started when i decided to take my wife out for our anniversary. I picked her up and we went ... over and unbuttoned my wifes blouse and took her big tits out and watched them as i fingered her s ... and marveled at her smaller tear drop shaped tits. they were so hot next to my wifes huge knockers. i raised... Continue»
Posted by ransommunselle 3 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Taboo  |  
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Sister and her friends

... no intention to do any thing with my s*s or her friends.

But when s*s hug me hard I get the feeling ... to laugh and have fun with mom/dad and s*s and her friends. All were nice.
Mom dad bought house that had 4 ... ****r she was crying. When I asked her she told me that
dad died with accident in factory. I was sad... Continue»
Posted by sam-kumar 1 year ago  |  Categories: First Time, Group Sex, Lesbian Sex  |  
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Her Little Sister Watched

... it.


Her Little s****r Watched - A Short Story

I had a girlfriend in High School ... for several months. She was the new pastor’s daughter at our church and the first time I saw her I knew I ... wanted to take her out. So I walked up and asked her. To my great surprise she said yes and I took her... Continue»
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Wife and her workmate and myself

... was one of them.I knew my wife would be home today as it was her day off so I thought I could sneek home ... I never expected it was my wife laid naked on the bed with a head between her legs. The shape ... Trudi had come around earlier all upset about home life etc and my wife had done her best to cheer... Continue»
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My wife and her brother

... went to have a look I could hear my wife talking to her b******r but in hushed tones.
I heard her ... almost facing the door so I could see the back of my wife bouncing on her b*****s member as he reached ... to explode at watching my wife getting ass fucked by her b*****r and so was his as he leaned over... Continue»
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wife and her best friend

... this story has it's beginnings many years ago, wife was divorced from her 1st husband, and we were ... around her waist, and carol's face buried between her legs !! i stood there shocked, wife had never ... loudly as she came, wife was bouncing on my hard cock, i felt her pussy tighten on me,i grabbed her... Continue»
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wife and her best friend.....

... dropped her pants and my wife sucked her pussy til she came, switched and she did the wife....

I ... So, we have been having a three way relationship with my wifes best friend for a while now ... the other day and get a text from the wife saying that my girlfriend wants some.....I respond saying... Continue»
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Wife Spanked By Her Aunt

... Thought I would just recount a tale my wife told me of when she was 16

She was visiting her ... to her discipline, including my wife!

My wife told me of one occasion where herself ... until roused by the noise; Freda came out into the yard and saw the mess. She ordered my wife to her... Continue»
Posted by spankybum 3 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Mature, Voyeur  |  
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