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Wife’s First Real Dogging Experience

... no prior experience in acting. They pay well. Why don’t u try ... to enact the morning scenes from first. Naren started with the dialogue ... Naren. Naren bit my wife’s lips real hard and she even gave ... to face the rude & Passionate attack of Naren, ... ... Continue»
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wifes first gangbang & impregnation

My Wife’s First Gangbang

When my wife was 19, we decided to have a new yrs party at our duplex and invite a few close friends. my wife(girlfriend at the time) had heard her first boyfriend from high school was in town and she thought it would be nice to see him again. she also invited 2 other guys who she had dated for a little while in high school before she met me. she had 2 girlfriends invited but one was sick and declined to come over.

Her other friend was in town staying with us over the holidays, and was more than eager to party.It was a normal get together, drinking , telling old stories, more drinking, more laughs, same old, same old.

I, on the other hand was sick with the flu, so after several beer, i needed to pass out for a while. i woke up around 3am, went to the bathroom, came out, noticed a light on in our guest room, looked in and found my wife’s friend passed out on the bed. Being a smart ass and also i wanted to see her naked, i stripped her clothes off and put her to bed naked. That pretty much woke me up and i got a good hard-on thinking of all the things we could do to her friend, but thought better of it.

after leaving the bedroom, i could hear the party still going downstairs, so i went down to see who was left. i was stopped dead on the bottom of the stairs as, when i rounded the corner, the 3 guys were still here sitting on the floor, and my girlfriend was also sitting on the floor. 3 of 4 were in their under wear, having been in the middle of a game of strip poker. I sat down to watch, feeling my cock getting hard again. shortly after I sat down, the next hand finished, with my girlfriend being the loser.

The winner was her first boyfriend from high school, Darcy. i guess the deal was whoever won could either tell the loser what clothes to remove or do it themselves. Darcy told my girlfriend to stand up and turn around. i noticed as she stood up her pussy was wet. Darcy stood up, wearing his pants and i assumed under wear. Approached my girlfriend and put his hands on her shoulders.

There was at one time a little history with these 2 when she was 15. they dated for about 6 months at the time and at one time, during a dirve-in movie they were at, they were kissing and doing some heavy petting. His was the first cock my wife ever squeezed or touched. she had done it through his pants and after feeling how big he was, she got real scared and that was it for the night.

now as he touched her shoulders, she gasped, out of excitement and nervousness. He proceeded to rub her shoulders, causing her to moan. he then wasted little time sliding his hands down to her bra claspe and undid her bra. sliding his hands back up to her shoulders, he slid his hands under her straps and slid them down her arms, now exposing her big soft tits, with hard erect nipples, causing the other 2 guys to clap and whistle at the site of her gorgeous rack. The bra fell away to the floor where one of the other guys quickly picked it up. he quickly looked at the tag and gasping he said aloud “holy shit, 36 DD tits”, man I always knew they were huge. This momentarily distracted my girlfriend and she then her attention returned back to Darcy as he slid his hands around her breasts and cupped her big tits, lifting them up and squeezing the hard, once again causing my girlfriend to moan and close her eyes. While fondling her tits, Darcy moved closer behind my girlfriend, crouched down and started to rub his big hard crotch against her ass, at this time I knew the game was done and the night would now get much more interesting.

As Darcy continued to fondle her breasts and rub his cock against her ass Ken got up, dropped her bra and approached the 2 standing in the front room. He kissed my girlfriend full on her lips , knelt down, pulling her panties down as he knelt on his knees, revealing her hot pussy. he then moved his right hand between her legs and started rubbing her wet pussy. Moaning more now my girlfriend opened her legs and groaned as Ken inseryed 2 fingers into her now dripping pussy. he then started to finger fuck her pussy and leaned forward and started to lick her exposed clit with the tip of his tung.

I pulled my cock out of my pants then and started openly stroking it while the 2 guys proceeded to lead my naked girlfriend towards the couch. I interupted their path and suggested they would be more comfy upstairs. Smiling at me and squeezing my cock as she went by, Darcy’s hand in her other,my naked girlfriend led the 3 guys up to our bedroom.

i locked the door and followed them up to the beroom, upon entering the room, she was Kissing Darcy and sliding her hand into his pants, he undid his pants and to my surpirse, his big cock fell open into view, and his big balls fell free into my girlfriends hands. Grabbing his balls and squeezing my girlfriend moaned her now favorite phrase “my god. they’re huge”. Always being a good cock sucker she now knelt onto her knees and proceeded to put her mouth around his massive cock. She is an expert cocksucker, being able to deepthroat every cock she has sucked. once hard, she actually struggled to get him all the way into her throat, she took all but 1-2 inches into her throat, causing Darcy to close his eyes and moan. he now grabbed her long hair and Started to thrust his cock in and out of her lips. she held and squeezed his big balls with her right hand while she fingered her pussy with her left.

After about 5-10 minutes of this Darcy had only one thought in his mind, it was time to fuck my girlfriend. he pulled her up and guided her onto the bed, he laid her on her back in the middle of the bed, crawled up from the bottom of the bed between her now wide spread legs, and started eating her already soaked pussy. it only took a few minutes when My girlfriend arched her backed, squeezed his head with her legs and had her first orgasm of the night. looking up smiling, Darcy knelt between her legs. looking at his massive cock, she had to know how big it was, he smiled and said it was just over 10″ long and 6″ around. Oh my god was all she could say as he moved up between her legs. she spread her legs as wide as she could, grabbed hold of his cock with her right hand and spread her pussy lips with her left. she gasped as the head of his cock slid into her open, wet pussy, rolling her eyes back and moaning over and over again, “oh fuck”. He started to push his cock deeper, !
pulled back, pushed maybe half way in, again he pulled out to the tip. this time he thrust hard into her pussy, barely getting 3/4 into her now stretched pussy. he now started to pump his cock in and out and after about 10 thrusts, he finally managed to slide his cock all the way and slap his big balls against her ass. My girlfriend was in complete ecstasy, she had cum at least 2 more times and Darcy had yet to really fuck her pussy.

What followed then was the most intense fuck my girlfriend has ever had. he was all she had hoped for, big , hard, thick, and could fuck forever. he fucked her in every position, came deep in her pussy, and then did it again. After 45 + minutes of pummeling her now gaping pussy, the other 2 guys were ready for their turn with my girlfriend, she did not care then, she had a glazed look in her eyes and her pussy gaped open with Darcy’s cum leaking out and running down her ass. Cum on boys, she said, who’s next? Ken smiled as he crawled between her legs and with her legs on his shoulders he buried his cock to the balls in one hard thrust.

Over the next 2-3 hours she was fucked twice by the other 2 guys and then to her pleasure. Darcy was getting hard again. this time he slid in right to his balls with one thrust, unlike the first time when he took 10+ minutes to finally impale her on his massive cock. she took her heels and hooked them over his shoulders and begged him to fuck her deep and hard. this time he took over 20 minutes to unload his balls deep in her pussy, I was amazed, he had cum 3 times in her pussy in just over 2 hours, plus the other 2 guys had their way with cumming twice each, also deep in her pussy. she had cum at least 10 times while taking each load deep into her hot fertile pussy.

At this point, she was pretty much fucked into a state of orgasmic bliss, the guys all kissed her and said it was time to call it a night, after they left,I went back upstairs and found my girlfriend still awake. lying on our beg, legs spread, the bed beneath her ass soaked with mixed juices, her pussy was open with cum oozing out and down her ass.

I found myself still hard and crawled onto the bed to give her a kiss, she wrapped her arms and legs around me pulling me on top of her. i asked how she felt, she told me she felt like a virgin with him, he stretched her pussy wider and fucked her so deep, she thought he hit her cervix. his cock was at lest 4+ inches bigger than mine and touched her deep in her pussy where none had ever done. I was now rock hard seeing the seed of 3 guys dripping from her well used pussy.

My 6″ cock was touching her well used pussy, and seeing how I had never had sloppy fourths, I slid into her open pussy, she was so wet, and so turned on it only took me minutes to cum in her well soaked pussy. at that point i climbed off her, went to have a shower, she rolled over, and passed out, naked on the bed, cum running out her pussy and down her ass the the soaked bed.

The next day she got up around 12:30 in the after noon, she was so sore and hung over, she had some crackers and was going back to bed when her friend Marni got up. I left them alone, went out to check out the new years day sales and let the gilrs catch up. I found out from her friend that night that After I left, Darci stopped by to check up on her, Marni went upstairs to "have" a shower. After 20 minutes or so, she heard them cum up the stairs, Kari was giggling, telling him she had a small mouth and he was just too big to fit all the way into her throat, and he would have to settle for the blowjob he had gotten.

Marni opened the door a crack and watched Kari lead Darci back into our bedroom where he had her last night, removing his shirt in the hallway and he was slipping Kari's nighty off before they entered the room. she stopped as he reached around and cupped her big 36D breasts. Moaning as he rubbed his cock on her bare ass, she turned and nelt before him removing his pants. Grabbing his cock, she stroked it, sucked on the head again and tried to take it deep once more in her mouth. She removed his cock from her mouth and said, see it is to big for these lips. smiling devilishly, she said it does fit in her other lips all the way to his balls and to emphasise the point she cupped his big balls in both her hands

He pulled her up to him kissing her as he backed her towards the bed. Genly laying her on the beg, she lay back and spread her legs wide and high in the air. he did not hesitate as he knew she was soaked already. she grabbed his cock ang held it against her pussy. With one thrust he sank half his monster in her now gaping pussy, after pulling out to the tip, he thrust once more. this time he went in untill his balls slapped her ass. Oh god she screamed as she came the minute he start pumping his cock in her pussy. this time he pushed her knees all the way down past her shoulders. she groaned as he went deeper now than last night. she ws now in total extacy, hanging on to him for the ride. as he was slamming her she groaned as he came deep in her pussy for the 4th time. to her surprise and Marni's he did not go soft and turned her over to fuck her from behind. he came deep in her 2 more times before he had to leave for the airport, as he was flying home to Dallas that night. Before he left he took out a razor and asked if he could shave her pussy, she was close to passing out and he proceeded to shave her pussy bare, he then got out a black marker and wrote a short message simply saying darci's cock was here 3x+.

the next day she finally asked me how many times she was fucked that night. I told her the truth. she gasped, holy shit, 8 times? no wonder my pussy is sore. she smiled snd asked how many times had Darcy done it. I told her 3 times, cumming deep in her pussy each time. She smiled, moaned and said she remembered the first one and the last one but nothing in between. I asked her was he worth the wait, she did not hesitate in quickly saying fuck yes. i told her he had mentioned his cock was over 10″ when hard and was amazed the she had taken every inch in her pussy, to his balls.

That was the only time she has ever fucked him, and by valentines day we learned she was just over 6 weeks pregnant. 9 months later to the day, sept 31st, she gave birth to a healthy 8 1/2 lb baby girl. We never talked much about it but we are sure who the father is. His seed would have surely been inseminated deep into her cervix at least 6 times, as he was balls deep each time he came in her pussy with his massive 10+ inch cock.

I don’t mind though, mainly because it was worth it to see my wife pleasured so much and have a fantacy of hers fulfilled in every way. It opened up our sex life and it has never been better, even after 20 + yrs of mairrage. Between her and her friend, they have 4 and 5 k**s each, by the same father, although we are sure 3 of Marni's 4 k**s are mine.....

Big Cock, Cheating, First Time, Gangbang, Wife... Continue»
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Watching Wife Cheat - Swinger Orgy

Boss & Wife
I came in the house through the garage door. I was early, about a day early. I was just about to call out, announcing my arrival home, when I heard a sound that caused me to pause. I had been out of town on business but the offers made were unacceptable and I didn’t need that kind of business anyway. They said their position was absolutely non-negotiable, but in the two days of meetings they had changed their position so many times it was apparent the whole deal was a wash. So I returned to my hotel room, packed my small bag and made for the station and the return trip home.

On the overnight journey to home I fantasized about being in my beautiful wife’s arms. She was awesome. She stood five feet four inches and weighed in at forty eight kgs.. Her face was gorgeous. She had big brown eyes and a small nose. Her lips were full and her complexion was dusky. Her breasts were magnificent, full and pert. She always said they were small, but they weren’t. They were almost perfectly proportioned to her size, maybe even too large for her small frame. They were firm with gorgeous brown nipples as big as the tip of my pinky finger. Her stomach was extremely flat, rippled with the musculature of her abdomen with absolutely no fat. She exercised religiously to maintain her figure. Her ass was awesome in both its tininess and shape.

She could make her ass as hard as rocks when she flexed the muscles in her buttocks. She could hold a tooth pick between her cheeks so tightly that y! ou could not pull it out. She had thick black pubic hair affording a wonderful view of and easy access to her womanhood. Her legs were shapely and thin. In my fantasy we were in bed, naked, making love. She lay below me with her legs spread wide as I slowly stroked my big cock deep into her dripping pussy…


I listened with my head cocked to one side. The sound was altogether too familiar and was coming from the far side of the house where the bedrooms were located. The sound was rhythmic, punctuated occasionally by a low mewling, moaning. I silently moved through the kitchen and dining room into the hall leading to the three bedrooms. My bl**d pressure was rising, my heart pounding, as I crept down to the end of the hall. The sounds were emanating from the spare bedroom. I could hear the steady creak of the bed and a female moaning in obvious pleasure. Who could be having sex in our spare room? The bedroom was to the right, down a short hall past the second bath.

I crouched down low and crawled around the corner. On my hands and knees I crawled up to the bedroom door, keeping my body as close to the far wall as possible. I peered around the corner into the spare bedroom. They were on the bed, naked! , making love.

My wife was on her back, her legs spread wide, thighs bent to her chest and held by the man on top of her. Her head was turning side to side, eyes pressed shut in ecstasy as she moaned in pleasure. Her boss, Rakesh, was leaning forward over her, propping himself up with his arms, driving his cock deep into her juicy pussy. Her legs were around the outside of his upper arms toward his shoulders, her pussy was wet and wide open, as he fucked her hard and fast with his tool. It took my breath away, seeing my wife fucked good, really good, by another man.

All at once I was pissed off and turned on and was at a loss as to what to do. I stayed there, watching in awe, as Rakesh pounded his cock into Prema’s dripping pussy. His scrotum was massive…as big as a bull. I was amazed at the sight of his scrotum and wondered about his volume of ejaculation. He drove his member deep into her, thrusting himself into her cunt, burying his cock to the hilt. Her wetness glistened on his shaft as he stroked it in and out of her pussy. From my position I could see Rakesh’s cock stretching Prema’s pussy as he entered her. Over and over he fucked his big cock deep into my wife, thrusting deep and pumping, pumping, giving her every inch of .

Prema enthusiastically received his penis into her, taking his cock deep into her cunt, moving! with him, returning his thrusts, joyously working her pussy onto his hard cock, her inner labial lips clinging to the shaft of his penis. She was loving it, her pussy was gushing her wetness as that cock filled her cunt again and again, opening her wide and filling her beyond belief, penetrating so very deep. Prema liked her sex hard. She liked to be fucked hard with a stiff, hard cock and I could tell she was getting just what she liked. Prema was panting and gasping, her juice running from her pussy, down the crack of her ass. She was humping and bucking against Rakesh, taking his cock deep within her to the depths of her womanhood, grinding on his manhood and crying out her pleasure as he thrust deeply into her. I was hypnotized by the sight of Rakesh’s cock invading Prema’s pussy.

The sight of him plunging his member deep into my wife’s cu! nt, stretching her, filling her to capacity — then withdrawing, wet with her juices, her inner labial lips clinging to his penis as though loathe to part with the hot meat, only to plunge again, driving deep into her excited pussy. Again and again Rakesh thrust his cock into her as Prema wantonly spread herself for him, taking his thick-veined manhood deep within her hot little cunt. I was getting excited watching my wife being fucked like this. I was amazed at his staying power, they had been at it for fifteen minutes and he was not showing any signs of tiring, furiously pistoning his cock into Prema’s cum drenched swollen cunt. My cock was now rock hard as I watched my wife fuck Rakesh’s dick with wild abandon. Prema was in ecstasy, approaching orgasm, thrashing her head from side to side, her thick black hair flying. Her body was damp from the perspiration of her passion as she thrust her hips, taking Rakesh’s length deep within! her. Her pussy was sloppy wet, gushing her wetness and making slurpy, sucking, gushy wet sounds as Rakesh pistoned his raging penis deep into her.

She cried out, “Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Oohh, yes! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum! I’m goingg too cummmm!”
Rakesh continued to drive his cock hard and deep into Prema’s pussy as she began to cum.

She was delirious, yelling out, “Ohhh Yess! Ohhh God Yesss! Ahh! Ahhhh! Yes! Ohhhhuuunngghhhhh! Ohh Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!”
Rakesh was relentlessly driving his cock deep into Prema’s ravaged pussy, pumping, pounding his hard manhood into her throbbing cunt. Prema was endlessly cumming, yelling, crying out, thrashing, frantically thrusting her hips as over and over again Rakesh drove his penis to the depths of her cunt, causing wave after crashing wave of orgasm. Prema was making guttural a****l sounds as Rakesh held her by the hips, fucking his entire length and girth deep into her soaking pussy. Prema was having multiple orgasms, her pussy was throbbing, contracting, sucking, milking Rakesh’s penis as he fucked her.

Prema was continuously moaning, throwing her head from side to side, delirious with orgasm as for several minutes Rakesh continued to pound his cock into her. As I watched my wife get her brains fucked out I was amazed at the intensity of her orgasms and his staying power. She was cumming and cumming and! screaming for Rakesh to fuck her harder and deeper. I was amazed at how her pussy stretched to accommodate Rakesh’s cock, accepting it, swallowing it completely, surrounding it, taking that length and width deep within her swollen tight folds. Their pelvic areas were drenched with the wetness flowing from Prema’s pussy. I was in awe as Rakesh kept driving his penis deep into my wife’s pussy, over and over, thrusting, driving, pounding, causing her to scream as she climaxed again and again.

Her cunt was throbbing and quaking, gushing her wetness as Rakesh’s cock pistoned deep into her over and over, causing her to experience multiple, shattering orgasms. Soon Rakesh slowed his pace until he was languidly stroking his still hard and bulging member in and out of Prema’s soaked and ravaged pussy as she came down from her orgasms. Prema was as limp as a rag doll and her breathing came in ragg! ed, panting gasps. She was still moaning as the last of her orgasms ebbed from her body. Rakesh then slowly slid his cock very deep and completely into Prema’s cunt, causing her to moan loudly in pleasure. In that position, pelvis to pelvis with his hard cock buried completely within her, Rakesh reached his right arm under her and around her waist, lifting her and holding her as he rolled over onto his back.

Prema was now laying full length on top of Rakesh with cock still pegged deep into her pussy. Prema pushed herself up to a sitting position, leaning slightly forward, propping herself up with her hands on Rakesh’s chest. Prema tilted her head back and cried out in pleasure as she leaned back and sank farther down onto Rakesh’s penis, her small body quaking in orgasm, her tight pussy clenching and contracting around the stiff manhood filling her so completely. After her orgasm subsided, slowly, she began to ride him, raising slightly off his erection, then sinking back down upon it, taking him deep into her cunt, grinding down onto him, milking his marvelous penis.

Rakesh by now had reached his hands to my wife’s massive breasts and was mauling them mercilessly. “Oooh, yes,” she cooed, “Your cock is so fucki! ng good! Oh aaaaahhhhhhh…it’s so…good!” Prema was moaning quietly with her head thrown back as she gently rode his cock. She would raise slightly, an inch of his thick member withdrawing from her slick pussy, then she would grind down hard upon him, exulting in the depth to which he penetrated her, moaning from the exquisite pleasure of the pain in her breasts and his cock gave her. For a long time she rode him like that, being fucked and fucking so deeply and completely it was incredible. As I watched my wife ride Rakesh’s cock I had taken my erect cock out of my pants and had begun stroking it. Seeing my wife so wanton, so intoxicated by sex, so taken over by lust and a****l passion had me turned on like I had never been turned on before. Prema’s pace began to increase. Her strokes were still short, but now faster, more insistent. Rakesh was reaching up, squeezing Prema’s firm tits in his hands, his fingers cruelly pinching her erect nipples as he thrust his cock deep up into her wet pussy while she ground down upon him. Prema’s juices were flowing from her cunt in a torrent.

She was leaning forward, pressing her tits into Rakesh’s hands, moaning continuously as she rode Rakesh’s raging cock. “Oh yes! Oh God yes! Oh yes, yes, yes! I want to feel you cum! I want you to cum in me! Oh, yes, fill me with your cock, fill me with your cum!” Prema was panting as her strokes became longer and longer until finally a full hard thick cock meat was pummeling in and out of her drenched cunt as she rode it with wild abandon. Rakesh was ramming his erection hard up into Prema’s cunt as she slammed down upon him, his cock driving, pounding, deep into her tight pussy. His toes were beginning to curl as Prema furiously rode his mammoth cock. Prema’s cunt was gushing, slurping and farting as Rakesh’s rod rammed into her again and ! again.

She was bouncing on top of his cock now from the f***e of his thrusts, crying out “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” every time he rammed home. She was a wild woman. She couldn’t get enough of his cock as he pounded it into her. Suddenly Prema stiffened and shouted as she orgasmed, then she screamed in a shattering climax as Rakesh’s penis erupted within her, exploding, throbbing, jerking and pulsing, loosing a geyser of his hot sperm deep into cunt, splashing his hot cum inside her, spraying his seed to the very depths of her pussy. Her cunt was throbbing, pulsing contracting and clenching around Rakesh’s cock as he filled her with his sperm.

His ejaculation was gargantuan, his cock spasming, jerking, throbbing, pumping torrents of cum into her cunt. For more than a minute he continued to cum, pumping jet after jet of hot sperm into Prema, sending her into orgasm as each spurt of his cum erupted into her already cum- drenched pussy. Soon they slowed and finally stopped, Prema again lay! ing upon Rakesh’s chest. Come was oozing out of her cunt all around Rakesh’s cock, down the sides of her legs, running down his cock. Both their crotches were soaked in cum. Prema began to move off Rakesh, raising up off his semi- erect cock. As his cock withdrew from her cunt, great wads of cum flowed from her, it was running down her legs, dripping onto the bed and onto Rakesh. Just as Prema disengaged from Rakesh’s cock and flopped onto her back with a heavy sigh, her legs spread out and his cum still oozing out from the thick hairy lips, I felt a hand placed on my back… HOLY SHIT! I almost hit the ceiling when I felt someone touch me.

I whipped my head around to see who the hell it was.

I was ready to yell something at them, they had given me such a scare, but when I turned I saw Sonia, Rakesh’s wife, standing there holding her finger to her lips shushing me. She was five feet five inches of woman. Her hair was long, dark black and flowing. Her face was gorgeous, her fea! tures seemed to have been sculpted with exquisite care. Her nose was small, her nostrils flaring. Her eyes were a scintillating shade of brown and her full lips were red and pouty. Her skin was fair, not a blemish to be seen. Her breasts were magnificent to behold. They were very large and full. They did not sag at all but were firm and upstanding. Her body was magic, with all the right curves in all the right places. And her legs — Her legs were very long and slender, the shape and musculature of her calves was superb. Her thighs were trim and where they joined her crotch they were separated by a wondrous gap within which her pussy resided. I had never seen her naked, but she was a sight to behold.

Her ass, perched atop her slender legs, was as firm and tight as an ass could be. Right now she was wearing a very lose pink dress that came down to just below her arse and it appeared she was wearing little else. I quietly backed up from where I had been watching Rakesh and Prema! and stood up. Sonia grabbed me by the front of my shirt and with her finger still pressed to her lips pulled me toward the master bedroom. When she got me into the bedroom Sonia said, “Well, isn’t this a nice surprise?” and kissed me hard on the mouth, her tongue darting into my mouth, fluttering and dancing with my own. I didn’t know whether she meant a nice surprise for her or for me. I returned her kiss, responding with a pent up passion. Sonia broke the kiss and looked down at me. The front of my shirt was untucked and my belt and pants still undone, my semi-erect cock waving in the air. I had been jacking off while watching Rakesh screw my wife and hadn’t done anything about it. Reaching up she started to take my tie off, pulling one side from the knot, then pulling it from around my neck. She asked, “So you like to watch your wife get fucked?

Hmmm? Did you like to watch Rakesh pump his cock into your little wife? I bet you di! d! By the sounds of it, she liked his cock alright!” I didn’t say anything. I knew that it had turned me on no end to watch Prema being screwed by Rakesh, but I hadn’t really analyzed my thoughts on how I felt about it. Sonia continued to remove my clothes and talk to me. She had removed my shirt and undershirt and had slipped her hands into the waistband of my underpants, pushing them and my pants down.

I kicked off my shoes as she nibbled her way down my bare chest slowly removing my pants as she went. “How did you like seeing your wife cumming all over another man’s cock?” she asked between nips. “Hmm? What do you think of her pussy being filled with his cock, filled with his cum! Does it turn you on? It turns me on!” I thought about it a second and said, “Yeah, it turns me on!” I had a giant erection by this time. Between watching my wife get thoroughly banged, Sonia slowly undressing me and talking about her husband fucking my wife, I was extremely excited — more excited! than I have ever been. Sonia just laughed. “I thought so,” she replied. She had pushed my pants and underpants down to my ankles.

She gasped and said “ is that real ?” she said as she my penis. My rock hard penis was at its full erection, ten inches long and two inches wide.
“It cant be, I’ve never seen such a penis, although I am a doctor” she said as she gripped my cockhead and gave it a few experimental rubs.
“I am scared…that will rip my vagina apart” she said
She was on her knees and I lifted each leg in turn, letting her slide the clothes completely off, taking my socks with them.

“Ooh, this is going to be exciting,” she said as she grasped my thick hard cock in her hands.
“Rakesh has wanted to fuck your little Prema for quite some time,” she stated as she began to stroke my immense hard-on while looking up at me with those beautiful brown eyes.

“Do you want to fuck me?” she asked, still stroking my erection, looking up at me from her knees.
“Yes, I want to fuck you!” I said. “I’ve wanted to fuck you since the day we met!”
“If I let you fuck me, will you do what I say? Will you do everything I tell you?”
“Yes,” I groaned as she continued to masturbate my engorged penis.
“Good — I’ve often wanted you,” she said as she lowered her head and slipped her soft full lips over the head of my cock.

Her mouth was hot. It was delicious. Sonia grasped my cock around the base with one hand, gently milking. Her other hand gently pulled and squeezed my balls as she fluttered her tongue over the head of my cock and applied a little suction with her mouth. She began to move her mouth on my rigid cock, bobbing her head forward and back. Soon she was stroking my whole ten inches with her lips and mouth, taking me deep into her throat as she continued to jack my cock and squeeze and tug on my balls.

“Oh, yeah!” I moaned.

I was already close to exploding after watching my wife get so thoroughly fucked that my cock was drooling with precum. I was rock hard. I reached out and placed my hands on Sonia’s head, curling my fingers in her luxurious hair as I pumped my hips, fucking my two inch wide cock deeper into her hot, wet mouth. Sonia released her grip from around the base of my cock, letting me fuck her mouth, moving her head in rhythm with my hip thrusts. My cock was sliding smoothly between her lips, her tongue lapping the underside of my swollen member as it drove deep into her mouth.

After several strokes I was ready to cum. I could feel the tension starting in my balls, the pressure building, my cock swelling, becoming harder until I couldn’t hold it back anymore. With a loud groan I let go, my cum exploding from my cock in a torrent. Sonia started to grunt and coo as she swallowed spurt after spurt of my se! men. I felt as though I was ejaculating lava. My cum was hot, leaving a burning, tingling sensation in its wake as it erupted from my twitching member. There was so much of it I was surprised. I had been without for several days, and my excitement at the current events was helping to fuel my orgasm. I looked down, watching as Sonia continued to stroke her mouth on my cock, swallowing my cum as it burst from my penis. Some of my juice oozed from the corner of her mouth and down her chin onto her breasts and nipples as she sucked my hard, throbbing cock. Sonia had sucked me dry, milking the last of my cum from my cock with her hands and mouth. She stood up, smacking her lips.

“Ummm, I like that!” she said, wiping cum from her chin with her finger.
She put her finger to my mouth, saying, “Now you can do me.”
I opened my mouth and sucked on her finger, cleaning my cum from it as she stroked it, fucking my mouth with her finger. She pulled her finger from my mouth and turned toward the bed, pulling her pink dress off over her head as she did so. She wore nothing underneath her dress. Sonia crawled on her hands and knees onto the bed, waving her fabulous ass as she went. She went to the middle of the bed and stopped. She pulled a pillow to herself, hugging it as she held ass up in the air, offering it to me. The rear view of her ass and cunt was magnificent. Her tight, puckered, brown asshole winking at me and her pink cunt lips, parted like petals of a flower dappled in dew, surrounded by a halo of her black pubic hair was incredible. I followed her to the bed. Moving up behind her I kissed the bottom of her left foot, tickling her a little with my tongue, causing her to jerk a little. Then I kissed t! he bottom of her right foot, again tickling her, then kissing and licking her ankle. I moved to her opposite ankle and up her firm, curvaceous calf, licking and kissing, switching from one to the other, moving up and up, licking the inside of her thighs, kissing the backs of her legs until I was kissing, licking and nipping her tight ass cheeks. Sonia was squirming, pushing her ass back, panting and quietly moaning. She was saying almost in a whisper,
“Oooh, yesss, eat me, eat my pussy, eat my asshole!”

The musky odor of her cunt was becoming more powerful as her juices began to flow. I couldn’t wait, I just had to taste her. I extended my tongue. Burying my nose in her crack I licked the full length of her hot, wet gash. Her pussy juice was nectar. I licked her again, this time delving my tongue deep between her folds. I sunk my tongue as deep as it would go and flickered it, letting my tongue dart quickly in and out. As I tongued her cunt from the rear, Sonia raised her ass and spread her legs wider, trying to give me better access to her honey pot. I licked and tongue-fucked her pussy for several minutes, relishing the taste of her wetness and the delicate, hot, wet velvet feel of her vagina. I then moved up and ran my tongue over her little brown hole.

Sonia let out a low groan and pressed back as I ran my tongue in little circles around her asshole. I stiffened my tongue and pressed it dir! ectly on her hole. I felt her sphincter relax and wiggled my tongue, gaining slight entry. I continued to rim Sonia’s asshole for a couple of minutes, licking, then sucking, then pressing my tongue into her asshole, going a little deeper each time as she moaned and squirmed at my attentions. Sonia then pulled her ass away from me and rolled over onto her back, spreading her legs wide in a V. I was now looking down at her magnificent pussy spread before me. She kept her black pubic hair well trimmed, her soft pink lips were swollen and coated with her wetness and they were slightly parted, showing her inner folds.

I bent and licked the outer lips of her pussy, stopping to pay special attention to the swollen bud of her clit, fluttering the tip of my tongue over it in small circles. Then, with a stiffened tongue, I plunged deep into her cunt, tasting her nectar. Sonia held my head, pushing my face into her crotch and gasping as my tongue went deep into her pussy.

“Suck me…mouth fuck me…lubricate my cunt….your cocks so huge that my vaginal passage needs to be lubricated nicely before you fuck me with your monstrous penis” she said.

I explored the inner depths of her womanhood with my tongue, alternately making wide circles, caressing the inside of her vagina, then fluttering my tongue, then licking and sucking her cunt. She thrust her hips up, her legs spread wide, her pussy grinding onto my mouth. She was gasping and panting as she ground her pussy onto my mouth while I frantically licked and sucked her. I alternated between sucking on her clit and plunging my tongue deep into her pussy for a long time. As I sucked on her hard, erect clitoris I let my tongue play upon it, causing Sonia to squirm and moan in pleasure. As I ate Sonia’s delicious pussy, my hands roamed her body, caressing the flatness of her stomach, the firm swell of her breasts, pinching her hard erect nipples and returning to her pussy to hold her lips spread wide to give my tongue total access or to let my fingers sink deep into her cunt, probing and thr! usting, then moving to finger her tight asshole before continuing their journey around Sonia’s body. I continued to let my tongue delve deep into her pussy, flickering rapidly, caressing her inner womanhood. When I withdrew my tongue I would curl it just a bit so as to capture as much of her wetness as possible and bring it into my mouth to savor as I began to suck on her clit again. I could feel the tension building in Sonia’s body as she neared orgasm. Her cries and moans became louder and I felt the outer muscles of her vagina constrict. She was holding my head tightly. Her hips were rapidly, f***efully humping and thrusting her soaking wet pussy upon my mouth.

As I was sucking on her clitoris Sonia began to moan louder, “Mmmmm, UUmmmmm, MMmmmmm, Ooohhh, Yes, Oh God, Oh yes I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!”

I felt her pussy begin to convulse and she was bucking fiercely. I held tight to her legs so I could continue eating her pussy and taste the juice that was gushing from her as she rocked her hips up and down. I thrust my tongue deep into her pussy then sucked her clitoris, rapidly alternating as Sonia bucked wildly, crying out her pleasure. Sonia’s love juice flowed and she was moaning loudly, pressing my face into her cunt as I continued to lick and suck her pussy. Gradually, her orgasm subsided and she settled down and began to push me away from her saying, “No more, No more, it’s too much, No more…” I ignored her for a moment, relishing the results of her orgasm and continuing to suck her clitty and delve my tongue deep into her gently throbbing cunt as she tried to push me away. Finally, smiling from ear to ear, I drew my head away, my face coated with her wetness.

“My God,” Sonia said, breathing heavily.

“That was incredible!”

“Natural ability,” I said, extending my tongue, curling it down, easily touching my chin. I then stuck it straight out then curled it up, touching the bridge of my nose.

My cock was rock hard and standing tall. Sonia looked at my rigid member hungrily.

“I want you to fuck me. Fuck me with your fat monstrous cock now, fuck me any way you want be gentle at first…I got to get used to that size”
Sonia was splayed out on the bed, her legs open, her silky black hair spread over the pillows. I moved up between her legs, causing her to spread them wider as I moved on top of her. With my arms straight, I held myself above her, watching her face and leaning down to suck each nipple in turn as I rubbed the underside of my hard cock up and down her wet pussy. Sonia ground herself upon me from below as she squeezed and kneaded her tits, holding them up, making them easier to reach with my mouth. I changed my angle of attack and my huge bulbous cock head was in her pussy.

“Aaaaaaaagggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh……..ammmaaaaaaaaa” she moaned in pain. “Slowly….slowly….my cunts never been stretched so much” she moaned in pain.

I watched her expression as I smoothly thrust my thick cock slowly into her. She was very wet, enabling me to slide in my cock.
“Stop…no more….aaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggghhhhhhhh…aaaaaaaeeeeeeee…stop… please stop” Sonia was now moaning .

By now half of my entire cock was sheathed in her tight pussy. Not heading to her pleadings I gripped Sonia’s hips and with a powerful lunge I slammed my ten inches long two inch wide shaft deep into her.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE…MAAAAAAAAAAAAA. …..OOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW…… NOOOOO….NO” Sonia screamed as I thrust deep into her. By now tears were flowing down her face.

“Stop…please wait…let my vagina get used to the size, please wait for a minute” She said and with that she threw her legs around my arse and clamped my penis with her cunt in a vice like grip. I was now kissing Sonia deeply, my penis embedded into her cunt and my chest squeezing her breasts. Her bullet hard nipples thrust into my chest.

After a while she slowly began to move her hips, thrusting and grinding against me as I held my cock buried within her. The feel of her working her pussy on my cock was amazing. I could feel her cervix bumping the top of my cock and I was amazed at how tight she was. My cock felt as hard as a bar of iron, completely engorged, thick, heavy and full. I pulled back, withdrawing almost my entire length, then slowly slipped back deep into Sonia’s tight, hot pussy. Sonia accepted my cock into her, taking me deep, grinding her cunt onto my rigid cock moaning out in pain and pleasure. It was fantastic, the soft, wet slippery-smooth feeling of her pussy wrapping, surrounding, caressing my cock as I pushed it into her. When I had penetrated her completely, my cock totally within her, I held myself there and Sonia worked her cunt onto me, pushing and grinding, pulling on my ass, trying to take me as deep a! s possible.

Again I slowly withdrew, this time my cock completely withdrawing from her hungry pussy, causing Sonia to whine. I entered her again, very slowly, enjoying the feel of her pussy lips on my cock head, and then the feel of her velvet smooth tightness as I drove slowly deeper into her. I was in ecstasy, feeling her warm pussy engulf my thickness, swallowing it, enveloping it, coating it with her love juices. Again I pushed my cock into her to the hilt, pausing deep within her, pushing and grinding to gain every millimeter of depth as Sonia moaned in pleasure, grinding and thrusting back. I began to fuck her with my fat long cock, taking long, slow strokes, withdrawing until nothing but the head of my penis remained, then plunging back into her, my cock driving deep, opening her wide, penetrating to the depths of her womanhood until I was completely buried, then withdrawing only to plunge again.

Sonia matched my strokes, returning my thrusts with thrusts, my pushes with pushes and grinding her pelvis into mine as I became buried to the hilt in her gushing cunt. Again and again I slowly stroked my hard cock into her wet pussy. She was softly moaning, squeezing my ass and lightly scratching my back as I fucked her deep and slow. Her pussy was becoming drenched, her wetness flowing freely, coating my thick cock and both our pubic areas. I lowered myself onto my elbows and continued to fuck her like this for about three minutes, thrusting and grinding, humping and fucking, slow and delicious. It was magic, my cock was so hard, it felt as if it were a granite pillar, and her cunt was tight, hot and wet. Our pace began to pick up, our thrusts becoming quicker and harder.

Sonia was grunting each time I thrust my cock into her, “Unggh Yes!, Oh!, Hungh Yes!…harder! Ungh — harder!” Soon I was ! rapidly thrusting my rigid cock into Sonia’s wide- open pussy. Her cunt was gushing with her wetness, slurping and farting as I pumped my raging hard cock into her again and again and again. Sonia was breathing hard and gasping, humping and bucking, thrusting her hips as over and over and over I withdrew my long, hard cock, coated and slick with her wetness, and plunged it back into her sloppy wet pussy, slamming hard and deep, both of us grunting and moaning loudly, exulting in the depth of penetration and the exquisite friction as my thick cock advanced and retreated in the depths of her tight, hot womanhood. Sonia was frantic as she approached orgasm, her nails digging into my back, her head thrashing side to side, she was returning my thrusts, pumping her hips up as I pounded my cock into her.

She was wet with perspiration, moaning and shouting, “Ohhh Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Ohhh, ooohhhnnngg, fuck me hard! Harder! Don’t stop! Don’t stop — Yes! Yes! Ooohhh!…Fuck me…fuck me hard with your monster…ooooh!”
“Ohhh Shankar yes! Ohhh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Ohhh … uhhh … Ohhhh … uhhh … ohhh uhhh ohh uhh ohhh uhhh ohhh uhhh ohhh uhhh uhhh uhhh uhhh uhhh ohhh uhhh yes!” she gasped.

Her body rocked and jerked and her breasts jiggled and bounced with my thrusts. I kept moving with an utterly steady, metronomic action, my penis sliding in and out, in and out, in and out. Sonia’s head rolled from side to side and she whimpered deliriously. My mammoth penis crushed and plundered her flesh, filling her cunt to bursting. She could feel the extraordinary heat and hardness of me. Whimpering, her hips and cunt heaving rhythmically under mine, she smiled sensuously at me, caressing my face and chest. Arching her head, she licked my small, hard nipples. Her hands slid down my back to my buttocks and she began toying with the mangalsutra. I smiled, grunting in pleasure, as she moved it in and out of my! ass with her fingertip and then slowly began to draw it out. The release in pressure was exquisitely erotic. I groaned and pressed his cock deeper into her flesh, making her moan and arch in delight under him. The mangalsutra twined in her fingers, she caressed his body and back and arms.

My rhythm did not vary and Sonia whimpered deliriously; it was incredible, this relentless, demanding, driving fucking. To tease her I pulled out my cock and started stroking her clitoris with my cock head.
“Don’t stop…fuck me…Shankar fuck me “ she screamed.
I paused and slipped my cock just in. Sonia waited, whimpering, gasping and panting under me. Slowly, I slid into her again. She gasped, arching hard as my penis tunnelled into her flesh, hot and hard. It felt wonderful, having my naked cock in her cunt at last. She groaned, and her hips churned hard against mine. I fucked her for several minutes in that position, with the same, steady, unvarying rhythm.

And then I began to move faster.
Beneath me, Sonia cried out, her body twisting and lurching and writhing as my penis plundered her flesh. My buttocks flexed and unflexed and my hips rose and fell in a mesmerising, rapid rhythm. My cock appeared and disappeared into her flesh, pushing and squeezing and tunnelling and burrowing and plowing in deeper and deeper.

“Oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh ma uh oh ma oh ma oh ma oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh,” Sonia panted deliriously, her head whipping from side to side.

“C’mon, take it, take it, bitch, take it, take my prick, take it! Oh fuck yes oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck yes oh fuck yes oh fuck yes take it !”

I bent my head and thrust my tongue into her mouth. She arched her body under mine, her breasts hot under my chest. She gripped his face, her mangalsutra twined in her fingers, and kissed me feverishly, sucked my earlobe, swirled her tongue lasciviously through my ear in an utterly wanton gesture.
“Harder,” she gasped. “Fuck me harder, Shankar! Fuck me like a whore!”

I grunted and rose on my outstretched arms and knees. Flinging my head back, gasping loudly, I started ramming and reaming my cock into my wife’s bosses wife’s flesh. My hips snapped rapidly back and forth and my penis plunged in faster and faster, in and out of her cunt, till I was entering her at a furious, ramming pace. My knees levered her thighs wide and Sonia lay pinned under me, her body jerking and rocking violently with my thrusts. Her orgasm loomed and then broke in a series of crashing, back to back orgasms. Her cunt convulsed frantically on my penis. Groaning, I slowed abruptly and skewered her heavily, with a cruel, rolling twist of my hips that made my penis enter her from all angles. She gasped and cried out, her hands crushing her breasts in an erotic frenzy and then, abruptly, I resumed ram-fucking her. Sonia cried out thinly, her face contorting and twisting with lust as my! huge cock hammered into her flesh. Her orgasm intensified and dragged on.

I could feel her inner vagina expand and her outer vagina contracting around my cock as she got closer to cumming. Her wetness was pouring from her, drenching our pelvic areas, filling the room with the smell of sex. I was fucking her hard, rapidly, f***efully driving my cock into her over and over. Her body tensed and she yelled as she began to orgasm.

“Aaahhh! Aaahhhh! Ahhhh! Ohhhh, I’m commmminnnnggg! I’mm Cooommmingggg! Yeennnnngggghhhh! Unnnngggghhh! Ahhhh! Ahhh! Ahh! Yessss!…I’m commmminnnggg!”
I continued to piledrive my hard cock into her throbbing pussy as she came. Her body shook and she was pulling on my ass, pulling me deeper into her as she came and came. Her pussy was heaving and contracting, milking my cock, but I wasn’t ready. I kept up my pace, plunging, plunging, driving my thick member hard and deep into her cunt.

Her orgasmic juices flowed from her in a torrent, her words were unintelligible a****l sounds, her pussy, throbbing, contracting, milking me, was slick and drenched from her orgasms and was making gushing, farting, slurping sounds as over and over, I drove my long, hard cock to the depths of her while she wantonly heaved and bucked in orgasm underneath me. Her orgasms seemed to go on and on as I continued to fuck my cock in and out of her ravaged cunt. After several minutes I tired and slowed, sliding my still hard cock languidly in and out of her as she came dow! n. Her breathing was ragged and she was quietly moaning as I gently stroked my cock in her wet pussy. I was still on top of her, the perspiration from our bodies mingling as we continued to make love slowly and deeply. I leaned down and sucked on her nipples again making Sonia moan. “I want you to cum,” she said as I flicked my tongue across her erect nipple.

“Turn over,” I responded as I withdrew my cock from her cunt. I backed up and got up on my knees as Sonia rolled over onto her stomach, sticking her ass in the air. I pulled up on her hips and she raised to a hands and knees position with her legs spread wide. I moved up behind her, between her legs. I placed the head of my cock at Sonia’s wet cunt hole and slowly pushed it in to the hilt. Pulling her by the hips, I ground myself as far into her as I could as Sonia moaned and laid her head down upon her arms. Still holding her by the hips I stroked my cock in and out of her for several minutes. By the time my cock was com! pletely buried in Sonia’s cunt she was moaning again.
“OOhhhh yess! Ohh yess…fuck me hard with your huge cock…stretch my cunt…yes…fasterrrrr!” over and over again.

Gently I started to stroke my cock in her cunt, moving an inch or two in and out. Sonia became excited very fast, reaching with one hand to finger her cunt and rub her clitoris as my strokes became longer and harder. I could feel it with my cock as she deeply fingered herself with two fingers, to put pressure on my cock as I fucked her deeply in the cunt. I looked over to mirror on the dresser and had an excellent side view of Sonia and I fucking on the bed. The sight of my raging cock slipping in and out of her cunt turned me on. I was driving my cock deep into her cunt, holding her by the hips, driving with long hard strokes. The combination of the tightness of her cunt and her stroking my cock was really getting me close to cumming. My cock was very hard and felt about to burst.

Sonia was loudly moaning and panting, meeting my thrusts and grunting as I bottomed out in her cunt. I looked again! to the mirror to watch myself dog-fucking Sonia and was surprised to see Rakesh and Prema in the doorway watching.

They must have noted the look of surprise on my face because at once they both smiled. Prema’s eyes were the size of dinner plates as she watched me dog-fuck Sonia. I was too far gone to stop and the fact that I now had an audience seemed to excite me even more. My penis was dribbling lots of precum into Sonia’s pussy, providing good lubrication as I rapidly pounded into her.

Rakesh moved over to the bed, climbing in front of Sonia, holding his semi-erect cock out to her. She pulled her hand from her cunt to grab his cock and guide it to her mouth. She swallowed him to the root and he began to slide his cock in and out of her mouth. His cock was soon swelled as he became completely hard.

Sonia was well practiced with Rakesh’s cock and easily swallowed him whole, deepthroating him as I continued to ravage her asshole. Not to be left alone, Prema stepped up to the bed and gave me a long hard kiss, her tongue darting deep into my mouth as she caressed Sonia’s back. Prema broke the kiss, enabling her to lean down and finger Sonia’s arse. My rock hard penis could feel Prema enter her with first one, then two fingers. When she felt my cock through the thin membrane separating Sonia’s cunt from her anal passage, she also pressed against it, stroking my cock through Sonia’s ! arse. Prema was bending over to finger Sonia’s arse, so I reached out and inserted two fingers into her cum-slicked slit and began stroking them in her cunt. Sonia was moaning and grunting around Rakesh’s cock in her mouth, gyrating her hips as I dog-fucked her cunt and Prema finger- fucked her arse. She was quickly approaching orgasm, as was I. I looked up at Rakesh as he pumped his mammoth dick into Sonia’s mouth and noted that he was watching the whole scene in the bureau mirror.

I looked over at the scene in the mirror. It was an awesome view to see myself fucking Sonia up her swollen cunt and fingering Prema as Prema was finger-fucking Sonia’s arse and Sonia was sucking Rakesh’s cock. I was on the edge of orgasm and I could tell by the look of it that Rakesh was close as well. Prema’s pussy was getting wetter and wetter as I dipped my fingers deep then ran them in tiny circles around her clit. Suddenly Sonia let out a loud groan as she started to cum. I could feel her cun! t clenching and contracting around my cock, causing me to explode inside her, ejaculating my seed deep into her vagina. Wads and wads of thick warm come spurted into Sonia’s cunt in a pulsating stream. I kept spurting deep into her cunt which was milking out my cum. Prema felt my cock throbbing deep in Sonia’s cunt and pushed back onto my fingers, I stroked them once, twice and she began to cum.

Watching this, Rakesh let out a groan and began to cum in Sonia’s mouth as she sucked and jacked his great cock. My orgasm was tremendous. My cock was endlessly throbbing and pumping, shooting load after load of cum into Sonia’s swollen cunt until it was leaking out and running down her legs. Her cunt was throbbing and contracting, milking my cock as she came. Prema’s pussy was dripping wet as she ground upon my fingers, orgasmic waves of pleasure causing her legs to shake and become weak. Sonia swallowed the first two or three shots of cum from Rakesh’s! cock, then pulled him from her mouth and kissed the tip of his throbbing, cumming cock. His cum splashed on her lips, breasts and face as it erupted from his penis. Sonia was moaning and licking her lips as she rubbed Rakesh’s still squirting cock on her face. When Rakesh’s orgasm subsided Sonia swallowed his big cock again, cleaning his cum from it, then she pulled it out.

She began to wipe the cum from her face with his penis, then sucked the cum off his penis. I held my cock deep in Sonia’s cunt as my orgasm subsided. I removed my fingers from Prema’s cunt as I pulled my now-softening cock from Sonia’s cunt. My cock was covered in cum and it was oozing from Sonia’s swollen pussy. Prema immediately climbed onto the bed and began to suck and lick the cum from my cock. When she had cleaned my cock completely, she turned and began to lick and suck the cum from in and around Sonia’s cunt, causing Sonia to give a heavy sigh of satisfaction. When Prema had finished c! leaning Sonia’s cunt she came to me, kissed me hard with cum on her lips and face and more on her tongue as she darted it into my mouth. I kissed and licked the cum from her face and tasted what was in her mouth as she kissed me.

She drew back and whispered to me, “I want you to fuck me like that! I want you to fuck me darling, I missed you a lot, fuck me hard in my cunt…my cunt really missed your cock” She then started kissing my neck and moving lower she kissed and nibbled my chest, then my stomach, until she reached my cock. My cock had been on the way down until Prema had said she wanted me to fuck her doggy style; now it was standing at half-mast as Prema, on all fours, took my cock in her mouth. I immediately began to get hard again. Sonia had collapsed onto the bed and rolled over onto her back and was now watching as Prema ravenously sucked my cock. Rakesh was kneeling behind Prema stroking his cock as he watched her suck me. It seemed as though his cock never went dow! n. Rakesh moved up behind Prema and between her legs and put his big cock up to her cunt pulled it out and started to prise open her arse hole with his cock head. Sonia reached out and helped guide him into her. As Rakesh pressed forward Prema pressed back and Rakesh’s cock sank deep into Prema’s tight little arse. Rakesh began to stroke his meat in and out of Prema’s arse while she was on all fours sucking my cock. After several minutes Prema was moaning heavily around my huge fat cock.

She pulled her mouth off my erect penis and still breathing heavily, disengaged from Rakesh. Prema turned around and told Rakesh to lay down on his back, which he did. Prema then mounted him, taking his giant cock up into her arse. Letting out a deep sigh of contentment, she slipped down onto him, his entire length and thickness buried in her juicy cunt. She leaned back and lay full length upon him. I had a closeup view of Rakesh’s cock filling my w! ife, stretching her arse open, filling her completely. Sonia moved over and began to rim Prema’s cunt, first licking, then sucking her swollen labial lips, causing Prema to squirm with delight, moving and grinding on Rakesh’s cock penetrating to the hilt from beneath her. I was on my knees between their spread legs watching as Sonia began pressing her tongue into Prema’s cunt. For several minutes Sonia rimmed Prema’s cunt, making her shiver and squirm and providing good lubrication for what was to come. Then Sonia backed off, and it was my turn. I was very excited, my cock rock-hard as I moved up into a good position to enter Prema.

As I was getting in position Sonia leaned forward, grasped my erection and took my entire length into her mouth, sliding it in and out several times and thoroughly coating it with her saliva. When she let my stiff rod pop out of her mouth, I was definitely ready. I put my cock against Prema’s cunt and pressed. With a little pressure my cock head entered her tight cunt. Prema cried out in pleasure and pain as my fat purple cock head invaded her cunt. She was much tighter than Sonia had been. I pressed forward, my cock sinking deeper and deeper into Prema’s cunt. Prema was constantly moaning as I entered her. I continued pushing until my cock was completely buried to the hilt in her cunt. I could feel Rakesh’s cock filling Prema’s arse as I entered her. When I bottomed out in Prema’s cunt, she was filled with ten inches of prime thick penis in her cunt and another eight in her asshole. With so muc! h hard cock in her, Prema began to shudder in orgasm, her pussy throbbing on my big cock and her ass clenching and contracting on Rakesh’s as she came. Rakesh said, “Fuck her cunt hard and I’ll be still,” so I started to gently stroke my cock in and out of her cunt.

Prema had not stopped cumming yet and shook with another orgasm as I began to move inside her. As I fucked Prema with smooth short strokes, I could feel my cock rubbing the underside of Rakesh’s cock through that thin membrane, and the feeling was exquisite. I knew Rakesh enjoyed it as well, hearing him groan in pleasure each time my cock moved against his. Prema was constantly moaning, gasping and panting, cumming in multiple orgasms. My strokes were becoming longer now, withdrawing four or five inches before plunging back into her. Rakesh began to move with me. Each time I plunged my thick cock into Prema’s cunt he withdrew from her arse, when I withdrew from her tight cunt he would pound his cock deep into her a! rse.

Over and over we pounded our cocks into her, alternately filling her asshole or her cunt. Again and again I rapidly drove deep into Prema’s cunt, withdrawing to allow Rakesh to plunge into her arse. For a long while, we filled Prema over and over with thick, hard cock until she was delirious with orgasm. Sonia was beside us, frantically masturbating, as Rakesh and I gangbanged Prema. We had increased our thrusts to a pounding pace. My precum was flowing like a river from my cock, providing tons of lubrication as I pounded into Prema’s constantly throbbing and clenching swollen hot cunt. Her cunt was gushing with wetness and I could hear gushing, slurping, sucking, fucking sounds as my cock pistoned over and over to the depths of her cunt. Prema had been cumming for more than ten minutes while we fucked her and when my cock exploded deep into her vagina Rakesh plunged his cock deep into the recess of her arse hole and exploded, ! filling her with his hot sperm, she was screaming and moaning, thrashing, humping and bucking trying to take us both deeper as she experienced continuous orgasms.

Both our cocks shuddered in orgasm, pumping a flood of semen into her. The feel of Rakesh’s cock throbbing against mine as he filled Prema’s arse with his sperm was awesome and the thought of him cumming deep in Prema’s arse extended my orgasm and I wanted to make him feel the same. I began to thrust my cock into Prema’s dripping cunt again, my cock sliding smoothly into her cum-lubricated orifice, at once filling her and massaging Rakesh’s cock as he came deep in her arse. Rakesh groaned and thrust his cock deep into Prema’s arse as my movements and hers milked him of the last of his orgasm. Finally I stopped moving and we all lay still. Prema was dazed, eyes closed, breathing deep, gasping lightly. Her ass and pussy were still softly, gently throbbing on our cocks as the! y slowly faded within her. After several minutes we disengaged, letting Prema lay on the bed between us.... Continue»
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Little Piggy Series (Nascar Ole Country Style)

Warning: This story has Dom/Sub, Wife sharing, Brutal Anal, F2M Oral, male creampie cleaning, Alc., Humiliation, and Nascar. If you’re trying to quit watching cars drive in a circle, PLEASE STOP HERE.

One thing that us Southern backwoods inbred, white trash trailer rednecks are known for it Nascar. Now add some friends, Alcohol, and me, a dutiful wife, and you got yourself a good time! Cum see how I pleased my hubbies desires. Don't forget the shine.

Once Upon a time in a Southern backwoods farming and mining community, lived poor uneducated folk, I was one of those folks. My name is Tammy Sue, and I was a little 5'3 120 pound chubby girl with 38C udders that swelled to D's when pregnant & nursing. I have long brown hair, and brown eyes. I married my hubby very young, and enjoy his training. My hubby was from the North, and enjoyed my dutiful Southern charm. Doing embarrassing things for his approval was the highlights of my days on the lonely farm. He gave purpose to my life. This story is only one example of my loyalty for the man the provides me with the gift that keeps on giving, and a way of life worth preserving.

My hubby came home from the mine Friday night. I could hear the sound of the beer can muffler rattling, as he pulled into the long gravel driveway. Our dogs, General Lee, Rebel, Roscoe, Nibbler, Wormer, Stifler, and Nigger, went racing down the driveway, nipping at the tires, ready to get their mangy heads squashed like g****s, if their paws slip in one of the thousand tractor ruts. Daisy laid by the barn feeding her new litter of five pups. You could tell by the look of the pups, they were a product of a doggy sperm milkshake for sure. After all that’s every bitches desire. As my hubby got closer to our splendid 60 foot mobile home that sat halfway over the ledge of a ravine, he could tell that his wife was dressed proper. I spent hours doing my makeup extra thick. Using a ton of hair spray to give that 70’s boofy hair look that drives him wild, and sewing the summer dress that he ripped from my shoulders last week in a moment of hot, wet, stinky passion. Of course, I had my high heels on that I got from Wal-mart, and stockings that hubby got me from Christmas. They are not as stretched out now, as they were Christmas morning. (I am not sure why stores sell them stretched out?, -Anyways, Back to the story). As my hubby turned off the truck, I started to strut my stuff around the tailgate, just as the truck rolled back. I gripped the tailgate in an attempt to keep from being rolled over, and I ended up being dragged about 5 feet down the sloping drive. I was a camper, I just pulled myself up, fixed my hair, and walked around the truck. My hubby had a grin on his face, and I laughed as I knew he let the truck roll back to tease with me.LOL. Such a joker.

As I pulled the hanger, that was used as a door handle, the squeaky door opened to find my hubby drinkin his beer with the smell of perfume in the air. I leaned into the cab of the truck, and started licking his sweaty neck slowly, tasting the coal dust from the mine. For some reason, I loved dirty men.hehe. As I kissed his neck, I slowly reached down between his thighs, and felt his manhood bulging through his overalls. Gently, I tugged at the buttons of his overalls, and reached into his lap for his swollen penis and scrotum. MMMMMMmmm, I could smell his wonderful scent, as I suckled his pee hole. I could taste his sperm, and maybe other juices? I didn’t have time to think about it, I had the rabbits cooking in the oven, and squirrel on the stove. I quickly suckle his root, till he exploded in my mouth. I could tell it wasn’t his first sperming of the day, but it still tasted like a moon pie on a hot, humid August night, Just splendid. After I cleaned his root and sac of baby seed, and the mystery juice, I looked up just in time to feel him crushing his beer can on my forehead. I quickly remembered what my auntie taught me, and I tightened my neck, and pushed into the can. “Be one with the can” she would say. With a crunchy sound, the can crushed without even leaving a mark. Well the ring mark is a sexy mark my hubby said, but didn’t cut the skin like those bottle tops, oh those are brutal. I gave my hubby a kiss, and raced into the laundry room door that led to the kitchen. I rubbed the rabbits down with a little more healthy lard to make them golden brown, and took the biscuits out of the oven. Dinner was set!

After dinner, my hubby and I sat down for a relaxing movie. I made sure to have the ice bucket, and beer sitting on the Elvis collector’s tray table at the end of the couch. For tonight’s movie honey, I have a goodie but an oldie. As the movie played, my hubby started to laugh and laugh. He loved watching Porkeys, and I loved feeling his belly jiggle as I laid my head in his lap. For the entire show, I suckled his root, keeping him hard, and making sure to massage his scrotum, which had been hanging all day in that dark, dirty mine. No scrotum in my house will go without some TLC daily. I loved my hubby using my head as a beer holder as he watched his show. He would then massage my back over and over, which I very much enjoyed. As the movie ended, I leaned back to look up at hubby. He took a long gulp, and dripped some in my mouth. I giggled, as some ran into my nose. My little piggy, he said with a soft voice, I have been thinking. My ears perked up, and my heart raced. I could tell he was planning to tell me something he wanted me to do. Wife instinct I guess. Tomorrow is the big Nascar Daytona race. I smiled knowing how much I loved watching Nascar with him. Well, I was thinkin. Maybe you could cater me and three of my friends for the race? I looked at him, thinkin maybe he meant, I would not be able to watch the race with him. He could tell by my sad look, and reassured me that I could watch the race, but I would just be standing by the arm rest, or maybe bent over as he massaged my udders. I chuckled as I tugged his soft penis. You had me scared, I told him. You silly slut, you always will be my race buddy. He smacked my bottom leaving a nice red palm print. I cooed out as he pulled my head into his lap. As I suckled, I taught about what I would do to make race day extra special. I know what I would do, I would call my auntie! Just as I had that taught, my hubby unloaded another stream of man batter into my mouth. I raised my head, and stuck my tongue out to show him his white sticky goo, and then swallowed it just as good as that Kacey girl, on the big screen at Xhamster.

I called my aunt and set up a trip to the store for early in the morning. She took me to the ole general store at the end of the road, which is about six miles from the farm. I picked out all the party supplies, and told Grace, a friend of my aunt to put it on our bill. She did a double look at me, and I was not sure why. Then I figured out why, as a glob of man seed dripped onto the ticket. Grace took a nibble from her finger, and said, “It don’t taste like my man” I was so red faced, and she took my hands in hers. Its ok honey, she said, my man had me do things like that all the time for him. I can remember a time, he had me put his juice in my ma’s lemonade. I laughed, and quickly walked out the door. That lady sure can talk, I told my aunt, as she drove me to the farm supply warehouse. Did she tell you the lemonade story, my auntie asked with a giggle. We both laughed, as I checked for more baby juice in my hair, as I looked in the mirror. At the tractor supply store we picked up a steam cleaner. Now I don’t have to worry about those pesky bugs nipping at their ankles as they watch Nascar, I told my aunt with a voice of confidence. My aunt got a smile, and looked at me, “So your thinking they will not have any clothes on?”. Auntie, I never, what kind of lady do you think I am, I said to her, thinking back to my past exploits.

My auntie dropped me off at the trailer, and sped away for the backwoods fire lane, where the moon shiners are, to get some special drinks for the men. She has to be very careful not to get shot, those moon shiners can get pretty touchy thanks to those rotten government bastards. I spent the day moving the furniture, find all sorts of goodies. Like the commemorative survival knife, that has a picture of president bush on the handle, and the phrase “We desire peace” etched across the serrated blade. I know my hubby miss placed that when he was throwing it at a mouse one day. Then I found a condom, that I hid under their. I found it in my niece’s purse, and knew she had no business having one of those. To think what could have happened if she used one. Whewww.

By the afternoon, I had the trailer spotless. I brought in the bug zapper, and hung it in the corner, to keep the flies out. Ever since my hubby shot that buck through the screen door, the flies buzz right in. Then I set out a spread of goodies for the men. Moon-Pies, Pork Rinds, Cheez-its, Cheese-Wiz in a can, pigs in a blanket with extra bacon fried in healthy no trans fat lard. All of it spread out on a huge commemorative plate signed by Ralph Stanley. Inscribed around the edges was the phrase: “Hang-um, if you got-um”. Such a wonderful man, and a great musician. I even bought an extra set of Christmas lights at the general store to put around the inside of the trailer. I was thinking of taking down the Christmas lights that go around our entire trailer, but hubby would smack my head on the counter top for pulling such a dumb-shit stunt, and rightly so. As I cleaned, I played some good ole country songs from Hank Williams Jr. << I got girls that can cook, I got girls that can clean, I got girls that can do anything in between, I gotta get ready, make everything right, ‘cause all my rowdy friends are cumin' over tonight.>> I dance around the trailer, singing into the mop. I fixed the shotgun holes in the ceiling which kinda happened when I was cleaning his shotgun last weekend. I forgot to look down the barrel to make sure their was no ammo. Silly me. So everything was set for a great after noon. I headed off to the shower to make myself look stunning for the men.

As I washed my sexy swollen, hairy body, I played a little tune from Stone Roses. Massaging my breast, the psychedelic band started singing << She didn't scream, she didn't make a sound, I forgive you boy, but don't leave town. Coal black skin, naked in the rain:>> lalala, I kept exploring my ever changing form, looking for new pleasure points. << Let me put you in the picture, let me show you what I mean. The messiah is my s****r, ain't no king man, she's my queen. I have a dream, I've seen the light. Don't put it out, say she's alright, yeah, she's my s****r>> Lalalal, by this point, I was rubbin my swollen clit, thinkin about the song, and how the s****rs daddy is mad at his son for sl**pin with his s****r. I mean WOW, what a great song about the South. After I reached orgasm, I head out to the kitchen to cook up some snacks and drink a few shots of tequila.

My hubby arrived in time with his three buddies. I stood out on the porch, dressed in my see through red teddy, and see through panties. My pubic hair, showing out both sides, since I brushed myself soft after the shower. I was so fluffy using that new conditioner with the Kangaroo on the front of the bottle. I had on my red nursing bra, which allowed my swollen, dark, nursing nipples to poke out, and looking so sexy! I held a tray with an assortment of beer, and liquor for the men. Two of the men, I knew already. Really nice men. Ron and Jeremy both worked down underground with my hubby at the mine. The other face I didn’t know, and by the look of his red face, and how he was staring at my udders, was not used to Nascar, Southern Style. How do you do mam, he said in a slow Southern draw, as he took his drink from the tray. From the looks of his wedding ring, he was newly married. He kept rolling it over his finger, and looking around nervously. My hubby slapped him on the back, and said, “It’s good to be away from that untrained wife of yours, isn’t it Tyler. Oh please, call me Steven, the young man said with a smile. Steven it is. Piggy, let’s let these men in, my hubby said with a roar. I opened the door, as the men passed, they tugged on my nipples, and I would pull back as they did, to try to squirt in their face, but never made it yet.hehe Steven just tipped his hat, and waked into the trailer. I cleaned all the light bulbs in the trailer of fly specks, and it made a real difference. The men commented how they wished their wives would put out, and clean like my hubbies wife did, and all I could do was beam and bask in the attention. I buzzed around the men, taking their hats, their empty bottles, and refilling their shot glasses. I made sure that the men had all the comforts of home. They really envied my man, and that was exactly how I wanted it.

Things started to get loud until I turned on the TV. Cleaning the fly specks off the TV made a huge difference, and the men sat down on the couches to watch the pre race excitement. I turned my attention to our new guest, and stood behind his couch, rubbing his shoulders. The other men laughed at how tense he seemed to be. As I leaned, I rubbed my udders against his neck. I could tell as he squirmed around, that he was getting hot. I then moved around the room, flirting with each of the men. Always keeping my eye on my man for his approval. If I got a glare, then I knew I went too far, but for the moment, all his eyes said, were how excited he was, and how proud he was of me. The announcer on the screen tells the audience that the race will start in ten minutes. The men race to the porch to pee. They laugh as they look over the rotted boards, and see I have pictures of their wives taped on ole toilet seats I found around the farm. Each of those men are pretty good shots with their peckers. I didn’t have one of Steven’s wife, but he really didn’t mind, that I put my face on his seat.

My hubby gave me a sign with his finger to follow him. I walked behind him down the hallway, and into the bedroom that was separated from the hallway by a bed sheet. He told me to sit down. I was really worried that I did something improper, and started to apologize for my behavior. He grinned, and said, Oh no, your doing a super job piggy, your daddy could not be happier, but I have a desire. I looked up very excited, my legs kicking back and forth at the end of the tall bed. (The bed was so high, because hubby had been buying fireworks all year for the Forth of July, which was in three days, and the room was packed. You could barely breathe in the bedroom, much less smoke after a nice long sex session. -Anyways, Back to the story). My hubby whispered the details of what he wanted. My mouth dropped, and I knew those men, and myself where in for the time of our lives.Hehe

As the race started, I stood next to my husband arm rest. My heels together, and watching the men to see if they needed anything. I of course looked at the TV to catch the show! Steven looked over at me, and had a puzzled look on his face. My hubby noticed too, and asked Steven what he was thinking. I am just surprised your wife loves Nascar. Mine hates it, he said. The room went quite, and my hubby just shook his head, and said, it’s ok Steven, we are going to fix her. Watch this Steven. My hubby lifted his arm, and I knew that was a signal, to lean over, and place one of my engorged udders between his soft fingers. He tugged on my teat, and asked me, Little Piggy, tell Steven how many races their are this year. Thirty-Two daddy. Steven look surprised, but not impressed. Hubby started to twist my nipple which sent a chill down my spine. Tell Steven how many race tracks there are. Twenty-Nine daddy. Ron looked over at Jeremy, then at me, but how many of those race tracks are used for Sprint Cup? I looked at hubby, and he nodded that I could answer. Twenty-Two I said with a smile. Oh she is good they said, and took another shot of Tequila, and cheese wiz. Steven looked a little impressed. Then Steven got this crooked smile on his face. Tell me the worst pit crew in Nascar this year. I looked at my hubby for the nod, and as he approved, I looked up, and said, that would be Jeremy Mayfield’s crew. He drives the 39 car. I know that, Steven said with a dumb founded look on his face. However I said, they were only the worst, because they did not learn to screw the lug nuts on the new extended studs, which Nascar came out with for safety concern. I went on to explain how Nascar officials are screwing up the traditions of Nascar, as my hubby smacked my bottom. You ain't got to go on like that PigSlut, my hubby said with a chuckle. Ron and Jeremy had to shake their heads, obviously impressed with my skills. Steven was also impressed, guessing by the size of his manhood poking through his shorts. Nascar stats make men and women get horny I taught. With that the race starts at Daytona. The cars wiz around the track at incredible speed. A little bumpin and rubbin, and Earnhardt about gets put into the wall. My heart races, knowing what that would mean in the trailer, and I start to feel my hairy lips getting wet. More and more road rage on the track, as the drivers cuss over the radio. Hearing men cuss makes me so hot. Then another Smack by Tony Stewart to the back end of Kyle Busch. Oh my, that was so close. I close my eyes, so wanting to reach down between my thighs, and massage my swollen clit. I kept listening to the sounds of the engines, and the crowds, and I started to feel weak in the knees.

Then all of a sudden, my gift is given to me. That bastard Tony Stewart causing Matt Kenseth to crash in the #17 car. The men in the trailer scream out their upset, and our dogs going running, thinkin they got caught for shittin on the carpet. Zigzagging out to the barn in a hope not to get shot. All I can think about is how much I love Tony Stewart for being a ruthless no good bastard on the track. My hubby nods, and I walk out into the middle of the room, as the flag goes up on the screen, and the replays happen. I walk over at Ron, and do a little girl wiggle with my legs, as I put a finger in my mouth. He gets the hint, and gives my man a thumbs up. I take him by the hand, and walk him around the couches towards the bathroom down the hall.

As we walk into the bathroom, I bend over to start the shower. I hear Ron whistle, as he looks over my bottom. That is one fine piece of fat, hairy pussy darling, he said sounding very lusty. I giggled, and took one hand to my bottom, to give him a better view. As the water turns warm, I lift my leg to the tub, and he gets a very good look at my thick lips. Oh darling, you are a true, Southern, nasty bred, PigSlut. Bet your balls I am, I said in a tease. You get in honey. As I turned, he was already undressed. His long thick penis was hanging down semil hard. I cracked his a beer as he got in, and started to undress. He lifted his arms to the shower rod, and gulped his beer. He let out a large belch, and started to sniff and scratch his hairy underarms. As I walked closer, I turned off the bathroom light, and got into the tub. The warm water on my back felt wonderful, and as I turned, I could feel the water running over my swollen udders, and down onto my swollen belly. Ron, snuggled up behind me and reached over my shoulder, gripping one of my udders, and massaging me. I felt so special receiving all this attention. Do you like the race, Ron asked softly, as I reached behind my bottom, and gripped his semi hard penis. Oh yes Ron, I love the race. Love all the attention too.hehe I know you do honey, and Ron would like some attention too. Hearing that, I turned around, and knelt down in the tub. As I sat up, my mouth found its way to his tip, and my tongue started to separate his pee hole. I kept licking over and over, as he leaned against the back wall. He placed the beer can on my head as he held the shower rod with his other hand. Then I started to nibble down his root. Slowly. Feeling his main vein swell against my lips. (We named one of our dogs nibbler after my skills, -Anyways, Back to the story). As I nibbled down his shaft, I felt his scrotum that was hanging start to close up close to his body. I so loved feeling a living organ moving between my fingers. As I licked and sucked more, he groaned more and more. You’re a fat frigging pig whore aren’t you darling, he said, breathing hard. You know it baby. Daddy said to treat you right, and that’s what you’re going to get. He took another huge gulp of beer, and threw the can over the curtain rod, which cause it to clank and clang on the bathroom floor. Would you like another beer darling, I said with my mouth full. He could have been a dentist instead of a miner, cause he knew exactly what I said. Hell no, I don’t want beer, I want you to choke on my frigging sperm you pregnant whore, and with that, he gripped my head with both hands, and started gagging me with his large manhood. I remembered what my auntie said, and just relaxed my neck muscles, and his manhood found its way down my throat. I kept my lips tightly pressed to his root, and tugged his skin as I could. OHHHHH…ohhhhhh. F…yes, I am cumming baby. You want it don’t you, you trailer trash whore. Ummm,hummmm, I said as I gripped his bottom, pulling his hips into my face to take all I could get. Then in a sudden groan, that I am sure all the men heard, he released at least a day of baby seed into my throat. I could not even show him the seed afterward because one, it was dark, and two, it was already headed to my tummy. As he shook his head, and screamed shit over and over, I cleaned his root and scrotum of my gag spit. Ron got out of the shower, and dried off, and walked out to get a cold one, and see if the race had started yet. I fixed my makeup, and redid my hair, which didn’t take long, since my hubby got me a Mega-Blow hair dryer for our anniversary. As I walked out and stood next to my hubby, Ron was bragging how much better I was than his wife to my man. I could tell my hubby was beaming with pride. Steven looked at me through the corner of his eye. As I looked at him, he would turn his face quickly back to the screen. I could tell he had a secret? Or something, but he was a mystery to me.

As the race continued, the men were really having fun, and I was most defiantly having fun. I kept thinking how Ron’s sperm was taking over my body, swimming to all corners of my soul. I was a very happy PigSlut. Then I heard the announcer yell out. That Tony Stewart is at it again. The second announcer goes on about how Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch had traded paint in the third turn, but it looks like Kyle is going to pull out a can of whoop ass. My hubby throws a pork rind out on the floor, and motions the men to watch. I kneel, and then crawl on all fours to the yummy snack. I lean my head down, slowly snatching the treat with my wet tongue. As I munch on the Snack, I look up at Steven, and he is rubbing his penis through his shorts. As he notices me looking, he stops, and looks back at the TV. Then like on cue, Ron and Jeremy start to throw snacks at me. As they laugh I crawl around eating the tasty treats. I crawl to hubbies legs, and kneel against his legs, as the race continues. My hubby pets my head, and runs his hands through my long hair.

The cameras on the track zoom in as Kyle attempts to bump Tony, but OMG, Tony hits the brakes, and did a power slide right into the side of Kyle, sending him into the wall. OVER and OVER the car tumbles. The car literally disintegrated. (That’s a big word I learned at a 4H conference for c***dren with neurological disabilities. The instructor was passing around a used DDT fertilizer can from the 40’s, and was showing us how the powder was completely harmless, and safe to use, and would disintegrate after half million years. He had us learn how to spell the word, oh and a phrase? what was that phrase. Oh yes, Hold Harmless Agreement. I forget what it meant, but we got a free toaster, if we got everyone in the f****y to sign.-Anyways, Back to the story). As the rescue crews race over to pull the body from the wreckage, Jeremy had already jumped up, and was walking towards me. I took his hand, and we walked to the back of the trailer. Ron was hooting and hollering like a mad cow, cheering Jeremy on.

As we got into the shower, Jeremy took control of me. He spun me around very f***efully, and Looked me in the eyes. PigSlut, will you allow me to do anything I desire? I felt my heart stop. Yes Jeremy, you may, unsure what I agreed to. That was all he needed, and he spun me around, and pushed my back so I was bent over at the waist. His hands spread my bottom so wide I could almost feel my skin tear as I attempted to grip anything to keep from falling. My head pressed against the tile at the front of the tub. Without warning, he plunged his rock hard cock into my bottom button. I screamed out, as the pain shot down my spin. My eyes started to swell up, and tears started to flow as Jeremy did his business. I felt the tiles break from my head. Great, time for a handy man, but that’s another story) He kept pulling his cock out, and then plunging back in. I could feel my ass getting wet, but it wasn’t the shower water or his seed. He was still racing in and out of me. I could feel my legs shake, and I had to keep breathing, to keep from passing out. As he stabbed into me for the last time, he pulled my long hair back, causing a sheer pain to run down my neck. He bucked over and over, and finally groaned. Take that you Friggin Cunt. All I could say was thank you, as I felt my legs give way. I collapsed in the tub at his feet. I was whimpering from the pain, and my eyes were mated over with goo, and my nose was running. I could hear the crack of a beer can, and heard Jeremy gulping it down. Then I started to feel warm. I could feel getting wet. I heard the sound of Jeremy peeing from the outside of the tube all over my pregnant body. As I started to open my eyes, I could focus on the drain, and see that their was red water running into the drain. I laid my head down, waiting for the pain to stop. Jeremy leaned over the tub, and massaged my back. And then my neck, telling me how good I was, and how much better I was than his wife. I gripped his arm to get up, and he helped me to sit up in the tub. As I sat up, my bottom button was throbbing. I could feel my heartbeat in my button. I think you tore me wide open honey, I said to him, trying not to cry. I hope your not mad Tammy, he said with a caring tone. Oh no Jeremy, don’t ever think that. You really surprised me is all, and I love surprises. You go on and watch the TV. I have to fix myself up. Jeremy let out a loud belch from his yummy beer, and headed back to the living room.

As I stood up, I felt my button burn. I wobbled to the closet, and took out some Anal Eze, which would numb the pain for a bit. After I blew my nose, and dried my eyes, I was back in business. I did up my hair and makeup, and off to the living room I went.

As I walked out, Steven was eyeing me even more than usual, and I was trying to get him to keep looking at me, but he kept turning away. I stood next to my hubby’s chair, and poured his drink. I then walked around to each of the men serving them snacks, and drinks as they desired. The race went on for a good while before my hero Tony Stewart started being his ole rude self. This time it was Tony Stewart vs. Jeff Gordon. Three laps to go. Jeff taught he could teach Tony a lesson, and instead got his ass handed to him. Jeff spins out of control, and his car flips over the inside wall, and into pit lane. His car crashes down the row, taking out drivers, and pit crews alike. Even a few driver’s wife’s that could not stop trying to be in the spot light got mutilated. All and all, it was a fantastic race. As I stared at the screen, I knew I would have to turn and look at Steven, and I wondered what he would do.

I turned around to Steven, and walked to the couch where he was sitting. His head was staring at the nutritional facts on the back of a moon pie wrapper, and I taught how I would get him to the back. I squatted down in front of him, (Which maybe wasn’t the best idea, cause my button let off a burping sound from Jeremy’s cum still inside me, and I could feel it bubble up.) Steven, looked up and grinned. I grinned back, and took both his hands, and walked him to the bathroom. Steven was very reserved, and I wanted him to know I was a high class lady with skills. As he leaned against the counter, I slowly massaged my udders, and pinched my nipples, till the milk ran down inside my teddy. Are you ok Steven? I said in a sweet and caring voice. I don’t git you at all he said, sounding very annoyed. I stopped what I was doing, and straightened up. How is it that you do everything my wife would never in her life do, and enjoy it. I don’t understand at all, your not acting, this is like who you are at the core. Well honey, leaning next to him at the counter. Its like Nascar. Those drivers started with playing with matchbox cars. Then building Lego cars. Then Model cars. Then driving grandpa’s truck (thinkin back to grandpa, -Anyways, Back to the story). Before you know it those driver’s have a brand new machine to race around in. My skills allow me to drive my hubby sort of speak. You know if those driver don’t respect their cars, what happens. Oh yes, he said, sounding like an expert on Nascar, which all Southern men are. Well honey, it appears to me you’re a fine machine, but your wife doesn’t have any skills, or she doesn’t want any skills. If she wants to learn, I can help her, but if she don’t, you might need a new wife. You would do that for me? You would train her to be like you? Honey, I would be honored. Keep in mind she needs to stay here on our farm for three months, but if she wants the skills, she will be a proper slut pig for you! Steven stood up, and hugged me so softly. You are a real gem Tammy. What can I do for you? I stepped back, and rubbed his penis through his shorts. Could you press that manhood deep inside my fat, hairy, womb? Without a second taught, he was undoing his shorts, as I leaned back on the counter. I lifted my thighs high into the air, and gave him full view of my womanhood. I turned bright red, knowing he was looking at my most personal spot. Even after all I have done, having a man see my vagina was deeply embarrassing, and I loved it.

Steven, slowly pressed past the hair to my opening. He kept his eyes on my hairy gash, as he gripped my thighs. Very gently, he started to push inside. I could feel his shaft going deeper inside my womb, and kept thinking how his skin was being pulled so tight on his shaft, that his pee hole was being spread wide open. As he did, he touched my cervix. I put my hands on his shoulders, and then his chest, as he picked up speed, and f***e. Before long, I could hear his balls slapping against my swollen button, and I was biting my lip to keep from screaming in excitement. As he went deeper, I could feel my tummy jiggle, and someone was knocking, like what was going on out their. I rubbed my belly, which excited Steven even more. He kept humping me over and over, till I saw him look into my eyes. Where do I sperm darling? he asked in a raspy breath. OMG, Steven, right inside me. You mustn’t waste a drop. His eyes glazed over, as he froze against my mound. I started to feel his sperm splatter against my cervix. My whole womb caught on fire. I pulled him closer, and we started to French kiss, as my hands kept trying to reach for more of his back. He hugged me tight, as his penis kept pulsating inside me. As he pulled out, I gripped his penis, and slide my fingers down his cock like a circle, collecting all his man batter. Then as he watched, I licked my fingers clean. He smiled like a little boy on Christmas morning. I slowly and seductively came down off the counter, and knelt before Steven. I took his cock and balls deep in my mouth, as I cleaned his seed, and my juices. I looked up, and said thank you sir, without taking my eyes from him. He blushed, and said, thank you mam. Then we got dressed, and I walked him out to the hallway. I asked him to have my hubby come back to the bedroom. He agreed, and went to the living room.

After only a few minutes, my hubby walked into the bedroom. I had his favorite country singer, Hank Williams Junior on the 8 track player. <<The preacher man says it's the end of time and the Mississippi River she's goin' dry>> I was spread eagle on the bed, with my thighs spread wide. My hubby walked over, and stood between my legs. Looky what we got here, he said in a proud tone. All for you baby! My hubby knelt down, as Ole Hank chimes in another great verse << We come from the West Virginia coal mines And the Rocky Mountains and the western skies>> Hubby started to kiss my treasure trail from my belly button to my gash. I took his head in my hands, and brushed my fingers through his hair, as I felt his tongue dart around my creamy soaked hair. He started slow, but he was really enjoying what he was doing, and I was so excited. I felt his tongue circle my opening, and I knew it was only…….Oh it was now. He was putting his tongue deep in my womb. OMG. I sat up a bit to look down at him, and my gash. I turn up the volume on the player, cause hubby’s favorite part is going to play. << I'd love to spit some beechnut in that dude's eyes and shoot him with my ole 45 Cause a country boy can survive, country folks can survive>> As he caught his breath, I saw he had seed all over his mouth. I started to orgasm immediately, thanks to hubby and Hank. That didn’t stop him, he licked all my wetness too. I could not stop flowing. Over and over I taught about the day, and I could not stop cumming. After a good while, my hubby sat up. We are hungry, he said with a smirk. I can get the grill started for you daddy, I said with a smile! Sounds like a plan! I walked out to the back patio door, and looked back into the living room, and down the hall. What a day. What memories. I am so lucky to have that man.

The men were out at the truck getting their shotguns and ammo for some much needed skeet shooting, and I am busy making supper. Auntie should be back soon with the shine. I can only imagine what the rest of the night holds!

My hubby & his friends were so proud of me!

I was a very good piggy!

Stay tuned for more of the Little Piggy Series Stories.

Please post your comments.

Smoooooooooch!... Continue»
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A night on the town - Gallagher & White Chapte

Over dinner that night in the hotel restaurant, Eve had been giving Tara every little detail of the day’s photo shoot, which at first freaked Tara out a little, but as the large glasses of Cristal started to work on them Tara found herself more and more intrigued – and ever more horny. She was without a regular boyfriend yet again, and it had been some time since her last. She wasn’t terribly keen on one night stands and was envious of Eve’s lack of qualms over sex – such as having lesbian sex with a celebrity while being photographed the whole time. As she drained another glass, she resolved that she was going to get some while she was in New York.

“Let’s go out tonight!” Eve said, as though reading Tara’s thoughts. “We could go to a club and look for cute guys…”

“Sounds good to me,” Tara slurred, “shall we go put on something a little shorter?” Eve’s eyes widened and she laughed at her friend.

“I think you’ve had one too many! Come one then, let’s go get changed and go bar hopping.”

Fifteen minutes later they emerged from their separate rooms suitably attired for a night out – both were wearing their favourite little black dress. Tara had pinned her hair up, allowing a few lazy strands to fall and brush lightly and brush lightly against her shoulders, whereas Eve had let hers down and tongued the ends under to create a bobbed effect. Arms linked, they tottered out to the street. Eve let out an ear-splitting whistle, and in seconds a yellow cab pulled up next to them and they bundled each other in, laughing. Eve directed the driver to take them ‘somewhere wild and expensive!’ and the taxi pulled away.

It set off up Broadway, and minutes later pulled up outside a discreet looking place with a tasteful illuminated sign. The driver bid them good night after being paid, and left the girls staring at six of the hugest doormen they had ever seen. One beckoned them forwards.

“Good evening ladies, ” he drawled, “just the two of you? No gentlemen friends. Well, you’ll still have a great night out. Sapphire is dancing tonight, she’s a video girl, and Lena Mai is on later too. Plus, if you’re feeling lucky, we have an amateur hour later – a huge cash prize to the girl voted the best!” With that, two other doormen appeared and taking each girl gently by the arm, e****ted them indoors.

Once inside, they were met by a hostess, a stunning brunette with a Latin complexion. Her floor length backless black dress swayed as she sashayed between the tables, the splits on each side going right up to her waist and revealing incredibly long legs. “I’ll find someone to serve you, ladies. Please have a great evening. My name is Sophia, and if there is anything I can do for you, please ask.”

The two girls sat meekly at their table. They looked round at the place, which was extremely up-market and, thought Tara, almost certainly incredibly expensive. Thick carpeting throughout, wood veneers on everything, tastefully subdued lighting and when the waitress brought over a bottle of champagne, she saw from the label it was a rare and pricey vintage. Eve flicked her fingernail against one of the glasses and it chimed clearly, a sign that it was crystal and not a cheap imitation. The clientele was half men and half couples. All the men, without exception, were in smart tuxedoes, whilst the womenfolk wore a variety of stunning dresses. Tara whispered to her friend over the quiet r&b track that played in the background.

“When we told the cabbie to take us somewhere expensive, he didn’t mess around!”

“Even I think it’s expensive, and I’m really, really rich,” mused Eve. “I wonder what sort of place this is?”

In answer, the lights dropped, and the voice of the MC rolled out from the speakers. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Maxine’s Gentlemen’s Club. Up next, the first of our featured girls. You’ve seen her on numerous TV specials, on calendars, in magazines and pop music videos. Maxine’s is proud to present… Sapphire!” A spotlight came on as the rest if the floor area went pitch black, highlighting the red curtains at the back of the stage. The music started up and one impossibly long lag snaked its way between the curtains and waggled at the crowd, while rapturous applause thundered out round the room.

The two girls looked at each other, realising at exactly the same time just where they had ended up. They stood and looked around, intending to make their way to the exit. They were looking for somewhere to dance, not where they were paying to watch someone dance, and they meant to get away. However, with the appearance of the night’s star turn, the floor area had become full, and they were struggling to find their way out. They dodged through the crowd, left and right, not really knowing where they were going. It took them several minutes, during which time they had not really got anywhere. Eve spotted a gap in the crowd and tapped her friend on the back, pointing in the general direction but not really making herself heard over the music. They struggled towards the door. Tara managed to make it through the throng and was instantly met by a girl in a dark shirt and trousers.

“Right, you’re on in five minutes, as soon as Sapphire is finished. You’ll hear the DJ announce the start of amateur hour, the music will start and the curtain will open. The rest is up to you! What’s your name honey?”

“Umm, it’s Tara, but-”

“British, huh? That will go down well with the crowd. Well, let’s go through to the back. Do you want to touch up your make-up or anything?”

“Well I, I think there’s been-”

“Oh shit, she’s coming off now! Come on Tara, let’s not keep the crowd waiting!” And with that, Tara was dragged through the door. Looking back desperately over her shoulder, she saw Eve laughing, one hand covering her mouth. The women took her through a labyrinth of passages backstage, barking a series of instructions to her minions, impervious to Tara’s pleadings. She heard the booming of the MC’s voice, strangely resonant on this side of the stage. Then she was onstage, behind the curtain. She could make out the lights faintly through the material. To her right was a chair, and she knew from having been on the other side that there was a pole centre stage. Well, she thought, I’m here now. In for a penny, and all that…

She heard her name announced (“all the way from the UK, I give you, Tara!”). The curtains parted. She stood there with her right hand on her hip, left arm down be her side, all her weight on her right foot, trying to appear assertive and in control. She was thankful for the spotlight, because it meant she could see very little of the crowd, but she knew that out there, somewhere, her best friend would be watching. Other than that, no-one knew who she was and if she wanted, she could really let her hair down.

As the music started, she took several steps forward in time with the music, like a catwalk model, deliberately emphasising the swing in her hips. She smiled as she glanced from left to right, the crowd still hidden by the glare of the spotlight. They applauded her warmly, and there were some whistles, which she realised quickly were coming from Eve. When she reached the front of the stage, she stood and smiled at the crowd for a moment, then spun round and made her way back to the chair. It was a dinner table type chair, high backed. She sat on it, crossed her legs and smiled demurely for the audience, before spinning to her left. She put her left leg down on the floor, and stretched her right leg out as she took hold of the back of the chair with her left hand and leaned back. As she did so, her little black dress rode up. Tara waited until it was showing a hint of stocking top, then lowered her leg so it wouldn’t ride up any further. Still leaning back, she brought her right hand up to her face, and then slowly ran it down her neck and over her body, cupping her right breast for a moment. She arched her right leg up, so that she could run her hand over her long, black-stockinged leg. Her dress slid to her waist, revealing the flesh at the top of her stocking.

She rocked forward and sat upright quickly, body swaying slightly in time with the music. She closed her eyes for a second, reaching up and unpinning her dark blonde hair until it fell to her shoulders. She rose to her feet and turned quickly, bending over so that the palms of her hands were flat against the seat of the chair. She wiggled her bum in time to the music, eliciting further cheers and whistles (this time, not just Eve’s). She held that pose for a moment, allowing the crowd to take in the tight curves of her bum, and the length of her legs. She was a tall girl with long legs, and in high heels they were greatly accentuated.

She put her knee on the chair, then brought the other up so she was kneeling on the chair, her left side to the audience. She arched her back and ran her fingers through her hair, stretching it out behind her and allowing it to fall. She stood up, and with one hand on the back of the chair, walked round it in a shy and diffident manner, looking down, her face hidden from the crowd by her hair. She dragged it around so that the back of the chair was to the left of the stage, then on the next circuit she sat down with her back to the crowd. Using her left hand as support, she suddenly leant right back as far as she could, so that she was now looking at the crowd upside down. More cheering, as now her firm breasts could be seen very clearly down the top of her dress. Again she ran her free hand down her body, this time parting her legs and allowing herself a quick rub over the material of her g-string.

She stood up again, and, turning her back to the audience, stood astride the chair with her legs apart. She swayed with the music again, head down. She raised her arms behind her back and, agonisingly slowly, dragged the zipper to her dress down, millimetres at a time, the cheering and applause increasing with every little tug, until the zip was fully down. Stretching the moment of disrobing out, she swung the chair out from between her legs, and again walked around it a couple of times, praying frantically that the dress would not slide down before she was ready. She sat backwards on the chair, again with her back to the audience, and gently slid down one strap at a time, then the front of her dress, until the crowd could see clearly that the dress was now around her waist, but all they could see was her back and her black bra strap.

She stood up again quickly, back still to the audience, and snapped her legs together. With no further prompting the expensive dress slid over her hips and gently down to the floor, bringing a huge ovation from the crowd. She leant forward over the chair, swaying her bum in time to the music, aware that as she was only wearing the flimsiest of g-strings her bum would look more or less naked to the crowd. She held that pose for several seconds.

Tara stood up again and turned, coyly, to face the crowd, smiling serenely from under her fringe. The crowd loved her, and she was quickly warming to her task. She been holding her arms folded over her chest but now she moved them, slowing for the first time the full view of her gorgeous, lacy black bra with matching g-string. Head down and hands behind her back, she wandered forwards towards the crowd and the edge of the stage like a shy schoolgirl, the opposite of the brazen performer she had looked at the start of her dance. When she reached the edge of the stage, she stood for a moment, whilst men started to thrust dollar bills at her. She turned her back on the crowd and wiggled her bum at them, while the braver soles risked the wrath of the security men by reaching up to tuck dollar bills into the waistband of her g-string. When she looked round, she realised that they were trying to stuff her underwear with hundred dollar bills! With tips like that, she thought she could do a little better for them.

She danced to the middle of the stage, dropping the money she had collected already onto her dress. She fell onto her knees, then onto all fours, and starting to crawl towards the crowd again in a feminine and feline way, looking from side to side for a target. She saw Eve, clapping wildly, and on the opposite side of the stage she saw a middle aged man sat with a wife, or lady friend, of similar age. He was probably twice Tara’s age, but he was definitely hot, and she always had a weakness for men in suits. She made her way towards him, smiling and making growling noises. She leaned in towards him, until she could smell his aftershave. He looked slightly uncomfortable and yet excited. His wife beamed at her broadly, and clapped. Tara shook her hair in the man’s face, and she heard him sniffing her hair, breathing her scent in. He reached up and tucked two folded bills into her g-string, his hand lingering over her bottom as he slowly withdrew it.

Tara knelt back, then one leg at a time swung them out from underneath her, until she was sat on her bottom with her legs wide open. She was facing the man’s wife directly. The woman looked deep into Tara’s eyes, then ran her stare down Tara’s body, taking in the modest but firm breasts, flat stomach, and long legs. The woman reached out a hand and Tara could see there was money in it, so she thrust her groin forward at the woman. The woman responded by pulling open Tara’s g-string at the front with her free hand, then making a great show of tucking the notes into the waistband. At that moment, Tara’s neatly trimmed pussy was on display, although only the woman, her husband, and Tara herself could see it. The woman took her hand away slowly, smiling all the time.

Tara rolled over until she was on all fours, then made her way across the stage to where her friend Eve was. Eve clapped delightedly as Tara approached. Eve took some notes from her purse and waved them about, so Tara turned broadside and presented Eve with her bum, so she could tuck the notes in. Eve did that, then unexpectedly gave Tara’s bum a hard but playful slap, which the crowd loved. Tara grinned, the turned back to Eve and advanced on her. She beckoned Eve closer with a gesture and, as Eve leant in, Tara grabbed a handful of Eve’s hair. She dragged her close and their lips met in a soft kiss. Eve pushed her tongue gently into her friend’s mouth, and Tara responded likewise. They made a great show of the tongue play for the crowd.

Breaking away, Tara spun round and knelt up with her back to the Eve. She leant back, and Eve realised with a start that Tara wanted he to undo her bra. Eve dragged it out, so it seemed like forever until the straps slipped forwards and down Tara’s arms. Tara went back onto all fours and turned to face the audience so her breasts were hanging below her. She swayed from side to side, making her breasts move in time to the music, as the crowd went mad.

She made her way back over to the married couple, and again arranged herself so that she was sat on her bum, legs wide open, in front of the wife. Tara reached out and took the tall glass of champagne from the husband, and took a small sip before handing it to the wife. The wife knew instantly what she was to do with it, and as Tara settled with her head tiled right back, the woman slowly poured the ice cold champagne over Tara’s breasts, making sure that there was enough left to pour into her panties, where it quickly came into contact with Tara’s swollen clitoris. The crowd whooped and hollered, belying their upper class status. The champagne ran down Tara’s body, making it glisten and sparkle under the hot lights. Tara hooked a thumb into the side of her panties, and dragged them down just enough so that when she returned to the sitting position, they were not trapped under her. The woman was again quick to take her cue as Tara snapped her legs shut. The woman reached forwards and very slowly pulled Tara’s knickers off, as the crowd applauded again.

Tara stood up, now naked apart from her high heels and hold-up stockings. The front of her body was wet from the champagne, and her pussy was aching and as wet as she could remember it ever being. She felt a great surge of power and self-confidence as she realised the grip she had over the crowd. She walked back towards the pole in the centre of the stage, and taking hold with her right hand, swayed round the pole several times, before taking hold of it with both hands high above her head. She turned her back to the pole, arms still above her head, and slid down it, never taking her eyes off the audience.

Standing up again, she took hold of the pole with both hands and swung round vigorously a couple of times to work up some momentum. She wrapped her right leg around it then left her left leg from the floor, continuing to spin around it but sliding slowly to the floor until she was in her knees. She positioned the pole so that it was between her butt cheeks and the rubbed up against it, before raising herself to her feet. Again she turned her back to the crowd and swung around lazily a couple of times, never looking at the crowd. She raised one leg high above her head and pressed it against the pole, so that the hot pink of her labia was clearly visible to the front rows. She let her leg lower slowly, then using the pole as support leaned right over backwards. She stood up, this time sticking her bum right out, knowing it would be silhouetted against the lights at the back of the stage.

She performed some high kicks against the pole, exposing her vagina time and time again to those lucky enough to be close enough to see. She spun around the pole again, working up some speed so that she was spinning fast, then raised both legs from the floors and allowed herself to swing round and slowly sink lower. When her knees landed gently in the floor, she drew herself closer to the pole, until the cold, polished metal came into contact with her clitoris. She gasped audibly, and the women in the front rows guessed exactly why. Slowly, she started to raise and lower her groin against the pole, never allowing it to break contact with her clitoris.

Quickly, the thrusts quickened in pace and pressure, and as the song she was performing to approached its climax, she knew her time on the stage was coming to an end. She leaned back and with one hand on the floor and one hand on the pole, frantically rubbed herself up and down the pole, to the mounting cheers of the enraptured audience. As the song reached its crescendo Tara reached her climax, her screams and gasps audible even over the music, drawing wild cheers from the audience. She collapsed backwards, naked and prostrate on the stage, as the crowd went delirious.... Continue»
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My Wife's Sweet Pussy

My wife’s pussy is amazing and always leaves me wanting more. Her pussy is very sensitive to the slightest touch yet it loves to be manhandled and stuffed to the max. After over 20 years of wet pussy- splitting orgasms and kinky explorations she still opens up for more and more.

When we were first together I would touch her all over when we would go to bed and quickly learned where her “hotspots” are. Her nipples are very sensitive and when I play with them she gets very wet very quickly. I learned that if I pinch her nipples hard she melts and her pussy starts to gush. Once she is this horny her pussy will be twitching and responds in ways that I could have never imagined. We have had sex a thousand times and she is still tight, but her pussy will also stretch in many different ways to accommodate practically anything that is trying to find its way in. On many occasions, after drinking more than one too many, I have found myself lying next to her in bed after we both have crashed…usually with her in skimpy panties and lying on her stomach. She has a phat round ass that has always attracted attention and begs to be noticed. I would find myself rubbing her ass and then she would respond by lifting her hips up and displaying her wet booty way up in the air while wiggling her ass from side to side. I would take my time and very slowly rub her pussy and pull her panties to the side and slowly bury my face in her now sopping wetness.

I would do this for a long time, very slowly, making sure I take deep breaths and savor the sweet scent of her juicy pussy, pulling her panties down off of her round ass…and that’s when the fun would really start. While acting like she was still sl**ping she would arch her back and push her pussy up to allow me more access. I would sink one, two, three, and then four fingers into her as she pushed back and bucked all over. I eventually would have three fingers buried deep in her and then would ask her if I could put one more finger back in, but this time it would be my BIG finger, which was my rock hard dick. She would mumble “a-hah” and I would push it in, three fingers swirling all around and a big dick pumping in and out all at the same time and as deep as I could go…she absolutely loves it!! I would not want to come yet so I would pull my dick out but keep pumping her wet pussy with four fingers as deep as I could get them in…all the way up to my knuckles and then some!!! I would then stop altogether and get this crazy idea of using different objects from around the house and try to get them to fit in her now sloppy wet pussy and see which one will make her finally cum.

I had eventually done this enough times that it has become a habit. I would search around the room looking for objects to stuff into my wife’s waiting pussy keeping one rule in mind, it had to be clean and smooth…I didn’t want to hurt her so whatever the object was it had to be clean enough to put in my mouth first…before I slid it into her pussy I would clean it. While I was off washing my collection of household products that would soon find their way into my wife’s waiting and squirming pussy, she would still have her ass in the air half d***k, and waiting to cum. I would slowly start to rub one of my newly commissioned toys on the back of her thighs and on her asscheecks. I would slowly work towards her wet pussy and slide it up and down her wet lips to get it lubed up for its deep journey. She always knew what was going on and would visibly shiver from the sexual excitement of knowing that she was about to have her pussy stretched and pounded. As soon as I pushed it against her pussyhole she would quiver and rotate her hips from side to side again indicating that she wanted something to penetrate her. I would slowly work it in as she would start to buck and every once in a while she would stop writhing around and with her eyes closed let out this long muffled moan with her mouth opened as wide as her pussy was stretched. (There always seemed to be a correlation between how wide her mouth was open and how wide her pussy was getting stretched open).

She would still pretend to be asl**p and would let me go on like this for hours. I would use things like bottles (small shampoo bottles, thin hairspray bottles, whole bottles of KY lube), various dildos and vibrators, cell phones, fruits & vegetables, kitchen utensils (stirring spoons with fat handles), candles, small souvenier baseball bats, hairbrushes with fat handles, anything phallic shaped that might fit into her pussy, and her favorite…remote controls. I would slide things in her and then tell her things like, “Kath (her name is Kathi)…you have a phone in your pussy! Isn’t that crazy?…you actually have a cell phone swirling around in your pussy!!” She would moan and jerk around, she could go on like this for a long time and many times she would go on literally all night until I had to get ready for work. I would go to work smelling like pussy while she was at home in bed with a household item stuffed in her clenching pussy. When I would use the remote control I would stuff it in her as far as it would go (it was a fairly large one) and I would jerk it move it all in large circular motions around while it was inside her saying, “Kath…I don’t like what’s on TV…I’m going to change the channel…OK…do you mind if I change the channel while the remote control is lost up in your pussy?” This would drive her crazy and she would start to cum and stick her ass up the air even higher. There were many times when I hurt myself trying to stuff my dick into her while she was squeezing her pussy around other objects that were stretching her pulsating pussy beyond its limits. It seemed as though I could fit just about anything in there and got a front row seat inches away as I watched her pussy gobble everything up. There were many times when I would cum just watching it all happen. One time I was able to get her booty positioned over the medium sized wooden oval ornament on the corner of our bed’s footboard…I slowly guided her ass down on it and moved her ass all around enough to work this thing all the way into her pussy until it completely disappeared…she stayed like that just vibrating and shivering for about 45 minutes while I knelt behind her spreading her ass checks open and closed and licking and fingering her asshole. She was so stuffed and so attached to that ornament that when she started to cum her ass and hips didn’t move an inch…she just stayed motionless in one spot cumming for a long time, unable to move.

Sometimes when we were at parties in other people’s homes I would try to get her d***k and horny enough to want me to stuff her pussy in front of everyone but it never worked out…I came close several times but everyone was so messed up they all crashed without knowing that I was knuckle deep in my wife’s booty. One time when we over a friend’s house, like we were every weekend, we spent the night and I woke up in the middle of the night to her squirming around in a way that I knew that her pussy was aching for a stuffing, I was looking for something to slide in her pussy and all I could find in my d***ken state was a joystick controller (from an old Atari gameset). I wanted to turn on the game and use the joystick that was now being squeezed by her pussy to play a game while it was still inside her…jerking it all around and listen to her pussy make all those wet slurping noises while her pussyhole was trying in vain to grab it...all while telling her that we were going to put pussyjuice on everything the guy owned before we left. I tried to get our friend to wake up and play some video games with me while both of the joysticks were crammed into my wife’s pussy...using her pussy hole as the joystick holder and moving the bases of the controllrs all over the place to see how wide we could get her spread open, but he was knocked out and wouldn’t get up. She and I would end up doing stuff like this in front of the windows at home, outside on the deck, in front of the windows in hotel rooms, in our little tent when we went camping (keeping the doors unzipped hoping that someone would want to see what all the noises were about)and I almost talked her into doing it in the truck driving down the highway so she could put on an amazing pussy show for the truckers.

She also likes it when I spread her pussy open as wide as I can and make that pussy hole gape wide open. I will slide three fingers from each hand deep into her pussy and slowly, very slowly, spread it wide open, as wide as I possibly can. I will hold it open like that for five minutes at a time just staring into her gaping wetness…what is especially amazing about this is that within about one or two minutes with being spread wide open like that her pussyhole would start to twitch, tighten up and start squeezing...trying to clench down on something…opening and closing unable to grab ahold of anything at the edge of going crazy from cumming so hard. I still want to arrange to have a “pussy party” without her realizing it…make her wet and horny before everyone shows up and get her to stuff something in her pussy and keep it in there while walking around talking to people totally unaware that the reason antone is even there is to watch or take turns stuffing their fingers, objects and anything else we can find deep into her juicy pussy for hours on end. I want to share these amazing moments with others because they will not believe what they are seeing.

The thing that amazes me the most is that after all of that deep pumping and fat stretching, her pussy goes right back to being tight when I tell her to squeeze it, I mean so tight that it pushes back on your pinky finger and won’t let it in without some f***e. I tell her nasty stories of letting other guys do what they want with her while filling her up and spreading and licking her. One of my favorite stories to tell her while she has her ass in the air getting her pussy stuffed is one about going to the movies and sitting in the back row, she sits in my lap as I play with her pussy. We make sure we sit behind a couple of guys and then I pull down her pants and panties to her ankles and start pulling her pussy lips apart and spreading her hole wide open…then I nudge one of the guys in front of us with my shoe…when he turns around he gets a faceful of my wife’s twitching pussy and buries his face in it for the rest of the show while I hold it open for him. I open her pussy lips slowly and more on one side...then more on the other...then open it by moving my hands in all different directions causing her pussy to open and close in all sorts of different contortions while someone else licks her all over from hole to hole and suck on her clit. She loves it and starts cumming everywhere when I tell her this story. Needless to say I don’t get much sl**p!!
Another one of my favorite stories/fantasies I whisper to her while working her booty over is one where we are out at a bar/lounge…someplace nice…not a hole in the wall…and the place is not very busy. She is wearing a short skirt and puts her coat/jacket on the back of the barstool as she sits down.

After a few drinks I eventually slide my hand down her back and make my way to her ass as she leans forward and gives me access. She gets so turned on she goes to the ladies room and removes her panties and puts them in her purse. When she comes back and sits down she hikes her short skirt up to her waist as she opens her purse to show me that she is now pantyless. We spend the rest of the evening sitting at the bar while I give her a deep pussy massage from behind, bringing her close to orgasm over and over while her coat on the back of the stool provides some sort of cover…or so we think. Eventually someone does notice and sits at the empty stool on the other side next to her and smooth talks his way into helping me stuff her pussy. We stay there for hours while her now stretched, red, poor little helpless and overworked pussy continues to get worked over again and again by both her husband and a complete stranger. She starts to squirm and gush everywhere.... Continue»
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Further Adventures Part 2 & 3


Morning came a little later for Anna than usual, as it must have been after 9:30 when she stirred. She had the day off, so there was no reason to hurry and besides her boy had set the automatic coffee pot to start at 10:15 so she turned over, relaxed and considered last night's fun and games. Her new boy's training was coming right along, and in a month or two he might be ready to show off to her s****r. Provided the bitch was ready to let her play with her toys. Thinking about that hot little wench she kept around to keep her two teens company... as if those two needed anything more than the company of their friends and a little parenting every now and again. But no, Miss Rich Ass needed a little female company in her own bed; so the k**s got looked after by a gay hottie. A doe eyed, very busty gay hottie. God how she wanted to whip that wench's tits. Tie 'em till they turned blue, and whip 'em lightly to start, and she was getting wet just thinking about it! Her hand grazed her puss. Time for a nap.........

The morning sun had shined in the window and heated up the foot of the bed to the point where her feet had gotten warm enough to wake her, and after a quick shower Anna was pouring over the morning paper with a cup of hot coffee. Since the Police Blotter had yielded no familiar names of any wanton sluts caught up in any shenanigans, and the news was a rehash of the weeks before she started daydreaming as she absently read her way up and down the columns.

“Annaaaa!” She heard her Mother call her from across the house. “Is you s****r dressed yet?” “You girls are going to be late for school!” Thinking I dunno Mom, why don’t you fuckin’ ask her, she hollered back “I’ll up upstairs and see Mom!” and started to trot up the stairs to Anna’s room. Though they were twins, Anna and Marisol had separate rooms at either ends of the second floor. Her’s was over her Mother’s bed room and Anna’a was at the other end of the house. Marisol had gotten into the habit of locking her door lately, so Anna knocked and quietly called her name. Her s****r padded over to the door, opened it a crack and peered around the edge of the door. “Aren’t you dressed yet?” she hissed at her s****r in mock indignation, and barged in. She loved catching her s****r in a compromising situation, but was totally unprepared for the sight that met her eyes as she blew past the door. And Anna was speechless. That morning changed everything between them, and changed nothing between them, but none-the-less it seemed like an eternity until Anna could phrase a sentence. “Mariiiisol!” she hissed.

There was a naked boy tied to her bed. A naked boy encircled with rope, with a gag in his mouth, and rope wound tightly around his hard cock and swollen balls. He wasn’t struggling, and Marisol just stood there alongside her, naked as a jaybird, her hair brushed and neatly tied back, make up and ear rings on just like this was any other morning before school. “He looks nice, doesn’t he?” “I’m getting better at tying him up.” She said matter-of-factly. Then she started to giggle, and Anna did too. Soon they were holding each other up as they quaked with each new onslaught of giggles. Anna couldn’t help but notice that her s****r was aroused, and if the liquid at the tip of the boys cock was any indication he was too.

“Annnaaaaa, is you s****r ready?!” Mother’s voice floated up from downstairs. “I’m off to work now, see you girls tonight, luv ya sweeties!” “Bye Mom!” they shouted in unison, before another fit of giggles over took them- after they heard the garage door slam. They watched the car speed away through the window.

Marisol and Anna had loved to play Cowboys and Indians when they were little girls and as they got older they took turns tying each other up. They played at being caught spies for a while, but as they got older the c***dhood games that occupied most of their time were cast aside, first by sports and then boys.

When their laughter was finally sated Anna could only hoarsely whisper “Marisol who issss he?!” then “Open a window it smells like PUSSY in here!!” and finally “What would Mother say!” She stood there with her hands on her hips and gloweredd at her s****r. Marisol’s nipples still stood erect. “Help me untie his gag Anna, I want him to lick me so bad!” “After I open a window” said Anna. “No sweetie, I’ll get cold, now help me untie his gag. You were always better than me with knots.”

After we rolled his head to the side, our fingers started working on the tight knots. Anna couldn’t help notice that Marisol’s fingers were mostly working on her clit, and after she managed to get the last one untied, the boy looked at her thankfully and slowly opened and closed his mouth. Anna raised his head and looked around for a bottle of water, just as Marisol slid over the top of his chest, rolled over, kneeled and lowered herself down on his face, with her back to the headboard. Her boy needed no encouragement, as his the liquid he craved was as close as the tip of his nose. “If you cum, I’ll whip your cock again” she announced.

As Anna slowly backed away Marisol positioned her crotch with her hands so the boy could better tongue her. “This is sooo fucking good,” moaned Anna “don’t run away until you’ve ridden him.” “Please sweetie, climb on; don’t you want to play with these?” She cupped her breasts, and started to rub them. “Please sweetie, we’ll talk later. Let’s ride together.”

Marisol looked at Anna sternly. “You always got wet when I tied you up, you know.” And that morning was no different. Anna was wet, very wet, and she shucked her clothes, climbed on and slowly lowered her puss down on the boy’s erect shaft, her nips grazing her s****rs as she slowly pumped up and down. They found each other’s lips and kissed deeply as their hands explored backs, necks, hair and breasts.

Anna’s mind jolted back onto the printed page, her reverie interrupted by the feel and scent of her wet crotch. She stuck her hand in her panties, wiped herself, and licked her fingers slowly as she savored her own juices. “I still do” she said to no one in particular. And it occurred to her that she hadn’t seen that boy in a while…. She shivered and clasped her snuggly soft terrycloth robe around her and retied the belt, awash with her thoughts and the scent of hot puss. Squirming her thighs together felt good; should she pay him a visit today or tonight?


Opening the door to my lair always had a better effect on people than I ever gave it credit for. It’s not that it’s that much different from anybody else’s digs, but the influence of Anna and Marisol were everywhere. We all agreed on the wall coverings and fabrics, the furniture was a collection of cast-off floor samples, and antiques I had collected, but what made it work was the combination of light afforded by the old drafty windows and the colors. A mix of pastels and earth tones, with lots of green plants and sunlight, both diffused and direct gave the place a simple warmth that belied all the planning that had gone into making it. At night the lighting set the mood, but during the day the suns rays ran from window to window, splashing light on the walls, reflecting the colors back into the room. Guys were always pretty matter of fact about the fact that it was pretty cool, but ladies seemed to luxuriate in the setting as they walked in. Some headed off to explore, some paused and took it all in. Liz turned and took me in her arms, as soon as I shut the door. Her hands on my shoulders she squeezed and kneaded them for a little while before her fingers traced their way down the front of my shirt. Finding my nips with her fingernails, she traced their outline beneath my shirt until they were hard. Her head shook slowly as she rebuked my lips, and I felt myself stiffen as she toyed with me. My hands were on her waist, so I took the opportunity to slowly squeeze her as I moved then up and down, from her beltline to just under her breasts - slowly up and down. “I want some rope.” she said. I allowed that I might have some, and beckoned her to follow with by hand as I started to walk through the living room. She followed me through the kitchen and down the hall. When I opened the door to the stairs, she followed me down, we went through another door, and as I turned on the lights she stopped and stared at all the equipment. I don’t believe she had ever been in a real playroom before; she might have fantasized, but the sight had an effect on her that startled me. It empowered her.

Once she had looked the contents of the room over, our eyes met. “Petey” she cooed. “Come stand in front of me.” I did as I was told. She smiled sweetly. “You little slut.” She giggled. “You little fucking slut.” “Now strip!” I looked her in the eye for a moment before I started removing my clothes. They were sparkling. When I was naked I stood in front of her at attention, and looked down at her feet. “Petey, when is your wife coming home?” I assured her I had none. “You mean that nobody’s coming home from work, no boyfriends, live-ins ….. no interruptions?” I looked her in the eye, and she smiled, as I. shook my head from side to side. “That’s ducky sweetie, now show me where the rope is.” I brought her to an antique armoire that stood against the wall, and opened the two doors wide. I stepped back and allowed her to gaze at the contents. “My, my Petey, you do like to shop”, she said giggling like a schoolgirl. “and look at what I found!” Holding up a strap – on, she grinned. “Petey, you slutty boy!” “Do you enjoy being opened?”

She pulled out some wrist bracelets and I held out my arms. As she fitted a set to my ankles, she realized that there were enough for my thighs, calves and forearms and slowly and tightly dressed me. After another trip to the closet she held up a cock and ball harness. “Where does this go?” I pointed to my not quite hard member, and she handed it to me. “Show me how slutty boy.” I smiled and snapped the wide strap around the base of my sack, separated my balls and tightly cinched up the second strap. “And the third?” she inquired. I pulled that one around my shaft and snapped it tightly shut. She slowly raised my packaged plums and palmed them. “Petey, would you like me to squeeze them a little?” Our eyes met. “Please Maa’m” She started to squeeze, a little harder, as we gazed at each other. As the pressure increased, I started to wince, but our eyes were locked and she steadily increased the pressure of her grip. Grabbing one of my nips with her free hand, she fondled it as she mashed my plums. I gasped, and she slackened, and as I arched my back she mashed again and I let out a slow moan. She let my package fall, grabbed both of my nips with her fingernails and started to stretch them. Again I moaned and sucked in a slow breath. “Petey you slutty thing; I do believe you like this!” I grinned, as she took a drop of pre cumm from the end of my cock to her fingertip. She brought it to her nose, sniffed and traced my lips with her wet fingertip. She put the next drip on my tongue. “I’m going to have fun with you Petey!”

to be continued........ Continue»
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G & T

HI! I’m Tina. I’m 50 years of age and I have been fucking for 38 of those years but having sex for forty years. Does that give you a clue? Let me explain it all to you. I’ve told the story using diary notes my lover made and recounting my own memories of the events.

My father worked in the oil industry and was posted overseas for a few years but he wanted me to continue to be schooled in the UK so it was arranged that I would stay with my Uncle Gordon and Aunt Anne. I first knew Gordon when he married my mum’s s****r Anne. I was five and fell in love with him immediately. k**’s love of course. I would stay at their place any opportunity I got and would cuddle Gordon all the time. We were inseparable and I wanted it that way and I loved it that way. We laughed all the time and I know he loved having me as his niece. I just wished I could be his wife. Jesus he was only 15 years older than me! But he was always a gentleman and although we wrestled and played ‘Touch’ or ‘It’ as it was called, the touching was only ever on the shoulder or arm.

It’s quite wrong what they say about c***dren not knowing about sex. In my school everyone knew the difference between boys and girls and loved to try to see that difference. I always wondered what Gordon’s ‘difference’ was like compared to the boys who were ony too eager to show me theirs.

I loved going into Gordon and Anne’s bedroom when I stayed. They slept with nothing on and I always wondered why. I had always had to wear a nightdress and to see them naked , from the waist up of course, was a revelation and I began slipping my nightdress off when I went to bed and sl**ping in the nude. I felt terribly daring and wicked. Funnily enough I never got caught or, if my mother noticed, she said nothing. She and Dad always wore clothes in bed. I never understood why mum did until I grew up. They were transparent and you could see her body through them.

Anyway, Back to Gordon. He would read me a bedtime story and I would demand he went on for ages because he had a fantastic voice and would play every role. Also I noticed how his eyes would stray to my legs and if I sat correctly, my nightdress would be over my knees and he could see between my legs. And that made me feel all sort of warm inside.

* * *

My name is Gordon. I don’t know if I should be writing this down but I feel I have to. I have been having an affair for nearly forty years now with my niece. She was and always has been, a beautiful girl and full of life and love. But let me begin at the beginning.

I met Anne, my wife, at a concert. We hit it off immediately and after a few dates I knew I wanted to marry her. We were both 20 years old at the time. I remember going to her parents’ house and being ‘vetted’ by her mother, a Matriarch of the old school. Her father was a quiet man and her s****r, Ellen, was already married to Dave. They were all there and so was Tina, Ellen and Dave’s daughter. She was a stunning girl and laughed a lot. We really hit it off and I think it was that which really made the difference.

Anne and I were married a few months later and Tina was bridesmaid and soon she was staying with us at weekends and we were almost surrogate parents. I would read to her for hours. She loved my reading and I would act out the stories.

Anne was concerned that I was being taken advantage of by her but I loved the role plaay and, to be honest, I loved the way she sat there and listened with her arms around her knees giving me a free view of her little pussy.

Nothing ever happened. I mad sure of that. She never noticed anyway.

Dave worked in the oil business and was often sent abroad and Tina would stay with us for weekends to give her mother a break and she would always run into our bedroom and jump on us in bed and wrestle me. Anne would just laugh and get up and go make breakfast and we would laugh and romp.

To be honest I never knew when it happened but I one day noticed that she was sitting astride me and her nightdress was up around her hips and I was liking the feeling of her little cunt on my belly.

I felt dirty thinking that way but it was nice and I honestly didn’t want to attract attention to it by stopping her. And I didn’t want to stop her anyway!

* * *

I used to stay with them weekends and I loved to run into their bedroom of a Sunday morning and pounce on them. A couple of times I caught them fucking and he had to roll off her quickly as I came in. But they never lost their temper with me. I know when my k**s come in and stop me getting shagged by my husband I’m fucking tetchy all day but Anne and Gordon never were and I know they used to find a quiet time to finish what they had started.

I would jump on Gordon particularly and straddle him and ride him like a pony. I know it excited him and I made bl**dy sure my nightdress was well up so that I could feel his hairy belly against my little pussy. And I loved the feelings it gave me.

They’d been married about five years when Dad was posted abroad and he wanted mum to go with him. I was happy to stay with Gordon and Anne and only go see my parents in school holidays. It meant I could be close to Gordon and I loved that.

One Sunday, I dashed into their room and jumped on him and we began to srestle as usual. Anee told me to be careful and not nurt him as she wanted him to look after me while she went out with her mother for the evening. She then went off to make breakfast and I was left to subdue Gordon. We were laughing and, as usual, my k
Nighdress ‘accidentally’ rose up. I was easing back and back and suddenly felt it hard between my legs. He wriggled and tried to move me aside but I knew I was on him and eased even further back. I could feel his hard cock between my legs and the boys at school had told me that it needs to be hard to go into my cunt. It was hard and I wanted it in there.

As we struggled, I could feel it ease between my bald little cunt lips and I guessed, by the occasional shudder, that he was enjoying it too.

Then Anne walked in and told us breakfast was served. I got off him and went out and he rose after I left the room. He was always careful never to let me see him naked down there.

But now I’d felt it and I wanted it!

* * *

I had to be really careful when she came in of a morning. A couple of times she’d nearly caught me filling Anne for the day and we used to laugh about it later about the way she had to get out of bed and scoot to the bathroom before a nasty sticky mess dribbled out for Tina to see. But the girl never noticed and was soon wrestling me in our play fight. Mind you, I had to be really careful that there was no residue on my prick because occasionally she would sit on it.

I guess it’s bad but I used to love it when her nightdress rode up and she wriggled around on my chest and belly. I always loved it when she slid back and one day, the tip of my knob touched her bare buttocks. She has a lovely bum and as she wriggled, the cheeks parted and it felt really good. I just hoped she hadn’t noticed. Nothing was said and the incident passed.

Slowly, over the weeks, the wriggling got lower and lower and I wondered occasionally if she was doing it or me but it felt good and sometimes her whole pussy was astride my rigid cock as we laughed and wrestled. I let it go for a while before pushing her off and, making sure the bedclothes were concealing any hard-on, chatted and laughed with her.

It was a beautiful sunny Sunday morning. Anne had scooted out of bed saying she was going to leave it to Tina to get me up and Tina pounced on me as usual. We were struggling and she had slid down onto my cock and was really wriggling. I could feel her small cunt lips parting around my knob’s most sensitive area and it felt really good. But too good. I felt it coming and couldn’t stop and, instead of pulling her towards me and letting the sheets take the load, I pushed her back onto my thighs and she had a good look at my cock shooting it’s thick, creamy cum over my belly. I was shocked. I immediately pushed her off and got tissues and began cleaning up, apologising to her as I did so.

She was silent and as I looked, her eyes were wide and she was staring at my rapidly shrinking tackle.

She was as good as gold and just listened as I told her what had happened. Then she told me she’d heard of it from the boys at school so she knew what it was.

After a while I rose and put on my dressing gown. And we went down for breakfast. I didn’t ask her to say nothing but she didn’t mention it at all.

* * *

Oh God, I remember that day. I thought all my wishes had come true. We were laughing and joking and Anne got up and told me to sort him out. I jumped on him and was soon rubbing my little pussy against his hairy chest. I loved the feel of it and the feelings it gave me as I squirmed on him. Then sliding down his body as he tickled and teased me. His hard knob easing it’s way between my buttocks and onto my very sensitive pussy. Then heaven! The lips parted and I felt it between them and I was tingling. I just needed to rub it back and forth.

Then he grabbed my waist and pushed me right back onto his legs.

And there it was, his long cock laying on his belly and, as I watched, it jerked and a spurt of white, creamy spunk went up just past his belly-button. Another followed and another and he was grunting.

Darren, at school, had told me that men shoot what he called spunk and that they shoot it up into the girl. Now I was seeing it and it looked fantastic. I couldn’t speak. I remember going to touch it but he was holding my arms too tight and I saying over and over how sorry he was. I was in heaven. It was not only the first time I’d got a really good look at his cock, But I was watching it shoot. It was lovely. I knew I had to see more and more of this.

He had used tissues to clean himself up and I wanted to do it for him but he climbed out of bed and put on his dressing gown and we went down to breakfast.. I held his hand tightly to show him I wanted more and at the bottom of the stairs he lifted me up under one arm like a roll of carpet and carried me through into the kitchen. We were laughing and I was very happy.. We had a good day and I took as many opportunities as I could to push myself against him. I still had tingling feelings and didn’t know what the hell to do to relieve them. I felt that in his trousers lay the answer to my problem.

Anne was out with her mother for the evening and Gordon was ‘baby’ sitting me.

She left at about four and we were playing cards. It was a little while but I finally plucked up the courage to ask him what had happened this morning. He was embarrassed I could see but he explained to me what happens when a man’s cock is rubbed and that the stuff usually goes up into a woman and that’s where babies come from. I knew it in theory but this was the first time I’d seen it. Once again he said he was sorry and that it wouldn’t happen again. That was my chance. I asked him if he would show me again.

Of course he said that he wouldn’t but I can be very persuasive and after a lot of pleading and cajoling, he sat back and lowered the zip on his trousers. He fished inside and with a struggle pulled out his huge hard cock. He explained all about the foreskin and the fraenulum and balls and erections and all the while he was stroking it and I was enthralled as the he pink knob eased into view and back.

After a while I asked if I could do it. He looked nervous but finally nodded and I reached out and grasped it. I guess he liked it because he let out a sigh and seemed to relax as I pumped it up and down. I looked up and his eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily so I guessed I was doing it right. Then his hips were moving along with my rubbing and I just knew that it was going to happen.

When it did he cried out and great gouts of spunk shot out. Three shots then the final dribble over my hand. His eyes came open wide and he saw what he’d done. My skirt acted like a bowl and caught all his spunk and I was gently squeezing his foreskin to release the last drops over my hand. It felt lovely.

“Oh, Fuck!” he said and I giggled. “Take your skirt of Tina. I’ve got to wash that out.”

I unzipped it at the waist and wriggled out of it, not spilling a drop. I looked at his cock. It was still peeping out of his trousers but had gone down.

Gordon carried the skirt carefully to the kitchen and rinsed the spunk from it and used some washing powder to clean it out. I stood next to him in my blouse and knickers. As he washed it, I reached up and into his trousers. He tried to twist away but he was to engrossed in the washing and I soon had the soft cock in my hand and was feeling the stickiness of the tip.

He told me I was a very dirty girl and the way he said it I knew he liked it and I could feel it hardening up again.

“Is that what wanking is?” I asked.

“Yes,” he replied. “That is exactly what wanking is. I’m surprised you know about it.”

I explained that a boy at school let me hold his little cock and told me about wanking although he couldn’t do it. As he wrung out my skirt and took it to the cupboard to dry, I told him that boys were lucky to have one to wank. He told me that girls can do it too and I asked how. He looked at me.

“Well,” he said. “Since we’ve come this far…”

* * *

I was bl**dy terrified all day that she’d say something but she didn’t and Anne was due out with her mother later. When she left Tina and I were playing poker. Five card draw! I love the game and taught her. We played with Monopoly money and she was good. I kissed Anne goodbye and she told Tina to look after me. A grin spread across her face. She was looking forward to waiting on me hand and foot and I liked the attention.

Don’t remember how long it was after Anne left that Tina brought up what had happened that morning. I tried to pass it off but she was insistent and I decided to explain all about it. I I gave her the mechanics and the whys and wherefores and she told me about what she did with a boy at school. I must say I was a little shocked though, looking back to my school days I remember doing the same with my girl friend then.

Then she asked if she could see it again. I refused and said we mustn’t but she carried on and on and I finally gave in and let her see it That was the worst thing I could have done because she then wanted to touch and do it for me and when you’re aroused, it’s easy to say yes and I did. I showed her how to hold it and rub it just right and sure enough, after a short while I lost control and shot a load which landed in the bowl her skirt formed between her legs. There she sat grinning and holding my cock, spunk lay like a small pool and dribbled over her hand. And she had a smile a mile wide. I felt very dirty.

I quickly helped her take her skirt off and washed the sticky mess out of it. She was generally chatting about it and, as I hung the skirt to dry in the airing cupboard, she told me that boys were lucky to have a cock to wank. I said it without thinking of the consequences. I told her that girls could wank too. And of course, she wanted to know how.

We went back to the cards after putting her dressing gown on. I explained about her clit and how rubbing it would make her cum and she listened enthralled. Then, as I watched, she spread her legs and eased the gusset of her white knickers to the side and began exploring between her legs asking me if she was doing it right. As we’d gone that far I guessed I might as well show her amd guided her small finger to the right spot. I was surprised how wet she was. She was obviously enjoying it and trying hard to wank.

“Here, Let me,” I said and she lay back and sighed as my finger parted her cunt lips and found the spot. It took only a short while and she cried out as she came. As I slowed she told me not to stop and I just carried on until the whole orgasm had gone.

She lay back panting and with her eyes closed. I sucked my fingers tasting her cum on them. As I was doing it I noticed she had opened her eyes and was looking at me. I explained that it was a lovely taste and that I loved it. Without a word, she placed a finger in her cunt and then to her mouth. She smiled and repeated it. She said she liked it and asked me if I wanted more. I told her that men often liked to lick down there and she spread her legs wide. Not a word had been said and I bent my head silently to her small cunt and lapped at it. Her hands were on my head and she was writhing under me as my tongue opened her up. She was delicious and I explored the hard little nub of her clit and her little hole. She was laughing and cumming as I licked and I felt the cum dribbling out of her and loved it.

* * *

He told me that women could wank and I was hooked. I wanted to knoow just how they did so I could do it.

We picked up my dressing gown from the bedroom and went back to the sofa. He explained all about my cunt (oh he used all the words too) and as he explained, I opened my legs and eased my finger up under my knickers and began feeling the spots he described. I had my legs wide so he could see what I was doing and I know he was loving the view.

The feelings were gorgeous but I was restricted. It was an instant and I had my knickers down round my ankles. My little cunt was now wide and I had easy access to it and was loving every moment.

I asked if I was doing it right and he said I was but needed my finger higher. He moved next to me and I removed my hand and felt his finger on the spot. I nearly fainted with the pleasure and then I was cumming. From the fingertip he switched to the full length along my slit and rubbed gently. I could feel it on my clit and at my hole.

I was bucking and threshing. When I opened my eyes, his face was close to mine and I stared in his eyes then a new wave of orgasm took me and I cried out. When I looked back, he was smiling and I think he asked if I liked it. I gasped. I couldn’t speak the thrill was so intense. Then he kissed me. Not the little peck on the cheek we usually had. It was a full on lips job and I sucked his tongue deep into my mouth. I was hot and shaking with the thrill of the orgasm.

He stopped and I rested. I was panting and had my eyes closed feeling the pleasure run through my body. As I opened my eyes I saw him bring his finger to his lips and suck the glistening juice from it. He saw me watching and told me that it was delicious. I tentatively eased my finger between my tender cunt lips and then tasted it too. It was good. He explained about cunnilings and asked if I’d mind him doing it. I shook my head and spread my legs. I wanted everything this man could give me.

I was fascinated as he bent forward and then I felt his tongue on my bald cunt lips. I moaned and writhed trying to get it in between them where it was so sensitive but he knew exactly what to do and played me like a musical instrument and I gave beautiful music.

When he judged I was ready, he knelt on the floor and pulled me round to the edge of the sofa, putting my legs over his shoulders and burying his face in between them. His tongue was probing every part of my cunt and up into me as far as it would go. I was cumming over and over. I felt so wet I didn’t know if I’d cum or pissed myself. I didn’t care as long as the feeling lasted. When we spoke later he told me he didn’t care either.

Finally I was exhausted and he lifted me in his arms and carried me to my bed. There he stripped me naked and I loved being like that with him. He lay me on the bed and I instinctively spread my legs. But he merely kissed me again, once more the full lip and tongue job, and said we would speak the following day and that I should sl**p.

“Fuck me!” I said to him. He smiled and said he wouldn’t do that. He told me that he wanted me to think long and hard about us fucking as there was no going back and that, in the future, I might meet someone I really wanted to give my virginity to. He said he wanted to be absolutely sure before we took that step. I asked if we could do this again and he smiled and said now we’d done it once he was sure we would be doing it regularly. I grinned and felt my eyes heavy. He lay beside me and put his arms around me and I woke with the sun shining through the window and Anne calling me for breakfast. I didn’t know if it had happened or been a dream until I touched my cunt. It was tender. It HAD happened.

* * *

I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. All I knew was that this delicious young woman wanted me and was performing better than the most seasoned whore. I lapped at her juices which were flowing like a river and she writhed and moaned and seemed to be cumming over and over. Her hands were on my head and she was humping her hips at my face as I tongued her.

I don’t know how long I was licker her but she took it all and seemed insatiable. Finally she was just moaning and I could tell she was exhausted. I came up and kissed her and she was almost eating my face off. I gently lifted her in my arms and carried her to her bed and gently lay her, naked, onto it. I covered her with the bedclothes and she took my hand and asked me to fuck her. I was sorely tempted but I knew that if I fucked her there and then, she may regret it later. I told her I wouldn’t until she had thought long and hard and I felt she was still a little too young to make that decision. I told her we’d talk in the morning and she smiled and I held her naked body to me as she drifted to sl**p. I slid from the bed and went to my own bed and wanked I was just about to cum when Anne came in and caught me and asked what it was all about. I told her I was just feeling randy and needed to relieve it. She was out of her clothes in seconds and sitting on my cock. She was hot and was talking about Tina and saying that she thought I was wanking over her. I denied it and she laughed and told me that she knew I did. I admitted that I fantasized about it and she asked if I’d seen her cunt. I told her about how she sat when I read her stories and then Anne said something that astounded me. She told me that she’d often seen Tina naked and would love to get her tongue into her.

When we were next alone together I asked Tina what she thought about seeing Anne naked and whether it embarrassed her. She grinned and said it didn’t and that she liked to see her naked. She also said she’d like to see us fucking. I thought for a moment and got out a videotape and put it on. It was one Anne and I had made with my new video camera. A big old thing in those days, noot the neat little ones of now.

Tina was fascinated and watched as Anne stripped and displayed herself in detail for the camera. Then she filmed me and finally, a bit static because I was trying to film at the same time, she watched Anne suck my cock and finally take me inside her cunt and she loved the shot where I closed in on Anne’s cunt with the cum dribbling out of it.

After that she would put the tape on whenever she wanted and I loved watching her wank herself as she watched.

* * *

The next time we were alone, Gordon asked whether I was embarrassed about seeing Anne naked. I laughed and said I rather enjoyed it. In fact I was fascinated and wondered what it would be like to touch her cunt and maybe lick her like he licked me. I was wondering if she got really wet and how she came and what it was like when they fucked. I told him this and he looked at me for a few moments and then got out a tape and put it on. I was enthralled. Anne stripping and big close-ups of her cunt and tits. Then it was his turn and finally nice close views of his cock going into her and fucking. Then the last shot. Her cunt, wet and open and the dribble of spunk oozing from it. My knickers were soaked and I told Gordon. He told me to give them to him. I slipped them off and no sooner did he have them than he sucked the gusset. I told him there was a lot more and soon he was licking me out again. I loved it. This was a regular and I had seen later on the tape, Anne sitting on his face and taking his cock in her mouth. The classic sixty-nine and I was soon doing this. And he had no problems with shooting his spunk in there and I had no problems in drinking it.

So we went on and I was soon living with them as my parents had been sent abroad. It was shortly after my birthday that he told me that Anne was pregnant. I told him that I wished it was me and he laughed.

“Be sure!” he said. “Once you lose your virginity it can’t come back and there may be someone special you want to have it rather than me.”

I knew that no matter who I went out with, I wanted Gordon to break me in.

I remember when my cousin Lily was born. Anne was taken in at seven in the evening and I was allowed to go with them and be there at the birth. It was fascinating. Lily popped out at ten past one in the morning and was lovely. Gordon let me hold her too and after a while, we kissed Anne goodnight and as I was about to go, she took my ha nd and whispered in my ear to be good.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “I’ll look after him.”

“You know how I mean.” she said with a smile. “He’ll feel randy when he gets home. Take care of him til I’m back in business.”

I kissed her and said I’d be very good.

We went home and he poured us a large scotch each. He’d taught me to love whisky when I turned s*******n and I did love it. We chatted and then without words being spoken, we went up to bed. I don’t know whether Anne had primed him but he didn’t even pause by my bedroom door but went straight to his own bedroom with his arm around my waist. She stripped me in the way he always did and kissed my body all over. As he undressed I lay on the bed watching and with my eyes constantly gazing on his erect cock. As he turned to me, I put my legs up.

“Fancy seeing me in stirrups?” I joked. He climbed on the bed and between my legs. He’d often been like that with me. I felt his knob at my cunt and easing my lips apart. I took his face In my hands.

“I’ve thought,” I said, looking into his eyes. “I’ve thought for ages. I want you to fuck me. I want you to have my virginity I want you spunk inside me from this end now.”

He merely smiled and I felt the pressure on my hymen. I was uncomfortable and then he thrust and a sharp pain. I cried out but it wasn’t for long and then I felt the thrill of his prick right up inside me and he was fucking me.

“Use me like a whore!” I whispered in his ear.

“No!” he said. “Tonight we make love. We are lovers. Plenty of time to be a whore for me later. Not tonight.”

And he fucked me.

The feeling when that load shot into my belly was gorgeous and after a few minutes rest he withdrew and went down on me and began to lick at my full cunt. I asked to suck his cock and he said he needed to clean up as some of my virgin bl**d was on him. I didn’t let him get away with that and took his cock deep in my mouth.

We fucked three times that night and again when we woke.

We went to see Anne at visiting time which was one o’clock. She smiled and we made faces and cooing noises at Lily in her cot. Gordon went off to get another chair and Anne looked at me and took my hand.

“Hope it wasn’t a disappointment,” she said. I actually blushed and smiled. “Still full up are you?”

“How did you know?”

“The same way you knew when he’d fucked me. Pity we’re in here or I’d inspect the damage.”

“Well it is a little sore,” I giggled.

“I could kiss it better,” She said and I felt the familiar dribble in my knickers. “Something to think about?”

“I don’t need to think,” I blurted out. Pity you can’t do it now.”

She stretched out a hand and slid it under my skirt and pulled the gusset of my knickers aside and I felt her finger probe deep into my cunt.

When Gordon returned she told him that when we went home he was to kiss my cunt better as he’d made me sore. He smiled and said he would and I knew that we had emerged into a new relationship. I couldn’t wait.

* * *

I remember the night Anne told me she was pregnant. She had been really horny all day. Now we were laying in bed and she was really hot. Like dripping and she straddled me and I slid in so easily I was surprised. She was in a filthy mood which I loved.

“That lovely cock of your has done it’s business,” she said. “It’s fucked a baby into my belly.”

I was staggered and really thrilled. I rolled her onto her back and told her I’d better make sure by giving her a few more cunt-fulls.

As I pounded into her cunt she whispered into my ear asking whether I wanted a daughter she could turn into a man-pleasing whore when she grew up or a boy I could teach to please girls. It was a really dirty fuck and so were the following ones up until the time when I couldn’t shag her and she had to give oral for me.

The baby came one evening and Tina was allowed to accompany us and watch the birth. It wasn’t bad, as far as births go. Anne called me all the fucking bastards under the sun and explained in great detail what she would do if I brought my prick near her again. I was as consoling as I could be. I apologised to the midwife and doctor who only smiled and said they’d heard it all before.

Tina was fascinated and watched intently as the birth took place. It was amazing and soon we had a perfect daughter. I held her and so did Tina.

It was only a short while before the staff bundled us out saying we should go get some sl**p and let mother and baby sl**p also.

Tina and I went home and I poured us both a large scotch and we chatted for a while. Finally we went up to bed. Both of us knew what would be happening and we made no pretence of going to her bedroom but went straight to ours and I stripped her naked, kissing every part of her young body. She lay on the bed as I stripped and when I looked her legs were up and she was asking me if I would like to see her in stirrups.

I gazed down at her well shaved cunt. It looked delicious and I simply positioned myself between her legs and guided my knob to her wet lips. They parted and I was nudging into her hole. I felt the hymen and looked into her eyes. She smiled and I thrust. She cried out at the stab of pain and then I was all the way inside her and her legs wrapped around my thighs confirming she was not going to let me go until I’d filled her with my spunk.

“I’m on the pill, darling,” she whispered. “Don’t stop. Just fill me up. Make me a woman.”

I didn’t stop but fucked her hard and it was agony trying to stop myself from cumming until she was at the height of her orgasm. As she bucked under me and cried in her pleasure, I let it go and filled her up. I rolled her on top of me and we rested, panting and laughing.

That night we never slept until dawn and we fucked twice more. It was fantastic when we arose in time to go and see Anne and the baby.

Anne was radiant and the baby looked wrinkled and was asl**p. We chatted for hours and Tina watched as Anne fed the baby when it woke but all too soon we were going home. I went to return the chairs leaving Anne and Tina to chat. When I returned I bent to kiss Anne and she whispered in my ear that she knew all about it and that when I got home I should kiss Tina’s hot little cunt because I’d made it sore. She also asked me to give it a kiss from her which surprised me.

I was surprised to say the least but now knew that we had Anne’s blessing and that in the future there would be a new relationship between the three of us.

It was exciting!

* * *

That is where Gordon’s notes ended. We had many years together all of us and it was fascinating and sexually fulfilling. He’s no longer here but Anne and I are still together and Geni, the baby, is now at college. She is aware of our relationship but it’s not for her. She’s happy about it though.... Continue»
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"Three Cock's In A Fountain"

“Three Cock’s In A Fountain”
(A True Story)

It seems like only yesterday when I visited my b*****r and his wife’s house 10 years ago. I visualize now being asked to look around the house and check out the study room to look-over his computer. How was I to know that the door I opened was his daughter’s bedroom!

As I opened the door I heard a faint groaning noise; so I realized this wasn’t the study; but it was! The sight before me was of my b*****r’s 17 year old daughter Carrine and her b*****r Kyle, who was fucking her from behind whilst she watched the laptop which was showing a porno film! … “Hello, Uncle James!”, she spoke softly, sorry you saw this but I just needed a fuck and my b*****r was handy. “You horny pair!!” I said … “Don’t tell my dad, he’d go ape!” Corrine spoke … “Nah, I wont, don’t worry!” I replied … “Can I suck your cock, Uncle James, I want a threesome,. Just like the movie!?” This somewhat shook me, but I replied “Yes, OK!” … the sight of this 17 year-old being fucked from behind was a turn-on … as my cock was now very hard.

I approached her from the front and she told me to take of my trousers and pants, then she said “I want to suck your cock as my b*****r fucks me from behind, then I’m gonna spurt all over you both!” … Spurt, I thought? … She sucked hard on my cock and I could feel the cum building up in my balls …Kyle and I the changed position, she sucked on his cock and I lunged my rock-hard cock into her dripping-wet cunt; I began fucking hard and roughly …

“Hang on guy’s I wanna; spurt over you two i****tuous fuckers!”, With that she turned around and faced us both then raised her hips, opened her legs and then she spurted some 3 yards all over myself and Kyle … this was such a turn-on … she pissed some 3 minutes till she said … “Now wank all over me, I want to suck your spunk and my piss!” …

We obliged and began wanking … she teased us by also playing with her pussy … rubbing her fingers over her clit and into her cunt … “Come on, you dirty bastards, fucking shoot your load over me”!” … I shouted out that I was cumming and so did Kyle … “Don’t cum yet, I wanna suck your cock’s first!” … which she did … both cock’s in her mouth!!

She released our cocks and said “Right, now you can wank all over me … FUCKING NOW!”, she cried out … Kyle came first as his young cock spurted oodles of milky-white cum … “Now it’s your turn, Uncle James … shoot into my mouth … fucking gag me with your cock and cum!” …

I did, I exploded in her mouth … and as I pulled it out of her cum-sodden mouth she let some of the cum seep out the corner of her mouth … she licked it … and sucked the last drop up … “That was great, now I want you to call my dad and mother, as I wanna fuck the lot of you!” … “What!” I said … “Don’t worry Uncle James, we fuck regularly, it’s not a problem; we all fucking love it!”
She shouted down the stairs …. “Mum, dad, see what Uncle James & Kyle have just done to me … they fucked me!”

To Be Continued... Continue»
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Bus Incident

Bus Incident

This is a true incident – memories of which are still very vivid in my mind .. I am a 32 year old housewife, mother of a 6 year old k** and I have a fair amount of fucking experience with my husband. I have a dusky complexion & consider myself attractive & have a good well maintained figure of 36-32-38, of which I am pretty proud. A couple of months ago, I had to travel to my native place on an emergency. My husband’s elder b*****r’s son, Senthil, who is staying at our house, accompanied me. Senthil is a 23 year old guy, who has finished his studies and now staying at our house, in the pretext of finding a job for him. My husband was very busy with his work and so he asked Senthil to accompany me. As train tickets were not available at short notice, we had to take the overnight State roadways bus.

Our seat was at the second last row of the luxury 2×2 seater deluxe bus & while I get into the window seat, Senthil sat aside next to me. The journey commenced & after about an hour at 9.00 p.m, the lights were switched off and the bus became very dark inside. I was wearing a saree & had brought my shawl & wrapped it around me & dozed off. After, maybe a couple of hours, I felt something on my leg & realized it was Senthil’s hand. I was surprised I thought he too had slept & by mistake his hand slipped onto the next seat & onto my thigh & I decided to ignore it. However, after 5 minutes or so, he slowly started to move his hand lightly on my thigh & I then realized it was a conscious & deliberate move. Thinking I was fast asl**p, Senthil was taking advantage of the situation & trying to caress my legs. I was taken aback & shocked by this & was in a dilemma of what to do, as this was totally unexpected.. By relation, Senthil is just like a stepson to me and so far, he have behaved well with me at home. But now, as I was alone with him in the bus, in close proximity with me, he should have felt turned on, I thought. But then I decided to ignore him as far as possible, thinking he would get bored after a while and stop & I continued to act as if was fast asl**p.

The bus was totally dark & seeing no protest or reaction from me, Senthil then slowly & very deliberately, with more pressure, begin to gently squeeze my thighs. After a few minutes, he moved somewhat & removed his hand. I then felt his hand slowly trying to lift up my shawl from the side of my waist, all this with the full confidence that I was fast asl**p. I was stunned by his boldness, but was still nervous & did not protest. I felt his hand slowly & nervously move under my shawl & touch my arm and after a few moments to gently caress it. ( I was wearing a blouse inside). Senthil then moved his hand further inside and much to my amazement, he rested it lightly over my blouse on my breast… In spite of myself being shocked, I just could not stop or protest his actions and was very nervous but in a way strangely enough quite curious to see to what extent he would try to go. Seeing me fast asl**p, Senthil then shifted closer to me and began to gently caress my breast. And seeing no protest from me, then removed his hand to slowly slide it under my saree paloo & rest his hand firmly on my blouse over my breast. He now was slowly & firmly caressing my breast & then gently started to squeeze it.. After a while, he moved his hand further to my other breast and continued to gently caress & squeeze it also.

This continued for a few more minutes. I still acted asl**p & unaware of his moves, though fully aware & shocked by his boldness. Much to my amazement ( I suppose encouraged by my deep slumber, Senthil getting more bolder ), he then moved his hand a bit, to now slowly try & open my blouse hooks in the front. One by one, Senthil slowly opened each hook to totally open my blouse and spread it open & then slowly slid his finger through my bra onto my breast. This was his first skin contact on me & his hand felt very warm on my bosom.. He touched my breast through the bra and cupped my breast & slowly he tried to slide his hand under my bra. I could not help being turned on further by this. A young guy, who happens to be just like my stepson was touching me intimately & I was, in spite of my initial reaction, was still not opposing it & in a way beginning to now enjoy it. The bus was in darkness & all the other passengers were fast asl**p; it was just him & me now. And suddenly I felt, I would not mind if he tried to continue further. As if reading my thoughts, Senthil then inched his hand under my bra to try & reach & graze my nipple, which was already becoming erect in anticipation of his advances. He moved a little closer to me and now, very slowly but confidently he was cupping my breast to assess it size, firmness etc & now moving his hand under my bra (under my shawl, under my paloo, under my blouse & under my bra too). I continued to pretend being asl**p & he believing it, was taking full advantage of the situation.

Senthil managed to get his hand totally into my bra, to gently touch and then try & pinch my nipple and then try & push his full hand into my bra & totally onto my breast. I was surprised at myself to allow this, but frankly was now enjoying every moment of this. He then tried to gently tug my breast out of the bra & finding it tight, then Senthil moved his hand onto my shoulder to now push the bra strap off my shoulder, thereby making my bra looser & was now successfully able to pull my breasts out of my bra… This was really too much, my own stepson & that too in a public bus had touched & squeezed my breast and now had managed to open my blouse completely, and my bra too, to now touch & squeeze my breasts, skin to skin!!! My stepson’s hand felt wonderful on my bosom and he now was getting very confident & bold in his attempts. My shawl was in disarray & he pulled it down and pushed my paloo to a side, to now totally expose one of my breasts. Senthil continued to cup & squeeze it and pinch it’s erect nipple. He also would have realized that after all this, I could not really be so asl**p & would be in the know of things & co-operated with him, by not resisting, though he was still cautious in his movements. Senthil then leant forward to now bend & try kiss my breasts… this was really fantastic.

By my heavy breathing now, he probably realised I was aware of his advances & confidently placed his lips on my eager nipples to slowly suck on them. I was unable to protest or resist & let him continue, but now enjoying his mouth on my breast, slowly & gently sucking on my nipple. This continued for a few more minutes & then with his other hand, Senthil gently pulled me a little bit forward like a semi-embrace & he quickly slipped one hand behind onto my back & below my blouse, and in a swift motion unclasped my bra & pulled it up totally to release my other breast also. This was much more than I had ever imagined this would proceed to & now in the darkness of the bus, we two were involved in a really strange encounter. His head was on my bosom & sucking on my breasts & nibbling on my nipples, alternating between them and then he dropped his hand to the floor & he slipped it & moved his hand under my saree & begin to pull it up. I was beyond caring then & did not protest, still pretending as if asl**p. Senthil slowly pulled my saree up to my thighs and begin to caress them & then beginning to knead & squeeze them. He tried to pry open my legs and I voluntarily slowly spread open my legs for him and he pushed his hand in between my thighs. The bus was in darkness & no one else was aware of this erotic act between we two. Senthil knew I will not resist now & was sensuously caressing my inner thighs & moving his hand further up to rub on my panties. I shifted a little on my seat so that he could touch me better. I was already really very aroused by then. Senthil then got hold of my hand and placed it on the front of his trouser.

He had already opened his zip and had taken out his erect cock & placed my hand right on it… It was large (much bigger than his chithappa’s (i.e. my husband’s) really rock hard, hot & throbbing in my palm and I loved the feel of it and also begin to caress it slowly & move my hand up & down, enjoying it’s size & hardness. I was really turned on then, still no words were spoken. His head was on my bosom and Senthil was now strongly sucking on my breasts and rolling his tongue over my nipples and simultaneously pulled my saree up to the maximum possible on my upper thighs and rubbing on my inner thighs & panty. He begin to try & pull my panty off. I also desperately wanted this and without saying anything, I moved up & wriggled a bit and hiked my saree up to my waist and pulled my panties off & dropped it on the floor of the bus. The bus seat felt cold against my buttocks. I spread my legs open and Senthil now begin to rub my cunt slit directly & he insert a finger in, to feel my moistness & with his thumb, he slowly rub on my clitoris too… I was really turned on by all this! This was really beautiful & I enjoyed it. I was already extremely turned on by then, with his mouth on my breast, his hand fingering & caressing my cunt and I holding his cock & very soon, I had a shuddering orgasm. Senthil then very gently pushed my head downwards towards his erection and I too then slowly kissed his cock and then slowly masturbated him, till he ejaculated his warm semen onto my hand.

Still no words were spoken and I rearranged my clothes & pulled my shawl up and tried to go back to sl**p as if nothing happened. I was surprised at myself at to what extent I had sex with my stepson & had to admit to myself, it was enjoyable. However, much to my surprise, after 15-20 minutes, Senthil started caressing me again, much more confidently, and he slipped his hand under my shawl and then tugged it off.. We started again and this time, he was more relaxed & confident, with no nervousness. Senthil started squeezing my breasts very sensuously and gently opening my blouse & bra again, bent down & begin to kiss my breasts again and we started off on our erotic games again. Now he hugged me too very tightly and kissed me full on my lips, pushing his tongue deep in, and caressing my back etc. It was really amazing. The other passengers were fast asl**p (there were two men in the seat opposite & a couple behind us & who were fast asl**p). I was totally aroused then and thrilled at my own self. Senthil pulled my saree up to my waist again & started his delightful act of rubbing my vagina & inserting his finger deep in. Much to my surprise, Senthil then moved his hand onto my shoulder, slowly begin to slide my blouse off my right shoulder. I wondered why, but as it was totally dark, I did not object and then he went one step further and slid my blouse off my other shoulder and removed my blouse totally off & also my bra & I was now absolutely topless ( except for my gold chain necklace and my mangalsutra)… My shawl was on the floor, my panties were on the floor & now my blouse & bra too… Very excited, Senthil tightly hugged and kissed me on my lips and caressed my naked back and squeezing my fully naked breasts. My saree was in any case, up to my waist and & I felt I was practically naked now, next to my own stepson guy and having torrid & exciting sex with him. The passion we both were generating was fantastic… Senthil was now aggressively sucking on my breasts & nibbling, biting my nipples, kissing my neck, cheeks, ears, shoulders etc., he was very passionate & so was I… His cock was out too & I bend down to rub my naked breasts on it and then to nuzzle it with my lips, cheeks, etc and rub it on my face, neck & then to kiss & slowly lick & suck on it till he ejaculated totally on my face & with his hand, rubbed his warm semen all over my cheeks &, lips. It was really fantastic… We then took a break for about 45 minutes. When I tried to put back my clothes, Senthil didn’t let me put on my bra or blouse and for a little while, I sat next to him absolutely topless & then I managed to wrap my shawl over my nakedness.

We started off again, in full confidence of our passion and lust. Senthil tried to pull me on top of him and I even sat on his lap (my saree pulled up & absolutely topless) with him, kissing my naked back & squeezing my breasts from behind & let his hard cock rub on my naked buttocks & cunt, but due to the limited space, nothing more was possible, though I was willing for more. We hardly slept that night… from 11.p.m till the break of dawn we were active (much more than what my husband ever was in all ). Senthil made me climax 5 times that night and I too caressed his cock and also sucked him totally thrice, till ejaculation & to his full satisfaction… it was a most memorable experience.

The next morning we did not say anything and both acted as if nothing had happened at all. We both smiled at each other but other than that, we almost acted as if we both were strangers ( though we had shared torrid & beautiful sex for almost 6 hours, much more than I ever had with my husband). When we reached our desitination, with a slight nod to each other, we got up to leave. I looked at all the other passengers and thought how they blissfully slept through the night while we were having wild sex. They would have been highly scandalized if they even had an inkling of what we did. After getting off the bus, I realized I had left my panty & bra in the bus but it was too late to retrieve them and I just wrapped my shawl around me and left. My b*****r came to the bus stand to take us off. Later on in the bathroom at home, I looked in the mirror and saw that my breasts & nipples were totally red from the aggressive & sustained sucking of Senthil and there were also red marks on my back, thighs, shoulders, neck etc.The passion of this encounter was really too much & had left it’s mark on me.

This has been my most stimulating & erotic sexual experience (extra marital) ever, letting my own stepson intimately touch me all over, undress me, touch & masturbate me, sitting practically nude on top of him in a public bus with other sl**ping passengers around, pulling my saree up to my waist etc etc. The whole seduction was just so exciting – the initial surprise, then the shock, then the curiosity, then the arousal and then to being absolutely turned on and reciprocate his advances wildly – to be almost stripped nude by him & sit practically naked next to him, on him, suck him etc etc. There was risk in the encounter (some other passenger could have seen us ) but it worked like a thrilling & intoxicating aphrodisiac, also this was sex with no hang-ups or pretences and where we really let ourself go.. I had been with Senthil at my house, for a lot of times alone, but there is no way I would have ever thought or imagined to have sex with him before.

But then with him in the bus in the dark, I had the most wonderful and erotic seduction and the best sexual experience of my life. After returning to my home place, I fantasized about the whole incident in full detail and had sex with my husband but I felt it was quite boring in comparison. I feel sexually liberated, comfortable and confident while I had it with my stepson Senthil on the bus. Later, within a few days, we both encountered a lone situation and we fully capitalised it to our extreme pleasure! Senthil completely took over me and I have completely submitted myself to him! For one full day, we have an exhilarating sexual experience, without any other thoughts or hindrance. After that encounter, I really started to play down as his real dutiful wife.. Now a days, I am having more of sexual encounters with Senthil only – I feel it is so convenient with no hassles, no expectations, no emotions, no tie ups or hang-ups etc… just sheer i****t passion & desire is always remaining between us... Continue»
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What does it mean

Okay, let me say to the many that might say what the fuck. And ask why I am posting this. Well I know that there are some that don't know everything so to "ABC" the sex words, (Just for the ones that don't have a clue. And the credit goes to the "sex dictionary"). >>> Please note some of the key words were left off for obvious reasons of course as some of them were very taboo. <<< Enjoy........

afterglow - n.
The good feeling experienced after sex, especially the feeling of a woman after an orgasm.

I screamed as we both climaxed, then he held me close and all we could do was breathe. Time passed in the glorious afterglow, then we pulled our bodies apart, just holding hands and grinning like maniacs.- Star Wars Fan Fiction

Altoids - n.
Brand name of a breath mint, said to provide extra pleasure when used by a person giving FELLATIO.

She also showed him an email describing the effect of chewing Altoid mints before performing oral sex. Ms. Lewinsky was chewing Altoids at the time, but the President replied that he did not have enough time for oral sex. - Starr Report

anal beads - n.
A string of beads inserted into the ANUS and often pulled out during ORGASM.

Anal beads resemble a string of pearls or beads - very large beads - which are meant to be inserted into the anal cavity.

anal sex - n.
Sex involving the insertion of the penis or some other body part or object into the anus.

All kinds of lube are used for anal sex, from spit to Vaseline to high-tech silicone-based lubes. We'd strongly recommend spending a little money to get a high quality water-based lubricant.

angry dragon - n.
Ejaculating in someone's mouth and then hitting them in the back of the head, forcing the cum out of their nose so that they look like an angry dragon breathing fire.

analingus, anilingus - n.
Oral sex performed on the anus. See also RIMMING.

Cleanliness is even more of a issue with analingus than with traditional oral sex.

anorgasmic - adj.
Incapable of having an ORGASM.

anus - n.
The opening between the buttocks through which you shit and can have ANAL SEX. The "ass hole".

autofellatio - n.
For a man to perform oral sex on himself, putting his penis in his own mouth.

Many will remember Scott for his prodigious autofellatio-friendly penis and his impish good looks. - POZ

Autofellatio is a yet less-common and more unlikely feat than fisting, and it requires certain inborn anatomical peculiarities – if you ain't got it 'em, you ain't gonna get anywhere. Got a pen? OK, take this down: You will need a short torso, a longish dick, and a very flexible spine.

autoerotic strangulation - n.
Suffocating oneself via strangulation for sexual stimulation, especially to increase the intensity of orgasm. A dangerous practice that sometimes results in death.

Nearly all reported autoerotic strangulation deaths to date involve men.

balloon knot - n.
The anus.

bareback - adj.
Having sex without a condom, used especially for anal sex.

Barebacking simply feels better, is more enjoyable, and is more pleasurable, than protected anal intercourse.

BDSM - abbr.
Short for "Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism." A catch-all term for a broad array of sexual practices, especially involving restraint and inflicting pain.

This project aimed to get a rich, demographic portrait of adults who engage in bondage, dominance and submission, SM, spanking, watersports, fetishism, cross-dressing, infantilism, and any and all other aspects of kinky/BDSM sex. - Gloria Brame

biphobia, n. - biphobic - a.
Fearful or disliking of BISEXUAL people.

I categorize this as biphobia because it constructs bisexuality as transitional, a delusion, cowardice, or as untrustworthy, rather than a legitimate sexuality. I categorize the last comment as biphobic because it denies the distinctness and importance of my sexuality - it undermines the position of bisexuals by generalizing it. - Holly Hammond

bisexual - a., n.
A person interested in sex with both men and women. Compare HOMOSEXUAL, someone who has sexual interest in the same sex, and HETROSEXUAL, someone with sexual interest in the opposite sex.

blueballs - n.
When a man has an erection for a long period of time without ejaculating; this can cause a swollen, painful feeling in the testicles.

blow job, also blowjob - n.
Oral sex performed on a man; FELLATIO.

It may seem simple, but if you act like you enjoy giving head, it will increase his pleasure greatly. Nothing's worse that getting a blow job from a reluctant or unwilling partner.

boner - n.

bl**dsports - n.
BDSM play that involves bl**d, including cutting and piercing.

The people who participate in bl**d sports have bodies that are lined with scars; - SF Weekly

blow job - n.

bottom - n.
1. The submissive person in BDSM activity. Opposite of TOP.

2. The one who is penetrated during anal sex, especially between gay males. Opposite of TOP.

breath play - n.
Restricting airflow, by strangulation, suffocation, or other means for sexual stimulation.

brothel - n.
A business establishment where prostitutes offer sexual services for money.

buddy booth - n.
A booth in an adult video store that allows viewing and/or interaction with the person in an adjacent booth.

Buddy booths are video booths where a glass partition with dual curtains (or some other apparatus that blocks your view of the other booth) separates the two booths. There is a button on both sides that first raises and then lowers your (but not the other booth's) curtain. - Glory Hole FAQ

bugger, - v., buggery - n.
ANAL SEX, especially anal sex performed by a man on a man.

"You say that I am ignoring the time-honored traditions of the Royal Navy? And what might they be? I shall tell you in three words: rum, buggery and the lash! Good morning, sirs!" - Winston Churchill

bukkake - n.
In porn movies, where many men ejaculate on the face of an actress. See also FACIAL.

The girl waits patiently, little or no emotion showing on her face as one by one, men who have been masturbating just off camera approach and ejaculate into her face... Although I find some Japanese women quite attractive, the Japanese bukkake films I've viewed leave me cold, kinda like watching an IBM documentary on their latest mainframe operating system.

bust a nut - v.
To EJACULATE; to have sexual intercourse.

butch - adj.
Possessing traditionally masculine appearance, attributes and behaviors. Often used to describe gay men and women. Opposite of FEMME.

Queen makes butch women sound utterly sexy (and I've always been much more attracted to androgynes or femmes). Clean Sheets

Because Anna, the ex-nun, does not fit into the big, butch, truckie cliché or the cutesy, lipstick lesbian myth she has, until now, played the role of the guitar-playing dark horse. - This is London

butt plug - n.
A sex toy designed for anal penetration that has a flared base. Usually smaller than a typical dildo and not shaped like a penis.

The smallest butt plugs are about the size of a slender finger, which should be an easy fit for even the most butt-shy.

castrate - v., castration - n.
Removing the testicles of a man.

cherry - n.
The HYMEN or, figuratively used for virginity, as in "to pop someone's cherry", to take someone's virginity.

choad - n.

Synonym for `penis' used in alt.tasteless and popularized by the denizens thereof. They say: "We think maybe it's from Middle English but we're all too damned lazy to check the OED." [I'm not. It isn't. --ESR] This term is alleged to have been inherited through 1960s underground comics, and to have been recently sighted in the Beavis and Butthead cartoons. Speakers of the Hindi, Bengali and Gujarati languages have confirmed that `choad' is in fact an Indian vernacular word equivalent to `fuck'; it is therefore likely to have entered English slang via the British Raj. The Jargon Dictionary

chocolate starfish - n.
Humorous term for the ANUS. So named because the anus looks like a starfish, "chocolate" refers to shit. Sometimes used in a derogatory sense against gay people.

circumcision - n., circumcise - v.
Removing the FORESKIN of the penis, often done to infants.

I’ve told you about one previous study that compared the responses to vaccinations by boys who were circumcised and those who were intact. It turns out those who were circumcised were more sensitive to the inoculations -- they screamed and yelled more -- than the boys who weren’t circumcised. - Dr. Dean Edell

clap - n.
GONORRHEA. Usage note: usually used in the phrase "the clap"

But - The - Clap came back, the very next day,
The clap came back, bad case of gonorrhea
And the clap came back
It just wouldn't stay away... - song parody

clean - adj.
Not having a sexually transmitted disease, especially AIDS.

The question "Are you clean?" is not referring to your state of cleanliness. Rather, it refers to whether you have a potential to be diseased. - GloryHole FAQ

climax - n., v.

Use this breathing technique during sex to awaken or accelerate your arousal, to make sure you don’t hold your breath, or to cool down whenever you get too close to climaxing. - Men's Fitness

clit - abbr.

One scene after another caught my eye. I was surrounded by larger-than-life fucking, sucking, fisting -- a Great Wall of clit was positively buzzing. Everything made me horny. Clean Sheets

clitoris - n.
The female sexual organ located at the top front of the vulva that, when stimulated, becomes hard and can produce an orgasm.

Plus it's almost impossible to stimulate her clitoris like this, so make sure that she's well warmed up beforehand. - FHM

cock - n.

First I like to lube up my inner thighs, then lube up my cock. Next I stick my cock between the thighs that are lubed up keep pushing my cock until I climax, pushing my cock with my middle and ring finger. - My Masturbation (#7)

cock snot - n.
Humorous term for SEMEN.

cockpit - n.
Humorous, vulgar term for VAGINA.

cock ring - n.
A device, often a leather strap, placed at the base of an erect penis in order to restrict bl**d flow and maintain an erection.

A cock ring must be put on and removed when the penis is soft. First pull your scrotal skin and balls through the ring, then fold your flaccid penis down and pull the ring up over it.

coitus - v.
Sexual intercourse between a man and a woman, where the man puts his penis in the woman's vagina.

Plus, you can squeeze that well-developed muscle to delay your orgasm a bit, or to make your penis “jump” during coitus—a sweet sensation for you both. - Men's Fitness

coitus interruptus - n.
Removing the penis from the vagina before the man ejaculates as a form of contraception; pulling out.

come - n.
SEMEN. Also spelled "cum".

come - v.
To have an ORGASM.

condom - n.
A sheath placed over the penis during sexual intercourse to prevent pregnancy and the transmission of disease by forming a barrier and capturing the semen. Condoms are usually made of latex but sometimes are made of polyurethane or a****l skin.

coprophilia - n.
Sexual interest in feces (shit).

coprophagia - n.
Eating feces (shit). Considered an extremely dangerous sexual practice.

copulate - v.

cream - v.
When used in reference to men: to ejaculate. When used with women: to produce vaginal lubrication; to female ejaculate.

I like wanking with a cucumber. First cut a hole into it a bit smaller than your cock. Then put it under a mattress and fuck it until you cream your load. - My Masturbation (#211)

cross-dress - v.
For a man to wear women's clothing. Used especially for men who only occasionally dress as women but maintain their masculine identity otherwise. See also TRANSVESTITE, TRANSSEXUAL,

On the other hand, in many cases, cross-dressing is probably a harmless and intermittent habit that does not indicate any serious psychological impairment. - Neurotimes

I am a closet crossdresser, I want to go out shopping and give myself away, let the saleswomen know I am shopping for myself because i want to experience a women knowingly help me pick out lingerie for myself. -

crushing - n.
A fetish practice where someone steps on food, insects, or even small a****ls.

Insects become a fetish object for the crush freak, who wishes to be an insect ground underfoot. Witnessing or imagining the act of a woman crushing an insect is sexually arousing. -

cum - n.

cunnilingus - n.
Oral sex performed on a woman; specifically, licking the clitoris of a woman to produce an orgasm.

The person performing cunnilingus should look into their partner's face and eyes for guidance, asking her if she likes what they are doing.

cunt - n.
Harsh, often offensive term used to refer to the VAGINA.

cut - adj.

cyber - v.
Engage in CYBERSEX.

cybersex - n.
Having sex over the Internet. Usually refers to erotic chatting via the computer while one or both of the parties is masturbating.

Danza slap - n.
Slapping a woman's face with your penis. Refers to the urban legend that the actor Tony Danza starred in adult movies where he performed this act.

Reader note: For a true Danza slap to have taken place - after the slap, the slapper has to raise his arms triumphantly and say "Who's the Boss!"

dental dam - n.
A safe sex barrier, usually made of a flat sheet of of latex, used when performing oral sex on women.

Please realize that dental dams were not originally designed for what you have in mind. Dentists use them to isolate a tooth from the tongue, other teeth and gums during dental procedures. However, some sensual individual (perhaps a creative dental hygienist), thought of using dams for cunnilingus (oral contact with female genitals) and analingus (oral/anal contact). And so, a new method of playful, safer sex was born. - Good Vibrations

dick - n.

By watching him pleasure himself, I have learned how to stroke his dick with my hands and I know what areas of his cock are sensitive and tease it with my tongue and mouth. -

dildo - n.
A cylindrical sex toy, often shaped like a penis, used to penetrate the vagina or anus. Usage note: A dildo generally refers to a toy with no moving parts, as opposed to a VIBRATOR which includes an electric motor and vibrates.

Your garden variety sex-shop dildos are usually made out of rubber and/or vinyl, but most quality dildos are made out of silicone.

deep throat -n., v.
Fellatio in which the penis is inserted far into the mouth, entering the throat.

Deep throating is something that feels really good for your partner, but can be quite a chore for you. I myself, have not yet perfected my skills in this area, but I can on occasion deep throat someone. Queer Sex Guide

deflower - v.
For a man to have sexual intercourse with a virgin woman.

Kathryn also offers to sl**p with Sebastian if only he manages to deflower the even more virginal Annette (Reese Witherspoon). - San Diego Insider

Dirty Sanchez - n.
1. Performing oral sex on someone after they engage in anal sex. 2. After anal sex, wiping off off the dirty penis or hand on the woman's upper lip, to simulate a moustache.

doggie style - n.
Sexual intercourse where the man enters the woman's vagina from her back side; also called rear-entry.

She also kneels forward in the most receptive positions to enable you to take her doggie style. She inflates to life size and then conveniently folds away after love. - Puritan International

dominatrix - n.
A dominant person in a bondage or S&M relationship; usually denotes a female professional. See DOMME.

"She was very mild," says John, discussing the dominatrix who has just finished whipping him. -

donkey punch - n.
Having anal sex with someone and punching them in the back of the head to make them pass out. Said to induce a clenching of the anal sphincter in the u*********s person.

"Banging a girl doggy style and then moments before you cum, sticking your dick in her ass, and then punching her in the back of the head. This gives a tremendous sensation, but for it to work correctly, the girl must be knocked out so that her asshole tightens up."

domme - n.
The dominant person in a bondage or S&M relationship; usually female. See DOMINATRIX

One of the cruelest punishments that a good domme can impose is sending the slave away (to their room, etc.) or leaving the slave behind while the dominant goes out to have fun. - Mistress Marisha

double penetration - n.
Penetration of the vagina and anus simultaneously.

Have you ever tried intercourse with your wife while she is wearing the buttplug? I've been enjoying this particular form of double penetration for the past several months and it's really hot. Betty Dodson

DP - abbr.

drag queen - n.
A man who dresses in women's clothing, the term is especially used for gay men who dress up in elaborate outfits sometimes as part of a stage show. See also TRANSVESTITE.

Why don't you wear a sequined green dress and a pink wig? There are so many ways to express yourself and be beautiful without just overcoming your flaws. Who has more fun than drag queens?"

drum solo - n.
When a woman has an ORGASM, referring to the rhythmic throbbing of the CLITORIS.

"Dear God, did she ever do a drum solo when I ate her out!" - Deirdre

eagle wings - n..
The position where a woman's legs are spread wide open during sex, especially when she received oral sex.

"I spread open my eagle wings and let him make me fly!" - Deirdre

eat (someone) out - v.
To perform ORAL SEX on a woman; perform CUNNILINGUS

What woman doesn’t love to be expertly eaten out? Oral sex done right can take your partner to new heights of pleasure, but done wrong it can be an ordeal for both of you. - Cunnilingus Tutor

ED - abbr.

edgeplay - n.
Potentially dangerous sexual practices, often involving pain.

Another absent bit of advice I wish I would have seen is in regard to fireplay (the practice usually includes acts of lighting someone's partner on fire in controlled ways that usually leave no burns). This type of edgeplay is particularly edgy for larger people if their partner allows alcohol to pool in the folds of their skin. Vamp,

ejaculation - n.
When a man expels semen from the penis during an orgasm. See also FEMALE EJACULATION.

enema - n.
An apparatus used to cause evacuation (to make you shit) by pumping water or inserting a chemical into the rectum

With steady pressure, gently insert enema tip into rectum with a slight side-to-side movement, with tip pointing toward navel. Insertion may be easier if person receiving enema bears down, as if having a bowel movement. This helps relax the muscles around the anus. - d**
enter - v.
To put the penis into the vagina or anus.

erectile dysfunction - n.
The inability to get or sustain an erection, a euphemism for IMPOTENCE. Abbreviated as ED.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) affects over 30 million men to some degree in the United States. You and your partner are not alone.

erection - n.
When the penis becomes engorged with bl**d and rigid due to sexual stimulation.

erotic - adj.
Sexually exciting or interesting. Used especially for stories, pictures, etc.

erotica - n.
Sexually exciting stories, movies, pictures, etc. Usually used in a positive sense. Compare PORNOGRAPHY

exhibitionism - n.
Getting sexual pleasure from exposing oneself to others or being watched while having sex. Opposite of VOYEURISM.

exotic dancer - n.
Euphemism for STRIPPER.

facial - n.
When a man ejaculates on a someone's face. Used in the phrase "give a facial."

facesitting - n.
A fetish practice where a woman sits on a man's face, smothering him.

fanny fart - n.

felch - v.
To ejaculate into an anus and then lick or suck the semen out. Sometimes this word is mistakenly used to refer to placing a gerbil or other small a****l into the anus.

fellate - v.

"You've got funky-tasting spunk," Samantha tells her bitter she refuses to fellate his foully spurting member. - Hank Hyena

fellatio - n.
Oral sex performed on a man.

female ejaculation - n.
When a woman has an orgasm and expels fluid from her genitals. Note: this is a controversial concept, some people suggesting that this is nothing more than a woman urinating after or during an orgasm.

The conventional medical establishment has dismissed "female ejaculation" as actually being a condition known as urinary stress incontinence. This condition is considered to be an undesirable bodily dysfunction in which urine is involuntarily expelled from the urethras of women due to physical straining such as might also occur with coughing or sneezing as well as sexual arousal or orgasm.

femdom - n.
A woman who takes the dominant role in BDSM play; a DOMINATRIX

Sometimes a femdom is just in "that kind of mood"...why not go online and torture some willing victims? I prefer real life S&M, with telephone domination a close second. However, when I am in the right mood, and have the right victim, I enjoy a little bit of internet torment. - AkashaWeb

femme - adj.
Possessing traditional feminine appearance, attributes and behaviors. Often used to describe gay men and women. Opposite of BUTCH.

feminization - n.
Dressing a man up in women's clothing, make-up, etc. to take on a female appearance. Sometimes used in BDSM play as a form of humiliation.

In feminization, a man dresses up as a woman, perhaps in silky lingerie. A mistress might apply makeup, silky stockings, panties, and even a bra and falsies to help him achieve a more feminine appearance. - Mistress Marisha

fetish - n.
A strong sexual interest in or obsession over some object, body part, or activity. Examples include foot fetish and latex fetish. Also used broadly to describe any non-traditional sex, especially BDSM.

finger - v.
To stimulate a woman sexually with the hand, especially stimulating the clitoris to produce an orgasm.

fist - v., fisting - n.
To place much of the hand, or the entire hand, in the vagina or anus.

flaccid - adj.
Of a penis, soft, not aroused.

There is no audible signal but presumably they all climax because the men release flaccid, spent dicks. -

It's enough to make the typical flaccid penis--about three and a half inches long and one and a quarter inches thick--two inches longer and more than a half inch thicker. Esquire

flash - v.
To expose oneself, especially in a short, sudden manner. Usually used to refer to men showing their penis and women showing their breasts.

fluffer - n.
A woman or man who performs oral sex on an actor to arouse him in preparation for a MONEY SHOT ("cum shot") that must be filmed quickly and with little on-camera preparation. Also called "fluff girl" or "fluff boy".

The Fluffer is a possibly mythical figure in gay porn who sits seductively off stage during photo shoots, until the stars lose their erections. Then the fluffer is called in to provide his talents and whip the stars back into good form so the photo shoot can continue. -

fondle - v.
To touch or caress someone, especially the genitals or breasts. Often used to refer to unwanted touching.

foot job - n.
Rubbing feet on the penis, usually until ejaculation.

foreplay - n.
Sexual activity as a prelude to intercourse, including kissing, gential fondling, and oral sex.

foreskin - n.
A fold of skin that covers the tip of the penis; it is removed in circumcision. See Dr. Dean Edell's gallery of uncircumcised penises.

fornicate - v., fornication - n.
Sexual intercourse between unmarried people. Usually used in a derogatory or moralistic sense.

frottage - n.
Rubbing against someone else for sexual pleasure without engaging in penetration. Generally used to refer to consensual activity. See also FROTTEURISM.

Never mind that many in the group practice frottage out of concern for the current health
crisis, which should be enough to make anyone want to get into rubbing. - Frottage Men's Club

frotteurism - n.
A fetish that involves rubbing up against an unsuspecting or unwilling person. Consensual rubbing is usually called FROTTAGE.

Some classic texts distinguish groping -- "toucherism" -- from rubbing, but the DSM-IV compiles both exploits under the banner of frotteurism. -

frotteurist - n.
One who engages in FROTTEURISM.

fuck - v.
To have sexual intercourse. Also used to describe penetrative activities other than penis/vagina intercourse, (e.g., finger-fuck, tit-fuck.)

Then Sky and Halli get down to some serious dildo fucking on the washer and dryer set. "I love fucking girls!" Sky screams.

fudge packer - n.
A derogatory, offensive term for someone who engages in anal sex, especially a male homosexual

gang bang - n.
When many men have sex with a single woman one after another or even at the same time.

gay - adj.
HOMOSEXUAL. Refers to both homosexual men and homosexual women (also called LESBIANS).

GFE (Girlfriend Experience) - n.
A session with a prostitute where the prostitute treats her client as if she were his girlfriend.

giantess - n.
A huge, larger-than-life woman that is a object of fetishistic interest.

From his vantage less than thirty feet in front of the giantess, he could barely see above that bosom to the face which protruded above. - Giantess Odyssey

glory hole - n.
A hole cut through a wall, allowing anonymous sex between people on either side of the wall. Often found in gay sex clubs.

A glory hole is a small fist-sized hole between private video booths in an adult bookstore. The hole is placed about hip high for the average guy and is large enough to place a man's penis through to let the person on the other side perform whatever sexual activity he pleases on it. - Glory Hole FAQ

glans - n., glans penis - n.
The tip of the penis.

If you know that the touch of your tongue on the underside of his glans is going to send him off, and you want him to be able to continue, don't do it. Wait. - Clean Sheets

go down - v.
To perform ORAL SEX on a man or woman.

These tips will introduce you to some of the basics of cunnilingus and help you go down like a pro. - Sex Tutor

golden shower - n.
Urinating on someone else. See also WATERSPORTS.

I love golden showers. In one dungeon where I work, I'm known as the community toilet. -

gonorrhea - n.
A sexually transmitted disease, caused by the gonococcus bacteria, that causes painful urination in men and puss discharge from the penis.

gonzo - n.
Adult videos which lack any plot or pretense and just show people having sex on camera.

"What I find most interesting about sex is reality. That's why I like gonzo as opposed to scripted tapes. I like people being themselves rather than being a character. I did some shoots where people liked the people with whom they were working and put them in a situation where they could be free and relaxed. No sharp corners or strange positions. Just let the people go. It turned out great. It's just too relaxed.

gorilla salad - n.
Pubic hair.

G-spot - n. [Grafenberg Spot]
An area in the upper wall of the vagina supposed to be especially pleasurable when stimulated.

half-and-half - n.
When a prostitute performs fellatio and sexual intercourse in a single sex session.

hand job - n.
Manual stimulation of someone's penis often resulting in his ejaculation; masturbating someone.

hard - adj.
When a man is aroused with a stiff penis due to sexual stimulation.

hardcore - n.
1. Sexual pictures, movies, etc. that show genitals, especially an erect penis, and often include penetration. Opposite of SOFTCORE.

2. Intense or dangerous sexual activity.

I've seen one scene in which a top (after cleaning their bottom's skin and donning the requisite latex gloves) used a syringe to draw some of their bottom's bl**d, then fed their bottom their own bl**d. This scene was as hardcore as bl**dsports gets. - soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm FAQ

hard on - n.
An erection.

harlot - n.
A prostitute.

head (give head)
1. Oral sex, specifically performed on a man; FELLATIO.

2. The top part of the penis, the tip.

Let your fingers run from the balls to the top of the cock head, swirl around there, then slide back down the other half and end back down at the balls. -

hentai - n.
Japanese animation (anime) depicting graphic sexual scenes.

het - abbr.

heterosexual - n., adj.
A person who has sex with members of the opposite sex. Opposite of HOMOSEXUAL.

homosexual - adj., n.
A person who has sex with members of the same sex; GAY. Opposite of HETEROSEXUAL. Usage note: GAY is the more politically correct term. See also

hosiery - n.
Any legwear, especially sheer leggings made of nylon or silk especially worn by women. Pantyhose.

hummer - n.

hump - v.

To have sexual intercourse.

To rub the genitals against each other without penetration or even while clothed.

hung - adj.
Having a large penis, often used in the phrase "well hung".

hustler - n.
A prostitute, especially a male prostitute.

hymen - n.
A fold of tissue that partly covers the entrance of the vagina in some women. Sexual intercourse tears an intact hymen, and so an intact hymen is viewed as a sign of virginity in a woman. However, the hymen is often torn through non-sexual activities and some women are born without a hymen.

impotence - n., impotent adj.
The inability to get or sustain an erection. See ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION.

infantilism - n.
A fetish practice where an adult role-plays being an infant, wearing baby clothing and sometimes being disciplined by a mother figure.

intact - adj.
Said of a woman, still having a hymen, which implies virginity.

interracial - adj.
Describes sex between two people of different races, especially people having sex with white people.

intercourse - n.

jerk off - v.
To MASTURBATE, especially used to refer to men.

Men instantly surround the stall, dicks in hand, masturbating. "Oooh, aaaah," moans the hooker playfully, and all the men stare on, entranced, while they jerk off. -

jill off - v.
For a woman to MASTURBATE.

juice - n.
The vaginal lubrication that a woman naturally produces when sexually aroused.

Kegel exercises - n.
Exercises done to increase strength of the pelvic floor muscle. Said to help women achieve orgasm.

As for your question about pelvic floor (Kegel) exercises, they can really improve the quality of our orgasms as well as insure urinary control. I recommend these exercises for every women. - Betty Dodson

Kegel exercises were originally developed for women, but they can improve your performance just as much as hers.

kinky adj.
Sexual activity that is somehow non-traditional or exotic. See also BDSM.

leather Cheerio - n.
The anus.

lesbian - n.
A woman who has sex with other women; a HOMOSEXUAL woman.

Levitra - n.
Bayer's trademark name for its erectile dysfunction d**g, vardenafil HCl, similar to Viagra.

libido - n.
Sexual interest. Horniness.

lingam - n.
Ancient Indian term for the penis or a representation of the penis; appears in the Kama Sutra and often used in reference to Tantric sex. See also YONI.

lipstick lesbian - n.
A lesbian who displays "traditional" feminine dress

Because Anna, the ex-nun, does not fit into the big, butch, truckie cliché or the cutesy, lipstick lesbian myth she has, until now, played the role of the guitar-playing dark horse. - This is London

load - n.
Semen. Sometimes used in the phrase "blow your load" to mean EJACULATE

love tunnel - n.

Slowly, I pushed my fingers deep into her love tunnel. - Deirdre

lube - abbr.

But latex or flesh, I think lube makes every kind of sex better; after all, the wetter and more slippery all the parts get, the hotter the amorous rite gets. Tristan Taormino

lubricant - n.
A slippery substance used to make sex more comfortable and pleasurable.

Lucky Pierre - n.
A man, having sex with two other men, who is simultaneously penetrating one man anally while being penetrated anally by the other. He is "lucky" because he is the only one of the three to enjoy both sex acts simultaneously.

Roy was happy, he got to be Lucky Pierre last night and it meant double the pleasure for him.

maidenhead - n.

make-out slut - n.
A woman who tends to kiss many men but rarely (or never) has sexual intercourse.

masturbation - n., masturbate - v.
Giving oneself sexual pleasure, especially using the hand to stimulate the genitals, and often resulting in orgasm.

Relating to or similar to MASTURBATION.

Some chat room talks have raised chuckles by noting that the spring-loaded right arm of the 12-inch-high "Rad Repeatin' Tarzan" can be pumped rapidly up and down, from below the figure's loin cloth toward its chest in a movement that can be seen as masturbatory, as it issues the famous Tarzan yodel. - SF Examiner

masturbilia - n.
Something used during masturbation, like a picture, article of clothing, or other object, that reminds the masturbator of someone they are fantasizing about. Derived from combining "masturbation" and "memorabilia".

menage a trois - n.
When three people have sex together at once. A threesome.

M.I.L.F. (Mother I'd Like to Fuck) - n
A sexually attractive middle-aged woman.

missionary position - n.
The "traditional" sexual position in the West, where the woman lies on her back with her legs spread and the man mounts her with his arms supporting his weight.

Once you and your partner are in the missionary position, you can try many variations which will give different sensations. The first is that the woman can lift and bend her legs slightly with her feet flat on the mattress

Less exhausting on the forearms than normal missionary style, and if you're strong enough you can even free up a hand to stroke her tits. - FHM

mistress - n.
A dominant woman in a BDSM relationship; a DOMINATRIX.

Until a woman is aware of your anatomy, it is not feasible that she become the ravaging Mistress-from-hell with the nasty dick, ready to take you.

money shot - n.
The climactic scene in a porn film when the man ejaculates, usually onto the woman's body or face; a cum shot.

multiorgasmic - adj.
Prone to having MULTIPLE ORGASMS.

multiple orgasm - n., also multiple climax - n.
Having more than one orgasm in a single sex session, especially in rapid succession. Usually experienced by women.

There's a reason that the woman is having so many multiple climaxes during those hot love scenes in the movies. -

This book advances the argument that ejaculating is bad for men's overall health, and suggests enjoying non-ejaculatory multiple orgasms so that pleasure may be enhanced AND so that ejaculation may be avoided. -

mutual masturbation - n.
Masturbating in close proximity to someone else or using the hand to fondle another person's genitals.

Mutual masturbation can be a thrilling experience, but first, we need to study the basics of manual technique. Most men feel women aren't skilled at handling penises. Their grips are too limp, lacking conviction and exuberance. -

nocturnal emission - n.
When a man has an erotic dream and ejaculates in his sl**p. A wet dream.

Nonoxynol-9 - n.
A spermicide added to lubricants to increase contraceptive effectiveness. Note: it was originally thought to be useful in protecting against the AIDS virus, but has recently been shown to actually encourage AIDS infections.

Water-based lubes without Nonoxynol-9 are still the best all-around lube choice, in my opinion.

nooner - n.
A sexual encounter during the lunchtime hour, especially one that takes place at the office; see also QUICKIE.

A businessman and his secretary are overcome by passion, and the exec convinces his paramour to retire to his house for what is popularly termed a "nooner." "Don't worry," he purrs. "My wife is out of town on a business trip, and won't bother us." - message board post

nymphomania, nymphomaniac - n.
Derogatory term for a woman who is sexually obsessed or has sex with many partners. Usage note: This term is generally regarded as sexist.

O face - n.
The facial expression of someone when having an orgasm.

"If you're lucky, I might just show you my O face"

onanism - n.

oral contraceptive - n.
A pill taken by women that allows them to have sex without becoming pregnant; birth control pill.

oral sex - n.
A sex act where the mouth of one person is placed on the genitals of another. See also FELLATIO (oral sex performed on a man) and CUNNILINGUS (oral sex performed on a woman).

orgasm - n.
The pleasurable, climactic release of sexual tension. In a man, it is usually accompanied by EJACULATION.

orgy - n.
A sexual encounter with three or more people. Group sex.

pack the fudge - v.
A crude and often derogatory term for engaging in anal sex. See also FUDGE PACKER.

paraphilia - n.
A sexual obsession, usually over an object or sex act. See also FETISH.

A paraphilia refers to a form of sexual gratification that is based on use of a particular object, technique, or situation, usually to the exclusion of other avenues of sexual fulfillment. Examples include frotteurism (sexual arousal is achieved by rubbing up against people) and various forms of cross-dressing or transvestism. - Neurotimes

PC (Pubococcygeus) muscle - n.
The muscle targeted in Kegel exercises.

In trying to identify the PC muscle, women sometimes make the mistake of tightening the all of surrounding muscles -- in their stomachs, thighs, and buttocks. Betty Dodson

Contract and relax the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle located along your perineum—otherwise known as the “love” muscle—as if you’re trying to intermittently stop the flow of urine. - Men's Fitness

pearl necklace - n.
Ejaculating on someone's neck and upper chest, especially after receiving fellatio. Derived from the white drops of cum that are reminiscent of pearls.

penetration - n., penetrate - v.
1. Inserting the penis into the vagina.

Many women still silently endure pain, friction (not the good kind), and irritation from penetration without proper lubrication. - Tristan Taormino

2. Inserting the penis into the anus.

peg - v.
To use a strap-on dildo on someone.

My girlfriend loves to peg me because she enjoys the power trip"

penis - n.
The male sex organ that engorges with bl**d and becomes erect. It is inserted into the vagina during sexual intercourse and expels semen when a man reaches an orgasm.

petit mort - n.
French for the "little death"; an ORGASM.

"I'm terrified. One thing I'm curious about though, why is it sometimes called 'Le petit Mort'?" "'The Little Death'? There are various thoughts on that, some ancients believed that every orgasm you had shortened your life. Maybe it's because sensations are so intense that you faint, I suppose passing out could be considered to be a little like death," replied Mulder. - Petit Mort

play - n.
Sexual activity, especially BDSM activity.

In one large room, there were a couple of tables, a few chairs, a tiny bar, and then a small play area with a couple of pieces of equipment. We went and got a drink, since we had no plans to actually do any S/M play. Jane Duvall, Janes's Guide

pocket pal - n.
A sex toy shaped to resemble a vagina.

They can browse the selection of videos or compare prices on vibrators of implausible length and thickness or silicone "pocket pals" molded from the vulvas of famous porn stars. - Jerusalem Post

polyamory - n.
Having sexual relationships with more than one person.

"Polyamory" comes from the Greek word for "multiple" and the Latin word for "love." We use it to refer to amorous relationships which deliberately and openly involve more than two partners. Clean Sheets

pop someone's cherry - v.
To take someone's virginity. See CHERRY.

porn - abbreviation

pornography - n.
Any sexually explicit picture, movie, book, etc. Usually used in a derogatory sense. Compare EROTICA.

pre-cum - n.
A small amount of clear fluid sometimes emitted by the penis during sexual arousal/stimulation but before ejaculation.

It is a clear discharge that can have a high concentration of sperm. This is called pre-ejaculatory fluid, also know as pre-ejaculation or pre-cum. This fluid is released during sexual arousal, and is general not felt by the male. -

premarital sex - n.
Sexual intercourse between two young, unmarried people.

Despite the segregation of boys and girls, premarital sex is tolerated if it is private and does not result in pregnancy. Infants born out of wedlock are totem ancestors and killed. The Position

premature ejaculation - n.
When a man cannot control the timing of his orgasm and ejaculates too quickly.

priapism - n.
An medical condition characterized by a painful erection that won't go down.

Priapism is an uncomfortable, sometimes painful condition which often requires surgery to relieve. If your erection lasts for an unusual period of time, go directly to the emergency department of the nearest hospital.

pudendum, pudenda - n.
A woman's external genitals; the VULVA.

Olga is doing a provocative set of leg-lifts and splits, half calisthenic and half exhibition, her fishnet stockings and black mini-shorts not quite covering her pudendum. - Jerusalem Post

pussy - n.
The vagina.

pussy juice - n.

rainbow sex - n.
Performing oral sex on a woman while she is menstruating.

rimming - n., rim job - n.
Performing oral sex on the anus, especially licking the edge of the anus. See also ANILINGUS.

raw - adj.
Sex without a condom; BAREBACK.

Distinct from an infrequent slip-up, d***ken mishap or safer-sex "relapse," barebacking represents a conscious, firm decision to forgo condoms and, despite the dangers, unapologetically revel in the pleasure of doing it raw. The Body

reach around - n.
The act of performing anal sex on a man reaching around to the front to simultaneously give him a HAND JOB.

red wings - n.
Oral sex performed on a woman while she is menstruating, see also EAGLE WINGS.

rubber - n.

rusty trombone - n.
When someone licks a man's ass and reaches around to the front to masturbate his penis. So called because it appears that the person is blowing into the ass and manipulating the penis like a musical instrument. Also may refer to performing oral sex on a man right after he's engaged in anal sex.

sadism - n.
Getting sexual pleasure by inflicting pain, discomfort, or humiliation on someone. See also BDSM.

Sapphic - adj.
Of or relating to lesbians.

s**t - n.
Sex play involving shit. See also COPROPHILIA.

Even experienced s**t lovers can find nausea at the borders of enjoyment. "The goal of every true shit eater is to see how much he can eat before he barfs," contends Rob, a 38-year-old Philadelphia lawyer. - The Guide

scissor fight - n.
When two women press their vaginas together by intertwining their legs; tribadism.

score - v.
To have sex. Especially used to describe a man having sex with a woman for the first time.

scrotum - n.
The sack that holds the testicles.

Once you feel comfortable with the way his balls feel in your hand, gently roll them up the underside of his shaft. Depending on their size and the amount of room in the scrotum, they will most likely reach to half way of his penis. He will like the way this feels.

semen - n.
The sperm-containing fluid that a man expels when he has an orgasm; CUM.

sex addict, sexual addict - n.
Someone with a compulsive, often self-destructive need to engage in sexual activity

If men truly are the sexual aggressors in our society, the ones who can be promiscuous without consequence, then who is it exactly they are being promiscuous with? Sex addicts like me? Or, is it the "sex addict" in each of you... Dare Magazine

sexpert - n.
Someone who has gained a reputation as being an expert on sex, especially someone who appears in the media talking about sex.

Even renowned sexperts such as Dr. Ruth Westheimer won't say for certain that it really exists, so don't feel bad if you haven't managed to locate this elusive erotic area. -

sex surrogate - n.
A counselor who helps people with their sexual problems by engaging in sexual activity with them.

sex ther****t - n.
A counselor or psychologist who helps people with their sexual problems.

sex toys -n.
An object designed to enhance sexual pleasure. Examples include a dildo or vibrator.

sexual intercourse - n.
Sexual relations that generally include penetration of the vagina by the penis.

shaft -n.
Referring to an erect penis, the area from the base to (but not including) the head.

I shall wax my shaft to a high gloss sheen whilst dreaming of peace. - Masturbate for Peace

shemale -n.
A transsexual who has not yet undergone a complete sex change, so that he has both breasts and a penis.

shocker - n.
A technique of manual stimulation where the pointer and middle finger are inserted into a woman's vagina while the pinkie is inserted the anus. Also referred to as a "six pack" (that's how you hold a six pack of beer), "two in the pink, one in the stink" or "two on the clit one in the shit".

shoot - v.

shrimp, shrimping, - v.
Licking or sucking someone's toes during sex.

His favorite podophilic cuisine is toes dipped in cocktail sauce with fresh shrimps in between, a succulent hors d'oeuvre before a full meal of sex. Since "shrimping" is slang for toe-sucking, we call this "shrimping cocktails." - Dr. Susan Block

sixty-nine (69) n.
Oral sex performed by two people on each other simultaneously. Called "69" due to the shape of the two numerals, which suggests the sex act.

slut - n.
A derogatory term for a woman who has had many sexual partners.

S&M - n.

smegma - n.
A white, cheesy substance secreted by the sebaceous glands that collects under the foreskin.

It also varies in amount in relation to the so-called "smegma producing capacity" of the foreskin cavity. In other words, a long or wide foreskin produces more smegma than a short or narrow one. This is to be expected since the function of smegma is to produce a uniform general lubrication between foreskin and glans. - Sexology

smurf - v.
Slapping someone in the face with your penis.

sniffer's row, sniff row - n.
The row of seats nearest the stage in a strip club.

At first she lay on her stomach, thrusting her posterior up and down, seemingly oblivious to the hoots and howls of the gentlemen positioned directly around the stage. (Steel remembered a group from high school sneaking into a strip joint somewhere and reporting back that this area was known as "Pervert's Row or "Sniffer's Row." Now he understood why.) Crescendo Cove

There is a big double stage with a lot of chairs around it, and for a buck you can get a pretty good show sitting on sniff row.

snowball - v.
After a man ejaculates in someone's mouth, passing the semen back and forth between partners.

snow blow - n.
Performing oral sex on a man with ice cubes in your mouth.

sodomy - n.
A legal term, usually denoting anal sex or oral sex performed on a man.

softcore - n.
Sexual pictures, movies, etc. that do not show penetration and usually do not show an erect penis. Opposite of hardcore. Opposite of HARDCORE.

sexually transmitted disease - n.
Any disease transmitted through sexual contact. See VENEREAL DISEASE.

Spanish fly - n.
A supposed aphrodisiac potion, sometimes put surreptitiously into the drink of a partner to make them sexually interested.

I always thought that Spanish fly was a herbal ointment, but it seems it is the juice of a poor little beetle... It is actually made from the blister beetle, Latin name Cantharis vesicatoria or Lytta vesicatoria and is highly toxic. -

Blister beetles are named for their defensive mechanism of releasing a drop of bright-orange bl**d laced with the chemical cantharidin, which causes severe pain and blistering upon contact with the skin. This substance is also used in the dubious aphrodisiac "Spanish Fly," which, when ingested, causes severe burning in the urinary tract. - San Francisco State University

spermicide - n.
A substance that kills sperm, often applied to a condom or other contraceptive device.

spoon (position) - n.; spooning - v.
When two people lie parallel on their sides facing in the same direction. Usually with a man pressing his crotch against a woman's ass.

spunk - n.

"You've got funky-tasting spunk," Samantha tells her bitter she refuses to fellate his foully spurting member. - Hank Hyena

STD - abbr.

strap-on, strap-on dildo - n.
A DILDO that is worn by someone, attached to a harness, so that it can be thrust into a partner like a penis.

r****g his mouth was a longer process than I'm sure he expected. Because I wasn't just shoving my strap-on dick into his mouth; that was merely the warm-up.

stripper - n.
Someone who exposees their nude or semi-nude body for money.

sub - n.

submissive - n.
The person who is dominated in a BDSM relationship.

switch - n.
Someone who can act either as a dominant or submissive in BDSM play.

queef - n.
To fart with the vagina.

queer - adj.
Gay or lesbian. Usage note: Originally a derogatory term, now used by gay and lesbian people to refer to themselves.

Queer sexuality seemed to burst forth in every direction during America's most tumultuous decade, spilling beyond the narrow constraints of homosexual identity politics and transforming the culture at large in perversely unexpected, previously unimaginable ways. Planet Out

quickie - n.
Sexual intercourse that is short in duration. See also NOONER.

ta ta - n.
Humorous term for breasts.

When most guys go to a strip club, they're just happy enough seeing gals dance around naked. But what if those girls did more than just shake their ta-ta's for us? - Rouze

tea room - n.
A public toilet where gay men often have sex.

teabagging - v.
When a man lowers his testicles down onto someone's mouth. So-called because of the resemblance to lowering a teabag into water

Allow him to lower his scrotum into your mouth. Suck on one testicle, then the other, then both if you can stretch aroun ... Try stroking his penis while you're teabagging for some extreme oral fun.. Blowjobs

tease - v.
To cause arousal in someone or the expectation of sexual activity without following through on that promise.

tit, tits - n.
A woman's breasts.

tit fuck - v.
To place the penis between a woman's breasts and thrust, as if engaging in intercourse.

top - n.
1. The dominant person in BDSM activity.

2. The one who penetrates during anal sex, especially between gay males.

Moving between the bodies, I take a seat and watch the center of the action -- two tops take turns with a bottom. The sex is silent, serious and very intense. It continues for what seems like an hour, finally culminating with the two tops each getting off inside the bottom. The Body

tranny - n.

taint - n.
The perineum, the strip of tissue between the genitals and the anus of both men and women

It is the small strip of tissue between the genitals and the anus. It is sometimes called the taint because "it ain't the vagina/penis and 't ain't the anus either!" Dr. Gardos, Thrive Online

threesome -n.
When three people have sex at once. See menage a trois

toss (someon's) salad - v.
To perform oral sex on someone's anus. To perform ANILINGUS.

Keep baby wipes in your side pocket, and your girlfriend will be begging to toss your salad in no time. - Getting It

train - n.
1, A line of men having sex, where each man anally penetrates the man in front of him, connecting together like the cars of a train. 2. A group of people lined up waiting to have sex with someone

transgendered - adj.
Living as the opposite sex from which one is born, especially having undergone surgery and/or hormone treatments to make oneself appear like the opposite sex.

transsexual - n.
Someone who has undergone surgery and/or hormone treatments to appear and live as the opposite sex.

transvestite - n.
A man who dresses in women's clothing, make-up, etc. Usage note: transvestite usually refers to a man who regularly dresses like a woman and goes out in public that way.

trib, tribbing - v.
Engaging in tribadism.

tribadism - n.
The lesbian sex practice of rubbing two vaginas together.

turned-on - adj.
Sexually excited; aroused.

twink - n..
A gay man, specifically one who looks young, has a slight build, and had little body hair.

uncut - adj.

unload - v.
To ejaculate.

One invitation instructs participants to wear a bandanna to signify whether they want guys to "unload" in them. The Body

upskirt - adj.
A picture or video, sometimes taken surreptitiously, that shows the view up the skirt or dress of a woman.

vagina - n.
A woman's internal sex organ; the canal into which the penis is inserted during sexual intercourse and out of which babies are delivered.

vaginal orgasm - n.
A female orgasm caused by penetration of the vagina without clitoral stimulation.

It's important, however, not to confuse having better control with the woman having so-called vaginal orgasms (orgasms solely through intercourse without simultaneous clitoral stimulation). - Thrive Online

vaginismus - n.
A sexual problem where the women's vaginal muscles contract so tightly that intercourse is difficult or impossible.

vanilla - adj.
Non-kinky, "traditional" sex, usually between men and women.

vasectomy - n.
Surgery, performed on a man's vas deferens inside the scrotum, which renders him infertile.

VD - abbr.

Venereal Disease - n.
A sexually transmitted disease, traditionally refers to syphilis and gonorrhea. See STD. Usage note: this terminology has fallen out of favor; STD (sexually transmitted disease) is the more common term.

Viagra - n.
A registered trademark of Pfizer. This pill (generic name sildenafil citrate) helps men get an erection. See LEVITRA

vibe - n.

Well, the fact of the matter is that she may be plenty turned on, but that doesn't mean she'll be slick enough to take that big vibe with ease. Tristan Taormino

vibrator - n.
A sex toy that vibrates, often used to stimulate the clitoris. Usage note: A DILDO generally refers to a toy with no moving parts, as opposed to a vibrator which includes an electric motor that causes it to vibrate.

violet wand - n.
A BDSM sex toy in the shape of a wand that creates a shocking sensation.

The other sort of toy is known as a "violet wand"; these rather resemble hand-held power tools with little glass bulbs sticking out of one end. When turned on, the bulb glows violet and crackles; touching it will cause static sparks to jump to your skin, with an associated "zap!" and a sharp shock. - soc.subculture.bondage-bdsm FAQ

virgin - n., virginity - n.
A man or woman who has never engaged in penetrative penis/vagina sexual intercourse.

vominatrix - n.
A DOMINATRIX who specializes in making her clients vomit.

voyeurism - n.
Getting sexual pleasure from watching someone else have sex. Opposite of EXHIBITIONISM.

vulva - n.
The external part of a woman's genitals, including the LABIA MAJORA, LABIA MINORA and CLITORIS.

wank - v.

watersports - n.
Sex acts involving urine or ENEMAS. See also GOLDEN SHOWER.

wax - v.
To give a HAND JOB.

Johnny enjoys being "waxed".

wet - adj.
Said of a woman, sexually aroused and producing vaginal lubrication.

She needs to be very nimble and very wet to manage this. And it's best to hold onto her in case she slips, doing you a very nasty injury in the process. - FHM

wet dream

whore - n.
Derogatory term for prostitute.

wife swapping - n.
Swinging. When a married couple has sex with other people, particularly with other married couples.

wood, woody -n.

X-rated - adj.
Showing explicit sex acts, especially used to describe pornographic movies.

XXX - abbr.

yaoi - n.
Japanese erotic anime (cartoons) that focus on male-on-male sexuality.

That doesn't mean yaoi works aren't sexually explicit. Some of them are: very much so, and definitely not for minors. But while the pictures may clearly be intended to represent all the varieties of m/m sex, the crude anatomical details are often glossed over for the sake of aesthetics. Yaoi-con

Yoni - n.
Ancient Indian term for the vagina or a representation of the vagina; appears in the Kama Sutra and often used in reference to TANTRIC SEX. See also LINGAM.

The gas that emerges is simply trapped air, for there is no gas production in the genitalia of a woman. The air can enter because the system is open to the outside. This highly specialized kind of fart is sometimes called a queef. Facts on Farts... Continue»
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Swingers gang bang

After 10 years of married life, my wife and I decided we wanted to explore the swing scene and maybe do some swapping with couples that were similar to us. My wife Nicole is a 30 year old Italian with a little Mexican mixed in she has a round curvy ass, soft full lips and nice big round tits, no silicone here. Here skin is olive and soft & smooth.
I’m a 42 year old professional. I’m 5’9 and about 175, I consider my size and looks to be about average. I knew there would be no problem finding men who would want to do my wife. After much internet searching we found a swing club about two hours from our house. We didn't want to risk seeing anyone we might know in our town, so two hours away was a safe bet and we could have dinner out and spend the night in the other town. The place we found was located in an older brick building in a downtown area that had a bar in the front, and as we would find out, three play rooms in the back of the building. Our contact guy was named Greg and we met him at the bar. He offered us a glass of wine and proceeded to tell us about the swing activities that went on in the back of the building. He said the group was comprised of diverse couples like ourselves between the ages of 30 to 50. Once we get through the initial screening and initiation we will be invited to all the groups monthly get together. He had each of us fill out a two page questionnaire that was pretty basic. My questions ranged from what turns you on, to what type of women did I prefer. I assumed
my wife's was similar, although we we’re not allowed to see each others questionnaires.
Greg took our questionnaires and left us at the bar for a about 30 minutes. When he returned he told us to follow him. He said our initiation would take place in separate rooms with a few select club members, this would effectively break us in gently to the swing scene. After walking down a long hallway he opened a door and told Nicole to wait in the room that said girls playroom on the door. We walked a few more feet and another I saw the next room that said voyeurs delight on the door. I thought this was strange, but he ushered me inside and said the fun would begin shortly.
I was just starting to look around the room when a door opened on the other side of the room and two beautiful brunettes that couldn't have been a day over 20 with killer tans and giant fake boobs walked in. I stood in awe as they came over and started to undress me. Within a minute, I was completely naked and the taller one was stroking my cock, while the other was sticking her tongue down my throat. I could not believe my good fortune. The one kissing me moved down and took my cock in her mouth and I thought I would cum right then. As I stood there ready to exploded the other girl took my hands behind my back and put handcuffs on me. I thought that was pretty kinky, but
as soon as the cuffs were on, they both stopped what they were doing and abruptly left the room.
A minute later Greg came into the room and said that in order to swing in their club I had to be able to watch my wife being pleased by other men to ensure I wouldn’t freak out seeing her having sex with someone during one of the swing parties. He turned around, told me to enjoy the show and left the room. In a way it made some sense, but why were they not worried about my wife seeing me with other women?
As that thought was still playing in my head when a large blind rolled up the wall and I found myself looking into the adjacent room where my wife was. It was obvious she could not see me or hear me, I presumed it was a one way mirror. I heard sound being piped into my room which was obviously coming from her room, I also noticed a few video cameras mounted on three of the walls in her room, as well as a big plasma TV mounted on the wall that was not turned on. I started to get nervous and my stomach was getting tight. Then a door opened and Greg walked into her room. He walked right up to and whispered something in her ear and then started to push her down by her shoulders. As my wife dropped to her knees, I heard Greg tell her to unzip his pants and pull out her first prize of the evening. My dick was hard enough to cut granite as she pulled his pants down and a large fat cock popped out and dangled right in front of her face. She reached up and wrapped her hand around it, it started to grow and harden and it must have been 8 or 9 inches long, or more. It looked just like the giant cocks you see in porno movies. I groaned as she started to wrap her lips around the fat purple head. He grabbed her hair and pushed his cock deeper into her mouth. She struggled to swallow the swollen cock, and I could see her cheeks bulge from the mammoth cock in her mouth. He pumped in and out until I saw him throw his head back and say “that’s it baby, drink your first load of cum tonight”. First load? That implied there would be more. I felt faint, as he helped her stand up he slowly undressed her, as if he was purposely stripping her for the cameras. When she was completely naked he told her to turn around a couple of times, again I assumed it was for the cameras. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a blindfold and put it over her eyes. He told her there would be more men to visit her before the night was over. I wanted it to stop right then, but a part of me also wanted to see what would happen next. After he secured the blindfold Greg left the room. Watching Nicole stand there naked and blindfolded made my cock want to explode, but I couldn't even touch it! I started to wonder if I was going to get any action in my room. My thoughts were interrupted when the door swung open and three of the largest black guys I’ve ever seen walked into the room. They all looked like they were pro football players. They were wearing sweats and t shirts, as if they just left the gym. I could hear them talking about how Greg had really surpassed their expectations this time. Again, I had a sinking feeling in my stomach. They surrounded my wife and begun groping her tits, the short guy who was the runt of the group at 6’2 started fingering her pussy and talking dirty to her.
It was only about a minute before my wife began to moan. I could tell the guy fingering her pussy and another sucking on her nipples was taking her to new heights. She still had no idea that it was 3 muscular black guys that were mauling her body. The one guy, who I heard the other guys call Max asked my wife if she was hungry for some cock She groaned a little, so he repeated the question. Do you want some big hard cocks or not! His voice was a little more demanding. “Yes, I need some big hard cocks, will somebody please fuck me”. We will, but you’ll have to do anything and everything we want, do you fully understand and agree to that? “Yes, Yes, I’ll do anything, please, don’t torture me anymore, I need to be fucked” There is no turning back, if you don’t do everything we say, we’ll tie you up and do it to you anyway! “Oh, please, I’ll do anything” So Max reached behind her head and pulled off her blindfold. The look she gave Max told me she was willing to do anything in order to get a hard cock in her dripping wet pussy. I could see the excitement in her eyes knowing that she was going to get banged by 3 black studs.
Max told her she must undress each of them and French kiss their cocks and tell them how much she wants to be blacked! She slowly undressed each guy and licked and sucked on their cocks for about two minutes before moving to the next one. While she was sucking on Max’s cock, which appeared to be about a foot long, he told her she still had another task to perform before she would get the ultimate pleasure of their black cocks.
Max laid down on his back on this large round carpet covered platform in the middle of the room, he pulled his legs up in the air and told Nicole that every white slut must eat black ass before she can experience the magic of a black cock. The other two guys pushed her head down towards Max’s black ass, it looked like she tried to resist but they pushed her mouth right into the crack of his ass. “That’s it baby, Stick your tongue up there and French kiss my asshole” She must of complied, because he moaned loudly and started telling her what a good ass licking whore she was. He grabbed her head and pushed her deeper into his ass, then he was laughing and telling his friends how they were going to turn this bitch in to a black cock loving whore, she won’t ever want a little white dick again.
“Me and my boys are going to fuck you silly girl, till your pussy, ass and mouth overflow with a b*****rs cum!
After a good 10 minutes of having her tongue up his ass, he got up and laid her down on the table with her ass hangin on the edge. Max told Ty, the short guy to sit on her face and get his ass licked while he fucked her wet pussy senseless. Ty climbed up on the platform and lowered his ass right onto her face, his cock dangled between her tits and I wondered if he was going to tit fuck her while she licked his ass. My attention to the lewd scene was interrupted when the door opened in my room and this 30 something girl walked in wearing what looked like a lab coat. She came over and in a matter of fact voice asked me if I wanted to cum. I said of course I did, and she told me the show in the next room would be going on for a while and I might want to wait. I said I needed to come real bad, so she reached down with one hand and stroked my cock as if she was a nurse performing her duty. After a mere four strokes, I blew my load all over the floor. She pulled out a white towel and quickly wiped up my come then threw the towel into a basket in the corner and left the room. Looking back into the other room I could see Max was starting to push his mammoth black snake into my wife's dripping wet hole. Even though Ty’s ass was covering most of her face, I could still hear her moaning and groaning loudly as inch by inch made it’s way into her pussy.
Reality hit me in the face when I suddenly realized that Max did not have a condom on and Nicole has no protection. I heard Nicole tell Max not to come in her because she is not on the pill. He laughed out loud at this comment and told her that his black snake was not ever going to be encased in rubber. “We are going to pumped you so full of black sperm in every hole you have, and if your lucky we’ll let your wimpy husband lick it out when we’re done with you”! Then I heard Nicole’s muffled scream as Max pushed another 5 inches of his cock in to her with one quick thrust, and he still had 5 inches showing on the outside of her pussy. It was then that I noticed the plasma TV had been turned on and someone must have had a handheld video camera, because on the screen was a close up of my wife’s pussy being obscenely stretched by Max’s huge black cock He pushed in harder and Nicole's screams seemed louder even though Ty’s ass was still on her face. The screen showed that Max had now buried his cock to the hilt and his giant balls we’re resting on her ass. Nicole was moaning and crying now at the same time as Max pulled his cock almost all the way out and then slammed it back in at full f***e. This continued for 15 minutes as
she groaned and had orgasm after orgasm, Max kept telling her that she was now a black cock loving whore and she would soon be begging for more black cocks to fuck her cunt. She practically screamed at him that she was a whore for black cock and he could use her anytime he wanted. He laughed and said he might have to bring some friends along to satisfy her dripping cunt. Max started pumping harder and faster and demanded she tell him how badly she wanted him to fill her worthless white cunt with his black seed. “Oh yes, Please Max, pump me full of your hot cum, please I need it bad. Was this my prim and proper wife talking?
I saw his ass tighten up and he started to grunt out loud. “Take my hot black cum you cock loving whore, yeah gonna fill you up with my black baby making sperm. “You can have a little black bastard compliments of Max”
As soon as he finished dumping his load in to my wife's cunt he told Ty it was his turn, Ty climbed off her face and went to take Max’s place and easily thrust his rock hard cock all the way in up to his balls on the first stroke. Max took his place and straddled her face and dropped his wet limp cock down on her face and told her to lick him clean like a good whore. She grabbed his cock with both hands and licked it up and down the length like a lollypop. “That’s it whore, get all your cunt juice off my cock and maybe I’ll fuck you some more later”.
The camera zoomed in on Ty’s cock which was thrusting in and out like a madman while she continued to lick and suck on Max’s limp log. The other guy who had been standing off to the side stroking his cock the whole time told Max “Times up Maxwell, get the fuck out the way, it’s my turn to drop a load on this bitches face”. Max climbed off my wife and the other guy came over and was pumping his cock and occasionally slapping her face with it while he called her every name in the book. He kept saying she was a cock loving slut who was going to lick a lot of black ass and suck a lot of cum out of black cocks before the nights over. He would call her dirty cum loving whore who was going to have to eat his cum and the cum of all his friends. He demanded that she beg to have him shoot his hot cum all over her face! “Oh God yes, I need to fell your cum on my slutty face, I want to lick it off the head of your cock” I could not believe the words coming out of my wife’s mouth, she was begging to be used and abused by these well hung guys. The camera was documenting the whole scene and I could see the close up on the big screen as Ty was still pumping away at her well lubricated cunt and he was asking her how she liked his big fat black cock. Before she could answer he started to moan and said “Oh yeah baby, here it comes, gonna plant my nasty black seed in your tight wet pussy. “Take my load you cock lovin whore, that’s it, I’m gonna shoot you full of my black baby sperm.”
She was almost in tears as he pumped more and more of his sperm in to her unprotected hole. As soon as he finished, he climb up by her face and made her lick his cock clean as well. As she was licking his cock he slid forward and said, “Hey, I never got my ass licked bitch” So he planted his ass right down on to her face and she worked her tongue up his ass, the camera got in close so I could see her licking his filthy hairy black ass. He called her a crazy ass eatin ho! This was soon interrupted by Greg who I realized was holding the camcorder and getting all the close up shots of her sucking black cocks and sticking her tongue up their asses.
He said, “Everyone take a break so we can bring in the sawhorses” The sawhorses? This was really a far cry from the wife swapping party I had anticipated, this was looking more and more like a gang bang!
The three guys left the room and came back a minute later with your standard home improvement store type sawhorses, except they had a big piece of foam wrapped over the top, cover in some type of fake fur.
They lifted Nicole up off the platform and put her face down over the first sawhorse and put her with her shoulders hanging over the second sawhorse. Her tits we’re hanging down between the two, they tied her legs to the legs of the rear sawhorse with cable ties. They tied both of her wrist to the front sawhorse with cable ties as well.
There she was, with her ass sticking out on the back sawhorse and her head hanging over the front of the other sawhorse, she looked totally helpless to anything they wanted to do to her. Max went around to the front and pulled her head up and stuck his cock in her mouth. He told her to suck it and make him hard because he was going to fuck her ass. Greg zoomed in close and I could see Max’s cock making her cheeks bulge, it looked so obscene on the big screen. My cock was aching and I was wishing that nurse type girl would come back in and jerk me off again, but my thoughts of relief were short lived as I saw seven more black guys stroll into the room where my wife was tied up on the sawhorses. These guys were of every shape and size, and it looked as if they just came in off the street! They all smiled when they saw my beautiful naked wife tied up and helpless for them to have their way with. The first guy to speak was a short fat guy with glasses who called dibs on being the first to fuck her ass, they all laughed and said to go ahead because he supposedly had the smallest dick. Someone produced a bottle of some kind of oil and he shot a squirt of it right onto the crack of her ass. Max suggested he come around front and have her suck his dick and get him hard enough so he could break her cherry her ass. The fat guy went up to Nicole's face and dropped his pant and a long thin limp dick popped out below his fat gut. They all started to make lewd comments about how my wife was Polly Purebred when she came in with her little dicked husband , but now she's a black cock loving slut! The fat guys cock grew and grew until it looked like a long black snake, it must have been 9 or 10 inches long, but it was really thin compared to the other guys.
He went back around to her exposed ass and started to push it in slowly, a couple of the other new guys grabbed her tits that were hanging down and another one of the newcomers went up and stuck his cock in her mouth. It looked like it was going to be an assembly line of black cock on both ends of my wife.
The fat guy soon had his long thin black snake buried in my wife’s ass, she was moaning and groaning like I’ve never heard her before. The guy in her mouth was telling the other guy to hurry up because he wanted to bury his cock up her ass! The fat guy started talking dirty to Nicole “ Oh fuck yeah baby, I’m going to blast my hot cum right up your tight fuck'n ass baby, then I’m gonna pull my cock out of yo ass and make you suck it clean like a good ho” Nicole was gagging on the cock in her throat as the guy was pushing it all the way down her throat, and since her hands were tied she couldn’t push him out. The fat guy grunted and blew his load up her ass and pulled out and went right around to her face, pushed the other guy aside and stuck his deflating cock in her mouth.
They all made rude comments, “How do you like the taste of your ass baby?” “Lick that shit off his cock whore”
During the next hour each guy fucked her ass, shooting their load and then would quickly move around to her face and make her suck their cocks clean. A couple of guys pulled out of her ass and went around front and jerked their cocks off in her face and sprayed their cum all over her face. The video camera would get close ups and the guys would make lewd comments as they saw her cum covered face and her cum pouring out of her asshole on the big screen. Greg suggested someone should put some clamps on her nipples since her tits were hanging down, and they needed to be abused as well. I saw Greg hand some silver clamps that were connected by a chain to one of the new guys. The short guy went over and bent down and put the first clamp on her left nipple, Nicole cried out in pain, he then attached the other one to the right nipple. The nipples looked like they were squeezed extremely tight and the chain dangling between them made it look even more obscene. I could tell from Nicole’s face it was very painful.
This seemed to turn the guys on even more, and they suggested they flip her over so everyone could deposit some black cream in her pussy. They cut her loose from the sawhorse and laid her flat on her back on the floor.
The guys lined up at both ends, one line was taking their turn at fucking her swollen worn out pussy, and the other group was squatting on her stomach with their cocks between her tits. This short guy had his cock between her tits and was mashing them together as he fucked his cock back and forth, another guy was pulling on the chain which was tugging upwards at her nipples. Two other guys were kneeling on each side of her head and stroking their cocks right above her face. The guy fucking her pussy yelled that he was going to blow a gallon of cum into her slutty cunt! His face contorted as he pumped what must have been a quart of cum into her well fucked out cunt.
Another watched as the cum came oozing out of her pussy, once the flow slowed down he shoved his cock in with one quick thrust. Nicole moaned as her cunt accepted the new invader. The guy fucking her tits started to come and started calling her a cum sucking slut as his cock began to spew hot cum on her face, the two guys jerking their cocks seemed turned on by this and they started cumming on her face as well. Cum was flying into her eyes and across her forehead, several more strands landed across her mouth and they demanded she open her mouth and try to catch some cum! The video panned in on her face and I could see she was coated in cum. Greg left the room and returned with the biggest man I’ve ever seen in real life or movies. He was a Samoan or something, he must have been almost seven feet tall and probably weighed over 300 pounds. Greg had a big smile on his face as he motioned for the other guys to step back and give him some room. The other guys started snickering and making comments. Once Nicole got a look at him I saw a look of fear come over face, she looked up and saw him towering over her naked body like a giant Sasquatch. Greg looked at Nicole and said “say hi to Kuna”, his friends call him the Gusher! I could only imagine what that meant. He dropped his pants and almost every guy in the room let out a audible groan, I looked over at Greg who was grinning and zooming in on the log between his legs. It was nothing short of awe inspiring. It was hard to believe a human possessed a cock that rivaled the size of a horse’s cock. It had to be well over a foot long, and it was almost as thick as my forearm! Even though my wife's pussy had been violated by all the huge black cocks, I still had my doubts she could accommodate this mammoth log. He stroked it and with his right hand and it grew to an ungodly proportion, his balls were the size of small navel oranges. I couldn’t believe he ever got to put that monster in any woman. He told the guys to hold her down because she might try to get away once he got a few inches in her. Two guys pinned down her arms while two more grabbed her legs. He was going to split her in two with his monster cock. Once his cock was hard it looked like a giant flesh colored piece of pipe. He got down on the floor and tried to work the monster head into her wet slit. Nicole was squirming and crying for him not to put it in her. “She begged, Please I’ll suck your cock, I’ll lick your balls, anything, just don’t put it in meeeeeee!!”
His giant swollen head popped into her hole and her pussy was being stretched to mammoth proportions. The guys had to hold her tight as he started to work an inch at a time into her violated pussy. She screamed and shook her head from side to side as sweat poured off her face he kept moving forward a little bit at a time. The guys holding her were in total awe as his cock was already lodged halfway into her ravaged pussy. He asked her if she had ever had a cock like his as he slowly pushed a few more inched in. “No, God No” take it out, please. “She babbled incoherently as he drove in the last four inches. His giant balls resting on her ass, tears were forming in her eyes as he pulled it almost all the way out and then pushed it in again though even faster than before. As he did this repeatedly she cried that he was killing her with his cock. The guys all made rude comments. “You know you love it you slut” “Maybe he’ll let you suck on that log when he’s done” “ I can’t wait to see how he got his nickname” Greg was panning in on Nicole’s face and then back down to her obscenely stretched pussy. Kuna pushed her legs up until they were even with his massive shoulders. Nicole was trying to hold as still as possible to probably minimize the agony in her pussy. Some of the other guys were stroking their hard cocks while they watched the lewd sex scene right in front of them. No one was even touching Nicole, I guess they figured she had all she could handle with Kuna fucking her senseless.
Kuna pumped away at her ravaged pussy for another 10 minutes while Nicole cried and moaned and begged for it to stop. Kuna was oblivious to her cries as he grunted and groaned. His breathing became labored and it looked like he was going to blow any minute. The guys started chanting “Kuna, Kuna ,Kuna” as they kept holding Nicole down, waiting to see the grand finale. The camera held steady on Nicole's face. Kuna gave a few loud grunts and moaned he was gonna cum soon. “Gonna give this girl a cum bath, he groaned” “Gonna cum now” With that, he pulled out of her sopping wet hole and kneeled over her face as he stroked his cock with his left hand. Nicole could only stare at his massive log as he stroked it mere inches above her face. The first shot of cum that came out of his cock was a long gooey strand that completely covered her right eye, that one blast of cum was enough cum to fill a shot glass. The next shot rained down on her forehead, followed by one that landed on her lips. The guys yelled at her. “Open your mouth and drink some Kuna cum bitch” She kept her mouth tightly shut but the cum kept pouring down on her face and lips and she eventually had to open her mouth to take a breath and the cum all over her face just leaked into her mouth. She closed her mouth to swallow some of the cum, and the cum kept pouring down onto her face. If 20 guys had jerked off in a glass and poured it all on her face, it wouldn’t have been as much as was still shooting out of Kuna's log. Kuna continued to stroke his mammoth log and the cum just kept coming out in buckets. The strands of cum were long and thick and stuck to her face. It was obvious now why he was called the gusher, and why he liked to see his cum shoot down on the face of his unwilling partner. Her face was almost completely covered to the point where there was not a inch of her face that didn't have cum on it. A few strands even landed on her tits. Several guys who were stroking their cocks on the sidelines came in closer and started shooting their cum on her tits, there wasn’t any dry places left to cum on her face. Cum rained down from both sides as the guys blasted load after load on to her tits. Kuna had shot his last wad on her face when he dropped his heavy cock on her face. “Show appreciation to Kuna’s cock” She opened her mouth and tried to lick at it, he took his massive log and used it to move the cum on her face over towards her mouth. Little by little he kept feeding her his cum by sliding it into her mouth using his cock like a spoon. She could only swallow the cum and lick on his enormous cockhead because the head was the size of a large plum and it would never fit between her lips. Greg said that was the hottest gang bangs he had ever filmed and the club members would love it. Every guy in the room had all cum on or in my wife at least twice and we’re ready to go again, when Greg said that this would conclude tonight's festivities. The guys all left the room and we’re telling Greg that they couldn’t wait to get their copy of the video. As Nicole was laying there drenched in cum, a door opened in my room and this fat Indian looking girl came in. She had on some sort of lingerie outfit with her fat pushing out the sides. She dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking like a woman possessed.
In spite of her looks and size, I was enjoying my blowjob from this fat stranger, when the door opened again and the girl in the lab coat came in with a video camera and was filming my blowjob from this fat Indian girl. With my hands still cuffed there wasn’t much I could do to protest or stop it. When I started to shoot my load she pulled my cock out her mouth and jerked my cock off until I shot my cum on the floor. She got up and her and the girl in the lab coat both left the room. Greg came in and told me that Nicole will have no idea that I got to see what happened to her. She does not know that I was in the other room watching, or what I was doing in my room either. He explained that I was to bring Nicole back to the club on the following Friday night for a club introduction party. I said that I didn’t think we would be back, this was kind of a one time thing for us. He explained that if we didn’t return they had our home address and drivers license information, and they had a member who owned a video store in our town and they would distribute one of the videos as a rental for all of our friends and relatives to see. He assured me that Nicole had not seen the ugly fat Indian girl sucking my cock, but they could show her the video and tell her I had my choice of a roomful of beautiful women and I picked her! She would come back to the club to spite me if she saw that. I knew he was right. I asked him what would happen the next time we came to the club. He said that the bar would be closed to the public and that Nicole’s video would be shown to the club members in the bar area, and then she would be gang banged in the party room by all the male members in the club. I asked how many members there were and he said they had about 50 couples and 14 single male members. So there could be close to 40 guys who would have their way with her during the course of the evening. I thought I would faint! He assured me though , that I would have the two brunette beauties to myself who I first encountered in my room, and I was free to watch the action in the party room as my wife was gang banged by the membership. I asked him what time he wanted us at the club.... Continue»
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Sues Story in Las Vegas by CRC

Before I start, I think I should give a brief description of myself. My name is Sue, I’m 44 yrs old, 5'6” tall, 140 lbs, natural redhead (I can prove it), blue eyes, 36b, smallish boobs just asking to be sucked & squeezed, proper housewife with 2 k**s and married 23 years (Joe). I have a set of pouting red-lips made for cock sucking and my husband loves it, but I don’t swallow. My pussy is meticulously trimmed to expose my soft and tender lip and I also enjoys giving head to my husband sometimes & getting fucked doggy-style. I can be quite submissive at times too with my husband. One of my fantasies is to have my husband watch me being serviced by more than one man at once. We thought it was just a fantasy until something happened a couple of weeks ago in Las Vegas that caused my husband to become very excited. We decided to go to Las Vegas on a Friday night with a close friend of ours, Mark. Mark has been a friend of the f****y for about 15 years now and was married but it didn’t work out for him so he and Lucy divorced about 5 years ago. Honestly, I don’t really know anything about his sex life other than what Joe has told me. From my understanding, he is bigger than Joe, you know what I mean, down there. Mark is about 6 foot tall and about 180lbs, my guess. He has one k** but his wife got her in the divorce. I have a boy and a girl, 9 yrs and 12 yrs. That Friday, we (Joe & Mark) drove to Vegas from LA and checked into the Orleans. We were fortunate to get two rooms adjacent to each other with a door connecting the two rooms. Never really gave it much thought then.

Well, I’m in Vegas so the old saying, “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” kind of came out of me a little and me at 44 ha ha. I had no vision of what was going to happened to me this weekend, maybe if I had, I would have done things differently. About 7:30pm, we went to dinner to set the stage so to speak and trying to be the devil that I would like to be, I wore a black skirt with a dark red top & sexy two inch black pumps and I also wore a matching set of black lace panties & bra with sheer black stockings underneath. I checked myself out in the mirror and thought how sultry I looked, and I like it. We met Mark at the restaurant and he had met someone at the blackjack table and asked him to come along to eat. He was a light black man, not too black, maybe 6’-2” and about maybe 190lbs. I his name was Alex and he seemed like a really nice guy. Both, Joe, Mark, & Alex were pleasantly surprised at my attire and Alex made several flirting gestures all through dinner. I got the Idea he was “hitting” on me without letting the other know he was. All thru dinner, he continued to flirt with me seemingly openly but subtle. If I had asked him what he wanted, I’m sure he would have said openingly, he wanted to fuck me, but I did not let that happen. I guess I felt pretty secure with my husband and Mark there with me to protect me. After we ate, we decided to all go and gamble a bit. Well after a while, and me with 2 long island iced teas in me is usually enough for me. Any more I would really be high, since I don’t really drink, we called it a night. I was feeling horny and when we got back to our room, I made advances toward Joe but I think he was too tired from the drive to do anything with me. I laid there on the bed, thinking what it would be like to be with a black man. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like and became very curious how big his cock was. I have heard that black men have unusually large cocks and wondered if I could take it. Joe is about 6” long and, from my vision of Mark, probably 7 or 8 inches. I know Joe told me once he was a little bigger than him. I decided to massage my pussy thinking about it and boy did I get worked up. I must have been moaning pretty loud I think because at breakfast, Mark asked me if everything was ok last night. He though I had gotten sick from the drinks I had or something. I told him, or something.

We decided to go for a spin out to the Lake since we hadn’t been there for a while and Joe asked me if I wanted to go in the water since it was a warm and sonny day. I grabbed my swimsuit, towel, and a few other things and we headed out the door of the Orleans to the car. When we reached the lobby, mark saw Alex by a VP machine and went over to say hello. As we were standing there, Mark asked Joe if Alex could come along and Joe said OK, but I started to feel uneasy again, I feel like I might get fucked by him. I guess I was threatened by him. Well, nothing really happened going to or from the lake except I decided not to go in the water, I said it was too cold but really didn’t want Alex to see me in my bathing suit. He kind of scares me a bit. But as the news caster says, “now for the rest of the story”.

We got back around 4pm and we all went to our rooms to freshen up for dinner. About 6pm, we met at the restaurant. I decided not to get dressed to kill this time, but wore a light dress, zip down the back but I did wear the same undergarments as the night before. I guess I was trying to be sultry a bit without raising suspicion. All through dinner Alex started flirting with me again off and on, Mark caught it but Joe didn’t. Once, I got up to go to the ladies room and Mark followed me. When I came out, he asked me if I was ok with Alex and I said, “I think so”. Well Mark said to let him know somehow if it got too much. Back at the table, during conservation, Alex tried to hold my hand a couple of times but I played coy and just moved it to my fork or spoon. Mark was watching all this take place and my best guess, he was getting worked up along with Alex. But Joe, didn’t see a thing, interesting. He either didn’t want too or really didn’t notice it. After dinner, we decided to gamble some so off we went the four of us. We are only small gamblers, .blackjack and slots mostly...hubby loves sports and I love shopping. Joe and Mark went to a blackjack table and I went to a slot machine but Alex followed me. We ordered drinks from the cocktail waitress, Alex a whiskey and me, well you know, a long island iced tea. After about an hour, Alex was starting to get a little fresh with me by patting me on my behind, things like that. I had-had 2 long island iced teas by now and he was encouraging me to get another one. I, for some reason, said to him, “what are you trying to do, get me d***k so you can fuck me”? Alex answered, “that would be a nice plan”. I guess the long island iced tea was getting to me so I said, “we’ll see”. I stupidly downed a couple more long island iced teas and started to feel no pain. Mark left Joe at the blackjack table and started looking for me and when he discovered Alex really getting to me, sexually. Alex and I were talking trash but Mark want to break it up. Alex looked at Mark and said, “wouldn’t you like to help me fuck her”? Mark exclaimed that she was a close friend and even though he had desired to fuck Sue many time, he wouldn’t try for fear of hurting a long time friendship. Alex got blunt, well I’m going to take Sue up to my room and fuck the shit out of her, either help me or stay out of the way. Since Alex was a lot bigger than Mark, he said wait a minute and I’ll help you but I need to get Joe first so he doesn’t walk in on us. How you going to do that Alex asked? I’ll think of something, just give me a half hour before you do anything. I was not totally wasted and heard the entire conservation and got to thinking, this might be fun and this way, Joe can’t say I asked for it. I just let it happen and let them do anything to me they want. My husband can’t say it’s my fault because I’m d***k and didn’t know what was happening to me. Then I thought, do I really want this to happen? Maybe I should run now and get away before I get screwed by two men, but it intrigued me, I was wondering what a black man would be like and I did like Mark and if he has asked before, I probably would have fucked him before. Mark came back, looked at me and asked very quietly without Alex knowing, “are you ok with this, you know? I haven’t been with no one in a year or so”. I said, “Mark, I would love to make you happy tonight”, but what are you going to do about Joe? Just watch he said, “one more time, you know I’m going to fuck you tonight along with Alex don’t you”? I said “I’m not as d***k as I am pretending to be so Joe can’t yell at me later for going along with it”. Mark found Alex and the two of them started helping me toward the blackjack table where Joe was. Mark told Joe that I was out of it and help them to take me to my room. Joe got up, cashed in and the four of us headed to the elevator.

When we got back to our room, they rounded up a few drinks and started chatted. They seated me on couch next to Alex on my right. Mark was in the one chair and Joe was on the other chair. Alex said, “should we get her ready for bed since she is almost passed out”? Joe stood up and said, “hold on, she is mine you know”, for which Alex said, “no problem, we just want to use her a little tonight”. Joe was taken but seem to get a little excited. Mark had told Alex earlier to get up and hold Joe so he could be restrained. Alex got up, walked over to Joe and said, “how do you want to be tied up, easy or hard”. Joe, at first, said hard and started struggling but Alex and Mark tied him to the chair. Joe said to Mark, “why are you doing this”? I’m sorry but Alex said he would hurt me if I didn’t go along with it, besides; Sue is really a beautiful lady to be 44 years old. Trust me Joe, everything will be alright. If you want to play with yourself, let me know”.

I closed my eyes and by the smile on their faces, Alex and Mark, I know they would enjoy this and hoped I would too. Alex began to stare intently at me curled up on the couch with my stocking clad legs and round ass starting to show. Alex helped me up to my feet and starting unzipping my dress in the back. Mark started removing it from my shoulders and letting it drop to the floor of the room. Alex unhooked my bra and Mark started to slowly remove it from me letting my small tits come into full into full view. I was starting to feel something inside me like a school girl all over again. Mark was the first one to start sucking my tits and he could take the entire tit into his mouth, I was extremely excited by now. It don’t take much playing with my boobs and nipples at all to turn nympho, but that’s has been only with my husband, until now. Alex was busy sucking in my other tit, there I was with a man on both tits, I was in heaven. Joe was really startled but watching with more intensity than I had imagined he would. He seem to like watch this occur. I’ll tell you more about Joe in a minute but first, by now, one of them had my panties down around my knees and playing with my pussy. It felt good. Shortly, Alex picked me up and laid me on the bed so he could do some real damage to me. Alex crawled in between my legs, started pushing them over my head and started licking me from my belly button down. He may have been a black man but he knows how to use his tongue in the right places. I didn’t notice what Mark was doing, but he was busy also. Alex tongue reached places I could only dream of hitting and I was moaning and moving violently on the bed. It was enough for Alex to just hold on.

My husbands cock was already rock solid as he watched what these two perverted guys were doing to me, his loving wife. By now, Mark had undressed and was dangling his cock above my mouth. It was a lot bigger than Joe’s, he lied. Mark had a least 8” or so. As I looked up, I took Marks cock into my mouth and started sucking him like crazy. He asked if you could talk dirty to me, I said yes. Later I found out that one of the reasons for his divorce with his size, too big for Lucy.

After a couple of minutes, Mark went directly for my creamy white breasts again with his cock still in my mouth, and was soon gently suckling on them with all his might. Alex, being the ass man, was between my spread-eagled legs gently licking and slurping away at my trimmed pussy. My cunt was glistening both from Alex’s saliva & from my own pussy juice, my nipples were now as hard as eraser heads and it was then that I noticed the size of Alex’s cock. Gawd, it was big...must of been a good 10 or 11 inches long and two & a half inches in diameter. What they say about black men must be right. He finally got undressed. Alex took the initiative by positioning himself between my spread-eagled legs, started rubbing his hugh cock against my warm and wet pussy, and boy did it feel exciting, then he slowly pushed his big black cock into my waiting hot cunt. Since Joe’s cock was already rock hard also, I told Mark to let his hand loose so he could play with himself, Mark went over to Joe and let his right hand loose and Joe went immediately to his cock to stroke it. Meanwhile, Alex is fucking the daylights out of me. He was reaching places in my birth channel that I never though possible. God, his cock big was hurting a little but in a wonderful way. I thought I could never have multi orgasms, but Alex continued his assault on my pussy. I had one orgasm after the other, it was wonderful. My hips started to push and gyrate against Alex’s thrusts every time he pushed in me when he announced he had to cum and wanted to know if it would be alright to cum in me. Since I had my tubes tied after the last baby, I looked at Joe for his approval. Joe said ok, then I felt Alex balls tighten and his knees give away as he pumped load after load into me. I came again at the same time. God it was wonderful! Alex rolled off me and said that was the best pussy he has had in a long time but he wasn’t finished with me yet. I looked at Mark who was grinning from ear to ear. I said how is Joe doing and Mark told me he had cum twice already. Mark then asked me if I was ready for him, I said “wait a minute, let me clean some of this out of me for you”. I got up from the bed, went to the bathroom and came out in about 2 minutes, returned to the bed and said, “ok Mark, your turn and I have really wanted you for a long time but didn’t have the courage to tell Joe”.. Joe said, “you should have asked, after tonight, fuck him anytime you want but don’t forget to fuck me too”. Marked climbed on to the the bed and positioned himself between my legs, we were ready and I was already moaning some. I had just taken a 10 dick, this would be a piece of cake, 8 inches. I had my first orgasm just by Mark rubbing my pussy with his cock, Mark said, “I’ve been wanting to fuck you for a long time baby, now I’m going to make you enjoy it and when I’m finished, you will know you have been fucked”. I threw my head back and gave off a silent scream with my mouth an ‘O’. After my cunt fully accommodated Mark’s manhood, I began to rhythmically move my pelvis against Mark’s thrusts. I guess we were all pretty excited that night, because it only took about 5 minutes of sliding in & out of my slippery cunt before Mark tensed and shot load after load into my well lubed pussy mixing it with Alex juice. I kept yelling, “fuck me Mark, fuck me hard”. Mark was spent, but Alex said he was ready to continue, I said, for some reason, “I’m your slut, fuck me”. Alex guided his meat into my waiting mouth and muffled my moans with him prick between my lips, I was sucking for dear life and moaning wonderfully. Mark was fingering me for dear life also. I guessed Alex was pretty excited by all this, because I felt my balls tightened and his knees giving away. Now I was the one moaning and grunting. He pulled his meat out of my mouth and let loose a fountain of hot white cum all over my face and lips and of course into my precious little mouth. Alex and Joe were shocked by my swallowing every bit of his cum that went into my mouth. Mark, by this time, had enough of my tits again and motioned for me to move over so that he could sample some of my charms. Mark crawled over my face and fed his cock into my waiting mouth. At the same time, Alex was still pumping his cock with his hand for a third shot at me; he too, was moaning and groaning. Mark stiffened up again and proceeded to dump a HUGH load into my mouth and I just licked it all up and swallowed it but this sent me over the edge screaming in one orgasm after the other. Mark’s cock fell out of my mouth spent. I thought I might be through for the evening but Alex had a better idea.

Alex ask me if I could do a double penetration, I didn’t know at first what that was until he explained it. I’ve never had a cock in my ass before I told him and if I do this, I want Mark in my ass since he was smaller then you. Alex lay down on the bed and had me sit on his cock, pushing it in again. Boy that felt good sliding in again. I had his entire shaft up in me and it was unbelievable. Soon Alex was pumping away at my sloppy cum filled cunt. Let me tell you, there is nothing more of a turn-on than fucking your best friend and his friend while your husband watches wishing he were part of it, especially, with a cum-filled pussy. I was panting and moaning now as I lowered myself on him and we locked in a hot french kiss. I thought he was going to suck my tongue out! Mark knelt behind me and placed his hard cock adjacent to my pink asshole. I have never done this so I didn’t know what to expect. Mark was on his knees and started playing with my ass but he said he wanted to do this right. With Alex buried deep in my pussy, now Mark was about to bury his bone deep in my ass, he started to push right into my pink swollen asshole with his cock. After a couple of tries, I was squirming my ass for more penetration and if felt good because every time I moved, it caused Alex’s cock to penetrate further. Mark pushed his meat into me with one smooth slow stroke sending me over the edge. God this was nice, a cock in my pussy and one in my ass. Both Mark and Alex continued to give me deep long strokes as Joe played with his cock on the sidelines. After about ten minutes of solid fucking me in both holes, I couldn’t take the pleasure any more and was happy when suddenly Mark arched, buried his rod to the hilt in my ass, and poured what seemed like gallons of cum into me. This triggered my umpteenth orgasm for the evening. Alex was still at it but he too couldn’t take the pleasure any longer so he dumped his last load into my waiting pussy. I felt sorry for Joe, So I got up and went over to him, knelt down in from of him, said thank you for a wonderful evening and began to suck his cuck to glory swallowing every drop of Joe’s juice. We said goodnight to Alex and wondered if we would see him again, but we didn’t. Mark went next door through the opening between the rooms and Joe and I collapsed on the bed together and fell asl**p for the night. The next morning was Sunday and I woke up being fucked again and it was Mark. He had come over again this am to fuck me one more time before we left. Joe was still asl**p. I ask Mark if we should wake him up but he said let him sl**p, he needed to drive home and we could set in the back seat if I wanted too. I said “well see”.

We’ve been home now for a couple of weeks and Joe said I could fuck Mark if I wanted to but I decided to make him wait a little while before I let him juice me again. But Joe keeps talking about that wonderful night and said if we do again, he wants to be part of it.... Continue»
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Mom teaches

My parents divorced when I was 10 over some drinking brawl assed thing. Dad drank a lot & when dad walked out he said, I’ll see you again in divorce court. Mom started to cry un-controllably. Hell, I didn’t know what to do. I took mom’s hand & tried to console her as best I could. She & I just sat there. I started to talk to her. I said, “Mom “We’ll make it. We will be alright”
“We will be fine mom, it will take some hard work but we’ll be ok, besides I know dad drinks too much and never once did I hear him say so, he will always get violate when he was about to pass-out & you don’t need that in a man. From now on I am your man. What do you think?”

On being at 18 years of age, I don’t know why I took interest in my mom. My mom, Sneha, 41 years of age was a real sex goddess. She had a beautiful fiqure of 32-34-32 with nice breasts and round smooth ass. Her best feature was her beautiful long smooth legs when she would be in her skirts.

I used to masturbate thinking of her and her desires. This would also drive me crazy and I wanted to love her. One such occasion happened when we shifted from New Delhi to Gurgoan. We were so tired arranging things in the house that I slept in my mom’s bedroom only. My mom came upstairs after her setting the kitchen. She was in her salwar-kameez at that time. I was half asl**p that I saw her that she was preparing for the bath. Seeing me asl**p, she went with her clothes inside the bathroom. Since our house was new, there was a two lock system at every door. The door could not be closed with one latch only. My mother didn’t knew this. She closed the bathroom door with one latch only.

I took the opportunity and peeped inside the bathroom. My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the view was that. My mom had pulled down her pajama and was standing there with her kameez on only. Her legs were irrestible. I felt like licking them. She raised her kameez till her pussy and began massaging it. I saw her pussy from the mirror. It was hairy but cute. My cock stood up in its position. She took some shaving gel and applied on her pubic hair. After some time I saw her pussy clean shaved. Her pink pussy was looking gorgeous then her also.

She then took off her kameez too. I could see her perfect pink boobs hanging from the mirror. She went into the bath tub and started lathering her body. After washing her body, I could hear moans coming out from her. I looked and saw that she was fingering inside her pussy. I was so delighted. I left the view and went upstairs and stated masturbating again. Till then she came to her room, and wore a perfect long skirt and top and called me for breakfast. I went down and saw that she was looking more hot and sexy. We ate breakfast together.

I knew Mom has been fucked only once and that also by my father. So decided to see her nude body again and this time she will show me. I knew my mother was a very playful and frank girl. One morning, It was Sunday, Mom was preparing breakfast. She was wearing her black long skirt and a check blue shirt. I woke up and I screamed “MOM” Come here! Something is wrong with me”
“Coming” I heard her say. Mom stepped in my room and asked me what was so wrong. I flew off my covers and said, “Look mom, this happened yesterday.” She looked at my standing cock. I thought she would become angry but she said
“Now you’re becoming a man, and quit a man I might add”. It looks like we need to have a talk.”

My dick was standing up like a shoulder about 6” above me. Mom just smiled at me and said, “Your penis will go down when you get up and moving around.

“But why is it so” I asked. She sat on the edge of my bed and started to explain my questions. As she was explaining her hands softly rubbed my dick and it really stood proud. As she explained what was happening she said this happens to all boys my age. “It is nothing to worry about; it just shows you are becoming a man”

(I knew all about sex thru the neighbor girt but, I wanted Mom to explain it to me) as she talked to me about the sex I would some day have with a female to share this with. Mom kept looking at my hard-on. I asked her “What the use of it?” She replied “It is inserted in a woman’s vagina.” I asked “And what a woman’s vagina like?”
She lowered herself to the floor as I sat on the bed. Moved in closer to my dick. She said, the flesh of a female’s vagina is smooth like my hand. She rubbed me again and again. She said I would love the sexual sensations that a female would give me. “Like What Mom?” I asked. She said she couldn’t show me because of she was my mother. But she could tell me. Mom is one of those people that needs to talk with her hands. She couldn’t show me with out touching me.

As leaned over and licked my dicks under side. “We have to forget all about this event away from this house. I can get in a whole bunch of trouble. Do you understand?” You can’t tell anyone about this. ”I mean anyone” Yes Mom I hear you. I me do you understand?” “Yes Mom”

She took my hard cock in her hand and started to pump it while lightly squeezing it. Mom kissed the tip of my dick lightly and looked up at me with a smile on her face. “This is called a blowjob or giving head. She then put my dick in her mouth and began slow up & down sucking movements. “Oh Mom that feels good” She increased her speed and depth. she said, “This is called “Deep Throating.” She swallowed my dick into her throat. Mom, mom that makes my dick hurt a little” She said, It will feel better in a minute” She kept it up for a while longer. My dick started to explode this creamy substance. I was sweating profusely and lost my breath. Now that is you’re cum sweetie. Deep inside of your cum there is sperm; this sperm will make a girl have a baby, so you can’t put it in her until you have a girl to marry. do you understand?”

“Oh Wow mom this is interesting. Tell me some more” My breathing was returning to normal. She explained my penis has to be inserted in a female’s vagina. “How Mom” how does that happen” She started to rub me again .

I said her that I have never seen a female vagina, then I how can I know where it has to be inserted.
She after thinking said me, “Ok, I’ll show you my vagina, but be careful with that”
I nodded. She then raised her skirt till her panty. I could see her white flower silk panty. She raised her legs and without removing her panty said, “This spot is my vagina. This Is hole in which a dick is inserted.” I put my hand on her vagina and could feel her hot hole and some hairs on it. I said, “But this hole is very small for mine, how will I insert it then.” After thinking she removed her panty too. I was amazed to my mom’s vagina in front of me. She guided her hands to her vaginal hole and inserted her finger in that and said, “Like this honey”.

I could see her finger inserted in her vagina. After some time, she got up. Wore her panty. Lowered her skirt and now asked me to get up and be ready for the breakfast. During breakfast, I kept on asking her “How does a woman feel when inserted” etc.
She finished her breakfast and went upstairs neglecting my questions. I went to her bedroom and asked her to explain me how to fuck. She said that since she was my mother she could only say orally but not practically. I needed a girlfriend to do this. As she said, I replied that I had promised her not to open this matter. Seeing eagerness in my eyes she said “Ok I’ll tell you how to fuck” She said to me to undress. I in no mean time took of my clothes and threw them. She now holding my hand said that it was to be done slowly. I took her hand on her shirt’s button and started unbuttoning them. I peeped in saw her pink bra. She had now completely removed her shirt. After seeing her in her bra, Mom cock was starting to erections. She then took her hands at the back and opened her hooks of her bra.

She removed her bra and I saw her perfect pink tits hanging in freedom. I said, “Mom these are too great. I want to lick them” She allowed me to do so. I put my tongue on them. I bit her nipples and started squeezing them. She was now playing with my cock. She then took her hand removed her skirt. Now she was only in her panty. I took my hand and pulled down her panties too.

My first look at this naked female’s body made my dick hard again. She lay on her back and told me to get on top of her. I did and she aimed my hard dick to the entrance of her pussy. “This is called sexual intercourse. Now slide your cock in me. She was extremely wet pussy as I inserted my dick in her. “Now start pushing down and I will push up .This is called fucking or intercourse.” I think she was enjoying this more than I was.

She was thrusting up and up as high as she could with her eyes closed. “Oh, You are about to make me cum. Keep pushing down. “Mom do you have sperm in there also”? No, no son I will explain in a while”. Now push up on me. “Oh Yeah Baby, make me cum, it’s been so long. It feels so good. She clenched her teeth together her eyes we closed light. She started her movements real fast. I followed her lead and did the same.

“Oh Mom, it’s my dick again it’s like before” Yeah go ahead and leave me your cum in my pussy. I‘ll tell you when. She pumped a few more times. “NOW Son, Love your Mamma, give it to me. Sprit after sprit I left all I had in her hairless pussy. You have just had sex with a female and you did just fine, “Now

She told me about her sexual intercourse encounter positions. Spooning, Missionary, Cow Girl, Reverse Cow Girl, Side by Side, Gapping & Doggie style. “Yeah I understand Mom, but can I see them”?

She went around to the other side and got on top of me. Slowly crawling down to my dick. “Now , this is called 69 or Oral Sex” she started to suck me off again. I just did as she did. I sucked her wet hole as best as I could. No, no Here do me this way. She instructed me lick and rub her slit until her clitoris was hard. “It’s right, here son She pushed the flesh away from her clit. And it stuck its little head out of her folds. There ya go suck my clit real slow at first and hard later. She kept up her sucking my dick and soon it was hard as I could get. It hurt it was so hard. Now, Son she tuned around and lowered her pussy on my dick. This is cowgirl. She rose up a little and back down. My dick seamed to grow while it was in there. She turned around. This is the Reverse Cow Girl. She continued her movements. She did the missionary, then the Spooning. She said, I saved the best for last. This is my favorite. Gapping.
She had me stand up, she lay face up on the edge of the bed with her butt nearly off and spread her legs as wide as possible. Now son come here. Put your young manhood in me. Hold on to my feet. And fuck me hard. I did as she wanted. She went into some kind of trans. Her eyes were closed, and moaning loud. “Oh Yeah. Just like that! Make your momma cum”. She thrust up as I went down and in. Her instruction was great. She was so patient with me. I felt my dick feeling like it did earlier. I started to speed up as she did.
“ Mom” Mom I am going to loose it again. It’s ok do it, let it go. My pee pee started to cum as my mom was reaching for every inch I had. She was thrusting up as she started to cum also. “. FUCK ME! I'M CUMMING!" Pleaseeeeee......put it in Hard .....Fuck me hard Matt. I did as I was told. We had cum together. We lay there for a long time just cooing and petting.
“Matt” she said, “I will make you one hell of a lover for your wife when you are old enough” We dozed off with me lying between the wetness of her legs. Mom woke up first. I didn’t know she had gotten out of bed. She was in the shower. She came out a few minutes later. “Well it’s about time you woke up. It’s time for dinner. What would you like me to cook up for us”?
I said, “Some more of that pussy it just fine for me” She smiled at me. “Maybe later ”. With that we walked downstairs. I noticed a different look on mom’s face. It has kind of a glow to it. She just smiled and said, I Love you so Matt”……….
We spent very few nights in separate beds. We didn’t always have sex, but just cuddled each other with touching, kisses and rubbing until we got each other off. We were extremely close after that. I would be sl**ping and she would come in my room while I was out, she jacked me off until I was hard. And mount me cowboy stile and ride me until I awoke with my yelling out. “Oh Mom” make me come. You can have all I have. Grind that sweet cunt on me. Soon I was giving her me cum deep in her hole. Later I noticed that I had grown another inch or so. She really enjoyed more of me then. I could feel contractions better also.
I will be graduating high school in the spring and off to college in the fall. She told me she had ranged a surprise party for me after my graduating from high school. She wants me to know how to satisfy two women at the same time. So the word couldn’t get back to someone else, she arranged for two women to come to our house. Now that is another great story…….. “Damn I am going to miss all that these women taught me for a little while anyway………... Continue»
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An innocent gets tortured


Chapter one

Now I thought to myself, “This has now gone past the point of no return”. I wonder if I’ll survive the next couple of hours with my sanity intact. Can I possibly bear the torture that is in store for me? After all, a cock is not really the biggest part of the body and how bad can it get?

I first contacted Helmut on a BDSM site. I’d posted all of my deepest wishes as though they were something I do regularly. This site is amazing. They encourage you to tell all, even the evilest darkest S&M thoughts and I thought, what harm can there be in this?” So I explained my wishes to have my cock and only my cock tortured. I don’t care if I get permanent scars. You can brand me, hit me, and sting me with plants or insects, put chili or Tabasco on me. Do your best but you’re not allowed to remove it or to touch my balls. I didn’t dream that anyone would take me seriously.

Helmut’s profile was very close to mine but as a top, and reading it made me extremely horny. I contacted him. Two days later he replied saying that what I’d said in my profile he’d be happy to oblige me with and that he had quite a few ideas of his own. However, he insisted that his wife and friend watch the proceedings to keep him under some control and to film all. He also wanted me to sign a waver/contract that would let his team do what they wanted to my cock except remove it. Made me horny just thinking about signing it and giving them free reign for unlimited cock torture. He’d done this a few times and sold the tapes at a handsome profit. My mind raced. Hundreds, maybe even thousands of complete strangers being able to see MY COCK being tortured. Another dream coming true.

I had to get undressed in front of them. I’m forty seven but the three of them were in the early twenties. His wife Casey was very attractive and I could see by the look in her eyes, that she was a good partner for Helmut. She was really looking forward to my torture. His friend Ron was rather blasé about it all. He was the cameraman. I could see by its quality, that I was in the hands of professionals and that the site was a source of victims for them. I couldn’t believe my good luck and the pre-cum was copious.

I was ordered to get on the bed. Really a crude four-poster with a sheet of pressed board on top. Three hard ¾ meter square cushions were placed where my ass would be and I lay on them. This f***ed my groin area high into the air. My arms were securely tied with a soft cloth that had been torn into strips. My legs were f***ed apart to 120 degrees and tied in a similar manner both at the knees and ankles. I could wriggle a bit but only a few centimeters. I suddenly realized that the way I was tied gave total access to my cock which was the hardest it’s ever been. A thin ply board about 300 mm in diameter with a 35 mm hole cut into its centre was placed over my cock. Helmut was being true to his word. Only the cock was to be punished. He made sure that he pulled on it quite hard to get as much through as he could for torturing.

Then something happened that I really wasn’t expecting. A soft wax ear plug was inserted into each ear. Immediately a sharp slap by Casey to my cock made me open my mouth in surprise and a rather large ball gag was efficiently inserted. I tried to scream that I didn’t expect this but it was too late. The last bit of preparation was a very thick blindfold eliminating all light. They then left the room for some time leaving me to wonder how much pain a cock can deliver to my brain. Then, horror of horrors, I realized that I forgotten to give them some sort of safety signal if they went past my tolerance levels. They didn’t even realize that I was a novice to all of this.


Chapter two

The smuck. The absolute amateur. I know that this guy has never done this before. Fancy letting himself get into this predicament. Oh well, at least Casey. Ron and I can have a little fun and make a financial killing on the side. There are an amazing amount of sickos out there who want to pay handsomely for a video of a man in agony totally beyond anything that’s humane. Oh to have been an SS prison guard. They must have really been able to pander to their sadistic tendencies. I also suspect Casey gets more of a buzz out of torturing their genitals than I do. At least Ron just sticks to the videoing and doesn’t interfere. Sometimes wish he would, when we go too far and I semi-regret it. But then I rationalize it by saying to myself that they do it voluntarily and we’re only giving them what they ask for, even though it’s beyond their wildest dreams and if they had any idea, they’d run a hundred miles. Always keep the e-mails and correspondence to prove this. Pity we can only torture his cock and not his balls as well but that’s what he wanted and we don’t want to get sued. This is also why we had to tie him up with soft cloth strips otherwise he would chaff his wrists and ankles to the bone trying to escape. No hope of that happening however.

Well at least he came up with some interesting ideas for torture on his site’s profile. Never thought of Tabasco sauce. Bet that really burns in the urethra. Could eye-dropper some in and work it in properly by rubbing a Q-tip up and down rapidly also soaked in it. Hmmmm. However I’d bet a thousand dollars that he’s never experienced that. I will definitely make sure that he has some of those permanent scars on his cock to remember us by as well. He did suggest it after all.

Nice to sit here, having a coffee, and talking over our action plan with Casey while the victim is trussed up waiting and not knowing if he’ll be able to survive. Ron reminded us not to get to eager as he wants to fill at least an hour of taping this time and to try to allow him good access for close ups. The sickos like to see the bruising, inserted needles, scratches and bl**d. He also wants easy access to the head for facial agony shots and to facilitate that, could we remove the blindfold and earplugs this time. This would give a much better shot of terror if we explain what type of pain we’re going to inflict and to make sure that we describe it in detail for both the mike and the victim. I’m starting to get horny just thinking about the suffering we are about to inflict on this poor unknowing smuck. Mustn’t forget the smelling salts to revive him.


Chapter 3

I’m sure I heard something. How long has it been? Ten, twenty, how many minutes has it been? I was getting stiff lying in this uncomfortable position. My heart is now really racing. I think the torture is about to start. Yes. Someone is touching my head and removing the ear plugs. Next the blindfold goes but the ball gag stays. They prop up my head so with pillows so that I can get a good view of the proceedings. There straight ahead of my eyes is my pre-cum oozing cock. Unless I close my eyes, I won’t miss any of this. Hell, I’m excited. I really hope they go a bit too far. I can see that the running light is on, on the camera so Ron is recording.

Helmut explains that he has removed the blindfold and ear plugs so that I can be told what is going to happen to me. He says, “Do you have any idea of the amount of pain that you are going to experience in the next hour.” I shake my head but the heart is really racing now and I can feel the pre-cum happening. My cock’s never been so hard. “I will run a commentary on what Casey will do to you so that you can know what’s coming.”

“Initially, so that you don’t faint as it’s the least painful thing we are going to do to you, Casey will slowly insert two acupuncture needles under your cock’s skin on either side. She will start on the top of the ridge of your glans and go down about three inches. That is the longest needle we can find. She will then attach a lead from a TENS machine to each and switch the machine on and wind it to maximum. This will cause a high voltage low AC current to flow from one side of your cock to the other. It feels as though your cock is being fried by electricity but isn’t dangerous at all.”

“Don’t faint.” What does he mean by that? Ow. Arrrrggh. The bitch has started and she’s got a big smile on her face. Oh no! What have I done? This is only the start and I CAN’T BEAR IT. Ow. Ow. She’s slowly tapping the needle down God it hurts, especially in the glans. I can feel it going down. She’s now twisting it as she pushes down. I can feel that the glans is depressed by the needle and the pain of it sliding down the side of my cock and this is only the first side. Now she’s attacking the second. I’ve heard that endorphins help to alleviate the pain. When the hell are they going to kick in? Shit this hurts. Phew! She’s done. Now for the TENS. It’s only small so I hope not too much pain. The leads are attached and she’s winding up the dial. Oh hell! Oh hell! Oh hell! This is hurting. Phew! Breathe. Breathe. I can’t stand it. Feels as though my cock is being fried and it’s getting worse. What have I done? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!! I’ve never felt anything so bad. And I thought I loved cock torture. I’m breathing so hard there’s snot coming from my nose. Suddenly it’s all gone and I feel the needles removed with one quick pull.

“We have to take it slowly,” said Helmut. “Unfortunately the TENS machine that we’re tickling your cock with, has a numbing affect after a while and we don’t want that to happen just yet do we? After all this is just a mild beginning to the exquisite pain you’ll shortly be receiving and we really want you to feel it all properly. I think the next stage will be a bit of cock tenderizing. This is where it comes in real handy that you didn’t want your balls done as we can use the board around your cock to get it to stand up vertically by sliding it toward your feet. Then Casey has 360 degree access for the process. See this?” He showed me a small thin bamboo skewer used for kebabs. “Believe me this creates unbelievable excruciating pain for such a small object. People have fainted from it but don’t worry, we have the smelling salts and we’re in no hurry. If you feint, we’ll stop the camera, revive you and just continue. You will feel all the pain. Let’s start shall we.”

My cock is standing up vertically as promised. She pulls back the skewer to almost breaking point and waits. I can’t bear the suspense. It’s like being on a knife edge. I sort of want it to happen and don’t. I think this will hurt. She lets go and that little piece of bamboo strikes the full length of the piss slit and, as the cock is rigid and vertical, there is no give. A liquid type of pain that I’ve never felt before travels down my shaft, up the spine and explodes in my brain. It is so bad that I get an instant headache. Before I can react to this incredible assault on my body, she does it again to the same spot. Ten times. Then she aims a few millimeters to the right. Ten more. Left. Ten more. Right down to the ridge. She then moves to my side and starts across the piss slit. Ten times. Moves a couple of millimeters and ten more on either side. All up I think 150 to 200 times. My whole glans is on fire. Helmut tells me to look at it and there are small specks of bl**d and bruising covering it. By now my nose can’t keep up with my rate of breath and the screams into the ball gag. I’m feeling feint. They stop and give me a rest for a couple of minutes. The camera is off. I REALLY can’t do this any more. I’m moaning into the gag and shaking my head. The only reaction I get is that Helmut says, “I bet you’re sorry you started this now aren’t you. The level of pain won’t get much worse than what you’ve just felt but we need to keep going with the actual torture for about 45 minutes more to get an hours filming. We aren’t unreasonable though. We will give you time to recover a bit between recording.” FORTY FIVE MINUTES. He’s k**ding. Forty five seconds of this is unbearable. The head of my cock is throbbing like crazy.

Helmut then places a rubber band wrapped a few times around half way down my shaft and then slides it towards the board. “This is so that you foreskin is properly pulled down away from your cock head so that Casey can now tenderize the sensitive skin just below your glans ridge with her little stick. Away she goes. The same as before. One hundred this time. I was counting them to try and take my mind off this insanity. It didn’t work. I think this is worse than the glans. The pain was unbelievable and this time I could see that the skin here was bruising badly. Helmut then took the band off and Casey continued all the way down to the board. Small splatters of bl**d were oozing from my shaft and it was very bruised and starting to swell. Couldn’t count this time just laid there moaning and watching this happen to me. Maybe the amount of punishment is too much for endorphins to counteract because all I can feel now is pain and my whole being and focus is of a cock that feels as if it is burning. It seems to be a separate entity that is causing me all this agony.

“OK break time before we continue. You are an amazing and brave man. You took that very well and didn’t lose consciousness at all. I think I would go crazy if someone gave me as much pain as I’ve just given you. Just as well I really get a buzz out of doing it and get paid really well to boot. I really love my job. I’d nearly pay to be able to do this to people.” said Casey. “I’ll let Helmut tell you what is to happen for the next twenty or so minutes. I’m going for a coffee. Torturing is thirsty work.”

“Right. Now this is nearly the last of your external cock torture. We want to give you something to remember us by every time you look at your cock. After all it was your idea to have some permanent scars. So what Casey wants to do, her idea mind, is to give you some very deep brands in your glans. She’s really glad you wanted scars. She loves burning dicks. It’s one of her favorite pastimes. You’ll see what she comes up with. Hope it recovers as they will be deep. You may need a glansectomy if infection sets in or if the burn spreads too wide.”

She came in carrying a paper-clip and a cigarette lighter. How can these people keep inflicting so much pain with such innocuous looking objects? “Great cuppa and rest. Now let’s resume shall we,” she said with a smile. As though I had a say! She straightened out the clip to look like a large S with a kink in the middle. She got Helmut to hold the lighter about 10 centimeters away from my cock head. “We need it close to your cock so that the metal has no time to cool before I press it against your skin,” she said. She then heated the longer end piece with the lighter until it had a red hot glow and then took my tortured, sensitive and still very erect cock in her left hand and pressed the glowing wire to it with her right so that it sank deeply into my glans meat. She kept it there until it was cool. This was done in line with the piss slit. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! Muuuuuuuffff! It took a bit of a tug to remove it as it had fused to my flesh and left a white line with a black burnt centre. I could faintly smell burning flesh. This again took my pain to a new higher level. Just as I thought the endorphins were starting to kick in, I fainted.

“Well you had a good rest,” she said. “A good ten minutes it took to revive you. One down three to go.” No. No. No. Pleeeeeeaaase!!! Are you all inhuman. Of course all that they heard was a few muffles. No safety signal you see. Nothing in the contract to stop them except they weren’t allowed to remove my cock. Wish they would now. This is too much. Bang! That wire hits a second time. I now have a deep burnt rut bisecting my bruised glans in line with the piss slit. The only one of them not smiling was Ron. Bang! It hits again on the left. Each time she has to tug on it as it has sunk so far into my flesh. Camera is still running. Bang! The last time. I now have a perfect + burnt into my cock head about 2mm deep. Sweat is pouring out of my body. My whole consciousness consists of a pain source called a cock. Everything else is irrelevant but in the deep twisted recesses of my mind, I could see that she had done a good job and if I recovered it would look great and be an interesting talking point with sex. If anyone saw my cock at a urinal or in a changing room, I couldn’t hide it. Urinal! Hah little did I know!!


Chapter Four

After a short break, they returned to the room and Helmut said, “We thought we’d be about finished by now and normally would have been but I’m afraid I’ve some very bad news for you. Ron has pointed out to me that you’re the first person in four years of torturing people, that hasn’t insisted on a safety signal and that has signed a contract allowing us free reign to do what we like to them. He said we could make a short film by modifying your cock. Of course that means you will never be able to piss standing up again, but that’s one of the small consequences you’ll have to pay for being so stupid. I’ve actually had some surgical gear for some time in preparation for this. I’m also sorry, for this but as your cock has been very well tenderized by Casey, it’ll be very painful when I handle it.”

I’ll now describe the procedure the bastard used to change me forever but keep in mind that I didn’t feint again and the pain was completely excruciating. Every fiber of my consciousness was directed to the agony. Also the only pain relief was from my own endorphins and to me they didn’t seem to be working at all. Ron made sure that he captured everything perfectly on the video.

First Helmut scrubbed his hands very carefully, put on surgical gloves, and then concentrated on my cock. Everything above the board was spotlessly clean. When he touched it and pulled down the foreskin to make sure all was sterile, it sent shivers of pain through me. Amazingly throughout everything, I always kept a roaring erection.

Then, with Casey as a nurse, they began to operate.

First a tight rubber band was placed around the cock next to the board to prevent too much bl**d loss. Then a strange instrument was shown to me. It was like an old fashioned pipe cleaner but the bristles were made from stainless steel. This was inserted into the urethra about three inches. It really scratched badly. Squeezing the cock tightly at the end of this diabolical device to prevent it going any further, he began to move it in, out continually turning it so that all the lining of the urethra was converted to mush. It felt as though the bristles would come out through the skin. This took about two minutes. Seemed like two hours. Please cut it off and be done with it. He then milked me to extract the destroyed urethra lining. He said, “I’ve done this so that when your cock is fully healed the tube will fuse completely and cannot be reversed without a transplant. There will be a lot of scar tissue so even that would be difficult.”

Then using a small scalpel, he carefully removed about three millimeters of flesh and five deep from around the piss slit. This left quite a hole in the end of my cock. Although I was still in intense pain, the experience was very surreal to me. He then inserted seven stitches both inside and on the surface to completely seal it. The branding that Casey had done earlier matched perfectly.

Next he sliced vertically a hole around ten millimeters long into the urethra at the three inch level up to where it was destroyed. He again milked me downward this time to remove any left over mush and inserted two stitches into the top glans end of the hole. The top three inches of my cock was now irreversibly sealed, top, bottom and inside. The sides of the new piss slit were now stitched to the former inside of the urethra to hold it open and stop it healing shut. The man would have made a passable surgeon. The rubber holding back the bl**d was cut and although a small amount oozed out, it was OK. The whole procedure took only twenty five minutes. Betadine solution was wiped onto the glans and a small bandage wrapped around it. He said that my urine would disinfect the new piss hole but to dress the glans daily.

As so much punishment had been inflicted to my cock, it had started to swell considerably making it impossible to remove the board. I knew that when it finally snapped in two and came off, that my ordeal would be over.



I don’t believe it, but the bastard had the cheek to give me a cricket box to allow me to walk. Otherwise the pain would be too intense. Also to keep me honest, he said that the only soluble stitches inserted were the ones on the inside of my glans and that I’d have to return in four to six weeks time to get the others removed. My doctor could also do it but probably wouldn’t as he’d need to report this type of abuse to the authorities and as I had signed a contract, that would get me into trouble as well. I was made to thank them individually for the trouble I’d caused but was promised two videos when I returned, one of the torture session and one of the mod. Helmut said that the CD’s would be see by thousands. My heart was in my mouth with the thought of being under their control again but I had no choice. Hell my cock hurt.... Continue»
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The Holiday - Chapter 6

After we tied up the boat we decided to catch some rays. We staked out a couple of lounge chairs and watched the boaters and swimmers, we watched the people walk past us, but mostly we just talked. Between us there were always so many things to talk about. Hopes and dreams, fantasies, k**s, retirement, silly things, serious things, travel and the list went on. We were forever thinking of things to put in our ‘to do’ book. Sometimes we even remembered to write them down.

When the sun began to set we decided to go for one last drink, so we slipped into the water of the main pool. It was very warm and comfortable so we waded over to the swim-up-bar and ordered martinis. The first tasted like a second, and we were halfway through that when Mark and Mandy slid on to the stools next to us. “I wondered if we would bump into you” exclaimed Mark as he sat down. He then asked us what we had been doing all afternoon. We told him about our lazy afternoon and he said that he and Mandy had just gone back to their room and ended up watching TV all afternoon. He then asked if we had checked out the list of channels available. When we said “no” he just smiled and said that it was a good selection.

M&M saw what we were drinking and decided to try the same ‘green apple’ martinis that we had. As we chatted they said that they were going for supper in a bit and asked if we would like to join them. We thought that that would be a fine idea so we polished off our drinks at went to our rooms to change.

While I was waiting for you to finish getting ready for supper I checked out the TV. I first looked over the guide sitting on top of the 32” set and didn’t see anything noteworthy until I looked up what the * meant at the bottom of the card. Apparently the * indicated that there were ‘additional’ channels listed in a separate pamphlet located in the desk. I dug out the separate listing and saw what Mark had been talking about. In addition to the sixty or so channels that one would expect there were about a dozen adult channels. Each appeared to have a theme. There was the all girl channel, the all black channel, the Playboy channel, the Hustler channel, a channel for gays, a channel for bi-sexuals, a few channels of euro porn and so on. I flipped on the TV to check it out for myself. There was most certainly an eye full. Pretty much all the combinations and permutations that you could dream of. When you wandered out to see why I was being so quiet you found me watching a locker room scene involving half the football team and an entire cheerleader squad. It looked like it might be a fun movie to watch with you later, but it was time to go. On our way out the door I said, no wonder M&M spent their entire afternoon watching TV with a selection like that.

You had picked an ankle length white linen dress and you looked utterly spectacular. You pirouetted at my request and I seriously approved of the way that your breasts swayed freely under the thin fabric. I also really liked the fact, that despite its length, you had left the buttons on the front undone from mid thigh down, leaving so many possibilities.

Supper was a marvelous affair. The a la carte menu promised great things, and the chef delivered. Paired with an awesome Chilean Merlot our meal was fit for a king. As we had already discovered our time with Mark and Mandy flew by, and while my watch indicated it had been a couple of hours it seemed like no time at all. We decided to stop by the piano bar on the way back to our rooms and spent another few hours laughing and talking and even occasionally trying to sing along when we knew one of the songs. As fun as it was though it was very tame compared to our only other piano bar experience.

We were still merrily chatting on the way back to our rooms when Mark suggested going to check out the hot tub tucked away in the corner that they had found over by their room so we readily agreed. It really was tucked away and when I asked how they had found it Mark admitted that he had asked if there were any hot tubs hidden away. We thought we were going to have the place to ourselves, because I as walked along the hedge that bordered the tub area we could hear the pumps running, but no sounds of any people.

We were rather surprised then to find that the tub was half full when we did emerge into the dimly lit alcove. Perhaps not quite as surprised as the three couples that were in it though. What we found were three gentlemen sitting on the edge of the tub with three women blowing them. As they saw us they quickly slid into the tub. Judging by the clothes and underwear strewn around the lounge chairs there wasn’t a stitch of clothing in the tub. The four of us quickly huddled and decided to vote on whether or not to stay or go. We decided to give a thumbs up or down on the count of three. One . . . two . . . three . . . four thumbs up, and we were shucking out of our own clothes and slipping into the only unoccupied corner of the tub.

With us in it there was a bit more room, but only for maybe another couple or two before it would start to feel crowded. We were just sitting and chatting when the eldest of the three fellows in one of the other corners slipped back up on the edge and his bejeweled wife once again began sucking his cock. The other two couples glanced over at us to see what our reaction might be, and when none of us seemed outraged the other two guys slipped back out to receive similar treatment. I asked Mark if he thought that we might get blow jobs if we sat on the edge too. He seemed to think that there was a pretty good chance so we decided to check it out. Sure enough, you girls were up for it and immediately took us in your mouths and began to suck on our already erect pensises.

As always you made me feel incredible. Not only was your technique exquisite but the passion that you can somehow put into sucking my cock made me feel ten feet tall. I just loved it. And to have you go down on me in pseudo public was like giving me a kiss in front of a crowd. You were publicly proclaiming your feelings for me. For others it might just be lust, or even for money, but with us it was so, so much more. Watching your tongue swirl around my head while your hand pumped me, or watching as you shifted to have your hand and mouth pump together, or watching you leave my cock alone to shift your attention to my balls had me in heaven.

Judging by the languid sucking around us, the objective clearly wasn’t to get the guys off, but rather just to have some fun and show off a bit. The elderly couple seemed to lead our pack, because after a while his wife got up and walked past us to pick up a foam lounge chair pad from a pile stacked behind us and carried it back to her corner of the hot tub. While she was probably at least 60 she still had a remarkable body, and it was very encouraging to find a women with a tiny patch of very silver pubic hair still so clearly sexually active. Once she lined her cushion up she lay down on it, with her bum at the edge of the pool. She then lifted her legs and her husband buried his face in her silver pussy.

The next couple to make the move were the sizeable middle aged couple from the far end. Once again, it was the woman who excused herself past us to retrieve her own cushion. While no looker, given her generous tummy and huge breasts, I was also encouraged seeing her have a good time. In no time she too was laying on her back with her feet in the air, moaning with the best of them. Finally the woman from the couple nearest us moved to get a cushion. She looked like a California girl, which we later found out was an accurate guess. Way too much make up, long, long peroxide blond hair both top and bottom and large, silicon enhanced tits that didn’t even bounce as she walked past to get her cushion. While I wouldn’t complain if she were to perform for us I so much preferred your natural look.

Once we were outnumbered I looked back down at your happily bobbing head and asked if you too would like to trade positions. You said that you thought I would never ask. From where I sat I could just – barely – reach the cushion pile so I grabbed two. I passed one to Mark “just in case good buddy” and left one on the edge for you to lay on as I slipped back in to the tub.

You hopped up and spread your legs for me and I licked the chlorine from the folds of your pussy. As I muttered under my breath as to how the chlorine wasn’t nearly as tasty as you usually were I realized that in our current circumstances chlorine probably wasn’t a bad thing. It was only a short while though that I took care of all the chlorine and was happily lapping up all the juices that you were secreting. I paused for only a moment to say “have I ever told you how much I like licking your pussy?”

My dick was beginning to feel neglected when I had an idea. By kneeling on the seat of the hot tub I was at exactly the right height to slip my erection right into your cunt. So slip I did! In, out, in, out, in, out . . .I was oblivious to all else but the sight, sound and feel of my erect manhood welcomed into you with each of my strokes.

Apparently I had had a good idea, because when I looked around everyone was fucking, although not all in the same position as us. Mark was on top of Mandy missionary style. The elderly couple were very busy sixty nineing. The robust couple were doggy style. Only the porn stars were emulating us. Without pulling out of you I stopped pumping and lay down on top of you to ask if you wanted to keep going or if you just wanted to watch. You figured that given the unique nature of the moment it might be more fun to watch so we slipped back into the tub. That’s not to say that we quit stimulating each other, but rather that we just moved to our more aquatic venue. In fact, it was fun to bounce you up and down on my lap while we were in the water. Especially as I got to play with your floating tits at the same time as I continued to thrust as deeply inside you as I could.

As we alternated our attention between watching each of the other couples in turn and playing ourselves two other couples walked into our little hideaway. The were obviously friends of the porn stars because they went right up to them. Within moments we had a whole group of pornstars. They were all attractive and young. The girls all had fake boobs and the guys all had big dicks, although none were anywhere near the size of Mark.

Before we knew it two of the ‘new’ girls and the original guy came over to the cushion that we had been using that was right beside us so that the guy could lay on it. One girl then promptly sat on his face and the other girl sat on his cock and began doing squats on it like you often do for me. Because all but the girl doing squats were facing away from us we couldn’t see much except for the fellow doing a very nice job on the facesitter’s cunt and ass. At one point the fellow realized how close they were to us, and that we seemed very interested he said “Angela, you are being rude turning your back on these fine people. Why don’t you turn around” So she did. She ended up in almost exactly the same position that you had cum and peed on my face in earlier in the day. From only a couple of feet away the view was very, well . . . interesting. Watching the speed of you bobbing up and down in the water increase he then asked us if we would like to join them but I quickly declined. He was surprisingly polite and invited us to continue watching. Mark and Mandy had been just on the other side of the threesome, but slipped past them to join us back in the tub. Mandy’s tits weren’t quite big enough to float like yours could, but she bobbed up and down in the water just as easily as you.

The threesome dude then asked us if we would mind if he joined us in the water. What were we supposed to say, so we said “of course not”. He lined up his two girls on their hands and knees right in front of him, and therefore us, and then he stood on the seat of the hot tub and began to fuck the girl on the left. The girl on the right might have gotten bored except for the adept fingers of her friend playing with her clit. After a bit the fellow moved to the neglected girl and began to fuck her. He alternated half a dozen times before changing up a bit. He had to get one foot up on the decking to raise up that little extra bit that he needed to slip his cock in the first girls ass. After a few strokes he moved to repeat the process with the second girl. He never got the chance to move back to the first girl because she rolled over on her back and slid under her friend. Where she had just had her fingers earlier she replaced them with her tongue. The girl being fucked must have been in glory, having her ass fucked at the same time as having her pussy licked.

Not having another asshole to alternate to anymore the fellow pulled his cock out of the top girl’s ass and offered it to the bottom girl. She greedily sucked it in so he fucked her mouth for a bit until he warned anyone who cared to listen that he was about to cum. The girl on top spun around and lay beside her friend while the fellow finished himself off, blowing his gobs of cum across his two friend’s faces.

Without even turning about to see what anyone else was up to I whispered in your more and more rapidly bobbing ear if you would like to go back to our room for some more intimate play. You signaled your interest by stopping your bobbing and using your pussy muscles to give me a couple of ‘special’ squeezes.

We thanked M&M for a wonderful evening on our way past them and said that we would almost certainly see them in the morning.... Continue»
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A Very Painful Visit To Mistress V

Friday 5th September 2003 - I'm off on a long weekend. I'm sat on a train and my eventual destination is East Croydon though I will have to change at Haslemere.
I have arranged to meet and have a drink with a certain Mistress V with regards to my suitability to become her sub – it's only a preliminary meeting and I haven't brought along my favourite plastic beach shoe or garden cane.
For some reason I recall a paragraph I once read many years ago in a book about sexual perversion something along the lines that: The whip cracking, leather clad, fierce, obedience seeking woman of the male masochists fevered imagination is just that… imagination. These women do not exist in reality except perhaps in the garb that prostitutes put on to satisfy their clients.
Despite the fact that she stated in her letter that she was 'lifestyle' I have nevertheless bought along a fair amount of money – you can never be certain of anything in this game.
The train pulls in at Haslemere and I alight from the carriage, I ask one of the platform staff about the next train to East Croydon and I am directed to another platform. I get into the carriage and wait for it to move off.
I get out of the carriage and have a look along the platform – it appears that there were TWO trains at the platform and the front one was for East Croydon… it isn't there any more!
For fack's sake! Trust me to get in the wrong facking train.
I make more enquiries and to my relief there is another train due shortly – I don't want to be late.
Safely settled in the train I reflect back on the circumstances that are leading to this encounter – slightly nervous as I am. I had advertised recently in a fetish magazine called Axis for a dominant woman - only really expecting responses from professional mistresses – when I had received a letter and a photo from a Mistress V. In it she had told me that she was forty and had just divorced her third husband – he couldn't take the pain any longer. She was Russian and working over here giving seminars to business men. Over the last few years she had given in to her previously suppressed sadistic and dominant impulses and was now looking for a male sub.
The photo showed a smartly attired slightly overweight woman with blonde hair possessing Slavic features – she was average looking.
After I had sent her a photo of myself she had phoned me and agreed a time to meet, during her long lunch hour, and for her to assess my suitability – that appointment was now drawing close.
The train draws into East Croydon, slows and stops. I step out onto the platform and then make my way to the wine bar where we had agreed to rendezvous – I was okay for time. The streets are crowded… and not a little rough for a small town boy like me. I find the bar and make my way down the steps – it's busy but I can't see her. I buy myself a drink and sit down keeping a lookout for her.
Whilst there I am momentarily startled to see my ex wife there but on closer inspection it isn't her though extremely similar… I can imagine the conversation: ‘Hi Jules, fancy seeing you here of all places… what you doing?’
‘Ummm… well Moody and I are splitting up and as you know I am into S & M I've arranged to meet up for a lady to abuse and beat me… still, that's enough about me… you?’
A few minutes later Mistress V strolls in, she's exactly as her photo, and dressed in a smart jumper with beige slacks. I greet her and buy her a drink. We have a short conversation before she says: ‘I have taken ze afternoon off. You are going to come back to my place and ve are going to see vot you are made of!’
I gulp – she means and looks the business.
We finish our drinks and I follow her out… tamely. She is only a short walk away and lives in a three bedroom terraced property. As soon as I enter she orders me: ‘Take off all zor clothes – I must examine you… and in addition you vill address me as Mistress.’
I obey.
I stand up straight with my arms by my sides as she scrutinises my nude body.
‘Hmmm… a little overweight… so you have a big nose, big testicles and a small penis… hmm… vy are you smiling?’
‘Well Mistress… I guess two out of three isn't bad!’
‘Vitty eh?’
She slaps my face.
‘Ve vill zee if you are still smiling in a minute?’
I am ordered to walk over to a wooden chair with arms to which she handcuffs me to.
‘Bend over!’
It is at this point I experience real fear – she could be a bona fide nutter and I'm helpless.
The first stroke is with a leather paddle – it's painful but I take it. Several more follow which I also take – my buttocks are beginning to warm up – and I thrust them out prior to each whack to show her that I can indeed take it. Next is a cane which is cheap and breaks after about twenty strokes – she curses. Last is a flogger and that really hurts as it wraps itself each time around my buttocks, sides, and tops of my legs.
‘Zat is enough for ze moment!’
I am beginning to glow… and proud that I haven't let myself or her down.
‘Vell, you are tougher than my ex husband… he couldn't take half that but he vasn't really into pain even though I tried hard to persuade him that he vas… and he did ze best to please me!’
I could see why he did – she was one hell of a strong woman!
‘It was when he vas made redundant that finished him off and he vas at home all the time… I used to come back dinner times and beat him zen too… I used to feel so much better in ze afternoon. But one day I came back after vork and he was gone leaving me a note telling me that he couldn't take the pain anymore… vimp!’
She releases me from the handcuffs.
‘Valk upstairs… ve have talked enough for ze moment.’
My hands free I take the opportunity to rub my sore buttocks.
I am ushered into a 'play room' where there is a bed stripped of mattresses and bed clothes: various kinky magazines are lying round along with a few items of pain… impending pain.
‘Lie face up on ze bed vith your arms outstretched and your legs apart – I am going to torture you.’ She states matter-of-factly.
A chill runs through my body but I feel I must comply, such is her natural dominance. Secured tightly, I am now at her mercy, my life and well being is in her hands… the very hands that had just administered the worst beating I had endured for a very long time. She turns to the side and produces a pair of nipple clamps.
‘I zink you vill like zeze…’ She smiles sadistically.
I gasp as she attaches each one – they really are tight and my nipples feel as though they are being gripped by pliers. I grit my teeth – I must not start to beg. After a few seconds, strangely, the pain becomes bearable. She then starts to attempt to fix pegs to my inner thighs but they keep slipping off.
‘Zat is annoying, your legs are too muscular… and another zing zat is annoying me is your penis: it is not hard enough or big enough… I zink I vill vip it!’
I am not keen on my pride and joy being whipped but what can I do – complain to the management?
She towers to my right with the small whip raised high in her right hand. I close my eyes as she brings it down. I experience tentacles of extreme pain bite hard into my penis and around my groin. I grind my teeth and tense my muscles with each lash of the whip – after about ten she mercifully stops.
She unclamps my nipples – there is a little ripple of discomfort in each as she does. I look down at my nipples – they appear quite squashed. I expect to be released but seeing me examining my breasts tempts her to whip them.
She only gives me about six strokes and not that hard – the pain is tolerable.
This time she does free me.
‘How vas zat?’
‘Ermm… stimulating…Mistress.’ I stutter.
‘I vill tell you zomezing… I do not like normal sex… I get off on fucking ze man up ze anus vith a strap-on dildo… it is ze only vay I can come… have you ever been facked up ze anus?’
‘No… it doesn't really appeal to me to be honest, Mistress’
In her hand she is waving a large dildo. It scares me… really scares me.
She places the b**st back on the shelf and gets out a much smaller and slimmer vibrator.
‘I zink ve vill try zis one first… turn round and bend over.’
I place my hands on a chair. I feel the vibrator being pushed in – it's a bit like a medical procedure but not too bad. She switches it on.
‘Vat does it feel like?’
‘To be honest I feel like I'm having a crap in reverse, Mistress.’
‘Vell you vill have to get used to it if you are to be my slave. Ven you get home I vant you to stretch your anus progressively by placing bigger and bigger items up it… understood?’
‘I understand, Mistress.’
‘You look hot… would you like a glass of water?’
‘Yes please Mistress and may I use your toilet please too?’
‘You may use MY toilet but I am not going to make it easy…’
I am placed in a yoke with my arms outstretched and a spreader bar placed around my ankles.
‘If you miss the toilet bowl I vill punish you… hard. Now go, I will bring you up some vater!’
With the utmost difficulty I struggle to get down some steps and into the toilet. I attempt to point my now flaccid and reddened penis as best I can in the direction of the bowl. I allow the urine to flow but a few drops land on the rug – I pray that she doesn't check!
I finish and make my way back to the play room where she is waiting with a refreshing glass of water. She raises the glass to my parched lips and allows me to gulp most of it down.
‘I vill now check the bathroom!’
I gulp again.
She exits the room and within about half a minute is back.
‘I vill have to punish you. Kneel on ze floor!’
From her cupboard she produces a wooden paddle – it looks the business.
‘Place your forehead on the carpet.’
I fall forward with my face close to the pile. The first blow is agony and pushes me forward – I can feel the colour drain out of my face… the pain is kind of sickening. She administers three more hard ones – I try to take it but I can't.
‘Mercy Mistress, please, no more please!’
‘It is not for you to ask for mercy… I will stop when I feel you've had enough… you vimp!’
She whacks me twice more but not as hard and then admonishes me: ‘If you vant to be my slave you must never disobey me again!’
‘I'm very sorry, Mistress!’
She takes off my yoke and spreader bar.
‘You vill come down, vash up and zen prepare zum strawberries and cream for me.’
I wash up her dirty plates as best I can.
‘It is not good enough. Put your arms by your side when I address you?’
She slaps my left cheek hard with her right hand – it stings.
‘Now prepare my food.’
I do as she says – I expect her to be cross but she isn't. She consumes the dessert in front of me.
‘It is nearly time for to go but I must examine your body for bruises and then photograph it – I vill not show your face. You have done vell and vill contact you when I have tested the others.’
‘Thank you Mistress.’
She takes pictures of my front, buttocks and penis and I wonder if she will send them to Truprint!
I get dressed and she allows me to give her a peck on the cheek.
At the station I begin to realise what a beating I have just undergone – it is rather painful to sit for long periods of time.
I get home to the Isle of Wight about half ten and fall straight into bed.

* * *

It is Saturday morning and I still feel sore. I go to the bathroom and examine myself in the long mirror – my torso, buttocks and penis are literally black and blue… it will be a while before I go swimming.

* * *

Monday afternoon. I am walking along the road to visit my Uncle and Auntie in Lake. The message alert sounds – it is Mistress V – and I read it: I want you to be my full time slave. You will shave your pubic hair and each day you will text me telling me how you will serve me. I will also send down a chastity device which you will wear. I also expect you to send me some money to purchase a caning table. When you have sold your property you will live with me.
I can't do this – I can't give up my job and stop seeing my son… 24/7 is not for me.
I text back, explaining.
She replies and wishes me luck.
I will never hear from her again.... Continue»
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The Holiday - Chapter 5

I got up and fished the last four beer out and passed them around. I couldn’t believe that we had gone through well over a dozen between the four of us. Once everyone had a fresh, cool drink I slumped down beside you, and directly in front of Mandy, as you sat directly across from Mark.

By unspoken agreement everyone was still in show-off mode and we all sat with our knees up and legs spread while leaning against a stanchion. This gave us each a wonderful view of those across from us. In my case, as I admired Mandy’s gaping, well fucked pussy, I could still see cum oozing from it, forming a little puddle on the mat.

The sexual tension in the air had certainly ebbed since our last round of orgasms, but it certainly hadn’t disappeared. Finally Mark piped up “I can’t believe how kinky you guys are!”. I was surprised to hear that as I had thought them the kinky ones. “What do you mean?” I asked. Mark and Mandy looked at each other and said that they had never seen anyone actually lick someone else’s asshole. They knew that people did, and had seen it in the movies but had never dared to try themselves. Mandy spoke up then and said that watching me stick my tongue in your ass was one of the sexiest things that she had ever seen.

I told her that I was very surprised that they hadn’t ever even tried. When Mandy asked why I was surprised I said, because last night I saw you take Mark’s cock fresh out of your ass and suck it like there was no tomorrow. I then asked her what she thought of that. She said that she just liked him to cum in her mouth, and didn’t care where his massive dick had been. She just loved sucking him off. Then I asked her what he tasted like, especially after he had been in her ass. Mandy needed only one word to answer “Sex!” and then she added, “and I love it”.

“speaking of last night” I led off. “Had you guys intended to put on a show, or did you just want to join the mile high club?” As the conversation evolved it turned out that they had had no intention of being exhibitionists, but had looked forward to fucking on an airplane and had specifically asked for seats away from everyone else. When I asked why they didn’t just pick a different row when they saw us sitting there they sheepishly admitted that the thought hadn’t even crossed their minds.

I changed the subject again. “So you think that we are kinky do you?” Mandy replied, “well, you just let us watch you tongue fuck your wife’s ass. That’s pretty kinky” I said I supposed it was and asked them what the kinkiest thing they had ever done was. After whispering together for a minute they said that it was a toss up between what they had just done – encouraging us to watch them play and one other thing - fisting.

You broke in and said “you mean you let Mark shove his entire hand in your pussy?” Mandy replied “Honey, when you are used to getting fucked by a cock the size of his it doesn’t make much difference” You asked what it was like and Mandy replied that it gave her a tremendous sense of ‘fullness’ and that beyond that, that she really liked it.

Mark then turned to conversation back to us. “is ass licking the kinkiest thing that you guys do?”. We turned to look at each other and both started shaking our heads as we smiled. “No way! What else have you done?” asked Mandy. We started whispering together just as M&M had, but were interrupted and asked to discuss the possibilities out loud because our friends really wanted to hear all about anything ‘extra erotic’ that we had done.

You started the list, “well, you finger fucked me while we were driving to airport and made sure that that trucker got a good look”, “we like blindfolds and very light bondage”, and finally “oh yeah, and we like watersports”.

“watersports?” asked Mandy. So we went on to explain how we had found that we had turned a mundane act into something intensely sexual. Of course they wanted to know what we meant so I said I explained how I had felt ripped off that you always got to enjoy me squirting gallons into your mouth but that I had never had a similar opportunity. As well, I loved the taste of your pussy and ass so much it was only a logical experience. Then you added a comment about how incredible the double whammy of peeing and cumming at the same time was so mind blowing. You concluded by saying that the more you had to pee to better it was in the end.

Mandy then commented that as it had been hours since we left, and that she had had three or four beer that she had that part down pat but that she wasn’t sure if she could pee in a sexual situation. Mark said that he hadn’t ever thought of peeing as even remotely sexual, but that all of a sudden he was considering it in a new light. He then asked “do either of you have to pee?” We we both nodded, because, just like Mandy, it had been many hours, and many beer, Mark continued “would you show us”.

Having just happily ass fucked you for them it didn’t seem reasonable to say “no” so I stretched out on my back, facing away from them with my head about even with their knees. I then invited you to sit on my chest and then to lay back. I then asked you to grab hold of your legs behind your knees and enjoy. Your crotch was totally exposed to all of us, but especially me, with my mouth a mere inch from your trembling asshole. Knowing how much Mandy and Mark liked the view of that I played it up even more than I usually would have. Licking up and down the crack of your ass, teasing your hole with just the tip of my tongue, circling your ring and pushing as deeply as I could into you, and finally simply tongue fucking you.

From the squishy noises I could hear on either side of my head I could tell that both M’s were playing with themselves. I asked you to describe what they were doing (in detail) while I continued to lick you. You looked over at Mandy and told me that she was using both hands, fucking her hole with three fingers on one hand, while she was slowly probing her ass with the forefinger of her other hand. You then looked back over at Mark, where your attention had been earlier and said that he too was using both hands, one to stroke his cock up and down, and the other to wipe the continuous stream of seeping pre-cum with a finger tip and feeding it to Mandy.

I grabbed the nearest thing that I could find – my towel I think it was, and bunched it up under my head so that I wouldn’t get a crink in my neck from holding my head up for too long. I then began to lick up the crack of your ass again, but this time I didn’t stop at your asshole but continued all the way up, between your pouting lips until I got to your clit. I then reversed the process and let my tongue trail back down your crotch, briefly twiddling your clit, and then penetrating your juicy cunt before once again momentarily lodging in your ass. I then refocused on your clit, sucking it into my mouth and releasing it, flicking it with my tongue each time I sucked it. I had as much of your pussy sucked into my mouth as I could when you started to quake. I released all but your left pussy lip as the torrent of slightly beer flavored pee began to fountain from you. I let your lip go so that I could open my mouth wide and let you fill it with your hot spray, splashing all over my face, and I suspected onto both Mark and Mandy’s legs as well. I then lovingly tongue fucked your asshole with your pee spattering all over my nose, squinting eyes and forehead. When you were almost done I fastened my mouth to you and sucked until I had every last drop, enjoying your taste right up to the very last little squirt.

After one last lick from your bottom to your top you rolled off me and allowed me to sit up. I looked around, kissed you deeply and said “thank you, you know how much I love that!” and then I asked M&M what they thought. Their only response was to keep playing with themselves while it was their turn to say “wow!”.

“what about you? Do you play with your pee too?” Mandy wanted to know. In answer you knelt down with your tits pressed to the mats and your ass high in the air. I stood behind you, and in time began to pee, spraying back and forth between your ass and pussy. When I was almost done you turned around and opened your mouth to ensure that I saved the last little squirt for you to drink. “MMMmmm, you said, just like you, but with a dash of beer.”

I asked M&M if they wanted to try. Mandy said “hold on” as she continued to frig herself harder and faster with all four fingers while she sucked on the finger that had been up her ass. Then, with a cry she began to shake, and then within moments she too released her bladder. Her piss arced out in front of her, and had she not continued to pump her fingers she would have certainly sprayed me as I had taken my customary seat across from her. When she was clearly done she took he soaking fingers out of her cunt and offered them to Mark. He sniffed them tentatively, and then very cautiously licked them, slowly at first, but with rapidly increasing enthusiasm. When Mandy’s finger’s were all clean he looked very disappointed until he remembered that her pussy would still be wet so he thrust his entire face into her waterlogged mound until it was all cleaned up too. Mark looked apologetically at us and said “I’m not as brave as all of you” and he swung his legs around so that they dangled over the side of the boat. When he was finished peeing he swung back in, but it was plainly obvious that there were still a few drops clinging to the head of his penis. This was not lost on Mandy who showed none of Mark’s tentativeness as she swooped down to suck him into her mouth and lick him off.

About then I glanced at my watch and realized that we had less than an hour until our rental period expired so I said that we would have to go. I sluiced off the deck with a few buckets of water and we all enjoyed sunning ourselves until we were almost back to the dock when we reluctantly put our swim suits back on.... Continue»
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monster manager fuck virgin s****r

Wife turn shy b*****r & s****r for swapping .

Hi this is jai again. Thanks all the reader for u r support and good response for my real stories “Turning Shy Wife for Swapping”. After some time Arvind gone to his place .But he left a sexy and shyness wife for me. Now it’s a new Reena for me she is not shying now on sex topics ,when ever she wants to do sex .She say me clearly we starts our sex life properly with all the kamasutra steps . life is going well for sex ,after few day later I again offer her for swapping she agree but we are both from good f****y and educated so we do want to do with reliable person some one likes Arvind. but no one is there reena and me do not what to do with un known person ,it is became so difficult for searching a new swapping partner who can fuck my wife and swap his wife for me .

We are living in Mumbai in a apartment on the 5th floor there is only two flats on one floor .The flat in front of us is always locked till we come here .one day a old men aged 55-60 year old come to our house I open the gate he introduce him self as Mr. sharma the owner of the flat. I welcomed her and he come inside and sit. He said that he purchase the flat for his son who is now working in America and the old men is living in Gujarat. Therefore it is locked from 2-3 years .I said o.k. he said that one of his friend who is living in Delhi his elder son is studying here in Mumbai and living with his room partner his daughter is also get admission here so my friend request me to give them the flat on rent so that both the b*****r s****r leave together and study properly ,and the location is also good so there should be no problem for the girl .I said nice , so when they are coming he say tomorrow I said ok next day it is Sunday in the morning some one ring the door bell my wife is nude and we are restless from the night sex .so I go and open the gate it is the same old men Mr. Sharma but with one more old men is with him .I welcomed them and said them to sit they say sorry to disturbed you, this Mr.agrawal I said hello sir he said that my son and daughter now u r neighbor so please help them they are young in their life .soon my wife also come he requested my wife also that please take care for them and treat as u r younger b*****r s****r wife said no problem. Now they said that the flat is clean they are coming at 2:00 and we will say them to get u r help. I said o.k. no problem then they gone.

Now it is 1:30 p.m. some noise come from outside I open the door it is a young tall handsome men aged 22 year old is standing and putting some luggage there I said hello he replay’s me hello jai bhaiya I said u now my name he said papa said about u. I am yinit . I said why r u bring the luggage from the stairs he said that lift men is repairing lift. I said ok after few min. my wife also come there my wife see and smiled him I said to bring some water it is very hot and humid soon my wife brought some water now I heard a voice I look towards stair a young girl in yellow color short salwar suit is coming with BIG BOOBS her boobs are too big that they are coming out from her dress big breasts jiggle while she walks she come closer to me her white color face fully wet with sweat her kurti is plain so when she up her hand her armpit nude and her armpit hair is visible also very wet sweat excuses from her white body she excited me very much then she is start shouting on her b*****r that u left this heavy beg for me he replayed sorry when she come more closer to me I m shocked really she say hai to me I just shake my head then she drink the water and turn back to lift the bag when she turn and bend to lift the beg her BIG BUTTOCKS r so nice that my eyes r not moving any where my wife understand the things and she pinch me then I look toward her I saw young men is searching my wife’s secrets parts now I end the silence I said ok if u want something please come then they close the gate and we come inside now I m watching the match on television richa come and say she need a bucked of water I send him in the kitchen when she is walking I peeped at her and enjoyed the view of her special body parts I specially liked her really BIG and HEAVY breasts which jiggle with her movement. I also liked her VOLUPTIOUS hip. she has the biggest, heaviest and the most beautiful BOOBS she is just 18 and her figure is like a actress she is now giving complexion to my wife we called them in the night for food they both come at 9:00 vinit is in lower and t-shirt where richa is in pink frock she is looking to sexy I cannot believe her nipples r visible for me her hair r to long that touching her ass when she is walking her butt is moving like she flying they seat on dinning table and I start talking they said that he is doing here final year then I asked about richa she said that she will join the collage from day after tomorrow then she know the time then I drop a spoon down to see her silky legs they are really very clean and white with out any hair are thighs are also visible soon they finish the food and gone for a sl**p now I close the door my wife is cleaning the kitchen and I go from her back and start kissing from behind she know every thing because while we eating food and I drop the spoon she understand then she say wait please but I am in full mood I left her in my arms and go to the bed room and we start our play ,today I start and say her just enjoy what I do she laugh and say I now u r doing and imaging me as richa I smile and I say really for her vagina I do any thing she say she just eighteen and your penis is to big she can not handle it she says I also like her b*****r vinit .so I will make there mind set for swapping soon . then I unhook her bra she laid down I removed her panty and get my mouth In front of her vagina and thought that its richa’s vagina when I entered my tongue I get a salty taste and she say aaaaaahhhhhh sssssss maza aaraaaaaaahaaa haaaaaaaiiiiii haaaaaaaaaaan aur chuso mazaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaaaaaaaarahhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaiiiiiii, chuso puri tongue dal do come on jaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiii . I acted quickly and kept my hand on her breast. She looked at my face she said I m not richa you are so excited that if today richa is here u converted her ass hole and vagina into one hole she was also hot now thinking of vinit and start touch my lund also was massaging slowly my lund on her hand, she said uffffff and said jaiiii please mat kar aisa .. I asked her to sit on my lap so that I can massage well, and she agreed. I took my lungie off, I was not wearing underwear my lund touching her butt . I asked her to to give some oily cream so that I can massage her body now she give some cream to me and she also put some on her hand to massaged my lund, She started playing with my lundd and said OH jai Tera lund tu aaj bhut uffan mar raha hai I slowly made her to lay on the bed. But She took my lund in her mouth and started sucking and licking it. It was feeling really good for me I said reena I wanted to fuck your ass she said later not now. ok I said I told her that I was feeling so hungry for richa I offered u for ass fuck. She said wait I should also satisfy then she took the whole size inside the mouth and this blowjob lasted for 30 minutes. I was holding her hair and head with my hands. Her mouth was being fucked by me and she was enjoying it. I feed all my cum in her mouth and she drank it all after few min later Now was my chance so i lifted her in my arms I started by smooching her and then kissing her neck and then her arm pits. She had shaved armpits and they smelled awesome. I was just licking them for 10 minutes. She told me it will take time for seducing her so wait My hand was on her left nipple and in 3 minutes time they were pointing towards the ceiling. I bit them and gave her so many love bites on her breast. She was moaning now its her ass hole time she turned around gave me a kiss on my forehead and said butt is fully charged for ur lund i asked her to get in the doggy style and she did. When i gave her thrusts she used to apply pressure back and it was great fun now I was on the back of her and i slowly inserted my whole cock in her ass hole and then she pulled me near her mouth from back and said in my ears, “satisfy my heat pleasssssssseeee”. I started stroking her hard harder“AAAAAhhh OOOOhhh Mujju please aaaaaaraaam se aaaaaaaaaahhh”. I was getting turned on and started giving her more thrusts and making her mad. I used to give her light thrusts for a minute and then a very hard one once in a while. She used to get excited My cock was getting crushed now and i was giving more pressure to make her feel pain. As her cunt was big i had to work hard for the same. I continued for 7 minutes and then.I heled her from the stomach now and started thrusting harder and she said i am gonna cumm, i also came in her cunt and all her juices were on my dick. After few seconds we r khallas it was2:30 am we sl**ps for daily work.

Now days are moving after a week one evening my wife said that vinit is making her hot and when ever u gone to office he come and try to make good relation with me my wife says that soon he swap his s*s for u so she said he is nice but his s*s is very innocent. I said o.k. first come to vinit then we go to do with richa she says o.k. now my wife start talking to me say that now when vinit come she start making friendship with him now my wife start wearing silk saris and sleeveless blouse. She wraps the sari tightly around her body showing her solid 38 ass and 36D boobs prominently. She wears sleeveless blouse showing her armpits when she raises her hand. her ass and the sexy armpits and lusted for them for a long time. Vinit is addicted to watch her body while moving in the house doing house hold work. She moves her ass seductively even in the house and some times when I and vinit r at home watching some live match I watched his eyes are on reena as she walks moving his eyes with her body to catch the glimpses of her fleshy 36-D boobs when she bends. one day he comes early from collage and come to our house . He came in and sat next to my wife in the sofa. They start talk about so many things
He come very close to her body my wife eyes on TV and he was behind her on sofa. And he can feel her body temperature. She was wearing a yellow color sari and black blouse, vinit slowly put his hand on her shoulder and start massaging her shoulder and her pallow fell down and he can easily see her huge breast as he was sitting up on sofa, his Lund was on top and he slowly massaging up and down and on neck then shoulders and trying to go down on her breast , she was feeling cool and closed her eyes and enjoying the body massage. It was about 12:45 in the afternoon now she understand what he wants she stand up and break his hot ness my wife come inside the bed room and closed the gate she then call me and say the situation I gave her a plan she said ok and then went outside she come and set near to vinit then as per our plan she says what are u doing he says I love u and I want to fuck u I say what about my husband he say he is in office she said no this is wrong he can judge soon then she divorced me he request me a lot I said no he can say I do not say any one just for one time she said that if her husband fuck u r s*s then he is agree . He said what r u talking she said that u fuck me and let my husband fuck u r s*s he is in deep thought and gone out from the house in the evening when I come I asked her what happen she said all the things I said o.k. then we take our dinner and sl**p in the night vinit call my wife at 10:30 he said that u r husband is sl**ping she replayed yes then he say is u r husband agree for this swapping she said not but if u agree then I changed his mind he said we discuss tomorrow . Next day he come at same time and say that her s*s is very young how can we changed her mind then as per our plan reena said that I arrange a small party here we all four together u and my husband drink and u agree my husband I agree u r s*s he is agreed

On Sunday he and her s*s come we set together then I take his s*s to my bed room for my talking now vinit and jai are drinking and slowly slowly as per our plan vinit purpose my husband here they are talking and discussing the things the guys are set now it’s a time for innocent richa now they r in bed room soon my wife say her to show our wedding cd but she play a blue film richa shocked reena say sorry and say my hubby is very sexy he watch daily a xxx movie sorry I change reena is watching her eyes r on tv reen say u like this she say no I saw this first time in my life then they start talking about sex richa says that she virgin and never saw or read any sexy magazine slowly slowly they started nude talking now reena put the cd and say her to watch I will come soon she said that if vinit bhaiya or jai bhaiya come then reena said do not worry u watch with free mind and reena come out and say what happen vinit replays fine you can play with me then he asked about richa I said she is shying soon she will join as
After half and hour later when we finished our bottle reena go to bed room she fine that richa is horny her hands is in her boobs and she is horny I purpose her for my husband fuck she agree but what about my bother reena say that I will take him out of the city for my relative marriage because u r jai bhaiya is with u she agree I said watch I will come reena come out and say good news to as so I said that vinit and u gone somewhere for some time when I fucked her and she sl**ps then I will call u and go to vinits flat and do ur work soon richa come out jai say that vinit and reena r going for a function u will leave here she say o.k when reena gone for a bath she gave a oily cream to richa and say that in the begning to get a plain but after that u feels u r in heaven she says how I start first she said how then reena say when we gone out u wear my saree and gone in front of jai after that he will do the rest now vinit locked the gate key to me and keep one key in his pocket reena take a shower and wear a nice saree and they gone soon richa go to the bed room after a short while she come like bride in front of me I stand up and touch her hand .

Now richa is here I start my things she is in she wear a blue saree with matching blouse and petticoat I start removing richa clothes she put the head down she is shying I Said o.k do not worry I brought some cds and play now she is sitting away from me and we start watching xxx movies now slowly we start moving close to each other I said r u feeling fine now she do not say any thing put her lower lips in her mouth her eyes r now want to see me nude I say ok with eyes then I remove the shirt and pant down my body is full of hair then I put down my underwear she start looking at me now I say shall we start and turn off television she shake her head when she face towards my underwear find that my penis is dancing in front of her face she watch the cock and slowly say ufffffff .. kitna mota lund hai . I say did u say something she say nothing my god his penis is too big that I saw in the movie just now she is horny now start removing his clothes she start undressing her first he put the saree down then the blouse then bra and then panty I am very hungry to see her nude from the day I saw her we r ready for fuck now i start kissing her from top to bottom she start kissing my lips I stand up from sofa she still sitting on sofa I come in front of her and hold her hair in my hand, jerked her face towards my pulsating cock saying, You have teased it. She took the cock in her cozy little mouth.. It soon she started exploring depths of her throat. she stuck his hot hard dick in her mouth, moving it in and out gently at first but then real fast. She began sucking his penis hard, I was jerking it in and out of her mouth, this time she almost choked on it. She was enjoying every minute of it, sucking like a lollypop I put now 6inc in the mouth she says aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh aur undr leeeeeeeee ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I put 1inc. more inside her mouth raise the speed of pushing and breath fast now I put her in my arms and gone to my bed room now she know that she get a hard fuck of 8inh cock she take some oily cream which reena give her she stand up applied some cream in her vagina I saw her nipple is tight i put my hands on them from over and began pumping hard. My each hand was covering one full breast. I was surprised to find out how soft those BIG COCONUT sized BREASTS were started kissing and nuzzling her throat and kneading the juicy and creamy tits with his both hands. The nipples became harder. It was too good to stop. She was moaning loudly yessssssssss yesss mujhe maza aa raha hai ufffffff meri choot mein mazaa aa raha hai . i moved down to her white belly. he moved his tongue in her big deep Navel he licked her whole belly with special attention to her beautiful Navel, his cock was throbbing wildly I thought she is enjoying say dheere se please,I adopt her on the bed keeping her buttocks high. Her asshole was totally exposed and at her mercy. she is also excited he turned her around, spread her legs to exposing her creamy vagina hole.i put the upper face of penis on her vagina lips face slowly soon i jerked her upper portion on her vagina and put 2inches inside her hole she is enjoyed she say she say that ur cock is just like a iron rod ufffffff meri chhot tu aaj fat jaye gi maaaaaaaaa uff please slowly I push a hard jerk entered my 8 inch inc inside her vagina she shout mummmmmmmy mar gayiiiiiiiiiiiiii now the whole cock is inside her vagina I start moving in full fast speed after few min, she said mera paani aa rahaaaaaaaa hai she dropped her cum and I also cummed in her vagina after some time I m feeling wet- wet inside and out side vagina area we separated now I see my cock is tooo big covered with her vagina bl**d and she is turn her face and breathing fastly I m finding her thighs have dropping some cum and bl**d I say in my heart marchood kya chood hai I come closer to her and rub the whole area with the towel she hug me and say I like u I saw her face she take her lips near to mouth and start smooching she took my hand on her boobs we close to each other again but this time just for showing love then she stand and go to toilet I find that her cum is dropping slowly from here thighs area with few drop of bl**d .

Now both r restless we are laying nude soon she is in deep sl**p I stand up and gone out call reena that richa is in deep sl**p u will go they say they r coming in 10 min. I said them that I am also sl**ping if u have some work with me u call me .i take the keys which vinit give me i vibrate my cell and locked my flat and enter to vinit flat to see reena ‘s fuck how vinit fucked her... Continue»
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Last Boy On Earth

I woke up in a blur.............count see much, just a collaboration of images and words, I suppose that’s the thing people are talking about when your life flashes before your eyes before something horrible happens to you. I heard voices very faint hard to make out whom it was, or let alone what it was. It was a woman a beautiful women, then i realized where i was, in a hospital bed.

"Take it easy k**" that’s what the nurse said, or doctor i wasn’t sure at the time. I was more worried about my body; i mean was I fucked up missing a limb? I could never go to the army if that happened. It was rather strange; as i looked around I noticed that all the staff was female.

" where am I? is this Mercy hospital? Could i see my doctor? His name is Doctor. Franks?" I said.

Unknown Nurse: "His name?"

"Yeah that’s right his name" i said reassuringly.

Unknown Nurse: She giggled "There’s no male doctors around here"

I gave her a funny look.

"What do you mean?"

Unknown Nurse: "You’re the first male, we have seen in 6 years."

"Um you have a phone I can use?"

Unknown Nurse: "Yeah, right next to your bed, Hit 9 first, you know before you dial the number."


I tried calling my dad’s cell, my mom’s work, my home phone, even my own cell phone, nothing all i get was busy signals or this number was not in service.
I was awed that no one was worried, my mom was a nurse this would be the first place she would check was the hospital, and then i realized maybe I wasn’t in Ferndale anymore. I called the nurse.

"Excuse me i may have hit my head a little too hard where am I?"

Unknown nurse: "You’re in St. Teresa Hospital"

"I mean like state?"

Unknown Nurse: "California, anyways I’ll be right back i think someone a little higher up should know about this."

Higher up? i thought to myself? What the fucks going on? California, why in the hell would someone take me to California from Ferndale, Michigan because of a car accident? don’t they need to inform my parents? I waited about 20 minutes for her return. I grew tired and took a nap.

Unknown Nurse: "Hey wake up k**, there’s someone here to see you"

I was blurry again I looked up saw a sharply dressed women in work suite her hair out with a badge in her side & a Glock; i couldn’t make out the text on the badge.

Sharply Dressed Women: “Could you excuse us for a minutes nurse?"

Unknown Nurse: " Yes sorry"

Sharply Dressed Women:" This is so exciting, I’m Agent Starling."

"Names Damien"

Sharply Dressed Women: "You got a last name k**?"

"Evans, you got a first name agent?"

Agent Starling: "Names Jesse."

Agent Starling: "Well Damien, not really any other way to put this, you’re the first male eve seen in 6 years?"

"What? The nurse said the same thing? What’s up with that?"

Agent Starling:" In 2012 there was a virus that killed and attached to the male Genome by the end of 2012 95% of the male population on earth was either dead or dying."

"What the fuck? What year is it?"

Agent Starling: "June. 10 2016"

"Holy Shit!"

I panicked i thought she was fucking with me I wanted proof.

"Turn on the TV."

Agent Starling:" You don’t believe me" she laughed

A series of commercials came on all containing women’s products, women advertisement and all female news anchors.

"You’re not k**ding are you?"

Agent Starling: "No I’m not."

"Well this doesn’t make any sense? According to your story then I should be dead?"

Agent Starling: "You’re sitting here aren’t you?"

"Wow, ok i need to get some fresh air"

Agent Starling: Well they found you lying outside on the road, with some clothes there a bit torn but, because finding male clothes is a bit impossible we had em patched up and washed, there on that shelve. Go ahead and get ready Ill drive you to get some food & coffee.

"Is my wallet here?"

Agent Starling: "I believe so?"

"You still use the same money?"

Agent Starling: she giggles “Yes we still use American dollars."

"I’ll buy"

Agent Starling:" No we will go Dutch"


I get up grab my clothes

"There a bathroom i can change in?"

Agent Starling: "Just change in here"

I look at her funny?

"Can you like go for a second?"

She gets a little red, and smiles

Agent Starling: “Sure sweetie"

I quickly changed, but there was no shirt.

I opened the door Agent Starling was waiting outside the door

"Uh....there’s no shirt?"

Agent Starling was staring at me, bit her lip for a second.

I looked at her funny.

Agent Starling: “Oh sorry, yeah its being Ironed just a second.”

Another nurse hands me my shirt also stares at my bare chest for a min. I quickly shut the door, put the shirt on, I mummed to myself. Last dude on earth? Fuck Ima like this.

Agent Starling: "you ready k**?"

"Yeah, I’m ready"

Agent Starling and i walk down the hall to an elevator, i realized this defiantly wasn’t Ferndale’s hospital. All the staff and a few patients were giving me funny looks. We finally reached the main door. Outside was Beautiful i mean beautiful palm trees, down the left a few blocks was the beach RIGHT THERE? a hospital right by the ocean that is either fucking beautiful or a serious tsunami risk.

"This place is beautiful!"

Agent Starling:" It is"

We came to a really nice Black Dodge Charger, I’m not sure how care producing was anymore all the men gone, i suppose women just picked everything up because the world kept going just fine, but just no men.

We got in the car and she started driving.

"So where we heading?"

Agent Starling: “There’s a place more in town i like"


"Quick question?"

Agent Starling: “Shoot"

"How’s like everything keep going? I mean like since people can’t know reproduce? Populations got to be low."

Agent Starling: “Why do you think they sent me?"

"What like for protection?"

Agent Starling: “Think about it, you the only male left in the entire world as far as we know, you like are only hope for the human race we could die off if you died and 2 hours ago we accepted that, but now your here."

"Well I’m flattered but the same time worried"

Agent Starling: “I think there’s enough of you to go around; at your age you produce more sperm than a full grown male!"

"Oh god...."

Agent Starling:" Giggles lets Go eat!"

Turns up music and we continue driving.

We come up to a close together store block at the corner is a Cafe. She parks on the side and we walk in.

Unknown Black Women:" Hey, Jesse how you doing girl?

Agent Starling:" Hey Monica! This is my friend Damien"

Monica drops coffees sever.

Monica: Oh my god! Is that a man? Oh shit girl, he ait bad looking either....mmmmmhmmmm

Agent Starling: “Laughing"

Monica: What can i get for ya`ll?

Agent Starling:" I get a coffee & the usually he will have a coffee & a menu, he probably don’t know what he wants.

Monica: You want cream in your coffee baby?

"Sure lol?"

Monica mumbles from the back of the kitchen, I want his cream in ma coffee.....

Agent Starling: “So you know what you want"

I looked at her, finally got a good look at her face, she was simply put beautiful a dead blue with a mix of green eyes, dark black hair, a little scar on her check that only made her more beautiful.

"You have beautiful eyes."

Agent Starling: “Thank you." She blushed.

"That looks good"

Agent Starling:" What?"

"The menu, I’ll have that"

Agent Starling:" Oh ok thought you were talking about something else."

I smiled so did she?

Monica came out brought a coffee refilled Jesses and got our food.

We talked as we ate.

"So what exactly am i supposed to do?, I mean back...where....still not sure how this is possible, but I was going to join the army, I’m guessing that there isn’t one anymore."

Agent Starling:" You’re right not really anymore, once all the main threats were eliminated there was no reason to have war anymore, were all in good standings I mean all the countries found new females leaders, if not wife to the successor. So the army kind of died it’s more of just communications now, all the bombs and weapons and vehicles are all just like history pieces now."

"Amazing, Stalin once said Death is the solution to all problems. No man - no problem. This is a little more literal then he thought."

Agent Starling: “Indeed”
“So what am I supposed to do just go out and get a minimum wage job and try and live I mean the army was going to be my life?”

Agent Starling: “No, you can’t be by yourself to dangerous”

“Hey, as you can see I’m not a small man? I’m a pretty big dude I can handle myself”

Agent Starling: “It not about that, damn now I remember why we hate men, your egos, listen k**, you big but there are women out there who haven’t seen a man let alone felt or slept with a man in ages, there’s women out there who will put a gun to your head just to fuck you. And you think I’m k**ding. As soon as were done eating I’m instructed to take you to the HQ.”

“Oh shit”

Agent Starling: “Alright Monica thanks for the bite.”

Monica: Oh you mean you guys are leaving already, can I say goodbye to the boy?

Agent Starling:” No we need to get going”

Monica: Damn I wanted to say goodbye in my native tongue, I’ll be seeing you again boy believe that.

I smiled, blushed, happy and slightly scared at the same time, I walked out with Agent Starling to the car.

We sat in She looked at me and giggled.

“What’s so funny?”

She bit her lip, and then started to drive.
We got to a parking of a large builidng lot she stopped looked at me for second.

Agent Starling: “Are you a……….a virgin?”


Agent Starling: “That’s good”

“Are you?”

Agent Starling: “no………I um had a boyfriend before the virus, but I left him after I caught him cheating.”

“Oh, I’m sorry”

Agent Starling:” Don’t be.”

I glanced at her legs for a minute; I looked back up at her.

“You know, you’re beautiful, all women deserve to here that, I’m sorry he cheating on you, I wouldn’t have if I had you.”

She stared at me, bit her lip again, she slid her Glock & Badge off. I reached over to kiss her she backed off a bit.

Agent Starling: “Are you sure you want to do this, I won’t stop you if you do.”

“Only if you want to?”

Agent Starling then launched at me we kissed passionately, she was the more aggressive one, I didn’t really know what I was doing. She grabbed my dick started rubbing it through my jeans, She with her other hand slid her panties off. She f***ed my hand on to her pussy.

Agent Starling: “I haven’t been with a man in years”

“Oh my god you’re fucking sexy”

She unzipped my jeans searched for my erect cock; she pulled out spit on her hand beat me off faster than I ever could as we still kissed passionately.

Agent Starling:” This isn’t a good place, let’s go to my office”

I put my stuff away; she slid her Glock and badge back on, but not her panties.
We walked into the main building I was more concentrated on her but the place was fucking huge. We walked to the elevator, Like in the hospital I got all kinds of weird looks from similarly dressed women as Agent Starling. In the elevator she kept looking at me biting her lip. The elevator finally stopped. She grabbed my hand and rushed me to the end of the hall with a large Mahogany wooden door, she rushed me in The back side was all glass, I didn’t realize how high up we were, she jump on me threw me down against the black leather couch that smelled of armor-all. She got on her knees unzipped my pants found my cock again, this time she started sucking, it felt amazing it was my first time here beautiful eyes that little scar it was perfect. She sucked without making a sound she finally said “Lets Fuck” she took of my shirt, pulled off my pants and boxers, she started striping down herself till she was completely naked with nothing but a small 38. Special strapped on her leg, she slowly pulled it off.

“I think I fucking love you!”

She moaned and jumped on top of me. She grabbed my cock, spit on her hand and stroked it to get it wet, she slid it in her pussy we fucked reverse cowgirl style, she moaned with one of the cutest moans you can possibly imagine. She grabbed on to my biceps turned around and kissed passionately at the same time. We fucked for more than 3 hours it felt like, the sun was setting down and the beautiful room glowed gold. She started to have an orgasm, I couldn’t control myself and I was going to as well.

I whispered: “Jesse………….oh god Jesse! I’m going to!”

She said in the sexiest voice in the world

“Do it baby!”

I came one of the biggest loads I ever shot in my life in her sweet pussy.
And this ladies and gentleman is my story as the Last Boy on Earth.

-Written By Damien Lacambra AkA (Crazydrummer)
Btw Agent Starling is Megan Fox.... Continue»
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