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Wife's First House Party

Our First MFM Party

... <ddd>First</ddd> Fuck <ddd>Party</ddd> ... <ddd>house</ddd>.

Danny started coming by several nights a week so he &<ddd>amp</ddd>; my <ddd>wife</ddd> got to know each other &<ddd>amp</ddd> ... <ddd>amp</ddd>; watched as his hands brushed her tits again &<ddd>amp</ddd>; again. I was getting turned on watching him with my <ddd>wife</ddd> &<ddd>amp</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Susan &amp; the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 05

... with my beautiful <ddd>wife</ddd>.

I bring this up because one Saturday afternoon William and I were in the Carriage <ddd>House</ddd>. As I worked ... we didn&#<ddd>039</ddd>;t be understandin&#<ddd>039</ddd>; at <ddd>first</ddd>, it be clear now to us Jamaican b*****rs what you be doin&#<ddd>039</ddd>;."

I ... ... Continue»
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... <ddd>039</ddd>;m always available to him for sex.
The <ddd>first</ddd> ... <ddd>039</ddd>;s <ddd>wife</ddd>. I&#<ddd>039</ddd>;ll worry
about that when it happens!

My husband now knows I don&#<ddd>039</ddd>;t make my men use condoms
but hasn&#<ddd>039</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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OHGirl &amp; Velvet: Dirty MILF&#039;s

... if maybe I hadn’t overdone my <ddd>first</ddd> sexual encounter since giving birth. ... and three other new <ddd>party</ddd> members grabbed my flailing ... weekend on Malibu at a director’s <ddd>house</ddd>, whom I had met and fucked ... afternoon sun. “If my <ddd>wife</ddd> found out that I was fucking ... ... Continue»
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To Russia (filled) With (my) Love

... <ddd>wife</ddd>
&<ddd>amp</ddd>; I got to know her a bit as the store is a regular stop for us.

Whenever I was in the store without my <ddd>wife</ddd>, she (I&#<ddd>039</ddd>;ll call her " ... <ddd>amp</ddd>; caressed, and worked her out of her swimsuit. I took
her top off <ddd>first</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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wifes first gangbang &amp; impregnation

... <ddd>Wife</ddd>’s <ddd>First</ddd> Gangbang

When my <ddd>wife</ddd> was 19, we decided to have a new yrs <ddd>party</ddd> at our duplex and invite a few close ... out a black marker and wrote a short message simply saying darci&#<ddd>039</ddd>;s cock was here 3x+.

the next day she finally asked ... ... Continue»
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Susan &amp; the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 02

... old carriage <ddd>house</ddd> that jutted out from the back of the <ddd>house</ddd>, right beside ... <ddd>039</ddd>;s face. Though I couldn&#<ddd>039</ddd>;t see her mouth, I knew it was being filled, like her cunt, for the <ddd>first</ddd> ... himself up and out of my <ddd>wife</ddd>&#<ddd>039</ddd>;s swollen, sticky cunt. I knew what he ... ... Continue»
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Susan &amp; the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 04

... rocks.

The newcomer gave my <ddd>wife</ddd> the once-over, nodded, and informed everyone that he would go <ddd>first</ddd>.

William winked at ... &#<ddd>039</ddd>;t forget, you said you&#<ddd>039</ddd>;d fix that chair. That shouldn&#<ddd>039</ddd>;t take more than an hour out in the Carriage <ddd>House</ddd>. I&#<ddd>039</ddd>; ... ... Continue»
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Consoling Freinds&#039;s Mother

... made his <ddd>wife</ddd> pregnant.

Padma ... <ddd>amp</ddd>; Aunty
by xyshiva©

After completing my SSC exams, I went to my Aunty- mother&#<ddd>039</ddd>;s elder s****r Rajeswari Devi&#<ddd>039</ddd>;s <ddd>house</ddd>. Raji aunty&#<ddd>039</ddd> ... <ddd>039</ddd>;s arms.

What I very clearly remember was that When I <ddd>first</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Susan &amp; the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 03

... minutes, testing each other out and setting limits. William wanted <ddd>first</ddd> rights until it was time to go back to Jamaica ... &#<ddd>039</ddd>;t have to go in or got off early.

It was still hot in the carriage <ddd>house</ddd> and perspiration glistened on my <ddd>wife</ddd>&#<ddd>039</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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House peeping!!

... 20&#<ddd>039</ddd>;s - Irish - very attractive but well built, not fat though. Always same routine - trousers/skirt off <ddd>first</ddd> followed by tights &<ddd>amp</ddd>; ... naked on bed. He gets undressed - semi erect - lies beside <ddd>wife</ddd>. She plays with his cock - he fingers her pussy!! ... ... Continue»
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My Wife’s Audition for TV Serial (very eroti

... story with no fucking but i&#<ddd>039</ddd>;m sure that you ... <ddd>house</ddd>. The hotel was only 20 minutes ride from my <ddd>house</ddd> ... shooting a scene between b*****r &<ddd>amp</ddd>; s****r , mind you!”

My <ddd>wife</ddd> looked ... <ddd>wife</ddd> for her <ddd>first</ddd> movie itself. I will give u and your <ddd>wife</ddd> 10 ... ... Continue»
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Fucking Tammy&#039;s Daughter..Sasha &amp;Mike.

... of a clean <ddd>house</ddd>. Mike walked to the back of the <ddd>house</ddd> to find his adoring <ddd>wife</ddd> sl**ping in ... guys so long? I am ready to get this <ddd>party</ddd> started!” she yells. Mike and Sasha walked ... join her. Sasha stood there in shock at <ddd>first</ddd> and then sat in her chair and ... ... Continue»
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My Wife&#039;s Sweet Pussy

... more.

When we were <ddd>first</ddd> together I would touch ... vibrators, cell phones, fruits &<ddd>amp</ddd>; vegetables, kitchen utensils (stirring ... <ddd>wife</ddd>’s booty. One time when we over a friend’s <ddd>house</ddd>, ... arrange to have a “pussy <ddd>party</ddd>” without her ... ... Continue»
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Susan &amp; the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 01

... woman -- who was helping them.

Our son was the <ddd>first</ddd> to meet them and struck up a bit ... trying not to stare at my <ddd>wife</ddd>&#<ddd>039</ddd>;s scantily clad, very sexy body.

Everyone ... wouldn&#<ddd>039</ddd>;t be happy with one session. After that they would show up at the <ddd>house</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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House Of Debauchery Part 1

... the <ddd>first</ddd> woman I have ever felt comfortable with.

She didn&#<ddd>039</ddd>;t ask ... <ddd>amp</ddd>;m, we let mom stay.

In a few weeks even that stopped. Gina didn&#<ddd>039</ddd>;t wear anything but her sheer robes in the <ddd>house</ddd> ... mexican men fucked my <ddd>wife</ddd> while i watched. Then i ... ... Continue»
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A teachers erotic adventure pt2

... hair so hard, Jennie would have admit she&#<ddd>039</ddd>;d had enough.

Randy &<ddd>amp</ddd>; Jennie Martino arrive!

Later that evening, ... quot;I can&#<ddd>039</ddd>;t wait to see if your Chinese <ddd>wife</ddd>, Peggy or my Caucasian <ddd>wife</ddd>, Jennie will be &#<ddd>039</ddd>;on top <ddd>first</ddd>.&#<ddd>039</ddd>;

Hearing ... ... Continue»
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Mike&#039;s New Life - Amy &amp; Robert now DAn &a

... out of the car and <ddd>first</ddd> headed tover to the nearby waffle <ddd>house</ddd> to get a stiff coffee ... . <ddd>First</ddd> I sit and watch while you try to make love to you pretty sex blond <ddd>wife</ddd>. Amy ... her to me.. Bring me your <ddd>wife</ddd> Mike… Come surrender you <ddd>wife</ddd> Amy to her new mate.
... ... Continue»
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sandi&#039;s world of fashion pt 6

... <ddd>039</ddd>;s.

I started to pull in her drive but she directed me past her <ddd>house</ddd> ... <ddd>039</ddd>;s our <ddd>first</ddd> stop," I said. "I got an appointment at Dirksen&#<ddd>039</ddd> ... <ddd>039</ddd>;s ashamed of me. I just can&#<ddd>039</ddd>;t stand it. Can you imagine that? He&#<ddd>039</ddd>;s ashamed of his <ddd>wife</ddd> ... ... Continue»
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Club Cuckold

... as he
replied, "We&#<ddd>039</ddd>;re Mr. &<ddd>amp</ddd>; Mrs. Rick Miller."

The ... <ddd>039</ddd>;s arm saying, "You might as well
follow me now since you&#<ddd>039</ddd>;ll be the <ddd>first</ddd> <ddd>wife</ddd> ...
is aware that this will be Jen&#<ddd>039</ddd>;s <ddd>first</ddd> time anywhere so
they are excited ... ... Continue»
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