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Who are you

... . Like you want to. You do want to don't you Baby?'

Again, I speak out. "Let you in? Where are you?" ... I whimper, my exposed breasts heaving, "Oh God, what are you doing? Who are you?"

She bent and drew my left breast into ... ... Continue»
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Who are You and Why?

This is not a story, but hopefully a fun way to determine Who you really are and Why?

Wife who sucks dick or slut that swallows it?
Wife who loves to be eaten or slut who masturbates while being bitten
Wife who wants to be held or slut that likes to be spanked
Wife who complains about the size of her ass or slut that squeals in delight while willingly being taken from behind...

Who are you? Wife, Slut or Slut-Wife... Continue»
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Who's the boss?

“OK,” Ann said as she bustled about packing her bags. “Now you know what to do and where everything is, don’t you?”
“Yes dear.” I replied. My voice must have given my thoughts away. She came over and stood in front of me.
“And don’t adopt that tone of voice with me Robert,” she said sternly, her smile belying the irritation she was trying to inject. “You know what a useless sod you are without me around to organise you.”
I reached out to slide my hand up the inside of her shapely legs but she pushed it away.
“Don’t think that will help you either,” she said. “I’ll be gone about a week.”
“Her mother was ill and Ann had to go and look after her and was leaving me alone at home. The home she ran with beautiful efficiency whilst I went out to earn the bread.
OK, we were a successful couple. I had a profitable business which I ran from an office in the centre of the town. We had met at Uni where she was studying English and I was studying History. Just the degree you need to succeed in MicroSolutions. Computer software that did all thse little things on your computer which would take you half the time with a pencil and paper. But Hey! It paid the bills. And handsomely. I now had a custom built office, all glass and brushed steel, and a nice home. A very attractive wife in Ann. Nearly six feet tall and willowy. She had a thirty-six inch bust, twenty-four inch waist and thirty-five inch hips. Her legs were, as you can imagine for a woman that height, long and very shapely. I am five feet eight in height. So she kind of towers over me. She offered to wear flat shoes but her legs are so stunning in high-heels I insisted she wore them. And the higher the heel the better as far as I’m concerned.
“Oh, come on, Annie,” I pleaded. “I’m not going to have you here for a whole week. At least let me have a feel of that sweet pussy.”
She looked around at her bags then checked her watch.
“You have half an hour,” she said. “Reckon you can fit in a quickie?”
I was on my feet in a second, my hand all the way up her skirt.
“No knickers?” I said. She took my chin in her soft hands and bent to kiss me.
“You didn’t think I’d go without a fuck did you?” she said. I took her hand but she stopped me.
“Where are you going?”
“Bed?” I said.
“What’s wrong with the table? Or the sofa? Or the floor?”
Ann was a dirty fuck-bitch from the first day I met her. She was, remarkably enough, a virgin when we met at Bath Uni. It was the day of registration and she stood out from the crowd – literally. With her height she stood out. I didn’t think I had a chance but manouveured myself next to her anyway. She turned and smiled and I smiled. We exchanged a few pleasantries and, with a lump in my throat, I asked her if she fancied getting a drink and checking out the town. A smile spread across her face and at 6 o’clock we met and wandered down. A little wine bar close to the Baths and a bottle of – don’t laugh – Blue Nun! For some reason the chemistry worked and we laughed and chatted like we’d known each other for years. It was a beautiful night and we strolled back, taking in the weir. It was a clear night and the moon was almost full. She looked stunning.
“I’d kiss you if I could get up that high,” I laughed. She looked at me, looked around and then dragged me over to a seat. Sitting down she said.
“Is this better?”
Her tongue was like an eel in my mouth and I was in severe danger of a premature. I chanced my arm and slid my hand up her crisp, white blouse and squeezed her tit. She pulled her face away from me and looked at me for a second. I thought she was going to object but she just came straight back and began chewing my lips. My hand went sown to her pert bum and she wriggled a little closer. I couldn’t believe my luck. A little stroll with my fingers and my hand was between her thighs and slowly moving upwards. She responded by parting them and I just went for it. What a shock. Not the silky feel of sexy knickers but hair. Wet hair. She pulled her face back and looked at me, a slightly worried look on her face.
“I don’t wear them,” she said simply. “Shocked?”
“Excited,” I said. Her hand went to my groin and she squeezed my hard cock through my trousers. She smiled and we were kissing harder than ever.
I probed into her wet slit and could feel her fiddling with the zip in my trousers.
“Can I help?” I asked.
“No! No, you keep fingering me!” she said.
She had gotten my zip down and her hand was inside, down the waistband of my underpants and she was gently massaging my cock. Suddenly it all stopped. She pulled away and twisted off my finger.
“What did I do?” I asked.
“Nothing,” came the reply and she turned and looked at me, slightly worried. She was struggling to say something then finally blurted it out. “I’m a virgin! Is that a problem?”
I was shocked. Honestly shocked.
“Er – No? Why should it be?”
“Well, I’m not – experienced – you know?” she said. I laughed and pulled her to me.
“Well I don’t mind de-flowering you if you don’t mind de-flowering me,” I said.
“Really?” she asked. I nodded and she laughed. “Well let’s get back to my room and get ourselves well and truly – DE-FLOWERED!”
It was the stuff we dream of. And I can still feel that wonderful feeling of first penetration. It was the first cunt I’d fucked and we didn’t sl**p until nearly five in the morning.
That was twenty years ago and she is still as tight as she was then and even dirtier, I’m very pleased to say.
Now she had her bum perched on the table, her skirt around her waist and her legs around me as I slammed into her. She had her hands at the back of my head and was demanding I fuck her harder and harder.
“Come on you little bastard!” she said. “Where’s that fucking spunk. I want a bellyful before I leave you dirty fucker. Give it to me! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!”
My trousers round my ankles, I hammered my cock into her and could feel the orgasm building. Her cunt muscles tighten around me just before she cums. They were tightening now and I knew she was almost there. I let myself go and felt my own orgasm build. Then it was there. I cried out and thrust my cock deep inside and heard her cry out as I shot my load into her belly. Once, twice, three times my cock twitched and muscles pumped my cum out and she was shaking. Her orgasm was massive and it felt like she was almost pissing herself with the amount of juice she was pumping out.
We were laughing and holding each other in the afterglow when the doorbell rang. Her cab had arrived.
“Just in time, Darling,” she said as we parted. She used the bottom of my shirt to dry between her legs. It was almost dripping when she’d finished. “I want you to promise me you’ll wear that all day.”
“I will,” I said.
As I carried her bags to the door I commented on how short her skirt was.
“I’ll be doing a lot of bending so you can think of all those men who’ll be getting a good look at my well fucked cunt. OK?” She could be such a prick-teaser. Then her final words before setting off. “And if you feel like flashing that cock to any young ladies, or old ones for that matter, remember that they can look but not touch. He’s mine!”
“No other cunt but yours sweetheart,” I said.
I waved her off. Made sure all my clothing was arranged carefully and set off to the office feeling the wetness of my shirt against my legs and belly.
It was a relaxed day, maybe because of the early morning exertions but I felt good and it was about mid afternoon when Gabrielle came in to my office.
Gabby was French, twenty three, French and dark. Long jet-black hair hung down her back to her waist. A perfect complexion on her olive skin and her full lips pouting as only French girls can pout. She hard dark, smiling eyes and her teeth were almost blindingly white when she smiled. Her voice was soft, deep and had the sort of French accent that goes straight from your ears to your libido. Maybe an inch or so shorter than Ann but certainly four or more inches more in the chest area and she would always wear a blouse that seemed to only have enough buttons to reach the up to just below her massive globes. Usually she wore jeans which looked as though they’d been sprayed on and often showed a camel-toe which cause much ribald comment among the men and I must admit had often featured in my thoughts in those moments when the juices were flowing and Ann wasn’t near and I had to resort to manual manipulation.
Today she was wearing a skirt. My eyes boggled and I saw a smile pass quickly across her face. She’d seen me ogle them.
“I’ve fixed the glitch in the main program,” she said coming and standing next to me and placing a sheaf of papers on my desk. Her accent was like liquid Viagra. And it worked!
“Ah! Great!” was all I trusted myself to say. She turned, perched her bum on the edge of my desk and looked down at me.
“Did Ann get away on time?” she asked.
“Yes. Yes she did.”
“I hope her mother will be better soon.”
That delicious roll of the letter R. I leaned back in my chair. She had put one foot on the waste basket and my eyes were drawn to her legs and as I leaned back I could just see under her......
“I don’t wear them,” she said. “I find they are too restricting.”
“What?” I said sitting back up.
“You were trying to look up my skirt. I don’t wear anything. Look!”
She raised the hem of her skirt and revealed a triangle of neatly trimmed black hair.
“ wasn’t trying.....”
Her finger pressed to my lips and she looked into my eyes.
“Yes you were. You were trying to get a look at my pussy. I’m sure Ann would have something to say about that, you know.”
“Oh, roll those R’s for me, Gabby,” I thought. “As you roll that arse for me too.”
“I’m sorry,” is what I said out loud.
“You are a very naughty man and I see you have a stiffie too. Tut, tut, Robert!” she pronounced it Robair. How much of her oral Viagra would it take before my manhood exploded.
“I’m surprised that you are ready to go again after the shag she gave you this morning.”
“What?” I said. She and Ann have been friends ever since she came to work with me. They hit it off immediately and giggled like schoolgirls when they met but I didn’t think Ann would confide anything like that to her. Gabby grinned.
“So, I am right, No?” she said. “I may have an IQ of 156, but you don’t need to be a genius to work out that wife going away is going to leave her husband with something special to keep him on the straight and narrow path. N’est pas?”
“Mais, Oui!” I said in a mock of her accent.
“And yet there you are looking at my little French cunt, you naughty boy.”
“She doesn’t mind me looking,” I said. “As long as I don’t touch.”
As I spoke I reached out and stroked her between her legs, feeling her wetness.
“And here you are – touching!”
“Yes. Here I am touching.”
“You like French cunt?”
“I love French cunt!”
“You want to fuck it?”
I nodded
“Oh yes!” I said. She smiled and let out a small sigh as my finger penetrated her.
“Will you take me home and fuck me on your wife’s bed?”
“Would that please you?”
“Oh yes! Ann is very sexy and I would love to feel what she feels.”
If I had any apprehension it disappeared when she placed her hand on my trousers over my erection.
As I drove us to my house, we chatted and I listened to that throaty accent and my mouth watered. I wanted my hands all over this Gallic lovely and I imagined her purring with my cock in her mouth.
When we arrived I used the remote control to open the integral garage figuring that the neighbours wouldn’t notice me bringing another woman home. Inside the house we kissed and I was groping her like mad as we edged our way to the bedroom.
She pulled away from me.
“I need to pee,” she said. I pointed her towards the bathroom and asked if she needed help. She laughed. “Later we will play games like that.”
I went into the bedroom and pulled the duvet down and straightened the sheet. Behind me she spoke.
“I hope you don’t mind me not getting totally naked,” she said and I turned to see her standing in the doorway. “I always keep my crucifix on.”
I was stunned. Her body was gorgeous. Dark aureolae and large nipples jutted out from a full pair of tits. A flat, well defined belly and firm thighs. A neat triangle of hair.
“You are fucking gorgeous!” I said in awe. She grinned and moved to the bed, climbing on like a she-wolf stalking her prey.
“Well? Don’t you think you should let me see what is going to spear me?”
It took me next to no time to strip and move towards her. She gripped my cock and pulled it towards her mouth. I was transfixed as those sweet red lips parted and closed around my knob.
“Oh, my God that’s good,” I said and she moved slightly so I could ease myself onto the bed and she parted her legs for me.
“Eat!” she said taking my tool from her mouth for a moment. “Eat your fill my filthy fucker!”
I ate. She was delicious. Wet and soft. I didn’t mind the hair although Ann was clean shaven and always had been. This was like a side salad at a fantastic meal. My tongue worked her clit and I could hear her moan as I worked along her cunt and probed her fuck-hole, circling it and then passing down to the tight little puckerd arsehole and then back. Finally I could stand it no longer and turned and climbed between her legs. Our mouths met and my prick slid easily into her. She wasn’t as tight as Ann but she felt bl**dy good and I began a slow fuck. We kissed.
“Mmmmm,” she said when we broke. “My cunt taste good. No?”
“No!” I said. “Your cunt tastes marvellous and I’m going to eat a lot more of it later.
“We shall see,” she laughed. “Now I want you to fuck me like beech.”
“You want me to fuck like we’re on a beech?” I asked, mystified.
“Like beech! Lady dog!”
I laughed. “Oh, like a bitch!”
“So! Like a beech!”
I pulled out and turned her face down, I pulled her hips up and she knelt as I entered her from behind.
“Oh that is so good,” she said. “You are so deep inside me. Now fuck me. Fuck me all the way.”
I slapped her beautiful round buttocks and she groaned.
“Oh, Fuck me, Robert. Fuck me all the way. That’s it! I can feel it deep inside and I’m cumming Robert. I’m... Ohhhh yes keep going. Take me. Take my little whore cunt.”
I could feel her muscles tightening and knew she was close. I could feel my own orgasm nearly there. I used my thumb and pushed it into her arsehole and it took her over the top and as she cried out in ecstacy I shot my load deep inside her.
“Fuck, Gabby. Fuck you I fucking love your hot little cunt.”
She pushed herself up and I put my arms around her and clasped her full tits just letting my cock soak in her for a while before we fell sideways onto the bed panting and laughing and kissing.
“Can I eat your cunt again?” I asked. She smiled.
“In a moment, Robert,” she said. “I have some fun plans for you.”
She slid off the bed and from her handbag she produced a couple of pairs of handcuffs.
“I am going to give you something you never imagined,” she said fixing one to each wrist and then handcuffing me to the bedstead. It was lucky Ann and I went for an old-fashioned iron one. Smiling, Gabby removed the belt from my dressing gown and fastened one leg then removed the belt from Ann’s and fastened the other leaving me spread-eagled. She bent forward and kissed my cock and then sucked it into her mouth. Standing up licking her lips she kissed a finger and placed it against my lips.
“I will be back in a moment,” she said. “I just need something special for you.”
I lay my head back and closed my eyes waiting to see what pleasures she had in mind for me.
“So who’s a dirty bastard then?”
My eyes snapped open. There was no trace of an accent in the voice and it was suddenly familiar.
“Yes, my dirty lying bastard. Ann.”
She was standing at the end of the bed looking at the video camera screen.
“She’s got a nice arse, hasn’t she?” she said, a sickly sweet smile on her face. A noise in the doorway made me look over. Gabrielle was standing, still naked leaning against the door and smiling.
“Ann. I can explain....”
“No, Robert,” she said. “You can’t. You took a dirty whore and fucked her on our bed. No you must be punished. Gabrielle! Come here!”
The naked girl padded towards my wife. As she got close, Ann reached out and grasped a handful of hair and pulled her face to face. There was a moment’s silence before she spoke again.
“Guess you were right,” she said and kissed her fully on the lips. Gabby’s arms went around my wife and I could see they were excited. Ann’s hands moved to Gabby’s tits and she played with them while the French girl was squeezing my wife’s buttocks. As I watched in amazement, she stripped Ann and the two of them began a love-making session that would be the star show if a film had been made. They moved onto the bed next to me and I could feel their bodies next to mine but neaither of them touched my cock and neither could I and I needed it. I needed to be rubbing it as I watched them kiss and lick and suck each other. Finger fucking each other to orgasm after orgasm. A double ended dildo was produced and they worked on each other.
It must have been about two in the morning when they had mutual orgasms and collapsed on each other.
“OK,” I said. “You’ve paid me back now please let me go and let me relieve myself. Ann looked up at me.
“Paid you back?” she said. “Not quite.”
She got up and went out and I asked Gabby to release me but she merely took one of Ann’s hairbrushes off the dressing table. I wondered what she intended to do with it but she merely began brushing her long, dark hair. Ann returned with a cup. Was this something awful to drink? But no. Just coffee.
She held my head while I drank it, not realising how thirsty I was. I watched Ann as she moved over to the other girl and take the brush and begin brushing the long hair. They were giggling like the schoolgirls again.
I blinked. At least I thought I blinked. My eyes certainly closed on that scene in the bedroom but opened in broad daylight. I turned to see Ann and Gabrielle but they weren’t there. Instead the foyer of my office was there. I went to move but I was still tied and I realised that I was still naked and all my employees were gathering and laughing. I wasn’t exactly cold but didn’t feel as warm as I should. Looking down I was naked and my cock and balls were bright blue. Looking up I could see a notice had been pinned above my head on a make-shift frame. I couldn’t read it and looked to the mirror behind the reception desk. Backwards I could read ‘Lecherous Bastard’ The receptionists smiled and I called them to release me. One came over and apologised and said that she’d been told she mustn’t. On my wife’s orders.
“Who are you more worried by?” I asked. “Me or my wife?”
The girl looked at me and smiled.
“You mean the boss or the woman who managed to tie the boss naked in the middle of his own business for all the world to see. Hmmm. Difficult one!”
“I could fire you!”
“And have me go to a tribunal for refusing to let you go when you were naked and tied up in your office with your tackle painted bright blue. OK boss. You do that.”
They kept me there all day and I didn’t see hide nor hair of either of them until late afternoon. I have no idea what they put in the coffee but I know it worked and I still have clients who laugh when we meet about the meeting they had with me that day.
When I got home, Ann said nothing about what had happened but spoke freely and chattily. When we went to bed I found she had changed the sheets. I guessed that she didn’t want to sl**p in the same sheets I’d had Gabrielle in.
I still wonder, though, why I found lots of long, dark hairs in the fresh sheets.
... Continue»
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Careful What You Wish For

This happened awhile back, it was something that terrified me to my very soul, but also excited me beyond belief!

It all began in a chat room. I had signed up to many adult and fetish sites looking to chat to people and maybe to even meet someone. I had chatted to tons of people, most of whom had been just some guys pretending to be females getting off on some dirty chat! Then I started chatting to one particular person, they kept popping up in the IM services and always sent me a message. So I figured this might actually be a female who was interested. She said her name was Claire. We shared fantasies, I told her how I long to be used and abused and humiliated, she went on to say she was looking to explore her domineering side but had never done so before. We discussed our families, whether we had b*****rs or s****rs, we talked about jobs, relationship histories, we just seemed to connect! Since I had pictures of me in panties on my profile I had also explained that it was my s****rs lingerie that I used.

Anyway, this went on for a few weeks, then we decided we should probably meet! She lived about an hour and a half away from me, so we decided to play it safe and were going to meet in the middle at a cinema. Just to be on the safe side. So that day came, we met and it was amazing. Although she wasn't to dressed up, a pair of tight jeans, nice top and heels, she looked stunning. She was about 5 foot 5, had nice rounded tits, and such a peachy little ass.
The evening was a success and we decided to meet again.

We had spent quite a bit of time together, and shared a few kisses but nothing more, when she invited me to come up to hers for a night on the town. She said that I should book into a hotel so I could stay the night (with a cheeky grin and a wink). She had said she would invite me to hers but she had a very small house and lived with her parents. She also mentioned it would be kinda sexy if I could come wearing some of my s****rs panties and heart was pumping, i was so excited.
So I got onto the Internet and booked a room. It was all set, i couldn't wait. I was finally going to have sex with this gorgeous girl. Little did I know what the night had in store for me.

She had told me to meet her at her local pub at 6:30. I was there a little before and decided to buy the drinks ready for when she arrived. It was a cosy little pub, a nice fire roaring in the corner, but not many people there. There were 2 guys stood at the bar, and another table further on with a few people.

She arrived a little after half 6 and my jaw nearly hit the floor when she came in. She had a mini skirt on, either stockings or tights, killer stilletoe heels, and a very revealing top. She came and sat next to me and thanked me for her drink and we got chatting. Mid conversation she put her hands on my lap, and crept up to the top of my jeans, opening my flies and putting her hand inside....
"Just checking to make sure you have something sexy on underneath" she winked and giggled before taking her hand out again. I had on a pair of my s****rs black lace panties and black fishnet hold ups. My cock immediately started to grow at her touch, my heart was beating, all i wanted to do was get her back to my hotel room!

Anyway, we got in another round of drinks and continued chatting, and the chat was getting a little saucy, she started describing some past sexual experiences. My cock was throbbing, and now had some pre-cum around the tip.... She said she would get the next round before we moved on to another pub, as she got up I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I needed to wipe some of the pre-cum away, i didn't want to make too much of a mess in my s****rs panties!! I get back to the table and join this gorgeous girl again, catching a glimpse down her cleavage as i sit. This however, is where it started to go hazy, I took a sip of my drink and started to feel very dizzy and light headed, and that is when it went dark.

I started to come round and back to my senses.....but I wasn't in the pub, I was in some basement looking place. I was sat facing a wall, i tried to move my hands but couldn't, they had been bound behind me and to the chair, as had my legs, there was also something in my mouth...a ball gag! Shit i thought, what the hell is happening! It also came over me that i was sat wearing only the panties and stockings, there was no sign of the rest of my clothes! I started wriggling but to no avail, i was securely fastened to the chair, what the hell was i going to do, who had brought me here, and where was Claire?!

That is when I heard heels walking behind me, my chair was spun around and it was Claire. She was stood there laughing at me, calling me a pathetic little slut! What have I done, no one even knew i was here, I had been meeting Claire in secret and had told everyone back home that it was a business trip. I also noticed she had an object in her hand, it was a camera! Oh no, she was going to take pictures of me....
"You are a little slut, you thought you were going to fuck me tonight didn't you! Ha, like i would let a pathetic little sissy whore like you touch me"
I had tears rolling down my cheeks, trying to scream but the ball gag restricted the sounds coming out!
"No one is going to hear you here anyway, so you better stop screaming, if you promise to do that i will take the ball gag out"
I just nodded my head, what was the use! She unstrapped the ball gag and i just stared at her...
"Who are you?!" I asked.
"I am your worst nightmare or your dream maker, depending on which way you look at it"
With that, there was a click and a flash, she started taking pictures, laughing while she was doing so!

She then walked over to the corner, put the camera down, and came back with a whip in one hand and a cane in the other.
"Now then you little whore, which first, the whip or the cane?"
"Please no, just let me go" I pleaded.
"Hahahaha, you look so pathetic. No i will not let you go until we are finished! Now choose, because you are going to get them both either way! so choose bitch"
I chose the cane. She place the whip down and instructed me to count and thank her after each hit.
"One, thank you Mistress"
"two, thank you Mistress"
and so it went on to twenty strikes across my thighs and my chest. The pain was excruciating, i could see the marks it had left on my thighs, it was burning and stinging....
"Now the whip, and you are to do the same again...."
" yes Mistress, One thank you Mistress".
Another twenty strikes this time some were even coming down on my cock and balls, the pain was unbearable! Oh my god, what the hell am i going to do? am i going to die down here?!?

All kinds of things were going round in my head, what i hadn't realised was that my cock had actually started to stiffen, and Claire had noticed!
"Oh look, theres something growing in those panties" she walked over and grabbed my cock and balls in her hand and started to squeeze, tightly!
"Does it hurt bitch?"
"Yes, ouch, please stop!!!"
"I think you forgot something" and squeezed even tighter and twisted.
"Yes Mistress, sorry Mistress".
"better" and she let go.

My nightmare was about to get worse.
"Now I feel like I should tell you that you are being recorded right now, there is a camera pointing down at you recording, so you better do as you are told!"
I looked around and then saw the red light, the camera looking straight at me! I am totally fucked, what is she going to ask me to do!
She then walked away from me and returned with a laptop,
"and if you don't do as i say....."
she turned the laptop around and my heart sank. There on the screen was my s****rs profile on a social network site! (My s****r is a couple of years older than me, but she is very hot, and is very slutty!)
"your s****r will be getting a nice surprise...."
"Please no, please Mistress"
"It all depends on you!"

She then walked out the room again. What was this, what am i going to do!
Then the sound of heels again, the door opened....
"I want you to meet some of my friends"
What, she had brought friends!! Oh no, please no!
In walked a 6 foot 4 guy, he was huge, followed by another very well built guy, followed by another, and another and then a female walked in!
"This is him, this is the little slut shore who thought he was getting into my panties tonight"
"I'm going to tear him apart" Said one of the guys.....
They all started stripping off, totally naked, Claire and the other girl started sucking the 4 guys off, fuck their cocks were huge, everyone was over 9 inches!

I was so hard now in my panties, the pre cum had returned!
The girls stopped sucking and sent the guys over to me. They stood around me and began jerking their big cocks furiously. It suddenly occurred to me, they were going to cum all over me, with that thought, warm cum started covering my face! All four of them unloaded over came the camera again! More pictures, this time with my face covered in cum!

"Very good gents, now anyone need to take a piss? That slut has promised me to drinks all your piss up"!
With that the other girl crouched over a bucket and began pissing,
"fuck that, lets just piss on him", one of the guys said. Before i could respond, piss in my mouth, one of them shoved their cock in my mouth and began pissing.... I was gagging and crying some more,
"You better fucking swallow it al bitch!"
I had to do what i was told, and began swallowing, Claire was again with the camera as this was going on!
He took his cock out and as soon as he did, the bucket of piss was thrown over me!
I was dazed, confused, scared.
"please let me go"
"Awww, listen to the pathetic whore pleading with us to let him go! What do you think?"
"Hell no" responded the rest of them!

"Now I am going to untie you" Claire said.
"Do not try anything stupid, because i think you know as well as me now, that this is for real, and those guys are for real!"
"yes Mistress".
I was untied, and led over to a work bench, with 2 guys holding my arms just to ensure i didn't try anything! Claire then attached some nipple clamps to my nipples, and squeezed them in tightly.
"Bend over bitch"
I bent over the table and placed my arms above my head. They were once again bound and stretched out, my legs were then attached to the bench. i was bent over, i knew what was coming and wasn't looking forward!
"Rip those fucking panties off"
"Please no, they are my s****rs"
"You fucking whore, you wear your s****rs panties? you dirty little slut" said one of the guys!
With that, the panties were torn, each guy and the two girls taking turns spanking my bear ass now! It was red raw by the end!

Then something cold and wet was dripped onto my ass hole, then fuck, one of the cocks was thrust in my ass. It was tearing me apart, it felt like I was being broken in two! Oh my god, it hurt so much!
Thrust after thrust, his huge cock went deeper and deeper. tears were streaming down my face!
He then removed his cock and came round to the front and told me to suck his cock.
As I stated sucking, another cock was in my ass. Spit roasted by cocks, i never imagined of being in this position! But in some ways, it felt good, and my cock was getting hard again.
The guys all took turns like a conveyor belt, before each one in time cumming and unloading down my throat.

The other girl then took out a huge butt plug, and shoved it up my ass, before putting tape over my ass to keep it in place!
They untied me again and sat me back down on the chair, before tieing me up again!
"Now you are going to watch how real people fuck" Claire said, and began passionately kissing one of the guys, the other girl doing the same.
The butt plug felt so uncomfortable, and they were fucking right in front of me making my cock swell! The groans and moans from the girls were turning me on so much, they fucked for what seemed like ages.The guys finally started filling the girls' holes with their cum. The guys then came over to me and tipped my chair over,
"Now you are going to lick the cum out of our pussies and asses" Claire came over with her friend and crouched over my face.
"Lick now you bitch, or you'll be sorry"
I began licking furiously, even more cum in my mouth, and pussy juices. i felt so dirty, i really was a filthy whore. I licked both girls out, pussies and asses.

Claire got up and waved goodbye to her friends, leaving me alone with her once more. She got dressed and stood above me.
"Now, your first instruction, you are going to go home and put your s****rs panties back in her drawer, exactly as they are"
"May I wash them at least Mistress?"
"Would that be leaving them exactly as they were bitch?"
"No Mistress"
They were already cut and ruined, what the hell was my s****r going to say when she found them!
"So are you going to do that? Because you know what will happen otherwise!"
"Yes Mistress"
"Before i let you go, i will just show you a slide show of the pictures we have of you...."
And she proceeded to go through them, I would be completely humiliated if these pictures were ever revealed. Me in panties and stockings, with cock in my mouth, cum all over my face, my ass getting fucked....! I was totally vulnerable and had to do as she said.
"Oh, and that butt plug is to stay in until tomorrow night when you come online with me. I will only let you take it out once you are on cam and have assured me that your s****rs panties are back in her drawer as they are!"
"Yes Mistress"
"Now I have a present for you to wear, again until tomorrow night"
She went over to her bag and bought out a red bra, red panties and red tights. She also instructed me that i had to wear a white t-shirt all day tomorrow!
"Yes Mistress" was all i could say.
As i was untied and began putting them on, i realised the panties were used and dirty, the gusset was damp and stained.

She took my hand and led me out, I had no idea what time it was, I felt like a broken man!
"Now, go back to your hotel room and wank over what has happened tonight, and make sure you cum in the panties"
"yes Mistress"
"and remember, no taking them off until tomorrow night!"
"Yes Mistress"
"I began walking off, and she shouted....
"I will email your video to you, so you can see for yourself what a dirty whore you are, i just hope I don't mix up your email with your s****rs!!"
I look back and see her smile, she throws a wave and then walks off in the opposite direction....

What the hell do I do now, She has me in the palm of her hand, i am going to have to do whatever she says! My life is in ruins!

Next part of the story to follow.....
... Continue»
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Roses are Red

Summary:Emily Rose is a young and upcoming star in one of the biggest financial firms in the country. All her life she has been the best at everything, because she has always been hungry. However, she also held a hunger that she herself was not aware of, until now.

Emily Rose:

Room 221 The Grand Hotel, Brazil:

“I hate this FUCKING heat!!” Emily exclaimed and began unpacking her clothes.

The trip to Brazil was a spur of the moment thing; decided while she was having lunch with her boss. She had literally nothing to wear that would suit the tropical climate and furthermore her smooth and silky complexion for which she had garnered much praise was now sticky and oily due to the humidity.

She took a break from unpacking and let out a long sigh. She had to admit to herself that the heat was a small price to pay in return for the experience she was currently gaining. A small town girl all her life and now she had been elevated to the position of a senior Accounts Executive & Personal Assistant to a senior partner in one of the most prestigious financial firms in the country. Thinking this always brought a smile to her face and she resumed her unpacking without much distress.

The next moment, her room phone rang and she picked it up and immediately stiffened at the voice of her boss Ms. Joanne Walters.

“Emily where the fuck are you?” Joanne said in a rather exasperated tone. Emily had long understood that her boss’ use of explicit language was simply a function of her character and not her mood.

“I just finished unpacking ma’am. Was there anything you required?”

“Yes, we are meeting the clients tonight. There’s a party organized by one of those old bastards and I want you looking stunning…”

“Ma’am am afraid I haven’t got anything…” Emily began..

“I know you don’t dear which is why I’ve sent something to your room. I don’t wanna hear any complaints just wear the dress and look fucking beautiful, you hear?” and with that the line went dead.

Emily kept the receiver with a sigh of surrender. Trying to change her boss’ mind was like pushing a boulder up a steep hill that is covered in grease. She shook her head and waited for the dress to arrive, and after 5 minutes it did. She received it at the door and was immediately shocked at its appearance.

It was elegant and beautiful and simple too, however it was not the kind of dress Emily would usually wear. It was a long flowing gown till her ankles that shrunk into a funnel at her waist and ended in a tube top just above her breasts. She wore the dress and looked at herself in the mirror and was surprised to see a totally different person staring back at her. Her skin, which a moment ago seemed “oily” now, looked “exotic” to her, the neckline that a moment ago was very risque now seemed “rather exciting”. Her lips spread into a smile on their own and for a moment Emily had an out of body experience in which she saw a glimpse of a woman who apparently was always inside her, but had never come out.

The Four Seasons Garden restaurant, Grand Hotel:

Joanne Walters fiddled with her cutlery rather nervously; she always fiddled when she was either excited or angry and tonight’s sudden change of events had certainly given her much cause for both. The party she was planning on meeting two days from now suddenly decided on meeting her tonight, and this threw her off her game somewhat because she wanted to take the two days to prep both Emily and herself to face the questions that would be asked by their prospective client and she really could not afford to screw this up. She kept the cutlery aside and opened the thin file kept beside her and studied the clients’ history once again.

Jerome Taylor was one of the youngest and wealthiest businessmen in these parts. An American by birth he soon took over his fathers business interests in Hotels and Casinos in Latin America and was single handedly responsible for expanding the f****y business into Clothing, Catering and Event management. He currently was worth an obscene amount of money and Joanne was planning on making him spend some of that money on her firm by hiring them to handle their offshore accounts. After reading a brief about Jerome’s company she went on to read about Jerome himself; apparently he was quite the athlete in high school and received a full sports scholarship to college. Even in academics he was always on top of his game however his extra curricular activities had earned him the reputation of being a bit of a wild card. d**gs, booze and sex were an apparent main stay in his life back then and this led to several disciplinary actions against him. Joanne could not help but smile at the similarities of Jerome and her own academic years. After graduating he immediately went to work for his father and soon took control of the whole operation by forcing his father out of the company and into a figurative exile.

“Ruthless bastard”, Joanne murmured in her breath.

Her train of thought was interrupted by the early arrival of two gentlemen. She closed her file and rose to greet them, (Where the fuck is Emily??), she thought to herself.

“Good evening Ms. Walters”, the elder of the two said and extended his hand

“Good evening gentlemen, good evening.” Joanne shook hands with both of them and she couldn’t help but sound a little disappointed and surprised since Jerome himself was nowhere to be seen.

(These guys look like lawyers) she mused glancing over their professional attire and stern gazes.

After being seated Joanne began by playing the proper host and stalls them till Emily arrived, “So gentleman, what shall be your poison for the evening? I am told the local wine here is quite popular…” her dialogue was cut short by one of the men as he raised a hand in dismissal

“Sorry Ms. Walters, we have actually come here for a quick chat. We shan’t be a moment.” He glanced at his partner who gave a nervous laugh.

Joanne however was not pleased, “Gentlemen I was led to believe that we would be discussing Mr. Taylor’s interest in our firm.”

“Yes, and we still are interested Ms. Walters however we regret to inform you that Mr. Taylor was not available this evening. We came to tell you that the meeting shall take place two days from now as previously planned.”

Joanne tried to muster as much calm as she was capable of, under normal circumstances Emily would take control of the discussion knowing full well Joanne’s short temper and sharp tongue.

“This is….well….”

“We realize that this is highly irregular and we apologize for the inconvenience on Mr. Taylor’s behalf” put in the second lawyer and continued “we shall proceed with the meeting as planned and we look forward to doing business with you.” And with that, they both stood up shook Joanne’s hand and departed.

Joanne had finished her second glass of wine when Emily arrived. She was on time for the scheduled meeting, but was hopelessly late for the one that took place prematurely. Joanne glanced up at her with slightly d***k and irritated eyes.

“You’re late.”

“Ma’am I thought the meeting was…” began Emily

“Meeting is over, or more accurately the meeting never began.” Joanne ordered another wine for Emily and filled her in on all the details.

“So…what now?” Emily inquired.

“Now nothing, we enjoy the booze, the sand, the suntanned bootys of all these Latino men..” Joanne let out a wild laugh and continued, “When the bastards left I was furious but after some wine, I realized it’s for the best, better to face the client with all the cards in the deck.” She rose from her seat with a slight wobble and looked at Emily with a more softer gaze

“You look fuckin beautiful.” Joanne said with a genuine smile, “Do me a favor and get laid while you’re here, these men know how to fuck.”

Emily blushed a deep shade of red as she heard this and let out a nervous “Y…Yes”

“My god Emily have you never been laid?” Joanne asked exasperated.

Emily could only look at her with a gaze that said “none of your business”. Joanne simply shook her head and picked up her things.

“Well I am gonna get laid…so, call me in the morning…” She walked a couple of paces then turned around “…actually make that the afternoon” and gave a mischievous giggle and walked away.

The wine arrived and Emily took a deep breath and sipped it slowly. It was bitter and yet Emily couldn’t help but take a sip, and she looked out over the beautiful beach illuminated by the lights of the restaurant. Just then a waiter arrived and placed on her table a small but stylish eye mask and an invitation card. Emily opened the invitation and read that there was a masquerade that evening in the Hacienda just up the beach, and all guests were welcome. She kept the invitation aside and decided that it would be better if she finished her wine and went back to her room to prepare for the meeting. There was much to do. Her eyes went to the black eye mask once again and she sipped the last of her wine.

The Hacienda:

Emily walked up the beach and entered the veranda with small nervous steps. Her eyes immediately took in the ambiance that could only be described as decadent. There were authentic fire torches on every wall, the slow rhythmic playing of drums, men and women dressed in masks and some in very imaginative and very revealing clothes. Emily stood at the entrance and didn’t know what to expect or what to do, something like this was totally out of character for her. Nevertheless her footsteps took her to the bar and she took her seat and ordered a Lime Soda in fluent but accented Portuguese.

A man had been watching her the entire time. From the moment she entered he could not help but let out a gasp from his mouth as if the wind had been knocked out of him. He saw her through his own mask stand at the entrance like a proud aristocrat surveying the surroundings as if she owned the place and then witnessed at how she took a few nervous steps into the veranda and headed towards the bar.

(She looks a little light for a Latina), the man thought. He got up and buttoned his khaki jacket and approached the bar. His eyes gazing over her bare shoulders and back, noticing a black mole on one of her shoulder blades, he imagined how it would taste in his mouth. Her skin was glazed with sweat as was his, the heat in the area was only enhanced with the presence of the torches. He sat next to her and looked at her angelic face

“Hi…” he began

She looked at him through her catlike mask and simply stared into his blue eyes.

“So uhhh….what’re you havin?” the man pressed on…

The barman came back with her drink and she thanked him “Gracias”.

“Oh you a native? Damn you don’t look like a native.” The man gazed over her body as if she were a food item and continued, “Uhhh…listen I don’t really speak much Portuguese but, when a girl looking like you comes to a place like this its usually a sign that you are looking for a good time….right?”

Emily could merely stare back at him. It was not as if she didn’t want to reply but she was petrified. Here she was in a new country, wearing a dress she would neither wear nor could she afford and was being chatted up by a lecherous albeit attractive man.

“You know, why don’t you hang around with me for the next few days?” The man said with confidence, his tone now softer and almost velvety. He took off his mask and showed his lean, strong and attractive face.

“We could sl**p in the rooms with the best views…taste the best wine and food….you could sl**p late….shop all day….” His eyes now took on a more feral nature, like a predator when he is about to lunge for a kill.

“But to do all that…you just have to take that hand off the counter and put it in my lap.” And he reached towards Emily’s hand but stopped as Emily slammed her glass on the counter and almost ran away from the bar. She walked fast and with urgency as if a lion were chasing her but then her feet stopped. She turned around to look at the man sitting calmly at the bar with a smirk on his face. He got up and paid her bill and strode confidently towards her with her unfinished drink. Emily wanted nothing more than to just run away from him but something cemented her feet to the floor, “Take your time and think it over.” He whispered as he drew close and handed her the glass.

“I am in Room 402” he continued “Right up there” he pointed to the window just above them overlooking the veranda. The bars made it look like a prison cage.

“I’ll be waiting” he whispered in her ear and left her standing in the veranda with her drink in her hand. She looked at the contents of the glass and steadied her breathing and took another sip. Just then her mind and body were jolted by the sudden sound of a woman screaming in a rather shrill voice a native language. Apparently a show was about to begin.

A few torchlight's were extinguished to give the atmosphere a more dark and mysterious mood, the woman in some sort of ritualistic garb was speaking a dialect Emily could not understand. Something about “The night of the Rose”. She motioned for the patrons to gather on the dance floor as the drummers began playing a faster beat, every note of the drums making Emily’s heart rate accelerate another notch, she began sipping her drink in copious amounts since she was thirsty, her brow was covered in sweat as her breathing became more heavy and labored.

The crowd began dancing to the tune….men and women wearing masks slowly grinding up against one another with a practiced grace and elegance and yet there was something more raw and a****listic about their movements. She saw the women loop their hands around the necks of the men as the men raised their dresses and ran their hands over their thighs and butt cheeks in a brazen manner. They enjoyed it, laughed at the gesture and encouraged them to do more, much more. As she watched, men lost their blazers, women their panties and some their entire ensemble; the night slowly degenerated into an orgy of sweaty bodies and loud music.

Emily kept looking at the scene before her and clasped her mouth with her hand as she let out an involuntary yelp. Her body was shivering, although the air was hot and heavy, a sensation swept within her like a forest fire which seemed to tighten her stomach into a knot. She had known arousal before, she had even experienced sex -though it was merely fumbling around without any clue- but this sense of arousal was new, more primal, something totally strange to Emily, in the same way as the reflection in the mirror this evening. She kept her glass on a nearby table and left the veranda. Her head bowed she stepped towards the exit, determined to leave this place of decadence and perversion.

(How could I have been so stupid), she chastised herself; she thought of all the sacrifices she had made to get to where she was in life. All those years denying herself the simplest pleasures of life just so that she could one day know how the other half of the world lives. She could not afford to lose focus, she cannot lose focus and then her train of thought was interrupted by the sudden realization that she was not outside the hacienda but in a corridor at the end of which stood room 402.

Room 863 The Grand Hotel:

“Argghhh argghhhh naggggghhhh nggggghhhh aaaunnnnnhhh” Joanne screamed as her body shivered and entered into a spasm for the 4th time during the night and she crashed against the hairy chest of a very young and very gifted Brazilian bar manager

“Oh meu Deus” the man exclaimed and held onto Joanne with sweat dripping off his brow and breathing heavily as she rolled off him.

“Foi realmente incrível”, he muttered as he saw Joanne’s slick ass cheeks shine in the dim light of the room as she leaned over the side of the bed and opened the bedside drawer.

“Yes, it sure was.” Joanne replied with a heavy breath as she pulled out a cigarette and lit it leaning back against the soft bed cushions. She let out a stream of smoke and handed the stick over to her lover and decided to make a call to Emily’s room. She dialed the number and waited but no one picked up. Intrigued she then called up the restaurant and found out that Emily was seen walking out onto the beach an hour ago; she hung up and lay in bed thinking and gave a smile, “Well well Emily, out on an adventure are we?.”

Her lover handed her the stick back and sliding down the bed he spread her thighs and lowered his tongue with a chuckle, inciting a sharp intake of breath from Joanne which enabled her to finish the remainder of the stick in a single drag.

Room 402 The Hacienda

The door was left open and it creaked loudly as Emily entered the room. Her steps were measured and fluid and yet her breathing and heart rate were like that of a rabbi being pursued by a snake. She saw that the room was spartan with several candles having been lit around the space, giving it a much more rustic feel, there was an metal frame bed in the center and a fan that seemed to have stopped working at the end of the century and was left there only to enhance the old world look of the room, there was the steady sound of a shower being run inside the bathroom where more candles adorned the space by the sink. The candles only served to increase Emily’s perspiration as she was practically drenched in sweat by the time she reached the window with the vertical bars that overlooked the veranda; the same window that she saw only a few moments ago from down there. The sight in the veranda was something out a decadent Roman mosaic, men and women engrossed in a frantic orgy and yet there seemed order in all this chaos as a lot of the participants were timing their strokes to the rhythm of the drums. Emily held onto the bars, her mask now soaked in sweat as she gazed out into the proceedings and suddenly felt the touch of a fingertip on her back and twitched.

“I knew you’d come.” The man whispered in her ear and began by opening the small knot at the back of the dress that held it together in place. Gently he slid the straps off her shoulders as they rose and fell along with her heavy breaths. The dress slid down to the floor to reveal only a black lace pantie and nothing more.

His hands gently caressed her hips as he drew her close to him, at which Emily lunged forward and gripped the bars with a whimper. He slid his arms across hers and held her hands on the bars, “Come now my dear” he whispered again and kissed her cheek from the side and pulled her arms away from the bars and led her into his lair. He nudged her onto the bed and she fell back with her arms cocked at the elbows and her fingers nervously twirling locks of her hair. Her toned belly fluttered and her chest heaved offering up her plump pink nipples that began to harden gradually.

Emily noticed that the man himself was naked covered in a layer of humidity and bath water. His hair still dripping as he came over her. She tried to push him aside and flee yet he held her down and resting his palm between her breasts he silenced her with a hush.

“I am not going to hurt you.” He said in a soothing voice and gently lifted her mask over her head and caressed her cheek. “You are so beautiful.” He bent down and gently kissed her upper lip. Emily’s body began reacting out of instinct more than anything and she kissed him back slowly, then the lower lip was also met with a kiss and the kiss was reciprocated. His fingers slithered down her side and gently tugged the panties off. His lips began caressing her soft belly and licked the beads of sweat that lay there gently kissing his way to her silk smooth thighs and then kissing back up.

Her leg curled up and the other lay straight because it was the one that he was kissing, his eyes met hers and in that moment he saw both her fear and excitement at being here. He crawled up slowly, his tongue tip leaving a wet trail that ran from her belly to her breasts. He took in one of her areolas and applied suction on it, making her arch and moan slowly. Her eyes rolling back and half closing and then opening again. Her tongue gently gliding over her dry lips a fraction before her teeth bit down on it and she let out a groan of pleasure feeling the tug of the mans lips on her nipples.

He came up to her neck and nuzzled her slowly before looking at her face and kissing her lips again; this time the response came much quicker as Emily reciprocated the soft kiss with pecks of her own. His hand trailed down and slowly caresses her soft mound and applied the gentlest of pressure which resulted in a sharp arch of her back and a groan into his mouth. Usually the man required copious amounts of stimulation before he even contemplated any penetration, however the angel before him succeeded in arousing him to full erection with just her eyes and soft moans. As he glided his fingertips up and down the sides of her mound he sensed that the woman was inexperienced in the art of proper sexual intercourse, therefore it was imperative that he take advantage of her excitement and his to take this to the next level before fear overtook her arousal.

He slid expertly between her thighs and gently nudged her sex with his throbbing cock head. Emily gasped at the sensation and her breathing came in large gulps of air. His sweat dripped onto her neck as he slid his hips forward and penetrated her pussy, which was not only sensitive but tight as it clung onto his mushroom tip like a leech. The man bit his lip and thrust forward with greater f***e making Emily arch up and open her mouth in a silent scream as she gripped his wrists till her knuckles turned white. Instinctively her legs wrapped around his muscular waist and her thighs tightened from the pressure exerted on her pussy.

"Huuummmphhh" the man grunted and slid forward till he was completely inside her and held himself inside feeling her vaginal walls shiver and clamp down his cock. He stirred his hips in order to stretch her from the inside.

"Aaannhh......AAAANnnnnnhhh" Emily gave a girlish gasp and dug her head into his neck. Her lips quivering and her eyes tearing up as she had never felt anything so painful and yet so pleasurable. She gripped his shoulders as he folded his legs and mounted her onto his lap, cushioning her ass cheeks on his shins. From afar they looked like lovers on a Lotus flower; his hands slid down to caress her soft cheeks as he rocked her back and forth on his cock. Emily looked into his eyes with an expression that was a mix of fear and delight as she felt him take control, then she heard it, the rhythm of the drums and a tidal wave of images flooded her eyes as she recalled how the men and women in the veranda used these drums to guide them.

By now her pussy was lubed sufficiently to allow easy ingress and egress, so she decided to take some control for herself and began weaving her hips in and out on his lap. The man chuckled and stopped rocking her hips and merely held onto them, "There we go." he muttered with a grin and closed his eyes leaning back slightly, "Oh my godddd...uhmmmmhh....hmmmmmhhh.....uhmmmmhhh" His hands groped her soft ass cheeks and played with them as she danced on his shaft. He slid onto his knees and as if on cue Emily planted her legs on either side of him and held onto his shoulders while she rocked her hips back and forth slowly as if sitting on an invisible chair. In response her lover swiveled his hips side to side as their gentle penetration now began picking up pace. His face now buried in her breasts as he suckled her tits while she rocked her hips.

"Ayyeeehhh.....awuuuhhhh" Emily let out a yelp with a ghost of a smile on her lips as her fingers slid into his hair as his head was bowed in her breasts. He gave her a playful spank which brought out a grunt from her and a sharp stroke of her hips. He did it again and Emily reciprocated in kind, as she dug her fingers into his back and bit the side of his neck with a feral growl.

"AAAAAHhhhhh" the man arched and yelled out in pleasure and decided to give his reply. He threw her onto her back and entered her again with a f***eful thrust. Her legs wrapped around his hips as he began to work his hips in and out of her. His body timing his strokes to the beat of the drums outside. The room quickly filled with sounds of their collective moans and grunts and the smell of their sweat and musk. Among the various echos there was also the sound of a steady fapping noise as their slick and wet thighs clashed together after every movement of the mans hips. Emilys toes dug into the small of his back and then slid down to his toned buttcheeks as they clenched and relaxed with every thrust. He looked down at her face and saw him looking up at him, her cheeks now rosy and her pupils dilated he slowed his pace and took a moment to admire her features and then gave three strong strokes inside her and began to shiver

"Haauuuh.....ahuuuhhh.....aaaahaauuhhh.......AAAAAUhhhhhhhh......FFFfffffffff" his face twisted into a grimace as his cock spewed out his spunk inside her body. Her nails dragged on his shoulder blades and left long thin streaks of bl**d.

"HUuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggghhhhhhh" Emily let out a long shrill scream as her body arched and toes curled and shivered. Their bodies shivered and enters spasm together and their moans overlapped until finally they crashed onto the bed with a loud clunk. Breathing heavily and covered in each others sweat. The man looked at Emily's face and found her staring blankly at the ceiling taking in large gulps of air. He curled an arm around her and brought her close....slowly stroking her back and letting her breathing calm down. He looked down at her and saw that she dozed off into a deep sl**p already. Her soft cheek resting on his sweaty chest and a serene expression on her face. The man smiled warmly at her, and perhaps one of the few times he actually felt warmth towards a woman. He pulled the sheet over them and lay back and slept peacefully.

The Grand Hotel

Emily ran towards the elevator holding her heels in her hands and her hair bouncing side to side with every stride. She caught the elevator and headed up to her room where she proceeded to quickly bathe and get dressed. In the shower she took a moment to calm herself and not think too much about what had occurred the previous night, or early this morning. He could still feel his hands around her waist and his breath upon her neck. She scrubbed herself furiously with soap and water as if trying to remove the sensation of his body from hers. She stepped out of the shower and began drying herself, twirling around in front of the mirror and checking for any distinguishing marks and/or love bites. She found that her ass cheeks looked rosy red as if they had been spanked all too often. She blushed at the memory and now her face matched her ass cheeks. She took a deep breath and looked in the mirror once again and found that she was smirking while trying to get her breath back; the smirk disappeared and was replaced by an expression of shock as she whispered to her reflection, "Who are you?"

The phone rang and broke her moment of introspection. She rushed towards the sound making an educated guess as to who might be calling, "Where the fuck are you?" Joanne said in a quiet and menacing voice.

"I....uhmm....I uhhh slept in a bit and...."

"Dont gimme that girl..." Joanne cut in with a giggle, "You did what I asked you to didn't you?"

" not sure what you..." Emily tried in vain to sound ignorant.

"How was he?" Joanne cut in again. All she could hear was Emily's labored breaths, "Oh...that good huh?" she chuckled and took on a softer tone, "Well am happy for you sweetheart, and I'd love to let you get some rest but money never sl**ps. I just got a call from those lawyers, apparently his highness Jerome The-Fucking-Great wants to conduct his meeting in a few hours. So here's what I want you to do...."

Emily only half listened to all the instructions that Joanne gave. Her mind wandered between trying to understand what happened last night and also this new found urge she was having to go back to that room. Nevertheless Emily got the papers in order and showed up at the Four Seasons hotel and sat next to Joanne and prepared for the meeting. Emily was going over the final few papers when they arrived. The two lawyers from the day before and Jerome Taylor dressed impeccably in a grey suit. He shook Joanne's hand and gave her body a quick look over with a smirk before turning his attention to her companion who had her back to him as she studied the papers in front of her. Emily got up and froze as soon as she laid her eyes on Jerome. Jerome smiled and gently rubbed the side of his neck where a band-aid was placed.

Joanne stepped in and filled in the awkward silence, "Mr. Taylor this is my associate Emily and I can assure you although she is young, she is talented enough to handle your account."

Jerome drew up a chair and sat down with a smirk, looking at Emily's blushing face, "I have no doubt Ms. doubt." Joanne sat down with a confused expression on her face as she looked from Jerome to Emily and then back to Jerome who was all but grinning.

"I have a feeling we shall be seeing more of each other Ms. Walters...a lot more." Without another word, Jerome drew the papers towards himself and opened his Pen to sign the documents.
... Continue»
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If you really want to know once and for all if you're a cock smoking queer, or not - then just be honest when you answer and then we will see... if you're a raging homo gay lord!

1. You have thought or said "Im not gay because After I jerk off and cum I dont think about another mans big cock and I dont really like it that much and especially after I cum"
NEWSFLASH hahaha No straight guy ever thinks about some mans grisly body and throbbing fat cock while they are jerking off, and they dont even get hard thinking about much-less actually cumming thinking about another mans cock taste.
This is a gay thing!

2. Sometimes you over-think or overanalyze your "occasional" attraction to men... But usually in the end you decide that you're normal and the gay thoughts you have are just fantasy
Haha, no thats called lying to yourself! you dont have passing thoughts which rarely happen to straight men, about being with another man... You think about it MORE then a REAL straight man. Thats a struggle only a homo in the closet gay guy would have... If you didnt think about dick so much you would have to over think it the way you have trying to make yourself feel better! If you experienced this - You Are Gay!

3. You've fantasized about a wedding day where YOU were in the wedding dress.
yeah sure, it might have been just a fantasy... but HELLO?! You wore the wedding dress in your fantasy - you're a fucking queer!

4. You get hard faster thinking about sucking dick, kissing a stud, or something gay, then you do having heterosexual sex.
This is a huge sign you're a raging flaming gay! If you can get your dick hard faster by thinking about something gay then you can when you're about to have sex with a woman... Theres no question about it, and its obvious how gay you are... I mean what straight man would even want his dick to get hard from thinking about another man? Much less get his dick hard faster over cock then hot wet pussy?! Only a gay guy would have that happen to him!

5. You put masculine men on a pedestal and consider other men irrelevant.
Idealizing men who are masculine and putting them on a pedestal is a way of sorting through men and categorizing them, is something normal straight men dont do... Straight men dont pick out the real men/masculine men and almost adore them and find themselves attracted in some what to these men. Thats something gay guys do to men they have a special place for and to men they are secretly attracted to. If you weren't into men - you never would have sifted through them and put a certain type on a pedestal and noticed them allot more then other other men!

6. You think other men, or other people consider you inadequate.
Because your a submissive type, AND you're gay you often feel like the "real men" out there have been put on pedestals by other people, just like you do with certain types of men out there... and you think you have been "left out" because you're a bottom and not a real man, AND you think everyone knows it too. This is something gays in the closet think and feel... Yep you are gay!!!

7. You use sexual fantasies as an escape from your daily reality.
Unlike normal, and straight men who jerk off to get their rocks off... you spend time with your masturbation sessions and take time to fantasize and build up situations that include story lines which include gay activities you could never let happen in your real life. You jerk off and enjoy that time to think about all the little homo thoughts you have... your gay sexual fantasies are more like an escape and experience rather just you wacking your dick off to cum. This is a big sign you're gay... not curious, not just fantasizing... but you are GAY!

These "7 Signs You're Gay" are carefully chosen signs that dont mean anything to most people... they are SOLID signs! If you answered yes to 2 or more then you are 100% GAY!!!

This means you are a Queer, fag, gay-boy, cock sucker, fruit-loop, twink, and hahahaha You're A Gay Homo boy who likes dick!!!!

Thats okay though, because when you are serving Me,a nd one of my gay slaves... That means lots of gay fun for fags just like you... because I love exploiting "men" and turning them gayer and gayer and gayer... all you need to do now... is have me push you out of the closet and then you can finally experience life as you so desperatly want!

... Continue»
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Are you gay?

Are you gay?
For the record, I’m not. If I was, I’m not sure that I would admit it, but I like to think I would.

Who knows?

The point is, I’m not, but I get accused of being gay all the time.

Most of it is either just jealousy from weak-minded guys, or wishful thinking from gay dudes, but it does come up.

The funniest example so far is this email I got the other day.

What’s really funny to me is when guys say that they KNOW I’m gay.

Now, I’ve met some gay dudes that were in the closet, and I actually know at least one right now. I guess if you live in a real conservative place, or if your parents were uptight it could really suck to be gay.

I mean really, it could happen to anyone. It’s just a genetic roll of the dice. I’m short and my hair is falling out.

Some people are gay. I personally couldn’t care less, and if you’re happy, I’m happy.

Don’t try to fuck me, and we can be friends.

But I guess since there’s so many people in the closet there’s always going to be a certain amount of people that don’t believe you if you say you’re straight.

That’s understandable.

I’ve been guilty of it myself. There’s been several times in my life where I’ve met a guy and was convinced that he was gay no matter what he said.

It’s sort of a game to play with your friends, really.

Let’s play the “what do you think?” game.

Often times your friends know EXACTLY what you’re talking about, and you don’t even have to say the word. You just look at them and say “You think?” and he’ll just nod his head and say “All day.”

You don’t even have to mention it again.

Sometimes it’s really fun, like if the guy is married or has k**s.

Or even more fun if he’s some tightly wound conservative Christian who’s married and has k**s. (Those are my personal favorite)

Sometimes you’ll find out a guy is gay and it’s a total shocker.

There’s this one guy we found out about that was a cage fighter. This guy was fucking huge. Big, giant, scary guy with a really hot girlfriend, too. The way it came out was really pretty funny. There was a cage fighting show that was featuring this particular gentleman, and they were trying to get some information on him for the press release, so the publicist went online and did a google search. Well, apparently this guy was not just gay, but was a gay pornstar and didn’t even bother to change his name when he started fighting.

Imagine the surprise when the first article she found on this guy wasn’t about his ability to inflict punishment, or his skill at choking men u*********s, but rather the fact that he was the winner of the “Hungriest Butt” contest.

Hungriest… butt.

Holy shit.

Surely this was a mistake. There’s no way this dominant alpha male would be playing for the other team.

Why, if we were living in ancient Rome this man would be leading an army into battle. He would be on horseback storming headfirst into the opposition, his broadsword felling bodies left and right, shouting out a fierce war cry.

He was a specimen, a warrior.

It must be confusion; perhaps another man has the same name…

Yet, there he was on Al Gore’s internet with a big fat cock in his mouth.

Not just that, but one in the pooper, too.

250 lbs of alpha male muscle, and there he was with two guys using his body to play a game of Chinese finger handcuffs.

It looked like he was enjoying it, too.

Who knows, maybe he was just acting.

Now, I read an article in Esquire once about a dude that claimed he was straight, but was a gay porn star. He said he was doing it because there’s a lot of money in it, which is a little shaky.

I mean… how much money are we talking about?

This guy had done dozens of films.

How much money is a lot of money for gay sex if you’re not gay?

I don’t know about you, but I would have to get so much fucking money that I didn’t ever have to do a second film.

They say that everyone has their price, but there are some people that claim there’s not enough money in the world to get them to do certain things, like gay sex.

For the most part I think they say that because no one is really offering them a ton of money for gay sex. It’s not really going to happen, so why think realistically about the proposition and risk ridicule?

But what if someone really was offering?

Now, if you’re straight, what if someone came around and offered a TON of money for one gay sexual experience.

I’m talking about a fucking TON of money.

Like 10 billion dollars.

Would you take it?

You would have to be a fucking idiot if you didn’t take it.

One hour of misery and you and all your friends could live like the Sultan of Brunei for the rest of your lives.

Shit, you could write a book about the experience and make another 10 million on top of that.

“I’ve got my price” would shoot to the top of the bestseller lists.

It would be the subject of debate for hundreds of talk shows across the country.

The people would be divided on the subject, but again I believe it’s all bullshit. If the offer were real, almost everyone would take it.

It wouldn’t mean you were gay. It would just mean that you let a gay guy fuck you.

Would you do it?

Just think of what you could do if you had Bill Gates type money. Are you fucking k**ding me?

You wouldn’t suffer for an hour for that?

I sure as fuck would do it. Everyone has a price, and that’s mine.

For 10 Billions Dollars you can fuck my ass.

You can do whatever the fuck you want with me for one hour.

I have a high tolerance to pain, and my will is strong. I’ll get through it. I have vision, and that’s a ton of fucking money.

I mean think about it, how long is an hour?

It’s all relative, really.

Hours go by all the time and you don’t even notice.

It’s not really that long, but it can sure seem that long when you’re suffering

How long would an hour of gay sex feel like?

I would imagine it would probably be the longest measurement of an hour ever.

You remember when you were a k** and it was almost the end of the school day, and that last hour would just fucking crawl by?

I bet it would be quite a bit slower than that.

But you know what?

It would eventually end. It would be just like any other hour for most people, but your life would be different forever.

For your neighbor next door watching Fear Factor, his hour went by like it always does. He doesn’t even remember most of it.

He’s sitting in front of the TV screen watching me encourage some high school dropout to suck down a plate of rotten pig embryos, and at the same time you’re one house away crying in shame, lube dripping off your elbow, with your finger knuckle deep up some guys ass while he’s blasting a load on your face.

The difference is, at the end of the hour that guy’s life still sucks, and you’re living like you’re in a Jay Z video for the rest of your life.

It’s not like it’s really going to hurt you. I mean fuck, there’s a ton of dudes doing it everyday and they’re fine. They actually like it.

I’m not saying you’ll come out of it completely uns**thed. I’m sure there’s going to be some painful memories to deal with, But you know what? I’m guessing 10 billion dollars can smooth that over right quick.

It might even help your relationships because now you’ll have a better understanding of why your girlfriend complains when you want to fuck her in the ass.

Maybe you’re not a materialist.

Maybe money doesn’t motivate you, so how about if it was that you had to do it for a more altruistic reason, like to save the world or something?

Let’s say a big gay alien is going to kill all of the people on Earth unless you suck his dick.

Would you do it?

And before any of you say that this is a ridiculous scenario, I would submit to you that it’s probably MORE likely that a gay alien would come here from another planet and ask you to suck his dick than it is that a guy would willing to pay 10 billion to bone me.

Think about it.

There are 100,000,000,000 stars in this galaxy alone, but how many dudes are there on earth that have $10,000,000,000.00 to blow on a piece of ass?

And let’s be honest, any guy with 10 billion can do WAY better than me.

As long as Billy Zane is out there, I can safely say the offer is never going to reach my desk.

So if the offer were real, would you take it?

Suck the gay alien dick and save the world.

If you blow him, he’ll not only spare all the people a horrible death, but also offer them the keys to enlightenment and elevate the entire race.

Would you make the ultimate sacrifice and offer your mouth to save every man woman and c***d on the planet?

Or would you say “Fuck that shit, I ain’t no space homo!” and let everyone die for your vanity?

Is the feeling of shame too powerful for you?

For some people gay shame is just too much to deal with.

There was a story just a week or so ago where this marine that was on leave picked up a hooker, and then found out that he had been duped, and had actually been pleasured by a man in a dress. He freaked out, killed the he-she, and dumped the body on Melrose. The cops chase him, and he leads them in a high-speed pursuit that ends up in a shoot out where the cops had to kill him.

All because the guy couldn’t deal with the fact that a dude blew him. Now, if the guy just had a sense of humor he would have had a great fucking story that he could tell people for the rest of his life, but instead the he wound up dead.

All because he couldn’t deal with the shame.

That’s pretty silly if you ask me.

Getting blown by a guy in a dress doesn’t mean you’re gay, it just means you got tricked.

He tricked you, so you kill him?

That doesn’t seem fair.

And what kind of a way is that to treat a guy that just gave you a blowjob?

Talk about ungrateful.

OK… maybe I’m getting a little off track here.

My point is… actually, I don’t really have a point. Oh yeah, the email.

So I get this email the other day, and it really made me laugh, because although I’ve been accused of being gay, no one has ever gone into such great depth about it.

He actually makes some pretty good points.

I thought it was worth a chuckle or two, so here it is in all it’s unedited glory... Continue»
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Redefining the statement(Once you go black you nev

I was at a party and accidentally met this short blonde haired attractive woman and I say accidentally because I found out later all of her life she had only been with black men but I new a friend of hers from my old job and after the party a few of us ended up at her apartment and as a lot of people know I have a warped dark sense of humor well come to find out the lady in question had one also and we stayed up all night laughing. Well two days later I get a call from my co-worker/friend and she tells me she was shocked but it was true her friend(blonde whom had only been with black men) liked me and wanted to know if I was dating anyone and I was but hey trim is trim so I lied and said no. We talked on the phone and she asked me to come over to her apartment where she was alone because her two k**s were spending the night with her Mother. So I did. One thing you need to know this girl was beautiful and sexy as hell but she had one flaw(A bad attitude)so I go to her place and then her attitude comes out about why she had only dated black men and this woman whom I later found out was what is referred to on here as a squirter which means she can climax out of her vagina. Now this is rare but because the woman I was dating at the time was the first squirter I had been with but we always called them gushers so I was familiar with this. Well she told me she really liked me but she had heard that all white men have average penis size and are not good lovers which I won't lie my penis is average. I never measured it but guessing I would say size 6.5-7 inches. Then she told me about her last baby's daddy who was living with another white woman and they had a baby together. Well come to find out I knew him well from my old job where he worked also and from that job I slept with a white girl he was talking to and he hated me. Well this lady told me he was the best sex she hard ever had and did not think I could satisfy her the way he did and she would still let this guy come over anytime day or night he wanted to and have sex with him and she even through in the part about his penis being big. Well anyone who knows me knows #1 she should have not went down that road with me and #2 that would make me turn loose my warped humor twisted side whom I have to lock up inside me because he usually gets me in trouble so I decided I would show this bitch a thing or two and told her I suffered from rectile dysfuntion which was a lie but I wanted to tell her this until after we were both naked on her sofa and kissing right before you normally start sexual intercourse and this girl was hot and had on a black silk negligée when we started and nice perky breast with the nipples with a dark brown ring around them which is rare also and I only saw once on a girl I met whom worked at a local Ryans restaurant. So lets just say she was sexy as hell and I was not sure I could pull off the erectile dysfunction bit so I had to think of old ladies in wheel chairs and colostomy bags in a nursing home to pull it off and it worked when she saw that I was not hard and thought I had erectile dysfunction you should have seen her face because she was mad as hell and even turned her back on me. So then I decided I had put it off long enough and became fully erect but she did not know this because her back was turned to me so I got up behind her and slapped my erect cock on the back of her superficial head and I guess she knew what thumped her lol because she turned around with a shocked look and said you lying muther fucker you got me good with that one. Then I said well am I going to have to beat off myself or what? She then lowered he head down and put her soft smoothed skin had on my cock and started to rub all over it. Then she did what I prefer better than sex she put her little smart ass mouth on my cock and went half way down and then used her tongue all up and down my shaft while taking her right hand and started caressing my balls. Now normally it would not take me long before I exploded in her mouth which I would have done just because she had said earlier she did not like that but I had just started taking a new medication and no it was not Viagra but it was for depression/anxiety because of my stressful job at the time and I was also taking another medication which was a antibiotic for a ear infection I had that was almost cleared up but little did I know these two medications combined had a certain side effect on some people which would make it almost impossible to climax but you stayed erect as long as you were aroused. I think you see where this is going. Now remember she was a squirter so she could not fake an orgasm. She had also told me she had never been fucked in the ass and didn't let men do that which was a mistake on her part because if you tell me no and that I can't do something I will do it just to show you I can unless it is something i*****l or bad. So I waited till after she had orgasimed 4 times and we were fucking like crazy all over her apartment and we even got into the shower where I let her set on my face which I don't usually let a woman do but in the shower is different because you can wash that snatch and asshole soapy clean. I think she orgasimed on me but the shower was running thank goodness and it washed it away from my mouth that was focused on her pretty asshole with my tongue inside it. Then we get on her bedroom floor and I look up and see a bottle of baby oil setting on a desk in her bedroom and when I mentioned it she was so turned on she jumped at the ideal so she laid down flat on the floor with towels under her to not mess up the carpet and we decided I would rob it all over her first and then she would me so I got her to lye face down and ass up and rubbed it all over her especially the asshole which I had special plans for that she was unaware off and I laid on top of her and stuck my tongue in her ear and then whispered I am going to fuck you now and in a squeaky excited tone of voice she said oh yes baby so I made her arch her but up to give me easy access and you know most people do it nice and slow to minimize the pain and get them used to it but I just opened her butt cheeks by the way she had a perfect ass not too big and not too small but just right and I took good aim and just slammed my hard erect cock right into her asshole and her whole body shook and she screamed so loud her neighbors probably heard because it shocked her and the pain must have been intense. She moved out from under me rolled over holding her stomach and at first I thought she was going to cry so I did the old sorry baby I accidentally went into the wrong hole. She by that time had lost that bitchy attitude and had that look, you know when I woman thinks she's in love and she took her hand and softly rubbed the side of my face and said it is ok baby. Well I do have a conscience and started to feel bad and when she said she had never let a guy do that but was willing to try with me. I felt bad and lied again by saying no baby it was really an accident. I decided then she had been paid back for her bitchy attitude enough and we proceeded to keep having sex and this is no lie we started at 8 pm and did it all night till 8am but we took short breaks to catch our breaths and drink fluids and during the night I had opened her refrigerator and was standing in her kitchen naked drinking a small bottle of juice when she walked in and had that look on her face you know that look when I woman is really turned on and I swear this is true she climaxed standing 5 feet from me with out me even touching her and I looked down and my dick was like a flag pole standing at attention. She told me that had never happened to her before. She left a wet spot right their in the floor. When we decided to stop completely she said she could hardly walk and was walking around like a bowl legged person because her legs and arms were sore. Right before I left she told me she had never experienced anything like that and I thought to myself about her earlier statement about her baby's Dad and how good he was and big he was. And I grinned as I left Now I have been known to do hit and runs which means fuck a girl once and not call her back but this woman was too sexy. Now I didn't want to date her seriously or even think of marriage on down the road but I did want to have sex with her a few more times before I moved on. So I did and one night she was giving me oral sex and the damn phone kept ringing and she said to let it ring but she had her answering machine off and the caller was relentless. So I picked up and answered the phone and it was the black guy we have been talking about and in a tough mean voice he asked to speak to her and she looked at me and shook her head no so I said well she can't come to the phone because she was busy at the moment. He asked what she was so damn busy doing and I didn't lie I said blowing me. Well this really made him angry and now remember I knew him and he knew me but where I knew it was him on the phone he didn't know who I was but he could tell I was white and said who are you cracker muther fucker and I said I am the same white cracker than fucked so and so and I said the name of where we both worked and the phone got silent and he hung up. What I did not know was she thought she was in love with me and had stopped letting this guy come over when he felt like it and screw her and stopped taking his phone calls which I had never asked her to do so she would not think we were seriously dating. This is a true story and if she didn't hate my guts now for stopping seeing her I would let her confirm it. So think we could take that phrase once you go black you never go back both ways as in meaning sometimes you don't go back to black and last I heard she didn't and is married to a white man but there is no racism involved here because I have been with my share of black women and once a black guy from another school who I guess was trying to pick a fight because the high school I went to was almost all white because only 2 black f****y's lived in the area so we got stereotyped as all racist which was not true for the majority of students like me. So the black guy from a almost all black school who set beside me at a technical school where they mixed different schools together told me in a provoking way he loved white women and fucked as many as he could and my reply shocked him I said I know what you mean because if I was black I would be fucking every little white daddy's girl bitch I could get my hands on and hell laughed so hard he fell out of his seat and we became friends and are still friends to this day. No disrespect to black women I was just giving him a taste of his own medicine lol. Everything I have written is 100% true.... Continue»
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“I’m pregnant, you know

Introduction: Bob takes in a 12 year old waif and raises her to become a beautiful young woman

This story is a love story. Oh, there's plenty of sex but, in the end it's a love story.

I was sittin’ in the back by the pool, in the shade of my umbrella. It was hot lazy summer

Saturday, and I was keeping cool with a Bud. Just sittin’ and sippin’.

I heard the squeal of the rusty hinges on my gate. I needed to oil them, they squalled

when they opened.

A girl stuck her head it.

“Can I help you?” I called to her, “Come on in.”

A girl, somewhere around ten or twelve walked in, “Mr. have you seen my puppy?”

I hadn’t seen any dogs but I asked, “What does your puppy look like?”

She was walking toward me while she talked to me. She was only a few feet from my

chair. She said, “He’s about this big, holding her hands about a foot apart, and he’s

black and white.”

“I’m sorry, I haven’t seen him, how did you lose him?”

“He got through a hole in the fence.” She turned around and pointed at my fence like it

was the guilty fence, then she turned back towards me and asked, “Will you help me

look for him?”

I looked her over, a typical overweight American k**, probably too many McDonalds

and Burger King Whoppers. She was only about 4’6” but I’d bet she weighed at least

125, maybe more. She was wearing a tee shirt but it didn’t cover her stomach, her

belly was rotund stretching the elastic of her shorts and her shorts were too small, they

pinched her chubby thighs and clung to her crotch. When she’d turned away from me I

could see her back, her behind. She had large melon like cheeks and her shorts rode

up her crack.

Her clothes were filthy and worn and, honestly so was she; her long brown hair was

matted and scraggly. I wondered about her parents.

Maybe I would help her look then walk her home just to see them.

I said, “How about a Coke while I finish my beer then I’ll help.”

Her face lit up, she just beamed with an angelic smile; I thought she’d be cute if she

lost twenty pounds and got cleaned up.

“I can have a Coke and you’ll help me?”

“You can have a Coke and I’ll help you look.”

I got a Coke and she sat in the chair across from me.

“You’ve got a really nice house,” she said.

It was nothing special, a suburban 3/2, attached two car garage with a pool, pretty

standard stuff, really. I asked where she lived she pointed vaguely over shoulder and

said, “A few blocks that way.”

I had a pretty good idea where she was pointing, the town changed character not far

from where I lived. It got rough.

“Well, if we’re going to go dog hunting we ought to know each others names, I’m Bob

Davidson, who are you?”

“I’m Jennifer Palmer but everyone calls me Jen, can I call you Bob?”

“Everybody else does, so can you.”

We finished our drinks and went dog hunting. We talked as we walked, I was

surprised, Jen was a bright girl with a quick wit, a happy k** it seemed, maybe I’d

misjudged her folks.

She said she was starting the seventh grade, Middle School, when school started at

the end of summer. She was excited about it. Jen said she was a good student; mostly

A’s some B’s but mostly A’s.

I asked a question I shouldn’t have asked, “Jen don’t they teach health and nutrition in


“Bob, I know I’m fat. My Mom doesn’t cook. She goes and gets hamburgers and fries

and that kind of stuff or orders a pizza.” She gets her boyfriends to pay if she can.”

I caught the plural, boyfriends, I asked, “Boyfriends.”

“Yeah, she’s got a bunch of them, there’s two at the house now. It gets kinda loud when

all three of them get going.”

“What, loud music, shouting, that kinda noise.”

She looked at me like I was dumber than a box of rocks. “Loud fuckin’ Bob.”

“What would a young gal like you know about that?”

“Bob, you live in my house you know about fuckin’.”

I said, “Let’s go find a dog.”

Several blocks later I got a surprise, I never expected to find the mutt, but between two

houses, just sniffin’ around was a little black and white dog. I pointed, “Is that him Jen?”

“Oh yes,” She called, “Beaux, come here, come.” The puppy saw her and wagging his

tail came trotting to her. She picked him up, she didn’t have a leash.

We were still closer to my house than to hers. I suggested we go back, I’d find

something she could use as a leash then I’d drive them home. Off we went.

When we got back we let ol’ Beaux roam the back yard. I got another beer and got her

another Coke (Yes, it was diet Coke).

We talked, she was fascinated by my pool, she’d never been swimming. I told her she

was welcome come over anytime that I was there to use the pool.

“I don’t have a swimming suit Bob.”

“Well maybe your mom could get you one,” I naively said.

“Bob she won’t spend money on me. She gets my clothes at Goodwill, her money

goes for things she thinks are important; beer and dope.

“Ok, tell you what, I’ll buy one just so you can swim here. What size do you wear?”

“Bob I don’t know, mom buys stuff and I wear it even if it doesn’t fit.

I was getting a picture of Jen’s life, a miserable home existence.

I had a sudden crazy thought, me as Henry Higgins to Jen’s Eliza Doolittle.

And I took that first foolish step down that proverbial “slippery slope.”

“Well come inside, I’ll measure you. Do you want a single piece or a two piece suit?” I

asked as we walked into the house.

“Two piece, please.”

“Wait here and I’ll get my tape measurer.” I’m a bachelor and have to take care of

myself, I had a little sewing kit with a cloth tape, I got it.

I sat down on a kitchen chair and considered my problem; I could measure her over

her clothes and come pretty close. She solved my dilemma; she pulled her tee shirt

over her head. I thought, oh shit, what am I doing.

“Measure me Bob, measure my boobs.”

And boobs they were, augmented by fat but definitely boobs with dark pink aureoles

and gumdrop sized brownish nipples, yes, they were definitely boobs.

I gingerly circled her with the tape. I said, “Hold this,” as I d****d it across her tits, I

brought it together in the back, 36 inches. I wrote it down.

I told her to put her shirt back on. Her tummy was easier, I just circled her waist, she

was 35 inches. I wrote that down.

I sat back down. I started to measure her hips over her shorts. She dropped shorts and

panties to her knees. Modesty didn’t seem to be a priority in the Palmer household.

I could see her all and everything. She was starting to get hair but it was sparse and

wispy, the top of her slit was evident. I measured her hips. She was 37 inches. I wrote

it down and said, “Get your pants on girl.” I smiled when I said it.

“Why, don’t you like to look at me Bob? Mom’s boyfriends do. One, a couple of years

ago even stuck his finger in me, it hurt but he’s gone now.”

“Jen, you’re twelve years old and I’m twenty-six, I’m not supposed to look at you.”

“Bob I don’t care if you want to look, you’re nice.”

“Jen, I care, that’s not the thing for me to do.”

“Ok but if you ever want to you can.”

This was getting a little heavy for old Bob. I cut a length of clothesline rope and said,

“Let’s get Beaux and I’ll take you two home, ok?”

She was awed when we entered the garage and saw my vehicles.

“Bob, you’re got a Corvette a real Corvette and a Harley Davidson, too, wow, I mean

wow. Let’s go.”

She hadn’t been anxious to leave a couple of minutes ago but now she was going to

ride in a Corvette. I opened the garage door with the automatic opener and fired up

that big V-8. Jen scooted her butt around in the seat and said, “Let’s go.”

I pulled out into the street, girl, dog and Bob, off we went, I slid a CD in and we got

some tunes.

“You gotta give me directions, ok?” I said.

She guided me to her house. It was worse than I’d expected and I hadn’t expected

much. No grass in what passed for a lawn just broken glass and empty beer cans

were strewn about. I saw how Beaux got out, the fence was rusted and broken down

and one window was evidentially broken out, there was cardboard taped over it.

I walked Jen to the door and asked if I could come in, telling her that I wanted to be

sure it was ok with her mom if she came over to swim.

I walked in and closed the door behind me. It was dark in the room but enough daylight

filtered in that I could see. There were two people on a broken down sofa, a black

male and a white female. In an overstuffed chair, leaking its filling in about a dozen

places was another guy, white, filthy. I could see through to the kitchen. Every surface

was covered with dirty dishes. The floor in the room I was in was strewn with pizza

boxes, empty burger bags and discarded beer cans. And the smell, my God the smell,

the pungent aroma of marijuana overlaid with stale beer, unwashed bodies and sex.

I said,” Mrs. Palmer, I’m Bob Davidson, I helped Jen find her puppy. She came to my

house and saw my pool; I wanted to check with you if it was ok if she came over to


“So you got a pool, huh, fancy place you got?”

“Not really, pretty cookie cutter, it’s only about a mile over there.” I pointed.

Mrs. Palmer got off the couch; she was dressed in a filthy white terry cloth thing. She

displayed the fact that she had no panties on when she got up, not erotic though, I felt

the urge to puke.

She swayed toward me, obviously intoxicated.

“So she’s been to your house and now you want her back, to swim you say. Did you

fuck her?”

“What, Mrs. Palmer, I helped her find her dog, nothing more.”

“You want to fuck her, that’s why you want her back, ain’t it.”

Jen was hiding behind me, her embarrassment was almost palatable.

Palmer’s vitriol continued. “Why a fancy man like you with your fancy house and all

want her. She’s fat, she eats too much. You like little fat girls Mr. Fancy man, you take

her, she’s yours. You can have her fat ass, one less mouth for me to feed, take her, I

give her to you. But you don’t be changing her address, I get a check for that girl and I

want my money.”

I wanted to attack her, physically pummel her, beat her senseless then I thought there’s

a quandary for me, to beat one senseless one must have sense to begin with, ergo I

could not do that, this miserable woman had no sense at all.

“I took Jen’s arm, she still had Beaux on a leash. “ Do you have any shoes?”

She nodded yes. I said get them and let’s go.

She ran to another room and came out with a tatty pair of sneakers.

Bob, girl and dog were back in the ‘Vette, heading for God knows where.

We got back to my house. I sat her down in a kitchen chair and said, “Here’s the deal. I

don’t know how this is going to work out. We can always go to c***dren’s Services.
But I’ve heard nothing but horror stories about them so, at least for the time being

they’re off the table. But I want you to understand I’m not taking you back to that house

and that woman so, if we can’t make things work, c***dren’s Services will be the last

resort, ok, I want you to understand that.”

Jen said, “Yes Bob.”

“And I’ve got some rules, ok?

First, if Beaux goes in the house you clean it up. So house break him if he isn’t.
Second, you bathe every day, you smell a little like that house, probably in your clothes.
Third, you’ll have chores, we’ll figure out what as we go along.
Forth, you’ll continue to pull good grades, if we hang out long enough I’ll send you to

Fifth, my office is off limits, every where else is ok but not my office, I’ll get you your

own computer so you don’t need to use mine.
Sixth, ah hell there’ll probably be a bunch of sixes but I can’t think of them now.
You got any questions so far?”

“No Bob.”

“Oh, there’s another thing, Bob was ok when we were just acquaintances but with you

living here I want you to call me Uncle Bob if anyone else is around. We’ll tell people

you’re my niece. To keep it simple, we’ll say my s****r was like your mom and that she

died of and overdose so I took you in. Are you ok with that Jen?”

She smiled at me, a sly giggly smile, “Of course Uncle Bob.”

I had to laugh along with her.

“Ok, a couple of other things, you’ll have your own room, I’ll take you there, show it to

you, and I’ll give you an allowance of $20.00 a week if your chores, the ones we

haven’t decided on yet, your chores are done.

Oh I forgot one thing; you’ll eat what I fix, for now nothing else. I eat healthy and I want

you to, too.”

“Jen, do you have any questions or anything you want to say?”

“Yeah, I’ve got one. When are you going to take me for a ride on that Harley?”

“If you’re a good girl I’ll take you next weekend. I think we’ll be too busy to do it


“Way cool, Uncle Bob,” she grinned at me.

“Ok, Cutie, come on.”

I started toward the rest of the house, she was almost prancing, she said, “You called

me Cutie.”

“You are cute now come on.”

I led to what had been, until that moment my guest room, thought, what the hell, I don’t

have guests anyway and ushered her in, saying, “This is your room, cleaning it is your

responsibility but it’s yours. You can decorate it any way you want, within reason.”

She looked at the big king sized bed and flopped on it on her back, exalting, “Mine?

Can Beaux sl**p with me?”

“Sure, why not, just be sure he’s potty trained.”

“Ok Jen, give me your clothes.”

She looked like a deer caught in the headlights, frozen in place and scared senseless;

I realized I’d said that wrong.

“No, Cutie, I want to wash them, they’re filthy and so are you, while I do your laundry

take a shower and wash your hair, we’re going shopping as soon as your clothes are


I went to my bedroom and got a long tee shirt. I tossed it to her saying, “You can wear

this until your clothes are dry. You can undress in the bathroom; just toss your clothes


My house had 2 ½ baths. Two of the bedrooms were like master suites, bedroom and

bath and a half bath for visitors. Jen had a master suite. I pointed to the door.

She opened the door and whooped, “I’ve got my own bathroom?”

“Yeah Jen, that one’s yours; you’ll need to keep it clean.”

Her washing had finished, it was in the dryer when she came out, I was in the living

room catching up on the news, she looked scrubbed and fresh in my big old tee shirt

but her hair was still a mess, clean now a clean mess.

“Jen in my bed room on my vanity is a brush, get it for me, I want to brush your hair.”

She found my room and came back with the brush. I sat up, my feet on the floor and

asked her to sit in front of me so I could brush her hair. She sat down and leaned back.

I ran the brush through her hair or more accurately I tried to run the brush through her

hair. It was tangled and matted. I did the best job I could and told her I was through. I

laid the brush on the coffee table.

She jumped up on the sofa beside me and gave me a hug, “Thanks Uncle Bob, thanks

for everything.” She gave me a little peck on the cheek.

I was a little embarrassed by the attention.

I said, “Yeah, well I want to get you an appointment with a stylist, your hair’s still a


“You mean you’re going to take me to a beauty shop?”

“Well Cutie, I was going to take you to the shop where I go, they’re unisex, do both

guys and gals.”

“Ok, that’s cool.”

“Jen, I want to have a serious discussion with you. I told you some rules earlier, well

they’re flexible, I don’t expect them to be ignored but there’s some flexibility and we’ll

work that out over time, all of them are flexible except the one about my office, it is off

limits. Now I want to tell you my inflexible rules, violation of these rules will require

discipline. I imagine you’ve been hit, kicked and slapped by d***ks and dopers. That

won’t happen here but I will spank if I think it’s necessary.

These rules cannot, must not be broken.

First, no d**g usage is permitted in this house, not hard d**gs, not meth, not cocaine,

and not even marijuana.
Second, you are not to drink outside the home. I may permit a beer, a glass of wine or

even a wine cooler. It’s ok here. But no drinking outside the home, period.
And Third, I will not accept lying. I will not lie to you and you will not lie to me. If you ask

me a question I will answer it. I require the same from you.

Three simple rules, do you understand them and agree to abide by, to follow them?”

She faced me, and a most serious voice said, “I understand them and agree to follow


“Good cause I’ll spank over those rules and I mean on bare flesh with this hair brush,

now go get your clothes out of the dryer and let’s go shopping.”

God she was like a k** in a candy store, she’d never been shopping for clothes before

but that shopping gene that every American female has, latent as it might be was in


I believe in quality, we went through Macy’s, Burdines and finally Neiman Marcus, we

ran the gamut. I thought I was done, then she dragged me into Victoria’s Secret and I

found they did in fact carry plus sizes that would fit my new ward, I insisted she be fitted

for and buy a couple brassieres. Finally, burdened with about forty pounds of clothes

we hit the shoe stores, new sneakers and a couple of pairs of sandals, one casual the

other a little dressier. Thank God we were done. I was tired, my feet hurt and my back

was killing me. She was still bouncing with exuberance and excitement.

“Let’s go Cutie, I’m hungry.”

We loaded the car and I do mean loaded, a “Vette doesn’t have much room and I took

her to one of my favorite restaurants.

I ordered for both of us. Arugula salads dressed with a Mandarin Orange vinaigrette

dressing, grilled skinless chicken breasts served on a bed of brown rice and broccoli,

dessert was fresh fruit and cheese. We did have a nice crisp Chardonnay to

compliment the meal, the waiter poured for Jen without questioning.

As were driving home Jen asked, “Was that healthy food Uncle Bob?”

“Yeah Cutie, it was, did you like it.”

“It was great, that chicken was better than any I ever got from McDonalds.”

I thought, God I hope so, I’d just dropped a hundred on dinner, but it was worth it and

more. Jen was elated.

When we got home I helped carry her trove to her room and went back to the living

room to catch the market reports.

I’d just switched off the TV when Jen came prancing into the room, I was going to get a

fashion show whether I wanted one or not.

Short set after short set was displayed. I enjoyed watching Jen enjoying herself more

than the clothes, though her last one did draw my attention, black shorts and a black

and white top with vertical stripes. It slimmed her appearance; it was just a little hot.

After the shorts, she modeled a couple of summer weight dresses they were long

enough that her chubby thighs weren’t displayed, just a few inches above the knees,

Jen had shapely calves, they looked good on her.

Next was the swim wear. It was the only thing that accentuated her chubbiness but that

was ok, she liked it and I had high privacy fencing around the yard.

But when she strutted out attired only in Victoria’s Secret’s lingerie I had to stop the


“Cutie, old Bob can’t endure this, you’d excite him too much, he’d probably have a

heart attack”

“You really think I’m cute?”

“I think you’re cute and absolutely adorable,” I told her.

“Ok then I’ll put my new panties away but only to save your life, I don’t want you to have

a heart attack.”

I looked at my watch, it was nearly eleven.

“Get to bed we’ve got a lot to do tomorrow.”

I switched off the lights and went to my room.

“I lay awake in bed recounting the day; I’d awakened a happy bachelor, pretty

successful, my software company held some valuable patents, that’s why my office

was off limits, my computer, fire walled, virus protected though it was by some of the

most sophisticated software my programmers could write, could still be vulnerable. I

knew I could hack it and if I could someone else could. You see that’s where we made

our real money, designing programs to protect the unwary from, ah shit, Bob tell the

truth, from me. Now I had a twelve year and a dog, ah Christ, what had I done?

I went to sl**p, how I don’t know. I dreamt of chubby twelve year olds and black and

white mutts.

I awoke early as is normal with me, dressed in my running attire and went out. When I

got back I was carrying a bag of mutt chow, a double dish for food and water and a

leash, God what was happening to me.

She was still asl**p, I swatted her bottom and she responded,” Huh.”

“Up and attem Cutie, It’s time to rise and shine, take the dog out, feed and water him,

get your shower and I’ll meet you in the kitchen in thirty minutes for breakfast.

I showered, pulled on some gym shorts and a tee shirt. Barefooted I went to the

kitchen, our menu was egg white omelets filled with sautéed vegetables, honey dew

melon balls and a small tomato juice. I also indulged my one of my culinary vices. I

ground Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, full caffeine, no wimpy stuff and put it through

my French press.

I’d just taken my first sip, savoring its rich flavor when Jen came in. She had on one of

her new short outfits, she looked nice, she asked, “May I have a cup.”

I said, “You drink coffee?”

‘Of course, but I’m surprised you do,” she said shooting me a moue, then she added,

“Cream and sugar, please.

I only had the stuff for visitors but, wincing from this abasement of the finest coffee in

the world, I added a teaspoon of non-dairy lightener and a teaspoon of Splenda. I

served her and we sipped.

I was holding the omelets and the toast in the oven; the melon balls and the TJ were in

the fridge.

I served. Jen looked at her omelet and said, “Can I have some catsup for this?”

“Jen, I don’t use catsup but I’ve got some salsa, would you like to try it?”


I dropped a tablespoon of my home made salsa on her eggs, she smeared it around

and took a bite, she smiled at me, “Uncle Bob, that’s good.”

We finished breakfast and I taught Jen how to load the dishwasher. I said, “Do you

remember when I said we’d figure out your chores? Well, cleaning up after meals is

now officially one of them, I cook and you clean, ok?”

“Sure Uncle Bob, can we go out to the pool now?

“Get your suit on and I’ll meet you out there.”

Jen was waiting when I came out. Her chubby body was kinda cute; she jumped in with

a splash.

I usually swam nude, no one could see over my privacy fences but it wasn’t

appropriate with Jen, I had on an old suit that dated to my college days, I joined her it

the pool.

She didn’t know how to swim but she’d figured out how to dive, time after time she

porpoised, her broad bottom covered by the narrow strip of cloth between her legs

then widening to cover her big ass. I didn’t swim, I watched. Finally I asked, “Hey Cutie

do you want to learn how to swim, I mean really swim?”

“Can you teach me Uncle Bob?”

“It’s really pretty simple Cutie, come here.”

She came to me,” I said the first stroke I want teach you it the crawl, It’s the fastest, the

most powerful stroke and probably the easiest to learn, well except dog paddling.”

I asked her to just hold onto the wall. We weren’t going to work on anything but the

kick. When I tell you to, take a big breath, create buoyancy and here’s how I want you

to kick. It’s called the flutter kick and, watch my arms, I showed her how her legs should


“Ok, let’s try it.” She held the wall, she kicked, and she sunk. She couldn’t keep her

legs on the surface. She tried again, she sunk.

“Here, let me help you,” I said.

I put my hand on her stomach and raised her to the surface. “Ok, now kick.”

She kicked and she sunk.

“Jen, you gotta keep your butt down and your legs out straight behind you. Let’s try


I raised her in the water, one hand on her belly and the other on her butt keeping it

down; she kicked and kicked and kicked. She was getting it, she was proud of herself.

And here was ol’ Bob, one hand on the c***d’s belly and the other on her bottom;

slippery slope, step two.

“You’ve got it Jen,” I said, I took my hand off her bottom and she didn’t sink. I took my

hand off her belly and she didn’t sink. I stood aside and watched her kick.

When I’d had my hands on her, on her broad bottom, old One Eye wiggled in my

trunks, I couldn’t get out of the pool, not yet, fortunately, he went back to sl**p when my

hands came off. He couldn’t be hungry for a chubby twelve year old, no way.

I patted her on the back and she stopped kicking.

“Ok you’ve got the kick and that’s what really supplies your power, I’ll teach you to

stroke later, but for now, let’s practice your kicking only not against the wall, come here

and I’ll show you what I mean.”

I had her raise her arms above her head like a diver would then lifted her. I held her at

the surface, her hands out in front, her legs straight back and her butt down. “Now


She flutter kicked, she was making progress through the water, I was walking along

with her, holding my hand under her on her tummy.

I said, “Ok see if you can make it all the way to the other side.”

I let my hand fall away, she motorboated across the water. She made it. What a smile,

she was so happy, so pleased with herself. I heaped on the praise.

She practiced ‘til it was lunch time. I served at pool side, chicken salad sandwiches,

no salt baked chips, I had a beer, another of my indulgences and Jen had a Diet

Coke. The bread was multi-grain and I made the salad myself, grilled boneless

skinless breasts, no fat mayo, chopped onion and celery, just a dash of salt, pepper

and a dash or two of Tabasco Sauce.

It was Sunday, the markets were closed, I could just laze around and I did. I stayed out

by the pool watching Jen.

She was having a ball, she’d mastered the crawl, well mastered might be a little

strong, but she could splash along with the overhand stroke. And she still made like a

porpoise and her butt still came out of the water and I looked and One Eye wiggled. I

looked away.

About two I called her out of the pool and asked her to get dressed. I had some

shopping to do.

She came out in the black shorts outfit I mentioned and white sandals. I thought, when

we can get her hair done she’d be a pretty girl, chunky but cute.

We went to Comp USA. Usually I’d have had my techs build a computer but she didn’t

need the sophisticated equipment I used, commercial was fine, we got a computer,

mouse, keyboard and several video games (her choice) and headed home.

I set up in her room. Fortunately, I’d taken the package deal from my cable provider,

TV, phone and internet so I had an IP for her. I worked on a dedicated T-2 line but no

one else accessed it.

Then I fixed supper. Sunday was my splurge day, the only day of the week that I ate red

meat. I grilled 4 ounce filets, trimmed of any fat, a brown rice pilaf and steamed

zucchini. Our salad was mixed greens tossed lightly with balsamic vinaigrette

sprinkled with chopped walnuts. The wine was Zinfandel and the company was

delightful. I hadn’t seen such unbridled enthusiasm since me and a couple of other

guys started experimenting with computers.

She was thrilled at learning to swim, the new clothes, well the new clothes, she’d never

had any before and her computer. She could do basic stuff on the computer she’d

been able to use one at school.

I told her that I’d be in my office most of the workday during the week and that I wasn’t

to be disturbed unless it was an emergency.

For the next few days she swam, played with Beaux, watched some movies, just

generally occupied herself. I worked. I’d come out to fix lunch, return and end the day

around five. I was always on call if my staff needed me.

It was late Thursday night nearly midnight; Jen had gone to bed a couple of hours ago.

I was checking to see how the Tokyo exchange was performing. Lounging in my

recliner, suckin’ on a Bud when Jen came in; she was hunched over, holding her belly

moving painfully. She climbed on my lap and said, “Uncle Bob, I hurt, my tummy hurts,

she had tears in her eyes.

I held her and brushed her hair from her face, we’d had it styled and she looked good

in it but she didn’t look good now. I asked where she hurt.

Jen pointed to her lower abdomen, “Right there Uncle Bob.”

My first fear was a ruptured appendix but she wasn’t pointing to exactly the right spot.

I pressed around her; she let me know where she hurt.

I asked, “Cutie when was the last time you went potty?”

She thought then said, “I haven’t been able to go since I’ve been here.”

She came on Saturday it was now Thursday almost Friday, she hadn’t moved her

bowels in almost six days, no wonder she hurt.

I thought to myself, Oh Bob you dumb bastard, you did this to her. I’d radically changed

her diet, almost no fats, lots of salads and vegetables, course multigrain bread, her

digestive system was rebelling, it hadn’t adapted to the changed diet yet. Hell she was


I’d had a live-in girlfriend a couple of years before, she had bowel problems that she

treated with enemas, her equipment, the stuff I’d bought for her was stowed in the back

of my walk-in closet.

I said, “Come with me Cutie,” and took her to my bedroom.

“Why don’t you lay down in here, I’ll be right back.”

I got a rectal thermometer, KY Jelly and a rubber glove. I wanted to check her for fever,

she didn’t feel hot but I wanted to be sure there wasn’t an infection. The glove was for a

digital examination.

Back in my bedroom Jen was curled on my bed, holding her stomach and whimpering.

I rubbed her back saying, “It’s going to be ok, Uncle Bob can fix it.”

I’m going to take your panties down, don’t be afraid, this won’t hurt.

She was wearing a shorty pajama set, I lowered the bottoms, just the back until I could

gain access, and slicked up the thermometer. There was a dab of lubricant on the tip, I

spread her cheeks and slid the glass tube home. I held it in place with one hand and

rubbed her tummy with the other. Her lower abdomen was firm, taut, unyielding not soft

and pliable as it would usually be. I timed three minutes on the clock at my bedside,

took the thermometer out and checked the reading. It was just a little high, 99.5,

probably slightly elevated by the pain but there was no infection.

I said, “Well, here’s the good news, there doesn’t appear to be an infection. The bad

news is that I’m gonna have to get that blockage out of you.”

“Jen, I’m going to have to take your panties off,” I said as I pulled her bottoms off, over

her feet.

“Whatcha gonna do, Uncle Bob?”

“Well Cutie, first I’m going to check to be sure but if what I expect is there I’m gonna

give you a couple of enemas.”

She’d never heard the word. In a timid voice she asked, “What’s an enema, does it


“It washes you out and no, it doesn’t hurt, well you may feel some cramps but it sure

won’t hurt like you’re hurtin’ now.”

I snapped on the rubber glove and got some of the gel.

“Jen, I gotta stick my finger in you.”

“Up my butt?”

“Yep, up your butt,” I answered as I parted her cheeks. I rubbed a bit of the lube on her

then pushed a finger in. Jen gave a little gasp.

“Just relax Cutie,” I said as I probed her. I felt a solid mass filling her rectum. I pulled my

finger out and said, “Yeah, it’s enema time. Don’t go anywhere; I’ll be back in a minute.

I shoved clothes aside, everything was still where she’d left it, I got the bag and a

single packet of Castille soap and wheeled the IV stand to my bedside.

I filled the two quart bag with warm water, about 105 degrees and mixed in the soap.

Hanging the bag on the IV stand I rubbed Jen’s back. “Let me help you get in position,


I helped her to her left side and pulled her right knee up toward her chest, the classic

Sims position, rubbed a little lubricant on her anus, greased the nozzle and twisted into

place then started the flow.

I rubbed her tummy while the water flooded her bowels; I told her I was sorry, that this

was my fault. I should have introduced the different foods gradually giving her system

time to adapt.

She said, “It’s not your fault Uncle Bob, I know you’re trying to help me lose weight and

eat healthier foods, besides, this isn’t so bad, the water feels kinda nice.”

As the bag emptied Jen filled, my rubbing hand felt the fullness of her abdomen. She

started to softly moan.

“Are you cramping Jen?”

“Uh huh, I feel real full and I’m crampy.”

I rubbed lower pushing the water up her descending colon, counter clockwise circles,

breaking up the fecal materiel blocking her rectum.

Finally the bag was empty; I took out the syringe but kept Jen lying on the bed, giving it

a few minutes for the soap solution to do its work.

I kept rubbing, expanding the circles I was making. Jen was moaning, I couldn’t stop all

the cramps. After about ten minutes I helped her to her feet and led her to my bath


She was bent in pain; I helped her sit and told her to call me when she was done.

It was ten or fifteen minutes before I heard the toilet flush. Jen called me.

She was still on the commode and she looked beat. I helped her up and led her back

to the bed.

I’d refilled the bag with warm water for her rinse.

“Cutie we’ve gotta do it again. That last one had soap in it to wash you out, this one will

only be warm water, you shouldn’t cramp.”

“Ok Uncle Bob,” she said as she started to lie on her side.

“Jen for this one I want you in a different position, get up on your hands and knees.”

She did, I lay a pillow under her face and pushed her head down ‘til it was resting on it.

“You comfortable?” I asked.

“I’m ok Uncle Bob,” she replied.

I greased the nozzle and moved behind her. Her broad bottom spread before me in all

of its glory, wide soft and inviting. I spread her cheeks, her little rosebud; pink and tight

awaited my touch. I rubbed a little KY around her ring and pushed a finger in. I didn’t

really need to push into her, I wanted to; it wasn’t another step down that slippery

slope, now I was sliding on it. Jen gave a little moan when I penetrated her and

wiggled her bottom. One Eye jumped, oh yeah, he jumped. I twisted the nozzle into her,

held it in place with one hand and after giving myself a moment or two to calm myself, I

started rubbing her tummy while the water filled her.

And I thought about me, Bob Davidson. I’m twenty-six, pretty good looking according

to the women I’ve dated, and I’m rich, not comfortable, not well off, I’m pure and fucking

rich, approaching a billion in net worth. I don’t flaunt it, my home is modest as I’ve

explained, yes, my car’s a “Vette but hell I could drive a Bugatti Veyron if I wanted to,

instead here I am staring at a chubby twelve year olds spread cheeks with an enema

nozzle buried in her and wishing it was my cock, I’m more aroused than I can

remember ever having been before; I’m probably the most eligible bachelor within two

hundred miles, could have my choice of women, gorgeous women and I want Jen. I

think, you fucking pervert, her mother was right, you do want to fuck her.

From behind her I can inspect all of her wares and treasures. Her pajama top is

hanging from her and I can see her breasts, her pudgy belly, her slit, a young girl’s slit,

the lips closed tight and her rosebud now filled with white plastic, white plastic where I

wanted my cock . I leaned forward and inhaled, hoping for her scent. She was too

closed, too clean. No aroma for me to enjoy. I rubbed her tummy.

The water was filling her, her big belly was swelling. I rubbed her, I loved her swollen

feel. I pumped the nozzle up and back, twisted it, Jen moaned, I didn’t know if it was

from the water, the stimulation or both. The bottle was nearly empty.

I pushed forward on her belly forcing the water deeper into her bowels, rinsing her,

cleaning her guts. The bag hung empty, I pulled the nozzle out and helped her to the

bath. I told her this might take longer to drain; I’d massaged the water further into her

than before. I left her and rinsed and stowed the equipment..

I usually slept nude but out of consideration to Jen I put on old pair of gym shorts. I was

just lounging on the bed when Jen came out about twenty minutes later.

“Ready for bed?” I asked.

“Uncle Bob, I’m empty, everything came out but my tummy’s still sore. Can I lie down

with you so you can rub it?”

“Sure, get your panties on and jump up here,” I replied.

“I don’t want panties my bottom is sore from going, do I have to?”

“I guess that’s ok, come on,” I said; it wasn’t just a step any longer, I felt myself sliding

down that slippery slope.

I turned down the sheet and she got under it. I pulled it back over us. Jen was lying on

her side with her back to me. She snuggled against me and I rubbed, I rubbed her soft

round tummy, circular strokes, easing the pain.

Jen said, “Rub lower Uncle Bob, that’s where it hurts.”

I massaged her lower abdomen, circling, kneading, circling, rubbing. She pushed my

hand a little lower, saying, “Here Uncle Bob, down here, please.”

“Like this, Cutie,” I asked.

“Un huh, right there, that feels good.”

I was right at the base of her abdomen; the bulge of her belly was above my hand. I

was touching the top of her sparse covering and Jen was softly cooing with pleasure.

Her hand was on mine. She guided it still lower to her mons. “Oh yes Uncle Bob, that’s

where I want you to rub me.”

I could feel the top of her slit as I rubbed over her cleft. Jen trembled in my arms over

my ministrations; she started slowly pumping her hips.

Her broad soft bottom was pressing against my groin, One Eye stirred. I tried to pull

away; I didn’t want her to feel me. She moved back against me.

It finally dawned on me that this was a seduction and I wasn’t the one doing the

seducing. Jen worked her bottom, her bare soft bottom against me, One Eye crawled

out the leg hole and it was flesh against flesh.

Jen rolled her shoulders so she could look behind herself to talk to me.

She said, “You’re making me feel nice. I want to make you feel nice.”

She reached over her hip and took my penis in her hand, after giving it a couple of

strokes she lifted her leg and fit it against her lips. Not in her, just against her then she

closed her legs effectively trapping me. She pumped her bottom, masturbating me

with her thighs and pushed my hand a little lower to her slit. I probed the top, opening

her and sliding along. She was damp, she was lubricating. I found her small clitoris

and rubbed it. She worked her hips faster, riding my finger on her clit while she

masturbated me with her thighs.

Jen sped up and her breathing became ragged, panting breaths. Her body quivered,

and shook as she climaxed. She was gripping me hard, friction met desire. I couldn’t

hold back. I came violently shooting on her thighs and lips and I was embarrassed.

When her breathing became regular I wanted to talk to her, to apologize. I tried but she

cut me off, “Uncle Bob that’s what I wanted you to do, you made me feel good, I

wanted to make you feel good, did it feel good?”

“Cutie, it felt wonderful, now let me up so I can get a cloth and clean you up.”

“Uncle Bob, I don’t want to clean up, I want you on me, I’ll wash in the morning but for

now let me feel you on me, please?”

What could I say? I still had my hand on her, back on her belly, rubbing. It was after

2:00. I said, “Let’s go to sl**p.”

“Ok but you don’t have to rub my tummy anymore, you made it feel better. Rub me

here, please.”

She took my hand up under her pajama top and rested it on her small breast. I rolled a

nipple between my fingers. Jen sighed, “Good night, Uncle Bob.”

And that’s how we slept, my cock between her legs, my hand on her breast.

The seduction was complete and it had been successful, she had me.

Morning came as it always does, later than usual today, it was after eight and I’m an

early riser but it had been a late night. My hand was still on Jen’s breast, I lifted it away,

my cock, now flaccid was still wedged between her legs, I eased backwards, pulling it

out. It was sticky, my cum not completely dried. I started to rise.

I regretted what I’d done and feared how it would change our relationship, debase it, or

ruin it completely.

I started to rise. Jen rolled over on her back and looked at me. She sat up and said;

“‘Morning Uncle Bob,” then she gave me a kiss, just a peck on the cheek and jumped

out of bed. She headed for her room.

Nothing had happened, she acted as nothing had changed, like the night had never

occurred, she was the same girl as yesterday, or not?

I just sat there in bed, befuddled. And Jen came bouncing back into the room. She’d

dressed. She had on a tee shirt, shorts and her sneakers. She looked at me, gave me

a smile and asked, “Aren’t you going running this morning?”

I run every morning, so I said, “Yeah, I guess so.”

“I’m going with you.”

“Cutie, you can’t keep up,” I said.

“I know that, I’m chubby, I’d probably fall on my face, exhausted in about one hundred

feet. You’re going to walk with me for the first mile then you can run and I’ll walk back,

let’s go.”

“Ok, just let me grab a shower.”

“Take your shower when you get back, you’ll just be all hot and sweaty, you’ll need

another one. Save the water, just take it when you get back.”

She had a point, I got out of bed. I still had on my gym shorts. I got my running clothes

and shoes and went to the bathroom, took care of my business, dressed and came


She led the way out the door. We walked at a brisk pace, arms swinging, making it

count, burning calories. At a mile Jen’s legs were cramping and she was breathing

hard but she hadn’t asked to slow down and she hadn’t quit. I was proud of her and

told her so.

“See you at the house,” she smiled at me and started toward home at a much more

leisurely pace. I ran for two more miles.

Jen was in the kitchen when I got back, she’d showered and was dressed in her

swimming suit with a tee shirt on over it. She said, “Get your shower, after breakfast I’d

like to swim for a while.”

I could smell the coffee, she’d ground it and was brewing a pot. I went to shower.

I had my swimming suit on when I came back with a short robe, barefooted. The coffee

was poured and breakfast was laid out. Bran flakes with raisins; I buy regular bran

flakes and add my own raisins rather eat those sugar coated things in raisin bran.

She’d sliced bananas and strawberries for our fruit, there was skim milk and Splenda

for the cereal; she added a little of each to her coffee.

We ate then went out to the pool. I asked her how she felt after the walk.

“My legs are a little sore, the muscles are tightening up but I’ll get used to it. Let’s swim

some laps.”

We got in and swam hard driving strokes for Jen; I swam along side of her. She did

ten laps and, winded, got out. She sat at pool side while I finished the fifty that I usually


We went back in the house and dressed; she never said a word about last night.

And that’s how it went on for the next two years, I walked with her and I swam with her.

She started to jog, a slow trot and then a little faster until she was doing two miles each

morning. We set a route so we ended the two miles at our door. She’d go in, shower

and have breakfast fixed when I came back, I ran a fast paced two additional miles. If it

wasn’t too cold, we’d swim after breakfast.

There was one change in our relationship and it was significant. Every week or two

Jen would come to my bed, maybe she needed it, maybe she knew I did, but she’d

come to my bed and I’d let her take the lead.

We’d masturbate each other, hands and fingers, kisses and hugs until we both

climaxed, she liked my cum on her and she’d make sure she got it, on her tummy or

between her thighs like the first time.

For two years. I’d enrolled her in school claiming to be her guardian. She was an

excellent student; still mostly A’s still the occasional B. She made friends and she

brought them home to meet her Uncle Bob.

Her body had changed, exercise and diet had stripped away the fat. She was

developing into a beautiful young woman. Her breasts were small, maybe even smaller

then when she was chubby but they were high and proud. She had a small waist and

her hips were beginning to flare, to take on a woman’s shape. She still had a bubble

butt but it was firm and her thighs were slim and shapely, I was so proud of her.

It was summer, Jen was going to enter high school in the fall and she had a birthday on

the horizon, her f******nth; I planned a little party at pool side.

Ten of her friends were invited, boys and girls, splashing each other, me, everywhere.

Beaux raced around the pool barking at the k**’s antics.

After everyone had left Jen said, “Thank you Uncle Bob, I love you,” and gave me a

chaste kiss.

We went to shower, I said, “Get dressed in something nice. I’m taking you out for

dinner, for our own private party.”

I took her to a steakhouse, yes, she was still a red meat eating carnivore but she didn’t

indulge often. She hadn’t had a McDonalds for over two years.

We ordered, she specified the 6 ounce filet, ask that any fat be trimmed off and opted

for a double order of the vegetable of the day in lieu of a potato. I was proud of her,

she liked her new body and she took care of it, and I was as proud as any father could

have been; but she wasn’t my daughter, was she?

I ordered pastries and champagne, Perrier-Jouet, for dessert and gave her my little

birthday gift, gaily wrapped. She opened it and beamed at me, “Put it on me, please

Uncle Bob.”

I fastened it around her neck; it was a twenty-four caret gold chain with a gold locket.

We got home and went to our rooms. I got into bed and was musing about Jen, she

was growing up, she was pretty, she was smart and she had developed a vivacious

personality, everyone liked her and I was proud and elated and prouder still.

And she came into my bedroom. She was wearing a short nightie and I could see that

she had no panties on, her sleek brown pelt had filled out, she had a woman’s mons

veneris and I could see that she trimmed it. She climbed into bed with me.

“Hey Cutie,” I said.

“Hey Bob,” she answered, then she kissed me; not the peck I usually got but a long,

passionate kiss with dueling tongues wet and wonderful.

“Thank you for today, I love you Bob, and I have a little birthday gift for you.”

She brushed the sheet aside and took me in her hand, oh, it felt good and One Eye

answered the call, stiffening.

And then she took me in her mouth, between her lips and she went down on me. I

nearly exploded but she sensed it, she took her mouth off me and licked along my

shaft, tickling and teasing One Eye’s one eye. I was still on the verge. She took me

back between her lips, letting me slide in to the back of her throat then she bobbed on

me, the sensations were exquisite, I swelled in her mouth, between her lips. I

screamed, “I’m gonna cum, Cutie, I’m gonna cum and I came and she bobbed harder

and faster and she swallowed and swallowed, I arched my hips gushing cum into her

and she swallowed. She stayed on me, sucking me dry while I grew soft.

She looked up at me with a grin that would have been the envy of the Cheshire Cat

and said, “No more on me, now it goes in me,” then she rolled on her back and said,

“Your turn.”

And I was on her, I kissed her, tasting me on her lips, I didn’t care; then I fell to her

breasts, toying with one nipple while I sucked the other, alternating between the two,

pulling and twisting, sucking and nibbling, I lavished her tits with my attention. Jen was

breathing heavily when I slid down to her tummy, kissing and licking my way down then

over her mound, I nibbled on her hair and then to her treasure.

My tongue snaked along her vulva, I’d stop to suck on her lips, her labia then I’d lick

some more. I found her clit, it was swollen, waiting, waiting for my lips, I covered her

with my mouth, my tongue teasing her little gem. Jen was shaking, moaning softly,

trembling under my touch, I sucked her, I pulled her into my mouth, teasing her,

enflaming her. She bucked her hips and exploded , arching to my face, her orgasm

flowed over her, out of her washing my face with her juices, she screamed, “Oh God

Bob, oh God Bob, oh God Bob.”

I covered her vagina with my mouth, drinking in her sweet nectar, licking and lapping,

as she poured out and I took in, I licked her until she begged me to stop, after her

climax the sensation was too intense. I climbed her body and I kissed her.

“My God Bob, that was intense, wonderful, fantastic but intense. That’s how we’ll do it


“Why now Cutie, why the change?”

“Bob, I’m older now, I’m a high school girl and I was ready for more. I’ve wanted you,

wanted to taste you for a long time but I was a little girl. Now I’m ready for you.”

We slept together that night.

And two more years passed. Not much really changed, our routine continued, run,

exercise, swim, healthy diet. Much the same although we did expand our evening

entertainment; we visited museums, attended plays, were season ticket holders for the

symphony, expanding her appreciation of the finer things in life. Mine, too, the truth be

told and we reveled in each other’s company. There were two changes; oral became a

major part of our exploration of each other’s bodies and I was Bob, not Uncle Bob


My Cutie was turning “Sweet Sixteen” in just a few weeks and I wanted it to be special.

I cleared my calendar for the week of the event and made the plans.

We’d fly to Rangoria, New Zealand; take a puddle jumper then a motor boat to get

there, Motu Teta, a nine acre private island on a Tahitian atoll. We’d have our own

private chef, the guest house was stocked with wine and other liquors, everything was

available except champagne. I booked the travel arrangements and shipped two

cases of Dom Perignon.

Then told Jen I was taking her away for her birthday, I didn’t tell her where. I only told

her to pack light and casual. It was just for the two of us. I wasn’t going to share her.

We arrived at midday and got settled in. It was spectacular, the main house where

we’d be staying and a guest house. There were accommodations for ten but we

weren’t sharing, just the two of us were invited, my invitation.

We were tired from the travel but still we wanted to stretch our legs. I spoke to the chef,

asked for fish for dinner, his choice so long as it wasn’t fried, which drew a haughty

look and a no sir, and we changed to swimming suits.

We walked along the beach, oohing and aahing at the tropical beauty before our eyes

then we began to jog.

When we returned to the villa we showered and dressed for dinner. We weren’t

disappointed. The food was scrumptious, we complimented the chef and took a

chilled bottle of Dom to the main bedroom, our room. We sipped and laughed and

talked ‘til the wine was finished, stripped, fell into bed in each other’s arms and, well

and slept, slept the sl**p of the dead. We were beat.

After a breakfast of tropical fruits and tea we skipped our run and went snorkeling in

the lagoon. It was unbelievable; a kaleidoscope of colors and fish, large and small

twisted and turned under us. The waters teemed with sea life, fish, crabs and spiny

lobster and we watched for several hours then, leaving snorkels, fins and bathing suits

on the beach we frolicked in the water. We finished our morning by swimming half a

mile to make up for the skipped run.

Then a light lunch followed by a ride around the lagoon in an outrigger canoe. A little

relaxation as we took in the sights, our oarsman and guide was a young Polynesian

man, already sporting the tattoos typical of Tahitians, he asked if we wanted to fish, he

had two poles in the bottom of the craft but we decided we’d get our fish from the chef.

Dinner was again a delight, and again, seafood, the entrée being local lobster with

crepes for dessert. And another bottle of the Dom and then another. We were a little

giggly when we got to the bedroom, we undressed one another, then ate each other up

(both figuratively and literally). Finally, exhausted we fell asl**p in each other’s arms.

We awoke to a beautiful Wednesday morning and it was the big day, Jen’s sixteenth. I

spoke to the chef, explained the occasion and told him what I’d like served; as an

appetizer I wanted escargots and an entrée of cuisses de grenouille, I left the

accompanying dishes the dessert and wine at his discretion.

I also asked him if he could fix us box lunches to take with us. “Of course, sir.” he


We went for a run on the beach came back, showered, put on bathing suits and had


The chef brought out our lunches, cheese, fruit and crusty baguettes. He added two

bottles of a chilled white wine. I carried the lunches, Jen toted the wine cooler and a

little beach bag and off to the sandy shore we went. We walked along the shore ’til we

found a shady nook, put down our things, stripped and dove in. We splashed we swam

played, whiling the time away, enjoying our solitude. There might have been no one

else on the planet; the only sounds were the birds and their songs.

We had our lunch, cheese and bread and fruit and wine. I was ready to do something

but Jen wanted to laze. When I asked what she was in a mind for she said, “Sun on my

white skin and a book.”

She proceeded to pull a beach towel, a novel, sun glasses and a bottle of tanning

lotion from her little bag, how she got it all in I have no idea, she walked toward the

water into the sun, spread the towel, lay down and said, “Oil my up.” She threw the

bottle of lotion to me and flopped down on her back. I smeared lotion all over her front

from her shoulders to her toes, paying special attention to her pert breasts, wouldn’t

want to scorch those puppies, now would we? Then she rolled on her tummy. I

slathered her with the sun screen, kneading it in way longer than necessary on her

bottom, oh how I liked her sweet cheeks. I gave them a pat and went back to the

shade to sip wine and watch her bake. She put on her sun glasses and picked up her


I watched for about an hour then called to her, “Cutie, you better turn over, I want you

baked not grilled.” She scowled at me but rolled over on her back.

I watched her, her beautifully sculptured body, tanning; she was a Sun Goddess

worshiping Sol.

A little later, adequately toasted she joined me in the shade and lay down with her

head in my lap.

She stared up at me silently, just gazing at me. I watched her watching me. Finally she


“I love you Bob Davidson,” she whispered.

“And I love you Jennifer Palmer, my Cutie.”

Too soon the sun began to set. We picked up our things, slipped back into swim wear

and went to dress for dinner.

We showered then dressed in the fanciest clothes we’d brought, for me that was a pair

of khaki sorts and sandals, at least my shirt had a collar, a pull over but it had a collar.

Jen had on a floral print summer dress and white sandals and, thus attired we went to

the dining room to partake in our repast.

I wanted Jen’s sweet sixteen dinner to be memorable, I didn’t know how she’d like it,

she’d never tried escargot and I wasn’t even going to tell her that cuisses de grenouille

were frog’s legs. I’d let the chef tell her; in French.

Seated, we were served a salad course, chilled white asparagus spears with a

dressing I couldn’t identify but they were good. The escargot appetizer and the first

bottle of wine, Chef had chosen an Alsatian white, Pinot Gris "Reserve Personnelle," it

was cold and crisp, a nice accompaniment to the garlicky snails. I waited for her

question but didn’t get one instead she said, “There are delicious, why aren’t you

eating?” I realized I’d just been sitting, watching her eat. I took one and savored the

buttery taste. Then the entrée, chef served the cuisses de grenouille, and I did let him

tell her what it was; in French; he’d chosen grilled baby vegetables and they were

perfect grill marked and firm, I made a mental note to add them to my own repertoire.

And, at last, dessert, a plate of mixed petit fours with a bottle of Chateau d'Yquem, a

Sauvignon Blanc dessert wine, sweet and heady.

After the table was cleared, chef brought a bottle of the Dom, and as we sipped I sang,

in my off key baritone, Happy Birthday. Jen had tears in her eyes when I finished, “I

didn’t think my voice was that bad,” I k**ded, “Why the tears.”

“Oh Bob, I’m just so happy, so very, very happy.”

My eyes were a bit glassy when I answered, “So am I Cutie, so am I.”

We took another bottle of champagne back to our room; it was still in the bucket the

next morning.

We ripped at each others clothes want to touch flesh, hot desirable wanting flesh, she

surprised me she flopped on her back laughing, “It’s my birthday, you do me first, do

me first.”

This was a reversal, she usually started but, what the hell, I wasn’t going to quibble, I

dove in and gave it my all, after all it was her birthday.

I licked, sucked, tickled and teased; I lapped and I tasted, tasted her sweet nectar as

she lubricated, nursed on her clit until she quivered, teased it with my tongue until she

trembled and then she shook, oh how she shook. She was panting and I felt her taut

belly ripple, I felt her uterus contracting and then her vagina spasming. Her head was

thrashing, her hair flying and her hips were pumping and she screamed, she gushed

and she screamed and she gushed and I drank from her holy chalice and she flowed

oh how she flowed, from her body to my mouth the sweetest wine I’d ever tasted

because it was hers, my loves.

As she came down from her high I gazed at her and she was beautiful, her hair was

wild, her tanned skin was flushed; she held out her arms and I went to them and she

hugged me and she kissed me and whispered, “Bob, I want you in me tonight.”

I started to roll between her legs but she stopped me and rolled on her tummy, “This

way Bob,” and from under the pillow she handed me a small tube of KY Jelly.

I looked at her questioningly. She laughed; she thought my expression was priceless.

Then she said, “Old One Eye doesn’t explore that uncharted territory until our wedding


“Our wedding night?” I asked dumbly.

“Our wedding night,” she positively averred.

This was a little new to me, I loved Jen but I knew I was too old to think about her as a

wife, she was sixteen and I was now thirty.

“And just when will that be,” I asked.

“The day after I graduate from college we’ll get married, just a small ceremony and

then you’ll sweep me away on the honeymoon of my dreams.”

I just stared at her dumbfounded, Jen was offering her bottom and I sat gaping like the

village idiot.

“Bob, twelve to twenty-six, like when we met, an eon an epoch, even now sixteen to

thirty, ages, historical time periods but at twenty-two and thirty-six it’s a hot young chick

and a handsome mature man. People will think I’m a gold digger and that you’re a

cradle robber and I won’t care cause you’ll be mine, all mine just the way I planned it.

I remembered that long ago night, the night when I thought, she has me. She did, I was

unofficially engaged.

Jen was pulling a pillow under her head, she rose on her knees, wiggled her bottom

lewdly at me and said, “Now get me ready, I want you in me, I want your cum in me. I

want oodles and oodles, scads and scads, quarts and gallon, you’ve got eight years to

fill me up ‘til I gurgle, now let’s get started.”

“How the hell do you turn down an invitation like that?” I asked. She laughed at me.

I lubricated her, I lubricated me, I gave each cheek a kiss and a pat, I positioned old

One Eye at her portal, said, “Here Comes,” and popped through her sphincter.

She gasped at the intrusion and moaned at the pain. I held still until she’d steadied.

Then pushed in; I took it slow, for her and for me, I wanted to feel the tightness of her

anus as it pulsed tighter, looser, tighter, I wanted to enjoy the slick sensation of her

inner flesh as I pressed into her heretofore unplumbed depths, it was the first time her

body had been invaded and the first time I’d been in the woman who would be my wife

and I wanted it to be memorable, notable for us both.

The sensation was like gliding through liquid velvet, warm and soft. Jen’s face was

buried in her pillow, she was mewling softly and then I was all the way in, the journey

had been fantastic but now I pulled back, pulling nearly out then back retracing that

heavenly path then out then back, slow long strokes filling her then emptying her then

filling her, savoring the moment, savoring the musky redolence coming from her. I

wanted I it to last forever.

Jen spoke interrupting my thoughts, her mewling had stopped and she was backing to

me, meeting my strokes. Her breathing had changed, long breaths, raspy breaths,

“Fuck me harder Bob, please fuck me harder,” as she thrust back against me. And I

complied, oh how I complied.

My gentle strokes became powerful thrusts, forcing her forward with their vigor. My

balls slapped against her lips, I grunted with each thrust, she grunted as she accepted

it. I gripped her hips and I rode her, rode her hard, faster and deeper with each stroke,

stretching her, opening her wide, my hips were pounding against her bubble butt and

Jen began to tremble, she arched her back and wailed out as she climaxed, I felt her

ejaculate wash my balls then I came, I saw stars, I was in the heavens and I saw stars, I

thought my life had flowed from me into her as I gushed, pulse after pulse of my hot

cream filled her, I slowed she was squeezing me, milking me until I was drained then

she collapsed to the bed, I rode her down, still in her but softening, I’d stopped

pumping her and I was soft, still in her but soft, caressing her and kissing the back of

her neck. Finally I rolled off and lay beside her.

She looked in my eyes, a sweet smile on her face, I was waiting to hear her loving

words and she said, “Well I guess I got my first deposit, huh.”

I replied in kind with a little chuckle, “Yeah I guess you did but there’s plenty more

where that came from.”

She answered, “We’ll see, we’ll see.”

I held her and we slept.

We awoke together. I started to get up and dress for our run.

“Today, let’s skip it, ok, I want something else.”

I lay back down with her. She swept the sheet off, opened her thighs and said, “Taste

me Bob, please taste me.”

I licked and sucked her ‘til she climaxed. She pulled me up beside her and said, “Boy

you know how to get a girl’s morning off to a great start.” Then she rolled on her side,

her back to me and said, “Fill me up, please fill me.”

She arched her back and wiggled her bottom; she looked for all the world like a cat in


I spread her cheeks and felt her, she was slick with the lube and my cum from last

night, I slid into her and she pressed back to me. She moaned as I entered her but

kept backing against me, forcing me deeper then she stopped, We lay still with me

buried in her then she started working her muscles, her anus contracting and

expanding contracting and expanding. I put my hand on her hip, she took it and raised

it to her breast then she whispered, “Let me do it for you, let me do it my way.”

I massaged her breasts while she milked me, and it was working, God was it working,

maybe the sexiest thing we’d ever done. She doing all the work, me enjoying, she

squeezed me. She felt me swell in her and she reached back, pressing on my ass,

holding me against her and she squeezed me. And I came, I poured into her and she

squeezed me, she squeezed to make me cum, she squeezed while I came, she

squeezed me ‘til she’d milked me then she gave me one final squeeze and sighed,

“Oh I liked that Bob, I liked that. Bob, have I told you this morning that I love you, I do

you know?”

There’s something perversely erotic about laying in bed on a tropical South Seas

island, the sea breezes rustling the curtains drying the sweat from a romantic coupling,

professions of mutual love being whispered with your cock up your sixteen year old

lovers ass.

“Cutie, I know and I love you, too, I love you more than words can say.”

She swatted my bottom, said, “Good,” jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom,

saying over her shoulder, “Take a shower with me, you can scrub my back.”

This was new, we’d never bathes together. I followed her in. She was on the commode

urinating. I listened to her tinkle, her legs were spread and I could see her golden flow,

she caught me staring and, embarrassed I turned my head away.

She called, “Bob please come here, please, don’t be embarrassed, come here.”

She took my hands, one in each of hers, she was still flowing and she looked into my

eyes, “I told you a long time ago you could look at me, if you wanted you could look at

me do you remember.”

I remembered, it was when I was measuring her for her first swimming suit and she’d

pulled her shorts down so I could measure her hips. I whispered, “I remember.”

“Then look at me, please, just look at me.”

And I watched as she emptied her bladder.

She flushed, leapt up and turned on the shower, got under it and urged me to come in,

her back was waiting.

She got her back washed and a whole lot more, I explored her every nook and cranny

(save one) then she washed me.

We toweled off and got some clothes on then went to breakfast. Chef had fixed eggs

Benedict and we splurged. A pitcher of Mimosas, cold and fruity awaited and we

emptied it then we sipped coffee. I asked Jen what she’d like to do she said, “Spend

the day with you, let’s just walk around the island, all the way around, we’ll be back

here for lunch.”

So we walked. The island is only nine acres, we’d have been back before lunch

except, half way around she stopped, stripped and ran laughing into the lagoon. I

kicked off my shorts and followed. We played in the water for half an hour then sat on

the beach. She lay her head on my lap then turned her head and took me in her mouth,

fellating me to climax then rolled onto her back and spread her legs. I took her hungrily,

having my own private island feast. She came; we went, on around the island to our

room. We showered again, washing off the accumulated sand. We dressed in swim

wear and had lunch.

She said, “Now I want to go fishing, I’ve never fished and I want to try.”

So, we fished, there was tackle available and the caretaker fixed us up, light spinning

rods since we were only going to fish from the beach in the lagoon and some kind of

cut bait; I think it was squid and off we went. We were dressed in swimming attire, we

chose our place, Jen shed her top saying, “I might as well catch some rays while I

catch some fish.”

I baited our hooks and we cast our lines, mine flew smoothly, I’d fished a lot when I was

young, my Pop was an avid fisherman, Jen’s bait nearly slapped her on the foot, I was

only glad we were using spinning equipment if been using a bait caster her reel would

have looked like an osprey’s nest, as it was, the backlash was easy to work out. I lay

my rod down and demonstrated technique. Jen’s a quick study about most everything

and she’s well coordinated, she caught on pretty quickly about how to hold the line on

one finger on the back cast then flick it forward to the proper release point and let it fly.

Oh she flung it toward the clouds several times or released a little late a couple more,

it didn’t always go exactly straight every time but at least she hit water instead of sand.

She glanced over, I’d paid no attention to my rod while I was instructing in the fine art

of casting, she screamed, pointing, “Bob, Bob.” She was jumping up and down. I

looked where she was pointing; my rod was streaking across the beach ocean bound.

It was already in the water; I dove in and caught it. Fortunately the drag was lightly set,

the line didn’t snap when I set the hook. I waded back to shore and fought the fish. I

beached a nice snapper maybe four pounds, I unhooked him and released him back

to the lagoon.

Jen was watching me when a fish picked her bait she looked at me like “What now

coach?” I yelled pull, she pulled and, Luck o’ the Irish (I don’t think Palmer is Irish but)

she hooked it. I instructed, “Now you reel, reel it in.” Out of the water came a fish, a

sailors choice or grunt, I don’t know what the call them in the South Pacific but it was a

fish, about a foot long and colorful, I unhooked it for her and asked it she wanted to

keep it, have it mounted, her very first fish on the very first bite, she wanted to let it go. I


I made her rebait her own hook, she wasn’t squeamish, it was no problem. We fished

for several hours, two or three, as time got away. She was having fun and catching

fish, so was I. I took the fish off for her; I didn’t want her to get finned. She was

bouncing around whoopin’ and hollerin’ like an excited teenager then I mused, hell she

is an excited teenager, sometimes I forgot.

After we’d robbed the lagoon of all sea life, not, we swam a little, traded oral a little

and went back to change.

I’d asked the chef to fix something with shrimp and some pasta. It had gotten me a

raised eyebrow and a harrumph, Italian, but replied, of course sir. I read his mind, I

cook French or I cook Polynesian but I got yes sir. I smiled; I knew it would be superb.

I think dinner was his little joke on me, nothing French nor anything of the South Pacific.
The salad was Asian with a ginger dressing; I asked for the recipe he, of course

demurred. The appetizer was a tasty little tart of Washington State cherries and the

entrée was gamberetti fritti diavolo, on a bed of angel hair pasta, mated with some

zucchini lightly sautéed in olive oil. The wine was Chilean, “Montelig” from the winery

Vina von Siebenthal a ruby red wine, the 2002 vintage might have been just a little

young, my palate said serve around 2012 or even later, but still a superb wine. Our

dessert was an Austrian Sachertorte, the dessert was served with two ounces of a

1954 Madeira.
When we’d finished the Chef appeared at the table asking “Was it satisfactory, sir?”

The bastard had a glint in his eye, there wasn’t a touch of the French and the closest

we came to Polynesia were those Washington State cherries and the wine from Chile

both did, at least border on the Pacific.
“My sincerest compliments to the chef, Chef, I know this meal was not one of your

specialties, and yet it was fantastic, a meal I’ll never forget.” He beamed under my

compliments but they were sincere.

We took a leisurely stroll to let the meal settle then went back to our room, Jen used

the bathroom first then it was my turn, I peed, brushed, flossed and was ready for bed, I

was worn out I thought, foolish me, I stepped out of the bath and saw and heard.
Jen was on the bed, a pillow under her hips, her knees pulled up, exposing herself, the

KY Jelly lay beside her and she asked, “Does One Eye want to go exploring?” Maybe I

was tired, One Eye wasn’t, he stood proud, saluted and got down to business.
God it was an entirely different perspective, when I slid into her I saw her wince, there

was still some pain, when I was completely in I watched her smile and when I stroked

her we shared the feelings, the sensations. I slowly stroked her and I could reach more,

she was available, I massaged and kneaded her breasts, twisting and tugging at her

nipples and as we got more intense I could excite her clitoris, I fingered her until she

was swollen, engorged, sensitive and tender then I took her between forefinger and

thumb and I jacked her off, masturbated her like what she had was a little cock. Jen

was breathing hard, climax approaching, me too, I picked up my speed and my

ferocity, it was fantastic, mind blowing, Jen’s eyes got big, round, her ass wriggled

under me her tummy rippled and I swelled, One Eye was ready to spit, she came in a

rush and a gush, she wailed, her eyes were clamped shut, her concentration absolute,

the juice from her vagina coursed over me, wetting me, soaking me and I ground out

my climax, oooh, oooh, oooh with each pulse. When we’d both settled, I was still in her

and we were staring at one another, she gave me that little squeeze, yeah that

squeeze, and said, “the Sachertorte was great but this, now this was dessert, wow

was it dessert.”
We were leaving in three days and neither of us was looking forward to it, oh we had

fun at home but how do you top your own private South Sea island? But we had to

move forward, we had things to accomplish and we still had three days. Three days

that damned near killed old Bob, even One Eye tried to hide when he saw her coming.

She was insatiable, she hadn’t exaggerated when she said oodles and scads and

quarts and gallons would fill her, I hadn’t understood she intended it to happen before

we got off the island.
I didn’t realize there was such a thing as anal nymphomania, perhaps I’d discovered a

new area of study for the shrinks but I didn’t know any other way to say it. My cock was

in her, up her velvet chute four, five, six times a day. I thought her tummy was swelling

but we got our exercise so I knew she wasn’t gaining weight because we were

sedentary and I knew she wasn’t pregnant unless osmosis could move sperm from her

bowels to her fallopian tubes, so all I could think of was that she was cum bloated, filled

up. She laughed at me when I suggested it then she took me to bed. And she wanted

as good as she gave, I thought my tongue was going to fall off. And I loved every nano

-second of it.
Yes, she had taken me, I was hers, a thirty year old billionaire, yeah, I’d topped a

billion, and a sixteen year old nymph, ah she’s no nymph, she’s success driven, just

look at the effort, the pain she had to endure to mold her sculptured body, the effort to

raise her GPA above 4.0 by taking advanced credit classes and, to seduce me

though, I confess, I wasn’t all that hard, a willing victim? Yes, I’d loved her even when

she was a dirty chubby waif, after all she was Eliza to my Henry, we’d just taken it

further, perhaps to where ‘enry and Eliza wanted it to go? We’ll never know, that was

fiction, Jen and I were life.
With regret we left our island and returned to the real world.
When we got back I wanted to sit down with Jen and discuss her future. I hadn’t given

her a birthday gift. I handed her a plain manila envelope saying, Happy Birthday.”

She looked at me strangely then opened the envelope. It contained a sheaf of legal

documents, I explained what it was.

“Cutie, I want to be sure you’re taken care of, if you ever decide to leave, this will

assure you of financial independence. I’ve established an Irrevocable Trust with you as

the beneficiary. I’m the administrator of the trust and to use the money it will require my

approval until you turn twenty-one, after that it’s all yours to use as you choose. I’ve

funded it at $1,000,000.00.

“Bob do understand what you just said; you just gave me a million dollars? A million

dollars, are you crazy?”

“Must be, now how about college plans?”

She thanked me for my gift. I think she’d liked the necklace and locket better.

I said again, “So what about college, got any plans?”

She asked what was there to talk about, she seemed to think that such a question was

ludicrous, I was in the computer business, she would be my helpmate, the highest

rated school for computer science was the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

where else would she go?

How could I argue, it was a foregone conclusion and despite the unlikelihood that

she’d be accepted, she of course, was when the time came.

The next two years went by in a blur, we ran, she studied, I worked and she nearly wore

me out.

She wanted my tongue daily and her bottom, oh her lovely bottom; she wanted me in

her at least twice a day, morning and evening and sometimes during our lunch break.

I’d walk in and she’d be on her knees waiting or her hips would be propped up on a

pillow or she’d greet me bent over the arm of my bedroom chair. We’d go to sl**p with

me buried in her from behind. My God the girl was insatiable, even old One Eye tried

to hide when he saw her, panties off and waiting; not. I loved hearing her panting

breath, her little grunts as I pumped her and her wailing climaxes. But I really think she

was serious, I was supposed to fill her ‘til she gurgled; I tried my damnedest.

The big day came, her graduation. She was the salutatorian of her class, an Asian boy

was the valedictorian; he’d bested her 4.3 GPA. His was 4.4.

I was so proud of her as she strode down the aisle and across the stage in her cap

and gown; there were tears in my eyes as she took her diploma.

My company managers were capable and I’d be easily reachable in the event they

needed me, I had my laptop, cell phone and a sat-phone. I took a month off so Jen and

I could travel.

We did a week in London, British cuisine truly is an oxymoron, unless you’re into roast

beef or curries there wasn’t much that appealed to our palates. But the history was

fascinating and we visited The Tower of London, Westminster Abby, The British

Museum, all we could take in in a week. We rode the London Eye, a 450 foot tall

Ferris Wheel; it was at night and the view was spectacular.

Then it was on to Paris. Yes, the Parisians are as rude and haughty as advertised and

yes, Paris is a filthy city and yes, the food was fantastic, expensive but incredibly

scrumptious. We’d have to do a lot of running and dieting when we got back, we

gorged ourselves. And of course we saw the sights, Notre Dame Cathedral, The

Louvre with the Mona Lisa and we took an evening boat ride on the Seine.

Next it was on to Rome; my favorite, the people are so active, expressive and the

traffic is frenetic. In the crowds Jen got her bottom pinched several times, I think that is

the national sport for young Italian men but it was all in good fun. We climbed the

Spanish Steps, we visited the Vatican and we saw the sights and we ate; pasta and

more pasta.

We flew on to Athens to meet with our captain and guide. I’d hired a sail boat for a

cruise of the Grecian Isles. On board we relaxed, sipped retsina wine with our meals,

and I’ll tell you, retsina wine is an acquired taste. My first sip and I thought this tastes

like Pledge smells, but it grows on you. Evenings we’d have a little Mexata and star


Our month ended too soon, we flew home.

The end of summer came too soon. It was time for Jen to start school. I wanted to

delay the parting as long as possible. I flew with her into Boston’s Logan Airport then

we took a taxi across the Charles River to Cambridge where our parting was bitter

sweet; hugs and kisses and tears, after all we’d been inseparable for six years.

I’d fly up to visit Jen every couple of months, we’d have dinner but she really didn’t have

a lot of time. Her studies occupied nearly every waking moment, Jen’s a smart girl but

the curriculum at M.I.T. is daunting; particularly for a first year student.

Her breaks were my salvation; they gave me something to look forward to,

Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break and then summer, glorious summer.

Her first year we stayed home for Thanksgiving and Christmas then flew to the

Caribbean for Spring Break.

We’d talk, talk about her studies, catch up on what had happened since we’d last seen

each other and we’d love, oh how we’d love. She still seemed intent on gurgling.

She was home the summer between her Junior and Senior years, one more to go and

she wanted to talk to me, a serious talk. We were out by the pool, she said, “Bob, I

love this house, I have so many good memories, but it will be too small. You’re going to

have to find a bigger house.”

I asked, “Why?”

“We’ll be married by this time next year and we’re gonna have k**s, two k**s. A boy for

you, every man needs a son and a little girl for me so I can spoil her, and they’ll need

rooms; see, we’ll need a larger house.”

How could I argue with her, her logic was impeccable. I hadn’t thought about k**s, we

hadn’t even discussed it; but then again there was nothing to discuss, she’d decided,

one for her and one for me; impeccable, irrefutable logic.

Next morning I made an appointment for an architect to visit us, I had somewhere

around 6 or 7,000 square feet in mind on two floors. I wanted it on the water, a large

lake and I’d want him to plan the dock, boat house and a gazebo. Then I contacted a

realtor to find the land, I something around five acres, lake side was mandatory.

The land was acquired and the plans were drawn, construction started in September

and would be completed by the first of May. That gave only about a month leeway; Jen

and I were getting married in June, the day after her graduation.

It was going to be a whirlwind, I’d fly up for her graduation, and we’d fly back that night.

We would spend the night in a hotel, the same one that was booked for the reception.

Our wedding was being held at a small, quaint church then we’d move on to the


By the way, I didn’t plan the wedding; that was over my head, I’d hired a wedding

planner and Jen held telephone conferences with her to go over details.

I’d asked Jen where she wanted to go on our honeymoon. She said, “Home, our new


Jen wasn’t back until the Thanksgiving break. We’d just finished dinner and she said,

“Bob, a group of my friends are going skiing at Stowe over the Christmas Holiday and

they’ve invited me. I’d like to go. I won’t, of course, if you insist, but I’d like to go.”

My face must have registered my surprise and my disappointment. Not to see her until

Spring Break? I was devastated, but I guess I understood, she’d never been anywhere

without me, it was a show of independence. All I said was, “Don’t break a leg.”

She got up, kissed me and said, “Thank you.”

The sex that night was frantic, I gobbled her up and One Eye explored that velvet

passage twice. He needed to be fed it would be quite a while before he could feed


I spent the loneliest, saddest Christmas of my life. Then she called, she’d arrived back

in Cambridge earlier than expected and would I like to fly up; she’d show me around


I booked my flight and made reservations, a suite for two nights at the Liberty Hotel.

This hotel was built in 1851 as the Charles Street Jail; apt I thought, I intended to keep

her locked up while I was there doing nothing but making love to her.

She met me at Logan, I’d bought her a car, a little Mazda Miata, and off to the hotel we


In the suite there was a bottle of Dom chilling, I’d prearranged for it. I helped her out of

her clothes; read I stripped her in a trice, got out of mine and fell on her.

It had been too long, I kissed her, wet tongue filed kisses, gave her breasts my lavish

attention, sucking, nibbling twisting and tugging, enflaming her desire. I kissed down

over her tummy, tickled her belly button with my tongue, traced my fingers through her

sable pelt and opened her lips.

I stopped for a moment to admire her dark pink vulva, to inhale her special aroma and

then I tasted her. I probed her virginal vagina with my tongue, the tip snaking in and out.

Jen’s breathing was rapid and shallow she said, “Please, please.”

I took her clit between my lips and sucked it into my mouth, sucking it like it was a

nipple and I was nursing then I flicked its pearly tip with my tongue, batting it, teasing it,

laving it.

Jen started to quiver, her orgasm rolled through her body, rippling tummy muscles,

contractions in her abdomen, spasms convulsing her vagina, she arched her back

coming clear of the mattress, wailing in ecstasy, her fragrant fluids cascaded from her,

a deluge drenching me. And I drank, drank of her heady flow sucked her juices into my

mouth, emptied her, helping her down from the heights.

As her panting subsided and her breathing regular, she murmured, “God I’ve missed

you so much, so very, very much.”

“I’ve missed you too, Cutie, would you like some champagne?”

“Yes, thank you.”

I got up heading for the bottle and added, “Me too, I’ve got your taste on my lips, and

we’ll see which is sweeter.”

She threw a pillow at me.

I sat on the bedside and we talked, she told me about her ski trip, she’d had fun, I

brought her up to date on the construction then she pulled another pillow down to her

hips, slid atop it and said, “Take me, I’m yours and I want to watch you watching me.”

She handed me a tube of KY from her purse.

I slowly lubed her, circling her tight little pucker, just the tip of my finger probing her,

tickling and teasing. She wiggled her hips at me in frustration, which was ok, she was

done waiting.

I slid smoothly through her anal ring and deep into her. She always gave a little moan

when One Eye popped in, dilating her. She sighed when I was completely embedded

deep in belly and I began my rhythmic thrusts. She was right; I was watching her as she

watched me, both of with eyes open and smiles on our faces.

I accelerated my pace, harder, deeper and faster. She pulled her knees back to her

chest, spreading herself, opening herself, offering herself to me. I wasn’t going to last, I

fondled her clit to bring her along with me. Jen trembled, her body quivering as I

pounded into her, my climax and hers simultaneous, she moaned and I groaned as my

scalding cream flooded her guts. I slowly came down; she was milking me, draining

me. I fell forward into her waiting arms, she kissed my and said, “I thought I heard a

gurgle,” teasing me.

“Well if you didn’t you will by the time we check out,” I retorted.

We had a room service lunch then Jen had me for dessert, fellating me ‘til I was stiff.

She bent over the chair arm, lewdly shook her tail at me, inviting me in. I slid in

smoothly, rapidly pumping her hard. She liked me to really give her a reaming when

she was bent over a chair and I did, ramming her, pushing her further over the arm.

She grunted every time I bottomed out, not the most feminine of sounds but it was what

we were both seeking, raucous sex.

We napped for an hour or so, had a repeat performance then showered and went

down for drinks. I’d made a reservation for dinner at Scampo, a contemporary Italian

restaurant within the hotel but they were for seven o’clock. It was just after five so we

got seats at the bar at Alibi. Alibi is a cocktail lounge in what once was the jail’s d***k

tank, how fitting.

After two drinks and conversation with the bar tender, we learned a little more of the

history of the building, we went to dinner.

We split an antipasto salad then split a brick oven pizza washed down with glasses of

Chianti. We passed on coffee and dessert; we’d make our own dessert back in the


And we did, too. I had two helpings, she wasn’t as greedy, she only had one but it was

a large one. We went to sl**p, her back to me, me deep in her bowels.

We passed the next day in much the same way, loving and eating and loving again

and again, then lunch, loving, a nap, loving and dinner and loving, I couldn’t get enough

of her. She felt the same way about me.

And then I had to fly home. Time passed slowly but finally graduation was only a few

days away, the house was finished and I’d furnished it, all new furnishings. We’d pick

you our private things from my house later then I’d rent it out.

The graduation ceremony was all you’d expect from a great institute of learning and

the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was that. Jen didn’t make valedictorian of

salutatorian but she made Dean’s List. Her 3.92 GPA was hardly shabby.

We didn’t stay for the festivities; we had a plane to catch.

Her wedding dress and my tux had been delivered to the hotel and were waiting.

We spent the night in the hotel. My senior manager was my best man. Jen’s Maiden of

Honor was a fellow graduate she’d become friendly with an M.I.T. We had reserved a

room for her in the same hotel and had her picked up at the airport. It was hectic,

people arriving, pick up, rooms; we didn’t get to bed ‘til almost midnight. Jen went to

sl**p full of me, our last time before the wedding I was sure. Wrong, it the morning

before breakfast she was on me again, I just couldn’t fight her off.

Our ceremony was at three in the afternoon. My best man was taking me to the church;

Jen would arrive with her Maiden of Honor. Jen didn’t have anyone to give her away, I

joked that if no one would give her to me I guessed I’d have to buy her; she didn’t

seem to appreciate my sense of humor. My best man saved the day, his father would

e****t Jen down the aisle, he’d given away three daughters, he knew the drill.

I was at the altar, the organ music started and Jen came down the aisle, a beautiful,

beautiful young woman in a beautiful white dress with train. I met her at the altar and

the service began. And, yes, I did take this woman and yes she did take this man, I

kissed the bride. We exited and got in our limo for the trip to the hotel. Our guests


Jen went to her room and detached her train and left it there, it was not conducive to

dancing. Our guests were waiting when we got to the reception; we received our gifts

and then had a sit down dinner. We together cut our cake and fed each other, the

music began and she and I danced the first dance. Others joined in the dancing and

the champagne flowed. We had a wonderful time to cap a wonderful wedding, the little

church was perfect, the reception and dancing a lifetime memory but now it was time

for us to go. Under a shower of rice and best wishes, we got in the limo and went

home, our new home as husband and wife.

Jen said, as we rode, “Jennifer Davidson, I think I like the sound.”

I kissed her saying, “I do too.”

In the house she said, “Get some more champagne and meet me upstairs.”

She didn’t really want the bubbly, she wanted time to change. When I entered the

bedroom she was in a snow white night gown, she came to me, kissed me and helped

me out of my tux. I wanted to help her out of her gown but she kept it on, she hiked it

above her hips and lay on the bed.

With all the reverence the moment demanded she said, “So new husband of mine is

One Eye ready for his bl**dy battle?” The girl, no make that woman’s irreverence was

amazing but I answered, “Ready, willing and…………She spread her legs and I was

upon her.

She was already lubricating heavily and didn’t want foreplay, she wanted me in her

and she wanted me in her now.

“Bob, I’ve wanted you since I was twelve, I can’t wait any longer, take me, take me


Between her welcoming thighs I guided myself to her virgin vagina. She was wet and

willing, she was tight but I slid in ‘til I met her hymen. I stopped, both of our eyes were

open, she nodded yes and I tore her. She squinted her eyes and winced from the pain,

just for a moment, and then she looked at me and smiled. I was imbedded in her and I

began to stroke. Her hands had been fantastic when she was twelve, her mouth

unbelievable when she was f******n, her bottom; when she was sixteen had taken me

to indescribable heights but now I was in heaven, I’d wanted her since she was twelve

and now she truly was mine.

I stroked slowly reveling in the sensations. Gliding forward and back, sliding further into

her virgin flesh, probing unexplored territory. We both had our eyes open, smiling,

each at and for the other, experiencing a sweetness an unselfishness, sharing our

bodies, sharing our love. In my mind I could have continued for hours but my body

wasn’t quite so patient.

My body demanded release. I pumped her faster. Jen wrapped her legs around me,

pulling me tighter against her, deeper into her. My hands were flying over her body,

caressing her sides, her tummy, kneading her breasts, our breath raged, she

quivered, she trembled, she rippled, convulsions washing over her, contractions in her

most precious of places. I swelled and came, just as Jen matched me, frantic, frenetic

we pounded each other; her ejaculate drenching me, mine filling her. Pulsing, jet after

hot jet of my hot cum a deluge of semen and sperm flooding her and suddenly we were

spent. I slowly stroked until I stopped. I was still enveloped in her hot flesh, she smiled

at me and opened her arms, I went to her.

She hugged me to her breast and whispered, “I’m pregnant, you know, it’s your boy.”

I believed her. ... Continue»
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It is what it is,...I am what I am- what are you?

The most wonderful thing about the truth is that it does not require our belief order for it to exist. You will NEVER hear me whine when someone says "I don't believe you" because I don't tell tales to be believed, I tell truths, and it's of little consequence to ME if you choose to believe them or not.

No lie can change it, it's immune to cynicism, and it certainly doesn't give much of a shit what anyone thinks of it.
It is what it is.
With that being said, let me begin the first truth:

I am David.
(the truth begins like all truths,...simple enough)
Born in 1969, in the Denver General Hospital to Gary, and Mary at Nine Thirty three PM on November 23rd.
When mom's water broke, and the contractions had begun Dad was already tipsy.
Mom says dad had to stop on the way for cigs, and got so caught up in telling the cashier about my arrival that it took twenty minutes to get a damned smoke.
In her impatience to get to the hospital, and Dad's inability to shut the fuck up in a crisis she got out to fetch the man.

My head slid right out between her legs at the register.
Fluids pooled, dad panicked, passed out.
Cashier (now driver) had to finish taking mom to Denver General.
i was born shortly before dad sobered.
Here I am 42 years later. On XHamster showing the world everything.

Why is this important?
Well lets just say that my arrival in this world is exactly the statement that defines who I am, hell of an inconvenience,Totally undeniable, but here anyhow.
I am what I am.
The same could be said about the truth.

So much so that often in my rants, weird, and sometimes tasteless comments i bring a very simple but chaotic sense of reality; and like truth, many of you will not like me, or understand me, or accept me.
But like the truth, I don't require anything from you to exist,...but it's nice to know you at least saw me,...and maybe,..just maybe you might recognize some part of yourselves in what I post on this site and find some way to spark a friendship with my soulmate and I.

So here I sit, right in front of you, my wife and I laid bare in front of anyone who wants to see, saying to you that I am here. WE are here.
And we want to know things,....


We want so much to share, and contribute, and find meaning in a meaningless world where else to go but to the hottest place we have ever seen?
Hamster friends the truth is not just out there,'s right here, it is waht it is, we are what we are and we can't wait to get to know YOU!!!

the only truth to find now is

What are you?

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Blacks teen are my toys

I let two black boys fuck me in the woods behind my
house. I was walking up the path that leads to our
backyard and saw them standing there smoking pot.
I had a rough week at work, and I needed a mental brake
My husband was having problems getting hard. So
I had no way to get stress off of my chest or out of my
Needy pussy. I was washing dishes an smelled a faint scent
Of weed coming from the woods behind the house.
I don’t know what made me walked outside and check. I
Had smoked pot in high school and college, and remember how
That stuff used to help melt away my problems. That is when I saw two
Local black teens smoking a joint. I asked if I could get a hit of the buds
Trying to sound hip.

"What's your name lady?" The biggest one asked.

"Cindy," I told them.

"You sure are beautiful Cindy," he said.

"Who are you?" I asked.

"I'm King," he said offering me the joint he was toking
on. They were high school boys I
liked it when they told me I looked very beautiful and
sexy. I was just wearing at navy blue skirt and a light
blue tank top. I didn't think it looked that sexy.
"Damn girl! You lookin' real good. Don't she?" King said.

The shorter black boy said his name was "Tim". Tim
smiled and said, "Yeah you are very beautiful Cindy."

It had been so long since I smoke pot they
showed me how to smoke their pot. How to hold the
joint and toke on it and hold the smoke in my lungs.
They kept telling me...

"Hold it in! Hold it in girl!" and laughed each time I

They let me smoke another joint Tim rolled especially
for me with some small white chunks he added, while they
shared another joint and asked me how I felt, "You got a
buzz yet Cindy? You feel high girl?"

I felt all silly and happy from the pot. I told them
that I liked feeling high and that I had smelled it
coming from kitchen window before.

They laughed and laughed and thought this was super
funny, I remember how pot also made me horny as hell.
In college I would get high and touch on myself,
Without knowing it I was rubbing on my tits.
King said I looked very sexy and asked me
if he could kiss me.

I had only kissed two other black boys before. There was a black boy
In college years ago that I used to sneak kisses from in
There was also a black boy named Ron who I made out with in high school. We would kiss
and make out and he had fun feeling my tits and he slid
his finger in my pussy a couple times. He told me he
wanted to fuck me and I would have let him but there
was always someone else around.

I really wanted to kiss them and I said yes. Tim said he
wanted to kiss me too so I took turns kissing them.

It was fun and they both kissed really good. They hugged
me while they felt all over my body with their hands and
it really made me horny. Having both of the boys hugging
and kissing my face and mouth while they felt my ass and
tits felt so good. It made my pussy feel so warm and
wet. I hoped the black boys were both going to want to
fuck me because right then, I wanted them to...

Tim said I had sexy legs and kept running his hands up
and down my thighs, reaching under my skirt and
squeezing my ass and started to rub my pussy.

My husband had told many times that I was very pretty with
my blonde hair and that I had sexy legs. She noticed how
attractive I was and how other men checked me..
My husband knew that I'd like being
fucked and would want them to do it. I think I would
let them fuck me!

Before I knew it Tim's hand was inside my panties and
was sliding his finger in and out of my pussy hole while
King unbuttoned my shirt, unhooked my bra and started
kissing and sucking my tits. They took turns doing this
while they told me I was the most gorgeous lady they had
ever seen and I loved it.

I told them to keep doing what they were doing because
it felt sooooo good and I was sooooo happy to finally be
doing it. King took out his cell phone camera and started
taking pictures of me saying, "Smile Cindy!" And started
taking pictures of me.

I smiled and was happy that they wanted to be the ones
to do me.

King pulled down his jeans and told me to touch his cock
while he kept kissing and sucking my titties and when
Tim saw this he quickly pulled down his pants too. They
passed the camera back and forth taking pictures while
we made out on the path. I touched both boys cocks and
they felt so smooth and hard and I wanted to just keep
playing with them. They showed me how they wanted to me
to hold them and how to stroke them and said, "That's
how you jack off a black dick Cindy."

I liked how stiff and smooth their cocks felt in my
hands. I knew they both wanted me to kiss and suck their
cocks next so I got down on my knees and started kissing
and sucking. I took turns and switched back and forth on
each boys dick with my mouth and tongue while I stroked
each of those black cocks with my hands. I was doing what
sluts did internet porn movies.

King and Tim love when I would swirl my tongue around the
head of their dicks and lick them up and down. They
really, really liked this and "Ooohed and Ahhhhed" a

They went crazy when I would lick and suck their balls. Both boys
had big dicks AND balls compared to my husband's. Especially
King's dick and balls. My husband’s dick was tiny compared to
These two young horse dicks" Oh my God!" I was going to let
These young black big dicks boys fuck me good.

King had me practice opening my mouth really wide, being
careful not to let it touch his cock until it was way
inside and THEN close my mouth on it when it was really
deep inside. We did this a lot times and he really liked
it and then I practiced on Tim and he liked it too and
said I was "One hot cocksucker!" I really liked all
their dirty talk and feeling high on their pot. I liked
that I was making the younger boys laugh and feel good.

This only went on a long time and it was really driving
both boys wild. My God, their dicks were getting REALLY
hard and swollen. Soon Tim was grabbing my head and
trying to f***e his dick deeper in my mouth saying, "Oh
fuck Cindy! I gotta cum in that mouth now..."

He made me choke some and he started squirting his cum
inside me. This was the first time I ever let a anyone cum
in my mouth and it made me feel so hot. My husband would beg
me to do him that way, I guess his dick was not big enough.
The hair around his cock and balls tickled my lips and
face and felt good. I liked the taste of Tim's cum.

"Swallow it Cindy. Swallow my cum now girl! Suck my
cum!" Tim said over and over while his cock spurted in
my mouth," King yelled. "Hurry up the fuck up Tim! Hurry
up! Bitch has me ready to cum too!"

"Goddamn Tim hurry up or I'm gonna blow on her face!"
King begged him then Tim pulled his cock out of my mouth
and laughed at King saying, "Go on now!"

"Go on and cum on her face! I wanna see it... take a
picture!" Tim said laughing.

King shoved his horse dick in mouth and just as I closed my
lips around the knob head of his cock, touched it with
my tongue and began to suck on it, King started squirting
his cum in my mouth. King's cum was warmer and thicker
and I liked how it tasted too.

I enjoyed being able to make both boys cum and liked how
it felt with him squirting it into my mouth. I liked King
the best because he didn't try to ram his cock inside
like Tim did. He just stood there enjoying it and
smiling at me as I looked up and him and sucked him off
and swallowed his cum until he stopped squirting and his
cock got soft.

King pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to open
wide so they could take pictures of the cum inside but I
had already swallowed it all.

"Damn girl! You swallowed it already?" King said

"Yes I did!" I said matter-of-factly.

I wanted them both to kiss some more but only King wanted
to kiss me with my mouth all cummy. They said my mouth
was made to suck cocks and make men cum. I liked sucking
their cocks and swallowing their cum. I told them I
wanted to do it some more while Tim lit up another joint
and let me smoke some more of their pot.

King started hugging me and feeling me up and finally
stuck his finger in my pussy and started sliding it in
and out.

"You know this is driving me crazy!" I said.

I knew for sure that I wanted to let both of the boys
fuck me before I went home. King told Tim that my pussy
was good and wet and said I was ready to get fucked....

"Let's do it!" I said. I was excited and I told them
that I wanted really, really, really bad to let them
fuck me. I said that I wanted King to fuck me first. They
started to argue about who was going to bust in my pussy first
but I wouldn't let go of King and Tim just gave up and
said, "Go on fuck your bitch..." And pushed us away as
we clung to each other.

We moved off the path over onto some leaves. I
unbuttoned my skirt and shirt and took them off and
pulled down my panties and a laid down on the mulch pile
of leaves my husband had added to over the years while King
stepped between my legs, got on his knees and starting
rubbing the head of his dick inside my pussy to get it
nice and wet. Tim kept telling King to eat my pussy out.
I spread my legs out hoping King would eat my pussy but
all he did was kiss it and stick his tongue in a couple
times to taste me.

"Eat her out King! Eat the bitch out. You gotta eat that
tight white pussy!" He told him.

"I got a good taste," he said to Tim.

"Tastes like she ready for some cock."

"I want you to fuck me now King," I said. Because I was
afraid they would change their minds and I was feeling
so high from their pot and needed to get fucked real
bad. Then he leaned over me, looked in my eyes and
started to slide his cock up inside me. It hurt and made
me start to cry but the black boy just kept pushing
harder and harder and he finally had his cock all the
way in.

"How's that? She took it good Huh? Look at the little
Married slut I got on my cock Tim!" King boasted.

It felt really, really, good.
I was loved having a hard dick inside of my pussy. I explained as I humped
my pussy back at King.
Then he started pinching and pulling my tits really hard
and then, would switch to softly sucking on them. He was
making me cry and moan and I soon found myself wrapping
my legs around his waist when he started to really lay
into me, thrusting in and out harder and harder. I kept
trying to clamp my pussy muscles around it to hold him
inside me because King's cock felt soooo goooood as he
slid it up and down my hole.

He was making me tingle and feel warm and I cried and
begged him to fuck me harder and harder and I shook and
came on his cock. King kept pounding and pounding and it
really, really, hurt when he kept hitting the bottom of
my pussy until we felt his cock head slip all the way
inside me. I felt... WOW!

King really liked hearing me telling him to fuck harder
and that he sounded proud when she said, "I'm all the
way in now Cindy. How you like that? You love my cock?"

He kept breathing harder and looking up at Tim with a
big smile as he kept pounding me hard. King tilted my
pussy back farther and stopped pulling his cock out so
much after he pushed his cock in. He said he was being
careful so his dick could stay all the way inside the
tightest part of my pussy. His cock was really swollen
now and it hurt me some but he made me cum again and I
really screamed some then... After just a few minutes of
those short deep fucks King said, "I'm cumming Cindy...
I'm cumming so good in you."

King started to kiss me hard again while he looked into
my eyes. He was such a handsome black boy and I was glad
he was the first one to shoot his cum inside me. It felt
so good and he made me happy to feel his warm spurts. I
suspected that King had a lot of experience fucking
girls. I was sooo glad I let him be the first one to
fuck me. I laid there and wondered if I'd end up having
a black boy's baby one day. Maybe King's baby.

"I wanted to let a black boy do that to me for a long time," I
said while King lay on top of me.

"You getting done good now Marcy. Keep fucking like that
and you'll be a mommy soon," he said making Tim laugh.

"Yeah let's make Cindy a mommy Tim!" Tim said and let
King lay there on top of me with his cock still inside me
for a minute or so while he got down on his knees next
to my head and just automatically started sucking on his
cock and he said, "Here baby suck on this cock."

"Come on now Cindy, suck my cock some more. Help get me
ready to fuck you," Tim said.

Tim's cock was already ready! I mean, He was so huge. I
was glad King was able to fuck me first and that he put
so much cum inside me. It helped make it easier for Tim
to fuck me next.

I sucked Tim's cock for just a minute but then he pulled
it out of my mouth. I told them that I liked having both
of their cocks in me at once! It felt so sexy!. He told
King to get out of the way and he moved in between my

Tim put my legs on his shoulders and bent me back and
just pushed his dick all the way inside me and kept it
there while he moved it all around inside me.

It all felt so fantastic! I was yelling, "OH FUCK! OH MY
GOD! OH FUCK! OH MY GOD!" Over and over and they loved

The way he worked his big dick around inside my pussy
felt so good and I told him that I liked feeling his
balls pressed up against my butt! He kept doing this for
awhile and I didn't want him to stop. He started
squeezing hard on my tits too and I screamed a couple of
times for him to stop it but he would just start sucking
and biting on them when I did that.

"Damn this bitch feel sooo good n tight King!" Tim said
huffing and puffing as he started fucking in and out.

He kept saying it over and over again and I was enjoying
being fucked. Tim fucked me a lot longer than King did
and King got beside me and made me start sucking him
again until Tim stopped ramming in and out and started
shooting his cum inside me. I didn't realize how much I
would love being fucked by both and I just wanted to let
them keep doing it. And they did.

They took turns fucking me like this until it started to
get late.

I told them I needed to go inside before my husband
got home from work and they said fine. They both hugged
and kissed me really hard and told me to meet them there
again tomorrow after school. I told them I would and
kissed them both again. They made me promise to not tell
that we got high and that we fucked. I deep french-
kissed them both again while they grabbed my tits and
ass and I promised not to tell anyone ever.

"I'm not ever going to tell!" I promised.

"That would be dumb. I like fucking!" I told them.

My pussy felt all opened up as we walked up the path and
I missed the feeling of having their cocks inside me.

I kissed them each one more time and walked up across
the yard and turned around to wave goodbye as I unlocked
the back door and went in. The next time "we'll fuck in
here." I thought.

After I got inside I went upstairs and looked out the
kitchen window and saw them down at the end of the path
smoking more pot and wanted to be back out there with
them again. I went to the bathroom.
When I sat down to pee I my pussy still felt all fucked
and opened up. Some of the boy's cum leaked out of my
pussy and plopped into the toilet and the sound made me
laugh. I washed their spit off my face and was brushing
the leaves out of my hair when I heard a car pull into
the driveway...

It was my husband!

When I went back down to the kitchen and looked out the
window but Tim and King had both gone. There was no sign
of them. I went and hugged my husband. he asked my how my
day went and I said, "Oh, just another boring day at home" I told him.

Like I'm supposed to tell her; "Oh baby I got high with
two black boys and let them take turns fucking me!"

Yeah right. It wasn't really a lie. School WAS boring.
It was what happened AFTER school that was fun!

We ate dinner While cum leaked
out of my pussy. I asked my husband if he could give me some head.
If he couldn’t have sex tonight. I pulled up my skirt and let him suck
On my used clit, he had no idea that I just let to black teens nut inside of me.
King Hut

... Continue»
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My plans for you.....

I couldn't take it anymore. I set it up so I could have you and you wouldn't know who I was. You wouldn't see me. I got some of our friends to trick you into playing a game. You were to come to the hotel, let them blindfold you and I would take care of the rest. I watched them bring you in and put the blindfold on and handcuff you to the chair. At first I was nervous but the fact that you couldn't see made me more confident. I dressed with care in a black lingerie outfit with a thong. I came out and started playing "Lady" By Styx and began a slow lap dance on you without speaking, for fear you would recognize my voice. I felt your response immediately. All I could think was that I finally had this gorgeous man with a six pack and body that could make me want him on me in seconds. I finally have my chance. Then you say,"who are you, and what are you doing to me" I put my lips to your neck and moved back and forth so you would understand that I wasn't talking. Then I went in for the kill knowing you couldn't move. I like to torture and I finally get the chance to do it to you of all people. I slid your pants down slowly and ripped your shirt off since you were handcuffed to the chair. Then I decided I wanted a taste of this man I've been dying to have. I began licking from your nipples and kept going. You finally got the idea I guess because you started squirming and I finally got to the treasure I wanted. Your cock was ready and waiting for me just to have a taste. I licked the tip of it and felt you jerk again. I sucked you deep into my throat and played with your balls. You started screaming loudly and started bucking out the chair. I was a professional and didn't even know it. I sucked your cock like a pro and kept my mind focused on giving you pleasure. Then I felt the pressure building up like you were about to blow and I decided I wasn't ready for you too. So I stopped sucking and squeezed the head to prevent you from cumming. You groaned in frustration. I was surprised you were still hard, I expected to wait a bit but I guess your determination was strong. I wanted you to shoot your hot cum inside of me. I stood up and sat in your lap. Then I removed all of my lingerie and rubbed my breast all over your chest. Then I put one up to your mouth and made you suck it. I put them in your mouth and you were like a baby who was thirsty and starving for any milk I could give. I almost lost it right then and there, but no I wanted us to come together since this would be our time. I finally grabbed your dick and placed it at the entrance of my pussy. I rubbed the head of your dick all near the area and allowed my juices to coat your cock before I eased your hot cock into my waiting wet pussy. I wanted this so bad and could finally get it and sat on your cock as if it was the last one I would ever have. You moaned again due to how tight my pussy was. I began to ride my prize stallion with everything I had, going up and down and squeezing my muscles on your cock until it sounded like you couldn't take anymore. I stuck my tongue in your month in a move I learned that stimulates the mouth on all levels causing you to squirm and move within my pussy even further.I could feel my orgasm coming on and wanted you to finish with me. I asked if you were well fed and you understood ? You nodded you were so ready you couldn't speak. I immediately tightened my lower muscles and proceeded to milk you for all you were worth. I wished I could see your eyes roll back into your head with how good this pussy was, but I knew the score. I finally allowed us to reach our peak and you fell right asl**p afterward. I licked every drop of cum still on your cock for my personal pleasure and unlocked your handcuffs and helped you onto the hotel bed. I got my stuff and left. The next day you told me about this amazing woman who put it on you. I smiled a secret smile and allowed you to talk and reminisce about me.... Continue»
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sometimes i dream about you

its late at night and you are walking along the beach enjoying the soft gentle see breeze as it cresses your skin drinking from a bottle of wine you have with you you decide to lay down in the sand but first you look around to make sure you are alone and slowly as you do lay down resting you drink more of the wine and slowly you close your eyes and relax after a while you feel something soft caressing your legs without opening your eyes you try to brush it away and your hand touch’s mine your eyes fly open in shock and you say "what the fuck " and I just smile at you and say relax and enjoy and for some reason you do as I go back to caressing your legs and kissing my way up your thighs and slowly spread your legs apart until I’m kissing your sweet honey spot thru your bathing suit and slowly sliding a finger up inside of you gently rubbing your clit as your hips start to trust against my hand and face then without warning I tear your bathing suit bottom off of you and slide my tongue into you licking and caressing your pussy trying to savor your juices that have started to flow out of you then you can feel my hands on your hips trying to draw you closer to my face as I nibble on your clit with my teeth and tongue lapping your outer lips as I slowly build up the speed of my finger s going in and out of you you feel the start of your first wave of organism building inside of you and your hips move faster and faster as you hump against my face until you are at the very edge of release and you grab my head in your hands and you try to push it harder against you then suddenly I reach up and grab one of your nipples and pull and twist it between my fingers as your organism explodes thru your body and you are beating a tattoo on my back and head with your fists and you wrap your legs around my neck crossing them behind it forcing yourself hard against me as I lick and slurp up all of your juices that flood out of you like a wave of passion juice that I try to lick and suck from your pussy so not a drop is wasted on the sand of the beach then slowly as your organism subsides you feel me still sucking on your clit and flicking it back and forth with my tongue now sliding 2 then 3 fingers into you faster and faster and your moans first soft and quiet grow louder and louder as you feel another organism building deep inside of you you grab my ears and pull my face up off of you and say to me " why ? Who are you? and I just smile and say nothing at all and go back to licking and sucking on your pussy harder and faster I lick and finger fuck you until your organism is about to explode thru your body and your moans have become screams of passion and then suddenly I stop pull away from you and you look up as I take your tits in my hands and slide my cock between them fucking your tits with my rock hard cock until I blast a load of cum up on your breasts and your chin and the whole time I have been fingering your pussy not quit letting you achieve release then I move back down and go back to sucking on your clit until you explode with your second orgasm of the night then I kiss my way back up your body and you feel that I’m still hard as I slowly slower then you can imagine possible slide into you until you feel my balls slap against you and your eyes widen at how full it makes you feel with all of me inside of you then I take your legs and place them behind me so that you can cross them behind my back and I roll us over so that you are on top and I tell you ok now fuck my cock bounce that ass up and down hard babe use my fuck stick as your ride on toy and slowly lift you up and down on my cock as I trust up into you and your hips start their little dance again and I lean forward and lick your big hanging breast sucking on first one then the other nipple until they harden as I pull down on your hips harder and harder as you slide up and down on me faster and faster you ride my cock as I lick and suck on your nipples faster and faster your hips move as I thrust up into you harder and deeper each time I enter you as I try to grab your tits and suck them both into my mouth flicking mu tongue across both your nipples and bite them leaving little bite marks on your two awesome beautiful big tits and then without warning I slide a hand down and start playing with your clit as you ride my cocjk that send you over the edge and your organism blasts thru you exploding like the 4th of July in your pussy as well as thru out your body then you roll off of my lay beside me and stroke my still hard cock in your hand and you hear me growl a low guttural moan filled with lust and I crawl up beside your face and stroke it in front of you and you reach out with your tongue and lick just the head as I growl and explode upon your tongue and across your face what seems like gallons’ of my cum blast on to your tongue and across your face into your eye and into your hair and then as I start to relax from the pleasure of my release I lay beside you put my arms around you and we snuggle there in the late night sand and slowly holding each other close you feel safe and alive warm and protected and you drift off to sl**p purring softly like a kitten that content
in the morning you awake but do not see me and you are dressed again and none of your clothing is missing as you sit up you wonder wow was it all a dream or did it really happen and then you notice tiny bit marks upon your breasts then you notice the wine bottle you had with you the night before that now sits empty except something strange about it because stuck in the neck is a single rose and a note as you read the note is simply says WHAT an AMAZING NIGHT and then you notice that there is something on the stem of the rose and in the morning light it sparkles and you see that it is a necklace with a single large blue sapphire cut into the shape of a heart and you wonder who was he will I see him again and you wonder what is his name he never told you ... Continue»
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“Mom are you a whore?”

Mom Bent OverIntroduction: Mom was naked and bent over taking it from behind.

I came home early because practice was cancelled. I was not sneaking around but apparently I had not made any noise either. As I passed Mom’s bedroom the door was open. Mom was naked and bent over, with one of her shoulders pressed against one of the canopy bedposts. Mr. Jenkins from down the street was fucking her hard and fast from behind. Her long flabby tits were swinging all over the place as she hung on for dear life. If she wasn’t careful she could give herself a black eye. Mr. Jenkins was older and fatter than my father was and his cock was smaller too. Then it dawned on me that his cock was in Mom’s ass. That bastard was butt-fucking my mother…and she loved it. I stood there for a good five minutes watching them fuck.

Mom had always loved her big king sized canopy bed with four posts that went almost to the ceiling. There was a cloth roof over it and silk curtains that hung down. Those curtains were almost always tied back to the corner posts. In this case I was glad because they blocked her view of me. Besides her head was on the far side and to top it off she was extremely busy…having anal sex with the old fat guy from down the street.

I stood perfectly still so as not to catch his eye but it probably didn’t matter any since Mom had his full attention. She had been talking constantly. She said things like, “Your wife likes it when I eat her pussy.” “You feel much better in my ass than my husband does.” “Take your time big boy, my son won’t be home for another hour.”

Mr. Jenkins finally held her tight, shoved his cock into her ass as far as he could, and filled her with cum. His tiny dick slipped out and he backed away from Mom. She spun around, dropped to her knees, and started sucking on his cock, the same one that just slipped out of her ass. That was when Mr. Jenkins saw me standing in the hall looking at him.

He tapped Mom’s head and said, “I thought you said that he wouldn’t be home for another hour.”

She just shifted her eyes toward me, then she slipped her lips off his cock, and said, “Hi honey, I’ll just be another minute.” Then Mom went back to sucking his cock.

I stood there not moving until she was done. Mr. Jenkins picked up his clothes and walked past me on his way to the front door.

Mom stood up and said, “I hope you enjoyed yourself. I’ve had an audience before but it is usually the guy’s wife not my own son. Did you like what you saw? Do you want to fuck me? You can if you want too, I don’t mind.”

I asked, “Mom are you a whore?”

Mom laughed and said, “No honey, I’m just a frustrated housewife whose husband doesn’t satisfy her anymore and I’m not alone either.”

Interested I asked, “You’ll let me fuck you and…there are other women out there like you?”

Mom laughed again and said, “Yes honey, are you interested now?”

Now what horny f******n-year-old boy would pass up a chance to loose his virginity, fuck his own horny mother, and possibly fuck other horny women too? Of course I said, “Yes, get on your back and hold your legs up, like I’ve seen on the Internet.”

I got out of my clothes and got between her legs. I shoved my cock into her pussy and grabbed onto her nipples. If she wanted to act like a whore I would treat her like one. I pinched and twisted her nipples as hard as I could. She cried out and I filled her with my cum. It was fantastic. I would never forget my first time.

I pulled out and asked, “Who are these other frustrated housewives?”

Mom laughed and said, “Mrs. Jenkins for one. Her husband would rather fuck me than his own wife. That’s why she comes over here and begs me to lick her clit for her. She munches on mine pretty good too but I really like a good hard cock. By the way you’re hard again, which hole do you want this time?”

She was still holding her legs up and I was still in position so I stuck it in her ass like Mr. Jenkins had. It was wet and it felt tighter than her stretched out pussy had. I was going to let her suck me off just as soon as I pulled it of her ass. I liked the idea. It was dirty and sometimes sex should be dirty, at least that was what one of the older boys at school had told me once.

I did cum in her ass and she did suck me off. I had lost my virginity and fucked Mom in all three holes but I wasn’t done with her yet. I wanted to fuck her big floppy tits but Dad came home from work. We both got dressed as if we had been doing something that we shouldn’t have, but it really didn’t matter since Dad had grabbed two beers and was sitting in front of the television when we got downstairs.

I decided to help Mom with dinner. It wasn’t a gesture of kindness it was so that I could feel her up while we worked. At first she seemed uncomfortable with my advances but quickly decided that I wasn’t about to let Dad catch me and spoil a good thing. She was wearing tight blue jeans but I could feel her warm pussy against my hand. The best part was that she was wearing a loose T-shirt and no bra. I could not believe how soft her tits were. They hung halfway to her belly button. She had long nipples too and I pulled on them as if I were milking a cow.

I offered to help her with the dishes but she told me to go up to my room and play with my computer. I would rather play with her, but I went up anyway.

I was looking at Internet porn and stroking my cock when Mom knocked on my door and entered.

She smiled and said, “Your father is going to be busy for a while. A football game just started. What would like to do.”

I just said, “I’d like to tittie fuck you this time.”

Mom smiled and removed her T-shirt. She got on my bed and let me sit on her tummy. She pressed her tits together and I slipped my cock between them. It felt interesting, there was just enough friction, and it didn’t take me very long to cum all over her upper chest. I watched as she scooped some of it up with her fingers and sucked it into her mouth before sucking my cock clean.

Mom said, “My friends are really going to love you. That’s four times in four different places in less than four hours.”

I asked, “Can I fuck Mrs. Jenkins tomorrow after school?”

Mom smiled and said, “I’ll ask her to come over.”

Mom picked up my cell phone, dialed a number, and said, “Hi Linda this is Molly. How would you like to let my son fuck you tomorrow after he comes home from school?” There was a pause, “He sure can.” Another pause, “Yes he did, four times in less than four hours.” Another pause, “Yes, after your husband lubricated it for him.”

Mom hung up and said, “She will be here early. She has been thinking about you a lot lately. Apparently she saw you playing with yourself a month ago when she was on her way to the bathroom. Remember, she and her husband were over here playing cards with your father and I.”

I remembered them being here but I didn’t remember Mrs. Jenkins catching me jerking off.

School dragged but just soon as that last bell rang I was out of there like a shot. I ran home and flew into the house. I called out and Mom’s voice told me that they were in my bedroom. The door was open and both women were naked on my bed.

Mom said, “I’ve got her all warmed up for you.”

Mrs. Jenkins said, “Come here and give it to me all you want. Your mother will cover for us. We have a good six hours if you want me that long.”

I said, “I’ll need your panties and a picture of you naked. You too Mom. I’m starting a collection.”

Mom smiled and picked up two pair of panties off the floor. She handed one pair to Mrs. Jenkins. I got my digital camera and took a picture of them both holding up their panties. Then I took one of just Mom and then one of Mrs. Jenkins. Mrs. Jenkins tossed her panties at me and then she laid back, opening her legs up for me. I took another picture of her like that. Mom did the same thing. Then they started making love while I continued to take pictures of them. It was far better than the Internet porn that I been used too.

When Mom finally got off Mrs. Jenkins I got right in there and started fucking her pussy. She loved it, she cried out, and she had an orgasm. She couldn’t thank me enough. In between me fucking her, she and Mom started making mental lists of other women that were in need of my services.

They mentioned Mrs. Emerson from our church. I knew her daughter Gina. Gina was a year behind me in school and she was pretty. I had had fantasies about fucking Gina but I wouldn’t pass up her mother that was for sure.

I asked, “Can I fuck Mrs. Emerson tomorrow after school?”

Mom said, “I’ll give her call while you entertain Linda.”

We sucked and fucked for an hour before Mom came back. She told me that Mrs. Emerson would here when I got home the next day. Then she told me that I was to bring Gina home with me. Mrs. Emerson wanted me to take her daughter’s virginity and then fuck them both together. Mom also said that they were going to be wearing their prettiest panties and that they were willing to pose for me. Gina would have spent the night but both of our fathers would have wondered what was up with that. Damn it! I would have loved to spend the night in bed with Gina but Mom said that I would get my chance some day soon.

The End
... Continue»
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What Are You Hiding?

It began as a regular sort of day the usual two mugs of coffee with half teaspoon of sugar and French Vanilia Creamer, beard trim, shower, checking the internet to see if any lovelies messaged me overnight then looking at the political blogs on CNN to get my bl**d raised, then off to work.

Or so I thought.

Door unlocked, check. Key in igniation, check. In Park, check, Turn key.... what!?!? Click, click, click... Damn. And damn again.

Well, there no time to do anything but catch the bus since I cannot be late this morning. Sales meeting and the Regional is coming down to give us a pep talk (usual BS, but cannot be helped)and its mandatory.

Walking fast to the "Stop" I find that I've made it in time. Maybe a few minutes late but the Czar is always late, I swear the man will miss his own funeral; so, we're OK.

What this? A woman. Not just any woman but one who could stop a run-a-way truck. Lord, low cut blouse and high skirt, dark nylons and spike heels: she's a public health threat causing men to have heart attacks looking at her. But, how do you keep your eyes off?

Oh! She caught me looking at her... well, she'll just turn her head and ignore me, old enough to be her father: she's smiling at me! Now why did she do that sitting down letting her skirt hike up... damn brillant view> Oh! she sees me staring and she's smiling.

Probably conceited though. Beautiful and she knows it. Probably married anyway, but I don't see a ring on her left hand: still - Darn her! I am getting aroused. She still smiling at me...what, she moved on the bench to give me room. Mercy, well here it goes.

"May I Miss?" "Yes," she replies, ""Nice to be asked for once, Finding a gentleman is rare." "Thank you for the compliment, ma'am." She turns toward me and... and, there is a view right down her clevage, the breast are beautiful..she saw me staring down, well she know men I am sure.

"I haven't seen you here before," she ask taking a shawl and covering her attribures from view, "Are you new to the neighborhood?" "No, actually I've been here quite a few years, usually drive to work but the battery is dead thos morning," I answer. "Sorry to hear that," she repiels and I say, "Well it happens. I am Don. You?" "Lisa," holding out her hand.. What possessed me to do .that, I kissed her hand. "Oh dear," then giggeling, "I feel like a lady," she say looking embarassed, "Well you are a lady. So you should feel like one."

We were silent for a bit after that which was just as good cause even her voice was send bl**d to my member. At last, the rumble of the diesel could be heard and the smell of the exhaust and with that the appearence of the bus.

I paid her fare.. why, I didn't realize I did it. "Thank you, sir," she says as she sits opposite me on the front two bench seats. She crosses her legs and I get a flash of her panties - unintentional I guess - but the sight send day dreams rushing into my mind. My cock is getting hard so I take my briefcase off the floor nd put it in my lap... she notices.

"Are you married?" Huh? What? "Don, are you married," "No, Lisa, I am divorced," I say somewhat bewildered, "Sorry to hear that." After a bit she ask, "When did it end?" then adding, "if its none of my business, it's OK." "No problem, five years ago last March," then adding, "She wanted out,"
"Sorry, I shouldn't have asked," she replies.. ackward now, she shifts a bit looking down so I ask, "Are you attached?" "No, my boyfriend cheated on me," now looking sad I feel ackward... Thank goodness my stop.

"Oops!" as we bump into each other and her breast touch me chest. My cock is harder now and the briefcase is in front. She norices smiling. I let her in front as a gentleman should a lady and see she's got a sweet round ass. We both step down onto the walk and she's going the same direction I am.

I reach the office building starting up the few steps and, what is this, she is as well. Turning with a big smile, "Yopu work hear?" "Yes, I am a sales man for United Electrical Industries on the 20th. Floor," "Oh we're neighbors!" "Huh?" I work "Timison, Barkley, and Jenson, Attorney's" next door to you. Do you know Julie in your office?" "Yes," I say in reply as we walk across the vestibl toward the elevators, "She's our receptionist." "We have lunch together sometimes," she says as I punch the up button and realize that her perfume is intoxicating me.. "I take the 5:30 bus home, will I see you tonight?" "Yes," my cock is throbbing but there's time to make it into the men's room, then turning toward me in the car she says "You're a nice man, I am glad we met. Then kneeing my briefcase as if to say "What are you hiding?" she gives me a peck on the check and turns around saying, "Looking for you tonight at the bus stop Don" giggling she walk away shaking her $100 million dollar ass - on purpose!

Oh my cock is hard... ... Continue»
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Oh Nurse! (What are you doing to me?)

After five years as Garden City Elementary School nurse, Leslie Bien (pronounced Bee-N like the French word for good) had her morning routine down pat. She was at her desk with a coffee checking immunization records when the phone rang. It wasn’t a ring, more of a warbling chirp.
The display read “D. Renniks”.

A call from the Principal first thing in the morning was quite unusual.

“Morning Les,” he greeted; “we’ve got a student from out of state and we haven’t been able to get his medical records released.”

“So you want me to make some calls to—“

“No... no it’s in the works it’s just taking longer than we thought. The thing is the boy’s mother is getting upset because I can’t enroll him without them,” Dave Renniks explained.

“I called Sheila over at the board office and she said if we got an up to date physical then we could let him attend classes on a temporary basis... just until the records get here.” the Principal related the solution he’d uncovered.

Leslie listened and deduced what was coming next.

“I need you to give him a physical this morning... Is that going to upset your agenda?”

Leslie’s first thought was: ‘What does it matter Dave? You’re the boss, and if that’s what you want... then that’s what I’ll do.’

Her second thought was: ‘When was the last time I did a full physical? It has to be at least two or three years.’

“No I’ve just got a routine day planned... it doesn’t take that long any way,” the forty year old Nurse Practitioner confided.

“Good,” Principal Renniks sighed. “His mother is bring him over about ten. His name is Tyler... Tyler Banks.”

When she hung up the phone the NP started mentally reviewing her examination procedures for pubescent boys. She tried to deny it, but there was a sensation between her legs when she made her mental checklist for the genital examination process.


“Come in,” Leslie responded to the rap in her door.

The door opened and there stood the new thirteen year old student looking like he was at the Spanish Inquisition; behind him stood Dave Renniks with a hand on the boy’s shoulder.

“Miz Bien, this is Tyler... he’s all yours.”

The boy stepped through the door aided by a small push from the Principal, who closed the door behind him.

“Good morning Tyler,” the nurse greeted the shaky looking student. “You know why you’re here?”

“My mom said I have to have an examination before I can start school.”

Leslie felt the boy’s eyes scan her up and down. She was only three or four inches taller than the new student. Her white coat hung open providing a view of her modest length blue pencil skirt and white cotton blouse. She didn’t find it in the least unusual for the boy’s eyes to linger on her substantial bust.

‘Men...’ she was thinking, ‘as soon as they reach puberty they’re fascinated by tits.’

Used to it or not, she felt her nipples tighten and knew that they were pressing on her thin nylon bra and would make their condition evident through her blouse. She pulled the coat closed to hide the reaction. The friction of the stiff material had the undesired effect of rubbing the sensitive pegs, sending a tiny but noticeable pleasure pulse to her womanhood.

“You’ve had physicals by your doctor before, right?” Leslie queried the boy’s familiarity with the process.

The strained look on his face as he shook his head in the negative was natural fear of the unknown.

“It’s quite simple really and doesn’t take very long,” the nurse explained hoping to belie the trepidation.

“I’m just going to look at your eyes, ears and throat... then I’ll listen to your heart and lungs and finally I need to poke around on your tummy a little bit.”

Leslie was pleased that the incomplete and innocuous sounding description released some of the tension in the thirteen year old’s face.

“Step in here for me,” she suggested, opening the door to the examination room that adjoined her office.

The boy passed her entering the little room. She could see his nervousness returning as he took in the examination table and antiseptic smell. Leslie was well aware of what her next words would do to him.

“I need you to take your clothes off... you can leave your under shorts on for now... okay?”

The expression on the new student’s face said that it was very much not okay! The nurse thought she heard a small gasp. Her patient had just turned a lovely shade of rosy red. His eyes went wide and his mouth opened in shock.

Tyler stood trying to absorb what the very attractive red haired nurse had just said to him.

‘Take my clothes off!’ his brain echoed the words, and his stomach went into a knot.

Something seemed to be stuck in his throat and he realized that he had the urge to cry.

‘What a baby!’ he chided himself and swallowed the lump. ‘Did she say leave your underwear on FOR NOW?’

The feeling in his throat wasn’t the biggest problem. Suddenly his bowels were burning and his rectum clenched. He was a quivering mass of panic when the pretty lady gave him her most reassuring smile and said,

“When you’re done take a seat up on the table and give me a shout,” and then she closed the door.


“I... I’m ready,” he called out when he completed following the instructions. Even as he said it he knew nothing could be further from the truth.

Leslie opened the door and thought the teenager looked smaller somehow sitting on the paper covered table in just his dark blue jockeys. Her heart went out to the terrified looking boy. She’d never have chosen this profession if it hadn’t been for her compassion and desire to help people. She could empathize with her patient’s anxiety thinking about her own annual appointments that inevitably involved a pelvic exam and PAP smear.

The image of her on the table so spread and exposed flashed in her mind just for an instant but it was long enough to send a tremor to her pussy.

Picking up the otoscope from the side counter she said,

“Okay... let me take a look at you.”

During the eyes, ears and throat examination Leslie was pleased that Tyler seemed to settle down a bit. When she initially had him turn his head to look in his ear she could feel him vibrating like a tuning fork through the scope. By the time she put the visual aid back on the counter and discarded the tip his shaking was down to a light shiver.

She moved the stethoscope over the pubescent chest noting that his nipples were as tight and hard as pebbles. She did wonder if it was for the same reason that hers were hard.

And speaking of hard, she was quite sure the next step in the exam was going to present the boy with all the challenge he could handle.

“I need you to lay back for me now,” she requested, pushing gently on his bare shoulders to illustrate what she meant. “Just stretch out on the table and relax.”

Tyler was very conscious of the bulge his penis created in his under shorts now that he was in the supine position. Up until now he’d been sitting on the edge of the table while this beautiful woman had been touching him all over his upper body; but at least his crotch had been more or less out of sight. Now she was getting the full frontal view with only the meager covering of the blue jockeys between him and nakedness.

“I’m going to poke around your tummy... let me know if anything hurts you... okay?”

Tyler was thinking there was no possibility of relaxing. He felt like a guitar string stretched to its breaking point. The nurse began poking and prodding just below his ribs and was gradually working her way down his belly. He intended to look up at the ceiling but when he looked up he found himself staring at the underside of the school nurse’s breasts. His cock jumped in response to the sight and he closed his eyes tight to shut off the visual stimulation.

Leslie glanced at her patient’s face regularly looking for signs of discomfort as she palpated his abdomen. She saw him wince when she wasn’t even pressing and caught the movement under the jockeys out of the corner of her eye. She couldn’t help but smile.

“Okay, I need you to pull these down to your knees for me now,” she clarified her meaning by giving a little tug on the waistband of the boy’s shorts.

The strained expression on his face turned to pure terror.

Nurse Bien turned toward the counter top and opened the drawer containing the box of exam gloves. She was fussing unnecessarily with the scrunched up latex so her back was to the boy on the table. The nurse thought it might be easier for him to drop his drawers if she weren’t looking right at him.

Tyler’s head was spinning and his gut was churning. What he wanted to do most was to run.

Very few people had seen him with his pants off and absolutely none of them were gorgeous women. As if to make the challenge even greater he could still feel his member trying to twitch, pressing against the confines of his briefs. He prayed that it would settle down and willed it to be soft, but he knew that he had about as much control over his dick as he did the weather.

Seeing no way out he finally summoned the courage to comply with the nurse’s instruction. He dug his heels into the crunchy paper and raised his hips. Flexing his stomach muscles he pushed his underpants down to his knees and then collapsed back on the thinly padded table top exhausted. He had never felt so exposed in his life.

Leslie detected the boy’s movements without looking. She recognized the sound of him returning to the prone position as she snapped the second examination glove into place. She couldn’t completely ignore the tingling in her pussy when she turned back toward the table.

The distress on the teenager’s face was heart wrenching.

“It’s okay sweetheart... just relax, I know this is pretty embarrassing but it won’t take too long, I promise,” she consoled her mortified patient resting one of her gloved hands on his shoulder.

Her eyes swept down the naked boy’s body until she reached the target of this part of the exam. She could tell that his uncircumcised penis was not completely flaccid. The smallish boyhood hovered over the juncture of his thighs and twitched occasionally. Tyler had his legs tightly pressed together.

Putting her hand on the thigh closest to her she said,

“I need you to spread your legs for me.”

While she applied outward pressure on the boy’s skinny thigh the teen opened his legs just slightly.

“A little wider honey,” she encouraged using both hands to push his legs apart.

They reached the point where the jockeys were stretched tight just above the boy’s knees. Leslie decided she needed more room.

“Tyler, honey... it might be easier if we took these right off,” she recommended touching the stretched briefs and looking at the teenager’s dazed expression.

“Would that be okay,” the nurse asked permission but she was already at the foot of the table tugging on the briefs.

At this point the boy on the table wasn’t capable of making any sort of decision. All he could think about was trying to keep his cock from rising any more.

When Leslie concluded that her patient wasn’t protesting she pulled the underpants down and over his feet. She tossed the shorts onto the chair in the corner that already held his other clothes. It wasn’t as if the blue cotton had been of any use in preserving his modesty but Tyler still felt as though a line had been crossed now that he was completely naked.

The process of removing the jockeys had resulted in his legs getting closer together again, so when the nurse returned to the side of the table she pressed firmly outward on each of the boy’s knees. There was some resistance.

“It’s okay Tyler open nice and wide for me.”

Leslie saw the little penis jerk as the boy’s scrotum came into view.

“Tyler... do your friends call your Ty?” she said slipping her hand under her patient’s sack.

Tyler heard her words but the meaning was washed out of them by the latex clad hand cradling his f****y jewels. He managed and unintelligible grunt that was as much a groan from the sensations his examiner was creating as a response to her question.

Rolling the firm little orbs over her fingers comparing the size of the left versus the right was creating a persistent throb in the nurse’s mons.

“Are you anxious to get back to school?” Leslie asked glancing up at the boy’s face just as she began to squeeze very gently on his left testicle.

Again the teenager knew the words were directed at him but the sensations swamping his nervous system made him unable to decipher the meaning. He groaned as if to respond.

Tyler had been masturbating for almost two years now and had never paid much attention to his nuts during his self-pleasuring. The steady stream of erotic stimulation from Nurse Bien’s gentle touch gave him a whole new appreciation of his balls. He felt his member jerk and twitch and he knew that he was fully erect now but he was past caring. He couldn’t control it—couldn’t stop it—so he let himself wallow in the delight.

Leslie’s nipples were tingling and her pussy felt like the bass drum in a marching band.

“Do you have any problem fully retracting your foreskin when you pee?” she asked watching his boyhood doing its little dance.

“—“ Tyler stammered with the embarrassment returning now that the attention was focused on his dick.

“I just need to check that it moves freely,” the nurse advised. “And I need to take a quick peek at the head... okay?”

When the boy raised his head and looked down over his scrawny chest Leslie saw the renewed terror in his eyes.

“Take some nice deep breaths for me,” she suggested.

She took the immature tool between the thumb and two fingers of her free hand while she continued to gently massage his testicles with the other.

The erection had already exposed the tip of his glans. Nurse Bien marveled at how hard the developing manhood felt as she began to pull down. Her vagina responded with a spasm.

What was left of the puckers in the excess skin of the boy’s prepuce quickly stretched out as it expanded to allow the ever widening bulb of the pinkish purple head to emerge. The skin moved quite freely back until it reached the critical point—the largest part of the head—and then it snapped into its retracted position. The glans was completely exposed and the nurse was not surprised to see the droplet of fluid emerge from her patient’s urethra.

The latex covered fingers pulling his foreskin back made his balls feel really hot and tight. Tyler felt the pressure building up and a whole new problem made him squeeze his eyes shut.

‘Oh my God she’s going to make me cum,’ he stressed and employed his meager self-control trying to prevent it from happening.

“Is your new house bigger than your old one?” Leslie asked trying to divert his attention from what she was doing.

She pulled the skin further down the rigid shaft until the excess was piled at the base. The foreskin was now completely inside out and the nurse observed the health capillary veins and the corona.

Her patient uttered another unintelligible grunt in response to her question and she glanced up to see the strain in his scrunched up face.

“Deep breaths sweetie,” she recommended. “I’m almost done here.”

The nurse gently removed her hand from the teenager’s scrotum.

While she continued to pull back on the boy’s prepuce with her left hand, she used two fingers of her now free right hand to open the cleft in the head of his penis exposing the urethra. Another, larger drop of fluid appeared in the bright red crease and she probed the gulf with her finger.

Tyler felt the nurse pulling the head of his dick open. When she pushed into his pee hole with her finger a new thrill shot into his balls. Just for a second her thought he’d lost it but then she took her hands away and Ty wasn’t sure if he was disappointed or relieved.

“Okay... we’re almost done,” Nurse Bien comforted.

“I need you to roll over on your side facing the wall and pull your knees up to your chest.”

Tyler felt a sense of relief at having his hard-on out of the beautiful woman’s view. He had no idea what was coming next.

While her patient was assuming the position Leslie applied a generous glob of lubricating gel to the longest two fingers of her right hand. She was glad that the throbbing between her legs had diminished a bit now that she was no longer holding the boy’s penis.

Tyler felt the coolness of the rubber glove on his butt.

“I’m sorry… this will be a little cold at first,” the nurse warned as she pulled on the round firmness of the boy’s top cheek.

He felt his butt cheeks separating and barely had time to wonder what was going on before the reason for the nurse’s warning become evident. He felt the cool gooiness of the gloved fingers right behind his sack. Whatever it was on her hand was being smeared up over his pooper.

Leslie did a quick visual inspection between the boy’s cheeks noting no abnormalities or evidence of hemorrhoids before she proceeded. She thought she saw the crinkled brown sphincter wink just before she coated it with the gel. The hot textured flesh of her patient’s anus felt so nice under her finger tips.

“Aaahhh,” the boy groaned at the unusual sensation.

“Just relax and take nice deep breaths for me,” Nurse Bien told her patient as she wiggled her finger to locate the center of her target.

Tyler felt the finger intruding into his bum hole and gasped.

“Okay honey, you’re going to feel some pressure now,” she cautioned pressing her finger, with her palm down, past the restrictive muscle.

The first knuckle slipped inside and the intensity of the heat seemed to flow up the nurse’s arm and almost instantly lodge in her pussy. The heat she was feeling was nothing compared to the burning sensation that overwhelmed the naked teenager on her examination table.

Initially Ty felt a warm glow as the nurse’s finger entered him, but it got continually hotter and spread. He bit his lip to keep from crying out. It was hot everywhere now, his balls, his legs, his belly. Like nothing he’d ever felt before.

Leslie rotated her hand as she pushed all the way in and her finger tip engaged the firm sponginess of the boy’s prostate.

‘Oh God... oh my God what’s she pressing on...’ the boy’s head went spinning and his balls cramped.

It was too intense... he had to escape.

His hips reflexively moved forward trying to get away from the probing finger.

Leslie was almost done but she lost contact with the gland when her patient pulled away. In an effort to complete the examination she put her right hand in front of his pelvis to keep it from moving any further.

She didn’t intend it, but it happened nevertheless. Her hand came in contact with her patient’s rock hard cock. Instinctively she gripped it.

When Tyler first felt the nurse’s hand on his dick he was still intent on relieving the hot pressure from his backside, so he thrust forward. The movement of his hips pushed his penis through the woman’s gripping fist, retracting his foreskin exposing the penile glans. The exposure of his dick-head made him retract, with the quite unintended result of fully impaling himself on the latex covered finger again. Automatically he thrust forward to escape the penetration.

Nurse Bien was frozen. She maintained her position as her patient’s hips bucked back and forth. She realized that, quite unintentionally and through no doing of hers, she was finger fucking the boy’s ass and simultaneously jerking him off. Her pussy spasmed violently and she knew this wouldn’t last.

His hips pumped five—maybe six times—before Tyler felt his balls clench. He knew what was coming.

Leslie saw the first spurt of ejaculate shoot two feet across the three foot gap between the table and the wall before succumbing to the f***e of gravity and splattering near the baseboard.

The hoarse wail was almost a scream. Ty felt like his balls were in a vise.

The second, third and forth blasts of ejaculate were progressively less powerful and each one landed a little closer to the exam table. Nurse Bien felt her vagina clench in sympathy before she pulled her finger out of the teenager’s rectum.

She took a wad of paper towel and wiped up the semen as best she could, knowing that she’d have to do a more thorough job later. After depositing them in the bio-hazardous waste container she took out the container of sterile wipes and put it on the counter. Returning to her patient she said,

“I put some wipers there so you can clean yourself up,” she put her hand on the boy’s shoulder but he never moved from the fetal position he was in.

“As soon as you feel up to it you can get dressed and come out… your mom’s waiting for you in the main office.”

She closed the exam room door behind her, crossed her office and stood beside her desk doing relaxation breathing. She could have stressed over the unethical occurrence in the examination room but she hadn’t done anything wrong—had she—at least not on purpose. She hoped the new student wouldn’t take too long.

Worrying about what had just happened would have to wait because she had an urgent appointment with the pocket-rocket that she kept in the zippered side pocket inside her purse.

THE END.... Continue»
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my mom “Are you a squirter?

My mom the e****t

I never really knew my mother and my father wouldn’t talk about her.
My father never dated or saw women that I knew of. He was a stock broker and his work seemed to be his life.
I was sixteen when my father died and it changed my whole world.
First was all the money from his estate, it came to over fifteen million. In his letter to me, he made a few recommendations that I followed.

Next was the fact that almost everything in our townhouse was sold. Last was the tall stunningly beautiful woman that was my mother. She had just appeared at the door only twelve hours after dad had died. She didn’t really talk much. She just seemed to be there to comfort me when I needed it.

A week later dad was buried, the estate was settled and suddenly I was on a plane with a mother I had never known. The city we went to was fairly large. My mom had told me to call her Cara and she had the taxi drop us at this tall apartment building. Her apartment was on the tenth floor and as soon as I opened the door it was like stepping into another world. Cara looked at me and seemed to smile to herself, “I have never had a man up here before.”

We set our suitcases down and she reached for my hand. That was something she had avoided until now, (touching me I mean). She led me into a living room that definitely belonged to a woman. She sat me down on a couch and sat beside me. She was sitting sideways to look at me and took a breath, “I need to tell you something so just listen okay?”

I nodded and she looked down, “The reason your father divorced me was because I cheated on him. I have a high sex drive and he… didn’t.”

She paused and when I didn’t say anything she looked up, “Simon, I’m an e****t… a… call girl.”

That got my attention, I knew guys that would kill to be with her. I smiled, “I hope you carry a club to beat the unlucky ones off.”

Cara grinned and then laughed. She squeezed my hand and seemed to relax, “I’m glad it doesn’t bother you.”

I shrugged, “Cara, you may be my mother but I have never known you as my mother. You are an incredibly beautiful woman that seems smart, you have class. As for being a prostitute… I can understand that. I must get my horniness from you because it sure wasn’t from dad.”

Cara laughed, “I don’t give freebees.”

I grinned, “There’s always service in trade.”

Cara grinned, “And what would you trade?”

I laughed as I stood up and looked around, “Oral sex comes to mind, but I’m sure we could find some other way to mutually satisfy each other. I could even cook or clean. I draw a little too, but for that I need quiet and something nice to draw.”

I looked down to see her looking at me amused, I grinned and waved, “Bathroom?”

She nodded to the hallway and I went looking. When I came out she was waiting and led me to a bedroom that looked a little generic with a big queen size bed and a nice dresser. My suitcase was beside the bed and I looked at Cara as she turned and walked out. I put my stuff away and grabbed my drawing pad and colored pencils.

I walked out to check the place out and ended up in the kitchen. After looking around I decided to make a nice dinner. I was humming as I started and wasn’t paying attention so I didn’t see Cara when she came in. I turned away from the stove and she was smiling at me from the kitchen table, “Find everything?”

I grinned, “Yeah. Some of it was getting a little old but I think I got it before it went bad.”

She laughed, “I could get used to this.”

I laughed as I turned back to what I was doing, “In that case I’ll only charge you an hour. I think a nice sexy gown would work for my first picture of you.”

I looked back at her surprised face, “You wouldn’t have one that was a dark blue would you?”

She grinned and stood up, “I’ll check just for you, but dinner better be worth the trouble.”

I grinned but didn’t let her see it. An hour later I turned from putting dinner on the table and was floored by Cara. She was stunningly gorgeous and smiled as she swayed into the dinning room. I shook myself and moved to hold her chair. Cara was surprised at how good the food was and I grinned. “Two years in a cooking class helps a lot.”

Cara laughed and then smiled, “So you want to be a cook.”

I shook my head, “I was trying to impress a girl. She took off with a pothead instead.”

Cara shrugged, “Maybe you tried to hard.”

I nodded, “Maybe. She sure wouldn’t pose nude for me on the first day.”

Cara sipped her tea and shook her head, “You’re trying to hard.”

I grinned and shrugged, “I’m a horny teenage, we all try hard.”

Cara laughed and finally stood up. “Where do you want me to pose?”

I smiled and finished setting the dirty dishes in the sink, “By the big picture window in the living room.”

Cara grinned, “Not on my bed?”

I grinned as I picked up my drawing pad and pencils, “Maybe next time.”

It was an hour later that Cara sat beside me to look at the drawing. She was surprised at the detail and the way she looked life like in the picture. I smiled as I looked at the drawing. It was one of my better ones I thought. In one corner I used a black pencil and signed my name. I carefully removed the picture from the pad and put it in the center of the coffee table. Cara actually kissed me goodnight.

I woke up to the bed shifting and an exotic looking beauty staring into my eyes. I blinked and looked around as another woman laughed softy. The woman on the bed with me caressed my face almost as if checking to see if I was real. “How did you get into Cara’s apartment and why are you sl**ping in my bed?”

I turned my head to look down her naked body and then looked back into her face. I grinned, “Cara brought me home. I must have impressed her.”

The woman laughed, “A man can impress Cara and she still wouldn’t bring him here.”

I brought a hand out from under the covers and caressed her face, “You’re real.”

She laughed and the second woman joined her as she walked around the bed stripping her clothes off. She pulled the covers back and slipped in next to me. She was a short haired blonde with beautiful perfect breasts and a nicely trimmed pussy. I looked back at the Asian woman on my chest and she grinned. I wiggled and moved up in the bed to sit up, “Cara is my mother.”

The two women looked at each other and then at me just as a throat cleared at the door. I smiled at Cara in her silk robe, “I think two of the three bears came home and found goldilocks in their bed.”

They all laughed as I tried to slide out of bed. Cara walked in, “Peaches, Toni, this is my son Simon. If I were you I would be carefully. I don’t believe he has managed to have sex yet and as he reminded me, teenagers are always horny.”

They grinned and the exotic beauty refusing to let me out of bed kissed my chest. “But virgins are so yummy.”

They laughed again and she let me go. Cara smiled as I stood up reaching for my sl**ping pants beside the bed. “And he has a nice package too.”

The other two women had been staring at my erection and I blushed, “I better go make breakfast before someone tempts me too much.”

They laughed as I left. In the kitchen I washed the dishes from last night before checking the cupboard for cereal. I ended up just making toast and sitting down to think. Living here was going to be difficult. When Cara came in a few minutes later I stood, “Toast?”

Cara nodded and I began making her my version of vanilla cinnamon toast. When I sat back down she smiled, “You’re going to spoil me.”

I smiled and went back to eating. Cara finally sighed and I looked up. She smiled wryly, “I guess I can pay one of the others to…”

I grinned and then shook my head, “I don’t think so. Trade in kind Cara.”

She looked at me and then shook her head and laughed softly. When she stopped she reached across the table for my hand and squeezed it. I looked into the other room, “Peaches and Toni live here?”

Cara shook her head, “They just crash sometimes. Peaches was the blonde that climbed under the covers with you.”

I grinned, “I could give an audition of my oral… skills?”

Cara laughed and squeezed my hand before standing. “I need to make some calls.”

At least it was summer so I didn’t have to worry about a new school yet. I cleaned up and slipped into the bedroom for a change of clothes. I grabbed my netbook while I was there and smiled at the sl**py face of Peaches as she opened her eyes. I waved and closed the door quietly after I left.

I showered and dressed before going into the living room. Cara was sitting in one of the chairs talking on the phone and I sat across from her and started the netbook. First I needed a car and after looking online I looked at Cara, “Do you have a garage here?”

Cara glanced at me and nodded but didn’t stop what she was doing. I mapped out the dealership that was closest and saved it. I shut the netbook down and put it in its case before walking to Cara and waiting. She glanced up and after she told whoever to wait, she smiled at me. “Yes?”

I smiled back, “Do I need to do anything to park a car in the garage here? I was going to buy a new car.”

Cara told whoever was on the phone she would call them back. She looked at me, “You don’t want to spend all your money on flashy toys Simon.”

I grinned, “Actually I was thinking of a small hybrid.”

She grinned, “Well, that’s even more sensible than me.”

I laughed and she stood up and walked to the front door and the phone on the wall. There wasn’t a keypad on the phone so it must have been a direct line. When she came back she was grinning, “The garage attendant will let you in and the building consigliore will give him a card key for you so you can get in at night. I should still be here when you get back and we can get a key for the apartment made.”

I gave her a quick soft kiss on the lips and left. It only took me about thirty minutes to find the dealership and another two hours to buy the car. I drove home and parked the car in the garage. The attendant had said I must be the luckiest bastard in the world. I don’t think Cara had told anyone I was her son.

When Cara let me in there must have been twenty women in the living room. Peaches and Toni were walking around in one of my dress shirts and I shook my head. “You know I charge people to use my clothing.”

All the women quieted and Toni walked towards me, “And what are you going to charge us stud?”

I grinned, “Sometime this week you each owe me one hour of posing in a nice dress.”

One of the women gasped, “You’re the one that drew the picture!”

All the women were talking with several asking what picture and finally Cara whistled. Before she could say anything one of the women cleared her throat, “Where’s his clothes? I need to borrow a shirt.”

Everyone laughed and Cara shook her head and grinned at me. She pushed me towards the kitchen, “go do something in the kitchen.”

I grinned and leaned over to kiss her cheek, “Yes, mom.”

The women looked at Cara and a few snickered. Cara blushed as I walked away. I spent awhile making a shopping list until Cara walked in blushing. I glanced at her, “Their not still teasing you are they?”

She smiled and embraced me, giving me a soft kiss. She caressed my face, “You made an impression.”

I grinned, “Any of them sign up for my mutual assistance program?”

Cara laughed and shook me. She looked back at the doorway and blushed even more, “Actually they want you to audition.”

She looked into my face, “On me.”

I blinked and then grinned, “Are you a squirter?”

Cara blinked and then laughed and grabbed my hand to start pulling me out of the kitchen, “In your dreams.”

I shook my head as she led me around to the front of the couch. All the women were standing around the couch watching. Cara stopped and unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. I smiled at her black lace panties, “I’ll have to remember those for your next picture.”

Cara smiled as she slowly pulled her panties down and off. Cara’s pussy was beautifully trimmed. I looked up and she reached out to caress my face, “Do you want me to tell you what to do?”

I pushed her back gently, “Sit down Cara. Lay back, open your legs and close your eyes.”

She smiled and sat on the couch and leaned back. When she opened her legs all I could do was stare at her pussy. It took Peaches tapping my shoulder to make me remember what I needed to do. I smiled at her, “Thanks gorgeous.”

She grinned as I began taking my shirt off. Peaches caressed my bare shoulder. “You don’t need your shirt off stud.”

I grinned as I held the shirt out, “Actually I do.”

I looked around, “anyone want to borrow my shirt?”

The women snickered as a petite brunette reached out to take the shirt. I smiled at her and then looked at Cara’s pussy as I knelt between her legs. I caressed her inner thighs absently. “How could anyone not want to keep you satisfied all the time?”

The women laughed but I ignored them as I leaned down to softly kiss her clit as it peeked out. Cara shivered and I smiled as I caressed her again. I licked through her pussy and squeezed her clit with my lips as I started rubbing her outer pussy lips with my thumbs. Cara started moaning as I sucked her clit in wiggling my tongue back and forth over it rapidly.

I rubbed just under her pussy between it and her asshole as I pushed my tongue into her and then sucked in her clit again. As I began teasing her clit again, I pushed two fingers into her and up under pelvic bone. I fucked them against her G spot as I gentle bit her clit. Cara jerked and her back arched, “YES!”

Her body went into spasms as her pussy tightened and then she squirted into my mouth. I missed the second one as she jerked her pussy away from my mouth, “YYEESSS!”

I covered her pussy again as she shuddered violently and her body thrashed around squirting a third time. I pulled my fingers out of her now tight wet cunt as her body dropped to the couch panting. She squirted a small bit of cum out a forth time and I licked it up. I moved up and held her body as it shuddered and twitched. She finally opened her eyes and looked at me, “Where the hell did you learn to do that?”

Everyone laughed and Cara blushed. I kissed her softly and sat back. “Just because I haven’t had intercourse doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything.”

I stood and held my hand out to Cara and pulled her to her feet. I turned towards the hall and looked back at Cara, “By the way, you taste as good as you look.”

The women laughed again as Cara grinned. I stripped in the bathroom and walked into the shower. I washed quickly and stepped out to a lovely smiling Hispanic woman. She handed me a towel as she looked at my cock and licked her lips and then up at my face, “Some of us were wondering if you would draw a picture of us.”

I smiled as I bent to pick up my pants and started for the door. “Sure.”

I opened the door and looked back, “Dressed or nude? I haven’t gotten a girl to do that yet.”

She grinned and started following me, “I’m sure we could work out a trade.”

I laughed and walked into my room. I dressed and came back to the living room. Most of the women were gone. Peaches, Toni, Cara and the petite brunette were all sitting together with a couple of others looking at the picture of Cara that I had done. I smiled and picked up my sketch pad and pencils.

I sat in the one empty chair and turned to look out the window. I tuned everything out and turned the pad to an empty page. It was a while before Cara’s hand on my shoulder made me stop. I glanced up and smiled, “Done with your conspiracy?”

Cara grinned and shook me, “I have to work tonight. Donna will stay here if you need anything.”

I smiled and looked around the empty room, “Donna?”

Cara ran her hand through my hair and then sat on the arm of the chair. “Can we be serious?”

I smiled and put the pad down and then pulled her lovely body onto my lap and against me. Cara looked at me and caressed my face, “About sex?”

I smiled and leaned back pulling her with me. “When I was eleven the babysitter taught me about oral sex. I’m afraid it became a kind of obsession and I enjoy it very much. I developed late and didn’t ejaculate until I was thirteen. It wasn’t until I was almost fifteen that I had a growth spurt and my… package caught up with the rest of me.

As much as I thought about having sex I didn’t, it just didn’t feel right. It wasn’t until just before dad died that I decided to… you know and by then I knew I didn’t want just any girl but a woman that would teach me and be willing to let me do what I wanted.”

I looked at Cara, “The problem is that as much as I tease, it is only half serious. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever been with and as much as I want you to be my mother, I also see you as that beautiful woman and I want you.”

I hugged Cara, “I’ll try to tone it down if it bothers you.”

Cara laughed, “Simon, for the first time in s*******n years a man has entered my life that I am both attracted to sexually and… and physically.”

I looked at her face and then gave her a soft kiss before patting her butt, “If I kept you here you will solve my problem.”

Cara kissed me quick and slid off my lap. She took my hand and pulled me up, “We need to go out.”

Cara was a different person as we did a few errands. She was a happy carefree woman that flirted and teased me but also seemed to hold me close as if for comfort. One of the things she bought was a nice frame for the picture I had made of her and I bought several more… just in case.

I bought a large collection of small Asian tea cups when we went shopping for food. When we came home Cara caressed my face, “I need a couple of hours of sl**p before I have to go out tonight.”

She gave me a soft kiss that seemed to linger and then walked away. I found Peaches, Toni and another woman in my room and sighed. I grinned when I had the idea and left only to return with a kitchen chair, my pad and my pencils. I found the right angle and sat down and started drawing. It took a little longer to finish the drawing but I didn’t rush it and took my time.

When I finished I signed it and took the chair out. I started a nice light dinner after thinking hard. If Cara and the others were e****ts they would probably dine out with a client, soo… I was putting the finishing touches on when a sl**py looking Cara wondered into the kitchen.

She looked around and opened her mouth to say something but I held up a hand. “It’s only a light meal and I made enough for Peaches, Toni and the other woman too.”

I nodded to the counter where my pad lay and turned to pour her a cup of my special mixture. Cara was looking at the drawing of the three women sl**ping as I handed the small cup to her. “This isn’t coffee, tea or chocolate but try it anyway.”

I turned away to finish what I was doing and then glanced back, “I should warn you that it’s a mild aphrodisiac.”

Cara grinned and picked up my pad to carry it into the dinning room. I went to my room to find Toni awake and teasing the other woman while she still slept. I smiled, “I made a light dinner.”

Toni smiled and gave the other woman’s nipples a light tug which made her moan and open sl**py eyes. I shook my head as I headed back to the kitchen. I set the dinner out on the table as the women made their way to the table to join Cara. Cara grinned and slid the pad to Toni as she sat down beside her.

Toni frowned at me and passed the pad again as I dished their dinner up. Needless to say they weren’t thrilled with a picture of them sl**ping. I took the drawing pad away from a grumpy Peaches, “What you see as yourself looking less than your best is different then what I see.”

I looked at the drawing and then closed the pad, “Besides it was for me.”

It was an hour and a half later that Cara stopped to kiss my cheek as I sat reading a book on my reader. She caressed my face, “I’ll see you in the morning.”

I nodded and felt a little tight in the chest as I watched Cara, Toni and Peaches leave dressed up elegantly. The other woman that had been sl**ping with Peaches and Toni walked in wearing my sl**ping pants and nothing else. I shook my head as she settled onto the other end of the couch with a book and a cup of coffee. I put my reader aside and picked up my drawing pad.

Donna didn’t even look up as I looked at her for a long time and then began to draw. When I was done, I smiled at how well it turned out and thought about how well my drawings were since I had come here. I sat back and relaxed before using a regular pencil to draw Toni as she was when she was naked and laying on me this morning.

I always liked black and white drawings and went from Toni to each of the women I remembered from earlier. I lost track of time like normal when I draw and it was Donna that reminded me by leaning over the chair and kissing my cheek. “Bed time Michael Angelo.”

I grinned and looked back, “Does that mean I get to lick your pussy?”

Donna grinned and tussled my hair, “I charge for that.”

I looked back at my pad as I went back to work, “That’s too bad. You miss out on so much if you always do that.”

Donna didn’t say anything as I finished my drawing and then went to bed. When I woke up Donna was in bed beside me sl**ping. I got up as quietly as I could and went to start my morning exercises and then my meditation, (something I hadn’t done since before dad died). I was meditating when Cara came home. She hesitated and then came to sit in a nearby chair. I finally sighed and looked at Cara, “You stink of sex. Either take me to bed or go wash.”

She looked at me and then smiled as she stood and walked out. I shook myself, I had just finished meditating and here I am… I stood and stretched before heading into the kitchen. The days passed slowly into weeks and more often then not all of Cara’s girlfriends spent their time here. I became frustrated not just with the lack of sex or the privacy to masturbate, but by their constant reminder that they would only have sex if they were paid.

I had drawn all of them in nice gowns as well as in other settings including topless. Cara knew something was wrong as I became more withdrawn. The damn broke a month after I had been there. All the women were over for the morning and one of them joked that they would take care of me for a price which made the others laugh.

Cara had gone to her room to get something and I just snapped and stood to walk to the big window. The room quieted, most of the time I either ignored them or teased them back. I looked out on summer rain, “It hurts to know you women only think sex has to be paid for.”

I turned to face them, “What you do to live has a harmony but each of you lack that harmony when you aren’t working. You hate or distrust all men because at some time in your life one of them hurt you and betrayed you. Because of that you close off your trust and hide behind what you do to live.”

I looked around the room, “Yes, I am a man and would love having sex with any of you. Everyday you remind me that I would have to pay for that privilege. Everyday you remind me that you don’t trust me. Everyday you go out of your way to say I am not one of you.”

I walked to my drawing pad and shoulder bag with all my pencils and snatched it up to walk to the door. I looked back at the silent room full of women, “I could easily afford to make love to one of you every night but that isn’t what I want. The woman that I want to have sex with is the one that does it because she wants to be there, not because she has to.”

I walked out and left the building ignoring Cara’s phone calls throughout the day. I spent my time meditating in a local Buddhist temple. When I came home it was already dark out and late, no one was in the apartment. I made a cold dinner and went to bed. I woke to the bed shifting and the morning light shining through the window. I opened my eyes to see Toni on my chest again. I sighed, “You do know there are other ways to wake me up.”

She grinned and patted my face while looking into my eyes, “We want to talk to you. Come into the living room.”

She slid off the bed and I watched her bare butt as she walked out. I thought about just closing the door but rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom first. When I came here I had gotten out of the habit of sl**ping in the nude and wore my sl**ping pants now. When I walked into the living room all of the women were there. Cara was sitting quietly with Peaches and Toni holding her hands while she sat on the couch.

They were all naked and I looked around before Nancy, a tall redhead waved to one empty chair. I walked over and sat down leaning back to let them get it out of their system like I had yesterday. Melody cleared her throat, “We wanted to apologize Simon. What you said made us think and while some of us think you were wrong about some things, we all agreed that we were wrong too. To show you we trust you, anytime we are here we will be naked. If you want any of us to have sex, we will and no one will say anything about you or anyone paying…”

I held my hand up, “I don’t want you naked all the time. As much as that would please me, that wasn’t what I meant.”

I looked around at all of them, “When you are together and I am not here you act different. You think nothing of caressing or touching each other or in Toni’s case teasing someone awake. When I am there you change. You say when you come over you will go naked. That tells me you will spend less time here because you are uncomfortable.”

I looked at each of them and then stood and walked to Sarah, a beautiful brunette that I knew only tolerated men she serviced. I caressed her bare hip and then pulled her against me to kiss her softly. She let me do it but I still felt her hesitating. I smiled and kissed her under her right ear and turned away. “Having sex with you is only a thing, a desire of lust. If you truly want me to be part of your life then do what I just did to Sarah.”

I looked back at her face and smiled, “Don’t think about lust Sarah. Remembering my touch, knowing me, was what I just did sexual? Sure, there was some sense of wanting you but was that what I did?”

Sarah looked at me and then grinned, “You made me wonder.”

I nodded, “Exactly.”

I walked to the couch and pulled Cara up. I looked into her face and kissed her softly and held her body against me while caressing it not wanting to let go. I leaned back and looked at Cara and then slowly stepped back and looked around, “That was lust and longing and wanting.”

They laughed and Toni stood up to caress my face, “All boys want their mother.”

I smiled and looked down as they all laughed. I took a deep breath and looked around, “The difference between loving the touch of a friend and wanting sex is very small. I meant what I said, the woman I want to have sex with is the one that wants to have sex with me. If you feel that you want to have sex with me than it would be right.”

I looked around the room and pulled a surprised Toni against me, “Now put some clothes on while I take Toni to my room for a… talk.”

Several chuckled as I started walking with Toni against my hip. I glanced at her, “I’m tired of you waking me up the way you do.”

Toni grinned, “What are you going to do about it?”

I smiled as I guided her to my bed and turned her before pushing her back. She grinned as she landed on the bed but I continued onto the bed between her legs. She adjusted to fit me between her legs but I only kissed her and then started kissing down her body. I stopped above her trimmed pussy and smiled up at her, “From now on every time you wake me up like that I will punish you.”

She grinned as I leaned in to kiss her pussy and then lick through it. Toni shivered and groaned as I sucked in her clit and began teasing it with my tongue. Toni’s pussy had just a hint of strawberry to her slight musky taste and I loved it. I held her slowly humping hips as she fucked up against my face.

I kept licking her and teasing her clit until I used my lips to gently bite it. Toni jerked and her whole body shuddered as she groaned and finally pushed my face away from her pussy. I smiled as I turned her and pushed her body under the covers, “go to sl**p.”

I leaned over the bed and kissed her softly on the lips before turning away from the bed. Peaches, Donna and another woman name Georgia were grinning from the doorway. I smiled and as I headed out and they went towards the bed. Cara stopped me in the hall and caressed my chest, “Come to bed with me?”

I kissed her softly and looked into her eyes, “If I do…”

Cara smiled and embraced me, “That’s fine, I want you inside me.”

I looked into her eyes and finally nodded. I put my arm around her naked waist and we walked into her room. Cara was strangely shy as she knelt and pulled my sl**ping pants down. She moved me to the bed and had me sit before kneeling between my legs. I shook my head at the soft kiss on my cock and reached down to pull her up. I pulled her onto the bed as I wiggled back to make room, “Not with your mouth Cara.”

She looked at me and started to straddle me but I put my hand down to stops her. I turned onto my side kissing her softly. I caressed her face before lying back, pulling her on top of me. I didn’t let her move up to put me inside her as I caressed her back and then down to her hips. She looked into my face and then smiled and relaxed letting me feel her body.

When the bed shifted and several other women moved onto the bed Cara stiffened. I kissed her bare shoulder and rubbed her back gently, “They won’t hurt you.”

Cara took a minute to relax and I finally moved her up my body. I reached between us and guided my cock to her pussy but didn’t push in. I kissed her and caressed her face, “Do you want me to put a condom on?”

Cara shook her head but didn’t look up, “No baby.”

She pushed back slowly and moaned as my thick cock pushed her pussy open and slid deeper. The feeling of my cock inside a woman for the first time was incredible. I felt Cara and then other hands as they started to caress me. One woman, (I think it was Sarah) whispered, “Relax Simon, its okay.”

I didn’t even realize I had started crying as Cara pushed my cock all the way inside her and shuddered as I pushed against her womb. Hands caressed my face and wiped away the tears as my body slowly arched and I peed a huge stream of cum. Cara gasped, “Oh my god!”

I began shaking as the cum stopped and my cock throbbed and then jerked as I spewed another stream onto Cara’s waiting womb. Cara was grunting and shuddered as I stopped cumming and shivered before my cock jerked and I shoved it up and into the opening to Cara’s womb before I spurted a huge strong gush of cum that filled it.

I jerked when it stopped and shivered before groaning as I pumped another large spurt of cum into Cara’s belly as she moaned and shuddered. I spurted again and then shook as it was over. Cara sighed and shuddered and whispered, “Damn. A guy’s first time he always has a lot of cum.”

The women on the bed snickered and Cara giggled before lifting her head to look at my red face. She kissed me and then laughed, “Okay baby, now I am going to fuck you soft.”

I smiled and caressed her back, “You can try.”

She grinned and then kissed me and sat up. I looked down to see cum running out of her onto me. The women were laughing and snickering at Cara as she looked between her legs. She blushed, “Maybe we better let me douche.”

Sarah moved against her and gave her a kiss. She looked down and caressed my chest, “Just roll over and fuck her Simon. Most of the cum will come out.”

Cara laughed, “Until he fills me up again.”

I smiled and caressed her body, “Stay like you are and just love me.”

Cara leaned down to kiss me softly and I shivered as her hips began to move. I caressed her bare butt, “This way feels really good”

The other women laughed and Sarah lay down and caressed my shoulder, “I’ll try to relax more Simon.”

I kissed Cara and looked at Sarah before reaching out to caressing her face, “Think about this Sarah. Why do my pictures make you girls look so beautiful?”

She blinked and absently put her head on the pillow. Cara was slowly rocking back and forth. Sarah finally shook her head, “I don’t understand.”

I was kissing Cara and lightly feeling her hips and bare butt. I looked at Sarah, “When I draw you, it isn’t about sex or even your body. I don’t look with just my eyes Sarah. I draw what I see in you, what each of you feel like to me.”

Sarah looked at me and smiled and nodded to Cara, “Love her Simon.”

I smiled as I caressed and held Cara in my arms. “I already do.”

I pulled her down and rolled so that she was under me. She had automatically spread her legs and I grinned before reaching down while lifting up. I closed her legs and straddled her with my cock still inside her. I stroked in and out and she moaned while shuddering. I laughed and kissed her as I slowly fucked down through her slit and into her pussy.

Cara shuddered and held me as her pussy grasped my cock. It was a minute before I groaned and shuddered at the same time as Cara. My cock began to swell and jerk and Cara’s pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. I peed another thick strong stream of cum against Cara’s womb and her back arched, “He’s doing it again!”

I peed and spewed and pumped thick streams and spurts of cum and Cara had a small river of cum running out of her before I even pulled out to lay beside her. The other women were laughing and Cara had a huge grin on her face. “I should pimp him out. The women would love to feel that.”

I smiled and tugged on her nipple, “Lay still.”

I climbed out of bed and looked at the women, “would you lay with mom while I draw?”

They laughed and Sarah snuggled against her. I came back with my pad and pencils and sat in mom’s cushioned chair. The women were smiling and gently caressing each other. Sarah and mom would give each other soft kisses and then kiss one of the other women. It was an hour before I finished and moved to the bed and turned the pad for them to see.

I felt relaxed and for the first time since coming here I felt at home. Nancy slipped off the bed and pulled the covers up over mom, Sarah, Melody and Jasmine. She took my hand and led me to the shower. After we finished and dressed she took me out walking. She held my arm as we strolled and when we returned to the apartment it was quiet.

She kissed me and slowly undressed before reaching out to take my clothes off. She caressed my face, “You can make love to me later. Right now I need you.”

I smiled and led her to the couch and sat back. Nancy grinned as she straddled me and slowly sat on my hard cock. She leaned against me and began to rock and grind. I held her and caressed her bare back and after awhile she shuddered and then groaned as her pussy tightened. She grinned and started thrusting back and forth while shuddering and shaking her head. When her pussy grasp my cock again she groaned and her body spasmed, “God!”

I loved the way her pussy felt, the way it was almost velvety. I caressed and rubbed her hips and shivered as she began to thrust forward and lifting up before pushing back and down. She looked at me and smiled, “I have never really done this for pleasure, but man do you feel good.”

I caressed her hips and then up her sides before pulling her gently against me to feel her bare breasts against my chest. Nancy shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock. She went back to slowly fucking me and grinding against me. It was a minute before she became erratic and shook her head as her pussy squeezed my cock. She jerked and shuddered hard, “aaaahhhh!”

She stopped moving as her pussy tried to milk my cock and her upper body twitched against mine. She slowly spread her legs wider and my cock pressed firmly against her womb as she started rocking and thrusting back and forth. I was rubbing her bare back as she continued to moan and shake. I gave her a soft kiss as her womb opened and the head of my cock entered. Nancy jerked and spasmed, “oooohhhh!”

Her pussy contracted on my cock as her hips thrust back and forth quickly. She even squirted a little cum as she shook her head. I smiled and caressed her hips, “Nancy?”

She shuddered, “Yes?”

I leaned forward and licked and nibbled on her neck under her ear, “Are you protected?”

She groaned as her pussy squeezed and tried to milk my cock again. She squirted again and her body started jerky convulsions. I was getting ready to lift her off my jerking cock when she threw her head back, “YES!”

I held her shaking body as mine tightened. I jerked and shuddered as I peed a huge gushing river of cum into her womb, “I’m cumming!”

Nancy gasped, “oooohhhhh, FUCK!”

Her body spasmed as her womb filled and then I sighed and relaxed only to jerk and shake as I spewed a huge solid stream of cum again. Nancy kept shaking as I filled her womb and caused it to expand. I shivered as I stopped and held her as I spewed a third huge spurt of cum. Nancy’s eyes were wide and she had this really big grin on her face.

I shook my head as I pumped a fourth and then a fifth spurt. When I was done, I sighed and shuddered. I shifted and pulled back slightly and felt Nancy’s womb close. I turned my head to clapping and Nancy laughed, “That was amazing.”

I smiled and kept caressing her back, “Thank you Nancy.”

She laughed again and hugged me, “It was my pleasure.”

The others came in and Sarah sat beside me as Cara sat on the other side. Sarah caressed my shoulder as she absently kissed Nancy’s shoulder. “If you keep making us scream, I will have to take you to bed myself.”

I grinned and kissed Cara as she leaned in. I held Nancy and reached out to touch Sarah’s face, “For you I would go much slower.”

She grinned and then laughed.
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Flirting at the mall.......are you sure about that

Before I begin my story let me say that the next time you're at the mall be very observant because there are more of us t-gurls out there than you might think. Since I am one I know what to look for and can pick them, ask yourself that hottie I'm watching for the next few moments a female or a t-gurl??? Wink wink.

OK, so, at the mall. Shopping for shoes......everybody does it including us "gurls". The real trick to "doing the mall thing" for t-gurls is to totally blend in and be just like the women that are there. They dress down and go totally casual for the most part......throw their hair up into a messy up-do, throw on some jeans, maybe a cute top then grab the coat and go......not a big deal. I did the same.......I even had a pair of sunglasses up in my hair as I had worn them from the car and remembered they were there when I walked in-doors.

Picking up the story, I'd been to three shoe stores and had narrowed down what I wanted to buy so I headed back to the store where the heels I want are sitting waiting for me. As I'm walking I notice a very good looking guy standing at a kiosk staring at me and nearly undressing me with his which I smiled, winked and kept walking. His stunning looks had me all a-flutter for a moment or two but I kept going and soon reached the shoe store where the saleswoman saw me walk in and said something about how she knew I'd be back for the shoes and she'd kept them set aside for me. I decided I'd try them on one more time to be sure. As I was seated and slipping them on I noticed my new admirer standing in a sly posture just barely in sight out in the mall walkway........hmmmm did he follow me? Lets find out. So, I get the shoes on and I'm walking around a bit so I can see how they feel and to see if I can get a better line of sight on my admirer. Yep, he's still there. He changed positions to see me better and he's watching me walk around. now I know. I buy the shoes and as I walk out of the store he's still there but doesn't seem to know I've detected him. I'm going to see if he follows me further. As I'm walking along I see the perfect opportunity to test him......Victoria's

I go in and situate myself at the display at the front of the store that's filled with panties. I choose a spot that allows me to see out the doorway and no sooner do I do that and he re-appears. Yep.......he's totally tailing me. So, I decide to have a little fun. I'm rummaging through the panties a bit and find a pair I like so I hold them up like I'm inspecting them and I look right at him.........he gets this surprised look like he knows he's busted on his So, I hold the panties up for him to see and nod at them as though seeking his approval.......which he gives a positive nod to. Since the sale was 3 pairs for whatever I found three and went to pay for them. I was enjoying this.

Walking out of VS I found him standing right where I expected him to be. So, I winked and kept walking knowing I had him wrapped around my finger at this point. I walked over to the Starbucks in the middle of the mall to get a drink and sit down to watch and see what he'd do next. Would he come over to me? We'll see. As I sat down and got my drink situated I noticed my new friend standing about 50 feet away with a smile on his face. After a couple sips I motioned for him to come join me........which he seemed all too happy to do.

He spoke first and introduced himself and began to sit down across the little table from me. As I was introducing myself he kind of hesitated and looked at me.......yea, my voice had given me away...........but he still sat down and I seized the opportunity to be truthful by asking him if he'd ever met a "gurl like me" before? No.....he fact he'd always wondered about gurls like me but had never run into one til now. I said that as happy as I was to meet him I would totally understand if he wanted to go back to his shopping....thus giving him an easy way out if he was uncomfortable. No, he said.....he was fine......just a little surprised was all.......but pleasantly surprised.

After some light conversation I hatched an idea that came to mind and asked him if he wanted to shop with me a bit as I had a couple of things I wanted to look at before leaving the mall........he gladly agreed to. Off we went to one of the finer department stores. As we were walking I said to him "lets have a little fun" and I grabbed his hand and we walked as though we were a couple.......his face totally blushed and I giggled as I was enjoying what I had in mind for him.

We got to the department store and I took him to the formal dress deparment. There was literally nobody in the staff and no customers.....perfect. I picked out a dress that I liked and said I wanted to try it on and that, if he wanted, he could come back to the dressing room and see how it looked in a couple of minutes......"we'll see" he said with a smile. I figured, what the heck.......if he disappears now its no big deal and I still got to have a little fun with him. Well, I hadn't been in the dressing room for but a minute or so and i heard his voice........"are you back here?" I opened my stall-door and waved him over and in......quickly closing the door behind him. I was now standing in front of him only in panties and a he looked at me with a grin.

I moved to him and kissed him. Soon my hands wandered to his pants where his hard cock was dying to get out of his jeans......and I wanted to help. I pulled back and un-did his jeans as he whispered "are you sure?"......I nodded yes, that I was. As soon as his thick and raging cock was free I had it in my mouth and then deep in my throat. His breathing was quick and shallow and he was loving it. I felt his hands on my shoulders as they slid my bra straps aside. Since my bra had a front-clasp I quickly undid it and let it fall to the floor. He quickly cupped my breasts in his hands which made him breathe a little harder and made his balls tighten up.....mmmmmmm such fun. I wrapped my left hand around his balls and my right hand around the base of his cock and went after him with vigor. After about 20 seconds of this I felt his body tighten and shudder as he winced.......he blew a massive load of cum into my mouth that tasted absolutely wonderful. After he was done cumming I kept him in my mouth for a bit for a nice finish.

I then stood up and turned around with my back now to his stomach and leaned into him and he put his arms around me and cupped my breasts and kissed my neck very sexily and thanked me for such a great time. Suddenly, two women came back into the changing area to use the got all nervous and freaked while I just giggled. Within a few moments I was dressed and the ladies were in the stalls was our time to sneak out. Not a problem at all. We walked back out into the mall laughing and realizing what a great time we'd just had.

As all good times must end it was clear that the fun was over for the day and I looked at my watch knowing I'd have to get going so we said goodbyes. He asked if he could buy me a drink sometime and I gladly accepted........I told him where I typically hung out at and on what night. Sadly, he's never turned-up...........but hey, it was a really fun moment that day at the mall.

So, guys: If you think you're sure about the chick you're checking out at the mall.......ask yourself if you're absolutely certain. If not, maybe introduce yourself and find might be more fun than you've had in a while........hehehehehe.

**Please let me know if you enjoyed this story......if so, perhaps I'll write more ;)

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Are you going through my daughters panties?

It's a normal Friday night over at Rachael's house along with some the guys just hanging out chatting, watching tv, and trying out a few beers and such. At one point in the night Rachael asks if I can stay at her house tomorrow to watch her dogs while shes at work all day as well as her dad. Sure enough being a good friend I say yeah no problem. So the night goes on and we all have a good time and later that night we all go upstairs to sl**p in her room.

It's Saturday morning around 10am and I wake up. I look around and notice no one else is here as they have all either gone home or to work. So casually I get up, put my shirt on, go to the bathroom, and go downstairs into her kitchen and figure I fix up a little cereal and milk for breakfast. Afterwards I figure to watch whatever I find entertaining on Netflix. This goes on for a couple of hours. As I sit on the couch alone and mind wondering and thinking about anything that comes to mind, even Rachael's thong slip I caught a glimpse of last night in her blue and green striped thong. This immediately made my mind start wondering like crazy by the way. In remembering this moment last night my mind starts getting curious about what other panties and thongs she might have, hell even bras! Then I remember she said she was working til 6pm and her dad until 10pm, so of course figures I have plenty of time to do all the searching and snooping I want! Off the couch we are and bra and panties drawer here we come! So upstairs I go and into her room and immediately my eyes are set on that top drawer, walk over a couple of steps and slide in open nice and slow and.....JACKPOT! Panties and thongs everywhere! Then across her room is the bra drawer, jackpot hit twice in one day! This day couldn't possibly get any better! Getting curious I then grab a few pairs of panties and thongs and bras as well and figure hey! why not try em on. So I go to the bathroom to have a mirror to look into as I try them on. I walk in and see a pair of pants and shirt between her toilet and wall. I take a step and see she has a little pile of worn clothes laying there so I do some scavenging and at that moment my mind was absolutely blown! In the pile I find not only the bra she wore all day yesterday during work and when we were hanging out but also the thong she was wearing when I caught her thong slip! Immediately I go to grab it and instantly take it to rub to my mouth and nose and it smells so fresh and amazing. Only sitting here for a couple of hours and still smelling like her pussy, it was absolutely amazing. SO I try on her red see through thong with pink outer lacing and black pushup bra while I hold her fresh worn thong to my nose and inhale the smell of fresh pussy.

I walk back into her room and sit on her bed looking at everything in her drawer when suddenly I hear "Brandon?" at that very moment my head explodes on the inside and countless horrible things are running through my mind as to what could possibly happen to me. Slowly I look up and see her dad in the doorway so stunned to see me sitting on her daughter's bed wearing her bra and thong and her drawer pulled out wide open for him to see what I was doing in there house all alone. He looks and sees and just says "Brandon, what are you doing????" "Why are you doing this!?!?, why are you going through all of Rachael's clothes and underwear?!?!". All I can do at this moment is continue to sit there speechless not making a single sound. "I I I don't know what to do. Rachael is just going to be terrified if I tell her what I'm seeing right now, and hell she'll be pissed as hell and never want to be friends with you ever again." I get up off her bed and get on my knees, still in her bra and thong, and try to clean everything up and put everything back into her drawer. As I am he looks over and says "Wait, is that a box of condoms in that drawer?" I look and see a small 3 pack box peeking out in the back corner of the drawer and take it out and hand to him. I close her drawer and sit on her bed reaching behind me to take her bra off, then he says "Ya know, I'd feel really horrible to tell Rachael about this I'm sure it would break he heart and even yours as well knowing you could never see her again." I say "Yeah I know, I feel horrible what I've done. I'm so so sorry sir". He takes a condom out of her box and says wait, maybe I don't have to tell her." Me being stunned can only say "What?" Ya know Brandon, I've always thought you were a handsome young man and well looking at you now, my God, that bra and thong look very very good on you. I've always thought Rachael was a very beautiful attractive young woman, but you just blow my mind looking at you right now." At that moment he reaches to unzip and unbutton his pants and I can only keep my eyes on the hard cock he has just bulging in his briefs just about a foot away from my face. He then pulls down his briefs and out comes his hard cock just now inches from my mouth. He softly runs his hand over my head and I take my hand and grab his cock and start stroking it slowly. This goes on for about tow minutes then I build up the courage (and somehow desire) to put my mouth and lips over his long 8" cock and begin sucking it . I can just feel the pleasing mood he is now in. He wants to be more comfortable so he decides to get on her bed and lay his head down on her pillows and says "Come here Brandon, wrap those lips around my hard cock and suck it good big boy". Instantly I get this feeling of being highly turned on and begin sucking his cock and enjoy every second of it. After doing this for about 10 minutes. he tells me to get on my knees and face the wall. He gets up and behind m and starts licking and eating out my ass, then pulls the thong to the side to get deeper in my ass and softly fingers it a little and gets me so horny now just in my mind begging for him to fuck me. He stops and reaches his hand in front of me with the condom and tells me to put it on him. I do so and am now just realizing I am moments away from having my ass fucked for the first time. I get in doggy position on her bed. Before he starts fucking me reaches to unhook the bra and slide it off me exposing my chest leaving me in just the thong. He takes his hard cock and slaps my ass with it a couple of times to tease me then suddenly a big sense of pleasure shoots through my whole body as he inserts his hard cock into my young tight virgin ass and slowly begins fucking it slow. For about 5 minutes this goes on until he starts speeding up and going faster. He suddenly then wants to change to a missionary position and has me lay on the bed and he re inserts his cock into me and as he does we lock eyes and suddenly our lips are as well and the passion ignites between the both of us and our desire for pleasure. He fucks me long deep and hard until he orgasms and a ton of cum is poured into the condom still in my tight ass. He pulls out and lays on the bed next to me and says how amazing it was. After a few minutes of laying there we get up and go into her bathroom and take a shower washing each other and making out passionately tongue and lips locked tight the whole time. We get out and get dressed together and finish putting Rachael's room and drawer back to how it was before then go downstairs. We stop at the door and we both tell each other how much we loved every second of it and hope to do it again, specifically with me wearing Rachael's bra and panties again. We exchange numbers, and after that we are ready to say bye. But of course not before we exchange a deep passionate French kiss again before I leave and head home.

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Where Are You Going? part 3


Ten miles to the northwest of this scene of bl**d and death, a celebration of life was taking place.

“Well, Brigida Calista,” the barbarian chieftain snarled. “Do you surrender? You cannot hope to defeat me!”

He was huge. He encircled a slim wrist and a tapered ankle of the beautiful Iberian woman in each of his ham-sized hands as he enthusiastically fucked her. Her position left her wide open to him.

He was nearly seven feet tall, a monolith, with thickly-muscled arms and torso, a rock-ribbed belly and slim waist, and sinewed legs. His bare buttocks were flat, and hard as a rock.

That wasn’t the only part of him that was hard as a rock.

Like the rest of him, his cock was larger than average. f******n inches of thick, rigid meat plunged in an out of the gasping, perspiration-soaked young woman’s swollen labia with incredible speed, driving like a piston, making a wet, squishing noise with each thrust.

Vartorix grinned, showing even, white teeth. He had painted his face with stripes of red, green, and white. In the flickering firelight of the lodge, he was a savage sight, his heavily muscled body covered with thick, golden hair. His long, flowing blonde mane with multicolored beads woven into it and his bushy beard only added to his primitive appearance

The village chieftain of Gaestadvia had graciously lent Brigida Calista and Diana Aureliana the use of his lodge while they hammered out the details of forming an alliance with Vartorix and his warriors. The lodge was a grand house, the most impressive structure in the town, well-constructed, complete with fire pits and an internal central heating system that circulated warm air under the floors and along the walls. It was the only dwelling in the village so equipped.

All three of them agreed that the heating system was perhaps the one useful thing that the Romans had contributed to world culture!

After minimal discussion, the Arverni chieftain had enthusiastically agreed to the terms; he hated the Romans as much as Brigida and Diana. Vartorix’s army was encamped three miles south of the town while he and his bodyguards attended this meeting. He would send word to them in the morning.

Then they had settled in to celebrate the new alliance with a tryst – and a wager.

And he was winning the wager – or so he thought.

He had bet Brigida and Diana that they could not make him climax, despite the fact that they were the two most beautiful women he had ever seen. The two of them were lovers, but they were not opposed to taking a man to their bed with them – as long as he was the right man.

“G-gods, Vartorix…… d-don’t you……..ever c-come?”

Brigida drew in a deep breath as the Arverni chieftain ground his hips in a circle, setting off a cascade of spasms in her dripping pussy.

“Oh, gods, you bastard!” she yelped. “Come! Come,come,come,come,COME!!”

“Not until I’m good and ready. I’ve trained myself not to climax until a time of my choosing. It drives my females to new heights of ecstasy.”

“It drives them fucking crazy, you mean! Have any of them ever…tried to kill

“Make him come, Bridget,” a muffled voice said.

“Yeah, like you d…did, China Girl?”

Brigida rolled her head to one side. On the floor next to the feather bed lay the magnificent body of her lover Diana Aureliana. Her lithe form was covered with an arousing sheen of sweat. Her superb breasts rose and fell evenly as she lay there, totally spent from her exertions. Her pretty pink porcella was wet and wide open, looking as if it had been mercilessly stretched.

She tried for twenty minutes to make the giant Arverni ejaculate, and had finally dragged herself off the mattress, exhausted, defeated -- and overstimulated.

Then Brigida had taken over, confident that she would quickly succeed after her lover had given him such a workout.

She was probably nearing twenty minutes herself – and she couldn’t take much more!

And then suddenly, just as she reached the limits of her endurance, Vartorix pulled out of her and buried his face between her legs, licking and nibbling.

Brigida jerked violently.

“OOOHHOOOWWOOAH!” she screamed. “N-no fair!”

Her body convulsed; she thrashed on the bed, screaming, tossing her head from side to side as multiple climaxes gripped her. Her eyes rolled back into her head and showed white.

“Unnngh-ahhh! FUCK! N-nuh-no more!”

Vartorix raised his head and wiped his mouth with the back of a huge hand.

“I grant you mercy, Brigida Calista,” he said. He chuckled, and gently rolled her off the bed. She fell like a limp sack atop Diana.

Diana kissed her softly.

Nice try,” she whispered. “We’re not going to let him get away with this, are we?”

“Any suggestions?” Brigida asked, gasping.

“Suck him.”

“We both tried that, remember? It didn’t work.”

Diana shook her head.

“No, I’m talking about a little extra special kind of sucking.”

Brigida flashed a weary smile.

“Ah! Yes – that just might do it!”

“Can you move?”

“I think so. All I have to do is suck, right? I think I can manage.”

They crawled wearily back onto the bed. Vartorix knelt there triumphantly. His massive, glistening erection bristled, standing up almost flat against his rippled stomach, taunting them. A finger-sized vein throbbed on one side of it.

“Back for more, vixens? You can’t win, you know.”

“You take his balls, I’ll take his shaft,” Diana said.

They devoured him. Somehow Brigida managed to get her mouth completely over his huge testicles. Diana swallowed as much of his mammoth, wet cock as she could, savoring the mingled taste of Brigida’s and her own juices. She backed off a little when she gagged.

Then they began to suck him, slowly and sensuously. Vartorix gasped.

“Ooooohh, very nice, ladies,” he murmured. “Still not enough, though.”

Then, as if one cue, both of the women began to hum.

Vartorix cried out, his eyes bulging. Diana and Brigida pulled up off him as he exploded, catching as much of his voluminous orgasm in their mouths as they could, letting the rest splash over their hair and face and breasts.

“We win,” Diana said demurely, swallowing his load with an exaggerated gulp. She licked her lips and bent down to kiss the massive head of his shrinking but still massive penis, which was dribbling a few last shots of semen.

Vartorix smiled and collapsed back on the bed.

“Its no shame to be bested by a pair of goddesses,” he said. “I can’t remember when I’ve ever enjoyed losing more.”

Brigida wiped a thick, pearlescent dollop of semen out of her left eye with the back of her hand, then licked it off.

“Nobody lost, really,” she said.

She pulled Diana into the circle of her arms and kissed her. Then the two women began to slowly lick his come off each others body.

Vartorix felt his monstrous cock twitch as he watched the sensuous display, but he was too exhausted to do anything about it. Content to be a spectator, he settled back, drifting off to sl**p almost before he closed his eyes. He began to snore softly.

Brigida chuckled affectionately.

“Isn’t that just like a man – he comes in your mouth, and then he falls asl**p!”

“That was nice,” Diana said. “I haven’t been reamed out like that in ages. But he just doesn’t understand. He thinks all a man needs is a huge tool like his.”

Brigida nodded.

“This is what it’s all about.”

Their tongues met. Each worked her way down the others body, until each woman had her head between her lover’s legs. They went to work with lips and tongues and teeth and fingers. Each knew the others most intimate, secret spot, and it wasn’t long before their ecstatic screams rang in the chieftain’s hogan.

They collapsed in each others arms. Diana kissed Brigida fervently.

“I love you, Bridged.”

“Love you too, China Girl,” Brigida returned, panting. She had not fully recovered from her session with Vartorix when the two of them had made love. She snuggled against Diana and kissed the pink tip of her left breast.

“I’m glad we’ve managed to recruit Vartorix and his troops to our cause,” Brigida said. “Someday, when we’re old and grey, we might look back on this day as the turning point in our struggle with the Romans.”

She began to suckle like a baby at its mother’s breast.

Diana stroked her lover’s hair.

“We’re not going to live to be old and grey,” she said quietly.

A cold chill coursed down Brigida’s spine, as if someone had trickled a drop of ice water down her naked back. She lifted her lips from the nipple she’d been sucking.

“Don’t say that!” Brigida pleaded, terrified by her lover’s matter-of-fact tone. “You don’t know that.”

Diana kissed her.

“Honey, I’m just being realistic. We can harass the Romans and give them fits for years if we have to. But they’re just too big, too strong. If they came in here with everything they’ve got, they’d crush us. Someday they will conquer Gaul.”

“So what are you saying – we’re wasting our time? We should just let them take over? I hate the Romans!”

“I hate them, too,” Diana returned. Tears glimmered in her eyes, and she cupped Brigida’s face in her hands. “I say we should fight them to the death, if necessary. But I’m also saying that we must face the very real possibility that one or the other – or both of us – may be killed at any time.”

“No.” Brigida’s voice was a choked sob, and her own tears trickled down her soft cheeks. “No, Di. I couldn’t bear to live if…if anything happened to you.”

“I feel the same way,” her lover said. “Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.”

They cuddled for a while, brooding, each lost in her own troubled thoughts. Then Diana sighed and stretched. She gently disengaged herself from Brigida and stood up.

“I’ve got to get up to the observation post at the pass before daylight,” she said as she pulled on her clothes and armor. “Lucia said the Romans have been poking around to the southeast of here, where they built their new fort. We sent Martica on ahead as a scout. I want to see what they’re up to.”

Brigida sat up.

“Please be careful, China Girl. You’re going up there in the dark…”

Diana laughed.

“Don’t worry, Bridge. I’m a big girl. I know the way like the back of my hand. And there’s a decent amount of moonlight tonight.”

She threw a couple of logs on the fire. Then she pulled the bed furs up over Brigida and the slumbering Vartorix and kissed her lover.

“I’ll see you later this afternoon,” she said. “Why don’t you catch a little more sl**p?”

But sl**p would not come easy for Brigida. She listened as the hoof beats of Diana’s horse faded into the darkness. Another tear trickled down her face.

‘We’re not going to live to be old and grey.’

Deep down, she realized her lover was right. To hear it said aloud, though, was bone chilling. The Romans were just too big, just too powerful, and they were becoming more powerful all the time. She and Diana were wanted by the Romans as murderers, rebels, and fugitive slaves. All three crimes carried the penalty of death by crucifixion. Someday, inevitably, their luck would run out.

Brigida just hoped it would be later rather than sooner.... Continue»
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