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Who's watching Me?

... with girl who told me that her best ... me and did not budged from his seat & was very content just watching me . Now I was just in my panties & totally topless &amp ... 039;Oh my god! It's sooo big!! Fuck me, fuck me!!!' Randip then pushed me ... ... Continue»
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It didn't start that first night, as much as you had wanted it to. I'd just sat on your bed talking to you. My touch was light on your arm, but it felt scalding to you & you wanted Me to touch you more. "How much do you know about what your Mother & I have been doing," I asked & when you hesitated, My fingers tightened just slightly & you fought back the immediate, almost unbearable need to moan. Not looking at Me, you whispered, "I know you're hurting her when you have sex, I can hear it." I was thoughtful for a moment & replied, "Do you know why I hurt her like that Krystal." By now you knew very well why & remained silent. "She needs that to feel whole, does that surprise you. I know that you've been going to sites on the internet, she told Me everything about what you two talked about. She said you know now what a submissive is & naturally you're curious."

Completely unthinking, your head nodded slightly & again My fingers tightened until your eyes rose to Mine. My look was calm, but piercing & you felt I could look right inside you & see your thoughts, your deepest hidden secrets. Without another word, I slowly drew down the sheet & touched you. Your face immediately flamed, you were so embarrassed it was difficult to breathe, but I seemed to be matter of fact about it. The thought of trying to stop Me never entered your mind. My words had seen to that. What had he meant, "She needs that to feel whole." You knew your panties were drenched & it only added to your humiliation, but the excitement was overwhelming & momentarily the thought flashed through you. "He's going to masturbate me." You were torn between the gnawing, desperate desire for Me to continue touching you & the need to ask. Abruptly, I rose & you could see My huge erect manhood through My robe. Now the moan you desperately tried to suppress escaped you, as I spoke. "I'm going to your Mother now Krystal. She's waiting for Me, but one night I'll come & I won't be leaving. You know that, don't you?" You sat silently stunned. I left your door open as I left & your hand touched the slick silk almost before I was out of your sight.

You could hear us talking much clearer, but you still couldn't make out the words. You realized that I'd left our door open as well & you were almost breathless as you waited. You were afraid to touch yourself for fear of losing control, the thoughts torturing & inflaming you. Your mind could see Me dropping My robe, standing at your Mother's side with My huge black flesh jutting from Me. Maybe just lazily masturbating as I thought about what I was going to do to your Mother. You'd never wanted anything to begin so badly in all your life & the first sound jolted you like an electrical current had run through your body. Your Mother's guttural groan caused your pussy to freshly weep & now you couldn't bear not to touch it. The thoughts of My soft words, My fingers & what you were hearing was too much for you & your hips lurched. The blossoming sweetness shocked you in it's intensity, but instead of slaking her, you felt the hunger continue.

Quickly stripping your now sodden scrap of cloth, you settled back & listened. You knew we wouldn't mind if you were to go to outside the door, but somehow this was better. Hearing it & imagining what I was doing, had you on fire. Your Mother was reduced to grunting each time you heard the meaty blows now & you couldn't help thinking of what that would feel like on your own white flesh. Feverishly wondered if it could possibly make you any more excited that you already were. You didn't have any conscious thought to what your fingers were doing, but they sped as the grunts quickened & the sound increased. Your hips elevated just as you heard a flurry of blows & you came again. Panting & glorious as the silence changed to the rhythmic sounds that you knew heralded My complete Mastery of your Mother. Replete, you lay quietly & listened to us fuck. When you finally drifted, it was to the slapping sounds of flesh meeting flesh & your Mother's groaning, happy acceptance.

The next morning when you came downstairs, I'd already left & your eyes searching made your Mother smile. "He left early, get you something," she said. "Just coffee," settling into the small breakfast nook & watching your Mother. She was wearing a housecoat & you watched the way she moved. You were a perceptive girl & knew your Mother's moods. She was humming under her breath as she brought two cups & sat across from you. "He talked to you last night, didn't he," she said & you nodded. "He told me that he was going to & I was a little worried. I told Him everything we talked about yesterday & He just said, "I'll talk to her." I didn't know how you'd take it."

Her eyes searching for any sign & continued, "I guess you know by now that I can't refuse Him. No, I should be more honest with you. I don't want to refuse Him & I won't." You giggled saying, "Sounded like you didn't do any refusing last night," watching your Mother color. "Now that I know you're listening, I know I should be more embarrassed, but to tell you the truth, it's more exciting to me," she said. "I'm learning so much about myself, things I wouldn't have dreamed before I met Mr. Mike. I never understood addiction before, just thought people were weak if they couldn't stop smoking cigarettes or doing d**gs. I understand now. I can't give Him up, no matter what He wants." Seeing an opening, you hurried to speak. "What if He said, He wanted me, Mom, could you allow Him something like that, let Him do to me what he's doing to you."

Your Mother stared at you & finally moaned. "Oh God, God help me." "You WOULD, wouldn't you Mom. You WOULD!!!" Krystal accused & felt your own excitement rising. "What if I told you it's what I want, what I've wanted ever since I first understood." Your Mother refused to meet your eyes as she spoke. "Honey, I know how you must feel. If you feel the weakness that I do when I'm around Him, then I know. He told me something last night. Something I don't know if I should tell you." "MOM!!!" You implored. "He...he said, he told you that he was coming for you, told me that he was going to make me watch." You felt your excitement peak & began to make you tremble, wished you could touch yourself. Knew that you'd have to, if you wasn't to go mad.

"What did you tell Him, Mom, TELL ME!!!" You insisted. You could see how your Mother was struggling with the answer. "He said it to me when I was...when I was cumming," I just kept saying, "Yes, yes, yes," over & over. I don't know if it was because he made me so crazy or whether I meant that it was alright with me. I still don't know. I don't know how I'll feel when I see Him with you, but I can't say 'No,' can you ever possibly understand that." You looked into your Mother's tear filled eyes & replied softly, "Yes Mom, yes I can. I want to feel what you do, I want Him to do those things to me." The two of you sat staring at each other for moments & finally your Mother's head nodded once as she rose.

"I'll be going crazy all day thinking of that, you know that don't you!!" You laughed & jumped up. "I'll be late but there's something I have to do before I leave." As you ran up the stairs, you already saw in your mind what you'd be concentrating on in a minute. You saw yourself bound to the bed, gagged with your Mother sitting beside you, stroking your hair as I hurt you. Hurt your pink nipples as your gaze went between them. You didn't even bother to pull your panties down as you threw yourself on your bed. Brought your orgasm swiftly & sighed. "I'll have to get more panties, you thought, rising & taking a fresh pair to the bathroom. When you returned downstairs, grabbed your books & headed for the door, your Mother reminded you, "He'll be here for dinner tonight, I'm going to make something special, so if you go somewhere after school, be here in time." "I will Mom, I will," you grinned as you closed the door behind you already wondering how many classes you could stand before you'd have to ask to be excused.

All day your thoughts mostly ran to how it would start. You was a virgin, but you'd lost your hymen two years before to a boy that had been all too energetic with you in the back seat of his parent's car. He'd been finger fucking you & there had been a quick sharp pain & then some bl**d. You both been frightened out of your minds & you thought your Mother would know, just by looking at you. Of course, she didn't, but you realized that your hymen was gone. You made it as far as third period before your thoughts just made it too much to bear. It was a class you detested anyway & your mind raced as you almost ran to the ladies room. You tried to visualize what that huge hardness you'd seen in My robe would look like. How it would feel. You hurried to a stall, locking the door behind you & quickly sat, pulling down your panties. You hadn't brought any & didn't want to sit all day, in them soaked. Your juices were already oozing as you began. Now you imagined Me taking your hand & closing your fingers around My huge black cock. Krystal had never touched a man like that except for the boy in the car & that was through his jeans. You'd read enough descriptions to know what it must feel like, but worried that you wouldn't know how to please Me if I did that. You also knew that putting it in your mouth was in your future. Your mind saw you with My huge black cock in your mouth for the first time & My hands holding your head & f***efully moving it as you'd seen on the internet. As you visualized My smiling eyes, you shuddered & moaning softly & came.

The rest of the day went by in a crawl & you couldn't wait for that bell in your last class. Out of your seat in a shot as it did, you raced for your locker as a couple of friends asked if you were stopping with them at the mall. "No, my Mom has some important things for me to do," you quickly replied & the girls looked curiously at you, as you laughed almost hysterically & hurriedly left. Rushing breathless into the kitchen, you saw your Mother at the counter obviously getting things ready. "Want me to help, Mom," you inquired & your Mother shook her head. "No, I'm almost finished up, why don't you just have a quick shower & do something with your hair." You turned to go & then hesitated. "Mom, do you think it'll be tonight."

Your Mother looked at you & replied in a low voice, "I don't know honey, he does things in His own time. I never ask Him & I don't suggest you start, now get a move on, he'll be home in less than an hour." Throwing your things on your bed, you went to take your shower. When you'd finished, you sat naked on your bed & tried to decide what to wear. Mischievously, you looked in the bottom of your lingerie drawer & found what you were looking for. A pair of plain white panties with a pink Winnie the Pooh motif. You'd struggled to get them on, but grinned at the thought of how I'd look if I took them off. Looking at your bras, you decided against wearing one & pulled a tight T-shirt over your head. Finished off with some cut off jeans shorts, which your Mother had complained were much too tight in the crotch. She could see the outline of your lips plain in the faded denim cloth. Returning downstairs, you said, "I'll set the table" & your Mother told you to put candles on it. That in itself was indication of a special dinner & you felt your eagerness growing.

You heard Me come in & call that I was home. Said I was going to freshen up & change before dinner. Going to the kitchen, you saw your Mother look you over & compress her lips in what could only have been disapproval. Looking down, you could see your pink nipples plainly in the T-shirt & they were erect. Your nipples were very sensitive & just the cloth against them always affected you that way. Thinking better of whatever she'd been going to say, she indicated the dishes on the counter & you hastened to take them into the dining room to the table.

When you returned there were two bottles of opened red wine & three glasses waiting. Another delicate indication of your Mother's mood & the two women shared a secret smile as you took those in as well. I came into the kitchen & ignoring you completely, crossed to your Mother & nuzzled her neck, asking her how her day had been. It was some minutes before I turned to you & spoke. "I'm glad you're joining us for dinner," was all I said & you watched My eyes as they took in your brazen look. "Every thing's ready, let's eat before everything gets cold," your Mother said & you inwardly grinned. As far as you were concerned, nothing was going to be cold at that table tonight. We went to the dining room & I seated your Mother & then Myself. You took your own seat slightly disappointed at My lack of courtesy towards you. As I poured wine for the both of you, you could see I was staring at your pink nipples. Was somewhat surprised when I stood & crossed to you. "Krystal, I know your Mother has told you repeatedly not to run around the house dressed like that."

You turned your head to reply & I reached with both hands quickly pulling the T-shirt up over your head & threw it on the floor. "If you enjoy displaying yourself, do it right. Now you have your dinner, JUST LIKE THAT!!!" You sat stunned, looked at your Mother who was looking at her plate & pointedly ignoring your predicament. I returned to My seat & began eating as if nothing had taken place.

Your pink nipples were now almost painfully erect & you slumped slightly forward in embarrassment & humiliation. Taking a sip of My wine, I nodded. "You're quite lovely Krystal, perhaps we should have dinner together like this more often." You face flamed & you had no reply as I continued. Told then both what I'd been doing at work & a few funny anecdotes. You looked at the food on your plate & couldn't think of eating a bite. Noticing that, I remarked, "The food's really excellent Krystal, you should eat. You'll need to keep up your strength, more wine." My soft words were like hammer blows to you & you wondered if I knew how badly you were trembling. Your Mother made few comments, drinking her wine & the tension at the table was almost tormenting. Finishing My meal, I thanked your Mother profusely & said it was the best meal I'd had in months. My eyes were almost burning your flesh as I stared at your 38DD *Y* breasts. "Maybe you have some homework Krystal," I asked & you looked at Me inquiringly. "Why don't you just go & get that done. Your Mother & I will be along shortly."

Krystal lay quietly, but your nerves were screaming. You listened for every sound with the intensity of a condemned man waiting for a football. You'd hurried to your room when you left the table, stripped & lay on top of your comforter. Then your mind struggled & you sighed, jumping from your bed & putting on your sl**p T-shirt, no bra, no panties. You tried to keep from touching yourself, but you kept seeing the things at the table & hearing My words over & over. Your pink nipples had remained erect & you thought you could touch them, just a little. They almost ached & you pinched, rolling them.

That caused hot sparks to singe your nerves anew & your clit was demanding to be touched. You'd just slid your hand between your thighs when you heard us coming up the stairs. You thought we were coming to you, but you heard Me plainly as I spoke. "Let her wait, My pet, I want you dressed properly for her." That set off a fresh, frenzied neuron overload for you. What did he mean. What did properly mean. You had a sudden urge to go to our room, watch her dress, but you lay back & tried to be patient. Your thighs were wet & you felt embarrassment, thinking I'd be touching you & I'd know what you'd been thinking & doing. You realized now that embarrassment excited you. Perhaps the first lesson I'd caused you to learn.

I didn't knock, just opened the door & came into your room. I had the box in one hand, a leash in the other & as I came closer, you could see your Mother crawling behind Me on all fours, the leash attached to a collar around her neck. I stepped to your bed & sat at your side, wearing the same short black robe I'd been wearing the night before. Your Mother was dressed in black lingerie, hose & heels. The bra was a frame bra with no cups & you could see that your Mother's nipples were clipped, hard & puckered with a delicate gold chain connecting them. The bikini cut panties were over the garter belt & you knew what that meant. They'd be removed & she'd still be hosed & helled for whatever happened to her.

Your Mother had placed her hands in front of her on the floor & was resting her forehead on them. "Krystal," I spoke in that slow, measured, soft tone. "They say that seeing is believing. I'm going to teach you tonight just how submissive your Mother is to Me, what she'll bear & do for Me. I want you to think very seriously about what you're about to see, because I intend to do the same to you. You'll have the opportunity to say 'No' if you don't want it."

You shivered as I opened the box & took a white plastic cone from it. You knew it was an anal plug & watched as I slowly coated it with lubricant, then reaching & slapping your Mother's buttock sharply. Your Mother gasped & shifted quickly. You could see now that her panties were crotchless & her hands had come to spread her ass cheeks, so the small pink rose was presented & the lips of her pussy gaped, glistening. "It was difficult for her at first," I said. "Your Mother had never been anally trained. Only a couple of fumbling attempts at fucking her tight asshole had ever been made. That's all different now, ISN'T it My PET," I implored & your Mother whimpered, nodding her head. "You didn't know that she has an enema most everyday now, did you Krystal" & you shook your head. "She's learned to keep herself very clean & ready for anything I might want."

As I was talking, you watched Me begin to ease the shining plastic into your Mother. Your Mother moaned slightly as the pressure increased & you could see that I wasn't forcing it, but allowing the flesh to surrender. It was up to the large center section & I let her rest as I continued. "We had to start with small wands & plugs until I'd trained her to take this. It hurts much less that way." I twisted the plug & you watched the large section swallowed & her rose close behind it. "Good, My pet!" I murmured & the rest of the plug slid easily into her to the squared end that was flush with her ass cheeks. "Sometimes I call her from work & have her prepare herself so there's no waste of time when I get home. We've done that quite a few times when we knew you wouldn't be coming home straight from school." You watched your Mother's color & I said, "You're going to hear & see everything Krystal. I don't want secrets here any longer." You wondered if your Mother was as excited by the embarrassment as you'd found yourself lately.

You could see that her pussy was wet & a single, small pearl threatened to spill. Patting your Mother affectionately, I opened My robe & you looked at My huge rampant black cock for the first time. Your mind had seen it every time you'd listened to Me fucking your Mother, but this was so different. You'd looked at men on the internet & fantasized incessantly whether I looked like this one or that one. You thought it was beautiful. Gracefully straight, long & very THICK. The head scarlet, as I softly masturbated Myself. I'd raised your Mother to her knees in front of Me as I turned smiling to you. "She didn't know much about pleasing Me orally either, did you, My pet. Just thought that sucking was enough. Shall we show Krystal how you were trained." Your Mother groaned, but obediently opened her mouth for My two fingers I presented. You watched her gather saliva, let it run on My fingers & then paint it around them. She took about an inch in her mouth & you watched her cheeks hollow. Then she took My fingers deeply & quickly pulled back.

"Your Mother was all suction & speed when we started. Skinned Me with her teeth. I broke her of that & she's really very good now. Your Mother was mewling & acting like she was sucking on a real cock now. Her tongue was laving & flicking at the underside of My fingers as she sucked. I reached My hand into her hair & pulled My fingers out of her mouth. "Now show your young daughter how good you've become My sweet pet." Your Mother placed her hands flat on My thighs & let Me guide My flesh to her lips. Krystal's eyes wide was watching your Mother suck this black man & your own pussy was on fire. I flipped up the hem of your T-shirt & touched you as I'd done that first time. Finding you the same, I smiled & said, "I want you to masturbate Krystal. I want you to masturbate as you watch your Mother. Isn't she beautiful like that?"

You felt the usual embarrassment, but your fingers began to obey Me. The sounds of your Mother's mouth on Me & her groaning was driving you slightly mad. "You're not to cum," I said. "You're to obey Me & I'll decide if you're to be allowed." You didn't know if you could obey Me or not, but you only knew that you wanted to, wanted to more than anything you'd ever wanted.

"Pl...Please...." You whimpered. "I don't think I can stop." I reached & tore your fingers from you, raising them & offering them to you. "You'd tasted yourself before, but this was so much more erotic. I was ordering you silently to do it & your heart thrilled in your obedience. I'd begun to slap your Mother's *Y* breasts, softly at first & they swayed with it. Then I struck harder, dislodging one of the clips. Your Mother's *Y* breasts were turning red & I was slapping & backhanding them. Still she sucked & laved. "See how well your Mother bears for Me, Krystal," I was softly panting now. You continuing to suck your fingers, nodded once & I struck backhanded, viciously. Your Mother couldn't help but cry out & her cried were exciting you to almost fever pitch.

My hand wrapped in her hair, I f***efully fed My huge black 8b cock to her & your Mother tried valiantly to accept the offering. I'd reached & My hand was stroking your thigh as I pulled your Mother's head away & pulled her up, throwing her torso on your bed, her head resting on your other thigh. Quickly pulling the plug from her, I positioned My huge black cock at her now fully prepared asshole. As Krystal watched it begin to enter, your Mother groaned & you felt Me touch you. You stiffened & immediately f***ed yourself to relax, as I began to masturbate you. I didn't penetrate you, but rather slid My fingers through your lips & around your clit, not touching it. You wanted to scream & didn't know what you needed to say. My words showed you the way.

"I'll want you to cum Krystal, but I want you to cum as I do. As I cum in your Mother." I was pressed tightly against your Mother now & you knew I was completely buried in her, watching My huge black cock withdraw & slide in again. You felt it start, felt fear that you were going to disobey Me & struggled as you'd never done before. You'd never consciously tried to stop your orgasm, just hurried joyously to it. I was rubbing on the side of your clit now & you moaned. There was no way you could control this. Your Mother's moans matched your own as I quickened. "Alright Krystal...NOW, I want you to cum!!!"

I was hammering your Mother's asshole & her young daughter was beside yourself. "Oh GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD!!!" You moaned. "I'm CUMMMMING, I'm...I'm CUMMING!!!" Your body stiffened until your muscles were as rigid as steel & your hips lurched uncontrollably. "OH GOD MR. MIKE," was all you could manage, all thoughts of your Mother gone & your pussy still clenching. My fingers slipped down, you felt Me massage your virgin asshole & you lurched again, beginning to feel the heat anew. I stopped & you groaned this time in frustration as I pulled MY huge black cock from your Mother. I was still somewhat hard & your Mother lay panting.

"She's done well, don't you think Krystal. I'm going to take her to our room now & attend to her. I think she deserves a special treat. I want you to think about this & I'll expect an answer tomorrow before you leave for school." I rose & when your Mother began to rise, I stared at her & she sank to her knees following Me from your room on all fours without a backward glance or word to her daughter. You lay there, your only thought...I could answer you NOW Mr. Mike, NOW!!!... Continue»
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Amys's B&D Adventures

Let me tell you a little bit about me. When my great adventure began, I was young (age 25) and not very experienced. Oh, I had sex any number of times, in a number of different ways, but I never felt the wild excitement in actually doing those things that I imagined in advance. I had a million different, very kinky fantasies, things that I really wanted to do but was afraid to try, even if I had the opportunity to try) which I really didn't have. Mostly, my fantasies involved me as a sort of slave girl, captured by some strong individual. Some days, I imagined my master to be a male and sometimes a female, with special events for each one. What I thought I really wanted was a strong master or mistress, one who also had wild sexual fantasies, and who would take charge of me and would then act out those fantasies, obviously with me playing out the part of slave girl, used by master (or maybe better yet, mistress) in strange and delicious ways, hopefully with an audience watching and most delicious of all, whether I liked it or not. I wanted strange and sexy things to happen and not have any say as to the agenda, to be used, perhaps even to be a little bit abused.

My figure is good, that is, I think it is good, and maybe you will agree (that is, you will if you like full bodied girls with large, shapely titties). I am tall, about 5'7", with a nice, full shapely bust, good legs, and a delicious round bottom. I love being nude, and enjoy other people seeing me nude. I have even posed nude for a guy, just for fun, very naughty, very sexy pictures, like me masturbating for him, with a large rubber dildo or for example, his favorite shot, me urinating for him, the stream shooting out like a waterfall. I did find that very exciting (though, I would just die if those pictures ever got out) and no, I won't show YOU the pictures, either. I also posed nude once for a very, very sexy amateur lady photographer, but that is a completely different story that I do not intend to tell you today. All I will say about that is that she was dressed when she took the first pictures of me, she was nude when she took the last pictures of me, and the very best pictures would have been taken a while later, but by then, frankly, she was too busy to think about taking pictures. She had her mind on something else (and her tongue into something else, too).

I love reading about kinky sex. Sometimes, I go to the porno shops, to look at the fascinating things they write about, and to look at the exciting array of rubber dildos and accessories that they sell. I even bought a couple of those things) strictly as a scientific experiment, you understand. I know a nice shop in Miami that sells remarkable stuff and I have purchased four different dildos and a couple of rubber butt pluggers. I adore playing with these toys, and had a secret fantasy about somebody else putting them into me (instead of me doing it myself). If it was a super-sexy guy who did it, and if he started me out with a nice, bare bottomed spanking, that would be just great. And if it was a marvelous, beautiful, dominant super sexy lady who did it to me, that would be the greatest!!!

In one of the shops, I found a magazine, a Swingers Journal that seemed interesting. It had just fascinating pictures, especially in the B&D area that was my particular excitement at the time. The ads seemed like fun. One of these showed a guy whose area of interest was in spankings, enemas, and Greek things about which I had many secret thoughts but not much real experience. I decided that I would answer this particular ad, not intending ever to meet this guy, but rather, just to hear what he had to say.

A week or so later, I got a letter from him, with a nude picture. His name was Tom. He was a divorcee. He was about 35, well built, well hung, too. And he was holding a leather paddle in his hand and hanging from the ceiling next to him was a large enema bag, a long rubber hose attached to it, and connected to the end of that, a black rubber looking device that got inserted into the recipient of this enema, and really did the work. It looked like a huge, erect, black penis. Believe me, it was an impressive picture.

His letter told about how he liked to be masterful, how he thought that there was no sight so beautiful as a naked, shapely, female bottom, and nothing he liked to do so much as to pet it, to kiss it... and to spank it until it was rosy pink. Then, when she was fully ready and receptive, to give her a long, slow, deep enema, filling her fuller than she had ever been filled before, using, of course, a Bardex so that she could not expel it until permitted. And then to lubricate her pretty asshole, greasing it generously until it was slippery, and then to fuck it deeply and firmly. His letter excited me tremendously. He became an instantaneous member in my library of fantasies.

I wrote back to him, he replied again, and this time, included a telephone number. I stared at that for a long time. I knew that calling the number was taking a very serious step, that there was at least a chance that I would follow up and visit him at, as he described it, his Domination Laboratory. I did call the number. When he replied, his voice was much as I expected it to be, and the conversation also was about what I had expected. We agreed to meet, not at his place, but on neutral ground, at a certain coffee shop, nothing else promised but the meeting. I was willing to go that far in advance, but no further at all. Oh, I knew I would go ahead and meet him at the coffee shop, but I did have serious doubts about whether I would go from there to his place.

The day of the meeting came, and as promised, I went. In fact, I got there early so that I could scout out the scene, and if he showed, and if I did not like his looks up close, I could sneak out. Well, he did show up on time, and I did like his looks. We had a fascinating conversation about everything else in the world except sex. We found a million things to talk about, found lots of areas of common interest, a few fun things to fight about, too. After a long time (maybe as much as a couple of hours), it was time to leave. I declined to go to his place yet, but since I did not have a car with me (I had hopped on the bus to get there), he drove me home. As luck would have it, a vacant parking place was right there, almost at my front door. He walked me to the door, and right into my apartment. What happened next was an awful long way from what our letters talked about. We were soon petting, and in short order, he had me out of my sweater and bra, and soon out of everything else. He got me very excited, undressed himself and showed off a nice looking, very erect penis. We did have very nice, normal sex. It was fun, pleasant, and certainly not earth shaking. I am not even sure now that he made me cum that night. I don't think so, but then, I rarely do in regular intercourse.

He called me again the following week. Soon, we were dating, more or less regularly, having good sex once or twice a week, but no domination, no spankings. One evening, we did go to his place. This time, he showed me his laboratory, a room in the basement, with wood paneled walls, a large, sturdy oak library table with a gym mat as a top, and a rubber sheet over it. That was the laboratory. We wondered what it would be like if I was up on it, bottom up. I complied. Attached to each leg of the table was a leather strap. He put a leather dog collar around each of my wrists, and then fastened the wrist to one of the leather straps, stretching my arms out wide, and helpless. Very quickly, my ankles were similarly fastened. I was now spreadeagled, completely under his control.

Did he now take charge completely? Absolutely not. He talked to me, and came back to our early correspondence, and what I had told him I wanted him to do. And all this time, his hands were wandering over my bare ass. Suddenly, SPLATT! He whacked me with his big, bare hand across my ass. It stung a little bit, but certainly did not really HURT. Again.......and again....a few more times. Then he went to the closet. He took out a leather strop. Long and wicked looking. He talked to me some more. And then he raised the strop and swished it, fairly hard, across my ass. It did hurt, but it felt good at the same time. He gave me a fairly thorough spanking that day, followed by the love enema he had talked about.. a long, slow enema that took 20 or 30 minutes to go in. Along the way, a couple of times, I told him that I could not take any more. Each time, he would stop the water flow for a while until I got used to the feeling...and then start it again. Eventually, he gave me as much as he wanted me to have, but then, he made me keep it in for a while longer.

After he finally did let me expel it into the toilet, I got to rest a while, but then, he did Greek me. He first expanded my anus with a greased finger, and then two and three at the same time, stretching me. He had a conical, rubber dildo, a butt plugger. Slowly, almost tenderly, he inserted it in me until the thickest part was past the sphincter. In it went, the rest of the way, the thick rim preventing it from going in too far. He asked me how it felt. Actually, it felt almost marvelous. I was almost disappointed when he pulled it out and I was shocked when, from his drawer, he pulled out a still larger version of the same thing. This looked too big to ever get into such a tight place. However, with patience, and perseverance and plenty of pressure, he did get it in, slowly stretching me larger, until the largest diameter passed the sphincter and it was lodged fully up inside me. He gave me a little more of the leather strop, so I could have the two sensations together. After a while, the rubber plug came out. He got up astride, put the blunt, rigid end of his cock against my now stretched rosette. After what had happened so far, that did not really hurt at all, it was sort of tight, but not painful. And to me, the sensation of being fucked in the ass by a masterful man was just marvelous, though I must say that never did I have the feeling that I was out of control. I always felt that any time I really wanted him to stop and go no further, that he would have stopped without question. Never did I feel totally dominated, subjugated, like the subdued slavegirl I really wanted to be.

The next time or two that we were together, things were much the same. After we had done the same things a few times, we began to talk about fantasies, and he made me tell him mine. It relates to Mrs. Olsen, who was my landlady, and who really disliked me. If I ever was going to try the slavegirl experience, totally controlled by another, she would be absolutely my first choice.

Now the wierd thing about her was that she once had been a strong disciplinarian, a teacher in one of those strange schools where the students are punished. I overheard her telling a lady friend once that she did have an experience. She had a student who badly needed the discipline, and nothing that Mrs. Olsen ever did seemed to make that one shape up. Repeated applications of the leather did not make any difference. The cure for her, according to Mrs. Olsen, was that she was given a thorough stropping, f***ed to take a number of tablespoons of castor oil, thank Mrs. Olsen for each one, stropped some more, and then given a large mouthful of Mrs. Olsen's shit to eat, a tablespoonful at a time. I overheard this and never forgot it. And, I am sure, I masturbated about it a thousand times. That was my fantasy. I wanted to be taken over by somebody who disliked me, stripped, spanked thoroughly, made to eat her pussy, and then more humiliating things.

Now understand this about Mrs. Olsen. She is tall and strong, a very handsome woman, with a very potent personality. She is about 45. There is no Mr. Olsen around. I do not know if she is a widow or a divorcee, she is not the kind of person that you ask questions of. We genuinely do not like each other. I think she is overbearing. She thinks that I am wild, spoiled, disrespectful. While she is my landlady, I cannot wait to get out of there, and she cannot wait to have me gone. But, she still is very much in my fantasies. This story, embellished somewhat, is what I told to Tom. He is very interested in this, and says that he is going to look into making it all happen. He had me write him a letter, detailing all this, though how exactly he plans to make use of it, I do not know.

Today, Tom called at lunch time and asked me to come over this evening, and to be sure to be there before 8:00 PM. He says that we might, just might, have company, though he won't say who and he won't say what. I am fantasizing about this, have been all day now, not knowing what to expect. Today is Thursday, I thought, and today is the day that perhaps I am going to meet my fate. Thomas had heard my story and questioned me on it in detail. He knew what I think I want. He was delighted to help me, to play in our little drama. He had my letter, written in my own hand, addressed to him, which detailed everything. He had also purchased a pint bottle of castor oil at the d**g store, the only item on the list that he did not have in advance. And he had made the calls, I believe, talked to Mrs. Olsen, explained our relationship, and had her surprised (and he says, delighted and enthusiastic) agreement to participate. He told her that he had been regularly spanking me, had nude photos of me that he knew she would want to see, and had ideas of advanced discipline for me that he wanted to discuss with her. She was cautious, but interested, after all, this was really right up her alley, and it was being handed to her on a silver platter, so to speak.

This time, for the first time, I did not drive to his place. I knew that if the adventure was going to go according to his plan, that I would be taken home, in bondage, by Mrs. Olsen. My car would only be in the way. I went there by cab, dressed as usual, in jeans and a sweater. The clothes made no difference. I would be nude as soon as I got there. Thomas' house was no different than at any other time. The furnishings are sparse, but adequate. The room down in the basement, which was the "playroom", had wood paneled walls, with various hooks and eyes, and the large, very sturdy oak library table with a padded top. On the floor stood a brown paper bag. I was instructed to strip down to my panties, (but to leave them on) a pair of black nylon bikini panties that he had bought for me that he liked. I was to put each article of clothing that I removed into that paper bag. Soon enough, I was almost nude, trembling slightly, though not from fright. Thomas had seen me nude now a number of times and had used me in the various ways that a punished girl is used. Instead, I was trembling in anticipation. This might be the night that Mrs. Olsen would join us, and if she did, there was no telling how the agenda might go. This time, for preparation, all that happened was that Tom put wrist cuffs on me and fastened my wrists behind my back. I was helpless. And I was wondering if she would appear, and if she did appear, if she would participate, and if she did participate, how severe she would be with me. I had fantasies about how she would be dressed. No matter what she had on top, I knew that she would wear a black merry-widow, a short corset like garment, only hip length, and with that, black opera-length hose and garters. And of course, black panties that revealed more than they hid, through which would clearly be visible, her full behind. I had seen her dressed this way, and it really depressed me. It also really excited me. I had visions of kissing that large, shapely bottom, of thrusting my tongue up inside, and I hated these visions. And secretly begged that she make it happen.

I stood, just marking time. The phone rang. Tom went upstairs to talk, and seemed gone forever. Then the doorbell rang. I could hear voices as he answered upstairs, but I could not identify who was there. I could only hope. Footsteps could be heard, two pair were coming down the stairs, and there she was!! Mrs. Velma Olsen stood there, looking just gorgeous, dressed in a simple, severe black dress. She looked around the room, looked finally at me, standing wearing only my panties, my wrists fastened behind my back.

"My dear", she said. "You cannot imagine how glad I am to see you here. And looking so lovely, too".

I stood still as her hands ran across my lower body, fondling my bottom, gently squeezing one cheek of my ass. Her hands ran up my front, taking hold of each bare breast and fondling me. She took my nipples, each between a thumb and forefinger and gently squeezed, bringing them to instant erection, and using my nipples to pull by, dragged me in very close.

"Let me see your tongue", she commanded.

I opened my mouth, showed her the tip of my tongue. Squeezing somewhat harder, she ordered me.

"Further,darling. Stick it all the way out so that I can see it."

I complied. She opened her mouth, and we deep-kissed. And gently, she bit down on my tongue. Not very hard, but hard enough. This was not at all what I had expected.

"My dear", she said, "Tom has told me how naughty you have been. I am not really surprised, but it is nice to have confirmation that I have been correct. He has asked that I help in modifying your behavior. Won't that be fun?"

And in saying that, she squeezed hard on each erect nipple, making me gasp.

She removed the black frock. She did not have the merry-widow on, rather, she was wearing only a sexy looking deep-cut black bra, and black panty hose. This emphasized her curvaceous figure, and with her high heels, she had a totally queenly appearance. Tom, watching closely, his eyes popping out at the sight, was obviously very erect. It seemed certain that at least for now, he was going to be a voyeur in this drama, not a direct participant. It also seemed that he did not mind in the least.

Velma sat, and pulled me over her lap, bottom up. Her hands fondled my bikini clad rump, squeezing here and there, probing a bit. A hand ran inside the waist band and squeezed naked flesh, not hard, but rather more a loving squeeze. She quickly pulled my panties down, tugged them all the way off, and asked me to open my legs so that she could see all my parts. Her hands probed here and there. First, a finger touched all around my vulva, testing for creaminess. I was sopping wet. The finger probed inward, deeply, came out again and rubbed gently across my now erect clit, almost making me leap off her lap. The finger found its way between the upturned cheeks of my bottom, found the rosebud pointing up at her, gently f***ed its way inside, full depth. This also seemed to please her.

"Ooh yes, you are just lovely," she said, "just the way I knew you would be".

And she raised her right hand and spanked me fiercely across one cheek of my upturned bottom. Very slowly, she lectured me on good behavior, punctuating almost every point with another hard swat on my bare ass, first on one cheek and then the other, alternating back and forth it seemed, to be sure that each side got its fair share. Well, each side got more than its fair share. Very soon, she brought me to tears. This went on for a while, much longer than I had expected, and much more of a spanking than Tom had ever given me. I was crying now, not knowing what to say.

I begged her to stop, promising her as a little girl might, that I would be good, that I would never again be disrespectful, that I would obey her in anything, just anything, that she might want me to do. She pushed me off onto the floor, ordered me to kneel before her. Now understand how I felt. I had truly been punished and my bottom felt like it was on fire. I felt humiliated to be treated this way, and to have Tom see me treated this way. I felt totally ashamed of myself for getting myself into this situation. And I felt totally under her control. But most of all, I felt absolutely, orgasmically excited. She was Queen, she was in charge, and what would happen was completely up to her. What she wanted from me, she would get!!!

She took off her black bra, and showed me (and Tom) a pair of delicious, shapely, large breasts. She offered me a thick, dark brown nipple to kiss. I had no doubts whatever about what was going to happen now, and I did just as she indicated she wanted me to do. I leaned forward, and took that luscious morsel into my mouth and sucked it lovingly. Shortly, her hand found my earlobe, and pulled me downward. She shucked her black underpants, spread her husky, shapely thighs, and showed me a musky crotch, obviously excited that she wanted me to kiss as a gesture of submission. And all the time that I had known her, hated her, always I had known that this was what I really wanted. I had dreamed about it a thousand times, the thought of me being on my knees, kneeling before her widespread thighs, peering into her open, expectant crotch, looking at the pink lips and her erect clit, standing up and awaiting my kiss. I knew the significance of this position. I was going to lean forward and kiss her there, and suck her juices, and give her pleasure. And by so doing, she was going to take possession of me, to use me any way that she chose to use me in the future. I was going to be converted to her slave girl, and she would own me and operate me. I buried my face in it, her gorgeous, feminine cunt, tasting her juices, enjoying the strange flavors and enjoying the sexy, gorgeous feeling of humiliation of doing this with Tom watching. He loved it.

I was still on my knees between her thighs when she reached to the table for the bottle of castor oil, and a tablespoon. A large spoonful was poured, and offered to me. I pursed my lips, knowing that no taste did I hate so much as this. I refused. She smiled, reached over and took a nipple, and pinched HARD. It hurt, really hurt. I screamed, not understanding her sudden change in mood.

She said, "Now there you are being willfuly disobedient. That is exactly what I am going to correct."

She pinched again, and I immediately opened my mouth wide, and got for my troubles, the tablespoonful of the castor oil. I gagged on it, but managed to swallow it down.

"Would you like another?" she asked. When I gasped out NOOO, she pinched again, saying "Now that is the WRONG answer, darling. Let me ask again. Would you like another?"

I knew what would happen if I said no again. I did not know what to say. She said it for me.

She said "'May I have another?' That would be the way that you would say it if you had good manners".

And with that, she gave me another pinch, this time not so hard, but still hard enough. And of course, I did ask for another, and was duly rewarded with a large spoonful, and then a moment later, another and another.........

I was let alone for a while, while Velma and Tom disappeared upstairs. They were gone for a long time. When they came back, I could see that Tom had lost his erection. Velma sat down again before me, her thighs spread again, and beckoned me to kiss her. I did, of course, and found now that she was ever so much more juicy than before, a totally different flavor, too. Obviously, out of my sight, they had fucked. She had paid Tom, in a sense, for turning me over to her for discipline, and she had thanked him in the manner he liked best. Velma reached into her purse, and found a new toy, a large nipple clip that she attached to one of my nipples, and snapped a leash onto it. This was a new way to lead somebody around. She found my coat, threw it over my shoulders, took the leash in one hand, the paper bag with my clothes in the other, said goodbye to Tom, and led me out to her car. As she led me, her attitude seemed to be that of a great lady who had just procured a new toy, and now meant to take it home and play with it in depth. I was the toy. And I knew this game that we were going to play. She was going to make the rules and I was going to abide by them, without any limits. She would be judge and jury and enf***er.

In the car, she reached into the coat, took my other breast in her hand and very gently fondled it, rubbing the nipple. She turned her face to me, and offered me a very wet kiss, and as well, a totally confusing mixture of sensations and feelings. Her hand ran between my thighs, into my pussy, feeling its wetness. She gently, very gently frigged my clit, bringing me almost, but not quite to orgasm.

And she nibbled on my ear lobe, and thrust a tongue into my ear, in the meanwhile, whispering, "Darling girl, I am going to be your teacher, and I am going to just loooovvvvee being your teacher. You are just going to love it. Did you enjoy going down on me?"

Considering the remarkable talent she had shown for pinching my nipples and making me do her thing, I knew I had better give the right answer. I said that I loved it.

"Good", she said, "since you like it so well, do it again, right now."

So, for another ten or fifteen minutes we sat parked in front of Tom's house, my face buried in her humid cunt, my tongue sucking her clit, and all the while, that castor oil was doing its insidious work, taking me ever closer to that particular point of no return.

Away we drove, finally, towards home. I was certain that I would never make it there, considering the wild sensations in my bowels. Somehow, I did manage to hold on long enough, my stomach heaving and quenching, as she led me up the stairs, firmly holding the leash. I begged for permission to go to the bathroom, and to my surprise, it was granted without question. Velma was, for the moment, in her sweet phase. I came back out, and was granted permission to shower and to rest a bit. Rest for what? Well, as it turned out, for quite a bit more.

An hour later, after relaxing and watching the evening news on TV, she ordered me up. My hands were fastened behind my back again, and after some really loving-type gentle play with my nipples, we began to discuss discipline. She reviewed my conduct over the past several years that we had known each other. She pointed to a number of specific instances where, she thought, I could have, should have, behaved differently. Now, she told me, she was going to teach me a number of things, but better manners and better behavior and total obedience to recognized authority were certainly vital parts of the lessons. Obviously, she was now the recognized authority that she referred to. To determine if I was sufficiently obedient, she turned her back to me, bent forward to give me a delightful view of her bare ass, her legs spread so that I could see her brown rosette, almost winking at me.

I knew what she wanted me to do, to give it a long, wet, sweet thrusting kiss. At that point, I could not. She said that this was disobedience, exactly what she had meant. And announcing this, she bent me over the end of the couch, my bottom raised. She left me there for a moment, went to fetch something from the closet, and showed it to me, a wicked looking leather strap, about 18" long, 3" wide, and the end cut into three separate tongues of leather. She told me that it was a trainer, sometimes called a tawse, but by any name, a marvelous tool for one job, for teaching. She said that nature had provided every female a place to be taught, her naked behind. There, lessons could be given, that it might be painful for the moment, but they would be remembered and no permanent harm would come. And with that, she raised the tawse, and SSSSSPPPPLLLAAATTT!, a fiery streak, right across the crowns of both cheeks. I screamed out. She said nothing, and for a long time, the only sound in the room was the voice from the TV. Time dragged, and my behind was on fire. I had never really felt anything like it before. And then, SSSSSPPPPPPPLLLAAATTTT!! Again, she burned my bottom, as before. And now it hurt twice as much, if that is possible. I was sobbing, crying, begging her to let me go. All that got me was a third and then a fourth shot of the wicked tawse across my rump. She asked me questions about things I had done the previous year, about things I had said, about Tom. She wanted to know if I had been letting him fuck me. I said no. That immediately earned me another vicious swat with the tawse. Again she asked, and this time, I confessed. She wanted to know if I had him use me up the ass. I denied it and got yet another stroke. I confessed that Tom had been using me anally. She noted that down for future reference, as if that was another transgression that she intended to cure. I was crying hysterically now, willing to tell her anything, willing to confess to any sin, and getting in the process, a barn burner of a spanking. Suddenly it stopped.

She said to me, "What would you like to do,now?" I knew there was only one answer to that question, and I said it, "Please let me show you, let me kiss your beautiful ass."

She smiled slightly, bent forward again, and again, offered her brown rosette to my tongue. Now, finally, I did what I had always really wanted to do. I thrust my tongue against it, probed inward slightly, tasted her strange flavor, and gave her thusly, the kiss of total obedience.

She left the room. After what seemed a long time, she returned, carrying a paper plate. I knew what would happen next, and sure enough, she found a spoon, and then asked me if I wanted my dessert now. I gulped, cried again, and said nooooo. And for that refusal, got another two strokes of the tawse. She asked again, and knowing that this would go on until I said yes, I did so. She made me request it, made me ask her to please feed me my dessert

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sandi's world of fashion


For quite some time, I'd yearned to try my hand at modeling, but every shoot I checked into wanted someone younger than my twenty-two years or taller than my five-seven or thinner than I'd ever been in my life.

In the meantime, I had to work, or move back home and accept the negative comments from my folks, something I was not about to do.

I took jobs that were way below my skill level for a while but one Saturday, while having lunch with a friend, she remembered a classified ad she'd saved for me.

"Take a look at this, Sandi. As soon as I saw the ad, I thought of you. It's exactly what you said you dreamed of," she said. "You have an amazing fashion sense, and you've had some experience in retail. You should go for it."

The more I read, the more excited I got.

"Oh my god, Traci,it's perfect; maybe too perfect, but I'm going to apply anyway. If I don't get it, I'll know I did my best. Working at Malken & Drake would be so sweet."

Malken & Drake is where every fashion conscious sales person in the world wants to work. They are one of the hottest fashion stores in the country, and most of all, the absolute best path to meet all of my goals. Their "Intimate Moments" department is famous for its exclusive selections of intimate apparel and sl**pwear, designed and created just for them. Of course, they also featured the top designers and offer the highest level of service anywhere. Of course, you pay for that level of commitment so they cater to the nouveau riche as well as the more sedate 'old money' individuals

Since I wasn't scheduled to work until two that Monday, I got up early, showered, and slipped into the designer business suit that I'd bought at a resale shop for less than fifty dollars. I looked good. I mean I looked really good. Very professional to say the least.

Pausing outside the offices on the fifth floor, I took a deep breath and focused on being mentally prepared to present my best executive look and attitude.

There were quite a few women waiting but I was determined to make the best effort possible. After all, numbers mean nothing. I picked up the application and moved to one side where there I found some chairs with writing surfaces. As I filled out the app, I occasionally glanced around the room at the other women. Over half of them were not going to get past the first door because they didn't dress for the job.

I slipped the app in the folder where I had my resume and cover letter outlining my goals. When I leaned over to give my papers back to the receptionist, I whispered to her. "Have there been a lot of applicants?"

She nodded but spread out eight fingers and twisted her hand back and forth to indicate they were pretty much so-so. I gave her a questioning look and she smiled as she bent three fingers of her right hand to let me know that there were just two that made any impression on her. After about fifteen minutes my name was called and I was ushered into another office

The woman doing the interviews was in her thirties, rather attractive and dressed in a very expensive business suit. She looked up and smiled and I felt a lot of tension flow from my body. She stood and held out her hand.

"Hello, Sandi, I'm Debra Hastings, the Human Relations Director at Malken & Drake. Please relax and give me a second to review your application."

I sat and watched her face as she read it. Occasionally, she would make a little sound or gesture that looked like she was pleased by what she saw.

"So, Sandi, why Malken and Drake?" she finally asked.

"I have my goals set rather high, Ms. Hastings. I intend to be in top level management within five years and if you don't want to team up with the best there is, why bother?"

"I like that," she said. "So you know about our company then."

"Yes ma'am," I said. I then proceeded to give her an encapsulated version of the history of the company and the prestigious rankings the fashion world gave it.

"Well done, Sandi. You've done your homework."

"Ms.Hastings, I've lived and breathed fashion most of my life. I even considered modeling but found that my body type didn't fit the mold."

"Have you considered designing?" she asked.

"I have," I replied, "but I'd have to get a lot more education and experience to pursuit it. I have a small portfolio of a few of my designs if you'd care to see them."

"I'd like that very much," she said.

I passed her the portfolio and studied her reaction.

"You're quite talented," she said. "I notice that your interest seems to lie in the intimate apparel and swim wear fields."

"Yes ma'am," I said. "It's what I do best."

"There's nothing wrong with that," she said. "Of course, it is one of the most competitive areas in fashion design"

"Yes ma'am," I said. "That only means that if I am successful at it, I've beaten the best there is."

She smiled. "I like your attitude Sandi. How soon could you be available?"

"Immediately," I said.

"If I call you by two, could you come in for a second interview it that becomes necessary?"

"Of course," I said.

I can't explain it, but I left there with a very positive attitude.

She called me at one to ask if I could be there by two. Of course, I could, since I was at a café less than two blocks from the store.

When I got there one other girl was there and another was coming out of Mrs. Hastings office, I was the last to go in.

"Come in, Sandi," she said. "Please," she said, motioning to the chair in front of her desk. She went to stand right behind her desk. "Sandi, the job we advertised is in our "Intimate Moments" department as assistant manager. While you lack some in actual retail experience, you excel in natural ability. You handled yourself quite well in the initial interview and your knowledge of the company impressed me. The thing that tipped the scale in your favor is your extensive knowledge of fabrics and design as well as a natural sense of color."

There was a soft knock on the door to which she smiled and invited someone named Sharon in.

The woman that came into the room was about the same age as Mrs. Hastings, but tall, slender, and drop dead gorgeous.

"Sandi, this is Sharon Cottell. Sharon is in charge of our training and development team. Go with her, and she'll walk you through the rest of the paperwork and get you scheduled for training. Let me be the first to welcome you to the Malken & Drake organization. I'm sure we'll be hearing great things about you."

I thanked her and walked from the room, maintaining my professional attitude on the outside, while my heart was doing handstands. I'd found my dream job and now I was hired.

"You can scream now if you wish," she said, as we headed down the hall. "I can see the excitement in your eyes."

"Is it that obvious?" I asked.

She smiled and nodded. "Let me guess, this is just what you wanted."

"I've been waiting for this for years, and to get this opportunity with Malken & Drake is way beyond my wildest dreams."

"No one else ever had a chance," she said. "Mrs. Hasting was absolutely thrilled when she saw your application. We are very selective of the people we hire, which is one of the reasons we don't lose our personnel to the competition. We hire the best and make sure we keep them. The girl who had the job you are taking over has been promoted to middle management due to the retirement of Mrs. Gage, who was with the company for thirty-one years. "

"Oh wow, that's a long time," I said.

"It is indeed," she said, "but not at all unusual here. Did she discuss wages and benefits with you?"

"Not yet," I said, "but the company has an excellent reputation for paying fair and competitive wages and the benefit package is rated as number one in the industry."

"Yes it is," she said. "I can let you have a peek at your starting wage package if you wish to see it."

I nodded and she passed me a slip of paper.

"Oh my god, Sharon, you're k**ding. That's a lot of money."

She grinned and nodded. "Of course that's a salary so you'll work a lot of hours to earn it, but they take good care of us here. There are ways to make even more but that will be explained to you as opportunities arise. We also have an excellent bonus program as well."

By the time everything was done, it was past lunch time so Sharon took me to get a sandwich and a salad in the executive dining room. Boy, those people know how to eat.

When I left the store, I walked slowly down the street, stopping to check out the window displays, until I got to the next block. Then I raced to stop at the same café, ordered a latte' and took a deep breath. Once I got control of my heart, I called my friend Tracy. She was at work so I had to sound real important when I asked to speak to Ms. Tracy Caruthers.

"Tracy Caruthers, how can I help you," she asked.

"Act real cool and sound like we're talking business," I said, not wanting to get her in any trouble.

"Yes, Mrs. White, how are you?"

"Mrs. White is a piece of shit," I said, "but Sandi is floating above the clouds."

"I take it that you are pleased with the package then, Mrs. White?"

"I got the job, Tracy. I got the freaking job."

"And were you pleased with the pricing, ma'am?"

I told her what my starting wage was and I thought she was going to scream. She choked for a few seconds and regained her composure.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. White, but I had trouble catching my breath for a minute. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

"Yeah, you can hurry up and meet me at Dillinger's after work. I'm taking the day off and then I'm quitting. I'm buying, so whatever you want, even that shit you drink that's seven bucks a pop. My treat."

"I'll take care of that, ma'am and thank you for allowing us to serve you."

I spent the next hour on the phone, making reservations at Dillinger's, and quitting my job which came as no surprise to my boss, who was ecstatic for me.

- 2 -

My first day at Malken & Drake was mostly spent with the operations manager, a thirtyish redhead with an awesome body, showing me around the stock rooms and offices and introducing me to various supervisors and individuals I would be working with.

By the end of the day, my legs ached and my mind was spinning. The last woman I met with was Desire' the assistant manager of the sports fitness department. She handled exercise clothing, swim suits, and athletic wear such as a gymnast wears. As I headed for the exit, she offered me dinner at Danner's, a local grill famous for their salads.

"The first week is the worst," she said. "You won't get a check for two weeks so money gets tight, and it can be so confusing. There's so much to learn and so many people to remember."

"I just discovered that," I said." I feel like I ran a marathon. I can't wait to get into that hot shower."

"Each day gets easier," she said. "I've been there just over a year so I'm still a work in progress, but it isn't as stressful as it was."

I told her of my desire to do some modeling.

"You'll get chances to do that at Malken & Drake with your body. I do it about eight or ten times a year now.

There are other opportunities too."

"Such as..." I said.

"Make up a portfolio and be sure the advertising and promotions department gets a couple of copies. Give them to Jeanine and she'll make sure they get to the right people."

"Thanks, I'll do that."

When I started feeling the weight of the day, she paid the bill and I headed for home and the shower I'd been thinking about for hours.

She was right about one thing. Each day got easier and everyone in the department was so kind and supportive of my efforts that I began to look forward to getting to the store each morning. I got my final check from the previous job that Friday and sat down at lunch to figure out how to make it go as far as possible. I'd had a conversation with the condo manager and he was willing to work with me so I wrote a check for a little over half of my rent, which left me enough to survive with a reasonable cushion.

I invited Desire' to dinner at Danner's and insisted on paying over her objections.

"I'm not in bad shape right now," I said, "but I maxed out my credit card to get the clothes I needed and I only bought three outfits."

"Didn't you say you were having car trouble?" she asked.

"I don't want to think about it," I replied. "I think something else goes out every week. This morning I heard a grinding sound coming from the brakes, and I've had a vibration in the motor for months that sounds louder every day. I'm trying to get another few months out of it but I think I'm going to have to find something else while I still have some trade-in value. My dad wants me to get a new one and even offered to help with the financing but I really don't want to turn to them right now. They're trying to get ready for his retirement and that might just screw things up for them for a few years."

"Been there, done that," she said. "Mine took a dump about a month after I started here."

"Did you buy a new one?" I asked.

"Yeah, I did," she said. "I got a really great deal on a Toyota SUV. They gave me a good deal on my trade and I gave them a couple grand down. It's a dream to drive."

"I wish I had two grand for a down payment," I said. "I'd start looking tomorrow."

She seemed a bit pensive for a few minutes so I asked her what was on her mind.

"Oh, sorry, "she said. "I was just thinking of how I got the two grand. Man, I can't believe it's been over a year now."

"You're talking in riddles, Desire', I said.

"I'm sorry," she said. "I do some modeling on the side, and just realized that I've been there over a year."

"Oh," I said. "I didn't know. I never even thought about outside modeling, but you have a much better body for that than I do."

She smiled and looked down at the table. "These people aren't all that fussy, Sandi. We call them skin shows."

"Are you talking about strip clubs?" I asked.

"No," she said, "Some of the smaller stores have fashion shows of their own and they hire girls as needed. Some of them are run by crude or downright nasty managers if things aren't going just right so you have to swallow your pride and bite your lip but if you're strong enough, the pay is good and they pay cash the next day. You can get tips from the customers and a bonus if your items sell well."

"What type of garments?" I asked.

"It's almost all bikinis, bras, panties, Victoria Secrets type stuff."

"Oh I see." I said. "Do they call you often?"

"About once or twice a month, but I don't always accept. It depends on my finances at the moment. "

"What's the most you ever made off one show?" I asked.

"Oh, about six hundred or so."

"What?" I said in amazement.

"Of course I got mauled pretty good and had to put up with a lot of shit from some of the customers but I paid my rent the next day and had enough left for a good meal."

"What does Malken & Drake think about you working part time for a competitor?"

"You don't work for the store," she said. "You work for an independent contractor. They just rent the space for the shows. The store gets their money by charging outrageous prices for the merchandise and VIP tickets. It's totally a win- win situation for everyone."

"Can you recommend any to me? "

She seemed to hesitate for a minute.

"It's not easy work and it's not pretty, Sandi. Nothing high class about it at all. I'm not sure you'd have the stomach for it. "

"I might not have a choice though, Des," I said. "If the car goes, I'm screwed."

"Well, the one I work the most is at Sanderson's but it's not your usual fashion show. They call it Club Sanderson's and it's run by a group of women with a penchant for young women in their underwear or less. It's usually one night a month, but sometimes they have two a month. The clothes all come from Sanderson's intimate apparel department or from sports wear for the swim suits. Its all quality merchandise but not Malken & Drake quality. I make the most money there but I earn it too."

All that night I considered the information she'd given me, trying to balance my need for immediate cash with the description she'd given me about the shows. I'd done a quick calculation and if I were to dress well at Malken & Drake, my initial cash outlay could be as much as two thousand dollars. I also had to consider the fact that my car badly needed some maintenance. I did have some left on my credit card but the interest rate was outrageous. I could borrow from my Mom, but she was juggling funds too,. Of course, there was no guarantee I would be accepted or when the next showing would be.

Two days later, Desire' told me there was going to be a showing at 'Club Sanderson' if I was interested. I took down the name and number of the woman in charge and put it in my purse.

"Hey Des, I've got a question for you?"

"Sure, what do want to know?"

"You said something about 'if I had the stomach for it 'and 'if I was strong enough'. What did you mean by that?"

"Well, for one thing, you have to be able to take a lot of shit out of some weird women on a power trip. Most of them are all right but they aren't the warm fuzzy type we deal with at Malken & Drake," she said.

'Is that it?" I asked.

"It varies from show to show," she said. 'At Club Sanderson's, the customers are allowed to touch the models whenever they feel the urge. It's something you have to get used to."

By 'touch' are you saying in an intimate way?"

"Oh yeah," she said. "That's why you get the big tips, Sandi. It's a bunch of wealthy older women that get their jollies that way. Makes them feel young again, I guess."

"Oh," I said, trying to sound calm and collected while I was anything but.

"You get used to it, "she said. " A couple hours of touchy-feelie , a little one on one and you walk out with a few c-notes tucked in your bra, if you have one."

"That doesn't sound like anything I'm interested in," I said.

"I wasn't either but I needed rent money and I got that and more."

"Well, thanks for letting me know," I said. "I'll probably try to borrow from my mother."

"Okay, that's cool," she said, "but remember that you'll have to pay her back. The second show I did, qt Sanderson's I made enough to buy four suits from the bargain store and pay cash for them, About three grand worth of high fashion for less than seven hundred and I didn't have to charge anything but a silk blouse."

"I don't know," I said. "I do really need some cash right away, but that sounds incredibly gross."

"It's not that bad, Sandi, and you get used to it after while."

I paced the floor for over an hour that night, trying to imagine some old women pawing at me. Could I stand there and pretend it didn't bother me? Did I need cash that badly?

The honest answer was either I call Mom or try the shows. I picked up the phone to call my mother, but never dialed her number. Eventually I talked myself into trying it one time, but that would be the end of it.

At lunch the next day, I called the number she'd given me.

"Have you modeled for us before?" the woman asked.

"No "Ma'am," I said. "Desire Watkins gave me your number."

'Oh yes, I know Desire' "she said. "I'm not sure if she's working this show or not. Well, if you think you've got what it takes, come by my office at six and we'll do a quick interview."

She told me who to ask for when I got there, and where to park and told me to be on time or don't show up.... Continue»
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Tarts & Vicars Party

l had been invited to a Tarts & Vicars party whichwas being held to raise funds for a local football club, now as l was between girlfriends and l didn't have much of a sex life l agreed to go.

So there l was standing in a corner dressed like a vicar watching a group of middle aged women all dressed like tarts dancing in the middle of the dance floor, as virtually everyone was in a couple l was thinking of leaving and going home when suddenly the DJ annouced that the next dance would be one for the ladies and they should choose their partners.

The lights were dimmed down and in the gloom l noticed a woman in her 40's came walking up to me she was wearing a black leather mini-skirt which barely covered her black stocking tops, black leather knee high boots with 4" stiletto heels and a white lycra scoop top which was skintight and made it obvious that she wasn't wearing a bra but the thing that did get my attention was the fact she was wearing black leather gloves which were pulled over the arms of the lycra top and reached up to just below her elbows, she had a watch on her left wrist and a couple of rings on her right hand.

She stopped in front of me and put her gloved hands on her hips and gave me an appraising look before saying 'l believe that this is my dance' and without waiting for an answer grabbed my hand and led me onto the dance floor and then
moved in close to me, l noticed that she had led me to the dimmest part of the dance floor l asked about her husband and she just laughed and replied 'He's getting d***k with his cronies at the bar and they're all bragging about their football teams'

We started to dance with the music and l felt her bring a hand down and start to feel out my cock and balls, l moved my hands down onto her leather clad arse and her only reaction was to move in even closer so that her tits were being squashed against me.

The dance came to an end all too soon and she gave me an appraising look and then said 'Do you fancy going outside for a fag', l smiled and replied ' l don't smoke, but l could do with some fresh air' she led me out through a side door into a garden area with several tables and chairs.

We walked across to one set of tables and chairs in the corner and sat down she pulled out a packet of cigarettes and a lighter and lit a cigarette, as she sat there smoking her free hand started caressing my cock and balls, l took heart from this and started playing with one of her tits through the skintight lycra she moaned and speeded up her hand her nipple very quickly started to poke through the lycra.

Suddenly she brought her other hand down still holding the cigarette saying 'Lets see what your got then' with that she expertly undid my trousers,
she slipped a gloved hand down my boxers and the feel of the leather on my cock was more than enough to make it harden right up.

'Mmmm' she said ' something feels like it wants some attention' and throwing her cigarette on the floor and grinding it under her booted foot she then brought both gloved hands to my boxers and released my cock. Now when it's fully erect it's nearly 9" in length and quite thick so she cooed in delight at what she had released.

She just lowered her head and took my cock into her mouth and brought a gloved hand up to cup and massage the balls, now this bitch certain knew how to suck cock as she varied her pace and used her tongue on the head of my cock and coated it with her saliva, within a short period of time she had made my cock rampant and looking up with a cheeky smile she said 'Your turn stud' with that she hitched up her leather skirt exposing a neatly trimmed bush the kinky bitch wasn't wearing any panties.

With a smile l got onto my knees and pulling her stocking clad legs over my shoulders bringing her pussy and arsehole up to my face, l started by running my tongue around her pussy lips and arsehole, then l brought two fingers up and slowly inserted them into her pussy she was already quite wet and l brought my tongue into play and started flicking her clit with my tongue.

I removed my fingers and moved them over to her arsehole and slowly inserted them this had the effect of making her gasp and then she hissed ' You bastard l'm going to cum' with that she gripped the back of my head with her gloved hands and make sure l received the full flow of her juices.

When her orgasm had subsided she released me and l stood up and she looked up and smiled and said 'Well stud let's see if your cock can perform as well as your tongue', with that she pulled me down onto the seat besides me and positioned herself in the reverse cowgirl position and grabbing my cock in her gloved hand lowered herself onto it.

'Fuck' she said as she got herself comfortable ' your a lot bigger than my old man, l hope you last longer as well', now if there is one thing l pride myself on its my endurance so l thought it was time to put this kinky mature bitch in her place and said 'Well then bitch, prepare yourself to be fucked like your never been fucked before, l'm going to fuck you like the whore your dressed like', she just said 'talk is cheap stud' with that l rached around and started playing with her tits paying attention to her nipples and pulled her onto my full length.

She squealed like a teenager and then calmly lit up another cigarette before starting to ride my cock like she was riding an untamed horse, we established a nice rythmn and l could feel by the way she was speeding up that another orgasm was approaching, suddenly l heard a muffled giggle and looking over by the wall l could see two women watching one of whom had her hand under her skirt and was obviously fingering herself, the other one was watching intently and smoking a cigarette. I whispered into her ear that we were being watched and her reply was 'l know, now make me cum stud' With that l increased my pace and within a few minutes she was flooding my cock with her pussy juices.

As she sat there catching her breathe l again whispered into her ear 'Get off and walk over to where your friends are and lean with your back to the wall so l can come and fuck you and give them a close up view', she got up turned round and smiled at me and with her skirt still hitched up walked over towards the wall where her friends were standing and exchange a few words.

I got up and with my cock and balls in full view walked over to where the ladies were standing the woman who had been fingering herself licked her lips as she caught sight of my still erect cock, l nodded and said 'excuse me ladies,l just need to finish fucking this kinky bitch', she was leaning against the wall looking hungrily at my cock with pussy juices running into her stocking tops.

Walking up to her l started playing with one of her erect nipples and said 'would you care to tell your friends what you are and what l'm going to do to you', she licked her lips and said ' l'm a kinky bitch and this stud is going to fuck me and make me cum again'.

With that l stepped up and grabbing her arse lifted her up and got ready to inset my cock into her sopping pussy, one of the women reached down and grabbing my cock said 'allow me' she slowly guided my cock into the slut's pussy and played with my balls for a few seconds, l started pumping and soon was slapping my balls against her pussy lips, the two women were either side of us and were playing with her tits using their fingers and tongues and mouths.

Very quickly she was having another orgasm and l could feel my own approaching and l said 'l'm almost ready to cum' she just snarled 'fill up my pussy with your spunk' well being the true gentlemen that l am, l had no problem with fullfilling that request and within a few strokes l was pumping what felt to be a pint of spunk into her well used pussy.

As l pulled out one of the other women dropped to her knees and started licking and sucking my cock she murmered through a mouth full of cock ' l love cock covered in pussy juices and spunk', l noticed that the other woman was eating out the pussy l had been pumping my cock into just a few moments before.

After a few minutes the woman got up and said 'thank you' and waited for the other two who were just adjusting their clothing before going back inside to the party, as l watched the three of them slip inside l thought to myself what a kinky set of bitches, l noticed that over an hour had enlapsed.

Back inside l decided to get myself a drink and then slip away, l got a drink from the bar and found a quiet corner near the exit to drink it, l noticed that a group of women were chatting away including the slut l had been fucking just 10 minutes earlier, a black women dressed in a white catsuit with black thigh length boots and matching opera length black leather gloves came walking over and stood in front of me and smiled saying ' you've got yourself quite a reputation stud' and then holding a card in her gloved hand to me continued 'If you fancy fucking a real kinky bitch give me a call, l look forward to your call'

I decided that this was a good time to leave the party and l made my way home, as l pulled my keys out to get into my flat a piece of paper fell out and as l opened it the message read, 'another go?' and it was signed Kinky bitch.... Continue»
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The Mansion (Chapter 8 & 9)

Chapter VIII

He: Here you are, in my bed. Breathing deeply. Totally in peace. I do not know how long I have been sitting here, just watching you. My slave has brought me breakfast and lunch without speaking. She understands. She doesn’t speak a word. Just watches and gently touching my hand, massaging my neck for a while and then leaving me again.
My thoughts drift away, in random fragments going through the five days that have passed since I met you for the first time, naked in the woods. I remember David calling me, God knows how long ago. Sending me the pictures, writing a long and most of all moving letter explaining what he wanted. Very wll knowing he was asking a lot.
What was it that made me say yes? His honesty probably, or maybe the care, the love, the intensity that was shining from behind the words in an intensity that I myself feel so well. The intensity of one who is willing to go through anything, do whatever is necessary to allow this intensly beloved woman to develop into exactly that you have wanted for all your life and now have found and will never let go. My own early emotions came back to me when reading his letter.

And now she is here. In my home, in my bed. Totally at peace with the situation. A remarkable woman; a bread that is seldom found. The second one I have known so far. I could love her. Oh yes. I do love her. She has become a part of me, just as I have become a part of her. Two people, partially merging into one. Shared memories that will never vanish. Five intense day and the most intense part yet to come. No doubt I have changed her life, her personality forever. But so has she changed mine. She moves ..

She: Looking up, I try to move and the blinding pain in my head prevents that. I am still bound somewhat but lying down. I see darkness, and then a face comes into blurry sight. It is The Man, looking down at me, or is it David? I cant be sure. I want to reach up, to touch, but I cannot. I call out Davids' name, and The Man touches my face. I am filled with an incredible sense of belonging. I am safe and loved. The beauty of this moment overwhelms me. I am a slave. One who will endure anything for her Master. I am suddenly strong again, I know there is nothing I cannot do. They will both be proud of me now. They will most surely be pleased.

Chapter IX

He: When you wake up the next morning you immediately notice a difference. Instead of waking up and getting yourself ready a woman has come in to wake you up. You recognize her voice. She is the one that bathed you before the punishment. You can not help but stare at her. She is completely naked but that is not what attracts your attention. It takes a few minutes before you notice. Her head is completely shaven. She has a gold plated collar around her neck. It is hard to tell how old she is, but you gather she must be about your age.

"Good morning," she says. "Please do not speak, since I am not to speak to you either, except for the absolute necessities." She grabs your hand and leads you to the bath that has already been filled. She washes you, tenderly. She is showing respect and making you feel special. Your eyes examine her as she rubs your body, kneeling down next to the tub. There are so many details. The most smashing one probably is the fact that you now notice that she is not shaven, but that - except for her eyebrows and long lashes - all her body hair has been removed permanently. And then there are her brands. She has two identical brandings on her hips: a monogram. You recognize the fine technique.These have not been done with an iron, but have been cut in with a red-hot knife. Given the fine technique, you figure that must have been a scalpel. She notices you watching them, smiles and her fingers touch yours. Gently, expressing a very subtle bond. Hell, if only you could talk now, share this with her. Her body is flexible and in very good condition. Even though it is obvious she must have gone through intense training, it is totally unmarked, except for the brandings.

When she is done washing and drying you she brings you back to the bed and rubs your entire body with almond oil. The scent is nice and it makes your tanned skin glow deep. Your hair is blow dried and brushed long and carefully. Then she leaves but returns almost immediately, gesturing you to stand up. She dresses you: a long black soft robe is now covering your body. Even though it is translucent you feel protected by it. The robe fits perfectly, following every curve of your body. It leaves your shoulders uncovered, but reaches down to you feet. You notice the front can be opened fully very simply. You are given soft, almost ballet type shoes to wear and then she brings out a long, thin but nonetheless strong and effective chain. It is connected to your collar. Your wristcuffs are attached to two long side chains that are connected to the long center one. The same happens to your ankle cuffs. Even though the chain can hardly be seen as a restraint since it offers you complete freedom to move around the symbolism of all this is overwhelming.

The woman grabs your hand again and leads you outside, through the garden and into the woods. A short walk brings you to a lake, surrounded by grass and huge oak trees. Under one of them, directly next to the water, a blanket has been spread on the ground.
"Good morning A." Until then you had not noticed me. I am standing, my back leaning against the tree. Instinctively you bow your head.
"Good morning Sir."
"Sit down. You are free to speak." I pour a glass of champagne for you. Only now you notice there is complete breakfast here. The weather is beautiful. You have no idea what time it is but it can not be that late in the morning since there is still some haze over the water. Yet it is not cold and very quiet. All you hear is birds and the morning breeze through the trees. You kneel down in the grass and take the glass from me.
"You don't have to kneel. Make yourself comfortable. I have brought you out here to enjoy." My hand reaches inside my riding jacket and brings out an envelope.
"This came in for you this morning. Feel free to read it and if you want we can talk about it."

You open the envelope. There is fax inside. A very long one, unmistakably David's handwriting. Your eyes scan it in no time, hungry for every word. Then you start again, reading it more carefully. "I am impressed with you A," David writes. "Although I was very disappointed seeing your escape I have seen you have learned from your mistake and have been brought to levels that are promising to say the least. I must say I was very amused by your response to the unknown woman taking advantage of you." You look at me, puzzled.
"What does he mean by seeing me, Sir. Is he here?"
"No, he is not. But almost everything you do is being videotaped and couriered to him every day. There is very little that is not captured on film. You can not see the cameras, since all of them are hidden, but take my word for it that almost every move you make is taped."
"Does this mean that ...."
"Yes, David has seen a more or less live video of your attempted escape. In fact three people including me were watching - and filming - you all the time. We were never more then twenty yards away from you." You blush heavily.
"David is very much entitled to see as much of what is happening here with you as is humanly possible, don't you think? Plus, the tapes offer him a very good opportunity to analyze what is happening as well as your responses and that way he and I can determine where to go next." You are speechless, knowing that David will see every minute of your training and god knows how much more. You sip the champagne and nibble a piece of toast as you stare across the lake, trying to straighten your brain out. Why can't there be a day to give your poor brain some rest, not to mention some other parts of your body.

I sit down behind you and put the fax away again. My hands massage your shoulders.
"Tell me A, how do you feel?"
"I .. I don't know Sir. I honestly don't know. There are so many changes, so many impressions. And most of all, I wish I understood what I am feeling for you and how that ties in with David."
"The last part is easy, although you currently won't be able to see things that way. You will develop very strong emotions towards me. In fact, you have already done so. And I will never fully vanish from your memories. Worse, I'll be a very prominent part of them. But your only priority will be David, once you have gone through this. Both he and I wanted you to know he is very much a part of what is happening here, even though he is a couple of thousand Miles away. That is why I let you read the fax. In fact that is why it was sent in the first place. Now I want you to stop worrying and stop trying to understand things. I want you to follow your emotions, no matter where they may lead you and let me take care of the rest. You do not have to understand things now and I know that is extremely difficult for you. But you must learn to give up control, completely and just follow the path David and I are laying out for you."

You turn your head and look at me. "May I ask who the woman is that came to me this morning?"
"Of course you may. She is one of my subs. There is a very strict hierarchy between my subs, even though I care for each one just as much. She is the number two. She has been with me for about fifteen years now and has been trained completely, as have all others. You will get to meet my favorite sub as well. Very soon in fact."
"Is there a reason for her being completely bald?"
"Oh yes, there is. All of them have very specific physical characteristics. All but my favorite one are bald since their physical beauty should not exceed the beauty of my favorite. Also, they do not have names, just numbers. Only Maria, my favorite, has a name."

You stare across the lake again, trying to let the words sink in. I pour us another glass, let your body rest against mine and keep quiet for a while, trying to read your mind. Finally I grab your shoulders and pull you on your feet.
"Come," I say. "You are about to enter a very new stage in your life. You have earned yourself something that is very special and something that I have had to give a lot of thought before telling David I felt ready to do it. In fact I only told him I would do this late last night. And I can only do it because of what you are showing to me and the fact that I do trust you and trust your emotions."
You stare at me as I place you, back against the tree, overlooking the lake and unlock the chains.
"Give me your hands," I say, standing behind the tree. Fyllu confodent you stretch them backward and feel them being tied together behind the big tree. I let you spread your feet and tie them to the tree as well. Since they are pulled slightly backward it is now difficult to keep your balance. I walk around the tree, then stand in front of you and open the long dress. It falls open, revealing your oiled body in the morning sun.

"You're beautiful. I must say I envy David," I say. Then I bring out some stuff. You shiver as you see a burner being brought out and lit. The next thing that comes out is a very large iron needle. I put on a safety glove and heat up the needle to the point where it is glowing red hot in the flame. Flashbacks about your branding fill your head. What is going to happen now. Will you be branded again? Will you also be given these monograms? You are too scared to ask as you see me rising slowly and walking towards you. Holding the red-hot needle in on hand, I sit on my knees and grab one of your outer labia, stretching it to the maximum. You close your eyes, then the needle punctures you. For a split second there is nothing. Then the intense burning pain starts and you cry out.
It takes quite a while before the needle is retracted. I lay down the needle and get out cooling spray. That helps. The pain dies down, leaving a numb, slightly pulsating feeling. You look down. You have been pierced. Through and through. You can see the brown edges around the circular hole that is much bigger then a normal piercing. I look up.|

"Close your eyes. Don't look at it. There is another one to come and after that something else will happen. I'll tell you when to open your eyes." You do as you are told and I reheat the needle. Less then a minute later the second one is done as well. You are shivering with emotions but despite the pain there are no tears. I reach in my pocket and bring out the small, golden padlock, open it and carefully lead it through the fresh holes. With it little click it locks again.
"Open your eyes." You look down, frozen with emotion as you see the lock through your flesh, locking you up, taking away the freedom to decide about who is going to enter there and when. I kiss your shaven triangle and stand up. Tears are flowing down your cheeks. Pure emotion coming out. I hold you and kiss them away.
"Do you ......."
"Yes," I answer, "I hold one key and David holds the other. From now only two people in the world can decide about what is to be done with your most private part and you have lost all control."
"But ... but ...," you can not find the words.
"Don't talk. Just feel. The answer is yes, I know and that is why I had to think about it a long time before doing it. By the way, these piercings are just as permanent as a branding. They will always be there, will never go away and will not close like ordinary piercings."

We stand like this for a long time before I untie you and put my arm around you.
"Come," I say and I lead you along the lake. Suddenly walking is a whole new experience. You feel the lock with every step, with every move. The spray has taken away the pain, at least for now but even with the painkiller you are very aware of it. You lay your head against my shoulder. I pull you closer.
"You have come a long way. You have earned yourself sufficient trust to allow for this to happen. Up until now there are only two women I have done this for ..."
From behind a tree a woman steps forward. She's small, but looks very tall and her long red hair glows in the sun. She is wearing a robe much like the one you are wearing now. Her green eyes look intensely proud as she walks towards you. Suddenly she opens her robe. You look down. Between her legs is a bright shiny lock.
"Meet Maria."
She takes you in her arms and I stand behind you doing the same, holding you firm between the two of us. Not a word is spoken ........

She: I will try and describe my thoughts to you now, on that sunny afternoon. I remember being led down the hallway to my bath by this beautiful woman. She held my leash as if it were the most normal thing in the world, to be leading a slave to be washed. I fear that my sense of reality has been altered since my arrival here. I remember the sun shining though the huge windows in the mansion. I slept well, for many hours and only awoke well after 1 in the afternoon. If it weren't for the woman at my bedside I think I might have slept the rest of the day. She bathed me while my eyes roamed eagerly over her body. She was beautiful, in a natural kind of way. She had no body hair save for her eyelashes and brows. Her head was bald, as was her sex. She had remarkable brands on her hips, much larger and more intricate than mine. She refused to talk with me, and I sensed that she was incredibly well trained. Her soft hands caressed my tired aching body. She rubbed my shoulders, my calf muscles, my neck, as if she were well aware of the trials I had been through. I rejoiced in the feminine touch, no pain. Simply softness, understanding and respect. I wanted to go back to sl**p as she rubbed almond oil over my naked body. She had other instructions however, to lead me to the park.

Outside, for the first time since my escape, I am blinded by the sunlight. I feel its warmth on my face and stand for a moment just to take it in. There is a gentle breeze, and I cannot imagine anything bad happening in the world in such a place as I am standing right now. I am chilled by the slight wind and I pull the sheer black robe around me, reveling in the ability to do for myself for a change. There is a blanket spread, in the shade of a big tree. This all seems so normal to me. I half expect families to be unloading their picnic baskets nearby. But we are not in the normal world, are we? I am reminded of this as the woman unhooks my leash and walks away. Then HE is there, leaning on a tree, watching me. He tells me to relax, that we are here for me to enjoy the day. He talks of his pride in me, in how far I have come. Then he pulls a letter out of his pocket. It is a fax from David.

It is a reminder from another life altogether, a spirit from my past. I hold the letter close to my chest, hoping to feel closer to My Master. My eyes fill with tears, he has sent me a letter and I am terrified to open it. I am reminded of all the things about him I love, his mind, his touch, his beauty as a man. I am reminded again, of why I am here at all.

I ask for a moment of privacy, as I fall to my knees and read. He tells me how proud he is of all I have accomplished. I find that he has been receiving video tapes of my actions. I blush thinking about the escape. He says he loves me even more and values me much more as a slave now. I have proven many times my loyalty to him, through The Man. I hold the letter close again as my tears fall on the envelope. I need to feel David again. I need his arms. When will he come to me and tell me that he approves of all I have done for him??

I look over at The Man, and he smiles at me. He understands. The chains which bind my ankles and my wrists make a slight noise and we both look down. He realizes my confusion at my feelings. He explains that although I will have feelings for him, my loyalties will always be with David. This thought makes me happy, I cannot wait to show him how well I can behave, how much I can please him. The Man must always, and will always be with me. He has shown me the life I was created for, he has helped me find myself here, I will always love him for that. But Master ........ he is the one I have endured this all for. He is the one who held me together. There will be two men in my life now, there is no other way.
The Man and I talk of his other slaves. He explains the hierarchy, the bald heads and the brands. I admire his slaves, but think to myself that I would wish to be only the number one slave. Is this pride again? I think not, perhaps simply greed. I have discovered that there is in me a survival instinct, that would keep me working always at being his favorite.

He tells me that he has a surprise for me, one that David is aware of. At this point, I have no reservations about what he might have me do. I am here to obey. I will obey. I am told to stand against the tree and am bound to it tightly. He is warming a long needle and I am fearful that I will be branded again. I watch him closely. My body begins to shake in fear and this time I have no luck in calming it. I am terrified of needles. I wish I could close my eyes, but I am fascinated by the red glow. Slow motion again, just like the whip and it seems to last a lifetime.

He reaches between my legs and stretches my labia out. Then there is the pain. There is the fire and the smell of smoke. I am near fainting, simply thinking about what is happening to me. I am screaming and pulling against the rope feeling the tree in my back. The ties that hold me to the tree, also hold me standing. I watch in amazement as he warms another needle. It is glowing in the fire... and my weary brain no longer realizes what might happen, I have given up fighting, I am full of acceptance now. I watch his hands in slow motion, as he pulls the other side of my labia out, stretches it and then suddenly runs the long needle through it. I am screaming, by instinct now. There is immense pain, but my body is reacting to everything that has ever happened to it, for some reason. I scream and scream, long after the pain has subsided. I am looking up into the warm sunlight and am reminded of a sunny day when I was a c***d. Could there have ever been any more happiness? Could I have ever felt so safe? I watch his hands, as if watching a very old black and white movie. There is a gold lock gleaming and then it locks the lips of my sex together.

If there were anything I was holding onto, from my previous life, it went away with the tiny click of that gold lock. I look down, and see it there and smile. This body belongs to two men now. I am only an occupant. My body is now a temple built to worship my Master. This tiny lock symbolizes the fact that what is between my legs belongs to my Master. I will never again choose what to do with it.
I am glowing, I am alive with fire, and pride. I am a beautiful and erotic slave now. There is nothing I wont do. There is no question I would ask. I have a gift between my legs now that is locked to me, and the rest of the world. There are two men who hold this key. The men who understand my value above all else. Can I ever feel any stronger than at this moment? Is there any greater beauty than my submission?
The Man smiles at me with pride. He and I have been through hell together. He is still with me, and has never left my side. I am overwhelmed at the emotions from just looking at him. He unties my ropes and suddenly I am free. I am as free as any human ever was, and I have no intention of going anywhere but where I am right now.

He looks to the right, and then there is a beautiful woman standing there, smiling at me. She is Maria, his number one slave. I am honored to see her finally, to be in her presence. Her eyes speak of ages of experiences, those that put mine to shame. She is glorious in her beauty, in her femininity and in her submission to Him.

She moves closer to me and I notice the small flash of gold between her legs. There is a gold lock, just like mine between her long legs. She catches me smiling, looking there and smiles back at me. We are s****rs now, she and I. We have walked through the same fire. She understands where I am, as no other person on this planet could. She moves closer and I take in her soft female scent. I ache for her touch, I would die just to taste her lips now. She moves up next to me, until I can smell her, and almost lick her lips. The Man is right behind me now and I am filled with the incredible sexuality of this moment. Her soft breasts press against mine, the heat of her stomach, belly to belly with me. I feel the hair from his chest on my back and see them join hands. I am sandwiched between two sources of fire. Oh god, could we just go down now, onto this blanket? I need him inside me, I need her to touch me, I need.... I need ............ soooo much...
When did I become so needy? I would beg now, if it would help. If I could only get away from this feeling, it's overwhelming me again. I spread my legs wider, and the tiny gold lock swings. I am ever aware now, of David's property, of how much he must value it. All I know is I am aching... I need ..... I need.

To be continued……
Geri Continue»
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'She Had Never Been...'

It had been another long week. Midterms were done and it was definitely time for some well deserved R&R. Mya, Shay and I were in my room talking about the going-ons around campus...where the next fraternity party was, who was performing at the Sigma party, where the after parties were and an earful of other college jargon. Somehow the conversation veered...

'Well, I have never been with a girl', Shay said, sitting pretty, clad in her floral dress and bible attached to her hip, 'it just never interested me...'

She would come down to my room every night smelling of baby powder and honey soap. I would leave my door unlocked because I knew that she would be there at midnight sharp. She would crawl in my bed quietly as not to wake my roommate. Her hair tickled my face as she laid next to me. She always laid close up behind me with her pussy pressed against my ass.

I could feel the coolness of her skin as her t-shirt had rolled up over her hips. Her breathing was shallow. The air made the hair on the nape of my neck tremble. I could begin to feel the wetness increase between my legs. The scent of her aroused me more than any man ever had. I craved for her. I felt her began to wine her hips in a figure 8.

She knew what that did to me. She wanted me as much as I did her and would do anything to get my attention. I pretended to be asl**p. I wanted to see just how far she would go. I felt her change positions. Now laying on her back with one leg in the air my curiosity got the best of me. I turned my head. Shielded behind my long curly locks, my eyes remained hidden as I saw a bulge in the sheet between her spread legs move up an down. Her shallow breathing had now became a rapid, quiet pant. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip. As she fingered herself harder I began to have flashbacks to our first encounter a few days after midterms.

The image of me with her leaning against the wall and her legs on my shoulders created a sudden shock between my legs and I realized that I was cumming. I let out a light moan as I continued to cum and watch her simultaneously. Just as I was about to get up and sit on her face she turned over and faced me. She took her finger out of her and with her other hand spread my legs. Now, with the same finger that she had use to please herself, she was now pleasing me. The kisses she placed around my already exposed breasts made my nipples harden like diamonds. Her cherry scented lip gloss intoxicated me. My roommate began to stir. She yawned, turned over to face the wall, and fell back to sl**p. I was glad that she was a hard sl**per. Shay slowly got up and removed her shirt. Her breasts were round and firm with chocolate colored nipples. I longed to put one in my mouth. She sat on the bed, clad in her birthday suit and pulled the sheet off of me.

The night air blowing in through the window cascaded over my body and made me shiver. Her tongue was still inexperienced but she was definitely getting better. It slipped in and out of me like a soft snake, aimlessly wandering about my pussy. Her tongue flicked and folded over my hard pearl as she went to work. She was beginning to enjoy herself too much as she started to finger herself again. My legs were over her head as she sucked and blew at my pussy, patiently awaiting my release. Her hair was soft and long. It tickled my thighs and I let out a little giggle. She looked up at me, face covered in my honey as a sly grin shown across her face. No words, she went back to work. I pulled and tugged at her hair as she was sending me in a frenzy. I pulled her hair back in a ponytail so that she would have no more interruptions. My body began to get hot. I felt my back begin to arch and my legs involuntarily opened wider. My eyes closed tight as it took every bone in my body for me not to scream. I was at the beginning of an orgasm. My body began to twitch, her sucking became fierce.

The slurping noises emitting from her lips and my pussy gave me an idea of just how wet I was. With my head leaned back, I opened my eyes and looked out the window. It was a full moon and the sky was littered with stars. I moaned. She went crazy. I was having an orgasm so strong, so fierce, so powerful I paid no attention as to how much noise I had began to make. My roommate had began to stir again as my moans disturbed her. Not caring if she woke up and saw us or not we continued. This time she focused her attention to my bed. She was aware of what was going on but didn’t say anything. She was a virgin and had started to enjoy these midnight shows between Shay and I. She would masturbate while watching us, acting as if she were still asl**p. Her moans were quiet as not to disturb us, but we both knew what she was doing. My attention left my roommate as Shay began another fierce go at my clitoris. My hips had lifted off he bed and Shay had a firm grip on each side of my ass with both hands. She whispered to me,

'Do you like that?'

I couldn’t speak.

'Does that feel good?'

The tone in her voice was seeking approval of her performance. My silence told more than what I could say in words. The bed was wet under me. I wanted to taste her.

I loved the way she tasted like milk and honey. I sat up slowly and looked at her licking me. Her tongue glistened in the moonlight creeping through the window as it went in and out of me. She flicked it across my hard clitoris and it sent me into oblivion. I couldn’t bear another orgasm. I pulled her head back by her hair. She looked puzzled. I beckoned her to 'come here' with my finger.

She crawled up towards me, still between my legs, and positioned her face in front of mine. Her lips were shining and still smelled of cherry lip gloss. I rubbed my hand through her hair, with my finger under her chin I pulled her face to mine and kissed her. She tasted good. I tasted good. I kissed her softly at first as she just held her mouth slightly ajar. I sucked on her bottom lip, removing any honey that may have remained. I kissed her chin and licked her lips. It drove her crazy.

I kissed her slowly, softly, then harder and more intense. Her tongue was still slippery as it found its way inside my mouth. I wanted to taste the rest of her. I repositioned myself on top of her. She looked at me in my eyes, panting, obviously remembering the way I made her feel, anticipating my touch. I gently rubbed one finger up her slit. She was dripping. I played with it by slowly inserting a single finger into her warm, drenched pussy and then pulling it out over and over again. She moaned. I smiled. I pulled her left leg up onto the bed and pushed it up. Both of her knees were now in the air. I kissed her thighs dangerously close to her pussy. My tongue ring created a cool sensation on the path I traced with it. Her body shook slightly. She softly ran her fingers through my tangled hair.

'Elizabeth' she whispered. Again I didn’t answer. She whispered my name again, this time through shallow breaths,


'What?' I asked, wondering what could be so damn important as to disturb me at this moment,

'I want you to do to me what you did last time' she said. Shay was a real freak and I liked that about her. She had no cut-cards and when she was in my room anything went down. She wasn’t scared to try anything new and she welcomed my ideas. I stood up and smacked her on her thigh. It left a red hand print on her light skin

'Damn gyal, smaddi inna di zone tonight ee?' I said to her. She liked it when I spoke Jamaican patois to her. It seemed to make her all the more willing. I walked over to my dresser, with 4 eyes on me and pulled out the bottom drawer.I looked back at Shay on my bed beginning to finger herself again. I walked over to her, pulled her finger out of her, and stuck it in my mouth, sucking on it a little as I pulled it out.

'Wait,' I said, 'I'm coming'.

She gave me a half grin. Damn she had a set of beautiful eyes. Looking at her almost had me lost for a minute when some footsteps running down the hall jarred me back to reality. My dorm was alive all times of the night. I walked back over to the half opened drawer. A silk scarf, lavender-vanilla scented massage oil, strawberry flavored edible panties, and a whip were wrapped up neatly in my S&M bag.

I removed the silk scarf and walked back over to my bed. She was rubbing her breasts. I lifted her head up and tied the silk scarf around her eyes. I wanted to kiss her again. I walked back over to my drawer and pulled out another silk scarf. I looked back and saw Shay laying there on my bed, blindfolded and smelling like cherries and couldn’t resist. She couldn’t see me so I would take full advantage of that. I walked over to my mini refrigerator and pulled out a jar of sliced mangoes and grabbed the bottle of honey on top of the microwave. She begin to giggle when she heard the door close. I wondered if she knew what I was up to.

I walked back to my bed and sat right between her legs. Heat was emitting from her center. I kissed her lips, both sets, softly and she exhaled. I pulled out one slice of the mangoes and rubbed it on her mouth. I let the juice drip on her lips and she hurriedly licked it off. I took the mango, bit a small piece off and kissed her with it. It drove her insane. With the rest of the mango, I spread her legs even wider, and stuck it in. The chill of the mango made her jerk a little, but her heat overtook the coolness of it almost immediately. I slowly stuck the mango in and out of her repeatedly and she began to cream all over it. I removed it and put it to her lips where she devoured every bite of it. My roommate moaned. I grabbed the honey and covered my finger with it. I put my finger in her mouth and she sucked as if it were a man. I knew she was enjoying herself. She loved to be blindfolded to add a sense of mystery and an element of surprise as to my next move.

She began to moan and pleaded with me to 'taste' her. I loved to make her wait. By the time I would finally go down on her she was well wet and was already on the verge of an orgasmic seizure. I got up on the bed and rubbed some of the massage oil between my hands and applied it to the insides of her thighs. The smell aroused us both. I kissed her thighs and made a trail with the tip of my tongue up to her slit. I licked her one time and she bucked. I put my arms under her legs and pulled her down closer to my face. She was breathing heavily through her lips. My lips found their way to her pussy once more and her sweet nectar escaped almost immediately. I licked and drank every drop of her. I used my tongue ring and played with her pearl and she began to cum again. I asked her,

'Do you like that?'

'Yes. Oh please don't stop. Please don’t stop'.

The quivering in her voice alarmed me and I looked up at her. Tears were streaming from her eyes and her hands began to pull my hair...a little too hard for comfort. I asked her,

'You like that eeh? Put yuh hands dem hind yuh head'

She obeyed and began to fondle her breast as her hands were on their way behind her head. She raised her hips high to where I had to get on my knees. She began to climb the walls. The honey had fallen over and spilled on the floor. The sticky golden substance flowed in the moonlight like Shays flowed over my lips. Forgetting all about my roommate, Shay was panting louder and louder.

My roommate must have gotten herself off as she was nothing more than an bundle of snoring sheets on her bed. Shay was now standing up with her back leaning against the Jamaican flag on my wall. More tears rolled down her face and landed on mine. She moaned louder as she let off a hot load of steaming cum in my mouth that I wasted no time drinking. I let go of her ss and laid back on the bed. Both of us were breathing hard and she collapsed on the bed in a heaving pile of pleasure. After a few minutes, we both got under the blanket and drifted off to sl**p...

My phone had been ringing incessantly as I popped up on the last ring. I took note of the time. 4:12 am. I looked over at my roommate who was snoring lightly, dead asl**p. After what seemed like only a few minutes, two and a half hours had elapsed. A single beep alerted me that I had a text message...

'Come to my room.' was all it read.

4:13 am. I rolled over out of bed, grabbed my shower kit and made a b-line straight for the community bathroom at the end of the hall. The water hit my naked body and immediately soothed me. My neck was stiff. I heard someone enter the bathroom, then a flush a few seconds later followed by their retreat. I held my head under the water and saturated my hair. As I began washing my hair the lather ran down into my face forcing me to close my eyes. The raspberry scent was pleasurable. I heard more footsteps.

As I rinsed my hair I looked at the faint pink suds spiral down the drain. I closed my eyes again. I felt something roll down my back. Figuring it was just soap I paid no attention. Then something else. I felt hands as someone cupped my breasts. 'Shhh...' she whispered in my ear, 'its just me'. Her hands were cold against the warm water. She played with my already hardened nipples and ran her hands up and down the sides of my body. Her palms were soft and the feeling was pleasing. She ran her fingers through my semi rinsed hair and began rinsing the rest of the shampoo. She lifted my hair and kissed the nape of my neck.

'Give me your sponge'

I handed her my body poof and she began washing my back. The soap rolled down my spine and tickled every inch. I hadn't yet opened my eyes. Her tongue was warm as it maneuvered over my spine. It sent chills between my legs. The water cascaded over our bodies and dripped from my entangled eyelashes. I let out a soft sigh as her tongue found its way to the very base of my back. The soap on her hands made them glide with ease as they slipped down the sides of my hips onto my thighs. I marveled in how her hands traced every curve of my body. She moaned. The water was still hot and the steam from the shower created a foggy, almost ghostly scene. I felt her hand separate my legs.

To keep myself from loosing my balance I shifted my weight evenly an leaned forward placing my hands on the tile wall in from of me. My back was arched and she pulled my ass towards her. My ass was protruding towards her face and I felt the warmth of her breath surge over the warm water droplets that had settled on my skin.

She kissed my ass gently, tracing shapes with her tongue as she went along. My breathing became paced and I focused my attention on the incessant music the water made on the tile floor. My sensed were inundated and my heart began to race. My hair was hanging low in front of my face. I felt her tongue slip into my ass. I froze as the act shocked me, sensing my apprehension she slowly slipped it back out.

'You like that?' She asked with a little laughter in her voice,

'No' I whispered back to her. The thought of that never interested me and I couldn’t bring myself to having it performed on me. Shay once told me that she would do anything to me I told her to...she was serious.

I heard her change positions and peeped over my shoulder to see what she was doing. Her hand simultaneously cupped my pussy and played with my clitoris. She was on both knees kissing my ass again. She pulled my ass back firmly towards her face and drove her tongue deep into my pussy like a drill. The rigid ness of her tongue and the softness of her lips created a sensation that made me shiver and moan loudly. I pushed my hair back out of my face and tilted my head upwards letting the water rain down over my eyes. My nipples were rock hard and I felt myself getting ready to cum...... Continue»
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The Mansion (Chapter 5 & 6)

Chapter V

I awake screaming, sitting up in my bed. My sheets are wet with sweat and a tangled mess. My shoulders are aching, as is my back. I swing my legs over the edge of the bed and stand.Suddenly the pain shoots through my feet like razors and I fall to my knees crying. My feet are so bruised from the caning I cannot stand. I curl up in a ball on the floor and begin to cry louder and louder. I cry as the emotions rush out of me, the shame of having been scared and running away. I am humiliated at my failure, both to you and to David. I am ashamed of my weakness as a slave. I am ashamed at having let you down. I cry even harder now, thinking that perhaps you will consider me not worthy of training. David might likely release me out of disappointment. I cry until I have no more energy to cry. I consider what my next move will be, what yours will be. I crawl to the bathroom and bathe, taking special care of my wounded feet. I pray that you will give me another chance. I don't want to be afraid again, I want to go where you take me. When my grooming is done, I crawl back to the barred gate. I kneel on my cushion as I have every day since my arrival. I wait for you to take me to breakfast.

Chapter VI

She: There is nothing but silence in the hallways outside my gate. Perhaps you have dismissed me. Perhaps you have simply left me here. I begin to cry again softly, holding the bars. Tears run down between my breasts and then drip on the leather cushion on which I kneel. I strain to hear even the slightest sound in the house, praying for you to come. I am desperate for human touch. I would beg you to come for me, if you could hear me. Suddenly I hear the familiar sounds of your boots on the tiles, coming toward my room. I lower my eyes to the floor, resisting the strong desire to look up at you. I feel your strong hand move through the bars and under my chin. You move my face to look up at you. You wipe my tears away. You caress my wet cheek. I would die for you to take me in your arms right now. You can easily read my emotions by looking in my eyes.

You unlock the gate and step into my room. I look up at you with wet red eyes, and speak softly, "I cannot walk Sir.."
You reach down and pick me up in your arms and carry me over to the bed. You sit on the edge with me in your lap. You begin to speak quietly, "I know Alexus, but you caused this dilemma. Until your feet heal, you will crawl from place to place. This will remind you of what you did wrong. There will be very little change in the training sessions, except that you will crawl instead of walk." I nod and bury my face in your shirt. I am crying again, and speak hoarsely, "May I speak Sir?"
"Yes you may Alexus," you say. I press closer to you and cry out, "I'm sorry.... I don't know why I ran, I was so very afraid, I'm still afraid...I want to be here, I want you to help me... I want to show you that I can obey....I'm sooooo sorrryy!!!! Please forgive me???" I am sniffling, getting your shirt wet, clinging to it tightly. You stroke my hair and sit quietly for a few minutes letting me cry it all out. Then you pull me up to a sitting position. You hand me a handkerchief and say: "Alexus, I want you to listen to me now, and do not interrupt..."

He: "I understand your feelings, but that does not mean you haven't disappointed me. I counted on your intelligence. Mind you, it was never expected you would not try to escape. But this was stupid. You could have figured out yourself that letting you alone in the garden and leaving the gate open was nothing but a test. And I must confess that when I set it up I almost thought it was too c***dish, that you would figure it out in time. But you didn't. And that is what disappoints me most. The other thing you need to know is this. I hate having to punish you. This is just as painful to me as it is to you in some ways. But that doesn't mean I won't do it, since it is needed. I want to respect you as equal to me. Do you understand that?" Tears are flowing again. You nod.
"OK, then show me, and go through the next days of humiliation with grace. On your knees."
You slide off the bed to your knees. "Hands behind your back where they belong. Now follow me."

Crawling this way is difficult and trying to do it gracefully is almost impossible. By the time you reach the breakfast table you are already gasping for breath. I let you sit on your knees next to my chair and place a shallow bowl on the floor in front of you. It is empty, but that soon changes. An egg, some toast, coffee and juice is put into it. All together, making one big mess.
"Since you have followed your instincts instead of your brain, behaving like an a****l instead of a human being, you will eat like an a****l for the duration of your punishment. Now eat, and make sure the bowl is completely clean by the time you're finished." This is terrible. You stare at the bowl. Pieces of egg and toast are floating in coffee and juice. You gag. Slowly you bend forward. There is no way you can accomplish this without making all sorts of funny noises, making it even more humiliating than it already is.
"Are you enjoying your breakfast, Alexus?"
"No Sir." Tears are rolling down your cheeks once again.
"Good. Then remember that lunch and dinner will be served in exactly the same way."
When you have finally finished this - it seems like it takes hours to empty the bowl - you are taken out to the sandy open air training area. You are made to sit on your knees against a big whipping pole in the middle, your belly and breasts against it. I wrap your arms around it and tie them up in such a way that it looks - and feels - like you are hugging the pole, making love to it the way you would have done when you were sixteen or so. Your hair is put in two pigtails and thin rope is tied to it, wrapped around the pole and tied at the back of it. Now you even have to press your lips against it, like you are kissing it.
"I hope you like your new lover, Alexus, because I am planning to find out how well you can handle a cat whip. I want to enjoy my morning coffee first, so I'll let you wait for a while."

With these words I leave you, humiliated and terrified. You desperately try to get your head in another position, but the bondage is clever and you can not escape it. After a few painful but useless attempts you give up. There is nothing else you can do but wait for what is to come. Already you can feel the leather working your back and shoulders and god knows what else. The ropes around your wrists are anything but politically correct. It's a blessing the steel cuffs take some of the pressure away, but the rough rope that has been used still cuts deep into your flesh, making every move extra painful. The sand is chafing your knees and there is the constant painful pulsation in your swollen, tortured feet.

You hear my footsteps in the sand. At the same time the cat hits you for the first time, along your spine, the tips landing in between your shoulder blades. It is a thick, sturdy whip and although you can not see it, it feels like a very long one. This first blow pushes the air out of your lungs. Instinctively you move, but you immediately find out that is not a good idea. You hurt your wrists and pull your hair hard. The situation is very clear. You must sit completely still while being whipped. Meaning that you can not move with the flow and that you will be distracted and hence unable to even get close to subspace.
"Count Alexus."
"One Sir," you whisper.
"I can't hear you."
"One Sir," you try again, louder this time.
The second blow falls. "Two Sir."
Again this is not like anything you are used to. The sand, the position, having to keep still, the kneeling, everything is strange. By the time you have counted fifty your back is glowing and pulsating. Now the blows come harder. You start to moan as another set of fifty follows. At the end you are crying, breathing heavily. I drop the whip and untie you.

"Come with me." I grab your hair and lead you to a free area.
"Hands behind your head and keep your hair up." I walk around you. Now you can see me. The huge whip in my right hand, dragging it behind me as I circle you again, then stand in front of you.
"Keep still and keep counting." The whip is swinging and hits one of your breasts.
"One hundred and one Sir," you yelp and writhe with pain. I start to circle you again slowly, constantly swinging the whip, hitting you everywhere until your entire torso is fiercely red, front and back, and you have counted to two hundred. You are shivering all over, shaking your head, your eyes are rolling and there is foam on your lips. Never before have you been whipped like this.

I lift you up and take you back inside, put you in the bath and carefully, gently wash you down. Then your body is dried and rubbed with a strange oil, that takes most of the pain away and brings it back to a warm, very intense glow. Again I lift you and take you to the living room. Gently I lay you on the huge couch. The cool leather is comforting. I sit on one end, cross my legs Lotus style and lay your head on my legs. Then my fingers gently start to massage your face. You look up at me. I smile. "You are doing very well, Alexus," I say. "Now you may relax. Just close your eyes and enjoy. I can assure you the next 48 hours there will be no pain. Instead there will be a lot of other things."

The effect of my fingers and the strain you have been put through soon makes you doze off. My fingers never stop as you sl**p for well over an hour. I just watch you, play with your hair a bit, trace your face with my finger but always keep up the gentle soft little pushes on your face and neck. When you open your eyes again you are shocked and ashamed about having falling asl**p. You blush and I can read the uncertainty in your eyes as push your hair out of your face...
I smile. "Don't feel embarrassed. I wanted you to relax. Well you did, and it has been quite enjoyable just watching you." I let you sit on your knees in front of the couch and leave you, but only for a few minutes. When I come back I bring a lot of different ropes. Black ropes, very soft.
"Put your hands behind your head Alexus."

The next hour brings something that wipes you off your feet completely. With great precision, care and patience all sorts of ropes are wrapped around your body. The first one is circled around your torso, right below your breasts. It feels firm but not really tight. The rope supports your breast but doesn't limit your ability to breathe other then that you can feel it being there. The gentleness, care and precision feel very erotic.
The same happens just above your breasts and then the two are interconnected in between and on each side of your breasts, using short, thinner ropes. Your breasts are pushed out and deformed slightly, but not much. They seem bigger now and suddenly are also very sensitive. A third rope ends up just under your armpits and a forth one is wrapped around your waist several times. Then your hands are laid on your back and your hands are being tied together, palms touching. First your wrists are tied, next - using thinner ropes again - all fingers are tied to each other as well. A new rope is connected to the one around your waist and led in between your legs, labia and bottom cheeks and tied to the waist rope again. You notice extra care is put into the positioning of the different knots as yet another rope is wrapped around your upper thigh, right below your bottom cheek and also connected to the waist rope. The same happens on the other side.

You have already understood this is Japanese bondage. Feeling it for the first time is very intense; even though none of the rope seems to be tight you feel very much restrained. Thin ropes are used again to fixate your head. One lock on the center back of your head is tied to the rope under your armpits, making it impossible to bow your head. Two other locks on the sides soon make it impossible to move your head sideways and two final ones are used to fixate your head complete. You now have to keep it up and in one position at all times, virtually unable to move it except maybe for a little bit. When it is finally finished I carefully check all ropes for even tension, make one or two adjustments and then let you sit next to me on the couch.
"You are very lucky this was planned already and you won't have to crawl around much. In fact eventually you won't be able at all anymore. This as you probably know is Japanese bondage and what you are experiencing now is the first layer. Eventually the idea is to increase this slowly and see what the effects will be on you."

I place a high barstool in the middle of the room, lift you and make you sit on it. Then I leave the room, leaving you behind. This soon starts to bring about a few emotions you have never felt before. First there is your helplessness. Even though you have not been tied to the stool, there is no way you can get off. At least not without falling and probably seriously hurting yourself on the tiles. You understand very well that the condition of your feet would ensure you fall immediately if you try to slip off. Then there is the inability to move your head, which soon starts to work up an intense psychological effect. It feels like an intrusion of your privacy, being f***ed to remain staring out of the window. And then there is the total effect of all this. Even the slightest movement - like breathing - produces a minor effect on the ropes. They seem to massage you in a very erotic way.
The psychological effects of this - being f***ed to make yourself aroused with simple, everyday things like breathing and the inability to change that is huge. And ... this goes on for many hours. Even worse, after a while you start to hear sounds coming from the kitchen behind your back. Someone is cooking there and setting the table. This someone can see you, but you can not see her - the footsteps tell you it must be a woman - even though you are not blindfolded. That is both frustrating and scary. You are exposed to someone without knowing who it is. And you are totally ignored. Whoever it is just concentrating on her tasks and does not even come near to you. By the time I come back you're lightly sweating and breathing quite intensely.

I kiss your head and for the first time my finger slips in between your legs, checking on your wetness. It is obvious you are wet. Very wet. And .... there is something else. I look into your eyes.
"Is there something you want to ask?"
"Yes ... yes Sir," you stammer, blushing with embarrassment. "I ... I have to use the ... bathroom Sir." This is terrible.
"Alright." I say it in a very casual tone, as if this is totally normal and no big thing. I lift you and put you on your knees. "Come with me."
Embarrassed you crawl with me to the nearest bathroom. You wish you could prevent this, but the signals your bladder is giving you can not be ignored. I undo the rope between your legs, lift you and put you on the toilet and lean against the door.
"Go ahead." You have never been this red before. You want to turn your head away and hide your face but you can't. The bondage f***es you to look it me. Your eyes are one huge plea for privacy, but I ignore you completely.
"Go ahead Alexus. Or is the urge suddenly gone?" You start to cry the moment you empty yourself and you keep crying while I clean you, put the rope back in place and flush the toilet. I put you back on your knees and sit on my heels in front of you, hold your head and look you deep into your tear filled eyes.
"You'll learn to give up everything Alexus, everything. Every last bit of privacy, every last bit of emotion. You thought you were a slave. And yes you are. But you still have a long way to go. You will learn you own nothing, absolutely nothing. Not even the least bit of privacy. You do not own anything, you are being owned. Up to the last cell in your body and including every corner of your mind, no matter how hidden and private. You will only be able to free your own true emotions if you lose everything. You have been sent here by David to teach you just that and to help you get to that point. He wants your full and total submission. Do you understand that?"
"Yes Sir ... I think I do," you whisper. I wrap my arms around you and hold you like this for a while. Then I take you back to the living room. Dinner time.

Dinner is even worse then breakfast. Served in the bowl again and the ropes make eating more difficult. You are relieved when it is finally over and you are kneeling again on the cushion. I help you drink coffee and then carefully check the ropes. Several of them are adjusted - tightened a bit. To your own surprise you want that. You need the tightness, the support. Somehow the ropes seem to hold your body together. Ropes are being added. First your elbows are being tied against each other. That increases the strain considerably, especially on your shoulders and breasts, that now feel like huge balloons pushing forward. Several ropes are being used to tie your arms to the ropes around your body, thus fixating your arms completely and also further limiting your ability to move freely. You can no longer move your shoulders and if you want to turn your head now you need to move your entire torso. Next your ankles are crossed and tied securely this way, meaning that you can no longer close your legs, forcing you to keep yourself exposed at all times and further limiting your freedom again. Moving around now will be even more difficult then it already was and when a rope connects your ankles to your wrists you are f***ed to stay on your knees.
"Open your mouth Alexus." A final rope is wrapped around your head forcing you to keep your mouth open. You can no longer eat or drink and talking is not made entirely impossible but now sounds very funny.

My hands grab your shoulders.
"For the next twenty four hours you will not eat or drink. You may speak to me if you like, but I don't think you feel like talking much. Turn around." Moving is very difficult and you manage to turn around only with great difficulty. I pull you in between my legs and let you rest your back against me. My hands start to play with your breasts. Caressing them for a long ... long time. Your arousal is increasing and increasing and you start to "fly" by the time I lift you and carry you to my own bedroom and lay you in my bed.
"You will sl**p with me tonight Alexus, because I want to be able to keep an eye on you at all times now." Lying on your back, exposed and helpless you wait as I take a quick shower and then slip in next to you. I pull you close against me, your head on my arm and let you relax. Your mind wanders off as I switch off the lights and kiss you.
"sl**p well. You will need everything you have got tomorrow."

She: Lying in the dark, next to captor, my tormentor... the man who has taken care of my every need for the last few days... I watch you and wonder at you. You seem to sl**p peacefully in spite of the fact that you have a bound and naked slave in your bed. I am awash with emotions, conflicting and frightening emotions. I find myself coming to rely on you and this concerns me greatly. The daily training, the rituals and the routine of it all help me to keep my sanity. I find focus and it helps me bear the things I might not otherwise be able to stand. I am torn between my feelings of hatred for the horrible things you have put me through and the feelings of need I have for you. I am afraid of you and the pain you bring, but I am also craving every bit of contact I have with you. Perhaps this is what was meant by training.

I let my mind recount the days events, since my return to you. You told me that you understood why I ran, but that was no excuse for disobedience. I know in my heart it was wrong, for you and wrong for David. I want to be stronger, to obey with out question. Each time you touch me, I find myself strangely wanting more. I am filled with a need I cannot even explain now. You are my protector, my lifeline and the feelings of safety you create are more than I am used to. You are also my darkest fears though, and my brain simply cannot make that connection. Each day I find myself going deeper and deeper into this lifestyle, letting go more and more of the Alexus I once was. I consider the woman I was the day I arrived and though it has only been a few days, I am convinced that woman is lost to us forever. I have looked at myself in the mirror each day- and each day, I see a new face. Who is she, the red head looking back at me now? A slave? Most certainly, one who gives herself completely to her Master. One who surrenders her most private thoughts and deeds. I wonder, could another see this change in me by simply looking? Will David recognize it? Is this what he sought?
I remember the whipping. It was if was falling down a very deep well. I hung on the edge of the wall for quite some time and then you pushed me. With each stroke, I fell further. The pain filled my brain, and each of my senses until I was sure I could even smell it. There was no other part of my body that existed except for the place where the whip came down. Did you know this? Could you see that I was lost to you? Is that when you brought me back again? How could you know?
I was thinking about the humiliation of eating from a bowl at your feet. The Alexus who arrived here only a few days ago would have refused to eat. I eat now, because you wish for me to do so and because it is necessary for me to survive. I am embarrassed, but only because I realize I caused this punishment. I eat from the bowl because I am a slave, because I wish to be a slave. My mind goes over the things you said to me, about disappointment.

The caning, the whipping, all of that can not even come close to the feelings I had when you told me that you were disappointed and hurt. Why should I care whether or not I hurt you? I wanted to scream that I was glad I hurt you, but in truth I only wanted to move closer to you, to feel your warmth and to know that you hadn't given up on me. I have come to rely on you for my very existence in these few days. Being here, I have no other reason for waking up each day, other than to please you, and in pleasing you, to please David.

And then there is David.... what about him? I can only imagine his face if he were to learn of my shameful disobedience. I have never run from him. I would die before I let him down. I am here for him, all of this for him.
My mind races on and on... I twist a little in the ropes that bind me. I am uncomfortable, but not in immediate pain. My body is acclimating to the ropes, to being bound so tightly. I have had to relearn everything today, how to move, to speak, even how to breathe. Nothing is the same for me now. My body feels as if it were an attachment to my brain, not quite connected. At first the panic set in, and my claustrophobia almost over took me. Because there was no way out, I simply had to calm myself. To slow my breathing and allow my body to relax in the ropes. I would have gone mad if I had allowed the fear to grow any bigger than it is now. I found myself focusing on David, who loves me and would do no real harm to me, and on The Man who makes me feel strangely safe.

I slowed my breathing... and pictured David... watching me, being proud of what I endured, telling me he loves me. I heard The Mans voice soothing me, felt him stroke my hair. I am OK... I will continue to be OK. Then there was the worst, going to the bathroom. I knew I could never get through it, not ever with him watching me. My body had its own time schedule however and I had no choice.
There is nothing private of me now, nothing about me The Man has not touched or seen. I am truly a wide- open book, and one who is on the very first page. I was thinking about The Man, wondering what he is thinking about me. There has been no real sexual contact, other than a few touches and kisses. I love my Master beyond words and these feelings will never change. But strangely, I ache for sexual connection with The Man. These feelings are quite different from the ones I have for my Master, but sexual just the same.
Being as vulnerable as I am to The Man, my need for a deeper touching and connection has grown and continues to grow. It confuses me, but the need is certainly there. I wonder if he will ever make love to me. Is that not part of the training? Does he not find me attractive in that way? Does he sl**p with any of his other slaves?

I watch the moonlight through the trees in his huge window. My bonds are tight, holding me secure like a lovers arms. I never thought I would relish being bound so completely, but I feel as if I will melt away to nothing if he removes the ropes now. I hear him sl**ping beside me and try to breathe with him. I slow my breath to match his and feel my body relaxing some. I turn a little to get more comfortable and drift off to sl**p, trying to empty my mind, if only for a few hours....

To be continued……
Geri Continue»
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Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 04

Susan was in the kitchen pouring a mug of coffee, decked out in the white sundress of the day before, her pert body startlingly obvious through the shear material. Her eyes were red, she moved slowly, but had a secretive smile on her face that told plenty.

I poured a cup of the steaming brew and sat at the table across from her while she filled me in on the events I'd missed.

They had dosed off for several hours after I left the carriage house, waking eventually to the sound of rain on the roof (I slept through it). They were soon fucking for a fourth time and William blew another load deep into her. They lay there with his cock still inside her, neither of them saying a word. She used her experienced pussy muscles to squeeze him hard again but before they began fucking again decided to go inside where they made a snack and took it up to the bedroom.

There they talked for half an hour about William's hope that she would be willing to service all eight Black cocks for the next two or three months. She had agreed without hesitation and with hardly any limitations. Of course if we had company fucking wouldn't be possible, and when she was on her period, or if she became too sore to accommodate them. She agreed that occasional visits to the farmhouse might be necessary if we did have company.

She also had no problem going out on 'dates' with them one at a time. What that might involve, none of us really knew at the time although later I'll write about one evening when she and Jonah visited Halifax.

As she poured a second cup of coffee, her back turned towards where I was sitting, she casually asked if our agreement was still in effect. My cock was rock hard and all I wanted to do was ram it into her swollen cunt and splash a hot load of jism into her like William had no doubt done an hour earlier.

If the agreement stood, that wouldn't be possible.

I hesitated. She added milk to the coffee. "Well," she asked. "You're going to keep the agreement, right?"

I stubbed out a cigarette on a saucer, not even realizing I had lit one in the house. She sat down and as I looked up she caught me in her powerful gaze so I couldn't look away.

"Yes," I muttered. "It stands."

For some reason, knowing that eight Black men would have the freedom to do whatever they wanted to my wife for literally months and I wouldn't be allowed to so much as touch her, made my cock as hard as rock.

"Good," she smiled. "Just making sure."

The agreement, in effect for many years, was that if she was fucking somebody regularly she was off limits to me until the 'affair' was over. If a week went by that she and he didn't fuck, the agreement was over. The deal was in effect twice before - the first time for only a month, but the second time for almost a year. The agreement didn't cover the many one-nighters or numerous threesome arrangements. Just what she defined as serious 'affairs.'

Every morning Susan would supervise me as I jerked off, and after every fuck session with the guy, I would jerk off as well. The masturbation was to ensure I could control my urges to fuck her.

She sat down on a chair facing me around the corner of the table. The white dress fell between her legs but she spread her thighs slowly and began pulling the material up towards her belly.

"Wanna see," she asked mischieviously as the cloth almost reached her cunt. Already I saw the redness of her inner thighs and could easily picture what was to follow further up.

I swallowed and sort of murmured my assent and nodded at the same time. She became serious and lifted the dress up the rest of the way.

She had taken a shower before she came downstairs, but the evidence of the night before was obvious. Her pussy was swollen and red, her clit was still engourged and stood out, and her cunt lips were long and distended. Her entire pussy mound was red from the poundings it had taken. There were teeth marks and hickies on her inner thighs and lower belly.

She continued pulling the dress up until her hands were over her head and her tits were visible. Bite marks and red splotches covered her twin orbs and her nipples were hard and swollen.

"Imagine after a week," she said, referring to the condition of her body as she began lowering the dress. "Or after a month. I think you better start getting your hand in practice and we might as well bring a few pillows and blankets downstairs this afternoon. I don't expect you'll be sl**ping in the bedroom for the next three months."

I nodded agreement and asked when all this was going to start. Susan looked at her watched, considered.

"About six o'clock, so that's about seven and a half hours from now," she said. "I guess William is bringing one of the others over, you know, one of the two guys who couldn't make it yesterday. William thinks I'll be very pleased."

As she said the last words she spread her legs and let the thin white dress material fall between them. Her hand slid down and she cupped her swollen mound through the dress, gently caressing it and moaning.

Then she stopped and smiled broadly.

"This is going to be so much fun," she enthused. "I think maybe you should fuck me one more time before the agreement goes into effect."

I never heard sweeter words and she was pulling the dress up over her used body as I knelt between her legs.

"Five minutes is all you can have though," she said. "Just fuck me and cum."

She stood up, brushing me away and headed for the livingroom where she lay back and spread, waited for me to drop my jeans, and helped me slide my stiff cock into her cunt.

She didn't have to put a time limit on it. I came in about two minutes and the instant she sensed the last spert had been shot, she gently pushed me off.

"There. I hope that does for the next 90 days or so," she said as she stood in the doorway, cum dripping out of her. "As of now I'm off limits. You can watch if they let you, but no touching."

She didn't dress right away - just walked around dripping sperm and smiling. That afternoon she did shower, slipped on a really short sundress, and sat outside reading.

I cooked supper and we had hardly cleared the table when William arrived with Mike, a big, muscular Black man with no smile, and a look that would break rocks.

The newcomer gave my wife the once-over, nodded, and informed everyone that he would go first.

William winked at me, Susan was dumbfounded, and Mike took Susan by the arm and propelled her in front of him towards the stairs. I started to follow but William shook his head and held out his hand in a halting gesture.

"No mon, not with Michael," he said. "He likes his privacy. He's big and rough and he'll fuck her hard for all he's worth but he won't really hurt her, mon. No bruises except maybe from his cock."

I still hesitate but William gave me a look that convinced me and he suggested we wash the dishes and clean up from supper.

We no sooner had the sink full when I heard Susan exclaim loudly. Then a few more yells followed by some muffled noises, like he put his hand over her mouth or pushed her face into a pillow.

We heard the bed creaking and more muffled cries, then nothing for a few minutes, then she was moaning and yelping alternately as the bed sounded like it was going to come apart.

William calmly washed dishes and explained that Mike was very well hung and it didn't matter if a woman could take it all, she would anyway. It wasn't so much that his Black cock was long (it was about 10 inches) but thick.

"Thicker than a beer bottle, mon," William said. "You better be findin' another woman if he decides to fuck her ass."

We finished the dishes, made coffee, drank it and smoked, poured more coffee and had more cigarettes. After more than an hour the noises subsided for a few minutes and William reflected that he must have cum in her.

The silence last about 15 minutes and then the noise began again though less intense. For half an hour the bed creaked, the moans echoed down the stairs, and Mike's grunts punctuated particularly satisfying thrusts for the big Black stud fucking my wife.

Finally there was silence again and after a few minutes Mike rumbled down the stairs and into the kitchen, the ghost of a smile on his stern face.

"She'll do mon," he said gruffly. "A real white whore if I ever saw one mon."

With that he strode across the room and out the door without even glancing in my direction.

William caught my eye and smile, flashing his white teeth.

"I'll go take a look," he said, although I knew he would do more than look.

He went for the stairs and I was right behind him. At the top he stopped and caught me by the shoulder.

"Susan told me of the agreement, mon," he said, a note of warning in his voice and an edge of steel in his eyes. "She's not yours anymore, mon."

I nodded dumbly and we went to the bedroom where Susan was laid out where he'd left her. Her gaping cunt was stretched beyond comprehension, but what was so unbelieveable was the amount of cum inside it (I could actually see way up inside her) and the cupful that was soaking into the sheets. Her thighs were smeared with jism and her mound was covered with globs of the sperm-laden goo.

She appeared to be asl**p and as we got closer I saw more hickies on her neck, red splotches on her tits and belly, and when William coaxed her onto her side, I saw her ass was red with slaps of Mike's big hands.

She opened her eyes and smiled.

"That was the most amazing thing I've ever experienced," she said with awe. "I didn't know it could be like that. Honest, I never dreamed it could be so good."

Now her hands were between her legs and her fingers stroked through the cum and deep into her. I didn't know if she was trying to f***e a Black man's cum deeper into her or coat her fingers so she could lick it off.

Eventually her fingers pulled out and dripped cum on her belly and tits as she raised them to her lips.

I was mesmerized and it wasn't until she said "go ahead" that I snapped out of it and tried to figure out what she meant.

"You have your cock in your hand," she said to me. "Go ahead and jerk off."

I was amazed to find she was right. I was actually stroking my cock and didn't even remember getting it out.

And William was naked and hard and crawling between her legs, slipping his massive rod in with ease. And I jerked off as he greedily took her and pumped his potent seed into her white body.

Susan, fucked to orgasm countless times already, was soon crying with pleasure as William's sizable tool worked on her slick and slippery hole. In half an hour I counted five climaxes before the big Black cock spewed into her. When she recovered and became aware of her surroundings once more, she saw me and asked in annoyance if I'd washed the dishes. I nodded and she said I was supposed to take the dogs for a walk down the trail.

"They need the exercise," she said. "You're supposed to do it once a day. Or one of us is and as you can see, I'm a little busy. I'd say to walk all three, one at a time, it's gonna take you almost a couple of hours."

I nodded as I zippered up my jeans.

"And don't forget, you said you'd fix that chair. That shouldn't take more than an hour out in the Carriage House. I'll come take a look when you're done - say in three hours."

William was smiling the whole time, lying half on his side with his long Black cock still half inside my wife's cunt. Susan saw his amusement and gave him a quick grin before turning back to me and asking me to put a pot of coffee on.

I shuffled down stairs and got the coffee going, found the leash and hooked up the first dog. By the time I had walked them all two hours was just about up and after a coffee and s smoke, I took the broken chair out to the shop.

The whole time I could picture what was happening up in our bedroom and I knew it was happening time after time. They had stopped for coffee, but other than that I doubt if there was more than a moment or two his cock wasn't inside one of her holes.

It had been far longer than three hours when Susan pushed open the door, poked her head in, and asked how I was doing.

"Just about done," I said, wiping glue from my hands. "I had to take it apart a couple of times."

"Your mind not on your work," she asked with a laugh.

"How about you? Are you done for a while," I asked. "I was just thinking of coming back in for a coffee."

She slid her body around the door so I could see most of her sexy form. She was d****d in a short bathrobe but in the dim light where she stood I couldn't see much, but I caught a look of indecision on her face.

"Well, I suppose we could put on another pot," she said. "I'll see if William wants to come down or if he's in bed for the night."

I gulped at that remark. I had sort of wondered if he was staying and I had my answer. I'd be sl**ping downstairs and she was making sure I knew it.

I put the chair up on the workbench, threw some tools on a shelf, and turned out the lights. Susan was already gone so I made my way back to the kitchen door alone.

She was putting on the coffee and asked me to go check on William.

"See if he wants coffee or if there's anything he needs," she said offhand is if my serving her Black lover was a ordinary as sliced bread. "See if he wants you to run a bath for us now. We were thinking of taking one later."

William was half asl**p with just a corner of sheet over his mid-section. The rest of the bed clothes were a tangle on the floor and the bottom sheet was taken right off the bed and lay in a damp heap in the clothes hamper.

"You want coffee or a bath," I asked, almost rudely.

He opened an eye and his lips curled into a smile showing white teeth.

"Hey mon, yeh. Start the bath and bring us up coffee mon," he said. "Me and her is gonna clean up a bit. Susan said you'd find some clean sheets and stuff to make up the bed again. Said you'd love to do it."

Back down in the kitchen the coffee was ready so I filled two cups while Susan sat, legs spread, at the table waiting. The bathrobe had dropped open and her swollen, red pussy with distended lips and engorged clit was prominent and purposely (I suspected) pointed in my direction. She idly ran her fingers down through the swollen lips, spreading her cunt briefly, and innocently lifting her fingers to her tongue and licking them.

"Ummmmm!" she murmured as her tongue lapped at her juicy fingers. "That's real man cum."

She slowly sauntered to the stairs and I followed her up with the coffee, catching glimpses of her popular pussy. I had started the water for their bath and after setting the coffee on a small book shelf that served as a night stand, I went to the bathroom and checked the water.

When I looked out, Susan and William were sitting up with their backs and heads on pillows against the headboard drinking their coffee. She said Indian style with widely splayed cunt and William had his long legs stretched out and semi-limp cock hanging over his left leg.

"William doesn't have quite enough sugar, Hon, can you fix it," Susan asked. "And make sure the water is still warm. We'll be in in about five minutes."

Her rope was fully open and her tits hung firmly, jutting out between the two sides of the garment. Her nipples were hard and they were still red blotches and teeth marks from previous sessions.

I did their bidding and had to run back down for a lighter and ashtray. Then they made sure I had laid out towels, washcloths, soap, and shampoo before they went in and closed the bathroom door.

"You should probably head down stairs for the night Hon," she said. "I don't think there's anything else we need, but if there is we'll call."

I'm guessing she rode him for 20 minutes and maybe sucked him for a while. I finally heard them open the door close to half an hour after I went down stairs.

"Sorry Hon," Susan called down. "Could you clean up the tub and the floor? We're heading to bed. Oh, and when you're down, don't forget to set an alarm for 6:30 a.m. You'll have to get some breakfast ready for William and then drive him to work. The alarm clock's just outside the bedroom door."

I did as I was told. They hadn't even pulled the plug and it only took a quick glance to see strands of cum floating in the water. And the floor was soaked - from splashing I guessed. The whole time I cleaned up, I could hear muffled talking and giggling from the bedroom.

I took the clock, set it, and tried to sl**p. It was past midnight and I was so horny I knew I'd cum with just a few strokes of my hand. I grabbed some Kleenex and jerked off. But it did little good. I imagined what had happened the day before, and that night and began jerking off again. Finally I relieved myself sufficiently and fell into a fitful sl**p filled with visions of giant Black cocks and Susan spread for them. In one sequence, she was on her hands and knees with a giant cock sliding deep into her. Behind the big Black man fucking her was a line of similar men stretching back as far as the eye could see. A bucket was placed between her legs to catch whatever dripped out of her - and it was half full of white jism.

Another scene had her on her back with another line of men waiting their turns. Her face was a study in a****l lust as cock after cock brought her to climax in an almost continuous string of orgasms.

Finally the scene faded and was replaced with a flash of William's grinning face. The next thing I knew I was listening to a weather forecast and the sun was up.

I did breakfast, took it up and had to wake them and watch as they untangled their legs and moved their groins apart. William's limp Black cock slipped out of her gaping hole. They sat up and accepted the tray of food.

Half an hour later William was dressed and we were heading out the door. Susan was still in bed but before I left she explained that two of the other guys would be dropping by in the afternoon.

"Just so you know, I'll be a bit busy when you get home so you might think about getting some supper ready," Susan said. "Dinner for four, but I expect you'll want to eat out in the carriage house."

Work did take my mind off things, but by mid-afternoon I knew that back at home my wife was no doubt locked in a humping embrace with a Black stranger. By 4 p.m. I was ready to get up and head home. By 5 p.m. I left the office.

That evening was pretty much a repeat of the night before. This time it was James and Jonah and they had apparently spent a few hours double-teaming before I got home. I served supper at 6 p.m. and by the time I finished my supper and came back inside James and Susan were upstairs and Jonah was sprawled in my armchair watching TV.

Neither of them had to work the next day so both stayed at our place, and I could only guess that Susan spent the night between them in our room. I didn't bother with breakfast because I knew they'd sl**p in.

It was the same with work that day - by lunchtime I was picturing what was happening at home. Turns out they got up, ate, watched some TV and then took turns with her until I got home.

That's how the week continued. I can remember who was there on what day or who stayed the night and who didn't. I know Thursday night nobody stayed over past 1 a.m. and Susan said I could sl**p with her as long as I didn't touch her. That night she lay spread and naked describing all the things done to her and all the things she had done with those Black cocks. I jerked off three times laying there listening to her and watching her play with her cunt.

Finally, after I was spent, she dropped a bombshell.

"I'm spending the weekend at the farm house, Hon," she said. "Some of the guys work in the daytime but there'll be plenty of Black cocks most of the time. William is renting a digital video camera and James, apparently, is pretty good with electronic equipment and computers. They think it will be a hoot."

My cock was rock-hard again but she gave me a quick smile, leaned over, and click off the lamp.

I don't know what happened at the farm house that weekend. Hours and hours of video was recorded and from what I've heard it is 'amazing' porn that has made its way in edited form to several porn companies. Susan won't tell me what companies and she claims she doesn't have any copies of the five full-length tapes that eventually came out of that weekend.

When she arrived home Monday afternoon, she went right to bed and slept until Eugene arrived at about 7 p.m.... Continue»
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2 Truckers & 1 grateful young passenger

Trucking down the highway, he spots a teen age slut hitch hiking on the side of the road. "We got one!" Roger hollars at his driving partner who was resting in the sl**per cab.

Pulling over just a short distance ahead of where she stood, he could see in the rear view mirror she was more than he could have hoped for. Hot body, short cut off jean shorts and a V neck white T, with a bra barely containing her young firm breasts. Couldn't be more than 18 years old, if that.

She runs up to the passenger side door to find a young good looking guy in his late 20s, early 30s to her estimation. He looked nice, harmless enough. "Ya need a ride? Where ya heading?" He asked. "My asshole boyfriend and I just got into a fight and he threw me out of my own car. I am trying to get to California". He kicked open his door and moved to let her in.

She threw her backpack on the floor and climbed up onto the passenger seat while Mike stood between the driver and their new passenger. "Roger" he said, extending his hand to shake hers, not being much for talking. "Hi, I'm Claire" shaking his hand. "Mike" he said, shaking Claire's hand too.

"How far you guys going"? She asked. "Bakersfield close enough for you, young lady"? asked Roger while checking out her long smooth legs. Noticing his gaze, she became a little nervous but grateful to get out of the hot sun on the side of the road, she smiled "yeah, that'd get me just about there, thanks a lot you guys!" "No problem" said Roger watching the road, alrleady disinterested, lost in his own thought.

Mike reached into a cooler and pulled out an ice cold Budweiser "you like a beer?" He offered Claire. "Sure, thanks." taking it with a sigh of relief. Mike handed Roger a beer and cracked open one for himself and lit a filterless cigarette offering Claire one which she declined. Roger turned up the volume listening to the crackling chatter on the CB.

They rode in silence for quite a while, on the long stretch of highway with no view to speak of on either side. The flat horizon began to define the grey ground from the grey/pale blue sky as it the sun was beginning to get lower. Mike, sitting on the cooler between the two, popped open another beer for Roger, and one for Claire. She sat quietly with her sneakers on the dash board, listening the gears shifting and all the men talking endlessly in the CB radio. Each seemed to know each other, passing their time through meaningless conversation about where they were heading, where they had come from or what load they were hauling from this or that company that owned their trucks. This truck she was riding in was owned by Roger, as his name was painted on the side. Roger E. Miller Independent Trucking Co., she recalled.

"So what's in California for you?" Mike asked. "I'm just gonna get a job, find a place to stay. Don't ever wanna see New Mexico again as long as I live, that's all I know". "I hear that!" Roger said with a snicker. "You from there too?" Claire asked. "No, but I've got two ex wives there, and they sure don't want to see me again". "Oh." Claire said, not knowing what wrongs he might have left behind him in who knows how many states. "The road is my home, and that's how it's gonna stay" Mike chimed in. "Cool" was all Claire could think to say. The open road, freedom, nobody to answer to sounded perfect to her right about then after a lifetime of bossy men and unhappy women always complaining about everything under the sun, and even the sun itself.

Roger turned off the CB and tuned in a country western radio station. Hank Williams, Jr., "f****y tradition" had just started to play. Claire was relieved to hear music for a change, a much needed break the tension she felt for having to make idle conversation with two strangers about nothing, and began to sing along quietly. "You like country music?" Mike asked. "Yeah I like all kinds of music" she said, adding "I'm a dancer". "Are you!" Mike said with a smile. "Yeah, back home I used to dance my ass off every chance I'd get".

Feeling his cock jolt a little, Mike stood up to adjust his jeans. Stretching his legs a little, she looked over to admire how perfectly they hugged his ass and legs. "Nice" she thought to herself. "Hey, I'll take another one of those beers if you got enough" she said. "Get me one too" said Roger. "Sounds like we got a party here, huh?" Mike said. "Why don't you show me some moves, there Claire?" as he reached for her hand. "ok" she said hesitantly, standing up and climbing over her seat toward the back where Mike stood.

He held her pretty tight against him, she could feel what she was guessing was his cock getting hard against her. Oddly, this did not make her uncomfortable, as she was taking small steps making a small circle behind the driver. Mike moved his hand lower to the top of her ass and pressed. She looked up at him only to see he was smiling down at her. He took off his baseball cap and threw it up on the bunk behind them then put his hand between her shoulder blades pressing her breasts against his hard chest. She moved her hardened tits back and forth slowly against him as her pussy was getting wet. Mike grabbed a fist full of her long auburn hair and raised her face to his, kissing her lips which she did not resist. He took her hand and guided it to his jeans which she didn't need help with. She began to feel the outline of his cock then put the same hand between her own legs, tightly pressing against her clit for a second.

"Yo Roger, we're gonna be busy up here for a while, you mind?" "Naw, go on", he said. Mike lifted Claire up onto the bunk with her legs hanging down and unbuttoned her tiny cutt offs. She helped him pull them off leaving no panties, only a perfect little white pussy with a tiny patch of hair they call a landing strip where Mike's from. He spread her legs and planted his face between them eager to eat her young juicy flesh. Holding her down with both arms, he licked and sucked from her ass to her clit and back again like she'd never felt before from those teen age boys back home. Quietly she moaned propped up on her elbows watching what little she could see of his face that was not covered between her legs. Eyes rolling back in her head she fell backward on the soft cushion feeling him suck just long enough now... locking onto her clit, batting it with his tongue and sucking all the juices of her body to one tiny point till her whole body shivered and she let out a howl as her back arched tightly through wave after wave of orgasm. Gently he continued to lick her sweet tender flesh while the cum spilled out of her drip by drip. Now he was ready.

He kicked off his boots, pulled down his jeans and stepped out of them and climbed up on the queen size bed with just his socks and shirt on. She was lying there spent, watching him, his beautiful body naked as he ripped off his grey "Jose's bait and tackle" T Shirt exposing his broad shouldlers and large biceps. His cock was extremely thick and fully hard, easily 8'' by her estimation. "Wow" she thought to herself, wondering all along if Roger was seeing any of this. Facing each other seated, Mike kissed her hard which she liked as she took his cock in her hand and began to squeeze it. He was feeling her firm tits fast and not so gently, beyond excited.

He then guided her head down and she took the cue to take him in her mouth. Hungrily she began to suck on the head of his cock till it was purple, tasting the precum dripping. This was one thing she knew how to do well. She positioned herself on her hands and knees and really went to town on his deserving cock. Taking it fast and steady, sucking and glancing up at his eyes as he watched her. His abs were ripped, his chest tanned and hard, his hands strong and steady as he guided her head down harder than before. She tried to take more of him each time a little deeper, holding it there a little longer. "Relax" he said, so she relaxed her mouth and found this made it a lot easier. Two hands on her head now he worked her head fast and hard till she could feel his cock all the way down her throat. Only for a second the first time, but with each effort she was able to hold it down longer without gagging. She noticed every time her throat tightened up on him, his cock would seem to grow thicker for a second. Knowing this was very powerful to him, she wanted to give him her best. She finally relaxed her tongue and stopped trying to suck him and just let his hands move her down on his cock all the way to where her lips could feel his balls. She tried to discipline herself to stay relaxed but he would move her head up and down so fast sometimes as if he was fucking her throat, she couldn't help but gag harder and harder. When he would release her to catch her breath she felt herself slobber all over his cock which clearly turned him on even more.
He would moan, and make sounds of approval which only egged her on to try harder to give it to him exactly how he was teaching her. She liked how firmly he pulled her hair, and the confidence of the way his hands guided her head without hesitation. The pace was picking up, her mind was somewhere else, nowhere really as the liquid gagging sounds were coming out of her throat with every thrust. He was now rising against her sharply, at the same time as she was being shoved down as far as possible. Surreal to her, but she didn't mind one bit. In time, he allowed her to rest and catch her breath, surprised he was able to keep going so long without exploding.

Mike crawled behind her, moving her forward a little, grabbed his dick and rubbed it against her wet pussy, up and down the slit. Throbbing by then she was eager to have him inside her even if Roger could see it all, though she had a feeling he wasn't even interested. Surely he could at least hear them since the radio wasn't playing any longer. Mike laid on top of her from behind, spreading her legs apart with his, and entered his thick cock inside her dripping pussy. "mmmmmmm" she squeeled, it had been a long time since she'd had a real man fuck her. He didn't go to any great lengths to act like a porn star or anything, just humping her hard and fast, harder and harder his hips moved rocking her whole body forward inch by inch, pounding her inside deeper than she can ever remember feeling before, until he roared loud, shooting his load inside her, with long hard thrusts.

Minutes went by before he rolled over staring at the ceiling, uninterested in the little slut he'd just fucked. Exhausted, his chest was rising and falling hard. Cum still dripping slowly out onto his stomach. She laid there on her stomach with her hair a mess completely covering her beautiful face, full of cum, naked.

Roger at her through his center mirror, her ass so round and perfect, ripe for when he had a mind to take her for himself. But there'd be time. He would tap that as much as he wanted, whenever he wanted, when he was ready. First he had to make it to St. Nowhere's ville where they always stopped for a good rest and some bar action. Plenty of whores and good live music to be heard. Deborah who worked at the truck stop diner next to the bar always waited for him to show up. Knowing he'd be looking for her eventually, about once every other week. She had a thing for him but he made it clear women never liked him for long if he stayed, and didn't want the same ending with her. He liked knowing she would always be glad to see him whenever he showed his face. Wasn't the same way with the women he knew at many other places he was known to frequent. He was in no hurry to take advantage of this young girl for now, 'let Mike have his fun', he figured.

The darkness had fallen, ahead you could see some lights off in the distance in a valley. They had cleaned up and gotten dressed without words, and Mike took his seat back motioning for Claire to sit on top of him. The radio was playing Tim Magraw, as the reception was getting clearer, and she moved about slightly to the rhythm. "I just love this man!" she exclaimed about the singer, singing along. Roger just grinned at how fast she had recovered from the action in the back. Mike was staring ahead, holding her hips as they moved back and forth. Without Roger noticing, he slipped his hand up her T Shirt cupping one young breast, squeezing her nipple. She giggled looking down, her long messy hair falling to her legs. With his other hand he slipped his middle finger into her shorts searching for the opening his cock had just filled up. She was clean but already wet again by rubbing herself against him. Nonchalantly, he moved his finger around inside her, with no intention of pursuing anything further at this point, as their destination was just up ahead.

"Are we stopping there?" She asked. "Yeup!" Roger answered. "What's there?" she said looking at Roger, "fun, you'll see..." was his only explanation.

Part II Truck stop action (action for gas money) No more R rated after this beginning.... Continue»
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Consoling Freinds's Mother

Sex Consoles Friend's Mother
by xyshiva©

I was studying M.Tech, and to our shock and surprise one of our classmate and friend Gandhi, was found dead in his room, committed suicide taking arsenic poison. Gandhi was married six months earlier; his wife Madhusmita was studying M.A in English literature at Andhra University. We couldn't understand the reasons for his suicide.

We informed his parents, and they came next day morning. His father went along with some of our friends to the mortuary to complete the formalities and take his son's body.

Gandhi's mother was crying continuously, and I was left to take care of her. I took her the Guesthouse, asked her, to take bath, and brought some breakfast from the hostel mess and coffee in a flask. She refused to have breakfast, but on my insistence had a cup of coffee.

She was crying, I was at loss, not knowing how to console her, but involuntarily, put my hands on her shoulders, she instantly leaned on to my chest burying her face and hugging me, I put my hand on her head stroking, to console her and thought, let her cry out.

Her crying, gradually reduced to sobs, but she was holding me tightly, her large breasts pressing at my chest, her whole body touching mine, I couldn't control myself, my cock became hard and erect, I was wearing a lungi, and I was ashamed, my body chemistry was beyond my control, but to my surprise, Gandhi's 44 yr old mother was pressing her self, against me, I looked at her back, there was no doubt in my mind, that she was thrusting her self against my hard cock, feeling at her mound, feeling my maleness and her body was on fire with desire, I cupped her soft big arse cheeks with my hands, and her finger were digging into my back, her hair knot got untied, her beautiful soft thick hair spread onto her back beyond her thunderous thighs, the soft ness of her silky hair touching my hands further aroused my carnal desire, I took hold of her face into my hands, as she was looking into my eyes, I could sense, a****l desire in her eyes, I licked all over her face, her cheeks and finally on her mouth, she took my lower lip into her mouth and started kissing, sucking, all the time pressing herself against me.

There was no need for words, and there was no doubt in my mind, I led her to the bed, and lay on the bed facing each other, as I was feeling her big breasts, she removed her blouse and bra, and thrust one of breast into my mouth. I sucked on her engorged hard jutting nipple, while stroking the other nipple and squeezing it. Her hand reached between my thighs and took my long thick cock into her hands, feeling its hardness.

Oh! Shiva, I can't wait, dear do it. Do it to me.

I got up and lifted her saree up, above her thighs, and entered her inviting juicy cunt with all my energy, savagely, filled her cunt, and started fucking.

Oh, my son, fuck me fuck your mother, fuck me, my son, she was repeating the same words again and again, while moving her self up to meet each of my stroke.

She came, finally, as if a volcano erupted, as if an earth quake occurred, her whole body in frenzied uncontrollable spasms, as she dug her nails into my back scratching, drawing bl**d.

I said "amma, amma, ammaaaaaaaa, as I ejaculated my hot loads of sperm into her cunt.
We lay still, till our bodies returned to normality, got up. She went to the bathroom and came back hugged me kissing me all over my face, "Shiva, You filled me, filled the void in me, and fulfilled me. Do you know, what could be the plausible reason for my son to end his life?"

I said, "I don't know."
Padma said, " He can't get it up. He can't fuck"
"Is that so? Amma" I said
"It is, He is not like you. I wish he had a cock like yours, so big beautiful virile. I wish you are my son."
"Yes, I am your son, amma"

Padma was 44 yr old, tall, very fair, with oily smooth unblemished skin, beautiful oval face, high cheekbones, full lips, her beautiful big 38DD breasts still firm, conical, extending out of her small frame, narrow waist and wide and big 43" bottom. Her long hair was thick, oily, curly, soft, jet-black, shining, reaching her thunderous smooth banana trunk like thighs.

I looked at her, as we were standing opposite the mirror fixed on the wooden cupboard, drinking her beauty, putting my arms around her.
She asked " do you like me"
"You are beautiful and sexy and exciting amma" I said stroking her hard jutting brown nipples with my tongue and fingers
"But, Shiva, do you think I am crazy woman, giving her self on a day, when my son is dead"
No, Padma, You are not crazy, I understand you.
My cock was hard again, I asked her to bend. She kneeled down took my cock into her mouth licked my long thick hard cock from base to the knob, licked my balls and scrotum, and said " Shiva, Your cock is enormous and beautiful"

I pulled her up by her hair, asked her to bend, She obeyed, bent , her ass high up, her legs spread wide, resting her hands on the bed.I entered her juicy cunt, doggy style, fucked and fucked leisurely enjoying each and every stroke. She orgasmed violently, her whole body in ecstatic spasms, her cunt muscles all of a sudden gripping my cock, squeezing my cock, I stood still, allowing her to enjoy the long drawn multiple orgasms and then allowed my self to ejaculate hot loads of thick juice into her cunt.

It was the lunchtime, I went out brought lunch for both of us, had a light lunch, and while were talking, her husband came.

They took Gandhi's body in a taxi, to their village.

I went to attend the thirteenth day ceremony, and stayed. After all the guests went Padma came to my room, and we fucked. Two days later, Padma sent her widowed daughter-in-law, 20 yr old Madhusmitha, who was still a virgin, dressing her up like a bride, in traditonal way for the first night. Padma decorated the bed and the room as if it was the first night.

Madhu , 5"6" tall, lean, beautiful round face, with large expressive eyes, juicy lips, 36-26-38 figure, long smooth hair arranged into a single plait and decorated with jasmine flowers, wearing silk saree, came into the room with a glass of milk .

I deflowered Madhu, that night. And fucked Padma later.

I stayed for 10 days, fucking Both mother-in-la and daughter-in-law, day and night and returned to the college.

I got a phone call from Padma and her daughter-in-law Madhu informing me that both were pregnant, impregnated by me. Both were happy. People thought it was Gandhi who made his wife pregnant.

Padma and Madhu both delivered male babies, and they remained my mistresses.

Padma and her husband, adapted Madhu as their daughter, later married her to Padma's younger b*****r, a widower and a son of a male c***d.

I still keep in touch with them, visiting them whenever the occasion arises.

Secretly, I was the son Padma lost, I was the husband Madhu lost, fulfilling the vacuum left by Gandhi, and filling the void left, both physically and psychologically.

Madhu is now an English Professor in a reputed college, living with her husband and Padma and our c***dren.

Aphrodisiac Mother & Aunty
by xyshiva©

After completing my SSC exams, I went to my Aunty- mother's elder s****r Rajeswari Devi's house. Raji aunty's husband was her maternal uncle. Raji got married when she was 16 and her uncle 29. They have two daughters Radha and Visala 21 and 19. Both got married. Raji' husband was govt. officer, got transferred to state head quarters and didn't shift the f****y. He used to visit aunty once a month or so. Raji was alone in the house and It was proposed by her that I stay with her, join the college for my inter course. My parents agreed. That's why I went to stay with her. More over since she doesn't have male c***d, I was treated like her son.

Even at that age I was sexually attracted towards her and spent all day looking at her. Raji Aunty was 39, 5'6" tall, has beautiful sexy figure, a heavyset lady, large expressive eyes, pleasant pectorals, round face, thick juicy lips, dimple cheeks, blemish less clear smooth skin, long thick jet black silky smooth lustrous shining hair reaching her knees. She was a Hastini type woman. She oozes sexuality and feminineness. She was elegant, sophisticated, glamorous, and magnificent. She looks like KR Vijaya, the South Indian actress.

The next morning I was awake, but was lying down lazily when Raji came into the room and said "shiva, wake up". I didn't. She pulled the bed sheet covering me, and saw my hard erect long thick virile beautiful magnificent cock. I opened my eyes slightly. Raji was staring at my upright turgid cock, ran her fingers along the shaft, stroking and murmured "beautiful". I could see the amazement and surprise in her eyes on the extra long thick cock.

She turned back, while going out of the room turned her head and looked. Our eyes met. She smiled. "Get up, Shiva. Come for breakfast" and added, "You should know how to wear lungi properly"

I got up brushed my teeth, washed my face and went to kitchen. Raji aunty was mixing the dough to prepare dosa with a spoon which slipped and her hands were covered with dough. Her long hair arranged into a knot got loosened, hair feel down and spread across her back reaching her knees.

Shiva, please arrange my hair into a knot. I got up took her hair into my hands . The silky smooth feel of her hair stirred my loins and my cock was instantly hard and erect. I was wearing lungi and no underwear. My cock was touching her big perturbing ass. I some how controlled my urge to press my turgid cock against her big ass, but was unable to arrange her hair into a knot.

She thrust herself back against me her head on my chest, the feel of her silky smooth hair sent electric waves through my body. " Peddamma (Aunty) your hair is so silky and beautiful", I said. I was hesitant, but was sure that she could feel my hardness against her buttocks, yet she was pressing herself against me.

I said, "Aunty, You look more beautiful, if you arrange your hair into a long plait"

I shall do so to day for your sake. Your Pedananna (uncle ) never appreciates my beauty.

I some how arranged her hair into a knot and reluctantly, I went back to the chair.

She prepared dosa and we had breakfast. All the time I was looking at her beautiful big pendulous breasts .She noticed my looks and smiled, her beautiful smile. When she smiles dimples form on her cheeks which looks sexy.

After the breakfast, Raji asked me to apply oil her body, sitting on a stool in the shade of pomegranate tree in the backyard of the house. I was thrilled, applied coconut oil to her long hair. It was exciting for me to feel her smooth silky hair. Then I massaged oil on to her scalp, applied oil on her hands, arms and legs up to knees. She then pulled back her saree, applied oil on her huge terrific thunderous thighs. She asked me to massage moongdal powder on her body. I did so. Now Shiva, Aunty said, " would you like to help me wash my hair and bathe"

Aunty, " I want to" I said

We went to the bathroom, Aunty asked me to wash her hair with soapnut powder solution. I washed and cleaned with so much pleasure. Then I soaped her back arms and legs. Aunty, removed her blouse and bra and saree and petticoat. She was completely naked. I was excited. She asked me to soap her breasts. I did lovingly. Her huge, heavy, well hung and firm breasts were like big watermelons. Her nipples were big, brown, hard, and jutting. I poured water on her. Then Aunty removed my lungi, took hold of my erect and hard long ,thick cock. Your cock is so big for your age. Its beautiful. She stroked my cock. She cleaned my cock pulling the foreskin back with soap and water, kissed the big knob ran her tongue allover my cock, licked from the base to knob, took my balls into her mouth licked my scrotum, then took my cock into her mouth started sucking. Sucking and sucking.

Oh!!!!!! I came in her mouth thick jet of my cum loads and loads of my sperm into her mouth, I put my hands on her head . saying aunty aunty aunty... She drank swallowed all my cum sucked last drop of my sperm. Then she took my cock out of her mouth, licked the last few drops coming out of my cock, still semi erect and said " Shiva is it good, do you like it"

"Oh It's heaven Aunty."

"Now, Shiva Give me Your tongue."

She spread her thighs. I kneeled down and kissed her wet juicy cunt lips.

"Lick my cunt " I licked

"Rub your tongue there" she guided me on to her clit.

I did , rubbing my tongue on her pink hard erect engorged clit

"Put your tongue into my cunt."

I inserted my tongue into her cunt.

"Now fuck me with your tongue."

"Put your mouth at my cunt and suck and slurp, like that oh, you are learning fast my dear son. Do it like that. Yes yes good "

I didn't know then that women also have orgasms, but I could remember the sensations of her cunt muscles contracting and expanding against my mouth. Her whole body was shivering She put her hand on my head and pressed hard against her quivering cunt. She came (I learnt later) and came, her body pulsating with orgasmic ecstasy again again. Oh, Shiva, thank you, It's been a long time I experienced such beautiful heavenly orgasm and pleasure.

We then bathed each other. In the hall I dried and combed her hair and then she arranged her hair into a single long plait, tied a rubber band just below her ass and leaving the rest of the hair loose reaching her knees , forming a U shape. In the after noon we fucked. And in the night we fucked and fucked several times till wee hours.

In the evening She asked me to go to market and bring sweets and flowers- jasmine mala. She asked me to have a bath and handed over a new white dhothi and banian. We had a light dinner. She asked me to wait in my room and do not come out till she calls. After some time she called me to go into the master bed room and wait. I went in and saw; the scene was like in a movie. Pure white bed sheet and pillow covers, fruits and sweets placed on the side table.

Aunty Rajesqwari Devi came in , dressed to kill, dressed in half white pure silk saree with pink jaree border, matching blouse, her hair done into a single plait, jasmine lengths adorning her plait. She was like Goddess. Love Goddess. Sex Goddess. Like the pictures of Goddesses Lakshmi Parvathi, saraswathi etc., we see in the photos, like Ravivarma paintings.

Aunty You look so beautiful. I am happy You find me beautiful my dear, She handed over the glass of milk to me. I drank half and gave to her. Shiva, My lover, You are my man of the life. You are my real husband. She was in my arms. I hugged her. Kissed her all over her face. And then kissed on her lips. Our tongues in each other's mouth exploring and sucking each other's lower lips. It was long drawn exhaustive and exhausting kiss. I led her to the bed , lied sown, my head on her lap, she removed her bra and blouse and thurst her big hard nipples into my mouth and is sucked. Taking mu hard erect cock into her hands, She said, "Shiva, your cock is so big. As big as horse's r donkey's. That night, It was a meeting of two souls into one , trying to achieve oneness. Uniting with each other. Exploring each other. Two bodies trying to become one. Again again and again. Our bodies tired. But our mind wants the night to go on and on forever. Finally we slept naked in each other's arms.

What I very clearly remember was that When I first fucked her in her cunt and she came and came and I came into her, I was , my cock was still hard , rather semi hard in her cunt, as I looked into her eyes- She blushed. Buried her face on my chest pulling me down and then kissed all over my face.

Shiva You don't know what I am feeling You gave me an heavenly experience which I never felt in my whole married life. I achieved my first orgasm while being fucked by you. Your uncle was not interested much in sex, and he never made me reach climax while fucking me. And You are the first man to eat me cunt. Shiva, I am from now yours and yours only.

We continued to fuck each other day and night , eating fucking sl**ping, We fucked in the bath room , in the kitchen, in the hall, in the bed room. And on the terrace during night. No one suspected or could suspect because I am her s****r's son. Her attitude towards life changed, She started taking more and more interest in herself , bought new sarees, always presenting her self in her best. I became man of the house, her unwedded husband. She became a new person- like teenage girl young wife, newly married girl.

She planned a honeymoon. We went to Tirupathi and Bangalore for a week. I t was like a real honey moon for both of us. The world didn't know. But for us it was like honeymoon. We returned back after a week.

The college started. Aunty bought me a Scooter despite the protests of my parents. They said you are pampering him. She smiled and said, "Look He is my son. I can afford."

In the evenings, by the time I come from the college. She used to be ready and dressed up, and we went to parks and movies on the scooter. She was making her all her dreams come true with me as her man, as her husband. We did everything. I shaved Aunty's pussy and armpits. I read in sex magazine about eating pussy. I ate pussy auntie's pussy- banana stuffed in her pussy- and she bringing it out slowly. Pour honey on her body and lick allover. Eat g****s, cherries, gulabjamoons from her juice drenched cunt.

On Sundays we used to move around naked in the house. We were aware of the fact that our fucking is i****tuous. But the i****t only helped to add glamour and excitement. I used to call her Peddamma in front of others. and Raji when we were alone.

Her husband was deeply religious, even when he visits once am month or so he used to go to temples for religious discourses. And Me and Raji used to go to movies or for shopping in the evenings.

Raji was pregnant, I impregnated her. She was happy and jubiliant. She wanted to have my c***d our love c***d. During the next visit of her husband , she almost seduced her husband and got fucked and later made him believe that he made her pregnant. I fucked Raji aunty throughout the pregnancy.

During the 5th month of aunty's pregnancy mother came to visit us. That night after Mom slept ,Aunty came to my room. Aunty had huge belly even in her 5th month of pregnancy, her breasts became more plumper and bigger, her round aphrodisiac ass softer and bigger, she was erotic and exciting. I was sucking, licking , lapping and slurping up her cunt juices.

Seducing Sexy Mother

Mother came to see me during dasara holidays on a Sunday morning. Raji aunty and me were not so happy because, mother presence interrupted our usual Sunday fucking program. In the evening, Me, Aunty and Mother went to a movie. I was thrilled to take them out- both dressed beautifully, the sexy sizzling s****rs. In the night, after dinner Aunty and Mom went to the master bedroom and me to my room.

Raji Aunty came in after a long wait. I hugged Aunty. Your mother is asl**p, I couldn't sl**p without being fucked by you, my Young hubby. We undressed each other, Aunty lay down across the bed her feet on the floor, and I kneeled between her thunderous thighs and started licking her cunt, sucking, lapping slurping, unaware of the audience. Mother couldn't sl**p, she saw Aunty going out, Mother also got up to drink water, went to the kitchen, didn't see her s****r Raji, but saw the light in her son's (me) room. Walked towards the door, heard voices, the door was bolted inside, she could listen Raji's voice "Lick me, oh! Dear it's heaven; you have become an expert in pussy eating Good .I am melting, suck my juices out" Mother heard the voice.. The words, went out of the main door went to the window- window was open light passing through the

curtain, Bharathi slowly lifted the curtain and saw…. puzzled…couldn't believe … Her son was licking Raji's cunt.. She was surprised yet excited to see her son licking, and her son's long thick monstrous cock. Body chemistry worked, her body responded, breasts became heavy, nipples grew hard, as she watched.

I asked Aunty to get up and bend. She bent, her hands holding the bed. I positioned myself at her back, Her legs spread wide, her ass up, I placed my rod at her cunt and then entered her cunt slowly steadily, like a knife Piercing a slab soft butter, opening her cunt muscles torching her bottom. I started fucking slowly rhythmically taking out my cock from her cunt upto knob and sending back in.. Gradually increasing the speed like a railway engine piston each time I f***ed my cock sound thup thup thup thup thup Fucking fucking with controlled movements in and out in and out in-out In out, I took hold of her long single plait; with one hand and with other hand holding on her midriff – fucking her – I was riding her. We could see our images in the mirror, so could mother.

Bhaarathi Devi watching her son's big cock in and out of Raji's cunt, his cock shining in the light coated with cunt juice. Bharathi's juices oozed out of her cunt. She wished that she were there in her s****r's place. She couldn't stop but compare..Her son's cock was twice the size of her husband's.Bharathi started fingering her cunt.. Watching the fucking scene in side the room, she inserted two fingers into her cunt and started fucking herself. She watched, listened.. Raji: "Fuck me ..More hard ..harder.. more fuck me my son my young stud.. Fuck me..oh! Rip off my cunt …." "Ohhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" She came and came loudly, her whole body shaking.. Volcanic eruption. Shiva holding her ass pressed his cock deep inside raji's cunt experiencing her cunt muscles gripping contracting expanding…. And I exploded … hot lava pumping into aunty's cunt… White thick sperm dripping down from her cunt onto her thighs… Raji and me stood in the same position till the orgasms were complete.. I took the cock out of her cunt.. And we both walked out to the bathroom through the kitchen.. washed each other, came back to the kitchen. Aunty took the bowl of gulabjamoons and we came back to the room.I ate gulab jamoons from aunty's cunt. Aunty licked my cock dipped in gulab jamoon juice. We started fucking. This time I asked aunty to come up fuck. Mother was watching all these fucking games. We didn't know that. Aunty went back to the master bedroom saw her s****r deep in sl**p. But Aunty didn't know that her younger s****r was awake and was acting as if she was in deep sl**p.

After some time, Mother got up ensured that Raji slept, and came to my room. I was in sl**p. Mom sat next to me on the bed, started fondling my cock and it was instant ly hard and erect. I was awake and to my pleasant surprise and astonishment saw my mother holding my cock in her hands . I fucked my mother and impregnated her that night.

Gorgeous Grandmother

Aunty Rajeswari Devi was very happy to deliver a handsome healthy boy, our love c***d in a hospital. My mother Bharathi Devi and grand mother Parvathi Devi came to help.

After few days Grandmother wanted to go to her home situated in a village. I accompanied her. We went to the Busterminal, but the last bus going to the village was cancelled, and hence we boarded another bus which doestnot go to the village but to another village situated on the highway.

It was 9.00 PM and the bus was crowded, we had to travel standing almost at the back row of the bus. The conductor issued tickets and lights were put off. It was clear full moon day, but it started raining.

I was standing behind grandma, the aroma of jasmine flowers from grandma's hair knot was romantic and exciting.

Grandma was 58yrs young, gracefully matured beauty. She was 5'6" tall, sexy, voluptuous, heavyset, 75kg woman, with 44-38-48 figure and long smooth silky hair reaching her knees. Her hair greyed at temples but the streaks of silvery hair added glamour and attraction to her womanness. She normally wear her hair as a knot skillfully and beautifully arranged.

I couldn't control touching her porturbing ass cheeks which were like inverted pots . My perpetually erect and hard cock was pressing against her arse . Grandma instead of moving away from me though there was enough space infront of her she leaned back against me pressing her buttocks against my hardness. The road was not smooth and the jerks of the bus helped me to press at her. Grandma was almost leaning against me, turned her head back towards me and smiled. I placed my left hand on her fat midriff and then moved towards her navel, holding her tight pressing myself against her, my cock's hardness pressing her arse in circular motion. There was a slight drizzle, which gradually turned to heay rain, the early monsoon rain, the earth absorbing the rain water and giving out typical aroma, which was romantic, invigorating and symbolic.

The bus stopped, the lights were on, and we move apart slightly sothat no one could suspect. Some people got down and the bus started again, and the lights were off.

Grandma instantly was back to the earler position, leaning against me, I looked around, as no one was watching, my hand exploring the the fat layers on her midriff, feeling smoothness of her skin. Grandma placed her hand on mine, and directed towards her huge breasts. I stroked her nipple between my fingers, Kissed her on the neck and between her shoulder blades, licking her neck and behind her ears, took her earlobes into my mouth and sucking.

I leaned against the vertical rod to balance myself and hugged her with both hands, as she covered my hnds with her saree pallu. We stood like that feeling each other, almost for half an hour till the bus came to halt at our stop.

We got down from the bus and by the time we entered the Bus shelter we got wet and drenched in the rain.

Grandma's thin Venkatagiri saree got wet and she took off the pallu and squeezed water.

I could see her heavy breasts through her wet blouse and bra , her engorged nipples straining out.

Grandma untied her hair knot and sqeezed the reain water out.

I said "Grandma, Your saree and petticoat is wet, hy don't You take off your saree, squeeze out the water and dry"

She smiled, took off her saree and handed over it tome and said, "You are good at squeezing, Shiva"

I wrung the water out of the saree and tied the end to the poles to dry.

She was standing there in front of me only with wet petticoat and blouse, her hair spread across her back down to the knees. The rain stopped, the sky was clear and bright

I was looking at her, and she felt shy, like a virgin girl, as I took her into my hands hugging her encircling her , then taking her face into my hands I kisses her on the lips, her mouth slowly opened as my tongue entered her moth exploring, our tongues caressing eachother, I was sucking on her lower lip, and she sucking my tongue. It was long drawn

Kiss drinking each other.

"Grandma, You are sexy and exciting", I said.

"Shiva, I think You have mastered the art of seducing women, Now I know why my daughter became your wife and got impregnated to give birth to your son
So You know our secret, Grandma" I said.

I unhooked her blouse and removed her blouse and bra as she raised her hands to facilitate. Her huge, voluminous breasts sprang free, sighltyl sagged pendulous, her nipples were brown, big, hard and jutting out of her big breasts resembling the nipples big breastfeeding mother.

I took one of her nipple into my mouth and started sucking, as a breastfed c***d sucks at her mother's breasts.

Grandma(Ammamma) said "Shiva, However you suck my breasts you don't get milk, I know you have been sucking milk from Raji's breasts ever since your baby was born"

I said" Grandma(Ammamma), But I want to drink you, I kneeled down untied her petticoat's knot, removed her petticoat, as she spread her thighs wide. I could see her juice drenched cunt,

engorged hardened stiff clitoris (in telugu, it's called 'golli' ) her cunt juice oozing out onto her thighs. I licked, lapped her cunt juice, slurped up juice pressing my lips against her cunt slurping up, my hands pressing and squeezing her ass cheeks, like one squeezes and slurps up ripe mango fruit.

The more I slurp, the more cunt juice oozing out of her cunt like a never ending natural well. It was like, allof her stored kama and fat melting and oozing out of her cunt, stored for so many years waiting for the right momnent. I sucked and sucked. She grabbed me up by hair, and said " shiva, I can't wait , don't torture me, I want u in me, I want your cock inside me, You bastard, fuckme,".

I got up, she lifted one of her thigh as I managed to enter her, my engorged , stiff, hard, long, thick, verile cock into her juice drenched pussy. I was holding her, encircling my hands around her, and then as I put my hands cupping her arse cheeks, she raised her self, her both legs encircling my waist, my hands under her arse, literally carrying her 75kg body weight on my hands so that she could manipulate her fucking movements. Grandma tried to move her ass forward and backward but it was a difficult position to fuck.

I said, Parvathi, let me fuck You," disentangled myself and asked her to bend.

She obeyed my orders, and bent placing her hands on the cement bench, her arse high up, legs wide spread, her uice drenched cunt wide, legs spread as wide as possible.

I entered her cunt slowly, filling her cunt completely to the base, and the started fucking rythemically, holding on to her ass cheeks, taking out my cock to the knob and sending back into her cunt fully touching the bottom of her cunt.

Grandma's hair spread allover her back and touching the floor, It was an exciting view, I increased the speed, gradually, fucking her n doggy style.

The fucking experiences with my aunty and mother, made me an expert to fuck a woman to her statisfaction, by controlling my own rhythm, I could go on for atleast for an half an hour with out reaching clmax, and could delay my ejaculation and climax.

Grandma was reaching her orgasm, I could sense her cunt muscles,

as she said, "fuck me, ucke me harder, fuckme faster, ducke me, You bastard, fuckeme you, son of a bitch, fuck me hard more harder and harder faster and faster, fucke me You mother fucker, fcke your grandma, fuck me my lover fuck me my young stud, rip my cunt, rupture my cunt, my maunumada(meaning grandson, in telugu), I could feel her cunt muscles contract and expand, her whole body shivering, her cunt muscles gripping my cock, and then loosening, in frenzied motion, asif is my cock was rubber horn one squeezes on yesteryear automobiles, and she came, orgasmed , a long drawn multiple orgasm, slowly increasing and reaching it's peak staying at it's peak for a long time and the the intensity decresasing, slowly, It was at that moment I reached my climax as she gripped my cock with her cunt muscles hard and sqeezing, I came erupted like a volacano, hot lava pouring out into her cunt, we came in unision, together, my hot sperm filling her cunt, loads and loads filling her cunt.

We didn't move, my cock still in her cunt , till our orgasmic spasms subsided gradually, and then I took my cock out of grnama's cunt, she hugged me and said, " shiva, thank You, it was the best experience I ever had. Are you happy and satisfied, now that you have had your Grandma(ammamma) too." I said, Yes, Grandma(Ammamma), I am very happy, It was my dream come true."

We dressed up walked hand in hand to our house. The servant maid opened the door, grandfather was asl**p. Grandmother, changed into a fresh saree, came to the bed room

And lay on the bed besides me, took my erect hard cock into her hands and said "Shiva, Your cock very beautiful and magnificent, like shiva lingam."

We fucked and fucked each other that night enjoying each other. Grandma(Ammamma) came back with me the next day on the pretext that she had to help her daughter, and stayed with us.

Raji, my aunty could guess that I fucked her mother too, but accepted the fact.

Raji aunty knew my desire for grandma earlier, because I told her many a time that I wanted to fuck Parvathi, my grandmother.

It was one of those nights during the fucking threesome sessions with aunty and grandmother, I came to know the secret of my birth. The secret was that I was actually the son of my paternal grandfather. My paternal grandfather fucked my mother, Bharathi Devi, and impregnated her and I was born. So by birth I became my mother's b*****r-in-law, and my father's half b*****r.

I shall write the details in the next part. I also fucked a Brahmin widow and her daughter-in-law. Details to come.

If any mothers wants me please contact me.... Continue»
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Zoe & Denise

thank you shy_january

My name is Zoe and my fantasies are many. One of which is to meet my co-worker, Denise, for a wonderful time in Toronto at Skydome hotel. I'm a petit, w/f and Denise is larger and full figured. I am new, a virgin of sorts, and she takes control. After an afternoon of sight seeing in Toronto, building our tension and desires while strolling the museum of art and walking about through the garden of fountains we enjoy a light meal and a few cocktails to soften the edges.

When we arrive back at the hotel she leads me up to our room which has a panoramic view of the city. She kisses me ever so gently outside the door, unlocks it and leads me in by the hand.

I love the way she tells me exactly what to do. With a soft but confident tone in her voice she has me remove all my clothes before her. Slowly and methodically I kick off my heels and roll down my stockings. I unbutton my blouse and let it fall to the floor. My small but still-firm-for-my-age breasts stand out from my slightly heaving chest. My pinkish-tan nipples pointing straight out at Denise. Before she lets me move on to my skirt she tells me to play with my nips. "Rub them", she instructs. "pinch them for me." I do and they darken further as more bl**d rushes into them. I'm horny as hell now, my hips slightly gyrating because my crotch is aching for attention. "Soon babe, soon. Now take off the rest", she says, reassuring me that the attention I crave isn't far away.

As I unbutton my long skirt and it slides down my little legs, I step out of it and for the first time in a few minutes I open my eyes. When I do I take a slight gasp as I see that while I've been undressing for her, Denise has already stripped down and stands fully naked before me. This is the first time I've ever seen with my eyes what I've dreamed of seeing many times. Her body is beautiful. Medium chocolate-brown. Short, soft hair in a very professionally cut afro. Large soft eyes. Brown and clear. They reassure me that she cares for me and wont hurt me at all. Soft lips, no lipstick, naturally brown and moist. A strong and sensuous neck leads down to strong, comforting shoulders. The frame of her body is large but not odd. She's merely built very well, not muscular but full and friendly. Her breasts are much larger than mine. With very large, dark brown nipples. They point to me now, as my little nips point to her. Her waist is round and voluptuous. Her stomach soft looking but not flabby, it leads down to her garden where it flattens a bit. Her pubes trimmed nicely into a very small vertical strip which seems to point directly to her flower.

She lets me linger as I stare at her, but not too long. Ever so gently she speaks, bringing me back to this realm and reminds me I'm still wearing my cotton panty-briefs. As I roll them down she asks for them. I take them to her and she lifts them to her wonderful face. They are damp, musky from the excitement that has leaked out of me and she seems to enjoy my aroma as she breathes in deeply.

Tossing my panties aside she leans against me and our flesh touches for the first magical time. She is about four or five inches taller than I and as I lean my head back in anticipation of her kiss I feel my knees go weak as she passes gently over my lips and kisses me softly and teasingly on my neck, up to my right ear and then across the face, finally reaching her tongue deep into my hungry mouth.

Our tongues make a love of their own as we kiss like teenagers for minutes without end. Gently, but hungrily, pushing and pulling, sucking and swallowing, we let our tongues work a dance of passion.

Always in control, Denise is first to break our kiss and our embrace as she instructs me to lie on the bed. And as I turn and walk away from her she further secures my trust as she compliments me on the contour of my ass. My legs, barely strong enough to support my weight, do amazingly take me as far as the bed where I collapse in a heap of nervousness and excitement.

"Roll over dear." Denise is more direct now as I obey and flip over to lay on my stomach. After a moment she climbs on the bed, her knees straddle my sides as she begins to rub my head, neck & shoulders. I feel a warm wetness fall on my back as Denise pours a bit of oil she has brought onto my super sensitive skin. Slowly and methodically she rubs the oil into my alabaster flesh. Loosening my muscles and relaxing my tensions she rubs and kisses. Kisses and rubs. Slowly and firmly she kneads her way down my back to my ass cheeks, and every once in a while she'll let a quick, gentle finger slide down the crack and up against the passion pit beneath. Each time she does so I quiver with delight. And she is keen to pick-up on this, laughing as she sees the teasing pleasure she's giving me.

"OK, now the front Zoe." I sense that the best is coming my way and I roll-over, never removing myself from between her straddled legs. Our eyes meet again for the first time in while and as she looks so deeply into me I know that I couldn't be in a better place. Denise almost cannot help herself now and she leans down to kiss me again. When she does her large breasts splash against me. She holds my face in her hands as she kisses me this time. I feel their oily touch and enjoy the smooth tenderness this woman is showing me. A woman her size could crush me if she wanted, but she doesn't want that at all. She wants to make me feel safe and loved. Cared for and contented in the arms of a lover. I do.

As our breasts rub and mold into one another's, I feel the hard points of her nipples seeking friction and attention against my own. I oblige them and for the first time I make a move on my own as I began to finger her swollen brown tits, pinching and pulling on those wonderful nipples. As I do Denise quickly brakes our kiss, throwing her head upward, arching her back. I lift my slight torso forward and take one of her nipples into my savory mouth. As if it were a sweet HERSHEY'S KISS candy I encircle it with my tongue, I kiss it, I even bite it ever so slightly. I have never been with a woman before but I instinctively know what to do. I go from one nip to the other, trying to swallow them if I could. Denise is moaning her approval and I am happy I can make her feel so good.

Denise puts her hands on my shoulders and f***es me back down on the bed. She senses that she's lost control for a moment and re-establishes it now. Leaning down and sliding a bit further down on the bed she now begins to kiss and lick my nipples. This feels like fireworks and diamonds and I begin to buck a bit beneath her. It's at this point that I first realized that our pussies were touching. Knowing the feeling I was experiencing Denise began to grind her crotch back at me and our two slits & clits rubbed and waxed together, setting forth the sweet flow of another kind of oil only a woman knows how to produce.

Never stopping her attack on my nipples with her mouth, teeth and tongue Denise now rides me with enough gentle f***e to make me feel like I am being fucked but with a whole new perspective. She knows exactly what she is doing, first manipulating our two clits together, than her strip of steel wool against my clit, then her clit on my golden tri-angle. The on again, off again friction is so intense. The soaken slickness as clit rubs against clit is exhilarating. Smooth, ruff. Smooth, ruff. Smooth, smooth, smooth ... Ruff and wonderful rubbing. My joy was now audible. My cries of pleasure aren't restrained at all: "Yes ... God, yes. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck me please. Yes. Yes. Yeeeesss ....."

Throwing my head from side to side I cum in an explosion of fire and ice. Like thunder claps and lightning bolts my pussy convulses in waves. My cum runs out from within me and down the crack of my ass. I see rainbows and halos as the kingdom comes to me. My gut is wrenching and my back strains out an arc as I lift my lover off of the bed. She has taken me to a place I've never known, never even dreamed existed. And just as I'm finding the place in my brain that reminds me to breathe, I feel Denise sliding forward, bringing her swollen soaken sex to just above my face. Far above, it seems, I see her looking down at me, "Eat me." She commands. "Finish me off. Make me cum little lover. Bring me to your world."

"Give it to me." Is all I can muster as Denise lowers her puss to my mouth. The last thing I see is her eyes roll back ever so slowly before her eyelids close and she begins to focus on the promised land.

I taste her sweet 'n sour juice and feel the fullness of her sensitive flesh. I lick at her clit and use my lips to "chew" on her folds. I suck. I kiss. I swirl and I swallow. I thrust my nose and then my chin up and into her nest. I reach up and grab her ass with my hands, pulling her pussy even closer to me. She's grinding back too, face fucking for me for all she is worth.

She's not worried about control now, she's lost in the ballet dance of release. I suck and swallow some more and land my tongue deep within her. I lap at her now convulsing inner walls and I feel them grab at me. She wants me inside her and that's where I want to be. Finally Denise cums, raises up a bit and cums again; releasing a mouthful of nectar my way. She lets out an almost guttural moan as I watch her stomach involuntary convulse in and out. Her orgasm, like mine, takes her somewhere else. That glorious place where our whole bodies become one vagina, one clitoris; where orgasm becomes atmosphere and our womanhood is made complete. In this place we are goddesses and we are given the gifts of other worlds.

Eventually though we must return to this place and as Denise does she falls beside me. Her landing is more of a willful surrender than some kind of defeat and she is happy, as am I, to be here beside the one who's helped take her to her throne.

We lay there, lightly kissing a bit. Shoulders and fingers are pecked. We stroke one another, gently and silently petting one another, not wanting to breech this peace. Blissful and contented we eventually drift off to sl**p. I in a slight fetal position, nuzzled against my new lover, my new partner. The one I trust to lead me beyond new horizons and through passionate valleys of joy.... Continue»
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sandi's world of fashion pt3

Has anyone ever hurt you?" I asked.

"You'll have to define hurt," she said. "I've never been hurt to the point of needing medical assistance, but I've had a couple of experiences with some aggressive doms. Some women get their kicks from tying you up or using handcuffs, gags, nipple clamps, clit clamps, stuff like that. A little pain can really get your libido going but too much is just pain.

"I had a friend who was into that. She tried to get me into it, but it frightened me."

"It can be a bit scary at first," she admitted, "but I got my best tip from one of them."

"I've got to go," I said. "I have to get home to change. I'm working today"

"You are such a poop," she said. "Come on, I think I've got something you can wear."

While she went through her wardrobe I took another shower and washed my hair. She brought me a new toothbrush, some mouthwash, and showed me where her make-up was. The suit she loaned me was an expensive one. It was cut just a bit too big for me, but it wasn't obvious, and the silk blouse fit well enough that when I got to work I could just take the jacket off. Besides, at lunch I could run down to the bargain store and spend some of the money I had now.

She drove like a lunatic but we made it to work just in time. When she dropped me off to pick up my car that night, she kissed me.

"If you decide to do it again," she said, "I can promise you it will be better for you."

"Thanks for everything, Desire" I said. "Maybe one day, who knows, but don't hold your breath."

She smiled and kissed me again. "It's something to think about," she said.


I spent almost all the money on new clothes that day, but it felt good to pay cash for everything.

I buried myself in work so that I wouldn't have time to think about that night. There was a lot to learn and not a lot of time to do it. About twice a week, I went to lunch with Desire', frequently wondering if she had thoughts about exploring each other, but she never gave me any indication that she wanted to move in that direction.

I did do another outside show for a different store, but without the 'private showings, the pay wasn't nearly enough to make me ever consider doing it again. Besides, the show manager was a full fledged bull dyke that scared the hell out of me.

I passed on several show offers after that, but in the back of my mind, I knew that I'd do another to get more clothes in the future, and I really needed to get that credit card paid down.

I was wrapping up a large sale a few weeks later, when I noticed my first seducer going through some new chemise/robe sets that I'd put out the day before called "Cotton Candy" .Both garments were very sheer with fine lace edging in colors similar to cotton candy, light and frothy looking, My personal favorite was a color called 'light and limely," a pale green that would go well with my coloring. l wouldn't be adding it to my collection any day soon at nearly four hundred dollars, though..

One of the sales associates moved to help her, but she said she would wait for me. O heard her say "She knows my taste." Boy, did I ever.

"Hello, Mrs. Long," I said as I went to help her. "Aren't those lovely? We just got them in yesterday and I couldn't wait to get them on display."

"Well, hello, Sandi," she said. "Yes, they really are lovely. They're a bit risqué at my age, but I'm buying some for gifts later."

"Yes ma'am, that's good thinking."

I placed her selections on the counter, folding each one separately and wrapping them in the trademark "Malken & Drake" wrap.

"Is there anything else, I can help you with? I have some new robes over here that are simply luxurious. I think you'd look fabulous in the creamy beige color. "

"I do believe you're right," she said, as I held one out to her..

I helped her into the robe and led her to the three way mirror.

"Gorgeous," she said. "Simply gorgeous."

"Picture yourself naked under that robe'' I said, softly enough that no one else could hear me.

I tied it loose and spread the top open. "Imagine how desirable you'll look in this. You can show as little or as much of your breasts as you choose and every step you take gives flashes of your beautiful legs."

"You're full of it, Sandi, but damn, you're good. I'll take it on one condition."

"And what might that be?" I asked.

"Have lunch with me. That's my real reason for coming here today anyway."

"I' can meet you in the café two doors down at twelve-thirty."

I found her sitting at a corner table when I arrived.

"You're looking lovely today," she said.

"Thanks," I said. "It's good to see you again."

We ordered and sipped at blackberry iced tea.

"Are you not working the show any more?" she asked.

"Not recently," I said. "I did one at Blackwell's but the pay wasn't much and there were no tips to speak of at all.'

"Well, we miss you," she said. "Several of the ladies have asked about you."

Our salads came and after we ate, we got fresh glasses of tea.

I glanced at my watch and I guess I was a bit too obvious about it.

"Do you have to leave" she asked.

"Not yet," I said. "We get an hour but I don't want to be late."

"I understand," she said. "Perhaps I'd better tell you why I chose to invite you to lunch today. I was wondering if you do private showings in someone's home."

"Oh lord, I don't know," I said "I mean this is all so new to me. I've never done it so I don't know if I could or not. I suppose I might consider it, but it would depend on what was expected of me."

"Well," she said, "I'm having a birthday party for a friend and I'm buying her a few special things so I'm thinking of having a fashion show for some of our closest friends."

"Just so we're on the same page here, am I expected to have sex with one or more of the guests and perhaps yourself.?"

"I'm still working out the details but since you put it so bluntly, yes, that was my thought. It sounds so crude when you put it that way though."

I put my glass down and turned to face her.

"Mrs. Long," I said. "you have to understand that being with you was my first experience with a woman and it was stressful for me. No matter how you look at it, I had to accept the fact that I became a prostitute that night. You can use all the pretty words you want, and a lot of others came to me that evening, but it doesn't change the facts."

"Oh dear," she said. "I'm so sorry you feel that way. I certainly don't look at you that way at all. I'm not sure I know what to say."

"It doesn't matter." I said. "If you still want to discuss the party, I would consider it just because of who you are. It's just that I'm still coming to grips with what happened and I can't think of a nice word to use."

I didn't think she'd see the tiny tear that formed but she did..

"Are you ashamed of what happened?" she asked, as she passed me a tissue.

"Yes," I admitted, almost in a whisper. "I guess I still am, but I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it. I can't change what happened "

"I suppose not," she said. "Would you at least think about it for a few days and let me know? I'm having the party in two weeks, so we have time to talk."

I sipped at my tea for a few seconds.

"Mrs. Long," I said. "A few days isn't going to change anything. I'll do it but if you don't mind, I'd like to go over the specifics with you and I don't have time to do that now."

"Would you trust me enough to come to my home for dessert and coffee or tea?" she asked.

"Of course," I said. "When would you like me to be there?"

"Tomorrow night at six if that meets with your approval."

"That's fine," I said.

She refused to let me pay for my own meal so I waited until she came out of the café"

"Thank you for a lovely lunch," I said.

She put her arms around me and kissed me tenderly.

"Could you call me Katherine, Sandi? Mrs. Long just seems so formal. It makes me feel older."

"Katherine. I like that. Katherine it is."

The next evening, I was at her door promptly at six. I wore a simple peasant blouse in white, with pale yellow accents, and a skirt about four inches above my knees.

She came to the door wearing the beautiful robe that I'd conned her into paying nearly three hundred dollars for.

We went to the library, where we were served a delightfully light cheesecake with fresh blackberries in a rich sauce, drizzled over it.

"Would you like to see the rest of the house?" she asked.

It was a lovely home with five bedrooms, three baths, a large, airy sun room, and a long, open veranda on the second floor, which she told me was directly over the sun room. The veranda on the first floor was not far from the pool, which she said she used several times a week. .

We wound up on the downstairs veranda, where she poured a delicious orange liqueur.

"I think I owe you an apology," I said. "I'm afraid I may have given you the impression that I blamed you for what happened but I don't and never did. I could have left at any time but I chose not to."

"Well, you don't owe me anything, Sandi," she said. "I can't imagine what you went through"

I smiled and admitted it hadn't been pretty.

"You know, Sandi, it might not help any, but I want you to know that I understand more than you know."

She got up to move over, looking out at the pool. "Most of the women who you'll see at the shows are well to do, in their late forties or older, overweight and out of shape. For most of us, it is a way to get sexual release other than masturbation.

I'm sure most of the girls find us to be repulsive if not downright disgusting, but we're blind to that part, finding it easier to handle if we close our eyes to the realities of it. In that respect we're a great deal alike, you and I. As long as we can justify our actions by saying it's just a fashion show, it makes it easier to accept the facts. It isn't easy to accept it when you aren't desirable any more. There are other ways, of course, which might be less expensive, but in no way as discrete or safe as the shows are."

"I'm sure you could find someone to satisfy your needs," I said. "Have you considered some one who could live with you? You might explain their presence by passing them off as a personal assistant or something like that."

"Well, as you know, I have several women working here but it would never work to be sl**ping with one of them. I have to admit that I've been tempted at times, but it isn't just the sex, Sandi," she said. "Though It certainly is a big part of it. I think we just don't want to grow old. We were all quite sexual in our earlier years and none of us want to quit just because of our age. There is a special type of camaraderie amongst us, too. We're all there for the same reason and the girls know why we're there. There's no reason to deny ourselves or pretend to be something we're not."

"Do you have sex with each other," I asked.

"Oh once in a while," she said, "but not often, and it's not the same. I suppose, to be honest about it, it's the fact that the girls are so lovely and so young. Two members of our group are married and that presents its own set of problems. The rest of us just have this false image of being totally straight and accepting the fact that we're too old for sex. If only people knew. My god, this town would be shaken beyond words. It's difficult to meet without leaving town so we just don't do it much.

I suppose we feel that by paying the girls, its all right, We can afford it so why not? It never occurred to me that you might be hurt by it."

"It was such a shock," I said. "I never expected to be with a woman and I never knew that anything like that happened."

"It's very discrete," she said," and that's a lot of it. We're not taking chances with someone we don't know. Most of the girls have been coming there for a long time."

"I appreciate you sharing this with me. It helps to know you're side of it," I said.

"I'm not proud of it," she said, "but I've accepted it as a weakness I can live with. I don't really expect anyone to understand. How could they?"

I went to take her in my arms.

"Katherine, I understand and I suspect the other girls do as well. If it bothers any of them that much, they can always leave."

"Enough of this," she said. "I'm getting depressed. Let's talk about Lisa's party."

We went through the plans and I gave her some suggestions for the garments to be shown.

"How do you plan to choose the women selected for the private showings," I asked.

"Each woman draws a number when she gets here. We'll take a break after half of the garments have been shown. At the break, we'll hold a drawing. One number will be drawn at that time, but the winning number will be Lisa's. She will choose from five garments for a personal showing in the guest room suite. While you are gone, we will conduct an auction for the feature item and a drawing will be held for the champagne chemise set. When you return we will serve a light champagne brunch before showing the rest of the garments. At the end of the show, one number will be drawn for a private showing for the winner with a garment of their choice. There is a shower in the suite, which you are free to use before lunch and after the party."

"I guess we've covered everything then," I said.

I was putting all my notes together when she came to pull me into her arms.

"Sandi, I have no right to ask this, but would you allow me to make love to you?"

"Of course," I said.

She led me to the master bedroom where she watched as I stripped and lay on the bed.

For the longest time, she made love to my breasts and this time I allowed her to know what she was doing to me. I had my hands buried in her hair forcing her into my breasts. She bit me so hard it hurt but then she sucked the pain away.

She moved between my legs and proceeded to lick me into one of the most beautiful orgasms I'd ever known. It wasn't the hardest by far but certainly of the most beautiful..

Spreading me open, she used her hard nipple on my clit to send me flying again,

I needed a break so I pushed her away, told her I'd be right back and ran down the stairs to get my bag.

I'd remembered her long clit and the toy I had in my bag. Small but mighty, I knew she was going to lose her mind with the pleasure I could give her.

She was lying on her back so I hid my toy under her hips, and lay down beside her to start making love to those long nipples. When she shuddered with her first orgasm, I moved to lay over her right leg, spreading her wide to suck and nibble at her clit. She got close and I backed off. A seconds later, I began again and as she got close, I took my little friend from under her and held it to her clit. When I turned it on, she cried out like I'd shot her. Her hips came rocketing off the bed, trying to get more, and with a final scream, cum bubbled from her pussy. Her body continued to shake long after she came and I continued to lick her.

She finally pushed me away.

"No more.," she said. "I can't...I just can't."

"You're no fun," I said.

She gave me a weak smile and held her arms out for me.

"I could just eat you up," she whispered. "I can't believe I came that hard without a dildo."

I pressed my little vibrator into her hands. "This is for you, for when you're alone or when you need a little extra for the woman you're with"

"You did that with this little thing?" she asked.

"That and my teeth," I said.

"My god, Sandi. This thing is an orgasm powerhouse."

"I know. I have several small vibes but this one almost rattles your bones."

"Turn over," she said.

I knew where she was going and what she was going to do and I looked forward to it.

She put two fingers in my anus and palmed the vibe, putting it against my perineum She had it on high and pushed in against her fingers. As it vibrated it moved her fingers inside of me. She curled her fingers into my rectal walls and I about went nuts. Just to make sure she got the job done, two fingers were pumped into my pussy. It only took a few minutes to send me off the edge. She licked at me and cooed into my pussy.

We showered together and I spent the night with her. She was still sl**ping when I slipped out.

= The Birthday Party =

I arrived early the night of the party to make sure the garments we ordered had all been delivered. She assured me that everything was laid out in the guest room in order of presentation. .

"We'll be using the sun room if that is agreeable to you." she said.

I went with her to see the garments and walk through the plans for the evening.

"I do have one suggestion," I said. "It's a beautiful day, and looking at the micro bikini I'll be wearing at the end gave me an idea. Would it be possible to serve the brunch on the veranda? Then I could model the swim suits in front of the pool. After I show the micro bikini, I can dive into the pool."

"Yes, yes, I like that," she said. "I'll speak to the staff immediately."

"I was meaning to ask you about that," I said; "You have several women working for you, and I know you told me that you don't have sex with any of them, but don't you worry that they will share your secrets with an outsider?

She laughed and shook her head. "They've all been with me forever and they know, or they think they know all my secrets but they've never violated my trust and they stay discretely out of sight until they are needed. Heaven knows they have seen enough nudity around here and more that nothing should surprise them. Besides, the outrageous amount I pay them keeps them silent."

I took a quick shower and put on the first change, a fairly conservative bikini that exaggerated my breasts and my ass, which was thrust upward by my choice of heels.

I listened to the festivities and the singing of the birthday song. There was a lot of laughter when she opened her gifts and I smiled as I imagined that some of them were rather risqué based on the comments I heard.

Once they settled down and moved to the sun room, the music began and I headed for the showing.

The show went well and Katherine was very pleased. Finally, came the time to draw for the first private showing. Of course, Lisa won and after she chose the garment I'd wear, I changed and waited for her in the suite.

She was a bit younger than Mrs. Long and looked a lot trimmer in a knee length cinnamon colored skirt with matching jacket over a creamy beige silk blouse. She actually appeared to be a bit nervous so I asked her if she was alright and if she wanted me to continue.

"Yes," she said. "It's just that this was all so unexpected."

"Just imagine you are at the show and just gave me your card." I said.

I paced in front of her, showing her the totally transparent chenoire she had chosen in a pale yellow color, under which I wore the tiniest of white thong panties.

I stood in front of her and opened the gown, spreading my arms wide. "Feel free to touch," I said.

She reached to fondle my breasts, paying particular attention to my nipples. I no longer felt the need to restrain my emotions and allowed the mewling to go unchecked. My hips thrust toward her and she trailed her fingers over the tiny patch of fabric, pressing into my slit.

"Take my panties off," I said, almost in a hiss.

She slid them off and I kicked them away. I took one step away from her and bent to show her my slit and my anus. When she spread my cheeks to caress my anus. I moaned loudly and pushed into her finger.

She stood and stripped her clothing off, standing there naked. She'd been hiding a treasure under those clothes. Breasts that were about a 38D, with firm dark nipples. A neatly trimmed strip of hair about two inches long hovered over her tight slit. I don't know which of us was more aroused, but when she came back to me, she slipped under me to probe into me with a firm tongue that plunged repeatedly between the lips of my wet pussy. A finger went deep in my ass, followed by a second at about the same time, she found my clit and sucked it sharply into her teeth. My body hesitated a second or two, then it began to burn. I f***ed her head into my pussy and screamed as the orgasms began.... Continue»
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sandi's world of fashion pt 6

"Just trust me," I said "I'll show you a new Edie that you'll be proud to show off to your friends."

"I do trust you, Sandi," she said.

I kissed her softly and held her to me. "I won't lead you wrong," I whispered to her.

"Oh my," she said, "I must get home. He'll be having a fit."

"Call him and tell him you met an old friend from out of town and lost track of time. I'll take you back to your car. or I can take you home and pick you up tomorrow. Your car is safe right where it is."

"It's in Sanderson's garage so I don't worry about it. You can just take me home if you don't mind."

"Not at all," I said.

She made her call and I could tell he wasn't happy with her.

"Did I cause you to get in trouble?" I asked.

She smiled and made an almost obscene motion to the phone. "He'll survive. He's upset because I wasn't there to serve cocktails to some friends that I never knew were coming. He actually had to do something for himself for a change."

"I can see the change already," I said.

We were still laughing about it as we got into my car. I backed out of the lot and followed the directions into a high class neighborhood not too far from Katherine's.

I started to pull in her drive but she directed me past her house and into a small area of park like appearance at the end of a cul-de-sac.

"Pull over here," she said.

I pulled over and she asked me to turn off my headlights. As I did so, she reached over to me. We slid as close as we could get and kissed as passionately as possible under the circumstances.

"I couldn't have done that just a few hours ago, Sandi. Now, I want to kiss you over and over. I can't wait to see what's hiding in this body now. No matter where our lives take us, I want you to know that you will always hold a spot in my heart and mind."

Now it was my turn to tear up. When I tried to reply, she held up her hand.

"Don't say anything," she said, "or I'll start crying. Just know that I'll be thinking of you as I go to sl**p tonight. Oh, and be sure to pick me up tomorrow."

"I will," I said. "I'll call you when I know what my day looks like."

We kissed again and I took her home.

The next day, as soon as I got to work, I cornered Desire'

"I'm in trouble," I said.

"So I heard," she said. "Mrs. Kling was threatening to suit but they calmed her down. I heard you quit."

"You heard right. Someone should have warned me about her because I would never given a private showing to someone like that."

"It won't happen again," she said.

"Damned right it won't," I said, "because I meant it when I said I quit. I was only there to help out a friend as it was. Now I'm even further behind than before and I can't work on it tonight."

"Why not?"

"I can't explain right now," I said, "but now I either have to go to the office and beg for some more time or call off tomorrow."

"Call off," she said. "They won't give you extra time otherwise. When you call in, tell them you'll have the report on their desk first thing Saturday. Tell them you tripped and fell or something but don't make it anything that they can require you to see a doctor for. I'm sure they'll know you're stalling but it will help them cover their asses."

"Can you come over tomorrow if I still need help?"

"Yeah, but you'd better have some damned good wine for me."

"I've got just the stuff," I said, "and thanks."

Normally, I hang around until late but not that night. I called 'Edie' and let her know I was picking her up in an hour if that was all right. She said she'd be ready.

I was pleasantly surprised to see her in a sunny yellow blouse with a knee length brown skirt. She looked absolutely stunning.

She smiled as she got in and was just glowing as we pulled away.

"I bought these this morning,' she said. "Katherine and I went to Blackwell's to pick up something she ordered and I saw this. Isn't it darling?"

"It's amazing," I said. "You look at least ten years younger."

"I need to do something about my hair though," she said.

"That's our first stop," I said. "I got an appointment at Dirksen's for you but we have to hurry."

"How did you do that? I usually have to make my appointment weeks in advance."

:"Somebody owed me a favor...a big one." I said. "I even got Stephan to make some time, but he didn't like it."

"I'm sure he didn't but he's the best one there. What did you tell him you wanted?"

I laughed as I remembered his exact words.

"I told him who you were and what I was looking for and he said, "Well, thank god someone got through to her."

"Am I going to shock my husband?" she asked.

"I'll guarantee he'll be surprised to say the least. I take it he hasn't seen the outfit yet."

"No, I bought it after he left. I can't wait to see his expression."

While she was with Stephan, I picked up the wine for that night and another box of the chocolates Edith was so fond of. As I started to leave the store, I saw something that I just had to buy. It was a cheesy thing, but I knew that the new 'Edie' would love it.

I got back to the salon just as Stephan was finishing up. Her shoulder length auburn locks were now cut into a medium length bob that framed her lovely face to a tee.

While he had been working, the makeup team had given her a new look, highlighting those beautiful eyes, and softening the look of her skin. Gone were the signs of a woman starting to show the signs of age. My heart warmed at the look on her face. It was priceless. Pure royalty is how she looked.

We got back in the car to get some dinner. As I sat across from her, I just wanted to take her in my arms and hug her forever.

"I feel so alive," she said.

"You look absolutely incredibly delicious," I said. "I knew you'd be a new woman but I am absolutely amazed. Where have you been hiding this woman?"

"I don't know," she said "but she doesn't exist any more. I've decided to tell John that the friend I met talked me into having it done."

"I can't wait to hear how he reacted. You'd better pick up something sexy for later."

"Not yet," she said. "I want to see how this goes over. I may be sorry I did it."

"Stop it," I said. "Don't you dare let that happen. I wish you could have seen the glow on your face when you saw your reflection at Dirksen's."

"I know," she said. "I couldn't believe it. They're worth every penny of that disgusting price aren't they?"

"They're the best and they know it. They also know that whatever they charge, women will find a way to come up with the money to get that level of expertise."

"I won't tell him how much I spent on makeup today. He'll go crazy. Especially when he sees how small the bag is that it came in."

"You didn't need much Edie, just the right products and the knowledge to make it all work together."

We left there to go to my place for wine and conversation, and whatever else happened.

I took my packages into the bedroom and took the opportunity to change one thing I was wearing. She was pouring the wine when I returned, which we carried into the living room.

'So much has changed since I met you," she said.

"All for the better, I hope,"

"Absolutely for the better," she said.

"I'm glad. I knew I wasn't seeing the real you," I said. "By the way, I have something for you, but you'll have to close your eyes first."

She closed her eyes and covered her face with a small pillow. As soon as she'd done it, I slipped off my skirt.

"Ok, you can look," I said

"Oh my god, Sandi, when did you get those?"

"While you were having your hair done." I said.

I was wearing a pair of white boy cut panties that had the words "Edie's Toy Box" written on them in bold red letters.

"Can I take them off of you?" she asked.

"I don't know, can you?"

She started pulling them down but then she ran a finger through my slit before she took them the rest of the way off.

I stepped out of them and watched her put them to her face.

"You know," she said, "You've made love to me and you've watched me masturbate, but I've never made love to you. I couldn't do it before when I was still Edith, but I can now."

"I was hoping you would," I said.

We finished undressing in the bedroom and I got comfortable on the bed. For a long time, she made love to my breasts, telling me how beautiful they were and how much she'd been wanting to make love to them. She was a bit tentative when it came to using her teeth, but I finally convinced her that she wouldn't really hurt me. Once she accepted that, she even tugged both nipples back and forth while I held on to the bed, trying not to have an orgasm just yet.

She was so funny when she got between my legs for the first time. I pulled my knees up and spread my legs to give her good access and for what seemed to be forever, she just looked at my pussy, spreading me open to examine my clit. She licked her finger and touched it, and I sucked in some air.

"Kiss it," I said.

She kissed it like it was a fragile petal or something.

"No, really kiss it, I said.

She kissed it and I reached down to push her face into it. She jerked back in surprise.

"Are you going to just drive me crazy waiting?" I asked.

She looked up at me and smiled.

"Just remember what I did for you. Do the same thing and don't be afraid to try something different."

Well, once she got her tongue into me and got a good taste, she never stopped. I had to get her to leave my clit alone for a second or it would have become too sensitive so I had her concentrating on my pussy and using her fingers. She got a thrill when I showed her how to find my g spot and went off like a space shot when she found it. That was the first time she'd given me an orgasm. She went back to my clit and soon had me bouncing off the bed before covering her face with cum.

Then we moved into a sixty-nine and it was time to show her some new pleasures. I licked over her perineum to rim her little anus.

"Oh, don't," she said, but by the third lick, she was pushing into my face and moaning.

The harder I licked it the better she liked it, and when my fingertip slid into her, she yelped.

'Oh god yes,."

I pushed into her just as she bit my clit, sending me over the top. I stopped for a few seconds to let my body recover but then I got back to fingering deep into her ass while I ate her sweet pussy. I felt her tense, watched her back arch, and got my face covered when she came harder than I'd ever seen her do.

It was quite a while before either of us was calm enough to talk sensibly.

"You did fine," I said. "that was an awesome orgasm."

"You keep showing me new things," she said.

"Well, there is one more thing before you graduate," I told her, "but let's catch our breath first."

We rested for about a half hour, just enjoying each other but then I got up and went to my closet where I had another surprise for her. She opened the package to find a box about the size of a shoe box. It was just a plain, unmarked box, but when she opened it, she smiled. In the box was an assortment of toys. A slim dildo, a basic vibrator, a vibrator with bunny whiskers and a slim anal probe.

"I'll have to hide these but I'll try them all and pick out my favorite," she said.

"There is another one but I'll have to demonstrate how powerful that one is and I'll show you one of my favorites too."

"I can't wait," she said.

I put a little lube on the smaller of the two vibrators and worked it into her, moving in long, slow strokes to bring her close to orgasm but then I stopped.

"Hang on, Edit," I warned, then I touched the tip of my bone rattler pocket toy to her clit.

"Oh fuck," she screamed, as rammed her body into my hand. I let her come down but then did it again, holding it there for a few seconds. She twisted, she arched her back, she squealed and she cursed. I stopped and pumped the bigger toy into her far a few seconds, then went over her clit again. Like a freight train out of control, she raised up, grabbed a handful of bedding and humped wildly into the air as cum bubbled from her pussy. Her thigh muscles and stomach muscles rippled with spasms and when she began to come down, her body shook with a series of convulsive shudders.

I got her a cool cloth to wipe away the sweat that poured from her face and forehead, then bathed her chest and stomach. I knew she'd be very sensitive for a while so I just laid the damp towel over her vulva and left it there.

A few minutes later, she was cleaning herself up a little.

"That thing could do some serious damage if I'm not careful," she said.

"Just use it carefully until you're used to it, Edie," I said. "Be sure you're alone though because those screams will tell everyone what you're doing."

We both reeked of sex so we took a shower together. When we were done, I told her to follow me. I put her on her knees and got my double ended dildo from under the bed. We went butt to butt, with the dildo completely buried inside and drove into each other until we couldn't keep going. We cleaned up the toys and I put them in a shopping bag.

"I want you to enjoy them but toys are meant to be shared so surprise someone with the new you. Just choose the right partner and make sure she can be very discrete."

"Are you telling me we won't be together again," she asked.

"No," I said. "I most certainly am not but you shouldn't limit yourself. Besides, I may go weeks without any spare time, and I've already made some promises to Katherine and some of the others. I'm not working the shows anymore but I may do a couple birthday parties or something like that, since I already promised the women I'd consider it. I look forward to spending an evening with you or more but I can't promise when it will be."

"I understand," she said. "I guess I just overreacted."

I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her. "I'll always want to be with you. After all, I created Edie, didn't I?"

"Yes, and Edie is eternally grateful," she said. "Edith only exists in our home. I'm not going back to being that old woman again.

"I'm so proud of what you've done," I said. "It took a great deal of courage."

"Actually, it just took a friend who cares. A wonderful friend who will always be close to my heart."

"Oh, I almost forgot," I said, giving her the package I'd been hiding..

When she opened the box, she found a pair of panties that said, "I graduated with honors." Another wrapped item was the six pair of panties that I'd set aside for her.

"My graduates don't wear granny panties," I said. "Don't lose that business card in the bottom."

She looked at it, confused.

"Who is Mrs. Janice Walker?" she wondered.

"One of the services we provide at Malken & Drake is a group of fashion consultants called 'dressing to change." They provide counseling and guidance to women who desire to change their image, such as you're doing. I've talked with her quite a bit about you and she said they would love to work with you to complete your new image. She'll explain the different fabrics, including the new ones I haven't seen yet. They'll work with you on color pallets, and blending designs, color and texture, and when you're done, you'll know exactly how to show the world that Edie has arrived. Because I recommended you to the group, you will also receive a complete outfit from the skin out before you leave. "

"Oh my god, Sandi, I can't believe you went to all this trouble for me."

"It wasn't trouble at all, Edie. It was a real pleasure, I assure you."

She almost knocked me down when she flew into my arms.

I had to take her home then because Desire' would be there shortly to help me get caught up. We finally called it quits at just after eleven and I got to bed just before midnight, I was sound asl**p when my phone rang. I glanced over at the clock to see that it was nearly two.

When I answered the phone, I could hear someone but no one replied.

"I'm sorry," I said, "but I can't understand you."


"Edie, is that you? Are you all right?"

"I'm sorry," she said, "I shouldn't have bothered you. I'll talk to you later."

"No, wait," I said. "Where are you?"

"In the parking lot,"

"My parking lot? Why?" Oh my god, Edie you're crying. I'll be right there. You get in here"

I ran outside to take her into my arms. Her face was streaked from long periods of crying. Her blouse was wet and her hair was a mess.

"Come on," I said. "Let's get inside."

She went into the bathroom to wash her face and brush her hair. When she came out, I had coffee brewing and the bottle of Kahlua waiting. I held her for a few minutes, then led her over to the couch.

"What in the world happened?" I asked.

"He's such a bastard," she said. "I tried so hard to make him proud of me and show him I could be beautiful again."

"What did he say?"

"He told me I was being foolish. He said it was "Unbecoming" of a woman of my age and I needed to take everything back and stop acting like a c***d. He said there was no shame in admitting your age and told me he could never take me to the club dressed like that. Then he turned his back on me and refused to discuss it."

"Oh." I said. "Men can be such ass holes sometimes. Maybe he'll change his mind in the morning."

She shook her head. "He said some very cruel things, Sandi. He wanted to know who put those silly notions in my head. He told me he'd be staying at the club until I went back to the way I was and agreed that I would "conform" to the accepted standards of dress and conduct."

"What are you going to do?" I asked.

"I can't do what he asks," she said. "I'm going to my s****r's tomorrow until I can decide what to do. If he doesn't care enough to accept me as I am, I may have to file for divorce. I won't live like that again."

"Surely you aren't the only woman at the club that dresses like that."

"Quite a few of them do, but they're younger or at least they seem to be, and they don't really associate with our group of old money fuddie duddies. David and his friends say that they don't belong there. Sandi, what hurts is that I wanted him to be proud of me. I wanted to try to be desirable to him but he's ashamed of me. I just can't stand it. Can you imagine that? He's ashamed of his wife for wanting to be beautiful and I did it for him as much as for myself. I just wanted to be more desirable but he's ashamed of me."

"I'm sorry, Edie," I said.

"The son-of-a-bitch is ashamed of me," she screamed, then collapsed into a sobbing bundle of flesh.

"It's after three," I said, "and you're a basket case. We're both too tired to cope with this tonight. Let's get some sl**p and we'll talk in the morning.

Both naked, we went to bed, where I held her until she cried herself to sl**p. I wanted to rip his balls off for what he did to her but knew it was not my place to tell him what he was giving up to maintain his ancient 'standards.'

We went to bed naked, but not aroused. I think she was asl**p before I was, cuddled into my back.

In the morning, I held her and talked to her. "Make sure you make the right decision, Edie," I said, "but please don't give up what you've accomplished."

"I won't, Sandi, I promise, " she said.

We showered and dressed, then went to Carlson's for breakfast.

"Are you still going away?" I asked.

"I think it's for the best," she said. "It will give us both some time to think things through. Don't worry about me, Sandi. I'm stronger now than I've ever been and I don't have to worry about money. I'll call you when I get to my s****r's and I'll keep you up to date. I have to go see Katherine before I leave but that's all. I can be packed and on my way by noon. I'll leave him a note but the rest of it is up to him."

"Edie, I have to ask this. Am I in any way responsible for what's happened?"... Continue»
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Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 05

Life continued in much the same manner over the next two months. There were variations, for sure, and while the frequency and in-bed intensity didn't diminish much, the atmosphere changed dramatically. It went from frenzied lust to a more laid-back cuming-and-going, so to speak. Perhaps the novelty of a White woman's body had faded slightly and now it was more or less the normal male passion for cunt at every opportunity.

Over those several months I had no way of keeping track of how much Black cock, and cum, Susan was taking. I was at work all day and at night I wasn't always allowed to watch those giant Black shafts disappear into her sweat-glistening body. It was a lot.

I bought two new sets of sheets just so I'd have spares and could keep up with the laundry. It seemed all I did was wash sheets, towels, and washcloths.

The frequency of their visits to our home and my wife's bed was made very clear one Saturday afternoon when I was mowing the lawn. In the once-lush grass a very distinct path had been worn from the trail to the door of the house.

When the Black guys weren't around, things were pretty normal (except that I drooled at the sight of even a square inch of her exposed flesh). She was so sexually satisfied I almost felt ridiculous being horny. One look at her bare, shaved cunt and I was as stiff as a poker. And it certainly wasn't the same tight cunt I knew. Her pussy was totally different -- almost a caricature of what it had been. Her pussy lips had always been long and full and when she was having sex or even for hours after, her mound and lips were swollen. Now her pussy was in a constant state of red engorgement that was even obvious beneath the inevitable sundress.

After the first couple of weeks my agitation and anxiety at work abated and I could usually go through an entire day without wanting to rush home and see what was happening, whose cock was in her, and witness that look of pure a****l lust on her face during orgasm -- which was the ultimate turn-on for me, even more so than the site of a cock sliding into her now-loose, slick cunt.

This may sound like just a straight interracial fuck-and-suck story, but there was a lot more to it than you might imagine. There was a dynamic among the 10 of us that took shape in the first month. I don't think there was a so-called pecking order among the guys, but certainly Susan and I came to see each of them in a certain light.

William was obviously the one the other guys respected most and had a natural leadership ability. They looked up to him and even Mike, the rough and gruff, seemingly insensitive and physically superior of the octet, kissed the ground William walked on. They didn't call him Bill, or Billy, or Will -- it was always William and with a bit of a 'sir' in front of it. To Susan and I, William was a friend and a very superior person both intellectually and as a human being. I wish I had one other friend who was as empathetic and in tune with the people as that man.

Mike, as I have said, was gruff. But he wasn't mean or nasty. I recall one Saturday he and Susan were in the bedroom for hours. The usual humping and thumping was punctuated with moans, groans, yelps, grunts, and screams, but there was a good hour of silence. Susan later told me Mike pulled a sketchpad from his backpack and spent that time doing charcoal drawings of her. I still have those pictures and they are not only professional in a technical sense, they evoke in the viewer a tender emotion that is far removed from the orgiastic sessions by which Mike had come to know my wife.

Jonah was undoubtedly Susan's favourite. Although he was quiet, he was young and full of life. He was spontaneous in bed, totally uninhibited, and completely in tune with Susan's sexual makeup. When they fucked (and I witnessed it maybe six or eight times) they were like one body. Susan often said (and still says) if she could have another c***d (she's 45 remember) it would be by Jonah.

The point here, is that while I have previously highlighted the sex -- the pure fucking and sucking between two races -- there was a lot more to it than that. The guys often came for supper, listened to music, helped us with household projects (James is a fine carpenter as well as good with electronics), and even helped train our dogs. I personally learned a lot about the plight of their people in Jamaica, the role of Bob Marley, and some of the vast social improvements over the past 20 years. I admit there is a lot left to be done in that regard.

And I knew that at least most of them respected me for what I did, who I was, and my obvious deep love for Susan. And I know it may be difficult to understand, but of all the people I know, I respect Susan the most. What she does sexually -- both to please me and to please herself -- is the greatest gift she could give me and she says the same is true from her side of the marriage.

From one response to the first chapter of this story, I know there are people who don't understand the dynamic between Susan and myself. But put it this way -- I've analyzed our sexual relationship and all it entails, and don't understand it myself. And I've analyzed myself and have gotten no further. It exists in the way it exists. It is what it is and it works for both of us. We both know there is a line not to cross and while we don't know exactly what it is, or where it is, we sense it any time we get close.

The guys, as I implied, had quickly become part of the f****y, and I found myself looking forward to conversation and relaxation with them as much as the sexual aspect of the relationship.

I knew instinctively that the others always sought William's counsel and at such times as they did, it would be a few days later that he would approach me seeking advice about something, my thoughts on a certain subject, or my blessings in something connected to their sexual relations with my beautiful wife.

I bring this up because one Saturday afternoon William and I were in the Carriage House. As I worked on shaping a piece of wood for a cabinet I was building, William was sweeping up shavings.

He was a bit tentative at first and hesitated with only a few words out of his mouth.

"Hey mon, you think, I mean mon, would Susan ..." and he trailed off. "No, mon, never you mind."

He continued to sweep some sawdust from under the bandsaw.

"Go ahead," I said. "You know I'll listen and you know I won't pass any kind of judgment. What's on your mind William?"

I stopped, carefully laid the spokeshave on the bench, and sat on a crate. (I'd taken the bed apart and stored it overhead.)

"Susan be the finest woman I ever be meeting mon," William said as he too perched on a crate. "We none of us believed there be White people like you two, mon. And it be makin' us think about things. Jonah he be askin' what we could do for to show our gratitude."

He let the broom slide down to the floor and nudged it with his sneakered foot until it was lined up perfectly parallel to the edge of the workbench. His shoulders were slumped and his long arms hung down, elbows on knees and forearms dangling so his long fingers almost touched the floor.

It took a few seconds for what he was saying to register. Gratitude? I didn't know what to say. I shifted on the crate, slowly reached for a cigarette and took my time lighting it. I was mustering my thoughts and as I exhaled the first long drag, I had no more idea of what to say than when I started.

I was touched, I admit, and I just started talking. None of it was thought out and it came from somewhere that to this day I can't discover.

"Gratitude, William," I asked. "What is gratitude but an illustration of a person's appreciation for another person's actions? I think in this case the actions were mutual and were therefore the appreciation as well. Anyone outside this mutual arrangement -- outside this sexual arrangement and this friendship -- will look at us and say we are perverted and amoral. Susan would be cast as the slut and whore while I would be the uncaring, deviant husband pushing her to submit to degrading and disgusting sexual acts. The eight of you would be opportunistic men taking advantage of our depravity. And some would say we are going to hell -- at least Susan and I."

William hadn't even looked up and I could see he was digesting what I was saying and maybe not getting very far.

"But you and I know that every time you, or James, or Jonah -- especially Jonah -- spread her legs and sink into her hot, wet, and needy cunt, it's not a depraved act," I said. "And you know you are bringing her unimaginable pleasure. You're bringing her pleasure that we can only guess at. We fuck her, cum in her, use her, degrade her, and then do it all again and again. But we just cum. She milks us until we can't help ourselves and we shoot our seed deep inside her. And we think that we're the macho males fucking her, but in reality she's fucking us. We're just instruments on which she cums. She plays us and that can't be denied. She orgasms using our cocks and tongues and fingers as instruments."

William was now sitting up straight and was looking at me with a quizzical, yet thoughtful look on his face. And I could see that I was putting things in a way he'd never considered. Maybe he thought I was crazy and was only thinking of a way to respond and remain polite at the same time.

"Why is it that when you eat her amazing cunt you continue until she cums? Why do you hold off when you're fucking her until she's orgasmed once, twice, maybe three times? Why are you gentle with her at times and rough at others?" I was listening to myself but wasn't sure where I was going with it. But I knew for me at least this was the truth and the core of all the sex, threesomes, gangbangs, exhibitionism, and lust Susan (and I) had experienced in the past 25 years. I worshipped her body and would do anything to please it. Yes, I love sex and I love it only with Susan. But half the reason I love it is because giving her physical, sexual pleasure gives me pleasure of a completely different kind -- all tied up with emotion and, no doubt, long psychologists' words that some readers will no doubt conjure up and apply to my personality.

"Why is it, William, that you are grateful?"

His eyes finally caught mine and held them as he formed words in his mind and finally let them out.

"Because she allows us, mon, not some other guys, but US, to please her," he said with emphasis. "Because she respects us, mon, and be with us like we were people -- not ragged Black men from the slums and shacks of the ghetto's ghetto. Susan not be judgin' us poor ragged boys who be sl**pin' on dirt floors all our life. Because she be teachin' Jonah how to read and write and get the power of the words that be the power over poverty, over dirt floors, over racism, over ignorance, and over those who still be opressin' my peoples. Because she be like an angel to us, like a mother to us, like a teacher to us, like a wife to us, like a lover to us, and like the healer who takes all the broken spirits and makes them whole and pure, mon, pure like we was when we was young boys. But where we be at home, mon, the water that springs clean and cold from the rock soon be flowing through the dirt and the filth and not nobody ever be clean."

I was stunned at this long tirade and I know my face must have shown my complete surprise because William dropped his gaze to the floor and in a softer voice continued.

"You not be beleivin' what I be sayin' mon, but what I be sayin' is a truth that don't be needin' any provin'. It just be what it is," he said, and once again looked up. "And you be not so bad yourself, even bein' White and rich (not so, I must interject) and bein' educated. We know you be playin' the cuckold game with us and with Susan and though we didn't be understandin' at first, it be clear now to us Jamaican b*****rs what you be doin'."

I was glad it was clear to them because I was still a bit foggy on the cuckold subject, but I didn't interrupt him on that point.

"But Susan be the one we be grateful to and we be wantin' to do something for her," William said as he hooked his toe under the broom handle just where it screwed into the broom. "Jonah thought maybe you might know what it be we could do."

He flipped the broom with his foot and neatly caught it in his right hand, hauled himself off the crate, and started sweeping again. I unclamped the wood, turned it by a quarter, clamped it down again and picked up the spokeshave.

"I'll think about it William," I said as I drew a long ash shaving off the length of wood. I love working with ash because it is so forgiving. You can work the grain in any direction.

"Thanks, mon," William said. "We be doin' something fine for Susan."

I wasn't troubled exactly by what William had said, but it was creeping into some remote part of my brain that these men had known Susan only a few months and in some ways knew her far better than I did. Or at least it hadn't taken them as long to come to appreciate her in all her facets as it had taken me.

For some farm-related reason, a few days later none of the guys could make it over for the day or the night and Susan said I could sl**p with her as long as I didn't touch her. She and Eugene had been entangled in a long and loud fuck session the night before and I had witnessed some of it. She needed the rest and as she lay naked in the oppressing, muggy heat, I asked her about teaching Jonah to read and write.

"We don't just fuck, you know," she said. Her legs were spread and she kept them wide apart as she drew them up, bending her knees so she was in the perfect fucking position. Her hand was down gently rubbing her swollen cunt. "Jonah's 19 years old and he's fucked me what 25 times maybe? But sex isn't everything with him. Sex isn't everything with William or James, or Eugene, or the rest of them. And it isn't everything with me."

My head was on the pillow and I could see the fingers on her right hand pull at her clit -- not hard, just enough I guess to cause some small sensation. Was she thinking about Black cock or about Black people? Or just about people?

'I love Jonah in a very different way," Susan explained. "Partly like a lover, partly as a mother, but mostly as a very dear friend. He's given me so much by fucking me to such unimaginable heights. A mixture of pure uninhibited a****l lust and vulnerable, unconditional love -- or maybe respect. I don't know. It's like being worshipped."

I was starting to get a picture. I turned my lamp off so she would continue in perhaps a less harsh glare -- an atmosphere more in symphony with her thoughts.

"But that's what he's done for me," she continued. "He's given me something, not just sexual, but emotional, that wouldn't be possible with you, or William, or anybody else. And it's because he's young and unbridled, and uncluttered, and believes the world is good, and that people are good, and that goodness can be shared and spread until it becomes a warm and cozy blanket protecting us from the cold, harsh world."

Her nipples were an inch long and hard now, and I could see the glistening stickiness on her fingers. I marveled at her being horny thinking not about sex with Jonah, but about Jonah the person. Was I jealous? Yes, I admit for the first time in our many sexual adventures, I felt a tinge of jealousy and for a reason I would never have anticipated.

"Jonah has some basic literacy skills," Susan said, finally getting around to my question. "They say you become a man when you fuck your first woman. And the more women you fuck the more of a man you are. And maybe that's true. But to be a real man you need to be compassionate, understanding, empathetic, caring, and just a little bit feminine. Jonah has all those characteristics but if he's not literate, he can't become the real man who can use all those traits. That's why I'm helping him learn to read and write. That's my real gift to him and Jonah the boy will go home Jonah the man and do great things. It's just too bad he couldn't go on to college."

So she was thinking about gratitude as well. And here I was just thinking about myself. It was amazing what I had learned in the last few days from a bunch of 'ragged Black men' and a housewife I'd been married to for almost three decades. I swallowed hard. I couldn't think of one thing to say as she raised her soaked fingers to her lips and sucked off her own juices.

"You still awake," she whispered a few minutes later. I closed my eyes as she turned towards me. A few seconds later she pulled a sheet over us and turned off her lamp. She rolled over on her stomach and brought her right hand up under her pillow scant inches from my face. I drifted off to sl**p with the aroma of her juices strong in my nostrils. In my dreams they were fucking slowly, yet with an intense passion, as she taught Jonah to read Bob Marley lyrics. He was doing a thesis on Marley and he needed to learn how to read first. There wasn't a lot of time so they were fucking and studying at the same time. William appeared at the bedroom door, his long hard cock in his hand, saying how grateful he was and wanted to know what time did his lesson started. Susan turned, letting Jonah's long ebony shaft slide out of her, his sperm gushing out of her cavernous cunt and down her thighs. She told William to put the broom down and come over to the bed. "It's too late for you to learn to read, Sir William," she said as he climbed onto the bed. "But I have something else to teach you. Whores are the best teachers. I'll show you what Mary of Magdeline showed Jesus. But just this once Sir William. Jonah already knows and soon you'll see him performing miracles."

The dream faded as she slid effortlessly down on William's cock burying all 12 inches up into her belly. "Soon you'll see Sir William....." Her voice trailed off as the vision faded.... Continue»
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Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 01

Chapter 1

It's often hard to believe some of the cuckold stories I've read are actually true, yet there were recent events that made me believe even the most far-fetched account of a husband giving up his horny wife for other men quite plausible.

My wife Susan, a very young-looking 45 and very sexy, has had her share of long stiff cock rammed between her spread legs and swollen cunt lips. She has never failed to milk the sperm from her partners and nine times out of 10, the hot jism is deposited deep within her hot, slick pussy. The other 10 per cent of times it slips down her throat to the content, smacking sound of her lips.

This past spring a local farm market hired eight Black men from Jamaica to help with crops. It was one of those Canadian federal government programs, and when the tall, lean labourers arrived in our small community there was no mistaking who they were. They had only the clothes on their backs, no luggage, and a desire to work.

I had heard of their arrival, and quite frankly gave it little thought except that I praised the local farmer -- a woman -- who was helping them.

Our son was the first to meet them and struck up a bit of a friendship and even visited them several times at the old farmhouse bought especially for their use. I was surprised to learn it was less than a kilometer away from where we lived.

Again I gave it little thought.

One afternoon while I was at work, Susan called me about something and in the course of the conversation said that one of the Jamaicans had shown up at the door with one of our dogs that had somehow gotten off her rope.

"He asked if the dog was ours," Susan explained. "I said it was and thanked him for bringing her back."

He stood on the verandah steps while Susan took our mutt inside.

"When I came back out he was still there. He asked if perhaps he could have a drink of water," Susan said.

It was a hot day and Susan didn't think twice about getting him a drink. When she brought it out he sat on the top step and drank it in slow sips. She asked him his name (William) and told him she was Susan. They talked for about 10 minutes and she thanked him again before he walked back out to the road and headed back towards his new home.

After that, William waved to Susan every time he passed, and a few times stopped to talk. Once he had one of his Jamaican friends with him and he introduced the other fellow as James.

A few weeks passed and our son returned home for a visit. He was with Susan in the yard when William walked by. Susan waved and William did a double take when he saw our son. He walked across the lawn and soon figured out the relationship between his two new friends - mother and son.

Susan, as usual was wearing a short, Indian cotton sundress and of course had absolutely nothing on under it.

The sun was hot so they retired to the verandah and Susan brought out drinks -- beer for William and our son, and a vodka cooler for herself. William stayed for about an hour and had a second beer. Susan had a second cooler. She mentioned that we were thinking of having a barbecue that Saturday afternoon if he was interested. "You could bring James along if you want," she said. "And you don't need to bring any food, we'll have plenty."

Our son decided to take one of the dogs for a walk down by the river, and Susan soon found herself alone with William on the secluded verandah contemplating whether or not she should fetch more drinks or make an excuse to nudge William to head for home.

"So," she said. "I've got to get back to work in the flower gardens. What about Saturday? Think you'll make it?"

William said he thought he could make it, and Susan, a little tipsy (she said) suddenly realized her legs were slightly spread and the way she was sitting she was sure William could see her bare cunt.

"He was trying not to be obvious about looking, but I'm sure he was," Susan said. "It was the funniest thing, as soon as I knew he was looking, I got really wet and my pussy actually started to tingle."

She suddenly made up her mind, stood up, and told William she had to get back to the flowers. She walked as far as the garden she was working on, and William said his goodbyes and went back out to the road.

"See you Saturday?" Susan shouted as he walked down the road. "I put on a good spread."

William waved, grinned, and said he hoped so.

It was a Tuesday when Susan made the barbecue invitation and on Thursday William walked by again, this time on his way back from the store with a few bags of groceries. Susan saw that he was limping a bit and asked him what was wrong with his leg.

It turned out his shoes were falling apart and his foot was blistered.

"Well, can't you get a new pair," she asked. He said he would but didn't have any way to get to a shoe store and he was trying to save more money to send home.

That was when Susan told him about a chain of popular second-hand clothing stores. There was one about 20 minutes away. When he said he still had no way of getting there, Susan hit on the idea of getting the car and taking him on a little shopping expedition. She would look for some shorts, a new sundress, and maybe a couple of short skirts. William said he'd look for shoes and some jeans.

It was all planned out and the next day, dressed in hardly anything, she drove me to work and went back to pick up William. That evening I heard the story of their shopping adventure.

William was amazed at the piles and piles of clothing in large bins. He even talked of sending some home to Jamaica for his mother, b*****rs, and s****rs. The prices were so low he couldn't believe it. He quickly picked out a pair of good work shoes, some T-shirts, and two pairs of jeans.

Susan had a basket and picked out a bunch of shorts, skirts, dresses, and a few nice tops.

Finally, with William tired of looking and now following her around, she headed for the dressing room to try the stuff on. After she donned each garment, she opened the door and asked William what he thought. He'd nod and grin if he liked it or shake his head and frown if he didn't.

She saved the best for last. It was a white Indian cotton sundress with long, thin straps on the shoulders to show lots of cleavage, and was pretty much see-through. She opened the dressing room door a crack, and when she was sure nobody else was around, stepped out and showed William.

"He almost fell over," Susan said. "He backed up slightly, hit one of the bins and sat down in a big pile of underwear."

On his face was first a look of awe and then his mouth broke into a broad grin, his eyes gleamed and he slowly nodded his head.

"That's the one," he said in his thick Jamaican accent. "That's the one mon, that you wear to the barbecue."

He had considerable trouble standing up without showing his swollen cock, but Susan noticed how it lay down the length of his thigh and although he didn't notice, she actually gasped at the size the bulge hinted at.

She was actually trembling as she pulled the dress over her head back in the dressing room, and in spite of the heat noticed her nipples were erect and her pussy was tingling and her swollen clit pulsating. She took a few deep breaths, put her little dress back on, and opened the door.

William was still smiling and followed her to the checkout. Susan, carrying the large basket, hit against one of the bins and as the basket got stuck, she came up short and William bumped into her.

It was only for a second that his crotch was pressed against her bottom, but Susan thought it was a bit longer than it needed to be and William's hands came up around her waist as he lurched to a stop.

She got the basket away from the bin and they went to pay for the clothes.

On the drive back William was rooting through his clothes and marvelling at his finds for only a few dollars. When he finished he opened the bag with Susan's clothes, pulling them out one by one until he found the sheer, cotton dress. "She look mighty fine in this," he grinned, as if talking to himself. "Mighty fine indeed."

Susan gave him a questioning look and he laughed.

"You look very fine if I do say so myself," William said. "Never did I see such a fine looking woman as when I see you in this dress. You will wear it sometime? Just so I can see you in it again?"

Susan didn't know if he meant sometime that day or just some time. She said she'd wear it, but didn't say when.

"That be very good," William said, nodding.

When they approached our small town, she told William she could make the small detour and drop him off at his house. It was a slow farm day between busy periods and William and his friends had the day off. When she pulled up to the house, several other men were sitting outside in the shade, stripped down to shorts with muscles bulging on their long, athletic frames. Susan judged them to range in age from 20 to 35 and their jet black skin glistened with sweat as they smoked cigarettes and sipped what turned out to be juice.

"Come and meet my friends," William said as he climbed out of the car. "James, bring Susan a drink mon, and be quick mon. She dying of thirst."

Susan had no plans of getting out, but James was already on his way into the house and the other tall, dark men were smiling and several were making their way to the car. She got out and James arrived with the juice as William introduced her to the grinning, polite farm workers.

She took the drink and accepted a cigarette from a young well-built boy named Jonah who was trying not to stare at my wife's scantily clad, very sexy body.

Everyone was talking and asking William questions about the clothes he was showing them and all seemed to agree they would go shopping at the same store that Saturday.
"And Susan has bought something she said she will wear," William grinned mischiviously. He dashed to the car and returned with the bag containing the white dress. He pulled the thin material from the other clothes and held it up for his friends to see. Then he held it in front of Susan as if to show them what it might look like when she was wearing it.

"Try it on," William urged. "My friends would not believe what I saw."

Susan hemmed and hawed, but finally ducked into the house (it was spotlessly clean and tidy), to the bathroom, and put the revealing dress on, and as usual was not wearing panties or bra. Her pussy was throbbing and she knew she was soaked. It took considerable willpower not to finger herself.

She went back outside, shading her eyes against the harsh sun as the five or six black men smiled, made hand gestures to each other, and spoke in thick and unintelligble accents as she made a few turns for them, and then stopped in the middle of the loose semi-circle they had formed.

And that was all that happened. They told her she looked stunning, she was gorgeous, had the body of a teenager, and "your husband he is a lucky mon."

She knew that her bullet-like nipples were clearly visible, and that her trimmed pussy may as well have been uncovered for all the dress hit it. And her clit was swollen and throbbing as all eyes assessed the white body that was in front of them.

"I was so horny knowing that they were all thinking about sliding their cocks into me," Susan said that night. "They were all getting bulges and as I saw their cocks begin to stiffen under their shorts I almost came when I realized they were getting hard in order to f***e their cocks inside my body. And my body was responding by lubricating the very hole they wanted to use."

She said it was something completely beyond her control and if it hadn't been for James spotting the farmer's truck coming down the road, she was certain she would have been gangbanged all afternoon.

"Must be work this afternoon," William sighed as the truck rattled up the driveway. "Damn!"

Susan slid into the car without the farmer seeing what she was wearing and waved as she put it in gear and started to drive off when William hollered after her. "We all be comin' to your barbecue. Is that all right?"

That night Susan was as horny as I've ever seen her. She told me the story as I ate her wet, dripping cunt to orgasm time after time until she finally pulled me up and I slid easily inside her.

She came in seconds as I slammed into her. And two or three times more in the next 20 minutes until I couldn't stop from shooting an enormous load of cum into her. The sheets were soaked with pussy juice and my cum as it began to leak out of her loose, gaping pussy.

She was still horny and when I got my breath back she sucked me hard and I fucked her again, this time for a good hour and marvelled as she came time after time to my pistoning six-inch cock.

"I just realized something," I said later as she lay naked, legs spread, and cunt ouzing globs of cum down the crack of her ass. She didn't respond. "Tomorrow's Saturday and we have a bunch of well-hung Black men arriving for a barbecue. We don't have a barbecue. We threw it out when we moved here."

I put "Buy Barbecue" on my Saturday morning to-do list.

I knew full well what was going to happen the next evening. I'd seen Susan fucked by other men many, many times and she regularly met her boyfriends for fuck sessions at motels or their apartments. But it had always been two guys at the most -- me and one other. And White.
This was going to be different.

These were a group of well-hung Black men who wouldn't be happy with one session. After that they would show up at the house individually while I was at work and Susan would suck them, spread her legs for them, draw their long Black cocks into her hot, wet cunt, and allow them to pump in and out of her engorged orifice until they spurted jets of hot jism inside her body.

They might cum in her white body a couple of times, thank her, finish their drink, and trapse off to the farmhouse. The next day a different one would show up, and another one the day after. Or maybe even two a day.

I got rock hard thinking about it, and a little nervous as well.

I left her lying there, spread open like a whore, cum dripping from her greedy cunt. A cunt I knew would soon be receiving Black cock daily for the next three months -- starting the next day. She was half asl**p and her hand strayed down to that swollen mound and gently stroked her still-swollen clit. A moan escaped and her fingers kept rubbing.

I wouldn't have believed how accurate my predictions were. The events of the next day paved the way for about three months of pure lust and debauchery that continued almost daily morning, noon and night. Susan's swollen pussy was so loose from constant use by those mammoth Black rods, and there wasn't a time she wasn't dripping globs of sperm-laden jism.

There was only one week, when my s****r and k**s visited, that the raw sex acts of all descriptions abated somewhat. But even then Susan found excuses to duck out and visit the farmhouse where she was virtually a gangbang captive for several hours or more.

And while my predictions were accurate, there were some unanticipated surprises as well. But I'll get to them and you will be amazed. It was the barbecue that started it all, and it is one of the most memorable nights I ever remember.... Continue»
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Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 02

Susan wore the dress. It was a bright, sunny day and the thin material was like gauze against her body. Her firm, pert tits pushed the material out and her dark, inch-long nipples jutted through the cloth practically begging to be sucked. The dress was slightly gathered at the waist, causing an accentuation of her hips as it flowed over them and down to brush against her mound which was clearly visible through the thin cotton.

Certainly she would have caused a riot in public, but in the partially secluded back yard, I figured she was safe. Nobody but our guests would be close enough to appreciate the visual feast she offered. And appreciation was evident the moment her new friends arrived.

William led a troop of six, tall Black men down the sidewalk and up the drive. They were all clad in loose-fitting Nike shorts, white T-shirts, and had a variety of hair styles ranging from almost shaved to full dreds. Susan was inside preparing same last-minute stuff in the kitchen as William stopped at the bottom of the verandah steps and said "Hello, mon. I be William and him beside me be my good friend James."

As the other four crowded behind him, William introduced Jonah, Ryan, Robert, and Eugene. It was a blur of names and faces, but in the coming months I would get to know those faces very well -- and their sexual desires, positions, stamina, and length of cock.

I said I was Lawrence and was pleased to finally meet them.

He made a joke that they named the town after me, and I laughed even though I'd heard that same line many times before.

"Susan has told me all about you," I said to William, and pointing at his feet said:"Are those the new shoes?"

He smiled and laughed. "Ya mon. Susan she help me with my wardrobe and I tell her she looks mighty fine in the white dress. Mighty fine!"

He looked beyond me to the kitchen window, checking I knew, to catch a glimse of my sexy wife.

"Ah, there she is mon," William beamed. "And she be wearin' the dress like she said she would."

The others behind him stood on tiptoe and craned their necks as they looked beyond me into the kitchen. I turned just as Susan leaned over to picked up the salt and pepper shakers from the table. It was a cock-hardening sight as her firm tits hung like ripe friut just barely inside the confines of the skimpy material.

She looked up and catching sight of the six Black studs, smiled broadly and made for the door. In a few seconds she was down the verandah steps and they were crowded around her and very politely greeted her, thanked her, and generally drooled at what they saw and what she was obviously offering for their later use.

She later told me she became instantly horny and wet and the tingling in her pussy was an immediate sensation that only intensified as the late afternoon wore into early evening. Several times she and I ended up alone in the kitchen fetching food or drinks, and twice her fingers buried themselves in her drenched pussy for me to lick and suck off. And the smell of her sex was everywhere. Even outside I knew we could all smell her, like dogs picking up the scent of a bitch in heat.

Besides looking, nothing really happened for the first several hours. Then at the round, umbrella-covered tabled, she squeazed in between William and Jonah to eat her salad. She had a second vodka cooler and the guys were on their third beer.

The disappearance of William's left hand co-incided exactly with a small moan from Susan. A minute later her breathling was slightly more rapid and there was a flush on her face -- even through her tan. A few minutes after that William's right hand surupticiously clutched a napkin and eventually disappeared beneath the table. Then both hands appeared and in a while Susan was back to normal.

None of what happened was lost on the other five Black men. Soon Jonah's right hand was out of sight, and suddenly Susan shifted position, rising slightly on her feet and then settling back down. She later told me Jonah had been spreading her legs and pulling the dress out from under her -- and he did it all while taking a bite out of a hamburger and then a sip of beer.

Susan was rapidly losing interest in her salad and took several large drinks of her cooler, all the while looking more glassy-eyed and flushed. Conversation was continuing all around her and she even tried to make a comment about brands of beer but she stuttered on her words and never finished her sentence.

Listen Hon," I said. "You want me to get you another drink? That one's just about gone."

She nodded, and then as an after-thought, asked if I'd make a few more burgers and check to make sure the rest of the beer was put in the fridge.

"You shouldn't be gone for more than 10 minutes," she said, looking at me meaningfully.

I knew exactly what she meant. This was the point where I leave to give them time to make their play and actually get the gangbang going. Susan and I had discussed this point that morning and had even made preparation in the old carriage house that jutted out from the back of the house, right beside the stone patio where we were barbecuing.

I had set up an old antique bed with high oak headboard, cleaned and swept the building, and replaced a half dozen old 40-watt light bulbs for new 100-watt ones. The bed was made with white sheets and a cream-coloured douvet and rustic wood crates made for tables. There was an old stuffed armchair, a lumpy sofa, and a small bar fridge. On an old table were ashtrays, a small bag of grass, and some rolling papers. The bed was pointed right at the swing-out double doors and about four feet inside the entrance.

It was a cozy, warm atmosphere and the insulated walls made it relatively sound-proof. That would turn out to be a good thing.

I got up from the table, grabbed a few empty plates, tilted the top of the umbrella slightly away from the house, and headed around the carriage house to the verandah. I looked at my watch as I went and noted the time was 6:04 p.m. I'd give her 10 minutes but I'd go upstairs and be able to look down through our son's old bedroom window.

I did put the beer in the fridge, but I was up the satirs in a shot and soon standing back from the window looking down. Tipping the umbrella had given me just enough of a view to see Susan as she still sat at the table. William was leaned over her, hands cupping her breasts and his mouth on her neck (that always drives her crazy). Jonah was half off his seat under the table and I could see Susan's dress was bunched up around her waist and her legs were wide apart. I couldn't see Jonah's right hand, but Susan's hips were moving and his shoulder was in perfect rhythm.

I couldn't hear her, and I couldn't see her face as they played with her. After 45 seconds of this, William scooped her off the chair, swung it around, and sat down on it facing the house. Susan came to rest with her legs on each side of him and though her back was to me, I could tell she was pulling at his shorts. I couldn't see the result, but in a few seconds he was lifting her up and she was slowly lowering herself down.

She went slowly, and her hands clenched William's shoulders and his big hands held her waist as she inched her wet, eager pussy around what I could only imagine was a large, hard Black cock. She rose slightly and sank down even further. She repeated the motion several times and finally threw her head back and I could see the unbridled lust in her face as she began a slow up and down motion.

The dress, of course, hid everything -- cock, cunt, slick juices that I knew were forming on William's shaft.

His hands found the hem of the dress and he slid the material up to expose her tits to him and then his head moved forward and he buried himself in her breasts.

The motion caused her dress to rise slightly in the back, but not enough to see the junction of his glistening jet black body and her small, white form.

I looked at my watch and it said 6:15 p.m. But I could hardly tear myself away. I watched as Jonah slid in behind William and lowering his shorts produced a massive, hard Black shaft that was just at the height of Susan's face. Though I couldn't see her mouth, I knew it was being filled, like her cunt, for the first time ever, with Black cock.

The other four had left their places and stood side by side forming a barrier against prying eyes from the only unprotected direction. Their hands were rubbing ominously large bulges and they couldn't take their eyes off Susan.

William at one point threw his head back and I could tell he was moaning, or groaning. He pulled the straps of the dress off her shoulder and let the garmet fall to her pumping hips. I could just see the edge of one flopping tit but Williams face quickly move forward and Susan raised her arms to place her hands on his head, pushing him against her.

Meantime Jonah's cock was pumping a slow rhythm in and out of her mouth, and his hand held her neck to keep her mouth in position. All the time she was sliding up and down and the others had moved a few steps forward. James said something and pointed to Susan's hips and William drew back, nodded and Jonah pulled his big Black cock out of her mouth. William then took the dress and Susan raised her hands in the air as he pulled it up and over her head.

What I saw from my vantage point wasn't much, but it was amazing just the same. Just the contrast of Black and white was enough to make me harder than I'd ever been. I checked my watch again. It was 6:21 p.m. and I decided it was time to take a closer look.

I slipped down the stairs, into the kitchen, and through a side door into the carriage house. I switched on the lights, strode across to the big double doors and lifting several gate hooks swung them open -- just in time to get a clear view of Susan lifting up on William's long and massive cock. Her juices gleamed on the hard shaft and formed a white ring at the base where I could just see the beginning of a large sac and two large testicles.

Heads swung in my direction -- everyone's but Susan's and William's who were in the throes of extasy and issuing moans and gutteral sounds that told me my wife was on the verge of climax and William wasn't far behind.

All eyes spotted me and several of the men (hands on bulges) cast their heads down or looked aside like dogs caught doing something wrong. When they looked back, it was the bed they saw and smiles cracked their faces and the sun glinted off rows of white teeth.

Susan slammed down on William's huge Black pole, forcing it for the hundredth time almost a dozen inches inside her white body. William was beyond the point of return and grabbing her shoulders f***ed her tightly onto his groin as I knew molten gobs of his plentiful cum was splashing deep inside her. He held himself ridged for what seemed like ever and his screwed up face revealed the pleasure he was experiencing inside my wife. Finally he began to relax and then slumped back in the chair with Susan flopping her contrastingly white body against him, her face passing just inches from Jonah's forgotten ebony rod.

Nobody moved until James finally took two steps, slid an arm around Susan's waist, and gently but firmly pulled her away from the panting William and lifted her slowly up and off William's sagging cock. As it left her well-fucked cunt their was a "plop' we could all hear, and several thick strings of William's jism dangled from her now-gaping twat -- one still connected to the slit in William's massive cockhead. We watched, alomst in slow motion, as the sticky strand of jism stretch, became thinner and finally snapped and disappeared inside my wife.

James, the only one who didn't witness the scene, slid his other arm around Susan's ass and carried her like a toy doll to the bed and lay her down gently with her legs spread facing the door. She was still recovering from her last climax and her hand slid down to her abused pussy, rubbed her swollen-beyond-recognition clit and down inside her cock hole.

I turned as I heard William approaching and he shakily walked into the room, pulling the doors closed behind him. I turned back in time to see Susan's cum-laden fingers disappear into her mouth.

Jonah, it seemed, had been on the verge of exploding in my wife's mouth several times, and was anxious to shoot his load in the very near future. But as he crawled onto the bed, his big Black cock bobbing in full erection, it wasn't her mouth he went for. He was between her legs and rammed into her before she knew what was happening -- she didn't mind. Her face was contorted in pleasure and just before she closed her eyes I saw that vacant, glazed look that Susan always displayed when she had devolved into her pure a****l-lust state.

William had ditched his shorts and the others were now doing the same. Cocks ranging from nine to maybe 12 inches sprang into view and the guys all began slow stroking motions as they watched Jonah's cock appear and disappear inside my wife in a steady pistoning motion that already had her close to orgasm to. William's cum began to appear on Jonah's shaft, and with each thrust more of the spent jism coated the stretch lips of Susan's cunt and dribbled down to her ass and the sheets.

The rapid in and out of his cock was accompanied by a slurping, sucking sound and the slap-slap of his huge balls against her cum-slick ass. Her moans and yelps were constant and in rhythm with her thrusting and bucking hips. Her knees were bent and her spread legs were drawn up against her tits offering the deepest possible penetration, which with Jonah was a good four inches deeper than my cock had ever been.

Jonah was reaching toward climax and within seconds I knew he would spurt his hot load deep inside her milking, eager cunt to join William's considerable cum. I could see his face working and the sweat dripped from his nose and chin to land in little splats on my wife's tits as he began to tremble in his "push-up" position on top of her. He tensed, drove in deep one last time, and let go a growl as his hips jerked several times to grind against Susan's groin. I knew his Blackman's sperm was jetting through his long dark shaft spurting against her bruised cervix and back up around his pulsating cock-head.

The sensation and grinding brought my wife to another body-wrenching orgasm and she threw back her head, clenched her fist around a pillow and heled it to her face to stifle an intense a****l scream.

Jonah must have spurted into her a dozen times before his arms gave out and Black body collapsed on top of her just as she began to go limp and lower her open legs to the bed.

Around me the others were slowly stroking, and James moved the few steps to the side of the bed as Jonah summoned his remaining strength to ease himself up and out of my wife's swollen, sticky cunt. I knew what he was feeling when he was to the point where his large purpleish-black head was just inside her pussy. It was the hardest part, pulling out that last inch or so, and Jonah hesitated for a good 30 seconds, allowing us all the amazing sight of her cum soaked inner thighs, the globs of William's jism that now matted her trimmed pubic mound, and the rush of cum that accompanied Jonah's final extrication.

He rolled from between her legs and off the bed, just as James moved forward. He simply slid his cock into her and pumped 20 or 30 times and came in a loud groan. Susan didn't even have time to recover from Jonah before James was finished.

I can't remember who went next, but halfway through he flipped my wife over and did her doggy-style for two or three minutes. I can still see the cum from the previous three Black men dripping down her white thighs, and even little globs of it splatting on the sheets all around them as it flew from her body. Then there was another groan, another cock spurting into her, and Susan's face turning red and contorted just as she buried it in the pillow to stifle the howls she couldn't hold back

Then she collapsed like a rag doll onto the bed, the spent ebony cock sliding out to hang at halfmast above her ass, a single drip of cum hanging by a thin strand. We all watched it in suspense as it lengthened and finally snapped to fall squarely on the wet and pucked orfice of her ass.

The Black body moved back and off the bed and we just stood there and watched her laying there on her stomach, face still buried in the pillow and her still-pulsating cunt a small river of four Black men's cum dripping from her clit to the large wet circle of fuck juice on the bed.

It was a good two or three minutes before she moved, and that was simply a small thrust of her ass several inches into the air. Somebody had spotted the grass and was rolling a joint. I opened the doors and went inside for beer, forgetting there was a stocked fridge in the carriage house. William had donned his shorts and followed me inside where I handed him a beer, opened one for myself, and lit a cigarette.

We were both slightly stunned by what we had seen. In the first place, it didn't seem possible that a woman five feet tall could take a foot-long cock -- to the hilt. And take three more of almost egual proportions within the next 45 minutes. It was exactly 7:04 when I opened my beer.

William was grinning again and praising Susan and her body, and her cunt, and was asking me permission to continue fucking her while he was in Canada. I nodded and smiled, took a drink and told him they were all free to do as they pleased, when they pleased, as often as they pleased.... Continue»
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sandi's world of fashion pt 4

I have no idea how many times I came, but she never let up, biting and tugging at my clit while her fingers tried to get deeper in my ass. Eventually, she fought to escape my pussy to breathe, dropping to the floor. I dropped down next to her and fed her my cum one finger at a time.

She fought to get on top, but I pulled away and lifted her to her feet. I led her to the bed, where I put her on her back, lifting her legs high head. She held them there while I got my toys from the drawer where I hid them. I attacked her with a fire in my depths that threatened to devour us both. I buried my face in her wet pussy and proceeded to eat her through a fine orgasm, allowed her to calm and went after her ass with a nine inch slim anal probe which I buried in her clear up to my fingers. With the dildo in her ass, I went after her clit and ass, nibbling at her clit while driving the dildo into her in hard, fast strokes that had her hips whipping into my fingers. She came again and slumped to the bed, dropping her legs down over my shoulders. I wasn't done yet though. I palmed my new mini pocket rocket and went after her clit with it. She screamed so loud she hurt my ears and came in a torrent of creamy white cum that seemed to go on and on. I licked and sucked her sweet juice, then crawled up to feed her cum to her off my tongue and fingers.

We collapsed into each other's arms and rolled back and forth on the bed with our lips locked together.

A few minutes later, we got up and headed for the shower. They would be waiting for us and I only hoped that I could walk without leaking cum all over the carpet. With a final kiss, she dressed and I put my robe on to go to the brunch.

"I've never had orgasms like that," she said

""Have you been with many women?" I asked. She flushed and shook her head.

"No one ever made me come like that though."

"You have a beautiful body, Lisa. It was impossible not to keep going."

We walked out onto the veranda to an enthusiastic welcome. As I ate, Katherine pulled me to one side.

"You must have given her quite a ride," she said. "She was awfully giddy when you came out."

I looked over to where she was talking to the other women. They kept looking over at me and I knew Lisa was having a great time sharing our experience together.

"I gave what I got," I said. "I think she'll remember this birthday for a long time."

I went in to make my next change, a one piece that was little more than a pair of fabric strips that criss-crossed over my torso, pushing my nipples out I had to be very agile to avoid being thrown down and ****d, but I managed to get through it. When I got to the final change, which consisted of three tiny patches of fabric and almost invisible threads, I teased at several of the women and dove into the pool as planned, but then I surprised everyone when I stripped off the suit and threw it high over their heads. It was a perfect throw, arching up with streams of water trailing behind, then dropping into the group. There was a mad scramble for the suit, which was won by a slender woman in her late thirties. I waited till they settled down then climbed from the pool nude. I got some loud applause and some rather graphic invitations but I headed for the suite to wait for the winner of the final drawing.

= Kelli =

She was probably near fifty, but at about five-two or three, she looked to be about thirty five. She was quite petite, opposite of most of the women there. Her dark brown hair was cut in an impish bob style, short and sassy, which added to the youthful look. Dark brown eyes sparkled with excitement and perhaps lust. ;

"Hi," she said. "My name is Kelli; Kelli Winslow".

"Well hello, Kelli Winslow. You certainly are a pleasant surprise."

She laughed, more like a giggle, I guess. It was quite delightful.

"They call me the group dwarf," she said.

"Well, Kelli, the dwarf, you are just gorgeous." I said.

"I was just thinking the same about you" she said.

I went over to take her in my arms. We kissed and I started to undress her.

"Sandi," she said. "I'm fairly new to the group so I've never really done this before. I mean I've been with one woman but well, let's just say the experience was not one I want to remember."

"Then let me make this a beautiful experience for both of us." I said.

I was enchanted by her breasts. Though quite small in comparison to mine, she had some delicious looking nipples that I could barely wait to taste. I stripped her skirt off to find a surprise. Unlike most women her age, who favor the 'granny' panties, she wore white boy short style panties. I turned her around to caress her tight ass, which she pushed into my hand.

"It's one of my best features," she said.

"I won't argue that, Kelli, but certainly not the only one I admire."

Another surprise was that she was nearly clean shaven, with just a tiny patch of dark brown hair, trimmed short.

"You just continue to surprise me," I said.

"I just did that yesterday," she said. "My daughter decided at the last minute to be waxed and she talked me into it."

"I love your daughter already," I said.

"I think you might," she said. "she's about your age, a bit taller than me, but with the same build."

"I won't say what I'm thinking," I said.

She laughed. "You don't have to, Sandi, I think I can read your mind."

I wasn't sure if her nipples were sensitive or not but her reaction to my tongue was instant and strong.

"Oh my god," she cried. "grabbing my head to hold me to her.

When I began to nibble at them, she almost came off the bed. It was all I could do to hold her down.

When I started to move down her body, she spread her legs wide. She was burning up with the need to have an orgasm and I couldn't wait to give her one.

Her pussy was small, of course, with thin labia that guarded the best surprise of all.

I spread her out and licked at her from top to bottom, not really working over her clit at that time. My tongue slid from that brown patch of hair, through her slit and down over her perineum. I stopped short of her anus because I didn't want to risk offending her at that time.

Sucking at her little clit was a thrill because she pushed into my face every time I did it. It might be small, but it was very sensitive. When I pushed a finger into her, I learned that she had a very tight pussy as well, and her g-spot was incredibly easy to access, almost too easy. I'd have to be careful not to get her too sensitive there but at the right time, it could be the trigger for a powerful orgasm.

She didn't scream when she came, she squealed and her legs clamped down on my head. She thrust her hips into me so hard and so fast, that I had to fight to keep in contact with her. Her first orgasm was followed shortly by two more when she held up her hand to get me to stop.

"Can't breathe," she said.

I crawled over body to straddle her, looking down into those beautiful eyes, now cloudy from three hard orgasms.

I kissed her face and chest to let her calm, then her lips, again and again.

"Did you know your eyes turn green when you come?" I asked.

"Really? She asked "I thought I had them closed."

"You did," I said, "but right when your orgasm peaks, they opened wide and green, and it was beautiful, but when you came the last time, they rolled up in your head and I thought you were going to pass out."

"I nearly did," she said. "Do we have enough time left for me to try to give you some orgasms of your own.?"

I kissed her and bent next to her head to whisper, "I'm yours for as long as we wish. You're on my time now."

Still straddling her, I moved up to put my pussy over her face. She was quite good for someone without a lot of experience. I showed her where my most sensitive spots were and she learned quickly. Without using her fingers once, she brought me to orgasm and drank away my cum. When she pushed her finger into me, they were so slender I had her use three and guided her to my g-spot, warning her of over-use.

With tongue and fingers, she brought me to a second, even more powerful orgasm but I could tell that she was tiring.

"Let's rest a bit," I said. "We have lots of time and I have so much I want to do with you"

We continued to caress each other, kiss each other and rub into each other's bodies. Neither of us was even close to being satisfied.

I showed her my toy collection in the drawer, immediately eliminating my larger toys due to the tightness of her tiny pussy. When she picked up the eight inch anal probe, she looked at me with obvious concern.

"Is this what I think it is?"

"Yes, but it looks more dangerous than it is," I said, "and we don't have to use it if you choose not to. You can use it on me if you wish. You'll find that used right, it can give you some incredible orgasms.

She chose a multifunction vibrator with beads and a twisting action that was a little slimmer than most of them and cautioned me to be gentle with her. I assured her that I would be very gentle. I showed her my little pocket rockets and she chose the one that had given Katherine such a strong orgasm. When she saw my newest one that looks like a bottle of nail polish, she absolutely went wild for it because while it is very, very slim, it is very, very effective. Unlike most vibes that depend on vibration to stimulate your clit, the tip of this one acts almost like a wild whisker. It is difficult to describe its actions. You'd have to feel what it does for you. Absolutely amazing. It was perfect for her petite body.

She wanted me to use the nail polish bottle on her first. I put her on her knees with her head down and began licking her to get her good and wet, then I turned it on low to start moving it over her thighs and her perineum before allowing it to approach her clit, since I knew that she was gong go wild when it happened. Also, one of the downsides of that toy is that it can overly irritate a sensitive clit, making the experience one of pain rather than pleasure. I alternated between licking and sucking and moving the vibe closer and closer to her. Once I was sure she was getting close, I allowed the tip to move quickly over her clit. She yelped and twisted away from it at first but when she got used to the extreme level of vibrations, she whipped her body into it. Just before she began to come, I turned it up to send her squealing off the edge. I stopped right away but kept licking her through the orgasm. When she dropped down on me, I pulled my head from under her and moved up to hold her through the seemingly endless shudders.

I spread my legs to straddle her again, but in a sixty-nine position, my head on her legs. She watched as I pushed my big vibe into me, fucking myself with it. I knew it wouldn't be long before she took control and it wasn't. She brought me to one decent orgasm and I told her to go faster and harder until she was beginning to tire. Then she left it in while I showed her how to work the anal probe into me. She used the anal probe and I used the vibe to bring me to an explosive orgasm that left us both drained.

We wanted more but had to accept the fact that we were, as they say, "fucked out."

We held to each other as we fell asl**p. We were still there when Katherine brought us coffee and scones in the morning.

"It would appear that our final winner won the best prize." She said.

I smiled at Kelli. "I think I was the big winner," I said.

She smiled and told us that breakfast was being served on the veranda.

I kissed Kelli and held her against me, whispering to her. "I'd like to see you again," I said," but don't you dare even mention money."

"I'd like that too," she said.

We showered, and dressed. I gave her my phone numbers and the nail polish vibrator.

"Bring that with you," I said.

Katherine was grinning when we got to the table. "Well ladies, how did you like the birthday party?"

"Oh," I said, "was there a birthday party here? Damn, Kelli, I think we missed it."

"How about you, Kelli, how was your evening.?"

"Incredibly memorable," she said, looking over at me. "Unfortunately, it was also too short, but we're working on that."

"Sandi, you were sensational," she said. "the girls were absolutely raving about you. and Lisa will never be the same."

"I've learned so much about myself, thanks to Sandi." Kelli said.

"School isn't out," I said, "its just recess time for both of you."

Kelli had to leave, but not before we kissed each other almost to the point of no return.

"Call me," I whispered in her ear as we held tight." Soon."

"I will," she said.

When I returned to the library, Katherine said she was envious.

"She wore me out," I admitted.

We talked for few minutes but I needed to leave.

"I hope I gave you what you were looking for," I said.

"Honey, you were magnificent. You even had the straight girls wetting their panties. How do you feel about private showings now?"

"It was fun," I admitted, "but I'm not sure I'd want to do it very often. If you want to do something like this again though, you can call me."

"Thank you so much," she said, as she came to e****t me to the door. "The women will be talking about this birthday party for a long time."

At the door, she pressed a bulky envelope into my hand.

"I know how you feel about this," she said, "but please don't hesitate to take it. You earned every bit of this and more. I'll be the hit of the group from now on."

I didn't look in the envelope. That would be the epitome of rudeness. Instead, I kissed her and thanked her for her hospitality.

"Will I be seeing you at the show again soon?" she asked.

"I'm not sure," I said, "but I'll let you know if I do"

= =

I invited Desire' to dinner that night to tell her what happened.

I told her about my pool trick and how the women had applauded me. I didn't supply much detail about Lisa or Kelli though.

"It sounds like your tips would be good."

I threw the envelope on the table. She started counting and by the time she was done, she leaned back in her chair.

"Holy fucking shit," she said."You hit the mother lode, girl."

"Well, that's not all tips," I said. She paid me four hundred for the private show and an extra hundred for the strip at the pool. The rest of it is tips."

"What did Lisa tip you?"

"I don't know. She didn't tell me who did what and it doesn't matter. That was just awesome sex."

"Are you going to be doing more private shows now?" she asked.

"I'm not sure." I said. "Mrs. Long asked me and I told her I'd do it for her again, but I don't think I'd take any others unless there were some understandings ahead of time. I got to thinking later that it could be dangerous."

"What about the outside shows?"

"I don't know, Des," I said. "I might, but only for Sanderson's where I did the first one. The one I did at Blackwell's was just bull shit. No tips, low pay, more like a cattle show."

"The bunch at Sanderson's is pretty careful," she said. "You might have some rough sex once in a while, but nothing too extreme."

I told her I needed to think about it before I went back, if I did it at all. When she left, I put the money in a safe place and sat down to rework my budget.

I dreamt of Kelli that night and woke up with a wet bed and my fingers coated with cum. It was all I could do to get ready for work, but as it turned out, it was a good day to be there, since I received a raise and a promotion to senior assistant manager since one of the older women had accepted a promotion into management.. One of the perks of the job was an extra fifteen percent discount.

That afternoon, as I was fronting some stock in intimate apparel, Jeanine, the associate in the department brought over a case of panties from one of our top designers. The only way I can describe his line is to call it the ultimate Victoria's Secret sensuality. One style of panties caught my eye so I went to get a closer look at them.

"Aren't those precious?" Jeanine said. "I've got my heart set on a pair of yellow ones and the ones in that new color they call moonbeam."

"I have some in that color from Choiffant's in New York, but they call it pearlescent. I just love it. They go with everything."

Cut in a daring hip hugger boy short design, they were open at each hip with a delicate heart sewn about half way to the waist band. Another heart was about halfway up the front of the panty with a dainty ribbon going up to each hip. There was an almost transparent sheer panel above that. They didn't really cover much but it was enough to tease your lover for sure.

"I'm going to buy some for a new friend," I said.

"Are you sure of her size?" she asked.

I smiled and nodded, picturing a pair of those on Kelli's petite body and me taking them off.

Several of my fellow workers stopped by to congratulate me and just before quitting time, I got an envelope with only my name on it.

I stepped behind a display where I could have some privacy and opened it.

"Congratulations," it said. "I just got a call from a friend about your promotion. I couldn't be more proud or happier for you. Dinner is on me when you're free." In the envelope I found a Malken & "Drake gift card for a hundred dollars and a dainty handkerchief with lip prints on it. There was no name, Just a lovely KL. I put the note in my bra and headed for the office to pick up the panties I'd sent there. They cost me most of my first month's raise, but it was going to be worth it when Kelli saw them.

Several weeks went by without anything out of the ordinary happening. I turned down an offer to work the Sanderson's show just because I was too tired from the extra hours the new job required. Desire told me the next day that it had been a great show and Katherine asked if I was all right.

I called to assure her that I was just struggling to adjust to the new job.

"All the ladies are asking about you," she said. "I can't tell you how often they brought up the birthday party."

"It was an experience I'll never forget," I said.

"Let me tell you, Lisa and Kelli won't forget either. They want me to have another party, even if they have to fake a birthday to get it."

"It might be fun," I said.

"Can we get together to talk about it?" she asked.

"Of course," I said. "Just give me a call, preferably for a Friday night or Sunday. I get all the Saturdays for a while since I'm the newest manager."

"Why don't we just set it up for two weeks from Sunday?" she asked. "We can go out to dinner or whatever you want to do. Give it some thought and let me know. I just marked it on my calendar so we just need to fill in the particulars."

I penciled it in on the big calendar on my fridge and headed off to bed. I knew that what she really was hoping for was another planning session like the last one. Oh well, if that's the way it turned out, I wouldn't say no.

= =

The following Wednesday evening, I was pouring over some sales figures for one of my departments while I ate. When the phone rang, I let the machine pick it up, but had the phone in my hand if it turned out to be anyone I wanted to talk to.

I listened as the message played, then smiled as Desire's voice came over loud and clear.

"God damn fucking machines. Sandi, pick up damn it, I'm going nuts here."

"And exactly where is "here," I asked.

"I'm at Sanderson's and we have a real cluster fuck here. We're supposed to have eight girls here and we've only got five and one of those is a new girl. Everyone else called off."

"Honey , I don't have time," I said.

"Then make time, damn it. Please honey, I'm running out of options. They've got a new line called Sweet Sensualities and this is the intro show. Nice stuff, honey. "

"You're not listening, Des," I said. "I've got reports due Friday and I'm up to my ass in alligators trying to get it done."... Continue»
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Susan & the Black Farm Labourers Ch. 03

"I be very pleased, Lawrence," William laughed and slapped me on the shoulder. "We sure be fuckin' her a lot. A whole lot mon. I be thinkin' there be two of my boys doin' the dirty with her while we be talkin.'"

Jonah came in, smiling, and politely asked for another beer, his hand resting on the handle of the fridge as he spoke. I nodded and he thanked me. I was amazed at how polite these Jamaicans were. Genuinely nice people.

William asked Jonah what was happening and the younger man said Susan had eased herself off the bed, took a cooler out of the little fridge, and was now sitting on the sofa sharing a toke with the others. I smiled to myself, well aware of the effect pot had on my wife. If she was toking, she was planning on taking a lot more cock.

It was true. She was sitting Indian fashion on the sofa, her swollen pussy lips hanging slightly open between her splayed legs, drips of cum still forming in droplets that splatted ever few seconds to the old upholstery material. Her inner thighs were red and glistening. There was a red mark on her neck and another (perhaps teeth marks?) on her left tit. She had a drink in one hand and a joint in the other.

All of us picked out perches and sat down -- all with our heads and bodies turned towards my wife as we wondered what would happen next. It was as if we were waiting for her to start things up again. There were two Black cocks waiting in the wings and we knew they would have to be satisfied before anybody used her body a second time.

I didn't toke, but everybody else did. I smoked a few cigarettes and finished off my beer, got another, and still everybody was sitting around talking, joking, laughing. Susan finished her cooler, turned sideways and swiveled onto her hands and knees and leaned over the edge of the sofa to set the empty bottle on an old crate that doubled for a table. Her legs were apart and as she set the bottle down she rested her swinging tits on the arm of the sofa leaving her ass high in the air. That was the signal and Robert and Ryan slid their shorts off again and one knelt behind her on the couch and the other cleared the crate and sat on it so his hardening Black cock was in perfect position for her mouth.

The next 10 minutes was an eye-popping blast as Robert slid easily into her from behind, about 10 inches of thick, glistening Black shaft disappearing and reappearing into my wife's tiny white body in an increasing tempo. Fantastically, his every thrust into her, f***ed her body forward so her mouth slid down Ryan's shaft.

Susan was half stoned, horny, and getting fucked from behind always made her cum quickly. This time was no exception and Robert had to pause several times as she came, the climaxes wracking her body and leaving Ryan's cock hanging in mid air.

And then Robert stiffened and pulled her back against him as he exploded his first load of the evening deep inside her sloppy, heated cunt. When he pulled out to a gush of escaping cum, Ryan switched positions and finished off in her pussy just as she reached another orgasm on his spurting Black rod.

She collapsed under him and sagged to the sofa, her legs finally closing and her head and shoulders hanging down over the arm of the couch, and her tits pressed against the fabric.

Ryan stod up, his long, semi-hard cock hanging between his legs like a flag pole.

Susan didn't move and her eyes were closed. A small moan escaped her lips and I knew she was just on the edge of consciousness. We stood and sat around her, gazing intently at her used body, the dripping cum, the red marks where their Black bodies slapped against her white flesh, and the wet, puckered anus that nobody had yet used but was pulsing visibly.

I was amazed to see it was almost 9 p.m. She'd been fucking almost non-stop for three hours, milking cum deep into her white cunt six times. William also remarked on the time, and reminded his friends that even though the next day was Sunday, they had to work. The others grunted but agreed and made preparations to leave.

William made no such preparations, and as the others finished their drinks, donned their shorts and sneakers, William opened another beer, never once taking his eyes off my sl**ping wife.

In 20 minutes they were gone, leaving William and I alone with Susan. It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize William wasn't finished slamming his Black cock into my wife's body and it was just a matter of time before he picked her up and spread her out on the bed with her legs spread wide.

"Hey mon," he said. "You be havin' a good time watchin' mon. I don't mind it bein' she be your woman."

He smiled as he stroked his cock slowly, raising it to rock-hardness before kneeling between Susan's legs and easing it into her loose cunt. She moaned in her sl**p and William started a slow rhythm that he kept up for 10 minutes. She moaned constantly but never awoke, even when he increased the pace and her tits bounced as he did his fuck-pushups above her. After a good 25 minutes he sighed, stiffened and came in her. He lay on top of her for another few minutes and gently rolled off, his soft shaft plopping out of her and leaving a jism trail on her thigh as he moved away from her.

Then we talked for the next 20 minutes, testing each other out and setting limits. William wanted first rights until it was time to go back to Jamaica. I knew that was in a couple of months and had no problem with it. Basically I was agreeing that as long as she agreed, his cock would be replacing mine any time he wanted to fuck her. It could just be an afternoon fuck or it could be all night or even all weekend. I asked him about the others, and the two who hadn't come to the barbecue. He said that was up to them and Susan. I agreed.

We sat and watched the growing pool of cum between her legs. Seven loads all together. I decided to add my own and quickly stepped out of my jeans, slid my six inches into her gaping cunt and deposited my sperm after about five strokes. She didn't even moan. But of course she probably didn't even feel anything.

I pulled out, knelt between her legs and stared into the pussy that would soon be almost completely used by Black cocks on a daily basis. This wasn't a one-time thing. This was the way it would be for at least the rest of the summer.

As Susan lay splayed and vulnerable on the mattress, her puffy, swollen cunt dripping globs and strands of mixed cum, William and I sat and talked, hardly ever taking ours eyes off the amazing orifice that could milk and drain a cock so effectively.

I won't pretend to remember our exact dialogue because his accent and my memory preclude any accuracy.

Susan was the first white woman any of them had fucked and William said they would have all stayed that evening and continued with the gangbang except he had cautioned them that if they wanted continued use of her creamy white body and eager, gripping cunt, they would have to take it easy that first time. They all agreed and left hoping William was right about future fuck sessions.

He was, in effect, letting me know they were intent on continuing that evening's fun on a more or less steady basis until they headed for home. I said I figured that would be tricky considering they worked all day, seven days a week.

But William explained that the eight of them did indeed man the greenhouses seven days a week but did it in shifts. Each person had two days off a week but there were always six of them on duty. That meant every day two guys weren't working. He gave me an example: James and Jonah are off on Monday. On Tuesday Jonah and William are off. On Wednesday William and Eugene are off, etc.

I was beginning to get the picture. Every day there would be two guys and William's hints were that one would visit Susan after lunch and leave at mid-afternoon just as the second was arriving. Or if Susan preferred, both could arrive at once and take turns fucking her. Each guy would fuck her twice a week. And then of course there were evenings after the guys got off work - and holidays and days when for one reason or another they didn't have to go in or got off early.

It was still hot in the carriage house and perspiration glistened on my wife's body. William had cum in her twice that day and I knew he was intent on at least one more fuck - I could see his stiff cock twitching where it was trapped down the leg of his shorts.

I suggested he and I clean up the barbecue, the dishes, and see how Susan was when she woke up. He agreed and we spent the next hour washing dishes and putting things away. I brewed a big pot of coffee and when it was ready took a cup out to Susan who was wide awake, sitting on the edge of the bed rolling a joint. A vodka cooler was on the nearby crate and she had a cigarette going in an ashtray. Her tits swung and her swollen clit was like a hard little nub above her still-engorged and stretched cunt lips.

She took the coffee gratefully and listened as I recounted what William had suggested. When I finished she lay back on the bed, spread her legs and rubbed her pussy mound.

She said her cunt still tingled from all the Black cock. It was like they were still fucking her, she said with a wistful smile.

"What William was talking about - I want to do it," she said, and then looking around asked if everybody went home.

I told her William was inside. She swung her legs onto the bed, and I slid my hand between them, stroking her clit and mound. I felt the instant reaction and heard her moans as my fingers slid down and in to the sticky, loose pussy.

"You want me to get him," I asked as I applied upward pressure inside her cunt. She nodded and slid her own hand down and in as I slid mine out and raised the slimy fingers to her mouth.

In the kitchen William was drinking coffee. I told him Susan was awake and maybe we should go back out. I poured another coffee and grabbed some smokes and we went to the carriage house to find Susan sitting up and toking with one hand and rubbing her cunt with the other.

Her eyes were glazed from the pot, and she handed William the joint as she lay back down in open invitation.

It was quite late. Perhaps 11:30 p.m. This time William fucked her slowly but relentlessly, switching from position to position, and allowing her several climaxes in each. His mammoth shaft would be buried almost a foot inside her for moments at a time and she would keep him from moving as her orgasms slowly subsided.

An hour later she was still impaled on his cock, this time sitting on it facing away from him as he lay on his back. When he was fully hilted in her widely stretched cunt, her stomach would bulge slightly and her eyes widen. As she lifted off, and the long, thick black meat slid out, slurping and sucking sounds accompanied her moans.

Finally he rolled her off and as they both lay on their sides, he drove his shaft into her from behind as he held one of her legs high. She came within a few minutes and finally he spewed his third load deep within her as she still spasmed from her hundredth climax of the day.

I positioned myself on the bed so she could take my cock in her mouth and shot my cum down her throat in a matter of a few strokes. I pulled out, turned out all but one light, and went in the house where I crashed on the couch in the porch.

Sometime around 4 a.m. I heard the door open and though it was dark, I saw the dark shapes of Susan and William pass through the porch and into the house. A light came on in the kitchen and I imagined I heard the fridge door open and whispered conversation. After about 10 minutes the light went out and there were footsteps going up stairs. I dozed off again and didn't wake until 10 a.m.... Continue»
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OHGirl & Velvet: Dirty MILF's


We were all staying out at our country home, when my mom and I were finally released from the hospital. My dad, Mikey, and my b*****r, James, had set up a nursery in a spare bedroom and both of our little girls were sharing the space. My mom had named her and Hondo’s baby, Neesha, and my little girl was named Denise. They were both such beautiful babies and they would probably grow up like s****rs. It was amazing that we had given birth on the same day and after a bit of private discussions with my mom, I had found out that both of our labors had been brought about by having sex. My bother, James, had been fucking her when she began her contractions and I had been fucking one of my co-stars after shooting a film. It always seemed like our lives were surrounded with sex and as I thought back upon the pounding I had received in the car that day, I smiled and thanked my lucky stars that I enjoyed it as much as I did. My two older b*****rs and s****r had come to visit for a couple of days, but they had all left, giving their congratulations after hearing the details of the soap opera that had been our lives for the last two years. They didn’t agree with our choices, but they were f****y and understood that it wasn’t theirs to change.

Hondo and my mom were staying in one room and Mikey and I were staying in what had once been my parent’s Master Bedroom. It felt so natural to go to bed with him and lie next to my lover. He was my baby’s father and I loved him dearly. My sexual urges were still raging, but they came and went unexpectedly, and although my doctor had forbid intercourse for a few weeks, that didn’t prevent my mouth from devouring Mikey’s cock when I had the craving. After the first week at home, my ass became a constant reservoir for his semen as I took him anally when I was horny. I didn’t know how long I could wait to feel his prick inside of my vagina, but he tried to keep me from acting upon my sexual impulses. I breast fed my daughter and it kept my breast fully engorged and I hoped that they would stay that way when I began back into my porn career. I’m sure my fans would enjoy seeing my much larger, naturally enhanced breasts bouncing as I got fucked by my multiple partners or watching me lactate for the men that milked me. The thought alone made me horny and once I put my little girl down for a nap, I found Mikey out on the deck and led him back to our room for some afternoon sodomy.


I pumped the big black cock in my mouth and soon I had milked it for it’s creamy treat. I swallowed down each blast as it hit my tongue and the back of my throat, savoring the flavor of a taste that I had loved for my entire life. I had been stuck in the house for over a week and although Hondo had been very sweet and caring as we took care of our new c***d, I wanted my husband’s attention. Every time I would try to steal him away, he was busy with our daughter and their new baby. I wasn’t jealous, but maybe envious that she was now sharing what used to be our bed in our house. She was having cravings like me too and each time I would try to get Mikey’s attention, she would soon be leading him off for their own private time. I had to get away and I had left my c***d with her s****r while I went into town to Shawn’s place. Hondo was in school and I wanted fucked hard. I had waited nearly two weeks and although most doctors had always given me a time frame for resuming my sexual activity after giving birth, I had always returned to my normal relations rather quickly. When I had arrived at Shawn’s apartment, he wasn’t home, but a customer of his had seen me on his doorstep and invited me to his car to talk. I had joined him in the front seat and after a bit of negotiating, he had agreed to pay me $15 dollars for a blow job. His cock was going limp as I kept sucking on it, while my head worked his lap as I knelt in the passenger seat next to him. He was finished and I had enjoyed his mouthful of cum that he had deposited, so I took my money, got back into my car and drove to my condo. On the way there, I called Marvin and asked him about resuming my cam schedule. He wasn’t at home either, so I left a message and frustratingly entered my condo wondering what to do next.

I made a few calls to my regular clients and left messages about my availability and began scheduling some work days. I needed to get back to being a regular e****t and earning money again. I had given my pussy and my services away cheaply for too long. I slipped out of my clothing and climbed into my bed, reaching down to get my pink rabbit dildo. It was soon deep in my wet cunt, vibrating at high speed and causing me to writhe in ecstasy while I masturbated for the next hour. I came 5 times and after cleaning up, lit up my first cigarette since giving birth. I sat on the balcony in a robe and just relaxed until I heard from someone that I had tried to contact. I wanted some cock so bad and I was getting impatient. Who would have thought that such a prolific hooker as me would be going through such a difficult time getting laid. My phone began to vibrate and it was Marvin. I would invite him over to discuss a new shooting schedule and hopefully his cock would satisfy my current craving.

“What? Why the fuck would you do that without my permission?” I asked Marvin after he told me that he had put the cam site on hold until he had heard from me. He had nothing planned and no volunteer actors set up for any shoots in the near future and he also informed me that he had a new girlfriend now and that he would no longer take part in my after video sexcapades or be able to hook up with me as we once had. I wanted to explode, but I just told him that he needed to get working on the situation and that I was ready to get back to work myself. He seemed a bit surprised by the quickness of my return to amateur porn and prostitution, but he didn’t ask any questions, since my regular sexual antics had allowed him to pay for his schooling and living expenses. I lit up another cig as I hung up my cell and tried to contemplate another idea. I got dressed and returned to Shawn’s place for another visit, since his phone was not taking messages or he just wasn’t returning them. When I arrived, I banged on his door before his neighbor came out to greet me. “Hey baby girl.” he said as I looked over at him. I had fucked him and his roommates and friends nearly two years ago and now the thought was running through my head again as he told me that Shawn had been arrested. Apparently the DEA had raided his apartment a week before and Shawn’s luck had finally run out after all of his years of selling d**gs and pimping. He had gotten busted with a shit load of dope, money, guns and a couple of prostitutes according to his neighbor. I felt a little sorry for him, but I was more sympathetic to my own needs at the moment as I walked over to his neighbors porch and entered his place for more on the story.

My mouth and my cunt were being fucked at both ends as Shawn’s neighbor and his roommate took turns in front of me and behind me. It felt so good and I shivered as I felt the first load pumped into my twat in over a week. I kept sucking my current partner off and I was rewarded with a gooey blast in my mouth after about 10 minutes. I swallowed it all and licked his ebony shaft and balls, hoping that they’d want to play more. They both sat back and got high as they turned up some music and I danced naked for them, giving them both lap dances while they smoked pot on the couch in the nude. One of their erections returned after about 20 minutes or more and I was riding it hard soon afterward. I bounced on his lap for quite some time before he picked me up and bent me over to enter my ass. I moaned out as he slid in with his wet, cum coated cock and let him stroke away until he exploded inside of me. I slid off of his black rod and took him back into my mouth, working my way to his cum coated testicles and taking each one into my mouth to suck clean. He grabbed me by the hair and pushed my face further down as he lifted his asshole up to my mouth to tongue. My tongue snaked it’s way between his butt cheeks and soon I was rimming his hairy ass. His roommate came over for some too and soon my salad tossing skills had brought about another erection for him and he was soon fucking me on my back with my legs spread wide. I screamed out as he drove his cock into my sore hole and wondered if maybe I hadn’t overdone my first sexual encounter since giving birth. He pulled out after a long while and pasted my face with a huge load of jizz that I happily licked up.

I laid on the couch and smoked a cigarette as they sat talking to me and continued to get high. I got more info about Shawn’s arrest and decided to get dressed and head to the police station to see him. I hated to see my frequent lover behind bars, since he was the father of my son and his cock had kept me happy and satisfied for many years. I got up to leave, but one of the guys told me that they had more friends coming over to party. I told him that maybe I’d stop back later, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer as he pulled me back onto the couch and mounted me. His cock slid easily back into my gaping wet slit and was soon stroking me hard as he laid between my wide spread legs. His friends arrived while I was getting fucked and a couple of them came over to feed me their cocks as my pussy took a pounding. I grimaced and grunted with each thrust, but I kept sucking their hard black cocks as I moved my head from one to the other. I felt a cum shot fill me deep inside and then one of the other guys mounted me. My pussy was raw and sore as the newest young male began to drive his long pole into me with deep hard thrusts. I was grunting loudly around the cock stuffed in my mouth as my oral lover choked me with his thick penis, forcing it deep into my throat. After another load filled me, his soda can sized organ found it’s way into me also. I begged him to fuck my ass after about 10 minutes and soon I was on all fours as he split my rectum with his giant round pecker. He gave my asshole a serious pounding and then pulled out to cum on my face. “You’re a good whore.” he told me as his jizz blasted onto my face, filling my eye socket and squirting up my nose as he ejaculated in thick, abundant streams. I held my mouth open, but most of it found it’s way to my forehead, cheeks, nose and into my hair.

More men had arrived while I was finishing off my last partner and I was informed that everyone would be getting a piece before I could leave. “I really have to go now!” I said as I was cornered in the far end of the room. I had gotten off the couch and f***ed my way from two other guys who were feeling me up as they got undressed and I had tried to grab my belongings and run to the door before they had trapped me against the far wall. “Come on baby, we just want to party a little more wit you. My boys came over for a good time girl.” one of Shawn’s neighbors, that had fucked me earlier, told me as he kept blocking my way out. “No. That’s enough. I have to go. Now let me leave.” I said with authority. He stepped out of my way and as I passed him his arm grabbed me around my waist and he began to drag me up the stairs to the second floor. I tried to yell out, but his hand clasped over my mouth and three other new party members grabbed my flailing arms and kicking legs as they carried me into a bedroom on the top floor and tossed me onto the bed. I rolled over and tried to make it off of the other side of the bed, but I was pulled back and eventually I was being held down by four or five guys while about 3 or 4 more entered the room behind them. They closed the door and soon my legs were spread and held open by strong hands and arms while they all took turns fucking me. I squirmed for a while, but it was futile as one cock after another slid into my well used hole and pumped me full of semen.

After the third guy had cum in me, I had given up struggling, and I was soon being fucked in my ass and fed cock by a few more males that had entered the room during that time. One after another all of Shawn’s neighbors and their friends fucked me that evening, cumming in my ass, my pussy and my mouth. At least 13 different men had penetrated me in one form or another, often times double penetrating me as they pulled their gangbang train on me. Once they were all done, I laid on the bed, cum oozing from my openings and covering my face, hair, breast and ass. “See baby, wasn’t that fun?” one of the guys said as he dressed and watched me lay there in a daze, cum running down my face and onto the sheets. He had exploded in my mouth after pulling out of my ass and feeding me his dick. He came quite a bit as he jerked off over my face and continued to spray his baby batter on me. I was licking my fingers and my lips as I listened to him tell me how great it felt to tear up my ass. It was a instinctual thing to do for someone that had always done so after sucking off a lover. The cum tasted good, but I felt like a used up whore and I was in pain from the multiple partners that had fucked me over the evening. “I remember fucking you when I was about 16 years old and had stopped by Shawn’s to get some pot. Everyone called you BP back then and I remember tappin’ that fine ass one night. You were my first hooker I ever banged and I fucked you a few times when I was buyin’ my stash during that time. I always wondered if one of your babies wasn’t mine.“ he told me as he put on his shirt. “You had a couple babies during that time and everyone always joked who BP’s baby daddies were.“ he said before walking out the door.

I had pushed my luck and now I was lying in bed in the fetal position as I wondered if I would be able to walk out. My cunt was throbbing and was on fire and bl**d was in some of the semen that dripped out of me. My asshole was sore to, since all of the guys had fucked me without lube and had really drove their cocks into me as hard as they could. They had used me like the slut that I was and now I was paying the price for being an easy whore. I cleaned up in the restroom and dressed before slowly walking down the stairs. A few of the guys were still partying and a couple of them yelled for me to stay longer. I ignored them and left and soon found myself back at the condo and in a warm tub trying to relax. I had been gone all evening and most of the night and it was early morning as I laid soaking in the warm water hoping that I was ok. I drove back home after I dressed and found my daughter playing with her s****r and her c***d. I picked up Neesha and breast fed her while we made small talk about my night out and then I took a nap with my new little girl and hoped I felt better when I awoke.


My mom looked horrible when she came home early the next morning. I had watched my new little s****r while she was gone and I could tell that my mom had been fucked hard by the way she walked and how she was acting. If she had engaged in sex this early it was probably the cause of her current problems and I felt bad for her, because I knew the cravings that she was going through. I had wanted sex just as badly also, but my father had warned me that same evening when I had begged for his hard, white cock. Now that I saw my mom and her predicament, I was glad to have taken him anally once more. I should probably at least give it another two weeks before I break down and give in. Rudy had sent a text wondering about my availability in the near future and I had yet to answer. The thought of doing porn was running through my mind though and I really wanted to get back to work.

Mikey was sucking on my breasts and squeezing them as my milk pour from his mouth and down his face. I loved when he sucked my engorged and sensitive tits and it really got me wet as we messed around that afternoon, after I had put Denise down for a nap. His cock was lubed with my slobber and breast milk before he titty fucked me and blew a load on my face. I licked it up slowly and let him watch me eat his sticky offering, teasing him to another erection as I jacked his cock with my hand. If only I could feel him in my twat, but again, my ass took him with ease, while I screamed as he pounded me hard. He was one of the rare few that could make me come with anal sex alone and my juices flowed until he busted a nut in my ass. I was going to call my doctor the next day to complain because he just had no idea how badly I needed a long, hard prick.

When my mom woke up, Mikey and I had just emerged from our afternoon tryst and she was looking a little better. She had called up James and then explained to both of us about his father, Shawn’s, arrest. She and James took Denise and they left to go to the local jail while Mikey went to work and I watched our c***d. I was a mom and I was loving it as I fed and cared for my new little bundle of joy. I couldn’t wait until I had another of Mikey’s k**s and had already been planning on letting him know that I wanted to start a large f****y early, so that I could continue my porn career when I got older. I cleaned the house and got dinner ready and then sat on the deck with the baby monitor and answered messages on my WebSite. I was almost half way through with my work when I saw Gerald coming up the stairs to visit. He sat across from me and we talked about my mom and I having our c***dren and he actually congratulated me. He had told me that when I had gotten pregnant that he had worried that the baby could have been his. I laughed about it, but then again, had I not been exclusive with Mikey for the two months prior to my test, I may have wondered too. I did have unprotected sex with almost all of my lovers, so I could have easily ended up like my mom, with 6 c***dren, all by different men, some unknown.

We were laughing and joking for a while before he came to look over my shoulder at my website. My videos and photos were making him horny and he told me so in a very blunt, Gerald-like way. It made me wet to know it and I soon found myself sucking his cock as he leaned back on the lounge chair. He pulled off my shirt and began playing with my full breasts, then he slid off my panties before I ended up straddling his lap and rubbing my wet labia against his stiff prick. I was so excited as my slippery lips moved back and forth along his hard shaft. I told him that I couldn’t have sex yet, but I couldn’t help myself and when the tip of his cock had pressed against my opening and I slid all the way down on his throbbing cock, I sighed in ecstasy. I slowly began to bounce on it and soon I was cumming and moaning out obscenities as Gerald thrust his cock up into my birth canal. It felt so good and I just kept riding him until he spewed deep in my cunt. I quickly slid off his cock and went down to lick up his sticky jizz as it ran down his pole. I devoured his prick and deep throated him until he nearly pushed my head out of his lap from his sensitive dick. I then sat back on his erection and continued to ride him until he once again filled me with more of his baby batter. He lit up a cigarette after he had put his pants back on and handed it to me for me to take a drag. It tasted so good as I inhaled deeply and blew the smoke out. I couldn’t believe that I had just fucked my neighbor once again and this time breaking my own rules of not waiting until my doctor said it was ok.

I was still naked, with Gerald’s cum dripping from my slit, as I went back to work on my website. I must have fallen asl**p, because the sounds of Denise crying on the monitor woke me up and I went to get my little girl. I was still nude when my mom and James returned to see me sitting on the couch and breastfeeding my daughter. My mom came over and took her from me and looked down to nod at my cum filled hole, telling me to go get cleaned up as she cared for her new granddaughter and got the dinner on the table. I’m sure that she was fully aware of what I had been up to while they were all gone, but she never said a word as Mikey came home and we all had dinner at the kitchen table, as a f****y, for the first time in years. Of course, we were now joined by my daughter, my father and baby daddy, my b*****r and lover, and my mom and my new s****r. My mom was now a grandmother and a mother once more and it just couldn’t have been any more messed up unless we were on Jerry Springer. None the less, we all enjoyed our dinner and relaxed in the movie room, having popcorn and soda as the night grew late. It was so nice to be a f****y again and I let Mikey know as I slid into his arms that night and fell asl**p with him by my side.


I took a week off and recuperated from my unplanned gangbang after seeing my doctor and getting treated for participating in sex so soon after giving birth. I felt foolish as he reprimanded me, but he had been my physician since I had become a hooker. He knew my profession and had also been one of my regular customers at one time. He had treated me for other things in the past and even though I hated to admit it, fucking over 11,000 different men without protection did come at an expense on rare occasions, especially when many of the men I fucked were street thugs and d**g addicts. I had been diagnosed with a few STD’s over the years, but I had always gotten treated quickly and efficiently by my doctor. Luckily nothing was life threatening, but the dangers were what pushed me to the edge of my sexual addiction. I was still very horny after a couple of days, but after rewinding and seeing what had occurred the previous week, had kept me from following up on my instant gratification until it was time. When I was finally ready, Hondo was there to pump me with his huge white prick. I begged for more and he fucked me multiple times over the evening when we had finally broken down and went for it.

I was now ready to start doing amateur porn again and had three new cam shows set up along with a full schedule of e****t jobs that I was looking forward to doing. My new little girl was the only thing that prevented me from going back to my business full throttle, but luckily her daddy helped me out a lot. Hondo loved his baby and I was happy for both of us, although I still longed for my husband’s touch. It had been nearly a month since our last affair, when I finally ran into him at the house and seduced him. His tongue and fingers brought me to multiple orgasms before his stiff white cock pumped me to another two gushing vaginal spasms. We fell asl**p in our own bed, like old times, and the fact that Velvet had flown back to Vegas, to shoot her new series of films, wasn’t lost upon me as we continued to fuck regularly while she was gone. I missed and loved Mikey so much, but our relationship was much different now that he was raising our daughter’s new c***d and I had my own baby with my young lover.

Mikey was making our breakfast as both babies lay in their chairs after just feeding. I was nude when I came up and wrapped my arms around his waist as he made our Belgian Waffles. It had been like old times each morning when Hondo was at school. I woke up with Mikey and after making love we got the k**s up and fed. It reminded me of when we were younger with our c***dren. I reached down into his sweat pants and stroked on the cock that had been in my wet pussy just an hour earlier and then I went down to my knees and sucked it while he continued to cook. I told him that I didn’t want any syrup on my waffles, just a load of his hot spunk and when breakfast was almost done, he stopped to concentrate on my oral services. When he was ready to explode, he held the plate with my waffle before him and I jerked his cock on it, spraying his jizz over my food. I ate my breakfast voraciously in front of him, letting him know how much I loved his cum and hoped that my seductive antics would get his big cock hard again while we showered. It did and that morning he fucked me three times before we both left for work. I was so in love with my hubby and I would never let him go again. I’d still fuck other men and have lovers, but no one could fill his space in my heart. That night Hondo didn’t come back out to the country house, so as I lay next to Mikey, after a strenuous sexual session, I asked him if he’d like to have another c***d with me. I explained how the procedure had worked for Hondo and I and told him that I wanted another c***d by him. Hondo had been bringing it up again recently and it brought to mind my idea to have another baby with my husband. I was extremely excited about the thought. The next morning, as he made breakfast, while I breast fed my c***d and gave a bottle to my granddaughter, he informed me that he wanted to follow through with my idea.

We had an appointment with a local specialist the following week and kept all of the details secret from Hondo and Velvet. She was still traveling between Vegas and LA and her boss Rudy had talked her into sticking around for a local sex expo in Vegas, so we had more time alone together. After another week, I had some of my eggs removed and Mikey gave a couple of samples of his sperm for fertilization. Velvet had finally returned home after three weeks had passed and she an Mikey resumed their relationship. We still met secretly during our free times away from Hondo and our daughter, making love and planning our invitro fertilization procedure. I wasn’t sure that this was the smartest thing in the world to do, since we were both in our 50’s, but my mind and heart were being overwhelmed with the sex that we had been having and it was rocking my world once again. The thought of giving up hooking had crossed my mind much more lately and I was reevaluating my future and life with my husband. That didn’t stop me from continuing to fulfill my e****t schedule or my gangbang cam shows, but I was still giving it some serious thoughts.


I had been gone for three straight weeks, working in LA and Vegas on a new series of films. Rudy had been fucking me, my costars in the films had been fucking me, especially my new black lover, Darrion, I had hooked up with a handful of rappers and actors in Hollywood and had even done a few e****t jobs while I was in Vegas at the local sex expo. During my time away I had fucked over 75 different men and my mind was now back on my work. It was great to be back home with Mikey and our c***d, but I was always thinking about my future contract films that Rudy was constantly setting up. He would have me getting fucked by 20 guys every day if it were up to him, but since it wasn’t, I tried to keep the number of jobs to a reasonable amount. I was going to be home for two weeks before I flew back out to LA to do another three films and party with some friends. I hadn’t got to celebrate my birthday like I wanted to, when I had turned 21 years old, since I was having my baby that week, so I was going to celebrate hard while I was back in Vegas and LA. My gang members wanted to see me again and my new boyfriend Darrion wanted to take me out too. I just wanted to enjoy my youth while I had the chance before I brought up having more k**s with Mikey and we proceeded to do so.

I took care of my baby and hung out with Mikey while I was home and I never did bring up the subject of more c***dren as we made love every night. It felt great to be with my lover again, but I was so excited about my career once again and my trip back to LA. I kissed Mikey and my daughter, Denise, goodbye at the airport and soon I was flying out west again. I was meeting Rudy at LAX and I was spending the week at his place as I shot my first film locally. He was very excited to see me again, since his texts were very sexual and that night he and I fucked for nearly two hours before he filled me with his jizz and we fell asl**p. I had a 5 man anal gangbang planned the next day and I was horny just thinking about it while Rudy pumped me like he probably fucked all the girls, back in the 70’s, when he was a porn star. For a guy in his late 60’s, he could really fuck.

I sat on the edge of the couch, my legs spread as I squeezed my anal muscles, to push out the cum that had been ejaculated into my asshole, by the five co-actors in my movie. They had penetrated me in every possible way and then took turns emptying their dicks into my behind, one after the other. One of them held a plastic champagne glass under my butt and caught the cum as it poured from my rectum. It was nearly overflowing as I was given it to drink for the camera. The spunk filled my mouth and I blew bubbles and gargled with it before gulping it all down. My fans loved seeing me gangbanged and my cum whore antics were becoming notorious in the business. The next day I was doing a 10 man bukkake and I was already thinking about all the sticky sperm that I’d be swallowing as they sprayed my face and filled my mouth.

I finished my first film at the end of the week and then took off with my lover Darrion. We spent the weekend on Malibu at a director’s house, whom I had met and fucked during my previous filming. He had a place on the beach and had given me a set of keys to visit any time I wanted. He was gone to Europe for a film festival that week and my boyfriend and I used his place for our love pad. His big, black cock stroked every one of my holes all weekend and the fact that we were both porn actors made for some great sex. I loved feeling him explode deep in my cunt each fuck session and his reputation for ejaculating in large quantities kept me filled up both internally and hunger wise. After our little time together, I began my new film and then afterward, celebrated my belated birthday with my gang, when I got back to Vegas.

I was so caught up in my job and raising the baby that I didn’t even realized that I had missed my period until nearly a week past it’s regular time. I stopped to get a pregnancy test at the local pharmacy and the test results came back positive. What was I going to do now, since I had no idea who the father was. Since my first bout of intercourse with Gerald, through all of the sex that I had participated in over the last month and a half, I had fucked well over two hundred men whom had all cum in me or on me. I was sitting on the deck working once again on my website when Gerald stopped over as usual. I was watching both my baby and my s****r that afternoon while my mom and dad worked and it began to dawn on me that my pregnancy could be due to my last encounter with our neighbor. I was so nervous that I asked Gerald for a cigarette, when he sat down, and smoked it as we talked. He was flirting with me as usual and had just blatantly asked me for a blow job when I told him that I was pregnant and that he might be the father. He thought that I was joking and had his cock out and in my face before I looked up at him and told him that I was telling the truth, while I took him in my hand and stroked him before licking his shaft. He stared at me intensely while I sucked him off and I could tell that he was still not fully sure of my story as he pulled me to my feet and then bent me over the metal table on the deck. I let him slide into me from behind as he talked to me about the consequences of his wife finding out. He pumped me hard as he thought about it and then shot his load into my hole and laid across my back, sweating and panting from the fucking he had just given me in the afternoon sun. “If my wife found out that I was fucking you two whores, it would ruin my marriage and break up my f****y. If it is mine, you need to get an abortion.” he told me. I nodded to him as I sunk to my knees to lick him clean and then watched him go. What was I going to do now?

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