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While we were apart

While we were apart

... When my wife and I were separated we had began to once again see one another but hadn't made ... -workers were attending and I said yes. She said "We are not together so what ever happens with you ... and even some girls were flirting with me. Guess being older does help sometimes.

We started... Continue»
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While We Were Away ...

... should continue the story ...

When the wife and I went out of town, we hired Tanya, the college girl ... … I’d stroked my fat cock ending with a messy load more than once thinking about her while my wife ... needs to reach us?” the wife whispered as we walked out the door

“I’ve taken care of everything dear... Continue»
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While We Were Away ... Chpt. 2

... apart and bent over at the waist with her skirt hiked up over her massive ass while one of the guys ... ?”

“I left a bit early. I thought we could spend some time together, but it looks like you’re busy ... , shooting a look at my monitor, where the plump blonde was now getting double-teamed while the other... Continue»
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Invitation to a Beach, Epilogue.

... Chapter 12.

We hung out at the party for quite a while. We toasted Richie and Angel’s ... anniversary several times, ate, drank and generally acted like we were at any cocktail party, except ... .

“Sure,” I said. “That’d be great.”

Max lugged the heavy cooler to my apartment. When we got... Continue»
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Glenelg meet.

... were standing feet apart naked except for one of us wearing the sexy garter belt and stockings ... down to Glenelg there were a few public toilets in the area that were often frequented by guys ... mouth and gently sucking it while lathering it with my tongue, I didn't work on it too long as my... Continue»
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a better one i think

... me while lifting me up, me being somewhat smaller than you, I blush as you start kissing my cheek ... next to you as we both peer into the box in excitement. you turn over the box and a series of objects ... , your hands go on top of mine as we pull it down to my ankles. i reach above my head to the bedside... Continue»
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The Perils of Dating Supergirl, Part 2

... a bit of getting used to."

As we continued the tour I couldn't help but notice the lack ... ."


"He needs to see if you...."

"If I can be trusted. That is what you were gonna say ... of a Man cloaked in black, only his white eyes were visible.

"Who's there."

My heart began... Continue»
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First bi experiences part 4 - a brief interlude

... spoke, Susan was stroking her pussy. Her legs were wide apart and her sweet cunt was on display ... ?"
"Not exactly. She found some things in my apartment. She wheedled it out of me"
"What things ... ... doing what we planned...."
"She wants to watch her boyfriend fuck a guy in the ass?"
"Um, yeah... Continue»
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20 years younger than me

... some Jameson from her cupboard. At first we were sitting apart, wrapped in conversation, but before ... we walked to her apartment and, sitting side by side on her couch, we played a video game, thighs ... about it.

I walked her back to her apartment and she invited me in. We sat on the couch and sipped... Continue»
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Meeting my FB

... shoes.
I open the door and you pull me in for a very deep passionate kiss, we break apart and I walk ... other then for a while and got up and showered together.
I can’t wait for the next time we meet. xx

... To m FB you know who you are...xx

You come up to mine just as we had arranged, I’m ready... Continue»
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Some lucky Guy ?

... ! I want to watch him get turned on and stroke himself as he watches us Lets say we were at home ... . And a friend of urs stopped by and u guys would be having ur chat while I am doing homework. And u guys ... were watching some movie and it was on a sex scene! And it catches my attention so I glance up... Continue»
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+A Vampires Males Possession +

... wasn't very happy with him. Dodging a street merchant, he found the fire escape for his apartment ... what I want?" The last thing Caleb saw was Lucien's lips as they were crushed to his.

Caleb fought ... magic slip them from his limbs until they were upon the floor. He pushed the mortal flat on his... Continue»
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Online Date

... up to your apartment are narrow and dark and when we get to the fourth floor you use two keys ... is a disappointment but you were there on time, looked like your pictures and actually knew how ... to have a conversation. We spent several hours in a corner banquet in a small bar... Continue»
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... balloons.

Every once in a while, nipples became visible. But it was apparent that they too were engaged ... that we were here for a specific purpose, the fact remained that this would be the fulfillment ... . June’s body gently twitched and quivered, as did Lady Bianca’s body. The two were apart, but still... Continue»
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Naruto Lemon Series Part 6

... dismissed leaving with big smiles on your faces as he held your hand while you guys made your way to his apartment. ... You were on a little D ranked mission with your best buddy Naruto by your side. You didn't know how ... way." you said as you both pressed on nearing the small village.

You were walked to the leader's... Continue»
Posted by stephaniekit 4 years ago  |  Categories: First Time, Masturbation, Mature  |  

The Maintenance Request

... ass loved it. The whole time we were there I was hoping she wouldn't come out but she did. However ... exactly that. She pinched my nipples as we worked out the lustfilled emothions we were experiencing and I ... did! Who pulls up right after, the Super. So we go into the first quad and I began working... Continue»
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Member "Services"

... face as she massaged her clit - while I tongue-fucked her. This lasted for quite a bit of time. We ... dressing a woman. Seeing her naked, then covering her, is a thrill for me. After we were dressed, I ... staff - though none are unworthy of attention. She's approsimately 40 years old. We greeted in our... Continue»
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5 Year Reunion

... were as lively as her. Sadly though I was wrong, but we had a fantastic few years shagging like ... body and was hairless which I love. We played by hand, for a while and then I kissed her entire ... and entered her, we were going slowly until she started her own motions to increase the pace, in response... Continue»
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Freshman hookup turns into a surprise facial finis

... in between classes two or three times over the next week, and it was clear that we were flirting ... and attracted to each other. On the week leading up to the exam, she asked me over to her apartment. We ... for a while we kissed more. Next she pushed me backwards onto her couch, and started kissing down my... Continue»
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Caught (part 4)

... rambles. “I felt someone watching me all night at the bar and we locked eyes for a minute but I didn’t ... to walk slowly to the bed, “So you want to teach her Bonnie, huh? I knew you were a freak as soon as I ... and start to slide my slim fingers over my pussy lips and clit while the other hand is working at my nipples... Continue»
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