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While We Were Away ...

While We Were Away ... Chpt. 2

... ?”

“I left a bit early. I thought we could spend some time ...

The business suit and sensible shoes were gone. In their place, she ... one well-manicured hand while she squeezed my balls with the ... . I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her pendulous tits, ... ... Continue»
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While We Were Away ...

... load more than once thinking about her while my wife slept on beside me.

“Don’t ... locked away in the chest along with a bottle of lube, some nipple clamps we’d also ... , you like that, don’t you. I knew you were a fucking pervert. What a little whore you are ... ... Continue»
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While we were apart

... her co-workers were attending and I said yes. She said "We are not together ... amazed that she and I came together yet we were separated. It was a weird time but yet ... also. They fucked one another for quite a while and I know she came several more times (I ... ... Continue»
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Cassie and Tim make up and explore a nude beach

... we could celebrate together if she is. She said that she'd bring along a pregnancy test, and we could have her take it while we were away.

The next two weeks went by quickly, and we were closing in ... ... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #1

... might as well tell you now. I kinda cheated on you while we were dating."

"WHAT?!" He put the drink down aggressively, ... Christmas here?"

"Yeah, since it’s just a couple days away, I figured we might leave before the New Year."

"Cool... I guess ... ... Continue»
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My Hot Wife Katie Chapter 14: Katie the Loving Wif

... away from her parents, but to be back with my wonderful wife. While we waited for our bags, the k**s had already fallen asl**p while ... sure you did fine. You must have been pretty lonely while we were away?"

She cleared her throat and slowly stroked my ... ... Continue»
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Lysandra's Secret Desire by Michael Knight

... while we were away, haven't you?"... Lysandra stood before them both her hand still covering her crotch while her legs were closed together, her feet were ... ... Continue»
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How Curious

... I saw Andy naked - and everything changed.

It happened while we were away overnight on a Strategy Conference with the business, ... away and reached for the wine, refilling our glasses before sitting down again, deliberately taking a chair so that we were ... ... Continue»
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when we met

... , sending shock waves all through me. All this
time while we were driving around, you would occasionally
touch my hair or ... . You were just going
to stop like that!!! NOOOOOOOO

After that we drove away and drove around the area for a while
until I
... ... Continue»
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Desert Heat - Part 9

... when we offered him to stay with us and help take care of the place while we were away ... Jerry if he was using the pool while we were out of town. The expression on his ... that we were like this and I told him that up until two weeks ago we weren’t. While ... ... Continue»
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Moving Away With Mom (1)

... my granddad taught me not to wast a bullet while we were out hunting, so by the time I turned ... and I would never be able to run away again."

I looked at the road map for a ... idea and while we're out, we should go ahead and get some gas, that way we can just ... ... Continue»
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Mom's Bed

... still lived home while she saved up for a place.

Mom was pretty old fashioned and didn't let the people we were dating ... quit my job. Mr. Barston tried to f***e himself on me while we were away, and not in the way I like."

"That asshole!" I snapped, ... ... Continue»
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Introduction: We develop a close relationship with

... I have dinner ready. I suggest that we eat straight away, put the k**s to bed early, and then we'll have time for some adult ... just that while we were playing in the pool, Joy and John seemed to gravitate towards each other and you and I were playing together ... ... Continue»
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Introduction: We develop a close relationship with

... I have dinner ready. I suggest that we eat straight away, put the k**s to bed early, and then we'll have time for some adult ... just that while we were playing in the pool, Joy and John seemed to gravitate towards each other and you and I were playing together ... ... Continue»
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He did it again!

... arrangements. Before we left for week, he mentioned that maybe we could "play" while we were away from home. I said of course we could play! ... rubbed my wetness and he moved his hand away.
after a little while we all decided to go our room. I told the ... ... Continue»
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Moms Mistake Part 2

... school as was Honey, we had to figure out some way to have mom taken care of
while we were away. Honey knew of a few ... bones.

Now we were asking for large security deposits. In this way we
hoped that no one would get carried away when they had ... ... Continue»
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Trip To New York City

... first. It was our first trip to the US and we were both looking forward to it, although she didn't know I had ... we join him for dinner.

Before we left I asked Mary to pack some sexy clothes as we might have some fun while we were away from anyone we ... ... Continue»
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So there we were cyprus

... needing it “pumped out,” for repair while his wife was away on holiday. He offered shall we say a financial incentive so I and one ... , but as we were all pretty well dieseled up, by now all we could do was laugh, no way could we remove the film ... ... Continue»
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While The Husband Is Away

... while Joanna was working and Larry and I were sitting out at the apartment complex swimming pool. We were talking about the threesome we ... while we were doing it,” I said, smiling at her. “I was but, that is because I know you were ... .” She walked away from ... ... Continue»
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Our story (How we became a cuckold couple)

... she never cheated while we were married or were dating. While a bit sad, what could I say, I love Lauren and we have two k**s together and we weren't a ... was going on in that hotel room just a few miles away. I got cleaned up and then went to bed.

Two ... ... Continue»
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